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Macmillan Dictionary: a smart online dictionary English is a global language: it’s the language of education, business, and science. Being a confident user of English isn’t just a matter of knowing what words mean – there’s so much more to it than that! Whether you’re a teacher or a student there’s a whole range of language questions you might want to ask.

How do I say this word?

I don’t want to keep using the same word – how can I find its synonyms?

I know this noun, but what’s a good adjective to go with it?

This word has six meanings – how can I find the one I’m looking for?

Is it OK to say this without sounding impolite or old-fashioned or just too informal?

How do I use it in a sentence without getting the grammar wrong?

Is this word important enough to be worth learning at all?

Macmillan Dictionary has all the answers in one place.

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red word s an d st ars

How smart is Macmillan Dictionary? Let’s do the 10-step test. 1 Red word and stars system smart HHH

2 Real examples

Smart is a red word, which means that it’s part of the ‘core vocabulary’ of English – the 7,500 words that make up about 93% of all communication. What’s more it has three stars (red words can have one, two, or three stars) which means it’s one of the 2,500 most common words in English. So this makes smart a really important word to know.


You’ll find plenty of example sentences and they’re all real examples used by real people in real contexts.

3 Related words

OK, so what other words mean the same sort of thing as smart? What are its synonyms? The thesaurus will tell you: discerning



brilliant clever



4 Common phrases

The dictionary shares thousands of common phrases too. If you’ve looked in the Thesaurus for smart, you’ll see that bright is one of its near synonyms. Follow the link from bright and you’ll see eight phrases all involving the word bright.

brainy clear-sighted

• look on the bright side to think about the good parts of a situation that is mostly bad Look on the bright side – you’ll save money by not going.

• bright and breezy lively and confident

Their music is bright and breezy but not very memorable.

5 Pronunciation

Now, you probably know how to pronounce smart and bright but how do you pronounce incisive, for example? And is it pronounced the same in British and American English? The dictionary will tell you.

/ɪnˈsaɪsɪv/ Pronunciation

6 Staying up-to-date

7 Add your own voice

8 Sharing knowledge



English is changing and growing all the time. We constantly update the dictionary to reflect these changes, adding new words and phrases as they appear.

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Pop next door to the Macmillan Dictionary Blog, where language experts, language teachers and other word-loving types discuss language trends and usage issues, give language learning tips and share their knowledge with learners and teachers.

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Add the BuzzWord gadget to your website and students will stay right on top of new words and current English language trends. The weekly BuzzWord is chosen by Kerry Maxwell, author of Brave New Words, for its current popularity in the news and other media. It comes with an in-depth article and, once a month, a worksheet for use in class.

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Double-click dictionary plugin


5 Pronunciation app

What is considered intelligent varies with culture. For example, when asked to sort, the Kpelle people take a functional approach. A Kpelle participant stated, “The knife goes with the orange because it cuts it.”

Your website

good at thinking clearly and quickly, at understanding diffcult ideas and subjects, and at gaining and using knowledge Surely an intelligent person like you can deal with this. highly intelligent: He was highly intelligent, but disliked studying


Thesaurus entry for this meaning of intelligent

We wouldn’t be a smart dictionary without offering smart apps. Sounds is a brilliant pronunciation app, available for iOS and Android. New for 2014: try the embedded Macmillan Dictionary wordlist with short definitions in the Sounds app.

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