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Christina Chipman






Don’t Let the Big Contractors Rip You off!

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Don’t Let the Big Contractors RipCompressors, You off! Capacitors, Contactors, Thermostats, Our experienced technicians won’t try to sell you a new A/C Motors, Fuses, and so much more! Refrigerant, when all you need is a part... We stock and install these parts! • Service Agreements

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• Air Conditioning Specialists • Preventive Maintenance • Service Agreements • Evaporative Cooler Repairs • Same Day Service Available

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702.896.0000 Lic. # 80965

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l td.

Asset Protection & Estate Planning Nevada has the strongest asset protection laws in the country. Learn how you can keep your assets safe!

The Suites at Summerlin Las Vegas, Nevada 89135 702-690-9090

Robert L. Bolick











Pet Damage Created Exclusively for the Las Vegas Real Estate Professional

Robert Bolick

“Supersize” Your Homestead Exemption

Melodie C. Miller

Brent Wood


Debunking Mortgage Myths

Angela Giles

Mike Klimek


Extension Ladder Safety

Sho Labaco

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Ray Long



Christina Chipman

Michelle Williams

Property Management & Evictions Did you know?

Bob Doyle

Wealth Beyond Reason

Dan Eiden

Time Efficient Exercise

Scott Beaudry

Technology and the Influence on Our Roles as Realtors

Jan O’Brien

Attitude + Action = ATTRACTION

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t e PDamage By: R a y L o n g


or many of us, our furry little friend is considered a member of the family! Every pet owner knows that accidents happen from time to time, and there is an effective way to handle the occasional accident when it occurs.

There are various levels of treatment that can be performed, and each level becomes more costly and invasive. When determining what level of service to purchase, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few of the questions to consider when choosing:

Wear protective rubber or latex gloves and blot the wet urine using absorbent paper towels. Apply pressure to the stain and change paper towels as needed to soak up as much as you can. Apply a mixture of one cup of distilled white vinegar, two cups of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda, shake it up and spray on the affected area. Let it sit for 5 minutes and blot up with fresh paper towels and follow up with fresh, clean water and blot again.

What is the severity of the damage?

When the family pet causes very heavy urine damage, and when it is beyond just a few areas, the question eventually has to be it better to clean or replace? Those of us in the carpet cleaning profession are faced with this difficult question from consumers on a regular basis. It is a question that can’t be easily answered with certainty. When you see a spot on the surface of the carpet, it is likely double that size in the padding underneath and the subfloor will most likely be affected as well. An inspection using a blacklight can help reveal long dried stains and determine the severity of the damage. Wavelengths in the blacklight cause phosphorous and proteins to glow, making detection easier.

Option 1: Professionally steam clean carpets which will include a quality pre-treatment and hot water extraction. This will usually satisfy the minor pet damage situation.




What is the size of the animal, helping to determine the amount of urine deposited? How much and how often has it happened? Has the pet causing the issue stopped or been removed from the property? What is the tolerance level of the occupant? Here are a few basics when choosing the level of cleaning to be performed:

Option 2: Purchase an optional topical pet treatment product that the professional technician will apply to the surface and typically use a floor machine to agitate and scrub deep into the carpet fibers and backing followed by the hot water extraction. This will usually satisfy a slightly elevated pet damage situation. Option 3: Purchase a two-step pet damage process which includes pulling the carpet up, replacing affected padding and


sealing the subfloor followed by hot water extraction of the back and top of the carpet. This begins to become marginally costeffective but can produce effective results of intermediate to heavy pet damage. Today’s powerful carpet cleaning equipment and the science of cleaning solutions available to the professional can produce satisfactory results in most cases. However, for extremely heavily damaged carpet sometimes the honest answer may be to inform the consumer to replace. This is when some of the questions mentioned above are important to consider when deciding the best and most cost-effective course of action. A professional company with qualified technicians will provide their best advice upon inspection and will strive to produce results that you will leave you satisfied. Ray Long has been the Owner-Operator of Raysco Inc. for over 20 years. With extensive education and certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, Ray is also certified in Carpet Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation. For more information, or to reach Raysco, please call (702) 837-4914 or visit:

How to “Supersize” Your Homestead Exemption By: R o b e r t B o l i c k

strongest, and by all independent accounts, the best asset protection trust in the nation. They are easy to set up and easy to administer. How do they work? Under Nevada law, you can be the trustee and the beneficiary of your trust. You can create your own NAPT and hold your home and all other assets that you’d like to protect in your trust. By statute, the asset protection benefits kick in after your assets have been held in your trust for two years. As the trustee of your trust, you have complete control over selling, buying, and reinvesting your assets. You also have the ability to distribute them to yourself or any other beneficiary whenever you like. No creditors can attach any assets held in trust or any distributions from your trust. The bottom line is that Nevada offers you the ability to create your own NAPT, hold your valuable assets within the trust, and after two years, be 100% protected for the rest of your life.


n the last edition, I wrote an article outlining the basics of Nevada homestead laws. We are fortunate to have a very generous statute which protects up to $550,000 of equity in your primary residence. What if you or your client has over $550,000 of equity in their home now? Can you protect it? Yes. There is also a hidden danger of which most people aren’t aware. Over the course of time, as property values rise and your mortgage gets paid down, your equity could creep up to the point that your home could eventually be liened and sold against your will. Is there anything you can do now to ensure that your home can remain your home as long as you choose to live there? That one can ever take your home from you? Absolutely. Limitations of Living Trusts. Revocable living trusts are wonderful vehicles to avoid probate, avoid will contests after you are gone, and can be used to provide your beneficiaries with complete asset protection throughout their lives on everything they inherit from you. What your living trust won’t do is protect your assets during your life. Fortunately, there is a trust which can – the Nevada Asset Protection Trust (NAPT). Can’t I Protect My Home with a Limitedliability Company (LLC)?

No. Not without incurring unnecessary income tax liabilities every year for as long as you live in your home. Why is that? In order for your LLC to provide asset protection, it must be treated as an independent entity, separate and district from you. If you create an LLC to own your home and don’t pay the LLC any rent, you are not treating it as an independent entity. You open the door for a creditor to attach your home under an “alter ego” theory. Worse yet, you cannot claim a homestead exemption because you no longer own your home – your LLC does. So what if you choose to treat your LLC as an independent entity and pay rent? Any problems there? Big ones. First of all, you’d need to pay the full fair market rental value for the home, or you would not be treating it as an independent, arms-length transaction. Is rent deductible by you? No. Is rent reportable by you as the owner of the LLC? Yes. So what you will have accomplished is to create unnecessary taxable income for yourself each and every year for as long as you own your home. Not a good move. But all is not lost. Is there any way that you can protect your home? Yes. Nevada Asset Protection Trusts (NAPT). We are fortunate to have the safest,

Your NAPT can be set up as a “grantor” trust, meaning that there are no tax consequences on contributing your home or other valuable assets, properties, or investments into your trust. It also means that no separate tax return is required for your trust. You report all income and losses on your individual income tax return the same as if the trust didn’t exist. You still retain all of the income tax benefits of home ownership, such as deducting interest on your mortgage and property taxes. You also retain your $250,000 per person capital gains exclusion for the sale of your primary residence. In short, Nevada permits each of us to, in essence, have unlimited protection of our homes for life without any downside or limitations. What’s more, we can even use our NAPTs to protect all of our other valuable assets. The protection is not limited to just our homes. It simply doesn’t get any better than that!

Attorney Robert L. Bolick is Owner and President of Bolick & Boyer in Las Vegas, specializing in estate planning and asset protection. He maintains an “AV” rating with MartindaleHubbell, which is the highest rating awarded to attorneys for professional competence and ethics. (702) 690-9090| | VOL. 6 / ISS. 5


Debunking Mortgage Myths By: B r e n t W o o d

Myth 1 Home Equity Lines of Credit are based on the amount of equity in my home. While it is true that HELOCs put a lien on your property, you do not qualify just by having equity. As with any mortgage, your income, credit, and financial strength is evaluated in underwriting.

Myth 2 Mortgage Insurance is required if I don’t put 20% down. Based on the facts about FHA loans, there are many ways to avoid mortgage insurance. VA loan does not have monthly mortgage insurance. Portfolio lenders offer programs without mortgage insurance. And, some conventional programs can couple a 1st and 2nd mortgage to avoid mortgage insurance by keeping the 1st mortgage at or below 80%.

Myth 3 Mortgage Rates are set by the Fed. As with most myths, this is based on some truth. The Fed funds rate is influential on interest rates in general; they do not directly dictate mortgage rates. For instance, a .25% drop in the Fed Funds Rate does not




mean 30 year fixed rates drop that exact amount. Other economic factors like the stock market, bond rates, and other trends can also affect mortgage rates.

Myth 4 “Buyer Beware,” or in this case, “Borrower Beware.” Often clients are steered into a particular company based on advertising that makes them seem unique. One lender advertises a feature like “lock your rate while you shop for your loan,” making it seem like it is unique to their company. In truth, many banks and lenders offer similar programs. Shopping for a loan is a good idea. While assuming a particular lender is your only choice is not. For instance, even when buying from a new home builder, requesting competitive quotes from other lenders will either give you confidence in your choice or you may find that the free appliances are not “free” over the long run.

Myth 5 All lenders are pretty much the same. Actually, many Lenders are similar, offering FHA, VA, Conventional, and


USDA loans. However, some lenders have portfolio products which can differ quite a bit from conventional lenders. Comparing apples, oranges, and peaches are better than simply comparing apples. Disclaimer, Washington Federal Bank (where the author works) is a portfolio lender.

Brent A. Wood, NMLS # 327581, is Branch Manager, Washington Federal. A 15 year veteran of the Mortgage Industry, Brent has worked in positions ranging from Loan Originator to Director of Marketing, and Branch Manager. Brent has extensive experience teaching children, teens, consumers, & real estate agents on industry topics like Financial Literacy, Mortgage Financing, First Time Homebuyers, Reverse Mortgages, Loan Origination Technology, Construction Loans, Marketing, and Ethics. To reach Brent, please email: brent.wood@wafd. com or call Cell 702-629-9555 Off 702-638-1236.


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Michelle Williams New Accounts Director Broker-Salesperson Permitted Property Manager BS.0144129 / PM. 0151580

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Michelle Williams/Nicklin Property Management

Extension Ladder Safety By: M i k e K l i m e k


lenty of homeowners get injured using extension ladders, or more accurately, failing to be safe using extension ladders. I often get asked whether to buy an aluminum ladder or a fiberglass ladder. If my skinny rear end had to be elevated 30 feet off the ground, it would be on a fiberglass ladder. Not only are they poor conductors of electricity (which is good if you’ll be working around overhead power lines), but they are heavier and more sturdy than aluminum ladders. I think fiberglass just feels more solid than aluminum, plus most of them are orange, and I look good in orange (or at least perched atop an orange ladder). For your situation, I would rent the ladder for roughly $40 per day, rather than buying one for several hundred dollars. Ladders receive a rating from the American Ladder Institute (yes, there really is such an institute), according to their material and the total weight they can carry. Ladder ratings vary from Type III, which can handle as much as 200 pounds, all the way to Type IAA, which can handle as much as 375 pounds. Each ladder has its rating and weight capacity stamped on the side, along with some general safety information. Each year more than 500,000 people are injured by falls involving ladders, according to the institute. A ladder this size may be tough to move around since it can weigh as much as 120 pounds. Perhaps a helpful neighbor may be at your disposal if he’s willing. Standing the ladder up may be a chore all by itself. You can have your neighbor hold the bottom of the ladder to the ground while you hoist the other end of it up by pushing it up, rung by rung, until it is vertical. If you’re doing it alone, you can wedge the




feet against a curb or wall, or even drive stakes into the ground to stand it up. Once the ladder is vertical, you have the chore of moving it -- don’t try to move a fully extended ladder. Instead, lower the ladder and move it a foot or two at a time. Grab a rung at about waist-high, another rung at around head-high and lift so that it just comes off of the ground (use your legs, not your back). Check for obstructions on the ground and be keenly aware of the ladder’s center of gravity. It doesn’t take much to lose control and have the ladder topple. I remember in the movie “Animal House” when Brother Bluto (John Belushi) is on the top of an extension ladder, and he is moving it by jumping with it down the side of a house. I can safely say that’s definitely not the way to do it. I guess the reward of seeing a naked sorority sister was worth the risk of breaking his neck. If you are working on a paved surface, the feet of the ladder have rubber treads to grip the surface. If you are working on grass, the feet have teeth that can rotate down to dig into the grass. As an added safety precaution, drive wooden stakes behind the bottom rung so that the ladder can’t slip out of place. Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends that a ladder be set at a 75-degree angle to the wall. There are a couple of quick ways to approximate this. One is to set the ladder’s feet 1 foot out from the wall for every 4 feet of vertical rise. The other way is to stand with your toes at the foot of the ladder and stretch your arms out. Your hands should just touch the rungs in front of them. Before you step onto the ladder, make


sure it is secure and vertical. If you step on the rung and the ladder moves, get off of it and adjust it. This may mean simply moving the feet of the ladder to the left or right by an inch or two. If you’re working on grass, you may have to shore up the feet of the ladder by digging out a little grass or adding a wood plank below the low foot. You can also buy leg levelers that bolt to the ladder’s legs to keep the ladder vertical. You can test the stability by putting your weight on the bottom rung and slightly pulling the ladder off of the wall. The ladder will tilt if one side is low. Once you are working, be careful about leaning too far. Keep your feet spread out against the rails of the ladder. It is much safer to move the ladder rather than lean too far and risk injury.

Mike Klimek is a Licensed Contractor and Owner of Las Vegas Handyman. He has written hundreds of articles regarding home repair and remodeling and has been published in Southern Nevada Home & Garden Magazine, Finishing Touches Magazine, Zip Code Magazines, and Real Estate Success Magazine. He has written for the Las Vegas Review-Journal & Sun since November 2000. Watch for Mike’s regular column here and in the Las Vegas RJ. (702) 896-0000

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Bringing Beauty in Balance, with Mind,Body, & Spirit! ”


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Christina Chipman:

o d o t t o g k c u l s ’ t a Wh with it?

way. In fact, the tireless young Realtor has done it three times over—in banking, insurance and, now, real estate. In each field, she started out in a support role and rose quickly to leadership. In only four years in real estate—a blink of the industry’s eye—she’s about to be installed as 2020 president of the Women’s Council of Realtors Las Vegas Network. “I’ve always been in leadership roles, ever since high school when I was in student council. It’s a very natural progression for me,” she said simply. A little more than luck, in other words. Born and raised in Las Vegas, married at the early age of 19, Christina landed what she calls her “first real job as an adult” as a Merchant Teller at U.S. Bank. One could, we suppose, call it luck that one of the bankers left that world for insurance sales and “dragged me out of my job as an assistant branch manager to work with her in insurance, where I stayed for 13 years.”



I constantly ask myself: How did I get so lucky?"

everal studies have found that even the most successful women attribute that success to luck, rather than to inborn talent and hard work.

did I get so lucky? How did that just fall into my lap?”

Case in point: Urban Nest Realtor Christina Chipman.

Growing up in a city that’s very existence relies on luck, or the lack thereof, Christina's family experienced plenty of financial hardships. With grit, irrepressible energy, and a relentless work ethic, Christina made her own

“It’s kind of weird how things just happen in life, and then you end up where you were supposed to be all along,” she mused. “I constantly ask myself: How




It wasn’t just luck, of course. Any ace poker player will tell you that it takes inner fire and keen wits to be a winner.


Christina with da ughters Mckenzie, Danika, and Taylor (l-r)



here, too, Christina started as an assistant and ended up opening her own home, auto, life, and health insurance agency.

Step by step, absorbing everything along the way, she moved on and up. Banking built her skills in numbers, finance, and credit. Insurance honed her people skills. It might have been the sheer luck of knowing someone in real estate, but in the end, she trusted her instincts and inner fire to make a daring leap. “A friend of mine at the time did real estate, and I knew I wanted to get out of insurance. So I closed my agency and went to real estate school.” In insurance, she’d known there would be a paycheck week after week, but for Christina, this was an “all in” decision— not just going to school on the side, but plunging in with no safety net. By now she was a single mom with three daughters, so if it didn’t work, her kids weren’t getting fed. She hit the ground running. Now an agent with Urban Nest Realty, Christina Chipman feels she’s doing what she was always meant to do. “It helped that I came out of hard, detailoriented businesses. People already saw me as a solid business owner, with a sphere of clientele and friends who trusted me to help them.” And that fire inside kept on feeding what


au e @ Life is Be Kris & Christin ival 2018 Fest t Ar & ic us M

she modestly insists on calling “luck.” “I’m naturally a bit competitive, so the quick ‘hunt and kill’ of real estate appeals to that. Every deal is a new set of challenges. Every day is different. There’s nothing mundane or simple about it. It feeds my need for an adrenaline rush, for winning.” She’s a devoted mother to her three daughters, but adrenaline still drives her. In her “me” time, travel is literally her escape—either solo, with her fiancé or with friends—often to music festivals.


t’s a huge part of who I am outside of real estate,” she said. “I’m an adrenaline junkie, skydiving, snowboarding, hitting the festivals.”


ary 2014

g in Febru

Every year she goes to the Stagecoach country music festival in California. She thrives on the weekend-long, laser-blasted electronic dance revel that is EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Las Vegas. But luck, and more adrenaline than most could handle, collided at the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Her friends were injured in the mass shooting that took 58 lives; Christina lost her phone in the melée and had to contact family using a stranger’s phone, and she survived. After she lay crying on the couch for several days afterward, it was a Women’s Council event that snapped her out of it. “I’m done with that,” she said to herself and soldiered on.

Christina in Aruba September 2017

Christin a Harves at the Route t Festiv 91 al 2018

Today, she explains the passion for involvement that lifted her from the darkness. She still attributes part of it to the lucky day she met her Mentor, Merri Perry. “I want to spread the word to those coming in about how much I love the Women’s Council so that others can understand what it provides. There’s no way I could be where I am today if Merri Perry hadn’t said to me, ‘Hey, you’re going to this meeting with me.’ I feel incredibly blessed to be following in the footsteps of women like her. Merri brought me in when I was new to real estate and mentored me through it all. “Yared Rivera and I ran against each other a couple of years ago for president-elect. I was brand new then and didn’t really know what I was doing, but everything happens for a reason. I knew when I woke up the morning of the voting that whatever was meant to be would be. Now, looking back, Yared’s one of my dearest friends and was the right person for the job at the time. I’m thankful for her guidance over the years as well.” “I’m not one to reinvent the wheel, as long as things are working as well as they are in Women’s Council. I’m so lucky because all I have to do is keep the ball rolling. 2019 President Lisa Waldeck is an amazing woman and quite a role model to follow.” Again, what’s luck got to do with it? Christina doesn’t count only on good fortune. In her scant four real estate years, she’s been continuously recognized as a Top Producing Agent and was a 2018 & 2019 YPN Top 40 Under 40 Realtor VOL. 6 / ISS. 5



Christina & friend s at the Children’s Ho spital for The Just One Project Smile Project Vis it 2018

DC Christina in Washington

nce 2019

for WCR Mid Year Confere

Award Recipient. She attends the National Association of Realtors and Women’s Council of Realtors conferences around the United States and takes extensive training to stay relevant and educated for her clients.

Council, president, is running for the GLVAR board at the local level, before possibly moving on to the state level.

If it weren’t for her commitment to handson personal attention to those clients, there might have been a Chipman Team formed. But she believes in bucking the arms-length e-trend by taking the time to physically be there for each client. She’s such a relationship builder that she’ll drop by with surprises for them, from Halloween pumpkins and goodie baskets to springtime succulent planters.

“As a Las Vegas native in the real estate industry,” she said, “community is incredibly important to me. I’ve made giving back a family affair, teaching my daughters to do the right thing by regularly seeking out opportunities to donate our time.”

It’s no surprise that they remember her and are already becoming repeat customers. “Instead of making it a priority to constantly seek out new clients, although meeting new clients is wonderful, I cultivate relationships with existing clients. I’ll never be at a loss for business if I treat every client the best I can. They’re my own little sales team.” “I don’t know what the future holds,” she admitted. “But right now, I enjoy being on my own. It might be the control freak in me. It’s me, my name, my business, and I want to handle my clients myself. That’s part of the reason why I don’t have an assistant or a transaction coordinator. The client has me from A to Z, and I like it that way. I go to every single closing, every home inspection. If someone has hired me to walk them through the process, I feel I’m supposed to be there all the time for them. Isn’t that what we’re being paid for?” Her next goal, after her term as Women’s




But Christina’s sights always turn back to the community that supports her.

Christina & Kris

And maybe she’s fueling her own luck every time she reminds herself, “The more you receive, the more you owe it to the universe to give back.”


he works with the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals, is vice-chair of the GLVAR Community Outreach Committee and sits on the Trends and YPN committees. She also serves regularly with The Just One Project, a local nonprofit dedicated to projects that benefit at-risk, low-income youths, adults, and families. “It only takes one thing, one person at a time, to make a difference,” she said. “One of my favorite projects of theirs is a backto-school shoe drive with the help of school and city counselors who have a one-on-one relationship with kids who need assistance. Given a list of children and sizes, they find dream shoes for each child. “Thinking back to my own school days, shoes are so important. They can completely change how you feel about yourself when you walk back into school the first day. That new pair of shoes gives a child the confidence to do well, that first day of school and every day from then on.”


Christina & Fiancé Kris Bagley at The Just One Project Annual Masquerade Gala - October 2018

To reach Christina, please email or call 702-604-4067. To learn more about the Women's Council of Realtors please visit: For more information regarding The Just One Project, visit:

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By: Angela Giles


id you know that most of the Internet users are active on Facebook? This social media sharing network reaches all ages, lifestyles genders, and geographic regions, making it very inclusive. It is the perfect spot to advertise for Real Estate Agents. Facebook Lead Ads for Realtors: Using Facebook lead ads, Real Estate Agents can connect with people who are already looking to buy or sell homes. And this occurs right inside of Facebook. These ads might look like conventional Facebook ads, but they include a sign-up button and a lead form, making it easy for agents to capture the interest of engaged prospects. While they’re still on Facebook’s platform, after gathering all relevant information they’ve shared previously with Facebook like name and email, it will be pre-populated and can be submitted with a single click. Lead ads offer a host of benefits for today’s Real Estate Agent: They’re quick and efficient. Facebook lead ads remove the friction of sign up and make it super simple. Beyond those first few clicks, no further action is needed. It’s clearly pre-populated. A lead can go from seeing the ad to getting the information they want in a matter of seconds. Super simple for the prospect. They provide Real Leads not Leads loaded with fake info. You usually have to sort through a number of fake emails and phone numbers to get to the real lead. Doing this is very frustrating, a waste of time and your money. Lead ads help to lower the quantity of spam leads by pre-populating the lead’s real information. The prospect doesn’t leave Facebook Interested buyers and sellers can complete the process without leaving the platform, which lowers the percentage of drop off. They eliminate manual segmentation. You don’t need to create a different landing pages or sign-up forms for different segments or potential leads. This alone saves money and time for the agent. They allow us to access leads real time. When a lead is generated via facebook lead ads, you can use a tool like Lead Owl to automatically send the prospect information to the agents directly on their phone. Then, the Real Estate Agent can




contact the prospect directly from their phone. How To Make A Lead Ads Stand Out As Facebook clearly states: Show your ads value. It should clearly communicate why it’s valuable for people to share their information with your business. Keep it simple.

Pages liked. Include pages that show a person is interested in real estate. These could include Zillow, Redfin, or anything you want. New job. If a person has a new job, they could be interested in upgrading to a larger or newer home. Just moved. People who just moved maybe renting and looking to purchase a home soon.

Don’t overwhelm your audience with too many questions. Ask only relevant questions.

Combine these tips with those below and your marketing will pay off!

Reflect your Brand.

These types of ads allow you to take advantage of the prospects who are already in your network. You can create audiences that are similar to your current prospects.

Your ad should reflect your brand and drive a response from your audience that builds intent. Simple Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents With the help of Facebook’s in-depth demographic data - Real Estate Agents can reach both buyers and sellers in hypertargeted markets. Even within that targeting, there’s still a ton of flexibility. For example, as Zapier states, “you can advertise everything from specific properties to home value reports and area foreclosure listings.” Plus, several other items. So how do you decide how to use Facebook lead ads for your business? Here are some ideas for you: Use Ad Targeting. Facebook is crucial for marketing because of the data it has compiled on users. While Facebook offers segmenting by ZIP code, you can also use demographic status and behavioral patterns. People who are looking to buy a home. Facebook can determine this. Moving. Facebook can get you information on this category. Location. You can target a specific ZIP code or pick a particular radius from a set point on a map. Age. Pick whatever age range you are targeting. Income. If you’re targeting a more highend buyer, you might include a specific income percentage range. Job title. Yes, you can target job titles. Renters. Renters may be ready to purchase a home.


Use custom and lookalike audiences

Use a lead nurturing system Not all online leads are ready to buy or sell at this minute, but they are happy to share their contact information. Stay in touch and nurture them. Facebook advertising for real estate agents can be lots of fun. Take these tips and watch your marketing dollars pay off!

Angela Giles is one of the most sought-after business consultants for lead generation and social media marketing on the West Coast and is committed to leading people onto their path to success. She works with independent entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to accelerate their business profits and increase their bottom line. As well as her solid 17-year background in business coaching and marketing, she holds a bachelor’s degree in political science. It is this combination that has provided her with an entirely unique and highly successful approach to analyzing consumer behavior and staying on top of the ever-changing world of marketing and sales. Specialties: Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Sales Strategy, Advertising, Media, Coaching, Consulting, Training, Speaking, Success, Entrepreneur, Public Relations. For more information, visit www., or to reach Angela, please email whoisangelagiles@gmail. com or call 702-417-5655.




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? w o n k u o Did y

By: M i c h e l l e W i l l i a m s


hen people hear the words property manager, they think of someone who simply collects the rent. However, is that a realistic assessment of the job title? Consider the following: A property manager is usually hired to protect a homeowner's most expensive investment and look out for their best interest. What does that mean? They want someone who can locate a good tenant, collect the rent on time, be reachable, and have a home that is taken care of. Clearly, collecting the rent is only one task of many. Additionally, in Nevada, all property managers must carry a real estate license as well as a property management permit. Yes, a qualified property manager has a responsible position that is highly valued among many homeowners.

Here are some of the things that Property Managers do:

DID YOU KNOW? NRS 118A.260 states "A landlord shall disclose to a tenant in writing at or before the commencement of the tenancy a telephone number at which a responsible person who resides in the county or within 60 miles of where the premises are located may be called in case of emergency."

The eviction process can be a bit tedious if you don't know where to start. When a tenant does not pay the rent on time, you must start by serving them with a 7-day notice to pay or quit. Once that notice has expired, a 24-hour notice can be requested through the court. Should the tenant file




 Marketing of a property for rent  Screening applicants to ensure they are qualified to rent the property

a stay, the landlord or property manager will be required to attend a court hearing. Fortunately, Nevada is more of an owner right state, so what might take months or even years to evict in other states will usually only take a few weeks to do in NV.

 Preparing, and signing leases  Preventative maintenance  Coordinating repairs  Resolving HOA complaints  Property inspections  Move-in and move-out walk-throughs  Security deposit accounting  Collection of rent Processing 7-day notices when the rent is not paid on time Coordinating evictions when necessary.


Michelle Williams has been working in the property management industry for over 18 years, currently specializing in new business development and marketing for Nicklin. She is also the Assistant Office Manager. Starting her career as a Residential Property Manager for a large property management firm in Las Vegas. Michelle obtainined her Broker-Sales License, becoming their Designated Property Manager before moving to Nicklin several years ago. As a highly experienced residential property manager, Michelle also has worked in commercial management. A native of California, Michelle moved from South Lake Tahoe and has lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years. For more information or to reach Michelle, please call: 702-451-8700 Ext.115, or email:


Reason By: B o b D o y l e


eventeen years ago, I created my very first “Law of Attraction” program designed to teach people these principles in a practical way.

I called it “Wealth Beyond Reason,” which held a double meaning. One, it was possible to learn to attract “unreasonable” amounts of wealth. Two that you will need to “suspend reason” in many cases in order to allow this all to work. The word “wealth” is potent, and I’m sure it was a reason for the program’s early success and growth. However, one of the first things we talked about in the program is how to define “wealth” for yourself. We de-emphasized money. There are many reasons that I took that approach. People bring a lot of ideas about money into their work with the “Law of Attraction.” Thoughts like “money is hard to come by”, “rich people are evil”, and “money doesn’t grow on trees” have permeated society for generations, creating belief systems that make it very hard to attract a lot of money without it feeling “hard”, or wrapped up in feelings of guilt. From a “quantum” point of view, they are literally energetically resisting money - even though they want it often, desperately. In order for us to bring anything into our lives - or attract it to use the Law of Attraction terminology - we have to be in alignment with it. And by the way, we easily align with things that we DON’T want as well. The Law of Attraction doesn’t just work on stuff you want. It’s also facilitating the presence of everything you do NOT want as well.

what that END is in terms of your feelings, rather than on the need, or absence, of the money to make that happen.

significance that we equate it with our very lives, rather than one of many tools that create our life experience.

Because it’s the feeling that is of the utmost importance when it comes to the Law of Attraction, I urge people to focus on the feeling they would have on the other side of getting whatever money they wanted.

Because we are wired to worry, we must rewire ourselves so that abundance, whatever that feels like for us, can be our predominant emotion when it comes to the thought of money.

The Universe, if you will, is responding to the energy of our emotions. It brings us an experience of reality that is in alignment with our emotional vibrations. As “woo woo” as that sounds, it’s precisely how energy works. And EVERYTHING is Energy. It would be easy to “check out” of this conversation right now if you categorize this kind of thinking as “magical” or “new age.” However, I’ve committed my whole career into taking those unnecessary associations out of it. A person with an open mind who is willing to listen to new ideas can easily see the truth in what the law of attraction really is, and not necessarily how it’s been packaged up and presented to the masses by the personal development industry.

If you’re cur rently experiencing “alignment” with any kind of struggle with money, then that will continue to be your experience until you move into alignment with feelings of abundance.

So I invite you to stay with me and contemplate how clear you are about what you want your relationship with money to FEEL like. If you’re currently in a state of perpetual worry about money, or experience FEELINGS of scarcity or lack, I want to make very clear to you that if you continue to hold on to those feelings and “justify” them with the evidence of your current situation, you will most likely to continue to have those experiences. You’re literally calling them in, by holding on to those feelings.

Another reason we de-emphasized money is that it’s not really money that people ultimately want. In the end, it’s the FEELING they believe they will get when they acquire what they want with that money. The money is a means to an end, and it’s actually more important to know

What makes this feel more difficult, is that many of us, as humans, are wired to worry about money. We’ve given it so much

In order to change the circumstances that are causing those feelings of lack, you must first reconnect with your own personal feelings of “abundance.”

At first, it can feel daunting. Almost impossible. That is just biology doing its thing. Your brain has specific neural pathways that have developed over many years, and now you’re asking those paths to change. It’s going to feel uncomfortable. But rather than let the discomfort stop you, instead realize that it is an indication of growth and transformation and let it drive you forward. This all begins with an honest acknowledgment with regards to your current emotional relationship with money. Not how you WISH you felt, but how you really feel. Owning the truth is an essential and empowering part of changing it. Then, you begin to imagine how you want to feel about money. Who do you want to be when it comes to money? These are the important questions. They can take some thought, and sometimes even some difficult choices. But when thoughts of money bring you joy rather than stress, the journey will have been worth it. Bob Doyle is a featured expert in the film and book “The Secret” and has been teaching Law of Attraction principles for nearly two decades through online programs, speaking, training, coaching, and livestream broadcasts. His “No More Secrets” podcast can be heard on iTunes and Stitcher. Reach Bob at

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Time Efficient

Exercise By: D a n E i d e n


ne of the things I often hear from people is how they can't find time to exercise. Is it really a valid excuse though? I have learned over the years of training clients most people's health, and fitness goals can be obtained without spending hours upon hours in the gym each week. The key is how effectively you use your time, planning your workouts, and prioritizing them. Successful people are skilled in time management at work, and exercise is no different. Being productive in the gym and having a good set plan and program is essential. Training a few times a week for 30 to 40 minutes is plenty of time to get an effective workout and reach most people’s goals. There is an old saying when it comes to working out, "If you are in the gym longer then an hour you are making friends, not gains." You want a good workout plan in place. You should train consistently, and follow a good nutritional program to maximize your time in the gym and maximize your results. So what is a good and effective training program that is also time-efficient? You want to focus on a few things. First, you want to build your workout around big, multi-joint exercises that work

Workout 1

the most muscles, burn the most calories, and get the most bang for your buck. Multi-joint exercises involve movement in at least two joints in the body (i.e., in squats, you are moving your ankle, knee, and hip joint). Engage multiple muscle groups. These types of exercises include; squats, deadlifts, step-ups, chin-ups and pressing movements like dumbbell and barbell bench presses, among others. These are considered the foundation or bread and butter exercises. They should be done first or at the beginning of your workout and be the focal point of your workout program. For the most effective results, choose leg exercises that are not just multi-joint exercises but are ground-based movements (where you are standing as in a squat, lunge, deadlift, and step up). Number two, alternate between upper and lower body exercises or agonist and antagonist exercises (i.e., opposite body parts like chest and back or biceps and triceps). This will allow you to be more efficient with your workouts because while you are working one area of the body, the other area is resting. This will also allow you to keep your rest intervals between exercises and between sets shorter, which will be more time effective. Number three, utilize supersets and circuit training. Supersets are when you alternate between two different exercises with little to no rest in between. Circuit training is when you cycle through a number of exercises, five or six or more, usually of different body parts with minimal rest in between each exercise. This will allow you to accomplish more work in a shorter period of time. Number four, depending on your goal the




Rest Interval


Dumbbell lunges


8 to 10

60 seconds


Dumbbell bench press


8 to 10

60 seconds


Dumbbell squats


10 to 12

45 seconds


Standing dumbbe


10 to 12

45 seconds

Shoulder press


Rope tricep pushdowns



30 seconds


Seated calf raises



30 seconds



Rest Interval

Workout 2



Barbell deadlift


8 to 10

60 seconds


One arm dumbbell row


8 to 10

60 seconds


Leg press


10 to 12

45 seconds


Lat pulldowns


10 to 12

45 seconds



30 seconds



30 seconds

(wide grip)


45 degree back

extensions C2


Seated dumbbell curls LAS VEGAS AGENT MAGAZINE



number of reps you want to do will vary, but for most people's goals of building muscle and losing fat, you will want to stick in a more moderate rep range. A moderate rep range will usually consist of reps between 8 to about 15. Number five, you want to utilize short rest intervals between exercises and between sets. The definition of short rest intervals can vary depending upon the program a person is doing, a person’s level of experience and fitness level and the program goal but generally a short rest interval is anything ranging from little to no rest to up to 45 to 60 seconds. The short rest intervals will allow you to get a lot more work done in your workouts. It will also increase your fat-burning due to a build-up of lactic acid (that burning sensation you get in the muscles) which is associated with the release of growth hormone, a potent fat burning and muscle building hormone. The short rest will also increase fat burning because of creating a higher demand for oxygen by the working muscles that are much greater than the body's ability to deliver it to the muscles producing an increase in calories burned. This is what is called an oxygen debt, and this can continue for hours and hours after exercising, resulting in increased fat burning after exercise. Here is a couple of sample workouts that should take around 30 minutes each that incorporates each of the areas I listed to focus on. They can be done three times a week in an alternating fashion. • A1 and A2, B1 and B2 and C1 and C2 represent supersets. These are done in an alternating fashion where you do one set of the first exercise with the prescribed rest interval followed by a set of the other exercise followed by the prescribed rest interval. If the sets say 3 or 4 that means you do 3 or 4 supersets for the given number of reps at the given rest interval. Be sure to do all the exercises in a smooth and controlled manner in strict form.

Dan, owner of Eiden Fitness has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, along with several certifications including being a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and being a Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). For more information, please visit: www. To reach Dan, call or write: (847) 957-1391 Dan@EidensFitness.comt

Technology and the Influence on

Our Roles as Realtors


By: S c o t t B e a u d r y


emember when the Realtor ® became obsolete? Collectively our careers were over. The consumer no longer needed us. It was time to hang up our hats and go looking for another job. Oh wait. That’s right. That never happened. The industry disrupters of the time sure did want us all to believe the sky was falling though. Sound familiar? It’s still happening. That doom and gloom message has always been coming from the nay-sayers. In the beginning, there was the MLS book, and it was good. The MLS book looked like a phone book, but it was full of black-and-white photos of properties listed in that multiple listings service market. The Realtor ® was the sole keeper of this sacred tome. If a consumer wanted to do more than cruise around seeking for-sale signs or digging through newspapers, he or she needed to consult the oracle… You know, the all-seeing, all-knowing Realtor ®. But then tragedy struck (insert gasp here). Suddenly all these coveted home listings became openly available on the world wide web. We were no longer the keeper of the Precious! Our lives would never be the same. And they weren’t. Consumers came to us armed with knowledge. They arrived with specifics of what they wanted, knew what was available, had an idea of prices, and often even came to us pre-approved. Let’s pause for a moment. Notice that they saw the homes online and still came to us? We were no longer the keeper of all the secrets of the real estate universe. Why, then, would they possibly want to consult us? “In 1981, 22 percent of home buyers read newspaper ads to find a home, and eight percent used friends as an information source. In 2018, 44 percent looked for properties online first. Also in 2018, buyers worked with an agent 87 percent of the time to find their home, so trust in a REALTOR® is still king.” -Real Estate in a Digital Age, 2018 NAR Report Certainly, some Realtors® panicked as the industry disrupters fanned the fire. We see the same thing today with headlines touting the market’s pending crash or of the iBuyer just annihilating the industry. Many

more real estate pros take this sort of news with a grain of salt, though, and continue moving forward with their businesses. We all know the true killer of our business is the moment we stop warming prospects and pause our usual work of lead generation and connection with our sphere. The reality: “While affordability has been sliding, it is still better than we saw in the year 2000. This is due to much lower mortgage interest rates today. With strong job creation, wages are growing at a faster pace.” Lawrence Yun said at NAR’s 2019 Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington D.C. “Finally, wages and home prices are aligning.” Leveraging technology as a tool to improve consumer experience is our focus as Realtors®. Our role has changed since the day of the old MLS book. We are real estate concierges who are trusted advisors, spam filters, and stress reducers. We help our clients cut through the noise. We overcome the overabundance of information, and even misinformation to help our clients make better purchasing decisions and reduce their valuable time spent. The Realtor ® Code of Ethics holds us to that standard of trust and sets expectations of us for our clients and colleagues, and it always has. We have earned trust. That doesn't go away, and that's the key to our longevity. Buying a house is one of the most important purchases in a person's lifetime. Consumers understand the magnitude of that statement and will not leave their home

transaction to chance. The iBuyer is just another option for a very specialized type of seller. As our industry continues to evolve, technology will open even more avenues. Embrace it. Make it part of your vernacular and your unique value proposition. Position yourself to better serve investors and international clients by utilizing the many new facets of technology. It’s not something to be feared. Technology is a tool, and it can help grow your business by providing additional value to your clients. Scott Beaudry is the 2019 NAR Data Strategies Chair and was the 2016 GLVAR® President. As a community-minded professional, Scott has volunteered his time serving on numerous REALTOR® committees and served as an MLS Chair. Scott has been intimately involved with finance, forms, legislation, technology, ethics and professional standards, just to name a few. He is a true innovator who has great rapport with licensees, associations and staff throughout the industry. Scott is Broker/Owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Universal, a prestigious boutique brokerage founded in 1988. To reach Scott please call or email: 702.938.7700 VOL. 6 / ISS. 5


Attitude + Action = ATTRACTION By: J a n O ’ B r i e n


he Universal Law of Attraction states: You attract into your life whatever you focus on, give your energy and attention to.

You ARE the Creator of your Reality! The only thing you can really control is your thoughts and how you decide to react to situations and events in your life. Monitor your thoughts and self-talk. Be conscious of your language. You attract positive or negative things into your life through your thoughts and actions. Thoughts become things! Take personal responsibility for where you are at this exact moment. All of your thoughts and actions have led you to this specific place in time. If you are not entirely pleased with your results, then change your thoughts and take action toward what you want to create. Be deliberate and intentional in your thoughts and actions. Ask yourself: “What am I focusing on right now?” “Am I focusing on what I want or what I don’t want?” Are your thoughts positive or negative – towards or away from what you desire? Most people pay attention to their current reality and attract the same. Focus on what you wish to experience instead. In order to effect true positive change in your experience, you must disregard how things are, as well as how others are seeing you, and give more of your attention to the way you prefer things to be. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill ATTITUDE Create and Nurture a POSITIVE MINDSET Our unconscious mind is a powerful force that is designed to (among other things) preserve and maintain our body and control and maintain all perceptions. FOCUS on what you want, not on what you lack or don’t have in your life.

o Do you take 100% responsibility for your actions, your life, where you are now? Or, do you blame your current condition, state of being, attitude, life




on someone or something outside of yourself? o Is it really your environment, the market, your boss, the economy, the kids, the economy that's responsible for where you are now – mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually? o Are you the Victim or the Victor? Strategies to nurture a positive mindset:

 When you catch yourself having negative thoughts and self-talk, just recognize it and CHANGE your thoughts. Interrupt the pattern. DO something that will break that state and move you toward positive thoughts and actions.  Write your goals as AFFIRMATIONS. Always state these in the present tense, as if already accomplished. Use BE, DO, HAVE statements (I am, I do, I have not I wish, I want, I will).  State your AFFIRMATIONS daily, out loud. Record your affirmations on your smartphone voice recorder and play them back frequently.  VISUALIZE your desires and goals. Create a Vision Board and place it where you will see it throughout the day. Take a picture of your vision board and make it your screen saver for your desktop and phone.  Practice GRATITUDE daily. Use a daily gratitude journal and record at least one thing you are grateful for every day! 

MEDITATE daily for at least 10 minutes. Check out guided meditation apps like Calm or Headspace. I use and recommend BrainSync by Kelly Howell https://

 List e n t o p osit ive, upl if t i ng music and podcasts Sel f-I mprove me nt Podca st s self-improvement The Upside with Callie and Jeff TAKE ACTION! Action is a critical first step after doing the positive change work on yourself. You


must have a plan and action steps that you actually do and move you toward what you desire. What action are you taking right now to move toward your desired outcome? Resolve to do something every day (one small step) that moves you toward your goals. Daily action increases your determination and gives you energy. Avoid Analysis/Paralysis. NO Action impacts you in a big way! A decision alone changes nothing. SMALL STEPS. Momentum comes

from action, so do something that moves you toward your desires, that moves you forward. “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” Thomas Jefferson “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” Leonardo Da Vinci

Jan O’Brien has over 27 years of leadership, real estate brokerage, real estate training, business, and coaching experience. She proudly served as a Captain & UH-60 Blackhawk pilot in the U.S. Army from 1984-92. Jan is the co-founder & COO of the Las Vegas brokerage Home Connect America – THE Home for Teams. She is also the co-founder of WBNL Coaching, a company that provides online training and coaching for agents, teams, and brokers including their signature Real Estate Team Builder program. Jan co-hosts the weekly Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, Where Real Estate & Reality Meet. To learn more, visit JoinHomeConnectAmerica. com,, Connect with Jan:, 702-858-9191, and @JanOBrien on social media.


More signs that Southern Nevada’s real estate roller-coaster ride has slowed down


reater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS ® (GLVAR) shows home prices in Southern Nevada inching back towards their all-time high as the local housing supply remains tight. GLVAR reported that the median price of existing single-family homes sold in Southern Nevada through its Multiple Listing Service (MLS) during September was $310,000. That’s up 3.3% from an even $300,000 in September of 2018. Meanwhile, the median price of local condos and townhomes sold in September was $171,000. That was down 0.6% from $170,000 in September of 2018. “When you look at how gradually home prices have been going up lately, the rate of appreciation is more like what we considered to be normal for many years. In past decades, when prices went up by 3 to 5% per year, we thought that was pretty good appreciation,” said 2019 GLVAR President Janet Carpenter, a longtime local REALTOR®. “With demand staying strong and our local housing supply remaining tight, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this trend continue into the foreseeable future.”

Before slowing down this year, local home prices had been soaring since early 2012, posting double-digit gains from year to year while climbing back toward their all-time peak. According to GLVAR, the median price of existing single-family homes sold in Southern Nevada is now within $5,000 of the $315,000 peak set in June of 2006 before prices began falling during the recession. Local home prices hit a post-recession bottom of $118,000 in January of 2012.

Just as prices have been rising more gradually, Carpenter said fewer homes have been selling this year compared to the previous few years. GLVAR reported a total of 42,876 local property sales in 2018, down from 45,388 in all of 2017. She said 2019 has been just below last year’s sales pace. The total number of existing local homes, condos and townhomes sold during September was 3,430. Compared to one year ago, September sales were up 12.9% for homes and up 19.5% for condos and townhomes.

As for inventory, by the end of September, GLVAR reported 7,334 single-family homes listed for sale without any sort of offer. That’s up 19.3% from one year ago. For condos and townhomes, the 1,830 properties listed without offers in September represented a 35.0% increase from one year ago.

While the local housing supply is up from one year ago, Carpenter said it’s still well below the six-month supply that is considered to be a more balanced market. At the current sales pace, she said Southern Nevada has less than a three-month supply of homes available for sale. GLVAR reported that 23.0% of all local properties sold in September were purchased with cash. That’s down from 24.8% one year ago. That’s also well below the February 2013 peak of 59.5%, indicating that cash buyers and investors are still active in the local housing market, but are playing a much smaller role than they were during and just after the recession.

so-called distressed sales remains near historically low levels. GLVAR reported that short sales and foreclosures combined accounted for just 2.0% of all existing local property sales in September. That compares to 2.5% of all sales one year ago and 5.2% two years ago.

These GLVAR statistics include activity through the end of September 2019. GLVAR distributes statistics each month based on data collected through its MLS, which does not necessarily account for newly constructed homes sold by local builders or homes for sale by owners.

Other highlights include:  The total value of local real estate transactions tracked through the MLS during September was nearly $995 million for homes and more than $125 million for condos, high-rise condos and townhomes. Compared to one year ago, total sales values in September were up 19.4% for homes and up 20.3% for condos and townhomes.  Homes and condos are selling at a slower pace than last year at this time. In September, 75.5% of all existing local homes and 72.2% of all existing local condos and townhomes sold within 60 days. That compares to one year ago, when 86.6 percent of all existing local homes and 90.3 percent of all existing local condos and townhomes sold within 60 days.

Along the same lines, the number of

VOL. 6 / ISS. 5



® Greater LasAssociation Vegas Association of Sept 2019 Statistics Greater Las Vegas ofREALTORS® REALTORS September 2019 Statistics Single Family Residential Units AVAILABILITY AT END OF PERIOD # of available units listed Median list price of available units Average list price of available units

Condo/Townhouse Units

Change from Change from Sep 19 Aug 19 Sept 18 11,395 -5.6% +14.6% 334,000 +0.0% -0.3% 488,801 +1.0% +2.0%

$ $

Change from Change from Aug 19 Sept 18 7,334 -5.6% +19.3% 349,500 +0.1% -2.9% $ 547,650 +1.1% -0.3% $

Sep 19

*AVAILABILITY AT END OF PERIOD # of available units listed w/o offers Median list price of available units w/o offers Average list price of available units w/o offers

$ $

Change from Change from Aug 19 Sept 18 3,523 -14.3% -5.5% 324,900 -0.0% +3.1% $ 400,352 -3.1% -0.7% $

Sep 19

NEW LISTINGS THIS PERIOD # of new listings Median price of new listings Average price of new listings

$ $

Change from Change from Aug 19 Sept 18 2,750 -13.2% +12.9% 310,000 +1.6% +3.3% $ 361,724 +2.1% +5.7% $

Sep 19

UNITS SOLD THIS PERIOD # of units sold Median price of units sold Average price of units sold

$ $

TIME ON MARKET FOR UNITS SOLD THIS PERIOD 0-30 days 31-60 days 61-90 days 91-120 days 121+ days

Sep 19

Aug 19

53.9% 21.6% 11.4% 6.7% 6.5%


Sep 18

52.4% 22.2% 11.8% 5.6% 8.1%

70.1% 16.5% 6.9% 3.1% 3.3%

Sep 19 2,749 174,000 199,807 Sep 19 1,830 172,000 202,169 Sep 19 831 179,999 202,552 Sep 19 680 171,000 184,269

Change from Change from Aug 19 Sept 18 -1.6% +35.0% +1.2% +4.2% +0.5% +4.3% Change from Change from Aug 19 Sept 18 -10.6% -8.2% +0.2% +5.9% -1.1% +10.7% Change from Change from Aug 19 Sept 18 -11.3% +19.5% -3.4% +0.6% -2.7% +0.7%

Sep 19

Aug 19

50.7% 21.5% 10.4% 8.4% 9.0%

Change from Change from Sep 19 Aug 19 Sept 18 994,739,692 -11.4% +19.4% $ 125,303,139 Sep 19


Change from Change from Aug 19 Sept 18 -4.9% +23.1% +0.6% +3.6% +1.3% +4.4%

Sep 18

48.8% 22.7% 13.8% 6.5% 8.2%

75.2% 15.1% 5.3% 3.2% 1.2%

Change from Change from Aug 19 Sept 18 -13.7% +20.3%

Source: Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® For media inquiries, please call George McCabe, with B&P Public Relations, at (702) 325-7358 DISCLAIMER: This data is based on information from the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. MLS collects, compiles and distributes information about homes listed for sale by its subscribers who are real estate agents. MLS subscription is available to all real estate agents licensed in Nevada, but is not available to the general public. Not all licensed agents subscribe to the MLS. MLS does not include all new homes available or listings from non-MLS agents, nor does it include properties for sale by owner. The territorial jurisdiction of the GLVAR as a member of the National Association of REALTORS® includes Clark, Nye, Lincoln and White Pine Counties, Nevada, and such other areas as from time to time may be allocated to the GLVAR by the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS®.

*This category reflects the existing market availability of listings without pending or contingent offers. Source: Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® For media inquiries, please call George with B&PStatistics Public Relations, at (702) 325-7358. Greater Las Vegas McCabe, Association of REALTORS®

Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® Statistics

Availability Without Pending Or Contingent Offers [ End Of Period ]

Units Sold in Period


DISCLAIMER: This data is based on information from the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. MLS collects, Without compiles and distributes information about homes listed for sale by its subscribers who are real estate agents. MLS subscription is available to all Sold Units Availability Pending Or Contingent Offers real estate agents licensed in Nevada, but is not available to the general public. Not all licensed agents subscribe to the MLS. MLS does not include all new homes available or listings End Of Period from non-MLS agents, nor does it include properties for sale by owner. The territorial jurisdiction of the GLVAR as a member of the National Association of REALTORS® includes Clark, 4000 14 Nye, Lincoln and White Pine Counties, Nevada, and such other areas as from time to time may be allocated to the GLVAR by the Board of Directors of the National Association of 3500 REALTORS®. Single Family 12 Residential Units 3000

10 8 6 4 2 0

Condo/ Townhouse Units

2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

For media inquires, please call George McCabe, B&P Public Relations, at (702) 325-7358.

For media inquires, please call George McCabe, B&P Public Relations, at (702) 325-7358.

DISCLAIMER: This data is based on information from the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. MLS collects, compiles and distributes information about homes listed for sale by its subscribers who are real estate agents. MLS subscription is available to all real estate agents licensed in Nevada, but is not available to the general public. Not all licensed agents subscribe to the MLS. MLS does not include all new homes available or listings from non-MLS agents, nor does it include properties for sale by owner. The territorial jurisdiction of the GLVAR as a member of the National Association of REALTORS® includes Clark, Nye, White Pine and Lincoln Counties, Nevada, and such other areas as from time to time may be allocated to the GLVAR by the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS®.


Condo/ Townhouse Units

Source: Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®

Source: Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®


Single Family Residential Units




in Period

DISCLAIMER: This data is based on information from the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. MLS collects, compiles and distributes information about

homes listed for sale by its subscribers who are real estate agents. MLS subscription is available to all real estate agents licensed in GLVAR GLVAR was was founded founded in in 1947 1947 and and provides provides itsits more more than 11,000 local local members with education, education, Nevada, but than is not available to11,000 the general public. Not all members licensed agents subscribewith to the MLS. MLS does not include all new homes available or listings from non-MLS agents, nor does it include properties for sale by owner. The territorial jurisdiction of the GLVAR as a member of the National Association of REALTORS® includes Clark, Nye, White Pine and Lincoln Counties, Nevada, training training and and political political representation. representation. The The local local representative representative of of the the National National Association Association ofofand such other areas as from time to time may be allocated to the GLVAR by the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS®. REALTORS®, REALTORS®, GLVAR GLVAR is is the the largest largest professional professional organization organization in in Southern Southern Nevada. Nevada. Each Each GLVAR GLVAR member member receives receives the the highest highest level level ofof professional professional training training and and must must abide abide byby aa strict strict code code ofof ethics. ethics. For For more more information, information, visit visit oror




September 2019 Pop Up Shop


Thank You For Helping Us Make A Difference!

hank you to all of our wonderful volunteers for taking time out of your Saturday to help us at our Pop-up shop on September 14th. Our volunteers are so valuable to our mission of helping those less fortunate, and this event could not have been a success without your participation! It was a warm day, and I thank all of you for pushing through the heat! We assisted upwards of 300 individuals experiencing homelessness, giving them a morning to feel special. They could not be more grateful. I want to thank Scott Donnelly and Mike Pullen of Cooper Roofing & Solar for allowing us to keep all donations at their facility and for transporting everything to the Care Complex. We had a tremendous

amount of donations, and I am grateful for your support! I want to thank Brittany from the Care Complex for collaborating with HomeAid Southern Nevada and giving us the space for this event. Brittany’s staff was instrumental in executing all of our needs. They were wonderful! I also want to thank Brent Vanschoiack with The Paul Mitchell school and his students for providing haircuts! Your team was fantastic, providing close to 100 haircuts! And of course, I cannot leave out Kevin Williams with Clean the World for changing their regularly scheduled day for showers at the Care Complex to help us on Saturday. Ever yone, coming together, from collecting donations to sorting to the day of, helped make this event so successful!

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much! Liz Sedeno Program Manager HomeAid Southern Nevada Office: 702.794.0117, ext. 108    For more information on how you can be a part of future events, please contact Liz Sedeno, Program Manager of HomeAid Southern Nevada.


President's Corner


s we come to the last quarter of 2019, the Women's of REALTORS® Las Vegas still has quite a bit that we have set out to accomplish! With our commitment to our chosen charity Project 150 for this, we will be accepting

donations of $25 to help feed a family of 4 for the holidays! You can donate through our website directly: or contact us: for more information.

Don't miss these upcoming events: Monday

October 14

GLVAR Annual Golf Tournament/ Revere Golf Club - We will be supporting this event as a Tee & Hole Sponsor - Looking forward to seeing you there!


October 27

Making Strides of Las Vegas - Cancer walk - Join the Women's Council Team and walk with us! Red Rock Casino / 7am Registration coast of $30 includes a team t shirt!

November 6-9

Women's Council National Conference in Conjuction with NAR in San Francisco

November 16

Installation of our 2020 Leadership Team & President Christina Chipman at JW Marriott Summerlin

5pm - 9pm


December 11

Year End Member AppreciationEvent/Zappo's Downtown. Watch for more details­—­you won't want to miss this FREE MEMBER ONLY EVENT!

5:30pm 8:30pm


December 14

GLVAR Installation of 2020 President Tom Blanchard at the M resort


Not yet a member of the Women's Council of REALTORS® Las Vegas? Contact myself or any of the Leadership Team for more information, or Visit: and join today! Looking forward to seeing everyone these upcoming months!





Yours in leadership,

Lisa Waldeck Women's Council of REALTORS® Las Vegas, 2019 President

For more information on Women's Council or to register for any of our events, visit: Click on: Our Calendar