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8 Questions Every Content Creator Should Ask Themselves Fitness Tip

Stories from Kami Simmons, Lick My Fashion, The Conscious Lee and Robiiiworld

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Exclusive Stories featuring Artists MARi Burelle and BMF Cash



Content Moguls

Lick My Fashion, The Conscious Lee, Robiiiworld and Kami Simmons


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8 Questions Every Content Creator Should Ask Themselves

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Model: Jasmine Raiford

Queen, Diva, Media Conglomerate: Kami Simmons


Content Creator: ZonaSimz


Life is a Show: MARi Burelle


The Virgin Hair Fantasy: Jane Harris


Business Man First: BMF Cash



From the CEO: Dwyane Stovall


Motivational Fitness Champ Robert Wilmonte Art is my Superpower: Creative Artist Lex Ellis aka Stoic

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Business: Ocean Glam Boutique


Fitness Tips with Cyn The Great


I Am Great: Robiiiworld

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First Glance: Jalen Mack

Model: Henry Nickson

Kickin' it with Keff: Keith Wayne Riley

Consciously Speaking: The Conscious Lee ISSUE #6 | 2

From the CEO Every day we all strive to do something great. Entertainment is one of many avenues that allows us to see the ideas and creativity from creatives all over the world brought to us through content creation. This issue is dedicated to a special group of content creators who we believe are constantly making a difference on many social platforms from education awareness, movies and skits, style and fashion, and impactful interviews. It is imperative that we give flowers to people who inspire us so to all of our featured content creators of Issue #6: Flowers, and content creators all over the world…this one is for you. It is crucial that we never give up because we are ‘too’ inspiring others who have the same vision as we do letting them know that it is possible to manifest the things you want when you put in the work to achieve it. With each story that you read, our hope is that you enjoy the authenticity in the articles about others like you who stories may remind you of a similar journey that is apart of the content creation world. We all go through situations in life that may try to throw us off as we work to sustain a healthy balanced life from our 9-5 routine and time spent creating, but always remember that over time, it all comes to fruition as long as you are consistent. I urge you to continue being the best at what you do, and never allow anything to distract you from your purpose no matter what that purpose is for you. Allow yourself to make the necessary mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and then correct them if you see them again which is all apart of the growing process in any business. On behalf of my entire team and myself, we would like to say Congratulations to each of you for helping us make this Issue a success, and to our readers/supporters we have gained over the years, this one's for you.

ISSUE #6 | 3

8 Questions Every Content Creator Should Ask Themselves What does being a Content Creator mean to you? List the name/topic of the content/ ideas you plan on implementing 2022/2023 as a Content Creator? How many hours are you planning to spend on creating? What strategies will you take to get started and what is the end goal? What mental exercises will you integrate into your creation process? How do you plan on bringing awareness to your content? What do you think you need from supporters? Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

ISSUE #6 | 4

Photography Credit: Sickflo - @globalflopics




ISSUE #6 | 5


at your fingertips

“The Virgin Hair Fantasy” CEO: Jane Harris


he Virgin Hair Fantasy has become a one stop shop for confidence and convenience. Gone are the days where customers must spend hours in a salon to feel beautiful... with The Virgin Hair Fantasy, beauty is only a few clicks away.

The Virgin Hair Fantasy has become known for its quality products, empathy, care, and hair education provided to all its customers. The Virgin Hair Fantasy, known for its phenomenal customer service has associates personally trained from its CEO’s own heart. When you purchase from the Virgin Hair Fantasy you receive more than hair. The Virgin Hair Fantasy is one of the world’s leading hair companies specializing in wigs; the famous “Peruca”. They offer bundles, closures, frontals, lashes, hair styling tools, hair care products and more! With over 316,000 followers and growing, The Virgin Hair Fantasy continues to push the envelope of creativity and innovation by connecting with people through the love of hair. Jane Harris and her team have utilized the power of marketing to provide quality products, hair education, and JOY to all its followers. With the onset of Covid -19, life for the beauty mogul completely changed. She took the time in quarantine to dig deep spiritually and further connect with her audience. She felt the need to help insert more joy in people’s lives during trying times and has been doing so ever since. With a very loving perspective she tapped into her natural aura. The CEO is usually found dancing, smiling, and encouraging women all over the world to be the best version of themselves. She has posted via social media every day for the last 7 years. “When you look good, you feel good,” said Jane. When asked about her infectious spirit, Jane vulnerably shared that her joy comes from pain. Jane began losing her hair at an early age with thinning edges. She vulnerably shared how she was teased as a kid during her exclusive interview with LUL Magazine. “I used to think to myself if I had hair, I would have been that chick. My connection to beauty was hair”. True to form, Jane expressed the importance of choosing joy and using pain to serve as a reminder of how joyful you can be right now. With life often throwing unpredictable curve balls, it’s important to consistently seek out what you can do to be in a better space. We choose how to live out our journey. Jane Harris used her life experiences and started “The Virgin Hair Company” with a desire to help increase her own self-esteem. She has made her mark within the hair industry as a self-taught professional. She made her first wig and absolutely loved how it made her feel. As a

highly successful marketing professional for a high-end shoe store by day, Jane would stay up all night to make wigs. While wearing one of her custom pieces, Jane was approached by a woman purchasing shoes; this woman who would eventually become one of Jane’s first clients, was going through chemotherapy. She shared her personal battle of losing her hair and offered to purchase the hair worn by Jane…She paid over $1,000.00. Shocked and excited, Jane worked to perfect her craft. Within 7 months, she was able to resign from her six-figure job to pursue her passion of making people happier through the power of increased confidence. Originally from Nigeria, West Africa, the young entrepreneur is no stranger to success. As a college graduate she attended school in London and graduated with a marketing degree from AIU. She graduated at the age of 16 and capitalized on the additional time allotted by moving to NYC. Jane began her business with an investment of $500 given to her from her loving husband Ed Harris, the man she affectionately refers to as the “love of her life”. Ed Harris, a successful businessman in his own right, has been a Chef for over twenty-five years. He has even won The Food Network’s televised culinary competition show “Chopped”. The two met in New York City and run the business of their home and marriage while raising three wonderful children whom they also homeschool in Atlanta. To create the best possible experience, Jane wanted to ensure that she offered an amazing quality of hair to her customers. She set her sights on the country of India to provide phenomenal Virgin Hair. With her new venture in tow, Jane knew that she also wanted to create magical experiences for customers…fantasies; thus “The Virgin Hair Fantasy” was created. Utilizing the strengths of the skills learned during her marketing career, Jane understood that customers wanted more than wigs. She knew that she needed to disrupt the hair industry by carving out her own lane and created her famous “Perucas” (Portuguese for wig). The Virgin Hair Fantasy continues to transform the hair industry one “Peruca” at a time. Perucas from The Virgin hair Fantasy have been worn by world renowned celebrities such as Singer & Actress; Brandy Norwood; Actress, Comedian and Television Host; Niecy Nash; and Venus Williams; Award Winning Tennis Player. With a successful business and passion for making people feel their absolute best, the CEO expressed how all her clients are celebrities in her eyes. ' Jane Harris and her team take pride in building meaningful relationships with every person they meet. They continue to push the content envelope to assist their customers. “Being true to myself is helping others said Jane. Acts of kindness bring me great joy; I truly love making other people feel good.” Be sure to check out The Virgin Hair Fantasy today. It’s a joyful experience that you will never be able to forget. You can follower her @thevirginhairfantasy for daily jewels of beauty and inspiration. Written by: Oroscia Lowe ISSUE #6 | 6


Featuring Robert Wilmonte (NDO CHAMP) Written by: Cyn The Great


Liberia native Robert Wilmonte came over to the United States in the early\ 2000s. He watched as his single mother struggled to raise him and four siblings in a one bedroom apartment. They moved to Newark, New Jersey where he found himself mixing with the wrong crowds and in the streets hustling in order to help provide for his family. Going down this path led him to federal prison. With the time spent locked away Rob had nothing but time to plan what he would do with his time once he was released back into the world. He realized that his new purpose was to help teach others how to navigate after prison and to help others stray away from the wrong decisions in life that could easily land them where he once was; behind bars.


NDO Champ now creates content on multiple platforms that provide: • Motivation- “There are too many people in the world that struggle with mental health issues or just don’t have the outlets they need in order to feel and do better.” • Comedy- “On a daily basis I try to provide my audience with a break from their realities by making them laugh while teaching them about health and nutrition.” • Fitness- “Seeing how people have become so comfortable with being overweight and unhealthy just makes me feel so bad. Knowing how the government works especially hard in black communities to destroy us health wise makes me want to educate my people more about health, nutrition and mental awareness.”

ISSUE #6 | 7


NDO Champ uses his platform to share personal insight of his life experiences to teach others to overcome obesity, poverty and beating the system by staying out of jail. He spreads his content over different social media platforms and targets the audiences that are most prominent within each platform. Rob’s signature moves in his videos are “the walk” and “the kick” that went viral on NFL, ESPN, Sports Center and almost every platform . The skit shows a client finishing a workout and sneaking over to Dunkin Doughnuts just to get caught by Rob who does the walk and kicks the food out of his arms. From there he just created this character that is able to give comedic situations that make people laugh while teaching them to do better. Rob makes sure he keeps his content professional and focuses on the business side of anything that he does making sure to not blur the lines with his personal life. When he’s not creating content he’s educating and building a legacy for all the underdogs who were told that they wouldn’t amount to much of anything. . As an athlete Rob is constanting training, networking and bodybuilding. He is working on an APP to be released before 2022 is over that offers a space to do everything that social media platforms offer alongside a space where other content creators can come together in order to create content and have a safe space that keeps them off the streets and out of trouble.


Rob expressed that if he could advise his followers; he would let them know that “everyone isn’t always going to understand or support you. As long as you do things with passion and from your heart; people will

naturally gravitate towards you. A lot of times the motivation that I put out for others is more for me because if I don’t believe in myself no one else will.” Not every post is for likes or views, in Rob’s eyes. For him it's about reaching the one person who needs to hear a specific message. One person, video or message at a time, NDO Champ, Rob, plans to use his knowledge as tools to better prepare anyone that encounters his work. Whether it’s in front of a camera or in person Rob expressed that he’s the same genuine person who just wants to see others do better and win.


IS MY SUPERPOWER By Donte’ D. Harvey Art work created by: @search_stoic

“My name is Lex, I live in Atlanta, but I’m from Florida.” The calming tenor mixed with cool melodic baritone pitches exits from his vocal chords as Lex introduces himself. Known on tiktok as Search_Stoic, this man is not just an artist, but he is a superhero. Not all heroes wear caps, that much is obvious, some wear spandex costumes, but this superhero adorns himself in a creative cloak that allows his artwork to be his superpower. So what makes him a superhero? Does his art come to life? The answer would

be both yes and no. Yes it comes to life, but not in the literal sense of artwork living like humans. The life that it does take is the impact that it makes to those who view it. The voice of representation and freedom that is designed in every character. His superhero origin story begins in Florida as a child, being attracted to comic books and animation, his power was a “happy accident.” From there he re-invented a genre of artwork that was geared towards bringing a voice to marginalized communities and individuals. Growing up in a religious household, he struggled with expressing himself fully, the biggest thing that was a struggle was his sexuality. As a black man in the south, growing up in an economically disadvantaged community, the talks of art school and freedom in sexuality were something that he wasn’t exposed to. The social climate at the time produced a level of toxic masculinity that tried multiple times to suppress the artistic voice. Although the pressure from society was thick, Lex’s determination was beyond the weight of the pressure. With his gift, he incorporated his life’s struggles, success

and influences inside of his artwork, giving each piece a voice of its own. Speaking out for the Lgbtq+ community, advocating for Black Lives Matter, and advancing the visibility of other marginalized groups, this superpower has strengthened his platform and has given him a fanbase that follows everything that he does. With such an amazing gift, his talents have the potential of reaching Marvel and DC comics. He doesn’t just limit himself to artwork, he is also a social justice warrior and will allow his artwork to even help advance the awareness of small brands and businesses. An amazing superpower from an unlikely superhero. In a time like this, we often are plagued with issues. In each generation, a voice rises up and serves as a hero that can and will challenge and change the narrative and plot a new course to liberation and equality. For this generation, Lex is one of those heroes that we can turn to and see him using his powers for the greater good of everyone. Although some may consider him average, many look at his artwork as a superpower.

ISSUE #6 | 8

Jasmine Raiford


Photography Credits: Kemet Alston @kemet_alston

ISSUE #6 | 9

Queen, Diva, Media Conglomerate:

Kami Simmons

K S Photography Credits: Sickflo - @globalflopics Edited by: Ralph - @rlathepoet


eal queens don’t throw shade. As a matter of fact, shade isn’t even in their vocabulary, that is because they are confident enough to shine side by side with other queens while grooming princesses to ascend to the throne. Real queens like Beyonce’, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama have blazed paths wide enough for other queens to walk on. One of those queens who took the path that was paved for them was none other than Kami Simmons. Representing the culture and establishing her reign as an emerging leader. Simmons grew up in the Washington, D.C. area surrounded by politicians and game changers that would influence her view of the world. Raised in a single family home, Simmons was always surrounded by strong women that would reinforce the strength of Black women. Her mother being her chief influence, raised her to believe that she could have the world and nothing less. That greatness was meant for her even if she had to create her own opportunities and reality. Those opportunities and reality started to manifest as she found herself serving as a White House Intern during the Obama administration.

Within the White House, she has worked on policy issues, especially those that affect young girls and women. She worked closely with former First Lady Michelle Obama when it came to her initiative to serve as a mentor to high school girls who were first generational graduates within their families. This act of reaching back helped shape her mission and vision of continuing the legacy of giving back

From the White House, she served as a news correspondent for NBC, she was a producer at BET, intern for several radio stations and eventually started her own streaming platform and media production company, First Class TV. While creating her own media company, she continued to freelance with different media outlets and even garnered red carpets hosting events. With all eyes on her, she’s remained humble enough to realize that this journey was not because of her own doing. Although she acknowledges the hard work that she puts in, she often credits her mother with being her foundation and support system. Her mother, being a stable and constant figure in her life, often poured volumes of wisdom and confidence into Simmons. This support

system was so strong that upon deciding to relocate to Atlanta from D.C., her mother was very supportive of her move. That support pushed her to achieve levels of success in a new setting. As well as being a media diva, Simmons is also a content creator. Her content shows the behind-the-scenes of her career as well as provides encouragement to everyone who visits her platforms, especially Black girls and women. Serving as a beacon of encouragement and hope, she wants every Black woman and girl to know that all things are possible and plausible for them. From creating her own lanes of opportunity, to growing into the influencer that she is, Kami Simmons is worthy of the crown that she wears with grace. She has proven her worth and multiplied it, making her a true queen. Never intimidated, but welcoming of the next, she holds the door of success wide open for the next generation. Creating her own reality, Queen Kami is sure of one thing, that whatever life has for her is nothing but greatness. Written By Donte’ D. Harvey

ISSUE #6 | 10

MARi Burelle "Life is a Show"


he stunned the world on NBC’s American Song Contest hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson. The world has fallen in love with her voice, style and confidence. MARi Burelle’s rise to fame is certainly one for the books. Adoption, Motherhood and a personality larger than life…she encourages her fans to “Be Excellent and Never Give Up”. During her exclusive interview with LUL Magazine, we sat down with the fiery Cuban and Puerto Rican singer to learn more about her journey to stardom. Written by: Oroscia Lowe

LUL Magazine: “Hello! How are you?” MARi Burelle: “Hello! I’m great! Thank you for having me!” LUL Magazine: “Absolutely! I am so excited to interview you today! I’m Oroscia Lowe, Staff Writer with Let Us Live Magazine”. MARi Burelle: “Thank you! Nice to meet you!” LUL Magazine: “Let’s begin with you telling me the backstory of your name, I feel like there might be a story there”. MARi Burelle: “My name is with my logo. You will see the capital MAR lowercase i. It was something that I personally decided to do. The lowercase i serves as a reminder to keep me humble. It’s a tough industry. You get out there and think you’re this and that and it smashes you down, so it’s a personal meaning for me to keep me grounded and moving forward”.

ISSUE #6 | 11

LUL Magazine: “That’s impressive and it gives insight into who you are as a person. You’re originally from New Hampshire, correct?” MARi Burelle: “Yes! I was adopted and raised in New Hampshire. I was raised there and graduated with a class of 8.” LUL Magazine: “Wow…Just 8?” MARi Burelle: “Ha-ha” ; “Yes, 8 people…Like I said on the show, (American Song Contest) It’s a small state with a big heart.” LUL Magazine: “So you were adopted. Are you comfortable to talk about that a little more”? MARi Burelle: “Yes, absolutely. It molded my entire life”. LUL Magazine: “What was that experience like”? MARi Burelle: ‘My parents, The Burelle’s took us in. There were 5 boys and 4 girls. Two of them were their biological children, the rest were all adopted’’.

MARi vulnerably shared how she went back and forth with adoption through the state of New Hampshire beginning at the age of 6 months old. The singer was officially adopted at the age of nine. With a smile on her face, MARi smiled as she talked about how her parents Gary and Linda Burelle believed in all of them and made sure they had an amazing upbringing. Although MARi’s biological mother physically abused her as a child, MARi chose to focus on the positives and become a better person. MARi shared her story of being able to forgive her mother before she passed. “It shaped and molded me into who I am today. Now I’m a mother and I could have been like that, but I chose to be something different and be a great mom, I love my daughter. We never have to be our circumstances” said MARi. LUL Magazine: “Wow , I love that. That’s so empowering”!

MARi Burelle: “Just because I was in that poor circumstance as a child didn’t mean I needed to move forward like that in life. My other biological brother passed away from drugs and chose a different path than I did. I chose to focus on music and not let the abuse or the words shape and mold me. It made me more motivated. Like they always say, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings; so, I’m singing”. LUL Magazine: “Haha! Yes indeed! …. I heard you mention that you have a daughter. That’s so special”. MARi Burelle: “Yes, my daughter is 15. She is my only child. I adore her, she is my everything and she is my why”. LUL Magazine: “Beautiful …. So, let’s talk about your style. How did you develop your overall style and what does it mean to you”? MARi Burelle: “Yah well it’s a good thing that I did come from New Hampshire because our motto is live free or die and I sure as hell did that! Ever since I was little, I loved the thrift shops, I love anything different, anything unique but it must be genuine. I don’t like what it looks like when someone is trying too hard. It must be natural. I love high end thrifts, but I love Louis Vuitton and Chanel too. I love mixing both worlds…. It’s not always price tag, it’s what I love. As a little girl, I wanted to be in school plays, wear costumes and dress up. Fashion and music go hand in hand and our culture has been realizing that. It’s a good thing”! LUL Magazine: “It seems like your parents were very supportive of your unique style and career as well”? MARi Burelle: “My parents were so supportive and awesome. I started out in the Christian industry which was pretty rough because I love God but my ass would be in the club on Saturday night and then in the pew on Sunday morning. HAHA! People were so judgmental, they were all my friends but, I have to be able to be me and be free. I became the face of CCM and CCM Magazine. Then I joined the Latin industry. Now I’m crossing over…it’s been amazing, having my family back me up. That support is everything”. MARi got her start in music as a Christian artist. Her first album entitled “Treasure” still encourages fans today. Although she has moved into new genres of music, MARi expressed the importance of choosing what she feels in the moment.

As a fan favorite on NBC’s Song Contest, MARi Burelle stunned the world with her vocals. During her exclusive interview, she shared how she enjoyed the experience of representing her state, creating original music, working with Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, and the support of the fans and producers that believed in her. She recalled fondly of her determination to never give up. From school plays to festivals and parades, MARi has done it all. She’s been on the Spanish version of the Voice. She’s even opened for entertainers such as Paula Abdul and Meghan Trainor. “You have to do your thing and one day your time will come like it is for me now” said MARi. With many deals at her fingertips MARi decided to sign with the notable independent record label “87 Records. “ I know that we are going to do amazing things”. She is currently working on several new projects. The valiant and inspirational singer encourages women and all her fans to “Be Excellent”. It’s not about shape, color, size, …whatever you do, hone your gift said MARi”. “Make sure you’re confident and your pride is low so that doors can open for you”. LUL Magazine: “I’m always interested in quotes that people might live by or something that sustains them. Do you have any special quotes that inspire you”? MARi Burelle: “I’m an ink Queen. I have a quote by Mother Teresa written on me. It says “ We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something”. It means a lot to me because everything that anyone has to give is so important. You may think it’s not substantial but it’s so vital. I always want to make everyone feel like they are something special inside.” LUL Magazine: “I love that! Thank you so much for speaking with me today! What final words do you have for your fans”? MARi Burelle: “Just wait and watch – I’m coming for them”! LUL Magazine: “HAHA! We will leave it at that! Thank you”!! Be sure to follow MARi Burelle via Instagram @ mariburelle Photography Credits: Gerald @eyevipics Edited by: @eyevicpics Featured drink: @originalbumbu

ISSUE #6 | 12

can’t be destroyed. With the spirit of an entrepreneur, and the soul of a king, everything that Cash touches brought him much success. From hustling as a kid to starting his window tinting business, the evidence of his success is undeniably present in his life.

Shrimp n’ Grits and Music “I didn’t start rapping when I was younger, the music industry wasn’t big in Baltimore like it is in Atlanta,” Cash says as he reminisces on his start as a rapper. This talented lyricist developed his skills and talent from the same source that caused him to be built differently. That source is the lessons that he learned as a child about the gift of life and the building of a legacy.

Business Man First BMF Cash

Written by: Donte Harvey' Photography Credits: @ericatheplug

Authenticity is often a word that is overused and abused. Today’s social climate shows a disregard for the sacredness of that word. However, when we talk about BMF Cash, we are talking about the living embodiment of authenticity. A man that is grounded in family, music, business and life, he gives a level of authenticity that is rarely seen amongst artists.

Built Different Hailing from the great state of Baltimore, BMF Cash has experienced some things in his life that have shaped his perspective and as a result, his journey. A very tragic moment occurred when he was 13 years old. He and his mother were having a full blown conversation when she unexpectedly transitioned from this life. Having witnessed such an event, Cash’s understanding of life and death taught him that everyday is a gift that should be maximized. Although the death of his mother caused him much pain, he used that pain as fuel to build a legacy that

ISSUE #6 | 13

Migrating to Atlanta, Cash was connected to BMF through his sister, the legendary Juice, who is affectionately known as the First Lady of BMF. Their close bond and her keen eye for talent helped propel her brother into circles and levels that caused many to be envious of him. Many, out of jealousy, took on the moniker of Cash, but he was crowned BMF Cash. This official crowning and rebranding made it known to all that he was not their equal. Humble in spirit, he still worked his craft with a level of excellence and superiority; that excellence was all that was needed to set the difference. The difference between sugar in grits and Cash’s shrimp and grits, that creative difference, was something that he aggressively explored and utilized. Knowing that the world is his canvas and that he can create whatever he so desired, that is just what he did. No matter what the cost was, he was willing to pay it, because he knew that he desired only the best.

Legacy is Life As a multi-business owner, musician and family man, the legacy of BMF Cash is his life. Every experience has built him into who he is. From his father, a man heavily influenced by gospel, coming out to support him at his first rap performance, to him becoming a father that instills in his daughter that they have whatever they desire. His life is reflected in his music as it describes the legacy that he has built, the empire that he has maintained and the love that he has given. If ever there was a man worthy of every praise and accolade given, it would be to the tenacious and ingenuitive BMF Cash.

Ocean Glam Boutique

Photography by: @jahgambomedia Hair by: @lacesofbeauty ISSUE #6 | 14

The Conscious Lee

Written by: Donte Harvey

Photography Credits: Sickflo - @globalflopics Edited by: Ralph - @rlathepoet

Consciously Speaking

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. A southern state that is home to big stars like Beyonce’, Bun B, Paul Wall and Megan thee Stallion; these stars have worked hard to put Texas on the map in the entertainment industry. However, when it has come to the educational and intellectual value of Texas, like most southern states, they lagged in comparison to their northern counterparts. Typically, the educational systems of southern states have historically been described as being dated and oppressive for students of color. With all these factors working against any student of color, stereotypically speaking, one would falter to the ground. That would be the stereotypical belief, but a great debater emerged from the state of Texas and broke the stereotypes that served as boundaries and barriers in his way. George ‘Conscious’ Lee brings to this generation knowledge that will challenge and change the world.

Education is Elevation Hailing from the Byron-College Station area of Texas, Lee was always a person that was vocal about his perspective concerning any topic that he would debate. Not just appealing to what was considered appropriate to argue, Lee has also touched on topics that would be considered off limits. With impeccable oratory and argumentation skills, Conscious Lee’s fanbase as well as his detractors acknowledge that he is a force to be reckoned with. Starting his debate career at Oklahoma University, Lee used unorthodox forms of debate to often and consistently gain victory over his opponents. From quoting Kendrick Lamar lyrics to developing entire constructive speeches using rap music. This method paved the path of him becoming one of the most influential and greatest debaters of the decade at the collegiate level. Serving as not only just a debater, but also as a Director of Debate and Forensics, mentor, high school teacher and college professor; Lee also found time to nurture a beautiful family and develop the Conscious Lee movement. His movement and platform of education challenges others to go beyond what they were taught, the incorrect teachings that have often kept people in bondage to what was programmed based on racist euro-centric teachings. In his efforts of bringing elevation through education, Conscious University was birthed. Beyond his tiktok and instagram videos, the teachings that Conscious University offers deal with Identity Politics, Diversity and Inclusion.

From Social Media and Beyond Black creators are making a wave over social media, where their reach and platforms have spilled over into other industries. With Conscious Lee, we see that he is a highly sought after speaker, diversity and professional coach and podcast host. The Chop Up Show brings together Lee and two others that are skilled debaters, as they discuss entertainment, politics, pop culture and social issues that are very much prevalent.

ISSUE #6 | 16



Cyn The Great

Create Your Motivation

See the goal then create the plan

Don’t Give Up

When embarking on a new fitness

Once I knew that I wanted to see the scale read under 200 lbs I decided that I had to change some of my habits. I started my journey by:

and wanted to give up but I kept

journey, starting over again or finding new ways to stay motivated; I have found that the number one key to success is staying motivated. No matter the time, place, or level of fitness we all have the tools we

1. Set my desired weight goal 2. Researched workouts that I knew I could maintain (needed to learn) 3. Planned my workouts one week at a time (accountability)

need in order to meet any fitness

4. Drank a gallon of water daily (controls hunger)

goal we set. What sets us apart is

5. Kept track of my progression

our mental well-being. Within an eight month timeframe I created a fitness program that led me from 267 lbs to 185lbs; with no diet, just exercise and a clear mind.

6. Set a bedtime (sleep is major key) 7. Meditated 15 minutes every morning (clear doubt, manifested the body I wanted) 8. Showed up for myself ( went to gym or exercised from home every day) 9. Set new goals (constantly growing) 10. Helped others ( by helping others I was able to motivate myself on the days I didn’t want to workout.

ISSUE #6 | 17

There were days that I struggled my eyes on the end goal. Now that I have learned how to transform my body I have been able to train others mentally, spiritually and physically by offering virtual and in person training. Cynnnergy Fitness is just getting started; so as I always say, #ONLYUP.


n terms of success, we can either be defined by the beliefs of others or the values that we set for self. There is no right or wrong way to get to the end result; it’s all about how you navigate through what you’re given in order to get to where you wish to be. What sets the difference between talent and mediocrity; is drive. Robert Dean III knew from a very early age that he would position himself to be one of the greatest of all time. His ability to turn day to day events into relatable comedy is something that his followers are able to connect to. At the age of 23 he beat all odds set against him by defeating cancer, funding his own dream, breaking the stereotype that because he is a big boy he would not be able to “get the girl” of his dreams and being in position to bless others through his words and selfless gifts. Content creator, film director and actor Robiiiworld starts each day off with the mantra “I am Great” as a way to prepare his mind for any challenge he may face. Coming from humble beginnings Robiiiworld recalled the time where he had to choose between his sneaker collection and selling them in order to obtain the money he needed to purchase filming equipment. He shared, “I knew that I had to invest in myself if I did not want to keep having excuses as to why I was not as successful as I wanted to be at that time; so I sold the one thing that really meant something to me.” At that point he was primarily using YouTube and Vine as a way to get his content out to his audiences. He remembered when his Manager, and long term (17 years) friend Ketih Dorsey pushed him to take a risk with different streaming platforms until he went viral from a short series titled “Gotta Go!”. From there the numbers just continued to grow as he and his team consistently recorded and posted content. Robiiiworld currently creates comedy skits on all social media platforms covering a fanbase of 1 million followers on Instagram, 1.5 million on Tiktok, 1.4 million on Twitter, 174k on YouTube and other platforms. He typically creates skits that are relatable and authentic and leaves no topic untouched. When asked what he would do over if anything Robiiiworld shared that despite

everything he has endured up to date he would do it all over again. Robiii had a tumor close to his heart which raised red flags leading to him being diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer around the same time that his grandmother was battling her second fight with the disease. Robiii beat his battle while his grandmother did not. He expressed that her passing gave him a new perspective on life and humbled him all at once. He stated “My mindset then became one that would not allow any obstacle to become my outcome.” Networking throughout the years has

allowed Robiiiworld to work with other content creators such as King Vader, Marlon Webb, Terri Arcelia, Tre Hundo, CollabCrib and many others that have all aided in providing something that money cannot buy; relationships. He has promoted for brands such as Amazon, Monster, LifeWater, Nike, Popeyes, Shea Cocoa Butter, Disney+, and Hulu. Monetizing from content creating is something that Robiiiworld expressed is at a high level of importance. He said that the top three things to do so are promotions, instream adds & bonuses and merchandise. He also shared that in order to be successful in this industry it is extremely important to stay consistent. Even when he isn’t working

he’s brainstorming and thinking of new ways to connect with his audiences and build his brand. Robiii envisioned himself being on the front cover of a magazine and was granted the opportunity with Let Us Live. He saw himself creating a creative space that allowed others to have access to training, other creatives and equipment and owns Robbiiiworldstudio’s which houses Creator’s Station LLC & TS4L (These Skits 4 Life. When it’s all said and done Robiiiworld expressed that he wants his viewers to walk away from his content knowing that they can create a better state of mind and don’t have to be so serious about life. When he’s not in front of the camera working on skits, Robiiiworld is writing or filming thriller movies. He expressed that he has failed so many times throughout his journey but each failure offered another attempt to learn and do better until failure became success. No matter what; Robbiiiworld shared that he pays his tithes, performs random acts of kindness and donates to the less fortunate. For him, it has been important to not capture these things on film because they are just real authentic moments that just happen naturally. Robiiiworld has been able to use his life to skits with a comedic spin. Due to his ongoing creative mind he has been able to record enough content to have an overflow for the days where he’s booked and busy or just needs self care days to himself. He shared that in order to pour back into himself he collects shoes, workouts at the gym daily and has “me dates”. Robiiiworld has aligned himself in position to release two films in the near future currently titled “Knock” and “David Vs Goliath”. The young mogul expressed that no matter what he’s faced in life he has no regrets. The way his career is taking off now, there is no doubt that his definition of success will graduate into a higher level with each accomplishment. Whether he’s behind or in front of the camera he continues to give the world his true self one laugh and smile at a time. Written by Cyn The Great

Photography Credits: Sickflo - @globalflopics; Edited by: Ralph - @rlathepoet

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First Glance

Featuring Jalen Mack


Written by: Cyn The Great

ociety has a formed mindset that houses the idea of clothing and fashion being an unspoken representation of economic and social status. Fashion has become a driving force for different social groups and cultures that merge together and create what we consider “fashion culture”. Aside from status quos that come along with what we wear, there is also the element of self awareness and self worth based on how we are perceived. The old saying “we dress how we feel” continues to spin on the axis of positive affirmations. Fashion stylist, marketing mentor and content creator Jalen Nelson has perfected a natural eye for fashion and curated multiple streams of income,while building a fanbase of followers. In thinking of ways to give back to the community and maintaining multiple streams of income he created a marketing program. LickMyFashion offers bootcamps, content creating and photoshoot courses that teach others how to be equally, if not more successful than he has been. Jalen’s reason behind it all; “ I feel as though people should want to approach you and learn who you are based on what you’re wearing and I am able to help people create that and share with others”.

content by putting out content that forced different brands to support and pay him for the different reels and digital products he was able to produce. So far he has worked with big names and brands such as Wendy’s, FashionNova, BOOHOO, Febreze, Taco Bell, McDonald’s and many others. As a marketing mentor, Jalen is able to cross spread his knowledge throughout multiple social media platforms and gain supporters that do not mind investing in themselves. Building a brand outside of the digital world is another way Jalen plans to extend his legacy. His ultimate give back to the community will be creating his own agency that will serve a HUB where content creators can learn how to advance their skills with tools, space and mentorship that is affordable. Knowing first hand the ups and downs that come with teaching oneself how to take advantage of a specific skill set has embedded the desire to teach others into Jalen’s creative process. As a public figure Jalen shared that being humble and keeping his overall objective in mind has led to his success. Being consistent, engaging with his audience and collaborating with other creatives has gifted him with many opportunities. Most content creators hold tight to their success and keep people entertained. Jalen has been able to keep his audiences entertained while also teaching them how to survive the trying times in which we live. Jalen has been successful in using his everyday life as a way to maintain residual income by being creative. The young entrepreneur shared that he plans to travel the world, create content groups and launch his accessory line. For Jalen, creativity comes naturally and makes his career feel more like a passion than a stream of income; his gift to the world is a glimpse of style and education.

Seven years ago; when Jalen’s journey as a stylist began; he was unaware that his obsession with clothing would lead him into content creating, 16 brand partnerships, being on national television and the creation of his marketing mentor program. Content creation started with the desire to share his styling content with others virtually due to having to learn new streams of income during the COVID-19 Pandemic and naturally gave birth to idea after idea. Being able to share his personality and styling ideas is one of the best takeaways in teaching others how to successfully create content, according to Jalen. With over 300K followers between his social media accounts, Instagram and Tiktok serve as his most successful platforms. Jalen advised that having more than one social platform allows his content to reach more people which continually grows his supporters. Jalen shared that his creative process typically includes his phones, tripod and Macbook in order to follow through with his vision and not have his judgment clouded. Occasionally he works with an editor when he is able to let go of his reigns just enough to have help. The idea of creating a marketing brand stemmed from the desire to help his followers tap into the monetary side of social media. Jalen expressed that his way of being of value to his supporters is by providing them with the guidance it takes to reach the next level that sets content above average. His success in merging marketing and fashion together effortlessly caters to his audiences which allows them to feel included in his work and continue to stay engaged. Jalen personally monetized creating ISSUE #6 | 19

Photography Credits: Sickflo - @globalflopics Edited by: Ralph - @rlathepoet

Henry Nickson


Photography Credits: Kemet Alston - @kemet_alston

ISSUE #6 | 20

KICKIN’ IT with Keef Written By: Donte’ D. Harvey; Photography Credits: Antonio Garza

“Who gon’ check me?” When those nefarious words rushed out of the mouth of Bravo star, Sheree Whitfield, it was a culture shift that taught multiple generations how to deliver iconic reads that will leave you speechless. Little did she know, there was a young gentleman in Kentucky that was not only able to check people, but he is more than capable of teaching you that he’s the right one that will get you educated about why he is the wrong one to try. This gentleman is none other than Keith Wayne Riley. Hailing from the rolling blue hills of Kentucky, Keith is not just your average podcaster. He is a culture shifter. A culture shifter is someone, who without effort, shifts the paradigm of the culture. From his podcast, to his social media influences, he is showing people that what you see is what you get, however don’t cross the line or you’ll get more than what you bargained for. After growing up in Kentucky, Keith was looking for change, looking for his lane that would allow him to grow and define his life. He felt as if his environment was not conducive for his personality, so in his late 20s, he moved to Phoenix, AZ. Originally relocating due to a job opportunity, Keith’s star power started to take off like a NASA space shuttle. Tapping into music, being a social media influencer and a podcast host, he has paved a lane for himself and others, giving a voice to people that either have no voice or the ones whose voice has been misconstrued and misrepresented. This drive and passion extends from his upbringing around a strong family. Raised by a strong grandmother, he credits her and his parents for his strength, passion and goofiness.

His family, the source of his humor and larger than life personality, taught him through their life that he could do whatever he desired. With both his parents revolving in and out of incarceration, he looked at their lives and decided that he was going to break a generational curse. Through his many topics that he discusses on his podcast, we see the breaking of that generational curse. Often starting his shows with the one line zinger, “we’re going to talk about not, but talk about everything,” Keith leaves his platform open to healing, laughter, growth and entertainment. Ever evolving and growing as a social media influencer and a culture shifter, he is quick to read a dissenter and a hater for filth. As an openly gay man, he defends the Lgbtq+ community and other marginalized communities, while holding everyone accountable. Could this be why Keith Riley has one of the fastest growing platforms? Could it be the fact that he is not programmed to get likes and go viral, but his end goal is to be authentic and tangible to his audience? That tangibility and relatability is what is driving him to succeed, because he knows that once he gets to the top, he will be able to bring others with him. Even on his journey to the top, he will help others by volunteering his platform and voice and give space to those who need it. Often acting a plum fool on Instagram, we see a young man that is humble, generous and quick witted. Although we may see him doing podcasts now, the sky's the limit, and hopefully we will see him on television and hear him on syndicated radio. With a larger than life personality, we all are in his world, kickin’ it with Keef.

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