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January/February 2013


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January/February 2013

Vol. 30, No. 1

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Industry News/Products 54 | Advertisers Index 58 | Classified Advertising 58 On The Cover: Cavalier, Inc., of Norfolk, VA, is a fast growing specialty chemical and facility maintenance supplier, serving the Tidewater area of Virginia. Pictured are Cavalier Vice President of Business Development Jason Jones, left, and President Bruce Heller. See story on page 6.

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Left, Jason Jones, and Bruce Heller

By implementing a new company culture and business paradigm, Cavalier Inc., of Norfolk, VA, serving the Tidewater area of Virginia, has become one of the fastest growing specialty chemical and facility maintenance suppliers in the region, according to company officials. As Norfolk is the home of the Norfolk Naval Base, the largest in the world, the company has a long history of supplying the U.S. military, dating back to 1968, when it was Allied Enterprises, Inc. In 2004, Cavalier Marine Supply Co. purchased Allied Enterprises Inc., which was founded in 1968 to provide government approved chemical and maintenance products to all Tidewater military bases and school systems. This is when the name Cavalier Inc. was born. In 2006, Cavalier President Bruce Heller, along with Vice President of Business Development Jason Jones and Inside Sales Manager Scott Kershner, purchased the company. Today, in addition to the military and school systems, Cavalier also serves state and local governmental entities, regional YMCAs and commercial customers.


Spurs Growth With New Company Culture & Business Paradigm

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January/February 2013

“Cavalier is 100 percent dedicated to these new and forward-thinking initiatives, and to our new and encompassing goal and mantra — ‘Health, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’” “In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, the company As a part of the new direction the company has embarked has become an industry and community leader,” Heller said, upon, Cavalier has also incorporated the latest in technolduring a recent interview with Maintenance Sales News. ogy to streamline the company’s processes, which, accord“As our broad-ranging customer base, and their needs, diing the company’s leadership, has increased productivity and rectives, and buying habits have evolved over time, so has efficiency. our vision and expertise. “One of our new tag lines is ‘providing facility health so“During the past two years, the company has taken lutions,’ while incorporating the latest technology, social a huge leap forward,” Heller said. “The technologies media influence and process-oriented business practices.” we have embraced allow companies like ours to reduce Vice President of Marketing Frank Oncken added: energy use, and help to increase our drive toward “The constant hard work and vision of our company’s owngreater sustainability — both environmentally and fiscally.” Indeed, Cavalier cut its energy use from 2011 to 2012 by 5.5 percent. An office recycling program was put in place and now the office is nearly paperless. “In the past, we were using several reams of paper a day to perform our accounting, quoting, sales reports, etc. — now, one ream of paper lasts us three weeks,” Oncken said. “Both our logistics and sales teams operate on iPads. Our delivery drivers use iPads daily in the field. Gone are the days of lost, crumpled, and torn packing slips. All of these forms are now handled electronically. Customers sign on the iPads and the forms are immediately emailed to the proper recipients.” Cavalier also operates “Certified Clean Idle” trucks for deliveries, which is a California standard for idling vehicles, according to Oncken. In addition, the company’s ownership and leadership has taken a “hard and fast line” on reinvestment back into the company’s infrastructure. “The processes and racking within our 10,000 square-foot warehouse have been redesigned to increase capacity and efficiency,” Heller said. “In recent years, we have invested in new cherry pickers, lifts, and pallet wrappers to make the most of our people and space. “Our customer base has remained steady; however, we have increased the business we Cavalier’s goal is, “Health And The Pursuit Of Happiness.” Helping achieve this goal are staff members, kneeling, left to right, Vance Hill, have done within these accounts. We see conOutside Logistics; Anthony Torres, Logistics Manager; Aaron Darby, Outside Sales Consultant – Navy Fleet; Brian Colon, Inside Logistics; tinued expansion into the commercial market and Bruce Heller, President. Standing, left to right, are Summer Byrd, Servmart Manager; Frank Oncken, Vice President – Marketing; as our next big leap forward.” Scott Kershner, Inside Sales Manager; Courtney Blais, Outside Sales Consultant – Shore Commands; Jason Jones, Vice President - Business According to Heller, since its inception up until recent times, the company, while it was Development; Judit Gacis, Office Support; Donald Conyers, Inside Logistics; Jelly Gacis, Accounting; Marta Zayas, Inside Customer Service very good at it, was essentially an “order-taker.” and Sales; Dale Ruth, Outside Logistics; and Anne Delacruz, Vice President – Operations. “We sold chemicals to the government and ership has driven the success of this company. They were Oncken went on. “In addition, we are heavily involved lo- we, like many other companies in the area still do, in my able to leverage and increase some tangible and intangible cally with our customers, non-profits, our local Chamber of opinion, just filled orders,” he said. “I think doing busiassets from the previous company owners, which enabled the Commerce and local school systems. The entire inner oper- ness with the government tends to lend itself to that to company to see year-over-year growth since the company ations of our company, including our accounting, can be op- some degree, because the entities we do business with like what they like. was purchased in 2006. With those compounding assets, the erated remotely via our mobile devices.” “For example, a ship comes into port, receives supplies, company has put the pieces in place to continue that growth.” Jones added: “We started a new branding effort to Under the company’s new leadership, Cavalier won the mirror the company’s vision. These efforts were made to and is gone in two weeks; therefore, there is not as much NISSCO (National Independent Sanitary Supply Compa- continue growth within the current customer base, while interest in learning how to better do things or about a new nies) Distributor of the Year Award in 2011. Not only that, reaching out to a new, broader audience with an empha- product. “The biggest change since the founding of the comCavalier won NISSCO’s Spirit Award in 2009 and sis on sustainable products, practices, and education. NISSCO’s Key Achievement Award in 2010. “Rather than wait for our customers to change, and then pany is our new philosophy from being essentially a “Cavalier joined NISSCO in 2008, and, in our first two react, we are providing the way forward and leading our cus- chemical seller to the government to finding an identity of being able to spread health through cleaning. years of eligibility, we won the smaller awards, culminating tomers to the best solutions. “We feel, by taking this approach, the opportunities are in winning the coveted Distributor of the Year Award in our “Sustainable, ‘green’ (i.e. healthy) products and services third year. We think there is something to be said for these are the foundation and future for healthy facilities, as well as huge. Going back to the military point, it would also be a achievements,” Oncken said. healthy and happy occupants and employees in those facil- great opportunity if we could crack the government in this way. It would be tremendous if we could truly bring miliities, with a further view to a healthier community. ‘SoLoMo,’ Health And The Pursuit Of Happiness “In addition to the physical health benefits, the financial tary people who are in temporary cleaning positions to benefit to our customers is that all of this can be done in cost- care about the health of their facility, which is sometimes n its quest to provide facility health solutions for cus- effective and energy-efficient ways that will ultimately in- an aircraft carrier — that is essentially a floating city. We tomers, Cavalier’s leadership considers the new com- crease their bottom lines, leading to overall healthier and look at this as the biggest opportunity and, at the same time, the hardest hill to climb.” pany culture that has been cultivated in the past couple happier organizations. By Rick Mullen, Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor


of years as its most important asset. “There is total buy-in from our employees and our company morale is amazing,” Oncken said. “We are a young and energetic company. Four of our executives are members of ISSA’s YES (Young Executive Society). “We have initiatives in place to stress a new catch phrase going around — ‘SoLoMo’ — that stands for social, local, mobile.” Revamping the company’s overall culture has also included taking the company in a new direction in the way it approaches doing business. “We have an interactive Facebook page, a growing Twitter following, an active Blog and Resource Lab, and we are developing our YouTube page to educate our customers,”


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January/February 2013 healthy facilities, and, ultimately, healthy communities. To accomplish the goal of offering sustainable, healthy products and programs, Cavalier has become involved with several certification entities and initiatives heavily involved in what is commonly called the “green” movement. For example, Cavalier is committed to providing only safe detergents to its customers as defined by the Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative. “In doing this, we have drafted a company policy and plan to totally eliminate surfactants that contain NPE’s (nonphenol ethoxylates) by the end of calendar year 2013,” Oncken said.

Heller added: “Moving forward we are also involved with the DfE (Design for the Environment) program.” ssential to Cavalier’s evolution as a company on a According to www.epa.gov/dfe/, the U.S. Environmental mission to lead customers into a new era of impleProtection Agency’s Design for the Environment program menting programs to facilitate healthy facilities has helps consumers, businesses, and institutional buyers idenbeen motivating its employees to realize the tasks they pertify cleaning and other products that perform well, are costform are meaningful beyond just earning a paycheck. effective, and are safer for the environment. This effort has various aspects, one of which involves the Heller continued, “We are also on board with a heavily products and services the company offers and what they certified company out of Florida, which offers ultra-conmean to the company’s customer base. As was indicated in centrated, earth friendly products. Selling certified products the previous section by Jones, Cavalier officials believe susis where we are going.” tainable, healthy products are the foundation and future for Although “green” is a common term in today’s cleaning industry, Cavalier officials do not prefer it when describing the company’s products and programs. “We use terms such as ‘facility health’ and/or ‘sustainability’ in promoting this movement,” Heller said. “Some people have certain opinions when they hear the word ‘green,’ some of which are negative. Almost everyone has a positive opinion on health, and this is the way we market what we are trying to accomplish.” Jones added: “I’m on the outside pushing this movement and quickly you realize you just can’t get healthy by putting a certified product on the shelf. It requires ® the proper tools to enhance the effectiveness of these items. ÊV> Êà ÛiÊÞ ÕÀÊ ` ÀÊEÊ«>Ì }i Ê “Furthermore, we just can’t put the «À L i ÃÊµÕ V ÞÊ> `Êi>à ް tools in people’s hands without providing some sort of process or procedure. Therefore, we have been developing and moving forward and implementing with our existing and new customers what we refer to as our ‘tailored healthy facilities solutions.’ “What people out there need is education. We are in an old industry that hasn’t been properly educated over the years. The most important thing people need is to be educated in how to properly use the products, and what is the most effective and efficient way to use them to achieve the best results.” Heller, Jones and Oncken all agree that the industry has made significant inroads Michael I. Stuempfle, President, Clarkson Chemical Co., Inc. in educating front-line maintenance Williamsport, Pa workers. In addition, they believe the inAn exclusive Airx Distributor since 1982 dustry has made strides in promoting itself as an important force in protecting the health and welfare of people and the ÃÊ> ÊiÝV Õà ÛiÊ ÀÝÊ` ÃÌÀ LÕÌ ÀÊÞ ÕÊV> Êà ÛiÊÞ ÕÀÊVÕÃÌ iÀ½ÃÊ ` ÀÊEÊ environment. «>Ì }i Ê«À L i ÃÊ> `Ê}> ÊÛ> Õ>L iÊÀi«i>ÌÊÃ> iÃÊv ÀÊÞi>ÀÃÊÌ ÊV i°Ê “Beginning as a very young man, I have attended ISSA conventions for the As our exclusive Airx distributor you get: past 15 years,” Heller said. “I still consider myself on the younger side of the UÊ/ iÊ ÃÌÊ>`Û> Vi`Ê iÊ vÊ ` ÀÊEÊ«>Ì }i ÊV ÌÀ Ê«À `ÕVÌÃÊ ÊÌ iÊ >À iÌ° thought processes of our profession, and I am very impressed that the industry is reUÊ/ ÊvÀiiÊ>VViÃÃÊÌ Ê ÕÀÊ } ÞÊÌÀ> i`ÊÃ> iÃÊëiV > ÃÌð specting and presenting itself better. UÊ*À Ì > Ê vviÀÃÊv ÀÊÞ ÕÀÊÃ> iÃÊ«i « iÊÌ Ê}À ÜÊÞ ÕÀÊLÕà iÃð “I think it is very important that we know we have the ability to help people UÊ } Ê«À wÌÊ >À} ÃÊ> `ÊÀi«i>ÌÊLÕà iÃð not get sick. We are starting to put our chest out a little bit and saying, ‘Wait a UÊ vw >ÌiÊ«À }À> Êv ÀÊ ÌiÀ iÌÊÃ> iÃ]ÊÜiÊà «Ê> `ÊÞ ÕÊ}iÌÊÌ iÊ«À wÌ° second, listen to this industry. Just beUÊ ÝÌÀi i ÞÊ ÜÊ Õ Ê À`iÀÃÊÜ Ì Ê` ÃV Õ Ìi`ÊvÀi } Ì°Ê cause you have been doing something for the past 30 years one way doesn’t mean it UÊ"À`iÀÃÊà ««i`ÊÜ Ì Ê£ÓÊ ÕÀÃÊ vÊ« >V }Ê À`iÀÊ ÀÊv>ÃÌiÀ° Scan to get info is the best way anymore.’” Heller said he feels that industry entities such as ISSA and manufacturers are / Ê i>À Ê Ài]ÊV> Ênää {{{ n ääÊ> `Ê>à Êv ÀÊ iLL iÊ ÀÊ °Ê getting the word out more effectively than 6 à ÌÊÕÃÊ iÊ ÊÜÜÜ°> ÀÝ v °V É > > ÀÝ° Ì ever before. Airx Laboratories is a division of The Bullen Companies, Folcroft, PA. ® “However,” he said, “I would say many distributors are not. It is just the same old Healthy Facilities, People And Communities


I am


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12 order taking. If that is what a distributor wants to do, it certainly is a lot easier — I’ll just take that order, process it, make money on it, try to get more business and let that roll.” Jones credits the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as having a “huge” impact on getting the ball rolling on setting industry standards. “In addition, ISSA is establishing important cleaning standards, which gives people in the industry something to look up to on how they are supposed to do their job,” he said. “Prior to that, it was just delivering a product to a customer and reading the label on what you are supposed to do with the item. “By establishing standards, it gives something for people to follow as opposed to just pushing a cart around, emptying

January/February 2013 trash bags and wiping down surfaces.” Heller alluded to two aspects of the industry that concern him. One is that the people performing the work don’t get the credit they deserve, and secondly, they oftentimes do not fully understand what they are doing or are capable of doing. “Another thing is, I read somewhere our industry spends the most time doing a job without actually completing the job,” he said. “For example, people often use a disinfectant as a spray and wipe, therefore it doesn’t actually kill the germs because it does not dwell on the bacteria the proper amount of time. “It becomes ‘as long as there is a smell in the air, everybody is happy’ kind of thing. We need to understand what we are capable of, and be proud of the work we perform. I think, from Cavalier’s perspective, we are excited about

being able to try to make people understand the whole mission. “I have about six articles tabbed I need to read today. No matter how much work I do, or we do, we always find time to gain more knowledge in our field.” Oncken added: “It is not only education that is critical, but also industry involvement. We have really made it a point to get involved in the industry and to partner with industry leaders. We seek out people who are coming up with new ideas — forward-thinking people in the industry, such as in our buying group, ISSA and other green cleaning experts. “In addition, we are involving ourselves in some of the non-profit entities that are really making waves in the industry, including the Healthy Schools Campaign, of which we are a corporate sponsor. We are interested in being a part of the discussion and the way forward in this industry.” One trend that Cavalier officials said they are seeing is that seemingly almost all of the research and development being undertaken by manufacturers is in the “green” arena. “From nanotechnology to bio-based options and beyond, it is really an interesting and exciting time to be in the facility health industry,” Oncken said. “We think this research and development, along with increased awareness, is going to drive the future of the industry, and we will be poised to capture the increased need and mandate for these products.” ‘We Are Happy People’


he quest to establish a new company culture and evolve the way Cavalier approaches doing business has not always been easy, as it is human nature to resist change. This goes, not only for the company’s employees, but also for customers as well. Nonetheless, Heller reported there has been much success in getting customers on board. There is also a new excitement that has been generated internally that has not gone unnoticed by customers. “‘Excitement,’ in one word, would explain what is happening,” Heller said. “When you give employees of your company meaningful work, it tends to create a whole new ‘vibe’ that is different from what many people have experienced at their work place.” Indeed, the continuing development of what Cavalier officials call “our amazing culture” is the No. 1 priority of the company as it moves forward. “We are happy people,” Heller said. “The statistics on people who are unhappy with their employment are astounding. When one thinks about it further, one realizes that people who are miserable at work go home and make their families miserable. They raise miserable kids, and the cycle continues. “Somebody asked me not too long ago, ‘How big do you want to get?’ The assumption was that we would get bigger, which I took as a compliment. However, my answer was, I don’t want to get so big that I can’t walk into the warehouse and ‘high-five’ the guys. They have all been

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14 to my house and that is kind of how we operate. Every single person is expected to perform his or her job well and care about what he or she does and, most importantly, at this point, all of our employees have this level of commitment.” Oncken added: “We are developing a special culture with a group of people who are team-oriented, and who are pursuing health and happiness.” Cavalier’s Norfolk headquarters is also set up to promote the company’s team-oriented, “we are all in this together”

January/February 2013 culture. Company officials call it their “open office concept.” “Our executives don’t sit isolated in big stuffy offices,” Oncken explained. “Everyone is in an open office, at individual work spaces. This increases company morale and involvement. You never know when someone is going to pick up a bit of useful information from a conversation he or she overhears. Maybe someone in accounting will give some input on a sales conversation, offering a different point of view.

“The open office also limits the need for inner-office meetings, because dialogue is open, free-flowing and encouraged. Not to mention, you can always hear about the latest news events, sports scores and celebrity gossip.” As an extra bonus, company officials see the open office concept as a viable marketing tool. As Heller explained, when someone visits the office, he or she can observe how the new concepts implemented at Cavalier, such as a paperless operation, work. “We haven’t had a file cabinet for a year,” Heller said. “Every document is scanned and put into a drop box. When orders are received by email they get sent to a driver’s iPad, for example. It is neat for visitors to see that happen. “When people walk in to pick up something, they sign an internal iPad — there is no printing of paper involved. “We also have a clean work place. Being in the cleaning industry, we insist upon a clean facility, and that includes the warehouse. It is the image of our culture that we strive to maintain throughout our operation.” Cavalier’s New Direction As It Relates To Customer Service


hile Cavalier has and continues to evolve, some tried and true foundational principles have remained the same. When it comes to customer service, Cavalier’s commitment to its clients remains rock solid. “We built our name and reputation on extreme, backbreaking customer service,” Heller said. “We are a very nimble company. You have to be if you want to do business with the U.S. military. With the possibility of the military needing to deploy on a moment’s notice to deal with national and global emergencies, our delivery times are often measured in hours — not days or weeks.” While Cavalier’s traditional commitment to customer service has not changed, the methods to facilitate the best service for its clients are evolving. “We are moving our customers from telephone calls and faxes to primarily using emails,” Oncken said. “It hasn’t been the easiest of transitions for our customers, because they are so used to being able to call and have their orders placed over the phone or via fax. “While they will always be able to call in and reach a person willing and ready to help, we ask them now to email us everything. They are realizing that this allows us to speed up the process from quote to delivery, which is in their best interest. “We are also now in the process of developing an all-encompassing dealer portal on our newly redesigned website. The customer will be able to check pricing, availability, and complete ordering directly on our site. This is a must in the ever-expanding e-commerce world. We are really excited to be able to have this as a new service for our customers.” Another change in the way Cavalier services customers is the concept of creating programs for their facility health needs. “We don’t want to just have their soap business, or their paper business, we want customers to realize they will see real dollar savings by purchasing within a program concept,” Heller said. “They will begin to see health in their facilities as well as in their bottom-line. Continued on Page 52

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January/February 2013

“A service request is made through us and we activate our repair partners who generate a repair ticket request. The item is picked up, inspected and a quote is made to the cusWhile many janitorial/sanitation distributors maintain such tried- tomer, free of charge. “Upon customer approval, repairs are made. Customer service and satisfaction is our and-true principles as building lasting relationships and seeking highest priority. We believe, if you sell it, you value-added services and products, there are also new technologies really need to stand behind it — which we do.” and ideas that are coming more and more into play. After the recession officially ended, the U.S. Maintenance Sales News recently spoke with representatives of economy and the real estate industry, in particular, remained sluggish and is still plodding three jan/san distributorships who spoke about how their respective along somewhat. Nonetheless, MBA has been businesses are melding the old with the new. able to grow its market share despite the economy. BA Supply Company, of Brooklyn, NY, supplies cleaning and janitorial/main“We believe the steady growth we have extenance supplies to businesses, commercial entities and apartment buildings in the perienced over the past 20 years comes as a diNew York City area and beyond. rect result of our relentless commitment to “We are a family-owned company,” said MBA President/Founder customer satisfaction and service,” Bennett Michael Bennett. “Our core customer base is multi-family residential said. “Today, customers are more focused than apartment buildings. We also service many hotels, motels, shelters, ever on price, quality and service, and these are schools and health care facilities.” three areas in which MBA Supply Company MBA offers numerous products from many well has always excelled. known manufacturers, including trash liners, clean“Our credo is no gimmicks, no spin and no ers and degreasers. The company’s product lines excuses. The honest answer is the only answer. also include heavy-duty machinery such as carMBA President/Founder Michael Bennett We work very closely with our customers. pet cleaning equipment, floor buffing maWhatever works for them, works for us. We deal with every account on an individual basis, chines and more. and format our operations to fit customers’ needs. We offer monthly monitoring, “We have also developed a highly successprice comparisons and purchasing analysis (month-to-month and year-to-year.) Most ful private label program that offers price conscious customers importantly, our golden rule is: ‘The customer is always right.’” high value cleaning products at exceptional prices,” said MBA Indeed, offering programs designed for a customer’s individual wants and needs Vice President Joe Newman. “We basically carry anything is a primary way MBA strives to differentiate itself from the competition. and everything a custodial and maintenance staff would require to clean, “We try exceedingly hard to satisfy our customers and they know it,” Bennett said. “Ofmaintain and improve properties. “Our strategically placed location in Brooklyn (Atlantic Avenue) affords us the ability tentimes, what separates us from our competitors is our total focus and willingness to creand opportunity to offer our products and service to the entire northeast region of the United ate a custom-made supply program designed for the individual owner or manager and his or her particular property and needs. States, with a core focus on the New York/New Jersey markets.” “We take a long-term outlook and always try to educate our customers. Experience has Another service in MBA’s growing repertoire is its equipment sales and repair operation. Bennett explained: “We offer service repair for more than 20 major manufacturers by taught us that cheap prices aren’t necessarily a reason for celebration, but sometimes a cause partnering with reputable authorized warranty repair centers. Together with our repair shops, for concern. Customers need to know what they are buying. Most managers and owners apwe service everything from buffing machines and carpet extractors to snow blowers and preciate our experienced, mature and measured approach to sales, as opposed to the quick sale methods, employed by others. As legendary businessman, Sy Sims, famously said, ‘An lawn mowers, without MBA ever touching the product in question. educated consumer is our best customer,’ and those words ring true every day for our company.” “Our credo is no gimmicks, no spin and no excuses. According to www.forbes.com, Sims, who died in 2009 at age 83, was a pioneer discount retailer who founded the apparel chain, SYMS Corp. The honest answer is the only answer. We work very closely To educate customers, MBA is committed to offering training, many times with the with our customers. Whatever works for them, works for us.” help of the company’s manufacturers. “Each day is a learning experience for us, and we know that holds true for our cus— MBA President/Founder Michael Bennett tomers as well,” Newman said. “Our account executives regularly perform demonstraBy Rick Mullen, Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor


Maintenance Sales News


“Oftentimes, what separates us from our competitors is our total focus and willingness to create a custom-made supply program designed for the individual owner or manager and his or her particular property and needs.” “In addition, we work with a network of common carriers to service accounts throughout tions and training sessions for customers, often teaming up with manufacturer reps. “The results have been outstanding. Whatever the specific needs of customers, we try to the entire northeast region including Upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massatailor a training program that fits them. Hands-on training offers us the invaluable opportu- chusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington D.C. In our core service area, we provide, one- to two-day turnaround on orders as needed. We also offer a local pickup counter for imnity to really get to understand our customers and their needs. “A company is only as good as its supply chain and we take great pride in partnering with mediate service.” MBA has been in business for 20 years and Bennett feels his company’s traditional comvendors who measure up to our very high expectations. “What our customers expect from us is what we expect from our suppliers — quality and mitment to honesty, integrity and “obsessive” attention to details will keep the company moving forward into a bright future. integrity of product, customer service, price and a commitment to excellence.” In the modern jan/san industry, a distributor’s ability to offer “green” products and programs is also becoming more and more a necessity. “We carry an extensive line of trash liners and most of what we carry are ‘green,” with many qualifying for LEED credits,” Newman said. “We offer a very sizable line of green products, including paper, dispenser systems, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and assorted sundries. “We carry an entire line of energy efficient light bulbs and fixture options. While most customers are moving to energy saving bulbs, we have not yet seen the anticipated ‘green’ boom we were expecting. Our customers are fighting for every dollar and their bottom line concern remains staying profitable. As the economy strengthens, we believe we will see a renewed commitment to green products and MBA will, of course, be out in front.” Along with the so-called green movement, various new and improved technologies are also moving toward becoming part of the everyday fabric of the jan/san industry. “Innovative cleaning products and cleaning systems are slowly finding customers,” Bennett said. “There is a place for more expensive systems and newer technologies, but they are not for every customer. It is exciting to see the many technological advances in the jan/ san industry, and MBA has partnered with first-rate companies to bring these opportunities to our interested cusC L E A N I N G H A N D S P R O P E R LY I S E S S E N T I A L tomers.” While innovative products and Introducing Deb GrittyFOAM™, from the inventors of foam soap. technologies are a plus for the inNon-abrasive, environmentally sustainable bio-scrubbers dustry, inferior products flooding the suspended in thick, creamy and deep-cleaning foam. GrittyFOAM™, market is a trend that Bennett said is a completely different experience to traditional heavy-duty hand having a negative impact. “Inferior products are hurting cleansers that is preferred by 9 out of 10 workers.* both the end-user and honest supEnhance hand protection in your facility by providing products pliers who are forced to match lowpeople like and want to use. ball pricing,” Bennett said. “We have always maintained that customers much prefer a higher quality product that does the job the first TO EXPERIENCE GRITTYFOAM IN YOUR FACILITY, time and the 100th time, rather than CALL 1-800-248-7190 purchasing aftermarket knock-offs. Time is money and purchasing inferior products wastes both.” www.grittyfoam.com In facilitating deliveries, MBA © Deb Group Ltd. 2013 *Industrial Survey, Deb Group, August 2012 operates a fleet of trucks within the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island.

Hand Protection

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January/February 2013

“We have always maintained that customers much prefer a higher quality product that does the job the first time and the 100th time.” “Even after 20 years, we’re still considered a new kid on the block,” Bennett said. “History has proven, that when given the opportunity, a smaller company can often do very well and reward the faith placed in them by customers and manufacturers. “We work with our customers and focus on their needs. We find that by focusing on the small things, we can transform a lost cause into a promising opportunity. It’s all in the details.” Newman added: “Nice guys really do win.” Contact: MBA Supply Company, 1634 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY. Phone: 718-245-0077; Fax: 718-771-0011. Email: info@MBAsupply.com. Website: www.MBAsupply.com.


ounded in 1933 and serving a 100-mile radius around Zanesville, OH, which includes parts of western West Virginia, Heinrich Paper & Supply is a full-line jan/san house, specializing in chemical dilution centers. Although a veteran of the jan/san industry, Brian McGee has owned Heinrich Paper for a little more than a year, having purchased the business in December 2011. “We sell equipment, chemicals and paper products,” McGee said. “We do a good business in chemical dilution centers. This is a focus of ours to show customers the benefits of chemical dilution versus ready-to-use products. Heinrich Paper operates its own in-house equipment service department while selling the most modern equipment available. “When a customer’s piece of equipment needs repair, we offer free pickup, whether they bought it from us or not,” McGee said. “We also offer free delivery when “We want customers to feel we returning a piece of equipment to customer after we have comhave their backs by not only taking apleted repairs.” Up until the time McGee purcare of the environment, but also chased the company, business was split 50-50 between foodsertaking care of their wallets.” vice and jan/san. It is McGee’s — Owner Heinrich Paper, Brian McGee vision to re-focus the company

Circle 18

away from foodservice to jan/san, as it now comprises 20 percent of the business, which McGee feels is the right balance. “Business has been quite strong,” McGee said. “We have now reduced the focus on foodservice to about 20 percent of our business and we haven’t lost a step. In fact, our margins and our sales have increased. “Our No. 1 market is schools and universities, but we still conduct a large amount of business with multi-unit facilities, retail operations and hospitals.” Heinrich Paper’s tradition of focusing on customer service in a smaller market area has resulted in close relationships with customers. “We tend to know our customers a little better than if we were located in a larger market,” McGee said. “People like to deal with people they know. We tend not to lose customers because people like dealing with a small town company that employs local people. “There’s a lot of the ‘buy here mentality’ and our customer service is a big part of this effort. We pick up the phone and say, ‘Hi John’ or ‘Hi Mary,’ because John and Mary call Heinrich Paper & Supply Owner twice a week and we just pick Brian McGee up the phone and talk to them like they are calling us to chat. “People like our people. This company hasn’t had any turnover for years. People don’t leave here. We are not a big company. We are a very family-focused operation, and since I have taken over, I believe we’ve become more family-focused than ever.” While Heinrich Paper offers full lines of “One thing I emphasize with our “green” products, McGee chooses to empha- sales staff and inside sales people size sustainability in selling environmentally friendly items is to always look for the opportunity and techniques. “We tout sustainability — to sell against yourself.” this is where we take people,” McGee said. “We emphasize sustainability, which gets back to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ with the products we are selling. “For example, we might say to a customer who is purchasing a 2 millimeter can liner, ‘Let us show you why a 1.7 millimeter liner will work just as well.’” By showing customers they can save money by perhaps using smaller liners or lower gage products, McGee feels the company is building trust. “We want customers to feel we have their backs by not only taking care of the environment, but also taking care of their wallets. “One thing I emphasize with our sales staff and inside sales people is to always look for the opportunity to sell against yourself. That is, if you are selling a ready-to-use product, maybe show the customer he or she ought to take a look at something that is a high dilution product.” Educating customers in the best products to use to do the job as well as training in proper cleaning techniques are also important parts of Heinrich Paper’s customer service commitment. “We offer training on floor finishes, equipment, carpet care — virtually on all products,” McGee said. “I pretty much reContinued on Page 53

Maintenance Sales News


The DPA Buying Group MISSION The DPA BUYING GROUP is dedicated to increasing the sales and profits of its member distributors and preferred vendors. The member-driven marketing and networking organization consists of over 500 independent distributors and 150+ national vendors within the Janitorial/Sanitary, Safety Equipment & Clothing, Industrial Packaging, and Cleaning & Restoration industries. DPA membership enables profitable business relationships, industry awareness and lifelong friendships.

HISTORY Distributor Partners of America (DPA) was formed in September 2000 by 67 independent high-volume janitorial/sanitary distributors. From DPA’s inception, members wanted to establish a high caliber and selective organization to increase their sales and profits with DPA preferred suppliers. The group’s preferred suppliers provide discounts and marketing allowances to distributor members to achieve mutual sales and success.

DISTRIBUTOR BENEFITS DPA offers independent distributor members quarterly marketing allowances on purchases made with the group’s preferred suppliers, and these rebates are exclusive to the buying group members. In addition to rebates, the group negotiates the best pricing, lower minimum order requirements, extra promotions and better prepaid freight policies. DPA’s annual buying and networking conference is an opportunity for distributors to meet 1-on1 with over 60 supplier companies, and to learn about the latest products and industry innovations. Members can also network in “think tank” sessions to share and learn best practices with one another. “The meetings are invaluable because they allow distributors like me to establish personal relationships with the executive level contacts of each DPA supplier. If you have an opportunity or a problem, you know who you can call, and you know you will receive the maximum support.” — DPA President, Jeff Tishko – Colker Company, Pittsburgh, PA.


The annual DPA Buying and Networking Conference will take place in Nashville, TN, on March 17-20, 2013 at the Opryland Resort (Marriott). DPA members will be treated to a private back stage tour of the famous Grand Ole Opry complete with dinner on the stage. DPA vendors also offer “show specials” to distributor attendees to help them save. Last year, DPA’s launched a new website enabling members to source products with the group’s manufacturers, check out the latest promotions and stay connected with each other. In 2013, the group rolled-out a new Travel Incentive Program that rewards its members for growing with participating DPA vendors. These programs have proven to achieve measurable results.

“GROWTH THROUGH OPPORTUNITY” In order to compete in today’s economy a distributor needs to be versatile and have access to a large product offering at a moment’s notice. DPA allows members to challenge for comprehensive bid opportunities and to meet the increasingly diverse product demands of their customers. DPA’s 150-plus supplier programs include companies within the Janitorial, Safety, Packaging, and Restoration industries. The group’s procurement power and product diversification strategy allows distributors to broaden their business model and find sales opportunities that they previously didn’t know existed. “We supplemented business already this week with good margin orders using DPA suppliers of first aid kits, custom signs and GFCI electrical products. These were all on existing jan/san accounts. DPA’s programs have opened industrial/safety oriented business opportunities that we traditionally overlook — simple diversity has accomplished a bunch for me.” — Brian Magazine, Gem Chemical, Evansville, IN DPA distributors can meet the personal protective equipment (PPE) needs of their end-users by choosing to attend DPA’s “safety only” products show. Specialty Cleaning and Restoration is another growing market and once again DPA is ahead of the curve. The group’s negotiated product offering includes supplies for mold mitigation & remediation, smoke & fire damage, specialty carpet cleaning, floor care, tile & grout cleaning, and stone care. DPA membership also gives distributors access to packaging supplies such as stretch & shrink

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January/February 2013


The NISSCO Game Plan For Improving Distributor Profitability A growing number of independent distributors have discovered how membership in NISSCO has added elements to their business plans, improved their company profitability and it is not just about price! ELEVATING YOUR STATUS WITH SUPPLIERS Frequently, mid-market independent distributors are not recognized by senior management at manufacturers, as relationships are created and maintained solely at the local level. NISSCO membership elevates a distributor’s status as the independent distributor is now connected with one of the largest Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) in the business. NISSCO then provides the opportunity to personally connect the supplier and the distributor at the executive level, thus elevating the entire relationship to a new level. This happens at the NISSCO Buying Conference, which is three days of one-on-one meetings between key executives of Distributor Members and national decision makers from our Preferred Suppliers. “The ability to form relationships is the reason you go to conference,” says Bruce Heller, NISSCO Distributor of the Year and president of Cavalier, Inc. START AT THE TOP, STAY AT THE TOP NISSCO relationships start at the top and stay at the top. There will always be value in relationships with field personnel for program implementation; however, nothing can replace an executive-to-executive connection. Once established, this connection will pay dividends and becomes an important company asset. Heller continues, “You can't put a price tag on connecting with people, and the importance it can ultimately have on your business.” JOIN THE 80 PERCENT One would be hard pressed to find a distributor of significant volume that is not part of a buying group. Our studies show that over 80 percent of the volume moved in our industry is through distributors with a buying group affiliation. These nationally recognized businesses have a discernible market advantage, and many of the programs they profit from were created at the group executive level. CIMS EDUCATION/ISSA PARTNERSHIP Knowledge and verification are the keys to future success. There is no better source of information pertaining to our industry than the ISSA. At our upcoming Buying Conference in Jacksonville, FL, NISSCO members have the opportunity to combine their attendance with certification as an ISSA Certification Expert in its Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS I.C.E. certification) and do so at a significant discount. “Attaining CIMS I.C.E. certification is no longer something to remain on the ‘to do’ list,” notes Mark Bozich, president of NISSCO. “CIMS I.C.E. should be viewed as a mandatory requirement for all distributor and supplier field sales personnel, which is why we have worked with ISSA to bring this workshop to our Buying Conference this year.” Why does NISSCO believe that CIMS I.C.E. is important? As Bozich points out, “A

growing percentage of cleaning contractors, building facility service workers and facility managers are becoming CIMS certified. Once a distributor’s customer attains a higher level of expertise than the distributor, that distributor’s educational value is reduced and the conversation becomes even more price focused.” Conversely, by coupling CIMS I.C.E. certification, NISSCO’s Preferred Suppliers’ training programs, and being part of a nationally recognized group, the NISSCO distributor has a demonstrable advantage over the competition. NEW AGE MARKETING SUPPORT We live in the age of the “proactive customer” who identifies problems then actively seeks out solutions online. It is the business that is FOUND online that gets the next customer. One Preferred Supplier to NISSCO is AXIS GMO (www.axisgmo.com), a company whose sole mission is to get distributors found online. Through this NISSCO alliance, independent distributors can have the same cutting edge online presence as the major national retailers. Additionally, every single NISSCO member receives a complementary annual third party review of all of their marketing materials and web tools with an action plan that can be implemented in-house or outsourced. This marketing analysis is free to all NISSCO members. PRICING IS IMPORTANT … Pricing is important and NISSCO delivers! The volumes of all our distributor members are combined when negotiating with Supplier Partners, and that critical mass creates an advantageous purchasing environment for the local distributor. The volume of all enhances the power of each. Every NISSCO distributor member has a decided advantage over their non-member competitors. PRICING IS IMPORTANT, BUT NOT PARAMOUNT IN BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS By forging executive relationships, NISSCO distributors can address all aspects of their programs, special buy opportunities, and local market deviations that give them an advantage over non-members. “Price is always going to be a deciding factor in procurement, but only one factor,” notes Bozich. “Once the relationship is in place, executives can work together to get the pricing model right. It is a give-and-take negotiation between executives that creates the best long-term profitability plans for both sides of the equation. “We are here to support our members, and provide them with the tools, strategies and pricing that make them the strongest player in their local market,” adds Bozich. “NISSCO has the strongest brand offering in this industry, and we never diminish nationally recognized products by imposing a private brand. “NISSCO distributors go to market with the absolute best of class in product selection, name recognition, business tools and marketing strategies and do so with a price advantage.”

For more information about NISSCO, visit www.nissco.com.

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January/February 2013

2013: Pro-Link Building On Investments And Successes Pro-Link’s plans for 2013 are to build upon their recent years of investments and successes. Key initiatives for the group included implementing programs to increase distributor member business, securing more national accounts and continuing to deliver best in class cores services. These initiatives have laid the groundwork for continued growth throughout 2013, helping Pro-Link’s distributor members succeed. In 2012, Pro-Link launched a full suite of tools, information and training on three key areas that many jan/san distributors seek advice on to grow their business: Baseline Selling for Jan/San Distributors, Sales Leadership Training, and Sales Candidate Assessment. Pro-Link developed a jan/san-specific Baseline Selling program manual with industry examples, worksheets, and checklists based on the book “Baseline Selling” by Dave Kurlan. Pro-Link then rolled out a Sales Leadership Training program covering key sales management topics such as; sales coaching, sales accountability, sales motivation and sales leadership best practices. Pro-Link added the final component, Sales Candidate Assessment, an easy-to-use program, to provide an accurate screening of sales candidates based on jan/san specific profiles.

potential payback. This kind of opportunity is perfect for Pro-Link to manage centrally, letting our membership reap the benefits.” Pro-Link distributors can sell directly to federal facilities in their local markets under Pro-Link’s GSA contracts. The program also matches government quote solicitations with their local Pro-Link distributor. Lemieux added, “It is really a perfect scenario for a group like Pro-Link — our distributors sell and service the local business, something they are all good at doing, and Pro-Link handles all the administration, paperwork, and reporting.” Securing national account business has been extremely successful for Pro-Link.

"With sales being such a crucial function for distributors, it only made sense for Pro-Link to invest in these sales programs," says Paul Lemieux, Pro-Link's CEO. In addition to the new sales programs, Pro-Link introduced a comprehensive program for Long Term Care (LTC) facilities. The program helps LTC facilities clean and consistently provide a safe, healthy environment for elderly residents. It also addresses key areas of concern such as infection prevention, cross contamination control, and CMS ratings, while reducing housekeeping costs.

Lemieux noted, “Three years ago, we set a corporate objective to significantly increase our national account business, and in 2012, we met that goal, adding our 30th national account.” Russell Seybold, Pro-Link’s director of strategic accounts added, “The level of support and commitment Pro-Link receives from its members for national accounts has surpassed any expectations. Pro-Link members help win national business for the group. There’s focus on what would help my network and me, not what would just help my business.”

These additions complement Pro-Link’s existing programs for green cleaning, BSC’s, Pro-Link also continues its commitment and delivery of offering core services. For and government (GSA). Pro-Link’s comprehensive green cleaning example, Pro-Link has one of the industry’s most favorable ratios "With little overlap among Pro-Link program takes a “big-picture” approach to Green cleaning and the of field sales managers to distributors, providing a high level of distributors, sharing ideas and helping support, training, and field coverage. use of environmentally preferable products and systems. solve problems is commonplace." “With this program, our members understand what Green cleaning Pro-Link’s regional managers conduct sales and product training is all about and can advise their customers on how to incorporate meetings, work with distributor salespeople on end-user calls, and provide educational services, such as, “Right to Know” end-user Green cleaning into their facilities to take advantage of its health, training. productivity, and cost-saving benefits,” says Lemieux. He adds that Pro-Link continually expands its green certified “Our regional managers bring significant value to our distributors, product offerings. Biobased products are also available. They are helping them secure new business, roll-out new Pro-Link programs made with natural, renewable resources (soybeans, coconuts, and and ensure distributors’ sales people are well versed in our offerings,” corn), and support sustainability goals. Many Pro-Link biobased says Lemieux. www.prolinkhq.com products are part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Complementing the sales team training is Pro-Link’s Online Training Center (OTC) — a BioPreferred program. This means they qualify as “BioPreferred” products for federal comprehensive training resource for distributors. With over 25 courses — from the basics of government procurement. jan/san products and cleaning procedures, to OSHA required training classes — it is a great The building service contractor (BSC) program focuses on the largest market segment for way to get new DSRs productive quickly and help experienced sales people update their jan/san distributors. It provides information on industry trends, BSC buying habits, knowledge. This helps DSRs bring more value to their customers. purchasing concerns, and problems BSCs face in their daily business operations. Pro-Link members enjoy exclusive access to thousands of Pro-Link’s branded products in “Our goal was to present detailed information on the many business challenges facing a more than a dozen different categories. In the vast majority of cases, Pro-Link members work BSC so our Distributor Members can better address their needs,” says Mike Nelson, vice in non-competing locations or markets and use the Pro-Link brand as their own “controlled brand.” Distributor-members rely on Pro-Link to supply not only top-quality products, but president of marketing for Pro-Link. also professional sales materials, training, and literature. The Pro-Link BSC program also gives distributors the tools, ideas, and training to help A less tangible benefit that Pro-Link’s distributor members enjoy is the opportunity to BSCs, such as bidding forms, order pads, budget tracking, building audits, cleaning procedure training presentations (in English and Spanish), and a quarterly “BSC Advisor” on network with peers and share best practices. current BSC business issues. “Because we have little overlap among our distributors, they are comfortable sharing ideas To complement these tools, BSCs can get customizable add-on services material to help and helping solve each other’s problems,” says Lemieux. them extend their scope of work with existing customers. He adds that distributors consistently rank Pro-Link’s two formal networking events very “A good business partner, one that understands their business and helps them win more, is high and important to them. highly valued by BSCs,” notes Nelson. “BSCs can get this value with Pro-Link distributors.” Despite a still slowly recovering economy in 2012, Pro-Link continued to invest in new ideas and opportunities for its distributor-members. Rounding out Pro-Link’s programs is the GSA program. “We identified that selling to the federal government represented a major opportunity, but also a significant challenge to jan/san distributors,” says Paul Lemieux. “Most jan/san distributors would find the amount of work required to get a GSA contract was not worth the

Lemieux said, “The combination of our strategic approach to distribution, our product and marketing programs, our strong field support, and our national accounts is very well received by our membership.”


ake advantage of Pro-Link’s programs and grow your business, even under the harshest conditions. Contact us to learn how we can help your business thrive and become the healthiest jan/san distributor in your market!

Pro-Link delivers: Sales Generating Programs ● Field Support and Training ● Proprietary Branded Products ● Professional Literature ● Selling Tools ● Strong Peer Support Network ● Industry Leading Rebates ●

To watch videos of our members talking about the benefits of belonging to Pro-Link, go to: www.prolinkhq.com/thrive To find out more about joining Pro-Link, contact: Brian Slack Vice President of Sales brian.slack@prolinkhq.com 877-LINK 2 PL (877-546-5275) Circle 30


January/February 2013


The United Group®: Increasing Buying Power For Distributors


he United Group® (TUG) is a nationwide marketing and sales organization (or buying group) for independent distributors of Jan/San, Industrial Packaging, Foodservice and Safety products and equipment. Headquartered in Monroe, LA, The United Group was founded almost 30 years ago and connects over 375 Member Stockholders with 180-plus Preferred Suppliers, including major redistributors. TUG promotes strong relationships between members and suppliers for increased sales and enhanced profitability for all. TUG verifies its vendors (known as Preferred Suppliers) for industry longevity, proven success, relevance, quality and special attributes of their products, as well as breadth of product lines before presenting them to the membership. Purchases from Preferred Suppliers generate marketing allowances for members, and a number of suppliers offer volume discounts in addition to contracted rebates. TUG also offers private label product lines in a number of categories available exclusively through its supplier partners.

ence, helping to cement long-lasting business and personal relationships. TUG’s full-color news and marketing magazine, United Connects, consists of industry news, product news, member and supplier profiles and other articles of special interest to group stakeholders. TUG publishes news items free of charge for any Member Stockholder or Preferred Supplier. The magazine is distributed by mail and on the Group’s website, www.unitedgroup.com. Preferred Suppliers are invited to support the magazine through paid print and website advertisements.

TUG’s interactive website provides Member Stockholders with information on solutions to shared business concerns and to vendor product and system sales flyers, product training videos, news releases, and promotional specials. The website offers a secure password-protected portal where members can check their rebate earnings in real time, exchange information, ideas, and publish The United Group continued to grow steadily in 2012, requests to collaborate on national acTUG is focused primarily on three maradding 23 new distributor members and 14 new supplier counts. TUG’s Maximizing Member Outket segments, Janitorial/Sanitary, Foodpartners, and TUG’s gross annual rebate revenues exceeded reach Program (MMOR) gives every service, and Industrial Packaging, and serves members across North America. those of 2011 by 25%. In April 2012 TUG’s National Conference member opportunities for face-to-face interaction with the group’s management The group’s executive staff negotiates in Las Vegas, NV featured an expanded format, adding an staff. MMOR helps to address member contracts with suppliers for the greatest extra day to accommodate a busy schedule. concerns, answer questions, and anbenefit to members, addressing pricing nounce new suppliers and products. and marketing allowances, and makes all negotiation and contract details available to every member at any time of day or The United Group continued to grow steadily in 2012, adding 23 new distribnight. According to United Group President Tobie McKown, “We regularly evaluate our supplier relationships and carefully weigh the value that our members utor members and 14 new supplier partners, and TUG’s gross annual rebate revenues exceeded those of 2011 by 25%. In April 2012 TUG’s National Conference are receiving.” in Las Vegas, NV featured an expanded format, adding an extra day to accomJoining a buying group like TUG can help increase buying power for distrib- modate a busy schedule: two full days of Tabletops meetings, new Member oriutors seeking to purchase from top-tier vendors. Suppliers can often be more ac- entation, Stockholders meeting, golf tournament, breakout Market Segment commodating to buying group members than they might otherwise be to a meetings, tours and activities, welcome cocktail reception, and awards dinner. distributor making purchases alone. Many independent distributors find it diffiTUG has continued to tweak its proprietary Conference scheduling software, cult to compete against the large, chain distributors without the strength-in-numenhancing the functionality that allows members to choose bers advantages of a group. Suppliers are free to discuss the vendors for their meetings, rank them in order of priorrebate percentages without exception and are afforded qual2013 ity, and to indicate times when they are unavailable. Supity, one-on-one meeting time with members at TUG’s anTUG National Conference pliers can use the system to view their schedules, search nual Conference. Our supplier partners have become some April 16-19 member schedules for availability and request additional of our best supporters and often recommend us to their cusJW Marriott, San Antonio, TX meetings. The system continues to receive positive reviews tomers. from attendees who are able to revise their schedules up to www.unitedgroup.com and throughout the Conference. The United Group continually seeks potential new mem318-387-9676 bers in areas where additional marketplace coverage might What does 2013 hold for The United Group? TUG’s Nabe needed. TUG vets each prospect to confirm the extent to which it is a viable and growing business, and ascertains from what vendors they tional Conference on April 16-19 at the JW Marriott in San Antonio, TX prompurchase to evaluate how many Preferred Suppliers are in the mix, and gauge ises to be another fun and worthwhile experience where relationships are forged any potential new suppliers. Group members with proximity are polled regard- and strengthened. The 2013 Conference will continue the expanded format iniing conflicts with prospective members, and they have the right to voice objec- tiated last year with two days of Member/Supplier Tabletops meetings and will kick off this year with the annual golf tournament on day one of the Conference. tions to adding a company that encroaches on their market share. TUG’s major website redesign will go live this winter and will add valuable feaThe United Group charges no membership fees, and every member of the tures and content, including expanded search and geo-location functions for Group owns an equal share purchased at a low symbolic cost. All members are Members. And in McKown’s words: “The United Group will continue its focus afforded the same opportunities to increase their involvement with the Group on providing value and encouraging profitability for all of its stakeholders.” through participation. Member Stockholders network with one another at reFor more information, visit www.unitedgroup.com, or call 318-387-9676. gional meetings and with Preferred Suppliers at TUG’s annual national confer-






DDI System - SIKES PAPER Case Study

DDI System Revs Up Distributor’s Speed To Market In a world of high speed burnishers and fast-acting disinfectants, the JanSan industry values anything that saves time and labor. What holds true on the facility floor is equally true in distributor offices and warehouses.

of them. It’s pretty easy to figure out which product needs re-ordering. They just confirm the order amount, hit send, and within 10 minutes after they’ve left the building, the order is getting pulled.” ACCOUNTING: Month-end in 90 seconds Accounting departments dread the end-of-the-month accounting manipulations that can take place. According to Truitt, with the previous system the company was using, the month-end accounting activities could take anywhere from two to three hours. Today, what used to take hours, now takes place in 90 seconds flat. PURCHASING: Truckload PO in 10 minutes or less Clear away the report runs, the pen and paper to note product numbers, and the labor to check and double check the purchase order before printing and sending. What took 30 to 40 minutes with the previous system is now generated in 10 minutes or less with a few keystrokes in DDI’s inform software. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Proof of Delivery in No Time

Pictured are Greg Truitt, Vice President and General Manager and David Sikes, Owner.

The term “speed to market” originated with software companies and referred to getting new products on market shelves as quickly as possible. Today, we borrow the term to reflect the agility by which distributors are streamlining their daily business activities and servicing their customers. Some distributors have been more successful than others in this endeavor. For Sikes Paper Company in Atlanta, Ga., its rapid speed to market can be contributed to its implementation of DDI System’s inform software technology. “Our world is all about speed,” notes Greg Truitt, vice president and general manager for Sikes Paper Company. “DDI has provided us the technology to literally change our speed to market. That ‘Goliath’ down the street who is spending millions of dollars, cannot begin to compete with us on our speed and customer responsiveness.”

It is not very often you can claim something is a true “game changer” for your business. But for Sikes Paper Company, inform’s ability to electronically capture the delivery signature has changed everyday life. “Signature capture is probably the feature we use the most,” notes Truitt. “Providing verification of delivery is a major part of our daily business. With our previous system, each day we were pulling anywhere from 4 to 10 proof’s of delivery for invoice attachment. Inform automatically prints the signature of who accepted the delivery on the invoice.” So, instead of taking time to pull all those physical files, customer service reps are using time for income-generating activities, such as assisting salespeople in entering quotes, sourcing new opportunities, and being resources to customers.

The multi-dimensional features of DDI System’s inform software enables Sikes Paper Company to seamlessly integrate various functions and departments. It delivers speedy solutions for everyone in the company such as the accounts receivable person in the main office, the salesperson working on the road from his car, and the customer service rep in the Dalton branch office. It helps track the 1,400 SKUS that are in-stock, operations of the 60,000 square foot distribution center and headquarters, logistics of eight delivery trucks, and orders generated by 14 sales professionals. Under the single DDI System software solution, all departments are connected and experience “turbocharged” speed in addressing market needs. SALES: Mobile Tablet Ordering = 10-minute Pull Members of the Sikes Paper Company sales team travel with their companyprovided iPads, which provide instantaneous connection with headquarters and the customer’s ordering history, current order information, and warehouse inventory levels. “Any member of our sales team can visit a prospect and on the way out the door create a quote. He can then sit in his car, input contact information, and transmit the quote, having it in the prospect’s inbox before he leaves the parking lot,” notes Truitt. “Likewise, our inventory control service is streamlined, accurate, and so foolproof that even the newest rep can get the job done right,” Truitt continues. “With the DDI’s iPad app, our salesperson is standing there, tablet in hand, with the customer’s past order history and a picture of the product right in front

Pictured in warehouse is Jermaine Dixon.

What’s next for Sikes Paper Company and its use of the DDI’s inform software solution? “We’re looking to dive into the marketing features and the capabilities for generating e-Newsletters and emails,” adds Truitt. No matter what department is using DDI System’s inform software, or will expand its use of the system in the future, there is a consistency and integration throughout the entire company. It allows for increasing the speed by which all factions of the company can respond to customer needs and decrease wasted time and labor. As Sikes Paper Company has discovered, using the DDI System solution has increased its speed to market across all areas of its business … which is good for the company and good for its customers.

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The Wholesale Distributor’s Business Hub Inform provides a single-source information hub that powers daily operations, real-time eCommerce, business analysis, field sales, marketing and CRM. In today’s complex environment DDI’s inform business solution organizes your business so you can deliver results!

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UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS Provides Fully Integrated, Mobile Software Solutions & More to Janitorial, Paper, Chemical, Packaging, Food Service & Safety Supply Distributors... When you buy software from a company that specializes in your specific industry, you are buying the company as much as the software. You are also buying a comfort level based on their longevity. Universal Business Systems (UBS) is a Family Owned Business that has successfully installed solutions for businesses just like yours for over FORTY-YEARS! Our fundamental philosophy and mission is to place the customer first. This belief and commitment has enabled us to successfully bring distribution software solutions to businesses of all sizes. As a family-owned business, we go the extra mile to make sure the customer is taken care of. The Benefit of Over a Quarter-of-a-Century of Industry-Specific Experience Another important aspect is the experience level of the technical and support personnel you and your staff will be interacting with while you implement and use the software you purchase.

"I value the fact that UBS is a family owned and operated business. Those values are reflected in not only how you do business, but how your employees service us. Everyone is very professional and service oriented. If it wasn't for UBS, I don’t think we could have managed our double-digit growth this efficiently" Bill LaMorte, President/Owner, Ronstan Paper & Packaging Universal Business Systems employees specialize in your industry and have supported businesses like yours for a combined average of Two Decades. That immediately tells you a couple of things: 1) you will be dealing with someone who knows the software you bought so you won’t have to be part of a learning curve, and 2) you will be dealing with people who know your business. Experience has proven over and over again that many questions and industry specific situations present themselves regularly while implementing a software solution. Having a company with a wealth of industry specific knowledge supporting you and your software will help you reduce costs and increase profits.

Why Universal Business Systems Synergy Suite is the Right Choice Synergy Suite is everything a Distributor needs in a software solution! Developed by listening to the needs of distributors, Synergy Suite includes all the software needed to run a distribution business. Synergy is easy to use and requires NO additional software or applications. All you need is an internet browser - this means Synergy will run on smartphones, tablets, laptops or any mobile device available, and any device released in the future that utilizes a browser! Synergy is platform independent and fully integrated across your network. The Synergy Suite features: Synergy ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning System A complete finance/accounting, sales and service, customer relationship management solution that is very intuitive, powerful and provides information easily and effectively, all through your browser. Synergy.Net: Customizable Website / Catalog / Content Management More than just an online order entry system, Synergy.Net is a fully integrated, customizable resource you can use as your storefront, website, product catalog and/ or online ordering system. An innovative Content Management System and administration area allows you to customize Synergy.Net to your needs. Synergy SalesPro: Real-Time Sales Force Automation A unique and efficient way to provide real-time customer information to your sales personnel in a concise and easy to understand format. This mobile dashboard works with any device that supports a browser. Synergy Phocas: Business Intelligence Tools Simple and easy to use Business Intelligence tool that identifies key issues and opportunities within your business for Sales, Purchasing and Rebates.

"UBS software products are compelling and provide us with a unique competitive advantage" Jim Berry, VP of Marketing, H.T. Berry Company Improve Your Image, Gain New Customers & Increase Sales Not only does Universal offer all the software needed to run your business, we can help you promote it! Our advertising and marketing division, Universal Dynamic Solutions (UDS), can help you improve your image, gain new customers and increase sales. UDS specializes in internet and print marketing, including websites, eCommerce, print catalogs, promotional literature and search engine optimization. UDS' industry-leading Content Management Database allows us to offer highresolution product images and detailed marketing text with all of our products. Contact us today for a demonstration and learn how Universal Business Systems can help you sell more from DAY 1. Call: 908-725-8899 Visit: www.ubsys.com Email: synergysuite@ubsys.com

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STEP1 Software – The Future Of Jan/San Distribution Is Here!


ll-Windows SQL-based distribution software. Very easy to use. That’s how STEP1 Software describes their state of the art distributor’s system, designed specifically for the Jan/San industry. STEP1 has used their 36 years of experience with the Jan/San industry to create a software package that addresses the needs of every aspect of your business. Our iPad app for your sales reps is a big success! Use this impressive tool to enter orders, check stock, enter quotes, and manage your territory using the USA’s favorite tablet! It is also integrated in with our optional calendar/CRM/Business Intelligence system. Heart and soul of the distribution business is order entry. This is the most important point of contact between your customer and your company. STEP1’s Order Desk is designed to have every answer just one click away. Customer Service people can see when the last order was, what the last price was, what the new price should be, and what this customer should be ordering today. Credit and payment history are immediately available, whenever they are needed. New items are just a click away and so is the on-line catalog. For the owner, STEP1 has two impressive tools. First is the CEO Dashboard, which lets you see all the vital stats of your business at-a-glance. Extensive drill-downs allow you to investigate anything that looks different than what you were expecting. You can also set goals that help you track your progress. Second is STEP1’s Dimensions Business Intelligence system. Dimensions is an easy to use guided query system for the owner or manager. See which items are doing best with your customers, and see the range of special prices being offered to customers for each item! One more click will show all similar customers that have NOT yet purchased this item.

once (this is not required, just optional). Customers have reported savings of about 3 hours per 100 orders by doing it this way, and have increased picking accuracy. Warehouse Manager also has a feature to mark an entire truck’s orders as ‘shipped’ with one click. Once marked, the computer knows this inventory is out of the building and won’t show as floor stock. Haz-Mat issues are also addressed with this package. Billing is very easy, since the orders are already organized by truck. When the truck comes back, just handle any exceptions that need to be addressed. Then with one click all orders on the truck are billed. If bills need to go with the truck, then there is an option to accomplish this as well. General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable round out the package. The G/L is completely integrated and very automatic. A/R and A/P have features built in that STEP1 customers have suggested to make their jobs easier and faster. STEP1 combines the most modern technology with a package that addresses every aspect of your business. STEP1 is the system of the future for Jan/San Distribution, and the future is today!

The information available to the Sales Manager is amazing. You will be instantly able to see how the company is performing vs. your goals. This tracks through to sales offices if you have multiple branches, then tracks through to all the individual sales people. Be able to sort and search the data to see margins by customer, by item, or by vendor. This is a separate module available just for your Sales Manager that automates the normal tasks of this job. STEP1 also has several tools for your customers. There are two customer order entry systems available. One is browser based, and will show the customer special pricing on any item they have previously purchased along with pictures and descriptions of the items. The other is a package that connects directly to you, and shows the customer status of pending orders and pricing on any items that they have not already purchased. There is also a package for your very large customers that help the customer track their budgets and consumption. This is very useful for customers like school districts, city & county governments, and health care companies. STEP1 seamlessly integrates with JM Catalog, which the best on-line catalog in the industry. It features 225,000+ items in the Jan/San industry. Customer special pricing is always an issue. STEP1 has a package called Price Manager that helps take some of the work out of all the special pricing. You can use Price Manager to assign pricing discounts or markups to groups of items for a customer. For example, you might have a policy of 23% discount off of all linear low-density liners for the hospital. This way, no matter what liner they choose, the pricing will be automatic and correct. This feature has helped STEP1 customers immensely. Just think of all the time you spend with customer pricing issues. STEP1 also has a margin preservation system, so that if costs go up, it shows you what you should charge to maintain the same margin as the last purchase for this customer. If you have a service department for machine repair, STEP1 has an excellent solution called the Service Desk. This package tracks machine repair by serial number, so that you can easily recall a machine and see all the previous service history. It also tracks total number of times the machine has been in for repair, and the total amount spent on repairing the machine. STEP1 customers have found this very useful because it helps pinpoint troublesome machines that would be less expensive for the customer to replace and stop repairing the old one. Status codes allow you to see at-a-glance the status of every job in for repair. Statuses such as ‘On Bench’ or ‘Waiting on Part’ allow you to keep the customer quickly informed of the status of their repair. Service Desk also has a companion product called Service Manager. The Service Manager package tracks billable time by Service Rep. This allows the owner or manager to determine the true profitability of the Service Department. It also tracks turn around time of equipment and other key Service Department statistics. Your warehouse people will enjoy the Warehouse Manager. This package allows your warehouse personnel to see all the orders waiting on delivery and lets them sort the orders into truck runs on-screen. The system also allows them to grab a ‘wave pull’ ticket, which would allow them to make one sweep around the warehouse and pick all orders for a truck run at

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Absolute Coatings, Inc. 38 Portman Rd. New Rochelle, NY 10801 USA Fax: 914-636-0822 800-221-8010 E-Mail: lalfieri@absolutecoatings.com Web Site: lastnlast.com Products: Absolute Coatings, Inc. specializes in wood floor finishes and maintenance products. Founded in 1923, ACI provides quality, waterborne and solventbased VOC compliant finishes for every market. Proven quality in gym and wood floor coatings. 13 Absorbcore 30275 Lorain Road North Olmsted, OH 44070 USA 440-734-5602 Fax: 440-779-9243 E-Mail: charlie@modernsales.net Web Site: www.absorbcore.com Company Officers: Charlie Flury, Pam Flury Products: Urinal and commode mats. Disposable restroom matting improves facility safety, appearance and prevents urine-damaged floors. 13 ACS Industries, Inc. One New England Way Lincoln, RI 02865 USA 401-769-4700 Fax: 401-333-6088 E-Mail: rbeaudette@acsind.com Web Site: www.scrubble.com Company Officers: Steven Buckler, President; Rory Beaudette, Vice President - Sales Products: The Scrubble Division of ACS Industries has been manufacturing professional cleaning products since 1939 for the foodservice, janitorial and sanitary supply markets. ACS manufactures a full line of cleaning products, including metal scrubbers, scouring pads, grill cleaning items, soap pads, mops, brooms, brushes, nonwoven floor pads, steelwool floor pads and sand screens. 13 Action Pump Co. 170 Chicago St. Cary, IL 60013 USA

847-516-3636 Fax: 847-829-8066 E-Mail: marty@actionpump.com Web Site: www.actionpump.com Products: Action Pump is a manufacturer of drum, pail, oil, grease, FDA and 3A pumps. For use on 5, 15, 30, 55 and totes. 13

866-922-5272 Web Site: www.americanpaperco.com Products: American Paper Converting Inc., (APC) manufactures bathroom tissue and paper towel products. APC Inc., was founded in 1997 to be a flexible and innovative supplier of towel and tissue to janitorial and food service distributors. 12

Advanced Vapor Technologies, LLC 5901 23rd Dr. W., Ste. 103 Everett, WA 98203 USA Phone: 425-775-9000 Fax: 425-775-1993 Website: www.advap.com Products: AVT Steam Vapor Systems, combined with Nano Crystal Disinfection Technology (TANCS™), cleans and disinfects virtually any surface using tap water. Chemical exposure and residual noxious odors are reduced by employing AVT systems, which are applicable for multi-purpose, multi-surface disinfection. 12

Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc. 6224 N. Main Street Acworth, GA 30101 USA 770-974-7000 Fax: 770-974-0614 Web Site: www.americomfg.com Products: Americo manufactures a complete line of floor maintenance pads, hand pads and related non-woven products. Also offered are vinyl-backed floor matting, logo mats, antifatigue matting and restroom care products including deodorizing urinal screens. 06

Airosol Company, Inc. P.O. Box 120 1206 Illinois St. Neodesha, KS 66757 USA Fax: 620-325-2602 800-633-9576 Web Site: www.airosol.com Products: Airosol has continuously expanded its line of products over the company’s history. The company’s products now include insecticides, metered air fresheners, cleaners, adhesives, lubricants, specialty coatings and additives. 11

Amrep, Inc. 425 Franklin Rd., Ste. 530 Marietta, GA 30067 USA 770-422-2071 Fax: 770-422-1737 E-Mail: info@amrep.com Web Site: www.amrep.com Products: Amrep is a national manufacturer of specialty chemicals, with product lines in the chemical industry including aerosol, liquid and lubricant products. Amrep offers product innovations, quality, service and support. 11

Aldran Chemical, Inc. 1313 N. Carolan Ave. Burlingame, CA 94010 USA Fax: 650-347-8241 800-969-3378 E-Mail: sales@aldranchemical.com Web Site: www.aldranchem.com Products: After years of blending and private labeling, Aldran products are made to order. Any quantity gets bottom line pricing. 12

Aqua Products Inc. 2703 River Rd., P.O. Box 231 Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 USA 856-829-8444 Fax: 856-829-8482 E-Mail: aquaproducts@verizon.net Products: Brooms, brushes, surfactants. 13

American Paper Converting Inc. 1845 Howard Way Woodland, WA 98674 USA Fax: 360-225-0478

AWAY Chemical Corp. 7800 Bissonnet, Suite 310 Houston, TX 77074 USA 713-541-0055 Fax: 713-270-6810 Web Site: www.awaychem.com Products: Manufacturer of drain pan treatment. 04

B8 Sales 635 Sheperd Drive Cincinnati, OH 45215 USA 888-988-8874 Fax: 888-550-4732 E-Mail: sales@b8sales.com Web Site: www.b8sales.com Company Officers: Mike Lam, Lisa Pasternak Products: First-aid supplies, safety equipment, personal protection, traffic equipment and supplies, safety signage. 13 Baumgartens 144 Ottley Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30324 USA Fax: 404-881-1442 800-247-5547 Web Site: www.baumgartens.com; www.conservebrand.com Products: Baumgartens is a woman-owned family business supplying products to the school, home, office and janitorial/sanitation market. Its Conserve™ Cleaning Tablets help redefine how the cleaning industry purchases, stores, mixes and uses spray cleaners. 12 Bel-Maid Company P.O. Box 1101 Brick, NJ 08723 USA 732-905-2600 Fax: 732-905-2620 800-527-4947 Products: Rayon and cotton cut end mops; loop mops - rayon color blends and finish mops; brooms; handles; brushes; squeegees; bucket combos; dust mops, frames, handles; dust pans. 10 Berk Wiper International, LLC 707 N. Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA 19446 USA 215-412-8181 Fax: 215-412-4010 E-Mail: jeffberk@berkwiper.net Web Site: www.berkwiper.com Company Officers: Jeff Berk, Larry Berk Products: Berk Wiper International specializes in private label wiper converting. It produces a wide line of disposable wiping cloths, along with a full line of toweling and tissue products. These products have excellent crossovers with all of the major branded com-

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January/February 2013

panies, and are sold into the jan/san, foodservice, medical, automotive, healthcare and general industries markets. 13 Birsch Industries, Inc. 476 Viking Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 USA 757-622-0355 Fax: 757-625-7552 E-Mail: info@birsch.com Web Site: www.birsch.com Company Officers: Jay Birsch, President Products: Manufacturer of industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals and janitorial/foodservice supplies. 13 Bissell Professional 2345 Walker Ave., NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544 USA 616-791-0654 Fax: 616-453-5203 Web Site: www.bissell.com www.bissellcommercial.com Products: Cleaning tools for commercial cleaning applications. This includes deep carpet cleaners, upright vacuums, canister vacuums and sweepers. 12

Briarwood Products 2900 Bradwell Ave. Cleveland, OH 44109 USA 216-398-1107 E-Mail: bp@briarwoodproducts.com Web Site: www.briarwoodproducts.com Products: Labor saving cleaning tools, microfiber tools, wet mop holders and dust mop units. 13

flat and inter-folded. Available for contract converting of customers’ materials. Offers a line of a multi-purpose cleaner, Orange Peels™. As a pre-moistened cleaner, Orange Peels will clean grease, oil and even graffiti off most surfaces. Also produces Fresh Start® disinfectant wipes which kills several types of viruses including MRSA, H1N1 and Noro Virus. 13

Bro-tex, Inc. 800 Hampden Avenue St. Paul, MN 55114 USA Fax: 651-646-1876 800-328-2282 E-Mail: info@brotex.com Web Site: www.brotex.com Products: Bro-tex converts a number of paper and non-woven single use (disposable) wipers as well as numerous cloth wiping products. Wipers include cellulose, spunlace and special low-lint wipers. Cloth wipers are available new or as reclaimed cloth wipers. The company converts these wipers into a variety of dispensing applications including its Dispense Pro® and Center Flo® packaging. Other packaging options are bulk, quarterfold,

Bullen Companies, The 1640 Delmar Dr. Folcroft, PA 19032 USA 215-724-8100 Fax: 610-534-8912 E-Mail: sales@bullenonline.com Web Site: www.bullenonline.com Products: Specialty chemical manufacturer offering liquid products from dog shampoo to aircraft cleaner. Private branded and branded products. 12

Discover Warsaw Chemical

Cargill Salt 9380 Excelsior Blvd. Hopkins, MN 55343 USA 888-385-SALT (7258) Web Site: www.cargillsalt.com Products: Commercial strength packaged ice melters for the jan/san marketplace. 12 Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. 819 Whitehall Road Anderson, SC 29625 USA 800-845-9725 Web Site: www.carolinamop.com Products: Established in 1945, Carolina Mop is a full line manufacturer of American-made quality wet mops including: cut-ends, truloops, screw connectors, deck mops, and high

performance looped-end mops. A wide variety of handles, dust mops, frames, brooms, etc. are also available. Fast turn around service. Products also include mop buckets, dustpans, wet floor signs, janitor carts, brushes, floor squeegees, and microfiber products. 10 Carolina Paper Converters, Inc. P.O. Box 609 Oakboro, NC 28129-0609 Fax: 704-485-3253 800-951-2235 Web Site: www.carolinapaper.net Products: Paper converter, commercial towel and tissue products, and dispensers. Also included are wiper and nonwoven products, soap, and toilet seat cover dispensers. 13 Carroll Company 2900 W. Kingsley Rd. Garland, TX 75041 USA Fax: 972-840-0678 800-527-5722 Web Site: www.carrollco.com Products: Private brand development to multi-unit distribution, marketing groups and other selected targets. 12 Cascades Tissue Group - IFC Disposables, Inc. P.O. Box 469 / 250 Kleer Vu Drive Brownsville, TN 38012 USA 731-779-0959 Fax: 800-947-3432, 731-779-2558 800-432-9473 E-Mail: laura_brooks@cascades.com Web Site: www.afh.cascades.com


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Only Warsaw Chemical brings you this product lineup and these customer benefits: • Complete product line • Complete private label/ brand program • Product use & sales training seminars • Full quality guarantee – all products

• Low FOB shipping requirements • Green Time™ Product Line meets DfE • Marketing support • Custom blending

Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc. P.O. Box 858 • Warsaw, IN 46580 USA Tel: 800-548-3396 or 574-267-3251 • Fax: 574-267-3884 Email:wcc@warsaw-chem.com • http://www.warsaw-chem.com

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Delamo’s new Janitor Cart combines innovation for heavy-duty utility and high-capacity storage with the least amount of space. Features a docking station for wringer buckets, a quick release liner lock, dozens of tool holders and accessories to create a most efficient cleaning system.

Build your own at … delamo-mfg.com/cart

7171 Telegraph Road | Montebello, CA 90640 | USA delamo-mfg.com | 888/711.8011 delamo@delamo-mfg.com

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Wipes are Our Passion Clean is Our Business

Diamond Wipes International, Inc. 4651 Schaefer Ave, Chino, CA 91710 (800) 454-1077 s (909) 230-9888 Main s (909) 230-9885 Fax www.diamondwipes.com s dwsales@diamondwipes.com

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34 Company Officers: Robert Briggs, President - IFC division; Bob Jenkins, Director of Sales - IFC Products: Manufacturer of disposable nonwoven wiping cloth products for the industrial, jan/san, foodservice, institutional, healthcare and automotive markets. Product lines include: Tuff-Job® Scrim, LikeRags® Spunlace, Presto-Wipes® Airlaid, Busboy® Foodservice Towel, North River® Brown Towel, and WorkPac* 2-ply All-Purpose Wipes. 13 Chase Products Co. 2727 Gardner Rd. Broadview, IL 60155 USA Fax: 708-865-7041 800-CHASECO E-Mail: sales@chaseproducts.com Web Site: www.chaseproducts.com Products: Chase Products Co. provides a wide range of aerosol cleaners, air fresheners, insecticides, paints; and automotive, bench, craft and personal care products. 11 Clean Control Corporation P.O. Box 7444 Warner Robins, GA 31095 USA 478-922-5340 Fax: 478-922-5395 E-Mail: info@cccga.com Web Site: www.odobanprofessional.com Products: Manufacturer of high quality cleaning products, odor eliminators, disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorizers, stain removers, air fresheners and cleaning accessories. 10

January/February 2013 Colgate-Palmolive Company 191 E. Hanover Ave. Morristown, NJ 07962 USA Fax: 973-630-1291 800-432-8226 Web Site: www.colgatecommercial.com Products: Dispensing equipment and cleaning products including general multi-surface cleaners, dish washing liquids and hand soaps. 12 Consolidated Paper Company 770 E. 132nd St. Bronx, NY 10454 USA 718-402-1288 Fax: 718-742-1484 E-Mail: info@consolidatedpaper.com Web Site: www.consolidatedpaper.com Company Officers: Jordan Sedler, President; Ari Lewis, VP Sales Products: A redistributor of janitorial, paper, green cleaning and disposable foodservice products that has been in business since 1918. Warehouse is located in Bronx, NY, and the company’s mission is to help distributors from Massachusetts to Maryland grow their businesses. 13 Continental Commercial Products 305 Rock Industrial Park Drive Bridgeton, MO 63044 USA Fax: 800-327-5492 800-325-1051 Web Site: www.continentalcommercialproducts.com Products: A complete line of products for the janitorial and food service industries including buckets, wringers, wet and dust mops, brushes, brooms, floor and hand pads, carts,

refuse containers, safety signs, dust pans, trigger sprayers, bottles, smoking receptacles, restroom products, ingredient bins, oil filtration and handling products. 10 CP Industries LLC 560 North 500 West, Suite 100 Salt Lake City, UT 84116 USA Fax: 801-539-0510 800-453-4931 E-Mail: ann@cpindustries.net Web Site: www.cpindustries.net Company Officers: Ann Lieber, President Products: Technically advanced environmentally safe products including ice melters, cleaning chemicals and detergents. Custom chemical formulations and manufacturing provided. Production facilities located in Salt Lake City, UT, and York, PA. 12 Cross Country Installations & Service, LLC 38 Governor St. Paterson, NJ 07501 USA 973-278-2663 Fax: 973-278-2668 800-884-5084 E-Mail: sales@crosscountryinstall.com Web Site: www.crosscountryinstall.com Products: CCI installs and services all types of janitorial dispensing equipment across the United States and Canada. With professional installers, CCI has the teams in place ready to install, service and maintain equipment on regional and national levels. 12 Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. 220 S. Fehr Way Bayshore, NY 11706 USA

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631-918-4560 Fax: 631-918-4561 E-Mail: culicoverbrush@aol.com Web Site: www.culicoverbrush.com Company Officers: Richard Shapiro, President; David Shapiro, Treasurer Products: Floor brushes, garage brushes, counter dusters, radiator and window brushes, truck brushes, street brooms, corn brooms, baseboard brushes, bi-level scrubs, deck scrubs, hand scrubs, pot brushes, wet and dry mops, broom and mop handles, dustpans, squeegees. Can manufacture all types of brooms quickly and efficiently with modern CNC machinery, but still can run small orders and do hand work. Can manufacture to specifications. 13

Daley International 4100 W. 76th St. Chicago, IL 60652 USA 773-284-6565 E-Mail: info@daleyinternational.com Web Site: www.daleyinternational.com Products: Manufacturer of institutional and commercial cleaning products, branded chemicals, private branded products, and contract packaging. 12 DDI System 75 Glen Road, Ste. 204 Sandy Hook, CT 06482 USA 877-599-4334 Fax: 203-364-1400 E-Mail: sales@ddisys.com Web Site: www.ddisys.com Company Officers: Adam Waller, President

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Products: DDI System’s “inform” distribution management software creates a strategic advantage by integrating daily operations with advanced sales, marketing, mobile apps and e-commerce tools. Customers can empower their entire team with the complete business system that drives sales, increases profitability, and improves customer service for jan/san, paper, and packaging distributors. 13

Discover Energy Corp. 999 W. Broadway, Ste. 880 Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K5 CANADA 604-730-2877 Fax: 604-730-2898 E-Mail: info@discover-energy.com Web Site: www.discover-energy.com Products: Clean & Green Battery technology for floor machines. The company provides innovation in deep cycle battery technology. 11

DEB USA, Inc. 2815 Coliseum Drive, Suite 600 Charlotte, NC 28217 USA Fax: 800-367-7408 800-248-7190 E-Mail: csr@debgroup.com Web Site: www.debgroup.com Company Officers: William Taylor, President; Tom Wirostek, VP Marketing; Stephen Lander, VP Sales Products: Deb Group has been providing innovative and market-leading dedicated skin care programs for over 70 years for a wide range of industries and organizations that value their employee and customer well-being. Customers benefit from Deb’s deep expertise in skin care through improved health and safety and environmental impact with measurable economic value. 13

Distributor Partners of America (DPA) 8410 Market Place Lane, Suite A Cincinnati, OH 45242 USA Fax: 513-794-3342

Delamo Manufacturing 7171 Telegraph Road Montebello, CA 90640 USA 888-711-8011 E-Mail: delamo@delamo-mfg.com Web Site: www.delamo-mfg.com Company Officers: Fred Morad, President/CEO; Todd Carlson, General Manager/VP Products: Line of cleaning tools including waste cans, wringer buckets, lobby dust pans and hand-held dustpans, proudly made in the USA. These core items are also available in a recycled plastic, “Delamo Green Clean,” made from used tires. Delamo also manufactures mop sticks, utility buckets, toilet seat covers, dispensers and more. 12 Diamond Wipes Intl. 4200 E. Mission Blvd. Ontario, CA 91761 USA 909-230-9888 Fax: 909-230-9885 800-454-1077 E-Mail: info@diamondwipes.com Web Site: www.diamondwipes.com Products: Pre-moistened disposable towels, anti-bacterial wipes, contract packaging. 08 Dirt Killer Pressure Washers Inc. 1708 Whitehead Road Baltimore, MD 21207 USA Fax: 410-944-9988 800-544-1188 E-Mail: info@dirtkiller.com Web Site: www.dirtkiller.com Products: Hot and cold portable pressure washers featuring the Kränzle pump. These industrial grade units are both gas and electric powered with pressures ranging from 1000 to 3500 psi. 13

800-652-7826 Web Site: www.DPABuyingGroup.com Products: DPA is a member-driven North American buying and networking organization in the janitorial/sanitary, safety, packaging and restoration industries. Member distributors receive quarterly rebates, better pricing, extra promotions and other benefits from 150-plus suppliers. DPA also holds an annual buying and networking conference each year for partner distributors and vendors. 12 Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. 716 S. Bon View Ave. Ontario, CA 91761 USA

909-933-1000 Fax: 909-933-2728 E-Mail: info@draco.com Web Site: www.draco.com Company Officers: Peter Zheng Products: Specializes in OEM manufacturing of towel, soap and air fresh dispenser systems for the AFH market. 13 E. Gornell & Sons, Inc. 2241 N. Knox Avenue Chicago, IL 60639 USA 773-489-2330 Fax: 773-489-1102 E-Mail: sales@gornellbrush.com

When disaster strikes odors combined with mold issues can be a huge problem. With the Rainbowair 2000 Series II on hand, you can help deal with these devastating problems in automobiles, homes and businesses. Now with a double fan generating 240 CFM airflow, up to 2,000 mg/hr of ozone and the power to deodorize areas up to 6,000 sq/ft., this compact unit will destroy even the worst odors quickly and permanently. Introductory Offer Only

Today I I 0 60 our 5 re Plugin y r e Ord ewai value N 1 t 5 Ge 119.9 /28/13 $ e e r F es 2

offers the best solution to eliminating the odors the flooding left behind, permanently. Call today for more information!!!

Expir Offer


How does the Rainbowair Activator 2000 eliminate powerful odors without the use of artificial chemicals or deodorizers?

Artificial chemicals and deodorizers only mask the smell of malodors. And unlike Ozone, chemicals and deodorizers leave residue that can cause harm to the air quality while attempting to mask the odor. An environmentally-friendly ozone machine actually produces ozone which ELIMINATES and DESTROYS the gases that are the source of the odor – leaving behind nothing but fresh, clean air.

OZONE COMBATS Fire and Flood Odors... Naturally!!! Ozone breaks down or oxidizes impurities in the air, eliminates the odor, attacks mold spores and bacteria while ridding the air of harmful chemicals and all types of odors. Take molecules of breathable air (O2). Recombine them so there are three oxygen atoms (O3) making Ozone. Send these ozone molecules out through the air. When the ozone molecules encounter a pollutant, one oxygen atom will break away and attach itself to the pollutant thereby oxidizing it and leaving behind a breathable O2 molecule removing any trace of odor.

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January/February 2013

Web Site: www.gornellbrush.com Company Officers: Gus H. Treslo, President Products: Gornell built its reputation as a custom designer and manufacturer of quality brushes for industry and maintenance. Gornell is a leading supplier of scratch, platers and welder brushes, staple-set on the latest CNCcontrolled machinery. Gornell continues to custom-design and manufacture staple-set and wire-drawn brushes for industry. 13 Earth Friendly Chemicals 2585 Horse Pasture Rd., Ste. 202 Virginia Beach, VA 23453 USA Fax: 757-802-9531 800-753-1548 Web Site: www.efchem.com Products: EFC is a certified small, SDVO business specializing in the manufacture and sale of USDA BioPreferred janitorial chemicals and snow/ice melt products for use in government facilities, schools, etc., as well as the general public. EFC’s growth and sustainability have been attributed to bid awarded contracts, competitive pricing, customer service, and the overall acceptance of protecting the environment through the use of green cleaning. 12 EES, Inc. 127 Riverside Drive Cartersville, GA 30120-6383 USA 678-721-9989 Fax: 678-721-9279 Web Site: www.eesatl.com Products: Odor control products including restroom care, solid and liquid deodorants, dumpster and drain maintenance, and grout

restoration. EES stands for “Effective Environmental Systems� and for over two decades has provided quality odor control products for thousands of institutional and industrial businesses across the United States. 11 Ekcos Innovations 1001 Shannon Ct., Suite B Livermore, CA 94550 USA 925-371-1277 Fax: 925-961-9745 E-Mail: info@ekcos.com Web Site: www.ekcos.com Products: Manufacturer of quality urinal screens. 13 Emsco Group P.O. Box 151 Girard, PA 16417 USA Fax: 814-774-3463 800-458-0839 Web Site: www.emscogroup.com Products: Emsco Group markets over 12 product lines and has the manufacturing capability to develop and manufacture products in a variety of venues including: metal stamping, injection molding, textile conversion, staple setting, wood handle conversion and market specific assembly. 09 Enviro-Solutions Ltd. 2060 Fisher Drive Peterborough, ON K9J 8N4 CANADA 705-745-3070 Web Site: www.enviro-solution.com Products: Institutional cleaning chemicals. Certified by Green Seal, EcoLogo and DfE. Wide selection including floor and carpet

care, hand soap, odor control and bio-enzymatic cleaners. Providing proven green products for close to 20 years. 13 Epic Industries 1007 Jersey Avenue New Brunswick, NJ 08901 USA 732-249-6867 Fax: 732-249-7683 Web Site: www.epicindustries.com Products: For over 90 years, Epic Industries has serviced the janitorial, foodservice, laundry and housekeeping industries with its “Swellâ€? brand of products and “E-Z Sudsâ€? and “Like Magicâ€?. Its newest products include the Avatar Dispensing Dilution Control System and DfE recognized Green Essentials™ products, which are environmentally friendly, effective and safe. 12 Evolution Sorbent Products, LLC 1270 Nuclear Dr. West Chicago, IL 60185 USA 800-615-8699 Web Site: www.esp-us.com Products: High-performance pads and rolls, spill kits, booms, socks, drum tops, high traffic mats and more to meet all sorbent and spill control needs. 11 Expanded Technologies 6520 46th St. Kenosha, WI 53144 USA 888-654-7720 Fax: 262-654-5020 Web Site: www.expandedtechnologies.com Products: Made To MoveÂŽ products keep floors looking great. Manufacturer of products designed to protect floors, reduce noise and assist in maintenance. Products include Slip-

onŽ, Slip-overŽ, Wrap-aroundŽ, and CasterTire™ Floor Savers™. Clear sleeve floor protectors, multiple doorstops, safety message anti-fatigue mats and the most extensive peel and stick felt pad and slider line are also available. 11 Fastrak Industries P.O. Box 757 Monee, IL 60449 USA 708-570-0650 Fax: 708-570-0653 E-Mail: info@fastrakind.com Web Site: www.fastrakind.com Products: Fastrak Industries is a proactive innovative manufacturer of performance related technology for the maintenance and jan/san industries. Fastrak’s innovative solutions maximize results and can reduce labor and material costs. 09 Filmop USA 13410 Hwy 105 West Conroe, TX 77304 USA 888-741-0707 E-Mail: info@filmopusa.com Web Site: www.filmopusa.com Products: Designs, manufactures and distributes a large range of microfiber mop systems; mop buckets; maid, janitorial, healthcare, and hospitality carts stocked in the USA. 12 Fuller Brush Commercial Products 1 Fuller Way Great Bend, KS 67530 USA Fax: 620-792-3146 800-848-4901 Web Site: www.fullercommercial.com

Distributors, open your doors to new customers with

SPECIALIZED CARPET CLEANING CHEMICALS from Harvard Chemical Research Serving The Professional Carpet Cleaning Industry Since 1986

ective Carpet Cleaning Solutions. ff E e r o M g n i r Grow Your EYisting Customer Base By Offe We manufacture a very specialized carpet cleaning chemical line for truck mount professional carpet cleaners, professional janitorial companies, and building service contractors. This extensive line JODMVEFT t QSF TQSBZT t FYUSBDUJPO EFUFSHFOUT t TQPU SFNPWFST t fiber protectors t CPPTUFST t EFPEPSJ[FST t PEPS FMJNJOBUPST t FODBQTVMBUJOH SPUBSZ CPOOFU TIBNQPP t VQIPMTUFSZ DMFBOFST t QFU TUBJO USFBUNFOUT t ESZ FYUSBDUJPO QPXEFS t UJMF BOE HSPVU DMFBOFST All of the products we manufacture are available in state of the art


3595 Zip Industrial Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30354 1IPOF t 'BY



Maintenance Sales News


Products: Floor finishes, sealers, strippers, maintainers; carpet care products; degreasers, disinfectants, odor control, aerosols, hand and floor pads, wet and dry mops, brushes, brooms and hand operated carpet sweepers. 11

The company offers private branding capabilities and marketing tools to better grow customers’ brands. Products include wet and dust mops, microfiber pads and cloths, dusters, bonnets, corn brooms, push brooms and hardware. 13

Fullriver Battery USA 1211 Flynn Rd., #102 Camarillo, CA 93012 USA Fax: 805-435-1949 800-522-8191 E-Mail: service@fullriverdcbattery.com Web Site: www.fullriverdcbattery.com Company Officers: Patrick Leibrich, Scott Bankson Products: Manufacturer of a complete line of sealed, maintenance-free, deep cycle, sealed AGM batteries, with many models built for the floorcare market. This includes electric scrubbers and sweepers. Fullriver Battery USA is also the new North American master distributor for Delta-Q chargers. 13

GSC Manufacturing, Inc. 510 Merritt Avenue Nashville, TN 37203 USA 615-248-6556 Fax: 615-248-6558 E-Mail: info@gscmanufacturing.com

Web Site: www.gscmanufacturing.com Company Officers: Gina Lofredo & Scott Atkinson, Owners Products: 100 percent made-in-the-USA textile mops. Wet mops are available in cut-end, looped-end, finish and screw type mops. GSC Manufacturing, Inc. offers a full line of launderable and disposable dust mops and frames. All mops are offered in a variety of natural and synthetic yarns. Natural and plastic fiber upright brooms, push brooms and industrial brushes complete a full janitorial and commercial line of cleaning products. GSC Mfg.,

Gunn Brush Co., Inc. 948 Church St. Baldwin, NY 11510 USA 516-771-7732 800-834-6035 Web Site: www.Gunnbrush.com Products: Suppliers of floor machine brushes and pad drivers for most machines: new, old and obsolete. Large inventory allows same

Ecological cleaning solutions for a safer environment...

Professional Ecological Vapour Cleaning System • Effective against bed bugs, dust mites, lice and other micro-organisms. • Eliminate bacteria and viruses. • Temperature from 145oC - 160oC • Pressure 82.5 psi - 97.5 psi • Continuous fill • Save time, effort and money

Gift Sales Co., The P.O. Box 17082 Wichita, KS 67202 USA 800-992-0181 Fax: 316-267-2930 E-Mail: gscjansplymfr@juno.com Web Site: www.giftsalescompany.net Company Officers: Bill Myers, President/Owner Products: Bowl blocks, urinal blocks, wall blocks, 20-pound sewer blocks, non-para dumpster system, dust pans, bowl caddy, mint asorbit, urinal screens (all kinds), fly swatters, liquid deodorants, enzyme blocks, putty knifes, dust pans - metal, dust pans plastic, and other sundries. 13 GKR Industries, Inc. 13653 S. Kenton Ave. Crestwood, IL 60445 USA Fax: 708-389-3267 800-526-7879 Web Site: www.gkrindustries.com Products: Manufacturer of the Hard Hat Liner, a disposable hard hat liner that assists in preventing diseases of the hair and scalp. Saves time and money cleaning and sanitizing hard hats. 12

Inc. specializes in OEM programs, private labeling, custom packaging and short lead times from receipt of order to delivery. 12

Floor Scrubber • Scrub and dry in a single pass • Ideal cleaning solution for small to medium sized floors

Gofer Parts 269 Jessup Rd. West Deptford, NJ 08086-2129 USA 856-768-0200 Fax: 856-768-2400 Web Site: www.goferparts.com Products: Aftermarket parts supplier for the floorcare industry. 13

Professional Vacuums • Upright vacuums • Wet/Dry Commercial vacuums

Golden Star Inc. 4770 N. Belleview Ave., Ste. 209 Kansas City, MO 64116 USA 816-842-0233 Fax: 816-842-1129 E-Mail: goldenstar@goldenstar.com Web Site: www.goldenstar.com Company Officers: Steve Lewis, Earl D. Julo Products: Golden Star is a full line, vertically integrated manufacturer of professional surface cleaning tools, systems and accessories since 1908.

Circle 29

CANADA: 514-733-2906

U.S.A: 973-826-7672




January/February 2013 ament finish mops that include custom factory and private labeling as well as construction modifications to suit a customer’s needs. 13

tor squeegees, serrated squeegees, scrapers, water brooms, roller squeegees, color coded squeegees, grill squeegees and wet/dry vac elastomer replacement parts. 13

H & S Manufacturing Co. 727 East Broadway Williston, ND 58801 USA 701-572-5400 Fax: 701-774-3091 E-Mail: hsmfg@nemont.net Company Officers: Kathy Zent, President Products: Manufacturer of disposable cleanup kits (HEP-AID and NEW-AID); absorbents (Hypo-Sorb and Springtime); and personal protection kits. 13

Harvard Chemical Research 3595 Zip Industrial Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30354 USA 404-761-0657 Fax: 404-761-0709 Web Site: www.hcronline.com Products: Chemical manufacturer with a primary focus on carpet care, green care, industrial, jan/san, foodservice and stone masonry care. 13

Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. 119 East Elm Street, P.O. Box 168 Union City, IN 47390 USA 937-968-4858 Fax: 937-968-4524 800-228-6677 (MOPS) E-Mail: service@hastemops.com Web Site: www.hastemops.com Company Officers: Rob Stewart, President Products: Manufacturer of quality (Made in the U.S.A.) mopping products. Specializing in excellent service for the janitorial and industrial hard floor care professional. Quality product line of wet mops, dust mops, hardware and monofil-

Haviland Corporation P.O. Box 769 - 200 S Hwy. U Linn, MO 65051 USA 573-897-3672 Fax: 573-897-4497 E-Mail: squeegees@havilandcorp.com Web Site: www.havilandcorp.com Company Officers: Jan Haviland, President, COO; Dale Heidbrink, Vice President of Operations; Alice Haviland, Director of Strategic Planning; Joyce Dudenhoeffer, Marketing Director Products: Manufacturer of a large line of quality floor squeegees, window squeegees, paving hand tools, sealer squeegees, applica-

Hogan Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. 130 E. 18th Street New York, NY 10003 USA 212-598-4310 Fax: 212-477-4711 E-Mail: ray@hoganff.com Web Site: www.hoganff.com Company Officers: Ray Hogan, President/CEO; Scott Hogan, Vice President Operations; Kathleen Ryan, Operations Manager Products: Creator and manufacturer of fragrances for perfumes, colognes, cosmetics, toiletries, soaps, detergents, candles, incense, industrial and institutional chemicals, household specialty products, plastics, cat litter, animal masking odor products, automotive, paper products, laundry products. The company’s fragrances are custom made for customers’ products. 13

day shipping on most orders. Decades of experience. Orders are filled correctly – the first time. 10

Hydro Tek - Cleaning Equipment Mfg. 2353 Almond Ave. Redlands, CA 92374 USA Fax: 909-799-9888 800-27-HYDRO E-Mail: dtyo@hydrotek.us Web Site: www.hydrotek.us Products: For over 25 years, Hydro Tek has built industrial strength power washers, wastewater recycle systems, and pressure washing accessories that deliver the reliability and cleaning performance in demand. Sold and supported through dealers worldwide. 13 Intercon Chemical Company 1100 Central Industrial Drive St. Louis, MO 63110 USA Fax: 314-771-6608 800-325-9218 E-Mail: info@interconchemical.com Web Site: www.interconchemical.com Products: A full line of cleaning and maintenance chemicals for the industrial and institutional markets. Available private labeled or under Intercon brands. 11 International Salt Company 655 Northern Blvd. Clarks Summit, PA 18411 USA 888-388-4726 and 570-319-3144 Fax: 570-585-8725 E-Mail: mwarner@iscosalt.com Web Site: www.internationalsalt.com Company Officers: Daniel P. Thompson, CEO Products: Winter maintenance professionals can rely upon International Salt as a one-source supplier for a comprehensive line of bulk and packaged ice-melt products including: Blizzard Wizard Ice-Melt, Arctic Thaw Ice-Melt Blend with Calcium Chloride and CMA, CFORCE Calcium Chloride Pellets and Flakes, and, Halite Salt Crystals. 13 IPC Eagle 2955 Lone Oak Rd. Eagan, MN 55121 USA

Circle 3

Fax: 651-686-5695 800-486-2775 E-Mail: info@ipceagle.com Web Site: www.ipceagle.com Products: IPC Eagle offers a complete line of cleaning equipment. Product lines include vacuums, sweepers, scrubbers, extractors, wet/dry vacuums, industrial vacuums, pressure washers; window cleaning equipment such as the HydroTube Pure Water System, Ultra Pure, HighRise Automatic Window Cleaner; microfiber mopping system and more. 12 ITW Professional Brands (Formerly ITW Dymon) 805 E. Old 56 Hwy. Olathe, KS 66061 USA Fax: 800-323-9536 800-443-9536 E-Mail: cservice@itwprobrands.com Web Site: www.itwprofessionalbrands.com Company Officers: Paul Taylor, Vice President & General Manager; Rich Bucher, Director Sales & Marketing Products: ITW Professional Brands manufactures and markets five well-known brands; SCRUBS® premoistened wipes, Spray Nine® disinfectants/degreasers, DYKEM® industrial marking products, Dymon® specialty cleaners and Atlantic Mills® disposable foodservice wipers for the industrial MRO, jan/san and foodservice channels. Headquartered in Olathe, KS, the company has an additional distribution center in Lakewood, NJ. 13 J & M Technologies, Inc. 3685 Stutz Drive, Suite 103 Canfield, OH 44406 USA 330-533-9000 Fax: 330-702-8740 Web Site: www.jmcatalog.com Products: Software to create professional looking printed catalogs on demand as well as Internet catalogs. The company provides the programs as well as the data and images of customer products. It has built a library of 170,000 items from vendors in the janitorial and paper industry. 12 Janibell P.O. Box 1919 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729 USA Fax: 909-947-1659 800-856-0332, 888-624-4526 E-Mail: info@janibell.com Web Site: www.janibell.com Products: Magikan, a garbage disposal system that utilizes a long continuous plastic tube roll and Magikan bags. 11 JanSan Optimize.com / Petru & Associates 836 Turtle Creek Ct. Naperville, IL 60565 USA 630-922-1125 Fax: 630-922-1134 E-Mail: ginny@petru.biz Web Site: www.jansanoptimize.com Company Officers: Ginny Petru, President Products: JanSan Optimize.com creates and optimizes inbound and outbound marketing communication services (online and offline) for the janitorial and maintenance supply industry, including SEO website building, eNewsletters, SEO case studies, blogs, public relations and graphic design. 13 Kaivac, Inc. 401 South Third St. Hamilton, OH 45011 USA Fax: 513-896-8548

Maintenance Sales News 513-887-4600 E-Mail: info@kaivac.com Web Site: www.kaivac.com Company Officers: Bob Robinson Sr., Bob Robinson Jr., Tom Morrison, Bob Toews Products: Kaivac delivers complete sciencebased cleaning systems designed to produce safe, healthy outcomes while raising the value and professionalism of cleaning operations. The originator of No-Touch Cleaning®, and crossover cleaning, Kaivac offers an integrated portfolio of environmentallyfriendly cleaning products designed to remove the maximum amount of soil and bio-pollution in the quickest manner possible. 13 Kissner Group, The 32 Cherry Blossom Rd. Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7 CANADA Fax: 877-434-8250 800-434-8248 E-Mail: enquiries@kissner.com Web Site: www.kissner.com Products: Ice Melter products, raw chemicals and lawn and turf chemicals. 13 KL Designs 1051 E. Idahome St. West Covina, CA 91790-2228 USA 888-552-7870 Fax: 888-552-7871 Web Site: www.kl-receptacles.com Products: Smoking receptacles. 13 KleenRite Equipment 1122 Maple Street Madera, CA 93637 USA 559-673-5700 Fax: 559-673-5725 E-Mail: sales@kleenritemfg.com Web Site: www.kleenritemfg.com Company Officers: Bill Hachtmann, President Products: KleenRite, “Engineered to be the Best since 1973,” manufactures quality machines, tools and accessories for cleaning carpets, upholstery, drapery, hard surfaces, and flood removal. From design and rotational-molding through production, all work is done onsite for quality control, and then tested for optimal performance. U.S. made. 12

39 Lambskin Specialties 250 Dufferin Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2W 5J1 CANADA Fax: 204-582-5598 800-665-0202 E-Mail: info@lambskin.com Web Site: www.lambskin.com Products: Manufacturer of DUST WAND wool dusters, wash mitts, Window Pro stripwashers, applicator pads, Floor Master, polishing bonnets, VacGuard Bumper Pillow. Also available, feather and synthetic dusters, glider microfiber mops, utility handles and natural synthetic chamois, and squeegees. Introducing the Biomop biodegradable floor/wall duster, pad holder and MultiFlex flexible multi-purpose tool. 13 Lindhaus USA 12941 Eagle Creek Pkwy. Savage, MN 55378 USA Fax: 952-707-1134 800-498-7526 E-Mail: info@lindhaus.com Web Site: www.lindhaus.com Company Officers: Al Carpenter, President-USA Operations; Michele Massaro, Owner/President Lindhaus SRL Products: Lindhaus offers the RX Hepa two motor upright vacuum in 15, 18 & 20inch widths, the Activa Pro single motor 12-inch upright and the Dynamic two motor upright available in 12 or 15-inch widths. Lindhaus vacuums feature geared belts, highest filtration, lowest sound and vibration levels and on-board tools. New products include the Lindwash Pro versatile compact floor scrubber available in 12 or 14-inch widths and the LW46 Hybrid floor scrubber/drier – powered by battery or electric. 13 Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. P.O. Box 932 - 1001 N. Cedar Clarksville, TX 75426 USA

903-427-2261 Fax: 903-427-5230 E-Mail: sales@magnoliabrush.com Web Site: www.magnoliabrush.com Products: Full line of quality floor, street, garage brushes; deck, scrub brushes; floor and window squeegees; dust mops; wet mops; microfiber; galvanized pails; tubs; detail brushes; and other assorted maintenance items. 13 Matguys, Inc. 2849-A Whipple Road Union City, CA 94587 USA 510-324-1500 Fax: 510-324-1600 Web Site: www.matguys.com Products: Mats of distinction – carpet mats, rubber mats, vinyl runners, wet and dry mats, anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats, logo mats. Specialty – all in house custom manufacturer – only wholesaler for 3M mats, Andersen mats and Crown mats. 12 Meterpak, Inc. 1270 Fewster Drive Mississauga, ON L4W 1A4 CANADA 905-624-0366 Fax: 905-625-4815 E-Mail: sales@meterpak.com Web Site: www.meterpak.com Company Officers: Steve Chambers Products: Meterpak manufactures cleaning products that are conveniently packaged in pre-measured, easy-to-use water-soluble packets. Its complete line contains 28 different cleaners from laundry detergents and floor cleaners to restroom and warewashing packets. Powerful and effective, the company’s color-coded cleaning packets can handle any job. 13 Metro Paper Industries / Tissue Group 111 Manville Road Toronto, ON M1L 4J2 CANADA

Koblenz (Thorne Electric Co.) P.O. Box 18363 San Antonio, TX 78218-0363 USA Fax: 210-590-1258 800-548-5741 Web Site: www.koblenz-electric.com Products: Upright vacuum cleaners, floor machines, burnishers, shampoo/polishers, and wet/dry vacuums. 13 Kruger Products L. P. 1900 Minnesota Court, Ste. 200 Mississauga, ON L5N 5R5 CANADA 905-812-6900 Fax: 905-812-6996 Web Site: www.krugerproducts.ca Products: A leader in the “Away from Home” marketplace. Its highly trained, solution driven, sales team strives to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and product excellence. No matter how demanding a customer’s requirements are, they can be sure that Kruger Products’ towels, tissues, napkins, wipers, along with dispensers and hand care products can provide the right balance of performance and cost effectiveness. 12

Circle 20

416-757-2737 Fax: 416-757-0818 Web Site: www.metropaperindustries.com Products: Vertically integrated manufacturer of recycled paper products servicing the foodservice, janitorial, away-from-home and retail markets. Supplying a wide range of disposable paper products that include table napkins, roll and folded towels, centerpull and kitchen towels, jumbo and conventional toilet tissue, facial tissue, banquet rolls and placemats. 13 Microban/ProRestore Products 4660 Elizabeth Street Coraopolis, PA 15108 Fax: 360-757-7950 800-932-3030 E-Mail: sales@prorestoreproducts.com Web Site: www.microbancleanteam.com Products: The Microban® line of disinfectants from ProRestore includes products for a multitude of applications with broad efficacy. This includes Microban Germicidal Cleaner and Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate, Disinfectant Spray Plus, XS80 and BotaniClean – an EPA category IV cleaner/disinfectant for use as a germicide, fungicide, virucide and broad-specrum hospital-grade disinfectant on hard non-porous surfaces. 12 MidLab, Inc. 140 Private Brand Way Athens, TN 37303 USA 423-337-3180 Fax: 423-337-3369 E-Mail: customerservice@midlab.com Web Site: www.midlabinc.com Company Officers: Matt Schenk, President; Matt Johnston, VP Supply Chain Operations; Mike Smythe, VP Sales; Steve Miller, VP Finance Products: Private brand chemicals with over 600 high quality, custom-blended formulas in


January/February 2013

powders, liquids and solids. A variety of packaging choices — totes, drums, pails, gallons, quarts, convenience packets. In-house graphics for brand development. 13 Milazzo Industries, Inc. 1609 River Road Pittston, PA 18640 USA Fax: 570-654-6242 800-288-6358

Web Site: www.milazzoindustries.com Products: Snow and ice melting agents/winter products, absorbents, sweeping compounds, charcoal and BBQ related products, outdoor living cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, pool and spa chemicals, bulk salt, solutions for both residential and commercial applications. 12 Mobilistics LLC 75 Glen Road Sandy Hook, CT 06482 USA E-Mail: sales@mobilisticapps.com Web Site: www.mobilisticapps.com Products: MobiOrder (available on the app store) is an enterprise level catalog and order entry app for the iPad. Eliminates the need for printed catalogs, providing a sales force with current inventory, pricing and product details. Salespeople submit quotes, place orders, check customer purchase history, contact information and much more. 12 Moonsoft International, Inc. 3808 N. Sullivan Rd., Bldg. 12, Suite Q Spokane, WA 99216 USA 509-892-9363, 877-892-9360 Fax: 509-892-9355 E-Mail: dan@moonsoftcorp.com Web Site: www.moonsoftcorp.com Company Officers: Sarah Mao, Dan Simmons Products: Competitively priced, Moonsoft microfiber towels, microfiber bar towels, microfiber mop pads, microfiber dusters, microfiber string mops, microfiber tube mops. Quality knitting processes and top quality product construction plus a commitment of

research and development keep Moonsoft International an innovator in cleaning textiles. Now producing Made In USA mop pads. 13 Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) 653 36th St. S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49548 USA Fax: 616-406-3125 800-870-8700 E-Mail: info@mor-value.com Web Site: www.mor-value.com Products: Large inventory of brushes, brooms, vac motors, squeegees and other parts for most makes. Vacuum bags for many makes, featuring quality Enviro-MAX bags. Same day shipping on stock items with late 5 p.m. cut-off. Wholesale only. No minimum dollar amount to meet. Free technical support. Can drop ship. Will special order non-stock parts. 11 Morgro Inc. 145 W. Central Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84065 USA 801-266-1132 Fax: 801-266-1183 E-Mail: rick@morgro.com Web Site: www.morgro.com Company Officers: Rick Jensen, Vice President Products: Manufacturer of premium ice melt. Products include: Ice Fighter Plus, with Propolyice, to help protect concrete from freeze/thaw damage; Sno-Plow, with LiquiFire, sodium chloride coated with magnesium chloride with corrosion inhibitors; Cal-Melt, sodium chloride coated with calcium chloride; and Deep Thaw, sodium chloride coated with magnesium chloride. 13


Morton Salt 123 N. Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60606-1743 USA 888-644-9147 Fax: 312-807-2899 Web Site: www.mortonsalt.com Products: A full line of ice melting products. 10 National Tissue Company LLC 3326 E. Layton Ave. Cudahy, WI 53110 USA 414-481-3300 Fax: 414-481-3311 E-Mail: sales.assist@nationaltissue.com Web Site: www.nationaltissue.com Products: Full line of towels, tissue, napkins and wipers for the away-from-home market. Tissues are durable, yet gentle to the touch, product while offering a large selection of styles and product options including custom cores, sheet sizes, and specialized packaging. Napkins available in beverage, dinner, luncheon, and dispenser styles, offering absorbency, and low-lint. Towels and wipers designed to meet various commercial and industrial needs with quality, strength, and absorbency for the most demanding jobs. 12 New Jersey Sanitary Supply Association P.O. Box 435 Butler, NJ 07405 USA 973-283-1400 Fax: 973-838-7124 Web Site: www.njssa.net Products: Regional Trade Association. 11

D w


o n sT O le ors Sa ut ib




G: ok LO bo TA lip CA /F e- com . ys

gu at

.m w



Newaire, Inc. dba The Ozone Specialists/ Rainbowair 9483 State Hwy 37 Ogdensburg, NY 13669 USA 315-393-5454 Fax: 315-393-5511 877-646-9663 Web Site: www.newairepurifiers.com Products: Newaire, Inc. manufactures a full line of ozone generating electronic deodorizers for eliminating odors naturally. With several models to choose from, this state-ofthe-art technology is the ideal solution for odors in restrooms, guestrooms, schools, nursing homes, etc. 12


m ht x. de

Commercial & Industrial Floor Matting Based in the heart of the Bay Area, serving all of California. Oregon & Washington to the North, and Arizona, Nevada to the South, and Hawaii to the Far East

Call Kaz or Oz At 877-628-7787 or email sales@matguys.com Visit our website at www.matguys.com

t 8FTU $PBTU T -BSHFTU 4UPDLJOH 8IPMFTBMFS .BOVGBDUVSFS Carpets, Runners, Rubber, 3M, Tiles, Chairmats, and Designer Mats


Value-Added Wholesale Manufacturer Circle 19

Circle 26

Nexstep Commercial Products 1450 W. Ottawa Road Paxton, IL 60957-0071 USA 217-379-2377 Fax: 217-379-9901 E-Mail: sales@ocedarcommercial.com Web Site: www.ocedarcommercial.com Company Officers: Todd Leventhal, President; Stan Koschnick, VP Operations; Joel Hastings, Assistant Plant Manager Products: Exclusive Licensee of O-Cedar. A complete line of commercial cleaning products... brooms (angle and traditional upright), floor sweeps, brushes (utility, counter, scrubs and bowl), wet mops (traditional), mops (self-wringing, sponge and roller), dust mops, microfiber (cloths, wet mops, dust mops, dusters, heads/holders and cleaning systems), squeegees, dusters, dispensers, sponges, floor mats, rotary brushes, pad drivers and hardware, carts and mop buckets and wringers. 13 NISSCO, LLC 45662 Terminal Dr., Suite 200 Dulles, VA 20166-4340 USA Fax: 703-480-5096 800-229-9541

Maintenance Sales News Web Site: www.nissco.com Products: A leading maintenance and sanitary supply purchasing and marketing organization that is committed to the independent jan/san distributor. 13 Nittany Paper Mills, Inc. P.O. Box 307 Lewistown, PA 17044-0307 Fax: 717-247-3442 888-288-7907 Web Site: www.nittanypaper.com Products: Converter of paper towels, toilet tissue and napkins as well as wiping material. 13 Norshel Industries, Inc. 2933 River Rd. Croydon, PA 19021 USA Fax: 800-MOP-S190 800-355-MOPS Web Site: www.norshel.com Products: Wet and dust mops, mop handles, mop buckets, brooms, sweeps, brushes, dust pans, chemicals, paper products, and complete floorcare solutions including flat mopping systems. 13 North American Salt Company, a Compass Minerals Co. 9900 West 109th Street, Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66210 USA 877-462-7258 or 913-344-9100 Fax: 913-344-9314 Web Site: www.nasalt.com Products: Safe Step® Pro Series®, a family of ice melters created specifically for the jan/san industry. North American Salt has an ice melter that is designed to work best for every customer, including two U.S. EPA DfE certified products. Its full line of products deliver a range of important features, including premium performance, environmentally safe, high-visibility and budgetsmart selections. 13 NPS Corporation 3303 Spirit Way Green Bay, WI 54304 USA 920-983-2234 Fax: 920-983-9291 E-Mail: sotto@npscorp.com Web Site: www.npscorp.com Company Officers: Dan Coonan, Andy Hetzel Jr. Products: Response® janitorial towel and tissue; Spilfyter® absorbents, spill kits and specialty spill control; Spilfyter® wet and dry wipes; and Versa-Pak® protective cushioning products. 13

41 Products: Founded by David Oreck in 1963, The Oreck Corporation manufactures the original lightweight and durable upright commercial vacuum cleaner. Oreck Commercial Sales was created in 1991 for the sole purpose of providing a separate focus targeted to the hospitality, commercial and health care markets. 13 Poly Plastic Products P.O. Box 220 Delano, PA 18220-0220 USA 570-467-3000 Fax: 570-467-0612 Web Site: www.polyplasticproducts.com Products: High density and LLDPE institutional can liners, medical waste liners, packaging films, industrial bags and films. 13 Pro-Link, Inc. 500 Chapman St. Canton, MA 02021 USA 781-828-9550 Fax: 781-828-9551 E-Mail: info@prolinkhq.com Web Site: www.prolinkhq.com Company Officers: Paul Lemieux, President; Bruce Seich, Secretary & Treasurer Products: Pro-Link, a national janitorial supply marketing and buying organization, offers high-quality products and services with dedicated field support, training and centralized procurement. Programs available to improve business operations and profitability include sales, training, selling systems and green cleaning, as well as selling to BSC’s, government and long-term care facilities. 13 Qleeno 10939 Pomona Ave. Kansas City, MO 64153 USA 816-891-6390 Web Site: www.qleeno.com Products: Floor scrubbers, extractors, brushes, pads, pad drivers and cleaning solutions. 13

QuestVapco Corporation P.O. Box 624 Brenham, TX 77834 USA Web Site: www.questvapco.com Products: QuestVapco Corporation, located in Houston, TX, and St. Louis, MO, has been offering quality products since 1953. It offers, under the QuestVapco brand or private label, a complete line of cleaners, disinfectants, deodorants, insecticides, herbicides, industrial construction, floor care, automotive products, hand cleaners, adhesives, lubricants, wipes and specialty chemicals for the HVAC, janitorial and industrial distributor. 12 Quinn Broom Works, Inc. P.O. Box 575, Greenup, IL 62428 USA 217-923-3181 Fax: 217-923-5150 800-626-7282 E-Mail: qbroom@rr1.net Web Site: www.quinnbroomworks.com Company Officers: Mark D Quinn, President Products: All types of wound, nail, kitchenette, whisk and toy brooms. Corn brooms manufactured to customers’ specifications. 12 R & B Wire Products, Inc. 2901 W. Garry Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92704 USA Fax: 714-549-0625 800-634-0555 E-Mail: sales@rbwire.com Web Site: www.rbwire.com Products: Manufacturer of wire, tubular steel, sewn and poly products serving the janitorial supply, health care and other sectors. Products include a nesting basket truck line. 12 RD Industries, Inc. 7417 North 101 Street Omaha, NE 68122 USA 402-455-8553 Fax: 402-455-8242 Web Site: www.rdindustries.com Products: RD Industries designs, manufactures, and distributes closed loop chemical

containment and dispensing systems. With hazards such as leaks and spills, unsafe chemical handling and improper dilutions, chemical manufacturers turn to RD Industries to make their chemical management systems cleaner and safer. 12 RDA Advantage 5808 S. Rapp St. #220 Littleton, CO 80120 USA 303-794-2400 Fax: 303-794-2424 E-Mail: carly@rdaadvantage.com Web Site: www.rdaadvantage.com Company Officers: Mark Lyle, Executive Director Products: RDA Advantage consists of 17 redistributors and 32 warehouses all across North America. RDA Advantage provides customers with unsurpassed local service, quality products, preferred pricing and quick delivery. Current redistributors sell all the national jan/san and foodservice brands, as well as RDA Advantage’s own Advantage and Vintage brand products. 13 Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. 522 W. Chestnut St. Union City, IN 47390 USA 765-964-3252 Fax: 765-964-5343 E-Mail: sales@reitprice.com Web Site: www.reitprice.com Products: Wet mops, dust mops, squeegees, handles, corn brooms, microfiber mopping pads and microfiber cleaning towels. 13 Remco Products 4735 W. 106th Street Zionsville, IN 46077 USA 317-876-9856 Fax: 800-585-8619 Web Site: www.remcoproducts.com Products: Remco Products offers a complete line of hygienic cleaning tools, featuring color-coded brushes, brooms, and squeegees. All are produced to the highest quality stan-


uinn Broom Works, Inc. has proven our commitment to our valued customers by giving them quality products, good service and timely delivery.

Occidental Chemical Corporation 1600 S. Madison Street Ludington, MI 49431 USA 888-293-2336 Fax: 231-845-4312 E-Mail: calciumchloride@oxy.com Web Site: www.oxycalciumchloride.com Products: PELADOW™ Premier Snow and Ice Melter, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87 percent calcium chloride flake, COMBOTHERM™ commercial strength blended deicer. 12


hether you are a large distributor or a smaller janitorial house, we can create for you a broom line to enhance your products. Our broom products meet qualifications with A.S.T.M. certification manufactured at our facility.


ired of speaking to voice mail or listening to computerized messages? At Quinn Broom Works, Inc. our management is always accessible to discuss our needs and help with problems.

Oreck Commercial 100 Armstrong Road, Suite 101 Plymouth, MA 02360 USA Fax: 877-672-4566 800-242-1378 Web Site: www.oreckcommercial.com Company Officers: Tony LaGreca

Circle 32


January/February 2013

dards with models designed for every job from floors to ceilings. In addition, Remco’s color-coded polypropylene scoops, scrapers, mixing paddles, and shovels provide a total package for the stringent requirements of today’s sanitation programs. 12 Royal Paper Converting, Inc. 11990 Westwood Blvd., Suite 260 Los Angeles, CA 90025-8418 USA 310-481-1400 Fax: 800-965-9007 Web Site: www.royalpaper.us Products: Manufacturers of a complete line of away-from-home paper products. Servicing both jan/san and foodservice industry. 05 Royce Rolls Ringer Co. 16 Riverview Terrace Grand Rapids, MI 49505 USA Fax: 616-361-5976 800-253-9638 E-Mail: abby@roycerolls.net Web Site: www.roycerolls.net Company Officers: Abby Murphy, Bill Swartz Products: Royce Rolls Ringer Company is a manufacturer of stainless steel products including housekeeping carts (which accommodate both traditional and microfiber systems), utility carts, chair/trash carts, mop bucket/wringer combos, toilet paper dispensers, and other restroom and kitchen fixtures. All items include a 10-year guarantee and are made in America. 13 S.M. Arnold, Inc. 7901 Michigan Ave. St. Louis, MO 63111 USA 314-544-4103

Fax: 314-544-3159 E-Mail: info@smarnoldinc.com Web Site: www.smarnoldinc.com Products: S.M. Arnold, Inc. manufactures a complete line of cleaning maintenance accesories such as... chamois, Water SpriteŽ, drying cloths, brushes, brooms, natural sea sponges, cellulose sponges, poly sponges, wash mitts, lambswool floor applicators, microfiber towels, cloths and floor squeegees. Introducing trigger sprayers and bottles, razor blades and scrapers. 10 Sanastar 2021 N.E. 59th Ct. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308-2111 USA 954-445-4888 Web Site: www.sanastar.net Products: WizKid is an absorbent and antibacterial mat that is placed under the urinal to collect and disinfect the inevitable drip of urine on the bathroom floor. WizKid is truncated in shape. The backing is rubber. 07 SCA Americas Cira Centre, 2929 Arch St., 26th Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA 866-SCA-TORK Fax: 920-720-4595 E-Mail: torkusa@sca.com Web Site: www.torkusa.com Products: SCA’s segment-driven solutions include napkins, toweling, bath and facial tissue, specialty wipers, dispensers and soap systems. As a top North American manufacturer of Away-From-Home sanitary products, SCA recyles more than 750,000 tons of

paper per year, of which 400,000 tons consist of post-consumer recyclables. 13 Seko Dosing Systems Corporation 1103 Branagan Dr. Tullytown, PA 19007 USA 866-651-4323, or 215-945-0125 Fax: 215-945-0937 E-Mail: info@sekousa.com Web Site: www.sekousa.com Products: Offering chemical control solutions in the institutional and light industrial markets. Seko equipment offers solutions for applications including manual and automatic warewashing, drain and odor control, onpremise laundry, chemical preportioning, water treatment and swimming pools. 13 Sentry Supply, LLC P.O. Box 301 Youngwood, PA 15697 USA Fax: 724-834-2639 800-245-6860 E-Mail: sales@sentrysupply.com Web Site: www.sentrysupply.com Company Officers: Dick Ugland, President; Brendan O-Malley, VP Sales Products: Specializing in toilet partition replacement hardware — including chrome plated zinc, stainless steel and extruded aluminum parts. The company’s newest product, “The Privacy Cover,� can resolve the “seethru� gaps affiliated with commercial toilet partition and dressing room doors. 13 Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. 1100 Schell Lane - P.O. Box 1057 Oaks, PA 19456 USA

888-733-4787 Fax: 888-733-3887 E-Mail: info@sheppard-enterprises.com Web Site: www.sheppard-enterprises.com Products: A growth-oriented master redistributor of paper products, janitorial, industrial and foodservice supplies. Serving the Mid-Atlantic and greater Pittsburgh, PA, regions. 10 SKM Industries, Inc. P.O. Box 278 Olyphant, PA 18447 USA Fax: 570-383-9482 800-851-8464 Web Site: www.grout-aide.com, www.skmproducts.com Products: The Grout-Aide™ Marker. Covers grout stains for all industrial, commercial and residential applications. Made in the USA. Available in many standard and designer colors. 13 Sky Systems Co., Inc. 1825 Taylor Place Ontario, CA 91761-5559 USA 909-923-7040 Fax: 909-923-7041 Web Site: www.skysystemscoinc.com Products: Sky Systems Co., Inc. is a manufacturer and wholesaler of washroom products. It specializes in the manufacture of the 800ml bag-in-box dispensing systems and distributes a wide range of electric hand dryers, urinal block-screens and rim cages with enzymes. Bag-in-box dispensing system is available in 500, 800, 1000, and 8000ml with the full line of soap refills. 10

%(5. :,3(5


Use with CUTNDRYÂŽ One Pull Dispensers

• • • • •



10� One Pull Dispenser ITEM

SIZE 10� x 8� Diameter



Center Pull Dispenser



6 Rolls

10� One Pull 10� One Pull

CUTNDRY 10� SAVER 10� x 550’

6 Rolls


8� x 8� Diameter

6 Rolls

8� One Pull


8� x 550’

6 Rolls

8� One Pull


8� x 275’

8 Rolls

Center Pull


8� x 400’

6 Rolls

Center Pull


8� x 600’

6 Rolls

Center Pull


8� x 700’

6 Rolls

Center Pull


11� x 9� x 250 Sheets

10 Rolls



8.5� x 10.5� x 2,250 pcs Pop Up

18 Box/125


For more information, call 866.222.BERK (2375) or 215.412.8181 Visit us at www.BerkWiper.com to view our complete line of wiping products



Ć” +HDOWKFDUH Ć” 0HGLFDO &(17(5-38//



Circle 4

Circle 4

Maintenance Sales News


Sofidel America 1006 Marley Drive Haines City, FL 33844 USA Fax: 800-835-1898 800-835-1854 E-Mail: info@sofidelamerica.com Web Site: www.sofidelamerica.com Products: The Sofidel Group is the 6th largest manufacturer of tissue paper in the world. Sofidel offers a complete line of premium quality tissue and towel products that includes: bathroom tissue, jumbo tissue, hardwound and center pull towels, kitchen roll towels, facial tissue, folded towels, napkins and dispensers. Company brands are Heavenly Soft®, Heavenly Choice® and Confidence. 13 Soundview Paper Co. (Formerly Marcal Paper) 1 Market St. Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 USA 855-756-9566 Web Site: www.soundviewpaper.com Products: Fully integrated manufacturer to towel and tissue products for the at-home and away-from-home markets in North America. Company was founded in 1932 as Marcal Manufacturing Co. 13 Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. 1110 Spartan Drive Maumee, OH 43537 USA Fax: 419-536-8423 800-537-8990 E-Mail: spartan@spartanchemical.com Web Site: www.spartanchemical.com Company Officers: Stephen H. Swigart, Chairman of the Board; John W. Swigart, President; James R. Lenardson, Corporate Executive Vice President; Scott M. Libbe, Secretary Treasurer; Greg Ford, Vice President, Sales; William J. Schalitz, Vice President, Research & Development Products: Manufacturer of brand name chemical specialty and industrial maintenance products. The specialty product lines include Clothesline Fresh Laundry Care Products; BioRenewables, bio based products; Green Solutions, environmentally preferred products; the Consume line of bioformulations; and food service and processing chemicals. Spartan also offers products for hard floors, carpet and concrete; disinfectants; industrial cleaners/degreasers; restroom/hand cleaners

and deodorants, as well as chemical management systems. 13 St. Nick Brush Co. (Hardwood Lumber Co.) P.O. Box 15 Burton, OH 44021 USA 440-834-1891 Fax: 440-834-0243 Company Officers: Stephen M. Trudick, R. J. Miller Products: Manufacturers of industrial and household brushes and brooms. The company also manufactures over 100 different types of wooden blocks for brooms and brushes. 13 Starco Chemical Union Ave. & Dubois St. East Rutherford, NJ 07073 USA Fax: 201-935-6997 800-654-7627 Web Site: www.starcochemical.com Products: Complete line of powders and liquids used in warewashing, maintenance, industrial and laundry. 13 STEP1 Software 3547 Old Conejo Rd., #104 Newbury Park, CA 91320 USA Fax: 805-499-7783 800-553-2602 Web Site: www.STEP1.com Products: Serving the jan/san industry for 35 years. Its easy-to-use windows programs are helping customers of all sizes. Installing STEP1 in a business will result in lower operating costs and increased customer margins. 12 SurcoTech 292 Alpha Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 USA 800-556-0111 Web Site: www.surcotech.com Products: Odor control products and systems with janitorial, maintenance and cleaning professionals in mind. 13

Company Officers: Jeff Elder, President; Rick Godber, Chairman & CEO Products: Manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, offers a broad portfolio of deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel products that provide maximum performance to meet the requirements of today’s floor cleaning professionals. Top floor scrubber and sweeper manufacturers also rely on Trojan batteries to power their floor cleaning equipment. 13 Tucel Industries, Inc. 2014 Forestdale Road, P.O. Box 146 Forestdale, VT 05745 USA 802-247-6824 Fax: 802-247-6826 E-Mail: jlewis@tucel.com Web Site: www.tucel.com Company Officers: John C. Lewis, Jr., President; Joanne Raleigh, Vice President Products: Tucel produces brushes currently serving foodservice, janitorial and other industries. Tucel is 100 percent green, recyclable and fused. All products are polypropylene, which does not absorb water, causing bacteria. Fused brushes are made using a manufacturing process whereby the bristle and block are “Heat Fused” together; thus no holes and no staple where bacteria can harbor and crosscontaminate. Tucel originated in 1970 gaining its first patent for “fusing” bristle to block. Tucel was located in Middlebury, VT, for 10 years and relocated to Forestdale where the 45,000-square-foot factory remains. Tucel has held more than 38 patents worldwide. Tucel also develops a wide assortment of specialty brushes for other companies. Tucel has its brushes NSF tested for cleanability. All products are HACCP compatible. Tucel has been under the same ownership since it started in 1970. 13

Trojan Battery Company 12380 Clark St. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 USA Fax: 562-236-3282 800-423-6569 E-Mail: info@trojanbattery.com Web Site: www.trojanbattery.com

Tucker Manufacturing Co., Inc. P.O. Box 848 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0848 USA Fax: 319-366-7792 800-553-8131 Web Site: www.tuckerusa.com Products: High level window washers, aluminum telescoping handles, compressed detergent tablets, specialty brushes, awning cleaning systems and spot-free water treatment options. Lightweight Tucker Pole Systems can reach and wash windows up to 25 meters. 13 Tundra Equipment Co. P.O. Box 1464 Summit, NJ 07902-1464 USA Fax: 800-378-3101 800-482-5698 Web Site: www.tundraec.com Products: A U.S.-based manufacturer of commercial floorcare equipment. 13 U.S. Battery Mfg. Co. 1675 Sampson Avenue Corona, CA 92879 USA 951-371-8090 Fax: 951-371-4671 Web Site: www.usbattery.com Products: Complete line of deep cycle batteries for sweepers/scrubbers, golf cars, marine military and special application requirements. 07 Ultra Chem Labs 1462 E. Mission Blvd. Pomona, CA 91766 USA 909-620-0949 Web Site: www.ultrachemlabs.com Products: Advanced, high quality cleaning and protecting chemical products. 12 Unelko Corp. 14641 N. 74th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85260-2403 USA

Handling of a mop. Power of a machine.

the market! Come see us at these upcoming events Orgill NMFT DPA IFMA

Orlando, FL Baltimore, MD Nashville, TN Los Angeles, CA

2/21-2/23 3/12-3/14 3/17-3/20 4/2-4/3 We are proud to manufacture a new was introduced at the 2011 ISSA show. That was since its inception to the European market in 2008. The Qleeno standard is designed for use under wall mounted toilets, school desks, patient beds, restaurant equipment, and stadium seating. Lightweight and portable for building service contracts on the go. Our business model is simple; cleaning in hard to reach areas.

Email: sales@qleenousa.com

816-410-5760 Circle 25

www.qleenousa.com Circle 31



January/February 2013 Building Council Member. Towels - centerpull, mini-centerpull, multi-fold, mini multifold, c-fold, single-fold, hardwound, household roll; Tissue - jumbo roll, standard bath, porta-roll, roto-roll, facial. Brand names: Preserve, Precious, Premium Quality, Feather Soft, Blue Mist. 12

800-528-3149 Web Site: www.unelko.com Products: Unelko’s Sani-ShieldŽ and Sani-ScrubŽ 3-in-1 Surface Care products are surface care technologies that deep clean germ-carrying fingerprints, body fluids, food spills, soil splatters, dirt and grime... and simultaneously protect surfaces with an invisible “organic� barrier coating on which bacteria, virus, mold and mildew will not grow. In one-step, customers can clean everyday soil and germs, protect surfaces against future soil build-up and prevent the growth of bacteria, virus and fungi. 08

VPR Impex, Inc. 3755 Hickmore St.-Laurent, QC H4T 1S5 CANADA 514-733-2906 Fax: 514-685-6275 Web Site: www.vapore.ca Products: Manufacturer of Vapor cleaning systems, floor scrubbers, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers and gum removal equipment. 13

United Group, The (TUG) 3121 Mercedes Drive Monroe, LA 71201 USA 318-387-9676 Fax: 318-387-5564 E-Mail: sharrison@unitedgroup.com Web Site: www.unitedgroup.com Company Officers: Tobie F. McKown, President Products: The United Group is a memberowned, national buying group for independent distributors of jan/san, packaging, foodservice and safety products. The United Group’s goal is facilitating strong, mutually beneficial relationships among members and with affiliated suppliers, to encourage maximum profitability for all. 13

VVF Amenities 3920 Cyress Creek Parkway Houston, TX 77068 USA Fax: 281-444-7250 800-432-7627 E-Mail: customerservice@vvfamenities.com Web Site: www.vvfamenities.com Company Officers: Monica Bahr Products: VVF Amenities offers a wide range of amenity products such as Dial products, white Marble and Restore. Also offered are Beach Mist, Good Day, Hotello, and Fresh Bouquet. Many of these lines include shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bar soap, and body wash. 12

Von Drehle Corporation 612 3rd Avenue, N.E. Hickory, NC 28601 USA Fax: 828-322-4145 800-438-3631 Web Site: www.vondrehle.com Products: Quality towel and tissue products since 1974. Green Seal certified, Green Hotels Associaiton approved vendor, U.S. EPACPG approved supplier, U.S. Green

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. P.O. Box 858, Argonne Road Warsaw, IN 46581 USA 574-267-3251 Fax: 574-267-3884 E-Mail: wccarwash@hotmail.com Web Site: www.warsaw-chem.com Products: Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. manufactures and distributes general maintenance

cleaning solutions. Warsaw Chemical’s line of products consists of various cleaners including disinfectants, hand cleaners and dispensers, floor care products, glass cleaners and cleaning products for foodservice and laundry operations. 09 Wasip Ltd. 3771 Victoria Park Avenue Toronto, ON M1W 3Z5 CANADA 416-297-5020 Fax: 416-297-0109 E-Mail: paul@wasip.com Web Site: www.wasipltd.com Company Officers: Paul Brindley Products: First aid supplies, safety equipment, personal protection, traffic equipment and supplies, safety signage. 13 Wausau Paper 11150 Industry Rd. Harrodsburg, KY 40330 USA Fax: 859-734-8200 800-723-0001 Web Site: www.wpbaywest.com Products: Wausau Paper produces Bay WestŽ brand towels, tissue, soap, wipers, and dispensing systems. Bay WestŽ brand DublNatureŽ and EcoSoft™ Green SealŽ certified towels and tissue are environmentally preferable products available in the awayfrom-home market. 09 Webster Industries, Inc. 58 Pulaski St. - Box 3119 Peabody, MA 01961-3119 USA 800-225-0796 Web Site: www.websterindustries.com Products: Premium liners, food bags and zipper seal bags. 07 Weiler Corporation One Weiler Drive Cresco, PA 18326 USA 570-595-7495

Fax: 570-595-5980 E-Mail: jmoon@weilercorp.com Company Officers: Tony Hufford Products: Maintenance products including floor, garage and street brooms; vehicle care brushes; upright brooms and mops; specialty floor brushes; squeegees; dust pans; window dusting, scrub, utility bowl, foodservice, paint and sundry brushes; and wire scratch brushes. 13 Xynyth Manufacturing Corp. 122-3989 Henning Drive Burnaby, BC V5C 6N5 CANADA Fax: 604-473-9399 800-MELT-ICE (635-8423) E-Mail: sales@xynyth.com Web Site: www.xynyth.com Company Officers: Kevin Wice Products: XYNYTH has been a manufacturing leader in the de-icing industry for more than 27 years, offering a line of high quality eco-friendly ice melters and absorbents. XYNYTH is a one-stop shop for all ice melting and absorbent needs. It distributes and warehouses de-icers throughout Canada and the United States. 13 Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. 200 Mitchell Road Sedalia, MO 65301-2114 USA 660-827-0352 Fax: 660-827-0713 E-Mail: info@zephyrmfg.com Web Site: www.zephyrmfg.com Company Officers: R.J. Lindstrom, President; Bob Schneider, VP Sales Products: A one-stop source for industrial, institutional and sanitary cleaning tools including wet mops, dust mops, brooms, brushes, handles, mopsticks, sponges, frames, microfiber and squeegees. 13

Zephyr does what it takes to help you succeed. Zephyr is your single source for brooms, mops, brushes, dusters, squeegees and microfibers. When you choose Zephyr: • You avoid backorders with our 99% fill rate • You make good margins with our competitive, wholesale only pricing • Your questions are answered by friendly, trained professionals.

Greener cleaners make a difference. Ours make a BIG difference. And they REALLY work.

Why go anywhere else when Zephyr Does It! ² 8 6 &DQDGD ² :RUOGZLGH 'RZQORDG RXU FRPSOHWH FDWDORJ DW ZZZ ]HSK\UPIJ FRP

Visit us on-line, and take the first step toward a cleaner, greener world.

enviro-solution.com Circle 13

Toll Free: 1-877-674-4373


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Maintenance Sales News



Absorbents: Oil, Grease, & Water Action Pump Co. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Bro-tex, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company Daley International Gift Sales Co., The H & S Manufacturing Co. Milazzo Industries, Inc. NPS Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Xynyth Manufacturing Corp.

Anti-Static Chemicals Bullen Companies, The Daley International Enviro-Solutions Ltd. ITW Professional Brands Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG)

Acoustical Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment United Group, The (TUG)

Automatic Scrubbers IPC Eagle United Group, The (TUG)

Adhesives Airosol Company, Inc. Amrep, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation United Group, The (TUG)

Automotive Cleaning Specialties Amrep, Inc. ITW Professional Brands MidLab, Inc. Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products QuestVapco Corporation United Group, The (TUG)

Aerosols Airosol Company, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Carroll Company Chase Products Co. Clean Control Corporation Continental Commercial Products Daley International Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. Epic Industries Fuller Brush Commercial Products ITW Professional Brands Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Sky Systems Co., Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Air Filtration Equipment Oreck Commercial United Group, The (TUG) Anti-Graffiti Systems Aldran Chemical, Inc. ITW Professional Brands United Group, The (TUG)

Ash Trays Continental Commercial Products Gift Sales Co., The United Group, The (TUG) Associations/Societies Pro-Link, Inc.

Bacterial/Enzyme Products Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Birsch Industries, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Clean Control Corporation Consolidated Paper Company Daley International Earth Friendly Chemicals EES, Inc. Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Epic Industries Gift Sales Co., The ITW Professional Brands MidLab, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Bag-in-the-Box Packaging Daley International Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc.

Sky Systems Co., Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Bar Code/EDI Technology United Group, The (TUG) Baseboard Cleaning Machines & Accessories Fastrak Industries Oreck Commercial United Group, The (TUG) Batteries & Chargers Consolidated Paper Company Discover Energy Corp. Fullriver Battery USA IPC Eagle Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) RDA Advantage Trojan Battery Company U.S. Battery Mfg. Co. United Group, The (TUG)

St. Nick Brush Co. Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Weiler Corporation Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Brushes ACS Industries, Inc. Aqua Products Inc. Bel-Maid Company Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. E. Gornell & Sons, Inc. Emsco Group Fuller Brush Commercial Products Golden Star Inc.

GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Gunn Brush Co., Inc. Haviland Corporation IPC Eagle Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) Nexstep Commercial Products Norshel Industries, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. Qleeno RDA Advantage Remco Products S.M. Arnold, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. St. Nick Brush Co. Tucel Industries, Inc. Tucker Manufacturing Co., Inc. United Group, The (TUG)

Bedding Supplies United Group, The (TUG) Bird Control Products Aldran Chemical, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Brooms ACS Industries, Inc. Aqua Products Inc. Bel-Maid Company Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. Emsco Group Fuller Brush Commercial Products Gift Sales Co., The Golden Star Inc. GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Gunn Brush Co., Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. IPC Eagle Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) Nexstep Commercial Products Norshel Industries, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. Quinn Broom Works, Inc. RDA Advantage Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. Remco Products S.M. Arnold, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc.

Circle 35

46 Weiler Corporation Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Buckets ACS Industries, Inc. Bel-Maid Company Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Delamo Manufacturing Emsco Group Filmop USA Golden Star Inc. IPC Eagle Kaivac, Inc. Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. Nexstep Commercial Products Norshel Industries, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Royce Rolls Ringer Co. S.M. Arnold, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Burnishing Equipment IPC Eagle Koblenz (Thorne Electric Co.) United Group, The (TUG) Buying Groups Aqua Products Inc. Distributor Partners of America (DPA) NISSCO, LLC Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Candles Consolidated Paper Company H & S Manufacturing Co. Carpet & Fabric Protective Finishes Daley International Fastrak Industries Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Carpet Cleaning Chemicals— Brand Name Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Chase Products Co. Clean Control Corporation Daley International Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Harvard Chemical Research ITW Professional Brands Lindhaus USA MidLab, Inc. Oreck Commercial Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. Ultra Chem Labs United Group, The (TUG) Carpet Cleaning Chemicals— Private Label Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Chase Products Co. Daley International Harvard Chemical Research MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Carpet Cleaning Wands & Accessories IPC Eagle KleenRite Equipment United Group, The (TUG)

January/February 2013 Carpet Drying Equipment IPC Eagle United Group, The (TUG) Carpet Extractors IPC Eagle KleenRite Equipment Oreck Commercial United Group, The (TUG) Carpet Shampoo Machines & Accessories United Group, The (TUG) Carpet Spotting Kits Aldran Chemical, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Daley International Enviro-Solutions Ltd. MidLab, Inc. Oreck Commercial Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Carpet Sweepers—Electric Bissell Professional IPC Eagle Oreck Commercial Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Carpet Sweepers—Hand Bissell Professional Continental Commercial Products Fuller Brush Commercial Products Oreck Commercial Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Carts—Hospital, Janitorial & Maid Continental Commercial Products Delamo Manufacturing Filmop USA Nexstep Commercial Products Pro-Link, Inc. R & B Wire Products, Inc. Royce Rolls Ringer Co. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Catalog Publishers J & M Technologies, Inc. Mobilistics LLC Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Chalkboard/Blackboard Cleaners Amrep, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Chemical Dispensing Systems Action Pump Co. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Clean Control Corporation Colgate-Palmolive Company Cross Country Installations & Service Daley International MidLab, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. RD Industries, Inc. RDA Advantage Seko Dosing Systems Corporation Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Chemicals—Raw Material Daley International Kissner Group, The United Group, The (TUG) Cleaning Chemicals—Brand Name Absolute Coatings, Inc.

Airosol Company, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Baumgartens Birsch Industries, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Chase Products Co. Clean Control Corporation Colgate-Palmolive Company Consolidated Paper Company Daley International Earth Friendly Chemicals EES, Inc. Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Harvard Chemical Research Intercon Chemical Company ITW Professional Brands Kaivac, Inc. Lindhaus USA Meterpak, Inc. Microban/ProRestore Products MidLab, Inc. Milazzo Industries, Inc. Norshel Industries, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. Starco Chemical Unelko Corp. United Group, The (TUG) Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Cleaning Chemicals—Private Label Absolute Coatings, Inc. Airosol Company, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Birsch Industries, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Chase Products Co. Daley International Earth Friendly Chemicals Fastrak Industries Harvard Chemical Research Intercon Chemical Company Meterpak, Inc. MidLab, Inc. Milazzo Industries, Inc. Norshel Industries, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Starco Chemical United Group, The (TUG) Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Colorants & Dyes Aldran Chemical, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Computer Systems & Software DDI System J & M Technologies, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. STEP1 Software United Group, The (TUG) Computer Cleaning Products QuestVapco Corporation Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Concrete Floor Treatments Aldran Chemical, Inc. Daley International Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Consultants - Advertising J & M Technologies, Inc.

Consultants - Marketing Distributor Partners of America (DPA) J & M Technologies, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Contamination Control Products Gift Sales Co., The H & S Manufacturing Co. Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Custodial Garmets & Uniforms United Group, The (TUG) Dehumidifying Equipment United Group, The (TUG) Disinfectants—Brand Name Amrep, Inc. Bro-tex, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Chase Products Co. Clean Control Corporation Consolidated Paper Company Daley International Diamond Wipes Intl. Earth Friendly Chemicals Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Epic Industries Fuller Brush Commercial Products ITW Professional Brands Kaivac, Inc. Meterpak, Inc. Microban/ProRestore Products Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. Ultra Chem Labs Unelko Corp. United Group, The (TUG) Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Disinfectants—Private Label Amrep, Inc. Birsch Industries, Inc. Bro-tex, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Cascades Tissue Group - IFC Disposables, Inc. Chase Products Co. Daley International Diamond Wipes Intl. Epic Industries Fuller Brush Commercial Products Meterpak, Inc. MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Disinfectants—Raw Material MidLab, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Dispensers—Paper Products/Soaps Carolina Paper Converters, Inc. Colgate-Palmolive Company Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products DEB USA, Inc. Delamo Manufacturing Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. Kruger Products L. P. Nexstep Commercial Products Pro-Link, Inc. RD Industries, Inc. RDA Advantage Royce Rolls Ringer Co. Sofidel America United Group, The (TUG)

Von Drehle Corporation Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Wausau Paper Drain Opener Chemicals Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Daley International Earth Friendly Chemicals Enviro-Solutions Ltd. MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Drain Opener Equipment Seko Dosing Systems Corporation United Group, The (TUG) Drums Action Pump Co. United Group, The (TUG) Dusters Briarwood Products Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. Filmop USA Golden Star Inc. GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. Lambskin Specialties Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Dusting Cloths Berk Wiper International LLC Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Cascades Tissue Group - IFC Disposables, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Filmop USA Golden Star Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. IPC Eagle ITW Professional Brands Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products RDA Advantage S.M. Arnold, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Dust Pans ACS Industries, Inc. Bel-Maid Company Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. Delamo Manufacturing Gift Sales Co., The Golden Star Inc. GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Norshel Industries, Inc. RDA Advantage Remco Products S.M. Arnold, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Weiler Corporation Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Emergency Spill Kits Action Pump Co. Daley International NPS Corporation

Maintenance Sales News


United Group, The (TUG)

Ultra Chem Labs United Group, The (TUG)

Escalator Cleaning Machines KleenRite Equipment United Group, The (TUG)

Floor Finishes—Private Label Absolute Coatings, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Birsch Industries, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Daley International Earth Friendly Chemicals Epic Industries Fuller Brush Commercial Products MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG)

Filters Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) United Group, The (TUG) Fire Extinguishers United Group, The (TUG) Fire Restoration Products Clean Control Corporation Enviro-Solutions Ltd. QuestVapco Corporation United Group, The (TUG) Floor Finish Applicators ACS Industries, Inc. Continental Commercial Products Fastrak Industries Golden Star Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. Haviland Corporation Kaivac, Inc. Lambskin Specialties Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products United Group, The (TUG)

Floor Machine Motors Gofer Parts IPC Eagle Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) United Group, The (TUG)

Floor Finishes—Brand Name Absolute Coatings, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Clean Control Corporation Daley International Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Epic Industries Fuller Brush Commercial Products MidLab, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

Floor Machines Birsch Industries, Inc. IPC Eagle Koblenz (Thorne Electric Co.) Lindhaus USA Oreck Commercial Qleeno Tundra Equipment Co. United Group, The (TUG) VPR Impex, Inc. Floor Pad Holders Consolidated Paper Company Gift Sales Co., The Gunn Brush Co., Inc. IPC Eagle Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) Nexstep Commercial Products Oreck Commercial Qleeno Remco Products Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Tucel Industries, Inc.


United Group, The (TUG) Floor Pads ACS Industries, Inc. Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Fuller Brush Commercial Products Gift Sales Co., The Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. Moonsoft International, Inc. Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) Nexstep Commercial Products Oreck Commercial Pro-Link, Inc. Qleeno RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Floor Pads—Raw Material ACS Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Floor Sealers—Brand Name Absolute Coatings, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Daley International Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Epic Industries Fuller Brush Commercial Products MidLab, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. Ultra Chem Labs United Group, The (TUG) Floor Sealers—Private Label Absolute Coatings, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Daley International Earth Friendly Chemicals Epic Industries Fuller Brush Commercial Products MidLab, Inc. RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Food Processing Products Daley International ITW Professional Brands Matguys, Inc. MidLab, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Food Service Disposable Tableware Birsch Industries, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG)

DUMPSTERS AND MANY OTHER USES handy scoop included

P.O. Box 17082 Wichita, KS 67217 1-800-992-0181 Fax No: 1-316-267-2930 Circle 16

Food Service Equipment & Supplies Birsch Industries, Inc. Continental Commercial Products Haviland Corporation ITW Professional Brands Moonsoft International, Inc. National Tissue Company LLC Nexstep Commercial Products Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Webster Industries, Inc. Fragrances Aldran Chemical, Inc.

Daley International EES, Inc. Gift Sales Co., The Hogan Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Sky Systems Co., Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Furniture Glides Expanded Technologies Pro-Link, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Gloves Berk Wiper International LLC Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Gift Sales Co., The Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Hand Cleaners Bro-tex, Inc. Cascades Tissue Group - IFC Disposables, Inc. Daley International DEB USA, Inc. Earth Friendly Chemicals Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Epic Industries ITW Professional Brands Kruger Products L. P. MidLab, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Hand Dryers Oreck Commercial Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Sky Systems Co., Inc. United Group, The (TUG)

Handles—Mop, Broom, Brush & Telescopic ACS Industries, Inc. Bel-Maid Company Briarwood Products Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. Delamo Manufacturing Emsco Group Filmop USA GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Gunn Brush Co., Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. Haviland Corporation IPC Eagle Lambskin Specialties Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Norshel Industries, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. Remco Products Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Tucel Industries, Inc. Tucker Manufacturing Co., Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Hoses—All Types United Group, The (TUG) Hydrogen-Peroxide Cleaners Carroll Company Clean Control Corporation Consolidated Paper Company Daley International Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Kaivac, Inc. MidLab, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Ice & Snow Removal Compounds Cargill Salt

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48 Consolidated Paper Company CP Industries LLC Daley International Earth Friendly Chemicals International Salt Company Kissner Group, The Milazzo Industries, Inc. Morgro Inc. Morton Salt North American Salt Company, a Compass Minerals Co. Occidental Chemical Corporation Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Xynyth Manufacturing Corp. Insect & Rodent Control Chemicals & Devices Airosol Company, Inc. Amrep, Inc. Chase Products Co. Clean Control Corporation Gift Sales Co., The ITW Professional Brands QuestVapco Corporation Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Labeling United Group, The (TUG) Laundry Chemicals Birsch Industries, Inc. Carroll Company Clean Control Corporation Consolidated Paper Company Daley International Epic Industries MidLab, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. Starco Chemical Ultra Chem Labs United Group, The (TUG) Laundry Equipment Cross Country Installations & Service, LLC R & B Wire Products, Inc. Seko Dosing Systems Corporation United Group, The (TUG) Lawn & Turf Chemicals Amrep, Inc. Kissner Group, The United Group, The (TUG) Lawn & Turf Equipment Haviland Corporation United Group, The (TUG) Leasing—Equipment Cross Country Installations & Service, LLC United Group, The (TUG) Light Bulbs Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Liquid Filling Equipment RD Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Litter Vacuums IPC Eagle United Group, The (TUG) Lodging Amenities United Group, The (TUG) VVF Amenities

January/February 2013 Lubricants & Oils Airosol Company, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Daley International ITW Professional Brands QuestVapco Corporation United Group, The (TUG)

Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Royce Rolls Ringer Co. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Weiler Corporation Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Magnetic Attachment for Vacuums United Group, The (TUG)

Mops—Dust Absolute Coatings, Inc. ACS Industries, Inc. Bel-Maid Company Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. Emsco Group Filmop USA Fuller Brush Commercial Products Golden Star Inc. GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. IPC Eagle Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Norshel Industries, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Weiler Corporation Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Material Handling Equipment Action Pump Co. Continental Commercial Products Remco Products United Group, The (TUG) Mats & Matting Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc. Birsch Industries, Inc. Expanded Technologies Matguys, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Sanastar United Group, The (TUG) Microfiber Absolute Coatings, Inc. Bro-tex, Inc. Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Emsco Group Fastrak Industries Filmop USA Golden Star Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. IPC Eagle ITW Professional Brands Kaivac, Inc. Lambskin Specialties Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Pro-Link, Inc. Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. Royce Rolls Ringer Co. S.M. Arnold, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Mop Treatment Chemicals Absolute Coatings, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Chase Products Co. ITW Professional Brands MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Mopping Equipment ACS Industries, Inc. Bel-Maid Company Briarwood Products Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Delamo Manufacturing Emsco Group Filmop USA Gift Sales Co., The Golden Star Inc. GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. IPC Eagle Kaivac, Inc. Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Norshel Industries, Inc.

Mops—Wet ACS Industries, Inc. Bel-Maid Company Carolina Mop Mfg. Co. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. Delamo Manufacturing Emsco Group Filmop USA Fuller Brush Commercial Products Golden Star Inc. GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. IPC Eagle Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Norshel Industries, Inc. Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Weiler Corporation Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Odor Control Chemicals Airosol Company, Inc. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Birsch Industries, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Chase Products Co. Clean Control Corporation Continental Commercial Products Daley International Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. Earth Friendly Chemicals EES, Inc. Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Epic Industries Fuller Brush Commercial Products Gift Sales Co., The H & S Manufacturing Co. ITW Professional Brands Microban/ProRestore Products Pro-Link, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc.

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. SurcoTech United Group, The (TUG)

United Group, The (TUG) Von Drehle Corporation Wausau Paper

Odor Control Devices Airosol Company, Inc. Chase Products Co. Continental Commercial Products Delamo Manufacturing Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. Gift Sales Co., The Newaire, Inc. dba The Ozone Specialists/Rainbowair Pro-Link, Inc. Seko Dosing Systems Corporation SurcoTech United Group, The (TUG)

Pavement Patching Aldran Chemical, Inc. Haviland Corporation

Ozone Generators Newaire, Inc. dba The Ozone Specialists/Rainbowair Pro-Link, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Packaging Equipment United Group, The (TUG) Packaging Supplies Gift Sales Co., The NPS Corporation Poly Plastic Products United Group, The (TUG) Paint & Paint Products Chase Products Co. ITW Professional Brands United Group, The (TUG) Paper and/or Food Service Products American Paper Converting Inc. Berk Wiper International LLC Birsch Industries, Inc. Carolina Paper Converters, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company ITW Professional Brands Kruger Products L. P. Metro Paper Industries / Tissue Group Nexstep Commercial Products Nittany Paper Mills, Inc. Norshel Industries, Inc. RDA Advantage Royal Paper Converting, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Sofidel America Soundview Paper Co. United Group, The (TUG) Von Drehle Corporation Paper Products—Office Supplies RDA Advantage United Group, The (TUG) Paper Products—Towel & Tissue American Paper Converting Inc. Berk Wiper International LLC Birsch Industries, Inc. Bro-tex, Inc. Carolina Paper Converters, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company Cross Country Installations & Service, LLC Diamond Wipes Intl. Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. ITW Professional Brands Kruger Products L. P. Metro Paper Industries / Tissue Group National Tissue Company LLC Nittany Paper Mills, Inc. Norshel Industries, Inc. NPS Corporation Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage SCA Americas Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Sofidel America Soundview Paper Co.

Plastic Bags Consolidated Paper Company Janibell RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Plastic Containers Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Gift Sales Co., The RDA Advantage Remco Products United Group, The (TUG) Polishes—Furniture Aldran Chemical, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Chase Products Co. Consolidated Paper Company Daley International Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Epic Industries MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Polishes—Metal Aldran Chemical, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Chase Products Co. Consolidated Paper Company Daley International Enviro-Solutions Ltd. Epic Industries MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Polishes—Plastic Aldran Chemical, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Daley International MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Poly Trash Can Liners Birsch Industries, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company Poly Plastic Products Pro-Link, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Pool & Spa Chemicals & Equipment Gift Sales Co., The Milazzo Industries, Inc. Pre-Measured Chemicals Daley International Epic Industries MidLab, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Pressure Washer Pumps United Group, The (TUG)

Maintenance Sales News Pressure Washing Chemicals Aldran Chemical, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Daley International Dirt Killer Pressure Washers Inc. MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Pressure Washing Equipment Dirt Killer Pressure Washers Inc. Hydro Tek - Cleaning Equipment Mfg. Kaivac, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Pumps & Dispensers Action Pump Co. Clean Control Corporation Continental Commercial Products Gift Sales Co., The Nexstep Commercial Products Seko Dosing Systems Corporation Sky Systems Co., Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Purchasing & Marketing Services Distributor Partners of America (DPA) Recycling Systems Continental Commercial Products United Group, The (TUG) Repair Parts—Floor Equipment & Vacuum Cleaners Haviland Corporation IPC Eagle Oreck Commercial United Group, The (TUG) Restroom Cleaning Equipment Continental Commercial Products Fastrak Industries Kaivac, Inc. Oreck Commercial Pro-Link, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Robotic Cleaning Equipment United Group, The (TUG) Safety Apparel GKR Industries, Inc. H & S Manufacturing Co. Pro-Link, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Safety Products, Equipment & Signs B8 Sales Birsch Industries, Inc. Delamo Manufacturing Evolution Sorbent Products, LLC Expanded Technologies Fastrak Industries Gift Sales Co., The ITW Professional Brands Lambskin Specialties Matguys, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Pro-Link, Inc. Remco Products Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Wasip Ltd. Safety Treads Matguys, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Sales Incentives Distributor Partners of America (DPA) United Group, The (TUG)

49 Sanitary Napkins & Dispensers Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Scouring Chemicals & Powders Bullen Companies, The Carroll Company Earth Friendly Chemicals RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Scouring Pads/Bars ACS Industries, Inc. Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc. Continental Commercial Products Gift Sales Co., The Nexstep Commercial Products RDA Advantage United Group, The (TUG) Shampoo Tanks United Group, The (TUG) Smoking Urns Continental Commercial Products KL Designs Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Soaps Continental Commercial Products KL Designs Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Spill Kits—Chemical Action Pump Co. Aldran Chemical, Inc. Bro-tex, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Continental Commercial Products NPS Corporation RDA Advantage United Group, The (TUG) Sponges & Chamois ACS Industries, Inc. Continental Commercial Products Lambskin Specialties Nexstep Commercial Products S.M. Arnold, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Spray Tanks Continental Commercial Products United Group, The (TUG)

Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Weiler Corporation Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Squeegees—Window ACS Industries, Inc. Bel-Maid Company Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Haviland Corporation IPC Eagle Lambskin Specialties Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. Nexstep Commercial Products RDA Advantage Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. S.M. Arnold, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Weiler Corporation Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc. Steam Cleaning Chemicals Aldran Chemical, Inc. MidLab, Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Steam Cleaning Equipment Advanced Vapor Technologies, LLC Hydro Tek - Cleaning Equipment Mfg. United Group, The (TUG) Stone Restoration Systems Aldran Chemical, Inc. Continental Commercial Products Harvard Chemical Research

Striping Machines—Pavement United Group, The (TUG) Surfactants Aldran Chemical, Inc. Aqua Products Inc. QuestVapco Corporation Unelko Corp. United Group, The (TUG) Sweepers—Electric, Gasoline & Propane IPC Eagle Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) Oreck Commercial United Group, The (TUG) VPR Impex, Inc. Sweeping Compounds Aldran Chemical, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company Milazzo Industries, Inc. RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Technology Services DDI System J & M Technologies, Inc. Mobilistics LLC STEP1 Software Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Toilet Seat Covers & Dispensers Carolina Paper Converters, Inc. Cascades Tissue Group - IFC Disposables, Inc. Delamo Manufacturing Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. Metro Paper Industries / Tissue Group RDA Advantage

SCA Americas Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Toilet/Shower Compartments Draco Hygienic Products, Inc. Sentry Supply, LLC Training Consultants, Materials & Programs Bullen Companies, The Upholstery Shampoo Machines & Accessories Gift Sales Co., The IPC Eagle KleenRite Equipment United Group, The (TUG) Urinal Screens & Mats Absorbcore Ekcos Innovations Pro-Link, Inc. Sanastar Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Consolidated Paper Company IPC Eagle Oreck Commercial United Group, The (TUG) Vacuum Cleaner Motors IPC Eagle Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) Oreck Commercial United Group, The (TUG) Vacuum Cleaners Birsch Industries, Inc. Bissell Professional Consolidated Paper Company IPC Eagle


Traditional cleaning tools made in USA from post-consumer waste – used plastic and tires. Sustainable solutions and eligible for LEED credits.

Learn more at delamo-mfg.com/green

Sprayers & Foggers Clean Control Corporation Continental Commercial Products Fastrak Industries Gift Sales Co., The QuestVapco Corporation S.M. Arnold, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Squeegees—Floor ACS Industries, Inc. Bel-Maid Company Briarwood Products Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products Culicover & Shapiro, Inc. Filmop USA GSC Manufacturing, Inc. Haviland Corporation IPC Eagle Magnolia Brush Manufacturers Ltd. Mor-Value Parts Co. (MVP) Nexstep Commercial Products RDA Advantage Reit-Price Mfg. Co., Inc. Remco Products S.M. Arnold, Inc.

7171 Telegraph Road | Montebello, CA 90640 | USA delamo-mfg.com | 888/711.8011 delamo@delamo-mfg.com

Circle 10


January/February 2013

Koblenz (Thorne Electric Co.) Lindhaus USA Oreck Commercial Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) VPR Impex, Inc.

Starco Chemical Ultra Chem Labs United Group, The (TUG) Warewashing Equipment Cross Country Installations & Service, LLC Epic Industries Seko Dosing Systems Corporation United Group, The (TUG)

Vacuum Tanks United Group, The (TUG) Venetian Blind Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals United Group, The (TUG) Wall Washing Equipment Briarwood Products Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Royce Rolls Ringer Co. United Group, The (TUG) Warewashing Chemicals Birsch Industries, Inc. Bullen Companies, The Colgate-Palmolive Company Daley International Epic Industries Meterpak, Inc. MidLab, Inc. Sheppard Redistribution, Inc.

Washroom Accessories Berk Wiper International LLC Continental Commercial Products EES, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products Pro-Link, Inc. Royce Rolls Ringer Co. Sentry Supply, LLC Tucel Industries, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Waste Receptacles Continental Commercial Products Delamo Manufacturing Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG)

DPA Continued From Page 19 wrap, packaging tapes, cushioning, bags, corrugated boxes and more...

“OPERATIONAL SAVINGS” DPA saves its member distributors and suppliers money on their operational expenses! The group has contracts with several Service Providers and Human Resource Companies that offer discounts to the group’s members. Discounts include credit card processing, shipping & freight, payroll, cellular phones, inven-

Water Brooms Haviland Corporation Remco Products Tucker Manufacturing Co., Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Water Treatment Chemicals & Devices AWAY Chemical Corp. Bullen Companies, The Daley International EES, Inc. Gift Sales Co., The Hydro Tek - Cleaning Equipment Mfg. QuestVapco Corporation Seko Dosing Systems Corporation Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Window Cleaning Accessories Continental Commercial Products Haviland Corporation IPC Eagle Lambskin Specialties Nexstep Commercial Products Tucker Manufacturing Co., Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Weiler Corporation

tory management software, catalogs, e-commerce platforms, and logistical management. Recently, the group has partnered with a collection agency to help members recover outstanding invoices. DPA is always looking for new ways to save members money at everyturn. Interested companies can visit www.DPASAVINGS.com to learn more about DPA’s operational savings platform.

DPA SUPPLIER BENEFITS DPA preferred supplier programs are a way for suppliers to gain new distribution and also

Handling of a mop. Power of a machine.

We are proud to manufacture a new state-of-thewhich was introduced at the 2011 ISSA show. That North America has seen this machine since its inception to the European market in 2008 The Qleeno standard is designed for use under wall mounted toilets, school desks, patient beds, restaurant 816-410-5760


4.25” x 5.25”

equipment, and stadium seating. Lightweight and portable for building service contracts on the go. Our business model is simple; machine that radically simplihard to reach areas. Email: sales@qleenousa.com

Wipers—Cloth Berk Wiper International LLC Bro-tex, Inc. Cascades Tissue Group - IFC Disposables, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company Continental Commercial Products IPC Eagle ITW Professional Brands Moonsoft International, Inc. Nexstep Commercial Products NPS Corporation RDA Advantage S.M. Arnold, Inc. SCA Americas Sheppard Redistribution, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Wipers—Paper & Non-Woven Berk Wiper International LLC Bro-tex, Inc. Carolina Paper Converters, Inc. Carroll Company Cascades Tissue Group - IFC Disposables, Inc. Consolidated Paper Company ITW Professional Brands Kruger Products L. P. National Tissue Company LLC Nexstep Commercial Products

to strengthen their relationships with existing customers. The group only partners with a limited number of vendors in each product category, so every relationship is mutually rewarding. Joining DPA also makes it easier for suppliers to manage their distributor accounts, because the entire group partakes in one simplified national DPA program. Since DPA represents a small-in-number, but larger in volume group of distributors, DPA is able to work closely with preferred suppliers to achieve their strategic sales results. The group offers an Annual Buying Conference that guarantees interaction with every attending distributor and an Annual Travel Incentive Program that is focused on growth. There are also several marketing opportunities available including broadcast emails, member mailings and coordinated promotional opportunities at no cost to the manufacturer. A Group Label Program (regional and national) is available for interested suppliers.

News From Spartan Spartan Chemical Promotes Susie Green To Advertising Manager Spartan Chemical Company, has announced the promotion of Susie Green to advertising manager. Green served as advertising assistant for Spartan, where she contributed to creative development of advertising artwork, product literature, and graphic design. Previously, she was Susie Green a marketing assistant at SSOE Group. She also held positions in marketing and creative development at Nationwide Insurance, SunGraphics and Grand Lubell Photography. Green holds a Bachelor of Science in Technology degree from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH.

NPS Corporation RDA Advantage SCA Americas Sofidel America United Group, The (TUG) Von Drehle Corporation Wausau Paper Wipers—Cheesecloth Berk Wiper International LLC Bro-tex, Inc. S.M. Arnold, Inc. United Group, The (TUG) Wood Treatment—Scratch Remover QuestVapco Corporation United Group, The (TUG) Wringers ACS Industries, Inc. Clean Control Corporation Continental Commercial Products Delamo Manufacturing Gift Sales Co., The Nexstep Commercial Products Pro-Link, Inc. RDA Advantage Royce Rolls Ringer Co. United Group, The (TUG) Zephyr Manufacturing Company, Inc.

DPA strives to keep distributors informed about new supplier developments and product innovations. In this way, DPA suppliers and distributors are “Totally Connected.”

“ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD DISTRIBUTORS & SUPPLIERS” The DPA BUYING GROUP strives to be a select high-caliber organization that serves and increases the sales and profits of its members. DPA headquarters is located in Cincinnati, OH, with a Financial/Administrative Office in Naples, FL. Please contact DPA or visit www.DPABuyingGroup.com for membership information. Phone: (800) 652-7826; E-mail: DPA@DPABuyingGroup.com

Spartan Named Vendor Of The Year By Johnston Paper Spartan Chemical Company was named Johnston Paper’s 2012 Vendor of the Year. Each year, Johnston Paper honors its core vendors to celebrate the year’s success. In recognition of their contributions to growth, profitability, and strong partnering in the market, Spartan was named the Vendor of the Year. “Spartan emphasizes ‘Strategic Partnering’ with our distributor network,” said Mark Collins, regional manager for Spartan Chemical. “This award acknowledges that we are doing our job; not only providing great products, great service, and on-demand logistics, but partnering with Johnston paper to keep them aware of market and technology trends.” Spartan Chemical was represented by Jack Ellison, divisional manager, Jay Anderson, regional sales manager, and Mark Collins, regional sales manager. Johnston Paper has been in the wholesale distribution market since 1881.


January/February 2013

Dale Ruth, get our orders delivered and are the ‘face’ of our logistics team to our customers. Continued From Page 14 “Our inventory is maintained and tracked in our accounting system. Without the seamless and hard work of the in“In other words, we are essentially asking perspective and side and outside crews, inventory accuracy would be a real current clients to be our partner. We are asking them to trust challenge. With it, we have a very accurate and up-to-date us, because of our certifications, programs and education, to system. Vice President of Operations Anne Delacruz have a program picked out for them that will work the best, overseas all of this and ensures accuracy with her administhe elements of which are in our warehouse. tration team, Jelly and Judit Gacis.” “This concept allows us to buy better, which means the Heller added: “Brian (Colon) and Don (Conyers) also ascustomer’s prices are lower and delivery is faster because sist in the pick, pack and stacking operation. the elements of the program are in stock.” Anthony (Torres) normally oversees it all, but Heller explained that it is also important to like everybody else in the company, leads by communicate to customers that if and when a example and does everything everybody else better product or concept comes along, Cavadoes. lier will make it available. “From top to the bottom, everybody here “It doesn’t matter if implementing a new leads by example and nobody is too good to do program or product is a difficult process, we a particular task. are going make sure it happens,” he said. “To emphasize another aspect of our opera“We want customers to know they can trust tion, it makes it a lot easier to maintain a warethat we are on top of the right ways of doing house and assist our sales people when we get things.” involved with partnering with manufacturers.” Jones added: “By getting our products certiCavalier typically tries to partner with just fied and authorized for use on ships and bringone manufacturer for each of the programs the ing the technology to the military, we feel this company offers, Heller explained. is going to put us in a place where they are “From a sales standpoint, it allows us to be going to need us on board. This is as opposed the expert on a particular product,” Jones said. to us just being another distributor “When you have six different soap selling them a product for a few penlines, you may know a little bit about nies cheaper. all of them, but we can become experts “We are going to bring education on one line. In addition, it is very imand value to them to keep their people portant for us to partner with manuhealthy, so they will need us and we facturers that will support us in the will be a part of the military just as any field and help make our reps experts.” other defense contractor.” Returning to Cavalier’s military While the military is a large portion customer base, the company also ofof Cavalier’s customer base, it is not fers products at a store on the sprawlthe only segment the company serving Norfolk Naval Base called Norfolk ices. In these recent tough economic Super Servmart. times, Cavalier officials feel the best “The purpose of the Servmart is to way in which the company has helped allow ships as they pull into port to be customers weather the storm has been able to, in an emergency, procure in the area of education. products, equipment or whatever it “Our programs, along with the edumay be,” Jones said. “Otherwise, they cation and training we offer, have been would have to rely on the military supcritical in helping our customers Top left, the processes and racking within the Cavalier 10,000 square-foot warehouse have been ply system, which is a bit antiquated through the economic downturn the redesigned to increase capacity and efficiency. Top right, Cavalier has heavily invested in the lastest and not always the most efficient country has experienced,” Heller said. technology which has made it possible to achieve a nearly paperless facility. Bottom, with the method of getting products to the end“Education also involves keeping up possibility of the military needing to deploy on a moment’s notice, deliveries made with user.” with the latest trends in the industry. “Certified Clean Idle” trucks, are often measured in hours. For example, every single facility in ‘No Better Mission’ America should be using microfiber, Heller added: “Our sales force is an inspired and pasin my opinion. This is something that is probably the most s Cavalier moves into what its leadership is confiimportant innovation in our industry. What it does from a sionate group. We have a variety of levels of experience dent is a bright future, it is committed to being a health perspective has been statistically proven beyond any- within our sales force, which brings much expertise and inleader in offering products and practices that prothing anybody should need to be motivated to switch. Edu- novation to the table. “Our sales team includes professionals with many years mote facility health. cation inherently helps people through hard economic of industry experience, such as (Jason) Jones and (Scott) “The facility health movement has allowed us to evolve times.” with our customers’ wants and needs,” Heller said. “SpecifIn providing education and programs to customers, Cav- Kershner. “We recently hired a retired Navy chief, Aaron Darby, to ically, we are mandated to offer these types of products to alier’s sales staff plays an important role. “Our sales staff is trained to not just take orders from their maintain and expand our fleet sales to the U.S Navy. We our military and federal government customers. “Executive orders have come down from presidents Clincustomers, but to provide overall facility health solutions,” have other people with varied sales experience, including ton, Bush and Obama, requiring that the government begin Oncken said. “We have teamed up with many industry lead- Courtney Blais, Summer Byrd and Marta Zayas. “We rely on a variety of proven methods when hiring to purchase products that are environmentally preferred. We ers, to train our sales staff on the latest processes, and not sales people. As a matter of fact, our executives recently met are proud to introduce and offer these types of products to just cleaning processes — but ‘thought’ processes. “Our sales people have been trained to be able to teach with an industry veteran and expert to fine-tune our recruit- our men and women in uniform. We can think of no better customers how and why to clean for health and not just ing, hiring and training techniques. We are excited to im- mission than to try to keep these men and women healthy appearance. They are now experts, and can pass this plement some new ideas in 2013, to further our mission of and happy. bringing on, and retaining, the best and the brightest.” “This effort fits really well with our mantra: ‘Health and knowledge to their customers. In addition to the sales team, other employees key to serv- the Pursuit of Happiness.’” “This allows us to work hand-in-hand with customers to provide programs and solutions, not just product lines. We ing Cavalier’s customers in the best way possible include Contact: Cavalier Inc., P.O. Box 11171, Norfolk, VA are very proud of what we have accomplished in this area.” the company’s logistic team, led by Anthony Torres. “Our logistic team keeps track of inventory and the ware23517. Phone: 757-855-6091, Toll-free: 888-569-0066; Cavalier’s sales staff has attended ISSA’s Green CleanEfax: 757-855-1818. ing University. The company has also partnered with The house in general,” Oncken said. “The inside people, Donald Email: foncken@cavalierva.com. Green Clean Institute, and is now a satellite-learning center. Conyers and Brian Colon, prepare pallets and deliveries Website: www.cavalierva.com. “We can offer our customers the opportunity to be certi- for our outside people. The outside crew, Vance Hill and

Cavalier, Inc.

fied Green Cleaning Technicians, through our education initiatives,” Jones said. “Recently, we have trained some of our local building service contractor customers, and have our regional YMCAs on board to begin a training program for all of their front-line custodians. “We think these efforts to train our customers and their employees will empower them to keep their facilities healthy and clean. We are really excited to be able to bring these educational programs as value-added services to our customers.”


Maintenance Sales News quire that we conduct in-service training for customers so they know how and where to use products, the proper dilution, the proper disposal, etc. We offer these “I believe, to a point, that we things for the customer at no cost.” control a lot of our own destiny. McGee also seeks vendors whose reps will work with HeinWhen times are bad, that is rich’s sales people on a one-on-one basis whenever possible. when you must control other “I worked in the manufacturers rep field before buying Heinrich things. We need to get out more and I know my success was based and see people. We need to gain on working with, and contacting, sales reps,” McGee said. “I insist their trust so that we don’t lose that our manufacturers get with our people directly to work with their business.” them on calls. I take very seriously the partnership attribute of the vendor/distributor relationship. We are all in this together.” McGee said one of the challenges the company has and will face as it moves forward is teaching customers what and how to buy. “We had a situation recently where a customer bought a case of towels from us and said we were $20 higher per case than the competition,” McGee said. “We showed the customer that the price of the towels per foot and per hand dry made them about 20 percent better than the other product. “We are constantly battling these kinds of situations, and I think many distributors have similar problems because there are so many options out there. “We want to make sure our customers know how to buy and what they are buying to prevent them from being easily swayed by competitors. This is probably our No. 1 challenge.” After one year at the reins of the company, McGee is looking forward to a future of continued growth. “I feel very very positive about the company and our growth potential, which, quite honestly, has nothing to do with what the government thinks about the economy. “I believe, to a point, that we control a lot of our own destiny. When times are bad, that is when you must control other things. We need to get out more and see people. We need to gain their trust so that we don’t lose their business. “We want to make sure if we have to change something and it is for the right reason, we have done our math and are able to show people the change is a good thing. “I don’t have any fear of the future. I don’t always like the way things are going in Washington, D.C., but I can’t be consumed by these issues, thus taking my thoughts away from the positive things that we have going on here.” Contact: Heinrich Paper & Supply, 1697 Licking Road, Zanesville, OH 43701. Phone: 740-452-9682; Toll Free: 800-762-5475; Fax: 740-452-0758. Email: info@heinrichpaper.com. Website: www.heinrichpaper.com.

Distributors Grow Sales Continued From Page 18


amily-owned Southend Janitorial Supply Inc., of Los Angeles, CA, has been serving southern California since 1962. The company’s product lines include a wide variety of floor finishes and cleaners, strippers, bowl cleaners, rug shampoos, disinfectants, safety equipment and more. Southend General “We will celebrate our 50th anniversary in April,” said Manager Erniecia Southend General Manager Erniecia Armijo-LeDay. “We Armijo-LeDay carry a complete line of janitorial supplies and equipment. In addition, we manufacture about 19 products, including floor care items and some disinfectants. “Our clientele includes Amtrak and we have had a long-time relationship with Disney. The longevity of our company has mainly been built on the back of long-enduring relationships. My grandfather, Southend President John DeLay, is 81 years old and he still comes in every day. If he decides to make a delivery and shake the hand of a client, that is what he does.” A veteran of the Korean War, John DeLay is the last living co-founder of the Black Business Association, and lived a life of political activism for the advancement of all minorities, according to Armijo-LeDay. He served on the Committee for Housing and Community Development for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley in the midto late-1970s. Also, in the mid- to late-1970s,

53 he served on the Advisory Council on Economic Development & Small Businesses for California Gov. Jerry Brown. Under Armijo-LeDay’s leadership, the company has been transitioning from more traditional ways of doing business to embracing more modern practices and technologies. “We have done some restructuring,” she said. Moving ahead, the company is moving into new areas such as the “green” segment. Southend has become involved with a well-known national buying group, which has been a major plus as the company seeks to expand its horizons. “My grandfather’s relationships from the past have allowed us to sustain ourselves, but now we are re-inventing the company, making the adjustments technology-wise to grow into the new century,” Armijo-LeDay said. “We are upgrading our software and other technologies to be able to compete. I would say this has been our biggest hurdle thus far. “We carry a complete line of green products. We are also looking more into the nanotechnology. Within our member communities there is so much new going on, such as distilling machines of water that are able to clean just as effectively as bleach without the abrasive chemical effects. “We are getting more into the in- “Although technology has novative side of the industry and trying to go more green.” changed business, relationships According to www.understandingnano.com, some nanotechnol- don’t change. When it is all said ogy companies are exploring methods for improving cleaning and done, it is really about products. This includes producing building relationships. It is not films that can be applied to surfaces such as countertops or windows always about sales or the that make it much easier to keep those surfaces clean. cheapest price.” Other methods include using — Southend General Manager nanoparticles in soap that make it Erniecia Armijo-LeDay work better, while producing less environmentally harmful byproducts, and using materials in the cleaning process that are antibacterial, such as silver nanoparticles. Modern technology notwithstanding, the company’s relationship building remains a foundational principle. “Although technology has changed business, relationships don’t change,” ArmijoLeDay said. “When it is all said and done, it is really about building relationships. It is not always about sales or the cheapest price. Service and excellence go a long way. Being a smaller distributor, we are not always able to compete on the dollar points, but there are other areas in our company that distinguish us and gives us our niche in the industry.” Southend strives to put sales people on the street who are not “My grandfather’s relationships just order-takers, but experts in from the past have allowed us to the field. The company’s membership in a large buying group sustain ourselves, but now we are has been a plus when it comes to training to make its re-inventing the company, making receiving reps experts. Having received Southend’s sales reps the adjustments technology-wise training, are able to offer solutions to customers. to grow into the new century.” “We want to be experts who are able to provide more efficient solutions when we see there is a need,” Armijo-LeDay said. “Currently, we are building our sales team. We are training them on green versus the different types of chemicals and cleaners. We conduct demonstrations for customers, because we want to teach their janitorial service people how to apply our products in the proper manner.” The company also looks to its suppliers to provide training for the sales force. “We look for vendors who are really looking to build sustaining relationships,” Armijo-LeDay said. Looking ahead, during the next year Armijo-LeDay hopes to double the amount of people Southend employs. “I am very excited about the future,” she said. “We have aligned ourselves with partnerships to take us in the right direction. “We are looking forward to doing business and growing with like-minded entities in our industry. We are open to growth and progression. We also want to give back to the community.” Contact: Southend Janitorial Supply Inc., 11422 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90061-1833. Phone: 323-754-2842; Fax: 213-779-5457. Email: leday@aol.com. Website: www.southendjanitorial.com.


January/February 2013

From Expanded Technologies:

ACS Industries Offers Pro Quality Microfiber Mop Line

Convert Plastic Casters Into Floor-Saving Wheels CasterTire™ Floor Savers™ convert damaging hard plastic casters into soft, quiet, floor saving wheels. A new CasterTire™ model is now available in a new model that is easier to install with the shrink wrap method. Standard hard plastic casters may cause scratching and damage to VCT and hard surface floors by grinding in dirt and grit. Expanded Technologies’ universal CasterTire™ is made of soft non-marking vinyl and is recommended to protect all surfaces especially VCT, hardwood and ceramic tile. Visit www.expandedtechnologies.com for more company information.

Circle No. 103

Training Tools And Documentation For Environmental Infection Control In Health Care Facilities Spartan Chemical has designed an environmental clean- environment leads to better attendance. “While the benefits of cleaning for health are widely studing program that addresses challenges that ES (environmental services) managers may face when developing a system ied and documented in the health care industry, we have to optimize the thoroughness of high touch surface cleaning found that most other markets we serve find this program highly valuable,” says Greg Ford, VP as part of terminal room cleaning at of Sales, “especially industries heavily the time of discharge or transfer of paregulated by legislation.” tients. Spartan’s HealthCheck combines education, training tools, and In food processing facilities, docudocumentation with Spartan disinfecmentation and reporting of facility tant and cleaning solutions to provide cleaning standards and performance is a complete environmental infection required. The HealthCheck program alcontrol program for health care and lows these facilities to verify and valiother facilities where health care-acdate their cleaning standards and control quired pathogens (HAP) or HAIs are a and manage these standards with tools concern. and technology. In addition, Spartan Spokespeople say HealthCheck says, building service contractors are uses a three-pronged approach to enfinding that a managed environmental sure proper environmental cleaning is cleaning program with quantitative, Circle No. 102 achieved — Training, Validation, and documented performance and processes Documentation. CleanCheck, a web-based, multi-lingual enables them to create value with their customers. training system educates staff on cleaning standards and HealthCheck is available now through Spartan’s network methods. of distribution partners. The program components can be CleanCheck procedure cards reinforce the training pro- customized to meet the needs of health care, education, food gram and provide a framework for adherence to the standard processing, and building service contractors where cleaning going forward. This process is supported by Spartan’s for health is a priority. UVcheck® validation tools. Hermetically-sealed UV marker Spartan spokespeople say its CleanCheck is a compreswabs and a portable black light allow ES managers to train hensive education and training program that ensures thorand assess staff cleaning operations while minimizing risk ough deployment of cleaning standards and practices. The of room-to-room transfer of HAPs. multi-lingual program employs a system of video tutorials, Spartan says the data from this training process can then training manuals, procedure cards, testing, and certification. be loaded back as part of the personalized performance track- Customers can tailor the system to their specific needs via a ing in Spartan’s CompuClean® CMMS (Custodial Mainte- web-based management tool. nance Management Software) which allows ES managers to CompuClean is Spartan Chemical’s Custodial Maintedocument activity in order to track and verify program nance Management Software solution offering workloading progress and identify areas of concern. capabilities, quality assurance management, capital equipCleaning for health is not only a concern for health care fa- ment management, inventory tracking and more. It is availcilities. In K-12 education facilities, school budgets are heav- able to Spartan purchasing customers as a value added ily dependent on attendance for funding. A clean, healthy service. Spartan Chemical Receives Inaugural Vendor Of The Year Award From Harder Corp Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. was recently recognized as Harder’s Facility Maintenance 2012 Vendor of the Year. Each year, Harder Corp holds an annual sales meeting. At this event, in recognition of its contributions to sales and customer service in the facility maintenance market, Spartan Chemical was awarded the honor of being named Vendor of the Year for 2012. “Spartan Chemical consistently delivers on their commitment to provide quality solutions, fill orders, and move the sales process forward,” said Chris Moser, sales manager – facility maintenance for Harder Corp. “This is the first year for our vendor awards and I can’t think of a better vendor than Spartan to receive the inaugural award. Dusty Brown,

our Spartan rep, and the rest of the Spartan organization epitomize the spirit of this award. The energy and commitment to Harder is greatly appreciated.” The award was accepted by Dusty Brown, regional sales manager, Spartan Chemical. “I am proud to be recognized by Harder and proud to have them represent us in the marketplace,” says Brown. “They are a great partner for Spartan: responsive to customers, providing excellent value add, and offering complete cleaning solutions for our customers.” Harder Corp is a regional leader in both the jan/san industry and packaging products covering Wisconsin and Illinois

Circle No. 104 Scrubble® Products, division of ACS Industries, Inc., producers of hand pads, floor pads, mops, brooms, brushes, steel wool and screen disks introduces a Pro Quality Microfiber Mop Line. This product line is made up of 3 types; Dry, Wet and Fringe Mop pads in two sizes; 18-inches and 24-inches. It is made using the proper blend of polyamide and polyester. ACS says these flat mops will withstand hundreds of launderings and dry quickly. Aluminum frame with hook and loop strips secures pads firmly while allowing for easy changes. All pads and frames come in trapezoid shape for improved edge and corner cleaning. Aluminum ergonomic handle is lightweight and a perfect fit. For more information, call 800-222-2880 or through the company website at www.scrubble.com.

From Enviro-Solutions: Spray, Wipe, Clean ES74 from Enviro-Solutions is a general purpose spray and wipe cleaner for use on almost any type of surface. The company says it is especially effective at removing heavy soils, grease, oils, pen and marker marks on desks, etc and can be used as a white board cleaner. Simply spray on and wipe clean. No rinsing needed. Made from naturally based, renewable resources, and featuring a pleasant fragrance, ES74 has not only been proven effective, it’s also proven Green and certified as environmenCircle No. 101 tally safe by EcoLogo. Enviro-Solutions is a manufacturer of Proven Green, environmentally preferable cleaning products. For more information, visit www.enviro-solution.com or call toll free 1-877-674-4373.

Maintenance Sales News


ITW Professional Brands Offers Tips To Fight Flu ITW Professional Brands reminds cleaning professionals that they can make important contributions to slow the spread of the flu virus. “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were flu deaths reported in 122 U.S. cities and it’s a flu that’s making people sicker than previous strains,” said ITW Professional Brands Director of Sales and Marketing Rich Bucher. “Professional cleaners play a significant role in the fight against this virus. Cleaners must be vigilant in cleaning and disinfecting public spaces to prevent the spread of influenza.” ITW Professional Brands reminds cleaning professionals to: 1) Disinfect surfaces in high-traffic areas: To reduce the spread of viruses, ensure that high-touch surfaces such as door handles, desks, keyboards and phones are disinfected regularly. Use a true disinfectant, at the proper dilution and dwell time, and increase the cleaning frequencies on hightouch surfaces during the flu season to protect guests and staff against infection; 2) Deep clean restrooms: Whether it’s in a facility or in a food-service setting, the buildup of harmful microorganisms in restrooms can easily transfer to a person’s hands and cause illness. Thoroughly disinfect restroom surfaces, deep clean in all corners and disinfect grout lines, walls, sinks, faucets and toilets; 3) Know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting: Cleaning removes visible soil, dirt, stains and other debris from surface, while disinfecting destroys viruses, bacteria, germs and other harmful microorganisms. Focusing on disinfecting during times of elevated illness trans-

mission is important in controlling the spread of viruses; 4) Encourage the use of pre-moistened wipes in break rooms: Providing pre-moistened wipes in break rooms and other areas of a building reduces the chance of cross-contamination in areas where employees gather each day; and, 5) Promote clean hands: Encouraging frequent hand washing is the single-most effective method for reducing the spread of the flu among guests and employees. When soap and water are not available, alcohol-based gel sanitizers and pre-moistened hand sanitizing wipes are good options. Premoistened wipes also offer the added benefit of removing soil-attracting biofilm from hands. ITW Professional Brands offers Spray Nine®. The company says it’s a cleaner/disinfectant that now kills a total of 26 germs and disinfects in only 45 seconds. Also offered are SCRUBS® pre-moistened wipes in sanitizing and disinfecting formulations, SCRUBS® Hand Sanitizing Wipes, and Atlantic Mills® disposable food service wipers, along with other products focused on industrial and institutional hygiene markets for the industrial MRO (maintenance, repair and operations), Jan/San (janitorial and sanitation) and food service industries. In addition to getting a flu shot, the CDC also recommends people avoid close contact with others who are sick, cover the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, and stay home from work after contracting the flu to prevent its spread on the job. For more flu-stopping tips, visit www.cdc.gov/flu/protect/stopgerms.htm. For more information on ITW Professional Brands products, visit www.itwprofessionalbrands.com or call 1-800443-9536.

PFERD Offers Training Academy PFERD INC. has announced the opening of the PFERD Training Academy at the company’s manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, WI. Officials say this state-of-the-art training facility is a safe and controlled working environment equipped with a broad selection of power tools and product samples. It is staffed by an experienced team of technical experts, all trained at the PFERD worldwide headquarters in Marienheide, Germany.

Circle No. 107 From Kaivac: Designed For Total Soil Removal

Enhanced classroom sessions are an important part of PFERD's Training Academy.

Kaivac says its 1750 No-Touch Cleaning® System combines capacity, power, and compact size with an attractive price. Spokespeople say designed for total soil removal, the 1750 is like an indoor pressure washer, providing chemical application, rinsing, and wet-vacuum technologies all in a single space-efficient platform. Using the 1750, workers apply cleaning solution to fixtures and floors and then rinse surfaces clean with a high-pressure water spray. Areas are than vacuum dried using the system’s built-in wet/dry vacuum to completely remove soils and bacteria. For more information, visit www.kaivac.com or call 800-287-1136.

Courses include comprehensive classroom sessions and practical laboratory applications covering PFERD’s complete line of abrasives, TC burs, files, mounted points, specialty abrasive products, brushes and power tools. Training schedules are being planned for 2013 and consist of sessions that run for two and a half days with meals, lodging and ground transportation to and from airport provided for all attendees. All training manuals and materials are also provided, and certificates of completion are awarded to those who complete the program successfully. Distributors are encouraged to contact their PFERD representative to learn more about how to schedule their sales people for registration in upcoming training sessions. Visit www.pferdusa.com for more information.

Tork Xpressnap Dispensers Celebrate 10 Years With Additions To The Signature Line SCA, the maker of the Tork® brand of awayfrom-home paper products, has announced the launch of the Stand and Counter Xpressnap Signature napkin dispensers. (www.torkusa.com) The Xpressnap family of napkin dispensers was launched in 2003. More than 3 million have been placed in foodservice operations throughout North

Circle No. 111 America. The Xpressnap Signature line debuted in 2012 with Tabletop and In-Counter dispensers. Serving the foodservice industry for 10 years, the company says, Xpressnap products feature the One Napkin, Every Time™ design that guarantees 25 percent reduction in napkin usage, translating into less waste and fewer refills. The new Signature Stand and Counter dispensers feature a modern design and a higher napkin capacity, with the Signature Stand holding 1,000 napkins and the Signature Counter holding 500. Additional features include a new door on the Signature Stand to make refilling easier, and the Signature Counter has both vertical and horizontal dispensing options. The Signature Counter dispenser also comes in a stainless finish, as does the Signature line’s existing Tabletop and In-Counter models. SCA’s Tork brand is offering new Xpressnap Signature customers* the chance to win a grand prize media package valued at $25,000 tailored to their advertising, public relations and social media needs. Five runners-up will also receive a similar package valued at $5,000. Interested restaurant owners can find additional details at www.torkusa.com/winwin. The dual-purpose dispensers can also be used to generate revenue through the AD-a-Glance insert panel, which allows restaurants to use the large display window to promote specials, showcase upcoming events or even sell display space to nearby businesses. The free Xpressnap® AD-a-Glance® Customizer tool www.adaglance.torkusa.com lets foodservice providers frequently change and personalize the displays in their Xpressnap’s AD-aGlance window. Visit www.sca.com for more information on SCA. *Contest available to new customers signing a Tork Advantage Agreement for the Xpressnap Signature until April 30, 2013.


January/February 2013

IndustryHuddle.com Offers Manufacturers, Distributors And Customers New Social Network For Product Sales IndustryHuddle.com founder and president, Zachary T. Haines, is changing the face of social networking with his new Social Trade Network, which is focused on the needs of manufacturers, distributors, manufacturer’s reps, contractors, end-users, and many others in the jan/san industry. While other social network sites allow companies to build up “likes” and “follows,” Industry Huddle’s approach is to provide an industry-focused platform where companies find new sales leads or potential suppliers in the jan/san industry and then request products samples, send quotes, or upload bids. In the past, social media has provided companies with the ability to communicate to customers in a B2C open forum but, according to the staff at IndustryHuddle.com, such a method does not take into account the complex communication network in the supply chain, where the terms “customer” and “supplier” depend on the transaction. “My goal with this website is to make it easier for companies to do business online, while protecting the integrity of the supply chain,” said Haines. “This means that companies are in control of their information on the website, particularly when it comes to which users can view a company’s sales promotions and listings.” When a company joins the website, they choose to receive announcements, or “Huddle Posts,” only from relevant companies, instead of updates about individuals in all industries. This structure is a revolutionary step for how B2B companies network online, and it helps to rid the excess noise compaIndustry Huddle Welcomes nies find when leveragNew Members ing social media for Industry Huddle, headquartered in Cincinnati, product sales. welcomed 50 new members recently to its Members on the site networking website www.IndustryHuddle.com. also have the ability to The new members include: search for other compa• The National Tissue Company (Cudahy, WI); nies based upon whether • Nexstep Commercial Products (Paxton, IL); they are seeking a manu• Solo, Inc. (Newport News, VA); facturer, distributor, serv• Evonik Stockhausen (Greesnboro, NC); and, ice provider, or end-user. • Rae-Cor Distributing (Green Bay, WI). Find out more about the online The search can find comSocial Trade Network at www.industryhuddle.com. panies by industry (with over 40 to choose from), the location of the company, and the products that they buy or sell. This advanced search is simply not available for most social networking sites. Industry Huddle is expected to increase its users rapidly thanks to its Members Savings Program. The website is offering instant savings on business expenses when a company signs up for free, with up to 62 percent off at Staples, 25-35 percent off from Sprint plans, 25 percent and more off ADP Payroll Processing, saving cents at the pump, plus numerous other expense cuts. Companies in the jan/san industry already signed up include Acme Paper, Americo, Colker Company, DDI System, Magnolia Paper & Janitorial, Misco Products, National Service Alliance, O-Cedar, Pitt Plastics, The Safety-Zone, Viking Chemicals, and many others. Haines has experience working with manufacturers and distributors directly as the Executive Director for the Distributor Partners of America (DPA), a buying group with over 500 member companies. Many DPA members have already signed up to IndustryHuddle.com, but he stresses that the website is free for any company to sign up and begin taking advantage of its savings and industry directory. Industry Huddle, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, is a free social trade network for B2B companies to connect with suppliers and customers in their industry in order to increase product sales. Company spokespeople say a first of its kind, this free service offers savings on business expenses simply by signing up.

Test Green Certification With Enviro-Solutions Quiz Enviro-solutions spokespeople say most cleaning professionals have heard the expression “green certified” when selecting environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals. However, do we all know exactly what Green certified means? To help better understand the certification process and its history, Enviro-Solutions, manufacturers of environmentally preferable cleaning products, has prepared the following Green Certification IQ test. To take the quiz, answer the following questions, then check answers below. The quiz takes about two minutes to complete.

C. To reduce the amount of nonrenewable ingredients needed to manufacture cleaning chemicals D. All of the above

1. The first Green certification organizations appeared in the United States in which year? A. 1989 B. 1994 C. 1998 D. 2000

7. Green certification lasts how long? A. As long as the product is being manufactured in the same manner B. For two to five years, based on the specifications of the certification organization C. For a set period that can vary by certifying body and/or until the Green standards or criteria have been changed and/or the products formulation has changed D. All cleaning chemicals must be re-certified every three years.

2. Before certification organizations appeared, the most common way cleaning chemicals were certified was the following: A. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would certify the product environmentally preferable. B. The manufacturer would “self-certify” the product. C. Trade associations and industry peer groups would certify the product. D. The term was not used. 3. Before certification organizations were created, what was the problem with most Green certifications? A. They were not always accurate. B. There were no universally accepted Green standards or criteria. C. They were not always conducted by independent laboratories. D. All of the above. 4. In most cases today, for a product to be honored as green certified it means: A. The product has been evaluated by a third-party organization using universally accepted, science-based standards at an independent approved laboratory. B. The product has been evaluated by a certifying organization and laboratory using universally accepted, science-based standards. C. The product has been manufactured using ingredients considered safer for the environment and the user. D. All of the above. 5. The ultimate goal of using green-certified cleaning products is: A. To protect indoor air and environmental quality, typically through the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) B. To reduce cleaning’s impact on the user, building occupants, visitors, and the environment

6. Once a product has been green certified by a leading certification organization, it can do which of the following? A. Bear the “eco-label” of the certification organization B. Market itself as green and environmentally preferable C. Be used in facilities seeking LEED certification D. All of the above

8. What is considered the number one benefit of green certification? A. It has ended confusion in the marketplace as to what is green and which products are truly green. B. It has opened up new marketing opportunities for chemical manufacturers. C. It has helped make cleaning safer and healthier for users, building occupants, and the environment. D. The number of chemical-related injuries has been reduced since green-certified cleaning chemicals were introduced. Answers: (In some cases there is more than one right answer; the following are the most correct answers). 1. 1989, Green Seal is regarded as the first Green certification organization in the United States. 2. The manufacturer would “self-certify” the product. 3. All of the above. 4. The product has been evaluated by a third-party organization using universally accepted, science-based standards at an independent approved laboratory. 5. To reduce cleaning’s impact on the user, building occupants, and the environment 6. All of the above 7. For a set period that can vary by certifying body and/or until the Green standards or criteria have been changed or the products formulation has changed 8. It has ended confusion in the marketplace as to what is Green and which products are truly Green. For more information, visit www.enviro-solution.com or call toll free 1-877-674-4373.

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Cascades Tissue Group Achieves Green Seal GS-1 Re-Certification Cascades Tissue Group has announced that it has achieved Green Seal Standard, GS-1 re-certification of Sanitary Paper Products for its entire line of Cascades® and North River® away-from-home towel and tissue products. In September 2011, Green Seal made major revisions to its GS-1 standard. The standard was first established more than 20 years ago for products such as bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels, napkins, wipes and placemats. Overall, it sets the environmental, health, and social requirements for sanitary paper products and comprehensively addresses environmental life-cycle issues spanning raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and product use and performance. With this latest development, Cascades says it now possesses the largest offering of Green Seal-certified towel and tissue products throughout North America. The recertification encompasses 114 branded products, all made from 100 percent recycled fiber. “Cascades has offered Green Seal-certified paper towels and tissue since 2005,” said Dr. Arthur Weissman, president and CEO of Green Seal. “In achieving certifica-

tion to the revised GS-1 standard, the North River and Cascades products continue to represent leadership in sustainability in this industry.” The revised GS-1 standard provides more stringent criteria such as increasing the amount of post-consumer material required by an average of 25 percent, monitoring air and wastewater quality, and expanding product performance and packaging requirements. Products must also adhere to strict requirements related to qualities like weight, strength, absorbency and sheet count and size. “We’re honored to have the most products conforming to GS-1 in the market and commend Green Seal for their detailed, comprehensive approach to ensuring high standards of product performance and environmental quality,” said Suzanne Blanchet, president and CEO of Cascades Tissue Group. “Given that these papers are heavily used in North America, and often used just once before being disposed of, it’s a valuable certification for everyone.” For more information about Cascades Tissue Group and its environmental product line, visit www.afh.cascades.com.

ITW Dymon And Atlantic Mills Combine Product Portfolios To Form ITW Professional Brands ITW Dymon and Atlantic Mills have combined product portfolios and will operate under the new name, ITW Professional Brands. The newly-formed ITW Professional Brands business structure introduces a brand portfolio that contains five well-known industry brands including SCRUBS® premoistened wipes, Spray Nine® disinfectants and degreasers, DYKEM® industrial marking products, Dymon® specialty cleaning products and Atlantic Mills® disposable

food service wipers. The products are focused on industrial and institutional hygiene markets with key distribution channels in industrial MRO (maintenance, repair and operations), jan/san (janitorial and sanitation) and food service industries. According to ITW Professional Brands Vice President and General Manager Paul Taylor, the scaled-up business structure will bring a greater offering of relevant products to focused industries for more effective product marketing and distribution. “The new business structure allows us to group our resources and focus them on important growth initiatives and the pursuit of operational excellence,” Taylor said. “We will spend more time with end users to understand customer applications and their operational challenges. We will work to solve our customers’ problems, which is at the core

of innovation and new product development.” Taylor said that offering these top-performing products in a combined brand portfolio under ITW Professional Brands reflects ITW’s interest in growing its position in the industrial and institutional hygiene markets, both domestically and internationally. “The combination of Atlantic Mills and ITW Dymon product lines expands opportunities for our distributors and end-user customers to take advantage of our five well-known and trusted brands from a sin-

gle source and common service platform,” Taylor said. “The creation of ITW Professional Brands will drive efficiencies for our distributors and provide easier access to our five market leading brands. This, combined with our end market development initiatives, will result in increased sales and satisfied customers." Visit www.itwprofessionalbrands.com or call 1-800-443-9536 for more information.

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von Drehle Corporation Acquires Mississippi River Pulp And Paper Natchez Site von Drehle Corporation has purchased Mississippi River Pulp and Paper in Natchez, MS. von Drehle says the acquisition provides the necessary de-inking and facility space for future mill and converting expansion. Founded in 1974, the von Drehle Corporation is a privately held company headquartered in Hickory, NC, that manufactures towel, tissue and dispenser products for the away-from-home market. This Natchez facility will support and complement von Drehle's current converting and mill operations in Maiden, NC; Memphis, TN; Las Vegas, NV; and Cordova, NC. von Drehle says it intends to maintain the site’s current production capabilities. "We believe the people, community, and state are a good fit for von Drehle and we appreciate their support throughout this process," said Randy Bergman, COO of von Drehle Corporation. Visit www.vondrehle.com.

Green Time Systems™ Product Line From Warsaw Chemical Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. says its line of earth-conscious, environmentally friendly products, Green Time Systems™, focuses on cleaning, health and the environment without losing product performance. Products include all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, floor finish and floor finish stripper. Each Green Time Systems product offers different environmental and health benefits. Warsaw Chemical also provides the following customer benefits: • Complete product line; • Complete private label/brand program; • Product use & sales training seminars; • Full quality guarantee – all products; • Low FOB shipping requirements; • Green Time™ Product Line meets DfE;

• Marketing support; and, • Custom blending. Contact Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc., P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Phone: 800-548-3396. Website: www.warsaw-chem.com.

New Heavy-duty Hand Cleaners Added To Warsaw Chemical’s Select Care™ Line Two new additions are available in the Select Care™ Hand Cleaners line from Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. — Aqua Select Premium, Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner; and Cherry Xtreme Heavy Duty Cherry Scented Hand Cleaner. Warsaw spokespeople say these hand cleaners are VOC compliant and are able to remove tough industrial soils such as grease, oil, tar, carbon and asphalt without drying the skin. Aqua Select is a solvent free, concentrated, water-activated formula with biodegradable detergents and micro scrubbers that clean deep. Aqua Select is also enriched with skin softening ingredients and aloe vera to keep hands soft and healthy. Cherry Xtreme is fortified with mild, low odor solvent and pumice to help remove tough soils without irritation. Its cherry scent helps to neutralize residual odors of diesel, petroleum or other products from hands. This industrial hand cleaner also includes skin conditioning in-

Circle No. 105 gredients to keep hands from drying and cracking. For more information, contact: Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc., P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Phone: 800-548-3396; Fax: 574-267-3884. Website: www.warsaw-chem.com.


January/February 2013


BE INNOVATIVE - Buy Smart DEO-ZORB odor absorbant granules strongly scented STICKY Spray Gel - adheres to vertical surfaces R.O.C. residual odor control - no water, does not dry SUPER CONCENTRATES high solid - make your own deodorants to include Neutralizer •••• 21 FRAGRANCES ON ALL OF ABOVE •••• BLANKET a liquid blanket that covers any area that is producing putrid odor M.S.R. mineral stain remover - replaces corrosive acids


SERVICES OFFERED TRANSPORTATION Call us for all your transportation chemical needs. 45 year old company expanding market. Ask for our new Non-Haz Mat aluminum cleaner. Visit cherryvilledistributing.com or call 704-435-9692.

Your Logo, colored private labels - No Charge, No Minimums ALDRAN - The name to remember when you are searching for what your competitor has.

www.aldranchemical.com • 800-969-3378


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RD Industries ............................................34

Diamond Wipes.........................................33

SCA Tissue...................................................7

Distributor Partners of America (DPA) .19

SKM Industries, Inc. ................................45

Enviro-Solutions .......................................44

SOFIDEL America .....................................3

Expanded Technologies ............................11

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Ph. (217) 268-4959 • Fax: (217) 268-4815

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Gift Sales Company..................................47

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United Group, The....................................25

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H & S Manufacturing ..............................40

von Drehle Corporation .............................9

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In 1932, a Sicilian immigrant named Nicholas Marcalus revolutionized the paper industry with recycling technology, making Marcal one of the most respected, environmentally-conscious companies in America. Today, as Soundview Paper Company, we are a fully integrated manufacturing facility led by industry veterans who are committed to producing high-quality, affordable products that are right for your customers and the environment. We offer:

š <kbbo _dj[]hWj[Z cWdk\WYjkh_d] WdZ Yedl[hj_d] _d jem[bi" XWj^ j_iik[" dWfa_di WdZ \WY_Wb j_iik[

š Ckbj_fb[ fheZkYj b_d[i" _dYbkZ_d] ;c_d[dY[ WdZ ;ii[dj_Wbi" Z[i_]d[Z je WZZh[ii Wbb oekh jem[b WdZ j_iik[ d[[Zi

š '&& h[YoYb[Z \_X[h j^Wj c[[ji eh [nY[[Zi ;F7 ijWdZWhZi

š 7bb fheZkYji cWZ[ _d KI7

Soundview. It’s the new name for innovation and excellence in paper.

www.soundviewpaper.com Circle 36

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