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October 15, 2014


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Guided walks to fund heritage brochure for Warkworth

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In Bloom feature

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Kaipara Harbour In the spotlight page 35 Dave Parker is offering guided walks around Warkworth and cruises on the Jane Gifford to raise money to reprint a heritage trail brochure, after stocks ran out a year ago. (For history trail story, see p9)

Major retail development for Warkworth A large retail development at The Grange site in Warkworth has been granted resource consent and is expected to open late next year. The developer, Square and Main Street Ltd, was granted a non-notified consent, which means there will be no process for public submissions on the consent or appeals to the Environment Court.

The 7000m2 retail development will accommodate 22 tenancies, including a McDonalds, a BP service station, a 24-hour Snap Fitness gym, a Coffee Club café, a St Pierre’s Sushi, a Tank juice bar and a childcare centre catering for up to 80 children. The site is beside Carters on the south side of Warkworth within the 80kph

zone. It will include 142 carparks and construction of a walkway along State Highway 1 to link it to the township. Independent duty commissioner Alan Watson recommended the resource consent be granted as non-notified on September 11 and a final decision was made on October 1.


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Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014

contacts Issue 259

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Grange development consent non-notified Real estate agents Colliers has listed retail tenancies for the site on Trademe. since August 23. In his decision, Mr Watson said “the adverse effects will be no more than minor” and is consistent with zoning and planning for the area. Rodney Councillor Penny Webster had previously said it was unlikely the development would be granted a nonnotified consent and was shocked by the decision. “There’s nothing we can do now. There’s something seriously wrong with the process here.” “The implications for Warkworth as a whole are significant and it is a huge mistake not to allow the community to have a say,” Cr Webster says. “I can’t understand how the effects of the development were viewed to be only minor. When the land was rezoned from residential to retail we placed a strict limit on the kinds of businesses which could operate there.” Cr Webster was unaware the consent decision had been made and is furious Council staff did not alert her earlier. “Under the current structure the Local Board is asked for input on the consent, but the Councillor is left out of the loop. That has to change. It’s another example of a total disconnect within Council.” The site was rezoned from residential to retail in 2008 to allow for tradebased hardware and building retailers to operate. Rodney Local Board members Steven Garner and Beth Houlbrooke had made

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The Grange development will have 22 tenants, including McDonalds and BP.

a recommendation that the consent be fully notified given the potential effects on neighbours and traffic. Mr Garner says he is also concerned about adding another retail zone to the town. “I think it’s more appropriate for the area to be zoned for residential development. Commercial development would be better placed in other areas,” Mr Garner says. Ms Houlbrooke says developments on Woodcocks Road and the Puhoi-Wellsford motorway means the environment in Warkworth is substantially different to when the Grange zoning changed, and it may not have gone through if decision makers had the benefit of hindsight. However she says the Grange will be a boost for Warkworth. “I think it is an appropriate use of the site and a service station is needed there. It will also provide some much needed jobs for our area, particularly for young people.”

Developer Colin Reynolds says landscaping work will begin next month and he expects construction to be completed late next year. He says construction will avoid peak traffic over summer. There will be turning bays and a median strip to enable traffic to enter and leave the Grange and Mr Reynolds says he doesn’t believe it will have a significant impact on traffic. “NZTA has approved the design and traffic currently has to stop at the Woodcocks Road intersection anyway,” Mr Reynolds says. Warkworth Area Business Association chair Rachel Callender says she is surprised by the decision as it will have a significant impact on the town, further dividing the retail sector. In Mr Watson’s decision on the consent, he said the development will have a “less than minor impact” on the town centre as retail at the Grange will be focused on the drive-by market and restrictions on the type and size of retail will mean it won’t compete with businesses in the township.


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Mahurangi Matters


Budget cuts fall on “under-utilised” community halls In its drive to limit rate rises, Auckland Council has set its sights on community halls. It’s understood that over the next 10 years, Council expects to raise more than $9 million from the sale of “under-utilised” halls. As part of current discussions around the draft Long Term Plan (20152025), Council is looking at three options for “poorly performing” halls – closure, sale or transfer to community ownership. It estimates the strategy could save ratepayers $320,000 annually or $3.2 million over 10 years. There are 22 community halls and centres in Rodney, and 118 throughout Auckland. Rodney Local Board deputy chair Steven Garner says that under criteria applied in the city, many rural halls could be labelled “under utilised”. “These buildings are extremely important to the people who live around them and the Board will object quite strongly to the closure of any hall,” he says. “We will insist on each hall being assessed on a case-by-case basis.” The Board has yet to see a list of which

halls will be assessed. In another Long Term Plan (LTP) proposal, Mayor Len Brown has signalled an interest in divesting some community development responsibilities, and funding, directly to community groups. His proposal also sees Local Boards playing a greater role in allocating grassroots funding. “The Mayor is indicating that he’d like to remove significant staff from parts of Council and is pushing towards the delivery of community services, in particular, through Local Boards via grants to community groups,” Steve says. “This could be a very good thing for Rodney where we are blessed with people who have time, expertise and energy to contribute. The policies that have discouraged this have been absolutely wrong.” Steve says if Council extended the policy to allow community groups to deliver capital projects, such as building toilet blocks on sports grounds, it could mean stretching more money further. “It’s estimated that the savings could be between 30 to 50 per cent on a community driven project.”

Rodney Local Board is concerned many rural halls could be labelled “under-utilised”.

Other cost cutting measures outlined in the draft LTP include reducing the mowing service in parks, reducing park maintenance and removing street gardens. The draft LTP is a 10-year budget that covers all Council activities from roads and stormwater systems to economic development. Council will adopt a draft plan in December, which will be released for public consultation in late January. The final plan is due to be adopted in June.

Draft Long Term Plan 2015-2025 snapshot • Rates capped at 2.5% for the first two years, rising to 3.5% • Debt forecasted to rise from $6 billion (current) to $7.2b by the end of 2014/15 and $11b by June 2025 • Major cuts in parks, community and lifestyle budget • Alternative transport funding • Asset sales

Board gets $400,000 funding boost for community projects Funding for community projects in Rodney is set to get a $400,000 boost as part of changes to the Rodney Local Board’s locally driven initiatives (LDI) funding model. LDI funding is the only budget that local boards have complete decision-making power over and includes funding for local events and community grants. Currently boards are funded at levels inherited from previous councils and Rodney has had the fourth lowest allocation out of the 21 local boards. The LDI changes mean 90 per cent of the budget will now be allocated based on each boards share of Auckland’s population, five per cent on share of

land area, and five per cent based on the average level of deprivation, as defined by a Ministry of Health index. As Rodney has 46 per cent of Auckland’s area, its budget rises from $1,012,398 to $1,428,000. The amendments to the policy will come into effect from July 1 next year and the changes will be phased in over three years, with the board’s budget rising by about $138,000 each year. Boards that face a decrease in funding under the new regime will have their budget frozen. Board deputy chair Steven Garner says the changes open the door for Council to give boards greater decision making

power over their funding. “This could allow Council to increase the budget boards have to spend now that funding is based on a more equitable model,” Mr Garner says. Of all the local boards, Rodney sits in about the middle of the pack for population and deprivation measures, so these factors will have little impact on funding. For example if the budget was based entirely on each boards proportion of population, Rodney would only receive an extra $7000. Earlier drafts of the policy explored having 10 per cent of funding based on area, 10 per cent on deprivation and

80 per cent based on population. This would have seen Rodney’s allocation more than double, however five boards would have had a funding cut of over 20 per cent, with Waitemata and Waitakere losing 40 per cent and 37 per cent respectively. But with 224,651 hectares, Rodney is 120 times the size of the smallest board, Puketapapa, which is just 1871 hectares, so a higher weighting towards land area was always going to be a difficult sell. Great Barrier and Waiheke will be funded through a separate agreement as they would have a significant drop in funding under the new regimes due to their large size and low population.

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Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014

Battered hens re-homed

We welcome your feedback but letters under 300 words are preferred. We reserve the right to abridge them as necessary. Unabridged versions can be read at Letters can be sent to or PO Box 701, Warkworth

Wifi debated

Paper Roads

Congratulations to the parents at Matakana School who stood up to voice their concerns about the effects of wifi on their children’s health. It is such a shame they were not heard. How can the board pretend to have weighed up both sides of the argument and make an informed decision if they did not let a well researched and qualified person such as Ms Grey present. If there is no danger, then why have so many schools and universities in Europe eliminated wifi (Switzerland is providing fibre optics instead of wifi to its schools for free). Why are so many highly qualified doctors and scientists extremely concerned about the effects of it on young children? It is predicted that up to 30 per cent of our children will suffer serious health issues later in life due to this constant exposure from a young age. Our children are soaking in EMF levels far, far higher than any other set human beings have ever experienced. While parents cannot rely on schools to provide a healthy environment they can control the EMF levels in their homes. Parents: turn off your wifi router when not in use and at night if you want to give your children’s bodies a chance for cellular cleaning and renewal – a vital process which is disrupted when wifi is constantly, silently, odorlessly, and invisibly polluting and stressing the body.

Town Hall memories

It’s with sheer frustration and utter unbelief we now see our Auckland Council’s CCO Auckland Transport proposing a “land grab” on “unformed” or “ gazetted” rural roads. Rodney would contain the majority of these historic designated accessways which may at some previous point in time served purpose and some still may well do so at a future time. Commonly referred to as the “Queen’s Chain” which depicts the width standardised at 20m and recognises ownership by the Crown. The proposal is that grazing licences be issued for existing use which can be arguably challenged by the historical development and good farming husbandry of the last 150 years. My summation of this proposal is that it’s both about revenue gathering but more so about pleasing the urbanite who already have numerous Regional farm parks to explore and enjoy at an already overburdening cost. These parks are under utilised and by in large a huge drain on our dwindling resources. The status quo is such that we do not need to re-invent the wheel and lets face the fact we don’t walk through the bureaucrats homes and gardens however maybe a grazing licence could become an aspiration for a pig, deer or donkey we could farm in Auckland’s eastern suburbs!

I am an ex-Warkworth resident having spent the early years of my life up to the age of 21 living and working in Warkworth. My father was Claud Brown who owned and worked the Warkworth Bakery having taken it over from Len Buchanan. I later moved away from Warkworth after marrying. I receive Mahurangi Matters and always read them, avidly catching up with what is going on in my old hometown. I read about the fundraising for the Warkworth Town Hall. It is a piece of history. The Town Hall holds a lot of memories for me. The local cinema was in the Town Hall and was run by Fred Lovell. Ven Bergman was his helper and she latterly went on to gain her licence to run the movies and was the first female film operator to gain her licence in New Zealand. The Town Hall was also the venue for local dances and balls and of course in those days long gowns were the order of the day. The Town Hall is an icon in the history of Warkworth, and I am happy to contribute to its restoration.

Helen Bartrom Snells Beach

Brian Mason Landowners and Contractors Protection Assoc. Inc. chair (abridged)

Florence Annison Kerikeri (abridged)

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Over 400 ex-battery hens have been re-homed in Mahurangi after the Matakana Animal Sanctuary rescued them from being slaughtered in an Auckland battery hen farm. Sanctuary owner Shaun Bishop says after the article in Mahurangi Matters (October 1) highlighted the hens’ plight she has been overwhelmed with responses from the community and has created a waiting list for the next rescue mission. “I’m still getting people asking to re-home hens,” Shaun says. “There are so many kind people in the area. Everyone who asked to house a hen had a lovely story.” The Sanctuary are working on another rescue latter this month, so may have more hens available soon, she says. Meanwhile a book on the Animal Sanctuary has been released this month. The Animal Sanctuary book came about after a publisher found the Sanctuary on Facebook and saw a book in the making. “It’s about different animals we have rescued over the past 12 years, their personalities and sad stories of how we came to care for them, and how their lives were turned around. “I didn’t want the book to be about us, but the publisher said our story of turning our dream into a reality would be inspirational to others, so there’s a little bit about us too.” The book has been published by Renaissance Publishing and is available at Warkworth Paper Plus and Matakana Village Bookshop. October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


$1.1m of projects deferred

Wilmot Toyota An upgrade to the Wellsford toilets have been saved from being deferred by a year as Auckland Council tries to keep a lid on rates rises.

deliver agreed work programmes,” the Board wrote. “Any decision to cut or defer capital works will result in a public backlash.” However this had little effect. Council staff deferred all projects except for the Wellsford toilet upgrade after noting the Board provided no reasons for individual projects to be retained. Other boards adopted a different approach. Hibiscus and Bays managed to save nearly $500,000 of deferrals by advocating for the retention of certain projects, but it still had a total of $2.2 million deferred. Greg Sayers, who is a member of the Rodney and the Hibiscus Board, says Rodney’s approach may have been a mistake. “Had we known the response from Council, I think it would have been better to try and save some of the projects,” Mr Sayers says. However member Beth Houlbrooke doesn’t believe a different approach would have made any difference. “In my opinion, the decision to defer the projects had already been made,” Ms Houlbrooke says. Overall, boards faced deferrals ranging from $163,000 (Manurewa Board), to $4.1 million (Albert-Eden Board). The Committee also deferred $74 million of regional projects, with land acquisitions ($16.6 million), Built Heritage Protection Fund ($18.1 million) and storm water work ($10.1 million) the largest items to be deferred.

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Over $1.1 million of Rodney projects have been deferred despite the Local Board strongly opposing the move. However the Wellsford toilet upgrade has been saved from the chopping block, with $70,000 set aside for the work, but $90,000 of toilet upgrades in other areas have been deferred. On September 24, Auckland Council’s Finance and Performance Committee, chaired by Rodney Councillor Penny Webster, voted in favour of the resolution to defer $30 million of board projects. Cr Webster moved the resolution and it was carried 14 votes to 4. Cr Webster says the deferrals were necessary to keep rates down and won’t have a significant effect on Rodney. “We did similar things under Rodney District Council. Some of the projects will still be able to be delivered through different avenues,” Cr Webster says. Board chair Brenda Steele says many of the projects deferred reflect the inability of Council staff to deliver projects the board have asked them to complete. Projects like upgrades to toilets and sports fields were due to be completed in the 2013/14 year, but Council staff had failed to progress them. As work hadn’t started on the projects they were eligible for deferral. “If Council staff had done their job and had delivered the projects which we told them to deliver then we wouldn’t have lost that funding. The whole process was flawed.” However some of the funds deferred included money left over from projects completed in the 2013/14 year. But it still means a loss for the board, she says. Local boards had the opportunity to advocate to save projects from deferral, however the Rodney Board’s submission on the proposal rejected all deferrals. “The Local Board is not satisfied that any deferrals can be morally agreed without a further consultation process…if project delivery is a problem, the Council needs to find better and more efficient ways to

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Mahurangi Matters


October 15, 2014

Group to keep focus on final solution for Hill Street As work finally gets underway on small improvements to Hill Street a group has formed to ensure the focus AN remains on a Slong-term solution for DS PIT RD the troubled Warkworth intersection. The Warkworth Area Liaison Group (WALG) and the Warkworth Area MATAKANA RD Business Association have banded together to put their weight behind a roundabout proposal designed by retired roading engineer Roger Williams. The group intends to get public support for the proposal and investigate the cost of getting the work done with local contractors.

At the Liaison Group meeting this month, co-chair Bruce Manson said the group needed to present a united front in favour of the design. “We need to take a bottom up approach and keep the focus on a permanent solution to Hill Street. We L MP REA can’t LSTwait for the Puhoi to Warkworth MIL motorway to be completed,” Mr Manson said. Construction of the Puhoi-toWarkworth motorway is anticipated to begin between 2016 and 2019 and is estimated to take five years to build. NZTA has said major changes to the intersection would not be undertaken



until the motorway was completed. Other members of the Liaison Group said they should lobby Mark Mitchell and use political pressure to get work started. Algies Bay Residents and Ratepayers chair Richard Papworth said it was absurd the group had to do the job of NZTA to get work done. However WALG secretary Steve Haycock said he was confident the new strategy would work. “We now have an option that we can take to NZTA with public support and costings,” Mr Haycock said. “We’ve never had that before, we’ve just asked them to fix it.”

The roundabout proposal would cut through a section of the Kowhai Park, reducing the number of car parks and moving the toilet block, which would be the most difficult aspect to sell to the public. Rodney Local Board transport portfolio holder Steven Garner said the roundabout proposal is “very, very good” and addressed all of the issues with the intersection. “The amount of ‘new’ road required is small, most could be built off-line, without disrupting traffic and will be significantly less expensive than other alternatives,” Mr Garner says.

Improvement work on Hill Street intersection commences The first part of interim improvements to the Hill M PL Street intersection are planned to be completed before Christmas. NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) highway manager Brett Gliddon says the widening of the northbound and southbound approaches to the Hill Street intersection on SH1 is expected to be completed before December, and work on a wider shared path for walkers and cyclists will start in the New Year. Wharehine Contractors plan to complete all of the improvements before Easter 2015. Work hours will beELIZ between 7am and 7pm and no work will occur ABET H ST during the busy holiday periods of Labour Weekend, Christmas/New Year, Auckland/Northland Anniversary and Waitangi Weekend. The NZTA will fund 70 per cent of the $1 million project and Auckland Transport will fund the other 30 per cent. The improvements include increasing the capacity of the right-turn lane into Matakana Road by









The improvements to the Hill Street intersection will include widening and lengthening turning lanes from State Highway1 into Sandspit Road. L ST



NOV 4th & 5th


RMA Warkworth T ITH S



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extending it back to the intersection with Shoesmith Street. The southbound approach will be widened to allow more traffic to turn left into Matakana Road. NZTA had previously said it would explore widening Sandspit Road to create a sliplane from Sandspit Road into Elizabeth Street. A sliplane is still planned, but it will be created by moving the road markings on the existing road, rather widening it. This will improve the flow of traffic through to Elizabeth Street, NZTA says. The southbound right-turn lane from SH1 into Hill Street will also be removed. Motorists wanting to access Hill Street from the north will have to go via Hudson Road and Falls Road. Wharehine have also reshaped and improved the bus bay entrance at Warkworth Primary School. When the right turn into Hill Street closes, buses will be re-routed via Hudson and Falls Roads and can safely turn right into the school’s entrance.

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Mahurangi Matters


Viewpoint Greg Sayers, Rodney Local Board

Spending cuts hit Rodney In his recent draft budget, the Mayor suggested that large projects across Auckland should be “deferred” and not be started for a minimum period of 10 years unless alternative funding can be accessed. This follows earlier revelations that there are to be massive cuts to council spending across all areas, the major one being to transport where over $1.5 billion in projects is proposed to be lost. While this may sound like welcome news towards potentially reducing Council’s spiralling debt there are significant implications for Rodney residents. Road safety and the ongoing maintenance of our roads cannot be delivered if the funding from Auckland Council remains unchanged or is reduced. The sealing of roads was the number one issue submitted to the Local Board during its recent call to understand the Rodney public’s priorities. We accept that as our mandate. The cost of bitumen has increased at over 10 per cent annually and in some years over 50 per cent. The cost of providing fuel and gravel for graders to maintain unsealed roads has increased over 10 per cent annually for the last 10 years. In my view what Rodney has seen is a deliberate policy of under investment. The Rodney Local Board has requested an increase from two kilometres to 22 kilometres a year for the next 10 years as the minimum investment into road sealing. Even then only one-third of all of Rodney’s roads would be sealed at the end of this period. Rodney’s ratepayers pay over $61 million a year in rates. Of that, $33 million is from rural ratepayers so it seems fair that a portion is spent on road sealing, and road maintenance, and all this without the need for increasing debt. Other projects such as footpaths, cycleways, bridleways and walkways, which have been signalled as the next most important transport priorities by the community, are also axed for another 10 years. Council instead is suggesting communities fund these via their own community groups. This seems like an impossible task given the current public outcry over the escalating expense of council compliance costs for community fundraising events. The travesty is, despite protective propaganda, the Mayor’s budget has significant negative implications for honest, hard working ratepayers. The wins for Hill Street’s planned alternations and a trial bus service to Silverdale do seem to be safe. So what can be done? Well, it is very pleasing to report that the public maintaining political pressure seems to be working! I have met with the leaders of the other local boards from across Auckland. They too asked “Where is your money going?” Other Councillors also see the plight of Rodney and want to help. So yes, people power can make a difference. If you want to help maintain political accountability over your Councillor, and positive pressure on the Mayor, read more about a few simple things you can do at

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A century of worship Matakana’s St Leonard’s Church is wrapping up its centenary celebrations with a special service in November. The celebrations started in May and have included an exhibition of memorabilia at The Vivian gallery, a family service and a sung Eucharist service. Photographs and memories of the church were compiled into a history book and commemorative cards and pens have been available throughout the year. The church will conclude the celebration of a century of worship with a service on Sunday November 2, acknowledging St Leonard, whose saint’s day is on November 6. All are welcome. The service begins at 9.30am.

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Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014

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Mahurangi Matters


Council investigates a new coastal walkway History trail Plans for a walkway linking Mahurangi Regional Park with Te Muri and Wenderholm got a boost this month as Auckland Council has agreed to investigate the proposal. Mahurangi Action Inc secretary Cimino Cole and retired engineer Roger Williams have developed preliminary designs for the walkway and have costed the project at $900,000. The trail requires building two footbridges crossing from Mahurangi Regional Park, across Te Muri Estuary and the Puhoi River to link to Wenderholm. If it was completed, the walkway would connect 900 hectares of regional park land, half of which is not easily accessible. Hungry Creek Road runs through to Te Muri, but the metal road is closed at the parks entrance and is narrow and windy, requiring significant landscaping to enable permanent public access. There is also a camping ground, which can only be accessed by wading across the estuary at low tide. Mr Cole, Mr Williams and Mahurangi Action president Temepara Morehu, pitched the proposal to the Council Parks Recreation and Sports Committee on October 7. Mr Cole asked the Committee to include the walkway in a development plan for the park, which Council is creating to investigate options for opening the park to greater public access. “Te Muri is unique in that it provides a pristine beach that is free of commercial and residential

Plans are taking shape to improve access to Te Muri, in Mahurangi West.

development and public road access,” Mr Cole says. “The park represents a significant investment that needs to be realised by the provisions of access consistent with the area’s splendid sense of isolation.” Auckland Regional Council purchased 64 hectares of coastal land at Te Muri in 1973 and a further 407 hectares of adjacent farmland in 2010 at a cost of $15 million. With the recent Puhoi additions to the national Te Araroa Trail, creating a linking walkway through the regional parks would create a fantastic walking network through the area, Mr Cole says. The walkway would also link the parks to Waiwera via Wenderholm. As Waiwera has an hourly bus service

to Auckland City, the trail would significantly increase the accessibility of the parks, he says. Committee chair Councillor Christine Fletcher says the presentation was well received and the committee recommended Council staff further research the design and feasibility of the walkway as part of the creation of a concept plan for the park. “We thought it was a really good idea and has great potential both for tourism and to open up the park for local use,” Cr Fletcher says. Mr Cole says it’s the best result they could have hoped for. “This is the first concrete step since the idea was first formulated decades ago.”

Community stalwart Dave Parker is offering guided walks around Warkworth and cruises on the Jane Gifford to raise money to reprint a heritage trail brochure, after stocks ran out a year ago. The brochure he originally created as a self-guided tour for residents and visitors was released in 2003 for the town’s 150th anniversary and highlighted 20 significant landmarks in Warkworth. After the 5000 print run eventually ran out the town has been without its own heritage trail guide. To generate money and interest in the project he has decided to charge for guided tours of Warkworth. “Warkworth has a rich history with many old buildings and ruins telling the story of what shaped the town to be what it is today.” He wants to raise at least $3000 for the new updated brochures in time for summer. He also has plans for a more interactive guide in the future, with either smartphone apps or headsets for hire with audio commentary. The first guided heritage walk and cruise was held during the Kowhai Festival on Sunday October 12 and future tours are planned for November 12 and December 28. People can do the walk for $10, the cruise for $20 or both for $25. Mr Parker says he will also provide one-off guided walks on request. Info: 425 5006


See Dave Parker talking about the history of Warkworth at


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October 15, 2014

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Mahurangi Matters

Rachel Callender

Business Association chair resigns

Construction of the Algies Bay seawall has been hampered by poor weather and soil.

Stormy weather delays Algies Bay seawall The construction of a seawall at Algies Bay has been delayed and will not be completed until late November. The delays have seen the costs increase by $68,000, in addition to the original estimated cost of $690,000. The seawall project started in midJune and was due to take six weeks to construct. By the time it is finished in late November, it would have taken five months to complete. Site manager Mark Noyer says the first half of the construction had been more difficult than anticipated and most of the work had to be completed at low-tide.

“The second half should go a lot quicker.” Manager local and sports parks Martin van Jaarsveld says wet weather had made it difficult to work in the narrow site and the area had poorer soils than anticipated. Manholes and storm-water pipes, not shown on plans for the area, were also discovered during construction. The retaining walls have also had to be made deeper due to resource consent conditions. Meanwhile the resource consent for a seawall at Snells Beach has still not been granted. In June the Auckland Council staff said they planned to

construct the wall in October. The 85-metre seawall is to protect the waterfront walkway from erosion, which has scoured the beach during storms over the past 12 months. Last month Council staff said they were confident the consent would be granted on October 1, however the consent was still not granted when Mahurangi Matters went to print. A Council spokesperson says the planning team has requested further information and consent conditions are still being finalised. Once this is complete the application will then be reviewed by an Independent Commissioner.

The Warkworth Area Business Association is looking for a new chairperson after Rachel Callender stepped down from the role. Ms Callender has been chair of the association for one year but says the role has become too demanding on her time. “It’s got really busy with Unitary Plan submissions and hearings, planning for the Santa Parade and other meetings and day-to-day duties,” Ms Callender says. “I will remain on as a committee member and want to focus on making a robust pitch for a business improvement district in Warkworth.” Ms Callender will stay on in the role until a replacement is found. Anyone interested in taking on the roll can email


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October 15, 2014


James Ross, Deputy Chair TOSSI

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Seabirds return Takahe are not the only new faces at Tawharanui Open Sanctuary. Seabirds are making a stunning return to Tokatu Point attracted by the pest-free environment and some big speakers. Seabirds can be quite a challenge for any restoration project as they are colonial breeders and tend to be faithful to their birth site. For the past three years, three sound systems have been nightly broadcasting seabird calls from the headlands of Tokatu Point far out over the waters of the Hauraki Gulf. The calls are specific to those species we have targeted for re-colonisation of what would have been, historically, a prime seabird breeding site. The aim is to give the impression of a busy seabird colony, encouraging passing birds to investigate and, ultimately, make this site their home. Automatic cameras have shown that large numbers of grey-faced petrels, fluttering shearwaters and diving petrels have been attracted to land by the ‘birdy stereos’. The discovery of a diving petrel nest just a few metres from a speaker within months of installation is stunning confirmation of the success of the project. In May this year, a trained ‘petrel-sniffing’ dog located a new seabird burrow on a remote cliff-top. Using a bore-scope, we identified the occupant as a fluttering shearwater. What’s more, it has an egg. The fluttering shearwater is ubiquitous to the Hauraki Gulf and is often seen in large flocks moving rapidly in association with schools of kahawai or trevally. It is a small dark brown and white shearwater with a distinctive, flutter-glide flight. Diving petrels and fluttering shearwaters are common birds that breed on many of the mammal-free islands in the Gulf and on islands elsewhere in New Zealand. However, we believe these are the only recently recorded examples of these species breeding on the mainland around the Gulf. Grey-faced petrels have been breeding at Tawharanui since at least 2009 and this season we have found six chicks. What’s more, three of the chicks are in cosy artificial nest burrows that were only installed last year. Burrowing seabirds have often been described as ‘ecosystem engineers’ as they import marine nutrients to the land and till the soil with their burrowing. They play a crucial role in maintaining healthy coastal forest ecosystems in New Zealand. While, so far, the numbers of seabirds breeding at Tawharanui are small, their return is a huge step towards restoring a self-sustaining natural environment. Save the date The next Sunday in the Park will be on November 2. Meet at the woolshed at 9am. BBQ lunch is provided after the work activities are done.

One of the 10 takahe puts on a show for the crowd.

Tawharanui takahe take-off

Onlookers were delighted to get a glimpse of a rare takahe after the flightless bird came to say hello, instead of racing into the bush as anticipated, when released at Tawharanui Regional Park recently. Ten critically endangered takahe were successfully moved from Fiordland to Tawharanui’s predator free open sanctuary on October 4. They were released following a powhiri and special ceremony where the South Island iwi Ngai Tahu placed the takahe in the care of Ngati Manuhiri. Ngati Manuhiri’s Ringi Brown said it was the latest collaboration between the iwi and was important to protect the toanga (treasures) for future generations. There are only about 260 takahe left in the world and 58 breeding pairs at safe sites.


View a video of the Tawharanui takahe release at

Announcing the merger of two of Warkworth’s well-respected law firms.

Town & Country Law Warkworth and Webster Malcolm Kilpatrick are now

Same approachable people – larger experienced team

15 Neville Street Warkworth | 09 425 8037


October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters



Guthrie Bowron

Unicorn Bookshop

Katie Boyle is combining her passion for design and real estate and taking over Guthrie Bowron in Warkworth this month. Katie has worked in the real estate industry in Warkworth for the past seven years and has worked in interior design and as an architectural draftsperson, designing commercial fit outs. “I’ve always dreamed of being more involved in home decorating and have worked with colour, fabric and design all my life,” Katie says. With Warkworth’s population predicted to boom in the near future it is a perfect time to get into the industry. “A further 8000 homes are planned for the area. That’s a lot of paint, carpets and curtains.” The store also fits with New Zealand’s do-it-yourself approach to home renovating. “We are a DIY nation and I think we are very house proud people.” Katie moved to Warkworth from Auckland seven years ago after buying a lifestyle block in the area. “While on a development course we were asked to write down and prioritise our goals. It dawned on me that I really wanted to live in the country. I thought ‘that’s it’ and put my house in Auckland on the market. Now I’d never move back.” Her 16-hectare block had a house

From shelving at her school library to her first job as a library assistant in Christchurch at the age of 17, Karen Sollitt has always loved books and libraries. But after 30 years as a librarian, she knew it was time for a change when the Unicorn Bookshop in Warkworth came up for sale. Selecting quality used books for the store, shelving and helping readers find books will of course be second nature for Karen. “It’s not necessarily that I’ve read every book in the bookshop, it’s just knowing where to look and how to think laterally.” After working at Warkworth Library for the past year, and prior to that as a casual across the region, Karen knows what is popular in the area including crime fiction and local history. She also knows that physical books are still alive and well. “A lot of people like e-readers when they are travelling but people still like to read a book in bed at night. There is nothing like the touch of turning a page. Tapping a screen is not quite the same.” While she will need to adjust to being her own boss for the first time, her husband Justin will be help balance the books. “He has warned me we’ll be doing spreadsheets over lunch now.”

Katie Boyle

that “needed a lot of fixing up” and has become her own ongoing DIY renovation project. But her next project will be renovating the Guthrie Bowron store. “The whole building is going to get a make-over, with new paint and signage. It should give the street a real lift.” Katie also has a passion for travel, and worked as a travel agent for twelve years, managing four stores in the Auckland region. “I’ve been lucky enough to visit some incredible countries. Other cultures are so interesting and often I draw inspiration from the experience, always coming home full of new ideas.”


PAINT WALLPAPEitR Prices to su all budgets


Karen Sollitt

Their 10-year-old daughter Anna, who is a librarian at Warkworth Primary School, is excited to be part of the bookshop too. Justin is also hoping some of the books at home, double-stacked on bookshelves, will find their way to the store. Karen is finding it hard to let some go, as each one carries a memory of when and where she bought it, including one special book she found recently, Political Animals by Jane Cliffton. Inside the cover she had labelled it with Unicorn Bookshop and the year 2006, her first holiday to Warkworth, a few months before they moved to the area to live. “I can’t believe I’m the owner of the bookshop now.”

The bookshop adventure for booklovers

Quality Used New Children’s & Teen Contemporary & Classic Fiction


NZ History Biographies Special conditions apply on all offers. While stocks last.

We’ll help you put it all together 12 Mill Lane, Warkworth • 425 8187


Food & Gardening 15 Neville St, Warkworth • Phone 09 425 8521 Find and like us on Facebook


Mahurangi Matters


October 15, 2014



The Gourmet Within


Many of us have food gods inside waiting to be let out. For some it’s more obvious than others, but chef Mark Griffiths and the team at The Gourmet Within are masters at helping people unleash it. “A lot of people are scared of cooking, so the idea is to give them confidence and make them feel good and relaxed so they can enjoy the whole experience,” Mark says. Along with his wife Carmel Draper, and their long-time friend Kathryn Jansen, they are opening up a purpose built A-grade commercial kitchen in the heart of Matakana, and inviting people of all skill levels to learn something new and have fun with food. After getting the concept up and running over the past six months, they have now created the perfect menu of food experiences, challenges and tours. Food experiences are small hands-on classes for groups wanting to learn how to cook a regional flavour or food preferences including gluten free and raw. Food challenges are for those wanting some competitive fun, like a magic box challenge cooking from secret ingredients. Carmel says they are perfect for small office team building, Christmas parties and family groups. “People have seen so much about cooking on TV and are really into learning how to do things properly. It’s a real commercial kitchen and Mark

After running her popular Heavenly Soles shoe shop in Matakana Village for seven years, it was the natural next step for Kerry Gladman to open a fashion store when a space came up in the same complex. Kerry was determined to open Two in October with her summer ranges for men and women, despite the tight time frame after the shop, previously occupied by Anna Stretton, only became available a few months ago. Luckily her seven years of fashion and retail experience meant she knew exactly what she wanted on her ‘bulk buying’ trips to Melbourne and Auckland. Along with a strong sense of fashion and stylist training, she knows from her shoe shop that it is essential to have ‘something for everyone’ including different lengths, sizes, price ranges and styles from casual to classy. She has come home with her hand picked selection from labels including NZ designers Kate Sylvester, Augustine, Cybele, and Commoners for men and women. International ranges include UK men’s label Ben Sherman, Brazilian label Totem and French label Magali Pascal. Kerry was also able open her shop in time thanks to her ‘creative and clever’ designer and builder husband, Paul Gladman, who fit-out the space with everything from a new white interior to private changing rooms and painted

Kathryn Jansen and Mark Griffiths

treats them like true foodies,” she says. Mark has travelled the world cooking, judging food competitions including the NZ Beef and Lamb Awards and the Great NZ Sausage Competition, and has lectured for 16 years at AUT. “Not every chef can teach. I get so much out of it and it never gets stagnant,” says Mark. While the cooking experiences include local produce, the tours will give people the chance to meet the producers. After living in the area for the past 10 years and connecting with many of them, Mark says he’s looking forward to collaborating and creating a food hub in the future.


“unleash Yours today”

Matakana’s Newest Food Hub! Grab a group of friends, colleagues, family for a fun “hands-on” ... Food Experience • Food Challenge • Food Producers Tour or hire our new purpose built commercial kitchen in Matakana Village

Food FuN FRIeNds FLAVouRs Check out our website now for more details

989c Matakana Road, Matakana Village 022 167 1500 or 021 100 9607 –


Kerry Gladman

faces on the walls. While Kerry runs the business on her own, it was her husband who first encouraged her to follow her passion for fashion. When they moved to New Zealand from the UK nine years ago, for a change of lifestyle for their two children, Kerry worked in finance in London but had never owned a business. She has learnt a lot since then, including working on the shop floor to see what her customers like, and looking after her loyal locals along with visitors. “My life philosophy now is to have fun, look good and feel good. I love fashion and helping people feel good about themselves.” As she does with her shoes, Kerry is planning on donating to Dress for Success, a charity providing clothes for women re-entering the workforce.


October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Group planning for Warkworth’s future Kawau boat

Renovations on the new Kawau Boating Club have begun as it prepares to open its doors this Labour Weekend with an opening regatta.

how to proceed.” Ms O’Connor says the proposed Unitary Plan has little detail on how and where residential and business growth will take place, as this detail is determined through a more locally focused planning process. A Structure Plan would answer those questions. “There is an opportunity for local people to work together, with Council and the Local Board to develop a robust, well founded plan for the future growth and development of Warkworth,” Ms O’Connor says. The plan would also identify cultural, heritage and ecological areas that should be preserved.

At the October WALG meeting, Group member Martin Dancy said Warkworth was effectively faced with designing a whole new town. “We are in a similar situation to Christchurch,” Mr Dancy said. “We will virtually be building a new, larger town around Warkworth and we need to decide what we want that to look like.” Business Association chair Rachel Callender says they have submitted on the proposed Unitary Plan to enable a Structure Plan to be included in the process, so it has statutory weighting. The group has asked Council for resources to complete the plan and is awaiting a response.





Indicative Coastline

General Coastal Marine




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Ferry Terminal






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Metropolitan Centre


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Rural Urban Boundary




Strategic Transport Corridor

201 0

Public Open Space Sport and Active Recreation

Town Centre

Coastal Transistion

Special Purpose

201 1

Public Open Space Informal Recreation

Countryside Living



Neighbourhood Centre

Public Open Space Conservation



Mixed Rural


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Green Infrastructure Corridor


Rural Conservation

Find out what’s happening in the Rodney North Market Today.

Rural And Coastal Settlement

Local Centre

Heavy Industry


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Future Urban


Large Lot

Light Industry

Rural Coastal

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Property Market Report

Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings

Business Park




Rural Production

Minor Port


Public Open Space Civic Spaces


General Business


Mixed Use

Mixed Housing Urban


Rodney North

Single Housing

Info: Martin Farrand 021 933 804


Mackys Real Estate Ltd, Licensed under REA Act 2008

Mixed Housing Suburban

The regatta is in conjunction with the Mahurangi Cruising Club Spring Splash and all yachts are invited to participate, including center-boarders. They are also extending an invitation for boaties, power or sail, to come along. A group of yachtsmen and Kawau Islanders formed the club and took over the lease from the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron in September. Club committee member Evan InnesJones says the regatta reflects the revived and inclusive outlook of the club. He says since it was announced they were saving the building from being mothballed they’ve heard from a lot of people with a long association with it. “People were distraught when they thought the building would be lost and are so relieved it’s being revived.” Prior to the regatta, the building interior will be freshened up and painted. It’s just the start of renovations in the next 12 months, many of which will be done before the summer. Architect John Sinclair’s designs include opening up the interior to flow into the exterior, extending the decks, a functional bar and restaurant area and providing internal access to the toilets. It will also eventually have an automatic fuel pump.

A Structure Plan would provide the detail for where residential and business development would occur within the zones identified in the Unitary Plan.




club renovates

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What should Warkworth look like in March 2013 draft of the 10 years time? This is the question a Auckland Unitary Plan group of community and business leaders local experts will try to ut forward for and informal answer, as they seek to develop a plan ngagement, March – May 2013. to guide the town’s growth through a predicted population boom. The Warkworth Area Liaison Group (WALG) and the Warkworth Area Business Association want to develop the plan with assistance from Burnette O’Connor of O’Connor Planning Consultants and other professionals. Liaison Group co-chair Bruce Manson says Warkworth’s last Structure Plan was developed in 2004 and needs to be updated as Warkworth has been identified as a satellite town in the proposed Unitary Plan, with the population predicted to swell to 20,000 people by 2041. “The plan is about creating a longterm vision for Warkworth to determine what we want the town to Proposed Auckland look like in 10 or 15 years time,” Mr Unitary Plan Manson says. Proposed plans for formal “There are a range of things to submission phase. consider. We need to be looking at more than just housing. We need jobs and industry so people aren’t just commuting to Auckland.” Mr Mason says they would like to base the plan on feedback from the community. “It needs to be built from the bottom up. But we also want to talk with local people who have experience in these matters and get professional advice on


Template #1October – Rural Living 15, 2014

Template #2 –realestate Rural Living

Mahurangi Matters

Sweetappreciation with Chocolate Brown

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Send your nominations to


Congratulations to Philippa Stocking, from Wellsford, who is the recipient of a gift basket from Chocolate Brown. Philippa was nominated by Melissa Stebbings who wrote:

mobile 021 428 388 Office: (09) 570 5029 ext. 202 office (09) 432 2446

Mobile: 021 606 229

Save 30% when upgrade your wardrobe or stor unit to colour* t month.

Philippa does amazing work with all the local preschool children. Pip has a great passion and desire to support children in their early development and help encourage them to develop through all their great strides. Pip has great patience to encourage special needs children as she finds the challenge rewarding and really does have a love for children and her work. Pip works from both Kowhai Kids Educare Centres, Warkworth and Wellsford, and also the In Home service.

*Terms and conditions

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only the good stuff... Paul Duffy: Showroom address: Office: (09)Cafe 570 5029 ext. 202 24-S Allright Place, Mt Well / Chocolaterie / Gifts Mobile: 021 606Phone 229 09 422 2677Monday – Friday 9am – 3p No 6 Mill Lane, Warkworth

Kowhai coast. Warkworth 7 Queen Street 09 425 8742

It’s our area of expertise.


October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters



An upgrade to Algies Bay playground was completed this month.

New playgrounds coming About $370,000 of Mahurangi playground upgrades are likely to be finished in time for Christmas. Improvements to the Algies Bay playground have just been completed in time for spring. The playground now features a swing bay, a wooden hex tower with a megatube slide and smaller double slide, a seesaw and a pirate tower for climbing. The project cost $90,000, which was about $10,000 over budget as more work was required than anticipated. Meanwhile a new $190,000 playground in Matakana Wharf Reserve may be up and running by Christmas. The playground will include a giant slide, a giant tyre swing and a junior climbing and slide module. An upgrade of the playground at Sunrise Boulevard in Snells Beach is also due to be ready by Christmas. The $90,000 project includes a

full replacement of equipment and a new flying fox, chosen based on community feedback. However the Snells Beach Residents and Ratepayers Association chair Bryan Jackson is going to ask the Rodney Local Board for another $70,000 to further develop the playground. “We’ve received the same amount of funding as Algies Bay, but we have more than five times the population of under 15-year-olds,” Bryan says. “Safety measures and installation costs mean we can only get four pieces of equipment now. We want to be able to get some other items children have requested, like a Space Net, Supernova and a basketball hoop.” Playgrounds at Algies Bay and Snells Beach were closed for a period last year after equipment failed to meet safety standards.

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Mahurangi Matters


October 15, 2014

Work starts on Puhoi station


Earthworks for the new Puhoi Fire Station have begun and the building should be completed early next year. The building and resource consents for the station have been issued and the lease of Auckland Council land has been secured. The section used to be a part of the Puhoi River Park, and sits beside the Puhoi Tearooms on Ahuroa Road. Puhoi fire chief Russell Green says the section has been a blessing and a curse and requires significant earthworks to level. The site is well above the level of the Puhoi River, so is resistant to flooding and will serve as a civil defence headquarters for the village. The building is budgeted to cost about $600,000, and will replace the temporary structure the brigade currently uses, which is made out of two shipping containers. However costs associated with landscaping and road works are expected to make the total cost significantly higher. The brigade has raised $305,000

“We m

ake w hat y ou ca

for the project so far, with Council granting $200,000 while NZ Lotteries have granted $75,000 and the Lions Foundation has granted $30,000. The brigade is entirely funded by Council as it is a Rural Fire Force, rather than being funded by the NZ Fire Service. “Council and Rodney Local Board have been really supportive. There’s a lot of red tape in a project like this, but they’ve tried to make it as easy as possible,” Mr Green says. “We have a further 16 funding applications which we are waiting to hear back from.” Construction is expected to begin later this year, depending on the timing and conditions of funding grants. The building will house the brigades’ appliance and truck and will be focused on operations, rather than doubling as a community hub. “It’s a residential area here and we’ve got enough social venues in Puhoi. It won’t become a drinking club while I’m chief.” continued next page

n’t fin d


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Puhoi fire chief Russell Green says significant earthworks are required to level the site of the Puhoi Fire Station before the building can be constructed.

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October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


25 30


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Resene premium paint 10L, decorating accessories and cleaning products

Artist’s impression of the new fire station.

The brigade has been based at Mr Green’s business, Puhoi River Motors, for the past seven years and he says it will be a relief when they have their own headquarters. “I said we could use it for a couple of years. It’s time it moved on. But I’ve always been first in the fire truck and that might change now.” Mr Green says it has been a quiet

winter with all the rain, but the station is still desperate for more volunteers. Meanwhile progress for a new Puhoi Museum are stalled as negotiations to lease Council land in the village continue. The Historical Society has a raffle with nearly $5000 worth of prizes up for grabs and 10 prize pools to be won. Tickets are available at the Puhoi Bohemian Museum. Sales close on December 5 and the raffle will be drawn on December 10.

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Maungaturoto pet and gala day for school pool repaint Maungaturoto Primary School is holding its annual Pet Day and Gala on Saturday October 18. The day starts at 10am with judging of the calves, lambs and kids with gala activities starting from noon. There will be food stalls, a dunk machine, treasure hunts, a seedling stall, a rock wall and bouncy castle, and a massive grocery raffle. After the pet prize giving, an auction will include a Samsung Galaxy tablet donated by 100% Fergus Appliances and a scenic flight or aerial work from Ralph Schultz Helicopters. There will also be family passes to a range of attractions auctioned off and all entries go into the draw for a Boom Box donated by Sharp.


Mobile Workshop

There will be a range of pets on show.

PTA president Nyree Alcock says the gala is raising funds for maintenance to the school pool. “The pool needs repainting to prevent it from deteriorating. The whole community has access to the pool and it’s a real asset to Maungaturoto,” Ms Alcock says. Info: Nyree Alcock 09 4318 462 or

new builds • general maintenance • marine motorhomes • solar • compressed air water blasting • steam cleaning systems

021 135 6596

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Celebrating 30 years


Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014 2014

Comedy night at Ascension War Horses to be remembered NZ comedian Paul Ego is headlining a comedy night at Ascension Wine Estate on October 25, along with three other successful comedians. Ego is a 20-year veteran of the NZ comedy scene and is a much indemand live performer. After breakfast radio stints with both MoreFM and The Rock he is now best known as Team 1 captain on the current affairs comedy show, 7 Days. International multi award-winning presenter, producer, writer and standup comedian Nick Rado will MC the night. This year Nick has visited living rooms around the country, staring on TV3’s 7 Days, and Rhys Darby’s new sitcom Short Poppies, as recurring character Jeff Mason. He has also performed stand-up comedy to critical acclaim in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Netherlands, the United States, China, Australia and NZ. Opening comedian Jamie Bowen has been a fixture on the NZ comedy scene for over 15 years. He’s performed in over a dozen New Zealand International Comedy Festivals and appeared on TV shows such as 7 Days, The Comedy Gala, AotearoHa, WannaBen, Jono’s New Show, Big Comedy Jam and Comedy Central.

Paul Ego

He also co-wrote the primetime sitcom Sunny Skies, which was nominated for Best TV Comedy Episode at the 2013 Script Writers Awards NZ. Jamie was one of the creators and writers for both series of A Night At The Classic, with the first season picking up a nomination for NZ On Air Best Comedy or Comedy Series at the 2011 Aotearoa Film and Television Awards. Scottish comedian David Oakes has been a regular at the Classic and the NZ Comedy scene since 2010. A semifinalist in the 2012 RAW comedy Quest and a 2012 NZ comedy guild awards best industry friend nominee, David’s slightly distorted view on life delivers clever-witted stories interspersed with random one liners. Dinner from 6pm, comedy from 8.30pm. Tickets $25 available at


We have a double pass to the Ascension comedy night to give away. Enter on the Mahurangi Matters Facebook page by sending a message marked Ascension comedy night, or email with Ascension comedy night in the subject line. Competition closes Tuesday, October 21 at 3pm.

The Matakana Pony Club is holding a War Horse Armistice Parade on November 9, to remember the 10,000 NZ horses who went to WWI and never returned and the hundreds of local men who went with them. At 8am the horses will proceed from the pony club grounds at Diamond Jubilee Park to the King George War Memorial, where a ceremony will be held. Members of the public who wish to join the parade can assemble outside the Matakana Hall and parade behind the horses to the King George Memorial for a short ceremony and laying of a wreath. There will be a partial road closure down to one lane during the parade, starting at 8am and expected to finish before 10am. Warkworth RSA manager Robbie Blair says a significant number of Mahurangi men served in the Auckland Mounted Rifles squadron in WWI. NZ History reports that 10,117 horses went overseas in WWI, but only four came back. Pony Club secretary Maree Basevi says one of the horses, named “Beautiful”, was the mount of Dick Riddiford who is the great uncle of Algies Bay resident Wendy Simmonds. Overall it is estimated that 8 million horses died in WWI. “We wish to honour the men and horses who gave their services to war and acknowledge the terrible loss of

horses and men that this war caused,” Ms Basevi says. The Pony Club has a particularly close link with the servicemen as the Rodney Mounted Rifleman built their clubrooms on Matakana Diamond Jubilee Park in 1911. An Armistice Day memorial will also be held on November 11 at 11am. Memorial advocate Dolly Miller says Armistice Day is a particularly important occasion for the memorial. “It was King George who made the statement that everyone should stop work on the 11th hour of the 11th day of November to commemorate the occasion.” The number of horses that can be in the parade is limited, and all horses attending must be registered. Info: Maree Basevi 422 7467

Next month 30 horses will parade through Matakana to commemorate WWI.

TRUSTED | ExpERiEncED | AppRoAchAblE

patrick Steuart

John Allen

les Miller

Jackie Woolerton

Alan Stuart

15 neville Street Warkworth | 09 425 8037 |

chris Murphy



October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters



Awards encourage calligraphy creations Local calligraphy artist Hilary Lewis knows first hand the encouragement the Rodney Arts Exhibition and Awards can give burgeoning creatives. Her latest calligram works, featuring the sunrise and sunset skies over Kawau, will be among 86 works responding to the theme of ‘Colours of Rodney’ on display at old Masonic Hall in Warkworth from October 17 to 19. After finding the time in her retirement to re-ignite an early passion and skill for calligraphy, Hilary entered the exhibition in 2012 with her unique local calligram which uses the shape of words to depict local landscapes. Hilary says selling her work at the exhibition gave her the encouragement to carry on with her calligrams. It has now led to a full-time hobby entering local awards and exhibitions. “I was apprehensive putting myself out there. I didn’t know what the reaction would be because I hadn’t tested the water for it before and I knew I was doing something that people weren’t familiar with, but then it sold,” Hilary says. Hilary is also active with the Kowhai Arts & Crafts Warkworth calligraphy group and has attended workshops in Auckland and Melbourne. She started calligraphy as a child in Ireland and taught it at Mahurangi College night classes in the 1980s. When she started practicing again recently she discovered an interest and skill for intricately arranging calligraphy words to create a shape, without any drawn lines. She currently uses three styles of writing, foundational script, uncial and copperplate. She has sold 15 pieces since entering the first Rodney exhibition and is struggling to keep up to make more.

Lillian Fromont

Kawau group exhibits works Four Mahurangi painters are holding an exhibition this month at the old Masonic Hall in Warkworth from October 24 to 26.

Artist Hilary Lewis creates calligrams, using the shape of words to create images.

“We are so lucky we have these outlets to put our work on display. Once you’ve sold something you want to carry on,” she says. North Rodney Community Arts Council chair Joy Bell says the open entry exhibition and awards give artists an opportunity to showcase their work. “It’s very hard to get into a gallery these days. But art is subjective and we often find what the public likes is different to what the judges award,” Joy says. “It’s also an opportunity for the public to buy some unique local art and support our artists.” Forty artists in North Rodney have entered the awards with a range of disciplines including arts and crafts, painting and photography, mixed media, textile, sculpture and jewellery. This year 25 community members and businesses have become patrons of the art awards and contributed towards the prizes. The exhibition runs from October 17 to 19 from 10am until 4pm.

MORRIS & JAMES handmade pottery

The exhibition will feature about 50 works from Colleen Kangwai, Lillian Fromont, Suzanne Williams and Elena Nikolaeva, who call themselves the Kawau Painters. Suzanne says this will be the first group exhibition for the women, who have been painting together each Friday for many years. “We’ve been working all year towards this exhibition.” Suzanne says. “Three of us live on the beach and a lot of our paintings are inspired by life by the ocean.” Elena is a professional artist and tutor and has taught painting all her adult life, initially at Russian universities and now in NZ. Jenny paints work of local beaches and seabirds, while Colleen paints in a Chinese style with ink on rice paper and silk and has won numerous art awards for her work. The three-day show is open from 10am-3pm.

sale huge

labour weekend


handmade pots vessels art panels sculptural ceramics bowls homeware platters & garden art

24 - 27 October Morris & James Pottery is closed on Thursday 23 October to set up for the annual Labour Weekend Sale Sale starts 9am Friday 24 October and ends 5pm Monday 27 October

online sale runs concurrently

Tongue Farm Road Matakana

plenty of parking ~ we deliver to your vehicle face painting kids activities live music spot prizes free tours and demonstrations

Mahurangi Matters



October 15, 2014

Part of the largest Liquor Chain in NZ

SPRING GRAND CHRISTMAS OPENING! SPECIALS! Part of the largest Liquor Chain in NZ

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Over $3000 of fireworks will go off at Tomarata on November 1.

Tomarata Guy Fawkes night Tomarata School’s biggest fundraiser of the year will start with a bang as the school hosts its annual Guy Fawkes night on November 1. The school has invested $3000 in a 30-minute professional fireworks display, run by Impact Pyrotechnics. Staff member Naomi Jones says the event is growing every year with nearly 3000 people attending last year, raising over $10,000 for the school. There will be live music from local band GQ, hot food, a bouncy castle and raffles. This year the school is fundraising

for shade sails to cover the school’s playground, which will be installed this summer. Meanwhile, work on four new classrooms is due to start at the end of the year. Two classrooms have to be replaced as they suffer from leaky building syndrome, while a further two will help cater for the growing school roll, which is now at 172, up from 125 last year. The event will be held at Tomarata Domain, Pakiri Block Road. Tickets $5 per person or $25 per car (Max 6 people). Gates open 5pm-10pm. Fireworks show begins at nightfall.


Candles & Gifts

Trio Soy Candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, deliciously fragrant in a wide range of scents & styles.

304 Matakana Road. Ph 021 028 43938

Open Saturday, Sunday & Monday 10am – 4pm Find us at Matakana Indie Markets every Sunday 9am - 2:30pm


October 15, 2014

Pupils at Kaipara Flats School will showcase their calf and lamb handling skills at the schools annual Country Show.

Country life on show at Kaipara Flats School Kaipara Flats School is holding its annual Country Show on Saturday October 18, from 10am until 2pm. There will be displays by the Puhoi Axemen, fire engine rides, mini hotrods, pony rides, face painting, a dunking machine, bouncy castles and entertainment. Pupils will also compete in the annual lamb and calf raring, grooming and leading competition. The competition has a long history stretching back nearly 70 years. The

Rose Bowl for Champion Calf was first awarded in 1945 while the Morison Cup for the Champion Lamb was first issued in 1950. Calves are led through a course and must halt on request and are judged on their condition. Lambs must be tailed, castrated and clean, but not washed. Lambs will also be judged on their wool. PTA member Melissa Nicol says the day has a good old-fashioned country feel. “Everything has a country theme, so

we will have things like Devonshire tea, white-bait fritters and toffee apples.” Last year the event raised $21,000 to expand one of the school’s classrooms. This year the funds will be used to complete the expansion and to purchase books for the school’s reading programme. “There are only four classrooms at the school and the children are in each classroom for about two years, so the upgrade has a big impact on the school.”

Mahurangi Matters



Mahurangi Matters


October 15, 2014

Matakana School Gala kicks off this Labour Weekend

filled with bric-a-brac items. There is also a silent auction and a quick-fire raffle wheel. There will be a café on site, with waffles and gourmet burgers for sale. For the children, there will be a horizontal bungy, mini hot-rods, zorbs in the field, helicopter rides and the Westpac helicopter flight simulator will be operating. Local covers band Hipstermatics will be playing along with the finals for the school’s Matakana’s Got Talent. “It should be really good. There’s a really high level of talent,” she says. Last year the gala raised about $53,0000 for the school. This year the funds will be used for a new senior playground and an upgrade to the school’s pool facilities. The gala will run from 7am to 2pm. People can drop off items for the gala on weekdays during school hours.

The Matakana School Gala is kicking off just after sunrise on Saturday October 25, with all of the stalls and activities that make it an iconic Labour Weekend event in Mahurangi. School principal Darrel Goosen says about 5000 people attend the gala, and it has to open at 7am to get everyone through the gates. “We have people camping out waiting for the gates to open, and at 7am there is a huge rush. People can’t wait to get in,” Mr Goosen says. Gala manager Kim Scott says it is now in its 44th year and has become renowned as one of the busiest galas north of Auckland. “Some people travel for hours to get to the market,” Ms Scott says. There will be two classrooms full of clothing and linen, a special art gallery filled with retro and unique pieces, half a hall full of books, plants and produce stalls, an electrical store, two classrooms full of toys and a huge area

labour weekend bbQ meat pack specials g

Proudly supportin


ana Sch k ta a M & l o o h c s Leigh Pre ys Gala Da

Open: 8-5.30pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri r e 8-2pm Sat | Late night Thurs 6pm Ord e by phoanil 09 422 7012 | or em 66 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana

About 5000 people are expected at the Matakana Gala.

There will be a horizontal bungy, mini hot-rods and helicopter rides.

... Bringing the world into the classroom Ages 2 to 6yrs Open school holidays Small class size for individual care and attention. Hours: Mon - Fri 8.45am - 3.15pm

Ph 09 422 9401

984 Matakana Rd, Matakana


October 15, 2014

Leigh Preschool children Aotea Atkins and Brooklyn Knight enjoy the new playground funded by last year’s gala.

Gala funds natural play area Leigh Community Preschool is again calling on the community to help upgrade its play area by being part of its annual Labour Weekend country gala. The $11,000 raised last year went to upgrading the outdoor play area for children aged six months to 2-yearolds. The small, grassed area with a sandpit was extended and replaced with an open nature based play area. Organisers are hoping the community helps them raise the same amount at this year’s gala, on Sunday October 26, so they can build a new play area for two to 5-year-olds. It comes after the playground was dismantled when a report found it was at the end of its lifespan and did not meet compliance standards. Preschool treasurer Jacqui Settle says since then the children have had a temporary play area. “The teachers have had to get very creative,” she says. It will also have a natural play area theme, designed to encourage children to explore, learn and create using their senses while learning life-long skills about caring for our natural environment. Ideas so far include a vegetable and herb garden, fruit and native trees, worm farms, a collection tank and

water feature, wooden stepping stumps, grass mounds with tunnels and slides, a tyre climbing frame, bamboo chimes, large balancing logs at different levels, large boulders for climbing and a tepee. Jacqui says if they raise enough money at the gala they can build the new playground during the Christmas holidays, to avoid disruptions. In the lead up to the gala they are seeking donations of goods or services that can be auctioned and raffled. They will also gratefully receive garage sale donations including toys and clothes, but no large items. Jacqui says while the support of the community is essential, they are also encouraging people to tell their friends and family visiting the area on Labour Weekend to come along to the country gala. It is held on the Leigh School grounds and includes rides for all ages, pre-loved treasures, vintage clothing, quick-fire raffles, a silent auction, live music and lots of food including gourmet and local seafood. This year they have also created a ‘small wanderers’ area where parents can relax on beanbags while the little ones are entertained. Info: Labour Weekend, Sunday October 26 from 9am to 2pm. leighpreschool.

Love coffee? So do we

Mahurangi Matters


People travel from near and far for our Quick Fire Raffles featuring fresh local seafood and beef. If you love Surf & Turf then you will be able to pick up snapper, crayfish, eye fillet and much more at a fraction of the price! As well as all the usual stalls we have a new Small Wanderers area where parents can relax on beanbags while the littlies are entertained!

Art Gallery 39 Omaha Valley Road, Matakana, RD5, Warkworth 0985, New Zealand Phone +64 9 422 9995 Email

OPEN: Daily 11.00am - 5.00pm or by appointment



art art matakana matakana


Mahurangi Matters

Matakana Country Park 1151 Leigh Road 09 422 9790 Matakana Country Park 1151 Leigh Road 09 422 9790

labour love labour of love

labour of love

SUN26th 26th OCT OCT 2014 SUN 20144-6pm 4-6pm Guest Artist


art matakana

FEATURING NEW WORK S h i r l e y BY: Gressuell

Helena Blair

Carole Hughes

Megan Daniels

Megan Daniels

Hope Gibbons

Kevin Passmore

art matakana Matakana Country Park 1151 Leigh Road 09 422 9790 www.artmatakana.

SummerCelebration Celebration of Summer ofNew NewWorks Works

Helena Blair


October 15, 2014

Hope Gibbons John Phillips

Summer Celebration of New Works

Carole Hughes Rudi Kevin Passmore John Phillips Jane Pierce Van Der Pol Janine Whitelaw Jane Pierce Rudi Van Der Pol Janine Whitelaw

SUN 26th OCT 2014 4-6pm

Matakana Country Park 1151 Leigh Road 09 422 9790


labour of love

Ra Gossage has created two kowhaiwhai panels for the Warkworth Birthing Helena Blair Centre, inspired by her baby, Rose. Megan Daniels Hope Gibbons

Guest Artist Shirley Gressuell

Labour Weekend

Kowhaiwhai panels unveiled Carole Hughes

Guest p hotographer David Leech

Jane Pierce

Kevin Passmore

Rudi Van Der Pol

John Phillips

Janine Whitelaw

Two kowhaiwhai panels have been middle represents the pepe who is growing installed above the entrance of inside the larger koru, representing te SummerWarkworth Celebration of toNew Works Birthing Centre welcome puka o te mama, or the womb.” new pepes (babies) into the world. Ra was invited to create the panels by The panels were created by Pakiri centre co-owners Sally Wilson and Sue artist Ra Gossage, who has had two Wynyard. Ms Wilson says the centre is children at the centre. thrilled with the works. FEATURING Ra says theNEW panels WORK represent BY: the “When I met Ra and saw what she was journey of pregnancy. doing I thought it would be fantastic Helena Blair Megan Daniels Hope Gibbons “Six months ago I gave birth to my to have a kowhaiwhai to welcome Carole Hughes Kevin Passmore John people to the centre. The meaning is baby girl at the birthing centre – a Phillips truly special place to rest, filled with so right for us,” Ms Wilson says. Jane Pierce grace, Rudi Van Pol RaJanine love andDer peace,” says. “I Whitelaw The kowhaiwhai were blessed by hope these kowhaiwhai reflect this. Ngati Manhuhiri during an unveiling “The small heart-shaped koru in the last month.


Guest p hotographer David Leech

SUN 26th OCT 2014 4-6pm

Fri 24th - Sat 25th Only Palms - Pitt Island Nikau $20 each + 11 other types of palms

Pool / Spa Valets Onsite Chemical Testing Water Chemical Supplier Pool Equipment Replacement Repairs & Maintenance Pool Refurbishment simplesilver agent

Including kentia, bangalow, king, date Cycads • Lepidozamia Perfoskyana • Cardboard Cycads • Encephalartos • Micro Zamia • Revoluta • Cycas Thouarii • Dioon Spinulosum • Vireya • Bromeliads • Pony tail • Dragon trees • Australian Grass trees • Mexican Grass trees • Australian Bottle trees • Strelitzia - Nicolai • Strelitzia - Reginae • Ligularia • Aloes 102 Omaha Flats Road (Behind Matakana Fire Station) 0274 77 66 46 • 09 422 7057

Eftpos available. Open from 9.00am to 4.00 pm


Michelle Woolley


Ideal for planter boxes

100mmx70mm @ $8/m


Up to BASALT LANDSCAPING one tonne ROCKS $120 per tonne

(09) 422 9524 021 952 338 Warkworth – Snells Beach – Matakana – Omaha – Leigh

Full bo menu & great e l b m a Br p m coffee Sit in Espresso Shop & Honest Canteen

09 4227133

1 Omaha Flats Rd, Matakana Country Park

or Take Away


October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


retro & vintage HOMEWARES CLOTHING


This elegant house will also be home to the Hospice remembrance tree.

Homes open up for hospice Nine unique homes in Matakana and Point Wells will open their doors for the Hospice Homes Tour on Sunday November 9. The tour is held every two years, and is this year’s major fundraiser for Warkworth Wellsford Hospice. Tour event manager Ruth Cunliffe says they are hoping to raise $12,000 from the tour, which is always popular and attracts up to 300 people. “There is a level of curiosity in all of us and it’s a wonderful way to see an eclectic mix of homes and gardens which open your eyes to the different styles out there. It’s like viewing artwork.” For each Hospice Homes Tour there is a focus on an area. This year the homes in Matakana include an elegant country style house, where guests can add a message to the Hospice remembrance tree. Other homes in the area include a country house which was relocated from Auckland, a barn featuring totara throughout to reflect the native bush around it, the home of an interior designer and

a New Mexican style home designed for entertaining, along with private, walled gardens. The Point Wells part of the tour includes a contemporary high-tech house with many cleverly disguised additions including a closed in area that opens up for entertainment with the push of a button. Another contemporary home features a beautiful courtyard and pool. A smaller property showcases a fusion of east meets New Zealand, using swamp kauri from the land to make the bench tops, and an outdoor shower. A highlight is a quirky home with a Christmas theme that reveals itself as you travel along the driveway and ends with a magical Christmas garden. This year the Point Wells Hall will also be a meeting point with a pop-up cafe, stalls and music for people on the tour to have lunch half-way through.

Sunday 9th November Featuring fabulous homes in Matakana & Point Wells

Sunday 9th November

Featuring fabulous in Matakana & Point WellsWells Fabulous homes inhomes Matakana and Point


Buy 4 pay just



Buy 4 pay just

$40 Raffles Food Raffles Food Goodies Goodies

Info: Tickets $45, reduced to $40 each for group bookings of four or more Contact Hospice House on 09 425 9535 or see

Time to garden ramble in Mangawhai Twenty gardens will be on show in Mangawhai on November 8 and 9 at this year’s Garden Ramble. The gardens are of varying sizes, styles and ages and several have special attractions including ponds, artworks and historic buildings. This year, nine new gardens will be included, along with old favourites like Nova Podgora in Tomarata. The Palmers Planet Mangawhai Garden Ramble has been going since 2003 and is a major fundraiser for children in the local community. Money raised goes towards operational expenses for the Mangawhai Kindergarten and the Kaiwaka/Mangawhai Plunket Society. Tickets are $15 (early bird price until Labour Weekend); $20 thereafter. Children 12 years and under have free admission with a paying adult. Further information: Facebook/ Palmers Planet Mangawhai Garden Ramble

Proudlysponsored sponsoredsince since 2007 Proudly




425 7959

425 7959

 425 9535  425 9535

Comedy Night

Saturday 25th October Show starts from 8pm Show tickets $25 onsite at Ascension or $30 Door Sales Dinner from 6pm (Bookings essential)

Paul Ego 7 Days

Nick Rado 7 Days

Jamie Bowen

A night at the classic

David Oakes Scottish and Funny


Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014


River Nile Linens

100% Pure Luxury Cotton Bed Linen Matakana designed and made

LE LABOUR WEEKEND SA 28th October Friday 24th - Tuesday

988 Matakana Road, Warkworth Phone 09 422 9286











Gary Heaven, President, Matakana Winegrowers

Return of the Rosé October, and Labour Weekend especially, has lots of seasonal significance. For me, it might be my first swim of the season and Labour Weekend has always been when the first of the tomato plants go in to the ground. There is the promise of the summer to come. In the wine growing and wine making world, it is a good time to release the first of the previous summer’s wines. Especially the early drinking ones. For Matakana, this means Rosé and some of the ‘new’ clean crisp white varieties such as Albariño. Albariño, I hear you ask? This varietal originated in Spain and is well suited to our Matakana climate. It is a fantastic wine to match with seafood, especially locally-farmed Mahurangi oysters. Both Ransom Wines and Mahurangi River Winery have released their 2014 vintage of Albariño; look for it at their cellar doors or at The Vintry. Monarch Estate has just released their first Rosé from the former Hinchco vineyard. They don’t have a cellar door so look for their pretty butterfly label at The Vintry. For the Matakana Market this year, October is the month of celebrations for their 10th anniversary. Local wine growers are celebrating at the market with The Vintry by showcasing our Rosés. Pop along and meet the wine growers and sample the best that our region has to offer – the promise of the summer to come in a glass of pink delectability. As a region we produce a wide variety of rosés from bone dry to relatively sweet. Rosé, more so than any other wine style, can be influenced by the winemaker. Here in Matakana we have all chosen where we want our Rosé to be in that spectrum of dry to sweet and bold to austere. As a whole, I think we have done a good job of retaining our respective styles from vintage to vintage, and ‘yes’ we each think that ours is best. You can be certain that there’s something for everyone. This month’s markets are a great opportunity to try a selection of these all at once to see which Rosé suits your palette. And, of course, you get to buy some and take it home to enjoy at your leisure. Meanwhile, in the vineyards around the region, we are preparing for next year’s new releases. Presently all the vines have shoots and the early varieties have reached the top wire. By Labour Weekend, they may even have the tiny flowers that will eventually become next year’s fruit. And so the cycle continues. So now I ask myself .. “If I don’t go for my first swim of the season, will it affect the harvest? And dare I take the risk?” Maybe I can compensate by planting more tomatoes.


DRINK RESPONSIBLY 14161 oktoberfest 4.0.indd 1


23/09/14 5:36 PM

90 Jones Road, Omaha Phone: 09 422 7307 Fax: 09 422 9308 Shop Hours: Mon to Fri 8am-4.30pm, Sat 9am-3pm

High quality plants at wholesale rates. Buy direct from our nursery.

Planting time is here. 1000’s of great Plants in stock noW.


October 15, 2014


Mahurangi Matters




Through East Africa with The African Touch An affordable personal Safari designed with the mature traveller in mind Departure dates from June to September 2015

Live a little on the wild side

Warkworth artist Ian Anderson is travelling to Los Angeles to display his works in an international exhibition of emerging artists.

Local artist to exhibit in LA Ian Anderson’s journey through life has taken him from being a hippy and wanted criminal, to bornagain Christian, award winning photographer and graphic designer. Now he says he has found his purpose in life working as an artist and is about to travel to Los Angeles to show his works at the Worldwide Exhibition. Ian arrived in New Zealand 40 years ago, fleeing from drugs charges in Australia after “dark years” becoming involved in hallucinogenic drugs and the hippy movement in the 1970s. “I went through a tough patch in my

life and had a lot of anger,” Ian says. “But I realised that wasn’t me. That wasn’t how I wanted to live my life and I went back to right the things I had done wrong.” After seven years on the run he returned to Australia to clear his name, then returned to NZ and worked as a fashion illustrator and political cartoonist. He later established himself and started a photography and graphic design business in Warkworth, but it



WIN $1000




Protect with Custom made Door and Window Screens

continued page 30

KAWAU BAY PAINTERS ART EXHIBITION Old Masonic Hall Warkworth Admission Free Labour Weekend Fri Oct 24 – Sun 26 10am-3pm All welcome E OP

Keen to learn more? Come and talk to African guide Karoma & his Kiwi wife Tasha in Mangawhai 09 431 5444 • •

Protect home & family


Deter intruders

HomePlus Rodney

16-18 Morrison Drive, Warkworth Ph:(09)4257053 Free phone: 0800 466 375 Website: *Full promotion terms andterms conditions availableavailable at Ends 15/11/14. *Full promotion and conditions at

Keep insects out

The Leading Property Management Company has arrived! • Come and visit our new office at 18 Florence Ave, Orewa • Full service Property Management and Casual Listing available • Independent Property Management company • Established for over 15 years in the NZ rental market • Contact us for a free rental appraisal on 0800 RENT HPM (0800 736 8476)

Rent well, live easy.

Enjoy airflow


Mahurangi Matters


‘must ’ have for


October 15, 2014



Local art in international exhibition

from page 29

IDENTITY THEFT travelling STOP “Electronic Pick Pocketing” RFID = Radio Frequency Identification Wallets

We are stocking these Buxton Wallets NOW 18 Queen Street • Phone 425 8408

Planning to travel? Book your place in our Travel Right Pack Light Workshop Come to our workshop and see how we get to grips with eliminating everything but those that you really need. You’ll learn how to coordinate colours and styles so that you will have a whole range of garments that will work together, with plenty of helpful hints and tips on packing and keeping safe. Phone or email to book your place now and join us in store at Dorothy’s 15 C Neville Street Warkworth on Tuesday November 25th at 1.30pm. Cost $10 which includes a copy of Travel Light Pack Right booklet. Or if you can’t make the workshop send $10 in a stamped addressed envelope and we’ll post you the booklet.


ats Travel Accessories Voyager Suitcases & Sunhats for packing ASB Building, 17-19 Queen St, Warkworth Ph/Fax: 425 9516

Dorothy’s 15 Neville Street, Warkworth

09 425 8608




Warkworth Early Childhood Education Centre Cnr Percy & Morpeth Street, Warkworth

NO FEES FOR 3 & 4 YEAR OLDS Reggio Emilia inspired Warkworth CBD Location

St Per cy






ad S H1



th S




War k Den worth tal

n Ro



er R





09 425 9581




Mill La

1 Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm & Open School Holidays






Enquiries email: “Every journey has a beginning”

It took over 30 years for Ian Anderson to create this leather and oil work.

wasn’t until he nearly lost everything following the global financial crisis that he went after his dream. “I was heavily in debt and hit the wall. But I dug my heals in. I hadn’t come this far to loose it all.” After an inspirational trip to Melbourne to see a Salvador Dali exhibition, Ian decided it was time to go after his dream of being a professional artist. “I realised all these years I hadn’t been doing what I wanted to do. It was a huge sense of relief. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush for about 15 years, but I thought, ‘while I’ve got this free time with hardly any work coming in, I’m going to go for it’.” He created a website and put up photos of works he had created during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Three months later he got an email from an international art curator wanting to show his works around the world. His works were then selected by an international panel of judges to appear in the Worldwide Exhibition.

He has spent the last couple of years trying to get together enough money to pay for flights, transport and other costs of exhibiting, but has now reached this goal after a generous donation from his mother. One of the works, an oil painting on top of a leather carving, has been over 30 years in the making, and alongside him since those darker days. He started the original leather carving in 1983, but it was then put away in storage until six months ago it came back to mind and he decided to complete the work with modern additions. “When I finished at 3am one morning I thought ‘that’s been locked in me for 30 years, but I’ve been too gutless to do it’. I’m so happy with it. Now it’s time for the world to decide whether I’ve got what it takes.” Four of his works will be on show at the exhibition, which features over 120 emerging artists. The Worldwide Exhibition is on in Los Angeles from October 16 to 19.


October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Secrets for Mothers When Jane Francis recommends ‘time out’ in her book she is not referring to another parenting technique to discipline children. Secrets For Mothers Who Struggle is about taking time out to look after yourself if you want to improve your family life. It’s a lesson the Whangaparaoa mother of four nearly discovered the hard way a few years ago. With a high pressure marketing career and teenagers of varying ages and stages she was stressed, overwhelmed and ready to walk out on her family. Instead she went on a 10-day vipassana meditation retreat and started to self-reflect. The change was almost instant and she knew it was working when her humour returned. “I didn’t realise how overly serious I had become.” Jane says as she changed, her whole family dynamic transformed. “It’s the old cliche, you have to put your oxygen mask on first if you want to help other people.” Jane has now applied her experience, training in psychology and coaching, to write the book and set up a parent mentor business to help other mothers. She says mothers can feel the pressure to present an image of a perfect family, instead of realising many people are hiding behind smiles, so it can be useful to talk about it with a third party. The book starts with the realities of the modern pressures on families, and how media and marketing affects our children. With 25 years marketing experience Jane is keenly aware of product placement in everything from games to social media, but says many parents don’t realise the impact it has. Jane says since the book’s release a month ago it has been well received, especially by grandparents trying to understand the current generation of teenagers and support their daughters. “The whole world is infiltrating your family now through computers and phones. It’s nature versus

Author and parent mentor Jane Francis with her 15-year-old daughter Brittany.

nurture, versus the world. No wonder as mothers we feel like we are not in control.” The book explores ways to save your sanity and serenity with a 12 step plan and practical techniques, which Jane calls ‘secrets’ because often they are private thoughts and actions. “We can’t change the world, it’s bigger than us, so we have to change ourselves.” With two teenagers still at home, they are techniques that Jane has to frequently remind herself of by reading her own book, which starts with the premise that it’s ok not to be ‘super mom.’ Info: Meet Jane Francis at Warkworth Library on Wednesday October 22, from 5.30pm.

bookgiveaway Go into the draw to win a copy of Secrets For Mothers Who Struggle. Write your name and daytime phone number on the back of an envelope and post to: Secrets For Mothers competition, Mahurangi Matters, PO Box 701, Warkworth. Or enter by sending us a message on facebook/ mahurangimatters Competition closes 31 October.

Summerset Respite Care Does a loved one need looking after while you take a break, or do they require help while recuperating from a hospital stay? If Mum or Dad requires ongoing care while you’re taking a break, or needs somewhere to recuperate after illness or an operation, Summerset Falls is a great option. In our village centre we have a number of respite options that our village manager and care team would be more than happy to take you through. To discuss our long term or short term care options, please talk to our village manager, Hyrum-Daniel Dennis on 09 425 1200. You’ll find our village at 31 Mansel Drive, Warkworth.

welcome home


Mahurangi Matters


October 15, 2014

Homebuilders Brian Shires

Foundations of parenting


STUDIO welcome to Warkworth Come & meet Adriana, our new stylist from Wellington. To welcome Adriana we are offering a special treat for existing & new clients!

Cut, Colour & Conditioning Treatment with Adriana for


Conditions apply: Excludes long full head foils. Appointments to be made with Adriana. For the months of October & November.

shop 3 | riverview plaza | 425 7174

It can be hard to know who to listen to when getting advice on parenting. Recently while looking through the local stationers I noticed a wide variety of books offering advice on parenting. My own thought was, how do I know who’s ideas are any good? Will reading this or that book give me any better ideas? Regardless if you want to be politically correct or incorrect, raise a Johnny or a Tarquin, I believe that it’s not always about what you do specifically that counts, but rather how you go about doing it. As a parent you need to be flexible in your ideas. ABC parenting has its good points but does not offer solutions to the wide variety of individual children who respond in different ways for lots of reasons. I am not saying that you have different rules for different children, but rather it’s how you apply them to different variables, such as your child’s temperament type. In regards to temperament types, parents who understand this can ensure that their parenting approach meets their child’s unique needs. An informed parenting approach can take a huge amount of stress out of parenting and make it more enjoyable for both parties. Nurturing: Imagine for a moment how you would feel if you lived in a country where there were no clear rules, and to make matters worse, on every corner there was a law enforcer. The enforcers know the rules well and sometimes make up new ones as they go along. The enforcers are not consistent in noticing and sometimes they let things go and other times are very strict. They often don’t follow the rules themselves. You may not have thought of it like this before, but this could easily be likened to a child’s world where fair rules, consistence and good role modelling and not being managed well by the parents. Do your rules and the way you enforce them enable your children to grow and experience success, or do they set them up to fail and feel shame? It’s every parent’s intention to be a good parent, but we don’t always get it right. If you feel there is a need to re-evaluate your parenting approach then here are some useful tips to consider. Praise and tell your child when they are doing well and demonstrate the behaviours you want to see in them. This will build their self esteem. If something goes wrong, don’t lecture or be punitive, but rather talk to them about what happened and always describe or demonstrate the appropriate behaviour you expect so they know how to self correct. Try to understand your child’s point of view as they may be struggling to understand what is required of them. Set up clear routines and structure as this helps children become organized and feel secure. Lastly ensure you maintain realistic expectations for age appropriate behaviour. Remember children are little people with a lot less life experience. Info: Parenting courses please ring 425 7048.

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE with our professional, thorough chiropractic consultation.

This includes health and lifestyle history, hands on examination, functional neurological tests, digital postural examination and advanced thermal scanning, all followed with a personalised written report. MENTION THE WORD 'SUBLUXATION' & RECEIVE 20% OFF YOUR FULL INITIAL CONSULT T 09 425 9888 E 16 Alnwick St, Warkworth 307 Mahurangi East Rd, Snells Beach WWW.BOOSTCHIRO.CO.NZ

Sally Wilson 09 425 8127 0274 977 745

Kathy Carter-Lee 09 425 6749 021 425 115

Sue Wynyard 09 425 8912 0274 934 491

Lydia Miller 09 425 7555 027 555 1629

Nicky Snedden 09 425 8249 021 662 393

Rebecca Hay 09 425 9805 027 453 6992

Louise McLaughlin 09 422 3750 027 242 8830 Photo, left-right, Sally Wilson, Sue Wynyard, Kathy Carter-Lee, Lydia Miller, Rebecca Hay, Louise McLaughlin, and Nicky Snedden.

Contact one of the midwives or the Warkworth Birthing Centre

09 425 8201 •






Our ur experienced midwives will care for you from conception to 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. We work from Whangaparaoa to Maungaturoto Coast to Coast.


October 15, 2014

Hair cut for a fantastic cause

Mahurangi Matters


Milford Eye Clinic Warkworth Branch

Affiliated Southern Cross Healthcare provider

• Dr Michael Fisk • Dr Brian Sloan • Dr Jo Koppens • Dr David Squirrell • Dr Rasha Altaie

Serving the eye needs of North Shore and Rodney for over 35 years Purpose-built eye consulting rooms in Warkworth. Surgery available at Rodney Surgical Centre or Shore Surgery, Milford, as appropriate. For your convenience consultations available at Milford, Red Beach and Warkworth.

• Milford Eye Clinic, 181 Shakespeare Road, Milford • Coastcare, Red Beach Shopping Centre, Red Beach After losing two of her grandparents to cancer in recent years, 10-year-old Emma Britton wanted to do something to make a difference. So she has taken the past year to grow her hair long just so she could cut it off last week to donate it for a real-hair wig for women with cancer. “I thought it would be a nice to give it to someone who needs it and make them feel better. My hair will grow back.” Her mother, Amanda Valentine, says Emma is a very caring person and instigated the idea. Once her 38 centimetres of hair was cut off to her shoulders, by hairdresser Lana Tollenaar at Mirrors Hair Boutique, she was initially shocked at her short hair but matter-of-fact about losing her lovely locks. “At least it will be quicker to wash and save money on conditioner.”

• Warkworth, Unit 3, Warkworth Health Centre, Cnr Alnwick & Percy Streets, Warkworth

For all appointments phone 09 422 6871


Co Refresh your Hair

& Spring ummer into S you.

On the road to quitting

La Croix at Bennetts Mangawhai (above Kakariki)

Moir Street, Mangawhai • 09 431 4465


stockists of

Call in with this coupon, meet the team & receive a


Sheryl Moir will be opening her new salon

with a “ New Look

- - - >-<0- - - -

Smokers in the Wellsford area who are thinking of giving up the habit are being encouraged to visit the Quit Smoking Bus in October. The Waitemata District Health Board has scheduled the bus to be outside Wellsford Primary School and Rodney College on Monday October 27 from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Launched in February this year, the Quit Bus is a new stop smoking service delivered by trained advisors who provide expert one-on-one advice, information and nicotine replacement therapy including patches, gum and lozenges.

FREE conditioning treatment with any service. CONDITIONS APPLY



09 425 0441 | 27-35 QUEEN STREET, WARKWORTH


GATUROTO N U A M 2Nd hANd bUyeRs & selleRs Of qUAliTy secONd hANd GOOds

145 hurndall st Maungaturoto (just 45 mins north of Warkworth)

09 431 8440

We have... furniture, books, clothing, toys, antiques & collectables, hardware, tools, kitchenware, linen, gift ideas & more. today, for a browse so come in nch at a local cafe! & maybe lu

Open: Mon - sat 9am till 3pm late night Wed till 5pm


Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014


Lyn Johnston, Albertland Museum

A tale of three cattle When The Albertlanders was being compiled in 1925, those original settlers who were still alive sat down to write their memories of the early days. Some of their stories didn’t get included in the book, possibly due to lack of space, but still make interesting reading. In one letter to Harold Marsh, Hovey Brookes, then in his 80s, asked if Thomas Inger Snr remembered buying three head of cattle from William Pettet at Port Albert. The one poll cow and two red and white heifers looked ‘splendid’ in the stockyards but were as wild as March hares. When the men entered the yards the cattle charged them. The animals had to be blindfolded and roped with two men to each beast to prevent them charging. The cattle were to go from Port Albert to Wharehine. Hovey and his brother-in-law Sam White took charge of the poll cow. Sam led and Hovey held the cheek rope. Not long after setting off, the cow bolted in the stunted ti-tree. Even with the young men still holding onto the ropes, she got away some distance. Sam’s rope got tangled round his arm so he fell and got dragged through the scrub until they managed to pull her up. Hovey thought Sam’s arm was broken the way he yelled, but it was only strained and ropeburned. Even though the cattle were blindfolded they would lift up their heads to listen and when they heard a sound they charged. The cow kept charging until she tired and as Hovey says ‘we arrived home about sunset, as tired as the cow.’ He believed that Tom Inger and Ben Yates had the same trouble with their heifer which charged the whole way home, finally dropping dead by Minniesdale Chapel. He recalled that Mr Grant had the other heifer with William Armitage helping. That heifer also charged to the last, dropping dead about half-way. What a lot of effort for very little return. Hovey also recalled one of his cows getting away and being tangled up in the bush. The cow was always afterwards called ‘Ryneck’ after the position in which she was found. His letter concludes: “Such were the trials of the early settlers dealing with cattle with no roads and scarcely a track.”


Tom Inger and Ben Yates’ heifer ran itself to death outside the Minniesdale Chapel, built c. 1901.

The Yates family of Te Arai had trouble with bolting cattle.

Rural / Lifestyle Coastal / Lifestyle Residential

Ask for Teresa! Ask for Rob! Ask for Martin! Real Estate. It’s in our DNA.

A 16 page book full of tips and strategies to make your next property sale a stunning success. TERESA HALL




M: 027 603 0565 M: 021 027 02136 M: 021 897 545 E: E: E:




October 15, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Group puts health of Kaipara Harbour in the spotlight The health of Kaipara Harbour will be the focus of a two-day event next month as interest groups come together to brainstorm ways to stop the degradation of New Zealand’s largest harbour. Looking Back Thinking Forward is the inaugural event for the Integrated Kaipara Management Group, which formed 10 years ago. It will be held at Te Hana Te Ao Marama Maori Cultural Centre on November 15 and 16. The group is lead by Ngati Whatua and brings together community groups, councils, government and research agencies. Group coordinator Leane Makey says it is a chance to celebrate what the group has achieved and share knowledge of what has worked so far to develop strategies for the future. She says the group has successfully put the spotlight on the health of the Kaipara Harbour, but there are significant challenges ahead. “When we started there were only three water quality monitoring sites and we had very little information to determine what state the harbour was in,” Ms Makey says. “We now have nine monitoring sites and have also been monitoring biodiversity in the harbour for the past three years.” However the monitoring has not provided good news. “The area is under constant stress from sediment and nutrient runoff. Deforestation and agriculture have the biggest impact on the harbour and, despite the effort of the group, the

Tapora dairy farmer Earle Wright says intensive farming can be environmentally friendly, if properly managed.

quality of the harbour is still declining.” The Kaipara Harbour has one of the highest sediment accumulation rates in New Zealand, standing at 7mm per year. “The harbour has lost almost all of its original wet land. That was the filter for the harbour. It’s like it’s lost its kidneys. But we are working to help famers convert areas back to wetland.” The size of the catchment is the biggest challenge. The harbour receives runoff from a river network of over 9000 km and a 6400 km2 catchment, which runs from the Hikurangi Swamp north of Whangarei, down to Helensville. About 170,000 people live in the catchment area and over 50 per cent of the land supports highly productive pasture. There is, however, huge changes taking place in farming and forestry

practices. The group has established eight flagship farms to demonstrate how changing methods can help turn the tide on the harbours destruction. Earle Wright runs a 120 hectare intensive dairy farm in Tapora on land bordering the harbour and has farmed in the area his whole life. “This area means a lot to me and everything I do here directly effects the Kaipara Harbour,” Mr Wright says. He says intensive dairy farming can be environmentally friendly if managed properly. “The Management Group has opened my farm to criticism so I can work to improve my processes.” He hasn’t had to make any dramatic changes to his techniques.

“I’ve always viewed fencing off waterways and riparian planting as common sense.” He still uses fertiliser regularly, however application has been reduced to a fine science, with the timing and level of fertiliser added governed by regular tests and inspections. “It’s really important to have a nutrient budget for your farm to add only what’s necessary.” The nutrient level entering waterways from his farm are now about a third of industry targets. “It’s safe enough to drink.” Soil health is also a focus, with the level of microorganisms and worms analysed. Earle will be one of the guest speakers at the event in Te Hana next month on November 15 and 16. To register visit


Speedrite r o L E P y n a e Purchas ing October r u d r e iz g r e n E & you could r e b m e v o N r o fridge win this bar er) 1 Decemb (prize drawn

Multiwire r o Treadins Fncing e F le b a Port Of Stock

ice only

2-4 Morrison Dr, Warkworth Phone 09 425 7754 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm • Sat 8am-1pm

Spring Pr

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INTRO price $249.95

• Fully portable, all-in-one unit. • Up to 14 days without sunlight • 2 year warranty • Fully weatherproof • See in store today

Mahurangi Matters


October 15, 2014

SPRING GARDENING Make HUGE SAVINGS on the grocery bill and ‘grow your own’

Potted Vegetables & Punnets

Organic Vegetable Punnets & Herbs

3 for $10

3 for $10



Andrew Steens

Subtropical time

Unless we are very unlucky, all danger of frost has now passed and we are moving into the warmer, subtropical time of year that makes this such a lush part of the world. Unlike deciduous trees which are pruned in winter, now is the time to start pruning subtropical plants and trees. The tatty foliage and frost bitten stems actually help protect the plants over winter, so spring is the time to remove them. A fantastic Canna lily, Heliconia and ginger (non-invasive) stems that have already flowered • Tomatoes can be cut down to ground level, just leaving any new shoots that are coming selection to • Lettuce Strawberry through. Bananas likewise can be cut down if they have fruited, or just have their choose from • Courgettes Plants old leaves cut off if they are still going strong (or are the non-fruiting Abyssinian • Beans types). These leaves and stems make great mulch under fruit trees or in the • Sweetcorn banana patch. • Capsicum Subtropical shrubs such as Hibiscus can also be pruned back now; the vigorous • Cucumber Fijian types with their blowsy double blooms can have a major haircut, but the Tahitian types with their glamorous saucer sized flowers should only be trimmed lightly to stop them getting leggy. Brugmansia are another that can be pruned Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-3, Sun 10-3 quite hard now and respond well with new growth and lots of gloriously scented 939 Matakana Road, Matakana • Phone: 422 7338 • Fax: 422 7638 trumpet flowers over summer. Wear sunglasses or safety goggles though, as the • soft wood contains a lot of sap, which can cause serious eye trouble if it lands in the eyes. R E IS Palm trees are also best pruned in spring, once the winter storms have done their A FUNDR RE BRIGADE FI H T R worst; just remove all the lower fronds that are looking yellowed or tattered. O W K WAR Again, these make great mulch, which the blackbirds find impossible to shift! aw you in the dr t pu 7 Z ov Subtropical fruit trees can also be pruned now; some like Cherimoya conveniently N N l s ti Tower Purchases ti ETS ets for Faultylued at $150 K ck IC T 2 drop their leaves in spring rather than summer, making pruning a much easier IN W to w va Dinner & Sho N FRI 7 NOV AW job. If citrus need pruning for height or width control, now is the time to do it, DR PM 6.30 SAT 15 NOV straight after fruiting and before the citrus borer start flying and laying eggs in November. Guava shrubs fruit over winter as well, so spring is the ideal time to these; the little strawberry guava are vigorous, so prune hard if you like, Masport Supreme Masport Plus RBW210 Supreme Plus RBW210prune but go lightly on the tropical guava, as these are slower growing in our climate. Stainless Steel Barbeque Stainless Steel Barbeque Tamarillo are able to be pruned now; but be aware that hard pruning will delay the crop, light or no pruning will result in earlier fruit. Masport PRESIDENT Masport PRESIDENT Subtropical vines, including passionfruit, are also best pruned now; if left too late, chipper/shredder chipper/shredder pruning may result in very little crop come autumn. Masport 250ST lawnmower Masport 250ST lawnmower For the same reason, don’t prune your passionfruit too hard, just clear out enough plus x10 Masport 200ST plus x10 Masport 200ST smaller shoots to let light lawnmowers which will belawnmowers which will be and airflow reach all parts drawn one for each yard drawn one for each yard 00 00 of the vine. Be careful – valued at $499 – valued at $499 TOPSOIL & LAWNMIXES, COMPOST, VEGGIE MIX AND GARDEN pruning bougainvillea, they MIX, GAP, DRAINAGE METAL & SAND , BARKS & MULCHES, can be hacked into quite PEBBLES & ROCKS, SLEEPERS, PONGA LOGS & MORE vigorously, but the long WOOLGRO INSTALLATIONS &Outdoor QUOTES ARRANGED • All purchases can enter to win theLAWN “Masport Outdoor • AllGrand purchases Prize”can valued enteratto$3,400 win the “Masport Grand Prize” valued at $3,400 • Entry is open to trade and retail customers • Entry is open to trade and retail customers spines on this vine are very • Competition is in-store entries only FREE • Competition is in-store entriesTRAILERS only LOAN painful; leather gloves are • Competition will run from 17th August – 30th September • Competition 2014 will run from 17th August – 30th September 2014 DELIVERIES DAYS A andWEEK • Prizes will beHOME drawn on 3rd October 2014 and winners • Prizes will bewillnotified be drawn and on advertised 3rd October on7 our 2014 website and winners will be notified advertised on our website recommended.

4 for $10

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October 15, 2014

Ahuroa bio-farming seminar An Ahuroa farm is hosting a workshop introducing the benefits of biological farming to show how soil health can improve the environment and productivity. The event is run by the Kaipara Catchment Biological Farming Group, which formed a year ago to encourage biological farming principles. The methods involve using different pastures and adopting different grazing techniques to build up topsoil and allow pasture to regenerate. Group coordinator Paul Candy says improving soil health can make farms more drought resistant, as healthy soils absorb water. This also reduces the amount of nutrient and sediment entering waterways. “We want our topsoil to stay on our land, not float off downstream every time it rains,” Mr Candy says. “The land should act like a sponge.” Mr Candy says the group is growing momentum as more farmers realise traditional farming methods aren’t working. “Farmers can be a bit set in their ways, but when they start seeing results they start opening their eyes.” One farmer who has seen results is Ahuroa sheep and beef farmer Bev Trowbridge. Ms Trowbridge has been following biological farming principles for 10 years and says she has seen remarkable changes in her farm.

“When we arrived there was very little top soil and a lot of compaction,” she says. “Now we have deep topsoil and grow grass through the droughts and absorb the winter rain, rather than having it run off or sit on top.” The clay soils in Northland and Rodney are a particular challenge as it easily suffers from compaction, which makes the land anaerobic and acidic. This kills soil organisms, which are vital to making nutrients and minerals available to pasture and makes it difficult for pastures to establish deep roots. “The soil is the driving engine of a farm, but it needs air to survive.” Ms Trowbridge has focused on having a turnover of younger stock, which have less impact on the land as they are smaller. The methods also involve using less chemical fertiliser, so less enters the waterways. “Traditional fertilisers harm the microorganisms in the soil and damages the soil structure.” The farm is also a flagship for the Integrated Kaipara Harbour Management Group (see story page 35). Ms Trowbridge will be demonstrating the bio-farming techniques at a seminar on Saturday October 18 from 1pm to 5pm, at the farm on 332 Komokoriki Hill Road, Ahuroa. Info: Bev 4225267 b.j.trowbridge@xtra.




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October 15, 2014




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DOES MY SEPTIC TANK NEED CLEANING? Yes, every 2-3 years. Why? Because septic tanks are a filter. You clean your car filter and your water filters regularly and yet one of the most important filters gets forgotten - your septic tank. Keep your environment clean and green.

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Three cheers for Ag Days A couple of weeks ago we had our Tapora School Ag Day, a vital part of the school’s fundraising calendar to help purchase much-needed capital and equipment not funded by the government. It was a glorious day and a treasure to see our community, friends and family come out in force to support us. I do sincerely apologise to all for being an “un-council consented” community fundraising renegade. Please don’t dob on me! Us mothers had an old fashioned 60’s style sweet stall, complete with beautifully decorated cupcakes, fudge and sherbet filled marshmallow cones. The children’s eyes lit up and their smiles were big enough to push the rain clouds away as they ummed and ahhed over what to spend their pocket money on. My girlfriends and I manned the burger and sausage sizzle stand. What we couldn’t do with onions, lettuce and carrot was surely not worth doing. It was completely hilarious just how efficient we became at these matters when faced with hordes of grumbly tummies. However, I must give a footnote to prospective food stall handlers – not a good idea to put the disposable gloves on inside out as they have a tendency to stick to everything. Back on the oval, after weeks of bottle feeding in the cold, the competition was fierce. The children tugged, lead and commanded a menagerie of animals around hoping and praying for one of those prized ribbons. The parents watched on nervously to see if their breeding made the grade – grand champion is a much sought after prize when you are a farmer’s son or daughter. My daughter Lolli bagged the obedience ribbon for her pet lamb (no mean feat when you consider there were three ribbons to give and three lambs entered). However, I agreed with the judge, Lolli went exactly where that boisterous lamb told her to. The big bonus about your children attending a tiny little school is that everybody gets a prize or a certificate – no tears, no tantrums just a heap of happy campers. All in all, a fantastic day was had by all. My community managed to pull through unscathed, with not one instance of “death by toffee apple” or exploding “jelly lamington” and not a heap of un-utilised porta-loos in sight. Much-needed funds were raised for our children’s school and perhaps new books will soon adorn the bookshelves. So if you are looking for a fun day out why not rock up to one of the many little Ag days that are held in small communities all around Rodney? It’s good clean family fun – just the way us rural folk like it.






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October 15, 2014


Rachel Blackie, Wellsford Vet Clinic

Regular ruminant feeding vital When calves and lambs are born, they have a single stomach just like us, to digest and process milk. From only a few days old, they become interested in putting grass in their mouths if it is available. This behaviour stimulates the other three stomachs of a young ruminant to grow and develop into a fully-fledged pasture processing ruminant. Before these stomachs are fully developed, these young animals are reliant on milk for their main energy source. Interestingly, young calves make digestive enzymes according to a body clock that is trained by the times you feed. Half-an-hour before feeding time, they will know a milk feed is arriving via your bucket, and start to produce a substance similar to rennet in their single stomach. This process is very important to get the goodness out of the milk. If a calf is stressed, sick, cold or fed at varying times, this mechanism doesn’t work so well, and causes undigested milk to pass into the rest of the intestine, usually causing scours. So how do we know whether this mechanism of rennet production inside the calf is working? How do we know if they are sick before they are really sick? This is important. First clue: At feeding time, a calf (and lamb) with a healthy digestive system will waggle its tail quite vigorously when sucking. If it doesn’t, something is wrong and you should get a rectal temperature. Incorrectly treated calves may go off their milk feed, have droopy ears and lack of play activity, which in turn can progress to cold muzzle (acidosis) and even inability to stand. Some progress rapidly to death, especially if they have a nasty bug or fever. What’s important for prevention? Select healthy calves to buy from clean premises, hygiene is paramount, as is regular feed times with weighed milk powder amounts at the correct temperature. Provide shelter from wind and rain, and somewhere they can go outside in the sun and fresh air. Get a thermometer for milk and one for taking calf temperatures. Call your vet if there are fevers or cold muzzles, as these calves need specialised electrolytes and treatments. Reminder: If you have any young female cattle with unplanned pregnancies, please call us as soon as possible. Year after year we attend 12-18 month old juvenile cattle trying to calve that have been let go on to a full term pregnancy. Some we can save, a lot we cannot. These animals pose a huge welfare problem. As soon as you notice any kind of udder forming, if a bull has jumped the fence in with young heifers (calves or yearlings) or if you are buying young female cattle in, please ring your vet for a discussion straight away.



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October 15, 2014

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Golden girls . . . (Back from left) Anna Pallister, 11, Amali Shore, 9, Abby Murphy (front from left) Abbie Lethbridge, 7, Bianca Lungu, 8 and Isabella Lungu, 7.

More trophies than tutus Mahurangi ballerinas took a clean sweep of awards at the Northland Performing Arts competition in Whangarei last month, winning 12 trophies. Six girls from Talbot Dance Academy (TDA) dance studio in Warkworth competed in the competition, which draws dancers from the Auckland and Northland regions. TDA owner Carla Talbot says the girls worked hard for the trophies, putting in about 11 hours per week.



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“They always do very well in competitions, but they’ve never taken out everything like that,” Carla says. Carla started TDA dance studio in Warkworth two years ago and now has 120 students. Several of her students have gone on to study at dance colleges in Australia. The girls are now gearing up for the end of year recital at Mahurangi College on December 12 and 13, where there be a range of performances around the theme of ‘city life’.

Award winners Isabella Lungu won aggregate trophies for 6 & Under 8, 2nd in Demi Character Under 8, 2nd in Classical Under 8; Anna Pallister won aggregate trophies and the scholarship for 10 & Under 12, 1st in Demi Character 10 & Under 12, 1st Barefoot 10 & Under 12, 1st National Character 10 & Under 12, 1st Classical 10 & Under 12, 2nd Impromptu Barefoot Under 12, 3rd Impromptu Classical Under 12; Bianca Lungu won aggregate trophies for 8 & Under 10, 1st National Character Under 10, 1st Demi Character 8 & Under 10, 2nd Barefoot Under 10, 2nd Classical 8 & Under 10; Abbie Lethbridge 1st Classical Under 8, Very Highly Commended Barefoot Under 10; Amali Shore, 1st Classical 8 & Under 10, 1st Barefoot Under 10, 2nd Demi Character 8 & Under 10, Very Highly Commended Impromptu Barefoot Under 12, Very Highly Commended National Character Under 10; Abby Murphy, 3rd Demi 10 & Under 12, Very Highly Commended National Character 10 & Under 12, 3rd Classical 10 & Under 12, Very Highly Commended Impromptu Classical Under 12.


October 15, 2014

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Totalspan rodney proud sponsors of

ToTalspan Rodney pRoud sponsoRs of


A roundup of sports activities and events in the district Surf Saving a Life Roundup of spoRTs acTiviTies in THe disTRicT Registration for the Omaha Surf Life Saving Club junior surf and lifeguard training is on November 2, 9.45am at the Omaha Club. Info: ToTalspan Rodney pRoud sponsoRs of Squash Wellsford summer season begins Wed Oct 22. All welcome. Info: Christine Crow 4237149 or open of night on Mondays 6pm at the Sports Complex. aKaiwaka Roundup spoRTs acTiviTies inKaiwaka THe disTRicT Warkworth Golf ibus omnimolum IsSenior quas vendipsantus restincti blaborr umquisi muscius idipitae la et qui Men nus 55+ women 50+. 36 hole sint mixed tournament, October 20 and 21. autatur sanissit, conseri onsequi denimod magnametur? Qui omnimet as magnima Rodney fundraiser tournament, Sun Novnima 2. Reg. 11am, gnihil il ilictatiRams te nam qui blaboria is amusanitio. Nam excepelenis con pore etur? tee off 11.30am. Derum perfernatem fugitofqui4.ditInfo: auditi cum eum vendusant volupta quam027 250 2435 $30 est perandia person, teams evelit ipitessum aut ut am. Ladies tournament, Mon, Nov 10. Entries close Nov 3. Entry $25, includes light simusci llabo425 8248 lunch. Info: Ucimporrum lautat rerum renducia voloreiur, comniendel ipis et volorrupta sum Tides Out Funquis Run voluptatus am eum abor aut aut ut dit, nem dolliciurem fugiate moluptus doluptaquis iorepro aut inullab orrovitae eosam,options. soluptas volore Ruakakaquosant Beach, Novvolor 2, 9am. 5km & 10km Run eaordelis walk. $15 for adults quam, optis erum faccaborest, cus, ommoluptat aliquis di quiam eat arum serianda $5 for children. Bream Bay College PTA fundraiser. Enter at qui si reptium dolut quo et haruptature parit, officiunt ex eat quatus, que pro optasim oluptat ut restiistrum Rodney Cricketnit et alitias pietus enihil ium sus. oTaTuR PlayerscoRum are needed to establish Rodney cricket teams. Info Kevin Forde kevin. Nonsed exeri occabo. Parciendania sendio omnimus nonet est et qui sae pera 021 795072 endipitatur aut expereperum restrum harum atur reperumet dipid millibus vel int occae Sailing et excearciis atibusa ntibeati omnihil molut od earum quis del magnis doloriorumet ma pra volori ipienie niatus plibusClub quia veniatibus. Illorit asfor imusam voluptatem sitio to Sail Sandspit Centreboard enrolments Term 4: Learn officidel ium int a consequi nis rae int vidundae perferum nonem corum. One, ages 9+ ; Learn to Sail Two, Sun am; Green Fleet race training ga nempeRnaTis ToTalspan Mon afternoons.Rodney Info: 0221712550

THE scorEBoArD

Actor Peter Elliot was one of many celebrities practicing their swing at the charity golf day.

Celebrities tee-off for charity The Omaha Beach Golf course attracted local celebrities and nearly $32,000 of donations for a youth education scheme recently. Outrageous Fortune and Sione’s Wedding co-creator James Griffin, actor Peter Elliot, former All Black Richard Turner and ex-Silver Fern Tania Dalton were among the guests at the golf day on Thursday October 2. The CallPlus’ annual charity raised $31,935 for the Great Potentials foundation and its MATES program. Great Potentials run programmes to help New Zealand youth get both feet firmly on the ground. Its mission is to work for and with children, young people and families to reduce disparities in New Zealand society, reduce crime, and help them realise their potential. MATES is a Mentoring and Tutoring Education Scheme operating in 15 schools in the Auckland region. CEO and founder Dame Lesley Max says commercial support is crucial for the charity as it enables them to operate within the community, providing resources to help young people and helping families flourish.

“This donation is gratefully received and will go a long way in helping us support and educate those who need a hand-up. We do it through programmes designed to educate, mentor and support children and young people in their primary, secondary and into their tertiary years.” She says they are looking to take the MATES programme nationwide. “These funds take us a few steps closer, and is motivation for us to keep doing what we do best – supporting young people and their families.” Local businesses including Bayleys in the North, New World Warkworth and Omaha Golf Club also got behind Great Potentials.

List sports news FREE by emailing 229 sTaTe HigHway 1 waRkwoRTH ToTalspan Rodney TOTALSPAN RODNEY 09 422 3149 229pHone sTaTe HigHway 1 Ad eic tem reiunt volut porate ped ma non niendi arum eumque.

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Based on per weekly empty for 80 litre bin. Available in 80, 120 and 240 litre bin sizes for general refuse.

*10c from every bag you buy will be donated to your local hospice - an estimated $15,000 per year!!

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Tanya Dalton gets a cheer.

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October 15, 2014

Football club finishes successful season The Warkworth Football Club has finished another successful season. The Warkworth Ray White Realty 1st team and the Mitre10 Mega reserve side had a turbulent season on the field with their results and injuries to key players affecting the consistency of the match day teams. With unsettled sides it was tough for them to string together a good run of results. The first team eventually finished 12th and must await the outcome of promotion games and a decision from the league organisers to determine if they remain in the Northern Region division league. The reserves performed better with five wins during their second league season but in a very tight league still ended up in 11th. Head coach Paul Gothard says he has had a long season but is looking forward to getting started again in the New Year. He says there seems to be a group of really good young talent from the club’s 17th grade sides. “It has been a tough year for the senior teams on match days as we have missed some keys players for big chunks of the season but the squad has trained well and has been very willing to learn a new style which is a good sign and means the squad is moving in the right direction,” says Paul. “With the addition of some of these good young players next season I am feeling positive.” It will now be a matter of waiting to see what league the Senior teams will be playing in next season, but whatever

Auckland Area Sea Watch Matakana Marine Seawatch




Oct 17

Oct 18

1:49am 7:42am 2:14pm 8:22pm

6:38am 7:36pm 6:27am 6:51pm

2:41am 8:37am 3:09pm 9:19pm

6:36am 7:37pm

Best At


2.9 0.8 2.9 0.9

Best At


7:15am 7:38pm

2.7 3:36am 0.9 9:37am 2.8 4:05pm 1.0 10:16pm

6:35am 7:38pm 8:01am 8:24pm














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2.7 4:33am 1.0 10:36am 2.7 4:59pm 1.0 11:09pm

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8:46am 9:08pm

2.6 5:30am 1.0 11:31am 2.8 5:49pm 1.0 11:58pm

6:32am 7:40pm

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next year already. Andrew Wheeler was awarded the teams player of the year award. The Warkworth Surveyors Ladies team played in the women’s second division after competing well in the grading rounds. Unfortunately they then lost key players and found the going tough in the regular season eventually finishing in 7th place. The Withers & Co 17th grade side won the 2nd division title while the 17th grade team competed very well in the first division finishing in 4th place. There were also second place finishes for the teams in the 15th grades. Seven aside Summer Football begins on the 28th. To enter a team register prior to the 15th on the club website

the league the club will be having two senior teams and getting the younger players involved. For the first team Cameron Gray was voted the players player of the year while Gareth Southcombe picked up the coaches player of the year award. For the reserve team Steve May was the coaches player of the year while Clyde Johnson was the players player. The Metroscaff Over 35’s team was the jewel in the senior clubs crown this year, winning the first division championship and also the Masters Cup competition. The old boys team lost just three games all season long. The team occasionally struggled for players as injuries tend to take a bit longer to recover from for this age group of players, but with a strong squad the team is looking forward to

Oct 16

3.0 0.6 3.0 0.8

Rodney cricket has been revitalised with five senior teams confirmed for the season for the local competition. Rodney cricket development and competitions manager Kevin Forde says the competition had “fallen down” last year, with only three teams, but now it should have enough teams for a decent competition. Warkworth is fielding a team for the first time in a number of years, while Wellsford is also fielding a team after going dormant last season. “But we still need players to make sure we don’t have defaults due to a lack of players like last year,” Kevin says. Rodney will also field two junior sides, with students from Mahurangi College and Rodney College, in a Whangarei competition. The Rodney District Cricket Association has recently become an incorporated society for the first time in its 100-year history. This will help the society gain grants for equipment and uniforms.

1st team had a turbulent season on the field.




Rodney cricket gets a boost

Oct 15 12:59am 6:52am Tide 1:22pm Times 7:27pm

Fishing Guide

Kevin Forde

6:31am 7:41pm

Best At


9:29am 9:51pm

2.7 6:22am 2.8 12:43am 0.8 1:26am 1.0 12:19pm 0.9 7:09am 2.9 7:52am 2.8 6:36pm 2.8 1:03pm 0.8 1:44pm 7:19pm 2.9 8:01pm 0.9 6:30am 7:42pm

Best At


10:12am 10:34pm

6:28am 7:43pm

Best At


10:55am 11:17pm


2:06am 8:33am 2:25pm 8:42pm

6:27am 7:44pm

Best At


0.7 3.0 0.7 3.0

12:01am 12:24pm

2:46am 9:13am 3:05pm 9:24pm

6:26am 7:45pm

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0.6 3.1 0.6 3.1

6:25am 7:46pm

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12:47am 1:11pm

0.5 3:27am 3.1 9:54am 0.6 3:47pm 3.1 10:07pm

6:24am 7:47pm

Best At


1:35am 2:00pm

0.5 4:08am 3.2 10:35am 0.5 4:30pm 3.1 10:51pm

6:22am 7:48pm

Best At


2:25am 2:51pm

0.4 4:50am 3.2 11:19am 0.5 5:16pm 3.1 11:37pm

6:21am 7:49pm

Best At


3:18am 3:45pm

0.4 5:35am 0.5 12:25am 3.1 1:17am 3.2 12:06pm 3.2 6:23am 0.5 7:16am 0.6 6:05pm 0.6 12:56pm 3.2 1:52pm 6:58pm 0.6 7:56pm 3.1 6:20am 7:50pm

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4:12am 4:40pm

6:19am 7:51pm

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5:08am 5:35pm

6:18am 7:52pm

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6:03am 6:31pm

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6:59am 7:26pm

Last New First Quarter Moon Quarter Rise 1:13am Rise 1:57am Rise 2:37am Rise 3:13am Rise 3:46am Rise 4:18am Rise 4:50am Rise 5:21am Rise 5:54am Rise 6:28am Rise 7:06am Rise 7:48am Rise 8:35am Rise 9:27am Rise 10:24am Set 12:43am Set 1:31am Set 11:42am Set 12:35pm Set 1:29pm Set 2:23pm Set 3:17pm Set 4:12pm Set 5:07pm Set 6:03pm Set 7:01pm Set 7:59pm Set 8:59pm Set 9:58pm Set 10:56pm Set 11:51pm Rise 11:25am Rise 12:29pm *Not for navigational purposes.


Good Fishing


Fair Fishing


Not So Good

Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

For the latest wind and swell information for the Auckland area, go to:


Your one stop shop for your marine needs! October 15, 2014

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GROUND CARE • Mowing - Residential & Lifestyle Blocks • Garden Maintenance • Weed Control Spraying - Farms & Domestic • Mini Digger Hire & Tractor Hire

0800 276 7726 or Don 425 8501 - 021 527 017

mobile: 027 556 6111

heatpumps aIRCON maINteNaNCe COmmeRCIal & dOmestIC eleCtRICal


027 209 3836

Digital Freeview Satellite •Sand•Metal•Shell•Pebble•Scoria WE CAN •Mulch•Garden Mix•Topsoil•Compost

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Licensed LBP

carpenter Trevor Jull Tel: 09 422 5292 Mob: 021 734 460

Installation & Repairs

TV • Video • DVD Tuning Additional TV Outlets Phone David Redding 09 422 7227 or 0274 585 457

FROG POOL FARM Gifts Furniture Homeware amps Leadlight L ilt Bu Custom en Kitch s

Dome Valley 5 min past Warkworth • 425 9030

Dan Wood

Registered Electrician

021 104 8175

TV AERIAL & SATELLITE SERVICES Freeview Sales & Installation TV & FM Aerials GAVIN BROUGH Ph 09 425 5495 Mob 0274 766 115


COMPOSITE JOINERY Ltd Composite Joinery Ltd 7 Glenmore Drive Warkworth 0941

Phone: 09 425 7510 Fax: 09 422 2011

We specialise in: • Vantage Aluminium Joinery • APL | Architectural Series • Metro Series • Internal and External Timber Joinery



Small Jobs • Renovations • Bathroom Makeovers Decks • Pergolas • Plastering


Adding value to homes since 1980

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Denis 021 945 498 Joel 021 422 592 PO Box 193, Warkworth

Foundations • Floors • Drives • Paths • Digger & Truck Hire Concrete Specialists backed by over 30 years experience Established since 1984


Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014

Chad Ranum Electrical SolaR PowER altERnativES

Chad Ranum Director 12 viv Davie-Martin Drive RD4, warkworth 09 425 9518 / 021 0836 6989


MICK BERGER CONTRACTORS Phone: 09 422 0688 • Mobile: 0274 930 806

43 years experience

Dams ● Winching ● Bulldozing ● Driveways House Sites ● Landscaping ● Earthmoving ● Sub Divisions


Domestic and Commercial Glazing Glass Showers Splash Backs Mirrors • Cat Doors Windscreen Replacement and Chip Repair

arkworth lass & lazing

20 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth 09 425 8678 • 021 952 077

Free New Zealand Consumer Web Design Guide

Kitchens | Bathrooms | Laundries entertainment units | WardroBes & offices Contact Neil 09 425 7017 or 021 070 0643 • 16a GLenmore drive, WarKWorth


PHONE 09 425 5597

Avoid costly mistakes and make an informed and intelligent decision, get it now at


New homes • Renovations • Additions •

Baxter Construction Licensed Building Practitioner Over 25 years in the local building industry New Builds, Alterations and Landscaping LOCAL SECURITY COMPANY

0800 66 24 24

• Alarm & CCTV Installation and Servicing • Alarm Monitoring • Patrols/alarm Response • Free Design and Quotation

PO Box 487 Warkworth


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specialising in

Ryan Bridgens 021 560 889

Phone 09 423 8945 – service all areas

For ideas and advice about our windows and doors talk to us.



021 323 879


0800 70 40 10 •

Rodney Aluminium Joinery

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Landscape & garden design • Digger hire & earth works Project management • Palm & tree installation & removal Decks, fences, paving • Water features & dams • Wetland design & planting


JAMES 021 756 001




CNC Laser / CNC Router Creative Engraving & Giftware Design & Manufacture Large Wooden Signs

Creating your ideas or ours Morrison Drive • 452 0201

house designs


innovative residential design

Ph 0274 926 095 • 422 9790



3 BEDROOMS for professional woman within 15 minutes of Warkworth. Excellent tenant phone 027 242 8830

SUPER COMPOST Untreated wood shavings & duck poo. Bag $10, Bulk $75m3. Enquire about delivery. Ph 422 5042



smartdrive washers, F&P/Simpson dryers. Same day service 09 423 9660 or 021 168 7349.

EQUESTRIAN CENTRE OF CONNECTED HORSEMANSHIP & BITLESS NATURAL RIDING Learn with our trained horses. Progress to instruction with yours 09 422 3494 021 222 9612


Massage For Health

Massaging locally for 18 years - Qualified Relaxation, Deep tissue, Pregnancy Home clinic/Mobile. New clients welcome Ph Evelyn 09 - 425 6479 Mob 021 148 1779 Diploma Therapeutic Massage NZ College of Massage

THERAPEUTIC AND DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE for aches, pains, strains, back issues & sports injuries. Bioenergetic Bodywork for Emotional Wellbeing. Ph Nicholas O’Connor. 022 693 5066. 68 Davies Road. Wellsford.


Central Warkworth location. Phone 027 430 8440.

HIHI FAR NORTH Small bach suit couple $80 per night. Ph 09 422 6005 or 027 226 1717



ADJUSTABLE BEDS - for your wellbeing ADJUSTABLE BEDS - for a better lifestyle ADJUSTABLE BEDS at Drummers Home Store Wellsford 09 423 9077 RAWLEIGH Products. Ph Pat 423 8851 Please note new phone number PLANTS Quality groundcovers, shrubs and trees. Large and small grades. Wholesale direct to the public. Contract growing and pre-orders welcome. Liberty Park Native Tree Nursery, 90 Jones Road, Omaha 09 422 7307.


$10 EACH

Available from Mahurangi Matters, 17 Neville Street, Warkworth.

Blinds Screens Awnings Curtains Security Shutters

• Industrial specialist • Electric motor control Ph: 022 0 76937 0 • PLC & machine control 022 0 POWER 0 • Energy efficiency audits • Machine design & build

& associates ltd architectural design


• Industrial • Commercial • Domestic

WATER PUMPS Low water pressure? Get it sorted. Sales, service and installation. Work guaranteed. Steve 09 945 2282 TANK WATER TESTING Find out what bad-bugs are in your drinking water. We collect, test and report. Ph Simon at 09 422 9345 or tankwater@

WATER FILTERS Underbench filters & whole house Ultra violet filters – Kill and remove ecoli/bacteria. FREE site visits. Ph Steve 09 945 2282 or visit

STEVE’S MAINTENANCE lawns, hedges, waterblasting, rubbish removal, section clearing, property maintenance. No job too big or small. Phone Steve 029 770 7101 or 09 425 9966. Serving Warkworth, Snells, Matakana, Sandspit. LAWN MOWING rubbish removal, hedges, small tree removal. WW & beach areas. Ph Jeff Hatfull 027 425 7357, 425 7357


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Advertise your classifieds and church notices here for only

$4.40 inc GST per line or $11.20 per/cm inc GST for boxed adverts. HOME MAINTENANCE




Tree Removal • /Chipping Ph Steve 029 7707101 09 425 9966

for those who have died. Friday 31st October, 2014 at 5 pm Christ Church, Church Hill Warkworth Phone 425 8054 or for further information

Ph Steve 029 7707101 GORSE & 09 BRUSHWEED 425 9966SPRAYING,

mulching/slashing. All terrains possible, registered chemical applicator. Ph Jeremy 021 184 4287 / 09 945 0950

MARKETS MUSEUM SUMMER MARKETS 1st Saturday of the month, 8am, Old Masonic Hall, Baxter Street, Warkworth. Enquiries Warkworth 425 8391

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Mahurangi Matters


Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014


Advertise your classifieds and church notices here for only

$4.40 inc GST per line or $11.20 per/cm inc GST for boxed adverts.




CASH PAID TOOLS & Machinery, Shed & garage clearouts. All things considered. Call or txt 021 161 5139.

Come and join the fun, 1st Monday of month, Upstairs New Masonic Lodge, Baxter Street, Warkworth, 7pm. Proceeds to Warkworth Museum.


Art, Craft & Jewellery Full & part time courses

Puhoi & Albany Campus

WORK WANTED REID EQUESTRIAN ENGINEERING, Wellsford. Float rebuilds, horse truck conversions, etc. Dog kennels made to measure. Quality work. Ph Ron 423 9666

Shearing Extra small flocks 35 yrs exp 09 422 0752




Call Out


10 per sheep


TV SERVICES Aerials, Dishes, Freeview sales, installation and service. Extra outlets serving the area for 18 years. Phone Gavin 027 476 6115.

AERIAL & SATELLITE DISH INSTALLATIONS Professional Installation of Satellite Dishes and Freeview UHF Aerials. Wall mount TV Installations, Multi-room Solutions. Audio and Home Theatre. TV Tuning Services. Phone 425 5431.

ALL FREEVIEW INSTALLATIONS Dish, Aerial, Additional Outlet .. THE TV MAN IS THE ONE! FREE QUOTE Call JIM THE MAINTENANCE MAN 021 254 2048 or visit www. FREEVIEW TV, Audio, Installation, Faults & Supply. Andrew 021 466 394 or 422 2221.



Phone Greg

021 041 2903




















































































09 422 5709

Mahurangi Matters is looking for an enthusiastic and hardworking advertising representative to join our team in Warkworth. This job will suit someone who is friendly, reliable and confident, with good IT skills. Previous selling experience is essential. The job involves liaising with existing and potential advertising clients, understanding their marketing requirements and providing first class customer service. On a day-to-day basis, you will be out and about in the paper’s circulation area, which stretches from Puhoi to Mangawhai and Maungaturoto. An important part of the job is record-keeping – you must be able to keep an accurate database. A new aspect of the position is the development of our online interface with clients and customers, through sections of our website such as the newly-launched Business Directory and Cheep Cheep Local Deals. A driver’s licence and a reliable car are essential. A mobile phone will be provided. This is a fulltime position. Please email a covering letter and CV to: Attention: Jannette Thompson Applications close on October 17.


Print & present or show on your smart phone in store


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Sales Representative

Buy one get one FREE But a hot coffee, tea, or any hot beverage and get the second beverage FREE

1 Omaha Flats Rd, Matakana Country Park. Phone 09 4227133

Exp: 15 August, 2014. One voucher per person only. Free Hot Beverage is of equal or lesser value.

Bramble – Matakana

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021 189 8807 October 15, 2014

what’s on


See What’s On at for a full list of upcoming events


Kowhai Festival Great Debate, Ascension Wine Estate, 6.30pm. Tickets $30. 17 Open Air Cinema screens Grease, Shoesmith Domain, 7pm for 8pm start. 17-19 North Rodney Community Arts Exhibition, Colours of Rodney, Old Masonic Hall, Baxter St, Warkworth. Open: 10-4pm on Fri & Sat, prize presentation at 2.30pm on Sunday. (see story p21) 18 Kaipara Flats Country Show, 10am-2pm at the Kaipara Flats School (see story p23). 18 Maungaturoto Primary School Pet Day and Gala. Pet show starts at 10am with Gala from 12noon (see story p19). 22 Meet Jane Francis, author of Secrets For Mothers Who Struggle, at Warkworth Library, from 5.30pm (see story p31) 24/26 Kawau Bay Painters have a three-day exhibition in the Old Masonic Hall in Warkworth, 10am-3pm (see story p21). 25 Matakana School Gala, 7am-2pm. Info: matakanaschoolgala. (see story p24) 25 NZ comedian Paul Ego headlines a comedy night at Ascension Wine Estate. Dinner from 6pm, comedy from 8.30pm. Tickets $25 available at (see story p20) 26 Leigh Preschool Gala from 9am-2pm. Info: gala-fundraiser (see story p25) 26 Jane Gifford Cruise: A one-hour excursion aboard the Jane Gifford on the Mahurangi River. Departs 10am, $20 per adult, $15 senior, $5child. Info Warkworth i-SITE 4259081 or 4255006 26 Puhoi Farmers Market, 9am-1pm

November 1 1 1 1 7-9 8-9 9

9 10 11 12

Fright Night, Kaiwaka Sports Complex. Halloween event – music, dancing, games, face painting, haunted house. Prizes for scariest costumes. Starts at 7.30pm. Spooktacular, Warkworth Womens Bowling Club, Shoesmith Street, from 5pm-8pm. Fundraiser for the Mahurangi Gymnastics Club. Tickets $5, available at Pukeko Patch. Entries for Best Vegetable Garden at the Warkworth Rose and Flower Show close. Tomarata Guy Fawkes Night, Tomarata Domain, Pakiri Block Road, 5pm-10pm. Tickets $5 per person or $25 per car (Max 6 people). Fireworks show begins at nightfall. (see story p 22) Warkworth Walks, choose from 12 walks. Info: Mangawhai Garden Ramble. Tickets are $15 (early bird until Labour Weekend) or $20 thereafter. (see story p27) Warkworth Wellsford Hospice Homes tour in the Matakana/Pt Wells area 9.30am-4pm. Tickets $45 or $40 when you buy 4 or more tickets. Info: 425-9535 or or The Matakana Pony Club - War Horse Armistice Parade. At 8am from the pony club at Diamond Jubilee Park to the King George War Memorial. Info: Maree Basevi 422 7467 (see story p20) Warkworth Genealogy Society monthly meeting 10am-noon, Shoesmith Hall, Shoesmith Street. Shared lunch. Matakana Armistice Day memorial at 11am at the King George War Memorial. Walk/Cruise: Guided walks departing from Warkworth i-SITE at 9.30am then board the Jane Gifford, Departs 11am, $20 per adult, $15 senior, $5 child. Info Warkworth i-SITE 4259081 or 4255006

List your event directly on our new What’s On calendar at or email to

Mahurangi Matters


Wellsford Inn

12 DAZE Playing on frIdAY 24th october

from 7pm to 12 • $10 door charge 184 184 Rodney Rodney St St ••Wellsford Wellsford •• 09 09 423 423 8046 8046

the local vocals choirinc. present a community

Christmas Singing Series with Max Maxwell from ‘Sing for Joy’

5 x Sunday‘s starting 2nd November 3pm-5pm Wellsford District Community Centre

Culminating in a Community Christmas Concert 30th November

all welcome - come and join the festive spirit!

Registration details: email:, or ph. Sally 423 9393

Rodney District Art Awards 2014 presented by


“Colours of Rodney” Venue: Old Masonic Lodge, Baxter Street, Warkworth Viewing times: Friday 17th October, 10am-4pm Saturday 18th October,10am-4pm Sunday 19th October,10am-3pm Prize Presentation: To be held at 2.30pm, Sunday 19th October at the Old Masonic Lodge


Mahurangi Matters

October 15, 2014

NZ wins trans-Tasman sailing battle at Algies Bay

Six NZ sailing teams from around the country battled it out against five Australian teams in the Inter-dominion Championships at Algies Bay.

The top secondary school sailors from NZ and Australia battled it out in the Inter-dominion Championships at Algies Bay recently. New Zealand won the event 27 points to 13.5, with Kerikeri High School taking out the event and Auckland Grammar coming in second. NZ took a clean sweep in the Girls Regatta, with Diocesan Girls School coming first, and the Napier and New Plymouth Girls High School’s coming second and third respectively.

Australia fielded five teams in the championship, coming from Canberra and Sydney, while six NZ teams competed. Each team has six sailors, with three yachts competing in each team. Day one of the three-day event was cancelled due to high winds, big swells and driving rain, but day-two put on perfect conditions and the smell of sunscreen filled the air of the Bay. Mahurangi College didn’t compete in the event after not making it through

the national finals earlier in the year. However a Mahurangi team came second in the Spring Training Regatta, which was also held at Algies Bay during the week. Sandspit Yacht Club Centreboard Division committee member Nicky Stevenson says the Mahurangi side will be back competing in the Interdominion in no time. “Mahurangi competed in the Australian leg last year, but we lost a number of seniors at the end of the year, so are taking time to build up a team for the

future,” Ms Stevenson says. It’s always a great event for the area and the community gets behind it, she says. “It’s a great fundraiser for the club. We put on 130 lunches for the kids and support crew. Having the boats out there is a neat spectacle for the community.” NZ and Australia take turns hosting the Inter-dominion Championships, which is now in its 31st year. “New Zealand tends to win on its home ground but it’s very competitive.”

For a full range of family health care, including A&M services in an integrated system 24 hours per day, across our region, including public holidays For further information and new enrolments, please contact any of our clinics Wellsford 220 Rodney St (Cnr. SH1 & Matheson Rd) 09 423 8086 ALSO AFTER HOURS Snells Beach 145 Mahurangi East Road 09 425 6666

Matakana 74 Matakana Valley Road 09 422 7737 Mangawhai 4 Fagan Place 09 431 4128

Maungaturoto 138 Hurndall Street 09 431 8576 Paparoa 1877 Paparoa Valley Road 09 431 7222

Wellsford Birthing Unit

Full 2 bedroom birthing and post natal care facility with your own LMC & Registered Nurses 24/7 in attendance. Birthing pool, FREE baby car seat with admission. 218 Rodney St, Wellsford Health Centre, Wellsford • Enquiries Admin 09 423 8745


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