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Barrow’s ‘peace truce’ blows up PM shamelessly admits he was extorted by gangs Belize City, October 5, 2011 It was another grandstand. The Prime Minister had supposedly cut short a conference in the Caribbean to fly home and negotiate a gang truce, or should we say another gang truce. It was the third or fourth gang truce Barrow bragged about. Belizeans will recall him posing for the cameras along with a sheepish and confused looking Police Minister at his side just before last month’s 10th of September celebrations. Barrow had, only days before, unleashed his brutal gang unit upon the residents of George Street, many of whom included his voters and members whom he knows belonged to the notorious George Street gang. The brutality meted

Barrow has compromised the nation. Gang members are now demanding no less than $50,000 each from him.

Biggest sex scandal ever!

out to the family of the gang members unleashed a new level of fury in which the gang vowed that there would be revenge against Barrow. A frightened Prime Minister flew back home and word from the gang was that big money in the thousands would soon flow their way. It has all come crashing down now. As news spread this morning, Wednesday, October 5th 2011, of a series of daring armed robberies in Belize City and two shootings of which one was a murder, it was quite obvious that the atmosphere of fear and mayhem had returned. At the same time, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was on a radio

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Call a Referendum, demands PUP Western Caucus

Kevin Lee accused of illegally filming naked patients

Kevin Lee

Pay Up Patrick Faber! See page 34

BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 By Alton Humes There has never been a sex scandal as big as this one. Well-known local practitioner of Chinese medicine, and self-taught acupuncturist-healer, Kevin Lee, is accused of filming patients’ naked bodies illegally. Reports are that there are up to 600 video files. Lee, who came to Belize as Lee KunLin, is currently holed up in Los Angeles, California, U.S., detained by officials there. He was detained after Belize Police request-

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Julius Espat Belize City, October 4, 2011 The 9th Amendment Constitution Bill has attracted immense opposition and criticism from almost every major sector of society. The proposed legislation has been described as a dangerous attempt to subvert our democracy as it attempts to remove the Courts ability to review the validity of future changes to the laws and constitution. Because the amendment is to the Constitution, the Government is bound to a 90-day

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

From the ghetto streets

“Fi u fi me fi all a we”

Dear Editor, Belizeans continue to struggle through this nightmare that doesn’t have an end. We all

San Ignacio Hospital Staff want Deputy Regional Manager gone! September 28, 2011 Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health It is a pity that the staff at San Ignacio Community Hospital has to come together for something so unpleasant. It is with great dismay that we inform you that we are unable to work adequately with our Deputy Regional Manager, Mrs. Myra Pulido, and we request as an institution, that her role here be reviewed and she is destitute from her current post. Mrs. Myra Pulido started working in September 2010; since her arrival there have been several changes in the chain of command which do not follow regular protocols and policies of Ministry of Health and Public Service. These include the blunt disrespect from her part to the supervisors and Heads of Department. On various occasions we have reported to the Regional Manager and the Deputy Directors of Health Services in MOH about the inconsistencies that we have at the hospital. She has created problems with the adequate flow of patient care by trying to intervene directly with every decision made in the different departments. Up to this day, we are unable to mention ONE good thing that she has accomplished to improve either the institution, the services rendered or even the current staff benefits. Many have been our complaints against Mrs. Pulido, and although they have not gone unheard, the circumstances have not changed. Mrs. Pulido has bluntly disrespected the staff at SICH in many ways; from trying to prevent the X ray Department from opening in December, decreasing the food provided to patients and staff up until August, refusing to acknowledge what by Public Service law is entitled to the

The Party is nothing but the vanguard of the people, the active organ of the people, working at all times in the service of the people.”

The devilish details of the Atlantic BankBSI proposal

staff as overtime, she has threatened the staff on many occasions with the loss of their jobs if they do not adhere to her rules and she was unkind enough as to fire a driver on the 31st December at 11:00pm after his duty as an example of these threats. Mrs. Pearl Ellis, Mrs. Parks, Mrs. Saldivar and Mrs. Hoare all have visited the SICH and tried to improve the understanding between Mrs. Pulido and the staff. Mrs. Pearl Ellis and Mrs. Parks have had various meetings in which the Heads of Department are fully aware that the protocols, organogram and basic management rules have been discussed. It is with great disappointment that despite the last meeting with Mrs. Parks, Mrs. Hoare and Mrs. Ellis after your visit to our institution, in which the organogram and the function of supervisors and Heads of Department were clearly outlined and discussed, Mrs. Pulido remains ignorant to proper Management. On August 9th and August 10, 2011 Mrs. Pulido has still taken the liberty to come to Emergency Room after regular working hours to request from the staff justifications on the patients’ transfers and has inquired particulars both to nurses and doctors. This is a clear disrespect, not only to patient confidentiality, but also to the proper channel of communications, disrespect for the staff’s supervisors and disrespect to the medical profession. Insisting that the transfers be reviewed and justified is a clear example of how patient care is not a priority. On the 28th September, she refused to allow transportation for the PNP to do a home visit for 7 year

Dear Editor, The 30th of September, 2011 marks the deadline date that ING Bank had given to Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) to pay off the US$20 million that BSI owes ING Bank. According to BSI and the Government of Belize (GOB), ING has postponed the deadline for a year subject to 3 conditions. These conditions are that the memorandum of understanding that was signed last year be resigned, that BSI pays down its debt to ING and that GOB foregoes any payment towards the BZ$10 million that GOB loaned BSI in December, 2010. This does not mean that the storm is gone and the coast is clear. This time given could be used to solve the problems at hand properly, or it could be the eye of the hurricane that is passing; and thus the calm before the storm. It all depends on what decisions are made. The management of BSI has been advocating that the proposal from the Atlantic Bank group (AB) is the only viable option. And what is the AB proposal? And for whom will it be viable? In the short-term, the AB proposal stipulates US$5 million as a 6-month operating capital

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30th of September, 2011

wonder when things will get better and what happen to all the promises this Prime Minister made before the 2008 general election. The entire country is in a chaos under this worthless U.D.P. Government. We were brain washed then and they still want to brainwash us now. It seems as if this Prime Minister cannot think of solutions that is affecting this country, but instead, just sits down and thinks up a lot of bogus ways to feed the Belizean people. Like what the greatest reggae artist, Bob Marley would say, “Mr. Prime Minister promises are comfort to a fool” and we are no fools. Belizeans you need to wake up and realize what this U.D.P. Government is all about. They are nothing but dream sellers, they will do anything to get their way and care less about the poor people of Belize, and that’s the U.D.P. style. Remember their saying: “Fi u fi me fi all a we”? What was that all about? That is what Barrow used to hoodwink Belizeans, and now Belizean know that Barrow meant, “fi me, fi me, fi all a me.” Mr. Barrow was right, it is all about himself and his family, and when he says, “fi u” it means, hard time is coming to a city near you. Belizeans, we cannot be fooled again. I have three words to say, “VOTE THEM OUT.” Till next week. Roberto Peyrefitte



Fay Castillo McKay

A Loving, Patriotic Belizean Speaks

A special remembrance of Hon. George Price

Dear Belizeans, We have lost our Belizean Father, the Hon. George Cadle Price. A man who’s origin was simple like you and me, and of course not perfect but had and a vision for the land he was born into. He was able to find strength, courage and determination by the blessings of God. Probably like most people in this world while going through paths in life we have to make personal sacrifices, which he did. On a personal note to my Belizeans, I express a personal feeling that this country has made an impact on me as I see Belize as a diamond in the ruff so precious. Because of the times we are living in where there is so much chaos going on in the world.

Dear Editor, I empathize with the Price family in their grief in the passing of Rt. Hon. George Price. He was God’s marvellous gift to our country. My earliest recollection of George Price is as a young man and a member of the St. Stanislaus Sodality for young men at Holy Redeemer Parish. I remember the joint social functions held with the children of Mary’s Sodality for young ladies. At these functions, George Price would dance one dance only with a very darkskinned girl named Mehetibel, who wore her hair in thick, short braids. I can remember it clearly. After the function it was work

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Barrow’s ‘peace truce’ blows up

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morning talk-show sending off chilling news that indeed more mayhem may come. While on the accommodating KREM WUB morning show, Barrow said that his so called “gang truce” carefully arranged with about a dozen members of notorious neighbourhoods in Belize City was over. Barrow explained that to get those individuals to agree on ‘keeping the peace’ some of them demanded an easy pay-off, but the Prime Minister instead offered to give a weekly job salary funded by tax payers. There were allegations that some of the gangs actually did receive huge sums of monies. There was a flurry of intense criticism towards the PM’s approach. Barrow was seen as giving in to the demands of “criminals”, negotiating with “terrorists”, or allowing himself to be extorted by criminals. Well, today the Prime Minister admitted that the critics were right. Barrow said that he was informed yesterday that members of the gangs were “demanding” his presence at every meeting held by a steering committee or else “things would get extremely iffy”. According to Barrow, some “gang” leaders have demanded that

“if he doesn’t come to the meetings we won’t”. Others have said that they will not attend meetings unless they are paid, said the Prime Minister. The deadlock spells trouble for an already crime-ridden, terror-fatigued and grieving society. The murder count is nearing the 110 mark, as killings occurred in the Cayo, Belize, and Orange Walk Districts over the last week. But the Prime Minister apparently sees things differently, with lesser exigency. He maintains that September was an “incident-free month” in the city despite the fact that there were two shooting deaths, one which involved the killing of 9 year old Joshua Abraham on Victoria Street on Independence Day, September 21st. The Prime Minister claimed that he didn’t know of any rivalry between the Victoria Street and Kelly Street factions, which have resulted in at least three shooting murders. He claimed that because he didn’t know, those two groups were not part of the mediation. But the Prime Minister has a bigger problem in his hands. All of his administration’s anti-crime plans have turned complete failures. Underlining this was today’s pronouncement

by Barrow that his highly-touted job programme for “15 high-energy gang members and affiliates” launched on Budget Day is now dead! The Prime Minister said several of the “gang” members he identified for the special job programme only showed up to work for 2 to 3 weeks, but wanted to turn out every week for their cheques. Barrow said because of that he has “shutdown the programme”. Since taking over the reins of Government, the Barrow Administration has consistently failed to offer any realistic plans to tackle crime. This is why every year the crime rate has escalated, with last year’s murder count standing at 132. They first proposed “Vision 360” in October 2007, which the former Minister of National Security Carlos Perdomo promised in heavy highfalutin language that it would have offered “a well-planned strategic and synchronized manner which with immediate medium and long-term courses of implementation will restore the respect for law and order and recuperate our people’s confidence in our national system of law and order”…there’s more…“ initiating a multiple front, simultaneous and energetic engagement of the causes of crime and poverty

and existing widespread corruption and on the alarming intensity of criminal activity”. That plan failed miserably, and so did the visionless Minister who was kicked out of the Ministry. His successor, rejected politician Douglas Singh, has done no better. What followed next was Operation Jaguar, which also fettered away. Next was the ban on vehicle glass tinting, and Restore Belize, which has become one giant red-tape bureaucracy, and then there is the big bad GSU. All of Barrow’s great plans have turned out sour, because they lack the exact substance he promises. They are neither well planned nor strategic. A real crime plan, as proposed by the People’s United Party, will tackle the root of crime which is poverty and a lack of opportunities, while building the capacity of law enforcement. While Barrow plays petty games with crime, the sad reality is that he does it at the expense of hundreds of innocent Belizeans’ lives.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011



Haad Times

Barrownomics! When the Barrow took office some forty two months ago the Belizean economy was robust, its people were working, some were saving, some were spending and others overspending. The climate for both local and foreign investment was strong, and millions were being pumped into the economy. Barrow’s promises coming into office were plenty. The people’s expectations were high; after all they were told to imagine the possibilities and one of those possibilities was to nationalize the oil industry so you and I could benefit from the wealth untold. Barrow also promised cost of living would be cheaper and there would be no taxes. If there was anything on Barrow’s side, it was that he had ten long years to prepare and change what he criticized was going wrong and fix them as he promised to the Belizean people. However, the reality of 3 ½ years later is that people’s hope have been dashed. Many are now disillusioned with Barrow and his big words. Today Belizeans are starving, times are harder, more and more people are slipping through the cracks, the poor are becoming poorer, and the once vibrant middle-class is being wiped out and falling into poverty. Belizeans have had to learn how to survive in these hardest of times the hard way. Houses and land have had to be sold or taken by the Banks. Cars auctioned cheap, food must be rationed so the family eats and less money can be spent on basic things. This is life under Barrow and the UDP. Belize’s economic problem is Barrow and the UDP. Barrow does not know what it is to be poor, so he doesn’t know how to help the poor. He is no economist so he doesn’t know how to fix the economy. He is no businessman, so he doesn’t know what business men and women are feeling under his hellish rule. Barrow’s expertise is in law, and all his life he has enjoyed the riches that have come with representing special and private interests such as Lord Michael Aschroft. This is why everything he has done has the modus operandi of a lawyer. This is why the BTL takeover, the BEL takeover and the protection of the oil producer Belize Natural Energy is Barrow’s gift for special and private interests who helped him win in 2008. His loyalty is with them, and not the people of Belize. The UDP Cabinet has too many do do birds for Barrow to reach out for help. Flanked to side are a small circle of advisors that include Allan Slusher, Nestor Vasquez and Manuel Esquivel. That’s another problem. Those men are stone-age creatures of the 80s whose ability cannot keep up with the pace of a dynamic Belizean economy. This is why the UDP built a fence at the Marion Jones before the actual multi-million dollar sporting complex, and why the only infrastructure development by the UDP is the road that leads to the dump site from the Western Highway. This is why they placed the windfall tax so high, that Belizeans barely get to make anything of the oil money. This is why the UDP wants to sell out the sugar industry to a private bank instead of ensuring that it stays in Belizeans’ hands. Belize may never see the robust years of the past again, at least not in the year and a half left under Barrow. We are in deep trouble and there is no telling who will survive this long-drawn recession. Belize needs urgent rescue. Belize needs foreign investment, employment creation, a viable tourism plan, the revival of agriculture and marine sectors, a realistic anti-crime strategy, a capable team in Government and a caring and able Prime Minister. It’s time for change Belize from the very top, it’s time to fire the present Finance Minister and get a real one.



Call a Referendum, demands PUP Western Caucus

Continued from page 1 period of public consultations. But the “consultation” has turned into a political stage, in which Government has been using tax payers’ dollars and public resources to ensure that their supporters speak in favour of the callous legislation. On Wednesday night, the Government held its final 9th amendment political rally, but unlike those that preceded it did not have the participation of the Opposition, People’s United Party, who announced that they were boycotting. PUP Treasurer and member of the Party’s Western Caucus (Cayo South), Julius Espat, met with the media on Tuesday afternoon to explain why they took that position. Espat pointed out that in none of the public events held have all Belizeans been given a fair opportunity to voice their views. In Belize City, speakers were interrupted and booed by supporters of the Government, in Orange Walk persons who spoke against the amendment were criticised by Government representatives on the head table, in Corozal the Government brought supporters to intimidate speakers, in Dangriga the microphone was muted when opposing views were expressed and Government representatives ordered the Police to muzzle speakers, in Punta Gorda only UDP supporters were allowed to speak endlessly while anyone thought to be against was told to “hurry up”. According to Espat, the attempts to curtail public views have been brazen and have even included keeping Belizeans out of consultation venues so they do not have a say.

Biggest sex scandal ever! Continued from page 1

ed Interpol’s assistance in his capture. Belizean authorities said Lee fled the country when he learnt that local Police were investigating his involvement in, of all things, secretly filming the wives of diplomats and socialites who turned to him for medical attention. The story first broke on the international news, a news organ indigenous to his former home nation of China-Taiwan. And apparently, these allegations date back for quite a while, but now only recently have boiled up to the surface. Here’s the information that is known at this time: when Lee had a recent problem with his computer, he turned to a repair technician to get it fixed. When the tech discovered the images, numbering at least 600, he attempted to blackmail Lee, likely wanting money to prevent the images from being posted to entities. No names are being mentioned, because the mere fact Lee used ‘secret cameras’ (likely hidden around inside his building) to record women is bad enough as is. While Belize Police officials await Lee’s deportation, the BELIZE TIMES understands that there is an escalating number of women who are already filing reports to the Police of their strange encounters at Lee’s office.

Espat said the public consultation had turned into a public circus, and the PUP Western Caucus saw no value in participating. “We are boycotting the consultations in Belmopan because we have seen that the process is undermining democracy. Those so-called consultations are not a true representation of our democratic process. We in the PUP have been doing true consultation, by asking persons not to declare their position on the 9th Amendment, but by getting their support to call for a Referendum which will enable every voter to have their say without the kind of political pressure that is going on now,” explained Espat. The Cayo South representative said that the Party, working along with concerned parties, is well underway to gathering the needed 17,000 signatures to trigger a referendum. His constituency had so far gathered 1,600 genuine signatures. Signatures must be gathered and submitted before October 23rd, when the 90 day period of consultation closes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Father of four murdered inside family business Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Ernesto Myvette, 43, a former Belize Defense Force private, was mercilessly gunned down inside his grocery store on the Maskall Road near mile 19 on the Northern Highway on Tuesday night. Myvette, who usually has a toddler grandson with him in the store, was alone at around 7:30 that night when tragedy struck. Eyewitnesses report that they saw three men, two armed with guns, run into the store and less than a minute later, they ran back out. One of the two gunmen shot Myvette in the upper body as he fled. They had stolen Myvette’s 9 mm pistol and ran towards a waiting, dark red vehicle near the exit to the

Northern Highway. The eyewitnesses also said that when they travelled to Belize City after the killing, they picked up that three men wearing clothing matching the culprits were seen heading towards Belize City. Police, on the other hand, have no clues as to who committed the heinous act. In fact, they have no one detained, and the only evidence they have are the three expended shells that they recovered from the crime scene. The BELIZE TIMES has learned that earlier in the day, a strange car was spotted, cruising the narrow stretch of road, almost as if its occupants were studying the area. Police also cannot yet say whether the bullets that Myvette suffered came from his own gun. While his family wait for answers, they are preparing to put their loved one to rest by the weekend. Ernesto Myvette would have turned 44 on November 19.

Sunday, October 9, 2011




The People’s United Party – Builds and Develops A short time ago, in Belize, many of us were excited about the future; and we eagerly embraced the idea that our generation would shape the new Belize. Our parents helped to shape our imagination in such a way that our generation was inspired to step out boldly on a progressive course. It was a time when the concept of hope and vision set a PUP agenda that would lead us into a time when our economy would double and Belizeans were seeing a time of prosperity. The first 5 years of the PUP was a time of optimism. The second term of the PUP saw many challenges, yet amidst the struggles, Belizeans managed to live a decent life. The national unemployment was around 8 percent and 93,000 children were in school. As I like to say, we kept the lights on and Belize, as a nation, was growing. Three years into this UDP administration and no one can claim that our nation is undergoing a time of optimism. In fact any honest assessment of the real state of our nation would have to admit to just the opposite for the state of our nation is deteriorating. Belizeans who want to work can’t find a job; our economy is in shambles, our young people have lost hope in the future and homicide stalks our land. Our infrastructure is breaking up and our health system is broken down. Belizeans are living in a time when their government is failing at managing the economy, failing to improve our lives, failing to keep our communities safe, failing to create the enabling environment for new job creation, failing to maintain our infrastructure and is succeeding in leading us towards becoming a failed state. When Mr. Barrow wanted the mandate to lead the country he made a number of important promises to Belizeans, but he has not kept those promises and he must be held accountable for them. Next we must hold him accountable for the urban violence that has overtaken our streets and communities. While he sits in meetings with gang leaders and sponsors retreats, children are being shot and killed in broad daylight. This is not sensible leadership, this is not what Belizeans expect for any government, and in fact this is a clear abdication of one’s responsibility. During the budget debate, and again on Independence Day in Belmopan, Barrow spoke of his compassion for poor Belizeans and his government’s commitment to help the poor. How exactly is he doing this? There can be no victory over poverty if the government is engaged in daily combat with the very people and institutions that help to create jobs and are the engine for economic growth in our country. Belizeans should never, ever be treated like mendicants in our own nation, and yet, the fear and desperation of the thousands who are forced to supplicate a minister, beg an area representative and petition the government for what is rightfully theirs. A part of the fundamental rights of every Belizean is the right to provide for their family and to work for an honest day’s living. The time for our generation of PUPs to step up and take responsibility for Belize is once again before us. We must come together to construct a new compact with the Belizean people. One that is built on honesty, accountability and one that will see us deliver on the promises we make to the Belizean people. The challenges facing our nation as a result of a reckless UDP Administration are many and will require our collective talents and skills to overcome them and then to set Belize right once more. We must not be afraid of such a task, for it is in our DNA as PUPs to build and to develop this nation; after all, this is what our Party is all about.




Sunday, October 9, 2011

PUP Central Party Council Meeting

PUP Leader Hon. John Briceño addresses Party Council

October 1, 2011

Hon. Briceño flanked by (L-R) Deputy Leader Mike Espat, Former PM & Past Party Leader Rt. Hon Said Musa, Senor Deputy Leaders Hon. Mark Espat & Hon. Francis Fonseca, Deputy Leader Carolyn Trench-Sandiford & Senior Deputy leader Cordel Hyde

PUP Chairman Henry Usher

Hon. John Briceño & PUP stalwarts commemorate the PUP’s 61st birthday

Sunday, October 9, 2011


PUP reaffirms Opposition to 9th Amendment The following is a resolution passed by the People’s United Party’s Central Party Council which met on Saturday, October 1st, 2011. The resolution was approved by members and elected representatives of all 31 constituencies who attended. Whereas the UDP Government, since coming to power in February 2008, has reneged on its major manifesto promises to the people of Belize, including: the creation of jobs, reducing the cost of living, the implementation of an expanded Senate and the nationalization of the oil industry; Recognizing that the UDP Government has consumed its energies on the political and economic destruction of the Belizean ideal embraced on Independence Day 30 years ago; Aware that since 2008 that the UDP has been shredding the citizens of Belize constitutional rights and liberty in an unprecedented manner and has calculatedly weakened the institutions of democracy; Cognizant that the UDP Government’s latest attempt to destroy our democratic way of life has been masked in the Belize Constitution (Ninth) Amendment Bill, 2011 under the guise of “nationalization of public utilities”; “Conscious that our Party’s solemn creed and objectives seek the maximum benefit for all Belizeans from public utilities, as consumers and shareholders, including majority ownership, but to be so acquired legally and with reasonable compensation,” Acknowledging that various long serving and respected associations and organizations in the country, including: the Belize Chamber of Commerce, the Bar Association, COLA and divisional branches of the Belize National Teachers Union have expressed their grave concerns about the net effect that the Belize Constitution (Ninth) Amendment Bill, 2011 will have on our Belizean way of life, in particular, replacing the supremacy of our Constitution with the supremacy of politicians; Whereas the People’s United Party, have canvassed the views and opinions of its supporters and the Belizean public at large; and are BE IT RESOLVED, that the People’s United Party, on this 01 day of October 2011, rejects the Belize Constitution (Ninth) Amendment Bill, 2011 and calls all Belizeans, to safeguard our democratic way of life by doing same.




Man accused of molesting 7 yr. old daughter remanded to prison BELIZE CITY, Wed. Oct. 5, 2011 By Roy Davis A 28 year old man who the police allege sexually assaulted his 7 year old daughter was charged with 3 offences when he appeared yesterday in the #4 Magistrate’s Court. The man was charged with attempted carnal knowledge, attempting to commit an unnatural crime and aggravated assault of an indecent nature. Magistrate Roberto Ordonez did not take a plea from him because the offences will be tried on indictment. Also, he denied the man bail because of the nature of the offences. He re-

manded the man into custody until November 8. The incident occurred on Sunday night, October 2. The mother of the child reported to the police that she, her 7 year old daughter and the father of her daughter were sleeping in the same bed when she awoke to use the bathroom. She said she saw that her daughter and her common-law husband were not in the bed with her. She said when she went to another room she saw her common-law husband on top of her daughter on the bed and he was making motions up and down with his body.

Vendor faints after armed robbery BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 By Alton Humes An immigrant vendor, Ms. Maria Lopez, had the scare of her life when she was robbed at gunpoint a week ago. Ms. Lopez was near the Port of Belize working at her food stall last week Wednesday afternoon, when she was accosted by two dark-skinned men apparently wanting to buy food. She was in the process of serving them when, as if out of nowhere, another gentleman came to buy 2 more plates of food from her. It would turn out to be little more than a ruse, as one of them planted a gun to her side, and another stole her

day’s earnings from her, amounting to some BZ$120.00. But being from the shores of Honduras, she didn’t cower or acted afraid, but fought back, hitting one of them with no less than her potspoon that she was serving them with. When a passer-by who saw the incident unfold yelled at the hooligans to ‘leave her alone’, they ran like the dastardly cowards that they were. But not before they fired a shot, although it is not known if it was fired into the air, or at Ms. Lopez, and that led to her fainting, which capped off the already dramatic series of events. Ms. Lopez has worked at that location for at 4 years, and, unfortunately, has been robbed before. Police investigation continues.

GSU Strikes Again! Belize City, September 31, 2011 Last week, members of the Gang Suppression Unit descended on the residents of Victoria Street to brutally assault residents of the area. There has been a reported feud between Victoria Street and the nearby Kelly Street over the killing of a 9 year old and a 16 year old, and it is suspected the GSU carried out an operation to search the area. But according to residents, the special Police unit did more than search. One resident, Mark Gentle, said he was badly beaten on Tuesday last week. His face was swollen and he had a black and blue bruise under his left eye. Gentle claimed that he was pulled by the hair to the point that he felt that his hair was almost ripped off. After he was taken into custody on Tuesday and held until Thursday night while being badly beaten, no charges were brought

Mark Gentle

against him. Gentle said that his brother was also allegedly beaten to the point of not being able to walk. The residents of Victoria Street believe that they are the only ones being targeted. Several residents claim they were brutalized during the search, and warned that the effect of the GSU’s action could be counterproductive.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trio charged for theft of motorcycle BELIZE CITY, Wed. Oct. 5, 2011 By Roy Davis Three persons who allegedly stole a red Lifan brand motorcycle valued at $1,200; were charged with theft when they appeared yesterday in the #6 Magistrate’s Court. They are Ryan Barnett, 25 a construction worker of #4 George Street; Oatis Gladden, 18 a fisherman of #6 Racecourse Street; and a 17 year old boy. They pleaded not guilty to the charge. Barnett and Gladden were released on bails of $2,000. But the minor was denied bail and remanded to Youth Hostel because he breached the condition of a suspended sentence that he got at Belize Family Court. The minor will now have to pay a fine of $500 and serve a sentence of 6 months. All three are to return to court on November 24. The incident occurred between 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 29. Julian Samuels, 36, a computer technician residing at 16 Heusner Crescent, reported to the police that his motorcycle was stolen from where it was parked in his yard. The police reported that around



Oatis Gladden

Mechanic accused of breaking into neighbor’s house BELIZE CITY, Wed. Oct. 5, 2011 By Roy Davis Douglas Flores Jr., 22, an auto mechanic of 133 Neal Pen Road who allegedly broke into the house of his neighbor, was charged with burglary and handling stolen goods when he appeared today in the #5 Magistrate’s Court. Flores pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was offered a bail of $6,000 and his case was adjourned until December 21. The burglary occurred between September 23 and September 29. The complainant, Kimberly Haulze, who resides at 139 Neal Pen Road, reported to the police that her house was burglarized and the items that were

Douglas Flores Jr. stolen included 3 brown wooden doors with built in mirrors and an assortment of electrical fixtures. The total value of the items was $2,894. The police reported that on October 3 when they searched Flores’ residence they recovered all the stolen items.

Ryan Barnett

8:40 p.m. on September 29, members of the Gang Suppression Unit caught Barnett pushing the motorcycle on St. Joseph Street. Gladden and the minor were along with Barnett, reported the police.

Come Celebrate

PUP 61 Birthday in Xaibe, Corozal

The PUP Xaibe organizing committee, the Corozal North Executive and Corozal North Standard Bearer Valdemar Castillo take great pleasure to invite all to come and celebrate the 61st Birthday of the People’s United Party, to the vibrant village of Xaibe, Corozal District, which will take place on October 8, 2011. For over 30 years, the people of Corozal North,and neighbouring areas come to celebrate the People’s United Party’s birthday in Xaibe Village, Corozal District. As the years passed, these celebration is anticipated with increasing excitement. The evening starts at 3pm with a huge parade through the principal streets of Xaibe, and will end at the Xaibe football field where the celebrations continue. The official ceremony follows. The Party Leader Hon. John Briceño, the four standard bearers from Corozal, and various other invited guests will be there. Come and hear the positive messages, see the cultural presentations and take part in the raffle. There will also be lots of food and drinks available and a free dance follows as from 9 pm until. Transportation will be provided. Join us as we celebrate. PUP always!

PUP Corozal North Standard Bearer Valdemar Castillo

Party Leader Hon. John Briceño will be in attendance along with other Party Officials




Sunday, October 9, 2011

Belize faces Grenada, then Guatemala Belize City, October 4, 2011 The Belize National “A” Team is preparing for its third and fourth matches of the group stage of World Cup 2014 qualifiers in Brazil. On Friday October 7 at 3:30pm, the team will host Grenada at the Football Federation of Belize field in the City of Belmopan. Belize and Grenada met in early October, with the home boys tasting sweet victory after a 3-0 win. Grenada has played St. Vincent & Grenadines since then, and lost 2-1. The stakes will be high on Friday’s game. Coming off their 2-1 loss at the hands of the

Tornadoes tear Island Stars 3-0 Sand Hill, October 2, 2011 Revenge was oh so sweet for the Ladyville Tornadoes as they enjoyed their 4th win of the Belize District female football competition, crushing the Caye Caulker Island Stars 3-0. Marcelina Mai blasted Tornadoes 1st goal past Caye Caulker goalie Maribel Dominguez when she converted a penalty kick, after Dominguez brought down Tornadoes’ midfielder Claudia Martinez in the goal area in the 10th minute of play. Natasha Young and Julie McCord led Tornadoes’ offensive with the help of Mertell Bailey and Marcelina Mai on the wings and Salambu Munnings and Claudia Martinez at midfield, but

Dominguez managed to stop a shot by Bailey. In the 2nd half, Caye caulker’s coach John Trejo introduced Jacqueline Riverol, Karen Cadle and Wendy Castellanos to replace Stephanie Duarte, Aliny Guzman and Esperanza Reyes, while Saira Reyes led the Island Stars’ defence with the help of Vanessa Smith, Shehady Chan and Yevonne Norales. A defensive error by the island girls cost them dearly as Natasha Young intercepted a pass and embarrassed Dominguez with a 2nd goal. A corner kick from Bailey found Young, who kept the ball alive for McCord to nail home the 3rd goal for the Tornadoes’ 3-0 win.

Sherrie Gillett takes on Lilian Joseph

Julie McCord scored Tornadoes’ 3rd goal

Team Belize The Belize National “A” Team is preparing for its third and fourth matches of the group stage of World Cup 2014 qualifiers in Brazil. On Friday October 7 at 3:30pm, the team will host Grenada at the Football Federation of Belize field in the City of Belmopan.

Guatemalan team on September 11, the Belize team must prove that it can win before the home crowd. The game against Grenada won’t be that easy. Currently they sit at the bottom of the standings, and a win will give them a chance for survival. Craig Rocastle, who plays for MLS club Sporting Kansas City, is a member of the squad who is expected to push for that victory. But Belize has shown that it is a rising star in football. Dion MaCaulay is one of the most skilful forwards and is among the youngest leading goal scorers with 3 goals. As Captain of the team, Shane Orio is considered the most experienced and he brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. He is considered one of the best goal keepers in the region. Tickets for the game are now on sale for $30.00 and can be purchased at the following places: Infotel International Limited - Belize City; Shell One Stop Station – Or-

ange Walk; Mr. Raynord Garbutt – Santa Elena Town; Mr. Melhem Leal – OYE FM, Cayo; Kush International Salon – Dangriga Town; FFB Office – Belmopan. After Friday’s game, Belize will then travel to Guatemala to take on the Guatemala national team at the Estadio Olimpico on Tuesday, October 11. Belize has been the only team to score on Guatemala, so far. Belize is in Group E, and here are the standings: Guatemala – 6 points (Goals for, 6; Goals against, 1) Belize – 3 points (Goals for, 4; Goals against, 2) St. Vincent and the Grenadines – 3 points (Goals for, 2; Goals against, 5) Grenada – 0 points (Goals for, 1; Goals against, 5) Top goal scorers:

P. Buyers (Antigua and Barbuda) – 5 Goals D. McCaulay (Belize) – 3 Goals J. Alexandre (Haiti) – 2 Goals L. Anaya (El Salvador) – 2 C. Bautista (El Salvador) - 2

Island Stars Juana Rodriguez on the attack

Tornados’ Mertell Bailey pushes forward

Natasha Young scored Tornadoes’ 2nd goal




Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hattieville Heat win 5-1 over Orchids

Hattieville Heat burns Ladyville Orchids 5-1 Sand Hill, October 2, 2011 The Hattieville Heat enjoyed their 3rd win in a 5-1 blast of the Ladyville Orchids in week 7 of the Belize district female football competition at the Sand Hill field on Sunday afternoon. Jersha Estrada scored the Heat’s 1st goal when she picked up a rebound from Orchids’ veteran sweeper Helen Flowers and immediately blasted a cannonball shot right through goalkeeper Esperanza Parkinson’s legs. Estrada set table for Felicia Gillett to drill home a 2nd goal in the 15th minute of play, followed by a corner kick by Lauren Stevens which embarrassed Parkinson and floated over her head, just inside the far upright. The Heat led 3-0 at the half. Parkinson was replaced by Karina Villanueva in the goal. The referee awarded the orchids a penalty when Sylvanna Barrow took down Kenia Villamil in the goal area, but Hattieville’s goalie Khadijah Marin denied Loida Contreras when she tried to convert. The orchids got a 2nd penalty when Ebony White committed a handball infraction and this time Contreras beat Marin to put the ball into the back of the net. It was the orchids’ only consolation goal. Ashlya Gordon blasted in Hattieville’s 4th goal past Villanueva, and while Hattieville coach Albert Arnold substituted Shellymae Barrow for her sister Sylvanna Barrow on defense, Felicia Gillett delighted in scoring a 5th goal past Villanueva for their 5-1 win.

Loida Contreras takes a shot

Last Tornadoes vs. Island Stars – 2-1

Jersha Estrada scored Heat’s 1st goal

Orchids’ Loida Contreras converts PK

Ashlya Gordon scored Heat’s 4th goal

Lauren Stevens scored the 3rd goal

Khadejah Marin denies Contreras’ 1st try



Sunday, October 9, 2011


Millennium blasts Untouchables 10-0 Sand Hill, October 2, 2011 Belize City’s Millennium Girls ran over the hosts, the Sand Hill Untouchables in a 10-0 blast. Millennium went undefeated as they posted their 6th win in week 7 of the female football competition at the Sand Hill field on Sunday evening. Untouchables were at a numerical disadvantage as they took the field with only 7 players. Millennium girls’ Sherryann “Baby” Tracy and Geanne Cayetano made them pay

for such omission. Kursha Pollard launched the first attack – a cannonball shot which the Sand Hill goalie deflected over the crossbar. She had no such luck when Kursha executed the resultant corner kick, which Gianne Cayetano kept alive with a header, and the Sand Hill defensive efforts to clear the ball only succeeded in sending the ball into the net for that dreaded autogoal. Millennium took a 2-0 lead when winger Sharmaine Augustus set ta-

OW Basketball Results Orange Walk Town, October 4, 2011 By Ladrick Sheppard The Basketball competition continues at the East Sports Center. Here are the results. Friday September 30th Timberwolves vs. Dream Team – 5952 Top scorers: Omar Marin, 25pts; Roberto Vidal, 18pts Die Hard Ballers vs. Union Town Bad Boys – 61-58 Top scorers: Vinnie Garbutt, 29pts; Randy Usher, 17pts Saturday October 1st 5-Stars vs. Tru (D) hole – 63-60 Top scorers: Vince Young, 27pts; Brandon Harris, 18pts East LA Boys vs. Young Gunners – 72-52 Top scorers: Marcel Richards, 13pts; Aaron Cadle, 15pts Top Shattaz vs. Ball Above All - 81-77 Top scorers: Jamal Kelly, 27pts; John Diaz, 25pts Results of the Jose Mai O.W. South Female Football tournament Semi-final Game Guinea Grass Sugar Girls vs. August Pine Ridge Dream team – 2-1 Goal scorers: Gisel Baeza, 2; Enely Blanco, 1 Guinea Grass Brazil vs. Yo Creek Strikers - 5-0 Goal scorers: Myra Miranda, 2; Yanira Chan, 1; Zaneen Patt, 1; Lourdez Jimenez, 1 Upcoming Finals Games (October 9th at August Pine Ridge football field) Guinea Grass Brazil vs. Guinea Grass Sugar Girls (Finals) August Pine Ridge Dream Team vs. Yo Creek Strikers (3rd place) Hi 5 Football Tournament Finals (Championship game) Guinea Grass Sugar Boys vs. August Pine Ridge - 1-0 Goal scorer: Junior Perez, 1 3rd and 4th place Santa Cruz vs. Carmelita – 3-1

Sheryann Tracy scored the 3rd & 4th goals

ble for Sarah Arzu to blast the ball into the net. Tracy embarrassed the goalkeeper with a 3rd goal and she could not resist another bite of the apple scoring a 4th goal before the half. Kara Kisling added a 5th goal,

Kursha Pollard scored Millennium’s 6th goal

and Pollard’s long range missile found its mark for a 6th goal as the city girls led 6-0 at the half. Millennium added four more goals in the 2nd half for their 10-0 win. The competition continues in Hattieville next Sunday, October 9.

The way forward for the FFB 3rd October, 2011 The Football Federation of Belize held an Extra Ordinary Congress on Friday, September 30, 2011. Present at the meeting was Mr. Rafael Salguero, FIFA Executive Member and Mr. Primo Corvaro, FIFA Legal Department. The following were achieved at the meeting: • The Ratification of the New Statutes • The Ratification of the Electoral Code • An Electoral Commission was elected • An Appeals Committee for the Electoral Commission was elected. The Members of the Electoral Commission are: • Mr. Jose Pepe Garcia • Mr. Eustace Ireland • Ms. Jennifer Arzu • Mr. Leroy Romero • Mr. Herman Pastor The Alternate Members for the Committee are: • Mr. Emil Moreno • Mr. Paul Thompson • Mr. Raynord Garbutt • The Electoral Appeal Committee Members are: • Mr. Marcel Cardona • Mrs. Andrea McKoy • Mr. David Cruz District Association Elections: Elections will be held later on this month in all seven (7) Districts and the “League” in order to meet the deadlines for the upcoming FFB Elections slated for December 2011. The New League: A meeting was held on Friday 30, September 2011at the FFB Compound with all interested Clubs/Teams to discuss the New League and the upcoming Football Tournament

which will be organized by the FFB. A new registration date was set and the deadline for team pre-registration is Friday 14, October 2011 at noon. The Football Federation of Belize Executives takes this opportunity to

thank FIFA, The Minister and The Ministry of Sports and The District Associations for their support in making sure that the “FIFA Road Map to solving the FFB Crisis” is being followed and executed.


BELIZETIMES SUNDAY OCTOBER 9, 2011 THE BELIZE TIMES see full color at or Facebook/ Belize Times

This Week’s Sunday, October 9, 2011



LovaBOY says “Keep it Real”

Rising star Lova Boy fired off a fiery post on Facebook on Tuesday urging young Belizeans to keep it real and stop identifying with foreign elements. “The fact that so many Belizean youths are claiming gaza and gully now a days is a bloody shame. It speaks to where our jewel is in 2011”, wrote Lova Boy. The punta artist recognised as “the Prince” says Belizean youth must first recognise their own surroundings and identity before claiming what is not theirs. Lova Boy also called on radio deejays to play more local music than imported music, to support the local music industry. Facebook: Lova Boy


to launch new album

One year after the release of “Loud,” Rihanna will return with “Talk That Talk,” her sixth studio album that will be out on Nov. 21. The pop star unveiled the title of her next opus via her Facebook page on Tuesday. The announcement comes two weeks after Rihanna released the album’s first single, the Calvin Harris-assisted “We Found Love”.

VybzKartel charged with murder

Sapphira Dancehall star Vybz Kartel has been charged with murder. Jamaican authorities arrested the musician last week Friday as part of investigations into the murder of Barrington ‘Bossie’ Burton, a music promoter and businessman who was killed in the Portmore suburb of Kingston in July.

• • • • • • • •

Certified Yoga Instructor at Dr. Pelayo Himalayan Institute of Yoga Attending: University of London, LLB Career Plan: Attorney at Law Sign: Capricorn Favourite Foods: Mexican Salad, Chapatis Likes: Reading, Dancing, Yoga, & Martial Arts Lives in Belize City Fav. Quote: “You were born an original. Don’t become a copy!”



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eulogy of George Price – September 24, 2011

Delivered by Henry C. Usher, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church On behalf of the Price Family, the sisters of George Price and their families, the children and grandchildren of the recently departed Sam Price, the grand nieces, nephews and so many others, I would like to thank the thousands of Belizeans at home and abroad who have sent us words of comfort and condolence and have also shared their personal stories with Uncle George. He was a man who had a personal touch with people and left indelible marks on so many of our lives. His life gave to all an incalculable source of strength. I would also like to thank the Government of Belize and the media houses paying tributes to him this week. He was a man of history. And so much of the history of modern Belize was shaped by him. Thank you to the Council of Churches and especially the Catholic Church. His love for his Church and the sacraments were almost beyond human comprehension and certainly beyond comparison. He attended Mass almost daily. His brisk walk in the early hours of the morning from #3 Pickstock Street to the Cathedral saying “Good Morning” both to early risers and late revelers are testimony to the fact that he loved the people and he loved his Church. And of course his beloved People’s United Party and his soldiers of the revolution who stood by him from the beginning and continue the struggle today. Thank you all. At 6:30 am on Monday September 19, 2011 the Right Hon. George Price – he never liked to use his middle name – Uncle George passed into the hereafter as soon as Father Smalls had finished praying for him and uttered the word “Amen”. Uncle George died as he lived…in prayer. He was born on January 15, 1919 to Captain William Cadle Price and Irene Cecilia Escalante de Price, the third of eleven children – eight girls and three boys. He is survived by his six sisters – Aunt Lydia Waight, Granny Jane Usher, Aunt Meg Craig, Aunt Josee Balderamos, Aunt Betsy Canton, Aunt Suzie Price and Aunt Judy Price, a host of nieces and nephews and other family members. Uncle George received his education at Holy Redeemer Primary School and St. John’s College. But as he often said, he received his real education at the University of the People at the Battle Field Park and Market Square. In an interview he gave to my 9-year-old son last October he said, “At 9 years old, I wanted to be a worker, a professional perhaps, even a hero like a policeman or firefighter. But most of all I wanted to serve God and follow the way He pointed out to me.” Uncle George continued, “As I got older I felt God’s calling to become a Priest. I studied and read my Bible as much as I could. But then God pointed me in a different direction, a different way of serving the people.” Yes, God chose for him the politician’s podium over the priest’s pulpit. And we are a grateful nation for it. George Price was one of the founding members of the People’s Committee who assembled at his home to organize a protest against the devaluation of the British Honduras dollar by the Colonial Government. Among the few pieces of furniture at his home, Mr. Price sat in his

later years by the very same table around which the People’s Committee met. That table is of historical importance and will now find its home at the Price Centre for Peace and Development in Belmopan. On September 29, 1950 the People’s Committee led to the formation of a political party – the People’s United Party, the first political party in the history of Belize. It was the PUP under the leadership of George Price who became its leader in 1956 that would lead the struggle for self-government in 1964 and eventual independence on September 21, 1981. When asked if he was nervous on that day 30 years ago he said, “I wasn’t nervous. I was ready. We were ready. We were like horses in the starting gate, ready to prove ourselves as independent Belizeans.” Mr. Price was bestowed with many honours and tributes during his political life. In Belize as the Father of the Nation he was decorated with the honour of National Hero in 2000 by our government under Prime Minister Said Musa. He also received the highest honours of Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras and Cuba as well as the Order of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). He was made a Privy Councillor by the Queen of Belize. But Mr. Price was always the “reluctant hero” who warned against the cult of the personality decades before radio and television created vehicles for instant celebrity and notoriety. But as our former Prime Minister said, “Unlike the electronic heroes who have their short span of fame and then fade away, national heroes like George Price will remain in our consciousness, constantly reminding us of our identity, our aspirations and our community as a nation under God.” Ms. Sylvia Flores, former Mayor of Dangriga and Minister of Government said in 1996 at the 40th anniversary of Mr. Price as leader of the PUP, “Some people’s lives are marked with uniqueness as their remarkable dedication to truth, honesty and justice propel them to change the face of history. Honourable George Price is one of those very special people whose commitment to truth and integrity underpin his mission in life.” There was so much he tried to engender in us who heard his message, but his greatest effort was to engender a social conscience. There are wrongs that needed attention, he would say. There are people who are poor who need our help, and we have a responsibility to them and to our country. And he always made us know that “Although much has been done, there is much left to be done.” In 1995 the former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley described Mr. Price as a man of iron integrity. And this week, another former PM of Jamaica, P.J. Patterson said, “His life transcended

politics. He was a man of the people who lived an e x e m p l a r y, modest life. Beneath his genteel manner there was a resolve of steel.” George Price forged a path for all of us to follow. He never faltered. And when any of his soldiers seemed to be lagging behind, he would command them to “Wake up and work. Young and old, we must build Belize.” The famous novelist Graham Greene, himself a Catholic, who visited Mr. Price at the suggestion of President Torrijos of Panama observed: “As we drove across Belize, I was reminded again and again of the priest who lives in the heart of Price. His hand-wave closely resembled a blessing.” Yet George Price, the man, had a mischievous sense of humour. One of his favourite games was to call people close to him not by their names: Rudy Castillo, the C.I.O. – Chief Information Officer – he called C.I.A. His driver Leroy was ‘Reloy’. My mother, Leni Jo, who dutifully took him breakfast early in the morning was ‘Lappy Low’. My aunt, the former Speaker of the House – Elizabeth Zabaneh was ‘Ms. Crippy’. Ray Lightburn who in the early days reported to him on what was going on in the streets and the corridors of power was ‘lie and tory’. Growing up I never knew Ms. Birdie’s name is Ienna Sealy. To us she is and will always be Birdie Lahudie. There are so many more: Don Lucas, Nephew, Eustaquia, Dorotea. He had names for us all. Wednesday was an important day for him. Maybe because it was mid-week or maybe because most businesses at the time were shut down on Wednesday afternoons. For whatever the reason, he did most events on a Wednesday. Many elections were called on Wednesdays. Cabinet met on Tuesdays but Wednesdays were for the people. Isn’t it a coincidence that he was born on a Wednesday? Uncle George’s smile and his charm were infectious. He radiated light-heartedness. There was something child-like about him, as he himself loved children and enjoyed immensely the times he could question them and learn from them. Indeed last year one couldn’t tell who was conducting the interview, my son or Uncle George. He loved his family. He spoke fondly of all of us and was proud of the ones who helped in the political movement. Many were the occasions that he took a nephew or niece with him to a village in our country. When we were younger we would groan at having to travel those great distances on dusty roads. Only later would we come to appreciate the lessons on history, geography, topography and sociology.

Few knew that he had a special fondness for horses. In his early years he kept horses at the Canton farm and entered them in races in Burrell Boom and other tracks. George Price was an extraordinary leader. He had a love for the underdog, and he could meet with the wealthy and powerful people and charm them, encouraging them to share with their workers and the less fortunate without in any way lecturing them or showing the slightest hint of envy. Uncle George was a well-read man who never professed any conventional philosophy – neither capitalist nor socialist – only what works to advance the freedom and social progress of the Belizean people, which he famously called the peaceful, constructive Belizean revolution. If we must give it a philosophical source it would have to be grounded in the message of Jesus to love the Lord, our God and love thy neighbour as thyself. George Price kept his promises. He wrote notes and followed through on them, making sure that a request did not go unanswered. He was a brilliant campaigner and had an unnatural ability to remember names. No matter how much I studied the voter’s list I could never remember names like he. And he liked to quiz his campaigners, asking them about households and people’s ages. I remember once he asked a campaigner if she had visited with a particular voter as promised. When the campaigner responded yes, she had gone to see the person the night before, and yes, she would vote PUP, Uncle George retorted, “But didn’t she die last week. Did you go to the Lord Ridge?” I am sure that mistake was never made again. Uncle George never expressed any fear of dying. He saw death as nature taking its course. His only hope, when asked, was to go to heaven. But I read that he did confide once to the Miami Herald that he would like to be known as “a good Belizean and one who went through life in a pilgrimage and left the world a better place than he found it.” And so it has come to pass with George Price. His body will be interred but his soul will live on forever in the glory of God. The story will be told for generations to come, as his final resting place will be in the hearts of the hundreds of thousands of Belizeans and in heaven. So let us honour him today and in doing so bear witness to an ordinary life of a simple man with extraordinary achievements. I end with the way he taught me to end all gatherings, with the final verse of the National Prayer, and I ask you to join me. “We pray oh God of Mercy for all of us. That we may be blessed in the knowledge and sanctified in the observance of Your most holy law. That we may be preserved in union and in that peace which the world itself cannot give. And, after enjoying the blessings of this life, please admit us dear Lord, to that eternal reward that You have prepared for those who love You. Amen “Lord, now lettest thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word”. Rest now, Uncle George. You have done your work. Your soldiers will henceforth carry the torch of the revolution.

Sunday, October 9, 2011



George Price Service to the People Award

Presented at PUP Central Party Council

Fabiana Scott Collet

Florence Wills Albert

Milo Paz Sr. Belize Rural South

Clifford Tillett Belize Rural North

Vincent Parks Belize Rural Central

Alejandrina Burns Fort George

Sonia Bainton Freetown

Linda Faber Lake I

Sister Evadne Grant Mesop

Ricardo Castillo Pickstock

Elida Calderon Port Loyola

Vinton Banks (receiving on behalf) Queen Square

Adela Arzu Belmopan

Luis Gentle Cayo Central

Marcelo Medina Cayo North

Benjamin Cano (receiving on behalf) Cayo North East

Nicolas Maldonado Cayo South

Moises Martinez (receiving on behalf) Cayo West

Lloyd Carillo Sr. (receiving on behalf) Corozal Bay

Pedrolino Cob Corozal North

Joseph Ellis Corozal South East

Luisa Tun Corozal South West

Elijio “Mr. Joe” Briceño Orange Walk Central

Armando Valdez Orange Walk East

Secundino Tamay Orange Walk North

Francisco Novelo Sr. Orange Walk South

Simeon Joseph Sr. Dangriga

George Ramirez Stann Creek West

Gloria Hernandez Romero Toledo East

Calendaria Pou Toledo West



Big Brother is Back! Belize City, October 5, 2011 Ever since he succeeded his airhead predecessor, Carlos Perdomo AKA “Mr. 360 Degrees”, as Minister of Police, Doug Singh has done nothing but to offer the most asinine crimesolving ideas. First, he declared that there were too many “boys in brown” whose belts couldn’t buckle because of their high Body Mass Index (BDI). So, “Singh the Carnival King” ordered that the overweight officers hit the gym. Then, we all recall the recent anti-tinting law that was introduced. At the time, Singh boldly proclaimed that the new legislation would bring about a drastic reduction in crime. So far removed is the Police Minister from the realities of the City’s streets that he fails to realize that the vast majority of crimes are committed with the use of bicycles and not cars. And who could forgot the Police Minister proudly announcing that the Police Department had established a “witness protection program” which we all know turned out to be nothing more than a hotline. Now, just when we thought we’d heard the last of the Police Minister’s ludicrous ideas, here he comes again with yet another. As of October 11, 2011, all Digicell and SMART prepaid cell phone subscribers will be required to register their phones. Subscribers will be given a period of six months in which to do so. Failure to comply with

Another asinine anti-crime measure from Minister Doug Singh - the registration of cell phones

the requirement will result in the immediate disconnection of their cell phone service. According to the pseudo intellectual Singh, the new measure will serve to solve those crimes that he claims are committed with the use of cell phones. Oh, how we could just see the “Bacchanal Man” patting himself on the back for what he no doubt believes is another brilliant idea he’s conceived. Get serious Dougie! How many crimes are really perpetrated with the use of a cell phone? Surely, you can’t be trying to convince us that the cell phone has now become a preferred weapon of choice for the criminals. If this were the case, then, shouldn’t we all fear for our lives when we see oth-

ers around us pulling their cell phones from their pockets or purses? My oh my, we all know Carlos Perdomo has an IQ equivalent to that of a dodo bird but his successor, Singh, definitely takes the cake when it comes to conceiving the dumbest ideas. We are currently entering an election season in Belize with Municipal Elections scheduled to take place in less than six months. While Dean Barrow continues to suggest that his successive takeovers of BTL were in the “national interest”, we all know that he and his Government sought to regain control of the telecommunications giant in order that they could continue their covert program of wiretapping on their political adversaries in the PUP. So, when Singh declares that the new requirement for cell phones to be registered is aimed at crime-solving, it is pure hogwash. Whereas before, they couldn’t positively ID the users of the phones they were tapping, Singh and the UDP will now be able to match the identity of key Opposition members with their individual cell phone numbers. Dough Singh and the UDP couldn’t care less about solving crime in Belize. Instead, they are concerned about listening in on conversations among members of the PUP. The mandatory registration of cell phones has absolutely nothing to do with crime-solving but everything to do with the UDP’s

Sunday, October 9, 2011 policing of the PUP. As for the birdbrain Minister of Police, we, at the BELIZE TIMES, would like to refer him to Wikipedia. On the issue of the registration vs. the nonregistration of prepaid cell phones, Wikipedia states, “According to a 2005 study, 9 of 24 surveyed OECD countries require prepaid mobile users to register. These countries are Australia, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Slovak Republic, South Africa and Switzerland. While there is no doubt that criminals and terrorists use telecommunication services, to date, there has been no public study that has clearly examined the possible link of non-registration of prepaid mobile phones to greater risk of criminal or terrorist activities. However, mandatory registration may be a breach of prepaid user’s privacy and currently, the question various jurisdictions have decided on or are examining is whether this privacy breach is an appropriate action versus the threat that anonymous usage of prepaid services pose”. The only thing we, Belizeans, ought to register is our utter displeasure and dissatisfaction with the miserable performance of the Minister of Police. In retrospect, it is now evident that Perdomo knew exactly what he was talking about when he spoke about his “360 Degree Plan”. Given his exit and Singh’s entrance, we have but come full circle with these two nincompoops and find ourselves right back at square one. To the Honourable Minister of Police, we say, do the honourable thing Dougie – RESIGN!

Sunday, October 9, 2011




Ms. Doreth Bevans & PUP Chairman officially open the exhibit, marking 55 successful years of the Belize Times newspaper

“I can remember the trips. I would take several plates on my head. The paper had to reach. It did not matter if it was raining, hurricane or flooding. No questions, we were on the mission for the PUP. To make sure the papers were out. The excitements and turmoil that were exposed by the news are things that I will never forget. Whether it was heads of agreement protests, arsons, or Independence, we were there. We were the fingers, feet and ears of the PUP. This was the work of the PUP. We are the labourers. It is our sweat.” – Ms. Doreth Bevans, Oldest BELIZE TIMES Employee, Lithography

Albert Bradley, Leader of the Opposition’s Chief of Staff Stuart Leslie James Saunders viewing exhibit which will show until October 18

“The Belize Times is the icon for written media in Belize. This reliable and consistent newspaper is as much the testimony of Belizean history as it is a badge of people power. The Belize Times publication was begotten in the turmoil of pre-independence jostling. In the chronicles of a rebellious British Honduras, which was steered by the grassroots labour and workers unions. This was the embryo that became the People’s United Party and the people who were freed to accept the new refreshing identity called “the Belizean”. – Kevin L. Arthurs, Revolution of 81: 31 TIMES Exhibit


News 7 Director Jules Vasquez, PUP leader John Briceño & curator Gilvano Swasey look back at 30 years of history


The exhibit was Kevin Arthur’s brainchild

An avid reader of the TIMES, Ms. Yolanda Schakron

The cartoon section has always been a popular feature of the newspaper

of Belize’s Independence through the Belize Times



‘Wildlife Warrior’, Gilbert Usher, ‘tyad a do nutin’ BELIZE CITY, Monday, October 3rd, 2011 By Alton Humes You can call him Belize’s very own tougher-than-nails version of Steve Irwin (the notable Australian environmentalist and TV personality who hosted the show Crocodile Hunter and its affiliated spinoffs). You can call even him tough and unshakeable if you must, but don’t ever call him a ‘leech’ or someone who can’t earn his keep. Meet Mr. Gilbert Usher, 50 years old, from Lucky Strike Village in the Belize District and a self-described wildlife ‘appreciater’ with a ‘fascination’ for all things wild. And we do mean wild: in an unprecedented career spanning just over a decade, he’s seen it all, and made friends with a host of different animals. But he never foresaw that he’d be ‘bayed about’ by ‘wildlife’ of a different sort: government bureaucrats and scum-sucking nincompoops who do not have the training and respect for wild animals and plants that he continues to have, snake bites and all. Usher visited the BELIZE TIMES office today, accompanied by his coati sidekick, “Tabitha”. Professing to have in the way of little formal education, yet armed with more than enough experience and knowledge for at least (by our estimate) 3 doctoral degrees, he has captured and released hundreds upon thousands of different species, some rare in origin and category, and knows much more about wildlife and plants than the so-called ‘experts’. He’s even been linked to the international community, through international TV shows, documentaries and correspondence, gaining respect and admiration. But for all of that, he’s been unable to transform his life-long passion into a

Gilbert Usher & Tabitha

more manageable occupation, and he puts the blame solely and squarely on GOB’s Forestry Department. He went from passionate advocate to fingerthumping ‘wildlife preacher’, and it’s no wonder: The current government promised permits to handle and guide tourist folks interested in learning about Belizean plant life and wildlife. But when he went to Altun Ha to work, someone at Forestry turned ‘Cinna’ on him and betrayed him to the police. He was arrested and has barely recovering since. While his love for the animals and plants has not waned, he is less reticent about his human brethren (including some big-time folks who will have to remain nameless), mostly highlighting the fact that while they’ve claimed to support him, they haven’t been giving him due for his work, and worse, since ‘no money no deh’. Now, he can’t maintain his now-dilapidated home. But while he constantly wishes for a break to leave and seek opportunities elsewhere in the world, he refuses to give to ‘the system’ and will continue to maintain his fight to earn legitimacy and become the epitome of a “wildlife warrior.”

Rita-Mae Hyde to serve at UNESCO Office in France BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 By Alton Humes Belizeans may not be recognized by sight internationally (unless, say, you’re Shyne Barrow-Ben David, Marion Jones or Milton Palacio). So we, as a young nation in growth, tend not to ‘dream bigger’ or set good and realistic goals for ourselves. But for one educator, poet and lover of culture, her dreams have taken her to the far edges of Europe; Paris, France to be exact. Ms. Rita-Mae Hyde, educator at the University of Belize (UB), notable poet and daughter of Belize, has been awarded the opportunity of a lifetime: becoming a Cultural Officer in the offices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris, France. Hyde, the highly vivacious poet whose current book of poems, Mahogany Whispers, is very popular, was selected from a wide field of candidates, from the farthest reaches of our world. Holding a

Rita-Mae Hyde Master’s Degree in Heritage Studies, she’s also worked with the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) for 7 years, and believed that she was more than capable of handling what the job entails. Although we may likely not hear from her again soon, she made sure to tell the youths who continue to aspire to the negative and not to the positive to “be bold” in their dreams and never to limit themselves in what they want. From the desk of the BELIZE TIMES, we wish Ms. Rita-Mae Hyde good luck and Godspeed.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011



San Pedro UDP

“bought and paid for!” San Pedro, October 4, 2011 No one would dispute the fact that the Mayor of San Pedro, Elsa Paz, enjoys a very cozy relationship with the owners of Grand Belizean Estate and Sugar Caye Development. Even the United Democratic Party enjoys a cozy relationship with the Canadian millionaires. Their relationship has flourished over the years and there is no doubt that it has been beneficial for the UDP and the investors. For example, it is not a secret that in July of 2008 the investors of both developments, Bob Dhillon and David Mitchell, gave the UDP a check in the sum of $350,000. It is no secret that for the sale of each property at Grand Belizeans Estate, the Council collects Mayor Paz’ golf cart parked outside $5000 from the developers. Grand Belizeans Estate on Monday night Now let’s be real; no businessman in his right mind would give away money “hand ova fist” in would happen to the Council’s asreturn for nothing. Similarly, the Ca- sets, which were given as collateral nadian investors surely don’t give to the Bank, after the loan is paid off money to the UDP in exchange for by the private investors and what NADA. else has the Mayor compromised to THE BELIZE TIMES has in its Grand Belizeans? possession a classified recording of On the flip side, both Grand Belizan interview given to a local media eans Estate and Sugar Caye Develophouse and to a national radio sta- ments have been given the green light tion, where Paz made controversial for numerous projects even though revelations showing how the UDP they have been opposed by a large council has been dancing to Grand cross section of the business comBelizeans’ tune. We say “classified” munity, environmental groups and because the interview, conveniently, residents on the island. The cagey Henever made it to the news because it redia has avoided issues arising from would likely have compromised the those developments. But the icing on large sums of monies paid in adver- the UDP special interest cake is this: tisement to the media houses. all Clearance Permits, Environmental But like the good old saying says Impact Assessment, Mangrove Clear“whatever is done in the dark must ance Permits and Dredging Permits come to light”. In the interview, Paz for the two developments were never confessed that a Town Council loan granted under the real development or at Atlantic Bank was “taken over” developers’ names. All permits were by the investors of Grand Belizeans applied for and granted under the Estate. But the Mayor, who was sup- name “The San Pedro Town Council.” ported by her Administrator Patty Isn’t that something? Talk about bendVerde, said that the loan takeover ing over. was done without her knowledge Any developer will do whatever and arranged between the develop- it takes to materialize his/her investers of such company and the area ment, so then we don’t blame Dhillon representative, Hon. Manuel Here- and Mitchell for the mess the San Pedia. In her interview, Paz said she dro Town Council has created for itself. had no knowledge of such arrange- The UDP San Pedro Town Council is ment until she was contacted by totally responsible for selling out the the bank. Our investigation reveals residents and the island. Elsa and UDP otherwise. The loan in question was have been nothing but a Judas to San made in order to pay off a 3.5 million Pedro. For 9 long years, Elsa, Heredia dollars debt to David Medina for the and the UDP sold the integrity of resicobblestone project. After failing to dents, comprised the fragile environhonor the loan, the bank was forced ment and allowed investors to exploit to take legal action to recover the the island for a couple pieces of silver. monies borrowed by the council. The Even as she enjoys the salary cash-strapped Mayor had no other al- and perks that come with the few ternative but seek other avenues to more days in office, Elsa and UDP pay the loan so she sought help from continues to compromise the island her piggybank investors. The shame- when she meets with these invesless UDP council compromised the tors during secret nightly meetings. town when they asked the company What else will the UDP council comto take over the loan. The owners of promise? The only next thing left for Grand Belizeans agreed to save the the UDP to exploit is the reef and drill council some embarrassment. Now for oil on the reef. Imagine those poswhat is gravely concerning is what sibilities.

Bob Dhillon, PM Barrow, Elsa Paz, Manuel Heredia and David Mitchell - all smiles at the handover of $350,000 to the Town Council, 2008



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011


REALITY CHECK! A ‘No Win’ Situation

By Carla Bradley As we come to the last of the consultations, we wonder if these so called “consultations” on the 9th Amendment have made any sense or were even fruitful. By definition to hold a consultation means “assessing public opinion about a plan or major development proposal, or asking others for their views and involving them openly in decision-making”. Now, comparing it to what actually took place, the Government clearly has no idea what a consultation is. A consultation is not paying people to say “yes to the 9th amendment” or say “yes because the government wants me to” or reading a response which they themselves don’t understand. These consultations were more similar to a rally than anything else and even after these consultations, the people still have no clue what the 9th amendment is. People tried voicing their opinion but were quickly shut down if their views were not in agree-

ment with the Chairman who was either Minister Faber or Minister Saldivar. In my opinion, the two men quarrel like we women do. I believe these consultations should have served more as an avenue for a better explanation of the 9th amendment. I can recall one man saying to Minister Faber, “noh worry boss ah got it scripted”. Another lady said “I say yes cause my government, dih UDP, seh ih good”. This is showing that these people are only listening to the noise and not checking their change and have no clue about how this 9th amendment will affect them, the ordinary people. The famous line by Hon. Saldivar that “this amendment is to stop Ashcroft” makes it clear that the amendment is not for the people as they preach, but a personal “beef” between the PM and his government with Lord Ashcroft. In my opinion the Prime Minister is only using the “people’s name” for his own malicious games. He is attacking the very man that fed him and his ex wife for many years and continues to contribute to his wealth through the representation of the Belize Bank. At the BNTU consultation held about a month ago, one teacher asked, ‘if Ashcroft was not the sole investor in B.T.L. would this amendment still be introduced?’ Not surprisingly, the Government’s representative hesitated

and danced around the issue before answering ‘I think that is a question that should be asked to PM Barrow’. When discussing the BTL debacle, the PM cries that “Musa Sold BTL” but in reality Mr. Musa was not the one who privatized BTL. It was the infamous “VAT Man”, the Rt. Hon. Manuel Esquivel who first privatized the company. Belize Telecommunication’s Limited or Belize Telecommunications Authority, as it was formally known, was FIRST privatized in 1987 under the United Democratic Party. When this privatization took place, a 15 year contract was signed, granting BTL a monopoly and profit cap with no limit, allowing them as much as or even more than 40% profit off Belizean heads at the time. Have they reminded the people about this sweetheart agree-

23 ment? I urge the people to open their eyes. This 9th amendment, in my opinion, is about having complete control over us, and we cannot allow this. The Rt. Hon. George C Price fought for so many years to gain our freedom, how can we even contemplate on giving it up? There are ministers in the UDP cabinet, UDP supporters, lawyers and close friends who do not agree with this amendment but will not say a word because they are afraid of the vindictiveness of the Dictator himself, PM Barrow. Hon. Marcel Cardona stood up, and he is a great example of what happens to you when you dare to go against the actions and words and false promises of PM Barrow. Under this government you are not allowed to have an opinion.



Reid News of yet another young child being molested has brought to the fore a very serious problem facing our nation; the sexual abuse of our young children. Many times, the perpetrators of these ghastly deeds are either close family associates or worse yet, close family members. It is alarming and makes us wonder about the number of sick perverts living in our midst. The latest report involves a seven year old girl who was allegedly abused by her own father. This follows closely on the heels of an earlier report of another child, this one barely four years old, who was sexually assaulted and who might even have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease. It is sickening and a situation that warrants immediate address by not only the authorities but by every member of our society. “It takes the entire village to raise a child”, goes the old African proverb but unfortunately, that was written for a time when folks lived together as a community. In this day and age, people quite often alienate themselves and everyone stays busy minding their own business. It is not unusual for folks to live right next door to each other and not even know each other’s names much less what is happening when doors close at night. The latest census reveals that as many as 44% of Belize’s population is under the age of 15. One can only guess what percentage is actual victims but what we do know is that in recent years, the number of reports has steadily been increasing. According to a website dedicated to the protection of children, “Belize has strong laws in place for dealing with the sexual abuse of a child, but there is a lax in the judicial and legal sector in investigating and prosecuting cases of child abuse.” This is almost as sad as the fact that these abuses are themselves, actually happening. The cruel fact is that cases involving the sexual abuse of children are difficult to investigate and even more difficult to prosecute. For a long time, it was a topic considered taboo and many people still find it difficult to even discuss it. It is estimated that for every case that is reported, there are as many as ten that go unreported. The figure might actually be much higher. It is equally alarming that even of the few cases that are actually reported over fifty percent of those are eventually withdrawn before they can proceed to trial. Something must be

done. If every adult who has escaped the agony of sexual abuse would stop and put themselves in the shoes of these unfortunate children, maybe we could bring more attention to their plight. This past weekend, a group of concerned citizens organized a march in an attempt to draw attention to this big problem. The turnout was dismal but we must not let that deter us from continuing our campaign to bring focus on this major evil among us. Our children are depending upon us and we must not fail them. Every so often when reports are made public, organizations and gov-

ernment departments that control big bucks for the address to this problem, jump up with public campaigns and knee jerk reactions. Once the public fervor subsides, they withdraw to the comfort of their private offices and go back to their usual paper shuffling. Meanwhile, young children continue to suffer and the rest of us continue on as normal and try our best to ignore and hide our dirty secrets. We will have to at some point face this beast head-on and find some workable solution. We already ask a lot of our teachers but we might need to ask more. Quite often, they are the only ones who interact closely with these children outside of the home and they will have to be trained to better recognize tell-tale signs. Countless studies have been done and many books have been written on this topic. Too often, children are too scared or care too much about their abusers to approach anyone. There are however, signs that can be recognized by those in close contact. We must pay closer

Sunday, October 9, 2011 attention and do more to make them trust us with their problems. This is a problem that will not go away on its own. Every report must be taken seriously and we must encourage family members to seek help at the first sign that something is wrong. It is ridiculous and selfish for us to allow our children to suffer because we do not want to bear shame. The shame is not on family members and certainly not on the victim, but on the heartless and worthless perpetrator. We must properly investigate each case and yes, deal harshly with any mischief maker. We do know that there are vindictive persons who would set children up to tell stories but this must not paralyze our efforts. Parents must be brave and vigilant and employ “tough love” even against those close to them. It is written that if “the right hand offends you, cut it off”. There are few more grievous offenses than the harming of a defenseless, innocent child. Let do our endeavor best to put a grip on this atrocity.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Belize at 30: PUP at 61: September 29th 2011 And the Next Revolution: One Belize-Prosperous, United and Free By Carolyn Trench-Sandiford – Deputy Leader People’s United Party - Belize


n September 29th, 2011, I sent out a birthday message to my colleagues on the National Executive of the Party, Chairpersons of Constituency Executive Committees and Standard Bearers and other party members whose emails I had. I thought of reproducing the original message for my column this week. However, while reading, I found a quote which I believe should be included, especially at this time. Here goes… Today we celebrate 61 years as a party that was established for the sole purpose of creating a New Belize, through the peaceful constructive Belizean revolution, which was to bring to all Belizeans a better quality of life and a just share of the national wealth. On September 21st, 1981 the New Belize was born. Today the scandalous levels of poverty, inequality, unprecedented violence, the erosion of our democracy and the dilution of our sovereignty and territorial integrity stare us in our face and demand that we respond. This is not the Belize the Rt. Hon. George Price and the other architects of the revolution envisaged.

Today the voice of our people cry out for justice, and the People’s United Party has a patriotic, moral and political obligation to respond. In the words of Mr. Price, ‘much has been done, but there is much more to do’. So this is not the time to surrender. In the words of a great revolutionary:“Unless the DESIRE disappears, unless the HOPE is abandoned, it will not happen. Surrender happens only when the desire, the hope, disappears”. Let us as a Party be bold and courageous and follow in the footsteps of those who came before us. Let Today be the beginning of the next revolution, to fulfil the dreams of the Father of the Nation. Let Today be the day that we sound the battle cry and calibrate the map to continue the revolution, to set out on another journey. This time to create One Belize-Prosperous, United and Free… FOR economic independence, security and sustainability….. FOR the equitable distribution of our wealth for economic, social and environmental justice…. FOR defending our borders and recapturing our sovereignty and FOR consolidating national unity… Let us together as ONE Partythe People’s United Party…ONE Leader- Hon. John Briceño As ONE People-the people of Belize and ONE Nation begin the journey to create ONE BELIZE. Happy Birthday to all of us. Happy Birthday to the Revolution. Que Viva PUP. ¡Que Viva la Revolución! ¡Que Viva George Price! For comments email




Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dr. Amin Hegar says a Referendum should decide the 9th Amendment 1. CONSTITUTIONAL ENTRENCHMENT OF THE NATIONALIZATION OF LIGHT AND PHONE COMPANIES Both acquisitions were done without prior public consultation. They are now a fact of life and history. What is now important is that these utilities become assets/resources in Belize’s development and not a liability. PUBLIC SUPPORT SHOULD NOT BE BLIND AND SHOULD NOW BE ONLY ON THE CONDITION THAT THERE ARE SAFEGAURDS; AND PROPER EXPLANATIONS:a. Management Structure of the Board of each of the utilities should resemble The Senate with at least:i. 1 member from the Church ii. 1 member from NGO community iii. 1 member from the Opposition iv. 2 members from the Business community b. BEL has just been acquired a few months ago, but BTL has been under government control for over two years. Where are the accounts? Has it made a profit? If so, was paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund in compliance with the Constitution? These questions must be answered. There must in place publicly disclosed accounts which are audited on a revolving basis from year to year. The people have a right to know about their money! c. If the answer to (b) above is that BTL has made a profit and if in the future BEL makes a profit, then some portion of the profit should be reserved for a specific Trust Fund for undertaking social projects just like what is done with the oil company. d. Will BEL and BTL sustain themselves economically over the next couple years or will Government have to heavily subsidize their operations? How will nationalizing BEL magically cure the outstanding bills with the power suppliers – CFE in Mexico and BECOL in Belize? BEL cannot generate power by itself. Tell us Mr. Prime Minister e. Lastly, but most importantly, at every budget speech PM Barrow complains about what a strain the Super Bond is putting on the government. (This includes the over ¾ billion debt he and former PM Esquivel left behind in 1993 – 1998 about 1/3 of the total). It is unavoidable that as a responsible nation we must compensate the original owners of BEL and BTL. This is at minimum a brand new debt burden of ½ billion to 1 billion dollars. The PM must present a clear plan setting forth how we will finance these grand undertakings 2. UNCHECKED POWER TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION Ironically, this all boils down to the UDP campaign slogan in 2003 “It’s all about trust”. Once Section 2 is amended in its present form, from “yah go back”, even if subsequent amendments usher in Preventative Detention or changes to Belize’s constitutionally defined borders, it CANNOT BE CHALLENGED IN COURT once the necessary ¾ majority has been reached. The last 3 elections in a row have all been lopsided blowouts where each new government has received ¾ majority.

My personal opinion is that the ¾ majority should be repealed altogether and that change to our constitution – particularly fundamental rights – should be by BINDING REFERENDUM. This should be incorporated into the Constitution NOW! If we do not put this check and balance in place the 10th, 11th and 12th Amendments could usher in things we don’t want or that are unhealthy for democracy and we, nor the Courts, will have the power to put the brakes on! IMAGINE THE POSSIBLITIES!! DON’T GIVE THEM MORE POWER!! My personal view is that this aspect of the 9th AMENDMENT WOULD BE GIVING A SCORPION WINGS!!!!! Or GID DEH STICK FU WHAPP WE! The sham “Consultations” have all been about shutting out and shutting up anyone who is not a known UDP supporter. Belmopan and Belize de-

serve and demand RESPECT. The 9th at the very least needs to be overhauled and itself amended but the UDP will NOT LISTEN. Express yourself in a meaningful

way and sign the petition for a Referendum to begin the process of change. Add your name to the thousands who want government by and for the people.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Are We to Blame?


s a mother I worry every day about my children. Yes, I do my best to give them the basics – I work hard to be able to handle the expense of their necessities but that is only the bare necessities, what about protecting them from the evil that lingers out there? How do we keep that out of harm’s way? A good parent will not take anything for granted. He/she will always be cognizant that when the child is not in their care and they are at school or some relatives’ home they are vulnerable to many dangers. They can be knocked down, chanced but most disgustingly they can be the targets of pedophiles. A pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to a minor. In many people’s minds a pedophile is an adult who engages in sexual intercourse with a minor but that is not so as a pedophile may also be an adult who has a personal attraction to a minor (one that may or may not be characterized by lust, but also by infatuation or romantic interest). Pedophilia therefore cannot be considered as only the manifestation of sexual acts of an adult perpetrated against a minor, but could also be manifested in the belief that an emotional relationship is fostered and experienced between both the adult and the minor. In the last few weeks we have heard about a few cases of these baby girls being carnally known so young when their little bodies are still developing and their innocence is still intact. I remember hearing about the little girl just 4 years old who was allegedly raped by someone known to her. At first when a friend was telling me about it I walked away from the conversation as I felt a black cloud hover over me and my heart was completely broken as I couldn’t even fathom what the child was going thru and how the mother and child would cope with such a hideous invasion of evil into their lives. It made me also wonder if we will sit by and watch pedophilia turn into a customary item on the evening news and just turn a blind eye as we seem to have done with the crime situation in our country. I have no doubt that it is hard on parents particularly single women who are barely making ends meet and are forced to leave their children in the care of friends and family members but we cannot use poverty as an excuse or justification why our young babies are being targeted by these sick and twisted individuals. I have never been one to cast judgement on people but in this case there is absolutely no reason why these men should be allowed to live and

walk the streets of Belize. This baby girl has been ruined before she even knows what it is to live, she has been robbed of her innocence and the physical damage that has been done to her is downright unacceptable and disgusting! Earlier this week we heard of a father caught on top his 7 year old daughter. This is even sadder as this man was to be the one that her child should be able to run to for protection and instead he took advantage of his own daughter. If ever we needed to stand up for something – it is this! We can’t just be disgusted and then in a few days forget about the trauma these children have had to endure. Protests and marches will not do in this case – it has to be a concerted effort to protect our children whose parents are unwilling, uninterested or unable to shelter with security. But before we rely on a community effort, we as parents need to be more vigilant and educate our children on the dangers that exist out there in our society. As a mother, I ensure that my seven year old daughter is aware of her private parts and that it is off limits to everyone and that if anyone tries to hurt her or touch her she needs to report it to me, her teacher, principal or anyone in authority around her. I remind her of this daily and I let her understand that she can come to me and trust me with everything and anything and that I will be there for her. I did so for my son as well while he was going through his pre-teen years as sexual abuse sees no colour or age. Do not take it for granted that you can trust just anyone with your children! There are always signs you can look for and when something is not right – trust me when I tell you that your maternal instincts will kick in. If you ignore them that’s entirely on you! Be aware of your child’s changes in behavior, listen keenly to when they speak about the day’s events at school and ask questions when things don’t sound right. Familiarize yourself with the school wardens so they know that you are the one responsible for your child, if you sense danger – tell the teachers, wardens and principal and NEVER EVER be too busy to listen and observe your children! If you are a parent and you know or sense that your spouse or some relative may be prone to prey on your child, seek help and get your child out of that environment – your child’s innocence is far more valuable than the money your partner may be giving you to turn a blind eye to your child’s pain.

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In Belize, as we enter October, the temperature is still sweltering, and the bills are rising. The summer months may mean Lasko standing fans and, for the more affluent, increase in air conditioning costs. Here are a few ways you can lower your bills. Saving Electricity Tips The biggest electricity users in the home tend to be fans and/ or air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines, tumble dryers, lighting, and the refrigerator. When looking to save electricity, spend the most time focusing on these big energy hogs to get the biggest effect for your efforts. Here is a selection of tips to help you to reduce your electricity consumption: 1. Turn off your television, video, stereos, playstation, and other entertainment devices when they are not being used. 2. Do not leave your television, etc., in standby mode. Devices can use up to 90% as much power in standby mode as when they are on, so it is a serious waste of energy when a device is left constantly on standby. If you keep forgetting, consider purchasing a PowerSaver - a device which automatically cuts power to appliances when they go into standby mode. 3. Replace all of your inefficient incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient CFL bulbs. Replace halogen spotlights and yellow bulb with much more efficient and longer lasting LED Spotlights or florescent bulbs. 4. Hang your clothes out to dry rather than using an electric tumble dryer. Ideally use a spin dryer before using the tumble dryer. 5. Use a microwave to reheat food or to cook small portions. Although a microwave uses a lot of power, it does so over a very short time and so saves energy overall.


6. Purchase energy efficient white goods (washing machines, tumble driers, fridges etc). Although they usually cost a little more initially, the cost savings in electricity will cover that many times over. As an added benefit, efficient items are usually better made and last longer than inefficient models. 7. Vacuum clean the condenser coils at the back or underneath your fridge freezer. Accumulated dust reduces their efficiency by up to 25% adding that cost to your electricity bill. 8. Keep your fridge full, but not so full that air cannot circulate properly. 9. Fold clothes straight out of the tumble drier while they are still warm to save on ironing. 10. Cool cooked food before you put it into the fridge. 11. Do not put uncovered liquids into the fridge. Their evaporation will make the fridge have to work harder. 12. Heat only as much water as you require for drinks and cooking. If you keep forgetting, purchase an energy efficient eco kettle. 13. Don’t keep opening the oven door. Every time you do so, your oven loses 20°C of heat. 14. Put lamps in the corner of a room so that the light is reflected off two walls. 15. Defrost frozen food in the fridge since this helps to cool the fridge. 16. Boil water in a kettle rather than on a hob to save 50-70% of the energy and to get your water boiled faster. Electricity bills don’t have to devour your paycheck. When Belizeans save energy we are helping to help ourselves until things change economically. Have you discovered other ways to save on your electricity bills? Share it with us at electronic mail address: editortimes@yahoo. com.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Chicken Fight Some time ago, a person on Facebook made an interesting observation and asked the question “What is this world coming to?” Two chickens were fighting and upon closer investigation she found out that they were fighting for a piece of fried chicken! Many times we as humans are struggling with a ‘chicken mentality’! Here we have two chickens completely oblivious to the fact that what they are fighting over will, without a shadow of a doubt, soon be heading their way. Rather than opening their eyes and working together to escape this soon coming fate, they instead war over the ‘prize’! There are two things that come to mind as I think of these chickens; a sense of value and a sense of honor! Here is a fallen brother and instead of walking in honor they support both the killer and the fryer by fighting for his fried flesh! Now a chicken has a small brain and lacks much ability in the area of reasoning. A human brain, on the other hand, is much larger and capable of far more comprehensive computation. When we as humans fight and kill each other we are showing just a little more brain activity than a chicken, when we make political decisions that have crippling long term effects on our younger generation we are worse than chickens. See, because of selfishness many-times humans cannot and refuse to look down the road into the future to see how our current decisions will affect us and others. We stick our heads in a hole, like an ostrich, refusing to realize that each decision we make has a ‘payload’ attached to it, whether good or bad! Value for life is something that has sneaked through the back door and the only way forward is to hunt it down, capture it and bring it back into the hearts of men and women. Without these key ingredients (value and honor), life as we know it will never change. It doesn’t matter how much we want things to be better or how much we can point fingers to others who, in our minds, are doing ‘worse’ things than we are, this downward spiral will continue. A good friend at work asked me whether or not I believe the world will get better, and I had an interesting view on this matter! Personally I am not looking for or expecting the world to get better, rather I am hoping to change the world person by person. Sadly it is written that things will get worse! Look at this scripture for example: 2 Timothy 3:1- 5. 1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God… My answer to the question was ‘no’ things will not get better simply because it would make the Creator a liar as in His manual as He has predicted that things will get worse and worse! For those who would argue against this scripture, He continues on to explain why by showing in the other verses the chicken mentality that has stuck onto the brain of humans like a hungry parasitical tumor! Hey world, hey Belizeans, let’s not fight over a piece of chicken but rather begin pushing hard to live by Godly values while training our off-springs to do the same! “He who has an ear let him hear!” Until next week God bless!


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freed from lifelong drugs 05 October 2011 by Andy Coghlan People who get a kidney transplant usually face a life sentence of drugs that suppress their immune systems – otherwise, their body will reject the new organ. A new cellular therapy could change that. Immunosuppressant drugs can have severe side effects, increasing the risk of heart disease, infection, cancer and diabetes. So as well as saving money, dispensing with them would bring major health benefits. Samuel Strober at Stanford University in California and colleagues seem to have worked out how to do it. Following transplant surgery, Strober’s team first give patients ordinary immunosuppressive drugs, such as cyclosporine. They then apply mild radiation to the lymph nodes, spleen and thymus to further weaken the immune system. This kills some but not all of the patient’s white blood cells. They also inject antibodies which temporarily destroy the patient’s most aggressive white blood cells. “We preferentially delete ‘naive T cells’, since they are the main subset of white blood cells that reject grafts,” Strober says. Another donation About 10 days after the transplant, Strober injects the patient with millions of white blood cells extracted from the kidney donor. These include CD34+ stem cells, which can multiply and become part of the recipient’s own immune system. Once donor blood cells mix with recipient immune cells, they blunt the immune attack by a process called negative selection, says Strober, who has spent 30 years developing the regimen. In negative selection, the thymus presents proteins from foreign tissue to immune cells, in effect asking them, “Do you recognise this material?” If enough immune cells recognise the tissue, those that don’t are screened out and killed. Because donated immune cells recognise the foreign tissue from the transplanted kidney, the thymus gets rid of the recipient’s own T-cells that could otherwise attack the kidney. Strober monitors the recipient’s blood regularly to check that the two immune systems are mixing properly, and there is no sign of rejection. After a month, the first of two immunosuppressive drugs is with-

drawn. The second is withdrawn at six months. Three years free Eight of Strober’s 12 trial patients have now been free of immunosuppressive treatment for up to three years, although one died after three years from a heart attack unrelated to the treatment. The other four are still on immunosuppressive drugs, but are being monitored to see if they too can break free. “So far, they’ve failed to

meet our strict drug withdrawal criteria,” says Strober. Close match One caveat is that all patients received donations from closely matched relatives. But Strober is confident that the regimen will work with unmatched donations too, which would greatly expand the number of organs available for the procedure. “Our preclinical lab results show that we can use mismatched recipients as well as matched, and that gives us

confidence to move ahead,” he says. Although 17,000 people receive kidneys in the US each year, more than 400,000 are on the waiting list and rely on dialysis machines, so the shortage of available organs remains acute. Strober’s procedure is not the only one to free patients from antirejection drugs. In 2008 a team led by David Sachs at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston reported a technique involving a bone marrow transplant from organ donors, which worked in four of five patients – some of them have now been free of drugs for eight years. Sachs says that Strober’s work is encouraging, but points out that his own patients all received unmatched transplants, overcoming a greater immunological challenge. “The success rate they’ve reported is similar to what our studies have achieved for mismatched transplants,” he says. “So it will be interesting to see the results of Strober’s new trial.” One advantage of Strober’s approach is that it is milder and less traumatic for the recipient than having a bone marrow transplant in addition to a kidney transplant, says Maggie Dallman, an immunologist at Imperial College London. But, like Sachs, she says that “the real test will come when this is used for mismatched organs”.

Apple kills off original Siri app, tells users to upgrade 5 October 2011 Jacob Aron, technology reporter Yesterday’s iPhone announcement was a disappointment for many Apple fans who were hoping for a more significant handset upgrade, though the company’s new personal assistant program, Siri, likely won a few people back. What many may not have realised is that the original, more basic version of Siri had been available in the App Store for over 18 months right up until Apple removed it during yesterday’s announcement.

Those who have already downloaded the Siri app are also out of luck. Siri relies on external servers for its speech recognition and other functions, and these servers briefly went offline yesterday. Once they returned, users were greeted with a cheerful message warning them to upgrade: “I’ve been replaced! The new Siri is even smarter and better looking than me, and waiting for you on the iPhone 4S. I’ll be leaving for home Oct 15th. Until can I help you?” It is clear why Apple has pulled Siri from the App Store - the assistant

software is one of the few features that differentiates the new iPhone 4S from its predecessors and existing owners might be reluctant to upgrade if Siri were available on their current phones. It is also possible that the new version of Siri can only run on the iPhone 4S’s new A5 processor - though that can’t be the full explanation, as the iPad 2 uses the same processor yet can’t use the app. Still, it is a very consumer-unfriendly move, especially for those who were already accustomed to having their own digital assistant.



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The devilish details of the Atlantic Bank-BSI proposal Continued from page 2 revolving fund. It also stipulates the investment of US$20 million to pay the ING loan and subsequently obtain 51% of the equity of BSI, with intentions to continue increasing its equity until it reaches 75%, so that they can have unquestionable control of BSI. This will be accomplished through the dilution of the shares of the workers of BSI who presently own 81.29%, Tate and Lyle 10% and GOB 8.71%. With AB owning 51%, the BSI workers’ ownership will be diluted to about 40%. With AB reaching its 75% ownership target, the workers’ ownership will dwindle to only 20%. AB also proposes to implement a US$20 million revolving fund to loan to farmers for improving their fields. This last US$20 million will be borrowed from the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) by AB, but with a sovereign guarantee from GOB!! In the long-term, the AB proposal stipulates US$20 million for the purchase of lands and establishment of new cane fields over a 7-year period. It also proposes US$25 million for the expansion of the sugar mill over a 10-year period. Of great interest, is that while AB refers to its proposal as a Syndicated Facility, they have not named any lending institution as a member of their syndicate, except for IDB whose loan of US$20 million will be supported by a sovereign guarantee from GOB. While the proposal infers that AB will borrow the other amounts from other institutions as part of the syndicate, instead of naming the lenders, the proposal only refers to “Local and International Financial Institutions”. Also, contrary to what some segments of the media have stated, there is NO provision for the payment of the declared dividends payable to the workers and shareholders!! Attached to this proposal are many conditions concerning BSI and GOB and law. Two conditions call for the exclusion of capitalization limitations and that existing shareholders refrain from exercising their stock rights during the capitalization process. This means that AB will be able to inject any unlimited amount of capital in BSI and that the BSI workers, Tate and Lyle and GOB will not be able to participate in the purchase of the issuances of new shares; thus effecting a dilution of the shares of the present shareholders. Another condition is that AB wants to change the payment methods to the cane farmers. AB also wants the authority to coordinate the sugar cane harvest according to the requirements of the mill. Another condition calls for the establishment of ALL collateral with an agent designated by Atlantic Bank to benefit the CREDITORS. AB further stipulates that ALL banking and cash management services must be handled EXCLUSIVELY by AB. This means that farmers will no longer have an option to choose which bank they want to deal with. Cane farmers worry that since AB will also be growing cane, any default in their loan payments, due to natural disasters or global economic factors beyond their control, will trigger the swift foreclosure on their lands and subsequent ownership of such lands by AB, thereby leaving the farmers landless. Regarding the dividends payable to shareholders, AB’s conditions calls for “dividend payout with any excess as a result of the proposed capitalization VOIDED”. This means that there is no

intention to pay the declared dividends payable!!! The conditions concerning GOB and law are also alarming. AB calls for a GOB guarantee regarding private equity. According to the Prime Minister this means that GOB is guaranteeing that BSI can never be nationalized. AB calls for GOB authorization to directly acquire and cultivate 20,000 acres INITIALLY in four years. This will instantly eliminate close to one half of our existing Belizean farmers, causing more unemployment, social deterioration and crime. AB stipulations call for the authority to set the sugar cane harvest schedules and quality. This will leave the farmers out of the planning process of the harvest schedules. A very ominous condition is that “GOB is to ensure that in the event of foreclosure, BSI’s facilities and subsidiaries will be operated, WITHOUT interference from GOB”. This means that AB will be able to do whatever they deem necessary in dire situations, regardless if their actions will be detrimental to the workers and the farmers. AB officials admitted to the farmers at a meeting on 22nd of July, 2011, that this means that AB will be able to lower the prices paid to the cane farmers and also slash the wages paid to the factory workers, without GOB intervention and without consideration for the laws of Belize!!! AB also calls for GOB’s commitment to review the implementation of AB’s stipulated changes in the Sugar Act of 2001. AB also calls for GOB’s authorization to construct a bulk port facility. However, in its proposal, no finances are allocated for such a huge project. AB is calling for Economic Processing Zone status. AB calls for “GOB recognition of sovereign guarantee for credit line to independent farmers, which will be administered by AB”. This refers to the US$20 million that AB will borrow from IDB to then lend to farmers through their AB branches. They call for Central Bank’s authorization for the purchase of foreign currency to repay their loans to AB’s lenders. AB also calls for Central Bank’s authorization for AB to lend BSI sums in excess of 25% of AB’s authorized capital. In other words, if they become owners of BSI, AB may lend BSI any amount of money that they wish, and thus have BSI perpetually indebted to AB and forever paying interest on unending loans. This brings to question whether Atlantic Bank makes more money from interest or from sugar. Of course, banks make more money from interest. This is dangerous!!! Not everything that glitters is gold. The devil is in the details. My fellow Belizeans, these are the details of AB’s proposals on which a decision must be made. This is clearly a game plan for the displacement and elimination of thousands of farmers and for the monopolization of the cane production sector, the sugar manufacturing sector, thousands of acres of land and the banking sector, by one single entity that is owned by a few wealthy, foreign shareholders with well-connected friends in high places. This is not good for Belize. This is not good for Belizeans. Belizeans Unite!!! Sincerely, Ramon Cervantes A Farmer Orange Walk Town

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San Ignacio Hospital Staff want Deputy Regional Manager gone! Continued from page 2 old child with intentional self-harm. This was a red flag case because the child stated clearly her intentions. Mrs. Pulido`s response was that vehicles are only for surveillance purposes and Nrs Tennyson can write up a report if she wants. What type of manager is that? She has assigned one driver to drive all new vehicles, keeps the fuel orders for all vehicles also. On the 26th September neither the utility vehicle nor the ambulance had fuel. The driver went to pick up vector control staff taking the fuel with him. This is an issue because what if there was an emergency? It would have turned into a liability for the institution. And the complaints go on and on. SICH remains a Level 1 institution, and even so, we continue trying to manage patients here to decrease the number of transfers to level II and level III hospitals. It is astonishing that someone will be more interested in decreasing cost at the expense of patient care and patient service. We understand that Staff is not a priority for her but to go beyond and question transfers of patients who have been managed by Medical Officers and cared for by Nurses, and have been

referred according to protocol by the Ministry of Health and only based on medical criteria and decision, is beyond her scope of action and absolutely dumbfounding to us. Should a manager not be interested in improving the services rendered at this institution and decreasing malpractice and poor quality of care to patients? We ask that Mrs. Pulido once and for all be transferred or demoted from her current post as she clearly does not understand basic management protocols and has bluntly disrespected the recommendations and suggestions of the Technical persons at Ministry of Health after their meeting with us. We express our greatest discomfort in working with such a person and feeling of demoralization. We hope that you will not take this action and request as a lack of respect or act of defiance, but instead, as and act of integrity and concern of that which is the family of San Ignacio Community Hospital. CC: Mrs. Pearl Ellis, Regional Health Manager, WHR Mrs. Marjorie Parks, DDHS, MOH Dr. Jorge Polanco, DDHS, MOH Dr. Michael Pitts, DHS, MOH Dr. Peter Allen, CEO, MOH Ms. Michelle Hoare, Director Licensing & Accreditation

A Loving, Patriotic Belizean Speaks

A special remembrance of Hon. George Price

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Continued from page 2 for him. It was known among us that this girl, Mehetibel, was actually his god-daughter whom he had introduced to the girls Sodality. Looking back now I can see that his love for the poor class and the disadvantaged started then. He showed fielty, concern and care for the human race. These acts preceded his public and political life, and were true marks in his work for generations of Belizeans that followed. Thanks, Ms. Marie Faber

There are few places in the world like Belize that is so rich with its culture, food, music, and most of all the people who are so loving to each other. At times we probably forget the richness of our country, Belize, away from the rest of the world. I believe in improvement of course but never to comprise what makes Belize beautiful and one of a kind, let us restrain the Belizean image that is so attractive by people of other countries. I feel so proud and the need to express my feelings of this beautiful country and the Father that found our identity, and that today we rejoice our 30th anniversary of our independence through the founder the First Prime Minister Hon. George Cadle Price, may he rest in peace. May the Almighty continue to watch over us Amen. Sincerely, Isabel Vernon Grandchild of the Deceased Senator and Pioneer of the P.U.P. Samuel Benjamin Vernon 9/2011

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THINK ABOUT IT MARGARET GABB McKENZIE Mrs. McKenzie is gone. Where? Out of the public service. Who is Margaret Gabb McKenzie? She was the Chief Magistrate of Belize. This mother of several children started from humble beginnings like most of us Belizeans. She came from a large family of the Gabb and Peyrefitte clan and was originally from famous Wagner’s Lane/ Berkeley Street neighbourhood. Of course this was back then when Wagner’s and Berkeley had history and class and quality. Large families and neighbours who looked out for each other and for each other’s children. Mrs. McKenzie entered the Public Service as a mature employee having previously worked at James Brodie and Company and raising her family. She worked her way up in Magistrate Department and eventually achieved a scholarship and successfully completed the University of the West Indies Law Degree course. She did the additionally required two years at the prestigious Norman Manley Law School. She was promoted from lay Magistrate to a fully qualified Magistrate and then Chief Magistrate of Belize. Mrs. McKenzie in her spare time teaches several law courses to sixth form students and senior public officers doing A Level Law and the Paralegal course which is accepted for entry requirements at the Universities in the Caribbean. We wish to note that Mrs. McKenzie has been badly treated by the government. It may even be interpreted as disrespect. All other Chief Magistrates upon their retirement have been offered important positions in order to benefit from their 5 years of University training and many more years of experience. Under the PUP Government of George Price and Said Musa, Chief Magistrates were actually promoted to higher positions. Two recent examples, former Chief Magistrate Adolph Lucas became a Director of Public Prosecutions and then a Judge of the Supreme Court. Former Chief Magistrate Herbert Lord was promoted a Judge of the Supreme Court. Under the present malicious Government Mrs. McKenzie has been sent home. She of course will not be twiddling her thumbs. Anyone who knows her knows she will be shown the love that she herself has shown to others. 122 FOR 3 JOBS A tourist resort in Burrell Boom Village recently put out the word that they needed three employees. They were swamped. Some 122 Belizeans rushed to the spot. 119 had to hang their heads and some with tears in their eyes, went home empty handed, frustrated and des-

perate. The job situation in Belize is dreadful. It is dread. Our people want to work. They need to work. That is the reality out here. No amount of talk, press conferences, speeches, proposed projects and highfalutin language, and bogus budget can deal with this urgent need for work to be provided. The poverty situation in Belize is becoming unbearable. It is desperate. If statistics mean anything, FORTY-THREE PERCENT of our population is living in poverty. This is a national disgrace. It is a shame and a sin. We are talking about human beings. Strong-able bodied citizens, the elderly and the little children – all struggling just to survive. Many a days there is little or nothing to eat. There is no social justice in Belize. The government is not doing enough to fight against poverty and to provide for those who truly need. And guess what hurts. There is gold in Belize. Black gold. It is called petroleum. Discovered in commercial quantities some five years ago. One company has exported almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS OF OUR COUTRY’S OIL. The government has satisfied itself with two hundred million dollars in taxes. In a small country with a small population why so many of our people suffering with shame and dignity of poverty? We need another George Price and a renewed revolution that focuses on the basic needs of our people – those who never make it unless the government comes to their rescue. KEVIN LEE IS NO BRUCE LEE BOOOM! This one is like an Iraqi road side bomb. It had high ranking US and other diplomats scurrying to locate secret video tapes of their wives allegedly emanating from Kevin Lee’s computer. Kevin Lee is a venerable and respectable looking person. He obviously won the trust of his many patients/customers, which included many female socialites and respectable persons. But there was allegedly a darker side to Kevin Lee. He is accused of being a dirty old man. He was reportedly secretly videotaping scores of women patients in unflattering portraits. To put it bluntly – breast, private parts and nakedness. Kevin Lee’s computer crashed because of the huge number of video tapes on his hard drive. The technician who serviced Lee’s computer was blown out of his mind when he came across the hundreds upon hundreds of women that Lee is said to have videotaped. The devil also robbed his soul. He down loaded the images and according to police was using these tapes to blackmail many of the women, in particular those in high rankling society and the diplomatic

corp. This is what brought the heat. Belize is not Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but what happens in Belize is spread all over the world. This evening an attorney told us he had two female clients who intended to pursue legal action against Kevin Lee. In February this year one client said she went for acupuncture for pain in the upper back. When Kevin Lee was performing his much sought after acupuncture and massage, the young lady found herself in a tiffy. Lee not only massaged her two breasts with emphasis on the nipples but talked her out of her panties and massaged her buttocks. The treatment ended abruptly when Lee’s hand went too far. This irate former customer is prepared to give the police a statement against Lee and if her picture appears on Lee’s secret video tapes law suit will follow. The whole thing is just incredible. Before the onslaught of $1.00 chicken and the mushrooming of Chinese shops and stores all over Belize City, a generation of Belizeans had fallen in love with Bruce Lee, a real life karate expert who became a movie icon. This was before Jet Lee and Jackie Chang. Every kid in the City wanted to be Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee vanquished the bad guys with magic and artistry of his hands. Kevin Lee had some magic in his hands but the devil seems to have gotten into his head. When news started to spread like wild fire about the technician’s discovery and misuse of the videos, Kevin Lee bolted for the USA. He was arrested in Los Angeles and is to be brought back to Belize by law enforcement officers. It is not known if Kevin Lee was selling these secret video tapes in the pornography trade. But this question arises. Just about all the motels are now in the hands of Chinese proprietors. These places are dens of secret liaisons and sexual activities. Multitudinous fornications, adulteries and love sweet love been going on. Are the Chi-

Sunday, October 9, 2011

nese owners secretly videotaping these activities and selling the videos on the porno market? It is quite likely. This is a serious matter. Kevin Lee has hurt the Chinese community big time. Big Time. NATALIE CARTER Word reaching the BELIZE TIMES is that Mrs. Natalie Carter is blazing a trail at the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston, Jamaica. She is consistently scoring high in her classes and a notice on the official notice board shows she is among the top ten performers among all law students. Mrs. Carter is a trail blazer herself. Having taking to the law she successfully obtain a law degree from the University of Guyana with outstanding credits and has now been admitted to the prestigious Norman Manley School of Law from whence she will qualify to be an attorney-at-law. Mrs. Carter is on official study leave from her post of Magistrate at the Family Court and is considered a future Chief Magistrate of Belize if she decides to remain the Public Service. BUS SERVICE SUCKS Belizeans are being treated like cattle on the buses in Belize. These buses are overcrowded. Music is being played deafening loud. There is not enough buses to service the commuters. The situations stinks. Commuters are being given a lousy deal. The authorities need to treat this with some urgency. THIS IS WHAT JESUS SAID “When I was hungry, you gave me no meat, when I was thirsty, you gave me no drink. I was a stranger and you took me not in, I was naked and you clothed me not: I was sick and in prison and you visited me not. And they answered him saying Lord, when did we see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not look after you? And Jesus answered, Verily I say unto you in as much as you did not do it to one of the least you did not do it for me. ” Matthew 25 verses 42 to 45.



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Pay Up Patrick Faber! Belize City, October 6, 2011 Teachers, arguably, they are among the most cherished in any society as there are literally thousands of people in other professions who have passed through their hands. Teachers molded our lawyers, doctors, nurses, architects, policemen, firefighters and the list goes on. Teachers are also among the most underpaid. When one considers the long hours they spend both inside and outside the classroom preparing and delivering lessons, conducting extracurricular activities, and managing their homerooms, the remuneration our teachers receive is but a pittance. Now, that is already unfair a service to our teachers but more unfair is when our teachers do not receive their salaries on time. Such was the case last month when primary school teachers across the country visited their respective banks and credit unions only to discover that their pay wasn’t deposited into their accounts. Now, we’re talking here about the very first pay-

ment of the new school year as classes commenced on September 5. In many cases, the persons directly affected were young, first-time teachers who were eagerly looking forward to their first paycheck. Like their veteran colleagues, these teachers were forced into arrears when they could not meet their end of month bills on time. The Ministry of Education (MOE) covers 100% of the salary of primary school teachers. Every month, MOE submits a written request to the Ministry of Finance for the monthly salary disbursement to teachers countrywide. In the case of secondary schools, a request is also made for monthly tuition disbursements. Thus, when it comes to the payment of teachers’ salaries the buck stops with the MOE. Rather than live up to this responsibility, however, the MOE has chosen, instead, to cast blame on the respective Management Authorities and the teachers themselves. In an attempt to validate its claim,

City crumbles under UDP incompetence Belize City, October 5, 2011 It was nothing less than comical to hear the failed UDP City Councillors Dean Samuels and Dion Leslie attempt to defend their shameful record over the last six years. The ditzy duo was actually on friendly ground, on Wave Radio, but boy, the way they had to shield from heavy fire was as if they weren’t. But this should be no surprise. The failed City Councillors currently in office and especially those seeking to run for another three years have no record to stand on. This was made clear as the calls streamed in of city residents complaining of the neglect and garbage strewn throughout the city. One of the callers who asked Samuels when the disrepair of Ebony Street and Conch Shell will be fixed was stunned when Samuels couldn’t even locate where Ebony Street is, even though the office he notoriously micro-manages is nearby. Another caller asked about trimming down the overgrown grass along east collet canal. Leslie rudely interrupted the caller and said that as soon as the Ministry gets going with a project to uplift the area, the grass will be cut down. This is one of the major problems under the current UDP City Council. Apart from the $1.2m taxes they collect, and the Government subvention, the Council is presently heavily dependent on the Ministry of Works. For months now, the Ministry of Works has had to provide City Hall with $10,000 weekly so they can meet their overhead expenses. The City Council has not paved a single street in the city – the

few paved were done by the Ministry of Works. One of the callers reflected the collective frustration of city residents when she scolded the Councilors for their unfounded pride. Both Councilors were told that if they have not been able to make a major difference in Belize City for 6 years, why would they believe residents would want to give them 3 years more? “Unuh get 6 years to fix the streets and unuh noh duh nutin,” the called complained. The morning show co-host, Joe Bradley, got upset when a caller asked about certain special employees who were allowed to walk into work at 10 in the morning. The entire show turned out to be a moaning episode against the lazy Councillors. Interestingly, this was one day before officially launching their campaign. City residents won’t take the UDP’s lies easily no more. If the last six year of Zenaida Moya, Dean Samuels, Dion Leslie, Phillip Willoughby and Roger Espejo, were as Barrow said “the gold standard” of their party, then city residents are now convinced that the disease of glitter and no substance is endemic in the UDP.

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Patrick Faber

the MOE has activated the General Secretary of the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) or should we say the BNTU’s “defacto President”? Like Lazarus, the “bought and paid for” George Frazer has suddenly resurrected from the dead and is going around blaming everyone else but the MOE for the delay in the payment of the teachers’ salaries. Intent on shielding his beloved Minister, Patrick Faber, Frazer is suggesting that the delay in payment has been caused by the tardiness of the respective school managements in submitting the relevant documents on behalf of their teachers. Many would recall that whenever there was any delay in the payment of

teachers’ salaries during the PUP Administration, the Neanderthal Frazer wasted no time in taking to the radio and TV airwaves and lambasting the then Minister of Education and the MOE. Now, as far as he’s concerned, the MOE is blameless. One thing Frazer is right about is when he states that teachers have been working since the doors of their classrooms opened on September 5 and, as such, they must be paid for their labor. What he fails to admit, however, is that those teachers have been working long before September 5 as they were busy preparing their lessons all summer long. It is now October 6, 2011 and our information tells us that the primary school teachers still haven’t received their September salary. Patrick Faber ought to be reminded that he was a teacher before he became a Minister of Government. Given his belligerent behavior, we need not guess how he reacted whenever his “cheese” was late in coming. Our teachers don’t enjoy the lucrative salary and perks that you do Hon. Faber. They don’t enjoy the luxury of telephone and housing allowances as you do. Their bills are mounting as their frustration is mounting and their patience is wearing thin. Ordinarily, we would tell you to MAN UP but in this case, we say to you PAY UP.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carlos Perdomo on the Chopping Block Belize City, October 5, 2011 Since winning the elections in 2008, Carlos Perdomo has disappointed many people due to his inability to deliver the basic goods and services for the residents of the Caribbean Shores Division. His incompetence and failures also extend to the ministries that he has held. Drive around Caribbean Shores and you will find the infrastructure broken and decrepit. Talk to constituents, and you will hear horror stories about Mr. Perdomo’s rude and obnoxious behavior, with some residents stating that he has verbally abused and driven them from his office. Review his track record in the ministries that he has held and you will find more than a stench of corruption and utter failure. After running the Police Department into the ground, Carlos Perdomo is now using his incompetence to destroy the Immigration Department and Ministry of National Security. Information reaching the BELIZE TIMES is that Perdomo’s incompetence and ailing health have the hierarchy of the United Democratic Party

Mennonite robbed at Belize Farm Center foiled BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 By Alton Humes Gladwin Penner and Wayne Humes, Mennonite delivery men from the Cayo District, were in Belize City to conduct business at the Belize Farm Center on North Front Street when they fell victim to an armed robbery. They were targeted and robbed by a pair of unfeeling gunmen, who promptly relieved them of a 9-mm Ruger pistol with 17 corresponding live rounds of ammunition, as well as their wallets with their documents, and possibly cash and checks, inside. Unconfirmed reports are that the men were inside the store proper when the incident occurred, and that a shot was fired, injuring no one. We went to the BFC today for direct comment, but no one wished to comment. The gunmen reportedly fled in a pickup truck, but a call made to the Police by an employee inside the store helped to capture suspects. The GSU found the suspected weapon hidden in a chest of drawers at a home in the Conch Shell Bay area. The house was occupied at the time by 20-yearold Mr. Mervin McDonald, 19-year-old Mr. Andrew Talbert and 19-year-old Ms. Alliea Augustus. (Talbert and McDonald are “notorious members” of the George Street gang, according to the Police.) The homeowner, 19-year-old Ms. Danica Young, was also arrested when she arrived at the home later in the day. As for the wallets, they were found in a pick-up truck (similar to the one used in the robbery), occupied at the time by 21-yearold Mr. Rodney Rowland and a minor (aged 17 years). All persons above were detained, pending charges of robbery, as well ‘kept firearm/ammunition without a gun license’. Another person is still at large and being sought and Police investigations continue.



trying desperately to find a replacement. However, the UDP’s greatest fear in Caribbean Shores is the PUP’s Standard Bearer, Anthony Mahler who garnered more votes than Perdomo in the PUP convention for the division. Anthony Mahler is younger, energetic, well-educated and has the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Sources close to Perdomo have stated that even members of his family have expressed concerns about him running again. In fact, one family member has stated publicly that Mr. Perdomo is a waste of time and that the family will not provide the financial backing as they did in 2008. Maybe that explains why Mr. Perdomo is allowing his Ministry to issue visas to fake movie producers from Sri Lanka and India. With Perdomo fighting for his political life, you can bet that there are “vultures” circling and waiting to devoir the carcass of this failed politician. In weeks gone by, the names of Doug Singh and Roger Espejo have been

Carlos Perdomo

circulated but it seems as though not even the UDP’s want them. The latest name being floated is no other than disgraced Mayor Zenaida Moya who is desperately trying to find a constituency after Michael Finnegan “punked” her in Mesopotamia. Well, like Dough Singh and Roger Espejo, Zenaida Moya will not get the support from the people of Caribbean Shores because no one wants any more of her undepositing and shameful scandals. The PUP in Caribbean Shores is getting stronger by the day and when the time comes this division will go blue, no matter who the UDP opponent is. Perdomo has done enough to cause pain on grieving mothers and wreck the country, it’s only about time before he calls it quits.

Humor in UDP Politics! The following matters were discussed in this week Cabinet - Why the password for UNIBAM website was “Darrellitas Bradley” - That Patrick Faber’s CEO changes his name from Leacock to something else, because it appears to be affecting his performance at the Ministry. - That Cabinet explores the possibility of buying Mega Bingo tickets for all who swore allegiance to the 9th amendment, in addition to the Chon Saan fried chickens. ……………………. In other related matters: Reports coming out of Cabinet are that they gave Mayor Moya a directive to have Willoughby back in the rehab for anger management for which the Mayor quickly included on her list, Dean Samuels, Leila Peyrefitte, Eric Chang and DJ Dalla. ……………………. In unrelated matters, a high ranking UDP who knows something about the clandestine oil refining made an interesting offer to Cabinet in exchange for the crude oil: for every drum of oil he makes they will get to keep two. Gapi then was heard saying “isn’t that our agreement with BNE?” ……………………. Since Zenaida has started to run all over the city, the UDP told her that at whatever point she stops and can’t go no more, that is the constituency she’ll get. The Mayor started from BTL Park but stopped abruptly at BTL Park when she heard music nearby. So the UDP have agreed Z will run in Caribbean Shores, in exchange she will finally give up her Dalla. ……………………. Things are so bad under Barrow that even the pot-lickers go through haad times. So hard that both man and his dog starve, so hard that even one cent is being taken at the shop right about now, things are so bad I saw a chiney man with a red gas bottle. Even the chiney man the rent out gas.



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011




St. George’s Caye Village Chairman accuses MNR of high-handedness Wednesday, October 5, 2011 The goings-on at the Ministry of Natural Resources about questionable land transactions has reached yet another high point, this time for residents of the historic Saint George’s Caye. This week, Chairman of that village, John Searle, Jr., called out the media to tour the island and to see surveys being conducted onsite by the Ministry of Natural Resources, presumably to carry out developmental work. Searle and Chairman of the Belize National Fishermen’s Cooperative, Pedro Alvarez, told reporters that the Ministry of Lands has begun to conduct surveys on a portion of the historical landmark without consulting with the Village Council, and two, that whatever devel-

opment is conducted, will be done to the detriment of the island’s already fragile eco-marine system. Saint George’s Caye attained village status in 2010, and with that recognition came a Village Council Act that, according to section 45, requires any developer to first consult with the Council before starting any type of development. That was never done, however, and now, Searle says that he has the backing of the 200 plus residents of the caye to back him in his quest to get the Ministry to include them in the decision-making and consultation process. According to Alvarez, he has noticed that since dredging and development took place on the island before,

Outrageous! Dear Editor, Most, if not all temporary teachers and some newly appointed probationary teachers all across the nation were not paid in September. The Ministry of Education needs a scapegoat so they are blaming the managements. The Ministry sets impossible tasks on the managements and then blames them when they cannot accomplish impossible tasks. Read and laugh or weep! Most vacation leaves and study leaves are announced by the Ministry of Education to teachers and managements by late June. Some study leaves come after late June. Teachers wanting maternity leaves in September can apply as late as mid-July. Managers are to advise for openings. It takes one to two weeks. Managers are to create a short list of applicants. They are to eliminate the unqualified persons. It takes one to two weeks before all persons have applied and short listed. Managers are to form an interview team and interview the teachers. It takes one to two weeks. Managers, after the choices are made, are to inform the candidates, make contacts, make a spreadsheet which includes giving reason why persons were chosen or rejected, list all the information concerning the advertisements and the entire procedure and send the information to their general manager. It takes one to two weeks. In spite of all the above, most contracts were given to the Teaching Services Commission before the end of

July. Who knows how long it takes for the Teaching Services Commission to do its work. One general manager was told that the Teaching Services Commission would return all contracts of any local manager who did not follow all the Teaching Services Commission’s newly made, unilaterally made, untested procedures that they require. Their requirements demand much time and work. The reason why most temporary teachers and some probationary teachers did not receive their pay is because the Ministry of Education, through the Teaching Services Commission, is being unrealistic. When the Ministry and Teaching Services Commission decided to regulate even the hiring of temporary teachers, they doubled their own work. The real reason why the teachers were not paid in September is because the Teaching Services Commission could not get all the work done by mid-August when the Ministry of Education needs to begin work on the September pay sheets. It is possible that the Ministry of Education will not even pay temporary teachers until the end of November. Maybe there needs to be industrial action if the temporary teachers do not receive their pay by the end of October. Most temporary and newly appointed probationary teachers have some of the following obligations; loans with banks, bills to educational institutions and family support. Absolutely unjust to withhold their pay when the fault is not theirs. Absolutely unfair to blame the managements. Signed. Concerned Educator



the natural spawning areas for fish and other valuable marine life have gotten scarce. Now they have to go further out to fish and set lobster traps. Alvarez says fishermen who use the area fear that any further dredging could totally wipe out any future possibility of a sustainable liveliehood off marine life in the area. When the media arrived on the island on Monday, survey technicians were already cutting down trees in order to conduct their work. They said that they were hired by the Ministry to survey the area. We learned that in all, there are at least 31 house lots measuring about 150 feet squared that will be developed over the coming weeks. This works out to between seven and

ten acres of mangroves cleared away. The Ministry, meantime, has kept the recipients of the lots unknown. Their response has so far been that the Minister does not have to answer to a Village Council because he has the overall jurisdiction over land in Belize. The decision is ultimately up to him when it comes to crown land. It appears that the Ministry has no consideration at heart for the fishermen or the villagers who feel insulted by this highhanded behaviour. It matters not if you control crown land in this country, Mr. Vega. The respectful thing and the courteous thing to do is to consult with people who have kept the landmark what it is before you set up shop in their backyards.

St George’s Caye Village Council’s statement on the Proposed Subdivision & Marina planned by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment OCT 5, 2011 - PRESS RELEASE The St. George’s Caye Village Council has been made aware that surveyors have been on the island conducting a survey for the Government of Belize/Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in a mangrove swamp in the northwestern part of St. George’s Caye. The area is approximately 7-10 acres in size and it has been suggested and proposed by the Village Council that it be annexed to the existing St. George’s Caye Mangrove Reserve. Unofficial reports indicate that the proposed development includes 31 lots and a marina. To date all efforts from the Village Council to get information from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment have proven fruitless. In August 2010 St. George’s Caye was officially granted Village Council status. This was an important milestone for the residents and Council of St. George’s Caye because of the privileges afforded a Village through the Village Council Act. The Village Council Act section 47 (1) states: “The council shall have the following privileges, duties and responsibilities with respect to lands within the village:-“ Which further declares according to section 47 (1) (c): “before dealing with any lands in the village, the Ministry responsible for lands shall consult the council and take its views into account; and should the said Ministry decide not to follow the advice of the council it shall explain its reasons in writing to the council before effecting that decision, and provide the

council further opportunity to present its case to the Ministry;” Additionally Section 49 (1) of the Village Council Act states: “Any Ministry or Department of Government intending to make any decision or policy or to carry out any act affecting a village shall consult with the council before doing so and, as far as practicable, take the views of the council into account.” This is important for St. George’s Caye because during the period 20012007, under the past administration, there were three separate incidences when mangrove areas were cut down, filled and parcels given out. In most cases the parcels of land were given to individuals whose only interest in land at St. George’s Caye was to sell it for huge profits. The residents and Council of St. George’s Caye opposed all those developments and filed many stop orders, lobbied the government with petitions and made many visits to Belmopan to try and halt the developments. However, each and every time they were unsuccessful mostly because the Council at that time was a Community Council and did not enjoy all the privileges afforded by the Village Council Act. The difference between the previous developments and the most recent proposed development on St. George’s Caye are as follows: 1. the island now has “Village” status and the legal backing of the Village Council Act, and 2. the proposed development is considerably larger, comprised of roughly 31 lots with a marina in the center. The residents and the Village Council of St. George’s Caye have enjoyed a very cordial relationship with the present administration and are very grateful

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

UNICEF issues stern warning on GOB UNICEF is extremely concerned about the increasing number of violent acts against children in Belize. According to the United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence: “No Violence against Children is Justifiable, All Violence against Children is Preventable.” Violence against children is a gross violation of children’s rights. Every child has the right to a life free from violence. Violence can take the form of sexual abuse, harassment, rape, sexual exploitation, or homicide. It can happen in homes, institutions, schools, or within communities. Evidence shows that violence can have serious short- and longterm physical, psychological and social consequences not only for girls or boys, but also for their families and communities. This includes increased risks for illness, including sexually transmitted diseases, psychological distress, stigma, discrimination and difficulties at school. All the member states of the UN have committed to implement the recommendations of the UN Study on Violence. In view of this commitment, Belize as a country needs to take serious steps to implement fully the key recommendations of the Study. Belize must adopt a Plan of Action specifically on violence against children, with realistic and time-bound targets. This Plan of Action should be linked to the National Plan of Action for Children and should also be integrated into national planning processes. It should identify clear responsibilities



of agency and coordination mechanisms that can bring multiple sectors together. In effect, preventing and responding to violence against children should be everybody’s business. By preventing violence today, we help build a future where violence will no longer be tolerated. Parents, teachers and care-givers in Belize have an important role to play in detecting and reporting violence and abuse of children. But most importantly, children need to have access to child-sensitive, affordable, high quality health, education and social services related to prevention of violence and abuse. To facilitate that, the Government needs to ensure that independent legal assistance for children and families, who have experienced violence, including psychological support, is made available and that people understand how to access these support services. UNICEF has already begun taking actions on these areas with the Ministries of Human Development and Social Services, Education and Health to hasten the effort to strengthen inter-sectorial collaboration that will help to strengthen the protection system for children. A stronger protection system will ensure that safe, confidential, accessible and wellpublicized channels for children, their representatives and others to report violence are made available and known. The police and the judicial

system also have an important role to play in the protection of children. They must work to enforce accountability of duty-bearers and end impunity for all of those who perpetrate violence against children. As subjects of rights, children must be given first consideration. Children who are victims and witnesses are particularly vulnerable and need special protection, assistance and support appropriate to their age, level of maturity and unique needs in order to prevent further hardship and trauma that may result from their participation in the criminal justice process. The media must also continue to work to protect child victims and witnesses even as they make visible the heinous acts of violence. They must maintain a high standard of evidence collection to ensure fair and equitable outcomes of the justice process. However, children should have their privacy protected as a matter of primary importance. Interference in the child’s private life should not be permitted. In order to avoid further hardship to the child, interviews, examinations and other forms of investigation should be conducted by trained professionals who proceed in a sensitive, respectful and thorough manner. Child victims should, wherever possible, receive reparation in order to achieve full redress, reintegration and recovery. Procedures for obtaining and enforcing reparation should be readily accessible and child-sensitive.


St George’s Caye Village Council’s statement on the Proposed Subdivision & Marina planned by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment Continued from Insert 1 for the recognition they have given to the island. In 2009 St. George’s Caye was declared a National Historical Landmark Site and in 2010 the cemetery was declared an Archaeological Reserve and the island was given official Village status. With this in mind the residents and Village Council of St. George’s Caye are very surprised and alarmed with these latest developments; even more so because the present administration was elected on a platform that included providing transparency and good governance to the people of Belize. The current situation is like a landlord walking onto his property and changing the landscaping in the yard without so much as letting the tenant know his intentions. A development of this nature is most definitely going to change the landscape of our Village and we respectfully request to be informed and involved in any development planned for Historic St. George’s Caye. The Village Council and residents do not wish to make a political issue out of this situation but only want to ensure that any development on the island is done in a responsible and sustainable manner respecting the rights of the villagers and the historical heritage of St. George’s Caye. We respectfully request that the Government of Belize’s Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment halt all development until it goes through the proper procedure as set out in the Village Council Act.




Sunday, October 9, 2011

Belize Times October 9, 2011  

Belize Times October 9, 2011

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