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Davis Competitions of the late 1920s. Ever since, numerous well-known regional and national artists have participated in this annual competition event.

Each year an Exhibition Committee is assigned by the SAALM Board to organize this event. An invited juror with outstanding background in the art and cultural fields judges all the submitted artworks. The Juror has the complete liberty in making acceptance and award decisions.

The SAALM members, patrons, supporters, and business corporations donate all the award prizes. The artwork of the Onderdonk Purchase Award is added to SAALM’s permanent collection, which is exhibited annually on a rotation basis.

The 94th Artists Exhibition accepted 61 artworks from more than 500 submitted in various media and genres. Fourteen of the exhibited artworks were given awards. SAALM sincerely appreciates the contributions of all the participants and strongly encourages future entries by artists all across Texas.


San Antonio Art League & Museum

94th Annual Artists Exhibition

April 13 to June 7, 2024


Lyn Belisle Kurtin

Exhibition Committee:

Augusta Rosser (Chair)

Lyn Belisle

Nancy Campbell

Claudia Langford

Norma Jean Moore

Terry Gay Puckett

Stefani Spears

Peter Szarmach

Dona Walston

Claudia White

Nancy Wood

Exhibition Curators:

Nancy Kempf

Vikki Fields


Sincere Thanks to Our Financial Supporters

Corporate Sponsors

Art Gallery Prudencia

Frost Bank


McNutt Foundation

Enterprise Holdings

Patron Level Awards

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Traylor

Col. William Hill, Jr

Ronald C. Keller

Sponsor Level Awards

Ann Griffith Ash

Lyn Belisle Kurtin

Hannah McManus

Bally Studios, Virginia & Andre Bally

Arch & Stella Rowan Foundation

Donor Level Awards

Richard C. Arredondo

Barbara C. Kyse

Pam Slocum

Lifshutz Foundation

Patricia Romines

Fred Loxsom

Beth Eidelberg Watermedia Award

Beth Eidelberg Estate

Contributor Level Awards

Zet Baer

Nancy Bandy

Frankie Boone

Vikki Fields

Joan Fritze

Robin Gara

William E. Kurtin

Claudia Langford

Mark Langford

Virginia Lukefahr

BJ Newman

Norma Jean Moore

Terry Gay Puckett

Brian Row

Judy Row

Hildegarde Slaughter

Cynthia Spencer

Peter Szarmach

Nancy Vandenburg

The San Antonio Art League & Museum thanks our sponsors for their support

McNutt FouNdatioN


Seeing a Sense of Self Through Art

Art can be viewed as a reflection of self-image and of commentary on impactful places, known and unknown. Art has the power to change the way we see ourselves, each other, and the world, awakening us to new perspectives, ideas, and values.

As an expression of self and character, artwork has sometimes hidden truth of what is important to an individual, their experiences, fears, hopes, and desires, portrayed through visual language. In the selection of work for this show, I looked to the historical foundations of the portrait, the landscape, and the still life and through these foundational works and how I could view the artist’s voice and their truth through their work.

Heather K. Lunsford March, 2024

Heather K. Frickenschmidt Lunsford is the 5th generation of a farming and ranching family from Enid, and the Director and Curator of the Nona Jean Hulsey Gallery at Oklahoma City University.

She is also a mixed-media artist who studied watercolor painting and art history at Oklahoma State University and Northern Illinois University. She has a painting in the permanent collection of Oklahoma State University, two in collection of the University Health System of San Antonio and has shown her artwork in galleries in the United States and Spain, where she worked in a contemporary art gallery. She received her Master of Arts in Administration from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX and wrote Spanish and bilingual educational programming at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Heather also has a certificate from Harvard Business School online in sustainable business strategy and a Master of Legal Studies from OCU, and is a member with the International Society of Appraisers. Previously, Heather was the Director of Art in Public Places for the State of Oklahoma and the Art Director for the Heritage Trust project in Oklahoma City. Heather has served as an arts commissioner for the city of Edmond, is a current Rotarian for Oklahoma City 29, advised OKCPC Academy of Arts, and is on the board of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.


Past Julian Onderdonk Purchase Award Winners

2023 - Jayne Lawrence

2022 - Marc Eisenburg

2021 - Samuel Wilson

2020 - Paula Sussman

2019 - Alexandra Nelipa

2018 - Brian Row

2017 - Richard Conn

2016 -Thomas Schlenker

2015 -Sallie Stanley Carter

2014 - Vikki Fields

2013 -Tamara Van Horn

2012 - Billy Keen

2011 - Francis Huang

2010 - Susan Brumfield Farris

2009 - Bernice Appelin-Williams

2008 - Solomon Wells

2007 - Rachman Ulmer

2006 - Tim McMeans

2005 - Brian St. John

2004 - Gladys Roldan-de-Moras

2003 - Betty Muyres

2001 - Margaret Warren

2000 - James Hendricks

1999 - Fritz Ozuna

1998 - Henry Stein

1997 - Brixey Sutton

1996 - Kuo Yen Ng

1995 - Robert Johnson

1994 - Dan Burt

1993 - Dan Burt

1992 - E. Gordon West

1991 - Linda Hammond

1990 - Marija Kae Rodriguez

1989 - Sandra French

1988 - Agnes Welsh Eyster

1987 - Louis Lubbering

1986 - Jim Stoker

1985 - Drusilla Pfannstiel

1984 - Joe Tye

1983 - Kathleen Cook

1982 - Neal Wilson

1981 - Thomas A. Pressly

1980 - Bill Reily

1979 - Jim Stoker

1978 – Stevie Manak

1977 - Gilberto Tarin

1976 - Frank Hein

1975 - Arthur de la Fuenta

1974 - Mildred Cocke

1973 - Richard H. Rogers

1972 - Val Alexander

1971 - Val Alexander

1970 - Mildred Cocke

1969 - David Reyes

1968 - Wendell Ott

1967 - Jack Tinkle

1966 - Carl Embrey

1965 - Jim Watson

1964 - Richard H. Rogers

1963 - Helen Van Buren

1962 - Clay Walker

1961 – Bill Bristow

1960 - June Kroll

1959 - Margaret Putnam

1958 -Leslie Larson

1957 - George Pinca

1956 - Keith McIntyre

1955 - Chester Toney

1954 - Jack Tinkle

1953 - Keith Mc Intyre

1952 - Cecil L. Casebier

1951 - Janet Turner

1950 - John Squire Adams

1949 - J. Arthur Head

1948 - Jack Tinkle

1947 - Margaret Pace

1946 - Charles Thompson


94th Exhibition Award Winners

Our Juror had the enormous task of choosing 61 artworks from over 500 submissions, but her task did not stop there. While the initial selections are chosen from digital images, the award-winning works are judged in person by the Juror during a very busy weekend. Thanks to the generosity of our Patrons, Supporters, and Members, seventeen awards totaling over $13,000 were available for the Juror to assign.

The prestigious Onderdonk Purchase Prize has been the Exhibition’s major award for most of its history. The San Antonio Art League purchases this chosen piece for its Permanent Collection annually, thus continuing to acquire an example of the best in Texas art every year.

Images of the award-winning artworks are presented on the following pages of this catalog. All the exhibited works are listed after those images. Images of all the accepted works for the 94th Exhibition are available in an online catalog on our website.

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Onderdonk Puchase Award $3000 Wes Coke What Did You Dream? Oil on Canvas

For The Love of Frida Watercolor

Beth Eidelberg Memorial Watermedia Award $1000 Richard Samuel
Mr & Mrs Richard C. Traylor Award $1000 Benjamin Ortiz Pico de Gallo Oil on Wood
Betty Rihn Keller Memorial Award $1000
Jill Pankey
Line of Ladies Leaning Left Oil on Canvas


Susan Best Floridays

Acrylic with Paper Collage on Canvas

Frank & Cecilia Keller Memorial Award

Watercolor Award


April Ortiz

Bottle ‘n Bag Liquor ‘n Guns, Uvalde, Texas

Watercolor on Paper

Ronald C. Keller
Ronald C. Keller Acrylic Award $1000 Suzanne Horner Turquoise Afternoon Acrylic on Canvas, Birch Natural Frame, Ceramic Tag


Deported to Danger and Nobody Gives a Damn

Oil on Canvas / Chains to hoist freight frame

Richard Conn Memorial Mixed Media Award Tony Armadillo

The Portal Ceramic Stoneware

Andre & Virginia Bally 3-D Art Award $500 Linda S. Manning


Oil on Board


Oil on Canvas

Prudencia Art Gallery Award Susan Arnim Corazon Barbara C. Kyse Award Judi Simon Tiffany’s Gifts

Hannah McManus Award for Textiles/Ceramics


Suzette Schutze

Lost Canopy II: A Reflection of Dying Forests

Commercial Clay, Wild River Clay, and a dead cedar root system

President’s Award


Nancy Campbell

Ghost Tree

Wool roving, silk, nepps, cheesecloth and inside finished with sea glass shells beads copper

Richard C.Arrendondo Award for Pastels $250 Kraig Kiedrowski Mora Fields Pastel on La Carte pastel card


Exhibited Artwork
Juried Artists Exhibition

Greg Allen

A Place Of Faith

Oil on Canvas


Tony Armadillo

Deported to Danger and Nobody Gives a Damn

Oil on canvas / Chains to hoist freight frame


Richard Conn Memorial Mixed Media Award

Susan Arnim


Oil on Canvas


Prudencia Art Gallery Award

Olga Aviles

Cavernous Impacts

Glazed ceramic, acrylic wash, air-dry paper clay


Virginia Bally

Sanibel Stoop

Mid-Range porcelain sculpture with Celadon glaze


Lyn Belisle

Cotton Bowl

Fiber, paper, beeswax, twigs, thread, phototransfer


Susan Best


acrylic with paper collage on canvas


Madison Branch

Digging In The Orchard, The Earth Burrows Back Into You

Watercolor, Acrylic, Spray Paint, and Pen on Paper


Nancy Campbell

Ghost Tree

Wool roving, silk, nepps, cheesecloth and inside finished with sea glass shells beads copper


President’s Award

Danville Chadbourne

Map Of Unknowable Places

Arylic and ink on wood


Sherry Christensen

Texas Buttes with Cactus

Foam core shapes, paper fibers, hand sewn beads, yarn, and acrylic embellishments.


Lara Hye Coh

The Bride

Oil on panel


Wes Coke

What Did You Dream?

Oil on canvas

Onderdonk Purchase Prize

Rita Maria Contreras

Mamá said there’ll be days like this …(when all the parts of the puzzle…)

Oil/cold wax on cradled wood panel


Shelby Criswell

Undulation in the Parlor

Gouache, Acrylic, Tempera, and Paint Marker on Canvas



Ron Crouch

Sleeping man with red socks (large version)

Acrylic on canvas


Shea Daniel-Youngblood

Historic Guadalupe Theatre, Westside San Antonio

Oil on linen panel


Beth Devillier

Sweet. Sick. Fire.

Inkjet print on Japanese Washi Paper


Jana Donovan

Pink Fork In The Road

Acrylic and graphite pencil on mixed media paper


Victoria Ermler


Oil on Canvas


Ed Escobedo

Drink Set



Patrick Flaherty


Reduction Linocut; Oil based ink on Mulberry Paper


Ana Flores

Keeping My Dignity 1/4” steel round rod, yarn, paper, pen, scrapbooking tape, tiny bottles, glitter


Robin Gara

The Mothership

Mixed media on watercolor paper, including acrylic paint, pencil, and collaged pieces of paper.


John Garland


Oil on Canvas


Nancy Gerfers


acrylic collage on canvas


Clara Hada

Path To Freedom

Acrylic, paper, fabric


Gloria Hill

Urban Chaos

Acrylic, paper, ink on canvas


Ashley Hinze

Sasquatch Daughter

Graphite, 60lbs Sketch Paper


Rebecca Horan


Acrylic and Oil Mixed Media on gallery wrapped canvas.


Suzanne Horner

Turquoise Afternoon

Acrylic on canvas, birch natural frame, ceramic tag

$ 900

Ronald C. Keller Acrylic Award


Joe Houde

Il pranzo (The Lunch)

Photgraph on paper


Leigh Ann Irish

Simple Pleasures

Pastel on sanded paper


Joe Jackson

Non Dit (unspoken)

Oil on canvas


Deborah Keller-Rihn

Lone Star Reverie: Dreams of Love

Photograph on German Etching Paper


Taylor Kelsch

The Alley

oil painting, canvas


Kraig Kiedrowski

Mora Fields

Pastel on La Carte pastel card


Richard C.Arrendondo Award for Pastels

Katie Mangan


Color Pencil on Canvas


Linda S. Manning

The Portal

Ceramic stoneware


André & Virginia Bally 3-D Art Award

Marguerite Moreau McCarthy

Key Lime Pie

Acrylic on Canvas


Sherri Lipman McCauley


Commercial cotton fabric, felt backing, and thread.


Thelma Muraida


Oil on canvas


Alexandra Nelipa

Halloween night

Acrylic on canvas


Paola Nunez

In the shade

Gouache on paper


Jon O’Neal


Digital print


April Ortiz

Bottle ‘n Bag Liquor ‘n Guns, Uvalde, Texas

Watercolor on Paper


Ronald C. Keller Watercolor Award

Benjamin Ortiz

Pico de Gallo

Oil on Wood


Mr & Mrs Richard C. Traylor Award


Jill Pankey

Line of Ladies Leaning Left

Oil on Canvas


Betty Rihn Keller Memorial Award

Lenise Perez-Miller

I Use To Be A Roller Derby Queen

Clay, Underglazes, Glazes, Textiles


Billy Rerick

Mary Magdalene Contemplates Death

Oil on canvas over panel


Kristina Salinas

Up and Atom

Oil, oil pastel, graphite, charcoal on canvas


Richard Samuel

For the Love of Frida



Beth Eidelberg Water Media Memorial Award

Alison Schuchs

Madre Tierra

Oil on Canvas


Suzette Schutze

Lost Canopy II: A Reflection of Dying Forests

Commercial clay, wild river clay, and a dead cedar root system


Hannah McManus Award for Textiles/Ceramics

Judi Simon

Tiffany’s Gifts

Oil on board


Barbara C. Kyse Award

Jennye Stubblefield


Oil on birch panel


Peter Szarmach

A Shadow of Themselves

Digital Photo Print


Melissa Torres

Maiden Butterfly



Dub Weathersby Tourist Ocotillo

100% cotton rag paper


Resa Wohlrabe

Where Winged Horses Fly

Acrylic and gold leafing on canvas


Ernie Wood

Appalachian Aerie

Reduction Linocut, ink on paper



The San Antonio Art League was organized on March 13, 1912. It was founded by volunteers, and 110 years later continues as a beloved, an all-volunteer organization, carrying on the rich traditions and history of its founders while providing contemporary exhibition opportunities for its member artists. Volunteers also care for the extensive Permanent Collection, an invaluable record of the cultural and social artwork of the city and the region. The San Antonio Art League and Museum is a unique hybrid of past, present, and future. As a volunteer you can help in ways that match your skills and interests. Please join us by giving your time – it’s incredibly rewarding. We’ve been rounding up art for San Antonio since 1912 – we need you on our team.


SAALM is the oldest arts organization in San Antonio and home to an extensive Permanent Collection of works by notable Texas artists.

Contributions are gratefully accepted on our secure website by the San Antonio Art League & Museum, and are tax-deductible under the terms of our 501 (c) (3) arts organization. Thanks so much for your support!



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