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SUNDAY June 17, 2012

Issue No. 4800

100 days of NOTHING! Indian businessman

executed in OW

Orange Walk Town, June 13, 2012 The nation’s murder #68 for 2012 has triggered heightened fear in the Orange Walk community as a wellknown Indian businessman, Sunil Punjabi, was executed by a lone gunman on Tuesday evening. 44 year old Punjabi, who owns Lucky Store, on Guadalupe Street which is in a residential area was inside his store manning the cashier section when a man who was dressed in black rode to the store on a bicycle. The man put down the bicycle and entered the store. But his intention was not to purchase anything. Punjabi’s cousin, who was in the Continued on page 4

Sunil Punjabi

Police suspect San Pedro teens’ murder was drug-related See page 22

Mayor Bradley announces new garbage tax Belize City, June 13, 2012 It appears Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley has forgotten that one of his major campaign pledges to voters was that he wouldn’t burden residents with taxes. But like his promise Continued on page 6

UDP Cabinet Chaos Belize City, June 13, 2012 The red mutiny which the BELIZE TIMES warned in last week’s issue was about to hit Prime Minister Dean Barrow like a tidal wave, did more than that, rocking the UDP ship and almost tilting it over. The UDP have attempted their utmost best to conceal the upheaval that broke out during Cabinet meeting on Tuesday this week, but the BELIZE TIMES has the best inside source. It was an all-out war – involving shouting matches, Cabinet Ministers threatening to Continued on page 6

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at the party’s headquarters, Independence Hall. “97 days later, there is no such plan, no new course, no budget and no sense of direction. Unemployment remains at 24% and growing. Investments continue to stand still and investor confidence remains at a low-point. The Government has been uncharacteristically quiet about the Debt Restructuring exercise while Belize’s Credit-rating nears Junk Status. The outlook for economic growth remains weak as oil-related revenues decline and Continued on page 4

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Teenagers’ bodies arrive in San Pedro (Photo courtesy Ambergris Today)

SolGen disses DPP

Cheryl Krusen

Mayor Darrell Bradley

tally neglected Belize’s needs during a most critical time. The UDP leader and Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, has been distracted with his wife’s cancer treatment and has spent a majority of his time in Miami. While he is out, nothing takes place in the country, even though he leaves someone else in charge. This sad state of affairs was the center of discourse at the People’s United Party press conference held on

See page 11

2008. This period actually presented an opportunity for the Barrow Administration to move swiftly ahead with policies of nation building – those that would encourage economic growth, create education opportunities, inject investments in industries and create businesses and jobs. But instead of doing so, the UDP went into go slow immediately after the election and to-


Belize City, June 13, 2012 Friday June 15th will mark 100 days since the UDP won their second term in office. The 100-day milestone marks the end of the “honeymoon” period, a time granted to government administrations to get their act together and become prepared to work. In the case of the Barrow Administration, it really had no need for a “honeymoon” period, since it has been in office since

Cheryl-Lynn Vidal

Belize City, Wednesday 13th June, 2012 We have in the past written on numerous occasions of the dismal performance of the Office of the Director of Public ProsContinued on page 8


Bondholders form bloc to challenge GOB

Another 13 Year Old Missing




Bondholders form bloc to challenge GOB Creditors concerned that Belize is forcing a default

Belize City, June 13, 2012 A group of Belize’s bondholders have formed a bloc to be better able to challenge the Barrow Administration’s attempt to offer a loss for creditors, according to international reports. About 10 bondholders who hold about $200m of the $547m bond have banded together, after the government indicated that it could “amend certain terms” of the bond. “While we are sympathetic to the challenges facing Belize, any proposed amendment that results in a net present value or principal loss to creditors would not, based on the committee’s current understanding of the situation in Belize, be considered acceptable or, for that matter, necessary,” said AJ Mediratta, a partner at Greylock Capital Management and chairman of the creditors committee. That “understanding”, ac-

cording to reports to the BELIZE TIMES, is that the Government is well within a position to pay the Superbond coupons with international reserves of over BZ$ 500 million. But creditors believe the Barrow Administration may be attempting to force a bad situation, such as a debt default, to reduce the value of the bonds and impose a restructuring. This could lead to a loss to creditors, which is unacceptable to the group. The creditors committee is advised by BroadSpan Capital, a Latin America-focused investment banking boutique that also advised international creditors to Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Caribbean island federation this year. But just how likely is a debt default? Very high, according to both Standard & Poors and Moody’s credit rating agencies who recently downgraded Belize’s credit rating and gave a bad economic outlook.

BYM speaks out

against crime & violence June 9, 2012 The National Executive of the Belize Youth Movement (the youth arm of the People’s United Party) met today in regard to the murders of Jasmine Lowe, Edwardo Daniel Alamilla, Charlie Espat and the ever-escalating crime and violence plaguing our nation. The BYM is calling on the government, the community and the churches to come together as one to protect our children. We as young members of this society are tired of living in fear of dying, and of losing loved ones to violence. We condemn this government for politicizing the court, for turning a blind eye to the incompetence at the prosecution department and for tolerating corruption at the

police department. Successive UDP ministers of police have done nothing but posture in front of the cameras while our young brothers and sisters have been dying in the streets. We believe that the family and friends of these victims deserve justice for having their loved ones ripped merciless from this world. The BYM is in agreement with the proposed “Jasmine Law” as this will move us one step forward into bringing law and order to one sector of our community, while protecting commuters as well as taxi cab drivers. The violence, especially in the city should be taken more seriously by authorities and rogue cops need to be punished accordingly. (Press Release)

Teens Belize Demands Justice June 7, 2012 Teens Belize Organization is devastated with the news of the sudden disappearance and death of Jasmine Lowe of Santa Elena, Cayo. Jasmine was a very young and promising Belizean and we send our most sincere condolences to her family. We can no longer allow these perpetrators to be roaming in our communities and having our children’s lives in danger. Teens Belize is strongly calling on the proper authorities to immediately bring these perpetrators to justice. (Press Release)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 dead after shooting inside Belize City nightclub BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 By Alton Humes Police are investigating a deadly ‘shoot-em-up’ incident that occurred around 3:00am on Saturday, June 9th at a nightclub located in the north-side of Belize City. The Elements Bar on Newtown Barracks was the backdrop scene for the deadliest shooting incident in recent years, rivaling even that which occurred at the former Palm Island Night Spot a few years ago. Six men including 38-year-old Dwight Panton, 23-year-old Kenroy Humes, 29-year-old Luis Itzab, 33-yearold Michael Oluwadare, 24-year-old Brandon ‘Battry’ Smith and Bruce Willacey were shot during a nasty fracas inside the bar that started when members of two rival gangs, Supaul Street and PIV (Mahogany Street area), started quarreling with each other. When a pint bottle was smashed on someone’s head, hell boiled over and the chaos raged as shots were

fired into the crowd. The gunmen escaped and forced a nearby taxi-man, Fermin Matura, to drive them to Coney Drive. While driving, Matura sensed danger and escaped by jumping out and abandoning his vehicle, two female passengers who were with him, and the gunmen. All the above men suffered varying degrees of injuries, but it was Panton and Humes, a known felon, who would get the worst of it and succumb to their injuries only hours and days apart. Police have arrested and charged one man, 23-year-old Ian Haylock, with robbery, aggravated assault, and keeping prohibited materials after he was found in the same taxi vehicle belonging to Matura, and with 40-mm shell rounds from a weapon similar to that used in the shootings. The vehicle was found in the Mahogany Street area. 4 other men have also been detained in connection with the incident, and Police investigations continue at this time.


Re-Registration! Next year Belizeans will go to the polls to vote in the most important matter in the country’s history. We are talking here of the referendum to be held in October, 2013 in which Belizeans will be asked to vote on where we should go to the International Court of Justice(ICJ) to resolve the border dispute Guatemala has with Belize. Now, as every Belizean knows, we don’t have any issue with Guatemala, but rather it is they who have picked a quarrel with us. They want our land; they have been wanting our land for over 170 years now. And we will in October, 2013 have a say on whether we should, along with Guatemala, go to the ICJ to have this dispute resolved. We will not at this point debate the merits or demerits of going to the ICJ; that is for another day. Our focus instead is discussing who all will be eligible to vote in the referendum next year. The Referendum law in the country entitles a person who is a registered voter to participate and vote in the referendum. If the referendum were held tomorrow that would be 178,054 persons, for that is the present total registered voters in the land. But as is commonly known, many persons who are voters do not live in the village, town or city they are registered. Indeed a great majority do not even live in the country, many living abroad in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and even Guatemala. Yet all these people will have a right to vote and decide whether the country should go to the ICJ to resolve the land dispute Guatemala has against us. Now that admittedly has to be the most absurd thing – a person resident in Guatemala voting in next year’s referendum in Belize. Such voter clearly

turns the referendum process into a farce. Yet if the referendum is conducted with the existing voters’ list, such foolishness will occur and mar this so important process. Which brings us to this point. There is on the law books a process called reregistration that is to take place in July and August of this year. It is a process by which the present bogus voters’ list would be wiped clean. It is a necesContinued on page 22






Alton Humes TYPIST


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Bernice Yorke, Hummingbird

Top in PSE 2012!

BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 By Alton Humes The Primary School Examinations (PSE) has been around for about a decade or so, but even as the exam fails year after year to match, or mimic, the respect and the glamour of its predecessor, the Belize National Selection Examination (BNSE), it still finds a way, whether positively or negatively, to make history. And for PSE 2012, history was indeed made as this year’s top 10 was split between two private primary schools: Bernice Yorke Institute of Learning (BYIL) on St. Thomas Street in Belize City and Hummingbird Elementary from the Belize District. BYIL’s Jasmine Betancourt and Hummingbird’s Rhiki Alegria split 1st place between them, with both coming in near-perfect out of 400 points in the four tested subjects – Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies and Science. BYIL also got shares of 3rd, 4th, and 7th positions, which made them the top-performing primary institution in the nation, a feat the School Principal Ms. Sherry Ali admits she didn’t expect, but is nonetheless proud of and wants other schools in the nation to ‘challenge [themselves to do well] because it is about maintaining excellence’. Some of the other finishers ran the geographical gamut from Grace Primary in the City to schools in the South, North,

Mayor Bradley announces new garbage tax Continued from page 1 to end the victimization of workers and hire based on merit and not nepotism, the Mayor has opted to do as his political bosses please. Despite the already existing hardships faced by residents, the Mayor announced that the Council would impose a $120 residential garbage tax. The Council has not carried out any sort of consultation with residents. Neither have they attempted to show in detail how the millions of dollars already collected by the Council are being spent, yet they wants to increase taxes on already overburdened residents. Throughout the campaign Bradley was told by business residents that the garbage tax imposed on them by former Mayor Zenaida Moya was the most ridiculous tax as it taxed a service which businesses were already paying for through their trade license. The worst part is that they were not seeing their garbage collected, even though they were forced to pay or face mandatory shut down. Bradley has ignored their calls for this tax to be removed and has instead stepped up the collection of those taxes. Similarly, the Council has had great difficulty to collect property taxes from residents. Residents, who can barely afford to pay, do so by pinching through their small incomes to pay property tax. Now, the Mayor proposes to further erode their spending power by demanding a garbage tax.

West and even in San Pedro. But while the BELIZE TIMES certainly offers up its congratulations to all finishers, we can’t help but mention young Rowan Garel, the young visually-impaired student also from Hummingbird Elementary, who also finished in the top 20, with a score of 372 points, or 93% in average, a mere 17 points less than the first-place co-finishers Alegria and Betancourt. But while there’ll be the naysayers out there who may dismiss young Garel’s effort as easily as they would his efforts to be strong in the face of his impairment, Rowan and one of his teachers, Ms. Melanie Chavarria, will both tell you to take that back, and fast. In fact, Rowan made his struggles, and ultimately, his triumph, clear to the media while being interviewed yesterday. “I just tried to tell them that

things might be done in a different way for them, but at the end of the day, you have to do the same thing as in, you still have to study and work hard and that could get you a really long way….. I would just look over my notes and stuff like what I had. I have some documents on my laptop and my speech program would like read what’s on the page since I am visually impaired and I can’t write my answer. They had to take me in another room, because I would have to tell the invigilator which answers [it is] and if I did that in the other room, everyone would hear me.” So, to Rowan, Rhiki, Jasmine and all top finishers, the BELIZE TIMES proudly tips our hats to you all. An award ceremony of recognition is scheduled in the next month.

Rhiki Alegria

(Photo courtesy Channel 5)

Jasmine Betancourt (Photo courtesy Channel 5)



An eye for an eye…

24 yr. old Keith Lewis killed in retaliation for shooting BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 By Alton Humes The latest murder being investigated in Belize City has been deemed by Police as a retaliatory killing for several incidents in and around the Lake Independence area. 24-year-old Keith Lewis, along with three other men, were standing at


days of NOTHING!

Continued from page 1

the Government continues to face growing liabilities for the botched nationalizations of B.T.L. and B.E.L.,” lashed out PUP Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca as he opened the conference with a prepared statement. Hon. Fonseca said he was sounding the alarm and putting the Government on notice, that the Opposition will spare them no sympathy. “Today we sound the alarm and say to the U.D.P., Belize is in Crisis,” he stated. And nowhere is that crisis more evident than in the level of violent crime in the country. There have been 68 murders in less than six months of 2012. The last killing occurred in Orange Walk with the murder of an Indian businessman on Tuesday evening. Orange Walk was also where the bodies of two teenage San Pedro boys were discovered with fatal gunshot wounds on Saturday morning. Over the weekend, there were also 10 shootings in Belize City alone which claimed two lives. This was followed by another shooting murder on Monday night. To call this a crisis is an understatement and over the past 100 days the Barrow Administration has been clueless about implementing solutions, while at times adding fuel to the fire by engaging and paying gang leaders. “On March 7, 2012 a government was elected and given a mandate to manage the affairs of the country. Today, 97 days later we are still waiting for some sense of direction to be identified. 97 days and yet no budget; 97 days and yet no definitive, realistic strategy to reduce crime. In a nutshell we, the citizens of this once proud nation, have had 97 days of nothing,” remarked Senator Karen Bodden, as she addressed the issue of crime. Senator Bodden said crime has paralysed the populace with the most vulnerable groups including children and elderly as innocent targets. “We are a nation in peril,” Senator Bodden added. Belize has indeed become a nation in peril, threatened with failure and the prospects of fading into darkness brought on by UDP nothingness.

Keith Lewis

the intersection of Miller and Roches Streets on Monday, June 11th, 2012 around 6:00 p.m. when a lone gunman appeared from the direction of McKoy Boulevard and began to fire, using what appeared to be an automatic weapon, in their direction. Only Lewis was hit multiple times, shot to the chest, back, and legs, and

left to die in someone’s backyard yard off Roches Street only to be found the next morning. Lewis was no stranger to the Police, having been arrested for various crimes and recently for attempted murder and murder. But his family is insistent that their family member wasn’t like that, and say that it just seems like he was with the wrong people at the wrong time. Police are saying they have a suspect they are seeking at this time.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Indian businessman

executed in OW

Continued from page 1 store conversing, says the gunman pushed him away and pulled out a gun, which he pointed at the storeowner and fired a single shot. The bullet found its mark and as Punjabi struggled to keep up the gunman walked out, got on his bicycle and rode away. Punjabi crept outside but died just past the entrance door. Nothing was taken from the store, which indicates to Police that robbery was not the intention. This points out to a staged execution-style hit. Punjabi’s brother, Mukesh, says the family has been torn apart by murder. “I can’t explain how hard it is for us. He was my only brother. I don’t have any other one. My mother, brother and I are the ones in the family, and I can’t explain how hard we are taking it, along with everyone who knows him very well. Belizean people are crying for him, they ones who know him. They want to know how that happened, and they can’t believe it. He was a good man, very friendly,” said Mukesh. At press time, Police have not detained any suspects for this murder.

Sunday, June 17, 2012



Absentee Landlord Unlike Sedi Elrington, a wealthy and qualified senior attorney who clearly loves the perks and title of Minister of Foreign Affairs over the demanding and busy job of Attorney General, Prime Minister Dean Barrow is a lawyer first and foremost. His first love is undoubtedly the Law. That’s just the way he’s wired, so it came as no surprise that just days into his first term Barrow had transformed the Office of the Prime Minister into an extension of his law firm and was busy drafting amendments to the Constitution that would later fall into place like chess pieces in a much larger chess game. For the most part, Barrow’s first term was just confusing and messy as the Government was entangled in multiple legal challenges which it brought unto itself by meddling with constitutional rights. Totally overlooked and ignored all this while the Belizean Economy and the safety and security of the Belizean People. But if Barrow’s first term was marred by his ego and what he considered more important matters of the Law, his second term, which is already into the first hundred days, is overshadowed by his constant absence and his inability to tackle the economic crisis and crime and violence which is plaguing the jewel. In fact, in his first hundred days, Barrow is best described as an absentee Prime Minister who has been unsuccessfully trying to run the Jewel, via text, email and from a lap top in Miami. Barrow’s remote control operation of our nation’s business has failed miserably. In fact, things have gotten slower, too slow for an administration in a second term. Gaspar Vega failed to step up when given the opportunity and Faber, well just acting seems like too much for him. Absolutely nothing has been accomplished since the start of the second term. Today, one hundred days after, we’ve got no budget, No Super Bond Restructure, No new investors, and no bail-out plan for the Belizean home owners. Out here things are brutal. Belizeans are sinking deeper into poverty as they try to make ends meet with the little monies they have. Barrow has finally announced that a budget will be presented at the end of June. No doubt this budget will be about pain and sorrow. He will have to tell the Belizean workers: our teachers, civil servants, Police, BDF, nurses and workers that while the UDP has spent millions to fund their candidates for the elections, buying brand new luxury SUVs and paying the gangs, there is NO MONEY for increasing workers’ salaries. Barrow will have to explain to the thousands of school graduates why they won’t be able to afford providing assistance so that they can further their education, much less find a job. Barrow will have to say they have failed to combat crime and violence and protect our people. The good news is that the Opposition People’s United Party is awake and is prepared to fight for the people of Belize. On Tuesday, the PUP leader called Barrow’s first 100 days as a major disappointment. Hon. Francis warned that the Opposition will not sit idly by as the Barrow Administration fails to address the economy, crime, education, and the lack of investment. This morning when Barrow took the stage, he appeared overwhelmed and tired. Jack, this is only the first 100 days into your second term. You asked for the job, and you got it. It’s way past time for you to get on with the job and stop the song and dance.



Murderous weekend, Police Clueless, Saldivar MIA Belize City, Wednesday, June 13, 2012 A frightening record was broken and set over the past weekend in Belize City with a huge number of shootings and a multitude of injuries, and four murders across the country including two in Orange Walk. On Monday morning, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Elodio Aragon,

UDP Cabinet Chaos Continued from page 1 resign and the Prime Minister threatening to kick out and replace. In the end, greed and selfishness prevailed as Ministers chose to keep their perks and portfolios instead of standing up for principle. It all started when the Prime Minister praised his Superbond team leader Mark Espat and suggested that Espat could be brought into Cabinet as a Senator. This triggered an uproar which hit a particular nerve for UDP leader aspirant John Saldivar, who claimed that he had more qualifications than Espat who the Prime Minister said was the best hope for the UDP. This further infuriated Saldivar who said if Espat was brought in, he would step out. That bold protest was backed by a number of Cabinet Ministers including Herman Longsworth, who recently took over Espat’s seat in the Albert Division. And just as Saldivar was beginning to score up sympathy among his Cabinet colleagues, Prime Minister Barrow let out the cat out of the bag that he is contemplating a Cabinet re-shuffle that would see the Ministry of Immigration stripped from Saldivar. As the Prime Minister put it, he is well aware of the shenanigans going on in that Ministry with a failed UDP Belize City candidate, and if Saldivar knows what is best, he ought to calm his nerves. That was enough to tranquilise Saldivar who seemed to have been exposed and humiliated. All this while, another UDP leader aspirant simply kept his corner, watching as his closest contender’s alreadyslim chances of gaining the Prime Minister’s trust faded totally. Prime Minister Dean Barrow denied any contemplation of a Cabinet reshuffle today, and refused the address the chaos in Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting. He was obviously in no happy mood however as no UDP Minister other than himself was allowed to speak at Wednesday’s UDP press conference. The cold treatment was a clear indication that he has full domination over his Cabinet ministers. Barrow cannot afford further political embarrassments for his administration. The UDP is already seen as unable to manage the nation’s affairs, and failing miserably at it. Any internal division at this early stage of its 2nd term in office would be explosive. While Barrow was able to stem this week’s red mutiny, he won’t be able to escape and survive the blow that will result from all the plotting silently going on behind his back.

Is John Saldivar in hiding?? and the police press officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, and Assistant Superintendent Hilberto Romero, held a news conference to say what the police are doing to solve the cases. Low and behold, however, the conference only exposed the lack of police intelligence and a sense of confusion as the Police scramble on a daily basis in an attempt to keep up with the crimes. This is despite promises to increase streets patrols weeks ago.

Aragon could not explain why the Police have been unable to curb the number of shootings that have taken siege of the old capital. There is very little trust and dwindling confidence in the Police Department. Over the past four years, a lot has happened that has eroded the public’s trust in the department. Some of the very policemen who rely on the public to assist in solving cases turn around and tell the accused who gave them the information and the accused go back and intimidate the informant. When information is passed, it should be treated with sanctity. That leaves people with no interest to go and testify in court or worse, it leads to more murders when the accused go and seek out prosecution witnesses to keep them forever silent. That is a major indictment of the system, already suffering from the fact that there is no witness protection program in effect. Coupled with that, the

Sunday, June 17, 2012 absence of trust, severely handicaps the police intelligence capability because the police intelligence is the public that informs them. With no confidence from the public now, that link is lost. To make matters worse, the Minister responsible for the police portfolio, John Saldivar, was a no-show at the conference, and one can only conclude that it is because he himself does not have a vision to nip crime in the bud. The first thing Saldivar did upon taking up the Ministry was to go on a “tour”. That has not resulted in anything beneficial for the department. The Police simply lack the support and training for intelligence gathering to act proactively. Moreover, the shootings, the murders, the robberies and stabbings will continue as long as gangs are given authority, as they have under the Barrow Administration’s “Gang Truce”. The crime rate has increased steadily and dangerously as the victims are now children and the elderly. Home invasions occur with no regard and protection from the Police. It’s time John Saldivar quits hiding and starts providing answers to tackle crime. The tour is over John, you have no excuses now.

Sunday, June 17, 2012



in UDP Politics! The following matters were discussed in Cabinet • Prime Minister Barrow introduced a proposal to make Mark Espat a Senator then a Minister in the UDP Government. When asked what happened to Environment Minister Lisel, Barrow said that in true UDP-style they have exploited her enough. • Boots was asked how he has been able to keep his marriage going strong for so long. He said he does it by keeping his wife and sweethearts happy, even if it means building houses for them out of Government funds. • Barrow said that as part of a new energy policy, certain Ministers will be assigned Hybrid Prius cars. Just then Faber got up and nominated Saldivar to test one out, but suggested that they order an Extra Large one. • Vernon Cuthkelvin was assigned as the head of a second negotiation team for the Super Bond as a backup plan should the first team continue to fail. When asked why Cuthkelvin, the Cabinet Secretary replied “if he could order fertilizer and get Meth, and six containers of it, we may stand a good chance with him negotiating something from nothing”. • Castro has asked Cabinet to look at a proposal to legalize marijuana and to allow it to be grown in Maskall under the brand “Clear the Land”. Sedi got upset and ac-


cused Castro of “stealing ideas”. • Marin submitted a proposal that as a part-time Ministerial job he investigates the reason why we have been having so many BEL blackouts recently. When Longsworth protested the idea saying the Ministry of Health needs more attention, Marin fired back, “at least unlike your Marion Jones fence, I’ll finish this job”. • Mark King was ordered to submit a report on why the Gang Truce was failing. He looked at the Prime Minister lost and confused and said, “Boss, I mi tink yu seh the truce di work??” In other related Cabinet news The Cabinet Secretary was seen taking out a container filled with different pills. When he was asked to explain the colours this is what he said: “the black one is for my nerve so you all don’t send me crazy, the Red one is to lower my pressure from the stress you all give me, and the blue one is to make me smile”. “So what about the purple one”, they asked as he slipped a pill into his pocket, “Oh, ummm, that’s so I can get me up, because you all have me so down these days”. ----------------------The Mayor of Belize City was asked to reconsider his move to tax pot-lickers and all other dogs as it would be inhumane. The Mayor responded that they needed money bad, and if they can’t tax pot-lickers, then what? Just then Willoughby suggested that they tax the poor man’s “goat”. When asked what that was, he replied their bicycles.



SolGen disses DPP

Catfight demoralises Crown Counsel; more cases fall apart in Court! Continued from page 1 ecutions as it relates to that office’s lack of conviction success. In fact, in our Belizean consciousness, the office is known from the Hondo to the Sarstoon for its abject 3% conviction rate. Just yesterday, that conviction rate dropped to a scandalous two percent when two more accused murderers and an accused attempted murderer walked out the doors of the courtroom of Justice Adolph Lucas and down the steps from the courtroom of Justice Herbert Lord. Now the news of three more accused persons once again beating the justice system would not normally create public outcry, since it seems to be the order of the day. But on the heels of this past weekend’s “senseless” shootings and murders and the previous weeks’ grisly death of the young girl Jasmine Lowe, Belizeans are in a frenzied panic and clamouring for solutions and answers to end the bloodbath. Now this is where the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, if all things were equal, would factor prominently. The Office, it is to be recalled, is constitutionally charged with the most important responsibility of overseeing the prosecution of criminal cases in the courts of Belize; particularly serious crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping, rape and the like. A DPP Office staffed with competent, professional, motivated attorneys in any other country assists in the fight against crime by getting the criminals off the streets and in the jailhouses, where they belong. But not it seems in Belize. For as we have said, ours is one which performs inversely, infamously keeping the criminals on the streets instead with the scandalously low conviction rate. So what then can be the reason for this Office’s miserable conviction rate? Is it the DPP, her staff, the police, the government’s ever intrusiveness, or a combustive stirring of all of the above? Well, the BELIZE TIMES has been reliably informed that the attorneys in the DPP’s Office are disgruntled and demoralised because of a standoff between their boss, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Solicitor General. This can mean only one thingmore cases will fall apart in the Courts. The story goes that the Solicitor General, who all and sundry knows has the backative, ears and in the past even the surname of the Prime Minister has authorised significant salary increases for all government attorneys (crown counsels) EXCEPT for the crown prosecutors working at the DPP’s Office. The rationale for the Sol Gen reportedly doing this is not work related; it

has nothing to do with the office’s 3% conviction rate. Instead, the refusal to increase the salaries of the very important crown prosecutors is linked to a personal “beef” between herself and the DPP. As if we did not have enough gang “beef” in the streets already! The Solicitor General is effectively the Chief Executive Officer of the Attorney General’s Ministry, thereby enjoying considerable administrative clout and power over the various departments of the judiciary, including the DPP’s Office. And as all knows, dis yah Solicitor General has additional clout and power, being a former Barrow. But the DPP is no pushover either. She too enjoys (or is it “enjoyed”?) considerable support from the Prime Minister. Remember how she denigrated herself and her Office with her “Shirley biscuit” analogy when she directed the arrest and charge of Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca, which was pleasing to the Prime Minister? Remember how she was then confirmed in the post of DPP after that? But how people and things fall apart suh? What went wrong? What is going wrong? Now the Sol Gen/DPP cat fight would be an entertaining and lively fight most Belizeans would pay to watch at the Marion Jones Stadium (when it is finished), in the same way the Bradley/Pacquiao fight had us all glued to our television screens last Saturday. But this conflict between these two powerful women is no laughing matter, nor no staged fight. It is a serious matter of national importance which intimately affects the lives of us law abiding citizens of this country. When workers are disgruntled and demoralised, however competent and professional they may be, they will be unwilling to put out their optimum. In the process, only the Belizean public will be shortchanged as more cases will fall apart in the courts, all because of the petty war of two women who share the same first name. And where are the Attorney General and the Prime Minister in all of this? Your guess is as good as ours. From the look of things out here in the real world they could care less. In the face of the ever increasing murder rate and decreasing conviction rate, the government has done nothing to ameliorate the situation. This latest war between the DPP and the Sol Gen will only worsen the already terrible situation. This has created a further opportunity for criminals to roam the streets of Belize as freemen. And all this while, we were wondering why prosecution in Belize was in shambles!



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012



Statement by PUP Leader

Hon. Francis Fonseca at PUP Conference

Independence Hall, June 12, 2012 Thank you all for being here. Allow me to begin by first extending on behalf of the People’s United Party, our continued best wishes to Mrs. Kim Barrow, P.M. Barrow and their family as they continue their very challenging battle against breast cancer. As a nation we stand united in offering up our prayers for Mrs. Barrow and the many other Belizean women and men who bravely fight each day for their lives against this dreaded disease. 97 days have passed since the General Elections of March 7th. Following a tough, hard fought election campaign the results of which reflect a country evenly split along political lines, our Party thought it appropriate and responsible to afford the Governing U.D.P., now embarking on their second term, an opportunity to properly reflect on those results and accordingly present to the Belizean Nation and People, their plan as a Government to chart a new course, a new direction, taking account of the clear messages of the March 7th Election. 97 days later, there is no such plan, no new course, no budget and no sense of direction. Unemployment remains at 24% and growing. Investments continue to stand still and investor confidence remains at a low-point. The Government has been uncharacteristically quiet about the Debt Restructuring exercise while Belize’s Credit-rating nears Junk Status. The outlook for economic growth remains weak as oil-related revenues decline and the Government continues to face growing liabilities for the botched nationalizations of B.T.L. and B.E.L. 97 days after the election, the future of Belize’s Sugar Industry is in question and the standoff in the Citrus Industry continues. 97 days after the election, more Belizean families continue to fall into poverty as the cost of

Hon. Julius Espat

Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia

Hon. Florencio Marin

Hon. Oscar Requena

Senator Karen Bodden

living continues to rise and wages remain stagnant. 97 days after the election, Crime continues to spiral out of control and more Belizeans are losing hope in the future. 97 days after the election, this U.D.P. Government is yet to actively and positively engage with the Private Sector and Civil Society to find real, meaningful, sustainable solutions to the economic and social challenges we face as a nation. The way forward requires a focused, planned effort at engagement, consultation and dialogue. All Belizeans and every sector of our society must be included and respected. The People’s United Party stands ready to partner with the Government on important national issues but our partnership must be grounded in good faith and mutual respect. 97 days after the elections, un-elected U.D.P. Standard Bearers continue to influence the actions and decisions of the Government in constituencies represented by duly-elected members of the People’s United Party. Today, we make it absolutely clear to the U.D.P. Government that this disrespect must end immediately. If it continues it will destroy any further opportunity for dialogue and cooperation on any other issue. Similarly we expect the Government to act in good faith toward our Social Partners and the

PUP Chairman Henry Usher

Private Sector. Give the B.E.L. Workers what is rightly due to them. Ensure that Social Security Board keeps its word to its workers. P.M. Barrow and the U.D.P. found millions of dollars, which they are yet to account to the taxpayers of this nation for, for their re-election campaign, now it is time to find the money to give our teachers, doctors, nurses, soldiers and police officers the salary increases which they have been seeking and so richly deserve. No more excuses, Mr. Barrow. You found the money to keep your job, well now find the money for our Public Servants who are on the front-line each and every day keeping this country going. The clear and resounding message of the March 7th election is that the Belizean people want us all to focus on them, their challenges and problems. Together, we must work for them. Today, the People’s United Party, in opposition begins that work. You will hear from us on important issues such as Crime, Education, Health, Agriculture, and Rural Development. Today we extend the hand of partnership to our brothers and sisters in Civil Society and the Private Sector. The People’s United Party will stand with you and fight for you. To our fellow Belizeans who have lost hope, those fighting each day to put food on the table and make ends meet, those families who have lost loved ones to senseless violence, and those communities that continue to be gripped by fear, our message is clear, you are not alone!!! The People’s United Party is here to represent you, to give voice to your suffering, and to work for you. Today we sound the alarm and say to the U.D.P., Belize is in Crisis!! The Belizean people are not happy. It is time to get serious. It is time to get to work.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tarique Cadle walks free from Attempted Murder trial BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 13, 2012 By Roy Davis Tarique Cadle a.k.a “Paulie”, a resident of Supal Street, put on a big smile yesterday in the court of Justice Herbert Lord when a jury of 6 women and 3 men found him not guilty of the attempted murder of Lyndon Jeffrey, a Guyanese national who was shot in his upper left arm around 10 p.m. on August 23, 2009. The jury at first was unable to reach a verdict. After deliberating for about 3 hours, its verdict was not unanimous and it was neither in the proportion of 8 to 1 or 7 to 2. As a result, Justice Lord gave the jury further direction and upon its return about an hour later, the verdict was unanimously, not guilty. The prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Trienia Young, had re-

Tarique Cadle a.k.a “Paulie” (Photo courtesy Channel 5)

lied mainly on a statement Jeffrey gave to the police because Jeffrey, who has

Pedophile gets 2 years for

assaulting 6 yr. old

Chester Smith BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 13, 2012 By Roy Davis Chester Smith, 51, a laborer was sentenced to 2 years today in the #1 Magistrate’s Court after he was found guilty of aggravated assault of an indecent nature on a 6 year old female child. The child testified en camera that between June and September 2011, Smith touched her in her genital area while she was in the living room of her aunt’s house. The child identified Smith in court as the person who sexually assaulted her. The child’s mother testified that she left her daughter with her sister, the aunt of her daughter, and she went to walk. She said her daughter later told her about what Smith did to her. The child’s aunt, who was her babysitter, testified and confirmed that the time of the incident she was babysitting the child and that she was in her bedroom and she had left her niece in the living room. Smith, a friend of the family, was staying at the house at the time. He testified and denied that he committed the offence. But Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith did not believe him and she found him guilty. The prosecution was represented by Inspector Carol Tucker.

returned from Guyana, did not come to court to testify. The statement was admitted as evidence after Jeffery’s sister testified that Jeffrey is in Guyana and he told her in a telephone conversation that he has no intention of coming back to Belize. In addition Sergeant Nicholas Palomo testified that he took the statement from Jeffery. In the statement, Jeffrey, an auto mechanic who resided at 8 South Creek Road, said that he was riding his bicycle on Neal Pen Road, returning home from a visit to the residence of Raymond “Killer” Gentle, when he noticed that he was being followed by two persons riding a bicycle. Jeffrey said the chain for his bicycle kept slipping and when the chain completely slipped he tried to run but

his assailants had already caught up with him. Jeffrey said Cadle, whom he identified as “Paulie”, pointed a pistol at him and told him not to say anything. Jeffrey said he then felt a burning sensation and fell to the ground and he pretended to be dead. He said the incident was as a result of an altercation at a football game in Hattieville. Assistant Superintendent of Police Suzette Anderson testified that she conducted an identification parade in which Jeffrey identified Cadle as the person who shot him. Special Constable Santos Carbajal testified that he was at a Chinese grocery shop on Neal Pen Road buying something to eat when he heard two gunshots. Carbajal said when he turned around he saw a man on a bicycle standing over another man who was lying on the ground. He testified that the man on the bicycle had a pistol pointed at the man on the ground. He said the gunman rode past him on a bicycle then the man on the ground got up and ran past him. Cadle gave a statement from the dock in which he said that he was not at the scene at the time of the incident. Cadle was not represented by an attorney.

Gentle brothers acquitted of murder in retrial BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 13, 2012 By Roy Davis Two brothers, Linton Gentle, 25, and Judy Gentle, 23, charged with the murder of Alpheus Smith Jr., were acquitted of the charge yesterday in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas. After the prosecution closed its case, Hubert Elrington, the attorney for both accused, submitted that based on the evidence addressed by the prosecution they do not have a case to answer to. Justice Lucas upheld the submission and directed the jury of 10 women and 2 men to return a formal verdict of not guilty. Smith was shot and killed around 7:48 a.m. on June 16, 2007. According to reports he had just changed a tire on his Grand Jeep Cherokee that was parked at the corner of Curassow Street and Gibnut Street when his assailants shot him. The prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Christophe Rodriguez, had relied mainly on the testimonies of three witnesses – Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams, police constable Obed Arzu and Nathaniel Bowen. Williams and Arzu testified that they saw both accused shooting into a vehicle on Curassow Street. They testified that shortly

Jody Gentle

Linton Gentle after the incident they drove around to the residence of the Gentle brothers on Antelope Street and recovered from them a 9 millimetre pistol and a .38 revolver that the police believe

was used in the shooting. Both firearms were tendered and accepted as exhibits at the trial. Bowen had given the police a statement in which he said that he was riding his bicycle on Curassow Street when he saw Smith in the Jeep Cherokee suffering apparently from gunshot injuries. He said he assisted by driving Smith to the hospital in Smith’s vehicle. But yesterday when he took the witness stand, Bowen testified that he could not recall what happened. Bowen’s testimony about the incident could have connected the shooting to the killing of Smith. Because of his unwillingness to testify he was deemed a hostile testimony. Without Bowen’s testimony, the prosecution’s case fell apart and as a result Elrington’s submission that there was no evidence that his client were responsible for the death of Smith, succeeded. The trial was a retrial. At the first trial which concluded on July 13, 2010, the jury was unable to reach a verdict.




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By Tania Tanesha (E-mail: mua., Cell: (501) 6040736) Secretly, I’m a huge fan of Martha Stewart. Ok, my secret is out. Frankly, I’m a huge fan of any “Do-it-yourself” shows. I love how a product that looks so complicated can be made in your own home, with your own style. I love to customize products or anything I happen to own. Making my stuff with a unique touch, matches my uniqueness. In the spirit of originality, this week’s lesson will be on how to make and customize your very own lip balm. Getting started: Lip balm has a wax base and is pretty solid. Men and women can appreciate a good lip balm, and now, you can make your own with all the flavors and essential oils you want. There are many ways to produce your own lip balm but I’m going to give a general method. The idea is to experiment with all natural ingredients to find the best one to suit your needs and style. Ingredients: • 2 Teaspoons Olive Oil (Or 1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil) • ½ Teaspoon Grated Beeswax • ½ Teaspoon Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter • ½ Teaspoon Honey • Any flavoured essential oil to taste • 1 Vitamin E Capsule (as a preservative) (optional) • Plastic container or empty small tin (I use empty contact lens containers or empty lip balm tins) Method: Mix the olive oil, beeswax, shea butter and honey in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for a couple of minutes or until the mixture is completely melted. For slow melting, heat in a pan of water on a stovetop. Stir well and add flavoured oil and cool mixture for five minutes. Stir again and set aside to cool completely. When fully cooled, transfer into the small plastic container or tin. Extra flavors: Cinnamon, Lemon, Spearmint, Clove, Ginger, Peppermint, Sweet Orange are examples of flavored essential oils that can also be added to your mixture. For added shine, add a ¼ teaspoon of Vaseline. As easy as pie! You can customize and make your own lip balm. This method is fool-proof. If your balm is too hard, re-melt and add more olive or coconut oil. If it’s too soft, re-melt and add more beeswax. For a hint of color, you can add shavings of your favourite lipstick color or even kool-aid. Do not use food coloring as these may contain alcohols. Add essential oils to naturally condition the lips for a soft and supple smoocher. Apply at night for softer lips in the morning. Healthy lips are sexy lips, and we always want to make this statement when putting our best face forward.

Cloudie Career Plan: PR Officer Sign: Taurus Favourite Food: Italian Likes: Playing the piano, travelling, hanging out with friends, dancing, swimming • Lives in Belize City • Fav. Quote: “You only live once” • • • •

CATWALK FASHIONS What’s Hip...What’s Hot...What’s Now! Phone: 203-2936 / 620-7481 #148 Cor. Queen & North Front Streets Belize City, Belize



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Smart Harrison Parks cricket semi-finals


Western Eagles

defeats Berlan 79-73

Western Eagles team after scoring only 2 runs. Sherman Smith hit 2 sixes and a four for 31 runs beIn Rancho’s turn at fore he was caught out, while Herbert bat, Flowers took the Banner scored only 1 run. Shane Young first Rancho wicket took the next 2 wickets for 2 runs. for zero runs, and disKevin “Uzi” Flowers batted 13 runs to missed Dirk Sutherland remain not out while Lawrence Russell for 6 runs. Jude Joseph batted 10 runs before the Rancho capbatted 7 runs before he tain, Dirk Sutherland, bowled him out was caught out, while and took the next wicket for zero runs, Joe Gillett scored 11 but the Berlan batsmen had scored runs before he too was only 76 runs. caught out. Joseph Benjamin hit a six for 16 runs before he was caught out by Leroy Cassasola, while Norman Pook hit a six and 2 fours to score 19 runs before he was caught out. Flowers took a 4th wicket for 1 run, but Dean Perez Sr. entered and hit a four and a six for the 79-76 win. Belize City, June 9, 2011 Other matches: The Alamilla’s Furniture is on a winning Rancho Dolores streak as they posted three consecutive defeats Berlan batswins in the 2012 Belize City interoffice basmen with 5 wickets to Kevin “Uzi” Flowers took ketball competition at Bird’s Isle last week. spare 4 wickets Alamilla’s Furniture polished off the Brilliant defeats ExPolice 60-51 on Tuesday night. Brandon cellence 228-225 Rogers led Alamilla’s with 17 points and 6 boards. They led 12-8 in the 1st quarter and by the time the first half ended the game was tied at 24-24. Alamilla’s regained the lead 35-32 in the 3rd quarter, and then at2012 Belize City interoffice tacked the basket to dish in 25 more points basketball competition in the 4th quarter to take the win. David Guzman led the Police with 14 points and 11 boards while Sheldon Williams had 12 points and 6 rebounds. In Alamilla’s second win, they locked up the Kolbe Foundation 91-50 on Friday. Rheton Belisle led with 19 points and 5 boards. Kolbe’s point-scoring was led by Juvencio Serano with 16 points and six reOrlando Bowen scored 9 pts Belize City, June 10, 2011 bounds. Quan’s Trading Company posted On Saturday Alamilla’s had also clipped back to back wins in the 2012 Belize Maria Chang 67-59 with Greg Rudon scorCity Interoffice Basketball competiing 22 points. Alamilla’s had a comfortable tion at the Bird’s Isle on Friday and 23-12 lead in the 1st quarter which reSunday. mained at 39-25 at the half. On Thursday, Quan’s arrested the Ronald Rivers led the Maria Chang Police 61-52. Travis Lennon led with counterattack with two 3-pointers to 20 points and 14 boards. Kachief score 14 points and Ryan Zuniga also hit Thomas added 12 points, to have a 3-pointer to add nine points. But that Quan’s leading 16-8 in the 1st quarter didn’t stop Alamilla’s domination and they and 30-23 at the half. remained 51-38 in the third quarter with no The Police’s scoring was led turning back. by Ekroy Yorke with 10 points. DaOther games: vis Guzman, Mauricio Martinez and Caye Caulker vs. Kolbe - 69-58 Sheldon Williams had 8 points each. Top scorers: Stuart Herrera, 18 points; It didn’t stop Quan’s from maintain Andrew Ortiz, 28 points their lead 47-32 in the third quarter Maria Chang vs. Caye Caulker – 65and through to the finals whistle. 35 Quan’s also upset the defendTop scorers: Andrew “Head” led, ing champions, Tuff e’Nuff, handing 13 points; Alfred Batan, 10 points, 10 rethem their first loss by a 78-68 win bounds on Saturday. Jacob “Snake” Leslie Tuff e’Nuff vs. Kolbe – 89-57 led Quan’s squad with 26 points. Tuff E ‘Nuff’s Keith Acosta Top scorers: Farron Louriano, 25 Ronald Rivers scored 24pts scored 12pts Continued on page 12 points; Andrew Ortiz, 19 points Bermudian landing, June 9, 2012 The Western Eagles cricket squad from Rancho Dolores won Game 2 of their semifinals series against Berlan of Bermudian Landing to advance to the 2012 Smart Harrison Parks cricket championship finals on Saturday. The Eagles got pass with a 79-73 win. Berlan batted first, but Rancho’s top bowler Norman Pook took the first 2 wickets for zero runs. Jeovannie Baizar batted only 3 runs against Shane Young’s bowling before he was caught out, and Jerry Cassasola was run out

2012 Belize City interoffice basketball competition

Alamilla’s Furniture on 3-game winning streak

Quan’s Trading Co. toughs out Police & Tuff E’Nuff

Sunday, June 17, 2012




National Primary School Softball Championship

Belize Rural girls & Crooked Tree boys win Belize district softball champs

Belize Rural girls are champs

Belize City, June 12, 2012 The Belize Rural Primary School girls and the Crooked Tree Gov’t School boys will represent the Belize District in the National Primary School Softball Championship scheduled for Friday 15th June 2012 in Belize City. The Rural Primary School girls and Crooked Tree boys won the Belize City primary schools softball the championship finals at the home of softball at the Rogers Stadium in Belize City on Tuesday, 2012 Belize City June 12. The Belize Rural Primary School girls deinteroffice basketball feated the Belize City champs, the Button-


wood Bay Nazarene School girls 11-4. Ranesha Rhaburn, Leyanne Moody, Selena Banner and Christy Terry scored 2 runs each while winning their pitcher Erlean Cassasola struck out 4 batters as she, Caithlyn Mcfadzean and Brentlee Garcia scored one run each. Only Monique Mortis, Ishelle Magandi Shenlle Smith and Kiara Magandi scored for Buttonwood Bay. The losing pitcher was D’Andra McFadzean. The Crooked Tree Gov’t School boys walloped the Holy Cross Anglican School boys of San Pedro: 8-4. Winning

Quan’s Trading Co. toughs out Police & Tuff E’Nuff Continued from page 11 Tuff e’Nuff’s Farron Louriano had 18 points and 14 boards, but Quan’s led 16-14 in the 1st quarter. With help from Jamal Kelly’s and Tyrone “Joker” Edwards, Tuff e’Nuff took over the lead 30-29 at the half. Tuff e’Nuff held the lead 51-48 in the third quarter, but Danny Reynolds’ who scored 18 points and Kachief Thomas’ who scored 11 points turned things around in money time as Quan’s retook the 78-68 win. Other games: Police vs. Kolbe – 20-0 CYDP vs. Youth For the Future – 69-59 CYDP vs. Caye Caulker – 105-30 Youth For the Future vs. Belize Telemedia – 79-77

Crooked Tree boys are champs

NBA Finals Oklahoma City Thunder beats Miami Heat in Game 1 of NBA Finals

Miami Heat small forward LeBron James shoots over Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Nick Collison (4) during the second half at Game 1 of the NBA finals basketball series, Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuff E ‘Nuff’s Rico Black

OKLAHOMA CITY — Kevin Durant showed LeBron James how to play the fourth quarter in the NBA Finals. Durant scored 17 of his 36 in a nightmarish final quarter for James and his team, leading the Thunder to a 105-94 victory in

Game 1 on Tuesday night. Teaming with Russell Westbrook to outscore the Heat in the second half by themselves, Durant struck first in his head-to-head matchup with James, who had seven points in the final quarter and couldn’t stop the league’s three-time scoring champion.

pitcher Lawrence Banner struck out 3 batters, while Ethan Wade scored Crooked Tree’s first run in the 1st inning, but San Pedro’s Japhet Castillo, Eli Chi and Omar Gonzalo scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning. Ethan Wade, Ronald Castillo, Lawrence Banner, Christian Tillett, Jonathan Louriano, Terique Gillett, and Adrina Crawford scored 7 runs for Crooked Tree in the 2nd inning, in which only the losing pitcher Ryan Mendez scored for San Pedro. How they advanced: Buttonwood Bay Nazarene vs. Holy Cross Anglican School – 7-0 Winning pitcher: D’Andra McFadzean Crooked Tree Gov’t School vs. Buttonwood Bay Nazarene – 2-0 Winning pitcher: Lawrence Banner Belize Rural Primary School vs. Unity Presbyterian – 10-3 Winning pitcher: Erlean Casasola Holy Cross Anglican School vs. St. Martin De Porres – 4-2 Holy Cross boys vs. St. Martin De Porres – 4-2

Westbrook turned around a poor shooting start to finish with 27 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds. His three-point play on Oklahoma City’s final possession of the third quarter gave the Thunder its first lead, and the Heat never caught up. Scoring in nearly every way possible, Durant finished 12 of 20 from the field and added eight rebounds. He and Westbrook outscored the Heat 4140 in the second half. James finished with 30 points, his most in any of his 11 Finals games, but had only one basket over the first 8:15 of the fourth,. James averaged three points in the fourth quarters of the Heat’s six-game loss to Dallas last year, taking almost all the heat for Miami’s failure. He was good Tuesday, Durant was just better. Fans chanted “MVP! MVP!” to Durant late in the game. “I was playing off my teammates, not trying to force anything,’’ Durant said. Game 2 is Thursday night in Oklahoma City. “We didn’t attack as much in the second half,’’ Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “When we don’t attack we don’t get as many opportunities in the paint or at the free-throw line. And we’re a better defensive team than we showed. We have to get stops.’’



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012





Sunday, June 17, 2012

From Half-moons to Cheese Fries – The Culinary Journey of Frank Romero brought French fries fried up and sprinkled with sea salt and other special seasonings, spread with Belizean stewed-down ‘grind meat’ and topped off with ‘squeeze cheese’ in a condiment bottle, with jalapeno peppers and ketchup optional – and would inspire comments, such as the one your reporter made when I first met him a few weeks earlier, that it looked like a heart attack in a foam plate waiting to happen. But, after buying a plate or two of the stuff, your reporter humbly and respectfully takes those words back, and I stand in utter awe of his culinary talents. Frank Romero inside his Chilli Cheese Fries stall But while he on Queen Street operates from a BELIZE CITY, Friday, June 8th, 2012 mere rented shed which doesn’t have any electricity or refrigeration By Alton Humes It’s been said that one man’s as yet (owned by tourism operators, journey can take him as far as he the Cervantes family), Frank Romero can imagine, and even further than isn’t limiting himself in the least. In he knows. OK, that’s a new prov- fact, he will plan to add more foods erb straight from the mouth of this to his repertoire now and in the fureporter only but the above phrase ture, including pizzas and chili dogs, certainly does describe the culinary as well as hiring more staff to asjourney of Belize City-based chef, sist him. He admitted that for all of businessman, and entrepreneur the above to happen, however, he will have to bear the usual ‘growFrank ‘Franky’ Romero. The soft-spoken Romero’s quest ing pains’ of business – high cost of to bring to the Belizean masses the goods, turnout and even potential popular and much-known fast-food crimes of robbery, etc against him. known as Chili Cheese Fries was born But he never looked too worried out of his love of fast food and the about it all while he chatted with me, need to make a cheaper, more acces- as a strong Christian faith and providsible product available to hungry, pay- ing for his family and children is what ing customers who didn’t want to eat keeps him going. So, take it from me – if you’re the tired same ol’, same ol’. His overall journey into fast food began with ever in the mood for classically tasty the popular Carol’s Pizza on Douglas food, come down to Franky’s Chili Jones Street some years ago, home Cheese Fries stand on Queen Street. of the famous and popular half-moon You’ll be glad you did. calzones, which closed down a few years ago (it’s also where another business, Nice Bakery and Deli, now also closed, currently stands). His ‘Belizean’ take on Chili Cheese Fries (selling from BZC$3.00 upwards) is far more rustic – store-

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Mayor Gilbert Swazo & Cuban Ambassador discuss Dangriga’s development

Dangriga, Tuesday 12 June 2012 A formal and productive meeting with the Ambassador of Cuba His Excellency Manuel Rubido was held at the Dangriga Town Council by Mayor H. Gilbert Swaso and the newly elected Councillors. The objective of this meeting was to organise a Mobile Clinic Plan which will focus particularly in the areas of Dangriga with potentially primary health care problems within the community. The Cuban doctors and nurses will be visiting areas to identify ailments and possible health risks in the community, and addressing these issues. These doctors and nurses will also be providing medical advice to sensitize the residents in categories which include health hygiene, good eating habits, good life style etc. An invitation is open to all

Dangriga Mayor (R) His Worship Gilbert Swazo and Cuban Ambassador H.E. Manuel Rubido

Students of Arkansas in collaboration with the Dangriga Town Council hosting a student exhibition at the BTL Park

doctors and nurses of any nationalities to join the initiative. A discussion also took place about the possibility of the Town Council receiving technical assistance from Cuba in different areas such as infrastructure, climate control damage particularly erosion and also technical services from one of Cuba’s largest Infrastructure International Development Company (UNECA). Also discussed was the availability of Technical Scholarships for students or individuals in pursuit

17 of Tertiary Level Education in Engineering, Architecture or even Certification Seminars in other related fields. A brief proposal relating to Sports, in regards to coaching seminars in basketball, boxing, baseball and other sporting arenas was also looked at. An interest was expressed for a multi-purpose sporting facility or assistance in refurbishing the Y-Not Island Basketball Court, to allow sporting activities to be hosted indoors. As it relates to Dangriga Town, Peacework and the University of Arkansas partnering with Dangriga Town Council and other local partners were in the community representing Health, Business, and Literacy, Ecology and Engineering faculties. Peacework is designed to foster community engagement, economic development and social change in the community of Dangriga. Several projects were undertaken by these Students of Arkansas in collaboration with the Dangriga Town Council, which includes the following: • The construction of the first ever park at Lakeland • Building of a Tourism Booth at Y Not Island • Customer Service workshops for the Staff of Dangriga Town Council • Health education at Christ the King and Epworth Methodist Schools All of the projects that were undertaken were a success and both the Dangriga Town Council and Peacework are looking forward for next year’s team. The new elected Town Council under the leadership of Mayor H. Gilbert Swaso is definitely working for the betterment and development of Dangriga and its community.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Belize public safety –

a material resource problem? By Richard Harrison Belize is a relatively small country of 350,000 inhabitants. The largest municipality is Belize City, with an estimated day-time population of 70,000. Seven other principal townships have an average of 18,000….. and the other half of the population live in over 300 scattered rural villages with populations ranging from 50-700. At the time of Independence, on September 21, 1981, Belize was a relatively peaceful place where violent crime was few and far in between. During the summer-time, families could sleep with their doors and windows open, to allow in the cool night air that made sleeping without sweating possible. Today, Belize is among the most violent countries in the world, when compared with other countries based on number of homicides per 100,000 population. There are still small villages in Belize where people can leave their windows open at night and feel rather safe, however this is now only a memory for folks living in the larger villages, towns and cities. Crime in general (and especially violent crime) has been trending upwards since the time of Independence. There have been various attempts made to improve documentation and analysis of this trend…… by social psychologists, local and foreign experienced law enforcement officers, church groups, educational institutions, political organizations, concerned citizen groups, etc. One of the “problems” most often identified is that of “lack of resources”. They claim the law enforcement officers have too few vehicles, radios, handcuffs, forensic capability, men, etc etc. So….most of the responses so far to our public safety problem has been to seek out and allocate more material resources for the law enforcement bodies. Community groups that were previously critical of law enforcement efforts have formed alliances with the law enforcement community…doing all they can to aliment the “lack of resources” police department. They run about the community asking for contributions to purchase flashlight and other equipment, vehicle and gasoline, even handcuffs and other police paraphernalia, which are material resources they say the police don’t have. They simply become apologists after a time….having gotten sucked into the apparatus. Our government is engaged with regional initiatives aimed at stemming the trend of rising crime in the region. Recently, the USA government donated various millions worth of law enforcement equipment and training to Belize. The principal test of viability of a state is its ability to provide for the basic personal safety needs of

its population….so that they can go about freely to collect their other needs for food, shelter, clothing. All other activity is compromised in a society when public safety is compromised. Thus public safety is first priority of any government of an Independent country. A state is said to be a “failed state” when it can no longer provide basic public safety needs of its population. If public safety is the first priority….then decisions need to be made about allocation and reallocation of resources. One has to give up a couple streets and drains, or close couple redundant government departments, in order to afford better safety and security…..not depend on hand outs from other governments…or from private special interests. But in Belize….this does not happen. We have expanded slush fund budgets for all avenues of government….while we leave the public safety networks on a respirator. We have done this since we became Independent. The politicogovernmental-establishment apparatus has worked hard to build up their networks. They like the situation the way how it is. The safe corridors for drugs remain open, the selling of passports, residency and work-permit status for immigrants of all kinds continue apace, cancerous insider-trading of government lands, pillaging by contraband, under-the-table trading of government contracts, favors and benefits is said to be highly dependent on your political color and the size of kick-back that you negotiate with the party contracting on behalf of government. Promotion within the Police Department are said to be highly politically influenced. One can even get a degree from the University of Belize, they say, if one is willing to part with enough cash. In general, there are so many people in Belize that have found their way into the lucrative “white collar” corruption apparatus…that they laugh at and despise the people who work hard every day for their living. So many live in big mansions, drive the latest fancy cars and boats, travel often to Miami on shopping gauntlets, yet you can’t see what work they do. In Belize, many public sector employees live better than private entrepreneurs. Their work is done in the dark corridors….where the apparatus of the underworld intersects with the politico-governmental and safety/security networks. For this apparatus to thrive…. law enforcement must be a colluder with the politico-governmental and private establishment interests. This system is now very elaborate and highly sophisticated….it took us 30 years to construct. All the parties in this collusion…..are living high off the hog. They will do everything in their power to “enhance” their status….not to cause detriment to it. Hence…it

can be argued….that you can now throw a few billion dollars’ worth of material resources at the problem of public safety in Belize….and what you will get is more excuses and request for more resources. In no time, the vehicles, equipment, weapons, ammunition, computers, radars, and other materials resources will be damaged, lost, stolen, misplaced or otherwise disposed of….without a trace…so that there will always be a “good apology” for failure to provide public safety…and a “good reason” to write more proposals to foreign entities for assistance to “show” that something is being done….while we continue in our own national budget to reflect a country giving rather low priority to public safety. Our public safety problem is more of a human corruption model that is very sophisticated. There are concrete reasons why government would choose to fund foreign service offices in Thailand and Cuba, at the expense of providing resources for public safety in the communities within Belize. The parasitic system is so well developed in Belize that throwing more resources at the problem will be like throwing good money after bad money….send the rat to guard

19 the cheese. The same people in place….no change can be expected. The system has been hijacked by a few…and the silent majority has unknowingly and naively played the role of collaborator in the setting up and entrenching of this system. To break this system…..radical decision and actions will need to be taken by the so-far silent majority. An INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION will provide the traction for the people to gather around a forward job-creating momentum which will bring about wide sweeping changes in thinking and policy, without the need for civil strife and/or limiting of individual freedoms to achieve our desire for public safety which will only come about if we break these chains that bind the politico-governmental-establishment-underworld apparatus. One can reasonably expect that there will be a lot of resistance to start-up of an INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION...but once started.... inspired by the soul of the people.... it will catch fire rapidly....bringing sweeping changes to our shores. Richard Harrison is a local businessman and investor in the manufacturing and service industries. Send comments to

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day to all our Real Men By Stanley Lemus Belize is one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t have an official day on which Fathers are honored. Whilst the origin of Father’s Day remains unclear, some say it began with a Church service in West Virginia USA in 1908. Others say the first Father’s Day ceremony was held in Vancouver Washington, USA. Regardless of when the true celebration of Father’s Day occurred, the strongest promoter of the day was one Mrs. Bruce John Dodd of Spokane Washington. She became inspired and stimulated following a special Mother’s Day service and sermon, which helped her to see and recognize her own Father’s efforts despite having lost his wife. Her father had shown dedication, love, sacrifice, devotion, loyalty to her mother and her 5 other siblings. Dodd approached her own church minister about having a special church service to honor Fathers on June 5th, her own Father’s birthday. That date was too soon for the Minister/Priest to prepare the service, so instead the service was held on June 19th or as we now celebrate it, the third Sunday in the month of June. Thus began a tradition of the celebration of Father’s Day. While this day is celebrated here in Belize, can all our children share and utter the same feelings as Mrs. Bruce John Dodd, who proudly honored and recognized her Father? The day will feature many families children visiting or being visited by Father’s, going to dinners, and buying special gifts, but does all this truly represent the real meaning of celebrating and saluting our Real Fathers and Real Men, or is it just part of our commercial, pumping a scene because of others do it and it looks right? Real Men who turn out to be Real Fathers are those who find time to hug their children at all times giving a sense of security and protection, go to the park, the games, to school and yes even to church. Fathers attend church as part of our family unit. Real Men share ups and downs, joy and sorrows with their children. They have every reason to be honored and called Fathers. To the men who feel their only obligation is to plant the seed and move on we say rethink your actions. Our children need both Fathers and Mothers. Our children, especially males, mimic and follow their fathers’ examples. Is it any wonder a lot of young men become young Fathers and don’t know how to love and even show it? We call on all FATHERS to lead by good examples and not the bad ones. Our children are the reflection of us. The Nation of Belize desires all of us Real Fathers and Men to discover our true selves. Let us cut the macho crap. Parenting was never designed for MOTHERS only, but for BOTH parents. Let us not only celebrate being Fathers only on that special day, but always, putting the commercial and other props aside. Let us guide our children, love them, support them, remembering always that our children’s role in society will depend on the legacy both parents leave their children. At the same time, we honor and salute our Women, for without Mothers there could be no Fathers.





Bob Dhillon awarded Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta & Bob Dhillon

Belize City, June 13, 2012 Well-known investor and benefactor, Bob Dhillon, was the honorary recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, which was created as part of the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne. The award was bestowed on him for his dedication and contribution to the development of Canada.


Re-Registration! Continued from page 2 sary process for democracy; that is, cleaning up the voters’ lists of a country every 10 or 15 years. The last time it was done in Belize was in 1997 (15 years ago). It is a useful process that certainly would reduce and limit the bogus voting from taking place in this very important referendum in October, 2013. Yet, the UDP government is refusing to implement this legally mandated re-registration exercise in July and August of this year. The government says that it does not have the money to do it. Which is hogwash as they knew as far back as 2008, in their first term in office, that the

re-registration exercise process was mandated to take place in July and August of this year. What then could be the true reason of the government in refusing to clean up the voters’ list when the stakes are so high? When the future boundary of our country is at stake? Could it be that the UDP government is conspiring? And with whom? The constitutional opposition has already called out the government on this. We are demanding the government implement the re-registration. This is the only way we can have a free and fair referendum in October, 2013 in which only true Belizeans will get to vote on this, the most important matter in our country’s history.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Police suspect San Pedro teens’ murder was drug-related BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 The brutal murder of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe this past week has now been compounded infinitely as it has been immediately followed by yet another dastardly killing, this time the victims are a pair of San Pedro teenagers. The dead bodies of 17-year-old Edwardo Daniel Alamilla and his cousin 18-yearold Charlie Espat were found along the old northern road near the village of Santa Martha in the Orange Walk District on Saturday morning. A farmer who travels along the roadside to get to his farm noticed a swarm of vultures gathered at a certain spot, and when he went to check he discovered what were two bodies partially buried. The bodies were partially decomposed and not identifiable to Police, but when the missing boys’ parents arrived at the scene, Rolando Espat recognized the tattoos on his 18 year old son’s foot. The boys had been killed and dumped on the site. Both had gunshot wounds to their heads. Charlie had an additional gunshot to his chest. The two young men, who worked as fishermen on their island home, had been reported missing on June 2nd. The last known information about them was that they were headed to George Street in Belize City to meet with certain individuals. So what could have led to teenaged boys to their untimely death? And why are Police saying the killing may have been drug related? It all started with reported verbal

threats dating back some months ago and more recently, text threats, all from a known criminal figure. Charlie’s father, and Daniel’s uncle, Rolando Espat, attempted to report the matter to the relevant authorities but to no avail. And then there was the fact the pair were traveling to Belize City in order to meet with the man, who was offering to “pay them off” according to the family. On the day the boys disappeared they were accompanied by another family member. It appears that he sensed that things would not end well and he parted ways from the duo, expecting them to arrive in San Pedro by dusk. That decision, while definitely saving his life, would also leave him as the last person to see the two alive. All of the above, however, is of no comfort to the mother of Daniel Alamilla, Carmita Espat, who let loose her building grief and anger over the senseless murder. “This pain that I am going through, I don’t want it for nobody. He (the killer) have to think that he has a family, it’s not fair, he didn’t have to kill the kids like that,” cried out the grieving mother. The young men, due to the advancing amount of decomposition, were collected and taken to San Pedro, and immediately buried. The police say they are looking for Eric Swan and Investigations into this matter remain ongoing at this time.

Sunday, June 17, 2012



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Rearing Criminals I recall sometime ago driving into a business establishment parking space. I had my family with me so I stayed in the car while my wife made her way out to do the different transactions. Inside a vehicle next to ours was a child aged between three to six years. I noticed that he politely burped at my wife as she exited our car, but to my surprise and with no regard to my presence in the vehicle, he continued to burp at my kids among other annoying little gestures. I leaned forward to address his behavior and was blown away by the discovery that an adult, quite possibly his mother, was sitting right there in the same vehicle with him. Although I won’t continue to mention what aspired after that it really pricked my heart that a parent, or possibly a guardian, could sit quietly and carelessly in such a situation allowing an infant to misbehave without immediate correction. In the scripture it is quite clear who is responsible to raise the child and how the child should be raised. In (Proverbs 13:24) it says that if you don’t spank your child you actually hate them but if you love them you chasten them quickly! What I find amazing is that we humans, who are created beings, begin to make our own laws while laying aside the Law of the ‘Creator’ who made us. Over our time of existence we have found the Law of God to become quite obsolete, as our intelligence rises and we set out to help him upgrade his outdated ways! As a country we have left from a peaceful society to one where an average of two souls weekly is murdered and now there are articles being printed internationally bashing our “once beautiful Jewel”! What has changed? Why are we on this downward rollercoaster you may ask? Many blame the criminals, others blame the politicians and law enforcers, but my opinion is that we need to blame ourselves! Who raised the politicians, who raised the policemen, who raised the criminals? I heard over and over again from my parents that if you as a young person did wrong on the street and an adult corrected you, they would continue by spanking you and then taking you home. When they spoke to your parents you would get a second beating! In those days our society was much more peaceful. Adults were addressed as Mr. or Mrs., and your questions were answered with a “yes sir” or “no ma’am” at the end! Today, on the contrary, you think it’s cute because your child can fight off the others, or because he sounds so sweet bringing out curse words from his lips? Now even the teachers are afraid to discipline your child because although the parents are not present for any other important event during the year, for that one they will fly to the school making a public spectacle, giving your child the impression that he can do anything he wants in school! We have parents that take it out to another level by sending or allowing their kids to steal or beg on the streets, having no idea of their whereabouts!!! I must bring this to a close but what do you think about today’s topic? The topic for today is rearing criminals but what would you call the agency that rears criminals? For me, I get quiet concerned as I look around and see parents, because of varying reasons, raising their children contrary to the Manufacturers Specifications, yet these said parents are still genuinely expecting the best to come out of it. I recommend to you to begin looking at a system of order and discipline to grow your children in. Don’t encourage them to be rude to older siblings or adults they come in contact with, teach them manners, and most of all when they get out of hand do not hate on them by sparing the rod but rather pull that rod and quickly chasten them. Do not spare the rod and spoil the child! Until next week God bless!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012


THINK ABOUT IT NO COOPERATION WITH BARROW Hon. Francis Fonseca, the Leader of the nation’s constitutional opposition has warned the government that if it does not stop its illegal behavior and arrogant abuse of power, there will be no cooperation from the opposition, on any matter. These are strong words. If the situation comes to that it means our bad circumstances in Belize will get manifestly worse. But for 16 votes, the opposition would have become the new government. This means that half the population of the country wanted to change government. PM Barrow promised he would change his arrogant ways and govern with more maturity and a sense of proper responsibility to all Belizeans. But leopards can’t change their spots. Nothing changed. The Opposition Leader has been receiving reports that in the constituencies where the voters elected PUP Area Representatives, Prime Minister Barrow has been giving government resources to the defeated UDP politicians to abuse. This is illegal and unethical. Government resources are for all the people of the constituencies. Area Representatives in their own right, but also as members of the National Assembly, have a responsibility to see that such resources are properly used for all the people in their area. Defeated UDP politicians cannot lawfully handle or administer government resources. Yet the Prime Minister insists on breaking the law. Hon. Francis Fonseca, a man slow to anger; and a man not given the melodrama and show off behavior is perfectly right to warn the government that their arrogance will lead to a serious breakdown in how the country is governed. EAMON COURTENAY Eamon Courtenay is one of Belize’s brilliant people. He is an intellectual with a sharp and analytical mind. He is more than well read. With knowledge comes wisdom. Can we make this point before we write on? The solution to Belize’s problems will come from persons with brains, ideas, and vision. Where there is no brains, no ideas and no vision the people will perish. Eamon is also one of Belize’s toppest lawyers. On Monday 11 June 2012 following an interesting Court decision, Eamon was interviewed by Channel 7. Supreme Court Judge Legall had just handed down a whopping 80 page judgment declaring the government’s robbery of BTL as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The government had previously stolen BTL in 2009. At that time they passed laws and signed acquisition orders with much fanfare and Hollywood style acting and drama. Bam! The Court of Appeal ruled that the ENTIRE process was unconstitutional. The government relinquished BTL. Barrow did not wish to look stupid after all his posturing and rhetoric (he declared himself the greatest nationalist in Belize); so he took over BTL a second time. He did this by using the police to strong back BTL. First they thief it in 2009. Then last year they retook it by robbery. The government changed the constitution and took over BTL a second time. This time the Supreme Court struck

down the government takeover of BTL as illegal and worse, unconstitutional. This happened Monday 11 June 2012. The result of the Judgment sounds strange. It sounds like something concocted by Barrow and one Ghandi. It’s a Belmopan state of mind. It is doubly strange coming weeks after Barrow was exposed for holding secret talks with Ashcroft and publicly bowing down to Lord Ashcroft at a Belize Bank ceremony last month. And it is triply strange because while the robbery is pronounced illegal by the Court; the stolen item is not ordered to be returned. Instead, Barrow is to start paying Ashcroft. What’s so strange about this? It’s exactly what Ashcroft wanted. The payments are in excess of THREE HUNDRED MILLION dollars plus annual interest which is millions more. If the interest is fifteen percent per annum, that is another 45 million dollars. From 2009 to 2012 that is 4 year at 45 million per year which is 180 million dollars. What a mess we are in. Add to those millions the fifty million taken out of Social Security put in BTL. Then think about this. BTL internet service is lousy and expensive. Text messages and cell phone calls are way too expensive. So what have we the people gotten for all the millions we will have to pay? When questioned about the decision of Justice Legall, Eamon was like icing on the cake. In a smooth, measured response to a question from Channel 7, he said words to this effect. “…based on the decision of Justice Legall, the people who are in that building (BTL) and in charge of that building – like your father – are in unlawful occupation. It should not be lost on them that the judge has said that the acquisition of that company and my client’s interest is unconstitutional.” They (government) need to start paying the bank its money, or it’s likely that further steps will have to be taken. CRAZY LETTER FROM GOVERNMENT A Magistrate who was a former public officer and a former Prosecutor was on study leave previously. He returned from three years of study with a Law Degree from the University of Guyana. The Magistrate worked for two years and was accepted at the Norman Manley Law School. He returned home a few days ago. He reported for work and was given a letter signed by a retired public officer, rehired by the politicians in Belmopan. The letter in effect told the Magistrate that government will continue to pay him 80 percent student salary but could not find the extra 20 percent for the remaining two months he is in Belize. So he is to stay home and watch TV or do as he pleases but he is not to work as no money noh deh. There are three Courts without any Magistrates for the past 6 months. BTL IS BLOCKING There is an implement named Magic Jack. It is manufactured to allow for easy phone calls from a computer to another telephone. Some persons in Belize have purchased Magic Jack and installed same. They can call friends and relatives abroad for free or almost free. Ain’t that great. BTL, so called owned by the government and people of Belize, has been

blocking other citizens of Belize from using their Magic Jacks. Ain’t that worthless. BNE DI OVER SUCK Belize Natural Energy is the lucky oil company that found oil in Belize in commercial quantities. They are also lucky in that two governments have allowed them to get away with small taxes on their big profits. BNE has sold over I billion dollars’ worth of Belizean oil overseas, while the government accept less than one-third of that amount in taxes. It is not yet known how much BNE “donates” to the politicians, under the table. The quantity of oil that BNE has been sucking out of the ground at Spanish Lookout has been declining, i.e. getting less. The explanation offered for this is that BNE is sucking out too much oil too fast. Because the oil is deep in the ground, when pumping it out, the pumping has to be measured and allow for oil to drain back into the vein. BNE is in such a haste to suck out the oil that it is not waiting for it to settle in the veins. So they are sucking out less and less. Question is, why is BNE in such a hurry to suck out as much as they can right now? Do they know something we don’t? A LESSON? Sierra Leone is a country in Africa. It is blessed with diamonds. Or as the citizens there would say, it is a curse to have this wealthy resource. Only foreign companies and corrupt politicians benefit from the diamond trade. Recently the citizens through NGOs and Civil Society Groups have kicked up such fuss that the politicians got frightened and changed the law. They changed the tax on the London Mining diamond company from 6 percent to 25 percent. Maybe Belize could learn something from this. Maybe, but unlikely. SON OF SOLGEN The Solicitor General is a foreigner. Brought to Belize by the government and given a high and important position without any advertisement for Belizeans to apply for the post. The position of Director of Legal Services had been vacant for more than six months now. Without any vacancies being advertised. Without any local Belizean lawyer being given a chance to apply. The post has been given to someone. Shame on the Judicial Services Commission? Guess who is on the Commission? The foreign Sol Gen. Guess who get the big job as Director? The Son of Sol Gen. Guess what is his last name? Barrow NOREEN FAIRWEATHER Mrs. Noreen Fairweather is a known UDP. She was the Commissioner of Lands. When her party was in opposition she was widely suspected of bending in all sorts of directions for her party. When her party became government in 2008 she was swiftly removed and demoted. The UDP could not trust a snitch in the Lands Ministry knowing they intended to do all manner of wrong doing and corrupt behavior. Mrs. Fairweather became a glorified Clerk at NEMO. For the 2012 general elections the UDP government appointed well known public officers as election officials. Mrs. Fairweather was assigned

25 to Lake Independence as the Returning Officer. Mrs. Fairweather refused to allow Yolanda Shackron to be nominated as the candidate. This is exactly what the UDP had been saying for weeks prior to the nomination. Mrs. Shackron had to be replaced and the PUP lost a seat they held since 1998. In a Supreme Court case on the matter, the Chief Justice noted that Mrs. Fairweather had no legal authority to refuse Yolanda Shakron’s nomination. She should have accepted the nomination and then the UDP could only have challenged it in the Supreme Court. Mrs. Fairweather needs to be disciplined for following the UDP and exercising an authority which she had no reason in law to exercise. Likewise Yolanda Shackron, on the basis of the Chief Justice’s decision, can sue Mrs. Fairweather for all the expenses and campaign costs and suffering she had to endure. 3 MEN AND A PELLET GUN Three young men were arrested and charged for illegal possession of a firearm. They were remanded to prison and they are now going through a trial. The trial is a farce. It is an abuse of the court process and it is an abuse of our justice system. The Firearm law expressly states in the very first section what is a firearm. It says that a pellet gun is not a firearm under the law. A firearm is anything that shoots bullets and cartridges and anything that explodes. A pellet is not a bullet. PIPE AND PAVE Former UDP Prime Minister Right Hon. Manuel Esquivel, has succeeded where most others cannot. He has gotten the Water Authority to put in new and larger water pipes so he can enjoy more water pressure in his house, and therefore doesn’t have to pay for installing a new house pump. And he has gotten City Council and Public Works to repave the whole area of Daly Street in front of his house so his business can benefit and is house appearance looks better. Big favours for one person while the rest of the city cannot drive or walk or ride for the multitude of potholes and broken streets.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dah fool di talk, but dah noh fool di listen Barrow insists downgrade is good for Belize

Belize City, June 13, 2012 Prime Minister Dean Barrow may be a brilliant lawyer but he’s proving to be a very lousy economist. Not only

does he clearly lack knowledge of the basic tenets of economic growth to the extent that he has the country in its worst economic state in recent history, but he

by Standard & Poors which occurred in August and November 2011. A downgrade is never good news for any economy as it immediately scares away investors. A downgrade means the country is less creditworthy and it means that the country is in economic trouble, either

A Tale of Two Press Conferences Belize City, June 13, 2012 The people of Belize had an opportunity this past week to witness and listen to two Press Conferences, one hosted by the People’s United Party and one by Prime Minister Barrow. It was quite a revealing tale of two political parties headed in opposite directions. The PUP event was well organized, focused, relevant and very informative. The energy, competence, unity and strength of the PUP was on full display. Party Chairman Henry Usher set the tone for the press conference with a clear, strong welcome message. Party leader Francis Fonseca then delivered a focused, passionate opening statement exposing the continued failings of the UDP government 97 days after the elections of March 7th. As always, the Party Leader was humble, inspiring and hopeful about the future. He extended the PUP hand of partnership to civil society and the private sector and repeated his Party’s commitment to working with the Government on matters of national importance PROVIDED that the UDP act in good faith and with respect toward the Party’s representatives. This was followed by dynamic, factfilled statements from the Deputy Party

Leaders and Senators on the Economy, Education, Crime, Agriculture, and the Sugar Industry. All of these presentations were clear, focused messages identifying the critical challenges facing our country and offering solutions. Statements were also delivered on crime, re-registration, rural development, the Belize/Guatemala issue, and Health. The power of the PUP TEAM was on full display, a Party ready to lead Belize to a better place for all Belizeans. Contrast this with the UDP “ONEMAN” show in which Dean Barrow is the only star in town. As usual the PM was sarcastic, mean-spirited and intimidating. It was a confused Press Conference offering no solutions to the crisis Belize is in and no hope to the Belizean people, just the showman doing what he does best, perform. On the one hand Barrow is saying get ready for more hard times while at the same time he is saying all is well and Belize is on the right track. What a confused mind. There was no UDP team, no one else competent enough to face the nation. No discussion of the education and health sectors, nothing new to report on crime, no new economic initiatives, the bond restructuring is on life support, no criminal wrongdoing at KHMH despite the clear facts, just spending cuts are coming but where, surely not for the fancy vehicles and lavish trips. The PUP is on the way up, getting ready to take over the Government while the UDP is on the way down already a lame duck administration…for those who wish to see let them see… the writing is on the wall……it’s only a matter of time.

misreads financial red flags, ignores threats until they exacerbate and dangerously drives the nation down risky paths. The best examples of these have been the Prime Minister’s bizarre public approval for international credit rating downgrades. Two major cuts to the nation’s economic credit rating have taken place this year, in February and June – both by international credit rating agency, Moody’s. These downgrades were preceded by financial rating cuts

because it is not seeing growth or is unable to meet its debt obligation. In Belize’s case, the problem is both. The cut for Belize’s foreign currency government bond rating from Caa1 to Ca and the government’s local currency bond rating from Caa1 to Caa3 “reflects the government’s deteriorating capacity and willingness to service its external debt…due to declining oil-related revenues and mounting fiscal liabilities stemming from the nationalizations of Belize Electricity Ltd and Belize TelecomContinued on page 27

Sunday, June 17, 2012



PUP Deputy Leader calls for tax reduction on home construction

Hon. Julius Espat

Dah fool di talk, but dah noh fool di listen Continued from page 26 munications Ltd.”, according to international economic advisors at Moody’s. They further state that “fiscal space remains limited and public debt is set to report an unsustainable trajectory in coming years as a result of rising debt service costs and limited growth prospects”. There is nothing positive there and any good leader would have reacted with urgency to correct the problem. But not Prime Minister Barrow. Shortly after returning from Miami five days after Moody’s second downgrade, he said the downgrade is “helpful” because it will “cause bond holders [to provide] some form of debt relief”. Barrow was referring to his administration’s attempt to restructure the US$565 million Superbond, which it says it can’t afford to pay. A downgrade means the value of the bonds would reduce, which the Prime Minister hopes would force bondholders to want to renegotiate. But all indications are that the bondholders are not showing signs of bending. While Barrow may salivate at the idea of the bonds’ value lowered to junk, he ignores the damage credit rating downgrades caused on Belize’s larger economy. Already deep in recession, further downgrades, which Moody’s has warned is likely, could intensify the economic crisis, further weaken investor confidence and aggravate the situation that could lead to sovereign insolvency.

Belize City, June 12, 2012 Citing the need to spur economic development in the country, Deputy Leader Hon. Julius Espat suggested various measures that the Barrow Administration could undertake, including a tax reduction on home construction and the agroproductive sectors. Under the UDP, there has been no housing boom. Its Ministry of Housing has been led by a politician who has been all too non-caring about housing issues. This has left Belizeans on their own, having to grapple

with the high cost of living and high interest rates at the banks. “We should reduce taxes to a minimum on home construction. Approximately 40% of the cost of contruction goes to taxes. This would give more Belizeans an opportunity to own their homes,” remarked Hon. Julius. Meanwhile, the Cayo South PUP representative said there must be an immediate plan to rescue the economy. That plan, he said, has to include engaging investors to create an environment that is conducive to business, developing a cruise port that is badly needed to ensure the sustainability of the cruise tourism industry, developing sectors such as resort and condo development, streamlining taxes, and encouraging citizens to be business-minded.

UDP puts ‘goat mouth’ on oil company Belize City, June 13, 2012 Prime Minister Dean Barrow is coming off, alarmingly, as an oil addict lately. Strapped with limited cash after practicing much waste in Government, Barrow says his best hope is for someone to find oil in Belize. Well, Barrow had his fingers crossed that the Guatemalan-based multinational company, Perenco, would find oil at a well it had pierced through in the outskirts

of Orange Walk Town. It appeared the company was close to finding black gold; that is until the UDP’s El Guardian put goat mouth on them. The company had been successfully drilling for oil since April in an area just two miles out of Chan Pine Ridge Village. Its prospects were good. Seismic testing had resulted in positive news. A large tract of sugar cane land was leased and tens of thousands of dollars in equipment was transported to erect a 24/7 operated drilling rig to dig for oil. Well, all the optimism faded suddenly when UDP agents visited the site, took pictures and published it in the El Guardian as some kind of UDP success. The front page story was published last week Thursday, and only a few days later, the company had to call off the operations after its drilling showed very bad results. Today the rig has been dismantled and the company hired

Another 13 Year Old Missing Belize City, June 13, 2012 Over the past week Belizeans have been shocked at the news that three teenagers, reported missing in separate cases, have turned out murdered. This is what makes yet another report of a missing child, from the Toledo District, very worrying. 13 year old Guatemalan student Maria Elena Hernandez has been missing since Wednesday, June 6th – a week ago. Maria’s mother reported to the Police that the child left her home in Bella Vista Village for school around 7:00 am on Wednesday along with her sister, but while the sister arrived at school, Maria never made it. The parents are now very concerned that their daughter’s life

Maria Hernandez

might be in danger. Maria is of fair complexion, 4 feet 5 inches in height, has black hair and was last seen with her school uniform, which is a light green blouse and a dark green skirt. Anyone who knows Maria’s whereabouts is asked to contact the nearest Police station.

One sector that needs help is the agro productive industry, said Hon. Julius. “We cannot be relying on the importation of goods. This government has shown its corrupt practices in the past where licenses for onions, rice and other vegetables are given to cronies, while the same products that our farmers produce are rotting in the fields and storage facilities. We need to give incentives to our producers and not chastise them the way government is presently doing.” Hon. Julius ended saying it was time the Government allows business in the country to happen and he challenged citizens to get up and take a stand with the Opposition to ensure no less.

Perenco has dismantled its operations to drill said they are relocating to an area deep in the jungle in the Orange Walk district, possibly to avoid being reached by the bad-lucked UDPs who jinxed them.

U.S. fugitive caught in Belize Belize City, June 12, 2012 23 year old Cameron Paul Crockett was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the December 2008. Crockett was the reported driver in an accident which killed 20-year-old John “Jack” Korte Jr. in a late-night crash. Crockett remained free on bail and was supposed to return to court for sentencing four days later, but he never showed up. The search for Crockett led U.S. officials to Belize. Crockett now faces up to 15 ½ years behind bars. In addition to a five-year sentence for manslaughter the jury recommended for Crockett in his absence March 5, he faces new felony and misdemeanor charges of failure to appear in Court which carries up to six years’ imprisonment. Crockett also awaits trial on misdemeanor charges related to the fatal crash and a subsequent accusation that he threatened a witness.



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