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Stella Rose Saint Clair by SUMMER LEE @summerannelee Stella Rose Saint Clair is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York, whose sense of fashion is as playful as it is perplexing. While remaining delightful and fun, her designs are laced with a sense of danger - as well as social commentary. She is a lover of vintage styles, especially that of the 1960’s, yet her fashion designs are completely apart from anything in a thrift shop. Some of Stella’s most recent prints were inspired by baby blankets, garden parties, and punk rock. Most of her accessories can be described using the word fluffy. Stella has been featured by fashion publications such as Nylon, Galore, and LADYGUNN, all of which have praised her unique and impeccable aesthetic. Continue reading to discover more about Stella’s world, design influences, and what she plans to wear in the winter!


Q: A reoccurring symbol in your designs is a red rose with a thorny stem, featured on the Rose Beret, the Rose Bowtie, and the Thorny Bloomers to name a few. What does a thorny red rose symbolize to you? A: My general concept of beauty is usually cut with either humor or danger. Roses are kind of a modern day feminist symbol. They’re like “Of course I’m beautiful and I smell good, but touch me and I’ll cut you”. Nature finds a way. Q: In your online shop, you sell pins, tees, and backpacks featuring the words “No thank you”, adorned with cute hearts and the color pink. They are described as having street harassment in mind. Can you explain what this message means to you? A: I wanted an all encompassing slogan that I could wear on my back so someone calling after me in the street would be able