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400GS Solution for trailers


Silent power – more power, less noise Diesel engine has connected directly to the Permanent magnet generator. No belt is needed. Low noise and high reliability has been achieved by following means: - Diesel engine is running constant speed - Start stop function - Electrically controlled condensign fans - Power saving technology used in cooling system - No belt used in power transmission - Semi hermetic compressor - PM generator has lower need for maintenance  as conventional generator type’s has

Service free The only parts that require maintenance are filters, oil and water pump´s belt. This combined with long oil change intervals results in savings in operational costs.

Silent Power High evaporator air velocity and air outlet speed ensure precise temperature regulation in entire cargo space.

Electrically controlled condensing fans, diesel motor´s low running speed and completely new exhaust muffler ensure an extremely low noise level.

Operation made easy and precise with LCII controls Lumikko Control II guarantees unit´s ease of use. User interface is fitted in the vehicle´s cockpit, guiding the user with simple graphic symbols. All that is left for the user to do, is to set the desired temperature as well as start the unit with either main current or diesel. The control system takes care of everything else. Start/stop function built in the control unit minimizes diesel motor´s running time. This way savings in fuel consumption are achieved. As the running time decreases the maintenance intervals get longer.

Freezone is the emblem of Lumikko´s new environmentally friendly refrigeration unit collection. Freezone collection has been developed with ecological factors in mind. Units from this collection are manufactured with their load on the environment kept to a minimum throughout their lifecycle. Read more:

A new level of reliability New construction of 400GS gives significant advantages by reducing components – belts, bearings, clutches – which normally require frequent maintenance. -20%

The heart of the refrigerant system is a semihermetic compressor with a capacity regulator. By using the semihermetic compressor it has been possible to eliminate the compressor shaft seal, the most common leakage place in normal systems. The capacity regulator together with the variable speed condenser fans guarantee optimal conditions for refrigerant system and reduction in the need of energy and fuel.

Fuel Consumption



Noise Level


Maintenance Cooling capacity Costs -20°C/+30°C outside temp.


Lumikko 400gs performance and technical specification Cooling capacity in +30°C outside temp. Transport temperature On engine power On electric stand-by

-0°C 13880 W 13710 W

-20°C 8570 W 8430 W

Heating capacity in -20°C outside temp. On engine power On electric stand-by

10050 W 10050 W

Air flow Evaporator air volume Air exit speed

5030 m3/h 22 m/s


FNA yli 15 m FRC yli 15 m

Technical specification Weight Diesel motor Compressor PM generator Refrigerant

940 kg 2,2L / 4 cylinder 650 cm3 / 4 cylinder, semihermetic 17 kva R404A / 7,0 kg


Optitemp IV – not forgetting quality control Renewed Optitemp IV temperature recording system makes observing temperatures during transport easier and more efficient than ever before. GPS positioning system and GPRS modem are also available for the equipment. With these functions location and temperature of a transport vehicle can be checked on the internet anytime, anywhere. The system stores vehicle´s route and temperature information, making them attainable whenever required. The same information can also be sent automatically to Lumikko Web system, where they will be archived for later inspection. Thanks to optimized information transfer properties Optitemp IV temperature control system´s information transfer and operational costs are remarkably low.

Lumikko – A specialist in temperature control Founded in the 1970s, Lumikko Oy is a privately owned company in Seinäjoki, Finland, focusing on the manufacture on temperature control units for foodstuff transportation vehicles. The company has manufactured Lumikko branded temperature control units since 1972. Since the 1990s, Lumikko products have been exported to the Nordic countries and most EU countries, while our contract service stations cover most of the EU. In addition to transport temperature control units, we design and manufacture air-conditioning and heating equipment as customer-specific projects and auxiliary power machinery for moving vehicles such as personnel carriers, trains, transport vehicles and machines. Furthermore, our product range includes tailored water coolers and oil coolers, and portable air-conditioning equipment.

LUMIKKO OY P.O.Box 304, Kylmätie 1 FI-60101 Seinäjoki tel. + 358 10 835 5400 fax + 358 6 414 1921


400GS Solution for trailers Service free Diesel engine has connected directly to the Permanent magnet generator. No belt is needed. Low nois...