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I’m creating a smartphone application (app) for a classproject. The app I have in mind is a Parent/Teacher app. The app would allow communication, on a direct basis, between parent and teachers. Its functions would include: •

school alerts - bus schedule changes, inclement weather closures, half- or full-days-off notices, school events (book fair)

teacher - notify parents of child's grade status ongoing, projects due (i.e. science fair), field trips (with link to pdf permission form), classevents (need doz. cupcakesfor valentine's day kind of thing), your child was coughing in classtoday

parents - let the teacher know of student's health or family issues, out sick

The advantage of this app vs. an online school web site: this kind of thing might be available through a school's website but the app would be more personalized with actual communication between the parent and teacher. So, I need to develop “user personas.” User personas are real depictions of people that would use the app to help the designer understand the users and develop the design towards that user. Would you pleasebe one of my app “users?” I won’t use your actual name or photo; those will be substituted with stock photos and alibis. If so, please return this ASAP(preferably by Monday, Sept. 5th). Ideally this app would “magically” upload data from the teacher and school and allow the parent to send messages/questions/responses. Age: Occupation: Role (parent, teacher, grade level of students): Type of cell phone (i.e. Android, iphone): Comfort level of using smartphone apps (on a scale of 1-5; 1 being low, 5 being very comfortable): If this app was available would you use it? Why or why not? (i.e. yes, finally an app I can use because; or no, list obstacles)

Describe a “day in the life of your role as a parent or teacher”:

Email it to me at Thanks a million.

User persona questionnaire  

User persona questionnaire for smartphone app

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