2019-2020 Official Breckenridge Visitor Guide

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2019-20 Visitor Guide

Uncover the hidden trails of Breckenridge. Get the insider’s guide to the sights, scenes and savory elements of Town.

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approach for a selfie. The zoom feature on your camera is perfectly designed for these moments! We hope that you simply take a few steps back and enjoy the magic of seeing a moose stroll across Main Street on a beautiful summer evening. As you enjoy our town, you can help us in our mission to protect this place we all love. We want to make sure that Breckenridge stays a beautiful place to live, work, and play. We’re working to make Breck fully sustainable with 100% renewable energy by 2035. We hope you’ll join us in this mission while you’re here! We’re working to eliminate single-use plastics here in Breck. At the Welcome Center and stores across Town, you can skip the 10 cent bag fee and buy one of our locally-designed reusable bags. Not only will they save you money and keep plastic out of the Blue River, but they’re also a beautiful souvenir and a great way to take Breck home with you. We also encourage using reusable water bottles while you’re here. Since we’re at the mouth of the headwaters, nothing you buy at the store will be as fresh as our Town water! Enjoy it from several water filling stations across Town. As you walk along Main Street, you’ll see several green trash receptacles. We ask that you recycle everything you can! Recently, we partnered with Recycle America to put signs on our recycling containers to make it easy for our guests and residents to know what can and can’t be recycled. We also have a recycling station down on Coyne Valley Road where you can take things that might be a little bit harder to recycle during your stay. Above all, please be aware that coffee cups are not recyclable in Breckenridge and be sure to “chuck” your cup. Or, better yet, grab a reusable cup from our Welcome Center! In Breckenridge, we’re all about “green commutes.” We’re ranked as a gold-level biking community, and most of our local hiking and biking trails start right in town, so you don’t need a car to get to the trailhead. We encourage you to hop on our free bus system that covers all of Town, the Breck Free Ride. In 2018, we moved 1.2 million people throughout Breckenridge, and we’d love to give you a ride!


ou are currently 9603 feet above sea level in the Upper Blue Basin. If you take a look around, you’ll see the impressive Tenmile Range to the West and the Continental Divide to the East. Founded in 1859 as a mining town, Breckenridge has a rich cultural history and has grown to 5,000 year-round residents. We know there are many more who consider Breckenridge their home away from home, and we believe that everyone who comes plays an important role in our community character. Here we’re united by the ways that we recreate and take in the views. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy Breckenridge, from a mountain bike ride on our 55+ miles of Town-owned trails to a stroll along Main Street. There’s something for everyone here, whether it’s biking, hiking, zip-lining, golfing, or yoga. We live in a beautiful, high alpine environment. While out on our trails (or even in the core of Town!), you may run into our other residents: moose, bears, and foxes. It’s important to us that our animal residents have space to roam and live freely. We ask that you help us keep our wildlife wild by keeping your distance. We ask that you please don’t feed the wildlife or

Making it even easier to ride the bus is our new “My Free Ride App.” Available for IOS and Android, “My Free Ride” will show you the exact location of your bus and the time that it will arrive. Using the app, you can explore all of our transit routes and use the “Plan My Trip” feature to map how to get from where you are to where you want to go. Riding the Free Ride is a great way to see Breckenridge and enjoy your trip in a sustainable way. Who knows, you might even see me on your bus route! Breckenridge is a real mountain town with friendly locals that love living here. We hope you enjoy being a local for however long you’re in town for and that you’ll join us in our mission to keep Breckenridge clean and green. Sincerely,

Mayor Eric Mamula



What’s Inside


Choose Your Own Adventure


All Trails Lead to Apres Afternoon


The Cultural Corridor



Heart of History Historic Trail

Summiting the Culinary trail - A Guide to Good Taste


Locally Made with Heart - Makers and Creators Trail


Denver to Breckenridge


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The Reel Trail Fishing Trail


2019-20 Visitor Guide

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Choose Your Own Adventure Outward Bound in Breckenridge


ur reputation may precede us but, trust us – there is more to do in the Breckenridge outdoors than downhill skiing. And, with 300 days of sunshine, 300 inches of average snowfall, and our delightfully mild summer temperatures, the great outdoors invites you to forge your own path – to go hiking and snowshoeing, biking and Nordic skiing – to embrace the simple joys of nature and succumb to the hedonism of pure, unbridled adrenaline. So, submit to the outdoor nirvana that is Breckenridge



from the technical to the paved, and you’ll cover more ground and more views from the convenience of two wheels.

Breckenridge is breathtaking, there’s no doubt! But, if you want to take your time here to breathtaking+ levels, then hit the trails! Our town and mountains are crisscrossed with a web of hundreds of miles of trails – from gentle dirt roads to challenging summits – with most open summer and winter and welcoming to both leisure and serious hikers alike.

Summer/Fall Think we’re all about the snow? All it takes is one summer hike to understand why Breckenridge culture is so deeply rooted in the love of the outdoors, year-round. As the local adage goes, you’ll come for the winter but stay for the summer. Why? Because, just one summer hike along our forest trails and high alpine – well, it changes your perspective. Summer and fall hiking in Breckenridge exemplify the power of a moment: The moment a butterfly alights on a wildflower. The moment you round a bend, and the waterfall is suddenly in sight. The moment you walk beneath a bridge of kaleidoscopic fall foliage. The moment you catch your first panorama from 13,000+ feet. It’s every moment, when you’re here. Indeed, hiking this time of year is hard to beat. The intense hues of our native evergreens pepper the mountainside. A rainbow of wildflowers bouquet the meadows. It’s an outdoor playground and unforgettable time – a perfect moment to experience the great outdoors and the hundreds of miles of trails that pull it all together. The moments are breathtaking and the memories are everlasting.

Winter/Spring Hiking & Snowshoeing It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and not just for the skiers among us! Indeed, winter and the thaw of spring offer some of the most startling and striking panoramas in Colorado: sun-drenched white peaks, set against brilliant blue Rocky Mountain skies and accented with vibrant hues from our evergreens. Depending on the season, the month, and your luck – although you’re here, so we’d count you lucky, either way – winter hiking in Breckenridge may require more than boots. For all those days when the snow is deep and the powder is fresh, winter hiking becomes snowshoeing – an entirely different and wonderful experience. In winter, our stellar network of summer trails become a wonderland of snowshoe trails. Leave Main Street and your worries behind, don a pair of snowshoes, and escape to the serenity of a day in the woods. There’s nothing quite like the peaceful solitude of snow-blanketed trees: the world around you becomes seemingly silent, while your senses more fully alive!


If you want to see more of Breckenridge, then a bike is a must! Tackle hundreds of miles of trails in and around Breckenridge,

Summer/Fall As spring warms into the glories of summer, Breckenridge transforms into a biking mecca. Mountain and road cyclists from every corner of the earth, converge here – in our beautiful mountain town, home to some of best riding on and in the Rocky Mountains.

Off the Beaten Path


During the warmer months, Breckenridge celebrates all types of biking: mountain biking, road biking, recreational biking and even electric.

Mountain Biking: When it comes to mountain biking,

Breckenridge has a flavor, challenge, and view to suit everyone, from the novice to the hardcore. With endless miles of interconnected trails, one ride is never enough. Want to compete? Look for the weekly Mountain Bike Series or elevate your skills and enter the Firecracker 50 or Breck Epic.

Road Biking: Road biking in Breckenridge layers sweeping

switchbacks with spectacular views that challenge even the seasoned rider. The perfect hub, Breckenridge is the gateway to the Rockies, with miles of roads and breathtaking views of Mosquito Pass and Ten Mile Range. Up for a challenge? Don’t miss the leg-burning ascent – and the subsequent thrill of descent – on Moonstone climb, featured in professional races.

Fun fact: In 2011, the Pro Cycling Challenge laid out its inaugural course throughout Colorado. Breckenridge placed its historical stamp on the stage 5 finish, with racers jetting like bolts of lightning up the closed Highway 9 to the Main Street sprint finish (and screaming fans). In 2017, the Colorado Classic looped in Moonstone to provide fans with 6 rounds of Category 3 climb to the top.

Recreational Biking: You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy

biking in Breckenridge. The Blue River paved recreation path promises mile after mile of Rocky Mountain scenery, brushes with the Blue River, and convenient connections into greater Summit County. The Blue River Recreational Path connects to Vail and eventually Glenwood Springs, for over 100 miles of paved path. If your city legs aren’t quite up for the climb, most Breckenridge bike shops offer a Vail Pass Shuttle Ride to take you to the top of Vail Pass, allowing you to descend 12 miles into Frisco with nary a pedal stroke. You’ll enjoy beautiful wildflowers and streams, without the sweat. A must for families!

Insider Tip:

Fat Biking in Winter/Spring Can’t wait for the ground to thaw? Now, you don’t have to! Take to the Blue River Recreation Path (groomed in winter) or Sallie Barber (moderate difficulty) to enjoy the town’s latest craze: fat biking! Can’t picture it? Well, think standard mountain bikes, but with 4” wide tires that can handle even snow-packed trails. Fat bike rentals are readily available at most outdoor rental shops.

Insider Tip:

The best time to go fat biking is when the sun is shining, the powder is packed, and new snow hasn’t fallen in a couple of days.



WHERE TO GO: A Few of our Favorite Trails

We’ve dedicated countless hours to the exploration of Breckenridge trails – hundreds of miles, beneath our soles and burrowed deep within our souls. Hey, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

Insider Tip:

Many of the hikes in Breckenridge are accessible by free public transportation. With limited trailhead parking, carless is the way to go! Check out BreckFreeRide.com for a stop near you.

Burro Trail (Hiking & Running)

Cool and shady trails, vivisected by creek crossings, and only a moderate elevation gain – perfect for running or hiking. Plus, the out-and-back trail setup allows you to hike only as far as you’d like. Located just off the base of Peak Nine, the Burro Trail is easy to reach from the yellow, black or blue Breck Free Ride bus routes.

B&B, Reiling Gold Dredge to Minnie Mine

(Hiking, Biking, Snowshoeing & Nordic Skiing | Dog-Friendly) Scenic views, historic mining ruins and just 500 feet of elevation gain? Sign us up for a relaxing day’s hike! This dog friendly, threemile loop is located 3/4 mile from the Breck Free Ride purple route.


A noble sport that has already celebrated its 2,500th birthday, Nordic skiing (aka cross-country skiing) is the brainchild of savvy Scandinavians who needed a better way to get around during winter. The basic method survives today: strap on some skinny skis, table your need for downhill thrills, and take to snowcovered trails to traverse wide- open terrain. From northern Europe to Breckenridge, Nordic Skiing has a long-standing tradition in the mountains. Explore the winter country, the valleys, the forgotten paths – the beauty of the backcountry and the comforts of manicured trails, at one of our two Nordic centers. The Breckenridge Nordic Center, located on Peak 8 near the Cucumber Gulch Wildlife Preserve, provides the ultimate scenic backdrop over beaver-dammed creeks, woodland, and wetlands. The Gold Run Nordic Center takes full advantage of Breckenridge’s expansive 27-hole golf course, with off-chutes through remnants of our mining past. Lessons, waxing, and equipment rentals are available at both centers.

Sawmill Reservoir Trail (Hiking | Dog Friendly)

Traipse into fairy forest and scenic views on this moderately trafficked loop trail, dedicated primarily to hiking, walking, and nature trips from June through October. Located just off 4 O’Clock Rd. and approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the Welcome Center.

Sallie Barber to Barney Ford

(Intermediate Biking, Hiking & Snowshoeing | Dog Friendly) Up for a little more of a challenge? Tackle this 9.2-mile loop – psst! it can be broken into out-and-back sections, appropriate for any mode and ability – that offers spectacular views and historic elements. Arrows along the trail make wayfinding a breeze. The full loop is easily started at Carter Park in the center of town.



Baldy Mountain

(Hiking, Biking, Snowshoeing & Skiing | Dog-Friendly) If a view from the top is what you crave, then look no higher than this 8.1-mile, moderately trafficked out-and-back, where beautiful wildflowers bloom, the historic Iowa Mine enthralls, and the views at the summit stretch for miles. Insider tip: This is an intermediate hiking trail that climbs to 13,690 feet – no easy feat for your feet. While the 4 x 4 road is closed to vehicles in the winter, during the warmer months it opens for shared access.

Off the Beaten Path

Horseshoe Bowl (Alpine Hiking)

It doesn’t have to be winter to ride the chair lift! Welcome to this alpine loop trail, located at the Breckenridge Ski Resort and offering wildflower-dappled meadows, expansive vistas of the Continental Divide and, of course, an opportunity to ride the chair lift in summer. Insider tip: The Breck Connect Gondola is free to ride in both summer and winter, for quick access to the Ski Area and Epic Discovery.

Aspen Alley (Hiking, Mountain & Fat Biking | Dog Friendly) This 3.9-mile trail is spectacular in fall, when beautiful golden foliage arcs the path. And, at just 600 feet in elevation gain, this trail, located at the Breckenridge Ice Rink, is family-friendly and accessible to even the youngest (and eldest) hikers. Insider tip: The Breckenridge Town Trolley loops main street from the Grocery Store to the Ice Rink. Get on anywhere on Main Street and head to the hike.





Breckenridge Trail Map 2019 - 2020

Breckenridge Trail Map



The reality is that they have advised us in a manner that you’d expect from a friend of family member. At the end of the day, we have been able to let our property be handled in earnest by Book Breck Vacation Homes with the full knowledge that it was in great hands–and the results in rental growth and recommendations for the property from the guests speak for themselves. – Matthew Follett


BOOK BRECK | VACATION HOMES MANAGEMENT | 203 North Main Street, Breckenridge 970.453.2999 | book@bookbreck,com | www.bookbreck.com

Here at Broken Compass Brewing we’ve found that getting lost leads to the best discoveries in life. A secret powder stash, an unexpected waterfall or even a new favorite beer at your local brewery. So come on over and grab a pint and get lost with us. We promise to lead you astray! GET LOST! | Open everyday 11am - Close | Bring your own food

ays Where it’s alw he 5 O’Clock on t Ski Hill

68 Continental Ct., B12 Breckenridge, CO 80424 (970) 368-2772

FREE shuttle service 970.406.2011 Pet Friendly

- Cultural Corridor -



photo by: credit goes here

The Breckridge Arts Trail

vivid arts and culture scene lies intertwined, at the very heart of Breckenridge. Our community is not only packed with artists, craftsman and performers, but also with art lovers and patrons. The beauty of our surroundings and a thirst for exploration lends itself to passionate people who appreciate the intricacy of creation and the art of storytelling. We know art is transformative. It manipulates materials, light and color, but most importantly, it changes us. It reaches deep inside to make us feel something – to speak to us, not through words but with color and texture, sound and flavor. The Breckenridge arts and cultural trail is a journey, if not a mapped path. A feeling. A heartbeat. Inviting you to see, hear, feel, and experience the very best of Breckenridge. Inspiration awaits!

The Sustainable Arts

With an eye toward uncovering and cultivating creative endeavors and resonating with pride in our community, Breckenridge is proud to support our local artists. And, we’re not afraid to put action behind our words. This is art to make you think. Art with messages that make you more aware of Breckenridge and our world.

Ecoventions Breckenridge

With great thanks to a recent $65,000 grant through the National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town projects, we are excited to announce Ecoventions Breckenridge (Aug–Sep 2019): An arts festival featuring site-specific public commissions, each the creative brainchild of an environmental artist or team of artists, crafted during their residency in Breckenridge.

The Breckridge Arts Trail


The event will feature artworks by Giuseppe Licari (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Gretchen Marie Schaefer (Denver, Colorado), Nicola Di Croce (Venice, Italy), Susannah Sayler + Edward Morris (Syracuse, New York) and Tara Rynders (Denver, Colorado), and will target local topics of ecological and sustainability, including watersheds degraded by historic mining activities, the delicate balance of our local environment erosion control, and wildfire.

Green Patriot Posters

In support of the “Green New Deal,” the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA, August 8-18, 2019) is honored to relaunch Green Patriot Posters – GPP 2.0, if you will. The posters, commissioned from established and aspiring artists alike (including our own local artists), encourage everyone to do their part in establishing a more sustainable, earth-forward economy.

Isak Heartstone Troll

From the imagination of Danish artist Thomas Dambo, a renowned creator known for making troll installations around the globe – and for generating awareness of upcycling and building great things out of trash – comes Isak Heartstone. This 15-foot tall scrap lumber and downed tree sculpted troll has settled into the forest near Breckenridge’s Illinois Creek, on the newly constructed Trollstigen Trail. Isak welcomes all those who profess to love his home as he does – and clears the path only to those who promise to leave no trace on his surroundings. We recommend starting your troll adventure at the Breckenridge Welcome Center (203 S. Main Street), just a short hike/walk, bike or Main Street Trolley ride from Isak.


Strolling the Breckenridge Arts District

Developed in 2001, the Breckenridge Arts District is easy to map: Start on the corner of Washington Avenue and make your way to South Ridge Street – a meandering path from Breckenridge Backstage Theater and the Robert Whyte House, to Quandary Antiques Cabin and Ceramic Studio, to the Fuqua Livery Stable, the Tin Shop, and the Riverwalk Center. It’s not just about what you see (galleries and antiques) and what you hear (live music, artists-in-residence and films), but what you experience: The Breckenridge Arts District is a riot of creative energy and activity, any time of year. Get your hands on some clay, enjoy an outdoor festival, and learn a new skill (metalsmithing, anyone?). Surprise, authentic charm, and opportunity are the true arts on display here.

An Ode to the Visual Arts

Neighborhood love. Up-and-coming talents. Urban walks. Original art. And, perhaps, even a few whimsical abstracts – the Breckenridge arts scene is alive, it’s public, and it’s there for your enjoyment. Because, we believe art is for all, in every way and right down to our core. Whether you create art for a living or have never even touched a paintbrush, our public arts are dedicated to and created for you – for everyone who has ever been moved by the play of light or stared at a layering of paint.

Art Around Town

The perfect entrée to our arts scene, the Breckenridge Public Art and Arts District Audio Tour is a free, one-hour walking tour that focuses on select pieces in our public art collection. Themed tours are interactive and appropriate for all ages, although you should come prepared for moderate outdoor walking. No reservations are required; simply use your mobile device and visit spts.us/bca or, if you’re in town June-August, check out the guided times at BreckCreate.com. Throughout town you will find over 35 pieces of public art.

The Gallery Trail

No art-lover’s visit to Breckenridge is complete without a trip to the galleries that line Main Street. No matter where you begin, you will find a world of fine art, photography, and whimsical sculptures that transport you in thought. Inspired by our natural surroundings, visit one of our four nature photographers, including Breckenridge Photography, Nick Sellway, Gary Soles, and Mark Yeager, whose collections capture moments often missed.

Making Breckenridge

In Breckenridge, so much of what you see, taste, and purchase is made right here by local artists and artisans. The men and women behind these crafts are more than manufacturers; they are storytellers, whose tales are behind everything they create. BreckCreate is a local non-profit, committed to fostering the next



generation of makers with an artist-in-residence program. It supports local and visiting artists by providing the framework to grow their art, in exchange for sharing their stories with others. Visitors and locals are granted unprecedented insight into and behind the scenes of the process and techniques of the creative mind. More than ten artists-in-residence have already claimed their 2019 slots. Hailing from Venice and Paris, Boulder and Syracuse, crafting sculpture and installation art, environmental design and sound art, these creatives will host regular studio hours in the arts district: Drop in on everyone from apothecaries to potters. Ask questions. Look around. And feel free to take home a Made in Breckenridge piece of art with you. Find it: Breckenridge Arts District | 970-453-3187

History through a Film’s Lens

USA Today Top-20 Film Festival! Breckenridge a trailblazer in film? You bet! Founded in 1981, the Breckenridge Film Festival (September 19-22, 2019) is one of the oldest film festivals in the United States, celebrating the art of filmmaking and the joy it brings to the 2,500+ guests who attend annually. Over 4 days, 30+ filmmakers – including guests from Pixar, Disney, ReFramed Pictures, and Laika Entertainment – and 100+ films, the festival weaves together the many tapestries of Breckenridge: sharp mountain peaks and spirited personalities, a fall color-dappled countryside and the culture of our local community. More than a rich celebration of film, this is a tour around Breckenridge – through the many corners, forums, and nooks of our Arts District, from the 750-seat Riverwalk Center and the 100-seat Breckenridge Backstage Theater, to after-hours historic bars and watering holes downtown. This is intimate. This is authentic. This is film culture. This is Breckenridge.

Come enjoy a show and socialize in our Upscale Bar featuring Breckenridge Distillery’s "Award Winning Hooch” and Broken Compass Brewery on Draft.

The Breckridge Arts Trail

We are a Professional Live Theatre in an intimate setting that recently underwent a $2.5 million renovation.



All Hands on Deck

We take art personally. And we hope you will, too. Because in Breckenridge, everyone is welcome to unleash their creativity. There are no rules, no limits, and no expectations. You’re invited. Come on, get your hands dirty! Whether you’re looking to make memories with the grandkids or create a special souvenir of your trip, Breckenridge encourages hands-on creativity. Keep it lighthearted, with kid-friendly ceramics, or crank your creativity up a notch with serious pursuits, including oil painting and pensive exhibitions, designed to inspire.

BreckCreate Classes

There is always something going on in the Arts District. The year-round schedule, developed by BreckCreate, offers a calendar enriched with exclusive exhibitions, theater, children’s activities, live music, and a full selection of adult creative pursuits: clay hand building, woodworking, oil painting, mixed media, and much more.

Visit www.breckcreate.org for a full schedule of current offerings.

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Ready, Paint, Fire

You may be familiar with paint-your-own pottery, but Ready, Paint, Fire is on another level. Roll your sleeves up, choose your medium – pottery, canvas, mosaic, or glass – and release your creative side to craft a memorably one-of-a-kind Breckenridge souvenir to take home. And, if your creativity is feeling a bit shy (and you’re over 21), the studio can help with a bit of liquid inhibition: beer and wine are served. Tip: If the plan is to paint your own pottery, then allow a minimum 48-hour turnaround on the kiln, or they can ship your creation to you.

Richard Bouvier Sellers

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HEART OF HISTORY The Breckenridge Historic Trail


city of gold mines and exploration, of brothels and saloons, of booms and busts, Breckenridge was first founded in 1859 by a small group of fortuitous prospectors. Their success then fueled the feverish droves who arrived soon after, seeking their fortunes during Colorado’s fruitful Gold Rush. Nearly two centuries later, Breckenridge may prefer to mine snow over gold, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a gilded glint in our eye. Indeed, mining built our town – literally. Our infrastructure, our architecture, our very town-hood was built on the hard work of hard-working prospectors and merchants. Today, Breckenridge is a gold mine of long-abandoned riches, tall tales (some true!), and Victorian architecture of the not-quite-gingerbread variety. You couldn’t avoid our town’s history if you tried but, honestly, we hope you don’t. Because in Breckenridge, the past lives on in almost every building, along every downtown road, and in everything we do.

PLAYING IT COOL SINCE 1837 Once upon a time, generations after the Ute had settled Colorado but long before Breckenridge became ski country, our town was known for mining. Nineteenth century gold mining, specifically.

The resulting influx in both population and riches grew Breckenridge from tiny settlement into bonafide town. Today, most of our historically significant buildings come from this time period, the Victorian era – officially, the period of Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1837 through 1901 – albeit sans the detailed ornamentation most often associated with the architecture of the period.

Guess we’ve always liked to play it cool.



Today, the Breckenridge Historic District stands as witness to nearly two centuries of history – and as a window into our unique brand of downplayed Victorian: an excellent representation of commercial (Main, Ridge, and Lincoln), residential (Ridge, French, Harris, and High), and religious (three 19th-century churches) structures of the Gold Fever era. As you stroll, look around. The façades here tell the story of a Victorian-age mining boom, revived decades later as a resort and ski town. All buildings within “Old Town” – that is, the section east of the Blue River – date from the first settlement (1859) to the end of the gold dredge period (1942). They have been surveyed, mapped, and designated per their primary historical significance and contribution to the character of our Historic District. In total, Breckenridge protects the historical integrity and significance of some 249 structures. And infinitely more stories.

Main Street History Walk

Starting in the heart of Breckenridge and fanning out into the annals of history, this is the perfect meander to get you acquainted with the last 190 years of Breckenridge.

Stop #1 At this historic 1909 cabin,

uncovered during our renovation project, be sure to check out the traditional log-hewn design with newspaper insulation!

Stop #2 Walk up Washington Street to the Old Masonic Hall, built in 1892; it served first as a Masonic lodge in the early 1900s, and then later as a church. The building reopened in 2015 as a multi-purpose arts facility that houses visual and performing arts classes. (Fun fact: The building doubles as a stop on the Breckenridge Arts District.)

Stop #3 Continue along Washington to

In the late 19th century, cattle rancher Christian Kaiser moved from South Park to Breckenridge. The reason for his move? To find a “good woman” and settle down – yes, in Breckenridge, despite its then-rough miner reputation. The elegant Victorian building that now houses Hearthstone Restaurant became the home of Christian, his Breckenridge wife Ida, and their family. (Insider Tip: Check out our Culinary Trail, page ??, for our take on Hearthstone.)

Stop #5 Walk north to 112 South Ridge

Street (look for Mountain Outfitters), once home to George Bressler, one of Breckenridge’s earliest pioneers and builders, and a skilled carpenter, miner, and liveryman. Bressler came to town in the 1860s and, before marrying local Sophia Rautschler in 1882, built what would become their lifetime home – now a retail storefront. The building you see today is very different from its 1882 version, as between 1890 and 1896, Bressler added a half-story and the two front dormers.

discover the Barney Ford Museum, where civil rights history comes alive with the tale of Barney L. Ford, an escaped slave turned prospector, entrepreneur, and activist for African-American rights. As the museum is house within a restored 1882 Victorian home, it also offers a glimpse into the 19thcentury lives of a well-heeled Breckenridge family.

Fast-forward to 1972 when, under Keeler and Jackson’s equal ownership, the turn-of-thecentury home gained a columned front porch and a south wing, with materials rescued from a historic log house once located near the corner of Lincoln Avenue and French Street. Additional changes were made in the 1970s, including converting the downstairs to retail space. We think you’ll agree: It’s a lovely architectural mashup.

Stop #4 If you look to your left, that’s

Stop #6 Continue on to the Exchange

the Arts District. But don’t turn; we’re sticking to the trails of history for today! So, continue on to Ridge Street and to the famed Hearthstone Restaurant.

Building at 100 S. Ridge, home to one of the first major investments in Breckenridge. It was here that, after the silver and lead carbonate boom of 1879, county-seat merchants enjoyed a better cash flow and,

The Breckenridge Historic Trail

A Walk Down Memory Lane

for the first time, had the funds to invest in permanent architecture. In 1881, this twostory, false-fronted building opened as the Bank of Breckenridge – and put our town on the map, as the main banking hub for Summit County. Fun fact: The building cost $3,000 to build but the safe inside came in at a cool $3,600. Though the Bank of Breckenridge failed after only 22 months in operation, the structure itself was a keeper: In October 1881, the balloon-frame-constructed building received an outside covering of milled clapboard siding, direct from Chicago. The second floor earned smaller, double-hung, and vertically oriented pediment arches, typical of the Greek Revival architecture then popular back east. A handsome, jig-sawed, decorative cornice, supported by fancy, lathe-turned brackets, frosted the top of the building’s false front. In an evolution of usage, the building later housed Corning and Watson, a mining company; the Warriors Mark Company, another mining firm; Summit County government offices; and, finally, the Engle Bros. Exchange Bank until 1936.

Stop #7 Head east on Lincoln Avenue

and come upon the Old Summit County Courthouse, built in the Federalist style in 1909.

Stop #8 Just an additional block east

brings you to the Alice Milne House and Park, a charming home now housing some of the best newspaper wall coverings in the country. Alice Milne, who lived here most of her life, gifted her home to the Town of Breckenridge for historic preservation.



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net zero by 2030

In fact, it’s just this understanding – a deep-down gratitude for our environment and its preservation – that unites the people of Breckenridge and fuels new sustainable initiatives. Case in point: Sustainable Breck, our official commitment to keeping Breckenridge green and clean through environmental, economic and social sustainability. From everyday sustainable practices to the preservation of Breckenridge history, we’re working toward a ski-area, net-zero footprint by 2030. Throughout history and into the future, our community is moving forward, together. We’re in it for the long haul.

Hiking into History

Kids in tow? (Or, just don’t feel like hoofing it for miles at 10,000 feet?) Then, don’t miss the Iowa Hill Gold-Panning Hike, just 1.5 round-trip miles and an entire world of gilded Breckenridge history. In the early days of the Gold Rush, prospectors panned for riches. Soon, the gold-dappled streams around Breckenridge ran dry of the precious mineral. Industrious prospectors switched from panning to mining – and that’s the subject of today’s hike, which weaves through aspens and ponderosa pines, to what was once an active hydraulic mine site on Iowa Hill.

Insider Tip:

Here in winter but don’t want to miss out on panning for a few nuggets of history? The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance 970-453-9767 offers both fair-weather hiking and snowshoeing tours to this historic hill and mine site.

All Aboard the Dredge Boat

Well, not really. Because, while you’ll be visiting a dredge boat, it’s in ruins. But, we’ll get to that in a moment.

The Breckenridge Historic Trail

Making History

From the Utes (Native Americans), to the gold miners of the 1800s, to the mountain destination we are today, Breckenridge has a long history of caring for and protecting our natural resources.

This 2.5-mile, guided historic hike is an exploration and celebration of Breckenridge’s fabled Golden Horseshoe, one of Colorado’s most fertile mining regions and, thus unsurprisingly, a hotbed of early mining operations. Offering insight into the lives of miners and the business of mining, this tour weaves tales of old, abuts scenic views of Ten Mile Range, and leads you into the ruins of the gold-gobbling Reiling Gold Dredge boat. Built in 1908, the Reiling Gold Dredge floated proud as the eighth gold-mining dredge in the Breckenridge area – that is, until 1922, when it sank in a small pond in French Gulch. Hey, if an iceberg could sink the Titanic… Skip ahead to 2015, when the Reiling Dredge was nominated to Colorado Preservation Inc.’s Endangered Places List: Since then, we’ve worked to better understand the pond’s ecology while stabilizing portions of the historic dredge – important and continuing work, now on display for all you gold mine-loving history buffs! The tour begins at the B&B Trailhead off French Gulch Rd. Contact the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance 970-453-9767 for current schedules and pricing.





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f you’re looking for a portable snack to hit the many trails of Breckenridge, then look no further than Summit County’s only real Jerky store, The Beef Jerky Outlet. High protein, small batch, and hand seasoned, our many delicious flavors are exactly what your body needs after a workout in the mountains. The Beef Jerky Outlet is locally owned and operated, with free samples and hundreds of flavors and styles of small batch, all American sliced eye of round steak, and perfectly hand seasoned to suit your taste buds. Don’t let our name fool you though, as we have a wide variety of meat to suit even the most adventurous palettes, including Kangaroo, Alligator, Wild Boar, Ostrich, South African Style Biltong, Elk, Buffalo, Venison, Turkey, Pork, Salmon and even Vegan. And it doesn’t stop there. Try each with an abundance of flavors from Dill Pickle, to Prime Rib, Cherry Maple, Korean BBQ, Carolina Reaper, Smoked Teriyaki, Slap Ya Mama, Honey Jalapeno, Roasted Garlic, Asian Sesame, Green Chili, Honey BBQ and Fire.

We have three full-service store locations to choose from Breckenridge – 222 S. Main St. (Beside Cabin Coffee) Silverthorne-Outlets Red Village (Across from Columbia) Lakewood Entrance 5 Colorado Mills Mall (Near Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Or you can order online today at: BeefJerkyOutlet.com/Breckenridge





- Locally Made, with Heart -



he makers in Breckenridge are driven by more than their craft: they aspire to tell a story through art and design. Their art, creativity, and entrepreneurship is an outward expression of the Breckenridge spirit. Whether you’re shopping on Main Street or in the heart of the Arts District, you’ll find artists, products, and experiences that help shape and define our community – and the memories, goods, and souvenirs you take home. This guide features a few – but far from all – of our local makers. And, just FYI, if you’re on the hunt for locally made of the spirit variety, hop on over to the Après trail…



We’ve all heard the phrase, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – well, at Marigold’s, three generations of crafty and ingenious women perform just this alchemy. Collecting cast-offs, found items, and unused “junk,” they create things both beautiful and functional: recycled saris find new life as wrap bracelets; treasures from your childhood discover new-found function; old hymnals become Christmas ornaments; tableware is repurposed into rings and pendants. And it’s all made in Breckenridge. Find it: 215 S Main St, Breckenridge | 970-453-2093

Making Breckenridge Sustainable

In everything we do, we do our best to put our community first – and shopping is no exception.

Art Cards

Artist Nikki LaRochelle is best known as your welcome to Breckenridge: her banners herald your arrival. She can also accompany you on your way out, with art cards small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can take home (and everywhere) a piece of Breckenridge. Available at Mountain Outfitters.

The Breckenridge Makers Trail

Marigold’s Farmhouse Funk and Junk

Find it: 112 S. Ridge St., Breckenridge | 970-453-2201

Breckenridge Candle Cabin

Sourcing raw materials from sustainable and renewable resources, Breckenridge Candle Cabin concentrates on pure wax candles, lotions, and gifts – each, fragranced with natural essential oils and cleverly packaged. Find it: 131 S. Ridge Street, Breckenridge, CO 80424 | 970-409-7315

Breckenridge Soap Company

Using only all-natural or organic ingredients, local artisan Renee Bartnick hand-crafts small batches of delicious soaps. Here, you’ll find no harsh dyes, preservatives, or fragrances – only safe, pure bars of soap that your whole family can use. Look for Breckenridge Soap Company soaps at the Blue Sage Spa, Marigold’s Farmhouse Funk & Junk, and Nature’s Own in Breckenridge. Find it: 411 S Main St #22, Breckenridge, CO 80424 | 970-485- 3965

Makers and Shakers: Made in Breckenridge

We’re hollering back to the good ol’ days, when handcrafted meant more than mass produced, and we knew the names of the people who made our soaps, threw (as in, pottery) our coffee mugs, and even hand-crafted our snow skis. The best souvenirs from Breckenridge come with a story.


Ah, the perfect blend of gift and indulgence! At Ambika, owner Erica Ragusa showcases carefully crafted lotions, salves, tinctures, and floral perfume blends – all, made with locally grown and gathered flowers, roots and herbs, and handcrafted in small batches. Ragusa is also a trained herbalist and massage therapist who uses her own products, so feel free to give them a try.

Chris Hosbach Ceramics

With 20+ years of dedication to his craft, potter Chris Hosbach throws mugs, teapots, and other ceramics – but in mind-bending, geometrically patterned ways you must see to believe. Intrigued? You can also visit Chris in his studio in the Arts District, for wheel throwing demonstrations. Find him: 125 S. Ridge St., Breckenridge

Find it: 435 N Park Ave., Breckenridge, CO 80424 | 970-368-3270



Ditch the Bags

As part of our commitment to the environment and our national forest, Breckenridge has begun to eliminate single-use plastics from our everyday. We’ve ditched the plastic bags in favor of “Breck Bags” – an awardwinning design by local artist Andrew Dengate, they double as an excellent souvenir – available at the Welcome Center and most retailers. But hey, we get it – things happen. Should you need a plastic bag, they’re available for 10 cents each. We ask only that you reuse, when possible, and dispose of carefully, when not.

DonLo Mercantile

A gilded jewelry box in the center of Breckenridge, DonLo is the creative dream of Nichole Shepherd. While Shepherd is a jewelry designer who creates one-of-a-kind pieces, inspired by her life and travels, she also features artists from around the county and country in her eclectic store. Find her: 411 S Main St #21, Breckenridge, CO | 970-771-3277

KP Mountain Metals

Artist Katie Pickens sells her fine jewelry and wares at Vintage Sweet and Chic. But, if you want to get to know the artist herself, there’s no better place than at our local BreckCreate classes (open to the public), where she teaches silver-smithing. Find her: 215 S Main St, Breckenridge, CO | 970-485-9264

Lil’ Dudes & Daisies

Donna Prescott uses the ancient art of batik to make incredible fabrics into fun, bright, and practical clothing for children. These truly original pieces can be found in the parent store of Cowboys and Daisies. Donna’s artistic eye and passion for fashion fills the store with clothing and accessories for the whole family. Find her: 222 S. Main St., Breckenridge, CO | 970-471-2482



Magical Scraps

Merging whimsical design with colorful fabrics, owner Mary-Anne Stecken and her crew create unique and lovely wearables from belts and accessories to children’s clothing and capes, right in store. This historic Victorian building on Main Street is home to one of the brightest selections of

Find her: 310 S Main St, Breckenridge | 970-453-6023

Mountain Children’s Museum MountainTop Top Mountain Children’s Top Mountain Museum Children’s TopMuseum Children’s Museum LOCATION: The Village Resort, 555 South Park Avenue (Backside of the Village at Breckenridge by Maggie Pond)

come think outsid


t h e b ox w i t h u s!

ur kids n; drop off yo out on the tow tion. ca lo p Enjoy a night m er Day Ca e at the Summ tim tic as nt fa a d us for dinner an 6 – 9 pm and Saturday ay id Fr t) y, da Tues lable by reques ther nights avai (O 12 4 es Kids ag Required. udes dinner! Reservations 5/sibling – Incl $2 & ild ch 5/ k Fee: $4 p is an 11+ wee Summer Cam a nd ou ar d eek is base ust 28. Each w r ug fo A ll 6 ca se ne ea Ju come. Pl program e. Drop-ins wel . 53 em 73 th 3g 33 tin 0ci 97 ex fun and reservations!

The Breckenridge Makers Trail

handmade items. Before you check out, make sure to look at the in-store workshop with their curated collection of truly hard-to-find fabrics that you can take home by the yard.


kid’s night out

Midnight Soul Designs

The macramé stylings of Chelsa Sullivan bring the concept of trinities – past, present, and future plus creation, preservation, and destruction – into one-of-a-kind designs that incorporate natural elements from Summit County. Her macramé is on display in the Art District, I like Pretty Hair, Vintage Sweet and Chic, and the Crown, while classes with the artist are available through BreckCreate or the Breckenridge Distillery. Find her: 310 S. Main St. Breckenridge, CO 80424 | 970-453-6023

Rocky Mountain Underground

If you’d like to take home a true piece of the mountain as souvenir, then consider a trip to Rocky Mountain Underground for made-inBreckenridge luxury: hand-crafted, awardwinning skis, right in the center of town.

summer day camp

For more information visit mtntopmuseum.org or call 970-333-7353

$5 OFF 1/2 Days $10 OFF Full Days


Men�on Official Breck

Find it: 114 S Main St, Breckenridge | 970-771-2121

Wild Balance

Owner Annie Kerr describes herself as a type-A hippy entrepreneur with Rocky Mountain spirit, and we can get on board with that. Her personality and inspirations are evident in her stylish jewelry, which began as a side-hustle of simple and lightweight, but quality earrings that she sold at Magical Scraps and Clint’s Bakery. Today, Kerr is a full-time artist in-residence, in the Breckenridge Arts District. Find her: 110 E. Washington Ave. Breckenridge, CO | 978-501-6175

We Live Adventure -

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KALEIDOSCOPE 226 S. Main St., Breckenridge, CO 80424 facebook: @KaleidoscopeBreck 970.485.4536 A local, women owned business, specializing in handmade, fair-trade and Colorado sourced items, for you and your home. MENTION THIS AD AND RECEIVE 15% OFF ONE ITEM



970-423-6556 | www.MountainTimeEscapeRooms.com

Boreas’ Revenge - Avalanche Cabin • 505 South Main St. Suite B2b The Search For Sasquatch • 505 South Main St. Suite C3 Paranormal Mystery of Breckenridge • 226 South Main St. #4 & 5

505 South Main Street Suite C2 www.VRarcadeBreck.com Enhanced Breckenridge Theme Games with Sound Effects and Visuals


DONLO MERCANTILE 411 S. Main St., #21 Breckenridge, CO 80424 970.771.3277 info@donlomercantile.com | www.donlomercantile.com DonLo Mercantile is Breckenridge’s premier jewelry boutique with a modern day mercantile twist. Founder and owner, Nichole Shepherd a local goldsmith and jeweler specialize in custom design, cast, stone cutting/setting all within her onsite workshop. In her open studio setting and welcoming atmosphere, DonLo Mercantile is a luxury boutique that is home to a variety of jewelers and artist that creates a collective of where artists and customers come together through the art of jewelry and design.



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BRECKENRIDGE NORDIC CENTER 9 Grandview Dr., Breckenridge, CO 970.453.6855 BestNordicSki@gmail.com | www.BreckenridgeNordic.com

Oh, Be Joyful



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cC rdi No

Join our professional Nordic Ski instructors and local Snowshoe guides help you explore the scenic, wooded trails across a rolling wetland preserve teeming with wildlife and to destination huts with mountain view’s, fresh air and stories of silver and gold mining history. Hours 9 am - 4:30 pm, Breck Nordic Log Lodge off Ski Hill Road above Main Street Breckenridge has a Tavern Bar with music Happy Hours, Food & Beverages. * Reservations recommended online: BreckenridgeNordic.com Or e-mail: BestNordicSki@gmail.com


SVALDI MINING COMPANY 411 S Main St #22, Breckenridge, CO 80424 970.771.3933

Svaldi Mining Company is a carefully curated home, gift and lifestyle store. We offer everything from custom decorative pillows, hand-poured soy candles to apothecary products for men and women. Our travel wraps, purses and jewelry offer something for everyone. Come see the whole collection for yourself!


LA FRANCAISE BAKERY 411 S Main St. Ste 3, Breckenridge, CO 80424 970.547.7173 Step off the streets of Breckenridge and into the South of France when you visit La Francaise, an authentic French bakery in the heart of the Rockies. We invite you to settle into the charming warmth of our cafe and indulge in traditional delicacies prepared fresh daily in-house: flaky croissants, sweet and savory crepes, fluffy omelets, sandwiches on crunchy French baguettes, and rich, smooth coffee creations. Your French escape awaits – bon appetit!



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Ski, Snowboard and Summer Bike Rental



970.453.1110 • Peak 9 Base Area 600 S. Park Ave.

Every 5th Day FREE | 20% Ski and Snowboard Reservation Discount

THE REEL TRAIL 4 Seasons of Fly Fishing in Breckenridge


n Breckenridge, year-round trout fishing options abound. Here, you’re at the top of the mountain from which major waters flow, including the headwaters of the Colorado, South Platte, and Arkansas rivers and the tail-waters of the Blue and the South Platte rivers. This means that in addition to offering amazing skiing, Breckenridge is also a destination for world-class fly fishing. We’ve put together a run down of some of our favorite year-round spots for fly fishing in Breckenridge.



The Reel Trail


Upper Blue River – The snow generally melts fast along the section of the Blue River running along Highway 9 between the Upper Blue Elementary School and Colorado Mountain College, making it one of the first local rivers you can access in the spring. As early as March, it’s not uncommon to find brown trout up to 16 inches long eating tiny midges from the surface, particularly on warm days with low winds. This stretch also features a series of deep pools where you’ll want to add some weight to your line and fish deep with nymphs as small as size 24. Eagle River – A short and scenic drive from Breckenridge, the Eagle River along I-70 near Vail is another great option for spring fishing. At about 7,000 feet elevation, the Eagle also runs early in the spring, and is home to a healthy population of brown and rainbow trout. Public access points are well-marked from Dowd Junction traveling west to Wolcott. The trout are active in spring as the water opens up and runs clear. Elk hair caddis work well and also keep your eyes peeled for blue wing olives, pale morning duns, and even pink cahills. Fish deeper holes with larger bead-heads and nymph patterns as small as size 24.


Mountain Lakes – Every once in a while there’s good reason to put some distance between yourself and the rest of the crowd. Taking a small (or large) stroll to a mountain lake offers the guaranteed reward of a healthy hike, incomparable views, and hopefully some fish. Mountain lakes normally begin to shed their ice by mid-June. And when the waters open up, the fish come out hungry. One our favorite lakes near Breckenridge is Lower Mohawk Lake where you can catch Colorado’s state fish, the native cutthroat trout. Cutthroats are also plentiful in Clinton Reservoir on Highway 93 between Copper and Leadville. Beyond that, the more you want to hike, the more choices you have in an amazing alpine lake. Ask a local outfitter, get a map, keep an eye on the weather, and bring food and water. Kids will also enjoy fishing Maggie Pond in Breckenridge.

Gold Panning, Burros, Slide & Much More!

Only 2 miles from Downtown Breckenridge

Gold Panning, Burros, Slide & Much More!

970-453-4405 countryboymine.com


Only 2 miles from Downtown Breckenridge

970-453-4405 countryboymine.com

PLUS, BURROWS, ORE CHUTE RIDE, HISTORIC WALKS *VR Ride available from end of July

Only 2 miles from Downtown Breckenridge 970-453-4405 countryboymine.com

Alpenglow Real Estate

Breckenridge, CO

Reach out today and let me assist you in Living Your Dream!

Angela Brownley Broker/Owner

970-485-1016 asbrownley@gmail.com

Locally owned and operated. Certified Resort and Second Home Specialist serving Breckenridge, Summit & Park Counties for over 18yrs Alpenglow-A rosy glow seen near sunset or sunrise on beautiful mountains.



Float the Colorado River – Catching trout while floating down a river is a transcendental experience on par with an amazing powder day. It’s Indiana Jones meets fly fishing, and you can often find yourself reeling in a nice fish while also stammering to stay in the boat as it rumbles down a small stretch of whitewater rapids. Float trips are best designed for advanced anglers. The more that you’re able to tie on your own flies, cast on target, and get yourself untangled, the more time the guide has to navigate the river, study the water, and put you on fish. Both Breckenridge Outfitters and Mountain Angler offer full day float trips on the Upper Colorado River.


South Platte River – Fall can be one of our favorite times to fish. Spring runoff is



The Reel Trail

unpredictable, and summer monsoons can drop heavy rains leaving fresh water rivers looking more like chocolate milk overnight. In the fall, the weather and water conditions can often be more stable, leading to a nice stretch of amazing dry fly fishing. We like fishing grass hopper patterns on various sections of the South Platte River above Spinney Reservoir. The Upper Colorado River and William’s Fork – Another fall favorite is the Colorado River near its confluence with the Williams Fork River near Parshall. This section holds large rainbows and lots of brown trout. Watch for blue wing olive hatches.


The Lower Blue River at Dillon Dam – While they feast on grasshoppers and even mice in the summer, atrout’s meal turns more microscopic in the winter. Nevertheless, the trout in the Lower Blue River below Dillon Dam manage to fatten themselves up thanks to protein-rich Mysis shrimp that come from the reservoir. This is one of the most popular tailwater fisheries in Colorado. The outflow of Dillon Reservoir maintains a constant temperature just above 40 degrees, meaning the first few river miles that stretch through Silverthorne remain fishable on even the coldest winter days. But be warned, the fish here hold doctorate degrees on how not to get fooled by imitation flies.

For more information on other outdoor activities in Breckenridge, please contact the Breckenridge Welcome Center 970-453-5041. Freelance writer Troy Hawks worked 12 seasons as a fly fishing guide in Summit County. He is a public relations and communications consultant whose clients include Colorado Ski Country USA, Mountaintop Media, and MTN Town Magazine. Find more of his freelance work at www.TroyHawks.net or follow him on Twitter @HawksSquawk.


The Dream Stream on the South Platte River – It is what its name implies: A picture perfect trout stream that snakes its way through a high mountain grassland stuffed with an active and plentiful population of rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. Here there are no pesky trees to snag your fly, but that doesn’t mean the trout come easy. Like other tailwaters, the fish here are well educated, and with the open plain you often have to alter your cast to cut through strong winds. This popular stretch of the South Platte River is about an hour south of Breckenridge running about four miles between Spinney and Elevenmile reservoirs. This is just a quick list of popular places to fish all year round. Be sure to check in with a local outfitter for the latest conditions and make sure you and your family have the proper licenses. Tight lines!

Courtesy Dr. Sandra F. Mather, From Breckenridge Heritage Alliance

Take a Tour


The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance offers fun and fascinating historic tours in Breckenridge. All tours are led by passionate and informative local guides. For tickets and information: BreckHeritage.com and 970-453-9767 x2




Après Afternoons


près is a way of life in Breckenridge. A tradition of transition from mountain to evening, après is a daily practice – typically, from 3 to 6 p.m. – that can skew glamorous or casual, sporty or elegant, adult or familyfriendly. This is après, your way. French for “after,” après is more than its traditional definition of after-ski: In Breckenridge, après is a post-slope, post-hike, post-ride, post-Nordic – a post-anything and everything kind of ritual. It’s flights of craft beer and two-mile-high lawn games, patio parties and wine by the tap, bourbon tastings and movies at the speakeasy. We guess you could say

We're a

Up-for-everythowinng Kinda T



Move over, Belgium – the Breckenridge après is bringing the beer. More than a foodie nirvana, this is a town dedicated to the craft of fine brews, cocktails, and wines: tastings, growlers, and full flights to quench your thirst and your cravings. While there are plenty of places to wet your whistle, we have a soft spot in our hearts (and our palates) for adult beverages made right here, in Breckenridge.

1. Breckenridge Brewery & Pub

2. Broken Compass

On game day, belly up to the bar and catch the game on the many TVs that line the walls. Of course, it’s not just about streaming sports, full flights of microbrews, and special taps: Today, the original location still serves up killer brew house fare to refuel after an exhilarating day on the slopes, the trails, or anywhere in Breckenridge.

Create your own flight from some 12 taps, or settle on a pint of Belgian Wit, Irish Red, Coconut Porter, Chocolate Coffee Stout, and many more. Insider Tip: Broken Compass is a true brewery and does not serve food, but you can order from nearby restaurants or the Food Trucks that frequent during summer months. Take the free Broken Compass Shuttle and enjoy allyou-can-hops, worry free.

Kick off your après at the Breckenridge Brewery, the third craft brewery in all of Colorado and the town’s only brewpub, not to mention our local laboratory for craft brews, new concoctions, and seasonal offerings – for everything from Vanilla Porter and Plum IPA, to limited edition Orange Cream and Avalanche Ales.

Find it: 600 S. Main St., Breckenridge, CO | 970-453-1550

It didn’t take long for our local secret to get out: Broken Compass is a true brew-lover’s brewery, with a chill atmosphere and – most importantly – award-winning beer. Broken Compass libations are served in bars & restaurants around the nation but today, for après, you can enjoy them on their home turf.

All Trails Lead to Apres Afternoons

After-Hours, Made in Breckenridge

Find it: 68 Continental Court | 970-368-2772


We believe in quality of life, equity, and everyday celebrations of diversity. Economic Sustainability: Almost every recommendation in this guide is handselected and curated to enhance economic vitality and celebrate our community – to support our local artisans, small business owners, and products “made in Breckenridge.”



3. Breckenridge Distillery

Blend pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt and a master’s hand, and you get the superb bourbon whiskey of Breckenridge Distillery, the “world’s highest distillery.” While it may have begun with bourbon (now, both single barrel and port cask-finished), today this is the spot for after-hours vodkas, rums, and gins – and tastings of all 10 varietals, including an award-winning bourbon and taste-‘em-only-here bitters. While you’re here, order some farm-to-table sustenance in the restaurant. Insider Tip: Swap your car keys for the Breckenridge Distillery Shuttle, which connects the Main Street Tasting Room to the distillery. Find It: 137 S Main Street | 970-547-9759 (Main Street Tasting Room) OR | 970-547-9759 (Distillery and Restaurant)

4. Continental Divide Winery

Sample the blends of the Continental Divide Winery, where wines are aged and crafted at 10,361 feet – the highest-altitude winery in the world. This sky-high location permits minimal oxygen exposure and, thus, allows the clearest grapey nuances to shine through. Visit the downtown Tasting Room to order a glass or a full flight – Colorado varietals include Merlot, Malbec, Albarino and Riesling – or après with friends, and blend, bottle, cork, and label your own vintage and slopes souvenir. Find It: 505 S. Main Street, Main Street Station | 970-771-3443

5. Carboy Winery

The famous Gold Pan Saloon adds another chapter to its history with the addition of Carboy Winery, producing single-varietal wines sourced from classic California grapes, and then vinted, blended, and aged in Colorado. But, what makes their vintages – and your après experience – so special is their serving system: All wines are served on tap, to prevent aging and preserve their pristine flavor. You’ll come for the camaraderie, stay for the entertainment, and return to order more three- and four-glass flights, or to fill your growler with on-tap wines. Find It: 103 N. Main Street | 970-771-3944

We often associate après with adult downtime but in Breckenridge, even the youngest set can get in on the after-ski, after-hike, after-outdoors fun. Whether you’re down to après with the family or plan to toast to separate afternoons, in Breckenridge the kids will play while the parents après.

Kids Play. You Après.

ture en v d A n w O r u o Y d Fin a Town Kind



Take to the largest deck in Breckenridge for mountain views, 32 craft brews, and infused vodkas – for the parents, that is. Meanwhile, in the summer, let the kids dig in the sand box, play a round of horseshoes, or feed the trout. Find It: 301 S Main Street | 970-453-7313

1. Kids Night on the Mountain @ Breckenridge Ski Resort

Kids love what the mountain has in store for Kids Night at Breckenridge Ski Resort, promising an exploration of discovery, all things arts and crafts, an evening hike, and dinner by the campfire. This kids-only (age 5 to 13) event is available select nights in summer (July-August) and reservations are required. Want to get in on the fun? Sign up for Family Night on the Mountain!

Spotlight on Sustainability

Find It: Peak 8 Kids’ Castle | 970-496-7456

2. Kids Night Out @ Mountain Top Children’s Museum

We may be pushing at the outer edges of the après time frame, but the under-12 crowd loves their own night out on the town at Mountain Top Children’s Museum, offering an evening (6-9 p.m.) of madcap experiments, artsy antics, and other brands of young fun. Find It: 555 South Park Avenue | 970-333-7353

3. Speakeasy Movie Theatre

We're a

4. Kenosha Steakhouse

What do you get when you add comfortable seats, freshly buttered popcorn, a hometown theatre setting, and adult beverages? The Speakeasy Movie Theatre, where kids and their grownups can après, together. Find It: 103 S. Harris Street | 970-453-9021

Green and clean: In Breckenridge, we’re committed to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Environmental Sustainability: In Breckenridge, we live by the mountain, for the mountain, and on the mountain. And, therefore, we protect the mountain – our home, our backdrop, our life and livelihood. From the small stuff, like eliminating single-use straws, to the bigger details – almost everything après is within walking or free shuttle-distance of the gondola or your hotel – we hope you’ll join us in our commitment to the environment.

Follow your own two feet to Downstairs at Eric’s, and rejoice in a family-pleasing 29 flat-screen TVs, 25 arcade games, and some of the best pizza and wings Breckenridge has on offer. Insider Tip: This is one of Breckenridge’s longest-standing restaurants and one of the few with games; it’s is popular and you may have to wait. Want to avoid the wait? Try CB Potts, a little further south on Main Street; they have a big menu, TVs, and a small selection of games.

Reservations 800-333-8833 or book on our website www.pineridge.com

Find It: 111 S Main Street | 970-453-1401

326 South Main Street Breckenridge, Colorado

6. Breckenridge Escape Rooms

Phone: 970-453-1326 or 719-838-0100

Treat the older set to their own après – sans adult libations – at one of Breckenridge’s escape rooms: real-life versions of the board game Clue and a guaranteed hour (or so) of problem-solving, adrenaline, and teenappropriate fun. Both escape rooms have recently added virtual reality games to take interactive play to new heights. Find It (Escape Room Breckenridge): 233 S. Ridge Street | 303-562-4614 Find It (Mountain Time Escape Rooms): 505 South Main Street AND 226 South Main Street | 970-423-6556

All Trails Lead to Apres Afternoons

5. Downstairs at Eric’s

Ski-in One, Two and Two + Loft Condominiums located directly on the Four O'clock Ski Run and a block from Main Street, Breckenridge. Pine Ridge is your home away from home.

ALL THINGS FUN - WINTER OR SUMMER No matter what season, Alpine Sports is your one-stop shop for fun! • Three Convenient Locations • New Equipment • Skis & Boards • One-stop Sport Rentals Follow us!

• Bike Sales & Service • Stand-up Paddle Boards • Delivery Service • Summer Bike Shuttle • Outdoor Gear PARK STORE: 970.453.8100 NORTH STORE: 970.453.4455 VALDOR0: 970.547.4043

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CONTINENTAL CONTINENTAL DIVIDE DIVIDE WINERY WINERY Fate brought two families together to create Continental Divide Winery.

wine purchases, advance reservations are recommended for the blending experiences which often sell out.


en years ago the Maltzmans, their two daughters and their two Australian Shepherds (Napa and Tahoe) were walking down Main Street in Breckenridge when they spotted Colorado winemakers Kent Hutchison and Angela Bryan, their two daughters and their two Australian Shepherds (Aladdin and Jasmine) walking the other direction.

The Maltzmans have a deep and rich background in the wine industry. For many years the couple has owned and operated two successful wineries in California. Their reputation as premium winemakers was made when their 2012 Captain’s Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded best Cabernet Sauvignon in the New World by Sunset Magazine.

The families quickly discovered a mutual passion for wine. In 2016 the families joined forces and Continental Divide Winery was born. Today the winery is headed by Jeffrey and Ana, with Kent and Angela serving as contributing winemakers.

Using Altitude to Make Naturally Better Wine

Continental Divide prides itself on crafting wines using both Colorado and California fruit – but never mixing them together in the same bottle. “Our tastings allow guests to experience the differences altitude, soil and weather make on wine,” explains founder Jeffrey Maltzman who serves as the company’s Chief Amazement Officer. “Our goal is to demonstrate that exceptional quality wines can be made from both California and Colorado grapes,” adds Ana Maltzman who proudly carries the title Chief Tasting Officer. The winery features tasting rooms in both Breckenridge and nearby South Park (Fairplay) where guests can sample the wines before buying. One of Continental Divide’s most popular activities is their daily Wine Blending Experience where guests use authentic vintner equipment to create, blend, bottle and label their own custom crafted wine. While reservations are not required for tastings or

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Crafting and aging wines at over 10,000’ altitude minimizes oxygen exposure and results in a slower and more gentle fermentation that creates rich and vibrant wines. To further capitalize on its unique Rocky Mountain location, Continental Divide uses snow to control fermentation and artificial cooling. This results in lower energy costs and a much lower carbon footprint. The company is dedicated to sustainable winemaking and in 2018 was honored with the coveted Peak of Sustainability Award given annually to the Front Range business that earns the highest overall sustainability score.

Continental Divide Winery, 505 South Main Street Open daily 970-771-3443

Address/Location Address/Location Address/Location Email Address Email Address Email Address Phone Number

Phone Number Phone Number


Bud Tender


Website Website Breckenridge Market and Liquor serving the community

oday, recreational marijuana is legal throughout ColoradoLinkedIn – with a few exceptions. LinkedIn

since 1975. Specializing in fresh organic produce, in house butcher shop, freshly made sandwiches, juices LinkedIn and smoothies. Full-service Grocery with natural, organic and local items.

311 South Ridge Street The Legalities: Note that Popular (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Breckenridge, Colorado 80424 Google+, Pinterest, YouTub recreational marijuana is not legal on federal land, where Popular (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube) @breckenridgemarket many Breckenridge ski slopes are Popular (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube) located. To purchase and consume @breckenridgemarketandliquor recreational marijuana, you must @breckmarket be: 1) over 21 (ID required), 2) located offsite of federal land, and More Social Media Icons 3) not on public property. NoteMore Social Media Icons970-453-6085 • breckenridgemarket.com that hotels, restauranteurs, and More Social Media Icons other business owners may restrict marijuana use and possession on their properties. Where to Buy: Head just north of town, to the Airport Road area, and you’ll find several recreational cannabis dispensaries offering a strain for every mood and an edible for every palate. Remember, THC is legal in Colorado and nine other states, but you’ll have to buy your goods with cash, not credit. As CBD has no psychoactive properties, you will also find CBD-infused products – soap, coffee, pet treats, massage oils, and more – available in downtown.

Gold Panning, Burros, Slide & Much More!

Only 2 miles from Downtown Breckenridge

Gold Panning, Burros, Slide & Much More!

970-453-4405 countryboymine.com

Only 2 miles from Downtown Breckenridge

970-453-4405 countryboymine.com

GOLD PANNING, BURROS, SLIDE & MUCH MORE! Only 2 miles from Downtown Breckenridge 970-453-4405 countryboymine.com




W W W . S K I C O L O R A D O V R . C O M


9 7 0 . 2 2 3 . 1 8 0 5


Sundays, June 16 - Sept 1

July 26–28

August 23–25

September 27–29

Beers, Burgers, and “The Best Deck in Breck”

Book your Banquet or Wedding

Event Catering




he Breckenridge culinary scene is a trail to delight your senses and, with nearly 100 restaurants, to tempt your taste buds and fuel your adventures. So, yes, while we still love our plates of guilty pleasures (heaping nachos and cheesy pizza), our restaurant scene has matured to deliver refined tastes and international cuisine – the kind of creative culinary experience you’d expect to see in a big city. Whether you want to fill up on pho or your palate demands Mediterranean, whether you seek a shot of sugar or a place to corral the kids, Breckenridge ups the ante – without upping the attitude. We cater to you!

We're a

enture Find Your OwdnaATdovwn Kin



Breckenridge’s natural setting inspires creativity in all endeavors. Nowhere is this truer than in the culinary expression of our local chefs. Infusing their passion for flavor with a love of the mountains, many of our chef owner-operated restaurants make it a point to showcase regionally sourced, ethically produced and purchased items.

Here are a few of our superstars:


Colorado-inspired cuisine, Relish relies on regional influences to build a culinary experience: a seasonal menu brimming with exciting combinations, like bacon-wrapped quail and pumpkin-seed-and-chili-crusted trout. Start your dining experience with some regionally-sourced cheeses or ask about the day’s baked escargot and salad selections. Go big with the grass-fed Wagyu ribeye or try the almond sea-salt crusted ruby red trout with a goat chard and scallion butter sauce. Although the trout is not actually caught off the deck, the Relish balcony-deck sits on the second level, overlooking the flowing Blue River and the Ten Mile range.

Southridge Seafood Grill

Headlined by talented chef and owner, Paul Brenholt, Southridge Seafood Grill is a show-stopper for seafood entrées – everything from homestyle clam chowder to teriyaki-glazed ahi with udon. While the menu gets the acclaimed reviews, this is also an excellent choice on the après trail, offering a fine selection of small plates, including butternut-squash ravioli, oysters, and more.

visitors and even his own travels, to create a masterpiece from every ingredient. Ember is known for entrees like venison with a tasso-ham cornbread pudding, as well as for accouterments of pickled okra, mustard greens, and pimento cheese hollandaise. But, where Scotty B. really shines is in his ability to deconstruct classic desserts like the Root Beer Pie, built with Amarena cherry-salted butterscotch and marshmallow-cracker jackbrandy glass mascarpone.

History Loves Company

Sit down to a delicious spread and a twocentury time-warp for a meal at one of Breckenridge’s historic restaurants, steeped in history and wrapped in flavor.

Hearthstone Restaurant

Housed within a 120-year-old Victorian home and overlooking some of the best dining views in Breckenridge, Hearthstone has a lot going for it. Add to the appeal handcut steaks, fresh seafood, wild game, and a “New World” wine list (complete with 200+ selections), and you have a recipe for a meal that goes down in history.

Briar Rose

Named for one of the mining claims at Breckenridge Ski Resort (Peak 10), the Briar Rose – the standout pink building on Lincoln Ave. – has evolved from boarding house to restaurant. Today, this chop house focuses on the finest cuts of beef with an à la carte menu and family-style sides. The saloon is also a local favorite for happy hour. Insider

Tip: Breckenridge bars are not always housed in their original location; the Briar Rose bar has moved once or twice, but its diamondencrusted mirror (with the famous yellow tinge) has remained.


Constructed in 1880, as the Summit County Leader, newspaper office, with $1,450 raised by the citizens of Breckenridge. Charles E. Hardy took over the newspaper, and the building was eventually remodeled into the Hardy’s residence in 1898. The Hardy’s loved to throw elaborate parties, and it is rumored that the ghost of Mrs. Hardy still haunts the building, mysteriously increasing the volume of music in the dining room from time to time. Twist offers a spin on classic comfort food, and features a seasonal menu with local Colorado-sourced ingredients.

Summit the Culinary Trail

Lovingly Local


Claiming its fame as Breckenridge’s oldest pizzeria, Fatty’s has a long-standing reputation for great food, generous portions, and history: Standing since the 1800s, the building has evolved from boarding house into the institution it is today – with the photos on the wall to prove it. Take a look!

Mini Breckenridge: A Family Food Mission

It’s not always easy finding food your youngest family members want to eat. Or, better yet, that they’re even willing to eat. Enter Mini Breckenridge – a trail for the youngest diners and as close to an enjoyable meal guarantee as exists in parenting.

Doma 1898

A fine fusion of European influences and the American palate, Doma 1898 and its OwnerChef Michael Ulehla bring the deliciousness with creative dishes and local ingredients: an autumn bowl to feature a variety of squashes; poached eggs and avocado over quinoa; and other dishes that make you appreciate the fruits of Colorado’s pure air and fine soil. Insider Tip: Doma 1898 makes both our local and historic list – located in a quaint 120-year-old building and historic landmark on the northern end of Main Street.


An artiste en cuisine, chef and owner Scott Boshaw (aka Scotty B.) knows how to create a diverse, exciting, and ever-rotating menu. We like that it’s inspired by the flavors, textures, and colors of Colorado, and we love that the chef looks to his friends, neighbors,



326 South Main Street Breckenridge, Colorado Phone: 970-453-1326 or 719-838-0100

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for… Breckenridge ice cream!

Stir Pan

If Higgles is a gallery of art, then Stir Pan is where you can watch the artist in action. Serving Thai rolled ice cream, Stir Pan begins with sweet cream and a cold table: watch as the artist customizes your treat to your tastes. Insider Tip: Don’t leave town without trying the Holland Hot Cakes: maple syrup, powdered sugar, and some blueberry preserves – yum!






An adult’s best friend, The Crown is where you go when you want to mix all your pleasures: sweets, ice cream, and a little afternoon après: Not only will you find a handful of ice cream treats and steaming lattes here, but you’ll also encounter a full menu of cocktails, from the classic to the indulgent. Bonus points for the onsite lounge and back patio, overlooking Ten Mile Range and offering board games and a place to chill with friends and family.



Crown Coffee Shop


Known for its hand-crafted, smallbatch ice cream, Higgles is also proud to serve only the freshest, most natural ingredients. We love that they rotate their flavors weekly – there’s always something new to try – and that they’re not afraid to experiment, serving everything from your classic chocolate to a flavor-forward honey-lavender ice cream, or the fun twist of a strawberry pop-tart. Only this time, it won’t burn the roof of your mouth.


OLD MAN BERKINS BOOKSTORE is located in Breckenridge at the corner of Jefferson and Main Street, set down some stairs in Centennial Square. Old Man Berkins bookstore has been in business for 15 years, has more than quadrupled in size, and has over 100,000 books, plus thousands of DVDs, LPs, CDs, magazines, retro clothing and of course Old Man Berkins/Mysterioso Greeting Cards created by the owner. We do deals on already discounted prices every day, feel free to ask. The Best Bookstore in Colorado.

Higgles Ice Cream

Summit the Culinary Trail

The Dredge

Not only is this Dredge boat restaurant cool enough to corral the little ones, but if they get antsy while they wait, you can head on to the bridge to feed the monstrous fish. The restaurant is designed as a replica of the area’s largest operating dredges and serves classic American cuisine in a setting that’ll have your kids engaged and exploring, from seating through dessert.


No matter your age, Kenosha’s deck on a sunny afternoon is a place of beauty: It’s surrounded by horseshoe pits, a sandy beach play area for the kids, and fish-feeding nextdoor. And hey – they also have one of the best Colorado beer menus on tap, for those of you kids aged 21+.

Empire Burger

Widely known for having one of the best burgers and largest menu of dipping sauces in Breckenridge, Empire is a true family favorite. Even if your kids need ranch poured on everything, you’ll be able to spice it up with new twists on old favorites, like jalapeno

ketchup or wasabi mayo. Kids gravitate to the bacon-cheeseburgers and loaded dogs, while adults cherry-pick their favorites from new American cuisine, a robust beer list, and a sweet margarita menu.

Asobi Teppanyaki

Think your kids can’t sit through a full meal? We challenge them to Asobi, where the meal is the entertainment. You’ll sit at a communal hibachi table, where your personal chef cooks before your very eyes: sizzling rice, fried eggs, and all manner of flying food – a guaranteed way to get the kids to smile – and sit (mostly) still.

Mi Casa

With a name like Mi Casa, you know your kids will feel at home: A family ambiance, Mexican cuisine, and views over the Blue River are all on the table, but what your kids will love is the south-of-the-border, kid-pleasing cuisine, including the old classic: never-ending chips and dip. Insider Tip: Mi Casa’s extensive menu will have everyone rushing to the table. Good thing this restaurant has plenty of room to fit large groups!



Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory

A Dessert Quest

If you (or your kids or grandkids) have ever dreamed of stepping into a real, live Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory – well, this is as close as real life gets! Hand-pick your favorites from more than 400 varieties of nostalgic candies and new creations, plus homemade fudge and other sweet treats.

Few experiences are as rewarding as warming up with a mug of hot chocolate – or indoor s’mores, or a spiked espresso, or handmade candy, or… well, you get where we’re going with this – after a day on the trails, at the workshop, on the slopes or strolling historic Main Street. Heck, you’re on vacation – treat yourself!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate

When it comes to your sweet tooth, Breckenridge more than has you covered. With enough indulgence to see you through breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout your trip, chances are you’ll have to narrow it down to just a few. Luckily, we’ve done that for you.

Everyone loves hot chocolate but what we think you’ll love most is the sheer variety: Indeed, this is the spot for customizable hot chocolate, inviting you to top your mug of joy with a chocolate factory’s worth of toppings: ice cream, candy chunks, peppermint bark and fudge – the list goes on and on. And on. Deliciously.

Motherloaded Tavern

Bring on the comfort food and the family memories! Nothing brings the family together quite like a table campfire, so order the indoor s’mores and roast marshmallows over your personal hibachi at Motherloaded. Plus, the Hot Mess Espresso – spiked with Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, Bailey’s, and hot chocolate – is an extra treat for the adults at the table.


While it may be renowned for its burgers, locals know: it’s the milkshakes that make the trip truly worth it. Offering everything from classic shakes to shake-‘em-up new options – a date shake with medjool dates or vanilla-bean ice cream and Tuaca – with pinch-hitting from milkshakes of the spiked variety (yes, you can make a White Russian with ice cream!), this is the place to go when your shake-craving hits.

We're a

enture v d A n w O r u o Y d in F da Town Kin




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Backcountry Skiing, Backcountry Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, XC Skiing



Avalanche Courses, Introduction to Backcountry, Advanced Backcountry

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Race down the mountain on the GoldRunner Coaster, zoom across breathtaking ziplines, reach new heights on the Gold Summit Climbing Wall atop Peak 8 and more.


Breckenridge Ski & Snowboard School will take your skills to the next level and make your vacation unforgettable. Make your reservation at BreckenridgeSkiSchool.com or call 800.356.3972


your vacation.

SkyRun Breckenridge offers a variety of unique

vacation rental properties in breck and blue river from ski-in/ski-out to cozy cabins and luxury estates.

SkyRun Breckenridge

book your trip: breckenridge.skyrun.com

interested in vacation rental management? visit breckenridge.skyrun.com/owner



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Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is not developed or affiliated with Vail Resorts or with any Vail Resorts’ subsidiaries.

Road Trip!

Denver to Breckenridge

Sit back and enjoy the ride: This time, you don’t have to drive!


hat’s right, when you visit Breckenridge, you don’t have to rent a car. After all, you’re just 90 miles and about 4,000 vertical feet away from Denver International Airport to the peak of the Colorado Rockies. But, don’t worry – we’re not sending you parachuting straight down. We’ll keep your arrival calm, so you can save your adrenaline for the mountain. Once you’re here, you’ll find you don’t miss the car. After all, Breckenridge is supremely walkable, bikeable, and has free shuttles that take you everywhere. Main street is less than a mile long and sits nestled in the valley between the mountains, providing locals and guests with easy access to the heart of fun in Breckenridge. So, enjoy your carefree, car-free trip. We know Mother Nature will.



• Epic Mountain Express

is the largest company in town, offering the most departures and making it a cinch to get your shuttle rescheduled if your flight changes. Phone: 970-754-7433

• Breck Direct can accommodate almost any schedule, including the latestof-the-late and the earliest-ofthe-early. Phone: 970-453-0505

• Peak 1 Express runs daily shuttles in luxurious vehicles. Phone: 855-GO-PEAK1

• Fresh Tracks Transportation offers everything from shared and charter shuttles, to wedding and other special event transportation. Phone: 970-453-7433

• Summit Express operates scheduled and private shuttles, 365 days a year. Phone: 1-855-686-8267

Sustainable Arrival

From Denver to Breckenridge (and Back Again)

Part of the beauty of Breckenridge is, planned well (and it’s not hard to plan well), you won’t need a car. Here, it’s convenient, easy and cost effective to leave your ride behind. That means, no worrying about snowy conditions. No finding or paying for a parking spot. And no stress around who’s driving.

If you want to swing into town on the cheap, you can; it’ll just take some extra time and planning. When you arrive, take the RTD A Line train (Phone: 303-299-6000) from the airport to Denver’s Union Station; from there, catch the Bustang (Phone: 800-900-3011) to the Frisco Transfer Station, and then take the free Summit Stage into downtown Breckenridge. Worried you might – just might – need a car while here? If plans change and you find you need your own set of wheels, rest easy – there’s an Enterprise Rental Car in town, and we’re also well served by ride-share companies, including Uber and Lyft.

You’ve heard of Sleepless in Seattle, how about Carless in Breckenridge? No Car Required This is one time we’d argue the sequel is even better than the original.

Sustainable Breckenridge

Once you’ve made it to the hallowed grounds of Breckenridge, you’ll find that going carless at 9,600 feet means you can tap out of driving responsibilities, and tap into the true mountain experience, as it’s meant to be explored: by bike, via shuttle, in a ride-share, with public transportation and, best of all, on foot.

Road Trip! Denver to Breckenridge

So, if you’re wondering how to get from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Breckenridge without a car, check your worries at the airport: it’s easy! Various companies run shuttles from DIA to Breckenridge, even if you’re catching a late-night or early-morning flight. Feel free to shop around for the best deal:

One of the best ways to explore Breckenridge is as a pedestrian. After all, you can technically walk from one side of town to the other in about 15 minutes, and most activities – from skiing and hiking, to biking and shopping, to eating and entertainment – are all a short stroll from downtown. Thanks to heated sidewalks on most of the streets, pedestrian-friendly crosswalks on most blocks, new LED lighting, and a re-designed Riverwalk pedestrian experience, everything is easily walkable for everyone in your group. Don’t want to hoof it? Then, pedal it! Bike rentals are available year-round (thanks, fat bikes!) and throughout town. We’re proud to have earned our Gold-level Bicycle-Friendly Community recognition from the League of American Bicyclists. As for what’s not within walking or biking distance? Well, there’s a shuttle for that. Free Bus Service: Not only does the Free Ride bus system operate year-round, servicing Breckenridge’s most popular neighborhoods and a Main Street Trolley, but it’s decked out with two bike racks per bus, stops near popular trailheads, and even an app (download “My Free Ride” – iPhone or Android) that clues you in to real-time locations, so you can easily map your trip. Lodging Shuttle Service: Staying a bit outside of the downtown core? No problem! If you’re lodged in one of Breckenridge’s many hotels and vacation rentals, they’ll most likely provide a free shuttle to and from town and attractions – anywhere within the city limits. Taxis and Ride Share: Breckenridge offers a full menu of taxi and ride-share services (like Uber and Lyft) to ferry you around town, to bars and late-night entertainment. Party responsibly, folks!



PLAY HARD. REST EASY. All year long.

BeaverRun.com 970.453.6000


– JULY – – MAY – Wave: light + water + sound May 30 - June 2

A four-day festival featuring interactive artworks, temporary installations and musical performances in and around the Blue River Plaza, transforming the river, bridges and waterfront area into outdoor canvasses and exhibition spaces. Featured installations in the 2019 festival include Iceberg by ATOMIC3 and APPAREIL Architecture, Loop by Ekumen, CLOUD by Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett, and the U.S. premiere of Les Voyageurs and Les Oiseaux, a series of luminous wire sculptures by French artist Cédric Le Borgne (US premiere). The full WAVE lineup for 2020 will be announced in the winter

– JUNE – Gold Panning Championship June 14-16

Early prospectors struck it rich in Breckenridge, panning for gold flakes and finding a 13.5 pound hunk of gold affectionately named “Tom’s Baby”. Each year, we celebrate our prospecting heritage by bringing in professional gold panning teams from across the country to test their luck and strike it rich! Prospecting apprentices can also try their hand by learning proper panning techniques, testing tools, and sharing tales of triumph.



Firecracker 50 4-Jul

This Mountain Bike tradition leads off the Main Street parade to forge up into Breckenridges highest trails for two 25 mile loops that end at Carter Park just in time to celebrate the 4th of July shenanigans. Insider Tip registration fills up early.

Independence Day Celebration 4-Jul

Breckenridge kicks off the Independence Day party with a 10K trail run, followed by the Firecracker 50 mountain bike race and the iconic Main Street parade. Don’t miss Breckenridge Creative Arts’ Street Arts: Spangled, which celebrates freedom, sparkle and sequined fun, including a pie eating and chalk art contest, denim bedazzling and summer games on the Art District campus. A performance by the National Repertory Orchestra rounds out the days fun and is a must see! Breckenridge’s 2019 Independence Day Celebration will take place on July 4th.

36th annual July Art Festival July 4-6

Located on the South end of Town Main Street Station hosts this well established show featuring over 100 artist from around the country. Discover artists in ceramics, mixed media, glass, sculpture, wood and much more.

Breckenridge Beer festival 13-Jul

For over 10 years the Breckernidge Summer Beer Festival has brought a diverse line- up of music and craft brews, to celebrate the Mountains in the Summer. Hosted at Beaver Run next to the lift, this party sells out, so mark your calendars and purchase your tickets early.

Breck 100 13-Jul

One day, 100 miles, 13, 719 vertical feet of climbing, this annual ultra- endurance ride draws top level pros and some not so average Joe’s to suffer along Colorado’s most majestic trails.

Breckenridge Food and Wine July 26 -28

The Breckenridge Food and Wine Festival brings a unique wine-tasting experience to the mountains. The iconic Riverwalk Center transform into a beautiful, mountain-side vineyard starring an array of varietals created by top wineries. There will be nearly 300 wines to select from. Tickets required. Events include a Friday Wine Pairing Dinner, Saturday Grand Tasting or VIP experience, and Sunday brunch.

– AUGUST – 18th Annual Breckenridge Main Street Art Festival Aug 31- Sep 2 The 44th Gathering of the Great Divide Art Festival is home to over 100 of the best

BIFA August 9 -18

A 10-day program of extraordinary events in spectacular places and spaces across Breckenridge. Inspired by themes of environment and mountain culture, the multi-arts festival brings together an eclectic mix of music, dance, film, visual arts and family entertainment. Highlights of the 2019 festival include new commissions by California eco-artists Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien, and Rotterdam-based Sicilian artist Giuseppe Licari. In addition to BIFA’s trail concerts and installations, open-air cinematic events and riverside yoga with live music, the festival will also present the renowned vertical dance company BANDALOOP. Known for their awe-inspiring aerial artistry in public spaces around the world, the company will present a series of site-reactive performances in and around Breckenridge, including a premiere work on a 14,000-foot ionic Colorado Rocky Mountain.

Breckenridge Hogfest: Bacon & Bourbon Aug. 23- 25

Meat connoisseurs will be able to taste their way through a spectrum of pork samples, premium whiskeys, single malt scotches and barrel-aged spirits while enjoying live music and mixology.

Breckenridge Film Festival


The Breckenridge Film Festival highlights the art and craft of filmmaking. In addition to dramas, documentaries, indies and comedies, the fest recently introduced the Adventure Reel, featuring outdoor films, as well as animation and – new in 2018 – music videos. Discussions, filmmaker forums and student programming round out the lineup. The Breckenridge Film Festival highlights the art and craft of filmmaking. In addition to dramas, documentaries, indies and comedies, the fest recently introduced the Adventure Reel, featuring outdoor films, as well as animation and – new in 2018 – music videos. Discussions, filmmaker forums and student programming round out the lineup. Family tip: Check out the Saturday morning Children’s Program.

For over 56 years, the community of Breckenridge has paid tribute to Ullr (rhymes with cooler), the Norse god of snow. Grab a Viking helmet and join the town-wide snow dance that includes the iconic Main Street parade, (unofficial) record-breaking longest Ullr Shot attempt and more wacky celebrations throughout town.

Sept. 19 -22

– OCTOBER – Still on the Hill, Craft Spirits Festival Oct. 18 - 21

Craft distillers each year gather in Breckenridge for the Craft Spirits Festival, which features a grand tasting, cooking class, restaurant specials, a downtown pub crawl, historic saloon tours, sprits workshops and more. Born of Colorado’s – and the nation’s – rapidly-growing artisan spirits industry, the Breckenridge festival is the first of its kind in Colorado. INSIDER TIP: Craft Spirits Fest isn’t a family event, but it’s a great opportunity to get away with the girls, the guys, or as a couple.

Dia de los Muertos Oct. 31 - Nov 2

– SEPTEMBER – 25th Annual Breckenridge Oktoberfest Sept. 6-8

Going strong for twenty-five years as one of the first chances to Oktoberfest in North America, Breckenridge Oktoberfest brings a weekend of celebration, German cuisine and plenty of Paulaner beer. It is one of the largest Oktoberfests in the Rocky Mountain region and offers collectible steins imported directly from Germany. Insider tip: Book the Brewmaster’s Dinner early, it will sell out. Families should take a cue from the locals and head out on Sunday when the crowds are smaller.

Breckenridge Wine Classic Sept. 12 - 15

Master sommeliers, chefs and winemakers invite the public to play, wine and dine during the height of Breckenridge’s fall colors. The event combines wine seminars and tastings all around downtown Breckenridge with town’s outdoor adventures to create a weekend of fine food and foliage.

A three-day commemoration of Day of the Dead featuring hands-on workshops, face painting, art installations and communitymade altars on the Arts District campus.

– DECEMBER – Lighting of Breckenridge/ Running of the Santas Dec. 7 , 2019

Town “officially” transforms into a holiday scene on Dec. 7 with the Lighting of Breckenridge, Race of the Santas and, the Race of the Reindeers. Runners and walkers dress in Santa and kids, 12 and under, in reindeer suits to benefit a new local non-profit each year. Breaking trail for the Santas and Reindeer on historic Main Street, watch out for the Holiday Dog Parade sure to put cheer in the air. Meet the makers of Breckenridge in the Handmade Holiday Market in the award-winning arts district with DIY workshops with local artisans in open studios. The Holiday cheer continues all month with Santa visits and a major New Year’s Eve celebration.

Dec. 10 - 15, 2019

Calendar of Events

photographers, sculptures, jewelers and more. Set against the backdrop of the Mountains, Main Street and Maggie Pond, you’ll be inspired, to add something new to your collection.

2020 – JANUARY – Snow Scuplture Championships Jan 20 - 29

Snow carving in Breckenridge began as a local pastime; today, decorated snow artists transform 20-ton blocks of snow into an outdoor art gallery.16 teams, made up of four artists, from across the globe typically sculpt 65 hours across five days of competition. Watch blocks being built and teams sculpting Jan. 20 – 24. Viewing is Jan. 24 - 29. More information about the International Snow Sculpture Championships at GoBreck.com. Locals’ tip: Catch the light show, with the unveiling of colored lights, on Friday night, Jan. 24.

– FEBRUARY – Mardi Gras 25-Feb

Each year, New Orleans visitors and Mardi Gras lovers take over Breckenridge with the crowning of the Rex King and Queen, live music, and revelry to commemorate the carnival season.

– APRIL – Breck Pride April 1-5

Our authentic, rockin’ little mountain town is home to everything fun this Spring! Join us during Breck Pride for daily après parties, on mountain guided tours, spring beer festival and LGBT celebrations all week long. With 300 + days of sunshine, great events and a world-class ski resort, this celebration is going to be ON! LGBTQ community, friends, family, and allies are all invite

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Helpful Tips & Tricks

Isak Heartstone will return to Breckenridge this Spring. Scheduled to be rebuilt in May, he will reside in his new home on the Illinois Gulch Trail.

for visiting during Spring and Fall Purchase a Dining Passport

For just a $10 donation, enjoy deeply discounted meals at restaurants across town. Available at partcipating restaurants & the Breckenriridge Welcome Center.

Bring Layers Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable and, although temps may rise during the day, evenings can get chilly. Be sure to pack versatile items that can be worn in the instance of sudden temperature changes.

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A Year Round Destination

reckenridge's “shoulder seasons” are quickly becoming a popular time to visit. It’s not hard to see why! Fall and Spring can be a great getaway that’s significantly less expensive and less crowded. The setting can still be gorgeous, the weather moderate and many summer activities still accessible. Read on to see why this time of year can the the perfect time to plan your visit..

Check Out Park Meadows Lodge! A popular option for the traveler on a budget, Park Meadows Lodge (pictured right) offers lodging starting as low as $99/night during Spring/Fall.*

Rates Sta ging od

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The Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival returns October 19, 2019

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Although Breckenridge may be best known for our slopes and winter fun, during the off-season there are still many enticing attractions and reasons to visit! This, along with discounts on lodging, dining, retail and more are quickly making this historic mining town attached to a world reknowned Ski Resort a Year Round Destination!




When shopping for lodging online, don’t forget that many third party sites may institute costly ‘Service Fees’ that can be avoided by booking direct! In addition, it is not uncommon for companies to offer exclusive discounts on their own website!

per night*

Gold Rated Park Meadows Unit 7C




It used to be true that most of the exciting Breckenridge events and festivals were saved for Winter or Summer, but more and more Breck is beginning to see a booming Festival scene in both Spring and Fall! The WAVE Arts Festival, for example, is scheduled to return for its fourth year in May and promises to bring with it unique interactive artworks, temporary installations and musical performances all in and around the Blue River Plaza. The nearby river, bridges and waterfront will all become outdoor canvasses for exhibitions, pop-up performances, late night experiments and other versions of artistic ‘eye candy’.

With over 100 restaurants scattered up and down Main Street and its neighboring side streets, Breckenridge has truly become a foodie destination. In the past three years alone, 23 new restaurants have surfaced throughout town all offering their own unique cuisine and atmosphere. In fact, with so many different fare’s to choose from, dining here can feel like its own little culinary trip around the world! Although many will close at periodic times throughout the shoulder seasons, it is typically short lived and (once reopen) many offer deep discounts and no wait times or need for reservations!

While traveling with a vehicle to Breckenridge during busier months can sometimes be a hassle (high traffic, busy/dangerous road conditions, hard to find/expensive parking, etc) during the slower “shoulder season” months much of this headache is often alleviated. Roads to and around Breck experience much less congestion and most public parking lots throughout town reduce or waive their parking fees. This offers the perfect opportunity to use Breckenridge as your home base while you get out and explore many of the fun and exciting things just outside of Breckenridge’s city limits. Whitewater rafting, scenic train rides and sulfur hot springs are just a few of the unique adventures waiting for you.






Named the 'best new festival' by Westword Magazine, This FREE event offers cutting-edge works of contemporary art, pop-up performances and more in a stunning mountain environment!

Raise your glasses and join us as we uncork the can't miss wine festival of the season! Wine Classic is your chance to grow your knowledge and enjoy top quality food and wines from vineyards around the world.

One of the oldest festivals in the country, film-lovers gather to celebrate the art of film making and for unprecedented access to a diverse selection of unique and varied independent films.

Cider is becoming one of the most popular adult beverages of the moment. Add in some American Bluegrass, delicious food pairings, a Sours Garden and gorgeous views and you have a recipe for magic!

The first of its kind in the state, this event highlights the talents of local and national specialty craft spirits distillers. Enjoy other themed events all weekend including a spirited cooking class, scavenger hunt and more!

MAY 30 thru



JUNE 2, 2019

SEPTEMBER 12-15, 2019

SEPTEMBER 19-22, 2019

SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2019

OCTOBER 18-21, 2019

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The Wild Wild West Colorado Mountain Photography by Mark Yeager

Take home something better than a t-shirt from your vacation. Take home a memory. All of my photography is EXCLUSIVELY Summit County. La Cima Mall, south bldg. 500 S. Main St. #2N, Breckenridge. 970-485-9023. Wed. thru Sun. 11-5 Come see Summit County like you’ve never seen it before! Yes, we ship!

Use Promo Code “BGVMAG” for $3 off per person Disarm a Bomb in the Secret Agent Room!

Solve Riddles, Uncover Clues, & Crack Codes While Racing the Clock! FOUR THEMES TO CHOOSE FROM

Captain Steelhook’s Treasure • Secret Agent Santa’s Naughty List • New Room Coming 2019









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The Art of the Craft on the Breckenridge Distillery Trail


This is more than a remarkable experience; it’s a memory you take home. A memory on which to reminisce, every time you crack open that bottle of Breckenridge Bourbon you bought that one time, when you spent a day, a weekend, a week on the mountain. This is the reason you’ll be back.

Drinking to a Local Kind of Place

In Breckenridge, it’s clear we revere the mountain as a giver of life (water), inspiration (scenic beauty), and diversion (well, everything). For us, sustainability is a gimme: ingrained deep within our souls and as natural as taking our next breath of thin mountain air. The Breckenridge Distillery has never wavered in its commitment to Breckenridge. Through (and, thankfully, over) many hurdles – drought season and avalanches, among them – owner Bryan does not falter: He loves this town and his local team. The result are mountain spirits of the mountain, for the mountain, and honoring the mountain. Because, as it turns out, Rocky Mountain water is the key ingredient to these award-winning elixirs: mineral-rich H2O, straight from Breckenridge and distilled into award-winning spirits. So, drink up! Mountain-fed spring water is supposed good for you – right?

The Distillery Trail From Tastings to Tours to a Liquid Chef

photo by: meredith austin

landmark, a point of pride, and a rite of passage into the Breckenridge lifestyle – and especially into the après life – the Breckenridge Distillery plots a path both through Breckenridge and into one of our most beloved mountain traditions: an après that transitions from mountain to handcrafted cocktail, from hiking trail to full flights of bourbon.

If there is one must-try, worth-your-time, don’t-miss-it-or-you’ll-regret-it place to be, it’s here: At one of our most revered après institutions and a true Breckenridge experience. Choose your chug, pick your poison: At the downtown Tasting Room, you’re welcome to try one or two samples. From there, take the distillery’s free shuttle out to Breckenridge Distillery proper (find it: 1925 Airport Rd | 970-547-9759) and “tap” into Breckenridge past and present on a distillery tour: Scheduled to start every half-hour from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., they go behind the scenes and include a tasting of the Classic Vodka, Gin, and Bourbon. (You can upgrade to a wider selection, for $10.) You’re now two tastings in, so it’s a good time to head next door to the Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant (or BDR), realm of Kansas City-style barbecue at lunch and an elevated menu for dinner: unique flavors, Colorado ingredients, and great company, inspired and created by world-renowned chef David Burke. And, lest all the superb food begin to soak up your buzz, look to Billie Keithley, BDR’s resident Liquid Chef: Relying on the distillery’s resident spirits, seasonally-sourced ingredients, and Colorado inspiration, Billie’s hand-crafted cocktails tickle your funny bone and please your palate.


A Historic Distillery It’s not often that you label something as young as 2008 “historic” – but then, the Breckenridge Distillery has kind of made a habit out of breaking rules and eclipsing assumptions. In 2008, doctor-turned-distiller Bryan Nolt, Founder and CEO, made history as not only as the first (and still only) distillery in Breckenridge and Summit County, but also as the “World’s Highest Distillery” (officially: 9,600 feet). Today, the distillery continues to make history – and enmesh itself in the hearts and fabric of Breckenridge life – with its mountain-born, mountain-made spirits, including its multiple award-winning Breckenridge Bourbon. They may be a mom & pop distillery, but they’re also the biggest whiskey distillery in Colorado, a top-15 distillery in the U.S., and one of the fastestgrowing distilleries in the country. A proud taste of Breckenridge, now distributed in 48 states! www.breckenridgedistillery.com 970-547-9759



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Gold panning at the Country Boy Mine. Pan for your own gold direct from the Eureka Creek, the stream that runs through the gold filled mountain. Lessons on how to pan and gold panning equipment all included.

1000 ft into the mountain

Shoot down the Ore Chute

Feel, smell and hear what it used to be like being a gold miner in the 1800’s. Witness a live demonstration of the jack leg drill, admire the stories of the blasting monkey and learn about Colorado’s glorious mining history. Your knowledgeable guide will explain how the tunnels were created, the tools needed, the perseverance of the dedicated men and the dangers they faced each day working underground.

Gold Rush Experience

Go into summit county’s only genuine restored gold mine and learn about the life of a miner. Find out how they found the gold and how they got it out.

Gold cart VR ride.

Escape from the mine in our brand new state of the art 9D VR experience. Exhilarating and fun for all ages.

Pet and feed the miniature donkeys

Meet Goldie and Darn, our resident burros. Come and pet them and feed them, stroke them and hear about the life of a Burro in the gold rush era.



In the 21st century instead of sending Ore down our chutes, we send YOU! Fun for adults and kids alike, take a ride down The Gold Ore Chute. Peer into the life of how gold miners lived in the 1800’s. Hear from the doctor, be part of a bank robbery, be immersed in the horrors of the TommyKnocker and find out what the Judge says when you visit court


Find out what life was like in the 1800’s in Breckenridge. Learn about Tom’s Baby, the biggest nugget ever found in summit county, find out the life of children working down the mine. Educational and fun.

Historic Walking Trail

Explore our historic walking trails and mine site. Peek inside original mining cabins and other gold rush artifacts.

For bookings go to: countryboymine.com or call: 970-453-4405


#thelifeyoulove #thelifeyoulove

Pictured: 773 Indiana Creek Road, Breckenridge | $3,950,000 Pictured: 773 Indiana Creek Road, Breckenridge | $3,950,000

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

101 S. Main Street, Breckenridge LIV Sotheby’s International Realty 707 E. Anemone Trail, Suite 4, Dillon 101 S. Main Street, Breckenridge resorts.livsothebysrealty.com | 970.453.0550 707 E. Anemone Trail, Suite 4, Dillon

resorts.livsothebysrealty.com | 970.453.0550

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