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Sunday, August 21, 2011



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SUNDAY August 21, 2011

Issue No. 4759

CCJ blocks BTL Sale Barrow’s 2nd takeover to go under judicial review

Belize City, August 17, 2011 In a monumental ruling, the Caribbean Court of Justice has issued an injunction on the Barrow Administration’s sale of shares in Belize Telemedia Limited when it held an extraordinary sitting via teleconference on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 afternoon. In early August, attorneys representing British Caribbean Bank filed for permission to review the Government’s July 4th legislation which authorised the second takeover of Belize Telemedia Limited as well as asked for an injunction on the Government’s passage of the 9th Amendment (Constitution) Bill.

Justice David Hayton, Justice Desiree Bernard & Justice Rolston Nelson, That hearing was held inside a Supreme Courtroom via video conference with Godfrey Smith and Eamon Courtenay appearing for BCB and Lois Young-Barrow and the Solicitor General



Caught in Corozal

Jose Cano

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Imports guilty of major tax evasion? See page 9

Cheryl Krusen appearing on behalf of the Barrow Administration. Appearing on the CCJ panel were Justice Rolston Nelson, Justice David Hayton and Justice Desiree Bernard. Although

9th Amendment

Consultations are a SHAM! Belize City, August 17, 2011 We have been saying this ever since we saw the political circus which the first public consultation on the 9 Constitutional Amendment Bill in Belize City last week Wednesday was turned into by the UDP Ministers and paid hooligans, and now the Prime Minister’s ex-wife and preferred attorney has confirmed it – the consultations are nothing but a sham! During an interview on Tuesday Lois Young-Barrow spoke about the 9th Amendment Bill as if it were already law. When she was reminded that the Amendment had not been passed, and that it was

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the CCJ is in its vacation period, the Justices explained that “it is a commercial matter which requires urgent attention and will be treated as vacation business”. That was followed by the Justices presenting their positions on the case, indicating that while it would not disrupt the current management of BTL (held by GOB) it restrained the Government from “taking any steps to sell [BTL shares]” because it believed the applicants should take their arguments to the Court. As to the 9th Amendment, the

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coming our way

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GOB mouthpiece, Lois-Young Barrow

9 Shootings, 2 Murders in 7 days BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 By Alton Humes In just one week, there have been at least nine people just in Belize City and Ladyville alone that were victims of shootings. Sadly, two ended in fatalities. A pairing of shootings Trenton Smith

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Charles Woodeye

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

From the ghetto streets

Too Much Power for a Bald Head Dear Editor, Since I started writing my letters for the newspaper, I have been re-

Wasting ‘their time’ in Lake I Dear Mr. Editor, On Monday, I was washing in the back of my yard when I heard the dogs barking on the verandah, so I peeped from under the house bottom. The sun was scorching hot. I mean hot like hell. Two young girls and a middle age woman had walked into my yard. At first I thought it was those “fass” census people, but then when I came round to see, the ladies looked depressed and tired. Each of them had a red t-shirt wrapped round their neck. The ladies were being paid to take around campaign papers for the UDP City Council people who are having elections on Sunday. I was surprised what they asked for. They wanted a glass of drinking water. I am Christian and the right thing to do to anyone is to offer them. The story of Lazarus and Rich man in the Bible is a story of what is the least a man will want after he has done wrong. Now, my neighbor is a “staunch” UDP. I mean she is so much of a UDP that she even wasted her vote on Jenkins! She had just run them from her house with all the bad words. She called them all kinds of obscene names that I cannot put in this letter. She told them how they could have the face of brass to come and ask for her vote when they had to climb through the craters, stinking clog drain and the forest on the side of the street which was not cut. She complained that on top of all of that they still were not giving away anything. I did give them the water because as the Bible said “forgive them father for they know not what they do.” The shortest one explained that they were being cursed and embarrassed all around. No

The Party is nothing but the vanguard of the people, the active organ of the people, working at all times in the service of the people.”

one would give them water. One lady told them to go “ask unu bass”. They had taken off the UDP shirts because they were ashamed and wanted people to know that, as they told me: “this dah jus wah lee ends [job], they people treat even we like dawg, but today dah fi dey tomorrow da fi we.” They went on tell me all the nasty things that the UDP candidates were doing and saying to each other. She told me Zenaida have no shame about “get up and run”. She said is that “she need fi get up an run weh, no ask bout the UNIBAM one he now...” Anyway, I want to know why they are chancing these poor women who need a job. Please at least give them water, that is not right and please stop waste your time behind Lake I. Deon Leslie cannot be “running behind there” because city council is for the whole city. God bless our Area Representative Cordel Hyde. Sincerely, Althea Gordon

Village Council Chairmen DISRESPECTED By Carla Bradley In visits to communities in the Cayo South and Stann Creek West Constituencies, one thing that was clear and common, especially in the south, was the disrespect shown to the village chairmen and councils of various villages, most of which are PUP village councils and even some of the UDP villages councils who have stood up for their people when they felt that the area rep was being unfair. A couple weeks ago we saw the chairman of Armenia Village, Mr. Orestes Sho, fighting a battle against the area rep, Ramon Witz. The dilemma in this village has been ongoing and it had to do with the issuing of lots in the village. The area rep has been accused of using lots to acquire votes instead of giving to the people who truly need a lot. Witz then saw it fit to raffle lands, and had his goons physically assault Cayo South PUP official, Vaughan Gill, for taking video of the public event. The Village Chairman was never informed of the land raffling. Witz has been using a lands committee and RECONDEV to do his dirty work. The Chairman of Armenia no longer has a say in the village, is no longer informed of events taking place in the village, and was never included in the issuing of house lots to the residents of the village he represents and to make matters worse is now allegedly banned from the community center when Hon. Witz is conducting any meeting or function there. In the Stann Creek West constituency, countless villages that who have PUP village councils have been the targets of victimization by the area rep, Mel-

KHMH Morgue

overcrowded Wednesday, August 17, 2011 In what can only be regarded as a lack of vision and foresight, Belize’s only referral hospital, the Karl Heusner Memorial, faces perhaps one of its worst nightmares. Fresh in the news of last weekend’s mishandling of the corpse of Adam Kuylen, 38, who was left to rot in the corridor in the morgue over Friday night, in a candid discussion with Love FM News this evening, Chief Medical Officer at the hospital, Dr Bernard Bulwer, explained that the morgue which has to accommodate corpses from the private hospitals and others transferred from elsewhere for post mortems, has simply grown out of space. This week, the natural deaths, coupled with the murders, yielded the morgue overcrowded. Literally, so dire is the situation that bodies are being piled on top of each other in cubicles built only for one body. Bulwer shared that of all the deaths that the morgue deals with, a study had revealed that more than 55% are the result of the uncontrolled and skyrocketing number of murders. It is a shame on this government and the Ministry of Health for letting things literally decay to this level. When they built the hospital in the mid-90s they obviously weren’t planning for this eventuality. The fact that they haven’t done anything to curb the murder rate, they still haven’t done anything to accommodate for more bodies. God forbid if there is a mass casualty situation in a week like now when bodies are piled high and cramped like sardines at the KHMH morgue.

ceiving good reviews from the Belizean people, so kindly publish this letter for me. Power is what everybody would like to have and more power is what this so-called Prime Minister Dean Barrow would like to achieve. The old saying, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” comes to mind. It seems as if he doesn’t get his way the Belizean people keep on suffering more, over and over. When will the pain ever stop Mr. Barrow? We need to ask ourselves, who really is Dean Barrow? As far as I am concerned, he is a person who is trying to be a dictator and not a Prime Minister. With Dean Barrow running this country to the ground, I don’t think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This Prime Minister doesn’t care about the Belizean people because he has shown that all he really cares about is more power and securing his family and cronies in top places to make millions of dollars and you know who they are. The Belizean people need to understand the 9th Amendment. This U.D.P. government is saying it’s all about nationalization and to give back to the people but in reality this is all about taking away the rights of the poor Belizeans in this country. This must not be tolerated from you Mr. Prime Minister. The people say, “enough is enough, time to go.” P.S. To those clowns on Wave T.V. Show, you need to tell the Belizeans the truth. Who was Lord Ashcroft’s attorneys back in the days and how this Prime Minister Dean Barrow received big finance for his campaign in 2008 general election. Barrow is no saint, he is a two-timer. Till next week, wake up Belizeans it is time to take a stand, Roberto Peyrefitte




Doreth Bevans


Chris Williams

vin Hulse. Villages such as Pomona Valley, San Roman, Maya Mopan, Red Bank, Maya Center, to name a few have been neglected by the area rep. The absence of proper community centers, hurricane shelters and recreational areas for the children are just some of the concerns in these villages. Speaking to the chairman and his councilors, they said they all felt disrespected, neglected and asked the question, “why is there a village council election, when the people that are elected are disregarded?” The chairman of Maya Mopan, Mr. Ino Chiyak Sr. believes that because he supported the PUP in the last village council elections, and chose to represent them, Hulse has refused to consult with them, and has even placed his own UDP Committee who oversees the issuing of lots in the village. Now the village council is duly elected to represent the people and serve the people but not under this area rep.


Rafael Sosa


Carla Bradley TYPIST


Roberto Peyrefitte Printed & Published By The Belize Times Ltd.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011



What the People are saying about the 9th Amendment Audrey Matura-Shepherd, “We are ousting the jurisdiction of the Court and I would dare say that in our democracy, the Court, the judiciary, is one of the most important pillars of democracy. It cannot be done, it should not be done. To allow this amendment to pass is to say we no longer want to be a democratic society, we’re going into some other form of governance.” – July 27 2011

Senator Godwin Hulse, “The most significant thing is that you are now putting any changes that you make to the constitution beyond the reach of the Courts – ensuring that amendments made by the national assembly are beyond the reach of the Courts and that’s a dangerous thing.” – July 26, 2011

Moses Sulph “We don’t want that to be passed because we understand the implication it can have. We’re not against; I will say that I don’t believe it is against the nationalisation at all for us, because it’s about the other clauses that we believe will affect us negatively. And it is too broad, it can leave way for victimization and it can leave way to take away many of our fundamental rights and freedoms”. - August 1, 2011

Kay Menzies, Chamber “You take a risk as a Belizean in supporting this amendment of losing the freedoms that you hold so dear right now; freedom of expression, freedom to own property, the rights that you are used to every day of the week. Once the government passes the 9th amendment, any future government can pass any amendment to infringe on those freedoms that we take for granted right now and make those freedoms disappear and you have no opportunity to question that in Court.”

Hubert Elrington – “Your liberties and freedoms are at stake. This particular amendment now puts the life, liberty and freedom of every single Belizean at stake – all of our freedoms, all of our lives, all of our liberties are now being put at stake. This is absolute madness”. – July 25 2011

Arthur Saldivar – “As it relates to constitutional amendments, you don’t have that right anymore by virtue of what is being proposed in the 9th Amendment Bill. This is what this does – this erases, eradicates, demolishes, destroys, strips away totally the citizens’ right to challenge anything that threatens his existence and existence of his freedoms. There is no democracy with this. Democracy would be dead.” - July 25 2011

Oscar Sabido – “Because of this amendment, if you go ahead and change it anything you wish to put in the constitution, preventative detention, etc, then it can be said that that cannot be challenged in a Court of law. It is absolute, it can’t be questioned. It’s final. You cannot bring up the question of natural justice.” - July 25 2011

Rt. Hon. Said Musa, “This amendment is saying you cannot challenge any amendment to the Constitution on the grounds that it’s unconstitutional; for instance, or that it’s unlawful or void. And that to me is a frightening situation that has developed in our country that the Prime Minister and his government believes that they have to go to this extent to what I would call not only eroding the rights and freedoms of our people but to remove the very substrata, the structure, the essence of what it means when our Constitution talks about the right to life, the right to liberty, the right to security of the person and so on”. July 26 2011

NO 9th Amendment!




CCJ blocks BTL Sale

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Justices held that it would not grant an injunction because it held the view that should the proposed changes go through, its constitutionality could be challenged before the Courts. That is a view which Prime Minister Dean Barrow has objected to vehemently. The ruling and temporary relief

granted has sent shockwaves in the Barrow Administration because it sends a clear indication that Belize’s highest Court believes there could be a case against the Government’s reexpropriation of BTL. On Friday June 24th, the Court of Appeal ruled that Government’s first acquisition of BTL was void and unconstitutional, since

the basis for the takeover was not credible. The Government reclaimed the telecommunication company, despite the Court of Appeal ruling. On July 4th, the Prime Minister amended the legislation claiming he had fixed the inconsistencies found by the Court of Appeal. But to avoid the Court from ever

Tropical Storm coming our way Belize City, August 17, 2011 Belizeans are being advised to closely monitor a tropical wave that could possible strengthen into a tropical storm within the next 48 hours. The wave is located approximately 656 miles east-southeast of Belize, and is moving west at 15 to 20 miles per hour. A look at several forecast models show that the storm could come directly towards Belize or affect the Southern regions if it moves towards Honduras and Nicaragua. Forecasters say the wave has a 70% chance of strengthening, which



Caught in Corozal Accused of home invasion & aggravated assault Corozal Town, August 16, 2011 30 year old Jose Cano, a resident of the Chula Vista area in Corozal Town, was remanded to prison after he appeared in Court to answer to serious criminal charges. Cano is accused of being one in a group of three men who carried out a home invasion and aggravated assaulted in Chan Chen Village. The victim of the attack, Fidel Lopez, said that on Saturday night around 7:20 he was at home when three men stormed into his house. Lopez said two of the men were armed with machetes and another held up a 16-gauge shotgun. The men attacked Lopez with the machete, causing cut wounds to his back and hands. Neighbors heard his loud cries for help and hurried to his aid. While the machete men dashed out, the gunman was apprehended by the neighbors and held down until the Police arrived. That unlucky criminal turned out to be Cano, who was detained and taken to the Corozal Police Station where he was held in custody. An inspection of Cano’s tattoos over his body revealed gang insignia, including marks related to the MS13 (Mara Salvatrucha) gang which has caused terror throughout Central America. Cano was taken to the Court on Tuesday and was charged with aggravated burglary, keeping ammunition without a license and keeping a prohibited firearm. He was then remanded until September 15th.

makes it the first storm of the 2011 season to have some impact on Belize. Belizeans are advised to stay in tuned to weather advisories on the radio and television.

Sunday, August 21, 2011 challenging his position, the Prime Minister introduced the 9th Constitutional Amendment Bill which seeks to constitutionally entrench Government’s takeover, while amending the Constitution to bar the Courts from reviewing the validity and legality of amendments on “any grounds whatsoever”. The Barrow Administration felt it was on a safe and unstoppable course, but the CCJ has come like a splash of cold water on their misguided assurance. In fact, the injunction on BTL shares spells trouble for the Government who has been facing great difficulty attracting buyers. They had to resort to using $50m from Social Security funds as well as $25m from the Central Bank to purchase shares in the company. Now the CCJ’s ruling sets the stage for what will be another period of a long-drawn out battle between the Barrow Administration and the former owners of BTL. Only time will tell how it plays out. BCB’s attorneys have said they will file for judicial review of the July 4th reacquisition legislation as well as the 9th amendment by September 5th.

Sunday, August 21, 2011



Barrow works for the Ashcroft Alliance Prime Minister Dean Barrow must come clean before the Belizean people and explain how he can stand before them and vilify Mr. Ashcroft and those working on behalf of Mr. Ashcroft as public enemy number one while at the same time Mr. Barrow, the very same Dean Barrow, is still a beneficiary of the Ashcroft Alliance’s long-standing relationship with his law firm Barrow and Williams. As recent as August 9th, one Mr. Bonner of a Ben Bow Street address received a letter from Barrow and Williams on behalf of their client, the Belize Bank (owned by Ashcroft), instructing him “to cease and desist”. This clearly confirms that the Prime Minister’s law firm still works for the Ashcroft Alliance and exposes the worst kind of hypocritical grand standing. So how can the Prime Minister stand on any moral ground and get away with his campaign when he is still drinking from the trough of the Ashcroft Alliance? Unless Barrow cuts off the Belize Bank cash cow from his law firm, he cannot claim to be any better than any of his colleagues in law representing Ashcroft. Ashcroft has admitted that he funded the UDP’s campaign to the tune of approximately 3 million in the last elections. Ashcroft also confirmed that he has a good relationship with prominent UDP ministers such as Boots, Finnegan and Sedi. Guess who is part of the real Ashcroft Alliance now? The thing about it is that Belizeans don’t care much about Ashcroft or Barrow. What matters to Belizeans is whether they have jobs, whether they can food put on the tables, and that their communities are safe ones. The Prime Minister has tried to change the focus, from his failure to improve the country and the lives of Belizeans, to his fight with Ashcroft. These men are billionaires and millionaires caught in a kissing match that reflects what mother Africa tells us: when elephants fight, only the ants get trampled. In a sense it is good lesson for Ashcroft as he thought the PUP was the enemy while Barrow was his friend and well-paid attorney. Today Ashcroft and the Belizean people have found Barrow to be dangerous, very dangerous and a dictator. The question Belize is, is Barrow working for the Ashcroft Alliance? Unless he severs the ties of his law firm relations with the Ashcroft Alliance, the Belize Bank, the answer is Yes. The cheques will keep flowing from 64 Market Square to Equity House on Albert Street. Undoubtedly, the best show of B.S. is Barrow’s distraction and conniving of the Belizean people. Little does Barrow know, however, that while he can fool some people sometimes, he can’t fool everyone all the time.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

PM scolds the Churches

In his reply to Canon LeRoy Flowers, PM Barrow told the Council of Churches it only takes “elementary logic” to understand what he has been explaining

Gunman targets James Bus on Western Highway Belize City, August 17, 2011 News reaching the BELIZE TIMES is that a James Bus travelling from Belmopan to Belize City last night came under gunfire. Belize City and Hattieville Police are investigating the report. Sources tell the BELIZE TIMES that the James bus was on it’s to Belize City when a vehicle overtook the bus and began swerving in front of it, signalling it to stop. When the driver stopped, a male person walked towards the door and tried to enter. That is when the driver and conductor told him he would not be allowed in because the bus is a non-stop service. The man appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The bus driver refused to allow the man in, and took off. That is when the pickup drove next to the bus once more, but this time put the life of all passengers at risk when it slammed into the bus. The pickup then sped off ahead of the bus. The passengers were frightened by the incident and were just become calm when as they entered Hattieville, gunshots were heard. Some heard the bullets hitting the side of the bus, and smashing the front glass. The driver then went to the Hattieville Police Station to file the report. The passengers were shocked and terrified, unaware of what could have led to the attack, but grateful that no one was injured.

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Belize City, August 15, 2011 “Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.” Two weeks ago, the Council of Churches utilised its constitutional right to speak and declared its opposition to the 9th Amendment Bill, citing its concern that the proposed change sought to bar the Court’s jurisdiction to inquire into the constitutionality, legality or validity of the acquisitions or any derogation of the rights of the former owners of utilities. The Prime Minister, who chose to go on a seven-day vacation in Los Angeles, did not get the memo until he returned late last week. Upon learning that the Churches did not support him, he threw a fit and while filled with anger he decided to write a letter of response.

“I have looked carefully at the arguments the Council advances for the latter position, but am sorry to say that I cannot agree with them… I know that the Council met with the Executive of the Belize Bar Association prior to making its statement. And it is a pity that the Council did not also seek to hear directly from Government. For I believe that the Council has been led into grave error,” wrote the Prime Minister. If ever any action by Prime Minister has ever bared true arrogance and egotism, his response to the Council of Church is glaring evidence. Further in the letter, the Prime Minister even gets disrespectful when he argues that it only takes “elementary

logic” to understand what he has been explaining. The manner in which the PM has been pandering his arguments has been highly pompous as if he is Mr. Know it all. For PM Barrow, he could never be wrong, he is always right and anyone who doesn’t agree with him is wrong and the enemy. That is what he has shown every time anyone objects to anything he says. He bashed the Bar Association and called them PUP, he accused the Chamber of being “prisoners of ideology when they challenged his decisions, and now he is telling the Churches they lack “elementary logic” to not understand his argument on the 9th amendment. PM Barrow is a portentous bully, but best the Bar, Chamber and Churches listen to good advice: “Never argue with an idiot…”

Sunday, August 21, 2011





We need Jobs! When the People’s United Party won the elections in 1998, one of our major promises to the Belizean people was to get the economic train moving again. We promised to do this by first and foremost restoring investor confidence. We promoted and fostered this agenda because it was the most efficient and effective way to get Belizeans back to work. We as a Party had promised to create thousands of jobs, and we did. During our second term, in 2004, we faced a period when we experienced a major slowdown in the Belizean Economy and we understood that it was imperative to cut operating costs. The Said Musa Economic Team came together and agreed to two important actions. First we agreed to reduce government spending across all departments and line items and we managed to do so by more than 10 percent. At the same time, we refused to follow the UDP formula of cutting jobs, so instead of laying off public officers, we cut back on things like study leave and also worked with the unions to look at issues like salary increases, and increments. In doing this we saved jobs and weathered the storm by working together to find solutions. When the UDP came to office, they found a government that was functioning, public officers were receiving their benefits again and government expenditure was being kept at a manageable rate. The unemployment rate was also at 8 percent. Three years into this Barrow government and economic activity is almost non-existent. The unemployment rate has reached a shocking 23 percent and the investment climate is one where there is simply no confidence. However the government spending continues unabated as one ministry, the Ministry of Works, is spending approximately $1,000 a day in telephone expenses and the government’s fuel bill for last year was around $20 million. The government legal fees that are in the millions continue to increase exponentially. Given such a bleak picture I have come to the conclusion, that after three years, the Barrow government is essentially paralyzed and at a loss of what to do. That the only way we’re going to get what Belizeans need most, JOBS, is by turning to the actual job creators: business/industry itself. The dilemma for the Barrow administration is that they have been quarrelling with the very people he needs to rescue him: the Private Sector. He refuses to listen and even to speak with them. Mr. Barrow’s modus operandi has been one of brute force- you are either with me or against me. Whenever any organization dares to challenge the Prime Minster on issues, he attacks the messenger, he ridicules them, calls them names, intimidates and in several instances, threatens them. He has gotten so high in his hubris that there is no “sacred cow” for him. He has mocked and maligned leaders of the largest private sector organization; he has even attacked members of the Bar Association of which, ironically, he is a member of. His lastest attack is now the Belize Council of Churches (BCC). The BCC has always been a non-partisan organization constantly speaking on social issues that affect all Belizeans. But the Prime Minister has now gone to a new low by attacking the BCC. This is surely beyond what any decent and law abiding citizen ever expected of the Prime Minister. Belizeans on a whole are a peaceful, friendly and God fearing people. We much prefer to talk with one another than fight. This is normally the way we were governed. Never in the history have we had a governemnt that has picked so many quarrels with some many people and organizations. In three years this govermant has squandered most of their political goodwill and every where you go you hear the constant complains that the Prime Minister and his Ministers are just not listening to the major concern of Belizeans- jobs! How can I get a job? What can be done to address the pressing issue of lack of jobs? Mr. Prime Minister, it is time to stop talking and start listening to the cries of the Belizeans people- we want to work! We need a job!




9 Shootings,

2 Murders in 7 days Continued from page 1

occurred on Tuesday, August 16th, in separate areas of the city. 23-year-old Robert Batty, a fisherman, was buying at a store when he was accosted and shot thrice, in his right leg, calf and the bottom of his right foot. Meanwhile, hours prior on Monday night the 15th, Ryan Davis, another 23-year-old, was near his home on Antelope Street when someone hit him with a bullet to his upper abdomen, which exited via his back. Both men are currently critical but stable at the Karl Heusner Hospital. But 24 year old Wesley College alumni, Charles Woodeye, was one of the few to bite the dust. To make matters worse, he was one of the 15 so-called “high-level gang members” hired by the Prime Minister to work in different areas of the country. But a brazen gunman took away his life, leaving his newborn child to be raised by his family instead. He was killed instantaneously on August 14th, 2011 as he hung out with his firefighter friends on Dolphin Street. He was inside the fire station when he was shot 7 times, including twice in the chest and once in the back. Then there is the case of Stephan Flowers, the 18-year-old who was shot in the abdomen on August 13th while between Courtenay Crescent and Ebony Street. He’s currently stable at the KHMH at this time, but it doesn’t end there. The notorious Trenton Smith, 24 year old, was taken down with 4 shots to the head and upper body after being “lured” to a friend’s home on August 12th. He was previously tried twice and acquitted a second time for the murder of Tyrone Castillo, who was believed to have been killed while at a wake for infamous street leader George “Junie Balls” McKenzie. But then there was the “double scythe” – a pair of brothers targeted and taken down, with the Police allegedly playing a significant part of the incidents. There was the shooting of 30-year-old Nelson Plunkett, on August 11th. Plunkett was hit to the abdomen and buttocks, and was hospitalized for those injuries. His brother, 26-year-old Kareem “Jimbo” Bowen was taken down on August 10th, shot in the buttocks and foot. Family members suggest that either or both incidents were a mix of retaliation for the “crimes” of their sibling, Kenyon Plunkett, who was gunned down in April of this year, as well as the fact that two other youths not from the notorious ‘Bak-a-Town’ neighborhood were “dropped off” by Police as a thumbing of the nose at its residents. In a capstone, two heroic security specialists who foiled and staved off an attempted robbery at a bank in Ladyville on August 15th suffered with injuries when they were shot. The two guards, Dalton Watler and a second unidentified male, foiled all three would-be robbers, but both ended up receiving gunshot wounds, to the back of the head for Walter; to the right leg for the other. Both are currently being treated at the KHMH.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

9th Amendment

Consultations are a SHAM! Continued from page 1 up to the people, she barked back that it WILL be passed. The public consultations that started last week are meant to collect the views of Belizeans. Should the majority speak against the Amendment, as the majority has already been doing, then the Prime Minister is expected to abide by the voice of the majority. In fact the Prime Minister himself has promised to do so. Admittedly, a promise from this Prime Minister is like comfort to a fool, but on a matter as serious as the 9th amendment we gave him the benefit of the doubt. But obviously Lois Young-Barrow knows something most Belizeans don’t. Her arrogant speaking in absolute terms that the amendment “WILL be passed” is a clear sign that the Barrow Administration is not sincere about “consulting” with Belizeans. It is saying that no matter what Belizeans say or do, the Government will pass the dangerous 9th amendment.

Another indication that the Barrow Administration is hell bent on getting the 9th amendment through by hook or crook is its selection of venues for public consultations. Understandably, the “consultation” will be held in every city and town, but because they already expect that in those municipalities a majority will speak against the proposal, the Government has included two villages in the list of venues. Those two villages are in the Stann Creek West and Belize Rural North constituencies, where Melvin Hulse and Edmond Castro have been directed to gather their political followers to swamp the event and blindly praise the amendment. The Barrow Administration will gauge support or opposition for the Bill based on the numbers that show up and record their position or write to the Clerk of National Assembly. It is clear that the 9th Amendment, which would make Parliament more powerful and above the people and Court, is of paramount importance to the Barrow Administration’s road to dictatorship. Can someone please them before it is too late.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Market Vendors solve their own problems facility and when something was finally delivered it ended up being an enclosed area that could only fit 45 stalls. No storey building, no stall for 90 vendors, yet the project cost almost $1.5 million. Since then, carrying out business has been a living nightmare for ven-

Belize City, August 17, 2011 The wholesale market vendors at the Queen Square Market did not need to wear Superman hats to figure out a solution to their problems. They also did not need marketing lessons proposed by the pompous Councillor in charge for the Market, nor did they need to meet and sign another dishonest document with the City Council. For many weeks the market vendors have been deceived, lied to and insulted by the Councillor in charge of markets, Phillip Willoughby. Willoughby and the Council first lied and deceived when they promised to construct a two-storey new market building in six months. Almost a year later, vendors were still waiting on a proper


Imports guilty of major tax evasion? Belize City, August 15, 2011 Vega’s Imports Ltd, a goods company located on 10 Clarke Street in Orange Walk Town, is at the center of a major scandal that involves alleged custom duties evasion on a wide scale. The BELIZE TIMES has come into possession of three invoices of goods cleared at the Customs on July 4th 2011. The lists of goods are for an assortment of skin creams, body wash products and shampoos. A check with the wholesale/manufacturers of these products reveals that the case price for each item has been grossly undervalued, for instance, the case of St. Ives Vitamin E body wash 24oz is $38.64; but the declared case price on the invoice cleared by the Customs Department is $3.07 – more than 1,000 percent undervalue. Vega’s Imports Ltd is owned by no other than, German Vega, who is the brother of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and managed by, Andre Vega, the DPM’s son. The information shows that the Government and people of Belize are being systemically cheated of thousands if not millions of dollars in revenue. What we are exposing could be only the tip of the iceberg or perhaps more appropriately, the tip of the alligator nose in a swamp of widespread corruption that goes to the top of this UDP administration. While several weeks ago the General Sales Tax Unit was hunting down and arresting business owners who had failed to pay their GST, what the BELIZE TIMES has uncovered shows that certain businesses that are wellconnected to UDP bigwigs get away big time. In the meantime there are law-abiding local investors who must take on the brunt of the effect of the Barrow Administration’s weak economic policies, while having to absorb the high taxes imposed by the Government. To allow such un-level playing field in such a callous manner is not only unfair, but criminal.

Alvin Hyde Jr., Chairman Farmers/Vendors Association

9 dors thanks to the incompetent UDP City Council. Wholesale vendors were left unsecure along West Canal. When a vendor was shot dead, the Council then moved them from here to there, and then dumped them on Hicattee Street adjacent to the market. Residents complained, and the vendors were then told they had to move. After negotiations, the vendors were told to stay and the Council promised to pave Hicattee Street in two weeks’ time. That never happened and when the rains came, thousands of dollars were

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Murder Charge

withdrawn from Akeem Humes & Ryan Alvarez BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 17, 2011 By Roy Davis A charge of murder against two men, Akeem Alvarez, 21 and Ryan Alvarez, 21, was withdrawn today in the #1 Magistrate’s Court due to insufficient evidence. But only Humes was freed. Alvarez was put into custody and taken to prison because he is serving time for another offence. Humes and Alvarez were charged for the murder of Jason Flores who was shot and killed around 7:20 a.m. on December 9, 2009. Flores was on Kraal Road on his way to work when he was gunned down by a lone gunman. Alvarez was charged with murder in April, 2010 while Humes was charged in September, 2010. The charge was to be withdrawn from last week but Chief Magistrate Margaret McKenzie declined to do so because she had not received a written request from the Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl Lyn Vidal. Today she still had not gotten a written directive from the DPP. All she got was a letter from the DPP to the officer in charge of Criminal Investigation Branch requesting the withdrawal and a letter to her from the officer in

Watchman beaten by burglars in Toledo BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 By Alton Humes Police are currently investigating a major burglary that took place in what is believed to be a relatively peaceful area of the country. According to reports received by the BELIZE TIMES, on August 7th, 2011, Adriano Choco was at his watchman post at Dick’s Service Center, when he was accosted by two men, who proceeded to attack him and hit him over the forehead, leaving him with a deep cut wound above his right eye. But the wanna-be thieves weren’t done yet. They proceeded to relieve the store of the following valuables: a Toshiba laptop valued at BZ$1,400.00, BZ$200.00 in cash and assorted items of clothing, along with Choco’s licensed 16-gauge Steven® single-action shotgun with the serial #: 527MF and 3 of his16-gauge cartridges. The beaten watchman was rescued by his night partner and fellow watchman, Euphemio Bonnel, who came around from his front post to attend to his comrade, as well as inform the store owner of what was taken. Choco has been treated for his injuries at the Punta Gorda Town Hospital.

Ryan Alvarez

Akeem Alvarez

charge of Criminal Investigation Branch requesting that the charge be withdrawn. She went ahead and withdrew the charge because she said it was not fair to Alvarez and Humes.


charged for lying to Police BELIZE CITY,Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 By Alton Humes Cayo Police have detained and charged a Belizean-American woman after authorities found out that a report she had given turned out to be completely false. Ms. Cheryl Obando, a Belizean who recently lived in the American state of Oregon was in Belize and ended up at the San Ignacio Police Station on August 4th. She reported that she and her ‘boyfriend’ were attacked by five men and that she was forced to get in to a waiting car. It would turn out to be all lies. Senior Superintendent Louise Willis, the Officer in Charge of the San Ignacio Police Formation, says she firmly believes Obando made up the whole incident as a cover for her fleeing from the United States, where she is wanting for an investigation into child abandonment, child endangerment and theft. According to Paula Staine, who is Obando’s mother-in-law, Obando left her husband (Staine’s son, presumably) for the same man she was with when she was “attacked”. And she’s being accused of leaving her three children, ages 9 years, 7 years, and 9 months old, locked up in the family’s home in Oregon while she fled to Belize, apparently armed with $15,000 in US currency. Notwithstanding the magnitude of charges awaiting her in the USA, Cayo Police say she will be charged here in Belize with “committing a mischievous act”.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Woman remanded for illegal firearm & ammunition BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 17, 2011 By Roy Davis Kimberly Oshon, 27, an unemployed of Fuller’s Alley who allegedly threw a firearm over a fence, was charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license when she appeared in the #4 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, August 15. Oshon pleaded not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Roberto Ordonez explained to her that the court cannot offer her bail because of the nature of the offences. He remanded her into custody until September 20. The incident occurred around 9:20 p.m. on Friday, August 12. According to reports, a gunshot was heard and shortly afterwards a woman was seen with a gun in her hand pursuing a man on Cemetery Road. A concerned citizen stopped a police vehicle on Cemetery Road and the

Kimberly Oshon woman was seen reportedly throwing the gun over a fence when she saw the police vehicle. The police reported that when they detained the woman, identified as Oshon, she took them to where she threw the gun. The police also reported that when they retrieved the gun it was a .38 revolver with 3 rounds of .38 calibre ammunition. Oshon could not provide a license for the gun nor ammunition.

Accused gunman/ fugitive captured by Police Corozal Town, August 16, 2011 An accused gunman who managed to escape while being locked up at the Corozal Police Station was captured after being on the run for three days. On Saturday night, Donovan Franzua and Jaime Mejia were sharing cells at the precinct when they somehow managed to open the cell door and slip past the police officers on duty. With freedom on their grips, the men dashed separate ways and became fugitives of the law. Mejia has not been seen or heard from, but luck ran out for Franzua who was captured on Tuesday evening in an area known not far from the Police Station, known as Skeleton Town. Franzua was re-detained and placed once more inside the cell, un-

Donovan Franzua til he appears in Court to answer to a new charge for escaping. He was already slated to appear in Court for the alleged March 9th 2010 shooting of Corozal Town resident, Omar Vellos, and an armed robbery that occurred in Ladyville on August 10th.





Westlake & FC Belize draw 2-2 Game 2 will decide Champions Cup winners

Belize City, August 14, 14011 Westlake United and FC Belize drew 2-2 in Game 1 of the Champions Cup football finals played at the MCC Garden on Sunday evening. Jarret Davis drilled home Westlake’s 1st goal by converting a penalty against FC Belize’s goalie Elroy Rowley in the 17th minute. Chris Gilharry equalized for FC Belize twenty minutes later with a shot that beat the Westlake

goalie Eric Avila, and it was a 1-1 ball game at the half. In the 2nd half, the FC defenders frustrated the Westlake forwards. The Westlake defenders held off the FC Belize attacks until Byron Usher drilled a 2nd goal past Avila in the 57th minute. FC Belize coach Anthony “Willie Beau” Bernard introduced Christian Perez, Delroy “Thinman” Andrews and Francisco Briceno to secure the 2-1

Win or Go Home!!

Interoffice basketball semi-finals go to Game 3

win. But Mark Grant complicated things when he earned himself a 2nd yellow card and was expelled. Playing with one man down, Westlake stayed in contention as veteran striker Tyrone “T-bone” Muschamp came off the bench to relieve Davis, and proved to be still dangerous as he connected well from a corner kick to deliver the equalizer the 83rd minute. The long whistle sounded to a 2-2 draw and Game 2 of the series to decide the championship comes up on Sunday, August 21.

Tyrone Edwards on the offensive

Summary CYDP vs. Ports Belize



Ports Belize

Top scorers: Neil Nicholson, 14 points; Lennox Bowman, 10 points

MOE/Alamilla’s vs. Bulldogs

83 MOE



Top scorers: Greg Rudon, 26 points; Darwin “Puppy” Leslie, 31 points

Belize Bank Kachief Thomas scored 20pts

Bulldogs vs. MOE/Alamilla’s



Belize City, August 12, 2011 Both CYDP and the Belize Bank Bulldogs succeeded in taking the Belize City interoffice basketball semifinals series to a Game 3. After falling 51-57 to Ports Belize Ltd in Game 1 last Wednesday, CYDP drowned Ports 60-46 in Friday’s nightcap, while the Bulldogs bounced back from a 79-83 loss to MOE/ Alamilla’s last Wednesday to crunch down on the up-to-then undefeated Ministry of Education/Alamilla’s Furniture 73-56 on Friday.

56 MOE

Top scorers: Darwin “Puppy” Leslie, 16 points; Rupert Brown, 13 points

Ports Belize vs. CYDP

46 Ports


Top scorers: Marcel Orosco, 14 points; Andrew “Head” Staine, 11 points

MOE Kevin Domingo scored 6 points and made 12 rebsounds

CYDP’s Darwin Elijio goes to the rim

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Belize Bank Darwin Leslie scored 31 points

Lord’s Bank Village, August 14, 2011 The University of Belize Jaguars softball girls won the 2011 Belize rural softball championship by a 13-2 win against Easy Does It of Flowers Bank village in the championship final at the Lord Bank field on Sunday, August 14. The UB Jaguars got on the scoreboard first when Mertell

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UB Jaguars devours Easy Does It 13-2

UB Jaguars team

Sunday, August 21, 2011

UB Jaguars devours Easy Does It 13-2 Continued from page 10 Bailey came home in the bottom of the 1st inning. The Flowers Bank women soon led 2-1 when Anna Gillett and Carol Leslie came home in the top of the 2nd inning. UB’s pitcher Shandi Orellano shut out the Easy Does It girls after that while Aneckia Brown, Vanessa Dawson, Jahna Trapp, Mertell Bailey, Jamela Bradley, and Tamira Martinez hammered Dian Rhaburn’s pitches to lead 7-2 in the bottom of the 2nd. The UB lead grew to 8-2 when Vanessa Dawson came home again in the bottom of the 3rd, and the game was called and the mercy rule applied when the Easy Does It girls failed to score in the top of the 5th. The champions, second and third place winners received individual and team trophies and awards in an award ceremony after the game.




How they got there? UB Jaguars vs. Burrell Boom Survivors


UB Jaguars


Burrell Boom

Easy Does It team

Easy Does It vs. Oceana Wildcats


Easy Does It



Easy Does It vs. Survivors


Easy Does It



Burrell Boom team

Ladyville FC & Millennium girls win football games

Ladyville team

Ladyville girls controls the ball

Ladyville, August 14, 2011 The Ladyville FC girls and Belize City’s Millennium girls both posted big wins when the Belize District women’s football competition kicked off at the Ladyville football field on Sunday. In Game 1, Caye Caulker and Hattieville battled to a scoreless draw. In Game 2, Millennium crushed the Ladyville Orchids 6-0 with Sheriann “Baby” Tracy scoring the 1st winning goal in the 7th minute. Kara Kisling added a second goal in the 23rd minute, and Sheriann Tracy scored her 2nd goal in the 32nd minute. Sara Arzu scored a 4th goal in the 34th minute, and Gianne Cayetano drilled in a 5th goal in the 45th minute to lead 5-0 at the half-time break. The Millennium defenders frustrated every attempt by the Ladyville Orchids to get on the scoreboard in the 2nd half, while Sara Arzu scored a 6th goal in the 68th minute to complete the 6-0 victory. In Game 3, the Ladyville FC girls also posted a 6-0 win againt Sand Hill, with Marcelina May scoring the 1st goal and the 2nd early in the 1st half, and Tasha Young scored a 3rd goal to lead 3-0 at the half time break. In the 2nd half, Georgette Young added a 4th and 5th goals, and Michelle Andrews blasted in a 6th goal for the 6-0 win. The competition continues in Sand Hill on Sunday, August 21, in Hattieville on Sunday, August 28, in Caye Caulker on Sunday, September 4, and in Belize City on Sunday, September 11.

Margaret Lockwood pitches

Shandi Orellano win 2 games




Costa Rica men

win softball friendlies Belize City, August 13, 2011 Costa Rica’s Club Deportivo Alajuela softball men won five of a friendly series of 6 games against the Belize All-Star selection and the two top teams of the Belize City men’s competition at the home of softball at the Roger’s Stadium last week. Belize’s All-Star selection won Game 6 against Costa Rica 9-4 last Saturday night. Densmore Edwards walloped Charles Solis’ pitch and came home in the bottom of the 1st, and Shane Williams bunted to get on base and came home on a hit by Patrick Rowland. Solis struck out 9 batters to shut out the Belize hitters in the 2nd and 3rd innings, but pitcher Garth Godoy soon scored Belize’s 3rd run in the 4th inning and Team Belize led 6-0 when Michael “Shilling” Middleton, Patrick Rowland and Keith Madrill came home in the bottom of the 5th. Belize’s All-Stars gave no runs in the first 5 innings, even though the Costa Ricans got 12 hits off Godoy’s pitching. Pedro Montiel came off the bench to substitute for Carlos Chavez in the top of the 6th to score the visitors’ first run. Rommel Amador and Silvio Guadamez also came home as Costa Rica trailed 3-6. Belize’s lead grew to 9-3 when Rayan Rowland came off the bench to substitute

Rayan Rowland scored 1 run

Pedro Montiel scored 4 runs

Keith Madrill hit a run

OW East Sports Center

basketball results

Orange Walk, August 16, 2011 By Ladrick “Mad Bull” Shepherd Another great season of basketball competition kicked off at the East Sports Center, organized by Coach Mad Bull and the East Sports Committee. The competition will have tons of games, as sixteen teams participating in three categories will vie for the top spots over the upcoming weeks. In the Under 14 category, four teams are competing. In the Under 16 category, six teams are participating and in the Under 23 category, six

teams are contesting. The tournament’s first game will be Thursday at 6:30. At the competition kick-off night on Saturday, two exhibition games were held and here are the results: Keyhole Alley Ballaz vs. Timberwolves 51-41 Top scorers: Steven Fuentes, 12 points; Vicente Avila, 15 points Union Town Bad Boys vs. New Era Boys 67-55 Top scorers: Randy Usher, 33 points; Roger Reneau 12 points

Sunday, August 21, 2011 for Shaquille Moody and rounded the bases in the bottom of the 6th inning, and Densmore Edwards and Middleton also came home. It was the first win for Team Belize as only Costa Rica’s Roberto Chang came home in the top of the 7th. Costa Rica’s star pitcher Carlos Chavez had completely shut out the BH Strikers for a 7-0 win in the Game 5 on Saturday. Costa Rica walloped the All-Stars 5-1 in Game 4 on Friday and won Game 3 by mercy rule 16-3 against Team 313. They also won 2 slow-pitch games against a selection of interoffice players soon after they arrived on Thursday.


BELIZETIMES SUNDAY AUGUST 21, 2011 THE BELIZE TIMES see full color at or Facebook/ Belize Times

This Week’s Sunday, August 21, 2011


launches Top Ten show

Starting this Friday, Vibes 90.5 radio will launch its “Top Ten Hits Countdown” from 4pm to 5pm as the radio station introduces new programs. While the sound of a new show is exciting, what is more intriguing is the introduction of the new face and new voice to the interactive music show. In-house DJ, Jah Keegan, will partner with newcomer, Norrieli, who was featured as the BELIZE TIMES top model in last week’s issue. To find out more on how to participate, you can visit Facebook: Vibes Radio Top Ten.

BeenieMan recognised in New York

Beenie Man will be presented with a proclamation from US Councilman Democrat Leroy Comrie for over three decades of outstanding contribution to the reggae industry. The official presentation will take place at the inaugural Reggae Rhythm & Blues Concert in Queens, New York on Labour Day September 4. Joining the Doctor Beenieman on stage at Reggae Rhythm & Blues will be Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, the successful R&B, pop singer, songwriter, keyboardist, record producer, film producer and entrepreneur who has written and produced songs for some of the biggest names in contemporary music and soca star Machel Montano.

MackaDiamond offers $10,000 Reward

Dancehall artist, Macka Diamond, is offering $10,000 to anyone who could return important documents that were stolen when her car was broken into this week as she performed in Kingston, Jamaica. Stolen were here purse containing her driver’s license, bank and credit cards, cash, an iPad2, and passports.


• • • • • •

Entrepreneur Sign: Capricorn Favourite Food: Mexican & Italian Likes: Writing, Modeling, Cooking, Meeting People, Travelling Lives in Caye Caulker Fav. Quote: “Thou shall not judge me”



Fire destroys

home on Central American Blvd.

House destroyed by fire on Monday morning

BELIZE CITY, Monday, August 15th, 2011 By Alton Humes There is news of another fire that has obliterated yet another home in Belize City. According to a source at the National Fire Service, sometime this morning, a fire broke out and completely gutted a part wooden, part cement house, located at #16 Central American Boulevard. The sources at the NFS confirmed only the following: that 1) the home belongs to one Ms. Juanita Staine, currently residing

in the USA, and 2) that while no one permanently resided at the home, the home was in the care of her sister, one Ms. Betty Perez, a resident of the St. Martin De Porres Area. (Ms. Perez was unable to be contacted for this story.) There is no confirmation as to what caused the fire or whether the home & its contents were insured (The house likely fell into disarray when Ms. Staine went to the USA). Police and Fire Service investigations continue.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

OW BNTU apprehensive about 9th Amendment Orange Walk Town, August 15, 2011 By Carmelita Perez There is more bad news for the proposed 9th Constitution Amendment Bill coming out of the Orange Walk district. Opposition to the bill, which seeks to remove the Courts’ jurisdiction and places total authority in Parliament’s ability to change the Constitution, has been widespread, vocal, and very clear. Today that opposition ratcheted up a notch, as the Orange Walk Branch of the Belize National Teachers Union met in emergency session to discuss the legal ramifications. More than 150 teachers from Orange Walk attended and listened keenly to the presentation made by Senior Counsel Dickie Bradley, and according to the President of the Orange Walk Branch of the BNTU, Otilio Munoz, although his members do not have a position, they are very apprehensive at the intention of

the proposed constitutional changes, “I can see that they are reluctant as to accepting it like they are in doubts, they want more knowledge, and they want to hear more because it is just one person so I believe that they are looking forward for those four panellists, and at least that interest is there that they want to get that information and for them to make a decision, I see that a lot of them are not in favour but at the same time they are asking for more clarification”. Teachers from around the country have been invited to attend a special conference for members of the BNTU which will be held next week Wednesday, August 24th in Belmopan. It is expected that following the discussion, the BNTU National Executive will form a position on the 9th Amendment. Teachers interested in attending next week’s special conference are asked to contact their local BNTU executive.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Belize fuel

most-expensive in the region, study finds Belize City, August 15, 2011 Fuel prices in Belize are the highest in the region. A study conducted by the Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS) which looked at the price of fuel from January to June 2011 discovered that Belize tops the Caribbean when it comes to prices paid at the pump. Belize maintained high fuel prices for Diesel, Premium and Regular gasoline than when compared to other countries. Nothing regular about Regular The study showed that between January to June 2011, the price of Regular gas increased from US$1.33 per litre to US$1.51 by June in Belize. Regular gas was most expensive in May when it sold at $1.55 per litre (BZE 11.70 per gallon). On average, Belize maintained the second highest prices at US$1.45 per litre, just behind Barbados whose average price was US$1.54 per litre. The cheapest price was held by oil producer Trinidad and Tobago at a flat rate of US$0.42 per litre throughout the year. The productive sector’s lifeblood – Diesel Diesel is not far behind in the statistics. Belize had the third highest Diesel prices in the region, falling behind two small islands, Barbados and Turks and Caicos, who’s cost for fuel skyrockets because of high transportation fees. The high cost is startling because Diesel is the fuel that drives the productive sector, which

means that a critical sector is taking the brunt of the burden. Diesel sold in Belize between US$1.23 per litre in January to US$1.35 per litre in June. Diesel was most expensive in April when it sold at US$1.42 per litre (BZE $10.70 per gallon).Comparatively speaking, Trinidad and Tobago prices were a flat US$0.24 per litre during the same six-month period. The most expensive – Premium Belize had the highest prices for Premium gas, which climbed from US$1.32 per litre (BZE $9.70 per gallon) in January 2011 to US$1.56 per litre (BZE $10.05 per gallon) by June 2011. The closest to Belize’s high Premium prices were Suriname and Jamaica, two smaller territories in the region. Trinidad and Tobago has been selling a litre of Premium at US$0.64 since January 2011. Today the price for a gallon of Premium gas is BZE $11.88. Belize & Trinidad, so similar yet so different Trinidad and Tobago and Belize are two major oil producing countries in the region, yet their oil industries are so far apart; Belize being one of the most expensive and Trinidad, the cheapest market. The difference has been the Trinidad Government’s pursuit of a comprehensive energy policy which sees it refining its own oil which is used for export and local consumption. The price of US$ 0.42 per liter for unleaded fuel has been held since 2009. Belize’s fuel prices are almost at $12.00 per gallon.






Sunday, August 21, 2011

UDP Deserts Maya Mopan in Darkness August 15, 2011 By Carla Bradley The new site area of Maya Mopan village, located in the Stann Creek West Constituency, sits in darkness as an electrification project started under the previous government, was never completed by the UDP Government even though promises were made that it would be continued. The village might be familiar to some for it has made the news before with reports of jaguar attacks. Villagers fear for their lives, their children and their livestock, as these wild animals roam the dark of night in search of food, and at times stumble unto innocent human preys. But Maya Mopan doesn’t have to be in darkness. About 40 electricity poles were placed at the start of the project back in 2007, and BEL promised to complete their work. Government changed in 2008, and the plan has been stalled. Now that BEL is in the hands of Government, the project should be priority but it’s not.

Top pic: Hole where a lamp post had been erected. Bottom photo: some roads have lamp posts but no electricity

Recently, three lamp posts were stolen in the wee hours of the night as trucks came in and took

them away. The village council has contacted B.E.L. but was told that they have no knowledge, and

did not give instructions, and told the council to check with the two sub contractors. The council is gravely concerned, as they have been sitting in darkness for the past 4 years, clearly disregarded by their area representative.

It gets worse for Maya Mopan. Each village in the country is provided a phone by Belize Telemedia Limited referred to as the community phone. But Maya Mopan doesn’t even have a community because it was taken out of the village, with the excuse that since there is cell phone reception in the area there is no need for a community phone. BTL is also now owned by the Government of Belize. The nationalization anthem sung by the UDP and their cronies, seems to be drowning every other issue plaguing so many parts of Belize as fellow Belizeans endure hunger, darkness, and victimization.

Sunday, August 21, 2011






Exhibit underway at House of Culture BELIZE CITY, Monday, August 15th, 2011 By Alton Humes “AM I NOT A MAN & A BROTHER?” These words, created on a medallion by English pottery maker Josiah Wedgwood roughly 100 years ago, are forever linked to the rebellion and fermented anger that forced all of Europe’s richest slaveholding nations to abolish slavery once and for all. When British colonies decided (after a lengthy and controversial debate) to abolish slavery (first in 1834, through the Abolition Act, and then in 1838 for full-fledged emancipation), it was a joyous, but palpably uncertain time for our African forebearers, and it was no different in Belize. A new exhibit, co-curated by a team from the Institute of Social & Cultural Research (ISCR), gives an unprecedented look inside the life and times of the African slaves in Belize, when while not toiling at

mahogany and logwood cutting had to battle unholy stereotypes, and fought valiantly to maintain human dignity when they were all too often not recognized as human in the first place. The exhibit is entitled “A History of Slavery and Emancipation in Belize”, and its curators are Mr. Nigel Encalada, lecturer and head of ISCR and his associates, Mr. Mison Ferguson and Ms. Phylicia Pelayo (Mr. Encalada & Ms. Pelayo were also responsible for the layout & design of the exhibit). Its topics are fairly diverse, ranging from statistics to the conditions and areas slaves lived in, to the timeline of abolition and later to emancipation and its aftermath. I’m not one for opinions, but this exhibit is worth leaving the confines of your home for. The students, both at the secondary and tertiary level who study history and anthropology, will devour the myriad of information collected from numerous notable sources. It’s something not just for kids, but for all Belizeans, need to see and learn from.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011


BEL’s special Erection sprouts Juice for Joe and Darrelitas

BEL placed a special lamp post in front of Darrel Bradley’s house, while many areas of the city lie in darkness. Right top photo: Lamp post erected Bottom right photo: Electrical wires attached to Lamp post

Belize City, August 15, 2011 As a follow-up to an earlier story we published a couple of weeks ago entitled “BEL Erects for Joe and Darrelitas”, further investigations by the BELIZE TIMES have revealed that the “special lamppost” erected for the Bozo and Cookie duo by the Barrow-controlled BEL has now been connected to the national grid. After we’d first reported on the “special erection”, we couldn’t help but to laugh at Papa Joe’s rants the following day on his “Wus Ting Da Maanin” show. Clearly flustered by our story, the foulmouthed Joe went on and on about why it was we’d taken interest in a lamppost. Well, you see Joe, we didn’t take interest in just any lamppost. Rather, we took interest in the “special lamppost” that appeared immediately in front of your house just days after your Government took over the electric company. During the time that the UDP was in Opposition, Joe and his barrel-shaped co-host, Juliet used to always attack those members of the PUP whom they often referred to as “choice PUPs”. With their Party now in Government, however, these two flunkies would be the first to deny that they are “choice UDPs” – what naked hypocrisy! Evidently, “Darrelitas” sees it fit to follow in the footsteps of his boor-

ish father. Like Papa Joe, “Darrelitas”, too, is a radio/TV host. Now, while his mouth doesn’t spew the vulgarity as that of his father’s, the “Mayor Wannabe” and tenderfoot attorney is surely his father’s shadow. Both Bradleys have established themselves as chief apologists for the Barrow Administration. We understand that there is already some controversy developing over what would be the appropriate title for “Darrelitas” should he become the Mayor of Belize City. It appears that a motion would be considered for him to retain Moya’s title, HER WORSHIP and not HIS LORDSHIP. When it comes to Joe and “Darrelitas”, the idiom “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” definitely holds true. As to physical feature, however, we really can’t say that the son is a “spitting image” of the father. This is so because, clearly, “Darrelitas” is the “prettier” of the two. So, with their “special lamppost” having now been “juicified” by BEL, Joe and “Darrelitas” must no doubt be “juiced up” about the last serving of their special treatment which will see the installation of the lamp. Well, we, at the BELIZE TIMES, will be sure to report on the “juicy” news as it occurs.




Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to murder a country Belize City, August 3, 2011 (Reprinted from the BELIZE TIMES, Sunday, August 14, 2011 edition) There is no room to sensationalize violence in Belize. The perpetrators do not leave any margin for a propaganda spin. The fierce frenzy of criminal carnage is the worse it has ever been. Still it appears to be gearing up to shatter unflattering historical markers. But what are these records? You might be shocked as the BELIZE TIMES, makes the connections and projections. For the past three years, the UDP has openly orchestrated and encouraged illegal, criminal and violent action. There is a dangerous pattern which screams from a string of murderous explosions. We at BELIZE TIMES noticed this fact after the latest attempted barefaced execution. On Friday, the “Scarface” like hit of 29 year old Jeffery “Rednin” Flowers took its normal course through the media industry’s assembly line for the evening news. His bullet riddled body fell motionless after frequenting the political office of Michael Finnegan and inches from the front door of the UDP politician’s office. This is a big news item. We should not just tally it as another “gangster” whose sins found him. Let us check our change. Is it a coincidence that he was gunned down after just going to the UDP constituency office? This UDP office is literally right around the corner from the Dean Street Police substation. Coincidence? Maybe. But remember on June 29, 2011, notorious gangster and serial killer, Edward Lord Jr., was sprayed with more than twenty bullets when he was hanging out with UDP standard bearer, Mark King at the gang turf of Brick City. King conveniently had stepped away just in time not to get hit by any of hail of gun fire. This is just a couple houses from the Mahogany Street Police substation. Coincidence again, right? After all, the city is infested all over with violence. But then how about on April 15, 2010 when the law partner of this UDP Prime Minister, Rodwell Williams, was gutted at close range by a shotgun in what looked like a mob hit on the south side of Belize City by a local gang? Coincidence? Then again, like an introductory chapter in the Laurie Gunst’s, Born Fi Dead, 24 year old leader of the South Side Gang (SSG) Andre Trapp was slain almost on the steps of the Chief Magistrate’s Court room. This was just ten days after the hit on the UDP Prime Minister’s law partner and well within the retaliatory period. In fact, while on national television during a Channel 7 interview, the sister of the assassinated under lord can be heard calling Dean Barrow’s name as being responsible for the death of her brother. Fluke, right? But what about the July 19, 2010, hit on Brick City gang associate, Giovanni “Nose” Lauriano, who was 33 years old? His relationship with Sister B, Dean Barrow and Anwar Barrow was well known in the streets. This is how Jules describes this mobster in the news item “[he].. was one of the most notorious crime figures in all of Belize charged over the past twelve years for a number of high profile stickups, home invasions and shootings. But to our knowledge, despite being charged about a dozen times, he was

never convicted of any of the offences.” Wow how is that possible? Take a guess. In fact, numerous times during the UDP administration tenure when Lauriano was locked down high profile phone calls were made ordering his release. BELIZE TIMES sources inside CIB report to us that just before his death he was carelessly and openly angry with the royal family, and made various threats publicly if his demands were not met he would take action. Then he was ambushed and murdered. No one is yet to be held responsible. Why? We invite anyone to go and see the God-fearing Rosalie Lauriano, mother of “Nose” and ask her who is responsible for the death of her son. She will tell you. But we are dealing with chance, right? Then how about the butchering of UDP operative and attorney, Richard Stuart and his wife on October 17, 2010, in what appeared to be a Columbianstyle merciless rage? What sort of sick jail type psychopath bludgeons and hacks a couple on the other side of the screams of their children. Why would this well-known UDP intra-party politico be killed? No, this is all coincidental, fate, misfortune, strokes of bad luck. Right? Go back further, how about on November 4, 2009 when Kevin Sutherland, shot up the Nissan Maxima of UDP Minister of Works vehicle, Anthony “boots” Martinez? Remember the March 20, 2011 PUP Port Loyola Convention, when Boots was caught on tape with his gang, heckling voters? How about the June 9, 2011 Quarterly Press conference where the UDP pulled out their goons and gangsters to intimidate reporters? Even Jules had to comment on it. Why is it that the UDP’s so called Southside Poverty Alleviation Project, consists only and solely of paying gangsters and gang leaders? Why are they exporting these criminal gangs to peaceful, uncorrupted areas throughout Belize? Why was Prime Minister Dean Barrow so ready to acquiesce to the demand, according to him, from one of “the most-feared” gang leaders to give 15 of them a salary and rented house in disguise of “jobs” across the country? Why only 15 of them? But the most questionable move was not the shooting or bullet projectile that rang through the UDP Prime Minister’s Law firm on April 15, 2010, which was played off by this media slave, two streets down. Neither was it the deployment of gangbangers to destroy the homes of Belizean families on Chetumal Street on June 1, 2011. No. It was the evil concoction of the demonic preventative detention which could lock up a list of “gangsters” without need for evidence or crime for fifty two days at a time! What is happening is that the UDP are trying to play with the violent gangs in the Belize City streets. Why do you think they ignored Youth for the Future and brought back in nostalgia, CYDP, the Gang program led by none other than Sr. Sptd Broaster? The UDP leadership knows what they do and what their connection is to the murderous George Street Bloods Gang (GSB). But like those boys keep on telling us, no one can control them.

They are not happy either, by the way, Mr. Barrow. They want to know what happened to the promise to release “Rique”? Belizeans on a whole should be very concerned because this UDP is playing a nasty violent game. It was cute when the call was “civil disobedience”, the wielding of chainsaws and the threats to drop “grenades” in the House of Representatives. Now, as we gear up to municipal and national elections against a tyrannical UDP government and the first dictator, we need to be prepared - very prepared. This is

the same government who says Barrow and his legislature have absolute power. They try to blame things on easy scape goat of “old beef” and “gang rivalry” but this UDP administration is right in there and calculatingly are pushing and playing with the criminals on the streets. Can you see the line between violence and politics being mudded together by this UDP? Belizeans are not “born to die”. We are born to live, in the tranquil haven of democracy. He that has ears to hear…

Sunday, August 21, 2011


REALITY CHECK! Covering the red plague with Leprosy (9th amendment)

By Carla Bradley Belize a country once known through Central America and the Caribbean for its peacefulness and friendly people and amazing beauty, is sadly now fading away and becoming a distant memory. Crime is unbelievably unbearable, as almost every day we are losing a fellow brother to street violence, and many families mourn and cry as the government has done nothing to remedy this situation. The programs so far offered as a solution to this crime infestation, has but only added to the issue. GSU, have turned out to be just bullies, and instead of calming the crime, it has only stirred it up even more. According to statistics in 2007 the murder rate stood at 95 and in 2010, it jumped to 130 murders, a total increase of 65 murders. In the period of January of 2010 to June of 2010, there were 53 murders, in the

same period of January to June of this year (2011) the murder rate stood at 73, a mind-boggling 20 more than the previous year. These figures are quite distressing, the crime situation of Belize, has destroyed our country’s recreational activities, has destroyed the lives of our youths, and has destroyed the lives of many families throughout the country. Poverty is beyond remedy, as almost half of our population is in the percentile of poverty. Single mothers struggle to meet payments, parents have no idea how they will provide for their family as jobs are scarce and children pray every night that their parents can pay their school fees so they can continue their education. According to statistics the poverty level stood at 33% in 1999, in 2002 it stood at 33.5% and in 2010 according to the last census, it skyrocketed to a horrific 43%. This is truly sad times for the country of Belize, as we move backward instead of forward, and this is what the current government of Belize celebrated at this year’s budget presentation. They promised the “pro poor alleviation” program and some ministers have gone as far as giving expired goods to their constituency residents as part of this program, a sad case if you ask me.

In the UDP’s 2008 manifesto they promised more jobs, and have totally gone the opposite direction as jobs have decreased radically, and families struggle to make ends meet. Many Belizeans have lost their jobs to political victimization by this current government. According to statistics, in 1998 the unemployment rate stood at 14.3%, in 2000 it stood at 11.5%, and 8.1% in 2007. In 2009, the unemployment rate increased to 13.1% and in 2010 it increased to 23%. In judging these statistics, we can then come to the conclusion that this government has taken more than it has given back, when it comes to employment in our country. The 8th amendment when it was introduced, raised great concerns among the citizens of this country, as people saw it to be just another way for the government to intimidate and victimize the people of this country and a way for government to take away our right to freedom of speech especially if we spoke up against the current actions of this government. The government, in seeing that this would cause great chaos and would definitely be challenged in courts, quickly took it off the radar and then later presented the 9th amendment. The 9th amendment only opened up a new can of worms for the UDP government. This 9th amendment is their sneaky way to gain complete power over what takes place in our country without giving us the opportunity to challenge their actions. So while the government tries to convince the poor people that he will “save” the country with the 9th

23 amendment, I must remind these same people of the hardship they are enduring under this present government. • Remember the countless nights a young single mother cries as she searches for ways to provide food for her children • Remember the countless nights your children go hungry to bed, as there just isn’t any money to buy food • Remember the brothers and sisters you have lost to senseless violence • Remember the times you have been mistreated by your area representative when you visit them to ask for assistance for you and your family • Remember the broken promises of the UDP’s 2008 Manifesto But most importantly remember that we as citizens of this country have much more power than the government, and they are there because of us, and we can take them down as easily. We must remember that united we are stronger, and united we will protect our country from the Dictatorship being forced upon us by PM Barrow and his government.

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cor verhoef Submitted on 2011/08/14 at 8:02am

I am absolutely shocked at the way things are handled by this so called Barrow administration. I am a foreigner (Dutch) and I spend the first few years of the nineties in Belize when the venerable George Price was the PM. Belize was a nation of hope, optimism and pride. Belize was the prodigy of the class of Central American nations. Twenty years on, all hope has all but evaporated, thanks to a bunch of self serving criminals who claim to work for the people of Belize, but are lining their pockets and steal whatever ordinary Belizeans have left. I am appalled. Barrow, take a hike and take your Machiavelli gangster lackeys with you.”

Wheelbarrow says on August 16, 2011 at 11:43am

It’s a shame what we go through here in Belize. This government is taking us for fools. The Health system is going trough the worst time in our history thanks to Minister Pablo Marin and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Its about time we wake up and smell the coffee. Very poor government.”

Steve Submitted on 2011/08/12 at 12:55am The UDP made a mockery of democracy at this first consultation. Saldivar behaved like a stooge and made the consultation like one of those meetings in the House of Representatives, where they cut off the mic at their whim; paying their party puppets to attend to boo and jeer the people who spoke against the amendment. This is a wrong precedence as the UDP is inviting chaos to take place, calling again indirectly for civil disobedience to occur. With the handful of police officers this is very dangerous because more and more people are beginning to get impatient at how the UDPs are handling the affairs of the country and turning a blind eye to the many social issues like corruption in gov’t, nepotism, no jobs, high price of food that is plaguing the country. All is a game in the name of “nationalization”. As for Moya in support of the amendment, she has to to please Barrow and it serves as penitence for how she embarrassed Barrow.”

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Reid Belizeans have been receiving mixed signals from our current government as it pertains to the matter of nationalization. Back in August of 2009 when Prime Minister Dean Barrow appointed his brother Denys Barrow to the highest court of our land, the rationale, according to the PM, was that he was Belizeanizing the Judiciary. It was around the same time that the Prime Minister expropriated Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and two years later, was at it again with a strong-arm grab of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). In both instances we were told that it was in order for these utilities to be owned by the people of Belize. Belizeans unfortunately, are yet to see any benefits from these actions as rates continue to elevate and service continues to deteriorate. The Prime Minister is currently seeking to force through a Ninth Amendment to our Constitution which according to the glib one, is to ensure that utilities forever remain in the hands of the Belizean people. This, in spite of objections from many citizens as well as the Chamber of Commerce, the Bar Association and most recently, the Council of Churches. In each case, the Prime Minister has responded with bitter, rankling resentment describing Belizeans as not “sophisticated” enough to understand such matters, the Chamber as being “narrow minded” and the Bar as being “blue” and “wrong-headed”. As for the Council of Churches, they were irreligiously chided for being “led into grave error by the Executive of the Bar.” Obviously, everyone is wrong and dumb with Barrow being the only bright one among us. In listening to Mr. Barrow, one might get the impression that this man was staunchly nationalistic and might be flirting even with the noble principles of socialism or bolshevism but one would be very wrong; as wrong as two left shoes. Dean Barrow’s words are as far removed from his pursuance as day is from night. The man is a hypocrite and a “liar of the first magnitude”. A salient point was driven home by attorney Arthur Saldivar at the first consultation for the Ninth Amendment held at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall last Wednesday. If Mr. Barrow is so hellbent on nationalizing, then why not go the full nine yards. What about BelCogen or Smart or the super solvent and lucrative oil company? If our intent is to nationalize or Belizeanize, then why is our Chief Justice, Chief Magistrate and President of UB all from Guyana? Why is our Solicitor General a Jamaican and why are we still shopping abroad for a

Commissioner of Police? Why not nationalize all these important and prominent positions? And why is our Prime Minister lobbying so desperately to sell off our sugar industry to a Honduran bank? As we speak, time is running out for the government to find a solution to the encumbering woes of the sugar industry. A 30 million dollar note becomes due on September 30th and unless the money is found, the industry that has long been the bedrock of Belize’s economy will forever be melted away. With 48,000 Belizeans and practically the entire northern section of our country reliant upon this industry for sustenance, we can ill afford to let this happen. The Prime Minister has stated that Banco Atlantida is the only game in town. The cane farmers do not seem to think so. Since expropriating BTL, the Prime Minister has invested seventy million dollars of the people’s money to keep it afloat. That does not include millions of legal fees paid to his high priced exwife attorney plus hundreds of millions that will be needed to compensate the previous owners. As a result of government assuming that huge debt and countless more millions that will be due to Fortis for BEL, every international bureau has downgraded Belize’s credit rating. This is significant because it means that whenever the government, or any private investor connected to Belize goes borrowing, the interest rates will be astronomical. Cane farmers have expressed an interest in buying into their industry. Would not Belize be better served if government, instead of lobbying for a sale of this very important industry, secure and find funding to assist the farmers in their bid for ownership? Instead of granting Banco Atlantida 20,000 acres to compete with our small farmers, would it not be better to make assistance available for our local farmers to expand and improve the quality of their crops? If government can invest seventy million in a potentially obsolete technologically strapped company, then why not consider the plight of our citizens up north? In a televised interview this past Tuesday on Love Fm, two officials of BSI were busy condemning the farmers for rejecting the core sampler, slamming the past administration and extolling the virtues of Banco Atlantida. According to the two, we have turned the corner and are now finally producing the high quality of sugar to cane ratio that we have been striving for. With the compensation to Tate and Lyle now complete and the symbolic dollar paid, why would we now want to sell? If Mr. Barrow is indeed such a nationalist, then why not invest the money and energy being spent to fight a losing battle against Ashcroft, into saving this very important Belizean industry. Could it be because there is no money for any Barrow in the saving of BSI but money to be made by a Barrow in the selling of the company? C’mon Prime Minister, for the people’s sake and if just for once, consider the country and not just your immediate family. May Heaven save us from this tyrant!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In my perspective…

Trust is the Issue on the 9th Amendment Controversy

By Rayford Young “The Government’s attempt to turn the first public consultation on the proposed 9th constitutional amendment into a political circus on Wednesday night is viewed as distasteful and disrespectful by most Belizeans. The public consultation is an obligation of the Government, and a right afforded by the constitution in order for citizens to offer their opinions and views on any matter on the table. The 9th Amendment, which proposes drastic changes to the Constitution seeking to place Parliamentary Supremacy over the Constitution and the Courts, has attracted widespread opposition. Having disregarded any sort of consultation with Belizeans before drafting the amendment, the Barrow Administration was aware that the public would undoubtedly utilize every opportunity to speak against the amendment, so they concocted a strategy to keep Belizeans away. On Monday of this week, the Prime Minister’s appointed Belize City captain Minister of Works Anthony “Boots” Martinez signaled on national news that he had every intention of turning the event into a political circus. Since taking office, Boots has used all the resources available to build a sort of thug militia by hiring hooligans and keeping them close. By announcing that he intended to bring out paid ‘troops’ to the consultation, he sent the message that the event would be taken over by hired loudmouths whose role would be to intimidate and jeer anyone op-

posing the Government. So said, so done…” - the BELIZE TIMES, August 10, 2011 And this is my point. If your 9th amendment is legally sound and is in the best interest of the country why ignite such a raucous at the public consultation event a few days ago. Hiring hooligans and thug militia is not the way to have an informative and respectful dialog about an issue this important to the people of Belize. Changing the Constitution is a big move by this administration and every effort should be given to inform the people of the ramifications of this change. And, yes, there will be those who oppose these changes. They, too, should be heard and respected without intimidation. The fact that the administration went so far as to hire thugs to squelch the dialog says their case is not as strong as they would have you believe. But more importantly this is this question: Does this administration have the respect, the honesty and the trust of the Belizean people to move this amendment through the legislature to become law? You see, this kind of change in the Constitution needs the support and trust of the people and I don’t believe they have it. If they did, they would not have to stoop to such low tactics as was shown at the Wednesday night’s open forum at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall. You cannot do big things and make big changes if the people aren’t behind you and trust you. The people of Belize have good reason not to trust this administration after all the awful and troubling things they have done in these last few years - the forceful takeover of private businesses, appointment of family members to Boards they know nothing about, paying millions of dollars to ex-girlfriends and cronies and setting up private thugs to harass and intimidate the people who oppose you. No wonder the people and institutions like the Chamber of Commerce are not with you on this issue. Rayford Young is a Belizean-American, who currently lives in Michigan, U.S.A.

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The Next Revolution…One Belize Prosperous, United and Free

Are We Losing Sight of Our Cause? By Carolyn Trench-Sandiford – Deputy Leader People’s United Party - Belize

Sometime ago I wrote an article that stated that a revolution is a journey and not a destination, and the journey changes according to the aspirations of the people. I pointed out that political independence was one of the many milestones in the journey of the peaceful constructive Belizean revolution. Two others were adult suffrage ‘one man, one vote’, and self government. The purpose of these milestones and accompanying aims and objects was to create a New Belize, to bring to all Belizeans a better quality of life and a just share of the national wealth. Social justice became our mantra, and the revolution was our cause. I have also stated in many articles preceding this, that the purpose of the peaceful constructive revolution remains unfulfilled. Firstly, because the political, economic and social order inherited from England at the time of independence, was designed by them for them, and carved from centuries of their traditions, socioeconomic, political and cultural history. This manifested into class structure. This is diametrically opposite to our realities and way of life, the experiences that has shaped and forged us, and our aspirations. It was not designed for the revolution. Secondly, because of the selfishness and greed, corruption and the mismanagement of our resources by decision makers over time, and lastly, because of the perception by many that political independence in 1981 was the destination, not heeding the voice of the Rt. Hon. George Price, who said it was another beginning. Consequently, no more miles posts were set. So as a people, we began to meander like a ship without a rudder, and eventually lost sight of the cause. The first indication of this was the passage of the Belize Constitution [First Amendment Act] 1985 by the United Democratic Party government which removed restrictions on the requirements for becoming citizens of Belize. Our Belizean identity was prostituted and devalued with the bucket sale of passports. It had a price. The coordinates of the road map of the revolution became irrelevant. Over the past weeks, I have sounded the call for another revolution, radical and progressive, to address the many challenges that blatantly confront us including poverty, unemployment, crime and violence, environmental degradation, corruption, polarization and fragmentation, youth cynicism, threats to our democracy, the erosion of our sovereignty and territorial integrity, debt subjugation and globalization among others, all of which are a threat to our survival. This revolution continues the journey,

again in tandem with the aspirations of the people, but this time, toward One BelizeProsperous, United and Free, where each Belizean enjoys a high standard of living. This requires establishing a new political, economic, social and environmental order, indigenous to Belize and the revolution. So naturally, as I listened to the discussions on the Belize Constitution [9th Amendment] Bill, my first thought is whether it will lead to creating One Belize. The introduction of the Bill states “AN ACT to amend the Belize Constitution, Chapter 4 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 200-2003, to provide that the Government shall at all times have majority ownership and control of public utilities; to clarify the provisions relating to the amendment of the Constitution; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.’ According to the Prime Minister, this is nationalization. In addition, both the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the consultations on the bill specifically point out that two particular sections, two and sixty-nine, is to put it out of the reach of Michael Ashcroft. It appears that the government is of the view that by itself, having majority ownership of public utilities and getting rid of Michael Ashcroft will be the panacea of all our problems, and it is the destination, as was political independence and getting rid of the British in 1981 was to many. 30 years later, Belize is in crisis. defines nationalization as the ‘Takeover off privately owned corporations, industries, and resources by a government with or without compensation. Common reasons for nationalization include (1) prevention of unfair exploitation and large-scale labour layoffs, (2) fair distribution of income from national resources, and (3) to keep means of generating wealth in public control.’ If we accept the position of the government, then as a people we would have lost sight of the true purpose of nationalization, and 30 years from now, if current statistics is an indication of our trajectory, we will undoubtedly be worse off, perhaps becoming the Haiti of Central America. Nationalization of public utilities is a means, and not the end. It is one of several mile posts established on the journey of the radical and progressive revolution to create One Belize-Prosperous, United and Free. It fits into the new economic order which prescribes the expansion of existing wealth and the creation of new wealth. However, if we are to address the challenges listed previously, the wealth must not only be expanded and created, it must be equitably distributed through a new political, economic, social and environmental order. In addition, we must not be selective and limit it to public utilities, but must also embrace other resources from which it can be generated. Let us be reminded that both the Constitution of Belize and the People’s United Party require ‘policies of state which eliminate economic and social privilege and disparity among the citizens of Belize…’ The first revolution set out to do that. While the journey continues with a different purpose, the revolution remains the cause. Let us not lose sight of our cause. For comments email carolyntrench@


R 26


Living with

AUTISM pt.2 Contributed by Yadira Williams

In my experience as a parent with an autistic child, I’ve learned that information is power. Understanding what the child is going through is the best way of dealing with the situation, so for those of who are experiencing what I have experienced or those of you interested in learning more about autism, I will share the following information: What causes autism? There is no single known cause for autism. However, it is generally agreed that it is caused by abnormalities in brain structure or function. Brain scans have shown differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism when compared to those without the condition. Researchers are investigating a number of theories, including a link between heredity, genetics, birth-related medical problems and environmental factors. Psychological factors are not believed to be the cause of autism. Symptoms of Autism We often hear terms or labels

used to describe our loved ones, like autistic, autistic-like, high-functioning or low-functioning. The important point to remember is our loved ones with autism can learn, make progress and may grow up to function productively with an appropriate education, benefits, supports and services. Below is a list of common characteristics for autism that both children and adults may show in any combination, level or degree of severity. A person with autism usually has problems interacting with people in the following ways: • avoid or lack eye-contact, • not imitate others, • not point or use other hand gestures, • prefer to be alone, and • not understand social cues. A person with autism will usually have problems communicating, such as: • not speak at all, • be severely language delayed, • have unusual or odd speech patterns (repeat words and phrases

heard by others, i.e. tv or videos, • be unable to initiate or engage in a conversation, • be unable to use their imagination during play i.e. pretending a banana is a telephone). An individual with autism may show restricted, repetitive, or ritualistic behaviors, interests, and activities, for example: • be preoccupied with a narrow range of interest (i.e. dinosaurs, astronomy, trains or roller coasters, • insist on sameness (i.e. prefer certain clothing or eating only certain foods, • line up their toys or objects, • flap their hands, or make odd hand and body gestures, • spin or like to spin objects, • rock themselves, • be self-injurious i.e. head banging, • anger easily or show aggression, • be resistance to change, • become angry or upset if their daily routine changes in any way, and • focus on only a small part of a toy or object). When to see a doctor Babies develop at their own pace and many don’t follow exact timelines found in some parenting books. But children with autism usually show some signs of delayed development by 18 months. If you suspect that your child may have autism, discuss your concerns with your doctor. The earlier treatment begins the more effective it will be.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Your doctor may recommend further developmental tests if your child: • Doesn’t babble or coo by 12 months • Doesn’t gesture — such as point or wave — by 12 months • Doesn’t say single words by 16 months • Doesn’t say two-word phrases by 24 months • Loses previously acquired language or social skills at any age. Prevention There’s no way to prevent autism. Autism can be treated, and children can have improved language and social skills with treatments. If your child is diagnosed with autism, talk to your child’s doctors about creating a treatment strategy for your child. Keep in mind that you may need to try several different treatments before finding the best combination of therapies for your child. Remember to visit the Autism Club on Facebook under the name “Autism in Belize”, where we can share ideas on how to improve the care given to autistic children in Belize.

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“Legacies” By: S-Rod It’s an inevitable part of the upcoming election process, and as it now stands, the current UDP national & municipal (i.e. town, city & village level) governments on the “hot seat” this time around. I mean to say, of course, they currently on the “hot seat” for one sole reason only: what they’ve done while in power; or in other words, their legacy. If there is no man or woman who has never thought about what they’d like to leave behind, don’t count yourselves lucky just yet. One’s legacy may well be more important than those folks who are just “living to live”. And in the case of the UDP leaders at both the national & municipal levels, their respective report cards on this subject are NOT looking election-ready. [I want to be quite clear, though: While it is far easier (and it all too often is) to judge Hon. PM Barrow and his many cohorts, including Mayoress Moya, the embarrassing truth is that we may well never know what it’s like, really like, to be in their shoes. [I’ll discuss that aspect of things in a forthcoming essay.] I’ll start at the municipal government (and specifically Belize City), where the track record has proven to be little more than highly idiotic posturing. Let me be clear again: some things (such as the “Mule Park” right on the Albert & Regent axis and the Pavilions at the ICB Battlefield Park & BTL Northside Park on Newtown Barracks) got done. But a lot more things haven’t gotten done, and then when you add in the chaotic and unrestrained lack of checks&-balances with their finances, as well as the complete manifestation of their collective and individual idiocy (cf. “Philloughby” and his misadventures at the Michael Finnegan Market, for starters) and their lack of resolve to do better as stewards and managers of the people’s trust, you can (at the very least) begin to understand the amount of damage done not just in Belize City, but all the cities, towns and villages the UDP currently rule. On the other side of the coin, the national government’s antics have been purely bad, and it cannot be salvaged at all. It’s downright disappointing, when you think about what they asked us to do, with their talk of ‘Imagine the Possibilities’. We knew what we were seeing, but were never prepared for the staggering incompetence they would continuously bring to the fore!!! To repeat: “Artificial” borders, porous invasions of our bounty by the Guatemalans, knee-jerk reactions to crime and poverty and no kind of ‘headway’ seen for poor Belizean families (and that’s just for starters...), not to mention their Constitutional disrespect (an ‘A++’, a horrible grade in my books). If we

were forewarned about all we’ve seen and all we now know, we could’ve avoided it all. But alas, we can’t; it’s no longer a viable option. And without sounding like I’m “politrickin’” for someone, somewhere, I will say that some things were better under the former PUP government (and yeah, I’ll definitely catch hell for that from somewhere). We can agree that things were more…stable when they were in power (don’t shake my hand just yet, die-hards). But of course, that’s not enough and should never be enough for a young nation. We have our political “independence”, but what we really need is an “independence of spirit”, where our leaders must lead by strength, reasoned divisiveness

and true resolve to really build a nation. But how long will we, must we, wait? We can’t. I am certain that our existence as a nation is dependent on this, and our nation

27 can’t wait for a government living in blind darkness (seemingly stuck there) to lead us out. What’s it gonna be, Belizeans?!! S-Rod here, and out….



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Sounds Like...

Find and circle the homophones (words that sound alike but are spelt differently).


Gymnastics! Well, “summa” is almost over so we have got to get our brains back in school mode! Join me as we have some fun exercising our brains! AIR AISLE BARE BEAR BEE BRAKE BREAK CELL CENT CEREAL COMPLEMENT



Bee-rific-Speller! You’ll have to put on your spelling caps for this one! Listed below are some words that are often wrongly spelt. Can you choose and circle the word that is spelt correctly?


Accommodate Accomodate













believe ANSWERS: Achieve Accommodate Basically Believe Bizarre Calendar Aggressive Argument


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Who is Your Neighbor? Today in Belize it is a very tricky thing to find noble men with clean hearts or intentions. It becomes even more difficult if we look in the world of politics, and it is downright shocking if we look to the churches! In politics we find passionate minds campaigning but as the seat is won, the appearance of selfishness, greed, and the ‘love of money’ rears its ugly head. While in the case of the church, we find many times that the lifestyle is as bad as, or worse than, those outside the ‘church’! While many humans’ choice of action forces us to question their motivation, there are also a great few that have set the example and shown that it is possible to function as good humans. Today I would like to honor one of these persons! My neighbor for today is Pastor Ensford Maskall. He grew up in the village and in his later years proved himself to be an excellent hunter both in water and on land! When I visit his home I have the privilege of hearing first-hand about his hunting experiences! While living in the village he was such a good shooter that once his wife heard gun fire even if it was one shot; she would turn on the stove and warm water to boil the fresh meat that he would bring home. He began to work for a road construction company as a ‘Soil Technician’ and was being well paid. After a couple of years he met up with some missionaries and made the decision to live inside the Kingdom of God rather than on the outside. The Kingdom instructions became his code for living and so many habits were dropped and replaced by those designed for the human! Not long after this decision he was asked to be the commanding officer (Pastor) for a community where he remains as the Senior Pastor. I would like to highlight a few of the qualities that qualify him as a world changer and role model today. The first is one I would like all politicians to pay attention to as this is one of the biggest tests of nobility, motive, and intent. When he was asked to take on the commanding officer post of the small community (church), he was actually being asked to leave his home and farm in the village, leave his well paying job, to take on this responsibility that was unable to pay him adequately for basic living. In other words there was nothing to gain, nothing to hustle except to take on the responsibility to help others. This is the true test of nobility when you have nothing to gain but you are being asked to exert great effort and sacrifice. Now not everyone is created to be commander of a community but the deeper principle in this says to us that whenever we find that thing that we were gifted and created for, we will do it with our whole heart and with passion even if it does not benefit us. There is one thing to keep in mind though and it is that your gift was given to you for others to enjoy and to make others better! Many young men because of Michael Jordan’s gift are practicing basketball rather than getting in trouble. Some use their gift to become doctors or to start kidney, cancer or diabetes associations, some use their gift to encourage people on talk shows and to provide a way of venting! Since I’m on that topic one of the biggest areas that gifts are being used destructively is in the media. Many songs and movies promote destructive living and create mentalities that are poisonous to healthy marriages, self respect, and value for life. These are people, artist or actors, who have found their gift but are not honorable with them. Because of time I will include one more quality of Pastor Ensford Maskall that I have noticed. He is a man of books. He loves to read and study even if he has to do research on the internet to equip himself for his gift and his responsibility he will do it. He would say “You may never sit with great men, but you can go through their books!” Highly successful people read a lot, study a lot, and research a lot. What have you done in the past few days to sharpen your gift that would enable you to cut through the thick resistances of life, thereby helping others to walk through more successfully? Today as I honor Pastor Ensford Maskall I encourage you to mimic the principles and standards he has based his life on and you will be guaranteed success! And on a final note remember a Neighbor is someone you are close to in some way, someone you live near to, who you are always around, or who influences you. Be careful how you choose your neighbors! Until next week God bless! God before political biases because only God gives solutions.






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Selected By Chris Williams

4G crunch: Ultrafast mobile internet still snarled up 17 August 2011 by Jeff Hecht WITH 4G wireless networks promising a future filled with ultrafast mobile web surfing, you could be forgiven for daydreaming about lolling on the beach streaming HD video on your smartphone. If you live in the US at least, you can keep dreaming. “A friend got one of the first 4G smartphones in New York a few months ago and exclaimed how wonderful it was,” says Robert Atkinson of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information at Columbia University in New York. Now, Atkinson says, “he has already noticed slowdowns”. It may be the first sign of an impending wireless bottleneck. Wireless spectrum is a limited resource that must be shared, Atkinson says, so the more users there are, the less bandwidth each gets. And usage is soaring. Last month, the Pew Research Center in Washington DC reported that 35 per cent of cellphone owners in the US have smartphones. Many use them heavily: a quarter of owners say the majority of their internet use is via smartphone. Millions of wireless-dependent tablet computers flooding the market aren’t helping either.

Autism risk rises for siblings of autistic children 17 August 2011 YOUNGER siblings of children with autism are more likely than previously thought to develop the condition themselves, according to a study backed by New York-based charity Autism Speaks. Sally Ozonoff at the University of California, Davis, studied 664 infants in families that already contain at least one child with autism. Her team concluded that the infants were 19 per cent more likely than usual to develop the condition - almost double the previous elevated-risk estimate of 3 to 10 per cent. Rosa Hoekstra of the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK, says it is possible that younger siblings learn autismlike behaviours from their elders. But the latest study in families with more than one autistic child suggests genetics plays a bigger role than the environment.

Next-gen mobile connectivity is on its way, but will it live up to the hype? (Image: Arleen NG/EPA/Corbis)

Last year, the US Federal Communications Commission announced its intention to double available mobile wireless bandwidth by opening up 500 megahertz of new spectrum by 2020, as part of its National Broadband Plan. But 300 megahertz of that is due to come out of the broadcast television

spectrum, and TV networks are fighting the move. What’s more, some 4G bands freed up from old satellite services are bumping up against frequencies used for GPS receivers and causing interference. Major US carriers are rolling out a 4G service called LTE (Long Term Evo-

Three years more life for 15 minutes’ exercise a day 17 August 2011 by Andy Coghlan Calling all couch potatoes. You can live an extra three years if you exercise for just 15 minutes a day – half the 30-minute minimum prescribed by the World Health Organization. That’s the heart-warming news from an eight-year study on 400,000 people of all ages in Taiwan. Further studies will be needed to confirm the effect is applicable worldwide, though. “Halving the daily exercise requirement still yielded significant benefits for men and women, young and old, smokers and non-smokers, and even for high-risk groups such as diabetics and people with high blood pressure,” says Chi-Pang Wen of the National Health Research Institutes in Taipei, Taiwan, head

of the research team. Wen divided his participants into five groups according to the level of exercise they routinely did. He placed them in categories ranging from completely inactive to very active depending on the duration and intensity of the activities they performed – such as walking, running or playing sports. The more exercise they did, the greater the benefits, but the biggest surprise was the disproportionately large leap in benefits for those doing just a little exercise – around 15 minutes a day – as opposed to none at all. That extra sweat added three extra years beyond the lifespan of the idle. To boot, the risk of cancer fell by 10 per cent and risk of heart disease by 20 per cent. “This is amazing,” says Wen, who hopes the less daunting target will encourage more people to exercise. More pain, more gain But the study also confirmed that

lution) that will achieve speeds of 5 to 12 megabits per second, compared with the 0.5 to 1.5 megabits managed by today’s 3G. But in practice those figures will fall quickly: each cell in a 300-megahertz network can transmit only 50 megabits per second in each direction, and in a busy cell this must be shared among thousands of users. Such an advance is nothing to scoff at, though. “Ten megabits of mobile [wireless] is pretty darn amazing, and should be regarded as fabulously successful,” Atkinson says. Still, iPad users already stream video on the go, and the thirst for ever more bandwidth for ever better images seems insatiable. The crunch is already being passed on to customers. Mobile carriers, expecting to pay premium prices for extra spectrum, are getting rid of their unlimited data deals. In July, Verizon Wireless capped data downloads under its $30 per month plan to 2 gigabytes per month - enough to send 1000 emails or watch just 2 hours of HD video. Each extra gigabyte will cost $10. At that price, if you want to catch a movie, it might be cheaper to head to the multiplex.

more pain means more gain: at the end of the eight years, 20, 29 and 35 per cent fewer people had died in the three most energetic groups than in the inactive group. These highly active people can add four to five years to their lifespan compared with non-exercisers. “Everyone should strive to perform the recommended amount of exercise: 30 minutes per day, five days a week,” says Anil Nigam of the Montreal Heart Institute at the University of Montreal, Canada. “But importantly, this study tells us that smaller blocks of exercise are also beneficial,” he says. “Many people believe that in order to achieve any benefit from exercise, it must be long and hard, but this study shows this is not the case – so hopefully it will encourage more people to incorporate this manageable amount of exercise into their daily lives.” If couch potatoes need any further persuasion, they might find it in another new study, led by Lennert Veerman at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, which concludes that 6 hours of sedentary behaviour per day – not counting sleeping – knocks five years off your life.

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¡Necesitamos empleos! Cuando el Partido Unido del Pueblo ganó las elecciones en 1998, una de nuestras principales promesas a la población de Belice era conseguir el tren de la economía en movimiento otra vez. Nos comprometimos a hacer esto iniciando con restaurar la confianza de los inversores, ante todo. Promovimos y fomentamos este programa porque era la forma más eficiente y efectiva de obtener que los Beliceños pudieran tener trabajos de nuevo. Nosotros, como Partido habíamos prometido crear miles de puestos de trabajo, y lo hicimos. En nuestro segundo mandato, en 2004, nos enfrentamos a un período en el que experimentamos una desaceleración importante en la economía del país y entendimos que era imprescindible reducir los costos de operación. El Equipo Económico de la administración de Said Musa en ese entonces, se reunió y acordaron a dos acciones importantes. En primer lugar nos pusimos de acuerdo para reducir el gasto público en todos los departamentos y artículos de línea y nos las arreglamos para hacerlo en más de un 10 por ciento. Al mismo tiempo, nos negamos a seguir la fórmula UDP de despedir a personas de sus empleos! así que en vez de despedir a los funcionarios públicos, se redujeron en cosas como el “study leave”, y también trabajamos con los sindicatos para analizar cuestiones como aumentos de sueldo, y los incrementos. Al hacer esto salvamos muchas fuentes de trabajo y logramos capear la tormenta trabajando juntos para encontrar soluciones. Cuando el UDP llegó al poder, se encontraron con un gobierno que estaba funcionando, los funcionarios públicos estaban recibiendo sus beneficios de nuevo y el gasto público se mantenía a una velocidad manejable. La tasa de desempleo también se redujo el 8 por ciento.


A tres años de este gobierno Barrow y la actividad económica es casi inexistente. La tasa de desempleo ha llegado a un sorprendente 23 por ciento y el clima de inversión es uno donde simplemente no hay confianza. Sin embargo, el gasto público no ha disminuido en el ministerio, el Ministerio de Obras Públicas, gasta aproximadamente 1.000 dólares al día en gastos de teléfono y la factura de combustible del gobierno para el año pasado fue de alrededor de $ 20 millones. Los honorarios legales del gobierno que están en los millones siguen aumentando de manera exponencial. Ante tal panorama sombrío, he llegado a la conclusión de que después de tres años, el gobierno de Barrow esta esencialmente paralizado y se encuentra pérdida de lo que debe hacer. Que la única manera que vamos a conseguir lo que necesita la mayoría de los beliceños, trabajos, es acudir en si a los creadores de empleo actual: negocio / industria. El dilema para el gobierno de Barrow es que han estado peleando con la misma gente que puede rescatarlos: el sector privado. Barrow se niega a escuchar e incluso hablar con ellos. El modus operandi del Sr. Barrow ha sido uno de fuerza bruta que es, o estás conmigo o contra mí. Siempre que cualquier organización se atreve a desafiar al Primer Ministro sobre temas, el ataca al mensajero, los ridiculiza, les pone sobre nombres, intimida y en algunos casos, los amenaza. Ha llegado tan alto en su arrogancia que no hay ninguna “vaca sagrada” para él. Él ha burlado y difamado a líderes de la organización más grande del sector privado, incluso ha atacado a miembros de la Asociación de Abogados de los cuales, irónicamente, él es un miembro. Su último ataque es ahora al Consejo de Iglesias de Belice (BCC) (por sus siglas en ingles). El BCC ha sido siempre una organización no partidista constantemente hablando sobre temas sociales que afectan a todos los beliceños. Pero el Primer Ministro se ha salido de la tangente al atacar al BCC. Este es sin duda más allá de lo que cualquier ciudadano decente y respetuoso de la ley esperaba del Primer Ministro. Los Beliceños por lo general son un pueblo pacífico, amistoso y temeroso de Dios. Nos gusta la paz y creemos que con el dialogo se logra esto. No nos gusta los conflictos. Esto es normalmente la forma en que se rigen. Nunca en la historia hemos tenido un gobierno tan conflictivo con algunas personas y organizaciones. ¡En tres años este gobierno ha dilapidado la mayor parte de su buena voluntad política y en todo lugar que vayas oyes la queja constante de que el Primer Ministro y sus ministros no están escuchando a la principal preocupación de los beliceños, puestos de trabajo! ¿Cómo puedo conseguir un trabajo? ¿Qué se puede hacer para resolver el apremiante problema de la falta de puestos de trabajo? ¡Señor Primer Ministro, es el momento de dejar de hablar y empezar a escuchar los gritos de los beliceños, son personas que quieren trabajar! ¡Necesitamos trabajo!

People’s United Party

L - R: David, Mundo, Wally. Mayorl Candidate Conchita, Vianey, Marina, Maribel

Cordially invites to its presentation of San Pedro Town Council Candidates 2012 Date: Saturday, 27 August, 2011 Time: 7:30 pm until Place: Central Park Guest Speakers: Party Leader Hon. John Briceño, Deputy Party Leader Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, Belize Rural South Standard Bearer Patty Arceo and other dynamic guest speakers.

“Putting People First”



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Dead man’s body left to rot at KHMH BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 By Alton Humes Adam Kuylen certainly never expected to die at 38 years old, and he never expected to leave behind a stable job at the Belize City Council. But we’re quite sure of one thing: he would have wanted


Vendors solve their own problems Continued from page 9 lost when fruits and vegetables got infected by canal water. Meanwhile on the inside of the market, the Council sent over dozens of brooms for the vendors to sweep out water that flooded the stalls. Tired of the empty and false promises, the wholesale vendors decided to solve problems on their own. They negotiated with the owners of the Pound Yard area and agreed to use space for the vendors to carry out vending without the harassment of the City Council. The vendors agreed on how they will also deal with the issues of security, parking, and health and sanitation.

Adam Kuylen

to a proper burial. But thanks to general ineptitude and all-around lackadaisical foresight at the main public referral hospital, his body was left decomposed so badly that he had to be buried at once. It’s a tale so horrific, even the great Stephen King couldn’t have dreamed it up. Kuylen’s body was supposed to go for a post-mortem examination sometime this week to determine what killed him, but it never happened. According to members of Kuylen’s family, workers at the morgue area of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) decided to leave Kuylen’s body in the morgue room because apparently they didn’t have space for him in one of

the freezers. The body was left overnight and decomposed by the morning, which is when employees decided to put him in an area where busted body parts go instead of the morgue’s containment room, where he ought to have been stored in the first place. The rest of the story is pretty much without guesses: The family was contacted and told that their loved one was left to rot and the possibility of doing a post-mortem was “impractical”. The family has expressed anger, sorrow and outrage and they want some heads to roll. Victor Vasquez Jr., Kuylen’s cousin, summed up the whole affair saying it was “a slap in the face, and more of a beat down.” But the KHMH’s statement, released on Monday, doesn’t even offer a reasonable explanation of why Kuylen was left out in the heat of the morgue, nor offers any apologies or plans to help the family with their pain and suffering. One thing is certain: a family’s who’s already filled with grief, now they must live without knowing what, exactly, took their relative away.

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital

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Vibes Radio off air due to shifting of transmission equipment which will assist the signal’s clarity in the Belize City, August 17, 2011 One of Belize’s most popular radio Belize District. Centaur has linked the enstations, Vibes Radio, has been off-air tire north with its fibre optic. Gill promised the station’s audience since yesterday afternoon as a result of that they will see a great improvement on-going technical operations. The radio, which airs on FM frequen- on the 90.5 frequency, while the station cy 90.5 and 102.9, has shifted its trans- continues to get the 102.9 frequency mission equipment from the Body 2000 up to standard. The 102.9 frequency is compound on Coney Drive to the Love mostly for the western and southern districts. FM tower site in Ladyville. Gill said the radio should be back on Vaughan Gill, the operations Coordinator, told us the plan on the pipeline for air by Friday, just in time to kick off its sometime but it was actually propelled newest on-air programme, a live Top Ten by an accident when a delivery truck col- countdown with DJ Jah Keegan and top lided into and damaged the radio station’s model, Norrieli. transmission tower on Coney Driver. Gill said the station took the decision to speed up the change of transmission site. Now that the transmission equipment is attached to the Love FM tower, the benefits will be numerous, explained Gill. He said the station’s tower on Coney Drive was only 150 feet high, while Love FM’s is over 350 feet, which means the radio will be able to reach out further to the districts. Additionally, Gill explained that the station plans to link Vibes’ transmission equipment being removed from up with Centaur’s fiConey Drive site bre optics in Ladyville

Raping Mayan communities GOB cronies reap major money from illegal logging Wednesday, August 17, 2011 Almost copying the sins of the British colonialist, the Barrow Administration has been exploiting the resources in southern community to amass wealth. The Mayas of Southern Belize, already in financial hardships even before the recession, find themselves on the bitter end of the economic stick on their own communal lands. The latest stint takes the shape of illegal logging in rural communities in Toledo. While some are fighting to protect the environment, others are cutting rosewood for financial exploitation. What has reportedly been happening is that the forest officers stationed at the Savannah Forest Station who confiscate the logs under the guise of protecting the environment and enforcing the laws against illegal logging take the logs and sell it for cheap to their family and friends. Several groups have been illegally

extracting the wood from the forests for exportation to China for major money. In the end, however, what the local cutters collect for their work and risks is but a fraction of the revenues. This week Maya leaders lashed out against this latest form of slavery. Their stance is that if the wood is in demand, then the people who should receive permits to cut and market the product should be them. The leaders are convinced that their people can, if given a chance, effectively market rosewood and help their families and communities with the revenues. With one container load of rosewood said to reap close to $350,000, one can’t help but to think what that kind of money injected into the poorest part of Belize can do with a new entirely different means of income. Of course, you shouldn’t expect any sympathy from the Barrow Administration who has already told the Mayas are not entitled to any benefits from their natural resources.

CARTER’s CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY New sofas, love seats, chairs, bed mattresses, car seats, head liner rugs, boat, plane, reupholstering, etc. Location: 128 Cemetery Road Belize City Tel: 20.75140 Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Proprietor: Darrell Carter Cell: 623.4863 E-mail:



THINK ABOUT IT HENRY NEEDS HELP Henry Gordon is a Senator representing the Council of Churches in the Senate. In addition to the Christian religion and the teachings of the Bible, he is intrigued by the Constitution of Belize. Constitutional law is one of the more complex areas of law and is quite different from Family Law, Labour Law, Land Law, Maritime Law and such. The Constitution as a document is not an easily understood set of principles. There are complex governmental and legal issues in the text. The Bible is an easier document to understand than the Constitution. In addition to the actual written words of the Constitution there is also the very important matter of the Constitutional Conventions. These are so called unwritten rules that accompany the Constitution. Legal experts describe the conventions as the clothes which cover the dry bones of the law. A person who reads only the Constitution and does not know anything about the conventions is already short changed. Also, along with the Constitution go the various legal norms and principles and case laws which are an integral part of the Constitution itself. A person who knows nothing of the many case laws and the various legal principles which accompany the Constitution is left further behind. For these and other reasons it becomes a risky venture for untrained persons with no knowledge of legal interpretation, various case laws, constitutional principles, to be teaching or explaining to Belizeans what the Constitution mean. Henry Gordon, thanks to Love FM, has regularly been featured as a knowledgeable person regarding our Constitution. This is unfair to Mr. Gordon, as it is to Belizeans who listen to the Love FM shows hosted by Rene Villanueva. There is a fire storm of public interest and public emotions over the proposed 9th Amendment Bill. Government apologists say it is all about nationalizing the public utilities. Government opponents say it goes way beyond nationalization and is tampering with the rights of citizens and the rights of the Courts. In this public debate Henry Gordon is featured on several occasions. He does a good job of presenting his views and he even has some good ideas as a part of discussion points. But his lack of legal knowledge has been misleading sincere persons wishing to cut through the politics and the emotions in their quest to understand the 9th Amendment Bill. When a listener called and told Henry Gordon on Love FM Tuesday night that there is no such thing as Separation of Powers in our Constitution, Mr. Gordon could not offer a factual response. As a matter of law there is little separation between the Executive and Legislative Branches but there is strict Separation of Powers between those two and the Judiciary. Indeed this is one of the bedrocks of the Belize Constitution. When Mr. Gordon told his listeners that only the Legislature makes laws and that the Courts cannot make laws, he was wrong. All civilized societies

where there are courts, the Judges make law. When a Judge for example asked the question, as has happened in a famous case in the law of negligence – “who is my neighbour” and answers to the effect that my neighbor are all those whom I can reasonably foresee would be affected if I did something negligently. If I manufacture a soft drink for sale to the public and my negligence allow a roach to get into one of the bottles and a consumer drinks it and becomes ill, as the manufacturer I am responsible. That is how laws are made by Judges. When Belizean Judge George Singh handed down his decision in a bail application case he stated that bail in Belize is not a privilege it is a right. That has become the law in this country. When Mr. Gordon tells his listeners that so long as the government has the two thirds or three quarters majority in the National Assembly they can change anything in the Constitution he is very, very wrong. He will also sound as if he is echoing the government lawyers and apologists who are out to mislead and deceive. Mr. Gordon will need to do a lot of reading to understand some sacred Constitutional principles. Rights once given cannot be taken away. No one can derogate from the rights given to Belizeans in the Constitution. The National Assembly cannot amend the Constitution to take away the rights of the citizens or the rights of the courts. Nor can they amend the Constitution to put in a provision which is inconsistent with another provision. An ordinary person reading Section 69 of the Constitution would come to such a conclusion. But if he had the benefit of legal knowledge he would understand these sacred principles. Because it would be illogical that the Supreme Law of the land could be changed to a mere and ordinary law. And could be changed by a handful of politicians on the sole basis of their numbers in the National Assembly. Can the National Assembly amend the Constitution to say that Belize is no longer a democratic nation? Can they take away our right to freedom of expression? Can they take away our right to go to the court to seek justice? Can they take away the right of the court to make a decision on any breaches of the Constitution? The government has actually been telling Belizeans that they have such a power. And that the Constitution gives them such a power. If that was so then we need a new government and a new Constitution. It is for these reasons that Mr. Gordon will need to improve upon his elementary understanding of such grave and complex matters. Pastor Luis Wade of Plus TV would have to do even more reading than Mr. Gordon if he is to understand some of the phrases and statements that he is throwing out to his listeners. The amendment of a Constitution where it relates to blocking access to the Courts is serious business in a democracy. There is a time for views and comments and there is a time for serious discussion and facts. WELCOME HOME MISS EMMA Miss Emma Boiton has returned

home just in time for the Queen of the Bay and the September Celebrations. Miss Emma who visited the BELIZE TIMES on Tuesday looks younger, healthier and richer. Smile. Welcome back Miss Emma. Welcome back SPEAR SPEAR stands for the Society for the Promotion of Education And Research. This was a vibrant group of university trained Belizeans who wished to make a contribution to a better Belize. HEY! Whatever happened to SPEAR? NYASHA LAING Big respect is due to Miss Laing for organizing a workshop where artists got a chance to interact with fellow artists in that special world deep inside the mind, the mind, the wonderful mind. Some call it poetry. FIDEL IS 85 The great Revolutionary Icon of Cuba Fidel Castro turned 85 a few days ago. Lived to see many more. OH NO – NOT THE ALLIGATORS Last week is the second time in the past two months that our brothers have eaten alligators. This is done up in the Buttonwood Bay area of Belize City. A three feet alligator looking young and fighting to get out of the ropes saw his last daylight two Thursdays ago. He provided a big meal for 5 adults and 1 youth. The person who caught the young alligators promised that he would throw him back in the sea. This young bright eyed alligator could have lived for about 20 years in the wild. A neighbour’s dog was most unhappy seeing the creature tied to a coconut tree in the adjoining yard. The dog barked, and growled and howled with such anger that the young gator had to be tied somewhere else. This is what it is coming to. We used to laugh at some of the immigrants who came over from their poverty stricken backgrounds in Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. They were eating Wishwilly. Now look at us. Young, strong Creole males eating alligators. MOOD MUSIC There is a new radio station on the scene. They are playing golden oldies, sweet soul music songs. They are pumping out from Ladyville on 106 on your FM dial AKEEM HUMES Sometime last year Akeem Humes, 20 years old was charged for

Sunday, August 21, 2011 a murder. Another person 21 years old had already been charged for the same murder. Humes and his family have been angry and bitter ever since he was charged and remanded to prison. They protested on the streets and told all and sundry that he was innocent and he was just another victim of a cruel system. It used to be that before the police bring serious charges against persons they would send the investigating file to the DPP’s office where tax payers’ money are used to pay lawyers to properly advise the police. This is important because persons need to know that at least a legally trained mind is of the view there is sufficient evidence for the charge. Also a charge of murder brings with it automatic imprisonment for two to three to four years before there is a trial. Last week the prosecutor in one of the Magistrate’s Court told the Magistrate that there was no evidence against Akeem Humes and the other person and so they were withdrawing the charge. The Magistrate, quite rightly in a matter of a murder charge, asked to see some letter or document withdrawing the charge. As of Wednesday, 17th August no letter was sent from the DPP’s office so the police sent their own letter saying the murder charge was being withdrawn. That two persons could be locked up in our jail for such a long time when there is no evidence against them must be treated as a matter of grave and serious concern. It is a different matter for a witness to change his mind or change his story when he goes to court and so the prosecution cannot present all the evidence. But when the police and the DPP’s office sit back for almost a year, knowing there isn’t any evidence against two citizens and still leave them languishing in prison, then heads should roll. If a Preliminary Inquiry was not being held those men would still be held in jail. The Ombudsman has been such a spectacular failure in bringing justice to the victims of police and official abuse. Before the law of the jungle and the new street justice that is been practiced by the angry young men who are been chanced, takes over. Akeem Humes the other young man and those who have felt violated by persons in authority, can go to the Supreme Court and receive monetary compensation for the beating they have suffered, the loss of freedom and the danger they have been exposed to in prison.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The IMF is in town Belize City, August 17, 2011 The BELIZE TIMES has been reliably informed that officials representing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are currently in Belize conducting a series of economic analysis. The IMF is in town to carry out its Article IV consultations, which will see them conducting interviews with the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, Central Bank Governor and representatives of the Civil Society. The IMF’s analysis comes at an interesting time, when Belize is facing one of the worst economic times and the Barrow Administration continues to damage investor confidence. Two weeks ago Standard and Poor’s lowered Belize’s currency ratings



to B-, reflecting the weakening economic outlook after the expropriations of Belize Telemedia Limited and Belize Electricity Limited. In 2010, following the 2009 Article IV consultation, the IMF had recommended increasing the General Sales Tax by 25% which the Barrow Administration obeyed. Last year, the IMF recommended that Government reduces the wage bill, limits growth in non-priority areas, cap Government employment, and hike the fuel tax, steps which the Government took in certain aspects. The IMF also warned the Government that the bank system had become unstable, and recommended regulatory intervention.



Humor in UDP Politics! At this week’s Cabinet Meeting the following was discussed: - That Finnegan stays as long as he wants to on holiday as more gets done at Housing when he is away. - That the bus owner’s psychiatrist report on Melvin Hulse be tables at the next House Meeting under subsection “Flipping losing it”. ……………………….. In other related Cabinet news, Barrow informed Cabinet that “we” need to be united on the Ninth Amendment, at which time BQ turned to Sedi and said, “when he says we, he really means ‘HIM’.” ……………………….. Things are so bad under Barrow… That Erwin X noh only seh life haad out ya, but life haada out ya. So haada that brokers, insurance agents, BERT and the Mayor of Belize City and Belmopan are seen in and out of the pawn shop. So haada that the poor is now sharing a pack of Ramen. So bad that even the mosquito was overheard complaining that the people of Belize’s blood taste less healthy. ……………………….. The Mayor “get up and run” was actually an advice from her psychiatrist. This was done so the Mayor could tell everybody that she is actually “running”, but when they ask her for which division she confessed that she doesn’t know. ……………………….. The Committee for the election of Joe Bradley daughter insists that the Mayor names a street after her, but the Mayor is at a loss for a name and has tabled two names: Darrellitas or Girlie.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Villager leader

resigns, cites lack of GOB support Toledo District, August 14, 2011 Since Village Council elections in 2010, there have been numerous cases of elected officers who have called it quits because of various reasons. Alarmingly, one common reason is that there is a lack of Government support for their work at the community level. Over the weekend, the resignation of one more Village Chairman underlined the serious problem facing leaders in the rural communities throughout Belize, that is, that village council assistance and autonomy is not a priority for the Barrow Administration. Juan Ack was elected last year, in a UDP slate, as the Chairman of San Felipe Village Council. His ties with the UDP even got him elected as the Chairman of the District Village Council Association which is the executive body representing all 52 villages in the Toledo District. But just one year since his election to both positions, Ack realised that the Government only politicised the 2010 village elections and was never serious about community development. Ack has resigned his post as San Felipe Chairman, and also his position as District Association Chairman. On Sunday when a new DAVCO President was sworn in at the Elrigdeville Community Center, Ack was in attendance and he revealed that the trigger behind his decision to step down was a lack of support. “I am not satisfied that I got no assistance by any means whatsoever to finance and manage DAVCO,” Ack complained bitterly. According to the former Chairman, he was given a basket to carry water as he waited over an year for support. That help never came. Earlier this year, a rift in the Carmelita Village Council in the Orange Walk District led to the mass resignation of three Council members. On February 7th 2011, Councilor Mirtha Gillett resigned her post, followed by two other resignations on February 28th. The resigning Councillors, Elva Forbes and Sara Pech, wrote the Chairman indicating concern about the infiltration of UDP candidate Landy Burns. Their letter of resignation said, “The direction of the council, group in which I work and the methods of accomplishing our responsibility toward our villagers are making it increasingly difficult for me to feel that I’m indeed working for what I was elected. I have decided to move on and continue assisting the people of my village on a personal basis”. As pointed out before, there have been other village council resignations throughout the country.







Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011







Sunday, August 21, 2011

Belizetimes August 21, 2011  
Belizetimes August 21, 2011  

Belizetimes August 21, 2011