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SUNDAY July 10, 2011

Issue No. 4753

Call Elections Now! Briceño says Barrow is still in Ashcroft’s pocket Belize City, July 6, 2011 The Opposition People’s United Party sounded the battle cry today as PUP Leader Hon. John Briceño demanded that Prime Minister Dean Barrow “call elections now”.

Hon. Briceño was speaking before a packed audience consisting of supporters and special dignitaries at the PUP’s press conference held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Continued on page 4

Hon. Cardona


Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceño tackles national issues at PUP conference. He says the Barrow Government has lost the moral authority to govern

PUP will disband

Chamber reigns in rogue GOB

PM Barrow has gone rogue

Belize City, July 6, 2011 In an unprecedented move, the Belize Chamber of Commerce which represents a majority of businesses in

Belize will issue a statement meant to reign in the Barrow Administration as a result of its despotic actions over the last two weeks. The statement consists of a resolution which calls on the Government to “uphold and obey the rule of law in all respects as declared by the Courts of Law in all judgments” and to “desist from taking any actions that offend the principle of separation of powers and our democratic institutions enshrined and entrenched Continued on page 32

Barrow calls


chancy GSU

Belize City, July 6, 2011 In a bold and decisive move, the People’s United Party has announced that when it becomes the next Government it will disband the Barrow Administration’s oppressive and downright chancy Gang Suppression Unit. The GSU is a specially formed group of officers introduced to tackle gangs in Belize City. But since they began operations, the GSU Continued on page 32

Marcel Cardona

Belize City, July 5, 2011 The shameful United Democratic Party has attempted to downplay what is so far their most disrespectful showing inside the honourable halls of the National Assembly. In the same day when the Continued on page 6

Head of GSU, Marco Vidal



a “legal idiot” PHILLOUGHBY INSULTS MARKET See page 35

VENDORS See page 4

Orlando “Lando” Rodriguez

See page 10

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brent Toombs weighs in on Section 53 & the “order of nature” Dear Editor, The Constitution of Belize is intended to be the ultimate safeguard against laws, policies, and practices that violate our fundamental rights and freedoms. But as recent manoeuvres by the Government of Belize to nationalize BTL, and implement preventative detention have illustrated; the Constitution is not impervious to being revised to suit the whim and policy of those we elect to power. If the Constitution proves to be a hindrance to lawmakers they can simply change the constitution to suit their agenda. However, this letter is not about BTL or preventative detention but rather the pending constitutional challenge being brought forward by UNIBAM against Section 53 of the Laws of Belize. One of Belize’s political parties, Vision Inspired for the People (VIP), recently weighed in on this constitutional challenge. The stated VIP position is as follows: “VIP does not support decriminalizing the act of sodomy. It is our opinion that via this practice one can not procreate, therefore, it does not coincide with the VIP Principals of Family or the continuation of our being. The VIP stands in solidarity with those who support the law as it stands today.” The law as it stands today actually makes no reference to the “act of sodomy”. Section 53 ambiguously states that it is illegal for any person to “engage in carnal knowledge against the order of nature”. Like many supporters of the law in its current form, VIP mistakenly assumes that the law only applies to one particular sexual activity and only to a certain segment of society. More alarming to me than VIP’s misinterpretation of Section 53, is the rationale for their support of the current law. “Via this practice one can not

The Party is nothing but the vanguard of the people, the active organ of the people, working at all times in the service of the people.”

procreate”. Humans may be capable of emotional and rational thought, and we may choose to engage in sexual activity for non-reproductive purposes (as is our fundamental human right), but what exactly is “the order of nature”? If I remember my biology lessons correctly all species, including humans, exist to reproduce. That is the “order of nature”. As VIP points out, sex between men will never result in procreation so yes it is “against the order of nature”. But also included in that definition must be all sexual activity between consenting adults that is not for the explicit purpose of creating a new life. Heterosexual couples that exercise their right to use birth control have carnal knowledge “against the order of nature”. Heterosexual couples that enjoy any sexual activity, other than genital penetration, have carnal knowledge “against the order of nature”. Any person who uses a condom to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections has carnal knowledge “against the order of nature”. Men and women who choose sterilization as a method of limiting the size of their family do so “against the order of nature”. In its current form, Section 53 of the Laws of Belize is perfectly in line with VIP’s stated belief that any and all sexual activity not for the sole intended purpose of procreation should be illegal. UNIBAM is challenging this law because the criminalization of sexual activity between consenting adults is contrary to the constitution of Belize. But as we have seen with the BTL and preventative detention issues, when the Constitution becomes an obstacle those in power can simply amend it to suit their agenda. So it should be of great concern to all Belizeans that VIP, a political organization with ambition to form our government, has as one of its core principles the criminalization of non-procreative sexual activity? If you think the Constitution will ultimately protect us from draconian lawmakers who believe they have a divine right to tell us why, when and how we should have sex, check what’s been happening in Belmopan lately. Brent Toombs Belize City

Dog shredded baby into pieces in Jalacte Village BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 By Alton Humes It is not hard to believe that many mothers in Belize cannot afford to go or are unable to go to a hospital to give birth. But that phenomena is now a sad, and downright weird reality for a family in Jalacte Village in the Toledo District.

“From the ghetto streets” Barrow is Dangerous for Belize Dear Editor, I would like to thank my readers for supporting me. It has been three and a half years of misery coming from Dean Barrow and his brainless crowd they call a government. It looks like our Prime Minister really knocked his big head and cannot come out of the coma he is in. Belizeans are wondering what this Prime Minister will do next and whose business he is going to take over. We are all living in fear, in a country with no justice for no one but the U.D.P. cronies. It seems as if nothing will ever change for this U.D.P. government any time soon, but there will be more destruction upon the poor people of this country. The people can take it no more Mr. Prime Minister. Everything you touch is destroyed and we end up with no solution but more corruption. That’s just the U.D.P. style, no kind of governing. When the pain will ever stop Mr. Barrow? How much longer will your madness go on? Can you please tell us what is going on inside that big head of yours and what made you hate the Belizean people that bad? It is as if you have mercy for no one. Mr. Barrow what you should be concerned about is finding solutions to

the crime. You see Belizeans, we voted for a Prime Minister but instead we got a crime minister that has many tricks up his sleeve. Mr. Barrow you should be ashamed for calling yourself the Prime Minister of this country. Do you understand this Belizeans, because I don’t? Before Dean Barrow became Prime Minister he was the attorney for that same man he’s having a so-called fight with. That tells you that Dean Barrow is a two timing snake. He was making millions before and still making millions right now handling Lord Ashcroft’s legal fees. So remember Mr. Prime Minister, ‘da fool the talk but da nuh fool di listen’. Time is running out on you, stop having the Belizeans imagining and get real or stop steal. Dean Barrow is like a tick. He just keeps sucking the country dry of all its wealth. By the time Dean Barrow’s term is up he will be the richest black man in Belize and on the other hand Belize will be left with a black eye with no chance of return. Don’t worry Belizeans we all feel the same pain but time will reveal us to be free once more. Rise up and keep your heads straight. Till next time, Jah Bless! Roberto Peyrefitte

For a reason that could be explained by her alone, Juanna Pop, age 31, a Guatemalan citizen, had recently given birth to an unnamed baby girl. But here’s where the story muddles. Somehow, the baby did not fully make it to life, and may or may not have been dumped carelessly somewhere, and a dog belonging to another neighbor got hold of the child, and all but amputated the child’s arm and a leg. The incident was reported first to the village alcalde, then to the police in Punta Gorda, by another neighbor of Ms. Pop’s, one Mr. Rolando Sho, who also resides in the tiny hamlet. Questions are abounding to no end, especially concerning whether there was an abortion that happened, or if it was a normal birth, or more importantly, how in the world did the newborn child come in contact with the vicious, unchained animal. As we noted, it is only Ms. Pop, a single parent with other children, who can answer for her actions. She is currently being investigated for possible concealment of birth and is held at the Punta Gorda Town Hospital for treatment on injuries likely sustained in the birth.

Alberto Vellos




Doreth Bevans


Chris Williams


Rafael Sosa


Carla Bradley TYPIST


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HON. mark espat albert




Valdemar castillo Corozal North

mike espat toledo east

oscar requeña toledo west

joseph mahmud cayo north

gilroy usher sr. port loyola

phillip palacio mesopotamia


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orlando habet cayo north east


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jorge briceno orange walk north


HON. cordel hyde lake independence


Rodwell Ferguson Stann Creek West






Call Elections Now! Continued from page 1

Wednesday July 6th 2011 morning. The conference was held following the Party’s walk out of the House of Representatives special sitting on Monday July 4th. In that session, the Barrow Administration rushed through a secret legislation to carry out the re-expropriation of Belize Telemedia Limited. The Opposition intended to participate, but at the very start when the Opposition Leader stood up to make a critical point, the Barrowappointed Speaker of the House, Emil Arguelles, disallowed the intervention. Aware that the Speaker’s consistent bias would not allow the Opposition to speak freely, the Opposition members walked out. But the spineless Speaker, nor the bully Prime Minister or his paid hecklers who shout, curse out and stone anyone their UDP bosses tell them to, were not at Wednesday’s important event. The PUP presented its positions on a number of issues including the economy and unemployment, the proposal for preventative detention, the BTL and BEL acquisitions, and the Barrow Administration’s propaganda which has confused and misled Belizeans. Serious discussions were led by former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Senior Deputy Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca, Senator Lisa Shoman, Legal Advisor Anthony Sylvestre, and the Co-Chair of Policy and Refore Arthur Saldivar. But it was the PUP Leader who delivered the hardest punches. “The people of this country have had enough of his crassness, his crudeness and yes, his rudeness,” the PUP leader said referring to the Prime Minister, “our Prime Minister has gone rogue and his government has lost the moral authority to govern this nation”. Hon. Briceño described Barrow’s takeover of BTL, which is characterised by the Government’s propagandists as “nationalisation”, as a sham. Briceño pointed out that the Prime Minister’s socalled nemesis, Michael Ashcroft, is in reality still the Prime Minister’s business partner. “…while he is demonizing Ashcroft, the Law firm of Barrow and Williams, his law firm, continues to work for the Ashcroft Interest, continues to collect money from what he calls Ashcroft interests and since he likes to call out people I am today calling on the Prime Minister to disclose to the Belizean people exactly how much money his law firm has made and continues to make from so called Ashcroft interests,” declared Hon. Briceño. The PUP Leader said the acquisition of BEL was deliberately and cleverly planned by the Barrow Administration. The takeover of the utility companies formed part of Barrow’s crony capitalism, stated Hon. Briceño, with the sole purpose of enriching himself and his family. “The real question is, after having Belize Telemedia for two years, who has benefited? There has been no rate decrease for Belizeans; no better service for the poor, no more internet in schools, BTL workers were abandoned by Barrow and two years later he is still treat-

ing them like step children. Who he took care of though is his friends and family, millions for Lois Young Barrow and Barrow & Williams.” Hon. Briceño leader indicated that Barrow was playing with the emotions of Belizeans in an attempt to distract them from the real hardships faced by Belizeans. Why? Because those hardships expose the cruel reality of the UDP’s incompetence since 2008. He said the burdens suffered by Belizeans have been enough. Coupled with the UDP Government’s incompetence and new dictator status “It is time for Mr. Barrow and the UDP to leave”. Of note is that the call for elections was also made by one of the UDP’s own. At a speech at the House of Representative on Monday, Hon. Marcel Cardona who is the UDP Orange Walk East area representative said the people have had enough of the Barrow Government and the Prime Minister should call elections now.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

PHILLOUGHBY INSULTS MARKET VENDORS Wednesday, July 6, 2011 In classic UDP fashion, Belize City Councillor Phillip Willoughby has insulted the wholesale vendors who occupy the Hiccattee Streetside adjacent to the Queen Square Market. It happened, as they say, “to add insult to injury” after the vendors had each lost hundreds of dollars of produce which was washed away or contaminated by drain water that rose so high during heavy rains on Tuesday, that it flooded the entire street where they sell. When asked what the Council is doing to mend the problem Willough-

Continued on page 34

Philloughby needs to show manners

UDP council caused the contamination of the vendors’ produce

Sunday, July 10, 2011



Crony Capitalism “Crony capitalism is a term describing an allegedly capitalist economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, and so forth. “Crony capitalism is believed to arise when political cronyism spills over into the business world; self-serving friendships and family ties between businessmen and the government influence the economy and society to the extent that it corrupts public-serving economic and political ideals.” – Wikipedia If Belizeans realized the extent which the Barrow Administration is abusing power and hoodwinking the majority of us, general elections would have been called yesterday. Under Dean Barrow, Belize has become the UDP’s business fiefdom. Barrow has placed key party officials, family and friends in key positions. As Prime Minister he pays his ex-wife, Lois Young-Barrow, millions as Government’s legal representative. The Government of Belize has a solicitor general and an attorney general, yet Barrow prefers to spend unnecessary taxpayer’s money on his ex-wife. As Prime Minister, he placed his son as a Board member after expropriating Belize Telemedia. As Prime Minister he appointed his brother, Denys Barrow, as a Court of Appeals Judge. As Prime Minister he appointed his prodigal son, Jamal Shyne Barrow, as musical ambassador. As Prime Minister he appointed his law-partner and friend, Rodwell Williams, as Chairman of Belize Electricity Limited since 2008. This has been a disturbing trend. It is then, not hard to see why the Prime Minister is wrestling to keep hold of the lucrative telecommunications company, while now taking over Belize Electricity Limited. They are cloaked as political, but in reality they are business decisions, meant to keep his family and friends in the financial loop, so to speak. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister takes from us right before our eyes, a second man who deputizes him has been allowed to do just the same. As Minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega, reigns over Belize’s richest resources – land, water, oil, gold, and everything else on top, below and beyond. Just how this former insurance salesman in America turned Orange Walk politician came to be is a colorful story that must be told to understand the sick game being played, and it will be soon. For now, we must analyze how he has turned the Ministry of Lands into another UDP fiefdom. Vega’s top men in the Ministry are those he has kept close in his family business. The Cruz, Luna, Hernandez loyals have ensured that Vega exploits Belize for their personal benefit. Prior to achieving Independence, self-government was just as important for the Rt. Hon. George Price and People’s United Party. It was unacceptable that the citizens of then British Honduras were ruled by the same people who enslaved and abused us, and extracted our resources for their personal profits. The PUP fought and achieved self-government in 1962, the first step towards Independence. It is now 2011, but in a similar fashion in which we were ruled over and dictated to, while our nation’s resources were drained by colonial masters, today in a self-styled rule cloaked as democracy, Dean Barrow is practicing full blown crony capitalism.




Party Leader meets Western & Southern Caucus standard bearers Belize City, July 5, 2011 On Monday morning PUP Leader Hon. John Briceño met with standard bearers from the Western and Southern Caucuses to discuss issues pertinent to their constituents. The discussion was open and frank, and the PUP representatives also delved into internal party issues on which they made proposals. The PUP western and southern caucus consists of some of the most capable leaders in those areas. The west is made up of Landy Habet, Party Treasurer Julius Espat, Collet Montejo, Oscar Sabido, Dr. Amin Hegar and Joseph Mahmud. The south is made up of Deputy Leader Mike Espat, Rodwell Ferguson, Oscar Requeña and Ivan Ramos.

Hon. Cardona


Continued from page 1 UDP Leader Dean Barrow screamed and shouted across to the Opposition side, and their UDP paid lackeys heckled and hollered at Opposition representatives, a UDP supporter and employee of UDP representative Michael Finnegan chose to stone elected UDP representative Hon. Marcel Cardona right inside the House. The attack was caught on camera, forcing the UDP to issue a wishy-washy disclaimer two days later. But the UDP cannot refute the actions of their own supporter, when they instigated it. Neither can they claim to condemn the actions when all they did was slap the UDP criminal on the wrist that day. Stoning anyone with intent to hurt is common assault, but the UDP Housing employee got away with a simple scolding and temporary ban. Such an action, which mirrors the lack of respect of authority in society, should have been followed with an arrest and even public whipping. Dean Barrow could have been a witness at the criminal trial. The UDP has continuously disrespected the National Assembly. As Opposition Leader Barrow once hurled a cup of water to the ground then had to apologize. UDP crony Kenny Morgan once shouted threateningly to do something if he had a grenade. UDP area representative Mark King once walked on the rail to show his contempt. Then, at every House Meeting paid UDP supporters are taken to shout and scream and create ruction. Barrow and the UDP’s abuse our nation’s young democracy must go no further. Hon. Cardona and every rightthinking Belizean deserve an apology from no other than Dean Barrow, the leader of the UDP scoundrels.

During the talk, representatives made strong observations on areas they believe the party must focus as it prepares to take on the mantle

of national leadership. Those areas include the economy, job creation, investment in industries, micro credit for small farmers, protection

Sunday, July 10, 2011 of small farming industries, affordable and relevant education, and crime and poverty eradication. Party Leader Hon. Briceño thanks those in attendance for their commitment, hardwork and perseverance. He encouraged them to continue consulting with their constituents in order for the PUP to remain true to the needs of Belizeans.

Party Leader meets with members of the Western and Southern caucus

Sunday, July 10, 2011




STATE OF THE NATION Never before in the 30 years of our Independence have Belizeans witnessed such blatant and obvious disrespect for the rule of law as we have seen in the past 10 days. Indeed since 2008, we have seen a growing trend from the Prime Minister and this UDP Administration to behave in a manner that is undemocratic and inclined to despotism. From the removal of the Chief Justice and forcing out Court of Appeal judges, to re-defining the labour laws to denying the rights of workers to take industrial action, we have seen the inhumane treatment of innocent Belizeans. Such actions weaken our democracy and compromises one of the fundamental tenets of our system of governance: the respect for the rule of law. What makes this even more critical is the timing of such behaviour, for currently our nation is facing a series of crises. Crime continues to rage out of control, Belizeans continue to struggle with the crippling cost of living; our economy is stagnant; foreign direct investment has all but dried up and the jobless situation in Belize is critical with unemployment at 24 percent. One in four Belizeans who can and want to work can’t find a job. A real leader, a true leader would be working to fix these problems, but we all know that Dean Barrow can’t fix these problems. We all know that this incompetent UDP administration lacks the capacity to move this country forward, so instead of doing what is necessary to advance our country, the Prime Minister is trying to distract the Belizean people in the hope that they will not see the lack of any real plan to move this country forward, to grow the Belizean economy by 6% annually, to provide those promised 5000 new jobs, to provide cheaper utilities and to bring down the cost of living “No Matter What.” Of course the Belizean people will not be fooled by the behaviour of Mr. Barrow. Indeed, they have become fed up with the thuggish behaviour of the Prime Minister, and they are tired of his vulgarity in the House and his brutish behaviour even when dealing with the press. A Prime Minister should not be shouting names and hurling insults across the floor of the National Assembly at elected representatives--a

prime minister’s actions should always be that of a statesman. The people of this country have had enough of his crassness, his crudeness and yes, his rudeness. THE BTL/BEL ISSUE • Let me now turn to the issue of the acquisition of BEL and BTL. Let me make these points • The PUP has a proud history of working in the interest of the people when it comes to compulsory acquisition. • The Constitution that enables lawful acquisitions was designed by the PUP – whilst Barrow and the UDP opposed it. • The PUP has acquired thousands of acres for the sugar industry from Tate & Lye • Thousands of acres for farm land for the needy, lots for the poor and middle class, and land for village expansion • When the real national interest demanded it we took back BWSL – by negotiations • We are not afraid of acting in the interest of the Belizean people when the national interest truly demands it. • Barrow cannot get away from the fact that he, Senior Counsel, self-styled master of the games, has the dubious distinction of being the only PM who has been found to act unconstitutional by the Court of Appeal • His so-called nationalisation was declared null and void; laid bare , in tatters, shredded as fake false and illegal by the Court of Appeal That is his record. It is regrettable that in his three years as Prime Minister that Dean Barrow has come to the Belizean people with three pieces of legislation to take over companies, two for BTL and one for BEL. In trying to explain his actions the Prime Minister stated that he was taking these actions based on “public purpose”. What public purpose is it when you take a company from one person and give to another? Even after Monday’s Meeting of the House the Prime Minister was unable to explain the public purpose. Now I know that of late the Prime Minister seems to be wrapping himself in the Belizean Flag and trying to give the impression that he is more

Belizean than the rest of us, but I want to remind you that while he is demonizing Ashcroft, the Law firm of Barrow and Williams, his law firm, continues to work for the Ashcroft Interest, continues to collect money from what he calls Ashcroft interests and since he likes to call out people, I am today calling on the Prime Minister to disclose to the Belizean people exactly how much money his law firm has made and continues to make from so called Ashcroft interests. On the issue of BEL, Ladies and gentlemen as I have said before, the Prime Minister said that his actions to take over BEL on the 24th June were to avoid a crisis, well has the crisis been averted? Will government now pay the $36 million to its consumers that the PUC alleged was owed by BEL? Will the Belizean taxpayer now be asked to pay Fortis for BEL? What about cheaper electricity rates? Has BelCogen been paid what they are owed? Also, since BEL was a working partnership between Government and Private Investors with the Government having the golden share and the Prime Minister’s Law partner sitting as the Chairman, how is it that the government was not aware of the situation? How did we get to this point? I will tell you how and why we got here, it was something that was deliberately caused by the Barrow directed PUC. Because BEL had a temporary cash flow problem, the Prime Minister did what he had wanted to do for a long time, take complete control of BEL. We in the PUP will not accept that the action to take control of BEL is in the interest of the Belizean people until we see the rates decrease; until we see the extension of electricity to every village in Belize; until we see that costs of this so-called nationalisation is paid for not on the backs of our people. We cannot afford more costly litigation that can cost additional millions as is the case with Belize Telemedia. Therefore, instead of fighting with these investors, I urge the prime minister to come to the negotiating table to work out a solution that will benefit the Belizean people and not further harm our reputation internationally when it comes to investments. And most importantly, I am asking that the Prime Minister state publicly when he will reduce electricity rates. With respect to BTL, this matter ladies and gentlemen is clearly not a case of nationalization. What happened in the National Assembly was a clear case of a Prime Minister using his parliamentary majority to disregard the rule of law. There was no ambiguity in the 150 page judgement of the courts that the action of the government was unconstitutional and null and void. What the Prime Minister did in the

7 House on Monday was not nationalization; it was plain and simple crony capitalism. If the Prime Minister was acting in the national interest there would have been no need for him to take over the 23% of the shares that is owned by the employees. On the contrary, he would have done everything to protect the employees’ interest and protect their shares and dividends. So when the Prime Minister talks about acting in the best interest of Belizeans and then talk about wanting to bring in some Argentinean Company or DigiCel, he is not acting in the interest of the workers of Telemedia or in the interest of Belizeans. The real question is, after having Belize Telemedia for two years, who has benefited? There has been no rate decrease for Belizeans; no better service for the poor, no more internet in schools, BTL workers were abandoned by Barrow and two years later he is still treating them like step children. Who he took care of though is his friends and family, millions for Lois Young Barrow and Barrow & Williams. That is why the Court of Appeal declared it as unconstitutional. CONCLUSION Ladies and Gentlemen I say again, when the Barrow administration came to office they found a government with a budget deficit of under 1% of GDP, millions in the bank, unemployment at 8.5 percent and foreign direct investment at 235 million dollars. We started NHI, stimulated growth and we kept the lights on. We doubled the economy, worked as respectful and meaningful partners with the private sector and we provided for our elderly. Three and a half years later, Belizeans continue to lose their jobs, their homes and their land. Crime is out of control and the cost of living is so high that 90 cents of every dollar earned by the average Belizean is used for food and other essentials for living. Mr Barrow is trying to pull wool over our eyes, he wants Belizeans to forget the realities of life we face today, and to ignore the fact that Belizeans tyaad ah ga nothing. As we say in Spanish, le esta tapando el ojo al macho! Our people are struggling, our infrastructure is broken and now our very democratic way of life is under threat. In short our Prime Minister has gone rogue and his government has lost the moral authority to govern this nation. Three and a half years into this administration and the Prime Minster is yet to deliver on one of the 21 pledges they made to the Belizean people. The incompetence of this administration is obvious. It is time for Mr. Barrow and the UDP to leave. We say call the elections now! ¡Señor Primer Ministro la hora ha llegado! ¡Es la hora de llamar elecciones!



DPM Vega’s henchman takes elderly man to Court Orange Walk Town, July 1, 2011 78 year old Jose Albino Chavez, a farmer living in San Lorenzo Village in the Orange Walk District, was hauled off to Court last week after one of the Deputy Prime Minister’s henchmen shamelessly filed a criminal complaint against him. According to the DPM’s notorious ‘tocayo’, Gaspar Luna, the 78 year old man used threatening words against him one afternoon. For context, it’s important to note that Luna is a close confidante turned executive employee of the deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega. Luna is so powerful that when the UDP took office he apparently assumed authority to sign off on land deals, personally carry out land transactions, and revoke private land ownership, seemingly arbitrarily. So, what could be so offensive about the spoken wisdom of a 78 year old that would make Gaspar Vega’s political mercenary quiver with fear? Well, Luna alleges that during an argument with the elderly man, he was called “a dog”. That’s right, somehow referring to one as a canine is equivalent to threatening words. Interestingly, the Prime Minister has been caught on national television calling people ‘a

Albino Chavez

jackass’. Should he not also be made to answer, or dogs carry greater negative value than mules? The story of Luna’s alleged verbal fight with the elderly man is quite interesting. In the name of balanced reporting, Orange Walk’s CTV-3 news tracked down the elder villager to find out exactly what happened. Chavez explained that the entire fiasco has to do with his refusal to remove a fence he had erected on his land, which is adjacent to one of Luna’s many parcels of

land. Chavez said he has owned the land for many years, and has used it for farming and animal rearing. It is because he doesn’t want the animals to escape that he erected a fence. Luna then acquired the parcel of land next to his and since his arrival he has been harassing Chavez to tear down the fence. Chavez indicated that on June 28th he was at his farm land when he was called out by Luna who was armed with a machete. “He called me and told me ‘look I have bought the land and I want you to remove the fence’. I told him, ‘no way sir, the fence is not in your way’. Chavez said he explained that without the fence his animals would escape or encroach on other people’s land which would be wrong. He said Luna responded saying, “well I will make sure you are arrested”. An hour and a half later, the Police appeared at the farm and arrested Chavez. The police officers told him that Luna had reported he had used threatening words. Before the Magistrate’s Court last

Sunday, July 10, 2011 week, Chavez felt very intimidated and abused. He said the Magistrate angrily told him he had used threatening words, even though he explained he never did such thing. Chavez, who was not represented by an attorney, pleaded not guilty. The Magistrate then adjourned the trial for July 29th and released Chavez on bail of a whopping $900. The allegations against the elderly man appear totally exaggerated and unnecessary. But it is typical of UDPs to chance poor people. We dare to say that UDP crony, Gaspar Luna, is certainly ‘barking on the wrong tree’ here. We also warn him as the street proverb says that ‘evry dawg hav ih daay’. It is shameful that Luna is picking a fight with an elderly. He should be the first to practice compassion, after it was the Orange Walk community and NOT the UDP who came to his aid when he needed financial aid to fight a lifethreatening illness. But again, Luna is a UDP who are known users and abusers of people. There are many stories of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Deputy’s abuse, and we’ll tell you next week why a group of Mennonites thinks he belongs in jail.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Duo Acquitted

Of Attempted Murder BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 6, 2011 By Roy Davis Two men, Brandon Tillett, 26 and Knox Cumberbatch, 27, who were charged with the attempted murder of Elton Bradley, 22, were acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas. The prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Sharmila Williams, closed its case after Bradley took the witness stand and testified that he could not really recall all of what occurred around 10 p.m. on May 29, 2009, when he was shot 4 times. With the prosecution having no further evidence to offer, Justice Lucas directed the jury of seven women and two men to return formal verdict of not guilty for each accused. But only Tillett was free to go. Cumberbatch is remanded on a charge of murder.

Knox Cumberbatch

Tillett and Cumberbatch were not represented by any attorney. Bradley, a resident of King Street, was shot on Bishop Street. He said his assailants were two persons who wore masks and he did not get to see their faces. Bradley was shot twice in his right leg, once in his right hand and once in his right hip. The bullet is still lodged in his right hip.

Child Molester sentenced to 1,095 days

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 6, 2011 Enrique Pandy, 34, charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature upon a 5 year old girl, was sentenced to 3 years or 1,095 days today in the #5 Magistrate’s Court after he was found guilty of the charge. Pandy had committed the offence in June, 2009. At the time he was an employee of the Transport Department. The girl testified on camera that Pandy fondled her private parts. Pandy testified and denied he committed the offence.

Enrique Pandy

It was alleged that two other persons were involved in the incident and that they had carnally the girl. But those allegations were never substantiated.

Police abuse

at UDP Convention BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 6, 2011 Violence erupted at a UDP convention that was held on Sunday, July 3, when a police officer struck Curtis Flowers, 40, on his forehead with a club. Flowers’ forehead was busted and there was blood all over his shirt. Flowers said the incident occurred when the officer wanted to take him into custody on a charge of damage to property. Flowers was charged with the offence when he appeared yester-

day in the #4 Magistrate’s Court. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and he was offered a bail of $2,500. But Flowers was not released from the police custody because, according to reports, there are more charges pending against him. Flowers is accused of damaging a varnished door and a center table on May 25. The door and table have a combined value of $400 and they are the property of Elizabeth Gomez.




Young father killed viciously in Cayo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 The ordinarily peaceful village of Frank’s Eddy along mile 38 on the Western Highway was the venue for the nation’s latest, bloodiest and perhaps, most mysterious murder of recent times. It occurred on Sunday evening while four friends, at least by all accounts, were socialising near a supermarket in the village, just a couple of miles from one of the country’s more famous tourist attractions, Jaguar Paw Resort. Orlando “Lando” Rodriguez, 26, a labourer, had just finished cleaning his family’s yard in neighbouring St. Matthews Village and left home in his green pickup. He ended up at Frank’s Village where he and a friend showed up to a section of the business establishment where he ordered and ate a plate of rice and beans. While he was there another vehicle, a white car, showed up with two other men, who went to the supermarket section on the same compound and purchased beers. They too did not leave immediately as they went on the roadside to drink beers. At some point they went over to where Rodriguez and his friend were still seated and a conversation started among the four. That conversation soon turned into a quarrel and that escalated into an all-out brawl between the two groups of men. The fight ended up outside in the yard, after the four had engaged in hurling pint bottles at each other. It was during this exchange that one of the two who had arrived in the white car picked up a cement block and repeatedly pummelled Rodriguez with it on the right side of his head. The assault

Orlando “Lando” Rodriguez

caused a huge gash near his right temple, and blood flowed freely from his head, He collapsed unconscious on the ground. When the fight ended the two men who fought with Rodriguez and his friend then left the scene in their white car. Eyewitnesses called for an ambulance, which rushed Rodriguez to the Belmopan Hospital a few miles away. His common-law wife, with whom he shared two young sons, had already been informed and she rushed to the scene. She accompanied Rodriguez in the ambulance, but he succumbed to serious head injuries. Eyewitnesses are bewildered by the sequence of events that unfolded so quickly before their eyes in such short space of time. Just a few minutes before Rodriguez and the men were conversing. What was exchanged in the conversation to lead to murder is what Belmopan police are trying to piece together. Late on Tuesday they charged tour guide, Guillian Hernandez, 29, with murder. He is expected to appear in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court today, where he is further expected to be placed on remand for a charge of that nature.

Police capture fugitive at border crossing Orange Walk, July 5, 2011 By Carmelita Perez He was on the run from Belizean authorities for 23 days but Orlando Sanchez’s luck ran out yesterday afternoon when he was detained attempting to cross unto the Mexican border. Sanchez was wanted for questioning in connection with the June 12th attack of 52 year old Maria Elena Baeza. Baeza was found lying face-down on a feeder road just off the Yo Creek Road suffering from three chop wounds to the head, two on the face and one in the back. Sanchez was detained by Police yesterday as he was trying to make it to La Union, a small Mexican village located across the Blue Creek community. Reports are that the police officer stationed at the Blue Creek border checkpoint saw Sanchez acting suspiciously and asked him for identification which he could not provide. The police officer recognized Sanchez, from flyers spread by the victim’s family, and detained him until back-up arrived. Today Baeza was arraigned at

Orlando Sanchez

Court and he was charged charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm, use of deadly means of harm and aggravated assault. The 21 year old resident of San Lazaro Village was then remanded to prison until August 4th 2011. From what Baeza has told her family, she was at home alone on Sunday June 12th when a man entered her home and threatened to kill her with a knife if she made any noise. The man then ordered her to enter her vehicle and took her to the area where she was brutally attacked and left for dead.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011





Sunday, July 10, 2011


City Boys regain lead in Superleague playoffs

Lisbey Castillo takes on Ryan Simpson

Belize City, July 3, 2011 The Raymond Gentle City Boys regained the lead in the Belize Bank Superleague football playoffs, as it bounced back from an embarrassing loss in Orange Walk. In Week 5, the City boys crushed the Paradise Freedom Fighters 3-0 at the MCC grounds on Sunday, July 3. The Freedom Fighters held the City Boys to a scoreless draw up to the half time break but Leon “Lem” Jones scored the first goal 2 minutes into the 2nd half, with a shot that the visitors’ goalie Steven Apolonio could not hold on to. Ryan Simpson’s execution of a free kick for the City Boys in the 61st minute sent the ball to Dalton Cayetano who nimbly crossed the ball to Dion McCauley for the finish and a 2-0 lead. Cayetano outran the PG defenders in the 63rd minute to take on Apolonio one-on-on, Dalton won to add a 3rd goal for the 3-0 win.


Upcoming games:

Other games:

1st place

City Boys

Placencia Assassins vs. City Boys, Placencia football field

Placencia Assassins vs. Orange Walk United

2nd place

Placencia Assassins

3rd place

Freedom Fighters

4th place

Orange Walk United

Orange walk United vs. Freedom fighters, Toledo Union Field



Alex Peters’ “bicicleta” kick


OW United

Elroy Kuylen defends Lisbey Castillo

Philip Burns wins Weekend Warriors’ national road champ Belize City, July 3, 2011 Team Clean Master Systems Philip Burns won the 2011 Weekend Warriors national road championship for Category B riders on Sun-

Category C race - Belmopan to Belize City 1st Place

Truckers Posse’s Valentine Sosa

2nd Place

Team Horizon’s Ryan Willoughby

3rd Place

Truckers Posse’s Michael Flowers

4th Place

Truckers Posse’s Jerome Moir

5th Place

Team Lampas’ Eustace Ireland

6th Place

Team BCB/FT Williams’ Elvis Perez

7th Place

Team BCB/FT Williams’ Dean Boyce

8th Place

Team BNE’s Chris Berry

9th Place

Team BCB/FT Williams’ Wayne Arnold

10th Place

Team Typhoon’s Ivan Ayuso

day, July 3, while his brother and teammate Frank Burns took 2nd place. Philip Burns clocked 2:50:57 to win the 65-mile ride from Caves Branch to cross the finish line solo in front of Leslie’s imports on Western Highway outside Belize City, and Frank clocked 2:51:13 as he outsprinted 1995 Cross Country champ Orlando Chavarria of the C-Ray team for 2nd place. Team Santino’s “Chief ” Castillo won the sprint for 4th place against Team C-Ray’s Ray Cattouse of the CRay team and Team BNE’s James Bissett who took 6th.

Santino “Chief” Castillo finished 4th

Other finishers:

Philip Burns

7th place

Team Horizon’s Warren Coye

8th place

Team Horizon’s Andrew Brown

9th place

Team BCB/FT Williams – Mark Gentle

10th place

Team Santino’s Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph

Sunday, July 10, 2011



Belize’s Special Olympics Team wins bronze in Greece Belize City, July 5, 2011 Belize Special Olympics football five-a-side team returned to Belize last week after attending the Special Olympics World Summer Games held in Athens, Greece. In game 1, Belize beat Indonesia 2-1, followed by a 2-2 score with Chile. In Game 3, Belize lost to Sin-


gapore 3-2. That made Belize qualify to the semi-finals for 3rd place and they won against Indonesia 2-0 which placed them 3rd awarding them the bronze medal. The BELIZE TIMES congratulates the team, staff and coaches for their extraordinary bravery and representation of the nation.

Team Belize

Telemedia is No. 1 entering women’s softball playoffs Belize City, July 1, 2011 The Belize Telemedia softball women remain the top-ranked seed entering the playoffs even though they gave the Orchid Blazers the easy bye to a 7-0 win on Sunday. Telemedia did not have enough players before game time at the home of softball at the Roger’s

Stadium on Sunday afternoon, and had to forfeit the game. Telemedia will take on the No. 4 seed Hurricanes when the playoffs begin, while the No.2 seed Lady Rebels take on the No. 3 seed, Orchid Blazers in the second game of the playoffs.

63 52 Alamilla


Top scorer: Greg Rudon, 21 points, 4 rebounds; Bernard Felix, 22 points, 3 rebounds

Police Dept vs. Belize Telemedia

70 73 Poiice

Belize Telemedia

Top scorer: Jamal Kelly, 26 points, 3 rebounds; Orlando Bowen, 23 points, 10 rebounds

Police Dept vs. Youth for the Future

55 45

Police Dept

Youth for the Fu.

Top scorer: Marvin Skeet, 15 points, 8 rebounds; Orlando Bowen, Maurice Martinez, 8 points each

San Pedro’s War Paint Designs vs. Roe Group

56 47

San Pedro’s

Roe Group

Other games: Orchid Blazers vs. Hurricanes

Other games: Alamilla’s/MOE vs. Guardian

Lady Rebels won 5-2

Belize City, July 4, 2011 The Alamilla’s Furniture/Ministry of Education and Police both enjoyed

13 Orchid



Alamilla’s/ MOE & Police win back-toback games back to back wins in the 2011 interoffice basketball competition continued at the Belize City Center on Monday. Kevin Domingo scored 16 points, 9 rebounds as he led Alamilla’s to a 5140 win over Mirab on Monday evening.

Jolene Davis made 2 runs

With Kevin Lorenzo and Greg Rudon each scoring 11 points, Alamilla’s led from the getgo 14-9 in the 1st quarter, 27-20

at the half and 36-32 in the 3rd quarter. The outcome was never in doubt even though Carlston Barrera led Mirab with 18 points and Elton Anderson added 13 points.

Michael Staine

Top scorer: Franklin Aranda, 13 points; Arthur Neal had 22 points, 11 rebounds

Port of Belize Ltd vs. Krem Radio/Hard Rock

49 42

Port of Belize


Top scorer: Ian “AC” Augustine, 15 points, 7 rebounds; Ronald Rivers 15 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals

Tropic Air vs. Bowen & Bowen

48 41 Tropic Air

Bowen & Bowen

Top scorer: Danny Reynolds, 12 points, 18 rebounds; Vergil Miller, 16 points

Warpaint Designs

Greg Rudon scored 21pts



CYDP & Tuff E’Nuff enjoy double victories


Belize City, July 4, 2011 The Conscious Youth Development Programme enjoyed their 2nd win on Wednesday when the 2011 interoffice basketball competition continued at the Belize City Center, while Tuff E’Nuff Tours posted back to back wins over the weekend. Earl Johnson led CYDP with 17 points, 4 rebounds and they were up 22-11 in the 1st quarter against BWS. Marcel Orosco added 12 points, 3

boards as CYDP continued to lead 2821 at the half. BWS’ Jamir Enriquez led with 17 points, 4 boards and Ashley Hemsley had 9 points, 2 boards and Linsbergh “Prince” Graham and Karim Thompson added 6 points each, but CYDP was still up 42-34 in the 3rd quarter. Darwin “Dawgy” Eligio scored 7 points for CYDP’s 54-48 win. Ashton Edwards had drained in five 3-pointers to lead Tuff E Nuff with

Tuff E’ Nuff vs. Mirab

Pros & Strikers

58 48

Tuff E’ Nuff


Top scorer: Orland Ferguson, 16 points 3 rebounds; Carlston Barrera, 16 points

Other games:

Belize Water Services vs. Belize Bank Bulldogs

49 54

Dantos vs. Strikers



21 points as they ran over the Guardian 62-43 in Sunday’s final game. Densmore Edwards added seven points and Tuff E’Nuff led 14-9 in the first quarter and 30-21 at intermission. Calbert Carcamo had led Guardian with 12pts, 9 rebounds and Egbert Walford and Dwayne Davis had 9 points, 4 rebounds each.

Other games:

Dantos drowns Oceana


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Belize Water


Belize Bank

Top scorer: Andrew Gordon, 14 points; Rupert Brown, 11 points, 6 rebounds

Oceana Pros vs. Team 313


Oceana Pros


Team 313

Belize City, July 1, 2011 The Dantos got out of their losing slump with back to back wins in the Belize City men’s softball competition. The Dantos clobbered the Oceana Pros 6-2 on Friday. The Pro’s pitcher Samuel Nicholson struck out 6 batters,

Shaquile Moody

and the Dantos scored no runs in the first 2 innings, until Ricardo Hermoso homered in the top of the 3rd inning and Carlos Delgado followed to lead 2-0. Roland Sui and pitcher Garth Go-

doy added 2 more runs in the top of the Tuff E’ Nuff’s Alden Augustine 4th inning to lead 4-0. Pitcher Garth Godoy on the mound for Dantos struck out Shaquille Moody scored the Pro’s 8 batters, and gave up no runs in the first 5 innings, while Hermoso and first run in the bottom of the 6th, and Johnston Machado scored 2 more Michael Middleton scored a 2nd run, runs in the top of the 5th inning to but the Dantos went on to post the 6-2 win. lead 6-0.

Belize to play Montserrat in Honduras? Belize City, July 5, 2011 Reports in the Honduran press indicate that the Belize National Team will play its return World Cup Qualifier home-match against Montserrat on July 17th. The national team had defeated Montserrat 5-2 in the first game played in Trinidad and Tobago on June 15. But plans to hold the return game in Belize were derailed when the Government pulled the plug on the Football Federation of Belize, which led the international football governing body, FIFA, to become very concerned and then themselves suspending Belize’s FFB. The cancelation of the game was disheartening to the national team players, who described it as the killing of their “dreams and aspirations” to suit the personal vendetta of the sports Minister, John Saldivar. Despite attempts to negotiate, no solution has been found.

The return match is a critical one for Belize’s national team, which feels that it has a strong chance of winning. A win would allow the nation to advance to the other round of qualifications as the 2014 World Cup nears. The local FFB has denied the report that any game will be played in Honduras. FFB’s Vice-President Bernaldino Pech has indicated that until and unless they solve the problems with Government, it is unlikely that FIFA will lift its suspension and allow the match to continue. Indications are, however, that the FFB is appealing to FIFA indicating that they have met all of Government’s requirements, and that the measures against them are out of spite.

Team Belize’s dreams & aspirations has fizzled thanks to the petty and spiteful UDP Sports Minister


This Week’s



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Singjay Mavado is all smiles this weekend as he returns to the United States after more than a year’s absence. The artiste recently had his United States visa returned. In April of last year Mavado, whose correct name is David Brooks, was among four artistes who’s US visas were cancelled. At the time, a statement released was quoted as saying: ‘The Embassy of the United States in Kingston, Jamaica, is in the process of revoking the visas of the following citizens of Jamaica. The people mentioned here currently hold a US visa that we have not yet been able to physically cancel. Do not allow these passengers to board any flights bound for the United States in reliance on this visa.” Mavado is the first artiste since the cancellation to have his US Visa reinstated.




to launch RUm


A week after his former business partner announced his partnership with rival deejay Beenie Man on a new brand of rum called “Yaad Swag”, Vybz Kartel is planning to announced his own brand of rum due this summer.

• • • • • • •

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Photo: Ernie Alpuche

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Sunday, July 10, 2011



Sunday, July 10, 2011

“We deserve a better Belize” Remarks by PUP Senior Deputy Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca on Unemployment and the Economy PUP Press Conference, Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, July 6, 2011 The last few weeks have been dominated by the actions and decisions of the Government of Belize in respect of two of our nation’s major public utility companies, Belize Electricity Ltd. (BEL) and Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BTL). Our focus on the status and future of these companies is both justifiable and necessary. A steady, reliable supply of electricity and a functioning, efficient communications network are critical to the growth and development of the Belizean Economy. As we engage on these two companies, it is appropriate and reasonable for us to reflect on the economic policies and actions of our Government after 41 months in office. Over this period, negative and sluggish growth has characterized the performance of the Belizean Economy. This lack of growth has real consequences and those consequences are only too evident in Belize today - thousands of lost jobs, businesses closed, homes auctioned or re-possessed, loans defaulted on, children out of school, families unable to keep the lights on, the stove burning and tragically, increasingly often unable to put food on the table. As we meet this morning, one in four Belizeans who are actively seeking work cannot find a job and for women and youth, it is almost one in three or 30%. The so-called Belizean “middleclass” is dwindling, paying their bills with borrowed money and expensive credit cards, living one paycheck away from poverty. Some 45% of Belizeans or 148, 500 people are unable to find $5.50 per day for food. The Belizean Economy and people are in crisis and no amount of chest thumping and trumpeting of pseudonationalism will change this harsh, sober reality. Yet, in March of this year, in presenting the 2011/2012 Budget to the nation, our Prime Minister declared success, expressed satisfaction and in his own words “Pretty much all we undertook to do last year has been done”. What cruel, empty rhetoric! Where are the results to justify this sense of accomplishment? Where are the jobs for the hundreds of UB and Sixth Form graduates out each day beating the pavement in search of a job that will provide them with a living wage? Where are the jobs for the single mothers who are living in despair and hopelessness? Where are the jobs for the victims of the crash at the Commercial Free Zone (CFZ) where imports have fallen by some 50% over the last three years? Where are the jobs for the former

Hon. Francis Fonseca

workers of Belize Aquaculture Ltd., BATSUB, Fresh Catch, the shrimp farms, the resorts & hotels, the family owned businesses such as Juanita’s and Malics and so many more examples all across our nation that have collapsed under the economic deadweight of this UDP Administration. And what of the much touted Capital Expenditure and public sector program to stimulate the economy and to create jobs. We are still awaiting the $200M “stimulus package” promised in March of 2008. And as this year’s budget shows, in Fiscal Year 2010/2011, $45M in Capital Expenditure failed to be activated. Capital Investment, by the public sector, is the lifeblood of recovery from recession. When these projects are not activated, jobs are not created. Money is not circulated and the economy remains stagnant. And where is the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) so essential to economic growth and job creation? Over these past three years ladies and gentlemen, FDI has fallen by an alarming 90% from $235M in 2008 to $13M in 2010. Indeed, global economic conditions must be factored into this domestic fall but make no mistake, this collapse lies chiefly at the feet of a petty, vindictive and arbitrary Prime Minister and his Government whose deliberate actions and decisions have created a hostile business environment and destroyed investor confidence in Belize. Where is the Government policy aimed at making credit more accessible and affordable to small businesses, micro-industries and the productive sector? Where is the policy action required to reduce commercial lending rates? Where is the policy action required to relieve more Belizeans, particularly our public officers, teachers, police officers and soldiers of their income tax

burdens? Where is the tax policy to ensure a greater, more equitable share of revenues from the petroleum sector? Caribbean and Commonwealth experts advised the Government to set the windfall tax at US $60 and not to include the windfall taxes as an expense. This advice has been ignored. This one change would have benefitted the Belizean people some $28M in additional revenue from BNE in 2010. These funds could have been used to offset some of the pressure on Belizeans at the gas pump. As we ask these questions, our bus transportation sector is in Government induced chaos, a direct result of political cronyism and corruption. Dark clouds loom ahead for our sugar cane industry and citrus remains mired in litigation and internal divisions. Again, our Government has no plan and appears both helpless and clueless. This UDP Administration took office in February of 2008 with great promise and armed with “21 Pledges” to the Belizean people. These included 6% annual growth, 5000 new jobs, reduced GST, lower utility rates, income taxes and mortgage rates, shares in national oil company and lower cost of living “no matter what”. In their fourth year in office, I do not think it unreasonable to question the UDP’s sincerity and commitment to these pledges. I believe you will agree with me that it is equally reasonable to ask of our Government: Where do we go from here? Where is your development plan to create jobs, reduce the cost of living, attract foreign investment, reverse

the rising poverty rates, rebuild and reenergize our communities and give our people hope in the future? We make these points today, yes, to score political points; after all, we’re a political party but much, much more importantly to give voice to the crisis engulfing our nation and families and to call on our Government to do better. We, in the People’s United Party, fully understand that even as we enter the second half of the fourth year of a failed UDP Administration, there are those who question our commitment to reform, to greater accountability, to sustainable and more equitable growth. Our Party has a proven record of growing the economy and creating wealth. What the Belizean people are demanding is that – that growth and wealth is sustainable and more equitable. Our economics must have an ethical dimension grounded in our belief that economic growth must be accompanied by opportunity and humane treatment for the poor and disadvantaged and that growth is not real progress if, in spite of it, many people, especially children are still going hungry and are unable to attend school. We recognize that even as we have done much work to rebuild our Party over the past 3 ½ years, much work lies ahead to regain the full trust and confidence of the Belizean people. We humbly accept this challenge and are committed to doing necessary work. Words are not enough. In the months ahead, we will prepare and share with the Belizean people clear plans and policies to lift up our nation and improve their quality of life. We will engage with the unions, private sector, religious community and civil society. We will listen to you and learn from you. The PUP is about DIALOGUE not CONFRONTATION. We are ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION. We all want and deserve a better Belize.

Supporters & concerned audience listening to Hon. Fonseca’s address

Sunday, July 10, 2011



GOB leaves OW commuters stranded Orange Walk Town, June 27, 2011 While the national outcry against the political manipulation and mismanagement of the transport industry appears to have dimmed to individual bus owners’ distress, the woes triggered by the existing substandard public bus service continue. In Orange Walk, residents are up in arms over the Government’s obvious disrespect towards those who rely on the public transportation system for commuting. The Orange Walk District is the only district without a bus terminal. While for many months the “terminal” area used was a dirt street turned bus parking zone next to the market, the situation has gone from bad to worse, as the “bus zone” was relocated to an area that is become a health hazard and is very unsuitable. Commuters must now wait for buses under the hot sun or rain on Dunn St., situated between the Ministry of Works compound and the town cemetery. Many persons travel from Orange Walk to Belize City to attend school or work, and they leave as early as 5:00am. For many years, residents have withstood the neglect, as they have felt no joy in standing in the thick morning fog to wait for a bus. But at least the former bus area was near to downtown, and commuters were surrounded by market vendors who set up stalls hours earlier. Today, they must stand on the street and pray that the souls in the cemetery are resting in peace. To make matters even worst, the recent changes in bus runs have created wider gaps throughout the day which means commuters are left stranded for hours at times, before being able to board a bus. The problem is that certain greedy UDP-affiliated bus companies have been awarded the lucrative runs, while periods of the day which are less profitable have been overlooked.

Another empty promise from

Ramon Witz

Ramon Witz got back his seat & continyed the neglect of Cayo South residents

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 The residents of Cotton Tree Village at Mile 44 on the Western Highway have already begun to see what type of politician Ramon Witz is, so soon after he won the convention to run for his party again. Witz leaves a lot to be desired for his rap-

Continued on page 20

The OW bus “terminal” is a dusty and dirty street in town

Commuters must wait for buses next to the town cemetery

To treat Orange Walk residents with such disrespect is an indictment of the three Orange Walk UDP area representatives and UDP Mayor, who control finances and propose projects. These persons don’t rely on public transportation for anything. Thanks to some of the very same residents they now look down on, they have fancy A/C rides which they use with wanton recklessness. Perhaps the UDP reps can show some cojones in recommending that instead of building a new bus terminal in Belize City, where one already exists, Government should use the funds to construct one in Orange Walk. Nothing less would redeem these gutless politicians, who stood on the side when the $8.4 million allotted for the paving of the San Estevan to Progresso Road was diverted for a project in Belize City by their colleague Minister of Works.



Sunday, July 10, 2011


POSITION PAPER ON PROPOSED LEGISLATION A. INTRODUCTION: On 13th May, 2011 the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, introduced in the House by way of first reading, the following Legislation which he described as being “anti-crime initiatives”.: 1. CRIME CONTROL AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2011. 2. BELIZE CONSTITUTION (EIGHT AMENDMENT) BILL, 2011 3. INDICTABLE PROCEDURE (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2011 4. JURIES (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2011 5. SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2011. The People’s United Party recognizes and appreciates that our nation, Belize, is faced with a crisis of crime and violence which deserves and demands our collective attention, commitment, and sense of responsibility. Our position on the proposed crime legislation is grounded in this understanding and in our duty to Belizeans and our Nation to ensure the protection and preservation of their fundamental rights and freedoms. It is a fundamental responsibility of a Government to ensure the safety and personal security of its citizens but repression cannot and should not be justified on a false promise of security. It is the intention of the People’s United Party to participate fully and actively in the hearings and public consultations of the Constitution and Foreign Affairs House Committee of the House of Representatives, and to engage our own members in a dialogue and discussion on these Bills. We intend to take a robust stand in the National Assembly, House and Senate in the debates which will be held on these laws B. REVIEW OF BILLS: 1. Crime Control and Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill, 2011 At the first meeting of the Constitution and Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (PUP Representatives present were. Hon. John Briceno and Hon. Francis Fonseca) held on Monday June 6, 2011 the Chairman (Hon. Patrick Faber) announced that Cabinet had taken a decision to withdraw this Bill from further consideration at this time. 2. Belize Constitution (Eight Amendment) Bill, 2011 This Bill proposes to amend Sections 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the Belize Constitution. Each section of the proposed bill is examined in turn. a. SECTION 5 -PREVENTIVE DETENTION Section 5 of the Constitution safeguards the right of all Belizean Citizens to personal liberty. Preventive Detention is the locking up of a citizen, resident or any other person in Belize, legally or illegally for the time being, for an indefinite period. Under the proposed amendment it will be for a period of up to 52 days in the first instance; 21 days and a further 30 days on an ex-parte application to Supreme Court. Under the proposed amendment, nothing prevents any detainees from being detained for more than one consecutive 21 day period. Such preventive detention may be done without informing the detainee of the reasons for such detention and without laying any formal charges against that person. During that period of detention, the detainee will be denied all of those personal liberty rights customarily associated with being detained - or even on remand - such as access to a lawyer, access to family members especially in the case of minors, access to a phone call, access to medical treatment and care, access to a Justice of the Peace and access to the Supreme Court (habeas corpus). The PUP cannot and will not support this proposed amendment to the Constitution of Belize which will allow for the detention of any Belizean citizen or person being within Belize, including minors and children, for a period of up to 52 days (or more since there is no prohibition against repeated detention) on the basis of mere suspicion, not even “reasonable” suspicion., This provision seeks to deny long standing fundamental rights and freedoms to citizens and non-nationals alike. These freedoms and rights are the basis of any vibrant democracy which is committed to the rule of law. Our Constitution’s very preamble states that Belize is a nation which recognizes that men and institutions remain free when such freedom is founded on the rule of law. Article 1 states that Belize “shall be a sovereign democratic State”. b. SECTION 6 -ANONYMOUS AND FEARFUL WITNESSES Section 6 of the Constitution provides for equal protection of the law to all Belizeans. The proposed amendment to clause 3 of s.6 states that it shall not be a contravention of the right of an accused person to know the identity of a witness who has given a statement in evidence against him or her. This amendment therefore allows for a law to be enacted to provide for anonymity of witnesses in criminal trials, as well as admission of witness statements into evidence in place of oral evidence; and testimony of witnesses by video link and other means in order to secure the safety of the witness. The PUP is painfully aware that intimidation and, in some tragic cases, the wanton murder of witnesses in criminal trials has become far too commonplace in Belize. Such homicide as intimidation and strikes at the heart of our system of justice and shall not be tolerated. The fundamental, long-standing common law and natural justice right enshrined in our Constitution, of every accused person to know his or her accuser, to face that accuser, and to challenge the veracity of that accuser thru cross-examination, should not be so readily sacrificed even on the altar of crisis, much less in a spirit of desperation. The very preamble of our supreme law states that “the People of Belize affirm that the Nation of Belize shall be founded on principles which acknowledge the supremacy of God and faith in human rights and fundamental freedoms.” Any derogation from those human rights and fundamental freedoms is by necessity fraught with peril for the citizen and non-national alike. What makes this amendment particularly egregious is that the enabling provision which will be written into our Constitution will allow the passage of laws which not only provides for the anonymity of witnesses to protect the safety of the witnesses or another person; but also “to prevent any damage to property”. Threats of Damage to property should never outweigh the right of an accused to know who the accuser is. Likewise, the provision that will allow for laws to be passed which provides for the admission of witness statements into evidence where a witness is unwilling to give or to continue to give oral evidence through fear of death or bodily injury to him or to a member of his family, “or damage to his property” is equally problematic. The right of an accused to test the veracity of a witness by cross-examination should not be based on a fear of damage to property, and should only give way in carefully prescribed circumstances with all adequate safeguards to preserve fairness, in the case of fear of death or bodily injury to a witness or his/her family.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011



c. SECTION 7 - DEATH PENALTY Section 7 of the Constitution provides for protection from inhuman treatment. The proposed amendment seeks to put beyond any challenge the imposition of a mandatory death sentence or the execution of such a sentence as being “inhuman or degrading punishment”. The proposed amendment is written in an attempt to evade a particular ruling of the Courts and is not being placed in the Constitution in pursuance of any empirical evidence that it is either necessary or desirable. This proposed amendment will only serve to projects a false sense of security and hope in the face of a sobering, dismal and unacceptable 7% conviction rate and the equally unacceptable rate of Nolle Prosequi cases by the Office of the DPP. It is not the system to impose capital punishment that is broken; it is the liability of those who are tasked with the implementation of the system that is in question. d. SECTION 8 - FORCED LABOUR Section 8 of the Constitution protects our citizens from slavery and forced labor. The proposed amendment to clause 5 of s.8 of the Constitution provides that any community service required of a person of or above the age of 16 years shall not be deemed to be “forced labor”. The PUP does not support a Constitutional Amendment broadening the definition of “forced labor”. In recognition of the serious challenges faced by our security forces and the justice system in dealing with youth offenders, we support a review and strengthening of the Penal System Reform (Alternative Sentences) Act No. 41 of 2001 to provide for more effective and stringent Community Service Orders. e. SECTION 6 (10) (b) -TRIAL WITHOUT A JURY While the Constitution of Belize does not specifically provide for trial by jury, it is well established that the right of a man or woman to be tried by a jury of his or her peers (in cases of serious crimes) is a longstanding, valued and cherished right. The proposed amendment to s.6 (10) (b) of the Constitution provides for trial without a jury in certain criminal cases to forestall any argument that jury trial is an essential ingredient of a “fair trial” guaranteed by the Constitution. The PUP firmly believes that the right to a trial by jury is the cornerstone of any fair trial, and a hallmark of our democracy which is founded upon the rule of law. In many jurisdictions where this has been passed, it is not an amendment of the Constitution only applies to cases dealing with terrorist acts and is of limited application to the Citizen. Consequently, we do not support the proposed amendment, which is sufficiently permissive along with the proposed amendments to the Indictable Procedure Act and the Juries Act, to allow for all criminal cases in the Supreme Court to be tried without a jury. Further, Belizeans and non-nationals in Belize will not be allowed to appeal the decision of a judge to try a case without a jury and where a person is acquitted by a judge, the prosecution has a right of appeal against that acquittal. 3. THE INDICTABLE PROCEDURE (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2011 As discussed above, provides for trial without a jury in certain criminal cases in the Supreme Court. The PUP does not support an amendment to the law providing for “mandatory” trial without a jury particularly one, as pointed out above, grounded in a Constitutional Amendment. In the new proposed 65 B, the prosecution may apply to the judge for the trial to be conducted without a jury on any one or more of those grounds which are set out in subsection (2) which include “(d) that the complexity of the trial or the length of the trial (or both) is likely to make the trial so burdensome to the jury that the interests of justice require that the trial should be conducted without a jury”. This last is clearly intended as an omnibus provision to catch any and all cases – and offers only vague guidelines as to “complexity” and “length” and offers too much room for subjectivity as to what would be “burdensome” to any given jury; and as what do “the interests of justice” require. Even worse is the provision to be enacted as Section 65B (6) - “(6) No appeal shall lie against the order of the judge granting or refusing the application for the trial to be conducted without a jury”. This would effectively oust the jurisdiction of any appellate court of Belize to review the exercise of the Trial Judge’s discretion and forestall any inquiry as to whether that discretion was properly exercised.” We can support reviewing the Indictable Procedure Act with a view to strengthening that Act and providing for particular cases in which there is a discretion given to State via an application to a Judge of the Supreme Court, , but only if that discretion may be appealed, to order a trial without a jury. 4. THE JURIES (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2011 This Bill complements the Indictable Procedure (Amendment) Bill, 2011 and makes consequential amendments to the Juries Act to provide for trial without a jury in certain criminal cases. 5. THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2011This Bill provides that an appeal against the decision of a magistrate shall NOT operate as an automatic stay of execution of the Magistrate’s decision as presently provided for under s.112 of the Act, subject to certain exceptions. This section of the Act is being abused and unfortunately, some Magistrates are taking an unduly long time to give reasons for their decisions. The Bill provides that a stay of execution of a decision is not automatic but has to be applied for and states further that the Magistrate must give the reasons for his or her decision within 7 days. The Bill does not affect the right to apply to the Supreme Court for bail pending appeal. The PUP does support this amendment. C THE WAY FORWARD: The PUP is committed to a meaningful and serious collaboration with the Government and all Belizeans on all issues of crime, violence and human security. In this spirit, we have over the last three years offered meaningful proposals to the relevant authorities which we believe can assist in the fight against crime and violence. Overall strategic action in combating crime and violence requires a properly resourced, properly trained and motivated Police Department that commands respect and respects the fundamental rights and freedoms of our Belizean Citizens. We have called on the Government to: 1. Develop and share with all stakeholders its National Plan to win the war on crime, drugs, gangs, and violence. 2. Recognize the established link between the conditions of growing poverty and lessening opportunities on the one hand, and surging crime and violence on the other, and as such propose a comprehensive National Plan for generating economic growth, restoring confidence of the business community, securing increased private and public sector investment, meeting job creation targets and implementing measurable social interventions. 3. Seek immediate technical assistance to address the new threat of urban terrorism by way of grenade attacks. 4. Significantly increase the annual Police recruit Intake. 5. Significantly increase the number of police officers on patrol in Belize City. 6. Re-open and Re-activate all the Police Booths and Sub-Stations that have been closed over the past three years. 7. Re-activate and adequately resource the Community Policing and Neighborhood Watch Programs. 8. Adequately resource and train the investigative branch of the Belize Police Department including the Forensic Unit. 9. Adequately staff and resource the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Prosecution Branch of the Police department. 10. Act on the findings of the Crooks Report.

“Serve the People”



Sunday, July 10, 2011

New CARICOM Secretary General appointment by next month Belize City, July 5, 2011 A recent decision taken by CARICOM Heads of Government is that the much long-drawn out process of selecting a new CARICOM secretary general must be completed within the next three weeks. The decision was announced by CARICOM Chairman Dr. Denzil Douglas following the 32nd regular meeting of the Conference of CARICOM Heads of Government, held in St Kitts and Nevis on Monday of this week. The post of Caribbean region’s top civil servant became vacant when Sir Edwin Carrington, who served as secretary-general for 18 years, retired on December 31 2010. Five persons including Belize’s former Financial Secretary Dr. Carla

Barnett are in the group of short list candidates. Dr. Barnett is a former CARICOM deputy secretary general. The other persons are CARICOM’s assistant secretary general for regional trade and economic integration, Irwin

Larocque of Dominica; St Vincent and the Grenadines’ ambassador to CARICOM, Ellsworth John; Ambassador Edwin Laurent, a former diplomatic representative of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS); and Henry

MacDonald, Suriname’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN). The persons are slated to attend interviews within the next two weeks, and thereafter an announcement will be made.

Ellsworth John

Dr. Carla Barnett

Edwin Laurent

Another empty promise from Ramon Witz Continued from page 17 idly growing constituency. In March, the Belize Water Services in Belmopan connected the residents of Cotton Tree to their system, providing them with individual water meters and pipes. The residents welcomed the change. It meant that they would now have access to potable water 24 hours a day without depending on the water board’s tank, which became unreliable in the peak hours. Most of the community’s dirt roads were dug up to accommodate the infrastructural works necessary for the connections, and some of them were repaired. It seems that Witz forgot the people who live on the eastern side of the school, however, right in view of the water tank that sits above the village. As the picture shows, the condition of the main road at that location is so bad that it inconveniences the villagers who must traverse the area each and every day. The recent rains flooded the craters that were created with the work, and left huge mud holes. This is what the children who live on that side of Cotton Tree must walk through each day bare feet to avoid ruining their shoes and socks. Angry residents say that they must accompany their children to school through the dirty waters knee-deep to ensure that the kids do not fall down along the way. A few of the parents themselves have slipped down, thankfully, without injuring themselves. According to the families on that side of the community, when the works were completed almost four months ago, Witz asked the residents to give him another chance for the upcoming UDP convention and to vote him in as standard bearer and the road would be the first project he would tackle immediately after. Well, it has been almost three months since Witz was put back, but he seems not to be a man of his word. Now the angry residents who voted for you are regretful, Mr Witz, but their regrets won’t be for too long because based on your own failures at Cotton Tree, Harmonyville and the other communities, you will never win again. Why can’t the street be fixed for the people? It won’t take a miracle.

Henry MacDonald

Witz left behind a crater-filled road for school children & villagers

Irwin Larocque

Sunday, July 10, 2011



officials increase border patrols after aircraft landing in Belize Belize City, July 4, 2011 Neither the pilot nor the owner of the Piper P.A. Twin Engine aircraft which landed a few miles off the Guinea Grass Road in the Orange Walk District on Sunday, June 19th, has been located by authorities. The aircraft,

Mexican police have increased their patrols along the Mexico-Belize border

Plane found off Guinea Grass road in Orange Walk District

which had the letters XB-XDF marked on the tail and a Mexican flag imprinted on both sides, contained documents showing it was registered to Joel Romero Suarez, while piloted by Julio Ismael Salazar, both believed to be Mexican nationals. None of the men have been located. Belizean authorities have not been able to conclude whether the plane was a drug aircraft. They suspect that the wet road conditions caused the plane to veer off the dirt road during the landing. The plane’s rear wheel and tail were damaged, preventing it from making it back in the air. Maps were found inside the craft, along with three 40 calibre rounds inside the pilot’s seat, but no sign of drugs. While local authorities investi-

gate, the incident has triggered concern among Mexican security officials. Treating the landing as that of probable drug craft, Mexican officials want to find out the true origin of the plane. Of greater concern is that this is the second known landing of an aircraft on Belizean soil for the year, but about the fourth reported landing (previously, Progresso, Southern Highway, . While no drugs were found, Mexican officials are worried about the increased penetration of suspicious planes on Belizean airspace and soil. This most recent one happened only a few hundred miles from the Mexican border. As a result, they have intensified their security patrols along Mexico’s border with Belize, from Chetumal to La Union, and as far as Caobas, which is further south.




Cayo child in need of a Good Samaritan

BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, June 28, 2011 By Alton Humes A primary school student from the hills of Cayo needs help urgently to correct a ghastly infection. Brandon J. Talbert, age 9, a student attending the Santa Elena Adventist

right ear. While the stone was eventually removed, it was the aftereffects that have led to the current quandary. Thinking that the setting infection was no more than a “nascido” (mass, growth or boil, according to her), she sought out a doctor to get injections (costing $12 a piece) to “remove” the ‘boil’. That turned out to be a costly mistake, as now, Brandon, known as a “hyper child”, cannot walk or eat, and has great pain when attempting. Since then, a Dr. Sanchez, a doctor located in the Cayo area, has been seeing and attending Brandon, but he will need 9 year old Brandon needs urgent assistance attention in Belize

School in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, is suffering from a severe ear infection, which has made life quite difficult for him and his mother, Martha Talbert. Speaking with Ms. Talbert in Cayo today, you could almost feel and sense an all-too-real sense of urgency within her spirit, mirroring the fears she has – and will have – until some relief comes to her son’s aid. The infection began in a rather not-so-innocuous incident sometime in 2010 when schoolmates forced a small stone into Brandon’s

City at an ear specialist, and potential treatment abroad. We give thanks to the concern of businessman Orlando Pulido, who sent along the relevant info to us here at the BELIZE TIMES. But young Brandon needs some Samaritan’s help to offset medical expenses. Any good-will donations can be sent to the Atlantic Bank (Account #: 200 586 543) or contact Ms. Martha Talbert at 668-9084. Your help can make a humongous difference in a young child’s life.

Students complete summer program in Caye Caulker Caye Caulker, July 4, 2011 Japan volunteers in collaboration with the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School conducted a one week Summer Camp for 50 students from the lower students and 50 students from the upper division. The objective of this summer camp is to introduce to the students:

i. the environmental issues, how they can help the environment by recycling things like paper and bottle to make crafts ii. to increase their creativity through arts again by using recycled material iii. teaching them the joy of physical education. The volunteers assisting in the summer camp are Ms. Hiromi Madea, Ms. Rie Matsukane, Ms. Yukiko Saito, Ms. Shigeko Yoshimura, Ms. Akiko Hirakawa, Ms. Fumiko Gomi and Ms. Chihiro Takamiya. Japan International Cooperation Agency Belize Office collaborated with the contribution of tee shirts, snacks and other materials needed for Students attending summer camp the activities.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011



contract was signed, granting BTL a monopoly and profit cap with no limit, allowing them as much as 40% profit off Belizean heads at the time. This is a part of history that PM Barrow and UDP have failed to remember or are purposely forgetting; a part of history that I think Belizeans should be reminded of. I say this beBy Carla Bradley He came to us as the protector cause every time you hear their paid of Belizeans, speaking in a language hecklers saying its “Musa did it” or that only the Barrow/UDP kind “PUP did it”, but these people have would understand and I believe that not been informed of the truth. It was the UDP who began this not even they can understand. Many are rejoicing yet still don’t under- and yet PM Barrow can face the peostand that what this dictator preach- ple with a straight face, while looking es – always with hidden messages at the floor when he speaks, and LIE? He blames it on the accommodation behind it. He calls it nationalization; I call agreement, but has he been truthful it dictatorship, a mini Hitler in my about this too? Did he inform the opinion. Belize Telecommunications people that he was Ashcroft’s lawyer, Limited or Belize Telecommunica- him and his ex wife; at the time this tions Authority, as it was formally accommodation was drafted? That known, was FIRST privatized in he must have known about it, being 1987 under the United Democratic that him and his ex-wife were the Party, when Rt. Hon Manuel Esquiv- legal representations for Ashcroft? el was prime minister. When this For years they have made millions privatization took place, a 15 year because of Ashcroft, and yet they are

fighting him now. Hypocrisy, in my opinion, is what PM Barrow is demonstrating! Nationalization by definition is the takeover of privately owned assets by the government, and to add to PM Barrow’s own definition, “to give it back to the people of Belize.” We should have asked which Belizean? I believe he was honest when he said giving it back to the people of Belize, but he meant his ex-wife, sons and daughter, cronies and friends are Belizeans. What the PM has done was not nationalization. He disobeyed the Court and went against the rule of law, giving a bad example to the people of this country. The courts are there to keep order and should be respected but I guess PM Barrow believes he is above the law. We as Belizeans should try to educate ourselves and do a little research before believing every word that comes out of the PM’s mouth. Since the takeover of BTL has the phone rates gone down? Has the internet become more affordable for the Belizean public? Have we as a country benefited any at all after the takeover in 2009? If he says yes, then I want proof, Belizeans deserve proof! If in 1987 privatization was important in order to grow and advance into the technological world,

23 why is it not now? Quoted from an article on, “the Belizean government also gained a substantial new source of revenue because of taxes, duties, and dividends paid to it by BTL. At the same time, consumers benefited from the increased efficiency of the new company, which more than doubled the number of existing telephone lines after the privatization in 1987.” So my question is, if it was so beneficial when Rt. Hon Manuel Esquivel first privatized it, making it a monopoly, what has changed now? Is it only beneficial when the UDP was in government back then? Come on PM, are you going to sit there and say you had no part in the accommodation? Weren’t you and your ex-wife the lawyers of the person you refer to as “white devil”? Would he have been able to sign a document without consulting you and your ex wife, being that you were his lawyers? Some clarification is most needed when it comes to that which you crucify the PUP over. I agree with the Belizean public and government holding a firm hand on our utilities, but we must also allow foreign investment, in order to prosper and grow and follow the rule of law! Respect the rule of Law PM Barrow.

only in belice says: July 5, 2011 at 12:40pm

Barrow and Finnegan and company were pandering to the thugs they brought to the gallery. Their master plan for next election is to milk BEL and BTL and to keep giving freebies to these same thugs in hope that they payback with votes at the polls. but somebody has to pay for all this, and this is what Barrow does not want to hear. alienating the Chamber of Commerce and the productive sector will several harm the economy. this is a Belizean Ponzi Scheme, he is taking from the utility companies to buy the elction, no new wealth is being generated, and it all has to crash someday!!! It will not be pretty my people.”

Justice says: July 2, 2011 at 1:45pm

Barrow fixes everything. The speaker of the house, then his ex wife’s pocket, his son’s pocket, so many of his family pockets. But check out the area of law his daughter is now studying-Oil. Soon the oil in Belize will be fixed through her. Belizeans wake up!”

Ricky Malthus Submitted on 2011/06/30 at 9:09pm

The people of Belize must shut down the Nation starting Friday through Wednesday July to force Barrow from desist from his dictatorial acts. If this violation of our laws are allowed to continue, then Belize ceases to exist as a civilized democratic nation. The OAS, USA, CANADA, UK, MEXICO, we call on you to support the people of Belize in the action against the Barrow Dictatorship. SHUT DOWN BELIZE, NOW. Stop trade . Stop flights in and out of the country. Freeze Barrow’s assets in the USA. There is no time for talk, only for action. BARROW must resign or be kicked out and tried for high treason. TREASON!! TREASON!! TREASON!!”

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Reid For the second week in a row, the Prime Minister has gone to the House of Representatives to enact laws that give him the power to take away private property. Mr. Barrow and his paid propagandists have gone to great lengths to paint this as a “Belize against versus Michael Ashcroft” tangle and anyone not in favor is labeled either an Ashcroft apologist or unpatriotic. The ruse is not working! More and more individuals, groups and organizations are standing up to condemn what can only be described as “bully tactics” by this administration. Mr. Barrow declared that Monday would be the end of the matter and that he would “fix” the situation once and for all. Au contraire monsieur, this Pandora’s Box is only just opening and I am predicting that before long, the lid will be flung completely off. What happened in the House this past Monday, and the Monday before, has exposed our system of democracy as little more than a sham. This was about a decision made by one man but given his super majority and a Senate and Governor General that serves at his pleasure, no amount of protest could have stopped Mr. Barrow from having his way. The opposition recognized this very early in the proceedings and decided to not subject themselves to the insults and assault of a rented hostile mob. What happened in the House this past Monday should serve as a warning of what will eventually happen if something is not done and soon. Marcel Cardona, member from Orange Walk East dared to stand up and voice his views on behalf of his constituency but was rudely heckled, screamed at and even assaulted. It brought back shades of UDP stalwart Kenny Morgan threatening to throw a grenade into the House during a meeting held leading up to the 2008 General Elections. If political parties will continue to fill the galleries with rented mobs and belligerent supporters, then some measure will have to be taken to protect these elected representatives. Mr. Barrow will have to understand that his own safety also is at risk if he continues to promote and play up to this type of behavior. It is time for a bullet proof and sound proof barrier that will separate the parliamentarians from spectators. I believe that the table tops should also be padded to discourage the constant banging and drumming by parliamentarians themselves. It is time for appropriate decorum to be demanded of those who represent us and do our business in this so-called Honorable House. As to the contents of the discussion, very few questions were answered and very little evidence presented to convince

anyone that what Mr. Barrow was doing was the right thing. On Friday last, the Court of Appeals, Belize’s highest court, declared that what Mr. Barrow did in expropriating BTL was unconstitutional. According to Mr. Barrow, he and his cabinet do not agree with the Appeals Court’s decision and would be appealing further to the Caribbean Court of Justice. (CCJ) The taxpayers of course, will once again be made to foot the exorbitant fees paid to lawyers and should he lose the case, must also bear all cost of court and fees for opposing lawyers; we are talking millions and millions of dollars. In an interview following Monday’s House Meeting, Mr. Barrow for the first time in recent memory, seemed totally flustered and at a loss for words. When asked what was the public purpose for which he was claiming justification this time, Mr. Barrow responded, “You are going to be making that retrospective, and so as long as the purpose that you are referring now, would have been a purpose at that time, in my view…not used” Huh? What? Excuse me! Finding himself in a corner with no answer to give, Mr. Barrow ascribed responsibility to his hapless Minister of Public Utilities whose discretion according to Mr. Barrow, he dared not “fetter”. Yea right! The Prime Minister was shameless in his lies. According Mr. Barrow, “the former owners of Telemedia have gone on a campaign that has terrorized workers, upset the citizenry, and sought to cripple the operations of the company.” You mean, all this in the less than four hours (outside of normal working hours at that) in which the former owners were allowed to move back in? According to Mr. Barrow, “confusion and chaos sowed in just a few days, made clear that Government could waste no time in settling this matter once and for all.” Mr. Barrow, the former owners were only in control for four hours, max! At no time were the workers terrorized nor was there any chaos. Now in all honesty, there are few people who will shed tears for Michael Ashcroft or for Stan Marshall. But, this is not about Ashcroft or Marshall or any foreign investor, however important. This is about a blatant disregard for an order from the highest court in the land. If the Prime Minister will not respect the rule of law, how can we expect that the regular man on the street will? If the Prime Minister, himself a senior officer of the court will have no respect for a ruling, then why should the ordinary citizen comply with any court order? Mr. Prime Minister, this is a dangerous precedent that you set. The rest of us do not have the authority or the opportunity to change the laws to fit our whims but if you do not respect the courts, then why should we? Mr. Barrow continues to tell us that what he is doing is in the “public interest.” In what way, Mr. Barrow? Will we get lower rates? Will be get VoIP? Will we get better service? The answer to each question is a categorical “NO”! It has become abundantly clear that this whole BTL fiasco is in nobody’s interest but Mr. Barrow, his family and a few UDP cronies. Time to come clean, Mr. Barrow, come clean!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

In my perspective… Is Belize The Next Cuba?

By Rayford Young Private Sector condemns Barrow “The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Belize Business Bureau, have come out swinging against the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow’s decision to forcibly acquire yet another privatelyowned utility company, citing grave concerns for the negative economic impacts that are likely to follow. On Monday June 20th, the Prime Minister introduced and passed legislation in the House of Representatives which expropriated Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) from owners Fortis Inc., a Canada-based company which held a majority 70% of shareholdings. The Prime Minister claimed he had to take over BEL to “save” the nation from the utility company’s insolvency, but the Chamber responded yesterday, saying that Barrow’s abuse of power could “severely undermine investor confidence and destroy the economy”. The Chamber opposes the takeover. Its press release says, “the Chamber does not believe that it was necessary for the Government to forcibly expropriate BEL”. They cite that the Government could have opted for “less invasive methods” through BEL’s shareholding, instead of a forced acquisition which will “only saddle the nation with additional hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, and millions in legal fees and litigation costs”. The Bureau also indicated alarm that an increase in public debt will place the nation’s finances from “unsustainable” to “unstable”, making the economic climate ever graver for the productive sector.” - Belize Times, Thursday, June 23, 2011 ************* So many dictators and communist states have tried this method of government interference and takeover of private business and the verdict is clear. Government-run economy does not work. As a matter of fact most of them have moved away from this idea and have allowed the private sector to invest and run their companies as they see fit. The private sector is still the largest employer in many countries. Any country where the government is the main employer, the economy is not robust, it is not efficient and in many cases it’s progress is set back. We can go just a few hundred miles to the south and examine Cuba’s economy. The Cuban government continues to adhere to socialist principles in organizing its state-con-

trolled economy. Most of the means of production are owned and run by the government and, according to Cuban Government statistics (TDS), about 83% of the labor force is employed by the state. An additional 5% of the labor force is employed by cooperatives closely connected with the state. Only 12% of the labor force works in the private sector, including private farmers, artists, and 142,000 self-employed (“cuentapropistas”), representing less than 3% of the entire workforce. More than 60% of the workforce is employed in non-productive sectors. In his February 24, 2008, inaugural address, Cuban President Raul Castro said the Cuban Government would “advance in an articulate, sound and well-thought out manner” a series of measures that would raise the Cuban standard of living and tie individual prosperity to individual initiative and work performance. Castro also referred to excess “prohibitions regulations,” the simplest of which the Cuban government would start removing “in the next few weeks.” More complex “reforms,” he said, could only be introduced after changes to certain legal regulations. In other words, their experiment for the last 4 decades has not worked and they are hoping the private sector can step in and do a better job. So why is the Belize government taking the country down this road. It’s not just Cuba that is moving away from this policy, but countries like the former Soviet Union and China have all realized that government cannot run big or small companies. They don’t have the expertise or the know-how to run this kind of government centered economy. Yet, the Belize government has taken over Telemedia and now they forcibly acquire yet another privately-owned utility company - Belize Electricity Limited, a Canadianbased company. Who is next? BSI, the Ports? What does this group of bureaucrats know that so many other dictators did not know? Why will these takeovers of private companies in Belize work when so many other countries failed and have moved away from this kind of State-run economy. Remember that old saying that defines insanity - doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. It never happens. So what is behind these latest moves by this government? I believe its a power grab and they see something in it that will benefit them. The old defunct Radio Belize had a silly early morning program called “Wake up and work” hosted by the late Edison Coleman. Today, I believe most Belizeans would hope they don’t wake up from this nightmare and hope it’s all a dream. There must be other ways of keeping solvent a company that is so vital to the country without having the government forcefully take it away. Not to mention this will stifle other investors from considering coming to Belize. Remember - these are the same bureaucrats that poured diesel into his gasrun SUV. Now they will take this experience to run the electricity for the country. Lord, wake me up when this is over. Rayford Young is a Belizean-American, who currently lives in Michigan, USA.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The Next Revolution…

One Belize

By Carolyn Trench-Sandiford – Deputy Leader People’s United Party - Belize

Dear Readers, This week was simply a toughie for me. I will continue with Part II of the New Economic Order for the Next Revolution next week. However, I retrieved an article which I know you will enjoy once again. It was written and published last year. At that time, I was serving as the Party Chairman. Perhaps it is timely reprinting it this week, as our party is now being called upon to make tough decisions upon which it’s future and that of country rests. I always say that you cannot go wrong if you anchor your decision making in the values, principles, philosophy and beliefs of our party. Cheers, Carolyn Trench-Sandiford Deputy Party Leader

I Believe……..

When I first took on the challenge of being the Party Chairman of the People’s United Party, I never thought for a moment of being the first woman to hold the post, though I embraced it, or did I see it as a position in the pecking order of things, a fact I later came to grips with. What beckoned me, was an opportunity to be a part of a great movement, one that my parents, grandparents and great grandparents believed in. This was a political organization whose mandate was very clear in my mind, that is, that it is established solely to create a NEW BELIZE, to bring to all Belizeans

a better quality of life, and a just share in the national wealth. This was the vision of our founding fathers and mothers, passed from leader to leader, from elders to the youths, from generation to generation. It is also a vision anchored in three core principles, firstly, an acknowledgement of the supremacy of God, secondly, that we exist to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Belize, and thirdly, we understand the need for a social and economic order that values our environment and natural resource endowment, while redressing the blatant inequity in the allocation of resources and opportunities, and the distribution of wealth in our country, that has manifested in the injustices that today have 142,276 or 43% of our people living in poverty conditions, and an additional 46,648 or 14 % vulnerable to becoming poor. These are the principles which define us. That makes a statement as to who we are, and what we stand for. That is our philosophy, and a representation of our collective beliefs and values. This said to me that the PUP ought not to be a party for a select few, but rather, a party for all, especially for the working class and the poor, who have been victims of social and economic exclusion policies and practices rooted in colonial mental construct and carried over into post independent Belize, and for those who have no voice, who are oppressed and marginalized. Our founding fathers and mothers even crafted the political blueprint and road map for us based on these principles. This is contained in the aims and objects of our constitution. It sets forth what we are to do, and what we

are to work towards to change this state of affairs and realize this vision. It was also cognizant that a revolution, as is change, is a process, but for us to continue it, we must begin by believing in something, or we will fall for anything. Our Philosophy is our moorings, it anchors what we believe in, and if we grasp this, if we hold on to it, it will bind us and we will not stray from it. On Wednesday February 10th, 2010, I was honoured and privileged to chair a historic meeting of the National Executive of the People’s United Party at Independence Hall. At this meeting, the Philoso-

25 phy and Political Creed of the Party was unanimously approved. As collective stewards of our Party, and the revolution, we signed on to it. By so doing, we are saying, unequivocally, and loud and clear, that hereafter, every decision we make, every action we take, every position we formulate, every cause we fight, will be grounded in our philosophy and creed, and be evaluated based on it, for we believe, and only in so doing, can we achieve the aims and objects of our Party. Our Philosophy is what we believe in, and our Creed is an Affirmation of that Belief. I Believe.



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Who will save us?

By Alberto Vellos It is my humble opinion that the murders of young Belizean men occurring in our country are ‘genocidal’. It is not acceptable and unconscionable that our young men are ‘dropping like flies’ almost daily, while those entrusted with the responsibility and who also are paid to foster a safer community do what I see as the bare minimum. In my view, they are complicit in the tragic loss of lives through their inaction, although due to incompetence and mostly a lack of understanding of the situation. Their apathy is palpable and it makes me bitterer. There is a reason why more and more young people are engaging in high-risk behaviour. Dealing drugs, trading arms and becoming mercenaries are certainly not preferred paths for young people. But tell me, what choice do they have? Think of the prevalent life-cycle of a child born in the hard-knock homes of Southside Belize City. He or she, as is the case in a majority of the Belizean families, has no father figure. He or she struggles for care and attention among four or five siblings, while the mother is at work most of the day. Lacking the attention and guidance at home, he adapts what he sees on BET and MTV. At school he or she befriends the wrong crowd. Enter peer pressure. As a teenager, he or

she then befriends the wrong crowd in the community. Enter drugs. Enter criminal activity. In due time, he who lives by the gun, dies by the gun. It is truly a sad state of affairs – the broken homes, dead bodies and apathy which has seeped deep in communities today. Then there is our failing and antiquated education system. Unable to accommodate to a ‘learning’ that firstly doesn’t captivate their curiosity and secondly, is unable to detect its failure, our young people lose interest and hope, and reject that style of education. Others never do get their rightful chance, as they, compelled by circumstances, assume the role of the ‘man’ or ‘woman’ of the house. Research statistics indicate that 1/3 of the children population do not attend primary schools. The data worsens as the child ages, because 2/3 of teenagers do not attend secondary schools. Then it gets worst. Only 4% of the adolescent population attend tertiary institutions. The question is: if they are not attending school, then what are 2/3 of our children, 2/3 of our teenagers, and 96% of our adolescents doing? More alarming, what role will they be playing when in adulthood? If anything else it is also a shocking marker of where our nation is today…but more critically where it is heading. But it is yet to sink, because no one budges to do anything. The criminal violence we see on the streets today in which our young men are players is something much more than just the breakdown of law and order. It is the breakdown of our community and our families, which reflects the kind of society we live in. It is the breakdown of our education system, and the breakdown of our political system, which are not serving the purpose of nation building. Alberto Vellos is the Editor of the Belize Times. He is a former Commonwealth Regional Youth Caucus Representative of Belize.



am a firm believer of marriage and that relationships can be great and everyone out there can instigate the butterflies to flutter in someone’s stomach. I am in love with the idea of being in love, despite the heart breaks I have endured since I began dating in my latter teens. I believe that some of the romantic gestures we see in the movies can happen to us, of course not on the grand scale as it is set to be on the silver screen but the moments can occur that gives us the same hope and elation we experience as we devour those movie scenes. With all this said though, the reality of it all is that relationships require time, effort, commitment, trust and patience; without these we will no doubt run into problems that sometimes lead to nasty separations. Sadly, in the last few weeks I have been noticing several couples within my circle of friends and acquaintances being dragged through the emotions of disgust, fear and uncertainty as they venture into separate paths. Watching all this and assessing a recent relationship of mine I have observed that one of the main problems plaguing particularly the men in these relationships is insecurity. Insecurity is that uneasiness you feel or that anxiety you get in the pit of your stomach when you sense danger of losing someone or something subsequently seeing yourself vulnerable. It’s an emotion that can make you become paranoid, aggressive, abusive and arrogant. In relationships, men tend to display insecurity for several reasons. It could be that they have neglected their wives. While they would not openly admit it, they subconsciously know that this is the case…so when they see their wives being given extra attention by another male albeit a co-worker, brother in law or family friend, that feeling of insecurity steps in and if not controlled can be the beginning of much havoc in that union. Another classic example is when a spouse is cheating. Guilt sometimes makes men become insecure thinking that his partner is doing the same as he is – ‘so a man thinketh, so is he.’ These two examples have caused men to accuse their wives/spouses falsely of cheating and other deceitful acts as it eases them from the guilt they harbour within themselves or at least so they think! Note how I mentioned that if the insecurity is not controlled it can lead

to havoc...this is because I have seen where these accusations can easily turn into violent behaviour thus breaking the feelings of security and trust that the wife may once have had in her spouse. Women do experience insecurities as well with varying degrees. When a woman is insecure in a relationship she will become wary of the female friends that her husband keeps. She will observe their interactions and will be quite cautious when socialising or communicating with that particular individual. Another degree of insecurity found in women is much intertwined with low self esteem. This is where she deems herself as being unworthy of love and respect. She blames herself for the problems in the relationship and thus accepts the abuse dished out to her from the spouse. Insecurity can manifest itself in women to an even greater degree thus causing them to use their sexuality as a tool to garner attention from their partner. They use their bodies to get a few minutes of attention and when that is over and done with they end up feeling worse than they did before. These acts of insecurity can be detrimental to a woman’s well being – physically, mentally and emotionally. While this trait of insecurity varies in degrees from person to person, it is quite a dangerous issue. If an insecure individual does not have self control he can easily end up self-destructing. It is key to point out that humility is not to be confused with insecurity. You can be humble and agree or give in to others once you genuinely feel to do so but if you’re feeling forced or obligated to give into someone for fear of being disliked or unaccepted then you need to look into that as it is a form of insecurity. Insecurity is not a trait that can easily be rid of by reading a book or taking a class. First and foremost you need to achieve personal victory before you set out to gain public victory. Start admiring the simple things about you that you find attractive and appealing. Capitalise on your talents and see how you can become a better person by honing on your talents. Do all this to gain self confidence and bring about a self image that you find satisfactory. Overcoming insecurity is a conscious effort that has to be made on your part. You must be willing to be placed in vulnerable positions in life where you may get hurt. Learn to trust others enough to expose yourself. Believe in yourself – keep telling yourself that you’re worthy of everyone’s attention. Break the barrier of self-doubt that you have hidden inside and reach out to others – this will require letting go of past hurts and moving on with life. As you go about overcoming your insecurities always keep in mind that the beginning of security is learning to laugh at yourself realising that no one is perfect!

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PUP Ready to Govern

gilroy usher sr. port loyola

By Gilroy Usher, Sr., PUP Standard Bearer for Port Loyola Party Leader and the next Prime Minister of Belize Hon. John Briceno, fellow standard bearers, residents of Port Loyola, and other supporters of the People’s United Party from across the country, I am happy that you came out in the thousands to the People’s Stadium in Orange walk Town to show massive support for our Party Leader Hon. John Briceno and the People’s United Party that will form the next Government of Belize. The many broken promises of this UDP government have been a disaster for this country. One of the biggest lies of this incompetent UDP bunch was the promise to create 5000 new jobs. With jobs people can pay their bills and get the things they need to uplift their standard of living. That’s why our people want the jobs that the UDP promised them. Instead of creating new jobs this UDP crowd fired hundreds of people including single mothers in rented homes to provide jobs for UDP cronies. Instead of creating jobs, unemployment under this UDP crowd has increased from 14% when it took office in 2008 to a whopping 23% today. Today life is extremely hard in the country because, under this UDP government, almost one out of every four Belizeans can’t find a job to support their families. To put our people back to work we need to send the People’s United Party back to Belmopan. Instead of creating a climate where business people, who create

needed jobs, feel welcome to invest in the country, the wrongheaded, spiteful, and vindictive polices of this government has caused the closure of many business that have left the bread earners of scores of families without jobs. Due to the policies of this government the huge tourism project for Port Loyola, major construction projects at the cayes, the large shrimp farm in the south, National Transport Bus Service, and many other businesses have closed leaving hundreds of people with families without jobs. Only a few weeks ago it was announced that due to severe hard times under this UDP government Belize Unit Trust on Central American Boulevard in Belize City will be closed at the end of July. That of course will leave close to a dozen more persons without work. My friends, a new PUP government will mean lots more jobs for you, the Belizean people, through the promotion of small business. Under a PUP Government the millions of dollars that is being paid to the Barrow’s ex-wife could be used to promote a lot of community activities including small businesses across the country. Rest assured that a PUP government will give maximum support to barbershops, restaurants, welding shops, grocery stores, and other small business that will give you, the Belizean people, the opportunity to uplift your standard of living.

Additionally while this UDP bunch has confiscated BTL and BEL to enrich themselves, their family members and party lackeys, a PUP government will work in partnership with those companies and other businesses in the country to encourage more investment that will create the needed jobs in Belize to ensure a better standard of living for you the Belizean people. The 31 standard bearers of the People’s United Party here today are all honest, hardworking, competent, and reliable persons who are committed to ensuring a better life for all

Belizeans. People of Belize, whenever Barrow calls the next general election send PUP back to Belmopan so that together we can work to build a country that offers jobs and other opportunities for all Belizeans.

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Keeping Safe! What is a bad touch? What is a good touch? Don’t know well read on. It is very important that you know so you can keep yourself safe. A good touch is a hug, a handshake, a kiss, a pat on my back or my head that doesn’t make me feel weird from my parents or other people I care about. If I don’t want to be touched, I can always tell them and they will NOT try to force me, sweet talk me or promise me to give me things if I let them touch me. A bad touch is being touched where I should not be touched, like my private areas or bottom, or in a way I don’t want to be touched. A bad touch makes me feel weird! It makes me feel sad! It makes me feel mad! It makes me scared! It can make feel hurt, ashamed and uncomfortable! Remember ALWAYS listen to how you feel about some-

Colour Me!

thing. If a touch feels good at first then begins to feel like a bad touch tell the person in a loud voice to stop! If they do not stop scream for help or run away and get help. Never ever keep a touch a secret! No one should touch you and ask you not to tell anyone! That means it was a bad touch. Secrets about touching are NOT OK! Always remember your BODY IS YOUR OWN! NO ONE should touch you in a way YOU DON’T LIKE! If they do always: Tell an adult you TRUST (your mother, father, grandparent …) If the adult you trust (mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, guardian) is hurting you then tell your teacher or a police officer! DON’T KEEP IT SECRET!

Colour Me!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Finding a Good Politician Finding a good politician is not easy these days. Actually I don’t think it has ever been easy. In Jesus’ time no one liked the tax collectors as they took advantage of their positions in Government. In (Luke 19:1-9) you’ll find a repentant tax collector willing to give back the things that he stole from the community. All over the world people’s experience with politicians have been overwhelmingly the same, so much so that songs have been written on behalf of individuals in politics, many of them describing government leaders’ behaviors! For obvious reasons these type of songs are the foundation of a good campaign and remain in our taste buds for years! In Belize around this campaigning time a politician is very visible around your neighborhood. This lasts for five months or so and then they generally disappear for five years! I have found also that politicians have split personalities as it relates to business and politics, morals and ethics! He would make business decisions for a country that he would never permit or allow if it were his personal or private business! While in office he would make decisions that are unacceptable to him when he is not in office. The question needs to be asked, “Why would politicians spend millions on campaign and elections and why do they have so much passion and desperation to get into office?” Well the answer may be narrowed down to two basic but opposite reasons: you either have a bunch of noble, loyal, caring, compassionate and honest men or, a house of opportunists! I will leave you to make that decision. So what does politics have to do with this supposedly religious article? Keep in mind that God hates ‘religion’. There are hundreds of ‘religions’ in the world and one of them is Christianity. God did not create this religion. You will never find that word in the operating manual (called the bible) as it is man-made! God does not have a ‘religion’; He has a Kingdom with citizens (disciples) and laws! A religion for example may adjust its laws and permit the marrying of same sex, while in the kingdom of God the law states that this is an abomination (Romans 1:27-32). A religion may pray your dead body out of hell while the manual says at (Hebrews 9:27) after death is judgment! A kingdom is a type of Government. It is actually the type of political system that God chooses for His country. It is His desire to equip us with the keys to His Kingdom. Why did He choose a kingdom instead of one of the others? See if a Minister gives you tons of land because he likes you it may be illegal and may even fall under the category of theft. If a king gives you the same parcels of land it is called a gift because he ‘owns’ the land and everything in it. Well God is a politician (King). He is not one we can vote out of power, but we can choose if we want to live in His constituency! A kingdom is a system of government as much as a democracy, communist, socialist, or dictatorship is. Therefore then, our politicians can look to God as the best example for their political aspirations! Without God or at least godliness in politics, we are no different from a speeding train with no brakes. We can try this type of political system and that, we can add this law and that to try to keep things in order, but I have found that it ultimately boils down to the heart of man. You will find out that an upright heart is more effective than a thousand laws! Let’s look at the other half of God then. Did you ever notice that God sometimes calls himself a politician (King) but at other times this politician calls Himself a Father? In other words every leader whether a teacher or a Minister of Government has the responsibilities of a father attached to their portfolio automatically. Since many do not have a good example of a father to look at, I will avoid this risk and seek to quickly explain. To be a father is to be a source, this is why the Honorable George Price can be called the ‘Father of the Nation”. You provide for your family, protect your family, give them a sense of identity (change of last name), and a sense of direction! At conception a father scientifically decides if you will be a boy or girl, it’s not your mom! These are the real differences between a father and an opportunist; a father and a rapist! Yes there are fathers who function outside their fatherly responsibilities and become rapists, or physical, or mental abusers no longer functioning within the realm of fatherhood. In this case the only thing they have to hold onto is the fact that they have biologically made a child! I must close now, but keep in mind this paragraph above clearly defines politicians as we presently know them, and how they take care of their governing responsibilities! Imagine how different our country would be if they were fatherly minded as God is, willing to give up His son to save His country! Imagine how it would be if they would think as loving parents willing to deny themselves to see the nation grow up to be productive, stable, and self sustaining! The same principle we reviewed in last week’s article applies to a politician, they should ‘love’ (by both words and action) the country, and be willing to ‘lose’ personally if the country would gain by it, and we the citizens should ‘honor and respect’ them. To all you aspiring politicians and to those already in politics, remember you are both a leader and a father. Begin to practice this before and while in office! Until next week God Bless!




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Selected By Chris Williams

The man leading the fight against anti-girl abortions Sex-selective abortion has left China with millions more boys than girls. Meet Shuzhuo Li, who is campaigning to reverse the trend 6 July 2011 by Donna Hesterman How great is the gender imbalance in China? In 2005, there were 32 million more men than women under the age of 20 in China. Young men with no prospect of marriage become a disruptive force in society. And with no one to marry, they will have no children and no one to take care of them when they are too old to work. Is the imbalance an unintended consequence of China’s onechild policy? Gender-selective abortions exacerbate the problem of dwindling birth rates. In China, a son is not just a source of pride, but a financial necessity. A daughter leaves home to join her husband’s family after marriage, so her parents have no one to care for them in their old age.

You kick-started the initiative to tackle the gender imbalance. How did you get involved? My research in the mid-1990s investigating infant mortality rates uncovered a growing disparity between the number of boys and girls born in rural Shaanxi province. It looked as if women were aborting female fetuses. That inspired us to conduct a pilot study to see if we could reduce the powerful cultural preference for sons with a “Care for Girls” campaign. This was a success, and it was adopted as a national strategy. How does the Care for Girls campaign work? It is a huge propaganda campaign managed by the National Population and Family Planning Commission, which also enforces the one-child policy. It uses adverts and public meet-

Reversing the imbalance (Image: Shuzhuoli)

ings to inform people about how dire the situation is, explaining how the gender imbalance could adversely affect their own family in the future. They give parents with daughters

Brain cells made from skin could treat Parkinson’s 6 July 2011 by Andy Coghlan People with Parkinson’s disease might one day be treated with brain cells made from their own skin. Two teams of researchers have independently worked out how to turn skin cells into specialised neurons that make dopamine. This neurotransmitter, which is vital for mobility, is depleted in the brains of people with Parkinson’s. The studies raise the possibility of improving mobility in people with Parkinson’s by restoring dopamine production to normal. At present, most patients take a drug called L-dopa to readjust levels, but with varying levels of success. Both techniques avoid the initial step of converting skin cells into embryo-like pluripotent cells

– a technique which poses a possible cancer risk. Vania Broccoli of the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, and colleagues, first reprogrammed mouse skin cells using three transcription factors – proteins previously linked with the development of the neurons. The same trio of factors transformed skin cells taken from human embryos, healthy adults and people with Parkinson’s. Infect skin cells The only drawback is that Broccoli’s team first had to infect the skin cells with viruses carrying genes to make the transcription factors, although the viruses used are not ones that might disrupt DNA and cause cancer. The Swedish team at Lund University, led by Malin Parmar, first

converted human skin cells from embryos into neurons, then into specialised ones that make dopamine. Altogether, they used five transcription factors, including two used by the Italians – Mash1 and Lmx1a. Broccoli says his team is testing whether neurons created from mouse cells benefit mice and rats bred to have a Parkinson’s-like disease. “Our goal is to use mouse cells first, then human cells in mice,” he says. “If this works, we’ll move to monkey models of the disease.” His team is also evaluating methods of reprogramming skin cells that might dispense with viruses, to eliminate any potential risks viruses might

certain forms of financial assistance like low-interest loans, social security payments and special consideration for land allocation. That’s the carrot. Is there a stick? Care for Girls also cracks down on sex-selective abortion and the use of ultrasound to determine a fetus’s gender. This has been prohibited by law for some time but it still happens. How do you stop sex-selective abortion? In rural areas it is easier to enforce the rules as most doctors are government employees. The local Family Planning Commission official may monitor pregnancies to ensure that mothers do not abort for reasons other than a medical issue. In cities the policy is harder to enforce, and a black market for sonogram services has emerged. Is the Care for Girls campaign working? It’s hard to say, as it has only operated on a national level for five years. Recent census data indicates that ratios are holding steady in most places. In one province, which in 1990 had the highest imbalance, the ratio dropped to 110 boys per 100 girls, comparable to that of South Korea, a nation seen as a successful model for reducing son preference. Turning policy into reality is really complicated. Refusing sex-selective abortions to parents may be good for China in the long run, but it creates hardship for couples who do not have a son. With Care for Girls, we try to compensate for that, but it is still difficult to change long-held cultural values.

pose to human recipients. “We’re actively analysing this, but have no hard data yet,” he says. And in Sweden, Parmar says that similar experiments are under way to test whether her team’s human cells benefit animals with the disease. “We must prove these are functional in vivo,” she says.

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en Español

Capitalismo entre “Compinches” “Capitalismo amiguista es un término que describe una economía capitalista supuestamente en que el éxito en los negocios depende de estrechas relaciones entre funcionarios gubernamentales y de personas de negocios. Puede ser exhibido por favoritismo en la distribución de permisos legales, subvenciones oficiales, impuestos especiales etc.. “Capitalismo amiguista se crea cuando hay derrames de “favoritismo, amiguismo” político en el mundo de los negocios; autoservicio entre amistades y vínculos familiares entre los empresarios y el Gobierno influyen en la economía y la sociedad en la medida en que corrompe el servicio público económico y ideales políticos.” – Wikipedia Si los beliceños se dieran cuenta de la medida de que la administración de Barrow abusa de su poder y nos está mintiendo a la mayoría de nosotros, hace tiempos se hubieran llamado a elecciones generales. Dean Barrow ha convertido a Belice en su gallinita de oro para hacer sus negocios. Barrow ha colocado a sus compinches del Partido, familiares y amigos en puestos clave. Como primer ministro rinde a su ex esposa, Lois Young-Barrow, millones como representante legal del Gobierno. El Gobierno de Belice tiene un procurador general y un fiscal general, sin embargo, Barrow prefiere gastar dinero de los contribuyentes innecesariamente en su ex esposa. Como primer ministro, puso a su hijo como miembro del Consejo después de expropiarse de Belize Telemedia. Como primer ministro, ha nombrado a su hermano, Denys Barrow, como juez de un Tribunal de Apelaciones. Como primer ministro, nombro a su hijo pródigo, Jamal Barrow Shyne, como Embajador musical. Como primer ministro ha designado a su socio y amigo, Rodwell Williams, como Presidente de B.E.L. (por sus siglas en Ingles) desde 2008. Esto se ha convertido en una tendencia preocupante.... Es entonces, nada difícil ver por qué el Primer Ministro está luchando para quedarse con la lucrativa compañía de telecomunicaciones, mientras que ahora toma a Belize Electricity Limited. Estas decisiones están disfrazadas de fines politicos, pero en realidad se trata de decisiones de negocios, destinada a mantener a su familia y amigos en el circuito financiero, por así decirlo. Mientras tanto, el Primer Ministro tiene ante nuestros ojos, un segundo hombre que suple como vice primer ministro y le ha permitido hacer lo mismo. Como Ministro de Recursos Naturales, Gaspar Vega, reina sobre los más ricos recursos de Belice - tierra, agua, petróleo, oro, y todo lo demás en la parte superior, debajo y más allá. Cómo este ex vendedor de seguros en los Estados Unidos se convirtió en político de Orange Walk es una historia bastante colorida que debe ser contada para entender el juego enfermizo en lo que todo esto se ha convertido, algo que será pronto. Por ahora, debemos analizar la forma en que se ha convertido el Ministerio de Tierras en otro feudo UDP. Los “mejores” hombres de Vega en el Ministerio son los que se han mantenido cerca de su negocio familiar. Los Cruz, Luna, los leales Hernández se han asegurado que Vega explote Belice para el beneficio personal de todos ellos. Antes de alcanzar la independencia, la autonomía era muy importante para el Hon.


George Price y para el Partido Unido del Pueblo. Es inaceptable que los ciudadanos de la entonces Honduras Británica se rigan por las mismas personas que nos esclavizaron y abusaron, y que extrajeron los recursos para su beneficio personal. El PUP luchó y logró un gobierno autónomo en 1962, el primer pasó hacia la independencia. Ahora es 2011, pero de una manera similar en el que se gobernaba y dictaba, mientras que los recursos de nuestra nación fueron drenados por los amos coloniales, hoy en día en un autodenominado Gobierno Dean Barrow está practicando un capitalismo compinche en todo su apogeo.



PUP will disband

chancy GSU

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has wreaked havoc all over the country. The GSU is not the regular police. They are trained to use brutal force, then ask questions, and they do not answer to the Commissioner of Police nor the Minister of Police. They answer only to the Prime Minister. The GSU was responsible for the vicious invasion of the home of a Belmopan businessman, while three children slept inside. The GSU sprayed the house with bullets, beat up the businessman and terrorized the family. No drugs or illegal weapons were found inside. The businessman and his pregnant wife were then arraigned in Court and remanded to prison. The GSU was also responsible for a raid at a prominent UDP’s house, where illegal firearm was found, but that person, James Swan Sr., has not spent a day in prison as his bail application was processed expeditiously with assistance from the Director of Public Prosecutions. The DPP is married to the head of the GSU, Marco Vidal. Vidal has come under fire recently for allegedly abusing his 7 year old daughter at home. The DPP, who heads all prosecutions, has also publicly come to his defense. The GSU is a dangerous waste of useful resources. Its role is a replica of the Police Department, which are au-

thorised and paid to fight criminal activity and uphold the law. There seems to sense to have the GSU, other than the UDP’s intention to impose fear and threats on Belizeans as they did with the former S.I.S. “The next PUP Government will disband the Gang Suppression Unit that has brought oppression and recession on the citizens and has done nothing to curb crime or lessen the incidences of crime. The next PUP government will implement the crime fighting initiatives outlined in our position paper including the increase in the number of police patrols in Belize City; reactivating and adequately resourcing the community policing neighbourhood and recognising the link between the conditions of growing poverty and lessened opportunities and surging crime and violence,” explained the PUP’s legal advisor and Queen Square Standard Bearer Anthony Sylvestre Jr. The Barrow Administration is also moving to introduce draconian laws which would allow people to be arrested for up to 51 days on mere suspicion. Belizeans would be rounded up with impunity by the GSU under this law. Sylvestre also indicated that the PUP would do all it could to get rid of the draconian laws if the Barrow Administration has its way and legislates it.

Chamber reigns in rogue GOB Continued from page 1

in our Constitution”. The Chamber and Prime Minister Dean Barrow have engaged in an ugly war of words, triggered first by the forced acquisition of Belize Electricity Limited on Monday June 20th. The Prime Minister has accused the Chamber of being a “prisoner of ideology”, while the Chamber has sternly cautioned the PM that his actions are drastic and could lead to further damaging Belize’s slow economy. But the re-takeover of Belize Telemedia Limited, which was done with the use of state military and police despite a Court of Appeals ruling that declared the acquisition as null and void and unconstitutional, has intensified the Chamber’s opposition to the Government. In its most recent declaration, the Chamber tells the Government that “no person or entity has a more imperative obligation to obey the law than those who make the law”. The Chamber also makes recommendations to legislative changes that Government may be considering to fit its purpose. But it might be too late. On Monday July 4th, the Government introduced new legislation to re-acquire Belize Telemedia and an analysis shows that it does not contain two

fundamental portions of the Chambers recommendations: “that a prompt, adequate and effective compensation must be determined and paid within one year from date of acquisition, unless challenged in the Courts of Law” and “that those to be deprived of their property by the Government must have a reasonable and fair opportunity to be heard prior to compulsory acquisition”. The new Statutory Instrument signed into law by the Barrow Administration declares that “the owner of the property that has been acquired… shall be paid…reasonable compensation in accordance within the provisions of this Act within such time as the Supreme Court considers reasonable”. The S.I. also state, “It shall not be necessary for the Minister to give the interested person(s) whose property is intended to be acquired an opportunity to be heard before making an Order”. It is not clear what steps the Chamber will take in the face of the Barrow Administration’s gross disrespect and disregard of their recommendations and involvement in the process of finding a solution. Even the Chamber’s very inclusion in the weighty economic discussions through a revival of the National Economic Council was refused by the Prime Minister, who said it was unnecessary.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011


THINK ABOUT IT BUILD A SEA WALL These are the words of wisdom. “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of mine and doeth them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house upon the rocks; And the rain descended and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.” “And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.” If we can borrow from that beautiful parable of Jesus, as told in Matthew chapter 7, verse 24 to 27 let us therefore apply it to a different situation. Belize City is the lowest part of our country. Thanks to the Baymen we are actually living in filled-in swamp. Every year we face dangers from hurricanes. It is just a matter of time, baby, till the winds howl and the waters roar and many of our houses will come crashing down. When hurricane Richard passed by Belize City last year many got hurt by the winds and the water. If Belize City was to get a direct hit, there would be a disaster. The most destructive force is the sea. The more powerful the breeze, the stronger the waves that will come crashing into our city. We need to build a barrier with boulders on our seashore. Back-a-Yarborough and further down. Buttonwood Bay, Belama, where we have been building a lot of bungalow houses, or will see great destruction. The important stretch of road from Belize City to the airport junction risks being washed away. We need rocks on our seafront. Build us a sea wall to protect our city from destruction. Little by little, year by year, It can be done. DOG DI PULL WHA PICKNEY In the beautiful village of Jalacte in Toledo District last Saturday a man saw a dog pulling what looked like a young baby. He looked closer and yes it was. It must have been like a scene out of a scary movie. Sydney Fuller, a descendant of Herbert Fuller the founder of the National

Party which became the National independence Party and finally the dreadful UDP, used to campaign against Dean Barrow telling citizens that if Barrow ever became Prime Minister dag wha eat unu suppa. Well in PG dog eat wha pickney. The baby was a new born. An arm and a leg were missing. The baby was dead. It is not clear whether the dog had eaten the missing arm and the missing leg. If it was a Belize City dog, one of those poor half-starving dog, oops, fully starving dog, roaming the streets only the umbilical cord would have be found. The mother is said to be in the hospital. She has other children. Sometimes when a mother is going through serious stress and gives birth she does not think straight. Any mother who will throw away a new born is obviously not thinking straight at the time. No one knows the circumstances. Was the baby the product of a gang rape? Was the baby for a man who had used harsh words, denied being the father and left the distraught mother? The criminal law provides that such a mother need not be charged with an offence. Something about post-parturition. The mother did a terrible thing. That does not make her a criminal. She needs counseling, love and understanding and all of our prayers. BRIDGE AT BIG FALLS AND ST. PAUL’S Those who know, say that somewhere around mile 25 on the Western Highway is a road way that can carry us to Big Falls which is by the river. A look at the map shows that over the river is the village of St. Paul’s. St. Paul’s has several neighboring villages. Double Head Cabbage, Willows Bank, Rancho Dolores. This area called the Belize River Valley is one of the most fertile parts of our country. The soil is very rich and the river and the land are also rich. Vision would suggest that a bridge be built at Big Falls/St. Paul’s so that we can open up and join the north and the west and allow villages more production and a means of transportation to new markets for their products. RAISE-A-PAY Public sector workers are to receive a 7 percent salary and wage increase.

This raise-a-pay applies to public officers, teachers, nurses and police officers. Their various unions all agreed to work together to force the government of Jamaica to agree to a raise in the face of rising cost of living. And in Belize…? DECK THE CANAL It is a pitiful situation. Almost every month those poor hardworking market vendors are put through stress and harassment. Tuesday this week, we saw the disgusting pictures of vendors on Hiccattee Street seeing their coco, cabbage, lime, peppers, and other vegetables suddenly flooded with canal water during a heavy down pour. Remember that these people are the hard working, law abiding salt of our earth, some till the soil, plant the seeds, tend to the crops, fight the insects and reap the fruits of their labor. It is hard work. On top of all of that they have to transport their produce to Belize City. To a so-called market which is not a market. Could it be that there is a solution to the shortage of space for vendors to sell their produce? Can we suggest to the City Council to place a wooden deck over the canal from King Street bridge halfway to Raccoon Street bridge. This would provide enough space and solve the congestion problem. It would allow for a smooth flow of customers and a beautification for our city. We suggest a wooden deck. It could be like a pier which will allow for ventilation and it would not be half as costly as steel, cement and labor. The deck will also hide that funky looking canal water. IMPRESSIVE The People’s United Party boycotted the hurry-come-up special meeting of the House of Representatives on Monday in which the government rushed through another illegal takeover of BTL. On Wednesday the PUP held a press conference at Biltmore Hotel in which a number of important issues were ventilated. The Party Leader’s deliverance was impressive. So too was Senior Deputy Party Leader Francis Fonseca. Always in top form, former Prime Minister Said Musa threw some hard punches. We were particularly impressed with the presentation of Senator Anthony Sylvestre and standard bearer Arthur Saldivar. Senator Lisa Shoman was her usual militant self. There was much animation and applause when Anthony Sylvestre who is the Legal Adviser to the Party announced that he was authorized by the

33 Executive to inform Belizeans that upon returning to government the much hated Anti-Gang Unit will be disbanded. Anthony Sylvestre also brought to the nation’s attention that since the introduction of the Bill to amend the Constitution to provide for Preventative Detention there has been NO public consultation by government and that only thirty odd days remain. One of the most sensational statements that came out of the press conference was the Party Leader’s call for the Prime Minister to disclose to the nation how much millions he and his law firm had received from the Ashcroft empire. CHESTER WILLIAMS – LLB PART 1 Returning home after successfully completing the first year of a law degree is none other than the flamboyant Superintendent of Police and Head of C.I.B. - Chester Williams. Chester Williams is a role model. Not being able to complete college this brother applied himself. He worked hard and rose through the ranks of the Police Department. All the while he attended evening and night classes qualifying himself in several law subjects. Officer Williams chalked up such an impressive record of examination subjects that he was qualified to be admitted to the prestigious University of the West Indies Law Faculty. He is in the words of the much missed attorney Norman Neal, an LLB part 1. Chester returns to University for his LLB part 2 this coming September. Chester Williams is giving a helping hand at Prosecution Branch in Belize City and is so dedicated that he visits the various courts to get a first hand insight into how his prosecutors are performing . Mr. Williams made legal and political history when he stood up to the arrogant Prime Minister of Belize in 2008 – 2009 who publicly stated that Williams will be kicked out of the Police force. Williams was arbitrarily demoted and transferred to Belmopan. Officer Williams challenged the matter in the Supreme Court and won. It was a big case. In the process the Prime Minister publicly tongued-lashed and savaged the then Solicitor General – Mrs. Herwanger. She, being a Belizean, resigned rather than work under such tyranny. Welcome home Superintendent Williams and we would also like to acknowledge the other successful students who are in first year as well as those who are graduating this year.



Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cases in which Dean Barrow and LoisYoung Barrow aided Ashcroft in maintaining his monopoly in BTL through legal maneuvering 2000-2004 part 1 1. Action No. 435 of 2000Belize Machines and Solutions Limited (BMSL) v Belize Telecommunications Limited Dean Barrow and Lois Young represented BTL BMSL sought to provide to its customers an ability to make international phone calls without payment to BTL for that access. BMSL employed a system whereby calls were made over BTL’s IP Server as a result of the removal of BTL’s firewall. As a result of the removal of BTL’s firewall, it became possible for all those who had the IP star box to access BTL’s equipment without payment to BTL for that access. This, of course, was very popular. Dean Barrow and Lois Young on behalf of BTL went to court to challenge this. The Court ruled against BMSL and ordered it to pay BTL $375,312.46. 2. Action No. 40 of 2002 ex Parte Belize Telecommunications Limited. Lois Young represented BTL on behalf of Ashcroft in another of BTL’s legal manuevering. Facts: BTL was granted a 15 year exclusive telecommunications’ license by the UDP on 30th December, 1987. The license was

Dean Barrow

set to expire on 29th December, 2002. The 1987 license granted to BTL by the UDP in 1987 sought to tie the hands of successive governments for 15 years, denying GOB the ability to grant any other telecommunications license until December, 2002. The PUP government, sought to break the monopoly in telecommunications. It therefore granted on the 27th April, 1999 a telecommunications license to Data Pro International Ltd and on the 5th May, 2000 a license to Intelco. The Ashcroft controlled BTL which enjoyed a monopoly in the telecommunications industry since 1987, waited years later, after both Data Pro and Intelco had

PHILLOUGHBY INSULTS MARKET VENDORS Continued from page 4 by, who never accepts responsibility for anything, responded in a very disrespectful manner. He said that the onus was on the vendors and if he needed to go and teach them business or marketing ethics, then he can do that. Willoughby blamed the vendors for having their produce on canvas spread on the street. Like a rogue child in need of disciplining, Willoughby is truly testing the patience and civility of market vendors. Had Philloughby and their Council constructed a useful market that had space for all vendors, they would not have lost their produce. But that wasn’t done, and vendors have been forced to remain outside. They still pay the Council to use the street side every day. Additionally, a month ago Philloughby promised that the Council would pave Hiccattee Street, but like their promise to pave all Belize City streets and keep the

city clean, they were all false. It was based on the promise that the street would be upgraded, that the vendors agreed to move there. Philloughby argued that the vendors were foolish to leave their produce on the streets, suggesting that they should have constructed stalls. But this shows how much of an idiot this former Deputy Mayor, who wants to run again as Councilor, is. If the vendors had constructed stalls, then they themselves would have remained wading in the contaminated water doing business. Doesn’t he get that the problem is the neglected drainage on that and almost every other street? Philloughby ought to be careful when he speaks. He is taking Belizeans for fools, but the people have a chance to teach him a lesson come the next election.

Michael Ashcroft

I supported Dean Barrow very heavily in the last election... I think that my group of companies may have been the largest financial supporter for him to come to power.” Lord Michael Ashcroft December 18, 2008 expended considerable expenditure of time, money and other resources, to take the matter to court, challenging GOB’s granting of these two licenses.[para 10] The Chief Justice at the time, Conteh, ruled against Lois Young and BTL. The Court held: “There will be prejudice to the administration [government] itself to have its decisions challenged now so late in the day after its grant of those licences.” Para 21 The Court also ruled that there would also be prejudice to the two companies to set aside, years later, the licences granted to them, as these two companies no doubt had “bestirred themselves with consequential outlay or resources in anticipation of operating their licences.” 3. Action No. 152 of 2002-BTL v Intelco Lois Young represented the Ashcroft controlled BTL in another of its legal maneuvering Facts: The GOB, having granted In-

Lois Young Barrow

telco telecommunications license in May, 2000, entered into two contracts with LGS and Intelco on the 16th November, 2000 and the 25th September, 2001 for them to provide telecommunications services to and/or on behalf of GOB. BTL waited until February, 2002 to challenge GOB’s decision to grant the contracts. BTL initially told the court that it did know about the existence of the contracts until January, 2002, hence their delay in applying to the court. But it came out in the proceedings that BTL knew of the existence of the contracts long before. In fact, evidence revealed that BTL, through its parent company Carlisle Holdings was trying to buy out Intelco and the contract of services granted to it by GOB. The persons who conducted the negotiations on behalf of Carlisle and BTL were no other than Lord Ashcroft and Phillip Osbourne, who were both directors on the BTL and Carlisle Boards. Therefore, it became apparent in court that it was only because the deal between Intelco and BTL/ Carlisle/Ashcroft fell through, that the matter went to court. And again, Lois Young facilitated Lord Ashcroft’s legal maneuvering. The court therefore refused to entertain BTL’s application. The court said that there was “a significant lack of candour on the part of [BTL]”. Para 29. It also came out in the proceedings that Michael Ashcroft had attempted to induce GOB, by offering through his Michael Ashcroft Foundation to GOB, in mid 2001, a donation of 5,000 computers to Government aided educational institutions. This offer was rejected by GOB.

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Barrow calls Elrington calls Elrington a “legal idiot” Belize City, July 6, 2011 There is no love lost between former Attorney General Hubert Elrington and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Once Ministers under the same UDP Esquivel regime, they parted ways when Elrington launched an offensive which attacked the PM as being a man of “glitter and no substance”. The war of words continues between the two attorneys, and most recent PM Barrow had his say when he called Elrington a “legal idiot” during his presentation at the House sitting on Monday, July 4th. Barrow was responding to Elrington’s statements that he [the

PM] had shown contempt of the Appeals Court and therefore should “go to jail”. Elrington, who appeared as a guest on Channel 5’s Open Your Eyes show last week also said that the PM, who is considered an excellent lawyer, was talking “nonsense” when he tried to explain the reasons for not falling in line with a Court of Appeal ruling against the acquisition of Belize Telemedia was based on the lack of a declaratory order. Of interest, the brother of Hubert Elrington, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, did not attend Monday’s House sitting in which the PM chose to attack his family member.



Humor in UDP Politics! At Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, Melvin, was asked by the Prime Minister what he will put on the SI as his new purpose for taking BTL. Hulse looked up and boasted how he had three not one but three good reasons: the first being no sugar, the second put your manhood on the table and the third being because we tek back BTL from ourselves, we can now have more sugar. …………………… At a recent meeting at City Hall, Samuels was asked to say something about the Mayor’s tenure in office. Well, after a few drinks Samuels, cleared his throat and said “the Mayor cares a lot about what I don’t have to slightest idea”. …………………… Things are so bad under Barrow that mothers are washing out pampers these days. So bad that neck and back parts are scarce. So bad that even casinos on Boulevard have gone out of business. So bad that more and more Belizeans are eating the cheaper chicken we all call Bamboo chicken. …………………… Barrow refers to him as crazy Glue but Hubert Elrington has been on a roll lately saying many things including: Barrow should be charged; Barrow should fire his attorneys; Godfrey should have consulted with a real attorney, etc. But when asked about his brother law’s firm partner, the Attorney General, his reply was fast asleep, deep in sleep.



Sunday, July 10, 2011

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