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I laghi della Brianza. Sullo sfondo, il Monte Rosa (foto Franco Bartolini) Brianza’s lakes. Monte Rosa is in the background


lakes of Garlate and Olginate. And right in the latter place almost on the shore stands the Abegg spinning mill built in 1841, turned by its Swiss owners (a family of financiers) into a museum in 1953, the first theme museum of its kind in the world. Having drunk in the view of the architectural complex from aloft, we glide down onto the deep waters of the little lake and moor right in front of the museum. Inside on the ground floor is a collection of machines and equipment for silkworm rearing and silk-throwing, illustrating the evolution from artisan methods to industrial processes. At the end of the hall a circular 2-floor slubber is installed (originally it was a 4-floor one). Upstairs there are other types of twisters, whereas the museum’s walls are all covered in documents and photographs of great interest, including all the factories owned by the Abeggs in Como and Bergamo areas. One wing of the vast spinning mill with beautiful wooden roof trusses has recently been restored and is accessible from the upper floor. On the other side of the road stands Abegg’s former headquarters, now Garlate’s town hall. After visiting the museum and possibly dining in a nearby restaurant, we once more take off following the Adda southwards to Brivio. Here you can admire the Felolo Mejani spinning mill with its neoclassic architecture and owners’ villa above it, joined to the industrial complex by a footbridge. Brianza steeped in history and of great scenic and architectural beauty, the homeland of

industrious folk, has important traces of its glorious industrial past which is still very much alive in many sectors. Thanks to Aero Club Como this can all be fully admired from a seaplane, stopping off to enjoy cultural and gastronomic experiences of great significance. For infomation: Aero Club Como Tel: +39 031 574495


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