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$168m drug case crumbles

The November 2010 case involving the largest drug seizure in Belize’s history has collapsed at the Supreme Court

Farrakhan CANCELS

Belize City, December 5, 2012 Minister Louis Farrakhan has cancelled his meeting with Dean Barrow and his tour of visits to Belize. On Wednesday at 10:42am, the BELIZE TIMES received an email from the local coordinator for the visit of the Islamic leader, Nuri Muhammad, breaking the depressingly bad news of the cancellation. We do not know if the Hon. Minister had been reading the BELIZE

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A BELIZE TIMES Exclusive Belize City, December 5, 2012 Belize’s biggest drug case collapsed early Tuesday morning, December 4th, in the culture capital of Dangriga. Thirty out of fifty six witnesses had trickled through the Supreme Court of Justice Dennis Hanomansingh since Monday 12 November to Friday 30 November when the prosecution closed its case. The prosecution had made some effort to locate

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Bondholders reject Barrow AGAIN

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“We may be missing the window for a timely resolution.” - AJ Mediratta, co-chair of the bondholders committee

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Editorial: Barrow’s Plot of Tyranny The BELIZE TIMES recalls that exactly two years ago on December 8, 2010 the UDP did what no government had done before. It attacked the long established freedom of the press which had been expanded by the PUP who had freed up monopoly radio and introduced legislation to enhance freedom of expression, such as the Freedom of Information Act.

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Think About It The safeguard Belizeans have is the Constitution and the Judiciary. Some Magistrates have been contaminated. They are fearful for their jobs. They will remand citizens when there is no justification for doing so. Some Magistrates are remanding persons for frivolous reasons.

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Oil refinery – viable and necessary! Freeing the albatross around the necks of Belizeans that the high fuel prices have become would enable the productive sector to expand, invest, and employ.

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Former Minister of Health says fee increase at KHMH is wrong Dear Editor, There was a question posed by a University of Belize student in your issue number 4824 entitled “Is an increase in fees at the public Hospital necessary?” The CEO of the KHMH claims

PAC Chairman Hon. Julius Espat says bipartisanship is the only way forward Belize City, December 5, 2012 Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Hon. Julius Espat, remains optimistic that there will be a way forward for the Public Accounts Committee, despite the confrontational start it has had. Hon. Espat said that working in bipartisanship is the only way for the Committee to get its work done. He added that after learning that the propose d Monday December 3rd meeting would be postponed because of the unavailability of some of the members, he immediately communicated with Hon. Patrick Faber, who is the Chairman of the United Democratic Party. During the candid discussion, Hon. Faber reassured that he is committed to getting the Committee active and going in the right direction. Hon. Espat said he saw this assurance as a positive sign and a new proposed meeting date of Monday, December 8, 2012 has been set. There is also a quorum that the meeting be held public. Hon. Espat told the BELIZE TIMES that the PAC plays a critical role in guarding the nation’s finances and Government’s spending. He said that it is imperative that if protecting the people’s money is their priority, then there should be space for the Belizean public to participate and even assist the process.

that as a result of a shortfall in revenues they are now going to enforce the collection of the $10.00 fee to be charged at the Emergency Department. Under the Administration of the People’s United Party this fee was

never enforced. The fee was paid if the patient could afford it. This was done because we know that it is usually the Belizeans who are at the lower level of the economic ladder who are most likely to use the Government medical facility. I agree with the student that if the $10.00 is enforced these needy Belizeans will be the ones to suffer the consequences. The student mentioned the much boasted Belize Information Health System and even though it is a good system, I believe that it is just too expensive. The PUP proposed that the social security, which already has a medical information system take over the BHIS from the Ministry of Health thereby relieving the Ministry of an expense of over one million dollars. This money would then be used for Primary Health care and this is where the Emergency Departments of all Government Hospitals throughout the country, including the referral Hospital KHMH, would

Holding the dice Dear Editor, First let me congratulate you on a beautiful paper. We all missed the paper in print and everyone knows that it is the poorer or older Belizeans that read newspapers. Children of today are all about the internet. As I mentioned to you over the telephone, I am writing about the article which is entitled “Don’t Roll the Dice.” It was a moving and in depth article which is expected from the PUP. The PUP does and always has had the more intellectual population of young Belizeans. I did want to comment on the fact that as an independent minded Belizean, I am watching the process and look forward to seeing all sides of this argument. I am still undecided. After we spoke I went on line to the Channel Five story and I thought it is interesting that someone commented under the story.This is what someone with the tag name “rebel” wrote: “I guess the party organ is reading the national vibes correctly while those in the high echelons of the PUP are playing a deadly game. If the PUP leaders are too high in the clouds to feel what the popular Belizean sentiments are, then

come 2017…let them stay up there!” But I do not agree with him or her. I voted PUP in the last elections and I enjoy the fact that we have PUPs who are on both sides of the fence. I say this because I bought a copy of Belizean Studies: A Journey of Social Research and thought. In the Volume 30, No. 2 December 2008 issue both Godfrey P. Smith and Lisa Shoman wrote equally resolute articles saying “yes!” to the ICJ. The article by Godfrey Smith is entitled “Guatemala’s Claim to Belize: The ICJ Imperative on page 11. Lisa Shoman has a powerful article too under the name “By the Might of Truth: Provocation for going to the ICJ” on page 16. They should both be required reading in the schools. This is a big issue and I would like to also congratulate Francis Fonseca. He is really a statesman. He has shown that he will give the process a chance and that he will continue to do his best for Belize. I wish he were the Prime Minister while we dealt with this. My biggest concern is that I am not happy with the competence of the Government to deal with this either way. I hear that Assad Shoman is on the team too but I

Sunday, December 9, 2012 greatly benefit. Today, when the Government is hard pressed for money and the amount of Belizeans who have fallen into the poverty range are ever-increasing. Today when more Belizeans are demanding more and better medical services from their Government; perhaps this is a propitious moment to rethink the astronomical cost of the BHIS with a view to marry both information systems, save much needed monies and prevent the KHMH and other public hospitals from charging the people for basic primary health care. Under the PUP, primary health care was a public good and given to the people free of charge but now it seems that this UDP administration is hell-bent on taxing the poor to pay for basic primary health services. What a crying shame. Signed, Juan Vildo Marin Former PUP Minister of Health

really want more information. It was great to know that there is an open space for ANYONE to write on either position and the merits of why to go to the ICJ or not and whether to go to the referendum or not. I am happy that the Peoples United Party is allowing open debate on this issue from all sides. Only the PUP could be mature about this issue. Let us hear everything and do not decide for us and then try to brain wash us. Give us the facts and both sides and we will chose. Please ask Lisa Shoman, Godfrey Smith or Assad Shoman to write an answer to the Don’t Roll the Dice article. Let us trash this one out. Thanks again for your time and this space. I look forward to more of those pretty newspapers. God bless Clara M.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012


San Pedro’s top cops victimized!! San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, December 3, 2012 Two female senior officers attached to the San Pedro Police Department are being targeted for petty victimization by their bosses. One of the officers has already been evicted from the island, with a notice of transfer that took effect on Tuesday November 27th. The other will be transferred sometime in December. Tribal political interference and plain gender discrimination are said to be the reasons for transfers of the female police corporal, and soon, the transfer of the well-respected female Assistant Superintendent of Police and officer commanding the San Pedro Police Formation, Viennie Robinson. The persons agitating for the removal of the two women Police officers are said to be the barefoot Minister (not the Minister of Police) and the squeaky-voice puppet ComPol. Our source has revealed that over the weekend Tourism Police Corporal Sharmane Young was in the process of searching a Belizean who allegedly attempted to sell illegal drugs to tourists on the beach area. During the search, one of the tourists, identified as 43 year old Lisa Merz of New York, U.S.A., beContinued on page 4


Bondholders reject Barrow AGAIN Belize City, December 5, 2012 Bondholders have once again rejected a counter-offer made by the Barrow Administration’s superbond team on the tense and long-drawn out restructuring of Belize’s defaulted external debt obligations. The announcement came five days after the Superbond team had rebuffed a counter-proposal made by the bondholders who had first declined to accept Belize’s original offer made in August. Economic analysts had negative reviews of Belize’s original offer saying it was ““worse than investors expected” since it proposed that investors take a 45% haircut on returns. The new offer by Government has not been viewed as impressive either. Analyst Joe Kogan said, “the initial offer was so low that increasing it was not that much of a concession”. He added that the government’s new offer is worth roughly 35 cents on the dollar, just above the 20 cents offered originally. The bondholders’ counter-proposal has remained somewhat confidential, but reports on the international press indicate that it offers a US$150m plus

in debt relief over the next 10-years versus the existing 2029s and provides the government with enough flexibility to refinance the debt at a later stage. In the Tuesday edition of thisweek’s Amandala newspaper the Superbond team leader UDP Ambassador Mark Espat said the proposals were “nearterm savings for Belize” but “unfavourable in the long-term”. In response the Government revised its offer, proposing indicative scenarios of a 40-year par bond with new principal reduction, a mortgage style repayment, a 10-year grace period and a coupon that pays 2.75% during the first five years and 4.5% thereafter. Also on the table is a 30-year discount with a 33% principal reduction, a mortgage style repayment, a five-year grace period and a coupon that pays 4.5% for the first five-years and 6.75% thereafter. The Government said that if it had secured the Inter-American Development Bank partial guarantee, its offer could have improved. The Prime Minister threw a fit upon learning of the IDB’s withdrawal of support and chastised the bank’s president, Luis Alberto Continued on page 31



San Pedro’s top cops victimized!! Continued from page 3 gan shouting at Officer Young. It reportedly escalated to the point where Merz became physically aggressive with the female Corporal and resisted arrest after calling the female officer a “CUNT”. Merz, who has been visiting Belize intermittently for over 15 years has made friends with some powerful locals, and eventually had a visit from the barefoot Minister who demanded her release. What specific interest does this Minister have is not known, but he launched a complaint before the Compol. Shortly after, on the instruction of the Compol, Merz was immediately released, but that was not the end of it. Corporal Young, who had recently been transferred to San Pedro Town as the Head of Tourism Police Unit after her many years of working with the Tourism Police, was given a letter of transfer effective December 15th to Belize City. But Corporal Young is not the only person being targeted for transfer. The BELIZE TIMES has been reliably informed that the Compol has been seeking support to transfer the island’s Police Chief, Assistant Superintendent of Police Viennie Robinson. ASP Robinson, respected

and known by her colleagues as a no nonsense officer, has been doing the manly job of reinstating law and order in San Pedro Town. ASP Robinson has been so professional that she even clashed with the Area Representative Tourism Minister Manuel Herredia over the closure of shops on Ambergris Caye on Good Friday of this year. ASP Robinson refused to allow the breaking or bending of the law which prohibits the sale of alcohol on Good Friday. Afterwards, Heredia said to journalists in San Pedro that “it seems that Mrs. Robinson don’t like her stay here” and added on the local radio that “she will not last long on this island”. It is reported that the Compol David Henderson also directed Robinson to allow the sale of alcohol on Good Friday, but she refused and upheld the law. ASP Robinson has also resisted orders from “higher up” to carry out racial profiling on the island which would have “certain people”, specifically black people, targeted for police harassment forced out of the island. Then there was the August 2012 incident when the ComPol and ASP Rob-

Application for a Moneylender’s Certificate I, Adan M. Cal, hereby give notice that I have applied to the Magistrates’ Court sitting at Belmopan on the 14th day of December, 2012, at 9:00 AM for a Certificate to be granted to me under the Moneylenders Act, Chapter 260 to authorize me to carry on business as a Moneylender in the name of Capital Jewel Quick Loan at Venus Store Mall, Market Square, City of Belmopan. Adan Cal 4th December, 2012

inson got into a dispute over the arrest of a 19 year old female, who is dating the ComPol’s nephew. The teenager caused a ruckus at the San Pedro station and allegedly assaulted a female Special Constable. A Justice of the Peace witnessed the charges against Teul and, because it was a weekend, decided to remand her until she could appear before a Magistrate. But when the ComPol learnt of the arrest, he directed that the girl be granted bail forthwith. ASP Robinson refused to submit and there was more bad blood between herself and her boss. Since then, it is believed that ASP Robinson has been targeted for victimization. It is reported that the police high command got so petty that ordered her to return a donation of equipment given to the Department by John McAfee through the San Pedro Town Council in earlier November. Speaking to a retired female senior police officer, she explained that both Corporal Young and ASP Robinson have been dedicated female police officers who are respected for upholding the law by their colleagues. “It seems that in the Police Department, if you are a female and you do the right thing especially when the higher-ups indicate to do otherwise, you are moved around,” said the officer. Sources have indicated that ASP Robinson is aware of the plot to her transfer. The BELIZE TIMES understands that ASP Chris Noble will be her replacement in the next few weeks. As for ASP Rob-

Sunday, December 9, 2012

inson, sources tell our newspaper that she will be given a desk job at the Traffic section of the Police Department in the Belize District. This outrageous disrespect and political manipulation of San Pedro’s female top cops should not be condoned and tolerated. Where are women’s rights activists such as Ann Marie Williams, the Director of the Women’s Commission of Belize, and the Women Issues Network-Belize and why are they not fighting this latest injustice?

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eliable information reaching the BELIZE TIMES is not surprising. It is the way that this Government has illegally operated since February 2008. We have been advised from a reliable source that Dean Barrow and the UDP Government have issued a directive to the Ministries of Finance and Attorney General to see what laws, rules or technicalities they can manufacture or twist to suppress the printing of the BELIZE TIMES. We are told that Public Officers have been told to stop everything else and to give all attention to this campaign to muzzle the constitutional right to political creed and information as well as the freedom of the press. With all the crime in Belize, political victimization and oppression of the people, the UDP are desperate to keep the suffering voiceless. This is the way the UDP are. Victimization has no rules to them and no boundaries. The BELIZE TIMES had met with the relevant officials before this interference and have been following the instructions of those professional public servants. We know that the UDP will go to extremes and try to commandeer an unwilling public officer with lies and threats. Belize will never forget the charade they pulled on Nomination Day 2012 where the UDP made a public officer block the candidacy of Yolanda Schakron. The UDP play nasty and they speak self-righteously about it. We know that. This effort to persecute and frustrate the BELIZE TIMES so that there is no one fighting for the people who are vulnerable is an extension of a long standing policy. The BELIZE TIMES recalls that exactly two years ago on December 8, 2010 the UDP did what no government had done before. It attacked the long established freedom of the press which had been expanded by the PUP who had freed up monopoly radio and introduced legislation to enhance freedom of expression, such as the Freedom of Information Act. Nothing is new under the sun. At that time in 2010 Barrow terrorized Channel 5 by launching a Government black out and publicly defaming them. The directive then was that “effective immediately” Channel 5 should have been declared wicked. Simply because they were not at that time acting like Wave Radio and TV. Barrow is intolerant to truth or dissent. We remember that he went on a witch-hunt then. He went through the laws to block and destroy Channel 5. He twisted and misapplied a provision of the broadcast regulations and threatened to take away Channel 5’s broadcast license. It took the international press to come in. It was the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) which called the UDP ban a destabilization of the “media landscape”, making it “unbalanced”

and “dangerous”. They pointed to the threat it presented to the democratic health of Belize and the region. It was an international ally that intervened to help fight off the dictatorial government. In fact we called on international allies to help us fight colonial governments. When democracy needs an ally, the PUP has always had excellent relations for them to assist the people of Belize. Barrow and the UDP Government cannot say the same. Barrow is leading us into a dangerous place politically. A place unknown to Belize and more commonly heard of in the Congo or the Middle East. The media is a check and balance to the UDP. Just like a real Ombudsman, NGO, Public Accounts Committee or Court. We see how he has treated all those who dear act like we live in a democracy in Belize. His contempt for being told truth is revolting. He breaks out in rashes every time the PUP, Oceana, the Mayas, or poor families cry out. It is the pits of hypocrisy for this to even be thought of much less procured by the Prime Minister. The insult is even deeper as the BELIZE TIMES is in possession of documentary evidence which proves that Barrow printed his UDP manifestos in Guatemala. God moves in mysterious ways, and the way of the wicked is spoiled by the delight of the one that keeps His commandments. There is only one newspaper that puts views which are defiantly true about the wrongs of the Government. The BELIZE TIMES is it. There is no other “independent” or non-UDP aligned or compromised newspaper with national circulation. This is a clear case of using a Government against its own people. We put the issue of our printing sources up front. We stand by that decision and fall on our confidence that the Belizean people will fight with us. This is why we put on the record and up front our printing sources in Mexico. Not for party politics but for the Freedom of the Press and preservation of democracy. In this game of cut throat politics that the UDP play, we know anything goes but when it comes to the sacrosanct ideals of democracy and inalienable rights, there are certain lines that the UDP would be well advised not to cross. This is the newspaper for all of us. We have an important roll to execute in the balance and safeguards of governance. We are your voice. Belize will not be gagged, intimidated and victimized without consequence. Let freedom of the press live. The people have a right to know. We will fight for their right. This is despotic behavior and for that you, UDP, must be driven back as tyrants.



Sunday, December 9, 2012

$168m drug case crumbles Continued from page 1 a witness whose statement in the file was frightening and suspicious. Her testimony would have come under severe attack from the defense attorneys as it was too weird and unbelievable to carry credibility with a jury. That witness quite sensibly kept away from the Court. It would be interesting, most interesting, if we could learn why she had said such things as appeared in her statement. Two years ago, in the early morning of 13 November 2010, Daniel Samos, a member of Belize’s security apparatus, was on watch at a semi-secret location where electronic devices linked to satellites circling the earth detect the movements of objects entering Belize’s airspace. This is how Belize protects itself or its airspace from Guatemalan invasion; arms smuggling and drug places. You won’t believe it, and our American friends must be pissed, but our radar to detect the location of aircrafts was not working. It was the Ministry of Defence of Mexico which called Daniel Samos to inform Belize that a plane was heading into the aerospace of Southern Belize. Samos immediately reacted the way he is trained to react. He alerted our army, Police and Anti-Drug Unit. They sprang into action. One of the persons receiving a call from Samos was Superintendent of Police Lincoln Hemsley who is also the Commander of Belize’s anti-drug division. He promptly issued instructions to his various divisions. One such division is headed by Sergeant John Sanchez in Belmopan who gathered his team and raced to the Southern areas of Belize. Commander Hemsley also spoke to Lieutenant Rogelio Ramirez who with a team of Belize Defense Force soldiers was already patrolling the southern highway. Around this time, Special Constable Freddy Martinez, Special Constable Juan Veliz with Corporal Edgar Moralez, were doing routine patrol in the Bella Vista area. It is the diligence of these three which gave the Police investigation great help. Special Constables are part time Police. Freddy Martinez lives in Independence Village for many years. He is the Manager of a citrus farm and uses his personal vehicle to help the Police do patrols at night. These three saw a white van heading up the Southern Highway towards Bladden Village and decided to follow it. They stopped the van and in the presence of another Police vehicle on the scene learnt the occupants to be Police officers. He heard a voice from the van say, “we dah Police officers why unu di handle we like criminals?” There being no offence committed the van was allowed to continue. At or around this time a plane is flying low somewhere in the Bladden Village vicinity. Freddy Martinez gets a call on his cell phone. He did not say what was said to him because such is considered “hear say” in a Court of law. But he decided to follow the van. The call concerns villagers hearing a plane. They catch-up to the van in the area of San Juan Village where Lieutenant Rogelio Martinez and his team are on the Southern Highway setting up a road block. They stop the van as a routine precaution and Freddy Martinez and his crew arrive to see the occupants being requested to come out the van. Commander Lincoln Hemsley is being kept fully informed of every squash, squirrel and raccoon that moves on the Southern Highway. And from his command post he direct Lieutenant Ramirez to detain the van occupants and have them taken to the Independence Police Station. The occupants were placed in a BDF vehicle while Cpl Moralez takes the driver’s seat for the van. This would later prove to be an evidential error because it cast doubts on the integrity of any exhibits claimed to have been found inside this van at later searches. During the trial, attorneys for the accused men were having a field day with exhibits. These exhibits included batteries, various clothing, a so-called mask which provided moments of laughter in Court, a camouflage jacket, black bag, pair of jungle boots, M16 rifle, military webbing, a green and yellow police belt, a black T-shirt, a G.P.S. and lots of photographs and 248 samples of rich, high grade cocaine. In Court we could see the scepticism in the jurors’ faces as witnesses testified to finding items on the road side or in the pine ridge but these said items were also being claimed to have been found inside the van. One of the accused persons, Harold Usher, who knew that certain items Continued on page 7

Notice to

Graduate Engineers The Council of the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize (APEB) invites engineering graduates of accredited programs of studies to apply for admission to the grade of Associate Member of the Association. A member in this grade does not qualify for registration until s/he meets the requirements of Part III of the Professional Engineers Act 2003. This invitation is intended to promote guidance in the professional development of young engineers. Log on to to contact us and obtain more information about the Association.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

$168m drug case crumbles Continued from page 6 were removed from his home in Corozal, in his presence, by Sergeant Sanchez and other Police and are listed in their statements looked annoyed in the dock. Deputy Commander of the Anti-Drugs Unit John Sanchez, who is stationed in Belmopan, had already gathered officer John Mas, William Sanchez and Luis Matute and they were speeding in their ADU Isuzu D-Max towards Independence Police Station. This was after 3:00am. He arrived after 5:00am. He saw the Police occupants of the van in custody at the station. He took possession of their call phone. He later handed these to his superior who visited BTL and SMART to check phone numbers, calls, text messages and such. Sanchez and his team then raced further up the Southern Highway and at mile 57, lo and behold, in the early dawn there it was: an impressive white with black, maroon and blue lining, twin engine beach-craft airplane sitting comfortably and quite unconcerned in the middle of the highway. By this time, the Assistant Superintendent Robert Mariano, who is in charge of the Punta Gorda Police, had already gathered Corporal Matthew Lopez and Corporal Mark August and were racing down the Southern Highway. The word was already out. A plane had landed. At mile 52 Mariano stopped to inspect an abandoned white Isuzu truck already under guard by the BDF. The Isuzu truck had about seventeen 20 gallons containers and a huge container presumable for fuel. His next stop was the plane. It was already guarded by Lieutenant Ramirez and his BDF team. And then the Police investigation began. Heading a large team of investigations was soft spoken, tall and mannerly Assistant Superintendent Alton Alvarez. As the Court would hear from witness after witness many things were observed and many more were found. ASP Alvarez directed Cpl Mark August who is a trained scene of crime technician to process the plane and its surroundings. Cpl August took thirty photographs. He also located “several identifiable fingerprints” inside the plane. At 10:45am then Assistant Commissioner of Police David Henderson and Miguel Segura were already on the scene. Where was the cocaine? Who found it? Was it all in one location? And was there more cocaine found than the amounts reported? $168,818,560 worth compressed cocaine is an awesome amount of money. Next week we continue the inside story of Belize’s biggest drug bust.



Farrakhan CANCELS Continued from page 1 TIMES and had discovered the atrocities and evils of Dean Barrow and the UDP or that by our pages he recalled the policy decision of the UDP in 1986. What we do know is that the official position is that the “Leader of the Nation of Islam, has been forced to postpone the rest of his seven stop Caribbean tour due to illness he experienced in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands”. Coincidentally, the meeting with the infidels in Barrows’ Government was the next stop. Coincidence? We at BELIZE TIMES say “not”. The UDP have been on a streak of bad, bad luck, or rather reaping of the fruits of their

evil. The Guatemala-relation blunders, the collapse of the biggest drug plane court case, the failure to negotiate the superbond renegotiation, the refusal of investors to put their money into Belize, the McAfee accusations and the thumping from the rejection of the IDB. This would be ok if the ill fortunes of the UDP were self-contained but we the people of Belize suffer when they mess up and mess up repeatedly. Our considered view is that Belize will never get this opportunity again at the worst case and at the best case that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will have a healthy visit to the shore of Belize only after this tyrannical and oppressive Govern-

ment has been removed from their seat of oppression. His cancellation is also disheartening to us as we are informed that “the seventy nine year old Minister, who was scheduled to arrive in Belize on Thursday for a four-day visit …is suffering from exhaustion and dehydration”. Doctors and family orders have strongly confirmed that there will be a “cancelation of the rest of his tour”. This is a huge and irreplaceable loss to Belize. Barrow could have taken the scolding and shake up of truth from the straight shooting Minister. Belizean black youths who are disenfranchised, directionless and endangered would have heard a message of hope. The buttons would have been reset. Now under Barrow, Belize loses again. To the Hon. Minister Louis Farrahkan, we at BELIZE TIMES, the people of Belize and the People’s United Party pray you a speedy and full recuperation. We pray Allah will lead your return to Belize.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012



Brand New Mahogany Heights Basketball Court Christened!! Mahogany Heights, December 3, 2012 Sunday, December 2nd was a great day for the people, especially the youth, of Mahogany Heights, the Belize Rural Central Community of about 900 residents. Located at about Mile 30 on the Western Highway, Mahogany Heights is a growing community, with many children and young people in need of recreation and positive activities for their youthful energies. Through the efforts of Area Representative Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia and the Belize Rural Central Committee, the Court was built and completed within seven months of her election in March of this year. Many residents of Mahogany Heights also assisted in the preparation and pouring of the cement and other work to bring the project to fruition. Dolores, with her usual hands-on energy and commitment, secured the support of various sponsors: the Fort Street Tourism Village, University Management, SMART, Bowen and Bowen, Rodla Construction and Tunich Nah Engineering, and now the youths have this brand new facility for their very own. At Sunday’s brief inauguration Pastor Cecil Camal of Mahogany Heights did the invocation, while Chairlady of Mahogany Heights Ms. Ellypat Skeet welcomed the residents and teams to the afternoon’s proceedings. Hon. Dolores then made remarks to thank the sponsors and all those who helped to make the basketball court a reality. She especially thanked Mahogany Heights stalwart, Roger Middleton, for his tireless work painting the uprights and markers and for making general preparations. Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca, clearly energized and proud to be participating, officially declared the court open and scored the first hoop to christen the new court! Water and juices were sponsored by Bowen and Bowen, and the BRC Committee provided delicious chips and dip free of cost for all those in attendance, particularly the dozens of children who took full advantage of the afternoon snacks! Five teams participated in the opening competition: Anything Da Anything, Studs, Heats, Rookies, and Nets. Two of the participating teams had women players as well as the guys, and after exciting games Anything Da Anything emerged as the winners. Heats captured second place, and Ms. Ellypat and Hon. Dolores presented trophies and cash prizes to the successful teams. In all, the inauguration and tournament were a huge success, enjoyed by the villagers and all who attended. Now the young people have access to this new facility as a positive outlet for their energies and talents!

PUP Belize Rural Central Area Representative Hon. Dolores Balderamos-Garcia (right-below), Mahogany Heights stalwart Roger Middleton (left-below), Chairlady Ms. Ellypat Skeet (Second L-R), Noelle Swift (Fourth L-R) & members of the 1st place team

Hon. Dolores & Chairlady Ellypat with 2nd place team

PUP Belize Rural Central Area Representative Hon. Dolores Balderamos-Garcia (Photo on the left) & Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca (right) shoot hoops

Newly-constructed basketball court utilised by Mahogany Heights youth



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Crumbling utilities: Who will pay? You!

Belize City, December 4, 2012 The Engineer sat down. He began to gesticulate. He cupped the palm of his left hand pointing his fingers downward and covering his thumb. He allows his hand to freefall into his lap. “Belize Electricity Ltd. is going down and fast”, he lamented. He added, “Most of us are leaving out of frustration with the mismanagement of the company and regular conflicts between the politically appointed Chief Executive Officer and the professional staff at the top management level”. The company recently suffered a loss of thousands of dollars in burnt out or damaged equipment as a result of poor maintenance and fluctuating power supply. The worse is yet to come. Professional standards are waning. Staff frustration is affecting efficient levels of operation and it is beginning to look like deja vu prior to privatization. Whether or not the government insists on keeping electricity rates below realistic calculus, consumers will eventually pay with hidden fees, unreliable supplies of electricity and the breakdown of equipment. Electricity rates, like everything else, have to be tied to cost and efficiency of the operation and on reasonable returns to at least ensure the maintenance and replacement of equipment. Sucking from the tit of SSB BEL is already sucking from the tit of the Social Security Board money, as if this is a slush fund to bolster incompetence. It is also sharing this single tit with so many others, including the other utility, Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), which like BEL, was high-jacked by the Barrow administration. The strategic investors were booted out and this has resulted in an unfavourable investment climate. Is this constant milking of Social Security Funds for bad investments to prop-up the ill-advised re-nationalization of the utility companies, sustainable? When will the drying-up of this well begin to threaten the measly pensions of thousands of retirees? The Prime Minister will tell you that by then he won’t be around in politics. Corruption with eyes wide shut But when he began the hostile takeover of these two utilities, his populist political rhetoric, created a swarm by blind-folded supporters that were caught up in an unrealistic national fervor and zeal to re-nationalize the Utilities. At the so-called public consultations, which were more like political rallies, microphones were turned off and there were vociferous hostilities towards dissenters who did not think that the so-called national-

Belize, that with the drying-up of international aid it was wise to consider various models of privatization. There were many suggestions by development experts for this. Here are a few: Governments are not in the business of doing business. The State control of these utilities usually resulted in too much political interference, poor management and very low efficiencies. Remember the days of frequent blackouts, poor telephone services and unreliable water supplies? With the takeover of these Utilities we are now moving backward to those days. With the privatization of these Utilities, the government was able to attract Continued on page 12

SSB has been used like a slush-fund by the Barrow Administration ization of these companies was making any economic sense. Not that nationalization is a bad thing. But it should have some “backative” - like paying for what is taken. If not, then it should be included as a part of the rising national crime statistics. So should too much bogus litigation, which has the appearance of corruption in plain view, seemingly to enrich the Prime Minister’s gentry of his former wife/Attorney and brother, as well as friends in his glorious circle of snotty-nose lawyers. If this corruption is a reality, is the Prime Minister getting a percentage from these multi-million dollars legal fees being paid from the government’s Treasury? A wrong-headed populist move The populist strategy used to get support for the takeover of these companies was one without economic justification. Even certain politicians, who were fully aware of the rationale for the privatization of these limping (at the time) Utilities, and who should have known better, were swept away by this deceptive populist wave. At Belize Telemedia Limited the chickens are also coming home to roost. The company is still unable to attract another strategic investor to participate in what is a State-owned company, as a result of on-going litigation. It has been hard-pressed to meet its commitment to its shareholders and it has the burden of having to upgrade old and slowly becoming irrelevant technology. Customers all over the country have received “robo” calls this week to say that they will see a reduction in their bills for telephone and related services as the company is unable provide certain services to meet customer demands. Meanwhile, the Chairman of BTL’s Board of Directors, continues to get away with spending huge sums of the company’s advertising budget to sustain his privately-owned and operated local television station. Smart, BTL’s competitor, meanwhile, continues to pump huge investments in upgrading its national service. Belize’s arrogant strongman

The Prime Minister fixed the Belize Constitution to get his way and in defiance of an earlier Supreme Court ruling made in BTL investor’s favour. While it may have made good political theater and temporarily bolstered his political fortunes, consumers and voters are now beginning to realize that lower electricity, telephone and water rates may be offset by their paying more for the goods and services that the government is expected to provide. Cash-strapped It was revealing that the Minister of Sports, in opening a new football field in his constituency, acknowledged that is was Belize Water Services Ltd., where he was the Chairman of that Board in his previous life, which would provide monies for this sports field. But he was candid enough to say that the water utility is strapped for cash. This Utility will be unable to meet the growing demand for its services. In all these instances we beg the question: What is the point of the Public Utilities Commission? It is supposed to be an independent body but it is very obviously State-controlled. It therefore cannot make decisions against the Barrow government. The Utilities are also owned AND regulated by the State and their politically-appointed Boards. The PUC therefore cannot and will not interfere in their operations, although it is a regulatory body. It has therefore, become a redundant fixture on the public’s payroll. Let us try to understand, as Mr. Barrow didn’t, the rationale for the privatization of the three utilities about a decade or more ago. It was certainly, at the time, by no ordinary whim of the PUP government. The reasons for privatization In the early 1990s the International Financial Institutions (the IFIs) advised developing countries like

Liquor License NOTICES

Notice is hereby given that Juan Carlos Dusan is applying for a Shop Liquor License to be operated at “Public Supermarket”, 26 Central American Boulevard, Belize City under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Ezekiel Lopez is applying for a Publicans Special License to be operated at “La Nueva Nostalgia”, 44 Sapodilla Street, Orange Walk Town, under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.

Notice is hereby given that Kenny Lo is applying for a Shop Liquor License to be operated at “Benson Shop”, #5 Mitchell Estate, Ladyville, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Jun Ming is applying for a Liquor License to be operated at “Enjoy Bar & Restaurant”, Caye Caulker, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.

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Oil refinery viable and necessary!

Belize City, December 3, 2012 In the words of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, a national oil refinery for Belize is “not feasible”. He claimed that a study showed that the quantity of oil findings is insufficient. But this study referred to vaguely by the PM has never been heard of or revealed to the public. Also, the study was co-sponsored and carried out by experts of Belize Natural Energy, who think about their profits foremost and would naturally oppose any kind of competition in the local oil and petroleum market. So is the start of an oil refinery really not feasible or it is simply not convenient to the Barrow Administration and BNE? If the former is true then why was the promise of its fulfilment made TWICE, both in the UDP’s election manifesto for 2008 and 2012? Couldn’t the ever-intelligent UDP who said they have the formula to solve all our problems foresee the dwindling crude oil output and not have to mislead voters with piein-the-sky promises? Or was it intention-

al, just to win the elections? With the economy in shambles and Belizean commuters and the productive sector haemorrhaging from high fuel prices, it would benefit the Government in many ways to reduce the cost of fuel. Although it is imported, a majority of the retail cost is determined by Government’s taxes. Freeing the albatross around the necks of Belizeans that the high fuel prices have become would enable the productive sector to expand, invest, and employ. It would help Belizeans who are quickly joining the very bottom layer of the socio-economic pyramid to breathe easier and have more spending power to keep the economy alive. But it doesn’t seem the Government is interested in easing life for Belizeans. It seems they will continue to bleed Belizeans for money, through high taxes such as fuel and by resisting progressive ideas such as an oil refinery, for as long as they could. The “not feasible” excuse does not cut it. There have been two instances

where local crude oil was refined for local sale, and it proved to be a worthwhile initiative. Unfortunately, both initiatives were shut down by the UDP Government. Should anyone be surprised? In late 2009, Government agents closed down Farm Diesel Supply, a small oil refinery in Shipyard Camp 5 which was operated by Mennonite pioneer Jacob Wall and his son. Farm Diesel Supply produced 6,000 gallons of cheap diesel with crude oil purchased from Belize Natural Energy. The fuel, which sold much cheaper than at gas stations, was attractive to a number of companies including the bus lines, Belize Sugar Industries and hundreds of cane farmers. On a daily basis, trucks, buses and pickups drove the 30-plus mile road to buy their fuel. Bus companies were able to keep their fares low as a result. Farm Diesel Supply was no grand project. Within the metal walls of a small storeroom, smaller than a Prin-

The price of fuel/exchange rate -

Mexico & Belize

by Richard Harrison This past weekend....the price of Premium gasoline in Chetumal was BZ$6.86/gallon..... diesel was BZ$6.81/gallon. In Belize...the price of premium had fallen from BZ$ BZ$11.74/gallon....still 71% higher than in Mexico. Another thing to the devaluation of our currency in Mexico. The Belize $1 fetches MN$5.95...... while the US $1 fetches MN$12.60. At the official exchange of US$1=BZ$2.... the BZ$1 should fetch MN$6.30. Thus, we are experiencing a devaluation of 5.5% of our currency.....that is one flippin mada-big-fish of a commission. Our Central Bank should look into this situation very precisely....and do what is necessary to protect the value of the Belizean dollar....and to protect Belizean workers. If necessary....a local commercial bank or credit union should be encouraged to set up a small branch on our side of the make some profit from this exchange business.... and to protect Belizeans dollar value by

Belizeans should continue to raise their voices regarding the unfair and unjust practices going on at the border with the trading of our currency....if we plan to become economically independent any time soon...and if we plan for Belizeans workers to benefit from a more balanced Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) between Belize and Mexico.

offering a much better exchange rate for the Mexican peso. The Mexicans have done the same for their citizens on their side of the border. Why leave the value of our currency up to sharks? Why leave our workers to lose such a large amount on the exchange, just so that a few land sharks benefit with such flippin mada-big-fish of a commission? Belizeans should continue to delve into this large discrepancy of fuel pricing between Belice and Mexico....and demand some parity.... if we are to become competitive... and bridge the trade gaps that exists. These are vital to achieving our economic independence.

cess hotel conference room, Jacob Wall and his son put their knowledge to work. After investing over half a million dollars in equipment and supplies and then in BNE’s crude oil, the family began selling cheap Diesel. But the UDP Government shut the operation down. In like manner, a clandestine operation just outside the City of Belmopan, where 55 year old Cuban Roberto Igarza Velazquez was refining oil to produce kerosene and diesel, was closed down indefinitely by the Barrow Administration in September 2011. Instead of the Barrow Government seeking to partner with the Cuban national to start a national oil refinery that could benefit Belizeans, they chose to lock him up in prison. The Prime Minister should not be allowed to brush off an issue as important as oil and energy independence. If it is that the idea of an oil refinery is not feasible because they lack the skill and know-how, then the PM should say so. Belizeans already know the UDP are very limited in many ways. But don’t lie to the nation. An oil refinery is very viable and necessary. Imagine how beneficial a national oil refinery would be not only for Belizeans who would see sky-high pump prices tumble down, but also the Government who would collect the millions of dollars currently paid to foreign fuel companies. Just imagine the possibilities.

PUP Notice Election of Port Loyola Executive Committee PUP Port Loyola Constituency Committee Executive (9 Members) Date & Time: Sunday December 16, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. Venue: Monica’s Pawn Shop, Cor Central American Blvd. and Banak St. Kindly submit nominations to PUP Secretary General at Independence Hall, #3 Queen Street by December 14, 2012



PM scolds private sector for ‘no appetite’ in dead money

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Belize City, December 2, 2012 More than $130 million dollars is sitting down at the local commercial banks and Prime Minister Dean Barrow has expressed disappointment that the private sector has not shown any “appetite” for borrowing for new projects. But should the Prime Minister expect prudent businessmen and women to risk making investments with “dead money’? With the Belizean economy stuttering at 2% growth annually, the investment climate looking gloomy, crisis with our external debt, interest rates for domestic borrowing high and the continuing decline of the United States economy, no company would see it viable invest. As long as the economy remains in a slump, the bank’s liquidity could grow to billions and it would be considered “dead money”. In 2009, the Prime Minister announced that the country was in a recession and he has yet to announce a way out or found how to mitigate the economic crunch. The $100 million “bailout money” for the economy, promised in 2010 by the PM, never materialised. No one has asked the PM what happened.

Crumbling utilities: Continued from page 10 strategic investors (investors with the money and know-how). At the same time the government was able to use its limited revenue, a lot of which was used to manage and operate these failing nationalized utilities. With investors in these companies they were better able to use public funds from the limited revenue of a small tax base and invest in the improvement of the infrastructure such as roads and bridges, better schools and health services, a more efficiently run police and military service - national security and the roll-out of the National Health Insurance Scheme. The misuse of public money We have now seen SSB funds earmarked for NHI divested and used to bolster BTL and BEL. These are monies that could have been better used in social investment programmes and to bolster the Caribbean Development Bank’s aid funding in this and other areas. Instead, we are also beginning to see crumbling infrastructures and the inability of the government to meet its political and economic commitments. Would the Belize government have been able to use tax-payers’ money for the construction of a cascade of hydro-electric dams to meet some of the nation’s growing demand for electricity? And the answer is no. In a climate of scarce financial resources, there would not be the funds needed

for such a major investment. And, Mr. Barrow was opposed to this investment in any case. Now, there does not appear to be any foresight for meeting our energy demand for the next ten years or more. Will we continue to rely on Mexico and the Macal? We ask the same for the other Utilities. In fact we ask this about everything. We have not seen, nor heard, from this government about any development policy or strategy. Mr. Barrow’s government (well Mr. Barrow IS the government) is now failing to negotiate a reasonable debt repayment schedule on the country’s national debt with bond holders for what HE has dubbed “the Super-Bond”. Worse, he, and through him, the country has been given an international black eye for jacking investors without indicating how he will pay. Now he wants to blame the Obama administration and the

IDB President for not babysitting him or helping him to resolve his problems which were borne out of his loud-mouthed

and quarrelsome arrogance. Still, when he is asked the tough ques-

The Prime Minister is blaming the private sector for not eating up dead money so the economic wheels can start spinning. But the private sector has resisted making bad investments and protected its assets for good reason. The PM hasn’t accepted that it is the policies under his administration which have hurt the investment climate, stalled growth and created a sceptical business environment. The Prime Minister, who is the Minister of Finance, has done nothing but complain about the high interest rates for domestic borrowing. He has refused to ensure that interest rates are reduced to a level that is affordable to Belizeans considering the hard times. No wonder everyone is afraid of borrowing. This is also one of the reasons behind the housing market collapse. Just look at the weekly advertisements displaying hundreds of homes put on auction. Before pointing fingers at the private sector, Barrow should look at the poor productivity from within his Cabinet and Administration. It is their inefficiency, bloated bureaucracy, lack of planning and bankruptcy of ideas which has Belize on life support and apparently with a lot of “dead money” around.

tions, he extends the claws from his stubby fingers and his fangs to appear to be menacing and fearsome. But his menacing theatrics and his dances at a pretence of machismo, is to a waning audience. His noise is like the sound of fury signifying nothing. In the global scheme of things that is exactly what it is - nothing but a bully on the local stage.

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CATWALK Fashion Show 2012

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CATWALK FASHIONS What’s Hip...What’s Hot...What’s Now!

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BES girls are champs

Belize Elementary girls & San Pedro RC boys win football championships Belize City, November 27, 2012 The Belize Elementary School girls and the San Pedro RC School boys won the Belize District primary school football championships hosted by the National Sports Council at the MCC garden on Tuesday, November 27. BES girls had to go to a penalty shootout to win 3-2 over the Sand Hill girls after regulation time and two overtime periods ended in a 0-0 draw. The Sand Hill goalie stopped two BES’ tries, but BES’ Donna Che, Kayla Duela and Julianna Ramos scored while only Shevaun Vaccaro and Ismaely Requena scored for Sand Hill. The San Pedro RC boys won 3-0 over the Unity Presbyterian boys with Jason Maldonado scored a hat trick in the 2nd half, after the Unity goalie Carlos Guerra had held them scoreless in the 1st half. The Belize Elementary girls and the San Pedro boys will represent the Belize District when the National Sports Council hosts the national primary schools football championships at MCC garden on Friday, December 7. How they won: BES vs. San Pedro RC School - 3-1 Goals by Donna Che, Julianna Ramos, Chelsea Williams, Shalini Young and Chelsea Zetina Guadalupe RC School vs. Holy Redeemer RC - 4-3 Penalties scored by Britney Grinage, Ismaely Reyes, Shevaun Vaccaro, Aloma Reyes, Jada Myvette, Aalina Aguet, Aaliyah Crawford Unity Presbyterian vs. Our Lady of the Way RC – 1-0 Goal scored by July Barrientos San Pedro RC vs. St. John Vianney RC - 2-1 Goals by Jason Maldonado, Jayli Usher, Orlando Velasquez

San Pedro champs

Placencia Assassins bombs City Boys 3-0, advances to finals Belize City, December 2, 2012 The Placencia Assasins won thru to the Premier League of Belize playoffs by a 3-0 blast of the Raymond Gentle City Boys at the MCC garden on Sunday, December 2. The City Boys’ defenders Nigel Franklin, Mark Grant, David “Dava” Macaulay Jr, and Anthony Williams held the Assassins to a scoreless draw in the 1st half; even though Dellon Torres and Luis Torres on the wings and midfielders Zerrick Torres and Scott Casey were creating plays for their strikers Ashley Torres and Rollin Burgess who failed to finish.

Luis Torres attacks

The tempo of the game changed when Leomar Leslie and Collin Westby entered the game in the second half, relieving Zerrick and Burgess.

Defender Ernie White overlapped from the backfield to score the 1st winning goal in the 61st minute, then his brother Brent White

Dion Macaulay challenges Dillon Torres

added a 2nd goal in the 72nd minute and when the City Boys’ defense goofed in giving up a penalty, team captain Dalton Eiley stepped up to convert for the 3-0 win. Other match Verdes vs. Paradise Freedom Fighters – 3-2 Belmopan Bandits vs. Belize Defense Force – 1-1 Goals by Jerome “Jaro” James, Victor Nunez Police vs. San Ignacio United - 4-2 Goals by Evan Mariano, Rozny Martinez, Danny Jimenez (2), Joel Guzman, Lennox “Criminal Castillo FC Belize vs. FC San Felipe Barcelona – 8-0 Goal by John “Bull” King (5), Francisco Briceno, David “Gringo” Ramos, Christian Perez Juventus vs. San Pedro Sea Dogs – Juventus by default Upcoming match: Assassins vs. Belmopan Bandits, Michael Ashcroft Stadium, Saturday December 8 BDF vs. Police United, Norman Broaster Stadium, Sunday, December 9

9 DEC December 9, 2012 Sunday,


15 SPORTS 15


Eric Stamp & Petie Matus win BNE national table tennis

championships Belize City, December 2, 2012 Invincible Eric Stamp won the men’s singles championship while Petie Matus won the women’s singles championship, Fabio Carballo won the Cadets under-15 championship and Billy Musa Jr. and Samira Musa Pott won the mixed Doubles championship in the Belize Natural Energy national table tennis championships held under the auspices of the Belize

Table Tennis Association at “the home of table tennis”, the Belize Elementary School Auditorium on Sunday, December 2. The competition concluded with the awards ceremonies, and a few closing remarks by the sponsors BNE, Marion Usher who congratulated the Belize Table Tennis Association for a job well done, and a hope to be able to sponsor this event

in the coming years. Also on hand to deliver a few important words was Mr. Owen “Sonny” Meighan, executive member of the Belize Olympic Committee, who also congratulated the association for a good job and proposed to continue to give support to the association in

Final results - Mens Doubles: 1st - Eric Stamp/Aaron Stock 2nd - Carlos Cui/Hector Lopez 3rd - Davis Huang/Tyrone Tun 4th - Nick Martin/Wilfredo Chang the development of the sport in the primary schools, a project that is planned for 2013 by the BTTA.

Men Singles 1st - Eric Stamp 2nd - Carlos Cui 3rd - Davis Huang 4th - Ernesto Rivero Women Singles 1st - Petie Matus 2nd - Wei Rong Huang 3rd - Samira Musa Pott 4th - Nikki Chen 15Under/Cadet 1st - Fabio Carballo 2nd - Matthew Usher 3rd - Harim Ochaeta 4th - Gian Lisbey

Mixed Doubles: 1st - Aaron Stock/Nikki Chen 2nd - Billy Musa Jr./Samira Musa Pott 3rd - Davis Huang/Wei Rong Huang 4th - Matthew Usher/Marion Usher

Gwen Liz’s Albert Longsworth goes for the hoop

Wesley College girls upset SCA 33-31

Gwen Liz & Sadie Vernon advance to basketball finals

Can BWSL drown Ports Belize Ltd. in basketball finals?



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BARROW’S LEGAL FEES SHUFFLE First it was Lady Lois. Now it’s Brother B’s turn to eat

Brother B’s new life-sized Law Firm under construction

The 2012 Auditor General’s Report disclosed that Dean Barrow paid his brother, Denys Barrow’s law firm more than $1,000,000.00 of public funds in legal fees.


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Julius Espat

and the PUP works for Cayo South Cayo District, December 3, 2012 Farmers of Armenia and Valley of Peace Villages are now able to access their farmlands and harvest their food for Belize thanks to tremendous assistance provided by their Area Representative Hon. Julius Espat. Hon. Espat, who is an elected Opposition-member of the House of Representative, was provided a measly budget of 25 cents per Cayo South resident by the Barrow Administration for 2012. Hon. Espat presented a budget made in consultation with his constituents that includes the repair, construction



EU to donate S$10.4m to Belize-Guatemala ICJ referendums Belize City, December 3, 2012 International press reports indicate that the European Union will donate eight million euros in funding support to the holding of the October 6 2013 referendums in Belize and Guatemala, which will decide whether the Guatemalan claim should or should not be resolved before the International Court of Justice. The amount is equivalent to US$10,452,800. The funding will be held and dispersed by the Organisation of American States, according to the EU Ambassador in Guatemala, Her Excellency Stella Zervoudaki. The Governments of Belize and Guatemala have agreed that the best chance of resolving the age-old land claim is to take it to the ICJ. Guatemala claims 12.700

km2 of Belize’s territory, from the Sibun River to the Sarstoon River. Constitutionally for Belize, the decision lies with its citizens who decide the course of matters regarding the dispute with Guatemala through a referendum. Both countries have announced their budgets for the referendum, which totals US$50 million. Guatemala has reported that its education campaign will require US$14 million, and as much as US$32 million will be needed on the day of referendum. Belize has budgeted US$2 million for voter mobilization and registration, US$0.5 million for legal fees and research, and US$4.5 million for public education. The Government of Guatemala said it will rely on international donors to finance its public education campaign, while the Belize Government said it will be almost entirely reliant on international donors to meet its budget.

and maintenance of infrastructure such as schools, community centers, bridges, roads, and farm roads, but it was flatly rejected by a shallow-minded UDP Government. This did not deter Hon. Espat and he, together with residents and generous supporters, has forged ahead to show that the needs of the people are priority. The work carried out in Armenia and Valley of Peace village, which are considered the bread baskets of the country, are evidence of Hon. Espat’s commitment to his people. Over the past weeks, Hon. Espat worked to clear out farm

roads for farmers to access their farms. The farmers had requested assistance from the Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Works, but the pleas were ignored. The UDP Government is inept and vindictive. Because Cayo South believed in Julius Espat in the last general election, the UDP has vowed that the people will suffer. But that will not be easy for the UDP to achieve, not with a defender and fighter like Julius Espat who even when given a budget of 25 cents per resident, has been doing major work in his constituency.



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The Lion of Belize City Rememberance for Edward Norman “Papi Poti” Orosco By Yasser Musa 2:00pm Monday 3rd December 2012, Ebenezer Church, Belize City

The Poet Aleksandr Pushkin wrote: It’s time, my friend, it’s time! The peace is craved by hearts... Days flow after days -- each hour departs A bit of life -- and both, you and I, Plan a long life, but could abruptly die. Edward Norman Orosco better known as “Lion” or “Papi Poti” died early Thursday morning November 29, 2012 at his home in the Yarborough area of Belize City. He was born at the old Belize City Hospital on July 22, 1952. He was predeceased by his parents Gloria Simon and Ernesto Orosco and his brother Max. He is survived by his wife Alva Orosco, children Gloria, June, Myra, Rhanyon, Kimberley, Irving, Myron and Edward Orosco, sisters Linda Lizama, Anita Lizama and Marilyn Orosco, brothers Frank, David and TD Orosco, aunts Glenda Flowers, Marie Simon and Judith Felix and Uncle Dennis Flowers. The book of Corinthians tells us: “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” I had the privilege to hear from Papi Pote about his early life growing up on New Road in Belize City. How as a 6 year old he waded through the waters of post-Hurricane Hattie feeling dead bodies at his feet. How he saw the incredible sight of a floating door with a dog, a cat and a rat huddled together. He wandered the streets of Belize a free spirit. From the get go to the bitter end Poti was made to move. Poti was a man who struggled through life. He was dealt a difficult hand, but he played the game of life as if he held a royal flush. I could chronicle some of those complicated circumstances of his life, but I won’t. Today it is my obligation to celebrate a beautiful soul. To celebrate the value of the Lion. Today with my deepest sense of loyalty to a friend I am here to affirm his humanity. I’ve come here to bare witness to a life well spent, to offer a reflection about the inner strenght of a man who touched the lives of so many of us in here and those beyond these walls. Papi Poti was a brilliant man. He had a gift for verbal expression. He could talk you in or out of anything. Like a poet he would construct his language with elegant passion. He would enter a room and hold court with his lyrical mastery. It was his animated delivery that captivated the attention of his audience.What I will miss most is his genius to lift the spirits of people with a single phrase. Papi Poti was an outstanding athlete. In the 1970s he was a star player and captain on the Fort George United football team.Orosco told me about a game against a Cayo team in which Fort George United won 6-1. The Cayo fans were so angry at being beaten on their home field that Fort George had to go to Benque Viejo del Carmen to celebrate. But the sport Papi Poti loved most was boxing. He was a terrifically agile fighter. He was an artist in the ring. His biggest fight as an amateur was with ‘Padgett’ from Cayo for the Silver Crown. The fight was at the Palace Theatre and Orosco won by unanimous decision. After the fight Southman carried Poti with the Silver Crown raised high from the ring to Majestic Alley. With boxing he demonstrated his love for the fight and displayed for his people the

heart of a true champion. Poti was a disciplined man. For years he came to our home in the mornings shouting for me at 4:50 am to get up and exercise. In his late 50s he had the attitude and strength of a 20 year old. At age 59 he could skip for one hour non stop and then do over 70 push ups. Try doing these things if you are thinking, oh, that is easy! Papi Poti was a PUP. He was a soldier of the Revolution in the truest sense. A street general with that rare combination of charm and muscle. He always carried the party flag with pride, conviction and commitment. Just months ago and days before the last election he waved the blue and white flag on a stage at the Pound Yard in front of a massive crowd for almost four hours. Many who watched his herculean performance did not know that as he battled with the breeze on the outside, he was also in the fight of his life on the inside. Papi Poti’s favourite t shirt had written on it, I support SAID 100%. Said Musa was his political hero. His unwavering loyalty to my father inspired me. His fierce loyalty to the party motivated me. Many of the great PUP slogans were carefully crafted by Orosco. Over the past fifteen years many of the insights, and strategies that we advanced came from Poti’s magical mind. He was a political animal with the ability to inspire and hype people up at a moment’s notice. Very few could express so effectively the arbitrary ignorance and hopeless incompetence of the government as the Lion could. However, most important Papi Poti was a family man. In the end he died at home with his wife and children at his side. He cared deeply for his family especially his children. He saw his struggle in life as his responsibility to them. So many mornings he would tell me of his dreams for his children. His heart was always heavy with hope for them. Today I can say to all of them that your father loved you deeply and he wanted a positive and bright future for all of you. If you fight like your father you will fulfill your dreams. Late last year Poti found out he had stage four prostate cancer. I invited him to speak to my students at St. John’s College. And for one hour he had the students fixated on every word. He delivered the spirited story of his life. He told them that nothing was more valuable in life than an education and they should love each other like brothers. He spoke with passion. At the end of his talk the students rose up and clapped with a sense of reverence. Here was the Lion caught in the fight of his life delivering a message from the heart about the true condition of the human spirit – love and hope. This afternoon we mourn the loss of a fallen warrior, a loving father, a strong Belizean brother. This afternoon we we must be grateful for having known him. We must now accept that he is on his victory march. I believe when we experience the loss of a loved one we have an obligation to love with even greater purpose and energy. We must learn from loss. We must learn to love better.

The Lion was someone built for this life, he had the drive. He believed in Jesus as his lord and saviour. He believed in strength, not a macho strength, but one that resists shutting down in the face of disaster. His struggle with illness could have easily driven one to complete despair, to a fixation on melancholia, but his DNA had the human light we all crave. It is this light that animated his personality that uplifted those around him, and sparked so much spontaneous combustion. Goodby dear brother, your spirit was a dance, a laugh, a cry, a delight…this heaviness in my heart is but the evidence of everything seen. “For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” The setting sun waits for no one. I will see you again, dear friend. Rest in Peace.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Of this and that… NOTICE TO SANTA This is a bad time to be Santa in Belize. He better not try to bring no gifts this year. Belize has been naughty. Santa better not be seen so late at night. He cannot deliver to the Crime ridden areas. GSU may not even let him pass. He might be cavity searched or tased. For wearing all that red he may be mistaken for a George Street man. They may detain him for PI robbery. “How you get all dem gifts, boss?” They may make him spend a 48. This is so they confirm he is not MacAfee in disguise. KRIS KRINGLE BUSINESS DI DO BAD Old Saint Nick must be suffering. He will get not fuel exemption for his sleigh. We ask him, please do not stop at Gapi’s house. This is just not fair. We know Santa has been there all year since 2008. Give someone else a break. Gapi believes he is special. He would want all the gifts to stay in OW. After all, his family works harder than all of us. He would see nothing wrong in that. To hell with the rest of Belize. Darrell will want him to pay a head tax. He will also have to pay the new tax to enter Belize City. Darrel says Santa would also have to pay the residential garbage fee. This is for all the gift-wrapping paper. At least, Sedi believes Santa is not artificial. In fact, Santa’s hair and beard stylist are the same as Sedi’s. Please Santa, Belize da noh like befo’ time. If you leave your vehicle outside with all those toys, they will break into your car. Do not enter people’s home those hours of morning. They may think it is a home invasion. They will think you are GSU. They may shoot you. Lastly, do not be walking on our rooftops. Things bad so the zinc rotten and wood lice di eat out the roof board. Please do not try walking up there. By the way we do not have chimneys. Do not try to pry the burglar bars. They are expensive. Please note this. When you deliver to Crooked Tree and Lemonal, do not leave your reindeers unattended. We bush people will shat dem for game meat. Rudolph will be stewed down in coconut oil and recado. Bad business. GANGNAM STYLE The Internet is amazing. It makes the world smaller. It makes it a lot more weird too. People like some puzzling things. The latest viral trend is a song and video. It is called “Gangnam Style”. It is by a South Korean musician. His stage name is PSY. That video is on a site called Youtube. There you can watch videos for free. What is fascinating is that the music video has been viewed over 884



million times. The song has a geekish dance move. But no laughing matter this song is serious history. “Gangnam Style” is now in the Guinness World Records. It is the most “liked” video in YouTube history. Times really have changed. OLDEST LIVING PERSON DIES Besse Cooper was an American. She is also in the Guinness World Records. She was 116 years old. That made her the oldest living person before she died. News reports say she died peacefully in her sleep. That is a whole lot of years. The lady saw three different centuries. The Bible only promises us three score and ten. They say that means sixty years. If by strength you might get seventy. Besse was looking to double up. Living that long must be tiring. But look at the age of young boys dying in Belize. Look how much of a life they are cheated out of. Perspective. Two things grab us about the Besse Cooper story. One. How come lone uman di live so long? Man mussi too wutless. Two. Americans are holding it down for longevity. Dina Manfredini, of Johnston, Iowa is now the oldest living person. So Guinness book of records says. She is a whopping 115 years old. That is a lot of miles traveled. Age is relative. KIM KARDASHIAN Kim Kardashian flew into the Middle East last week. She stopped in Kuwait for the official opening ceremonies to launch her Million Milkshake Ice-cream franchise. Then she flew into Bahrain. It was a different reception. There, members of Parliament tabled a resolution calling on the government not to allow her into the country. Members of the Shia religion mounted a public protest. To ban her from the country because she has a “bad reputation and would be a bad influence”. One newspaper reported the following, which we read with a grain of salt. On her arrival at the airport Ms Kardashian was greeted with the words “As-salamualaikum.” Meaning “peace be unto to you.” Miss Kardashian responded by saying that she was not hungry. Apparently mistaking the traditional Muslim greeting for an offer of food and the word “salam” much have triggered off the American word “salami”. Kim Kardashian is a huge reality TV star in the United States of America. She may be considered in intellectual circles as a bubble head but with a face like hers placed on top of an awesome body like that Americans and world wide viewers by the millions tune in to her weekly show and gobble up every bit of gossip news and views on this huge Hollywood-type personality. The latest alpha-male to be stricken by this woman’s body is none oth-

er than Rap artist extraordinaire Kanye West who apparently has fallen madly in love with Kim. Say what you will about Kim Kardashian she is a phenomenon and she is quite a businesswoman to have so many multi-million dollar deals in clothes perfumes commercial appearances and one of the most watched shows on the planet. These are the personalities leading our children. We are in trouble. Next to Barack Obama who is at 717 twitter hits, Kim is second. This says a lot. Dog eat wi suppa. IT GETS WORSE What kind of thing is this? A little bird is telling us things. The bird says not only has Dean Barrow run to Burrell Boom to live. He also has a house in Miami! This is ridiculous. Just the other day he was elected and had a green card. He can vote there? He has a house there? He has bank accounts there? He has thousands of dollars there. He is always there. Where is his heart? If he has one. Come on. This is past the mark. GREEN AND BEAR It is Christmas time. People are not buying. They may not be happy. But they are moving. The merchants are complaining that they are not buying. They are window shopping. Truth is everyone is moving. Belize City is a mess. We understand that progress brings problems. But there is no plan. All the streets are dug up. Some are impassable. There are no alternative routes. There are no traffic officers for bottlenecks. Traffic is a headache. Cruffy are getting frustrated. The question is why is Darrel digging up the whole city. It is as if he is trying to force businesses to buy the “Municipal Bond Tax”. This is just reckless. BABY HARMONY SUFFOCATED A young couple is mourning. They are Reina Gomez and Luis Burgos. They went to Northern Regional Hospital to have their third child. She was born a beautiful baby girl. Her name was Harmony. Harmony died a terrible death. She suffocated in the womb and ate her own feces. This is cruel. This may have been avoidable. The PUP pleaded for the people in the House of Representatives. The UDP laughed, ridiculed and dismissed the message. They were reckless. The UDP recklessness killed Harmony. The UDP is guilty of gross incompetence. How can a political dummy run the Ministry of Health? A plumber. Pablo Marin is a plumber. He is not an honor roll student either. Barrow has him there to stave off Gapi. Barrow’s political games are paid for with the dead bodies of newborns. Quietly, healthcare in this country is becoming atrocious. Of all the people to suffer, newborns should be the last. Imagine, infant mortality is an issue in 2012 Belize. What more needs

to happen before we get solutions? Screaming shame. ONLY IN BELIZE There is a commercial. It is part two of a series. It is very long. Looks very expensive. It is a cartoon. It is about a Mayan boy named Salam. It is about washing hands. The commercial is paid for by the Government of Belize and UNICEF. Why is there a commercial about soap and water? Why is this when newborn babies are dying? When infant mortality is the issue not nose snot! The Government needs to stop the nonsense. The last time in their 1993 term they borrowed millions of dollar for an infrastructure project. They made bicycle paths that we do not use. This money was wasted on streets when the Education system was in shambles. When the moneylenders want to help, the least the UDP can do is to use the money for what we need. Infant mortality should not be an issue. This is unacceptable. Start a campaign for the life of newborns. Don’t waste our attention span on soap and water. If the kids die at birth there are no hands to wash. Common sense. DANIMITE Nothing celebrates Christmas more than fire crackers. It is the way kids celebrate. We call them “danimite” or “quetez”. It is part of the dangerous fun of Christmas. It is like drinking and driving. It will happen. It is illegal. It is a ghetto thing. It is the sound of ghetto Christmas. It is smuggled across the border from Melchor and Chetumal. There is a new danger. Danimite sound like gun shots. Gunshots are the sound of the crime ridden ghettos. It will make it hard to tell when shots are being fired. Crime is bad. It is bad for everything. Now it will spoil the illegal Christmas for the children. What a ting! FREE BULLET PROOF VEST “But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.” Psalm 3:3

Liquor License NOTICE

Notice is hereby given that Di Lun Zheng is applying for a Restaurant Liquor License to be operated at “Green Jade Restaurant”, 9 ½ Miles, Philip S. W. Goldson Highway, Ladyville, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.



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Recipe of the week Gingerbread

We are officially in our count down to Christmas! Heading to a Christmas party and want to take along a sweet treat as gift? Try this simple Ginger Bread Tree Recipe by Martha Stewart. Ingredients For The Cookies: 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (spooned and leveled), plus more for rolling 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon coarse salt 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature 3/4 cup granulated sugar 1 large egg 1/4 cup unsulfured molasses

For The Icing: 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 1/3 cups confectioners’ sugar Sanding or coarse sugar (optional) Directions Make cookies: In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and salt. In a large bowl, using an electric mixer, beat butter and granulated sugar on medium-high until creamy, 3 minutes. Add egg and beat to combine. Add molasses and beat to combine, scraping down bowl as needed. With mixer on low, gradually add flour mixture and beat until combined. Wrap dough in plastic and refrigerate until firm, 1 hour (or up to 3 days). Preheat oven to 350 degrees, with racks in upper and lower thirds. On a lightly floured work surface, roll out dough to a 1/4-inch thickness. With a sharp knife or cookie cutter, cut

dough into small 2-inch-wide triangles. Arrange triangles, 1 inch apart, on two parchment-lined baking sheets. Bake until cookies are firm and golden at edges, 10 to 12 minutes. Let cool completely on sheets on wire racks. Make icing: In a small bowl, combine lemon juice and confectioners’ sugar and whisk until smooth. Drizzle icing over cooled cookies.

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Reid Filtering the John McAfee saga By G. Mike Reid The saga of the man that is John McAfee, while slowly fading from the headlines of Belizean news, continues to capture the attention of the foreign press. Almost nightly, there are reports on CNN about interviews and interactions with McAfee. The man has become almost legendary, and while most will tend to agree with the Prime Minister that the man is “bonkers”, more and more people are wondering if there might not, at least, be some strain of truth to his whole story. It is said that in every lie, there is a grain of truth and without a doubt John McAfee has been telling more than his fair share of lies. Could it be possible though, that in there somewhere, there is some morsel of truth? In a recent interview broadcast on CNN earlier this week, CNN Martin Savidge was able do what security forces have been trying to do for almost a month; that is to track down and question the elusive and enigmatic McAfee. In the interview, McAfee again accused Belize’s security forces of trying to kill him. As a part of his comments, Savidge describes some parts of McAfee’s interview as being “completely convincing” and some

parts as “off the wall”. He not did not say which part he found to be “completely convincing”. In an email allegedly sent by McAfee out of hiding to an AP journalist, the famous fugitive wrote, “Suspect or not, I believe the government wants me out of the way. Too many people have died in custody in this country so I intend to do nothing that puts me in their custody.” The part about people dying in custody, unfortunately, cannot very well be considered a lie. A relevant question is why would the government want McAfee out of the way? McAfee went into hiding following the gruesome murder of his next door neighbor Gregory Faull. The two lived in an exclusive and upscale neighborhood on San Pedro and were apparently having disagreements over some dogs. According to reports, Faull had filed a petition of complaints about the dogs, claiming that they were “running loose, chasing cyclists and attacking people”. Shorty after the complaints were filed, the dogs were allegedly poisoned and shortly after that, Faull was discovered dead from apparent gunshot wounds to the head. While locally, Police have only described McAfee as a “person of interest”, international news have quoted the head of GSU Vidal as labeling him a “prime suspect”. Despite being in Belize for just a little over four years, this is not McAffe’s first brush with the law. At the end of April of this year, his estate in Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District was raided by the GSU in which the man considered to be a multi-millionaire was arrested on a number of gun related charges. All the charges were eventually dropped and there seemed to be no hard feelings as just a week before going on the lam, McAfee was on television donating several thou-

Shorty after the complaints were filed, the dogs were allegedly poisoned and shortly after that, Faull was discovered dead from apparent gunshot wounds to the head.”

sand dollars worth of equipment to the Police in San Pedro. According to McAfee, in the first two years after arriving, he “donated to the police department alone, over 2 million dollars’ worth of goods”. This is where McAfee claims he might have gone wrong. It seems that the money should have gone to the politicians instead. McAfee has claimed that before the elections of 2012, he was approached by members of the United Democratic Party for campaign financing. According to McAfee, his refusal to comply was the beginning of what has become for him, a living hell. McAffe stated in one of his many interviews that, “I have a fair amount of money and not much to do. So I spend it where I think it will do good. And I don’t ever invest in politics. I don’t donate to any political party; I don’t have any political affiliations”. The question is which part of McAfee’s melodrama is truth and what is fiction? The unfortunate reality is that Belize already has a reputation in the international arena for playing foul. While international reporters are not yet taking McAfee seriously, as they do more research into the way things are done in Belize, they might soon begin to have second thoughts. Political shakedown is nothing new under this regime and a little digging by these professional reporters might reveal more than just a few bones buried near the swing bridge.

21 There is of course, still the question of who killed Gregory Faul. Maybe McAfee knows enough about Belize to know that more than a few murderers have fled the scene and the country, only to return a few years later with no case to answer. McAfee did admit to shooting his dogs and it seems Police will be putting their new ballistics equipment to use. Police reported that they have exhumed the dogs and will retrieve the slugs and try to match them with McAfee’s gun. Problem is, they don’t have McAfee or his gun. If nothing else, McAfee is presenting a good test for our Police Department. If the stories are true about him hiding in the sand while they search his property, or being right under their noses disguised as a food vendor, then they have so far not done too well on the test. There are also those who do not consider him too far off base when he states that “we are living in a near dictatorship where the legal system is subservient to the cabinet” and that “This is clearly a military dictatorship where people are allowed to go and harass citizens based on rumor alone and treat them as if they are guilty before any evidence whatsoever is obtained.” McAfee might be crazy, and he might even be a murderer, but ‘tis not everything that this man says that should be considered a lie. There are many who know exactly what he is talking about.



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In my perspective…

poor which, incidentally, more usually gets the worst of it, in Mr. whites receive. Barrow’s case he calls it a tongue This idea of blaming everyone lashing and boy he’s a master of it. except yourself for your inept cam- He calls the opposition everything paign and a horrible message of you can think of, and even brings hate and disrespect to minorities their families into the discussion. are typical of sore losers. Mr. Dean He enjoys his ranting and disreBarrow, Prime Minister of Belize spect for the opposition. But you wrong? How could so many Re- also recently blamed President know what? All that blaming and Obama and the IDB tongue lashing does not stop all publican operatives and President Luis Alberto the murders in Belize City which the Romney campaign Moreno for the prob- stands at more than 130 so far in be so incompetent and lems Belize faces. 2012, the largest unemployment welcome faulty poll Here is what Mr. Bar- the country has ever witnessed, numbers? Because it’s This idea of row said: “The PM crumbling infrastructure, governeasy to say we have blaming evnext turned on the re- ment taking over private businessthe momentum, we eryone except cently re-elected Unit- es, the government missing it’s are surging, it makes them feel like winners. yourself for your ed States president, bond payment and on and on. Why It’s lazy politics. It’s inept campaign Barack Obama, who doesn’t the PM try and deal with and a horrible he said “hasn’t done these huge problems instead of what you do when you know you are losing. message of hate anything for Belize”. blaming others and tongue lashing Then again when you and disrespect What does Barrow ex- those who have nothing to do with ‘dis’ 47% of the peo- to minorities are pect Obama to do for his policies? Belize, grow the econThere is still time for this PM ple calling them takers typical of sore omy? Create jobs? to tackle and put in place programs and lazy, that they don’t losers. Mr. Dean Is Barrow becoming and policies that would make life so have any work ethics Barrow, Prime delusional?” (Belize much better for so many and most etc, that’s a good reaMinister of BeTimes) of all the country. As former vice son they won’t vote for lize also recentThis is what in- president contender Sarah Palin you. Since then much has ly blamed Pres- competent politicians another loser - once said “Man up”! do, they blame every- Stop playing the victim. You were been said of the 2012 ident Obama one but themselves elected to lead, to make changes elections - especially by and the IDB for the mess they if something was not working. Fire Republicans. One RePresident Luis cause their country those that are incompetent and republican said that the Alberto Moreno because of their failed place them with honest and compeminorities turned out for Mr. Obama more for the problems policies. Instead of tent people. Stop the blame game, Belize faces.” recognizing their mis- that’s what losers do. Mr. PM, “Man than they expected. So takes and appointing up!” did the Hispanics and qualified and honest Rayford Young is a Belizthe students. Others blamed the New Jersey Governor people to his cabinet and help run ean-American, who currently lives who embraced and thanked Presi- the country, he doubles down and in Michigan, U.S.A. Send comments dent Obama for his help and quick blames everyone. The opposition to response after Hurricane Sandy hit his State. They said Mr. Obama looked Presidential and Governor Christy went too far praising the President. But the most offensive comment came from the loser himself, Mr. Romney. “Romney told his wealthy donors that he blamed his loss on “gifts” Obama gave to minority groups…” (The Washington Post) By gifts I think Mr. Romney means health care for evEmail: eryone, social security which everyone has to pay into and welfare for the

Man Up!

by Rayford Young For many years to come political parties, universities and campaign operatives will be examining how President Obama won the 2012 election. Many Republicans thought this was going to be one of the easiest elections to win since the United States of America’s economy was still weak and not growing as fast as many hoped. For the four years Mr. Obama has been in office the Senate and the House of Representatives did all they could to make sure President Obama was a one term president. Many States run by Republican governors did all they could and passed laws to limit minorities from voting. For example, they cut back on early voting, you had to show several IDs, they stopped same day registration; just about everything to make it hard for minorities because they usually vote for the Democrats. Instead of working in their favor, their plan backfired. Minorities were appalled and mad that in this 21st century governors and the Republican Party would be involved is this kind of mischief and so openly talking about it. Instead, minorities came out in droves and stood in line for hours to vote. Of all the countries on earth Democracy is the one idea America cherishes and promotes around the world. One’s right to vote is a cornerstone for the American experiment, yet there are those who did whatever they could to stifle this right that Americans cherish. One man, one vote. In the closing days leading up to the November 6 election, all the pundits and the Romney campaign operatives were on television declaring victory. Fox news pundits said Romney was going to win and win decisively. It is reported that Romney did not even prepare a concession speech since he was so sure they were going to win. They launched a new website declaring Romney the President elect which they had to quickly take down. How did they get it so








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Did Jared Ranguy Commit Murder?

Godfrey Smith


December 4, 2012 In the wee hours of Sunday, November 25th 2012, 26-yearold Jared Ranguy allegedly stabbed his mother, Karen Skeen Vellos, to death with a machete, shot dead his stepfather, Robert Earl Vellos, as well as his sister, Tina Beth Skeen. Residents of Belize City - a city with one of the highest murder rates per capital in the region - have become numbed by the frequency and callous randomness of killings. But this triple killing - numbers 127, 128 and 129 of the 131 committed so far this year - has certain nagging, unusual features. Even for a cold-blooded killer, patricide, matricide and sororicide - all in one bloody, fell swoop - is an extraordinary event and Jared Ranguy invites closer scrutiny for that fact alone. Intriguingly, Channel 7 news reported that Ranguy told police he was sleepwalking. A curious - even laughable - thing to say. So why would Ranguy raise such a flimsy defense? Somnambulists and parasomniacs have been known to carry out complex acts while asleep. Consider the case of Lady Macbeth (Act 5 Scene 1) Enter a Doctor of Physic and a Waiting-Gentlewoman Doctor:

I have two nights watched with you, but can perceive no truth in your report. When was it she last walked?

Gentlewoman: Since his majesty went into the field I have seen her rise from her bed, throw her nightgown upon her, unlock her closet, take forth paper, fold it, write upon’t, read it, afterwards seal it, and again return to bed, yet all this while in a most fast sleep. Doctor:

A great perturbation in nature, to receive at once the benefit of sleep and do the effects of watching. In this slumbery agitation besides her walking and other actual performances, what at any time, have you heard her say?

Gentlewoman: That, sir, which I will not report after her.... Enter Lady Macbeth with a paper Lo you, here she comes. This is her very guise, and, upon my life, fast asleep. Observe her. Stand Close. Doctor:

How came she by that light?

Gentlewoman: Why, it stood by her. She has light by her continually. ‘Tis her command. Doctor:

Kenneth Parks - Successfully raised the defense of sleepwalking

You see her eyes are open. Gentlewoman: Ay, but their sense are shut. In the wee hours of May 24th 1987, a 23-year-old man named Kenneth Parks in Ontario, Canada got up from his sleep, drove 23 km to the home of his parents-in-law, killed his mother-in-law (with whom he had enjoyed excellent relations) and seriously injured his father-in-law, with whom his relations were more distant. They had been both asleep in bed. Driving his own car, Parks went to a nearby police station and told police: “I just killed someone with my bare hands; Oh my God, I just killed someone; I just killed two people; My God, I’ve just killed two people with my hands; My God, I’ve just killed two people. My hands; I just killed two people. I killed them; I just killed two people; I’ve just killed my mother-and-father-in-law. I stabbed and beat them to death. It’s all my fault.” He was charged with the first degree murder of his mother-in-law and the attempted murder of his father-in-law. At the trial, Parks presented a defence of automatism stating that at the time the events took place, he was sleepwalking. He was acquitted of both charges; the Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the acquittal. To succeed with a murder conviction, the prosecution must prove: a. death as the result of the voluntary act of the accused; and b. malice of the accused

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder in which sleepwalkers get up from the slow wave sleep stage and perform acts that are usually performed only during full consciousness. If Mr. Ranguy can, at his trial, provide evidence that he was sleepwalking at the time of the triple killing, he would have raised the legitimate defence of automatism and be entitled to a complete acquittal. That great British judge, Lord Denning, in the case of Bratty v Attorney General (1963 A.C. 386), recognized that sleepwalking gave rise to a defence of automatism: No act is punishable if it is done involuntarily: and an involuntary act in this context - some people nowadays prefer to speak of it as automatism - means an act which is done by the muscles without any control by the mind, such as a spasm, a reflex action or a convulsion; or an act done by a person who is not conscious of what he is doing, such as an act done whilst suffering from concussion or whilst sleep-walking.” In the Canadian case of Kenneth Parks, five physicians were called: a neurologist, a psychiatrist, forensic psychiatrist, neurophysiologist and specialist in sleep disorders. They all said that in their opinion Parks was sleepwalking when the events occurred. They also unanimously stated that a person who is sleepwalking cannot think, reflect, or perform voluntary acts as seen from this exchange in court with one of the physicians: Q. Is there any evidence that a person could formulate a plan while they were awake and then in some way ensure that they carry it out in their sleep? A. No, absolutely not. No. Probably the most striking feature of what we know of what goes on in the mind during sleep is that it’s very independent of waking mentation in terms of its objectives and so forth. There is a lack of control of directing our minds in sleep compared to wakefulness...” Q. And assuming he was sleepwalking at the time, would he have the capacity to intend? A. No.

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Liquor License NOTICES Notice is hereby given that Myrna Meighan is applying for a Malt, Ale & Cider License to be operated at “Myrna’s Cool Spot”, #10 Queen Charlotte Street, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Delvorine Herrera is applying for a Publican Special License to be operated at “Dees Cool Spot”, Bermudian Landing, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Rosalba Sandoval is applying for a Publican Special License to be operated at “Island Queen”, Caye Caulker Village under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Rodolfo Palma is applying for a Beer License to be operated at “Palma’s Brothers Beer Shop”, #78 San Andres Street, Orange Walk Town under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Juan Carlos Dusan is applying for a Shop Liquor License to be operated at “Public Super Market”, 49 West Canal Street, Belize City under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Juan Carlos Dusan is applying for a Shop Liquor License to be operated at “P Supermarket”, 2 Miles Northern Highway, Belize City under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.



Home Economics

A lesson in Avocado By Richard Harrison Some of my trees are still loaded with avocados....and that is because I have not fertilized. These ones are the “late variety”. I have three varieties of “seasonal” and two “late” varieties. I have avocados from July to December. My “early” variety had died on me...due to lack of care after planting....otherwise I would have avocados from May to the central flat-lands of Belice. Most farmers in Belice only have “seasonal” fruits...and thus most consumers only enjoy 3 months of avocado fruits. Ten years ago....I recommended the Ministry of Agriculture request the Mexican government assistance with grafting 16,000 early and late varieties of avocado...using the local avocado root stock.... via the Mexico-Belize Cooperation in Agriculture. Within five years Belize would have been producing avocados nine months out of the year....instead of the current three months. This would have come at minimal cost to Belice....given the Mexican Government’s willingness and ability to help us....through our various cooperation agreements. Mexico has been very successful in avocado production...and has penetrated the US market in a big way. We can learn many things from them....we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Belice can consume around 15 million avocados in nine months.....but we are only consuming 5 million in three months. At $1 per fruit, this means that small farmers are experiencing an opportunity-cost of $10 million per year, just from inadequate production of one fruit.... avocado. The problem is not demand....its availability.

The Ministry of Agriculture had decided that they don’t need to ask the Mexicans for this help....that they have grafters in Belize who could do the job. So...they got the varieties...and planted them in rows in Central Farm. They said that they would take the cuttings from the trees that they grow...and prepare the grafted plants on their own. They have trees in Central Farm today that are full of avocados....just like mine....but you cannot get avocados in the markets around the country. When you do....they are $1.50 or $2.00 a the demand falls with this price increase...due to scarcity. Belice is small....but it has very different production climate zones and altitudes.....north, central and south...flat lands and mountainous regions...arid and wet zones...and this opens opportunity for getting varied flowering and fruiting periods for all tropical and sub-tropical fruits. Fruits can be big supplementary incomes for small farmers...especially our elderly. A grandmother in rural Belice could earn an extra $500 each year from two avocado trees in her back yard....and so depend less on others for their basic needs. The sociological problems that derive from economic dependency of the senior citizens on the younger generation are numerous. Ten years have passed....Belice could have been in five years of expanded window of production....which amounts to $50 million in opportunity-cost (or losses) to small farmers...ONLY FROM AVOCADO. When the leaders have no vision.... the people perish. Richard Harrison is a local businessman and investor in the manufacturing and service industries. Send comments to


SAGICOR CAPITAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. LTD. David Hoy Sr of #6209 Seashore Drive, Buttonwood Bay, Belize, has made sworn deposition that Policy No P#F01107718 issued by Sagicor Capital Life Insurance Company Ltd has been declared lost. Dated December 4th, 2012 By Order Sandra Osborne Corporate Secretary

Exchange rate of One Belize Dollar

United States (USD): $ 0.5017

Barbados (BBD): Eastern Caribbean $ 1.0037 (XCD):$ 1.3559

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Surrogate’s Court Rensselaer Citation The People of the State of New York, by the Grace of God Free and Independent TO: Alexander Levin, a beneficiary of the Edward Levin Revocable Trust, last known to reside in San Ignazio, Cayo District, Belize, Central America, and if such beneficiary be dead, then all of the distributes, executors, administrators, devisees and legatees of such deceased beneficiary and all persons who by purchase, inheritance or otherwise, have or claim to have an interest in this matter, derived through such beneficiary, executors, administrators, devisees and legatees and all other persons, if any there be, their names and domiciles and/or places of residence being unknown, and which cannot, after due diligence, be ascertained. A petition and an account have been duly filed by Rolf M. Sternberg, who is domiciled at 407 Cold Spring Road, North Bennington Vermont, 05207. YOU ARE HEREBY CITED TO SHOW CAUSE, before the Surrogate’s Court, Rensselaer Country, at Troy, New York on January 22nd, 2013 at 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, why the account of Rolf M. Sternberg, as Trustee of the Edward Levin Revocable Trust, should not be judicially settled.

NOTICE To Alexander Levin, The foregoing citation is served upon you by publication pursuant to an order of the Hon. Robert Jacon, Acting Surrogate Judge of the Surrogate’s Court of the State of New York, County of Rensselaer, dated the 28th day of November, 2012, and filed with the petition and other papers in the office of the Clerk of said Surrogate’s Court at Troy, New York. The object of the proceeding is judicial settlement of the account of Rolf M. Sternberg, in his capacity as Trustee of the Edward Levin Revocable Trust. Dated November 28th, 2012. Edward J. Gorman, Esq. Attorney for Trustee Sternberg & Gorman, LLP P.O. Box 68 Hoosick Falls, New York 12090

Euro(EUR) : $ 0.3827

Sterlin Pound Guatemala Quetzal Jamaican (JMD): Mexican Pesos Trinidadian (TTD) (GBP): $ 0.3114 (GTQ): $ 3.9528 $45.8043 (MXN): $ 6.4887 : $ 3.208

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December 10 is celebrated as Human Rights Day! This day reminds us about the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. After the horrible things that happened in World War II, world leaders came together to make sure such evil acts would never happen again. They formed the United Nations. They came up with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to help guide (show) all countries with how they should treat all human beings. The Declaration has in it the highest ideals (good things or ways) for respecting all human beings and shows us how we should try to live in peace all over the world. Can you think of some rights? No? Don’t worry have fun learning some!

We Declare It!



Can you use the clues in the box to answer the questions and solve this crossword puzzle? Across


1. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it says we have the right to go to school! It is our right to _______________.

2. We all have these human rights no matter what our race, skin color, nationality, language, religion, thoughts, family background, if we are a boy or girl, rich or poor. We have the right to freedom from ____________.

4. No one has the right to treat you as a slave, and you should not make anyone your slave. People have the right to ______________ from slavery! 5. We have the right to our own opinions and the right to share our thoughts. We have the right to freedom of ___________. 7. NO ONE has the right to torture, harm or humiliate you! We have the right to be free from ___________ and degrading treatment! 8. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that we are born free and equal to every other human being. This is the right to __________________.




3. We have the right to the things we need for our families and ourselves to have a healthy and comfortable life. This means we have a right to access food, clothing, housing, medical care and other important things to help us survive. It is our right 7 to an adequate standard of _______________. 6. We have the right to meet peacefully with other people and no one can force us to belong to any group. It is our right ______________ assembly and association.



Freedom Peaceful Discrimination Equality Living Education Torture Opinion



Dominion or Death


s I listened to the news of the triple murder two weekends ago, I was reminded of the reason why I had stopped tuning in. If you are someone who really cares, it would send up your pressure. If you are someone who is afraid, these horror stories would paralyze you and give you uncontrollable chills! This one kill that one, that one kill this one, the murder record has been broken, an innocent person has been killed, it goes on and on and ironically, this is right on the heels of a new crime zoning effort by law enforcers. I can barely understand one not believing in God but I cannot understand one not believing that a devil exists. And if you would take a peek in the manual you will find out that it is predicted that things will get worse 2 Timothy 3:13. See many people believe that the purpose of the “church” is to work hard on making earth a better place, and although this may surprise you, that is not the purpose of the church as every single human is responsible to make this world a better place. What makes changing the world the most difficult thing is deeply connected to the scripture in the constitution mentioned above. It says that men will be seducers, wicked and evil at heart. As humans we too often desire to have our cake and eat. “We should be able to gamble” some may say, “So that we can win a lot of money”. But in reality no one considers that the money you win didn’t grow on some tree or on the inside of a gambling machine. Human beings want to drink uncontrollably but not end up in vehicle accident, dead, or killing others. We want to steal from you but not have you steal from us. We want to kill your family but you should not touch ours. This goes on continually and results into a downward spiral where evil reigns rampant in our world. Well, let me confirm to you that it is not the church’s responsibility to make it better although would society yield to half of what the churches recommends our living conditions would improve on a tremendous level. In the manual (Genesis 4) I am still appalled as I read that God himself spoke to Cain, warning him of his attitude towards his brother, yet God did not interfere with what Cain had in mind! Yes he spoke to him, he warned him and showed him a better way but he did not force Cain to do what was right, rather he gave Cain the freedom to do as he pleased although he knew that it would end in bloodshed! Well the same way I expected God to have intervened between the two brothers; similarly, society ignores the strong recommendations of the church according to the manual but at the same time expects the church to make the world a better place. It is not going to happen that way! This is where the word dominion comes in. To have dominion is to have control over, to govern! God does not give and take back like a child would, and since he gave us dominion over the earth we decide! We decide if we will kill, we decide if we will steal, we decide if we will rape, curse, get drunk, gamble, sleep with the same sex, or have intercourse outside of wedlock, we decide if we will build or tear down. Because God is a god of integrity He leaves us to our own devices, even though it could cause death to us or our neighbor. Please don’t get me wrong as I am not saying that he does not care about us, nor am I saying that he does nothing, rather he has left his operating instructions with us and made himself available to intervene whenever we ask for his help and guidance. God has given us Dominion but dominion without his guidance and laws leads to only one thing and that is death. Quit hoping that one day God will stop you in your tracks and force you to enter his kingdom or at least to obey his laws. Religion and religious folks might do such a thing but that is not the M.O. of the Father of the Kingdom. My question for you today is a “what are you doing with the dominion that God has Given to you?” A day of answering for your choices and actions will come! Dominion or Death? Until next week God Bless!

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Vitamin C for the Common Cold, does it work? Submitted by Dr. Mark Musa Vitamin C was first suggested as a treatment for the common cold since the 1970’s. But despite its widespread use, is there really any proof that it really works to prevent or treat the symptoms of the common cold? The Common Cold The common cold is a group of symptoms in the upper respiratory tract that can be caused by a large number of different viruses. Symptoms include itching or sore throat with sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes, and runny nose. More severe symptoms, such as high fever or muscle aches, may indicate you have flu rather than a cold. With a common cold, you catch the virus from another person who is infected with the virus. This usually happens by touching a contaminated surface with cold germs -- a computer keyboard, doorknob, or eating utensil, for example -- and then touching your nose or mouth. You can also catch a cold by inhaling secretions from someone who sneezes or coughs. Getting wet or exposed to cold breeze is not a cause of the common cold. You are more likely to catch a cold if you are excessively tired, have emotional distress, or have allergies with nose and throat symptoms. Hand washing, Coughing or Sneezing into forearm/elbow rather than hands can help to reduce the spread of the virus. What is Vitamin C? Vitamin C is an important vitamin and antioxidant that the body uses in the maintenance of bones, muscle, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is found naturally in vegetables and fruits, especially oranges and other citrus fruits. Can Vitamin C Prevent or Treat the Common Cold? Overall, experts have found little to no benefit for vitamin C preventing or treating the common cold. After reviewing 60 years of clinical research, they found that when taken after a cold starts vitamin C supplements do not make a cold shorter or less severe. When taken daily, vitamin C slightly shortens the duration of a cold -- by 8% in adults and by 14% in children. So what does all this mean? The average adult who suffers a cold for 12 days a year would still suffer for 11 days a year if that person took a high dose of vitamin C every day during that year. Like vitamin C, using Echinacea and Zinc does not significantly help in the treatment colds. The common cold is a virus and Antibiotics do not cure viruses. So you don’t need antibiotics when you have the common cold. Cold remedies are usually a combination of decongestant, cough suppressants and medications to control fever and pain. Check with your doctor before taking some decongestants and cough suppressants particularly if you have high blood pressure or a heart condition as some of these medicines can raise your blood pressure and speed your heart rate. The best advice is for lots of Rest, drink plenty of Fluids, use saline drops if your nose is congested and take acetaminophen (tylenol) for pain and fever.

Did Jared Ranguy Commit Murder? Continued from page 23

Q. Would he have appreciated what he was doing? A. No, he would not. Q. Would he have understood the consequences of what he was doing? A. No, he would not. Q. Would he have been able to stop what he was doing? A. No, I do not believe that he would. I think it would all have been an unconscious activity, uncontrolled and unmeditated. The nagging elements of this case (as reported in the news) are as follows: it occurred in the early hours of the morning (when sleepwalking usually occurs); Jared was found “half naked” (consistent with having just gotten up from sleep); police say he was “screaming”; his friend, Germaine Daly, observed him “sitting down in front of his house just trembling, shaking... he was so frightened”; he told Germaine it was a home invasion and that “My Momma is still breathing, my Momma is still alive in there.” The triple killings have left many frayed nerves and overwrought emotions; Jared Ranguy has unwittingly raised the defence of sleepwalking. If justice is to come, it can only come from science, if that kind of science is available in Belize. This article was reproduced from

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“Luminous” lights up Image Factory on Friday

November 4, 2012 By Katie Usher Isn’t it amazing how a little spark can light up an entire room? Even a flicker of light ignites and consumes the deepest darkness. In contrast, entering a space completely inundated with light creates its own blindness. On December 7, Luminous, a sculpture exhibit by renowned Belizean artist Damian Perdomo, promises to light up the Image Factory Art Gallery. The exhibit is launched by Damian Perdomo, a Visual Artist, whose preferred medium is sculpture. Perdomo teaches sculpture at St. John’s College Junior College. He has exhibited his

works locally and internationally. Perdomo also participated in the widely successful Landings project. Landings, a series of ten exhibits, was curated by cultural guru Joan Duran. These exhibits which featured contemporary works by visual artists from Belize, South-eastern Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America, were exhibited in Mexico, the United States, Taiwan, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Perdomo’s new exhibit will feature volume, the advantage of three-dimensional pieces, colour and light. Damian chose glass, an excellent choice to reflect, transport and showcase light. In this season of Christmas lights

Artist Damian Perdomo Luminous offers glitter and substance. Luminous, which is the last major cultural event for 2012, will be launched on Friday at 7 p.m. at the Image Factory Art Gallery which is located on 91 North Front Street. The event is free and open to the public and runs for the entire month of December.

A Giant in Latin American dance Maestro Eduardo Rivero passes Belize City, December 1, 2012 The passing on Thursday November 1, 2012 of Cuban dance pioneer Eduardo Rivero gives us reason to reflect on his contribution to Belize. In the early 1990s the Minister of Culture Said Musa brought the renowned Latin American dancer and choreographer to Belize to work with our Belizean counterparts. In 1991 Rivero organized a huge dance extravaganza at the Civic Centre as part of Belize’s 10th anniversary of Independence. At that juncture of Belize’s cultural development dance was a key component in our attempt to establish fresh and innovative actions of artistic expression. The story of Eduardo Rivero needs to be properly told, because his impact on Belizean dance was transformational. In a short period he changed our attitudes and way of doing things and put us on a path to creativity and modernity. He was key in establishing the National Dance Company of Belize. Below is an article translated by Cubarte and published by Cuba Si (, November 2, 2012 Maestro Eduardo Rivero Walk-

er, dancer, choreographer and relevant dance professor, 2001 Cuban National Dance Award, died yesterday in Santiago de Cuba, a city to which he gave his most intense efforts for over two decades and where he founded and led the Teatro de la Danza del Caribe Company. Cuban Dance and cultural life are consternated by the death of such outstanding artist who created enduring works as Súlkary, Okantomí, Otansí, Tanagras, Duo a Lam, Tributo, Elogio de la Danza, Destellos and Ceremonial de la Danza, among other memorable choreographic works. Being an exceptionally gifted dancer, he had the privilege to interact with leading figures of the stage and to integrate the casts of iconic pieces. We recall especially his interpretation of Oggún in Suite Yoruba, created by Ramiro

Guerra, which was fortunately filmed and preserved under the title Historia de un Ballet, (José Massip, 1962). As a man of intense vitality, Rivero made all efforts to promote and validate the assumptions of Cuban Modern Dance; a the proof of which is the founding in 1988 of the Teatro de la Danza del Caribe Company, in Santiago de Cuba, where he was welcomed as a son and revered as the artist and the humble, virtuous man he always was. He shared his knowledge and the achievements of our dance school. His ongoing work includes founding academic groups abroad like the National Performing of Granada, the Okantomí Contemporary Dance Company in Barcelona, Spain and the National Performing in Belize, and mentoring to the National Dance Company of Guyana and the National Dance Theatre Company and School of Dance, both settled in nearby Jamaica. He also gave further courses and master classes in England, Canada and Germany, among other nations.

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THINK ABOUT IT $12.00 FROM S.S.B. A young man lost his father to the inevitability of death. He is a minor. His father worked and contributed all his working life to the Social Security Board. Now that he is gone, his son has been informed that he is to get twelve dollars a week. Let it be understood, Social Security is operating like a multi-million dollar fraud scheme. Payments are mandatory from every worker and every employer. It is an insurance scheme. It takes workers/ employers money for sickness, injuries, death, retirement and dependents. That is the reason for the payments. The payments never meet the requirements. Payments for funerals are less than one third of what an ordinary coffin, transportation and funeral expenses cost. Payments to dependents of those who pay, receive less than what it costs to survive hand to mouth in Belize. Yet, Social Security rakes in millions from Belizean workers/employees. The retirement age, in order to qualify for a pension payment is 65 years. SSB knows that most Belizeans die in their late sixties. A citizen only gets to collect for a year or less and then that is it. Their days of collecting are over. It’s a scam. A legalized theft sanctioned by the guardians of a system designed to cheat hardworking Belizeans. The workers never get additional benefits. Never get improved payments. Treated like the horse and the sheep in Animal Farm. Listen! Recently the Government took FIFTY MILLION dollars out of social security saying they will put it in BTL. Then they took an additional FIFTEEN MILLION dollars to put in BEL. That is a total of SIXTY-FIVE MILLION dollars. Here comes the hardest Christmas since the British colonized us. You would think every worker and employer who put their blood and sweat into paying social security all these long years would be entitled to a little rebate on their years of payment. You would think so. But the fat cats in the Capital want it all for themselves. ANOTHER HOUSE MEETING There was another meeting of the House of Representatives last Friday. So what? A few important issues were raised. These were by the Opposition concerning the so far failed Super Bond negotiations. Those negotiations follow the worse bad name and downgrading of our country’s standing. Also raised was the shameful treatment of mothers and newborn babes at the Northern Regional Hospital. The government put forward nothing by way of easing the economic pain it has brought on the nation. There will be no rebate refunds, lowering of any rates, fees or taxes. No initiative to help single mothers

to learn a craft, a trade, of earning a little living wage. Next Friday there will be another House Meeting. Who cares? Out here in the real world such things are next to meaningless. “The children in the ghetto want food fi eat….The people pan the streets want somewhere to sleep.” Ziggy Marley NEW HUMAN RIGHTS The Human Rights Commission of Belize recently elected some new officers. President is Leo Bradley, son of the famous librarian and nationalist who contributed to the independence of our country. The National Library is named for this lover of books and of learning. Secretary of the Commission is Kevin Arthurs. He is articulate. Down to earth and a pleasant people person. He is a humble revolutionary and an activist. He comes from a family of some outstanding Belizeans. Former government Minister Allen Arthurs, former Brigadier General of the BDF - Earl Arthurs. His dad, Sylburn Arthurs, was an outstanding public officer in the Public Health Department. Both Leo Bradley and Kevin Arthurs are attorneys. Cynthia Pitts is the former Ombudslady and attorney, whose lineage traces back to the glory days of the Pitts family, is also on the Human Rights Commission. Co-President and Human Rights Fighter Emeritus is none other than the one and only Simeon Sampson, who as you all know needs no introduction. Ms. Pitts’ stint as Ombudslady did not shake the abusers in the Police Ministry or elsewhere. But that’s the way the government wanted it. She now has a second chance to help Belize be a better place to live. Maria Gamero is a long standing member. Enrique August, Enrique Pech and Human rights giant, Antoinette Moore, are also members of the newly-energized Human rights team. Belize is becoming a sad case where human rights are being abused by persons in official positions are on the increase. The new blood along with more experienced campaigners could not have taken up battle positions at a better time. JUDGES Some Judges are letting Belizeans down. If it were left to the government they would have the Police, BDF and Coast Guard round up every suspect, every ragged-looking male youth and female as well, and drag them off to jail. For the government to do this they need a compliant and even corrupt Police Department. This means Police who are prepared to make false allegations, or, plant weed and bullets on persons or in their vehicles or premises. They need Police who will lie. There are no shortages of such, looking for promotions and other political perks. The safeguard Belizeans have is

the Constitution and the Judiciary. Some Magistrates have been contaminated. They are fearful for their jobs. They will remand citizens when there is no justification for doing so. Some Magistrates are remanding persons for frivolous reasons. The government has even passed a law which removes the authority of magistrates to grant bail for certain offenses for a period. Which brings the matter to the Judges. Unfortunately, a few of the Judges have been letting justice down. Locking up Belizeans in jail before they even get a trial is a sin. In a proper democracy, with the rule of law and a Constitution that guarantees our freedom, jail without trial is an anathema. Not so in Belize. Some five hundred citizens are languishing in our jail awaiting their trial. Nearly two hundred are there accused of murder. But except for the few who are a danger to society and are possible flight risks, why are hundreds of our people-all of them poor- subjected to this barbarity? Only in Guantanamo, Israeli detention camps and possibly Burma are people locked up from their families without a trial. Which brings us to the Judges. Two Judges, both Belizeans, have been declining to protect our citizens by granting bail in circumstances that clearly warrant it. This, to put it mildly, is distressing and cause for concern. HURRICANE The hurricane season has come and gone. All praises are due to our Mighty God and Saviour.

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What is the hold-up? IMPORTING OUR FOOD These two things. Belize is blessed with an abundance of fertile soil. We also have a large sea front filled with marine products. It is written that in the abundance of water the fool is thirsty. What kind of leaders do we have that don’t encourage us to consume local produce? We don’t eat from our farmers and fishermen but are encouraged to consume imported foods and beverages. The food importation bill amounts to over 600 million dollars annually while our land is idle and our people are poor. Lord, send us some real leaders. RONALD CLARKE There is a small book on Belizean Folklore. It was published more than fifteen years ago. Its contributors and publishers dedicated it to Ronald Clarke. Ronald Clarke was a poet and a writer. Some of his poems are preserved in a few anthologies that are no longer on bookshelves. He was one of the driving forces behind many of the cultural presentations that were an integral part of our national day celebrations, like the Grand Market, Tribute to Belizean Patriots and scores of dramas. Ronald Clarke was also a public officer, rising to the rank of Permanent Secretary, the highest rank in the public service. Ronald Clarke succumbed to an asthma attack in 1986. We remember him as a brother and as an artist whose contributions helped our country along the hard journey to independence. It was Ronald Clarke, who, while assisting in the drafting of a speech for George Price, coined the phrase “not one square centimeter of land will we give up to Guatemala”.

OKEKE vs. FOOLS Remember Stephen Okeke? Just a few months ago he was urging the City Council and the Ministry of Works to place “speed bumps” along a certain area of the Northern Highway in the vicinity of Brodies and the Divine Mercy Church. Because it was coming from Okeke, the authorities ignored the excellent suggestion. Okeke even showed the kind of material; a kind of metal ball as they do in Mexico. It is called a thumb bump. Well, Friday night, November 30th another innocent person lost his life on the same stretch of highway. Now, first thing Monday morning December 3rd, traffic was stalled because the authorities were busy putting down speed bumps at the said same area. How many innocent lives could have been saved? You fools! You never listen to the people. Now, could there please be some lamp post lights further up on that dark, winding death trap road by Rose Garden? REMEMBER SUZENNE No arrest has yet been made for the rape and murder of student Suzenne Martinez.

NURI MUHAMMAD The recently-postponed third coming of the great Minister Louis Farrakhan has shed brighter light on Nuri Muhammad. Nuri has always been a social activist for the betterment of Belize. During his time he organized many public forums (correct English for the plural is fora) on the topical and taboo subjects of the day. These included Police Brutality; Racism; The Need For A Third Political Party; How to Better Our Communities and The Nation of Islam. Nuri was a member of the United Black Association for Development. Thereafter, he must have heard the preaching of Minister Farrakhan. Nuri has always been a serious and disciplined man. A patriot and a nationalist. He was a high ranking public official in the Ministry of Social Services and Human Development. He was also the first Director of Youth for the Future where he labored tremendously to save young people from the clutches of the devil. Nuri also put in a work at the Prison Department as a Counselor and Director of the rehabilitation programs. You can tell quite a lot about a person’s character by the type of jobs they seek and the work they do. Nuri did not ask for work in tourism or foreign affairs. He wanted to help fellow human beings. Respect is due. Big respect every time.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

No Ham No “Nyam” Belize City, December 4, 2012 There will be no ham fest or feast this year. Readers will recall that last year 2.4 million dollars in ham and goodies were shared out through UDP standard bearers in their constituencies. It was all paid for by taxpayers’ monies, stolen from the Government treasury. Theft we are told is taking what does not belong to you and permanently depriving the owners/tax payers of their money. Last year’s ham fest was a form of bribery because the government was getting ready for early General Elections, one that they barely won by the skin of their thieving teeth. It is not clear whether the official visit of the esteemed Minister Lois Farrakhan to Belize this week has influenced the UDP infidels who traffic in ham for votes. The Minister is a devout Muslim and the Muslim religion like the Old Testament of the Christian Bible frowns on those who eat the swine. There will be a minimum of ham distribution by UDP standard bearers this year. In place of a ham, a box of groceries and crate of soft drink, the UDP’s will be giving out $60 and $70 to their voters. In the case of Patrick Faber of the Collet Division, his voters have been informed to start visiting the office to beg for their $70 instead of ham and turkey.

Bondholders reject Barrow AGAIN Continued from page 3 Moreno, as having shown a “crass act of cowardice”. The PM also spoke negatively of the United States Treasury, who it blamed of threatening to block the IDB assistance, and said the U.S. President Barack Obama had failed to help Belize in anyway. But no amount of excuses or crying has cut it for the bondholders. The bondholders committee has hired law firm Arnold & Porter to act as their legal counsel, since the 60 day grace period expired on December 1st. “Unfortunately, it seems we may be missing the window for a timely resolution,” said AJ Mediratta, of Greylock Capital Management, co-chair of the bondholders committee. With time closing in, the worst case scenario is that the Government is too rigid in its offers and willingness to compromise. Carl Ross, an Atlanta- based managing director of investments at Oppenheimer & Co., a brokerage firm, said in an interview with the international press that the longer the parties take to resolve the matter the worst it gets for Belize. “The longer the process takes, the greater the legal fees pile up. The longer the government is in default, the greater the past interest payments build up. The longer it drags on, the more complicated it becomes,” said Ross.



In the case of Queen Square Division, where PM Barrow has not held a Wednesday clinic since February of 2008, Sister B has been informing voters that the place to beg for $50 is at a residence that she frequents at the corner of University Drive and Seashore Drive. A check with the residents of Port Loyala reveals that Boots Martinez has not yet prepared the list of who will receive $50 in envelopes. In the case of Lake I, which the PUP narrowly lost, thanks to you know who, Mark King has not yet told his committee or voters how he will handle the ham and the “nyam” behind there. Mark King, you will recall, was embroiled in a fiasco last week when twenty one unfortunate residents suddenly found themselves homeless as a result of their homes being burnt by fire. King could not be found to offer any assistance to those who had lost everything in the fire. It was only after a public scandal that a sheepish King showed up for a photo op. Those who the Government have made so desperate that even $50 will go a long way need to be reminded to locate their UDP standard bearers early as only a limited amount of ham money will be distributed. This, of course, only applies to a certain type of UDP supporters. Even in the free-for-all last December, many UDPs were bypassed and others were told that they came too late. Many were turned back as their names were not on the ham list. The same whap is expected to be repeated this year. So, go early to avoid

Mexicans busted with illegal goods from Free Zone Corozal District, December 3, 2012 Mexican Police have confiscated hundreds of boxes of shoes believed to have been goods illegally transported from the Commercial Free Zone in the Corozal District to neighbouring Chetumal, Quintana Roo. Police say the goods were smuggled on a truck pan that was covered with concrete blocks and wooden pallets. Police say they were on routine patrol around 10:30 on Saturday December 1st, in the Colonia Las Americas area when they spotted men unloading sealed boxes from a truck. When they went investigated and asked for importation papers, the men tried to bribe the Police with 50,000 pesos (BZE$8,300). The goods which included 271 box-

the embarrassment of being turned away empty handed. This year 2012 has been the hardest year for Belizeans since self-government which was 1964. Poverty has reached new levels. No money is circulating. There were no summer jobs. There will be no Christmas jobs for young people and poor people to buy even the basics for this year’s Christmas. Neither Santa Claus nor the spirit of Christmas will visit majority of Belizeans this Christmas. No amount of ham or $50 can change this harsh cold reality. Life was never this hard for Belizeans but you can bet Barrow’s family and close friends will gobble up the ham and “nyam” like Pharaohs and Hollywood stars.

es of sports shoes, sandals and other products were made in China, and the Police say, obtained from the Free Zone. The Police rejected the bribe and arrested the three men identified as 30 year old Pedro Salgado Díaz, 24 year old Javier Balam Hernández y 21 year old Tobías Zapata Hernández. Mexican authorities say intercepting contraband goods along their southern border with Belize is one of the challenges they confront.

Liquor License NOTICES Notice is hereby given that Brian Snagg is applying for a Publican Special License to be operated at “Ruba Bar”, 135 Lords Bank, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Xiao Zhi Li is applying for a Liquor License to be operated at “Yenidio Restaurant”, #18 Central American Boulevard, Belize City under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Qiao Hong Lin is applying for a Liquor License to be operated at “Hong Yuan Shop”, 139 Cemetery Road, Belize City under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Peiru Liu is applying for a Liquor License to be operated at “New World Restaurant”, Constitution Drive, City of Belmopan under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Li Ming Weng is applying for a Shop Liquor License to be operated at “Convenience Shop”, #22 Lovely Lane, Belize City under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.



Sunday, December 9, 2012

Belize Times December 9, 2012  

Belize Times December 9, 2012