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Dual Certified and Proud. Our products meet the Green Seal™ standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use, GS-37, based on reduced human and environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic compound content.

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July/August 2012


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July/August 2012

Vol. 29, No. 4

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On The Cover: Action Chemical of Memphis, TN, is a full-service janitorial/sanitation distributorship serving the Memphis Metro area. Pictured are CEO Sherry Crowe and President Charles Barnes. See story on page 6.

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July/August 2012

Action Chemical Achieves Significant Growth In Its 18 Years Photos By Andrea Zucker

“April takes care of bids and account service. She is the one customers go to when they want something done now,” Crowe said. “Lori and April are the glue that keeps this company together.” After being in business about eight years, another relationship opportunity presented ithen Sherry Crowe, CEO of Action Chemical, located in Memphis, TN, founded the company in 1994, she was essentially a one-woman show. At self that proved to be a major boon to the company. “There was a company going out of business, and the owner of that business was lookfirst, Crowe sold, ordered, shipped and invoiced products; took care of acing to place all her employees in one place,” Crowe said. “So, we hired her and her emcounts receivables; kept track of tax reports; all while meeting her customers’ needs. After three and a half years on her own, Crowe hired an employee that would greatly ployees and immediately doubled our business.” Still another, and more recent, critical working relationship that Crowe has developed help the company on its way to being a leading full-service janitorial/sanitation distribuis with her new business partner and Action Chemical President Charles Barnes, who torship in the Memphis metro area. “I rented a one-room office and hired Lori Denton to do everything but sell,” Crowe has brought fresh ideas, years of experience and a sense of stability to the table. remembered during a recent interview with Maintenance Sales News Magazine. “I was “Since Charles has become a partner, Action Chemical has continued to grow and the free to go out and sell and she took care of everything else. business is now more stable,” Crowe said. “We no longer worry about what we are going “Our relationship evolved and she is still with the company. She is office manager, the to do if we lose an account, as Charles has implemented some very good business practices secretary of our corporation, manager of accounts receivable, manager of payroll — she’s that we didn’t previously have. These business practices include implementing and adhering to a planned budget; controlling and reducing inventory and ex“Sherry and I have formed a synergy that is unbelievable, which has penses; and forming a team environment so each employee, including us, knows better how to support each other and the business. facilitated the company’s wonderful growth. She worked hard for “With his expertise in management, sales and in creating relamany years before I became her first partner. This is just a great time tionships, we feel very confident that the company will continue on the right track.” that we are having and I really pray that we will continue to have Indeed, in the year or so Barnes has been on board, Action Chemgreat success and joy in what we are doing.” — Charles Barnes, president ical has enjoyed record sales. “Our business has been very good this year,” Barnes said. “I have manager of just about everything in the business right now. She has just grown with this been an owner of the company for a little over a year. I was the owner during half of last company and we are so proud of her.” year and we had a record-setting year in revenue and we will have another record-setting Another important employee contributing to the growth of Action Chemical who came year this year. to the company 10 1/2 years ago is April Mason, whose expertise is in customer service. “We look to have continued growth through 2013 and beyond. 2014 could be a breakBy Rick Mullen Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor


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July/August 2012

out year for us based on some opportunities we see coming.� While Crowe and Barnes have been business partners for a short time, their relationship goes back to when Barnes worked for another Memphis area distributorship before joining Action Chemical. “Sherry and I were fierce, but always respectful competitors,� Barnes said. “I didn’t like to see her coming and she didn’t like to see me coming. Since we have become partners, the company has been able to keep its previous customer base intact and I brought some customers. “Sherry and I have formed a synergy that is unbelievable, which has facilitated the company’s wonderful growth. She worked hard for many years before I became her first partner. This is just a great time that we are having and I really pray that we will continue to have great success and joy in what we are doing.� As a one-stop-shop jan/san house for janitorial, maintenance, grounds and fleet supplies, Action Chemical offers products for industrial and government municipalities, churches, schools, hospitals and more. The company also specializes in hard-to-find and specialty products. Action Chemical’s product categories include: can liners, chemicals, janitorial, facility maintenance, safety, floor and carpet care, foodservice, mops, brooms, brushes, odor control, packaging supplies, paper, dispensers, skin care, personal hygiene, waste receptacles and more. “Our primary business is jan/san, but we have two other divisions that are growing significantly: disposable clothing, including lab coats, boots, sleeves, aprons, bonnets, etc., and safety,� Crowe said. “Safety has become an issue all over the country. Industry is concerned about protecting employees who might come in contact with harmful materials.�

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The company also offers its own private label products under the brand “Action Chemical.â€? “Our private label offerings are quality products,â€? Barnes said. “Customers who use our private label products are usually satisfied in two ways — they are satisfied because the products work and they are almost always less expensive than comparable brand name products.â€? Crowe added: “We do not manufacture, but we own some of the formulations for our private label products.â€? Action Chemical also offers a variety of environmentally friendly products and the knowledge and training expertise in their use. “We believe in green. I have found if you are selling to a customer who believes in green also, he or she knows more about it than you do. Therefore, you just jump on the bandwagon and present the type of products that the customer wants,â€? Barnes said. “It is amazing how much education large corporations receive on the importance of using green products. We present the products to them, and it is pretty much an easy sale if they choose to go in that direction. “When dealing with a company that is not sure about green, one of the first things that I do is take all of the icons of the different green categories, such as Green Seal™, and make a brochure explaining what they are, what they represent and their contribution to the green movement. This really sets us apart from the competition. “We educate companies that don’t understand the green movement with everything we know. What happens also, is when we teach people, we learn more. This year, our Action Chemical customers have become stronger in green commitments.â€? Crowe added: “Initially, when green first came out, people said, ‘That stuff doesn’t work and it costs too much money. We are doing fine and we are not interested.’ Now, people are asking, ‘Do you carry green products? What do you think about them?’ “In reality, most of the time green doesn’t cost any more than regular products. Our customers are becoming more aware of the environment, health and safety.â€? As businesses are more aware and educated about jan/san related issues, such as the environment and health and safety concerns, customers are also becoming more sophisticated in their buying habits when it comes to product knowledge. “Industrial, health care, municipal accounts, etc., people are becoming more educated and more exacting on what they want,â€? Crowe said. “In other words, they no longer just say, ‘Send me some disinfectant.’ They no longer say, ‘Send me something to wax my floors with.’ Rather, they are saying, ‘Send me a 20 percent solid, April Mason (left) and Lori Denton self leveling, interlocking floor finish.’ As customers are privy to more information, they are becoming more aware of what works best for them. Sometimes the customer teaches us something. We try very hard to keep up with the current trends and admire our customers who do.â€? In keeping customers supplied and up-to-date on current product trends, Action Chemical relies on its suppliers to help. “We look for consistency, honesty, loyalty, quality products and good prices for our vendors,â€? Crowe said. “We hold ourselves to the highest standards as far as being honorable and honesty are concerned, and we expect the same from our vendors.â€? Barnes added: “We expect our vendors to be a partner with us. If they are not acting as a good partner, it shows pretty quickly.â€?

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A Certified Women Business Enterprise


fter being in business for a few years, Crowe had a larger account that was seeking minority representation. “This customer encouraged me to get certified by the Mid-South Minority Business Council (MMBC) as a female-owned business,� Crowe said. According to www.mmbc-memphis.org, “The MMBC Continuum is a transitional ac-


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July/August 2012

celerator that strategically partners with major CEOs and corporations, mayors and municipalities, the U. S. Department of Commerce, other levels of government and regional economic development agencies to support the growth and scalability of minority and women businesses with the outcome of economically improving inner city communities.” Crowe initially balked at pursuing certification, but once she started the process, she was glad she made the effort. “After I began the application process and read about the goals of the Minority Business Council, I became excited,” Crowe said. “I completed the application and was designated a woman-owned business. I was also designated a locally owned small business

by the county (Shelby County, of which Memphis is the county seat), a small business by the city and, ultimately, received certification on the national level as a Certified Women Business Enterprise. “These levels of certification help Action Chemical get its foot in doors, especially with companies that value minority participation. It is generally a good thing to be a minority when you are trying to do business with city, county and state governmental entities, as well as large businesses.” In addition, the company is certified by the federal Small Business Administration as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). “We service the federal government. We ship products all over the country. We supply all of the jan/san and maintenance products for several of the largest corporations in Memphis,” Barnes said. “We also supply a major children’s hospital (the world-famous St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital). “We also supply local governmental agencies, including a large day care and Memphis city schools. We have a broad customer base, which has helped us grow. When one segment is down, we have other segments to help make up for the loss.” A ‘Go-To’ Company


hile Action Chemical has a long and proven track record of building lasting relationships with customers, Barnes has stirred up a renewed emphasis on the importance of this strategy to remain successful. “We realize as hard as we work to obtain a customer, we have to work equally as hard to keep that customer,” Crowe said. “The way we keep customers, as (Barnes) has said many times, is by building relationships. “Not only do our customers have personal relationships with sales reps, but also with customer service people here in the office. When a person phones Action Chemical, he or she will speak with a live person who can answer questions. “Our office personnel can provide pricing and can provide answers concerning what products do and how they work. Our in-house customer service people can take orders, amend orders, suggest products, and even make an emergency delivery, if needed.” Crowe and Barnes emphasize to sales and customer service staff members that establishing relationships can open doors beyond the normal course of doing business. “The sales rep builds a relationship with a customer, so when the customer says, ‘I really need some office furniture. Where can I get some?’ — the sales person answers, ‘Right here,’” Crowe said. “We try to be the ‘go-to’ company for our accounts. If a customer asks one of our sales reps, ‘Do you carry whatever?’ — the answer is always ‘yes.’ We can always find what the customer needs.” Barnes added: “These kinds of relationships tend to keep customers coming back to us. Even if they know we don’t carry a certain product, they will come to us and say, ‘Can you help us find it?’” Establishing strong distributor/customer relationships have become even more critical, in some cases, during the recent down economy. Many times, distributors are being called upon by customers to help them manage with reduced budgets.

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July/August 2012 “We have been asked by customers to help them cut their budgets by as much as 20 percent, because they are going through tough times,” Crowe said. “We will sit down with a customer and analyze the highs and lows of the previous year. For example, we will study when certain products are in most demand.” Action Chemical reps Action Chemical’s sales team are, left to right, Leigh Ann Cathcart, will consult with cusVicki Welch and Garland Holmon. tomers to reduce their costs by other means than just by lowering price. Perhaps fewer products can be used to get the job done. Cutting the budget might mean seeking more efficient products and procedures. “We work within the parameters our customers give us,” Crowe said. “We want them to stay in business, so they can continue to buy from us; therefore, we work Warehouse Manager Richard Mason (left) and Delivery Manager hard to do what our cusTyrone Griggs tomers ask.” Barnes added: “The first thing we do is try not to take money out of our pocket. It requires a certain gross profit margin to give quality service. We look at what the customer is trying to accomplish, and then we offer training on how to do it better. Time is money. Maybe the customer is buying a wax or a stripper that is working his or her employees three or four hours longer than they should. Each time they do that, it costs them money. “I believe any company like ours that isn’t a consultant is going out of business or losing business. It is not about selling a piece of equipment or a particular brand nowadays. Everybody has all the products. We must offer other value-added services to attract and keep customers.” Barnes preaches that a major aspect of becoming a good partner and building relationships is the ability to listen to customers. Several years ago, Barnes received a wake-up call in this area from a friend. “I learned a valuable lesson while working for a national company for 20 years in another field,” Barnes said. “It came in the 1980s when I received feedback from one of my best customers, who was also one of my best friends. He said, ‘Charles doesn’t listen. He wants to do what he wants to do.’” Barnes was surprised and a little taken aback, but he would say later, “It was the best training I ever had.” It was a lesson he took to heart and teaches to sales and customer service people to this day.

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“We listen to our customers. We listen to their problems. We want them to give us a scenario of their problems or issues so we can develop a plan that will help them,” Barnes said. “We are problem solvers. I have 20 years of experience in the corporate world. I have brought that type of training and mentality to our business. “I train, train and train. I believe in training sales people how to solve problems. In every account there are issues that come up. I believe our sales people who are well trained in how to identify issues with their customers are able to effectively solve problems. We do everything that we can to make it easy for our customers.” In acting as consultants and problem solvers, Action Chemical’s sales force is also trained to be well educated in the products they sell. “A person goes to a major retail outlet and looks at a refrigerator. The sales person likely doesn’t know anything about the refrigerator, except the cost,” Crowe said. “A person visits a company that specializes in appliances and that sales person knows how many cubic feet are in the refrigerator, how much electricity it costs to run it for a year and can tell the customer all the benefits of purchasing that particular product. “Ultimately, the customer will go back to the person who knows all the information about a product. Therefore, our sales reps are trained to be able to demo the products they are trying to sell and show customers the advantages. Our sales people determine if one product can take the place of two, or maybe three items.

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July/August 2012

“I train, train and train. I believe in training sales people how to solve problems. In every account there are issues that come up. I believe our sales people who are well trained in how to identify issues with their customers are able to effectively solve problems. We do everything that we can to make it easy for our customers.” — Charles Barnes, president “Our company’s goal is to keep customers current on new products and new regulations. Not only do we show them the product, we also show the effectiveness of it, and educate customers on the pros and cons of the product as compared with what they are using. “We also keep customers updated on MSDS (material safety data sheets) information, because they are required by law to keep material safety data sheets at their ‘right-toknow’ stations to protect their employees.” In training the company’s sales force, Barnes brings his many years of selling in the cor-

porate world into play. “I train our sales staff using professional selling tools I have been using for years,” Barnes said. “Sales people use these techniques to probe and find out what customers need. The concepts I teach help our staff to understand their customers’ problems.” Barnes and Crowe both embrace the use of modern technological tools to keep customers and Action Chemical’s sales staff informed. “You can give CDs, DVDs and audio recordings to customers and sales people to use,” Barnes said. “In conducting training for a day care facility, for example, I might show a DVD and let the professional on the DVD talk about a particular product or issue. Following the DVD presentation, I would then discuss its contents with the day care people.” Barnes also utilizes the Internet when gathering information for training demonstrations. “I often design demonstrations with information I have received online from manufacturers,” Barnes said. Action Chemical also utilizes its vendor and manufacturer reps to help conduct demonstrations. “If a customer is desiring a specific type of training for chemicals, for example, we will invite a chemical manufacturer rep, who is an expert on that particular product, to go on a call with us to train. We believe in hands-on training for our customers. Crowe added: “Training is an ongoing process. In the janitorial business there is such a big turnover in employees, especially in the contract cleaning segment. Our customers appreciate the training they receive from Action Chemical.” Crowe cautioned, however, that technology must not eliminate the “personal touch” in doing business. “There is nothing like that up close and personal human contact — nose-to nose, we like to say,” she said. “Using technology, in addition to personal contact, really seems to work best for us.” A Team Effort


ention Action Chemical’s employees and Crowe and Barnes’ faces light up. Both executives are committed to the concept of teamwork, while, at the same time, cultivating a company culture that makes Action Chemical an enjoyable place to work. “Charles is the team leader and he has done a fabulous job in making our employees a team as opposed to each doing their own job,” Crowe said. “Teamwork is vital and is becoming more important each day.” Barnes added: “Sherry and I don’t try to take all the responsibility. It is hard to visualize this company growing without two things — good people and happy people. It is fun to work around here.”

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July/August 2012

“There is nothing like that up close and personal human contact — nose-to nose, we like to say.� Using technology, in addition to personal contact, really seems to work best for us.� — Sherry Crowe, CEO Both Crowe and Barnes are quick to point out the company is fortunate to have an experienced workforce that is able to multi-task. “We have 10 employees, including several who have been here 10 years or more,� Barnes said. “Our warehouse manager, Richard Mason, has been here 10 1/2 years. Also, April Mason has been here 10 1/2 years and Lori Denton has been here 14 1/2 years.� Despite being located in one of the country’s largest metro areas, Action Chemical has had a tough time over the years finding sales people with jan/san industry experience. “Because there are not a lot of companies like us in our geographical area — maybe 10 or 15 distributors in Memphis, which is not many when you take into consideration the

population of the area — there aren’t a lot of people to pull from who know the industry,� Barnes said. “What we try to do is employ smart people and then train them. Once we train them, we try not to let them go. “Two of these people are Leigh Ann Cathcart and Garland Holmon, and they are great. They have come in, learned the industry and they are having fun. We try to make sure everybody has fun on his or her job. “We also recently hired Vicki Welch. She came to us with experience in the safety field. Safety products are important to us and the industries we serve. She’s been able to, not only bring us a few customers, but also educate our people on safety. We look at people like her to help us understand the business, and she has done a good job.� Another important member of Action Chemical’s team, and one who fills a role that is often the “face� of a distributorship to customers, is delivery driver Tyrone Griggs. “People love him,� Barnes said. “There are just so many areas that we must service the right way and deliveries is one of those critical areas. “As an example of how important a delivery driver is to a distributorship, my brother worked for a distribution company many years ago. When he retired, some customers stopped doing business with the distributor because they said, ‘We don’t like anybody else but this guy.’ There are so many ways to keep customers coming back.�

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Action Chemical’s delivery policy in the Memphis metro area is generally three days, but the company consults with customers and is flexible when it comes to delivery schedules. “If we have a customer and two-day delivery is important to them, or even next-day delivery, we consult with that customer to meet his or her delivery needs. Our sales and management teams make it happen,� Barnes said. “Rule of thumb — we promise three days, and quite often, we deliver in two days, which is a pleasant surprise for the customer.� Action Chemical also delivers products working with what Barnes calls “strategic partners,� that have distribution centers throughout the country. “Our strategic partners come in handy when we are making government deliveries. In other words, if an Air Force base in Texas orders something, we can have a strategic partner deliver that product out of a distribution center in Texas, rather that ship it directly from Memphis, saving shipping costs. “We do this quite often because of our GSA contract and to serve companies that want to do business with a woman-owned or minority-owned business.� In general, Barnes said, about 80 percent of the company’s revenue is delivered in the Memphis metro area by company trucks operating out of Action Chemical’s 15,000 square-foot warehouse. “Memphis is right on the edge of Arkansas and Mississippi. The Mississippi River divides Tennessee from Arkansas,� Barnes said. “Therefore, we have customers in Arkansas and Mississippi, as well as in Continued on Page 31

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July/August 2012

By Rick Mullen, Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor

Executives from three janitorial/sanitation distributorships recently shared with Maintenance Sales News Magazine some of the ways their respective companies have kept ahead in the lumbering U.S. economy. Outstanding customer service, strong relationships with customers, smart business practices and just plain, old-fashioned hard work are underlying themes of each company’s success story.


elebrating 35 years as a leading janitorial/sanitation distributor, DAWNCHEM, Inc., of Cleveland, OH, continues its tradition of emphasizing training and personalized customer service. “We strive to provide a level of service that people don’t receive in today’s marketplace,” DAWNCHEM President Edward Rossi said. “We become part of the customer’s staff, whether we are conducting on-site inventories or making just-in-time deliveries.” DAWNCHEM offers a full range of jan/san products, including many of the major brands. The company also sells the latest in green cleaning products. DAWNCHEM President “We carry all the Edward Rossi major lines, which is a big plus, because we are not just carrying off-brand products,” Rossi said. “When a DAWNCHEM sales person goes into a new account and talks about the company, he is going with a whole arsenal of the major brands found in the marketplace. “We are a true jan/san house. We carry three major lines of paper. We are also getting more involved in selling and servicing equipment. This has been a big market over the past couple of years that has been very profitable. “People can buy equipment anywhere, but it takes a special company with a highly skilled service tech(s) to operate an efficient and effective service department

economy, but now we are back on track,” Rossi said. “We didn’t lose any ground, which is really good. We have always increased our business every year, so that has been a plus. The lights are on and we are still rolling here and we have a lot of things on the table. “People are still a little hesitant. There is still much uncertainty concerning health care, business, employees, the economy, etc. — nobody knows where it is going. “We have a lot of good folks. Turnover is low, and, like the U.S. Marine Corps, we are always looking for a few good men (and women),” Rossi said. “We seek that specific individual who is willing to roll his or her sleeves up and do what it takes to make the customer happy. “It is a good thing when you have a sales person make a sales call and he or she is not just trying to sell something. For example, our sales staff is genuinely concerned about the customers’ employees using products correctly for safety reasons. Having dedicated, knowledgeable and caring sales people is really a big plus, as far as we are concerned.”

— which is a big sales pitch as well.” DAWNCHEM employs five full-time service techs to work on equipment, in addition to having two trucks on the road full-time to service equipment. “Another market that we are getting into strongly is warewash and laundry to augment our current business. We do a super job with the customer’s housekeeping department and we do great with environmental services. We thought, ‘Why not “Customers are having to do more with less. Part of call on the cafeteria? our focus is going to these accounts and saying, ‘Let Let’s see what is happening in the laundry.’ us show how we can save you some money. We feel this is a growing Let us do our job to make your job a little bit market. “Since we already have easier.’ I think people really appreciate this effort.” a service department, we — DAWNCHEM President Edward Rossi are just expanding our efforts to conduct the installs, accomplish the maintenance, and build monthly call DAWNCHEM offers consulting services to help cuscycles for all the equipment we service.” tomers prepare facilities for Joint Commission (JACHO) The company’s customer base includes schools, hospi- inspections. tals and nursing homes in northeast Ohio. In the past sevAlong with personalized customer service, DAWNCHEM eral years, DAWNCHEM’s service area has expanded has historically put a premium on training — the company’s west to Toledo, OH, east to Erie, PA, and south to Colum- “biggest claim to fame,” according to Rossi. bus, OH. The company currently operates four 24-foot box A cornerstone of DAWNCHEM’s top-notch reputation trucks in its delivery service. in the area of training is its D.C. Custodial College, loDAWNCHEM’s product lineup includes cleaning, jan- cated in the company’s main facility. Students who comitorial and restroom supplies; chemicals; washroom fix- plete the two-day course receive a “Certificate of tures; mats; waste receptacles; floor equipment; Accomplishment,” and earn CEU (continuing education commercial vacuums; mopping equipment; towels; tis- unit) credits through Lakeland Community College. sues; wiping materials; and janitorial hardware. The D.C. Custodial College provides businesses with a Rossi reported that business at DAWNCHEM has im- quick, cost-effective way to achieve and maintain a wellproved significantly since the recession years. trained housekeeping department. Subjects covered in“Like many others, our growth slowed down with the Continued on Page 35

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July/August 2012

North American Salt Company


hoosing the right ice melt product can save thousands of dollars over the course of a season while ensuring optimal ice control performance. “Parking lots, walkways and doorway entrances each have unique needs and concerns, so using just one ice melt product in all locations typically doesn’t yield best results,” North American Salt Company Sales Director – Jan/San Todd Spencer said. “Varying circumstances demand different products to get the job done.” North American Salt Company representatives work closely with customers to help determine which products are best suited for each end-user. “We take an active role in educating distributors about the various ingredients and blends available,” Spencer said. “For example, magnesium chloride melts to -25°F and has the fastest melting speed above 0°F. It’s safer to handle, safer for vegetation and concrete, and won’t damage floors when used as directed. It’s best for areas near public entryways and vegetation, and for concrete maintenance.

n Safe Step® Pro Series® 500, which offers two formulations: 550 Select Blend® and 570 Select Blend Blue, blended to combine performance with value. Each melts to 0°F and leaves no oily residue. The 500 Series also has an extended life cycle for worry-free storage; and, n Safe Step® Pro Series® 370 Econo Blend Blue, an economical blend that melts to -7°F and contains a rust inhibitor. Spencer said the winter of 2011-2012 was unusually mild across much of the United States. “Fortunately, North American Salt Company officials have decades of experience in managing the effects of winter weather variability, so we are very effective at modifying our production activities in response to forecasted demand. We help our customers do the same,” he said. “Winter weather is unpredictable. Even though we just had an unusually mild winter, the next winter could be more severe. Therefore, we advise our jan/san customers to plan for an average winter, and to be ready to ramp up inventory in case winter conditions become harsh.”

meetings at any distributorship or end-user facility, at any time; and we work in conjunction with our distributors to better inform and educate their end-user customers.” North American Salt Company’s Safe Step® Pro Series® packaging and supporting materials also provide clear and precise information about what each product does, what it is, how it works, and recommended application rates. “Superior customer service requires proactive support throughout the entire process of buying ice melter. This involves highly trained personnel and significant investment in key information systems,” Spencer said. “At North American Salt Company, we have built a reputation for leadership and delivering on our promises, and we enhance that reputation by striving to always be the best supplier in our channel.” When asked about product trends, Spencer said “fast melting power” is a hot button for end-users. “Our Safe Step® Pro Series® deicers are designed to be fast-acting at low temperatures. Secondly, the green movement is still at the forefront of the jan/san industry. Most jan/san professionals do what they can to incorporate the use of environmentally safe products. There is a clear demand for ice melt products that are friendlier toward the environment,” Spencer said. “However, because the ice melt industry is unregulated, there’s nothing to prevent a manufacturer from adding small traces of additives to basic rock salt and claiming greater environmental benefits. “To determine whether an ice melt product is truly green, jan/san professionals can look for objective third-party validation, such as the EPA’s DfE label. They can also look for proof that manufacturers are substantiating their claims with scientific data. Manufacturers which have gone through the effort to secure scientific data that quantify their claims — or have passed the rigors of a third-party validation — will be eager to share that information on packaging and promotional materials.” According to Spencer, North American Salt Company officials test and validate the company’s ice melt performance claims using Strategic Highway Research Protocol procedures, and also quantify environmental claims of its products. North American Salt Company, headquartered in Overland Park, KS, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Compass Minerals, a worldwide leader in the minerals business. “We are one of North America’s largest salt producers and operate the world's largest salt mine in Goderich, Ontario,” Spencer said. In addition to professional and consumer deicing items, the company’s products include mined rock salt for highway deicing and high-grade branded and private label mineral products for consumer and industrial uses. Other mines/production facilities are located in Louisiana, Michigan, Utah, Kansas, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Other subsidiaries owned by Compass Minerals include Sifto Canada Corp. and Salt Union Ltd. “North American Salt Company has been a deicing leader for over 25 years. As a result, it’s become a leading authority on snow and ice management and a trusted brand in the jan/san industry,” Spencer said. Contact: North American Salt Company, a Compass Minerals Company, 9900 W. 109th St., STE 100, Overland Park, KS 66210. Phone: 877-462-7258; Fax 877-423-7258. Website: www.nasalt.com.

“There is more to an ice melter than the temperature at which it will melt ice. Manufactured blended products include ingredients that enable end-users to meet specific needs. Distributors can be most successful when they understand their customers’ needs and are able to recommend the right products.” — Todd Spencer “Calcium chloride also melts to -25°F, but unlike magnesium chloride, it’s unsafe to handle without hand and eye protection, and it can harm concrete and vegetation if not properly applied. It’s best for treating remote areas in extreme cold. “Sodium chloride (rock salt) melts to 5°F. It’s economical and safe to handle and store around children and pets, but it must be managed properly if used around vegetation. It’s best for treating large areas and for use in more moderate temperatures.” Spencer added that ice melter blends, meanwhile, are typically rock salt blended with magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and other additives such as melting enhancers, color and corrosion inhibitors. Blends provide additional benefits such as faster melting power, extended freeze/thaw cycles, and coloring to assist with even application. North American Salt Company offers the Safe Step® Pro Series® Ice Melter product line, available only to the jan/san distributor and wholesaler. This series of products has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the jan/san professional — offering the right combination of price and performance — from value blends to environmentally friendly mixes to products that are fast-acting at extremely low temperatures. The full line of Safe Step®-branded deicers includes: n Safe Step® Pro Series® 960 Choice Formula, which has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) certification. Its formula is gentle to the environment, yet melts ice to -10°F and contains MG 104® to help prevent refreezing up to 2.5 times longer than conventional ice melters; n Safe Step® Pro Series® 750 Magnesium Chloride, which melts to -25°F and is safer for concrete, vegetation and animals when used as directed; n Safe Step® Pro Series® 650 Calcium Chloride, a heatgenerating ice melter that melts to -25°F;

North American Salt Company will continue to offer earlybuy programs, discounts and terms, which run from mid-summer through ISSA/INTERCLEAN® (October 16-19 in Chicago, IL), to help its customers better prepare for winter. The company also uses weather services that analyze past data and help predict future winter levels. Officials at North American Salt Company share this information with their jan/san customers. Spencer explained that summer and fall are good times of the year for distributors to pre-sell ice melt. This is because many institutional buyers — such as school systems, universities and municipalities — are in the middle of their bid periods. “Secondly, there is more to an ice melter than the temperature at which it will melt ice. Manufactured blended products include ingredients that enable end-users to meet specific needs,” Spencer said. “Distributors can be most successful when they understand their customers’ needs and are able to recommend the right products. “For example, if surrounding vegetation or other environmental impact issues are a concern, an ice melt product designed to be gentler on the environment is the best choice, such as our Safe Step® Pro Series® 960 Choice Formula (with EPA DfE certification), or our Safe Step® Pro Series® 750 Magnesium Chloride product. For an entryway with marble flooring, the end-user will require a product that does not leave an oily residue and does not become slippery if tracked inside. Our Pro Series® 550 and 570 Select Blends fit that need.” To further help distributors and end-users choose the right deicing products, North American Salt Company sales representatives provide a wide range of educational materials, starting with product literature. “In addition, our sales reps and internal staff are product experts. They can recommend the right deicers for specific applications,” Spencer said. “We are also open to holding sales


Safe Step Pro Series 960 is now DfE Certified ®


The Safe Step Pro Series line was specifically created to address the diverse ice melting challenges and price point requirements of Jan/San professionals. From parking lot to building entryway, it’s the selection you need to get any job done right, and the safe, environmentally-friendly performance to help your green credentials grow. Only from Safe Step – your proven Ice Melting Authority. For more information call 877-462-7258 or visit www.nasalt.com. ©2012 North American Salt Company

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July/August 2012

CP Industries


elping distributors and end-users better understand the chemistry behind different types of ice melter is an important service that the team at CP Industries provides. Research, development, customer service and education remain at the forefront. “Ice melter might be applied to roads, driveways and sidewalks, but ultimately these chemicals can end up in garages, entryways, carpets, etc., as they are often tracked inside a facility,” CP Industries Company Chemist Chase Naisbitt said. “We at CP Industries un-

for people, pets and vegetation. “DfE certification reiterates the importance that officials of CP Industries place on manufacturing quality products. We are proud to be a part of this certification, and will continue to develop new products that are not only cost effective but have the added benefit of minimizing harm to the environment,” Naisbitt said. He added that the DfE program sets a very high “green” standard. It also makes sure every product undergoing the recognition process comes with proven

“DfE certification reiterates the importance that officials of CP Industries place on manufacturing quality products. We are proud to be a part of this certification, and will continue to develop new products that are not only cost effective but have the added benefit of minimizing harm to the environment.” — Chase Naisbitt derstand not only the chemistry of our products, but the effects our products may have on surrounding areas that the ice melter comes into contact with as well. “We would like to address problems before they even become an issue — problems such as concrete degradation, metal corrosion, destructive effects to plant life and the environment. End-users and distributors should not have to worry about these problems because we take the burden upon ourselves to worry for them.” Along with having company experts at the ready to address any concerns that may come up, officials at CP Industries also provide educational materials, videos and pamphlets for the benefit of distributors and endusers alike. There are detailed instructions on all CP Industries’ ice melter packaging as well to help end-users know how best to use each particular product. All of this is done so end-users receive the best value for their dollars. After a strong beginning in the pharmaceutical business over 60 years ago, CP Industries today develops leading chemical cleaning and treating formulations. The company has used this chemical formulating background to produce successful and advanced ice melter products. These ice melters are original formulations that have been developed in the company’s lab. It has always been scientists who have formulated these products with extensive testing and research. Naisbitt said the company’s business philosophy is based on science and R & D. CP Industries has also been successful in producing products with the environment in mind. For example, the company has received certification from the U.S. EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program for two of its most trusted products — Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® and Premiere Ice Melter®. The DfE program works with manufacturers to develop safer products with “greener” ingredients that also meet high performance standards. It allows purchasers and consumers to quickly identify and choose effective products that help protect the environment and are safer

claims. This must be done before the DfE logo can be used on a product label. CP Industries offers a broad range of sodium chloridebased blended ice melters. The company uses a pure solar salt, which results in deicers that melt faster and leave no oily residue. Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® is formulated with a maximum inhibitor package that is made of 11 different components. The product includes a patented blend of inhibitors featuring three main attributes. First, these inhibitors prevent concrete corrosion and spalling by actually adding a layer of protection with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) that stays on top of the concrete. Secondly, they inhibit metal corrosion; and, thirdly, there is also an additive that makes the product safer to use around vegetation. Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® also features Meltium®, which allows the product to work at lower temperatures, down to -20ºF.

sensitive areas, including airport runways and aluminum helicopter pads. Company officials have seen increased sales with these ice melters in recent years. They work very effectively as a pretreatment, and don’t have to be applied as often if applied appropriately. Naisbitt described last winter’s weather as being very sporadic. “What really stood out in my mind was that CP Industries was diversified enough that the company was still able to invest money in equipment upgrades even during a down winter. The company continues to streamline its production processes and meet demands,” Naisbitt said. Since summer is past its crest and fall is not far away, he added this is the time for distributors to get ready for the upcoming ice melter preseason selling period. “Distributors should be able to properly educate endusers about the ice melter products they are selling. Having a plan in place to deal with sporadic weather is essential as well,” Naisbitt said. “It doesn’t matter how many claims your products have if you can’t get these products from your suppliers. CP Industries has been able to successfully address steady demands in the past thanks to our two production locations — one each in Salt Lake City, UT, and York, PA. We can get products out the door rapidly because of CP Industries’ streamlined process. CP Industries has a three- to four-day delivery period on average, and even in the most demanding weather has never taken more than a seven-day lead time. “We put extreme emphasis on always being available for both distributors and end-users alike. This includes a willingness to demonstrate products and answer questions regarding the chemistry behind our products. We also draw on a wealth of knowledge from third-party chemists located at surrounding universities. We often cite their research as well as the research pioneered at CP Industries.” This home-grown research is helping professionals at

“We put extreme emphasis on always being available for both distributors and end-users alike. This includes a willingness to demonstrate products and answer questions regarding the chemistry behind our products. We also can draw on a wealth of knowledge from third-party chemists located at surrounding universities.” CP Industries’ Premiere Ice Melter® and Melt Off®, meanwhile, help address different climate needs, remaining very effective with inhibitors as well as being cost effective alternatives. The company also offers liquid versions of Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® and Premiere Ice Melter®. They are ideal for entryways where customers want to prevent tracking issues and damage to floor finishes. Because the liquid deicers are water thin and colorless, they reduce the need for cleanup inside a building. They also work well on exposed stairwells and parking structures where end-users need extra protection from corrosion, and where granulated ice melters could pose a slipping hazard. CP Industries’ liquid ice melters can be used in very

CP Industries work on new chemistry and products for the future. “We are currently looking at different chemicals from plants and testing them in association with our ice melters,” Naisbitt said. “Product trials are currently taking place, and hopefully we will have more information to report on by this time next year.” Contact: CP Industries, 560 North 500 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. Phone: 800-453-4931; Fax: 801-539-0510. E-mail: chemist@cpindustries.net. Web site: www.cpindustries.net.

CP AD2.ai



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Approved by DfE Abhorred by Ice and Snow

Circle 7


July/August 2012

Morgro, Inc.


roviding an added incentive this year for Morgro, Inc., and its customer base is the opportunity of Design for the Environment (DfE) certification from the U.S. EPA concerning all Morgro ice melter products. This includes Sno-Plow™, Ice Fighter Plus®, Cal-Melt® and Deep Thaw™. Once the process is completed, these Morgro ice melters are expected to showcase the DfE logo on their packaging after the current stock of company deicers has gone through the supply pipeline, Morgro Vice President/General Manager Rick Jensen said. The DfE program is designed to help consumers, businesses and institutional buyers identify cleaning and other products that perform well, are cost-effective, and are safer for the environment. “The DfE certification will mean a lot as more end-users, such as property managers, look for added safety features with products,” Jensen explained. Each of Morgro’s products has its own set of benefits. For example, Sno-Plow features a combination of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride. The inhibitor in Sno-Plow’s Liqui-Fire™ melting enhancer helps to reduce corrosion on exposed metals, and is less toxic than common baking soda, according to Jensen. The product has been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use around food processing operations. “Liqui-Fire effectively lowers the working temperature range of Sno-Plow, allowing it to work up to three times faster. It’s also environmentally friendly to vegetation,” Jensen said. Sno-Plow is safe to use on asphalt and concrete surfaces, leaving no oily residue, and works in temperatures as low as -27°F. Sno-Plow’s green colored granules reduce the possibility of over-application, and the product comes in a wide variety of packing options — 25- and 50-pound bags, 50- and 100pound boxes, 50-pound pails and 100-pound drums. Meanwhile, Morgro’s Ice Fighter Plus is a premium ice melter for those who want additional protection for concrete, according to Jensen. The product protects against the negative influences of the freeze-thaw cycle. It features a twocomponent system consisting of sodium chloride crystals as well as Propolyice, which is used exclusively in Ice Fighter Plus. “Propolyice provides a layer of polymer that settles between water and concrete. This helps eliminate water seeping through pores and cracks of the concrete,” Jensen said. “We coat each granule with Propolyice, a proprietary chemical compound, to attain a uniform product.” Ice Fighter Plus comes in a variety of sizes — a 50-pound bag, box and pail, as well as a 100-pound drum — and is colored blue. “Demand for Ice Fighter Plus is especially big with property maintenance personnel who want to protect decorative concrete,” Jensen said. Ice Fighter Plus will not harm vegetation when used as directed, and the product will melt ice at temperatures as low as -22ºF. Another key ice melt brand from Morgro is Cal-Melt, which features a combination of sodium chloride and liquid coated calcium chloride. Cal-Melt was specifically formulated for those markets or bid requirements that specify a calcium chloride ice melt product. Each granule is coated with liquid calcium chloride and a

non-staining pink colorant. Cal-Melt’s pink crystals react quickly with moisture in the air to begin the melting process, and features a maximum melting point of -25ºF. The product comes in 50-pound bags. Jensen added that unlike some purified forms of calcium chloride products, Cal-Melt does not require the use of gloves or respirators, and is safe to apply with bare hands. It’s also safe to use around trees, shrubs and other vegetation when used as directed. Another advantage to Cal-Melt is that it has a shelf life of several years. Morgro’s ice melt portfolio also includes Deep Thaw, a magnesium chloride-based product. It’s primarily comprised of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, including Liqui-Fire. This product comes in 25- and 50-pound bags, as well as 50-pound boxes, will melt at temperatures down to -27ºF and is colored green. Jensen pointed out that Morgro’s deicers feature four major points of difference that help set them apart:

• No. 1 — Morgro provides manufactured ice melter products that are screened to a certain size and contain pure washed solar salt or sodium chloride. “Every granule is at a consistent and optimal size and shape for properly melting snow and ice,” Jensen said. “If granules are too large or small, they won’t melt ice and snow effectively as needed;” • No. 2 — When the 100 percent pure washed sodium chloride arrives at Morgro, every granule is manufactured or coated (not blended) with either magnesium chloride or calcium chloride for optimal efficiency; • No. 3 — Every granule is coated with a color dye for easy application; and, • No. 4 — Morgro ice melt products do not cause tracking or residue issues. “There are different variations in price points available within the ice melt marketplace. People can purchase an inferior product that comes with a lower price. This isn’t always the best strategy to take, however, especially when one

considers possible liability issues that can result from not properly having sidewalks and parking lots cleared of snow and ice,” Jensen said. “Therefore, it’s vital for these people to use an ice melter that works well, even to the point of spending a little bit more.” He added that the “green initiative” is also as important today as ever before within the janitorial/sanitary marketplace. “This is why the DfE certification is so essential. It shows that Morgro continues to provide green solutions and address environmental issues that are on the minds of many people and companies across the country,” Jensen said. He also stressed the importance of distributors and endusers to understand that not all ice melters are created equally. Just as important to know is that high-end ice melters should never be viewed as commodity items. “There are major differences between many ice melters available today — whether they are blended, a 100 percent product or manufactured items,” Jensen said. “It’s therefore important for distributors to research what they are selling. There can be a true difference in performance and safety.” Officials at Morgro continually update and upgrade its education material that is ultimately used by distributors and end-users. This information is gathered by the company’s chemists and experts in technology. “We also illustrate those findings through attractive sales literature, whether it’s hard copy or on DVDs. We also send out samples,” Jensen said. One challenge heading into the upcoming fall and winter season this year will be the complacency and caution. This is due to last winter’s record breaking and extremely mild weather that was experienced in most regions of North America. Jensen said having two mild winters take place “back-to-back” would be very rare, thus people need to be properly prepared. “There has always been a very strong story told in this industry about the importance of getting products ordered early. This also allows people to take advantage of special discounts,” Jensen said. “It’s still viable and should be on the minds of many distributors and end-users. However, the fallout from last winter’s mild weather is that there is still product left in the pipeline. Some people, therefore, could be less aggressive going forward with their purchasing of ice melter. “It’s important to remember that nobody wants to be caught off guard during severe winter weather. It’s much better to prepare early. Morgro is again offering to distributors early order discounts and rebates throughout the country.” Jensen noted that Morgro’s customer service levels have been viewed as among the highest in the ice melt industry over the past five years. “We take pride in securing mainstay logistics partners to help with our delivery of products. Our plant is also open 24/7 for pick up,” Jensen said. “Morgro works to excel not only when the order hits our desk, but with the speed of our delivery as well.” Contact: Morgro, Inc., 145 West Central Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84107. Phone: 800-221-1049 or 801-266-1132; Fax: 801-266-1183. E-mail: rick@morgro.com. Web site: www.morgro.com.

Your Ice Melt Company For Maximum Performance & Service Industrial Strength * Friendly To Nature

MORGRO INC. 145 West Central, Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84107 PHONE: (801) 266-1132 FAX: (801) 266-1183 TOLL FREE: 1-800-221-1049 WWW.MORGRO.COM

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July/August 2012

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. “We received a lot of requests every year for a product “It’s absolutely key that distributors know what is in the inding better ways to melt snow and ice — while remaining environmentally focused — has been the that contained no chloride ions. These ions can cause the ice melters they are selling, as well as those products they main goal of XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., corrosion on metal, something you don’t want when it are going up against,” Wice said. “Providing this type of since the company’s founding in 1986. In fact, XYNYTH comes to the care of airplanes,” Wice said. “XYNYTH came customer service is important for any company that wants to has become well known over the years for its mainstay up with this deicer in response. It’s an acetate/formate gran- thrive in the marketplace today.” The company also offers what Wice calls its “Ice Melter “green” product — Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter™. ular product. Not only is it biodegradable and environmenUniversity.” This is another special section found at the comThis deicer is specifically designed to melt ice and snow tally friendly, but it’s completely non-corrosive. “Many airports are also receiving government mandates pany’s website specifically dedicated to distributors and reeffectively while posing no risk to users, pets, concrete or in both the United States and Canada requiring water runoff quires a password. the environment when used as directed. “We are big on training the end-user as well. For instance, “There is still a very strong following for the product 20- samples be taken to check for nitrogen and ammonia conplus years after its introduction,” XYNYTH President tent. Helping these airports solve such environmental issues on our website can be found a section called the ‘Ice Melter is one reason why Winter Warrior Runway Control™ was Resource Center.’ Having been around for 26 years, we at Kevin Wice said. XYNYTH have been able to gain a lot of knowledge and Fertilizer-based Mountain Organic Natural Ice- developed.” Wice said that not only is this ice melt product starting to expertise. This information is now available on our website,” melter™ begins working immediately after application and Wice said. “The ‘Ice Melter Resource is effective to -23°C (-9°F). It also Center’ features four sections — boasts an unlimited shelf life and is “We are big on training the end-user... On our website can be found basic ice melter information, ice completely safe for those handling melter and the environment, ice the product, according to Wice. Due a section called the ‘Ice Melter Resource Center.’ Having been melter and concrete, and ice melter to its potassium content, Wice around for 26 years, we at XYNYTH have been able to gain a lot of and pets. added, Mountain actually helps reknowledge and expertise. This information is now available on our “These are four areas that people pair damage caused by long-term website. The ‘Ice Melter Resource Center’ features four sections — commonly ask about on a continual use of environmentally harmful ice basis. We have included information melters such as rock salt. basic ice melter information, ice melter and the environment, ice from articles and research that was Other ice melter products from melter and concrete, and ice melter and pets.” — Kevin Wice conducted by governments and uniXYNYTH also provide jan/san disversities, and we are always adding tributors and end-users alike with opportunities to not only work fast under harsh winter conditions, do well among those in charge of airports, it’s becoming to this information. This is a service we provide to both the inbut to be safer for the planet. This includes Arctic ECO Green popular with other property managers looking to guard dustry at-large, our customers, and our customers’ customers.” grounds and facilities from issues of corrosion. This includes Due to last winter’s mild weather in many sections of Icemelter™ and Winter Warrior Runway Control™. “These two products are exciting for both XYNYTH and metal manufacturing companies, transit platforms, bridge North America, Wice said the ice melter supply pipeline is its customers,” Wice said. “Arctic ECO Green Icemelter™ decks, ferry vessels, oil platforms and meat packing plants. currently full, but could empty fairly fast in the wake of a “Winter Warrior Runway Control™ and Mountain Or- few good early winter storms. Therefore, it’s best for dishas been designed with the environment in mind, while also focusing on price. The product is layered with various in- ganic Natural Ice Melter™ have both been approved by the tributors and end-users to be properly prepared. “The recent mild winter adds to the challenge of getting gredients to provide many different attributes, such as an Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in food processing facilities,” Wice said. “They can guard against corrosion people ready for the upcoming winter preseason,” Wice said. anti-corrosive feature.” There are many people in the marketplace today who in these plants, such as helping to protect expensive refrig- “For distributors with new sales people, it’s particularly important to get them up to speed on ice melters and their difwant to buy environmentally friendly products, Wice added. eration units.” XYNYTH also offers other ice melter products, each spe- ferences. It’s also important to get preseason buys ready. The challenge, however, is that a number of these consumers cially designed to help various types of end-users meet the “A preseason promotion doesn’t necessarily have to mean don’t want to spend extra money. a discount on prices. I have seen distributors who have done “To answer this challenge, XYNYTH introduced Arctic challenges that snow and ice can bring. “We have done a great job of grouping our products into a lot of different things for these promotions, such as offerECO Green Icemelter™ last year, using a special encapsulation process. We take sodium chloride and encapsulate it with three sections: eco-friendliness, general blends and specialty ing a free spreader or free storage with the purchase of a cerCMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate), which helps negate the products,” Wice said. “This allows distributors and end- tain amount of product. Successful promotions can be ‘all negative side effects of the sodium. Then we multi-encapsu- users to better understand where our products fit within the over the map.’” He added that many distributors do well when offering late the granules again with potassium acetate, so that every marketplace, and keeps it simpler for them to understand.” To further aid this effort, XYNYTH’s website granule of sodium going into the ground is buffered by potas(www.xynyth.com) features a product comparison chart. sium, a major ingredient in fertilizer,” Wice said. Many distributors do well when By using sodium chloride, XYNYTH officials are able to This can be found within the site’s “product section,” where offering ice melter in a an in-depth analysis is given between the company’s difbring the cost of the product down. ferent deicers. “It’s not as high-end a deicer as our Mountain Organic ‘Good, Better, Best’ sales platform, Company officials remain very hands-on when helping Natural Icemelter™, but it’s neutral to the environment and providing a wide range of products will not ruin the surrounding soil structure,” Wice said. “One distributor sales representatives (DSRs) become properly at different price points. of the things that has made this product popular is the fact trained on ice melter usage. “We feel education and training are paramount and have that Arctic ECO Green Icemelter™ is truly a manufactured item, so every granule is multi-coated. It’s also dyed green invested a lot in resources in this effort,” Wice said. ice melter in a ‘Good, Better, Best’ sales platform, providing “XYNYTH provides everything from in-house sales meet- a wide range of products at different price points. for better application.” “This helps end-users keep their costs down, while also XYNYTH has been on the “green bandwagon” for over ings on the distributor level to helping DSRs with their end25 years, and Wice sees the desire for more environmentally user sales calls. We even have downloadable training purchasing the right products to better meet winter needs,” friendly products continually growing among both distribu- modules in place, which allow the DSR to use training ma- Wice said. Contact: XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., tors, and their end-user customers. Further proof of the com- terials at his/her own pace.” XYNYTH also offers an online database where cus122-3989 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5C 6N5 pany’s desire for “greener” products can be found with the Canada. Phone: 1-800-635-8423. introduction last year of Winter Warrior Runway Control™. tomers can find more information about various ice melter Email: sales@xynyth.com. This deicer was originally developed for airport runways and products that have been third-party independently tested in a lab setting. Website: www.xynyth.com. surrounding areas.


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July/August 2012

International Salt Producing a wide variety of ice melter products is by design at International Salt®, allowing the company to provide winter maintenance professionals with a selection of deicers that are best suited for specific weather conditions and environmental considerations. International Salt utilizes many product components in its deicers. This includes sodium chloride, calcium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, and magnesium chloride; along with specialized additives, such as Ice B’Gone®II. These all have been proven effective in helping create a safer environment for pedestrian and vehicular traffic during winter weather events, according to International Salt Marketing Manager Mary Kay Warner. “International Salt also produces and distributes a variety of sales and marketing materials that provide both the distributor, and end-user, with appropriate information about the company’s products,” Warner said. “The literature gives information on product content, weather conditions in which each product performs most efficiently, and other pertinent information such as application techniques.” Additionally, International Salt makes available to customers information obtained from independent resources regarding ice melt products. And, company officials participate in various national, regional and local events where the opportunity presents itself to host educational seminars, as well as one-on-one information sessions. International Salt’s packaged ice melt products include: n Blizzard Wizard® Ice Melt — A proprietary, blended ice melt product containing sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and Ice B'Gone®II. Unlike other ice melt products whose ancillary ingredients usually are added topically, Blizzard Wizard® is distinctive, as all components are thoroughly blended. This yields a product that is consistent throughout, providing belowzero melting performance, greater surface adherence and is friendlier to the environment. Warner added that Blizzard Wizard was one of the first commercially available ice melters to be named an EPA-designated “Design for the Environment” product; n C-FORCE® Calcium Chloride Pellets and Flakes — These 100 percent calcium chloride products generate heat through an exothermic reaction, resulting in the ability to rapidly melt ice and snow in temperatures as low as -25ºF. International Salt will be introducing this product in a new 9-pound jug this winter season, supplementing 50-pound bags and 1-ton super sacks, in order to satisfy marketplace needs; n Arctic Thaw® Ice-Melt Blend with Calcium Chloride and CMA— Aggressively melts ice and snow, generating heat on contact to quickly break the bond between pavement and snow and ice. Arctic Thaw’s blue crystals are easy to see, allowing winter maintenance professionals to better achieve even application; and, n International Salt® Halite Salt Crystals — Halite is screened in the production process in order to generate a packaged product that contains medium-size crystals. The uniformity of the salt crystal size provides winter maintenance professionals with the capability to manually or mechanically spread the product with confidence. This product melts ice and snow in tempera-

tures as low as 5º F. Although last winter was very mild for many regions of the United States and Canada, Warner said distributors and end-users should make sure they are well prepared for more “typical” winter weather ahead.

“International Salt is taking the time right now to provide our distributors, and other winter maintenance customers, with the level of customer service we feel distinguishes our company from the competition,” she said. “Our team reaches out to our customer base to determine the assistance each may require in terms of sales support and training. International Salt also provides printed materials that are utilized by each customer’s sales and marketing team members. This helps them better become knowledgeable about various product attributes. “The preseason period also provides distributors with the opportunity to attend national, regional and localized industry-related events where educational sessions are available on a multitude of topics relating to proper winter maintenance, product selection and application.” Officials at International Salt encourage distributors to attend these sessions. This way, these distributors can become well versed on recommending the appropriate products that their own customers should utilize during specific winter weather conditions. “Distributors play a pivotal role in recommending the appropriate selection of products that winter maintenance professionals need in order to achieve the desired outcomes for their clients,” Warner said. “Distributors need to be knowledgeable about the various ice melt products available, their respective components, and the conditions in which each product performs most efficiently and cost effectively. This knowledge allows distributors to convey accurate and reliable information to their customers.

“Maintaining credibility is key to generating repeat business. Distributors who offer a comprehensive selection of products are usually also knowledgeable about the proper application of each product, and the weather conditions in which these products should be utilized in order to obtain maximum effectiveness. This sets the stage for a satisfied customer.” Warner noted that satisfied customers are usually repeat customers and validate several key components of a successful organization. This includes: the ability to stand behind the products the organization manufactures or distributes; providing a healthy availability of products that have been specified by each customer; and delivering products within the required timeframe. “Employees at International Salt are dedicated to providing their piece of the customer service component so that the above-mentioned criteria is met. This defines customer service at International Salt,” Warner said. The company enables its customers to take advantage of preseason pricing benefits through an “early-buy” program. This helps participating distributors to be well positioned to have product and pricing in place when their own customers are ready to prepare for the winter weather maintenance season. Warner added that seasoned snow maintenance professionals are often very knowledgeable about the various components contained within different ice melt classes. “There is often much greater understanding among this group with respect to the availability and cost of materials. As a result, they realize that packaged ice melt products are not commodities,” she said. “In addition to being knowledgeable, it’s also important that distributors maintain adequate inventories. This includes both prior to, during and after winter weather events, all of which helps distributors to better supply customers at key timeframes.” Looking ahead, Warner noted that new product formulations and the availability of multiple-size packaging options are trends that will most likely continue within the industry. These options further help manufacturers satisfy various needs found within the marketplace. “The desire to provide additional educational materials, allowing distributors to remain knowledgeable about these products, will also be likely to continue,” Warner said. International Salt, founded in 1997, is a member of the K+S Group, a leading world producer of salt with production facilities in North America, South America and Europe. International Salt derives its salt from Chile’s Tarapacã Salt Flat, a reserve with capabilities estimated to meet worldwide demand for the next 5,000 years. International Salt continues to market packaged and bulk ice melt products from production, stockpile and packaging facilities located in strategic, easily accessible locations along the U.S. East Coast. Contact: International Salt, 655 Northern Blvd., Clarks Summit, PA 18411. Toll-Free Phone: 888-388-4726; Fax: 570-586-6463. Website: www.internationalsalt.com.

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Cargill Salt

According to Van Norden, anti-icing, pre-applied liquids and pre-wetted salts that are used before snowfall are growing in popularity among property maintenance professionals, and are also common during governmental roadway maintenance. “This is a highly-effective method to prevent snow and ice from bonding on pavement. Much less chemical is used versus trying to break the bond of ice once it has formed,” Van Norden said.

n Diamond Crystal® Glacier Melt®, a blend of magnesium and sodium chlorides that starts to melt ice and snow fast. It is effective to -5°F/-21°C and is available in 50-pound bags; n Diamond Crystal® Dyn-o Melt®, a blend of magnesium and sodium chlorides. The ice melter also contains the corrosion inhibitor Diammonium Phosphate, which makes this blend five times less corrosive than plain salt for the protection of steel railings and components, according to the company. This ice melter is effective to 0°F/-18°C and is available in 50-pound bags; n Diamond Crystal® Winter Melt®, which is Cargill Salt’s best known ice melter. It contains small and large sodium chloride crystals to provide extended release melting action. This is an economical ice melter and is the best melter in warmer winter weather, around 15°F. It’s effective to 5°F/-15°C, and is available in a variety of small and large bag sizes; and, n Diamond Crystal® Flash Melt®, the fastest deicer for very cold winter conditions, Van Norden said. The product is made of calcium chloride and comes in pellet form. It can penetrate even thick ice quickly in temperatures as low as -25°F. Van Norden reported that ice melter sales were strong at Cargill Salt through mid-December of last year before the lack of harsh winter weather slowed demand in many geographical areas. To help distributors better prepare for the uncertainties of the upcoming winter season, Cargill Salt officials are offering preseason discounts through October. Qualified customers can also receive special payment terms for products purchased during the preseason. Cargill was founded in 1865. The privately held company employs 139,000 people in 65 countries, and ventured into the salt market in 1955. Cargill has acquired a number of other salt production facilities over the years such as rock salt mines, evaporated salt plants and solar salt operations. Some of these facilities are located in Kansas, New York, Louisiana, California, Oklahoma, Ohio and Utah. In 1995, Cargill formed a joint venture to construct a solar salt facility in Venezuela. Also, Cargill Salt doubled in size in April 1997 when it acquired the North American assets of Akzo Nobel Salt, Inc. “Today, Cargill Salt produces, packages and ships salt for the following five major market segment applications: agriculture, food, water conditioning, industrial and packaged ice control,” Van Norden said. “Cargill makes over 1,000 different salt products/package sizes and markets national and regional brands. This includes Diamond Crystal® branded household consumer food, water softener and ice melter salt products, and Champions Choice® branded agricultural salts. “With approximately 14 million tons of salt capacity, Cargill is one of the leading salt marketers in the world.”

Other ice melter products provided by Cargill Salt include: n Diamond Crystal® GreenMelt®, a green-tinted enhanced ice melter containing sodium and calcium chlorides. This ice melter product melts to -5°F/-21°C and is available in 50-pound bags;

Contact Cargill Salt by phone at 800-377-1017, by fax at 800-377-1027, or by email at Jackie_VanNorden@cargill.com. More information can also be found by visiting www.cargillsalt.com.


ducate! This is the key word for ice melter manufacturers and distributors when it comes to deicer sales and use. “Distributor’s should now be learning about how various ice melting chemicals work so they can offer products to their customers that best meet all winter needs,” Cargill Salt Product Line Manager Jackie Van Norden said. “It’s important that professionals become educated and not just depend on claims from manufacturers. Researching products and looking for inclusion rates of each ingredient to establish effectiveness are both essential.” She noted it’s in the best interest of all ice melt distributors to find deicers that will help their end-use customers properly protect against slip and fall accidents. Addressing property and environmental concerns is also important. “A happy customer comes back. Distributors should match customer needs to a cost effective solution that will fulfill these needs. This is a combination that is hard to beat,” Van Norden said. “Cargill Salt provides literature that explains how various ice melting chemicals work — not just how our own products work. We also disclose the percentages of ingredients in our formulas, and we verify our melting temperature claims with third-party labs.”

A new ice melter product being launched by Cargill Salt this year is Diamond Crystal® Early Melt™. It’s a pre-wetted granule that can be used as an anti-icer or deicer. The patented formulation of Early Melt™ ice melter is designed so that the product can be applied before snowfall with the following benefits: • A 30 percent reduced application rate; • Wind resistant so product stays where it’s applied; • Helps to prevent ice formations; and, • Makes snow removal faster and easier. Early Melt™ has received approval to carry the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) seal.When used as directed, fewer chlorides are released into the environment from this product. More information about the DfE program can be found at: www.epa.gov/dfe.

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Memphis. In fact, some of our customers in Arkansas and Mississippi are closer than some of our customers in Memphis.” On the theme of teamwork, Action Chemical relies on another company when it comes to equipment service. While Action Chemical does not operate its own service department, it teams with a company it shares a warehouse with called Janitor Supply. This company services all of the equipment Action Chemical sells. “In my opinion, Janitor Supply has the best service technicians in the Mid-South,” Barnes said. “They do the job quickly and correctly the first time. Because we are good friends and good partners, we have been able to sell more equipment than we normally would have been able to sell.”

“I just believe so much in relationships. When you have relationships, they solve a lot of problems. A relationship will allow a customer to take another look at you if there is an issue.” — Charles Barnes, president Crowe added: “It is a partnership that we have had for awhile and (Charles) has increased it since he has been here. Janitor Supply truly has wonderful technicians. They are real smart and they care about what they do. This is one more service that we can offer to our customers. We pick up a piece of equipment, Janitor Supply fixes it, and we deliver it back to the customer.” Moving On Down The Road


hile there are some segments that are doing better since the dark days of 2008 and 2009, the sluggish U.S. economy still poses challenges. “With almost every business I know, to meet the challenges related to a down economy, a company needs to be flexible enough to adjust its projections for sales and total revenue as the market changes,” Crowe said. “(Charles) has taught us to do this. I don’t think this company will face the economic challenges that other companies might face, in that we carry things people must have. People need toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant, etc. “Charles has said many times, ‘Our business doesn’t usually spike up or down.”

Action Chemical CEO Sherry Crowe and President Charles Barnes are committed to emphasizing teamwork and an enjoyable company culture.

Barnes added: “If you lose a big customer, you have a spike down. If you gain a big customer, you have a spike up. But if you maintain your customer base, generally your growth is pretty consistent. “I just believe so much in relationships. When you have relationships, they solve a lot of problems. A relationship will allow a customer to take another look at you if there is an issue. “We have great relationships, quality products, excellent service and the best employees in the industry. With this combination, we cannot loose. I believe that with all my heart.” Contact: Action Chemical, 381 Cumberland St., Memphis, TN 38112. Toll Free: 877-422-8783; Phone: 901-522-8783; Fax: 901-452-1366. Website: www.actionchemical.com.

The game-changer that defeats ice. Starts early. Works hard. Stays late.®

Introducing Early Melt®, it is a pre-wetted anti-icer that provides: Recognized for Safer Chemistry www.epa.gov/dfe

A pavement barrier that attacks ice formation beneath snow cover Easier shoveling and faster plowing to save time A patented residual effect that extends anti-icing action into the next storm Dual-functionality, it also works as a deicer

For more on Diamond Crystal® ice melters, visit www.cargillsalt.com or call us at 1-888-385-SALT (7258)


©2012 Cargill, Incorporated.

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July/August 2012

The Kissner Group Kissner Group is a customer service-driven company, with an exceptional marketing department, consistently surpassing client expectations with the tools and training materials they provide,” Browes said. The customer service and marketing provided by The Kissner Group greatly complements the value-added products it produces, according to the company. “You’re essentially getting more from Kissner,” Browes said. Superior Ice Melters The Kissner Group provides complete on-site training to distributor The Kissner Group specializes in the manufacturing and distribution sales representatives, educating them on the traditional deicers found on of bulk rock salt, bagged rock salt and specialty ice melter formulations. the market today. This is accomplished through practical application and uncovering some “hidden costs” associated with using the wrong deicers, right through to product “The Kissner Group’s total focus is Ice Melter, so it performance measures and how the various deicers actually work. The company will even customize produces, sells and markets Ice Melter products 12 CD-ROM presentations for its distributors to help months of the year. This is key as distributors and them while they educate at the end-user level. end-users have come to understand and appreciate “The Kissner Group’s total focus is Ice Melter, so it produces, sells and markets Ice Melter high, unsurpassed quality products and performance.” products 12 months of the year. This is key as dis— Kissner’s Ice Melt Category Manager Jeff Browes tributors and end-users have come to understand and appreciate high, unsurpassed quality products The company formulates a wide array of deicers to ensure each cus- and performance,” Browes said. tomer’s specific needs are met. It focuses on using premium ingredients Industry Leading Turnaround Time in the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to create ice No matter what quantity, The Kissner Group gets its customers the melter products that are safer for the environment and protect surface products they need, when they need them. An advanced infrastructure areas and plant life. The Kissner Group has been working to satisfy the market’s demand and ordering system enable the company to offer fast delivery times. “The Kissner Group has located its plants across North America to for eco-friendly, “green” ice melter formulations. A few of the company’s eco-friendly products are EnvironMelt®, Safer Than Salt with service all customer needs quickly, efficiently and on time,” Browes said. “While some suppliers may run out of product during the harshest winCI-56®, Evergreen®, Landscaper’s Choice®, and Green-Ice®. The Kissner Group’s Landscaper’s Choice® with IB-9 Boost™ is a ter times, The Kissner Group produces 24/7 to ensure its customers meet premium ice melter formulation that is widely sold across North America. their requirements and more. “The recent acquisition of the Detroit Salt Mine enables The Kissner “Designed with the landscaper in mind, Landscaper’s Choice® is Group to further enhance its ability to keep customers supplied at all formulated with plant friendly ingredients, anti-corrosion inhibitors and melting extenders, making it a top deicing choice for landscapers and times.” property managers nationwide,” according to Kissner’s Ice Melt CateContact The Kissner Group today for gory Manager Jeff Browes. all of your Ice Melter needs. “Kissner has grown to become the dominant producer of quality de32 Cherry Blossom Road, icers in North America. We are a highly innovative company that has revCambridge, ON, N3H 4R7. olutionized the manufacturing process, allowing us to develop Phone: 1-800-434-8248; Fax: 1-877-434-8250. market-leading, premium quality, science-driven deicers with environEmail: enquiries@kissner.com. mentally friendly ingredients,” Browes said. Website: www.kissner.com. With the acquisition of the Detroit Salt Mine, The Kissner Group recently launched a new rock salt/halite product to its line, Ice Patrol®. This product is quickly emerging as “The Kissner Group has located its plants the new standard for quality clean and white rock salt with across North America to service all customer its premium assortment of granules and a double-screening process, according to the company. needs quickly, efficiently and on time. “Early response for Ice Patrol® has been outstanding. The While some suppliers may run out of product customers love how clean the salt is,” according to Browes.


he Kissner Group is “North America’s largest ice melter manufacturer,” according to the company, and owner of the famous Detroit Salt Mine. This trusted market leader is known in the ice melter industry for providing premium quality products, innovative packaging and designs, products that perform, and superior customer service to an impressive list of clientele throughout North America.

Marketing & Sales Support “When it comes to selling ice melter products, it’s extremely important for distributors and end-users to understand what kind of support they can depend on from their manufacturer. The

during the harshest winter times, The Kissner Group produces 24/7 to ensure its customers meet their requirements and more.”

Get Ready our new line up of quality

Ice Melters are finally here! NER

1 % N AT U R A





Get ready for this winter with Kissner’s new quality ice melting products. Our products are geared to melt ice and snow, but each product offers a unique set of features and benefits to serve your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a no salt alternative, or some extreme power to melt ice and snow fast, Kissner has you covered this winter season.





t No Sal Quad Action


www.kissner.com Circle 32


July/August 2012

Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem) OxyChem’s Customer Information Group also supports inquiries sent via or a variety of economic and environmental impact reasons, ice melt users should look for a deicer that will melt the most ice quickly, using the most email directly to OxyChem at CalciumChloride@oxy.com. “As a domestic producer with multiple shipping points and a large, varied netefficient amount of product. “No matter what the temperature, calcium chloride is the product that best fits work of distributors, OxyChem is committed to providing excellent supply and that criteria. Calcium Chloride works to -25°F but is also the best choice at 20°F, service — both in the preseason and during peak storms,” MacDonnell said. at which point it melts twice as much as rock salt, three times as much as magne- “During the high demand of previous winters, when competitive products were sium chloride and seven times as much as potassium chloride,” Occidental Chem- out of stock, OxyChem continued to supply and service the market.” OxyChem encourages and supports its distributors to maintain late-winter inical Corporation (OxyChem) Business Manager Greg MacDonnell said. “Using ventory levels when end-users are often reluctant to bring in large stocks and less ice melter means cost savings and less environmental impact.” According to MacDonnell, “OxyChem is the world’s largest manufacturer of risk summer carry-over. MacDonnell said the supply chain from OxyChem to end-users is particularly short when compared to imcalcium chloride products for port offerings. This is critical during peak season. use in a wide variety of appli“Those distributors who plan and execute “We also offer a multi-faceted distributor benefits cations.” a reliable strategy, package. This involves marketing incentive proThe company’s ice melters grams, product information, demo packs and saminclude PELADOW™ Preples, customer service guidelines and support. This is mier Snow and Ice Melter all available from our team of professional sales and Calcium Chloride Pellets, marketing personnel with decades of industry expeDOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87 rience,” MacDonnell said. “We are focused on longpercent Calcium Chloride when the winter weather hits, will term, mutual success of our distributors — both Flakes, and COMBOTHbe highly successful.” during severe winters and through periods of soft deERM™ Blended Deicer. — Greg MacDonnell mand.” “OxyChem clearly states MacDonnell said, “Selling ice melter is not just the ingredients and concentrations of its ice melters on package labels and in product literature. Knowing an about the product itself. It involves four elements of marketing: Product, place, ice melter’s components allows for informed purchasing decisions and a qualifi- price and promotion. The difference is with quality and credibility. “The sum total of those elements varies greatly by supplier. OxyChem’s total cation of performance claims,” MacDonnell said. “Calcium chloride is widely recognized as the premier ice melt product available by industry professionals and offering is much more than a product. It’s a committed offering of service and highway maintenance officials. This is due to its quick melting performance and re- value,” MacDonnell said. OxyChem, a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Oxy), is a liability to melt ice faster than other products in a wide range of winter temperaleading North American manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins, chlotures.” After a strong winter across a variety of geographies in 2010-2011, the presea- rine and caustic soda — key building blocks for widely used products such as son stocking of ice melter products for 2011-2012 was robust, according to Mac- pharmaceuticals, water treatment chemicals and plastics. “For every product it makes, OxyChem’s market position is No. 1 or 2 in the Donnell. However, very few of these geographies experienced strong winter United States and No. 1, 2 or 3 in the world,” according to MacDonnell. weather afterward, so late winter demand for ice melter slackened. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, the company has manufacturing facilities in the “Despite last winter’s mild weather, our company’s strong value proposition, notably domestic production and supply, continues to resonate with customers,” United States, Canada and Latin America. In 2009, OxyChem acquired the he said. “For the upcoming winter season, distributors should now be preparing ef- world’s largest calcium chloride operation (with over 100 years experience producing calcium chloride fective marketing materials and sales strategies to help products) from The Dow end-users better understand the differences between serv“Selling ice melter is not just about the product Chemical Company. ice offerings and each product’s real value. “Oxy remains commititself. It involves four elements of marketing: “Those distributors who plan and execute a reliable ted to safeguarding the enstrategy, attaining a ‘just-in-time service’ reputation vironment, protecting the when the winter weather hits, will be highly successful.” safety and health of emMacDonnell cautioned that there are many misleading ployees and neighboring product claims within the ice melt industry, particularly communities, and upholdwith the blended deicer category. Therefore, distributors The difference is with quality and credibility.” ing high standards of soshould demand to know exactly what they are buying, cial responsibility in all of the composition of products, and the science and tests supporting various claims. Distributors are also advised to understand the impact the company’s worldwide operations,” MacDonnell said. “For over 60 years, OxyChem has supplied proven, superior performing products to the packaged ice of application rates on deicing performance and environmental impact. “Distributors and end-users of ice melter are becoming more educated about melt industry. “Winter weather will vary each year, but distributors should consistently dewhat they are actually purchasing. Many are not willing to buy a ‘mystery melt blend’ that does not disclose ingredients and composition,” MacDonnell said. mand quality, performance and integrity from their ice melt manufacturer.” “There is also a growing awareness of what true environmental impact means, and Contact: Occidental Chemical Corporation, an increasing resistance to ‘greenwashing.’” 1600 South Madison St., Ludington, MI 49431. To help with education, OxyChem officials conduct distributor training proPhone: 888-293-2336. grams, present educational sessions at various tradeshows, and maintain a robust Email: Gregory_MacDonnell@oxy.com. website (www.oxycalciumchloride.com) of product information, literature and freWebsite: www.oxycalciumchloride.com. quently asked questions and answers.


attaining a ‘just-in-time service’ reputation

Product, place, price and promotion.

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clude proper procedures for floor care, carpet care, restroom cleaning, chemical safety, how to deal with blood-borne pathogens and many others. Current regulatory requirements are examined, including the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Right To Know program. DAWNCHEM touts the college as a way to help housekeeping managers and business owners increase worker competency, worker safety, customer satisfaction, service efficiency and account appearance. The college also helps to reduce liability costs, deliver the lowest total cost program and improve product performance. “Our DAWNCHEM green college program is specifically geared toward green cleaning,” Rossi said. “Green is starting to gain speed in our service area, specifically with certain federal and state buildings. All the schools have been on board with green, and now it seems like a lot of the major buildings and building service contractors are embracing it, as well.” In addition to training offered at the college, DAWNCHEM also offers training at a customer’s site and conducts larger seminars once or twice each year. “We are planning a ‘lunch and learn’ coming up in August, where we will invite folks to come here and talk about laundry and warewashing.” DAWNCHEM also relies on its vendor reps to help conduct training. “The biggest lines that we have now are from the manufacturers that support us 100 percent,” Rossi said. “These companies have their reps come in and train our people to make sure they know everything about a product.” In speaking about the challenges DAWNCHEM may face continuing into the future, it was no surprise that Rossi listed the economy first. “The economy is tough and people have been tightening their belts,” he said. “We conduct a lot of business with major school systems, major health care facilities and major contractors, and all of these people are getting squeezed right now. These customers are having to do more with less. Part of our focus is going to these accounts and saying, ‘Let us show how we can save you some money. Let us do our job to make your job a little bit easier.’ I think people really appreciate this effort. “The economy notwithstanding, our company is very strong and vibrant. We have a great sales force. We are always looking for good people. We are continually growing, and it’s a good thing. We try to really push the ‘buy local’ theme. We are trying to keep the money at home.” Contact: DAWNCHEM, Inc., 30510 Lakeland Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44095. Phone: 800-533-3296; Fax: 440-943-5644. Web site: www.dawnchem.com.


ounded in 1946, Keep Clean Products, Inc., of Gardena, CA, located in the Los Angeles metro area, is a full-service jan/san distributor of cleaning chemicals and products, sanitary supplies and building maintenance equipment with a specialty in floor care. “KCP’s primary service region is Los Angeles County, the South Bay area of Los Angeles to West Los Angeles, down to Long Beach and then to downtown Los Angeles,” said KCP President Robert J. Boyle. Serving such a large KCP President chunk of one of the world’s Robert J. Boyle busiest, densely populated and traffic congested metro areas is not an easy task. “One of the biggest challenges for us is productivity —

that is getting our trucks loaded and to our customers and getting them back to our facility within and eight-hour period,” Boyle said. “Traffic in cities is getting more and more congested, which shrinks the window of time to make deliveries. “Fuel costs also impact our operating expenses. KCP’s strategy is to find more customers who are located near our existing customers. This will allow us to provide new customers with the same level of service to which our existing customers have grown accustom, while keeping our operating costs down. “KCP’s policy is to have multiple sources for everything it purchases. For example, we use four local chemical companies, because there is a tremendous amount of freight involved in shipping chemicals. These manufacturers have their own trucks and will deliver to us with a minimum order. This is a very workable system.” Despite the challenges associated with operating a distributorship in a major metro area, business has been good at KCP, Boyle reported — exceptionally good, in fact.

“To help our customers through these tough economic times, we can be flexible. If a customer wants to buy a machine and doesn’t quite have the money, we may spread payment out over a couple of months. While our industry is said to be somewhat recession-proof, we are selling to industries that aren’t, and we must recognize the vulnerabilities on the customer side.”

Slips and falls cost American businesses $70 billion annually in lost time and medical bills.* Use ice melt – avoid a costly accident. *National Safety Council, Injury Facts.

— KCP President Robert J. Boyle “We experienced record revenues for the past fiscal year, which is heartening,” Boyle said. “It is a challenging time and we have had to make certain adjustments since 2009.” Helping to assure the company’s ongoing success is its emphasis on customer service given by loyal, dedicated and knowledgeable employees. “We have a staff who have worked for the company for a long time,” Boyle said. “KCP’s Op’s manager has been with the company for 33 years. He is an important part of our customer service team, as everyone knows him. “To help our customers through these tough economic times, we can be flexible. If a customer wants to buy a machine and doesn’t quite have the money, we may spread payment out over a couple of months. “While our industry is said to be somewhat recession-proof, we are selling to industries that aren’t, and we must recognize the vulnerabilities on the customer side. We try to do the right thing with respect to customers, but also have to watch our credit exposures. “If somebody is having a problem with their floor — it being slippery or sticky or they can’t get it clean — we will go out, inspect it and then consult with the customer on the best course of action. We don’t charge for this service.” KCP willingness and ability to act as consultants to customers also helps set the company apart from the competition. “We can conduct a walk-through of a customer’s facility and look at what the company is doing and what it is using,” Boyle said. “We may be able to tweak some things. The customer may be using a trash liner that is inappropriate, or using liners that are too thick. The customer may be using a low-density liner where a high-density one would be better. We can trim customers’ expenses and basically tune up their operation and save them money.” Rapid delivery service is another way KCP keeps its cus-


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tomers happy. Again, flexibility is an important element. “We are a next-day delivery company. We load our trucks in the morning, which allows us the flexibility to add a last minute order — even though our trucks are typically pretty full — to get it out to a customer that same day,” Boyle said. “This ability to be flexible can make a big difference to a customer in need. The customer is king.” KCP offers environmentally friendly products, including Green Seal-certified items, such as a full line of paper products plus chemical products including floor strippers and finishes.

July/August 2012

“We offer a wide-range of eco-friendly, pre-measured chemical packets and chemical dispensers,” Boyle said. “Green Seal-certified chemicals are automatically blended with a proportioning system because they are concentrates, which eliminates mixing errors that can add to costs, plus may impact the chemicals’ efficiency. “For example, if a maintenance company doesn’t have enough volume to place a dispensing system at each of its locations, it can place a central blend system at the company’s headquarters, or give out chemical packets which are mixed into a spray bottle or mop bucket,

thereby eliminating error and cost. “Company employees use a “buddy jug,” which is a 2.5-gallon container with a spigot, to obtain chemicals from the central dispenser system. They then take the buddy jug to their locations, which gives them a supply of Green Seal chemicals without the expense of having dispensers in various locations. “We also have mobile blend systems. Customers can attach a chemical to the mobile system, such as a glass cleaner, neutral cleaner, disinfectant or a bathroom cleaner, blend and place the finish product into a spray bottle. “We feel strongly that our customers deserve options, so we have a tremendous inventory of options for them.” In most cases, KCP prefers to offer training at the customer’s facility. “If we sell a maintenance company an autoscrubber, for example, we will go out multiple times to make sure we train the customer’s entire staff,” Boyle said. “We will try to accomplish training around shift changes. Typically, the next shift comes in a half hour early and the other shift stays a half hour longer, so we can give them the training that they need. “When we make a service call on a machine, we will provide to the customer a report that records details about the machine. We can catch potential problems and make recommendations. For example, if we see a vacuum motor has water around it, we can address the problem to prevent the customer from having to purchase a new motor.” Looking ahead, Boyle expects KCP will continue to grow. “I feel confident we will accelerate our growth based on how we have positioned ourselves with the line of products that we offer, while, at the same time, making sure our staff can address customers’ needs as we go forward,” Boyle said. Contact: Keep Clean Products, Inc., 15014 Staff Court, Gardena CA 90248. Phone: 310-327-7418; Toll free: 866-326-1494; Fax: 310-327-0097. Email: keepclean@earthlink.net. Website: www.keepclean.com.


Circle 46

ounded in July 2008, Raindrop Supply, of Tualatin, OR, services the Portland, OR, metro area offering environmentally friendly janitorial supplies and paper products to commercial, retail, and industrial properties. Raindrop Supply was spun from Expresso Building Services, a successful janitorial contractor in the Portland metro area. According to the company, Expresso was founded in 1990 by David Servatius. Servatius had built a robust janitorial supply and paper business through Expresso’s

accounts and the idea of creating a separate distribution com- friendly items first. The only time we sell something else is pany became an attractive business strategy. when the customer makes a specific request.” Raindrop’s mission statement reads: “Our mission is to beRaindrop boasts a knowledgeable and experienced staff come the ‘green’ janitorial distributor of choice in the Portland when it comes to green products and issues. The company has metropolitan area, while exceeding our customer’s expecta- participated in many LEED (Leadership in Energy and Envitions for service, reliability, product knowledge and support. ronmental Design) building projects, according to Humphrey. We will always promote the use of environmentally sustainLEED was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council able products and processes to minimize the impact of our (USGBC) to set a benchmark for design, construction and opcompany and products on the environment.” eration of high-performance green buildings. Raindrop Co-Founder “We joined the USGBC, and two of our employees and I are and General Manager Neal in the process of obtaining the LEED Green Associate credenHumphrey reported that tial,” Humphrey said. business is on an upward Not only does Raindrop sell eco-friendly products, it also track. practices green principles in its day-to-day operation. These “We have had our ups and practices include operating efficient delivery vans; making dedowns, but lately business is liveries at night, if possible, when there is less traffic; and runpicking up,” Humphrey said. ning an extensive recycling program for paper, cardboard, light “To continue to strive to pro- bulbs, chemicals, paint, metal, batteries, etc. vide excellent customer The company has also conducted upgrades to its facility in service is our primary goal. I such areas as lighting, insulation, skylights, hot water, ventilathink this is one of the things tion and laundry system. a lot distributors fall down “We have really tried to make a green facility here,” on over time. Humphrey said. Raindrop Co-Founder and “We stand behind our When it comes to offering training for customers, Raindrop General Manager Neal Humphrey services, whether it is the is working to expand in that area. products we sell, the dispensers we install or solving problems “We are starting to conduct more training with our cuswhen they arise. tomers and other contractors with which we work,” Humphrey “Our philosophy is customer relationships take a long time said. “We deal with many small contractors who don’t know to build; therefore, we protect our relationships by doing a lot much about the products we are selling. We are trying to offer for customers.” more training for them.” Humphrey outlined a few of the value-added, above and beIn delivering to its janitorial customers, Raindrop helps conyond the call of duty things Raindrop does for customers to- trol inventory and ordering for these accounts. ward the goal of offering the best customer service. “Because we are also doing the janitorial work at these ac“When we deliver supplies, we go to the customer’s site and counts, our janitors are usually the ones who tell us we need we inventory items. We take products out of the boxes and to order,” Humphrey said. “We know the usage patterns well, stock them in the janitorial closet for our customers,” which allows us to put these accounts on regular routes for Humphrey said. “We go that extra mile and make sure things deliveries. are put away and organized. “With our contracting busi“When we deliver supplies, we go to the customer’s ness, occasionally we will touch site and we inventory items. We take products out up a customer’s windows in the lobby. Sometimes we will proof the boxes and stock them in the janitorial closet vide mats at no charge or at a disfor our customers. We go that extra mile and make count, if they do business with us for supplies. sure things are put away and organized.” “Also, from a customer serv— Raindrop Co-Founder and General Manager Neal Humphrey ice perspective, we try to take care of problems right away, and not let issues drag on. We respond immediately. We “Also, many of these deliveries are done at night, which is drop what we are doing to take care of customers.” kind of unique. We have access at night because we have our A common theme lately, given the sluggish and uncertain contract crews there cleaning. “During the day, we take orders and we deliver orders. It economy, is companies are trying to do more with less. “People are trying to figure out ways to make their build- is more of a standard operation. Our customers fax or email ings more attractive to tenants, but they also want to pay less,” orders and we try to deliver them the next day.” As Raindrop strives to consult and partner with customers to Humphrey said. “It is just a constant trend. As a result, Raindrop is always trying to figure out how to provide more value help them do more with less, the company expects the same to our customers, even though everybody is price sensitive. type of relationships with suppliers. “With our suppliers, we are really looking for partnerships This is why we do things like offer free mats. We try to take the focus off of price and try to add more value, such as touching that go beyond just the business transaction,” Humphrey said. “We have received extended terms from our suppliers, which up windows.” In a consultative role, Raindrop can help customers redesign really helps a small company like Raindrop. “We don’t have a giant warehouse either, so we order pretty their programs to save money. “We can help customers focus their man-hours in areas frequently, while keeping a lean inventory. Therefore, we need they find most important,” Humphrey said. “We try to our suppliers to be able to deliver frequently in smaller work with them to develop a program that meets their amounts.” Despite the plodding and uncertain economic situation in needs rather than just reducing our prices.” As Raindrop’s name and mission statement allude to, the en- the country, Humphrey remains optimistic about Raindrop’s vironment is a big deal in the Northwest, thus the commitment success moving forward. “We have experienced a lot of growth. This year has been to helping take care of Mother Earth is of paramount imporpretty good,” Humphrey said. “Things are just kind of falling tance to the company. “We are committed to environmentally friendly products our way right now and we are feeling good about the future.” Contact: Raindrop Supply, 18250 SW 100th Court, and practices,” Humphrey said. “We don’t exclusively sell Tualatin, OR 97062. green products; however, there are ‘environmentally Phone: 503-310-9048; Fax: 503-692-5347. preferable’ products in categories that can’t be technically Website: www.raindropsupply.com. labeled ‘green.’ We try to lead and sell environmentally

A single winter storm in February 2011 cost Chicago-area businesses $600 million in lost revenue.* Use ice melt – protect your bottom line. *Chicago Sun-Times (March 8, 2011).


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July/August 2012

ëkcos innovations Now Offers 30-Day Powerscreen For Price-Conscious Consumers


resh from the success of its ëkcoscreen — a 60 day-plus anti-microbial, anti-splash urinal screen featuring patent-pending Sealed Bristle Technology™ — ëkcos innovations has now added to its product offering the 30-day Powerscreen for those end-users

who are a little more price conscious. ëkcos innovations is the only company licensed to produce urinal screens featuring Sealed Bristle Technology™, according to ëkcos innovations CEO and Co-Founder Ed Ramirez.

Circle 16

Just like ëkcoscreen, the Powerscreen eliminates urine splashback issues and features seven fragrances and colors to better fit each restroom decorum. Other Powerscreen benefits include: n The elimination of urine cross-contamination problems; n Decreases the chance of restroom damage and foul urine odors due to its splashback feature; n Emits fresh and pleasant fragrances; n Lasts for 30 days and is recyclable; n Features universal fit for urinals; n Available for private label; and, n Ideal for waterless urinals. “People with waterless urinals can experience splashback problems. The Powerscreen eliminates this issue, helping keep a much cleaner restroom environment. This is the same for our ëkcoscreen,” Ramirez said. “The ëkcoscreen was our company’s first entry into the marketplace, and we continue to have tremendous success with this product. “The big difference is the ëkcoscreen is a 60 day-plus urinal screen, while the Powerscreen is for 30 days. The latter product costs less, filling the gap for those end-users still wanting to prevent issues with splashing, yet have a tighter budget and needing a screen that is a little more affordable.” Although brand new, Ramirez said feedback from the company’s distributors and end-users regarding the Powerscreen has been very positive. “They are happy to see that we are using our patent-pending Sealed Bristle Technology™ on a lower cost 30day urinal screen,” he said. “Despite the advantages of using the longer-lasting ëkcoscreen, there are still end-users who must strictly look at the bottom line. Therefore, it was important that ëkcos innovations come out with an item that features a lower price point. We have done this with the Powerscreen.” Both urinal screen products from ëkcos innovations have experienced success in various types of public restrooms including those found in schools and universities, parks and recreation locations, convention centers, hotels and restaurants. ëkcos innovations is a whollyowned subsidiary of Software Licensing Consultants, a leading software consulting firm in California that specializes in Oracle cost-containment strategies. Brothers Ed and Guillermo Ramirez (Vice President of Operations and Co-Founder) realized several years ago a need for more innovative and hygienic products that would improve the overall public restroom experience. In response, ëkcos

innovations was created in 2005 ment. This includes the use of the and development of the ëkcoprint media and direct sales,” Ed screen soon began. Ramirez said. “ëkcos innova“Being complete outsiders to tions also provides same-day the cleaning industry and coming shipping. We know the faster our from the software business has distributors have our products, given us fresh perspectives on the faster they can please their trends and obstacles that today’s end-users. We are very diligent cleaning industry faces. This vanabout this aspect of business, tage point has allowed us to take along with providing quality cusadvantage of new and innovative tomer support. Being loyal to our products,” Ed Ramirez said. “The distributors has played a key role trend we continue to see is that in our company’s success.” end-users want, and are willing to He noted that ëkcos innovapay for, innovative products that tions is experiencing 200 percent work well. This is true even in a year-over-year growth, which is down economy.” a clear indication that its prodHe added that when customers ucts work and they are being acfeel they have the best product on cepted as “best-of-breed” by the market, they are more likely users. to re-order. The success of any “We don’t go into the marketproduct is driven by customer place to just mimic other prodsatisfaction, which drives repeat ucts in order to gain marketshare. business. Instead, we invent a product “Our company provides prodfrom scratch and make it work. ucts to improve hygiene in the This has led to our significant men’s public restroom. This inyearly growth,” Ed Ramirez volves product development and said. manufacturing,” Ed Ramirez ëkcos innovations’ products said. “We pride ourselves in havcan now be found not only in ing one of the most innovative North America, but in Australia, think tanks in the cleaning indusSouth Africa and South America ëkcos innovations produces try. The members of this think as well. urinal screens in seven tank are a source of great “We expect to experience furfragrances and colors. strength. We will not release a ther growth after introducing They feature the product that does not work, and new products that are currently company’s patent-pending would rather lose money on being tested at ëkcos innovaSealed Bristle Technology™. R&D than to launch an inferior tions. These items will be showCircle 82 product. cased at our company’s booth “Our ability to create end-user during this year’s ISSA/INTERdemand is also key. We promote and advertise products to CLEAN® (held October 16-19 at McCormick Place, help our distributors better generate leads.” Chicago, IL),” Ed Ramirez said. “These are jan/san products The company’s customer base consists of strategic and in- that distributors will be able to add to their portfolios.” novative distributors who pride themselves on carrying preContact: ëkcos innovations, 1001 Shannon Ct., mium products. Ed Ramirez said officials at ëkcos Suite B, Livermore, CA 94550. innovations remain very loyal to this distributor base and Phone: 925-371-1277 x24 for Guillermo Ramirez. enjoy worldwide distribution. Email: guillermo@ekcos.com. “We sell globally due to our extensive marketing departWebsite: www.ekcos.com.

Ice melt suppliers can claim just about anything.

PELADOW™ states the facts. Trusted for more than 60 years by maintenance professionals.


DAWNCHEM Celebrates 35th Year As Janitorial Supplies/Equipment Supplier

The DAWNCHEM sales staff at their 2012 Vendor Expo.

DAWNCHEM, of Cleveland, OH, celebrated its 35th year serving as a leading Ohio provider of janitorial supplies and equipment. DAWNCHEM specializes in providing an extensive inventory, as well as numerous green products and processes for its customer’s specific needs. While catering to larger industries such as schools and healthcare facilities, the company is open to the public and also draws in many smaller facilities and households. For more information on DAWNCHEM and its products/services call 1-800-533-DAWN or visit www.dawnchem.com.

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July/August 2012

ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Takes Place October 16-19 In Chicago “Reimagine Clean” is the theme of this year’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2012 scheduled for October 16-19, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. “Quality cleaning is an investment, not a cost to be minimized,” is a message ISSA believes to be so important that it is dedicating the entire ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America 2012 event toward arming professionals in the cleaning industry with the tools to help them gain greater customer appreciation for the true value they provide, according to ISSA. The annual event is designed to help business leaders meet top executives from every major industry supplier and attend sessions conducted by leading business trainers. Returning this year is Don Aslett’s Museum of Clean exhibit and an expanded Innovation Product Showcase. ISSA/INTERCLEAN brings together 600-plus exhibitors, providing many educational and networking opportunities. This year’s keynote speaker is legendary news icon Tom Brokaw. In his address, titled “The Voice of a Generation,” Brokaw will provide in-depth analysis of the important economic, political, and social issues in the headlines — and the people behind them — to help attendees understand how world events are shaping the market in which they work, according to ISSA. Brokaw will speak Thursday, October 18, at 8:30 a.m.. After 21 years as anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, Brokaw stepped down December 1, 2004. He continues to be a special correspondent for NBC News, producing and reporting on long-form documentaries, as well as providing expertise during election coverage and breaking news events. He has received numerous honors, including the Edward

R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award, the Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement, and he was inducted as a fellow into the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In addition, Brokaw has received the Records of Achievement Award from The Foundation for the National Archives; the Association of the U.S. Army honored him with its highest award, the George Catlett Marshall Medal, first ever to a journalist; and he was the recipient of the West Point Sylvanus Thayer Award, in recognition of devoted service to bringing exclusive interviews and stories to public attention. His insight, ability, and integrity have earned him a dozen Emmys and two Peabody and duPont awards for his journalistic achievements. In 2003, NBC Nightly News was honored with the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Newscast, representing the program’s fourth consecutive win in this category. He has an impressive series of additional "firsts," including the first exclusive U.S. one-on-one interview with Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, earning an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award. Brokaw was the first

Voting Opens For 2012 ISSA Innovation Award Program ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has opened voting for its distinguished Innovation Award Program. During this annual competition, distributors and industry end customers — including building service contractors and in-house service professionals — vote for the products and services they find most cutting-edge and relevant. This year’s program includes more than 43 product and service entries, which are featured online at www.issa.com/vote and in-person during ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2012, which takes place October 16-19 in Chicago, IL, USA. Voting runs through October 18, 2012, and winners will be announced at the ISSA Show Floor Happy Hour, which takes place that afternoon at 4:30 p.m. “Distributors and end customers know best about what is innovative, effective, and unique,” says Anthony Trombetta, ISSA sales director. “We want them to use their expertise to identify which new developments they feel provide the best solutions for their needs, which in turn well help shape the future of the cleaning industry.” Voters will determine a winner in five unique categories: Cleaning Agents, Disposables, Equipment, Services & Technology and Supplies. Voters will be entered into monthly drawings to win one of three Android tablets.

and only anchor to report from the scene the night the Berlin Wall fell, and was the first American anchor to travel to Tibet to report on human-rights abuses and to conduct an interview with the Dalai Lama. The NBC News anchor also has a distinguished record as a political reporter. He has interviewed every president since Lyndon Baines Johnson and has covered every presidential election since 1968. Brokaw was NBC's White House correspondent during the national trauma of Watergate (19731976). From 1984 to 2004, he anchored all of NBC's political coverage, including primaries, national conventions and election nights, and moderated nine primary and/or general election debates. In addition to Brokaw’s address, several educational sessions featuring expert speakers are also on tap throughout the trade show. On Tuesday, October 16, at 1:30 p.m., speaker Bob Losyk will present “Turn Around Turnover: Keeping the Best Employees.” One of the greatest dilemmas facing organizations today is the “revolving door syndrome.” Losyk’s program gives practical, cost effective, and easy-to-implement tools and techniques to create a productive and satisfied workforce in light of the outcomes good workers expect. Discover why employees really come to work. Understand the five major reasons why they leave. Plus, learn to build a feedback system that makes employees work more creatively and independently, and remain loyal. On Wednesday, October 17, at 8:30 a.m., Scott Deming will present “One Team — One Brand.” Great branding comes from turning typical customers into loyal, lifelong evangelists. Learn how to transform customers into evangelists, by delivering unique, emotional, one-of-a-kind, and unexpected customer service. Great customer service starts from the inside, and ultimately starts at the top. Understand how to effectively communicate, motivate and empower your people to work together toward one common goal. “Leadership and Vision to Drive a Customer Focused Culture” will be presented by Janelle Brittain on Friday, October 19, at 10 a.m. Brittain presents lessons in leadership, communications and strategic thinking into her unique session, which also will include the announcement of the ISSA Best Customer Service Awards. She will discuss how leadership in today’s world must tap into every aspect of human capabilities — from having a keen visionary mind to a combination of Machiavellian patience and a well-paced sense of urgency. Learn to create opportunities with the greatest potential, as well as find out which exhibitors were voted by attendees as providing the best customer service during the week. For more information on additional session available at ISSA/INTERCLEAN@ North America 2012, as well as a schedule of events, visit www.issa.com.

CHIC AG OCTOB O, IL - U ER 1 7-19, SA 2012 BOOT H4 018

I n d u st r i a l C l e a n i n g E q u i p m e n t

Two products join together in the Ultimate

Microfiber Cleaning System

3D Unique Microfiber Technology Filmop has perfected microfiber technology to offer the unique RapidoÂŽ microfiber mopping system.

t Long looped design t Improved longer life t No shrink


t Holds more soil than conventional microfiber mop heads. More yarn and a finer yarn structure provide more magnetism and more “hooksâ€? to hold more soil and water. t Exclusive long-looped design gets into grooves and pores. Special design reaches into edges and corners. t /P GPBN NBLFT JU TBGF GPS IFBMUIDBSF VTF Advanced microfiber technology doesn’t need foam padding, which can harbor bacteria or disintegrate. t 8BTIBCMF BU VQ UP ÂĄ ' Ultra-twist microfiber and advanced velcro backing results in superior life expendancy of our mop heads.

t Not just leading edge cleaningRapidoÂŽ picks up soil using the whole mop surface

Use Wet, Damp or Dry


Charging System


Top-Down charging system makes it fast and easy to charge up to 30 microfiber mop heads at one time! t Complete, even saturation in 30 minutes - Mop heads are charged with just the right amount of solution. t Uses less chemical solution - Just 1.5 gal of ready-to-use solution charges 30 16� mops. t Hands-free system - No hand-wringing. The system allows you to quickly attach and remove mop heads with no touching or wringing. t Save Energy - skip the dry cycle After washing, just load the mop heads into the charging bucket.

Easy click - Airtight System - Locks Solution in Bucket



6 1

3 2


FILMOPÂŽ USA LLC. 13410 Highway 105 West CONROE - TEXAS - 77304 (U.S.A.) Toll-Free: 888 741 0707 e-mail: info@filmopusa.com

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July/August 2012

From Intercon Chemical

30-plus year history of leadership in the creation and commercialization of new technologies. Consumers and businesses Clearly Better’s Pure – The New Disinfectant And Sanitizer Technology not familiar with Intercon will be familiar with the Intercon 37 years…No one at the U.S. Environmental Protection infections are out of control. High profile cases of food- created chemicals in leading cleaning product brand successes Agency (EPA) was working who had been there the last time borne infections and food recalls are becoming common- including Method Home Care and Swisher Hygiene. Clearly Better Solutions brand products and programs are a new disinfectant molecule was registered. The team at place. MRSA has jumped from health care into the local high Pure Bioscience spent six years and $40 million in the cre- school and health club locker rooms…the demand for a new, designed to bring breakthrough technologies to market in cleaning, disinfection, sanitation, skin effective and residual disinfecting techation and registration of this new disinfectant chemistry. care, air treatment and odor control. According to spokespeople at Intercon, a stabilized mol- nology is huge, according to Intercon. The company’s mission is, “To deAfter several years of looking for the ecule that is benign to humans, and even safe for use on food liver innovative, customer friendly contact surfaces — yet is toxic to bacteria, viruses, fungus right marketing and production partner, and environmentally responsible soluand germs was the result of this scientific tour-de-force. the team at Clearly Better Solutions was tions that solve problems not adePure — Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC)…the first new dis- selected to commercialize and market quately addressed by current options.” Pure to the jan/san, foodservice and infectant molecule registered by EPA in over 37 years. In addition to Pure, Clearly Better The Pure product trumps traditional disinfectants in nearly health care markets. Solutions offers programs under its To bring widespread attention to this every category and by every criterion used. Features include: Smart Drains, Smart Floors, Smart new technology, Clearly Better has n Pure is G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded as SAFE); Air, Clearly Better Scents and Clearly launched the product at the National n Pure kills germs in as little as 30 seconds; Better Medical brands. Restaurant Show and at the Association n Pure keeps killing germs on surfaces for up to 24 hours; More information is available at of Professionals in Infection Control. A n Pure was awarded the Child Safety www.clearlybetter.com. comprehensive program of consumer Network 2011 Child Safety Award and Intercon says that Pure’s SDC utiawareness has been launched to help Safe Family Seal of Approval; lizes a multiple pronged attack against businesses communicate their commitn Pure has the lowest level of label the cell wall and DNA of microorganment to customer service through their warnings allowable by EPA; isms. Silver ions are highly attracted use of Pure. n Pure may be used as a no-rinse sanitizer for food conto sulfur groups found in metabolic tact surfaces; “Don’t Worry, Eat Happy!” is the and structural proteins, allowing SDC n Pure is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive and nontheme of this awareness program for to target these proteins in an organfoodservice and restaurant operators. acidic; and, ism’s cell wall. This disruption of the n Pure kills MRSA, Salmonella, Rotavirus and 30 other Other market programs include, “Don’t organism’s membrane function and inWorry, Wait Happy!” for hospital and germs. tegrity lyses the membrane and the orOfficials at Intercon say that with a lengthy shelf life (lab doctor waiting rooms, “Don’t Worry, Stay ganism dies. samples are still in spec after nearly nine years) the product Happy!” for hotels, “Don’t Worry, Sweat In addition, citric acid is recogmolecule is anticipated to be the next generation of preser- Happy!” for health clubs and locker nized as a food source to some mirooms. vative ingredient for countless products. croorganisms. This allows SDC to Intercon spokespeople explain how SDC works, “It’s no According to Jim Epstein, Intercon easily enter the microorganism coincidence that ‘silver ware’ was originally made of silver. president, “We are excited, after years on Circle No. 73 through membrane transport proSilver is naturally anti-microbial and doesn’t support the the drawing board, to be in production growth of bacteria, so it’s ideal for eating utensils. The sci- of this new, in demand product for the jan-san, foodservice teins. Inside the organism, SDC binds to DNA and intraentific challenge was how to get it into a product that would and health care markets. Pure is a ‘game changing’ product cellular proteins causing irreversible damage to the DNA be convenient, stable and useable for disinfection and sani- that raises the bar in the ‘standard of clean’ and the way in and protein structure. Metabolic and reproductive functions halt, and the ortation, because in solution silver is highly unstable. In a pro- which facilities improve the environment for customers and prietary and closely guarded, trade-secret protected process, employees. Clearly Better Solutions is committed to devel- ganism dies as a result of this “Trojan Horse” attack. SDC’s a very precise balance of ingredients is blended and trans- oping products that meet the needs of our customers and efficacy against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses stems from its ability to target both the viral envelope and the viral formed into a highly stable liquid solution of Silver Dihy- contribute to the health of the environment.” drogen Citrate.” Clearly Better Solutions is the latest venture of the inno- nucleic acid. Silver destroys the viral envelope, preventing The need for improved disinfection and food contact sur- vative team at Intercon Chemical Company, St. Louis, MO, the virus from attaching to a host cell and it destroys the inface sanitation is critical. In health care, hospital acquired and is the brand marketing platform for Pure. Intercon has a fectious component of the virus, the nucleic acid.

Clearly Better Launches Patented, Green, Smart Drains And Smart Floors Products Clearly Better Solutions, (www.clearlybetter.com), has also announced its first production run and shipments of the Smart Drain & Smart Floor products, Smart Drain for Kitchens and Smart Drain for Restrooms. According to spokespeople, the patented Smart Drains & Floors program (www.smarterdrain.com) controls grease, odors and flies in and around floor drains, and offers a simple, green, low cost recyclable solution to the these persistent foodservice issues. Smart Drains & Floors products offer restaurants and foodservice operators the opportunity to save up to $7,500/year per kitchen by eliminating operating costs, reducing water consumption and saving labor, according to Intercon. Smart Drain for Kitchens is a patented floor drain maintenance system designed for the demands of commercial, industrial and restaurant kitchens, where cleanliness is paramount and best-cost utility is always a top priority. The patented Smart Drain system combines patented stainless steel floor drain covers that accept the matching Smart Drain recyclable “plug in” plastic cartridges. The cartridge, designed to last one month, contains both a unique grease-digesting enzyme formula and a proprietary natural insecticide formula in semi-solid forms. These elements dissolve over a month’s time as the companion Smart Floor no-rinse, enzymatic daily cleaner is washed down the floor drain during daily cleanup. The one click cartridge removal and replacement makes for easy maintenance. Smart Drain for Restrooms uses the same patented drain cover / drain cartridge system, but replaces the insecticide with a powerful, appealing fragrance and odor control element. It is a method of freshening the air while effortlessly breaking down organic waste that is naturally produced, according to company officials.

Both Smart Drain for Kitchens and Smart Drain for Restrooms are available to fit multiple floor drain shapes and sizes, with the Restroom version containing scents specifically created for men's or women's restrooms. The Restroom products also coordinate with Clearly Better Smart Air wall mounted odor control / fragrance products. Smart Drain is the latest innovation from Clearly Better Solutions. According to Jim Epstein, president, “We are excited, after years on the drawing board, to be in production of these new, in demand, products for the restaurant and commercial marketplace. The Smart Drain & Smart Floor Program for Kitchens/Restrooms are ‘game changing’ products that raise the bar in the ‘standard of clean’ and the way in which restaurants maintain kitchen and bathroom drains and floors. Clearly Better Solutions is committed to developing products that meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the health of the environment.” Clearly Better Solutions is the latest venture of Intercon Chemical Company. Consumers not familiar with Intercon may be familiar with the Intercon created chemicals in leading cleaning product brands including Method Home Care and Swisher Hygiene. Intercon says Clearly Better Solutions brand products and programs are designed to bring breakthrough technologies to market in cleaning, disinfection, sanitation, skin care, air treatment and odor control. The company’s mission is, “To deliver innovative, customer friendly and environmentally responsible solutions that solve problems not adequately addressed by current options.” Clearly Better Solutions offers programs under its Smart Drains, Smart Floors, Smart Air, Clearly Better Scents and Clearly Better Medical brands. More information is available at www.clearlybetter.com.

Maintenance Sales News


From AIR-SCENT® International

The AROMABEAM™ Directional Ambiant Fragrance Appliance — Add The Right Scent, Right Where You Want It.™ The large-area dry aroma diffuser is for spaces up to 50,000 cubic feet, according to spokespeople at AIR-SCENT International. It is preferred for controlled scenting of retail environments, hotels and health care facilities, spas, etc. According to the company, the newly “patented” AromaBeam™ method is the most powerful way to evoke positive responses in clients and consumers through their sense of smell; providing a signature “welcoming experience.” Two effective 30-day refill options are available: Table/floor mount or select from three wall/surface mounting options; for complete flexibility. Install near a power source.

Circle No. 72 AromaBeam™ advantages include: • Compact size, lightweight and highly durable heavy-duty construction; • Attractive matte finish; durable metal construction and made in the USA; • Coverage up to 50,000 cubic feet; • Plugs into standard wall outlet. 12V D.C. output (adaptor included); • Solid state circuitry for "completely adjustable" output flow; • Quiet high-output fan with LED speed indicator; • Non-skid rubber feet protects surfaces; • Tamper-resistant locking system; • Ingenious slide-out service tray for easy access and maintenance; and, • Full one-year replacement warranty. Visit www.AIRSCENT.com for more information.

From Kaivac:

Dispenses Fresh, Clean Solution Directly To Floors

Circle No. 71 Kaivac’s OmniFlex™ Dispense-and-Vac cleaning system dispenses fresh solution directly onto floors to minimize the possibility of spreading soils and contaminants. Lightly brush solution into grout lines, and then vacuum the soils and liquid away. Floors are clean and dry in minutes. In addition, the OmniFlex Spray-and-Vac system has been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, proved to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. For more information, visit www.kaivac.com or call toll-free: 800-287-1136.

Circle 56


July/August 2012

From SCA:

From Remco:

Tork Offers Liquid Soap Dispenser/Hand Sanitizer

Color-Coding Helps Ensure Delivery Of A Safe Product

SCA officials say its Tork brand offers professional hygiene products and services to customers ranging from restaurants and health care facilities to offices, schools and industries. Products include dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue, soap, napkins, and industrial and kitchen wipers. The company says through expertise in hygiene, functional design and sustainability, Tork has become a market leader. Tork is a global brand of SCA, and a partner to customers in over 80 countries. Tork Elevation Liquid Soap Dispenser According to SCA, Tork Elevation dispensers simplify and complement any environment, providing a clean, hygienic appearance. The new design ensures easy and intuitive maintenance, refilling and use. The Tork Liquid Soap System is suitable for all kinds of washrooms — including tough and demanding environments. To ensure portion control, the soap pump dispenses 1 ml. every time. The high capacity, 1-liter bottle allows for 1000 hand washes. The pump’s innovative technology prevents the dispenser from dripping and clogging.

Remco officials say using a color-coding model for cleaning tools and other industrial supplies is a practice that is gaining prominence as an easy system to implement for preventing cross-contamination in a food processing environment. Even where it’s not mandated by state or federal regulations, color-coding allows for quick and efficient visual confirmation that cleaning and material handling tools are in their designated zone. Remco says taking this step is useful for HACCP compliance and goes a long way toward helping ensure the delivery of a safe product. Whether creating a new color-coding scheme or if a customer needs a designated color for another critical zone in an existing

Tork Elevation Liquid Soap Dispenser

Circle No. 75

Tork Premium Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Circle No. 74

Tork Premium Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Tork Premium Alcohol Hand Sanitizer has proven hand sanitizer performance, according to the company. It contains aloe and panthenolis, 62 percent alcohol, has a E3 NSF rating and is CDC recommended. The dispenser can prevent overuse, it dispenses 1 ml. every time. The high capacity, 1-liter bottle allows for 1,000 hand washes. Pump-innovative technology prevents the dispenser from dripping and clogging. The collapsible refill ensures 70 percent less waste. Refilling can be done in one second with the “load and flow” feature. The Arm Lever is an hygienic way to dispense soap using your elbow. Also, the bottle is made from recyclable plastic. SCA is a global hygiene and paper company that develops and produces personal-care products, tissue, packaging solutions, publication papers and solid-wood products. SCA, in the United States, sells the TENA® line of personal care products for incontinence and Tork® brand napkins, paper towels, bath tissue, wipers and dispensers. TENA® and Tork® are registered trademarks of SCA Hygiene Products. Visit www.sca.com/us.

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www.GOFERPARTS.com 1-877-GOFER11 Circle 20

plan, Remco offers a wide range of color options. Company officials say Remco offers high quality injection-molded color-coded products such as shovels, scoops, scrapers, and mixing paddles, and is the exclusive U.S.-based distributor of Vikan® brushes, brooms, squeegees, and handles. All color-coded tools are available in green, blue, red, white, and yellow; and with recent additions, many products are now available in orange, purple and black. Consult a Remco Products catalog, website at www.remcoproducts.com, or call the customer service department at 317-876-9856 to identify the availability.

Spartan Chemical Offers New Floor Finish Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., has announced the immediate availability of a new floor finish: FloorFront™. The company says it’s a high gloss, low-maintenance floor finish that is also environmentally responsible. Spartan says customers find measurable labor savings with FloorFront ... it needs half the burnishing, recoating and stripping necessary with other zinc-free finishes. FloorFront Floor Finish meets Green Seal’s GS-40 standard for industrial and institutional floorcare products based on reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential. FloorFront contains no heavy metals and is completely zinc free. According to Spartan, customers can have it all ... gloss, productivity improvements, and an environmentally preferable product. Floor-

Front Floor Finish produces excellent off-themop and long-term gloss in high traffic areas — with as little as once a week burnishing. FloorFront’s durable shine increases time between recoats and strip outs — without Zn crosslinking. A modern polymer technology formula provides for clarity, depth of gloss, and superior durability without concern for yellowing. FloorFront will not powder with frequent burnishing and is detergent resistant. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., with corporate headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facilities in Maumee, OH, is an international manufacturer of chemical specialty maintenance products. Contact Spartan at 800-537-8990 or visit www.spartanchemical.com.

INDUSTRY PERSONNEL North American Salt Names Bob Harper Vice President/North American Consumer And Industrial Sales North American Salt Company, a subsidiary of Compass Minerals, has promoted Bob Harper to vice president of sales for its consumer and industrial business unit. Harper previously served as business director for Compass Minerals’ consumer and commercial deicing products and as general manager of the company’s Pristiva business. Prior to joining Compass Minerals, he held several executive-level sales, marketing and operational roles at BioLab and Goldline Controls/ Hayward Pool Products. Bob Harper Harper graduated from the State University of New York - Geneseo and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing. North American Salt Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Compass Minerals, sells salt and other minerals to customers throughout the United States.

The company’s products include mined rock salt for highway, consumer and commercial deicing, and high-grade branded and private label mineral products for a diverse range of applications, including water conditioning, human and animal nutrition, pool maintenance, and a variety of industrial uses. Visit www.nasalt.com for more information. Kaivac Hires New International Business Director Kaivac has announced the hiring of Marc Ferguson as the company’s new international business director. Ferguson was formerly director of sales and marketing for Vocalink, a company that specializes in translating web, print, soMarc Ferguson cial, and multimedia content from English into more than 100 different languages. One of Ferguson’s first tasks will be to develop international marketing strategy to further expand Kaivac’s prescence around the world. Visit Kaivac on Facebook at: http://tiny.cc/sbkd5.

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Circle 1


July/August 2012

Green Time Systems™ Product Line From Warsaw Chemical Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc.’s line of earth-conscious, environmentally friendly products, Green Time Systems™, focuses on cleaning, health and the environment without losing product performance. Products include all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, floor finish and floor finish stripper. Each Green Time Systems product offers different environmental and health benefits. Warsaw Chemical also provides the following customer benefits: • Complete product line; • Complete private label/brand program; • Product use & sales training seminars; • Full quality guarantee – all products; • Low FOB shipping requirements;

Strauss Paper Company Acquires Gemini Supply Corporation

• Green Time™ Product Line meets DfE; • Marketing support; and, • Custom blending. Contact Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc., P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Phone: 800-548-3396. Website: www.warsaw-chem.com.

Discover Warsaw Chemical

Strauss Paper Company (www.strausspaper.com) has expanded its distribution through its recent purchase of Gemini Supply Corporation. As a wholesale distributor of facility supplies and solutions, Strauss will be broadening its business operations in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, New York. Gemini Supply, in business since 1983, has a strong presence in the municipal agency and manufacturing sectors. “Expanding our distribution on Long Island allows us to implement our strategic initiatives that have a direct impact on our customers’ bottom line. In our efforts to rapidly respond to every customer’s need, these additional distribution routes will allow us to be in the forefront of the logistical interests of our customers,” said Robert Tamilio Jr., vice president of sales and marketing. “Strauss Paper and Gemini Supply have similar company goals, to provide clean, green, safe cleaning products at the lowest possible cost. George Flanagan, founder of Gemini, believes that, “We both saw the benefit to our clients, and with Stewart Strauss’s ability to navigate the changing climate of business, I was interested in joining forces with such a purposeful leader in the industry.” Strauss Paper Company is a wholesale distributor of facility supplies and solutions.

Offerings include a 90,000-square-foot warehouse and equipment showroom with over 150 equipment examples available for demonstration. Repairs, sustainable green products and next day deliveries are also standard. The company provides state-of-the-art ecommerce solutions, training and logistical management. Customers range from small to large facilities and include building service contractors, property managers, health care, education, hospitality and transportation facilities. Located in Westchester County, NY, the company has been in business in the New York Tri-State area for 70 years.

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Commercial & Industrial Floor Matting

Only Warsaw Chemical brings you this product lineup and these customer benefits: • Complete product line • Complete private label/ brand program • Product use & sales training seminars • Full quality guarantee – all products

• Low FOB shipping requirements • Green Time™ Product Line meets DfE • Marketing support • Custom blending

Based in the heart of the Bay Area, serving all of California. Oregon & Washington to the North, and Arizona, Nevada to the South, and Hawaii to the Far East

Call Kaz or Oz At 877-628-7787 or email sales@matguys.com Visit our website at www.matguys.com

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Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc. P.O. Box 858 • Warsaw, IN 46580 USA Tel: 800-548-3396 or 574-267-3251 • Fax: 574-267-3884 Email:wcc@warsaw-chem.com • http://www.warsaw-chem.com

Circle 63


Value-Added Wholesale Manufacturer Circle 36

In 1932, a Sicilian immigrant named Nicholas Marcalus revolutionized the paper industry by recycling old paper to manufacture new towel and tissue products. Through continuous innovation, Marcal became one of the most respected, environmentally-conscious companies in America.

Over the last 80 years, our name isn’t the only thing we changed. Today, as Soundview Paper Company, our company is led by industry veterans with more than 150 years of combined industry experience. From recycled bath tissue, towels and napkins, to new product lines with virgin fiber-based paper, Soundview is committed to producing quality, aordable products that meet the needs of both its customers and the environment. Soundview. The new name for innovation and excellence in paper.


www.soundviewpaper.com Circle 51


July/August 2012

By Harrell Kerkhoff Maintenance Sales News Editor

The use of disinfectants and sanitizers continues to grow within the janitorial/ sanitary industry as more people responsible for the care of building occupants see the need for added protection against various types of bacteria and viruses. Properly using these products, however, requires knowledge and often training. Maintenance Sales News Magazine recently interviewed company representatives from several well-known disinfectant/sanitizer producers to find out more about how they are helping distributors and end-users in this area of need.

and tools designed to combat illness associated with bacteria and viruses. “We offer a series of training programs for distributor sales and tech support teams to inform, educate and support ongoing efforts,” Epstein said. “The centerpiece of this effort is our PURE 24-hour disinfectant and food contact sanitizer — the state-of-the-art product in germ killing technology.” And, Epstein added, PURE is “G.R.A.S. — Generally Regarded As Safe,” with none of the hazards and many of the benefits of using bleach. Bleach and quats can be caustic, fume and don’t offer any residual surface protection. “PURE is truly a breakthrough in the fight against germs,” Epstein said. “PURE's SDC technology is even used to safely treat drinking water in places like Haiti and other areas where poor water quality is a risk to public health,” he said. “Our Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-level quality assurance program — along with market specific/customer focused marketing and educational programs and a national/international distribution network — have all helped Intercon/Clearly Better Solutions partner with technology leaders in raw material and basic chemical production to bring PURE to market.” According to Epstein, business for Intercon Chemical/Clearly Better Solutions has been good despite the general economic challenges being felt with some companies. “The great majority of our customers are growing, and

nderstanding how germs are spread, and thus, grams to further educate these customers.” A new, patented disinfectant is available from Intertheir prevention from surfaces, is what helps drive officials at Intercon Chemical Com- con Chemical/Clearly Better Solutions that Epstein said will provide added punch in the fight pany/Clearly Better Solutions to managainst infection. Known as PURE — ufacture and market a broad line of Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC), the chemical cleaners, disinfectants and product features the first new disinfecmaintenance products for jan/san, foodtant molecule registered by the U.S. Enservice, health care, school and cleanvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) in ing professionals. The company’s over 37 years, according to Epstein. It’s commitment to green and environmena stabilized silver ion molecule that is tally preferable solutions are at the benign to humans — yet toxic to bactefoundation of its technology efforts. ria, viruses, fungus and germs. “Officials from the Centers For Dis“PURE provides a non-hazardous, ease Control and Prevention (CDC) say fast and long-lastthat over 85 percent of infection comes “Those in charge of facilities need an awareness program ing answer to hard not by being sneezed on by someone surface sanitation in place involving posters and employee policies that bring who is sick, but rather through ‘selfIntercon Chemical Company and disinfection iscontamination.’ This involves touching attention to the best ways of germ prevention. They President Jim Epstein sues,” Epstein said. a contaminated surface, then touching should also have the means available to help visitors and your mouth, nose or eyes,” Intercon Chemical Com- “PURE kills germs in as little as 30 pany President Jim Epstein said. “Those in charge of seconds and keeps killing germs on workers keep their hands clean and be around clean and facilities need an awareness program in place involving surfaces for 24 hours. It comes to sanitized surfaces.” — Jim Epstein posters and employee policies that bring attention to the the marketplace just as the public is best ways of germ prevention. They should also have the more aware of disinfectants and expects facilities to have our growth continues along with theirs,” Epstein said. “We are aware that without customers, there is no busimeans available to help visitors and workers keep their the necessary programs and products in place.” Through additional education, training and products, ness to service. Our approach with customers is collabhands clean and be around clean and sanitized surfaces. “Good distributors have all the tools available to help officials at Intercon Chemical/Clearly Better Solutions orative. Everyone within our organization knows it’s their customers achieve these results, as well as pro- are helping provide the necessary information, programs their job to serve our customers. We are proud that many


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Circle 27

50 of our customers have been with us for over 25 years.” Intercon Chemical/Clearly Better Solutions sells to leading distributors in several markets. The company’s products can be found in restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, hotels, cruise ships, casinos, office buildings and with building service contractors. Contact: Intercon Chemical Company/ Clearly Better Solutions, 1100 Central Industrial Dr., St. Louis, MO 63110. Customer Service Team Phone: 800-325-9218 or 888-770-3434; Fax: 314-771-6608. Websites: www.interconchemical.com, www.clearlybetter.com.


raining end-users to successfully clean surfaces is the first of several steps needed to achieve total disinfection efficacy. Other critical steps involve the use of the right amount of application coverage with a disinfectant as well as proper wetness and dwell time, according to Clean Control Corporation Vice President of Research & Development Cory S. Hammock. Helping distributors and end-users with this message is an important part of customer service for officials at Clean Control Corporation, a manufacturer of disinfectants and other products headquartered in Warner Robins, GA. “We staff a microbiology lab on-site and participate in disinfectant development programs. This includes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Antimicrobial Testing Program (ATP), and the CSPA/Product Ingredient Review (PIR) Program/Antimicrobial Exposure Joint Venture (AEJV),” HamClean Control Corporation mock said. “Our mission at Clean Control is to meet Vice President of Research & customer performance and quality expectations. We Development Cory S. Hammock accomplish this through innovative product research and development along with proper communication with customers. One of our goals is to seek continuous improvement at all times. “It helps that current distributors can request a personal log-in from us to download detailed cross-reference sheets, high resolution photos, POS material and more.” The company is also proud to offer live customer service via phone during business hours as well as quick responses through its various social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. “It’s important for us to address consumer concerns and answer their questions as quickly as possible,” Hammock said. Products provided by Clean Control Corporation include air fresheners, carpet/upholstery cleaners, deodorizers/odor removers, disinfectants, drain maintenance prod-

“A desire for ‘green’ disinfectants exists. The EPA has recently approved five ready-to-use ‘green’ disinfectants that are based on organic acids (such as lactic and citric). We are researching various active ingredients and development of data to hopefully make more cost effective, efficacious and safer disinfectants available in the future.” — Cory S. Hammock ucts, floor maintenance products, hard surface cleaners, laundry products/fabric care, and specialty pet products for disinfecting as well as stain and odor removal. The company’s flagship products are OdoBan® and OdoBan® Ready-To-Use. Both are EPA registered as a deodorizer, disinfectant, sanitizer, mildewstat, fungicide and virucide. “We have seen demand increase steadily over the past few years for disinfectants and sanitizers,” Hammock said. “Training on the proper use of these and other Clean Control products is available via electronic and printed literature, product labels and information sheets. This includes step-by-step instructions for the proper dilution, use, disposal and appropriate protective equipment needed. “Our company has also created a series of videos available online highlighting various products and how each should be used.” Clean Control Corporation officials also keep a close watch on any trends associated with the type of products the company produces, including disinfectants. “A desire for ‘green’ disinfectants exists. The EPA has recently approved five readyto-use ‘green’ disinfectants that are based on organic acids (such as lactic and citric),” Hammock said. “We are researching various active ingredients and development of data to hopefully make more cost effective, efficacious and safer disinfectants available in the future.”

July/August 2012 Products produced by Clean Control Corporation are sold through major distribution outlets. End-users of these products include commercial and industrial facilities such as hotels, hospitals, day care centers, schools, restaurants and managed properties. “Our business has grown at a rate of about 15 percent during the past year, and we are optimistic about future growth,” he said. Looking ahead, Hammock advised distributors and end-users to be aware of recent changes found within the EPA regarding OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety training. He said OSHA issued revised Hazard Communication Rulemaking on March 26, 2012, to align with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). “EPA issued PR notice 2012-1 on April 9, 2012, noting that EPA has not yet moved to amend its labeling regulations to reflect the GHS. There are differences between EPA’s current requirements and the GHS related to classification criteria, hazard statements, pictograms and signal words,” Hammock said. “EPA recognizes this guidance may require end-users to become familiar with two different systems, at least until the agencies’ requirements are harmonized.” Contact: Clean Control Corporation 1040 Booth Rd., Warner Robins, GA 31088. Toll free phone: 800-841-3904 Customer service fax: 478-922-5395 Website: www.odobanprofessional.com


he Bullen Companies, along with its Airx Laboratories division, have been providing pathogen and odor control products since 1984. Airx is available on an exclusive basis through distribution throughout the United States and world-

wide. The Bullen Companies President Scott Jarden explained that Airx offers a variety of disinfectant products with up-to-date efficacy claims. This includes RX109 (1/2 per gallon), RX78+ (1 ounce per gallon), RX44 ACE (2 ounces per gallon neutral), RX44 HDQ (2 ounces per gallon, alkaline), RX75 (RTU) RX89+ (foaming aerosol), and RX79+ (disinfectant spray, aerosol). Jarden said that disinfectants play a key role in helping people stay healthy in various public facilities serviced by the jan/san industry. “(The Bullen Companies) saw a major increase in business with disinfectants in 2009 when everyone The Bullen Companies President was concerned about swine flu and other virus atScott Jarden tacks,” he said. “A lot of facilities since then have let their guard down. It’s important to remember that despite a lack of recent major highprofile disease outbreaks, those people in charge of caring for a facility still need to follow proper cleaning procedures while also using the right disinfectant products. “We offer many disinfectants because each one has a niche, depending on what the situation calls for within a facility.” Jarden added that Airx is normally sold through distribution. Many of these distributors service some of the largest hospitals in the United States. “Our products are also in over 1,300 nursing homes nationwide. Meanwhile, the household market can purchase Airx products one bottle at a time at www.buyairx.com,” Jarden said. “Through our affiliate program, distributors can refer their customers to this website for any product that the distributors do not have in stock, and still get credit for the sale.” According to Jarden, the most important aspect to properly using disinfectants is eduction — being able to inform distributors and end-users about the correct procedures and processes to use. “Airx provides printed, electronic and hands-on seminars on proper disinfectant procedures — “The point is, even those people in charge of from blood spill running facilities that are not hospitals and cleanup to the general use of disindon’t have infectious environments are still fectants,” Jarden required to have proper training procedures in said. “It’s required in almost every place with the right products.” — Scott Jarden type of business in the United States to have blood and body fluid cleanup procedures in place. There can be serious OSHA fines leveled if that training is not documented and on file. “The point is, even those people in charge of running facilities that are not hospitals and don’t have infectious environments are still required to have proper training

Maintenance Sales News procedures in place with the right products,” Jarden said. Having worked in pathogen and odor control since 1984 has given representatives of The Bullen Companies and Airx an edge in solving problems. “We address pathogen and odor control in three dimensions — airborne, surface and sub-surface. Our wide variety of products allow us to handle almost any pathogenic situation that is causing concerns,” Jarden said. The Bullen Companies and Airx normally ship orders in 24 hours or less, he added. There are four full-time staff people available via email or phone for technical questions. They can help sales people in the field get answers fast. “Business has been very good despite the economy. We are blessed to be in a business that supplies products most companies cannot do without,” Jarden said. “In the years ahead, the manufacture and supply of disinfectant products will become more difficult due to regulations and state fees. The Bullen Companies and Airx, however, are committed to remaining a good source for state-of-the-art cleaning, odor and pathogen control.” The Bullen Companies manufactures Airx and other brands known as Clausen, Road Off, One Up, e-clean and also provides private branding. Contact: The Bullen Companies, 1640 Delmar Drive, Folcroft, PA 19032. Phone: 610-534-8900; Fax 610-534-8912. Email: scott@bullenonline.com. Websites: www.airxinfo.com and www.bullenonline.com.


“So many times users don’t properly read a product’s label. They won’t let the product dwell on the surface for the required amount of time. The EPA specifically states that the surface must remain visibly wet for the prescribed contact time in order to achieve complete disinfection.” — Lorraine Gifford ity maintenance, heavy manufacturing, transportation, petro-chemical, agriculture, mining and the government. “We have enjoyed a very strong year due to the broadening of Spray Nine’s reach. The product was primarily known on the East Coast and Midwest, but has entered other markets since its purchase by ITW Permatex,” Gifford said. “Expansion is taking place via distribution throughout the country. For example, we are working hard with building service contractors as well as transportation centers, trucking companies, energy utility companies and those involved with food processing.” Contact: Spray Nine/ITW Permatex, 309 West Montgomery St., Suite 15B, Johnstown, NY 12095. Phone: 800-4SPRAY-9 (800-477-7299). Email: lorraine.gifford@permatex.com. Website: www.spraynine.com.


roviding fast kill claims on a variety of viruses and bacteria is an important virtue for any disinfectant. Stressing this importance are officials at Spray Nine/ITW Permatex, which manufactures Spray Nine Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant — a tough-task cleaner and quick-acting disinfectant. The company also produces various other types of cleaners, degreasers, hand cleaners and specialty cleaning products. “As a company and a product, Spray Nine has been around for 56 years. In 2008, we were acquired by ITW Permatex, which identified Spray Nine as a strong brand within the jan/san industry,” Spray Nine/ITW Permatex Director of Sales Lorraine Gifford said. “The namesake, Spray Nine, is a multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant. We believe it features one of the fastest kill times on the market. It kills viruses in 30 seconds and bacteria in 45 seconds. Spray Nine also sanitizes in 10 seconds. “It’s important to remember that part of disinfecting is first cleaning the surface. Dirt creates a bio-film which is a protective coating that actually helps bacteria to colonize. Spray Nine is a cleaner as well as a disinfectant.” The number of germ kill claims for Spray Nine continues to grow. In 2009, the product was one of the first to have a kill claim against H1N1 influenza. Other kill claims have been recognized against MRSA and HIV-1. “We have now received a 45-second kill claim against whooping cough, listeria (food poisoning) and polio type-1 virus,” Gifford said. “It’s important to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry and realize there are new outbreaks taking place. It’s also important our customers get the most out of our products.” When providing advice about the proper use of disinfectants and sanitizers, Gifford said the No. 1 step is to read and follow label directions. “So many times users don’t properly read a prodSpray Nine/ITW Permatex uct’s label. They won’t let the product dwell on the Director of Sales Lorraine Gifford surface for the required amount of time,” she said. “The EPA specifically states that the surface must remain visibly wet for the prescribed contact time in order to achieve complete disinfection. “Also, Spray Nine is an RTU (Ready To Use) product. The end-user doesn’t have to worry about properly diluting our product to accomplish complete germ kill.” According to Gifford, demand for disinfectants and sanitizers remains good. To help distributors and end-users be prepared, Spray Nine provides literature and white papers along with extensive training that involves distributor sales people. “We also provide information on our website and Facebook, where we are very active — all in hopes of offering proper education,” Gifford said. “We pride ourselves on customer service and monitor shipping levels to ensure orders are in the hands of customers on time and 100 percent complete. A customer survey is also conducted every year where a number of customers are selected in different markets. Their feedback is requested and reviewed. Adjustments are then made. We also have a complete technical team in place to answer inquiries.” Spray Nine products are sold through distribution to such markets as jan/san, facil-

Choose 1 Product... with 9 Uses! 1. Cleans 2. Degreases 3. Disinfects against viruses in 30 seconds 4. Disinfects against bacteria in 45 seconds 5. Sanitizes in 10 seconds 6. Kills fungus in 3 minutes 7. Deodorizes 8. Controls mold & mildew 9. Removes stains

New Lemon Scent Available!

For more information, visit our website at www.spraynine.com Follw us on Facebook www.facebook.coim/spraynine Spray Nine is a TM of Illinois Tool Works Inc. Copyright © 2012. Permatex, an ITW company. All rights reserved. 1203-145

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July/August 2012

From Advanced Vapor

Study Shows TANCS® Steam Vapor System Disinfects Through A Variety of Textile Types Advanced Vapor Technologies spokespeople say a surface disinfecting study conducted jointly by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) and the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA, demonstrated consistent disinfection of surfaces by application of TANCS®steam vapor even when using a variety of different cloth or textile applicators. The data was presented by Dr. Nancy Goodyear of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA, during a poster conference, "The Effect of Fabric Softeners on Disinfection by the AVT MondoVap 2400" at the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) AEC Conference, held recently. "The TANCS® device has been shown to be effective at disinfecting a wide range of microorganisms, including C. difficile spores and MS2 bacteriophage, a non-enveloped virus surrogate, even when used with a variety of textiles types including cotton and microfiber towels when washed without fabric softener, with liquid fabric softener, and with dryer sheets," said Dr. Goodyear, who led a team of other researchers at UMass Lowell, including Robert DeMatteo and Daniel Warden, Department of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Jason Marshall, Director of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) Lab. "All tests resulted in a 5-log reduction with 100 percent kill for both E. Coli and S. aureus. Laundering cotton or microfiber towels with liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets had

no impact on disinfection by the AVT MondoVap 2400," noted Dr. Marshall. Everett WA-based Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) provides steam vapor sanitation systems that enable deep cleaning and disinfection. Advanced Vapor Tech Independent Lab Tests Show Rapid Disinfection Of Tough Bacteria And Viruses — Including Norovirus — Without Harmful Chemicals Officials of Advanced Vapor Technologies have announced that data generated by three independent laboratories shows that the TANCS® steam vapor system provides rapid disinfection of tough bacteria and even non-enveloped viruses (including Norovirus) without the use of harmful chemicals. The following data was released by the independent labs performing the studies (reports available upon request). Microorganisms Tested Bacteria MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staph. aureus) VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis) Salmonella enterica E. coli Shigella flexneri Pseudomonas aeruginosa Staphylococcus aureus Listeria monocytogenes Clostridium difficile (Endospores) Klebsiella pneumoniae (NDM-1 Strain) MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staph. aureus) VRE (Vanco mycin-resistant Entero. faecalis) Salmonella enterica E. coli Shigella flexneri Pseudomonas aeruginosa Staphylococcus aureus Klebsiella pneumoniae (NDM-1 Strain)

Contact Time 5 Seconds 5 Seconds 5 Seconds 5 Seconds 5 Seconds 5 Seconds 5 Seconds 7 Seconds 5 Seconds 5 Seconds 2 Seconds 2 Seconds 2 Seconds 2 Seconds 2 Seconds 2 Seconds 2 Seconds 2 Seconds

Result Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection >99.5% Reduction >99.9% Reduction >99.9% Reduction >99.9% Reduction >99.9% Reduction >99.9% Reduction >99.9% Reduction >99.9% Reduction

Viruses Norovirus (Feline Calicivirus) Canine Parvovirus Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) H9N2 MS2 Virus (Non-enveloped "Indicator" Virus)

7 Seconds 7 Seconds 7 Seconds 2 Seconds

>99.99% Reduction >99.99% Reduction >99.99% Reduction >99.9% Reduction

Fungi Candida albicans Aspergillus niger Tricophyton mentagrophytes Candida albicans Aspergillus niger

5 Seconds 5 Seconds 7 Seconds 2 Seconds 2 Seconds

Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection Complete Disinfection >99.9% Reduction >99.9% Reduction

Chemical Free Cleaning Network (CFCN) And Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) Announce Results Of Green Disinfection Survey, Drawing Winner The Chemical Free Cleaning Network (CFCN) (www.cfcn.info/) and Advanced Vapor Technologies (www.advap.com/tancs/) have announced the results of the June 2012 “Green Disinfection Survey” based on 70 respondents as well as the winner of the drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of IEHA’s Infection Prevention For Dummies book. The survey consisted of four questions, resulting in the following top answers to each question: 1. Name the three greenest ways to quickly destroy germs on environmental surfaces … Top answers in descending order (since more than one answer was permitted, percentages total more than 100 percent): Dry Steam Vapor - 91.4 percent, Hydrogen Peroxide - 68.6 percent, UV-C - 48.6 percent; 2. Name the three most challenging microbes you will need to deal with when disinfecting (pick any three). Top Answers in descending order (since more than one answer was permitted, percentages total more than 100 percent): C. difficile - 74.3 percent, MRSA 58.6 percent, Norovirus - 58.6 percent; 3. Dwell time is best described as … Top Answer: How long germs must be exposed to the germicidal agent for it to kill them (to the extent described on the product label) – 100 percent; and, 4. Study says: The product requiring the shortest dwell time for maximum disinfection of environmental surfaces is (pick one)… Top Answers in descending order: Dry steam vapor with nanocrystal water treatment module - 79.7 percent, Bleach - 11.6 percent, Quats - 8.7 percent. The winner of the random drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of IEHA’s Infection Prevention For Dummies book was Willa van Schalkwyk, director of housekeeping, Four Seasons Hotel, Boston.

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ACS Industries, Inc. One New England Way Lincoln, RI 02865-4247 USA Phone: 401-769-4700 FAX: 401-333-6088 E-Mail: rbeaudette@acsind.com Web Site: www.scrubble.com Company Officers: Steven Buckler, President; Rory Beaudette, Vice President Sales Products: The Scrubble Division of ACS Industries has been manufacturing professional cleaning products since 1939 for the foodservice, janitorial and sanitary supply markets. ACS manufactures a full line of cleaning products, including metal scrubbers, scouring pads, grill cleaning items, soap pads, mops, brooms, brushes, nonwoven floor pads, steel wool floor pads and sand screens. 11

Bel-Maid Company P.O. Box 1101 Brick, NJ 08723 USA Toll Free: 800-527-4947 Phone: 732-905-2600 Fax: 732-905-2620 E-Mail: bmco1962@aol.com Company Officers: Madeline Havens Products: Rayon and cotton cut end mops; loop mops - rayon color blends and finish mops; brooms; handles; brushes; squeegees; bucket combos; dust mops, frames, handles; dust pans. 11

Products: Mop buckets, wet floor signs, squeegees, dust pans, and carpet bonnets. Carolina Mop carries a full line of wet mops, dust mops, brooms, brushes, and handles. 05 Cleaning Technologies Group P.O. Box 1247, One Fuller Way Great Bend, KS 67530 USA Phone: 620-792-1711 Fax: 620-792-3146 E-Mail: ctginfo@cpac.com Web Site: www.cleaningtechnology.com Products: The Cleaning Technologies

Group - Franklin, Masury Columbia and Fuller Brush Professional – markets products, programs and services for janitorial, industrial and institutional cleaning. 07 Crystal Lake Manufacturing, Inc. P.O. Box 159 Autaugaville, AL 36003 USA Toll Free: 800-633-8720 Phone: 334-365-3342 Fax: 334-365-3332 Web Site: www.crystallakemfg.com Products: Brooms (broom corn, blended

Carolina Mop 819 Whitehall Road Anderson, SC 29625 USA Toll Free: 800-845-9725 Fax: 864-225-1917 E-Mail: info@carolinamop.com Web Site: www.carolinamop.com

E. Gornell & Sons, Inc.

Engineers and Manufacturers of Industrial & Custom Brushes Since 1892 Over 100 Years of Quality, Service & Excellence

2241 N. Knox Ave. Chicago, Il. 60639 Tel: (773) 489–2330 Fax: (773) 489–1102 email: sales@gornellbrush.com Website: www.gornellbrush.com

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Private Labeling w/no Minimum order Quantities Mfg. to your meet your Target Price Mfg. to your Product Specification or Packaging Requirements

We Carry a Full Line of Jan/San Brooms, Brushes & Accessories www.gscmanufacturing.com Phone: (615) 248-6556 Fax: (615) 248-6558

Grown & Sewn in the USA Circle 22

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July/August 2012

and plastic), mop heads, deck mops, dust mops, dust mop frames and handles, broom handles, complete line of handles, industrial and household wedge mops, industrial and household mopsticks, angle brooms, lobby brooms, whisk brooms, sponge mops, push brooms, and utility brushes. 04 Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. 220 S. Fehr Way Bayshore, NY 11706 USA Phone: 631-918-4560 Fax: 631-918-4561 E-Mail: culicoverbrush@aol.com Web Site: www.culicoverbrush.com Company Officers: Richard Shapiro, President; David Shapiro, Treasurer Products: Floor brushes, garage brushes, counter dusters, radiator and window brushes, truck brushes, street brooms, corn brooms, baseboard brushes, bi-level scrubs,

deck scrubs, hand scrubs, pot brushes, wet and dry mops, broom and mop handles, dustpans, squeegees. Culicover & Shapiro was established in 1929 and operated from loft in a building that now comprises the South Street sea port in New York. The company now occupies a large modern facility in Bayshore, NY. It can manufacture all types of brooms quickly and efficiently with modern CNC machinery, but still can run small orders and do hand work. Can also manufacture to specifications and be an OEM for other brush manufacturers. 11 Delamo Mfg. 7171 Telegraph Rd. Montebello, CA 90640 USA Phone: 888-711-8011 Fax: 323-936-3567 E-Mail: delamo@delamo-mfg.com

Carolina Mop Manufacturing Co. "By Test - The Best Mops Made"

www.carolinamop.com E-mail: info@carolinamop.com Toll Free: 1-800-845-9725 Fax: 1-864-225-1917 P.O. Box 5072 Anderson, SC 29623

Web Site: www.delamo-mfg.com Products: Innovative cleaning tools, including trash/utility cans, pails, wringer buckets, dust pans, mop sticks, and more. 10 EMSCO Group 617 Church St. - P.O. Box 151 Girard, PA 16417 USA Toll Free: 800-458-0839 Fax: 814-774-3463 Web Site: www.emscogroup.com Products: Residential and commercial grade cleaning aids. Emsco manufactures and distributes mops, brooms, brushes, buckets, accessories and others. Its complete line of products can be seen at www.emscogroup.com. Emsco Group, originally the Theo J. Ely Company, was founded in 1867. The company originally produced wooden mop buckets, mop handles, carpet beaters, etc. Emsco Group has the manufacturing capability to develop and manufacture products in venues including: metal stamping, injection molding, textile conversion, staple setting, wood handle conversion and market specific assembly. Its main manufacturing and distribution facility in Girard, PA, is located centrally for convneient shipping. 11 Filmop USA 13410 Hwy 105 West Conroe, TX 77304 USA Phone: 936-588-8942 Fax: 936-588-8948 E-Mail: info@filmopusa.com Web Site: www.filmopusa.com

Products: Designs, manufactures and distributes: buckets; carts - hospital, janitorial and maid; dusters; dusting cloths; dustpans; floor finish applicators; handles - mop, broom, brush and telescopic; microfiber products; mopping equipment; mops - dust and wet; plastic containers; safety products - equipment and signs; squeegees - floor and window; wall washing equipment; waste receptacles; window cleaning accessories; wringers. 11 Gift Sales Co. P.O. Box 17082 Wichita, KS 67217 USA Phone: 316-267-0671 FAX: 316-267-2930 E-Mail: gscjansplymfr@juno.com Web Site: www.giftsalescompany.net Company Officers: Bill Myers, Owner/ President Products: Dust pans metal & plastic, urinal screens, enzyme blocks, 20 lb. deodorant blocks, fly swatters, wall blocks, urinal blocks, asorbit, bottles, caps. 10 Golden Star Inc. P.O. Box 12539 Kansas City, MO 64116 USA Phone: 816-842-0233 Fax: 816-842-1129 Email: goldenstar@goldenstar.com Website: www.goldenstar.com Products: Full line vertically-integrated manufacturer of professional surface cleaning tools, systems and accessories. This includes wet and dust mops, microfiber pads and cloths, dusters, bonnets, corn and push brooms, and hardware. 12


Stainless-Steel Components Completely Autoclavable

Hand Pads Floor Pads Utility Pads Trash Cans Trigger Sprayers Dust Pans Microfiber Dust Mops WET MOPS


HYGIENIC CLEANING PRODUCTS Chemical Resistant | Non-Sparking | FDA & USDA Approved




Cut-end, Screw Connector, Looped-end




Deck Mops, Sponge Mops, Wedge Mop

Launderable and Disposable

Metal, Plastic, Threaded & Tapered

Toll Free: 1-800-848-8483

32 Case St. Poland, NY 13431

Request a Catalog: Perfex@PerfexOnline.com

Carolina Mop Manufacturing Co.


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Maintenance Sales News

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. 6247 Randolph Street Commerce, CA 90040 USA Phone: 323-724-7777 Fax: 323-724-1111 E-Mail: sales@gordonbrush.com Web Site: www.gordonbrush.com, www.marxbrush.com, www.milwaukeedustless.com Company Officers: Kenneth L. Rakusin, President and CEO Products: Miniature scratch and plater’s brushes, large scratch and plater’s brushes, cylinder/roller brushes (all sizes), single spiral and 4-wire single spiral brushes, double spiral brushes, micro spiral brushes, artist brushes, cosmetic brushes, forensic brushes, wire drawn brushes, custom and specialty brushes of all materials and configurations. The Company was founded in 1951 by Don Gordon, a brush maker and machine builder. It was purchased in 1973 by the Loitz family and was sold to Ken Rakusin and the Loitz’s son, Bill Loitz, in January, 1998. Gordon Brush invests heavily in the latest CNC controlled machinery. Gordon Brush can make any staple set, hand laced, wire drawn or twisted-in-wire brush to meet customers’ needs. Its in-house tool-making facility, coupled with state-ofthe-art CNC equipment, provides the ability to produce all brush components necessary for custom products. Can imprint and private label brushes for the brush industry. 10 E. Gornell & Sons, Inc. 2241 N. Knox Avenue Chicago, IL 60639 USA Phone: 773-489-2330 Fax: 773-489-1102 E-Mail: sales@gornellbrush.com Web Site: www.gornellbrush.com Company Officers: Gus H. Treslo, President; Diane Treslo, Secretary/ Treasurer Products: Gornell built its reputation as a custom designer and manufacturer of quality brushes for industry and maintenance. Gornell is a leading supplier of scratch, platers and welder brushes, staple set on the latest CNCcontrolled machinery. Gornell continues to cus tom-design and manufacture staple set and wiredrawn brushes for industry, using all types of wire, synthetic and natural fill materials. E. Gornell & Sons, Inc., was founded in 1892 by Edward Gornell. For over 100 years, Gornell has been supplying quality brushes and excellent service at very competitive prices. E. Gornell & Sons continues to grow, producing quality brushes with the latest state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Gornell will imprint and private label brushes for the brush industry. CAD/CAM design available. Special packaging is offered to meet specific requirements. Gornell is celebrating its 120th anniversary. 11


GSC Manufacturing, Inc. 510 Merritt Avenue Nashville, TN 37203 USA Phone: 615-248-6556 Fax: 615-248-6558 E-Mail: info@gscmanufacturing.com Web Site: www.gscmanufacturing.com Company Officers: Gina Lofredo and Scott Atkinson Products: Manufacturer of premium quality wet mops available in cut-end, loopend, finish mops and T-bar construction. GSC also manufactures a full line of launderable and disposable dust mops. All mops are available in a variety of natural and synthetic yarns to meet every customer’s special needs. Natural and plastic brooms, push brooms and industrial brushes, handles and frames complete a full janitorial and commercial line of cleaning products. GSC has been manufacturing since 2000. All wet mops and dust mops are made in the USA. GSC is a certified Woman Owned Business. GSC Manufacturing was incorporated in 2000 to become an industry leader in the production and development of cleaning products. OEM programs, private labeling, custom packs, and short lead times from receipt of order to delivery are available. 11

E-Mail: service@hastemops.com Web Site: www.hastemops.com Company Officers: Robin Stewart Products: Manufacturer of quality (Made in the USA) mopping products. Specializing in janitorial and industrial hard floor care. Quality product line of wet mops, dust mops, microfiber products, hardware and no-lint monofilament finish mops. Includes custom factory and private labeling as well as construction modifications to suit customer needs. 12 Haviland Corporation 200 S. Hwy. U - P.O. Box 769 Linn, MO 65051 USA Phone: 573-897-3672 Fax: 573-897-4497 E-Mail: squeegees@havilandcorp.com Web Site: www.havilandcorp.com Company Officers: Jan Haviland, President & CEO; Dale Heidbrink, VP of Operations;

Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. P.O. Box 168 Union City, IN 47390 USA Toll Free: 800-228-6677 (MOPS) or, 937-968-4858 Fax: 937-968-4524

John Painter, VP of Information Systems Products: Haviland manufactures floor and window squeegees; waterbrooms; replacement blades for sweeper scrubbers and paving tools in the United States. Over 90 percent of the raw materials Haviland Corporation uses to manufacture products are derived from the USA. Haviland manufactures the largest selection of floor squeegees in North America including non-marking, neoprene, FDA approved, double foam, antimicrobial and numerous others, according to the company. Haviland Corporation’s selection of floor squeegees also includes variations in blades such as flat edge, multi edge, double, serrated (notched), and beveled. 12 Lafitte Mop Co., Inc. P.O. Box 577 Villa Rica, GA 30180 USA Phone: 770-459-5966 FAX: 770-459-1116

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July/August 2012

dusters; synthetic and microfiber dusters; high dusting and floor dusting. Also, floor finish applicators, window care accessories, automotive care accessories. Company can also help design and manufacture exclusive products. 08

E-Mail: lmc@lafittemop.com Web Site: www.lafittemop.com Company Officers: John Lafitte, President; Cathy Lafitte, Secretary/Treasurer Products: Lafitte Mop Co., Inc. manufactures in the USA a broad line of wet mops, cottons, blends, rayons, and synthetics offered in narrow band, wide band, fan tail, looped-end and screw type styles. Lafitte specializes in all types of dust mops from economy to high-end launderable. Also offered are handles, brushes, brooms, frames, and microfiber products. A full line of green products made from both renewable and recycled materials rounds off the product offering. Private label, logos, UPC, bar coding and OEM programs available. 12

Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. P.O. Box 932 Clarksville, TX 75426 USA Phone: 903-427-2261 Fax: 903-427-5230 E-Mail: sales@magnoliabrush.com Web Site: www.magnoliabrush.com Products: Floor and garage brushes, street brooms, scrub brushes, masonry brushes, paintbrushes and sundries, squeegees, concrete finishing brooms, hot-dipped pails, fender and utility brushes, wax applicators and corn brooms, 11

Laitner Brush Company 1561 Laitner Drive Traverse City, MI 49686 USA Phone: 231-929-3300 FAX: 231-929-7219 E-Mail: sales@laitner.com Web Site: www.laitner.com Products: Brooms, brushes and squeegees. 09

The Malish Corporation 4260 Hamann Parkway Willoughby, OH 44094 USA Phone: 440-951-5356 Fax: 440-951-0293 E-Mail: comments@malish.com Web Site: www.malish.com Company Officers: Terry J. Malish, Chairman; Jeffrey J. Malish, President & CEO Products: Leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial floor machine brushes. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and China, and a sales office and warehouse in Europe, Malish is positioned to handle customer require-

Lambskin Specialties 250 Dufferin Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2W 5J1 CANADA Toll Free: 800-665-0202 Fax: 204-582-5598 Web Site: www.lambskin.com Products: Leading supplier in the duster category; dust, wand, wool and feather

Full Line of Maintenance and Utility Brushes, Brooms and Accessories with Wire, Fibre or Synthetic Bristles BroomsPush, upright and whisk BrushesFloor sweeping Scratch, block and pipeline Sanitary, scrub & swabbing Counter, bench and window Paint, roof and masonry SqueegeesWindow and floor

(978) 840-6420 (978) 840-6421 Circle 2

Marino – Vileda Professional 59 Talman Ct. Concord, Ontario L4K 4L5 CANADA Phone: 905-669-9949 Fax: 905-669-5750 Toll Free: 800-265-6267 Web Site: www.marinomop.com or www.vileda.com Products: Brooms, brushes, mops, dust mops, mop handles, floor squeegees, microfiber wiping cloths, buckets & wringers, plastic bottles, health care products, washroom accessories, and more. 10 Mill-Rose Company, The 7995 Tyler Blvd. Mentor, OH 44060 USA Phone: 440-255-9171 Fax: 440-255-5039 E-Mail: info@millrose.com Web Site: www.millrose.com

Company Officers: Paul Miller, President Products: The Mill-Rose Company is suited to manufacture brushes as tiny as .014-inch in diameter to 15-inch wire wheel brushes, using a diverse range of metals and both natural and synthetic fibers for bristle material. Production runs vary from high-volume standard or custom orders to small-volume specialty orders. Style and types of brushes include, but are not limited to, twisted-in-wire, strip brushes, staple set, end, cup, wheel, drawn and more. Mill-Rose offers a complete range of standard materials (high carbon, stainless steel, brass, bronze, nylon, bristle) etc., a variety of animal hair, and more. Also offered are aluminum silicate, and different grits of diamondmixed aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, as well as different grits of plain aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. MillRose also offers Panex 35 for carbon fiber anodes. 12 Milwaukee Dustless Brush Gordon Brush Wisconsin, LLC 6247 Randolph Street Commerce, CA 90040 USA Phone: 323-724-7777 ext. 280 Fax: 323-724-1111 E-Mail: alan@gordonbrush.com Web Site: www.milwaukeedustless.com Company Officers: Kenneth L. Rakusin, President and CEO; Alan Schechter, Dir. of Sales/Mgking Products: Brooms; brushes; squeegees;


P.O. Box 17082 Wichita, KS 67217 1-800-992-0181 Fax No: 1-316-267-2930

PFERD INC. 30 Jytek Drive Leominster, MA 01453

ments virtually anywhere on the globe. Malish also offers a full line of janitorial and foodservice/color-coded brushes for use in a wide variety of industries. More recently, the Diamabrush™ Floor Preparation System by Malish was introduced, offering a complete line of specialty brushes for prepping concrete and wood as well as mastic removal. Malish Plastics is a division of The Malish Corporation with manufacturing and sales operations at the corporate headquarters in Willoughby, OH. Malish Plastics specializes in custom thermoplastic extrusions to produce a wide range of profiles and tubes. 12

www.pferdusa.com email: mail@pferdusa.com

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dusters; mops (including the eMop™ Bucketless Mop System); sweepers (including: Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper); brooms: Speed Sweep®, Speedy Corn®; upright and lobby, deck scrubs; truck wash brushes; Speed Squeegy®: aluminum, flex squeegy; utility brushes; Perma Poly™ brush, industrial and retail. 12 Moonsoft International, Inc. 3808 N. Sullivan Rd., Bldg. 12, Suite Q Spokane, WA 99216 USA Phone: 877-892-9360 Fax: 509-892-9355 E-Mail: dan@moonsoftcorp.com Website: www.moonsoftcorp.com Company Officers: Sarah Mao, Dan Simmons Products: Microfiber mop pads and dusters, related hardware. 12 Nexstep Commercial Products, 1450 W. Ottawa Road Paxton, IL 60957 USA Phone: 217-379-2377 Fax: 217-379-9901 E-Mail: sales@ocedarcommercial.com Web Site: www.ocedarcommercial.com Company Officers: Todd Leventhal, President; Stan Koschnick, Vice President, Operations Products: Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar. A complete line of commercial cleaning products... brooms (angle and traditional upright), floor sweeps, brushes (utility, counter, scrubs and bowl), wet mops (traditional), mops (self-wringing, sponge and roller), dust mops, microfiber (cloths, wet mops, dust mops, dusters, bonnets, heads/holders, cleaning systems, etc.), squeegees (floor and window), dusters, car-

pet sweepers, bonnets, heads/holders, cleaning systems, etc.), squeegees (floor and window), dusters, carpet sweepers, bonnets, dispensers, sponges, floor mats, rotary brushes, pad drivers, hardware for rotary brushes, carts and mop buckets and wringers. 12

dles out of Brazil. Northeast and the Malinski factory offer reliability, consistent quality and timeliness of shipping. Multi-annual logging contracts will guarantee its raw material for years to come. Northeast continues to be a leading wooden handle supplier. 12

Perfex Corporation 32 Case Street Poland, NY 13431 USA Toll Free: 800-848-8483 Phone: 315-826-3600 Fax: 315-826-7471

Norshel Industries, Inc. 2933 River Rd. Croydon, PA 19021 USA Toll Free: 800-355-MOPS Fax: 800-MOP-S190 E-Mail: sales@norshel.com Web Site: www.norshel.com Products: Wet mops, handles, dust mops, brushes, dust pans, poly and corn brooms. 06 Northeast Ltda. Rua Lisboa, 453 Sao Paulo S.P. 05413-000 BRAZIL Phone (U.S.): 917-842-5062 Phone: 55 11 3085 4955 E-Mail: michaelg@northeast-brazil.com Web Site: www.northeast-brazil.com Company Officers: Michael Grossman, Elaine Kimoto, Isabela Zanini Products: FSC and non-FSC wooden handles; softwood and hardwood, all finishing available including sanded, lacquered or painted; all accessories such as metal threaded tips, thread on wood, tenon, domed, plastic caps, etc., available, as are bar codes and private labels. All packing available including strip pack, box pack, etc. Metal handles and angle brooms are also available. Northeast, over the past seven years, has developed into a prime resource for quality and legally logged wooden han-

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Push Brooms

Street Brooms

Concrete Finishing Brushes

Utility Brushes

p ro f e s s i o n a l s e r i e s

Bi Level Scrub Brushes

Galvanized Pails

Direct importers/distributors of hot dipped galvanized pails, tubs, chip brushes, corn brooms, handles and other quality products. P.O. Box 932 * 1001 N. Cedar * Clarksville, TX 75426 (903) 427-2261 phone * (903) 427-5230 fax email: sales@magnoliabrush.com http://www.magnoliabrush.com

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I N C .

t: 888-711-8011 t: 323-936-3566 f: 323-936-3567 w: delamo-mfg.com e: delamo@delamo-mfg.com 7171 Telegraph Road Montebello, CA 90640 USA

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E-Mail: perfex@perfexonline.com Web Site: www.perfexonline.com Products: Eliminate cross-contamination with Perfex color-coded brooms, brushes and handles. Brushes are constructed entirely of polypropylene, making them 100 percent recyclable and safe for the environment. Polypropylene is non-conductive and will not absorb bacteria, liquids or odors. Perfex brushes are engineered to exceed rigorous demands and hygenic concerns of today’s controlled environments. FDA and USDA approved. PFERD Milwaukee Brush Company 30 Jytek Drive Leominster, MA 01453 USA Toll Free: 800-342-9015 Fax: 978-840-1563 E-Mail: sales@pferdusa.com Web Site: www.pferdusa.com Company Officers: Gene Huegin, President; Sam Birel, Vice President Operations; Ralph Whitcomb, Vice President Finance; Diane Scalley, Director Business Process Integration Products: Brooms, floor sweeps, squeegees, paintbrushes and accessories, scratch and chip brushes, utility and deck scrub brushes, power wire brushes and abrasive filament nylon brushes (MBRAD®) 12 Quinn Broom Works, Inc. 1527 IL Rt. 121, P.O. Box 575 Greenup, IL 62428 USA Phone: 217-923-3181 Fax: 217-923-5150 E-Mail: qbroom@rrl.net Web Site: www.quinnbroomworks.com

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Company Officers: Mark D Quinn, President Products: All types of wound, nail, kitchenette, whisk and toy brooms. Corn brooms manufactured to customers’ specifications. 12 Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. 522 W. Chestnut Street Union City, IN 47390 USA Phone: 765-964-3252 Fax: 765-964-5343 E-Mail: customerservice@reitprice.com Web Site: www.reitprice.com Products: Wet mops, dust mops, squeegees, handles, corn brooms, microfiber mopping pads and microfiber cleaning towels. 10 Remco Products 4735 W. 106th Street Zionsville, IN 46077 USA Phone: 317-876-9856 Fax: 317-876-9858 E-Mail: sales@remcoproducts.com Web Site: www.remcoproducts.com Company Officers: Michael Garrison, President; Cristal Garrison, Controller; Chuck Bush, Jr., Director Of Sales/Marketing Products: Remco Products is a trusted supplier of a wide selection of high quality color-coded sanitation products made from FDA-compliant materials and ISO-certified to meet the demands of several industries and applications. Remco manufactures injection-molded polypropylene tools such as shovels, scoops, scrapers, tubs, and mixing paddles, and is the exclusive U.S. based distributor of Vikan® color-coded brushes, brooms, squeegees, and handles. 12

Royal Paint Roller Mfg. Corp. 248 Wyandanch Ave. West Babylon, NY 11704 USA Phone: 631-643-8012 Fax: 631-253-9428 E-Mail: royalpaintroller@aol.com Products: Paint roller covers made of lambskin, Kodel, lambs wool, synthetic blends, “Lint Free” woven fabrics. All sizes available. Jumbo 2-1/4” ID to Slim Jim covers, plus roller frames, trays, paintbrushes and a full line of painting accessories for the professional and do-ityourself markets. Royal Paint Roller Mfg. Corp. has been providing top quality paint rollers and painting accessories for the professional and do-it-yourself markets for over 40 years. It takes pride in the reputation it has established over the years of being more than simply a supplier, but rather a “business partner” to customers. Along with the many items offered in its catalog, the company has increased the number of items it manufactures according to customer specifications. Cost-conscious approach enables offering private labeling to volume purchasers at competitive prices. 11 St. Nick Brush Co. P.O. Box 15 Burton, OH 44021 USA Toll Free: 800-798-1269 Fax: 440-834-0243 Web Site: www.stnickbrush.com Products: Brushes, brooms, wood brush blocks, street brooms and floor sweeps. All brooms are in the company catalog, which can be downloaded from the Web-

site. All blocks are made by Hardwood Lumber, which is a part of St. Nick Brush Co. The company has a computerized ripping and cutoff system for the manufacture of wooden brush blocks. 11 Tucel Industries, Inc. 2014 Forestdale Road - P.O. Box 146 Forestdale, VT 05745 USA Phone: 802-247-6824 Fax: 802-247-6826 E-Mail: jlewis@tucel.com Web Site: www.tucel.com Company Officers: John C. Lewis, Jr., President; Joanne Raleigh, Vice President Products: Tucel produces brushes currently serving foodservice, janitorial and other industries. Tucel is 100 percent green, recyclable and fused. All products are polypropylene which does not absorb water, causing bacteria. Fused brushes are made using a manufacturing process whereby the bristle and block are “heat fused” together; thus no holes and no staple where bacteria can harbor and cross-contaminate. Tucel originated in 1970 gaining its first patent for “fusing” bristle to block. Tucel was located in Middlebury, VT, for 10 years and relocated to Forestdale where the 45,000-square-foot factory still remains. Tucel has held more than 38 patents worldwide. Tucel also develops a wide assortment of specialty brushes for other companies. Tucel has its brushes NSF tested for cleanability. All products are HACCP compatible. The company has been under the same ownership since it started in 1970. 12 Weiler Corporation One Weiler Drive Cresco, PA 18326 USA Phone: 570-595-7495 Fax: 570-595-5980 E-Mail: info@weilercorp.com Web Site: www.weilercorp.com Company Officers: Tony Hufford, Maintenance Product Manager Products: Maintenance products include floor, garage and street brooms; vehicle care brushes; upright brooms and mops; specialty floor brushes; squeegees; dust pans; window and dusting products; scrub, utility, bowl and food service brushes; paint and sundry brushes; wire scratch brushes; Green Works™ – Weiler’s new environmentally friendly line of maintenance products. 12 Young & Swartz, Inc. 39 Cherry St. Buffalo, NY 14204 USA Phone: 716-852-2171 Fax: 716-852-5652 E-mail: info@youngandswartz.com Web Site: www.youngandswartz.com Company Officers: Raphael E. Winzig, President; Paul E. Winzig, Sales/Engineering Products: Specialty brush manufacturing. Staple set, wheels, strip, cylinders, hand and machine brushes. All

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Maintenance Sales News

From Filmop: mediums–natural, synthetic, wire. Can work in wood, plastic, leather back. Custom and contract runs invited. Company uses quick change, computerized equipment. Celebrating 146 years in business. Established in 1866. Specializing in custom made brushes. “Send us your specials” is the company’s motto. 12 Zelazoski Wood Products, Inc. 835 Ninth Avenue - P.O. Box 506 Antigo, WI 54409-0506 USA Phone: 715-627-4804 Fax: 715-627-2347 Toll-Free: 800-240-0974 E-Mail: ben@zwpi.com Web Site: www.zwpi.com Company Officers: James Zelazoski, President; Michael Zelazoski, Vice President; Joseph Zelazoski, Vice President; Charles Zelazoski, Treasurer; Benjamin Zelazoski, Secretary Products: Complete line of wooden brush and broom blocks, molded, shaped, and/or turned, finished or plain, manufactured according to customers’ specifications. Can also machine most plastics. Zelazoski Wood Products originatedß in 1924 as the Thos. Zelazoski Mfg. Co. The company began making wooden blocks for the brush and broom industry in 1928. Over its existence, ZWPI has continued to update machinery, facilities, and pro- cesses to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Zelazoski Wood Products’ modern facility enables it to manufacture a wide range of parts according to customers’ specifications, especially where close tolerance and high quality are required. Unless imported wood is specifically requested, all brush and broom blocks are made from managed North American forests. ZWPI is always ready to look at new items and anxious to quote customer needs, simple or complex, from 1 to 1 million pieces. 12 Zephyr Manufacturing Co. 200 Mitchell Road Sedalia, MO 65301 USA Phone: 660-827-0352 Fax: 660-827-0713 E-Mail: info@zephyrmfg.com Web Site: www.zephyrmfg.com Company Officers: R. J. Lindstrom, President; Bob Schneider, Vice President of Sales Products: Zephyr offers a complete selection of wet mops and dry mops covering the full range of fibers, styles, and prices. Also offered are brooms, brushes and specialty products, handles, frames, dusters, mop sticks and many related items. 12

Hospital Benefits Using One-Step Wet Dusting Holly Norris, the environmental services director at Reston Hospital Center in Reston, VA, has been familiar with Filmop®’s microfiber wet dusting floor maintenance system since her military service stationed her in Europe. After joining the staff at Reston Hospital Center, Norris knew she wanted to bring mi-


Ha-Ste Manufacturing Introduces GoldStrike™ Dust Mop Ha-Ste Manufacturing has introduced the company’s GoldStrike™ dust mop. According to Ha-ste, the GoldStrike™ costs 25 percent less than other dust mops and is made from 100 percent synthetic yarn that will not fray. The dust mop is available in beige yarn only, but can be over-dyed to achieve various colors. It’s also available in all standard dust Circle No. 78 mop sizes and backing colors. Like all Ha-Ste dust mops, GoldStrike™ is made in the United States. Call 800-228-6677 or visit www.HasteMops.com for more information.

The New Model GB30T Commercial Spray Mop

Circle No. 79 crofiber into the facility for the many benefits Norris says she experienced in Europe... savings in chemical, water and labor, as well as greater cleaning efficiency and longer mop life expectancy. After researching all microfiber options, and after consultation with Meaghan Brown of S. Freedman & Sons, a provider of quality janitorial supplies, she decided the Filmop system was the best fit. Wet Dusting Replaces Two-Step Process The primary component of the Filmop wet dusting system is the patented Top-Down® Charging Bucket. This compact, sealed, 5gallon container holds up to 30 flat mopheads, and is then filled with 1.5 gallons of cleaning solution. The mop heads soak up the cleaning solution during the “charging” time of 20 to 30 minutes, and are ready for quick attachment to mop handles for cleaning. In one wet dusting step, staff uses longlooped microfiber mop heads, charged with a disinfecting solution, to completely dust, clean, and disinfect floors. The company says additional health advantages are realized with wet dusting, as dust particles are captured more efficiently. Hair-Free, Corner-Clean Floors "With Filmop flat mops, there are no hairs or loose fibers left on the floor,” says Norris. Filmop’s long-looped, flat mop heads ensure even and consistent floor contact and pull dirt from the corners and baseboards. By design, microfiber strands grab onto small items and hair, and remove them from the surface. The larger debris (such as paper clips, syringe caps) is easily seen by staff using a flat mop and deposited at the room entrance for pick up and disposal.

Pullman-Holt has introduced its new commercial spray mop, model GB30T. The mop is an East Coast exclusive to Norshel Industries. It’s designed for small business, offices, retail stores and for households looking for professional results. The GB30T includes a 30-ounce solution reservoir, easy-to-use trigger grip solution dispenser and 18.5-inch microfiber pad. Norshel says the combination of using an uncontaminated solution source, on-demand chemical dispensing and microfiber technology helps clean floors 60 percent faster than conventional mopping products. The microfiber pad is good for 500 uses and wash cycles. No need to purchase disposable refill cloths. End-users may use their favorite cleaning chemical or water. No need to buy replacement chemical refill bottles. It offers non-battery operated spray activation. The Gloss Boss Microfiber Spray Mop Circle No. 77 System Model GB30T includes two spray tips, spray mist tip for general cleaning and jet-stream jet for heavily soiled floors. It has an adjustable spray nozzle for directing solution to hard-to-reach areas.To purchase, call 800-355-6677.

The TruCLEAN Sponge Mop For Sterile Environments Designed specifically for use in a cleanroom or sterile environment, the TruCLEAN Sponge Mop from Perfex is ideal for applying disinfectants and sterilants, according to the company. This specially formulated polyurethane foam has excellent chemical, microbial and abrasion resistance. The TruCLEAN Sponge will not release liquids until pressure is applied. Clean and disinfect a full 16-inch x 5-inch area in a single pass. It conforms to irregular surfaces, rinses clean and dries quickly. The sponge can hold up to five times its weight in liquids, according to Perfex. For more information, phone: 800-848-8483; E-mail: Perfex@PerfexOnline.com, or visit: www.PerfexOnline.com. A Clean Mop For Every Room Top Down Charging Buckets are easily transported on carts to the cleaning area. The sealed containers are just slightly larger than a bread box. A single Filmop long-looped mop head, completely charged with cleaning solution, weighs only 12 ounces. Filmop mop heads are quickly changed on light-weight handles that grab and release the mop head in seconds. The system makes it easy to use a clean

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mop head for each room, as well as for cleaning walls and vertical surfaces. Additionally, the system maximizes disinfecting effectiveness with a procedure that recharges the mop head with solution with each pass of the mop. Norris says she needs to replace the Filmop mop heads, made without filler, only every six to eight months. For more information, call 888-741-0707 or visit www.filmopusa.com.


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From DDI System

Tarheel Paper Company Case Study Says Advanced Sales Tools Net Bottom Line Results

ACS Adds Blue Velvet UHS Burnishing Pad To Scrubble Line The Blue Velvet UHS Burnishing Pad is a recent addition to the ACS Scrubble Line of floor maintenance pads. According to the company, this pad is very soft, thick and built to last. Made of high quality synthetic Circle No. 81 fibers and resins to work well with the most popular floor finishes. Blue Velvet is designed for floor burnishing at 1,000 rpm and above on all types of UHS machines. Refer to Type 52. For more information, call 800-222-2880 or visit www.scrubble.com.

Inaugural NISSCO Distributor Roundtable Draws Lively Participation

Attending the inaugural NISSCO Distributor Roundtable regional meeting were Joe Rhodenbaugh, president of Kutol Products Company; Terry Adams, Leonard Brush; Belinda Jefferson, Hercules & Hercules; Debra and Mark Elsesser, Lewistown Paper Company; Jim DLeo, National Office Suppliers; Weston Adams, Leonard Brush; Mark Dardy, national sales manager, Kutol Products Company; Bob Bernet, vice-president of sales, Kutol Products Company; Mark Bozich, president of NISSCO; and Bruce Heller, Cavalier, Inc. The first NISSCO Distributor Roundtable regional meeting concluded recently after two half-days of discussion, analysis, and experience exchange between the senior executives of six attending distributor companies. The group gathered at the hosting manufacturer, Kutol Products Company, located in Sharonville, OH, and shared information and real-world experience on topics including software systems, sales management, fleet maintenance, and sales compensation. “One of the most valuable experiences we can provide our Distributor Members is the opportunity to share real-world business knowledge at the top management levels,” says Mark Bozich, president of NISSCO. “Our Distributor Roundtable events provide an opportunity for senior executives to freely exchange information and share experiences that help them excel in many aspects of running their distributorships.” Also commenting on business benefits of the meeting was Bob Bernet, vice-president of sales for Kutol Products Company. “Both the informal meetings and social time were invaluable and extremely productive for all in attendance,” he said.

“There is no replacement for open discussion and idea generation between key decision-makers.” As the hosting manufacturer, Kutol Products Company provided a tour of its LEED Silver Certified manufacturing plant and welcomed the group at an evening reception and dinner. “We are very proud of our new, state-ofthe-art, LEED Silver Certified manufacturing plant and are always excited to show it to visitors,” says Joe Rhodenbaugh. “The facility is one of approximately 100 manufacturing plants in the country to obtain LEED Silver Certification, and one of the first in the jan/san industry to be awarded the designation.” The next NISSCO Distributor Roundtable regional meeting will be on Sept. 1213, 2012, in Hickory, NC, at the vonDrehle Corporation headquarters. NISSCO, LLC (National Independent Sanitary Supply Companies) was established in 1985 with a mission to provide its Distributor Members and Supplier Partners with new, profitable business and revenue enhancing programs. For more information, contact Keen Umbehr at 800-229-9541 or email keen@nissco.com.

Essential Information With The Click Of A Button DDI says its analytic features are another way inform is affecting Tarheel’s operations. These analytics provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of distribution operations. “I really like the way inform’s business analytic tools work. Pertinent information such as company sales, inventory levels and more are readily available. Drill down reporting allows me to easily Tarheel Paper review our overall inform software. Innovations in sales, cus- performance levels and ensure we’re on tomer relationship management (CRM), track,” continues Shelton. DDI spokespeople say Inform’s report analytics and more have made an impact on their overall business and on their bot- writer has also become a staple for Tarheel Paper. User friendly terms allow for quick tom line. Tarheel Paper Co. began as a single loca- customization in a visually appealing graphtion janitorial and packaging distributor. ical layout. “One of our top cusSince 1980, it has tomers requires a mongrown into a three locathly purchase report by tion industry leader department prior to paywith over 5,000 prodment submission. We ucts in stock and over have designed a custom 165,000 square feet of report exclusively for warehouse space. them. This layout has When frustration Circle No. 80 been saved allowing us to levels hit an all time high for their field sales team, Tarheel generate the report within moments each Paper began looking for a new solution, month. We email this information with the invoice and the entire process is done within and chose DDI’s inform software. minutes,” explains Jamie Pruitt, CIO. Sales Tools That Make A Difference Email Marketing At Its Best “The driving force to change was our lack Inform’s Marketing Manager has also of sales functionality. Inform’s accessibility of information for our outside sales team has generated a positive response from Tarheel’s been the most significant benefit to our or- customer base. Tagging each of their cusganization,” explains Ted Shelton, vice pres- tomers with a source code allows their marident of operations. “With our previous keting team to email targeted information to system, it was all or nothing. I couldn’t give specific groups. These emails have resulted salespeople access to just their customer in- in several new clients and increased add-on formation and block them from other sales product sales. Pruitt tells of sending a mass accounts. This forced us to manually run re- email to all customers — highlighting the ports for each sales person. Inform has en- ability to receive invoices via email instead ergized our sales team overall. Customer of mail. In the first day, over 30 customers specific information is quickly obtained and switched. To learn more go to www.ddisys.com pro-active account monitoring avoids any or call 877-599-4334. potential surprises.” DDI System says that executives from a leading packaging and janitorial supplier in North Carolina are happy with the dramatic improvement to their business operations achieved after converting to DDI’s

Increasing Customer Satisfaction Sales people say they are better able to forecast customers’ needs. This ensures the right products are in stock when their customers are ready. The ability to view product margins by customer has increased profitability and minimized margin error rates. “When margins are below certain parameters, the system shoots me an email,” says Shelton. “I’m able to contact the sales person directly and follow up. Sometimes, there’s a reason for the margin issue, other times it catches errors that would have gone unnoticed without this email.”

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MAINTENANCE SALES NEWS ADVERTISERS’ INDEX ACS Scrubble ................................................45 Advanced Vapor Technologies .....................52 Bullen Companies, The.................................14 Cargill Salt.....................................................31 Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. ................................54 Clean Control Corporation ............................2 Clearly Better Solutions .........................49, 64 CP Industries .................................................23 DDI System ....................................................13 Delamo Manufacturing, Inc.........................57 E. Gornell & Sons, Inc..................................53 ëkcos innovations ..........................................38 Filmop USA ...................................................41 Fullriver Battery Mfg. Co. Ltd ....................63 Gift Sales Company ......................................56 Gofer Parts ....................................................44 Golden Star....................................................53 GSC Manufacturing, Inc..............................53 Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. .........................55 Haviland Corporation ..................................10 Hoover..............................................................9 International Salt ..........................................29 ISSA/INTERCLEAN....................................61 Janibell ...........................................................16 Kissner Group, The.......................................33

Magnolia Brush.............................................56 Matguys..........................................................46 Midlab Incorporated ....................................12 Morgro, Inc....................................................25 Norshel Industries, Inc. ................................58 North American Salt .....................................21 Occidental Chemical Corporation...35, 37, 39 Perfex .............................................................54 PFERD, INC..................................................56 RD Industries ................................................17 Remco Products ............................................55 SCA Tissue .......................................................7 Soundview Paper Company .........................47 Spartan Chemical..........................................19 Spray Nine .....................................................51 St. Nick Brush Co..........................................57 Stefco Industries..............................................3 SurcoTech ......................................................43 Trojan Battery .................................................5 von Drehle Corporation................................11 VPR Impex (Vapore) ...................................36 Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc. ...............46 Wausau Paper ...............................................15 XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. .................27 Zephyr Mfg. Co., Inc. .....................................8

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