Page 1 all of the contents of the acclaimed 17-volume HBW series constantly updated and making full use of the new technologies of the digital era.

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13,367 pages written by 277 authors c. 15 million words 1,030 plates painted by 33 artists 20,617 bird figures 10,200 maps c. 100,000 bibliographical references

Detailed information, high-quality illustrations, precise distribution maps and many more materials for all of the species and families of birds of the world at your fingertips for less than 2.50 € per month!


species accounts for all bird species of the world and extensive chapters for every bird family treating systematics, morphological aspects, habitat, general habits, voice, food and feeding, breeding, movements, relationship with man, and status and conservation.


traditional HBW taxonomy will be used initially as a base reference, but the project will be permanently linked to the forthcoming HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. later in 2013, hundreds of changes will be automatically incorporated upon the publication of the first volume of the Checklist.

UpDatING Original HBW text

last updated 2 Feb 2013

all contents, including texts, maps and artwork, will be constantly updated through a combination of professional editors and moderated user participation via “wikicontributions”, a new system of publishing ornithological information, no matter how extensive, making it available to everyone. at the start of the project, hundreds of new references will already be incorporated, but there still will be a lot of new information to be included. Once this is achieved, the goal will be to keep the contents as upto-the-minute as possible.

CUstOMIZatION all Cotingas, 71 species

Cotingas, Costa Rica, 9 species

• Highly customizable format to meet every user’s needs and interests. • allows users to filter the contents by regions, countries or a combination of countries. • Users can include personal notes wherever they want.

plates Woodpeckers · All figures · Small size · Not scaled

The colour plates illustrating all of the birds of the world have been one of the most important assets of the HBW series, and now you can explore them in many more ways, including generating field-guide style plates for any country in the world.

Genus Paradisaea · One figure per species · Medium size · Scaled

Filtered by Thailand · Pittidae · One figure per species · Auto size · Scaled

Filtered by common name “Red-tailed” · One figure per species · Large size · Not scaled

RelateD MUltIMeDIa ResOURCes aND lINKs Quick and easy access to thousands of conveniently linked materials (videos, photographs and sounds) from the Internet Bird Collection as well as many other websites.

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With an affordable annual fee of 29.95 €, this vast amount of information is available to interested people all over the world. the new, internet-based translation technologies, conveniently integrated in each page of the site, allow the contents to reach people with little or no knowledge of english. although the Google translations are not perfect, they are quickly improving and already available for 71 languages!

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PEOPLE BEHIND HBW ALIVE Arnau Bonan (Editor): Over the past seven months, I’ve linked more than 37,000 videos, photos and sounds to HBW Alive and I’ve found so many more to add; the site will just keep getting richer and better! Amy Chernasky (Coordinator): Our plan is to recruit even more professionals to this international team to accelerate the updating process and the incorporation of new functionalities, but this will only be possible if a good number of people support the project. Fingers crossed! David Christie (Editor): In the near future, I imagine HBW Alive allowing for different levels of consultation, with users being able to choose to view the materials as if they were looking at a field guide, a monograph, a handbook or even an exhaustive treatise. Nigel Collar (Checklist Co-author): The updated taxonomy that will be incorporated from the HBW and BirdLife International Checklist is based on the application to all birds of a new scoring system, which I hope will lead to a greater stability and consistency in ornithological taxonomy. José Luis Copete (Bibliographical Researcher): During the last two years, I’ve led a team of biologists in compiling more than 50,000 papers, articles and books, practically everything published in ornithology since 1990, for the editorial team to use in their updating. Now my goal is to keep up with everything new that’s published. Andy Elliott (Editor): HBW Alive will be the ideal way to keep up to date on what’s known and what isn’t for all bird species, so we can all easily spot which areas are priorities for further research. Ferran Gil (Web Developer): One of the areas we hope to develop further is the interaction between users and the ornithological community, and we want to connect the project with other web-based initiatives to enhance the experience even more. Josep del Hoyo (Director): Launching HBW Alive gives me the same excited feeling I had when we started the HBW series. This time, my biggest hope is that, thanks to the type of fee and the improving web-based translation systems, all of this knowledge reaches many more people and this has an impact on conservation everywhere.

Eduardo de Juana (Editor): Although the wikicontributions will be open to everyone and all types of subjects, I think they will be a most fitting way for amateur ornithologists to publish basic studies in bird biology and other matters that are currently scarce in major ornithological journals. Francesc Jutglar (Artwork Editor): We’ve already started correcting and replacing figures and their descriptions as needed and, if HBW Alive gets the positive response we’re hoping for, the next step will be to incorporate many more figures in the plates, including additional plumages and subspecies. Guy Kirwan (Editor): Bringing the HBW material up-to-date with the backlog of information published over the last 20 years is an immense challenge, but I’m already dreaming of the moment when this huge process is finished and we can concentrate on incorporating the new data virtually as soon as they are published. Ramon Mascort (President, Lynx Editorial Council): At Lynx, all of the profit generated by the HBW series has always been reinvested in natural history projects. Our priority with HBW Alive will be to help the site itself to quickly grow better and stronger for the benefit of its users. Anna Motis (Ranges Editor): It’s surprising how much better we know the distributions of the birds now in comparison to 20 years ago! Updating the ranges and maps is a big but stimulating undertaking. Julien Reulos (Web Developer): What I’m most keen on aren’t the functionalities we have now, but those yet to come; I think there could be advances that now would seem like science fiction. Let’s hope we have enough members to convert these possibilities into realities. Jordi Sargatal (Editor): By sharing scientific knowledge, encouraging citizen science and publicizing the great interest of birds, the implications of HBW Alive on Conservation could be important!

As well as the Production, Administration and Marketing departments and the rest of the Lynx staff.

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access to all species accounts, family texts, plates, audiovisual links and related resources for computers, tablets and smartphones.

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What HBW Alive eventually becomes will be determined by the birding and ornithological communities. If many members support the project, I think it could be the central and most powerful site for all the birds of the world. I hope people will consider the project worthwhile and choose to be founding members of this ambitious, collective and stimulating initiative. Josep del Hoyo, Director of HBW alive If you represent an organization or institution, please contact us at for information on institutional subscriptions.

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