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The Hedgehog The body of the hedgehog and how their body design allows them to survive their daily lives.

The Nose It has been said that the Hedgehog's nose plays a very important part while the Hedgehog is foraging for food. It is also thought that its highly developed sense of smell is important for reproduction and sociality.

The Eyes Hedgehogs have protruding eyes that are susceptible to injury and irritation. Hedgehogs have poor eye sight, a fact which should be taken into account when caring for and interacting with hedgehogs.

The Ears Hearing is very important to a Hedgehog, one of its main strengths. Hedgehogs have a high frequency auditory system, with which they can easily pinpoint prey such as invertebrates when foraging.

The Spines The quills of a hedgehog are hollow hairs made stiff by keratin (a family of fibrous structural proteins). They are not venomous or barbed.

We know our hedgehogs are in Just a few small steps that we can trouble in the wild and although take such as providing food or we are not fully sure of the reasons shelter can make such a difference. behind this, there is still something we can do to help.

hedgehog lino print book  
hedgehog lino print book  

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