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// DESIGN Lumikko L5 is designed to fit vehicles with high cabins. Tilting angle of the unit is the best in the market. Lumikko L5 is available in the colour suitable for the customer’s colours and design.

// HIGHLY COMPETITIVE Thanks to its extended maintenance intervals and reduced fuel consumption the operation costs of Lumikko L5 are extremely low.

// QUIET POWER Thanks to its low operating noise Lumikko L5 fits excellently also for city distribution.


// POWER PACKAKED INTO SMALL SPACE – MAXIMIZED ROOM FOR CARGO, MINIMIZED FUEL CONSUMPTION Lumikko L5 refrigeration unit is a right choice both for long distance transportation and city distribution. Lumikko L5 is designed so that it will not take up space from the cargo room. In case of full side opening doors there is nothing to obstruct loading or unloading operations. Despite of the increased efficiency, the fuel consumption of Lumikko L5 has decreased. Thanks to modular design and easy access to components, further reduction of the maintenance costs has been possible.

A NEW LEVEL IN RELIABILITY Longer maintenance intervals of the unit together with a more precise control keep your equipment going. Three times longer maintenance interval has been achieved by increasing the oil capacity of the diesel engine, as well as by reducing the engine rotating speed. All assemblies have been positioned in such a way that maintenance is easy. For example, the replacement of the filters and the engine oil change takes place through a single service door.



Depending on the need, Lumikko L5 refrigeration unit can be extended for covering different transportation temperatures, as the multi-unit standby function is a standard option. Both fresh vegetables and frozen meat can be transported in the same load.

In Lumikko L5 multiple belts drive has been replaced by a new, more reliable solution. A diesel engine runs the generator and electric power is being transferred from the generator to a closed maintenance-free refrigerating compressor as well as electrically controlled fans.

LUMIKKO L5 PERFORMANCE AND TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Refrigeration capacity in +30°C outside temp. Transport temperature 0°C -20°C


Engine power Electric stand-by

FRC max 8,5m FNA max 13m

8260W 4830W 8320W 5060W

2279 105



Heating efficiency in -20°C outside temp. Engine power 7300W Electric stand-by 7300W Air flow Evaporator air volume Air exit speed

2400 m3/h 17,8 m/s

Technical specification Weight 620 kg Diesel engine D1105/3 syl. Compressor Bitzer/4 syl. Generator 400V/15 KVA Refrigerant R404A/4,5 kg

FreeZone is the emblem of Lumikko´s new environmentally friendly refrigeration unit collection. Read more:


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Lumikko L5 solution for trucks  

Lumikko L5 solution for trucks

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