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NO. 0 JANUARY 2018 Magazine for maritime industry and sea lovers

Full ahead We are constantly moving full steam ahead with our offer, expanding it in line with our customer needs. In this section, we will update you on recent developments and events at our company, e.g. new solutions, extension of production facilities and participation in trade shows worldwide.

MAEM. I like it! We want to be a great workplace for our employees. The place they come to with a smile on their faces. The place where they can show their passion and feel free to be who they really are. So, every time we hear that someone has an idea of how to make the other employees’ life better, we try to make it come true. In this section, we will show what their passion means to them and how they cultivate it at MAEM.

Made by MAEM As an independent manufacturer of high quality alternative marine spare parts and complete devices for the marine industry, in this section we will show you our passion for what we do at our production plant located in the middle of Europe, at Zator, Poland. Just have a look at the development of our machine park and manufacturing process as well as product quality improvements.

Lifestyle Every quarter we will be highlighting a variety of sea-related lifestyle topics in this section. They will range from hobbies, art, movie, travel, fashion to any other areas that we think will give you an idea of how to lead a more interesting and fulfilling life. And what is more, you will keep up with the latest trends worldwide.

2 | January 2019

MAEM values Our company values are the essence of our identity and they summarise the purpose of our existence. They define who we are and what is important for our business. They also guide us through all decisions like developing new product, changing customer service process, hiring new employees, etc. Here at MAEM, we have a set of 12 core company values that will be presented quarterly in this section.

We love helping Helpfulness is one of MAEM values and it captures our desire to make a positive impact on the environment and other people’s lives. This is why we constantly engage our employees in the care of people, animals, our planet as well as local communities. If we don’t take care of them, who will? We hope that our commitment presented in this section will inspire you to do more good to your local community and the environment.

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NEW SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Kral pumps (K) Alternative spare parts for Desmi pumps (NSL, MODULAR S) Alternative spare parts for Allweiler pumps (BAS, SPF, SPZ, TRD, TRF, TRE, ZAS, ZASV) Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval pumps (ALP - sizes 15-85)

At MAEM, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality marine solutions. We have built our whole business on this concept and since the beginning we have continued to seek ways to improve every product that we manufacture. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed our unique reverse engineering method which relies on duplicating in 1:1 ratio the more durable machine component that works identically to the original. Nowadays, our production plant, which employs around 100 people, provides about 10,000 different, totally interchangeable, alternative spare parts and complete marine solutions which are shipped worldwide. We are confident about the quality and functionality of them, but for our customers’ convenience, each of them is covered by warranty. Choosing MAEM solutions, you will definitely get The Smart Value.

4 | January 2019 | Do you remeber

STANDARD PRODUCTS Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval & Westfalia separators. Plug and play separators.

Alternative spare parts for Nirex fresh water generators including plates and gaskets

Reconditioned separator bowls

Electronic control systems (reconditioned and brand new)

Alternative spare parts for Jowa bilge water separators Alternative spare parts for Aquafine water sterilizers

Complete brazded plate heat exchangers

Alternative spare parts for Moatti back flushing filters

Replaceable gaskets for plate heat exchangers

Alternative spare parts for IMO pumps (ACD, ACE, ACP, ACG, LPD, LPE, ACF)

Scrubber nozzles for pollution control

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MAEM has no associations and/or claims to be associated with the Allweiler, Aquafine, Alfa Laval, Colfax IMO, Desmi, Jowa, Kral, Moatti, Nirex, Westfalia or the Group of their Companies worldwide. Any implied associations are purely coincidental and are not inferred. MAEM is a supplier of fully interchangeable non-genuine spare parts (alternatives) for equipment produced by manufacturers using in accordance with law the following brands: Allweiler, Aquafine, Alfa Laval, Colfax IMO, Desmi, Jowa, Kral, Moatti, Nirex, Westfalia and their products, i.e. separators, pumps, filters, fresh water generators, heat exchangers, sterilizers, etc. Alternative spare parts produced by MAEM are manufactured according own technological documentation developed with the use of reverse engineering.

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We warmly welcome you to the introduction number of our quarterly newsletter featuring inspiring topics, unique tips and product announcemen...


We warmly welcome you to the introduction number of our quarterly newsletter featuring inspiring topics, unique tips and product announcemen...