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This week we were lucky enough to have Campbelltown Mayor Simon Brewer visit the club for 2 reasons: •

To be guest speaker as we love having him visit the club

To receive a very special award (more on this later)

In his guest speaker role Simon’s presentation enabled us all give our 10 cents worth on some topical Council based questions. Simon started by telling us he was going to conduct an interactive game with us where he wanted us to answer some questions he asked with a true or false after which he gave his thoughts and some actual facts to back this up. Some of these questions were: •

Are there too many tiers of Government?

Are there too many councils in SA?

Are council CEO’s paid too much?

Is council dominated by political parties influence?

Should councillors live in the area they represent?

Simon’s balanced approach produced a very interesting exercise to which I for one thought gave us an insight to local council from a different angle. The second reason for Simon being at the club was one which came as a complete shock to him. A few months back at a Club board meeting we were discussing Paul Harris Fellows and how they can also be awarded to outstanding members of the community, not just Rotarians. The mayor of Beaconsfield, Tasmania (goldmine disaster) is a case in point and we figured that our mayor was just as good as Beaconsfield’s because of the tireless work he does in the community. So, thinking ahead we just needed some ploy to get Simon to attend the club to receive this honour. As Simon is usually never stuck for a word, why not invite him to be our guest speaker.

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We kept Simon in the dark right up to his name being announced as the recipient of the award, because he had assumed that he was going to present the Paul Harris Fellow to a club member. Milking the moment, I asked Lindsay for the envelope containing the certificate and medal (apologies to the Oscars). When I announced Simon Brewer as the recipient I thought his jaw was going to bounce off the floor. Later, while speaking with Simon’s wife Nina (she hates the title Lady Mayoress) she told me that until that moment Simon had Never been speechless in front of crowd. It was an amazing moment to see someone to receive an award with such genuine humility, and I feel he is a most worthy recipient. A big thanks to Lindsay for coordinating the presentation, even sneaking Simon’s wife Nina in without him seeing her for the special occasion. A last note to thank the guests we had at our meeting Tuesday....Megan Weber from the Can Do Foundation, Lindsay’s son Matt Davis, Erik van Ryswyk and Ann Sinclair. Thank you all for visiting the club, I do hope you enjoyed yourselves and make your way back to us sometime for another visit. See you all next Tuesday, have a safe Easter break!! President Greg

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Australian History 1838 – Explorer George Grey discovers evidence to suggest other Europeans had explored Australia's northwest hinterland prior to white settlement. 1984 – Australia introduces the $100 note.

World History 1812 – An earthquake devastates Caracas, Venezuela, killing 20,000. 1937 – Spinach growers in Crystal City, Texas, erect a statue of Popeye in gratitude to him for saving their dying industry.

Thought for the Day 1: I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. Mother Teresa Thought for the Day 2: Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it.

Carlo's Farewell from Magill Sunrise 31 May 2013 6 PM – 7 PM Function Room: Tower Hotel, Magill (Pay as you go) Dinner afterwards is optional Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise

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Everyone who was slow to sit down after the bell Mark T, for going counter-clockwise at the breakfast table to get his food faster Lindsay and Greg, for holding a meeting in the breakfast line, which caused Mark’s above misbehavior. Wayne, for not meeting his usual standards of dress. Everyone who wasn’t wearing a name badge. Anyone who hadn’t made an effort to talk to one of our many guests this morning Anyone who has eaten a chocolate egg this year, despite Easter not being until Friday… and to those who haven’t, pay in a couple of minutes, because Gary is bringing around the eggs! Sue, for putting her hand up when we asked all of the guests to raise their hands. Numerous cross fines and happy dollars.

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A reminder to everyone that our club has committed to assisting with the RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) day being held on the Thursday, 23rd May, starting around 9.30 am and finishing around 2.30 at the Campbelltown Youth Centre, Botanic Grove Campbelltown, (just off Lower North East Rd). We need helpers, who can assist in the teachers and instructors, rounding the students up and handing out fruit/water etc. for recess. If you can help (you may be in need of some updated driving tips yourself), please get back to me.

Sue Hector

Fund Raiser Matthew Carey (son of Peter Carey the ex-footballer) from Blind Sporting Council has asked us to help promote a fund raising film night to be held at Hoyts Norwood on Thursday 28th March 6.15 PM for 6.30pm, finishing at 8.30pm. It’s an animated film called “The Croods” and is suitable for children. Cost is $20 which includes refreshments and free parking. There will be Raffles on the night.

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You have the opportunity to put your footy tipping skills to the test; not to mention have some fun, win fantastic prizes and contribute to a worthwhile cause. The 2013 AFL footy season is just around the corner so now is the time to sign up. Entry for the 2013 footy tipping competition is only $20, which includes a $10 donation to The Rotary Foundation, with all remaining money used for prizes. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the fun of Footy Tipping 2013. To participate: - register at if you participated last year; - sign up at the above website address if you are a newby; or - send an email to

Please make your payment to our Club Account and email Lindsay when paid: BSB:



125 045 392


Footy <your name>

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Greg Schuetze

Licaria Scheepers

Tuesday 6.50 for 7.00am Hectorville Sporting Club, Fisher Street, Magill

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Athelstone Football Club

150 George St, Paradise

1.00pm 6.15pm 6.30pm 6.30pm

Norwood St PeterĂ­s Kent Town Unley

Norwood Town Hall Kensington Hotel The Royal Hotel Unley Sports Club

George Street, Norwood 23 Regent St, Kensington 2 North Tce, Kent Town 39 Oxford Tce, Unley

7.15am 6.15pm 6.30pm 6.30pm 6.30pm

Eastwood Hyde Park Burnside Mitcham Morialta

Royal Coach Motor Inn Hyde Park Tavern The Feathers Hotel Edinburgh Hotel The Rezz Hotel

24 Dequetteville Tce, Kent Town Park St & King William Rd, Hyde Park Glynburn Road, Burnside High Street, Mitcham 20 Hamilton Tce, Newton

No Meetings

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The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of a worthy enterprise a nd in particular to encourage and foster The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service. High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occu pations; and the dignifying by every Rotarian of their occupation as an opportunity to serve society. The application of the ideal service by every Rotarian to their personal, business and community life. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of bu siness and professional people united in the ideal of service.

The Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do: Is it the truth? Is it Fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

For good food, good fellowship And the opportunity to serve through Rotary Ă&#x2013;we give thanks.

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