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What does a legend look like? What does a legacy mean to a legend ? Can one exist without the other? We are a legend in our own right with legacies waiting to be birthed, whether that legacy be a person, place or thing. It is amazing when someone or something can inspire (and) motivate us, or even provide us with opportunities that start out as just a thought before bringing it to life. A timeline was created over the years of many great men and women who have dedicated their lives to creating such a legacy for themselves and their families. The Legends and Legacy Issue #4 cultivates a conversation about who should (or) should not be considered a legend by familiarity, but we may have all witnessed a legend that we’ve never heard of nor seen. Does that disqualify them for the title?

LUL’s Definition of Legends and Legacy: The creation of someone or something that makes an impact on a community that withstands the tests of time. -Dwyane Stovall

THE KEY POINT of Legends & Legacy Issue #4 : There is enough room for all of us known & unknown. We are a diverse group of individuals who work hard. We take chances every day to give back to whom we believe matters the most to us. As time progresses, things change in order for new ideologies to form and be brought to life. It is up to us to find out if we will be able to elevate from the stereotypical idea of who should be deemed as a Legend/ Legacy. Many people may challenge what is required to be identified as a Legend/Legacy. To establish this title, does it require a certain timeframe ? true talent ? a body of work? We are working diligently to pay attention to efforts that do not necessarily fit the established expectations of who is deemed a legend and their legacies. Take a journey through Legends & Legacy Issue # 4 to learn more about some aspiring individuals, who are on their own journey to become legends. These individuals represent respect to the ones that have passed on, and for those that are still living, to ensure greatness as their legend / legacy begins. Once we start this journey, it is up to us to transform into a world of possibilities that will one day become HISTORY for us all.

My name is Donzell Scott; I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. At age seven by both my big brother and sister, Dion and Dionna. Each inspired me in their way. Dion taught me to draw what I see, showing me traditional art techniques. My sister Dionna encouraged my talent to grow and helped me develop into a digital artist as well. I hope to be engulfed by the artist community to grow, build, and network. I’ve chosen artists like Megan THEE Stallion, Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Smino, and ThunderCat because they capitalized on their personality and self-image. I imagine my path to be the same, honoring my authentic self in art, legacy, and power.

Artist: SavvyBreaux @SavvyBreaux Photo Depiction: Kendrick Lamar (Rapper)

ISSUE #4 | 2



Sickflo: “True Legends Leave a Legacy”


Rod Minger: “Who Gone Stop Me”


Nesha Nycee “Grace & A Higher Power...”


W5rldW3de “The W5rldW3de Creative”


DJMilhouse “Spinning The Narrative”


Honorable Natalyn M. Archibing: “The Artistry of a Black Woman” Jas Draco “Eat to Heal”

17 18

NEZA: “The Lyrical Messenger”


Cash Brothers: “Birthing the Manifestation”


Joe Amichia “Getting to Know Joe”


Kawana Boyd Marshall “Business Tips for Entrepreneurs”


Kiid Fro “Chosen Vision”


Cyn The Great “Bloodstained Feet in Pyramids”

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The Downfall Of Your Own People/ The Conquering Of A Nation Written by: Kehyare L., Devin B. and Zion L.

As time flows and the adolescence of young Cam begins to dwindle, he feels sorrowful of his current situation. “Why me?” he asks as the gloomines takes over his bedroom. Knowing he isn’t the most well off person, he struggles everyday to maintain his sanity. Luckily for him, his friends Damon, and Tylon help him get through the daunting everyday struggles of life...or so he wished. Throughout their friendship, they would deride his appearance as a joke but in reality it would lower his self esteem. As Tylon and Damon proceed through the hallway, they meet the sights of Cam; once again getting on his fit. As Damon laughs Cam claps back with a barrage of descriptive names. The memories of each individual’s own struggles start to bring division to the trio. The walk back to the place called “home” for Damon was nothing less than a barrage of residual thoughts and feelings. As he passed street signs and abandoned houses he started to feel anxiety knocking at his doorstep. The walk back to the place called “home” for Damon was nothing less than a barrage of residual thoughts and feelings. As he passed street signs and abandoned houses he started to feel anxiety knocking at his doorstep. “Why is it you didn’t tell me he wasn’t mine?” Damon’s father yelled as he opened the door. His parents stared in embarrassment and guilt whilst a tear flowed down the melanin cheek of a broken child. Both devastated and empty, Damon wanders to Tylons house. As his hollow wrist hits the wood hiding the dysfunctional family of Tylon, Damon is reminded of his family’s issues. Before he can begin to reflect, Tylon cracks his door slightly and looks back and forth between the darkness filled living room and porch. “What are you doing here?” Tylon asks suspiciously. “I just needed some time.. Can I come in?” Tylon begins to wave his friend off before taking notice to the almost unnoticeable shaking Damon was doing. As Damon steps into the cold ridden house, he feels isolated. Stuck to the floor, Tylon slowly lifts his tear ridden cheek in embarrassment; not wanting to look Damon in the eye. “So this is why you didn’t want to let me in.” Damon says examining the room. Tylon gave a slight nod and the two sat down on the couch near the staircase. As time passes they connect knowing they both go through similar struggles and promise never to joke on Cam or each other again. Tylon and Damon meet eye to eye as the click of the lock signifies the end of the day. As the next day begins, the boys call Cam with no prevail. “Where is he?” Tylon asks in curiosity as he approaches Damons locker. “I don’t know but I have a bad feeling” Damon states worried about his friend. “He’s always answered his phone,” Damon thought to himself. As the day went by, the boy’s feelings of fear intensified. Knowing they pushed Cam to the limit, they were starting to become paranoid. After school, the boys rushed to Cam’s house hearing a faint cry from the doorway. Damon stared at the knob, terrified of what was held inside. The gulp of saliva inside Cams throat made him snap back to life; allowing him the conscious effort to open the door. The space was filled with a darkness unknown to everyone but somehow too familiar. It was the cry out from Cam. Looking down, the two boys stared in terror as Cam’s mother embraced him while holding a note in her hand. While Damon went to Cam, Tylon read the note. Cam had tried to overdose because of the constant bullying from his friends. Time had passed and it was time to bury Cam. The experience had traumatized them both as they stood over Cam’s casket; pained that they didn’t get to him earlier; let alone try to do things differently. While Cam was the one buried, the boys were left with the lesson learned the hard way. Instead of being the cycle, break it. Curses.

M Photo Left: Photographer - kemetalstonphotography IG:@kemetalstonphotograph Location: Based in Atlanta, GA Models: Cashaeyserenity (@Cashaeyserenity) Laurendee (@Laurendee)

Photo Right: Artist: SavvyBreaux @SavvyBreaux

Photo Depiction: Megan Thee Stallion (Rapper)

ISSUE #4 | 4

Photographer: Danielle D’nae IG:@picsxdnae. Location: Atlanta, Ga. Cam Kirk Studios


ave you ever met a stranger and by the end of your first conversation you felt as though you knew them your entire life? Or been left feeling like the conversation gave you a sense of peace? Sometimes in life we are blessed to encounter what I call “God’s light”, a person so rich in life with the sole intent to help others to do and be good in every aspect. Ricardo (SickFlo) Valentine is one of those people. Our first encounter, an Instagram Live interview, left myself and everyone else attending with a mind-blown feeling from not only his deep intellectual conversation; but also the realness and wisdom that came with his words. Being in the same room heightened that experience as I interviewed with Flo one on one to an even bigger degree. Despite the trials and tribulations he has faced in life personally; he always has a smile on his face and positive words to uplift and encourage. His talent ranges from being an amazing father, a musician, producer, performer mentor, and overall creative. There is literally no thing that he cannot do. From the way Flo carries himself to the numerous creations he has gifted the world; you would never know he has experienced dark days if he did not tell you. His ultimate goal is always to give back, but to a certain degree as he understands the importance of self perseverance in order to be there for others.

True Legends Leave A Legacy Written by: Cyn the Great

ISSUE #4 | 5

Sickflo took me on an insightful journey of his upbringing by sharing with me details of his childhood. Growing up, he and his family lived in Baltimore, Maryland; where he was the youngest of 4 siblings. Flo expressed that his mother was always the nurturer and his father the “superhero”. He said that they worked A LOT. So much that he could recall one family vacation his entire childhood. His father worked so much that there were times where he would see him coming into the complex and he’d become overjoyed and excited like a puppy waiting for it’s owner

to come home. He recalled making up songs and singing “Dad is coming, dad is coming!”. Those small moments meant the world to him and he was always thankful for the time that he did have. Flo shared with me that his parents taught him that as a parent your job is to provide. A bigger lesson they unknowingly taught him was the importance of spending time. Flo shared that he had a love for music since the age of 13. He used to walk around with a transistor radio and recalled turning the dials over and over until one day he found a hip hop station. The smile that covered his face as he described going crazy after hearing hip hop for the first time is one that I will never forget. Rappers like Run DMC, LL Cool J, and Schoolly D raised him. He expressed that he was doing all the research he possibly could. Throughout the years; he worked at record stores and customizing automotive shops. As Flo grew older he followed in the footsteps of his older brother. “He became a DJ so I became a DJ, then he became a rapper so; I became a rapper!”- Flo expressed. From there music stayed on his forefront. In 1997 Flo took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in the music industry. His journey through music has allowed him to perform in over 3,000 venues, being managed by and signed to hip hop legend Christopher “Play” Martin of Kid N Play, tours with Legendary hip hop group ONYX, collaborations with hip hop legend Tracy Lee, music producer OJizz, and many other heavy hitters in the industry. Flo goes above and beyond to make sure that any product he delivers ,whether it’s his photography, videography or music is nothing less than pure perfection. He spends a vast majority of his time in the studio emptying out his mental space and creating music that enriches the lives of his listeners. With songs like RELAY, Can’t Hear You, Soul Mate ft Thor Haddon, and many others, it’s clear in the audio and visuals that he tackles every aspect of the music. Flo is paving his own way to define himself as an authentic legend that truly influences the masses. The best advice Flo ever received is” if you do anything in this world; be yourself ” . With that advice he has honed in on doing what makes him feel fulfilled. He expressed his daily routine includes doing shadow work and doing shadow work means, really taking a look at who you are as a person both good and bad and coming to terms with that in order to do or be better. Taking time to just sit and make sure his ego is in order by clearing his mind periodically throughout the day. He said that self examination allows him to just be better than he was the day before. The hardest lessons that he has learned up to date in life; were allowing fear to dominate and dictate his decisions and not listening to himself. He shared that in the times where he did not allow his intuition to guide him immediately rather than just flow things would just get off track and sometimes even become disastrous. When I asked of his worst times in life, he expressed that simply coming up

in Baltimore in itself was tough. Losing multiple family members and even hurting people that he cared about were all things that once put him in dark places. He struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide. Flo’s biggest accomplishment besides staying alive, is being a father. When his first son (6lack) was born he knew then that building a legacy was important. His second son i47 and daughter only added to the severity of building a legacy in order to pass along. “Being a father forced me to become better because I had to make sure their futures were secure.” Suicidal tendencies and wanting to just give up on life stopped after his first son was born. He was going through the darkest times of his life but when his kids were first born he experienced the overwhelming joy of knowing he created another human being. He said that once that feeling subsided he tapped into the fact that they were an extension of him. Even though he hit roadblock after roadblock he always kept in his mind that he had to be great for them. He shared that in their earlier years; they went wherever he had to go. As they got older and he was tapping more into his career and his dreams they were apart for a while but it was a sacrifice he knew would better their futures collectively. Although he and his children’s mother divorced he stayed fairly close. If he had show’s they’d be right there watching from the sideline. Flo expressed that by building and nurturing the relationship with his children he has already broken generational curses within his family. To be able to inspire others to go after their dreams in a world full of dream killers is the legacy that Flo wishes to leave behind. He shared that his ultimate goal is to influence others through teaching and promoting God given gifts. “One of the greatest feelings that I’ve felt is being able to give to others. It’s like the “Christmas” feeling that I am able to provide to others that fuels me. I go so hard in terms of being creative because I always make a point to prove whether it’s to myself or to others. Purpose for me must be fulfilled and manifested.” Flo expressed. His ultimate goal is to put himself in the position to give out of abundance and overflow rather than to become tapped out and drained. A part of his legacy is to speak life into people who have given up and are looking to revive their dreams. Sick Flo has surrounded himself around others who are doing well in the world. His rap sheet is extensive due to seven consecutive years where he performed over 250 events with no management, booking agent or PR just from word of mouth of his talent through music. When it’s all said and done, Flo expressed that he wants people to know and remember not only of his personal success but for the opportunities he created to evaluate others. His motto “True Legends leave a legacy” is one that is definitely displayed through his work, his mindset and in the success of his children. ISSUE #4 | 6



ho gone stop me? ... It’s the famous tagline quoted by Rod Minger, The Hilarious Actor, Comedian and overall entertainer who continues to blaze the trail of success. His extensive resume includes appearances on TV shows such as BET’s “The Game” and STARZ “ Survivors Remorse” . He has been seen in a plethora of commercials, performed a series of successful comedy shows, and currently works as a host on The All New “KD Bowe Show”. With over 39,000 followers on Instagram, and tons of daily subscribers to his YouTube, Rod Minger is truly unstoppable. Rod Minger was raised in Montgomery, Alabama by his mother and grandparents whom he adored. He grew up watching wrestling which helped him tap into the realization that he wanted to become an entertainer at a young age. The “Who Gone Stop me?” actor and comedian developed the traits of hard work, discipline, ISSUE #4 | 7

Written by: Oroscia Lowe

and a competitive spirit at an early age. He had a desire to be successful at everything he did and enjoyed basketball, baseball, dancing and even served as the drum major for Stillman College before he graduated in 2005. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. After college, Rod moved to Atlanta, Georgia determined to achieve his dreams with one of his favorite quotes in mind “The hardest thing in life is to have a goal that no one thinks you can achieve, but the best feeling in life is to achieve it anyway”. Moving to Atlanta proved to be a defining moment for Rod Minger’s career. The comedic actor displayed his talents in a few plays as a start and then decided to take his talents to comedy. His first show was packed and an absolute success. Rod has performed in over 20 stage plays and was recently sought out as a club host for Disney Cruise Lines.

Photographer: rlaththepoet IG: @rlaththepoet Location: ATL, Cam Kirk Studios

In 2013 Rod experienced a divorce and decided to take some time off by working in the corporate field for two years. At the persistent nudges of a good friend and international motivational speaker AJ Vassar, it became even clearer to Rod that entertainment was his true calling. Rod came back to the entertainment field with opening performances for Comedian MC Lightfoot of Montgomery Alabama. To date, he refers to AJ Vassar and encourages people to “never close their mind to the art of people teaching you things, even if they aren’t in your field.” As a comedic actor, Rod has mastered the art of Being aware of his crowd and the room that he’s in. He has learned to trust his gut. As Rod continues to chart the billboard of success today, he remains a humble and grounded entertainer, sustained by his fiancé, his core group of best friends and meditation. He uses his life experiences that have helped shape him to drop gems for his followers on various topics and can be found spreading genuine positive vibes to all those graced by his presence. The Comedic Actor continues to excel in his career as he strives to have some of the most entertaining content that the world has ever seen. Rod Minger will leave a legacy of dream building for

his family and all his fans. He is the true embodiment of hard work, dedication and following your dreams. Legends leave their mark on the world and to do so is the ultimate goal. Be sure to check Rod Minger out on all YouTube and social media platforms. He is truly #hilarious! ISSUE #4 | 8

Grace & A Higher Power... Female MC Nesha Nycee Written by: Oroscia Lowe

“Powerful vision, painful purpose, looking back at it, It was all worth it.”… Her lyrics are meant to feed

her fans with doses of empowerment over hot beats, during a time where many are faced with opposing distractions. Nesha Nycee is a Queen, a legend, a student standing on the shoulders of her ancestors. Tapped into her spiritual essence, Nesha Nycee is a conscious rapper that has the ability to marry “fun” and deep messages meant to inspire the world. Just a few days after the release of her newest track “Mimosa”, Nesha Nycee sat down with Let Us Live Magazine to discuss her message and who she has evolved into as an artist. Nesha Nycee started recording at the age of 12. At the age of 17 she held down the freestyling title for popular HipHop/ R & B station V103 for 8 weeks straight. She has performed on top hip hop radio shows such as “Sway’s Universe”. As an independent artist,her music was also featured in the HBO series “Euphoria”. Along with her multilayered bars, Nesha Nycee has also become known for her ability to use fashion as a way to express herself. Nesha Nycee was born in St. Louis Missouri. She claims “St. Lanta”. After a nudge from her grandmother, her family moved back and forth from St. Louis to Atlanta, Georgia through bouts of adversity. She refers to her move to Atlanta as a re-birth for her and her family. She appreciates Atlanta for serving as their land of opportunity. Determined to focus on the bright future ahead of her, she began to use her music as an outlet during life’s challenges. Her mom instilled in her to become victorious even through adversity. When asked who inspires her she referred to her mother who continues to keep her smile no matter what life throws her way. She also mentioned musical acts like Whitney Houston because “She was able to tap into her gifts and share her aura with the world”. The world of social media has opened up a platform necessary to protect our youth and the minds of Kings and Queens within our generation. In a joking manner, Nesha Nycee referred to herself as an ancestor as she takes ownership of the responsibility she feels to deliver a message of Queen behavior. She encourages her fans to be who they are but stresses the importance of grace and the grace bestowed upon her own life.The MC encourages her listeners to “Walk in their God- given power, and tap into their blood line that’s rightfully theirs. She said “Stop thinking you have to be someone else for others to see who you are Women let’s bring the right energy into everything, our fashion, our health, careers, friendships ; everything that we do”. ISSUE #4 | 9

In 2011, the MC faced a terrible car accident that motivated her to approach life differently. When asked how she intended to maneuver differently, she stated that she made a conscious decision to eliminate the amount of curse words used in her rhymes . Nesha Nycee has been able to evolve as an example for many through her self work as both a woman and an artist. She continues to do things such as meditation to help with her undeniable aura. She values the importance of truly healing one’s flesh. The female hip-hop artist is truly a force to be reckoned with. In addition to her many accomplishments, Nesha Nycee is the CEO of her own label Nycee Krown Entertainment and Nycee Inc Publishing producing tracks such as “Mimosa” and “Painful Purpose” featuring Zaytoven. She uses these platforms to remind people that they have “a nice crown worth tapping into”. Nesha Nycee encourages all those pursuing their dreams to keep going and ensure that their business affairs are in order. She refers to time as a facade and encourages her audience to remember that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. When it’s all said and done, she hopes to be remembered for her acts of genuine love. “I want people to think about love when they think about me. I want to be someone that lived her life as though she was “8 ft 8”...Power comes in all sizes”. ISSUE #4 | 10

Artist: SavvyBreaux @SavvyBreaux Photo Depiction: Smino (Rapper)

ISSUE #4 | 11

The W5rldW3de Creative Written by: Oroscia L. & Cyn The Great

athlete and a student. His parents held and still hold him to a high standard because of the foundation they work hard to provide for him so that he never has to struggle in life. They instilled in him a strong religious faith, morals and responsibility that are needed as a young black man. There are times that these pressures take hold and cause him to need a place of relief. His music, being his outlet, is where he can speak on his feelings and make himself relatable to his peers. There have been times where love and heartbreak have made him relatable not only to his peers but adults too.


is family and friends know him as Keyhare but the world will know him as “W5rldW3de”. The 16 year old artist and writer from Montgomery, Alabama has truly begun to make a name for himself. With songs like “ Truth through the Lies”, “ Boss Up” and Adolescence, the lvyrics from his debut album “The Long Haul” deliver a truthful and transparent vibe for his listeners to relate too.

As a young creative; Keyhare has begun to break boundaries with his powerful words. His mindset and determination are unmatchable to many and he’s only just getting started. Music and poetry are more than what meets the eye for Keyhare. His passion for music is the foundation to the light he will provide to the world. He’s an educated young man with a purpose that has influenced those who have had the pleasure to converse with or encounter him. The Long Haul is the introduction to his greatness and with time W5rldW3de will become a common household name.

Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, Keyhare grew up with the musical influences of his family which persuaded him to join the chorus as a young adolescent. Keyhare has always been naturally gifted and uses his talents as a way to express himself. His lyrics often tackle the most vulnerable subjects known to mankind. W5rldW3de serves as a true inspiration to follow the beat of your own drum. Although topics like bullying and its effects were not foreign to the rapper as a child, he learned to channel his experiences into his work. The multilayered artist stands out as a true creative. His songwriting, youtube channel (W5rldW3de) and podcast (Millennial Podcast) allow his fans to experience all sides of him and appeal to people from all different backgrounds. The ideology of a teenager speaking life and wisdom into audiences both young and old is one that most people may overlook out of fear or understanding. At the tender age of sixteen, Keyhare has overcome many obstacles and used his experiences to give raw truth and share wisdom to those who are not able to use their own voices. Growing up Keyhare was fortunate enough to have the love and support of both parents, the responsibilities of being an older brother and caregiver to his younger brother, an

ISSUE #4 | 12



Written by: Cyn the Great

no life changing traumas.” Milan expressed that she knew she wanted more out of life and that she had work to do in order to be the outgoing successful woman she dreamt of. Fast track to 2016; DJ Milhouse was born. She recalled herself watching an episode of the Steve Harvey show, where he was speaking on the idea of taking a leap of faith and challenging yourself by doing something that fuels you. She realized that it was time to do something different outside of bartending. The night life allotted her many opportunities, both good and bad. She was able to network with people from different backgrounds, learned how to look after herself and make sure she was street smart.


ne of the most remarkable gifts that the universe provides is the ability to experience life for self and shift the narrative in the ways we desire. Life, when compared to a game of chess, can have a sense of humor. Sometimes you move forward and sometimes you are forced to take steps back in order to clear vision and move forward again in the right direction. The only thing that can stop us from the success we crave is honestly; self. What separates everyday people from legends is the ability to touch others in a way that makes them never forget what or how they made you feel. As a DJ, a good one at least, the rush of looking over the crowd and seeing people laugh, smile, dance and just be free is the reward. Think back to a time where you were out with friends and the music was just right; you can recall the vibe, the smiles and the laughter shared amongst friends. When the slow grinds came on and your date kissed you for the first time to the right song; those moments are the moments that provide confirmation for the influence of music. Milan Bolar, California born, grew up in the shadows of her siblings; her brother 6 years older and her sister 14 months older. The three of them were blessed to have both parents together in the same home up until her second grade school year when they moved to Alabama. During my one on one interview with Milan I asked “ Growing up, what traumas did you face that you would attribute to shaping you into the woman you are today?” Her response “ I was a normal kid with a normal upbringing. I went through phases where I lacked confidence and my own identity outside of being known as my sister’s little sister, I was sheltered because I was the baby, I was overlooked because I was soft spoken but there were ISSUE #4 | 13

Her leap of faith came when a friend was in need of a female DJ to work with. From there, she went out and purchased her equipment which included a pioneer sb2 DJ controller, 2012 MackBook Pro, and a small speaker. DJ Milhouse has opened shows for numerous artists such as Common, Dave East, Nas, Tony Toni Tone, Big Sean and many more! Her music favorites range from House music, EDM, Trap music, and Hip Hop because she is able to mix culture with music while making others laugh, dance and smile by creating the vibe. Just as DJ Milhouse was becoming selective with the gigs or events she would attend she was forced to go back to the drawing board when COVID-19 “struck”. She went through a tough breakup that fueled her to practice more self-care. She began her workout journey, rearranged her home, tapped into self worth, reconnected with God and finished her first children’s book. One thing that separates DJ Milhouse from most DJs is her adaptability from studios and stages to classrooms and business meetings. She understands oh so well that what she does now sets her family up for success for generations to come. Being an amazing DJ that capitalized on every opportunity is a great highlight that Milan can attest to just from being hungry in the sense of wanting to give back to others. Her legacy has been birthed through her creative mind to curate an event called BoobznBeats (a showcase of dope female DJs), The Listening Session (showcase of new music), Link N Learn (classes for youth wanting to learn how to DJ) and FVCK They (her clothing and apparel line) and recently published children’s’ book titled “Big Head Billy.” What will make her a Legend in the end is knowing that people will always remember that she is an inspiration to others because she set the tone for being okay with self and left assets for generations to follow by planting seeds in others.

The Artistry of a Black Woman Recognizing the Honorable Natalyn M. Archibong Written by: Donte D. Harvey


he Bible says in Matthew 23:11, “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” When Jesus spoke these words, Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong became the living example of what it means to serve. Elected in 2001 to the Atlanta City Council, Archibong’s activities within her district and approachable manner with constituents is one of the reasons that she has seen re-election to her fifth term and now a bid for the President of the city council seat. A daughter of Atlanta, Archibong is a product of the Atlanta Public Schools system and the University of Georgia System. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Georgia Southwestern University, a master’s of Public Administration from Georgia State University and a Juris Doctorate from University of Georgia; her calling into public servitude began as a child. “My dad was involved in the community. He served with the PTA at every school I attended and he was a county commissioner for Dekalb County. My mom was a school teacher and students would even come to our house for Mrs. Mosby to edit their papers.” Seeing her parents, Nathaniel Mosby and Gwendolyn Mosby, contribute so much to the community that they were a part of was a way of life. These lessons she continually instills into her daughter, Miriam Archibong, who also is an attorney and community activist. Archibong community roots make her the perfect representative and politician. She listens to the voice of her constituents and has an open door policy that allows active interaction between her and the district she represents. This level of leadership and support from her constituents has inspired her to run as a candidate for Atlanta City Council President. If she is elected, she will be the first woman attorney to serve in this position. As she has said

that this is the ‘year of the woman,’ she is confident that she will be able to bring new energy to this position and open the lines of communication between the city council and Atlanta residents. With so much talent, Archibong could have gone anywhere to be an impact, yet she decided to stay in Atlanta because this was not only home, but this was the community that helped raise her and instilled values in her that is part of who she is as a phenomenal woman. From leading the charge of revitalizing neighborhoods such as the Edgewood Community and the Memorial Drive Corridor, her mark and impact is very evident in the city. When she is not serving the city of Atlanta, Archibong is spending time with her daughter, walking her dog and cuddling up with a great book. As a devout Christian, she strives everyday to allow the love of God to radiate through her in everything that she does. Her legacy, her artistry as a Black woman is unmatched and unbridled. Councilwoman Natalyn M. Archibong is honored for extraordinary contributions to the history that has been paved and written by powerful Black women from all over the world.

ISSUE #4 | 14

ISSUE #4 | 15

Photographer: kemetalstonphotography IG:@kemetalstonphotograph Location: Based in Atlanta, GA Models: Cashaeyserenity (@Cashaeyserenity), Laurendee (@Laurendee)





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Written by: Oroscia Lowe


as Draco is an entrepreneur and herbalist. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida she moved to Atlanta, Georgia with nothing but her dreams. She is now the owner of Deep Sea Remedy, a company that specializes in selling Wildcrafted Sea Moss from St. Lucia. As a member of the holistic healthcare community, Jas Draco offers a product line known to treat various ailments and diseases. Health truly serves as wealth for this young African American entrepreneur.

sustain herself during a Global pandemic. Stuck in the house during quarantine, Jas expanded her love for skin and health and created what we know today as “Deep Sea Remedy”. The entrepreneur recalled the challenges that Covid-19 presented during her interview with LUL. Things that people often take for granted like water, strawberries and fast shipping times were hard to come by, but with the support of her friends bringing items to her, Jas was able to create and maneuver around her obstacles.

Born on August 15, Jas Draco grew up as a military child. Her mom served in the NAVY and her step dad served as a Marine. Jas traveled a lot and attended several schools throughout her adolescent years. After a number of years , Jas began to feel like she wasn’t growing. She felt stuck in her hometown and wanted the opportunity to start over. During an exclusive interview with Let Us Live Magazine, Jas shared how she left everything she owned and hopped on a greyhound bus with a one way ticket to Atlanta, Georgia.

Deep Sea Remedy offers fruit infused sea moss from the Caribbean. Jas was able to connect with a farmer in St. Lucia to offer the very best products for her customer base. Sea moss, water and fruit with agave nectar; this herbalist business owner learned what it takes to be successful and quickly adapted to her customers preferences such as apple sauce textures and good taste in lieu of the regular sea moss texture which has a harsher taste. Jas began to recall how her very first customers were females that she worked with prior to Covid-19. From there, business has been non–stop with the goal of reaching 1 million dollars in revenue for the year 2021. Deep Sea Remedy has become known for consistency and customer service. Jas takes great pride in her business and seeks to constantly evolve it from product display and packaging to websites and product launches.

After arriving to Atlanta, Jas began to work in the entertainment field at night and went to school during the day to pursue her love for skincare. At the time, she struggled with her own skincare and began to learn more about treatment during her journey to become an esthetician. She quickly learned that healthy diets had a direct correlation with better skin. Jas became a vegetarian. “The lighter you are, the closer you are to God” said Jas. “Once I cut out meat, my spiritual journey enhanced”. With the onset of Covid-19, Jas found herself out of work. Like many in the entertainment field she had to pivot to ISSUE #4 | 17

Huge on manifestation, Jas Draco often finds herself in mediation and prayer. “I can’t give to anybody else, if I don’t give to myself…I don’t go in the kitchen if I don’t feel good”. Be sure to check out Deep Sea Remedy today. Your body and skin will thank you for it.


The Lyrical Messenger


ailing from Annapolis, Maryland rapper “Neza” is a student of the game. He’s a man that speaks from experience through his music. Serving as a true lyrical genius, rapper Neza has an ability to transcend what some might consider an aggressive style of rapping into powerful and often motivational messages for his audience. The emcee and his creative lyrics prove that the rapper is in competition with himself, consistently ensuring each bar outweighs the last one over the hottest beats. Born on March 26th, Christopher Cotman, popularly referred to as “Neza” grew up in a loving home. Although the surroundings of his hometown were turbulent at times, Neza stayed focused with a desire to elevate. Music was heavily embedded into his childhood as his father produced music for his mom, a member of popular group “ The Wright sisters”. “ The studio has always been a familiar place for me” said rapper Neza in an exclusive interview with Let Us Live Magazine. Growing up, Neza enjoyed musical influences like Tupac Shakur. “ I loved his energy and his passion. He had a message and spoke from his own place of hopelessness. He would definitely be on my Mount Rushmore of Hip-Hop”. Using music as creative freedom, Neza’s lyrics evoke the underlying threads of love, imagination and raw experiences. Cleverly titled, the emcee released his latest album “My Imaginary Reality” in October of 2020. “It comes from an imaginative place but it’s our reality” said the rapper. The album entirely produced by

Written by: Oroscia Lowe

Ojizz serves edgy, thought provoking, ingenious lyrics over captivating crafted beats. Similar to iconic pairs such as Eminem and Dr. Dre, Neza and Ojizz are an undeniable pair with a true brotherhood. During his exclusive interview with Let Us Live, Neza described Ojizz’s producing style as one that challenged him and revitalized his belief in his own production. Neza’s message is one that showcases his understanding that “it’s a personal responsibility to be great”. Through all of his many accomplishments, Neza is most proud of his son and daughter. When asked about the legacy that he wants to leave the world, the emcee stated “My legacy is beyond me and it started when I had my first child...they are looking at my every move”. The rapper shared his ideologies about the importance of raising children in the correct manner and homeschooling if you are able to because everything starts at home. “I just want to set them up for greatness,” said Neza. Consistently elevating, the rapper continues to evolve and navigate through the world using hip hop as his driving force. In a culture where music can often lead to both positive and negative avenues, Neza uses his platform to spread the message of truly being yourself and thinking for yourself. As the emcee continues to chisel at the greatness within him, he inspires all of his listeners to persevere and stick to their guns. “Be Great... Be the love that you want to get”

- Neza ISSUE #4 | 18


Cash brothers Darius Howell (DBlack) and Royal Churchill (RoyalT) met at the young age of 5 years old during elementary school. They both grew up in the same neighborhood and after one encounter they instantly became friends. Their bond grew into a brotherhood and throughout the years they looked out for one another. When RoyalT left for college the two lost contact for a while but no matter the distance or the time between them, they both pushed towards their dreams and mindsets to obtain more than monetary wealth. Music, to the brothers, is a manifestation. Their lyrics are packed with raw emotions and true life experiences that allow their audiences to relate to and feel each word. As I interviewed with the dynamic duo they expressed, in their own way, that when it’s all said and done they want people to remember them for their music and how it made them feel. Growing up in Baltimore, MD they were exposed to the harsh and dangerous realities that came with their surroundings. The foundation of their friendship only made things easier when RoyalT returned home from college and learned that DBlack was taking off in his music career as well. DBlack, an entrepreneur/musician, lived most of his life in the city of Baltimore, MD. During his adolescence he was exposed to the harsh turmoil that came with his environment. Early on in life he sensed his “fight” and used that to fuel him and dedicate his mind to music. He made sure he took every positive opportunity to network and make new connections that led to multiple shows and more followers/fans. RoyalT, hip hop rockstar, also grew up in Baltimore where he too faced the same harshness that came with ISSUE #4 | 19

the demographic. He expressed that music became his digital drug. Knowing that his music would eventually take him further than his dreams kept him focused. His ability to mix any genre of music and create banger after banger made it easy for his fans to fall in love with his music. In 2019 DBlack and RoyalT reconnected and were both equally shocked to find that they were each dedicating their lives to music and creating a legacy that they will both be able to leave behind not just for their families but for the lives of everyone they touch. Money Chasin Nation “ M.c.N.” became a birthed manifestation. They hit the ground running creating songs such as 2AM, Geekin, Exotic, and MIA. They did not allow COVID-19 to knock them off their feet and force them to sit still. Instead, they used the time to create more music. Their shows slowed down but their music picked up allowing them to capitalize on studio time. Currently the Cash Brothers are working on two new EPs and expressed that they have their eyes on some dope collaborations in the near future. When it’s all said and done the brothers know that their names and lyrics will be remembered because of their truth and passion. DBlack warned “Look out for us we are coming and there is no turning back.” RoyalT advised “Our brand is here to stay because our fans believe in what we’re doing.” Money Chasin Nation is a way of living; a manifestation of power that the two brothers have branded and shared with the world. They are just getting started on their journey and both know that there is no top for them because they will always elevate higher than before.

B Artist: SavvyBreaux @SavvyBreaux Photo Depiction: Billie Eilish (Singer)

ISSUE #4 | 20


JOE Written by: Cyn the Great

Actor , fashion/fitness/health model and Entrepreneur Joe Amichia sat with me during an exclusive interview. The interview allowed me to explore his journey through life up to date so that his fans could learn more about who he is off the big screen. Joe has starred in films The Disgruntled (2018), The Indie Man (2018) and Checking Off the List (2019) and has his eyes set on accomplishing so much more. CYN THE GREAT: With your parents being of Ghanaian descent, how was growing up for you and your brother? JOE: My parents are from Ghana; West Africa. My dad immigrated in 1979 and my came in 1988. They were really strict on my brother and I because they wanted me to have a better shot at life than they did. They are very religious and stuck in their ways and traditions. Over the years, I have worked to open their eyes to looking at things from different perspectives. The expectation was higher as I was the oldest. There was definitely an over flow but it was tough. They wanted us to be strong black men that were more than a stereotype. My brother Kofi and I have a really great relationship. In 2017 he was in the sixth round draft for the Green Bay Packers which made me really proud of my little big brother. CYN THE GREAT: With your parents being so invested in your success; what steps did you take personally to better yourself? JOE: With the foundation that my parents provided and the harsh realities that came with where we lived in Atlanta, I was always thinking about my next step. When I went off to Kennesaw College for civil engineering, I already knew that I had to step up and utilize all the tools they provided me with in order to earn my degree was prepare for the future after school. I did not have the comfort of my parents being on top of me making sure I did my work or went to class. I had to make the decision to constantly put my best foot forward.

ISSUE #4 | 21

CYN THE GREAT: With a degree in Civil engineering; how did you end up acting in the entertainment industry?

JOE: Honestly, I was on Craigslist in 2009 and I saw a modeling add for a fashion show. This turned into me meeting the right people and from there I hit the ground running in terms of networking. I learned that I had to get over my shyness and speak up for what I wanted. CYN THE GREAT: How does acting fulfill your purpose? JOE: It’s like being able to dress up for Halloween. I am able to take on a new persona or character and escape without judgment. I am able to make myself relatable to my fans or I get to be the bad guy and step outside of who I really am. I am able to inspire others. Being able to provide for my family and make my parents proud. I am laying the foundation for my future children so that when they make it into this world they can inherit what I’ve left behind. CYN THE GREAT: What are some things that you do for self outside of acting? JOE: I have partnered with brands like Joe Coffee,Sell Cast, Youngevity, BYLT, Golligummy, Verbenergy, Expressmen and several other brands. I am physically active in order to take care of and maintain my physical health. Sleeping properly and eating well are practices that I take in order to maintain. CYN THE GREAT: When it’s all said and done; what kind of legacy are you planning to leave behind? How do you wish to be remembered? JOE: I want people to remember me for my work ethic and dedication. I want people to know that I did not allow the world to distract me from my vision and doing what truly makes me happy. The overall goal is to be remembered as an Humanitarian above anything else. CYN THE GREAT: What legacy are you building? JOE: I am currently gaining the proper tools in order to move forward with real estate, cryptocurrency, and using the internet to connect the world in more ways than one. Growing up we dealt with financial hardships so I want to ensure that my children will not have to see me struggle or go without. CYN THE GREAT: In pursuing your career what was the most challenging decision that you had to make? JOE: The hardest decision that I had to make was to invest on myself monetary wise. Sometimes we don’t realize that in order to get ahead in life we really have to make a sacrifice from where we are now. In the back of my mind I have always kept the idea of making sure my family was better off and we were growing up. Knowing that the only thing that can stop me from being successful is the only other challenge that I would say I have had to face. ISSUE #4 | 22

BUSINESS TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS We are in the age of entrepreneurship. Recent studies have shown that over 15 million Americans are full-time entrepreneurs. As an accountant, I’ve observed that many entrepreneurs have great business ideas, but oftentimes forget to establish a solid foundation in the early stages of their business. There are a number of reasons for this…lack of startup capital, unexpected growth, and/or lack of knowledge. Below are a few foundational tips for new entrepreneurs. • Set up a legal entity with your state (or a business-friendly state). • Apply for an EIN (Tax ID) at • Set Up a BUSINESS bank account and deposit the necessary startup funds into the account. • TRACK, TRACK, TRACK all business-related expenses. If you cannot afford a CPA or Accountant in the early stages of your business, use a spreadsheet. • Apply for required licenses and permits. • Secure the form of legal protection required for your industry (GL insurance, surety bond, etc). • Setup the required tax accounts (sales tax, withholding tax, franchise tax, etc). • Get a mentor in your industry. As your business begins to generate revenue, it is highly recommended that you consult with an accountant to provide insight on business taxes, payroll, and filing requirements. If your business is generating enough revenue to pull out profit, you may want to put yourself on payroll as a W-2 employee to minimize that 15.3% self-employment tax. However, that may not be the most economical option for you. Additionally, if your business entity is an LLC, you will need to elect S corporation status by filing form 2553 before paying yourself as an employee. Whew! There are so many tax and regulatory laws that entrepreneurs must adhere to. Again, my recommendation is to consult with both an attorney and accountant in the early stages of your businesses. For more tax and business tips, my contact information is below.

Kawana Boyd Marshall Infinity Tax and Accounting, Inc.

ISSUE #4 | 23

Phone: 214-308-1040 Email: IG: ktheaccountant_

I am a native of Chicago, IL currently living in Memphis, TN I’ve been in Memphis for quite some time now. I’m a God fearing man on a continuing journey to become a better version of myself. I’m not saying I am perfect but I am saying the goal is to be better than I “ WAS”. I am currently in school attending Life Christian University studying Theology in pursuit to become a Life coach / A Motivational Speaker. The purpose is to help those in need who truly need the help in finding themselves. I want to teach and help guide the way to getting them there to a better place within themselves. I’ll use this saying that I believe is true. (1) “ Let each one, teach one “ .. but enough about that. I love dancing, I love music, I love fitness and most importantly, I love my faith in Christ. All of these have played a part in my physical, mental and spiritual growth. They are my peace, my world, my place of solitude. I wouldn’t have made it this far without them. Along with my people who have been there for me through the good and bad. They are still here throughout the many , many years. Shout out to my people! That’s enough for now.. I pray overflowing blessings and favor to ALL! Photographer: Andrew Daley Location: Jonesboro, AR IG: @ejjistudios Model: Erand Williams Location: Memphis, Tennessee IG: @thetuffluver

ISSUE #4 | 24

Kiid Fro

CHOSEN VISION Written by:Cyn the Great


ights down low, all eyes focus on the center stage, music begins to play through the speakers and the walk begins. A room full of creatives and observers joined together to see the mind blowing creations worn by different models, is something Jeffery “Fro” Young knows all too well. His fascination with fashion and style began at an early age as it was always important to him to look and feel good. His exact words “ Fashion is my legacy and it’s through my work and how I treat others that people will remember me for being a great person.” Fro was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 4, 1992. His birth mother and father were not in the position to properly care for him at the time so they gave him up for adoption. During his childhood Fro struggled with his identity and really learning who he was; was a battle that he did not overcome until college. Although he was adopted he was blessed to be with his blood-family because his Great Aunt stepped in and raised him as her son. This changed the role of who he was in the family but nonetheless, they were family and that’s what mattered most. With time and healing that came with therapy and really doing self work Fro was able to forgive his parents and understand the sacrifices that had to be made in order for him to be where he is today. He is and his biological parents are actively mending their relationship but his Great Aunt will always be his mother. Fro expressed that he was able to navigate through ISSUE #4 | 25

many tramus growing up but the one that stood out to him most was being passive and always trying to please his family, as family is the most important aspect in life to him. During college Fro expressed that he realized he was able to find himself and build a chosen family. The passiveness that he carried with him throughout the years began to shed and he started to create the man he knew he wanted to be. Attending Allen University was one of the greatest decisions that he made for himself. The small private Christian college housed a range of young black entrepreneurs who are thriving in industries such as music, fashion, law, journalism, dentistry, blacked owned businesses and so much more. Allen University during “our era was tight, we hung out when we weren’t in class, we protected one another and we bonded and shared dreams.”- Fro expressed. Bonds were built and lasting friendships were created. “We were a close knit community and

Photographer: @iamcarlosjones Kiid Fro: IG:kiid_fro

supported each other in anything that we were doing.” - Fro expressed. He met Stephon “Zoe Dupree” Allen, a well known designer/stylist/entrepreneur and hosted his first fashion show. I was fortunate enough to be able to experience this as I attended Allen University the same time as Fro. From beginning to end the edgy designs, perfect lighting, music that made you feel what each model was displaying through their attire. This is no surprise as Fro earned his degree in Business Administration with a concentration in organizational management.” Every detail makes the difference when putting together a show and I stand behind my work because my name is attached to it.”- expressed Fro. We all go through phases in life where we struggle to find ourselves. The journey to success is what makes the end result worth every step. For Jeffery, the support from his family, friends and even new people that he encounters is what reassures him that he is paving his legacy. Ultimately Fro wants his son Cameron C. Young to be proud of him, not only for being a good father but also breaking generational curses. Fro ensures that this will be done through his work and his give back spirit towards others. His ability to create networking opportunities and togetherness amongst a room full of strangers is what fuels him to keep pressing. Like many other great creatives, he used the time that Covid-19 “took away” from the masses to focus on his career. He was able to organize and successfully execute his biggest show up to date. Vanguard brought together a lot of skillful creatives that all spoke highly of Fro on numerous occasions before, during and after the event was all said and done. From has done many visual projects, fashion shows, New York Fashion week and many other events. On his list of accomplishments to obtain he mentioned fashion week in Millan and Paris and eventually opening his own modeling agency. He’s worked with numerous names within the industry, and tackled many interviews that have blended communities amongst black, white spanish, asian, straight, gay, trans etc. Fro’s vision to create unity and togetherness through work and creativity is what will continue to carry him as he grows into his craft. There’s no telling where we will see him next, what show he will produce or the creations he will share with the world. One thing I do know is, his enegry exudes the right amount of power and optimism to influence anyone he encounters.

ISSUE #4 | 26

Bloodstained Feet in Pyramids Written by: Cyn the Great

If I matched pyramids and blood stains I'd reveal bare skin and bare walls Like blistered feet my mind would give in An internal battle between triumph and defeat From thirst surely I'd drown in the silence that stiffens the air from this white man's fear A King protecting his pride ego; bigger than my heart Grabbing hold of forgiveness in order to climb walls my ancestors built. Breaking curses set out before the creator even thought my name yes... Tears would fall but not the lonely kind see mine would reek of joy regretting no lesson learned because manifestations allowed me to tap into my highest self. I too, like Antwan Fisher had questions of "who would cry for the little boy inside of me?' Facing every battle life could possibly send like orgasms I'd release the freest parts of me leaving behind my name BLACK GOD amongst nations A legacy I've built.

ISSUE #4 | 27

Xavier n w a h S Follow the show on the website and all social Media Platforms @theaborhood.

To inspire and empower people of African descent

Aranda Jenkins Owner IG @aboriginalthebrand

Loc’d & Key Meet Jade Clark, owner and founder of Loc’d & Key lllp. We are a family, black-owned business committed to customer satisfaction by providing high-quality, all-natural hair and skincare products. Our hand-crafted products will leave you with strong, healthy and radiant hair and skin. We’ve designed an all inclusive cosmetic line great for adults, children and those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Locking in self-care… is the Key to radiance




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