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From UL® Certified GREEN recycled PET materials, to ISO Certified plants and processes, we are leading the way on many fronts in the Cleaning Industry.

ACS Industries, Inc. • One New England Way, Lincoln, RI, USA 02865 Toll free: 800-222-2880 • Fax: 401-333-6088 • email: cleaning@acsind.com • www.acs-cp.com

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SALES NEWS MAINTENANCE Exclusively Serving Professional Distributors

July/August 2021

Vol. 38, No. 4

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Complete Supply:

Offering Solutions To Build Lasting Relationships.............................6 Maintenance Sales News Focus On

Sanitizers & Disinfectants...............................................................24 XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. ....................................34 Morgro, Inc. .............................................................36 CP Industries, LLC.....................................................38 Salt Depot, Inc..........................................................40 Frank Miller & Sons, Inc. .....................................22,32 Maintenance Sales News Buyers Guide To

Mop, Brush & Broom Manufacturers................................................43 ISSA Show North America Returns To Las Vegas In November 2021.....52 Industry News 22, 49 • Advertisers Index 54 • Classified Advertising 54 On The Cover: Complete Supply is a full-service jan/san distributor serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, metroplex and beyond. Left to right are Sales Manager Lawrence Lee, Administrative Director Price Bahcall, Solutionist David Bahcall and Solutionist Paris Bahcall. See story on page 6.

Industry Calendar of Events

October 21-23, 2021 — National Hardware Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. For information: 888425-9377.

November 15-18, 2021 — ISSA Show North America, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. For information: 800225-4772.

March 5-8, 2022 — The Inspired Home Show, IHA’s Global Home + Housewares Market, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. For information: 847-292-4200.

May 21-24, 2022 — National Restaurant Association Show, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. For information: 864-699-6435.

4 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021


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Members of Complete Supply’s leadership team include, left to right, David Bahcall, solutionist; Paris Bahcall, solutionist; Price Bahcall, administrative director; and Lawrence Lee, sales manager.

Offering Solutions To Build

Lasting Relationships


By Rick Mullen, Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor

“After establishing a relationship, you can show the customer cost and labor savings. When you become more of a consultant to clients — you no longer have competitors.” — David Bahcall 6 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

avid Bahcall was originally from Baton Rouge, LA, where he worked for his father who owned a jan/san and chemical manufacturing company called Bahcall Chemical & Supply. “I worked for eight or nine years at my dad’s company, so the distribution industry was not new to me when, years later, I started Complete Supply, Inc., in Carrollton, TX, a suburb of Dallas,” Bahcall said during a recent interview with Maintenance Sales News Magazine. “My dad was my mentor.”

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At the age of 25, he decided he needed a change of scenery and relocated to the “I don’t let my employees introduce me as the owner of the business, because, Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, where he met his wife, Paris. to me, that is a turnoff,” Bahcall said. “For years, I didn’t allow employees to use “I moved to Dallas and worked at a scrap metal yard for about seven years,” titles on their business cards, because I don’t like titles.” Bahcall said. His attitude changed somewhat after attending a Vistage event. Vistage bills itMeanwhile, Bahcall’s dad was getting into the rep self as the world’s largest CEO coaching business and asked his son if he would be interested in and peer advisory organization for small calling on distributors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. and mid-size business leaders. “I said I would call on people part time to earn some “As a member of Vistage, you meet one extra money,” Bahcall said. “All the distributors I day a month and are placed in a small group called on asked me where they could buy chemicals. I representing about 10 different companies, told them there was a great chemical company here in where you work on each other’s problems,” Dallas/Fort Worth, but, for whatever reason, Bahcall said. they wanted more options.” Vistage brings in expert speakers to adBahcall saw an opportunity and, in the dress attendees on various business-related mid-1990s, he purchased his dad’s comtopics. During one such presentation, the pany’s raw materials and equipment and opportunity arose for Bahcall to ask the moved them to Dallas. Subsequently, he speaker what he thought about titles. started Imperial Industries of Texas. “He cited a few studies. He said there is “A friend of mine was a partner and we built definitely scientific evidence that titles have the business from 1994 to about 2001, when we value,” Bahcall said. “I said, ‘If titles have sold it to a chemical company out of Houston, value, I’m OK with having titles, but I don’t TX,” Bahcall said. “After that, I went to work for want traditional titles because they don’t (Above right) Building lasting relationships with customers is of utmost ima large retail cleaning company.” say anything.’” portance at Complete Supply. Working in the company’s office in Carrollton In 1997, while he still had his chemical manu- are Marcela Hattox, customer support (front), and Taylor Ferguson, customer After that meeting, Bahcall told his emfacturing company, he started Complete Supply as support. (Above left) Mark Csellar works in purchasing at Complete Supply. ployees they could have titles, but not traa side venture. Around 2004, he decided his future ditional ones. A title had to be about was in the jan/san distribution segment and Complete Supply became his passion. describing what they do at Complete Supply. “Paris and I saw a need for a locally owned company that believed in the old“If you give a customer a business card that says you are the owner, CEO fashioned way of building relationships with customers through teaching and trainor business manager, etc., that doesn’t say anything. Those titles are irreleing,” Bahcall said. “Complete Supply is a full-line jan/san house, offering a wide vant,” Bahcall said. “But, if my card says problem solver or solutionist, the variety of cleaning products, as well as PPE (personal protective equipment), floor message is I can solve problems and create solutions. It speaks to customers equipment, and soon-to-be packaging. We focus on constantly finding ways to add more. It helps them realize I’m there to solve a problem. I’m not just there value for our customers. to make a buck on commission. The number of conversations we have with “On July 1, we acquired a company in Mexia, TX, (about 85 miles south of Dalcustomers about our titles is pretty amazing.” las) called Talley Chemical. We needed a warehouse/distribution facility to service the Waco-Temple-Bryan, TX, area.” FOR COMPLETE SUPPLY, In addition to Carrollton and Mexia, Complete Supply also has a location in KilAN EARLY ‘HEADS-UP’ gore, TX, which is about 120 miles east of Dallas. eading into the spring of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head, Complete Supply had never experienced a negative growth year, Bahcall reported. The pandemic notwithstanding, the company also had a banner year in 2020, especially in sales of PPE. “We never really had a plan to deal with a pandemic; however, when we got wind of it, we immediately started sourcing PPE,” Bahcall said. “We were able to secure inventory, and had a tremendous year. Our employees were amazing through this period, and worked more hours to support the demand without any complaints — we were a team. Our sales staff started to work the phones to talk about PPE. Our customer base grew, while our competitors struggled to secure inventory. “I have a close friend in the industry who imports gloves. He warned me and opened my eyes, so we got ahead of the game and started importing gloves, which put us in a great position from that perspective.” Aligning Complete Supply in the PPE market resulted in sales doubling from 2019 to 2020. “Now, we are major players in the PPE market,” Bahcall said. “Even though the COVID situation has changed from last year, there is going to be permanent Warehouse, delivery and quality control personnel posing with a Complete Supply truck demand for PPE in the jan/san market. are, left to right, Earl Anderson, warehouse; Timmie Cooley, warehouse; “The biggest lesson I have learned is you have to have friends in the supHenry Torres, driver; Mark Feinman, quality control; Israel Garcia, driver; ply chain that you can trust to tell you the truth.” Kaylon Butler, warehouse manager; and Braylon Burks, driver. Through one of its primary vendors, Complete Supply did a significant vol“In August, I am hiring a high level person in the packaging industry to start a ume of sales in 2020 in hand soap and disinfectants for all market segments. packaging division for Complete Supply,” Bahcall said. “In our territory, there are “We never had a shortage of sanitizer for dispensers,” Bahcall said. “In addimany accounts we walk past everyday, that buy a great deal of packaging.” tion, we never ran out of disinfecting products. All of our vendors were able to While Complete Supply sells into most market segments, including mu- continue to support us. nicipalities, churches, contractors, etc., its No. 1 customer base is public and “So, we were able to grow quite a bit of new business by being aligned with private schools. the right vendors. Having the right relationships and trust within those comIt is common for the owner of a company to take the title of president or CEO, panies is so important. We talk to vendors regularly. We always let them know Bahcall’s title is “solutionist.” how important they are to this process.


8 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

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“One of the things I always say is we need our employees, our customers and our vendors. I don’t separate one from the other. I don’t say one is more important than the other. “Those three core elements are critical in making a successful jan/san house. I think it is important for independent distributors to recognize that vendors have to make a profit. We are OK with that. We want them to make a profit. We also want them (suppliers) to be engaged and working in the field with our sales team. I think how we went to market last year with our vendors was a game changer.” While Complete Supply’s business was going gangbusters, many of its customers had to change because of the pandemic. “Public school districts are a major part of our business. They didn’t totally shut down, but they changed the way they were educating children,” Bahcall said. “Vir-

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tual learning meant fewer kids in the seats, as well as less toilet paper usage, fewer can liners needed, etc. “The focus seemed to change to a lot of food service items. The schools got active in providing families with food, so we jumped into that as well. We started working with our school district accounts on food service items that we could get through our vendors. Between PPE and food service items, we made up and exceeded what we lost in paper and liner sales.” In the very early stage of the pandemic, people were not wearing masks. However, as the pandemic progressed, the benefits of wearing masks became more well known and people and companies began to comply with mask-wearing mandates. “In the very beginning, we did not wear masks at Complete Supply,” Bahcall said. “COVID got real for us when we received our first container of gloves. A woman who worked for us, and was also a part-time paramedic, took part in unloading the container. She got COVID, along with all the other people who unloaded the container. “During the past year, a total of 21 of our, at the time, 52 employees got COVID, including myself. Out of that number, a couple of employees had to go to the hospital. The good new is, they recovered, are back at work and everything is great.” In addition to putting a mask wearing mandate in place, Complete Supply also closed its doors to outside visitors. “We locked the front door and posted a phone number and a note that said call this number and we will have someone meet you at the dock for customer pickup,” Bahcall said. “That was the way we operated for several months until Texas changed the rules. Then we opened the office and allowed people to enter. We asked them to mask as long as Texas required masks. “When Texas cancelled the mask mandate, we did as well. Our company rule was employees who were out due to COVID had to have a negative test to come back to work. “In addition, we started a daily disinfectant program in the office on all the touch points, using electrostatic sprayers, and disinfecting everything we could. “We never shut down. We probably had, at the most, three people out at one time. Our employees were great. We were working twice as hard last year because we had so many orders. Our order load was phenomenal.” Bahcall predicts emphasis on cleaning, safety and a clean environment will continue. “Our message has not changed; it has only been reinforced,” Bahcall said.

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Craft Blenders of Specialty Cleaning Products The Bullen Companies, P.O. Box37 Folcroft, Pa 19032 800-444-8900 • 610-534-8900 • Fax 610-534-8912 • www.bullenonline.com 10 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021



iscussions on jan/san industry trends almost always include the impact of mergers and acquisitions. But, is consolidation here to stay? Bahcall offered some of his observations on the subject.







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“The industry, as a whole, is changing because of all the buyouts and mergers. We have turned down four chances to sell, because we knew our company culture would be destroyed and, in turn, hurt our employees,” Bahcall said. “We are moving to the second generation, and I am mentoring my younger son, Price, who is 29, in every detail of running the business. “As for trends in the local area, we see excitement building as growth opportunities can be found on every street. We simply need to teach and train our growing sales team, and we will have new customers every day.” Bahcall said the consolidation phenomenon is nothing new to the industry. Indeed, is tends to be cyclical. “Larger companies are always trying to grow,” Bahcall said. “They will buy

companies and grow that way, and then try to make the integration of their acquisitions with the parent company work. “We are in a major cycle of integration with people buying and merging, etc. The outcome of that will be the same as it has always been. When a big company buys another business, the first thing they have to do is fire people. “They are interested in return of investment and they often fire people to get there. The result is, oftentimes the people who were let go start new businesses. In five or 10 years, a new crop of smaller companies begin to prosper and grow. “As they grow and seek new opportunities, those new companies will eventually start buying other companies, starting a new cycle of investing in acquisitions and mergers. “I don’t see proliferation of mergers lasting forever. I see a growth of more independent distributors in our industry coming. It is a cycle.”



12 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

nother hot topic in the jan/san world the past several years has been the impact of millennials, now the largest demographic in the workforce. Millennials’ work habits, desires, and dependence on electronic communications have been the subject of many seminars and education sessions, both at ISSA trade shows and other venues. Bahcall has attended such presentations and has some thoughts of his own on the subject of millennials in the workplace. “As a boomer myself, I cannot find any differences between what I wanted when I was younger and what millennials want,” Bahcall said. “People who claim they do, are simply copping out of their responsibilities to the younger generation and are unwilling to teach and train. “Indeed, today our millennial customers and our sales team members have better technologies at their disposal than boomers had coming up in the industry; however, they must still build relationships with customers.” Bahcall made some observations about how boomers would have had some of the same desires and habits of today’s millennials had they had the same technologies at their fingertips. “Millennials are no different than boomers were at that age,” Bahcall said. “It is another excuse for why companies aren’t doing well. Companies will blame it on a group of people they say are different — but they are not.

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“I’m a boomer. If my generation would have had email or the internet, we would have taken advantage of those technologies the same way millennials do. “They have email and they have internet to do research, which we would have loved to have. To look up something, we had to use encyclopedias. If millennials didn’t have the internet, they would have used encyclopedias, too.” At one point, Bahcall asked his eldest son, who is now 31 (older millennials are now in their 40s), “What are your friends looking for?” “He said they are looking for two things. No. 1, they are looking to find a job that will become a career,” Bahcall said. “No. 2, they want the person who did the hiring to mentor them to be what he/she promised they could become within that company. “I thought of the first job I got as a dishwasher. I looked to the manager who hired me to be my mentor, but he wasn’t. He sat at the bar and drank until he got fired. I would have loved for him to help me go from dishwasher to bus boy and, ultimately, to waiter or bartender, where the big money was. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that person for me. “I think the lack in our industry and all the excuses come down to one question — does a company have someone in its organization who can be that mentor to help employees, not only grow, but also to become what they were promised in the interview? “I think some companies are failing, not because of millennials, but because of a lack of leadership.” Another common trait attributed to millennials is they are more technologically savvy than their older counterparts. Again, Bahcall’s observation differs somewhat from conventional wisdom. “Yes, millennials are more used to technology, but they are not necessarily knowledgeable about some of the technology used in running a thriving business,” Bahcall said. “They may know how to use an iPhone or an iPad, but they may not be very familiar with using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word or some of the other software products that are popular in our industry. “Millennials may not be strong in using a calendar in Outlook, or in organizational skills. Even though they have the technology, they are often not taught how to organize. “I think developing organizational skills is the type of training that all businesses should provide. We do focus on that, because you can’t be successful in sales and be disorganized.

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14 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

“Salespeople have to be able to make cold calls and follow up. It is that follow up process that creates customer relationships. You will get lucky occasionally on the first cold call and win a customer, but the odds are one in 10. “A salesperson is not going to always gain a customer on the first call. If he/she is not taught organizational skills on how to conduct a follow up, failure is almost guaranteed.” Many companies have reported they have a hard time finding and retaining qualified salespeople. “As of today, we have 24 people in sales, and, no, it is not hard to find good people,” Bahcall said. “However, it is a company’s dedication to making a ‘good’ sales rep into a ‘great’ one that makes a difference. “Some companies are not willing to invest in training and teaching. I liken it to a newborn. If you put a baby on the floor and give him/her a bottle, the child will die, because he/she does not know what to do with the bottle. Our success comes from simply building an ongoing, consistent training program that works in the field.” One technique companies have used to train new salespeople is to hook them up with a mentor who is a more seasoned, veteran sales rep. That is not the strategy Complete Supply implements. “What I found is, that doesn’t work, because the more seasoned salespeople have a customer base, too. As such, they don’t have time to be dedicated to the training process of a new staff member,” Bahcall said. “Again, it takes an investment from ownership or management in a training program. “We now have a sales manager who is in his late 30s and two, well-seasoned people in the later years of their careers who have given up all their accounts and are full-time salaried trainers. All they do is teach and train every day. “They are in the field with our sales team. They ride along and help them learn how to quote. They help them learn how to open new accounts and get past the front desk. “We do not micromanage, rather we help new salespeople accomplish the company goal in a particular market segment. Our goal is to win, which we do every day. We just have to teach our younger sales team members to be successful, which is what our sales management team does. Training never stops. The minute training stops, you die. Cold calling can never stop for a salesperson.” While Complete Supply is heavily invested in training its employees, offering training for customers is also an ongoing effort. “We offer many types of training and services to our customers. We have a team of techs who install or replace all dispensers at no charge. We have online and in-person training on all aspects of customers’ needs. We write training manuals, procedures, and schedules as well,” Bahcall said. For online training, Complete Supply depends on its vendors, who offer training videos. The company has a list it shares with customers showing where and how to access training videos offered by vendors. While Complete Supply reps routinely conduct training at a customer’s facility, the company also hosts training seminars and other events. The company typically schedules two training seminars each year. Last year’s events did not take place because of the pandemic. “One of our annual training events is called ‘The Forum,’” Bahcall said. “The Forum is where we will invite up to 50 key school customers who are directors — one per school district, not two or three. “There are no vendors and no selling at The Forum. There is a moderator who teaches attendees how to solve problems. “The topic for the last one we hosted in 2019, was how to make summer cleaning better. Our moderator took attendees through a process to teach them how to figure out what the problem is, and how to solve the problem as a group. We are planning to conduct The Forum in the next few months. It will cover how to properly clean in a COVID environment.” The second annual seminar event the company typically hosts is on hold until probably March 2022, Bahcall said. “For the other seminar, we rent the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, TX,” Bahcall said. “We had 300 attendees the last time we hosted the event. “We have 12 break-out sessions throughout the day of the seminar. The breakout sessions are all related to things that interest the attendees. We also have 15 or 20 vendors with booths, kind of like a very mini-style ISSA show.” Feedback from vendors has been overwhelmingly positive, Bahcall said. “Vendors who attend these kinds of shows say ours is the best, because most distributors want to get 500 or a 1,000 people to attend, 90 percent of whom are not decision makers. At ours, every attendee is a decision maker,” Bahcall said. Because attendance is limited to around 300 key decision makers, Complete Supply’s events allow vendors to schedule appointments with attendees. Many

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0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:38 PM Page 16

vendors have reported to Complete Supply that after following up on those meetings, they sold a significant amount of products. In the spring, Complete Supply experimented with another event with a view to further foster relationships with customers. “We conducted our first golf tournament in March. We are still measuring the value of hosting the tour-

nament,” Bahcall said. “I haven’t completely come to the conclusion that is something we will do yearly. “Everybody who loves to play golf will always say we need to do this every year. It is fun. However, I look at events from the perspective of do they help us build relationships with customers and do they help customers to want to do business with Complete Supply.”



hile focusing on the sale of green products is not a high priority at Complete Supply, the company offers green product lines and its sales people have the knowledge and expertise to guide customers who seek environmentally friendly solutions. “We currently sell many products that are considered green, from can liners to chemicals,” Bahcall said. “Our focus is customer-driven. We can offer green programs to customers who focus on environmentally friendly concepts. “As a company, we do not lead with green. Rather, we focus on customers’ needs and find solutions to problems. Not all customers care about green programs.” The company, makes an impact in the environmentally friendly products arena by sourcing recyclable products. “The idea is to get one more life cycle,” Bahcall said. “For example, if you sell a trash bag that contains recycled resin, you are adding a life cycle to the plastic itself. That is, you are keeping it out of a land fill for one more cycle.” In addition to recycling, composting is another way to lessen how much waste is deposited in a landfill. However, Bahcall said some people unintentionally misuse compostable items, while thinking they are helping the environment. “Some people don’t understand compostable items must go through a compost process, because they don’t break down in a regular landfill,” Bahcall said. “We have to educate our customers when those kinds of questions come up. “Our sales management team works with our sales team to always be the provider of new information to customers. Our sales team works with customers to ensure all of their staff is trained, and they feel confident in performing tasks. Rather than just offering products to customers, we work with them to find solutions.”



16 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

hen company reps are working with a new or potential customer, one of the first things they do is tell the story of why he/she would want to do business with Complete Supply. If the customer wants to move forward, reps seek to find out how Complete Supply can best meet needs and solve problems.

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“Initially, most people don’t want a lot of change,” Bahcall said. “We want to know how we can help the new customer solve problems they experienced with a previous supplier. Then, we look at and review what paper systems, liners, chemical systems, etc., are available. We will then suggest some cost-saving changes. To combat COVID, we will offer the right products with the right kill claims that meet the customer’s needs.” When asked how he thinks Complete Supply separates its products and services from the competition, Bahcall said, “We do not consider competition. We only consider relationships. We know if we meet people and show them we are a company that is truly concerned about them, and that we can help them achieve their goals — we all win. “My dad was a relationship salesperson. I always say there are two types of people. There are those who love relationships and that is the focus. Then, there are people who like solving other people’s problems. “Both are relationship-type selling, it is just a matter of where is the focus. Some people put more focus on getting to know the person, the kids and what they do, and all that. Others, and I fall in this category, don’t mind getting to know people, but they want to be problem solvers for customers.” Understanding a customer’s operation, being the supplier of new information, showing and educating on what is new in the jan/san marketplace are key elements in maintaining long-lasting relationships, Bahcall said. “After establishing a relationship, you can show the customer cost and labor savings,” Bahcall said. “When you become more of a consultant to clients — you no longer have competitors.”



t one time, Complete Supply operated a machinery repair shop at its facility in Carrollton. Several years ago, Bahcall separated the repair operation into a company called Green Lite Group, which dispatches its own technicians to repair and maintain floor maintenance equipment. “I picked up a large account that needed service in Michigan, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Chicago, Oklahoma and all over Texas,” Bahcall said. “That company was previously making its own repairs. I started Green Light Group, taking over that company’s repair service, and hired and began to manage all its techs.” Green Lite techs service such locations as Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio and The Valley, all in Texas, as well as Chicago, IL. “The reason we decided to establish a different company for equipment repair is the philosophy of a repair company is totally different from the philosophy of running a supply company,” Bahcall said. “For example, there is a lot more involved in managing a work ticket in a repair shop versus a supply business. “Repair shop tickets use work scheduling software that is different from what is used by supply distributors. Parts must be obtained. Once they are in, they must be married to the work tickets. Then a tech must be scheduled to fix a machine before the work is finalized and billed. For those reasons, we chose to separate the equipment repair operation.”



he Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington metropolitan statistical area’s population was 7.6 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 population estimates. “Carrollton is centrally located in a mega metroplex, which is a huge benefit,” Bahcall said. “Our facility is very nice; however, it is now too small, so we are looking for a larger building. “Furthermore, warehouse space in all three of our locations is packed to the ceiling. We are desperate to find more space.” Most deliveries are made with Complete Supply trucks and most are delivered the next day. “We also use LTL (less than truckload) carriers and hotshot services for overflow deliveries,” Bahcall said. In discussing the key element in Complete Supply’s ongoing success, Bahcall is quick to attribute its successful run over the years to the company’s employees. “You are never better than the quality of your people. We are not a one-person show, and the more you delegate, the better the business runs and prospers,” Bahcall said. “We are never satisfied, and will continue to recruit the best people we can to make our business better. “Our future is extremely bright, and we will continue to grow as we build teams and open up more geographic territory.” Contact: Complete Supply, Inc., 1624 W. Crosby Road, Suite 144, Carrollton, TX 75006. Phone: 214-231-3631. Website: c-supply.com.

It’s Time for a Change.

Revitalize your sales by presenting customers with something new and fresh from Berk International. Whether it’s the superior softness of the EdenSoft® towel and tissue line, the incredible absorbency of PROformance® DRC heavy-duty shop towels, or the unmatched performance of Berk’s innovative specialty wipes, customers recognize Berk brands as the premier brands of choice.

Contact a sales rep today 610.369.0600 | Toll Free: 866.222.BERK 18 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021


0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:38 PM Page 19

Keep them safe as they go back to school with:

• Sanitizing Systems

• Hands-Free Dispensers

• Hand Hygiene Systems

Preserve ® Sanitizing System

• Convenient, reusable dispensing bucket • 2 rolls of solvent-resistant spunlace wipers • 275 sheets per roll • 7-inch by 12-inch sheets • Use your choice of cleaning/disinfectant Programmable Electronic Roll Towel

High Capacity Mechanical Roll Towel

(batteries included)

Compact Mechanical Roll Towel

High Capacity Centerpull Towel

Hands-Free Dispensing Systems Manual

Electronic (batteries included)

Transcend ® Hand Hygiene • Matching style and per formance • Uses same Transcend ® key • Adjustable dosage settings: 0.4 ml, 0.8 ml, and 1.2 ml • Order on the same truck as your towel and tissue needs • Refills are interchangeable between Manual / Electronic

No -charge dispenser programs available

von Drehle offers a Complete Restroom Solution - Towel, Tissue, Hand Hygiene, Innovative Dispensing Systems


T. 800-438-3631 www.vondrehle.com

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0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:39 PM Page 21

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:39 PM Page 22


From Bullen CitroRx Virucidal Botanical Disinfectant Cleaner And Odor Counteractant Tuberculocidal, Fungicidal And Sanitizer

From Nextstep Commercial

The Gladiator™ Rim Caddy

Features of the Gladiator™ Rim Caddy include:

• Fits 44-gallon waste containers; • Ergonomic handle makes maneuvering easy; • Built-in bag straps for easy liner attachment;

• Durable handle improves maneuverability and minimizes contact with trash; and, • It conveniently stores multiple cleaning supplies.

Nexstep is the exclusive licensee of O-Cedar Commercial Products. For more information, visit Nexstep at www.ocedarcommercial.com.




COMMANDER Multi-Action/ pattern indicator.

With formula C additive to help mitigate against turf and shrub damage.

Melts down to

-5˚ Frank Miller & Sons, Inc. Maintenance Solutions Since 1889 1-800-ICE-MELT nnn% `Z\d\ck%Zfd Jkli^`j# D@ +0'0(

22 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

The Bullen Companies and its Airx Laboratories division have released a new product, CitroRx Virucidal Botanical Disinfectant Cleaner and Odor Counteractant Tuberculocidal, Fungicidal and Sanitizer. “CitroRX is a botanical disinfectant that utilizes citric acid as its active ingredient. It complies with EPA catagory IV (lowest level of toxicity). It does not contain any harsh or abrasive chemicals, and is considered non-corrosive. There is no rinsing required, even on food surfaces. It is effective against Sars Cov2 at five-minute dwell time,” according to the company. The Bullen Companies says benefits include: • Non-flammable: No alcohol; • Non-corrosive: Free from dangerous chemical compounds during or after use; • Kills M. tuberculosis bacillus: CitroRx can penetrate the tough waxy shell that surrounds the bacterium that resists typical disinfectants. Kills HIV 1 virus associated with AIDS, as well as Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV); • Kills AVIAN influenza A (H3N2) and MRSA/CA-MRSA: Kills a broad range of bacteria and viruses, including Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; • Superior cleaner/degreaser: Penetrates, liquifies and removes oily, greasy soil; • Odor counteractant: Contains citric acid and other builders that eliminate foul odors in the air and kills odor causing bacteria; • Convenient: CitroRX is ready to use. Nothing to mix. Just spray and the surface will be cleaned, disinfected and deodorized. To learn more about Airx CitroRx, visit www.airxlabs.com/rx-citrorx. According to the company, it can be used with the Spray N Roll II/SNG Mini Spray System: • The Spray N Roll and the SNG Mini will make cleaning and disinfecting a facility quick and easy; • Perfect for applying the Airx CitroRx disinfectant to grocery carts, bathroom fixtures, gym equipment, cabinets, chairs, and much more; • No batteries, unlimited use, and no charge time to worry about. • One-third the cost of electrostatic sprayers; and, • Spray & Roll holds 2.5 gallons of disinfectant and covers up to 25,000 square feet per tank, when using provided spray tip. The SNG Mini holds 52 ounces. For more information, contact a Bullen sales representative or email sales@bullenonline.com.

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U Unti Unt Untitled-3 Untit Untitl Untitle Untitled Untitledn 1

7 7/15/21 7/1 7/15 7/15/ 7/15/2 / 3 3:5 3:51 3: PM P

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:54 PM Page 24

SAN 24

itizers begins


By Harrell Kerkhoff, Maintenance Sales News Editor

isinfectants and sanitizers remain in strong demand, as consumers continue to seek protection against COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens. Using such products, however, requires special knowledge, and often, training. Maintenance Sales News Magazine recently interviewed company representatives from several well-known disinfectant/sanitizer producers to find out more about how they are helping distributors and end-users in this area of need.



aging a people- and planet-friendly disinfectant that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in one minute on food contact surfaces and other areas, and does not contain bleach, quats or alcohol. Testing shows it kills SARS CoV2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in two minutes, while remaining people and planet friendly,” Epstein said. “Instead of harsh or toxic ingredients, our patented product contains non-toxic, stabilized hypochlorous acid, which we manufacture in a patented, proprietary process at our factory in St. Louis, MO. “It is interesting to note that we all produce hypochlorous acid in our white blood cells to attack pathogens in the body, serving as our own natural germ killing agents. It doesn’t get any more natural than that. Once it does its job, Blue Planet’s stabilized hypochlorous acid quickly dissipates into a saline solution. It’s entirely benign and leaves no residue, yet kills bacteria, viruses and fungus. Blue Planet™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant features patented, environmentally friendly, cost effective and responsible chemistry, for the benefit of all end-users.”

ffective, safe and environmentally friendly, patented new “Blue Planet™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant with Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid (SHOCL),” is now available exclusively from Clearly Better Solutions/ Intercon Chemical. “We named our patented new product Blue Planet because it breaks down into saline solution…and our Earth’s blue color when seen from space is due to saline solution — salt water — that covers over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface,” Jim Epstein, CEO of Intercon Chemical/Clearly Better Solutions, said. “We feel this product reflects our core commitment to innovation, safety and sustainability.” With a toxicity rating of IV, Blue Planet carries the lowest toxicity level designated by the Environmental Production Agency and requires no warning statements on its “this product (Blue label, Epstein said. The EPA-registered, COVID List-N Planet™) reflects our product is a broad-spectrum hospital-grade bacterial, virucore commitment to cidal and fungicidal disinfectant/cleaner and one minute food surface contact sanitizer, made with Intercon’s stainnovation, safety bilized hypochlorous acid. The product breaks down into and sustainability.” simple saline water after use, and evaporates, leaving no chemical residue. No rinse is ever required, even on food That includes those in charge of disinfecting and cleaning contact surfaces. such away-from-home settings as office buildings, airport Also, no PPE’s are required. Due to its inherent safety Intercon Chemical/Clearly Better Solutions terminals, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, veterinary profile, the product requires no gloves, protective eye CEO Jim Epstein clinics, doctor and dentist offices, restaurants, car rental fawear or other personal protective equipment while the cilities and cruise ships. user applies with a spray bottle or electrostatic sprayer, according to Epstein. In a first for a hospital grade disinfectant, recently Blue Planet™ Hospital Grade “What we have now, with Blue Planet, is a breakthrough technology, lever24 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:39 PM Page 25

Disinfectant was awarded the Seal of Acceptance endorsement from the National Eczema Association, according to Epstein. “Unlike some disinfectants and hand sanitizers that can damage and dry out skin, our Blue Planet product is acbeneficial for those with “The product is tually eczema or other dry skin conditions,” life affirming. Epstein said. “The product is life affirming. It kills germs, while supIt kills germs, healthy skin.” while supporting porting Blue Planet™ Hospital Grade Dishealthy skin.” infectant has also been recognized by the Child Safety Network (CSN)™, receiving its Safe Family Seal Of Approval, and named as a CSN™ Safe Bus and Safe School disinfectant product, recommended for use in schools and school buses nationwide. Ward Leber, founder and chairman of the Child Safety Network™ commented: “Over the past 32 years of national public service, we have always challenged chemical companies to create a product that kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and now COVID-19, without harm to our children, pets or the environment. Based on information provided to us by the makers of Blue Planet, and its rating with the EPA and CDC List-N, sustainable stabilized hypochlorous acid is without a doubt the safest disinfectant choice that we have discovered for schools and families everywhere, when used as directed. CSN™ calls on all schools to get rid of the old toxins and use CSN™-recommended products that are safer for students, staff and the environment.”

“Our product is shelf-stable for 18 months. That makes it commercially viable to produce, package and ship throughout the country and around the world. It remains efficacious while stored in a distributorship’s warehouse and a customer’s location.”

Most hypochlorous acid products are inherently unstable, and once created, are only effective for a few days or a few months. Because of that, hypochlorous acid’s commercial applications have, up until now, been severely limited. However, Epstein said Clearly Better Solutions/Intercon Chemical has leveraged technology to produce Blue Planet™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant for commercial use. “Our product is shelf-stable for 18 months,” Epstein said. “That makes it commercially viable to produce, package and ship throughout the country and around the world. It remains efficacious while stored in a distributorship’s warehouse and a customer’s location.” He added testing has shown Blue Planet™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant can be used with a spray bottle or electrostatic sprayer without losing its efficacy, and without leaving messy residue. Unlike many hospital grade disinfectants, there is no need to use personnel protective equipment during the electrostatic spraying process. A best-in-class companion electrostatic sprayer is now available from Clearly Better Solutions/Intercon Chemical.


Call 800-325-9218 or visit www.clearlybetter.com and www.interconchemical.com for more information.


espite signs of recovery related to the global COVID-19 pandemic, people and companies in charge of away-from-home facility maintenance remain very interested in maintaining a clean and pathogen-free environment, according to The Bullen Companies President Scott Jarden. “Training remains a critical aspect to effective disinfection. Many people still don’t understand proper cleaning and disinfecting processes. That includes dwell time comprehension and knowing the differences between an electrostatic sprayer, conventional sprayer and a fogger,” Jarden explained. To help, The Bullen Companies provides training videos for almost all of

its products. Information includes kill claims and how each item should be properly used. “We also offer training brochures that can be posted in cleaning closets for those who do not have access to our videos,” Jarden said. “During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also produced weekly video updates that discussed supply chain issues and called out various false claims “Disinfectants made by other companies. That and other included inaccurate residual gerpathogen control micidal activity.” Representatives at The Bullen products are not Companies primarily sell through commodities, and distribution and work with those need to be sold customers to help them see the value of Bullen’s products. differently.” “Disinfectants and other pathogen control products are not commodities, and need to be sold differently. When distributors are looking for a partner supplier to help in the pathogen control field, they should seek a company like Bullen and its Airx Laboratories brand,” Jarden said. “Bullen has always been a leader in pathogen control since the Airx brand was founded in 1983. We are known as experts in pathogen control. “Unlike companies that just sell products for odor control, Bullen can supply customers with everything they need — from trash can cleaners and odor counteractants all the way to disinfectants used in operating rooms at some of the top U.S. hospitals.” Product development continues to grow in importance at The Bullen Companies, including finding new ways to kill pathogens. For example, Bullen recently introduced CitroRX, which Jarden said is a botanical disinfectant cleaner and odor counteractant.

“We are known for our consultative support.”

“It’s a ready-to-use product that not only disinfects but, due to its chemical composition, leaves little, The Bullen Companies President if any, residue. It can be used on Scott Jarden glass, mirrors and other highly polished surfaces not harmed by water,” Jarden said. “CitroRX carries an HMIS (Hazardous Materials Identification System) rating of 000X, and does not contain quats, alcohol or peroxide.” The need for new and better products to fight pathogens continues within the jan/san marketplace, he added. “The high level of panic purchasing of disinfectants and sanitizers that took place in 2020 has certainly slowed down, but we (at Bullen) are still seeing an increased level of sales and use related to such products,” Jarden explained.

“Training remains a critical aspect to effective disinfection. Many people still don’t understand proper cleaning and disinfecting processes.”

He added that properly understanding the difference between product classifications is something every distributor and end-user should focus on, in order to achieve the greatest level of success. “I don’t think, for example, most people truly know the difference between a disinfectant and a sanitizer. They see that a product states it kills 99.9 percent of germs and figure that is good enough,” Jarden said. “However, if they don’t know the difference, the task at hand may not be done correctly.” To help, both Bullen and Airx have outside and inside sales support. July/August 2021 — Maintenance Sales News — 25

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:39 PM Page 26

“We are known for our consultative support. It’s important to work with supplier representatives who can answer questions from distributors and end-users. Our field support has over 100 years of experience in the industry, and can provide hands-on-help involving a variety of issues,” Jarden said. “Bullen’s byline is, ‘Craft Blenders Of Specialty Cleaning Products.’ We have everything from dog shampoo to jet aircraft cleaners and specialize in BYOB or Be Your Own Brand. We can sell any of our branded products to customers or custom formulate products to fit specific needs. “We have seen enormous growth within the past year, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. I feel our transparency with distributors, related to supply chain issues, and being able to get them product in a timely manner, has positioned us as a key supplier.” Jarden noted that Airx is sold on a limited distribution basis, and said most of his company’s distributor customers have carried the brand for over 20 years. End-users wanting to purchase one or two bottles at a time can do so at www.cleanstuff.com.


Contact: The Bullen Companies, 1640 Delmar Dr., Folcroft, PA 19032. Phone: 610-534-8900. Email: sales@bullenonline.com. Website: www.bullenonline.com, www.airxlabs.com.


hile relatively new to the jan/san industry, the technology behind Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant is well tested and proven for a wide variety of end-user facilities, according to Briotech Senior Director of Global Business Development Jennifer Wiens. “Briotech was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2013, following several years of researching and developing proprietary technology to produce the purest form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl),” Wiens said. “(HOCl) exists in the human body

ISSA Show North America 2021 is returning to

Las Vegas, November 15-18

at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Trade Show floor will be open Tuesday, November 16 through Thursday, November 18. Trade Show hours are:

Tuesday, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Wednesday, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Thursday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

For information on Maintenance Sales News’ Special Show Issue, email Kevin Kennedy, kevloraz@gmail.com, or Linda Rankin, lrankin@consolidated.net. 26 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

(found in white blood cells to help with healing and pathogen protection), thus it’s all natural. At Briotech, we have developed products using HOCl that involve skin and beauty care, surface and air cleansing, and now sanitizing and disinfecting. “Briotech started with a constellation of world health, infectious disease and medical experts joining together to form an executive team, with the goal of helping to change the landscape of global health and disinfection.” When conducting research, Briotech officials started testing its (HOCl) formula’s effectiveness on prions, which are misfolded proteins that can lead to several fatal and transmissible neurodegenerative diseases in humans, such as Mad Cow Disease. “Our company’s successful testing against prions was recognized by the National Institutes of Health, as prions are considered one of the hardest pathogens to kill,” Wiens said. “One of Briotech’s first products, using HOCl, was a skin care toner. It continues to sell really well today, and demonstrates the formula’s safety, Briotech Senior Director of Global since it’s applied to skin.” Business Development Jennifer Wiens At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, officials at Briotech saw the need for the company to develop a nontoxic product to effectively combat the virus. That eventually led to the introduction of Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant. “Briotech’s portfolio of products now includes skin care, hygiene, dental (with a mouth rinse), surface and air cleansing, and sanitizing/disinfecting. It’s all based on one ingredient — hypochlorous acid (HOCl),” Wiens said. She added the company is also introducing a degreaser/ cleanser product that is designed to uproot grime and dirt. The customer base for Briotech’s products, such as “Our company’s Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfecsuccessful testing tant, has evolved from strictly retail to now include jan/san against prions was distribution. Key end-user recognized by the away-from-home targets inNational Institutes clude schools, office buildings and other places where of Health, as prions people gather. are considered one “We have leveraged strateof the hardest gic partnerships to enter the jan/san market, allowing pathogens to kill.” Briotech to service and provide products to as many businesses as possible,” Wiens said. Specifics of the Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant include a demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on hard, non-porous surfaces. Wiens said the product can be used against COVID-19 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Feline calicivirus, Strain F-9 (norovirus surrogate) on hard, non-porous surfaces. The product is a Registered List N Disinfectant: EPA #93108-1. According to the company, Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant is a ready-touse, no dilution required product that kills 99.99 percent of viruses and harmful bacteria. That includes Feline calicivirus (Human Norovirus), E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and P. aeruginosa. The product does not require rinsing; is food contact safe; is antibacterial and antimicrobial; can sanitize homes, restaurants and athletic facilities; and can disinfect hospital kitchens as well as institutional and commercial facilities. Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant is also non-corrosive, non-flammable and the use of PPE is not required, according to Wiens. “The product’s MSDS does not include a hazard symbol. Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant uses a very simple ingredient, hypochlorous acid, and water. The product does not contain VOC, quats or alcohol. The user just sprays it on a surface and Continued on Page 30

BrioTe BrioT Br Brio Bri

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:39 PM Page 27

Introducing Briotech’s All-Purpose HOCI Sanitizer. There is nothing like it in the industry!

No Bleach, No Ammonia, No Alcohol, No Mixing, No Odor. No Kidding. Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant is an all-purpose disinfectant that’s suitable for use around food, children and pets. Made in the USA and EPA List-N Approved to kill 99.99% of germs, Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant is effective against bacteria and viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on hard, non-porous surfaces and holds the longest lasting shelf life of any HOCI disinfectant available today. Choose from 32 ounce, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 50 gallon sizes. Nothing Comes Close to Briotech’s Value Prospect for Distributors. Unmatched Effectiveness & Safety coupled with Limitless Capacity & Profitability. The opportunities are endless; let me prove it to you! Contact Dave Morrison: (954) 806-1065 or dmorrison@safetyfirstlabs.com.

BrioTech BrioT BrioTec BrioTe B Brio Bri r Sanitizer Sa S San Sani Sanit Saniti Sanitiz Sanitize Ad A Tab T Size Ta S Si Siz Bleed.indd B Bl Ble Blee Bleed Bleed. Bleed.i Bleed.in Bleed.ind 1

6 6/15/21 6/1 6/15 6/15/ 6/15/2 / 1 11: 11:0 11:05 11 A AM

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:39 PM Page 28

Hospital Grade

Disinfectant with Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid • Kills 99.9% of Germs • Leaves No Residue

in 1 minute

• Shelf Stable for 18 Months


• No Bleach, Quats or Alcohol • Food Contact Surface Sanitizer • EPA List-N

People, Pet, Kid & Planet Friendly

Mother • Over 71% of Earth’s surface is covered by water…97% of this is salt wa • We call her Mother Earth because all life emerged and is sustained from • We call her the Blue Planet because when seen from space the Earth’s w • As Earth’s stewards, we are all responsible to make smart, sustainable

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:39 PM Page 29


Why • We named our new Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid

Disinfectant, Blue PlanetTM because it breaks down into saline solution = Salt Water • Because of Earth’s stable water and oxygen Ecosystem, it is able to sustain life… • Because Blue Planet’s patented, Stabilized


Hypochlorous Acid (S-HOCL) is stable for 18 months • Because Hypochlorous Acid is made naturally in our own white blood cells as our bodies natural defense against pathogens • Because We make Blue Planet Disinfectant in our patented natural process • Because S-HOCL is naturally great at killing germs, and breaks down into a people, pet and planet friendly saline

Blue Planet Disinfectant is endorsed by Child Safety Network and has been awarded the Safe Family Seal of Approval. Blue Planet Disinfectant has also been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association.

Another Clearly Better Product by Intercon Chemical 314.771.6600 • interconchemical.com

alt water, 3% is fresh water.

d from Earth’s water, air and sunshine.

arth’s water reflects a beautiful Blue color.

nable choices to protect our Blue Planet.


0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:39 PM Page 30

Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Continued From Page 26

The product does not require rinsing; is food contact safe; is antibacterial and antimicrobial; can sanitize homes, restaurants and athletic facilities; and can disinfect hospital kitchens as well as institutional and commercial facilities.

follows variable contact times. It also works great in an electrostatic sprayer,” she added. “Due to its nontoxicity, the product works especially well among populations that are very vulnerable, such as children and the elderly.” As many businesses and facilities start to reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns, officials at Briotech have created a building reopening document for the benefit of both distributors and end-users. It involves a collection of guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other regulatory agencies and professional organizations. ®

Disposable Microfiber System ®

The best solution for optimizing infection prevention, ensuring environmental hygiene in two convenient offerings. 99.9% Microbe Removal • Helps stop chain of infection • Eliminates food sources for live pathogens • Ideal in hospital environments to prevent cross contamination • Ideal for dry and wet cleaning Superior Cleaning Performance • Streak-free cleaning on a variety of floor types • Effectively removes dirt without smearing Compatible with the M2 Professional Charging System and our Microfiber Frame & Handle

59 Talman Court, Concord ON L4K 4L5 Tel: 905.738.2007 I Fax: 905.738.2006 Toll Free: 1.844.738.2007 – marino@m2mfg.com I www.m2mfg.com

30 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

“Often, the first step (during the reopening process) is to assess how many people will be moving in and out of the environment you are trying to protect. It’s also important to find out if the environment is well ventilated, and if activities in the area, among occupants, will cause strenuous breathing,” Wiens said. “There are a lot of factors to consider to help determine, for example, how rigorous a disinfectant spray protocol should be.” Along with verifying what spray protocol is adequate, Wiens added end-users should consider the type of product he/she is actually spraying on surfaces and into the air. “They should make sure what is being sprayed isn’t just as harmful as the pathogen they are trying to eliminate. There should be no accumulation of harmful fumes,” she explained. “It’s important end-users look at a product’s MSDS label and ask themselves, ‘If I spray this product around the office, can employees still be in the room? Do I have to empty a factory floor to spray everything down? Is the use of this product causing an operational disruption? How much revenue are we risking by using this product? Can this product lead to a workers’ compensation issue? If so, how much would that cost the company, and would it lead to employee morality issues?’ “At Briotech, we spend a lot of time talking with people who are Innovative technology selling, or thinking about using, our knit microfiber yarn into a products, such as Briotech Sanitizer non-woven substrate + Disinfectant. The objective is to DISPOSABLE PAD help them make key decisions. That is what we have been doing during the pandemic. We have answered such questions as, ‘How many cubic meters in our facility can we cover with one gallon of product while using an electrostatic sprayer?’ Education is key. It’s all about taking the ® research that is available and makBlue scrubbing ing sure people are properly instrip helps formed. That is a main strength at remove dirt Briotech. We are very transparent with everything we do and everything we sell. We don’t try to hide ingredients or the negative side effects of ingredients.” When it comes to new product development, such as the use of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in a sani® tizer/disinfectant, Wiens said old habits and preceptions are often hard to overcome.

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“Many people use products that their parents and grandparents used. When it comes to cleaning and disinfection, that can include products containing bleach or quats. It’s hard to go up against items that have been well known for years, even decades,” she said. “Doing so requires a ton of education, as people can be very skeptical. They need to be reassured about the quality of new products. There“Education is key. fore, a lot of effort, at Briotech, It’s all about taking goes into education. That inthe research that cludes working with distributors, who can then educate their endis available and user customers.” making sure people Wiens reported strong growth continues at Briotech, as interare properly est persists regarding the cominformed. That is pany and its use of a main strength hypochlorous acid (HOCl). That includes the janitorial at Briotech.” space. Officials at Briotech are also proud of the company’s charitable arm, known as BrioEarth. “Our company donates 5 percent of its proceeds to nonprofits and organizations that help vulnerable populations. For example, we provided products to the Navajo Nation during the pandemic,” Wiens said. “At Briotech, we strive to be a missiondriven company, promoting positive change in the world and sustaining an eco and health conscious way of going about business, while remaining profitable.” Contact: Briotech, Inc., 14120 NE 200th St., Woodinville, WA 98072. Phone: 1-888-808-BRIO. Website: www.brioglobal.com.


“We were forthcoming, honest and fair in our approach to the pandemic, which I feel our partners appreciated.”

Kutol representatives have been quite busy meeting increased demand for the company’s various products, especially hand sanitizers, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I would describe business at times over the past year as ‘hectic.’ It’s even been ‘chaotic.’ During the height of the pandemic, it was all about hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer and more hand sanitizer. Shelves were empty, and people were scrambling to get whatever they could find,” Jones said. “Obviously, that type of demand has slowed, but we are still seeing many of the practices implemented during the earlier stages of the pandemic carrying forward. “Early on in the pandemic, Kutol ramped production of its full line of alcohol and non-alcohol hand sanitizers for the away-from-home market. Our company benefited from a solid supply chain and efficient manufacturing practices. The increased demand also meant we worked around the clock, said ‘no’ to new opportunities and dedicated almost all resources to soap and sanitizer production. It was in no way easy, but Kutol has 100-plus years of experience — including that of meeting high demand brought about during the swine flu

Kutol Products

or more than 100 years, Kutol Products has manufactured hand soaps, alcohol and non-alcohol hand sanitizers and dispensing systems for commercial use. Kutol offers hand hygiene products for every need and dispensers that are designed to stand up to the heaviest usage. “Our hand care products and dispensers are found across the U.S. and Canada in schools, restaurants, medical offices and industrial and manufacturing facilities,” Kutol Products Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brandon Jones said. “Kutol proudly supports independent distributors. Our products are available for purchase and distribution worldwide. End-users include employees, visitors and patrons found in every facility type.” Health Guard® is Kutol’s general purpose hand care line, while Kutol® Pro is the company’s industrial, heavy-duty option. “Under those brands, we manufacture all types of hand care products — from foam and liquid soaps and sanitizers to scrubs, creams and wipes,” Jones said. “Additionally, we offer private label and contract soap manufacturing for more tailored hand care programs.”

Wet Wipes for Disinfecting

⊲ Disinfect with EPA List N approved Fresh Start®. Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus on hard, non-porous surfaces in just 30 seconds. Kills 99.9% of germs. ⊲ Add your Quat, alcohol or bleach to dry wipes with Solution Wipes®.

brotex.com | 800.328.2282 | info@brotex.com July/August 2021 — Maintenance Sales News — 31

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epidemic in the late 2000s. That experience helped us keep our focus during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to concentrate on the end-goal of serving customers, and that continues.

“It helped that we frequently communicated with our reps and partners about inventory and lead times, which allowed them to convey that information to their customers. We were forthcoming, honest and fair in our approach to the pandemic, which I feel our partners appreciated. It continues to be a learning experience. Looking ahead, we will apply what has been learned to how we serve our distribution partners moving forward.” Jones emphasized that proper hand cleaning and care is critical to stopping

the spread of germs, a point company representatives have stressed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He also underscored the many opportunities jan/san distributors now have to better position themselves as experts, when helping end-users make proper hand care decisions. “Even asking end-user customers various questions about hand sanitizer placement can be helpful. Those can include: ‘Are there hightraffic areas within your facility that you should be considering (for added hand sanitizer availability)? What about entrances and exits? Are there any areas within your facility without access to water?’” Kutol Products Vice President of Jones said. “It’s important to conSales & Marketing Brandon Jones vey that there are many places within a building that are perfect for a hand sanitizer station or portable bottle placement. The end result is providing an added layer of protection from germs for those people living, working and visiting a location.”


“We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach with our communication efforts, as customer hand care needs often vary.”

“It’s important to convey that there are many places within a building that are perfect for a hand sanitizer station or portable bottle placement. The end result is providing an added layer of protection from germs for those people living, working and visiting a location.”


ICE ATTACK Generates instant melting action!

Exclusive combination of potassium choloride, calcium chloride, sodium chloride and urea.

Melts down to

-12˚ Frank Miller & Sons, Inc. Maintenance Solutions Since 1889 1-800-ICE-MELT nnn% `Z\d\ck%Zfd Jkli^`j# D@ +0'0( 32 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

Kutol offers many educational resources designed for distributors and endusers that focus on proper hand hygiene. That includes information available on the company’s website, which was recently relaunched for better ease-of-use. “We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach with our communication efforts, as customer hand care needs often vary,” Jones said. “We prefer a solutions-orientated approach by asking ourselves, ‘How can we help solve a business need for this customer?’” Due to what Jones called a continued growing interest from various end-user groups in “green” products and more sustainable practices, Kutol’s alcoholbased hand sanitizers are now Green Seal® certified and USDA BioPreferred™. Kutol’s manufacturing facility, meanwhile, is LEED® Silver Certified, which recognizes the efforts the company takes to conserve energy and help improve the environment. “As a company, those are areas in which we will continue to invest,” he said. “With a focus on skin care, and a history of manufacturing hand care products for more than 100 years, Kutol’s strengths lie in the experience and expertise its people possess while serving independent distribution in the away-from-home market. Because we are skin care only, Kutol remains laser-focused on manufacturing products that follow the most stringent government guidelines, and are in compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices. New formulations and packaging are approved only after rigorous trials and testing. State-of-the-art and computer-aided work processes ensure customer and regulatory requirements are consistently met.

“We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, allowing us to remain competitive and deliver value to our customers.”

“Our distributers appreciate that level of commitment, knowing it means Kutol’s products — hand sanitizers included — are of the highest quality.” According to Jones, every Kutol “TeamMate” is responsible for the quality of the company’s products and services. He added: “We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, allowing us to remain competitive and deliver value to our customers.” Contact: Kutol Products, 100 Partnership Way, Cincinnati, OH 45241. Phone: 513-527-0968. Email: bjones@kutol.com. Website: www.kutol.com.

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It’s 90°F outside — and ice melter sales are heating up. As temperatures rise this summer, ice melter companies are offering distributors early-bird promotions. Their objective is simple: get a jump on product for the upcoming winter season.

Maintenance Sales News’ 2021 focus on ice melt products features leading manufacturers: XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp.; Morgro, Inc.; CP Industries, LLC.; Salt Depot, Inc.; and Frank Miller & Sons, Inc.

Topics that company representatives discuss include information about specific products, what distributors should know when it comes to selling ice melter, how education is key to sales, new trends in the market, environmental concerns, early-bird promotions and the expected availability of ice melter supply for the coming winter. These featured manufacturers offer a wide variety of ice melt products to solve snow and ice accumulation issues, in the ongoing effort to keep surfaces safe from slip-and-fall accidents.

July/August 2021 — Maintenance Sales News — 33

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XYNYTH Has Been Satisfying Ice Melter Needs For 35 Years, And Ready For More

s more businesses and facilities open following shutdowns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of protecting building occupants and visitors from ice- and snow-related slip-and-fall accidents should be re-examined, in anticipation of the approaching winter season. Thirty-five years after it began helping clients solve difficult problems associated with snow and ice removal around facilities — while at the same time keeping the environment in mind — XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., remains committed to building its ice melter portfolio and service offering. Those efforts are directed toward the continual success of its customer base, located coast to coast across the United States and Canada. “It’s always good for distributors and end-users alike to make checklists related to their upcoming ice melter needs,” XYNYTH President Kevin Wice said. “Confirming there is enough warehouse space available, for incoming ice melter products, should be part of that checklist. XYNYTH continues to offer early-buy programs, which help incentivize distributors as they start thinking about, and forecasting, their ice melter requirements. “It’s also important distributors make sure they properly choose which type of products to carry and President Kevin Wice promote. Strong backing from an ice melt manufacturer/supplier is vital as well.” Of course, not all ice melters are created equally. Deicers range from commodity rock salt to highly manufactured products. Therefore, distributor sales representatives should take the time to educate themselves on important product ingredients and characteristics. “In light of the pandemic, there has been a high level of staff turnover at many businesses, including distributorships and end-user facilities. Therefore, product training will be more important than ever, prior to the upcoming winter season, as it relates to ice melter sales, purchasing and usage,” Wice said. “It’s important distributor sales representatives are well trained and understand the features and benefits of each product they are promoting.” XYNYTH officials continue to add ice melter educational materials and support a training program available on the company’s website. It’s a focus that proved very beneficial during the height of the pandemic, as more people worked from home. “We have invested money, time and energy toward our online program, further helping people, such as distributor sales reps, get ready for the ice melt season,” Wice said. “The great advantage to online training is that it can be accessed at any time of the day, and on any day of the week. Meanwhile, an increase in face-to-face meetings and personalized training, involving XYNYTH representatives, is expected as more people and companies accept visitors.” XYNYTH’s ice melter product portfolio for the 2021/2022 winter season includes: n Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter™, the No. 1 selling item at XYNYTH. It’s specifically designed to melt ice and snow effectively, while posing no risk to users, pets, concrete or the environment, when used as directed. It also does not track into buildings. Fertilizer-based Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter™ works immediately after application, and is effective to -23°C (-9°F). It also boasts an unlimited shelf life, and is completely safe for those handling the product, according to Wice. Due to its potassium content, Mountain actually helps repair damage caused by long-term use of environmentally harmful deicers, such as rock salt. “At XYNYTH, our focus has always been on the environment, and there remains a very strong following for Mountain — years after its introduction,” Wice said. n Arctic ECO Green Icemelter™ has also been designed with the environment in mind, but at a lower price point. It’s layered with various ingredients that provide many benefits, such as an anti-corrosive feature. 34 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

“There are people in the marketplace today who want to use environmentally friendly products, but they don’t want to spend extra money,” Wice said. “To answer that challenge, XYNYTH introduced Arctic ECO Green Icemelter™ several years ago, using a special encapsulation process. We take sodium chloride and encapsulate it with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate), which helps eliminate the negative side effects of the sodium. “Then, we multi-encapsulate the granules with potassium acetate, so that every granule of sodium going into the ground is buffered by potassium, a major ingredient in fertilizer.” By using sodium chloride, XYNYTH officials are able to bring the product’s cost down. “It’s not as high-end a deicer as our Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter™, but it’s neutral to the environment, and will not ruin the surrounding soil structure,” Wice said. “One of the characteristics that has made this product popular is that Arctic ECO Green Icemelter™ is truly a manufactured item. Every granule is multi-coated. It’s also dyed green for better application.” n Winter Warrior Enviro LEADer Icemelter™, specifically designed for use around all types of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings and properties. The product melts ice and snow in temperatures as low as -21ºC (-6ºF). “There are certain specifications connected with LEED buildings. For example, all ice melter products used at those facilities must be free of chlorides,” Wice said. “Winter Warrior Enviro LEADer Icemelter™ has been formulated to be reasonably priced and still meet LEED certification. It features a combination of ingredients, including CMA, to pull down the product’s low temperature melting range.” CMA is made of dolomite lime and acetic acid, and is perfect where corrosion and/or environmental issues are a concern, Wice added. Winter Warrior Enviro LEADer Icemelter™ is colored green to help prevent overapplication, is safe on concrete, when used as directed, and is easy to apply. The XYNYTH plant. “The product is satisfying an important niche in the marketplace,” Wice said. “As a company, XYNYTH’s mantra over the past 30-plus years has been that of being an eco-friendly ice melt provider. This deicer adds to our legacy.” n Winter Warrior CMA Icemelter™ is the second XYNYTH deicer to be LEED compliant. The product is made from 100 percent CMA, and is biodegradable, noncorrosive and safe on concrete, when used as directed. It performs to -12°C (10°F), is chloride/nitrogen-free and easy to apply. n Winter Warrior Runway Control™ has provided the impetus for XYNYTH’s newly introduced products. The deicer was originally developed for airport runways and surrounding areas, and meets both LEED, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and Transport Canada approval. “Winter Warrior Runway Control™ and Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter™ are also approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for use in food processing facilities,” Wice said. “They help end-users guard against corrosion in those plants, such as with expensive refrigeration units.” He added that Winter Warrior Runway Control™ can also be used in parking garages, ship decks, transit platforms, metal fabrication facilities — anywhere there is exposed metal that needs corrosion protection. n Arctic CLEAR Window & Mirror De-icer™, a liquid hand spray deicer specifically designed to clear ice, frost and light snow from windshields, windows, mirrors, locks, headlights, doors and other surfaces. The product clears on contact, is streak/ residue free, effective to -42°C (-44°F), prevents ice from forming/refreezing, contains biodegradable ingredients, and is safe on car finishes. Arctic CLEAR Window & Mirror De-icer™ was designed for retail markets, but has also done well within commercial applications. Contact: XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., Unit 101, 5950 Imperial St., Burnaby, BC, V5J 4M2 Canada. Phone: 1-800-635-8423. Email: sales@xynyth.com. Website: www.xynyth.com.

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Morgro Uses Education, Proven Ice Melt Products To Keep Facility Grounds Safe

crucial aspect to properly using manufactured ice melter products in “Demand for Ice Fighter Plus is especially strong with property maintenance away-from-home settings is understanding their benefits, limitations, personnel, who want to protect decorative concrete,” Jensen said. characteristics and application instructions. That is why representatives Ice Fighter Plus will not harm vegetation, when used as directed, and the at Morgro, Inc., work year-round with distributors and end-users, making sure product will melt ice at temperatures as low as -22ºF; they are all on the same page when it n Cal-Melt, which features a combination of sodium chloride and liquidcomes to fast, safe and effective snow and coated calcium chloride. The product was specifically formulated for those marice removal. kets or bid requirements that specify a calcium chloride ice melter. “We have always emphasized the imporEach granule is coated with liquid calcium chloride and a non-staining pink tance of education when using ice melt colorant. Cal-Melt’s pink granules react quickly with moisture in the air to begin products, based on each item’s makeup and the melting process, and feature a maximum melting point of -25ºF. The product how it is manufactured,” Morgro Vice comes in 50-pound bags. President & COO Rick Jensen said. “As Unlike some purified forms of calcium chloride products, Jensen said CalMelt does not require the use of gloves or respirators, and is safe to apply with a company, we feel it’s extremely imporbare hands. It’s also safe to use around trees, shrubs and other vegetation, when tant to have candid conversations with used as directed. Another advantage of Cal-Melt is that it has a shelf life of sevpeople, focusing on the major points of eral years; and, difference between various types of n Deep Thaw, a magnesium chloride-based product primarily comprised of products used to melt ice and snow. If we sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, including Liqui-Fire. The product (at Morgro) didn’t offer products that came comes in 25- and 50-pound bags, as well as 50-pound boxes; will melt snow/ice with major points of difference, compared in temperatures as low as -27ºF and is colored green. to other sources, then Morgro would be like everybody else in the market. All of Morgro’s ice melter brands feature contemporary and upscale Rick Jensen, Morgro vice president & COO “There are a myriad of companies sellgraphics and packaging. ing such items as rock salt that come in dif“It’s important to remember that when it comes to ice melter, the cheapest ferent sizes, shapes and forms. That type of product, however, isn’t nearly as product isn’t always the best one to use or even the most economical,” Jensen effective as using pure solar salt that is washed, dried, screened and includes a said. “Particularly now with budgets being tight for many end-users, it’s imcoating process, such as provided by Morgro. portant they use an ice melt that delivers the ultimate in performance, while not “Our products have proven to be reliable throughout the years, and requiring a large amount to be applied. “That is what Morgro provides — high-end premium ice melter products feaenjoy a loyal following of customers. We also work really hard to make sure each type of end-user is using the right kind of ice melter for his/her turing 100 percent pure solar salt and coated with a high concentration of magnesium or calcium chloride and proprietary chemicals, such as Liqui-Fire. facility — and using it in the proper way.” “It’s also important to note that we, at Morgro, will always have product Morgro makes available various educational resources as part of the company’s customer service offering. That includes high-end literature, comparison on hand throughout the entire course of the season for our customers. That charts, videos and one-on-one instruction. Much of the company’s educational includes a large stock of inventory and access to dependable trucking and rail information can be found on its website. Product samples are also available. transportation. Keeping lead times at a minimum for customers remains very Morgro’s ice melter portfolio encompass: important at Morgro. We are a seasoned business when it comes to order entry n Sno-Plow, featuring a combination of sodium chloride and liquid magne- and processing as well as manufacturing and logistics.” sium chloride, which is applied in concentrated form during the manufacturing To help distributors start thinking about — and preparing for — the upcoming process. The inhibitor in Sno-Plow’s Liqui-Fire melting enhancer helps to re- 2021/2022 winter season, Morgro is offering early order ice melter discounts duce corrosion on exposed metals, and is less toxic than common baking soda, and other incentives. according to Jensen. The product has been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use around food processing operations. Contact: Morgro, Inc., 145 West Central Ave., “Liqui-Fire effectively lowers the working temperature range of Sno-Plow, Salt Lake City, UT 84107. allowing it to work at a faster rate. It’s also environmentally friendly to vegePhone: 800-221-1049 or 801-266-1132. tation,” Jensen said. E-mail: customerservice@morgro.com. Sno-Plow is safe to use on asphalt and concrete surfaces, leaving no oily Website: www.morgro.com. residue, and works in temperatures as low as -27°F. Sno-Plow’s green-colored granules reduce the possibility of over-application, and the product comes in a variety of packaging Morgro Ice Melt Facility in Salt Lake City, UT. options — 25- and 50-pound bags, 50- and 100-pound boxes, 50pound pails and 100-pound drums; n Ice Fighter Plus, a premium ice melter for end-users who want additional protection for concrete. The product helps protect against the negative influences of the freeze-thaw cycle. It features a two-component system, consisting of sodium chloride granules as well as Propolyice, which is used exclusively in Ice Fighter Plus. According to Jensen, “Propolyice provides a layer of polymer that settles between water and concrete. That helps eliminate water seeping through pores and cracks in the concrete. We coat each granule with Propolyice, a proprietary chemical compound, as well as one other component, to attain a uniform product.” Ice Fighter Plus comes in a variety of packaging sizes — a 50-pound bag, box and pail, as well as a 100-pound drum — and is colored blue.

36 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

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CP Industries: Ice Melters Meeting EPA Guidelines; Tested By Third-Party Reviewers

remium ice melters used in today’s jan/san marketplace are called upon to do many things: melt snow and ice, not harm pavement, be safe when used around vegetation and pets, and to be friendlier toward the environment. Officials at CP Industries work hard every year to ensure the company’s two leading ice melt products, Superior Sno-N-Ice® Melter and Premiere® Ice Melter, meet the above objectives as well as requirements for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Safer Choice program. Safer Choice helps consumers, businesses and purchasers find products that not only perform well, but are also safer for human health and the environment, according to the U.S. EPA. “The Safer Choice program is one of the few standards for ice melt that actually proves efficacy,” CP Industries Company Chemist Chase Naisbitt said. “Any company can make claims in terms of melting temperature, corrosion prevention and product longevity, but none of this can truly be substantiated without a third party. Being part of the Safer Choice program allows CP Industries to say that Superior and Premiere are meeting certain guidelines set by the EPA, and have been tested by third-party reviewers. “This is why we believe it’s important to be part Chase Naisbitt, of the Safer Choice program. The people behind Chemist Safer Choice are very strict as to what chemicals we can use pertaining to Superior and Premiere. We must also show the research behind our formulas. We recently did some ‘tweaking’ to our formulas, due to the strictness of the Safer Choice guidelines, and were happy to do so.” Naisbitt added that Superior and Premiere are safe when applied to concrete and around metal when used as directed. Superior is formulated with a maximum inhibitor package made of 11 different components. The product includes a blend of inhibitors, featuring three main attributes. First, these inhibitors prevent concrete corrosion and spalling by actually adding a layer of protection with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) that stays on top of the concrete. Secondly, they inhibit metal corrosion; and, thirdly, there is also an additive that makes the product safer to use around vegetation. Superior also features Meltium®, which allows the product to work at lower temperatures, down to -20ºF, “without using calcium chloride or magnesium chloride which are extremely corrosive,” Naisbitt said. Meanwhile, CP Industries’ Premiere, as well as Melt Off®, are the company’s second and third tier products, respectively. They remain very effective ice melters in their own right, but come with a lower percentage of inhibitors as well as lower price points. “We have added additional corrosion protection for Melt Off®, while still keeping that product’s competitive pricing in place,” Naisbitt said. “CP Industries’ formulas have always “We diligently work to been created with external surget product out the door roundings in mind. We have taken special care and years of research to as quickly as possible, our create formulas that are safe around typical lead time is within people, plants, pets, metal and contwo to three days, but crete; and are also effective in meltthere have been instances ing ice and snow for safety. “Superior is our strongest formula where we have shipped for preventing damage. Premiere is same day deliveries to our most popular formula and utimeet our client’s needs.” lizes much of the same technology as Superior, while Melt-Off® is our — Chase Naisbitt, Chemist most economical brand.” Liquid versions of Superior Sno-N-Ice® Melter and Premiere® Ice Melter are also available. They are ideal for entryways where customers want to prevent tracking and damage to floor finishes. Because liquid deicers are water thin and colorless, they reduce the need for cleanup inside the building. They also work well on exposed stairwells and parking structures where end-users need extra protection from corrosion, and where granular ice melters could pose a slipping hazard.


38 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

CP Industries’ liquid ice melters can be used in very sensitive areas and on a wide variety of surfaces. The liquids also work very effectively as a pretreatment, and don’t have to be applied as often as granular formulas, when used appropriately. According to Naisbitt, a growing emphasis on environmentally sound and safe ice melt products can be found among such end-use groups as hospitals, schools and government buildings. Caregivers for many of these facilities also look to protect expensive infrastructure, such as entryways and parking garages. “The importance of using ice melter that is friendlier toward the environment can be a harder sell to those everyday consumers not as familiar with the science behind high-end products, and how these items can better protect their property from corrosion and other problems,” Naisbitt said. “I have found that over time, through proper education, more people start to understand the importance of using quality ice melt products, and become more involved with environmental programs.” At CP Industries, officials make all testing information of ice melters available to distributors and end-users. This allows people to see firsthand the benefits of the company’s products. “There is also a wealth of other information that CP Industries provides for the benefit of our distributors and their sales reps,” Naisbitt said. “This includes articles, synopses and data that we feel are relevant when trying to explain the benefits of our formulas, and why using a high-end ice melter is important. “As an ice melter manufacturer, we will use all of our resources to help resolve issues. This includes questions about the use of specific ice melters on particular surfaces as well as around vegetation and pets.” Summer is a perfect time for distributors to start planning their upcoming ice melter programs. Education plays a key part in this planning. According to Naisbitt, distributors who are most successful with ice melter sales are the ones “CP Industries’ liquid ice who are able to properly educate melters can be used in end-users, teaching them about which type of product works best very sensitive areas and for specific areas and situations. on a wide variety of “Once again, we at CP Industries surfaces. The liquids also are happy to help,” he said. “It’s work very effectively as a also important to be aware of industry changes, such as the growing pretreatment, and don’t importance of the U.S. Green have to be applied as Building Council’s LEED (Leaderoften as granular formulas, ship in Energy and Environmental when used appropriately.” Design) certification. A lot of large corporations, as well as residents, are looking to meet the LEED standard. It’s therefore important to understand what this means to ice melt. “We (CP Industries) work hard to monitor all changes taking place in the jan/san and related industries. It’s important that we are able to answer any questions from distributors and end-users.” As in past years, CP Industries succeeded again last winter, because of its reliability and fast lead times. “We diligently work to get product out the door as quickly as possible, our typical lead time is within two to three days, but there have been instances where we have shipped same day deliveries to meet our client’s needs.” he said. “Due to CP Industries’ short lead time capabilities, our distributors can save money because they don’t have to carry as much ice melt inventory in their own warehouses. We are able to supply them in a timely manner.” CP Industries produces its broad range of blended ice melters from two production locations — one each in Salt Lake City, UT, and York, PA. “We are now producing inventory for next season, and have early bird discounts in place for this summer and fall,” Naisbitt said. “We recommend that distributors participate in this program, because once the snow starts falling, demand greatly increases. “Representatives of CP Industries are always willing to seek out the needs and concerns of our distributors and customers, working with them on an individual basis. CP Industries is a third-generation, family-owned and operated business. We look to continue this strong legacy and enjoy many more years of operation.” Contact: CP Industries, LLC., 560 North 500 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. Phone: 801-521-0313. Web site: www.cpindustries.net.

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Destroy Snow and Ice... Nothing Else Does Not Contain Harmful Calcium or Magnesium Chloride

Effective fective to -20˚F/-32˚C

Effective to -8˚F/-22˚C

Safer Choice Approved Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards epa.gov/saferchoice

Nonfood Compounds Program Listed Superior Sno-N-Ice C1 131490 Premiere Ice Melter C1 131489



For information, please call 1.800.453.4931 or visit www.cpindustries.com

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Salt Depot Representatives Ready To Solve Upcoming Snow/Ice Challenges

he off-season is a perfect time to look at new ice melter products available on the market, while also reviewing the performance of current products, to effectively remove ice and snow from customers’ facility grounds. Representatives at Salt Depot Inc., are ready to talk with distributors about their upcoming ice melter needs, while the weather is still warm. “There are several questions distributors should ask themselves when looking at their ice melter programs for the coming winter,” Salt Depot Director of Sales & Marketing Michelle Brasel said. Such questions include: n Did we have the products to sell last season that our customers wanted, when they wanted them? n Do we need a backup plan if our supplier cannot deliver? n Are there new products that we should consider? n Can we purchase a certain percentage of our ice melter needs EARLY and save a little money? n Can I get sales training for my team, from the manufacturer, if we need it? “Ice melt provides a safer walking surface for away-from-home facilities — whether Salt Depot Director of Sales it’s in front of a retail shop or the back steps & Marketing Michelle Brasel of a building. Offering a readily available, easy-to-use (and explain) selection of products is key to a distributor’s success,” Brasel said. “It’s important that our customers understand features and benefits, and which products are most suited to different situations. Salt Depot is committed to helping distributors get what they expect and need. That includes technical training — sort of a Salt 101 approach.” She added that end-users are often confused by the many marketing claims found on ice melt packaging. However, through proper education and grouping products into ‘Good, Better, and Best’ categories — based on performance and benefits — distributors can help end-users choose the product that meets their needs. Distributor salespeople can build credibility and trust by answering key questions. Salt Depot recently launched a revamped website that includes a “Frequently Asked Questions” section, reinforcing the company’s training capabilities by answering many typical questions associated with snow and ice removal. “Ice melters are unregulated,” Brasel said, “and some products make marketing claims that cannot be substantiated. We encourage customers to ask for lab tests to backup claims. That information is always available at Salt Depot.” Among the ice melter products provided by Salt Depot is the company’s Purple Heat, which Brasel said is a tried and true choice for commercial and wholesale applications. “Purple Heat works in temperatures to -15° F and contains magnesium chloride, which is more environmentally and concrete friendly than straight salt or calcium chloride. It’s the workhorse of the industry,” she said. “The product is offered in an assortment of packaging sizes.” Meanwhile, Salt Depot’s new pet friendly ice melter is Depot Dog. “It is pet and kid friendly as well as gentler on the environment and concrete,” Brasel said, “and works to -20° F. It is available in attractive jugs, bags and pails.” 40 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

Brasel added that Salt Depot does not use urea in any of the company’s products. “Urea is common in pet friendly ice melters. However, the product is banned in some states, as it’s basically nitrogen fertilizer and contributes to algae bloom in rivers and streams,” she said. “Though it doesn’t burn paws or fingers, we feel urea offers marginal performance — usually only working down to around +10° F.” Salt Depot offers an early order discount program for its various ice melt products, which can greatly benefit distributors. “If they take shipments before October 20, distributors can see a significant savings and extended terms, allowing them to sell most of the product before payment is due,” Brasel said. “Customer service is a guiding force in our business. When a storm is coming, having inventory available to sell is critical to a distributor’s success. Salt Depot keeps 300 to 700 truckloads of inventory in stock, allowing the company to ship within one to three days from receipt of order. We answer the phone 24/7, and offer extended loading hours to get all trucks loaded and en route to their destinations. “Salt Depot maintains a significant stock of plastic bags and other raw materials as well, making sure we don’t have delays in shipment. We work with a large number of trucking companies, but residual affects from COVID-19 on logistics make availability of trucks variable. We encourage customers to order early and ensure their supply.”

“Salt Depot is committed to helping distributors get what they expect and need.”

Brasel reported that last winter was somewhat spotty within Salt Depot’s main service area of approximately 1,000 miles surrounding Salt Lake City, UT. However, it was not a bad winter for the company, as representatives were busy supporting new clients in different geographies, including those located in areas that experienced harsher winter weather. “Ice melt competitiveness is deeply influenced by logistics, so the costs involved in moving freight make it difficult for us to reach areas east of the Mississippi River. Nevertheless, because we keep a large inventory and can respond quickly, Salt Depot has become a great backup source for customers in eastern locations when they run out of ice melt and are unable to get it from normal sources,” Brasel said. “At Salt Depot, we plan each year for an average winter, but are fully prepared to meet the demands of harsher weather due to our company’s extended reach.” Salt Depot also added water softener solar crystals and pellets, along with pool salt, last year to its lineup. All products can be combined for a truckload, which can give distributors an advantage of being able to manage their inventories closer. “Early season inventories are usually at high levels for most ice melt suppliers — it’s during the mid- and end-of-season time period when the rubber (or ice melt) hits the road. We have heard rumblings about salt shortages in the Midwest and East. Plastic bags and wooden pallets have also been escalating in price, and are limited in availability,” Brasel said. “We have anticipated this and have in possession over 1 million tons of salt that can be used to produce high quality ice melt. We have also purchased enough bags to satisfy nearly two years of shipments. Therefore, Salt Depot does not anticipate any shortage of ice melter for its customers.” Contact: Salt Depot, Inc., 5476 W. Wells Park Rd., West Jordan, UT 84081. Phone: 801-282-1250. Email: mbrasel@saltdepotinc.com. Website: www.saltdepotinc.com.

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From Essity:

New Survey Shows Employees Will Hold Companies To A New Hygiene Standard As They Return To The Office

Increased scrutiny of office hygiene is here to stay as employees expect COVID-19 era additions, like hand sanitizer stations, hands-free restroom fixtures and higher-capacity paper towel dispensers, to become permanent fixtures.

Essity, a leading global hygiene and health company and maker of the leading global professional hygiene brand, Tork®, recently announced the results of its “Return to Workplace” survey. This research was conducted to better understand the hygiene issues that are of greatest concern to employees, as they transition back to the office after more than a year of working remotely during the pandemic. In addition to providing insights into the changes in attitudes and behaviors, when it comes to personal and workplace hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness, the survey specifically offers businesses a look into what people expect at work, and how sustainable hygiene management can strengthen business performance by keeping employees safe. While “COVID-19 fatigue” has Americans eager to put the pandemic behind them, survey results show that actions to increase health and safety through better hygiene are here to stay. Essity’s survey revealed that: n 84 percent of Americans intend to continue the enhanced hygiene practices they adopted during the pandemic, such as more frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer, even as more Americans become vaccinated against COVID-19. n 65 percent of employed Americans who went into an office prior to COVID19 express concern about the cleanliness and hygiene of the space before going back to the office. n Employed Americans who worked in an office prior to COVID-19, have heightened expectations of their employers when it comes to hygiene protocols in the office, and would like to see employers and facility managers: • Provide resources such as hand sanitization stations (58 percent); • More frequent cleaning and sanitizing (58 percent); • Hands-free restroom fixtures (48 percent); and, • Higher capacity paper towel dispensers in common areas and in bathrooms (35 percent). “Employees who are returning to the office are expecting their employers to abide by a new hygiene standard, which includes providing more hand hygiene materials and more frequent cleaning of common areas,” said Rachel Olsavicky, Segment Manager – Commercial, Essity Professional Hygiene. “These survey results show the demand for a consistently safe and healthy office environment, and employers need to be prepared to meet employee expectations. “Tork is here to support business leaders with a wide array of products and resources, including hand sanitizing stations, no-touch dispensers and data-driven cleaning systems to increase overall office hygiene.” The “Return to Workplace” survey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of Essity, from May 5-7, 2021 among 700 men and women 18 years of age and older who worked in an office setting prior to the pandemic. Key findings include the following: n Office workers have a significant concern about office hygiene and cleanliness. • Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of employed Americans who went into an of42 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

fice prior to COVID-19 are/were concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of the office upon their return. n Office workers have high expectations on office hygiene. • 84 percent of employed Americans who went into an office prior to COVID19 are confident that their employer is/will enforce proper hygiene protocols in the office. n The attitude toward extra hygiene is here to stay. • More than half (58 percent) of employed Americans who went into an office prior to COVID-19 would like to see increased cleaning and sanitizing measures implemented at their office as a result of COVID-19. • 84 percent of Americans are likely to continue the enhanced hygiene protocols they adopted due to the pandemic, even as more Americans become vaccinated against COVID-19, such as more frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizer and washing hands for a longer period of time. • The overwhelming majority of American adults still believe increased cleaning and sanitizing are important in public places, such as doctors’ offices/healthcare facilities (90 percent), restaurants (89 percent), hotels (88 percent), theaters (88 percent), fitness centers (87 percent), retail stores (86 percent), and entertainment facilities (stadiums/museums) (86 percent). n It’s more than just having a place to wash your hands. The majority of employed Americans who went into an office prior to COVID-19 (89 percent) would like to see added cleaning/hygiene measures implemented at their office as a result of COVID-19. • Hand sanitizer stations (58 percent); • Increased cleaning and sanitizing (58 percent); • Hands-free restroom fixtures (48 percent); • Increased communication and signage on safety and cleanliness protocols (44 percent); and, • Higher capacity paper towel dispensers in common areas and in bathrooms (35 percent). n Old habits can be changed as those who have already returned to the office are noticing some new coworker behaviors. • Using hand sanitizer more often (57 percent); • Washing hands more often (53 percent); • Shaking hands less (51 percent); • Sanitizing hands after coughing or sneezing (41 percent); • Washing hands after coughing or sneezing (37 percent); • Washing or sanitizing hands after touching public surfaces (36 percent); • Washing hands for a longer duration (35 percent); • Wearing gloves to touch public surfaces (34 percent); • Drying hands with a towel/paper towel vs. air drying (31 percent); and, • Using objects to touch public surfaces (e.g., on elevators, to open doors, utilize keypads) (30 percent). For more information on how to address employees’ expectations for a new hygiene standard, visit: www.torkusa.com/your-business/solutions/overview/office/office-hygiene.

Survey methodology: This survey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of Essity from May 5-7, 2021, among 2,064 adults ages 18 and older (700 employed Americans who went into an office prior to COVID-19).

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ACS Industries, Inc.

(See Ad On Page 3) One New England Way Lincoln, RI 02865 USA Toll Free: 800-222-2880 Email: rbeaudette@acsind.com Website: www.acs-cp.com Company Officers: Steven Buckler, President; Rory Beaudette, Vice President Sales & COO; Peter Botvin, Executive Vice President Products: From the company’s beginnings in 1939 as a wire sponge manufacturer in Rhode Island, ACS has grown its product offerings. It is a global organization with corporate and R&D functions in the USA and manufacturing operations in Mexico and China. Vertical integration has taken the company to five facilities with almost 4,000 employees. Its Cleaning Products Division includes hand pads, stainless scrubbers, sponges, soap pads, grill screens and grill bricks. It produces a full range of mops, brooms and brushes. Its floor maintenance line includes non woven floor pads, steel wool floor pads, sand screens and many specialty floor pads. ACS has achieved UL validation regarding 100 percent recycled material in all of its non woven hand and floor pads, from postconsumer to post-industrial. In 2017, ACS acquired ETC and Treleoni, incorporating both into the cleaning products jan/san portion of the business. ACS floor pad sales have now doubled as a result of these acquisitions. 21

Creative Poly, Inc.

620 W. Lincoln Ave Rochelle, IL 61068 USA Phone: 815-562-9002 Email: creative@creativepoly.com Website: www.creativepoly.com Company Officers: Walter Dudziak, Yolanda Garcia Products: Crown top broom sleeves; Straight edge broom sleeves; Contour shaped broom sleeves (custom holes, knock outs for better fit); Brush bags (as small as 1.75 with half hole handle); Mop bags; and, Roll stock-plain or printed. 21

Dorden & Company, Inc. a/k/a Dorden Squeegee™©

7446 Central Ave., P. O. Box 10247 Detroit, MI 48210 USA

Phone: 313-834-7910, 313-407-7557 Email: mmfgcoinc@gmail.com Website: www.dordensqueegee.com Company Officer: Bruce M. Gale, President/Managing Director Products: Manufacturing “The World’s Finest Squeegees™©” and made in the USA. Dorden is a contract manufacturer of floor and heavy-duty commercial, industrial and specialty high quality “Not Just For Windows - Window Squeegees™©.” Dorden can seamlessly expand a customer’s product line and increase the bottom line through its “Dorden Private Label CustomerCentric Tailored Squeegee Program™©” to fit specific needs. 21

F.M. Brush Co., Inc.

70-02 72nd Place Glendale, NY 11385 USA Phone: 718-821-5939 Email: info@fmbrush.com Website: www.fmbrush.com Company Officers: Jeffrey A. Mink, President; Gregory F. Mink; Jacqueline M. Mink; and Michael A. Mink Products: Artist brushes for painting as well as specialty brushes for a wide range of industrial applications. Fill materials include an assortment of both natural hairs and synthetic fibers. Handles are offered in a multitude of lengths, shapes and finishes. All brushes are made by FM Brush, NY, and FM Brush, Thailand. Private label and custom brushes are available. Family owned and operated since 1929. 21

Golden Star Inc.

(See Ad On Page 46) 6445 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66202 USA Phone: 816-842-0233 Email: goldenstar@goldenstar.com Website: www.goldenstar.com Products: Golden Star is a full line, vertically integrated manufacturer of professional surface cleaning tools, systems and accessories since 1908. The company offers private branding capabilities and marketing tools to better grow customers’ brands. Products include wet and dust mops, microfiber pads and cloths, dusters, bonnets, corn brooms, push brooms and hardware. 20 July/August 2021 — Maintenance Sales News — 43

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:40 PM Page 44

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.

3737 Capitol Ave. City of Industry, CA 90601 USA Phone: 323-724-7777 Email: sales@gordonbrush.com Website: www.gordonbrush.com Company Officer: Kenneth L. Rakusin, President and CEO Products: Hand-held brushes, scratch brushes, platers’ brushes, medical brushes, instrument cleaning brushes, applicator brushes, detail brushes, parts cleaning brushes, military brushes, block brushes, upright brushes, paintbrushes, flow-thru brushes, high-pressure brushes, strip brushes, micro-spiral brushes, abrasive brushes, spiral brushes, twisted-in-wire brushes, vacuum brushes, condenser tube brushes, paddle brushes, bore brushes, radiator brushes, spoke brushes, refrigeration and plumbing brushes, tube-fitting brushes, bowl brushes, vat brushes, janitorial brushes, brooms, squeegees, polycorn uprights, truck wash brushes, lobby brooms, dusters, cylinder brushes, bonded disc brushes, bonded flap brushes, abrasive nylon brushes, spiral round coil brushes, rotary brushes, fine filament brushes, Thunderon® brushes, dome brushes, acid brushes, power brushes, specialty brushes, hygienic brushes, mops, buffs, dressing sheets and handpads. 21

Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc.

(See Ad On Page 47) P. O. Box 168 Union City, IN 47390 USA Phone: 800-228-6677 (MOPS) or, 937-968-4858 Email: service@hastemops.com Website: www.hastemops.com Products: Manufacturer of quality (Made in the USA) mopping products.

Specializing in janitorial and industrial hard floor care. Quality product line of wet mops, dust mops, microfiber products, hardware and no-lint monofilament finish mops. Includes custom factory and private labeling as well as construction modifications to suit customers’ needs. 21

Haviland Corporation

(See Ad On Page 12) P. O. Box 769 - 200 S Hwy. U Linn, MO 65051 USA Phone: 573-897-3672 Email: squeegees@havilandcorp.com Website: www.havilandcorp.com Products: New products include Aqualir Pro replacement sweeper scrubber blades, Brink Pad cutting board, Sahara extreme heat-resistant squeegee, and the Big Mo complete squeegee. Haviland manufactures an extensive line of premium and specialty floor squeegees including serrated roller, color-coded and grill squeegees; window squeegees; paving hand tools; scrapers; and waterbrooms. 21

Lambskin Specialties

250 Dufferin Ave., Winnipeg, MB R2W 5J1 CANADA Toll Free: 800-665-0202 Email: info@lambskin.com Website: www.lambskin.com Products: Manufacturer of DUST WAND wool dusters, wash mitts, Window Pro stripwashers, applicator pads, Floor Master polishing bonnets, and VacGuard Bumper Pillow. Also available, feather and synthetic dusters, glider microfiber mops, utility handles, natural synthetic chamois, squeegees, the



brush and broom manufacuturer

in the world (in our humble opinion)

visit our newly designed website

stnickbrush.com ®

44 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

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Biomop biodegradable floor/wall duster, pad holder and MultiFlex flexible multi-purpose tool. 18

M2 Professional Cleaning Products Ltd. (See Ad On Pages 30 & 45) 59 Talman Ct. Concord, ON L4K 4L5 CANADA Phone: 905-738-2007 Email: gabriel.marino@m2mfg.com Website: www.m2mfg.com Company Officer: Gabriel Marino, President Products: M2 Professional is a family-owned company with over 50 years experience manufacturing a wide range of products servicing the janitorial, industrial and food service industries. It’s committed to providing high-quality, commercial-grade products at competitive prices. The company stocks all products to ensure quick delivery and outstanding service for customers. 21

Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd.

(See Ad On Page 48) P. O. Box 932 - 1001 N. Cedar Clarksville, TX 75426 USA Phone: 903-427-2261 Email: sales@magnoliabrush.com Website: www.magnoliabrush.com Products: Full line of floor, street, garage brushes; deck, scrub brushes; floor and window squeegees; dust mops; wet mops; microfiber; galvanized pails; tubs; detail brushes; and other assorted maintenance items. 21

Michigan Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.

P. O. Box 10247, 7446 Central Ave. Detroit, MI 48210-0247 USA Phone: 313-834-1070 Toll Free: 800-642-7874 Website: www.mi-brush.com, www.michiganbrush.com Products: Specializing in all types of brooms, brushes, mops, squeegees, paint rollers and related products. Special order products are available for machinery and equipment, including oversize paint rollers, brushes and squeegees. Prototypes, long and short runs invited. 21


New Microfiber Flat Mops Velcro, Tab and Pocket ®

Available in 16” to 36” sizes

Malish Corporation, The

7333 Corporate Blvd. Mentor, OH 44060 USA Toll Free: 800-321-7044 Email: info@malish.com Website: www.malish.com Company Officers: Terry J. Malish, Chairman; Jeff Malish, President & CEO; Daniel Kirtz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing Products: A global leader in floor care products, The Malish Corporation offers a broad line of cylinder brushes, rotary/disc brushes and accessories for commercial floor machines. From pad drivers to color-coded grit brushes to carpet cleaning brushes, the industry has turned to Malish for quality and innovation since 1945. 21


59 Talman Court, Concord ON L4K 4L5 Tel: 905.738.2007 I Fax: 905.738.2006 Toll Free: 1.844.738.2007 – marino@m2mfg.com I www.m2mfg.com


July/August 2021 — Maintenance Sales News — 45

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:40 PM Page 46

Mill-Rose Company, The

7995 Tyler Blvd. Mentor, OH 44060 USA Toll Free: 800-321-3533 Email: info@millrose.com Website: www.millrose.com Company Officers: Greg Miller; Larry Miller Products: U.S. manufacturer of twisted-wire brushes and a global market leader for brushes of all uses. Mill-Rose brushes are used in virtually every industry around the world, including, but not limited to, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, energy, manufacturing, medical, technology, and telecommunications. Choose from thousands of “standard” and “not-so-standard” sizes and shapes of brushes that deburr, polish, finish, sort, auger, conduct, dissipate, collect, move and protect materials. Mill-Rose specializes in designing and manufacturing brushes used in new and unique applications. This may require modifying one of the thousands of standard and not-so-standard brushes it manufactures on a regular basis. If a brush requirement calls for a completely new design, Mill-Rose can design it and make it from configurations for unique applications. 21

Milwaukee Dustless Brush

3737 Capitol Ave. City of Industry, CA 90601 USA Phone: 323-724-7777 Email: sales@milwaukeedustless.com Website: www.milwaukeedustless.com Company Officer: Kenneth L. Rakusin, President/CEO Products: Floor brooms, handles, polycorn upright brooms, corn brooms, lobby brooms, dust pans, bench/counter dusters, squeegees (floor), truck wash brushes, sponge mops, bucketless mops, utility brushes, window, bowl and feather dusters, commercial kitchen brushes, valve brushes, dish brushes, detail brushes, scoops and shovels, wire brushes, scratch brushes, stencil, acid and parts wash brushes, paintbrushes, specialty brushes, power brushes, block brushes, nail brushes, bowl brushes, scrub brushes and tank brushes. 16

Nexstep Commercial Products

(See Ad On Page 9) 1450 W. Ottawa Rd. Paxton, IL 60957 USA Email: customerservice@ocedarcommercial.com Website: www.ocedarcommercial.com Company Officers: Todd Leventhal, President; Joel Hastings, General Manager Products: Nexstep Commercial Products is the exclusive licensee of O-Cedar products for the commercial cleaning market. O-Cedar is one of the most recognized and prominent manufacturers of cleaning tools in the USA, and Nexstep’s commercial grade tools deliver on the well-known slogan “Makes Your Life Easier.” Products are manufactured and distributed in jan/san, foodservice and industrial markets. Over 70 percent of products are made in the USA, including angle brooms and wet mops. The company’s full line includes microfiber products, mops with handles, mopsticks, mop bucket & wringers, cleaning equipment, waste containers, dust mops, plastic brooms, dust pans, floor sweeps, brushes, handles, bathroom accessories, squeegees & scrapers, dusters, gloves, corn brooms, and rotary brushes. Nexstep is dedicated to providing innovative, top quality products at very competitive prices and world-class customer service. 21

Nyco Products Company

5322 Dansher Rd. Countryside, IL 60525 USA Toll Free: 800-752-4754 Website: www.nycoproducts.com Company Officers: Bob Stahurski, CEO; John Wunderlich, President; Brendan Cavanaugh, Vice President of Sales Products: Manufactures specialty cleaning chemicals and brands to help customers build better brands. Brands include Marvalosa, OM1 Series, ZING Boat Cleaners, e.Logical, ez2mix and e.mix Dilution Control, and Nyco national brand for industry and institutional markets. 21

Maximize Your Shipping with Max-Pack™ Brick Packed Mops allow 43% more products per truck load.

Contact Golden Star for more information on how to maximize your shipping and for information on our full line of hard surface cleaning supplies.

Golden Star Inc. | 6445 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66202 www.goldenstar.com | 816.842.0233 | 800.821.2792

46 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

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Rol-Brush Mfg., Division of Michigan Brush Mfg. Co. Inc.

P. O. Box 10247 7446 Central Ave. Detroit, MI 48210-0247 USA Phone: 313-834-1070 Toll Free: 800-642-7874 Website: www.mi-brush.com Products: Company offers paint rollers, covers and trays. Private label is the company’s specialty. Rol-Brush is a prime manufacturer, an OEM source and is a member of the American Brush Manufacturers Association. 21

Royal Paint Roller Mfg. Corp.

248 Wyandanch Ave. West Babylon, NY 11704 USA Phone: 631-643-8012 Email: royalpaintroller@aol.com Products: Paint roller covers made of lambskin, microfiber, kodel, lambswool, synthetic blends, “Lint Free” woven fabrics. All sizes available. Jumbo 2-1/4” ID to Slim Jim covers, plus roller frames, trays, paintbrushes and a full line of painting accessories for the professional and do-it-yourself markets. Providing top quality paint rollers and painting accessories for the professional and do-it-yourself markets for over 50 years. It takes pride in the reputation it has established over the years of being more than simply a supplier, but rather a “business partner” to customers. Along with the many items offered in its catalog, the company has increased the number of items it manufactures according to customer specifications. Offers private labeling to many volume purchasers. 19

S.M. Arnold, Inc.

7901 Michigan Ave. St. Louis, MO 63111 USA Phone: 314-544-4103 Email: kellyf@smarnoldinc.com Website: www.smarnoldinc.com

Company Officers: Joseph Arnold, President; Sanford Arnold, Executive Vice President Products: Brite’n Up line of sponges and scrubbing pads, scrub brushes, wash brushes, push brooms, upright brooms, floor squeegees, counter dusters, dust pans, sheepskin chamois, water sprite drying cloth, sure-dri towel, microfiber towels, terry towels, water blades, wool buffing and polishing pads, foam buffing and polishing pads, velocity machines, wash mops, wash mitts, bottles, triggers and more. 21

Sörbo Products

(See Ad On Page 16) P. O. Box 1312 Palm Desert, CA 92261 USA Phone: 760-202-4003 Email: sorbo@sorboproducts.com Website: www.sorboproducts.com Products: Window cleaning equipment. Sörbo’s products and techniques are created to save the window cleaner time and money. For more than 35 years, Sörbo has engineered and produced high quality, highly efficient reliable squeegees, washers, handles, as well as exclusive products including: the longest squeegee ranging from 48” to 78” in length–Eliminator; the quickest twistlock system on an extension pole–California Dream Pole; bucket stands with tool holders all-in-one–Quadropod & Leifcart; a unique rubber blade trimmer–the Docket; vertical blind or louver window washer and squeegee–the Tricket; and the newest development, a scrubber that eliminates detailing frames–the S-ARM Swivel Washer. Products are made in the USA. 21

St. Nick Brush Co.

(See Ad On Page 44) P. O. Box 15 Burton, OH 44021 USA Toll Free: 800-798-1269 Website:www.stnickbrush.com; www.hardwood-lumber.com Products: For over 30 years, the St. Nick Brush Company (a division of the Hardwood Lumber Company) has been a start-to-finish business that produces a complete line of consumer and industrial brushes, brooms and brush blocks. Every

July/August 2021 — Maintenance Sales News — 47

0721MSN.P.qxp_MSN.template 8/2/21 3:40 PM Page 48

stage of the manufacturing process is overseen by experienced brush makers who are dedicated to creating the highest quality products. Products listed as brushes and brooms: street brooms, floor sweeps, scrub brushes and concrete finishing brushes, specializing in African grass street brooms. Products listed as hardwood brush and broom blocks: shoe handle, scratch brush, bagel block, floor sweep, street broom, deck scrub and all types of scrub brush blocks. 21

Company Officers: Nick Mallinger, President; Mark Kappes, COO Products: Stock and custom brush products. Global customer base includes OEM, distributors and industrial end-users in industries such as aerospace, automotive, agriculture, construction equipment, food service equipment, medical, printing, packaging, and more. Technology platforms include staple set, metal back strip, twisted-in-wire and composite brushes. 21

Shop C, On Ying Mansion, G/F., 1138 Canton Rd. KLN, Hong Kong CHINA Phone: +86-750-3777088; +86-18022927899 Email: marketing@taihingnylon.com, peter@taihingnylon.com Website: www.taihingnylon.com Company Officers: Wilson Lau, Executive Director; Peter Pang, Sales Manager Products: Synthetic fibers and filament, PA6, PA46, PA66, PA610, PA612. Abrasive filament, PBT, PET, PBT tapered filament, PET tapered filament, PP, PS, PE, PPS, PEEK, bio-based filament, BPF, BioFil, functional filament, antibacterial, anti-static, negative io, flame retardant, conductive, anti-UV, manetic induction, and customized. 21

(See Ad On Page 48) 1421 Boyle Rd, Building C Hamilton, OH 45013 USA Phone: 513-889-0500 Email: jimnwestern1@aol.com Website: www.textanwesternleatherco.com Company Officer: James Cox Products: Grooming brushes, brooms, specialty brushes including truck, RV, marine, beekeeping, etc. Has tooling to do many products. Also carries leather laces for hanging brushes. Cut to any length and assorted colors. 21

Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co., Ltd.

Tanis, Inc.

3660 Kettle Ct. East Delafield, WI 53018 USA Phone: 262-646-9000 Email: sales@tanisinc.com Website: www.tanisbrush.com

Tex Tan Western Leather Wright-Bernet Brush Division

Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc.

(See Ad On Page 48) 200 Mitchell Rd. Sedalia, MO 65301 USA Phone: 660-827-0352 Email: rjl@zephyrmfg.com Website: www.zephyrmfg.com Company Officer: R.J. Lindstrom, President Products: Zephyr offers a complete selection of wet mops and dry mops covering the full range of fibers, styles, and prices. Also offered are brooms, brushes and specialty products, handles, frames, dusters, mop sticks and many related items. 21



CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE AT www. zephyrmfg.com www. zephyrmfg.com


38101-2020-magazine-ad-2.25x2.50.indd 11 38101-2020-magazine-ad-2.25x2.50.indd

1/24/20 AMAM 1/24/209:05 9:05

s sheT.M . Quality Bru

Wright-Bernet Brush Co. Hamilton, Ohio / Made in U.S.A. 800-874-1167 James Cox - Sales / Owner

email - Jimnwestern1@aol.com • 513-889-0500 • 800-874-1167 (order line)

48 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

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From ACS

Reduce The Risk Of Slipping With Gator Shoes Gator Shoes are high quality rubber overshoes that are durable, waterproof and chemical resistant. These stripping boots reduce the risk of slipping while keeping footwear dry and away from harsh chemicals. Full coverage Velcro® pads provide superior attachment for the soles. These can act as spot stripping tools by kicking over hard-to-reach areas. Replacement soles are cut from Type 71-Brown Strip pad material, a very strong pad for wet or dry stripping. Sizes include medium, large, Xlarge and XX-large. For more information, visit www.acs-cp.com.

From Kutol

Health Guard® Announces Industry’s Broadest Line Of Green Seal® Certified Hand Sanitizers

“Health Guard® by Kutol has received Green Seal® certification for five of its hand sanitizer formulations. This positions the company as the manufacturer which currently has the most number of hand sanitizing products meeting the rigorous Green Seal Standard for Hand Cleaners and Hand Sanitizers (GS-41). To date, there are just 14 hand sanitizers which have Green Seal GS-41 certification,” according to a press release from Kutol. “At a time when there is concern about the safety of hand sanitizers, we are excited to let customers know these five products have passed Green Seal’s uncompromising performance standards for health, safety and performance,” said Brandon Jones, vice president of sales and marketing at Kutol. “Additionally, these GS-41 certified alcohol-based sanitizers, all manufactured in the U.S., meet the CDC’s alcohol-percentage guidelines, and are available in both foaming and gel formulations.” The Health Guard hand sanitizers earning Green Seal GS-41 certification are: • Health Guard 62 percent alcohol hand sanitizer gel; • Health Guard 70 percent alcohol hand sanitizer gel (1000 ml bag refill); • Health Guard Foaming 62 percent alcohol hand sanitizer; • Health Guard Foaming 70 percent alcohol hand sanitizer; and, • Health Guard Hand Sanitizer Gel 70 percent alcohol. Each of these formulations is available in a variety of packaging options, from personal sized 1.5 fluid ounce squeeze-bottles, to large 2000 mL refill cartridges. These five newly certified hand sanitizers bring the total number of Health Guard Green Seal certified products to 10. Five Health Guard foaming hand soaps were previously certified under the Green Seal GS-41 Standard. Learn more about the Health Guard’s Green Seal certified products at www.kutol.com.

Kutol Products Company, founded in 1912, is a manufacturer of quality commercial hand soaps, hand sanitizers and soap dispensing systems under the Health Guard® and Kutol® Pro brands. The company’s hand care products include foaming and liquid hand soaps, antibacterial soaps, hair and body washes, industrial hand cleaners, and foam and gel hand sanitizers. Many are NSF registered, Green Seal® certified, USDA BioPreferred® or EcoLogo approved products. The company manufactures its products in Sharonville, OH, in its LEED Silver Certified, FDA-registered facility.


ERP/Business Management Software Providers, Distribution One And Universal Business Systems (UBS) Announce Merger Distribution One and Universal Business Systems have merged their businesses under the Distribution One company name, unifying two well-established companies with reputations for reliability and innovation. This expanded team is positioned to support distributors and wholesalers through state-of-the-art business software and will help push the envelope of what Enterprise Software can and should deliver for distribution customers. For the full press release, visit www.ubsys.com/news_and_media.

RJ Schinner Announces Expansion With New Location In Vancouver, WA

RJ Schinner Co., Inc. (RJ Schinner), a premier re-distributor to the commercial wholesale trade, announces the opening of its 19th branch, located in Vancouver, WA, servicing customers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. With this new location opening and operational in July 2021, Ken Schinner, RJ Schinner president said, “We are excited to expand our reach and operational capacities into the northwest region of the country. We look forward to fortifying our commitment to provide distributors a unique product mix, operational efficiencies, marketing strategies, and excellent customer service, allowing them to expand their business.” For 70 years, RJ Schinner has been selling non-food disposables to the commercial marketplace through distribution. For more information about RJ Schinner, visit www.rjschinner.com.

July/August 2021 — Maintenance Sales News — 49

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At Lindhaus,

Hygiene Is In Our DNA Floor care is the necessary first step in creating a healthy indoor environment whether you’re cleaning carpet or hard floors.

• LW pro L-ion Scrubber/Drier

• LW46

Battery/Electric Scrubber

Vacuuming, floor scrubbing and floor care in general substantially eliminates dirt and debris which carries germs, and other contaminants from floors and carpet. This does not kill those germs, but removes them, lowering the risk of contact. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a frenzy of marketing from every floor care company emphasizing the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Yet, Lindhaus has been the hygiene leader for almost 50 years with more accredited sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners than anyone jumping on this band wagon! All flooring can transmit disease when virus laden particles are churned up into the air by simply walking across the room. These virus particles then settle on high contact surfaces such as keyboards, door handles, desktops, switches, handrails, etc. This is the very definition of cross-contamination and the reason that vacuuming with sealed HEPA Lindhaus vacuum cleaners is the essential first step in the battle against COVID -19. Disinfecting the virus that causes COVID-19 requires the use an approved products on relatively clean surfaces with the proper dwell time. The EPA recommends that surfaces be cleaned first before disinfecting. In fact, chemical disinfectants only work if surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned first to remove dirt and debris. Meeting all the proper dwell time on a dirty surface will only result in a contaminated surface. Therefore, we understand that proper Lindhaus vacuuming will never kill a virus itself. It is the important first step in preventing the spread of this disease.

50 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

• LB-4 L-ion

Backpack Vacuum.

Lindhaus manufactures dual and single motor uprights with independent verification of the highest standards of filtration on the market. They also manufacture a full line of HEPA certified backpack vacuums with integrated power nozzles in corded and cordless versions. This includes the first to market Dual Motor Lithium-Ion battery backpack vacuum with battery power nozzle. In facilities with hard floors, the fastest, most effective, and safest way to clean after vacuuming is with a scrubber dryer. Pre-vacuuming removes dirt, soil, and loose debris from the floor so chemical disinfectants used in any of the Lindhaus Scrubber-Dryers will be more effective. This 2-step process can now be achieved faster and easier than ever by teaming up any of the battery operated Lindhaus scrubber dryers with a HEPA certified battery backpack vacuums. There are no shortcuts in proper cleaning for hygiene. With the full line of powerful, lithiumIon battery products, all equipped with sealed filtration systems. Lindhaus provides you the tools to make a real difference in the least amount of time.

Contact your Lindhaus representative for a free consultation at 1-800-498-7526.

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As A Manufacturer, Not an OEM, We Have

INVENTORY AVAILABLE NOW LW Professional Line Ultra Compact Scrubber Drier Over twice the working capacity of competitors 50% longer run time per tank 50% increased productivity over competitors Over 10 times more productivity than a mop and bucket Fill ‘n’ Go Cordless Technology

LB4 L-ion Backpack vacuum cleaner World Lightest Battery Backpack Vacuum 10.8 lbs. with Battery

LS 38 L-ion / LS38 Electric Mini Multifunction Vacuum/Sweeper

Ideal For All Hard Floors Incredible Efficiency On Carpets Adjustable Intake 50-Minute Run Time

Tool-Free Maintenance Lindhaus Lithium-ion Batteries Dry Shampoo/Encapsulation Conversion Kit Available

Vacuum over 8,000 sq. ft. of floors on a single charge Easily converts to Pull-Behind Canister

Lindhaus Professional Line Heavy Duty Multifunction Upright Vacuums

800-498-7526 E-Mail: info@lindhaus.com Web Site: www.lindhaus.com Serving The Industry For 30 Years

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ISSA SHOW NORTH AMERICA Returns To Las Vegas In November 2021

ISSA Show North America 2021 is returning to Las Vegas, November 15-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, welcoming exhibitors and attendees. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, last year’s show was a virtual event. TRADE SHOW

The ISSA Show’s trade show floor is where attendees will find the latest in cleaning technology, shop exhibitor products and services. The Trade Show floor will be open Tuesday, November 16 through Thursday, November 18. Trade Show hours are:

Tuesday, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Wednesday, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Thursday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.


Presentations, educational workshops, seminars and more at ISSA Show North America are all designed to help solve challenges in the global cleaning industry. ISSA Show Sneak Peek video previews of the following sessions can be viewed at issashow.com/en/education/speakers. Sessions include: Transitioning Your Distribution Center/Warehouse to a Growth-Profit Center – a “Cost Center” No More Monday, November 15, 9-10 a.m. Presenter Howard Coleman is the principal at MCA Associated, and helps distribution and warehouse organizations to face down challenges and develop solutions to ongoing issues with anything involving the supply chain industry.

Customer Service TOUCHPOINTS: What You Need to Know About Delivering Consistent and Enviable Customer Service Monday, November 15, 10:30-11:30 a.m. Presenter Anne Obarski is the founder and CEO of Merchandise Concepts, and is an expert when it comes to how to the improve customer service departments in any company.

The Secret to Finding and Keeping Self-Managing A-Players Monday, November 15, 1:30-2:30 p.m. Debbie Sardon will share what she calls her “controversial beliefs” around minimum wage, along with three key strategies to hiring and retaining a quality staff.

Cleaning Leadership in 2021 and Beyond: Attracting, Engaging & Retaining 5 Generations Monday, November 15, 1:30-2:30 p.m. What if you were in charge of blending five generations in the workplace? That’s the specialty of Scott Lesnick, a global keynote speaker and author of “Successful Business Solutions,” who will present this informative session.

52 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

Thriving Through Change — Creating an Inspiring, Motivating and Productive Culture Tuesday, November 16, 1-2 p.m. Presenter Molly Whalen is the owner of Mountain Maids of Montana who discusses how to improve as an owner, operator, or manager of a residential cleaning company. How to Pivot from Defensive to Offensive & Scale Up Your Distribution Business Wednesday, November 17, 8-9 a.m. Presenter Corwin Smith is the founder of Transcend Growth, and helps companies to grow, improve productivity, and increase profitability. Creating Financial Certainty in Uncertain Times Wednesday, November 17, 2:30-3:30 p.m. Presenter Meaghan Likes is a CPA who is empowering business owners how to do their own bookkeeping correctly in less than one hour per month. Power Your Brand Thursday, November 18, Noon-12:45 p.m. Debbie Sardone will offer solutions to brand-building challenges.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13 9 a.m.-5 p.m.: IEHA Master Environmental Services Executive Certification Course - Part 1 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14 9 a.m.-5 p.m.: IEHA Master Environmental Services Executive Certification Course - Part 2 6-8 p.m.: IEHA Welcome Reception

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15 8-11:30 a.m.: Certified Workloading Specialist (C.W.S.) - Part 1 9:-10 a.m.: Emerging Technology and Trends Within Healthcare Focused on EVS 9-10 a.m.: Finding and Retaining GREAT Residential Cleaner Employees in a Hard Market - Part 1 9-10 a.m.: Introducing The Healthy Green Schools & Colleges Standard 9-10 a.m.: Moving Forward — What It Takes To Be the Number One Sanitary Supplier 9-10 a.m.: The Measure of Cleanliness — Is Your Clean, Clean Enough? 9-10 a.m.: The Turnover Solution: How to Stop the Churn in Commercial Cleaning 9-10 a.m.: Transitioning Your Distribution Center/Warehouse to a Growth-Profit Center - A “Cost Center” No More 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Air Quality — A Journey with New Technologies 10:30-11:30 a.m.: All Hands-on Deck: Dimensions of Wellness 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Cash Flow Management as a Competitive Weapon 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Customer Service TOUCHPOINTS: What You Need to Know About Delivering Consistent and Enviable Customer Service

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10:30-11:30 a.m.: Finding and Retaining GREAT Residential Cleaner Employees in a Hard Market - Part 2 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Indoor Air Quality in the Post-Pandemic School Setting 10:30-11:30 a.m.: Will Robots Take Your Job? The Future Impact of Automation and Technology on BSCs. 1-4 p.m.: Certified Workloading Specialist (C.W.S.) - Part 2 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Age of Acceleration 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Beyond COVID-19: Cleaning for Infectious Disease Prevention 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Cleaning Leadership in 2021 and Beyond: Attracting, Engaging & Retaining 5 Generations, Interactive Session 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Diverse and Inclusive Management in EVS Departments 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Infection Prevention in a School Setting: Safer Disinfection, Best Practices and Training Tools 1:30-2:30 p.m.: The Secret To Finding and Keeping Self-Managing A-Players 1:30-2:30 p.m.: The Ultimate Hiring Flywheel: How to Attract and Keep Rockstar Employees 3-4 p.m.: COVID-19 Response: All Hands on Deck 3-4 p.m.: COVID-19 School Success Stories: Lessons to Take With Us into the Future 3-4 p.m.: Get Used to Different: Reinvent Your Commercial Cleaning Business 3-4 p.m.: Keys to Driving Your DEI Strategies 3-4 p.m.: Risk Assessments: Friend or Foe? 3-4 p.m.: Strengthening Your Digital Presence 3-4 p.m.: The Top Ten Things You Need to Know to Have a Strong, Engaged Residential Workforce 4- 5:30 p.m.: Happy Hour: Vegas with a View 6-8 p.m.: ISSA Welcome Reception

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 8 a.m.-5 p.m.: CMI Train the Trainer – Hone Your Training Skills and Empower Your Team - Part 1 8:30-9 a.m.: ISSA Show Orientation 10 a.m.-5 p.m.: TRADE SHOW HOURS 10-10:30 a.m.: ARCSI Tuesday Morning Coffee & Networking 10:30-11 a.m.: Exit Strategies for RCs: How to Get the Most for Your Company 10:30-11 a.m.: Residual Antimicrobial Products: Opportunities, Evaluation, Decision Making 11:30 a.m.-Noon: Innovative Solution for Visibly Demonstrating Disinfection Quality and Compliance Noon-1p.m.: IEHA Boxed Lunch Event 12:30-1 p.m.: Get Answers You Need to Add Commercial Cleaning to Your Business 1-2 p.m.: Post-Pandemic: The Truth About What Really Works in Hospitality 1-2 p.m.: Safe/Clean/Disinfected Procedures in Health Care 1-2 p.m.: Thriving Through Change: Creating an Inspiring, Motivating and Productive Culture 1-3 p.m.: Conquer Live Workshop: Conquer Your Cleaning Business 2:30-3 p.m.: What is Going on in Washington? A Legislative and Regulatory Update 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Developing a Hands-on Training Program in 4 Easy Steps 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Dissecting the Confusion About Disinfection in Health Care Facilities 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Powered by Inclusion: Leveling Up in Hospitality 5:30-7:30 p.m.: Canada Night 6-7:30 p.m.: ISSA Hygieia Network Awards Reception 7-10 p.m.: Evening Roundtables

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17 8-9 a.m.: Green Operations & Certifications: Leading the Post-COVID-19 Response 8-9 a.m.: How to Pivot from Defensive to Offensive & Scale Up Your Distribution Business - Part 1 8-9 a.m.: Managing Loveable Underperformers and Landmine Employees 8-9 a.m.: Opening of One World Trade Center: Managing the Facility 8 a.m.-3p.m.: CMI Train the Trainer – Hone Your Training Skills and Empower Your Team - Part 2 8 a.m.-4p.m.: Bidding & Estimating Seminar 9:15-10 a.m.: Industry Power Panel 10 a.m.-5 p.m.: TRADE SHOW HOURS 10-10:30 a.m.: ARCSI Wednesday Morning Coffee & Networking 11 a.m.-4 p.m.: Certified Environmental Services Specialist (Train the Trainer) Part 1 11 a.m.-4 p.m.: Certified Laundry/Linen Professional (CLLP)

11:30 a.m.-Noon: Smart Business Moves after the Pandemic for Residential Cleaners Noon-1:30 p.m.: IEHA Membership Meeting & Awards Luncheon 12:30-1 p.m.: New Normal is Expecting Extreme Cleanliness 1-2 p.m.: Game Plan to Win: Coaching Strategies for Service Based Businesses 1-2 p.m.: Never Be Short-Staffed Again 1-2 p.m.: Turning Sales Into Profit for RCs — The Real Money is Made After the Sale 1-2 p.m.: Understanding the CDC Guidelines for Housekeeping In Nursing Homes 2:30-3 p.m.: Industry Leaders Roundtable 2:30-3:30 p.m.: 5 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Creating Financial Certainty in Uncertain Times 2:30-3:30 p.m.: Generation (wh)Y: Finding What Matters to the Modern Workforce 2:30-3:30 p.m.: How to Get the Best Results from Your Pest Control Staff 4:15-5 p.m.: G2S Sustainability Awards Ceremony 4:30-5 p.m.: Handling Employee Claims Before They Get Complicated

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18 8:45-9:45 a.m.: ISSA General Business Meeting 9-10 a.m.: 10 Big Tech Trends Affecting Businesses This Year and Beyond 9-10 a.m.: How to Pivot from Defensive to Offensive & Scale Up Your Distribution Business - Part 2 9-10:30 a.m.: Understanding and Conquering the Myth of Hygiene Theater in Facilities 9-10:30 a.m.: What Residential Cleaners Need to Know to Plan for the Future 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: TRADE SHOW HOURS 10:30-11 a.m.: ARCSI Thursday Morning Coffee & Networking Noon-12:45 p.m.: Power Your Brand 1-2 p.m.: Innovation Awards Announcement & Show Floor Happy Hour FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19 10 a.m.-8 p.m.: Certified Environmental Services Executive Boot Camp

HAPPY HOUR: VEGAS WITH A VIEW Monday, November 15, 4-5:30 p.m.: Drinks and networking on the brand-new terrace of the Las Vegas Convention Center with a unique panoramic view of the skyline.

ISSA WELCOME RECEPTION Monday, November 15, 6-8 p.m.: Meet or get re-acquainted with colleagues from around the world while enjoying complimentary light snacks and beverages during this friendly mixer.

EVENING ROUNDTABLES Tuesday, November 16, 7-10 p.m.: Formatted in a question and answer session to get attendees thinking about their business operations. Each table will have a pre-selected moderator who will lead and guide the discussion. The event is comprised of three 45-minute sessions, with a 15-minute break between each session. INDUSTRY POWER PANEL Wednesday, November 17, 9:15- 10 a.m.: Discussion about the future of the industry, featuring a Power Panel of C-Suite Executives. For the first time, ISSA is inviting some of the biggest names that represent the markets attendees want to learn about.

ISSA GENERAL BUSINESS MEETING Thursday, November 18, 8:45-9:45 a.m.: Members are welcome to attend this annual meeting to network with fellow ISSA members and meet the incoming board of directors. Members will be privy to a state-of-the-association report and a report on ISSA Charities, the philanthropic and charitable arm of ISSA. INNOVATION PROGRAM AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT & FLOOR SHOW HAPPY HOUR Thursday, November 18, 1-2 p.m.: The awards announcement is the culmination of the 2021 ISSA Innovation Awards Program — the 12th anniversary year — in which industry professionals vote for the most innovative products, equipment, and solutions for the year.

Visit Maintenance Sales News at ISSA Show Booth #W-4836

July/August 2021 — Maintenance Sales News — 53

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Spartan Chemical Promotes DiGeorgio And Snell To Regional Manager


:( +$9( 7+( 62/87,21

,7·6 <28

$1' 285 352'8&76 Many different Eco-Friendly products in water-soluble pouches. Find out at:

www.meterpak.com meterpak@bellnet.ca (905) 624-0366

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., a formulator and manufacturer of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market, has promoted John DiGeorgio and Brett Snell to the role of regional manager. DiGeorgio joins Spartan as the regional manager for the Atlanta region. He most recently served as an account manager for Essity, a global hygiene and health company, where he covered the Jacksonville and Atlanta region. Prior to that, he was an outside sales representative at Veritiv (previously Unisource) where he gained over 19 years of experience in the janitorial and sanitary industry. He attended the University of North Florida, in Jacksonville, FL, where he received a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business administration. Snell, who also has responsibility for the Atlanta region, most recently worked as the director of sales and owner of SC Gas Tax Credit App., LLC, in Charleston, SC, where he managed all sales efforts and operations, as well as developed company strategy and cultivated relationships with customers. Prior to that he operated his own

John DiGeorgio

Brett Snell

CPA firm, Brett Snell CPA, also in Charleston. He attended Radford University, in Radford, VA, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA), accounting. For more information, visit www.spartanchemical.com.

Nexstep Hires New Customer Service Rep

Nexstep Commercial Products announces that Russell Casto has joined its corporate office in Springfield, OH, as a customer service representative. His background is in retail sales. Prior to coming to Nexstep, he worked at Best Buy for 17 years in various positions including customer service, sales, merchandising, warehouse lead, and most recently inventory control manager. He grew up in the Springfield area, is married and has two children, ages 2 and 10. His hobbies include movies, music and sports. He coaches his son’s baseball team, and every Monday night, he and a friend (or guest co-host) stream a podcast 40 words for $40 per insertion called “The Couch Brotato Podcast” where they anRussell Casto Additional words - $1 per word (min charge) alyze and discuss a featured movie of the week. He can be reached at: (937) 322-5163, Ext. 103; fax: (937)322-6826; or email Bold face headings - $5.00 • Blind Ad - $25.00 russell@ocedarcommercial.com. Display Classifieds $70 per column inch (2 inch minimum) Nexstep is the exclusive licensee of O-Cedar Commercial Products. For more information, visit Nexstep at www.ocedarcommercial.com. Classified Ad deadline date is 1st of preceding month.


Additional charge for blind classified advertising. PAYMENT SHOULD ACCOMPANY ORDER.

Maintenance Sales News

201 E. Main St. • P.O. Box 130 • Arcola, IL 61910 Ph. (217) 268-4959


Name _____________________________________________________________ Company __________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________ City __________________________ State ____________ Zip_________ No. of Insertions:________ Amount Enclosed: $________

Phone ___________________ Email _________________________________

Heading or Classification ______________________________________________

Authorized Signature _________________________________________________

Copy ______________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

54 — Maintenance Sales News — July/August 2021

MAINTENANCE SALES NEWS ADVERTISERS’ INDEX ACS Industries................................................3


APC Filtration, Inc.......................................14

Magnolia Brush ............................................48

Aluf Plastics ...................................................11 Americo..........................................................13 Berk International........................................18

Briotech..........................................................27 Bro-Tex...........................................................31 Bullen Companies, The ................................10

CP Industries.................................................39 Distribution One + Universal Business Systems.........................21 Frank Miller & Sons, Inc.......................22, 32

Golden Star ...................................................46 Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. ........................47

Haviland Corporation..................................12 Intercon Chem./Clearly Better .............28, 56

J&M Technologies ..........................................2 Kruger Products .....................................15, 55

Lindhaus ........................................................51 M2 Professional Cleaning Products .....30, 45

Morgro, Inc. ..................................................37 Nexstep Commercial Products......................9

RJ Schinner...................................................17 Salt Depot ......................................................41 Sellars.............................................................23 Sörbo Products..............................................16 St. Nick Brush ...............................................44

Tork ..................................................................7 U.S. Battery .....................................................5 von Drehle......................................................19 Wright-Bernet Brush Co. ............................48

Xynyth............................................................35 Zephyr Manufacturing ................................48

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MORE ROLL FOOTAGE, MORE DISPENSING OPTIONS Micro-Max+® offers the comfort of an at-home, frontfacing, 2-ply conventional roll with the convenience of less frequent roll changes. At 850 sheets for a total of 279 feet per roll, the new, smaller core bathroom tissue provides more than double the tissue per roll*. Combine Micro-Max+® with the newest additions to the NOIR dispensing line, NOIR Micro-Max+® and NOIR Micro-Max+® Vertical small core bathroom tissue dispensers – two new options to work with any space requirements.

© 2021, ® and TM Registered Trademark of Kruger Products L.P. ® Forest Stewardship Council and FSC Logo – Forest Stewardship Council, A.C.


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Germs Hate Us.


Blue Planet Disinfectant is a broad-spectrum hospital grade bacterial, virucidal and fungicidal disinfectant and food surface contact sanitizer made from natural ingredients. Blue Planet Disinfectant is made with Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid and breaks down into simple saline after use, leaving no chemical residue. TM





People, Pet, Kid & Planet Friendly

Hospital Grade

Disinfectant with Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid • Kills 99.9% of Germs • Leaves No Residue • Shelf Stable for 18 Months • No Bleach, Quats or Alcohol • EPA List-N

in 1 minute

Another Clearly Better Product by Intercon Chemical 314.771.6600 • interconchemical.com

Blue Planet Disinfectant is endorsed by Child Safety Network and has been awarded the Safe Family Seal of Approval. Blue Planet Disinfectant has also been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association.

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