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DEC 2017 - FEB 2018 ISSUE 9

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CONTENTS DEC 2017 - FEB 2018

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Hello and welcome to this, the ninth edition of The Barrington Magazine, which is destined to be my last.

Spotlight on Dance and Fitness

04. 07. 16. EDITORIAL Barrington: Andy Bryant Pat Stirling Sam Fowler

Amazingly, it has been four years since I originally walked into the Barrington Centre to take up my role as General Manager - the time has flashed by. With a mixture of sadness and pride, I am leaving the Centre to join a locally-based charity for carers called the Leonardo Trust. As my time here draws to a close, I would like to personally thank the team of staff and volunteers who have supported me and made some really special events and shows happen on our great stage. My show highlights include Courtney Pine, the Three Degrees, and - my personal favourites - the Wonder Stuff. Even though I am handing over the reins, I have every intention of remaining part of our local community and you’ll see me helping out at events and shows here at the Centre and supporting Prama and their plans and progress. I would also like to say a special thank you to the team at Prama HQ for their intervention with the Centre in 2017, which has enabled us to continue providing our services for you. I am very excited for the future of the Barrington Centre and Penny’s café and will look forward to hearing the news as it emerges!

Travelin’ Man, Ricky Nelson Rock ‘n’ Roll Show

First public open session A summary of our public consultation session and its outcomes. Prama: times of change for The Barrington Paula Jones’s reflection on the progress of The Barrington in 2017 and what is to come in 2018. WHAT’S ON STAGE All the upcoming gigs and shows into 2018.

24 20.

27. 28.

A 01202 894858 Please note our new website address!


Poppy Petals

A PENNY’S SPECIAL Introducing Jean-Marc Charton, our new catering manager.

See you all around! Andy Bryant The Barrington Centre Pennys Walk Ferndown BH22 9TH 01202 894858

COACH TRIPS 2018 A look at all the wonderful coach trips on offer in 2018 with Barrington coach tours. RAISING FUNDS THE RETAIL WAY A look at Prama’s West Moors shop with Aaron and Kate. DESIGN/PRODUCTION Brightbox Designs & mags4dorset: Ben Pulford Louis Pulford Adam Trimby

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You said... we did (or we soon will!) Our first quarterly surgery and public consultation session was held at the beginning of October with Steve Robinson, Prama’s Chief Executive Officer. We called it “An audience with Steve”. We were delighted to receive such honest feedback and here is a selection of some of the points raised. The public sessions will continue to be open to everyone and the next will take place early in 2018.

Our catering You said: We often run out of vanilla ice cream and the flavour choice needs improving. Steve replies: We do research alternative suppliers and we plan to increase the range. We will ensure there’s enough vanilla in future! You said: What are the plans for the café? Steve replies: We’re very excited about the café. You recently voted for a new colour scheme, which is now in place. You also voted on a new name - so watch out for the visual impact of that too. We’re planning to add a few nice touches to make the place feel a little more appealing and are investing in new kitchen equipment. This will help us widen the menu and give you more choice. The first change you will notice is a new catering manager. We are delighted that Jean-Marc Charton has joined the fabulous staff team and will help steer us through our various enhancements. He brings great expertise to our ranks, gained through a long professional career as a chef and café/ restaurant owner/manager in a range of venues. Jean-Marc will also be responsible for the Bar. You said: When are we going to replace the bar carpet? Steve replies: We had already put this in hand and were seeking quotes when the session took place.

Our volunteers You said: Why don’t we use more volunteers in place of paid staff? Steve replies: Our volunteers are valuable and we use them whenever possible; sometimes we are required to use paid staff in order to guarantee a certain level of service or on tasks where we must ensure compliance with regulations. You said: We need to improve our communication with volunteers. Steve replies: We are planning to introduce a range of volunteer support initiatives, such as a Role Description, with clearer guidelines and procedures for each role, a Volunteer Handbook, volunteer training, regular team meetings and more ‘thank you’ events. This will take a little time to fine-tune, so please bear with us.

Our administration You said: We make administrative errors. Steve replies: We are working with our office staff to introduce some improvements which will enable us to reduce mistakes. New systems and procedures take time to implement but the results will be worth it. You said: We cancel things... Steve replies: We are gradually working towards planning events and coach trips far more in advance. This will enable us to fine-tune details sooner, reducing the need to cancel events. Obviously, there will be the odd occasion when something may be out of our control, but better and longer-term planning will certainly help.

Our promotional material You said: The publicity in the centre is scruffy and doesn’t always portray weekly events or what’s coming. Steve replies: We are gradually replacing or removing the older display equipment and reducing the quantity of posters and flyers on display. We are raising funds for a new TV screen to go up in the foyer - this will have a scrolling list of weekly events and ‘What’s On’, as well as some slots to advertise groups who use the centre. We are also introducing a flyer to go out in the Barrington Magazine. Other planned mailings will provide the same information, and there will be updates on our general progress with the changes we are making.

Our membership scheme You said: What’s happening with the 100 Club? Steve replies: We have great plans for the Barrington Membership Scheme that will enable us to enhance the benefits to you. Watch this space for more information coming soon. Current members will be moved on to the new scheme so please renew your membership to maintain continuity.







Registered Charity 1172716

Times of change for the Barrington In this issue, our update comes from Paula Jones, Prama’s Operations Director


y the time you read this, Andy Bryant, General Manager of the Barrington Centre for almost four years, will have moved on to his next challenge. Andy has done a great job of managing the centre during his time here: pulling in new, fresh stage acts; organising events; increasing room bookings; implementing and supporting the development of our immensely popular coach tours; running the café; representing us on local committees; maintaining the website and running the back office - to name but a few! He leaves us to take up a managerial role at the Leonardo Trust, a local charity for carers, and our best wishes go with him. However, Andy won’t be entirely absent from the Barrington; he will continue as a volunteer on an occasional basis. I’m sure you will all join in our heartfelt thanks for all he has done - and will continue to do - for our community. While we find and recruit a worthy successor for Andy, I shall be taking on a transitional role to provide some continuity for our staff, volunteers and visitors. Room bookings continue to thrive as ever more groups and activities fill the spaces. It’s a delight to wander around the centre and hear the buzz of young and old enjoying themselves as they take part in a wide range of social activities. Available regular slots are now few and far between, but if you’re interested in using our facilities please do contact us and we will do our very best to squeeze you in - especially if you are a charity supporting community activities. Of course, we couldn’t do anything much without our fabulous staff team or our valuable and enthusiastic volunteers. They all work very hard; many volunteers come in several times a month and staff often go beyond their basic job descriptions just to get a job done. A huge thank you to each and every one of them. If you’re interested in joining in the fun and helping out in any of our many roles (for example, admin, front/back of house, café or bar, social media/ website, supporting or starting a group), then

please let us know. We would be delighted to welcome you! Another major update to report is our newly refurbished café, now under new management. Through our public ballot, you voted for a fresh blue/teal colour scheme and going back to the old and popular name of ‘Penny’s’. We hope you like the changes we have made! Our new Catering Manager, Jean-Marc Charton, comes to us with many years of professional training and experience (see his feature in this issue). He will continue to work with our current staff to refresh the menu and ensure that we are cost effective. Please remember that all profits from the café go back into the centre to support community activities. In October, several of you attended our oneto-one surgeries with Steve Robinson, Prama’s Chief Executive Officer. At the open event which

followed, Steve gave a verbal update about the centre and took questions. Some of the feedback appears on page 4. Future surgeries and public updates will be held quarterly and the next one will take place early in 2018. You will be able to book a one-to-one space through the office once the date is announced. These spaces are limited so booking is essential. Alternatively, you can just turn up and join in the open event. Also in response to your feedback, we have displayed some new posters around the centre pop in and take a look! Finally, if you haven’t been to the Barrington for a while - or ever - we’d love you to come and find out about our huge range of community activities, coach tours, stage events and regular groups. It’s YOUR centre and we look forward to welcoming you.

Our catering team at Penny’s




In response to your feedback, we will now be running a “spotlight” piece in each issue, giving a little more detail about regular activities at the Barrington. We have kicked off this time with dance and fitness. In the next issue we will highlight art and drama.



10.00 - 11.30am. Yoga can help with many concerns including anxiety, insomnia, flexibility, stress management and inner calm. Your first class is free of charge. Contact: Jane Handscombe Tel: 01425 472146

10.00 - 11.30am. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that has evolved over centuries to become a means of alleviating stress and anxiety, a form of “meditation in motion.” Advocates claim that it promotes serenity and inner peace. Beginners are always welcome. Contact: Paul Hamerston on 07938 226833

Polz Apart - MONDAY


6.30pm. Pole Dancing for fitness! Contact: Jane Moore Tel:  07779 336391

2.30 - 3.30pm. Discover your inner Strictly Come Dancing! Contact: Marna Williams Tel: 01202 871495

SWEET RHYTHMS SEQUENCE DANCE - MONDAY 2.30 - 3.30pm. Sequence dance is a form of dancing which follows a preset pattern of movements, usually to predetermined music. It can cover many different styles. The term may include ballroom dances as well as line, square and circle dances. Contact:  Marna Williams Tel:  01202 871495

YOGA – FRIDAY 9.30 - 10.30am. Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga – mixed ability, strength & tone. 10.45 - 11.45am. Yoga for Back Care – focus on core strength, posture & suppleness. Taster session available. Mats provided or bring your own. Contact: Natalie Smit-Ash Tel:  01202 944429 or 07968 769659

FCA SEQUENCE DANCE - FRIDAY 2.00 - 3.00pm. Interested in giving it a go? Contact: Barrington Box Office Tel:  01202 894858



Avoiding isolation for childless older people Ageing without Children (AWOC) was founded in 2014 by Kirsty Woodard to support and campaign for older people without children through choice, circumstance, infertility, bereavement, estrangement, distance or any other reason. Here, she talks about a local initiative. Did you know that there are more than one million people aged 65 or over in the UK who don’t have any children? It is common to assume that all older people have family, but an increasing number do not. At a time when 92% of all unpaid care is provided by family - and services for older people are under real pressure - there is widespread concern that older people without family will be left isolated and unsupported. In response to this concern and after due consideration, Prama announced a six-month project in October to create AWOC Aware Communities in East Dorset - including Bournemouth, Poole and Ferndown. The joint project is the first of its kind in the UK, and aims to create a model of AWOC aware communities that can be replicated elsewhere. The project will • •


Connect people ageing without children with each other locally Ensure local organisations in the statutory, private and third sectors concerned with older people are aware of the issues and involve people ageing without children in planning and delivering local service change Help the wider community towards a greater understanding of people ageing without children.

Materials available during the project will include a resource pack for people wanting to set up groups for individuals and an AWOC workshop to engage organisations. There will also be a final project report and resource pack for local areas wanting to become AWOC aware. At the time of writing, Prama was planning one event in Bournemouth and one in Ferndown for November. News of the outcomes of these will be displayed around the Barrington Centre. Steve Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of The Prama Foundation, said “It is well known that the average age of the population is rising. Coupled with that is the fact that many face old age without the love and support of children, either through choice or circumstance, to help them through periods of uncertainty and a gradual reduction in independence. Our ambition in this project is to help individuals retain their independence for as long as possible through the formation of self support groups, where a compassionate and understanding ear can be found, help and advice offered and communities created.”

The project will finish with a national conference in May 2018. For more information call Prama on 01202 207300 or Email: There is also a website at








Eating out, day trips, group holidays, tea parties and a good old-fashioned chat are all part of what we do - so why not check out what your local Oddfellows can add to your everyday life? First formed in 1810, the Oddfellows is a not-for-profit friendly society with 310,000 members across 132 branches nationwide. Open to everyone, its aim is to help people get together to enjoy the social side of life, as well as provide care, advice and support in times of need. Based in Ferndown, Acorn Branch puts on an array of social events for nearly 300 members. There are also nearby branches in Poole, Yeovil, Dorchester and Bournemouth. “We’re a friendly bunch and we’re always looking for new faces to join us,” says Judith Parkin, Secretary for the Branch. “From social gatherings to support when you really need it, the Oddfellows is all about friendship and having a good time,” she adds. Acorn Oddfellows organises themed tea parties throughout the year at the Barrington, all starting at 2.00pm and costing just £3.50 per person. They include a quiz, buffet and charity raffle for local good causes. The parties really are a perfect taster of what the group has to offer, so why not come along, relax, have some fun and find out what goes on? Here is the diary ahead:

Monday 8th January Monday 12th February Monday 12th March

New Year Tea Party Ladies v Gents Quiz and Tea Party Spring Tea Party

To find out more and get involved with Acorn Branch’s activities, call our Social Secretary Flo Munro on 01202 820965 Come along, the kettle’s on.....



Travelin’ Man, The Ricky Nelson Rock ‘n’ Roll Show

Review and photographs by Tom Scrase Travelin’ Man - The Ricky Nelson Rock ‘n’ Roll Show, starring Dave B as Ricky Nelson as seen in Rock and Roll Paradise, Buddy Presley Show and on BBC TV, was at the Barrington Centre on Saturday 21 October. We all enjoyed the hits of the man including ‘It’s Late’, ‘Fools Rush In’, ‘Poor Little Fool’, ‘Hello Mary Lou’, ‘Travelin Man’, ‘I’m Walkin’ and so many more. It was a fantastic night and the best tribute to Ricky Nelson I’ve ever seen. Conrad Dilanni played lead guitar, Chris Davies was on keyboards, Eddie McManus played bass guitar and double bass and Jimmy Lee played drums. Dave B said it’s the UK’s first and only tribute to the legend himself Mr Ricky Nelson. Though this was the last date of the 2017 tour, Travelin’ Man promises to be back on the road in 2018.



Whatʼs On Stage



Prohibition Jazz - £11

January 2018



Jive ‘n’ Kicking

Jive ‘n’ Kicking



Aladdin Pantomime (2 performances 1pm & 4pm) - £7

Voodoo Room A tribute to HENDRIX and CREAM - £15



Sweet Rhythms Social Dance

Ferndown Drama Production 7.45pm – £8.50 (unreserved) – Details to follow

December 2017


Five Star Swing at Christmas - £13

February 2018 ​



Rat Race Ska Band - £5

Ferndown Drama Production 7.45pm – £8.50 (unreserved) – Details to follow FRIDAY 26 JANUARY


Ferndown Drama Production 7.45pm – £8.50 (unreserved) – Details to follow

West Moors Singers


Bingo 2pm - £1


West Moors Singers SATURDAY 16 DECEMBER

Ferndown Drama Production 7.45pm – £8.50 (unreserved) – Details to follow


The Little White Heart Craft Fair 10am – FREE SATURDAY 03 FEBRUARY

Jive ‘n’ Kicking TUESDAY 06 FEBRUARY

6th Sweet Rhythms Social Dance FRIDAY 16 FEBRUARY

Ferndown Phoenix – Robinson Crusoe – Adults £12, Children £8 SATURDAY 17 FEBRUARY

Ferndown Phoenix – Robinson Crusoe – Adults £12, Children £8 SUNDAY 18 FEBRUARY

Ferndown Phoenix – Robinson Crusoe – Adults £12, Children £8 SATURDAY 24 FEBRUARY

Kast Off Kinks

Free’s Co plus Support Classic Rock Christmas Party - £10




Old Pull & Push Barn Dance - £5

Fight Star Pro Wrestling – a family event Bingo 2pm - £1


Jive ‘n’ Kicking

All shows start at 7:30pm unless stated. Doors open half an hour before. For full listings for all our events and to purchase online tickets please visit our website.






Yoga - 10:00 am - 11:30pm Sequence Dance - 2:30pm Ferndown Drama Group - 7:45pm Free Cinema - 2:15pm Wessex Jitsu Club Polz Apart – Pole Dancing - 6.30pm

Jane Handscombe Marna Williams Chris Allen Box Office Fiona Richardson Jane Moore



01425 472146 01202 871495 01202 578048 01202 894858 07923 873400 07779336391

Ballroom Dance - 2:30pm Adagio - Children’s Dance Classes - 2:00pm Ferndown Art Society - 7:30pm (M) Ferndown Historical Society - 7:30pm (M) Ferndown Camera Club - 7:30pm (F)




Soft play 4 Tots - 10:00am-12pm Bits & Bytes Computer Club - 2:30pm (F) Ferndown Speakers - 7:30pm (F) Social Dance - 8:00pm (M)

Barrington Office Neil Barton Shirley Thompson Marna Williams

01202 894858 01202 861077 01425 480631 01202 871495




Clarity Hearing - 9:30am Ferndown Art Society - 9:30am Penny's Patchers - 9:30am Tai Chi - 10:00am National Trust E D Assoc - 7:30pm (M) Absolutely W.I - 7:30pm (M) Ferndown Drama Group - 7:45pm French Circle - 7:30pm (M) Ferndown Wine Society - 7:30pm (M)

Heather Cowell Mrs S Gomm Glenda Harford Paul Hamerston Janet Matthews Linda Barber Chris Allen Marion Lock Paul Fearnley

01202 478881 01202 573050 01202 694847 07938 226833 01202 855001 01202 861750 01202 578048 01202 896984 01202 707128







Yoga - 9:30am & 10:45pm Coffee Club - 10:00am Sequence Dance - 2:00pm Penny’s Hill Folk Club – Country Dance

Natalie Smit-Ash John Little Barrington Office Margaret Thomas

01202 944429 01202 980839 01202 894858 01202 872795




New Horizons Club - 10:00am U3A (University of the Third Age) (During Term Times)

Rita Stubbs John Mullett

01202 280871 01202 874581




Afternoon tea with sandwiches, cakes and lots of laughter (1st Sunday of each month in Penny’s) (M)

Linda Cross

01202 894858

Marna Williams Rebecca Godber Mrs S Gomm Ken Cook Bill Stevens

01202 871495 01202 831394 01202 573050 01202 890084 01202 820719

F = Fortnightly | M = Monthly For additional information on regular events please contact the Box Office.






Catering for Centre visitors old and new In this issue, we are giving a warm welcome to Jean-Marc Charton - the Barrington’s new Catering Manager - and hearing a little about his plans


oining the Barrington Centre as Catering Manager in October, French-born Jean-Marc Charton says he is “here for the challenge.” He has a long history of running cafés, restaurants and a patisserie and he sees the Barrington as being rather a different experience. His aim is to attract and retain existing customers and get new ones to give us a try. “We need to keep the regulars coming and will keep our very popular breakfasts and traditional food,” he states. The menu will work on a rotation basis and Jean-Marc will be writing the recipes to ensure that dishes are consistent. The former Raffles café has now been re-launched as Penny’s, and over time it will move towards being a family restaurant. Our research has shown that many people who use the centre don’t actually use the café and Jean-Marc wants to change that. There will be a transition period, he says, where the café’s operations will be kept under review while the staff are encouraged to embrace new ideas and follow new guidelines. “For the centre to succeed, the café must succeed,” he asserts. He is a great proponent of using good ingredients and cooking them well - so he has re-cast the supply chain and just about banned frozen food (apart from things like ice cream, of course!). As well as running the existing catering facilities, Jean-Marc sees himself working on a project to merge the bar and café. The bar is only open for shows at the moment, he observes, and is really providing a


bespoke service to the theatre. If the bar and café were combined, there could also be a bar menu. By the way, the café is already licensed, but the current menu doesn’t call for anything alcoholic. That could well change! Jean-Marc sees team management and cooking as “all part of one.” You have to strike a balance between being a great manager and being a great cook, he says. Man-management is very, very important, he believes, and so is customer relations. He has also enjoyed getting to know the volunteers and thinks that, all in all, the Barrington has some great people. Early in 2018, he will be trialling an afternoon tea offer - then the children (and adults too if they want to!) can try out a new range of pancakes and waffles. There are also plans to introduce some soft chairs to go with the new decor, making the new Penny’s altogether more homely. Soon after his arrival, Jean-Marc set about replacing some of the ageing kitchen equipment and installed a new fryer and grill. Repairs and replacements were the order of the day and customers and staff are already benefitting from the resulting increases in efficiency. Son of a gendarme, Jean-Marc is modest about the fact that he went to “the best catering school in Paris” - Ecole de la Chambre de Commerce de Paris Jean Ferrand. He has spent time in the navy and actually left France 40 years ago, but still travels there to visit his family. Away from the kitchen, he rides a Yamaha 600 motorbike. His brother and sister are bikers too, so “it’s in the family,” he smiles.




Penny’s Hill Country Dance Club - try it, you might like it! Every Friday evening, in the Barrington Studio, a group of us gets together for English country dancing. You will no doubt have heard of Scottish and Irish dancing but our English tradition, also stretching back hundreds of years, is often overlooked; although people are dancing this way in almost every town in the country, it is often referred to as our best-kept secret. In Australia and parts of America, English dancing is alive and flourishing; so much so that some fine American musicians have taken to writing and recording new dances in the English Country style for us to enjoy. Fair enough - we sent them Square Dances! Our country dances can bring pleasure to all ages from nine to 90 and can be anything from jolly to gentle (which goes for the club members as well!). Lasting friendships can be sparked and there are of course many benefits to taking gentle exercise. No special footwear is necessary, just wear what is comfortable for you. The entry fee for a session is just £3.00, which includes refreshments during our break for a natter halfway through the evening. Organiser Margaret Thomas says “Here’s an offer to tempt you - come for one session free to see how you like it!” Further details from Margaret on 01202 872795 or 07914 446632. You can also email her at



Poppy petals have great appeal Ferndown’s Poppy Appeal was launched on 28 October with an explosion of poppy petals falling from the roof of the Barrington Theatre in Penny’s Walk. To start the event, the mayor, Cllr Cathy Lugg led the young poppies parade through the precinct with the Bournemouth Youth Marching Band. Chelsea Pensioner, Brian Cumming MBE and Mr Gerry Nunn, the county chairman of Dorset Royal British Legion joined the mayor amongst other guests of honour for the service. Andy McGregor-Robb who had just completed the London to Paris bike ride in aid of the appeal was also at the launch. The highlight for many was the poppy explosion from the roof of the theatre, with thousands of poppy petals falling during the Remembrance two-minute silence. Afterwards, the band played military themed pieces before the crowd joined in with The Land Girls’ collection of wartime favourites and the


more modern sets of Tanya Miller and AnneMarie Davis. Chairman of Ferndown Royal British Legion, Grant Parrott said, “It is tremendous to see that the poppy launch has become part of the town’s year. We are very grateful to all the people of Ferndown who took part or came along to support and gave us such a wonderful start to the poppy appeal. We look forward to an even bigger event in 2018, the centenary year of the end of WW1.” The best-dressed poppy of 2017 went to Penelope and the trophy for the best-dressed window competition was won by Ferndown Florist. Meanwhile a static cycle challenge took place in the Royal British Legion Hall raising over £3,000 for the appeal.




2018 PROMISING TO BE FUN-PACKED WITH BARRINGTON TOURS Sam Fowler takes a look at what’s in store for coach trip fans With 2018 approaching, we are launching 50 more day trips and short breaks. Welcoming you will be Coach Tour Manager John Dickson, assisted by Harry Cobb or myself. (You may already know me from the regular craft fairs I organise at The Barrington, or from the box office). We are really looking forward to our first trip of the New Year to see the panto ‘Snow White’ at The Mayflower in Southampton on January 3. This includes lunch in the New Forest and a matinee performance. Also planned is our trip to ‘Holiday on Ice’ in Brighton on January 9. February 3 has us venturing to the Waldorf Experience; enjoy a night of luxury in this magnificent hotel, plus a cream tea and special tour of London. For dog lovers, on March 11 we will visit the prestigious Cruft’s Dog Show. Attending on the last day of the show, we will get to see the ‘Best in Show’. Not to be missed! In April , we have our first short break of 2018 when we head off to

picturesque Cornwall, touring Looe, Polperro, Fowey, Charlestown and the splendid Eden Project. May is packed with a further seven exciting tours including the everpopular Exbury Gardens on May 10 and The Tiverton Canal Cruise on May 24. New trips include the Exeter Food Show on May 6 and a visit to ‘Warhorse’ at the Mayflower on May 22. June brings another new short break, this time to North Wales, touring Chester, Conway, Anglesey, Llandudno and Bangor. Highlights later in the year include Belgium (Bruges, Ostend and Ypres) in July; a Kennet & Avon Canal Cruise in August; Longleat’s hot air balloon festival in September (a personal favourite!); John’s surprise trip in October; and Longleat’s Festival of Light in November. Finally, we complete the year with our ever-popular Turkey and Tinsel Carvery, so finish 2018 with a bang on December 18!



3 January 2018 Snow White Pantomime, Mayflower, Southampton, £57.50 9 January 2018 Brighton Holiday on Ice, £59.50 18 January 2018 Houses of Parliament, £47.50 11 February 2018 Waldorf Experience & cream tea & London Coach Tour, £188.00 13 February 2018 Watercress Line & Jane Austen Museum & Lunch, £42.50 22 February 2018 London Museums, £25.00 27 February 2018 Kensington Palace and Albert Memorial Hall, £37.50 Date TBC BBC Food Show, £42.50 11 March 2018 Cruft’s Dog Show - Sunday ‘Best in Show’, £62.00 20 March 2018 Bletchley Park, £42.50 17 - 19 April 2018 Cornwall - Looe, Polperro, Fowey, Charlestown & The Eden Project 3 May 2018 West Somerset Rail, Minehead & Dunster Castle, £47.50 6 May 2018 Exeter Food Show, £29.50 10 May 2018 Exbury Gardens, Train and Ploughman’s Lunch, £37.50 15 May 2018 Bath, £25.00 22 May 2018 Warhorse, Mayflower, Southampton, £65.00 24 May 2018 Tiverton Canal Cruise, Ploughman’s Lunch & Bickleigh Mill, £42.50 29 May 2018 Cambridge (Punt the Cam) optional Punt, £25.00 (Punt £12.00 /Lunch £15.00) 4 - 6 June 2018 St Malo France 8 - 11 June 2018 North Wales - Chester, Conway and Anglesey, Llandudno and Bangor, £395pp 14 June 2018 Isle of Wight Steam Train, Carvery & Carisbrooke Castle, £67.50 19 June 2018 Basingstoke Canal Cruise & Winchester, £42.50 21 June 2018 Greenwich, £25.00 3 July 2018 Totnes, Dartmouth Kingswear, Paignton Rounder, £47.50 5 - 8 July 2018 Belgium - Ypres, Bruges, £375pp (£110 single supplement)

8 July 2018 17 July 2018 24 July 2018 26 July 2018 August 2018 TBC 2 August 2018 12 August 2018 17 - 20 August 2018 24 August 2018 4 September 2018 13 September 2018 16 September 2018 18 - 29 September 2018 20 September 2018 21 - 24 September 2018 27 September 2018 9 October 2018 11 October 2018 6 November 2018 13 November 2018 20 November 2018 23 November 2018 4 December 2018 6 December 2018 11 December 2018 18 December 2018

Hampton Court Flower Show, £55.00 Stratford upon Avon & Avon River Cruise, £45.00 Windsor Castle & Thames River Cruise & Ploughman’s Lunch, £55.00 Diana Memorial Exhibition, £42.00 Scotland Kennet & Avon Canal Cruise & Ploughman’s Lunch, £45.00 Bristol Ashton Court Balloon Festival, £27.50 Paris - Parisienne Delight 3 Nights Buckingham Palace, £45.00 Tiverton Canal Cruise & Bickleigh Mill, £42.50 Dartmouth Steamboat Cruise to Greenway, Buckfast Abbey & Lunch, £55.00 Longleat Sky Safari - Hot Air Balloon Festival, £45.00 South Africa Bletchley Park - Home of Enigma, £42.50 South Wales and Cardiff, £325pp Powderham Castle & Ex River Cruise, £45.00 Wells & Cheddar Gorge (Including Bishops Palace Tour), £27.50 John’s Surprise Trip, £50.00 Clark’s Village, £25.00 Portsmouth Victoria Market, £35.00 & Dockyard (6 Attractions) £35.00 - £42.50 Bath Christmas Market, £25.00 Longleat - Festival of Light, £45.00 Longleat - Festival of Light, £45.00 Winchester Christmas Market, £22.50 London Christmas Lights, £25.00 Turkey and Tinsel Carvery, £31.50

Date TBC




Raising funds the retail way at West Moors

Prama has charity shops across the local area - in Parkstone, Kinson, Tuckton, Ashley Cross, Poole and Ringwood - but the nearest to Ferndown is in West Moors. Manager Aaron Head and Assistant Manager Kate Pemble talked to Pat Stirling about life on the retail side of the Prama Foundation. Why did Prama choose West Moors as a location? We’ve been here five years and the shop is ideally situated between the pharmacy and the doctors’ surgery, so we attract a lot of passers-by. There is a handy car park behind us and parking is available in Farm Road, so it is also easy to drop off donations. What do people like best about the shop? We are grateful for all donations and we always have a lovely wide range of items on show. We price them to sell and everyone says our prices are very good. As a result, we have quite a rapid turnover of goods and we can always put out something different and new. Some people even come in daily, which makes for a great atmosphere as we can get to know them. We often get requests to look out for particular things and we are happy to do that. What do you sell the most of? The things that go the fastest are books, furniture, ladies’ clothes,


bric-a-brac and electrical items. We ask that any electrical goods donated should be in working order and once they are PAT tested (a required safety test) they will usually be sold from our display the same day. What tends to hang around? We sometimes have trouble selling tea sets, pictures, paintings and glass TV stands, nice though they may be. The strangest thing you’ve ever sold? This was an antique speculum and forceps. Somebody wanted it! Are there any items you don’t accept? Because of our catchment area, we don’t accept children’s things, but these can be taken to our Ringwood shop which has been open just a few months. We also can’t take printers. Regulations mean that we cannot accept any soft furnishings without a fire safety label. For hygiene reasons, we can only take items of underwear or

socks if they are brand new and unworn, usually still with their labels or packaging. What do you do with the stuff you can’t sell; either because it is unacceptable in the first place or it simply doesn’t attract a buyer? We can transfer some items to one of the other shops to see if they just need a different audience. We also have a process called “ragging”, (which is not just for textiles) whereby we pack unsaleable items or broken electricals and receive a “rag” price per kilo for mixed boxes. This doesn’t apply to bulky items, which we usually pay to dispose of at a local amenity site. Visitors to West Moors might also like to know that there is a Prama clothing bank at the back of the shop so that they can donate when the shop is closed. The car park also has a communal recycling bin, which is not specific to Prama. How are you staffed? Kate says, “Apart from myself and Aaron, we have 22 volunteers and four drivers. Our most frequent

helpers are Pat, Ann and Jane (who also steps in as Assistant Manager when needed). These are the faces you are most likely to meet if you drop in.” Volunteers tend to do a four-hour shift on each of their days and the shop is always ready to welcome newcomers, particularly for Wednesdays and Saturdays. Drop in for a chat with Kate or Aaron if you are interested. Does anything make the West Moors shop different from the others? Yes, we do get a lot of mobility aids, zimmers and wheelchairs. This actually suits our local customers very well and we are often asked to tell them when we have something suitable for them. Do you enjoy your work? Kate says, “I love it. We have a great team and our volunteers are amazing. I hadn’t worked in a charity shop before and I’ve now got to the stage where very little surprises me!”




Main concert of year for Ringwood and Burley Band

“We Will Remember Them” was the theme for Ringwood and Burley Band annual fund-raising concert on Sunday 29 October at the Barrington Centre. The nostalgic programme mainly comprised music associated with the war years, such as A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square; a selection of Glenn Miller melodies which included Moonlight Serenade and In The Mood; and First World War songs such as Pack up your Troubles, Keep The Home Fires Burning and It’s a long way to Tipperary. During the afternoon, the band’s guests, the all-girl singing group the Bobbies, entertained with 40s’ style arrangements of popular songs of the day in the style of the Andrews Sisters and other groups of the era. Other music that featured during the programme was a trombone quartet entitled Trombola, and a solo Bring Him Home from Les Miserables featuring the band’s soprano player Di Bartlett. There was also a selection from “Les Miserables” and other popular music featured was Puttin’ on the Ritz and Tuxedo Junction. The band is mainly selfsupporting, and has no main sponsor at the moment. This concert was the band’s major fundraising event of the year.


Barrington winter 2017  

Travelin’ Man, Ricky Nelson Rock ‘n’ Roll Show | Spotlight on Dance and Fitness | Poppy Petals

Barrington winter 2017  

Travelin’ Man, Ricky Nelson Rock ‘n’ Roll Show | Spotlight on Dance and Fitness | Poppy Petals