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New phases now selling at 3 Southwest locations! Family-friendly neighborhoods in Southwest Las Vegas from the low $300’s. Warmington has long been a broker-friendly builder and we rely upon and appreciate the partnerships we have forged with a network of real estate professionals. At all of our new home neighborhoods we welcome brokers and their agents and pay referral fees. We strive to offer new homes and neighborhoods with desirable lifestyle amenities that you will be proud to present to your clients. And we make it easy! When you sign up and become a Preferred Real Estate Professional at, you can register your clients online before they visit.

RIDGEHAVEN Ft. Apache and Oquendo 2,056 - 2,393 Sq. Ft. From the low $300,000s

ROCKPOINTE Hacienda and Hualapai 1,590 - 2,117 Sq. Ft. From the low $300,000s

VISTAVIEW Durango and Oquendo 2,925 - 3,386 Sq. Ft. From the high $300,000s

877.930.5599 Brokers Welcome!* Broker must register client prior to first visit. See sales representative for details. is the registered domain for Warmington Residential and represents its new home communities throughout California and Nevada. Availability of homes, features, specifications, prices, and special offers are subject to change without notice. Square footage and features listed are approximations and are subject to change depending on location and other factors. Price effective as of date of publication and subject to change without notice. Models depicted do not reflect racial preference. 04.18.18

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JC Melvin

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“I am NOT a heroin addict.”


Andrew Wittman

Melodie C. Miller

What is the best way of achieving success?

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Why You Are Not Ready to Build a Team Until you are...

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The Trouble With Drawers

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Affordability, Rising Rates, & Insatiable Demand

Rick Glade

Control your leads,own your business


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Etiquette for Today’s Real Estate Professional.

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"I am NOT a heroin addict." By: J.C. Melvin

Mind shift on the horizon It looks like we are beginning to understand that the everyday users of these drugs are sick. While many are committing illegal acts in order to obtain/buy the drug, if it weren’t for their addiction, they’d probably not be criminals. Unfortunately, we have simply been treating them like criminals for most of the past 100 years. Now, with a more educated awareness of what the opioids are doing to the brains of these folks, we have a much clearer understanding of what’s going on. Let’s get tougher on the importers of the poison which is killing our people and let’s open the door for a cure for those addicted.

See something - Say something ‑ Do something. "I am NOT a heroin addict."


es indeed, these are the words you’d likely hear from most of the 1,000,000 plus heroin addicts in the USA. Approximately two of the three overdose deaths per hour, every hour, in the United States are due to opioid-based drugs, mostly heroin. Why are we talking about this in a real estate-based magazine? Because we, as citizens of this country, have got to pay attention at every level to this epidemic. It is in the process of bankrupting us both financially and culturally. Think about this for just a minute: We, as a country, saw more than 58,000 casualties during our time in the Vietnam war. In 2017 alone, we lost approximately 71,000 of our people to drug overdoses, the most in our history.

It's time for a national rally. We, in our industry, are interacting with large numbers of people across all parts of our nation and we may just be the ones to lead a national movement and effort to “save our country and our people.”

groups, young and old, healthy and sick, male and female. They are an equal opportunity killer. Based on the national numbers per the CDC (Center for Disease Control) it is likely, if you are reading this, that you have a family member or close friend who has died from heroin, has a heroin problem, or at best, you have a friend in that situation. There are millions of “unseen victims” in this scenario that are often not treated or provided any help what-so-ever. These are the children of these addicts who are left trying to understand and cope with why their parents don’t seem to love them or care about them. This drug is creating a generational spiral which in some ways, is eerily like a death march. It is time to put our energy and resources into fighting this war on our homeland that is killing and crippling some of our brightest minds and future leaders. Yes, this needs to be treated like a war that is killing our people and their families.

The crazy thing about heroin and all opioids is that they are truly non-discriminatory. They can and are destroying the lives of people from all races, all financial class levels from dirt poor to excessively wealthy, all religious


Las Vegas Agent Magazine | May/June 2018

We, as a group of sales people, are interacting with lots and lots of people every day. These are our communities, which we help build. Let’s take a stand, perhaps get involved in a teen group or a rehab center. Let’s read up and get more educated about opioid addiction. Want a shocker? Call your local hospital and inquire as to the number of babies being born each month addicted to heroin. That’s right, and it usually takes 30 to 120 days to get them off the drug they’ve been addicted to for nine months in the womb. It’s unthinkable how a mother could do that to her unborn child. Unfortunately, it is being done every day, and that child is then brought into this world with a lifetime of both physical and psychological health issues that most of the time, go untreated. Yes, it’s time for us as a multigenerational army to take a stand in America and fight this threat TOGETHER. No politics, no class wars, no racial divide. We have something that we can all work together on, and THIS IS IT!

JC Melvin is the founding dean of the NVAR and the GLVAR Leadership Programs. JC is an international speaker and Certified Trainer for “The ONE Thing” Workshop. He is the Corporate Broker for KW Realty Southwest in Las Vegas. For more info on “The ONE Thing” or to schedule a program, add him on Facebook or | 702.595.5024.


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What is the best way of achieving success? By: Andrew D. Wittman, Ph.D.


t is easier to attribute more talent, more resources, more opportunities, and more luck to the winners in life than it is to face the cold hard facts that becoming a winner can be a frighteningly tense and laborious slog. When we look at winners, in any field – business, politics, sports finance, art, music, fitness, etc., we tend to see only the success. But there is more to achieving success. It’s human nature to fail to see the prolonged grind it took to get there. There are no overnight success stories. Humans don’t want to look at that part, mostly because we want to be successful and enjoy fulfillment without going through the prolonged grind. It is easier to attribute more talent, more resources, more opportunities, and more luck to the winners in life than it is to face the cold hard facts that becoming a winner can be a frighteningly tense and laborious slog. Sticking to the same regimented routine, over and over and over again. And the again and again. And when you are tired of that, you engage yet again and one more time. Most of us would rather delude ourselves and credit fortune, luck, and fate, than pay the price to become a winner. The very first step in the process is to clearly define and outline what success means to you. You must state exactly what that success is and how you will measure it. The problem with most of us is that we don't know what success looks like for "me." If we don't take the time to nail down definitively what success means, how will we ever know if we've achieved it or not? Don't let anyone define success for you. Your success is yours alone to define.

Don’t panic if your current definition of success is to just make budget this month, or to not consume sodas and snacks today. We each grow from success to success, and small successes multiply like rabbits into bigger ones. Start small and build momentum. Leap forward from one success to the next, and then rinse and repeat. I like to use Michael Phelps as an example of this concept. The first time he went to the Olympics in 2000 he won exactly zero medals. He was, however, the youngest male to ever make the U.S. Olympic Swim Team at age 15. He was successful. Can you imagine Michael Phelps going to the Olympics and NOT winning a medal and being considered a success? For him on that first go-round, just making the team was his definition of success.

He built on that success and leaped to his next personally defined success of actually winning medals – a lot of them. He won 6 Gold and 2 Bronze at the 2004 Olympics. Not a bad swim meet by any standards, but Michael, having reached that level of success, launched himself to attempt the highest level of success ever by any Olympic Champion. If you watched the 2008 Olympics, you saw Michael and his coach huddled over the slip of paper that defined his success. Anything short of the record-breaking 8 Gold Medals would have been a failure – not for anyone else in the history of the games, but for Michael personally. You never start out with a recordbreaking performance – you must get there the same way Phelps did. It takes years and years of building on small successes to reach the heights of great successes.

Andrew D. Wittman, is a United States Marine Corps infantry combat veteran, a former Police Officer and Federal Agent. As a Special Agent for the U.S. Capitol Police, Wittman led the security detail for Nancy Pelosi and has personally protected Hillary Clinton, Tom Delay, Trent Lott, King Abdullah of Jordan, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Sir Elton John, as well as Fortune 20 CEOs. As a security contractor for the State Department, he taught high-threat diplomatic security to former Navy SEALS, Marines, Rangers, and Special Forces. Wittman is founder of the Mental Toughness Training Center, a leadership consultancy specializing in peak performance, team dynamics, resolving conflict in the workplace and is the author of the book, “Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You” (2016). He holds a Ph.D. in Theological Studies, is a guest lecturer at Clemson University and co-hosts the radio call-in show “Get Warrior Tough”. He can be reached at | (864) 977-1443


Las Vegas Agent Magazine | May/June 2018

The Trouble With Drawers By: Mike Klimek


very common repair is fixing a cabinet drawer that has been damaged. It looks bad and doesn’t line up with the other drawers, and it certainly doesn’t work correctly. Most drawer problems can be traced to abuse. People like to slam the drawers or quickly yank them open. Quality cabinets have quality parts, and cheap cabinets use cheap parts. Likewise, drawers and their hardware follow the same guidelines. Even if the drawer front (the pretty part you see with the knob attached to it) is genuine solid wood, the box it is attached to may be made from poorer quality materials. It doesn’t sound like the actual drawer is the problem here though, but rather the drawer’s guides. There are several ways a drawer slides in and out of the opening. One way is with a wooden rail that runs front to back in the cabinet. The drawer has a channel that accepts the rail. The drawer also rides on top of friction pads on the rail directly under the drawer so that the drawer doesn’t wear down the cabinet. The drawer may also be attached to a bar over the drawer using a plastic guide at the rear of the drawer. Finally, metal guides with rollers can be used for a smooth and quiet operation. Remove the drawer and inspect it. You will probably have to lift the door to get it out of the opening, particularly if you have metal guides. Your problem will be pretty evident once you remove the drawer. It may be that a plastic guide has broken, or that a guide has simply pulled away from the cabinet.


With cheaper cabinets, the problem is usually that the plastic guide has broken. This part is available at a home center and costs less than $1. They make three different sizes, so if you are not sure of the size, buy all three and save yourself a trip back to the store. The part simply attaches to the rear of the drawer and runs along the length of the rail.

If you have metal guides on either side of the drawer, check to see that they are secure to the sides of the cabinet opening. Also, check that the metal slides are secured to the outside bottom of the drawer. The slides have little rollers that fit into the guides.

The other problem may be that the rail is loose from the cabinet or is bent. If it’s loose, stick a couple of screws in the end (short ones so they don’t protrude through the cabinet). If it is bent, buy a replacement and align it with the holes of the old one.

It may be that a roller has broken, or a guide or slide needs to be replaced. If so, take the broken part with you and get a replacement. The style and length of the new part needs to be the same for an easy installation. Use a level to make sure the new part is installed perfectly straight so the drawer won’t bind when in use.

If your drawer rides on top of a wooden rail, the problem is probably on the bottom of the drawer. If you flip the drawer over you may notice that one side of the channel has torn out.

The drawer guide should be placed with the wheels facing the front of the opening. It has some oblong holes so that you can position it correctly and make final adjustments before you screw it in.

You can glue the old piece back in and hit a couple of brads in it to hold it together until the glue dries. Wait at least 24 hours until you use it.

The slide should be placed at the outside bottom of the drawer with its roller at the back of the drawer. The end without the roller should be placed against the back of the drawer front. Tip the drawer up, slide the rollers in and push the drawer into the opening.

Your problem may also be with the drawer box itself. If it is falling apart, you can try to glue it back together and then use some “L” brackets to stiffen it up.

Mike Klimek is a licensed contractor and owner of Las Vegas Handyman. He has written hundreds of articles regarding home repair and remodeling and has been published in Southern Nevada Home & Garden Magazine, Finishing Touches Magazine, Zip Code Magazines, and Real Estate Success Magazine. He has written for the Las Vegas Review-Journal & Sun since November 2000. Watch for Mike’s regular column here and in the Las Vegas RJ. (702) 896-0000 |

Las Vegas Agent Magazine | May/June 2018

Control your leads, By: Rick Glade


here are two types of Realtors, those of us who already own our business and those of us who want to own our business. One thing about being a Realtor is you have the opportunity to control your business even if you work for someone else as an independent contractor. Essentially you can own your business no matter what by controlling the source of your leads and who gets to manage them. One of the largest expenses an Agent or Broker incurs is marketing and lead generation. Then there is the problem of making sure all the platforms you purchase integrate seamlessly. If you are lucky, you can get everything to flow and set up marketing channels on auto pilot; often not the case. Here is where you hire the IT Staff to come to the rescue. Any platform in the market worth having must have Website IDX (internet data exchange) and an integrated CRM (customer relationship management). It has to allow for marketing at the click of a few short steps, just click and paste. These are how you stay consistent in marketing. The most successful platforms on the market easily run 600-$1500. US dollars per month. The typical firm ends up paying huge expenses for platforms like this. It just becomes a cost of doing business. The other issue is these costs never go away, even in the bad times. The problem of buying leads from websites like and Zillow is the leads are saturated and super expensive for a low converting lead. They usually try to intercept the buyer or seller prior to you having any access to them, why? So, they can charge you or circumvent you entirely. I often wondered when I started out as an agent who was actually in control of my business? I was surely dependent on someone or third parties to keep supplying me leads and a pipeline of business. Then of course always having to give up a large share of the split, again not feeling like I was the one owning my career.

the benefits. Right? ..Wrong! The problem with that is you are never building your own book of business. It’s always based off someone else’s strategy and control. They feed you what they want and not what you deserve. You put in the time and then split your commissions for your hard work. I finally realized it; I was being leveraged. My efforts yielded someone else a piece of my earnings. It wasn't until I became an Advanced Agent with a company that gave me full control of my book of business that I really gained momentum. Once I had my own independent platform to control my inbound leads and outbound marketing 100%, I could log in and start to own my own business. I was now in control and responsible for creating my own leads, which meant I managed them. I could do and market whatever I wanted to my database. I could set up my own drip campaigns and take back my efforts. I was in full control of rewarding myself for my time nurturing clients. Once you have the technology platforms in your hands. This dominates a huge shift in your career. Now no matter where I went or who I worked for my book of business was mine to keep. I always knew I wouldn’t be starting from scratch no matter where I moved my database went with me. This is a shift from a leaddependent agent to an abled-tech agent. Your database is your key to unlocking growth. Case Study - The ten-year veteran Alfred A. Alfred started his career in real estate on the typical journey of an average salesperson. He was always searching for the next source to generate more leads. He was hustling for business and working every angle. He had the typical sources of sphere of influence, holding open houses, and what he could scab off his broker. Alfred was good at discovering

Here’s another thing to think about. Whoever is managing the leads gets to cherry pick the good stuff and if there’s anything left they throw a bone to the agents below them. Again, it's feast or famine. Too many agents spread too thin over the same number of leads. Of course, this only makes sense, right? The person on top paying the expenses should yield


Las Vegas Agent Magazine | May/June 2018

leads on his own. He managed to grind his way to becoming a top producer at his company. The real struggle he faced was this was always a difficult way to scale. He realized that after ten years of being at his brokerage. The company had provided him lead generation tools that had provided him only one qualified lead that he could bring to a closed transaction. He decided to move his license to another national brand. He ended up spending 37,000.00 dollars of his own money and ten months trying to improve his leads and scale his business. The reason his expenses were high is that he was buying saturated leads from Zillow and other third-party sources. He really started to realize it was the leads he owned in his database, the sphere of influence he had created and controlled that made him the most money. Alfred thought maybe the only way to expand his business further would be to start his own brokerage. It was upon that quest that he discovered the Advanced Agent model. Once he discovered the right process and systems, he was blown away by how much more profitable he could become instantly. It was more than us just having the best lead generation tools. It was about having all the tools and strategies Advanced Agents use in scaling business. He went to controlling and master marketing to his very own leads and moving those leads through a system and closing more deals. The additional profit centers he discovered of Advanced Agents became the icing on the cake. Within his first month of implementing the systems and strategies, he started generating 60-100 leads per month FREE with no ad spend. He took control of his own agent dashboard for CRM, his Website, leads, and marketing. He has since grown a team of over six producing agents using the Advanced Agent strategies. If you care to know more or would like a free copy of my Advanced Agent Book, feel free to reach out to me directly, I’d be happy to send you a copy.

Rick Glade is currently with EXP Realty, he leads as a Mentor/Trainor, Author and Entrepreneur. He has been through several business cycles and aspects of business marketing and investment. He is a firm believer of always being a student and continued growth, the pursuit of happiness as well as mastery of all aspects of one’s life. He now shares his knowledge with those whom seek. You too can make a decision to “create a life by design; and stop living a life by default! He can be reached at or 702 721-9910 join-us

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Across from the new GLVAR!


cover STORY

Allexandra Glassman Platinum Real Estate Professionals Of


t would have been easy for Allexandra “Lexy” Glassman to begin working in real estate at a very young age and to be quite successful at it. After all, her mother is Diana Glassman, longtime owner corporate broker of Platinum Real Estate Professionals in Henderson. The logical career progression for Lexy could have been to graduate high school in Las Vegas and immediately begin working towards obtaining her real estate license, after which she would go work for her mother. But instead, Lexy decided to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she would end up graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, focusing on marketing and advertising. While at UNLV, she started working in planning for special events. “I became a VIP event planner and did that for several years while in College,” she said. “I first worked with Beacher’s Madhouse at the Hard Rock, and it took off from there. I made many connections with individuals and began planning special events for hotels, clubs, & celebrities, both locally and in California.”

Photo by: Connie Palen

The experience and skills Lexy gained through coordinating these large events and customer service, would prove to be invaluable, especially since after her UNLV graduation in 2010, she felt the need to reevaluate her career path.


While Lexy was trying to find her niche, she went to work for her mother, Diana,

Las Vegas Agent Magazine | May/JUNE 2018

Cover Story

in the administrative division of Platinum Real Estate Professionals. During that time, the Las Vegas Market was saturated with REO properties, so the timing was fitting for her to step in and help implement some new systems. “In my admin role, I was helping to get things organized,” she said. “I was very certain, at the time, that it was going to be a short-term thing, but I don’t think I realized how much I had learned from my environment, pretty much by osmosis, and how much I was going to learn, which helped when I finally made the decision to get licensed.” “After working on the admin side for a year, I decided to go ahead and get licensed so that I could help out with the company more, earn commissions of my own, and it would be something I would always have,” Lexy said. “I got licensed five years ago, and since then, I’ve only grown more in my role as an administrator in this company and as an independent agent as well.” Though she had already picked up quite a bit of knowledge, just by working in the office, Lexy says that Diana did not take it easy on her when she was first getting started as a licensee. It was important to both, Lexy and Diana, that she learn like everyone else and work for it. Lexy remembers sitting at the kitchen table writing practice contract after contract, as her mother supervised and made sure everything was correct. By doing that, she ensured that her daughter would be able to write a valid contract that would lead to a successful close. “I was fortunate enough to watch my mother be an incredible Realtor who fought for her clients every step of the way. I think seeing her work ethic, dedication, and humility gave me a great example of what a strong, working woman can be. It is something I have always been proud of, and I work to have those same qualities as well, in my life and business.” Wit h i n Plat i nu m Re a l E st at e Professionals, Lexy says she feels at home, and that home is filled with family. Many of the Realtors have been with the agency for over ten years, and Platinum is the proud home to Real Estate Giants like Steve Hawks, Noah Herrera, Keith Lynam, Anthony Knight, Javier Otero, Jeff Hatfield, Troy Kearns, and many others. “I have known Steve Hawks for almost 20 years, and he advises me like a mentor. He has always taken me under his wing and helped me expand my business through his insight and expertise. Steve is great at finding someone’s strengths and helping

them grow their business and confidence.” “We have all worked very hard over the years to make sure that the ‘Platinum Family’ stays that way through expansion into new locations and growth. Platinum currently has 5 locations across the Las Vegas Valley and proudly is home to 160 licensees. All of our Managers & agents bring something different to the company and keep us at the top of our game.” Lexy carries those familial bonds through to a broader community when she works in her role as Campaign Chair for the Young Leadership Division of Jewish Nevada. She also presently sits on the Israel and Overseas Committee and the 2018 Campaign Cabinet for Jewish Nevada. Jewish Nevada is the Jewish Federation of Nevada and serves the local Jewish community through programming, raising funds to allocate back into the community and helping continue our strong bonds with Israel. For Example, Jewish Nevada helps to provide scholarships for young children to go to camp, Kosher Meals on Wheels to our aging community, and to send buses of young Jewish Adults to Israel on a completely subsidized strip through Birthright Israel. It was through the Birthright Israel Foundation that Lexy was able to go on a trip to Israel in 2012, which she said was an incredible opportunity and what sparked her involvement in her Jewish community here in Las Vegas.

blood and organ donation. She works with United Blood Services to host blood drives throughout the year with Jewish Nevada and other companies. “There is no greater gift than the gift of life. I was able to grow up with my grandmother because another family made the choice for their loved one to live on in others and I cannot explain how that one choice affected my life. My grandmother was a 2-time kidney transplant recipient and had the last transplanted kidney for over 15 years. She was the strongest woman I know. Choosing to donate your organs or those of a loved one is not an easy choice, but it gives others the ability to live on in their memory and make new memories of their own. I cannot think of a greater honor or gift. Many people also do not know that blood expires after 42 days, giving blood regularly saves lives!” She said that in her opinion, the ability to make that human connection is what has made her a better Realtor. “Real estate can be emotional, and it’s a very challenging profession at times,” she said. “I have a far deeper and better understanding of this now (that she’s been in the business a while), and I can see exactly what kind of person it takes to cater to the buyers and sellers. They need advocates, and I’m a firm believer that there’s nothing better than a personal advocate because those internet websites/ brokerages can’t see you as an individual or connect you with a home on a personal level. Because of my past experiences, I am

“It really connected me with my Jewish identity and made me want to get even more involved,” she said, “I recently just went back to Israel for a second time with the Bachman delegation where we sent seven people there, and they sent seven people here last October. For me, it was a good way to keep that connection strong, because supporting our community, locally and abroad, is one thing I’m really passionate about.” Lexy’s innate need to give back to and offer aid to the community has also led to her involvement in other urgent issues, such as animal rescue and MAy/June 2018 | Las Vegas Agent Magazine


Cover Story

able to manage people and personalities well which allows me to help them in the way that they need. Every client is different and has different needs; therefore every deal is different as well.”

Israeli flag in Jerusalem

When it comes to dealing both with clients and co-workers, Lexy acknowledges that she has learned from the best. She said that whether an agent has been with the company for three days or 13 years, her mother, the Broker, supports them just the same. Though Diana has achieved quite a bit of success during the many years she has been in the real estate business; her daughter says that she still stays incredibly busy and remains an aggressive businesswoman. Following that example, Lexy is not only a Full-time Realtor but also assists in management throughout the company, training agents, and runs the compliance division. “Our company has expanded a lot over the last two years, so we are consistently busy,” she said, “But I’ll take busy over dull any day. I hold a full book of business & clients of my own working with buyers and sellers. It is definitely a time management challenge but one I meet proudly every day. Consistent communication with clients is key, so they are getting the service they deserve. I enjoy my admin role, and I train agents a lot as well (which I love), but there is no greater feeling than calling your seller to tell them the house is finally sold after a difficult transaction or telling your first-time homebuyer they are officially homeowners and handing them their keys.” In April, Lexy was honored to be awarded one of GLVAR’s Young Professionals Network’s Top “40 Under 40” for 2018. At only 30 years old, it is Lexy’s first time in this group, but it likely won’t be the last. She stated that she is currently focused on residential real estate but is interested in learning more about the commercial side of the business. “It has always interested me given it is a completely different side of real estate and the straight business aspect is right up my alley given my background.”

Active volcano in Nicaragua July of 2016

Reading is something she finds very important, and she says she would not be the person she is today, if not for the influence of books. She always has a book with her or in her car to read in her spare time or between appointments. When she can, Lexy also loves to attend concerts and music festivals of all kinds, and her tastes run from Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars to Elton John and Live, she’s taking Diana to a 90s-era rock band Bush concert in June, though truthfully, her favorite genre is Country. Lexy loves to travel and is always trying to plan the next trip. She has been to Israel, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, and cannot wait for the next destination! “I am trying to plan for Machu Picchu next spring or Europe this fall. There is just something so magical to me about going to another country and seeing and experiencing how they live every day.” When it comes to balancing hard work and play, Lexy feels like she’s found a happy medium. As far as what’s ahead for

“I’m a huge proponent that you should never stop learning because it opens up your knowledge base, but it also opens up your ability to do business and build a good life for yourself,” Lexy said. “I want to make sure I can be there for my clients and build on the accomplishments and success I’ve had.” As busy as her life gets, Lexy said she tries always to find time to relax a bit at home with her cats and a good book.


Hosting & giving blood for Jewish NEVADA with United Blood Services for Good Deeds Day 2017

Las Vegas Agent Magazine | May/JUNE 2018

Birthright trip to Israel in 2012

her in her professional life, she’s not 100% sure where she will end up, but she truly believes she’s on the right path. “The question I get all the time is, ‘Do I want to be a broker and do I want to open my own house someday?’” she said. “My answer is, ‘Absolutely not.’ Seeing what my mother deals with is incredible, but I do not think I could do it. Her patience is something I have never mastered (she says laughing at herself). She is a transactional Broker, who has facilitated 1000s of files closing, that kind of experience is rare and is what makes her the Broker she is to all of our licensees. My mother and I are incredibly different people, and we’re different agents. I think we both represent very key pieces of the company and I am happy we each have our roles and balance each other well.” When asked about future goals, Lexy stated, “When I think about lists and milestones for me, it tends to be more on a personal level, not a professional level; However, I would like to expand my business into commercial at some point and develop a team where I can grow my mentorship platform and business. On a personal level, I want to become more of an advocate for causes that I am passionate about; such as literacy, organ donation, and youth homelessness. There is still so much room for growth in everything, so I am really excited to see what the future holds, as cliché as that sounds.”

For more information, visit her website at or call 702-839-8916.


Builder Space Warmington offers New Phases in the Southwest


ar ming ton Residential is welcoming spring with a fresh selection of homes at three of its neighborhoods in Southwest Las Vegas including Vistaview, Ridgehaven and Rockpointe. These three neighborhoods offer a variety of single-family detached and attached homes with prices starting from the low $300,000s. At at all three locations, the highly-upgraded and furnished model homes will be available for purchase soon and interest lists are now forming. (Furnishings will be included in the price but sold separately.) It’s an excellent time to visit to take advantage of this renewed selection of family-friendly homes before it’s too late. Each of these popular neighborhoods is has or is preparing to enter into its closeout phase and these new releases represent some of the final opportunities to buy. Among the three neighborhoods offering new phases, buyers may choose from twostory plans that range from approximately 1,590 to 3,386 square feet with three to six bedrooms, up to four bathrooms and

two-space garages. Lifestyle amenities include a gated setting and a community pool at Ridgehaven, and a neighborhood park with shade, picnic areas and play equipment at Rockpointe. Vistaview h a s la rge home s with some pool-size homesites available. “Over the past few years, new Warmington com mu nities have been a f ixt ure in the Southwest and buyers looking for convenient a family-friendly setting, quality and value have made them some of the most popular in the area,” said Amy Thill, VP of Sales and Marketing for Warmington Residential in Nevada. “But now, as we approach sell-out, these opportunities are becoming limited and right now is the best last chance to buy with a renewed selection of plans and

options to buy a model home in the very near future.” The selection of new homes at Vistaview, Ridgehaven and Rockpointe may change as homes are sold but sales specialists are onsite daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to assist. For a map and directions to each of these neighborhoods and to view floorplans and a gallery, visit or call (877) 930-5599 for information.

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Getting Beyond the Complexities of

Etiquette for Today's Real Estate Professional By: Gloria Petersen

Appearance will ge t you through the door, but it is the right people skills that show you belong. ―William Thourlby, Author Passport to Power


t was once enough to be technically brilliant. Now, some say people skills are becoming a lost art because we depend so much on technology and social media as our preferred communication models. People skills are critical to any real estate professional’s success. You cannot avoid people. However, there is a lot of confusion as to how to use these skills effectively. Most misunderstandings are due to a lack of knowing how to interact with people who come from different walks of life. Why should agents care? Because different generations and cultures have been brought up with different expectations and acceptable behaviors. Adaptability and sensitivity are key! Plus, you don’t want to unintentionally offend someone. The best and most lasting impressions are made when you apply the correct or more appropriate behavior based on an awareness of gender, age, and cultural expectations. Additionally, agents with a more relaxed attitude to rules do not necessarily work well with international or high-profile clients for whom timehonored rituals or protocols still play a very important role in doing business and strengthening relationships.

We simply do not live in a society whereby everyone follows the same rules of behavior and assumes that everyone else follows the same value system. Nor, can we assume that “everyone knows” what’s appropriate. To understand and adapt to a variety of people and their expectations, it’s important to understand our country’s past as well as how generation or culturalrelated influences relate to today’s real estate environment. Early patriots, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, started recording rules of etiquette and decent behavior to express equality, individual freedom, social mobility, and to encourage dignity. Still good things because they


serve as an essential foundation for healthy relationships overall. History teaches us lessons that help us better prepare for today and tomorrow. Etiquette books for the American society were being recorded in the early 1800s and were inspired by George Washington’s “Rules of Civility.” (Did you know that George Washington started recording his “Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation” when he was 15!) His foresight served as an inspiration for every etiquette/protocol book ever written and gave the United States of America its behavioral foundation during our society’s evolution. The original rules and those that followed (up to the 1970s) are considered our “traditional rules” of etiquette. They are important to know because most are still honored in other countries and appreciated by our senior generation (and some regions of the U.S.). During the 1970s, a new approach evolved (in business settings) creating what is known as “modern rules” of etiquette. What is the difference? Gender! Traditional etiquette is gender-based. For example, the man opens the door for the woman. Modern etiquette is non-genderbased. Whoever opens the door for whom is based on hierarchy, not gender. For example, lower rank opens the door for higher rank. Socially, this can seem like a double standard because some women expect to have their door opened for them in social situations. It is almost as if there is a before 5:00 etiquette (the woman opens her own door) and an after 5:00 etiquette (the woman expects the gentleman to open the door). Bottom line: good manners dictate that if a gendered-courtesy is offered, politely accept. Realize that using the traditional (gendered) or modern (nongendered) rule in the right situation gains respect! Why Bother with Rules? Rules provide the launching pad for successful interactions

and removes a potentially awkward moment. Following the rules of etiquette is not about following rigid rules. It is about using common sense and adjusting behavior to fit the situation. This can be an art within itself! It’s all about matching the right behavior or action with the situation or moment. In this sense, etiquette and protocol serve as your communication foundation. What is Etiquette? The ability to put others at ease with you! Etiquette is also about being considerate and kind. Rules

of etiquette tend to change with the times and society and can vary from culture to culture. Etiquette and manners go handin-hand. For example: Traditional etiquette dictates that a man should always allow a woman to pass through the door first. In modern etiquette, we defer to rank and allow the higher-ranking individual (or guest) to pass through the door first. Good manners allow someone to pass through the door first as an act of courtesy, especially if someone is carrying packages or are having difficulty walking. Other instances include initiating a greeting, using one's name and title correctly, showing appreciation and gratitude, focusing the conversation on the client and not your technology (i.e., cellphone}, eating in a non-distracting way, etc.

What is the Protocol? Order! Protocol is the order in which things are done and rarely changes. The purpose is to remove distractions, gets things done in an organized and timely manner, and demonstrate respect. It’s all about who does what when? For example: When someone of rank or importance enters an office, both men and women stand to show respect (modern etiquette). You will experience men standing (or slightly rising) when a woman is seated at a meal or gets up to leave the table. This is traditional etiquette and demonstrates “good form.” However, it is not a practiced or expected gesture in today’s business environment. You rise for rank; not gender. If you are at a table and a male guest does slightly rise when a female colleague or guest arrives at the table or leaves the table (traditional etiquette), it would show good form for other gentlemen at the table to also extend the gesture. Women graciously accept. This puts the gentleman, extending this time-honored gesture, at ease, and demonstrates good manners. Other instances include making introductions based on rank and title, who initiates the handshake to whom, who is served their meal first when entertaining guests/ clients, etc. By learning what has changed, what

has remained the same, and when to show deference, you will be better equipped to create successful interactions and make a lasting professional impression. Furthermore, you will be able to navigate and thrive when intermingling with diverse real estate clients.

Gloria Petersen, CPP, founder, and president of Global Protocol, Inc., is an author, trainer, and speaker on Professional Presence, Business Etiquette, and Protocol. Gloria is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington ® and has received numerous certifications on her subject matter. Her four-book series, The Art of Professional Connections, and SME training modules represent her 30-year legacy. Learn more at or email direct:

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Why You Are Not Ready to Build a Team Until you are... By: Jan O’Brien


Principle #1: Begin with the End in Mind verything you do should be framed with the idea of building a salable asset and creating your exit strategy. To most agents, the next transaction is the focus. In my experience, most real estate professionals do not have a retirement plan let alone a strategy to sell their business or train a replacement and enjoy residual income for years to come. You need to be a long-term thinker. Remember, begin with the end in mind so you can focus on laying a strong foundation, staffing it with the right people, and growing a profitable real estate business. There needs to be order in the chaos.


When is the last time you sat down and did a thorough assessment of your business? And if you have, did you consider your long-term goals? To get you started, answer these questions: • What is your ultimate outcome? • Do you have an exit strategy? • How do you know if you have a salable asset? • What actions must you take now to work towards your exit strategy? Principle # 2: Run it like a Business Are you running a real estate business, or is IT running you? Running it like a business means you have made that mindset and operational shift to working and thinking as a small business owner. When you truly internalize this principle, you will experience a shift in the way you


operate. It is more than a mindset shift. You will become that business owner who thinks and operates from a different level. Most real estate agents operate in a salesonly mode where the business is generally running them. How do you answer this question … What do you do for a living? I have asked this question to 1000's of agents over the years, and the response is generally: "I am a REALTOR, I sell real estate, I help people find their dream home, etc." I encourage you to flip the script and answer with "I Own a Real Estate Business!” You are an entrepreneur and small business owner…make this Mindset Shift NOW! When you think and act like a fortune 500 company, then you will start to make decisions like a true business owner. Initially, this means you have effective and efficient business and real estate systems in place to support your team (small business). Here are the recommended core systems to implement or refine: • Business Plan and Goals • Unique Value Proposition & Branding • Niche Marketing and Advertising Strategies • Past Client & Referral System (Your Database) • Listing & Farming System • Buyer & Escrow System • Lead Generation & Follow-up System • Internet & Social Media Marketing Strategy • Business & Financial Metrics Principle #3: Brokerage within a Brokerage Model Building a team doesn’t necessarily mean you should start your own brokerage. In fact, I suggest you enjoy the many benefits that come with building your team within a company that supports team building. Leverage your brokerage's training, tools, and systems along with your unique value proposition to attract and retain productive team members.

increase your own by the way. Let your company handle the risk, liabilities, and requirements for running a brokerage, such as; regulatory compliance, commission handling, facilities management and operating expenses, dealing with complaints, disputes, and litigation. Principle #4: Working “ON” and “IN” your business Most small business owners are consumed with working “IN” their business and never stop to work “ON” their business. Many peak performing agents have optimized the tasks that create closed transactions and, as such, are thriving. As the owner of a Team, however, you must shift your focus to packaging and presenting your knowledge and systems to your team members so that they can succeed. Team members are primarily seeking leadership, mentoring and support. The challenge is scheduling the time to work ON your business. Remember, IN the business is the day-to-day transactional side (working with buyers and sellers). ON the business is building and managing the systems that are the foundation of any successful business, such as effective and duplicatable real estate systems that team associates can simply plug-in to. This is easier said than done, and most agents are not able to find the balance to execute this essential principle. The solution is to block time each week and commit to working “ON” your business. If you currently do not have solid real estate systems in place, then it is simply going to take time to complete. Be patient and stay the course. Focus on one system at a time and execute the action items step-by-step. If you have an assistant, then include her or him in the process of implementing the systems, building your operations manual and procedures guide. At the end of the day, if you internalize these four principles, you will instinctively know when the time is right to build your team. If that time is now, you are about to embark on an incredible and profitable adventure.

In this model, you can focus on your team’s production, and dramatically

Jan O'Brien has over 26 years of leadership, real estate brokerage, real estate training, business and coaching experience. She proudly served as a Captain & UH-60 Blackhawk pilot in the U.S. Army from 1984-92. Jan is currently a business coach with Innovative Real Estate Strategies in Las Vegas. She is the co-founder of WBNL Coaching, a company that provides online training and 1-1 coaching for agents, teams, and brokers including their signature Real Estate Team Builder program. Jan and her business partner, Matt Emerson, host the weekly Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, where Real Estate & Reality meet. To learn more, visit,, RealEstateTeamBuilder. com. Connect with Jan:, 702-858-9191, and @JanOBrien on social media.

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Affordability, Rising Rates, & Insatiable Demand By: Colby Baker


f you are in a real estate related industry right now, it's hard to deny the fact that inventory issues have finally come to a head. It all sounds eerily reminiscent of 2005 when there were 20 offers on a house within hours of hitting the MLS. With interest rates and home prices on a steady climb, we should expect to see decreasing affordability create a stall in demand in Las Vegas, right? Not so fast…

of Q2 2018 rates are hovering in the mid to high 4’s, which is not enough impact on affordability to make even the smallest dent in demand.

getting an offer accepted, some buyers are experiencing a bit of sticker shock. For the better part of a decade, consumers got used to rates in the 3’s and low 4’s and when rates temporarily moved above 5% every lender out there got cornered with the same questions and general indignation about a rate in the 5% range. When you couple sticker shock with the daunting task of getting an offer accepted, we could see some qualified buyers exiting the market (at least temporarily). Another potential issue is the lack of housing options for entry-level and millennial home buyers. Production of new homes under 200k is nearly non-existent in 2018. The past couple of years

Affordabilit y in the Future

have pointed to a clear shift to build new homes priced between 300k and 500k. This leaves even less inventory for new homebuyers looking for starter homes. Metrostudy housing stats recently stated, "Production is moving into the higher price points as only 21% of starts were priced below $300k, while in 2016 42% were”. So while housing may remain affordable, it doesn’t really matter if there aren’t enough houses to buy.

Although affordability is one way to stall demand in a hot market like Las Vegas, it’s not likely that it will even be a speed bump in the near future and here’s why. While home prices are easily outpacing income growth, the low-interest rate environment has helped keep affordability in check. Median household income has increased nearly 20% since 2010, and in the same timeframe, existing home prices have gone up a whopping 100%). Increasing home prices, while frustrating for buyers, tend to have a much lower impact on affordability than rising rates. In fact, affordability is near its highest in 40 years. In 1980 a family with the median household income could only afford a home ¾ the median home price, compared to today where the very same family can afford a home nearly 1.5 times the median home price (thank goodness as we don’t need any more demand for homes under 300k than we already have). Conversely, mortgage rates tend to have a much greater impact on affordability. In a recent study performed by Trulia, they found that if interest rates increased to levels seen in the 1980’s “the median household would go from being able to afford a $312,653 home to a $144,805 home”. I think it is safe to say that no one expects to see 30 year fixed rates near 16% anytime soon, but it does make sense to understand how rising rates can affect the market. To put things in perspective, for every 1% interest rates rise, affordability decreases by roughly 5.4%, and we have only experienced a modest increase in interest rates since the lowest point in history. In late 2016 30 year fixed rates were in the mid 3’s and as of the beginning


Clearly, the current demand will continue to drive home prices up in the foreseeable future, but higher home prices alone won’t have a significant impact on affordability. As stated above, interest rates have historically had a far bigger impact on the housing market than home prices, and we are not going to see rates high enough to cause issues anytime soon. As economic conditions continue to be favorable, it is expected that mortgage rates will continue to rise in 2018 but don't count on rates in the 6's in 2018, in fact, most predictions put rates in the high 4's by the end of the year. So if rising home prices and steadily increasing interest rates don’t appear to be a threat, then what could cause a cooling of the market? One thing that could potentially slow demand is sentiment. On top of the frustrations of actually

Las Vegas Agent Magazine | May/June 2018

Las Vegas continues to be fertile ground for case studies in wildly extreme markets. One thing that seems evident is that there are very few headwinds that might slow the high demand for homes right now. Affordability, jobs, income, and mortgage rates don’t appear to be serious threats in the foreseeable future; maybe someone will come up with an elegant solution to keep demand and inventory in check, but I wouldn’t count on it…

Coby Baker is the CEO of Alderus Mortgage, where over the last 4 years he led the company to being named a Top mortgage employer in America each of those years, as well as one of the Top Companies in Nevada on the 2015 Inc. 5000, showcasing the fastest-growing private companies in America. As a thought leader, he has held the position of President and Chairman of the board of NMLA (Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association) where he oversaw high impact legislative reform to stabilize lending in the state of Nevada after the great recession. He also served as VP of Community outreach for the Economic Club of Las Vegas. Coby can be reached at

Compliance Definition of compliance: 1. The action or fact of complying with a wish or command 2. The state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards.

Antonym: violation


suppose one could deduct that you are either in a state of compliance or violation.

Our children seem to morph between the two on a regular basis and with ease. Adults are usually not so quick to pull the trigger on not being in compliance. Compliance and ethics are very closely related you can not have one without the other. Fairness, honesty, disclosure, obedience, confidentiality are all words, as a realtor, we are familiar with. I usually see realtors heading into problems when they forget who their fiduciary duty is with. Their own selfinterests seem to take over when the going really gets tough. Having been a broker for many years, I have seen agents need to get signatures from their clients to complete their paperwork and get paid. Remarkably with 5 minutes, the signatures have been gotten, and the agent returns to collect their check. Years before digital signatures a wet signature was required, and I often wondered if they thought I believed that their client was sitting outside the office just waiting to sign any additional paperwork. I guess the thought of committing forgery verses getting their check was not a long thought process. Often, agents come to me and say that they do not have to follow their broker’s rules as they are not part of statute. Brokers have the right to institute standards of practice for their office. These are usually more restrictive than the statutes as statutes were devised to be a guideline for proper behavior and protection of the public. Some of the most violated compliance laws: Unauthorized practice of law This spawns lawsuits whenever brokers or salespeople provide legal advice. Article 13 of the NAR Code of Ethics states that “REALTORS® shall not engage in activities that constitute the unauthorized

By: Kolleen Kelley

practice of law,” which begs the question, What is the unauthorized practice of law? The courts have tried to strike a balance in their definition and take public policy into consideration. They don’t want the public damaged by unskilled practitioners, but they’ll look at whether it’s in the public interest to allow brokers to engage in certain activities, such as drafting clauses in legal documents. Generally speaking, courts have said that brokers are permitted to complete the blanks of a preprinted sales agreement that has been approved by an attorney. You may not draft documents or give legal advice. In the past, to determine the appropriate role of the broker and the lawyer, NAR would sit down with the American Bar Association, but the U.S. Justice Department came down hard on that alliance, saying that it was dividing the marketplace. So if your association still has an agreement with the local bar association, you may want to consider rescinding it. To limit legal advice liability: Know the parameters of what you may and may not do in your state, and urge clients to hire a lawyer if they have legal questions. False or misleading advertising These lawsuits can also address affinity programs, For Sale sign bans, and Internet advertising—a hot topic now. Advertising must always comply with state license law or regulations as well as the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. Licensee laws frequently address requirements such as indicating the broker’s status as a licensee in each ad. The Code of Ethics (Article 12) mandates that REALTORS® be careful at all times to present a true picture in their ads.

Recently, real estate commissioners have been looking closely at Internet advertising. Several states have adopted new rules to govern advertising by licensees on the Internet, including the use of e-mail and bulletin boards.

To limit advertising liability: Assure that all ads are truthful and not misleading. Comply with any special rules adopted in your state that govern the advertising of property and the promotion of real estate services on the Internet. NAR has partnered with the Newspaper Association of America to develop guides to effective advertising. Agency problems or breach of fiduciary duty These lawsuits most frequently arise when a problem with a transaction causes one of the parties to seek legal advice, and the lawyer asks, “Well, who was representing you?” These cases account for about 10 percent of suits against salespeople and brokers. Many of the suits involve claims of undisclosed dual agency. NAR’s Code of Ethics mandates agency disclosure, but laws governing the method and timing are different in each state. The broad common law agency duties are so poorly defined that many state associations have lobbied for statutory duties (written into law), allowing brokers to know exactly what duties they owe and what consumers can expect. To limit fiduciary duty liability: Take continuing education on your state’s current laws on agency disclosure and promote the use of agency disclosure forms. We are dealing with a moving target as far as compliance with technology moving as fast as it does. But doing the right thing with your client, broker or fellow agent always leaves a peace of mind that lets you rest well at night. Kolleen Kelley Exp Realty, LLC State Administrative Broker

Kolleen Kelley has been a licensed Realtor for more than 25 years and most of that time as a Broker. As Nevada State Administrative Broker for eXp Realty, Kolleen has served in rolls of Expert Witness, GLVAR President, NVAR President, Committee Chair of RRG, NAR Chair of Risk Management. Chair of Nevada Hardest Hit Funds. She’s also written and taught CE classes and is in the RPAC Hall of Fame, but still has time to be a Mother of 2 daughters and Grandmother of 2 grandsons. To reach Kolleen, please email her

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Are you

Stuck? By: Kelly Travis


t wasn’t that long ago that I was working within Corporate America, the publisher of a successful major magazine in town, hustling to continue to move up the ladder within my industry.

Do you want to move past the “stuck” and cut the excuses? Once you up-level all the areas of your life where you feel stuck, you will undoubtedly reach that next level of success in your career (and life). YOU are fully capable of changing, reaching new goals, and taking action. This page will be dedicated to helping you make that happen. I’ll discuss everything from sleep and stress to nutrition and fitness (and everything in between).

The perception was that I had it all together. I was killing it in my career, eating a lot of vegetables and I “looked” healthy, The reality was I working myself to the ground, falling into perfectionistic habits, wasn’t sleeping, and the other pieces of my life were a disaster.

My mind was my worst enemy when, if I played it right, it should have been my greatest ally. So I rationalized... My relationship with food isn’t that bad... I’m pregnant; we need to stay together... I might be unhappy in my career, but it’s a steady paycheck... I don’t have time to sleep... I’m always going to be stressed... I finally got tired of where I was (and all my excuses), and I made up my mind to take control and take action. I learned that health & wellness isn’t just made up of how we move and what we eat, it’s impacted by our relationships, career, home environment, stress, experiences, etc.

Instead of falling into the “all or nothing” trap, try this. Start small, with easily manageable tasks. For example, if you have a weight loss goal, rather then sign up for a 30-day challenge that won’t be sustainable after day 30, start by simply adding in healthy vegetables with every meal. Preschedule workouts in your calendar (and show up). Make a conscious effort to sit down when you eat your meals, rather than eating on the go. And, get 7-9 hours of sleep each night (because sleep impacts weight loss). Creat i ng realist ic (sust ai nable) action items will make the goal less overwhelming, ensure habit change, and allow you to celebrate little wins along the way.

I was playing small, taking care of everyone (except myself), and keeping a lid on my dreams and desires. As you can imagine, it had profound consequences in my personal and professional life. I had been downplaying the disappointment, the fear, and the unhappiness and convinced myself that things weren’t THAT bad.

overthinking and overanalyzing the plan to death - especially if you are a type A perfectionist!

For now, I want to leave you with the three things you need to get out of the “stuck” and take action. (You know this already, I’m just reminding you to do it.) Identify the goal. For some, this is the easy part. You know what you want, you just aren’t doing the work. For others, you may be completely disconnected from what you want because life is hectic and it’s another thing to do. What this really means is that you are uncomfortable even allowing yourself to dream up big goals for fear of not accomplishing them. Set aside some quiet time. Give yourself permission to think beyond today, this month, this year. High performers need to have goals outside of their career, so what do you want? Create a plan. Of all of the people who create a New Years resolution each year, 80% don’t ever achieve the desired goal. Why? No plan. It’s one thing to admit what you want, to dream about it, but it’s an entirely different thing to set it into motion. This is when resistance + excuses begin. It’s common to get tripped up with

Take action. Waiting for inspiration? Don’t. Waiting doesn’t get you anywhere. The hard truth is that if you want to achieve something, you need to ACT. You’ve got the goal, you’ve got the plan - now it’s time to do something with it. If you consistently find that you are talking yourself out of doing something, whether it’s making excuses or rationalizing inaction, it’s time to create a new habit by setting yourself up for success. Beyond counting to “3” and starting, think of ways to make it easy to act. Let’s say that one of your action items is to workout five days a week, but each morning you hit the snooze button (multiple times) until you no longer have time to workout. Put the dang phone further away from you, so you literally have to get up out of bed to turn it off. Take it a step further, and have those workout clothes set out right next to your phone. Still not working wear your workout clothes to bed! Change is scary. I know that one part of your brain loves to talk you out of taking action, right when the emotional part of you is ready to make a change, but... You don’t have to continue to be stuck. What’s something you’ve been ignoring or putting off that you want to change?

Kelly Travis positively impacts high performers and organizations through her work. She has an extensive background in health and counseling, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she earned her certification as a Holistic Health Coach and has an additional certification with Precision Nutrition in performance nutrition. Her passion for health and wellness started in college, where she was a collegiate All-American runner at UNC-Charlotte, and earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Central Michigan University. Kelly’s extensive background in sales, marketing and publishing in the competitive Las Vegas market allows her to seamlessly communicate with high performing men and women as well as organizational teams on all levels to cultivate a sustainable healthy lifestyle that brings them joy and supports them to achieve big goals. Kelly can be reached at:, or visit her website at:


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Local Housing Statistics Local Housing Statistics N ews

GLVAR housing statistics for April 2018


AS VEGAS – Local home prices kept climbing through April as the local housing supply continued

Southern Nevada home prices keep climbing while supply keeps shrinking

contracting, according to a report released today by the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS (GLVAR).

By the end of April, GLVAR reported 3,816 single-family homes listed for sale without any sort of offer. That’s down 24.9 percent from one year ago. For condos and townhomes, the 790 properties listed without offers in April represented a 23.6 percent increase from one year ago.

Meanwhile, the number of so-called distressed sales continues to decline. GLVAR reported that short sales and foreclosures combined accounted for 2.5 percent of all existing local home sales in April, down from 8.4 percent of all sales one year ago.

GLVAR reported that the median price for existing single-family homes sold in Southern Nevada during April through its Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was $289,000. That’s up 3.2 percent from the previous month and up 16.1 percent from April of 2017.

Bishop suspects more homeowners would consider selling if there were more homes on the market for them to buy. He cited recent surveys by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) showing more than 70 percent of U.S. homeowners think it’s a good to time to sell.

“That’s a pretty big jump when you think about a typical marketplace,” said 2018 GLVAR President Chris Bishop, a longtime local REALTOR . “And condo and townhome prices are up even more than that over the past year.”

The low supply may also be slowing down local home sales, which have been running roughly even with last year’s sales pace so far this year after increasing in recent years. The total number of existing local homes, condos and townhomes sold during April was 3,571. Compared to one year ago, April sales were up 0.4 percent for homes and up 4.5 percent for condos and townhomes.

These GLVAR statistics include activity through the end of April 2018. GLVAR distributes statistics each month based on data collected through its MLS, which does not necessarily account for newly constructed homes sold by local builders or homes for sale by owners. Other highlights include:

The median price of local condos and townhomes sold in April was $155,000, up 19.2 percent from the same time last year. One factor pushing up prices is the increasingly tight housing supply. Bishop said Southern Nevada has about a month and a half supply of existing homes available for sale when a six-month supply is considered a balanced market. “The biggest challenge we have in this market is available inventory, finding properties out there that people are willing to sell,” Bishop explained. “We just don’t have enough inventory to meet demand.”

GLVAR reported that 27.3 percent of all local properties sold in April were purchased with cash. That compares to 27.5 percent one year ago. That’s well below the February 2013 peak of 59.5 percent, indicating that cash buyers and investors are still active in the local housing market, but have been Southern Nevada home prices keep climbing while supply keeps shrinki... https://www.printfriendly. com/p/g/pvWLBb playing a much smaller role than they were five years ago.

The total value of local real estate transactions tracked through the MLS during April was more than $960 million for homes and nearly $117 million for condos, high-rise condos and townhomes. Compared to one year ago, total sales volumes in April were up 17.0 percent for homes and 25.4 percent for condos and townhomes. Homes and condos continued to sell faster than last year at this time. In April, 86.5 percent of all existing local homes and 91.5 percent of all existing local condos and townhomes sold within 60 days. That compares to one year ago, when 0 percent of all existing local homes and 86.4 percent of all existing local condos and townhomes sold within 60 days.

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Housing NEWS N ews Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® April 2018 Statistics Single Family Residential Units AVAILABILITY AT END OF PERIOD # of available units listed Median list price of available units Average list price of available units

$ $

*AVAILABILITY AT END OF PERIOD # of available units listed w/o offers Median list price of available units w/o offers Average list price of available units w/o offers

Change from Change from Mar 18 Apr 17 3,816 -0.5% -24.9% 389,954 +2.6% +11.4% $ 643,543 +0.5% +14.5% $

Apr 18 $ $

Change from Change from Mar 18 Apr 17 3,754 +0.8% +2.3% 309,900 +3.3% +14.8% $ 390,155 -0.2% +14.4% $

Apr 18

NEW LISTINGS THIS PERIOD # of new listings Median price of new listings Average price of new listings

$ $

Change from Change from Mar 18 Apr 17 2,878 -8.7% +0.4% 289,000 +3.2% +16.1% $ 333,602 +0.9% +16.5% $

Apr 18

UNITS SOLD THIS PERIOD # of units sold Median price of units sold Average price of units sold

$ $

TIME ON MARKET FOR UNITS SOLD THIS PERIOD 0-30 days 31-60 days 61-90 days 91-120 days 121+ days

Apr 18

Mar 18

72.9% 13.6% 4.9% 3.1% 5.5%


Apr 18 $


Apr 17

69.4% 12.6% 6.3% 4.9% 6.8%

Source: Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®

Condo/Townhouse Units

Change from Change from Apr 18 Mar 18 Apr 17 8,588 +0.6% -21.9% 325,000 +1.6% +12.1% 479,450 +0.6% +14.1%

62.6% 16.4% 7.1% 4.7% 9.2%

Apr 18 1,878 159,900 188,752 Apr 18 790 160,000 203,454 Apr 18 927 164,999 182,293 Apr 18 693 155,000 168,630

Change from Change from Mar 18 Apr 17 +4.6% +1.3% +3.2% +18.4% +1.5% +20.1%

DISCLAIMER: This data is based on information from the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. MLS collects, compiles and distributes information about homes listed for sale by its subscribers who are real estate agents. MLS subscription is available to all real estate agents licensed in Nevada, but is not available to the general public. Not all licensed agents subscribe to the MLS. MLS does not include all new homes available or listings from non-MLS agents, nor does it include properties for sale by owner. The territorial jurisdiction of the GLVAR as a member of the National Association of REALTORS® includes Clark, Nye, Lincoln and White Pine Counties, Nevada, and such other areas as from time to time may be allocated to the GLVAR by the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Change from Change from Mar 18 Apr 17 +3.8% +23.6% +0.1% +7.4% +0.9% +9.4% Change from Change from Mar 18 Apr 17 +1.4% +16.3% +6.5% +22.3% +6.5% +21.1% Change from Change from Mar 18 Apr 17 -5.6% +4.5% -3.1% +19.2% -1.8% +20.0%

Apr 18

Mar 18

76.8% 14.7% 4.0% 1.6% 2.9%

Change from Change from Apr 18 Mar 18 Apr 17 -7.9% +17.0% $ 116,860,675

For media inquiries, please call George McCabe, with B&P Public Relations, at (702) 325-7358

Apr 17

78.9% 10.1% 5.2% 2.9% 3.0%

75.4% 11.0% 5.7% 2.3% 5.6%

Change from Change from Mar 18 Apr 17 -7.3% +25.4%

*This category reflects the existing market availability of listings without pending or contingent offers. Source: Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® For media inquiries, please call George McCabe, with B&P Public Relations, at (702) 325-7358. Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® Statistics

Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® Statistics DISCLAIMER: This data is basedGreater on information from the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. MLS collects, compiles and distributes information about homes listed for sale by its subscribers who are real estate agents. MLS subscription is available to all real estate agents licensed in Nevada, but is not available to the general public. Not all licensed agents subscribe to the MLS. MLS does not include all new homes available or listings from non-MLS agents, nor does itWithout include properties for sale Or by owner. The territorialOffers jurisdiction of the GLVAR as a member of the National Association of REALTORS® includes Clark, Units Sold in Availability Pending Contingent Nye, Lincoln and White Pine Counties, Nevada, and such other areas as from time to time may be allocated to the GLVAR by the Board of Directors of the National Association of End Of Period REALTORS®.


Availability Without Pending Or Contingent Offers [ End Of Period ]

14 12

Single Family Residential Units

10 8 6 4 2 0

Condo/ Townhouse Units

Units Sold in Period Period

4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

Single Family Residential Units

Condo/ Townhouse Units


Month Source: Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®

Source: Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® For media inquires, please call George McCabe, B&P Public Relations, at (702) 325-7358.

For media inquires, please call George McCabe, B&P Public Relations, at (702) 325-7358.


GLVAR was founded in 1947 and provides its more than 11,000 local members with education, This data is based on information from the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) Multiple Listing training and political representation.DISCLAIMER: The local representative of the National Association of Service (MLS). This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. MLS collects, compiles and distributes information about homes listed for sale by its subscribers who are real estate agents. MLS subscription is available to all real estate agents licensed in REALTORS®, GLVAR is the largest professional organization inall Southern Nevada. GLVAR Nevada, but is not available to the general public. Not licensed agents subscribe to the MLS. MLSEach does not include all new homes available or listings from non-MLS agents, nor does it include properties for sale by owner. The territorial jurisdiction of the GLVAR as a member receives the highest level of professional training and must abide by a strict code of ethics. member of the National Association of REALTORS® includes Clark, Nye, White Pine and Lincoln Counties, Nevada, and such other areas as from time to time may be allocated to the GLVAR by the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS®. For more information, visit or

DISCLAIMER: This data is based on information from the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. MLS collects, compiles and distributes information about homes listed for sale by its subscribers who are real estate agents. MLS subscription is available to all real estate agents licensed in Nevada, but is not available to the general public. Not all licensed agents subscribe to the MLS. MLS does not include all new homes available or listings from non-MLS agents, nor does it include properties for sale by owner. The territorial jurisdiction of the GLVAR as a member of the National Association of REALTORS® includes Clark, Nye, White Pine and Lincoln Counties, Nevada, and such other areas as from time to time may be allocated to the GLVAR by the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS®.



Las Vegas Agent Magazine | MAY/June May/June 2018

Local Housing Statistics Local Housing Statistics N ews GLVAR’s Young Professionals Network honors its Top “40 Under 40” local REALTORS®


AS VEGAS – The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (G LVA R) a n d i t s Yo u n g Professionals Network of Las Vegas (YPN) have announced the winners of their annual “40 Under 40” awards. The awards program was created to acknowledge the top 40 local REALTORS® under the age of 40 who demonstrate excellence in their careers and service to their community, the real estate industry and their state, local and national associations. Honorees were chosen by a selection committee of GLVAR members, who also considered their professional designations, contributions to charities and to GLVAR’s Political Survival Fund, as well as their annual real estate sales transactions and number of properties they manage. They will be honored at a May 31 evening event at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and recognized in various ways by GLVAR, including being featured in GLVAR’s Southern Nevada REALTOR® publication. YPN’s “40 Under 40” honorees for 2018 include: • Dertrez Brown-Pressley, Guardian Realty Investments & PM LLC • Chad Bull, Signature Real Estate Group • Christina Cova-Simmons, BHHS Nevada Properties • Christina Chipman, Realty One Group, Inc.


YPN of Las Vegas

• Andrew Dionne, Barrett and Co., Inc.

• Shanta Patton, Urban Nest Realty

• Truman Fleming, Keller Williams Realty Southwest

• Amy Poremba, Las Vegas Shorewood Real Estate

• Larissa Gaccione, BHHS Nevada Properties

• Mary Preheim, Keller Williams Realty Southwest

• Allexandra Glassman, Platinum Real Estate Professionals

• Yared Rivera, Signature Real Estate Group

• Robert Gluskin, Signature Real Estate Group

• Stephen Roberts Jr., SER Realty LLC

• Erin Green, Signature Real Estate Group • onathan Jacobs, Simply Vegas • Lola Karacsonyi, Monopoly Realty & Management, Inc. • Natasha Kattau, Coldwell Banker Premier • Eric Kruger, Blue Diamond Realty LLC • Thomas Leigh, Vegas One Realty • Alexandra Malenkina, Nevada Realty Experts • Jason Mattson, Orange Realty Group LLC • James McGuire, Signature Real Estate Group • Paulina McKinney, Urban Nest Realty • Jay Mirando, Signature Real Estate Group • Cassandra Mor, the Mor Group • Frank Napoli, BHHS Nevada Properties

• Iraida Salgado, Signature Real Estate Group • Gianni Sammarco, BHHS Nevada Properties • Kirby Scofield, Scofield Realty Inc. • Diane Sirikhan, Lyons Share Real Estate • Shay Stein Fillinger, Redfin • Angela Tina, Urban Nest Realty • Peter Torsiello, NextHome Community Real Estate • Rexalynn Walberg, Goliath Properties • Zach Walkerlieb, Coldwell Banker Premier • Tod Wever, Real Property Management of Las Vegas LLC • Trish Williams, Keller Williams Realty the Marketplace One • Geoffrey Zahler, Zahler Properties LLC • Kamyar Zargari, Triumph Property Management Company

YPN of Las Vegas is an organization of young, career-minded, real estate professionals who focus on the importance of education, technology, community service and building relationships through networking. Central to the mission of YPN of Las Vegas is the goal of creating programs to encourage, foster and promote young GLVAR members to excel in their careers and encourage the pursuit of leadership roles at the local, state and national levels. For more information, visit

May/JUNE 2018 | Las Vegas Agent Magazine MAy/June


A ff i l i ate P rofile

Marie Harrod Title Representitive North American Title


arie started in the title and escrow industry of Las Vegas in 1995. She began her career in the Administrative offices, and within five years was running an exceptionally busy escrow desk, her specialty was working with the builder communities. Marie started in the marketing department in 2003 and is currently a member of the Marketing Department with North American Title. During Marie’s 23 years in the business, she has had the honor of working with some of the top agents in town. With a focus on tailoring your marketing to your needs, Marie keeps focused on what is important to you and your business. Whether it's Farming, Open House Strategies, Listing Strategies or Social Media Marketing, Marie recognizes the importance of education and holds about ten classes a month at her North American Office. Since service to others is at the core of Marie’s priorities, she was on the Board of Directors for Women’s Council of Realtors for several years, along with The National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Helping agents increase their business and find a balance between work and personal life is Marie’s passion. For further information on how Marie and North American Title can help you, please write: mharrod@nat. com or call (877) 430-NATC(6282) cell: 702-553-5252 8485 W. Sunset Suite 111 Las Vegas, NV 89113


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