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An original course, written by teachers specifically for the junior secondary or equivalent level in the Caribbean. Starting from basic principles, the chapters unfold in a logical order, rather than in the sequence of a particular syllabus.

I. Mohammed & L. Ferdinand

■ The topics covered emphasise both the scientific principles involved in good agricultural practice and their economic importance ■ Careful attention to language level has produced a simple and concise course ■ Designed to encourage pupil involvement and the practical application of agricultural science ■ Exercises and questions throughout aid progress, stimulate discussion and suggest further activities ■ Extensively illustrated with two-colour artwork and black and white photographs

This course leads pupils naturally into the two-book course, Caribbean Agricultural Science.

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Book 2

Book 3

112pp | 978-0-333-49617-6

136pp | 978-0-333-52548-7

224pp | 978-0-333-53535-6

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Junior Secondary Agriculture for the Caribbean flyer  
Junior Secondary Agriculture for the Caribbean flyer  

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