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Navy salutes Anzac tradition As The Last Post sounded, the flag was lowered on the Kawau Island Yacht Club wharf, by members of the Navy Adventure Training Centre. For more on Anzac Day see page 13.

1 May 2013

Inside this issue Retirement village plans Hearing takes place for Oaks on Neville

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Local folk Karyn Scherer talks to motorcycling legend Graeme Crosby

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Obituary We remember Warkworth identity Harry Bioletti

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Fury over huge hikes in rates and fees Ratepayers in the Mahurangi region are fuming at huge hikes in rates and fees as a result of the move to become part of the Auckland Supercity. Boat owners and food outlets are facing a rate hike. Analysis by Scotts Landing increase in rates over the next year. fee increases of up to 400 percent resident Dr Bruce Scoggins, who has For a property with a capital value of to bring them into line with former been lobbying Council to lower rates $500,000 this means rates will increase Auckland City levels, and residential for rural residents, shows residents in from $1669 to $1732 from July. continued page 2 ratepayers also look set to be hit with rural areas will face a 5.1 percent average

Mother’s Day feature Local people share memories of their Mums

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2 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013

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Fury over rate hikes However, the increase could be even higher than that if extra spending is passed on by Council, and Dr Scoggins believes the total is more likely to be at least 8 percent – well above the 2.9 percent Council has been promoting. He believes the hike is the result of a decision by Council to lower rates for Auckland businesses. While Council has been open about its move to cut business rates, it has been less open about making residential ratepayers pay for the cut, he says. While many business owners will welcome a reduction in their rates, not everyone will be celebrating. At least one Warkworth business is facing a 300 percent increase in its rates as a result of the move to base rates on a property’s capital value, rather than its land value. This means ratepayers in the Rodney region now pay rates based on the value of their buildings, as well as their land. The decision means that Walton Park Motor Lodge has seen its rates rise from just under $6000 a year to just under $17,000 a year. Owner David Irving has protested to Council about the hike, but has been told he will simply have to live with the change. Mr Irving says it is unfair he is being asked to pay similar rates to motels in central Auckland, as Warkworth does not have the same public services, or volume of business. Businesses are also facing big increases in water rates, and in insurance premiums, he notes. “There are two other motels in our area who do not pay anywhere near what we pay in rates, so we are not even on a level playing field,” he says. Owners of food outlets in Rodney are also furious at a 400 percent increase in the cost of a food premises licence, from $260 to $1014. Tahi Bar owner Ian Marriott has told the Rodney Local Board the increase “isn’t fair and it isn’t proper”. “This flattening out across Auckland doesn’t work,” he said. Boat mooring fees have also roughly doubled, to bring Rodney fees up to the same level as Auckland City.

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Angry boat owners, including those on Kawau Island who have no other way of getting to their homes, have pointed out they don’t receive the same level of service as in Auckland City, and that their boats are often left dry by the tide, but so far to no avail. The protests come as Auckland Council is struggling to convince many ratepayers to accept its 30-year plan for the Supercity, which includes proposals for much higher-density housing, stricter environmental and heritage rules, and new urban boundaries. The plan has galvanised ratepayer groups, who are considering forming a panregional body to lobby as a single force. Meanwhile, public meetings will be held this month to discuss the future shape of Warkworth under the 30-year plan. The Warkworth Area Liaison Group is holding a public meeting on May 1, and Council is also holding a public meeting on May 8. Feedback is due by the end of the month and there are concerns the process is being rushed. A push to extend the deadline for public consultation was rejected by a majority of councillors at a full meeting of the Council in Orewa last week, including Cr Penny Webster. Cr Webster told Mahurangi Matters she believed there was still plenty of time for the plan to be tweaked, including the new urban boundary for Warkworth, which she admits is likely to be substantially changed from the one initially proposed. She has also defended the rate hikes, saying it is inevitable that that the process of standardising rates and fees across Auckland will be a rocky ride, and is likely to take several years to settle down.

Covering Puhoi to Mangawhai

Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 | 3

Size matters for proposed retirement village The developers behind the proposal for the Oaks would threaten the viability of the project. Warkworth solicitor Chris Murphy and Auckland accountant Greg Kasper want to build a six-storey centre on a site that fronts both Neville and Queen Sts, and includes the historic Warkworth Hotel. It would include an 83-unit retirement village, 29bed aged care complex, 10 retail units, a café, and parking for 109 cars. The proposal exceeds the permitted height limits for the site, and Auckland Council officers have recommended it be declined. At a hearing last month, Mr Murphy argued the centre was small by modern standards. “At its proposed size, it can succeed despite an anticipated short-term loss, due to the support we can provide [from other properties]. If smaller, we do not consider the village to represent a viable economic proposition.” He noted it was Council that suggested ground-level shops be included. The developers initially opposed the idea, but decided they would help integrate the centre with the rest of town, he said. “It also presents a unique opportunity to avoid the isolation which can often afflict people within a retirement village and to benefit the township through the provision of a custom, retail, retail parking and a central thoroughfare.” Mr Murphy said the centre could be lowered if the shops were removed, but the need for security would mean the site would need to become a gated community. “I don’t think anyone would see this as beneficial for Warkworth.” Other issues raised at the hearing included the centre’s impact on the “small and fine-grained nature” of Warkworth, the oak trees on Neville St, the future of the hotel, and parking. Mr Murphy said they had tried to make the oak trees a feature of the site and were committed to their preservation, but needed to remove one notable tree and four generally protected trees, and prune others. They were also prepared to incur the “considerable cost” needed to save the decaying hotel “from what is otherwise its inevitable ruin”. It appeared that very little, if any, part of the Billiard Room, which they hoped to remove, was original. “Despite their constraints, we believe both the trees and the hotel provide a valuable setback and visual screen of the village.” Council received 161 submissions on the application, of which 138 were in support, 22 were opposed and one was neutral. Eight spoke at the hearing, including the NZ Historic Places Trust, and neighbouring property

on Neville retirement complex in central Warkworth have told a hearings panel any reduction in size

One submitter said the original artist’s impressions of how the new centre would look were misleading.

owners Steven Anich, Grant Tipling and Tony Cook. Mr Cook argued the village would be better located on the fringe of the commercial area, rather than in the heart of town. He also questioned the viability of shops in what would be a dead-end street, “in a canyon of dampness”. Mr Tipling, who plans to build a retail and commercial development across the road in Neville St, said it was short-sighted to retain the ailing oak trees, and he would prefer a proper retail frontage along Neville St which would be in keeping with increased pedestrian traffic generated by the new Countdown retail shops, once they were occupied. Mr Anich said the sheer size of the proposal went against the heritage value of central Warkworth and would affect the town’s ambience. He also argued the impact on parking and traffic flow had been understated. The Tree Council, represented by Hueline Massey, said it was concerned about vehicle access through the oaks, the de-watering of the site during construction, and the effects that severe pruning would have on the trees. Tahi Bar owner Ian Marriott, who regularly hosts live music at his Neville St premises, raised concerns about the compatibility of a retirement village in a commercial zone. He said if noise became an issue for residents, it could affect the viability of his business. Alex Parton, of Mahurangi West, claimed that photo

64 Hamatana Road, Snells Beach 09 425 5025 |

Commissioners hearing the Oaks on Neville resource consent application were, from left, John Hill, Alan Watson (chair) and Mark Farnsworth.

montages, which had been circulated widely during community consultation, misrepresented the true visual impacts of the development. Meanwhile, Progressive Enterprises has noted it had to pay $432,000 to Council when it built the Warkworth Countdown, because it had a shortfall of 27 parking spaces. “By my calculations, this development will be short by 15 spaces and I don’t accept that this is minor,” said its representative, Mike Foster. “I’m surprised Auckland Transport’s views on financial contributions have not been included, but we believe Council should maintain a level playing field.” Commissioners on the independent panel were chair Alan Watson, John Hill and Mark Farnsworth. A decision is expected by the middle of May.

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4 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013

OFF THE RECORD Root of the problem Californian Jamie Baywood got our attention with a press release about her book Getting Rooted in New Zealand. In California, ’getting rooted’ means ‘to settle down’. She describes how she told her flatmate she was excited to have a flat “because I really need to get rooted.” She also realised she had been telling potential employers at job interviews that she would be staying a while in Auckland, for the same reason.


Shaun Wilkinson, Warkworth

Gratitude in Wellsford

What about the east coast? A link road from SH1 to Matakana Rd is only half what’s needed to fix the problems at the Hill St intersection. The link road must continue to Sandspit Rd so all the east coast traffic, from Leigh to Martin’s Bay, not heading for Warkworth, can go direct to SH1. I suggested the SH1-Matakana Rd-Sandspit Rd link to the Council engineer about 10 years ago and he wrote back saying it was a good idea. Seems the message needs repeating — it needs to include Sandspit Rd or there will still be too much traffic at peak times at the Hill St intersection.

June Turner (MM, Apr 17) boasts of her board’s success in furnishing our town with the biggest and most expensive library in Rodney, and says she hopes the community appreciates it. However, it should be noted that the previous Council had already allocated the library to Wellsford, and the cost overrun could have been prevented by the Rodney Local Board, such as not using huge solar panels that will be a Donn Armstrong, Warkworth prime target for vandalism. It is encouraging to see the highway Wellsford is a rural town with to Warkworth being progressed surrounding districts crying out by NZTA and the National for core infrastructure. We have Government. The formation of the undoubtedly the worst roads in the Alliance, the announcement of a “world’s most liveable city”. For the last six months there have been clouds Puhoi on/off ramp, site testing and land purchases are all welcome news. of dust rattling through potholes The build cost over the life of the and corrugations and, since the rain, project is easily affordable and will nothing but mud and slush. bring substantial economic benefits. What point is there “giving” Wellsford One only has to look at the great Newthe Zealand First Spokesperson people best and biggest library for: Orewa to Puhoi motorway to see Communications & IT | Education Science & Technology if people paying the most rates can’t | Research, what can be achieved. Women’s Affairs | Youth Affairs safely drive to it? And why do we need A link road from SH1 to Matakana Select Committee: Education and Science to appreciate something we have all Rd is a great idea. However, it is paid an extremely high price for? Auckland Office: still vital that Hill St be upgraded 157A Kitchener POChairman, Box 31-119,significantly Milford Auckland BrianRoad, Mason, because it still has to cater P 09 489 Landowners 8336 | & Contractors for the thousands of people who come Protection Association Inc into Warkworth from the east coast.

I bring a fresh, energetic, practical approach to issues of importance that impact on you.

Tracey Martin New Zealand First List MP

It is apparent that the mainly urbancentric Council and its staff have plans to dramatically reshape Warkworth into the form of a central city suburb. Warkworth is essentially a rural service township. It does not really belong, along with the rest of Rodney, in the urban megalopolis that Auckland will become in the future. If the Unitary Plan were to be implemented without substantial change, the effects on Warkworth will be disastrous. For example, promoting a streetscape of four-storey buildings in the centre of Warkworth will dramatically change both the look and feel of the township as well as creating a series of fearsome wind tunnels. To increase the population as dramatically as planned without adequate employment for all of these new residents could result in considerable social disruption and unrest. This would be exacerbated by the parlous state of the Warkworth’s existing infrastructure. Meanwhile, the proposed extension of the township to the southwest, in addition to the developments that are already underway, will remove yet more productive farmland. The Council wants Auckland to become the most liveable city in the world, but if we go along this track it will become a most unliveable city. Auckland City will end up with severe

overcrowding, frequent gridlocks, extensive pollution and a significant loss of productive farmland.

Martin A4 flyer.indd 1

Unitary Plan ‘disastrous’

Letters can be sent to or PO Box 701, Warkworth

Tracey Martin MP

Parliament Office: Freepost, Private Bag 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6011 P 04 817 8361 | | tracey.martin.16144

The only flies in the Puhoi motorway ointment are the Labour and Green Parties who have both stated that if elected they will stop the highway from being built. Both parties aim to spend the money instead on the Auckland rail loop. Their myopic vision is frustrating. Over time, both necessary projects can be built. Another concern for Warkworth is that the Unitary Plan aims to increase Warkworth’s population from its present 4,000 to 24,000. This is another reason why the highway must be built as soon as possible. Bryan Jackson, Snells Beach

Farming know-how lacking I congratulate Mahurangi Matters for its coverage of the proposed Auckland Council Unitary Plan and the range of people interviewed for their opinions (MM Apr 1). However, I would challenge the opinions expressed by Dr Grace, a marine biologist, and Mark Bellingham, the North Island conservation manager for Forest & Bird. First, it is stated that dairy farmers have fenced their streams because “their cows are expensive and they cannot afford to lose them in the mud”. Wrong. Dairy farmers contracted to Fonterra have to fence streams if they want to have their milk collected. It is implied that cattle are often lost in streams by getting bogged. On farms, this would be a

28/09/12 11:52 AM

Tracey Martin New Zealand First List MP Talk to Tracey – Saturday 25 May

Richard Prosser

9am-10am Whangaparaoa Library, Pohutukawa Room 10.30am-11.30am Orewa Community House 1pm-2pm Totara Park Lounge, Warkworth Brendan Horan

Denis O’Rourke

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Please phone Karen at my office to make an appointment or just pop in.

Phone 09 489 8336

Authorised By Tracey Martin, Bowen House, Wellington

Rt Hon Winston Peters

Barbara Stewart

Tracey Martin

Andrew Williams

Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 | 5

OFF TH E RECORD Rugby fashion The mystery of the man walking through Warkworth in what looked his nana’s pink frock has been solved. Apparently he was a member of a touring schoolboys rugby side from Australia, who’d lost a bet. Ladies, we hear the team and its supporters have now left the district, so your washing is safe.

There goes the neighbourhood Rodney police received a call about a domestic incident, so they rushed to the address. But when they got there, there were two houses off the right-of-theway. So they approached one of the houses, and were surprised to be met by a man who was far from uptight – instead he had clearly been enjoying the products of his indoor crop which they then busted. Guess you could say that neighbourhood has gone to pot.


FEEDBACK co ntinu ed staffroom at the Warkworth office. These are tough times for many people and the public service can not be isolated from that. That doesn’t make restructuring any easier so the day was a great idea and has made us all feel a whole lot better. Many of you who sent those messages are people who we know commit their own time, energy and resources into conservation projects so thanks to you, too, from all of us. Kia ora. Tim Brandenburg, DOC Area Manager

What good news? The facts regarding religion as seen in the latest census are troublesome to say the least. However, they are not surprising. I am surprised there are any who still attend church. If the gospel message today is: “Come to Jesus and experience a life of utter despair, ridden with guilt, shame, confusion and dreadful inner turmoil of soul” then who in their right mind would be excited about such “good news”?

Gordon Levet, Wellsford

Sharing the love On behalf of all the staff who work for DOC in the Warkworth/Great Barrier area I want to say thanks to the local branch of Forest & Bird for organising the Love DOC Day on April 11. We have all the kind messages of support up in our

Rev Colin Stitt, Mangawhai

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rare occurrence. Indeed, many farmers would not have lost a beast in a stream or bog in their farming lifetime. Most farmers recognise natural hazards like swamps and bluffs and either fence them off or only graze those areas when safe to do so. Now, I am not against preserving wetlands or the fencing of streams where appropriate. Indeed, after more than 60 years of farming sheep and cattle on hill country, I have planted thousands of trees for timber, to prevent erosion and for aesthetics. A number of streams have been fenced and ponds created to mitigate the effect of flash flooding and the resulting erosion of stream banks. What I am against is academics laying down the law as to how farmers should manage their farms, especially when their lack of understanding of farming economics is so evident. Such people should get onto farms and discuss with farmers the practicality or otherwise of their ideas. In this respect, I would be only too happy to arrange such a meeting.

Have your say on growth in the north and north-west Auckland’s population is growing rapidly. Over the next 30 years an additional million people are likely to live in Auckland. Most of this growth will be met through intensification within existing urban areas. Additionally, as part of the Auckland Unitary Plan process, a new Rural Urban Boundary (RUB) will provide land for up to 40 per cent of new dwellings to be outside the previous urban areas and in greenfield areas. Proposals in the Auckland Plan allow for up to 35,000 new dwellings over 30 years in the north and north-west. This means investigating which greenfield areas could best accommodate these dwellings (part of the 400,000 needed across Auckland), along with business land for up to 24,000 jobs. Investigations have begun in the north and north-west and we invite you to attend a public meeting to give your feedback on preliminary options on where this growth may be located.

Draft Unitary Plan public meeting Wednesday 1 May

7pm-9pm at the Large Hall, Kumeu Community Centre

Monday 6 May

7pm-9pm at the Silverdale Rugby Club

Wednesday 8 May

7pm-9pm at the Old Masonic Hall, Warkworth

Council officers will be available an hour before each event to answer questions.

This is an important opportunity to have your say on future development in your area. Find out more: phone 09 301 0101 or visit


6 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013

Viewpoint with Mark Mitchell, Member for Rodney

Motorway progress welcome The Government’s announcement that the first 18km stretch of the 38km Puhoi to Wellsford highway is to commence next year will bring welcome relief to those of us who regularly travel north and face the frustration of traffic congestion and delays. The new Puhoi to Warkworth highway is the first stage of a fourlane motorway project that will eventually extend to Wellsford, replacing the existing State Highway. North Rodney is a strong contributor to the country’s economy, and the new highway will make a significant contribution to further economic development in our local communities. We are lucky to be blessed with great agricultural, mineral, tourism, and other resources. Investment in the new highway will not only encourage local growth but most importantly will provide us with a safe, reliable transport connection with Auckland. Traffic congestion is not the only issue creating frustration within our communities . The way the current resource management system is operating is costing us all in time, money and lost opportunities. The systems have become cumbersome, uncertain and highly litigious, and money spent on having to fight to get ahead or to defend your position is money that our households and businesses are missing out on. The impacts of this are real. Delays and uncertainties mean potential new jobs are not being created, houses are more expensive, and our communities have no idea what to expect in their neighbourhoods. Fundamentally, the proposed reforms are about providing greater confidence for businesses to grow and create jobs, greater certainty for our communities to plan for the future, and stronger environmental outcomes as our communities grow and change. In most cases, this is not about whether a particular project can or cannot proceed — it is about the time and cost to reach that decision. The Resource Management Act is now 22 years old. It was an innovative approach at that time, focused on enabling growth as long as environmental bottom lines were met, but it has not lived up to its full promise. It is time to accept that the law itself, while having many strengths, needs a significant tune-up. Taken together, the Government’s proposals will streamline and improve decision-making at every level.

Sandspit Marina contract finalised, but start date uncertain Land and marine development company Hoppers, based in Orewa, has been appointed lead contractor on the Sandspit Marina project, although a starting date for construction still remains unclear. Sandspit Yacht Club Marina Society 131-berth facility before Christmas, the marina has still to be determined berth are no longer interested, but spokesperson Jon Nicolson says he with the first berths occupied in late and won’t be known until the details there has been enough interest from is reluctant to talk about timing 2013. of the contract have been finalised. new people to encourage us.” on the project as he has so far been “Everything has been harder and has The marina society has said all berth Mr Nicolson said the offer to Auckland “consistently wrong”. taken much longer than anticipated. licenses must be bought and paid for Council to allow it to use spoil from dredging, to raise the Sandspit seawall, When the Environment Court granted This has largely been as a result of the before construction will start. interim consent for the marina’s land- tenacity of the small group opposing “It’s been such a long drawn-out had been withdrawn. “All dredgings process that obviously some people will be dumped offshore – it was based activities in March last year, the the marina.” society had hoped to start building the Mr Nicolson says the cost of a berth in who had initially said they’d take a always the cheapest option.”

Mark Mitchell


Meet Mark Mitchell, 10am-2pm:

For appointments and assistance please call

Friday 3rd May, Warkworth Council Offices, Warkworth

Orewa: 09 426 6215

Monday 13th May, 7 Tamariki Ave, Orewa Monday 20th May, Point Wells Community Hall, Point Wells

Warkworth: 09 425 8603 Email: Website:

Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 | 7

Parents split over religion classes in primary school Warkworth Primary School will remind parents they are able to withdraw their children from religious education classes, following a survey of their views. The survey showed an even split between parents who support religious instruction and those who don’t. Principal Cynthia Holden says a letter was received from a parent requesting their child be withdrawn from the programme, which triggered the school to carry out the survey. Of those who responded to the survey, 102 parents said the school should keep providing religious instruction. Exactly the same number said it shouldn’t. Four said they didn’t mind Cynthia Holden and six said it should, as long as all Warkworth Primary offers the classes religions were covered. for Year 3 pupils and higher. A small Ms Holden says it is clear that religious number of children attend a different instruction is “a sensitive issue that class teaching the principles of the people hold dear to their hearts one Jehovah’s Witness faith. Wellsford way or the other” and the school will School also has religious instruction classes during school time. Matakana continue to provide the classes. Although religious education is not School runs them during lunchtime part of the New Zealand curriculum, on an opt-in basis, but the subject the Churches Education Commission isn’t included at Leigh or Mangawhai programme includes competencies Beach schools. which link to the New Zealand New Zealand Association of Rationalists curriculum such as relating to and Humanists secretary Judy de Leeuwe others, thinking, participating and says it should be up to parents to teach contributing. “For some children this religion, but if it is taught, all religions may be the only opportunity their should be covered to allow children to make decisions for themselves. spiritual wellbeing is developed.” However, it will remind parents “New Zealand is made up of all sorts of that they are able to withdraw their different people, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and those with no religion – so children. The Education Act allows school if you only teach a Christian point of boards to decide whether to include view it’s not fair on the others.” religious instruction. If they do, up The group also believes religion to half an hour of school time can be shouldn’t be taught until Year 7, and it used each week, although the school should only operate during lunchtimes is officially deemed closed during that on an opt-in basis. time. Any volunteer approved by the “What we really want to be doing school board can teach the subject and is teaching kids maths, English and parents may exclude their children by science… Let’s leave religion to the writing a letter to the school principal. churches, temples and monasteries.”





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Lachie McLean to star on TV Waipu farmer Lachie McLean and his family will feature on TV’s Country Calendar on May 11. The 60-year-old is well-known in Waipu for persuading the local community to participate in plays and musicals, which he directs. So far, he has helped stage shows such as Les Miserables, Cats and Miss Saigon, and organised events such as the recent Waipu Grand Pageant which he directed for the Waipu Museum. The show will also explain how Lachie and his cousins are reversing the trend for large farming blocks to be broken up, by merging their family’s holdings into one large farm.

More accolades for Garth Falconer Leigh resident Garth Falconer has won a Merit Award for Urban Design from the International Federation of Landscape Architecture. At the organisation’s recent awards night in Auckland he won four National Design Awards, for Judges Bay, a pocket park on Ocean View Road, for rural design with Waiuku River Lane and for his retrieving Shoal Bay project.


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8 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013

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Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 | 9

localfolk Graeme Crosby

motorcycling legend

Graeme Crosby is a motorcycling legend, who chose to quit the sport only after two world championships and winning three races in the infamous Isle of Man TT event. These days, he lives on a lifestyle block in Matakana. But as he explains to Karyn Scherer, he will probably never get motorcycles out of his blood. I was born in Blenheim, and moved to Auckland in the early 60s. Dad was a fireman at Auckland Airport and I went to school in Mangere. I was a bit of a jack-the-lad. As soon as I finished school I did a motorcycle apprenticeship. I’ve always like mechanical things. I was probably the ultimate boy racer in those days. Groups of us used to do silly things, like go to Hamilton for a hamburger at 10 o’clock at night. I was pretty lucky because when I first started racing I started winning from day one. In my first year at the Isle of Man TT, I ran fourth in my first race. The crowd in the UK got behind me because I was a sort of maverick, I suppose.  At the end of the year I got a factory contract with Suzuki to race their MotoGP bikes.  It all happened very fast. In the late 70s there were quite a few people killed in the TT, so I decided not to get too attached to other riders. There were quite a lot of times when you’d go to France or somewhere for a race and come back and find there was someone you knew who had been killed. It was pretty bad. I got involved with the Professional Riders Association and we ended up boycotting events and so on, and it turned it into a professional sport. I was on US$100,000 or so, but two years later people were getting US$400,000, and the circuits were much safer. I feel really, really lucky because I’ve been in a sport that’s highly dangerous, and all I’ve broken is my collarbone.   But I stopped enjoying it, so I quit. I don’t understand why people keep going back and doing the same thing. There’s a lot of politics behind the scenes, but the other reason I quit is there was an Australian guy who I got to know really well and he got killed at the TT.  I remember afterwards, everybody had packed up and gone, and his little van was still there with the side awning on it, and his leathers hanging up, and old tyres, as if waiting for its owner to come home. I said: “That’s it, I’m never coming back”. And I didn’t.

In ‘83 or ‘84 I bought a motorcycle shop and then spent the next 13 or 14 years trying to get out of it. Used cars started coming in, and although we sourced used bikes from a Japanese company, it just wasn’t working in the end. I actually lived in Japan for a while.  I speak a little bit of Japanese, which is enough to get me into trouble but not enough to get me out. I’ve been there 100odd times and I still deal with them. The only place I’ve not travelled to is the Middle East.  I love travelling, although it’s getting harder now, with age. A friend of mine introduced me to Helen. As it turned out, Helen was keen on golf, and I was too. I’ve known her for about 13 years but we didn’t get together until a few years after that, after my first marriage ended. I had a heart bypass in 2002 and marriages often fall apart in those situations, because you reassess your life. I was pushing a plane out of a hangar and I felt nauseous.   I went to see the doctor and had an angiogram, and they sent me straight to hospital.   But I was out playing golf within three or four weeks.

A lot of motorcyclists bring danger upon themselves. Older riders who have had bikes in the past want to relive their youth.

I sold the bike shop in ‘96 and went flying aeroplanes for a bit for a company called Northern Air. I don’t really fly any more, but I like the idea of these really lightweight aircraft they’ve got now — the tiny little ones that only take two people and get along at 140 knots. I also worked at Coutts in Newmarket, selling Mercedes Benz for about six years. In the last couple of years, my business has been rebuilding old

bikes. The difficulty with some of the modern bikes is that it’s like having a really nice performance car and only being able to use first gear. A lot of motorcyclists bring danger upon themselves. Older riders who have had bikes in the past want to relive their youth, and those are the guys who get hurt. The technology has changed a lot in 40 years and bikes are a lot more powerful these days. In 2009, HarperCollins asked me to write a book. On and off it took me about nine months. The last few months was a bit hard. I’ve got a good long-term memory, but not short-term. The book is called Croz — Larrikin Biker and we’ve had a couple of reprints already. Helen and I have been in Matakana for four-and-a-half years and we’ve just built the art gallery across the

road, The Vivian, which is going really, really well. We’ve got 12 acres now. We’ve got a couple of poodles, and a couple of cats, and 10 chickens. I like bees, too, but I can’t deal with them any more — they’ve beaten me.   They’ve stung me too many times and I ended up in hospital. Helen introduced me to the area.  She had a place at Baddeleys Beach, and we moved up here about eight years ago. It’s like Grand Central station here — people are always coming in and phones are always ringing.  It should be a slower pace of life but it’s not. I like the idea of the new motorway, but being part of Auckland is a totally wrong move. There’s a whole raft of implications and one of them is that country folk are being dictated to by those from the city. Don’t get me started.

10 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 Ara Tūhono Roads of national significance COMPARISON

– Pūhoi to Wellsford

Project update April 2013

Access at Puhoi

Hudson Road Improvements

Following extensive community feedback and further discussions with Auckland Council and Auckland Transport, a northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp will be included in designs submitted for the Notice of Requirement and resource consents.

Local contractor Wharehine Group will start work on the SH1/Hudson Road intersection at the end of April and anticipates finishing the improvements before Christmas. The improvements include: • Installing traffic signals at the intersection • Improving access between SH1 and Hudson Road and the Warkworth Showgrounds • Widening the intersection


Introducing Ara Tūhono – the connecting pathway

• Left-turn slip lanes (where drivers give way instead of having to stop at the traffic signals) • Improving access for walkers and cyclists. 

As part of the NZTA’s ongoing engagement with Hōkai Nuku, a new dual name was recently announced for the Pūhoi to Wellsford Road of National Significance. The route is now known as the Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Wellsford Road of National Significance. Ara Tūhono means a connecting pathway (Ara meaning pathway/passage and Ara Tūhono means connecting or linking one part to another).

Every effort will be made to minimise the impact of construction on traffic flows. There may, however, be times when stop-go traffic management and a lower speed limit are in place through the site for the safety of construction staff and road users. For more information, including frequently asked questions regarding the suite of Warkworth/State Highway 1 improvement projects, please see

The new name was presented to the NZTA by Hōkai Nuku at a ceremony held on 21 February in the Orewa offices of Auckland Council. Find out more about Ara Tūhono by reading the media release or viewing the posters from the event online at

Further North Alliance



A planning alliance has been formed to prepare the documentation for the Notice of Requirement (NOR) and statutory approvals to construct the Pūhoi to Warkworth section of the motorway. The alliance comprises staff from Sinclair Knight Merz and GHD, Chapman Tripp and the NZTA.

The main report being produced is an Assessment of Effects on the Environment (AEE). This supports the NOR and resource consents by identifying actual or potential effects on the environment, arising from the construction and operation of the new highway. The team aim to lodge these documents with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in August 2013 with a view to securing consents and a designation by August 2014.

Local contractor Wharehine Group is tasked with upgrading the intersection of Hudson Road/SH1 and expect to be finished before the end of the year.

On-site investigations During the past month specialist teams from the Alliance have been visiting Pūhoi and Warkworth to walk the route and conduct further investigations. Thank you to the property owners who have granted us access to their properties. Walkovers and testing in the area is being undertaken by a variety of different teams from the Alliance:

There is no change to the contact details for the Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Wellsford project while the Alliance is in place. You can contact the team on or 0800 P2W NZTA (729 6982).

• Geotechnical engineers

• Design engineers

• Erosion specialists

• Planning specialists

• Social impact specialists

• Soil scientists


• Water specialists

• Ecologists

If you’re looking at buying property in the Warkworth or Puhoi area, you can find pdf maps of the Pūhoi to Warkworth preferred route online at

• Noise and vibration specialists

• Surveyors

• Landscape/urban design

• Archaeology

There is no indicative route available for the section of motorway between Warkworth and Wellsford and a start date for construction has not been established. If you are looking at buying property north of Warkworth, you can read all the previous newsletters about the project on the website.

The geotechnical team is making swift progress to establish several boreholes along the Pūhoi to Warkworth route. A borehole is created by drilling or probing into the soil or rock and inserting a PVC pipe that enables future measurement of ground water. Groundwater levels will be checked monthly for the next six months and then at periodic intervals over the next three years.


Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 | 11

Tragedy cements Kaipara Flats family’s bonds Every night before she goes to bed, Christine Hart picks up a photo of her 18-month-old grandson James, traces his face with her finger and kisses him goodnight. But for James’ parents, Kim and Aaron Palmer, of Kaipara Flats, even having a photo of James in the house is still incredibly painful. Their grief is still too raw and the memories too vivid as they struggle to come to terms with the driveway accident that claimed their son’s life on February 18, just over two months ago. “Sometimes I still think I will walk into his room and see my precious boy asleep in his cot,” Kim says. “Even now, it doesn’t quite register or make any sense. Our family’s world was ripped apart in seconds and it’s been a horrendous journey trying to live around it.” The tragedy happened on a property that is home to four generations of Kim’s family. She says the strength of those family ties helped them all pull through. “We’ve been told that grief is like an ocean – sometimes it’s calm and other times you can drown in it. As a family, we’ve been able to give one another Aaron and Kim Palmer with their daughter Milly, comfort and support when we needed it.” holding a photo of James. Kim says shock, quickly followed by anger, were Kim a reason to get up in the morning. But some probably the first emotions she registered after the steps have been harder to take. accident. “His room is pretty much untouched – I just can’t “You want to be able to wind back the clock; you face letting go of things that remind me of him,” Kim want to blame someone, and you are constantly says. “Likewise, we still have his ashes. Eventually, thinking ‘if only’. For Aaron and I, it put a huge we’ll find the place we want to scatter them but nostrain on our relationship. But then you realise that one is ready to do that yet.” you are both as heart-broken as each other and Christine says that slowly, you realise you just have understanding starts to take the place of anger.” to go on living. “You cry; you miss him so much, but Through counselling and conversations with parents life does go on.” who have suffered the same loss, the family has come The family know that the images of the accident will to accept that what they are feeling is normal in the never go away, but they are learning to cope. “What circumstances. brings us a lot of comfort is realising how much The day-to-day demands of raising the couple’s six- goodness there is in people. The local community year-old daughter Milly have also been an important wrapped itself around us, cared for us and has helped ingredient in re-establishing some routine, giving us to begin to heal.” The choice is yo

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Trip suggestion



Locals rally in time of need Aaron and Kim Palmer, and their extended family, say it’s difficult to find the words to express how grateful they are to the family, friends and acquaintances who rallied around them at the time of the accident. “They virtually took over our lives,” they say. “People cooked, cleaned, and shopped. We had to borrow another fridge to accommodate all the food that was delivered. We were treated with nothing but sympathy and understanding by the police and others we had to deal with. Jason Morrison Funeral Services were amazing, especially Nicola who delivered a beautiful service for our beautiful boy. “Jamie and Julie Thompson offered their home and grounds for the funeral service. About 600 people attended and it concluded with a picnic lunch, which was just perfect for James because he loved being outdoors. Lisa and Nod Hay, and Robyn Munro-Boga set up a support fund to help meet all the unexpected expenses. To everyone who contributed to this fund, the family give their heartfelt thanks. “People have offered their professional services too which is amazing - people give what they can and do.” The Kaipara Flats School community deserves a special mention too, they say. “They have continued to offer support for the whole family, and Milly in particular. You think something like this could never happen to you, but then it does and it’s nobody’s fault; just a terrible accident that could happen to anyone. “But it’s made us realise how lucky we are to live in this caring community and how important it is to reach out to help our neighbours in their time of need.”

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Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 | 13

Armed services add solemnity to Anzac services

Rochelle Wech, of the Royal NZ Air Force, proudly displays the medals she earned after a six-month deployment in Timor Leste working with the NZ Army.

Veteran Harold Bevan, 93, of Puhoi, was accompanied at the Warkworth service by Constable Kevin Blair.

Members of the armed forces joined many of the Anzac Day services held around the Mahurangi district on April 25 to remember and honour NZ service personnel. A large turnout at the Yacht Club on grievous losses were suffered. many opportunities to reflect on the their local war memorial, or visit special Kawau Island included a contingent He said the Western Front claimed the impact of that war on our society, our exhibitions in galleries, museums and libraries.” from the Navy Adventure Training lives of 12,500 New Zealanders, and communities and our families. Centre and a Baptist Youth Group, at Passchendaele 2700 casualties were “Every community in NZ will mark the The Kawau Island service also which was staying at Camp Bentzon. suffered in a single day on 12 October, centenary in some way, acknowledging included an address by Foster Archer, Navy Warrant Officer Steven Bourke 1917. the service and sacrifice. It may be that who recalled his early childhood in said that while Anzac Day was focused “In a little over a year’s time, the you will dust off a box of memorabilia Wellington during World War II, and around the anniversary of the Gallipoli world will begin to commemorate and photographs in your attic and George Zylstra, who was a young man landings and that campaign, New the centenary of World War I,” finally learn about where they came in Holland when Germany invaded. Zealanders should also remember he said. “In NZ, as in other lands from and who they belonged to. For more Anzac Day photos see other places around the world where where war was raged, there will be Likewise, people may decide to clean




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14 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013


MOTORHOMES Motorhome and Caravan repairs and maintenance Phone Graeme 422 9339 or 027 358 0167

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Push for new Council to include Wellsford A Whangarei district councillor has suggested Wellsford make a last-ditch bid to cede from the Auckland Council, and become part of a new northern super-council instead. Councillor Syers says an alternative The suggestion comes amid a proposed for the north would be for Kaipara shake-up of local government in the to remain a district council under the north, and has prompted a Rodney commissioners until all its problems are Local Board member to call for a resolved. At a later date, residents could referendum on the issue. choose whether to go with Auckland, Cr Warwick Syers is in favour of two the Far North or Whangarei. But the new unitary authorities being created Whangarei councillor says he suspects in Northland — one including the there’ll be just one unitary authority for Whangarei and Kaipara district the whole of Northland. councils, and the other including the “We believe the Minister thinks Far North District Council. He would 150,000 people only warrants one local like to see Northland regional council body – but we argue that’s impossible functions being split between them. for our council. It’s inequitable and Councillor Syers says if there is a will wrong.” in North Rodney he’d suggest moving A report out last week by a the boundary for the potential new government advisory group, chaired Whangarei unitary authority further by former Wellington mayor Fran south, as far as the Hoteo River bridge Wilde, recommends all councils just south of Wellsford. should consider amalgamation into “Some [Wellsford] people think it Whangarei District Councillor unitary authorities with minimum makes more sense to join with a Warwick Symes says Wellsford should populations of approximately 100,000 provincial town than a Supercity. Issues decide which Council to join. people. that concern areas like Wellsford are He says there’s a feeling that Wellsford The report also recommends all pretty low on the Auckland Council is at the end of the Supercity and is local councils should start charging agenda. Whangarei wouldn’t die in a being neglected. While residents have ratepayers for drinking and wastewater ditch to have them, but we believe it’d been told they should be grateful for by volume, while new water be a logical boundary and a sensible their new library, it was well deserved infrastructure should be delivered situation.” and long overdue, he says. regionally because of its high cost for Rodney Local Board member James Mr Colville says Auckland Council smaller communities. Colville, who has only just joined the has only allocated Rodney $500,000 Should Wellsford be part board as its Wellsford representative, for road sealing in the next budget, of the Auckland Council, or says he believes Wellsford residents “and on that basis you could ask what a new Northland Council? would be interested in the idea and “it have we got to lose? A referendum Take part in would be nice if they had a chance to would be a good way to say we don’t our online forum at express themselves in a referendum at accept Auckland Central’s attitude that we don’t matter.” the next election”.



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Children’s playground closures cause confusion A decision by Auckland Council to temporarily close five children’s playgrounds for up to five months, has upset local ratepayer groups. Council has temporarily closed playgrounds at Wellsford, Mathesons Bay, Martins Bay, Snells Beach and Algies Bay after routine inspections found some equipment failed to meet safety standards. Snells Beach Residents and Ratepayers waterfront and parks co-ordinator Maurie Hooper lives opposite one of the playing areas, and says he returned from holiday to find a large fence around it with a sign saying the equipment was unsafe. “Children have been playing on it for years. We couldn’t see anything wrong with it and nothing was notified to neighbours, board members or ratepayers.” Mathesons Bay children’s playground has been Mr Hooper says he waited for several closed since February. Auckland Council says it will days thinking someone would fix it. be back in action within the next few months. “Nothing happened and Easter came and went so I emailed Auckland who were doing their best to bring Council and pointed out it would fault and puts it on a list”. To Be Fixed: have been decent to advise people Mathesons Bay Neighbourhood it back, she says. “Unfortunately it’s school holidays but the slides, see-saw yy Wellsford (War Memorial Park) – Association chairman Brian Landsey what was going on.” and climbing gym can still be used and replace timber decks, timber posts The Sunrise Boulevard resident received says the Mathesons Bay playground there’s swings at the Alexander Road and loose hand rails a message back saying he’d be advised has also been out of action since Reserve 500m away.” February. “It seems like we’re out of what was going on within 10 days. yy Mathesons Bay – replace timber Council spokesman Martin van “I never received anything, but a few the way and they’re forgetting us.” posts and climbing module days later the fence was removed. No Algies Bay Residents and Ratepayers Jaarsveld says playground inspections are yy Martins Bay – replace decks, steel maintenance was done, so whatever secretary Anne Murphy says her intended to keep children safe. posts, steel barriers and hand rails triggered the person to condemn it hasn’t group contributed funding to the “The playgrounds will be temporarily playground at the bay’s main reserve in closed while unsafe equipment is yy Snells Beach – replace timber been rectified. It leaves us confused.” decks, posts and steel barriers Snells Beach Residents and Ratepayers 2008. “We’re dismayed at the quality removed, then reopened to the public. Once replacement equipment is built, of the equipment, given it’s only five secretary Lesley Leversha says under yy Algies Bay – replace steel ladder they will be installed as completed.” the former Rodney District Council years old.” and spicker (a pole with a spinning people would find a fault and fix it the However, members were being kept He expects new equipment to be base) same day, “but now someone finds a “reasonably well informed” by Council, installed within the next few months.






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16 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013

Environment with Christine Rose

Burying our heads in the ground

In the absence of plans to diversify New Zealand’s economy, our Government is intent on maximising returns from the sale of commodities such as oil and minerals. The attitude seems to be “let nothing stand in the way” of extracting raw resources. Do not let endangered species prevent seabed mining, do not let protestors obstruct or annoy oil drillers. Do not let National Park status impede prospecting and mining. Do not let the economic recession and low prices divert us from the exploitation of raw resources. Mining, drilling and fracking proposals cover much of the New Zealand seabed and land. All these are concerning because of impacts on rare and precious wildlife. New Zealand’s whales and dolphins are affected by sonar blasts; endangered animals such as powelliphantia (giant snails), kiwi and whio (blue duck) suffer loss of habitat; and there is the risk of spills and accidents on our beaches, and damage to surf breaks. Mining also has social costs because of the low, or nil, royalties paid to New Zealand which fails to economically justify the impacts. Furthermore, our current rate of mineral extraction is not sustainable — nor is it required to be under the Resource Management Act — as it fails to provide for future generations’ abilities to meet their needs. But mining and extraction are also a paradox. Everything we use is made from a raw resource that comes from a hole in the ground, a pit, a mine, or a well. Mining and exploitive industries underpin our economies, our society, our material wealth, our way of life, and our standard of living. Are we therefore wrong or hypocritical to reject more mining in New Zealand’s national parks and coastal waters when so much of our existence is based on what minerals provide? Actually, concern for the impacts of these industries, while acknowledging the paradox and contradictions it entails, is morally sound. Minerals and resources are the building blocks of all we do, but this is no reason to stop aspiring and planning for a more sustainable, renewable economy. The costs of our headlong pursuit of the last barrel of oil or block of coal or sliver of iron should not be forgotten or forgiven, even while we’re currently locked into an economy that relies on these commodities. Instead, we should seek more recycling of materials where minerals and resources are already embodied. We should pursue a transition away from fossil fuels, in our own lives and in society. We should insist on remediation of previous extraction sites and best practice regulation of proposed activities. Some areas should be offlimits to this extraction and we should protest when it’s untenable. Earth’s finite resources are all we’ve got, so we should use them wisely, and carefully, for good.


Group disputes claims over Te Arai beach development The Te Arai Beach Preservation Society says Te Uri o Hau is misrepresenting the facts by maintaining that it can proceed with a 46-lot residential subdivision plus golf course with or without a private plan change. Group spokesperson Chris Wild says that while its clear any resident in Rodney can apply for titles in return for Significant Enhancement Planting (SEP), it is up to Auckland Council to decide whether there will be an environmental benefit. “Given that the most criticallyendangered species at Te Arai – the NZ fairy tern and the NZ dotterel – both require un-vegetated habitats, there is The remaining forest at Te Arai. little reason to grant SEP rights along “Te Uri o Hau bought the 600-hectare the coast and Council would be under property for $5.2 million, which was no obligation to allow SEP subdivision clearly a forestry price. Plus, it then in this fragile environment,” she says. sold three-quarters of the property to “The proposed private plan change Darby & Partners for $22 million so has been on hold at the request of the they are hardly out of pocket.” developers and has just recently been Meanwhile, Auckland Council was due re-activated. If Te Arai Coastal Lands to publicly notify a resource consent Trust thinks it can get away with the application for a water take for the golf sub-text that development will happen course at Te Arai on April 26. at the beach, and that it is just a matter The application is seeking to use of process, they are mistaken. groundwater at a rate of 795m3 “A public hearing will happen and the per day, undertake 10,318m3 of facts and the relevant points of law earthworks over an area of 2.5ha will come to the fore.” associated with trenches, 19,000m3 of Ms Wild says Rodney Local Board earthworks over an area of 1.4ha and member Tracey Martin’s comment to import hardfill associated with a that the hapu bought the land based reservoir and 35,154m3 of earthworks on a valuation which recognised its over an area of 3.5ha associated with potential for subdivision, published reshaping the proposed golf course. in the April 17 issue of Mahurangi Normally, the public has 20 working days to make submissions. Matters, was also incorrect.

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Harry Lewis Bioletti

1913 to 2013

By Alon Shaw, former principal, Mahurangi College

Harry Bioletti was an energetic, rather restless man who was always busy in many different ways. He came to Warkworth as a trained teacher in technical subjects, joining the staff of Warkworth District High School in 1956. Previously, he had been a surf lifesaver, a traveller in Britain and Europe in the latter part of the 1930s, and served in the Pacific War as a Lieutenant in the 29th and 30th Battalions of the 2nd NZEF. On his return to Auckland, Harry trained as a carpenter and the story may be apocryphal but his boss suggested that he was sacked because he was too intelligent. Consequently, Harry became a teacher! When the District High School transformed into Mahurangi College in 1962, Harry had already moved from Percy St to the new site on the corner of Woodcocks Rd. He was an influential teacher in woodwork and technical drawing, and one of his many successful students was America’s Cup yacht designer Bruce Farr, who was designing and building yachts from the age of 13. Harry, in conjunction with his teaching responsibilities and later his Town Council challenges, completed an MA in English with a thesis on the placenames of Kawau Island. However, this modest man had already completed his first journey into writing with The Pacific Kiwis, an account of the 30th Battalion, published in 1947. A reflection of his many-sided talents is the lectern he gifted to Mahurangi College with the Mahurangi Lion

carved into the front. He followed his very successful teaching career with one in local politics. He was for many years the chairman of the Warkworth Town Council and, later, a representative on the Rodney County Council. He would often be found in his writing shed on Percy St, with his typewriter and later his word processor. Many of his books, including one on Warkworth and another on Devonport, were hand printed and accompanied with his outstanding pen sketches. Other books he completed include the exceptional The Yanks

are Coming, an account of the invasion of New Zealand by American service personnel in 1942. He may well have been inspired by the number of American camps in and around Warkworth at the time of World War II. In addition to his Warkworth Roundabout, subtitled “Stories of Warkworth, Kawau Island, the Mahurangi, Puhoi, Matakana, and Leigh”, Harry also wrote Rodney - Coast to Coast, a history of the final years of the Rodney County Council. With his family shift to Devonport, he became closely associated with Takapuna Grammar School where he had been a foundation pupil in 1927. He wrote an account of the school for its 75th anniversary, As Dreams Are Made On: Some Stories of Takapuna Grammar School from the Littlejohn Years. Harry always seemed ageless with his energy, interests, family and friends. The days were never long enough for all the writing that he wished to complete nor for the opportunity to converse with his wife Joan, the family and friends. He will be remembered for his 12 publications, his enquiring mind, his contribution to education and local politics, but more significantly for his outstanding personality. He was characterised by his humanity, his dignity, his friendliness, interest in others and his closeness to his expanded family. Harry died on April 12, aged 99, and is survived by his wife, four children, grandchildren and one great grandchild. An inspiring man who has left a huge legacy.

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Acclaimed wine guru to be star guest at Matakana

The law with Nathaniel Heslop Wynyard Wood Lawyers & Notaries

Is a ‘pre-nup’ right for you? New Zealand has entered a new era where the law recognises a same-sex couple can be in a marital relationship. What is unlikely to change is that a high percentage of homosexual couples will prepare a contracting-out agreement in the same manner that other people in a de-facto or marriage relationship of more than three years’ duration are encouraged to do. A contracting-out agreement, also known as a section 21 agreement or a “pre-nup”, is a document that records how the assets and liabilities of a relationship are to be divided in the event that the relationship ends. The Property Relationships Act assumes that in the absence of a contracting-out agreement, assets and liabilities will be shared between both partners equally. There are times where people may not wish for this to occur, for example when one partner may have brought a greater amount of net wealth into the relationship. Without a contracting-out agreement, the less well-off partner will receive 50 percent of those assets. It is not uncommon for people to be unaware that a partner moving into a home owned by the other partner will be entitled to half the equity in the home on separation or death, irrespective of whose name is on the certificate of title. Children from previous relationships can also find themselves “disinherited” from the equity gained in a previous relationship on the equal division of property in a separation. To be legally enforceable, the agreement must be in writing, each party must receive independent legal advice and each party must sign the agreement and their signature must be witnessed by a lawyer, who must certify that the effect and implications of the agreement were explained to the signing party. In some instances a court will validate an agreement that hasn’t met these requirements, if the failure to comply with the requirements has not materially affected either party’s interests. There are instances where the court may choose to overturn an agreement if it believes that following the terms of the agreement will result in “serious injustice”. The court will look at the length of time since the agreement was made, whether the agreement was unfair or unreasonable at the time it was made, whether the agreement has become unfair or unreasonable due to a change in circumstances (and whether the change in circumstances was foreseeable or unforeseeable), and any other matter the court considers relevant. Contracting-out agreements can be overturned if circumstances change and we encourage clients that have entered a contracting-out agreement to regularly review the terms and update where necessary.

One of New Zealand’s most acclaimed businessmen, Villa Maria founder Sir George Fistonich, will be the star guest at a charity auction for Warkworth Rotary. Sir George started his viticulture business in 1961 and watched it become the country’s most awarded wine company. He will be guest speaker at the black-tie fundraiser on June 2. The event is being held at Ascension Wine Estate at Matakana to raise money for the building of schools and hospitals in Vanuatu, after a successful wine auction last year at the Rotary district conference in Orewa. Rotary club member John Allen says he and winemaker Alistair Noakes wanted to share wines from the area George Fistonich during last year’s event and “rather donated for the auction. Graham and than a group of silly old farts sitting Jenny Noakes are offering a trip for around getting drunk, we thought four people on their boat MV Shamar, ‘let’s showcase our local wines’.” and Susan O’Connor and Garth The duo made $4365 on the selection, Naulls at Matakana Country Lodge which was “way beyond their retail have thrown in a room for one night. price. Winemakers were ecstatic,” Mr Broadcaster, yachtee and former Allen says. Rotary member Larry Keating will A cheque for $5000 ended was given MC the evening and Ross Foreman of to Warkworth Wellsford Hospice. LJ Hooker will be the auctioneer. This year, they decided to approach Companies that have delivered wine so Darryl Soljan at Ascension. “He was far include Big Cock Winery, Contour dead keen and said, ‘You can come to Estate, Hawkes Nest, Hyperion, my place. We’ve got wine; it won’t cost Runner Duck, Ransom, Lothlorien you anything’.” and Te Kie. Lothlorien wines will also Almost every other winemaker in the be available at tables. area has come to the party – trebling Tables of 10 are available at $99 per the number of bottles offered. person, at the Warkworth iSite on 425 Local art and jewellery has been 9081 or visit

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Mahurangi River’s historic boats steaming ahead By Stuart Birnie

Anyone who has visited Warkworth’s wharf recently might be wondering why three steamboats and a scow have all been berthed along the same pontoon. Only one is a visitor. Greenbank was brought up to participate in the Auckland Steam Engine Society’s biennial steamboat gathering in February. Warkworth’s resident steamboats, Zeltic and Kapanui, also took part. Many people might not realise these boats’ long history. Greenbank was built in 1905. Zeltic was built in 1903 on the Whangaroa Harbour, and Kapanui was built in 1929 on the Kaipara. Zeltic and Kapanui originally had oil engines, and were later converted to steam. In fact, Kapanui has the oldest steam engine still in commercial operation in this country. It was built in 1900, and brought out to New Zealand in a tender on the steamship Iris. Kapanui is also the only one of the three steamers in commercial operation, and the only one regularly taking passengers for trips down the river. She runs scheduled 50-minute trips when the tide permits, and is also available for charter. The other commercial vessel is, of course, the Jane Gifford, New Zealand’s only original scow in sailing condition. Built in 1908 at Whangateau, she has The Jane Gifford (above), the Zeltic and Greenbank (top right), and the Kapanui (above right) just turned 105. She also offers passenger trips down the river, and the crew is currently being trained for of effort into keeping Alan’s dream for Zeltic alive when required. Occasionally she is also used to help and well, and is completing a refit. He is still working the other vessels as a little tug. longer passenger sailing trips. All told, these historic vessels represent more than Zeltic was restored by Alan Brimblecombe, a long- on the white shirt. time resident of Warkworth and for many years an Greenbank is a little different from the other two. 400 years of history. This would not be possible iconic presence on the river, with his vessels Swan (a Her fire is started in the normal way, with paper, without the community’s involvement in the classic diesel launch) and Zeltic in mud berths on his kindling and coal, but then she starts up her oil development of the wharf and waterfront. With property at the end of Rivendell Pl. Those who saw burners. Standing downwind brings the lovely scent organisations such as the Auckland Steam Engine him on the river will remember him for his cheerful of fish and chips, as the fuel is used vegetable oil Society now regularly scheduling events here, the future looks good. steam whistle, peaked cap, black trousers, and white from a fish-and-chip shop. shirt which never seemed to get dirty — quite an The one exception to these historic vessels Info:, www. achievement on a steam vessel. permanently berthed at Warkworth is Jane Gifford’s To support the Nowadays, Zeltic is owned by Daniel Hicks, who loading barge, Little Jane. She has been purpose- Jane Gifford, visit was Alan’s apprentice. Daniel has put a huge amount built to transfer passengers to and from Jane Gifford, friendsofthejane.

Notice is given of the Rural Support Trust Northland AGM Wednesday 15th May 2013 at 10am at the BNZ Conference Rooms, Bank Street, Whangarei. All welcome to come along for the annual and financial reports, appointment of account reviewer, general business. Nominations in writing are invited for two trustee positions due to the rotation retirement policy of the trust. They should be received in writing by The Secretary, PO Box 77, Whangarei 0140 by 8th March 2013.

For more information contact Julie Jonker 021 429 092




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memories of mum MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE

Darryl Soljan, chief bottle washer at Ascension Wine Estate I’m fortunate that my mum Phyl lives near us in Warkworth. My parents separated when we were very young. Mum was left with little other than me at 4, my sister at 2, and my brother who was about a year old and with a hole in his heart. I have lots of memories of Mum making do, making fun and making the best of the situation. My first memory of her is when I would have been 3. She was doing her hair in front of a mirror in the dining room. I remember the excitement of Christmas in the air. I also remember her singing Sleep, My Little Prince to me. As a child it was one of the few times I felt truly calm. Over 40 years later I can still remember the words, and I sang it to my own babies. Money was short, but Mum could stretch a dollar like you wouldn’t believe. She invented “Soljan Slosh” — a unique combination of mince, onions, sauces and veges, all cooked in an electric frying pan. We often ate it picnic-style on the floor. Mum would do the dishes on her own —she reckoned it was the only peace and quiet she got. Although our wringer washing machine broke down and I remember mum wringing all our washing by hand for years, and I’m not sure she enjoyed that peace


ne, and sons Darryl and baby Glen

Phyl Soljan with her daughter Joan

and quiet quite so much. We would play Chinese Chequers and Happy Families after dinner. She still has the Happy Families card set, and my children play it with her sometimes to keep Nana happy. I shared a bedroom with my younger brother Glenn. Mum would let me pretend to go to sleep and then creep out to watch Kung Fu and Planet of the Apes with her. Most school holidays we would load up “Tina”, an olive green MK3 Cortina, and visit Mum’s parents in

Te Kuiti. Tina’s muffler often had a hole in it and Mum became expert at repairing it with one of those “bandage and wire” kits. The trip seemed to take all day and Mum would give us 50 cents to buy lollies at the corner dairy at the start of the trip. Mine would be gone in about 15 minutes, Glenn’s would make it to about Greenlane and Joanne would be eating her last lolly as we arrived. That used to really annoy us boys. The only other holiday I remember was one that Mum saved up for ages

for. We stayed in a caravan at Puriri Park in Orewa for a week. Mum was a great baker and had done lots of baking so that we didn’t need to buy biscuits or snacks. Apparently we ate it all in less than 24 hours. Mum worked as a cleaner, child minder, fireworks maker, light assembler, fruit picker and nurse aide. These were all low-paid jobs but still more than she got paid for the most important job of all – raising three kids on her own with manners and values. Somehow we always had enough. She made sure we played sports, and would juggle netball, soccer and league games all over West Auckland in winter. We also had lots of books. Other than life itself, a love of reading will be Mum’s legacy to me for as long as my eyes work. Mum’s a “giver”. She’ll be down to the last $1 in her purse and she’ll drop it in a busker’s case or a Plunket tin. She would never consider herself “generous”, but real generosity isn’t when you have $1 million and give away $100,000 — it’s when you give your very last dollar to someone who you think can use it more. Despite everything, Mum has always thought that was someone other than her.

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memories of mum MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE

Tracey Martin, New Zealand First MP My mother is alive and well and living in the house in front of mine. My mother was, and is — as they never retire really — a primary school teacher. As a kid I remember her sitting at the dining room table long after we had all eaten dinner. She would sit there and take out stacks of books, either to be marked or to complete planning for the next week’s lessons, or to write reports. My mother was the chair of the Board of Governors of my secondary school. This was during a time when the Board of Governors were also the fundraisers for the school, so Mum and Dad could often be found organising events and subsequently running them. I remember playing sports – not very well – and playing piano – even worse – but Mum was always there on the sidelines at both, often still doing school work or knitting something for us kids. I remember when my Mum first stood for Parliament under the Social Credit banner in the early 1990s. She joined NZ First in 1993 and has stood as a candidate for that party on three occasions. She raised funds, campaigned, held meetings; she did everything she could because she believed that those policies would





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Neville Street, Warkworth (opposite Mahurangi Matters)

Phone 09 425 7404

Anne Martin

make our country a better place. I remember that some people told her that she wasn’t smart enough or skilled enough or that she didn’t understand how the world worked or politics worked. I saw her listen politely to these people, smile and say ‘thank you, have a nice day’. She kept on doing what she was doing because she held on to her beliefs. She had a nickname in our family: The Rock. My mother does not swear, my mother does not drink to excess, my mother does not speak ill of others and does not gossip, my mother (much to my annoyance) can keep a secret, my mother has an exceptional dress sense and carries herself with class. My memories of my mother are ones of great pride.

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memories of mum MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE

Pat Booth, Award-winning journalist and Leigh resident My mother used to lovingly call me her “joyboy”, which was unexpected, in the circumstances. She was 41 when I was born and I’m sure I wasn’t an after-thought, more of a mistake — a Depression baby with my painter father on the dole.  My elder brother was 19, and my parents were somehow supporting another son in a Catholic seminary. I always knew that she loved me dearly even when I razzed her — as kids did even then — and called her “Milly”, as old friends did (her name was Amelia). Looking back, she must have been devastated when I left home. Never more so than on that night on Stratford station waiting for the train taking me north to Auckland, a new life and a new career. She never showed it. But one clue on the station platform gave her grief away. When the engine hooted its arrival and as I picked up the suitcase she had packed so carefully for me, I glimpsed her shoes. One was black, the other brown — a mistake that was a mark of just how upset she was that night. At 20 and totally caught up in my own life, I hadn’t realised what my leaving meant to her. She had been my cornerstone, without dominating my life. She was in the audience at concerts and speech competitions, singing songs around the piano at home every Sunday night, cooking at the coal range to produce my favourite food — and would find telltale dishes from the leftovers under my bed. Always enthusiastic, she was a great dressmaker, working at her pedal-driven Singer sewing

Amelia Booth

machine. I well remember my first school trousers cut from my Dad’s only suit, their lining from flourbags — the company’s name still stenciled on. One evening, just as we were going to bed, she pointed to the room’s half-paneled walls. Dado, builders called it. “I think that Dado has the original wallpaper behind it.” Wrestling with a crowbar at the first narrow strip, she was right, and that was just the beginning. We worked until midnight getting rid of it all. Life was like that and our family bond was loving and permanent. I remember her overseeing and sometimes joining in digging a rudimentary family

air-raid shelter in our backyard in Petone after the attack on Pearl Harbour. She mothered a line of homeless Maori girls over the years. One, who later escaped from Hawera’s TB ward, told us how she huddled weeping under the window of our sitting room in a blanket as she listened to our singing before she went back to the ward. The day of my last match for the high school First XV, Mum was unusually quiet cooking breakfast, and very firm she wasn’t coming to watch. Unknown to me, she’d had a premonition from a dream a few hours before. In it, she found me lying dead on the copper in the washhouse. When she turned me over, I was a Maori boy. When she came home from shopping that day, my rugby gear and boots were lying untypically on the copper. And I was at the hospital emergency’s room with a broken nose and concussion. Our Maori halfback was also injured. That link was there, too, on the night she died. I was flying down to see her, just feeling I needed to go, when lightning struck the plane and we turned back. A neighbour met me when I finally got to Hawera. During the hours of that delay Mum had gone into a coma and never recovered. I remember how my sister Lynda and I heard our mother’s last breath in the half-lit room. I leaned over her, took her limp hand and kissed her with the nightly farewell we had shared every night that I lived at home. Later, it became a three-word end-ofthe-day ritual with my own family: “God bless you.” I’m sure He did.

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sheer bliss

memories of mum MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE

health beauty medi spa

Penny Webster, Auckland Councillor My mother died on Mother’s Day 2007 at the grand age of 94. As she had been seriously ill for a week, there was time for all six of her daughters and many of her granddaughters to be with her. At that time we seemed to be a family of mainly women. Now most of my grandchildren are boys. Mum was an amazing example of someone whose life had many changes. Growing up in a large Catholic Irish family in England, she had lived in London with two young babies during the Blitz, and southern England during Dunkirk. Married to Dad in the 1930s, she enjoyed a lifestyle of trips to the Continent and around England before and after the War. She also had a housekeeper and cook, making how she coped later rather remarkable. She gave this up when Dad decided to bring us to New Zealand in 1952. A trained teacher, she worked nearly all her life and always had a sense of fun. Her friends were often younger than she was and she related to young people very well. Because of her experiences in the War she felt the most important thing to teach your children was independence and to stand up for yourself and what you felt was right.

Shop 7, River View Plaza, Kapanui Street, Warkworth 0910 Phone: 09 425 7720 | Email:

LOOking fOR SOMETHing UniqUE??

Give Mum some delicious fresh fudge...

Kit Sullivan

She was never upset when we arrived home with friends just as the meal was being prepared. “Throw a couple more potatoes in the pot,” was her stock response. She made all our clothes and knitted sweaters for everyone before her eyesight made it too difficult. She loved reading and travel — a legacy she passed on to all her daughters. Mum was inspiring, frustrating, fun, exasperating, supportive, always right, and always there.

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24 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013

memories of mum MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE

Lauraine Jacobs, Food writer & author My mother, Patricia Stevens, turns 90 later this month and remains a huge inspiration to me. She’s generous, completely unselfish, and pretty active as she still sings in the church choir, drives her car around town and to her beach house, and does little favours for all her old friends. She’s always been a fabulous cook. Plumbers, painters and other tradesmen who came to our home were always treated to morning or afternoon tea with freshly baked cheese scones, made especially for them. It’s no wonder my parents never had trouble finding people to work on household problems. And if there was any occasion when the ubiquitous “ladies a plate” was called for at the church, the tennis club or other activities, Mum’s food was always the first to disappear. I remember sausage rolls, chocolate logs, fresh ham and egg sandwiches, and of course her pavlovas or meringues if dessert was on the menu. Mum learned the recipe for pavlova from her mother, and along with the meringue recipe, they’ve been passed on to me. I often think that if Nana, Mum and myself all baked a batch of scones or meringues they’d look identical and yet the same recipe in anyone else’s hands would turn out quite differently. The inherited cooking genes in the family must be strong. Her first thought when anyone is in trouble or sick is to cook something for them. It’s more likely to be a tasty meal that thoughtfully can be frozen if her friends are not up to consuming it immediately.

Book giveaway

Patricia Stevens, Lauraine Jacobs with her mother, bs. and her daughter Katie Jaco

It’s funny but I like to do that too, and perhaps one of my greatest pleasures now is to make an extra portion of whatever we’re having for dinner and take it to her. Mum only lives about 1km away from me. When Mum was approaching 80 she went to her doctor as she was pretty tired. “You don’t have to play tennis you know,” he said. Then added: “It’s fine to give it up.” “That was such a relief to me,” Mum told me. She gave her tennis racquet away to one of her granddaughters and stopped, just like that. She was happy. I hope I am spritely like that into my 80s.


In her new book, Everlasting Feast, Lauraine Jacobs recalls how the “wonderful home meals” her mother cooked helped persuaded her to ditch her career as a teacher, and become a food writer. Her mother was born in Tonga, and Lauraine recalls her grandparents sending shipments of bananas, pineapples, coconuts, yams and taro, which resulted in “exotic feasts”. Birthdays were another treat: her mother always sewed her a new party dress and “baked and baked until the table groaned with tiny treats”. In summer, she recalls, her mother seemed to spend hours in the kitchen making jam, bottling fruit and preserving tomatoes. And even everyday meals were given a lot of thought. “I cannot remember a night when there was not a beautifully prepared dessert.” After 40 years of talking about, creating and writing about food, Lauraine has written a new memoir and recipe book detailing her adventures, Everlasting Feast. To win a copy, write your name, and daytime phone number on the back of an envelope & post to: Everlasting Feast Competition, Mahurangi Matters, PO Box 701, Warkworth. Alternatively, enter by sending us a private message with the competition name as the subject, to our Facebook page (www.facebook. com/mahurangimatters). Closes May 19.



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memories of mum MOTHER’S DAY FEATURE

Mothers Day Flowers, Plants & Gifts

Mark Mitchell, National MP for Rodney Do you want to know my first real memory of you, Mum? It was at the Whenuapai Air Force Base swimming pool. I’m not sure how old I was, but I was probably about two or three. I remember feeling safe because you were there watching over me, and ready to react if I got into trouble. Years later you were still there standing on the beach cheering me on when I won my first Surf Lifesaving Award. When I left school and went shepherding, I looked forward to your care packages arriving; they always contained a pair of Norsewear socks and a packet of Black Knight liquorice. My mates loved your care packages as well. When I joined the Police, you would call every week to make sure I was eating properly, getting regular exercise and was wearing warm clothing on night shift. I would cop a bit of ribbing from my mates, but hey, you’re my Mum. When I was overseas, and involved in hostage rescue, I would sometimes find myself in a tight spot. The memories of your encouraging voice, the smell of your hot lamb roast with mint jelly, and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream, would bring me closer to home.


Says it best. Shop 5, Riverside Arcade • 62 Queen St, Warkworth • Ph 09 425 9418

0800 FOR FLOWERS • 0800 367 356

NEW Seasons Styles Sally Mitchell

On the campaign trail in 2011 there you were wearing a blue t-shirt with my ugly mug on it and manning the phones. The only time I can remember you getting it slightly wrong was when you sent me off to my first day of high school in socks and sandals. I was ready for the lead role in Revenge of the Nerds, but I still love you Mum. Mum, I know I am responsible for that very rare and odd grey hair, but that wonderful unconditional love that only a mother provides has been there always, through the ups and downs, as well as the highs and lows.You are the best. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Thalgo Purifying Marine Facial 45mins Usually




1/2 leg wax


Black Pepper Quality Fleece Pants $69.90 Now instore size 8-24




Eyelash tint with brow tidy Usually

Especially for you from





Valid until 31st May 2013 Please email or phone for a full pricelist By appointment only

15 Neville Street, Warkworth

09 425 8608

Intimate Apparel SHOP Truly Wearable Wearable Art

Love this

We have a wonderful selection of Nightwear & Thermals for Mum or surprise her with a Gift Voucher Telephone (09) 425 8522 Riverside Arcade Queen Street, Warkworth

Handmade clothing, jewellery, accessories Vintage clothing from casual to elegant


Treat mum to a shopping spree! Give her a gift voucher and she can have fun choosing her own gift. Just mention this advert when you purchase a voucher on or before May 11th and get AN ADDITIONAL $10 added to the value of the voucher (minimum spend $50)

Riverside Arcade, Queen St, Warkworth • 425 0958 Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm • Sat 10am-2pm

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with Judy Waters, Warkworth & District Museum

The hermit of Moturekareka Island Charles Percy Hansen, South African Veteran No 90, Taranaki Mounted Rifles, late of Moturekareka Island, fourth son of the late Captain P Hansen of Greenock Scotland. So read an insertion in the Evening Post dated April 15, 1944, summarising in those few words the life of a man who by his hermit-like existence on a small island in the Hauraki Gulf became part of local folklore. He was born in Scotland in 1873 and came to New Zealand as a young man. He left for South Africa in the Waiwera with No 1 Company, 1st Contingent, to take part in the Anglo-Boer War. A slight injury gave him the opportunity to visit family in Scotland, and while on sick furlough he was one of the few New Zealanders to be part of Queen Victoria’s funeral procession in 1901. On his return home, Trooper Hansen was chosen as part of the escort for the visiting Prince of Wales. He also volunteered for World War I, serving with the Field Artillery. This canny Scotsman ventured into farming with no capital and while some schemes succeeded, most failed, and by 1924 he was facing his creditors at a bankruptcy hearing. He stated that in 1912 he had only 30 shillings and a pair of blankets, but the owner of a £25,000 sheep station trusted him to pay for it. He still had the pair of blankets at an island in

Rewa beached at Moturekareka Island.

the gulf. By some means he managed to buy Moturekareka and two small adjacent isles. His lifestyle caught the attention of journalists, in particular his association with the ship Rewa. Formerly known as the Alice A. Leigh, Rewa was a 3000 tonne, four-masted barque built by the Whitehaven Shipbuilding Co of Cumbria, and launched in 1889. She plied the trade routes, taking bulk cargo such as jute, grain and wool from the United States, India and Australia to London. When a group of Wellington businessmen bought her, she was

ALL RURAL FENCING •Wire & Battens •Posts & Rails •Vineyards • Piling up to (4.5m) • Yards and more TH E K N E E IS FIXED – READY FOR WO R K !


Experience, Quality and Service Malcolm Webster • ph:09 4254300

renamed Rewa. On her last voyage she brought coal from Newcastle to Auckland and there she was to stay, idle, for eight years. Some dismantling took place before she was offered for sale in 1930. Her demise was watched sadly by a former captain and others who remembered her glory days. Her final journey to Moturekareka Island, where she was to be beached as a breakwater, was reported by one old sailor with obvious nostalgia. “On a perfect night, punctually at midnight,” he wrote, “the tug Te Awhina made fast alongside the old

ship. Only the topmasts and topsail yards were left standing with bights of ropes and Irish pennants hanging everywhere. She steered like a lady, though she must have been ashamed of her unkept and rusty appearance. “Auckland slept, but as we got Calliope Naval Base abeam, the winking of a Morse lamp called ‘R.E.W.A. R.E.W.A. Goodbye to the last of your line. The Navy bids you a fond farewell.’ Slowly, very slowly, as is fit and proper the funeral procession made out through the gulf.’ “The seven-hour journey was not without incident but finally neared its end in the lee of Moturekareka Island. ‘Slow Ahead’ was rung as the barque and her escort edged into the land on the high tide and when the long bowsprit was about a hundred yards from the bush-clad cliffs, the final command ‘Hard-a-Starboard’. “The last task was to run a mooring line from the ship to the beach to hold her to the reef. It was a sad end to a great ship but perhaps in the days to come, my children’s children will make excursion to Moturekareka Island to see the kind of ship in which their grandsire doubled the Horn.” Moturekareka Island was vested as a scenic reserve in 1996 and is a popular place for kayaking and snorkelling so perhaps the predictions of the old sailor known only by the non de plume “Lee Fore Brace” may have come true.

Chainsaw and Mower Services Free Travel – Conditions Apply

Tractor Oil Changes Done On-Site Unit 5, 3 Morrison Drive, Warkworth Phone: 09 945 0090 Cell: 021 297 0615 Email:

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Your handy pull-out guide

Get the right person for the job with our handy service directory, which ensures you can find a local professional or tradesperson, quickly and easily.

Advertise Your Business Here ONLY $48 PER INSERTION (+GST)* *for a three insertion contract Phone 425 9068 for more information or email your advertisement to

Glaziers & Joiners ...................................... 1 Automotive Services ............................... 1 Tyres .............................................................. 1 Auto Wreckers............................................ 1 Panel and Paint.......................................... 1 Trellis, Fencing & Supplies ..................... 2 Carpenters, Builders & Roofers ............ 2 Property Services...................................... 2 Scaffolding .................................................. 2 Engineering ................................................ 2 Construction & Earthworks ................... 2 Tiling, Brick & Block Layers .................... 3 Concrete Specialists ................................ 3

Flooring ........................................................ 3 Electrical ...................................................... 3 Design, Survey & Property Valuers ........ 3 Arborists ...................................................... 3 Lawn mowing & Landscaping .............. 3 Health Professionals ................................ 4 Beauty Therapy ......................................... 4 Retail ............................................................. 4 Furniture ...................................................... 4 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners.............. 4 Painters/Decorators & Plasterers ........ 4 Water Pump Specialists .............................. 4 Plumbing & Suppliers ........................4-5

Marine/Small Engines ............................. 5 Printers/Design/Website........................ 5 Picture Framing ......................................... 5 TV Aerial & Satellite Servicing .............. 5 Water Supplies .......................................... 5 Water Tank Cleaning & Purification......... 5 Furniture Removals/Storage ................ 5 Bike Hire ....................................................... 5 Dive Instruction......................................... 5 Mobility Scooters...................................... 5 Specialty Foods ......................................... 5 Classifieds & Church Notices ...... 5-7

Glaziers & Joiners | Automotive Services | Tyres | Auto Wreckers | Panel & Paint

For all your glass, glazing, and aluminium needs and

53 Station Road, Wellsford Phone (09) 423 7358

425 7340

Say No to Leaky Homes



• Robust, Good Looking and Durable • Specify Best Practice, Specify Flashman • The only Flashing System Guaranteed

Northland 0800 55 66 00



WE NEED CARS FOR WRECKING – $$$ PAID 2 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth Ph (09) 425 7835 or (09) 425 7730

20 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth (09) 425 8678 • 0800 809 010

Composite Joinery Ltd 7 Glenmore Drive Warkworth 0941


Domestic / Commercial Glazing Glass Showers • Splash Backs Mirrors • Cat Doors Windscreen Replacement and Chip Repair


027 490 4564



arkworth instone lass & lazing


0800 70 40 10 •

Phone: 09 425 7510 Fax: 09 422 2011

We specialise in: • Vantage Aluminium Joinery • APL | Architectural Series • Metro Series • Internal and External Timber Joinery

Snells Beach


 425 5355

1 Hamatana Road - Snells Beach



EDMONDS & MASON PANEL & PAINT Private & All Insurance Work

Ph 425 8723 • Fax 425 9526 Wayne 021 765 706 or Ian 021 977 729 47 Woodcocks Road, Warkworth




Phone Cathy or Shona 425 9068 or email your advert to *for a three insertion contract

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Trellis, Fencing & Supplies | Carpenters, Builders, Roofers & Suppliers | Property Services | Scaffolding | Engineering | Construction & Earthworks




Trellis & Fencing Fences - Gates - Screens Pergola - Timber

Phone Bob Moir 422 9550 or 0274 820 336 Email:

Trellis - Panels - Fencing Installations - all shapes and sizes Specialities: Framed Archways – Superior Trellis Pedestrian Gate Frames (mortised) Trellis spray painting / oiling Gazebo's ~ dove cotes ~ pergolas

Snells Beach • Warkworth • Orewa

• Custom made • Quality material • Quality workmanship

Also see Lance for your supply of Native and Landscaping plants

Ph 09 422 5737 • 027 272 7561 Fax 09 422 5800

Focus Fencing Farm & Domestic Fencing  Post & Rail Post Driving  Cattle Yards  Retaining Walls  Wooden Farm Gates & Hardware  

Contact Jeff mobile 021 996 713 a/hrs 09 423 7310

CARPENTER-JOINER • Terraces • Alterations • New Housing

• Renovations • Maintenance • Small jobs a specialty

Phone 09 425 5491 • Mobile 027 275 1172 Do you need a reliable, honest local tradesperson?


Auckland region house of the year 2008

Phone: 027 4771 583 email: 152M



• Architecturally designed homes • New houses • Decks • Alterations • Fences

We’ll find the right tradesperson for those jobs around your home and property. We’re local like you – from Puhoi to Mangawhai.


Contact Linda Robinson p e

09 422 9860

m w

027 526 1146


‘Just one call and we’ll arrange it all’

Roofing N.Z Long Run Iron Specialists New Re-Roofs & Cladding

Ring Matt on 021 356 965 A/hrs/Fax: 09 425 6311 Email:

For your safety we have: • Experienced Qualified Scaffolders • Full range of Equipment • Including Alloy Mobile & Builder’s Props

PHONE 0800 622 7929

OMAHA - SNELLS BEACH - WARKWORTH - MANGAWHAI Member of Scaffolding and Rigging New Zealand

• Landscaping • Site Works • Driveways • Post Hole Drilling • Trenching • Laser Level • Compactor

027 527 6990 or 422 4933 a/hrs


3.5T Digger 5T Truck

Bob Waata Mobile 021 634 484

Ph: 09 422 2131

Mob: 021 220 5000

470 KAiPArA FlATS rOAd, WArKWOrTH126

Metroscaff Limited

180mm - 300mm 450mm - 600mm

Footings Hole Boring Landscaping


Servicing Auckland - Rodney - Kaipara



• Design & build • New homes • Renovation • Maintenance • Fences & decks • Project management • Alterations & additions • Shade & outdoor living areas



For the construction of:


872 Kaipara Flats Road Ph: 425 7627 • Fax 422 4976

• Truck Hire • Metal Supplies • Bulk Cartage

Owner/Driver: Ray 38 Coquette Street, Warkworth Ph 422 3450 or 0274 955 566 • Fax 09 422 3451

- Residential & Light Commercial - Quick Stage - OSH Standards - Tube & Clip - Qualified Scaffolders - Reliable Service P 09 425 0300 M 027 4930468 F 09 423 0017

MICK BERGER CONTRACTORS Phone: 09 422 0688 • Mobile: 0274 930 806

43 years experience

Dams ● Winching ● Bulldozing ● Driveways House Sites ● Landscaping ● Earthmoving ● Sub Divisions

Tiling & Waterproofing Bricks • Blocks • Paving

WARKWORTH BRICKLAYING SERVICES LTD Phone Alan Berthelsen 021 780 170 • A/hrs 425 8252

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Brick, Block Layers & Tiling | Flooring | Electrical | Design, Architects & Surveyors | Concrete | Aborists | Lawn Mowing & Landscaping



Polyurethaning:- Wooden Floors, Particle Board & Cork Cork Tiles:- Natural & Coloured

• Electrician • Gates & Automation

Enviro Friendly Products available


t. 09 422 2175 m. 027 497 0464 e.

PHONE KEN (0274) 866-923 A/Hrs (09) 422-7328 • Fax (09) 422-7329


Over 25 years experience in all aspects of residential design THOMAS ERRINGTON Dip.Arch. P: 09 425 0512 M: 027 453 2495 E: W:


Denis 021 945 498 Joel 021 422 592 PO Box 193, Warkworth

Foundations • Floors • Drives • Paths • Digger & Truck Hire Concrete Specialists backed by over 30 years experience Established since 1984

Sub-divisions • R.O.W’s • Excavations Phone George 021 2800 233 • BASED IN MATAKANA


The Tree

Tree Care

Bears Tree Trimmers

For General Tree Work • 300mm Chipper P. 021 492 939 • AH. 09 425 0252


• Planting • Paving • Retaining WallS • FenceS • deckS • gaRden makeoveRS SERVICING HIBISCUS COAST TO MANGAWHAI

JOHN BETTRIDGE P: 09 425 4086 M: 021 665 558 E:


Landscape Industries Association of New Zealand Inc.

House & Garden Care

A complete house & property service • Garden Design • Gardening • Windows • Gutters • Property Maintenance • Raised Vegetable Gardens • Compost Bins • Climbing Frames & Pergolas • Pruning • Chainsaw, Fencing & Handyman Work • Garden Tool Sharpening

Great service, rates & advice | Senior discounts | Excellent references One off or ongoing maintenance | Organic options for weeds & pests

Phone Tim 021 857 433 or 422 9493

Specialising in:  STUMP GRINDING  Fine Pruning  Tree Removal  Hedge Trimming Ph Kevin on 021 725 757

For all your property maintenance and small building projects

• Landscape Construction & Garden Design • Specialists in Lifestyle Property Development & Maintenance

Kurt Salmond 0800 FIXMY JUNGLE 021 831 938 TOTAL LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION for complete quality projects

• Lawns - contouring & seeding • Top soil • Retaining Walls • Driveways • Paths • Digger • Truck • Tractor

Phone to discuss YOUR requirements 021 423 860 - 423 8619 a/h

Phone Bruce 425 7766 a/h •

I take the hard work out of Landscaping

Tickidi Boo Property Management

Your one stop Cleaning and Maintenance shop Big jobs, little jobs odd jobs, all jobs Just call to ask

Home 09 4250995 Peter 021 912805 Annie 021892467

12B Wood Street, Mangawhai Heads M 021 280 4008 P 09 431 4651 E

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Health Professionals | Beauty Therapy | Retail | Furniture | Carpets | Painters & Decorators | Water Pumps | Plumbing

Beauty Therapy & Nail Creations

• Facials • Waxing • Tinting • Gel Nails • Acrylic Nails • Manicures • Pedicures • Electrolysis • Make-up • Body Wraps • Massage • Spray Tans

for head to toe pampering

Alison Wech

C.I.D.E.S.C.O, C.I.B.T.A.C, dip Beauty Therapy, dip Electrolysis, dip Body Therapy, dip Nail Technician

46 McKinney Road, Warkworth Mob 021 051 3661 • Ph 09 425 7776

Martin Greenleaf

D.Ac., Bac.Ac., Acupuncturist Member of NZ Register of Acupuncturists

Registered ACC Referral Provider

Over 30 years experience

Babies/children: Colic, eczema, asthma, insomnia etc. Adults: Neck/back pain, headaches, menstrual disorders, stress, tension, fatique

Lavender House

27 Lilburn Street, Warkworth 09 422 3729 or 09 480 2255


Beds coming Mid May


French polishing • Repairs • Respraying • Upholstery Touch ups • Colour matching • Insurance quotes We also manufacture one-off furniture items from recycled or new timber Phone Grant or Lesley

23B Foundry Rd, Silverdale • 09 426 2979



Emergency Flood Service Technical Experience 12 years Fully qualified and certified

Call FREE 0800 022 101 Mobile 021 456 429 Email:

Certified Member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of NZ



Interior/Exterior n Waterblasting n Roof Painting Airless Spraying n Plastering n Wallpapering Colour Consulting n Decorative Effects Qualified Tradesmen - Honest/Reliable Ph Mandy 09 423 0005 or 021 507 463

H2O PUMPS Water Treatment

• Filtration • UV Sterilizers • Softeners and Neutralizers • Iron Removal • Agent for Stallion Pumps






Custom lounge Suites made to order Open: Tuesday-Saturday 29 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth 0910 Tel: 09 425 8096 Mob: 021 179 1830 Email:

Bradwood Kitchens


Your Painter/Decorator with over 25 years experience serving all surrounding areas

Leigh Decorators Painting • Paperhanging • Roofs • Airless Spraying • Stopping (small jobs) • Repaints • New Homes For your Free Quote and/or Consultation phone Gary HOME: 09-422-6695 • MOBILE: 021-024-44941 EMAIL:

Pump & Filtration Services (2007) Ltd

Pumping Systems

• Water treatment & Filtration • Pumps • Pool & Spas • Waterblasters 7days / 24hours Paul Harris

Owen Ward

Phone 021 771 878 • 24hrs 09 425 6002

M: 021 425 887 T: 09 425 0075 E:


WATER PUMPS Water lters - Underbench - UV - Whole House • Water Coolers • Water Pumps • Sales & Service

0800 PURE WATER “If you don’t have a lter you are the lter”

Call Steve today 09 945 2282 he’s your local

New Pump Sales Service Installation

Phone/Fax 425-5619 Mobile 0800 733 765


clean. care. repair. WATER TANK & WATER APPLICATION CLEANING AGENCY Warkworth: Phone John or Annette Carr p: 09 425 7477 | m: 027 240 7791 | f: 09 425 7483 email:

Mangawhai: Phil Lathrope 431 4608 | 021 642 668

Mark Sim 021 102 4561



Pumps / Water Tanks / Filtration / Treatment Spa & Pool Shop / Pool Valet Service Water Blasters / Sprayers Hose & Fittings / Mobile & Workshop Service 31 WOODCOCKS RD - WARKWORTH - PH 425 9100






09 422 7618 027 494 5499

Maintenance  New Homes  Craftsman Plumber  Free Quotes  After Hours Callout  30 years experience 

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Plumbing | Marine & Small Engines | Printers | TV Aerial & Satellite | Picture Framing | Water | Diving | Bicycle Repairs | Storage | Furniture | Specialty Foods | Mobility Scooters



office & Internet services

Freeview Sales & Installation TV & FM Aerials

• Plan Printing, Colour & B/W Photocopying • Laminating, Binding, Fax and Scanning Service • Internet and Email Service

Available from:

MAHURANGI MARINE LTD 330 Mahurangi East Rd, Snells Beach Phone 425-5806

Digital Freeview Satellite Installation & Repairs

TV • Video • DVD Tuning Additional TV Outlets Phone David Redding 09 422 7227 or 0274 585 457

GAVIN BROUGH Ph 09 425 5495 Mob 0274 766 115

Phone 425 7257 | Argyll Angle, 58-60 Queen Street, Warkworth


Household Water Deliveries

WARKWORTH PICTURE FRAMERS COMPLETE CUSTOM FRAMING SERVICE David and Pat Little P. 09 425 8143 E. 15 Coquette Street,Warkworth 0910

0800 747 928 mobile: 027 556 6111



BICYCLE MECHANIC Shimano approved Fully equipped workshop Road Bikes Mountain Bikes Full Suspension BMX Bikes Parts & Accessories




Matakana Bicycle Hire | 09 423 0076 951 Matakana Road, Matakana

0800 638 254 OR 09 422 3700

PHONE 09 425 5597




Rodney - North Shore

• Specialist Furniture y a Truck s d Lin ylor • Packing & Storage a T • Caring Owner/ Operator • Carriers Liability Insurance Phone 0274 889 216 • Ah 09 422 7495

Good food that’s Gluten Free

18b Glenmore Drive, Warkworth 425 9593 •


• SALES • SERVICE • HIRE 09 422 2615

0800 022 884

Advertise your classifieds and church notices here for only

$2.95+GST per line or $8.85 per/cm+GST for boxed adverts.





STOP LOSING SALES! Get Your Name In Front Of Prospects & Clients 24/7. Guaranteed More Business Using Our Professional Websites and Strategies – Or Your Money Back! Free Recorded Message 0800 MESSAGE or visit



HOUSE FOR RENT Avail. Immediately. 3 bedroom-1 bathroom 2 mins walk to coll. Large sunny with section/veg. garden. $415 P.W. No Smokers/No pets. Phone 09 4225131

DRIVEWAYS MAINTENANCE Grading, Rolling and Metalling for rural Driveways. No job to BIG or small. Ph Bruce (09) 425 7766.


12.45pm, 27 Lilburn Street, Warkworth. Mon, Wed & Fri $5 per session. Starting May 1st. Info:

200, reasonable rates. Ph Kathy on 422 0891 or email


OFFICE OR CLINIC SPACE WARKWORTH Large open area with facilities and parking. Info:

WARKWORTH MAINSTREET OFFICE SPACE 84.4sqm, carpeted open plan & air-conditioned. Call owner 0274 927 198

Walk to work, market, movies, cafes


Tidy self-contained furnished garden bedsitter. 1 person $150pw+exp, 2 people $180pw+exp.

SHORT TERM LET FOR AUGUST 2013 A delightful 3-bed house. All mod cons. Furnished, fireplace, cosy in winter. $300pw+exp. No pets please. Email: Phone 09 422 7226 - Leave message

FOR SALE FIREWOOD 1.5mtrs $100+gst. Assorted - pine / backwood (FREE DELIVERY OMAHA) ph 027 454 0444. RAWLEIGH PRODUCTS Phone Patrick 425 8851.


GARDENING / PLANTS BOBCAT to move mulch, soil, metal, section clearing, drill holes, driveway maintenance. Phone Paul 422 4933.

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SCENIC FLIGHTS 30 mins $55; 20 mins $40; Min. 3 passengers. Trial flights $79. Gift vouchers available. GREAT BARRIER FLIGHTS. Special stopover up to 4 hours. Return $110. Min. 3 passengers. One way flights $115 each. Min 2 passengers.

HOME MAINTENANCE WATER FILTERS Underbench filters & whole house Ultra violet filters – Kill and remove ecoli/bacteria. FREE site visits. Ph Steve 09 945 2282 or visit WATER PUMPS Low water pressure? Get it sorted. Sales, service and installation. Work guaranteed. Phone Steve 09 945 2282 or www.



Min 3 passengers.

Rodney Aero Club 425 8735 or Rod Miller 425 5612


Horse riding WarkWortH

SAYR VentilAtion & heAt pumpS

Book Now 1hr $40 • 2hrs $75 Phone 425 8517

CAll uS noW BeFoRe the RuSh StARtS 431 2025 • 021 762 352 HOME MAINTENANCE HANDYMAN – THE MAINTENANCE MAN Your one stop fix-it-man. Phone Jim 422 3725 or 021 254 2048 or visit LAWNMOWING & SECTION MAINTENANCE SERVICE Rubbish removal, weed control, water blasting, decks, drives, paths, fence painting & repairs, raised garden construction. Warkworth - Matakana & Beaches. Jeff is reliable and punctual. Phone 027 425 7357 or 425 7357. LAWNS - Contouring, prepping and laying. Owner/operator 25+yrs experience. For complete quality projects phone Bruce (09) 425 7766. RETAINING WALLS Wooden retaining walls and fencing. Owner/operator 25+ years experience. For complete quality projects ph Bruce (09) 425 7766. STEVE’S MAINTENANCE lawns, hedges, waterblasting, rubbish removal, section clearing, property maintenance. No job too big or small. Phone Steve 029 770 7101 or 09 425 9966. Serving Warkworth, Snells, Matakana, Sandspit. TANK WATER TESTING Find out what bad-bugs are in your drinking water. We collect, test and report. Phone Simon at 09 422 9345 or tankwater@

Sales, Service & Installation FREE QUOTATIONS







Come and join the fun, 1st Monday of month, Upstairs New Masonic Lodge, Baxter Street, Warkworth, 7pm. Proceeds to Warkworth Museum.

42 Kaipara Flats Road, Warkworth

FIND A LOCAL TRADESMAN, SERVICE OR BUSINESS easily with the online Business Directory A-Z at Community groups are encouraged to list their details on the FREE Community Directory A-Z Full details can be found at Local news & information is just a click away

THE JANE GIFFORD STORY on DVD only $12.50 each

available from the Mahurangi Matters Office, 17 Neville Street, Warkworth

Videos, slides & old 8mm films all on to DVD. Ph TeTotara Video (09) 422 5710.



Providing programmes for men who need assistance to change abusive behaviours and attitudes and work on equality and respect. Held in Orewa and Warkworth. For enquiries phone 09 425 8130. We also provide programmes for women that are or have been in abusive relationships. Held in Orewa & Warkworth. Phone 422 2102 or 021 023 20297 Sponsored by Mahurangi Matters

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to drink that’s your business, if you want to stop, we can help!

0800 AA WORKS (0800 229 6757) OR 09 366 6688

Quality full-time local courses for nanny & childcare careers Call Amanda now for free info! 424 3055


TV SERVICES Freeview, dishes, aerials, boxes. Sales, installation and repairs. Phone Gavin 027 4766115.

WANTED $CASH FOR CARS Going or not. Call 021 857 007.


CASH PAID Tools & Machinery, Shed & Garage Clearouts. All things considered. Call or txt 021 161 5139.

PUHOI FARMERS MARKET, LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH, 9am-1pm. Next market 26th May and 30th June. Ph 0217 222 66.



($1 from every sale is donated to the Jane Gifford Trust)



5 hours, three days a week. Please contact Dianna 021 886 113.

Nanny & More!

Family Fun Scenic farm & forest rides Quiet horses & ponies • Birthday rides Lessons • Suit beginners & experienced riders & people with Disabilities Social, Language & School Groups

Hypnotherapy with Scope Hypnosis. Phone 0508 SCOPE ME (726 736) or email:

Advertise your classifieds and church notices here for only

$2.95+GST per line or $8.85 per/cm+GST for boxed adverts.

Guardian Trust Are you interested in working with a locally based community organisation? We are a not for profit Incorporated Society looking for a new governance committee member. If you enjoy working with and are interested in making a positive difference to women’s lives in our community then we need you!

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of John Gavin Chamberlin (also known as Gavin Crowdin & John GeorGe Kennedy) of no fixed abode, but last seen in the Wellsford and Cambridge areas please contact (09) 438 5871.


Residential design & dRaughting

This is a voluntary position with reimbursement for travel and meetings are held bi-monthly at the Women’s Centre.

turn your ideas into reality see geoff alexander (ndat) lBP at archwright design ltd

If you are interested please apply in writing to: The Secretary, Governance Committee, PO Box 389, Warkworth, or email: info@

• New builds • Alterations/ additions • From concept to full consent documentation • Prompt service, latest technology


PO Box 172, Leigh Email:

Paint Stripping - 1 days work. Phone 027 229 1914.

Call 09 422 6624 for a free Consultation

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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING BOOKEEPING / ACCOUNTS I can work from home and have cash manager, quick books, word, xl experience. Enrolled for an MYOB course. Email

Classified deadline for May 15 issue is Wed, May 8


Mahurangi Matters

PARK & SELL Gull Snells Beach. Weekly rates. Great exposure. Phone 425 4092.

Phone 425

sweet appreciation chocolate brown


only the good stuff...


Mahurangi Methodist Parish

WarkWorth Methodist Cnr Neville & Church Sts, Warkworth Parish Office: Ph 425 8660 Sunday Service 10.30am Hall Bookings PH 425 8053 snell’s Beach coMMunity church 325 Mahurangi East Rd Sunday Service 9am The Minister will be available every Thursday afternoon Hall Bookings PH 425 5707 Point Wells coMMunity church Williams Cres, Point Wells Sunday Services 2nd & 4th Sundays at 9.30am Mainly-Music Programme Thurs, 10am-11am, during school terms. PH 425 8660 for furtHer information

Cafe / Chocolaterie / Gifts Phone 09 422 2677 No 6 Mill Lane, Warkworth Know someone who deserves a big “thank you” for their community spirit? Tell us and they will receive acknowledgement in Mahurangi Matters and an amazing gift voucher from Chocolate Brown, 6 Mill Lane, Warkworth. Send your nominations to: (subject line: sweet appreciation) or post to: Sweet Appreciation, Mahurangi Matters PO Box 701 Warkworth.

Sudoku the numbers game 9



Phone 425 8545


Holy Mass Timetable:


Holy Name Church, 6 Alnwick Street Saturday Vigil: 6.00pm Sunday: 10.30am


SS. Peter & Paul Church Sunday: 8.30am


5 5





8 6

3 8



3 4


Sunday Services 9am & 10.30am






5 Pulham Road, Warkworth Phone 425 8861



8 5 2

6 2 8


Advertise your classifieds and church notices here for only

$2.95+GST per line or $8.85 per/cm+GST for boxed adverts.

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Fill in this grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

Warkworth Wellsford Hospice wearable arts show in jeopardy The curtain will come down on Catwalk Arts if a major sponsor doesn’t come forward within the next fortnight. The event, which has been a major Northland Waste have renewed their continuing. Lesley says Hospice has fundraiser for Warkworth Wellsford sponsorship but we have lost Waitapu limited resources and Catwalk Arts Hospice, is normally held around Farms which contributed $5000 and places a huge strain on manpower. August. However, a shortfall in McEntee Hire which provided much “We’ve found that as the economy has sponsorship of about $17,500 has put of the events staging equipment valued changed, proceeds from our shops and the wearable arts show in jeopardy. at around $2500,” she says. garage sales have increased. They now Fundraising coordinator Lesley Ingham “In 2011, we were also fortunate to fund about half of our operational says Hospice had hoped that the decision receive a one-off sponsorship from costs with large events contributing to stage the event every two years would AMP Dynamics of $10,000.” Although less to our fundraising programme. rekindle interest. But so far support has the event raised $30,000 when it was “It could be that smaller events, such been lacklustre. last held in 2011, organisers were as the Hospice Cuppa next month, “Long-time sponsors Mason Bins and already reviewing the viability of are more viable for us long-term. We

are also conscious that we will be launching a major fundraising appeal later this year to help build the new hospice in Glenmore Drive.” If anyone wishes to make a last minute sponsorship pledge, Lesley can be contacted on 425 9535. Meanwhile, the local hospice is keen to hear from anyone interested in representing it in the inaugural Great Auckland Bed Race on May 26. Teams of six “fit” individuals will be contesting the race.

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Farm foresters gather in Orewa By Crispin Caldicott

The New Zealand Farm Forestry Association (NZFFA) returned to its Rodney roots and held its annual conference at Orewa College last month. The association was formed 57 years ago as a result of a perceived shortage of information for farmers attempting to grow trees as a crop. One of the founder members was Neil Barr, and the 230 participants were delighted to make a trip to Barr’s old farm “Beresford” on the Kaipara Harbour. The farm is now owned by entrepreneur Alan Gibbs and has been transformed into a world-renowned sculpture park. Neil’s vision of an association that would offer advice and practical Association members measuring the knowledge to tree-growing farmers all-important girth on a tree at Taumata. has grown a long way beyond what need for growth in the sector. Scott he envisioned. The conference Gallacher, from the Ministry of participants were able to visit up to Primary Industries, emphasised the eight farm forests of significance in Government’s desire to double forest just the Rodney area. Many of these exports by 2025. are growing mixed species. Radiata Warren Parker, himself raised in pine — the workhorse of any forestry Northland and now the CEO of project — is still much in evidence, Rotorua forest institute Scion, outlined but the search is on for trees that the huge benefits of trees to every aspect can improve productivity in every of human and global existence. But he way, including growth rate, stability, also stressed there needed to be more quality and ease of maintenance. encouragement from the association At “Taumata”, Audrey Hay’s farm to ensure a “living industry”, with a near Waitoki, trail plantings of various constant flow of skilled people. “The eucalypts have taken place, and some of younger generation need to see trees as the “stringy bark” variety are showing a great future,” he said. promise. As local member John Millet Jim Forgie, whose block on South said: “This is the NZFFA at the cutting Head was also visited by the conference edge of research into the subject”. participants, echoed that sentiment, A point hammered by several noting in particular that the farming speakers at the conference was the workforce was rapidly ageing.

Kauri Museum wins award Efforts by The Kauri Museum to reduce its carbon footprint have won it a major national award and the distinction of being the first museum in the world to be certified carbon neutral. The museum won the Project Achievement Award Innovation/ Environment/Technology section at the NZ Museum Awards held in Hamilton last month. In presenting the award, Museum Aotearoa executive director Phillipa Tocker said The Kauri Museum had taken sustainability very seriously, not only saving money by reducing its energy use but also by off-setting its carbon emissions by planting trees. Museum chief executive Betty Nelley said the process started with an audit of the museum’s practices and power consumption. This included everything from recycling to petrol usage and air travel. “We were fortunate to have Dr Jonathan Palmer, a scientist in residence, with us at the time, who was able to give us some direction,” she said. “We used the CarboNZero calculator to work out where we could begin to make savings and by simple measures, such as switching off unnecessary lights and installing LED bulbs, we reduced out power usage by 21 percent in the first six months. “When we introduced recycling options, we found museum visitors were quick to participate, particularly European visitors who are used to

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public recycling systems.” Mrs Nelley said it was important for the museum to save money and use resources efficiently because it received no national or local government funding. “We’re particularly grateful for the sponsorship we’ve received for this programme from Westpac, which allowed us to offset some of our carbon through a tree planting programme – including kauri trees, of course.” Mrs Nelley said it had been an exciting project, but one which was only beginning. “We wanted to demonstrate excellence and to avoid accusations of greenwash so we have been careful to meet best practice and undertake the changes with integrity.” The award included a $2000 sponsored prize from National Services Te Paerangi Te Papa.

Your LOCAL community newspapers in Auckland’s north Roading is always a hot topic in the north so it wasn’t surprising that a suggestion that a link road be built, between State Highway 1 and Matakana Road, bypassing the notorious Hill Street intersection, drew plenty of interest from online readers. Several readers have taken the opportunity to join the forum and contribute their ideas on what are the best solutions for the local road network.

The Kauri Museum’s assistant shop manager Tristan Richards.

Top 10 viewed stories in April 1.

Hopes for new link road to Matakana


Fast-track sought for Te Arai development


Fears raised over new rules for Rodney


Linesmen flown to hospital after electrical explosion


Study could point to marine dangers of tidal turbines


Speaking out for Rodneys youth


Kiwi return to Brynderwyn after 50 years


Tenants still being sought for supermarket complex


Bus service picks up speed

10. Problems plague mobile networks

Mahurangi Matters 09 425 9068 • Hibiscus Matters 09 427 8188

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Warkworth expo to highlight disability services

Many people may be missing out on health and disability services that would greatly improve their lives, say organisations offering health and disability services in the Rodney region. To help spread the word about what need to travel to access such services. HOMEBUILDERS is available, Homebuilders has helped “A lot of people I know don’t like FAMILY SERVICES to organise an expo in Warkworth driving over the Harbour Bridge. Even this month to highlight products and Albany is too far,” she says. services. Older people can also be stoic, and More than a dozen organisations are refuse to seek help. “There are just taking part in the expo, which is being so many aids and equipment that funded by the Ministry of Health. could make their life a lot easier. It will take place at the Warkworth The Independent Living Service, for Methodist Church Hall on May 10, instance, know how to apply for a Lotteries grant for a mobility scooter from 10am to 3pm. if someone can’t afford it themselves, Disability information worker Tess and Homebuilders can tell them how Williamson says the aim of the expo is they can access a disability allowance. for people to discover what is available For an elderly person, that could mean on their doorstep, and also give they could afford to get a personal service providers a chance to network. medical alarm.” Although there are believed to be Tess hopes family members and others thousands of people in the region who might come along to the expo, and Motion, St John, Unique Families, be: Arthritis NZ (understanding have some sort of disability, many pain)10.30am; Health and Disability learn about products and services that Idea Services, and Special Olympics. people may be unaware of what is Advocacy 11am; Arthritis NZ (fears With almost all the organisations might help make the lives of their available locally, she says. involved operating as not-for-profits, and frustrations of arthritis) 11.30am; loved ones much easier. “For instance, Warkworth Taxis does Organisations taking part include some are also keen to sign up new Independent Living Service (aids a brilliant job of providing accessible Homebuilders, the Independent volunteers, as well as attract more and equipment for everyday living); Northlink Health (home-based transport. Their drivers seem to be Living Service, Arthritis NZ, clients, says Tess. really comfortable around all the Northlink Health, Warkworth Taxis, As well as displays, there will support services) 1pm; Arthritis people with disabilities, and they have Health & Disability Advocacy Service, presentations in the meeting room NZ (exercise and practical ways to a van that’s wheelchair-equipped.” Warkworth Stroke Club, Lifeway next to the hall. Admission is free and minimise pain) 1.30pm. Info: Homebuilders.disability@ The idea behind a local expo was to Homes, Alzheimers NZ, Accessible light refreshments will be provided. show people they did not necessarily Environments North, Adults in The schedule of presentations will

• Muscle tension • Stress/Anxiety • Headaches/Migraines • Back/shoulder/neck pain • Occupational overuse syndromes • Jaw/face/scalp pain • Temporomandibular disorders • Voice fatique for singers/speakers

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Wellbeing for the Body & Mind Gift Vouchers available for Mother’s Day Special offer: only $75 for one hour Madhu Chandra • Neuromuscular Therapist (BHS, Dip. CNMT) 25 Lilburn Street, Warkworth • Ph: 021 418 068 email:

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Exercise assists transition to ‘the second half of life’ By Laurinda Howarth

Michelle Boler

Cataract specialist in Warkworth

Dr Mark Donaldson of Eye Doctors and team perform the first cataract operation in the Rodney Surgical Centre, July 2010.

Dr Donaldson has safely performed hundreds of small incision cataract operations at the Rodney Surgical centre since it opened in 2010. “I highly recommend Dr Donaldson for the excellent results and attention my wife and I received during our cataract surgery.” Mr M, Warkworth No referral necessary. Phone Eye Doctors on 09 520 9689 to make an appointment at the Warkworth Medical Centre.

Exercise plays a crucial role in making the transition through menopause easier and in enhancing health, happiness and productivity during what is sometimes referred to as ‘the second half of life’. The medical definition of menopause promotes the loss of abdominal fat — is “cessation of menses for 12 months, the place most women more readily when the ovaries stop making the gain weight during menopause. Some hormones oestrogen, progesterone research has shown that the increased and testosterone”. For most women, oestrogen levels that follow a woman’s menopause simply marks the end of exercise session coincide with an overall their reproductive years. The average decrease in the severity of hot flushes. age of menopause is about 51, but Strength training also helps by some women may experience it as stimulating bones to retain the early as their 30s or as late as their minerals that keep them dense and 60s. Symptoms of menopause include strong, thus preventing the onset and hot flashes, night sweats, bladder and progression of osteoporosis. Keep in reproductive tract changes, insomnia, mind that good nutrition works hand headache, lethargy/fatigue, irritability, in hand with an active lifestyle and anxiety, depression, heart palpitations is vital to realise the full benefits of and joint pain. exercise. The good news is that exercise does If you have been an active person help. A regular programme of physical during the years leading up to activity can help manage many of the menopause, you have an advantage. uncomfortable symptoms that are Aerobic activity during the present with menopause, as well as the childbearing years reduces the risk related health concerns, such as heart of several health conditions that are disease and osteoporosis. prevalent after menopause. Also, along Aerobic exercise has a mood-elevating, with your strength-training, your tension-relieving ability that helps bone health may have increased your to reduce such things as depression bone density and strength. and anxiety that can accompany Laurinda Howarth is a personal trainer menopause. Aerobic exercise also and owner of Fun Fit.

Warkworth Community

Mini Health & Disability Awareness Expo Friday 10th May - 10am – 3pm

Warkworth Methodist Church Hall (opposite the RSA) All welcome - Free admission Organisations represented include Accessible Environments-North, Alzheimers NZ, Arthritis NZ, Adults-In-Motion, Health & Disability Advocacy Service, Homebuilders Family Services, IDEA Services, Independent Living Service, Lifeway Homes, Northlink Health, Special Olympics, Warkworth Stroke Club, St John, Warkworth Taxi, Unique Families. Come and find out what services are available locally and what these organisations can offer you or your family.

Dr Mark Donaldson FRANZCO

Homebuilders Family Services web


(09) 520 9689

5 Hexham St, Warkworth • Phone 425 7048

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Bag a bargain with the feel-good factor



Colleen Cave on her last day with the Wellsford CMA.

15 years’ service recognised For the past 15 years, Colleen and Brian Cave of Wellsford have voluntarily contributed their time to ensuring up to 45 locals have a home away from home at least one day a week. As supervisor and treasurer of the when she and her husband, who was Centre for Mutual Aid (CMA), they a banker, returned to live in Wellsford, have kept in touch with their regulars, having lived there for 10 years organised morning tea and lunch, a previously. “We came back because weekly trading table, a monthly raffle he liked the golf club,” she laughs. “I and a birthday acknowledgement. went to the CMA because they were Colleen has also ensured everyone advertising for helpers, and I kind of enjoys a hearty Christmas and Mid- ended up being the supervisor.” winter Christmas Dinner. The aim of the organisation is to Last month, the pair decided to retire, provide companionship for people and their grateful regulars organised living alone, or anyone who is interested gifts to thank them for their efforts. in coming along. Although there is no “Colleen has also been supported by age restriction, many of its members a team of voluntary workers who help are widows, and for some, it is the only with lunches and so on, but without regular social outing they have. her leadership the group would not The club meets every Monday at have functioned,” says new supervisor the Wellsford RSA from 9.30am to Fran Kimber. 12.30pm. Gwen Cooper is the new Colleen took on the role in 1998 secretary/treasurer.

Health meeting in Silverdale Health Link North is holding a discussion on locality planning for Auckland North on May 24 at Rotary House Silverdale at 10am. The public is welcome. Register at

GIVE YOUR KIDS THE SMART START! • High quality programme • Affordable fees • Babies to 5 year olds • 2 beautiful centres • Limited spaces

Call Kowhai

Kids now!

Warkworth 425 8730 Wellsford 423 8246 or like us on facebook

Great fun and delicious prizes Register online at or call us on 425 9535 2 stores open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm Warkworth Argyll Angle, Queen St behind Gaby’s Wellsford 181 Rodney Street PLUS Garage Sale every Wed 7-11am Hospice House 51 Woodcocks Rd, Warkworth

p. 425 9535


Patients no longer need to travel to Auckland for the very best treatment. With two state of the art operating rooms, a procedure room and endoscopy service, we offer the latest day stay surgical expertise and technology right here in Rodney District.

Why go to Auckland? Orthopaedic Surgery • Arthroscopy • Removal of metalware Ophthalmology • Cataract surgery Gynaecology • Incontinence surgery

Plastic Surgery • Skin cancer surgery • Melanoma surgery • Cosmetic surgery • Hand surgery Endoscopy • Colonoscopies • Gastrosopies

General Surgery • Hernia repairs • Varicose veins • Haemorrhoidectomies • Lipoma removal • Breast biopsies • Carpal Tunnel

and much, much more ...

Phone +64 9 425 1190 or 0800 425 007 • Fax +64 9 425 0115 77 Morrison Drive, Warkworth •

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Counselling Professional Experienced

For issues including loss, separation, grief, loneliness, depression, relationship difficulties, opening to new possibilities, gaining perspective, awakening creativity, finding direction, increasing sense of purpose, meaning and value, and empowered ageing.

Phillipa Reeve

BA. Dip. Psychosynthesis Counselling Prov. MNZAC, MPAnzA

09 423 0483 • 021 027 18621

For free confidential and impartial information, advice, advocacy and support. Our service covers Warkworth, Wellsford and Mangawhai areas. Monday-Friday 10am-3pm. We have information on a wide range of subjects from Consumer and Tenancy Rights to Neighbourhood Disputes and Family Issues. Visit the Community Centre, 1 Matheson Road, Wellsford or phone 423 7333 or 0800 367 222. Email



Going gluten-free gaining in popularity

The desire to eat gluten-free food has increased in popularity to the point where it could almost be called a trend. but you can replace that with things Coeliac NZ says there are no official like quinoa, amoranth and buckwheat figures as to how many people are affected which can be put in smoothies or by gluten intolerance in New Zealand, made into pancakes or flatbreads,” she however the organisation understands says. there are about 8000 diagnosed coeliacs and that about 1 in 100 New Zealanders She says diet is all about balance, have coeliac disease, but four to five of which is why people who love things these do not realise it. like white bread and pasta can end up having issues with gluten. The prevalence of the problem is something that nutritionist Joan However, it’s not just the carboBuchanan of Puhoi is well aware of, lovers who are affected and Joan has having seen a huge increase in cases of seen gluten intolerance in very young gluten intolerance and Coeliac disease children as well as adults. in her 30 years of practice. The symptoms of gluten intolerance She says the process of splitting the may include a sore stomach, bloating wheat protein in order to make white Nutritionist Joan Buchanan says “the and problems with bowel movements bread, which started in the early great grain robbery” is a principal (either constipation or the reverse). cause of increasing numbers of gluten 1900s in England and Europe (and intolerant people. Joan says it’s important if symptoms was characterised in the media of the are severe to seek advice from a time as “the great grain robbery”), as “It’s a big change, and the cost is quite health professional and not to go off well as plant selection to find grains great in the beginning as you change gluten until you have been properly with a longer shelf life, contributed to what is in your pantry,” Joan says. “Years diagnosed, otherwise the intolerance difficulty in digesting gluten. ago things like rice flour used to be very may not show up when you are tested. June, who trained in biochemistry inexpensive, but demand has pushed up Joan is presenting a talk in Orewa this and bacteriology before becoming the price for many gluten-free items.” month that offers advice on diet to a nutritionist, says for many people She says many of the gluten intolerant gluten intolerant people. The talk is who have been diagnosed with gluten people she has treated, including on at Orewa Library on May 22. intolerance, the need to convert to a triathletes, have previously been The talk is also to promote Coeliac gluten-free diet is scary. “carbohydrate junkies”, enjoying a Awareness Week (May 26–June 1, It is not as simple as cutting out starchy diet overloaded with pasta, bread, info: food, and requires paying attention to cereal, cakes and biscuits. Gluten-free talk with Joan Buchanan food labels as gluten can be found in “Athletes carbo-load before an event • Orewa Library, Moana Ave, Orewa • tinned foods too. because starch has good energy value, May 22, 11am

Specialist Vein Clinic ALL Treatments Offered Laser Injections Surgery Ultrasound Dr Elisabeth De Felice Bronwen Allen

with Experience and Care

Milford Eye Clinic Warkworth Branch

Affiliated Southern Cross Healthcare provider

• Dr Michael Fisk • Dr Brian Sloan • Dr Jo Koppens • Dr David Squirrell • Dr Rasha Altaie

Serving the eye needs of North Shore and Rodney for over 30 years Purpose-built eye consulting rooms in Warkworth. Surgery available at Rodney Surgical Centre or Shore Surgery, Milford, as appropriate. For your convenience consultations available at Milford, Red Beach and Warkworth.

• Milford Eye Clinic, 181 Shakespeare Road, Milford

Warkworth Medical Centre & North Shore (09) 410 0990 or 0800 085 555

• Coastcare, Red Beach Shopping Centre, Red Beach • Warkworth, Unit 3, Warkworth Health Centre, Cnr Alnwick & Percy Streets, Warkworth

For all appointments phone 09 422 6871

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Health with Eugene Sims Warkworth Living Well Clinic

Getting the cold shoulder Frozen shoulder is a condition where the shoulder becomes very limited in its movement. It can be so limited that it is difficult to even use the arm for many everyday tasks. It is often associated with some rather terrible pains that can be bad enough to seriously inhibit sleep. It is typically understood that the capsule (a fibrous sleeve that covers the ball and socket joint of the shoulder) shrinks, restricting the movement of the joint. While this may be the case, there are often many other factors that are at play, especially in the unfortunate cases where pain is an issue. In these cases the surrounding muscles can be pinching nerves and causing a lot of pain. Usually frozen shoulders develop after other shoulder issues are neglected or not dealt with correctly. In these cases the imbalances in the muscular system tend to create a follow-on effect that leads to less and less movement. Unfortunately there is still an attitude that these problems take up to two years to come right and you need to put up with it until it sorts itself out. In my experience that is absolute nonsense and although they do take time to improve, it can be greatly reduced with good care and treatment. As with all health-related problems, having a complete understanding of all the factors involved is critical for the most successful outcome. It is not nearly enough to just assume that the capsule shrinking is the only issue and to wait until it “comes right”, otherwise it could take years. A thorough physical examination is essential and should be performed by someone with specialised experience in this area. This should include ultrasound and x-ray, postural assessment, full shoulder joint testing (of all four joints that make up the shoulder), full muscle examination (of all 15 muscles that affect the shoulder joint, and including strength/length and tension testing). As well as this, a thorough discussion about the pain location, intensity and nature are paramount to a full understanding of the problem. When all the factors involved are identified, then a treatment plan can be made and good progress should follow. Like many physical problems there is a whole range of exercises and treatment strategies that can be performed at home. Personally, I encourage the focus of these problems to be directed in this manner so that the patient is actively engaged in their own care. This extends into the importance of understanding what not to do, to avoid making the problem worse during everyday life. Please, if you have such an issue with your shoulder, seek appropriate care and get it sorted.

Start the day with a fundraiser

This month will see breakfasts held around the country to raise funds for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. The breakfasts are part of Pink Ribbon Breakfast month. Last year, more than 1200 breakfasts took place around the country during May, raising $500,000. This year the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation hopes NZers will host more than 1500 breakfasts. Proceeds from the campaign will help support women with breast cancer, including post-surgery rehabilitation programmes, practical and therapeutic services for those living with secondary cancer, and a new support helpline. Info:

CourSeS for TerM TWo 2013 – WarkWorTh Young Mum’s Educational Programme

Wednesday 8th May • 10am-12.30pm FREE For young mothers up to 25 years to encourage positive parenting, behaviour management skills & strategies for raising healthy and happy children.

17th May • 10am-12.30pm $25 6weeks How is your relationship with yourself and others? This course offers an exploration into enjoying on going healthy relationships.

Personal Development

Tues 14th May • 10am-12.30pm $40 8weeks A support group for women that encourages learning,sharing and inner-growth in a safe and caring environment.

Sat 25th May • 9.30am-3.30pm $30 You will learn basic glass fusing techniques, the theory of glass, cutting glass, design and turning your art work into finished jewellery.

• Babies to 5 year olds • High quality programme • Hourly fee $5.50 • Free 20 hrs ECE sessions • WINZ subsidies

Call Kowhai Kids Home-Based Educare now!

0800 KIDS R US (0800 5437 787) or like us on facebook

Thurs 9th April • 10.30am-12.30pm FREE Learn ways to cope survive and thrive. Make new friends and gain strength from other people’s experience.

Raw Food Workshop

16 May • 10am-1pm $30 Delwyn is certified in “Living Foods Lifestyle & Total Well-Being Education’. Enjoy a morning preparing easy & delicious living cuisine that is meat, wheat, dairy & Gluten FREE

Clay Sculpture Workshop

Sat Term 2 TBA • 9.30am-3.30pm $30 After an introduction to material and sculpturing women will experiment and create their own piece of art.

free 6hr TreaTY of WaITaNGI TraINING WorkShoP – WarkWorTh IN JuNe Run By Auckland Workers Educational Association

Please contact the Women’s Centre to enrol 0800 237 674 or 425 7261 or call at 10 Morpeth Street, Warkworth •

Introducing Triscia previously from Kreme in Snells Beach

Autumn Collection Latest Colouring Techniques Organic Products

Looking for home-based childcare? Give your kids the Smart Start

Plunket: Mum’s Support Group

Healthy Relationships

Fused Glass Jewellery Making

Career Planning & Job Search

Fri 10th May • 10am-12pm FREE New course with personal computer profile with complete CV preparation for you to take home.



15% OFF

ALL COLOUR SERVICES Valid until May 31st. Bookings essential.

Open Tues to Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm • Phone 422 9697 989a Matakana Road Matakana Village

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localbusiness INTR ODUCING n 


Jenny Shires studied traditional Chinese medicine in Australia and qualified with a bachelor degree in acupuncture over 20 years ago. After 18 years of running her acupuncture and massage clinic in Warkworth, Jenny has moved her clinic to Snells Beach. “I’m passionate about my work and how it fits into my philosophy on life which includes balance, harmony, fun and challenges,” she says. “One of the things I love about Chinese medicine is that it considers the person as a whole and works to restore the flow of energy through the body systems. It does not see symptoms separately but sees them often as being connected. I believe that combining acupuncture and massage enhances the effect by bringing the east and west together, and has been one of the main reasons for the success of my approach.” Acupuncture is widely known for its effectiveness in treating musculosketetal injuries, but has traditionally been used extensively in the treatment of respiratory, digestive, gynaecological and many other chronic conditions. “Although most of my work is treating musculoskeletal problems, I also specialise in pregnancy acupuncture

It started in cyberspace, then moved to the outskirts of town, now the Pukeko Patch has its own shop in Warkworth’s Riverside Arcade. Owner Sharon Brown started the business a year ago after making a quilt and finding a lack of places from which to buy material. The Warkworth Primary School teacher sold through a website and quickly noticed an appetite for the service, with orders being received from as far away as Australia. She set up shop from her home on Kaipara Flats Rd on weekends, before taking a year’s leave in January and opening every day. “People liked what I had but they felt I was too far out [of town]. Now they can pop in while they’re in town instead of making a special trip.” The store has been open from April 1 and sells embroidery threads, sewing boxes, giftware, Christmas-ware, felt kits for kids, fabrics, tools, backings and battings. “It’s in a great little arcade with regular foot traffic, easy parking and a café. The other shops complement what I’m doing.” And the shop’s size means it’s perfect for holding classes. “People have been asking me to take lessons to help them or their family member start sewing. They like the companionship and the knowledge they

Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

Jenny Shires

and massage. Considerable research is available that highlights the benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of many of the pregnancy symptoms some women experience. “On the first visit I go through a full consultation with my clients. The treatment itself could involve acupuncture, massage or a combination of the two. Because I believe people know their bodies better than anyone else, we work out a treatment plan together and decide which angle we will take depending on their individual needs. With the acupuncture treatment, three to 10 very fine needles are inserted into the skin. These are left in for approx 20 minutes.” The clinic is open five days a week.

Pukeko Patch

Sharon Brown

can sew with others at the same level and end up with a finished product.” Classes began on April 29 and include a beginning quilters group, children’s quilters group and “sew anything you like” group. “It’s to get the young ones involved. They’re not only learning how to make a quilt but also how to make a wrap-around skirt, bag or pillow – a variety of simple projects.” Sharon says she studied sewing at school and “hated it” but started taking classes three years ago after deciding to make a quilt for her children. She recommends all beginners take a class so they can learn how to use special rulers, cutters and cutting boards. “After five lessons you will come out with a quilt.”



JENNY SHIRES B.App Sc. Dip Ther Mass

Now Operating From 6 Kawau View Road, Snells Beach


CLASSES - BOOK NOW! U Can Sew Anything! SEW EASY KIDS Wrap Skirt Maureen Wood - Thursday ANGELS WINGS Beginners Quilt Sally Smith - Tuesday APPLIQUE CUSHION Anne Inger - Wednesday Fabrics • Patterns • Kits • Threads • Notions & Tools • Quilting Supplies Gifts • DMC Embroidery thread • DIY Felting kits for kids Shop 7, Riverside Arcade, 62 Queen Street, Warkworth • 425 9440

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localbusiness CHANGING PLACES n 


With three children aged 11, 9 and 18 months, Raewyn Fry is a very busy person. And it was her desire to integrate her busy home life with her busy work life that has resulted in a big move for her family. The family moved into Warkworth from Snells Beach earlier this year, to allow Raewyn to run her own business from home. Raewyn has been a beauty therapist since 1994, and established Riverside Skincare Clinic in the Riverside Arcade in 1998. The business developed a loyal following and even though the move to Glenmore Drive has meant a change of name, to Take Time Skin & Beauty Studio, most of her regular clients remain on her books.

Snells Beach parents have more options for their offspring with the opening of Sandcastles Early Childhood Centre. The business is run by mother-anddaughter team Carol Mills and Kylie Steffener, and is a true family affair. Carol has worked in a variety of capacities within the early childhood field, and Kylie was a teacher at Snells Beach Primary when the family came up with the idea of an intimate centre with strong community bonds. Carol and Kylie’s husbands, Peter and Shaun, got to work looking for the right property, and Carol and Peter’s son indicated he would also like to be involved in the venture. Shaun spotted an empty piece of land in Hamatana Rd, behind the Warehouse, which seemed perfect. “Shaun searched online and found a house in Cambridge that seemed ideal. A relocatable house seemed the best cost-effective option for the purpose,” Carol says. “The proposed building was a great size and had room for under- and over-2s. It was an older house that looked like a home.” The building was driven north in two pieces on the back of a truck in July last year. The trip was longer than expected and the crew had to stop in South Auckland for the night. Meticulous repair work was finished in

Take Time


Raewyn Fry

“I’m now staffless, so I’ve gone full circle,” she says. “But I felt positive to be able to do that, having had almost 15 years in Warkworth, with a good client base,” she says. The search for suitable premises was not an easy one, but she is thrilled with the outcome now that the redecorating is complete. Take Time offers all aspects of beauty therapy, including IPL and electrolosis, and uses only Dermalogica products.   “I’ve got everything you’d expect to find in beauty therapy clinic,” she says.  “And I enjoy everything I do, so it’s nice having different things to do, rather than being stuck doing one thing.” Take Time is open every day except Wednesday, and alternate Saturdays.

Carol Mills (left) and Kylie Steffener.

November before a team of building, health, fire service and education inspectors gave it a tick of approval. The centre opened in January. It is available for children aged 3 months to 6 years and includes a lounge with couches, a storytime area, children’s kitchen, art area, and large deck. There is a sleep room, a carpeted area for non-mobile babies and plenty of parking. At the rear of the property there are climbing nets, monkey bars and an interchangeable playground. Sandcastles is licensed for 32 children but doesn’t intend to have more than 27, with a maximum of six babies. It operates 7:30am to 5:30pm five days a week and offers free sessions for 3- and 4-year-olds for up to 20 hours per week.


Gift Vouchers Available Raewyn Campbell (formally Riverside Skin Care Clinic)

OPEN: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm CLOSED: Wednesday 16 Campbell Drive, Warkworth • 425 0256 Check us out on


• Small Homely Centre • Quality teacher – child ratios • Free Sessions for 3 and 4 year olds up to 20 hours per week • Nurturing Under 2 Space – maximum 6 babies • Opening Hours 7:30am to 5:30pm • Located at 56 Hamatana Road, Snells Beach

Phone us anytime Carol or Kylie 09 425 5771 or 021 742 552 Email:

“We would love to hear from you”

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localbusiness INTR ODUCING n 


After 24 years in the mortgage and finance industry, including 10 years with Westpac, Grant Clifton has seen too many people bungle their budgets. More than two-thirds of New Zealanders have more debt than they should have, largely because of a lack of financial education, he believes. Which is why he wrote a book, Debt Free, which teaches people about consumer debt and how to get out of it.   It also teaches them how to finance purchases correctly, and includes some budgeting advice. However, there is no substitute for face-to-face advice, which is where a good financial adviser can come in handy, he says. Grant and his wife Yvonne moved to Matakana two years ago, but the daily commute to Howick eventually became too tedious and Grant has now set up his own business from his home in Matakana Rd, and named it Countrywise Financial.   Yvonne has also set up a shop, Rummage, in the barn next door, and the couple are enjoying putting down their roots in the local community. Their two daughters attend Matakana School, and Grant is on the board of trustees. Grant is particularly passionate about property, but he is keen to offer a

Resource management consultancy firm O’Connor Planning Consultants has moved to new premises at 5 Lilburn Street, Warkworth. The company first opened its door above the Pizza Co in Neville St, 12 years ago, but has been more recently based above the Day & Night Pharmacy in Queen St. “The new suite of offices offers better parking for our clients, shared meeting rooms, and generally more privacy,” director Burnette O’Connor says. Burnette has had more than 15 years’ experience working for local authorities and private clients, on small and large-scale development projects involving land use, subdivision and coastal consents, policy advice and the presentation of evidence to the Environment Court. “Undertaking development today is definitely a lot more complicated than it used to be and it seems each time there is a district plan review, it gets even more complex,” she says. “For instance, ecological and urban design issues are more prominent than they used to be. It’s not unusual for small developers to be asked to produce a herpetology report, which would have been very unusual 12 years ago. I’m not saying that considering these

Countrywise Financial

Need Finance?

Grant Clifton

one-stop shop for clients needing all kinds of financial advice, from simple budgeting advice to complex commercial deals. Among other things, he can broker home loans, often at much cheaper rates; refinance lenders; give debt consolidation advice; deal with commercial property loans and business loans; handle subdivision finance, bridging or builders’ loans; and organise self-employed loans. “In fact I’ll have a go at getting anything approved,” he says.

O’Connor Planning Consultants

Burnette O’Connor

issues is necessarily a bad thing, but it does come with costs.” Burnette says that while her company handles work New Zealand-wide, and has an expanding presence in Northland where it has an office in Whangarei, one of her key aims has always been to deliver a cost-effective and quality planning service to the local community. The company has been involved with a range of projects including the Rodney Surgical Centre, Cabra Snells Beach, Hoppers Retirement Village, Mahurangi West Hall, Matakana Fire Station, the Warkworth Medical Centre and Northern Arena.

O’Connor Planning Consultants Limited

Have you got the best possible deal?

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Home Loans Refinancing Business & Development Debt Consolidation Home Improvements Personal Loans

We have moved to 5 Lilburn Street, Warkworth Grant Clifton Registered Financial Advisor Mobile 021 440 143

Call anytime, Freephone 0508 468 371 Countrywise Financial Ltd 523 Matakana Rd (cnr Anderson Rd), RD5, Warkworth 0985 •

Contact our friendly and professional team for experienced cost effective planning services Resource Consents • Plan Changes • Submissions • Hearings Representation • Independent Assessment 5 Lilburn Street, Warkworth Ph 09 422 3336 or 021 422 346 Email:

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Former local boy wins another award


A business that began as the dream of three young men from Mangawhai Heads has added a new award to its list of accolades. David Kelly, the 33-year-old chief executive of website New Zealand. design company Zeald, has received a Distinguished In December, its 60-strong operations team Young Alumni Award from Massey University. He is moved to new offices in Orewa, although its sales the first recipient of the award to graduate from the team remains in Albany. Last month, it opened university’s Albany campus. an additional consulting office in Christchurch, David founded Zeald 13 years ago with his brother and it has plans to expand in Australia. Brent and cousin Hamish Braddick. The brothers The company has so far designed more than persuaded Hamish to return from his OE in England 3000 websites for small and medium-sized to help set up the company, which they began with businesses, including Mahurangi Matters, and just $15,000. is currently delivering two websites a day for Both David and Brent had completed a Bachelor of its clients. Information Sciences at Massey, and they persuaded It has been voted Best Web Developer in the the university to allow them to run the business from NetGuide awards for the past two years, and its business incubation centre, known as the E-Centre, has also been a previous winner in the Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence for the first five years. Although there have been plenty of hiccups along Awards. the way, the business has grown to become one Right, David Kelly receives his award from of the largest website development companies in Massey University.

After-school tutoring gets a makeover in Warkworth

Already well-established as a brand in New Zealand, Kip McGrath has received a makeover in Warkworth, with a new owner and a new location. Dyslexia expert Ann Cook has bought hopes to offer many more subjects, the franchise for the district, and such as English as a second language, shifted its location from Matakana study skills, and expert maths. Rd to the Riverview Plaza. A small Children usually come to Kip centre will continue to operate in McGrath for one of three reasons: Mangawhai, run by long-time Kip they are struggling to keep up with the McGrath tutor Margaret Ransom. school curriculum, they are keeping Ann is already a well-known face in up but still struggling, or they need Warkworth. She and her husband more of a challenge, she says. used to own the Warkworth PaperPlus, “For me, it ticks all the boxes because and she will continue to run Dyslexia it is aligned to the New Zealand Workshop, which she established in curriculum; it allows for the fact that 2007, from the new Kip McGrath students learn at different rates and centre. in different ways; and it also allows She admits to initially being wary of programmes to be individualised.” the Kip McGrath style of tutoring, The new centre is equipped with eight because she thought it was too computer terminals, with a maximum “cookie-cutter” in its approach. But tutor-to-student ratio of 1:4. “It she was pleasantly surprised to find means I can have four students sitting the Australian-owned company had here and, without huge administrative revamped its techniques and its overhead, can have four different ages technology to adapt to the 21st century on four different programmes.” challenges many young people face. While most sessions will be after “The whole front end has been school, Ann is keen to teach other rewritten so it’s more internet-based. courses during the day, such as adult Whatever people think about Kip literacy, and for the centre to be McGrath, this is completely new.” available to groups such as those who The company is best known for its home-school their children. “There after-school tutoring in Maths and are some groups that might feel a bit English for primary and secondary more comfortable with just them in students. But from next year, Ann here,” she says. Support the businesses that support Mahurangi Matters

Free assessments Individually graded programmes Fully supervised, 80 minute sessions Small groups - 4 students per tutor Homework is set and marked Innovative and unique programmes to help make learning fun Wide variety of activities and resources that cater to individual learning styles English & Maths tutoring for years 1 to 13 Call for a free assessment Ann Cook 09 422 2305

Unit 5 River View Plaza Warkworth

Margaret Ranson 09 431 5898

33 Cullen Street Mangawhai Heads

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warmup the winter HOME HEATING FEATURE

Future uncertain for Government insulation scheme Questionmarks are hanging over a Government subsidy for home insulation despite a push to extend it. The Green Party won the Heat Smart found cold, damp homes were a “social policy as part of a post-election deal with and economic barrier”. the National Party in 2008 and around Green Party housing spokesperson 204,000 homes have been insulated at a Holly Walker says Statistics New cost of $347 million since. Zealand’s Perceptions of Housing But a cost-benefit analysis by Reserve Quality report shows renters are Bank chairman Dr Arthur Grimes has twice as likely as owner-occupiers recommended the scheme be aimed at to say they live in cold damp houses low-income earners only. and that families with children, along Energy Minster Simon Bridges says with Maori and Pacific families, were the Government has been considering even more likely to report living in whether to stop or extend the subsidy unhealthy and uncomfortable homes. once it ends in September. Labour Party health spokesperson Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei Annette King says it’s time the says the programme has created $1.3 Government required all rental billion of health benefits but reports properties to be insulated with linking poor home heating to asthma affordable, non-polluting heating. and rheumatic fever to damp housing She says the latest evaluation of “It has been one of the Government’s shows more needs to be done. the Government’s rheumatic fever most effective schemes with $5 saved on health costs for every $1 spent, but “New Zealand has one of the highest prevention programme shows a lack they’ve made a commitment to banks asthma and rheumatic fever rates among of follow-up on kids’ throat swabs is and the market that they wouldn’t affecting their health. developed countries. Home insulation introduce any more programmes. can play a big part in reducing those “The report says that even if there was rates. Now is the time to ensure the adequate follow-up after swabbing, “They’re saying ‘read my lips, there’s insulation scheme continues and has the the programme is in danger of no more money’ despite it having a opportunity to broaden its reach.” failing because it doesn’t address the good payback.” Results of a study by University of underlying causes of the disease such Mr Wylie claims it will be difficult Canterbury PhD student Rachel Webb as un-insulated housing, poverty and a to find large numbers of low-income families unless there’s a subsidy for all suggest there’s a “highly significant lack of access to health care.” positive relationship” between home Director of Albany-based Eco families. heating and asthma hospital admissions. Insulation Martin Wylie says the Heat “It’s true the most need is at the lower Another report on rheumatic fever Smart Policy has allowed his company end but it’s extremely inefficient to target and it’s unlikely you’ll get large numbers prepared for the Ministry of Health to go for customers across the board.

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of people in the low income group.” He says if the policy is dropped, it will lead to around 1500 job losses around the country. It takes half a day for Eco Insulation workers to install insulation in ceilings and underfloors. The company only uses environmentally friendly products including an earth-based fibreglass and polyester made from recycled bottles. Mr Wylie says it costs around $3000 to insulate an average home, with $1300 available as a subsidy. If you’re on a low income the Government pays 60 percent of the cost if you have a community services card.

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OUTDOOR & MARINE SMALL ENGINE SPECIALISTS 126 Rodney Street • Wellsford • Ph: 09 423 8182

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warmup the winter HOME HEATING FEATURE

Top tips for keeping warm As winter approaches, we’ve picked the brains of local home heating experts for some advice on how to keep cosy. Angela Brangwynne of Elite Window achieved with heavy duty lined curtains Rodney explains the latest building and boxed pelmets,” she says. code requires new homes to meet “If heat is a big issue, then avoid the an efficiency value so they achieve a vertical, conventional or timber blinds, certain value of warmth. as three do not give a good air seal.” “It’s made up of the insulation Derek Cuthell of Air Con North properties of the roof, wall and Auckland says heat pumps have soared ceilings,” she says. in popularity in the last 15 years but “The trend is for bigger windows and it is crucial to make sure you have the three-panelled doors. It lets people correct sized heat pump for the area open their house out and let the you’re heating. outside in, but the more glass you have, “They’re a lot cheaper than fire, you the more heat loss you experience… don’t need a permit from council, which is why double-glazed windows there’s no dust and dirt and no lifting have become so popular.” of firewood.” Rachel Fox of Flooring Xtra Mr Cuthell says positive pressure Warkworth recommends using a dense ventilation systems like HRV and underlay as it offers thermal insulation DVS are being superseded by what is and good acoustic properties. known as “balanced ventilation”. “Carpets this season are trending to “It takes the warm, moist air out longer, more dense pile heights with and takes the cold, fresh air in from a softer feel, adding warmth to homes outside. It passes through a polymer this winter.” core that transfers 85 percent of the Viv Guest of Guthrie Bowron heat over into the fresh air coming in Warkworth suggests trapping a layer of so it recovers the heat. insulating still air between the window “They’re more efficient than the and the room to limit heat loss. positive pressure system and they’ll “Savings of up to 40 percent can be reduce your heating bill.”

Guthrie Bowron’s for Curtains Custom-made & ready-made drapes Quality Blinds/Shades/Rollers FREE MAKE curtains all year on selected fabrics Upholstery arranged for you Cushions galore FREE HOUSECALL Measure • Quote • Colour Scheme


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Showerdome giveaway Enjoy the benefits of a warmer, drier, healthier home with Showerdome - a New Zealand invention consisting of a clear acrylic dome, which prevents steam from forming when fitted on a shower top. It saves the household money in energy costs, maintenance, and offers significant health benefits as shower steam is not able to flow into adjoining rooms; reducing condensation, mould, mildew and mites. We have one Showerdome to give away, valued at $276 including a DIY self-install kit (installation by a trained Showerdome installer is available at standard pricing). For more information, visit To enter, send your full name, phone number and address to Showerdome giveaway, Mahurangi Matters, PO Box 701, Warkworth. Alternatively, enter by sending us a private message with the competition name as the subject, to our Facebook page ( Closes May 19.


21 Glenmore Drive Warkworth

422 2275

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warmup the winter HOME HEATING FEATURE

Choosing efficient heating

Warming up your house may be easier than you think, says the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s (EECA) senior technical adviser, Christian Hoerning. “There are simple, low-cost changes that will make a difference, as well as investments to give you long-term benefits.” Effective low-cost or free solutions include closing curtains as soon as the sun goes down, blocking the chimney in any unused fireplaces, and installing draught seals around doors and windows. Installing underfloor and ceiling insulation are also one of the most cost-effective investments home owners can make for a warmer home that’s easier to heat, he says. “If your house is not insulated, or has old insulation that is probably not performing well, good quality, well-installed underfloor and ceiling insulation could halve your house’s heat pump, make sure you go for a correctly sized and installed Energy heat loss.” Star one. The efficiency of any heat Grants for installing underfloor and pump relies on it being the right size ceiling insulation are available through for the space being heated – if it’s too EECA’s Warm Up New Zealand: Heat small it will have to work harder and Smart programme. All homeowners cost more to run. Ask your supplier to (including landlords), living in houses size the heat pump specifically for the built before 2000, are eligible for a space being heated.” grant of 33 percent towards the cost of installing ceiling and underfloor Mr Hoerning says the most efficient insulation, up to a maximum of gas space heaters now also have a blue Energy Star mark. This means that $1300. they’re most efficient at converting So far more than 204,000 homes gas to heat and are healthier for your have been insulated through the family because they are flued, he says. programme. “Avoid unflued or portable gas heaters Keeping the heat in by insulating is as they pump moisture and noxious the first step, but insulation will be gases into the home, making it damp, more effective if you have heating to unhealthy and more expensive to heat. complement your insulated home, What’s more, electric heaters are much according to Mr Hoerning. safer and cheaper to run.” Clean, effective forms of heating Mr Hoerning says modern wood and include modern wood and wood- wood-pellet burners have low running pellet burners, Energy Star-qualified costs, especially if you have access to heat pumps and Energy Star-qualified free or cheap firewood and you can gas heaters and fireplaces. easily heat large spaces and hot water “If you are in the market for a new in winter through a wetback system.

Filter harsh UV but let the light, view and breeze in

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Kowhai Laundry Dry Cleaning Agents

13 Neville St, Warkworth • 425 9775 • Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

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warmup the winter HOME HEATING FEATURE

Fire ban proposal heats up As cooler weather closes in and home heating begins to crank up, moves to ban domestic open fires are moving forward at Auckland Council with the possibility that a ban could be in place next winter. Council’s proposal to ban domestic well as researching the management of open fires and require the phasing out domestic fire emissions in Auckland. of pre-2005 woodburners as homes He says his team is currently collating are sold, was presented to the information from the latest Home Regulatory and Bylaws Committee Heating Survey 2012, which will be last month. included in the presentation to the The proposal first went before the committee. regulatory and bylaws committee in The presentation will also cover the February last year, and was sent back existing situation regarding the use for further work, particularly around of open fires and wood burners, the implementation. health effects from small particulate Council’s policies and bylaws manager emissions, the legal obligations placed Andrew Pickering says in order to meet upon Council, the consequences of the 2016 Environmental Standards for non-compliance with AQNES, and Air Quality (AQNES) requirements, the costs and benefits of options to Council needs to begin reductions in reduce emissions from home heating the emissions from home heating fires fires. as soon as possible. Mr Pickering says after the presentation He says small particles from home to the committee, Council will be heating fires make up 72 percent of all seeking the views of the local boards, small particle emissions in the winter iwi and other affected parties. months in the Auckland region. The 2006 Census shows there The emissions from these small were 26,000 open fireplaces in the particles can have serious effects on Auckland region and around 78,000 old woodburners. public health. Mr Pickering says there are a number Council is also assessing the options of ways that Council can achieve for regulating transport emissions in reductions in emissions, including the line with the air quality standards, creation of a bylaw, and officers are which will require Government still working through the options as regulation.


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Building beautiful pools since 1987

Expert Leak Detection & Repairs Regular servicing and water testing Covers • Heating • Pumps • Filters etc 25 Years Experience

Freephone 0508 667 843 |

Planners and Resource Management Specialists Telephone: 09 426 7007 Email: Web:

Florence House 16 Florence Avenue Orewa

Warkworth & District “Crank Up Day”

Sunday 5th May starting 10am

Potter Anne Sutherland, of Warkworth, enjoys a paperclay workshop.

Artists open their doors

Anyone feeling a little bit crafty, or just a little bit nosy, can see for themselves what goes on at Kowhai Arts & Crafts on May 10. The club is holding an open day calligraphy, bookmaking, felting, flax at its rooms at Warkworth’s A&P weaving, glass fusion, leatherwork, porcelain painting, Showgrounds to show the public what pottery, printmaking, and spinning and it does. Kowhai Arts & Crafts has been a part weaving. A photography group will be of the community since 1977. It was starting up in the near future. formed to allow members to share Members will be available at the open their knowledge, practise their art, and day to demonstrate their work, and have a chat — and maybe even inspire. socialise with like-minded people. Regular activities include painting, Info: Sue Williams 425 5349.

Aero Club celebrates 50 years By Rod and Rosalie Miller

• Come and have a look around the museum – admission by gold coin • There will be a display of vintage machinery running, such as a hay bailer, tractors, many types of engines and much more. All machines will be “cranked up” for you to see and hear. • There will be a display by the Auckland Vintage Machinery Club • See the extensive display of old farm machinery in our new display area in front of the “big shed” • Don’t forget to enjoy the bush walks through Parry Kauri Park.

You won’t want to miss out on this fun day for the whole family! Parry Kauri Park, Tudor Collins Drive (Off Wilson Rd, Warkworth) Phone: 425 7093 | Email:

See you there!

The weather provided perfect flying conditions on April 7 when over 70 people celebrated 50 years of the Rodney Aero Club at Kaipara Flats Airfield. To help celebrate the club’s golden anniversary, 13-year-old Mahurangi College student and flying fan Jared Came, of Whangaripo, was awarded a free trial flight for his winning letter. With the level of passion displayed in the letter it is unlikely to be his only lesson. Jared wrote: “In my room I have models that I sometimes work on and Lego which I use all the time to make jets and helicopters out of. I also own several books on flight and aviation. On my walls are pictures of aircraft which are all named because I like to expand my vocabulary of aircraft.” Those at the celebrations were able to view memorabilia from 1963 to the present day. The first flying sheets showed early members paying 2 pounds 12 shillings and sixpence per hour to fly. Plans of the hangar and bridge were displayed, as well as numerous articles and photos showing the club’s 50-year journey. A significant moment for any student is going solo and a slide show

The cake was made by Evelyn Brown and cut by Joan Curreen

included photos of some of the first at Rodney Aero Club. Guests arrived by helicopter, Harvard and Stearman, plus several Tiger Moths. No birthday celebration is complete without speeches, presentations and a cake. Rod Miller was acknowledged for services to the club with an Honorary Life Membership. Past President, pilot and now patron Don Hawkings gave an interesting talk on his flying experiences. Liz King, Northern Area Rep, Flying NZ, congratulated the club. Joan Curreen, a past club captain/pilot, cut the impressive cake.

Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 | 41 49


‘Stunning’ dance show coming to Warkworth The New Zealand Dance Company is bringing its acclaimed Language of Living show to Warkworth this month as part of its North Island tour. The show, which has received gushing reviews since its debut last year, is intended to appeal to a wide audience. One critic has described it as “a celebration of flashy contemporary multimedia, old-school elegance and all-out dancing”, and raved about its “stunning offbeat costumes”, “remarkable lighting”, “impressive set”, and “New Zealand music at its best”. The company’s artistic director, Shona McCullagh, is one of New Zealand’s best-known choreographers and filmmakers. These days, she and her partner, composer John Gibson, live in Auckland, but she is especially familiar to Rodney residents, having lived in Leigh for nine years. “I miss living up there terribly, but we’re pretty lucky actually because we still spend a bit of time up at Leigh, so we can’t complain,” she says. “I adore the area, and it’s been really inspirational in a lot of my work.” Shona founded the New Zealand Dance Company last year, in the hope of preventing New Zealand dancers from having to seek work overseas. “I believe that without an opportunity for full-time jobs in contemporary dance we will never retain our best talent,” she says. “Like many other industries, we have to create the right working conditions so we can offer New Zealand audiences the very best of New Zealand dance.” By all accounts, she is so far achieving her aim. Language of Living features works by Michael Parmenter and herself, but also a young choreographer, Ashleigh Coward. “It features four young Polynesian male

Dance star Justin Haiu is among the performers who will appear in Warkworth this month.

dancers and it’s all about being a bloke, and the fact that blokes talk in a kind of weird language where they don’t finish sentences, and grunt and smirk and elbow each other, so it’s really funny and I think it’s going to go down a treat up there,” she says. Another work she expects to be a hit is Release Your Robot by Justin Haiu, about a robot that wants to be human. Meanwhile, the music ranges from Bach’s Sonata in A Major to Eden Mulholland, of the band Motorcade. Shona insists the company still has “a long way to go” before it achieves all her goals, but she is particularly grateful for funding from the Rodney Local Board, through the Auckland Regional Services Trust, which enabled the tour to go ahead. It also allowed



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the company to organise a four-day workshop for local dancers at the end of April. “The reason we’re coming to Mahurangi is partly because of my loyalty to the area but also because very often the regional and provincial areas miss out on the high quality arts experiences that city dwellers enjoy. And I really wanted to change that,” she says. “Our point of difference is high production values — we’ve got a beautiful set design, high-calibre dancers and music. We can’t wait.” The Warkworth show will be at Mahurangi College Hall on May 28, and the Orewa show will be at the Orewa Arts and Events Centre on June 4. Tickets are available from The Edge, or through local branches of Westpac.


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The Creation

By Crispin Caldicott

The combined forces of The Kowhai Singers, The Pohutukawa Singers and The Edgecumbe Choir came together on April 13 for a most worthy performance in the Mahurangi College Auditorium. Star of the evening was undoubtedly organist Michael Bell, who managed to coax from his very under-par instrument some of the pure poetry that was Haydn’s orchestration. Michael is organist at St Matthew-inthe-City, at which he gets to play an instrument closer to the capabilities of a European cathedral, to which his talent could certainly take him should he choose. Combining three choirs from different backgrounds was the task of conductor Peter Cammell. Though lacking the pure power that a single English Choral Society could produce on any given night, it was very clear everyone was well rehearsed, and knew their music under Mr Cammell’s tutelage. The tenor section in any choir is notoriously the weakest

for they are not natural voices – or if they are, they are rare – and there were a few moments when the tenors could have benefited from an injection of vocal glucose. The soprano Catherine Macdonald had a delightful high voice perfect for the role, but lacked power in the lower register. The tenor John Murray was acutely aware of his evangelist-type role and got across much of the innate drama. The bass Jarvis Dams had a few nice moments but was overall a trifle weak and lacking in clear diction. I recall standing through a three-hour opera once, oblivious to the passage of time, so gripping was the whole drama. There was certainly no clock-watching in this performance, for it had a sense of purpose from beginning to end. A very happy crowd, who had completely filled the hall, emerged refreshed by the majesty of Haydn, and the efforts of three enthusiastic choirs.

An Afternoon with a Local Food Hero

Lauraine Jacobs

St.John Ambulance Association Fundraiser For over 40 years Lauraine Jacobs, a nearly full time Omaha resident these days, has travelled widely always championing New Zealand food and wine producers. She has judged restaurant and producer awards, been president of the international Association of Culinary Professionals, sat on government advisory panels, written several cookbooks and eaten at some of the world’s best restaurants. Lauraine has been a great supporter of Taste since we first opened and over the years has held many classes in the store. To celebrate the release of her latest book and to raise money for the St. John Ambulance Association you are invited to come along to meet Lauraine and hear first hand some of her fascinating food adventures and insights into the culinary history of New Zealand. Refreshments provided.

Cuisine with Andrea Hinchco

Treating Mum like a Queen Of late I have been attending far too many funerals and one thing I have taken from this is the importance of never putting off a chance to join with our nearest and dearest to celebrate significant events and dates throughout the year. In my case this will always involve sitting around the table sharing good food and a glass of wine, or cup of tea, depending on the time of day. Mother’s Day is the perfect time for such a family gathering. The origin of Mother’s Day goes back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and an annual spring festival dedicated to maternal goddesses. Early Christians continued the tradition to honour the Virgin Mary, and in more recent times (around 1600) the day was expanded to include all mothers and became known as Mothering Sunday. These days, millions of people throughout the world use this day as an opportunity to thank and acknowledge the worth, love and support of their mothers. Traditionally, children would make a cake for their Mum and most young children still enjoy doing this, but grown-up families like mine prefer a simple lunch with a bottle of good wine. As the idea is that Mum shouldn’t have to cook, salads fit the bill nicely and the recipe this month is an adaptation of Constance Spry’s famous dish devised for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. It is also easy to transport and take to a shared meal.

Coronation Chicken • 6 skinless chicken breasts • 150g mayonnaise • 3tbsp mango chutney • 2 celery sticks, finely chopped • 50g sultanas • Large handful fresh coriander, chopped

• 2tsp mild curry powder • 125g crème fraîche • 1tsp Worcestershire sauce • 75g apricots, chopped • 50g flaked almonds • Salt and pepper to taste

Put the chicken breasts into a large pan and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil, then turn down the heat and simmer gently for 15 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through (use a meat thermometer to check). Drain and leave until completely cool. Meanwhile, heat a small frying pan and toast the curry powder, stirring, until it smells fragrant (about 30 seconds). Empty into a large bowl and stir through the next seven ingredients, along with plenty of seasoning. Cut or rip the cooled chicken into bite-sized pieces and add to the mayonnaise mixture, along with most of the flaked almonds and chopped coriander. Stir well and check the seasoning.

Free tastings in Matakana

DATE: Friday May 3rd TIME: 4.30pm - 6.30pm COST: $10 BOOKING: Essential by phone, email or in store

16 Mill Lane, Warkworth • 425 0302

Food and wine lovers will be able to taste local produce from a dozen Matakana artisans this month, in the inaugural Taste Matakana Celebration. The free event will take place on May 18 at Morris & James Pottery, to celebrate autumn’s harvest, and to coincide with their Harvest Sale. There will also be demonstrations and a chance for the public to try their hands at oyster shucking, kneading dough, tempering chocolate, and comparing different types of oil. All products will be available for sale. The event is part of the Matakana In May tourism promotion, which includes the Winemaker’s Tuscan Dinner at Ascension on May 25, wine tastings at The Vintry on May James Experience on May 29. 19 and May 22, and the Morris & Info:

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Youth Orchestra on its way

BO OK RE VIE WS by The Village Bookshop, Matakana

Blood & Beauty: The Borgias by Sarah Dunant

I took this book away on holiday recently and it kept me glued and I’m looking forward to the sequel. Dunant’s previous books, The Birth Of Venus and Sacred Hearts, have been very successful and she does historical fiction incredibly well. This time she breathes life into one of history’s most infamous families – the Borgias. The book starts with Rodrigo Borgia politicking for the position of Pope. After he’s chosen as Pope Alexander VI we then meet his children, their mother and his current lover. All of these characters from history are fleshed out, and we follow the rise and rise of the Borgia estate as Pope Alexander walks the tightrope that is European politics versus the Catholic faith and his immense love for family. Fascinating stuff.

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

Sage Singer works nights as a baker, is having an affair with a married man and hiding from the world in general. She does attend a grief therapy group where she befriends an elderly man who is a retired teacher and well respected in the community. One day he asks Sage for a favour: to help him die. Naturally Sage is shocked and refuses but when Josef tells her his story, she is horrified. What do you do when evil lives next door? Can someone who’s committed horrendous acts ever truly redeem themselves, and is forgiveness yours to offer if you aren’t the person who was wronged? Most importantly – if Sage considers his request, would it be murder, or justice? Picoult has written another page-turner that was very enjoyable.

by Elizabeth Clark

Warkworth Music is again delighted to open its season with the Auckland Youth Orchestra, in a concert entitled Life of a Hero on May 12 in Mahurangi College Auditorium at 4pm. The programme includes Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, with soloist Olivia Francis, who is also the concertmaster of the orchestra. Alex McFarlane is the viola soloist for Hindemith’s Trauermusik, a suite for viola and string orchestra written in 1936. The composer wrote the work at extremely short notice as he was in England on tour when the death of King George V was announced. The title means “Mourning Music” and Hindemith himself was the soloist at the first live performance, with Adrian Boult conducting. Totenfeier, a symphonic poem by Orchestra concertmaster Olivia Francis. Mahler, completes the programme. love of musical performance. It seeks The work is an early version of to showcase young soloists and has in the first movement of his second the past accompanied pianist Jason symphony, and was Mahler’s first Bae, who presents the second concert work for orchestra alone. of the year for Warkworth Music. The orchestra, directed by Antun Tickets for this concert are available at Poljanich since 1998, is the premier the door for $30, students being free. full-time youth orchestral institution As this is the first concert of a series in New Zealand and was founded of six Warkworth Music is presenting to bridge the gap between school this season, concertgoers may well orchestras and professional groups. It choose the more economical option provides a comprehensive programme of a full subscription ticket for the to musicians between the ages of 14 whole series. Info: Phone 425 7313, and 26 and aims to inspire young or brochures available at Warkworth people to excellence through their i-Site and Matakana Cinemas.

Open 7 Days Mon-Sat 9am-5pm • Sun & Public Holidays 10am-4pm The Village - 2 Matakana Valley Road • Matakana P: (09) 423 0315 • E:

Warkworth Music present

Auckland Youth Orchestra Conductor – Antun Poljanich LIFE of a HERO

Vivid • Sublime • Beethoven Beethoven Violin Concerto – soloist Olivia Francis Hindemith Trauermusik – viola soloist Alex McFarlane • Mahler Totenfeier

Sunday 12th May, 4pm at Mahurangi College Hall, Warkworth

Tickets at door Adults $30 STudenTS free • Info: Ph 425-7313

NOW lOcated GrOuNd FlOOr! 51 Morrison Drive, Warkworth Phone 09 425 9833 Email


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Holy Guacamole! Holy Guacamole! Rusty’s Rusty’s $14.50 Rusty’s

$14.50 $14.50Fiesta Mexican Monday Monday Fiesta Mexican Mexican Monday Fiesta

Rusty’s Mexican Mondays. all you can eat Mexican Fiesta Feast. Spin your sombrero with Rusty’s Mexican Mondays. Quesadillas, Burritos, tacos, Kids 5-10 years $10. Kids under 5 with eat FRee . Mexican Mondays. Rusty’s Mexican Mondays. all you can eat nachos...! Mexican Fiesta Feast. Spin your sombrero Rusty’s RESERVATIONS MONDAY Nights - Limited Time Only Quesadillas, Burritos, tacos, nachos...! Kids 5-10 years $10. Kids under 5 eat Ph: 09 422 9122


Rusty’s Mexican Mondays. all you can eat Mexican Fiesta Feast. Spin your sombrero with Rusty’s Mexican Mondays. RESERVATIONS Ph: 09 422 9122 MONDAY Nights - Limited Time Only Quesadillas, Burritos, tacos, nachos...! Kids 5-10 years $10. Kids under 5 eat FRee. RESERVATIONS Ph: 09 422 9122 MONDAY Nights - Limited Time Only

Curry Club All you can eat smorgasbord Curry Club All you can eat smorgasbord $14.50 Dine In Curry Club All you can eat smorgasbord The BesT Free Meal Deal

In Town!

The BesT Free Meal Deal The BesT Free Meal Deal

In Town! In Town!

Buy one large pizza and get another FREE




choice - Big Kahuna, Pepperoni, Margherita or Large Garlic Bread



$14.50 Dine Dine In In











Your choice of 6 Curries, Rice, accompanying Sauces, Buy one large pizza and get another FREE rusty’s chinese chow down Buy one large pizza and get another FREE Your choice - Big Kahuna, Pepperoni, Margherita or Large Garlic Bread free Your free choice - Big Kahuna, Pepperoni, Margherita or Large Garlic Bread Samosas, Naan Breads and Poppadoms. $14.50 Wok So easy, just eat and wokFeast away!! Wednesday So easy, just eat and wok away!! So easy, just eat and wok away!!

for bookings - TAKEAWAYs please phone


Tuesdays & thursdays only for bookings - TAKEAWAYs please phone 09 Tuesdays



422 422

9122 9122


Your choice of 6 Curries, Rice, accompanying Sauces, $12.50 Takeaway rusty’s chinese chow down Your choice of 6 Curries, Rice, accompanying Sauces, rusty’s chinese chow down Curry, Rice, Naan, Poppadom & Sauceand Poppadoms. Samosas, Naan Breads $14.50 Wok Samosas, Naan Breads and Poppadoms. $14.50 Wok Curry Club Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh, Beef Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma and Vegetarian Curries. Wednesday Feast $14.50 Wednesday Feast Rusty’s Wok Wednesday. all you can eat chinese with all your favourites! Sweet & sour pork, chicken & Vege chow Mein, Beef & Black Bean Sauce, egg Foo yong, Pork Won tons & heaps more all traditionally made by our chef Bing yan chen. Kids 5-10 years $10. Kids under 5 eat

wednesday Nights - Limited Time Only


RESERVATIONS Ph: 09 422 9122

All you can eat smorgasbord

$12.50 Takeaway

Dine In

Samosas, Naan Breads, Poppadoms & Salad. “Made fReSh wiTh The fiNeST iNgRedieNTS” delicious.

Your choice of 6 Curries, Rice, accompanying Sauces, Samosas, Breads and Poppadoms. Rusty’s Wok Wednesday. all you can eat chinese with Naan all your favourites! Sweet & sour pork, chicken & Vege chow Mein,

Rusty’s Wednesday. allegg youFoo can eatPork chinese with favourites! Sweet & sour pork, Vegeyan chow Mein, Beef Wok & Black Bean Sauce, yong, WonTakeaway tonsall& your heaps more all traditionally made bychicken our chef&Bing chen. $12.50 Beef & BlackNights Bean Sauce, Foo yong, Pork Won tons & heaps more all traditionally made by our chef Bing yan chen. dine in TAKEAWAY ) 09 422 9122 Thursday - egg Limited Time Only Kids 5-10 years $10. Kids under 5 eat FRee.

Curry, Rice, Naan, Poppadom & Sauce Curry, Rice, Naan, Poppadom Kids 5-10 years $10. Kids under 5 & eatSauce FRee.

wednesday Nights Limited Time Only RESERVATIONS Ph: 09 422 9122 Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh,-Beef Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma and Vegetarian Curries. wednesday Nights - Limited Time Only RESERVATIONS Ph: 09 422 9122 Samosas, Naan Breads, Poppadoms & Salad. “Made fReSh wiTh The fiNeST iNgRedieNTS” delicious. Thursday Nights - Limited Time Only

Curry Curry Club Club

dine in - TAKEAWAY ) 09



All All you you can can eat eat smorgasbord smorgasbord

Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh, Beef Vindaloo, Chi$14.50 cken Tikka Masala, ChiDine cken KormaIn and Vegetarian Curries. Dine In Your Your choice choice of of 6 6 Curries, Curries, Rice, Rice, accompanying accompanying Sauces, Sauces, Samosas, Naan Breads, Poppadoms & Sal a d. “Made fReSh wiTh The fiNeST iNgRedieNTS” delicious. Samosas, Naan Breads and Poppadoms. Samosas, Naan Breads and Poppadoms.

$12.50 Takeaway dine in - TAKEAWAY ) 09 422 9122 Thursday Nights - Limited Time Only Curry, Rice, Naan, Poppadom & Sauce Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh, Beef Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma and Vegetarian Curries. Samosas, Naan Breads, Poppadoms & Salad. “Made fReSh wiTh The fiNeST iNgRedieNTS” delicious. Thursday Nights - Limited Time Only

dine in - TAKEAWAY ) 09 422 9122

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Sun shines for Mangawhai Beach Day Dave Alley at by Kathy Newman

The Mangawhai Heads Volunteer Lifeguard Service was finally able to hold its Annual Beach Day recently, after it was cancelled due to windy conditions over Christmas. The weather gods looked favourably down onto the surf beach after a wet morning, and the sun came out, along with the public, right on time. It was a successful day, kicking off at 1pm with the first of two beach digs.  Both adults and children dug furiously in the sand to find some amazing prizes. The Head Rock swim was held under the watchful eye of our patrolling lifeguards. As it was started early due to an advertising error, a second swim was held, with some competitors completing the swim twice. The overall winner and first in the men’s section was Jake Wallwork (1st overall) and first female was Hannah Williams (2nd overall). The beach was full of families having fun.  The BBQ proved popular with sausages supplied by the Waipu Butcher. Egg throwing was a huge Looking for buried treasure at Mangawhai’s Beach Day. success and very entertaining. Families spent time making some amazing difficult for the judges as all the children engage the community again next year and very creative sand sculptures and looked great. There were some amazing with this great event and hopefully sandcastles on the beach and the judges prizes to be had and all children that will include a raft race at Picnic Bay. had a difficult time picking winners.  attended left with something they had MHVLS would like to thank all our The little Mr & Miss Mangawhai won, along with a smile. supporters and generous sponsors for contest proved popular, and again it was We look forward to being able to the wonderful prizes.


The second show in what organisers hope will be an ongoing music series at Whangateau Hall is highly regarded New Zealand guitarist, singer, songwriter and percussionist Dave Alley. Dave has played at Whangateau several times, both on his own and as a member of Sanders Alley Geiling. On May 11 he will bring his new solo show which features three well-worn Maton guitars played in standard and lapsteel slide styles with an array of odd tunings and some Celtic and Middle Eastern percussion instruments thrown in for good measure. Lyrically, the songs tell of places travelled, people met and ponderings, abstract or otherwise, on humanity, life and the fine art of living it. His strongly rhythmic, genre-defying music is a home-grown New Zealand style borrowing from roots, world, blues, rock, reggae, funk, folk and South Pacific styles. Delving into songs from three solo albums and unreleased tracks from new albums in the pipeline, Dave’s one-man shows are an enlightening trip through the world of an original musician and songwriter. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm show. Tickets are $15 at the door for adults, kids 15 and under free. Prebook by texting or calling 021 742 765.

Coming Events @ Ascension Winemaker’s Tuscan Dinner

The ‘Wine Confidence Course’

Chef Predrag Jankovic presents a four-course menu celebrating the flavoursome yet rustic peasant simplicity of Tuscan cuisine. Each dish is partnered with a Tuscan varietal from the cellar of winemaker and host Darryl Soljan.

Winemaker Darryl Soljan has developed the ‘7 Secrets of Enjoying Wine’ and he will share these and more during a fun and informative day that is suitable for all levels of wine enthusiast. You will take home real practical lessons that make wine more enjoyable as well as tasting wines from all over the world.

Saturday 25th May, 7pm

Normally $145 ‘Locals Price’ $125pp Includes a flute of Prosecco on arrival, special hosted four course Tuscan meal and matching wines of Tuscan varietals.

Sunday 16th June, 10am to 3.30pm

Normally $189 ‘Locals Price’ $169

Includes course, wine, notes, certificate and lunch. Gift vouchers are available to enable that special wine loving person in your life to attend.

Book your places online under the ‘Events Tickets’ at or 09 422-9601 ext 2 480 Matakana Road, Matakana

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RusT Treatment!!!

Sport with Chris Milicich

The funding squeeze

Protective Rust Inhibiting Oil

A Toyota ‘No Worries’ Service Plan gives you the following benefits:

• Great Penetrating oil • Use on boat trailers, tractors & roofs

Assurance of Toyota Genuine Parts & Service

39.00 + Gst $82.00 + Gst


Tailored Pre-Paid Servicing



Protection against inflation Choice of two servicing levels Some conditions apply - please contact us to discuss further



Service DDI 09 425 1090 Corner Whitaker Rd & Mill Lane Warkworth

Extra for the trade

3 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth

Wilmot Toyota

Phone 0800 425 800

(Opposite Warkworth Wreckers)




50 Matakana Valley Road Matakana Phone 422 7822 Mobile 021 429 955


Dragonfly – A new species of Sounder/Chartplotter. View the world beneath your boat with the photo-like clarity of DownVision sonar, the first high-resolution imaging sonar for anglers to use CHIRP technology. Dragonfly’s dual channel CHIRP technology lets you explore structure and target fish like never before at very affordable pricing.



0333 0956 1556 2227

0.4 3.4 0.3 3.5


0410 1015 1639 2245

3.1 0.7 3.0 0.8


0313 0937 1529 2156

0.8 3.0 0.7 3.1


0220 0832 1453 2057

2.9 0.9 2.8 1.0


0222 0845 1447 2117

0.4 3.4 0.2 3.6



0425 1049 1648 2320

0.5 3.4 0.4 3.5


0504 1109 1735 2338

3.1 0.7 3.1 0.8


0353 1017 1607 2234

0.9 3.0 0.7 3.1


0314 0926 1552 2155

2.9 0.9 2.9 0.9


0316 0939 1538 2210

0.4 3.4 0.3 3.6



0521 1143 1742

0.5 3.3 0.5


0555 1159 1826

3.1 0.7 3.1


0435 1057 1647 2314

0.9 2.9 0.8 3.0


0408 1021 1650 2250

3.0 0.8 3.0 0.8


0410 1033 1631 2303

0.4 3.4 0.3 3.5



0016 0618 1239 1839

3.4 0.6 3.2 0.6


0026 0644 1246 1913

0.8 3.1 0.6 3.1


0517 1138 1728 2356

1.0 2.9 0.9 3.0


0504 1116 1747 2344

3.1 0.6 3.2 0.7


0505 1127 1725 2358

0.4 3.3 0.5 3.4



0114 0718 1337 1941

3.3 0.7 3.1 0.7


0110 0731 1329 1957

0.8 3.1 0.6 3.2


0602 1220 1814

1.0 2.8 0.9


0600 1210 1841

3.2 0.5 3.3


0602 1222 1821

0.5 3.2 0.6



0213 0818 1438 2045

3.2 0.7 3.0 0.8


0152 0815 1411 2038

0.8 3.1 0.6 3.2


0041 0650 1307 1904

2.9 1.0 2.8 1.0


0037 0655 1303 1933

0.5 3.3 0.4 3.5


0054 0659 1318 1920

3.3 0.6 3.1 0.7



0312 0918 1539 2148

3.1 0.7 3.0 0.8


0233 0857 1450 2117

0.8 3.0 0.6 3.2


0129 0740 1358 1959

2.9 1.0 2.8 1.0


0129 0750 1355 2025

0.4 3.4 0.3 3.6


0150 0756 1416 2022


3.2 0.7 3.0 0.8

Uncertainty about funding and sustainable revenues affects all clubs and sporting organisations in our region. From the small gymnastics club that hires the local hall, to a major rugby club that has multiple fields and facilities, they face the same issues but not to the same scale, on how to continue to provide an engaging and safe sport experience for the community in these tough economic times. Costs are continuing to rise and these have to be passed on to the end user. There is a tipping point at which the end users can no longer justify the costs involved and will vote with their feet. The sporting organisation is then left with a declining participation base, increased costs, sponsorship retention issues, reduction in skilled members and having to rely on unsustainable funding models. The funding and income generation side has the sinking lid policy of the Council to deal with. It is decreasing the amount of money that is available for the local community from the gaming trusts. Sponsors — especially ones who are prepared to provide unattached cash — are looking for a bigger return on their investment to justify their expenditure and look beyond the grassroots organisations. Local board and Council funding is a contestable process which is always oversubscribed. Private companies provide wonderful events for the public to enter but in many cases there is little return for the local sport organisation. Auckland is now part of a “Supercity” with the associated infrastructure costs; in many cases local boards are facing local issues with diminished resources; and there is increasing demand for funding assistance coming from all sporting, social and arts organisations. The expectation is that every club will provide a safe environment, team organisation, registrations, reporting, follow operational guidelines, be fair, and be a major part of the social and emotional development of young people. Sport organisations are being asked to do more and more for their members and the community, and there is little, if any, expectation that additional funding or revenue will be provided to facilitate this. We are now facing the very real prospect of organisations having to decide what they can and can’t afford without passing on increases to their members. Harbour Sport is not immune to these funding issues and has to unfortunately compete against other community organisations. Sport makes our communities stronger and more vibrant, and its economic contribution to our economy is massive, but how can we continue to grow the grassroots participation across our region when we exist in a funding model that is not allowing sporting organisations to be agile and able to answer the needs of their local community? We may all need to have a different mindset in regards to sport and how we pay for it, but we must take into consideration any risk to our vibrant grassroots sporting culture. The tipping point is fast approaching in which sport may not be available for all in our community, and that would be a shame.

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Sudoku the solution 9

















































































If it’s local, let us know! Mahurangi Matters

425 9068

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Sponsored by



A roundup of sports activities and events in the district Badminton

yy Monday night badminton has begun for the winter season. Juniors play at 6.30pm and seniors at 7 30pm. All grades of players are welcome at the Mahurangi Community Hall every Monday night. Info: Sue on 422 7021 or email Ryan Renall at last year’s event at Sandy Bay.

Rodney College pupil triumphs in northland surfing series By Tony Baker

Mangawhai Heads surfer Ryan Renall cleaned up the Under 16 Boys division in the first event of the Northland Scholastic Surfing Series last month. National Scholastic Champion Manu showed his class, dominating every Scott-Arietta (Whangarei Boys High encounter he had in the water. His School) left the door wide open for surfing has matured over the past six his counterparts, and it was Renall months since competing at the 2012 (Rodney College) who cleaned up the Nationals Scholastics in Taranaki, and division. With over 30 entries in the the conditions were perfect for him to division, there were some close battles. unleash his repertoire. Seymour took In the final, Renall was unstoppable, out the division ahead of Joe Palmer winning comfortably ahead of local (Kerikeri High School) in 2nd and Rhys Whitaker (Bream Bay College) surfer Dylan Cook (WBHS) in 2nd. Whangarei Boys High surfer Fraser in 3rd. Seymour (WBHS) was the stand- There were 11 entries from across the out surfer at the first event of the region in the girls’ events — the most 2013 series, which was held at Ocean since it started in 2010. In the Under Beach on April 12. The event ran 14 Girls it was local Ocean Beach surfer in contestable 0.5-1m waves which Grace Pevats (WHGS) who took out suited Seymour down to the ground. her division, Toni Mekkelholt (Kaitaia With over 50 entries from schools College) who took out the Under 16 Girls around the North, it was obvious to and Hannah Leaming (WGHS) who see the experience of surfers such as won the Under 18 Girls. It was excellent Seymour pay off, and in the morning to see such a strong turn out and NSSS heats there was some excellent surfing. organisers look forward to seeing growth The premier division in the event in this area at the next event. was Under 18 Boys. Talented natural The second event of the series is footer Fraser Seymour (WBHS) scheduled for May 17.


yy Junior competition has started at the Wellsford Squash Club, at the Wellsford Golf & Squash Centre, on SH1. Primary Juniors play on Monday during the school term, from 3.30pm. College Juniors play on Tuesday, from 3.30pm. Beginners welcome. Info: Edwina on 423 9266 or Nikki on 423 8893 (Primary Juniors); or Christine Crow on 423 7149 (College Juniors). Soccer

yy Warkworth AFC (NRFL2) vs Oratia Utd (NRFL2) at 2.45pm on Saturday May 4 at Shoesmith Reserve 1. yy The football season at Port Albert starts on May 11 and the Wellsford Soccer Club is fielding teams across all grades. New players welcome. The club would also welcome assistance from volunteers prepared to help with managing and coaching. Training provided. The club practises at the Port Albert grounds on Thursdays. Info: Lee on 423 8831 (a/h) or Leigh on 423 7179. List sports news by emailing

229 State Highway 1, Warkworth Phone 09 422 3149 0800 TOTALSPAN (0800 868 257)


Junior cricket team scores a six

Wellsford School’s junior cricket has received an ANZ Cricket Grant worth $1,500. Deputy principal and cricket coach Paul Moore says the grant, which includes bats, stumps, helmets and pads, will make a huge difference to North Auckland’s only school-age rep team. “We really wanted to breathe life back into cricket this season after it had become almost non-existent in Wellsford. After Northland Cricket took our school for a skills session we had lots of students wanting to play. We formed a team and with a lot of hard work they got into the B grade of the Whangarei competition, finishing the season on their first-ever win.”

The grant is a great encouragement to the team to keep playing, he says. “If we keep going in this direction who knows what we can achieve next season – I’m so proud of them.” ANZ representative Kate Moore says the grant is part of a $100,000 fund ANZ has set aside for clubs, schools, fans and social teams around the country. “Wellsford School’s junior cricket team received a grant because they impressed us with their passion and dedication for cricket. They’ve come really far in just one season and we’re excited to see what they can do next year after training with brand new gear. It’s great to see a team flying the flag for cricket in North Auckland,” she says.

Flavour of the month Gnarlie Charlie Our awesome biscuit/gelato sandwich


Winter hours (from May 5th) Friday-Sunday 10am-4pm 17 Sharp Rd, Matakana • Ph 422 7942 •

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from the


working towards introduction of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which many schools are in the process of introducing. A draft

David Macleod Dear Parents and Guardians Tena Koutou Katoa

The NCEA results from 2012 have now been confirmed (see bottom of page).

These results are a tribute to the students themselves, to their families and to their teachers, including the teachers in our local primary schools who have given our students a strong start to their education.

First XI Cricket

Modern technologies are an important tool to support and enhance learning. As well as setting up our new server room and the two new IT rooms in the recently opened B-Block, our IT Manager, Mr Dempster, has also been busy overseeing the re-cabling of our Daniel Vaughan, Sam Cadwallader, Lana McCa rthy, Ella Harnish Archery Team school for our network and the Sam Hodgetts, Sam Overton, Liam Newson introduction of UFB (Ultra Fast & Angela Coote. Broadband). These are all now up and running at Mahurangi College. policy for this is on our school website and We currently allow our students access the Board would appreciate feedback from to the internet at school only on school parents. devices (iPads, laptops and computers) so we can protect against mis-use of these Congratulations to the following students for technologies. Our Board of Trustees has making North Harbour Representative Teams recently purchased a new fire wall which in Touch: Kris Middleton, William Haughey, will enable us to exercise a degree of Lewis Arthur, Mariana Winiana, Mako monitoring and control over other devices Osborne, Tamara Hagger, Tonya Botherway brought onto the school site and logged (U15); Kelly Middleton, Nathan Bull, Carlin into the school system, so we are now Dunn, Scott Fabricius, Brooke Moka, Ariaana

ISSUE 4: May 2013

important dates Monday May 6 ࠮ Term 2 Starts Wednesday May 8 ࠮ Science ICAS Exam Applications close ࠮ School Cross Country ࠮ Prospective BOT info evening 6.30 - 7.30pm Thursday May 9 & 10 ࠮ River to Sea Expo - Yr 8 parents - evening - hall Wednesday May 15 ࠮ Business Studies - Market Day - Hall - lunchtime Thursday May 16 ࠮ Attitudes speakers Yr 9 - Cyber Bullying (Koha) ࠮ Parent evening - Yr 12 Health Programme 6.30pm ࠮ Nominations for BOT close Friday May 17 ࠮ Attitudes Speakers Tuesday May 21 ࠮ CrossCountry - Nth Harb/West Auck Zone day Massey Wednesday May 22 ࠮ Yr 13 - Tri Service Presentation - Hall ࠮ Yr 11 12 - Growing leaders session #2 Thursday May 23 ࠮ Yr 7 local Area Trip ࠮ Yr 12 Health Programme ࠮ Meet BOT Candidates Evening - 6.30pm Friday May 24 ࠮ Netball Fundraiser - Hypnotist - hall - evening ࠮ 40 Hr Famine Sleep over ࠮ Yr 7 local Area Trip Monday May 27 ࠮ BOT meeting - 6.15pm start Wednesday May 29 ࠮ Int Student 3-day Trip - Coromandel ࠮ Manu Korero - 3-day Regional competitionThursday May 30 ࠮ BOT Elections Day Monday June 3 ࠮ Queens Birthday Wednesday June 5 ࠮ Science ICAS Exam ࠮ BOT Election results announced

Osborne, Stacey Botherway (U17). Congratulations to our Senior Boys’ First XI Cricket team who competed in the Northern Districts Coed Twenty/20 Cricket competition against 90 other coeducational schools. They won the Northland Competition, defeated the Counties Manukau Champions in the semi-final and defeated the Bay of Plenty Champions in the final. The team is coached by Anthony Roberts (parent) and managed by Mr Cooper. Congratulations to the Archery Team, who won the Compound Bow Teams Event in the Auckland Secondary Schools’ Archery Championships.

David Macleod, Principal

Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 || 49 57 Mahurangimatters

Board Of Trustee Elections 2013

B Block opened by Hon Nikki Kaye

We were very pleased on Friday 22nd March to have the Hon Nikki Kaye, Associate Minister for Education, open our new B block. Also in attendance were the local MPs, Mark Mitchell and Tracey Martin, Penny Webster from the Auckland Council and many other invited guests, including the two previous Board Chairmen, Colin Binsted and Tim Holdgate, and officials from the Ministry of Education. The facility, including furnishings and equipment, cost $5.2 million and includes a new front office,

The School Board of Trustee Election is being held this year. Becoming a School Trustee is an important role that needs people with a range of skills and experiences, who believe in making a positive difference to our children’s learning. We have 5 (five) Parent Trustee positions available.

a student centre, a new IT centre, two IT classrooms, an additional Graphics classroom, a Commercial Kitchen, an Inquiry room, a Maths resource room and 8 new classrooms. It has also created a large student quadrangular area in the heart of the school and improved the flow of foot traffic through the school. There was a dawn blessing with local kaumatua, Rev John Marsden, Pita Pou and Hahe Walker at 6am that morning.

Year 13 Camp 2013

This year’s annual Year 13 Camp, on Great Barrier Island got somewhat derailed by the blustery January weather. The result was the trip was postponed until the Easter holiday break. Wednesday 27th March 3am, saw 61 students, 4 staff and 9 parents assemble on Sandspit wharf for a 3:30am departure. Fortunately a prolonged ‘Indian Summer’ meant we left in warm, calm and mild conditions, with cheerful sunny days throughout. Mr Stirling undertook the transport operations from Okiwi School. Mr Winiana took his group off to the dreaded Tramline Track. Mr Frost’s group headed off on the picturesque Haratoanga coastal walkway. Mrs Campbell’s group started with the arduous ascent of Mt Hobson. Once the groups set off each would rotate around the tracks and campsites independently and not meet up till the final afternoon, for the BBQ and variety concert. When the groups did roll in on the Saturday afternoon, most were quite shattered by the long days, lack of sleep and the physically demanding hikes - with packs typically weighing somewhere between 14 to 18kg. Despite this they soon perked up and were excitedly exchanging stories of woe and comparing blisters. Mixed emotions were clearly evident. Most were glad the walking was over, but immensely sad that soon they would be parting from new found friends and the chance

The following is a list of dates which are important in this election: - 19th April - Nominations called for - 30th April - Main Electoral Roll closes (available for viewing at Office) - 8th May 6.30pm – Information evening for Nominees. - 16th May - Nominations close - 21st May - Voting Papers sent - 23rd May 6.30pm - Meet BoT Nominees Evening - 30th May by 12 noon ELECTION DAY - 5th June – Results declared Please see for further information or call Returning Officer for more information. Natasha Hallam, Returning Officer Ph: 021 023 77629 Email: Business owner

Learner focussed

Number cruncher

Team player

Enquiring mind

Creative thinker

to relax and socialise with their peers. After a couple of sausage sandwiches and a feed of mussels, everyone settled in for the final act, the variety concert. It was as entertaining as ever, with plenty of improvised humour to have everyone in stiches throughout. But the judges were unanimous, Mrs Campbell’s group had the best rehearsed, tightest song & dance routine of the lot - to take out the title ‘Barrier Idol’ 2013. Becoming a school trustee could be one of the On behalf of the school, I’d like to thank all the most rewarding roles you have. students who stuck with it, and the parents and Being a school trustee is an important role that needs staff who accepted the Barrier Challenge. Due people with a range of skills and experiences, who believe to the perseverance and unusual nature of this in making a positive difference to our children’s learning. small but spirited band they were dubbed ‘The Step forward and nominate yourself or someone you know Diehards’ – a complementary and worthy badge by filling out a nomination form available from your school. of honour for passing this Mahu rite of passage Being a school trustee is an important role that needs people with a range of skills and experiences, who with flying colours. Learn more at

If you can share your skills you can be a trustee

R. Stirling, T/c Year 13 Camp

Achiever of the Month: Zarna Jones Presented by Miguel Gomez, Inventory Manager, Mega Mitre 10 Warkworth

Excellence Level 1 NCEA

Member of Girls’ First XI Hockey Team

Member of Senior Elite Debating Team

Proudly Supporting Mahurangi College

Youth Parliament Representative

WARKWORTH Corner Woodcocks Road & Mansel Drive, Phone 425 8119

58 50 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013

Close loss hurts Warkworth

Jack Ryan(Waipu), Thomas Jacobson (Waipu), Jack Bennett (Mangawhai) and Lewis Chappell (Wellsford) enjoy a drink and a banana after the finish of the 5.5km event.

Mangawhai boy wins division It might not be a competitive event, 11-year-old Jack Bennett. In one of the best battles of the day, Jack beat fellow 11-year-old Jack Ryan from Waipu in the 5.5km event of the Jeff Oliver Print Heads2Hub run/walk at Mangawhai Heads on April 21. The pair were neck-in-neck for most of the event, but it was Ryan who managed to find the extra strength to win in fine style. Organisers Sport Northland were delighted with the turnout from local schoolchildren for the event, which took place earlier than usual this year. A strong run by 11-year-old Wellsford schoolgirl Georgia Brierley had the crowd cheering as she raced to the line to finish seventh female overall. Georgia finished in sixth place in last year’s event and again showed she could be an athlete to watch out for in the future. The 2012 Sport Northland Run/

but it seems no one told Mangawhai Walk Series winners Harry Lindford and Carolyn Younger, both from Whangarei, continued their winning streak by taking out their respective divisions in the 8.5km event in the second event in the 2013 series. The next event in the series is the Jennian Homes Mother’s Day Fun Run/ Walk at Paihia on May 12. This event is linked to the Jennian Homes and Heart Foundation promotion “Go Red for Women” to support women’s heart health this Mother’s Day. Women’s Red t-shirts will be available for sale online which will enable women to go in to a special draw to win a Mystery Escape for two. Info: or pick up an entry form from Sport Northland.

Matakana’s 1st lunch bar We offer good, fresh, home-made food, with unbeatable variety and value. Hot, Classic, Gourmet & Mighty Mata style, or come in & build your own Healthy Mata. Select whatever you want, from our breads to fillings

Coffee from 6am

021 212-6414

Text us your coffee order to go Open Mon - Fri 6am-2pm, Sat until 2pm Unit B, 989 Matakana Road

After consecutive losses against teams at opposite ends of the table, a result was crucial for the Borders Real Estate Men’s First Team against Tauranga City United on April 20. The return of Matt Taylor and Mike compared to the previous week the O’Flaherty and the impressive form of boys were devastated to suffer another new signing Leigh Draper left Steve loss — our third in a row by a solitary Gove with a tough decision naming goal. Next week’s game is away to the team, but he also had the pleasure Onehunga-Mangere and as coach of a full bench of fresh players to call Gove mentioned in his post-match upon for the first time this season. speech, when the bounce of the ball The game started with the Warkworth starts to go our way we will string boys pressing hard against their more wins together. The next home fixture fancied opponents. The first 20 minutes for our men’s teams are against new saw a few half chances for the Warkworth comers Oratia on May 4, with the boys, but they were unable to capitalise. Mitre 10 Mega Reserves Team kicking The rest of the half developed into an off at 12.30pm and the Borders Real arm-wrestle and it was looking like one Estate First team at 2.45pm. goal might be enough for either team to Borders Real Estate Golden Boot: earn all three points. Jamie McGookin 1, Gareth The game was turned on its head Southcome 1, Cody Piper 1, Cameon when with only 15 minutes to go — a Gary 1, Michael O’Flaherty 1, Adam corner to Tauranga resulted in a goal Thomson 1. to their star striker Jack McNab, who headed home at the back post. The Mitre 10 Mega Golden Boot: goal ignited the game and resulted in Matt Taylor 2, Andre Gaensicke 1, a really open last 15 minutes that saw Kyle Deans 1, Bryce Lowe 1,Leigh Draper 1, Aaron Potter 1. another two goals. The first of these goals resulted in an The Metroscaff-sponsored over-35s equaliser to the home side. A free kick side continued its good form with a from Captain Gareth Southcombe managed to just evade the Warkworth battling 2-2 draw away to Birkenhead attackers but, to the delight of the in the second division of the Old Boys’ home side, snuck into the goal. With competition. Kyle Deans and Andy the scores level and 10 minutes left Wheeler scored the Warkworth goals on the clock, the sending off of a while Rod Weir picked up his second Tauranga player for a second bookable player of the day award with another offense tipped the scales in the home hard-working effort in the midfield. side’s favour. Unfortunately as the The Withers & Co-sponsored Women’s Borders First Team boys piled forward First team went down 1-0 in an away in search of a late winner, they were hit game to the Avondale-based side Metro, on the counter-attack and after over- in a very entertaining match on April committing forward could only turn 21. The Warkworth side was desperately and watch as a neat switch of play and unlucky not to gain any points from the a clever cross resulted in a second goal match, having dominated the stats in for McNab. Warkworth then looked shots and also in possession, and field to have equalised in the last play of position for almost all of the second the game when another Southcombe half. Player of the day was Nikki Gould freekick found Jamie McGookin at the – just reward for another sterling effort back post and, despite massive cheers at the heart of the Warkworth defence. from the sideline, the ball traveled just The team next play Norwest at home on April 28 at 1pm. wide of the post. At the Bridgehouse aftermatch The Warkworth Surveyors Women’s function, Leigh Draper was named Second team were again unlucky not player of the game, just over Tom get a positive result from their match Brady, who had another strong with Glenfield going down 1-2 in game. Despite a better performance another tight encounter.

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Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013 | 51 59

what’s on May 2013


For links to more information about some of these events, as well as listings through to the end of the year, visit the What’s On calendar online at

Public meeting to discuss Auckland’s Council’s Rural Urban Boundary for Warkworth, 7pm, Old Masonic Hall. Organised by Warkworth Area Liaison Group. 1 Warkworth Library school holiday programme, meet local police officers and firefighters and their vehicles, 11am. 1-3 Solo art exhibition, From Thin Air by Colin Unkovich, Mangawhai Museum 10am – 4pm daily. Info: 09 432 1020 or, 2 School holiday one-hour excursion aboard the historic Jane Gifford scow. Departs Warkworth wharf 11.30am. Schoolchildren $2, adults $20. Info: 027 4849935. 2 Mid-North Forest & Bird AGM and winter talk on the future of the Hauraki Gulf, featuring a range of expert speakers. Totara Park Village Hall, Warkworth, at 7pm. 2   Storyteller Andy Wright will be entertaining children with stories of heroes and villains, Wellsford Bible Chapel 10.30am, Warkworth Library 12.30pm, Mahurangi East Library 2.30pm. 3 Warkworth Library school holiday programme, meet the mad scientist and watch his super science show, 10.30am. 3 Food writer Lauraine Jacobs and her new book at Taste in Warkworth, as a fundraiser for St John, 4.30pm-6.30pm. Booking essential, tickets $10. Refreshments provided. Info: 425 0302,, or in store. 3 School holiday excursion aboard the Jane Gifford scow. Departs Warkworth wharf 12.30pm. Schoolchildren $2, adults $20. Info: 027 4849935. 4 Wellington band Newtown Rocksteady play the Leigh Sawmill Cafe, $10 on the door. 4 Garage sale 8am-10.30am, Wellsford Co-operating Church. 5 Open Day, Silverhill Alpacas, Wellsford, 10am-4pm. Feed and walk alpacas, find out how to care for them, and see how the raw fibre is made. Info: for other farms taking part in National Alpaca Day. 5 Sunday in the Park volunteer day at Tawharanui. Planting will begin again. All welcome. 5 Pre-Mother’s Day one-hour excursion aboard the historic Jane Gifford scow. Departs Warkworth wharf 2.30pm. Mothers $10, other adults $20, child $5. Info: 027 484 9935. 10 Homebuilders health expo (see p27) 10 Kowhai Art & Craft Open Day, Warkworth Showgrounds, SH1. 10am - 1pm. Displays & demos of craft activities (see story p40). 10 Life Child Care Centre family fundraising disco, Snells Beach, 5.30-7.30pm. Kids come in costume, adults dressed in your pre-school era. Live DJ, prizes, and refreshments, $5 per family. Info: Sally 425 4305. 11 Mahu Jazz Club dinner and jazz evening, 6.30-9pm, Mahurangi Presbyterian Hall.  Book by May 5. Two-course meal $20, students $10.  Info: Larry 425 0966, or 425 8861. 11 Dave Alley plays Whangateau Hall.  Doors open 7:30pm. Tickets $15 at the door for adults, kids 15 and under free. Pre-book by texting or calling 021 742 765. 12 Warkworth Music Concert (see p43) 15 Heart Happiness Meditation Group, 7pm – 8.30pm, Hibiscus Coast Community House, Orewa (behind Estuary Arts). Donation only. 18 Taste Matakana Celebration, Morris & James Pottery, 12-5pm. Free demonstrations and food and wine tasting from local artisans. 20 Rodney College pre-ball fundraiser, doors open 6pm, 8pm fashion parade, 9pm prize draw for a ball gown. Adult tickets $10 or $15 (includes light supper and presentation), $5 for children, from the college or Woodys Winners. Email your events to

th At What’s On This Mon



5pm to 8pm - Featuring live guests & jukebox 1st up - Saturday 4th May - Tammy D’Ath Covers include Adele, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Lee Jones and Dixie Chicks

Live Music Every Friday Night No Cover Charge After the New World Meat & Grocery Raffles at 5pm Friday, 3rd May Friday, 10th May Friday, 17th May Friday, 24th May


Kavalliers Rhythm and Groove Gary Pallett May Dave Clarke Revival

Anyone can join the Warkworth RSA just roll up after 11am or phone 425 8568


60 52 | Mahurangimatters 1 May 2013

Seagull antics entertain crowd at Matakana Rafts, surfboards, surf skis, rubber inflatables, classic boats, aluminium dinghies and some craft that defied description took to the Matakana River on April 20, to contest the annual Seagull Race. The event, organised by The Matakana, raised around $7000, which will be shared equally by Kawau Volunteer Coastguard, Matakana Rural Fire Service and Omaha Surf Club. A total of 26 Seagull-powered craft ran the gauntlet of eggs and missiles thrown by spectators on the wharf and river bank. The Black River Boys team of Paul Gilchrist and Mark McMurtry crossed the finishing line first, followed by The Palms, crewed by Bruce Whistler and Alice Murman. A crowd of about 350 people enjoyed the spectacle, with the Coastguard vessel on hand to hose down anyone who got over-excited. Pub co-owner Duncan Anderson said the sun shone against all odds and people came out to join the fleet and make it fun. “Particular thanks to the sponsors, both the main ones and local businesses, who generously gave products and services to create such a fantastic drawcard raffle,” he said. Dennise Wijnstok, of Omaha, and Yvonne Sanders, from Cape Rodney, won the two major raffle prizes, of a holiday for two to Fiji and a Viking Profish fishing kayak. Race commodore was Kim McDell. Duncan says the race will definitely be back next year “bigger and better”. “We will run two categories next year – one for the speed merchants and the other for creative craft. We also plan to have more entertainment on the riverbank.”

Various competitors take to the water in a riot of activity on the Matakana River on April 20.

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