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COMMANDOS Madison Daley

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Glory Days

Who are we?

Indivi duali





class ic

chubbies manifesto:


To us, pants are a necessary evil - built for the work week because your boss just doesn't get it. You see a Chubster in pants or cargo shorts and he looks like a fish out of water; a radical fish that's probably krumping on the beach, but nonetheless out of water. But this exact passion for shorts is why Chubbies are so righteous. We don't do pants.

We don't do cargos. We don't do capris. We do shorts. We have put painstaking effort into these shorts. We have engineered them for the toughest shorts critics - ourselves.


WHY? Chubbies is a brand that truly marches to the beat of their own drum, and in this day in age, that can be super refreshing. Their commitment to being different, standing out and distinguishing themselves from other companies in the market is aspiring.

objective: I have created a limited edition collaboration with the charity SAVE A VET for the brand Chubbies. SAVEAVET helps rehome retired military, homeland security, and police k9s. After a life of hard work, they deserve to be loved and relax. There will only be two items dropped for the line, a dog collar and a bracelet. 50,000 dog collars and 50,000 bracelets. The minimal cost of the bracelet will be covered with the sale and the remaining amount will go to SAVEAVET (a good 95%). Chubbies will take no loss and it will help an awesome cause. I am predicting to this annually with a different charity each year that vibes with Chubbies.


Why commandos?

Commandos by

/kəˈmanˌdō/ noun 1. a soldier specially trained to carry out raids. Commandos


2. to not wear underwear. The origins for this are either “out in the open” or “ready for action” by




Commandos manifesto:


Handmade, quality products for badass, tail wagging, veterans.

“ Commandos


target customer: If you want a reminder that the weekend is right around the corner but your boring work doesn’t allow you to wear shorts (lame), then you can wear a bomb bracelet 24/7. The bright colors will make you think its 75 degrees out year ‘round. Men, women, children can wear these bracelets while staying fresh to death.

“Chuck” daniels School: Enlisted out of HS Age: 29

“dad bod” chad

Job: Army vet, now a cop Income: 100K combined income with wife.


Hobbies: Skeet Shooting, window

Age: 23 (5th year)

shopping, and hanging with his

Job: President of Kappa Sig


Income: Odd jobs, along with a well off girlfriend Hobbies: Drinking, beer pong, frat games, tailgating, drinking more Animals: 3 goldfish, maybe 4

Animals: German Shepard, 2 kids.

Materials / colors

550 Cord

plastic buckles

Commandos: sick shots of product

promotional content

Hey... YOU THERE!!!

commandos: sometimes you don’t need pants to give back

Social media launch: 119K


5k Commandos



Commandos Commandos

Step out in the coolest of the cool 550 cord bracelets & dog collars. All of your $$$ goes straight to help retired military, homeland security, and police K9 units!!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

for you



Step out in the coolest of the cool 550 cord bracelets & dog collars. All of your $$$ goes straight to help retired military, homeland security, and police K9 units!!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

for your pupper

pricing: 1000 ft (550 Cord) / 10ft (length of the bracelet) = 100 Bracelets ($50.00) 1000 ft (550 Cord / 15ft (length of collar) = 65 Collars ($50.00) 40 buckles = $7.00 Drop of 50,000 bracelets and 50,000 collars $25,000(550)+ $8,750 (buckles)= $33,750 budget for Bracelets $38,500 + $8,750= $47,250 budget for collars 1 Bracelet: $2.15 1 Collar: $4.30 TOTAL: $81,000

550 bracelet $20.00 Shop for a cause and look like a million bucks. • 100% Nylon

5” 6” 7” 8” 9” 10”

550 Dog collar $25.00 Shop for a cause and bark like a million bucks. • 100% Nylon

12” 13” 14” 15” 16” 17”


distribution: Georgetown, Washington DC SAN Francisco, CA (HQ)

Santa monica, CA

Chicago, IL

Dallas Houston Austin, TX

Atlanta, GA




Location: Stanford Stadium Time & Date: 3PM Sept. 1, 2018 Budget: 3K for transport, booze, booth materials, & grub Reasoning: This contest will be a social media fenzie. People will have the week prior to the event to post their best pictures with their dogs and use the hashtag #bestchubbiesdogowner. The winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to the Stanford vs. USC game on event day, As well as a every color of the bracelets and dog collars, a pair of chubbies, and some SWAG to BRAG about. GET TO POSTING!!

dog owner join us for the launch of the chubbies commando x saveavet collaboration at stanford stadium tailgate 3pm sept 1, 2018. you and your dog dress up and get a free bracelet and dog collar, enter the raffle & you could win 3 pairs of exclusive chubbies shorts. #liiimitedd No cargo shorts, pants, or capris, please. don’t embarrass yourselves.

Thanks brah

Chubbies Capstone  
Chubbies Capstone