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Books, Illustration styles, Layout and Themes.

I think this style of this book is really appealing and unusual. It contains a simple story line and is purely a picture book. After looking at this book it made me think further of using colour with my lino cuttings.

A beautiful illustrated book, which also contains reading material. The typography (hand drawn style) and images work well for the style. I liked how each page gives an individual atmosphere and feel.

The function of this book really interests me (the folds). I also like the simplicity of the images and the page layouts and how one page leads to the next.

This book is full of colour and bold. The illustrations are complex and well thought out. The text has been carefully thought out in relation to where it will sit on the page.

Beatrix Potter books. These books are influential to me and after visiting an exhibition of the illustration work at the V&A really made me appreciate the detail and story. I love the imagination and how the animals live in their own little world. The illustrations are very neat and pleasant.

Moomin The technique and style of the images really reminded me of block printing/lino printing. The use of colour is also interesting, with no shades just block colour.

The hedgehog. A beautifully illustrated book. I also think the stories are well thought out and work well as a set (a variety of animal tales). I wouldn’t say this was directed to young children, but to children who could possibly read themselves.

Percy the park keeper

Traditional styled illustrations in watercolour. I have included this in my research file as I have always appreciated the illustration style and cleverly though out stories. The illustrations are also a good reference to see how the animal illustration has to vary on every page as the story progresses. The Illustrator really captures the movement and behaviour of animals well.

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