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India through Kamil's eyes – Traveller expects more


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EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL – WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY MEAN? What does it mean in the world of precision manufacturing? It is the certainty that the quality of our products meets and often exceeds the high requirements of our customers. It's a sense of peace and comfort for the crews who see the MAEM logo on the spare parts they have received, knowing that they have entrusted their machines to professionals and can sleep well. 4 | Spring 2019 | Made in MAEM

At MAEM we have made huge investments in world-class measuring equipment in order to be able to say with full responsibility that we have everything under control. Thanks to the most modern machines we control and measure the smallest parameters during the production process, starting from the properties of semi-finished products and ending with the final tests of finished products.

It is these seemingly insignificant details that make the parts bearing the MAEM logo often work longer and better than those supplied by the competition. Of course, we must not forget about the trained staff, without whom even the best equipment would be useless, but in this edition we will focus on a few machines and key devices to maintain precise production parameters in the standard.

Coordinate measuring machine The accuracy with which we are able to measure tested parts is 1 Âľm. After measuring with the machine, we obtain the exact dimensions of the workpiece in each of the three planes. Temperature and humidity are strictly controlled in the measuring room. This gives us the certainty that each measurement is carried out under the same conditions and the parts produced by MAEM will work perfectly together. Having accurate measurements, our constructors are able to prepare technical documentation of the product. Spectrometer Only one scan separates us from receiving the exact material composition of the tested workpiece. Thanks to spectrometric measurements, we are able to select the right material to ensure

a service life of parts that often exceeds that of our competitors. Having the technical drawings and the material composition of the workpiece we are working on, we can start the production. Presetter When the data from the measuring machine and spectrometer reach the professional hands of technologists, the fruit of their work are technical drawings MAEM along with a description of the production technology of a given element. Before starting the production process we calibrate the devices with a presetter. This gives us the certainty that the details made by us at each stage of production 100% reflect the assumptions included in the process technology. There is no room for any deviations.

Made in MAEM | Spring 2019 | 5

3D scanner Never too much control. A 3D scanner is a device that closes the measurement process during production. It ultimately verifies whether we have made a mistake at any stage of production and the products that reach our customers meet their requirements. The scanner also allows you to measure parts where traditional measuring methods are not possible. We have shown only a part of the machines

6 | Spring 2019 | Made in MAEM

and measurements that we carry out on a daily basis. Measuring processes are one of the most complex and advanced processes in MAEM. All this so that we can say that we certainly have everything under control.

100 000TH SALES ORDER To achieve great things, a few things are needed: time, patience to pursue the set goal, positive and open persons who pursue the goal with you and a belief that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

An average of 100 000 litres of beer are drunk in less than 5 hours at Oktoberfest in Munich 100 000 times beats the average human heart each day

Around 100 000 pieces has Lego replica of MS Jutlandia When two organisations have those things, they trust and respect each other and consequently, start cooperating, shared success is the gratifying result. Success that becomes the driving force for both cooperating partners. Why the number 100,000 and the origin of success as perceived by MAEM? Because in January 2019 we fulfilled the 100,000th sales order placed by one of our business partners.

100 000 km is nearly Ÿ of the distance between the Earth and the Moon An average of 100 000 tonnes of cargo are handled at the Port of Gdańsk in less than a day 100 000 litres of water go over the crestline of the Niagara Falls in nearly 17 seconds 100,000 orders have been delivered to our Customers since MAEM establishment!

This is undoubtedly a great success of our organisation, strengthening our belief that the path we have chosen, that is openness, sincerity and respect for our business partners, is the right one. We are fully aware that we would have nothing to celebrate, if it were not for our partners who appreciate the hard work we put in our development every day. Once again, we thank each and every one of you for contributing to our success even in a small way.

Full ahead | Spring 2019 | 7

WE FOCUS ON QUALITY What do you think about when you hear „quality products�? Are they luxury products, or are they reliable and durable?

to this, we are able to guarantee a service life often longer than our competitors.

Every day we are constantly flooded with various types of advertising. Those that show the product as highly exclusive and those that indicate its practicality. What do you think, are you able to objectively assess the quality of each product on the basis of a marketing message and popular opinions? Is an alternative product always inherently inferior?

Thanks to the high quality of raw materials from certified suppliers, the solutions produced by us are often characterized by prolonged durability.

Philip Bayard Crosby, the creator of the principle of zero defects, defined quality as compliance with open and hidden requirements of which the customer is not aware. These have been defined by Harvard University's eminent scientist David A. Garvin in the form of eight quality dimensions that we always take into account when producing our marine solutions. Performance Before each implementation of our new solution into production, we make sure that it will work the same or even better than its equivalent. At MAEM we have a research and testing centre equipped with the most modern measuring equipment. Reliability Products that are critical to the operation of a device are always checked before they are sent to the customer. Each production batch of other products is tested on the basis of a random sample. In addition, in our test centre equipped with machines regenerated by us, we check the service life of our solutions. Thanks

8 | Spring 2019 | MAEM Values


Serviceability We offer our customers 24-hour professional technical support and service of our solutions directly on the vessel indicated by the customer. Aesthetics Can spare parts be nice? Sure, yes! Of course, their main task is to ensure that the machines in which they are installed are working properly. However, this does not relieve them of the aesthetics of their workmanship. Therefore, when regenerating machines, we attach great importance to this process, thanks to which we often get a better-looking product than its new equivalent. Features A feature of a given object is its individual issue, which MAEM, as a production and research company, can modify. There are no unfeasible things for us, and suggestions and ideas of our customers are always treated with the utmost attention. Perceived Quality Our high reputation is confirmed by positive opinions and recommendations issued by our clients. It is thanks to it that the group of our clients grows every year.

Conformance All our products are manufactured on the basis of the certificates of compliance with the quality and environmental management standard implemented and maintained in our company: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

We are a perfect example of how a reliable approach to certification raises a given organization to the heights of quality. Like you, we are also a demanding customer, which is why we expect our sub-suppliers to have ISO certificates.

In MAEM we treated ISO certification not as an unpleasant duty, but as an opportunity to systematize the processes thanks to which we function as a production company. Our ambition is confirmed by the choice of one of the most renowned and at the same time demanding certification bodies – DNV GL – for both certificates.

We believe that paying attention to these eight dimensions of quality strengthens our market position and contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of our marine solutions. If you want to see it with your own eyes, we invite you to visit our production plant located in Zator.

MAEM Values | Spring 2019 | 9

OUT OF CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Concern for the environment is one of our priorities. We want our negative impact on the environment to be kept to a minimum. From the selection of raw materials to how our production facility converts them into final marine solutions and by which methods. That is why we are constantly looking for the most modern solutions that will contribute, among other things, to the reduction of electricity consumption and the reduction of municipal waste. In order to achieve these goals, we are constantly improving, which is required by the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certificate implemented in our company. Moreover, all our products and packaging are free of asbestos, which is harmful to human health and life. ISO 14001:2015 has been with us since October 2017, when our independent certification body, DNV GL, carried out its first certification audit. The result was a certificate covering „Design, manufacture, sale of spare parts for centrifuges,

10 | Spring 2019 | Full ahead

pumps, heat exchangers, desalters and filters installed on board ships.� The implementation of ISO 14001:2015 has contributed to deeper analysis and awareness-raising among employees and our stakeholders on environmental issues, which translates into our continuous development and the emergence of new ideas that we are keen to put into practice. Our main environmental objectives in 2018 were a 5% reduction in electricity consumption per product manufactured and a 20% reduction in the amount of municipal waste produced, as this type of waste contributes to the creation of waste heaps, the reclamation of which lasts several years. We have overachieved these targets because, despite the expansion of the production hall, we have reduced energy consumption by more than 15% and the amount of municipal waste produced by 84%, which means that we have helped our

environment three times more effectively. We did this by implementing more effective methods of waste segregation, implementing an integrated lighting control system, as well as appropriate regulations for ventilation installations. As it turns out, even small actions can bring spectacular results. In the following years, we aim to implement an eco-management and audit system (EMAS), expand green areas and reduce the use of LDPE plastic packaging, in which we pack our solutions, in favour of biodegradable packaging. Moreover, all our products and packaging are free of asbestos, which is harmful to human health and life. Remember, you also have an influence on how the environment around you looks like. Please take care of them!

MAEM SCRUBBER NOZZLES Are you ready to comply with the IMO global sulphur limit (SOx compliance)? Do you know the new lower global cap on sulphur emissions will come into effect already in 2020?





We do know about it, and we can help you! At MAEM, we agree with the opinion that the optimal solution for shipowners is the installation of scrubbers.

And we are already prepared to produce alternative nozzles for scrubbers supplied by all leading manufacturers. What is more, we have experience in extending the life of scrubbers which are subject to very quick wear and tear.

As world leaders in reverse engineering, we have access to the state-of-the-art technology, most advanced machines and the whole range of materials to manuf acture nozzles for you.

We process each order on an individual basis, so you will receive custom made-to-order nozzles. In cooperation with your engineers, we can make nozzles to exactly meet your needs and have them ready within 6 weeks!


ABOUT US We are an independent manufacturer of high quality marine alternative spare parts and complete devices for fuel, oil and water treatment. It is our goal to help our customers get the right product they need anywhere on earth: quickly, easily and affordably.

MAEM Sp. z o.o., 22A Bociana Street, 31-231 Krakow, Poland,,, +48 12 415 08 16

Spring 2019 | 11


Have you ever thought about leaving everything for a moment and leaving somewhere?

Kamil, whom I can confidently describe as a blood and bone traveller, spent almost three months in India this year.

Or maybe it would be more appropriate to ask how many times you thought about it?

Tourist and traveller

In MAEM we have a man who went a step further – he asked himself this question and then put the plan into practice. I have a pleasure to introduce Kamil – one of the constructors working in our company.

Itinerary 12 | Spring 2019 | MAEM. I like it!

India through the eyes of a tourist probably does not differ much from other popular tourist destinations, so instead of showing you a crowded hotel swimming pool, we will go straight to the substance of the matter. To show India through the eyes of a traveller, you have to travel from Poland almost 15,000 km by plane, and then travel almost

the whole country, covering more than 10,000 km by local transport. It's so simple. The effect of an unforgettable journey of our colleague are photos taken in places far away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Photos that you won't take during any of the commercial trips. The possibility of communing with ordinary residents of the country we visit is another advantage of real traveling. Getting to know the real culture, not the one created for the needs of tourists. You won't buy it from any travel agency.

10 hours by train from Varanasi to Khajurhao

Yak, Tsomgo Lake, approx. 3,800m AMSL

Rainbow Falls, Cherrapunji

Camel ride, Thar Desert MAEM. I like it! | Spring 2019 | 13

Pilgrim at a Varanasi temple

„By organizing expeditions on our own, we have a chance to communicate with ordinary people from each of the places we visit. None of the best resorts is able to give us such an opportunity. That's why I always expect more from a trip and I do everything I can to get it.” – Kamil Guzdek

Kamasutra temples in Khajuraho 14 | Spring 2019 | MAEM. I like it!

Overnight stay with locals met on a bus, Palitana

On the way to the temple at Mount Grinar in Junagadh

Relaxing on mesmerising Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

Tea plantation near Kumily

Snorkelling in Lakshadweep MAEM. I like it! | Spring 2019 | 15


NEW SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Kral pumps (K) Alternative spare parts for Desmi pumps (NSL, MODULAR S) Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval pumps (ALP – sizes 15-85)

At MAEM, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality marine solutions. We have built our whole business on this concept and since the beginning we have continued to seek ways to improve every product that we manufacture. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed our unique reverse engineering method which relies on duplicating in 1:1 ratio the more durable machine component that works identically to the original. Nowadays, our production plant, which employs around 100 people, provides about 10,000 different, totally interchangeable, alternative spare parts and complete marine solutions which are shipped worldwide. We are confident about the quality and functionality of them, but for our customers’ convenience, each of them is covered by warranty. Choosing MAEM solutions, you will definitely get The Smart Value.

16 | January 2019 | Product Range

STANDARD SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval & Westfalia separators Plug and play separators

Alternative spare parts for Nirex fresh water generators including plates and gaskets

Reconditioned separator bowls

Alternative spare parts for IMO pumps (ACD, ACE, ACP, ACG, LPD, LPE, ACF) and Allweiler pumps (BAS, SPF, SPZ, TRD, TRF, TRE, ZAS, ZASV)

Alternative spare parts for Jowa bilge water separators

Complete brazed plate heat exchangers

Electronic control systems (reconditioned and brand new)

Alternative spare parts for Aquafine water sterilizers

Replaceable gaskets for plate heat exchangers

Alternative spare parts for Moatti back flushing filters

Scrubber nozzles for pollution control

Product Range | January 2019 | 17

18 | Spring 2019 | We love to help

HELPING IS IN OUR BLOOD 47 participants 15 blood donors 2 honorary blood donors 6.8 litres of blood Surely each one of us knows what feast is on February 14th, but do we all know that on the same day we celebrate World Donor Day? On this day we celebrate not only the love of the two in love, but also the love shown to those most in need. This year, as part of Donor Day, we decided to donate our most precious gift of life – blood, which, despite the great progress in medicine, has not yet been replaced by any other substance. Blood donation is the greatest proof of human solidarity

and love. It is the only medicine that depends on all of us. It is up to us whether it is available or not. By donating blood and plasma, we save lives in danger. This year's action 'Helping Mum in Blood' is a response to the numerous calls for blood donation, which is always lacking. 47 MAEM employees took part in the action and 15 of them donated blood, including 2 honorary blood donors. In total, we collected 6.8 litres of blood, which we are very happy about. We would like to thank all the participants once again for their commitment and encourage them to donate blood not only as part of an action such as this one. Someone's life may depend on this gesture.

You also can help! It is enough to be a healthy person aged 18 to 65 and weighing at least 50 kg and pass a pre-donation medical examination to become a blood donor. The whole blood donation procedure takes on average 8 minutes, during which about 10% of the blood supply is taken from the human body, i.e. about 0.5 litre. This is a small percentage of blood, which is replenished very quickly by a healthy body. The myth is that once you donate your blood, you have to do it all the time. Blood donation does not cause increased blood production in the body. Helping is cool. Helping is in our blood. Join us!

We love to help | Spring 2019 | 19

DOING GREAT THINGS Do you know who Bartosz Kurek, Jakub Kochanowski or Aleksander Śliwka is? If you are interested in world-class volleyball, we certainly do not need to introduce them. If you don't know who the mentioned gentlemen are, let us tell you – these are the current world volleyball champions. Why do we mention them? Because on this year's action of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity we auctioned the ball with their autographs!

20 | Spring 2019 | We love to help

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is a charity action, within the framework of which money for another purpose has been collected for 27 years. The money for which we auctioned the ball with our masters' autographs was allocated to medical equipment for children's hospitals. We are very happy that we were able to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in 2019 – proud ball holders with autographs of world champions.

PASSION – WHEN DISTANCE DOES NOT PLAY A ROLE The sea gives food to creatures living not only on its shores. The sea gives work not only to people living in its vicinity. The sea is a passion of crowds of people who cannot see it every day.

The above words are an introduction to a short story about a man who, thanks to his passion for ships, came to the championship, literally. I am very pleased to introduce Mr. Andrzej Jakulewicz, Dominika's close neighbour – quality control development manager at MAEM.

Mr. Andrzej is, among others, the current Polish champion, two times the current European champion and two times the current world champion in ship modelling. Master level: beginnings The beginnings of Mr. Andrzej's adventure with modelling date back to the times when toys were made on their own in order to have them. It was then that the first set of ‘a young modeler’ came into the hands of Mr. Andrew. After almost 40 years of gaining experience and hard work on ourselves, we are faced with a man who already in September 2019 in Burgas once again defends the title of European champion in ship modelling.

„I am not saying that I am an expert. One strives for perfection all one's life” – Andrzej Jakulewicz

Lifestyle | Spring 2019 | 21

„History is a mine of knowledge and a mine of desire to learn something from the lining.” – Andrzej Jakulewicz

22 | Spring 2019 | Lifestyle

A recipe for success According to our master, modelling is not only about gluing together the elements that make up the whole model. Each ship assembled by Mr. Andrzej are years of fascinating history and adventures during his service at sea. In order to be able to fully imitate a given ship, it is necessary to get to know its history and feel its unique soul. No dexterity or patience, and in-depth knowledge of the object of work is Mr. Andrzej's recipe for all those who want to start a professional adventure with ship modelling.

that confirms the truth of the saying that the interior counts first of all. Andrzej's models are perfectly reconstructed, part by part, ships on an appropriate scale. There is no room for mediocrity or concession. These are works that are the result of extraordinary talent, patience and passion. Models of Mr. Andrew: Among the models of Mr. Andrzej we can find, among others: •

• On the heights of professionalism A professional ship model consists of 15-20 thousand different parts. It is not only the body that we can see from the outside. Professional modeling is another area

• •

HMS LONDON, a heavy cruiser serving in the British army war fleet since 1927; IJN TAKAO, joined the Japanese Imperial Navy at the turn of the 1920s and 1930s; HMS HOOD, sunk during the Battle of the Danish Strait in 1941; ORP WARSAW, served in the Polish Navy in 1988-2003.

The model of the USS NORTH CAROLINA ship, with which Mr. Andrzej is going to the European Championships in Burgas, is the result of his one and a half year's work. This is the first, but not the last meeting with one of MAEM's friends. In our social media we will keep you informed about the European Championships in Burgas. We hope that soon one of the models made by Mr. Andrzej will stand in honorable place in our headquarters. We keep our fingers crossed, Mr. Andrzej! If any of you would like to learn more about Mr. Andrzej passion or take a look at his models of ships, we invite you to contact MAEM. We promise that we will help you to make contact with our master.

Lifestyle | Spring 2019 | 23

Artist: Zenia Dimitrakopoulou „Night Blue”

THE SEA OF COLOURS „The last three years I have been living by the sea, which has been an endless source of inspiration for me. The profound and ever-changing images that surround me every day are filtered through my personal approach, in an almost abstractive manner. I want to convey what is grasped on a deeper level, through my inner senses. Aiming for clarity, I minimise the elements used, focusing on composition, light, colour, forms and the rhythmical patterns that are created.” – Zenia Dimitrakopoulou 24 | Spring 2019 | Lifestyle

Zenia Dimitrakopoulou is a Greek visual artist, graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts (1997-2003), and has a Ph.D. in History of Art from the School of Architecture, N.T.U.A. She originally graduated as a Surveying Engineer from N.T.U.A. and had an MSc in Transport from Imperial College London. In addition, she has completed an MSc program in Architecture-Space Planning at the School of Architecture (N.T.U.A.) (2004-2006). She has presented her artworks in various solo and group exhibitions. Artworks by her are included in private collections in various countries. She gives lectures on art history and painting lessons.

Artist: Zenia Dimitrakopoulou „From dawn to dusk with a full moon�

More information about Zenia Dimitrakopoulou and her work can be found at:

Lifestyle | Spring 2019 | 25


26 | Spring 2019 | Lifestyle


Artist: Peter Goodhall „Eternity I”

Artist: Peter Goodhall „Tranquillity XVIII”

„With superb, interesting and highly crafted techniques the artist balances a natural harmony and realism in his painted surfaces creating subtle yet dramatic imagery.” – Flowers Gallery

Peter Goodhall is a fine arts graduate and recognised professional artist who is widely exhibited and holds a collection of international awards.

A considerable amount of his work has been published. His work can be found in public and private collections worldwide including the RAF and the Royal Navy.

As well as his own solo exhibitions he has exhibited at the annual exhibitions of the Royal West of England Academy, South West Academy of Fine Art, Royal Society of Marine Artists and Mystic Maritime Museum in the USA. For many years he has been internationally recognised for his drawings and paintings with strong historical and nostalgic influences.

Peter has won the SAA title „Artist of the Year„ with his painting „Liberty”. The same painting was also awarded two titles „Masterpiece” and „Best Female Nude” in the American Art Awards in 2015. Peter is a representational marine painter who works in oils, in both contemporary and traditional styles. His modern realism

paintings are often on a large scale creating striking centre piece paintings. For many years he painted in a studio that over looked the sea and he has always been fascinated by the sea. He uses interesting and highly crafted techniques to create a natural harmony and realism in his painted surfaces of the sea. More information about Peter Goodhall and his work can be found at:

Lifestyle | Spring 2019 | 27

„My style is focused on colour and texture, with a variety of subject matter from seascapes to local florals to geometric abstractions of nature.” – Ann Marie Coolick

Ann Marie Coolick is an impasto painter from Arlington, Virginia focusing on colorful abstractions and expressionist seascapes and landscapes using only palette knives and heavy body paint straight from the tube. She slathers frosting-like paint layer upon layer onto the canvas with paint running off the edges, resulting in a sculptural, three-dimensional appearance. Ann Marie has painted exclusively with palette knives for over a decade. After graduating from Virginia Tech Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Studio Art (honors painting concentration) and a BS in Marketing Management in 2003, she moved to Arlington, where she currently resides and maintains a home studio practice. More information about Ann Marie Coolick and her work can be found at:

Artist: Ann Marie Coolick „Into the Mystic 2” 28 | Spring 2019 | Lifestyle

„I work quickly and intuitively, often going with the flow of the paint and seeing where the process leads me. I work mostly from memory and the feelings inspired from being in a particular place and time.” – Ann Marie Coolick

Artist: Ann Marie Coolick “Spellbound”

Artist: Ann Marie Coolick „Currituck Breeze”

Artist: Ann Marie Coolick „Tropical Falls”

Lifestyle | Spring 2019 | 29


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