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Artwork by: Pablo Sikosia (@pablosikosia)



Model: Shasta Hogan @ovoxo_taughtme

Photoghapher: Rasheed Lanier @RLProductionz ISSUE #5 | 4

Bringing the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to families and businesses alike.

The WisckAR app is a brand new technology and is gaining interest by personal and business users alike. WisckAR makes creating an AR moment easy and intuitive, and puts the power of augmented reality into the hands of everyone bridging the gap between print and digital all in a captivating way.

Print + Digital = WisckAR ISSUE #5 | 5


Photographer: Samantha Hunt The Jetsons’ was a cartoon that gave us a picture of the future as a utopia that we all looked forward to living one day. Flying cars, teleportation and augmented reality were things that were featured in this children’s show. Produced in the 1960s, this fantasy at first seemed far-fetched, but here it is in 2022 and we are seeing things that the past only dreamt of, manifest into our reality. Elon Musk revolutionized the auto industry with Tesla, electric powered cars that were both stylish and energy efficient. Not only did Tesla impact the auto industry, but they also made a very powerful imprint on the tech world as well. In the midst of the boom of the technology age, everything is pretty much switching to an online platform: church, ordering food, shopping, dating, friendships and

running businesses. At the helm of that boom are several companies, the standout being WisckAR. Aimed at giving businesses the cutting edge with augmented reality, Dean Hunt, the founder, has designed WisckAR to be easy to use. Whether you have a background in tech or not, WisckAR is designed so that even a novice could use it. What started out as a dream, Dean envisioned a program that would help businesses with marketing their services and goods. With a background in both marketing and technology, WisckAR manifested and Dean took the helm of the ship for advancement in the next wave of social media change. Unlike Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and the Metaverse, WisckAR gives each user sole ownership of their content and platform with no unnecessary censorship and creative hindrance. Dean started out in the branding and marketing field that helped increase the viewership of businesses that weren’t major brands. In the course of doing this, he thought of the ideal of creating an

augmented reality social construct that would allow businesses to grow their brand visibility and tap into a free audience. Crossing the lanes of augmented reality and marketing, this is the new way to market brands for businesses and entrepreneurs. Although many people don’t have an understanding of what augmented reality is, WisckAR is starting at a ground level to help the average user build and develop their base and get educated about what exactly is augmented reality. With these benefits, it is no wonder that WisckAR is becoming very popular. With the continual development and growth of WisckAR, we can expect to see great things manifest without the worry of compromised security and bias that current large social media companies deal with. Currently available on the Apple store and the Google Play store, it is free to download WisckAR, all you need is your phone number to get started. From there, you can begin to build your brand visibility as well as become educated about the next wave of marketing and social media, which is augmented reality.

ISSUE #5 | 6


Model: Lauren Howard @laurendale_ ISSUE #5 | 7

Photoghapher: gucciidezi @do_photography


Written by Oroscia Lowe

STACEY J. GHOLAR: ENTREPRENEUR, MEDIA PERSONALITY & CEO LIVE365 Founder & Lifestyle Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Skincare advocate Stacey J. Gholar, empowers women to reclaim their peace and confidence; reclaim their femininity. As the CEO of Skin Life, (@itsskinlife) Stacey J helps women look and feel their best. “Beauty starts from the inside out”. During her exclusive interview with LUL Magazine, Stacey J shared how she learned the importance of cultivating the life that you desire at a young age. She described growing up surrounded by classy ladies such as her mom and aunt. “My father instilled positive and motivational things into me like “Live your life; Stop waiting!” said the Chicago Native. “There is always a better way; It’s important to have an expansive mind”. After working in corporate America for some time, Stacey J stepped out on faith and began her entrepreneurial career. Utilizing her professional skill set, she began working as an Executive assistant for her cousin; Actress & Entrepreneur LisaRaye McCoy and Singer-songwriter Syleena Johnson. With an appreciation for good conversation, she started doing interviews and motivational moments on radio. She now serves as host and founder of Live 365.Radio; a podcast that educates and empowers listeners through conscious dialogue. In 2014, she founded Live 365 Empowerment, an organization geared towards self-care components for women over 40. “We must feed ourselves with positivity to raise our vibration,” said Stacey. “It takes time, I read, I apply… I believe in doing the work” During the creation of Skin Life, Stacey J began working with a company to research the best ingredients for skin care products. Skin Life specializes in restoring and maintaining the skin. The line offers a day and nighttime regimen. It includes products such as a non-acnegenic antiaging serum, a facial bar soap, for brightening and cleaning the skin; Sea Moss Mist spray infused with sea moss high in minerals and The Face Vitamin; a collagen booster designed to hydrate your skin. As she continues to empower women to be the best version of themselves both inside and out, Stacey J. believes that “If you become a better you, it will resonate with others around you”. She remains enthusiastic about living life to its fullest extent. Be sure to follow Stacey J on all social media platforms including Instagram @therealstaceyj. ISSUE #5 | 8



avigating through a male dominated industry as a woman requires someone who is not afraid to build her own doors when others say no. There is an unspoken overcompensation that has to happen in order to be seen at the same level that is easily given to men. When you think of an Emcee, Host or on-air personality; naturally your mind may drift to a male. When women step into this industry they have to work twice as hard and hear no more than desired. Despite the challenges that AJ faced over this past year, she has been able to step on the necks of everyone who said no, did not give her a shot, or simply overlooked her because she was a young black female starting in the industry. Growing up; Aj had lived the “American dream” that most people dream of. Happily married parents of 26 years, a nice home with the white fence and the dog. Aj shared that she and her younger brother wanted for nothing because their parents made sure they went through the trenches so that she and her brother didn’t have to. Aj was always very active and played just about every sport aside from hockey. Her dream was to become a famous soccer player. She started training at a very young age and was able to mentor under a player from the USF team and eventually worked her way into attending and playing for USF. She eventually made her way into playing professionally for a Guyanese team. She suffered from an injury and her “life plan” was derailed. Aj made her way into radio by applying for the position through a Facebook post. When she arrived there were 200 people waiting to be interviewed and only four ISSUE #5 | 9

by Cyn The Great

people were selected. Iheartradio put Aj in the position to be around others who had tenure and provided insight on how to catapult further into the industry. Unfortunately, Covid slowed her down just as her career was taking off. She didn’t let this slow her down, instead she switched gears and decided to get more hands on. Within a one-year span and being under the influence of Tamara James, DJ Nikki Reignz and Dj Ghost Writer, Aj expressed that she is forcing people to recognize her hard work. She has worked her way into being able to host at one of Orlando’s biggest night clubs, Ember, with crowds of 800 people for events such as Wine Down Wednesdays Saturday Brunch, Sunday Funday and so much more. To be in position to control how others are made to feel by leading the atmosphere one must naturally be charismatic. Grabbing the attention of an audience is easy; but keeping everyone happy and engaged is a craft that you cannot teach. When Aj has the mic in her hand, she said that it makes her feel good to be able to relate to others, take them away from their long days and tap into her passion and drive. AJ’s long term goal is to become a mogul. There is no limit to the areas that she wishes to tap into. For her, the work is just getting started and she plans to open up for big shows. The club life for now is good but it’s not enough. She expressed that she doesn’t want to be boxed into the space of doing LGBTQ events but to be able to bridge the gap and do things all inclusive. Aj was raised with the mindset that in life you work hard; twice as hard when you have something to gain. In this industry AJ plans to take it all. Photographer Ceaser Melara

h e r s t o r y

women's women's herstory month month

h e r s t o r y ISSUE #5 | 10

Model: Model: Nate Hughes Kyla Lashay aka MonstaMovez @bigmodeldelkyla @monstamovez

ISSUE #5 | 11

Photoghapher: @mastermindfotoo

nate kyla

Models: Lauren Howard Reba @laurendale_ @reba.rocker

Sequoria @sequoria_

Photoghapher: gucciidezi @do_photography

lauren reba sequioria

ISSUE #5 | 12


DeDe Thompson

by Cyn The Great

The most challenging aspect of growth, in my opinion, is self reflection. When we are able to acknowledge and take accountability for self it puts us in position to reach a level of inner peace that becomes unmatched in every aspect. Inner peace is one of the most sought after accomplishments that one can gain within a lifetime. Dede Thompson knows exactly what it feels like to be backed into a space where realignment is the only option left. Growing up as a preacher’s kid (PK) Dede was always taught to trust God and uphold herself to the standard her parents set. Dede’s turning point was reaching her heaviest weight and actually seeing it on the scale. She was forced to take accountability for the way she felt about herself and where she was in life; which wasn’t enough. Dede used her lowest point as the fuel needed to drive her to not only help herself but others as well. She encountered pivotal moments throughout her journey that required self reflection and redirection in order to get her where she is today as a fitness coach, certified trainer, influencer and CEO of ACV Fitness. Dede grew up in Walhalla, South Carolina and recalled being very involved in the church and sports. She was a cheerleader, danced, ran track; played basketball and soccer. Dede’s father was/is a local pastor and her mother

ISSUE #5 | 13

a minister. Growing up, for Dede, was difficult because there was an unspoken standard that she had to live up to. As the middle and the only one of her siblings that did not move out before the age of 17 she always held a very close relationship with her mother. When she finally went off to Southern Wesleyan University, in Clemson, South Carolina , she craved the freedom she was not allotted while growing up. She played basketball and maintained good grades, still living up to the expectations of her parents. There were times where she would come in from a long day to find her mother in her dorm room checking in on her unannounced. She went through a partying phase and decided that the school was not working towards her best interest and then transferred schools. Making the transfer to Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina put Dede back on track. She earned her B.A. in Sociology at the top of her class. While attending Lander Dede worked two jobs and was involved in a serious relationship. Their time spent consisted of going out to eat a lot because they were always on the go. Dede worked two jobs so she wasn’t as active as she was while attending SWU. She began to feel like she was starting to fit her boyfriend’s “ideal” image of being heavier and subconsciously started losing her confidence. The relationship grew toxic and Dede found out that her boyfriend had been lying, cheating and doing other things she didn’t approve of. She decided to break things off with him for good. Shortly after her breakup her aunt who was more like a mother to her passed away and her grandmother was very sick in the hospital during this time. Dede felt herself mentally in the dark. She decided to quit her job and start fresh.

The leap of faith, for Dede, came with an uncomfortable move to Atlanta, Georgia. The first few months of being in Atlanta were very hard for her. She fell into a place of depression where she gained over 60lbs delt with suicidal thoughts, and suffered from anxiety. She had to draw back on her upbringing and faith to remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Her first step of healing was stepping on the scale to find out her weight after avoiding it for so long. Seeing the numbers rise to 235lbs made her mind shift instantly as she looked in the mirror. She went out and got a membership at the local L.A. Fitness. During her workouts Dede would listen to different scriptures, Gospel songs and motivational speeches to keep her encouraged so that she could pour into herself. As she continued to stay committed to showing up to the gym each day she began to feel a new purpose and passion. She cleaned her eating and before she knew it within the first 30 days she had lost 30lbs. By tapping into her worth and falling back in love with herself; she realized that she needed to learn more about her new journey. She made the decision to reach out to a trainer so that she could elevate to the next level. Dede found herself taking membership at Effect Fitness and joined one of the intense boot camps with trainer Duley. She instantly felt intimidated and wondered what she had gotten into. Reminding herself that she was here to continue to bring out her alpha, she metnally chose the fittest woman in the class and decided that would be the level she had to get to. She lost 15 lbs within the first camp. Dede recalled God gravitating her energy to Duley and she began to study and train under Duley for a year and a half losing an additional 25lbs. They were working out 3-4 times a day and just as things were really starting to pick up where she was seeing more definition we were all forced to shut down life as we knew it due to Covid-19. Covid-19 for Dede put her in a strenuous place because her grandmother’s health, who was 86 years old, started declining for the worse. She and her boyfriend at the time were both stressed dealing with their own problems and trying to figure out what they were going to do for money to pay bills. They started having conversations about Dede becoming a personal trainer because she was thriving in the gym and people were already influenced by her progress. She then made the decision to become certified so that she could properly train others. After completing her certification she moved on to to FDL gym where the owner believed in her so much that he told her not to worry about paying for rent the first few months as long as she “did the damn thing”. Her first client, social media influencer, Robiiiworld had been one of the first people she connected with when she moved to ATL. They linked and did a few skits together that went viral and just made a bond from there. The alignment of Robiii’s health giving him a huge scare and Dede starting her career as a trainer happened in it’s perfect timing. They worked together for two months at FDL gym before Dede took residence at The Loft in Midtown Atlanta. Dede had taken

on several other clients but Robiiiworld was her star pupil as he had lost over 85 lbs within his first four months. As Robiii lost the weight he gained more attention, his confidence level spiked and he became comfortable. Dede found herself chasing him down to remind him about the gym and staying on him with his health. It began to make Dede feel as though she was pouring more into her client and friend then her business. She already had all eyes on her because she was new in this major gym, an influencer and had other clients watching. Eventually she decided to drop him as a client but may be working with him again in the future as they continue to stay friends. When asked how God has shaped or shifted her life to where she is today; Dede became teary eyed. She expressed that trying to go out into the world on her own and make things happen the way she wanted forced her to experience some really dark times and she was backed into a space where her only option was stepping back in God’s light. Now realizing that fitness is her light that she uses to help others feel good about themselves and to stay motivated. As Dede came through her own darkness she was able to tap into her spiritual side and step out of religion. Dede surrounds herself with others who are spiritually awoken. Her best friend Crystal, spiritual advisor and healer, poured into her at the beginning of their friendship and helped her understand the tools ( crystals, sage, journaling, meditiating) and power that she held within herself. Once Dede learned how to cleanse herself and build her own relationship with God she began to fully understand her purpose. When Dede’s grandmother passed away she knew that she was up next in terms of breaking generational curses and helping her family elevate to higher level. In a strange way, she became motivated to tap deeper into her spirituality and to push her brand harder. She decided that it was time to use her natural detox as the way to spread her spirit globally. Dede is a one woman brand, creating, packaging, labeling and shipping her product all over the world. Luckily for Dede, she was already a big influencer on social media and was able to use her platform to push harder. She reached out to other fitness pages, posting flyers, and networking with anyone who would listen. In each of her packages she includes a motivational verse, Jerimiah 29:11, that she holds dear to her heart. The goal is to have a full warehouse and a full team to push Achieving Challenges Victoriously Detox and multiple wellness centers. She continues to train and change lives of anyone she encounters. Dede gives back to the community by hosting bootcamps, giving goodie bags to the homeless and appreciation days to the community for their constant support and, Pretty Girl Sweat awareness brunches/bootcamps. Dede shared that her ultimate goal is to show women that in order to change their bodies, they must first change their minds. Once the mind is changed for the better there is no stopping. When it’s all said and done; Dede wants her spirit and legacy to live on encouraging others to manifest the things that they want through God. ISSUE #5 | 14




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Introducing Tasha Catour by Donte Harvey

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand. With an equal opportunity for all to sing, dance and clap their hands.” This stanza from the song Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder perfectly describes the awesomeness of this outstanding woman who has mastered the language of music. In a male dominated industry, she has not only proven to be a force to be reckoned with, but also has created a name and legacy for herself. Tasha Catour is a queen when it comes to the music producing world. Grammy award winning producer, with a host of other accolades, Tasha knows that she is simply the best. Clothed in both humility and confidence, her repertoire of artists that she has worked with includes Future, Keke Palmer, Tokyo Vanity, Rich Homie Quan, Kevin Gates and many more. As a producer, songwriter, singer, and engineer, this quadruple threat has caught the attention of many people beyond the city limits of Atlanta. With a multi-layered background in music, she says that industry magnetized her. Her dad was a singer and she and her sisters would make up songs. She started out singing in church, from singing in choirs to solos. This musical background helped establish her style. A style that has earned her top-charting records with

production credit, television and film credit as well as BET awards, Dove awards, Grammys and a mentorship program that she established to help the next generation of producers. She’s always been a hustler and has always known what kind of life that she has wanted to live. From balancing motherhood and family, to juggling a successful career, I think it is safe to promote Tasha Catour as the Michelle Obama of the music producing world. She got her start in the music world when she wrote a hook for Miami based rapper and femme-c, Trina. “I thought that I was going to blow up after that,” she exclaims. After writing the hook for Trina, her hustle and ambitious persona started to peak. She started to branch off into other areas. From a songwriter, she learned how to engineer and compose beats. This allowed her to record artists and sell beats that she cooked up in the lab. From being an engineer and composer, she decided to take it to the next level and produce artists. Her production skills were so stellar, that she caught the attention of

Atlanta based rapper Future, and he signed her as a producer to his label, Freebandz. With all this success going on, she still has time to give back to the next generation of producers and songwriters coming up in the music industry, Camp Catour. Camp Catour was instituted to help push music creatives to the next level by cultivating their gifts and talents. This is one of her ways of giving back. As she reflects on her years in the music industry, her advice to up and coming producers is ‘don’t be stingy’ with their beats. They never know where their next big hit is coming from, always being open to exposure and networking. Songwriter, engineer, composer, producer; Tasha Catour has proven that she can pretty much do everything in the music business, and even better than her male counterparts. ISSUE #5 | 16


Model: RIley Smith @@rrileyy.Lena Photoghapher: @sooficialshowout

tamera meagthebeauty Models: Tamera Jarneee @TameraJarneee Meagthebeauty @meagthebeauty Photoghapher: @iamcarlosjones Designer: @Soomar Stylist: @is.hhaa Creative Directors: @is.hhaa, @soomar @iamcrlosjones

ISSUE #5 | 17

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by Oroscia Lowe

“Victory, I’m here!”…With all odds stacked against her, resilience and determination to achieve better for her life, she defied the statistical projections designed for her. As a seventeen year old mother with a four month old baby living in a sewage infested apartment, she woke up one day and decided that she wanted more for her life. With little to no money to her name, a car seat and duffle bags in tow, she hopped on a bus with her baby for a 10 hour bus ride headed towards her new life and hope for the future of her child. Tiyana Chambers, famously known as “Londynn B” was born on May 29, 1994. Much like the “B” in her stage name, she’s proven herself to be bold, brave and beautiful. With a love for fashion and a desire to visit the city of London she manifested this by uniquely adding Londynn to the B of all the things she stands for. Londynn B grew up in a household of five kids in Brooklyn, New York with her mom as the sole provider. “My mom is bold and vocal; like the modern day Mary J Blige” Londynn recalled with a smile. My father owned a barbershop at the age of 17, she said proudly. Although she has a great relationship with her father, two year old Londynn B was in his arms when he got arrested. “He has always supported me, he’s wise and I know him mentally”. Tiyana “Londynn B” Chambers began to cook and clean for her siblings to help her mom. During her exclusive interview with LUL Magazine, Londynn briefly reflected on the memories of the pain her family endured while her mom went through an abusive relationship. In an effort to take ISSUE #5 | 19

care of her family, she began to travel down a path that led to her arrest over 20 times as a minor. She suffered the trauma of gang -related activity and being kicked in the stomach. Londynn vulnerably shared the trust issues that she had to overcome as she fixed the inner child that suffered six years of physical and verbal abuse. Drug by her hair, abused by her mom’s boyfriend, she recalled how she didn’t share the things that were happening to her at the time out of fear that it would hurt her mom’s happiness. Arrested for weekends at a time without her mom knowing, a gun put to her head, living in a shelter….Londynn B has survived, excelled and given her life new meaning. During a hard time in her life, she met a man who would become the father of her pride and joy “ Somaya Ryder, born April 29th 2012. “Everything I do is for my daughter”. With that same mentality, Londynn and Samaya rode 10 hours on a bus to North Carolina to live with her grandparents. She believed that life wasn’t over for her so she received her GED and began to work as she sought out better for her and her daughters life. While living in North Carolina, she met a beautiful woman named “Bre”. The two of them partnered and began to raise Somaya together. The pair eventually moved to Atlanta with higher goals in mind. Despite the challenges that life threw her way, Londynn B was able to tap into her creative side; she started recording music off her phone. She shared with LUL Magazine the excitement she felt creating her first video and song using an iphone. With a strong

“Not here to compare or repeat, but build and maintain” mentality, Londynn recalled the awakening she felt at the beginning of her career. She was in a music group. “We had a record deal on the table; The group broke up and I didn’t want to do it by myself ”. Her loving partner and friend “Bre” encouraged her to continue moving

forward. “I had never been to a recording studio, I was in charge of my career”. After the sacrifice of performing for free in Atlanta for one year, and working as a dancer, Londynn B shared how she ultimately submitted to God. She received the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in one of her largest shows at Piedmont Park. It was there that she was scouted by a talent agent who asked if she wanted to audition for “ Rhythm and Flow” ; Netflix’s first original music competition program with Celebrity guest judges, Rapper T.I, Cardi B. and Chance The Rapper. Within twenty-four hours she was on her first flight, for what would become the beginning of a life changing experience.

Standing in front of Rappers, T.I, Big Boi and Quavo with a crowd behind her she boldly said... “My name is Londyn B and I have been doing music for 3 years. I came here with nothing…this is 3 years of work and I’m ready to show y’all what I created”. With black and white hair that she created herself, an infectious smile, and the passion of her story she proved that she was a force to be reckoned with. Her lyrics stemmed from her perseverance and pain during her audition…”Victory I’m here”…”Getting in trouble with school and detention, remembering nights with no food in the kitchen, remember nights where my money went missing”…”Mama, I got her, for my sister and brother, from days in the gutter, all we had was each other.” Out of 60 artists, only 15 made it. She created and

exuded her self-expression, clarity, strength, and the duality of taking the good with the bad. “I understood Faith ‘’. With millions of Netflix viewers rallying behind her, Londynn B became a crowd favorite. With performances like “Rubi” with Teyana Taylor and her music video debut of “I can’t change” it was made evident that Londynn B is here to stay. Today with nearly 1 million followers, Londynn continues to soar into greatness. With new music and projects on the way, Londynn B continues to inspire all of her fans. “ I live through the viewers. I don’t have fans, I have family” said Londynn B. When asked for her best piece of advice, she said “Don’t compete, don’t compare…Be You until you can be you”.

Celebrity Artist: Londynn B__ (@lodynnbofficial_) / Photographer: Daniellednae (@daniellednastudios) / Creative Directors & Stylists: @oroscialowe, @dwyanedaboss, / Wardrobe: @ocean_glam_boutique, /Accessories: @ocean_glam_boutique, @delicate_kreations / Hair: @stitchd_llc, MUA: @aysia.bonae / Nails: @kayyeffectx / Production Assistants: @sooofficialsassy, @kehyare_l

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ISSUE #5 | 20

lamahjay ISSUE #5 | 21

Model: Lamahjay Murdock (@mahjymahj) Photoghapher: Diana Jahns (@dianajphoto)


Model: Angel Massey (@angel.miaa) Photoghapher: @sooficialshowout

ISSUE #5 | 22


LEAP OF SUCCESS by Cyn The Great

Starting over typically implies

that we go back to day one. Some people become discouraged and let their dream dissipate because of all the time, effort and money spent on the first trial. They hold on to the fact that if it did not work the first time it won’t work the second time around. However, there are others who use failure as motivation to do better than they did before. To them, a new start means using the lessons from the first trial as stepping stones to avoid the same obstacles they encountered before. Crystal Carter, key hair stylist/ wig designer/ glam onset celebrity hair stylist/ and image consultant, used her failures as reasons why she had to reach her version of success. Moving over 700 miles from Detroit to Atlanta to pursue her vision was not an easy journey but with the support of her partner and children her leap of success turned out to be very fruitful. Every “no” she received on her way to the top was an inspiration to keep going until she reached a place where that word no longer applied to her craft.

Being able to tap into her passion is something that Crystal

recalls loving from a very young age. She recalls practicing on her younger sister’s hair as early as age seven and eventually working her way up to family members and friends. During ISSUE #5 | 23

her exclusive one on one interview she smiled as she shared “I remember it taking me 7 hours just to do a sew in when I first started but over and with the right opportunities I just got better and better.” When she was thirteen she became an apprentice for her uncle’s girlfriend, at a popular upscale salon called Truth Salon. She would assist by shampooing and blow drying hair; but more importantly she gained a lot of experience and realized that doing hair was her happy place. Crystal continued to hustle and do hair until she was able to open her own store front/boutique on 9 mile. She was able to book clients and bring in more business through word of mouth. Her boyfriend continued to support her and push her dreams further by investing in her first order of Indian hair. She then launched her own hair line called Love Lavish Luxe . Business started progressing for her but it was not enough. She then made the tough decision to uproot her five children and move to Atlanta, Georgia. She knew that she would

be able to rub elbows with the right people and the only way to know for sure was to take a leap of faith.

The big move over 722 miles

away started off slow. As scared as she was she knew she had to shake the comfortability that came with her

boutique in Detroit. The good thing about being a hairstylist according to Crystal is that it’s fast money and you can move around with more flexibility. She started off in ATL by connecting with people she knew from back home and they began to spread her name by word of mouth. Crystal shared that she’s a perfectionist so she had to make sure that she lived up to the expectation that came with her work. Her big break came from her and her boyfriend scrolling on Instagram one day and stumbled across Sukihana, rapper/tv personality, page. Her boyfriend gassed her and told her to jump in her DM but she was afraid so he wrote her on her behalf. Crystal went into a meeting shortly after and Suki responded asking if she could come ASAP. When Crystal came out of the meeting her boyfriend was smiling from ear to ear when he showed her the message and from there she just took off. Crystal expressed how thankful she is for the opportunity because it led her to meeting her best friend Brianna ( will get IG tag) who is a celebrity MUA. Crystal worked her way onset for the TV show Social Society through her best friend and instantly made herself at home. Crystal shared that she manifested her success through the power of her words. She recalled times where she used to tell herself that she would be in Atlanta doing big projects for celebrities. She has been doing photoshoots, video shoots and working nonstop. She’s worked with rapper Spice, The Clermont Twins, Keisha Green, LaBritney Franklin and

many other celebrities. Crystal shared that for her it is important to give back to others by dropping gems that helped her to get to where she is. She keeps old videos and photos on her social media to show her transition from where she started to where she is in order to share the transparency of her journey. Crystal expressed that hair is a component that adds to women’s identity. She believes that it is a big deal to give women the opportunity to express how they feel through their hair. Her overall goal is to make women feel good about themselves and network with as many people as she can. Being a hairstylist is more than just hair; you spend a lot of time in the shop or in the chair; so learning about people’s stories and sometimes even becoming their therapist or mentor is something that comes naturally. Breaking generational curses is another goal that Crystal is already tapping into. She is finding ways to help family members by putting them to work for her business. When asked about her short term and long term goals, Crystal expressed that she’s already crushing the goals she’s set. She is literally living in the moment and enjoying every opportunity that comes her way. She shared that the universe is going to keep bringing her blessings to her. As she continues to flourish her light touches everyone she encounters. Within the short timeframe of 2 years in a new city Crystal is living her dream and leaving her mark one person at a time. Taking a leap of faith turned into more success than Crystal could have imagined when she started out as a little girl.

ISSUE #5 | 24

Danielle D’nae Studios @daniellednaestudios FASHION + EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHER ATLANTA, GA

danielle d'nae Models: Jade Houlemare @jadywove

Jazmin Thompson @jazmin_alvarezz_ Tinara Lynch @tinaralynch

Photographer: Eric (EWP) @EWP.Photos Direction: JT Peterson: @jtforrealforreal

ISSUE #5 | 25

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Models: Tamera Jarneee (@TameraJarneee), Meagthebeauty (@meagthebeauty) Nate Hughes @monstamovez), Ramal Black (@theramalblack) / Photographer: @iamcarlosjones Designer: @Soomar / Stylist: @is.hhaa / Creative Directors: @is.hhaa, @soomar, @iamcrlosjones

ISSUE #5 | 26


Nate Hughes by: Cyn The Great

During a 1-on-1 interview with Senior writer and editor Cyn The Great from Let Us Live Magazine & Nathan (Nate) Hughes aka Monstamovez, he shared his success’ on becoming a huge social media influence; reaching 1 million followers on TikTok during Covid. . The Spartan, South Carolina native gave insight on how growing up he started dancing in church at the age of 12 years old. During the ages 17-18 Nate’s talent put him in position to travel the U.S. dancing, landed a spot on season 15 of So You Think You Can Dance, Stella awards and several tours. This past year Nate took tenure with FY Modeling agency and had his first published shoot at the age of 22. Q: How did you get started creating content for social media? A: Traveling and experiencing new things help me to get familiar with creating content. Asia Nyree (artist/ dancer/friend) put me on to TikTok and my first 2 videos hit over 900k views. Q: How do you feel when you see your views go up? A: I can’t really believe it. It hasn’t hit me ISSUE #5 | 27

yet. Seeing it is like wow, I can’t believe it. I appreciate it and try to show it in each post. I post once daily and I try to make that one video count. I do this for a purpose and for others. Putting a smile on someone’s face. Seeing the numbers go up and spreading positivity.

became my trademark in every video and the few times I forgot the wink my fans definitely had no problem letting me know. I accomplished several goals for myself and set new ones. This year I wanted to hit 1M next year I want to get verified.

Q: How much time to you spend on content in a week? A: Currently I work a full- time job at Walmart. I’m working on becoming fully independent with my own thing. On average I spend 2-3 hours a day, after work, creating and editing content. Which is why I post once a day so my followers can see something. I try to be consistent to keep my views up.

Q: How do you integrate your modeling into your social media platform? A: It just so happened my that my agent got some behind the scene shots. Never had that done but it gives me more content. I’m able to post more, showing people that I wear a number of different hats in the industry.

Q: Where are most of your videos made? A: In my bathroom is where they are mostly done. The lighting is an eye catcher. Up close and personal but giving enough space for my audience to see. When I have more free time I go downtown, outside for a better background. The thing i noticed was that when i did switch up locations my viewers would ask why I switched it up. They love freedom, energy and passion that I allude in all my videos. Q: How much time do you put into editing? A: I’m my biggest critic. Takes me 2-3 hours to find the best video to post. I try not to have over two videos because I am so indecisive. Once I master that I could possibly have more numbers. I keep it Pretty simple right now using my laptop and bluetooth. Q: Two years ago did you see yourself being where you are today? Being such a big influence? A: Honestly no. I didn’t see myself here but I’ve always set a goal for each year. Last year it was to be one of those TikTokers that everyone knew. Through that year I created three different challenges. Bob challenge, (I think) I put it to a T-Pain song called booty, slowed it down and added a wink. My sink

Q: What do you think about black culture and social media? A: As a black creative it’s different. You have to stay on social media to know what’s going on at all times. We don’t get the limelight like white creators. We come up with and set trends and people constantly steal our stuff. We face that a lot and don’t get credit where it’s due. As black creatives we have to keep going and not give up. It’s hard but if you understand that your time is coming you just have keep working. Q: What’s next for you? Next big thing. A: Really branding myself. Getting my merchandise out to my fans. Hoodies, shirts and hats. I want to be able to constantly keep my hands in something progressive. I also want to start transitioning into an artist. Like, singer/ rapper. And also prep for different shoots and walks. i see NY Fashion Week and things like that. Q: What is your ultimate goal. A: Just to progress. I want to be well known in dancing, have a studio. Like a Rex center of entertainment, studio, model classes. The whole 9. This is just the beginning for Nate. His positive energy can be found on all social media platforms @monstamovez. Creating content was just the first step through the door. We look forward to watching this young King become a household name.

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Models: Quinn Gamble (@soulstallion) Dwyane Stovall (@dwynaedaboss) Photographer: (@globalpics)

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