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A Note From

THE HEAD MONSTER To the Asian American Community



Congratulations to the Asian America Foundation for producing


the 30th Anniversary Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America

Noel Lee, The Head Monster, started Monster 30 years ago. The company started as Monster Cable in a garage in the Richmond district and has grown to be recognized the world over as the maker of a high quality consumer electronics components, cables and accessories. Noel's leadership has earned him numerous awards, including the Ernst and Young Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Distinguished Corporate Executive Award from the Asian Business League of San Francisco, the Small Business Owner of the Year Award from the San Francisco Small Business Network, and Dealerscope Magazine's Hall of Fame Award for his contributions to the consumer electronics industry. The Los Angeles Unified School District presented Noel, a strong supporter of education, with a Humanitarian Award for his generous contribution to their Employment Preparation Program. The Anti-Defamation League presented him its coveted Patricia Rienzi Legacy Award for his distinguished service to society and his industry and dedication to the ADL's Democratic ideals He has also been the subject of many articles spotlighting his unique business strategies, and has been profiled in Time, USA Today and Red Herring as well as being a featured guest on CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and a soon to air interview on CNNMoney

to be recognized for their excellence in beauty, elegance, culture,

Pageant to provide young Asian American women the opportunity and talent. Since 1996, Monster Cable has proudly represented the Asian American business community at the pageant. We are delighted to show our support again by providing $5,000 through the Monster Educational Scholarship. At Monster, we encourage education in every way we can. It’s the cornerstone of a strong community, and as we all know, Asian Americans have always considered education to be of primary importance. Hopefully, the Monster Scholarship will further this cause and help Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America 2015 to continue her growth and knowledge.


Noel Lee, The Head Monster

Connecting You to Better Sound and Picture


30th Anniversary

Miss Asian Global &

Miss Asian America Pageant A Tradition of Excellence. Dedication to Community Service.


A Legacy for Tomorrow.



Saturday, August 8, 2015 Palace of Fine Arts Theatre 3301 Lyon Street, San Francisco

Table of Contents Editor-In-Chief: Alex Fong Senior Graphic Designer: Thomas Li Graphic Designers: Cindy Chiu, Fred DeJesus, Vincent Ma Editorial Director: Julunda Gean Mendoza Proofreader: Betty Lem

Monster | G O L D S P O N S O R


Message from Our President | V I N C E N T M A


and Our Founder | R O S E C H U N G Greetings from the Honorable Mayor | E D W I N M . L E E Annie & Reuben Chen Foundation | G O L D S P O N S O R

7 8-9

Photos: David Yu, Penny Wong-Belleza, Moses Sison, Fred DeJesus

Pageant Committee


Our Emcees | J A N E PA R K S M I T H & R I C K Q U A N


30th Anniversary


Judging Panelists


Queen’s Farewell Message | J E N N C H U N G


Queen’s Farewell Message | E M M A M A R R I O T T




Imagine Talks


Treasured Memories


Our Queens



The Miss Asian Global Pageant celebrates its 30th Anniversary this evening! Our founding vision of creating an elegant and entertaining evening to showcase each delegate’s beauty, talent and intelligence is fulfilled. Our Pageant continues to flourish and is both contemporary and relevant. Last year, we established the Asian America Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is greater focus on community involvement, women empowerment and academic achievement. The inaugural Imagine Talks conference on January 17, 2015 opened a new channel to the Asian community. Presented by our 2014 Pageant Queen and Court members and Edge Interns Imagine Talks featured an array of influential Asian American women speakers such as Fiona Ma, Crystal Lee, Faye Karnavy Sahai, Julie Price, and Jane Park Smith. Imagine Talks empowers Asian American women by inspiring the confidence by sharing their journeys. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Francis Kong, Elaine Sung, and Maggie Schoenholtz for making Imagine Talks a successful and enriching experience! The Pageant will host more Imagine Talks to encourage women into leadership roles, most notably in technology, arts, business, and innovation. Our Pageant family has risen to the occasion in keeping the Pageant’s spirit thriving and making our 30th Anniversary a momentous event! Our sincerest gratitude goes to our sponsors, both continuing and new, whose generosity enables the Pageant to reach newfound heights. Special thanks go to our dedicated volunteers for their countless hours and enthusiastic support. Some have volunteered since the beginning. It is their abundant energy that culminates in an annual ceremony both cultural and life-changing to participate in. On behalf of the Miss Asian Global Pageant Family, we wish to congratulate our 2014-2015 Queen and Court: Emma Marriot, Jenn Chung, Arienne Calingo, May Ling Phyu, Maggie Schoenholtz, Catherine Ho, Jeni Nguyen, Sunaina Singh, Jensine Chen, Susan Lin, and Tunya Fusapnirun. Thank you for embracing your roles with honor, grace, and dignity! We applaud the legacy of the Pageant’s three decades of Queens and Courts and are excited for the significant contributions to be made by this generation of beautiful, intelligent, and talented women leaders for tomorrow.

Message from Our President | V I N C E N T M A a n d F o u n d e r | R O S E C H U N G


Vincent Ma RoseChung President Founder


On behalf of the City and County of San Francisco, I am pleased to welcome you to the 30th Anniversary Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America Pageant, being held on August 8, 2015 in the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco.

Greetings from the Honorable Mayor | E D W I N M . L E E

Greetings from the Mayor

I am pleased to recognize and commend the pageant’s goal of showcasing young Asian American women from various Asian ethnic backgrounds in a valuable production that will best represent their culture, beauty, intelligence and talent. The pageant provides a unique opportunity to the delegates to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills, friendships, teamwork and other experiences that will build self-confidence and enrich the community around them. I would like to especially commend Vincent Ma, Rose Chung and her amazing pageant family of volunteers for making this event possible for the past two decades. I wish you all a wonderful and successful pageant! With warmest regards,

Edwin M. Lee Mayor




Our Pageant Committee

Administrative Team

Founder - Rose Chung Advisor - Edwin Hom

President - Vincent Ma Consultants - Henry Chu, Bryan Datu Community Advisor - George Fung Honorary Advisor - Harrison Lim, Bill Quan International Directors - Bobby Babbar, Karen Babbar Pageant Director - Janice Hom Administrative Director - Julunda Gean Mendoza Leadership Director - Dr. Francis Kong Delegates Coordinator - Valerie Foo Operations Director - Rebecca Chow Queen Search Coordinator - Dennis Woo Administrative Assistants - Perla Caro, Chan Chuan Chen Production Team

Production Director - Brian Louie

Production Assistants - Cezar Mendoza, Zachary Mendoza, Floyd Santiago Backstage Assistants - Andrew Belleza, Byron Wong Music Director - Jay Raymundo Stage and Lighting Design - Chanh Pham Artistic Director - Miki Katsuyama Novitski

Marketing/Outreach Team

Marketing Team - Yvonne Liu, Merle Wong Advertising Manager - Ed Jesswani Social Media Team - Dr. Steven Chan, Mandy Wong Public Relations Director - Stephanie Ng Promotions Director - Betty Lem Program Book Director - Alex Fong Senior Graphics Designer - Thomas Li Graphic Designers - Cindy Chiu, Frederico DeJesus, Dorothy Mak Proofreader - Julunda Gean Mendoza Photographers - Federico DeJesus, Paul Eng, Raymond Hong, Alan Lew, James Lim, Moses Sison, Kevin Nguyen, Alvin Tang, Henry Wong, Judy Wong, Penny Wong-Belleza, David Yu Pageant Night Team

Tabulators - Mah and Associates

Flower Bouquets - Mariluz Design, Aidan Ragasa, Ava Ragasa, Norman Ragasa Judges Hostess - Alicia Contreras, Maria Jura, Julia Trifan Crowd Management - Friends of the Contra Costa County Animal Services Officers, Korean Marital Arts Center Ushers - Joseph Duhig, Nelly Lau, Kimberley Lau, Kendrick Lau, Clifford Pong, Lily Zhang, Will Zhang, Daryl Zhao Front of House Team

Makeup & Artists Hair Design Directors - Gina Del Rosario, Denise Gaston, Marsha Griego, Jamie Huang, Julie Lam, Ethel MH Reddy

Red Carpet Reception Planner - Zoli Partovi

Makeup & Hair Designers - Corina Acosta, Vera Jaene Astorga, Esther Bravo-Campos, Karlie Campbell, Nereyda Castro, Miguel Cervantes, Jasmine Clark, Carolina Escalante, Jennifer Goldstein, Rae Harris, Samantha Kober, Anna Kwan, Nyia McGee, Edrose Miranda, Monique Vi, Ekaterina Zadomskaya, Miku Hall, Kiba Shiruba, Oanh Thanh, Stephanie Tiatco, Sheryl Anderson, Kimberly Lau

Red Carpet Reception Team - Steven Chan, Shorya Ghai, Lucy He, Annie Hong, Yen Hoang, Shirley Huang, Kristy Ku, Angela Lee, Jennifer Lee, Arielle Lee, Stacie Ong, Evan Pun, Tatiana Reger, Jae Ryoo, Elaine Sung, Sai Varee, Kevin Woo, Jessica Wong, Mandy Wong, Merrianna Le, Sean Yang

Dressing Room Coordinators - Jeanne Jew, Trisha Mao, Lillian Tan Dressing Room Assistants - Miku Hall, Angela Kraker, Angela Lee, Colleen Leung, Wendy Liu, Kiba Shiruba, Carolyn Ta, Samantha Ta, Teresa Yu, Joyce Kwan, Sandy Lam, Fiona Zhao Etiquette Advisor - Syndi Seid

Delegate Hospitality Team

Housemother - “Mommy� Penny Wong-Belleza Head Escorts - Steve Cho, Brendan Hong Escorts - David Chen, Alex Fong, Ryan Fung, Michael Hom, Kyle Hsu, Nicholas Jung, Anthony Lam, Alvin Lee, Christopher Lee, Calvin Lok, Steven Ma, Martin Novitski, James Pung, Melvin Yuen

Red Carpet Reception Food Coordinator - Regina Wong

Lighting - Russell Wong, Tommy Chan Red Carpet Reception DJ - Impact Sounds: Jensen Louie Muscle Crew Manager - Fernando Mendoza Muscle Crew - Kenman Cai, Tommy Cen, Daniel Chan, Raymond Cheung, Brandon Do, Pei He, Emmanuel Hidalgo, Jason Hoang, Kevin Lai, Anthony Lam, Kevin Lee, Jason Leung, Wyman Li, Andy Liu, Michael Owyang, Yuhua Qiu, Davis Siu, Vu Vuong, Lawrence Wong, Jerold Yu Volunteers Food Service Supervisors - Joyce Kwan, Jenny Yee Food Service Team - Rick Chew, Janet Dong, Cynthia Eliares-Pabalate, Angela Kraker, Chris Yee, Ina Zhang, Lily Zhang, Will Zhang

Special Thanks to Lung Kong Youth Group and Cathay Post #384 for their many years of dedicated support as part of the Miss Asian Global/America Pageant Family.



Our Emcees | J A N E PA R K S M I T H & R I C K Q U A N

Jane Park Smith Jane Park Smith is an accomplished actress, model, published author, and entertainer. Formerly an internationally recognized TV reporter selected to represent the U.S. in Germany for the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Jane has parlayed niche storytelling into a dynamic entertainment career. A rising star in both television and film, her diversified TV credits include Reno911, The Cape, Rizzoli & Isles, 24, Bones, and Fox’s drama Gang Related as the Korean mob’s queen pin. She has relished long form storytelling in films such as Street Warrior, Quarantine, and Bring It On, and her recent favorites which includes, Heartbreak” as Mina in which she becomes a top-notch pro-pool player fighting for her autistic son’s welfare and Boone the Bounty Hunter, her first action feature as fight specialist, sadistic bad-a** Tess. She is currently in development for another passion project called Farm1 for a humanitarian cause. For more about her onscreen, visit . Jane’s work doesn’t stray too far from her personal pursuits. As an experienced emcee, former Ms. America, and former Miss Asian America, she has hosted high profile events, including celebrity Olympic Gold Medalist’s honorariums, but particularly loves collaborating or volunteering when children or animals are the beneficiaries. Her heart’s greatest desire is to serve and speak out for the voiceless and oppressed worldwide. She deeply enjoyed serving as a spokesperson and activist for The Katrina Family Relocation Project, and has raised support for Kenyan orphans with the Global Volunteer Network, and has published an inspirational non-fiction book, Rocky the Rescue, with 90% of proceeds earmarked for animal rescue and other charities. Jane has earned a Presidential honor for her charitable works and community activism. Married to Jonathan Lee Smith, this UCLA Bruin alum hopes always to serve, empower, and unleash the unique giftings in each soul—human or not! &

Rick Quan Rick Quan is a two time Emmy award winner and the first Chinese American television sportscaster in the country. He currently works part time at ABC7 San Francisco as a fill in sports anchor and as the field reporter for the station’s “After the Game” college football show. His production company has produced videos for the Chinese Historical Society, Kimochi Inc, and McDonald’s Charities. He also operates, a website devoted to profiling Asian American athletes. Rick has been recognized for his work by the Associated Press, the Radio TV News Directors Association and the Peninsula Press Club. Four times he was voted the Bay Area’s Favorite TV News Anchor by readers of the Alameda Newspaper Group. Rick has always believed it’s important to be active in the community. He has emceed and worked with dozens of Bay area organizations. In 2000, the Northern California Arthritis Foundation named him Media Person of the year, in 2008, the Chinese American Political Association presented him with their Community Achievement Award and in 2013, the Organization of Chinese Americans recognized him for being a pioneer in the broadcasting field.





2015 Dr. Alia Rashid

Dr. Alia Rashid - Harvard Medical School and Genentech Clinical Development Physician. British-trained physician specializing in ophthalmology, pathology, and ophthalmic imaging, resulting in over 30 publications, posters, and presentations at national and international conferences. Currently working at Avalanche Biotechnologies as a Medical Director on the Clinical Development Team. Responsibilities include designing future clinical trials for gene therapies for AMD, and developing digital innovations to streamline and improve the drug development process.Previous pharmaceutical and biotechnology experience at Genentech as a clinical development physician in both the clinical science and medical affairs areas of clinical trial development. Lead clinical physician for Innovations team. Knowledge and understanding of drug development process, translational medicine, drug safety, and pharmacovigilance. Provided ophthalmology expertise for a Google Glass in Healthcare challenge, speaker at a Kaiser Externship Speaker Series on the Future of Healthcare Technology, and has written articles on medical innovation. Interested in Digital Healthcare Innovation. Regularly participates in Hackathons in the Bay Area.

Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee attended Stanford University and was also Miss California 2013, placing 1st Runner-Up in the 2014 Miss America Pageant. For the live broadcast, Crystal performed a ballet en pointe talent routine and answered an onstage question asking her about U.S. Intervention in Syria’s human-rights conflicts. She is most proud of her legacy as an advocate for higher education, public service, and her personal platform of encouraging girls to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).Crystal grew up in the Outer Richmond and Mission Districts of San Francisco, and attended School of the Arts High School where she developed a passion for the performing arts. Having studied dance since she was seven years old, she discovered the allure of pageants through the talent competition by performing Chinese dance and ballet routines. Crystal is especially proud of her Chinese-American heritage, and thankful for the community’s support since she was Miss Teen Chinatown 2007 and Miss Chinatown USA 2010. Crystal earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Master’s degree in Communication.She’s now at Google on the Google for Work market development team and has entrepreneurial plans in mind. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and FB @crizzlelee.

Darryl Pollard

Darryl Pollard is a professional American football player who played cornerback for seven seasons in the National Football League winning Super Bowls XXIII & XXIV with San Francisco 49ers. He is currently a Game Day Assistant for the National Football League and Corporate Account Executive for a Fortune 100 Company. Started for three years at Weber State University (1983–1985) and led the Wildcats with four interceptions as a senior earning all-conference honors and was rated as the 24th defensive cornerback in the NCAA to be drafted in the NFL 1986 draft. He came to Weber State as a running back but was moved to cornerback prior to his sophomore season...Played wide receiver and return specialist at William Mitchell High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His listed highlights are two Super Bowl Championships, 1988, 1989 and playing on undefeated High School Colorado State Championship team in 1981. He has 20 plus years in Sales Management and Sales and is majoring in The School of Applied Science and Technology in Professional Sales at Weber State University.

Pooke Nichanan

Pooke comes from a family of lawyers in Thailand Law was to be her ultimate destiny, but her passion has always been in the spa industry. She began working in the spa industry in Bangkok around 2003. It has always been her first love to experience different spas located all around the world. After starting her own spa business in Bangkok, she moved to the Bay Area and started to work again by building from the ground up. Now that she has accomplished creating her own spa business, her new goal is to expand and to multiple to other spas in the Bay Area, other parts of the state, and internationally. She has been supporting Thai community, Vietnamese community, Lao community, and Chinese community in CA. She also supports many charity such as the American Cancer society, build bike for kids(xmas), and Nepal Earthquake Relief. 16

Reuben Chen

Reuben K. Chen is founder and CEO of Wellspring Consulting. He has 27 years of experience in financial consulting, asset management for retirement, tax reduction strategies, risk management, and multigenerational estate planning for individuals, and small businesses.As a wealth strategist, Reuben has received numerous industry awards including 10 years of “Top of the Table” and “Qualifying and Life (QL) Member” awards from Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), and the “Top Advisor Award” issued by various brokerdealers for 11 consecutive years. For Reuben’s outstanding worldwide achievement and contribution to the community, the Milpitas City Mayor, Jose Esteves, has proclaimed September 18, 2007 to be “Reuben K. Chen Day.” In the professional realm, Reuben will be the incoming Charter President of the Silicon Valley Lions Club. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Asian American Insurance Financial Professional Association (AAIFPA) Northern California Chapter. Former roles include co-founder of Shower of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry (SOBEM), and board director and treasurer for Culture Regeneration Research Society USA (CRRS).



Robin Lee

Chang “Robin” Lee is the Business Development Manager for the Head Monster at Monster Products, Inc. Mr. Lee is a recognized independent business consultant, political consultant and public speaker. He has held various leadership positions and/or consulted for international government agencies dedicated to international business development. He is a professional musician, specifically recognized as a classically trained vocalist, instrumentalist, DJ, conductor, arranger and composer. Mr. Lee graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. As part of the International Area Studies Department, Mr. Lee designed an interdisciplinary approach to concentrate on international business, international relations, and conflict resolution. He was also deeply involved with the UC Berkeley Music Department and the University of California Choral Ensembles.

Sandra Silvestri

Sandra Silvestri, a San Francisco native and first generation Italian American, manages her family business A. Silvestri Co. fine statuary founded by her father Luigi and grandfather Adorno Silvestri in 1956. A. Silvestri Co. is a landmark in the San Francisco Bay Area for concrete reproductions of fountains, statuary, and architectural decorative garden elements. Sandra represents the third of five generations in the statuary industry. Her great grandfather Arcangelo Silvestri immigrated to the United States in the late 1800s, making figurines out of plaster of Paris along with the mouldings used for the construction of the Palace of Fine Arts for the World’s Fair. Sandra can be found on any given day in her historic “Log Cabin” which is home to hundreds of fountains, outdoor displays, and unique garden treasures. A. Silvestri Co. is a true Italian family business - complete with fresh coffee, biscotti, and four active generations including Sandra’s sister and mother, her two daughters and three grandchildren.

Rosalie Cartwright

Rosalie participated in the Miss Asian America pageant and was crowned Miss Vietnam of CA 1985 and Miss Congeniality in 1985. Since then, she has gone on to pursue numerous entrepreneurial endeavors including but not limited to: founding a high-tech manufacturing company, investing in real-estate, opening a critically acclaimed restaurant, and managing a medical clinic. Her personal motto is “Do everything with passion.” It was this very same passion that helped her win a place as one of The Wave Magazine’s “Silicon Valley’s Top Five Female Chefs ‘07”, Women Chefs and Restauranteurs “Community Service Award” in 2007 and 2008. Seeking to channel her talent towards a good cause, she managed to help the Silver Oak Elementary School PTA raise over $100,000 by donating and auctioning private dinners and cooking lessons. She has also used her network to raise funds for the medical relief and support of the people in her home country Vietnam.





Competing in pageants was never about beauty. For me, it was about challenging myself and constantly testing my limits. Along the way, I discovered new strengths, and also some weaknesses, all of which helped build who I am today and who I will become tomorrow. Being Miss Asian America taught me three important values: passion, responsibility, and patience. Passion for the things I set my mind to and believe in. Responsibility to my family and my community. And patience for my journey and for my dreams. I will cherish and hold on to these values as I continue my aspirations for the future. But success rarely comes from a solo effort. Without the love and support from all those in my life, the ambitious young woman I am today could not exist. So, thank you, to the Miss Asian America/Miss Asian Global Pageant team for guiding me through the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you to the beautiful ladies in my court that I’ve had the honor of sharing this experience with. To my mentors who’ve gone the extra mile to push me, thank you Betty Hsu, Louisa Liu, and Francis Kong.

Queen’s Farewell Message | J E N N C H U N G

Jenn Chung

Rose, you have paved the way for thirty generations of Queens and Princesses. I am so lucky to be a part of the legacy. Thank you to the Queens who have come before me and my best wishes to those that will come after. May you continue to learn, grow, and reach your maximum potential. And finally, thank you to my family, Sheila, Kelvin, Sandra, and my parents, for loving me unconditionally and effortlessly through each and every single day. Mom, you have been the most influential person in my life and I will never forget all the sacrifices you made to raise me right. As Miss Asian America, I’ve had an incredible year-long opportunity to serve my community. The months flew by so quickly and only now have I been able to take a breath to take in all the precious moments I’ve been blessed to experience. As my journey comes to a graceful end, I’m excited to move forward to share the same opportunities I was given and create more for those that come after me. To a future with endless possibility! Thank you all! Love always,

Jenn Chung Miss Asian America 2014-2015



Becoming Miss Asian Global was a sudden and unanticipated turn in my life’s journey. A few months after taking a dear friend and mentor’s suggestion to enter this pageant, I stood on the center of this stage, breathless and in disbelief as I was crowned the reigning queen for the following year. In spite of the overwhelming feelings of joy and thankfulness, I experienced a growing trepidation from the responsibilities I faced ahead ­not only of the title I had just taken, but also from my personal commitment to the values I wished to represent. In spite of the progressive nature of Miss Asian Global, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to marry pageantry ­a ceremony generally steeped in old traditions ­with the aesthetics of an intelligent, independent, and assertive woman. But although it would be difficult, I knew that it wasn’t impossible. During the past year, I worked with a group of dedicated and supportive individuals who were committed to making this vision a reality. We hosted and participated in conferences, festivals, and events that celebrated, engaged, and empowered Asian American females and the greater community. I had the opportunity to reach out and speak to issues of women in technology, a platform that I am determined to pursue long after handing down the crown tonight.

Queen’s Farewell Message | E M M A M A R R I O T T

Emma Marriott

I have the greatest confidence that the future queen will be prepared with the courage to lead and engage in the community. I know that she will take the seat of the driver instead of the passenger, and never be afraid to challenge the status quo. And most importantly, she is assured that an incredible community now stands behind her every conviction, prepared to do whatever it takes to make her vision a reality. I want to take my final words to thank these people ­Vincent Ma and Rose Chung for their great leadership, Francis Kong for his continued mentorship, my pageant sisters and the incredible staff involved in this production. I am forever thankful for the fortuitous twist of fate that led me to be a part of this community. With sincerest gratitude,

Emma Marriott

Miss Asian Global 2014-2015



Alina Vo

Vietnamese Age 21 Tucson, Arizona Personal Traits: Outgoing, Determined, Compassionate Motto: ” Be fierce. Be fearless. Be you.” Platform: Promoting social justice and change in society.


Anita Wong

Carol Tran

Personal Traits: Amiable, Resilient, Tenacious

Personal Traits: Compassionate, Optimistic, Adventurous

Motto: ”She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.”

Motto: ”Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity.”

Platform: Look good, feel better. Providing support to help women with uncontrollable cancer take control of their appearance and the way they feel.

Platform: Innovating technologies that empower underserved patients and improve their access to health care resources.

Sponsors: Bing P. Wong, Noriega Dental, and Boutique Envy

Sponsors: Frugé Psychological Associates, Inc.

Chinese Age 25 San Francisco, Californa

Vietnamese Age 23 El Cerrito, California

2 0 1 5

Diana Chen

Elise Lee

Erin Zhao

Personal Traits: Adventurous, Energetic, Motivated

Personal Traits: Intuitive, Ambitious, Vivacious

Personal Traits: Independent, Passionate, Creative

Motto: ”The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” - Chinese Proverb

Motto: ”My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Motto: ”We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Taiwanese / Chinese Age 23 Alameda, California

Platform: I want to raise awareness around mental health and alleviate the negative stigma around mental illness disorders.

Korean Age 25 San Jose, California

Platform: Gift everyone the ability to both see and experience the world, one pair of glasses at a time.

Chinese Age 24 Guiyang, China

Platform: Raise awareness of child abuse and prevention. Sponsors: Erin Zhao’s Friends

Sponsors: Lions Club International - East Bay Mugunghwa



Jennie Li

Jennifer Tran

Jessica Tran

Personal Traits: Vibrant, Intelligent, Compassionate

Personal Traits: Sincere, Resilient, Beneficent

Personal Traits: Tenacious, Diplomatic, Compassionate

Motto: ”Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

Motto: ”A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built every day with prayer, humility, sacrifice, and hardwork.”

Motto: ” The most beautiful thing about a person isn’t looks, but heart and personality.”

Platform: Promoting workforce education to create a new generation of leaders.

Platform: Empowering Children Through Education.

Chinese Age 17 San Jose, California

Platform: Project CHEER - Charity, Health, Encouragement, Emotional Support, and Relation. Providing emotional and financial support for medical patients and their families. Sponsors: Googain Inc, Singtao Daily


Taiwanese / Vietnamese Age 26 Honolulu, Hawaii

Sponsor: Miss Chinatown Hawaii

Vietnamese Age 23 Santa Clara, California

Sponsors: Katie Mahan Foundation, A proud sponsor of Golden Hearts

2 0 1 5

Junyi Zheng

Lynne Takagaki


Japanese Age 22 Alameda, California

Japanese / Caucasian Oakland, California

Personal Traits: Compassionate, Sarcastic, Dedicated

Personal Traits: Tenacious, Passionate, Altruistic

Personal Traits: Compassionate, Authentic, Intelligent

Motto: ”Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”

Motto: ”Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.” -unknown

Motto: ”Never let success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart.”

Chinese Age 19 San Diego, California

Platform: Promoting a cleaner and more eco-friendly lifestyle for a healthier, happier Earth to call home for our future generations. Sponsor: Shenmo Education

Platform: Women In Action. Sponsors: George & Jim’s Garage, Takagaki Family

Kurashima Carlson Age 25

Platform: Increasing visibility for LGBT people in the Asian community in order to create a more supportive environment in which they can share their stories.



Michelle Le

Miki Ding

Minji Ha

Personal Traits: Driven, Compassionate, Personable

Personal Traits: Open-minded, Enthusiastic, Gritty

Personal Traits: Sassy, Relaxed, Humble

Motto: ”And it was then that I realized... courage does not exist without fear.”

Motto: “One should waste as little effort as possible on improving areas of low competence. It takes far more energy and work to improve from competence to mediocrity than it takes to improve from first-rate performance to excellence”Peter Drucker

Motto: ”Just go for it. The experience is what matters.”

Vietnamese / Caucasian Peoria, Arizona

Age 25 Japanese / Chinese Age 18 San Diego, California

Platform: To empower Asian American youth to pursue careers outside of normative or stereotypical fields and industries and to be bold and fearless in pursuit of their passions, goals, and dreams.


Platform: To revive the need for the humanities as well as STEM in education. Sponsors: Miki Ding’s Friends and Family

Korean Age 20 Portland, Oregon

Platform: To encourage others to support and volunteer at local animal shelters and adoption centers.

2 0 1 5

Pamela Lagera

Pimrajchada Thai Age 20 Bangbuathong, Thailand

Indian Age 24 Los Angeles, California

Personal Traits: Passionate, Curious, Spontaneous

Personal Traits: Hard-working, Caring, Motivated

Personal Traits: Intellectual, Ambitious, Thoughtful

Motto: ”The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates

Motto: ”Don’t wait until tomorrow - live your life TODAY!”

Motto: ”Success is not a good teacher, Failure is !”

Platform: Helping disadvantaged children achieving their future goals.

Platform: I will help people find their path to happiness and overcome parts of society that are ruled by old customs, traditions, and superstitions.

Filipino Age 21 Fresno, California

Platform: I will advance the use of mobile health technologies as a means of improving health and wellness for all generations.

Puja Ruangtanapakdee Oza

Sponsor: Family and Friends of Pamela Lagera



Rosa Her

Stephanie Lin

Susan Wang

Personal Traits: Bubbly, Honest, Humble

Personal Traits: Life-long learner, Resilient, Ambitious

Personal Traits: Passionate, Thoughtful, Compassionate

Motto: ”Life is better when you are laughing.”

Motto: ”Tough times never last. But tough people do.”

Platform: My plan is to motivate young women in the world to fully believe in themselves and giving confidence.

Platform: Women in STEM.

Motto: ”You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis”

Korean Age 23 Ulsan, South Korea

Taiwanese Age 28 San Francisco, California

Sponsors: Team SlinShady

Taiwanese Age 20 Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Platform: Promoting education in the arts to inspire, empower, and unite communities around us. Sponsors: Jian Family


2 0 1 5

Theresa Nguy

Tselmuun Batkhishig

Personal Traits: Artistic, Ambitious, Dedicated

Personal Traits: Determined, Caring, Hard worker

Motto: ”There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

Motto: ”Empty your mind, be formless.

Vietnamese / Taiwanese Age 24 San Francisco, California

Platform: Stay Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive. Sponsors: Binh Nguy, Andy Yu, and Utopia Cafe

Mongolian Age 17 Alameda, California

Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.” -Bruce Lee

Platform: Continue to support schools. Sponsors: Global Hawk Insurance Company, RRG

































Congratulations Miss Asian America Global Pageant



Location 845 Market Street Westfield Mall 4th Floor San Francisco Ca 94103 415-668-1783


Hours of Operations Sun- Thursday 11am – 9pm Friday – Saturday 11am-10pm Lunch Monday-Fri 11am-3pm Brunch Sat-Sun 11am-3pm








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收看KTSF 26台溫馨傳萬家 共享美滿幸福家庭生活 每集溫馨傳萬家都會為大家帶來和家庭 生活息息相關的各類重要資訊,以及 專家名人的提示建議。 請在每個月 的最後一個星期日晚上10:30 準 時收看!

主持人 李適萍 Host Mina Li

A broadcast and web-based series focused on family-related i s s u e s t h a t a ff e c t t h e A s i a n - A m e r i c a n c o m m u n i t y. Be sure to catch a new episode every last Sunday of the month at 10:30pm! 80

Director of Makeup & Hair Design Ethel Reddy

Design Leads

Jamie Denise Gaston Marsha Griego Gina Del Rosario


Madhusudhan Reddy

CCA - California Cosmetology Association

Makeup & Hair Designer Artists

Makeup & Hair Designer Artists

Alyssa Krauter Anna Kwan Blanca Sandoval Carolina Escalante Corina Acosta Edrose Miranda Ekaterina Zadomskaya Esther Bravo-Campos Hiwot Berhanu Irma Cazares Jennifer Goldstein Julie Coronado Karlie Campbell Kiba Shiruba Kimberly

Marcela Martinez Maria Mendoza Miguel Cervantes Miku Hall Monique Vi Nereyda Castro Nyia McGee Oanh Thanh Rae Harris Samantha Kober Sheryl Anderson– Beauty by Sheryl – aboutme/beauty_bysheryl

Stephanie Ott Stephanie Tiatco Vera Jaene Astorga

We are so honored to be the sponsors to this year’s Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant & we are committed in making everyone look and feel beautiful. Congratulation to all the Delegates and Winners 81




















Special Thanks to

Aaron Chang Alex Lin Allen Lu Borcheng Hsu Calvin Tuong Charles Pretzer Chris Chang David Hom David Yeh Dean Mao Dennis Lin

Ellie Shin Eric Yang Fabien-Pierre Nicolas George Kiriyama Hayden Hsu Ho-Chie Tsai Holly Liu JJ Lara Jill Hu Jimmy Ku John Cho

Jonathan Tzou Jordan Edelstein Julliant Peng Justin Hall Karen Ho Kelvin Nishikawa Kevin Lin Mateo Pereira Melody Lin Michael Lee Michael Wu

Rob Oshima Sanddi Lee Sophia Yen Stephanie Chuang Stephanie Sung Steven Chen Teddy Liaw Tim Chen Vicky Chung Yamei Lee 99Chen Yu-Hao







Guess your favorite Princess

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Our Queens Emma Marriott 2014-2015 Miss Asian Global

Louise Wu 2007-2008

Jennifer Chung 2014-2015

Jennifer Field 2006-2007

Susie Lee

2012-2014 Miss Asian Global


Christie Hirota 1991-1992


Quyen Tran 1998-1999

Cindy Chung 1990-1991


Sarah Liu 2010-2012

Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant

Amy Chanthaphavong

Louisa Liu 2008-2009


Kollyn Muangmaithong

Buachampoo “Sai” Varee

Charlene Wang

Fala Chen

Caroline Nguyen

Erin Jung

Esther Hwang

Gwendoline Yeo

Jane Park 1994-1995

Ashley Yamada


Delia Ma

Mona Lee Locke

Jeanette Chan


Amy Truong

Emily Tang



Theresa Park 1989-1990






Stacy Yamashita 1988-1989





30th Anniversary Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant 2015  

30th Anniversary Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America Pageant produced by Asian America Foundation. A Tradition of Excellence. Dedicatio...