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SUNDAY May 27, 2012

Issue No. 4797

Francis Prevails! Chief Justice rejects UDP’s bogus claim

Fake cops attack & brutalize businessman BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 By Alton Humes It’s yet another disgraceful incident perpetrated against another resident of Belize, a ‘raid’ supposedly committed by ‘cops’ conducted against a local businessman not known to be linked to any criminal activity, and those ‘cops’ Continued on page 4

City streets in worst

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conditions EVER

Belize City, May 22, 2012 The first 100 days of the UDP led Belize City Council, under Mayor Darrel Bradley, is almost coming to an end, yet there has been no significant move to repair the bad conditions of Continued on page 4

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Pictures show bruises sustained from attack & victim’s home

Orange Street flooded after rains as a result of bad drainage

How many more must die? Daniel Matura

number dwindled to 2 core witnesses, but the UDP went ahead with the matter. Throughout this time, they used their propaganda organs to attack the Hon. Fonseca, as well as the will of the people of Freetown who elected Hon. Fonseca and who rejected Lee Mark Chang by a wide margin. Chief Justice Benjamin allowed the petition to go through, even though he admitted that the evidence was slim.

See page 9

PUP Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca

dence to prove their scurrilous allegations. Young explained to the Court that on Friday May 18th, 2012, they had entered a motion to withdraw the petition, but that motion was disqualified because it was not published in the Gazette as the law required. In that motion, Chang was calling it quits and had made it clear he didn’t have proof of his very serious allegations. On March 29th Chang and the UDP filed for permission to submit an election petition against Hon. Francis. The UDP claimed, and lied, that “agents” of Hon. Francis had bribed voters and that they had multiple testimonies of this. At first, they claimed they had 5 witnesses with audio tapes. Later the


Belize City, May 23, 2012 Failed Freetown political candidate Lee Mark Chang and the United Democratic Party are licking their wounds after their attempt to falsely discredit and malign Opposition Leader and Freetown Area Representative Hon. Francis Fonseca and the voters of the Freetown Division was rejected by Supreme Court Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin this morning. Benjamin, who presided over the election petition filed by Lee Mark Chang on April 4th against Hon. Francis, threw out the matter when the attorneys for both parties appeared for a scheduled hearing. Chang’s attorney, Michael Young, admitted before the Court that they do not have proper evi-

Aaron Michael Pope

Belize City, May 22, 2012 Not a single expression of public remorse or regret has been

Joshua Abraham

Eyannie Nuñez

issued by the Prime Minister or any of his Cabinet Ministers following the senseless murders

Marquis Mahler

of four children who were killed as they were caught in the crossContinued on page 6

Young mother blames hospital for baby’s death

03 06

Five hurricane seasons later, no Kendal Bridge


Barrow & Ashcroft meet in Miami again?



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Towards Real Self-Sufficiency - Cooperatives is the way Toledo school bus contractor neglects duty, endangers students’ lives Dear Editor Please allow me space in your prestigious and well read newspaper to express my concern as a parent, and on behalf of six other parents of students currently attending Toledo Community College (T.C.C.) from the villages of San Vicente, Jalacte and Pueblo Viejo. I am the parent of one of the students affected by what we can only consider as total neglect of duty on the part of the bus contractor Mr. Rafael Coy from Jalacte and Mr Gustavo Bull from Pueblo Viejo. This past Friday May 18th 2012 a very regrettable situation manifested itself with six T.C.C students, one from San Vicente, one from Pueblo Viejo and four from Jalacte (four males and two females) who had to travel on their own expense from their respective communities to Toledo Community College to sit their CXC exams because the bus contractor, who is also the driver, refused to transport the student. All students approached Mr. Coy and Mr. Bull early Friday morning in their T.C.C uniforms ready to be transported and even after numerous requests, both Mr. Coy and Mr. Bull denied these student the service which they are expected to provide and are being paid to do so by the Government of Belize and by extension us the taxpayers of this country. All the school buses from the other communities transported students to T.C.C. on this day. Why did they choose to deny our student this service? Unfortunately the bad luck would continue for these students. Their exams were not over until after two in the afternoon, and as they tried to take the passenger bus that travels to the village late in the evenings, the students later found out later that the

bus was unable to travel due to mechanical problems. The six student were left stranded in Punta Gorda Town with very little or no money to buy food much less pay for hotel. Please understand that parents here have difficulties providing pocket money for students. In this case the student only had money to pay passage for the bus. It was not until after 9:30 pm that night that the students were able to get in touch with Mr. Nicanor Requena. Mr. Requena was able to find space to host all six students for the night and got them on a passenger bus early the following day Saturday May 19th for their safe return to their respective communities. It is my opinion that such incidents should never occur especially where contracted service is expected to be provided. Not only were our students inconvenienced but they were also exposed to circumstance that could cause them harm. Think about it, all six students are under the age of sixteen. On behalf of the six parents and students affected I would like to expend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Nicanor Requena and his family for hosting our children and to Hon. Michael Espat and Hon. Oscar Requena for helping to make the necessary arrangements to ensure the safety of these students that night and their return home. Again this should never happen and it is our sincere hope that the principal, the Board Directors of T.C.C and personnel from the Ministry of Education will ensure that this neglect of duty stops immediately. It is not the first time that this has happened. We demand better service from paid school bus contactors. Thank you. Signed: Concerned Parent (Please do not print my name. I do not want my family to suffer unnecessary victimization because of this incident.)

In support of an industrial revolution! To Richard Harrison, We support your assertions and commiserate with you in your grievance with the government. Because our politicians are economics dunces, they cannot comprehend that the fiscal and monetary policies or the lack thereof, that have been implemented are the causes of the failed status of Belize. Because the government misapplies value added concept, collects GST, Customs and Excise duties and allow concessions to foreign entrepreneurs, Belizeans subsidise these giveaways. What a stupendous waste of resources!!! Signed. R.M.

Dear Belize Times Editor, Many years ago the then Premier who later went on to become this Nation’s First Prime Minister (now departed to the other life) often spoke about planting ten thousand trees and for us to move toward being able to feed ourselves. He encouraged the spirit of collective farming, fishing and work in other areas. Some of these groups later emerged as what is known as co-operatives. A vibrant Ministry of Cooperatives was created, not only to provide regulatory guidelines but continuous education in the structure, management and development of those cooperatives. Today I don’t even know if we have a Ministry of Cooperatives, and the concept of the cooperative movement seems almost non-existent. Except for the Fishing and Credit Union Movement, no other Cooperatives operate in Belize. Where have we lost focus? That focus was lost and continues to be lost because our so called system of free-enterprise continues to encourage greed instead of caring. Dependency instead of independence. Nondevelopment through lack of innovation. All these factors continue to impact on our true economic development. With the government that now leads us, whose name UDP ought to be changed to “The United Destructive Party”, it is obvious for all to see that everything they touch either breaks up, fails or is destroyed. Their way of doing things will not put Belize and Belizeans on a true economic development path. Our government’s way of running this country can only lead to more disintegration of our Belizean society. We need a government, who instead of paying to support crime and criminals, will confront it and uphold our laws. Our government should instead of interfering in our Judicial System, respect it and allow it to run free of any political interference from any government be it UDP or PUP. We call on the PUP, the only real party that can lead Belize towards Economic Independence. We call on our PUP leaders to look back at our history and learn for our future. The Cooperative Movement is the way for us to go. We don’t have to wait to be in government to form cooperatives. The saying goes: “In Unity there is Strength”. The cooperative movement thrives on the ba-

sic principles of unity for a common cause, unity in purpose, unity in objectives, unity in goals, unity in growth, and we can go on. Our country is blessed with one of our greatest assets: our human resources. Let utilize these resources, unite and form cooperatives. Our PUP Representatives, especially in the rural areas, should encourage and implement small cooperatives, like taxi coops., security coops., catering coops., sewing coops., student coops., etc. Let us remove the syndrome of saying “we can’t do anything” and “we are not in government”. Properly managed cooperatives can create numerous opportunities for us such as the creation of jobs/ employment opportunities. Through jobs and employment we can look after our families’ basic needs and our communities. Our current state of mental slavery/dependence will begin to disappear. Belizeans living in rural communities have a great opportunity to leap forward. Let us take control of our minds, free them up, from the bondage where many of us believe we can’t do for ourselves. History will judge us as a people, based on our actions, both from our past, and as well, as what we do in the future. The further saying goes “If you fall, get up and when you get up, look to the sky”. That means and suggests that the sky is the limit. Let us open our minds and action to the sky. Let us call on especially our PUP leaders, bring back the Cooperatives now. Signed, The Advocate






Alton Humes TYPIST


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Sunday, May 27, 2012

St. Michael Defender of the Political Realm

Lee Mark Chang’s attorney, Michael Young

Contributed It is now crystal-clear that the United Democratic Party has decided on a course of action to portray the leader of the People’s United Party, the Hon. Francis Fonseca as corrupt; a feat they were able to successfully execute against the PUP government going into the 2008 general elections. The UDP has met with zero success in portraying a factually truthful image of the Hon. Francis Fonseca as a dishonest and corrupt politician and public official however. As a matter of fact, when the UDP was returned to government in 2008 and proceeded to literally shut down all the government departments in search of PUP corruption, they found to their displeasure, absolutely nothing untoward in the ministries that were the responsibility of Francis during his time in government. When the UDP realized that this corrupt persona of Francis did not exist in fact, they later decided to try and create this corrupt persona in fiction, by insinuation and innuendo. During the 2012 campaign, they erected posters and billboards referring to Francis as “another Fundstaker”.They hurriedly retreated from this position and apologized to Francis publicly in the Guardian when faced with the certainty of a lawsuit, accompanied by paid damages, against them. One would have thought then, that the better and brighter heads in the UDP would have counseled a departure from this unsuccessful and legally perilous political strategy in trying to make Francis Fonseca out as corrupt. It seems however that Francis Fonseca and the PUP’s spectacular gains in the 2012 general elections, (which incidentally was only not translated into an outright victory because of the apparent political double dealing of two former PUP standard-bearers in Belize City), and the agonizingly devastating defeat of the UDP candidate in the Freetown Constituency, Lee Mark Chang, vexed the UDP to the point of them agreeing unanimously to “bring down” Francis by hook or by crook. The latest insidious attack against the character of Francis Fonseca took the form of an election petition by the defeated UDP candidate in the Freetown Constituency, Lee Mark Chang, and alleged that two of Francis’ “agents” bribed voters. This petition was presented to the Court on behalf of Mr. Chang by attorney and Senior Counsel Michael Young, affectionately referred to as “Mikey” in the legal fraternity. Now it is true that immediately after the elections which saw the UDP’s

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Barrow & Ashcroft meet in Miami again? Belize City, May 23, 2012 Prime Minister Dean Barrow has still not informed the people of Belize that he met with Michael Ashcroft in Miami two weeks ago to discuss a compromise between his Government and the British billionaire. Barrow is aware of the controversy that awaits him at home, so he has avoided the issue totally. But Barrow doesn’t seem to be able to avoid Miami, and we must ask whether he is travelling

there to meet with Ashcroft once more. We all know Barrow is shamelessly hiding behind his wife’s treatment to do other things in Miami, and it is a matter of national importance if he is indeed holding more meetings with Ashcroft. Barrow promised transparency and accountability to the people of Belize, but he has done the reverse. Of course, he also told the nation that Ashcroft is the enemy and he must be hated and scorned, and now we see him all chummy with the British peer. What hypocrisy!



Fake cops attack & brutalize

businessman Continued from page 1 turn out to be…not cops. Businessman, Carlos Jacobo Peraza, was viciously assaulted and robbed around 7:15p.m. yesterday evening, May 22nd, 2012 at his residence, located at #101 Freetown Road in Belize City. Peraza was looking to close his iron-grilled fence, when three men entered the already-opened yard and knocked on the front door. They claimed to be Police Officers, and wore camouflage-styled outfits reminiscent of those of the now-dreaded Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). But they weren’t GSU; not even Police Officers, just regular, opportunist thugs who were there to make Peraza and his family’s night far less quiet than it had been. One of the men then took out a firearm and proceeded to pound on the aging gentleman, pistol-whipping him on his face and hand. After that, Peraza cooperated with the men, and handed over BZC$3,700 in cash and a gold ring valued at BZC$120. But luckily, the men never made their escape with the loot, as the real Police, acting quickly, arrested them. Jermaine Cattouse, aged 26 of Raccoon Street Extension; Christopher Hyde, a laborer of #165 West Canal, and Lyjon Franklyn, aged 30 of #70 Iguana Street Extension were detained. The Police also recovered all the items stolen along with a 9-mm Beretta® pistol with the Serial #: B1156Z and a magazine containing 8 ‘live’ 9-mm rounds, 3 Military-style camouflage jackets and a cap with ‘Police’ marked on it. As for the now-terrified gentleman, he had little to say to the BELIZE TIMES when we visited the residence today. However, he admitted that it was the first time he was attacked, especially in such a brutal, unforgiving manner. Peraza said he’s been a citizen of the country since 1999. It was clear he will never feel as safe as before, or even ever again.

City streets in worst

conditions EVER Continued from page 1 the streets in the old capital. In fact, the streets are so abandoned that the rains that fell in the past few days have eroded the streets further, creating huge potholes almost everywhere. Belize City’s infrastructure is in total disrepair. The street conditions are an eyesore, a hazard to vehicles, and possibly a risk to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. With no plan in place to fix the disrepair, who knows just how bad things will get. This, of course, is after six years of the UDP’s mismanagement of the Belize City Council. To make matters much worse for city residents, the rainy season has begun which means that any repair plans will have to wait until the rainy season ends, which is many months away. This is awful planning in part of the Belize City Council, and residents who voted in the very recent March 7th elections are regretful and have said that they are patiently waiting for the Mayor’s promised “recall laws” to make things right.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Francis Prevails!

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Now, that opportunity given to the UDP has been used to mock the Supreme Court. During this morning’s hearing, Chang’s attorney explained that while they had allegedly obtained testimonies from two witnesses, those witnesses were now refusing to consent that the testimonies were actually given by them. That’s a strange sequence of events for a politician and political party who were hell bent on their accusations and who beat their chests about their chances of success. What is even more strange is that the alleged witnesses are Chang’s employees and known UDPs. Was it really a case of desertion, or was it “costing” Chang too much to afford the witnesses all this time? Or perhaps the UDP

and Chang finally came to their senses and realised they would not be able to overthrow the will of the people no matter what, even by twisting evidence in Court? The BELIZE TIMES understands that as part of the hearings, Chang would have been asked to appear in Court and possibly go before cross examination. This would have afforded many concerned Belizeans an opportunity to get answers from Chang on many pertinent questions. For example, many Belizeans would want to know how much money Chang really received from the Prime Minister prior to the election as part of the Barrow Administration’s “Constituency Assistance program” which saw UDP standard bearers getting up to $90,000 of tax payers’ money to help them prepare for the elections. Once Chang clarifies the true amount he received,

he could then tell Belizeans how he used that money, and whether any of it was used to seduce voters to supporting his candidacy and the UDP. But Belizeans won’t get that opportunity because Chang was ready to call it quits even before the Court threw of the matter. Had it gone through, Chang would have had to swear on the bible and probably admit that the ones who used money to “buy” support and votes for the unpopular UDP were actually the ones who truly ended up stealing the elections. And just in case Chang didn’t learn his lesson that the Court is not a place of mockery, Chief Justice Benjamin ordered that he pay $7,500 to remedy Hon. Francis’ cost of court. The BELIZE TIMES understands Chang is out of the country, and no one we contacted was able to say if and when he’ll return.

Sunday, May 27, 2012



Games, Deception and Doubts In politics, credibility is very important. A politician becomes damaged goods when he says one thing and does something very different. This is exactly what the people of Belize are now seeing with Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his double standard when dealing with the Lord of Chichester, Michael Ashcroft. Last week, the entire nation saw Dean Barrow kissing up to Michael Ashcroft on national television. It happened of all places in the colonial garden of an Ashcroft-affiliated company, the Belize Bank. Barrow was there not only as an invited guest, as his law firm does work for the bank, but he was the main speaker. While that didn’t surprise us much, what did surprise us was that the Amandala newspaper claimed to be surprised to see Barrow in bed with Ashcroft, exposed without the cover of his law firm white satin sheets, and entangled as they said like “rice and beans”. Now, those in the know-how who have no reason to defend partisan views will let you know that the biggest credibility issue with Barrow’s so-called war with Ashcroft was that while Barrow used Belize and tax-payers’ money to “fight off ” Ashcroft, he had no problem with his law firm working and collecting payments and fees from Ashcroft or any of his affiliated companies. Then there are the conspiracy theorists who can go deeper and will lay out thick the plot…that Barrow’s fight was fake and that Barrow was always compromised with Ashcroft and that they have maintained a beneficial relationship. One theory is that with the fight, the Barrow family and associates got richer and so did Ashcroft. This isn’t such a cynical view, as Barrow paid his family members with public funds to appear in court to fight Ashcroft in many cases which Ashcroft ended up winning and getting even more money. Yes, there are even come media houses/ apologists who benefitted immensely from this fight too. What is certain is that Barrow put up a real good act. After all the fight talk, hate speeches, anti-Ashcroft ads and tax payer’s money wasted, Barrow is ready to make up with Ashcroft and he wants Belizeans to just accept it. We don’t think Barrow will get away with this so easily and something tells us he knows this too. This may be why he has avoided all news stations, interviews and even House meetings. The truth of the matter is that on May 11 2012, Barrow and Ashcroft celebrated 25 years of friendship. A relationship that has been nothing but a cash cow for Barrow, the man worth over $3 million when we last checked in 2008. It has made him rich to the tune of millions, but for doing what? Protecting Ashcroft’s interest in Belize. By showing up at the 25 anniversary, Barrow was securing another 25 years with 60 Market Square. He was securing the Bank rolls into his twilight years. The People’s United Party must shake off the Ashcroft boogieman for good. Barrow can no longer point to the PUP, while deflecting attention from himself. It’s just hypocritical. These are the games the UDP plays. Old games trying to take the people for fools, but you can’t fool the people jack. They are watching and waiting. It is time, as they say, to send in the clowns, but then again, the clowns are already there.



Young mother blames hospital for baby’s death first interview. “It was a rough experience that I had at the Northern Regional Hospital. It was the delivery of my first baby. I was so happy that I was going to have my baby. It didn’t go as planned. So, the nurses they, well they are nurses but they don’t treat people as if we are human beings. They treat us as animals,” explained Kimberly. Kimberly said that she The baby died three days after birth was admitted to the hospital earlier in the day because Orange Walk Town, May 22, 2012 she was experiencing labour pains. A first time mother of Guinea When examined by a doctor around Grass Village in the Orange Walk Dis- 2pm, it was determined that her certrict is blaming the staff of the North- vix was open to five centimetres, but ern Regional Hospital for the death of she said she was left on her bed, sufher baby. fering in anguish. The incident occurred on March About two hours later, a doctor 13th of this year, but several factors showed up to examine her again, including that her family is still mourn- and this is when things went terribly ing, a promised investigation and fear wrong. Kimberly said the doctor burst kept the mother, 27 year old Kimberly her water bag without telling her. Bull, from speaking. But after realising The pain increased, and while that the hospital seemed to have for- nurses came to check on her, they gotten the incident, Bull turned to the didn’t give much help. media several weeks ago when she “I was in pain and they didn’t gave CTV-3 News of Orange Walk her help me. They just left me there, ly-

How many more must die? Continued from page 1 fires of the deadly turf warfare in Belize City over the past two years. Today, three days since that number regretfully increased to five, there has still been no sign of compunction from the Government and Belizeans are probably learning to expect no better. 11 year old Daniel Matura is the fifth child to be killed by gunshots over the past 24 months. Matura’s life was ended too short as he was caught in the middle of a daylight shooting on Central American Boulevard. He was near his home, standing across the street as the guns aimed his way, but were intended for a rival personality. The spray of bullets came from his neighbor’s yard, and at the hands of a family relative, Andrew Willoughby, who was firing at Brandon Taylor and Roy Bennett. Willoughby claims Taylor murdered Kaylon Matura last week. Willoughby said he was on the street side when Taylor allegedly went to him and threatened to kill him. In retaliation, he went for a weapon and let out a barrage of gunshots. The toddler was returning from the shop just then, and was hit multiple times to left side of the chest, right side of the back and left ring finger. He collapsed and died. Both Willoughby and Taylor have been detained. Willoughby was charged for the murder of the child, Taylor for the murder of the child’s cousin, Kaylon Matura.

But that means very little to the family of the child, and a community that is now gripped in fear. It also reopens the wounds and returns grief to every mother and family who has lost a child in similar fashion. To their dismay, the Barrow Administration did not learn lessons from the sad taking of their children’s lives. On July 9, 2010 8 year old Marquis Mahler was shot while he was standing in his family’s yard on Faber’s Road. A gunman rode up to the area and opened fire with an AK47. Marquis was one of two victims that also included 44 year old Calvin Graham. On September 12 2010, 8 year old Eyannie Nunez became another victim. She was inside her room sleeping when bullets targeted her Zericote Street home around 3:45 in the morning. Just over a year after, on September 21st, 2011 the Independence Day celebrations were tainted with innocent blood as 9 year old Joshua Abraham was shot as he walked from the store to his mother on Victoria Street. And when everyone hoped to have heard the last of young and innocent victims to crime, 9 year old Aaron Pope was murdered as he slept inside his home on the eve of the New Year, on December 31 2011. The question to the Barrow Administration is how many must die, before they could come up with a sensible and meaningful plan to tackle crime? The blood already spilled is enough.

ing there in the bed. They said, “its nature”, and that they cannot do anything about it,” recounted Kimberly. Around 7:30, the mother said she was moved to the delivery room but she was still not able to deliver her child. She was in disbelief when the nurses left her while in the middle of it all, saying that they had to go for dinner. Kinberly said she became concerned with the time it had taken to

Sunday, May 27, 2012

give birth, so she asked the doctor for a c-section, but it was refused without an explanation. Eventually the baby was born, but the boy had to be rushed to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital because of complications. The doctor told her the baby had suffered 95% brain damage, and would not survive the transfer to Belize City. He was wrong. The child survived, but died three days later. Kimberly said the hospital said they would investigate the matter, but she has not heard from anyone in the hospital’s administration. Now she is asking the proper authorities to do something, before someone else loses their child.

Sunday, May 27, 2012



in UDP Politics! The following matters were discussed in Cabinet: • CabSec Perdomo began reading a memo which started, “Who is really in charge when the Prime Minister leaves the country?” Just then Gapi cleared his throat and Patrick looked at Sedi but he was asleep. Erwin murmured that he couldn’t do it as he prefers to be in Melchor. Penner said he has too much Canadian origin, while Castro said he loves Transport This left Boots and King to hold over jointly. • A proposal was read to raise GST by ½ percent more in order to keep paying gang members. When asked on whose recommendation that came from, the Ministers blurted out “the Gang Minister!” • A report was tabled giving an update on the Super Bond. It read, “We’re still Flying First Class, staying in the Presidential suite, and eating expensive food and beverages. We’ll have to go come back and do it all again soon”. • Finnegan asked Castro how come he didn’t know that the stolen Ministry of Health truck was being hidden in Belize Rural North, and if he knew, why he didn’t tell the Police? Just then Castro stoned Finnegan with a sweet pepper and told him, “Me dah noh snitch”. Perdomo then wrote on his notepad, “Reminder: search for Missing Grader in Castro area”. • Santino asked Cabinet for a concession for his new band he is putting together. When asked if the band will still


be named “the Messengers”, he said no, “the Imaginers”. • Sedi was asked if Michael Young can be investigated for wimping out on the petition against Freetown voters, since it has caused a huge embarrassment for the UDP. In other related news: Herman Longsworth took his family to view the Marion Jones project when one of the kids asked, “but dad, why did they build the fence first? That makes no sense!” Herman huffed and puffed and took off in speed vexed. ………………………… Vernon Cuthelkvin was seen putting on a red crocodile suite. When asked what he was doing, he said maybe he could slip into Customs, frighten the officers and get out his fertilizer. ………………………… The Mayor of Belize City is hell bent on sending the homeless to jail. When he asked the Councilors to give him an alternative plan, the councilors suggested that if he cared that much he should take them to his house. He replied that it was an unfair idea because he was still living with his dad. ………………………… The Mayor also looked at his Councillors and told them they need to stop the bomb threat pranks at City Hall. Willoughby suggested maybe they would stop if they get a salary increase. Samuels said he misses the Traffic Department, and Espejo whispered…”it will never stop, cause I’m the ‘bomb’”.



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daniel Matura’s killing could have been avoided BELIZE CITY, Wed. May 23, 2012 By Roy Davis Indications are that if Andrew Willoughby, 31, a.k.a. “Balls”, had given the police a statement last week identifying Brandon Taylor, 26, as the person whom he saw shot and killed Kaylon Matura, the shooting incident occurred Monday morning in which Daniel Matura Jr., 11, was killed would not have occurred. Taylor would have been in police custody and charged from last week. Willoughby, who is Kaylon’s close friend, wanted it seemed, to avenge the death himself. So when he was first interviewed by the police he did not give them a statement. But that has changed now with the death of Daniel. Willoughby, police say, has given them a statement identifying Taylor as the person he saw shot Kaylon last week. As a result, Taylor was charged with murder today after he handed himself into police yesterday. Taylor was arraigned on the charge when he appeared today in the #1 Magistrate’s Court. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. Neither could the court offer him bail because of the nature of the offence. Taylor, an employee of the Ministry of Works who resides on Jane Usher Boulevard, was remanded into custody until June 26. Kaylon, a laborer of #$3 Central American Boulevard, was shot and killed around 6:59 a.m. on Wednesday, May 16, on Central American Boulevard. He had just left his house and was on his way to work when his assailant apprehended him and shot him twice

Brandon Taylor

Daniel Matura

Andrew Willoughby

in his chest and once in his chin. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Willoughby not only gave the police a statement about Kaylon’s murder; he also gave the police a statement in which he admitted that he killed young Daniel. Willoughby, a laborer who resides on Arlington Drive, told police that at around 8:30 a.m. on Monday, May 21, while he was standing on the sidewalk in front of Kaylon’s residence he was approached by a man of dark complexion with low haircut, dressed in a grey T-shirt and short black pants. He identified the person as Brandon Taylor. He said Taylor took out a pistol from the left pocket of his pants, pointed it at him and shouted, “I wah kill and al unnu”. This ignited a shootout in the area.

Willoughby has been charged with the murder of Kaylon’s cousin; Daniel Matura Jr., 11, who was shot and killed around 8:30 a.m. on Monday, May 21, around the same time Willoughby alleged that Taylor drew the pistol on him. Police reports are that Taylor and another man, Roy Bennett were riding bicycles on Central American Boulevard coming from the direction of Port Belize and heading towards Neal Pen Road, when a man came out of a yard and fired several shots at them. Daniel, who was coming from the opposite direction, was shot several times. He turned around and ran a short distance before he collapsed in a yard. Daniel was transported to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Willoughby was arraigned on the

Kaylon Matura

murder charge when he appeared today in the #1 Magistrate’s Court. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. Neither could the court offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. He was remanded into custody until June 27. Willoughby was taken into custody by the police shortly after the shooting occurred.

Philanthropist/ Trio remanded for armed robbery at Oasis Businessman Jeremy BELIZE CITY, Wed. May 23, 2012 By Roy Davis Three persons who allegedly robbed 6 persons at Oasis Bar, located at Mile 4 ½ on the Western Highway, were charged with 6 counts of robbery when they appeared yesterday in the #2 Magistrate’s Court. They are Hugh Espat, 46, an electrician of 7066 Raccoon Street Extension; Kenroy Gillett, 26, a stevedore of 39 Raccoon Street; and Elmer Linarez, 20, a construction worker of 5 ½ miles on the Northern Highway. A fourth person, Marlon Milara, has been charged but he has not been apprehended yet. Espat alone was charged with abetment to commit robbery. They pleaded not guilty to the charges. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser explained to them that the court cannot offer them bail because of the nature of the offences. She remanded them into custody until June 29. The robberies occurred around 1:18 a.m. on Saturday, May 19. Ricardo Marin , the owner of Oasis Bar, reported to the police that he was

about to close when four persons entered the bar, one of them armed with a small handgun and another armed with a pump action shotgun. Marin said the gunman pointed their firearms at him and his employees and one of them proceeded to take money from the cash register. The money that was taken includes $1,900 Belize currency and $400 US currency. The robbers also stole one thick gold chain with medal, several cellular phones and one wrist watch. The value of the items amounted to $6,150. The police were contacted while the robberies were in progress and when they arrived at the scene they saw four persons, who they suspected were the robbers, exiting the bar. An exchange of gunfire ensued and during it, Linarez was shot in his right armpit and he was apprehended. The police also intercepted a vehicle in which the occupants were Espat and Gillett. Espat was the driver. The police reported that they recovered $1,800 from the vehicle which they believe was part of the proceeds from the robberies.

McNab murdered

“I am not interested in profit; my interest is in helping the poor”, McNab told the Belize Times in October 2011 BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 By Alton Humes A popular and wellknown businessman is among latest casualties in the continuous, staggering crime wave throughout Belize City. 48-year-old Jeremy Elias McNab was at his popular hardware/small grocery store, Mobile Hardware and Grocery, located at the corner of Cemetery Road and Curassow Street, on the night of Thursday, May 17th, 2012. He was with two employees and looking to close for the night when two young

Continued on page 21

McNab posed for this photo for a profile feature in the Belize Times

This Week’s Sunday, May 27, 2012


BELIZETIMES SUNDAY MAY 27, 2012 THE BELIZE TIMES see full color at or Facebook/ Belize Times



By Tania Tanesha (E-mail: mua.tania@, Cell: (501) 604-0736) In last week’s article, I shared a bit about adding moisturizer to skin, even when oily. If you’re having trouble finding the right facial moisturizer then read on. Why moisturize? This is the most asked question when it comes to skincare. Washing our faces or using astringents can make our skin become pretty dry. Hydrated skin looks healthy and glowing. Some facial moisturizers promote the growth of new skin cells, which leaves the skin brighter with fewer breakouts. Also, our faces must be prepped before applying makeup: cleansing and moisturizing are the foundation routines for a beautiful face. Simple rules when looking for the right moisturizer • Know what you want: Ask yourself questions about your skin and don’t be afraid to question the products you use. Are you using a moisturizer? If so, are you happy with the one you’re using? What do you want to get from your moisturizer? Also, what are the problems you want fixed? Asking all these questions and more will help to guide you in knowing what you want and what to look for. • Know Thy Face: Analyze your skin type. Is it oily, dry, normal, or a combination? Different moisturizers have different roles and act differently depending on your skin type and what you’re looking for in your product. • Know thy product WELL: Some add moisture to your face but other moisturizers labeled “Occlusives and emollients” don’t add moisture to the face. They provide a protective layer on the face to keep the natural oils from escaping. These types contain petroleum jelly, paraffin, and collagen. If you have oily skin, stay away from these! Oily, combination and normal skin types can benefit from Moisturizers containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which loosen up dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new skin cells. If you are an avid reader, you would know that newer skin cells give off a healthy glow and reduces the risks of breakouts. Glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid or salicylic acid are all Alpha-hydroxy acids so look for these ingredients the next time you buy a facial moisturizer. Products that read non-comedogenic means it will not clog pores. If you have sensitive skin, look for hypo-allergenic moisturizers and avoid the ones with fragrance. Because of the climate we live in, I would always recommend my clients to use moisturizers with SPF in them for sun protection. • It’s the Product not the Price: Not because you paid $100 for a name-brand moisturizer means it’s the perfect kind for your skin. Some moisturizers can contain carefully extracted, exotic and sometimes, rare ingredients, making them expensive, but, once again, know thy product well! Take note of all the ingredients for now and future buys. Even though we live in a hot and humid climate, there is still a need for moisturizers. As you sweat, your skin looses moisture and it’s up to you to restore your body’s moisture. Stay fully hydrated by drinking loads of water. Add some moisturizer to your face (doesn’t have to be everyday). Make sure to use a moisturizer with SPF if you’re going to be out in the sun. And remember be good to your skin so you can always put your best face forward.

Cathy • Career Plan: Attorney • Sign: Capricon • Favourite Food: Chop Suey • Likes: Reading, singing and dancing • Lives in Belize City • Fav. Quote: “Expect the unexpected”

CATWALK FASHIONS What’s Hip...What’s Hot...What’s Now! Phone: 203-2936 / 620-7481 #148 Cor. Queen & North Front Streets Belize City, Belize



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National women’s football championships, Game 1


Sugar City beats Pumas 4-1 Ashley Torres controls the ball

Orange Walk Town, Sunday, May 20, 2012 The Sugar City Girlz bombed the Pumas of Dangriga 4-1 in Game 1 of the national women’s football championship finals organized by the Football Federation of Belize at the Louisiana Government School field on Sunday afternoon.

Belize City women’s volleyball competition

Lady Jaguars enters playoff as #1 team Belize City, Sunday, May 20, 2012 The undefeated national defending champs Lady Jaguars are going into the Belize District Volleyball Association’s Division 1 playoffs as the top team, after posting their 6th win over the Warriors at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Sunday Lady Jaguars’ coach Allan Sharp held his first string players Babsy Cadle, Sherylee Thurton, Shantell Arnold and Tisha Solis in reserve and decided to give his bench players some court time against the winless Warriors, but even so the “B” team dominated the Warriors in 3 sets. Tichele Solis, Antoinette, Alvarez, Leann Garbutt, and Kimberly Spence led the Jaguars’ attacks, hammering kills at the net on balls set by Tanesha Encalada and Melissa Williams who also received to keep the ball in play and served with effect to take the 1st set 2510. Crystal Alvarez, Kaylani Reid and Loren Henry led the Warriors counterattack, substitute supported by Keslyn Lizama but Jaguars’ Alina Scott took the court in the 2nd set, and with her help in blocking the Jaguars won the 2nd set 25-19. Coach sharp introduced leah Waight into the game in the 3rd sett which the Jaguars won: 2520. Other game: Moen Stars vs. SQ Stars: 2516, 25-13, 25-6 Playoff schedule Moen Stars (No. 2) vs. SQ Stars, Thursday, May 24 Winner of 3-game series takes on Lady Jaguars in the finals, Thursday, May 31

Karen Garcia and Gisel Baeza led the Sugar City attacks and soon penetrated Pumas’ defense where Garcia caught up to a forward pass from Nathalie Macias to embarrass goalie Shereen Vasquez with the 1st goal. While the Pumas midfielders Evelyn Nunez, Karissa Alvarado and Bernadine Gonzalez managed to break up some of the Sugar City plays, they had no answer to Shelya Pena who advanced on the right with Janellie Chan in a perfect position to finish with a shot into the net when Pena passed the ball: 2-0. In the 2nd half, Gisel Baeza got away on a fast break when she picked up a pass from Karen Garcia and she took it all the way for a shot from the edge of the 18-yard box that Vasquez couldn’t handle: 3-0. A few minutes later, Baeza did it again, outrunning the defense to drill a shot to the far corner of the net for a 4-0 lead. The game was almost over when Nykemah Kuylen managed to get the best of Sugar City goalie Jessica McCulloch to score the visitors’ only consolation goal of the ball game which ended 4-1. Game 2: Sugar City Girlz vs. Pumas, Carl Ramos Stadium, June 2

Belize City men’s volleyball competition

Jaguars subdue Rebels, advance to playoff Leann Garbutt spikes on the Warriors

Jaleel Lino serves

Kily Spence serves

Alina Scott serves

Belize City, Sunday, May 20, 2012 The undefeated Jaguars men are No.1 seed entering the Belize District Continued on page 11

Sunday, May 27, 2012



Belize City men’s volleyball competition


Jaguars subdue Rebels, advance to playoff Continued from page 10

Rebels’ defense blocks Joseph Enriquez

“One More for Britt” wins 9 mile Orange Walk Day race

Playoff schedule: Rebels (No. 2) vs. No. 3 Scorpions - Thursday, May 24th Winner of 3-match series plays Jaguars in the finals, Thursday, May 31st

By Ladrick Sheppard Orange Walk Day celebrations were held over the holiday weekend, and customary, the biggest Horse Racing was held at the People’s Stadium. Here are the results of the races.

Softball competition kicks off in Orange Walk

3 Furlong 1st place – Jah Bless (Jockey – Anthony Barkley) 2nd place – Prospector de Cash (Jockey – Chris Tillett) 3rd place – Selassie (Jockey – Manuel Rodriguez)

Orange Walk Town, May 20, 2012 A female softball competition kicked off in Orange Walk Town this past weekend with the participation of eight teams. The competition organised by sports enthusiast Jimmy Smith and Town Councillor Ladrick Sheppard, opened with the first pitch by Ema Flowers, a long time softballer. The competition will select the top teams for Corozal and Orange Walk who will advance to the nationals to be held in August. Week 1 results:

4 Furlong 1st place – Quadrito Jr. (Jockey – Manuel Rodriguez) 2nd place – Flaco (Jockey – Emory Baptist) 5 Furlong 1st place – Cherries Bomb 2nd place – Lady V 3rd place – It’s me again 6 Furlong 1st place – Kane (Jockey – Enrique Ramirez) 2nd place – Caribbean Prince (Jockey – Anthony Barkley) 6 Furlong 1st place – Kiss Dem & Leave Dem (Jockey – Chris Tillett) 2nd place – Brittany’s Choice (Eric Martinez) 8 Furlong 1st place – 24K 2nd place – Candy Ana 3rd place – Wild Kiss 8 ½ Furlong 1st place – One More for Britt 2nd place – Perfect Storm 3rd place – Over Drive

Volleyball Association’s Division 1 playoffs, after posting their 6th win in a hotly contested duel that went to 5 sets against the No. 2 seed Rebels at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Saturday night, May 19. Karym Coleman, Joseph Enriquez, Derrick Morgan and Shane Gentle led the Jaguars’ attacks at the net with Jaleel Lino and Albert Bradley blocking at the net and receiving and setting the ball for attacks. Libero Kevin Ack rotated into the game whenever the Rebels won the serve, but the Rebels won the 1st set 25-22. Tarike “Soup” Campbell and Orel Leslie led the Rebels’ attacks, hitting and blocking at the net, while Kahlid Encalada received and set the ball, and Kleon Coleman reinforced their attack in the 2nd set which they also won 25-22. The Jaguars tuned things around in the 3rd set. With the help of Amir Pacquil and Marlon Salazar they outlasted the Rebels in the decisive 4th set which went to extra points 32-30. The Jaguars closed out the Rebels’ ambition in the 5th set 15-9. Other matches: Scorpions vs. SQ Dragons: 25-20, 25-19, 25-20

Eric Martinez collects trophy

San Joaquin Margaret Strikers vs. San Pablo Black Orchids – 9-0 Double G vs. Yo Creek – 11-0 Orange Walk vs. Carmelita’s “Mek Dem Taak” – 8-0 San Narciso Golden Strikers vs. Caledonia – 17-6

All Sports Reach wins basketball tournament Orange Walk Town, May 22, 2012 Championship game All Sports Reach vs. Orange Walk/Escats – 77-67 Top scorers: Kaeyron Winston, 21pts; Randy Usher, 20pts, Vinney Garbutt, 14pts 3rd place game Corozal vs Union Town – 49-46 Top scorers: Andre Herrera, 15pts; Rajeem Cummings, 19pts How they advanced:

OW Escats vs. Czl Team – 6658 All Sports Reach vs. Madisco Bze -82-61



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rebecca Stirm captures 4th win on Mission Catwalk AGSelectPR, Kingston, Thursday, May 24, 2012 Having won prior challenges on episodes two, four and six, Rebecca Stirm’s episode 9 win makes the Belizean the winningest designer on Season Two of Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk which has seen participants from five Caribbean countries competing in its second season. After a visit to the Hope Zoo, the seven remaining contestants were instructed to design a gown for a charity gala and a second garment for a charity luncheon inspired by one animal from the zoo. Rebecca chose the turtle because it was “an unusual and unique animal that people didn’t already have preconceptions about what turtle- inspired garment should look like.” Using a kaleidoscope patterned fabric similar to the pattern on a turtle’s shell; Rebecca created a gown with dramatic neckline while using layers of different fabrics in circular cutouts to build a skirt that

would mimic a turtle’s shell while still allowing movement. For her second outfit the kaleidoscope fabric was more prominent and used for most of the blouse, while the pencil skirt was in a monotone beige. The judges Keneea Linton-George host and executive producer of Mission Catwalk, Novia McDonald-Whyte senior associate editor lifestyle and social content at the Jamaica Observer; menswear designer Carlton Brown and guest judge designer Celia Levy commended Rebecca on the structure of her design. For Levy the fact that it was “wearable” was also highly appealing. Her high scores won her a feature in Style Observer as well as a JA$50,000 (US$583). Unfortunately this week, Kesia Estwick of Barbados was eliminated. The St. Phillip designer had scored her first win two episodes back. Six designers are still in the running for the chance to show at London Fashion Week. They are Crystal Powell, Gregory Williams

Chaa Creek seeks Eco Kids Summer Campers Cayo District, May 23, 2012 Chaa Creek has had a rich past as an ancient, bustling ancient Maya community and trade centre, as a vibrant part of the early British Honduras chicle and logging industry and as one of the many farms supplying San Ignacio town before becoming home to Belize’s first eco-resort. We respect this colourful heritage while at the same time recognising the importance of contributing towards a positive future. As part of our commitment to Green sustainability, all of us at Chaa Creek are continually promoting greater environmental awareness and respect for the things that make Belize so special. We also try to pass on our passion for protecting Belize’s unique natural beauty and resources. And who better to reach out to than the future custodians of Belize’s natural wealth – our children. This year Chaa Creek is once again sponsoring the Eco Kids Summer Camp; an exciting, fun filled educational adventure set within a pristine 365 acre private nature reserve that is home to an extraordinary range of wildlife, birds and flora. During the week of July 21 – July 29, 24 lucky kids aged between eight and 13 years old will get the opportunity to learn first-hand about their incredible natural heritage and, most importantly, learn how to protect and ensure its survival for their own children’s wonder and enjoyment. The Eco Kids Camp is not only an amazing educational opportunity, it is also a lot fun. And the good news for parents and kids is that it’s free! Twenty four young people will be

invited to attend this week long, all-inclusive educational adventure as Chaa Creek’s guests. And all-inclusive means just that - everything is provided, from comfortable lodging in cabins at the Macal River Camp, delicious, healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as snacks throughout the day, a range of carefully designed activities and events, all arts and craft materials and even special tee-shirts. Camp counsellors will be with the kids 24 hours a day and tours will be conducted by our licensed naturalist guides. During this amazing nine day - eight night adventure, the Eco-Kids will learn about biodiversity, conserving natural resources, and ancient Maya history and culture including traditional healing and medicinal plants. The focus will be on the Three “R”s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This is a program designed to instill values that will have a positive impact on how children conduct their lives, their relationship with our precious Earth, and the sustainable development of our resources. They will come away with a deeper understanding and respect for the natural world and their place in it. Exciting guided educational activities include hikes to ancient Maya sites where young people will learn about Maya culture while taking part in real archaeological excavations under professional supervision. Imagine horseback riding through beautiful jungle trails while identifying birds and exotic animals and studying medicinal and other useful plants. The Eco-Kids will also learn hands-on sustainable organic farming techniques and take part Continued on page 22

and Janel Jolly of Jamaica, Ryan Chan of Trinidad & Tobago, Kerin Scott of Barbados and Belize’s Rebecca Stirm. The lucky winner of Mission Catwalk Season Two will

Rebecca Stirms turtle-inspired gala design (Photo by Adrian Creary)

Rebecca Stirm (Photo by Alty Benjamin)

also receiveJMD$500,000 courtesy of National Commercial Bank of Jamaica (NCB) to start their clothing line, industrial sewing equipment valued at JMD$200,000 courtesy of singer Jamaica, a contract to sell their designs at SOHO boutique, a six-page fashion editorial in Ocean Style Magazine, a scholarship to pursue fashion program at London College of Fashion and an apprenticeship with Master Savile Row Tailor Andrew Ramroop.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Dolores donates to Hattieville Health Center Hattieville, May 22, 2012 On Friday, May 11, 2012 a special Health Fair was held at the Community Center Grounds in Hattieville with participation from various government and non-government agencies. Represented at the Fair for the benefit of Hattieville and Western Highway residents were HECOPAB, Crime Stoppers Belize, the Mental Health Department, the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired, the HIV Testing Unit of the Ministry of Health, and the Belize Red Cross among other agencies. Residents were able to take advantage of free HIV Testing and Counselling as well as Pap Smears for women, and school children from the area gathered much useful information. On hand for the Health Fair was Area Representative Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, who delivered a trimmer/weed cutter to Nurse Burgess of the Hattieville Health Center for the upkeep and maintenance of this facility. Also attending the Health Fair were students and teachers of Hattieville Government School as well as Pilgrim Fellowship School, who sang the National Anthem, presented a skit on the importance of good health and performed several songs and poems to the delight of all those present. Hon. Dolores also took the opportunity to donate sacks of rice and beans to the school’s Feeding Program conducted by Pastor Eckael Cardinez, a very worthy cause which she and her committee have pledged to continue to support. Hon. Dolores briefed those attending the Fair that in cooperation with the Belize Red Cross, plans are being made for the full rehabilitation

Hon. Dolores hands over donation

of the Hattieville Community Center, which also serves as a Hurricane Shelter for the area. Finally, Hon. Dolores and the Hattieville Committee also made a contribution to the Basketball Extravaganza for the young people of Hattieville, which was held at the Hattieville Faith Methodist Church grounds on Monday, May 21, 2012.




Sunday, May 27, 2012

Runner’s astonishing journey from Big Issue seller to Olympic flame carrier May 20 2012 By Heather Greenaway (Daily Record, UK) JUST three years ago, Joel Hodgson was sleeping rough on the steps of a police station. Today, the 24-year-old is preparing to carry the Olympic torch. Born in Belize in Central America, adopted by Scottish parents and brought up in Renton, Dunbartonshire, Joel’s life has already been an amazing rollercoaster. And, in another twist, he is now training to run for Belize at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. In July, the former Big Issue seller, who now works for one of London’s top law firms, will proudly carry the Olympic torch through the capital. And last week he discovered he could play an even bigger role at the Glasgow games and line up with some of the world’s best athletes – including world record holder Usain Bolt – in the premier athletics event, the 100m. Joel has come a long, long way since being born in Belize. Abandoned by his mum when he was just three months old, Joel – and his sisters Yvette, 26, and Keisha, 27 – ended up in a children’s home. But, when he was four, they were adopted by Scots marine engineer George Hodgson and his wife Susan, 62. Joel said: “My birth mum walked out on us when I was a baby and left us with our dad, who was a very bad man. Social services put us in a home. “The Hodgsons wanted to adopt three children and chose my sisters and I, without knowing we were all related. “Then they brought us back to Scotland and we had an amazing childhood. “I remember seeing snow for the first time and running outside in my underpants. I didn’t know it was going to be so cold. “Sadly, my dad passed away when I was seven. I owe my Scots mum and dad everything. I owe them my life. “Who knows what would have happened to me if I had been left in the home in Belize? I would have probably got sucked into a life of crime and drugs. “It’s thanks to the Hodgsons I am the person I am today. We’ve all done well. My sisters both have good jobs. “Our parents never let us forget our roots and took us back to Belize every two years to visit our older brother Raymond. “We couldn’t have wished for a better mum and dad. I’m determined to make them proud.” At 21, Joel travelled to London hoping to make his fortune with his gardener girlfriend Michelle Clark, who he had met while working in a Motherwell call centre. One day, while he popped to the shops, Michelle was assaulted on the rough Croydon housing estate where they were living. Joel said: “Police advised us not to go back to the flat and we ended up on the streets. “Michelle was offered a place in a homeless hostel but because I was not a drunk, a druggie or gay, I was told to go and fend for myself. “Not wanting to be separated, we spent three weeks sleeping on the steps of police stations to keep safe until Michelle’s boss found us a flat. Then I got a job selling The Big Issue. “Life was tough for a while but then things started to improve. “ Joel, who now lives in Enfield with Michelle, 27, spent two years selling the magazine on the streets of London.

at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. I just have to achieve the qualifying times.” Joel, who ran for Helensburgh Amateur Athletics Club as a boy, said: “I’ve always been a good sprinter and have won lots of trophies but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a chance of competing on the world stage. “My best 100m time is 10.8seconds and I haven’t run competitively for three years but I still keep fit and try to run at least five miles a day. “After the Olympics are

Everything changed for him in 2010 when he got the chance to sell The Big Issue at London law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer as part of a pilot scheme. While there, Joel did unpaid work helping the staff, shadowing them, learning how to use a computer and gaining other skills. His positive attitude and hard work ¬impressed bosses so much that when a job came up in the billing department, Joel beat hundreds of others to get it. He said: “I had been selling The Big Issue for two years when the opportunity came up for a vendor to work inside Freshfields. “I got to do some work experience with them and a year later when a job came up I got it. “I also took over as player-coach of the company’s football team and this year we won our league. “They are amazing to work for and I owe them so much. I got the job with Freshfields and it’s been onwards and upwards ever since.” Joel admits being chosen to join the team of runners carrying the Olympic torch is a dream come true. He said: “I was over the moon when I discovered I had been chosen to run with the flame. It’s an incredible honour. “When I was talking to people from the Olympics, I told them how, as a kid, I dreamed of winning the 100m gold. “Then last week they got in touch to say I’m eligible to compete for Belize

over, I’ll start training in earnest for Glasgow. I will have to attend Belize training camps and get the times. “People are joking that Usain Bolt better watch out. It’s all a bit surreal. “When I was sleeping rough, my main concern was where my next meal might come from and if I would get through the night. “Now I’ve been picked to run with the flame and could be flying the flag for Belize in Scotland, the country I call home.” Joel, who has two stepsisters and a stepbrother, said: “I’ve worked really hard to turn my life around but so many people have helped me along the way. “To run for Belize in Scotland would be my way of thanking them all for believing in me, especially my mum Susan.”

Sunday, May 27, 2012



Five hurricane seasons later, Kendal Bridge still not ready

Even after two Ministers of Works, the Kendal Bridge has still not been officially opened

The wooden causeway Stann Creek District, May 23, 2012 This hurricane season will mark the fifth year that the Kendal Bridge was swept away by heavy currents in a flash flood during Tropical Storm Arthur on the night of May 31st 2008. While the promises for a new and permanent replacement have been wild and many, motorists who were forced to traverse the potentially dangerous crossing for many years on a daily basis are still left waiting. Since the deadly Tropical Storm Arthur swept away the 237-foot-long bridge constructed in 1985, the Bar-

row Administration has been dragging its feet with the construction of a new bridge. At first they claimed bids were taken and contracts were signed for the replacement. Before that, there was another broken promise. They announced a few weeks after the floods that the US Department of Defense had offered Belize a 275 foot-long bridge that would be delivered within two months after the storm, but it never materialized because the bridge was the wrong size and could not be fitted at the location. In the interim, a dirt crossing was placed replaced by a perilous wooden

Banco Atlantida gives up, US company eyes BSI

BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 By Alton Humes The murky saga of a potential buyout for the still-financially-ailing Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) is still ongoing, but in the hoopla over the upsurge of crime throughout Belize, the news of a new competitor in the buyout frenzy slipped softly and silently through the cracks. American Sugar Refining (ASR), described as the world’s largest multinational entity in sugar refining and a subsidiary of the British sugar giant, Tate and Lyle, is reportedly prepared to invest a sum of USC$20 million, or BZC$40 million dollars in a fixed-asset cost structure spread out over three years that would see not only a ceding of the factory’s operations over to them, but also an eventual turnaround to a company that has been struggling to stay alive in the Belizean economy. There is much more not being said about the deal being worked out with

BSI. Of course, the ASR deal wouldn’t have come about without the eventual dropping-out of Honduran Banco Atlántida (whose holdings include Belize’s own Atlantic Bank and its related group of companies). Their deal, revealed in detail to us, was a lot more controversial when it first broke in late 2011, and would have required a ‘sellout’ position by the Dean Barrow government through myriads of technical and monetary concessions. It is unclear what the status of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association’s (BSCFA) interest in buying BSI is, but the deal with ASR, with or without the approval of the cane farmers including the BSCFA, is set to be approved for June 30th, 2012. At press time, the BELIZE TIMES was unable to elicit comment for representatives from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association (BSCFA), but we will continue to follow this story as it develops.

causeway, as the only means of connecting southern Belize to the rest of the country. The crossing proved deadly as there were at least two occasions when people tried to cross during a high tide and another time when an ambulance transporting a pregnant woman from Punta Gorda to the Southern Regional Hospital lost its stability and careened into the river, killing the driver and the accompanying nurse. June 1st first will mark the opening of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season. It has been predicted to be an above-normal year of activity and again

the risks at the dangerous crossing will pose a challenge for people who need to get from side A to side B. The long delays for a replacement permanent bridge were unforgivable. Why did people have to wait so long Mr. Prime Minister and Minister of Works? What’s worse is that the bridge looks completed, but the Barrow Administration refuses to officially open it. Are they spiting the people of the south, because they every constituency in the South voted against them and supported the People’s United Party in the recent elections?



Could Belizeans be among decapitated bodies found on Mexico highway? Belize City, May 23, 2012 Mexican authorities have not been able to identify 49 bodies that were found mutilated on a northern Mexico highway on Sunday, May 13, and have not ruled out the possibility that some of the victims could have been US-bound migrants. As a result, the United States Embassy in Belize has issued a public inquiry, asking anyone in Belize with family members who travelled around mid-May by land to the United States through Mexico, and who have gone missing, to contact the Embassy. Authorities know very little of the murders. The bodies were found along the highway in the town of San Juan, about 105 miles west-southwest of McAllen, Texas, and 75 miles southwest of the Roma, Texas border. The victims

could have been killed at another location as long as two days before being discovered. Among the victims are 43 men and 6 women. Their bodies were mutilated from the outside as well as from the inside. They were found with the heads, hands and feet cut off. Nearby, authorities found a banner bearing a message with the Zetas drug cartel, as if taking responsibility for the massacre. Authorities say the latest massacre is the result of the war against the drug cartel in Mexico. Anyone with information about this case or with missing Belizean relatives could contact the U.S. Embassy Consular Section by e-mail: ConsulBelize@state. gov or by telephone: 822-4011 extensions 4245, 4224, or 4223.

New Home HIV Test and Belize By Liston D. Cadle Belize City, May 16, 2012 Cancer as a disease in Belize has been hogging the spotlight but Belize still suffers from one of the highest per capita rates of infection for HIV/AIDS in the region. On May 16, 2012 technology and medical science released some of the pressure brought on by the HIV/AIDS disease. True, technology has been both the cause and cure of many medical plagues but the most recent flash news is the introduction of a new OraQuick test. This test is a new home test for the HIV virus. It has been unanimously recommended by the advisory panel for FDA approval in the United States. HIV/AIDS are genocidal diseases which are nurtured by the stigma and difficulty of detecting the disease. In Belize, the National Aids Commission has been silent for some time now. The usual media campaigns and events to keep the Belizean public on its toes with the deadly HIV/AIDS virus have flat lined. It is certain that the existence of this test will encourage more Belizeans who are at risk to test themselves. The ability to do a self-test is no doubt abundantly more appealing than going to the Diagnostic Center, BFLA or other lab to get tested. The impact that this may have on stemming the spread of the disease is incredibly comforting. Studies show that it could reduce the innocent contraction of the virus by an alarming percentage. As of January 9, 2012 according to the CIA World Factbook, the HIV/ AIDS - adult prevalence rate in Belize was 2.3%. The adult prevalence rate is an internationally utilized indicator. This entry gives an estimate of the percentage of adults (aged 15-49) living with HIV/AIDS. The adult prevalence rate is calculated by dividing the estimated

number of adults living with HIV/AIDS at year end by the total adult population at year end. As far as our investigations have revealed, the last public media report of this disease was over a year ago in May of 2011. At that time the National HIV Report for 2010 was released. It had reflected a decrease in the number of reported infections. BELIZE TIMES notes that this is the “reported infection” which is a direct result of public testing. The margin of error and reliability of such a statistic is manifestly unreliable. It relies fatally on persons going and getting test done. Consequently, testing remains the single most important factor for the true macro picture and information. No matter what the real figures are, a staggering 250 new infections reported in that single year is not a figure to sleep on. This is especially frightening when over 90% of those infected were between the ages of 2049 and more particularly between the ages of 25-29 years old. Belize has a young, carefree and sexually active society which is addicted to all the impatience of the first world. The report indicates that “[t]he home test diagnoses infection using a mouth swab instead of fussy blood samples.” To our reporters at BELIZE TIMES, the test is similar in convenience to the pregnancy test. Its reliability is excellent too as the test gives accurate results 99 percent of the time when used by a professional. The flip side is that it is correct only 93 percent of the time when used by non-medical personnel. The OraQuick test is a must at any financial cost to our society, even if it means the UDP giving a bloated contract to one of their obese cronies. The BELIZE TIMES hopes that the terminally incompetent Ministry of Health takes note and gets on the ball with the new aids of medical technology.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Of this and that… Absentee Government There has been no House meeting. There has been no reading of the budget. Belize does not know how much money we have. Not a clue. The office of a government is the House of Representatives. The Government is yet to go to work. The government has been absent from the office for 76 days. They have given no reasons. No doctor paper. No nothing. Except we have heard rumors that the government will not report to work for another 74 days. Any real business place would have fired the government. The Government is afraid to face the people. They are scared of the muscle on the other side of the cubicle. They are afraid to face their boss. 45 ÷ 7000 There are 16 high schools in the Belize District. There are 10 in the Cayo District. Stann Creek only has 6. All of Toledo barely has 3 high schools. Both Orange Walk and Corozal have 5. This is a total of 45. But there are only 100 first form spaces per high school, a total of 4500 spaces. That is a generous estimate. There are over 7000 primary school graduates. They have nowhere to go. 7000 promising children divided by 4500 unforgiving spaces. This should have been the only PSE question: why is the government deliberately locking out 2500 children? We do not need 13 neckties with PhD’s in the Ministry of Education. We need education for 100% our 13 year olds throughout the country. 13 PhD’s are useless when 36% of our children are immediately condemned to ignorance. Only the UDP could be proud to announce that they have no space for four out of every ten primary school students. That is bad math at any examination level. Enough When the PUP and Ashcroft were chummy KREM condemned it as blue ray porn. Now Barrow is blowing in Ashcroft’s ear and holding hands. KREM calls it a ‘gala event’. They call it a celebration in reproduction. Somebody’s watching you The government only remembers the Garinagu on November 19th. Stann Creek is a sexy, curvy district. It is a full busted district. Plump, sweet and rocky. Beautiful. The UDP have no use for Dangriga. This is just their history. This is the present truth. This is just a fact. Heü Grigalizeans have livity. The Unemployment Shed has more than Caribbean White rum. It has heü. Heü drinks better than Johnny Walker Blue label. Heü is to Griga as sake is to Tokyo. It is easy to make. Nothing is wasted. Take cassava trash left after making cassava bread and convert to a powder. Use the king cassava. Boil hot water. Place cassava powder in a pigtail bucket. Pour hot water on top of the powder. Add brown sugar. Grate ginger into mix and add sweet potato peel. Leave brew to ferment. In three days stir and strain. Good thing. Look out for mischievous kids. We used to steal the fermented trash. It gave

us a kick. For the record Stann Creek and Silk Grass have the best rum bitters in the world. Bitters clean your lines. It can heal the sick. It can raise the dead. Nothing nice, bra. But let’s leave bitters for another time. A time when we can fully explain that science. Sex and Love The PUP is an inclusive party. It had a big tent policy. Enemies snuck under the tent. Those enemies took the lives of many PUP soldiers. They poisoned and divided our ranks. They plotted against democracy. They sold us out to tyrants. They sentenced us to captivity. They slept with our enemies. They can be identified. They are now living off the spoils of our demise. It is time for a holy war. A declaration of war against our enemies. The mindset must change. It must change for the sake of Belize. We must fight. We cannot fight effectively unless we first identify those enemies. It is called the polarity strategy in military language. The rule is easy. Moles are subtle and evasive. They disguise their intentions. They pretend to be on our side. We need clarity. We must smoke

out our enemies. We must spot them by the signs and patterns that reveal hostility. Sex and love will always be the PUP dance. But we must now live by the Luke 11:23 creed: “He that is not with me is against me.” Ya-Ya Shyne shot up a crowded club. He was in New York. He went to jail. He was deported. His daddy made him an Ambassador. He lied to the public. He racked up huge bills. He did not pay them. He went to Israel. He has done nothing for news in Belize. He has done nothing for music in Belize. Ashton Longsworth was on the Positive Vibes Morning show. He said that Shyne is in America. He used his diplomatic passport. He cannot do any business. He cannot make any music. Berne Velasquez committed no crime. He has made thousands of Belizean CDs. He is the 2008 carnival road march champion. He has been helping to introduce copyright laws. This is through the Belizean Society of Composers Authors and Publishers. He was been working with Youth for the Future. He brought the only movie to Belize since Dogs of War. He has done a lot for Belize. Give him a diplomatic passport. Carolyn “YaYa” Marin Coleman committed no crime. She hurt no one. She is a local champion of the underdog. She is the two cent cam lady. She is a community activist. She embodies Belize, undiluted. Give her a diplomatic passport.

17 Shyne, Moses, Jamal, Rumpelstiltskin, whatever his name is, gets a diplomatic visa? This is wickedness. The US should deport him again. Re-deport him on principle alone. If not, give Berne and Ya-Ya a second chance. Fear no God.. Michael Garbutt was murdered beside the Hindu temple on Albert Street. Brahma was disrespected. Jiovanni “Sally” Saldano was slaughtered in front of an Evangelical Church on West Street. Jesus ducked and wept. Jeremy McNab’s life was robbed on Cemetery Lane. He was a few steps from the watchtower of Jehovah. All the Witnesses held their corner and did nothing. Kaylon Matura was murdered on Central American Boulevard beside the only Muslim mosque in the country. It was Allah’s turn. There was no brimstone. There was no fire. So the next murder was directly in front of the mosque. Eleven year old Daniel Matura’s soul was ripped from his body. He was murdered in front of the sign on the fence. That sign has Muhammad’s name. The killers in Belize have disrespected every God in this country. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Verily I say unto you if these congregations continue in silence, then the stones will cry out His vengeance! Back up, back up “For you are my hiding place. You protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory”. Psalms 32:7



Revenge By Gilroy Usher, Sr. (207-0970)

Revenge is harming somebody back to settle a score It causes more damages and death like a cancerous sore When thinking of taking revenge always remember Someone will also take revenge for his family member Revenge leads to arrest, court fine, and imprisonment It denies many families a breadwinner for up-liftment Revenge makes people prisoners in blocks everywhere It prevents people from enjoying life anytime anywhere When wronged in life, revenge is never the right thing Leave justice to the law, and God who sees everything Let bygones be bygones, but learn from the situation Don’t waste your life in taking revenge in the nation

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What is a Mother? By Gertrude Velasquez A Mother is a special gift to the human race. A Mother should be cherished all the days of her life. Whenever a Mother dies, the home is almost broken. No matter how the father tries he can’t take the place of a Mother. This is one of the main reasons the Bible tells the husband to love their wives. She is the key to the kitchen. She cooks and prepares the food for the family. She keeps her house and children clean. She is the caretaker from the time they were born until they leave home. It takes a Mother to discipline the children. She shows each of them love each day. She

sits and listens to them one by one. She never chooses between them because she carried them for all nine months. Whenever a child is sick the first name they call is Ma. Mother is the one who helps with their homework. Mothers get them ready for school. Mothers save their husbands’ money by nursing her baby as long as they want the breast. A wife supports her husband to get his rest by keeping her baby quiet in the night and she holds them until they go back to sleep. A Mother is an extra special gift to the human race.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

WORLD TURTLE DAY There’s a day for almost everything you can think of … even pancakes! Bet you didn’t know about World Turtle Day which was celebrated May 23! Our most famous turtle in Belize is the Hicatee. Many people enjoy eating turtle but the Hicatee is endangered. To prevent us losing them, limits are placed on hunting or eating them. Can you think of other ways we could help the Hicatee Turtles? If you want to find out more about the Hicatee or other turtles stop by a library or go on the internet with your parents.

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Turtley Amazing! Can you help the frightened turtle find his way to his cousin who is going to the beach to chill?

Chris, please position the turtle with the shades at the top of the other maze opening. Thank you.



The Difference In Value Imagine you are in a small boat with five grown adults travelling hundreds of miles out to sea. Suddenly the boat hits a hard object and there springs a leak causing the vessel to begin to sink. You have three hundred pounds of cargo on board aside from the passengers. Let’s say in a state of emergency now, you must lose one hundred and fifty pounds by throwing something overboard, what would you do? Many would say throw a portion of the freight so let’s take your mind further down the journey. What if the goods you are carrying is of vital importance and is being transferred to save a whole island of people, and losing any of it would default the whole mission causing thousands of death! What would you do? This brings up the word ‘value’! As I think about this word, my mind goes first to the creator. There are many things that he places great value on but I would like to expand on the biggest one. In (Psalms 138:2) it tells us that God sets his word even above his name. In other words there is nothing he wouldn’t do to see to it that what he said or promised comes to past! I’m always amazed when I read this story in (Exodus 4:2126) where God sent Moses to do a very important task but this same God awaits him on the way and tries to kill him. Now we may not understand how important it was to God for Moses to circumcise his son but it seemed even more important than Moses life! As I look into the current status of our nation, I find that what we value many times is quite different from what God desires for us to value. In the earth today some people’s lives are valued as low as five hundred dollars. We will kill you because someone paid us to do it, or because we had an argument, or because you don’t want to be my girlfriend any more, or because I want to steal from you. It’s all based on selfishness and hate! We need to become passionate and emotional about the things of true value and not simply for those of monetary or personal value! In the story mentioned above (Exodus 4:21-26), God attempted to take Moses’ life due to the His value for covenant. Moses’ forefathers promised God that all their young boys would be circumcised but Moses, just in this one case, decided he wouldn’t do it probably because his wife was not a Jew and didn’t believe in that nonsense! By God’s response we see the He values the keeping of a covenant or promise more important than the task he was instructing Moses to do, but worse it seems God valued the covenant even more than Moses’ life! Can you imagine a country where the value placed on human life is more than a manatee, or an egg, or conch and crayfish? But even more than that can you imagine a country where people would prefer death than to not keep their word? In closing, my mind goes to a movie I saw once where this gentle man sacrificed his life by flying his aircraft into a rock headed to the earth. If not for his costly intervention it would have otherwise caused great destruction. He did not shrug back from taking a life but was willing to sacrifice it to save the world! Well there is one, better known as “Jesus” aka “Christ”, a superhero that gave up his power, position, and life, so that we could in turn get back these same things that we were given before but had lost! Although God is a ‘just God’, this sacrifice of giving up his son so that we would not be destroyed is an awesome display of how much He values us! Let’s begin to instill in our children proper and vital understanding of the right set of values! Let’s follow His example in our quest to build a beautiful jewel called Belize! Until next week God bless!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012


THINK ABOUT IT FRANCIS VINDICATED The Hon. Francis Fonseca, the constitutional Leader of the Opposition is free of the bogus allegations of election irregularity brought by his former opponent Lee Mark Chang. Multi-millionaire Lee Mark Chang was cock sure he would win the election in the Freetown Division and would be a big shot minister of government and member of the House of Representatives. It didn’t turn out that way. In fact Francis Fonseca who had won that division two consecutive times was again returned to office by a handsome margin by the good people of Freetown. Several of the UDP standard bearers had committed election wrongdoing and were taken to the Supreme Court. Some others escaped the court process but the people of Belize will not forget them. UDP Minister Penner is accused of breaking the election law with respect to getting foreigners on the voters’ list. He is also accused of being a citizen of Canada and as such cannot represent Belizeans in the National Assembly. UDP Longsworth is accused of having a multi-million dollar contract with the government and refused to disclose it to the nation and is also accused of having a Green Card Residency from the USA which prevents him from representing Belizeans in the National

Assembly. UDP Santino is accused of having a contract with the government and failing to disclose it to the people of Belize as required by law. UDP Mark King is accused of having a security contract with the government of Belize and entered the general elections without informing the people of Belize as required by law. UDP Castro is accused of a serious act of dishonesty which caused him to be kicked out of Cabinet and of having a Green Card Residency of the USA and still putting his name forward to take part in the general election. Against this disturbing background the UDP tried to muddy the water by bringing false allegations against the Hon. Francis Fonseca. The allegation is that campaign workers offered Lee Mark Chang voters money to vote for Francis. Rather than going to court and trying to bring false witnesses the case was withdrawn. Hon. Francis Fonseca, a man of integrity with an impeccable record of sterling service to the people of Belize knew, all along that the allegations were false and was a mere political ploy. He will now be fully focused on capturing the village councils in next year’s countrywide Village Councils election and in bringing an early end to the worthless and malicious UDP government that is causing the rapid destruction of Belize. NEW COMPOL

There is excitement in the ranks of the Police Department when word started leaking out of Belmopan that Acting Compol David Henderson will be replaced with the appointment of new Police Commissioner Allen Wiley. Wiley is a voter in the Queen’s Square Division which is represented by…you guessed it Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and Minister of everything. Mr. Wiley has spent the past four years working in a Ministry in Belmopan but since the re-election the government returned him to the Police Department with the intention for him to take over the Police. Mr. Wiley is a former career police officer and Deputy Commissioner. There were other likely candidates including Elodio Aragon Jr. who is highly educated and highly motivated and for the past two years has been in charge of the worst crime ridden area of the country – Belize City. There is also Russell Blackett, a dedicated career officer, recently promoted to Assistant Commissioner. There is also Assistant Commissioner Segura, another career officer who is also an Assistant Commissioner. All indications are that the government is unable to find a foreigner willing to come to Belize to be a temporary Commissioner because of political interference and governmental incompetence. BARROW NEEDS ASHCROFT Belizeans are still left with their mouths open. Prime Minister Barrow shown on television grinning

21 and sucking up to Lord Ashcroft, the very same man who paid him millions of dollars in legal fees and who did the large bidding in many matters and then Barrow turned around and did what he did. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. To the Prime Minister who is unable to solve the nation’s rising problems – no jobs, no investments, no money, there is only one solution available as the Prime Minister sees it: the Super Bond and Lord Ashcroft. The Prime Minister wants to juggle the repayment of the Super Bond debt. This would give him a little breathing space for the next two or three years when he plans to hand over the reins of government and fly to Miami permanently. How does Lord Ashcroft fit in? He was smart enough, astute enough to buy Belize bonds when some super bond holders were selling cheap. He reportedly owns as much as a whopping 26 percent of the entire Super Bond debt. The signed contracts covering the Super Bond require more than 50 percent of the bond holder to agree to any negotiation. Ashcroft is therefore the man. Barrow needs to tell Belizeans what’s going on.

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Boxing Federation elects new Executive Committee May 22, 2012 On Saturday May 19, 2012, the Belize Boxing Federation held its General Assembly Meeting at the Rogers Stadium. Promoters, trainers, boxers

and boxing enthusiasts attended the meeting to elect the new Executive of the Federation which is tasked with reviving boxing in Belize and charting a sustainable course for the future of

St. Michael - Defender of the Political Realm Continued from page 1 majority dwindle to a mere 17 seats as compared to the PUP’s impressive gains totaling 14 seats; defeated PUP candidates did file three elections petitions with the Supreme Court claiming that two UDP candidates should be disqualified as they held contracts with the government of Belize, and that another should be disqualified on the grounds that he bribed voters, among other things. On the face of it, these PUP petitions were neither frivolous nor vexatious and seemed to have more than a good chance of succeeding, especially the one against the Hon. Mark King whose security firm indisputably held contracts with the government. So if we agree that all is fair in love and war, the UDP may be excused for politically retaliating by bringing petitions against the PUP to the Court as well, even if devoid of any legal sophistication. Can we so easily excuse the UDP lawyer and Senior Counsel Mikey however, who chose to take on and lead this most dubious and possibly perjured attack against the integrity of the PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca? Now we all know that our electoral process is contaminated by money handed out by politicians from across the political spectrum. This is certainly not a good thing and does not bode well for our democracy. Mikey seemed to have expressed these same sentiments when interviewed by one of our local television stations. He said something to the effect that there is a thinking in Belize that money in elections is a must when in fact the culture and the position should be that money in elections is just simply wrong. The question is however, was Mikey in his role as lawyer seriously defending our democracy against the corrupting influence of tainted money or was he just a UDP hypocrite carrying out the UDP’s consensus to destroy the integrity of Francis Fonseca, the PUP Leader. You decide. First off it must be noted that before becoming lawyer for Lee Mark in presenting this petition to the Court, Mikey was an avid political supporter of Lee Mark. Mikey lives in the Freetown Constituency and probably voted for Lee Mark. Mikey also stayed up late the night of the elections and counted votes on Lee Mark’s behalf. Mikey was among the UDP big guns, along with Kenworth Tillet, UDP loyalist and strategist; Anwar Barrow, the Prime Minister’s son and extra set of eyes; Anthony Michael, former UDP deputy Mayor; Doug Singh, former UDP Freetown Candidate and Minister of Government among others, who were sent to the Freetown Division to ensure Lee Mark’s victory and Francis’

defeat. Mikey was therefore one of the totally dejected and disappointed UDPs that night when Francis Fonseca defeated this massive UDP onslaught by a comfortable 150 votes. Secondly, it seems that Mikey was the only naïve political rooky out there on Election Day who could not see as many plainly saw that Lee Mark’s camp was operating with “big money” in Freetown. Surely, Mikey was offended by this “big money” in our politics, which by his own public pronouncement, is wrong. But Poor Mikey seemed to have only heard of big money being given to voters when it was told to him some days after the elections by Lee Mark’s supporters that the PUP had bribed voters. Of course then, Mikey, the great defender of our democracy, could not sit idly by, but was just compelled by his love of country to take this petition to Court, based on the “solid” testimony of two of Lee Mark’s supporters. But then, why did Mikey in total secret had a change of heart and withdrew this very petition from the Court? Did he not still believe that he had a solid case, having in his hands seven affidavits and an audio recording supporting the bribery allegations? Is it because his witnesses to this alleged bribery were no longer cooperating? Was the warning by the Chief Justice that criminal charges could be brought against them as by their own admission to accepting bribes, the reason for their sudden non-cooperation? Or was it because they knew that if they were found to be lying, they could be criminally charged for perjury? Mikey should tell us why. Having withdrawn the petition however, Mikey should do a bit more. Having aided Lee Mark Chang, even if unconsciously, to cast unproved allegations of bribery against the Hon. Francis Fonseca allegedly through his agents, should he not now take it upon himself to ensure that the truth is told? As the great defender of our political system that he is, should not Mikey now invite the independent Director of Public Prosecutions to review Lee Mark’s application for perjury? Surely, such action would immediately dispel the conclusion that Mikey was indeed just a UDP hypocrite carrying out the UDP consensus to destroy the integrity of Francis Fonseca. Only then, everyone would see Mikey as an industrious lawyer who is seriously defending our political system against tainted money, as well as against perjurers, who through fabrications and lies would equally destroy the image of any wholesome democracy as any tainted money could. What will you do Mikey?

the sport. Mr. Moses Sulph, former boxer and community activist, edged out Mr. Roberto Canul for the post of President. Moses thanked the Assembly and expressed his gratitude to the outgoing president, Mr. Eckert Lewis for carrying the torch for so long. He said his main priority is to develop young boxers and have Belize compete in international bouts. Moses also said that the existing gyms must be given assistance and other gyms must be opened to ensure that there is always a good cadre of boxers training. The Assembly agreed unanimously to elect Mr. Roberto Canul as Vice President. Roberto is one of only a few boxing promoters who is consistently organizing prize fights. Currently he is

Sunday, May 27, 2012 staging bouts on 22nd June in San Pedro and 21st July in Benque Viejo del Carmen. Other elected members of the Executive are: Honourary Secretary: Mr. Henry C. Usher; Assistant Secretary: Mr. Sherwin Garcia; Treasurer: Mrs. Dawn Coye; Immediate Past President: Mr. Eckert Lewis; and Committee Members: Mr. James Adderly, Mr. Frank Martinez and Mr. Clinton Tucker. The first working meeting of the committee is scheduled for 9th June when the constitution governing boxing will be reviewed and revised. The Belize Boxing Federation encourages all interested Belizeans to join up.

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Philanthropist/ Businessman Jeremy McNab murdered Continued from page 8 men entered the business, and ‘struck up’ a conversation with him. But it was a clever ruse to set-up what would be their ultimate goal – shooting the businessman 3 times to the chest, execution-style, with a 9-millimeter gun, and escaping with his personal licensed firearm. They left behind two horrified employees, a stunned community, and a family who, like many others in this grief-ridden City. Ironically, the one commodity that most perverted thieves and robbers would crave for – money – was the one thing they didn’t get their hands on. The Police have not indicated whether they believe the attack was motivated by robbery. But it will be his philanthropic spirit, making hot dogs and Belizean-style ‘fry chicken’ that were affordable to the

poor and to hungry young schoolchildren who came to him – that will be missed the most. In covering him for a profile published in an October 2011 issue of the BELIZE TIMES, he made it clear to us then that his acts were motivated for a singular reason: “At this time I am not interested in profit; my interest is in helping the poor, in giving back something to the neighborhood and the community as a whole.” And now, such a spirit has been lost for good. We also note that there are varied street sources who suggest that McNab was targeted for a hit numerous times, and was recently robbed at the store some months ago. Police investigations into this incident continue at this time.

Chaa Creek seeks Eco Kids Summer Campers Continued from page 8 in fun, safe, supervised water activities and enjoy and learn from creative activities such as song writing and talent show sessions. Even entering the competition to join this year’s Eco-Kids is a creative exercise. To be in the draw, Belizean kids eight to 13 years old must write a 300 word essay in English explaining why they want to be an Eco-Kid. The essays will be judged on creative content, structure and grammar, and the best essays will be entered into a lotto draw where six boys and six girls from each category (Eco Greenies at 8-10 years and Eco Saplings of 11-13 years) will be picked as

winners. All entries must be sent by email to or posted to Chaa Creek, P.O. Box 53, San Ignacio, Cayo by JUNE 14th 2012. So kids, sit down, put your thoughts on paper, and tell us in your own words why you want to be an Eco-Kid. Parents, teachers and friends are encouraged to help young people take part in this years’ Eco-Kids completion and are invited to contact Larry Waight by phone at 8242037 or email marketing@chaacreek. com for any inquiries concerning Chaa Creek’s Eco Kids Camp 2012. Good Luck and we hope to see you at Chaa Creek this year for an eco adventure you’ll never forget!

Sunday, May 27, 2012



Muslim Community School marches against Crime and Violence

Students march to protest crime wave BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 By Alton Humes Today, the Muslim Community Primary School along with hundreds of primary school students from two other schools marched to protest the beyond-senseless death of a fellow schoolmate and to tell the Barrow Administration to step up their already lackluster efforts against the crime situation. Young Daniel Matura, a Standard

Belize – a nation led by Actors Belize City, May 23, 2012 Belize has to have the most unstable leadership in the region. The nation’s Prime Minister spends most of his time in Miami, at times inside a hospital room, other times shopping or in secret meetings with Michael Ashcroft. In the absence of the official leader of Government, the title is volleyed around by less than capable and indisputably incompetent individuals. They are named ACTORS, and we truly couldn’t find a better description for them. For example, this week the Prime Minister left for Miami for the umpteenth time, and while he’s away, Gaspar Vega stood as ACTING Prime Minister. Gapi had to leave for Barbados, and while he was away, Patrick Faber ACTED as Prime Minister. Gapi, who is said to be the official Deputy Prime Minister, returned on the 19th of May but Barrow has instructed that Faber continues as ACTING PM until he returns. There seem to be unresolved trust issues between Gapi, who from the PM’s decision is really just the ACTING deputy PM, and Barrow. But aside from those serial ACTORS, there are more. Belize only has an ACTING Commissioner of Police. We had an ACTING Chief Magistrate and Chief Justice for a long period, before the posts were filled recently. Belize only has an ACTING Ombudsman, and an ACTING Fire Chief. There is also an ACTING SSB CEO. With so many ACTORS running around, in influential positions, no wonder the country isn’t moving. It’s time to give these ACTORS there marching papers and give real workers in the PUP the job of getting the work done.

Three student of the Muslim Community School, was viciously gunned down without cause on Commonwealth Day holiday, Monday, May 21st, 2012. The protest started off on the edge of Central American Boulevard, at the junction of the Port of Belize Limited and Caesar Ridge Road. From there, the march made its way towards Queen Charlotte Street, where it turned towards Kraal Road, through to North Creek Road, rounding out to

Central American Boulevard and back to the school’s campus. Students from Excelsior High School and St. John’s Vianney Primary, as well as other concerned city residents, also joined the march. Behind the enthusiastic shouting of Arabic-English chants of the small crowd (estimated to be between 200 to 450 people) and the Tumblers, of which young Daniel was a proud member, performing group doing their brand of flips and acrobatics, as well as a stiff

media presence, the message to the Dean Barrow administration was clear: ‘We want peace and justice…..NOW!’ For Daniel’s Principal, Sister Lana Ahmad, the government also needs to know that as a community “we are not accepting” the present situation, and that the community needs to get back to keeping “their own” safe from the present terrors. Protest organizer and former Principal of the school, Mr. Abdul Nuñez, was far more blunt, citing the death as a personal loss to him, and saying that students are ‘petrified’ of going to school due to this incident. He also made clear the school’s willingness to work with the Government to ensure the students and the community’s safety. But until the Government plays ball (particularly through RESTORE Belize and its less-than-impressive initiatives), the responsibility to safeguard the community will fall on its residents. And even as the bloody violence continues unabated, somewhere Daniel Matura is smiling down upon his peers, who stood up for him as there was no one there for him in his fatal hour.

Bomb Threat Rocks City Hall! Receptionist waited to see if bomb went off, before calling the Police BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 We can understand if the badly broken streets and filthy look and smell the Belize City Council has the City in may cause some residents to want to shake up City Hall, but one resident may be taking his/her issues with the lazy Council a bit too seriously. For the second time this month, City Hall was rocked and disrupted by a bomb threat. This second time happened on Tuesday, May 22nd

Police find 36lbs of weed in “Winnie the Pooh” bag Belize City, May 23, 2012 A Belize City woman has been remanded to prison after a Police search of her house yielded over 16,710 grams or 36 pounds of suspected marijuana. The Police’s Anti-Drug Unit descended on #7031 Pelican Street Extension about 8:35 am on Wednesday May 23rd 2012. This is the residence of Teresita Elena Flores The authorities say that when they searched a brown in color barrel, they found an assorted number of bags, including one with markings “Winnie the Pooh”. Upon searching the bags, the ADU officers said they found marijuana. In Court, Flores pleaded not guilty to the charge of Drug Trafficking, claiming that she did not know the contents of the barrel which she was only holding for someone. Her reason was rejected and she was remanded until June 22nd.

just before 1:30p.m. when receptionist Schroneen Audinette received a call. According to Audinette, on the line was a male voice who stated that there was a bomb somewhere in the North Front Street office, and that it would detonate in 15 minutes or less. Audinette, likely frightened by the threat but apparently bravely curious to see what would happen, stayed calm long enough to report the matter twenty minutes later. Police say that at 1:50 p.m. they got the report and a bomb expert from the Belize Defense Force, a Lieutenant Rodriguez, was called in.

The building was evacuated to allow the bomb expert to make checks. At 2:35p.m. Lieutenant Rodriguez exited the building and declared the building safe. One employee said that while the Lieutenant didn’t find explosives, they believe he did find traces of underdeposits and high levels of hustling still going on at City Hall. While it’s not the first bomb threat to City Hall, other Government-held buildings and banks have also been threatened. There have also been rumored reports of bomb threats against the Commercial Center in the heart of the City, but none of those came to fruition.

Office of the Freetown Area Representative, Hon. Francis W. Fonseca PRESS RELEASE MAY 23, 2012 Today, May 23, 2012, in the Supreme Court of Belize before the Hon. Chief Justice K. Benjamin, the Election Petition filed by failed UDP candidate in the Freetown Division, Lee Mark Chang, was struck out for lack of evidence. The Chief Justice further ordered that Chang pay costs of $7,500 to the Hon. Francis Fonseca. Faced with certain defeat, Chang’s lawyers had earlier in the week applied to withdraw the election petition but had failed to comply with a rule requiring that the application be advertised in the Gazette. This brings to an end the UDP’s baseless and malicious efforts to undermine the integrity of the Freetown election results. The Hon. Francis W. Fonseca and the PUP Freetown Committee obviously welcome the Court’s decision and are proud to have defended the will, votes, and integrity of the good people of the Freetown Division. We thank our legal team headed by SC Eamon H. Courtenay and all those who have offered their support and encouragement over the past few months. THE WORK CONTINUES…



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