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Sunday, April 10, 2011

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GOB’s latest anti-crime plan reeks of impotence Belize City, April 6, 2011 ”I for one am certainly prepared to look at removing trial by jury in the case of charges for murder.” Dean Barrow, Monday April 4, 2011. The BELIZE TIMES, in looking through a first year law text, found a passage which made Dean Barrow impish and reckless statement a national embarrassment. We hope that no one was listening internationally. First his Geneva Convention interpretations, which were shamelessly wrong, now this. What Barrow is saying is that he no longer has faith in the Belizean people and that he is moving us away from a being a democratic state. There is a well renowned author and Criminal Justice Consultant by the name of Dana Seethahal, who wrote the text book: Commonwealth Caribbean Criminal Practice and Procedure. This book is used by entry level law students. In that book, Seethahal notes in the very first chapter: “The jury system remains the cornerstone of the criminal Continued on page 4

Facing the worst crime record in history, PM Dean O. Barrow showed many moments of disgust at the incompetence of his Administration

Over $200,000 stolen in OW

Heritage Bank heist

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BSI sacks top manager

Orange Walk District, April 6, 2011 Information to the BELIZE TIMES indicates that the Belize Sugar Industries Limited has fired one of its top managers, Lennox Neal, following a management per-

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Western Highway accidents

kill 1; injures 7 Iony Westby was killed when her Expedition suffered a blow out and flipped on the Western Highway

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Jorge Briceño, embraced by his sister and supporter after convention victory

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

PUP Leader meets standard bearers

From the ghetto streets

“Poor people fed up” Dear Editor, I wrote a letter to the editor last week because a number of my friends from my block kept on asking me to write again. They wanted to know what I was going to write about this week. No big words, no frills, just straight talk like we do when we hang out. I thought about it and my mind took me to the way things are in Belize and how much things just change after the last general elections. As I can remember, back then was different from now, how things can change overnight so fast. Before the UDP government got into power they brain washed the poor Belizean people having them imagine the possibilities. But in reality it was about hard times. They kept on saying that they were with the poor people. In fact they still say that now. But the truth is they are all about getting their family rich and poor Belizeans die trying. Belizeans you need to stop sleeping and wake up out of this dream that this UDP government have us in. It’s time to make a stand and fight for your rights. Remember Belizeans,

we are the power and we can make a difference for ourselves and for our country. In 2008 the UDP made a lot of promises to the people of Belize. But instead the people got puss een a bag. As the years go by we can still hear the poor people crying out for help. What is this government doing for us but making our lives harder and their lives sweeter? Their greed made them pretend and pretend so well that they forgot about the Belizean people and focused on themselves. The thing is that even after fattening their family they still want more and more. Mr. Prime Minister, life hard out ya. People di drop like fly out ya. Everything di go sky high out yah. Crime di get worse and worse out yah. School fees di go up out ya. Even the homeless dogs on the street can’t even find a piece of scrap bone out ya. But yet the UDP government have wa lot to celebrate out ya. Where is the love Mr. Prime Minister. Where is the love. The Belizean people say enough is enough. Dis ya crowd have to go. Signed. Roberto Peyrefitte

PUP Calls for Immediate Action from Government after Bloody Weekend! MONDAY 4 APRIL 2011 The People’s United Party condemns the government’s inactivity as criminals continue to murder and hold law-abiding citizens hostage with apparent impunity. The Party condemns this administration’s incompetence and inability to come up with even one effective crime fighting strategy even as the nation descends into anarchy and complete lawlessness. We stand in solidarity with all Belizeans who have lost loved ones to the overwhelming wave of crime and violence that continues to sweep Belize. This past weekend there were four murders in less than 24 hours. Today two Belizean families are grieving the loss of their loved ones. The Chinese and Taiwanese communities have banded en masse to condemn the senseless violence which has claimed two of their own on Saturday afternoon. Belizeans can no longer endure

the stagnation of the current administration in dealing with this crisis that threatens to engulf us. Neither the Prime Minister nor the Minister responsible for the Police has any comprehensive plan to deal with crime and violence. It is not just a city that is being held at ransom, it is our entire country. We call for immediate and decisive steps to be taken by the Government to arrest this slide into chaos and anarchy. We repeat our call for the strengthening of our public safety, including measures to prevent crime and bring to justice those who have committed crime. We stand ready to cooperate in a meaningful manner in all such genuine efforts.

Belize City, April 5th, 2011 With their minds set on restoring democracy and the economic prosperity of Belize, the newly elected PUP standard bearers of northern and southern Belize met with the People’s United Party Leader Hon. John Briceño earlier this week to discuss matters of importance. From the south were Stann Creek West Standard Bearer, Rodwell Ferguson; Toledo East Standard Bearer, Mike Espat, and Dangriga Standard Bearer Ivan Ramos. From the north were Corozal South West Standard Bearer Ramiro Ramirez and Corozal Bay Standard Bearer Gregorio “Papas” Garcia. Another meeting has been scheduled to ensure that

Corozal South East Standard Bearer Florencio Marin Jr., and Corozal North Standard Bearer Valdemar Castillo also take part in the discussions.

PORT AUTHORITY INVESTIGATION? Dear Editor, Three weeks after the shipwreck of the vessel HELDA and the unknown fate of three Cuban national, several miles from Caye Caulker in Belize’s waters, the Commissioner of the Port Authority Major John Flowers a known UDP crony and flunky has still not satisfied the concerns of Belize marine’s community especially the Institute of Maritime Studies (INS) who last week sent out a press release highlighting their concern of the potential environmental risks due to the status of the sunken vessel fuel in its tank. The release indicted the port commissioner and the government of Belize for not having adequate measures to effectively deal with the marine oil spill, and note that since the accident, John Flowers and Melvin “Flipping” Hulse have failed to properly advise Belizeans of the environmental risk posed to our marine environment by the unknown quantities and type of hydrocarbons that were on board the vessel when it sank. John Flowers’ (who supposedly doubles as the unofficial Port Procurement Officer) (Right Leo?) to the INS release was simply that if oil from the sunken vessel were to spill, it would have already happened but yet informed the local media that a team from Panama should be arriving in Belize to conduct a assessment to see whether or not HELDA is leaking. After the eight survivors from HELDA were sent back to their homes, Flowers is now desperately trying to locate them to help with his investigation of the accident. While the official accident report of HELDA, a 74 meters in length and 11 meters in width, claims that the

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vessel drifted away from it course because of possible strong water current and rough waves, local mariners are concerned and skeptical of the vessel like HELDA and others that regularly enter our territorial waters for illegal activities without a pilot guide which posed a risk to the Barrier Reef as they believed that the HELDA may/and could have accidently hit the Reef. It is hoped that Major John Flowers can provide the answers to the concern of the marine’s communities even before he locates the eight survivors of HELDA to help in his investigation. Thanks, Robert H. B. Garcia Seafarer






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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Letter to the Prime Minister Belmopan, Belize Mr. Barrow, Too Many of us are Dying: we are tired of your lying. Signed: A Belizean Youth Cc: Douglas Singh Minister of Police

2010 = 132 MURDERS JAN to APRIL 3rd 2011 = 33 MURDERS






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trial in the Commonwealth Caribbean as it is in England and the US. the right to trial by jury is regarded as basic to trials for all serious offences in democratic societies.” Barrow wants to take us back to the dark ages. For us to do what Barrow is proposing, we would need to change another provision in the Constitution as well. We would need to amend the first section: “Belize shall be a sovereign democratic State of Central America in the Caribbean region.” The country is already going backward, which is a function of his kingly dictatorship. He wants us to go back to the year 1078 A.D. BELIZE TIMES in doing our research on this history of jury trial found that we would have to travel back in time to somewhere during the 11th Century or during the reign of Henry II for us not to have jury trials. This was the time period that slavery was normal, blacks were cannibals without souls and women were property, so it would be normal for the king to shout out in a rage, “off with his head”. No one would blink as the King from the blood line of Barrow would boast “divine moral right”. Barrow a saint? Barrow a king? Barrow sane? As a function of human rights and common sense, it is agreed that juries are generally more right than judges. Judges live in big Bella Vista homes and drive Government SUV’s and eat at the Radisson and Celebrity. The murders do not happen there. The crimes happen not too far from Lee Chi and the Dollar taxi vans, where we the common people of Belize live, not where king Barrow and his royally oily family live. If one advantage to a jury is that juries are familiar with the local society and then cannot be fooled by crafty attorneys, then we have to ask ourselves, how many of these judges are foreigners? They are surely not our peers, yet in Dean Barrow’s judicial system for murder trials there would be no jury. Imagine the possibilities. Throwing out jury trials is not something Barrow can treat in the same way as he treated Marcel Cardona, Zenaida Moya, Edmund “Firestarter” Castro, or Shyne’s childhood. No. In attacking jury trials he is attacking us again. We are the jury. Regular, eight to five Belizeans. Scientific and proven studies have shown that jury trials are the best and most reliable options. Juries protect the individual from the arbitrary exercise or whim of a single individual. Belizeans have had experiences in the Magistrate Court, remember the scandal with the Parole board. We need not remember the horror stories of a local judge and another by the name of George Meerabox. Jury trials are very necessary because they reflect community values and standards. Jurors are far better arbiters than a judge. Twelve components of common sense are always greater than one component of book smart. Most importantly, the general public is more likely to have faith in the jury’s decision after all it is their own. Who did Barrow the tyrant consult before he carelessly declared he would get

rid of juries? The Bar Association? The Police Department? The Human Rights Organization, with Ms Moore and Mr. Sampson? Committees for Families and Children? The Crime Control Council? The church? Who did he consult? We at BELIZE TIMES stand against crime, but we also stand for democracy, human rights, justice and the unquestionable infallibility of God alone. We do not believe like Barrow that these are mutually exclusive concepts. The BELIZE TIMES and the People’s United Party say that we believe in Belize, we have not given up on the people of Belize, we trust them. Next thing you know Barrow will say well we no longer trust Belizeans to vote, they may realize that the UDP is a bunch of incompetent, petty thieves and hypocrites. Would Barrow go out on a limb with that one too? No, we believe in Belize. We believe in the Belize Mr. Price built. Yes, we believe in our people.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

BSI sacks top manager Continued from page 1

formance review. A memorandum to BSI senior staff was distributed on April 5th, 2011 indicating that “the position of Chief Operations Manager ceased to exist effective April 4, 2011”. The BELIZE TIMES was unable to find out for how many years Neal has been in charge of BSI’s Operations, but we note that most recently BSI’s managers came under harsh public criticism following the financial meltdown which threatened to bring the factory to a screeching halt. Calls went out for heads to roll at BSI. None did, only apologies. However, it is suspected that when Government loaned the company $10m on the condition that it adds another member to its board, it gained greater influence, and when the factory, already facing difficult times, shut down following an op-

erational malfunction in March, BSI had to take extreme action. Government’s new appointee to the BSI board is former Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel, the hatchet man who fired 800 public officers before Christmas, so it is no surprise the guillotine was brought down on Neal. Other than Neal, John Gillett is in charge of overall factory operations, but recently Gillett’s position was overshadowed by the entrance of a newcomer, Paul Hough, who is now in charge of all BSI and BelCogen operational matters. Hough is a former Project Director of the Guyana Sugar Company who was fired in 2010, when his employer Booker Tate, was accused of purchasing supplies at inflated prices and carrying out substandard work on their sugar factory. The BELIZE TIMES understands that Neal may be interested in continuing his career in another major industry in Southern Belize.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


TIME BOMB With one hundred and thirty two murders in 2010, the highest ever in our country, and already thirty-three violent killings in only a dozen weeks into the year, it gives us no pleasure to forecast that the worst of the street violence is yet to come. We say this in the context of the current social and economic conditions our Belizeans are made to live in. Both have brought on extreme pressures on our people who were promised better, and not worst. Crime statistics show that the perpetrators are become younger. Research shows that this is so because young men are recruited by gangs and required to commit crimes. In return, they climb in status and notoriety. Gangs have become a ‘brotherhood’ and ‘families’, where young people end up finding the attention and love not available elsewhere. Studies would also show similarities among these youth. They would mostly come from single-parent families, would have likely dropped out of school before standard six, and therefore not have employment, or employable skills. The Dr. Herbert Gayle report released in mid-2010 exposed the veracity of the plight of young people, focusing on just how badly the system has been failing them. It said the following: • 2/3 of fathers are non-existent in Southside homes • 1/3 of children do not have access to primary schools • 2/3 of teenagers do not have access to secondary schools • Only 4% of the adolescent population attends tertiary institutions Those statistics underline the acute failure of the education system, and the erosion of our society’s social fabric– the Family. Both are pillars of national social and economic development. The Government plays a critical role in both areas, but if you heard Prime Minister Dean Barrow and several of his Ministers’ speeches two weeks ago, one would be easily deceived to think that we are not in a crisis, social nor economic. The PM’s 2011-2012 Budget fails to address the weakening family structures and faltering education system. It appears the Prime Minister never read Dr. Gayle’s report. If he did, how could he have missed the loud and clear call for meaningful support for young people? If he did, he would have been startled at the findings, as Dr. Gayle described the situation of Belizean youth as a “time bomb situation”. Faced with growing pressures from sections that are important to his political party who are affected by the violent crime in the city, the Prime Minister rushed to hold a press conference on Monday morning. His response to the wave of crime was the introduction of rejected draconian measures that are only misguided band-aid solutions. The Prime Minister is missing the point completely. The Belizean youth problem is a social and economic problem. Down to its core it is an education and employment problem. Until the Prime Minister shows that he can connect with the poor people of Belize, and accept the reality, the time bomb cited by the Dr. Gayle report will continue ticking. But we all know what will happen when the ticking ends. Can we afford to let that happen?




Over $200,000 stolen in OW

Heritage Bank heist Orange Walk Town, April 6, 2011 By Carmelita Perez All indications are that the armed hold-up that struck Heritage Bank on located the Belize-Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town on Tuesday April 5th afternoon was easy and apparently wellorchestrated. Reports are that two men of dark complexion entered the bank. One of the individuals handcuffed the unarmed security officer who was standing next to the door and placed a gun to his head. The second man asked for the Bank Manager, Samantha Carlos, and when she identified herself, he reportedly placed a gun to Carlos’ head and ordered that she disarmed the alarm system and open the vault. After showing some restrain, the gunmen reportedly kicked and punched Carlos. Fearing for her life and the lives of the two other employees and security guard, Carlos did as she was told. She disarmed the alarm system, opened the vault and handed over two bags of money. Unconfirmed reports are that over $200,000 was inside the bag, which the robbers took and walked away with. Reports are that a getaway vehicle was waiting for men about a lane from where the bank is located. The vehicle sped up Belize Corozal Road as if heading towards Belize City.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jury to decide fate of Pipersburgh & Robateau tomorrow BELIZE CITY, Wed. April 6, 2011 By Roy Davis The trial of Leslie Pipersburgh, 34, and Patrick Robateau, 32, charged with 4 counts of murder is expected to go to the jury tomorrow after the case is summoned up by Justice Adolph Lucas. Pipersburgh and Robateau are charged with the murders of KBH security guards Kevin Alvarez and Fidel Mai, as well as the couple Cherry Tucker and David Flores. Alvarez and Mai were shot and killed on June 18, 2002 during a robbery at the Bowen and Bowen compound on Slaughterhouse Road. Another KBH security guard Karl Ventura was shot but he survived. Flores and Tucker were shot and killed shortly afterwards while they

By the time a police patrol with armed police officers arrived at the scene, the bank robbers were long gone. It took them less than ten minutes to walk in and out of the bank. We understand that a surveillance camera inside the bank captured the entire robbery. At the time of the holdup the People’s Choice Supermarket located on the same building, adjoined to the bank was closed.

Pipersburgh gave a statement from the dock in which he admitted that he was involved in the robbery. But he said he left the compound before the shooting began. Robateau also gave a statement from the dock. He said that all the witnesses for the prosecution were lying. He did not say whether or not he was at Leslie Pipersburgh & Patrick Robateau the scene. The trial is a retrial. were in a car parked in Coral Grove near In 2003 Pipersburgh and Robateau were to the sea side. found guilty of 4 counts of murder. They Twenty-two witnesses testified for appealed to Belize Court of Appeal and the prosecution at the trial which began their request was dismissed. about one month ago. But when they appealed to the Privy Karl Ventura testified that he saw Council, their appeals were allowed and a Alvarez being shot. John Ventura, his retrial was ordered. brother, testified that he witnessed a At the first trial, four firearms were struggle between KBH security guard tendered and admitted as exhibits. But Virgilo Requeña and Leslie Pipersburgh. at the retrial only one of the exhibits was He said Robateau came and put a gun to tendered as exhibit because the others his head and he ran off. were not available. Some other exhibits Arthur Griffith, who was the super- from the first trial were also not available visor, testified and identified both ac- for the second trial. cused as the persons involved in the robPipersburgh is being represented by bery. Griffith was tied up and locked up attorney Michael Peyrefitte while Roin the restroom. bateau is represented by attorney Oswald At the time Pipersburgh and Ro- Twist. bateau were employees of Bowen and Senior Crown Counsel Yohhanhseh Bowen. Cave is representing the prosecution.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Western Highway accidents

kill 1; injures 7

Belize City, April 4th, 2011 A resident of Placencia Village lost her life in a fatal traffic accident that occurred between miles 9 and 10 on the Western Highway on Sunday, April 3rd afternoon. 32 year old Iony Westby, of Placencia Village, was driving her 2000 Ford Explorer from Belize City to Hattieville when the rear left tire blew out. The vehicle, in which travelling were also five other passengers, flipped several times before it careened into the nearby canal. The vehicle landed on its four wheels, but it was partially covered by water. Westby remained trapped inside the vehicle along with 18 year old Ariel Westby and four minors. With the aid of passers-by, the younger Westby and the minors were pulled out and taken to dry land. They were alive, and had

suffered various degrees of injuries to the heads and faces. When paramedics arrived, the driver, Westby, was pronounced dead. Her left foot and right hand had been almost wrenched off in the wreckage. The second traffic accident also occurred on the Western Highway. The slippery when wet area between miles 19 and 20 was the scene of a closecall for two men riding on a motorcycle. Gilroy Usher and Myron Murrillo were heading towards Belize City when they lost control of the motorcycle. They were flung unto the payment, as the motorcycle swirled unto the bushes. Luckily, the men survived but had sustained severe injuries. They were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment.

4 killings in Old

Capital over weekend

Abner Rodriguez

Belize City, April 4, 2011 The past weekend was a bloodbath in the old capital as four Belizeans were shot dead in separate attacks. On Saturday April 2nd, the blood bath began at about 5:15am when Joe Hamilton, a well-known food vendor was gunned down shortly after taking his wife home. The incident occurred at the corner of Plues Street and South Street just 2 blocks from where he lived. He was shot seven times. He was shot to the left side of his head, to the right side of his head, to the left cheek, to the left side of his neck, to his right shoulder, right arm and left ear. So far no arrests have been made and the police continue their investigation. Just hours later, at about 1:15pm, just two blocks away from the first killing on King Street, a female Chinese shop grocer, 32 year old Yan Ying Chen, was in her store when she was shot to her shoulder and back. She died shortly later at the hospital. An hour later, yet another female Chinese grocer was shot at her business place on Faber’s Road. 37 year old Fei Lan Wu, was shot in the lower back and died three hours later while undergoing surgery. Ten hours after the killing on Faber’s Road, at about 12:30am, 39 year old contractor Abner Rodriguez was found dead

Joe Hamilton

on 7th. Street in the King’s Park Area. He had been severely chopped. He was found face up with several injuries to his head and a large cut wound to his forehead. There are reports to police that on Sunday around 12 a.m. he was walking on 7th street in the Kings Park area - and was being followed by red tinted car and just minutes later he was found dead. So far no arrests have been made as the police investigation continues. On April 5th 18 year old Jordan Cayetano, a resident of Antelope Street Extension, was charged for the murder of 32 year old King Street storekeeper Yan Ying Chen and was also charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. The Gang Suppression unit found him in Rowland’s Alley - a few hundred feet from the scene of the shooting. A 9 millimeter pistol was also found right behind his leg. He was remanded into custody until June 7. 20 yr old Kareem Francis was charged with the murder of Fei Lan Wu. Francis was remanded into custody until June 7. The details of his arrest are still unknown.




101 Reasons

against Barrow’s Budget


Public officers are asked to grin and bear and imagine a possible raise of pay while Minister’s budget for new vehicles, expanded travel allowances increased in the 2011-2012 Budget. Not a single officer to manage the waste and corruption in the UDP Government. Waste of gas, waste in use of government vehicle, waste of AC, waste of light, water, paper, time and production. Just waste! The Ministry of Agriculture has a CEO for $63,000, three other contract officers at $55,000 a piece and others amounting to half a million at top management. Doing what? Only heaven knows. Nothing for capacity building of our Public Service, to improve service to the general public. Nothing. Not a cent set aside for combating the AIDS virus and help victims of this dreaded disease, to strengthen the work already going on. How can we have a budget that doesn’t take into account minerals such as Gold which are being explored for in the country? What you think, Paradise Energy’s contract was for oil? Four days into the new budget, the Prime Minister exposed his lack of insight. Four days after the budget, Barrow announced that to combat crime and equip a Forensic Lab, he has to search elsewhere for money. What was the budget there for, then? Nothing for the Jaguar Operation without teeth. Is the budget saying that the job was successful and crime has been solved in Belize? How stupid. Why is $300,000 of taxpayers’ monies being spent on an amnesty programme? For whom – for what? And why. Even Sedi is perplexed about this one as he doesn’t even have a clue as to what it’s for. Not a red cent to be spent in new personnel and equipment for the Standard of Bureau working understaffed in these difficult times. Hasn’t the butane rip-off taught us anything? Where is the social security $50 million set aside to pay for BTL in the Budget? After all BTL still belongs to the people. Where are the monies for the National Feeding Program promise? Where is it?

35 36 37 38 39

40 41 42 43 44 45


Juan Coy, selling UDP dreams of the South Toledo West, April 2, 2011 As the budget debate winded down last week, Toledo West anxiously waited for the dishonorable UDP area representative to make a presentation. Like previous budget debates he has attended, the speechless UDP area representative has made history to demonstrate his weakness to stand up for only a minute and fall right back, whilst other representatives make hay while the sun shines. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Juan Coy aka ‘rice man’ has no intentions of fighting for the cause of his constituents. He has made the Prime Minister believe that everything is just fine in the south. The PM, who is too special to walk among and talk to the people of the South, in turn believes him. The truth of the matter remains that Coy does not know anything about the empty pot budget. In order to show support, every year the ‘rice man’ sings about the highway from Dump to Jalacte for a minute, then wades off into silence. The speechless UDP Area Representative does not even visit the area. Toledo West needs a complete new face in development. Coy must be living in another Toledo West, where he boasts that hundreds of jobs are created and schools are erected. He has never proposed a poverty elimination program, never stood up to defend the Mayas from GOB’s disrespect, and is yet to lobby for a speedy replacement of the Kendal Bridge (which he crosses to drive in his fancy ride to Belmopan). It is a total shame and disgrace for you and your party government to treat the citizens in this manner Mr. Coy. Since you are speechless, do the most honorable thing – RESIGN. The people of Toledo West will respect and salute you for doing so. Remember you were suspended and demoted as area representative for six months you’re your involvement with contraband goods. You were speechless and mute as you took Dean Barrow’s BUKUT. How can you compare yourself to the Hon. Marcel Cardona? The entire nation congratulates Hon. Cardona for his accountability and transparency. He truly represents and has the people at heart. Like your other colleagues in parliament, imagining the possibilities has made you and the entire crew lame ducks.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011





Fisherman accused of pulling gun on BDF soldier

John Brown

BELIZE CITY, Wed. April 6, 2011 By Roy Davis John Brown, 29, a fisherman residing on Neal’s Pen Road who allegedly pointed a firearm at a BDF private, was charged with three offences when he appeared yesterday in the #6 Magistrate’s Court. Brown was charged with aggravated assault, kept firearm without a gun license and kept ammunition without a gun license. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Chief Magistrate Margaret McKenzie explained to him that the court cannot offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. She remanded him into custody until June 9. The incident occurred around 10 p.m. on Sunday, April 3. The police reported that they along with some BDF soldiers were on mobile patrol in a BDF vehicle on Allenby Street when they saw two men in front of them riding on bicycles. The police drove their vehicle alongside the men and ordered them to stop. According to the police, one of the men, whom they identified as Brown, pulled out a firearm and pointed it at private Mejia, and then the alleged weapon it in a drain. The police reported that when they retrieved the firearm it was a .38 revolver with 6 rounds of ammunition. The second man Devon Flores Jr. was searched but nothing incriminating was found; so he was allowed to go. Brown, however, was taken into custody and charged. Brown has alleged that when he was detained, the police took him to the checkpoint at Mile 4 on the Western Highway and beat him up.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011




Wins Orange Walk North

Jorge Brice単o pledges to represent & fight for the residents of Orange Walk North

Jorge Brice単o, Jaime Castillo & Rafael Avila - together a power-house team to battle ad defeat the despotic UDP area representative

PUP Chairman Henry Usher congratulates Brice単o on victory

Supporter joins hands with Brice単o in support

PUP supporters prepared to fight for real prosperity in Orange Walk North



City Boys slaughter Griga Knights 3-1 Belize City, April 3, 2011 The undefeated City Boys are No. 1 in the Belize Bank Superleague following their 3-1 victory over the Griga Knights in week 6 of the competition at the MCC Garden on Sunday. Belize’s international striker, Deon Macaulay, made Griga’s goalie, Elias Pelayo, look helpless as he scored a hat trick with a 1st goal in the 41st minute, a pen-

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Other game results: Paradise Freedom Fighters vs. Hattieville Monarchs





Fighters are 3rd in Standings, 12 points

Orange Walk United vs. Placencia Assassins


OW United



OW United are 4th in Standings

Third World vs. Cayo South United


Third World


Cayo South

alty in the 50th minute, and a 3rd in the 73rd minute. In the 2nd half, Shane Gentle was pulled from the bench and scored a long lob from centerfield that somehow got the better of City Boys’ Reneau in the 52nd minute. The Griga knights are still No. 2 in the league with 13 points from 4 wins, a loss and a draw in their first 6 outings.

Upcoming games: Hattieville Monarchs vs. City Boys, Hattieville football field Paradise Freedom Fighters vs. Cayo South United, Camalote field Orange Walk United vs. Griga Knights, People’s Stadium Third World vs. Placencia Assassins, MCC Grounds

Borland races past finish line

Team Indeco’s Joel Borland wins 2011 Junior Cross Country Belize City, April 3, 2011 Team Indeco’s Joel Borland won the 2011 Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic held by the Belize Cycling Association on the Western Highway;

Other finishers: 2nd place

Juan Umana

3rd place

Kyle Gentle

4th place

Austin Armstrong

5th place

Giovanni Lovell. Youth Cat.

6th place

Oscar Quiros. 2nd Youth Cat.

7th place

Wasani Castro

8th place

Riis Cattouse

9th place

Gian Zetina

10th place

Cuellar Samos

11th place

Aiden Juan

12th place

Christopher Sandoval

13th place

Zahir Figueroa

14th place

Justin Wade

15th place

Eldon Simmons

(L to R) Team Cayo High Road’s Juan Umana, Team Indeco’s John Borland & Team Cayo High Road’s Kyle Gentle

clocking 3:56:21 on his 73-mile ride from the San Jose Succotz ferry to Belize City on Sunday. Borland won the final sprint to finish line against Team Cayo High Road’s Juan Umana and Kyle Gentle, and Twin Towns Cycling’s Austin Armstrong to win the $300 1st prize, the championship trophy from the Belize Cycling Association, a $100 prize donated by the Butler family, the champion’s garland from Florasol, a gift basket and a case of fruit juice from Grace Kennedy.

Griga’s Meet the Spartans conquer BTL U17 champs Continued on page 13

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Griga’s Meet the Spartans conquer BTL U17 champs



Dangriga, April 2, 2011 The undefeated Foreshore Spartans are the Dangriga Basketball Association U17 champions, which concluded this MVP, Foreshore Spartans Trevon Mitchell weekend with the Foreshore Spartans posting their 8th win by winning game 3 of the finals series 56-50 over Harlem. Top Scorer, The first time these teams met on March 5th, both were Hubert Usher Foreshore Spartans unbeaten and the game was billed as the game of the season. After climbing to a 12 point lead in the third quarter, Harlem Most Rebounds, pressed their way back into the game, behind Egbert MartiJordan Walters Foreshore Spartans nez’s 24-point performance, only to lose by 2. This final game followed a similar pattern, with Foreshore Most Assists, being the aggressor early, pushing a five-point half-time lead Trevon Mitchell Foreshore Spartans to double figures by mid-third quarter. Harlem proved their resilience once again, battling back to bring the lead down to three with under 2 minutes to go in the game. This was after losing point guard Brandon Castillo late in the third quarter after he fouled out. MVP, Junior Spartans Lesley Williams Both teams struggled from the line but the difference was Foreshore who struggled early while Harlem struggled in the fourth quarTop Scorer, Darnae Garcia ter when it really mattered as the game was reduced to a free throw New Site Young-gunners shooting contest late. For the Spartans, eventual tourney MVP, Trevon Mitchell had a Most Rebounds, Darnae Garcia big double-double with 15 points and 14 rebounds to lead his team in New Site Young-gunners both categories. The Spartans like their U15 counterparts, the Junior Spartans, now look forward to taking on the Punta Gorda teams on Most Assists, Lesley Williams Saturday, April 9 in the Southern Regional finals to earn a spot in the Junior Spartans Nationals to be held in Orange Walk in the up-coming weeks.

U-17 Awards:

U-15 Awards:

Triple B’s still No. 1 Dangriga, April 2, 2011 Defending national female football champs, Triple B’s, are still No. 1 in the 2011 Delhart Courtenay Cup women’s football tournament, picking up their 6th win in a 16-0 blast of the Las Flores girls at FFB Football Institute in Belmopan on Sunday. Sherian “Baby” Tracey led the Triple B’s offensive by scoring 6 goals against Las Flores. Team captain Kaya Cattouse scored the 1st winning goal in the 4th minute and followed with 3 more. Sarah Arzu, the heroine of last week’s 12-0 win, also scored 4 goals, Kara Kisling added one goal and even Shadalee Ho scored one goal in the 30th minute.

Other games: Sugar City Gurlz vs. Corozal United


Sugar City



Bella Vista Latin Girls vs. Pumas Auto Rentals


Bella Vista



West girls vs. Bullet Tree Girls


West Girls


Bullet Tree

Upcoming Games: Little Swaggers vs. Triple B’s, Toledo Union Field, Sat. April 9 Las Flores Galactic Girls vs. Suga City Gurlz, Las Flores Field, Sun. April 10 West Girls vs. Bella Vista Latin Girls, Marshalleck Stadium Puma Auto Rentals vs. Corozal United FC, Carl Ramos Stadium

St. Martin’s & Queen Square triumph in softball Belize City, April 4, 2011 The St. Martin De Porres School girls posted their 3rd win, while the undefeated Queen Square Anglican School boys posted their 4th win in the Belize City primary school softball competition at the home of softball, the Roger’s Stadium in Belize City

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Queen Square boys



Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Martin’s & Queen

Other game results:

Square triumph in softball

Wesley Upper School vs. Buttonwood Bay Nazarene



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on Monday. Pitcher Glennisha Reid led the St. Martin’s girls to a 13-6 win over the Queen Square School on Monday. Reid had also led the Martin’s girls to a 12-10 win over Calvary Temple last Wednesday. Pitcher Devin Parham led the Queen Square Anglican boys to their 5-3 win over the St. Martin De Porres School boys on Monday. The Queen Square boys also won 8-4 over Salvation Army last Monday; pitcher Luis Acosta had the loss.




Winning pitcher, Asia Pitts

St. John Vianney RC vs. Holy Redeemer


OW United



Winning pitcher, Kelsy Peyrefitte

Salvation Army School vs. Queen Square Anglican


Salvation Army


Queen Square

Winning pitcher Shanell Rowland

Wesley School team

Wesley Upper School vs. Buttonwood Bay Nazarene





Winning pitcher Tray Bowden

St. Martin’s vs. Calvary Temple


St. Martin’s



Winning pitcher Ashton Pitts

St. Mary’s School vs. Holy Redeemer


St. Martin’s

Martin’s Glennisha Reid

Kevin Garcia

Devein Parham heads home


Holy Redeemer

Winning pitcher Shawn Young

Top Shattaz topples Lord’s Bank in Finals GM1 Orange Walk, April 5th 2011 Saturday night saw top of the line basketball skills showcased at the Youth Recreational Center as the 2011 basketball tournament organised by Coach Ladrick “Mad Bull” Shepard kicked into full finals gear. On Saturday the Sara Cabañas defeated the Seminoles in the All-Star game matchup. The night also saw a dunk conSaturday April 2nd Game: test for Juniors, which turned Lords Bank vs. Top Shattaz out as a display of top talLord’s Bank Top Shattaz ent in Orange Walk District. Top scorers: Ian Lennon, Leroy Lauriano – 19 points; Darwin Leslie, Lennox Bowman – 16 points That competition was won Game 2 will be played on Friday April 8th (2nd game) by Roger ReGame 1 will be Game 3 of the Juniors’ finals between Top Shattaz dominated the last three quarters of Game 1 Elite Promos and Cancaras Garage neau, who had also won the 3-point contest. Later in the night, a slam dunk contest for the Senior’s was also held. This turned out to be the battle of titans as the two contenders Barney and Jun Jun showcased the best of their talent. Barney pulled off a 360 degree dunk and an easy quick slam dunk, but it was Jun Jun who stole the night after he dunked over his almost six foot teammate. The crowd was wowed, and the judges gave him the well-deserved title of Slam Dunk champ. The much anticipated game 1 of the Seniors finals between Lords Bank and Top Coach Mad Bull (3rd from left) & All Star winners, Team Sara Cabañas Shattaz was held.


Michael Guan was All Star MVP


Roger Reneau won 3 Point contest

Winston Pratt made a sensational dunk

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This Week’s


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TOP MODEL Bob Marley’s

Guitar for

Grammy Museum

Bob Marley’s legendary guitar will be on loan to the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, USA, for a year as part of a grand exhibition to commemorate 30 years since the death of the reggae icon. The “loan” period will commence in May when the guitar will be delivered to the Grammy Museum according to Stewart. The guitar is one of the most popular exhibits at the Bob Marley Museum she stated.


causes security scare

at Madison Square Garden For the fifth time Machel Montano and his band has sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City. But last Friday he created history at the venue for being able to sell every seat after only three weeks of promotion. No other event of this magnitude has ever been able to accomplish such feat at this venue, and management of the popular location are looking at the soca giant in a different light.

Melonie Gillett says “I’m Back”

Local Belizean artist, Melonie Gillett, launched her new album “The Dreamer” in mid-March, but the singer was struck by the death of a close family member. Meanwhile the family grieved, The Dreamer continued to be a success. The Luv Me video continues as a popular hit on This week, Melonie wrote to her facebook fans saying “had some life changing experiences....but I’ve decided that I must get back on the grind and do what I set out to do.... FB friends and fans I’m back!”



CHELSEA • • • •

1st Year Student at SJCJC Pursuing Accounting and Management Saggitarius Likes: Swimming, exercise, hanging out, taking photos



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011



What is there to celebrate? Excerpts from remarks by Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Former Prime Minister, Fort George Area Representative, at the Budget Debate, March 25, 2011

In his presentation of the Budget two weeks ago the Prime Minister invited the Belizean people to celebrate economic growth. Well Mr. Prime Minister, don’t be too surprised if you don’t find Belizeans jumping for joy because contrary to how things may seem rosy from your high perch, out there in the streets of the City and in the countryside, things are dread. Belizean families are struggling in the worst kind of way. Cost of living keeps getting higher and higher. Parents can’t cope with the school fees for the children, and the grocery bill and the light and water bill and the medical bills and the rent and mortgage payments. There is great anxiety and disorder in the land. Small farmers work hard in the sun and rain to bring their produce to the market. Only to find that they are hassled and abused and end up having to dump their perishable crops because friends of the Minster, political benefactors, have been given permits to import the fruits and vegetables and staples which Belizeans grow and produce right here at home. Unemployment is at its highest in Belize today. And instead of getting better it is only getting worse by the day with businesses large and small going into bankruptcies or being put in receivership. By the Prime Minister’s own admission, key economic sectors like the construction industry, manufacturing and the fishing industry are well below the levels they were at before the change of government in 2008. It is the same with tourism inflows. Last year’s figures are well below 2007 (In 2007 it was $289 million, in 2010 $263 million). So what growth is the Prime Minister talking about? Which country is he living in? The sugar industry is in deep financial trouble. The citrus industry is in internal convulsion. The aquaculture industry – shrimp farms are in decline; the largest state of the art shrimp farm in the south is being or has been sold and has ceased operation for the time being. The only growth that the Prime Minister could specifically identify was the sizeable increase in electricity generation due to the coming on stream of the VACA Hydro-Dam and the Bagasse Co-Generation at Town Hill (BECOGEN) – two PUP projects. In fact there has been no major or productive investment taking place under this UDP administration. Instead the government has engaged in a systematic tribal campaign to destroy the investment climate in Belize by the politics of fear, intimidation and victimization. Belizeans tour guides are pushed aside. Small boat tenders are being squeezed out. The figures for the capital and financial flows tell the sorry story of the virtual collapse of foreign direct in-

vestment in Belize. In 2008, the figure was $235 million. In 2009 it was down to $135 million. And now in 2010 it evaporated to $13 million – a 90% nose-dive – a crash. You only have to pick up the weekly newspaper to see Belizeans losing their homes, their life’s savings, their investments snatched away by the DFC or one of the Banks. The Poor The poor and the economically disadvantaged are “the centre piece of his government’s social campaign,” says the Prime Minister…“his mantra, his gospel, his talisman…” A rhapsody of words! But words cannot full empty belly. Words cannot pay the poor man’s bills. Let us examine closely the actions of this government; not the words. Where is the care and compassion for the poor? The Prime Minister promised to invest $4 million in a conditional cash transfer program, but he only invested $30,000. He promised $1 million for food assistance to the poor but he could only release $10,800. They care so much for the poor that they cut the budget of the Ministry of Human Development by $5.2 million. A Ministry of Social Transformation? What transformation! They are so concerned about the young people, that they budgeted no money for Youth for the Future initiatives. Special education for children with special needs – all they could find in their heart to assist was $4,000.00. What a disgrace! $76 million in oil revenue and all they can spend on disabled children is $4,000.00! As for the $1 million for the much touted Apprenticeship Program, they could only spare $50,000.00. No apprenticeship program. Combating crime and violence There is abject failure as well. Crime and violence continue to escalate at an alarming rate. 2010 was one of the deadliest in recorded history. The police continue to be hamstrung by a lack of resources and a lack of direction. The 2010 Police budget was cut by over $3 million. $150,000.00 that was earmarked for equipment was not spent. The $750,000.00 that was approved for the forensic lab was not spent. Instead what we got was the socalled JAGUAR operations breaking down people’s doors and finding no suspected drugs – A complete disaster! What we have instead are planes landing on our highways loaded with over $100 million in cocaine and the pilots fly away with impunity. As the US State Department report exposes: this government’s weak efforts at combating the drug trafficking is seriously impaired by a lack of political will and by corruption.

The Prime Minister’s latest solution to the crime problem is to take 15 “high energy” gang members out of Belize City and send them to work in the districts for the Ministry of Works. Is this how we will restore Belize? Is this man serious? CONCLUSION What this entire budget exercise shows are the following: This government has no Development Plan. No strategy to stimulate new economic activities. No new ideas to increase productivity and exports. No ability to generate job opportunities. No sustained action to improve the quality of life of the Belizean people. It is no coincidence that there has been no consultation with the social partners – business, labour or the NGOs in crafting this budget – a budget with no vision and no clear direction. Just an exercise in creative bookkeeping. A budget not grounded in reality, not grounded on the needs and aspirations of the Belizean people but a Barrow budget borrow and spend and hoping that this time they can receive the over $100 million in new loans to finance their once again fiscal deficit and praying that the Russians come through with their promises of $40 million largesse. In the meantime they will continue with the blame game. “It wasn’t me” says the Prime Minister. Blame the PUP. Blame it on the superbond. Blame it on the commercial banks. Blame it on the capacity constraints in the civil service. Blame it on the

environmental NGOs and the indigenous Maya who are trying to stop my policy of drill baby drill. Blame it on the global recession and on Hurricane Richard and blame it on the rising world oil prices which hang like a Damocles sword over my head. “It wasn’t me” said the Prime Minister. But it is you: It is you that is wasting taxpayers’ money on your favorite private attorney questioning in Court the very existence of Maya Belizeans in the South as indigenous people. Mr. Prime Minister, the people are tired of your excuses. Tired of the false promises, tired of the deception, tired of the blatant nepotism and cronyism in your administration, tired of your mendacity and rank hypocrisy. The end is near for this one-term government.



Teen’s suicide leaves evidence of strange circumstances Wednesday, April 6, 2011 It will be a long time before the family, classmates and friends of Daisey Cerda, 19, forget the strange circumstances surrounding her suicide in San Ignacio Town. The fourth form student of Sacred Heart College lived in a humble dwelling with her family in Benque Viejo del Carmen but a bizarre sequence of events, coupled with messages she scribbled on a table found near her body, have confirmed for some what they had suspected for quite a while - that her suicide is the result of some unexplained, if not, paranormal occurrence. Cerda’s story came to light in the last week of February when she tried to hang herself. Following a series of personal issues and the death of a cousin to suicide just a month earlier, she fell into depression and had been receiving counseling to cope with the challenges. On Monday of this week, however, something pushed her over the edge. Instead of going to classes, she caught a taxi and went two miles off the Bullet Tree Road across the home of a young man she had fallen in love with. There, she used a piece of burnt charcoal to write goodbye messages on a wooden table that people use for Sunday picnics near the Mopan River. From the looks of the messages, she appeared to

Mexico’s daylight saving time starts on Sunday, April 3rd 2011 Belmopan, 31 March 2011.The Embassy of Mexico informs that on Sunday April 3rd, Mexico will begin Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time (Horario de Verano). On that day, clocks in Mexico go forward one hour. That means that Mexico’s local time will run 1 hour ahead of Belize’s local time until October 30th, 2011. For example, 9:00 am in Belize local time will be in Mexico 10:00 am local time. For those traveling within Mexico, the Embassy reminds that the Mexico Daylight Saving Time applies to most of the Mexican territory, including Chetumal, Cancun, Merida, Campeche, Mexico City and Veracruz. If you are in transit through Mexico, please check your flight’s local time. (Press Release)

Daisey Cerda

have carefully planned or was coerced into hanging herself. She was explicit in her messages, all directed to people closest to her. Two of them bore very strange symbols to anyone who knows a little about evil doings. One of the messages read “EMO for life” while another were merely 666. Some reports indicate that the young lady even pronounced that she was going to commit the act on the date that she did, April 4, 2011. EMO is a known cult-like practice that seeks the loyalty of young people. The Emo culture is about listening to a certain type of music, dressing a certain way and ostracizing oneself from everything. Since her attempt of suicide in February, Cerda had reportedly gotten into a dispute with her family and she had moved out thereafter, staying with a relative in San Ignacio. It is not certain what transpired on the days just before her untimely death. The suicide has parents of Benque at a loss over what is happening in their community. There are reports of numerous attempts of suicide since the start of the year, but because the victims have been rescued, and the natural attention incidents like these attract, they are not made public. They have sparked much concern and outrage among teachers in the area, however, as now awareness campaigns and counseling sessions are being made more readily available to help stem the increasing and worrisome problem. Daisey Cerda will be laid to rest on Thursday in Benque Viejo del Carmen.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011





Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aint fair says: April 5, 2011 at 6:07 am this good for nothing pm, when belizean bawl out, do u think u…he hear us….noo…. when we’re promise land bcas we’re belizeans…do u think he entitle us one…..nooo… when cost of goods sky-rocket…u think this man at least consider d majority of belizeans that can afford it…nooo…when murder rate have been excalating ever since he came into power, have he given hope to d people that all will be ohk rather makin us panick whenver we go to by right a the store which is 5mins to our own homes…. noooo address of combating crime, criminals are at large rite in our neighborhood… business is only good for this man alone, he and his family, while we’re here suffering….We aint got no leader, folks….. Justice says: April 4, 2011 at 2:34 pm At least Sedi is showing more intellect than Barrow. Not that any od them should be PM. With Sedi we might be Guatemalans! With Barrow we are individuals without rights! I am still glad Cardona spoke up. He might have taken time but might have needed that time to get the courage but the fact is he spoke up which is commendable. barrow on the other hand acnnot help but be an idiot who dictates. Rememeber him grinning when Cardona was delivering, can anyone look more reatarded than how he had looked then? Belizeans 1 says: April 5, 2011 at 9:42 am Is this Pm for real????? He is the very person that represented and faught and secured the freedom for the some of the most notorious crime heads. Dean Barrow is part of this problem in a major way. All the millions the he has and flaunts come from defending crime.The people have no respect for this man. Anything he says no longer has any validity. All I can say is we as Belizeans who care about our people and country…PRAY! Dean Barrow is the devil and he is leading our country. PRAY! Sugar says: April 5, 2011 at 8:40 am “I will do this”…”I will do that”….PM…WE ARE TIRED OF PRESS CONFERENCES……GET UNO BACKSIDE OUT ON THE STREETS AND DO WHAT U WERE ELECTED TO DO….Do U ever watch news and see how pathetic U all sound??? Ebony says: April 5, 2011 at 11:06 pm Leave the squatters as they are !!! I donot know who the told the government of belize the people in Belama want a bridge build from chetumal street to back of the lakeI if the government cant even control the crime in the city why would they want to bring it to an area that doesn’t have crime why can’t they think about the effects of this bridge and the crime that will effect the people who live in belama and they say two head are better than 1 why aren’t they using it Posts are from, Belize Times Facebook Account and

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Strictly Personal Barrow is bogus

By “Consider that you cannot commit to the genocide of the many without first being discourteous to a single human being. You cannot build gas chambers and ovens for the millions before you have first resorted to being rude to at least one person. The most vicious holocausts of human history, the most barbaric social atrocities and the most brutal oppressions all begin in the relationships of our

Even in the best of times Mr. Barrow is haughty and arrogant, but never so much as when he is seeking to belittle others.” youth where the smallest discourtesy first takes root in the heart and the acceptance of discourtesy is normalized. However, this beginning is not as a seed that grows into a tree. The full identity of human evil is already manifest in the smallest of events, because the smallest of discourtesies find their origin in the same grounding of fear and ignorance as the largest of holocausts. The acceptance of the smallest discourtesy or the normalization of the slightest disrespect is not just the first step on the road to human evil. It is the whole of the journey. For human evil must not be measured according to the amplitude of its destructive force. It must be understood according to the character of its nature. There is no difference in the character of discourtesy and genocide. The fundamental nature of both is to be an expression of fear and/or ignorance. The identity of discourtesy and genocide as being evil is

the same, because the nature of their origin is the same. Eliminate even the smallest discourtesy and the larger and more destructive results of human evil are never brought into being.” - excerpted from “A Socratic Perspective on The Nature of Human Evil” by Max Maxwell To be fair Dean Barrow is not the only person I know here in Belize who habitually, when asked a question they don’t like, seeks to disparage the messenger and impute improper motives, rather than just answering the question. It is unfortunate that for the PM it is now a personal characteristic, and that if only because he engages in such behavior with such panache, especially in the bully pulpit of the National Assembly where he has immunity, it is now becoming imprinted in our cultural psyche. You only have to look at the behavior of our more impressionable brothers and sisters to see what I am talking about. At this week’s press conference the Prime Minister found a question I posed to be politically provocative enough for him to retort that he was aware that I was gifted in the use of words and infer that I was of a twisted mind. But it is far more relevant to this essay how Mr. Barrow sounded in his response than what he actually said. His tenor perhaps even more than his words, is what seems intended to create acrimony and ill-feelings. Even in the best of times Mr. Barrow is haughty and arrogant, but never so much as when he is seeking to belittle others. At best Mr. Barrow is habitually rude, if not disrespectful. He routinely hectors those he believes disagree with him. He reflexively insults those persons he believes are his political opponents, and whom he has routinely called his “enemies” over the past several years. He does not see the contradiction in appealing for unity on an issue that by his own admission is a national crisis, even as he continues to “diss” those he considers to be “them.” Mr. Barrow could have told me anything he wanted at his press conference, after all he is the prime minister, it is his press conference, we were in a police station (the Raccoon Street police station conference room), and not only is he flanked by the heads of the entire national security apparatus (ministers of police and defence, their CEO’s, the commandants of the BDF and National Coast Guard, and the commissioner of police), but the room is also crammed with high ranking police

officers, three other ministers and their entourages, as well as the entire reportorial and recording personnel section of the Government information service. The actually working press was out-numbered by a factor of 5-1. That he chose the option of sounding hostile says it all. I was also expecting that he would react in this fashion to my questions, and had decided I would not engage him in a back-and-forth. It takes two to quarrel, and besides, this was the closest Mr. Barrow has been to humiliation since he rode a wave of near unprecedented popularity to power three years ago. As I watched him imperially cosseted by his ministers, CEO’s, com-

21 mandants, et al, I knew that this was one time when he would not, could not play hero with a national crisis. He had called the conference to admit failure. A year ago he had as hastily called a press conference in the midst of the same continuing crisis to declare that he had solved the violent crime problem – no doubt he ruefully remembers that April Fools’ Day press conference, the one where he revealed the existence of a ring of rogue cops that were responsible for the murders and armed robberies? I could tell he was hoping, no praying, I wouldn’t ask him about that. Unlike Barrow, I have compassion. Barrow is bogus.



Where is the Love in San Pedro?

By Milo Paz March was the month dedicated to the women in our country and the world, and it saddens me that in our town there was no recognition to our Moms, aunts, sisters and grandmothers. This shows how much our area rep and local government appreciate the women in our beloved Island. This past weekend was one of the most violent in this country where 2 women of Chinese decent were murdered. I personally sympathise with their families. As head of the PUP Executive on the Island, I believe we have to sit down and come up with plans to ensure that our children will not grow up in a country taken over by violence and crime. One of the most disturbing things that concern me is that criminals walk away over and over again with no justice for the victims. We are now in a state of panic and our law abiding citizens are afraid because it appears the justice system is protecting the criminals. Our aim should be to strengthen families because that is where education

commences. Our Government must also ensure that San Pedro has enough classrooms to educate our children, and to provide land to our working families not only to cronies by giving them 25 acres of land, as has been done by the UDP on this Island. Most recently, we had legal representation on the Island to help the working class against this Barrow administration’s QUITAR land policy. The victimized are the poor class, but power to the people because the PUP is now empowering them with a way forward with their land problems. Remember we are one of the largest providers of work and taxes to the Government, so I call on my friend who advocated for the plan to have Government spend 30% back in the island, of what we pay to the Government coffers. We have to remind our area Rep and Town leaders that no community, town or country will ever prosper on heavy taxation, or by allowing cronies a free ride with their property taxes. Let’s find a mechanism to collect the back taxes that I understand is a hefty amount but never disclosed to the public or to our Party. And here I say again, if we want better streets and better local services, let’s make a level-playing field on our tax payers instead of over taxing a section of the population. I recommend that we commence by exposing the ones that owe property taxes in this town and if they don’t want to pay, let’s use all legal means to make them pay, so we do not over burden the patriots that pay and want better for our Island.

A Youth Agenda Part III – How can we get there? By: Daniel Chavez OW District BYM Representative Last week the Vice President of the BYM continued the discussion on the Youth Agenda, focusing on young people becoming stakeholders of Economic Growth and on the very important issue of crime. In addition, the President of the BYM discussed his views of the 2011/2013 Budget and how it can be compared to an empty shell of promises. This week, I have decided to add my contribution and point out other important areas which we in the BYM feel should be pursued to improve the lives of the Belizean youth. As young people we strongly believe that there is an urgent need for an effective Youth Act to be implemented. This act will set the foundation for the work on youth development and give legislative footing for the Youth Policy. In addition this would seek to govern Youth Work and outline the roles and responsibilities of youth workers; and ensure the professionalization of Youth Work. This Act will therefore become the mechanism to facilitate better collaborations among organizations engaged in youth work. Finally this would introduce legislation for Youth for the Future to ensure that the initiative has longevity.

We call on the Government to establish a Youth Fund with a proper management and accountability structure and legislate for the set up of funding sources (e.g. oil revenue, offshore banking, taxes from tobacco-products & liquor) and ensure an increase in funds for the Ministry of Youth and Youth for the Future YFF. We believe and strongly support the practice of good governance. In this light, we believe that there is an important need for young people to become involved in governance. This can only be done if Government establishes a mechanism which will allow young people to participate actively in the learning processes and decision-making structures affecting them and their environment. This mechanism can be achieved with the establishment of the Belize National Youth Council. There should also be wide consultation with all stakeholders to allow for a seat for young people in the Senate and we must ensure youth participation in Government/QuasiGovernment boards e.g. the Petroleum Advisory Board. Government must be serious about involving our young people in these initiatives, since this is the only way our nation’s future is secure.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Revolution Must Now Be Radical……. By Carolyn Trench-Sandiford – Deputy Leader People’s United Party - Belize


ccording to George Beckford and Michael Witter in Small Garden…Bitter Weed, a written documentary of Struggle and Change in Jamaica, “Every society has an irreversible history, a historically determined present, and a future. The future, like the present and past before it, is determined by the outcome of individual and collective human action within the historically given social reality; and of course the independent evolution of the natural environment itself.” They continued: “Most of the times these changes, social and natural, occur gradually, even imperceptibly. Often times, social changes are abrupt and violent; this is revolutionary change as opposed to evolutionary change. Revolution, in this sense, is a heightening of the tempo of social change (which is always going on) at a particular point in history.” We live in a Belize of change. In 1950, the peaceful constructive revolution was birthed against the backdrop of colonialism, rape and exploitation, marginalization and oppression. At that time, decisions for our country was made in England, and our political, economic and social structure was designed to create and export wealth to enrich England. It was never about creating opportunities for our people or to build a sovereign and independent nation. The decision to move against British domination was bold. It was courageous. It was radical. The thinking of our forefathers and mothers was that independence would change the landscape, and increase access by all to the nation’s wealth, as the decisions for wealth creation and distribution would now be in the hands of indigenous Belizeans for Belize. We were on a journey to create the NEW BELIZE. However, the British style of governance, the Westminster Parliamentary Democracy, which we would inherit, was rooted in British history, demographics and traditions, monarchy and class structure that sinisterly guaranteed the perpetuation of the very same centralized decision making form of governance, economic system and class structure that had institutionalized inequity, and which we were desirous of changing.

So when the British departed, not much changed. This is because our economy was cultivated to be dependent and export driven, with crumbs to fall for the less fortunate who were the majority, rather than for economic domestic security, independence and sustainability and social progress, and the legislation still concentrated and centralized decision making. Over time, the demographics have changed and traditions and values merged or were abandoned. Dominant cultures and singular ethnic origins have reduced and a mixed ethnic grouping has increased exponentially, but ethnic enclaves remain. We are no closer to national unity. Also in 2011, the People’s United Party and the peaceful constructive revolution are both 61 years old. Belize as an independent nation is 30 years old. Yes, the revolution introduced many reform measures, particularly in land distribution, housing infrastructure and education, and there has been a move toward empowering municipal and village authorities. And yes, we have transitioned from a forest based economy to diversified agriculture, service and oil, and our Gross Domestic Product (the value of all the goods and services we produce) is 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS, but still with the export market as a priority, despite dwindling preferential markets and global economic volatility. But these incremental and evolutionary approaches were not at a pace or of a degree for meaningful changes to create the NEW BELIZE. Economic growth has not created a NEW BELIZE, as is evident in the statistics, and regional and international financial institutions hold a mortgage on us. And, when combined with the mismanagement of our wealth, greed and selfishness, incompetent and visionless leaders who display a marked disinterest in bringing about national unity, Belize in 2011 has become a violent and poverty stricken nation. A murder is now being committed every 2 days; 43% or 143,276 persons are unable to find 5.30 a day to eat, and an additional 14% or 46, 648 persons are destined to join them for a total of 57% or 189,924 persons in poverty; 30,000 children are excluded from educational opportunities; foreign investment is down by 90% and unemployment stands at 55% among the youth and women in many communities; Major industries are in crisis and the purchasing power of the working class is eroding daily as they bear the burden of cruel tax appropriation and higher costs of living; and healthcare is beyond the reach of most Belizeans. These are the ingredients for abrupt social change and violent revolution,

and the tempo is heightening. Our people are in a state of hopelessness, and the increasing ethnic and racial angst now being expressed openly will only add the fuel to manufacture a bomb in waiting. It is just a matter of time for one stick of match to ignite it. The only way this can be averted, is if the people of Belize begin to not imagine, but receive their just share of the national wealth, and NOW is the time. For as long as we are divided by inequity, and believe in systems that perpetuate it, are driven by greed and selfishness, and accept incompetence as governance, there will never be a NEW BELIZE. As a people, we must come to grips that the governance structures and economic system as is, can never be good for us, no matter who is in power, since it was not designed to create the NEW

23 BELIZE. Rather, combined, they militate against what is fundamental to creating a NEW BELIZE. We must therefore reconfigure them. 2011 is not 1950, and the social reality is upon us. It is without a doubt, that if we are to eradicate poverty and bring about social progress, safety and security, and if we are to become one nation with one vision, the revolution can no longer be peaceful or evolutionary. As it was in 1950, it must be radical. Only so will we break the cycle of perpetual subjection of our people, only so will we create a new political, economic and social order, only so will we transition to Phase II of the revolution, and only so will a NEW BELIZE be born, which will bring to all Belizeans a better life and a just share of the national wealth……






ost times when the issue of domestic violence is discussed, we tend to look at the women being financially dependent or fearing for their lives and that of their children should they choose to leave the abusive home. But what about the cases of the employed partners, who would be able to survive without the abusive spouse, yet they stay and tolerate the abuse? One of the factors that can be attributed to this is poor self esteem. Many people don’t study the importance of self-esteem, but how much you have affects every aspect of your life. Self-esteem is how you view yourself, how you interact socially with others, how you feel about your job, how you feel about your strengths and weaknesses and how you feel about your appearance. When you are lacking in this area you tend to allow people to trample on your feelings, opinions and thoughts. It is never healthy to withhold your expressions for fear of being criticised or judged. You are who you are and your thoughts are your own. The way you think and the way you emote is what makes you uniquely you! While many may have had childhood experiences that led them to having low self esteem, there are others who despite being brought up in a positive environment and despite being very self-confident, fall into a negative state once they enter into an abusive relationship. Abusers are usually very insecure, and as they say, misery loves company so he/she will tell you nasty hurtful things which over a period of time will lead you into thinking that you are useless or worthless. This week’s topic of Self Esteem comes about after I met a young woman at the doctor’s office a few days ago. Evidently she needed to open up to someone and so I sat there and listened. At first glance you would think this woman had it all. She wore an office suit complemented by nice jewellery, purse and shoes and was well groomed. But behind all that sparkle was the victim of domestic abuse. She has been with her common law husband going for five years now and he has been unfaithful several times and to every time there has been another woman, she would take accusations, verbal and to a minimal degree, physi-

cal abuse from him. As I sat there and listened to this woman’s every word, recounting my very own experiences, I began wondering why such a smart and savvy woman would stay and take such abuse. Well, into the conversation after soaking in her every word, hand movements and facial gestures it dawned on me that she was insecure and had developed very low self esteem over the years. Many of us don’t accept abuse because we saw one of our parents being abused, or because we’re financially dependent or even emotionally. The acceptance of the situation comes from being brainwashed for years that we were horrible spouses or women and that no other would put up with us so we’d live alone for the rest of our lives. If you’re one of those persons who figured this out already then you’re probably amazed at how I am recently confirming this for myself but sometimes it takes other people’s situations for you to actually figure out what the problem is because then you’re not a part of it but rather you’re on the outside looking in – which always gives us a better vantage point. If you’re one of those persons who still haven’t figured out whether you have high or low self esteem then take a look at the list below and see the causes, the signs and the road to recovery. CAUSES These are only some of the common causes of low self esteem. Negligence: Being brought up in conditions where love and affection is lacking, feel abandoned and insignificant as they grew up. They find it very difficult to trust people and mix up with them. Excessive Criticism: Being constantly reminded that you’re no-good, losing self confidence. Such events create a feeling of worthlessness, making them pessimistic and hesitant from doing anything positive. Influence of Parents and Family: Parents tend to influence a child with the reflection of their unfulfilled dreams. They make the mistake of choosing a career that the children are not happy to follow. Physical Appearance: The physical impression of a person is very important as it is the most influential. People with bad looks feel inferior when compared with a better looking

Sunday, April 10, 2011

person. These create a feeling of repulsion, which isolates them from an active social life. Negative Experience: Some low self esteem issues are caused due to negative experience. Children tend to take in the negativity around them. Adults too indulge in certain activities that can harm a person’s self-esteem. Child Abuse: Most people with low self esteem have a history of both physical and mental abuse during their childhood.

cial life. - A disturbed and depressed appearance most of the time. - Eating disorders that can lead to obesity - Negative thoughts, failing recognize their potential. - Fear of criticism; taking compliments negatively. - Fear to take up responsibilities and fear of forming their own opinion. -Living a pessimistic lifestyle.

THE SIGNS - People with low self esteem have these basic symptoms which most times are not easy to notice. - Lack of social skills and self confidence, causing you to avoid so-

RECOVERY - Avoid negative situations. - Keep positive people around you and think positive thoughts -Keep one good friend that will listen during difficult times

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Dismantling Our Constitution

By anthony sylvestre Four years after Belize became an independent country with its own constitution, and less than a year after it was elected to the national government for the first time in its political party’s history (and with a super majority at that), the UDP started the dismantling of the Constitution of Belize. It was the 1st of November, 1985 when then Governor General Dame Minita Gordon assented to Act No. 14 of 1985, the Belize Constitution (First Amendment) Act. The first amendment to the Constitution of Belize by the UDP paved the way for the notorious bucket sale of Belizean passports to foreigners who had never set foot in Belize, were never required to set foot in Belize, but simply required to “give we, wah lee money.” Dean Barrow, our present Prime Minister, back in 1985, was a prominent Minister in that UDP Cabinet. He was in also in charge of the drafting of laws as the Attorney General. The constitution was amended for the sole purpose of generating monies for the bankrupt UDP government. Bankrupt with ideas back then as it is today, the UDP deliberately started tampering with this sacred document which in legal circles is referred to as the legal bible. Equally important, that first constitutional amendment started the bastardisation of the Belizean identity- to be a Belizean from henceforth had no fixed mooring (to use one of Dean Barrow’s favourite words). To repeat, once yuh cudda mi give the government wah lee money, you cudda become wah Belizean. Like the Holy Bible, the constitution is a document which sets out the principles that govern Belizean actions (whether individually or institutionally); that guides how citizens’ actions are to be regulated, conducted and done. Indeed the first words of our Constitution states you how much reliance is placed on God: “… the people of Belize(a) Affirm that the Nation of Belize shall be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God, faith in human rights and fundamental freedoms, the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions, the dignity of the human person and the equal and inalienable rights which all members of the human family are endowed by their Creator.”

The constitution sets out the extent of the rights and powers of the citizens of Belize, as well as the organs of the statethat Executive (the Prime Minister and Cabinet), the Legislature (those men who debate and oftentimes ‘go an bad’ in the House of Representatives and Senate) and the Judiciary (the judges, magistrates and other judicial officers). Now, just as how a person of faith should be terrified, furious, sickened to the point of her head spinning- at the thought of her church pastor or father destroying and bastardising the Holy Bible, so too should all Belizeans be terrified and sickened by the way Dean Barrow and this UDP is proposing to destroy our Constitution. Now it will be said, wait a minute, give him a chance; that’s not fair. But the evidence is there for all to see that the constitutional amendments that the UDP has passed in the past have had the debilitating effect on the national consciousness and psyche. Rather than improving on the regulating of citizen’s action, it has had a conversely debilitating effect. For instance, it isn’t any secret what grave damage to our country’s dignity and respect internationally that the dubious economic citizen program has caused which is a direct consequence of that first constitutional amendment passed by Barrow and the UDP back in 1985. Then in 1988, Barrow and his UDP amended the Constitution of Belize for a second time- again for a dubious purpose. This constitutional amendment, Act No. 26 of 1988, gave the constitutional stamp of approval for the wretched and notorious SIS regime. Those of us old enough to recall, will remember that the SIS was a security agency that was formed by the UDP (very much like today’s Gang Suppression Unit). SIS was formed, the UDP said, for the “protection of Belize and its people from espionage, sabotage, subversion, active measures of foreign intervention and terrorism.” But those of us old enough to remember know better. The SIS had nothing to do with protecting Belize and its people, but was a covert outfit designed to consolidate the UDP power. So, the SIS unleashed a fury of intimidation, bullying tactics, threats and bodily harm and spying on PUP officials and members. Barrow and the UDP molested our constitution, just for that purpose. Happily, the PUP, as one of their first acts when they got into power, dis-banned that rogue security agency. Now, we fast forward to 2011 to again some horrific proposals that the UDP is hell bent on enacting by way of further destroying our constitution. Now, Dean Barrow is the top man so he can’t side step responsibility as he did back then when he put all the blame on Manuel Esquivel. I’m talking here about the proposal

to change the constitution for preventative detention. Barrow and the UDP may say that we have not seen their proposal for the preventative detention so we cannot criticize it. Well, the truth is Barrow had already proposed this preventative detention back in April, 2008, but public outcry caused him to back off. He said that it was mostly outcry from the PUP, but that is far from the truth- there was national public outcry, as there seems to building again. What is preventative detention? Simply put, preventative detention means locking up someone without charging them. Our constitution presently gives the police the power to lock up a citizen for 48 hours without charging them. The police, however, must have some reasonable suspicion that the citizen committed a crime or was about to commit a crime. We all know that sometimes the police lock-up citizens for 48 hours without any reasonable cause to do so. When the police do this, citizens can sue for breach of his or her constitutional right to liberty. But many who are victims of this abusive practice of the police do not have the means to pursue a case in the courts. Barrow and the UDP wants to extend that period in police lock-up from 48 hours (2 days) to seven (7) days, in the first instance, with a possibility of it being extended to up to 90 days. Is that reason for concern? Yes. There is reason for concern here as it is a known fact that a police officer can pick up a citizen and lock him


up and merely say, I have reasonable suspicion that you may want to commit a crime. What is the further danger is that such a constitutional amendment cannot be undone unless and until another government is formed that has a supermajority; that is, a three fourth’s majority. By way of example again, the first two constitutional amendments made by the UDP in 1985 (economic citizenship) and 1988 (SIS) respectively were not undone (in legal terms repealed) until the PUP came back to power in 1998. This is so even though the PUP was in government between 1989 and 1993 because they did not have the supermajority required and therefore could not repeal those first two constitutional amendments. In repealing those two dubious constitutional amendments in 2001, the PUP also reduced the period of time for which the Police could lock up a citizen without charging him: it was reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours. The UDP, with preventative detention, is now reversing that. Given this present government’s arrogant and dictatorial conduct with their supermajority and public’s present mood of politicians and politics, it is very doubtful that the electorate will give to any political party in the near future a supermajority. Therefore, it is quite possible that we will be living in a Belize with this draconian preventative detention for a very long time. This makes it even more important that the UDP are not allowed to enact it.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011



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Society’s Expectations Remember Isaiah There was a black Belizean Named Isaiah Morter Who was the U.N.I.A. Biggest benefactor Isaiah was a rich planter Called the Coconut King Who planted everything From coconut to plantain Isaiah owned land At Caye Caulker, In Isabella Ands in the town of Belize He got them from mortgages Well Isaiah Morter The great benefactor Bequeathed almost everything For the redemption of Africa So much so that Marcus Garvey In his Opinions and Philosophy Crowned Isaiah Prince of Africa Sad to say The U.N.I.A. Never got a penny Up to this day.

By Lucia Moguel In today’s society we, youths, are expected to behave properly. By behaving properly they mean that we should follow the law and respect authorities. We are also expected to have a job, if we are not in school, or to do have passing marks, if we are in school. If we are “pretty” boys and girls, meaning that we stay home to do nothing and we are maintained by mommy and daddy, society looks upon us with shame. Similarly, if we are “trouble makers” society resents us and immediately we are labeled as being unproductive and good for nothing. Society has a fine eye for detecting wrong doings. If we see a boy and a girl together we immediately assume that they are together. If we see a girl among many guys we assume that she is either a tomb boy or a slut. By mentioning society we can easily assume that we are talking about our older folks; however, we all, the children, the adolescents, the adults and the elderly compose society. Since our prime concern is the youth of Belize, let’s have an insight of what society expects from us. It has become common, in fact a norm, for most young people to smoke marijuana, drink and fornicate. This is what you hear every day. It is sad to note that it has become a “hobby” for our young girls to get pregnant. Today we see girls aged 13 pregnant; some of them are still in primary school and they are already sexually active. This is not right. This can not continue to be the norm. Our society is going down the drain. Somehow, people believe that if you are a drunk and a pot head, you are cool. That if you have been with so many people you are an expert. Indeed it is said that this is the stage in life which was built to experiment. Yes let’s experiment, but everything has a when, a where and even a how. It looks bad on you. You look bad when you are drunk or high on the streets. No one wants to hire a person with this image. It looks bad. Another demon that is haunting us is teenage

pregnancy and early parenthood. When a young girl gets pregnant, her chances of studying are hindered and diminished. If the young man decides to respond as a father, he will have to maintain himself, the young woman and the child. Thus his opportunities of pursuing higher levels of education are also hindered and diminished. Now, we are seeing this occurring more and more frequently, and the million dollar question emerges: How do we expect to have a progressive society if our parents are too young and have a limited background? What can these people teach their children? It would be ideal if parenthood was delayed and higher levels of education were attained. This would improve our society greatly, the more educated people we have the better decisions we can take. I don’t want to sound as if I am in favor of anything but, with all the contraceptives in the market, how can people get pregnant? Moreover, society expects us to have the latest phones, the latest clothing, the latest everything. They expect us to be thin and to be good looking when obviously not everyone is the same. This gives rise to many ails such as segregation, depression and bullying. We oppress our own selves. We change who we are just to be a part of the bunch. How can we distinguish between each other if everyone is the same? Society loves underachievers and conformists. People are happy with the little they get and achieve; this attitude can clearly be seen in the government and even among our very own people. Those that settle for less are envious of over achievers. People don’t want you to succeed; as soon as you are about to get out of the bucket the mob pulls you back down. However, if you are an over achiever, where will you work? Where can you exploit your creativity and get a job in which you can climb up the ladder and attain a high position? Jobs are limited in this country. There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children (Nelson Mandela).

will never forget that day We wish you were still here dearest Gran, we have so much to say.

By Shanell, Maddie, Stephanie, Natavia, Norman Jr., and Josh

Unscrupulous men Acting in collusion With the system Stole the UNIA legacy Its property and money

Time did not permit us to say goodbye to you You left us so suddenly we weren’t sure what to do. Every day we ask in vain why did you have to go? We have so many questions Gran, the answers we may never know.

But although that was the case We who are the black race Should always remember The great Isaiah Morter

We remember you took care of us when we were little kids And then we all grew up and had our own lives to live. But we never forgot about you Gran you were always a part of our family, We only wish you had a little more time with your great gran, Maddie. You met her twice and held her once and we

You were a kindred spirit Gran, a very kind soul But your kindness was taken advantage of by those you call your own. We hope you are happy now, worry and burden free, Please look down on us, and guide us, please protect little Maddie. We miss you so much Gran, all we are left with is ‘if only’ We’ll see you one day Gran, and then we’ll be happy. You gave so much of yourself to us and some of us didn’t return the favor We guess the heavens decided there was no reason for you to continue to suffer. We miss you Gran and We hope you know That we’d fight the world before we ever let you go!!!



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Selected By Chris Williams

Digital Economy Act:

filesharing code delayed by six months Alleged copyright infringers could still receive warning letters next year despite high court challenge By Josh Halliday The government’s code to clamp down on illegal filesharing will not come into force for another six months as the Digital Economy Act is held up by a high court challenge. However, plans to send thousands of warning letters to alleged copyright infringers are still on track to begin in the first half of next year, the government said on Tuesday. The introduction of the code, which sets out how music and film companies can take steps to identify people accused of illegal downloading, was delayed indefinitely last month after a legal challenge by two of the UK’s biggest internet service providers

first half of next year,” said a spokesman for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. “Our principal concern is to establish a system that works and provides the UK’s creative industries with the tools they need to protect their hard work and investment. We understand the urgency, but will not rush this important task.” Under the government’s controversial anti-filesharing A supporter of file-sharing hub Pirate Bay scheme, internet service providers send notification letters to customers accused of illegal downloading by music and BT and TalkTalk. than planned. The government now says that “This is a deadline – we would film companies. Repeat copyright the measures, known as the initial hope the code can be made before infringers could have their internet obligations code, should be intro- then and are still aiming to have the access slowed or even blocked unduced by October – 10 months later first notification letters go out in the der secondary measures in the act.

Georgian woman cuts off web

access to whole of Armenia Entire country loses internet for five hours after woman, 75, slices through cable while scavenging for copper Tom Parfitt in Moscow An elderly Georgian woman was scavenging for copper to sell as scrap when she accidentally sliced through an underground cable and cut off internet services to all of neighbouring Armenia, it emerged on Wednesday. The woman, 75, had been digging for the metal not far from the capital Tbilisi when her spade damaged the fibre-optic cable on 28 March. As Georgia provides 90% of Armenia’s internet, the woman’s unwitting sabotage had catastrophic consequences.

Web users in the nation of 3.2 million people were left twiddling their thumbs for up to five hours as the country’s main internet providers - ArmenTel, FiberNet Communication and GNC-Alfa – were prevented from supplying their normal service. Television pictures showed reporters at a news agency in the capital Yerevan staring glumly at blank screens. Large parts of Georgia and some areas of Azerbaijan were also affected. “It was a 75-year-old woman who was digging for copper in the ground so that she could sell it for scrap,” said a

The woman damaged a fibre-optic cable with her spade.

spokesman for Georgia’s interior ministry said yesterday. Dubbed “the spade-hacker” by local media, the woman – who has not been named – is being investigated on suspicion of damaging property. She faces up to three years in prison if charged and convicted. A spokesman for Georgia’s interior ministry said the woman was temporarily released “on account of her old age” but could face more questioning.

The damage was detected by a system monitoring the fibre-optic link from western Europe and a security team was immediately dispatched to the spot, where the woman was arrested. The interior ministry said she had no accom-

plices. The cable is owned by the Georgian railway network. It is heavily protected, but landslides or heavy rain may have exposed it to scavengers. Pulling up unused copper cables for scrap is a common means of making money in the former Soviet Union. Some entrepreneurs have even used tractors to wrench out hundreds of metres of cable from the former nuclear testing ground at Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan.

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Count the number of flowers you find as you colour!

Sunny Seasons

My cousin who lives in Washington D.C. likes to write me letters. I am sort of her pen pal and I received a new letter last week. She was very happy because the weather had changed and winter seemed to be over. She said spring is her favourite season of the year; because, it brings back the warm weather and she loves to see the plants and trees that bloom. Her favourite tree is the cherry blossom and one day she hopes to visit Japan to see its many cherry blossom trees. Until that happens, for now, she is happy with going to a nearby park to enjoy them. Although we only have two seasons, dry and rainy, her love for spring got me excited too! Shall we have some spring fun?



Can you help the bee through the garden maze?




Stop: Truth Here A couple weeks ago I was at home listening to one of my favorite shows. It was Judge Karen. I heard her make a statement that caused me to stand to my feet! This guy came to her court with no evidence and basically his two long hands so she innocently asked him a question. It was a question that defines the way the world sees the church! “You think this is a church?” she asked with a frown of disgust on her face, “This is not a church this is a court room!” That statement hit me in the chest like a freight train! I have heard older folks ask lazy children who were not helping with tasks given “what happen, your hand join church?” While we have gotten used to these sayings, the church should be very concerned that this is the perception that people have of it! In other words, when I’m in trouble or if I need someone to work for me in my business the last person I would want to look for is someone who goes to church! Unlike the old days in scripture where kings (politicians), looked to men of God for answers, giving them positions of influence and authority in their kingdoms, we are now heading in the opposite direction. No one looks to the church for the answers any more. Why this is the case? Why is the church looked upon as irrelevant? My answer to this is simple. We have become watered down to a religion. Religion turns the word church into a building rather than a people. It turns the word kingdom into a religion rather than a country. Sometimes we become so spiritual that we are of no earthly good. My challenge today is to the church. Because we have used the same word church to describe a building that doesn’t move and goes nowhere, it has all become muddy! People say “I am going to Church”! This primarily refers to a ‘church building’ that has no senses, cannot think, cannot feel, and cannot move! Matthews 16:18 - And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Jesus tells Peter He will build the church on a revelation that he had received. The word church used in this case is not referring to a building, but rather a specific people! It is translated from the Greek word ‘ekklēsia’ and it means a ‘calling out’. You cannot call out a ‘church building’. God’s desire according to the prayer we so often recite, Our Father who art in heaven, is for His will to be done, His Kingdom to come, on earth as it is in heaven. The word church is a word exclusive to kingdoms. Kingdoms grow by taking over and or extending itself to other territories. While in the past some kingdoms would kill the inhabitants of the new territory they are taking over, the Romans were the first to change this. They would instead ‘call out’ certain citizens from the kingdom displaying a sense of potential, and having the heart of the King and would place them in the new land they have conquered. These ‘called out’ ones would then teach the conquered people how to live the exact lifestyle as if they were living in the kingdom. This is why in Belize we speak English even though we are surrounded by Spanish speaking countries. Why, because we were colonized by Britain who speaks English. The called out person in our case would have been the Governor General who would teach us how to conduct ourselves as they do in Britain! We would put aside our African language and learn English. Learn to worship or sing to the Queen. Learn to eat and drink of the same menu they would in Britain. The church then is not an object or a building, rather it is a function that describes a people. A president has a body guard. As we hear the word body guard we think of a person, who moves into action, he follows the president anywhere he goes. He is well trained, proven, a quick thinker, and well equipped for the job at hand. Whether this means having a big body or a having a firearm, he is well equipped. Church this is what you need to become. You are not a building but a called out agent sent to ‘let it be done on earth as it is in heaven’! As the people of the world hears the word church they should think of people of action, having answers to problems, successful lifestyles and marriages, givers, advisors and the list should continue! In closing let me reiterate that the church is not an inanimate building that sits there until the doors open. It is rather a people who are ‘called out’ with a specific duty to spread the message of the Kingdom of God. Only then will we lose the stigma that has been stuck to our reputation. Only then will the church catch the attention of Belize! The Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven is what all seven billion of us living on earth is looking for, it is the answer to all the problems a society face from crime right up to economics. Its constitution (The Bible) is not for a few religious folks but for every man and woman that walks the face of the earth. Let me take the time out to invite you to next weeks article where God willing, I will attempt to share with you what product the church should be offering to our world, and what every single, living human being, is looking for! God Bless!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Minister of NOTHING! By Junius Brutus In July of 2008, just months after his government was elected to office, Prime Minister Dean Barrow declared his “commitment” to the poor in Belize in the first budget of his term. He claimed that his budget was formulated to ‘look after poor people.’ He said that he realized that ‘sustained reduction in poverty comes from creating and providing equitable access to opportunities – opportunities for education, healthy living, entrepreneurship and business development, home ownership and community’. That budget, the first presented by Dean Oliver, was entitled realizing the possibilities. Three years after, Belizeans are still waiting for those possibilities to become reality; poor Belizeans are poorer; there are no opportunities for education and healthy living and the only ones who have gotten rich are the friends and family of Dean Oliver Barrow. The man who Barrow put in charge of taking care of our poor people – creating opportunities and uplifting our women and children and downtrodden – is Eden Martinez. But very few people even realize that there is a Minister of Human Development and Social Transformation. That’s because for the majority of Belizeans, there has been no development and no transformation, only more suffering and harder times. Under Eden Martinez, the poverty level has swelled to unprecedented levels – over 180,000 Belizeans are living in abject poverty. Under Eden Martinez, the unemployment rate of women and youth has blown to 25%. Under Eden Martinez, more than 1/3 of our children drop out of school before completing their secondary level of education. Under Eden Martinez, single mothers have been fired and entire families have been left destitute because of political victimization, with no assistance whatsoever. In the House of Representatives, Martinez claims that he is a champion of the poor; a white knight protecting women and children. But the reality is far different. Under Martinez, things have never been so bad for the poor, for women and children. In his 2009/10 budget presentation Prime Minister Barrow repeated his “commitment” to poverty reduction, but it was as dry and meaningless a commitment as his address given the year before. All we got were challenges and saw the opportunities go to their lackeys and family. The Prime Minister’s 2010/11 budget presentation was entitled ‘Recovery Today, Prosperity Tomorrow,’ but that prosperity has been as elusive as Mr. Barrow’s opportunities. In his first three budgets, the Prime Minister talked about possibilities and pursuing opportunities, and prosperity in some undetermined tomorrow. But

there is never any NOW! What plan is there for the people NOW? While we wait for opportunities and prosperity to surface, our people are sinking further into despair and hopelessness. In his budget presentation, Martinez makes much noise about helping the poor, but the fact is that he and the government have done nothing to help poor people; nothing to create programs to transform our society. In all budgets presented by the Prime Minister, the money allocated to pro-poor programmes has largely remained a figure on the pages of the budget book. For reasons known only to the Prime Minister and his pseudo-Minister of Human Development and Social Transformation, the millions allocated for the poor have not been spent – at least NOT on the poor. Millions have been spent on new vehicles for ministers and cronies; millions have been spent on travel and subsistence; millions have been spent on office supplies; millions have been spent to pay the ex-wife of the Prime Minister. But very little has been spent on the food pantry program. Very little has been spent on social programs to uplift the very poor in our communities. Even the Social Security program which paid a $100 per month to the elderly in our society has been politicized and selectively discontinued for supporters of the Peoples’ United Party. In every area in his portfolio including human services, disabilities and the Women’s Department, Martinez has spent less than was allocated to him, in a time when our people are suffering like never before. In the Family Services Division, for example, $373,651 was allocated to Martinez, and at the end of the fiscal year, he had spent only $197,759. Most people are crediting the breakdown of our social structure to the disintegration of families, but Eden Martinez couldn’t care less. In one year, he didn’t even spend $200,000 on family services. Of course, he is only following the example set by his boss. The total money allocated to family services in the 2010/11 budget was $373, 651 – just about the cost of two fancy vehicles for UDP ministers and cronies. Eden Martinez is in charge of arguably one of the most critical ministries, but he has not distinguished himself. Far from it, he has done nothing for the people of Belize. By not doing his work and collecting his huge salary and allowances, Martinez adds salt to the wounds of his do-nothing team. Since Martinez is not prepared to work for his people, he should remove himself and make way for a man who speaks much less but does much more. The people demand a leader that works.




Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011



By C.P. Mathers On March 11th at the budget presentation Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that “Fifteen of the most high- energy gang members and affiliates from one of the most challenging areas of the City have been taken on by the Ministry of Works. They will be dispatched to jobs in the rural areas of three different Districts.” Prime Minister Barrow also stated, “We hope to build on the initiative by finding more district work soon for another fifteen young men from a completely different turf.” Now reliable sources have communicated to us that Punta Gorda alone has 15 of these gang members in their community and there are reports of another group cited in Corozal as well. The residents of these towns have no clue that these dangerous people are now living amongst them and the government has failed to inform them of this very important piece of information. Barrow’s reason for starting such a program, and a program that is under the watch of Boots Martinez and his ministry of works, is that he believes that this will de-escalate tensions in the old capital. The PM said that he was approached by one of the most feared gang leaders and given the idea. This raises some serious some flags. On April 4th, at a press conference that was held in response to this past bloody weekend, the PM and his ministers of police and

Friends of Belize

Launched in Belize City March 31, 2011 (Belize City, Belize) Friends of Belize (FOB) was formally launched today at an event at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina in Belize City. The Friends of Belize Advisory Board including Ambassador Robert Dieter, Ambassador Philip Priestley, the Honorable Marcel Cardona, Member of the House of Representatives, Lynn Young, CEO of the Belize Electricity Limited and Godfrey Smith hosted the event. In attendance were a number of prominent Belizeans including Governor General Sir Colville Young, Members of the House of Representatives and Members of the Diplomatic Corps. In opening the formal presentation to over one hundred guests, Ambassador Dieter said, “While I was in Belize as the US Ambassador, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to meet many, many Belizeans and developed a deep appreciation for the country and their hospitality toward me. I am excited to have an opportunity to try to have a positive impact on Belize and its relationship with the US.” FOB is a non-governmental organization established in the US and with offices in Belize City and Washington, DC. FOB is a private entity that is not affiliated with any individual, political party or government At the launch, FOB General Counsel, Andrew Asher, outlined the organization’s mission. “In partnership with Belizeans, Friends of Belize will devote its efforts toward three core objectives – creating an environment for increased foreign direct investment; exploring and promoting policies that expand economic capacity; and coordinating economic and social policies for long term effect,” said Asher. As its first major effort FOB will host a forum for international and Belizean business and Belizean political leaders to discuss the business climate in the country and make recommendations for improvements. Asher said, “We hope this event will attract a lot of interest and spark thoughtful discussion from all corners of Belize.” FOB hopes to make this an annual event to focus attention on building a better economic climate in the country. More information about Friends of Belize and its future activities can be found at its website, (Press Release)

public safety, and defense and immigration along with heads of the defense force proposed a plan to address the crisis. Hon. Dough Singh stated and I quote, “The Belmopan police staff will continue to be deploy in Belize City for the remainder of the week and ongoing which will see a total of 20 additional personnel to conduct foot patrols.” This means that city of Belmopan will be shortened by 20 officers, who the residents rely on to help keep peace and order in their community. He went on to say, that if necessary police units from other parts of the country will be deployed to the old capital as well as more BDF soldiers, who we must not forget protect our borders. In one instance, the Government is exporting gangsters from Belize City to the districts, and at the same time, reducing the security capacities of those districts. This is not a wise move on the government’s part. Spreading the crime and violence by exporting criminals into the other districts is not the solution PM Barrow!




THINK ABOUT IT WHAT BELIZE DI COME TO? Belize is supposed to be a democratic nation. Like all democratic nations Belize has a Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law. Our Constitution has a whole chapter which deals with protecting our fundamental rights and freedom. The actual words to each of the Sections are “protection”. For example Protection of the right to life. Protection of the right to liberty. Protection of the right to privacy. Protection from arbitrary arrest and detention. Protection for equal treatment of the law. This means the Constitution is protecting our fundamental rights. But the UDP government has found a way to deprive us of the protection of our Constitution. The Constitution protects every citizen by stating that they are innocent of any criminal allegation until proven guilty. If a person is accused of committing a criminal offense, he is entitled to be treated a certain way by the police and by the court. The police can’t beat him. The police can’t force him to confess. The police can’t prevent him from speaking to a lawyer. The police can’t keep a person for more than 48 hours without charging him and taking him to court. If the police keeps a person at the station for any amount of time whether 4 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours and do not bring a charge, they have violated that person’s constitutional rights, and can be sued. The court has to treat that person in accordance with the Constitution and the principle of presumption of innocence. The court must read the charge to the accused. The court must make sure that the accused understands the charge against him. The court must set a reasonable date to allow that person adequate time to defend himself against that allegation. If the person doesn’t have a lawyer the court must explain his various rights and the courts procedures to the person. For example he has a right to ask questions of his accusers. He has a right to call witnesses. He has a right to give his side of the story or to remain silent. He has a right to be found not guilty if the evidence against him leaves reasonable doubt of his guilt or innocence. He has a right to bail. He can be denied bail if he is likely to interfere with witnesses or if he is unlikely to return to court for his trial. Although the Constitution guarantees our liberty the UDP government has increasingly been interfering with our Constitutional right to freedom. They have been passing laws which take away a person’s freedom and forces the court to put persons in prison for up to 90 days before there is a trial. It matters not whether that person is innocent or whether that person is a child or a mother with a new born baby or an elderly citizen or a good and decent student or a whole group of citizens who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. More and more laws are being passed by the government instructing Magistrates that they cannot give bail for a minimum of three months. This amounts to punishment against Belizeans even though there has not been a trial as yet. Now it is getting bad. A so-called Gang Suppression Unit has been wantonly and indiscriminately applying electrical shocks to an ever growing number of young citizens. If the police have information, it is their duty to arrest and bring charges. The police have a right to use force where it is necessary. What the gang unit is doing is violating the rights of Belizeans. Imagine police are going around

with masks covering their faces and committing illegal attacks. But it gets even worse. Unable to present any social and economic initiatives, the government has resorted to the worst type of action in an effort to claim they are solving crime. The government wants to change the Constitution so that they can further take away more freedom from Belizeans. They want to bring in preventative detention which is anathema in a democracy. Our Constitution is supposed to protect us against preventative detention. So they want to change the Constitution. The government has also come up with a cock-a-doodle-doo scheme in which they will deprive Belizeans of their right to be tried by a jury in the Supreme Court for certain serious offences. As the law currently stands 90 odd percent of criminals offences are tried in the Magistrate Courts so why tamper with jury trials for a handful of cases especially where there is no situation in which an outright guilty person has been released by a jury where the evidence presented shows he is guilty. If such a thing should happen the law allows for the case to be appealed. So only an idiot would come up with such an idea. Speaking of idiots. Only an idiot would suggest that violating the Constitutional rights of Belizeans, by brutalizing them, by wrongfully imprisoning and locking them up, by creating hatred and animosity, by turning the police into an unprofessional goon squad; that is the way to solve crime. On Tuesday afternoon the Cabinet, comprised mainly of poor thinkers or do do birds, bowed to the wishes of the Prime Minister and agreed to go full speed ahead with brutality, violation of the citizens’ rights rather than proceed with dialogue, consultation and the forging of new ideas and initiatives to find solutions to a crime problem in which there are only a few hundred bad heads involved. On Wednesday morning the various radio talk shows continued on their merry morning rounds. Only Mose Hyde on Krem Radio spoke out against the government’s proposals to mess with our Constitutional rights. Vibes radio did their duty and wrongly condemned the wrong headed action of the government. But the Oscars went to Plus TV. At the close of their Rise and Shine program all four speakers were against the government’s proposals. There may be hope after all. WHY OBAMA SHOULD LOSE The USA will have Presidential elections in November 2012. Barack Obama could have been the President of the world, so popular was he. He was so impressive during his campaign. He raised such hopes that there would be a new America which would treat the rest of the world with respect and understanding. He is the biggest let down since Eve took an apple to Adam, who took it and ate it. Obama condemned the illegal war in Iraq in which America succeeded in killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and destroyed that nation. He condemned the manner in which another illegal war in Afghanistan was conducted. He condemned the use of torture by American agents, the illegal transportation of persons in secret to prisons in other countries. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay where men have been languishing in this strange prison for over 8 years without a trial. He condemned the many inequalities inside the USA. But not only has Obama started his own illegal war in Libya but he has condoned torture. Guantanamo prison is still open. He has given billions of dollars to the banks and wealthy corporations while mil-

lions of Americans have lost their jobs and their homes. He has done nothing for Africa. Nothing for the Caribbean. America’s blockade against Cuba is still in effect. The treatment by Israel of the Palestinians is still unabated. Obama was next door in El Salvador two weeks ago. He didn’t even stop at our airport for a little 30 minutes. But we don’t hold that against him. We don’t overlook the fact that the racist elements in America and the war mongers are bringing heavy pressure on him. Our beef is this. Obama is like the smooth velvet glove that covers the brutal iron fist. All of us in the third world were taken in by Obama. But he is just a front. He restored a certain amount of trust and respect for an America that had been doing great wickedness across the earth. As such Obama is dangerous to us. It is better we have another George Bush type or a Sarah Palin because then we know exactly what we are up against and what to expect. Can you believe that the brutal, corrupt, dictator Duvalier who ripped up and raped Haiti for so many years was allowed to fly back to Haiti from exile in Europe. But the first democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was forced out of Haiti was blocked from returning by none other than Barack Obama. President Obama went so far as to telephone the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma to bring pressure so they wouldn’t allow Aristide to leave that country for Haiti. Don’t that say it all? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR LENT This columnist tried a bit of fasting for Lent. It hard. It really hard. Once you done get used to eat three meals a day to go without one meal is a pressure. If you get a good size breakfast you could go to about 2 or 3

Sunday, April 10, 2011 in the afternoon with water or a slight juice. Fasting is a form of making a sacrifice. If you fast for a cause it gives you pause to think, to meditate. Out of respect for what Jesus gone through, all of us one day Christians and some time Christians should try to come closer to Jesus through fasting and through prayers. A CONTRAST One weekend Saturday night, bad people or a bad person attacked the Belama Police Sub-station, shot and robbed the lone police officer. There was no press conference. There was no response from the Minister of Police or the Prime Minister. One other weekend a Chinese female was shot and killed, another Chinese female was shot and killed. Two other Belizeans were killed. The Chinese Community, and rightfully so, were outraged at the wanton and senseless slaying of the two women. They organized a demonstration in front of the Supreme Court which is a silent zone. They made noise. They blocked traffic. They rushed at the police transport carrying prisoners. They broke several laws by having an unauthorized demonstration. But they made their point. They may have threatened to stop giving the ruling politicians money, because the ruling politicians panicked. Called press conference. Made wild and reckless promises. They even agreed to change the Constitution. Agreed to launch more brutal attacks against the poorer classes. Did you know that the Boledo and Lottery which rakes in millions of dollars is given to a Chinese UDP supporter? Do you know that the revenues on boledo/lottery could have created hundreds of jobs and umpteen of opportunities to help tackle the causes of crime? Think about it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011



GOB to Harmonyville: “You are on your own” Belize City, April 5th, 2011 A release from Cabinet on Tuesday discloses that the Barrow Administration is no longer supportive of the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association Harmonyville initiative. The release indicates that GOB was withdrawing its support for assistance for the first-time land owners to meet the survey cost. The release claims that it was Nigel Petillo, President of BGYEA, who said that they were not prepared to work along with the government on its current course, that of having two separate communities, Harmonyville and Valle Nuevo, on the 1300 acre area. Cabinet said that it has also made new decisions. GOB will grant Valle

DPM Gaspar Vega broke his promise

Nuevo squatters access to 100 more acres than was agreed upon by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. The squatters altogether are now entitled to 152 acres of the land while just over 800 will be allocated to members of BGYEA, on the condition that more than half of that amount will be given out randomly. BGYEA will only be allowed to distribute lots to 400 of the first-time land owners. This is a serious turn of events for BGYEA and its members, who now are no doubt thinking that they have been shafted. It is a clear act of bad faith for Vega to pledge in one breath that he will assist all the occupants and applicants with half of the survey fees, only to have that swiftly change in one meeting at Cabinet. It is a clear plot to divide and

Alfonso Noble gets woman fum fum Belize City, April 5, 2011 He is normally the one to maliciously abuse women in his weekly UDP rag sheet newspaper but El Guardian wannabe-editor, Alfonso Noble, got a taste of his own medicine, when one of the women he has been improperly attacking for weeks now landed a full fist on his jaw. We don’t endorse abuse and violence of any kind, which is why unlike the UDP El Guardian, we respect and showcase our Belizean women in the positive light at the

Alfonso Noble

BELIZE TIMES, but when a man, or whatever UDP specie he is now, finds joy in attacking women with such venom as he has been doing, he deserves a good licking, and we’re not talking about the kind he gets from his pals. So, when we heard that Noble had been clobbered by a strong woman we just said let it be. We hope Noble takes it as a warning. Belizean women will not sit back and allow you to abuse them.

conquer and to create an atmosphere of uneasiness and frustration for BGYEA members. The UDP’s Ramon Witz, whom Petillo has accused of fomenting conflict, was recently re-elected as the area representative of the area.

GOB to import next ComPol Belize City, April 6th, 2011 Minister of Police and Public Safety, Doug Singh, announced today that Crispin Jeffries’ contract as Commissioner of Police will not be renewed for another year. But instead of Jeffries being replaced by one of his local sub-commandants, all other competent Belizean officers will be side-stepped by the Government’s intention to hire a foreigner as the next Commissioner of Police. The announcement that another foreigner will be added to the wheels of justice in our country comes at a time when the public is perturbed by similar moves to hire a foreigner as the next Chief Magistrate. Already, the Solicitor General is a foreigner. The DPP and four counsels at her office are foreigners. Most judges are foreigners too. The Barrow Administration is constantly and increasingly showing their disrespect and lack of trust in Belizeans. At the rate the PM is going Belize may no longer be for Belizeans soon.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Belizetimes April 10, 2011  

Belizetimes April 10, 2011, issue

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