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Anzac Day honoured By Jacob Page

More than 200 people paid their respects at the Karori Anzac Day service at Karori Normal School on Sunday. Karori RSA president, Bruce Johnston says he had hoped a few more people would have turned up but the event was a success given 12 months ago, Anzac services were not possible due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Continued on page 2. Simon Stephens attends to the New Zealand flag during the Karori Anzac Day Ceremony at Karori Normal School on Sunday. Photo Gerald Rillstone

Vote now. 2021 Tawa Community Board by-election Have your say by noon, Friday 7 May 2021

Drop your completed voting papers in a ballot box available around Linden, Tawa and Wellington city. Find out where at www.wellington.govt.nz/tawabyelection Special voting is available during normal office hours at the Tawa Library or Wellington City Council’s head office.

Vote. Tawa Community Board by-election.


Thursday April 29, 2021

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Matilda Wickbom recites the poem The Changing Face of War.


Bugler for the ceremony retired sergeant Chris Selley.

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With poppy in hand Teddy Ross takes Lexi Fay from Karori 1st Scouts had part in the Karori RSA Anzac Day the job of bearing the flag for the Music Director Simon Brew leads the Wellington Symceremony. Photos Gerald Rillstone. Anzac service. phonic Band.

Karori pays respects at Anzac Day service Continued from page 1. “We had a good cross-section of people,” he says. “I was happy with the reaction to the event. “There was a good turn out of scouts as well as children and old people all paying their

respects. “Both young and old and that was important.” Karori RSA volunteers also placed poppies on the graves of ex-servicemen and women at Makara Cemetery in the week leading up to Anzac Day.

“Brian says it was great to see the next generation wearing the medals of their parents and grandparents. “When I talked to a few of them they were all very proud to be wearing them.” He was also thrilled to see the

contributions of women in the services acknowledged, which was part of a national RSA campaign. “It’s great to see, we have a number of women who are members with us who have done great things,” he says.

Another ANZAC day has passed, and I recently hosted meetingon which once again we areflect justincluded why we local property developers and those who continue to commemorate representatives from often the Citytheir and youth Regional gave their lives, and and Councils. background the fortunate meeting health overThe the years. Ifor was was the need to ensure people involved in enough to speak at allthe Johnsonville providing more housing in ourto electorate, Parade, and endeavoured explain just whether it be those building them or those that point to the many children present. regulating and permitting that building, That 100 years ago, many people their understand the issues which govern the age lost fathers, brothers, neighbours ability to build the houses everyone agrees and other relatives, affecting families we need. and the country worse than COVID does today. Our country resolved never are essentially two types of toThere forget that sacrifice, and to action development; greenfields and brownfields. the phrase ‘we will remember them’. Greenfields means building on currently And that is why we continue to do so. undeveloped land, typically ex farmland on Last week Healthurban Minister Andrew the edges of current areas, where Little announced sweeping infrastructure like sewers, water supplyhealth and reforms designed overcome the other essential servicestodon’t exist are fragmented approach and duplication usually built by the developer. of District Health Boards, where currently it development is down tomeans where you live Brownfields rebuilding which determines thehasstandard of on existing sites, and there been care you receive. Although we considerable discussion in recent times don’t have a public hospital in Ōhāriu, we around how much intensification should be are fortunate to suburbs, have Kenepuru allowed in existing especially and Wellington by.forBecause changing ofhospitals height limitsclose to allow more they are in the same DHB, they work apartments. together to maximise efficiency, moving patients totheir where they and can be given Both have advantages disadvantages; the best care the andRegional that isCouncil whatinneeds their role prevent toparticular happensee around alltoof Newmore Zealand. The status quo in our health system was

not an option and most Health officials runoff positively and other material ending in ourof the have received theup news harbours, especially the Porirua harbour in health system changes. the case of development of The funding for thenorth boardwalk and Johnsonville Newlands. cycle way and from PetoneThe to Wellington Ngauranga City Council are concerned that the existing(the was confirmed by Waka Kotahi infrastructure cannot handle last the pressure old Transport Agency) week. itThis comes under when new housing areas are money comes from a fund allocated developed. Existingprojects infrastructure is aging for transport only, largely and needs acrossWork our city, as to be from our upgrading petrol taxes. had evidenced by recent failures. Anlevel rise done anyway to pipe prevent sea advantageaof intensification of existing causing washout similar to oneareas which means more people, therefore more shut the line recently, and so we in ratepayers to pay for those upgrades. Ōhāriu will get long awaited access to our side of the harbour for recreational Developers of course need to make a profit, purposes, including cycling, walking, and wish to keep their compliance costs as and water sports. Remember we have low as possible. Many believe the Resource 17 kilometres ofiscoastline in Ōhāriu, and Management Act too cumbersome. We as little or no access to have any of it, so this government for our part undertaken to will be an asset to the next generations. rewrite that act. Finally, spare a good, thought for the many The feedback was but the success will people whoarelive locally who have be when there sufficient affordable family in meet Indiademand. who are ravaged houses to Thatbeing is certainly my by and are extremely worried goalCOVID, as your MP. about them, for good reason. While we would alloflike to be inoculated with the That, and course having a vibrant and Pfizer vaccine we were lucky enough functioning Johnsonville Shopping Centre we to it of.is understandable why can choose, all be proud countries where so many are dying daily from the disease toonbewith. prioritised. There’s plenty to beneed getting Frustrations with our Australian bubble, affected by localised outbreaks, need to be put into perspective.

Thursday April 29, 2021

inbrief news

Alastair hoofs it for Onslow Gymnastics By Jacob Page

Alastair Hogg admits he could not bring himself to look at his feet for the last 30km of his 115km walk in support of Onslow Gymnastics, over the weekend. “I know that they’re sore, they hurt, everything is messed up and I just don’t want to see them until this was completed. “When I was finished I was very emotional, more than I expected and that was probably because the last 30km was so hard. The effort took more than 26 hours and raised close to $7000 for Onslow Gymnastics which is looking to move to a new facility. The effort saw Alastair burn almost 9000 calories Alastair visited seven gymnastics

clubs along the way and started his journey at 3am on Saturday and finished at 8:15am Sunday. “I had a lot of support from my family organising food along the way and mates who walked some of the legs with me and without that support wouldn’t have made it. “Currently, as I speak to you I’m dettoling and putting savlon on my feet. “I’ve already texted my boss saying I won’t be wearing shoes in the office this week.” Alastair used two pairs of shoes and 20 pairs of socks as well as countless blister pads. “Anyone can walk for more than 100km once you accept the pain, it’s a mental game. “The body acts like it’s a little bit drunk because it wants to shut

Recycling bags on the way Wellington City Council is delivering packs of free recycling bags to all eligible properties in Wellington’s suburbs between now and early July. If you’re expecting a delivery but don’t receive them by July 31, call 04 499 4444 or email info@wcc.govt.nz. You can also buy them from the Council Service Centre and Johnsonville, Kilbirnie, Newtown or Tawa libraries.

Alastair Hogg completed his 115km walk to raise funds for Onslow Gymnastics.

down for sleep. “It got to the point where the thought of eating repulsed me so it’s quite an experience for the body. “I wanted to stop countless times but I knew I never would.”

Alastair says he was thrilled to raise the money for Onslow Gymnastics where his children and wife are integral parts of the club. “Look, it was all worth it but I don’t have any desire to walk that type of distance again, ” he says.

Karori couple urge breast cancer awareness A couple from Karori who were both diagnosed with breast cancer within months of each other are encouraging Kiwis to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast this May. Janet Mays, who is 57, was prompted to book a mammogram after her wife Jocelyn Street found out she had breast cancer last October. Both women had surgery to remove the tumours and were spared from going through chemotherapy because their mammograms had caught the cancers early. Now Janet is hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and awareness about the importance of early detection. “I just burst into laughter when I found out I had breast cancer,” Janet says, “I know that’s a bizarre reaction, but it seemed inconceivable that it could happen to both of us at the same time.

“It’s been hard with both of us being diagnosed, but also strangely comforting as we go through it together. You can feel pretty flat at times so we’ve buoyed each other up. We’ve been able to talk about things so freely, and we have a real understanding of what the other is going through. “Hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast is my way of celebrating good health and sharing our journey. It’s a good way to prompt more women to go for mammograms. It’s so easy not to keep up with screening appointments but in both of our cases, our cancers being detected early contributed to us recovering as well as we have. I also want to show other same-sex couples that this is our reality and that this could easily happen to another same-sex couple. If speaking out helps other women then it’s worthwhile.” Around 360 women are diag-

nosed with breast cancer in the Greater Wellington area every year, and around 70 will die from it. Pink Ribbon Breakfast is Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s biggest fundraising campaign, where each year, thousands of Kiwis get together to do good in their communities. The money raised funds breast cancer education, innovative research, and support for patients and their families as they navigate through their breast cancer journeys. Evangelia Henderson, chief executive of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, said: “No matter how small or large, every Pink Ribbon Breakfast helps us to be there for Kiwi families facing breast cancer and prevent more women dying from this disease. So please, get involved in whatever way you can – your efforts will make a real difference.”


Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you this special one (Mention your request). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it in your Broken Heart. Where our father sees it, Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour, not mine. Amen.

Karori couple Janet Mays, left who is 57, was prompted to book a mammogram after her wife Jocelyn Street found out she had breast cancer last October. Both women had surgery to remove the tumours and were spared from going through chemotherapy because their mammograms had caught the cancers early.

Your local medical centre Great people, great hours

04 920 8850 24 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville www.johnsonvillemedical.co.nz

Greg O’Connor MP for Ōhāriu Here for you Get in touch My office is open 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

04 478 3332 Greg.OConnor@parliament.govt.nz 2/18 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville, Wellington labour.org.nz/gregoconnor /GregOhariu

Authorised by Greg O’Connor MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington


Thursday April 29, 2021

Blue Dragon Book Fair back for 10th year By Jacob Page

After 10 years, the Blue Dragon Book Fair continues to go from strength-tostrength. The annual event at the Ngaio Town Hall will return next month with two days of fun on May 29 and 30. The book fair raises funds for the Blue Dragon Children’s Centre in Vietnam and was postponed twice last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic before finally going ahead in November . Despite the delays, the event raised more than $16.500 and organiser Iona McNaughton hopes it will be just as successful this year. “We always wonder where the books are going to come from but they always turn up.”

Iona says one of the highlights is seeing children embracing books and families making it a must visit event. “We know people who have the event marked on their calendar. “We love seeing parents reading to children and children discovering the joy of books. “When I see kids leaving with a bag of books, it fills my heart with joy. “People still love books and it’s as much about bringing the community together as it is raising money for a good cause. “We’ll keep going for as long as there is a demand for it. Books start from just $1 on the day. For donations of books, CDs, DVDs and jigsaw puzzles, please email iona. mcnaughton@gmail.com or text/call 021 799 059 (evenings only please).

The popular annual Blue Dragon Book Fair will return to the Ngaio Town Hall on May 29 and 30.

Josh shows talent for personal cause

Newlands College student Josh Neilson, right, with drumming teacher and friend Senuka Sudusinghe performed a show in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Autism New Zealand at the t-Lounge.

Showroom: 29 Hutt Road, Thorndon BLINDS FOR YOUR HOME AND OFFICE

Newlands College student Josh Neilson is hitting the right beat, while raising awareness for Autism New Zealand. A label hasn’t stopped Josh from reaching his goals and dreams and that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. Josh d id a d r um m ing performance in Wellington supported by his friend and drumming teacher Senuka Sudusinghe, a donation from the performance was given to Autism New Zealand. Friend and drumming teacher Senuka has been a part of Josh’s life for the last three years and started teaching him the drums over the last year.

Josh’s passion has been greatly influenced by such names as Phill Collins and Roger Taylor. Senuka’s many talents also extend into working with many different students with different abilities at Newlands College. “I saw that Josh had a passion for the drums “ Senuka says . Following that passion they decided to see where it could lead them. “The thing that caught me off guard was how quickly Josh was playing at a level I hadn’t come across before in such a short period of time “ Senuka says. Josh’s dream is to be a member of a band.



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Thursday April 29, 2021

Next steps for fast-tracked Te Ara Tupua confirmed Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has announced the approval of funding to deliver the NgƗ Njranga ki Pito-one, Ngauranga to Petone, section of Te Ara Tupua, The NgƗ Njranga ki Pito-One section will fill a missing link in the region’s walking and cycling network. “Waka Kotahi funding of $171-$190 million has been approved to get this fast-tracked project underway. There has been $7 million committed by our Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council. Wellington Mayor, Andy Foster says he is delighted at the prospect of the project. “This will be a gamechanger for active transport in our region, tying together Wellington and the Hutt Valley. The recreation and tourism benefits will be immense and NgƗ Njranga ki Pito-one will prove to be an iconic feature on the Wellington waterfront,” he says. MP for ƿhƗriu Greg O’Connor said there were advantages for those in North Wellington. “This is excellent news for residents of the northern suburbs, and ƿhƗriu Electorate as a whole. “We will now have access to the magnificent western side of the Harbour, for walking, biking, fishing and water sports.” “The investment is expected to support around 330 jobs counting those employed directly in the project and in its supply chain,”l says Waka Kotahi Director of Regional Relationships, Emma Speight. “This is one of New Zealand’s most ambitious walking and cycling projects, serving the two biggest centres in the Wellington region. It will form an iconic part of Wellington’s harbour waterfront and provide a new option for the tens of thousands of people who travel between Wellington and Lower Hutt each day.”



Te Ara Tupua is the project to create a walking and cycling link between Wellington and Lower Hutt.

A team made up of Downer NZ, HEB Construction and Tonkin + Taylor, supported by Isthmus, Boffa Miskell and Holmes Consulting has been invited to form an alliance with Waka Kotahi for the delivery stage. The NgƗ Njranga ki Pito-One section of Te Ara Tupua was approved under the COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-Track Consenting) Act in February this year. Enabling works on site will get underway in the coming months. Early work will involve environmental measures to prepare the site and manage impacts to wildlife, and construction at Honiana Te Puni Reserve. Construction of the path is expected to begin later this year. Work at the Reserve will ensure a constant Taranaki WhƗnui presence as iwi mana whenua and Reserve land owners throughout the project. Construction will begin on a new integrated facility for the Wellington Rowing Association and Wellington Water Ski Club enabling their relocation away from construction activity. At the same time, detailed design of the shared path will begin.




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Thursday April 29, 2021

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Question: What do you look forward to the most during winter?

Daniel Jordan “Having the fire going the house warm and a cuppa tea.”

Geoff Jones “Heading to the ski fields and hopefully down to Queenstown this year.”

Lisa Bates “I’m looking forward to when it warms up again.”

Murray Burke “I don’t mind winter I have always enjoyed the change of seasons in New Zealand.”

Steve Samuels “It is always a chance to sort out my fishing gear for the coming season so that is something I look forward to.”

Toni Green “I am a warm weather person so I look forward to spring and summer.”

EYE ON CRIME In Johnsonville a green Mazda Demio hatchback as stolen from McLintock Street. It was located in Ironside Road. Offenders tried to remove the Mag wheels from a silver Toyota Corolla in Pollen Street. They did not have the special tool for the job and gave up. A blue Mazda 6 saloon parked in Woodland Road was broken into. The alarm was sounding when the victim reached the vehicle. Nothing stolen. A grey Honda Edix had a quarterlight window smashed and the ignition pulled in an attempt to start it, without success. An attempt was made to steal a grey Mazda Su-

premacy saloon parked in Ironside Road. Offender rummaged through contents of the car but stole nothing. In Newlands a purple Mazda Demio hatchback parked in Helston Road was stolen. A grey Mazda Atenza was stolen from Mark Avenue. It was found in Guadeloupe Crescent, Grenada Village with a widow smashed and the ignition pulled. A white Subaru Legacy saloon parked in Kingsbridge Place was damaged when an attempt was made to steal it. It had a broken window and the ignition had been tampered with. A silver Mazda Atenza saloon was stolen from Pinkerton Grove. It was

found in a damaged condition in Wairaka Road, Pukerua Bay. Two windows were smashed, ignition barrel removed and the right wheel and tyre ruined. A silver Nissan Tiida hatchback was stolen from Stewart Drive. It was recovered from an unspecified location. A black Mazda Atenza hatchback was damaged while parked in the victim’s driveway of is home. There are signs a jemmy mark on the driver’s window frame. A white Mazda Familia stationwagon parked in Kenmore Street was stolen. In Kentwood Drive a green Mazda Demio hatchback was stolen. It was

/ǢƠĪƣŏĪŲĜĪƸŊĪŏŲĜƣĪģŏěŧĪěĪŲĪǿƸƫ żł/ŲŧŏǜĪŲܹƫŰżģŏǿĪģ¼ÿŏ Ŋŏ ¼ŊĪƫĪĜŧÿƫƫĪƫŊÿǜĪěĪĪŲÿģÿƠƸĪģƸżƫǀŏƸżŧģĪƣƠĪżƠŧĪÿŲģƸŊżƫĪŧŏǜŏŲŃǝŏƸŊ ÿģŏƫÿěŏŧŏƸǣżƣŰżěŏŧŏƸǣŏƫƫǀĪƫ܏¼ŊŏƫŃĪŲƸŧĪłżƣŰżłĪǢĪƣĜŏƫĪĜżŰěŏŲĪƫģĪĪƠ ěƣĪÿƸŊŏŲŃǝŏƸŊŰżģĪƣÿƸĪŰżǜĪŰĪŲƸƫ܏

       SŰƠƣżǜĪģěÿŧÿŲĜĪÿŲģǵŧĪǢŏěŏŧŏƸǣ  ¦ĪģǀĜĪģłÿŧŧƣŏƫŤ SŰƠƣżǜĪģĜŏƣĜǀŧÿƸŏżŲÿŲģŊĪÿƣƸŊĪÿŧƸŊ SŰƠƣżǜĪģŰǀƫĜŧĪƫƸƣĪŲŃƸŊ܏



$ % &' ( )*+ , -


 */ FżƣŰżƣĪŏŲłżƣŰÿƸŏżŲżƣƸżǿŲģÿĜŧÿƫƫŲĪÿƣǣżǀǜŏƫŏƸ‫܈‬


recovered in Batchelor Street. A gold Nissan Tiida hatchback parked in Salford Street was stolen. It was recovered in Batchelor Street but damaged. A grey Mazda Attenza parked in Kentwood Drive was stolen. It was located at Puaha Street, Porirua city. In Ngaio a white Subaru Forester stationwagon parked in Rothsay Road was stolen. The victim had come to Wellington for an abseiling test the following day. All his logs, documents and equipment were in the car. In Churton Park a silver Nissan Tiida hatchback was stolen from

Amesbury Drive. It was located in Arthur Carman Street with a broken axle and a flat tyre. In Grenada Village a silver Nissan Tiida saloon parked in Mark Avenue was stolen. It was located at the Cnr of Havana Rise and Mark Avenue. All windows were smashed and the ignition pulled out. A silver Nissan Tiida hatchback was stolen from its park in Dominica Crescent. It was located in Ruskin Road, Newlands. A silver Honda Accord saloon was stolen from Mark Avenue. It was recovered from Lambley Road with usual damage, broken window and pulled ignition.

Wellington Police are urging people to keep an eye out for counterfeit bank notes in circulation.

Counterfeit banknotes businesses urged to be aware Wellington Police are asking businesses to be on the lookout for counterfeit money, after fake $50 and $100 banknotes were presented at businesses recently. While Police are making enquiries to establish the source of these banknotes, a person has been charged in Lower Hutt for possession of 14 $100 banknotes. Detective Senior Sergeant Nick Pritchard says it is important for people to under-

stand it is both an offence to make, use or be in possession of counterfeit banknotes. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has clear guides outlining the security features of New Zealand banknotes and how to spot counterfeit notes. Security features are the same on all denominations and businesses involved in handling money should be aware of security features within New Zealand bank-

notes. If you believe someone is trying to pass you a counterfeit banknote, do not accept it and notify Police. If you find you’ve already received a counterfeit banknote, put it in an envelope to avoid handling it further, and get in touch with Police. Anyone with information about the manufacture or distribution of counterfeit banknotes is asked to contact Police on 105.

Thursday April 29, 2021

With the vaccine, it’s all possible Our immunity against COVID-19 is incredibly important. Because it brings more possibilities for us all. Possibilities like keeping our way of life intact; our kids being able to learn without worrying about interruptions; or being able to plan gatherings with whānau, or team trips away, without fear of them getting cancelled. Immunity can bring us all this, as well as more certainty in our jobs, and more confidence in our businesses. With the strength of an immune system made up of all of us, together we can, and will, create more freedom, more options, and more possibilities for everyone.

The COVID-19 vaccine is a triumph of modern science Creating the COVID-19 vaccines took a global effort. The world united to take on the challenge, with medical professionals and scientists from across the planet working thousands of hours to bring it to us quickly and safely. Our Pfizer vaccine works by teaching your immune system to fight off the virus. Once you’ve had both doses of the vaccine it has been shown to be up to 95% effective at stopping

The stronger our immunity, the greater our possibilities. Covid19.govt.nz/vaccines

you from catching COVID-19. It also greatly reduces symptoms if you do catch COVID-19 – making it far less likely that you’ll fall seriously ill, or pass it on to others. Along with our existing actions like scanning QR codes with Bluetooth turned ‘on’, and staying home when you’re sick, getting the vaccine is the best way to protect Aotearoa against COVID-19. Find out which vaccination group you’re in, and what you need to know, at Covid19.govt.nz/myvaccine



Thursday April 29, 2021

Capital to beat around the bush for global nature challenge The global City Nature Challenge will turn Wellington into a giant nature playground, and its citizens into scientists as it embarks on a four-day bioblitz. City Nature Challenge 2021 will see over 250 cities around the world search, report, and log any sightings of wild plants, creatures, or organisms, living or dead, on the land, up the mountains, and in the sea – and around our backyards. All observations made starting 12am Friday April 30 NZ local time and up to 11.59pm on Monday May 3 will count for the City Nature Challenge. Locals know our city harbours incredible species because they encounter them daily. This is a great opportunity to showcase Wellington as a nature rich city on the world stage, and to discover our own natural capital while we’re at it, says Urban Ecology Manager, Daniela Biaggio. “The City Nature Challenge is a fun, friendly competition that encourages people to discover and document the biodiversity of our urban spaces through the iNaturalist App. The aim is to find out which city can spot the greatest number of wild species, find the most diversity of species, and engage the most observers. “Combining technology with nature is also a great way to get young people engaged and active, and this challenge will see devices become a tool in documenting any finds, which will then provide valuable information to the scientific world. “We have many scientists collecting data

on our natural environment throughout the city, however the complexity and richness of our natural environment requires much more information than any group of experts could gather. “The engagement of our communities in knowing and understanding our natural environment is essential if we are to be true guardians of its treasures. “There’s also an added incentive of prizes on offer for those who take part,” adds Daniela. It’s easy to take part, just sign up to the iNaturalist app, take photos of wild species, and the app will identify it, and keep count of the entries – the area with the most observations at the end of four days wins. How to participate: It’s easy to get involved using the iNaturalist app (free on the app store). Just join the Wellington City Nature Challenge group, go on a walk in the city and take a picture of a plant or animal and upload it to the app. Check out Council’s Parks and reserves for inspiration but you can also explore your own backyard or neighbourhood parks, or even the cheeky creatures that make it inside your home. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Instagram and This Week in Our Wellington e-newsletter to win prizes The observer with the most observations will win a Kapiti Island Eco-Experience trip where they can enjoy more of our amazing regional wildlife.

Wellington City Council gardener Nate Rigler is getting excited for the global City Nature Challenge. Photo: Tim Park.

. E C I O H C R U YO . E R U T U F R YOU


QMC is Wellington’s only girls school to teach the International Baccalaureate Programme from Years 1-13. Seniors choose either the NCEA or the globally-recognised IB Diploma Programme in Year 11. Come along to our information evening to discover if this opportunity is for you. Hear from the experts and our graduates.

Register at qmc.school.nz/events



Thursday April 29, 2021


Friendship Newlands celebrates 20 years Celebrations were in full swing when 78 members of Friendship Newlands gathered at Ohariu Farm to celebrate 20 years of existence as a club earlier this month In 2001, the Probus Club of Newlands held a meeting of interest at St Oswalds Church Hall in Newlands. From those 28 people attending the meeting, eight are still current members of Friendship Newlands. The Probus Club of Newlands became Friendship Newlands in 2018. A subcommittee of five members was formed in March 2020 to arrange the celebrations which included finding a venue, arranging bus transport and inviting everyone. Our thanks goes to Newlands Coach Services, The Trust Community Foundation, Ohariu Farm and Brian Sheppard Photographer for their support of our community event. The objectives of Newlands Friendship are to promote, develop and foster friendship, and advance intellectual and cultural interests for the enjoyment and benefit of retired and semi-retired people.

They also hold regular meetings and arrange activities to provide opportunities for fun, fellowship, friendship, and social interaction between its members. Friendship Newlands meet at the Christadelphian Hall Helston Rd, Newlands on the second Tuesday of each month from 10am to 11:30am. The monthly meeting includes a 15 minute members corner when members share snippets about themselves, a morning tea and a speaker. A recent speaker was Graham Kelly presenting ‘My Life in Music’. We have four subcommittees – outings, dining out, walking and theatre. There is a activity organised by each of these subcommittees each month. Recent activities have included visiting the National Library, having Yum Cha, attending Operatunity Daytime Concerts and walking from Newlands to Kaiwharawhara via the Wakely Gully Walkway. Contact Beverley Hamlin or Cheryl Brownrigg for more information by email friendshipnewlands@gmail.com

Cutting of the cake by founding committee members Peter Hughes, left, Dennis Mann, Graham Gallaher and Elizabeth Blackmore.

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And there was LIGHT! Skylight Specialists have been specialising in skylights for 25+ years. We have yet to come across a brand/make/type or configuration of skylight that we do not know everything about. Skylight Specialists is LBP (Government approved licensed building and roofing practitioners) , with 30+ years in the building industry and employ a highly skilled team which consists of trade qualified glaziers, roofers and builders. When we come and assess your skylight/s we will provide you with a free, no

obligation quotation. We will also provide you with a detailed report including photos that will include our findings and recommendations whether it be for general maintenance, repairs or replacement. At this time of year everyone is concerned about insulation of their homes, trying to keep warm and retain heat. Unfortunately, skylights are often overlooked, even when they can be sometimes the main factor of heat loss. Older skylights are sometimes full-time venting without the homeowner even being aware of this, which is no

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different from leaving a window open 24/7. Others are only single glazed or just plastic. By upgrading to double glazing you can retain up to 70% more of your heat. A lot of skylights we come across is simply a piece of glass glued to the roof structure of your home – This is by far inadequate for many reasons including thermal properties and condensation issues, as the moisture has no where to go but get absorbed by the structure of your home. We will assess the entire skylight including the flashings (roof flashings

are what connects the skylight to your roof and keeps all watertight). This will cover if you have adequate condensation channels, drainage, seals, condition of flashings, thermal properties and of course longevity of the skylight/s and the surrounding areas. „ So if you’d like to add A LOT more light into your home and want the job done well, contact them on 0800 656 667, 04 938 0721 or 027 595 4448. “We are tradespeople not sales people”


Thursday April 29, 2021

Screw caps for Kidney Kids Members of a local wine club have been collecting screw caps off wine bottle for the last year, and have amassed 27 bags full. As each bag holds approximately 1300 caps – this is a lot of wine and that is a lot of metal not going into the landfill. Grenada resident and club vice president Anne Megget collects the caps Wellington Cellar Club vice president Anne Megget with some of the more than thousands from members, friends and neighbours, and when of screw caps the club has collected to raise funds for Kidney Kids.

Lions Book Fair This year, for the first time, Lions will be holding a winter book fair To be held on Saturday May 8, this will be in addition to the annual October Monster Bookfair, which has become a Kapiti feature since 1998. It will be on one day only from 8am to 5pm. Combined Lions Book-

fair chair, Peter Cresswell says the usual Monster Bookfair will still be held in October and book donations requested, but the number donated last year was so generous, there are enough for this extra winter sale. “All books will be just $2 and the huge volume and quality of reading

material that will be for sale, will remain the same and with the usual great community support, the proceeds will go to Foodbank, Waikanae Volunteer Fire Brigade, Coastguard, Birthright, Raumati South Kindergarten and Paekakariki Surf Lifesavers Club,” he said.

Selling Smelling? YIP! Hey Everyone! While we are all enjoying our freedoms and events. It is important to be mindful and respectful of those around who may have friends and family overseas in places where COVID cases/deaths are reaching records highs and complete collapse of systems. Life and time are precious, so feeling grateful for all that our country have to enjoy at the moment. This week, we were asked to help an owner with her rental property that has been left is a rather ‘smelly’ state. It had the trifecta, smoking, animals and cooking. Smells make up a massive part of people’s emotional response to a property, so understandably it is one of the first things we address when selling / renting out properties. Here are a few ways you could consider approaching your smelly situation. sRemoving the Source: Smells embed in all fabrics and materials; you want to firstly remove anything you can that may be holding the smell, drapes/furniture/rubbish from the property. Depending how bad the situation is, it may not be possible to salvage it, especially if it has stained things significantly. Hopefully the property has painted walls or coated wallpaper (else it may be a challenge to remove the smell without removing wallpaper) sDeep Clean Everything: Clean the carpet, walls, floors, any surfaces, etc. If you do not want to replace drapes, blinds, etc – you will need to give these a good clean. Depending how bad the situation is, you may have to escalate from gentle things like baking soda / vinegar to stronger cleaning solutions, such as ammonia. Some things you may miss, are ventilation vents/ducting, heatpump filters, rangehoods, drains, light fitting. sVentilate – Once cleaned, the house needs proper air circulation, lucky for us in Wel-

lington, you are never short of wind pressure, so just open a window at both ends of the property and create a wind tunnel through the property. sOzone – PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP – Ozone is the fastest way to remove odours in a property, however it must be used at an industrial level to have an effect. In simple terms it will kill off the organisms causing the smell in the property – I must stress, it will also kill everything else in the house as well, plants, animals, even people. So please leave this up to the professionals and follow the guidelines explicitly. When you are managing your rental, it is always much easier to prevent these situations from happening as much as possible. But if you get stuck with your smelly situation prior to renting or selling, get in touch and we can go through some other solutions for you. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Written by William YIP Your friend in Real Estate 021 106 9997 William.YIP@CollectiveFN.co.nz

her cellar is overflowing with bags Treasurer Wayne Kennedy comes around with his trailer and takes them to the tip. The Cellar Club is a Wellington based social group that focus’s on the learning about, and appreciation of wine. It has been in existence for 40 years and provides wine education and experience through monthly presentations at Community Centre Hall

in Johnsonville. Contact can be made through their website – http://cellarclub. co.nz or Anne at ammegget@gmail.com The screw caps are taken to the recycling at Kenepuru Landfill, and this year raised $215.40 The money goes to Kidney Kids, and the money raised is not for the children’s treatment, but to give them a better quality of life, and to help their parents.

Warming homes with pre-loved curtains At the end of a Wellington lane able hands are busy making curtains for those in need. Enter Wellington’s Sustainability Trust. Past the store that sells environmentally friendly household goods, past the free library, the community composting hub, and beyond the e-waste drop-off centre and the bottle cap recycling bins, is a room stacked top to toe with colourful pre-loved curtains. This is the Wellington Curtain Bank. Volunteers Paula and Kathy are hard at work on two of the four sewing machines, expertly manoeuvring the large pieces of fabric through their capable hands. In the centre of the room is a large workbench which is surrounded by half a dozen tall shelves of upcycled and ready-to-distribute curtains organised by size, and another set of shelving, about eight metres long, has donations awaiting to be sorted. Primarily run by volunteers, the Curtain Bank is nestled in the Trust’s Forresters Lane headquarters, off Tory Street. Di Macdonald, who does the Trust’s Marketing and Communications, says 2700 sets of curtains were donated to 640 households last year. All of our curtains are donated by Wellington residents and businesses,” Di says. The volunteers spend a lot of time assessing the curtains and making sure they are free of mould before they make any alterations that are needed. All the curtains are double lined to help reduce heat loss and keep energy bills down. “We provide up to six sets

Sustainability Trust Chief Executive Georgie Ferrari with her dog, Hero Hunter, Senior Marketing and Communications Di Macdonald, and Front of House Manager Isabelle Leduc.

per home. It really depends on the size of the house and the number of windows,” Di says. “Because all the curtains are donated it’s difficult to give people the exact colours they want, but we try to cater to our clients by providing neutral curtains whenever we can, or dark curtains for a child with Autism.” Di says one Welly flat reported loving their new luxurious long red velvet curtains, which originally hung in the Michael Fowler Centre. Anyone with a Community Services Card or a SuperGold Combo Cardholder living in the Wellington region can order curtains for their home or rental property through the Curtain Bank, however there is currently a wait time of about eight weeks. “Sometimes the Bank can’t process the orders fast enough, and last year’s lockdown didn’t slow things

down.” Supported by Wellington City Council, the Sustainability Trust is a social enterprise, meaning all profits are re-invested in programmes that help the community. The Curtain Bank is an example of this. The initiative is funded by Genesis Energy, and through other grants. Di says all up the Curtain Bank’s 25 volunteers average 3130 volunteer-hours per year, plus there are 2.5 fulltime workers. As well as curtains, the team welcome donations of sheets (white only) which are used as lining, and “nice and straight” curtain tracks and hooks. Some stores also donate, including Lewis’s Home Fabrics. Lewis’s curtain installer Peter turns up with his colleague, Tijo, and a van-load of donations.

Thursday April 29, 2021


Next Generation Real Estate.

Marvellous on Maracas? YIP! 12 Maracas Crescent, Grenada Village 3


How's the serenity? So much serenity - you will love the magical view and fresh white décor at this beaut 3 bed home. This 1980's build boasts three good-sized bedrooms, family bathroom, separate toilet and separate laundry. The open plan area includes a well-appointed kitchen with good cupboard and bench space. The dining leads to a sunny living area with


log burner and heat pump to keep you warm and cosy year-round. Placement on the section maximises the Piece de résistance - the incredible views over the suburb and up the valley. RV $600,000 Tender 3:00pm Thursday 6th May 2021

Clint Fitzgibbon, Team YIP 021 0885 0406

Anita Corlett & William YIP 021 0225 6795

Redwood Stunner 8 St Edmund Crescent, Tawa 4



Situated in a popular central Redwood location, this spacious and stylish 1960s family home has stood the test of time. Built over two levels, it is spacious, with well-proportioned rooms and occupies a full section. From the moment you walk in you will be captivated by welcoming atmosphere and the all-day sun which floods through large windows. There Is plenty of space for the whole family here - 4 generous sized bedrooms, two bathrooms, a separate kitchen with separate dining and


lounge and a large section that Is perfect for children and pets and affords ample opportunities for summer BBQs and outdoor entertaining. Beneath the living space, an Internally accessed double garage with workshop has plenty of room for vehicles and hobbies whilst there is ample off-street parking. RV $730,000

Deadline Sale 3:00pm Thursday 13th May 2021

Tony Afendoulis 027 949 8669


Thursday April 29, 2021

Next Generation Real Estate.

Footsteps to the Park? YIP! 7b Lyndfield Lane, Newlands 3



If you're looking for a modern, low maintenance quality home that has privacy and convenience, this superb starter home has it all - it even backs on to the Lyndfield Lane Park and Play Area! Perfect for young families and couples, this cute and cosy home is set back from the road ensuring peace and security.


The open-plan living area is warm and welcoming and opens to the modern kitchen with sliders leading to the low maintenance garden with two sunny patio areas to enjoy the afternoon sun with a family BBQ. RV $610,000 Tender 3:00pm Thursday 6th May 2021

Clint Fitzgibbon, Team YIP 021 0885 0406

Anita Corlett & William YIP 021 022 56795

Size And Location The Perfect Combination! 3A Balliol Drive, Tawa 4



Here is a family home that really packs a punch! You have got size, you've got location, plus there are plenty of options here to make it your own and the space for you and the kids to have their own areas to work and play. Built in the 1980s, our vendors are sad to leave what has been a happy


home for over 40 years. In zone for Redwood School, this home has space galore and great design for families. On the main floor is the spacious master bedroom with en-suite, plus a huge lounge, separate family room, open plan kitchen and dining area all with doors to outdoor decks to enjoy the sunny aspect. RV $740,000

Deadline Sale 1:00pm Friday 14th May 2021

Jane Mather 021 339 623

Thursday April 29, 2021


Next Generation Real Estate.

Hero on Horokiwi? YIP! 61 Horokiwi Road West, Newlands 3



If you are looking for a low maintenance/high convenience home where all the work has been done - this home is well worth a look. Newly renovated with fresh paintwork it is light and airy and just waiting for new owners to make it their own. With 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms, there is space for the whole family and there are sheltered gardens and two conservatories that provide privacy and protection from the wind. In the lounge is a heatpump and woodburner - to ensure cosy winters. Outside is a fenced grassed area, a


back yard, a single garage with internal access and off-street parking for two vehicles. RV $540,000 Tender 3:00pm Thursday 6th May 2021

Clint Fitzgibbon, Team YIP 021 0885 0406

Anita Corlett & William YIP 021 022 56795

Solid Investment 4 Bronwyn Way, Paparangi 4



First time to the market after 32 years, here is an offering that's hard to beat! Positioned for all day sun this near original home is a rare opportunity for a lucky new owner to put their stamp on it. The property has great bones and features:  4 bedrooms  Spacious lounge  Open plan dining / kitchen with separate laundry  Fantastic sun and privacy


 Set back from the road on a rear section with landscaped grounds  Single garage and great workshop space RV $630,000

Deadline Sale 3:00pm Thursday 13th May 2021

Jane Mather 021 339 623


Thursday April 29, 2021

Next Generation Real Estate.

Simply Irresistible? YIP! 135 Newlands Road, Newlands 3



Fabulous, modernized home that combines style, quality and convenience in a location that is perfect for commuters. Our owners have extensively modernized and landscaped this stunning home to give a striking point of difference in the heart of Newlands. With an attractive entranceway this home is a real showstopper! The spacious living room offers plenty of natural light and is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a busy day at the office. Rest assured you will feel a calming atmosphere as soon as you walk through the


door. With nothing left to do on this property, just move in and enjoy! Beyond, the open-plan layout leads to a truly magnificent modern high spec'd kitchen with, granite tops, fantastic appliances, including a pyrolytic oven and ample storage. Tender 3:00pm Tuesday 11th May 2021

Shannon Crawford, Team YIP 027 665 2501

Anita Corlett & William YIP 021 022 56795

92 Amesbury Drive, Churton Park 4



Deadline Sale


Sunday 2 May 2021

2:00pm Thursday 13th May 2021

11:00am - 12:00pm


61 Horokiwi Road West

Contact Gillian Cross on 021 457 782

11:00am - 12:00pm


135 Newlands Road

11:00am - 12:00pm


7/14 Ngatitoa Street

11:00am - 12:00pm


9A Atua Street

11:15am - 11:45am


63 John Sims Drive

7/14 Ngatitoa Street, Takapuwahia 2


12:00pm - 12:45pm

Churton Park

59 Abilene Crescent

Deadline Sale

12:00pm - 1:00pm


3A Balliol Drive

3:00pm Wednesday 5th May 2021

12:30pm - 1:30pm


8 St Edmund Crescent

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Grenada Village

12 Maracas Crescent

12:45pm - 1:45pm


3 Aparangi Crescent

1:00pm - 2:00pm


42 Camp Road

1:30pm - 2:30pm


4 Bronwyn Way

1:30pm - 2:30pm


60C & D Sheridan Terrace

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Titahi Bay

25 Chaffey Crescent

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Churton Park

1 Orange Grove

Contact Tony Afendoulis on 027 949 8669

9A Atua Street, Johnsonville 3


Deadline Sale 1:00pm Tuesday 4th May 2021 Contact Margaret McKeefry on 027 444 9727

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Churton Park

117 Melksham Drive

2:00pm - 3:00pm


30 Penguin Grove

25 Chaffey Crescent, Titahi Bay

2:30pm - 3:30pm


7B Lyndfield Lane


2:30pm - 3:30pm


100 Rakau Road

2:30pm - 3:00pm


20 Red Beech Avenue

2:00pm Thursday 6th May 2021

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Churton Park

2/232 Middleton Road

Contact Jo Eastlake on 021 040 9864 or

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Churton Park

1 Myers Grove


Deadline Sale

Josh Tararo on 021 025 46270

Thursday April 29, 2021


GARDENING THIS WEEK Gardening in Autumn By Wally Richards

Autumn is a great time for planting out gardens and besides the planting of vegetables and flowering plants, you also have a great range of shrubs and trees you can add to your garden. Let’s have a look at the various areas starting with the vegetable garden. Silverbeet is one of my favourite winter plants and you have at least two types that are available, been the original dark green such as ‘Fordhook’ and the newer coloured silverbeet that are called ‘Bright Lights’. The latter is a sweeter silverbeet and if you don’t like the flavour of the dark green you may well like the sweeter taste of the coloured forms. In the home garden just remove the outer leaves and the plant will continue to produce till it goes to seed. Rust should not be a problem through the winter and nether should pests bother the crop so no extra work involved spraying. It is best to buy the seedlings and plant them at this time, as seed raising will take longer to reach harvest time. Broad beans are grown from seed and if you like these iron rich vegetables then plant up a row. Snowpeas are another good winter seed grown crop and are ideal for stir fry. All the brassicas do well during winter and little problems from caterpillars. You can use the Neem Tree Powder to ensure this. For those with bigger vegetable gardens you can also sow seeds or plants of Chinese cabbage,

cress, miniature leeks, winter lettuce, mustard, onions, radish, shallots, spinach and turnips. If you place Wallys Unlocking Your Soil under the plants or with the seeds before you cover them, you will speed up the growth of the plants noticeably. Feed with sheep manure pellets later by side dressing the plants. If you want to add more minerals to your food crops then sprinkle some Ocean Solids after planting. If planting up new gardens or sections don’t be tempted to plant the shrubs and trees too close. Information on the label will give the approximate end height and spread which gives you a good idea how far to space the plants. Planting shrubs and trees too close together may look good for the first couple of years for filling in gardens, but will need constant trimming or removal of maybe half the plants in the future. Also perennials can be easily be lifted and transplanted to more suitable situations in the future. What to feed trees and shrubs when you plant them? It depends on soil type whether clay or sandy. Both means you should dig a hole about twice the depth and width needed and use peat moss or compost mixed with the removed soil (about half and half) to line the base of the hole and back fill. This gives a good area for initial root formation. I like to place a couple of handfuls of Gypsum in the planting hole on

Silverbeet is a favourite winter plant with at least two varieties to choose from.

heavy soils to aid root penetration and for food just use sheep manure pellets in the base of the hole. It is better not to stake unless it is a very exposed, windy situation and then only stake for a few months while the plant establish-

es its roots then remove. Left staked too long actually weakens the plant and can lead to losses in the future. Once the roots have a reasonable grip into the earth the movement of the plant in the wind builds up its strength in the trunk allowing

it to withstand high winds in the future. Enhance all your garden plants with two weekly or monthly sprays of Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL) Happy Planting. Problems? Ring me at 0800 466464.

Ed i t i o n

4x4 6 Speed Auto


T60 Maxus Edition only






Ph: 04 568 2151

2 Wakefield Street, Lower Hutt *Weekly payment of $134 (and 260 total weekly payments) is based on an interest rate of 6.90% p.a. fixed for the term of the loan and a 60-month term, with $4,000 deposit and $10,000 balloon payment (to be paid at the end of the loan) on a purchase price of $40,000.00. The RRP of $40,000.00 includes GST. Based on loan, interest rate and term, the total amount to be paid by you is $48,840.00. Payments include on-road costs and a PPSR fee of $10.35, UDC loan fee of $105 and Dealer origination fee of $199. Advertised weekly price is based on a new 2021 LDV T60 Maxus Edition AT. Offer is valid until 3UI"QSJM 2021. The loan is provided by UDC Finance Limited (and standard UDC terms and conditions and lending and credit criteria apply).


Thursday April 29, 2021

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- " 09 422 2< - " 09 -2$"


Š•ŠÐÇ •?â ?¯¯‘â´ 8†Š‘j .ПW ?ÇÐÇ

Thursday April 29, 2021


Talk to your


MANAGING HIGH CHOLESTEROL What is cholesterol and why is high cholesterol bad for you? Find out how high cholesterol can affect your heart and how to lower it. What is cholesterol? Cholesterol (mat ngako) is a fat-like substance in your blood. It comes from two places: some is made naturally by your liver, and some comes from the food you eat. Cholesterol isn’t always ‘bad’. Your body needs some cholesterol to work properly. It uses it to develop cells and hormones, and to process and digest fats. But, if the amount of cholesterol in the blood gets too high, it can cause a heart attack or stroke. Types of cholesterol There are two types of cholesterol: Low-density lipoprotein (LDL cholesterol) and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). LDL cholesterol is sometimes called ‘bad cholesterol’. When you have too much LDL cholesterol it builds up in the arteries (the blood vessels that carry blood and oxygen around the body). The build-up of cholesterol causes lumps of hard fat called plaque to form on the artery walls. These can break off, block the artery, and cause heart attacks and strokes. HDL cholesterol is the ‘good’ cholesterol. It works like a cleaner, carrying LDL cholesterol out of the arteries to your liver, where it is broken down and used by the body. Triglycerides are another type of fat in your blood. When we eat or drink our body turns any energy (calories) that it doesn’t need into triglycerides, which are then stored in fat cells. Triglyceride levels normally rise after we’ve eaten, but when we consume more energy than our body needs they stay at a high level, rather


Ear piercing Instant Passport photos Vaccinations Diagnostic + Health checks Unit dose packaging Smoking Cessation

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm Saturday - 9.00am to 4pm

1 Upland Road, Kelburn than returning to normal. This is particularly true if our diet includes lots of refined sugar. This includes foods high in added sugar, like sweets, baked goods and chocolate, low fibre carbohydrates, like white bread, and alcohol and fizzy drinks, which include lots of extra sugar. Like cholesterol, high triglycerides can increase the amount of plaque (hard fat) in the artery walls. The only way to measure cholesterol is to get a blood test. Sometimes your doctor will call this blood test a ‘lipid profile’ or ‘lipid test’. Lipid is another word for fat, so this test includes your cholesterol and your triglyceride levels. When should I get my cholesterol levels checked? If you haven’t had a cholesterol test before, talk to your doctor or nurse about when you should have one. If you’re at higher risk of heart attack or stroke because of your or family’s health history, then you may need one at a younger age. Cholesterol tests are given routinely as part of a heart health check.

Phone 04 475 9512 | Fax 04 475 9156 Email info@kelburnpharmacy.co.nz


To advertise on this Page contact Brenda NOW Brenda Ingram-Johnson Sales M: 021 640 152 E: brenda@wsn.co.nz

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm Sat: 9am - 6pm Sun: 10am - 5pm 59 Johnsonville Road P: 04 477 9513 F: 04 477 1963 Located between Countdown & the Warehouse Johnsonville



Johnsonville Medical Centre Pharmacy

Unichem Cuba Mall Open 7 days


     Mon-Friday 9-5pm Sat/Sun 10-4

For all your pharmaceutical needs see our friendly teams at

2 Trafalgar Street, JOHNSONVILLE

Michele Thompson Brian




Enquire about our delivery service of prescriptions and retail items to the Karori suburb. Phone or Facebook us for more information


Phone: 920-8844

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Unichem Karori Mall Pharmacy - The Mall, 250 Karori Rd, Karori | Ph: (04) 476 7564 Unichem Marsden Village Pharmacy - 159 Karori Rd, Karori | Ph: 04 476 99 44

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Wed: 8:30am - 8pm Thurs/Fri: 8:30am - 6:00pm. Sat: 9:30am - 12:30pm


Thursday April 29, 2021


eE Call th


eir f h t n i ts



Open: 8.30am–3.30pm Age Group: 3–5 years Open over the school term 20 Hours ECE available

Home Builder

Build with the hallmark of style New show home at 15 Queen Charlotte Dr, Aotea

Fun, Friendship, Learning

Premier Preschool Johnsonville Call: 04 939 8247 Email: premierpreschool@hotmail.com Location: Onsite Johnsonville School, Morgan St

Opening April Phone: 0800 778 777 Email: info@build7.co.nz


Double Glazing


Double Glaze your existing single glazed timber & aluminium windows retaining the original look. DO ONE ROOM OR THE WHOLE HOUSE s!LLGLASSREPAIRSNEWGLAZINGs3PLASHBACKS s$ESIGNER&RAMELESS3HOWERS Call today for a free, on site assessment and quotation

Phone: 934 0948 | Rene: 027 462 0220


Bedpost Wellington 240 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, 6011 | Ph: 473 5303 e: bedpostwellington@xtra.co.nz Open 7 days: Mon-Sat 9am - 5:30pm, Sun 10-5pm www.bedpost.co.nz

Thursday April 29, 2021


Johnsonville push Ories all the way By Jacob Page

It was déjà vu for Johnsonville rugby coach Jason Adamson on Saturday as his team went down 28-23 Oriental-Rongotai in their Swindale Shield encounter at the Polo Ground. Jason admitted the games mirrored the narrow loss to Upper Hutt just seven days earlier where his team created chances but ultimately their own decisions and play cost them a chance at victory. The match doubled as a clash for the Ash Pointon Cup with the hosts scoring two tries inside the first 10 minutes to put Johnsonville on the back-foot. Three penalties from Johnsonville halfback Mark Sutton steadied the ship and closed the gap to 12-9 at halftime. Oriental-Rongotai struck first in the second half, to take a 17-9 lead, which was cut to 17-16 almost immediately with a converted try to Johnsonville blindside flanker Asafo Faamafu. The Magpies pulled away again with a try and two penalties, before Johnsonville came back in the final few minutes with a try to right wing Knox Tuinasau. However, they ran out of time and

the home side held on. “It was a frustrating day at the office,” Jason says. “We put ourselves under self-inflicted pressure with those two early tries.” He credited his team for sticking to the task. “We can’t wait until the 78th minute to decide we are in this game. “We have to maintain that pressure throughout the 80 minutes. “Our fitness levels are not where we want them to be,” he says. “When you have forwards walking after 15 to 20 minutes, it’s not ideal. “We are trying to build depth but that will take time.” Jason credited his hooker Lucas Aukuso and tight head prop Mika Faimalo for learning quickly in a tough position. He also praised Sutton for his composure around the park and his goal kicking which allowed Johnsonville to build pressure. Johnsonville face Avalon at Helston Park on Saturday as they look for their second win in four games this season. Wellington coach Leo Crowley will attend Johnsonville training this week in an effort to help the team progress.


e Exp h t l l a C

Lock Tayne Laird-Mahu has been a bright spot for Johnsonville in the early weeks of their Swindale Shield so far.


eir f h t n i ts



Lawns and Gardens


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With ongoing accounting services for your business ER Accounting will design a personal accounting service around your business requirements. You can be sure you are always in control of your finances.

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Leave your accounts in the experts’ hands.

Accounting Health Check Review

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đŏ $!'ŏ0$0ŏ5+1.ŏ1..!*0ŏ business structures are valid đŏ ++'ŏ0ŏ5+1.ŏ!4,*/%+*ŏ +,,+.01*%0%!/ đŏ ++'ŏ0ŏ+((!0%+*ŏ+"ŏ/%ŏ data and make sure it’s suitable đŏ ++'ŏ0ŏ,.+(!)/ŏ0$0ŏ5+1.ŏ /)((ŏ1/%*!//ŏ)5ŏ!ŏ"%*#ŏ * ŏ"+.)1(0!ŏŏ,(*ŏ0+ŏ resolve them

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241 6997

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Thursday April 29, 2021

supporting your community

Keeping it

LOCAL Beauty in the Heart of Churton Park Enhance Beauty Salon is an owneroperated salon, located in the heart of Churton Park shopping village. At Enhance we are passionate about your skin care needs and we love to listen, we will help guide you to the treatment best suited to you. We believe in enhancing your natural beauty with a wide range of high quality products and treatments, meaning you will receive

the highest standard of treatments by true professionals every time. We are so excited to be teamed up with such high quality products, such as Juvenate Skin Care a New Zealand owned and made product. You can also benefit from O Cosmedics. And to balance out and enhance the other product ranges we stock TheraVine. Using these products we offer facials,

A Fun Place For Fun People

It’s time to

Meet the Brewer

Pamper yourself!

Wigram Brewing Co.

Thursday, May 6th at 6pm

peels, dermaplaning, in addition we provide hair removal treatments, waxing, electrolysis and manicure, pedicure and also massage. To spoil yourself book an appointment at www.enhancechur tonpark. co.nz. We looking forward to treating you soon. Pictured: Owner Karene Steenkamp

Optimising your wifi for working from home Need a Nerd Wellington is a specialist PC and Laptop repairer and we’ve been serving residential and business customers all over the region since 2011. Our technicians come to you, diagnose the problem and provide you with a plain English explanation of the problem and the repair. Need a Nerd Wellington also supplies and installs all types of laptop and computer equipment including internet and wifi.

With so many of us now choosing to work from home, having a good quality wireless network has become more important than ever. If your wifi is slow or you’re just not happy with its performance, Need a Nerd Wellington can fix it for you. So if you’re having any problems with your home or small business computers, call us and we’ll take care of you.

The Innkeeper Pub – you’ll love its ambience! Telephone (04) 280 8126 Specialising in ‘freehouse’ craft beers! Find us at : 191 MAIN RD, TAWA PH: 04 232 4763

101(b) Westchester Drive Churton Park, (Near the Churton Park Community Centre)


At The Innkeeper Johnsonville you’ll find both a popular modern bistro and a sociable, friendly neighbourhood bar. Featuring hand-cut steaks, grilled lamb chops, fresh pulled pork, mouth-watering burgers and a

kid’s menu full of choice, there is something for everyone! Enjoy a Guinness, craft beer, or one of 100+ top shelf spirits at a bar leaner or on the couch by the fireplace.

Great winter eating from Meat Direct

You can taste the difference


 !!" #$

Nothing beats walking into the house on a freezing winter’s night to the aroma of dinner well on the way. At Meat Direct we have the cuts to get you started. Because the cooking process is long and slow, it is well suited to the traditionally cheaper, tougher cuts of meat. These cuts can be a bit fattier, which is important as they become meltingly tender and add to the flavour. Leaner cuts tend to dry out in slow cooking. Meat Direct suggest these cuts as ideal

for slow cooking: lamb shanks, corned beef, pork shoulders, blade steak, crosscut blade, beef cheeks and short ribs… But don’t stop there! Dark chicken meat such as thighs and drumsticks are also well suited to slow cooking. They will remain juicier than the white chicken breast. We have got loads more tips on slow cooking so check them out at https://meatdirect.co.nz/ top-tips-slow-cooking/ You will also find numerous cuts of meat for all occasions. Order online and we will deliver.


#! (!$)!"!*+ -/!"& (& $&!

&!!" #$)!&0 !&1 *21!+&1!)%&&3!*0&!$

The Innkeeper Open 7 days

Need a Nerd Wellington www.needanerdwellington.co.nz 04 212 6413 / 021 260 6363 / 0800 63 33 26

11-13 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville Ph: 04 478 9753


Holiday Hours: CHRISTMAS DAY: CLOSED, BOXING DAY: 1pm-8pm JAN 1: 1pm-8pm, JAN 2: 1pm-8pm, JAN 4: 1pm-8pm

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AERIALS DOES YOUR TV RECEPTION GIVE YOU A HEADACHE? Get your TV reception problems fixed by our experts. Free TV reception tests on your system to ensure you have the best possible picture available using our professional test equipment.

WE COVER THE GREATER WELLINGTON AREA Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley and Kapiti areas. We have over 15 vans on the road. FREEVIEW DIGITAL/SATELLITE TV We can provide you with local and around the world television and radio stations with no monthly charges. WHOLESALE / RETAIL SALES Aerials, satellite dishes, receivers and accessories TV1, TV2, TV3 and TV4 Not only do we provide a full warranty, but we also guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results!




Home Deliveries weekly to Northern Western suburbs

Big Brands. Better Prices.

7 days, Mon - Sun. 8.30am to 6pm

Parmco - FS600-Gas

Phone 0800 67 33 77 www.bigbrandsonline.co.nz



David & Maria’s





For A No Obligation FREE MEASURE & QUOTE

7 Strathmore Ave, Strathmore Park, Wellington

Ph: (04) 388 7969 E: dmcarpets@gmail.com

Relax & get


C l e a n e d CALL STEVE 528 3331 / 0272 377 020


“THE HOUSE WASHING GUY” 18 years experience Hot water, Soft wash, Gutters vacuumed clear, Decks, Paths. ph Wayne

021 035 3930 www.thehousewashingguy.co.nz



Transformed Painters Ltd



Contact John 0274466371 text ok BRENDA Sales M: 021 640 152

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E: brenda@wsn.co.nz

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UV Protection Films – Privacy Films without compromising your views. Clare Newton Smith


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Whiteware, appliances, furniture & recyclables

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Experienced painter/decorator. Int/ext Weatherboard, rotten timber repairs. House washing/water blasting, Plastering. Paper hanging. Free quotes

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Book yours with BRENDA today on 021 640 152 or email at brenda@wsn.co.nz


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WHAT’S ON... The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $15.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 1660 or email classifieds@wsn.co.nz

FREE CAP Money course Learn to budget and save. 3pm, Sunday 9, 16 and 23 May. Broderick Road Chapel, Johnsonville, 17 Broderick Rd. Contact Catherine 027 662 5219 or book online www.capnz.org Trades and Services CARPET & VINYL laid and repaired. Ph 0210634013

Trades and Services BUILDING Consent Approval and house plans. Free estimates provided. Call Doug p g on 934-1398.

Wanted to Rent GARAGE in Ngaio, Khandallah, Johnsonville or Tawa area. Suitable for storage. Must have level and easy access Concrete floor, Power, Must be Dry and Secure. Please Tele 0274425870

Public Notices

Newlands School Notice regarding enrolments during second enrolment period at Newlands School 2021 Enrolment at Newlands School is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from our website: https://newlandsprimary.school.nz/enrolments/ The board has determined that up to 12 places are likely to be available for out of zone new entrant students during the second enrolment period in 2021. The exact number of places will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone. The second enrolment period runs from Saturday 10 July 2021 to Wednesday 15 December 2021. For students seeking enrolment within the second enrolment period of 2021, the deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places is 9am, Friday 28 May 2021. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out of zone places is required, this will be held on Friday 28 May 2021. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held. Details of how applications from out of zone students are processed are available on our school website (detailed above). Parents of students who live within the home zone and intend enrolling their child at any time during the year should notify the school by Friday 28 May 2021 to assist the school to plan appropriately for the rest of the year. Students who live in the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school.


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Graham’s Painters

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We need an experienced barber with minimum 3 years’ experience to join our team. A flair for Style cuts is essential

Just Cuts Johnsonville are looking for stylists to join the team in our busy salon. If you’re a qualified hair stylist then apply now! We have a variety of days and hours available. Just Cuts is a chemical free, no colouring salon. To apply either pop into the salon for a chat or phone Anna on 027 257 2097.

Call Mohammed 021 056 7551


Enrolment at our school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available on our website. The board has determined that up to 5 places will be available for out-of-zone students in 2021. The exact number of places will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone. The second enrolment period runs for terms 3 and 4 2021 from Saturday 10 July 2021 to Wednesday 15 December 2021. For students seeking enrolment within the second enrolment period, the deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places is 12 noon, Friday 28 May 2021. Please contact the school office or download an enrolment form from www. rewarewa.school.nz/enrolment for submission to the ballot. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out of zone places is required, it will be held on Monday 31 May 2021. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held. Parents of students who live within the home zone and intend to enrol their child at any time during this year or the next should also notify the school as soon as possible to assist the school to plan appropriately. Details relating to the first enrolment period for 2021 are as follows: Deadline for 2022 first enrolment period applications: 12 noon, 15 October 2021 Date of ballot if required: Monday 18 October 2021

Enrolment packs are available from the school office, phone 461 6900, or from our website.

Situation Vacant


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Get your House Exterior and Interior painted! Experienced tradesmen and large team

~ Pensioner Discounts ~ E: grahamspaintersnz @gmail.com W: www.grahamspainters.nz Ph: (04) 564 9202 021 183 9492

Death Notices HENNESSY, Pauline Mary: Apr 23, 2021 IRELAND, Vivienne Mary (nee Luke): Apr 22, 2021 NOBELEN, Maria Johanna (Mies) Apr 23, 2021 ORR, Elizabeth Welch: CNZM: Apr 22, 2021 SCOBIE, June Valerie: Apr 21, 2021

Funeral Directors

Johnsonville’s only locally owned Funeral Home

477 4025 | www.gfh.co.nz

NEWS TIPS Send your tips to herald@ wsn.co.nz

Locally owned funeral directors caring in your community 142 Karori Road, Karori

476 5292

375 Adelaide Road, Newtown

389 6069


FOR SALE BUILDING For sale Blenheim CBD 6.0% return, prime opportunity located in Blenheim’s busy High St right in the centre of the town, this quality investment property is available fully tenanted. Features: Floor Area: 219m²: Land Area: 266m²:with parking. 75% NBS Rating. Listed at $950,000 plus GST, this fully tenanted building is offering a generous 6.0% return to investors. Current lease expires October 2026. No agents. All enquiries to whitesidemedia@gmail.com

Puzzle 52. type of edible nut (5) ACROSS 1. Preliminary event; ‘...-raiser’ (7) 53. Eternity (11) 54. Confused (7) 5. Most entertaining person at the party (4,3,4) DOWN 11. Computer data (5) 1. Precipice (5) 12. Taught (7) 2. Hold back (7) 13. Town in Surrey (5) 3. ‘... The Hun’ (6) 14. Self-employed (9) 4. Memorandum (8) 15. Concord (9) 5. Most supple (7) 16. Register (4) 6. Earth; terra ... (5) 17. Harsh (7) 7. Snakes (6) 19. Illustrate (6) 8. Dredged (8) 23. Rides bike (6) 9. Atrocities (11) 26. Selling (7) 10. Restrict (5) 29. Assistant (4) 16. Found (7) 30. Era (3) 18. More discourteous (5) 32. Small amount (3) 20. Disloyalty (7) 34. Drawn tight (4) 21. Bishops diocese (3) 35. Stance (7) 22. Insect (3) 36. Promotes (6) 24. Rural in manner (11) 39. Senility (6) 25. Soak up liquid (3) 40. Outlawed (7) 27. Praise highly (5) 42. Broad smile (4) 28. Chatter (3) 46. Beekeepers (9) 31. Member of upper 48. Amazed (9) classes(sl) (3) 50. Complain (5) 33. Put on clothes (3) 51. Notable (7)

37. Injure (8) 38. Multi-skilled employee (8) 41. Rubbers (7) 43. Extreme (7) 44. Property (6) 45. Bounded (6) 46. Dispute (5) 47. Steeple part (5) 49. Ate (5)


SOLUTION last Week - 22 April For February 16, 2005

Thursday April 29, 2021



SPORTS TALK With Jacob Page

European football clubs get reality check The rise and swift demise of football’s European Super League this past week was a win for fans rarely seen in the modern era. Twelve top European soccer clubs agreed to create “The Super League,” a European club competition that would be separate to UEFA’s Champions and Europa Leagues. Here are the 12 teams, which include all of the Premier League’s “Big Six” as well as three teams from Spain and three

from Italy. Clubs involved included AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur. The announcement of the breakaway movement early last week saw fans from all 12 clubs flood social media in widespread outrage. Many wrote the clubs had lost their way and had put the prospect

of profits ahead of the fans, many of whom are generational supporters of the teams. The condemnation was so swift by the end of the week, 10 of the 12 teams had pulled out of the plan. Only Real Madrid and Barcelona remained committed to the Super League effectively making the concept dead in the water. In a time where post-match interviews with players and coaches are so mind-numbingly void of

any genuine insight into a team’s performance, this was a huge win for the supporters of these clubs. So often fans are subjected to nothing more than lip service and cliches when it comes to public comments from those within their teams but this outcome proves the opinion of fans still matters. Fan is short for fanatic and while a vocal minority fall in and out of love with individual players and teams from day-to-day, many are

the ones that buy the supporters gear, sit in the stands on freezing cold nights and renew their season passes even when their teams have no chance to win their competitions. It’s clear several owners of these European football clubs only considered the extra cash and not their fan base when they made a greedy decision. People power won the day and that’s bold to see.

Successful weekend for North Wellington football By Grant Stephen

Round 5 in the Men’s Central Football League proved just as exciting as previous weeks with two draws and a result that the pundits would not normally think to trouble the book maker with. The first draw played out at Alex Moore Park on a fine and sunny Saturday afternoon when North Wellington FC hosted the unbeaten league leaders, Miramar Rangers. Based on recent form, the safe bet was on Rangers for another easy win and to be fair, they scored all the goals. In the words of Rangers own twitter account, it was indeed a tough encounter and no quarter was given or asked for, in a game that produced its fair share of oohs and ahs from an appreciative crowd of around 300 souls. North Wellington played to the potential of their pedigree at long last and no doubt, took Miramar by surprise. Norths had the better of the first half Public Notices

and the pressure of constant attacks was so much that it lead to a Rangers’ own goal at the 30 minute mark to break the deadlock. Any side could have stolen the match and the North Wellington faithful were hopeful that the 1-0 lead would be enough to take out the match. As is so often the case though, the fairy tale ending for the partisan crowd was not to be, when a penalty was awarded against North Wellington for pushing in the box with 5 minutes of regulation time left. Keeper Keegan Smith dived the correct way but Joao Moreira was not to be denied a slow motion goal that went under Smith and shook the back of the net for a 1 all draw. In other matches in the round, Wairarapa United and Western Suburbs shared the points with a 2 all draw in Masterton. Wainuiomata had another tough day at the office when they lost 5-1 at home to Lower Hutt. Wellington Olympic had enough in the tank to hold out Napier City Rovers 2-1 at

Wakefield Park and with all respect to Petone, they were shock winners 3-1 against Waterside Karori. The draws and surprise win to Petone meant that Miramar and Olympic are on 13 points each while Wainuiomata is the only side not to register a point. Despite holding both Miramar and Olympic to draws, North Wellington sit in 9th place on 2 points with Waterside Karori more comfortably placed in 7th place on 7 points. In the Men’s Premier League and curtain raiser at Alex Moore Park, North Wellington made no contest of it with a 5-0 win over Miramar Rangers thanks to a Josh Rudland hattrick. In the Women’s Premier League the North Wellington Innkeeper side battled against Wellington United for a credible 1 all draw and now sit in second place behind Upper Hutt City. In the Women’s Division 1 league, North Wellington North Wellington’s Rowan Harvey controls the ball during travelled to Richard Prouse Park and her team’s Women’s Division 1 match against Wainuiomata enjoyed a 5-1 win over Wainuiomata. which North Wellington won 5-1. Photo: Imray’s Snaps.

Public Notices

Johnsonville represented in Wellington bowls finals Paparangi Primary School: Enrolment Scheme Enrolment at Bellevue School is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from our website: www.bellevue-newlands.school.nz. The board has determined that up to two (2) places are likely to be available for out of zone students for the second enrolment period in 2021 (Saturday 10 July 2021 to Wednesday 15 December 2021). The exact number of places will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone. For students seeking enrolment within the second enrolment period of 2021, the deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places is 9am, Friday 28 May 2021. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out of zone places is required, this will be held on Friday 28 May 2021. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held. Details of how applications from out of zone students are processed are available on the school website. Parents of students who live within the home zone and intend enrolling their child at any time during the next year should notify the school by Friday 28 May 2021 to assist the school to plan appropriately for next year. Students who live in the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school. Enrolment packs are available from the school office, phone 478 7037.

Enrolment at our school is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available on our website. www.paparangi. school.nz. The board has determined that up to 4 places will be available for out-of-zone students in our second enrolment period for 2021. The exact number of places will depend on the number of applications received from students who live within the school’s home zone. The second enrolment period runs for terms 3 and 4, 2021 from Saturday 10 July 2021 to Wednesday 15 December 2021. For students seeking enrolment within the second enrolment period, the deadline for receipt of applications for out of zone places is 9am, Friday 28 May 2021. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out of zone places is required, it will be held on Monday 31 May 2021. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held. Details of how applications from out of zone students are processed are available on our school website. Kind Regards, Paparangi School Board of Trustees


Send your tips to herald@wsn.co.nz

Johnsonville bowls teams were well represented at the innagural Bowls Wellington Finals Weekend. On Saturday and Sunday teams that had earlier reached the semi-finals of the Champ of Champ competition met at Naenae to decide the winning teams. Two days of fine weather and good outdoor greens provided excellent conditions and some entertaining games. Johnsonville was represented by Gill Oliver in the 1-5 singles, Dale Rayner In the open singles, Kaaren Guilford, Cynthia Evans, Nicola Lowe in the women’s triples, June Wairau, Lil George, Dawn Neil and Nicola Lowe in the fours. The men were represented by Ross Gillett, Wayne Coleman in the pairs and Rob Ashton, Ross Gillett and Wayne Coleman in the

Johnsonville bowlers Wayne Coleman, left, Ross Gillett and Rob Ashton became the triples Champion of Champions with a comfortable win over Khandallah. Photo: Allan Galbraith.

triples. On the women’s side, Johnsonville reached the finals in singles, triples and fours but didn’t manage to take a final. Rob, Ross and Wayne became the triples Champion of Champions with a comfortable win over Khandallah, but lost the semi-final of the pairs to Robbie Bennett and Scott Roddick of Victoria. The women’s four of June,

Lil, Dawn and Nicola, played the last game of the tournament against a strong Victoria side of Sarah Taukamo, Nina de Munnik, Mary-Ann Wilson and Robyn Rintoul – losing 15-17. The last few ends of this tough game were played in cold conditions and in almost total darkness, with our women competitive until the last end.

Thursday April 29, 2021





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Must end this Sunday !! Purchase a Masport, Woodsman or Metrofires Wood Fire and receive a

FREE Standard Flue and Shield Kit valued at up to $898 Valid 1 April - 2nd May, while stocks last. Excludes package deals. For in-built wood fires, only a flue will be provided.

MITRE 10 CROFTON DOWNS 128 Churchill Drive - Ph: 04 479 8765 - Email: cs.croftondowns@mitre10.co.nz Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 6:00pm - Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Mitre 10 We Project Manage so you can have more Services time to enjoy the things you Love doing www.mitre10.co.nz/Croftondowns



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29 April Independent Herald  

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