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Sunday, June 10, 2012




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SUNDAY June 10, 2012

Issue No. 4799

Barrow Unable to Halt UDP Uprising Belize City, June 5, 2012 When Prime Minister Dean Barrow returns from Miami on Thursday he will be confronted with an uprising from within his party. Very reliable information to the BELIZE TIMES indicates that there is serious division in the UDP over a number of issues including the silent but dominant role played by former PUP Mark Espat, and the Prime Minister’s secret talks with Michael Ashcroft, which our sources say is ongoing whenever the PM is in Miami. In addition, there is growing concern over

Hazardous & toxic medical waste is being dumped just outside of Belmpan

nabbed for Toledo Credit Union heist

Oswald Young

Romel Elijio

BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 By Alton Humes If there could be a worst time for news of more bad-behaving, lawless cops it is now

Sachario Cus

when the reputation of the Police Department is at its ever lowest. But that reputation has had to sink even lower with Continued on page 9


Tatiana Rivero


Moody’s downgrades Belize again Debt Rating sinks further into junk territory Belize City, June 4, 2012 Belize’s economy, under the Barrow Administration’s control, has been on a steady, one-way, down-spiral course. This was confirmed once more by the bad news that the nation’s debt rating had been downgraded, again, by Moody’s credit rating agency. “The downgrade reflects the government’s deteriorating capacity and willingness to service its exContinued on page 6

Photo by Jessi Betancourt

Cayo District, Wednesday, June 7, 2012 When 13 year old Jasmine left her home in Santa Elena Town, at around 2:00 on Monday afternoon, she was supposed to visit her mother’s beauty salon to prepare herself for a scouting trip in Belmopan. The little girl, however, did not make it to either destination. Continued on page 4

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Jasmine Lowe

Hospital dumps hazardous waste in open site

Three Cops

cept there is no control as there is no clear leader or direction. Meanwhile the country Continued on page 4

Lowe found dead

Shame & Disgrace!!

Belize City, June 6, 2012 Health authorities must answer how and why hazardous waste including blood-stained Continued on page 9

Barrow’s ability to lead as he struggles to cope with his duties as PM and his wife’s cancer treatment. Barrow has been travelling out of the country every two weeks. All this time, the Government seems to be operating by an automated control, ex-


06 A Soldier Returns 10

Land Grab at Northern Border?

The “Madda-Fish” of Statutory Instruments




Sunday, June 10, 2012

Department of Transport must apologize to Sarteneja Bus Line Santa Martha Village Council requests Minister Lisel Alamilla’s intervention Hon. Lisel Alamilla Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Estimada Honorable, A nuestro conocimiento tenemos entendido de que la reserve en Santa Martha, Orange Walk, se ha dado en concesión para extraer madera en la cual la aldea de Santa Martha no ha obtenido ningún beneficio de este recurso. Por el momento se está cortando madera de tamaño inferior y se está estampando por los Oficiales Forestales de su ministerio. Al mismo tiempo hemos observado que aparte de la madera algunos individuos que no son de la Aldea de Santa Martha ya tienen líneas y han descampado terreno Continued on page 19

There are traitors amongst us Dear Editor: Our CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister needs to be removed from office for even trying to take a sovereign independent nation name BELIZE to any ICJ for trying to prove to Guatemala that Belize is ours. A good friend of mine God rest the dead, Attorney Richard Stuart wrote a beautiful song about Belize telling Guatemala not one square centimeter not one blade of grass they can get. Mr Tony Wright on your show on Thursdays when you play mostly Belizean music, please find that song and play it. Dedicate it to those two gentlemen I mentioned above. Belize is not for up for no court to decide our sovereignty. We are fully independent. No ICJ needs to decide that for us. From the Hondo to the Sarstoon from Benque to Turneffe, full 8,867 square miles. I listened to the CEO over an inContinued on page 19


This week’s worst street in Belize City is Santa Barbara Street in the Pickstock Division. The street has been neglected by the UDP City Council for the past 6 years, leaving commuters and residents having to deal with the huge craters and pot holes. If you want to suggest a worst street of the week email us the information or photos at

Dear Editor, I write as a teacher and a taxpayer to register my utmost dissatisfaction and consternation regarding the institutionalized terror and intimidation the Department of Transport (D.O.T) is unjustifiably and undeservedly inflicting on Orange Walkeños for the past few days. As much as the Chief Transport Officer, Mr. Crispin Jeffries, would seek to justify the gross wrongdoings of his officers, it is worth mentioning that my intention is not to vilify this very important department, but rather to alert him of the level of mediocrity and unprofessionalism that certain officers in his department seem to have adopted as a norm. For the past few days or so D.O.T. officers from Belmopan, I believe, have been temporarily attached to Orange Walk, particularly in the town, where routine road check-points are scheduled in an effort to ensure adherence to the law where motor vehicle and other vehicular issues are related. I believe such practice of assigning officers from Belmopan or elsewhere to “conduct business” on behalf of G.O.B in our town can be very effective given the proper mechanisms are in order, but such is not the situation in Orange Walk especially when outbursts of bribery and other inconsistencies are conspicuously rigged. It is evident that these officers, who are also very indulgent to their “friends” in Orange Walk, are inconsistent with the application of the law, summoning to Court only those who desist from giving them any gratification for the “run” they tend to offer bus drivers. This morning at about 6 am, for instance, as a Sarteneja Bus was heading to the terminal it was abruptly intercepted by the D.O.T’s assigned pick-up truck, whose driver instead of exercising the highest level of caution given the inclement weather, opted to overtake the bus with unwarranted speed provoking an accident that partially ripped off the front bumper of the bus, a strong indicator of who really caused the accident. Lo and behold,

instead of the traffic officers acknowledging their wrongdoing and behaving in an apologetic manner, they rather proceeded to verbally attack the bus driver and rant and rave about his culpability over the accident. The traffic officers proceeded to issue the driver a ticket (Court summons, I suppose) and thereafter whisked away to install further road checkpoints to terrorize other drivers. Their unprofessional behavior and the lack of quality P.R speaks volumes of commitment to their work and most certainly degrades the image of the Traffic Department and that of its already senile leadership. These officers, Mr. Jeffries, lack the professional amenities that you once aspired for. It is high time that all public officers, traffic and police officers for sure, be made accountable not only for their lack of decency and impetuous demeanor on the streets when in contact with the public but also for their disinterest in affording themselves the opportunity to become the role models that our younger generation so hungrily craves for. The incident this morning Mr. former-Police Hitler deserves nothing less than an earnest apology. Time is running out on the mediocrity and callousness of your officers Mr. Jeffries. Respectfully, Teacher (Please leave my name out to avoid victimization)






Alton Humes TYPIST


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Sunday, June 10, 2012



Murder madness claims art technician, Toledo farmer and noble errand man Monday, June 4, 2012 Another weekend is in the history books and so are three more murders. The hopeless slayings started from early last Friday morning with the brutal stabbing murder of Rudy Noel Cruz, 35, one of Belize’s best lighting technicians and disc jockeys. The businessman had arrived at his rented apartment sometime after one that morning in his vehicle and parked in the yard in front of his porch at #21 Allan Pitts Crescent. It is believed that he had someone with him since there was no sign of forced entry and also since he was stabbed while he slept in only boxer shorts and his hands showed no defensive marks. Cruz, who was engaged to a woman from Belmopan, had plans of tying the knot come this November. His sister, Araceli Acosta, says that she spoke with him just the day before and he seemed normal. He had lived at the address for the past 11 years and his neighbours say he was a quiet, easygoing man who troubled no one. That fateful morning no one heard or saw anything strange at the house where Cruz lived alone. While police say Cruz’ attacker was someone he knew and trusted in his house, they could not say whether he was robbed. They have confirmed, however, that he was stabbed on his abdomen, chest, arms and right leg in his bed. The blood-soaked sheets and mattress told the gruesome tale of his death. Cruz started out his career as a lighting technician at the former Bliss Institute under the wings of the late Beverly Smith Lopez. From his early beginnings his superiors and colleagues saw that he was going to be an asset to dance and theatre in Belize, professionally lighting up the stage for quite a many big events. On the morning he was discovered by his close friend and fellow DJ, Hard Rock, he was scheduled to go work at a school. When he didn’t show up, Hard Rock went looking for him and made the aweful discovery. It is a murder that is still unsolved. Cruz’ homicide was followed on Saturday night by the shooting murder of Steven Williams, 51, who earned his keep running errands for his neighbours and friends. Williams, who returned from the US a few years ago, reportedly went to deliver food for one of his neighbours, who is a food vendor. That trip took him up Racoon Street into Elston Kerr and then Iguana Street Extension. He never made it because that was where his predator, a man on a bicycle, caught up with him and shot him several times in the head, chest and ribcage, before turning back around and speeding down Elston Kerr Street towards Gwen Liz High School. By the time neighbours came out, Williams was slumped over his bike, halfway in the drain, not far from a phone booth at the corner. His family believes that because Williams hung out with the guys on Iguana Street, he was targeted by someone who probably had a conflict with one of them to send a message. There is nothing to indicate that Williams had been unscrupulous with anyone or that he was engaged in underworld activities. Police, meantime, are

Rudy Noel Cruz

Steven Williams

investigating whether his killing is related to another shooting that night not far up on the same street. That other attack was not fatal. The third murder occurred far away from the crime-infested City. In fact, it happened in one of the most peaceful

districts, Toledo. Farmer, Pablo Jose Sho, 51, was at Tropics Inn about a half a mile out of Punta Gorda along with his wife, Patricia Sho, 49, and son, Samuel Sho, 24, when sometime around four on Sunday morning they came under attack by a machete-wielding man who

inflicted injuries that later proved fatal for the elder Sho. PG police believe that the attacker gained entry into the building through an open window on the second floor. Pablo was hacked fatally in the head and was pronounced dead on arrival at the KHMH in Belize City, while Patricia was chopped to her head and left wrist, and Samuel Sho was chopped in his head, face, back and both arms. During the attack, Patricia managed to elude the machete man and ran for help. Two teenaged girls who also occupied the building were not hurt. The Sho family just recently moved from their village, San Pedro Colombia because the elder Sho was hired as caretaker of the inn. While they now prepare to lay Pablo Sho to rest, their attacker remains at large.




Continued from page 1

falls into deeper disaster. Senior UDP Ministers are feeling frustrated because they say nothing can get “done” unless Prime Minister Barrow is in the country to approve it. Several expressed concern that for three weeks there has been no


Lowe found dead Continued from page 1

Eyewitnesses saw Jasmine get into a white station wagon taxi cab at the lane leading to her house. That was the last time she was seen alive. A surveillance camera at the A&R Store just 300 yards up the street detected a white car that fits the taxi’s description driving by about a minute later and returning several minutes later. The images do not show who the driver was or if there were any passengers inside. The family’s efforts to reach her by cellular phone yielded only a Hispanic sounding woman on the other end. The family quickly printed flyers with Jasmine’s picture and a brief description of her in their hopes that it would bring her back safely. But their hopes were crushed at around 1:30 this afternoon. The little girl’s body was discovered in bushes off the Cristo Rey Road in San Ignacio by a resident whose nose was drawn to the smell of decomposing flesh. Police say that the child’s skin had what appeared to be bruises and that she was lying face down. Her clothing appeared to be intact. The police Forensic pathologist, Dr. Mario Estradabran, completed a post mortem tonight, the details of which say that the cause of death could not be determined because of the state of decomposition. San Ignacio’s acting-Officer in Command, Sr. Supt. Chester Williams says that his formation has already requested the assistance of the US law enforcement authorities to enhance the images of the surveillance camera, to possibly identify the vehicle’s license plate or any of the occupants. The Cayo community is in total shock. Only three weeks ago they were stunned with the killing of a well-known school counsellor, and now a promising teenager. Angered activists in the community are not only calling on the government, but everyone else to send a loud message to the killer that he and his actions will not be tolerated. As the Police try to piece together this mystery, they rely heavily on the community to come forth with information leading to an arrest. They have questioned a number of persons of interest and examined a few vehicles, but they believe that Jasmine’s killer continues to elude arrest. Once they are able to determine who the car is licensed to, then they could have their killer. Jasmine, described by her father, Chris Lowe, as an ambitious and intelligent thirteen year old, had just gone with him on a trek up Victoria Peak three weeks ago. She loved life and nature, he said. Her ambition, he added, was to become either a doctor or someone in the medical field. Those are also wishes and accomplishments that will, now, never come to pass.

Cabinet meeting, while national issues and concerns have been piling on top of each other. In an attempt to allay concerns, the UDP held a party caucus meeting in the absence of the Prime Minister and Party Leader to discuss how they will deal with the serious internal issues. At this meeting, senior UDPs lashed out at their own Government Ministers for their inability to curb criminal activity. Belize is now considered the 5th most deadly nation in the world as violent crime has been on the increase. A UDP faction called for the resignation of the Commissioner of Police, while another faction resisted and said only the Prime Minister can decide that. The following day a senior UDP official from Cayo was heard calling their own party radio station demanding the ComPol’s head. Another faction of the UDP also asked why they hadn’t received an update about the Superbond renegotiation,

and questioned whether the UDP is simply wasting money to pay a former PUP who helped them win the election. Mark Espat was named an Ambassador and lead negotiator by Prime Minister Barrow, without any consultation from his UDP colleagues. This led to a discussion of the recent downgrade by Moody’s. Ministers and senior UDP officials said that all the bad news gives the impression that the UDP just can’t manage the country or as Barrow himself said before the election, the UDP is incompetent. The meeting ended with limited consensus on issues. Most UDP ministers are guarded as they feel that saying anything bad against the Prime Minister could be detrimental. In the backdrop of this uprising is the impending battle for leadership in the United Democratic Party. The known contenders are Patrick Faber, John Saldivar and Gaspar Vega. However there may be two dark horses in Erwin Contreras and Santino Castillo, waiting back against the rail for that moment to lurch forward. In fact some sources indicate that Vega and his loyalists have shifted and are supporting Santino Castillo. Vega was terribly

Sunday, June 10, 2012 handicapped in the last election when all of his puppets (Raul Rosado, Landy Burns, Cheno Urbina, Lee Mark Chang, Melvin Hulse and Salva Fernandez) took a whopping at the polls. He was further damned when he was stripped of his Ministerial post of Environment and Fisheries which was given to new Minister Lisel Alamilla. Mini-me Patrick Faber seems to be Barrow’s favourite, and may have already gotten the nudge to prepare in case the party goes into a convention within the next two years. Most political pundits do not believe Barrow will last his full five year term. Saldivar appears to be a political leper, as no one wants to associate with him. Major trouble is on the horizon for the UDP as they fail miserably to manage the nation’s affairs, while staring at a leadership meltdown. They can no longer distract Belizeans claiming some nationalist stance, not when they have been exposed for their hypocrisy of sleeping with the devil all along and national industries are being taken over by foreign interests. There is mutiny aboard the HMS Barrow, and the captain will go down with the ship.

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Bitter Sweet The sixty four million dollar question that the people of Belize need to ask Prime Minister Dean Barrow over the current negotiations for control of the nation’s sugar factory is this: how is it that they didn’t see this as an opportunity for the Government of Belize to intervene and purchase it on behalf of the people of Belize? If the Barrow Administration truly stood for nationalisation, one must be wondering how they slipped up here. In a few weeks, Belize Sugar Industries which churns millions of dollars in profits, when managed properly, will be controlled by American interests. It begs for more questions. Does the Barrow administration have one set of principles for Belize Telemedia Limited and Belize Electricity Limited but when it comes to a vital industry such as Sugar, they choose to drop the ball. This suggests that their policy of nationalisation was personal and a means to an end rather than a real policy rooted in genuine beliefs. The sugar industry in Belize is important to the Belizean economy. It was once the largest foreign exchange earner. It is among the last surviving industries in the Caribbean and an industry that thrived on the hard working backs of factory workers and cane farmers. If there was a time Barrow should have stepped in to wield his mighty power, this was it. But it seems that the American company, American Sugar Refining, Inc. could not have shown up at a more appropriate time. BSI has been in serious trouble with its financiers, ING and First Caribbean Bank. The Government loaned them ten million but did nothing else to help the industry. Meanwhile, the factory’s well-paid managers have run out of solutions other than to sell, and the workers have been clamouring for the payment of overdue dividends. American Sugar is promising to deal with the debt and pay off the workers’ dividends, all in return for over 80% of the shares. Politically speaking, American Sugar is saving the Barrow Administration from a crisis and disaster. It was under the UDP that Petrojam at Libertad closed down, and once more under the UDP that BSI almost shut down. The Barrow Administration may want to beat their chest when the deal closes but they cannot ignore the fact that their failure to regulate the industry led to the crisis. American Sugar will have to give the archaic sugar industry laws some serious consideration and the Minister of Agriculture and the Solicitor General won’t be able to just ignore the need for regulatory reforms. But the American Sugar deal is also bitter and will leave a bitter taste, especially for our 6,000 cañeros. The business of growing sugar cane involves many tough days and nights and a lot of hard work under the hot sun. It is costly and frustrating. But cañeros drive the industry and in return the industry feeds their families and educates their children. For cañeros, witnessing the control of the industry change from local private interests to foreign interests is like watching their birthright being sold for a 64 million dollar piece of rock. It’s most bitter because it goes against the core of nationalization movement. It reverses the work of Rt. Hon. George C. Price who fought the giant Tate and Lyle and huge landowners to put the sugar industry in hands of the workers and cane farmers. As much as we would like to celebrate, to jump up and down on this deal, we can’t. We are still in the dark about details of the deal. We don’t know what the Barrow Administration’s accommodation package is? If it’s anything like the previous one, with Banco Atlantida, it calls for concern. There are also too many unanswered questions, for example, are we giving up control of the foreign exchange currency, is there a government guarantee? But the silence out of Belmopan is dangerously deafening. Nothing from the Minister/Board Member, Godwin Hulse, who is always quick to talk. Nothing from the Prime Minister, who is absent from duty. The only thing we can say is the more things change, the more they seem to remain the same.



Land Grab at Northern Border? Corozal District, June 4, 2012 The business community in the Corozal Fee Zone is up in arms at an apparent naked land Grab being allegedly orchestrated by a close personal friend and crony of PM Dean Barrow. Reports to the BELIZE TIMES indicate that the Border Management Agency Board is bitterly divided over a proposal put before the Board by one of its own members, Simon Reardon-Smith, to reportedly lease or purchase a tract of land at the foot of the newly built Mexico-Belize bridge. The land in question is before the Corozal Free Zone and is therefore seen by the Free Zone business community as a direct threat to the very future and livelihood of the Corozal Free Zone.

Three Cops nabbed for Toledo Credit Union heist Continued from page 1 the news that three officers, one of them trained by U.S. special agents, carried out a calculated and precise robbery of a credit union in the heart of the Southern part of Belize. Five men – taxi-man 42-year-old Nelson Bardalez of Independence Village, Police Constable Oswald Young from Belize City, 26-year-old Police Constable Zachario Cus of Toledo, 31-year-old BDF Corporal, reputed Belize Special Assignment Group (BSAG) member Romel Elijio of Belize City and 26-year-old laborer Bernard ‘Hijo’ Linarez of Independence Village, have all been charged for the incident that occurred at a branch of the Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union in Bella Vista Village in Toledo District. The Police’s report reads pretty much like a Hollywood movie script, minus the violence and gore. Three of the men – Young, Cus and Elijio reportedly entered the credit union office around 8:45a.m. on the morning of Monday, June 4th, 2012, armed to the teeth with high-powered M-16 and 9-mm guns, and at least two of them masked. They reportedly went straight to the vault and used a green military bag to clean it out of the Belize and American currency once tucked away in its vaults, amounting to around $34,064. And then for further measure, they also stole two 9-mm guns (brand and serial numbers unknown and valued at BZC$6,500) with 15 live 9-mm rounds apiece, before escaping in the Credit Union’s green 2008 Toyota Hilux pick-up truck, with the license plate # TOL-C-4051 and valued at BZC$75,000. The police say they were patrolling the Savannah Road in Independence Village when they saw an Isuzu Trooper, being driven by Bardalez. Police stopped the vehicle which was heading in the direction of the Southern Highway junction and found all three cops inside. When they searched the taxi, they found the green military bag containing money. The Toyota Hilux was found later on a feeder road off the Savannah Road and Southern Highway Junction. It is expected that other charges will follow the Robbery charge already levied against them. Police investigations remain open at this time. The robbery has had to postpone the credit union’s scheduled annual general meeting, slated for this weekend, to June 23, 2012.

Business owners fear that if Smith, a close personal friend of the Prime Minister, gets this land and establishes a business there, he will have an unfair business advantage over the Free Zone businesses and will in fact be undercutting and undermining their businesses. To add insult to injury, it is felt that Smith may be engaging in a conflict of interest, and taking advantage of his position on the Border Management Agency Board to get access to this land. Smith and the UDP Government may have a perfectly good explanation for what is allegedly taking place and the Belizean people, particularly the good people of the north and those who depend on the Free Zone for employment, deserve to hear what is plan for this very valuable piece of real estate is?? Let’s hope it’s not just another land grab and special deal for a member of the BARROW CIRCLE OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! We at the BELIZE TIMES will be following this story very closely.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moody’s downgrades Belize again Continued from page 1 ternal debt as well as Moody’s assessment of investor losses in the event of a debt restructuring. Belize faces weak short- to medium-term growth prospects, accumulating contingent fiscal liabilities and a questionable outlook for debt sustainability”, stated Moody’s, upon announcing a downgrade for Belize’s foreign currency government bond rating from Caa1 to Ca and the government’s local currency bond rating from Caa1 to Caa3 on June 1, 2012. Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced, prior to the March 7th elections, that he would pursue the restructuring of the Superbond if the UDP won a second term. This incited panic among bondholders and international credit rating agencies, such as Moody’s and Standard & Poors, who reacted by lowering the nation’s ratings and economic outlook. The Barrow Administration is now

pursuing the debt restructuring, signalling its unwillingness or difficulty to continue paying the nation’s debts. But weak economic growth has credit rating agencies very sceptical. “The government’s capacity to service its debt is set to weaken due to declining oil-related revenues and mounting fiscal liabilities stemming from the nationalizations of Belize Electricity Ltd and Belize Telecommunications Ltd. “Fiscal space remains limited and public debt is set to report an unsustainable trajectory in coming years as a result of rising debt service costs and limited growth prospects,” said Moody’s. Further downgrading is possible and it depends on the terms of Government’s Superbond restructuring and the level of participation from bondholders. Very little is known about the state of the negotiations even though it has been going on since March 16, 2012.

Sunday, June 10, 2012



in UDP Politics! The following matters were discussed in Cabinet: • That the Cabinet Ministers take a tour of the new and improved facilities at the morgue. Faber suggested that Saldivar try out one of the spaces to see if it is really comfy, but Saldivar rebutted saying that the dead space might be more suited for Longsworth. • When Cabinet was informed that people were not happy with the new increase in morgue fees, Boots got up and said, “we just have to tell them to avoid dying as best as possible”. • The latest report on the Super Bond was tabled. It read like this: Plan A, Distract the people and tell them anything. Plan B, Do the sympathy releases. Plan C, Do anything, because we still don’t have any good news except that the Caviar tastes great. • Sedi was asked to make a presentation on the referendum to be held in Guatemala and Belize in October next year. He started out by reminding everyone of their mandate of “imagining the possibilities”. He described the process as a light, even if artificial, at the end of a tunnel • Cabinet discussed a proposal to make it mandatory for any Minister travelling to Miami to bring gifts for every member. The CabSec said he prefers spirits. In other related Cabinet news: Cabinet has asked the Minister of Prison to investigate


how a prisoner was found with a man-made gun. The report came back saying that the man confessed to being in fear of his life after learning from ComPol Jeffries of a ring of rogue cops. …………………… Finnegan was asked why he was spending so much time at the foot of the Belcan Bridge. “Well”, he said, “deh no gat no budget, we jus deh inna June and frankly speaking there is nothing to do”. Finnegan then invited anyone to join him in a card game. …………………… At a recent UDP caucus meeting, a random poll was done asking “Who is the best acting Prime Minister”. Gapi got 10%, Faber got 40% and Marin got 50%. When Faber asked Marin how he got into the poll, Marin asked, “I dah just wah good actor. Yu no see me di act as Minister of Health?” …………………… The Mayor of Belize City has been seen coming in and out of a Pink-colored building on Regent Street. When asked what he was doing, he responded that he thought no one knew. He said he uses the building as a temporary office but more like a hideaway. “But it’s not what you think,” he said, “the hide away is from my councilors and mi pa”. …………………… Vernon Cuthkelvin was caught by the surveillance camera running around the fence of the Customs Department seven times at night. When asked by the security guard to explain what he was doing, he answered, “if it work for the Jews it might work for me”.



Four, including 2 minors, remanded for Burglary & Handling S tolen Goods

BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 6, 2012 By Roy Davis Four persons were charged in connection with a burglary at #8 Dean Street when they appeared yesterday in the #5 Magistrate’s Court. Two of them Hugh Thomas, 19 and a 17 year old male minor, were charged with burglary and handling stolen goods. The other two, Monica Ramclam, 19 and a 17 year old girl, were charged with handling stolen goods. Thomas and the boy pleaded not guilty to burglary. The boy wanted to plead guilty to handling stolen goods but he changed his plea before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart imposed the sentence. The prosecutor drew Mag-

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Monica Ramclam

Hugh Thomas

istrate Stuart’s attention to the doctrine of recent possession because one of the stolen items, a 29 inch color television, was recovered shortly after the burglary. The prosecutor said that the penalty for handling stolen goods should be the same as the penalty for

burglary. The prosecutor objected to bail for Thomas and the boy on the grounds that the offence of burglary has become prevalent, that the evidence against the accused persons is quite strong and that if granted bail the accused might interfere with witnesses. Magistrate Stuart upheld the objection and denied them bail. She remanded the boy to Wagner’s Facility and Thomas to Belize Central prison. They are to return to Court o7n July 5. Ramclam and the girl pleaded not guilty to handling stolen goods. They were each offered a bail of $5,000 and their case was adjourned until July 5. The burglary occurred between 4 and 4:30 a.m. on Monday, June 4. The complainant, Food vendor Genoveva Noble, reported to the police that she was asleep at home when she was awakened by a noise. She said when she looked around she saw a person taking her color television valued at $530. The police investigated and their investigation led them to the house of the boy where they recovered the television.

Jealous woman accused of arson BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 6, 2012 By Roy Davis A 32 year old woman who allegedly set fire to the apartment of her boyfriend was charged with arson when she appeared today in the #1 Magistrate’s Court. She is Marsha Bood, a domestic worker, residing at 147 Antelope Street Extension. No plea was taken from her because the offence is indictable. The prosecutor did not object to bail but the Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith denied her bail and remanded her into custody until July 16. The incident occurred around

Marsha Bood

Duo charged for double robbery BELIZE CITY, Wed. June 6, 2012 By Roy Davis Darrington Lauriano, 25, one of two persons who the police believe committed two robberies in which the amount stolen was over $10,000 in money and personal items, was charged with 2 counts of robbery when he appeared today in the #5 Magistrate’s Court. Lauriano pleaded not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart explained to him that the court cannot offer him bail because the offences were committed with a firearm. She remanded him into custody until July 9. The robberies occurred around 3:50 p.m. on Friday, June 1 at Vivas Tire Repair Shop on Raccoon Street Extension. Dorian Usher, 28, a businessman of Fabers Road, reported to the police that while he was at the tire repair shop when two persons rode up on bicycles. Usher said he heard one of the men say, “noh move and tek off the jewelry”. Usher told the Police that when

Darrington Lauriano he turned around he saw a young man who was wearing a black T-shirt standing in front of him. He said the man pointed a .38 revolver at him and he feared for his life so he handed over $480 that was in his wallet and an assortment of jewelry. The jewelry included one 10 karat gold chain, one 10 karat gold bracelet, one 14 karat gold ring, and another gold ring. The money and jewelry amounted

7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 23. Bood’s boyfriend, Godfrey Douglas, 45, a bus driver residing at 126 Antelope Street Extension reported to the police that he was at home when he smelled kerosene. Dougal told police that by the time he got to the front door it was already on fire. Dougal said he managed to out the fire but not before it damaged a Mahogany door, the screen for a burglar-barred door, a door frame and a concrete wall. The cost of the damage is estimated at $625. The items that were damaged were the property of Sharett Trapp.

to $4,980 in value. Usher said the men then rode away towards Central American Boulevard. The police reported that they recovered the 10 karat gold chain and they then detained Lauriano and another man, Ryan Alvarez, 21, a resident of Supal Street. The complainant for the second robbery was Linsay Wade, 32, an Immigration Officer. Wade reported to the police that the items were stolen from him included money, jewelry and cellular phones

and they amounted to $5,400 in value. Lauriano has had several runins with the law and in 2004 he was charged with the murder of Kareem “Butchie” Broaster, who was shot and killed in a yard off North Creek Road in the vicinity of Central American Boulevard. Lauriano was acquitted of the murder charge. In 2009 Lauriano was charged with wounding for an incident that occurred at Belize Central Prison in which Orlando Wade was stabbed several times with a “bora”.

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dispute continues Union says if necessary it will close down SSB

BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 By Alton Humes The Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) and the Social Security Board (SSB) are knee-deep in an open, all-out dogfight with regard to a renegotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which the Union insists the recently-minted Board of Directors isn’t willing, or wanting, to abide by. With the Union’s 200-plusstrong contingent from the organization none-too-thrilled about the situation’s current progress, they wore black ribbons on their uniforms and clothing last Friday, June 1st, 2012 for the 31st anniversary of the organization, in open protest. The dispute in question dates back at least eight years, but it was only just before the March 7th double General and Municipal Elections this year that a new deal for a CBA was negotiated between the Union and the former SSB Board, and their former Chairperson, attorney Lois Young-Barrow. But after the March 7th elections, the newly-minted Chairman, and former UDP Senator and Police Minster Doug Singh, apparently just wasn’t ‘feeling’ this CBA. He decided that rather than sign on the already completed, negotiated terms, he would go to his ‘new Board’ and consult with them, even to the point of saying they couldn’t move forward without the approval of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. In the opinion of CWU president Antonio Gonzalez, this is no time for the SSB Board to play hardball, for if they choose to do so and continue down this path, industrial action will follow. In fact, Gonzalez even told TV stations that, “if ih necessary, we wah close it (the SSB) down…” But before it has to get to that point, Gonzalez insisted that he would much rather prefer the CBA signed and sealed so workers can be comfortable doing their jobs without more money woes on their minds. We spoke to General Secretary of

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the CWU James McFoy today. He made it clear that there has been ‘no fruitfulness’ with regard to a potential signing of the CBA. When asked if there was a chance that the ploy to get SSB to sign on the CBA felt like force, he went livid and said that the media ought not to say such things out loud, citing the heavy amount of work (including conciliation and mediation measures taken with Labor Commissioner Ivan Williams) that went into formulating a CBA without the need for any such ‘force’. He also made it crystal clear that the CWU “has more patience” than most unions do and that they will engage in other industrial actions down the line, although such strategies were best described in this way: “If wi gwine da war, wi kyant expose wiself…” The BELIZE TIMES fully intends to continue following this still-developing sto

Shame & Disgrace!! Continued from page 1 gloves, used syringes, IV tubes, possibly human remains and other toxic material are being dumped at the Belmopan City Council’s open dumpsite, just three miles outside of the City of Belmopan. On Wednesday morning a concerned resident saw bags marked with the hazard sign being placed on a trailer attached to a tractor. The tractor was followed to about 3 miles outside of the City of Belmopan, on the Hummingbird Highway, where it turned on a feeder road that led to the dump site. There, the trailer emptied its contents, leaving behind bags of toxic material

that is harmful to the environment and a gross violation of local health laws. What is most dangerous is that the dump site is visited regularly by adults and children who sift through the garbage for anything of value. Imagine either a child or adult coming into contact with some of the hazardous waste? It could be very detrimental to their health and possibly lead to a health crisis, thanks to the hospital’s dangerous practice. It is not known for how long this wrongdoing has been going on, but it appears that is has for a long while. The Western Regional hospital’s incinerator has not been functional for at least two years.

Trailer loaded with hospital waste is disposed an an open dump site

Bag containing blood-stained gloves

This bag clearly illustrates that it contains dangerous, hazardous items



A Soldier Returns

2nd Lt. Francis Michael Usher

Belize City, June 4th, 2012 The BELIZE TIMES is honoured to take special note and congratulate Second Lieutenant Francis Michael Usher. On Wednesday, 23rd May 2012, Francis graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, USA, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. As an international student, Francis was exposed to not only a broad academic course load with an extensive core curriculum but also to a rigorous military training regimen that has prepared him to come and now serve Belize as a soldier in the BDF. Francis excelled at military life and made the most of his experience. He joined and became a starting player on the Academy Volleyball team and was able to travel all over the US to play and represent the Air Force Academy. In his final year, Francis served as squad-

The Superbond –

what Barrow doesn’t want Belizeans to know! Belize City, June 4, 2012 Why doesn’t Barrow like the Superbond? The Super Bond is scheduled in a way that it forces the Government to save money, building up international reserves up to the year 2019. Belize has more than BZ$ 500 million in international reserves, or US$250 million in official international reserves, which is plenty of money to pay the Superbond coupons. The largest payment is on Aug 20, 2019: 4.25% in interest and 5% as the first principal payment, total of 9.25%. Now the part that the Barrow administration doesn’t want Belizeans to know about the Superbond: Starting Feb 20, 2020 payments will drop every six months because you only pay interest on outstanding debt. The payment for Feb 20 2020 is 4.0375% + 5% = 9.0375%, etc. You can check the payment schedule for

yourself. The very last payment occurs on Feb 20 2029. The interest component is only 0.2125% + 5% capital = 5.2125%. After this payment is made the Superbond value is $0. The Super Bond allows the government to pay off the debt in 20 semiannual instalments which is far more manageable than one lump payment. The worst year, in terms of repayment, is 2019; then payments drop until expiration. By 20 August 2024 the government is only paying half the interest bill (2.125%) it has to pay now in August 2012 (4.25%) because half of the Superbond debt should be already paid by 2024. This is precisely what Barrow doesn’t want Belizeans to know, as he makes it sound as if payments only get higher and higher. Nothing could be further from the truth.

ron commander of his 31st squadron, the Grim Reapers. This is an honour that only one cadet in each squadron is given, and we are proud to know that a Belizean held the prestigious post. During the graduation ceremony, Francis’ family watched proudly as he was commissioned and sworn in as an Officer of the Belize Defence Force by his sister, Lieutenant Roberta Usher. Roberta, like Francis, serves in the BDF after graduating from the US Mili-

Sunday, June 10, 2012

tary Academy (West Point) in 2009. When asked about coming back to Belize, Francis said, “I’m happy to come home. I am excited to see what awaits me in the BDF. I know it won’t be easy, but I hope to use what I have learned to help the BDF and to help Belize. I want to make a difference. The Air Force Academy is guided by the core values of, ‘Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do’. I hope that I can use these values as my guide to serve my country Belize proudly.” We here at the BELIZE TIMES look forward to seeing great things from this young man.

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Women’s Volleyball Division 1 Championship


Lady Jaguars defeat Moen Stars in volleyball finals Belize City, June 2, 2012 The defending champs Lady Jaguars showed why they are the best in volleyball when they won their 2nd championship in the 2012 Belize District Volleyball Association’s Division 1 championship finals at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Saturday night. In the finals game the Moen Stars had also won the first set 25-17, before Lady Jaguars strengthened their defense and got their offensive in good gear. Shantell Arnold, Babsy Cadle, Tichelle Solis

Babsy Cadle goes for a hit

Belize District Primary School Softball Finals

Buttonwood Bay Nazarene girls win softball champs Belize City, June 1, 2012 The Buttonwood Bay Nazarene School girls and the Unity Presbyterian School girls both won a chance to possibly represent the Belize District at the primary school softball nationals to be held at the home of softball at the Rogers Stadium on Friday, June 15. The Buttonwood Bay Nazarene School girls spanked the Unity Presbyterian School girls 11-5 to win the Belize City Primary School finals at the MCC grounds on Friday, June 1. The district representative will be decided when both teams challenge the Belize rural champions in the Belize district finals scheduled for Thursday, June 7 at the Rogers Stadium. In Friday’s championship final, the Buttonwood girls outlasted the Unity Presbyterian School girls 11-5. Unity’s pitcher Ashanti Carr had scored a run off D’Andra Mcfadzean’s pitching in the top of the first inning, but the Buttonwood girls soon led 4-1 when Almira Augustine, Ishelle and Kiara Magandi and Monique mortis scored four runs in the bottom of the first. Mcfadzean allowed the Unity girls no runs in the top of the second, while Almira, Kayla Flowers and Shenelle Magandi extended their lead to 7-1 in the bottom of the second. Kareema Theus, Ashanti Carr and Shenl Bowen scored three more runs for unity in the top of the third, but the trailed 3-9 when Monique Mortis and Shenelle smith scored in the bottom of the third. Gladys Reyes scored one more run for Unity in the top of the fourth, but Shenelle and IshelleMgandi score two more run in the bottom of the fourth for their 11-5 win. How they advanced: Buttonwood Bay girls vs. Salvation Army – 12-11 Unity Presbyterian girls vs. Wesley Upper School – 10-9

Buttonwood Bay girls are champs

and Sherylee Thurton led the Jaguars’ counterattack, scoring hits on plays set by Tanesha Encalada and Jasmine Anderson who received and set the ball in the second set, and libero Ticha Solis rotated into the game when the Jaguars lost the serve. Jaguars’ coach Allan Sharp also introduced Maurissa Williams to relieve Tanesha Encalada, while Kimberly Spence relived Thurton and they edged past the Stars 25-23 in the second set. Stars’ coach Jack Reyes introduced Kayla Dawson to relieve Sherlene Johnson in the third set and Vivianni Avila replaced Precelia Hoare, but Johnson would soon return to the court to relieve Cacho. Kimberly Spence relieved Thurton, and Coach Sharp also introduced Leann Garbutt to rest his setter Tanesha Encalda, and a rested Thurton would return to the court to relieve Anderson as they took the third set: 25-23. Marika Zunika replaced Precelia Hoare as Coach Reyes sought to strengthen his defense, but the Jaguars’ hitters pounded them into submission: 25-14 to win the fourth set and the championship. Championship Game 1 Lady Jaguars vs. Moen Stars – 1925, 26-24, 25-14

Belize City interoffice basketball competition

C.Y.D.P. & Quan’s Trading Co. on winning streak

Presbyterian girls won 2nd place

Prebyterian’s Ahsanti Carr pitches

Buttonwood’s Dandra Mcfadzean pitches

Belize City, June 2, 2011 The Conscious Youth Development Program and Quan’s Trading Co. each enjoyed back to back wins in the 2012 Belize City interoffice basketball competition at Bird’s Isle on Sunday. C.Y.D.P., which enjoyed their 3rd straight win, left tire marks all over Telemedia in a 71-43 win on Friday night. Marcel Orosco led CYDP with 20 points and 10 boards, along with Ervin Orosco who had 15 points. CYDP had also polished off Alamilla’s furniture 54-45 on Sunday. Greg “Chippy” Rudon hit a long trey as he led Alamilla’s with 21 points for an 11-8 lead in the 1st quarter. CYDP’s Marcel Orosco had 15 points, and Jermaine “Gumby” Tillett added 9 points. Quan’s Trading Company posted its 2nd win on Friday. Jacob “Snake” Leslie hit long treys to lead Quan’s with 21 points in their 75-69 blast of Kolbe.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012 Belize City Division 1 Volleyball championship

Rebels conquer Jaguars in finals


Belize City, June 3, 2012 The Rebels won their 2nd Belize City championship in the 2012 Belize District Volleyball Association’s Division 1 competition, toughing it out against the Jaguars to win the men’s championship finals 2-1. After a 0-3 loss in Game 1 on Thursday, and a 3-1 comeback on Saturday, the Rebels brooked no opposition in Game 3 on Sunday, which they won 3-0. Rebels’ captain Tariq Campbell led their attack, with the help of Orel Leslie, Elton Moore, Arnie Augustine and Jason Cabral spiking home points on balls set by Khalid Encalada. Karym Coleman, Derrick Morgan, Joseph Enriquez, Shane Gentle and Jaleel Lino led the Jaguars’ counterattack spiking kills at the net on balls set by Albert Bradley and Trevor Muschamp but to no avail, the Rebels took all 3 sets: 25-20, 25-22 and 25-23 to win the championship. How they advanced: Jaguars vs. Rebels – 25-20, 25-19, 25-16 Jaguars vs. Rebels –25-21, 13-25, 23-25, 19-25

Rebels’ Arnie Augustine spikes

Belize City interoffice basketball competition

C.Y.D.P. & Quan’s Trading Co. on winning streak Continued from page 10 Quan’s had also outlasted Youth for the Future 75-61 on Thursday evening. Danny Reynolds and Kachief Thomas each scored 10 points, Leslie and Vince Garbutt had 9 points each and Orland Ferguson had 8, as Quan’s led all the way through the game.

Primary schools softball regionals

Martins’ boys win primary schools softball champs Belize City, May 25, 2012 The undefeated St. Martin De Porres RC School boys and the Buttonwood Bay Nazarene School boys both won the chance to possibly represent the Belize District at the primary schools softball nationals to be held on Friday, June 15. The St Martin’s boys clipped the up-to-then undefeated Buttonwood Bay Nazarene school boys 8-7 to win the Belize City finals at the MCC grounds on Friday, June 1. The Martin’s boys led 4-2 when Glen Arzu, Clency Lopez, Mark August and Aaron Martinez came home in the top of the first inning, and only Buttonwood’s Cory Anderson and pitcher Brian Pavon came home in the bottom of the 1st. Brian Pavon struck out 5 batters, but Arzu and Lopez came home again in the 2nd

Martins’ boys are champs inning. Buttonwood’s Erwin Lanza, Jose Suarez and Cory Anderson came home in the bottom of the 2nd, but the Martins boys’ lead grew to 8-5 when Kirkland Lambey and Zion Zuniga came home in the top of the 3rd, and they secured their 8-7 win when only Orlan-

Belize City interoffice basketball competition

Tuff E’Nuff beats Maria Chang 80-70

Tyrone Edwards shoots

Belize City, June 3, 2012 The undefeated Tuff E’Nuff Tours basketballers posted their 3rd win in the 2012 Belize City interoffice basketball competition at Bird’s Isle on Sunday evening. Keith “Superman” Acosta hit 4 long treys to lead Tuff e’Nuff with 18 points in their 80-70 win over Maria Chang. Maria Chang’s Ryan Zuniga had 16 points and 7 boards while Justin Wade added 13 points. Raul Roches led for Tuff e’Nuff with 15 points and 8 boards, while Jamal Kelly had 14 points. Tuff E’Nuff dominated as Farron Louri-

do Enrique and Erwin Lanza scored for Buttonwood in the bottom of the third. The district representative will be decided when both teams challenge the Belize rural champions in the Belize district finals scheduled for Thursday, June 7 at the Rogers Stadium.

ano scored 10 points, Stephen ”Muerte” Williams hit 3 long treys for 9 points, and Ian Lennon added 8 points for a 57-50 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. Maria Chang’s Ronald Rivers and Mervin Skeet scored 10 points each and Andrew “Head” Staine added 8 points. Roches stuffed in an alley-oop dunk in money time for Tuff E’Nuff’s 80-70 win. Other game: Belize Telemedia vs. Police – 52-50

This Week’s Sunday, June 10, 2012


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diana Ana kira Jeraldyn

By Tania Tanesha (E-mail: mua.tania@, Cell: (501) 604-0736) This one will get plenty of raised eyebrows. In our society, it’s taboo for men and makeup to mix, but I recommend it. This week, I’ll look at cosmetics specially formulated for men and, also, why it’s ok to for men to wear makeup. Men & Makeup? Man, I have no problems if your testosterone gets the better of you in this article. Men, generally, do not wear makeup. The ones that do are so ashamed that they would never allow anyone to know. We live in a society that easily confuses metrosexuals with homosexuals. Metrosexuals are simply: straight men that enjoy some “feminine” pursuits like manicures, pedicures, facials, and even some makeup. These men are in no way homosexuals. The argument I hear most of the time is that “Once a man engages in these acts, he is losing his ‘manhood’.” Well, times are changing. We live in a more sophisticated era now. Men are noticing themselves more and more, and are doing something about it. Men demand certain beauty qualities of their women. Some women MUST shave their legs. Some women MUST do their hair. Some women MUST get their nails done. For others these aren’t necessary, but, men like this. Why can’t women demand the same from their men? Makeup for Men Men suffer from all kinds of skin conditions, just like women: Oily, dry and acne prone skin. Today we can find so many skin care regimens and makeup designed for men. When I mention makeup for men in no way do I speak of mascara, eyeshadows and blush. That type of makeup would be suitable for mainly theatre arts and drag queens, not everyday makeup or media appearances. Instead, men need makeup to have these special areas at their best: • The Face – For the everyday man, a simple face powder or facial moisturizer is sufficient. • The Skin – Men that suffer from dry skin need to moisturize daily. Healthy skin will be less prone to acne razor bumps when shaving. • The Lips – Another focal point for men would be their lips. Dry, chapped, crusty lips are highly unattractive. Exfoliate the dead skin by brushing your lips when brushing your teeth, and apply a lip-balm. That’s all the makeup I would recommend for the average man. Those willing to go a step further can use a concealer to conceal dark circles, shave bumps and scars. Regionally and internationally, all men and women that step in the media spotlight wear makeup. It’s downright wrong for men (or anyone for that matter) to have shiny, oily skin onstage. If your appearance is lacking, people won’t think you’re professional. Also, it’s very distracting. We’re approaching development and now we must take more pride in our appearance, especially on camera. I’m sure the ladies can appreciate a well groomed gentleman who does what he can to make sure even he can put his best face forward.



CATWALK FASHIONS What’s Hip...What’s Hot...What’s Now! Phone: 203-2936 / 620-7481 #148 Cor. Queen & North Front Streets Belize City, Belize



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012





BSCFA is concerned, hopeful & alert over new BSI deal BELIZE CITY, Monday, June 4th, 2012 By Alton Humes With the deal to sell the Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. (BSI) majority stake to American Sugar Refining (ASR) near completion, there has been little to no word recently from one of the largest stakeholders – the cane farmers. But after some near-Herculean effort, the BELIZE TIMES finally secured a phone interview today with the Vice-President of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association (BSCFA), Alfredo Ortega. As far as the concept of the ASR’s deal, Ortega said they were

hosted to a presentation by BSI and it seemed viable, but like his farming colleagues, he was ‘reserved’ over the details. Ortega heavily disagreed with BSI Financial Director

Belizario Carballo Jr.’s assessment that the worker’s $44 million shares won’t be touched when shares undergo dilution. He cited that those shares would have to be touched in

Who is American Sugar Refining, Inc.? Belize City, June 4, 2012 American Sugar Refining Inc., the U.S. based company that is poised to acquire majority shares in Belize’s only operational sugar factory, Belize Sugar Industries, remains an unknown entity in Belize. Only as much as has been divulged by BSI’s current managers is public – that it is the largest cane sugar refiner and that it will soon take charge of one of the country’s largest foreign exchange earning industries, taking the spot previously held by Banco Atlantida who gave up on its interest. The BELIZE TIMES did research and found out more about this company that plans to spend over BZE$120 million to acquire control of BSI, in order to increase its dominance in the global sugar market. American Sugar Refining (ASR), Inc. also known as “Domino Sugar” manufactures refined and specialty sugar products in the United States. ASR was formerly known as Tate & Lyle North American Sugars, Inc. which was acquired by Florida Crystals Corporation in 2001. That is when the company went from Tate & Lyle North American Sugars, Inc. to American Sugar Refining, Inc. in November 2001. The company has a long history, dating back to 1891 when it was founded in Yonkers, New York where its headquarters is still located. Today, ASR continues to operate as a subsidiary of Florida Crystals Corporation with sugar refineries and factories in Yonkers, Baltimore, and New Orleans (United States), Toronto (Canada), Veracruz (Mexico), London (England) and Lisbon (Portugal). Florida Crystals Corporation is a Fanjul Corp. company of West Palm Beach, Florida, whose origins trace to Spanish-Cuban sugar plantations of the early 19th century. This company is led by Alfonso Fanjul Jr., Chairman and CEO, and J. Pepe Fanjul, vice chairman, president and COO, and Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Belle Glade, Fla., led by George H. Wedgworth, chairman of the board

1929 NYSE specimen stock certificate from American Sugar Refining Company

Sunday, June 10, 2012 order to make ASR receive the 80% they’ll be given to become the new majority owners of the company. Moreover, he told us that after the dilution, the entire share capital will be worth far less than it was before. Ironically, this deal comes on the heels of the potential deal that BSCFA was to make with a Mexican investment firm, which Ortega told us fell through thanks to nonsupport from certain cane farmers, the Barrow Administration, and no meaningful assistance from BSI in gaining documentation that would have helped to make that deal work. But for all of that, he still believes that the farmers should have much more of a say that they currently do. Ortega insisted that the BSCFA will be ‘very vigilant’ with the ASR bosses whenever they take over, and also said that ASR will need to be ‘very clear’ on all that is being offered to take over the factory. It’s crystal clear that whatever happens on June 30th when the takeover is completed, the BSI saga is far from being over.

and CEO. Florida Crystals Corporation has made huge investments to make ASR the largest sugar refiner in the world. In 2007 when it acquired Ingenio San Nicolas S.A. de C.V., a mill that produced 75,000 tons of refined sugar annually, ASR’s Co-President Luis J. Fernandez stated their overarching goal, “This acquisition is an extension of our strategy to be the premier sugar producer and supplier in North America”. Of recent, ASR had to appear in Court to answer to accusations that its boilers violated the federal Clean Air Act permit. If the company admits fault, it could be allowed to bring its boiler operations into compliance, and pay a $200,000 fine rather than face stiffer penalties.

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Hon. Dolores

sponsors sports in Western Paradise & celebrates Seenager’s Special Birthday

Hon. Dolores making her remarks of tribute and praise to Ms. Bennett on the completion of her Ninety Years of Rich Blessings Belize District, June 5, 2012 On Saturday June 2, 2012 the new basketball court at Western Paradise, Mile 8 Western Highway hosted youth basketball games in a first ever Mini Basketball Tournament. The Tournament was organized by Justin Gill of Western Paradise along with several of his friends and associates, including Vijay Ferguson, Damien Alvarez and Kirk Augustus. It featured three teams, one from Youth for the Future, another from Western Paradise/Mile 8 Community, and a third from Sadie Vernon High School in Belize City. The sponsor of the afternoon event was Area Representative, Honourable Dolores Balderamos Garcia, who offered the prize for the winning team. After exciting games, the Sadie Vernon Team emerged as the winner and their leader Vijay Ferguson claimed the prize on behalf of his team. Hon. Dolores committed to supporting further sporting activities at Western Paradise, to allow young people to become engaged in positive activities. Already there are plans for a football tourney in July and more basketball matches in August. Also, on the Saturday Sabbath June 2 a special birthday celebration took place

at the Sinai Seventh Day Adventist Church in Ladyville for Ms. Clotilda Bennett. Ms. Bennett has been a resident of New Site, Ladyville for almost forty years, and is grandmother of well-known Nurse Isabel Bennett and Mr. Bernardo Bennett, as well as great grandmother of many. Ms. Clotilda Bennett celebrated her 90th Birthday over the weekend. At the celebration there were songs, remarks of praise and a Dedicatory Sermon in honour of Ms. Bennett. Opening remarks were done by Isabel Bennett, a special tribute to Ms. Bennett was made by Kay Alamina and Lavern Bailey, and a review of Ms. Bennett’s Life’s Blessings was delivered by Bernardo Bennett. Akina Alamina recited a special poem dedicated to all Grandmothers, and the Dedicatory Sermon was delivered by Pastor Angelo Dominguez, while Ms. Bennett’s grandson Marcus August gave the Vote of Thanks. During the Service Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia paid tribute to Ms. Bennett as a mentor, long-time neighbour, friend, and inspiration. Dolores lived next door to Ms. Bennett and her family on Poinsetta Road in Ladyville for several years. After the Service family members and close friends enjoyed a specially prepared vegetarian dinner and delicious birthday cake.




Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Marion Jones Complex workers allege victimization & hustling BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 By Alton Humes The saga of the Marion Jones Sporting Complex has taken on numerous and varied forms since it entered re-construction a few years ago – bloated contracts and political kickbacks, and the fact that the contracts should have prevented a particular elected politician on the Government side from running for office. But now, it’s taken on a sharp and dangerous turn, as construction workers are up in arms over monies they say are being withheld from them. On Monday, June 4th, at least 30 construction workers working under contractor Anthony Thurton and Associates Ltd. and supervised by foreman

Santa Martha Village Council requests Minister Lisel Alamilla’s intervention Continued from page 2 para siembras agrícolas. El concilio quisiera saber si el Gobierno de Belice por medio del Ministerio de Recurso Naturales ha autorizado la repartición de parcelas a estas personas sin el conocimiento y sin incluir a los aldeanos de Santa Martha, y aún más, sin haber consultado al concilio Aldeano. Nosotros, los Miembro del concilio aldeano de Santa Martha, estamos dispuestos a discutir y colaborar en la repartición de parcelas siempre y cuando los principales beneficiaros sean los Aldeanos. También estamos dispuestos a colaborar como guardianes de la Reserva de “Fresh Water Creek Reserve” que por el momento está siendo destruida cada día. Más aun, usan nuestras carreteras y las destruyen sin ayudar a repararlas. Pedimos que por favor se nos tome en cuenta y necesitamos su ayuda. Esperamos su respuesta. Sinceramente, Village Chairman, Nimrod Ramirez Vice Chairman, Rodolfo Esquivel Village Councillors

There are traitors amongst us Continued from page 2 terview and he mentions Belize has nothing to lose. He’s totally wrong if the ICJ rules that from the Sibun River to the Sarstoon is for Guatemala and the British took it illegally in the 1800’s there is no reversal. Thats it! Guatemala has nothing to lose. Come on Belizeans let stand up. NO REFERENDUM, BELIZE IS OURS. Signed: Hakeem

Shelton Cuthkelvin walked off the job after being essentially told they would not be paid the full amount for work they previously completed, even to the point of not paying their Social Security contributions. A worker told the BELIZE TIMES

that most of the work involved setting foundation for the revamped bleachers and grandstand – it would stand to reason they would walk if they weren’t going to be paid properly. Several of the workers who spoke to the media didn’t mince words about

Cuthkelvin and the unfair system they’re forced to labor under. In fact, one worker insisted that even though pay was available from last Thursday, May 30th, it is out-rightly being withheld from them. “Now that the people come collect, he say he noh get no money; he get half ah di money. He noh wah pay nobody,” the worker claimed. Another worker put it like this: “We collect thirty-five dollars a day and sometimes we barely could take home thirty-five dollars after two weeks’ salary. It’s like dehn yah people di play with we and man got woman and pikney. Imagine, you got a job and end up have to rob. Nobody know the life we di live out yah.” But for now, talking and venting is all they can do, with no union or attorneys to back them up. The situation bears some watching, and the BELIZE TIMES will continue to follow this story.



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012


The effects of heavy taxation on the base of an economy By Richard Harrison In Belize, the tax on fuel (gasoline and diesel) accounts for about half of the pump price. The price for a gallon of premium was recently over US$6, and now around US$5.75. Among our competitors, in the USA it is about US$3.20, in Mexico about US$2.75 and Guatemala about US$3.30. My assumption is that the government prefers to tax fuel, because it is EASIER to collect when compared with other methods of taxation and by this the government can be more ‘efficient’ at capturing the taxes that it needs. This practice however has a major down-side to it. Fuel is a primary commodity; therefore, its cost ripples throughout an economy driven mostly by fuel energy. The higher the fuel price, the higher the cost of land preparation will be. So too for planting, spraying and fertilization, harvesting, storage, milling, processing, administration, and distribution which results in a higher cost of production which then lowers the competitive position of our production companies, retarding our potential to export and fulfil the potential for being “the bread-basket of the Caribbean”. The high taxation of fuel might be appropriate for those countries that are already industrialized and exporting for many years, who have had time to identify those areas of competitive advantage other than cost and who have to import most of their fuel (eg. Japan). These countries are

also providing incentives to those who use alternative technologies for energy generation other than carbon fuels in order to reduce their dependency on oil. In my estimate, for every US$1 reduction in the pump price, the price per pound of corn could reduce by US$0.01. The current cost of mechanized corn production in Belize is around US$0.09. The price per bushel of corn in the USA is around US$0.13 per pound. If we removed all the taxes on fuel the price of diesel would be about US$3.25, a reduction of $2.50 which would result in lowering the cost of producing corn by US$0.025 to $0.065 per pound. If we increased inputs

of genetics, fertilization and irrigation, we could end up with a cost of US$0.085, which would allow Belize to sell corn at the same price of the USA, at US$0.13, earning a profit of over 50% or US$0.045 per pound for farmers. At this price, Belize could expand its corn exports to 180 million pounds per year over a five-year period, which would earn over US$23 million revenues with US$8 million in profits, which if taxed at 25% would leave corn farmers with US$6 million and government with US$2 million. One does not have to imagine nor be a mathematical genius to be able to extrapolate this scenario to all other commodities that we produce and see that it will allow us to build our cost-competitive dependent production base rapidly, expand our exports and generate new wealth that can then be taxed to earn for government much more than the amount they are collecting from taxing the base of our economic pyramid – FUEL. This heavy taxation on fuel is another reflection of our current tendency to short-term, easy-fix solutions for our revenue and growth challenges. These policies have proven that they do not work and we can predict with relative certainty that they will not work for us at any time in the near future. They are not in our best interest. Richard Harrison is a local businessman and investor in the manufacturing and service industries. Send comments to




is our Democracy Heading? By Stanley Lemus Like several countries around us Belize recently held national elections. An election process that saw our governing party buying and stealing their way back into office. This election results should have served as a wake up call to them, given the losses they suffered and the significant gains by the opposition PUP, but just 9 days short of completing their first 100 days in office, it is back the same path of destruction by Barrow and his Cabinet gang; the inner circle gang and not his other extended gangs like George Street and it all. As our democratic way of life continues to dwindle, one of our main attributes is freedom of speech. Do our local media houses believe in the “truth will make us free” or is it only when the opposition PUP holds the reins of government that they are free to question and report? If that is so press people, tell the truth; say it and help to fight and save this tranquil haven of our democracy. Our police appear to be armed with ignorance and equipped with a full arsenal of abusive language which makes citizens see them as the enemy. Our current politicians are supposed to come from the people to represent and serve, but most of them have forgotten this. Some came from a grassroot, poor background; they won a division and within months, landed a cushy cabinet portfolio, and are suddenly flashing wealth, such as owning multiple houses, having women, and driving expensive rides. Politicians especially within the current administration, find comfort in the above, whilst they continue to tell us the people that the opposition PUP did worse and claim that it’s their turn. It now seems clear, going into their first 100 days of being re-elected, that the Barrow Administration is ready to make Lord Ashcroft the shepherd, and we his sheep. We were promised transparency. Instead we continue to get corruption and more corruption, wrapped in a thick coat of hate and tied with a thick ribbon of nepotism. Please Mr. Barrow, don’t ever tell us that your gang is less corrupt than the previous administration. Corruption is corruption. Let’s not measure it on a scale against each other. Mr. Barrow, stop blaming the other party when you aren’t doing what is in your power to correct and change. With just a few days before your “honeymoon” period ends, Barrow you need to lead, unite our people, by actions and words, unless you want to continue going down the slippery slope you now lead us. As the Prime Minister, the leader of the Country, the buck stops with you. Do the right thing. Lead this nation for its people. Or you may soon feel the power of the people. In case you’ve forgotten Mr. Prime Minister, may I remind you of the opposition leader who a while back called for civil disobedience, which resulted in Belize City blanketed in smoke.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012





How to Die Empty Last Sunday I attended the funeral for my mentor and role model Pastor E. Maskall. I under-studied Him in many regards including the vital issues of humanity and of manhood. He poured out his life into me and that of many others. I can remember countless stories that he shared with me, but one of the most meaningful was hearing of the decision to leave a well paying job, only to take on the unpredictable fulltime occupation of pastoring. He moved from the place of comfort and security in the village where he lived, leaving behind his farm and farm animals to take on this new challenge. Here was a man who found what his purpose was in life, and lived it out to the full! Many lives were touched as a result! In the Manual it says that there is a plan, or put another way, there is a purpose for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11). The truth is that unless we are fulfilling this purpose, we will never be happy and many times feel useless and without hope. In fact, one of the root causes of suicide is having no hope, or believing the common lie that we have no purpose! This lethal combination of deficiency makes us come to the position that there is nothing left to live for. We then become busy destroying each other or our very own selves! But you may ask “What does dying empty mean?” Well, dying empty means to fulfill the ‘God given’ purpose that has been placed in you from birth. It means to ‘not die’ with this purpose still trapped inside! Before I go any further let me clarify one important point that may be difficult to swallow for some. Dying empty has very little to do with whether or not you are a religious person. Religion secures or at least attempts to secure your eternal destination but does not secure your purpose being accomplished while on this earth! Kingdom living of course does include the fulfilling of your purpose but even so you can still accomplish the feat of dying empty without being a part of the Kingdom! To die with an invention that has never materialized, with a book that was never written, with a song that was never composed, and a business that was never started, is to die full. Hence, you should do all that is in your power to die as empty as possible. Are you happy and at peace where you are working? Do you have a dream that you always wanted to accomplish? What in society makes you angry and want to do something about it? Do you like to talk, to write, to make others happy? Are you the comedian in the family? Do you like planning events or cooking? There are three things that are most important in the life of a person that must be accomplished for them to experience a fulfilled life. The first and most important is to secure your eternal hotel reservations. It is not wise to die empty, but live for eternity in everlasting punishment! The second is to care for your family. It is not fruitful to ‘die empty’ but not provide and care for your children! Thirdly, it is not wise to die empty and leave no legacy, no disciple. In many cases success may be defined as having your legacy continue through generations! In my pastor’s case, I believe he died empty, and that his legacy continues bright and strong in the many sons and daughters that he inherited through hard work. He poured out all he was into us as an investment to all humanity and I’m very grateful for the sacrifices he made for me and many others! Until next week God bless and remember, die empty!



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012


THINK ABOUT IT GRADUATES – BUT NO JOBS Graduation is one of the milestones in the lives of our young people. It is one of the occasions that cause parents, guardians and family members to beam with pride. Such pride is well deserved. Every graduate deserves our congratulations. We share in your joy and your achievement. For those seeking further education, we encourage you. For those who join the world of work, or rather looking for work, we sympathize with you. Few of you will find gainful employment. The majority will have no luck. The government should hang its head in shame. They have failed to prepare any plans, programmes or projects for our deserving graduates. The brutal truth is criminals and gang members are paid weekly monies but there is nothing for our graduates. The public service cannot provide several hundred jobs for our graduates because political hangers on are blocking the positions. One example: In the Transport Ministry Merlene Bailey, a retired public officer already receiving pension has been resurrected from public disgrace to be Chairperson of the Transport Board (allowances, vehicle perks). Dwight Tillett, a sixty two year old retiree is a permanent secretary (CEO) of the Ministry. Lindsey Garbutt from Tourism is a CEO when he is past retirement age in violation of the Public Service Law. These political employments block the upward mobility of the younger public officers in management positions. These would normally go upwards on promotion and create vacancies that can be filled by deserving and qualified students. As it is in Transport so it is in every Ministry and nook and cranny of the Public Service – hundreds of opportunities for graduates cut off by political patronage of undeserving flunkies. Hang unuh heads in shame. Graduates, don’t give up. BELIZE CAN’T GRADUATE If Belize was a student it would not be able to graduate. Neither from primary school, high school or 6th form. Worse from UB. Belize has achieved lone Cs in its economic performance and accomplishments. Moody’s Investor Services, the internationally respected ratings agency, gave Belize a VERY poor report card. We have failed. In February this year the Prime Minister of Belize had behaved bombastic and bragging – even reckless with his public statements about our economy and our debt situation. He was boasting of winning 25 seats in the general elections and had already cut a deal with the Lake I and Albert “defectors”. He was on a high. Bang! Belize’s credit rating was downgraded. This was real bad news for our country and our future. It gave the lie to all that propaganda that all was ripe and rosy. Four days ago, bad news turned worse. Belize has failed again. We are facing expulsion. Only that is left. The downgrade from Moody’s is so bad that we are at the bottom of the barrel. We are at the second lowest rating, Ca. The bottom is C. Moody’s says Belize’s debt obliga-

tions are likely to default or are very near to default. Said Moody’s, “the downgrade reflects reflects the government’s deteriorating capacity and willingness to service its external debt. Belize faces weak short- to medium-term growth prospects… “The government’s capacity to service its debt is set to weaken due to declining oil-related revenues and mounting fiscal liabilities stemming from the nationalizations of BEL and BTL.” Belize is broke, leaderless and its prospects look dim. Put another way, Belize noh have no money, we have noh government and we noh have much of a future. OIL PRICES Since the 1st of May this year, the price of oil on the international market has dropped by 18 per cent. Yet in Belize the price of oil has not even gone down by a dollar. What is going on? Why the local oil company in collaboration with the Government is ripping us off? THE MORGUE The only thing done since the government got re-elected is the renovation of the morgue. The morgue is where dead people are stored at the KHMH before their funeral. There was a grand opening ceremony. The CEO of the Ministry spoke. The CEO of the hospital spoke. It is not clear if the Minister responsible for dead bodies from the endless murders also spoke. But there were praises that body bags would now be used. The dead would each have their own separate deep freezers for storage. And the speakers were proud to announce they had spent ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to be able to store dead bodies. No mention was made of who got this contract. Yes, that’s what we have come down to – celebrating the repairs of a dead house. That’s what happens when nothing else is happening. And in case you missed it, the suckers are charging people FIFTY dollars a day for each dead body in the morgue. The KHMH belongs to the people and the morgue belongs to the people. How dare they charge for dead bodies on top of all the taxes people are already paying? IDIOCY Another idiotic ceremony took place in the unreal world that Belmopan is living in. This one was for a machine that can crush guns. Yes man, you read right. A machine that can destroy guns. Handing-over ceremony and speeches. Whenever business people and others purchase firearms for their protection, the money goes abroad because we import the firearms. On the rare occasions when the Police confiscate guns, their weapons are usually useable or can be repaired. Why destroy guns? These can legally be resold to those applying. Persons guard and farmers are always in need of guns. Any gun that is really beyond repair can easily be torches by a welder or thrown in the deep blue sea.

Idiots in their plush officers in Belmopan need to find something serious to do. Country di bruk up while unu di fiddle. A machine to crush one fun every three months. AMBASSADOR WANTS VISA Jamal Barrow better known in the music world as Shyne went to prison for about seven years for a shooting incident in New York. On his release he was deported to Belize. Apparently he never applied for US citizenship all the years he was there. Most black Americans when they go to jail and need religion to help fight the blues they convert to Islam and become disciplined Muslims. There is the great example of Malcolm X. Shyne converted to Judaism – the religion of the Jews. The Jews are Israelis. They live in Israel, a nation that is committing gross injustices against the Palestinian people. Have a conscience black artist, a rapper of talent found his way to becoming a convert to Judaism and spends time and taxpayers’ money in Israel is or should be a matter of interest. It is happening while Belize is rapidly being converted to closer relations with Israel. A nation that did not support our independence and which has a long, close relationship with Guatemala. We have a right to be suspicious. We also think Shyne should be allowed a visiting visa to record his music and perform in the USA. And that his father, the Prime Minister, who had the face of brass to appoint Shyne as music ambassador should seek the aide of Obama to help Shyne, now Moshe Ben

25 David Levi. PG HOSPITAL On Monday morning 4 June, correspondent Paul Mahung called LOVE Fm to report developments in Toledo. Among the things reported was that PG has been without an ambulance for months. There is a shortage of nurses and doctors. In the name of God, how in June 2012 – 31 years after Independence, the suffering poor people in Toledo are without basic, basic needs such as sufficient nurses, adequate doctors and ambulance. How? MAN FORCED TO PLEA GUILTY A man was taken to the Magistrate’s Court last week on a relatively minor charge. He was offered bail. The “New Rules” for poor people to be bailed require a letter from the employer of the person who is prepared to sign the bail form; and or a bank statement which cost thirty dollars and takes two to three days. As time would have ran out and the person would have to be taken to prison until his family could go through all these unnecessary requirements – the man decided to plea guilty and was ordered to pay a fine. It is a dirty shame what is being done to poor people. FORNICATION “I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication” – Revelation 17, verse 1 and 2.


Oceana in Belize Commemorates World Oceans Day 2012 June 4, 2012 On Friday, June 8, Oceana in Belize will be commemorating World Oceans Day with numerous activities at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City. At 6pm, Oceana in Belize will be launching its new ‘Catch the Wave! Ride with Oceana!’ membership campaign where visitors are encouraged to register as paid or volunteer members in order to support Oceana’s efforts in protecting Belize’s Sea. In connection with its membership drive, Oceana will be unveiling its new line of ‘Catch the Wave! Ride with Oceana!’ T-Shirts, which will be provided free of cost to any person who signs up as a paying Oceana member. Otherwise T-shirt will be on sale for only $10.00. Oceana encourages all schools to attend its World Oceans Day event at the Bliss and will award the secondary or tertiary institution with the most student attendees, with a Multimedia Projector. Teachers or other school representatives must accompany their students to verify their number. Students must be in uniform or present

valid student IDs to qualify. The Primary School which attends with its principal and the most teachers, will receive a one-day reef tour for the principal and teachers in attendance – so they too may be able to learn firsthand about Belize’s marine resources and able to share with their students. Other prizes will include a trip for 40 to the Belize Blue Hole; a two-night stay for a family of four courtesy Beya Suites in Punda Gorda with an accompanying tour (for four) to the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, courtesy TIDE Belize. Another prize will be an overnight stay in Placencia courtesy Laru Beya Resort and Villas for a couple. Prizes will be presented at the end of the premiere movie event. At 7 pm, Oceana will be premiering, The End of the Line, a powerful documentary which illustrates the devastating consequences of overfishing our world’s oceans and what humanity needs to do to stop the depletion of large fish stocks, predicted to reach a state of irreversible collapse by 2048. Recognizing the outstanding efforts of Belizeans supporting the or-

ganization’s cause, Oceana will also be presenting its annual Wavemaker of the Year award – given to an individual who has been involved in promoting and assisting with Oceana’s campaign. Our Ocean Hero award will be presented to an individual who has dedicated his/her life to the preservation and protection of Belize’s marine resources. Two awards of recognition will be presented to two organizations that have given selflessly to educating Belizeans about marine issues. Additionally, Oceana will launch its Summer 2012 Video Competition – details will be provided at the event.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Tatiana Rivero

23 year old Tatiana Rivero of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is representing Belize at the Miss Latin America of the World Pageant that will take place at the Riviera Maya, Mexico on Saturday June 9, 2012.

Photo by Jose Zapata


By Rickey Singh A significant partnership initiative between the Commonwealth Secretariat and the University of the West Indies is scheduled for three days later this week at the Mona Campus, starting on Wednesday. The symposium on regional issues of much concern at this time for Caribbean Community states and territories is titled ‘Economic Transformation and Job Creation — New Governance Challenges’. With unemployment within Caricom ranging from an estimated low seven per cent in the largely energy-based economy of Trinidad and Tobago, to at least 23 per cent in some of the small tourism and agricultural economies of the Eastern Caribbean region, the prospects for significant job creation in the near future are far from optimistic, according to public and private sector assessments. More depressing is that joblessness among youth continues to be endemic across the region, with the Geneva-based International Labour Organisation (ILO) reporting just this past week that “global youth unemployment remains stuck at crisis peak”. Further, that the unemployment rate is rising sharply in the Latin American/Caribbean region, and standing at 14.3 per cent by the end of last year. Flawed medium and long-term planning and prevailing yawning gaps in required integrated efforts by governments and the private sector for economic transformation have been fingered by critics of the models of development being pursued since the dawn of independence in this region, first in Jamaica and then Trinidad and Tobago half-a-century ago this coming August. By coincidence, while representatives of the UWI and Commonwealth Secretariat were advancing arrangements for this week’s symposium, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) was last Thursday inking a partnership accord with the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank in the Cayman Islands for a ground-breaking initiative to spur regional

economic growth. The modalities of this tripartite initiative, to be known as the Caribbean Growth Forum (CGF), are to take shape with invited region-wide inputs from the public and private sectors, labour movement, civil society and regional institutions and agencies, starting with a three-day event — also in Jamaica — from June 28-30. Compared with Latin America, the Caribbean region has been generally revealing poor economic performance, growing at an average 2.3 per cent compared with Latin America’s six per cent.

It is noteworthy that as the two primary pillars of our regional economic integration movement, the UWI and the CDB are integrally involved at present in two separate international partnerships intended to stimulate economic growth focused on job creation and expanding social benefits.

Photo by Jessi Betancourt

Responses to economic and social ills

Sunday, June 10, 2012



The “Madda-Fish” of Statutory Instruments Belize City, June 6, 2012 A Statutory Instrument signed into law without public consultation by the Minister of Forestry and Fisheries Lisel Alamilla can be very dangerous and detrimental to the livelihood of fisherfolk and the fishing industry. Statutory Instrument 54 of 2012, which was gazetted on May 15th, transfers all authority to regulate the fishing industry to the Minister Alamilla. This sets a dangerous precedent. The SI amends the Fisheries Act by inserting a new section that reads:

Lisel Alamilla Pennil

Banak Street, WAR ZONE!! Resident says she’s afraid to come out of her house

BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 By Alton Humes Belize is sadly now a mirror, a reflection upon our current criminal quagmire – the endless cycle of violence and selfloathing that destroys and decimates entire families, or in the worst of cases, unites them against a greater enemy. And if there is one family in Belize that reflects this above truth, for better and for worse, it’s the Meighans of Banak Street in the Collet Division in Belize City. This weekend saw yet another absurdist street tale rising forth – on Friday, June 1st, gunmen, seeking out the brotherly pair of Ellis and Tyrone Meighan, instead sprayed their bullets at a completely different quarry – Wilbert Dominguez and Kenroy Thomas, men who were neighbors of the Meighans and hung out at their residence. But then, with another shooting that occurred on Cemetery Road, both brothers were locked up for questioning, and Tyrone would be later charged for Aggravated Assault and Discharging a Firearm in Public. Couple the above with previous incidents – their mother, Mrs. Shelly, being shot in the foot in May, the shooting murder of 51 year old Darrington Rivers, the O’Brien-Williams shooting on the day of the Cross Country Cycling Classic, and Tyrone’s double assault upon some women in February of this year, and all of that adds up to an ongoing headache not only for the family, but the entire Banak Street neighborhood which has recently witnessed as much shootings as a war zone. While presumption about what the

neighbors feel about this family is a risky assumption, what is clear is that there needs to be greater Police Presence in what is now another major hot spot in the already crime-ridden Belize City. But for a mother like Mrs. Shelly, her own anguished words to a TV reporter echo what we all feel, but could never easily articulate: “I am trying; to tell you the truth, I am even afraid to come to the gate to stand up. I am afraid to even open the door. I understand that my sons did a lot of things in their past, but Belize is so out of control, it doesn’t matter what you do, it will come back to haunt you……What can I do? They say [they want] to move, but move and go where? This is my home. They don’t understand my life. I would want them to sit down with me and tell them what all I have been through. I have a 16-year-old at home, I am afraid to go in the kitchen. They don’t know what it feels like. Yes, it’s my sons that make our life like that, but how can we come out? How can we change? What does Belize have to offer that they can come out from that life that they were living to get a job? Their lives will still be in jeopardy because they already made their lives like that….. I don’t support what they were doing in the past. I am trying to help them because I am their mother and I am the only person that they have to hang on to. I try my best, everyone can tell you.” It’s the Meighan’s history of violence on Banak Street – an ever-continuous, never-ceasing cycle until authorities give it the right and proper attention.



“(24A) (1) The Minister shall, on an annual basis determine catch quota, export quota, areas of extraction and season of extraction for any fish.” With the stroke of pen, Minister Alamilla has become the “mother fish” of the fishing industry. This new “maddafish” Statutory Instrument gives her a threatening level of power and authority that if wielded wrongfully, can lead to more suffering for poor fishermen. Already, thanks to a decision by

Minister Alamilla to close the conch season early, hundreds of fishermen have been without jobs and income to survive. The Minister had taken the decision without consulting the fishermen. In like manner the BELIZE TIMES has been informed, the new SI took effect without the knowledge of fishermen or any of fishing cooperatives. Of concern also is that the new amendment speaks to “any fish” which includes every life form under water, whether fish or plant. This means even the seaweed vendor can be affected by the Minister’s arbitrary call to prohibit its extraction. Alamilla appears to think she is the answer to Belize’s environmental problems. But she must be reminded that while it’s all good to protect the environment, the people must survive.

Three for Cayo, Zero for San Pedro June 4, 2012 San Pedro is the tourist capital of Belize. It also provides large portions of jobs and of course it attracts the largest number of visitors to our shores. San Pedro is officially a town and it is a busy and bustling one. San Pedro has no Magistrate. For more than a decade the town has had its own full time Magistrate and is responsible for all police and civil cases for itself and the island of Caye Caulker. By having its own Magistrate, San Pedro Court took the strain off Belize City as well as it took a financial strain from off its residents as they need not pay for passage to and from Belize City to attend court.

The UDP government which is known for its high level of incompetent and for its disrespectful treatment of Belizeans has succeeded in depriving San Pedro of a Magistrate. Since the arrival of a foreign Chief Magistrate, San Pedro has become one of the victims of the UDP’s backward mentality. The idiocy of the situation has been highlighted now that the BELIZE TIMES received information that there are three Magistrates in Cayo. There is a full time Magistrate in Belmopan. There is a full time Magistrate for Benque Viejo Del Carmen and there is a full time Magistrate for San Ignacio. We call on the Chief Justice to give the issue some attention and to give residents of San Pedro the best chance for justice.

Miss Big, Bold and Beautiful pageant winner, Kim Gentle



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Belize Times June 10, 2012  

Belize Times June 10, 2012

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