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I want to achieve a piece of work which highlights: 1. Conservation and Protection. 2. To Create Awareness. 3. To Encourage People to Explore. 4. To Support Campaigns and Engage the Viewer.

Experiments Within Nature.

The National Trust.

Article Work.

The RSPB BirdWatch.

Litter Effects on Costal Areas.

Seagull Lino Cutting and Poster Design.


pollution have an overwhelming impact on marine biodiversity. This is a

GLOBAL ISSUE and comes at a time when marine ecosystems are already suffering.

Full Size Barn Owl Lino Cutting.

Hedgehog Lino Cuttings With Text and a Poster Design.

Pop-up Book Test.

Mind Mapping and Leaflet Design.

Story Book Ideas and Layout. Right- Book Research.

I think this style of this book is really appealing and unusual. It contains a simple story line and is purely a picture book. After looking at this book it made me think further of using colour with my lino cuttings.

Issuu Link:

A beautiful illustrated book, which also contains reading material. The typography (hand drawn style) and images work well for the style. I liked how each page gives an individual atmosphere and feel.

Further Cuttings and Photos.

Page Spread Layout Tests.

Ideas on Incorporating a Map.

First Printed Book, Layout Check and Front Cover Progress.

Front Cover

Title Page

Back Cover

Final Book Layout and Printed Book.


Presentation of work