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PUP leads reform agenda Opposition proposes less politics with new Joint Public Accounts Committee Belize City, July 31, 2013 Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Hon. Julius Espat says that the work of the important financial check and balance body has been considerably stymied because of political influence. In November 2012, when the Committee attempted to examine the Auditor General’s inconclusive 2010/2011 audit report which found serious financial irregularities in certain Ministries, including the payment of one million dollars to Barrow & Company and Lois Young Barrow & Co, which are owned by the Prime Minister’s brother and ex-wife, it was botched when the four Government members Hon. Patrick Faber, Hon. Michael Finnegan, Hon. John Saldivar and Hon. Erwin Contreras, who

PAC Chairman, Hon. Julius Espat

hold the majority, refused to agree to have the report examined or the Auditor General Dorothy Bradley and Financial Secretary Joseph Waight questioned by the Committee. Hon. Espat wants to remove the undue control held by any political party and has proposed significant amendments to the composition of the current Committee. These amendments include expanding the members from five to seven, with a more objective composition consisting of 2 Government members, 2 Opposition members, and the 3 Senators representing civil society partners: the Belize Chamber of Commerce, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and

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PAC member, Hon. Rodwell Ferguson

Threat to Protected Areas:

Lisel Alamilla! Pg. 6

UDP Makes Tourism Whoreism Pg. 11

Missing taxi driver Hugo Moreno


Vega: UDP Hustling is “Petty” Cronies grab over 50 lots at Fresh Pond Pg. 31

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Pablo Marin MUST RESIGN!


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Step Aside Finnegan!


Dear Editor, I felt sorry for Finnegan when I saw him in the news, first a couple weeks ago when he was barely able to walk up the steps of his office and this week looking feeble and frail. He is clearly in deteriorating health conditions and unfit to carry out his work. Finnegan is an old politician, very sick yet he don’t know when to call it quits. This reminds me of an old boxer like Larry Holmes who did not know when to go or could it be that he wants to be like Edgar Hoover, who had to be carried out of his office? Any which way, Finnegan should quit and quit now. For how can he remember the conversations he has with fifteen persons who come to his office, much less keep track of the needs of 100 persons? Who is he fooling here? And how effective is he when he has been absent so long for us in Mesop? Finnegan has served his time, though he leaves a disappointing legacy. His old school style of being combative, hate-filled, abusive, vulgar and sexist is up, over, finished. It is time to move on to achieve his bucket list. It’s time to step aside old man and give a young PUP a run to serve Mesop. Signed, Mesop Voter

Why so quiet, Mr. X?

Crying SHAME for Steven Buckley!


Dear Editor, It’s a downright shame and disgrace what this UDP Administration is doing to Steven Buckley. How come his area representative, the big mouth Boots Martinez, the rags to riches man with a handful of yellow mansions all over the city, can’t or refuses to step in and settle the matter? Isn’t he the Minister of HUMAN DEVELOPMENT and SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION? So, why hasn’t he instructed his Ministry to do something about Steven Buckley? If it was election time and Buckley was not registered to vote, Boots would have sent not one but two cars to pick him up along with five persons and some cash. What hypocrisy! How come the Minister of Police can find time to spend all Thursday morning on the UDP’s Wus Ting Da Mawning blowing candles and wishing people happy birthday, but he can’t find time to get on the phone and call the Police Commissioner to settle the matter? This is a heartless, cold, chancey bunch under Prime Minister Dean Barrow. It’s cruel how the UDP can watch a man who was shot wrongfully and reduced to a street beggar because he is now unable to work, and now being victimized a second time as the KHMH threatened to jail him if he didn’t pay a hospital bill. What happened to the human rights crowd? Even they are saying nothing. It is time to settle Steven Buckley’s matter. KHMH must be paid by the Police and Buckley must be compensated by the Police. It is bad enough that he was shot wrongfully, now he is being shot a second time by his area rep, the MinContinued on page 29


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Dear Editor, For the last five years, our country has been on the brink of falling into an abyss caused by the naked corruption and incompetence of Dean Barrow and his worthless UDP government. Belizeans have not seen new industries, no new jobs; no new classrooms. Nothing is working under Barrow. Instead, Belizeans have had to pay more taxes, particularly when they go to the stores to buy basic food stuff. Belizeans have realized that life is harder, much harder under Barrow and the UDP. With all the pain and suffering Belizeans have endured under Barrow, the so called “leading newspaper”, Kremandala, seems unable to critique Barrow’s corrupt, abusive and incomContinued on page 29

Great Grandfather wants to help Great Grandson start stamp/coin/ postcard collection


Letter to the Editor: My name is George Phillips and I am an 84 year-old resident of Manitoba, Canada. As a young boy I had the privilege of collecting stamps/coins/ postcards from around the world. There was no Internet or mass media back then and this was one of the ways that one discovered the world around them. I would like to pass this down to my great grandson Tristan Phillips, so he too may enjoy a hobby that was once popular but fading. Even at the age of four, Tristan has shown interest in stamps and coins. With this in mind, we would Continued on page 29

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OUT Teach Children OUR Culture Not Pop Culture!


Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your newspaper to share my views on how our children are losing their cultural values. The education system in Belize is set up in a way which barely accommodates the teaching of the rich cultures and ways of life in Belize. I am appalled to see that we have to learn more of the outside culture than our very own. Our Belizean children are “missing out” on the history, way of life, and the values of cultures, which they are a part of. They are not being properly furnished with the “roots” of what make them a Garifuna, an East Indian, a Mayan, a Ketchi, a Mestizo, a Creole, etc. In primary schools, they barely teach the history of Belize. At high school level, it’s even worst. What is going to happen when generations pass and pop culture influences and eventually changes the way of life of everything we are? We can’t allow Pop Culture and Westernization to take away what makes BELIZE what it is. The diverse culture, Continued on page 29


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Lee Mark Chang Belize City, July 1, 2013 The BELIZE TIMES has been investigating a disturbing report of UDP land grabbing in the Freetown Division, involving Lee Mark Chang, the politician who was rejected at the polls. The land in question is Lot #29301 Block 16, located at address #13 Clifton Betson Street in Belama Phase II. In 2003, through a land program that benefitted thousands of normal Belizeans, a lease certificate was given to a hardworking Belizean woman, whose name we will keep anonymous. The land was maintained up to time and the plan was to build on it as soon as the family had resources. But with the UDP in office for five years now, that has been impossible. The leaseholder got the shocked of her life, however, when after visiting the lands department she was told that the land had been given to someone else. To whom? No other than one “Aisha Leiva” Continued on page 8

PUP leads reform agenda

Continued from page 1 the Churches. The name of the new body, under its new composition, would be the Joint Public Accounts Committee, taking into account the key partnership with the other stakeholders. An Opposition member would continue to hold Chairmanship of the Committee. Hon. Espat said that the answer to the heavy hand which the politicians wield over the Committee is to keep those hands as far away as possible. The 2 Government members of the new Committee will be required to be non-Ministers. This is important because Ministers face executive pressure to protect decisions made by Cabinet; therefore, a non-Minister member of Government would not be duty bound by the principle of collective responsibility. With 3 civil society senators joining as members neither the ruling Party nor Opposition will have majority say. Hon. Espat said that in his view, this is how the Committee would best be able to perform its meaningful work of providing a proper oversight and scrutiny of Government’s spending of public funds. He added that Belizeans deserve a functioning Public Accounts Committee to tackle corruption and ensure that there is proper accountability in Government. The proposal for the Joint Public Accounts Committee will be introduced by the Opposition at a special meeting of the House of Representatives scheduled for next week Wednesday, August 7th, 2013. The Opposition will be calling on the Government side to join them in reforming the critical oversight body. The central question is whether the UDP will agree, or whether they have something to hide.

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– Freetown’s Mr. Quitar?

Lee Mark Chang

The land taken by the UDP

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on the

A Smart National Economic Policy By Francis W. Fonseca Restoring confidence in the Belizean economy starts with a Smart National Economic Policy. Belize has 8,867 square miles or 5,674,880 acres of land, 12 miles of territorial sea, 200 miles of exclusive economic zone, untold millions of barrels of petroleum and other valuable minerals and the skill and ingenuity of an over 130, 000 strong labor force. It has geographic proximity to and shares the English language with the wealthiest country on earth. It has other large markets

(Mexico, Guatemala) in its immediate vicinity and it has inherited the preferred and familiar English common law legal system. To maximize economic growth, we need to competently and efficiently maximize the use of all these resources and comparative advantages. A key component of this Smart National Economic Policy must be In-

formation and Communications Technology (ICT). Belize already has all the essential tools of production necessary to enable an immensely successful ICT sector particularly in the area of near shore outsourcing for North American businesses that can not only attract sub-


stantial foreign and local investment and generate foreign exchange earnings but also create thousands of high paying jobs for Belizeans. These tools include such basic advantages as our language, our law, our people, our geographic closeness to North America compared to other outsourcing centers like India, the affordability and availability of real estate in Belize and, of course, bandwidth. New investment policies and laws are needed to organize and encourage investment in this sector. Our educational system must be enhanced throughout up to and thru the tertiary

level to properly train and bring skill and expertise to our population in the ICT field. This will ultimately mean jobs not only in terms of telemarketing but also in more high paying areas such as software development, network design and systems management. With a PUP government guided by and implementing a Smart National Economic Policy the ICT sector will undoubtedly become one of the leading employers in Belize. In future articles we will examine other key sectors that can drive economic growth and development in Belize.

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amed after the godfather of the UDP Gaspar Vega, who recently disclosed that he is not a normal person in Belize, VEGAnomics is now a deep-rooted economic and political system used by the Barrow Administration. It is an exploitation system that rewards family, friends and political cronies, encourages incompetence and embraces corruption. The economic structure of VEGAnomics: Contraband origins: It is no secret that even before Gaspar Vega became the Deputy Prime Minister he built up a lucrative and shady business empire in the North, a mix of contraband imports, media and other products linked to Mexican bosses. Time and time again local business people and their organizations have gone to the Prime Minister to seek an intervention to stop or at least curb the dominance of the Vega business model, one that makes monopoly status seem competitive. However, they have learned the hard way, with VEGAnomics, you are nobody. Single Prop Engine In a recent confrontation between Channel 7 and Dean Barrow at one of his shock and awe press conferences, Jules Vasquez asked about the “Northern Coffers”. Barrow pretended to not know what the journalist was talking about saying he only deals with the Central Coffers. The point is that Dean Barrow hired Gapi Vega as his Dick Cheney, to construct the economic orchestra that is crippling this country. Dean Barrow is now the conductor of this economic song and dance. Family and Crony Capitalism Under the system of VEGAnomics a contractor like Imer Hernandez drew national shame with the San Antonio road scandal, but was rewarded with a six million dollar contract to build a new airport in Belize City and another to renovate the Belmopan Market. We don’t have time to list the number of legal contracts that the ex-wife and brother of the

Prime Minister have gotten. The central issues is that not only does Barrow dish out to his friends, family and cronies, but when they do wrong they are rewarded. The Environment is their backyard It is clear to all that the Rosewood scandal is only one example of VEGAnomics in action. Look how competent the Government became when they facilitated the illegal cutting of Rosewood by the German Vega’s (Gapi’s brother) company. A one time conservationist Minister turned international illegal logging broker sold out the country as a good faith gesture toward her new boss Dean Barrow. In that deal Belize got three hundred thousand and the private companies got a minimum of $6,000,000 (six million). Cutting down forests, drilling in protected areas, and bulldozing ancient Maya cities are all part of the VEGAnomics model. I am Not a Normal Person in Belize When Vega made this statement the nation at first laughed and seemed stunned by his arrogant and casual comment. Now that Nohmul, Rosewood, countless Land deals, and crony contracts have come to light we can appreciate the utter disregard Dean Barrow and his UDP government has for really working to fix Belize’s growing economic crisis. Dean Barrow and his government can call a thousand more press conferences, nationalize another private entity, attack his political opponents, insult the Church, call teachers child molesters, buy out the media and ridicule the business community, but that will not making things better. This behaviour is part of an organized system we call VEGAnomics. It is part of Dean Barrow’s grand design. Vega told us he is not NORMAL. Barrow told us he is the MASTER OF THE GAMES. And the Belizean people know they are being played.

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Threat to Protected Areas:

Lisel Alamilla! Belize City, July 31, 2013 The Barrow Administration’s poster girl for environmental protection, Minister of Forestry Lisel Alamilla, is the number one threat to Belize’s protected areas, according to the Association of Protected Areas Management Organisation (APAMO), the largest environmental organisation. APAMO has slammed Alamilla for her abuse of authority and disrespect to environmental organizations who have single-handedly managed and guarded protected areas. APAMO’s Chairman, Edilberto Romero, said at a press conference held on Monday July 29th that by her actions Minister Alamilla has become the “largest threat to protected areas”, even a greater threat than oil exploitation. Romero was livid in his response

to the Minister who had launched an offensive against the environmental organisations, accusing them of failing to comply with Government’s regulations. This alleged non-compliance has resulted in a crisis for the environment, with the Government cancelling the renewal agreements held by various organisations for the management of protected areas. One such organisation is the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM), which has managed the Sarstoon Temash National Park in the Toledo District since 1997. On July 17th, SATIIM was notified by the Ministry of Forestry that they no longer had any authority to access or manage the national park. SATIIM has rejected the notice and said they will continue to do their important work, whether the Barrow Administration wants or not.

Romero explained that it isn’t a case of environmental organisations not complying, but of them resisting the threats coming from the Forestry Minister and the Barrow Administration. He elucidated that the terms of agreements involving key aspects such as management period and even scope of protection have been unreasonable and unfavorable. “We were asking for twenty-five years. They didn’t agree to that at the National Protected Areas Technical Committee where the Ministry is adequately represented. We then agreed to seven years and then they went around and changed it to five years. So definitely it is something that is not good for protected areas management. It is an issue that most, if not all the co-managers had issues with,” said Romero. The issue of scope of protection is even more controversial. The Government wants all agreements to contain a clause that will allow GOB to arbitrarily include a third party in case they grant an oil concession or logging concession in the protected area. The environmental organisations say that is ridiculous. Romero even accused Minister Alamilla of being a hypocrite, claiming that she has been imposing terms which she had refused to accept when she was the head of Ya’axché Conservation

04 AUG


Trust (YCT), a member organisation of APAMO. The Minister, said Romero, has been threatening organisations, claiming they will not receive the measly funds which Government provides if they do not sign the agreements. “…she’s been threatening co-managers, even cursing co-managers, to sign those co-management agreements. She has her staff calling co-managers, threatening that if they don’t sign, they will be left out and will have nothing to do with the protected areas and they won’t be able to get funding from PACT. She has been using PACT as a way to force co-managers to sign co-management agreements. And because right now is the deadline for calls for proposals for PACT that’s why they have been doing that and that’s why it has come to light at this point,” Romero stated. SATIIM is not standing alone with their resistance. Six other organisations, including the Rancho Dolores, Spanish Creek Wildlife Sactuary and Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary are refusing to sign any agreement unless the terms are amended. Only four APAMO members have succumbed to Government’s pressure, including the Toledo Institute for Development and Education (TIDE) and YCT.

04 AUG



07 7

Hush Amandala, Hush

Belize City, August 1, 2013 Traditionally, media houses in Belize like Kremandala go the extra mile in trying to portray themselves as ex-

Vega: UDP Hustling is “Petty”

Cronies grab over 50 lots at Fresh Pond Belize City, July 31, 2013 Corruption has become so widespread in the Barrow Administration that UDP politicians have become indifferent to the mass hustling that is taking place. Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega, who week after week finds himself at the center of allegations of corruption involving his privileged friends and family, coined the UDP’s policy on corruption best when he dismissed it saying that the doesn’t “get into those petty stuff”. Vega was responding to questions of his involvement in an ugly fight among UDP elephants, or in this case UDP pigs, who were feeding at the trough of land and housing like there was no tomorrow. The case involves houses in the Fresh Pond housing site, which the UDP has zeroed in and has apparently portioned off for distribution to their cronies. The problem is that two major UDP factions were salivating over the same houses. On one side was the incompetent Minister of Housing Michael Finnegan and his cronies and the Prime Minister’s sister and campaign manager, Sista B, and on the other is Vega, the godfather himself and his lackeys. The UDP had a showdown at the Ministry of Natural Resources last week when the Ministry of Housing CEO Lawrence Sylvestre was sent by his boss to check on the status of the land transfers for the UDP cronies. Sylvestre, we understand, became too aggressive when he smelled the rat and that caused him to be chased off office by armed security who were serving the orders of their boss. But things weren’t that simple. Bigger than Vega, perhaps, is Sista B, who wields tremendous influence in the UDP, at least in Belize City. Sista B is interested in one of the houses that was about to end up in the hands of Vega’s driver’s brother, and she would have none of it. This Jerry Springer-type political drama ended up in nagging texts and phone calls to UDP Leader Dean Barrow, who had no choice but to take Springer’s role and intervene. The UDP is tightlipped about the outcome, but political pundits say Vega won this match. After all, he is the Minister of lands, and as we all know “land claims house”.

isting independently of any of the dominant political parties. In their view, it is what gives them credibility. Sometimes though, that eagerness to appear independent cannot compete with the hunger and thirst for the almighty UDP dollar. Last week was a classic case on point. 5 long years of UDP tyranny, corruption and greed came to a head with what has to be classified as the biggest heist the nation has ever seen. The brother of the Deputy Prime Minister, who Evan X Hyde reverently referred to as “Mr. Gapi” in his Editorial, sold in excess of 20 containers of precious

rosewood. The people of Belize, who Evan X Hyde claims to represent, received $15,000.00 per container while Vega and the UDP received $250,000.00 per container. Now, one would expect that Hyde would, at the very least, give Lisel Alamilla the customary slap on the wrist for “bogusing” the Belizean people. It is what he normally does to try and convince the public that he is not in bed with the reds. But there seems to be something “X”tra special about the rosewood debacle that prevented Hyde from even mentioning the heist in his newspaper. It is no secret that Hyde has received millions of dollars in government advertising for being

a UDP apologist, but that charade of “independence” is slowly coming to an end. Coincidentally and poetically, the charade of Dean Barrow hating his client Michael Ashcroft is also coming to an end following a cozy reunion in London. Readers may recall that Hyde has always backed Barrow because they had one “supposed” enemy in common. At the end of the day, it is not about the enemies they have in common but simply put, it is about the advertising “hush money” that passes from one hand to the next. Amandala’s handling or rather mishandling of the rosewood heist confirms that. All power to the people.

0 88

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Education Summer Camp in 10th Year!

By Dolores Balderamos Garcia

Let’s pave the Manatee Road!!! In an earlier Woman in the House article I called on the powers that be to keep the Gales Point Manatee Government Primary School open, and made the case that the community of Gales Point Manatee is a special needs village that should be given special attention. In this piece I turn to the related topic of development of our country as a whole, and the need for continued vision and positive action to bring about this sorely needed development. I am not the first person who has called for the paving of the Manatee Road (Coastal Road is an awful misnomer), but I want to lend my voice as Area Representative for Belize Rural Central to this direly needed infrastructural undertaking. It takes too long and Belizeans and visitors need to travel too far to get to the Stann Creek District and the south of the country as the road system now exists. It is not difficult at all to do the math in terms of miles to travel as well as the cost, and the Manatee Road shortens the distance considerably. In addition, if this stretch of road between La Democracia and the Hummingbird Highway/Stann Creek Valley Road would be paved, it would open up a significant part of the country for development. There are various farms, orange groves, and forest reserves along the Manatee Road, and many people including residents of Gales Point would be able to find employment if there is further development in this area. Just a few weeks ago I wrote to the NEMO Minister and the CEO asking again for the Community Cen-

ter/Hurricane Shelter in Gales Point to be repaired. We are in another hurricane season since last year, and the people of Gales Point are still waiting. Past and current village chairladies have made clear their request to Government that the repairs and refurbishment should be undertaken to include work men and women from the community due to the pressing need for jobs. I also asked for urgent attention from the Works Ministry for bridges along the Manatee Road to be upgraded so as to withstand flood waters, especially the Mullins River Bridge. Gales Point is actually at times cut off from the rest of the country when flood waters come up too high. Paving the road and putting in proper bridges will help to keep the people of Gales Point from being cut off and not being able to pass - either going towards La Democracia or towards Stann Creek. And the benefits to everyone from having shorter distances to travel will also be felt immediately. Infrastructure, jobs, economic activity, development – all these go together. It is time to take a good look at the Manatee Road and to seriously work towards paving it. Government needs to stop ignoring these pressing needs. They are finding money for all kinds of partisan political purposes. Surely they can take the time to stop and focus on what it takes to bring about development in this country. One such undertaking would have to be the paving of the Manatee Road. Let’s work towards doing it!!

Participants of 2013 summer camp BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 By Alton F. Humes (Freelance Reporter) Educator, political and social activist and forward-thinker – that’s the best description of Mr. Peter Lacey. For a decade strong, he and his wife, Andrea, have held an annual education camp in Belize

City, teaching hundreds of Primary School students English and Mathematics skills, amongst others – giving them the much-needed skills necessary on their accession to their next level in their educational life. “We tailor a five week curriculum to prepare students for the upcoming school year. This Continued on page 19

Lee Mark Chang – Freetown’s Mr. Quitar?

Continued from page 3 who is the sister in law of the UDP’s Lee Mark Chang. Land documents showed the land was given to Leiva, with title in 2010. But that is not the end of the hanky panky. Our investigations showed that Leiva is a registered voter in Freetown and the address given is the same empty lot on Clifton Betson Street. That would only possible if Leiva has been living in a crab hole on the land. And according to the information, Leiva has been living in that crab hole since 1998 when she registered to vote in Freetown.

And that is not all. Leiva’s sister, Norbella Rosalva, also registered to vote using the same address. In fact, the entire Leiva family seems to have registered in the Freetown Division, using various Belama addresses. Chang, who has been MIA since the elections, must say what his role was in the suspicious land transaction that involved taking away from a normal Belizean to benefit his relative. He must also come clean about his family voters using an empty lot as the address to register to vote in the Freetown area.


Pickstock Constituency Committee

The People’s United Party is accepting applications for members of the Pickstock Constituency Committee. Application forms are available at the PUP Secretariat, Independence Hall, #3 Queen Street, Belize City. Application must be filled and returned to the Secretariat, addressed to the Secretary General by Friday August 23, 2013.

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Photo by Tony Rath


No Shoes. No Shirt. No Sight. No Problem

Rowan climbing Victoria Peak, 2011

by Kareem Musa Blue Hole, Belize July 26th, 3013 As we approach the bend on the last quarter of 2013, a few may argue that we have jumped the gun in announcing our selection for Man of the Year; but here at the Belize Times we have no qualms, no doubts and no hesitation in declaring Rowan Garel the most deserving and worthy of this title. Aside from Forest Gump, a fictional but accomplished character played by Tom Hanks, there is not a single individual that can boast the accomplishments of Rowan Garel. In 2011, at the age of 13, Rowan undertook the most daring, high-risk adventure of his life when he climbed one of the tallest mountains in Belize, Victoria Peak. He spent three nights in the wilderness, risking life and limb with every step he took, eluding deadly snakes and jaguars while at the same time absorbing and appreciating all that nature had to offer. In 2012, Rowan tackled his most grueling feat when he walked 90 miles from the Western Border all the way to Belize City. Despite chaffed legs and bleeding blisters on his heels, Rowan strode into Belize City with his head high and a smile that Mastercard would describe as priceless. This past Friday, the 26th of July, 2013, Rowan Garel did it again. Following months of studying, testing, trials and errors, Rowan accomplished some-

thing that 90% of Belizeans would not dare attempt. He dove 60 feet down into the Blue Hole, one of Belize’s prized possessions made famous by legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau and now a leading candidate for the 8th Wonder of the World. Amidst hungry 10 foot sharks, Rowan operated his scuba gear and maneuvered about this phenomenal ecosystem like a master diver. His mother and grandmother were visibly concerned on the surface, but deep down, they knew that Rowan would once again come out on top. In all this, I intentionally did not mention the fact that Rowan is blind. If it is one thing that I have learnt from being an observer in all three of his adventures, it is that being blind is not a factor that affects Rowan in the least. A few weeks ago, Rowan had a chance encounter with Sylvia Earle, a world-renowned oceanographer and author who, in speaking with Rowan, put it best, “You don’t need your eyes to have vision. Vision is in your mind. Just dream about what you want to do and do. That is vision.” After sharing only a few minutes with Rowan, Earle was able to detect his deep and unparalleled vision.

His selfless commitment and dedication to raising funds for those most in need is hands down the most inspirational and touching aspect of Rowan’s story. His adventures, while personal goals and family centered, are with one purpose, to raise funds for other Belizeans who

Rowan Walking Across Belize, 2012

are blind. Since childhood, Rowan has been supported by the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) a non-profit organization, and the only entity in Belize that helps people who are blind or visually impaired, at no cost. With the organization’s

survival at risk, Rowan has made it his personal goal to raise awareness of and fund BCVI through his many inspirational challenges. Political, social and religious leaders should take note of Rowan Garel. At

a time when all seems to be lost, here is a young man that has got it right. He is THE symbol of hope, progress and success for our Belize. Congratulations and Thank You Rowan!!


04 AUG


Do you think that the people of Belize got a fair deal on the Rosewood sale?





No, I don’t think that us as Belizeans got a fair deal. I believe that we could have maximized profits and also ensure that it was fairly distributed.

No, I think they should have kept it for local development.



by Micah Vernon


I’m not really sure how the Rosewood dealings were conducted so I can’t give a definite opinion.

I think it’s unfair I think we should have gotten more for our sale.




No, I believe that we could have done something more productive with the lumber locally.

I don’t have any concrete opinion because I don’t know what the price of the Rosewood was, so I can’t say if it was a good deal.

No! It wasn’t properly thought out. The profits from the Rosewood was skimpily estimated and in the business world you need to know your principle and your profit. To me it appears that we are comfortable with mediocrity.

PUBLIC AUCTION SALE BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED, a Licensed Public Auctioneer will sell on site the following property at the time as listed. At Guadalupe Street, Sarteneja Village, Corozal District on Saturday, 10th August 2013 at 2:00 pm ALL THAT piece or parcel or lot of land situate at Guadalupe Street in the Village of Sarteneja, Corozal District, Belize, being Lot No. 151B (now Parcel 454, Block 3, Sarteneja Registration Section) comprising 490.373 square metres as shown and described on a Plan drawn by Licensed Surveyor L.S. Tingling dated the 12th day of June 2000 and being lodged and recorded at the Lands & Surveys Department in Belmopan in Register No. 15 Entry No. 5129 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon, the freehold property of MINERVA CANUL FLORES DATED this 31st day of July 2013 All sales are strictly cash and deemed final. For more information contact: HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED 1 HYDE’S LANE, BELIZE CITY, BELIZE Phone: (501) 224-5644 Fax: (501) 223-0738

I believe that it was setup, keeping the “big man” with all the profit and us as Belizeans remaining deprived.

04 AUG




UDP Makes Tourism Whoreism City of Belmopan, July 30, 2013 THE Dictatorship of Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s administration to have this week signed a wrong-headed agreement with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), headquartered in Miami-Dade County, Florida, to build a $100 million cruise ship terminal on an island close to Belize’s delicate barrier reef in southern Belize, is already creating a storm of backlashes and objections. This decision, by a very short-sighted government, that seeks only shortterm political gratification, is equivalent to street corner prostitution, with dim street lights, shady movements, dark corners and $5 quickies without considering the long term consequences. The Prime Minister, however, in pushing this move, is not out of character. For a few short years, after he came to office, he tried to ignore the country’s debt crisis, much of which was created by another United Democratic Party administration under Manuel Esquivel. But when pressured by the country’s creditors, and having failed in the beginning to restructure the national debt, Mr. Barrow’s ego was painfully bruised. In a candid remark following his failure to dictate HIS terms for the restructuring of the national debt, Barrow commented that it does not matter anyway, as after a while “I won’t be around”. We hope that it will be sooner than later. This is a similar attitude with regards to his government’s destructive decision to grant NSL such a deal with so little economic returns for the country, the slow but imminent threats to the reef and other devastating environmental and social effects that will, like a tsunami, seriously affect, in a negative way, the southern region of Belize and the lifestyles and the culture of the people. The decision is clearly based on personal greed, hustling and political extortion by a few very greedy people within the government. Some of them are the same people in the government, who tried and failed to convert the Placencia peninsula into a cruise ship destination and the village of Placancia into a “tourism village”.This move backfired with outright rejection by the people of Placencia. They are also outraged by this government’s arbitrary decision to this cheap agreement with NCL to build this exclusive cruise ship facility on Harvest Caye which is directly three miles south west of Placencia. This decision is contrary to the recommendation of a government-commissioned Tourism Development Plan, which was drawn up with the assistance of the Inter-American Development Bank. This Plan strongly advised against mass tourism in the South. It is without a doubt, the result of the persistence and determination of the sharks and barracudas in Cabinet, including Prime Minister Barrow, who is known to stomp his feet when he cannot have his own way and with callous disregard for the wisdom of his “advisors” and technical experts. A RUSE It was because of mounting public pressure opposed to the NCL’s earlier proposal to build its cruise ship terminal on Crawl Caye, east of Placencia and nearer

Manuel Heredia to the reef, that the Prime Minister set up a charade in the form of a three-man task force from his Cabinet to consider NCL’s initial proposal for Crawl Caye. It was a performance intended for a theatre full of fools and in fact, it turned out to be a ruse. The outcome was therefore, predictable. The taskforce dutifully recommended against NCL’s initial proposal. It was therefore rejected because of “environmental concerns”. NCL was then offered an alternative island, Harvest Caye. The PM claimed, in defence of this alternative consideration, that this island is not a part of the reef system. Marine scientists and other environmental groups disagree. They say that taking the entire reef environment into consideration, such a massive development on Harvest Caye will in itself affect the reef system. Worse, the negative impact of this type of mass tourism on the reef, as well as the intrusion of thousands of one-day visitors to the coastal communities, spells a death knell for this almost exclusive environment for overnight visitors as well as for the communities. Imagine a thousand or more visitors on Main Street in Placencia on any given day. Harvest Caye is three miles south west of Placencia village. NCL plans to bring a whopping three to four thousand passengers per visit to its planned facility on Harvest Caye. The Barrow administration is ignoring the recent recommendations of the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan. This very costly Master Plan was paid for by the government, using taxpayers’ money, through the quasi-government Belize Tourism Board and in collaboration with the Inter-American Bank. The BTB and its Board will lose its credibility if this agreement is allowed to go through. There is no rational justification for the government to sign on to such an agreement with NCL. It is like the lowest forms of prostitution we can think about. We are selling the country’s patrimony for very little. In fact, in the end, we, the people of Belize, will end up with nothing, or with very little crumbs for the growing thousands of hungry and unemployed Belizeans, but the record of a sweetheart deal gone wrong will remain with us for generations. Maybe, if the so called geniuses in the government would have done their research, they would have discovered that studies after studies, as the tourism industry evolved and grew in Belize, mass tourism was never encouraged. WHY COMMISSIONED A MASTER

Stewart Krohn PLAN TO IGNORE IT? It then begs the question: Why did the government commission this Master Plan in the first place? Mr. Barrow’s government has totally disregarded the Master Plan. It recommends protection for ecologically sensitive areas, culturally sensitive areas and heritage protection. These recommendations are being ignored but not for the first time. This government has insisted on granting oil exploration licences along the barrier reef despite overwhelming rejection of this by a people’s referendum which it tried to frustrate. . UNESCO, in 1996, with the support of both international and local environmental groups - specifically, the Belize Audubon Society (now like a Jellyfish) declared Belize’s Barrier Reef a World Heritage Site - a factor which contributed, along with the excellent environmental stewardship of previous governments, in making Belize a

top-notched eco-tourism destination. A few years ago, because of the Barrow government’s disregard for environmental issues affecting the reef system, UNESCO had threatened to de-list the Belize Barrier Reef as a World Heritage Site. This government is acting in defiance of any recommendations against uncontrolled tourism, overfishing, the destruction of spawning grounds and other environmental sins. It has been equally remiss in the protection of Belize’s largest National Park-the Chiquibul forest. A head tax from each visitor to Belize, by law, should be set aside for the Protected Areas Environmental Trust (PACT). Some of this money is given to environmental groups to assist in park managements. However, the government recently insisted that they could override any provisions for the management of these protected areas. This in effect means that they can do what we want regardless of environmental concerns PACT funds are now being illegally diverted into the consolidated revenue of the government which means that money for environmental protection is being misappropriated. The Sustainable Tourism Master Plan strongly recommends “pocket” cruise tourism of no more than 250 passengers at a time in the southern waters of Belize. NCL, with its massive investment on Harvest Caye, will establish its own little Republic that, according to the leaks of bits and pieces of information from a draft agreement that is being closely guarded. Continued on page 29



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Belize has been attracting top celebrities who come to enjoy the best the country has to offer. This week, we couldn’t help but notice that one major visiting tourist is Hollywood star Bradley Cooper known for his acting in movies including Wedding Crashers, Yes Man, and He’s Just Not That into You. His most recent movie, Part 3 of the Hang Over trilogy, earned $456 million dollars in gross revenues. Cooper, shown in this photo warming up to tourism employee Zinnia Magaña, is reportedly vacationing in San Pedro. It’s safe to say that Mr. Cooper can have a safe hangover while in Belize. San Pedro also recently hosted various other celebrities including the Bachelorette’s Jef Holm, Leonardo DiCaprio (who owns an island west of San Pedro), Ashton Kucther and even Mila Kunis.

Location: Health and Fitness 2000

Hollywood Star in Belize

Nayomi • • • •

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Ladyville Jaguars & Sugar City Girlz draw 1-1 Ladyville, July 28, 2013 The Ladyville Jaguars salvaged a 1-1 draw out of the jaws of defeat when they hosted Sugar City Girlz for a back match of the ongoing Atlantic Bank national female football competition at the Ladyville field on Sunday afternoon. Sheree Gillette looked to put the Jaguars on the scoreboard early with a grass burner shot but Sugar City’s Jenny Cantun handled the challenge. The Jaguars remained on the attack as Kara Kisling stole the ball from Sugar City’s Ruby Mai but again Cantun denied Kisling. Sugar City was also on the attack as Giselle Baeza got off this shot at goal only to be denied by Ladyville’s goalie Imelda Alarcon. The Jaguar’s defender

Lady Jaguars’ Sara Arzu

Britney Nunez blundered into giving up a penalty when she took down Sugar City’s Noreilly Terry inside the 18, but Karen Garcia’s attempt to convert was denied by Imelda Alarcon for a nil-zip ball game at the break. In the 2nd half Giselle Baeza outran Kara Kisling to slice the ball past Alarcon and give the visitors a 1-0 lead in the 68th minute. Ladyville pressed for the equalizer when Sarah Arzu set table for Kara Kisling who missed the target. The Jaguars won a free kick and Sarah Arzu blasted in a long range cruise missile that embarrassed Cantun with the equalizer in the 79th minute and the long whistle sounded to a 1-1 draw.

Ports Belize Belize, Bank & Atlantic Bank

win Firms Basketball games

Lady Jaguars win volleyball champions Belize City, July 26, 2013 The Port of Belize Limited, Belize Bank Bulldogs and Atlantic Bank posted big wins when the Belize District Basketball Association firms’ basketball competition kicked off at Bird’s Isle in Belize City last Friday night. The Belize Bank Bulldogs answered the call against Ready Call 49-31. Bulldogs’ Chris McGann led with 16 points, 9 rebounds to lead 7-4 in the 1st quarter. Ready Call’s Jossiah Brown scored 10 points, Hubert Baptist added 6 points and Kareem Myvett, Ensworth Tzul and Aaron Baptist scored 4 points each

to see the call center team lead 21-18 at the half. Bulldogs’ regained the lead 36-25 in the 3rd quarter and Terrique and Troy Gabb added 21pts total to regain the lead 36-25 in the 3rd quarter and take the 49-31 win. Port Belize Ltd as they doubled up Bowen & Bowen Sprite: 76-34. Ports’ Earl “Bolo” Johnson led with 16 points and 7 rebounds while Ian AC Augustine followed with 14 points and 6 rebounds. Atlantic Bank blew out Belize Water Services 49-34. Ervin “Poty” Orosco led with 16 points, 7 rebounds, while Dave Apolonio drained 14 points The tournament continues at Bird’s Isle on Friday, August 2.

Belize City, July 27, 2013 It was standing room only at the Belize Elementary School auditorium last Saturday night when the Lady Jaguars won their 2nd Volleyball championship, taking Game 3 of the finals in 5 sets. The Jaguars’ Tichelle Solis, Shantel Arnold, Zaira Garbutt and Marissa Williams spiked the Stars into submission, on balls set up by Sherylee Thurton, Tanesha Encalada and libero Tisha Solis, taking the 1st set 25-22. The Stars’ Kelsey Balderamos, Shelmadine Cacho, Sherika Burton and Emma Hoare counterattacked with a fury, as Jashema Saunders and Nerisa Ramirez received and blocked at the net, and the Stars led 2-1 when they won the 2nd set: 25-23 and the 3rd set: 25-20! The Jaguars refreshed their attack

lineup with Alina Scott and Roberta Usher who took the court for Encalada and Garbutt to deny the Stars the 4th set, the Jaguars won: 25-18. It was a whole new ball game in the 5th set, the Jaguars took it away 15-10 to win the championship, but will have to wait for the men’s and firms competition to conclude before the trophy ceremony. In the “Jungle rules” interoffice competition, the Belize Bank prevailed 25-16, 25-13 over the First Caribbean Investment bank. The Simon Quan Co. Ltd arrested the Police Enforcers: 2520, 25-23. In the men’s competition, defending champs Rebels tamed the S.Q. Dragons: 25-22, 25-22 and 25-22. The competition continues on Saturday, August 3.

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Belize Telemedia wins 2013 softball championship

Belize City, July 26, 2013 The Belize Telemedia women’s softball team are the Belize City women’s softball champions for 2013, after shutting out Fresca Lady Rebels 6-0 in Game 5 of the finals at the Roger’s Stadium last Friday night. Telemedia’s Kenisha Sutherland struck out 3 batters and walked 1 batter but gave up no runs to the Rebels in the entire game. In the bottom of the 1st inning, Telemedia had 2 outs with Earline Belisle on 3rd and Mary Flowers on 1st when Ruth Lamb walloped Lanisha Jones’ pitch for a line drive to Rebels’ MVP shortstop Sharette Vernon, whose errant throw to 1st base allowed Belisle and Flowers to come home. Sutherland gave up no

hits to the Rebels in the top of the 2nd inning and Telemedia now led 2-0 in the 2nd when the league’s best hitter Lydia Cacho (batting average 0.475) stepped up to the plate and walloped Jones’ pitch over the infield, bringing home Kaylie McFadzean from 2nd base. Telemedia’s catcher Earlene Belisle then smacked Jones’ pitch to bring home Cacho from 2nd base as Telemedia led 4-0 going into the 3rd inning. Sutherland continued to shut out the Lady Rebels as she got Lanisha Jones to pop up a fly for Elaine Humes’ easy catch, Clarencia Jones’ hit to infield got

her nowhere, and Sharette Vernon did no better. Lanisha Jones also got out of the 3rd inning without conceding any more runs when she got Mary Flowers to pop up for the easy catch by Sharette Vernon. Telemedia extended their lead to 6-0 in the bottom of the 4th inning when Earlene Baptist

hit Jones’ pitch to bring home Kaylie McFadzean from 2nd base, and Barbara Cadle’s hit to outfield brought home Belisle as Telemdia led 6-0 entering the 5th inning. Sutherland shut out the Rebels for the next 3 innings to clinch the title. Most Valuable Player award went to Sharette Vernon, who also won

Most RBI’s: 8 and Most Stolen Bases: 3. Rebels’ pitcher Lanisha Jones won Most Wins and Most Strikeouts: 28. Lydia Cacho won Best Batting Average: 0.475 and Telemedia’s Norecia Frazer won Most Home Runs: 1. The champions and sub-champions also received team trophies and individual trophies to each player.

Mel’s United claws UB Jaguars 9-8 in rural softball

Blazers defeat Rebels 4-1 in Playoffs Game 1

Camalote, July 28, 2013 The Camalote Blazers win 4-1 over the Ontario Rebels at the Denbigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote on Sunday afternoon. The Blazers lead the Cayo Softball Association’s female semifinals. No runs scored in the 1st inning, but in the bottom of the 2nd inning Bridgett Fuller, Molly Coye, Emogene Coye and Frances Coye walloped Gillett’s pitching to score 4 runs. That was the ball game as Gillett gave up no more runs, but neither did Camalote’s seasoned pitcher, Francine Salazar, who struck out 3 batters. Salazar walked 2 batters, but only Indira Ireland scored for Ontario, as the Rebels left 5 runners on base. Roaring Creek’s Grace Ken-

nedy tamed the Esperanza Wolverines 14-9. Esperanza’s Shareenie Soberanis gave up 9 hits and walked 11 batters. Grace Kennedy left 5 runners on base but led 3-0 in the 1st inning. Esperanza’s Indira Spain came home in the bottom of the 3rd and Patricia Spain came home in the bottom of the 4th. Roaring Creek soon led 8-2 when Shadalee Ho hammered in the top of the 5th, bringing home Tanya Davis, Myralee Ho and Stephanie Francis; and Greta Davis also came home. Esperanza’s Marsha “Ninja” Stevens, Eden Gentle, Denise Gordon and Ann Soberanis came home in the bottom of the 5th and Sober-

Flowers Bank, July 28, 2013 Double Head Cabbage Mel’s United now leads the Belize rural softball competition after upsetting their rivals UB Jaguars 9-8 in Flowers Bank on Sunday. Merle Frost led Mel’s United’s attack with 3 runs, while Rebecca Nicholson scored 2 runs and Sheona Gillett, Ally Flowers, Denise Gabourel and Malthia Garbutt scored once, on anis allowed no runs in the 11 hits off Herlett 6th inning, but Roaring Creek Clarke’s pitching. lead 15-6 in the top of the Karina August 7th inning, when Tanya Daled UB with 2 runs vis, Francis, Shadalee, Joyce while Deannah GarGalvez, Deandra Banner and butt, Kaylin Fuller, Lisandra Guy all came home. Rochelle Orellano, Esperanza’s Ann SoberSherrie Mcfadzean, anis, Sandra Gentle and PaMonique Tablada, tricia Spain came home in the Rochelle Orellano bottom of the 7th, Leyandra and Yvette McfadzGuy had given up 11 hits and ean each scored 1 Guy also walked 4 batters, run. Mels’ United while Roaring Creek made 6 made 13 errors and errors. Esperanza left 9 runleft 4 runners on ners on base and made only base. UB made 11 1 error. errors, got 11 hits The playoffs continue off Annette Morey’s when the Wolverines chalpitching, but left 9 lenge Grace Kennedy and the runners on base. Rebels take on the Camalote Flowers Bank Blazers in Camalote on SunEasy Does it and day, August 4. Buttercup Uprising

also enjoyed big wins. Easy Does It defeated the Rancho Dolores “Vilj Gyals” 25-1 by mercy rule. Kelsey Robinson led the Flowers Bank attack with 4 runs, while Charlee Canton, Zhanae Jex, Shanna Robinson, Anna Gillett, and Georgia Joseph scored 3 runs each. Buttercup Uprising slipped Arrows Reloaded of Bermudian Landing 15-4. Cindy Mae Reyes, Kishana Reyes and Tiffara Welch led Buttercup’s attack with 3 runs each off Christine Brackett’s pitching, while pitcher Tricia Flores, Keisha Flowers scored 2 runs each and Garnetta Vasquez came home once.



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notes + ideas by yasser musa

The Gordon Regatta

Michael Gordon

By Yasser Musa Two young ladies dressed in polo tourism village work shirts held on to the chain link fence and stared at the mural. The evening sun illuminated the 110-foot long work of art for them. One writer posted on Facebook that there’s “nothing like full sails, sea breeze, and birds flying overhead,” referring to an image of the mural posted. “The Regatta” painted by Michael Gordon over a period of three weeks is located at 91 North Front Street and can be

It Was My Destiny to Love and Say Goodbye

Michele Perdomo teaching c. early 1970s

by Yasser Musa, Saturday July 27, 2013 Today we gather in the house of the Lord St. Martin’s De Porres to celebrate the life of our dear friend Michele Perdomo. I am honored to offer my respect to such a beautiful life. Today I remember the hot August day in 1994 when I re-connected with Ms P. I had started my teaching life in a small room underneath Jacoby Hall at St. John´s College. She welcomed me with care, love and enthusiasm. From day one I learned from her that the

central role of a teacher was to mentor with love, energy and enthusiasm. She started the St. John’s College art program in January 1970 in a closet sized room upstairs of the Gymnasium. She began with only a handful of students. However, it was her passion and commitment that allowed the SJC art program to grow from a few then to hundreds today. In the 1970s as Belize struggled forward toward Independence Michele Perdomo was using art to ignite the imagination of the young to think about who they were as Beliz-

viewed while walking, riding or driving from the City Hall toward the Swing Bridge in Belize City. He completed it on his birthday July 25 at age 52. The crew of the Image Factory celebrated his life and his art with beer and a milk cake. The work is a festival of color, a vast stretch of sea life painted in a simplicity that all who pass must pause if only for a few seconds to inhale its childlike freedom. It connects us to our deepest sense of the

sea. It is what Galeano would call the memory of fire. Commissioned by Shelly Stonesifer as part of a Crazy For Good project being sponsored by Coca Cola. Last year the company celebrated 50 years in Belize and held a countrywide art competition. Crazy for Good begins with Michael Gordon, and he delivered. It is art for the people. Gilvano Swasey made an eight-minute time-lapse video of Gordon painting the mural. I am hoping he posts that work for public consumption.

Reflection on the artistic and teaching life of Michele Perdomo eans. She insisted on themes and projects that emphasized the positive portrayal of the new Belizean. Ms P and I came from different political persuasions, but we saw life and art in the same way. We came from different generations, but we were unified in the hope that art would one day play an important role in the development of Belize. Today the progress of art education is the result of her life’s work. I cannot in this brief trib-

ute possibly present to you the enormous revolution in attitude for art that Michele Perdomo contributed to this country. She was not just the pioneer of meaningful art education in this country, but also the catalyst for future generations. The story of her legacy will someday be properly recorded. Ms P was an artist - kind, free spirited, creative. She loved to read. Many days we spent talking about the poetry of Whitman, Neruda, and AngeContinued on page 18

Yasser Musa, Michele Perdomo and Kirkland Smith


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Parochialism and Political Expediency in the Ministry of Health Contributed The International Development Bank (IDB) and other co-financing institutions (Caribbean Development Bank and the European Union Commission) in 2000 approved a loan of US $18.126m to finance Belize’s Health Sector Reform Project (HSRP). The project’s overall objective was to raise the health status of the population by improving the efficiency, equity, and quality of health care services, and by promoting healthier lifestyles. Component 2 of the project, Services Rationalization and Improvement, sought to rationalize the hospital and health services with a view to gaining more efficiency in the public health sector. This would be done, according to the study, by concentrating surgical and other key hospital services in a smaller number of regional centres (three) so as to increase the utilization of capacity and to improve quality. After an investment of BZ $36m in the Health Sector we review the status of the Public Health Sector in Belize. Notwithstanding all the issues that have come to light lately, the 13 Babies that died by an infection at the KHMH, the highlighted issues regarding negligence with various deliveries at the Northern Regional Hospital, the recent problems with neonatals at the Western Regional Hospital, the major issues within the Health Sector are yet to be brought to the forefront. Key among the issues that were addressed in the HSRP was the rationalization of services and resources in the

Health Minister Pablo Marin

Hospitals. In the north the Northern Regional Hospital (NRH) was established and equipped to be the first referral hospital for the residents of the Northern region. All speciality services, including surgery, were to be delivered through this institution. However, today we find ourselves with a newly built $1m surgical theatre at the Corozal Community Hospital. This surgical theatre has been empty for the past 2 plus years as no equipment is available and more importantly the surgical personnel have not been identified. Why would a Community Hospital have a surgical theatre? If so, why do the other Community Hospitals in the country not have surgical theatres? Do we need to tell you that the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, is the Area Rep-

It Was My Destiny to Love and Say Goodbye Continued from page 17 lou. She infused her art students with a sense of self-regard, and self-discovery. She gave them a reason to believe in themselves. Mr P always teased her - Michele Perdomo, SJ because she embodied so much of the Jesuit philosophy. Ms P went beyond her obligations and duty to SJC and took on the work of teaching art to the inmates of the Belize Central Prison. I witnessed first hand how she made them feel loved, wanted, and special. Her humility allowed her to see their humanity first. Cura personalis – care for the entire person. Michele Perdomo was a gifted teacher. She had a magical glow of energy, and tenderness. In her 38 plus year career she touched the hearts of thousands. Many of them at some point will

have heard her gentle voice say, “oh, that is so beautiful...” And so many of us, like me, knew that our art was not so beautiful. But what our teacher did so well was ignite a spirit of love and hope in us, building intellectual capacity in us, with the vision of forming a better person. Michele Perdomo embodied transformational thinking. For her teaching was a wonderful life fulfilling activity. In my 12 years teaching alongside her I felt we were on a mission to serve and bring meaning to the lives of youth. She saw victory in all her students. No one ever failed, and I don’t mean with grades, but in their sense of learning and becoming who they really are. In the moments when her illness was waging blood wars within her she exemplified a steady humility, struggling to remain composed, always trying to deflect attention, always masking the true pain she endured.

resentative for the Corozal Bay? Was it for political expediency? The rationalization of resources is also an issue at the Ministry of Health (MOH) especially that of human resources. As has been documented before by various health practitioners, the present management at the MOH lacks the authority to properly rationalize services within the MOH. All these decisions are done with ministerial interference and for political expediency. Case in point is the Corozal Community Hospital (CCH) that has 11 doctors presently working there. Of course most of the young medical practitioners posted at the CCH are voters in the Corozal Bay and are happy practicing at home. However, wouldn’t these professionals best serve where their services are more needed? The Toledo Community Hospital is grossly understaffed and so are many other medical institutions throughout the country. This allocation of medical resources reeks of political manipulation and parochialism. The recent issues affecting the KHMH, the NRH and the Western Regional Hospital is symptomatic of a Health system that is ailing. An in-depth study of the public health system in Belize, one similar to the recently published analysis of the Education sector, would produce

I believe that Ms P had such a generous spirit because of her love for God and family. She brought her loyalty, commitment and dedication of family to school everyday. We would spend hours in the old art room talking about her wonderful family. Ms P lived her life in care of others. She had a deep-rooted spiritual grace. Tuesday, only hours before she passed, her home was beginning to fill with the inevitable reality. The poet says, “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming...” On Tuesday I kissed her forehead and told her, “I love you Ms P” and she respond back in kind. At that moment Mr Perdomo’s face lit up with a smile. As his hands gently caressed his dying wife’s reaching fingers, I felt a peacefulness envelope the room. Life tends to reduce itself to these simple things - a whisper, a touch, a gesture, a smile… When we witness the process of dying we learn how to live. The Chilean poet Pablo Neruda

a very interesting diagnosis of a public health system that not only has acute illnesses but that is beginning to show signs of various chronic diseases. Recently both Dr. Francis Smith and Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez through various talk shows informed Belizeans of other very important areas of Public Health that are showing signs of an administration lacking the fundamentals and as such will prohibit Belize to even come close much less reach the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. Belizeans need to recognize that without a good health system in place the prospects of development are reduced to almost nil. An efficient health system that is equitable, accessible and that provides quality health services is extremely important to enable an environment for development. Unfortunately, today the person leading our health sector in Belize is a politician that prioritizes political decisions without any regard for the public good he has been charged to deliver to his fellow Belizeans.


in his poem Still Another Day says: We the mortals touch the metals, the wind, the ocean shores, the stones, knowing they will go on, inert or burning and I was discovering, naming all these things: It was my destiny to love and say goodbye... Ms P was my teacher. My colleague. My friend. Ms P we will all miss you dearly… Hands stained with charcoal, paint and pastel Wrist twisting a Japanese brush Ink on the fingertips Gracefulness so sublime Michele’s smile is forever It was your destiny to love and say goodbye. Rest In Peace…

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Education Summer Camp in 10th Year!

Continued from page 9

helps them to avoid losing interest and knowledge as they return to school after a long summer break, and allows them to have a head start in their learning,” said Lacey. Classes were held at St. Peters Anglican in Orange Walk Town (with 143 students) and, for the first time ever, in San Pedro RC School, with 100 students. Holy Redeemer in Belize City remains their standard and flagship, with a current enrollment of 140 students starting out on July 3rd. The program utilizes the teaching capabilities of teachers and principals. High school lecturer Ms. Sherlette Meyers (mentor to the ‘middle students’ in Standards 2 and 3), said “the learning needs of the students attending the camp will always be met”.

Aside from the learning, the students were treated to a day trip on Sunday, July 28th, or Sports Day on July 31st, followed by their completion ceremony on Thursday, August 1st, scheduled to be held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. Challenges aside, the success of the Educational Summer Camp is without equal, and their success lends proof to a tradition worthy to be continued well into the future. The program originally started tutoring 100 students in 2004, as a PSE preparation summer camp. Two years later it grew to include Standards 3, 4 and 5 students. The following year it expanded from II to Standard Six and in 2008 it offered summer classes covering from Infant I to standard Six.

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PUP calls for withdrawal of revised National Gender Policy June 6th, 2013 On Wednesday June 5th, 2013 Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca and Deputy Party Leader Julius Espat met, at their invitation, with church leaders of the Cayo District particularly those representing Belmopan and surrounding communities. Following presentations from Pastors Scott Stirm and Louis Wade, the Party Leader addressed the gathering and the meeting concluded with a robust, frank, open, respectful discussion with meaningful contributions from various members of the Church community. In light of the discussion and the very serious concerns expressed by the Church leaders present the PUP recommends to the Government of Belize the following: 1. A complete withdrawal of the Revised National Gender Policy in its current form. This, we believe, is the only way to preserve support for ANY Gender Policy moving forward. 2. Allow the Church Community and/ or their representatives to undertake a full and comprehensive review of the Policy in its current form and make recommendations for refining and revising the Policy. 3. Only after this has taken place should the policy be re-tabled for Cabinet and National Assembly approval. The Revised National Gender Policy 2013 has some very good objectives and aspirations which all Belizeans can and should support but our Church Community must be given every opportunity to offer their views on the Policy if it is to have any chance of forming the basis for meaningful and effective change in our society.

20 Chaos City: No Planner

04 AUG


Belize City, August 2, 2013 Mayor Darrell Bradley is hard headed. He is cement headed and has concrete ears with no drains like the half-done streets they are building, impeding the peoples’ concerns from coming in. Darrel Bradley has been ramming things down the throats of city residents with a resignation that is just bitterly condescending. Darrell Bradley, the jail dodger, is the son of foul mouth Joe Bradley. Bradley keeps on talking of a “master plan”.No one has seen it. What the residents do see are increased gas bills for their cars. We see the inconvenience and frustrations of the blocked streets, some closed permanently. Our consolation is supposed to be that it will be over by October. Well, sort of. This means that the busy month of September, which has parades and visitors from the diaspora and a high movement of people and goods, will be terrible. For example what streets will the parades take? How will the traffic flow to get to the parades? How will the police and the fire authorities get to emergencies? The BELIZE TIMES does not want to “put mouth” on Mayor but his “cement ears” are a recipe for disaster. The second thing is that the BELIZE TIMES got a hold of an advertisement hidden in two of the three UDP newspapers. As shown in the photo, there is an advertisement for a “City Planner”. This means there is none. So who is “planning” the city? There is a law that says what this person should be doing. That person is to “devise a regulatory system of town planning, coordinate planning proposals with relevant agencies, and be accountable to the City Engineer” amongst other things.

The hammering that the public has been taking just to get some streets fixed must be justified. If we are spending twenty million dollars, we need to know that the work being done as well as the inconvenience is worth it and that it is being done by proper people. All kinds of hustling must be going on since no Planner is there. Imagine going to KHMH for brain surgery and being told shut up and lie down when you find out there is no anesthesiologist! The BELIZE TIMES is warning the public. The native Indians got excited when Columbus came and traded with them, then he killed them out. Ask the question, who is planning this city? Master plan? Where is it? Who is making sure the job is being done right? It is not only cement ears Bradley’s fault and failure because political flunky Eric Chang has this portfolio. City residents don’t even remember that Councillors exist. That’s because they have only been existing to collect their cheques. They do nothing else.

Liquor License NOTICE

Notice is hereby given that LUCIANA ESSENZIALE is applying for a Publican Special Liquor License to be operated at “I.L. Baretto”, situate at Avenida Mangle, Caye Caulker, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.


For Sale By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgage made the 25th day of January, 2011, between Priscilla Graham & Dennis Moore of the one part, and the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. of the other part , and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 2 of 2011 at folios 1473 – 1538. The said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. THE SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO ALL THAT block piece or parcel of land containing fifty (50) acres of lands (Block No. 11) situate on the North Side of the Punta Gorda/San Antonio Road near the Rice Reserve, Toledo District and bounded:-On the North by Crown Lands (Swamp); On the South by Block No. 10 lands of Allistair King; On the East by Block Nos. 14 & 15 lands of C. Williams & Allistair King; On the West by Block Nos. 6, 7 & 8 lands of S. Coleman & Zadock Moore measuring 1650 feet x 1320 feet as shown on Plan No. 906 by H.C. Fairweather at the Survey Department TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon. DATED this 31st day of July, 2013.

MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street, Belize City Attorneys-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

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Reid Pigs at the trough By G. Michael Reid The nauseating stench of corruption has once again manifested itself as we hear of yet another scandal from within this Dean Barrow government. One cannot help but question the Prime Minister’s sense of smell, after all, he did promise to jump into action at the “slightest whiff of corruption”. Where oh where is this beacon of hope that shone so brightly and spoke so rightly following the 2008 general elections? Come to think of it, has anyone even seen the Prime Minister lately? The Prime Minister had also promised that every contract, even just to “sweep a drain” would have to go through cabinet. And to think that there were so many that really believed this man. Many of those gullible ones are left so disappointed, and because they went so far out on the limb in their support, cannot find the nerve to come to grips with reality. Instead of acknowledging their error of judgment, they now grab onto the “PUDP” concept, suggesting that both parties are the same. Not in your wildest dream! The differences between these two parties are quite distinct and more glaring than night and day. The PUP exists to serve the people while the UDP exist to serve themselves. With the PUP, everyone eats while with the UDP, only a select few are gorged to satiation. The UDP victimizes while the PUPs find room under their tent for everyone. The PUP hires while the UDP fires; and this has been proven many times over! The number of transgressions from this crowd that currently occupies Capitol Hill is astounding. We go from multiple faults and failings at the KHMH to inexcusable abuses at the Lands Department and blatant corruption in every sin-


Prime Minister’s sister and campaign manager. This then set off a public ruckus that brought media attention to the free-for-all. From all reports, no less than the C.E.O of the Ministry of Housing had to be restrained and forcibly removed from the Ministry of Natural Resources after he stormed in to demand his share of the spoils. The most appalling thing is that many of those fighting for these houses have high gle ministry. Then there is the raping incomes and several other houses. of our forests and reserves by not The greed is sickening. only encroachers from outside but The problem is that the United especially those from within and Democratic Party has taken this high up in government. The ongo“first past the post” system to a ing Rosewood scandal is sickening new level. They believe that beas the “abnormal” Vegas plunder at cause it is their political party that will. It has become painfully evident has the majority seats in the House, that those who now hold the reins that only other party faithful should of government are in there with only enjoy of the goods and services one purpose: to enrich themselves provided by government. In an inand their relatives and friends. They terview at a historic gathering of fleece with immunity and impunity Prime Ministers of Belize held at the and answer to no one. Instead of Bliss Institute in September of 2011, holding them in check, the PM dePrime Minister Dean Barrow basifends them every step of the way. cally condoned the “spoils system” The news broke last week about stating that “its wishful thinking to ever imagine that there will come a time when the spoils system in politics will The PUP exists to serve the people while seize to operate.” I have news for you the UDP exist to serve themselves. Mr. Barrow, the Belizean With the PUP, everyone eats while people are tired of this divisive and exclusive style with the UDP, only a select few are of governance. We are all gorged to satiation. Belizeans, all taxpayers and all deserving of every consideration by government. In particular in this present It seems like someone in the serious friction that had developed situation where this UDP governQueens Square area had a friend between two main ministries of govment barely scraped by with a slim up there however. According to the ernment. According to Channel Sevmargin of sixty votes overall. They news, about fifty homes in the Fresh en, high officials from the Ministry of have no right to be so highfaluting. Pond area were being “divided up Natural Resources and the Ministry Given the many grumblings and disamong party supporters including of Housing are fighting to see who gruntled callers to the morning talk friends and family of Government will have control over some unfinshows, it is safe to say that what we CEO’s and the brother of Gaspar Veished houses in the Burrell Boom have here is a rather unpopular govga’s Driver, Marlon Miranda”. What area. Like hogs jostling for control ernment. Yet they remain arrogant they did not know was that one of of the trough, these shameless poand obstinate, it is time for them to the persons who was being “boxed litical lackeys fight over the people’s get the sense. Belize belongs to all out” had close ties to Sista B., the resources like pigs fighting over slop; of us! scrambling to get all they can while they can. It is obvious that they have read the writing on the wall and realize that their time and opportunities are growing short. It has become quite obvious that the pre-election scheme to write-off the mortgages for these low income houses had long term underlying motives. Some of the mortgages were indeed written off but many of the houses were repossessed and slated to be handed over to UDP party faithful. Large-sized lots with almost complete houses were being sold off for as little as $800. Don’t get your hopes up however, for if you are not related to or somehow connected to some UDP bigwig, you would be wasting your time in applying. Many of these houses were taken away from families thought to be loyal to the PUP. The process to complain when one believes that they have been unfairly targeted or victimized is cumbersome and frustrating. If you have no friend in high places, you might as well bend over and take your “bukut”!


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Engaging Students in Social Justice Activism

By Dr. Angela Banner Joseph “If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine.” - Ernesto Guevara How do we encourage our students to engage in social justice activities? Such activities include access to fairness, democracy, and equality, and opportunities for all people regardless of gender, income, ethnicity, race, culture, physical or mental disability, religion, or sexual orientation. How do we make sure that students are informed, competent individuals who can ask all the right questions to enable them to communicate with someone who will be there for them, who they can equate as their equal? Students must learn to have the passion to fight for others and against injustice. Marian Wright Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund in Washington, DC wrote: “You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.” We need to teach our students the skill sets to effect change in fighting oppression and human rights abuse. This includes learning about the intricate details of the law, embracing the generational cycle of shared experiences, and enduring the emotional pain of others. Learning how to accept the backlash is important, because having a say in matters of importance is a privilege earned later. Professor and author, Cornel West, wrote in Race Matters, “To be a jazz freedom fighter is to attempt to galvanize and energize world-weary people into forms of organization with accountable leadership that promote critical exchange and broad reflection. The interplay of individuality and unity is not one of uniformity and unanimity imposed from above, but rather of conflict among diverse groupings that reach a dynamic consensus subject to questioning and criticism. As with a soloist in a jazz quartet, quintet, or band, individuality is promoted in order to sustain and increase the creative tension with the group—a tension that yields higher levels of performance to achieve the aim of the collective project.” Having a passion for the law encompasses learning how to expose the plight of the oppressed. Having a passion for the law means embracing the educational and cultural experience of activism and learning about where the person, as an individual, really belongs. We must teach students about the reality of the need for social activism by detailing the journey of

the immigrant, becoming aware of the struggle to get to Belize, and exposing the dangers that men and women must experience to immigrate. We need to treat others with respect. It is the same respect that we would require if we would ever leave Belize to live in another country. All people have attachment to their parental country. It is important that we teach our students to learn about the stories of immigrants along with the struggles of other ethnic groups to resolve similar issues and to help families in need. Students may become passionate about social justice issues after witnessing differences in standards in rich versus poor communities or after experiencing the negative effects of personal injustice. Some may fight for injustice after enduring child sexual abuse, experiencing physical abuse, or witnessing a crime in their neighborhood. Others may strive to get police officers and community members to learn how to work together. Many may become frustrated in poor neighborhoods where police are stationed strategically throughout the neighborhood, which makes the community look like a police state. The students might not realize that having officers in poor neighborhoods makes a difference by reducing the number of crimes and bringing more control and stability. Residents might see an increase in crime if law enforcement is removed. Some students might find a reason to fight for social justice after having flashbacks about seeing a family member or colleague locked up. The students might have visualization of friends being handcuffed and might have found an extra push to achieve after becoming emotional and seeing friends in such a negative place. Others might have realized that some people simply ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. They might have thought of what was going through their heads when they were afraid, questions as to why people would put themselves in a position to be arrested. The memories forced the students to want to defend people who needed extra help or who did not have resources. Some might just have been excited to see another young activist in action. Being a child of an immigrant in the United States of America caused me to focus on the issues affecting new immigrants in Belize. In a familiar world, students might want to reduce the misconceptions about new immigrants and to help others understand their problems and concerns. If the students were born and raised in an immigrant world, their family difficulties in Belize could inspire them to support immigration issues, to fight current hate crimes against foreign-born individuals, and to help people who fear the legal system or a threat of repercussions. By including Belize laws as a strong part of family conversations, familial awareness of what social justice issues are could allow us to respect others and begin to engage in difficult dialogues within our community. Civil rights leader, Julian Bonds, said it best: “I tell young people to prepare themselves as best they can for a world that grows more challenging every day: get the best education they can and couple that education with real-life experience in social justice work.” Dr. Angela Banner Joseph holds a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Change from the Fielding Graduate University


GIRL POWER!!! WIN-Belize holds Empowerment Camp 2013

Ericka Coulter (L) and Sherrilyn Welch (R) By: Alton F. Humes (Freelance Reporter) BELIZE CITY, Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 The Women’s Issues Network of Belize (WIN-Belize), through their volunteer arm, the Winners’ Women’s Group (WWG) is hosting their first Annual “Girls Empowerment Camp”, held at the Wesley Center, in the compound of the Wesley Methodist Church on Albert Street in Belize City. At a time when young women are more susceptible to sexual assault and other forms of violent behavior against them, as well as battling against feeling low about themselves, their bodies, minds and spirits than ever before, this is the camp that lays it bare – teaching 35 pre-teens and teenagers (including 5 very brave young boys) from across Belize City basic life skills, including how to combat bullying and domestic violence, how to boost their self-esteem, amongst learning other skills – in essence, really, how to be better individuals and greater citizens in a society whose stock of such has dwindled terribly. Ms. Ericka Coulter, a WWG member, and Ms. Sherrilyn Welch, WWG’s President, are the organizers and coordinators behind this event which began on Monday, July 22nd, and told us that the event evolved from various community sessions held throughout the country, deciding that instead of just having sessions, to created a camp where the activities would be “….as interactive and as fun as possible….” The overall goal behind the week-long event, as Ms. Coulter elaborated, was to have the preteens “make better decisions

in school, with their friends, and in their lives overall…” But since the overall gauge of success always rests with the participants, we asked three of them – Mr. Nazheem Rogers, Ms. Rosheem Felix and Ms. Shania Dominguez – to share their thoughts with us. All three are from different neighborhoods (Shania lives in Orange Walk) and different backgrounds. They found out about the program from friends and family members. But a commonality amongst them is that they never knew about bullying and its shocking effects on those around them. Young Nazheem’s had no clue boys could get in on the program either. But now that they do know, sharing it won’t be too much of a problem. For Shania and her cohorts, it all boils down to this: “Never give up; keep having self-esteem in everything you do… Be the example for everyone else….” According to WIN-Belize Executive Director Mrs. Carolyn Richards, who was in attendance today, she was pleased with the overall participation, including from the young men, and says that WIN-Belize, with international assistance, plans to not only make this event annual, but also to increase their outreach in other schools at the secondary level. We at the BELIZE TIMES salute this program, because frankly, anything that gives true power to our youth and teaches them self-worth and honor is worthy of respect, proving it’s not just about GIRL POWER, but also about PEOPLE Power. The camp ends this Friday, July 26th.

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Home Economics

The Poor Bourgeoisie By Richard Harrison There are people in Belize who really believe they are rich. Rolex, Hummer, Jaguars, BMW, Million-dollar mansions, vacation condos, fancy yachts, golf clubs, first-class frequent-flier, you name it ...they have it all. Get into an accident on one of our highways... and bam ...they’re poor just like the rest of us helicopter air-lift to get them to an operating room fast enough. Get a lee chest pain early in the madrugada ...and bam ...the big one carry them home, just like the rest of us....nobody answered the 911 call. Be in the wrong place at the wrong time at a popular night spot, stray bullets start to fly.....and bam.... they poor just like the rest of us..... nobody see nothing, nobody do more statistic. I don’t want to dwell on these scenarios.....for they are too many. One would think that people with this kind of financial wealth would appreciate life more. That they would do things to ensure that their life was optimally free from risks, so that they could enjoy their “hard earned” wealth.....a better quality of life. The fact is...that easy come, easy goes....and this is a natural is not a man-made rule. Man cannot change this rule. People that get things easy....served to them out on the proverbial silver spoon...will never appreciate it much as persons that toil very hard and long. This is the reason why KHMH and its support emergency services are in the shambles that they are ...because our bourgeoisie are really poor people...poor in their understanding. They do not realize that if they demand and supervise that basic emergency and health services for the poor is improved....that it might just serve her one of these fine days. Clean up the corruption, put qualified, ethical people with established track records in the key positions, set minimum standards of acceptable performance, ensure they have the basic infrastructure, equipment, materials and supplies to work with, perform periodic independent performance evaluations...and short order the problem fix. Play wid puppy, puppy lik yu mouth. Mix up yourself with the corrupt (or share in his spoils) ...and you can’t bite a crumb out of corruption. With the same amount of money we are spending ...we could have the best emergency and health care system for ALL 350,000 people ...if only the bourgeoisie were not so poor in understanding ...and demanded the necessary changes on behalf of the plebiscite




This is the reason why the safety and security apparatus is in shambles ...because our bourgeoisie are really poor people ...poor in self-esteem ...they sit in their dark offices and (illegally) dark-tinted cars and plot and supervise minions doing the sleaziest things imaginable, to make their easy money. They need this apparatus to be weak and unresponsive, because they need to upgrade their Rolex, yachts and other fancy cars ...and the only way they can do that, is by getting their inventory past low-paid, under-equipped safety and security personnel. They prefer to keep their own safety and security networks ...or die like dogs in the street when the mermaid sings. With a generous increase in visionary leadership, salaries, benefits, training and motivation...ALL 350,000 of us could have the best safety and security services available to mankind... if our bourgeoisie were not so poor...and demanded changes in the leadership and budgets, on behalf of the proletariat. This is the reason why the public schools are in the mess they are in ...because our bourgeoisie are really poor people... poor in moral values. They calculate that by separating their kids into exclusive private schools and “send them away”... that the rest of our kids don’t want nor need any better. They dump all OUR kids into one crocos beg... good potato and rotten potato all into one beg ...the result, in short order.... all rotten potato. What they don’t realize is that, by night, their kids mix with our kids at Koshens ...pull on the same hookah...pass out in the same sofa ...and puke in the same toilet when they manage to wake up late afternoon. With better leadership, refined focus and direction, better and clearer rewards and punishment systems, and commitment to ONLY pass those who truly pass... in short, better MANAGEMENT, especially human resources management... all 350,000 of us can benefit from a stellar, high-performance education system that caters individually to children of all attitudes and aptitudes... if only our bourgeoisie were not so poor in spirit... and demanded the changes required, on behalf of the ordinary cruffy. Richard Harrison is a local businessman and investor in the manufacturing and service industries. Mr. Harrison holds a Masters in Business Administration degree from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. Send comments to

Another Independent Voice Joins the PUP July 31, 2013 The People’s United Party is pleased to welcome Nancy Marin back home to our Party. Over the past few years Nancy has proved to a strong, independent voice on many important national issues particularly those affecting Belize’s national sovereignty and our women and children. Nancy Marin has today applied for membership in the PUP and has pledged her full support to the People’s United Party and its Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca. A resident of the Cayo District, Nancy is fully committed to standing with and fighting for our Party in the west and working with our Standard Bearers and Committees to ensure a great victory for the PUP in Cayo in future elections.

Instability at BTB

Ex Chairman, Ian Lizarraga Belize City, July 31, 2013 There seems to be a serious crisis of leadership at the Belize Tourism Board. Ian Lizarraga who was appointed BTB Chairman on April 4, 2012, walked away from the job suddenly on Wednesday, July 30th. Lizarraga, it is rumored, was not seeing eye-to-eye with senior officials at BTB. The “official” spin on his reason for leaving is that he has chosen to dedicate time to his restaurant business in Cayo. There’s seems to be a curse at BTB under the UDP, where executive officials only last a year or so. This isn’t the first time an official departs with controversy. Nei-

ther is it the second, nor third. On September 23rd, 2011, BTB Director Seleni Matus slammed the door shut on BTB and hurriedly left to the United States, following a bitter time spent trying to manage an organisation infiltrated by UDP lackeys. Matus had brought the lavish spending of the Tourism CEO to the Board’s attention, and that seemed to get her into trouble. Before Matus, other high officials were either booted or simply left including once Deputy Chairman Santiago Castillo and Stanley Longsworth who were fired in such a drastic manner that Santi described it as “like a thief in the night”. Before them, the least liked CEO, Michael Singh was denied a contract renewal. He was replaced by the lazy Lindsey Garbutt. Overall, in just five years under the UDP, the BTB has changed four Chairmans. They have also switched through three CEOs and three Directors. At a time when Belize’s tourism is at a developmental crossroads, the instability at the agency managing the affairs of the key industry is an ominous sign.

BELIZE TIMES The fastest selling newspaper in Belize


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Recipe of the week This recipe makes about two dozen cookies that you and your little baker will enjoy!

Surprise Cookies This recipe is suitable for little bakers between the ages of 7-15. INGREDIENTS • 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour • 3/4 cup cocoa powder • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened • 1 cup sugar • 1 large egg • 1/2 cup milk • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract • 12 large marshmallows, cut in half horizontally DIRECTIONS Adult: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour,

MARRIAGES Lennox Alexander Gladden, 31, to Freida Consuelo Palma, 30, both of Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District Carl John Morgan, 34, to Idalme Oneida Jones, 33, both of Belize City David Wendel Thompson, 47, of Seffner, Florida, U.S.A., to Claudine Crusita Montes, 21, of Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District Gilbert Teck, 25, to Davina Bolon, 27, both of Belize City Fredrick Patterson, 27, to Sherilee Castillo, 26, both of Belize City Wilhelm Peter Casasola, 37, to Denise Therese Fermin, 28, both of St. Paul’s Bank, Belize District Renato Rosa Howe, 38, to Aracely Hernandez, 39, both of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District Andrew Marvin Rhaburn, 28, to Frankie Marie Cain, 23, both of Belize City Andy Rene Garcia, 22, of Chan Pine Ridge, Orange Walk District, to Amisarrai Nohemi Wright, 22, of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District Luis Gabriel Martinez, 25, of Santa Elena Town, Cayo District, to Amy Lizette

cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt; set aside. Adult In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes. Kid: Add egg, milk, and vanilla, and beat until well combined. Adult: Add reserved flour mixture; mix on low speed until combined. Together: Using a tablespoon or 1 3/4inch ice cream scoop, drop dough onto ungreased baking sheets, about 2 inches apart. Bake until cookies begin to spread and become firm, 10 to 12 minutes. Adult: Remove baking sheets from oven, and place a marshmallow, cut-side

Juarez, 21, of Chan Pine Ridge, Orange Walk District Matthew Patrick Brislawn, 42, to Sharon Mariah Suec, 34, both of Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A. Christopher Charles Hayes, 39, to Melissa Joy Pegel, 42, both of Fargo, North Dakota, U.S.A. Eutimio Filemon Villar, 34, to Nadieme Irene Reyes, 32, both of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District Jerry Richard Cuellar, 21, to Sandra Asusena Quintana, 28, both of August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk District Luis Javier Cordova, 21, to Florencia Siney Quinones, 34, both of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District Amado Eulalio Vasquez, 42, to Joana Massiel Wright, 27, both of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District Jorge Diego Cortez, 41, to Virginia Maria Arciga, 35, both of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District Miguel Quime, 51, to Dunia Esperanza Cuellar Fuentes, 31, both of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District Isidro Abel Wiebe, 39, to Jesucita Lorelie Gamboa, 35, both of San Jose Nuevo Palmar, Orange Walk District Elide Kay, 71, to Norma Elvira Munoz, 68, both of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District Carlos Amir Cocom, 27, of Trial Farm, Orange Walk District, to Vioney Eden Ramirez, 22, of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District

down, in the center of each cookie, pressing down slightly. Return to oven, and continue baking until marshmallows begin to melt, 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. Transfer cookies to a wire rack to cool completely before frosting. Together: Spread about 1 tablespoon of frosting over each marshmallow, starting in the center and continuing outward until marshmallow is covered. Chocolate Frosting for Surprise Cookies

INGREDIENTS 2 cups confectioners’ sugar 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted and cooled 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1/4 cup milk 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract DIRECTIONS STEP 1 Place confectioners’ sugar in a medium bowl. Whisk in butter and cocoa powder. Add milk and vanilla, and whisk until well combined.

BIRTHS Born to Luis Yamil Marin and Ivania Ivette Marin nee Canul, a boy, Tyson Troy Born to Peter Klassen and Helena Klassen nee Dyck, a girl, Eva Born to Jacob Peters and Katharina Peters nee Wieler, a boy, Johan Born to Dervin Ernest Sambula and Acela Lupita Sambula nee Cho, a boy, Delan Dervin Born to Andre Efrain Trejo and Brenda Elvira Trejo nee Ermoff, a boy, Alexis Joshua Born to John William Marhevka and Gina Emilie Marhevka nee Avila, a boy John Paul Born to Josuha Morgan Edmonds and Amy Caroline Edmonds nee Gould, a boy, Elijah James Born to Fernando Giacoman and Tania Jimena Giacoman nee Ayala, a girl, Tiana Keeva

DEATHS Severiano Santos Ayuso, 79 Andres Perez, 89 Domingo Rash, 29 Alvin Everett Pascascio, 20 Constance Yvonne Gill, 71

OW Town Council donates to BTIA OW Orange Walk, August 1, 2013 The Orange Walk Town Council led by Mayor Kevin Bernard continues to support our stakeholders in the Tourism Industry.

A donation of a computer was made today to the Belize Tourism Industry Association Orange Walk Chapter to support their administrative work in the industry.

Marshalls Notice Members of the Marshalls Service Corps in the Western Caucus are invited to a general meeting on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 at 3:00pm. The meeting will be held at Cahal Pech Resort in San Ignacio Town.

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Telling Time


To the Nearest Quarter Hour

Write the time shown on each clock. Write it the “regular way” and the “smart way.” The first one has been done for you.

Synonyms are words that have almost the same meaning. Synonyms for big: large, huge, gigantic

There are two synonyms in each line of words. Find and circle them! 2:15 Quarter after 2

1. toasty




2. walk



3. argue



run frighten

4. bravery honesty courage winner 5. cook

Can you get through the maze?


6. record

drink paint






Fundraising for 5 yr. old Cancer Warrior, Juan Carlos Chavez July 31, 2013 Juan Carlos Chavez is a five year old boy who has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Juan Carlos is son of Carlos Chavez, primary school teacher at Sacred Heart Primary School, and Marceli Chavez who all reside in San Ignacio Town. Juan Carlos was diagnosed with ALL after a month of doing hematology tests almost daily and other analysis for perthes, lupus, and arthritis and all the results were negative. His chemotherapy was delayed since he had inflammation in his heart. He is now receiving treatment at the National Pediatric Oncology Unit in Guatemala. Each bag of blood costs 1,400 quetzales (approximately BZ $385) and for the chemotherapy alone he has already used four. The family is raising funds for his treatment and is pleading to the Belizean community for assistance. A radio-thon and Bar Be Cue sale will be held on Saturday, August 3, 2013, in Orange Walk Town. If anyone wish-

04 AUG


es to order Bar Be Cue in support of Juan Carlos please feel free to call 6215678 or 6698761 to place orders. If anyone is interested in financially assisting this young warrior battle cancer, a deposit can be made at Atlantic Bank account number: 211364192.





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Hon. Jose Mai donates equipment to village councils Orange Walk, July 31, 2013 The Hon Jose Mai donated lawn mowers to the Yo Creek and San Carlos Village Councils. Chairmen for both villages received the lawn mowers on behalf of the community. The lawn mowers will be used to upkeep the football fields, community centers and surrounding areas. Yo Creek Chairman, Armando Cal and Chairman for San Carlos Tomas Reyes Jr. expressed gratitude for the donations.

Answers for last week’s puzzle SUDOKU PUZZLE SOLUTION #27/2013

Answers for last week’s puzzle

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Selected By Chris Williams

Gold-diamond duo takes temperature of single cell 31 July 2013 by Katia Moskvitch, Moscow TALK about bling. Miniature diamonds more usually found in quantum computers, combined with fragments of gold, can be used to measure the temperature of individual cells. That could lead to a more accurate way to kill cancers while sparing healthy tissue – and a new way to explore cell behaviour. There are already ways to take a cell’s temperature, using glowing proteins or carbon nanotubes. However, these lack sensitivity and accuracy because their components can react with substances inside the cell. So Mikhail Lukin at Harvard University and colleagues turned to nanodiamonds, which have defects in their structure that mean they sometimes contain extra electrons. The tendency of these electrons to exist in many states at once, a superposition, makes nanodiamonds promising as the bits, or qubits, of a quantum computer, where superposition enables multiple calculations in parallel. However, these states vary with temperature, which is troublesome for computing.

Lukin’s team wondered if this temperature dependence could instead be exploited to build a thermometer, particularly as diamonds are inert, so wouldn’t interfere with a cell’s chemistry. The team used nanowires to insert diamonds about 100 nanometres across, along with gold nanoparticles, into a human cell in a dish. Shining a laser onto the cell heats it and the gold particles. The diamond, in turn, changes shape, squeezing the defect electrons and

rearranging their energy levels. Shining a different type of laser on the cell causes the electrons to absorb and then emit light with a brightness that depends on the new energy-level arrangement. The team used this light to deduce the cell’s temperature. They found they could detect temperature differences of just o.oo18 °C inside the cell, a sensitivity record. And when they placed two diamonds in the cell, they could detect temperature variations between them, caused by their varying closeness to the gold. This should be possible even when the diamonds are just 200 nanometres apart. The team also used the setup to heat a cell enough to kill it, and recorded a temperature upon death. Lukin presented the work on 22 July at the Second International Conference on Quantum Technologies in Moscow, Russia,

and this week in Nature (DOI: 10.1038/nature12373). If such thermometers can be used in the body, they might improve cancer therapy, says Lukin’s colleague Norman Yao. The temperatures of cancerous cells and their healthy neighbours could be monitored, and just enough heat applied to kill the cancer but not the healthy cells. “In certain cases, particularly near critical structures such as great vessels, arteries or nerve bundles, an accurate read-out of local cellular temperature would be advantageous in the sparing of those structures,” says Glenn Goodrich of Nanospectra Biosciences in Houston, Texas, a company carrying out human trials of cancer therapy based on gold nanoparticles. Diamond thermometers could also explore cellular mysteries. “If a cell is unhappy, if it’s in contact with a virus, a chemical reaction starts and it locally starts producing heat,” says Lukin. “How this occurs no one understands in detail. Perhaps we can answer this question.”

Men’s sperm quality decreases at age 35 25 July 2013 IT’S not just women who have to worry about their ticking reproductive clock. Men’s sperm quality seems to deteriorate after the age of 35. The proportion of sperm carrying an X chromosome also seems to increase, meaning older dads are more likely to have daughters. It has been controversial whether the quality and quantity

of a man’s sperm deteriorates with age. “However, there is fairly convincing epidemiological evidence that older men do find it harder to conceive a child – regardless of female age – and as men get older their partners are at increased risk of miscarriage,” says Allan Pacey, a fertility specialist at the University of Sheffield, UK. There is also a slightly increased risk of older men fathering children with

genetic disorders. To investigate, Bronte Stone at Reproductive Technology Laboratories in Los Angeles and his colleagues analysed sperm samples from 5081 men aged between 16 and 72. They found a deterioration in sperm quality and quantity after age 35. Some previous studies had suggested that the decline doesn’t start until around five years later.

“Whether it’s 35 or 40, the message from this and other papers is that men should be aware of age-related changes in their reproductive system and if they wish to become fathers they shouldn’t leave it too late,” Pacey says. The study also found a decrease in the ratio of Y to X-bearing sperm once men hit 55, though it is not clear why.



Fishy Transportation


uring the weekend, while attending a local church’s Sunday school, a young man asked for my assistance with an oral quiz that he was participating in. The children were instructed to name a character from the Bible who was obedient to God. The young man looked expectantly at me for an answer and I gave him a person from the top of my head. Armed with the confidence and backing of an elder, the young man jumped up and proudly proclaimed his answer: Jonah. Which, unfortunately, was a wrong one. Apparently, the fact that Jonah later repented was not enough to merit him acceptance into the hall of Biblical men that were obedient to God. Sadly, the boy won no prizes that day. So, I had to go refresh my memory on the finicky prophet that had the audacity to run away from God. It turns out that Jonah was pretty confident with his plan to go in the opposite direction from the one God had directed him. God was perfectly clear when he told Jonah to go and warn the people of Nineveh that His judgment was near. It was Jonah’s job to urge the rude and rebellious people to turn from their wicked ways and repent. There was only one problem. Jonah didn’t want to see them repent. He felt that the people deserved exactly what they had coming. He knew that if they repented, God would extend mercy. And what is worse than wishing vengeance for your enemy and watching him get off scotch free? Jonah couldn’t handle the weight of that possibility so he hopped on the nearest boat that would take him as far from Nineveh as he could go. He was so confident that he’d gotten away, he fell asleep. When the storm raged outside the ship, he had to be woken. Immediately, Jonah knew God’s wrath was against him. Many times we disobey God and feel so justified in our actions that our conscience cannot penetrate us. We feel comfortable and even untouchable. It doesn’t take long, however, for a storm to knock us off of our smugness and into the perilous sea of a life chosen away from God. Don’t worry! Here’s the good news if you find yourself in such a situation. Although Jonah had been disobedient, God gave him a second chance in the form of a whale. Jonah endured his fishy submarine for three days before he was spit unceremoniously on the shores of Nineveh. He then followed God’s instructions and warned the people, who repented and received mercy. Jonah didn’t deserve God’s forgiveness. He hadn’t even yet asked for it. Still, God extended his grace. Not only that, but he got Jonah where he needed to go in half the time it took a ship to travel there. Tell me that’s not amazing! You have the right to refuse to obey. You have the right to go your own way. But be sure you’re not allergic to fish when you run. Until next week, God bless

By Dr. Mark Musa

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Kidney stones are made of salts and minerals in the urine that stick together to form small crystals or pebbles. Kidney stones may stay in the kidneys or travel through the tubes called the ureters which connect the kidneys to the bladder. Passing kidney stones can cause severe pain, but the stones usually cause no permanent damage. What causes it? Kidney stones form when a change occurs in the normal balance of water, salt, and minerals found in the urine. The most common cause is not drinking enough water. When the urine becomes too concentrated then crystal-forming substances such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid may stick together to form crystals then stones. There are several types of stones. The most common type of stone is made up of calcium oxalate. Certain foods such as nuts and chocolate have high levels of oxalate. A diet high in sodium increases the amount of calcium your kidneys must filter leading to calcium stones. Struvite stones form in response to infections in the kidneys or bladder. Uric acid stones occur in people who do not drink enough water, eat a diet high in protein and red meat, or if the person suffers with gout—a condition with high uric acid in the blood causing joint pains. Other risk factors for developing kidney stones include being overweight, having a family or personal history of developing stones and being male. Symptoms A kidney stone may not cause any symptom until it moves around within your kidney or passes into the ureter. A stone stuck in the ureter can cause severe back and side pain that can spread around into the groin region. The pain usually comes in waves and the person usually becomes agitated and can’t find a comfortable position. Other symptoms include pain on passing urine; the urine changes colour to pink, brown or frank blood and can be foul-smelling. There may be a persistent urge to urinate passing small amounts more frequently. Fever and chills are signs of infection developing. Tests and diagnosis A urine test would likely show blood if a person is passing a stone. Imaging tests such as an Ultrasound scan or CT scan can locate the exact position of the stone. Analysis of passed stones can help determine the cause of the stones and what treatments including dietary measures would help prevent further stone formation. Treatment Small stones can usually be passed, but the person needs to drink a lot of fluid and require strong painkillers which may need to be administered into the vein. Larger stones that are not passing spontaneously need the intervention of an Urologist. The types of treatment for larger stones include shock-wave treatment to break-up the stones, or passing a camera into the bladder and up into the ureters then breaking up the stones with instruments and pulling the stones out of the tubes/ureter. Prevention Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Limit the foods that contain a lot of oxalate such as nuts, chocolate, tea and soy products. Choose a diet low in salt and animal protein such as red meat. Don’t take calcium supplements if you have previously had a stone.

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UDP Makes Tourism Whoreism Continued from page 11 NCL will enjoy exclusive rights to the island and will be exempted from Belize laws. It will also enjoy numerous concessions and tax exemptions. In other words, Harvest Caye will be like just another Norwegian ship with thousands of passengers on the high seas. The difference is that when they are here they will be all over the place by the thousands and leaving more damage than footprints. NCL’S BUSINESS PLAN MAKES BELIZE THE LOSER On the surface it appears that for every dollar the government of Belize earns from this investment, in the final analysis, will be given back to NCL - 70 cents on the dollar. But given all the concessions and other considerations, in the final analysis the country may end up getting 5 cents on every dollar. We would not want to preempt the announcement by the government about this glorious deal. However, given the thousands of cruise ship passengers coming our way, the government’s decision to make this deal is inconsistent with the recommendations for “pocket tourism” in the area. We can say for sure that NCL will get a huge slice of every dollar in return for its investment. That’s the business culture of cruise ship business. They call the shots. Besides, with the irreparable damage to the reef and other environments and to the infrastructure, Belize will end up the loser with minuses and with no long term benefits for Belize and its people. Is this not scandalous? Yet, when this government came to power in 2008, it did not hesitate to stop a local businessman from investing in a cruise ship terminal in Belize City. The President of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, Herbert Haylock told local Channel 5 TV: “The environmental concerns are still there, the economic concerns are still there”. He said that the BTIA stands firm it its position against the government’s position to grant NCL permission to build the cruise ship port on Harvest Caye. “We are not for it and we want to again keep the focus on the fact that the Master Plan calls for the development for “cruise” only in relation to pocket cruise tourism in that area.” The President of the Placencia chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, Stewart Krohn, who was lobbying friends in high places against this idiotic concession to NCL, is livid. He called it a “crack head deal” and said that “nothing is off the table” to stop this disastrous (government) decision. “We will do everything, absolutely everything in our power to stop it”, he told local TV.




OUT Teach Children OUR Culture Not Pop Culture! Continued from page 2 the people, what we do, makes us unique and rich. What Pop Culture really is, is what the “American Business People” in the USA want us to be. They are making millions from the poor Belizean people when we buy their fashion style clothing, their shoes, their TV programs, their jewelry, and everything they market. Our children need to learn our culture. They need to know about the clothing, food, the folklore, the music, the drinks, and all about the cultures of BELIZE, not American Pop Culture. We need to learn about who we are and where we came from, and how we can take our community to the next level. Once our education system emphasizes our Belizean cultures, then our children will begin to realize how important, how beautiful, and how we can make this nation a better place for all the people, and not just a select few wealthy people. But our people who are elected to represent us, and those who get to be the Ministers of the respective Ministries need to realize this. This is what is degrading us. I challenge the Minister of Education, the Hon. Patrick Faber; the Minister of Culture, the Hon. Manuel Heredia; and the National Institute of Culture and History to clearly look into this matter. A cultural day or a cultural pageant at school, once a year won’t work to preserve the dying cultures of Belize. We can’t settle for this. Westernization is affecting the people of Belize [like drinking water]. The very few of the elites we have running this nation should realize that this is important for BELIZE to survive, to keep its rich heritage. I can guarantee if I ask University students about our cultural history, or about folklore, they won’t be able to answer. We need teach them. We need to teach them from primary school. The Minister of Education needs to revise the education curriculum and introduce Cultures in Belize education. Our children out there don’t even know how to dance their cultural music! What a pity! What a pity! Our families can only do so much; the education system needs to help! Pop Culture is evading our country’s rich cultural heritage. Our people are being heavily influenced by this. We can’t let this continue. Our cultural heritage will lose its intricate value and there will be no more Home Sweet Home, we call Belize. It will be an “American taste” home town. And take note, only the American Business Moguls in the USA will

OUT Crying SHAME for Steven Buckley! Continued from page 2 ister of Health and the Minister of Police. We are calling on Barrow to do the right thing. Call on your Minister and instruct them to ease Buckley’s pain and anguish, and put an end to dissing him, again and again. Signed, An angry ex-UDP voter

Great Grandfather wants to help Great Grandson start stamp/coin/ postcard collection Continued from page 2 greatly appreciate it, if you, the reader of this request, may find time to send Tristan some stamps, coins or postcards from your country so that I may assist him in the start of what may be a lifetime passion. Tristan Phillips c/o Great Grandfather George Phillips Box 106 Grosse Isle Manitoba ROC IGO Canada

be reaping the profits. Why can’t we restructure our educational curriculum and introduce Cultures in Belize education? And eventually, as our young people learn our cultural way of life, the clothing, music, food, folk lore, etc…they will be able to practice this, and even put it into entrepreneurship…cultural tourism! They can teach dance classes from their cultural music; they can have food demonstrations; they can make clothing, and even make it a fashion line in Belize. Come on! They are many things that can be done through this! They are many things that we, the poor people, of Belize can benefit through sustainably using our rich heritage, which is bringing awareness and income at the same time! And these are just some of the ideas! I call on the Ministers of Education & Culture, the National Institute of Culture & History & the Belize Education Council to look into this national matter! We CAN’T have pop culture invading Belize like this. Respectfully yours, Kenny Jacobs Executive Director/TV Host Teens Belize Organization/Developing Toledo TV Show, PGTV

OUT Why so quiet, Mr. X? Continued from page 2 petent government. At one time Kremandala referred to Barrow as a “Nationalist” because of the “Trick” nationalization of BTL, then owned by Barrow’s former boss Michael Ashcroft, and then BEL which is now bankrupt under Barrow administration. In the face of Barrow’s corruption, abusiveness, and incompetence, they hide behind the zinc fence playing it safe instead of exposing the wrongdoing. One would think that they are giving protection to the status quo and in return are enjoying what Vibes Radio morning buzz host, Marshall Nuñez, has termed “hush money”. That would be hypocritical of them. It is very evident that Kremandala is compromised. When their child “COLA” took to the street to demonstrate against the injustice against 13 Babies at KHMH, where were they? Instead, Mr. X called out the PUP Area Representative for Belize Rural Central Hon. Dolores for not attending the march although many PUPS’ participated. Why didn’t you look at yourself first and ask why were Mose Hyde and Sharon Marin and others from your organization not present at the COLA demonstration, Mr. X? When the Christians took their message town to town, and Belize City marched to oppose the Gender Policy that they believe is promoting homosexuality in this nation, all that the Kremandala did was report what the Roman Catholic Bishop prayed for. Kremandala is yet to expose how Barrow is using the Council of Churches to undermine the effort of the pro-constitutional march. What Evan Hyde and the Behind the Zinc Fence organization must do is state what is their position on these issues, more particularly the Gender Issue. It is time for the Gender-in-Law Espat to tell Belizeans what is his position (no pun intended) concerning the homosexuals (LGBT) being discriminated in this country by those that pray for their very souls. Mr. X writes about the issue but takes no public position. Is he afraid of opposing Barrow’s wicked motive to legalize homosexuality in Belize? Amandala apparently cannot critique Barrow once the “hush money” in the form of dozens of pages in Government ads continue. Most weeks Amandala boasts up to 34 government advertisements in their issue, including notably full page ads from BTL and even BIL (Barrow Infrastructure Limited). Mr. Big Man behind the Zinc Fence, the people of Belize are no fools, they are seeing right through the hypocrisy and are demanding your position on all the ills that Barrow has befallen unto this nation. So. Big Man behind the Zinc Fence, what is your POSITION? Signed, Abdul Saaid





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ombrado como el padrino del UDP, Gaspar Vega, quien ha dicho que no es una persona normal en Belice, la Veganomía ahora parece ser un sistema económico y político fuertemente afincado y utilizado por la Administración Barrow. Se trata de un sistema de explotación que premia a familiares, amistades y camaradas políticos, incita a la incompetencia y abraza la corrupción. La estructura económica de Veganomía: Orígenes del contrabando: No es secreto que aun antes de que Gaspar Vega se convirtiera en el Primer Ministro Auxiliar montó un imperio empresarial lucrativo umbroso en el Norte, una mezcla de contrabando de importaciones, medios de comunicación entre otros vinculados a los jefes mexicanos. En muchos casos empresarios locales y sus organizaciones han acudido al primer ministro en busca e intervención con fin de detener o al menos frenar la hegemonía del esquema de negocio de Vega, que hace que la condición de monopolio parezca competitiva. Sin embargo, se han dado cuenta de manera difícil que con Veganomía, no son nadie. Motor de Helices’ singular En un recién enfrentamiento entre el Canal 7 de Televisión y Dean Barrow en uno de conferencias de prensa Jules Vásquez investigó acerca del “Arcas del Norte”. Barrow fingió no saber lo que el periodista se refería respondiendo que sólo se ocupa de las arcas centrales. El punto es que Dean Barrow contrató a Gapi Vega como su Dick Cheney, para construir la orquesta económica que está paralizando el país. Dean Barrow por ende ahora es el director de esta canción y danza económico. Capitalismo de familia y camarada Bajo el sistema Veganomía un contratista como Imer Hernández cautivó vergüenza nacional por el escándalo involucrando la carretera San Antonio y sobre eso fue premiado con otro contrato de seis millones de dólares para reconstruir un aeropuerto en la ciudad de Belice y otra para renovar el mercado de Belmopán. No alcanza tiempo para enumerar la cantidad de contratos legales que la ex esposa y el hermano del primer ministro han logrado. El tema central es demostrar el cinismo con que Barrow suministra

favores a sus familiares, amistades, y cómplices, pero como los premia cuando lo que hacen sale mal. El medio ambiente es patio trasero Es claro para todos que el actual escándalo de ‘palo de rosa’ es sólo un ejemplo de Veganomía en acción. Mire cómo competente el Gobierno facilito la tala ilegal de Rosewood por la empresa de German Vega (hermano de Gapi). Una ministra que anteriormente era conservacionista ahora sea convertido en una agente facilitadora para la venta internacional de madera de Rosewood rosa talado ilegalmente, defraudo al país para demostrar buen gesto ante su nuevo jefe Dean Barrow. En ese acuerdo, arcas del gobierno obtuvo trescientos mil $300,000, mientras una empresa taladora privada logro un mínimo de $ 6.000.000 (seis millones). La tala forestal, la perforación petrolera en áreas protegidas, y demolición las antiguas ruinas mayas, son parte integral del modelo Veganomía. No soy persona normal en Belice Cuando inicialmente Vega hizo esta declaración, la nación desternillaba y parecía aturdido por su comentario arrogante y casual. Pero ahora con la demolición de las ruinas de Nohmul, el actual escándalo sobre la tala ilegal del palo de rosa, el sinnúmero de transacciones de tierras otorgadas, además de la facilitación de contratos especiales a cómplices que han salido a la luz, podemos apreciar el profundo desprecio que Dean Barrow y su gobierno UDP realmente tienen para para solucionar la creciente crisis económica de Belice. Dean Barrow y su gobierno pueden llamar a un millar de conferencias de prensa, nacionalizar otra entidad privada, atacar a sus adversarios políticos, insultar a la Iglesia, reconocer a maestros como abusadores de niños, comprar a los medios de comunicación y ridiculizar a la comunidad empresarial, pero eso no va a impulsar que las cosas mejoren. Este patron de comportamiento es parte de un sistema organizado que llamamos Veganomía. Es parte del gran esquema de Dean Barrow. Vega nos dijo que no es Común. Barrow nos dice que él es el Maestro de los Juegos. Y el pueblo de Belice sabe que solo son peones del juego.

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Mark attacks Cordel Belize City, July 31, 2013 UDP area representative Mark King must be the most desperate UDP politician right now. His reputation, the little he had left actually, was left tattered following his assault of a Belize City Police Officer at the northern border earlier this year. King walked from the Court a free man after the Police victim withdrew the charge mysteriously, but public redemption won’t come that easy. The people won’t be bought out. King is now desperately trying to pretend that he is not a loose cannon. But UDP Mayor Zenaida Moya had already spilled the beans and forewarned the public about King’s loose screws with her famous “dah Mark King” comment. Last week King paid for a “One Year After” full page ad in the UDP rag sheet, claiming to have done substantial work in Lake Independence. First off, King is five months late with the propaganda since the UDP’s disappointing one year went by in March, which clearly means it is really just an act of desperation. This week, King was on the Wus Ting Da Mawning show and he was yapping about the works he is doing in the division. According to King, he has done more for Lake Independence in one year than Cordel Hyde did in the last 15 years. This must be some kind of joke, but we will leave the able Cordel Hyde to deal with this pest. What was most interesting about King’s comments, was his ominous warning of secret plans he has for the residents of Lake Independence. According to King, he wants to wipe out the entire Mahogany Street section, tearing down residences and businesses along the stretch. Again, in his desperation, King’s plan is one of cruel displacement. He threatens to make residents homeless and turn the hardworking into the jobless.


Finnegan Fingers Sports Minister Belize City, July 31, 2013 We normally don’t give attention to the mindless gibberish that comes out of the mouth of failed Housing Minister Michael Finnegan, Michael Finnegan Herman Longsworth but when he called out the Sports Minister and his own UDP Government for was being destroyed by the failing sports development and Sports Council who allowed especially failing to support the the pitch to be used for conNational Football Team in the Gold certs? Cup competition, we believe BelizWhy hasn’t Finnegan used eans should know about it. his “influence” in the UDP to Finnegan said sports is at its speed up the refurbishing of worst – at the bottom – in its histothe dilapidated Civic Center? ry. He said there is poor attention Is it because he is content that given to sports and facilities like his friend, the former UDP Minthe MCC are a disgrace! ister at Bird’s Isle, is financialIt seems Finnegan mistook ly benefitting from this most Jules Vasquez for a priest in a red dreadful state sports is in? robe and was giving his final guilty The truth is Finnegan is as confession of the sins of the UDP, much a disgrace as Herman but he surely made Sports MinisLongsworth is! ter Herman Longsworth and the We hope Channel 7’s UDP Government, including him3-part series is really a parting self, look terrible. shot for this disastrous UDP We care not if Finnegan Minister. No one cares what played football in the past or if he Finnegan has to write about thinks he was better than our Beor say. What really matters is lize Jaguars, what matters to us whether he uplifted Belizeans is that our football players should during his time in office, and not have fallen victim to the UDP’s if the derelict state of his own selfishness and neglect. constituency and the wrecked Why didn’t Finnegan have a Housing condition for Belizlot to say when the Government eans are any indication of his turned its back on the National proud legacy, we understand Football Team? Why didn’t Finnegwhy “disgrace” was his first an have a lot to say when the MCC choice of word.

31 Burnt to death? Orange Walk Town, July 31st, 2013 Orange Walk Police officials have turned to forensic specialists to help them confirm if a body found inside the trunk of a car set on fire is that of missing taxi driver, Hugo Moreno. Police said they received an anonymous call at 11:35am on Tuesday July 30th, informing them that a vehicle was on fire in the outskirts of Carmelita Village, off a feeder road known as the Sand Pit Road. When they responded they found the vehicle burnt up, and to their total shock, inside the trunk was the charred body of a male individual. The vehicle, a while Dodge Neon car, was identified as the one belonging to 42 year old Moreno, who was reported missing by his wife on Monday. Moreno was last heard from before midnight on Saturday. He was supposed to pick up his daughter from a local entertainment event held at the People’s Stadium, but he never showed up. Police say Moreno was reportedly seen alive around 2:30 on Monday morning in the Trial Farm area. It is believed that he was hired by a group of Corozal fishermen. While Moreno’s car has been found, the body in the trunk has not been confirmed as his. “…the body was burnt beyond recognition,” reported investigating officer, Julius Cantun. Police have sent body samples to the Forensics Service so they carry out DNA testing that would help identify the body. Police say do not have information that would help them formulate a motive for the crime as yet. The investigating officials are asking for the public’s help in solving this case.




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Belize Times August 4, 2013  

Belize Times August 4, 2013