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The newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools Winter / Spring 2011-2012

Stepping Out in Faith by Dr. David M. Piccolo, Head of School


s we conclude the first part of the 20112012 school year, I can only look forward to what God has in store for the future of ACS. Our year began with the theme from Luke 5: 5-6. Simon answered, "Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets." As we know from the rest of the words in Luke’s gospel, there was such a catch that it took two boats, so full of a bounty, that they were made almost level with the water. Isn’t this so much like our Lord? We’re happy with “some” fish, and He provides an abundance when we lay down our nets in faith. At ACS, we continue to step out in faith with our Mission Focus, Medical Health Academy, implementation and foundational stages of our Christian college and most of all, unyielding focus on Jesus Christ in all our endeavors. In the final part of this story, Luke 5:10, Jesus says to Simon, “Have no fear, from now on you will be catching men.” This is a critical stage in Peter’s life. From this point, his focus will change. He

will not fish to kill fish but fish to make life anew in Christ! This whole section of Luke’s gospel is an excellent example of what God is doing in the lives of our staff, parents and students at our school. We thank the Lord for His blessings and ask for His continued wisdom and protection on all the future plans He has in store for Augusta Christian. With the Lord’s Continued Strength,

Dr. David M. Piccolo Head of School

A Closer Look Winter / Spring 2011-2012 About the Cover Trees of God’s Promise

Pictured on the cover are seniors Wesley Colston and Danielle Mulherin who have been students at ACS since K5. They are standing in front of one of the trees original to the campus when it moved from Golden Camp Road to Baston Road in 1973 (see more on page 20).



by Dr. David Piccolo

by Mrs. Clare Bethune



Stepping Out in Faith Playing ‘Second Fiddle’ by Dr. John Bartlett


Our School, Community and Beyond by Mrs. Lauren Banks


God Provides

A Benchmark for Christian School Athletics by Mr. Marty Griffin


A New Day for the Fine Arts Department by Mr. Chris Norris

Lowering the Net



by Mr. Cary Rivers

by Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery

That Slide Towards Summer by Mr. Darrell Wells


From the Development Office

Playing ‘Second Fiddle’ by Dr. John B. Bartlett, Special Assistant to Head of School


ome of the very prominent men and women in the Bible are those who worked as “second in command” for someone who played a much higher role in the event of the day. Moses is one of my very favorite Bible characters. He had such a passion to know God in a more intimate way. His plea to God in the thirty third chapter of the book of Exodus is a perfect example. Moses was on the mountain top in the presence of God when he cried out to God, “If therefore I have found grace from You show me Your way that I may know You, and that I might find grace in Your sight.” There are other exciting references depicting Moses’ passion for his God. God gave very close instructions to Moses when He summoned him to the Mountain top. No one was to come with him except one other man. It was Joshua. We also read that when Moses would go into the tabernacle to be in the presence of God the clouds would descend on the people so they could not see the glory. When Moses came out and the clouds lifted, Joshua was the man that stayed sentinel at the door of the Tabernacle. Serving as “assistant” to Moses in such a faithful way, second in command if you will, it was Joshua who was chosen by God to take the Israelites into the promised land. What a beautiful life and what great rewards would be given him for serving as an assistant to Moses.

Church. It was largely through the faith Barnabas had in Paul and his interceding for him at Jerusalem that the great missionary work of these two men was started and the great team of Barnabas and Saul was formed. Roles in that partnership soon changed. Saul became the Apostle Paul and Barnabas continued to serve as his associate. They ministered side by side during one of the most strategic periods of church history. I guess from today’s perspective, we would say that Joshua and Barnabas, as well as many others not mentioned here, played the role of “second fiddle,” or if we really want to be sophisticated we would say that they were coadjutors. So you don’t have to go to the dictionary in search of the meaning, it is defined as one who serves in a high position of administrative assistance.

Now for the rest of the story! Early on a recent Tuesday morning I was surprised to see my good friend and a special friend of ACS, Mr. Larry Watt, Executive Director of SCISA, on campus. I didn’t think too much about it, but was surprised when Dr. Piccolo introduced Mr. Watt in faculty inservice. To my utter amazement, the next thing I heard was Mr. Watt calling my name and asking me to come forward, which I did with trembling knees. Mr. Watt stated that out of the many candidates, from over a hundred SCISA schools, I was voted to be the What better example could there be recipient of the 2011 SCISA Coadjutor from the New Testament than that partnership between Paul and Barnabas. Award. I was almost speechless which is a bit unusual for me. I accepted the Barnabas, a well established leader in the Church at Jerusalem, because of his honor graciously, but was anxious to get to the dictionary and look up the encouraging spirit, was sent to the meaning of the word coadjutor. It Church at Antioch to observe the situation within that body of believers. simply means a high assistant to one in a major leadership role. Upon his arrival, and after an initial assessment, he immediately left for Troas to interview Paul and bring him to As I reflected on this and my long and Antioch. Some doubted the soundness very rewarding career, for most of the years I have been just that, a coadjutor. of this decision, remembering Paul’s For years at Bryan College, I was the earlier hatred for Christians and the

Vice President in the days when there was only one Vice President. Those years in that place, and the special memories that still remain, are some of my greatest treasures. When I left Bryan and came to be on staff at First Presbyterian Church, I didn’t know that I would soon be thrust into the role of interim Headmaster at Westminster Schools. After my tenure in that role I had the privilege of serving as Vice President under Matt Gossage, a great administrator and friend. After I retired from Westminster, I had a call from the Board of Augusta Christian asking me if I would help them as interim Headmaster. When a new head was chosen I was asked to stay on, once again as Vice President. In the eleven years I have been at Augusta Christian, as much as I have enjoyed each role, never has there been a happier or more rewarding time in my long career than to have the privilege of working with Dr. David Piccolo. The Board of Trustees honored me in permitting me to play a major role with them in selecting Dr. Piccolo. After working each day with Dr. Piccolo I go home with a heart full of gratitude and amazement that at this time of the “winding down” of my career that I can be the Coadjutor of such a brilliant Christian educator!

Dr. John B. Bartlett  


Our School, Community and Beyond By Lauren Banks Middle/High School Principal


Our challenging academic program prepares students to enter competitive colleges and universities. Honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes challenge students to achieve excellence. Beta, Spanish and French Clubs provide students with opportunities to serve the world while they enjoy club activities. Students in the Choral program of our Fine Arts Department consistently participate in the Georgia Music Educators competitions while our Art program attends competitions each year in an effort to broaden students’ exposure and appreciation for various expressions of art. The Band program offers musical instruction with outstanding performances on the Middle and High School levels. The ACS Quiz Bowl team participates in SCISA as well as public school competitions each school year. The ACS cheerleaders have achieved the prestigious “National Champions” designation many times over the past five years. Fall athletic programs include football, swimming, tennis, cross country, and volleyball. These activities keep our student athletes busy with practice schedules and games that bring enjoyment for the players and spectators alike. Winter and spring athletics include basketball, baseball, golf, men’s tennis, track, soccer, softball and wrestling! Our students' schedules are demanding, but they find that through Christ, they can do all things.

ugusta Christian Schools is an exciting place to learn and grow spiritually, academically, socially and physically! Our faculty and staff consider it a privilege to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the ministry of Christian education. Each school year, the Administrative Team prayerfully selects a verse that exemplifies our focus for the coming year. Our verse for the 2011-2012 school year is Luke 5: 4 -7: When He had finished speaking, He said to Simon, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink. Understanding that God instructs us to "let down our nets" one more time inspires every faculty and staff member at Augusta Christian Schools to extend God's hand of grace to each and every student and family that God sends to ACS. What a blessing Not only is Augusta Christian Schools focused on it is to be in God's presence as we teach, learn, play and programs within our school, we are also aware of the many uplift His name! needs in our community and beyond. Our middle and high school students participate in countless mission We are excited about the many new programs at Augusta opportunities during the course of the school year as well Christian Schools! The ACS Health Science Academy is as during the summer months. Our faculty and students off to a wonderful start! We now have three classes of look through the eyes of Christ at the needs of middle and high school Introductory Health Science communities that have been affected by natural as well as students. During the first semester of the inaugural year, economic misfortune. Reaching out as the "hands and feet students have received their CPR and First Aid training of Christ Jesus" is our mission focus at ACS. certifications! We are very proud of their accomplishments Our students are engaged in challenging curriculum as well and know that God will use them in a mighty way to come as a demanding extracurricular and volunteer schedule that to the aid of those in distress. We will add the Nursing will prepare them to serve Jesus Christ as Lord after Essentials curriculum next school year. This course will graduation from high school no matter what profession include a Clinical component that will allow students to go God leads them to pursue. to hospitals and medical offices to experience "real world" medical care. Advanced Placement Chemistry will also be Blessings, added to our course offerings. God has allowed this vision for ACS to come to fruition and we know that the students involved in the Academy will be blessed by their training Lauren Banks and experience. Faculty, staff, students and parents enjoy our new Lion’s Den Coffee Cafe. The Cafe is a wonderful place to study, relax, meet and pray. On a daily basis, classes meet for small group discussions while enjoying a cup of hot tea or a smoothie. Our students are learning "real world" business skills by volunteering to work as a student aide in our cafe. What a great way for students to learn about what is involved in maintaining a successful business.


Lowering the Net By Jennifer Montgomery Talent Development School Principal


uke 5: 4-6: “When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.” At Augusta Christian Schools, our mission is to “prepare students to serve Jesus Christ as Lord, partnering with family and church, instilling high standards spiritually, academically, socially and physically.” This calls for us to be vigilant, to be diligent and to work together as a team. We are called to be different and to be set apart and that is not always easy. This passage shows that even when we’ve toiled all day, even when it will be inconvenient or hard on us, we are still to obey. We are to follow the Lord’s commands without question or argument. We are to persevere without ceasing. How much different would our lives be, the lives of our students and the very world itself, if we were willing to give one hundred percent effort every time that the Lord called upon us? This message compliments a recent Chapel message given by Bobby Smith, the Pastor of Journey Community Church. He reminded us that we are called to “be weird!” The Lord wants us to be different from the world. While we are called to be in the world, we are not called to be of the world. We need to desire and to seek after those things that would be pleasing to the Lord and to do so even in the face of controversy, heartache, frustration, poor results, etc. Just as in Luke, we will reap the benefits of our devotion and faithful service. We are so blessed to be casting our nets out with you! We are thankful that you support our mission enough to entrust us with your students. We take this opportunity very seriously and are so proud to partner with you in raising fishers of men; strong Christian men and women that are willing to lower their nets again and again, for the glory of the Lord! Jennifer Montgomery

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Augusta Christian Schools accepts students through the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program. The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship provides eligible special needs students with the opportunity to attend an approved private school. We are extremely blessed to have accepted several new students into our Talent Development Program! Augusta Christian School’s Talent Development Program is specifically designed for students with a learning disability and/or Attention Deficit Disorder. Classes are offered in grades one through twelve, depending upon availability. Class size ranges from five to fourteen students, allowing the school to provide individualized attention through a multi-sensory approach to learning. Augusta Christian Schools is comprised of caring teachers skilled in their subject areas and compassionate teaching assistants. The school’s Talent Development Program builds on strengths, focuses on weaknesses, challenges students to perform at their full potential, enhances self-confidence and provides tools necessary for success. For more information regarding Augusta Christian Schools and the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship, please contact the Talent Development Principal, Jennifer Montgomery at: (706) 863-2905, 131 or via email:


That Slide Towards Summer By Darrell Wells Elementary Principal


he second semester of a school year is a slippery slope. As you know, it begins in January, after an extended Christmas vacation, with sleepy children returning to school, and goes from there into a headlong rush to the end of the year in May where children are wide awake and ready for summer! Between those two dates of early January and mid to late May, many, (believe me) many things happen: Spelling Bees, Math Olympics, gobs of field trips to various and sundry locations, Stanford Achievement Tests, musicals, chapel programs with prayers and songs, visits from missionaries and special speakers, Art festivals, field days, K5 graduations and 5th grade moving up ceremonies and honors programs. Hopefully, during the midst of these activities, a great deal of learning, reading, and sharing with teachers, parents and friends is taking place. Thus, the make up of an elementary school semester with just the “special things” which happen does not give the full picture. Class time with teachers and classmates is special in its own way since learning occurs during those interchanges and exchanges as well. During class time students continue to progress through all aspects of the curriculum with specific instructions from their teachers which spans the spectrum from teacher directed assignments to individual projects that students do on their own. The items included in the first paragraph are special “spice and unique twists” that add to classroom learning. All of “this” makes up a school semester, indeed a school year. After all of “this” comes summer. Additional opportunities are sought by parents to have their children included in the myriad of offerings which will hopefully enhance, entertain, engage, or envelope their child during the long, unoccupied hours of summer

days. ACS is no stranger to this. We pray for appropriate, entertaining, and uplifting activities to be available here when the school year is done. Again this summer, we will be offering “Camp Invention” during the week of June 18 – 22. This camp stresses science and engineering activities and goes from 9 am to 3:30 pm daily. Students must be entering 1st through 6th grade in the next school to attend. Additionally, during this summer the ACS Before and After School Activities Programs will offer all day child care for students entering K5 through those entering 5th grade. This will be held on the ACS campus with a myriad of special events and activities. The ACS athletic department will also offer camps for elementary students in basketball, baseball, and soccer. All of these groups hosting camps and activities will work together concerning cost and admission fees. More specific information will be out after March 1st on Camp Invention and all the other offerings for elementary students to be held on this campus. Look for those and, more importantly, pray for those. The faculty and staff also seek your prayers for ALL students and families as they “slide toward summer” down that slippery slope of the second semester. Pray for the plans to be in God’s will and the activities to be carried out in a safe manner for all. Your student, after all, is truly in the Lord’s hands no matter the slope.

Darrell Wells

Camp Invention Coming to Augusta Christian Schools June 18-22, 2012 To find out more or register for Camp Invention visit Page 6 - A CLOSER LOOK WINTER / SPRING 2011-12

God Provides By Clare Bethune, Guidance Counselor


hen I was first approached to take the Director of Guidance position at Augusta Christian Schools, I definitely never pictured myself in that position before, and I certainly did not see myself as someone qualified for such an immense responsibility. In a way, I felt like Moses, called to a task bigger than myself. However, as the school year has progressed, I have found that God, just as He did in Moses’ life, has placed me where I needed to be and has provided me the necessary tools to successfully carry out His plan at Augusta Christian Schools. Much like Moses, we are each called to plans bigger than ourselves and to tasks that can only be accomplished through God. Our goal in the Guidance Department is to help each student both realize this plan and achieve it. We have worked this year to develop a Guidance Program centered on each grade level, from sixth through twelfth, to enable each student to explore, investigate and pursue the paths that God has laid out for them. This semester, we will be working closely with our middle school students to establish portfolios with interest inventories, career ideas and a four-year plan for their upcoming high school years. In the high

school, we plan to work closely with our ninth and tenth grade students and families to continue to develop their portfolios, four-year plans and career goals. We are also constructing a four-day tour of colleges and universities in South Georgia and East Florida specifically for our juniors, in order to provide an opportunity for them to explore as they begin to make solid college decisions. Finally, as the senior gradation date draws nearer, we prepare to say goodbye to class of 2012, while continuing to equip them spiritually and physically, through prayer and meeting deadlines. Just as God provided for Moses, He continues to provide for me, and I daily see his provisions for each of our students at Augusta Christian Schools. I look forward to seeing how God moves each of us toward our individual Promised Lands.

Clare Bethune

Guidance-related Websites: STATE SCHOLARSHIP RESOURCES HOPE Scholarship – Website for South Carolina students TESTING RESOURCES ACT Test – Eighth grade EXPLORE test -

COLLEGE SEARCH HELP: Alphabetical college listing Virtual College Tour – On-line College Fairs –

Tenth grade PLAN test - SAT Test –

Only a ‘click’ away!


A Benchmark for Christian School Athletics By Marty Griffin, Athletic Director

Several of our coaches are in the planning stages for various service projects and mission trip opportunities as we look to follow the school’s emphasis on service and missions outreach.

high school students in baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and speed development.

Our desire is for Augusta Christian athletics to be a program that honors Christ and Facilities improvement continues excels in competition as well. Our to be an area of emphasis. In the staff is seeking to think “outside the box” as we look to the future. past year, we have done We believe God has called us to significant work in our gym any of us have be a benchmark for Christian including enclosing the upper followed with a school athletics. While we are far area with wood, installing 2 great deal of from this goal, we are holding to additional glass backboards and interest the Galatians 6:9 that says “And let refreshing the walls. We have incredible career of Denver us not grow weary while doing Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. good, for in due season we shall As I have watched him over these “Let no one despise reap if we do not lose heart.” past few years, I am reminded of your youth, but be an how exciting it is when God uses In Christ, the platform of athletics to spread example to the His gospel and bring glory to His believers in word, in name. I Timothy says “Let no one conduct, in love, in despise your youth, but be an Marty Griffin example to the believers in word, spirit, in faith, in in conduct, in love, in spirit, in purity.” faith, in purity.” It is the prayer improved our weight lifting of the seventeen full-time and eighteen community coaches that facility by adding several pieces we inspire our student-athletes to of equipment including a Vert-aMax that can be utilized by all use the opportunities they have through athletics to follow Tim’s athletes. Also, several improved facilities have been secured for example and ultimately the our programs that operate offexample of Christ. campus including wrestling and softball. We are in an exciting time for ACS athletics. Our programs continue to grow as we have seen This summer promises to bring more improvements as the staff is a significant increase in in the planning stages of team participation in most of our workouts, practices and camps. teams. As athletics continues to We will also be offering be an area for students to excel, we are looking for more ways to individual sports camps for elementary, middle school and serve Christ through sports.



A New Day for the ACS Fine Arts Department By Chris Norris, Choral Director


t’s a new day in the Augusta perform iHope Christmas at the Fury's Ferry campus. The turn Christian Schools Fine Arts out and performance was outstanding. This semester, first grade Department! The 2011-2012 prepared to share songs as they visited the residents on academic year has brought Valentine's Day. Work has begun on our first-third grade spring many new changes—new musical. Elementary chorus is preparing for the Spring Concert leadership, new students and new and several of our fourth and fifth graders are involved in the opportunities to lead the ACS production of Beauty and the Beast. family to build on the basics of Mr. Chris Norris, Middle School/High School. With the what the arts have to offer. It reorganization of our choral department, our middle school and takes each block division of the high school students were combined for this year in one class Fine Arts Department cooperating session each day. It has enabled both organizations to strengthen, and working together to build a great program that develops the grow and learn from one another, especially providing mentoring talents and skills with which our students have been gifted by and vision for younger students. We have many from the God. To know what we offer—it’s as easy as A-B-C-D! homeschool community who choose to enroll their students in our program, which adds to our strength while providing a great ART: Mrs. Marynell Parker. In September, our fine arts opportunity for them. We are now involving over 50 middle school and high school art classes went to Elmcroft students in our upper Choral program. Nursing Home to splatter paint with them. They made a mess Our MS/HS Chorus began their year by providing with paint, but the results were beautiful. The residents loved the entertainment at the 2011 Fall Festival as well as leading in our students and the students were blessed by the ones they helped. Avalyn Zilke and Chelsea Simonds volunteered to paint a mural Community Veterans’ Day Celebration and ACS Grandparents’ for the new Lion's Den Café in the gym area. The Elementary art Day. Christmas at AC was held to begin the Christmas season with a variety of songs. The ACS Encore Club classes drew pictures about how much they It’s a new day in the Augusta helped us by sponsoring Date Night in February love our country for this year’s Veterans’ which was an excellent time for our Chorus, Day celebration. Two of their drawings by Christian Schools Fine Arts many soloists and dancers to shine, while Rebekah Austell and Ashlynn Jenkins were Department! providing a wonderful evening of food and featured on the cover of the program. The entertainment for over a hundred patrons, elementary students drew pictures and successfully raising funds for our spring musical. Currently, our wrote letters to soldiers who are stationed overseas to be sent to Chorus is preparing for their Spring Concert on May 7th, as well them via a group of our parents. The middle school and high as a special chapel service where they will lead combined with school students will be painting original artwork for this year’s ACS Auction as well as participating in ACSI Art Festivals. The students in our ACS Praise Band who lead weekly chapel music. DRAMA: Mr. Chad Hubbard. ACS Drama students middle school and high school festival was February 24 in opened their season in the Fall with “Red Carpet Night” which Greenville, SC. The Elementary festival will be April 20 at the showcased combined scenes and music but also previewed their Fury's Ferry campus. One Act play before winning South Carolina Independent School BAND: Mr. Rob Nordan. The 2011-2012 year with Association's Regional Drama Festival. They performed the play ACS Band is off to a racing start. Twenty two enrolled for Elementary Band in the Fall of 2011, which is a record number of Check Please at SCISA's State Drama Festival and came home with a First Place State Championship trophy. The judges were new band enrollees for ACS with Elementary Band during Mr. so impressed by the entire cast's performance in Check Please Nordan's tenure as band director. The students are learning the that they created a new category of awards - Outstanding basics of playing their instruments with players on violin, flute, Ensemble Performance - and gave it to all of the students. Our alto saxophone, and trumpet. For 2011-12, the middle and high annual spring musical, Beauty & the Beast will be held at school bands combined in one period giving us a larger contingency of players than two separate groups. The ACS upper Augusta’s Kroc Center on April 26, 27, and 28. Preparations bands and the Columbia County Youth Orchestra are combining have been underway since January to make this year’s musical the best ever, combining Drama Club, Choral students, this school year in four feature concerts. Music literature performed takes in classical, Christian, seasonal, jazz and movie instrumentalists and artists, as well as some elementary students theme songs. We look forward to see how our bands progress as in a wonderful evening of family entertainment. Make sure you we prepare future aspiring musicians for service in His kingdom. attend! Tickets will be on sale in our school offices. We encourage all Fine Arts parents to become members CHORAL: Miss Erin Wilkerson, Elementary. The elementary music program is flourishing! They had a wonderful of our booster group, The Encore Club. Many events have raised funds to be an aid to our students as they pursue the goals set first semester with many activities. Each class performed songs forth not only for this year, but the future of Fine Arts at Augusta celebrating our beloved grandparents at the Grandparents' Day Program. The chorus performed at our Veterans Day Celebration Christian Schools. and the Christmas at AC program. Before the break for the holidays, family and friends came to see our 1st-3rd graders Chris Norris Page 9 - A CLOSER LOOK WINTER / SPRING 2011-12

From the Development Office By Cary Rivers, Director of Development/Outreach


ur 2011-12 school year is flying by and it’s hard to believe we are already in our second semester! The Development Office continues to be challenged and blessed in all areas of giving and fundraising. The Vision Fund is running somewhat behind in total giving compared to 2010-11. Our Fall Festival was a great success as well as our annual Coupon Book Sale. Georgia Goal giving was up 50% from this same time frame last year. ACS was awarded two grants in November/December 2011. These monies will go to purchase additional Smart Boards for Elementary, Middle/High School and Talent Development as well as a new keyboard for our Music Department. Funds were given for many other projects, which include the Facade Project, Athletic Field House, Tuition Assistance, Building Fund and many of our Athletic Booster Clubs. Our association with Millennium Business Group (credit card processing) continues to be a blessing in the area of partnerships with commercial merchants. This program continues to bring in thousands of dollars to ACS. The schedule for the first quarter of 2012 includes our annual school auction and Golf Tournament. Thank you to all* who have given so sacrificially to the mission here at ACS. Luke 6: 38 says, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Cary Rivers (*Donors listed on pages 22-25.)

Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program

ACS Spirit of Goal Winner 2011-12

Thanks to all of who participated in redirecting a portion of your Georgia State tax to the GOAL Scholarship Program. By taking part in this program we are able to increase our tuition assistance. Anyone who pays Georgia state taxes may participate by redirecting up to $1,000 if you file single or up to $2,500 if you file jointly. Also, any C-corporation may redirect up to 75% of their Georgia state taxes. Contact the Development Office to find out more about this program and how to participate. Donors listed on page 23-24.

Ways to Give Augusta Christian Schools receives annual private support through the following:

 The Annual Fund (Vision Campaign)  Major Capital and Endowment Gifts  Planned Giving  Gifts in Kind Gifts may take any of the following form:

All non-cash and/or restricted gifts should be discussed in advance with the Development Office. We offer advice and provide documentation for all charitable gifts. You should, however, consult legal and financial advisors to determine the tax implications and deducting of any gift. Thank you in advance for your support. For questions regarding financial giving to the school, please contact Cary Rivers, Director of Development and Outreach at 706-863-2905, ext. 106. Secure online gifts can be made using your Visa or MasterCard.

 Cash  Appreciated Securities  Employer Matching Gifts  Property  Charitable Trusts and Annuities  Bequest Page 10 - A CLOSER LOOK WINTER / SPRING 2011-12

S e e Yo u a t t h e P o l e


H O M E C O M I N G 2 0 11

Senior Queen Candidates Ava Oellerich, Danielle Mulherin, Bailee Adams

Mrs. Piccolo crowns Ava Oellerich Homecoming Queen 2011

Ava and her father, Dr. Ted Oellerich

2011 Homecoming Court (top photo from left): Olivia Piccolo, 9th grade; Caroline Roberson, 10th grade; Taylor Cason, 11th Grade; Ava Oellerich, 12th grade; Danielle Mulherin, 12th grade; Bailee Adams, 12th grade; Stefanie Bloedel, 11th grade; Tara Borden, 10th grade; Chloe Horseman, 9th grade. Photos Courtesy of Rick Milton Photography


H O M E C O M I N G 2 0 11

Photos Courtesy of Rick Milton Photography


2 0 11 F a l l F e s t i v a l


hanks to all of the many moms and dads who volunteered or made items for the Fall Festival and Country Kitchen. Your participation made this such a fun-filled day for everyone! We had beautiful weather, wonderful participation, and we grossed over $20,000 in just four hours! Praise God! A great big thank you goes to Bonny Baxley and Connie Jones who co-chaired the Fall Festival. Their leadership made everything flow so smoothly, creating an atmosphere of fun for everyone.

Fall Festival Sponsors A huge thank you to our Fall Festival sponsors: Jeweler’s Loupe-Aiken, Master Pontiac GMC Augusta-Aiken, Gerald Jones Dealer Group, Carter Electric Company, Phoenix Commercial Printers, Eye Care One, Looper Cabinet Company, Inc., First General Services of the CSRA, Sig Cox, Pediatric Dental Specialists, Borden Pest Control, First Insurance Services of Augusta, Walden’s, Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid. Their contributions covered most of the expenses of the Fall Festival and we are very grateful! Please say thank you by doing business with them when at all possible.


G r a n d p a r e n t s ’ D a y 2 0 11


randparents’ Day is one of our favorite special days at ACS! Grandparents came from all over the US for this year’s event, and what a blessing it was to have them here! The day started with a program in the gym with performances by elementary students, the elementary chorus and the middle and high school choruses and bands. After the program grandparents enjoyed classroom visits and delicious treats provided by our ACS room mothers. May the Lord continue to bless all of our Grandparents!


Ve t e r a n s D a y C e l e b r a t i o n 11 - 11 - 11


he Veterans’ Day Celebration Program on November 11 was a heart-warming experience for everyone who attended. The event included several adult and students speakers, stirring patriotic music from our choral and band students and videos. A luncheon was provided for Veterans and their families afterwards. Thank you, Veterans, for your faithful service to our country!


C a r o l s , C o c o a a n d C h r i s t m a s Tr e e L i g h t i n g


hristmas caroling, hot cocoa , cookies, Lights for Lydia and the Lighting of the ACS Christmas Tree were a winning combination for a wonderful evening. Everyone who attended had a great time. Thanks to the ACS Beta Club and Student Councils for providing the hot cocoa and cookies.


A C S Te a c h e r W i n s P r e s t i g i o u s A w a r d


n Monday, August 8, 2011, we received word that Mrs. Renee McHatton, Middle School Science/Lead teacher, was selected to represent SCISA as their Master Teacher. The South Carolina Independent School Association, SCISA, is one of the organizational bodies ACS belongs to in the area of athletic and educational opportunities for our students and teachers. It encompasses a range of 105 schools, 28,000 students and 8,000 teachers. Mrs. McHatton was selected unanimously because of her excellent teaching strategies along with her innate ability to assist other teachers to be the best they can be. Congratulations to Mrs. McHatton!

Drama Students Bring Home State Honors


CS’s drama students performed the one act play Check Please at the SCISA State Drama Festival and came home with a First Place Championship trophy! Previously, they won first place in SCISA’s Region Drama Festival which sent them to the State Festival. The state judges were so impressed by the cast’s performance in Check Please that they created a new category of awards— Outstanding Ensemble Performance—and gave it to all of the students! Mr. Larry Watt, SCISA Executive Director, called Dr. Piccolo to congratulate the school and commented, “This is a really big deal!” The cast is pictured with their State Championship Trophy (left photo, front row from left): Drew Norris, Garrett Sisson, Chad Hubbard (drama teacher). Back row from left: Caleb Westergreen, Ben DeWitt, Leah Croft, Jesse Wheeler, Olivia Brace, Caroline Stroud, Bailee Adams, Manda Bartlett, Jason Pritchard, Stephanie Mundy, Payden Taylor and Aaron Blackmon.



S TA R S t u d e n t a n d Te a c h e r

CS senior, Garrett Sisson, is Augusta Christian’s STAR Student. The STAR Student honor is given to the senior with the highest SAT score. Garrett chose ACS English teacher, Mr. Joseph Lutz as his STAR Teacher. Both were recognized recently at a reception hosted by the Harlem Women’s Club. Beyond his academic success, Garrett is involved in the ACS band and choral programs, Drama Club, One Act Play, spring musicals and Quiz Bowl. His honors, interests and accomplishments include honor bands, adapted the opera Das Rheingold to the stage with Mr. Nordan (plans to take the script to be performed under a grant from The Peter Fremling Foundation), two mission trips to Haiti—involved in planning on a third, student representative for the ACS Encore Club, Columbia County Youth Leadership 2010, People to People Ambassador in 2007-2008 (Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands), National Merit Scholar Commended Student, President of Beta Club, Quiz Bowl Region Champion Team 2010, Drama Team Region and State

Champions, community and church theatre. Garrett also participated for a few years on the swim team and one year on the soccer team. Mr. Lutz has been at ACS for nine years, teaching classes ranging from 9th English to 11th English, including a variety of honors classes and SAT study. He and his wife, Katie, have been married for seven years and they have one child, Averie, who is three. They attend First Presbyterian Church in Augusta. Mr. Lutz enjoys spending time with his family, reading, watching movies, running long distances, mountain biking, doing Sudokus and a host of other activities.

A C S C h e e r l e a d e r s Ta k e N a t i o n a l T i t l e s teased hair, danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. “We were zombies” said squad co-captain T’Asia Robinson, who played Michael Jackson in the routine. “That was super fun.” Robinson, a junior, is the oldest member on the cheerleading team. At the annual FCC competition, nearly 100 schools nationwide competed in several divisions. In order to participate, schools had to win either a camp or regional championship. They also were invited if the cheerleading squad, like Augusta Christian’s, was inning a national title is familiar business for defending a title. “It was good to be back,” said captain Caroline Paradise, a sophomore who attended the event in the Augusta Christian cheerleading squad. 2011. “Competing to me is the most rewarding thing, just But for many on the school’s all-girl team, the experience was a new one. “It was really getting to show everyone what you’ve been working so a big deal,” said head coach Jaime McKie. “This team, with hard on the whole season.” The squad had worked on their cheer routine since the exception of two girls, is entirely new.” The August, but many parts of the skit had changed between competition squad traveled in January to Orlando for the then and the championship. “We have come a long way,” Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders National Robinson said. With six cheerleaders graduating last May, Championship, where the cheerleaders won titles in Open McKie said a third of the members on this year’s team had Division and Dance. Since 2007, the school has won six cheering titles never cheered before. And while not many people gave her girls a chance to repeat, McKie said she is proud they did. at the national championship. This was the first year, “They just worked themselves crazy between May of last however, that they competed in dance – and competition year up until we went to Nationals,” she said. was stiff, McKie said. “It was pretty awesome,” she said. “That was the one that took my breath.” (Article by Jenna Martin, Columbia News Times.) The 16-member squad learned the hip-hop dance routine just two weeks before leaving for Florida. The girls, fully dressed in character with dramatic makeup and



Student Selected as WJBF Scholar Athlete


CS senior, Amaura Brandt, was selected as WJBF’s Scholar Athlete in November because of her outstanding academic and athletic achievements. She has played basketball for 11 years and her other activities include cross country, Beta Club, Drama Club, church orchestra, Greater Augusta Youth Orchestra, AAU basketball and 4 years all-region orchestra. Her athletic honors include earning a total of 12 varsity letters from the following sports: volleyball, tennis, track, cross country and basketball, SCISA all-region basketball 4 years, SCISA all-state 2 years, basketball captain 3 years, Wendy Heisman State Finalist, Christian Character Award in basketball, all time leading scorer at ACS and all-time 3 point FGs made. Amaura is an honor student at ACS and has won numerous academic awards. She plans on majoring in biology or chemistry at USC Aiken or Anderson College and would like to play basketball at the collegiate level. Her parents are Mike and Gina Brandt and they attend Warren Baptist Church.


Odom, Strother Win State Titles

hough both are relatively new to wrestling, it didn’t take long for Augusta Christian seniors Alex Strother and Jabari Odom to reach the pinnacle of their sport. On Feb. 4, Strother and Odom won state titles at the South Carolina Independent School Association Wrestling Championships in Orangeburg, S.C. Both had to lose weight before the competition, and doing so paid dividends. Strother, a three-year wrestler, and Odom, who has been on the mat for four years, started the year a weight class above where they eventually became champions. Strother lost his first five matches at 182 pounds, dropped a class and reeled off 18 consecutive wins. “You majorly watched what you ate,” he said of his efforts to drop pounds. “Going from football to wrestling was switching from buffets to salads.” Wrestling coach Joel Lowe has seen Strother develop since he started wrestling his sophomore year to augment his offseason training for football. “When I first got him, he was uncoordinated and couldn’t run,” Lowe said. “It just shows how great a sport this is. You can take anybody who has heart and turn him into a champion.” Odom, who is in his first year at the school, started wrestling as a freshman. “I figured I’d try something different and try something I never thought about,” he said. “Why not wrestling?” Wrestling fit Odom’s personality, as he has played football since he was 9 and always preferred sports that had contact. He credits what was done in practice for his success at the tournament. “We wrestle everyone, and that helps because we all have a unique style,” Odom said. “You don’t get stuck in a rut when you wrestle all types.” Odom has been looking at Gardner Webb and Liberty as potential colleges where he could play football. For all his aggression in athletics, he wants to be a healer – planning to major in nursing, then going on to be a nurse practitioner. Strother, who climbed weight classes each year, took fourth and then third in his first two years at state. He was intent on finishing at the top. “I was determined,” he said. “I had to prove to myself that I was better than third or fourth those past two years.” The athletes’ intensity helped both of them, Lowe said. “They both set goals to be the best,” he said. “Then they went out and accomplished it.” While looking at other schools, Strother is debating accepting a scholarship from Hartwick College, a small liberal arts school in Oneonta, N.Y. He would like to study technical and mechanical engineering but is keeping his avenue to athletics open; becoming a college football coach is his second choice.

(Article by Scott Rouch, photo by Jim Blaylock from Columbia News Times.)

Trees of God’s Promise The original ACS campus on Golden Camp Road burned down in 1972. In desperation, Miss Leila Havird, school founder, asked the Lord, “Are you through with ACS? Are you going to cut it off? Let me know what to do.” She opened her Bible to Isaiah 55 and the Lord spoke to her through this passage: “Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree, and it shall be to the Lord for a Name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.” How wonderful of the Lord to give her a scripture using her own words! She knew immediately that the Lord was not through with ACS—He was not going to cut it off. When she viewed the Baston Road property, Miss Leila noticed right away that there were three crepe myrtle trees on the property— truly trees of God’s promise! Just like those myrtle trees, our students are trees of God’s promise that He has entrusted to us! (Taken from ACS History written by Miss Leila Havird.) Page 20 - A CLOSER LOOK WINTER / SPRING 2011-12

Upcoming Events Saturday, March 17, 2012 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm ACS Gym Admission to Auction

NO CHARGE! Dinner Tickets: $20—adults $10—students Live Mariachi Band Mexican Buffet Childcare provided at no charge up to 10 years old

Silent Auction preview and bidding: 5:00 pm Mexican Dinner Buffet: 5:30—6:30 pm Silent Auction bidding closes at 6:45 pm New this year! Kid’s Live Auction: 7:00 pm Live Auction: 7:15 pm

Join us for a great evening for a great cause!

The Choral and Drama Departments of

Augusta Christian Schools proudly present

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 26, 27 and 28 at 7:00 pm at the

Kroc Center 1833 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia Tickets go on sale in March For more information visit


Special Thanks to Our Donors Annual Vision Fund 2010-2011 2-16-11 to 7-31-11 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ashmore Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Baxley Mrs. Judy Beasley Ms. Ginny Best Mrs. Jennie Bragg-Palacz Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Natalie Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cooper II Mr. Robert E. Cox III

The ACS Development Office staff has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we omitted or misspelled a name, or attributed a gift incorrectly, please notify us so that we can correct our records.

Dr. Berish Strother Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Toporek Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tyler Mrs. Clare Webb-Bethune Mr. Darrell Wells Dr. and Mrs. William Andrew Wells Mr. and Mrs. Scott West Mrs. Sarah E. White Mrs. Lynn Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Williams

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Dr. David Alemar

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Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hourihan Mrs. Julie W. Howard Mr. Chad Hubbard


Donors (continued) Ruth Barlett Memorial Scholarship Fund 2-16-11 to 12-31-11 Dr. and Mrs. David M. Piccolo In Honor of Gifts 2-16-11 to 12-31-11 Annual Fund 10-11 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKie Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Toporek Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Turner Annual Fund 11-12 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hesse Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKie Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sechrist Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Les T. Walden Jr. Building Facade Dr. and Mrs. James W. Fields

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Kenneth Jr., Staci and Carolyne McKie Bill McGahee Darrell Wells and Cathy Nichols

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Amaura Brandt Nicholas Murphy Fines Arts Faculty Kenneth Jr., Staci and Carolyne McKie Jack and Fran Jagoditsch Jennings Murphy Jennings Murphy Walden Children-Abram, Andersen, Anna

Gift In Honor Of

Dr. John B. Bartlett

Southland Distribution & Sales Mrs. Lynn Wilkerson

Memorial Memorial

Lynn Luckey Ruth Bartlett

Annual Fund 11-12 Anonymous Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Berry Dr. and Mrs. David Brantley Mr. and Mrs. George R. Hall Mr. James A. Moore III Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Renfro III Mr. and Mrs. Cary H. Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stone Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stroud Mr. Jeffrey T. Todd

Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial

Jamie D. Bassett Jeffrey G. Grant Sarah Christen Renfro Alva Stephens Robert G. Hall Rev. Jack Jagoditsch Jr. Dr. Michael Murphy, Mrs. Sarah Murphy Sarah Christen Renfro Elliott Rivers Rheta Piggott Sarah Christen Renfro Robert R. Todd

Memorial Gifts 2-16-11 to 12-31-11

Annual Fund 10-11


ACS Alumni Class Reunions

Class of 2001

The classes of 1996 and 2001 held their 15 and 10 year reunions, respectively, on Homecoming weekend. These photos were taken at the ACS Annual Alumni Barbecue held on Homecoming evening in the school gym. The event included a delicious barbecue dinner, a tour of the campus and ended (as always) with Alumni taking a stroll down memory lane while sitting in their former classroom seats! Page 26 - A CLOSER LOOK WINTER / SPRING 2011-12

ACS Alumni News Education and is a teacher. Jessica (Sowell) Campbell (2001). 300 Pearle Brook Lane, Taylors, SC 29687. Jessica is married to Matthew Campbell and Virgil Playford (1981). 3 Greenfield they have one daughter, Kynlee. Jessica is a Court, Johnston, SC 29832. Married to dental hygienist. Kathryn and they have 4 children, James, Ashley (Sherer) Colson (2001). 5088 20; Jessica, 18; Robert, 10; David, 8. Paces Station Dr, Atlanta, GA 30339. Keith Gojda (1985). 540 Walnut Branch, N. Augusta, SC 29860. Married to Ashley is married to Sam Colson and they Melissa and they have 2 children, Lawrence, are expecting their first child. Ashley graduated from ASU in Public Relations and 13; Madison, 11. Casey Colclough (1996). 5272 Happy she is a Teller Manager. Hollow Road, Atlanta, GA 30346. Married Allison (Popplewell) Davis (2001). 5644 White Oak Road, Appling, GA 30802. to Chelsea. Casey graduated with an Allison is married to Chris Davis and they accounting degree and is a CPA. have 2 children, Carson, 2 and Collin, 6 Jennnifer (Morris) Getts (1996). months. Allison graduated from ASU in 5156 Saddle Circle, Evans, GA 30809. Married to Jim Getts (1998) and they have 2 Early Childhood Education and she is a teacher. children, Elijah, 6; John Daniel, 3. Tessa (Airaghi) Dickey (2001). 3309 Ty Mobley (1996). 2068 Mims Road, Forest Estates Dr., Augusta, GA 30909. She Hephzibah, GA 30813. Married to Susan. Ty graduated from GMC in criminal justice is married to Brett Dickey and they have 2 children, Amelia, 1 and a newborn. Tessa and is a police officer. has a degree in exercise and sports medicine Erica (Toole) May (1996). 227 Newland Circle, Evans, GA 30809. Married and is a coach at Westminster. Joanna Gentile (2001). 1203 Bison to Donnie May and they have a daughter, Way, Grovetown, GA 30813. Joanna has a Emerson who is 4. Erica is a degree in business management and is a pharmaceutical sales representative. human resources specialist. Jamie (Rogers) Bailey (2001). 806 Leigh Jenkins (2001). 3404 Player Way, Evans, GA 30809. Married to Joe Bailey. Jamie graduated from UGA in Woodstone Place, Augusta, GA 30909. Leigh is a sales administrator at Doubletree Psychology and is a Physician Assistant. Hotel. Chris Bender (2001). 269 Caldwell Hannah (Clair) Johnson (2001). 11 Circle, Augusta, GA 30909. Chris Alderman Drive, Morgantown, WV 2650. graduated from Lee University with a Hannah is married to Joey Johnson. She has Bachelors of Music Performance. a music education degree from ASU and is a Crystal (Green) Bush (2001). 3751 music teacher. Overland Cutoff, Martinez, GA 30907. Mickale (Getts) Magness (2001). 922 Married to Richard Bush. Graduated from Bryan Circle, Grovetown, GA 30813. She Georgia Southern in Health and Physical We’ve heard from the following alumni over the past year:

is married to Paul Magness. Mickale graduated from Emmanuel College with a degree in middle grades education and she is a middle school teacher. Stacy (Gentry) McKenzie (2001). 433 Belglade Road, Grovetown, GA 30813. Stacy is married to Eddie McKenzie and they have 2 children, Julie, 8 and Matt, 5. She is a teacher. Katie (Resseguie) Newton (2001). 507 Tutland Way, Evans, GA 30809. Katie is married to Brett Newton (1999) and they have one child, Briar, who is 1. Katie graduated from UGA with a degree in consumer economics and she is a banker. Ashley Slaughter (2001). 703 Faircloth Ct., Evans, GA 30809. Ashley is a mortgage processor and plans on going on the mission field soon. Lauren (Kitchens) Tice (2007). 3814 Villa Ct, Martinez, GA 30907. Lauren is married to Timothy Tice. She is pursuing her MBA and currently works at Quest Church as their financial secretary. Alumni Night The following Alumni visited with us at Alumni Night in January: Steven Bloedel (2009), Neill Surles (2011), Austin Lewis (2010), Drew Dillard (2010), Joshua Harkins (2010), Brad Merry (1986), Steve White (1993), Allan Runner (1996), Annie Cave (2011), Kyle Williamson (2006); Deanne Redman (1987), Keshia Coleman (2011), Tom Campbell (2004), Alicia Ashmore (2006), Carolyne McKie (2011), Tommy Mobley (2009), Virgil Playford (1981), Keith Gojda (1985).

STAYING CONNECTED Alumni Information Sheet

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ YEAR GRADUATED NAME (PLEASE INCLUDE MAIDEN NAME) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ SPOUSE NAME __________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY STATE ZIP ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________________________________________ MAJOR YEAR GRADUATED COLLEGE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHILDREN (NAMES AND AGES) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ FAMILY NEWS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL NEWS Return to: Lynn Wilkerson, Augusta Christian Schools, 313 Baston Road, Martinez, GA 30907 Page 27 - A CLOSER LOOK WINTER / SPRING 2011-12

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A Closer Look Winter/Spring 2011-2012

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Our Mission The mission of Augusta Christian Schools is to prepare students to serve Jesus Christ as Lord, partnering with family and church, instilling high standards spiritually, academically, socially and physically.

Senior Mission Trip—March 1-7 Early Dismissal—March 16 Silent and Live Auction—March 17 Spring Break—April 2—9 Junior/Senior Banquet—April 14 ACS Golf Tournament—April 23, Champions Retreat Spring Band Concert—April 17, 7:00 pm Beauty and the Beast—April 26-28, 7 pm Kroc Center Spring Chorus Concert—May 7, 7:00 pm, West Acres Middle School Honors Assembly—May 8, 8:45 am, Gym High School Honors Night—May 8, 7:00 pm, Gym Elementary Spring Musical—May 9, 9 am, Gym Field Day, K4-2nd—May 10, 8:30 am, Football Field Field Day, 3rd-5th—May 11, 8:30 am, Football Field K5 Graduation—May 15, 7:00 pm Second Semester Exams—May 16-18 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony—May 17, 7:00 pm 1st-4th Grade Honors Program—May 18, 8:15 am (last day) Senior Graduation—May 19, 4:00 pm, West Acres Baptist Church

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A Closer Look 2011-2012  

A Closer Look is the newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools.

A Closer Look 2011-2012  

A Closer Look is the newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools.