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SUNDAY September 9, 2012

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100 Murders!

Humberto Ivan Gonzalez is Corozal’s 8th murder

Belize City, September 5, 2012 2012 has turned out to be a murderous year! The homicide count has unofficially reached the frightening 100th mark, even though four long and difficult months are ahead. With the Barrow Administration lacking in vision, ideas and competency, there the level of crime and violence in our country has spiked to dangerous levels. The result has been an almost-daily dosage of violence, as young people, many unemployed and misguided, exact vigilante justice against each other and on behalf of gangs and turfs. The streets of Belize City, in particular, are stained with blood, in some instances of children and the innocent. A 14 year old was injured by gunshot last week Thursday while inside her home. Two days later, on September 1st, Dana Augustus, a mother of six was shot dead when a hail of bullets targeted her home. Continued on page 4

City floods on 1st day of school

UDP submits to IMF prescriptions Belize City, September 4, 2012 When one has the flu or a nasty cold, one doesn’t drink cold water, so why is the Barrow Administration pouring cold, icy water on Belize when she is suffering from an economic head and chest cold? The Barrow Administration has imposed tough measures it says is needed. These include firing workers, increasing taxes, freezing wages and allowances and cutting project spending. Where are these

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Dana Augustus was killed inside her home

Monday September 3rd, 2012 Hundreds of students had to wade through murky waters on the first day of classes on Monday September 3rd morning after a brief rainstorm

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INSIDE THIS ISSUE Student carried by her mother to avoid damaging her school clothing

Your PUP OW Town Council at Work

03 GOB ignorES unions 12


COPA AZUL LAUNCH A SUCCESS Mayor Kevin Bernard & Councilor Neri Ramirez oversee upgrading of Tangerine St & Wetby Alley




Sunday, September 9, 2012

PUP Northern Caucus calls on GOB to support cane farmers August 29, 2012 The Northern Caucus of the People’s United Party (PUP) expresses its full support for the financing request made by the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) to the Government of Belize for assistance in controlling the Frog Hopper out break and for the damages brought on by the flooding in the North due to Depression Number 7. Cane farmers in Corozal and Orange Walk are extremely concerned as their fields are being decimated due

to heavy infestations of froghoppers which will have serious adverse effects on sugar cane productivity for the 2012/2013 crop. The control of this pest requires urgent attention as experts forecast that the infestation will expand and intensify in September. The BSCFA and individual cane farmers have already invested and exhausted substantial resources in an effort to control the spread and impact of this pest but additional finances are urgently required to continue the control programs. We remind the relevant authorities

of the negative impact that the recent flooding brought on by the passing of Depression Number 7 has had on cane fields, sugar roads and communities. Our farmers and the people in the North require immediate assistance to normalize their lives as soon as possible. The PUP Northern Caucus calls on the Prime Minister and the Government of Belize to do everything possible to assist this vital industry and the people of Corozal and Orange Walk. (Press Release)

Hon. Jose Mai: waiting for GOB’s olive branch Belize City, September 4, 2012 The past four years have been the worst for the agriculture sector in over a decade. Not only have external pressures created tough challenges for our local producers, but the worst came when our very own decision-makers turned into red plagues on our farmers. That’s just what the UDP has been to poor hardworking farmers. Like plagues, they slowly destroyed certain small industries. Remember when onions were imported from Netherlands? The GMO scandal, the incompetence in getting cattle exportation started? Remember when they imported potatoes from Mexico and rice from elsewhere? Remember when the Mennonite growers from Shipyard chastised the Government for making things so bad for them that they compared the challenges to the days of 1970s. That’s how bad the UDP have made things. The bad news is that the UDP is still in power, and so their hare-brained Ministers are still making decisions. The good news is that the PUP has more muscle now, more men (and women) to stand up to the incompetent UDP when they are screwing up.

Hon. Mai appeared on Vibes Radio Morning Show on Tuesday. Flanked by Albert Vaughan & Marshall Nuñez

And because there have been enough almighty screw-ups already, the PUP has flexed. Several weeks ago, Hon. Jose Mai, who is experienced on the agro-productive sector, schooled the UDP on how to get meaningful results on the agriculture sector at the House of Representative. Hon. Mai had explained that the $23 million for the Agriculture sector is a far cry to what is needed by the industry. Today, Hon. Mai was back on the

offensive as he appeared as the guest on the Vibes Radio Morning Show. He discussed a wide range of issues, from cane farmers to threats in the poultry industry and customs tariffs for the productive sector. Hon. Mai expressed grave concern that the cane farmers of northern Belize have been denied assistance from the Government to offset an estimated $7 million in Continued on page 12

NOTICE TO READERS AND ADVERTISERS In an effort to improve the quality of the Belize Times the management has taken the decision to cease printing of the newspaper temporarily. The Belize Times will publish online at until further notice. Advertisers are advised to contact us at email: to find out more information. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the support.

Rt. Hon. Said Musa calls BWSL to restore Pickstock Apartment water supply September 5, 2012 Mr. Alvan Haynes The CEO Belize Water Services Ltd. 7 Central American Boulevard Belize City Dear Sir For decades the residents of the Pickstock Apartments (off Pickstock Street and Lovely Lane) have been able to access water from a stand pipe which was installed during the administration of our first Prime Minister, the Rt. Honourable George Price. This stand pipe provides an essential service to many poor families in the neighbourhood. And while it is true that from time to time the stand pipe would be vandalized and water wasted, the Office of the Fort George Area Representative has always worked along with the families in the apartments to fix the problem and get the children to understand that water is precious to life and healthy living. Having a stand pipe to provide water in a poor neighbourhood is not unique to the Pickstock Apartments. There are and have been for many years several stand pipes serving the disadvantaged areas of Belize especially on the South Side of Belize City. Last Friday, B.W.S.L. took the arbitrary and misguided action to cut off the water supply from the stand pipe in the Picktstock Apartments. This heartless decision with no regard for the serious terrible consequences to the health and welfare of the people in the area should immediately be reversed. As the Area Representative for these citizens, I am calling B.W.S.L. to act immediately to restore the supply of water at the stand pipe in the Pickstock Apartments. Sincerely, Said W. Musa Area Representative, Fort George



Chris Williams Published By The Belize Times Ltd. #3 Queen Street P.O. BOX 506 Belize City, Belize Email:

Sunday, September 9, 2012



UDP’s Allowance Freeze in Effect Belize City, September 3, 2012 Hundreds of public officers are being affected by an allowance freeze initiated by the UDP Government for the month of September. They will have to dig into their pockets to cover expenses that would have been met by the allowance. In these times of failing UDP economic policies, Belizeans can barely afford to dip deeper into their pockets. Things haada out ya! But it gets worse. While public officers will be affected, the political cronies hired as contract officers won’t. They are being exempted from the allowance freeze. This means special contract officers will be allowed to continue their wasteful spending, while hardworking public officers will be financially strapped. The UDP Government already doesn’t want to give salary increases to public officers, even though they promised to….FOUR YEARS AGO! It gets worst. The entire process is rigged. A memo advising of the

GOB frustrates

teachers, delays salaries Belize City, September 3, 2012 The broke Government failed to pay teachers and public officers in the country of Grenada, and it seemed that was almost going to happen here in Belize. Salaries due for teachers were delayed by the Ministry of Education which has come up with a set of new red tape and bureaucratic rules. Teachers have been preparing for the start of the school year, this week, and so they were hoping to get their salaries early to purchase the much needed supplies and utensils. But that didn’t happen. Salaries were held back by the Ministry of Education, the BELIZE TIMES was informed, because of a new rule imposed by the Ministry of Education on school administrations regarding information on teachers on staff .

School administrations have been so busy, dealing with summer classes and preparing for the new student intake that many had overlooked the Ministry’s new rule. That meant teachers paid the heavy price as many had to wait last minute for their salaries. This is heavy-handed considering that teachers work hard and are already paid very little. So many of them had to dip into their electricity and food budgets to buy supplies for schools because the Ministry of Education delayed payments. The BELIZE TIMES understands the delay may have been intentional as the Government of Belize is cashstrapped. The rules were only meant to frustrate schools and give the Ministry of Education time to find the money to pay teachers.

Notice Danic Ltd. (“the Company”) Pursuant to Section 102(8) of the International Business Companies Act, Chapter 270 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, notice is hereby given that Danic Ltd. has been dissolved as at 30th August, 2012 and has been struck off the Register of International Business Companies. Cititrust International Limited Registered Agents

freeze states that allowances will only be reinstated if it is deemed justified, if Heads of Department can provide proper information. This means public officers will fall at the mercy of the UDPs politically appointed heads of department and CEOs. If they think you’re PUP, you will suffer dire consequences. That’s what this entire process is about. It’s not about saving money, or the political contract officers and their bloated contracts would have been touched first. This could save the Government thousands of dollars and could have prevented the UDP’s harsh actions against public officers. The exercise is political. Or they wouldn’t protect their political appointees. The UDP wants more people on their firing list. The IMF has told them to cut down. The UDP, who has failed to improve Belize’s economy and has Belize almost broke, is now forced to listen. Barrow warned, it is time to discipline Belizeans.



City floods on 1st day of school Continued from page 1 left the streets of Belize City flooded for several hours. The Belize City Council has been boasting about cementing streets, but this did not prevent the streets to flood following the heavy showers that lasted about half hour. While the Council has been cementing streets, hardly any effort has gone into repairing Belize City’s neglected drainage which was the cause of Monday’s flooding. Even the street in front of City Hall, Angel Lane, where St. Mary’s Primary School is located, was under about six to seven inches of water. Many students arrived at school, after having to walk through the flooded streets, only to be told that they must return home to change their wet shoes and clothes. The Council is being counterproductive and wasteful in cement-


Murders! Continued from page 1 Murder #100 occurred just outside of Corozal Town, as 20 year old Humberto Ivan Gonzalez was gunned down when a hail of bullets were fired at him and a male companion while they were leaving a bar in San Joaquin Village. Residents of the northern town are uneasy. Peace and quiet is on the verge of being replaced with the sound of sirens and at times gunshots. A drug war is brewing, sources say. As Belizeans prepare for the September celebrations, they do so with a heavy heart and heightened fear for their safety and security. The alarm is palpable. Meanwhile security officials seem unable to find answers to tackle the crime spree. The Government’s initiatives seem to be exacerbating conditions. The Barrow Administration initiated a program where it negotiates with gang members, offering them pay in return for peace. This program has cost millions of dollars to taxpayers but has been sustained since September last year, even though peace has not been achieved. Concerns have arisen about the purpose of the program, its sustainability and whether the Government is simply funding the gangs’ ability to equip themselves more. There are also concerns that political figures, including the Prime Minister, are closely involved in these “negotiations”. The Prime Minister admitted last year that gang members attempted to extort him. Belize City is now considered the murder capital of the region. It ranks 6th among the nations with highest levels of murders per capita in the Americas.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

UDP submits to IMF prescriptions Continued from page 1

ing streets but not repairing drains. Bad drainage from clogged drain-ways and old culverts is the main reason city streets flood quickly. Until that problem is fixed, cementing streets will only be a temporary alleviation to the city’s deteriorating infrastructure.

measures coming from? Since 2009, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recommended to the Barrow Administration exactly those same prescriptions. In 2010, following the IMF’s 2009 Article IV consultation, the IMF recommended increasing the General Sales Tax by 25%. The Barrow Administration obeyed. In 2011, the IMF recommended that Government reduces the wage bill, limits growth in nonpriority areas, cap Government employment, and hikes the fuel tax. The Government has taken all those steps. Public Officers, teachers and police officers are being denied salary increase. The

NHI project has been rolled back, the Marion Jones Sports Complex is moving at a suspicious snail’s pace. The Government hiked the Fuel tax and prices are now a record high of $13. The UDP went on a hiring spree before election, but has announced that 860 persons will be fired now that the elections are over. Prime Minister Dean Barrow says he won’t enter into a loan arrangement with the IMF, but he also promised salary increases to teachers and to keep fuel prices below $8.00. We can clearly see the UDP Government following textbook IMF policies, which are always bad for the citizens of a country. Who does PM Barrow think he is fooling?

Sunday, September 9, 2012



St. George’s Caye Oppressors Since taking office in March 2008, the Barrow Administration has been making a yearly pilgrimage to St. George’s Caye, as a kind of ritual to wash out their red-stained T-Shirts above the buried cemetery left behind by the colonial masters. While the UDP hides under the mask of patriotism, the reality is that the people of Belize have never been as oppressed as they are today. In fact, the journey to St. George’s Caye should have jolted their conscience to just seven days before when Prime Minister Dean Barrow, through his puppet/surrogate Mark King, fired over two hundred poor sons and daughters “of the Baymen” in the second largest mass firing by any government since the Manuel Esquivel 1993-1998 era. What made matters worse is the fact that King, who did the firing, can least afford it when in his Lake I constituency every week men, women and even children get wounded or murdered. While the UDP agents “brammed” at St. George’s Caye pretending everything was fine and dandy in our country, the day after the school crunch began as many mothers had to scrape, beg and borrow to get their children to school. For many who have still not been able to afford the rising school fees, tuition, books and uniform, sending their kids to school was a risk, and they submitted to the mercy of teachers and principals. The UDP seriously don’t get it. They have lost every sense of reality and are completely out of touch. As they pay homage to the Baymen for “standing up to invaders”, they themselves are guilty of oppressing the people. How can the UDP celebrate the “battle” that drove away the oppressors, when they have taken away the national lottery and boledo from poor Belizeans and given it to invaders so that they can make millions? How can they celebrate Belizean pride when Belizeans have been replaced in the posts of Chief Magistrate, Solicitor General, UB President, Director of Public Prosecution, judges, and even as majority owners of the Sugar Industry which was taken away from the colonial masters in a tough struggle fought by the PUP? How can the UDP claim victory for Belizeans, when the unemployment rate is the highest in decades, when 240 of the poorest of the poor were sent home in a mass firing last week, and when more Belizeans are falling into poverty? Who are the ones oppressing the people now? This year’s September celebration theme: “Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal – Celebrating Belize” ought to be a wake-up call for Belizeans. What is there to celebrate? Is it the high crime, the bad economy, the increasing levels of poverty or unemployment? Is it the decaying social fabric? Is it that gangs are now hired by the Government and paid by tax payers? Should we celebrate an incompetent Government, which as PM Barrow said, gets it wrong 9 out of every 10 times? And what happened to our dreams? Our dreams of prosperity and success? Our dreams of living in a safe environment where our children can be all they can be? Are we achieving those dreams, or have we woken up into the reality of a nightmare. The trip back to town over Belize’s salt waters should have sobered the self-righteous UDP. It should have, but it didn’t. September is a month for celebration indeed, but at some point Belizeans ought to wake up and realise that the dancing has gotten us nowhere.



Francis Fonseca

visits Corozal South East and South West residents

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012



in UDP Politics! The following matters were discussed in Cabinet: That Santino be asked to commit to paying the UDP in case of a needed payment on the Superbond. Santino jumped up quickly and said he could only afford it with a haircut and if it is that he was paying only the bottom dolla. ………………….. As part of the September Celebrations, Saldivar, Faber and Erwin were asked to go on a Team Endomorph diet. “Well, we don’t have a problem with that,” was the response, “as long as you include Delroy, Thimbriel and the speaker of the House”. ………………….. A memo was tabled in Cabinet by an anonymous group called “Hall Yu R*** Mark” to strip Mark Espat of his Ambassador post as soon as the Superbond renegotiation came to an end. Someone asked, “what if he pulls it off?” Saldivar responded, “Keep dreaming…it’s like giving an electrician the job of Minister of Health!” Perdomo then whispered, “shhh….we actually did that!” ………………….. In other Cabinet related news: Gapi apparently sprained a finger working hard last week while trying to close his warehouse named “CONTRA BRAND II”. ………………….. To prove that he is serious about cementing Belize City, the Mayor of Belize City has promised to build and sleep on a cement bed. He also said he will require his Councillors to wear cement pants and shirts. ………………….. When asked what was the theme of the celebrations this year, the minister of ganja hee-hawed and said, “Is it Superbond 2.0? The Hall Mark Moment? Battle of Bands or Imagine the Possibilities?” ………………….. The people of NICH have been instructed that those members of Cabinet not dieting should not get an in-

vitation to the celebrations activities. In order to get around this, NICH has asked the dieters to postpone their dieting. ………………….. In order to appease the zinc fence, Sedi forwarded a proposal titled “Can you hear me now” to increase the amount money BTL is spending in ads in the Amandala? Faber protested saying, he doesn’t see the need to be paying salaries behind the zinc fence. Saldivar joined him, saying “Dem already hi-jack the Superbond team”. ………………….. A caller to Plus TV said she thought it was 911 she had dialled. “May we know what is your emergency,” asked the Plus TV host, “it is the GSU, they shot my dog”, she explained. ………………….. A Belizean from the South joined the long line at the Lands Department, and was asked to fill out a questionnaire before they considered processing her inquiry. Question 1 was: “Are you a normal Belizean?”




Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012



Interview with former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa, on Superbond, PUP Economic Growth

Q: Recent press reports suggest you will be retiring soon from politics. What say you? A: I was elected by the good people of Fort George for another five year term and I certainly intend to continue serving them in this my seventh term as a member of the House of Representatives. I am working for the PUP to form the next government and Francis Fonseca as Prime Minister…Reports of my political demise are somewhat exaggerated. Q: As you know, the government has missed the payment due to creditors on the super bond. They are blaming this default on the last PUP government. Some of their supporters and their apologists say the PUP saddled this country with this debt and that we have nothing to show for it. What is your response? A: They are doing Belize a great disservice by trying to politicize something that should be of national concern. We are already facing a serious social crisis with the escalating crime and violence and the high unemployment that is unprecedented in the modern era. The fact is that the super-bond is only a portion of the external debt of Belize incurred by both PUP and UDP governments over the years. For instance, the PUP came into office in 1998 when the public debt of Belize was over $600 million and the economy was at a standstill. When we left office in 2008, ten years later, the debt was higher but a lot was accomplished; the economy was transformed and the social and physical infrastructure of the country significantly upgraded. * Rural water systems were implemented covering 90% of the population. * Electricity connection was extended countrywide. * Feeder roads were improved for the productive agricultural areas of the nation in the sugar, citrus, banana, papaya and other farming areas as well as for the new shrimp farms. * Equipment was secured for two road units to service the spreadout villages in the Toledo district. * Millions more were spent to

upgrade the access roads to the various Mayan archaeological and other tourist sites as well as to construct Visitors Centers at these sites. *To list some of the other projects in which loan funds were invested: Border Management Agency Facilities at the Northern and Western borders; The Museum of Belize; ITVET facilities in every district; the establishment of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA); The paving of the Southern Highway; new bridges such as Beaver Dam on the western highway, the Sibun river bridge and Silver Creek bridge on the Hummingbird, the Agripino Cawich bridge; The Orange Walk bypass with two bridges; the Burrel Boom- Hattieville by-pass. As a result of these major investments in the country and the millions of loans channelled through the DFC, over 5,000 new ferro-concrete homes were built , agricultural exports expanded, the tourist industry blossomed and thousands of new jobs were created . Over the ten years of the PUP, the GDP grew from $1.2 billion to $2.5 billion dollars. * The Education system had a quantum leap with 1500 new classrooms built and furnished; high schools and Sixth forms increased, the multi-million dollar University of Belize campus built and inaugurated and the state of the art Centres for Employment Training (ITVETs) built in every district of the country. * I have not mentioned the approximately $500 million that our government had to borrow and invest in the reconstruction and recovery following the destruction of public infrastructure – electricity supply, roads, bridges, school buildings, homes, farms, cane fields, and tourism assets caused by the successive hurricanes and storms (Mitch, Keith, Chantel, Iris and Dean) and the flood waters that came in their wake. Significant investment was also made in disaster preparedness through NEMO. * Despite these set- backs, we were still able to carry out major Health Reform programmes such as the NHI project which provided quality and affordable health care to thousands of Belizean women, men and children. KHMH, Matron Roberts and Cleopatria White health clinics were renovated and upgraded. New polyclinics built San Antonio, Toledo, San Ignacio and San Pedro Ambergris. All the regional hospitals especially Belmopan were upgraded and better equipped. So when anyone ask where did the money go, they need only look around to see the major improvements and the quality of life enhancement that Belizeans experienced.

And we were able to leave office with a fiscal deficit of less than 1% (0.6%) with all the commercial debt (the superbond) restructured, money in the Treasury, DFC asset portfolio of $165.49 million dollars (see annual Report of DFC 2008), Social Security Total assets of $350.4 million dollars (see SSB Financial statements 2008 and Independent Auditors Report), Reserves in the Central Bank and an economy that continued to grow albeit at a slower pace than the more than 5% growth average during the PUP administration (1998-2008). Since taking office in 2008, the Barrow Administration failed to stimulate the necessary economic growth. Instead they have over the more than four years continued on a path of borrow and spend, accumulating huge additional debts. Worse of all, they have driven away local and foreign private sector investments necessary for growth and job creation. The compulsory acquisition of BEL and BTL compounded our nation’s debt exposure by hundreds of millions of dollars and sent a chilling message to all potential investors. This strongarm arrogant way of governance is a large part of the problems we in Belize face today. Q; Before concluding Mr. Musa, What’s going on with the Belize Times? A: I feel very badly about this matter. The Belize Times has been

going through a rough time; like so many business in Belize we are heavily indebted and we could not continue down the road we were going…. Laying off workers is never easy. For me it was particularly difficult since we are talking about dedicated workers like Doreth Bevans who have been there with the party ever since I entered the political fray back in the 70s. Her mother the late Mrs. Louise Bevans was a dear friend and a loyal soldier of the revolution. I wish it could have been otherwise. I understand the hurt that Doreth, Rachel and Faye feel at losing their jobs and I deeply regret the decision of the party. But it was unavoidable. What I find disgusting is the self-righteous hypocritical condemnation of certain sections of the press like the Amandala. They can afford to be opportunistic, using the anxiety of these women to launch a vicious personal attack on me while they sit comfortably, enjoying the thousands of dollars in ads they receive on a weekly basis from the UDP government and its agencies like Telemedia . Q; So is that the end of the Belize Times? A: The Belize Times will be back. I can’t at this juncture say exactly when we will be back in printed form. As you know it is presently published on line. But this historic newspaper will one day, hopefully soon, rise again.

New PUP Executive Elected in Port Loyola Belize City, Tuesday September 4th, 2012 On Sunday September 2nd, supporters of the People’s United Party in Port Loyola unanimously elected a new executive for the division. The new PUP Chairman for Port Loyola is Mr. Norman Usher. Mr. Usher is a successful businessman and a resident of the area for many years. The new PUP Vice Chairman for Port Loyola is Mr. Goldburn Samuels. As the new PUP Chairman for Port Loyola, Mr. Usher replaces Mr. Knox Arnold, who stepped aside after servicing as the PUP chairman for the area wholeheartedly for more than 20 years. Mr. Arnold will now serve as adviser to the new PUP Port Loyola executive. At the PUP meeting in Port Loyola on Sunday, the scores of persons in attendance also expressed many thanks to Gilroy Usher, Sr., PUP Standard Bearer for the area, who distributed over 60 dozens exercise books to parents of children from the division. All PUP supporters in Port Loyola have pledge to work hand- inhand with the new executive to help bring up-liftment to the division. Officers of the New PUP Executive in Port Loyola Chairman- Norman Usher – home: 227-2661 wk: 223-5190 Vice Chairman – Goldburn Samuels Secretary- Tiffarah Arnold Asst. Secretary –Aisha Gentle Treasurer –Celia Lamb Asst. Treasurer –Delcia Bishop Youth Representatives: Tyson Middleton, Annya Sabido Women Representatives: Littia Muschamp, Loraine Thurton Male Representative: Ralph Sutherland Adviser: Mr.Knox Arnold Standard Bearer: Gilroy Usher, Sr.



Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Difference is Clear….. The UDP – IMAGINE The Possibilities - - - - - - - - -


The PUP – MADE REALITIES HAPPEN! - Rural water systems were implemented covering 90% of the population. - Electricity connection was extended countrywide. - Feeder roads were improved for the productive agricultural areas of the nation in the sugar, citrus, banana, papaya and other farming areas as well as for the new shrimp farms. - Equipment was secured for two road units to service the spread-out villages in the Toledo district. - Millions more were spent to upgrade the access roads to the various Mayan archaeological and other tourist sites as well as to construct Visitors Centers at these sites. - Projects invested in: Border Management Agency, Facilities at the Northern and Western borders; The Museum of Belize; ITVET facilities in every district;the establishment of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority(BAHA); the paving of the Southern Highway; new bridges such as Beaver Dam on the Western Highway, the Sibun river bridge and Silver Creek bridge on the Hummingbird, the Agripino Cawich bridge; The Orange Walk by-pass with two bridges; the Burrel Boom- Hattieville by-pass. - Carried out major Health Reform Programmes such as the NHI project, upgrade of KHMH, Matron Roberts and Cleopatria White health clinics, New Polyclinics built San Antonio, Toledo, San Ignacio and San Pedro Ambergris. All the regional hospitals especially Belmopan were upgraded and better equipped.

Sunday, September 9, 2012



Ladyville Softball Gold Medalists BELIZE'S #1 SPORTS PAGE

Belize City, September 3, 2012 The Ladyville softball girls, who represented Belize at the 2012 CODICADER games in Retalhuleu, Guatemala, are gold medalists. The Ladyville softball team dominated the softball pitch inside the Retalhuleu Sports Complex with an undefeated streak, taking out El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua in the regular games. In the finals, Belize was forced to play as the visitors even though they had the best record. Still, they were not deterred. They overcame the odds and gave it their best. In the first inning, Belize scored only one run, and when Guatemala went to bat, Belize’s pitcher, Ashley, was too quick and the Guatemalan girls got outs in the bottom of the 1st. In the 2nd inning, Belize scored seven runs. Guatemala came back to score two runs; but that was all they had in their engine as Belize proved too much for them. In the third inning, Belize closed the deal by scoring a run in the fourth inning for a 9-2 victory. Belize also enjoyed two individual medals for Best Batter and Winningest Pitcher, for a total of three GOLD medals.

Carlos Cui and Wilfredo Chang win 2nd Annual Table Tennis 5BARREL Veterans Championship Belize City, September 3, 2012 The 2nd Annual Table Tennis 5BARREL Veterans Championship took center stage at the BES Auditorium. With some 32 Veteran Table Tennis players converging at the BES auditorium, the stage was set for the Annual Veterans Championship. Players had to be 35 years and older. The first round of the competition featured 8 ROUND ROBIN Groups that played throughout the morning session to qualify players in each group to advance to the second KNOCKOUT ROUND in two categories. The ELITE & NON-ELITE KNOCKOUT CATEGORIES were decided by the ROUND ROBIN and in the afternoon games, the stage was then set for this FINAL round of competition to determine the winners in each group. Advancing to the KNOCKOUT were the top 4 players in each group, with the top two moving into the ELITE KNOCKOUT, and the second two finishers advancing the NON-ELITE KNOCKOUT. In the ELITE KNOCKOUT the top seed, Carlos Cui advanced to the finals by defeating Harry Eusey, Billy Musa Jr. and then Hector Lopez, to move into the FINALS. On the other side of the draw, Davis Huang made it to the finals by defeating Mark Williams, Moses Babb and Sen Sen to then play cui in the FINALS. In the end, Carlos Cui emerged the ELITE CHAMPION by defeating Huang by a score of 3-0, making his record a perfect one by not losing a single match throughout the FINALS. Hector Lopez then defeated Sen Sen to capture the 3rd and 4th place Final results were as follows: ELITE CATEGORY 1st - Carlos Cui 2nd - Davis Huang 3rd - Hector Lopez 4th - Sen Sen In the NON-ELITE KNOCKOUT CATEGORIES Wilfredo Chang made it to the FINALS by defeating Mark Musa,

Mike Castillo, and Russell Gillett to make it to the FINALS. On the other side of the draw, Ricky Usher defeated Wayne Eiley, Vernon Card, and then Austin Waight to meet Chang in the FINALS. In the end Wilfredu Chang defeated Ricky Usher to take

the “top spot” by a score of 3-0. Austin Waight then defeated Russell Gillett to decide the 3rd and 4th places. Final results were as follow: NON-ELITE CATEGORY 1st - Wilfredo Chang

2nd - Ricky Usher 3rd - Austin Waight 4th - Russell Gillett After a full day of table tennis, the final winners were all determined by around 4:30PM, with the awards ceremonies following.



Sunday, September 9, 2012

GOB ignores Unions

UDP promised teachers and public officers a pay raise in 2008 Belize City, September 5, 2012 The Barrow Administration is ignoring the Unions’ demands for a 10% salary increase. Three union bodies, the Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM), the Public Service Union (PSU) and the Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) have written Prime Minister Dean

Barrow laying out the reasons for a muchneeded salary adjustment, but they have not received a reply. The Unions wrote the Prime Minister almost a month ago. In the letter, the Unions point out that the rising cost of living has negatively affected Belizeans’ spending ability. They

Hon. Jose Mai: waiting for GOB’s olive branch Continued from page 2 damages caused by flooding two weeks ago and an outbreak of the froghopper. Hon. Mai said that if the farmers are not assisted, the impact on the next crop season could be detrimental. He explained that the froghopper infestation is spreading rapidly. It has already affected up to 7,000 acres of cane field. Farmers could end up losing huge investments if they get no Government assistance. The sugar crop could see a devastating crop, following a productive season. Hon. Mai also pointed out that the Government Ministry and agencies can do more to protect and support the local agriculture

sector. He indicated that when the PUP was in Government, farmers were benefitting from new export markets for an array of non-traditional products from beans to breadfruit. A last point from the parliamentarian was that he was hopeful that the Barrow Administration humbles itself and could see the benefits of reaching out to the opposition for support and advice. None of the UDP Ministers or Cabinet members have technical or practical experience in agriculture. The Minister of Agriculture is Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega who is a businessman. The Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture is Hugo Patt who stood over the cane industry as it inched into the brink of collapse.

Notice Oneway Ventures Limited #55,861 (“the Company”) Pursuant to Section 102(4) of the International Business Companies Act, Chapter 270 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, notice is hereby given that Oneway Ventures Limited: a) is in dissolution b) commenced dissolution on the 23rd day of August, 2012; and c) Cititrust International Inc. whose address is 35 Barrack Road, Belize City, Belize is the Liquidator of the Company d) has been struck off the Register of International Business Companies. Cititrust International Limited Registered Agents

cite that while the cost of commodities has gone up, wages have remained flat. This can only be corrected with an adjustment, they say. The Unions say if salaries are adjusted by 10% annually for the next three years, totalling 30%, it would bring back wages up to par. This is contingent on the cost of living not increasing anymore. “You can feel it in your pocket that we have lost at least 30 cents on the dollar. And that is the reason why we are asking for the 30% salary adjustment,” said Luke Palacio, President of the Belize

National Teachers Union while on Plus TV’s Rise and Shine Morning Show. The Unions had given the Barrow Administration up to August 31st to come to a deal. The deadline was not met. The Unions had warned that not meeting the deadline would mean that they would have to “step up” their action. The Unions have gotten support in their request by the Belize Medical and Dental Union as well as the Belize Business Bureau.

Benque House of Culture holds tribute to Rt. Hon. George Price September 5, 2012 In honor of our Father of our Nation, Belize comes the Tribute to Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price, credits to much of his rich knowledge came from reading, often described as an avid reader of all kinds of books including philosophy, literature, poetry, and religion. The 19th of September will be

observed as National Service Day, and through this we present the winners of the George Price poetry competition, and recital, a short film documentary of the life of our Hero, including live marimba music, by “Vos de la Selva” courtesy of our Marimba players under the leadership of Mr. Ernesto Aldana “Don Beto”.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Remembering Father of the Nation Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price

January 15, 1919 - September 19, 2011







Sea Monster Surfaces

Residents of Punta Gorda have cited of a strange looking sea monster floating along their sea shore. The officials at TIDE’s Research and Monitoring Department have done their research and have reported the following: The “monster” turned out to be a jellyfish, and was retrieved from the sea carefully with the use of a bucket. Once back at the office, more in-depth research was carried out. Experts from all over the world were contacted, and it was identified as an Australian spotted jellyfish, or Phyllorhiza punctata. This jellyfish has been found in large numbers in the Gulf of Mexico, but it is not known how it was introduced to the region, it has been theorized that budding polyps may have attached themselves to ships, or gotten carried in a ship’s ballast tank which was subsequently dumped in the Gulf. Their ability to consume plankton and the eggs and larvae of important fish species is cause for concern. Each jellyfish can filter as much as 50,000 liters (13,200 gallons) of ocean water per day. Therefore, it ingests the plankton

that native species need. As an invasive species, the Australian spotted jellyfish has become a threat to some species of shrimp. In their native Australian waters, these cnidarians grow to 35-40cm across. In Gulf waters however, due to lack of competition, they can grow to the size 60cm across and upwards. The Australian spotted jellyfish has mild venom and is not considered a threat to humans. If stung, it can be cured with vinegar. Salt water can also be used as a last resort. Dealing with an invasive species is always a delicate process. Be sure to notify your local authorities such as Belize Fisheries Department, or NGO’s such as TIDE if you happen to see an unidentified creature in the waters.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

‘Godmother of cocaine’ killed in Colombia

By Richard Luscombe, Guardian, UK Tuesday 4 September 2012 17.39 BST She lived as the “godmother of cocaine”, ruthlessly ordering scores of bloody murders and violent revenge attacks as she plotted the course of Miami’s infamous drug wars. So it seemed only fitting that the manner of Griselda Blanco’s death on Monday reflected the brutality for which she became notorious – gunned down in the street by a killer on a motorcycle as she left a butcher’s shop in her hometown of Medellín, Colombia. Blanco, 69, was credited with inventing the motorcycle ride-by killing during her years controlling southern Florida’s fledgling cocaine trade in the late 70s and early 80s, an era in which she pocketed billions of dollars before being convicted of three murders, including that of a two-year-old boy. Detectives suspected her of dozens more. Blanco, who was deported from the US in 2004 after serving almost two decades in jail in New York and Florida for racketeering and murder,

became one of Miami’s original drugs gangsters as tidal waves of smuggled cocaine swept aside marijuana as the dealers’ most profitable commodity. She set up a distribution network across the US that netted her tens of millions of dollars a month, making shipments of more than 1,500kg, and maintained her dominance by building an empire staffed with violent enforcers, who were well rewarded for following her orders to execute rivals at the drop of a hat to and make sure they left, no witnesses. She was also personally involved in developing creative methods to get cocaine into the US, even setting up a lingerie shop in Colombia that produced underwear for export with secret compartments. Two of her three other sons by her first husband were murdered after entering the family business.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Of this and that… HOW CARNIVAL STOLE NATIONALISM The Tenth will flap. September is supposed to be about patriotism. It is supposed to be about the Tenth and Twenty first of September. All other events were supposed to be just fillers. This year we will get the sense. No more pretending. We will see the power of carnival. Carnival will kill off the Tenth celebrations. This year Carnival is on September 8. That is a Saturday. Tenth festivities are on September 10. That is two days after. There will be no money left over from carnival. There will be no energy left over. There will be no “ganas”. Carnival will have sucked all the money from sponsors. All the money from spending citizens. All the fresco money. All the spirit from people to parade. Ten times more money is spent on Carnival than Tenth and Twenty-first put together. This is our priority. This is our interest. Tenth will flap. Naked female and “almost female” butt cheeks will win. The battle over our attention to the flag will be lost to cellulites, jiggling guts, hanging breasts and nastiness. This will happen in the streets. There will be no shame. Tenth will flap. September Celebrations now means Carnival. September equals Carnival. Punto final. WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW Belize was in danger yesterday. Tens of thousands of Belizeans would have died. Dead. Stiff dead. A monster earthquake shook Costa Rica. It was ginormous. The Richter scale trembled and gnashed its teeth. This tremor registered at almost 8 out of 10. The quake hit on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. This is only 497.94 miles from Belize City. There is a horror story. A tsunami warning was issued to Belize. Belize was under tsunami watch. Check it out. Yet no one in Belize knew. We could have all died. No one would know why. This is foolishness. BACK TO CARNIVAL A rodent killed Jesus’ Easter. They call him a bunny. A swarthy white man stole Christ’s birthday. Holy Saturday got jacked by racer bicycles. Baron Bliss Day’s kite-making got blown away by Save U toys. For God’s sake can Belize keep September? Can we expel all these alien things? Steel pan is not patriotic. It is Trinidadian. Soca is not patriotic. It is Eastern Caribbean. Carnival is from Venice. It is European. It is not natural. It is not native. It sure as hell is not patriotic. There was a reggae forum. They said it was part of September celebrations. We can officially bulldoze that building on Princess Margaret Drive. It is a waste of good space. Give the land to Nigel Petillo. He will make better use of it. How can we discuss reggae and dancehall for September Nationalism Celebrations? Hey, reggae ain’t patriotic, Jack. It is Jamaican. Can we please be Belizean? There is nothing wrong with that. DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA

The US is in election season. It is entertainment. We watched both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Serious television productions. Splendor. Was like MTV, Emmy and Grammy award ceremonies in one. The real issue is the economy. Jobs. Abortion. Gay marriage. But who votes on issues? Politicians tend to cancel each other out on issues. The “energy factor” is the swing voter in all elections. Inspiration and energy wins every time. So do not vote for Obama because he is black. African Americans have little to show for his blackness. Save being able to say he is that race. “Halfa” at least. No, vote for him because he is resolved, inspired and his Party gives better speeches. This US election will be a nail-biter. Christians against gays. Middle class against rich. Black against white. Mormon against liberals. Bain versus Obamacare. You will want to see this in an iMax theatre, in 3D, plus take home the blu ray and DVD combo pack. MAGISTRATE BUSTED Gapi Vega is not normal. He is a special needs case. This is a fact. He gave land to his family. It went cheap. It was a lot. It is a shame. Gapi tried to fix it. Kinda. He speed dialed the PR of endomorphs. He paid lots of money to do an infomercial. The infomercial did not help. I just proved the point. Guilty. It also showed that only a few UDP’s got land. The rest was quitared or given to an abnormal “Vega”. Oh we lazy normal peasants! The infomercial was horrible. It showed desperate UDP supporters begging for something that is theirs. Land is our birthright. Gapi cannot give us land. It is not his.

He used a lot of dark skin people. They were used. He used the “some of my best friends are black” card. Not one gangster from Belize City got a land. In fact, what they got was “fired”.Tek dat. But a big magistrate was in the infomercial. She was doing land business too. The infomercial was about who all got handouts from Gapi. Who all are thankful to him. Who all are forever indebted to the UDP for their vote and life. The magistrate has her back turned to the camera. She is a high ranking Magistrate. What is she doing in that UDP commercial? What is she doing there during work hours? Things that make you go….hmmm. PANYAH Some things will never be cool. Channel 5 needs to tighten up. They have a show called the Next Superstar. It airs nationally. A contestant used the “P” word. She said “panya”. This is a dirty word. It is offensive. It is obscene. It will never be ok to use. It ain’t. It is like the word “kerobie”. It is like the word “negrito”. It is the Latinized, creolized bad word for “hispanic nigga”. Using that word is not ok. It ain’t. This same television station does KTV Latino. This bad word on their show is wrong. They need to issue an apology. We are waiting. TAKE YOUR TIME & HURRY Pound Yard bridge is horrible. Traffic is a maze. City Council is fixing the canal side. East and West Collet Canal. I hope it looks nice when done. Take your time. But it is taking a million years. So, at the same time, hurry nuh. This is taking forever. Why is it taking so long? Jeeez! What is it with UDP and bridges or water sides? It took four years for Kendal Bridge. Will it take a year for a canal side? Try hurry nuh? The inconvenience is ruff. Days go by when no work is done. Hey boys, hurry up. Then go do the boulevard. Chap, chap. Tell Boots Martinez stop looking like a sprang head. He needs to cement the Central American Boulevard. It is more used than the canal side. Who is advising these cats?

15 SEX & SWEETHEARTS Belize has some senior gialis. Sweet man. No story is juicier than a violent one. Only thing bigger is a sex story. The murder of Lyndon Morrison is a jackpot news story. But Calaney Flowers will walk scotch free of murder. Poor DPP. Her scrape dog 3% conviction rate will drop again. One of the victims gave the slippery lawyer a defense. Sochyl Sosa told the whole of Belize that it was an accident. They were being chased. They stopped suddenly. Flowers ran into the back of the bike. Morrison fell and died. Oooppps. Not even manslaughter by negligence. None of those long lists of charges they put on drivers when they run over humans like road kill. Nope. Not one. Accident means Flowers wins. She laughs all the way to the bank. Atlantic Bank that is. Careful at the drive through. KREM = UDP The hair is in our hand. What else do we need? That rusty zinc set is bought and paid for. Dean would say “they have always been UDP.” Look at the line up. Godwin Hulse, a KREM lackey, is out of the closet. Red panties all in a bunch. That Ervin Perez dude goes on “Money Mondays”. He is with the UDP City Council $20 million dollar bond. Diane Finnegan was on the talk show. Hosting WUB Morning vibes. She is also the host of another UDP show called Lik Road. Mark Espat is on 411 plus the Adele Ramos Show. He is on all the UDP shows. He cannot face the people yet. Coward. Oh by the way, Cordel, congrats on the Ambassador appointment. We hear you are heading to Taiwan soon. P.S. We, Belizeans, blame Cordel as much as Mark for the treachery and betrayal. It is all one breathe a dawg. 60 SECOND SERMONTO CORDEL ESPAT “Make no mistake about this: You can never make a fool out of God. Whatever you plant is what you’ll harvest.” Galatians 6:7 (God’s Word Translation, 1995)



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Reid …before the fall By G. Michael Reid As Dean Barrow and his pair of high priced internuncios play chicken with Belize’s bondholders, the rest of the country hold its collective breath and await the outcome. Like a crayfish shaking its claw at an on-coming train, Barrow has faced-off against the world’s money lenders and dared them to do their worst. Come September 19th, Belize will officially be in default and by December, we will find out exactly what the countermove will be. Regardless of the outcome for the rest of us, there are two people who will come away financially better off as a result. Mark Espat, aka Hall Mark and Godwin Hulse, aka all-smart are the two people anointed by the Prime Minister to faceoff with the bond holders. While Dean Barrow once again lied to the Belizean people when asked how much money Espat was making from the venture, subsequent reports reveal that Espat is making twenty thousand dollars per month through a company owned by he and his wife. This does not include a substantial bonus reported to be well over a million dollars along with other perks and allowances. It has not yet been revealed how much ole Sabelotodo is receiving but you can bet it is quite a substantial sum. Interestingly enough, Mark Espat was the original architect of this bond which was hammered out in

2006 when Belize first faced default. At that time, the bond was hailed a spectacular achievement and was expected to set Belize back on a road to sustainable repayment of its debts. In the last two years of the PUP administration, things were beginning to fall in place as the discovery of oil and a boom in tourism along with sensible austerity measures resulted in a healthy growth in the economy. Then along came Dean. In 2008, following a sustained propaganda attack against the PUP, Belizeans decided to change governments and gave the UDP a super majority in the House. For four years, Dean Barrow was able to bamboozle his way through but by mid 2011, there was evidence that the dolly house was starting to crumble. Barrow then once again rallied his team of propagandists and started spreading money around as if it was going out of style. Standard bearers, even those yet to face an election much less get elected, were given huge sums of money to distribute among their constituents. Just before the elections of March 2012, Dean Barrow was asked about Belize’s financial status to which he responded, “We are flushed with cash”. To prove his point, Barrow met with gang leaders and struck a deal to pay them millions of dollars each year to “hold it down”. With about a hundred persons murdered already this year, including several children, it is safe to say that Mr. Barrow is not getting value for money. But back to the question of default! What happens to Belize if our two super heroes do not return with the scalps of these bond holders? Despite Dean Barrow trying to

What Mr. Barrow is also not telling is what happened in Argentina and what is currently happening in Greece as a result of such a default. Following Argentina’s default some ten years ago, the country “spiraled into a bout of social unrest” that saw riots and mayhem erupt throughout the entire nation.”

convince us that this is no big deal, Belizeans will as a result, as old timers would say, “know how barley grow”. Already high prices will go much higher and many goods will become inaccessible. Many of the stuff Belizeans use are imported from abroad and with our foreign exchange cut off, there will be no money for importers to buy with. Nobody will give us credit and there will be no overdraft to play with. Get ready Belize, this matter is more serious than they are telling us. The Prime Minister has pointed out that this will not be the end of the world. “Other countries have defaulted and survived”, says he. He points to Argentina and Ecuador as examples but Mister Barrow is missing something here. Both these countries have massive economies and large enough populations to withstand the savage austerity measures that come with default. Ecuador has fifteen million people while Argentina has forty million. What Mr. Barrow is also not telling is what happened in Argentina and what is currently happening in Greece as a result of such a default. Following Argentina’s default some ten years ago, the country “spiraled into a bout of social unrest” that saw riots and mayhem erupt throughout the entire nation. Five successive Presidents were ousted in the space of just three weeks and they are still struggling to establish stability in that country. One has only to look at the international news to see what is currently happening in Greece. My intent here is not to exaggerate or raise any unwarranted cry of alarm but these facts are real and frightening. If these large countries were allowed to fall into default by their creditors, what is to save little Belize from the same cruel fate? If there is any hope for Belize, it will be that our people will band together and understand the need to sacrifice and cut back on not only our wants but also our needs. We will be forced to consume only food that we can grow and learn to live on much less than we are accustomed to. This would be much the easier if we had leaders that were humble and honest with the people; leaders who will set the example and sacrifice along with the rest of us. In

17 a Press Conference of last week, the Prime Minister seemed to start out on the right track. According to the Prime Minister, the purpose of the press conference was to “provide all possible information to the nation” and to “seek support”. It was not far into the conference however, when hubris reared its ugly head and upon being asked about consulting with the Opposition, Mr. Barrow flatly stated, the “Belizean (people) would not expect us to involve the Opposition in any serious way.” What “Belizean people” was Mr. Barrow speaking of? Dean Barrow’s biggest problem is that he has always felt that the only Belizeans that matter are those who vote red. A full half of the country’s voters casted their votes for the PUP in the last election as Barrow and his UDP barely scraped by. The PUP came within 66 votes of forming the government. Yet, knowing this and knowing now that he will need the support of the entire nation to pull this one off, Mr. Barrow continues to be arrogant and blatantly disrespectful. According to Barrow, he will not consult with the Opposition because “later on they can say that they helped us to solve it”. What kind of childish game is this man playing? Does he really understand the severity of the matter or the real bind that we are in? One option that is available to Belize is to turn to the IMF. It is not a favorable prospect. The first demand will be that utility companies be returned to private hands; we simply cannot afford to pay to keep them. Then there will be high taxes, massive layoffs and severe food shortages. Big oil companies will flood our nation and will be free to drill anywhere, including near or on our treasured barrier reef. Dean Barrow and his team can pretend that this is no big deal but history tells a totally different story. No right thinking Belizean would want to see our country go under or face the kind of chaos that is possible, so we continue to hope and pray for the best. If Dean Barrow does not humble himself though, to both the bond holders and to the people of this country, we can expect some very rough times ahead. On behalf of this and future generations, let us pray that this man finds his soul in time.



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Home Economics

The Price of Fuel By Richard Harrison Last Friday....the pump price for premium gasoline in Chetumal was MN$10.63 per litre, and the exchange rate was MN$6.25/ BZ$1.....this converts to BZ$6.38 per gallon. The price for premium on the same day in Belize was BZ$13.07/ gallon. Fuel is a commodity that trades internationally at market prices....Gulf Coast price dictates the price for fuel in our region. The differential between the Mexico price and the Belize price is mostly caused by different energy and industrial policies in both countries. The large multinational oil companies....Esso, Texaco and Shell....are all withdrawing from small vulnerable markets like Belize....where they perceive the risks outweigh the benefits. They are selling out their operations in these small markets, to regional distributors such as Puma, UnoPetrol and Sol. In other words, there is now a “middle-man” that has entered the picture....who now has to take his cut. His business practices do not have to meet the stringent standards which the multinationals have to meet.... especially with regards to transfer pricing, offshore companies, accounting practices, etc etc. This strategic decision has put us in a negative position.... because we now have to pay the middle man’s cut....and we may not have the capacity to monitor the performance of these middle men....and since they are smaller regional companies, their behaviour do not fall under the radar of the oversight institutions that monitor multinationals. Belize will be 31 years old on 21st an independent needs its own energy strategy. Since carbon fuels account for the largest share of our energy source, we especially need to update our strategy for petroleum fuels. As pointed out above.....our pump price for fuel is almost double what it is in Mexico. Its no wonder in 2009, Mexico exported BZ$136.94 million to Belize.....and Belize exported only BZ$11.07 million to Mexico....a trade deficit of over BZ$125 million....which is growing. Fuel is still the primary energy source that drives the competitiveness of economies around the world. Belize is shooting itself in the leg.....but heavily taxing fuel..... for the sole reason that govern-

ment thinks the taxes on fuel are easier to collect...and can be adjusted overnight to meet short term needs of government. A long term vision for development of Belize....would dictate that we change this policy on taxation of fuel. If we removed all taxes on fuel.....and consolidated our channel of distribution of fuels from producer to consumer.... the competitiveness of our production and service industries would be significantly enhanced, increasing demand for our products and services, thus driving up investments to boost output and with Melchor and Chetumal would be more balanced....our GDP could be grown sustainably at a rate of 10% p.a....we would be a rich country in ten years, relative to our regional economies. Government revenues would significantly increase.....from taxing higher levels of domestic consumption across the board via 10% GST and 1% BUSINESS TAX, and levying a small tax on exports of products and services....given that all inputs for production would have an import duty at or close to ZERO. Of all the things that we need to do to improve our economy....I have concluded that this is of highest priority. These dirty band-aids are not working for us....we need a complete overhaul. We require bold and visionary leadership....which can inspire the best minds of Belize, and put them to work cohesively, in overdrive....towards an economically independent Belize. I would love to help influence the content of our Prime Minister’s Independence Day address....this would form the central theme....because this will have horizontal and vertical impact across all aspects of our economy and will change use from masters of our own a competitive world. A clear and practical vision for rapidly growing our economy (other than pinning our hope on finding more crude oil as blessings from the Almighty)....will do wonders for us at any negotiating matter how daunting the challenges. 31st INDEPENDENCE DAY OF BELIZE.....21 September, 2012. Richard Harrison is a local businessman and investor in the manufacturing and service industries. Send comments to harrisonbz@

God: The Ganja Planter? There is a huge debate going on about whether or not the statutes concerning the use and possession of marijuana should be changed. In regards to this issue one may wonder what the opinion of God may be on such a topic. Is there anything in scripture that directly addresses the issue of marijuana? Is the use of this drug a sin? It would be quite impractical for the scripture to include in it every single thing that would be a sin. It would be oversized and overweight, over-relevant. God would have to put things in there that weren’t even invented as yet by the current generation! What God did when he composed the manual was that he that put a general category for many things. For example in relation to humans defiling, or spoiling, or wasting our bodies, he gives us this general scripture 1Corinthians 3:16, 17 as a serious warning. Your body is his temple and if you defile it He WILL destroy you. Many times rule out some things and allow others to pass judgment that causes the same level of destruction or worse! There are times when we want to punish or condemn others for things we are guilty of doing. For example, there are doctors who smoke or are overweight, fully knowing what the consequence is to their lungs and heart, but their desires rule their lives! As far as I can see in scripture the use of this drug for smoking is not necessarily a sin in the same way drinking is not necessarily a sin but leads to it if one is not careful. The manual charges against being drunk and not against drinking. This is telling us in other words, that the problem is the amount that we use which causes us to enter an altered state we were not created to be in, a state where we cannot make sober decisions or where we become addicted to a substance which now controls us and is more important to us than the lives of fellow humans! If we were to keep the standard across the board of making substances or things that are hazardous to people illegal, things would get quite interesting. Many of the chemicals we put in our food and water cause cancer. Meat from animals gives us all sorts of diseases. These meats give us bad fats and cause cholesterol complications. We consume tons of sugar, sodium, and hydrocarbons that kill us slowly in the same way marijuana does! Because many of these things destroy our liver, kidneys, pancreas and heart, they are also bad for us. It is a difficult day for humans. For most of us the things we want are not good for us and will destroy us, and many of them are far worse than marijuana. For me the smell of smoke that this drug produces is not anywhere near something I would like in my nostrils and I would suffer to be in a closed room with others using it. This does not make it a sin to use though and theoretically as far as the scripture goes it would only be a sin if the laws of the country, or some authority in our lives tells us not to use it, but we still continue (Hebrews 13:17). Remember we eat many other foods that do similar or greater damage to other parts of our bodies! I am far more concerned about other dangerous things in this world than the use of this drug although at this point I do not support legalizing it. In the same way it is alleged that marijuana leads to crack cocaine, there are many issues in life leading us to seek comfort in drugs. Some of these issues lead us even to suicide and other hideous crimes! These other issues will kill you in a day and not wait a lifetime like marijuana will! To not be long I’ll give you a list of some of these and offer my closing statement. Both males and females lose their dignity by being raped as children, many suffer from poverty and joblessness, some bitterness and unforgiveness, others jealousy and envy, some have an uncontrollable greed and love for money in which they would do anything to get it, some lust for things, some are addicted to gambling losing their salary, family, and stability on a weekly basis! Anger can kill you in a day, jealousy and envy can take your life away in seconds, and things like unforgiveness or greed ‘for finances’ can cause multiple murders in one week! I’ll stop there as I am hoping that these give an idea of the greater concern that bothers me and also I believe bothers God! If we were to be truly fair and correct we would not only ban the use of weed in that manner but we would ban greed, bitterness, hatred, murders, stealing, sex outside of marriage, rape, drunkenness, lying and false witness, divorce and the list goes on! Let me say it another way and close, “If we were to be fair, we would put in the Constitution the laws in the scriptures!” Until next week God bless!

Sunday, September 9, 2012










Selected By Chris Williams

Sharp-eared glasses let deaf people ‘see’ sounds 5 September 2012 by Hal Hodson IF YOU can hear, you probably take sound for granted. Without thinking, we swing our attention in the direction of a loud or unexpected sound - the honk of a car horn, say. Because deaf people lack access to such potentially life-saving cues, a group of researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon built a pair of glasses which allows the wearer to “see” when a loud sound is made, and gives an indication of where it came from. An array of seven microphones, mounted on the frame of the glasses, pinpoints the location of such sounds and relays that directional information to the wearer through a set of LEDs embedded inside the frame. The glasses will only flash alerts on sounds louder than a threshold level, which is defined by the wearer. Previous attempts at devices which could alert deaf users to surrounding noises have been ungainly. For example, research in 2003 at the University of California, Berkeley, used a computer moni-

Hearing recommended here (Image: Christopher J. Bandera/Flickr/Getty) tor to provide users with a visual aid to pinpoint the location of a sound. The Korean team have not beaten this prob-

lem quite yet - the prototype requires a user to carry a laptop around in a backpack to process the signal. But lead re-

Obama’s 2025 car fuel efficiency goals are already in reach 5 September 2012 by Paul Marks

AUTOMOTIVE engineers are about to embark on a new road race: to boost the fuel efficiency of America’s gas-guzzling cars. It follows the Obama administration’s decision on 28 August that, by 2025, new cars on US roads must achieve an average fuel efficiency of 54.5 miles per US gallon (23 kilometres per litre). The target is double the current average car fuel efficiency in the US, which has flatlined at 27 mpg (11.5 km/l) for the past two decades, and builds on an existing US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirement for 34.5 mpg (14.5 km/l) fuel efficiency by 2016. It might sound like an ambitious leap, but much of the technology to make it happen is already coming to

market. And the benefits to consumers of spending less on fuel, and to the government of lowering dependence on foreign oil and cutting emissions, pressed Obama into a rethink. While the move has been welcomed by car makers and environmentalists, it is opposed by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who dubbed the target “extreme” and “choice-limiting” for consumers. Romney says come 2025, any lower fuel costs will be wiped out by the expense of “unproven” fuel efficiency technologies. Government projections say the measures could add about $1800 to a car’s price tag, but buyers should save be-

tween $3400 and $5000 in fuel costs over the car’s lifetime. But no one really knows how the costs will pan out over the next 13 years - especially when you factor in the great strides already being made in fuel efficiency. These, driven in part by the existing EPA requirement, include variations on the internal combustion engine from the likes of Ford and Fiat. Both have reduced the number of cylinders from the usual minimum of four - three for Ford, two for Fiat - and both employ smart turbocharging and timing-control technologies to eke out the same power as bigger engines. For example, Fiat claims that its 900cc TwinAir

searcher Yang-Hann Kim stresses that the device is a first iteration that will be miniaturised over the next few years. Richard Ladner at the University of Washington in Seattle questions whether the device would prove beneficial enough to gain acceptance. “Does the benefit of wearing such a device outweigh the inconvenience of having extra technology that is seldom needed?” he asks. “No doubt the authors are doing some good engineering, but is what they produced really useful enough to those in the target group?” What’s more, there is a risk that the glasses will clash with a US patent application filed by Google earlier this year. The patent, entitled “Displaying sound indications on a wearable computing system”, describes a feature for a device similar to the headset of the company’s much-anticipated Project Glass initiative. The system flashes visual alerts when it hears sounds that could be important to the wearer. The KAIST team presented its work last week at the InterNoise conference in New York City.

is equivalent to a 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine, but burns 30 per cent less fuel. Ford says its EcoBoost engine has a fuel efficiency of 49 mpg (21 km/l). It is already on the market, and should be much cheaper by 2025. On the research front, Scuderi Group of West Springfield, Massachusetts, is claiming a 36 per cent efficiency boost with its four-cylinder engine. In this, tasks are separated: instead of all the cylinders pulling in fuel and air and combusting the mixture, one pair of cylinders handles intake and compression of fuel and air and another pair burns it. Tests are ongoing.

Original designs are in the works, too. As New Scientist revealed last year, a team at Michigan State University in East Lansing has developed an ultralight rotary engine that uses tiny shock waves to compress fuel/air mixtures. But instead of turning a drive shaft, the rotary motion is used to generate electricity in a hybrid car, boosting overall energy efficiency because of the generator’s sheer lightness. Alongside the innovations from the 2011 Automotive X-Prize competition, which paid out $10 million in prizes for lightweight gasoline, ethanol or battery-powered cars that could achieve 100 mpg (42.5 km/l) or its battery energy equivalent, there should be more than enough ideas brewing to meet the EPA’s efficiency target affordably.



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012




Across 2. They took up the occupation of becoming ________ cutters. 4. Which country was England at odds with in claiming Belize (British Honduras) as its colony? 6. The pirates established Burnaby’s ________ to act as guidelines governing their behaviour.

Use the answers given in the box to try to solve the crossword.

Down 1. Belize (British Honduras) was often referred to as the _____________ Coast. 3. Belize (British Honduras) was once a protectorate of which Caribbean country? 5. The first British settlers to live in Belize (British Honduras) were originally ___________. Pirates Logwood Mosquito Spain Jamaica Code

ALL IN THE NUMBERS! Which is the largest city/town in Belize? It isn’t by land size we are talking about the number of people. Can you match these cities and towns to their population numbers?

San Ignacio(town) Punta Gorda belmopan Corozal (Town) BELIZE CITY orange walk (town) dangriga 61, 461

16, 977






Answers: San Ignacio (town) 16, 977; Punta Gorda 5,026; Belmopan 13, 381; Corozal (town) 9,871; Belize City 61, 461; Orange Walk (town) 15, 298; Dangriga 9,096


Match the Kriol words to their English translation…

reeli barracks klowd enough bleeki housefly aiyan lock bariks cloud poas gloomy konkas iron lak mail inof actually



THINK ABOUT IT ANIMAL FARM A high ranking Minister of Government told a Belizean television station news reporter that he could give his family members more than one parcel of land because he was not a normal person, and his family members were not normal persons. The ordinary Belizean CANNOT get a piece of land. Some Belizeans get a piece of land by bowing and scraping to politicians. A select few living the specialpersons’ life can get land easily. The hustlers get and sell land as if it is cashew seeds. But when a Minister of Government publicly says he can do as he pleases with the valuable resources of the nation, he has entered the Animal Farm. One of the rules that governed all the animals in the excellent book, Animal Farm, was that “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. Some are more equal than others. Oink. Oink. TRIED & CONVICTED – IN THE MEDIA A young lady knocked down her boyfriend who was on a motorcycle with another young lady on his passenger seat. The boyfriend died and his passenger superficially injured. The young lady was tried and found guilty on the television screen. Her car was shown. The motorcycle was shown. They reported she was jealous as her boyfriend had left her a few months for the other young lady. The TV reporters even got into the hospital and interviewed the injured young lady on her sick bed, the camera right up in her face. The reporter even asked if she was pregnant and lost her child. How insensitive and how eager to invade other people’s privacy. As to the unfortunate young lady who knocked down her boyfriend, she was charged for murder. Not motor manslaughter. Not death by careless conduct. Murder. Intentionally and deliberately wanted to kill the two persons on the motorcycle. There is no need for a trial. The penalty for murder is either death by hanging or life imprisonment. Since hanging has stopped, all that remains is for the media to pronounce the sentence. LOVE & HIP-HOP Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is one of the most watched TV series by young female Belizeans. Along with Single Ladies, they are the two most watched shows in the city. Single Ladies is about three or four sexy, good looking and attractive single ladies working in a clothing store. They are constantly changing men and sleeping around.

The clothes, the cars, the apartment, the parties are all glamorous. The conversations are shallow and elementary and it is accompanied by dramatic music and scene changes. The young people of Belize are attracted to this series. Love & Hip-Hop is hotter because it is like a reality show. The actresses and actors are in fact playing themselves and the situations are supposed to be real life experiences. But with Hollywood you can never trust real from fake. In fact, to paraphrase Shakespeare’s “fair is foul and foul is fair”, Hollywood is fake is real and real is fake. The women in Hip-Hop are sexier than those in Single Ladies. And they show more of their legs and curves. Their romantic experiences are on full display to cable viewers. BARAK OBAMA & CLINT EASTWOOD Barak Obama is facing Presidential Elections on 6 November. The two major political parties are in full swing. The Republican Party is promoting Mitt Romney and the Democratic Party is behind Barak Obama. Based on his poor performance and broken promises, Barak doesn’t deserve to win. But Romney is a far worse candidate. He is bad news for the rest of the world – the third world. Romney is another George Bush. He is for war and is all for the rich folks. At the Republican Convention last week to endorse Mitt Romney, one of America’s famous movie stars was a guest speaker. None other than Clint Eastwood, who is also a favourite of many Belizeans. To see Clint Eastwood support Romney and endorse men who are bad guys in real life, really hurts. Speaking of Barak Obama’s failures, Clint Eastwood said “when somebody does not do the job, we’ve gotta let them go”. So true but the alternative to Barak is worse, far worse. MORE DEAD Since January this year up to 6th September, Belizeans have murdered 100 persons. This is 100 more than the Baymen killed in the so called Battle of St. George’s Caye. Each week the senseless killings continue with no end in sight. COLA/FRANCIS GEGG COLA, the Citizens Organised for Liberty through Action, is reported to be concerned about the issue of the independence of the Judiciary. They are doing some kind of research or information gathering. On Channel 5 a week or so, a guest on one of the shows – Francis Gegg, said that the investment climate in Belize was at an all-time

low and one of the factors discouraging investors was the lack of an independent judiciary. Mr. Gegg also made some valuable observations about why Belize is experiencing economic stagnation. He also listed a number of products and areas of production where the country can benefit, see increased job opportunities, and enjoy economic growth. As things currently stand, Belize is not a happy or progressive place. GOV’T EMPLOYING RETIREES The government of Belize has several CEO (Chief Executive Officers) in charge of the Ministries, who are past the retirement age. This is in violation of the law which requires that every public officer shall retire at the age of 55 years. The fact that these persons are politically handpicked makes no difference. The Constitution of Belize defines public officer as every employee of the government who is paid from the Personal Emoluments section of the Budget. CEOs are paid from the P.E. vote. In addition to working unlawfully beyond the retirement age, these political CEOs also block up the upward mobility of the other public officer who cannot reach the top as politically handpicked persons are placed over them. There are also the large salaries these CEOs collect along with perks and allowances. This can be a sizeable savings if the government stop bringing outsiders into the public service and recruit from within. D.J. TAMBRAN The popular disc jockey and music seller rents a small portion of the Commercial Centre on Albert Streets, by the Swing Bridge. Tambran is a Creole businessman who has his music shop at the spot for 15 years. He owes the City Council for the spot. The City Council owed him for water that leaked into his shop destroying his equipment and music. City Council supposedly owes him fifteen thousand dollars and he owes the Council six thousand dollars. D.J. Tambran contested the City Council elections in March on a PUP ticket. The UDP won for a variety of reasons that had to do with their abysmal record of practically destroying Belize City – hundreds of streets neglected and broken up, an over-bloated staff in the offices and a horrible record of disappearing millions of dollars. UNIBAM AGENDA EXPOSED Actually is it specifically the homosexual agenda that is being disposed. According to Pastor Louis Wade of Plus TV. Pastor Wade has succeeded in obtaining a copy of the teaching manual put out by the Ministry of Education for Primary School classes 4, 5, and 6. For the past several mornings a detailed expose is underway on Plus TV which has a wide Christian

Sunday, September 9, 2012

audience and viewers and has a strong footing in Belmopan. Hosted by Pastor Wade, Scott Stirm and Fern, there is a big modern touch screen with the explosive contents from the manual for viewers to read themselves. What could simply be errors and oversight by the authors of the book, are overwhelmed by the numerous statements which are said to represent the “agenda”. An issue is the book’s sections on reproductive health and the diagrams showing the reproductive organs of females. The anus is unexplainably shown as one such reproductive organ. The manual also claims that there is no risk in children playing with their sex organs and masturbating. There are dozens of matters Pastor Wade said are objectionable in the manual and probably factually wrong as well. It has become a concerned issue for parents and teachers and on one morning this week, Pastor Wade looked directly into the screen and condemned the Minister of Education, rebuking him and those of his Ministry who produced the manual without any consultation. Pastor Wade and Scott Stirm do not condone wayward Minister of Government, so this issue is really a do or die for them and there may be petitions and marches by the Evangelicals who are fighting against a rising tide of immorality in the nation. Not to mention the perceived threat from the “agenda” of gays, Caleb, UNIBAM and company. NO BATTLE OF ST. GEORGE’S CAYE There was no battle at St. George’s Caye on the 10th September. No Spanish ships were sunk. No Spanish sailors were killed. No Baymen boats were sunk. No Baymen were killed or injured. So what? No slaves were given muskets. No slaves were fool enough to fight battleship with Pocono Boy sticks For 100 years after 1798, the Baymen paid no attention to this socalled battle. In 1988 when the first racist reason due to migration from Mexico’s War of the Caste and upsurge in pride from freed slaves, it became colonial propaganda to push bogus battle. Belizeans need to discuss how to become united and how to use political independence to start to achieve economic independence. WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS “Know ye that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Be not deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the Kingdom of God” – 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

Sunday, September 9, 2012



Copa Azul - Successful Launch Buena Vista Village, Corozal District Copa Azul 2012 blasted off with a loud bang. On Sunday, September 2, 2012 the People’s United Party launched Copa Azul in the beautiful village of Buena Vista, Corozal District. Copa Azul 2012 is a tournament using football to cross pollinate and connect supporters of the Party. It is designed to deepen ties and maximize the opportunities of our rank and file to engage and interact. The tour of matches will take place country wide and total nine games. Organizers explained to the BELIZE TIMES that “the country was organized into eight zones. One team per each district, with two additional teams for both San Pedro and Benque Viejo del Carmen. The games are designed to get our party’s leaders out of Guayaberas and into sporting attire... Our Party is unarguably the most welcoming and personable. Watching our Parliamentarians and politicians in a different more sociable light deepens our respect and resolve of the common plight against a wicked UDP regime… The teams are comprised of political personalities and parliamentarians, together with three females and other supporters. The featured match is about fun. It is family time for our Party. Straight family time.” The first installation of Copa Azul did not disappoint. It kicked off at 2:30 in the afternoon under the crystal blue skies of Buena Vista Village. The hosting team was the Corozal District and the hosting constituency for that district was Corozal South West, home of PUP champion, Ramiro Ramirez. The ceremonies took off in front of an eager crowd of near three hundred and fifty supporters. They smiled at the line of uniformed players staring at the two and a half foot Copa Azul trophy which glistened in the afternoon sunlight. It was a feel good event. After brief addresses by the Area Representative, Ramiro Ramirez and the Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, the games went into high gear. The Belize City Team squared off against the Corozal contingent.

All teams were fully outfitted by the tournament and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. The home team jumped on the score board first with beautiful team play which capitalized on a defensive mistake. That one to nothing lead would stand up to the half time whistle. In the second half the Belize City team settled its nerves and pulled back the equalizer with an amazing left foot bomb at the forty-third minute. Again with ten minutes to final whistle, the city team converted a penalty to leave the final score at 2 goals to one. There were then four female teams who battled in heated and well played matches in front of a swelling crowd. The first Copa Azul was well attended and supported. It was attended by a large contingent from the Eastern Caucus who remained high

spirited throughout the trip. Both Dr. David Hoy, Caribbean Shores and Dr. Francis Smith, Eastern Caucus Chair and Pickstock Representative, participated in the Copa along with the Party Leader, Francis Fonseca. They were also joined by Yolanda Shackron of Lake I, Florencio Marin of Corozal South East, Ramiro Ramirez. Other participants were Eastern Caucus Communications Chair, Kareem Musa and our very own BELIZE TIMES Editor, Alberto Vellos, who was a formidable defensive striker. Deputy Party Leader, Carolyn Trench Sandiford, made contact with the Participants rendering her support and well wishes. Rumors are that she may suit up for the next match. She is sure to be joined by Martin Galvez, of Lake I, who sent a large representation. Orange Walk representatives were also in attendance.

It was a tail gating affair as the politicians and people brought along their families for the festivities. Music thumped up the energies while fire heart food and a deep menu of snacks were being sold. Beers, juices and spirits kept the spectators cool while the City contingent took time to interact with their Corozal counterparts. The first match was a resounding success. It gave the attending political leaders a chance to laugh, sit back and talk in a family atmosphere. They took full advantage of this for the entire day. The Party Leader had been hard at work in the area from 8:00 Sunday morning and seemed to be re-energized at the activity and interaction of the supporters and participants. The next installment of Copa Azul is coming to a field near you. Stay tuned for details. See pictorial on page 8.

Creditors question debt sustainability concerns Belize City, September 4, 2012 In recent reports in the international media, Superbond creditors have questioned whether Belize has a need for debt sustainability. A source told Reuters News Agency that their analysis of the most recent economic review on Belize, the IMF’s Article IV consultation, cited no concerns over debt sustainability: “In the absence of comprehensive and consistent information, we are relying on the IMF Article IV published last December. This report, which was issued in consultation with the Belize Government, did not even raise a concern about debt sustainability, so the committee is understandably curious about what has changed,” said the source. There has been no response or clarification from the Barrow

Administration through the Central Bank or Superbond team. Creditors have also indicated that they are getting mixed signals from the Government of Belize. When they were approached initially, the Government claimed that it had to renegotiate the Superbond because of the debt incurred from its takeover of utility companies Belize Telemedia Limited and Belize Electricity Limited, but now the Government says the due compensation has nothing to do with it. “In June, when it first released substantive information, [the government] pointed to the cost of the nationalizations as precipitating the need for a restructuring,” said the source from the credit committee. “However, in August, it said the nationalizations were not the reason. This is a critical issue and yet nothing has been made clear.” Creditors have stated that they

will boycott any talks until they get more information. They have already rejected Belize’s terms of renegotiation which includes a 2% bond maturing in 2062 with no principal reduction and a 15-year grace period, a 45% reduction of principal with a 2042 maturity and a step-up coupon from 1% to 2% in 2019 and 4% in 2026, and a 3.5% coupon after a fiveyear grace period. “We are in a period where parties are basically dancing,” said Carl Ross, the managing director at Oppenheimer & Co. “The government is sending the message that they don’t intend to improve terms in a significant way. Creditors are feeling that the government put more burden-sharing on the bond holders.”



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Belize Times September 9, 2012  

Belize Times September 9, 2012

Belize Times September 9, 2012  

Belize Times September 9, 2012