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about me

As a passionate and unique individ‐ ual, I find myself a key player within a team and someone who strives for ingenuity. My previous experience ranges from commercial and high end design, through to styling and graphic ma‐ nipulation. e beauty of the industry is the dis‐ regard for rules and textbook an‐ swers - propelling me to create a more developed and intuitive out‐ come. Having studied Menswear at degree level, my specialism lies within garment design, trend fore‐ casting and styling. My strong work ethic and passion for my cra allow me to design without inhibition, whilst applying direction to a target‐ ed audience. Being a lively, analytical and well re‐ ceived individual I blossom within working environments and not only contribute to idea development but also bring a sense of personality to the table.

work in progress _2013 A study into the prefabricated build� ing progress and the translation of it into garments. A current work in progress focusing on S/S14. Nongender format juxtaposing layers and textures to produce a simple and narrative based outcome.

puma _2013 Live project brief for A/W13, devel� oped from an interview with SMU line at Puma. A capsule collection considering relaxed sportswear, pro� ducing a graphical outcome as well as designing garments suitable for the brand.

house of scouse _2012

Graduate collection influenced by the clash of gay and football culture. Use of modern technology such as laser cut fleece, and laser cut eye‐ wear. e collection focused on cheap common materials and devel‐ oping them into a high-end con‐ sumer product. Tongue and cheek

with serious notes on the proportion of the male body. Custom knitted rib and heavy branding allowed the collection to speak for itself.

soviet (usc)_2012 S/S13 collection designed for high street retailer Soviet, stocked through USC.  e '24 Hour Wardrobe' consisted of casual basics that a customer could mix and match. Referencing key 90s trends and also grasping current trends for festivals and outdoor activities. Lightweight pertex nylons and digi‐ tal print gave the collection a streetwear edge whilst keeping in mind the Russian history of the So‐ viet brand.

penny for a guy _2011 An artistic approach to a project aimed at encountering materials. Direct inspiration from Guy Fawkes, the silhouette is playful with lavish fabrics such as ponyskin and mole‐ skin. Hand techniques including whipstitiching and blanket stitch gave the pieces a hand made look. A leather beard with french knot de‐ tailing created atmosphere and com‐ pleted the look.

styling _2011 Numerous styling images shot for iD magazine in conjunction with Christopher Shannon. Pieces in� clude Martine Rose, Paul Smith and Prada.


_Produced collection straight adobe illustrator. through from research, toiling and PUMA/Freelance Menswear Design‐ final production. _ G a r m e nt d e s i g n , a l o n g s i d e er - Liverpool, May 2013 Christopher Shannon helping him _Liaised with factories for produc‐ with decisions and design develop‐ _Designed key Menswear garments tion. ment. for A/W ‘13 Special Make Up line, including polo’s, jumpers, jackets & _Developed brand awareness as well _Helped design Umbro/Head col‐ sweats. as selling brand philosophy to key lections as well as his first wom‐ figures. enswear pieces. _Developed graphical print with technical process, using jacquard, SOVIET (USC)/Winner of S/S13 _Liaising with factories, suppliers discharge print and digital. Design Award, London, June 2012 and PR companies. _Produced technical drawings, _Designed capsule Menswear S/S13 _Sourced fabrics, textiles and hard‐ range plans and colourways for col‐ collection for Soviet, including gar‐ ware, developed colourways, range lection. ments, print & accessories. plans and technical drawings.. _Used trend forecasting to highlight _Won Design award - collection _Worked over 3 seasons at London f u t u r e c o l o u r s , m at e r i a l s & went into production and sold Fashion Week, dressing models, di‐ hardware. throughout 40 Worldwide stores. recting and supervising. SUPERDRY/Visual Designer, Liver‐ _Used appropriate customer/trend pool, September 2012 - Present profiles to produce a collection that suited their target audience. _Use trend analysis to create appro‐ priate in-store displays. _Produced ‘48 Hour Suitcase’ con‐ centrating on casual basics that can _Develop looks within store, using be mixed and worn together, area specific styling to generate sales. including sports jackets, tee’s, jeans & shirts. _Styling and outfit building for cus‐ tomers, use of layering and contrast‐ _Created print and graphic design ing materials. based on eastern European beach scenes, developed with jacquard and _Produce eye catching displays for digital print. store windows, concentrating on trans-seasonal areas. C H R I STOPH E R SHA N NON / Menswear Intern, London, April HOUSE OF SCOUSE/Co-Founder/ 2011 - September 2011 (September Menswear Designer, Liverpool, Jan‐ 2011 - September 2012 freelance) uary 2012 – May 2013 _Creative pattern cutting/develop‐ _ C o - F o u n d e d c o n t e m p o r a r y ing new collection as well as produc‐ Menswear fashion brand. tion pieces. _Completed S/S12 collection shown at a central London location April 2012. _Designed a sportswear inspired collection, including sunglasses, bags & shoes.

DURAN DURAN/Styling Consul‐ tant, London, October 2010 - De‐ cember 2010 _Styled music video for Duran Du‐ ran, Met with stylists to create a mood and genre for video. _Sourced garments from designer’s studios/boutiques. _Helped to develop a look that mar‐ ried the clients age and brief yet kept it modern and contemporary. _Used trend analysis to choose gar‐ ments that would be season appro‐ priate for video release date. _Managed budgets from clients, sourcing key advertising brands as well as contemporary counterparts.

GILES DEACON/Studio Assistant, London, September 2009 - Decem‐ _Toile development and sewing, ber 2009 from past collections through to de‐ but pieces. _Responsible in pattern cutting, de‐ veloping ideas and creating sample _Fabric making, applique, hand toiles. sewing and industrial patchwork. _Hand embellished dress for Victo‐ _Print development via research and ria Beckham.

Luke Moorhead 2013 Portfolio