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Sunday, January 15, 2012

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Scandal at SSB

CEO Merlene Bailey-Martinez suspended, Board wanted her terminated

Belize City, January 11, 2012 The UDP Government’s latest election gimmick of writing off millions of dollars in loans held by the Social Security Board has backfired, and has been exposed for what it truly is, a hustling programme for special UDPs cronies. The BELIZE TIMES was the first to expose the Barrow Administration’s devious scheme last week, which triggered suspicion and increased concern and demands for transparency. Based on information received, the BELIZE TIMES reported that the scheme would allow for insider trading at SSB and government departments, because it enabled dozens of well-connected, upper-class UDPs to benefit from the write-off after they reduced their loans to below the $50,000 mark only upon learning of the plan. This week, the BELIZE TIMES received even more credible information that the Chief Executive Officer of the

Barrow endorses



Bailey-Martinez is under investigation for perceived insider-trading Social Security Board, Merlene BaileyMartinez, had herself taken steps to benefit from the scheme supposedly meant only for the poor people. Bailey reportedly had a loan bal-

Loyal ex-wife, Young-Barrow, does damage control for the UDP ance of $69,000, but paid $20,000, just enough to bring it below the $50K the Prime Minister said would be required for the write-offs to qualify. It is

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“We want back our damn job!!!”

BML workers protest outside City Hall BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 By Alton Humes It is fatalistic to believe that sanitation workers, perceived in varied corners of society as the lowest of the low, are not necessary in preserv-

ing the cleanliness and sanctity of our City. And whenever there is a threat to the sanitation workers and their only continuous means of survival in these tough times, they will rise up and defend what is theirs.

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BML workers stage protest in front of City Hall on North Front Street

Barrow says giving false voter registration information is normal Orange Walk, January 11, 2011 Prime Minister Dean Barrow publicly endorsed election fraud on Tuesday and in particular election fraud being carried out by the United

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UDP’s El Guardian

apologises to PUP Leader Belize City, January 10, 2012 The newspaper organ of the United Democratic Party has vindicated PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca of any wrongdoing whatsoever, adding their support to the PUP’s pledge that Hon. Francis will be a better Prime Minister than the current one. In last week’s issue, Sunday January 8th, 2012 El Guardian printed an apology which exoner-

ated the PUP Leader of allegations they had made. The apology said “The Guardian Newspaper takes this opportunity to retract any claim or suggestion that Honorable Fonseca is or was involved in any thievery or misconduct or that he took public funds and we express our regret and apology for any embarrassment that the image caused him.”

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A call for Justice in Dangriga

UDP Mayoral Candidate must resign! Dear Mr. Editor, I was watching the television last night and I saw a political ad for the UDP where they were telling the public all the certificates and powers that the UDP candidates for the upcoming City Council have. The political ad boasted that Joe Bradley’s son, who is running for mayor is second in control of the attorneys in Belize, as Vice President. That means that he sometimes can act as the President. The president is a member of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission who hand picks judges and magistrates. I could not believe it. Even though he is running for office as a political operative of this vindictive UDP Government, he is still remaining as Vice President. I know of several Public Servants who left their office to run. That is the honorable thing to do. Resign and run. For someone who pretends to be “holier than thou” and who blows hot air about integrity, why has he not only remained in that post, which is supposed to be an apolitical post? But he has gone further. He has grossly abused the sanctity of the office and used it in a partisan advertisement. This is a shame. To use that position which he got only because of his father Joe Bradley (of nasty Wave Radio infamy) and a political compromise is wrong. The compromise I learnt was to full the executive of the Bar Association with UDP’s. I hear that at voting time for the posts at the Bar, the UDP instructs persons who work in Govern-

The Party is nothing but the vanguard of the people, the active organ of the people, working at all times in the service of the people.”

ment offices to come and vote for the UDP operative. It is all politics and no shame. How can all those rich and selfrighteous lawyers sit in their fancy offices and allow the UDP to disrespect the confidence of the office? I don’t like self-righteous people and I worst get upset when I realize that we are being abused and bullied by this UDP who are trying to turn Belize into a dictatorship, where they control everything. I am not only upset with Joe Bradley’s son, he is a politician, and we know that UDP politicians are invariably dishonest. I am also upset with the special club of lawyers who are just sitting back and allowing their little fraternity to sink into political partisanship and therefore ill repute. The public needs an apology and the Bar Association needs to fix this. Sincerely, A. R. Sanchez

Dear Editor, The case of the Dangriga Scotia ATM theft is why I, Patricia Dunlap Jacob, am still writing. I am still concerned there has been no arrest or money placed back in my account. I question why there has been no reporting from any policeman in Hopkins or Dangriga of my case of clear thievery. When I make the call and ask about the case, most of the time I put on hold and then find I have been hung up on. That makes me believe the police just do not care or are doing their job as to hang up is not proper procedure as I am a victim and do not believe I am being treated like a victim but more like an inconvenience. A victim is that unfortunate person who suffers from a clear adverse circumstance of being thieved from; I am a person who was swindled and robbed! I should be treated with respect and shown some concern for the situation that is still pending, the thieving from the known person they clearly identified on the film I paid for at the Scotia bank in Dangriga using my ATM card at the exact time $500 was withdrawn from my account. I should be able to

Opposition Demands Investigation into SSB Mortgage Debt Program Tuesday, 10 January 2012 In his New Year message, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that Government would “purchase all mortgages of 50 thousand dollars and under, owned by the Belize Social Security Board”. According to Barrow, these mortgages were about 780, with “a total aggregate value of 17 million dollars”. The intention is that GOB will “thereafter write off these mortgages, forgiving the householders all of their loan obligations, and putting that money at their disposal to spend on the economy and generate more activity”. The People’s United Party is informed that it is not just householders with mortgage loan obligations who will benefit. Purportedly, the CEO of the Social Security Board (SSB), Ms. Bailey Martinez has paid $20,000 to the SSB for a mortgage with a balance of about $69,000.00 in respect of a loan which was originally held by Saint James National Building Society and which was securitized to the Royal Merchant Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT) via the SSB. Furthermore, several “select” members of staff of the SSB were advised on what was necessary in order to qualify for a write off, and

were allegedly given recommendations by the CEO of SSB to obtain loans at commercial banks and other lending institutions in Belize to borrow to pay down these mortgages to take their balances below $50,000. According to our sources, payments were made to the cashiers at the various SSB offices, but the majority was paid via the Belmopan office. It is further alleged that these select members of staff of the SSB persons have already secured a firm commitment from the CEO that once the balances of $50K (and lesser amounts) are forgiven by GOB, these same staff members will be facilitated with new staff loans to pay back the commercial banks; and then be able to pay at a concessionary rate of 8% on a declining balance on any monies still owed. These loans are all categorized as “Class A” loans meaning that these are loans with excellent performance and with a very low default risk. Prime Minister Barrow has said on local media that the intention is to write off mortgages thereby “relieving the holders of their obligations” and “putting more money in the hands of those who need it most”. If this program was ever meant to Continued on page 17

learn his name, his address and his telephone number. I am not a violent person but a fair women who would give him a sensible offer, to make amends by replacing my money he was so tempered to steal because I made an error that can be reversed if addressees properly and promptly. To run, hide, have a warrant out to serve time in prison over $500 when he can reverse his mistake is what I offer! I want to be properly treated as a victim. I would love to know that there is an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly search or any ongoing search for the man who thieved my $500 using my ATM card that I unfortunately was distracted and left my card before finishing my transaction while being rushed by the cab driver. When I call the police station, or either 911 or for assistance in a police matter I find it very disconcerting that it is not routine for any police person to ever state their name, so you can know who you are talking with, especially in an emergency situation. It should be part of police training their daily routine when answering the phone as an officer’s job is to help victims not hassle them. Being polite is one issue, being professional as well as helpful is another! Please help me, the victim in this unsolved mystery. Will I ever see justice in Belize with the help of our Police who are to serve us the victims? Thank You, Patricia Dunlap Jacob




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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scandal Crisis at San Ignacio Hospital

at SSB

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understood that other senior employees did the same, by accessing smaller loans from private banks with the strength of recommendations from the SSB. It is alleged that they were encouraged by the CEO. These allegations were also revealed by the Opposition People’s United Party on Tuesday, in a press release which called for an immediate investigation into the write-off program. Almost on cue, the Prime Minister’s ex-wife Lois Young-Barrow, who sits on Social Security’s Board as the Chairperson, came to the rescue and sanctimoniously pretended to have been totally unaware of everything. But the cat had been let out of the bag, and the UDP was forced to scramble and do damage control. At 2pm on Wednesday afternoon the Board met at its office in Belize City, and after discussing the disaster that loomed, they agreed to carry out a closed-door investigation into the SSB staff’s involvement. The Board also recommended the immediate termination of CEO Bailey-Martinez and Internal Auditor Denise Mahler, but we understand that Young-Barrow disagreed and talked them into accepting an indefinite suspension for both. Bailey-Martinez becomes the first SSB CEO to be suspended for suspicion of serious wrongdoing. She may be on her way to becoming Belize’s Martha Stewart. Bailey-Martinez will have to answer to an external audit, but will avoid the spectacle of a public commission of inquiry, which is what Belizeans deserve. And while Bailey-Martinez has been halted in her tricky tracks, it appears Prime Minister Barrow is too ashamed to even discuss the matter. When asked by the media on Wednesday about his knowledge of what is happening, Barrow hopscotched everywhere before admitting that he does know if Bailey-Martinez was guilty of unethical practices at SSB. “I believe I know the answer”, is all the Prime Minister said, clearly refusing to be totally honest and transparent with Belizeans. The Prime Minister’s ambiguous talking shows he still wants to hide things from Belizeans. This egregious abuse of taxpayers’ dollars for electioneering purposes scheme is as good as the Prime Minister’s cunning attempt to buy votes by giving his political candidates $1.2m to spend on ham during Christmas. Guess who got the better end, the greedy candidates who dipped their hands deep into the cookie jar, or the residents who got small bags of onion and rice? You have been exposed Barrow. Soon you’ll become expired.

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Doctors & nurses suspend medical services

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 The over 100 doctors, nurses and staffers at the San Ignacio Community Hospital are on goslow until the Ministry of Health’s Deputy Regional Manager, Myra Pulido, is removed by Minister of Health Pablo Marin. The hospital staff accuses Pulido of failing to follow protocols and policies of Ministry of Health and Public Service, and of abusing her authority. One such alleged incidence of abuse occurred on Tuesday morning when Pulido reportedly called for Police Officers to remove the hospital’s Chief of Staff Dr. Angelica Rosado from the compound. The BELIZE TIMES understands that an argument between the two flared up when Pulido shouted at and embarrassed Dr. Rosado in the pres-

Dr. Angelica Rosado ence of many others. Pulido ended up calling the police and the staff rebelled immediately. The tension between Pulido and Dr. Rosado has existed for some time now. Dr. Rosado had resigned late last year but her resignation was not hon-

oured by the Public Services Commission, which in turn advised the doctor to return to work until the paper work was properly processed. The problems with the Deputy Regional Manager also are not limited to one person. Last year, the BELIZE TIMES received a letter (reprinted on page 2) that the staff wrote, signed and sent to the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, informing that “we are unable to work adequately with our Deputy Regional Manager, Mrs. Myra Pulido, and we request as an institution, that her role here be reviewed and she is destitute from her current post.” Pulido began working at the hospital in September 2010, suspectedly as a political appointee, and since then there have been reports of disrespect from her part to supervisors and Heads of Departments. The letter also details Continued on page 17

Sunday, January 15, 2012



People Get Ready! No one really knows the date of the next general election except for Dean Barrow and maybe a few of his sidekicks sworn to secrecy. What we do know is that Barrow has been giving clues here and there that elections in Belize are imminent, and closer than we may expect. There are indicators, political gimmicks really, such as an increase in activity at the Lands Department for the quick processing of special deals for land titles cut by the UDP hacks. The other took place shamelessly. The UDP is blatantly trying to steal the elections by using the Immigration Department to naturalize as many immigrants as possible so that they could be registered to vote. What took place last Friday in Belmopan was shameless as over seven hundred immigrants were bused in to collect citizenship cards that were only made out for some two hundred applicants. After the processing of citizenship, the lines moved to the Elections and Boundaries office which was instructed to remain open even on Saturdays, to accommodate the UDP antics. But the signs existed earlier than most could see. Barrow’s decision to remove Carlos Perdomo as the candidate in Caribbean Shores and replace him in thirty days had many asking why the haste in the Shores? Now we know. Barrow dropped another clue when he took 1.2 million of taxpayers’ money for his Christmas Bonanza. Instantly, he created liquidity for UDP Area Representatives who have been dead, dead over the last four years. This Barrow did in an attempt to level the playing field in the face of the World Bank slap to his face, that loans for municipal projects would be delayed until April, after the municipal elections. But Barrow had more tricks up his sleeve. He then announced that there will be lower electricity rates, half a year in advance. He mocked the process, claiming not to have any say in what the Public Utilities Commission does, yet he declared what the PUC will do before the matter was ever heard by them. Then it was onto his write off of more tax payers’ monies which totaled 17 million at first, then became only $6m, according to Barrow. That scheme has now become the administration’s latest headache, as it has been exposed at just another plan that will benefit special UDPs. Lastly, Barrow claims he started his country tour in Chunox Village but residents stayed home en masse. Do we still believe it’s about Town and City Council elections? The People’s United Party has been closely watching all that has taken place, and is ready to fight back. The PUP has called on its troop to rise, to get ready for war whenever the elections are called, to put aside differences and focus on the enemy and engage the people on what the real issues are. When Barrow beats his chest bigging up himself for what he thinks he has done for the poor, it must be exposed for what it is – a plan to keep the poor even poorer. The real story is that under Barrow and the UDP, Belizeans have been feeling pain, suffering and stress. Belizeans have no money, no jobs. The school fees have piled up, utility bills and cost of living have been merciless, the crime and violence have paralyzed society, while incompetence and failure has become the order of the day. The people may not know the date of the elections but this we know – the people are ready for whenever it is called. Just ask former Prime Minister Holness, now opposition leader from Jamaica, who tried to sneak one past the Jamaican people – he who has eyes to see, let them see.



If Da Noh soh Not funny… I’m generally a happy, jovial sort of guy, content to poke fun at others. Hell, when I get bored enough I even poke fun at myself, just to show you what a

genuinely joyful person I am. But this week’s column won’t be hilarious or cute or even hilariously cute. This isn’t the time for that. The mocha monster otherwise known as Dean Oliver and a whole other mess of less complimentary names wants to call general elections sooner, rather than later. No worries, mini-Mugabe…we ain’t never scared. Belizeans know that Dean O only has one game plan and the fear is that his election strategy will be to try and steal this one. We gotta turn up the heat just a notch, don’t we? ……………………. You smelling it yet? The mocha dude kicked off his tour way up north in Corozal Southeast and to be nice to our beloved PM let’s just say it was a monumental, catastrophic, gargantuan flop! Of course this should be no surprise at all, since the smooth talking, pontificating PM ain’t never been liked up north. Hell, who can even understand half of the words coming out of his mouth? Check it out…the red brigade pulled out all the politicos from the north, all the paid generals and paid foot-soldiers and all the lackeys and still couldn’t assemble more than 200 people. I got a little worried when I watched Jules’ news story on Channel 7 and he made mention of buses streaming in – then I realized that the fellow must have been caught in traffic by the Corozal Bus Terminal and saw commuter buses heading to Chetumal and he got confused. No worries Jules, we understand. But yeah, I can’t imagine the mocha man being too pleased with the reception he got. But I figure by the time he visits a couple other destinations he’ll be used to it for sure… ………………………. You’ve gotta be kidding… I mean, seriously? The idiots in red have launched a series of pre-election campaign ads which have left me dumbfounded. Now my few friends will tell you that I am frequently dumb, but very rarely dumbfounded. Look at the one on health, for example. According to the UDP, they have made amazing strides in health since 2008. I have no doubt that came as a great surprise to Minister of Health Pablo Marin. Hell, it came as a surprise to Belizeans for sure. Listen…under this UDP the KHMH erupted in a major corruption scandal a couple years ago, and still under this UDP, there is another corruption scandal breaking NOW,

with top UDP officials in the KHMH being accused of all kinds of dirty deeds. TWO HUGE CORRUPTION SCANDALS IN 3 YEARS…Imagine! Add to that the National Health Insurance which hasn’t been rolled out even an inch since 2008. And what about all the babies dying in the hospitals! What about kids dying because no basic medical supplies were available? Hell, under the UDP healthcare in Belize has moved backwards more than a decade. No fancy, liad ad is going to change that. The people know what’s happening out here… ……………………….. 2011 was a good year? And that was bad enough. But how about the UDP ad stating that 2011 was a very good year for the poorest of Belizeans?! WTF! Something has got to be very, very wrong with the mocha man. Maybe he’s just been locked up in his seafront mansion too long, sipping Dom Perignon, dining on Salisbury steak with Lois and Kim and lounging in his cigar room listening to classical music. Maybe he just fell and hit his head and lives in perpetual confusion. Who knows? But one thing is for certain…2011 was a very, very BAD year for the poor people of Belize. In truth, 2011 was a very bad year for most Belizeans…just ask anybody. The only persons who had a very good year were those included in Dean Oliver’s Select Friends and Family Plan. All I can say is that the mocha monster is gonna reap what he is sowing…giving people a ham for Christmas and then telling them they had a very good year thanks to that ham. Wutless, dutty devil… ………………………… Integrity my ass… According to this old/new/same UDP crowd trying to get into City Hall

again, they are full of integrity. Well I know that Joe Bradley’s baby boy is full of something for sure, but integrity? Nah…don’t think so! For two terms

this bunch of UDP old/new/same baggage has been running things in City

Hall. Nothing has been done. NOTHING! Now they want a chance to get in again. FOR WHAT? No amount of pretty ads with Joe Bradley’s pretty little boy is going to change the truth of what we see all around us. Under the UDP all the people have had are underdepositing, under-work, under-management and under-representation… added to over-pay, over-depositing in personal accounts, over-misinformation, over-wutlessness and over-liadness. It is past time for a change in City Hall. Ain’t no way the people are gonna put in another UDP bunch. No way! ……………………….. Happy Valentine’s Day… More than likely by the time you read this you’ll know if elections will be as soon as next month…or not. Word on the streets is that Dean O plans to dissolve the House tomorrow and call elections on Valentine’s Day. LOL! Buddy… bad idea! What…did you think that the Belizean electorate would be all sloppy and sentimental on that day and just vote for you and your crowd again cause you all are so cute and cuddly? Hard to say what’s going on in that weird, warped brain of yours, but bring it…whenever! The people are ready for you! This isn’t even about the PUP being ready to get you out. People power is going to take care of that. Remember you saw it here first. ………………………… Political favours… When BML workers dumped garbage in front of City Hall yesterday, they must have gotten some of it in Roger Espejo’s office cause I swear

Sunday, January 15, 2012

when that boy opened his mouth, only garbage came out. Less than two months before an election, Espejo claims that they suddenly decided to take away a contract from BML and give it to Belize Waste Control…just for no reason. Yeah right buddy! Well, according to my source inside City Hall, before this contract just mysteriously changed hands for no good reason, my friend Roger held some late night closed door meeting with Belize Waste Control…! You know those pre-election, campaign financing seeking kinda meetings, don’t you? Word is that Mr.

Espejo got first grips on the Belize Waste Control bubby, followed by the rest of the aspiring candidates and it was a done deal, so to speak. Guess nobody really cares about 15 more poor Belizeans who suddenly have no jobs. Unemployment is already so high what’s 15 or 20 more right guys? As they say in UDP circles, especially before elections…the bubby is boss!

Sunday, January 15, 2012





Sunday, January 15, 2012

Men caught stealing outlet strips & deodorant from Save-U BELIZE CITY, Wed. Jan. 11, 2012 By Roy Davis Two men who allegedly stole from Save-U Supermarket, located on the Northside next to Belcan Bridge, have been charged with theft. They are Steve Codd, 45 a laborer of 126 Partridge Street; and Juan Castro, a Salvadoran national who is a construction worker residing at 7 Benbow Street. Codd pleaded guilty to the charges when he appeared in the #4 Magistrate’s Court. Magistrate Roberto Ordonez fined him $2,000 and gave him until February 9 to pay. If he defaults on payment he will serve 2 years. The theft occurred on Sunday, January 8.

Steve Codd

Juan Castro

A security guard at Save-U Supermarket reported to the police that Codd was seen on the supermarket surveillance camera putting two Brufer

brand outlet strips in the front of his pants. Both items were recovered when the security guard stopped Codd and searched him.

The outlet strips have a combined value of $11.63. Castro pleaded not guilty to theft when he appeared today in the #6 Magistrate’s Court. He was released on a bail of $750 and his case was adjourned until February 7. The theft occurred around 4 p.m. on Monday, January 9. A security guard at Save-U Supermarket reported to the police that Castro was seen on the supermarket surveillance camera putting one Sports brand Gillette deodorant in the pocket of his pants. The security guard told police that the deodorant was recovered when he stopped Castro and searched him. The deodorant has a value of $10.93.

Guns & ammo near Western Highway BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 By Alton Humes On Saturday, January 7th, around 9:00 p.m., Police were patrolling in an area just off the Western Highway, bridging between a lagoon there and a canal linked to the Belama Phase II

area, on the Northern Highway side. While they were combing some other areas, it would be the mangroves that ended up yielding quite a ‘war chest’. The following items were recovered from the area: a 16-Gauge sawed-off shotgun (make and serial number unknown), 1 12-Gauge Bikal®

Toddler rescued from house on fire BELIZE CITY, Monday, January 9th, 2012 By Alton Humes In the heart of the festive ‘vibes’ that tends to come on at the start of a weekend, a Belize City family lost much of their possessions, and very nearly lost a young life. Claudia Whyte, a resident of Reggae Street in the Port Loyola Area of Belize City, was at her apartment in the area, merely relaxing with her two children, a daughter (aged 9) and her son, 3-year-old Akeem Morgan. It would turn out to be the last moments of peace they would have at home, as the place practically burst asunder in flames, leaving little opportunity to grab any material possessions, or even little Akeem himself, who was left behind in the house while his mother panicked. Whyte, meanwhile, frantically rushed outside with her daughter in tow, and began to sound the alarm that her home was on fire. With the

help of a passer-by, one Levi Cadle, as well as some of the neighbors, they banded together, and in the immediate absence of the Belize Fire Service, used “about forty to fifty buckets” of the nearby waters from the drain to put the fire out. But before that, little Akeem had to be taken out, and he eventually was, suffering from 2nd-degree burns to his face and both hands as well as not being able to breathe, and was later revived by paramedics and taken to the hospital, where he was treated for his wounds. It is believed that an old mattress may have contributed to the cause of the fire. As of now, Whyte and her children are out of home, and need desperate help to recover and get the kids back to school eventually. If you or anyone you know can assist this family, either monetarily or otherwise, kindly contact the family friend, Loretta Thurton, at her cell phone number 6331965.



single-action shotgun (bearing serial # 09046231; reported stolen on 6th January, 2012), 20 rounds of 9-mm ammunition, three 5.56 rounds of ammunition, four 16-Gauge Cartridges, a 12-Gauge Cartridge and a complete set of night-vision Binoculars, including a night-vision goggles head set.

No one was found nearby, and there are questions as to why the items were found there and whether or not any and/or all of them would have been (or were) used in the committal of crimes. All items were seized as ‘Found Property’. Police investigations into this matter continue.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Student charged for burglary of principal’s home BELIZE CITY, Wed. Jan. 11, 2012 By Roy Davis Ryan Gillett, 22, a part time student and construction worker of Burrell Boom who allegedly broke into the dwelling house of Zoie Oliver, the principal of Burrell Boom Methodist School, was charged with burglary and handling stolen goods when he appeared today in the #6 Magistrate’s Court. Gillett pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was released on a bail of $4,000 and his case was adjourned until February 21. The incident occurred on Monday, January 9, at Burrell Boom. Oliver reported to the police that the item stolen was a black Dell lap top computer that has a value of $2,000.

Ryan Gillett The police reported that they recovered the lap top from Gillett shortly after the burglary. The minimum penalty for burglary is 7 years.

Andy Avilez accused of burglarizing his brother’s house BELIZE CITY, Wed. Jan. 11, 2012 By Roy Davis Andy Avilez, 47, a laborer of 1 Ebony Street who allegedly broke into the house of his brother, Alvaro Avilez, was charged with burglary when he appeared in the #6 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, January 9. Avilez pleaded not guilty to the charge. The prosecution objected to bail on the ground that the complainant is the brother of the defendant. Avilez was unable to give a good reason why he should be granted bail so the magistrate, Roberto Ordonez, upheld the objection and remanded Avilez into custody until February 7. The burglary occurred on August 16, 2011 but Avilez was not detained by the police until Friday, January 6. Alvaro, a taxi driver residing on Ordonez Avenue, reported to the police that at about 8 a.m. on August 16 he was driving on Orange Street when he saw Andy duck into Trench Alley a.k.a “Pregnant Alley”. Alvaro said Andy wore a black Tshirt with a colorful Hawaiian ¾ pants. Alvaro told police that about an hour later when he went home, he saw clothes resembling the ones Andy wore on his living room floor. Alvaro said when he checked throughout his home, he discovered that his 22 inch Magnavox flat screen television was missing. Also missing

Andy Avilez

were 5 blue jeans pants, 7 blouses, 4 Victoria Secret perfumes and 3 female underwear. Andy told Magistrate Ordonez that while he was in custody he was beaten by the police and there was a wound to the back of his head. Magistrate Ordonez instructed the prosecutor to have Andy taken to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for medical treatment.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Police arrest KHMH 18-17 in interoffice softball

Belize, Monday, January 9, 2012 The Police stopped the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital softball squad 18-17 when the Belize City interoffice softball competition continued at the home of softball at the Rogers Stadium on Monday evening, January 9. Ronaldo Siu, Ricardo Hermoso, pitcher Omar Martinez, Ryan Miller and Delsie Lizama gave the KHMH a 5-0 lead when they all came home in the top of the 1st inning. Martinez, who was on the mound for KHMH, allowed the cops to score no runs in the bottom of the 1st, while the lead grew to 8-0 when Dwayne Willacey homered in the 2nd inning, and Ronaldo Siu and Ricardo Hermoso came home. Japhet Young, Jody Ingram and Pauline Bradley kept the cops in the game when they crossed the plate in the bottom of the 2nd to trail 3-8 at the end of the inning. Police pitcher Dennis Myles allowed the KHMH no runs in the 3rd and 4th innings, while Young, Ingram and Orvin Augustus came home in the bottom of the 3rd, and Augustus crossed the plate in the 4th to trail 7-8. Willacey, Siu, Hermoso and Andrew Baird extended the KHMH lead to 12-7 in the top of the 5th, but the cops got into the driving seat when Nicole Arnold, Ingram, Randy Sanchez, Jeremy McCulough, Leonora Morales, Bradley, Augustus and Reginald Flowers all came home in the bottom of the 5th for a 16-12 lead. KHMH’s Miller and Lizama narrowed the Police lead to 16-14 when they came home in

the top of the 6th and Hermoso and Martinez tied the ball game at 16-16 in the top of the 7th to take the game into an 8th inning tie-breaker, but no runs were scored. Hermoso gave the KHMH a 17-16 lead in the top of the 9th, but Augustus tied the score for the cops at 17-17 and substitute Juvencito Cowo scored the winning run for the 18-17 victory. The competition continues on Wednesday night. Dennis Myles pitches

Randy Sanchez made 2 runs

Leonora Morales pitches

All Stars beats FC Belize 1-0 in football cup

Nicole Arnold prepares to bat

Ladyville, Sunday, January 8, 2012 The Belize Rural All Stars posted a 1-0 win over FC Belize when the Belize Bank Christmas Cup football competition continued at the Ladyville football field on Sunday. Byron Usher drew first blood for the Rural All Stars when he and Samuel Leslie combined to beat Continued on page 11

Travis Eiley scored Westlake’s 1st goal

Sunday, January 15, 2012




All Stars beats FC Belize 1-0 in football cup Continued from page 10

the FC Belize defenders: Chris Gilharry, Ian Gaynair, Marlon Clarke and Matthew Leal, embarrassing goalie Elroy Rowley with the winning goal. Stung into the action, FC Belize counter attacked furiously and Jerome “Jaro” James, Wayne Moody and Clinton “Pin” Jorgenson all got off shots at goal, but they served only to make the All Stars’ goalie Elias Hercules look good. Ryan Gill, Jael Ottley and Thomas Castro backed up their plays at midfield, but they could not get by the all Stars’ stiff defense of Alfred Garnett, Chris Meighan, Kevin Pelayo and Jerome Madrill who locked up shop to hold on to their 1-0 lead till the long whis-

Jason Young tackles Weslake’s Bredda Thurton

Samuel Leslie attacks

Byron Usher scored Rural All Stars’ 1st goal


FC Belize gave it all they had as Avian “Chi-chis” Crawford, Jermaine “Bowfoot” Zuniga, Carlton Rashford and even veteran Eian Henry entered the ball game in the hopes of scoring the equalizer but to no avail. The all Stars’ Thedran Reid took over from Wayne Godoy,

and Keenan Bennett, Lespaul Williams, Victor Villamil and Marvin Jones all entered the ball game to secure the 1-0 win. Game 2 results: Westlake vs. Kraal Road City Boys – 1-1 Goals by Travis Eiley, Dwayne Simpson



“We want back our damn job!!!” Continued from page 1

That was the case this afternoon, as workers from the Belize Maintenance Ltd. (BML) protested – albeit without a permit or permission from any source – over the removal of a sanitation contract that permitted them to clean in certain ‘hot spots’, or

Barrow endorses



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Democratic Party. Barrow was asked by News 5 about the incidents in Orange Walk where it was exposed that the UDP had registered persons, who recently obtained citizenship, at addresses that were false, and this is what he had to say: “Don’t expect me to stand here and to say to you that I get all moral and righteous about the fact that people might be using addresses that are not their true addresses. In the electoral process in this country that is as ancient as the hills”. The statement uttered by the leader of Government displays his mendacity, and is evidence that he has totally lost it. Applying for voter registration is like applying for a birth certificate or for a Social Security Card or filling out a Customs Declaration Form. All information given must be true and fact. A voter registration document is a legal document, and any false information given can lead to serious repercussions. But to hear Barrow encouraging electoral fraud shows how much he respects democracy and the laws that govern our country. It is not about getting moral and righteous Mr. Prime Minister. It is about doing the right thing, for the sake of decency. No wonder we nation is in chaos and being held at ransom by wanton criminal acts. Lawlessness prevails day and night because the leader allows and accepts it. Maybe it is the Prime Minister’s guilty conscience after practising almost three decades of strange election methods in Queen’s Square that couldn’t stop him, but it he is wrong if he thinks right-thinking Belizeans will accept his endorsement.

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areas with the most garbage in Belize City. The removal of the contract was a complete and total shock to the workers, who were sent a letter by the Belize City Council on Monday January 9th, which was read out to them by the Manager of BML, Lawrence Ellis, and it effectively ended their ability to collect garbage in such ‘hot spots’ on January 10th. The Council transferred that contract to another entity, the Belize Waste Control Ltd (BWCL). But it would be the workers’ turn to voice their broiling anger, one more time in the life of the UDP Belize City Council, in front of City Hall today – some in colorful four-letter words, others by sleeping in the garbage trucks, and others by telling anyone who would listen about their anger and frustration. Admittedly, there were a few

‘street-side observers’ from the ruling UDP government who were onsite at the protest and suggested that such work merely corresponds to extras, and doesn’t fit into their contract, made with the Belize City Council several years ago as they ascended to power. But to the workers, CitCo, and by extension, GOB, are the consummate and sole villains here, as there have also been reports that this contract would either be wholly or partially given to the brother of the current Mayor, Zenaida Moya. “They are chancing us. What happened to the UDP? They say that when they are in power that they will help poor people. We don’t have a job now. What will we do now?” said one of the protestors angrily. “All of us are upset because it’s without any notice. Even if

Sunday, January 15, 2012 they had notified us we would understand, but we already know that this is a political thing and we are more mad because of that. They put politics to try and take away bread from our mouths. Why do they prefer to take away our contract to give to Waste Control? Aren’t we doing a good enough job for them?” said one of the workers. “I want to say to Mr. Barrow, the Prime Minister of this country to have a heart. I have a young child and another going to school. How will I feed them? Will you feed them for us? Stop playing politics! We want back our God damn job!!” said another worker. The protesting workers’ voices carried loudly over the din and roar of traffic and various passers-by, and even threatened to dump a truck load of garbage on the street in front of City Hall. Luckily, the small presence of Police carted all of the men off without major incident. But as one of the workers made abundantly clear, they’ll be out there every day if they have to – which means no sleep for an embattled City Council whose facing reelection – and intense added scrutiny.

Sunday, January 15, 2012



The UDP City Council is destroying Belize City

Zenaida “Ms. Under Deposits” Moya

Darrel “ Nasty Joe Jr.” Bradley


Dion Leslie

Dean “Trigger Happy” Samuels

Kevin “Mr. Invisible” Singh

Eric “Mr. Poker” Chang

Roger “Suavecito II” Espejo

Do you really want to give them another 3 years?? Higher Taxes

Increased Stipend for Councillors

Under Deposit





Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012



Sick and tired of waiting 5 years to change your government? the PUP will make the term of government 4 years and fix the date for all elections

Fixed date for general elections: Again we’ve got it backwards. Government is about transparency and accountability of the people’s affairs. Why should one political party enjoy an element of surprise over the other simply because it is in government? If the people think you’ve done a good job, they will re-elect you regardless of when you call the elections. Besides, has having that element of surprise really helped any government given voting patterns in Belize?

vote for change vote PUP



Bakery shut down for

rats & roaches, gets second chance

BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 By Alton Humes If you ever go to a bakery to buy the freshest, most delicious breads, buns, cakes and pastries, chances are you’d want (or demand) that whatever is sold to you was at least made in sanitary and well-kept conditions, otherwise you wouldn’t even bother to eat it. But nobody, it seems, got that ‘memo of quality’ to the AsianBelizean (mostly likely Chinese or Taiwanese) owners and operators of the Isaray Bakery and Restaurant, located on Mahogany Street Extension. They were shut down on December 22nd, 2011 and currently remain so at this time. In an interview with the BELIZE TIMES, Mark Bernard, the Senior Public Health Officer at the Environmental (Public) Health Unit in the Ministry of Health had much to say about the magnitude of the infractions found, and how his unit is giving the Asian owners

UDP’s El Guardian

apologises to PUP Leader Continued from page 1 In those short 45 words, the UDP newspaper let people know that Hon. Francis is more than fit to lead the nation out of the misery caused by Dean Barrow. Hon. Francis’ integrity as a leader in Government and representative of the people is impeccable, and any attempt to smear it, will not be taken lightly. But while the Guardian is feeling apologetic, we may best remind them that there is still an outstanding apology due to the many women in Belize for their low-down attacks on women. The Guardian truly has no shame as in their binge of hatred they even attacked their own founder and past UDP Senator, Oceana President Audrey MaturaShepherd. No, the women of Belize have not forgiven, and certainly they won’t forget. The boycott of the newspaper could very well last forever.

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a chance to make amends. The magnitude of the aforementioned infractions is staggering, and ranges from rat-bitten ‘pack bread’ and moldy dough, all the way to reeking dog feces and a meta-infestation of roaches. (All of those, including the pans, would be destroyed immediately after.) Yet for all of that, the fines that the owners would have faced had the unit been willing to take them to court would be, in Mr. Bernard’s own words, “not much to talk about”….or maybe that’s just his own mild-mannered response to this already unbearable and morally wrong situation.

But while the neighborhood that bought from, and thereby bore the brunt of these infractions will not have mercy on the owners, the Environmental (Public) Health Unit will, giving the owners of the Bakery (doubling as a grocery and restaurant) an opportunity to make amends by cleaning up the messes and getting things up to code. Whenever that happens, the EHU will re-inspect and make its recommendations as to how the owners should proceed.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Opposition Demands Investigation into SSB Mortgage Debt Program Continued from page 2

help struggling Belizeans, then what is happening at the SSB can only be described as a travesty. The “Friends and Family” plans coupled with the “Feast or Famine” approach of this UDP administration is bankrupting our nation, morally and fiscally; and Belizeans deserve better. On behalf of the people of Belize, as the constitutional Opposition, the PUP demands an immediate investigation of the entire scheme of SSB mortgage debt write off. We call upon those Board members of the SSB, especially those representing the Private Sector and the Trade Unions to speak out on this matter and to join our call for answers on this serious and burning issue. As Fiduciaries of the monies of thousands of Belizean contributors, all Board members of the SSB are responsible - and liable - for the management of those monies including how that hard-earned money is spent.

Crisis at San Ignacio Hospital Continued from page 4 that the staff reported to the Regional Manager and the Deputy Directors of Health Services in the Ministry about the inconsistencies they have at the hospital and even accused Pulido of creating problems with the adequate flow of patient care by trying to intervene directly with every decision made in the different departments. The doctors, nurses and support staff are intimidated by Pulido’s tactics and they are adamant that, like her party, she MUST GO. While they are prohibited by public service laws from speaking to the press, they are now seeking avenues to deal with their concerns. They have initiated a go-slow, halting all services unless they are an emergency, until Pulido is removed from the institution. Some of the allegations against Pulido include decreasing the food provided to patients and staff; refusing to acknowledge what, by Public Service law, is entitled to the staff as overtime, threatening the staff on many occasions with the loss of their jobs if they did not adhere to her rules; and firing a driver on New Year’s Eve of 2010 after his duty finished at 11 that night. The signatories to the letter asked that Pulido be transferred or demoted because she has bluntly disrespected the recommendations and suggestions of the Technical persons at Ministry of Health. The staffers expressed great discomfort in working with her and said they felt demoralized. The letter was written in October of 2011, three months before this recent incident on Tuesday.


Belize Youth Movement Executive meets with Youths of Corozal By Carla Bradley On Sunday January 8th 2012, members of the National executive of the BYM, along with the Standard Bearers of Corozal, Councilor Candidates and Mayoral Candidate met with youths of Corozal to discuss issues affecting them, plans the future leader have for the youths in the district and the importance of youth involvement. Programs mentioned by the leaders present were to focus more on the equality of education access, promotion of sports and community services to name a few. The Presi-

17 dent of the BYM, Carla Bradley, shared with the youths the importance of being a part of the BYM and contributing to the betterment of not only their community but to the country. The youths were then given a chance to voice opinions, concerns and pose questions on specific matters. Youths came from as far as Cristo Rey Village to listen to message given by the future leaders of Corozal. The Belize Youth Movement seeks to show the importance of youths not only for the future but the importance in present day to day issues affecting our nation.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Officials discover electoral fraud in Orange Walk Orange Walk, January 10, 2012 Elections and Boundaries officials discovered a couple of cases of electoral fraud in the Orange Walk District when they found out that persons, who were recently given Belizean nationality, had registered to vote giving false addresses. The cases were discovered when elections officials went to the home of Evangelina Chan, who is the Vice

On the road to a Flippin mess By Carla Bradley Another storm is brewing in the bus industry as more bus operators will either be left in the cold or will seriously be damaged by decisions taken in regards to the new road permits to be issued. According to reliable sources it is alleged that the permits of these buses currently operating have expired since October of last year and yet nothing has come out. Not surprisingly there is a hesitation about revealing these new permits, because major changes have taken place and bus operators who have been in business for quite some years, could end up losing significant runs. New Bus operators will be introduced who have strong ties to certain UDP ministers, yes another crony gets his share of the bread, and other cronies are trying to sell their current shares to go into other parts of the country. There are even rumors that an international bus operator will now be conducting business in north and western borders. Last year bus drivers of the BBOC, Chells, and Gilharry took to the highways to fight for their livelihood, as they were being bullied by the Minister of Transport, Melvin Hulse. Drivers used their busses as walls across the highways and burnt tires across different portions of both the Western and Northern highways to get the Government to listen to their cry. Some were even arrested for standing up for their bread and butter. The owners of these busses felt that it was truly unfair the manner in which decisions were made without any consultation with them. The PM then had to intervene for his minister, which is a common practice in every ministry under the UDP, and only offered temporary relief as now these owners will face new dilemmas with this current administration. Another industry crippled by the mismanagement and incompetence shown by the minister in charge. It seems that Minister Melvin Hulse can never get his act together and actually uplift the transportation system but rather hides when his ineptitude is revealed.

Chairlady of the San Lorenzo Housing Site Committee. Chan explained that she was at home at #9 San Lorenzo Housing Site on Saturday January 8th when two persons arrived, identifying themselves as elections officials, and querying about the whereabouts of two persons, Freddy Ikchop and Anna Maria Hernandez. Chan said while she knows Ikchop, he doesn’t reside at her house. As for Hernandez, Chan said she had never heard of nor met her before. “I was shocked and surprised. I feel like I am doing human trafficking, which is not good, because other people will look down to me. I just did the right thing,” explained Chan. Chan said she felt violated that her address was being used illegally. The United Democratic Party is re-

sponsible for this particular voter registration. They are the ones who carried out the rushed naturalization, and late voter registration. Yet no one from the Orange Walk UDP camp has offered an apology or explanation. Chan said even her daughter’s address, at number 110 San Lorenzo Housing Site, was used to register two persons, namely Rebecca Acuna and Francis Marroquin, to vote. The Elections and Boundaries Department is yet to issue a warning to new voters that providing false information is illegal and can lead to legal action against them.

Evangelina Chan

Sunday, January 15, 2012


The Political Organization And the Next Revolution: One Belize-Prosperous, United and Free By Carolyn Trench-Sandiford – Deputy Leader People’s United Party - Belize


he People’s United Party was established in 1950 as the vehicle to transport the peaceful constructive Belizean revolution on a journey to create a New Belize to bring about a better quality of life and a just share of the national wealth for all Belizeans. It was the first of four milestones that punctuated the journey, each subsequent one contingent and building upon a preceding one. That is, in order to gain political independence the people had to declare their mandate through the ballot, but to reach that point, a transitional period of self government was a prerequisite condition, as this was considered a stepping stone. However, the support of the people was crucial to the pursuit of self government, and the ballot was the medium for the people to express their support, so that they not only had to have the right to vote, but it had to be one man, one vote, and to attain that right, adult suffrage was a necessity. Thus the establishment of a political organization to mobilize people to undertake the journey, and the adoption of a constitution to define its purpose, to set out its principles, values and beliefs and its aims and objects, and the provisions to regulate its operations was therefore the first and perhaps the most crucial step of the journey, as it is from this that all others were possible. Notwithstanding, along the journey, the constitution of the party was amended as the milestones were achieved and circumstances and the environment in Belize changed. The most recent amendments were the introduction of a more transparent, accountable, participatory and inclusive process for elections of our leaders and the solidification of the role of women and civil society and social partners. Specifically, the social justice philosophy morphed into social, economic and environmental justice and

included in the aims and objects, the achievement of full economic independence by pursuing a national policy that stimulates higher economic productivity and development and that eradicates poverty through self reliance and full employment. Two other key objects are quality and universal health care and quality, relevant and practical education from pre-school to university with a special emphasis on universal secondary enrollment and completion. Unfortunately, these amendments were made within a structure that is not designed to accommodate a modern forward thinking organization that 2012 demands. This is because the structure is characterized by and perpetuates centralized decision making, is top heavy and does not necessarily provide for accountability in the performance of assigned responsibility. Neither does it encourage innovativeness, easily accommodates the Party Leader’s vision or provide for sustained education of the purpose, aims and objects and achievements of the Party or for mechanisms for its financial health. Furthermore, and to reiterate, in the wider context, Belize now has a more enlightened and educated electorate, and one that is driven by technology and the media. The independent voting bloc is gaining strength and they are intolerant and impatient with politicians. In addition, their expectations are high. They will not wait 31 years to see a New Belize, for they are witnesses and victims of the high levels of crime and violence, unemployment and scandalous levels of poverty, inequality, injustices and social exclusion, all of which demand solutions now. This is complicated by Belize’s bondage to international financial institutions, uncertainty as to the trajectory of its Caribbean and Central American identity and cynicism and disillusionment with government and political parties. Thus the Party must reconfigure its structure and operations to respond to these realities if it is to be relevant in the growth and development of Belize. This must be the first milestone, for in 2012, the revolution is pressed for both time and results. This is why it can no longer be peaceful and constructive, but must now be the radical and progressive Belizean revolution with a purpose to create One Belize-Prosperous, United and Free.




Reid Part Three of the Belize Constitution clearly states that: “No person shall be entitled under the provisions of this Part to be a citizen of Belize or be granted citizenship of Belize if such person shows any allegiance to or is a citizen of a country which does not recognize the independence, sovereignty or territorial integrity of Belize”.The last we heard, Guatemala still has not recognized elizeans got further “Belize’s independence, sovereignproof that General Elec- ty or territorial integrity.” tions were not far away Many of those being granted when last Friday, hun- citizenship are low skilled workers dreds of new Belizeans who will be competing with resiwere handed citizenship and giv- dent Belizeans for work. With an en the right to vote. Speculations unemployment rate of around 25% have been running rampant for Belize can ill afford to be importing some time now, that the General more laborers into its already hobElections slated for 2013 could be bled job market. We are creating held as much as a full year ahead a breeding ground for even more of schedule and now it is all but crime and more serious gang acconfirmed. It seems very likely that tivity. Belize already has way too the date can be set for as early as many people running around idle March 2012. Many bewith little or nothing lieve that Prime Ministo do. ter Barrow will make I believe that this his official announceis an excellent opporFew are surment at this Friday’s tunity for the PUP to House Meeting. For prised by the openly condemn this the majority, it won’t practice and pledge decision of be a minute too soon. to discontinue as this governThe handing out soon as they take ofof citizenship in return fice. To their credit, the ment to call for votes is a ridiculous PUP has already gone early elections practice and one that on record in support of and many should anger each and a four year term and a every born Belizeans. fixed date for General believe that It cheapens our birthIt shows Dean Barrow Elections. right and diminishes that they are not afraid really has no of reform and are willthe significance of citizenship. To be a Belizing to listen to the cry choice. He ean should mean more of the people. cannot face and should be worth The UDP on the more than just an x on the people other hand, are busy a ballot paper. with the type trying to influence Normally, a person votes with last minute of budget is required to have hand-outs and mortresided in Belize at that will show gage write-offs. After least five years before years of incompehuge deficits, four becoming eligible for tence, corruption and few accomcitizenship. They must victimization, the UDP also meet other criare expecting Belizplishments teria such as a clean to once again and ridiculous eans criminal record from go to the polls and their country of origin expenditures.” buy their lies and false as well as specific repromises. Something quirements for health. tells me they are in for They must also show that they a big surprise. have something positive to contribFew are surprised by the deciute to the country; some special sion of this government to call early skill or education level. elections and many believe that Dean From all reports, many of those Barrow really has no choice. He canbeing granted citizenship this past not face the people with the type of week have not been in Belize even a budget that will show huge deficits, year and many of the other require- few accomplishments and ridiculous ments are simply being ignored. A expenditures. The year ahead will large percentage of those receiving no doubt see huge cuts in capital citizenship are from neighboring expenditures and even higher taxes Guatemala which in effect, makes levied upon the people. The IMF has the whole exercise totally illegal. already made it clear that the current


taxes are not performing and an already high GST will have to be raised even higher. A recent Standard and Poors report paints a gloomy picture of Belize’s economy and suggests some very hard times ahead. As for the elections themselves, Belizeans will have to be vigilant in insuring that everything is done legally and above board. With the Elections and Boundaries Department stacked high with UDP fanatics, one can be sure that every effort will be made to steal this one. An official request should be made to the OAS and Carter Center for objective and efficient

Sunday, January 15, 2012

supervision of this whole process. As Belizeans go to the polls, we must examine carefully the choices that are available to us. For sure, there will be many promises and elaborate schemes proposed that will supposedly solve all our problems. Looking back at 2008, had the UDP achieved half of the things they promised, Belize would not be in the rut that it is today. We need to examine the track record of those coming to us with pie in the sky promises and make sure that we are not fooled again. Vote wisely Belizeans and choose right.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Boots’ Disgraceful Record in Port Loyola After more than four years as the UDP Area Representative and millions of dollars at his disposal to the People, Boots has nothing to show

By Gilroy Usher, Sr. - P.U.P Standard Bearer for Port Loyola Following Boots Martinez’s victory in 2008 as Area Representative for Port Loyola, he was appointed Minister of Works with millions of dollars at his disposal monthly for road construction and maintenance countrywide. As the Area Representative for Port Loyola, Boots Martinez is also given thousands of dollars as a monthly subvention to assist the People of Port Loyola. Additionally, following Hurricane Richard, which hit many residents of Port Loyola severely, Boots Martinez was allocated even more millions of dollars to assist affected persons with housing assistance. This is his RECORD as the area representative of Port Loyola Item 1. Maintenance of Streets Grade F - Total Failure. Although Boots Martinez is the Minister of Works, Port Loyola has the worst network of streets in the entire country. Some of the water holes on streets such as Jane Usher Blvd, Curl Thompson St., and Levi Slusher St. are so huge that people refer to them as “Bacab”. 2. Cleaning of drains Grade F - Total Failure For over 4 years nothing was done. Only with pending election are a few drains being hurriedly cleaned. 3. Sports Development Grade F - Total Failure Absolutely nothing has been done to improve any of the basketball courts or football fields in the division. Not even light has been provided at any of the ball fields or courts. 4. Electricity expansion Grade F - Total Failure Again, despite millions of dollars at his disposal yearly to serve the people and his ministerial influence, Boots has done absolutely nothing to provide street lights in at least three separate areas of the division in which over 100 families live. In those areas it’s so dark at night that it’s almost impossible to see your hand. 5. Housing Grade F - Total Failure

Because people are poor, Boots Martinez has built a few tiny incomplete matchbox houses for the few persons that are lucky to get housing assistance. The houses are often built in swamps and are so small the people can hardly turn in the bathroom. To add insult to injury, in 2012 poor people are given houses by Boots Martinez that are without bathroom connection for proper disposal of body waste, and without proper casing which makes them hot like oven. The houses are also hurricane traps as they are weak due to the use of inferior material. 6. Education Grade F - Total Failure After more than 4 years in office, Boots Martinez has not assisted the primary schools or pre-schools in the division with even one cent. In a similar way he has done absolutely nothing to get scholarships for high school and beyond for deserving students in Port Loyola. 7. Assistance to small businesses in Port Loyola Grade F - Total Failure Small businesses create a lot of jobs in any economy. Despite that fact for the past four years the many small businesses have gotten absolutely no assistance from the Area Representative, and despite repeated requests for such assistance. 8. Job creation Grade F - Total Failure Jobs. Jobs. That’s the most important thing to people as it enables them to pay their bills themselves and uplifts their standard of living. The UDP don’t understand that, as they see providing jobs for people as a little treat that is short term and only to gain votes. With Boots Martinez as Area Representative for Port Loyola the division has lost hundreds of jobs. People are so eager for work in Port Loyola that they agree to work with government for as little as $103.00 for 3 days. At the same time hundreds of graduates and others in the division can’t find jobs for the past 4 years. Many more needs of the division can be listed but the grade for uncaring Area Representative Boots Martinez is the same F - Total Failure. Boots Martinez has been a total failure for Port Loyola. And for that he deserves to be voted out of office. For the neglect of the good people of Port Loyola, Boots gwein down in Port. Boots going down in Port for failing to remember that charity begins at home. Forward with Gilroy Usher Sr. and PUP in Port Loyola! As a result of the many good things Gilroy Usher Sr. has done in the division, many people have pledged to make him the next Area Representative for the division.




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A New Year


By Lucia Moguel

t is the tenth day in the first month of the year two thousand and twelve. Ten days ago we made our resolutions and had an unforgettable time with family and friends. Ten days ago we felt myriad flares of euphoria rushing through our beings as we anxiously awaited the birth of the New Year. People all over the globe gathered to presence the change occurring in one split second. Indeed New Year’s Eve was glorious. Ten days into the New Year and we are already experiencing catastrophe… A new epoch usually beckons innovation; a vast area for inventors to make use of their creativity in order to create perfection. It is redemption for some of us; it provides a fresh start to attain anything beyond our dreams. However, there is a characteristic that remains intact; the passing of the centuries cannot deteriorate such grandeur. Every year the same demon comes to knock on our doors. It is just ten days into the year and we are already hearing on the news stories about murder. So far we have two resounding cases of murder in our country and it is important to state that these are the known cases. Who knows, maybe there are a few significant others that have not been placed in the view of the public eye. Ten days into the year and we are already facing macabre events instead of rejoicing for being able to see the dawn of a new beginning. I was listening to a local Talk Show on Monday morning; they were discussing the assassination of a wellknown entrepreneur that took place in Orange Walk town on Saturday night. I found the argument quite interesting since they kept blaming bad parenting, the government, educational facilities and even people themselves. I believe the blame could have been reduced to society itself; after all, all these elements are components of a society. Furthermore, everyone becomes an influence in the behavior and the formation of a person and it is precisely because we are not of a solitary nature that this occurs. But in case one of these is at fault; it’s not the end of the world even though its 2012. The solution lies in the hands, heart and mind of each one of us. True change occurs from within a person. We must be willing to be open to a new lifestyle and we must set aside our apathy towards everything that occurs in the country. We cannot expect a government to fix the world for all of us. If this was the case we wouldn’t have elections. If this was the case countries such as Egypt would have not overthrown their government. It is the citizens of a nation that must bring change upon the state. We need to find solutions and make use of them; we can no longer live blaming one another. We can no longer live as preys of crime’s claws. (Email comments to

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012


19 yr. old charged for murder of well-known OW businessman Orange Walk Town, January 9, 2011 By Carmelita Perez 19 year old Leonardo Ayuso was charged today for the crime of abetment to commit murder, in relation to the murder of prominent Orange Walk Town businessman, 37 year old Rodolfo Vidal Perrera better known as (Boxie). Perrera became the country’s second murder victim and the first for the Orange Walk District for 2012 when he was shot right in front of his home on Oleander Street around 9:20 on Saturday night January 8th. At 9:00 that night, Perrera had closed his business, New Chitos Store located on Cinderella Street, and headed home in his Isuzu Trooper. But little did he know that death lurked in the dark. When Perrera arrived home, he exited his vehicle and was about to open the entrance gate, when he was

Leonard Ayuso

Rodolfo Vidal Perrera

attacked by two male persons who fired several shots at him. Perrera, who carried a licensed 9mm weapon, was unable to fire back. Neighbors say they heard a number of gunshots. By the time the first two shots were heard one neighbor called Perrera’s common-law-wife wife

Idalmi Urbina, who at the time was inside the house. Reports are that she also heard the loud bangs but didn’t think they were gunshots. A total of 15 shots were fired at Perrera with a 9mm pistol. 12 of those shots reportedly found their mark on his head, face, abdomen and foot. By the time Perrera’s family ran out to assist him, the two men had already fled the scene with his wallet containing his ID’s and Visa Cards, a thick gold chain, cellular phone and his 9mm pistol. Several persons walking in the area at the time of the incident report seeing two men of dark complexion leaving the area on separate bicycles. By the time police arrived at the scene neighbors and family members had already transported Perrera’s body to the Northern Regional Hospital. Because of the execution-type style attack, Police are unclear if robbery was the motive. Four persons were detained for questioning. The men were stopped by the Police as they travelled in a white trooper in an area in Sandhill. When police searched the vehicle they found three expended 9mm shells. As a result, the four men, three from Orange Walk and one from Sand Hill were detained for questioning in relation to Perrera’s murder and so far, Ayuso is the only one arrested for his suspected role in the incident. It is expected that at least two more persons will be charged, including the one suspected of pulling the trigger. Perrera leaves behind his commonlaw-wife and three children.

Opposition outraged at GOB’s “instant naturalization” drive Belize City, January 10, 2012 The People’s United Party condemns the desperate mass instant naturalizations which are currently taking place in Belmopan at the George Price Center as grossly disrespectful to the Father of the Nation and the people of Belize. Due process and the necessary rigorous scrutiny are being ignored on naturalization applications, and many of those persons who are being sworn in as instant Belizeans do not even meet the necessary criteria for citizenship. Not only are applicants reportedly obtaining nationality on the same day as the presentation of their application supported by the relevant documents, but in the case of some applications, that necessary documentation is incomplete, lacking and even simply unverifiable. Not content with this assault on our nationality laws, the deadline for registration of voters has now been extended from January 10th to January 20th, 2012 in order to facilitate these newly minted citizens, so that they can registered to exercise the right to vote in upcoming elections. The People’s United Party denounces this reprehensible corruption of our laws, and reminds all Belizeans that in 2010, we issued urgent warnings about GOB’s Immigrant Amnesty Program as set out in Cabinet Paper Number 119 of 2010. This program has now been accelerated and grossly distorted, notwithstanding the protestations of the Prime Minister on Channel 5 News on January 5, 2011, that “There was never, never any programme contemplated that would have given anybody nationality. What was contemplated was permanent residency to some people who are here; admittedly illegal.” and “You were never talking about creat-

ing voters. They would get their permanent residence and they would have to wait five years to become Belizean nationals.” At that time, Barrow claimed it was because of timing and a lack of money, saying “… because of a lack of funds, because of priorities that will see us spending our resources on other things, we are not going to proceed with the programme.” Now the Immigrant Amnesty program is well underway and is being used to create not permanent residents of Belize, but instant CITIZENS and VOTERS. The Prime Minister of Belize is now a proven liar. Citizenship is a privilege - not a right; and on behalf of the people of Belize, as the constitutional Opposition, the PUP calls for an immediate cessation of this instant naturalization program, and a detailed investigation of the entire Immigrant Amnesty program in order to ensure that all necessary legalities are met and all due diligence is performed in respect of all applicants for citizenship and permanent residence. The PUP has always been welcoming to those who are genuine applicants for Belizean citizenship and who have followed proper immigration procedures and due process. A government which does not respect the law – which in fact so distorts and breaks the law -cannot any longer command the respect and obedience of its citizens to the law. This UDP Administration is lawless, shameless and drunk on power. It is time to Restore Belize – restore democracy, the rule of law and true constitutional power in our Nation.

23 The People’s United Party expresses its condolences to Hon. John Briceño and the family of the late Mr. Rodolfo “Boxie” Perrera.




UDP gives away citizenship for votes Belize City, January 10, 2012 The UDP has become so desperate as the elections near that they will stop at nothing to try to steal it and maintain power for another 5 years. Hot off their free ham and turkey scheme and their abuse of $1.2m taxpayer’s money election gimmick, they have moved onto a sordid plot to give away hundreds of Belizean citizenship in exchange for votes. It has taken over like a storm since last week Friday, when the George Price Centre in Belmopan was packed with some 400 hundreds of immigrants who were promised naturalization. After a brief processing of hardly any paper work, they were swiftly sworn in as Belizeans. And then, to make the obvious political scheme even more blatant, the Elections and Boundaries office remained open countrywide on Saturday to register all who recently got citizenship. Word to the BELIZE TIMES is that the objective of the mass registration of immigrants is that they be placed in certain divisions where the UDP aspirants have no hope of winning unless they pad the list with a couple hundred votes. But since this is the case in almost all the constituencies, one can only imagine how many more will be shuttled in by the bus and truck loads to be hurriedly processed and made Belizeans in order to try and win the elections. The scheme reeks of impropriety. The procedures are not being followed and our sources say that many people don’t even have proper documentation of where they were born, nor are they being required to sit the nationality examination yet they are given Belizean citizenship. Belizeans have even stepped forward to condemn the act because their addresses have been used falsely as dwelling places in the voter registration process. One lady in the San Lorenzo Housing area in Orange Walk was shocked to discover that her house was listed as the address for persons she had never met in her life. There are many more stories like this. PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, also condemned the act, and urged public officers not to bend to dictatorship if they are instructed to carry out the illegal practice. “Many of these people”, he said, “have not lived in Belize for the required period of time to qualify to be a Belizean citizen. There was not a proper vetting process. In fact, our information suggests that many of these applicants presented their documents for the first time at the George Price Centre where the Minister of Immigration, Carlos Perdomo, was present, signing and approving these it seems that what has taken place is sort of a wholesale giveaway of Belizean citizenship for the purpose of padding the election list and helping certain constituencies. As we understand it, many of the persons who were sworn in last week were targeted for divisions in the north of Belize, in Corozal South East, Orange Walk Central, Orange Walk East

in some blatant attempt to assist the UDP representatives in that area”. There are many in Belize who have worked and lived, but who have been

caught up in Belmopan’s red tape, unable to get their citizenship for many years. This scheme exposes the UDP’s deceitfulness and abuse of power – all

Sunday, January 15, 2012

in desperation to clutch power. Sources indicates that another crowd of 400 immigrants will be naturalized this coming week, with more expected. The Elections and Boundaries office, which had announced the end of registration period for January 10th, suddenly changed it to January 20th, clearly in an effort to give time to register those who are obtaining new citizenship. The PUP calls on all Belizeans, and all voters collectively, to beware of what is about to happen if you put down your guard and let this bunch pull wool over your eyes. Once you cast that ballot, it won’t be for another five years until you can correct the mistake of voting for them. Think about the daily hardships under the UDP, think of the crime rate that has skyrocketed out of control and how real the possibility is that you or your loved ones could become a victim of home invasions, think of the high unemployment and social decay in our society. Think of the reckless and lavish spending under the UDP for which you and your children and grandchildren will have to repay for. Think, fellow Belizean voters, think.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


THINK ABOUT IT EARLY ELECTIONS “Beware the Ides of March” These words were said to the pompous and arrogant Julius Caesar as he paraded himself in front of the citizens of Rome. What the words meant was a warning that the middle of March held danger for Caesar. Days after the middle of the month of March, Caesar passed back and said the ides of March has come. He was told, yes, but it had not yet gone. Caesar was assassinated. The month of March 2012 will come, but before it is over there will be a general election in Belize. Whether the Prime Minister makes the announcement this Friday or some other time, the race is on. MESSING WITH FREEDOM Recently a piece of paper appeared on one of the doors of the Magistrate’s Court in Belize City. It is undated and unsigned. It stated that to sign bail a person must have a phone number. Must produce a letter from employer. Must show letter from Bank or show Bank book. No warning to poor people. It took effect immediately. It wreaked havoc on the poor. Off to the jail they started to go. Some are still there. Including a single mother of five children. It is cruel and poorly thought out. Time has to be given to the poorer classes, ninety percent of bail involves them. It takes days to get a job letter and days plus thirty dollars for a Bank statement letter. There has been little or no problems with persons signing bail. Less than one percent have minor problems. Why should all the good suffer for a small amount of bad? The piece of paper has no authority in law. The Bail Reform law says that up to Five Thousand dollars is a sign bail – NO LAND PAPER, and like Jamaica – No problem. The purpose of bail is simply a surety to ensure persons attend court. It is not a punishment. Nor should it carry bureaucratic conditions that frustrate those seeking to help by signing bail. Loan shark types are already circling the Court like Jaws. Ask fat father Christmas who thief them blind every Christmas. Our people are not Bank book people but they can find money when it is really necessary. Please, is there no one to ease these onerous requirements that are causing poor people to go to jail, unnecessarily? Can we ask the new Chief Magistrate to review the requirement? POLICE – NO BONUS, NO BANQUET One of the traditions Police Officers look forward to is the annual Christmas banquet. It was an occasion to dress and bring along wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to a well organized Christmas party – the Annual Police banquet. It was held in the compound of the Queen Street Police Station. It made Police men and women proud to attend with their families and be with the Police Commissioner and other top brass in the Police Department. No such thing happened this December or the previous Decembers. Neither did the nation’s Police men and women receive a Christmas token of appreciation – a “slighters” for Christmas in the form of a money bonus. There are some nine hundred police officers. Surely a five hundred dollars gift each would have been a little help for an otherwise dismal Christmas 2011 and a hard year. We are told that almost one million dollars have been spent on two hundred “gang members” and 60 employees at CYDP from August 2011 to December 2011. But nothing for the nation’s Police and soldiers. Not a single gang member has been required to turn in his gun or hand grenade before being put on weekly payroll, but they

get quarter million a month. Yet nothing for Police Officers. It is the Police who patrol the streets and neighborhoods and investigate and arrest criminals. They get no vehicles, no equipment, no overtime, no Christmas party, no thank you. But the criminals get hundreds of thousands of dollars. Weird. Hardworking nurses, teachers, public officers get no raise or bonus but criminals the collect every week. 2012 The so-called New Year is here. There is talk of early elections and of gang warfare breaking out. On Saturday night January 7th gun shots were ringing out like crazy on the southside. Theses shots were not part of any celebrations. One gang was out for revenge. At least two residences of rival gangs were raided and shot up. Hit men travelled to Orange Walk Town and took another innocent life in the tit-for-tat, dis for dat which takes place in street violence; where violence begets more violence and revenge killings begets more revenge killings. The government will claim it’s not gang related. 2012 is also a time for New Year’s resolution. But before we go there, have you seen the result of an Amandala newspaper poll showing that 84% of its readers DO NOT FEEL ANY SAFER under the government sponsored Gang Truce? This, dear reader is a crisis of confidence in a solution-less situation. Now, on a more positive note. The beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to make plans and make resolutions. A good new year’s resolution is always to resolve to eat healthy and to do regular exercise. Your greatest asset is not your house, or vehicle or money in the bank. It is your self – your body and your mind. Take good care of your best asset. Also, help your community or school or church. Also, help those who need help. School books or tuition for a student. Food for a poor or neglected poor person. A needed donation to the children’s home or girls home. Or help to some female prisoners whose children must be suffering while their mom is in jail. Can we give a little bit of our dog food to the many half starving and neglected dogs walking the cruel streets in chronic hunger. Or get our churches to organize help with clothes and food and shelter for our neglected fellow human beings begging on our streets and sleeping on our sidewalks. Can we find time to read a book? Reading is so relaxing. Can we all try to make this year better than last year? We can you know. It starts with each of us. $80,000 US EACH Foreign plane that crashed by Camalote. Two persons in the plane died. Each of the two persons was found with eighty thousand dollars, US currency in their underwear. This da gazette. FINESE – THE BOAT All the world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players. They have their entrance and their exits. And one man in his time plays many parts. Words that effect come from Shakespeare. George Gabb was a man of many parts. Thinker, tailor, soldier. He was poet, painter, sculptor, scribe. He acted in plays and he was quite a story teller in his time. He was also a keen yachtsman. George Gabb was big in the pitpan revival and river regatta. Oh! How the good old days are gone. Never to return. He also sailed in the Baron Bliss and other sea events.

He designed his boats. One such, of which he was proud, was called Finese. The once proud and exquisite Finese can be seen not far from Buttonwood Bay, by the sea side, squatting on its discarded side like an old throw away turtle shell. DAWN – GEORGE GABOUREL STABLE Mr. George Gabourel lives at the entrance of the airport road. He and his forefathers lived in that vicinity for donkeys’ years. Mr. Gabourel informs that ‘back then” when there was no Haulover Bridge, there were two ferries. One took the people across the river to go north to Orange Walk and Corozal. The other ferry took people across the river but they headed west to go to Cayo. I wonder if anyone has photos of the two ferries. Few ferries are still working the rivers in Belize. Well known is the ferry at Succotz Village which carries mostly tourists across the river to reach the tall Maya temple at Xunantunich. Mr. Gabourel, 88 years, had cattle and horses, ducks and fowls and several fruit trees, especially a particular type of sweet mangoes. Several acres of his land were “acquired” for the new airport road and he is yet to be paid. Those who own the airport collect everyday but Mr. Gabourel can’t get his money. Just another example of how the poor and the elderly get chanced in this chancey country. Anyhow, Mr. Gabourel loves animal, in particular horses. Several top horses are from his stable. Horse racing aficionados keep their horses at his stables. The Christmas Horse Racing at the Burrell Boom race track brought joy. Mr. Gabourel and his friend Kevin Castillo witnessed one of their special champion horses take the six furlong race in classic style. Just as they both predicted. DAWN, that’s the champion horse. KIRK ANDERSON ON WAGNER LANE Kirk Anderson is now a Supreme Court Judge in Jamaica. It is one of his lifelong dreams that he has achieved. Congrats are due. He has also remarried and we wish him and bride all the best. Kirk came to Belize in the 1990’s. He worked as a Crown Counsel, a Prosecutor and was an outstanding and successful attorney. He worked at the law firm of Barrow & Williams and then with Norman Neal and Dickie Bradley. He became the Director of Public Prosecutions. While on Wagner Lane with Marina Welcome last week, was reminded that Kirk lived on the once famous lane following his arrival from Kingston, Jamaica. At the Old Belize marina at Mile 8 Western Road is a sizeable boat named ‘Wagner Lane’. How come? John Woods’ wife is a born and raised Wagner Laner. She is the granddaughter of Gemima Young turned Usher, whose son was Henry Usher Sr. a.k.a. Eagles of HRCU and basketball fame. Lionel Del Valle, a.k.a. the Lion, is Wagner Lane. So too is Keith Arnold, former Governor of Central Bank. Marina is not sure if Sir Colville Young is from Wagner’s but he was frequently on the Lane and his wife who is of the Trapp family is Wagner Lane. Timmy and Dikon, who for a fee would visit burying ground (Cemetery) with black candle, mirror and rum to get messages from the dead for living relatives (believe or not) are from Wagner’s Lane. Roy Stanley Gill, the Pharmacist on Freetown and his brothers Stephen Gill and visiting brother Andrew, are all Wagner’s Lane, born and raised. Cross Country champion Alfred Parks and basketball star Mervin Rhodas and Cycling Queen Judith Gongora are all Wagner’s Lane. And the list goes on and on and on. No street could rival Wagner Lane. So say I. LOVE YOU PORTIA

25 Portia is back. Re-elected as Prime Minister and her party taking 42 of the 63 seats in our sister country of Jamaica. Jamaica has 3 million people. One million six hundred thousand are on the voters list. Belize has 300,000 people. Half that is on the voter’s list. Yet we have 31 seats. Jamaica is ten times our population but only twice our number of seats in the National Assembly. How wasteful can we be? Last week Belize announced that the Queen had honoured a handful of Belizeans for new years. Last week Portia Simpson Miller announced Jamaica was removing the Queen and her new year’s list and all that colonial junk out of Jamaica. Portia’s main priority is to start creating jobs and to renegotiate Jamaica’s heavy debt. Belize’s priority is to pay criminals for phantom jobs and blame the past administration for the debt. That should solve the problems – eh? RACIST GOB In Belize, the biggest of racist can get away with their racist behavior. Racism is normally thought of as white hating black people. But there is racism against the Maya and racism against the East Indians. Is it any wonder that the Maya are at the bottom of the economic, social and political ladders? And next to them are East Indians. The Garinagu are worse victims of British white and Creole racism but their awful strength has overcome. Have you contemplated how the present government went to the Supreme Court and claimed the Mayas are a bogus people? The Mayas are not really who they claim to be, according to the government. They are second hand from elsewhere. It’s the government saying so. Can’t get more racist than that. Degrade and downgrade just to drill for oil on their ancestral lands. US MEDDLES IN OUR COURTS Since Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week the United States of America has been training the Magistrates of Belize. Thursday and Friday is for the Supreme Court Judges in this independent nation. How can this be? Can the Indian Merchants and Chinese grocers train our Judges and Magistrates in the law of buying and selling and customs matters? Can the drug traffickers, dope peddlers and crime bosses organize a training course for Magistrate and Judges? How can the USA be allowed to come into our country and finance, organize and conduct their own training courses for our independent judiciary? This is unthinkable. That all our Magistrates and Judges can be corralled into attending American brain washing. It is one thing for the US to give boots and gun to the BDF and send a few on overseas courses. It is one thing for them to give boats and guns to the Coastguard to fight drugs heading to the USA. But when it comes to the Judiciary, this is a totally different game. This is serious business. THE TWENTY IRD PSALM The Lord is my Area Representative, I want nothing from wicked politicians. HE has me in comfort and green pasture. HE always look out for me. HE restoreth my soul. HE keeps me on the righteous path. He got my back. Yea, though I walk thru the valley of death itself, I fear no big shot or government Minister or evil ones. For Jah is with his rod and staff protect and comfort me. Mighty Jehovah, you handle my candle in the presence of mine enemies. You provide food, clothing and shelter. You anoint my head with oil, my cup runneth over. I am forever grateful. I know goodness and mercy shall follow me all the day of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Senior Citizen gets no relief from CitCo BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, January 11th, 2011 By Alton Humes She’s feisty as she’s ever been, and she’s back to wage her vengeful tongue against the continued mismanagement and irresponsibility of the UDP-led Belize City Council. Sylvia Hunter, who we first met in November 2011 when she complained of the garbage situation around her neighborhood behind Police St. Extension in the Lake Independence area, has returned to us with new details of the continued dumping of garbage by various parties (least of which include a mystery garbage truck which works the area in the evenings, after 6:00 p.m.) in a vacant, high-grass lot as well as issues with stray dogs, old tires put out by her neighbors, and a myriad of other issues. It’s easily safe to say that Ms. Hunter, a devout, God-fearing wom-

Sylvia Hunter

an who definitely isn’t ‘afraid’ of anyone, political animal or otherwise, has seen and heard things in her 72 long years of life. And that’s why these persistent and ongoing issues not only have gotten worse, but continue to irk her to no end, and hence why she is in desperate need, not of talk, but plain and simple action to see an end to those issues. And she’s been a key part of that action – going out through the debilitating conditions to various CitCo-affiliated places and even the media to voice her protest, such as: Channel 5 and other media houses, the Environmental (Public)

Was it really nationalization? By Carla Bradley Belize Telecommunications Limited has been the center of controversy for the past three years and sadly it continues. Reliable reports are that shares have been sold to a UK Based Company. Just how many shares is unknown. It has been reported that the government has been in dialogue with this company and apparently has struck a deal. B.T.L employees have become a little concerned as to when changes are made they will be the first ones to feel the effects. It is also alleged that rumors have been circulating the offices of B.T.L. that a foreign CEO would be hired. Employees have begun to make the connection and are now fearful of what the outcome might be. In regards to the shares sold, being sold or being offered, it is suspected that the shares the employees hold may be included in the sweet deal. In August of last year the CCJ ruled that the government was barred from selling any shares or assets until the matter was resolved, which then became useless as the

9th amendment was passed. The question is how much and to whom will the shares be sold and most importantly what shares will be sold. The ninth amendment opened the doors to nationalization but it was an open door to greed and power in the name of the people by Barrow and the UDP. The United Democratic Government has nationalized both B.T.L. and B.E.L in the name of the people but are still showing ties to the man they refer to as “the white devil”. Hypocrisy at its best. The announcement of lower electricity rates is another whap. How can the government afford this when it was reported by the Prime Minister at the sitting of the House in June 2011 that BEL was on the verge

of collapse and this posed great threat to the stability of the nation’s power supply and he could not allow it. From June to December, it has been 6 months since the takeover by government and miraculously B.E.L. is no longer in jeopardy of losing its power supply. It begs the question, was the reason the Prime Minister offered in reference to the takeover of B.E.L. true or was it a tactic to gain power and shower it with greed? The government has failed to inform the people of the debt inherited by the nationalization of these two major utilities and how it will affect the people of Belize. The Nationalization, if done the proper way and in a time where the country could have afforded it, would have been beneficial for the people but sadly it has been seen by other countries as dictatorship behavior.



Health Department, the City Council’s sub-office at the Belize City Commercial Center (people like the Sanitation Manager, Percival Murillo, were of no help whatsoever) and even a mysterious office at 4 ½ miles on the Western Highway (where she experienced the worse amount of turnaround ever, not being able to see a Mr. Ramon and/ or a Mr. Martinez for redress to the situation). She seems to know, and was quick to say that, generally, any further lack of action puts her and the residents of the area in jeopardy, and she continues to hope against fading hope that someone, somewhere, will listen and act upon her concerns immediately. Without the political claptrap, will CitCo play fair and fix this problem once and for all?!! We at the BELIZE TIMES wait with bated breath, and will keep following this story.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Alleged rapist Willie Cruz still roams free BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 A week after he was accused and arrested for an unthinkable act, UDP Town Councilor Willie Cruz remains free, despite the alleged damage and abuse caused on a trusting, unsuspecting teenager. Cruz was accused of taking serious advantage of a 16-year-old student from his home base of Corozal, who merely wanted to get home to her family and caught a ride with him in his vehicle. The high school girl alleges she was driven to Consejo Village, ‘forced-fed’ some alcohol, and that while she slept she was raped by Cruz. In speaking to the BELIZE TIMES today from his office, Superintendent of Police (and Officer-in-Charge of the Corozal Police Formation) Gualberto Garcia, insisted that they’re being ‘unbiased’ in their investigation. He informed that Cruz was initially arrested and questioned, but later was released from custody, as per the supposed 48-hour rule of detention. As for the case file itself, after having been sent to the Director of Public Prosecution, Mrs. CherylLynn Vidal, it was sent back on Monday, January 9th, to gain, as he expressed it, ‘further information’ that would help strengthen the investigation against Cruz.

Willie Cruz But while the Police process takes course, it won’t end up changing the frightening experience allegedly suffered by the teenager. As for Cruz, who has been serving as UDP Town Councillor, he continues to work with the Town Council. In fact, the UDP have been condoning him to the point that he is seeking re-election and up to today, continues as a candidate on their slate.

Barrow shunned in Corozal South East Chunox Village, January 10, 2012 Prime Minister Dean Barrow has chosen to go on a countrywide tour at the worst time in his political career – when his popularity rating is at its lowest. This was clear when his tour kicked off in the Corozal South East constituency and he was shunned by suffering residents. The so-called rally got off at the Chunox football field, with some 200 disinterested persons scattered all over the field. Their only interest was that the UDP candidate promised to bring leftover Christmas ham. The Prime Minister was forced to start his ceremony late, in an effort to see if anyone else arrives. But after he expressed his worry that back pain would set in, the UDP was forced to start. The MC begged the people that were scattered around to gather under one tent as the organizers quickly removed the other tents and chairs from the grounds. One woman from Sarteneja told the BELIZE TIMES that she overheard a conversation between the PM and some of his high officials in which he scolded them and said he was disappointed with the turnout. They blamed Ruben Scampos for his poor organization of the tour and for not removing a BIG PUP BANNER that was planted right at the entrance of the football field in Chunox where the PM had to pass. From his body language, the PM was the least pleased especially when he had to pass the big blue and white banner declaring Florenco Marin Jr as “el mero, mero para Corozal Sur Este” [translated to the true champion of the people of Corozal South East]. After the rally in Chunox, the same crowd pretended to follow the PM to Caledonia, but even less people was there, and in the end the showing in Caledonia was worst. Ruben’s excuse for the meager attendance was that most of the people were in Church. However, in a constitu-



ency of some 5,000 voters; the dismal turnout at both rallies is not a good sign for an overconfident PM, who is planning to call early election twelve months ahead of his mandate.

Humor in UDP Politics! The following matters were discussed in Cabinet: Barrow was explaining the amount written off at Social Security. He first said it was $17million, then he said it wasn’t, but that it was actually $6million. Then he changed his mind again and said it wasn’t even $6million but that SSB owed them and they would make a swap, at which point BQ leaned over and said to Sedi, “I agree, artificial”. Talking about artificial, Sedi was asked by Cabinet whether he wanted his forty grand as ‘true, true’ money or artificially? This caused Sedi to reply “stop mixing Foreigh affairs business with money business, gimmie the real thing”. In other related Cabinet news:Castro was reportedly seen by Gapi riding up and down on the Northern Highway all day long. When asked what was the purpose of the exercise he told Gapi he was looking for his tilapia ponds. Astonished, he blurted out to Gapi, “I think they’ve moved”. ……………………… Salva Fernandez said he had to go home and think about the question asked in the last Cabinet meeting. He said he couldn’t sleep for two nights, thinking of the question. But he came up with an answer. He responded that he gave rum instead of ham and turkey as his Christmas gift. When asked why, he responded “I just love rum”. ……………………… A memo was sent out by Cabinet on the internet, offering a cash reward to whoever can find the Mayor of Belize City, Lady Z, and get her to pay back the overs she took. Up to today, the website has over 13 thousand hits. ……………………… In late breaking news, a note was sent over by the Archaeological Department that they have decrypted the message of the Mayas. The carved stone was hidden all the time in the Prime Minister’s office, and was interpreted to read “2012 - End of the UDP”.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Belize Times January 15, 2012  

Belize Times January 15, 2012

Belize Times January 15, 2012  

Belize Times January 15, 2012