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SUNDAY December 4, 2011

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Barrow Admits


“…people have this perception that we are incompetent in Government, and 9 times out of 10 they are correct.” Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Old Belize meeting with private sector, November 23, 2011

Dean Barrow has no answers to rescuing the economy

Belize City, November 30, 2011 Exactly a week ago, fresh from his umpteenth personal Miami-trip in just three years, Prime Minister Dean Barrow pulled a one-of-a-kind political stunt before members of Belize’s business community. After three years of bullying, ignoring, taxing and ostracising the private sector, Barrow went before them to call for a partnership. According to PM Barrow, the economy has been “on the right track”. But the line didn’t sell so easily for the audience. The business owners and representatives who were invited to the meeting have felt the tremors of an economy that has been anything but on the right track. Sales have reduced, stocks have become more expen-

sive to acquire, taxes have increased and profits have dwindled. Those who have been able to survive have had to endure increasing operational costs, faced taxes and other financial obligations, and have had to fire employees. Those who haven’t survived have seen years of investment and work flushed down. The economy is so bad under the Barrow Administration that businesses as big as Caribbean Tobacco Company Limited, Old Belize and Fresh Catch Limited; and as small as Juanitas and Central Drugs Store in the downtown area have shut down. To declare that the economy is on the right track is a sick joke, which the private sector did

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Energy Workers’ Union vs. GOB-BEL over owed benefits BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 By Alton Humes It’s beginning to look a lot like…. the Belize Energy Workers’ Union (BEWU) and the Government of Belize-led Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) will prepare to go to war over

benefits denied the workers of BEL dating as far back as 2008. And in all honesty, the BEWU has appropriate cause to do so; they are currently owed a total of 75% of ‘company’-held benefits (and worth a pretty high penny) that have been

owed to them since the brouhaha over the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) rate-review exercise a few years ago. But even with the Barrow Administration taking over of the ailing electricity giant, there has been little to no budging on this issue,

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PUP Leader & CitCo Team hold Yard Meeting in Freetown Belize City, November 30, 2011 Some two hundred Freetown residents, mainly from the Area I section of the constituency, gathered earlier this evening at the PUP Freetown Office on 6th Street, King’s Park, for a “backyard meeting” hosted by their Area Representative and PUP Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca. Braving the evening chill, the residents came out eagerly to listen to their Area Representative and to share with him the issues and concerns they’ve

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PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca addresses Freetown residents

Darrell Bradley scared of debating PUP

Belize City, November 30, 2011 UDP Mayoral Candidate Darrel Bradley has refused to accept an invitation to participate in a debate among Continued on page 31


taxi driver murdered

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PUP states positions on Nationalisation, UNIBAM case and Offshore Oil Exploration At a meeting of the National Executive of the People’s United Party held on Friday November 18th, 2011 the following Policy Positions were tabled, debated and adopted: 1) Nationalization: BWSL, BTL and BEL: A People’s United Party Government will maintain the status of BTL, BEL and BWSL as majority state owned and controlled public companies. We support the principle of fair and prompt compensation in respect of Government’s Nationalization of BTL and BEL. 2) The UNIBAM CASE: The People’s United Party does not support the efforts of the Human Dignity Trust and UNIBAM to strike down or amend S.53 of the Criminal Code of Belize. We recognize and appreciate the cultural, moral, spiritual and human dignity considerations attached to this issue and call on all sides in this debate to be guided by the principles of respect and tolerance. 3) Offshore Oil Exploration: The People’s United Party supports a Moratorium on Offshore Oil Exploration. We must ensure that a comprehensive and effective regulatory framework is in place in respect of any and all oil exploration in Belize. Oil is a non-renewable resource which must be managed in such a manner to ensure the maximum benefit to Belize’s growth and development.

Jeffries out, Henderson warms seat for Foreign ComPol Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Crispin Jeffries, the man who headed the Belize Police Department and was at the centre of controversy for much of his term as Commissioner, is now officially a member of the Traffic Department. Jeffries, who has spent 38 years with the Belize Police Depart-

The Party is nothing but the vanguard of the people, the active organ of the people, working at all times in the service of the people.”

ment, moves over to his new post and makes way for Assistant Police Commissioner, David Henderson, who will warm up the seat until Government finds a foreigner to replace him. But of all the controversial events and incidents that have occurred involving Jeffries, the most outrageous has to be his appointment in the Transport Ministry. We say so because it was the same Crispin Jeffries who was reportedly driving on the Western Highway near its junction with Faber’s Road Extension less than a year ago when he allegedly knocked down a cyclist. Since the incident, Jeffries has said that it was the cyclist that crashed into his truck. The media has been trying to conduct its own investigation of the incident, but each time, our efforts have been “knocked down” too like the traffic victim. Also, this has to be the biggest disrespect shown to Police officers by the UDP Government. Having them ill-equipped and unprepared for crime fighting is one thing Police Officers can counter with improvisation but telling them that not a single local officer is good enough for the top post is downright insulting. Barrow’s vision for Belize is for all Belizeans to answer to foreigners. He has already installed a foreign Chief Justice, foreign Chief Magistrate, foreign DPP and prosecutors, not a foreign ComPol.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

From the ghetto streets

Barrow taking Belizeans for Fools Dear Editor, After Dean Barrow and his UDP Government came up with this gimmick, “Imagine the Possibilities” back in 2008 he had the people of this country imagining something they were going to get, and that my friend is hard time. The UDP don’t care about what happen to us or this country. Look at the way they govern it and look how they have it in a state of crisis without any chance of coming back to reality any time soon. Belizeans that’s just it, the UDP government have a reputation of corruption that leads to destruction. If you don’t believe me, just ask Mr. Esquivel who taught Barrow how to punish the poor people of this country. Now, after four years of imagination, we still find ourselves imagin-

ing today. Will things get better tomorrow? I don’t think so, not when we have some bunch of UDP hooligans running around wild like chickens without neck. Now, the Belizean people are starting to see the thick, red, dusty cloud move away slowly from above the country that was suffocating us from day one. What I don’t understand with this UDP Government is why they had the Belizean people struggle for so long and now Mr. Barrow knows his term is coming to an end so he started to pull out some last minute tricks out of his big head. Willy Barrow, tricks are for kids. You fooled us back then, but you cannot fool us again. Now it is your time to imagine your government out of office. Finally, I call on Belizeans to stand up for your rights and say no to UNIBAM, that’s not the way to go. Until next week, Roberto Peyrefitte

Against UNIBAM’s campaign Dear Editor: I am an avid reader of your newspaper, and I feel the need to repost my position on the UNIBAM matter. Unlike others, I choose not be vile or petty, but simply to lay down my views based on the most powerful tool any man can find: the laws of God. With regards to the request of gays’ constitutional rights to privacy and human dignity, everyone is entitled to such rights. But according to the Bible in Leviticus Chapter 20, verse 13 which states in the laws given to Moses by God the Father, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen, that if a man lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death, their blood shall be upon them. If God the Father who created mankind, condemn such an act, with the penalty of death, who should consent to it? No human being has the right to break God’s laws for his own benefit. Man can change the laws to suit themselves, but that do not change such an act from being a sin. This means that gays have no right to do what they do, and no government or anyone in authority, should legalize such an act. Human rights cover doing the right things, within the laws of God the Father the Creator of all that is seen and unseen. Privacy does not allow anyone to do the wrong things within closed walls. A man’s dignity is not esteemed for doing the wrong things. Gays are knowingly committing a sin and want the government to

approve of it, to contaminate our country with more sins than that of the crimes. If such an act is allowed, then the murderers have a constitutional right to kill. Again, this is just a citizen’s point of view. Thanks. (Unsigned)




Doreth Bevans


Chris Williams


Rafael Sosa


Carla Bradley TYPIST


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PUP Leader & CitCo Team hold Yard Meeting in Freetown Continued from page 1

been confronting for the past 3 ½ years. Joining the Hon. Francis Fonseca were the PUP Belize City Mayoral Candidate, Mrs. Karen Bodden and her Councilor Candidates, Alberto Vellos, Gary Ayuso, Swamy Babani, Dorla Vaughan, Robert “Bobby” Cadle, Peter Lacey Jr., Erwin X, Edward Young and Lennox “DJ Tambran” Young. In introducing themselves, the Coun-

Barrow Admits Failure Continued from page 1

not take lightly. In his three years as Prime Minister, Barrow has treated the private sector with utmost disdain. The National Economic Council established by the former PUP administration was disregarded and dismantled. Barrow claimed he did not need the advice of such a Council, since he was guided by his senior advisor, VAT-man Manuel Esquivel. Barrow’s arrogance may have allowed him to puff his chest a bit, but it showed just how he regarded the business community. For several years, the Economic Council advised and assisted the PUP Government through difficult economic storms. Together, the business community and the PUP Government worked to uplift the Belizean economy and at its peak the economy boomed. There was a time when Belize’s economy allowed businesses to flourish. That was a time Belizeans could easily start their small businesses and expect that it was an honest and realistic way to make a living. Foreign investment flowed into the country as Belize’s buoyant economy was a sure investment. Today, the dream is a nightmare. Belizeans cannot afford to even start-up a business, much less to keep one floating. Foreign investment is a pittance and no longer provides serious revenue for growth. The Barrow Administration has stifled the economy. And so it wasn’t amusing when PM Barrow admitted, in the same breath, that his Government has been an almost total failure. Barrow got into a quarrel with his Ministry of Agriculture CEO Gabino “Gambino” Canto, who recently was in the middle of an illegal GMO corn importation controversy, about the exporting of cattle. Canto was explaining that the exporting had not occurred because of Government bureaucracy. Barrow immediately scoffed at Canto and scolded him, pointing out he was evidence that 9 out of 10 times the perceived Government incompetence was accurate. Perhaps Barrow’s frustration over the fact that he is surrounded by buffoons had hit the roof, but no one could have best described the UDP administration. 90% of the times they are incompetent indeed, while the 10% they are just plain wrong and out of touch. If Barrow can readily admit that his dodo bird Government is barely getting things right at the expense of Belizeans, it’s about time the people of Belize demand for a Government that run a country right. Mr. Barrow, please pack up and prepare to exit.

cilor Candidates all spoke about their belief in and commitment to the founding principles of the PUP and their call to “Serve the People” as taught to them by the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price. The young and dynamic team then reminded

the residents of the shameful neglect and destruction of the Old Capital by the incompetent UDP City Council and pledged to rescue and rebuild the country’s largest municipality. In delivering her remarks, the Mayor-

Sunday, December 4, 2011 al Candidate, Karen Bodden, spoke about the journey she took in deciding to enter the political arena and to offer herself as the PUP Mayoral Candidate. A Freetown voter, Mrs. Bodden shared that she had initially approached key individuals including her Area Representative, the Hon. Francis Fonseca and

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Energy Workers’ Union vs. GOB-BEL over owed benefits Continued from page 1 much to the painful chagrin of the new President of the Union, Marvin Mora. Via telephone today, Mora confirmed that his Union sent off a fiery, no-holds-barred letter to current BEL CEO, Mr. Jeffery Locke, on Monday, November 28th. In the letter, the Union calls for the company to honor its agreements and pay the workers what’s theirs…or else, face the risk of industrial action, and possibly a strike action. But despite the fiery bluster, Mora has backed off on the tone, but not the substance, of his demands

for his fellow workers. He admitted that his Union is considering industrial action, but is being ‘conscientious’ over such a possibility occurring because electricity is a ‘necessary service’, and a strike would cripple the entire country. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be without any tricks, as Mora reiterated as much throughout the interview that whatever it takes to get what’s theirs, including reasonable good-faith negotiations, they’ll do it. As for Locke, who is inherently close to the Barrow Government, Mora quite literally ‘doesn’t know what to make of him’ and his leader-

ship, and described the relationship thus far as ‘bumpy.’ In their letter, the Union gives Locke until Friday, December 2nd to confirm in writing a settlement. And the Union also calls for payment just before Christmas on December 23rd. But barring that, Mr. Mora notes they’ll be in direct contact with their members, numbering around 150, and will meet as early as next week to discuss a strategy. This will have the makings of an interesting time between the newlyelected Union and the Barrow-approved BEL. We at the BELIZE TIMES promise to keep following this story.

Sunday, December 4, 2011



Wind Surfing At Old Belize!! We applaud Mr. Woods for his effort to get Prime Minister Dean Barrow to meet with the Business Community of Belize at Old Belize last week. It must have been a difficult process for the private sector has been calling on the PM’s attention for some time now, and it took Barrow some 3 ½ years to reach Old Belize, a journey of 3 miles on the Western Highway. The real reason which got Barrow to Old Belize may have little to do with the dire state of the economy (it has been like this since early 2009). Instead, it was his knee-jerk reaction to the news that the much-needed money he was relying on to finance the UDP’s March 7th municipal election campaign won’t be coming until April of next year. In other words, the World Bank is leveling the playing field in Belize’s political landscape and now the same people that Barrow scolded, scoffed at and jailed using his GST arsenal have suddenly become important, very important for campaign finances. The business community took the opportunity to vent their frustration on the Barrow Administration but their expectations certainly fell short as what came out of Old Belize was nothing more than photo opportunities, political pandering and a feel good speech. As usual, glitter but no substance. Barrow says he wants to resuscitate the economy when he is the one that took it from stable to negative status in the first place. It was Barrow and Gapi that shut down the Lands Department countrywide which had grave effects on banking and business on a whole in Belize. It was Barrow who started a pissing match between Ashcroft and himself which has had consequential effects on Belize. It was Barrow who chided and unleashed his hound dogs at the President of the Chamber of Commerce when she dared to speak out. It was Barrow who messed with the Courts and the Constitution and who fired the former Chief Justice. Now he says he wants to fix things? Wasn’t it Barrow and his Central Bank Governor who told us that they didn’t see how recession in the north would affect Belize, yet today Belize economy is at an all-time low? What the business community and this country needed to hear out of Old Belize was what Barrow was going to do to turn this economy around? Perhaps we can offer some suggestions: how about reducing the windfall tax on oil revenues from $90 a barrel to $60, immediately. And instead of whining about high interest rates at commercial banks, how come a man who fought to amend the Constitution four times in two years can’t pass a law to reduce and regulate the interest rates in Belize immediately. Here’s another: why can’t the Prime Minister declare a special program to protect Belizeans and end the widespread sale of Belize homes immediately? And another: why doesn’t Government reduce its waste and high expenditure on vehicles, fuel and Minister perks? To make matters worse, Belize was downgraded again by Standard and Poors from stable to negative. This will have a negative impact on Belize’s foreign and local long term credit ratings. Other credit rating agencies are paying close attention as the days get darker under Barrow and the UDP. The Prime Minister may feel he can afford to brush off S&P’s downgrading, but the people of Belize are no fools. We know that the World Bank, IMF and S&P all belong to the same club. They all knock glasses and drink champagne together, and if they weren’t all connected, why it is that the World Bank announced it was putting off funding until April next year immediately after S&P’s downgrading? One plus one equals two. The harsh reality is that under Barrow, everybody is suffering. Barrow needed to have been told this. The business community is hurting while others such as Fresh Catch, Bowen Shrimp Farms, A&R Gas Station, Belize Unit Trust, Juanitas, BATSUB, even Old Belize and many others have folded. Everybody knows that the People’s United Party is the party that knows how to work the Belizean economy. The new PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca has pledged to turn the Belizean economy around, instead of firing we will be hiring. There is a serious problem of a lack of confidence in the Barrow Administration and unless we fix it nothing will change. We are all in the same boat, some on the bow, some in the middle and some on the stern. The real problem is the captain. It is time to fire the captain and get a new one. Nuff said.



Sunday, December 4, 2011


serving the people! Orange Walk Town, November 28, 2011 The PUP Orange Walk Town Council Team is about deeds, and not words. Over the last few weeks, they have been participating in projects to show they truly know how to serve the people. Several weeks ago, they held a clean-up campaign in the San Lorenzo Housing Site which saw them cutting, clearing and disposing of brushes and garbage which had been ignored by the UDP Mayor for many years. The residents were so happy several joined in the initiative and thanked Mayoral Candidate Kevin Bernard for the

interest shown to keep their community clean and safe. More recently, the PUP 7 gathered at the Louisiana Football Field to install lights on the field. This was a commitment the team made when campaigning in the area, and immediately after the Team was elected by the 1,723 voters they embarked on fulfilling their promise to the youth in the area. The field is now lit brightly at day and night, and soon residents of Orange Walk Town will soon get out of the darkness which the UDP has them in. The Orange Walk PUP 7 knows what it takes to serve the people.

Shameful Philloughby hides during 16 days of activism Belize City, November 29, 2011 The 16 days of Activism is a time for society to re-visit the strides made and challenges facing the protection of citizens against violence and abuse. The protection of women, especially, is the focus for they are mostly the victims of abuse. It is also a time when abusers ought to hang their heads low unless they are prepared to rehabilitate, and so it begs the question: where is the UDP Belize City Councillor who was once detained for violently attacking his wife, and why has justice not been served. Ever since the case of alleged abuse was exposed by the BELIZE TIMES during the height of this year’s patriotic month, Councillor Phillip Willoughby has gone into hiding. He can’t be found at City Hall, but has been spotted racing through the city streets in his tinted gas-guzzling SUV like a bandit running away from the law. As the nation sheds emphasis on activism against domestic violence, Willoughby must come forward and admit his wrongdoing. To hit a woman is plain and simply shameless and the People’s United Party stands in solidarity with women’s right activists in decrying such acts. This is why Willoughby must not get away so easily. On the night of Friday September 23rd, a young mother suffered from domestic bullying at the hands of the UDP Councillor. As reported by the victim, but hidden by the UDP, she had received a text message which tripped off the arrogant UDP politician. The victim’s original statement to the Police obtained by the BELIZE TIMES states that the UDP councillor grabbed the phone away and when she got it back, he ran behind her pulling her by her hair. All of this happened in front of

L to R: Councillor Candidates Ian Cal, Joe Urbina & Mayoral Candidate Kevin Bernard at installation of lights

Councillor candidate Joe Urbina hard at work

Councillor Candidates Ladrick & Josue testing out light bulbs

UDP City Council

REPORT CARD 2006 - 2011

F denotes Failure, P denotes Pass Philloughby is hiding in shame

their small son. She was thrown to the ground and beaten. Concerned neighbours heard screams and called the Police. This led to Willoughby’s arrest and detention for a night. None of this has ever been reported by the UDP. They are a political party which upholds the abuse of women, which is why even important women’s rights groups such as Women Issues Network (WIN-Belize) have boycotted their newspaper organ. Their abusive ways have been exposed many times, and part of the reason UDP Ministers can sit by as Belizeans suffer en masse. But back to dishonourable Philloughby. He eventually convinced the victim not to press charges and was released the morning after, even though a medical doctor classified the injuries as harm. The UDP then interfered and threatened everyone at the Police Station to keep silent, or else. And so…for the rest of the 16 days of activism, you won’t see Philloughby crawl out of his swamp of waste where he has become comfortable hanging out and making deals during his time at the City Council. Shame on you Philloughby; the women of Belize are still awaiting their apology.

Created Employment Fired over 150 single mothers Under-Depositing Approved Salary Increases Increased debt to BML Liqour License abuse Increased debt to waste control Mayor charged for theft Audited Financial Report Paved All Streets Paved more than 5 streets Increased taxes



....More Next Week


Sunday, December 4, 2011





Party Leader Francis Fonseca in Chan Chen Village, Corozal Chan Chen Village, November 27, 2008 Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, visited Chan Chen in the Corozal Distict on Sunday, November 27, 2011 to meet with the PUP Standard Bearer for Corozal North, Mr. Valdemar Castillo and the members of the Corozal North Executive Committee. Also present were PUP Standard Bearer for Corozal Southwest, Mr. Ramiro Ramirez, PUP Mayoral Candidate for Corozal Town, Mr. Anwar Charaf and other councilor candidates. It was a spirited and energetic meeting with everyone expressing their full support and commitment to the Party Leader and to a PUP victory in Corozal North.

PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca flanked to his left by PUP Corozal North Standard Bearer Valdemar Castillo, and to his right by Chan Chen residents

PUP Corozal South West Standard Bearer Ramiro Ramirez

New PUP Marshalls President Steve Latchman

New BYM Executive sworn in

PUP Youth, Women and Marshalls Presidents


Belize City, November 28, 2011 On Saturday November 26th, the People’s United Party held a convention at Independence Hall to elect a new president of the Belize Youth Movement. Two persons were vying for the post, Ms. Carla Bradley and Mr. Vito Fonseca. There was an energetic show of PUP youth coming from the four corners of Belize to participate in electing

New UWG Executive sworn in their National President. Ms. Bradley was victorious at the end of the count and garnered support from the youth present as they unanimously voted in the new BYM executive: Vice President: Ramir Villanueva, Secretary: Nekeisha Lima, Assistant Secretary: Ian Baptist, Treasurer: Marlon Trujillo, Chief of Staff: Cicely Kelly and Public Relations: John Tesecum. Vito Fonseca accepted the nomination by the National President to be the Belize District President and he was unanimously voted in. The B.Y.M is the youth arm of the People’s United Party, which is mandated to promote political, educational, cultural and sporting activities among its members

as well as carry out general party work aimed at preparing the youth members of the party for working towards the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the People’s United Party. Later that afternoon, the United Women Group endorsed Mrs. Wendy Castillo as the new United Women’s Group National President. The U.W.G. advocates for the recognition and realization of women’s rights generally, and to promote the full participation of women in all phases of national and community life. They are to hold political, educational and cultural activities with a view to raising the consciousness of Belizean women in the history,

politics, culture, economy and society of Belize. On Sunday afternoon, the Marshall’s Community Service Corps endorsed Mr. Stephen Latchman as the new National President. The Marshalls are to attend all meetings, parades and functions of the P.U.P. to enforce order and discipline and provide security for the officers and members of the P.U.P. They are to hold meetings and seminars in order raise political consciousness of its members and increase their understanding and support of the principles, policies and programs of the P.U.P. Contact: Rachel Montejo, Secretary General.



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tubba caught, accused of raping 15 yr. old BELIZE CITY, Wed. Nov. 30, 2011 Rudolph Smith, 35, a.k.a. “Tubba”, an unemployed of Mile 17 ½ on the Western Highway who was recently released from prison on bail, was back in court on Monday, November 28, charged with rape and aggravated burglary. Smith was arraigned on the charges in the #2 Magistrate’s Court. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser did not take a plea because rape is an indictable offence. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that the complainant

is only 15, the offences are of a serious nature, that Smith was recently released on bail for similar offences, and that if granted bail, Smith might interfere with the witnesses. Senior Magistrate Fraser upheld the objection and remanded Smith into custody until December 28. The incident occurred around 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 23, at a house on Buckley’s Street. The complainant reported to the police that she was asleep in her bedroom when she was awakened by a man who put a knife to her

Honduran woman

reappears in Court for assault charge BELIZE CITY, Wed. Nov. 30. 2011 By Roy Davis Honduran national Shirley Lambey, 33, a domestic worker of 8888 Jane Usher Boulevard who was fined $1,000 last week after she pleaded guilty to failure to produce a visitor’s permit, was charged with aggravated assault and using threatening words when she appeared in the #2 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, November 28. Lambey pleaded not guilty to the charges. Although Lambey is to serve a

sentence of 6 months in default of payment of the fine, senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered her a bail of $1,000 and adjourned her case until January 25. The incident occurred on Thursday, November 24 at Queen Street Police Station. Police Constable Marvin Locke reported that while Lambey was being detained at Queen Street Police Station she threw a bucket of water on him. Locke also reported that Lambey told him that when she gets

Forgery at Fultec Systems Belmopan BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 By Alton Humes A bizarre case of forgery (allegedly using the coffers of the Government of Belize, no less) is currently baffling Police in the City of Belmopan. The report, made by an administrator of Fultec Systems’ Belmopan branch, Monique Tucker, alleges that on the 23rd November, 2011, a female of Mayan descent entered the premises and, using what at first appeared to be 2 purchase orders from the Government

of Belize via the Ministry of Health, ‘paid for’ the following items: a IPod® Nano® with a Wi-Fi (device holding 16-gigabytes of memory and valued at BZD$1,912.50), and 2 16-gigabytes IPod® (valued at BZD$2,137.00). The total came to BZD$4,049.50 and the purchase orders were in the name of ‘Ministry of Health 2Belmopan Branch’. It was not until much later, upon speaking to officials at the Ministry, that administrators at the company realized that a forgery had been committed. Police are seeking suspects, and investigations into the matter continue at the present time.



throat. She said the man told her to keep her mouth shut otherwise he will hurt her little brother and sister who were sleeping in a bed next to her. The girl said she did as she was told and the man turned her over on her back and raped her. She said after the man was finished he told her that if she said anything he will come back the next day for her little brother. The police reported that Smith was positively identified by the girl in an identification parade.

out (of prison) she will get somebody to kill him. In Court, Lambey admitted that she threw water on Locke but said she did so after Locke shocked her with a taser gun. Lambey also said that water was thrown in the cell she was put in and was made to sleep in water during the time she was detained. Lambey has been living in Belize from she was 5 years old and to those who knew her, she was considered a Belizean. She is even married to a Belizean, Michael “Crazy” Arnold.

Rudolph Smith

Shirley Lambey

Sunday, December 4, 2011



6 adults and minor remanded for burglary of gadget store BELIZE CITY, Wed. Nov. 30, 2011 By Roy Davis Seven persons, one of them a 16 year old boy, were charged with the burglary of Gadget Store in which money and items worth $75,000 were stolen; when they appeared today in the #6 Magistrate’s Court. The adults are Darrell Grey, 28; Francis Arana, 19; Jeremy Bernard, 19; Samuel Halliday, 19; and Darrell Pineda, 19 and his brother Derrick Pineda, 20. Magistrate Dorothy Flowers explained to them that she will not take a plea because of the value of the stolen items and the Director of Public prosecutions Cheryl Lyn Vidal will decide whether the case will be tried on indictment. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that the offence is of a serious nature, that the prosecution’s case is strong because the defendants were caught red handed, that the penalty for burglary has


re-arrested after charges dismissed by Court

Romolo Garcia BELIZE CITY, Wed. Nov. 30, 2011 By Roy Davis Guatemalan national Romolo Garcia, 49, a cane farmer of mile 12 on the Western Highway from whom charges of maim and use of deadly means of harm were dismissed yesterday in the #1 Magistrate’s Court, was re-arrested and charged with the same offences today in the #6 Magistrate’s Court. Magistrate Dorothy Flowers explained to Garcia through an interpreter that she will only read the charges to him but she will not take a plea because the offences can only be tried in the Supreme Court. Garcia, who was in prison from since he was first charged, was offered a bail of $5,000 and his case was adjourned until January 5, 2012. The incident occurred on April 1, 2011 between miles 13 and 14 on the Western Highway. According to the allegation, Garcia chopped off four fingers of the right hand of Alfredo Herrera and the weapon he used was a machete. The charges were dismissed yesterday because the case was set for a preliminary investigation and the case file was not available. According to a report, Herrera was killed in another incident.

Jeremy Bernard

Darrell Grey

Derrick Pineda

increased from 5 to 7 years to 10 to 20 years and if granted bail the defendants might interfere with witnesses. In response Grey said he is on parole after having served 6 years for burglary and he is innocent and the charge will cause him to lose the job he got through CYDP. Grey said he was wrongly ac-

cused by a police officer because the officer has a personal gripe with him because of a woman. Grey said that he, the minor and Arana were at Squeeze Before You Leave nightclub when the police came and accused them of taking part in the burglary. He said they were beaten by the police. Halliday, Bernard and the Pineda

brothers said they gave back everything that was stolen. Magistrate Flowers upheld the objection to bail and remanded them into custody until December 30. Bassem Chakaroun, the owner of Gadget Store, located at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Vernon Street reported that the items that were stolen included 15 laptop computers, several television games, $1,000 in cash, assorted jewelry, 24 cell phones, one Sony Camera, one Kodak video camera, phone I-phone and one I-pod. The police reported that four of the culprits were caught by video surveillance camera.



“Cautious optimism” in continued fight against HIV-AIDS BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 By Alton Humes World AIDS Day will be observed tomorrow, Thursday December 1st, with a planned ‘State of HIV-AIDS in

The true story of the

“Super Bond” Contributed In late 2006, the then PUP Government of Belize (GOB) took a proactive decision based on the best international financial expert advice. This action resulted in Belize entering into calm and respectful negotiations with commercial/private external debt holders (with Eligible Claims such as from the Bear Stearns bond holders). This discussion culminated in what has now been referred to by the present UDP Government as “THE SUPER BOND”. The Belize Offer to Exchange, new US Dollars Bonds due 2029 (“Super Bond”) for the Eligible Claims (then existing bonds and other debt) was officially concluded in early 2007. A total of US$520.0 Million in Belize Public sector outstanding external private debts were exchanged for New Notes with new repayment terms and conditions. Belize was able to convince the external lenders to take a significant reduction in their present value flows which resulted from a significant reduction in the interest being paid. The average interest rate on the Eligible claims was 10.0%, this was reduced to a three stage interest rate step up starting at a low of 4.25% and reaching 8.5% after 5 years. As the name of the arrangement clearly indicates, there was no disbursement of loan proceeds (cash) to the GOB or anyone else. Also the overall External public sector debt did not increase as a result of this arrangement. The transaction was a transfer of “paper” between creditors and debtor. The Creditors (Bondholders) showed long term confidence in Belize by agreeing to collect their initial investments and interests over a longer period of time. The debtor (GOB) bought time for Belizeans and the Belizean economy to develop while creating thousands of new jobs and securing thousands more. It must be remembered that within the total debt exchange there were loans that the PUP Government inherited from the previous UDP Government, House on Wheels (Minister Elrington’s Project), Airport Authority’s CIBC Bank and Trust loan, Citicorp Merchant Bank and Suppliers credit which were responsible for some $55 million of the total exchanged debt. For instance, the 2002 Bear Stearns Bond brought US $120 million net proceeds of which US$117 million were used to pay off 31 GOB loans including UDP loans. One of the direct upfront benefits to the Government’s fiscal account was

Martin Cuellar Belize’ Report to be presented at the Freetown Road campus of the Institute for Technical and Vocational Training (ITVET).

a total savings of Bze$180.0 Million in debt service over the first three years, which the now UDP Government benefited from since coming to office. The PUP Government plans were to prudently invest these savings, grow the economy and create jobs. In so doing, as the interest rates gradually rise, we would have been in a stronger financial position to easily meet the debt service with a more robust economy with Belizeans working. What one could “not have imagined” is for a reckless UDP Government to squander the accumulated debt service savings of Bze$180.0 Million and now try to mislead the public about the burden of the debt service for the “Super Bond”. This is a clear case of lack of vision coupled with greed within the UDP Government to satisfy their cronies and puppets with social hands out. Even the $64 million in recent housing loans “give aways” were paid for by the PUP government and falls into the ‘Super Bond”. In order to connect the dots and show the deceitful nature of this UDP Government (“All Glitter and No Substance”) one only needs to compare the present UDP GOB revenue base to that of the PUP GOB in 2007. The fiscal revenue base of the present Government has increased significantly. Topping the list is the oil revenue which now accounts for over $80.0 Million in foreign currency. This $80 million per annum plus $180 million in interest savings should have made the debt service of the “super bond” easily manageable for this UDP GOB. The facility of the “Super Bond” is clearly obvious when one compares the previous debt service structure before the offer to exchange was arranged on a timely basis by the PUP GOB in 2007. What the UDP Government needs to do is to answer the cry of the Belizeans public, “Life harder out here” now than before February 7, 2008. With this UDP GOB, Belize has the highest unemployment rate in Central America and the Caribbean. SIB put the number at 23%, but the man on the street says that it is more like 33%. One third of the labor force of this country is unable to find legal gainful employment. Crime is at an apocalyptic level. Most Belizeans cry shame on this

Sunday, December 4, 2011

But for those of us who might want to know where we stand in the face of this infamous and iconic disease, there are some preliminary statistics coming out of the National AIDS Commission (NAC). [We note that the following statistics are somewhat rather incomplete, and only represent reported stats given up to the 3rd quarter of 2011.] For starters, 137 cases of HIVAIDS were reported, and a mere 57 have died from the disease. Around 13,771 total tests (after factoring in both rapid and ELISA confirming tests) were conducted, with 12,082 people coming forward to be tested. All preliminary numbers indicate that we seem to be, as a nation, declining in both HIV-AIDS cases and

deaths. Speaking with a member of the NAC, Dr. Martin Cuellar, about these numbers, he too gave the sense of being “cautiously optimistic”, citing this as pointing to a definitive downward trend spanning at least 3 years (2009 to 2011). But when asked about what exactly is creating this trend, he was reserved, citing it as merely a rising synthesis of changing human behavior, and the organization’s ‘combined approach’ in working together with national and international partners to continue combating the spread of HIV-AIDS. And even where there are victories, the overall and symbolic war to decrease and end this disease must, and will, continue, through a myriad of fronts, mainly through direct, person-to-person targeting of at-risk populations, continuing and encouraging the usage of anti-retroviral medications (ARV’s), tackling behavior change much further, and so on. The full story will, as we’ve noted, be presented at the conference tomorrow, and we’ll have coverage of that in a forthcoming issue.

UDP Government! The UDP solution to the unemployed youths is “join a Gang or go to Kolbe first”, then the Government will try to find you some form of employment. Today the UDP excuse for Belize’s economic collapse with constipation in the investment sector is the “Super

Bond”. The Super Bond paid millions of UDP debts and saved them some $180 million in interest payments for three years. New oil revenue of some $80 million yearly, created by a visionary PUP GOB, has gone to the UDP GOB. The UDP has squandered all this! They have only themselves to blame!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011



Island Stars take on Millennium Girls in football finals Belize City, Sunday, November 27, 2011 The Caye Caulker Island Stars will host the undefeated Millennium Girls in Game 1 of the Belize district women’s football championship finals. The Caye Caulker women advanced to the finals with 4 points from a 3-1 win in Game 1 and a 1-1 draw with the Hattieville Heat in Game 2. Millennium Girls are No.1 in the league after a 1-0 win against the No. 4 seeded Ladyville Tornadoes in Game 2 of their series.

Lilian Joseph scored Caye Caulker’s 1st goal

Undefeated Millenniun girls

Semi-final Summaries: Island Stars vs. Heat (Game 1) – 3-1 Island Stars vs. Heat (Game 2) – 1-1 Goal scorers: Lillian Joseph, Ashlyn Gordon Millennium Girls vs. Ladyville Tornadoes (GM 2) – 1-0 Goal scorer: Kursha Pollard

Juana Dominguez in control of play

Hattiville’s Deandra Coote on the attack

Pomona Valley girls are national volleyball champs Belize City, Friday, November 25, 2011 The Holy Angels RC School girls of the Pomona Valley in the Stann Creek District won the national primary schools volleyball championships at the Belize City Center on Friday, November 25. The Pomona girls had to go to 3 sets to prevail over the Toledo district champs, the Little Flower RC School girls of Forest Home village. Tricelyn Choc led the Pomona girls attacks with some smashing serves, while Zharalee Jones, Stephanie Moralez, Avery Sanchez and Carrie Bowman received and served, and El-

enita Munoz set the ball at the net to win the first set 25 -23. The Toledo girls counterattacked and won the 2nd set 25-16, but the Pomona girls toughed it out to win the 3rd set: 16-14. In Game 9, the Belize district champs, the Belize Elementary School girls, won 3rd place in the consolation game the Chan Pine Ridge Government School girls: 25-11, 25-22. NSC’s Deon Sutherland presented the champs, 2nd and 3rd place winners with team trophies and individual medals; and the Most Valuable Player award to Pomona’s Tricelyn Choc.

Game Summary:

Game 1: BES girls vs Chan Pine Ridge - 25-11, 25-22 Game 2: Holy Angels vs. Little Flower RC 25-22, 25-15 Game 3: Chan Pine Ridge vs. Corozal’s Church of Christ 25-13, 25-20 Game 4: Pomona wins vs. Cayo’s Howard Smith Nazarene - 25-17, 25-11 Game 5: BES girls vs. Church of Christ - 25-13, 25-19 Game 6: Little Flowers vs. Benque’s Howard Smith Nazarene - 25-12, 25-10 (Semifinals) Game 7: Little Flowers vs. BES girls - 21-25, 25-23, 15-13 Game 8: Pomona vs. Chan Pine Ridge 20-25, 25-15, 15-10

Stann Creek’s Holy Angels team

Little Flower girls won 2nd place



Sunday, December 4, 2011


Succotz boys win primary schools volleyball champs

Competition Summary: Game 1: Chan Pine Ridge vs. Burrell Boom Methodist - 2125, 25-18, 15-8 Game 2: Little Flower RC vs. Stann Creek’s Holy Angels 25-10, 18-25, 15-9 Game 3: Chan Pine Ridge vs. Corozal’s Our Lady of Guadalupe - 25-18, 25-12 Game 4: Succotz vs. Holy Angels - 25-18, 25-12 Game 5: Burrell Boom Methodist vs. Our Lady of Guadalupe - 26-24, 25-23 Game 6: Succotz vs. Little Flower RC. - 25-21, 25-17 (Semifinals) Game 7: Toledo vs. Chan Pine Ridge - 25-16, 25-16 Game 8: Succotz vs. Burrell Boom Methodist - 25-18, 25-15

Belize City, Friday, November 25, 2011 The Nazarene Primary School boys of San Jose Succotz in the Cayo district won the national primary school volleyball championships at the Belize City Center on Friday, November 25. The Succotz boys had to go to extra points to win the 1st set of the championship final over the Toledo district champs, the Little Flower RC School boys of Forest Home village. MVP Romel Uck led their attacks with spiking kills at the net. Daniel Puc served up aces and Arceni Panti, Chris Reyes, Lizandro Tun and Irvin Choc served and received the ball to win the set: 28-26. The Succotz boys served up aces to dominate the 2nd set 25-18. In Game 9, the Orange Walk district champs, Chan Pine Ridge school boys won 3rd place in the consolation game against the Burrell Boom Methodist School boys: 25-21 and 25-17. NSC’s Deon Sutherland presented the champs, 2nd and 3rd place winners with team trophies and individual medals; and the Most Valuable Player award to Succotz’s Romel Uck.

Succotz boys are champs

MVP Romel Uck volleys

Toledo’s Little Flowers won 2nd

Gwen Liz girls lead high school basketball Belize City, Monday, November 28, 2011 The defending national basketball champs, the Gwen Lizarraga High School girls, are leading the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association basketball competition, following a big win at the Belize City Center last Friday night, November 25. Deandra Coote scored 10 points, as she led the Gwen Liz girls to a 17-9 win against the St Catherine’s Academy girls last Friday. Ann Ma tossed in a bucket and Kenya Brown added 3 points for the Gwen Liz girls to lead from the get-go: 9-2 in the 1st quarter, 10-6 at the half, and 14-9 at the end the 3rd quarter. In money time, the Gwen Liz girls shut down the SCA girls completely. SCA’s Chelsi Noralez led with 6 points, while Gilda Estrada scored one bucket.

Other games:

ACC vs. Ladyville Tech High School – ACC win by default Wesley College vs. ACC – 25-10

Deandra Coote scored 10 pts

Gwen Liz’s Ann Ma


Sunday, December 4, 2011



Sadie Vernon, SJC boys & Wesley College lead basketball regular season Belize City, Monday, November 28, 2011 The St. John’s College, Sadie Vernon Technical High School and Wesley college boys are leading the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) basketball competition, each with 4 wins at the Belize City Center on Monday night, November 28. The undefeated St. John’s College boys posted their 4th win: 57-54 against the Gwen Lizarraga High School boys on Monday night. SJC’s MVP Devin Daly led with 11 points while Alex Ellis and Kyle Middleton scored 10 points

each. Gwen Liz’s Albert Longsworth and Aleem Richardson scored 16 points each and Travis Gabourel added 12 points. The Wesley boys posted their 4th win over Maud Williams High School boys 2-0 who forfeited their scheduled game on Monday. The 3x defending national basketball Other games: champs, the Sadie Vernon Technical High ACC vs. Ladyville Tech – School, also completed their regular seaACC win by default son with a 4th win over the Edward P. Yorke High School boys 103-63 last Friday E.P. Yorke vs. Canaan 7th Day night. Adventist – 78-66 MVP Kashief Thomas hit 9 long treys Gwen Liz vs. to top-score the game with 40 points, Maud Williams – 68-49 while Lincey Lopez scored 20 points on SJC vs. Wesley College – 62-56 fast breaks. Andrew Ortiz slam-dunked 4 buckets and scored 18 points. Roderick Wesley College vs. Excelsior Williams added 13 points while Charles High – 62-51 Armstrong had 4 points and Kadeem Olivera and Clive Ariola added a bucket each.

Sadie Vernon has had 4 wins

Roderick Williams scored 13pts

Kachief Thomas scored 40pts

Petie Matus, Nelito Ayuso & Harim Ochaeta win table tennis championships Belize City, Sunday, November 27, 2011 Petie Usher-Matus and Nelito Ayuso won the female and male championships while Harim Ochaeta won the under-15 Cadets championship when the Blelize Table Tennis association held the annual Belize Natural Energy national table tennis championships at the home of table tennis at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Sunday. Nelito Ayuso won the men’s singles, triumphing 3-1 over Carlos Cui in the finals, and Cui had to be content with 2nd place. Arturo “Tux” Vasquez won the consolation match for 3rd place 3-1 over veteran Hector Lopez. Petei Matus won the women’s final 3-0 over Tyola Casimiro, after a 3-0 win over Karen Carbis in the 2nd round, and a 3-0 win over Shu Wong in the 1st round. Tyola Casimiro advanced by a 3-0 win over Kayla Arnold in the 2nd round, after a 3-1 win over Cui Zhen Li in the 1st round. Kayla Arnold won the consolation match for 3rd place 3-2 over Karen Carbis. Harim Ochaeta won the Cadets’ di-

vision by a 3-1 win over Ashar Arthurs in the finals. Harim had reached the final by a 3-1 win over Matthew Usher after a 3-0 win over Steve Flowers. Matthew Usher won the consolation game for 3rd place 3-1 over Gian Lisbey, who ranked 4th. Ernesto Rivero and Nelito Ayuso won the men’s doubles championship final 3-2 over Hector Lopez and Carlos Cui. Rivero and Ayuso reached the finals by a 3-1 win over Tux Vasquez and Tyrone Tun, while Lopez and Cui reached the finals by a 3-1 win over Jorge Espat and Mike Rivero. Vasquez and Tun won the consolation match for 3rd place over Espat and Rivero. Petie Matus and Tux Vasquez won the Mixed doubles championship final 3-0 over Tyola Casimiro and Nicholas Martin, who finished in 2nd place. Vasquez and Matus reached the final by a 3-0 win over Esmeralda Leal and Jorge Espat, while Casimiro and Martin reached the finals by a 3-1 win over Kayla Arnold and Moses Babb. Leal and Espat won the consolation match for 3rd place: 3-1 over Arnold and Babb.

Red Dragon dojo holds competition at Bird’s Isle

Nelito Ayuso

Belize City, November 23, 2011 Young karatekas are invited to participate in the Red Dragon dojo “Karate`s Clash of The Titans 2011” to be held on Sunday, December 4th, at the Bird’s Isle. Competitions will be on Kata and Kumite for various age categories. On sale will also be nunchaukos, bokkens, karate documentaries, t-shirts and food and drinks. Registration for Kata or Kumite is $25, and Kata and Kumite is $35. Anyone can register at 666-5084 or tienshin_



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

PEOPLE Charles Patience is Rogers: Tracing His Passion the Key to her Success

Ursela Ferguson cooking up her famous fry jacks

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Nov. 28, 2011 By Roy Davis To support herself and her two children from a small food business is not an easy accomplishment for Ursela Ferguson, 35, a resident of Faber’s Road. Ursela went into the food business about 14 months ago. She began by sharing a stall at the Paslow Parking Lot with another woman, Claudia Scott. She would sell breakfast and Scott would take over the stall at lunchtime and sell dinner. Ursela’s breakfast consisted of journey cakes, fry jacks and tortillas – all made from whole wheat flour. She would have fry beans, cheese, eggs and stew chicken, to go with any combination the buyer wishes. Her beverages were fever grass tea and ovaltine. She would get up at 2:30 a.m. to prepare her food and she would leave her home by 4:30 a.m. to begin selling breakfast by 5. After customers got a taste of her food they would come back for more and by 9 a.m. her food would sold out. But that was when she was located at the Paslow Parking Lot. Two months ago she moved to Battlefield Park and since then she has been taking longer to sell all her wares. Now instead of taking 4 hours to finish she takes 6 hours. “A lot of my customers don’t know my new location and I don’t have the money to advertise”, explained Ursela. But she is confident that her business will grow because since last month she has seen improvement. “It is a small business and most of the money I make I have to put back into the business”, said Ursela. Consequently her 16 year old son, a part time student would ask her what she is working for. Her 12 year old daughter, however, has a different out look towards the business and she is confident that her mother will succeed. Recently, Ursela has expanded her business by making dinner available to her customers. This Friday she plans to have boil-up replete with a ground food, fish, pigtail, boil cake and coconut oil. Ursela is patient. She believes that her business will gradually improve and soon it will be easier for her to pay her rent and take care of herself and her children. Ursela is not only hoping to expand her business by acquiring more customers. “I am trying to get a loan from persons with small businesses like myself but I don’t know which loan company to go to”, said Ursela. With her faith and patience Ursela believes she will succeed.



Contributed By Joey Belisle Charles Rogers was a legendary figure in the sport of bodybuilding in Belize. In a sense, he made the sport his life’s career, and this earned him the respect and admiration of bodybuilding enthusiasts both locally and internationally. He used to be a welder by trade until he quit on medical advice. After that, he gave the sport his undivided attention. ‘Big Charles’ as he was popularly called because of his physique, had a simple philosophy of life: Noh mek nobadi tek advantij ah yuh. Charles revealed the person he was through his untiring efforts to promote physical fitness as his part in nation-building. Folks will tell you that he was a conversationalist and a sociable guy, but very particular about picking his friends and doing his own thing. Everybody who did business at Albert Street Barclay’s Bank in Belize City met Charles, the doorman, attired neatly and bidding a good day with a look that masked the scrutiny of his eyes. When he wasn’t conversing with clients, he could be seen musing while gripping the glass door handle firmly. It was about his passion. That passion was to bring a world bodybuilding champion to Belize. His first move was to put his organizing ability into action. He played a role in forming the Youth Advisory Board [1977] and five constituents groups, in staging national bodybuilding contests and in serving on the National Sport Council. To set the pace, he encouraged a few select enthusiasts to ‘work out’ with him in an open-air, makeshift gym at the back of his yard until he could do better. The big break came when he moved into the spacious lower flat of the City Centre through the generosity of the Sports Council. There he set up the Belize Institute of Body Building (BIBB) gymnasium – dubbed ‘Charles gym’ by the community. Although his makeshift gym equipment was far from adequate, he refused to partner with other sports clubs and insisted on being his own boss and raising his own funds in his own way. His fundraising activities were unselfish, bold and effective. Besides being the master coach everybody knew, Charles was also a skilled masseur who treated numerous persons, for a fee, to upkeep the gym. His non-nonsense way of talking irked some people, but it worked. Charles, his cap and his bike were inseparable. He used to ride around, unhurriedly, selling raffle tickets or dropping in on business places that promised equipment or calling on sponsors for an upcoming bodybuilding contest. Gradually, his scope of activity widened. Energized by the Youth Advisory Board’s motto ‘Build a healthy Belize’, Charles formed the Women’s Physical Club (WPC) and a Modeling Troupe for aspiring teenagers. The WPC soon made its debut in his first joint stage presentation: MISS BODY BEAUTIFUL and MR MUSCLES [February 1979]. Furthermore, he got a lot of young adults involved in physical exercise. He formed the Tumblers Gymnastic Group and the Physical Stunt Makers, which rounded off the five constituents of the Board. Every September he used to enter them in the carnival jump-up parade and road marches in an effort to promote physical fitness and public entertainment at the same time. In addition, he helped to organize the 1970 MR NATIONAL DAY bodybuilding contest at the invitation of the national Day Celebrations Committee. Fans didn’t forget that Charles was MR BELIZE [1972], a bodybuilding champion in his own right. His famous pose was enshrined later in the logo of the Youth Advisory Board. The Palace Theatre on the Albert’s in Belize City was the venue for his first joint show: MR BELIZE and MISS PHYSIQUE [April 1980]. The fans turned out in n umbers. Charles personally choreographed the ladies’ spectacular. On that occasion, he immortalized the theme song

Oldest Holocaust

survivor turns 108

Alice Herz-Sommer Alice Herz-Sommer, the oldest known survivor of the Holocaust, celebrated her 108th birthday. Herz-Sommer, a native of Prague, marked her birthday in London on Nov. 25. She was a professional pianist in her mid-teens. Herz-Sommer, her husband and young son were sent to the Nazi show camp at Terezin in 1943, where she played more than 150 concerts as Jews were sent to their deaths and for visitors from the Red Cross. Herz-Sommer’s husband, also a musician, did not survive the war, but their son, Raphael, who also took part in performances at Terezin, did. Herz-Sommer swam daily until the age of 97, and continues to play her piano every day, according to reports. She also enjoys playing Scrabble.

Lady in Red which was his favorite tune. Finally, it can’t be said that Charles was a man of limited vision. With funds coming in, he decided to redesign the layout of the gym to international standard. But the sports council, of which he was a member, slowed him down on the grounds that other sports clubs should be accommodated in the gym. Charles reacted vehemently and vowed to clear out everything. In the end, he got the go ahead and he wasted no time. His passion was to bring a world bodybuilding champion to Belize. He communicated directly with the president of the World Bodybuilding Guild to which the Belize Institute of Body Building (BIBB), under the Youth Advisory Board, was internationally affiliated. And he did it. He presented for the first time in the annals of bodybuilding in Belize two world champions: a male champion and afterwards a female champion. Charles’ DNA was the strenuous bench ‘reps’ and the monotonous barbell ‘clank’ that helped his fellow man and woman build a healthy body. For all that, the only bunch of roses he held was the bunch he handed to the female champion on stage from a dedicated Belizean coach. The sport of bodybuilding was his passion, and he was good at it. Editor’s note: Our greatest appreciation is extended to Mr. Joey Belisle for sharing this piece on Mr. Rogers, who is undoubtedly an outstanding Belizean role model. Our understanding is that Mr. Belisle is currently a resident of the Octavia Waight Center in the Cayo District.



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011



PUP 11 on the Campaign Trail

PUP City Council Team members and PUP Standard Bearer for Port Loyola, Gilroy Usher Sr.

Mayoral Candidate Karen Bodden meeting residents in Collet

Councillor candidates Peter Lacey and Robert “Bobby” Cadle in Freetown

The PUP team in Freetown

Mrs. Bodden spends time with Pickstock resident

Erwin X taking notes during talk with young residents

Peter Lacey, Edward Young and Erwi X during campaign in Freetown

PUP Port Loyola Standard Bearer Gilroy Usher Sr. & CitCo candidates dicussing city issues in Port Loyola constituency

The PUP team in Freetown

Patrick Thompson greets Port resident



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dangriga Deserves Better; Stagnant Drains are the UDP legacy Dangriga Town, November 30, 2011 Mother Nature has ways of demonstrating to us how best to support her in healing herself so that we alleviate the pain and suffering felt by our people here on this earthly plain. However, it appears that the UDPs, particularly the present UDP Dangriga Town Council members, are no great scholars of preserving Mother Nature and they do not appear to be environmentally conscious. Throughout their term in office the Council has demonstrated that they have no care or respect for Dangrigans. They demolished our Havana Bridge and provided us with one they believe we deserve. They have not maintained our streets thus causing us to have a daily menu of dust in the dry season. During the rainy season, as a result the poor maintenance, we get an overdose of walking in knee high water in our yards and getting our clothing soiled by dirty water splashed by vehicles. Mother Nature, during both dry and rainy seasons, indicates to us that there is need for great concern. During the dry season the drains which are not in any way or form maintained by the UDP Town Council are so stagnant that the water turns black, dirty and infested with mosquitoes. Usually cold fronts would retard the impacts by mosquitoes but these days because of the incompetence of the UDP Town Council and their poor standards of maintenance the mosquitoes are having a field day to the detriment of Dangrigans. During and after heavy down pours several streets, yards and homes are overflowing with water; again this is because the drains are not maintained

and remain stagnant. The stagnant water is a great health risk for our citizens in particular our children. All in all the UDPs have remained very consistent with their RECORD of FAILURE and Poor VISION. Important to note is that your new and vibrant PUP Town Council who are now visiting our homes are offering solutions and will, among other things, ensure that our drains are well maintained so as to alleviate the suffering caused by improper drainage and the UDPs. IT IS ALL VERY CLEAR THAT THE UDP WAY IS NO SOLUTION TO PROBLEMS, EMPTY PROMISES AND CONTINUED DISRESPECT FOR DANGRIGANS.

The UDP has neglected the drainage system in Dangriga

Gone from us, but his life’s work continues – “to promote the peaceful development of Belize and its people” – the mission of the George Price Centre for Peace and Development in Belmopan. Available after November 29, for all to have – beautiful, personalized, memorial cups with the image of the Father of the Nation!

Own one for only $30. All proceeds from sales go to further the work of the George Price Centre.

Visit Us Online at:

His legacy must not die, but be engraved in the hearts of all true Belizeans as we forward to continue the peaceful, constructive Belizean revolution. The special item can be obtained at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development in Belmopan

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Patrick Faber neglects Collet residents Wednesday, November 23, 2011 Everyone knows that the lame duck UDP Belize City Council has done nothing but rack up bills and neglect the residents for the past two terms. Now the UDP is trying to win a third term by pretending to have done the job. But it is not going to work. One needs only to look at the deteriorating streets. Except for a few that can be counted on perhaps one hand, the remainder of Belize City streets are the equivalent of a rough boat ride on choppy seas during a thunderstorm! The condition of the streets is so dire, that it is difficult to single out any one in particular to highlight. This week, however, the people of Partridge Street Extension called out the BELIZE TIMES to get a first-hand view of how their area looks, even several weeks after the last rain fell. The deplorable condition of the unpaved street leaves much to be desired for the residents, who must wade through knee-deep filthy water if they want to make it to the other side of the street. In fact, the street is so far gone that pedestrians are now using a portion of a resident’s yard to get to their homes. The

One of the many neglected streets in Collet

entire street, from one side to the next is filled with stagnant water that accumulated there because aside from the crater that is now in the street, there are no drains for the water to go. Coupled with that is the fact that the street needs better lighting. The dark areas make for ideal locations for robberies and other crimes, or for people to fall

Mysterious plane with Colombians crashes on western Belize District BELIZE CITY, Monday, November 28th, 2011 By Alton Humes On Friday, November 25th, members of the various sub-units in the Belize Police Department (namely, Scenes of Crime, Anti-Drug, and other uniforms) were called in after the discovery of a Mexican-registered airThe mangled remains of the Mexican registered aircraft craft, which crashed down just outside of the village of La Democracia on the West- with single-engine and about six seats, ern Highway, behind the area reserved for hovered in the night (conflicting sources the Belize Zoo-Tropical Education Center. say it was in the Mahogany Heights area; But it was who was inside that has others place it around University Heights set off a firestorm of concern, controver- in Belize City) seeking a landing spot. It sy and confusion. Unconfirmed reports hovered until just after 10:00 p.m. when identify the men as Miguel Rodriguez and it wasn’t heard again. In the dark of Friday Mr. Hector Salcedo Velasquez, both from morning, however, the plane was headColombia. It begs the question: how ex- ing back towards Belize City, when the actly did a Colombian soldier and his side- pilot (either the Colonel or Mr. Salcedes) kick manage to crash a plane in relatively misjudged the Pine Ridge terrain, and good weather? Better still, what in the clipped a tree, sending the plane into a permanent tailspin, resulting in it crashing world were they here in Belize for? As it is, when certain members into the earth and killing the two men alof the media received the news of the most instantaneously. Best guesses are that the men crash, they rushed over, and were nearly deterred by ADU officers. It was only were either delivering or picking up a sometime later that access to the site package or two, ranging from drugs was given, and there’s where the story (although that would conflict with the layout of the plane) to human cargo. At gets blurred. It starts roughly on Thursday night this time, there are only more questions (the 24th), sometime around 8:00 p.m. than answers, and Police investigations or so. The plane, a Cessna Centurion II continue.

and get seriously hurt in the slippery muck. But there’s more. The people in the area have gotten so sick of living literally like pigs in mud that they have complained time and time again about the situation. The Area Representative, Patrick Faber, and the Councilor responsible for southside’s streets and

19 drains, none other than the Deputy Mayor himself, Dean Samuels, have both visited the area months ago and made empty promises of a better illuminated street. Empty because since the promises were made, nothing else has happened, except that the hole on the street has worsened. Small vehicles have a hard time manoeuvring through there now. Faber promised to ensure proper lighting, which is no feat since the lights are here and probably just lying around in some warehouse. Second, Samuels promised filling of the hole in the street, which has not occurred, as is the norm with this set. The two are probably letting the people suffer longer so they can do the necessary work and improvements as a preelection gimmick to win votes. It is not going to work, not this time, not any more. The people are not fooled by the games you people are playing with their daily lives. Who would vote for someone who is punishing them for as long as they could just so they can amplify their little accomplishments? When you fix the streets and install new lights it is not a gift that you are giving the people. That’s what you are paid to do. Don’t wait for election time to seem to be working. Patrick has had Belizeans suffering for far too long for anyone to forget anytime soon. So a load of rock won’t cut it this time. Get your acts together, Mr UDP! The only ones asleep are yourselves!



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blue Machine gets election ready! Belize City, November 28, 2011 Aware that the current UDP administration will do all in its power to maintain control, including stealing the upcoming elections, the Blue Machine has set out on a mission to become ever more election ready to battle it out against the UDP and their treachery. Over the last two consecutive weeks, the People’s United Party has held capacity building workshops for its municipal slate, campaigners and political workers. On Saturday November 19, municipal slates from across the country converged at Independence Hall in Belize City to participate in a full day session which prepared them on personal development, the election process, communication strategies, and the roles of the Elections and Boundaries Department and Elections and Boundaries Commission. The workshop facilitators included former Chief Elections Officer Myrtle Palacio, former city councillor Merilyn Young, and consultant Sharole Saldivar. The following week, on November 26th, PUP political organisers converged for a training of the trainers’ session. This looked at the registration process, conflict management, Internal Democracy, Municipal Act, Democratic Institutions and Team Building. The Facilitator for the workshop was Mrs. Myrtle Palacio, assisted by Merilyn Young, Sharole Saldivar and Dorla Rosado. The National Campaign Manager, Julius Espat, delivered the Welcome

Manager, Campaign l a n o ti a N PUP at Julius Esp

Address and Party Leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca, was the guest speaker. He thanked the participants for their support and dedication to the PUP and urged them all to continue fighting for the PUP. This coming weekend, another series of training will be held for Standard Bearers. The PUP is serious about getting ready for the upcoming election and taking over the reign of the nation before it continue to spiral down. National building does not occur by accident, but only through preparation and hard work, to qualities the PUP has always displayed.

Belize City PUP Mayoral Candidate Karen Bodden chats with Mrs. Palacio and Eloisa Trujeque

Consultant Sharole Saldivar presents on the PUP’s governance

PUP municipal candidates listen attentively to presentations

Myrtle Palacio’s presentation on the electoral process and role of the Elections & Boundaries Commission opened eyes

PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca addresses participants of Saturday’s Training the Trainer’s session

Belize’s version of James Carville, Darrell Carter, shares his viewpoints

Sunday, December 4, 2011


NOW is the Time And the Next Revolution: One Belize-Prosperous, United and Free By Carolyn Trench-Sandiford – Deputy Leader People’s United Party - Belize


he time has come for us to roll up our collective sleeves and catapult Belize into the next revolution. The peaceful constructive Belizean revolution has fossilized. And while we must build on its legacy, 2011 is a new reality. It is a different reality. We cannot wait any longer. A NEW BELIZE must be birthed. The next revolution is inevitable. 30 years after independence we must come to grips with the state of our country and pave the way for a sustainable future of prosperity, national unity and happiness for the next generation, while attacking the fundamental urgent problems that plague us today, such as poverty, crime and unemployment, and the negative effects associated with them. However, to do so, the next revolution must be engineered to unleash the full potential of Belize. This includes all of its resources, that is, land and all it contains, waters, air and people, and every Belizean must have a role to play, regardless of political persuasion, sex, socioeconomic status, geographic location, religious or spiritual affiliation, physical or mental disabilities or age. The next revolution also requires all Belizeans to join forces and utilize our knowledge base, retool and build our skills and competencies where necessary and or lacking, and engage in decision making that ensures the resources and wealth of this nation is distributed in a just and equitable manner, and targeted at regions and communities where it is direly needed. Undoubtedly, this calls for a NEW POLITICAL, SOCIAL and ECONOMIC ORDER as what exists has not worked for all Belizeans. It has only worked for a few Belizeans. The statistics tells the story. The landscape confirms it. It is therefore time for new ideas. It is time for different approaches. It is time for a radical transformation of systems that are fundamentally and inherently flawed, and NOW is that time. For too long, the plight of the marginalized, the oppressed, the disadvantaged and the forgotten, has been ignored. For too long, the people have been excluded. I shall therefore lay the case for the next revolution to the Belizean people in this newspaper over the next few months, and open the door for discussion. It shall be presented as three discrete components with sub-components. Notwithstanding, in reality, they must be approached concurrently, interdependently and sequentially, for one feeds into the other, they rely on each

other, and are occurring at the same time. It will be the ability to look at the forest through the eyes of a tree. Firstly, JOB and WEALTH CREATION shall be the number one priority of the next revolution. It shall contain strategies to enhance our national and individual income-earning capability, and grow ourselves out of the debt and external borrowing, to replace it with domestic economic security, sustainability and independence. This shall be the foundation for POVERTY ERADICATION, not alleviation or reduction, and consequently SOCIAL PROGRESS, the second component, which shall contain strategies to build our social capital, sustain our Belizean identity, and create, not imagine, the possibilities and opportunities. Education shall be the epicentre of this order, as it is the key to social progress. This will facilitate a third but equally important component, HOMELAND SECURITY for our people and country, for only if our people are safe and happy in their homes and communities, are energized to coalesce around issues that unite us rather than separate us, can there be national unity. This will be the NEW ECONOMIC and SOCIAL ORDER. The next revolution shall also redefine governance and decision making at all levels through a NEW POLITICAL ORDER designed especially to birth a NEW BELIZE and create the NEW ECONOMIC and SOCIAL ORDER. The NEW POLITICAL ORDER shall recognize governance, government and people as instruments to effect change. Governance as an instrument of change shall be about the people, and the order calls for a change in the way we elect our leaders and hold them responsible and accountable. It sees parliament as a tool for solution searching, harmonizes and share decision making regarding the use of resources between national, municipal and village and community governance, and empower civil society and our people to be a part of government. However, as an instrument to effect change, government is currently outdated, archaic in structure, disconnected from the reality of Belize, mismanages resources, is extremely politicized, and consumed with protecting posts, turf and programmes, regardless of their relevance. Thus, public officers are unable to capitalize on existing and emerging opportunities and function in a rapidly changing, information rich and well informed society. The order calls for the stocktaking of national assets and resources, the designation of new ministries and departments, the realignment of existing ministries and departments and the abolition of unnecessary and irrelevant ones, to meet the challenges, problems and new realities of today, and the future, while inspiring public officers to work and serve their country, and at the same time providing the Belizean people satisfaction and value for money. The new order is also about shifting from the administration of resources to the management of resources to address specific problems based on statistical and evidentiary data through efficiency, optimization and unambiguously

defined and measurable results. Finally, if our people are to be the third instrument, they must be emancipated from a mental construct that has programmed us to look for solutions outside, rather than within, which is illusionary at best. Thus the next revolution is about the people becoming accountable and responsible, and demanding a piece of the pie, and no longer the crumbs. It is about a people assertively em-

21 bracing ownership of the wealth and resources of this nation and ensuring that they receive their just share. It is about a people believing in themselves and in their country’s future. In the next revolution, the people shall be the end and the means. Only so shall we break the cycle of perpetual subjection of our people, birth a NEW BELIZE, which will bring Prosperity, National Unity and Happiness to all Belizeans.



Reid struggled for years to dump Bertie Chimilio as President, FIFA has stood firm in their support and insist that things be done in a legal and internationally prescribed fashion. Hard-line dissenters have come out openly to declare that they would rather be suspended by FIFA than back down from their position. Forget the sport, forget the athletes, forget everything; just cut me in or cut it out! What is happening, in particular with the FFB, has little to do with improving There is an old truism that “all work the status quo; it is all about egos and unand no play make Jack a dull boy.” This adulterated greed. FIBA gives to Belize truism applies not only to Jack but to ev- a substantial sum of money each year to ery jack one of us. There is another old promote and develop football. Many besaying, this one in Latin. “Mens sana in lieve that Chimilio should develop a more corpore sano” basically suggests that transparent system of management but only a healthy body can produce or sus- for the most part, those trying to undermine him are not the least bit interested tain a healthy mind. Most people will agree that sports in improving anything. They are just joswill not only build a healthy body but tling to put themselves in the position to does much to develop good charac- be the ones benefitting from whatever ter and sound moral virtues. There are hustle exist there. The deplorable state of sports in those, like legendary our country is directly college coach John reflected in the characWooden, who believed ter of our people. No that even if sports does scruples, no integrity, no not build character, it Many believe cohesion and very low certainly reveals it. In self esteem. Sports in either case, the incorthat Chimilio our education system is poration of sports into should develop pretty much non-existent education and personal and despite our huge a more transliving provides an imporlandmass, an entire mintant building block for a parent system istry dedicated to this healthy and productive of management concept and a high prosociety. In Belize, the role but for the most file Sports Council, few schools even have the of sports as a character part, those tryroom for a playground building tool has long ing to undermuch less sporting aretaken a back seat to the nas. For two weeks evmore pressing pursuit mine him are ery year, schools have a of greed and egoism. not the least bit hurry-come-up competiThis week on the news, tion in a couple of disciinterested in we saw yet another example of ego driven improving any- plines after which balls go dormant until the administrative infighting thing. They are next year. jeopardizing an entire The only school with athletic association. As just jostling to anything resembling a was the case with the put themselves gymnasium is Belize Football Federation of in the position Elementary and the Belize (FFB), the Interkids who most need to national Association of to be the ones build character are the Athletics Federations benefitting from ones least likely to af(IAAF) has stepped in whatever hustle ford enrollment there. and sanctioned the loUniversity of Belize has cal body for their petty exist there.” no decent sporting fasquabbling. cilities and SJC has had It would appear that a painted concrete floor particular members of the Belize Amateur Athletic Association for decades. While it is called “gym” it is (BAAA) became disgruntled with Presi- anything but. All this is most disgraceful dent Ian Gray and have decided to arbi- and a poor reflection of our commitment trarily remove him from his post. They to any kind of excellence at any level. Professor of Sociology Dr. Stanley Eireceived a rude awakening when they applied for participation in a tournament tzen contends that participation in sports in Nicaragua. The rebel group headed by “foster the admirable traits of courage, Deon Sutherland attempted to register a determination, hard work, fairness, regroup of sixteen athletes without the in- spect, sacrifice, selflessness and loyalty”. volvement of the duly elected president. I may be wrong but aren’t these some They were told in no uncertain terms that of the very qualities most lacking in our while that might be the accepted mode people? Most scholars agree that many of doing business at home, the game is of the virtues acquired through sports played at a much more structured and will spill over to regular living activities and result in healthy, productive citizens. professional level internationally. The Football Federation of Belize has The entire society benefits in the end. Things were not always heading this learned the same lesson in a similarly hard way. While elements at home have way in Belize. Along with football, Be-

lize once had thriving competitive tournaments in baseball, boxing, basketball, softball and football. Today, football is the only game in town and if this government has its way, even that will wind up on the list of the other extinct disciplines. There is some volleyball being played but our performance at recent regional tournaments could not exactly be described as stellar. In the sixties and seventies, Belize competed with even the mighty United States in softball. I remember as a child, attending many boxing matches and baseball games at the then “Edward’s Park”. Many will remember Chicago Cubs great Gary Matthews visiting Belize and donating a “trailer load” of baseball equipment to start a minor league. What happened? We have had several boxing rings that have simply vanished into thin air. Crazy money was spent by this very administration

Sunday, December 4, 2011 to purchase a world class basketball court in 1998. Today, like the Civic Center itself, the court sits in a deplorable state of decay and neglect. As our sports have gone, so has the character of our people. It is truly a shameful situation. It is time to allocate more time, money and attention to the development of sports in our nation. If it means hiring quality coaches to help in the process then it will be resources well spent. We should borrow the code of sportsmanship from the American Legion which goes: “I will keep the rules; keep faith with my teammates; keep my temper; keep myself fit; keep a stout heart in defeat; keep my pride under victory; keep a sound soul, a clean mind, and a healthy body.” After that, all else should fall in place and the benefits would be mind boggling. Send comments to

Sunday, December 4, 2011


The Cry for Prosperity in Port Loyola Address delivered by Gilroy Usher Sr., PUP Standard Bearer for Port Loyola, at meeting held on Sunday November 27, 2011

With the outrageous victimization of PUP supporters and anyone suspected of being a PUP, I am happy to see all of you here today and am thankful to those of you who are following this very important meet in your home. I’m happy to be the PUP standard bearer for Port Loyola, because I am convinced that working together we can bring the better that the division so rightly deserves. The library in Port Loyola, the basketball court in the division, many decent low income houses, the police sub-station on Faber’s Road Extension, and many other things in the Port Loyola were built by the People’s United Party. The PUP has never forgotten Port Loyola and as the next Area Representative for the division I will ensure that your concerns for a better life are addressed. My friends, Port Loyola cannot afford 5 more years of Boots Martinez. In Port Loyola Boots Martinez means: victimization, no jobs, no land, arrogance, corruption and more hard time. Following the PUP convention on March 20 in which I was victorious, Boots fired a lot people from Port Loyola including single mothers for voting at that convention. This week Boots denied a voter in Port Loyola financial assistance for a cat scan because he was seen at the convention on March 20th. Scores of youth in Port Loyola have also been denied jobs with the Ministry of Works because Boots suspects their parents of being PUP. Is victimization by Boots what we need in Port Loyola? A thousand times no. Belizeans need land to build decent homes. However while Boots has secured parcels of land all over Belize for himself; he has not secured a single filled lot for the residents of Port Loyola. Boots has a large track of land on the Western Highway near the check point all the way to the sea. At the same time he led the crew that broken down poor people houses on Chetumal Street in the night without offering even a single house lot to

those poor people. For denying the people of Port Loyola access to land, Boots has to go in Port Loyola. Let the word go forth that for his neglect of Port Loyola Boots is going down in the division whenever Barrow calls election. My friends while this UDP crowd is known for their arrogance, Boots holds the record as the most arrogant Area Representative in Belize. He is notorious for shouting after people who visit him for assistance. As a result of this arrogance Boots once punched down a resident of the division, who had gone to ask him for assistance. Residents of Port Loyola let the word go forth that for his arrogance Boots is going down in Port Loyola. This UDP Government is corrupt but with corruption Boots knows no bounds. Less than 6 months as a Minister of Government he was caught depositing over $25,000 monthly at a local bank without any proper explanation of how he acquired the money. The people however know fully well how Boots has been enriching himself. My friends, for massive corruption instead of serving the Belizeans people, Boots is going down in Port Loyola. With Christmas right around the corner, the cry for jobs in Port Loyola has never been so loud. My friends, in Port Loyola things dread, because of a lack of jobs. Today if they had support from the Area Representative, Boots Martinez, many small businesses in the division would be able to hire more people at this time of the year. Today, however, small businesses in the division are on their knees. Restaurants, welding shops, mechanic shops, beauty parlors, seamstresses, and pastry makers have gotten absolutely no assistance from Boots in the division. Let the word go forth that as the next Area Representative for Port Loyola Gilroy Usher Sr. will give small businesses in the area the support they deserve. My friends when we ask ourselves if after almost 5 years with Boots as Area Representative for Port Loyola the division is better off today, the answer is a resounding no. We all want better in Port Loyola for ourselves, our children and the future children of this division. That’s why we will vote out Boots. And that’s why we’ll vote for Gilroy Usher Sr. as the next standard bearer for Port Loyola. We are ready in Port Loyola and the other parts of the country to free Belize from UDP tyranny and underdevelopment, so we say to Mr. Borrow, “Call the election now.”




Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011



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The Demon we all have at Home


By Lucia Moguel

have spent my days contemplating on the life that surrounds me. Frankly, I have always enjoyed pondering on the many organisms that inhabit this planet of ours. Just one stationary instant preserved through time and space is spent; although my mother considers it a waste of time. But I don’t mind, my elusive event is eternal; it is conserved intact underneath permafrost. Unfortunately, I cannot dedicate myself to enter such state of Zen quite often due to the various customers that must be attended to. Only when I stop to think about it, I can clearly perceive the demon that has enslaved many of our youths today. It is because of my new epoch that the blindfold is removed and now I can see how dependent people have become on social networking. I must be completely lucid about my posture; I am not against social networking, in fact it is a great alternative to forging friendships if one’s schedule is too hectic to accommodate for leisure time. The issue I am against is the obsession that emerges from the empty souls of yearning individuals. It is pitiful to see skilled, brilliant minds squander a tremendous amount of time just sitting in front of a computer posting drained phrases and liking senseless comments. Why don’t they utilize their time wisely, like reading a book? One can never have too much wisdom. Or why not play exercise? It isn’t hazardous to do a work out, especially now that we face an increase in obesity. Or better yet, why don’t they study so that they can attain higher grades at school? High grades equal happy parents. Whatever the case is, as long as something productive is done, there is nothing to argue over. Hours spent on social networking should be decreased. I would be mesmerized if I had that amount of spare time in my hands. I would use it to muse over the world in order to have more ideas to write on; all that is needed is a spontaneous spark of inspiration. I was once a victim of this pandemic and like everyone I was obsessed. It wasn’t until I had lost connection that I found out that I don’t need these networks; they don’t rule my actions. I had finally discovered that I have a life. Life is something important to own. You would be surprised about the many things you can do with one. When this curse was finally lifted from me I was able to see certain things I had failed to detect before. It is degrading to see pictures of someone in indecorous circumstances. And without any hesitation or further thought they are carelessly uploaded for millions of people to see the much foolishness you do when you are not in command of your full senses. Without knowing, you might have debased your own self and the way other people look at you. Therefore, it would be wise to be cautious when using a social network. It isn’t sensible for the public eye to view too much of your personal life. We must recall that in our modern world there are plentiful technological advances that inadvertently bestowed a habitat for crime to flourish. I’m not saying that social networking is fully evil. I’m just saying that it should be handled with care; it is something fragile like glass. If you put too much weight on it, it will shatter and hurt you, but if you give it a prudent use, it will shine and even flatter you. In addition, we cannot forget our family and friends here in the real world. They deserve our attention more than what our cyber friends do. After all, these are the people you see and interact with every day.


Political Promises By Erwin X As your area representative I noh like the way you the live. So when I get inah powa I wah mek sure things change round yah. Yow ah get wah betta playground So the children could have mo fun When dem play and recreate. My govament wah set things straight. We believe ihan giving. And betta living. We’re not here to take. Political Promises So yo roof the leak? Ah see you have rice But yo can’t afford meat You just vote fi me Ah wah mek things get cheap I di tell you me and my govament could do it We believe ihan giving. And betta living. We’re not here to take. Political Promises I am honoured to meet you My govament is for you too Regardless of your political persuasion We deh yah fi the entire nation. We are a govament For the people, By the People, With the People We will neva neglect or foget di people We believe ihan giving. And betta living. We’re not here to take. Political Promises We wah feed and shelta the homeless We Wah provide job opportunities Fi di po’, the unemployed and the hopeless We wah mek sure the po’ get rich We wah mek man stop call gyal bitch We wah give yo even when yo noh need We wah crystallize yo water And purify the oxygen weh yo breathe We wah stamp out crime and political greed We wah erase yo failures and mek yo succeed My govament no di play We wah meet with you the people Each and every day We believe inah giving. And betta living. We’re not here to take. Political Promises We will educate My govament will create, Rehabilitate Participate Co-operate We will deliver on time Never late Just give us your vote And have some faith We believe inah giving. And betta living. We’re not here to take. Political Promises © Copyright – Ghetto Food



Sunday, December 4, 2011 BELIZETIMES EXCLUSIVE

Living with

AUTISM Contributed by Yadira Williams

Cheating on My Girlfriend The other day a good friend came and brought to my attention a song that he had heard being played on the radio. He was perplexed at what the singer was saying. It went something like “Lord I don’t want to cheat on my girlfriend”. From his perspective no normal person would say such a thing unless it was in a religious song! “Only a church person would say that!” were the words that came spewing out. Well his concern was quelled a couple minutes later when he was played the second part of the song which clarified the heart content of the artist. It went something like this “But Lord if you can’t stop me from cheating, don’t let me get caught!” Apparently the song hit so hard that someone decided to write the female version to it. Now it has reached the point where I hear the same song every day all parts of the day. Early one morning I heard it in the office and a couple minutes after that, while walking to the store, I heard it booming from the vehicles of a passing motorist. I become amazed at the wisdom of people in this world every time I hear a song or listen to an alcohol advertisement. Imagine the first value our children are hearing as they go to school in their tender years is the glorifying of cheating on your partner. We want people to stop stealing, cheating, being abusive and violent while we continue to chip away at each other’s heart with recipes of wickedness, rapidly destroying the already vanishing, porous, smoke of ‘good will’ that remains in the heart of humans today! Although one of the lesser consequences of cheating is catching a disease such as AIDS, the idea of cheating is thrown about as casual as Belizeans would throw trash out a bus window! I believe that the issue of cheating is one of the greatest causes of hurt, pain and dysfunction on a whole in the world today. The effects of this type of behavior have far-reaching talons cutting into every sector of society mercilessly destroying its foundation! Music that has become popular and that we have welcomed or accepted into our car, our homes and offices today is a clear indicator of what society has become. Just simply showing a willingness to play these songs with no concern for the effect they have on us and our children is evidence of our most dire need for a mental overhaul! Interestingly, I am not necessarily looking for a change of behavior from people. Why, because generally people love sin. Sex and adultery, according to the manual, goes down like honey. Check out these verses and if you’re interested you can read a little more than these two as it further expounds: Proverbs 5:3,4 For the lips of a strange woman drop as a honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. Because sin is so sweet I do not expect much change in the behavior of humans. Let’s face it, some of us prefer to die than to be faithful to one wife, or prefer to gamble, or steal, or live in drunkenness! It is just too sweet! What is the purpose of writing this article you may ask!? To answer I will use the Titanic. The way I look at the world as it currently is would be similar to the Titanic. The question is not if the ship will sink, but as each second ticks away, sinking closes in as the heavy piece of metal sits on top of the water preparing for its deep plunge to the bottom of the ocean! At the end of the movie I find so many things that are similar to what is in scripture! For example (Matthew 7:13,14) there are many on the earth, but only few will be able to enter the kingdom of God (go to heaven as many prefer to call it) because the road to destruction is much easier to travel. Similarly many boarded the titanic but only few were able to be saved. Anyway at the end of the movie there is this little boat with rescuers who are aware that most bodies in the water have died and it is almost useless looking for any survivors but yet they continue to see if by chance there are any survivors. They continue to look and see if anyone will respond to them blowing the whistle. I consider this writing some sort of “Whistle blowing” for anyone who is looking for something different, who desires to be rescued out of this ‘hell on earth’ condition we are living in! Anyway I will close with this thought: one of the reasons that it is so easy to cheat on your partner and why it is also hard to know if someone is a cheater I believe is strongly knitted in our style of meeting romantically! It is not strange to meet a person for the first time, liking to see that person and go to bed with that person in the same night. There is no observation of values etc. and we are driven by pure flesh. Next morning you find out the person is married or have three other girls already! The thought of women today waiting until marriage, giving them the time to assess a man’s values and ethics before giving herself to him in intimacy, is as sure as having the price of goods in Belize going down any time soon! But I do not want to start another topic as it relates to marriage so I will say: until next week, God bless!

It’s in the Genes


utism is not only frustrating for love ones. It is also frustrating for scientists too. Obviously there is a genetic link to autism. So genes are involved. But it is not easy to figure out what is going on genetically with autism. The entire spectrum of disorders is actually very common—1 in 166 people have it. If you have one child with autism, the risk for the other child born with autism is only 2-6%. If autism is due to a single gene, we might expect numbers like 25% or 50%. However, if you have two children with autism, the chances that the third will be autistic are around 35%. This is usually interpreted as meaning that lots of different genes are involved. Another way to explain a lot of these results is if autism weren’t in some family trees to begin with. What if autism just appears out of nowhere in your family? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. DNA changes from generation to generation. Usually the differences aren’t significant but sometimes they are. For example, 7 out of 8 cases of dwarfism are the result of completely new DNA changes. To look for these changes, a team of researchers compared the DNA of autistic children to their parents. What they found was at least 10% of the kids had missing or extra DNA compared with their parents. These DNA changes may explain the children’s autism. Extra or missing genes can lead to Autism So ask yourself how do you go about finding DNA changes that happen between generations? You can’t just read all the billions of letters of DNA of parents and children and figure out what is going on. This is too time consuming and very much expensive. What the researchers of the University of Sanford decided to look at were big changes in DNA. Usually scientists focus on smaller changes— changes in a single letter or two of the code. However, lately they have begun to realize that bigger changes are significant also. Changes like big chunks of DNA that go missing, or are duplicated. The researchers looked at three groups. One group was 118 families with a single child with autism. The second group was 47 families with more than one autistic child. And the third group was 99 families who had no autistic children. The team of researchers collected DNA from all the parents and children and compared them using something called CGH arrays. A CGH array is a way to look for big DNA changes in lots of places on a person’s DNA all at once. What the researchers were looking for was DNA that was different in autistic children as compared to their parents. Around 10% of the autistic kids in the families with one autistic child had big DNA changes compared to their parents. And most of these were deletions— missing chunks of DNA. Only 3% of

Chris Williams Jr. is one of so many children born with autism in Belize. There is little or no support from the government for Special Needs children in this country. the autistic kids had detectable DNA differences from their parents in families with multiple autistic children. Just 1% of kids in families with no autistic children had these sorts of changes. These results tell us that one way to end up with autism is when big chunks of DNA go missing. Or get duplicated. You might also think from these results that big DNA changes are more common in families with one autistic child. The researchers were looking for DNA changes between parent and child. These changes are not that common. Which means the odds of having two autistic children because of these sorts of changes is even rarer. In families with more than one autistic child, the odds are pretty good that the parents had the DNA changes already and passed it down. Now these might be the sorts of big changes described here. But the scientists could not see them because both parent and child already have these differences. Finally, the results show that DNA changes in lots of different places can cause autism. This is consistent with most of the research done before. Finding Autism-linked genes When scientists try to find autismlinked genes, it looks like they are all over the place. Scientists have found that 20 out of 23 chromosomes have regions that may be important for autism. Having so many chromosomes regions makes it hard to find a single autism-linked gene. This is because of the way scientists usually find disease genes. What they tend to do is look at the DNA of lots of people with a disease. And compare it to close relatives who don’t have the disease. By doing these on lots of families, the scientists can figure out where important changes are. It becomes much harder if there is more than one gene. The research is useful in finding autism-linked genes because it can show scientists where to look in the DNA. Scientists can focus on those areas where they found the changes in other autistic families. They may find smaller DNA changes that might contribute to autism in other families. And by identifying the genes, new treatments may become available also. Perhaps by finding autism-linked genes scientists may come up with useful treatments. Or at the very least with useful tests so they can catch the disorder early and start treatment for autistic children as soon as possible when it can help the most. I encourage families who have children with autism to contact me. We can work on getting more support and care for our special children together. Visit my Facebook page “Autism in Belize” to share ideas.

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New book sets out claim for Garifuna land rights Belize City, November 28, 2011 While the Maya people’s land rights claim has been upheld before the Courts, it has not been welcome news for the Barrow Administration. The Courts’ declaration that such rights exist has barred the Government from exploiting lands in Southern Belize without consulting Belize’s indigenous people. Well, a book released last week Wednesday on landownership in one of the southern most communities, Barranco, could potentially set out the claim for Garifuna customary land rights. Renowned Belizean educator, anthropologist and author, Dr. Joseph Palacio, said the book titled “Garifuna Continuity in Land: Barranco Settlement and Land Use 1862 to 2000” traces precise land ownership since the settlement period. Dr. Palacio said it is the most comprehensive record of land tenure, documenting not only ownership and occupation but also transfer of ownership and occupation where it occurred, and the volume of work is reflected in the 30 years of work it took to compile and publish the finished book. The work was completed in collaboration with data collector Carson Tuttle and publisher Judith Lumb.

Dr. Palacio explains the importance of new book

Dr. Palacio pointed out that to the Garinagu, celebrating their settlement is a major issue. From the onset, he noted, the Garinagu were driven out of a village in Stann Creek called “Jonathan Town” which led their settlement in what is known today as Barranco. In 1892 the British carried out a survey in Barranco and found that several persons were encroaching on land meant for other purposes, but the Garinagu who had settled some 20 years before, were adamant about staying on the land. “This is why when we say Barranco is ours, we mean it,” declared Dr. Palacio. The book is available in Barranco, at the Cayeboard Connection in Caye Caulker, the Image Factory in Belize City and online at .

Win a trip to new

Planetarium in Chetumal! Embassy says space available for 100 Belizean students

Belmopan, Belize, 21 November 2011 The Mexican Embassy invites 100 of the best Belizean students for a trip to visit the new “Yook´ol Kaab” Planetarium and the Museum of the Mayan Culture in Chetumal, Mexico. The aim of the trip is to expand the knowledge in astronomy and Mayan culture among Belizean students. All schools in Belize are encouraged to nominate their best students born between 1998 and 2001 in order to participate in the selection process. The day trip will take place on Thursday, December 15th, 2011. It is free and will include transportation and food, entry tickets and guided visits to the Planetarium and the Museum of the Mayan Culture. They will be accompanied by Belizean teachers. The Embassy will facilitate Mexican immigration and customs procedures. The newly inaugurated “Yook´ol Kaab” (our universe) Planetarium in Chetumal is a high-tech space designed center to encourage studies in science and technology, and is an excellent opportunity for Belizean students to discover first-hand the fascinating world of astronomy and science in general.

Interested schools should apply to the Embassy by filling out the appropriate formats provided by the Embassy and send them to institutodemexico@ before the deadline on December 2nd, 2011, at 2:00 pm. The 100 students, as well as the teachers that will accompany them will be selected by the Mexican Embassy in public draws that will be held during the piano concerts on December 3rd and 4th at the Bliss Center in Belize City and the George Price Centre in Belmopan. The Embassy will report the results to the winning schools on December 7th. From that date and until 2:00 pm on December 12th, schools will have to send a second format, along with a picture passport size of the selected students. The trip will take place on Thursday, December 15th, 2011. Schools will take their selected students to the Institute of Mexico in Belize City, or to the Mexican Embassy in Belmopan, at the time that will be directed. For more information visit the Embassy’s web page: www.sre. or

Other book releases:

“Understanding The Role Of The Christian Trade Unions In the Making Of Modern Belize” The book authored by Nick Pollard Jr. looks at the trade union movement at its peak of activism, between 1961 to 1969. The book is now available. “George Price: A Life Revealed” The book is authored by Godfrey P. Smith and it brings to focus unrevealed aspects of the life of the late Father of the Nation Rt. Hon. George Price. It is the first book written by someone with tremendous first-person insight on party politics and especially the PUP institution. The book will be launched on Thursday night at the House of Culture.




taxi driver murdered Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Yet another family in the Cayo District is mourning the loss of their loved one, a breadwinner, after he became the latest murder victim. Domiciano Quixchan, 45, a taxi driver who lives in Bullet Tree Village, some five miles out of town, was about doing his regular rounds when he stopped for the wrong people posing as customers. His wife, Exeara, said that he went home at around eleven Monday morning to pick up her son’s lunchpack. That was the last time she saw him alive. Two hours later his body was discovered on the San Antonio Road, about seven miles away from the junction with the Western Highway. His face and chest had large slashes. There are two versions of what might have happened to Quixchan: one is that he was killed by a jealous customer who hired his taxi to take home his under-aged lover to Progresso Village off the San Antonio Road. When Quixchan returned home to pick up his stepson’s lunchpack, his wife remembered seeing a young female and another man in the car. They had reportedly stopped Quixchan’s taxi in Bullet Tree just a couple minutes before to hire his services. After Quixchan picked up the couple, he reportedly stopped at the gas station near the Hawkesworth Bridge to refuel before leaving the town on the job. The man who San Ignacio police have detained is the one they believe occupied the car that day, and the same one who killed Quixchan. The second version is that it was while Quixchan was transporting the same customers to Progresso Village that they came under attack by two men who bore knives. The male customer, Herman Manzanero, 21, also suffered knife wounds and while he is being hospitalized under police guard pending a charge of murder, police discovered two knives near Quixchan’s body, which lay a few hundred feet from his blue four-door Geo Prizm car. Initially, Officer Commanding the San Ignacio Police Formation, Sr. Supt. Louise Willis, had said that the motive of the killing was not robbery, but today the Police Press Office issued a press release in which it states that indeed money and valuables were stolen when the attackers accosted Quixchan and his passengers. According to the press release, two dark complexion men stopped the taxi in San Antonio Village and boarded the vehicle during which one of them ordered Quixchan through a feeder road, took out a knife and demanded money. The release further states that Quixchan struggled with his attacker while Manzanero fought with the other, and the female, who had an infant with her, escaped unhurt. And while Sr. Supt Willis said that nothing was stolen, the police report states that an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from Quixchan along with his wallet. It is a contradictory report coming from two different offices in the same department. Whatever the reason for the grave discrepancy is not nearly as important, however, as is the fact that another family must carry on their lives without one of their members because of this spiralling crime wave.

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PUP Leader & CitCo Team hold Yard Meeting in Freetown Continued from page 4

had expressed to him her desire to contest for the Mayoral Candidacy. In describing herself, Mrs. Bodden told the residents that she has always cared passionately about the plight of her fellow brothers and sisters and has always strived to do what she could to improve their quality of life. Speaking about Zenaida Moya and the UDP City Council, the PUP Mayoral Candidate criticized them for their mismanagement and abuse of taxpayers’ money echoing her signature catchphrase, “Ah sikh ahn tiayad a be sikh ahn taiyad”. In addressing his constituents, the Hon. Francis Fonseca stated, “Over the past few weeks, I’ve been traveling across the country listening to the concerns of our people. This evening, though, it feels good to come home to Freetown”. The Hon. Francis then proceeded to highlight the many failures of the UDP Govern-

ment but reminded those present that a PUP victory won’t be automatic because of the UDP ineptitude. The Area Representative stressed the need for the PUP to work very hard and appealed to everyone to do their part in ensuring victory for the Party. The Hon. Francis concluded by expressing his confidence in the Mayoral

Candidate and her team and reassured them of his full support and the support of his Executive Committee and the voters of Freetown throughout their campaign. The evening ended with the Area Representative and the Mayoral Candidate responding to several questions and concerns from the residents.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


THINK ABOUT IT GODFREY SMITH Can’t wait to get my hands on Godfrey Smith’s first book: “George Price, A Life Revealed.” There is a formal book launching this Thursday. I wish I could go but feel so out of place at social gatherings. I’ll be there in spirit. But thanks for the invitation. There is an outpouring of deep love by large sections of our population at the recent passing of the leader who took our nation to independence. No doubt the book will become a must read for students and intellectuals. Godfrey Smith is himself an intellectual. His first incursion into party politics did not go well. His star rose rapidly in the political firmament. And just as quickly plummeted like the hapless Icerius. Maybe it was the company he kept. Here was a young man who could have become a mighty champion for our people. He needs to ponder Robert Frost’s poem about the road not taken. None of this distracts from the first rate brain that is highly developed inside the university trained Godfrey. He attended UWI in the 1980s at a time when Norman Manley Trevor Monroe, Ralph Gonsalves and several intellectual giants of our region still counted. Politics runs through the vein of Godfrey Smith and so there is yet a future beckoning to him. It also takes a special talent and ability to write a book, as it is given to women only to carry a child for nine long months. The agony and the ecstasy and then miracle of birth. So too it is given to artists and writers to plough and struggle and then finally a book. Massive respect, Godfrey Smith. SENATOR SALDIVAR Arthur Saldivar, attorney-at-law and outspoken advocate of the People’s United Party is to be sworn in as a Senator at the next sitting of the Senate. Over the past 3 ½ years when the PUP were silent on the airwaves, Arthur was like a one-man guerrilla army attacking on all fronts. He is an articulate and intelligent spokesperson for his party and indeed that should be one of his responsibilities. Arthur is the standard bearer of the Belize Rural North where there will be three candidates vying for the support of the twenty odd villages that constitute the electoral division. The VIP has a candidate in the person of former UBAD firebrand Rufus X. The UDP is represented by disgraced Edmund Castro who was kicked out of Cabinet for alleged corrupt practice of selling land and pocketing over fifty thousand dollars, in one known instance. Arthur Saldivar has also gained prominence by proposing an economic development plan known as the Gladden Plan currently being reviewed by one of the Universities in the USA. Arthur has two other development plans. One to encourage the return of Belizeans living abroad with economic incentives and the other for the residents of his constituency. This one is to turn the rural area into a virtual breadbasket by the close proximity of Bomba and other villages near the coast, just minutes away from San Pedro, tourist capital of the country. Arthur Saldivar, Anthony Mahler, Julius Espat, Anthony Sylvestre Jr., Dr. Francis Smith and several other brilliant

Belizeans are the new face and new thinking in the PUP. Big respect is due Mr. Senator. KEVIN ARTHURS Defense attorney Kevin Arthurs scored a huge win in Supreme Court this week. In one of the most sensational cases Kevin “Cowboy” Alvarez was charged for a murder and several attempted murder in orange Walk. The murder was of a Chinese national. The attempted murders were of Police officers when they sought to apprehend Alvarez from the river in Orange Walk Town. In a Police press release at the time, it was stated that Alvarez emerged from the river Rambo style with a gun in each hand, blazing at officers. What was not in the press release was the alleged brutal and uncalled for beating unconscious of the suspect, whom the Police also shot at close range with an M16. What the Police say in their press release and what emerges in Court are usually miles apart. Attorney Arthurs told us that the trial was for the murder of the Chinese. Yet the Prosecution insisted on presenting evidence about the attempted murder allegations at the river. Twenty one witnesses were called, but usually when you hear there are so many witnesses it is a case of quantity as opposed to quality. The case fell apart. It never reached the Jury. Attorney Arthurs made a No case Submission based on the insufficiency of the evidence to substantiate the charge of murder. Judge Hanomansingh upheld the submission. The jury was directed to enter a formal verdict of not guilty. It is expected that because of the sensational nature of the murder allegation against Cowboy, the matter will be appealed. It is also felt that the Court of Appeal for legal technicalities will say the case should go to the jury. There will be another lengthy trial wasting the time of the Jury, the Judge, the Court staff and Police officers doing court duty and in the end the result may be the same. CALLING ALL RASTAMAN Attention all Rastaman. And Rastawoman too. Sodomites a forward down the road. Dem a go Court to legalize buggery. It is a criminal offence to go forward by going backward sexually. Dem mama-man don’t check fi get brand as batty man. The system a fill with sodomites. American TV has promoted their lifestyle. It’s called Gay. Gay all the way. If bottom a go become legal; a little herb fi be legal too. Moses did see the burning tree. In the name of I and I, Jah Rastafari – every living ever faithful. De-criminalize it. RAPE OF THE ROSEWOOD No amount of media coverage. No amount of embarrassment on tv nightly news. No photos of containers stacked with Rosewood. Nothing will stop the naked rape of Rosewood that continues unabated in the Toledo District. Persons with direct ties to a government Minister are involved. One easy decision can save our nation’s precious Rosewood trees. It is that Rosewood cannot be cut or transported or export-

ed. Crash the whole Rosewood piracy that is underway in Punta Gorda. But it ain’t going to happen. Our nation was found on the cutting and exploitation of logwood and mahogany by foreigners, the British. When the trees were wiped out we were of no use to the British. Those who are exploiting the poverty in Punta Gorda to be buying Rosewood for US $2.00 per foot are the same type Bob Marley sang about “ole pirates yes they rob I – sold I to the merchant ships.” The Forestry Department and the Ministry of Natural Resources are criminally responsible for the shame that is going on in Punta Gorda. FIRST ONION, NOW RICE Rice from Uruguay has been flooding the Belizean market. Particularly in Orange Walk. This rice is 20 percent cheaper than Belizean rice grown in Belize. The exporters are out in full force. First they brought in cheap onion and flooded the market at a time when our hard working farmers had fields filled with onion. Those onions rotted in the ground as the exporters sold their cheap onions in front of our eyes. Now the exportation is in sneaking in rice and flooding the market with cheap rice from abroad while our rice farmers suffer. ANN MARIE WILLIAMS Ann Marie Williams has the best campaign messages and advertisements on television. She is the most substantial candidate with an impressive resume. She is way above the other two UDP candidates – Santino and Chandra. Ann Marie is also a black skinned Belizean with more roots than the other two who are light-skinned. Two black

29 skinned UDP Ministers rushed to support Santi. These two always rush where the money is. One was featured on television showing the mighty Ashcroft and his messed up division. The Prime Minister and his wife do not support Ann Marie. The wife is openly supporting Chandra. A wife of a Prime Minister should never compromise her husband’s position. This Sunday’s convention will once again show the Creole, black skinned, roots Ann Marie just what the hoity-toity, bourgeois UDP thinks of her and her kind. MOYA’S MAYA MONUMENT Have you seen Moya’s Maya Monument? Out there on the marine parade round-about? It’s a joke. It a shame and an insult to the majestic Maya monuments that enhance the history and tourism of our country. When the Maya leaders eventually see this silly replica of their great towering pride they will rightly feel insulted. ED PETER USHER Peter Usher, the Magistrate who recently returned from studies for his Master’s Degree in legal drafting, has been promoted. Mr. Usher has been promoted to a Crown Counsel in the Attorney General’s Ministry. He is a former high ranking member of the Belize Defence Force and a graduate of the prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy of Britain. Mr. Usher did one year of his Master’s Degree programme at the University of the West Indies in Barbados and is now required to complete a course of research and theses presentation. He is also a poet and his published book of poems. Congratulations are in order.



Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Accidental murder in Toledo? BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 By Alton Humes Police in the Toledo District are investigating a bizarre incident where a night watchman was allegedly shot by his own companion. The incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. at the Gomez Saw Mill on the Southern Highway, near to Bladden Village. 41-year-old watchman Selvin Williams was on duty and with a companion, one Mr. William Ical, a laborer of the same village, when someone apparently fired a shot a few miles away. Unfortunately, instead of find-

ing the person who did the deed, Ical opted to simply fire back with a 16-gauge shotgun that was on the premises but actually was supposed to be used solely for security purposes. He instead hit Williams, who fell to the hard ground, with a wound to his head, and left him for dead. Williams would later be pronounced dead on arrival at the Punta Gorda Town Hospital. Ical initially escaped but was later captured by Police, who also recovered the gun, a live 16-gauge cartridge, and a ‘spent’ shell casing. Ical has been detained and remains under arrest, pending the outcome of an investigation.

Darrell Bradley scared of debating PUP Continued from page 1 the Mayoral candidates vying for the 2012 Municipal Elections. Sources inside the UDP say Bradley is afraid to come face to face with the PUP Mayoral Candidate, Karen Bodden, because she has an excellent understanding of the issues facing the Council and is the only one offering real solutions. Truthfully, Bradley has much to fear in a debate. As the legal advisor for the UDP Belize City Council, he stood beside the wreckage known as Zenaida Moya-Flowers and approved a number of their doings – from defending the firing of single-mothers to the mismanagement at City Hall. Where was Bradley while much of the under-depositing went on? Where is he today, as the UDP Council allows the city to deteriorate while collecting their high salaries? Darrel Bradley would lose so badly in a debate that Philloughby would appear to be the smartest bulb in their motley crew. Entering politics means you ought to be able to handle whatever heat comes one’s way. But Bradley doesn’t seem to think so. He clearly believes he doesn’t need to answer to the Belizean public, and can win an election with doctored ads and praises from the Prime Minister. No way. Moya once accused her UDP Leader of having no ‘you know what’ after he silently ordered that she be charged and taken to court just days after giving birth. Well, it seems lacking cojones runs in the UDP family as their UDP Mayoral Candidate is very afraid to participate in a mature discussion of city affairs. It also seems to be genetic as the UDP mayoral candidate’s father is well-known for his cowardly attacks on Belizeans. On a daily basis



nasty Joe Bradley, Darrel Bradley’s father, can be heard spewing garbage and filthy language on the radio. The disrespect is extended to city taxpayer’s as nasty Joe is hired by the City Council but shows up to work until 10am every morning. The debate will go ahead for Wednesday, December 7th on LOVE FM whether Darrell Bradley wants to be part of it or not. It’s not like residents think he has much to offer anyway. So much for being an outstandingly bright fellow, Bradley is already suffering tremendously and the campaign has not even started to heat up. Word to the wise: if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Darrel… save yourself the embarrassment boy.

Humor in UDP Politics! The following matters were discussed in this week’s cabinet: - Barrow called the World Bank to impress Cabinet but was put on hold for five minutes. When the receptionist came on she referred his call to the Regional Office in Costa Rica. When Barrow called again to ask why he was re-routed, she responded that UNIBAM was not the password. - A brief case was found in Cabinet with a ski mask, a night vision, a map of La Democracia, and a GPS device. When asked who it belonged to, everybody pointed to one man – which caused Flipping to confess that he took it there as a joke. - Elrington demanded an apology, claiming he was totally embarrassed when he arrived with suitcase in hand at the groundbreaking of the new mental clinic building two weeks ago. Elrington said he had received an invitation to test out a new hotel. Flippin then smiles and whispered to Faber, ‘now we tie, 1-1’. - Before Cabinet was over, Saldivar offered that they carry out a mock debate on the UNIBAM issue. Before he could ask who would join his team for UNIBAM, a number of hands went up including Singh, Faber, Roches and Marin. ………………. In other related news, three members of Cabinet were seen having lunch with the fellow who found the Mexican plane. ‘Why did you call your boss’, they asked. ‘Because I thought it was the right thing to do’, he replied, so they took a BTL phone and gave it to the boy. ‘Next time you see a plane land, call we and not your boss’. ………………. Things are so bad under Barrow that policemen thief things while in uniform now, so bad that Courts got things for 1 dalla and it ain’t selling. Things so bad that Easy Glenn had to pawn out his red shirt and front teeth for $10 credit. That is how bad things bad. ………………. A caller called Joe Bradley last week and Lik Road from jail. “Tell me”, he asked, “why does a lawyer who makes lots of money would leave a law firm to be Mayor of Belize City?” Joe took a deep breath, even bit his tongue before blurted out “only wah silly lawyer dah du dat”…then suddenly gasped when the man in the mirror Alfonso pinched him in the rear. ………………. Ann Marie was asked at a Women’s Forum what was the biggest hindrance to Women in politics. She responded by saying another woman. She was asked to be more specific, and replied “a Cansino Santino woman”.



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Belize Times December 4, 2011  

Belize Times December 4, 2011

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