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Sunday, April 8, 2012




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SUNDAY April 8, 2012

Issue No. 4790

Meet Ambassadors Judas & Iscariot the switch had happened years ago, as way back as 2006, when Barrow found opportunity in the PUP’s division. What ensued afterwards can be described as political drama, with what

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along what they described as the journey of UDP nothingness. In a matter of ten months, since he delivered the

Cordel Hyde was named Consul General to New York

speech referred to above, Mark Espat went from loud UDP critic to close UDP ally. Perhaps, as evidence indicates,

UDP CitCo fires 25 Belize City, April 1, 2012 The UDP’s vicious hatchet has fallen on the necks of 25 poor and hardworking workers at the UDP Belize City

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Mark Espat was named Ambassador along Lois Young and Perla Perdomo


Belize City, April 3, 2012 “Instead of jobs, or houses, or lots, or roads and bridges, or schools, what is thrown to us by Prime Minister Barrow is a flood of words – words, more words and bigger words. If only this self-styled Caesar cared for his people as much as he cares for his words! The people cannot eat your words Mr. Prime Minister. Words can’t feed children, words don’t pay bills. Serve words on a plate or in a wheel barrow and Caesar’s words still do nothing for us.” – Excerpt from address by former PUP Senior Deputy Leader Hon. Mark Espat, at Joint PUP Convention, St. Mary’s Hall Sunday June 19, 2011 It appears Caesar’s words and coins served on a platter are sufficient for two PUP representatives to jump in the proverbial wheel barrow and ride

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Bernard Richards

Allen Valencio, fired


for 16 yr. old


Ernesto Bernardez

Caye Caulker Village, April 3, 2012 Police in Caye Caulker are carrying out a manhunt for a 16 year old, who they say shot at two policemen, nearly killing one of them.

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Harry Joseph, fired

Herman Longsworth could face

disqualification Belize City, April 2, 2012 The Supreme Court on Monday morning granted permission for an election petition to be filed against UDP area representative and Minister, Herman Longsworth. The petition, introduced by the

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A fraud at City Hall?

03 Where is the Budget? 04 Minister John John rumbles for garnaches




Sunday, April 8, 2012

Independent Inquiry needed at City Hall

UDP Rene Montero’s callous victimization plot exposed To: Hon. Rene Montero, Minister of Works and Transport Based on request for termination of services of Officers at the Ministry of Works, Orange Walk. I have conducted a research and the findings are as follows:Staff Ministry of Works, Orange Walk 1. Cecilio Carballo – Employed with the Ministry of Works with effect from 19th October, 1987 as captain = 24 yrs. 2. Cirilo Teul – Employed with effect from the 16th August, 1999. A request was made for his promotion to Sub-Captain = 12 years 3. Steve Leiva – Employed with effect from 28th September, 1998 as Carpenter = 13 years 4. Caesar Cal – Employed with effect from 20th October, 1998 as helper first and then Driver/Mechanic = 13 years 5. Shelma Herbert – Employed as Cleaner with effect from 6th May, 2004 = almost 8 years 6. Cornelio Leiva - Employed first as Carpenter then Driver/Mechanic with effect from 13th February, 1996 = 16 years 7. Adrian Wade - Employed as Second Class Welder with effect from

1st July, 2008. A submission was made for promotion to the post of 1st Class Welder. 3 years 9 months. Government Workers Regulation 24 makes provision for the termination of services of an officer. In this case it would be Officers with less than ten (10) years service. Officers would be given notice pay based on years served. Act 40 of 2001 amended the Pension Act that Open Vote Workers get the same pension benefits as Established Officers. Government Workers regulation 29(10 states as follows:29(1) Subject to Pensions Act and Pensions Regulations, every open vote worker has been in the public service under the Government of Belize for ten years or more may be granted on his retirement or resignation retirement benefits in accordance with the Pensions Act and the Pensions Regulations. Pension Act 7. (1) and 2 states as follows:7. (1) An officer who resigns from the public service before attaining the normal retirement age may be granted by the Governor-General in accordance with the regulations contained in the Schedule – (a) A gratuity, if he resigns after completing not less than ten years of

Former OW Town Administrator turns whistle-blower Mr. Kevin Bernard Mayor Orange Walk Town Belize In the month of July, 2011, I Mr. Andre Moguel, in the capacity of Town Administrator of Orange Walk Town called to the attention of Mayor, Phillip de la Fuente the incidence of embezzlement of funds. I cautioned him that the matter needs to be brought to the Police Department and to the Ministry of Local Government. He compromised himself to conduct an investigation and as such, Mr. Carl Westby was suspended from his post as Revenue Collect or on July 21 2011. He was asked to surrender all properties of the Council in the form of receipt books, Revenue Collector ID and monies collected on behalf. An ad was placed on the local radio stations advising the public that Mr. Carl Westby was no longer authorized to conduct any transaction on behalf of the Orange Walk Town Council and invited the public in general who did Continued on page 26

Dear Editor, please publish the letter as an open letter to the Mayor of Belize City. Mr. Mayor, you and your Audit team have been behaving like a real kangaroo court. Financial

pensionable service; (b) A pension and gratuity, if he resigns after completing not less than fifteen years of pensionable service, retirement age, or in special cases with the approval of the Governor General, any lower age not being less than fifty years. Based on the regulations, the Officers can resign and get a gratuity and in some cases resign and get a gratuity and deferred pension until age 55 years. It should be noted that resignation must be voluntary by the Officer. Mr. Cecilio Carballo and Mr. Carmelio Leiva would be entitled to gratuity and pension on resignation. All other eligible Officers would be entitled to a gratuity in accordance with Pension Act. I have discussed with the Acting District Technical Supervisor, Ministry of Works, Orange Walk on the issue of performance of the Officers. He has confirmed that the Officers performance is good. It should be noted the Officers’ service range from 12 years to 24 years. These Officers are now career Officers. Based on the above, I find that there is no basis for the termination of the Officers. A.F. CRUZ (Mr.) Administrative Officer i Ministry of Works & Transport

Crooked Tree village residents demand protection

rules and practices at City Hall make it clear that the payroll clerk you have chosen to lynch could not be alone on this so called scam. Any monies paid out as salaries or overtime must be certified by someone, and cheques, made out must be signed or countersigned by senior managers, and or the Mayor. You have not disclosed how much of the Council’s money Zenaida wasted travelling and all her senseless projects, not to mention, how much she paid herself in other allowances besides overpaying herself by some $90,000. Why was there a rush to implicate this Junior Employee? Is it to turn the heat or attention away from City Hall under your watch? Mr. Mayor, if you have the balls, let Zenaida pay back the moneys she took from the Council. Is this just another way of how your party to use words and smaller people to pay for the bigger wigs? May I suggest to you, your worship, that your City Administrator and the past Mayor should all be held accountable, and all equally be brought to task as you have done with this Junior Employee. What happened to the huge salary your padre continues to receive, and not working for it? Instead he continues to roam, sometimes apparently intoxicated and always harassing and intimidating other council employees. Mr. Mayor get real. Stop the kangaroo style Justice. We call for a full inquiry into the council’s affairs. Signed, Trent Pacascio






March 30, 2012

Alton Humes

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Barrow, This correspondence is in reference to a serious public safety issue for the villagers of Crooked Tree Village and the lack of a police station and police presence for Crooked Tree Village. As you already know, Crooked Tree Village is one of the largest villages in the Belize District and it has been without a functioning police station for over ten years and no police officer presence for the past two years. Consequently, this situation has now presented a serious safety issue for the vilContinued on page 26



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Sunday, April 8, 2012



A fraud at City Hall?

Michael Theus was an employee of City Council while running Belize City, April 2, 2012 The scale of the fraud and illegalities that the UDP perpetuated on the Belizean electorate leading up to the elections continue to come to light each passing day. Last week the BELIZE TIMES broke the story that UDP Representatives Santi Castillo, Herman Longsworth and Mark King were elected in breach of the Constitution of Belize. The three were parties to existing contracts with the Government of Belize and did not disclose this fact to the electorate. They put themselves up for election and did not have the decency to disclose; and in violation of the Constitution. Now this week the BELIZE TIMES has unearthed that the fraud was also perpetuated by a UDP Belize City candidate. Michael Theus, at the time of

the election, worked at the Belize City Council as the Coordinator for Traffic Enforcement. He had another job too, to fly to Venezuela as part of the bilateral medical program where he chaperoned Belizeans, but he got distracted and ended up chaperoning a few Venezuelan counterparts too. But that story is for another time. Theus, who worked at City Hall in the Traffic Department leading up to the election, is now the Councillor in charge of Traffic. What twisted irony, right? But that’s how the UDP does it. Now all this would not be newsworthy or important, except that Theus is likely illegally sitting as a City Councillor. The City Council Act states at Part II, Section 7(1) that “no person shall be eligible for election as a member of the Council, or having been elected, shall sit or vote on the Council, who (a) holds an office of emolument; or (c) is in the employment of the Council”. What that section clearly states is that a person who is an employee of the City Council is barred from running for office as a Councillor. So when Theus, at the time of the election was an employee of the City Council and campaigned that he was serving as the “Coordinator for Traffic Enforcement”, he was actually running as an illegal candidate.

For a Party with a Leader who is Mr. Put to Right and Mr. Know it all, we do not believe that Dean Barrow was unable to detect that he had a handful of disqualified candi-

dates. It is our belief that despite the serious transgressions, he pressed them to run, hoping he could get this one past Belizeans. You were wrong Mr. Barrow.

Meet Ambassadors Judas & Iscariot

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seemed then as defiant PUPs standing on moral high-ground but turning out to be nothing more than sell outs. On Tuesday afternoon, a Government release confirmed what had been rumoured for weeks now – that the UDP had appointed Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde as Ambassador and Consul General, as some sort of payback for backstabbing the PUP and helping the UDP win a second term. Both objectives were achieved, not by any single act on the part of the two, but multiple undertakings that included secret meetings along a certain residence on Seashore drive where the anti-PUP’s plot was devised and executed, leaking confidential information to agents of the UDP, abandoning their responsibility at House Meetings, conspiring inside the PUP to turn supporters against the leadership, undermining the leaders, and finally resigning only two weeks to the March 7th

election making it extremely difficult for the PUP to put up a proper fight. It is in all those deceitful acts that Espat and Hyde co-conspired against the PUP and are today collecting the dividends of their disloyalty and treachery. But what is the price of treachery? For Espat it seems to be his appointment to lead negotiator and diplomatic status. For Hyde it is the ambassadorial appointment that will keep him far away from the pain, sorrow and suffering the people of Lake I must endure. Reports are that somewhere in the mix of things $2m is also involved. Most Belizeans are only now realising the extent of the deceit played out by Espat and Hyde - how they pretended to be for the people, how they hurt the PUP and worked against the Party, how they abandoned their responsibility to their supporters and voters, how they have become modernday Judases, who sold out the PUP for thirty pieces of silver.

Mayor Anthony Fuentes

and the Punta Gorda Town Council wish all Punta Gorda residents and Belizeans a Happy and Safe Easter!

“May the glory of our living Lord, Renew you hopes, your faith,your joy. Have a Blessed Easter Season”



Where is the Budget? Belize City, April 3, 2012 Having already abused the peoples’ money to finance their election campaign, the UDP are scrambling to fix their mess. This has caused an unnecessary and unjustifiable delay of the nation’s budget reading which should have taken place before the start of the financial year on April 1st 2012. But the Barrow Administration is playing games and trying to take the people of Belize, especially the business community, for fools. There is no logical reason why the Budget should be delayed. There are no exigent circumstances, no emergencies or disasters, no sudden

UDP CitCo fires 25

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Council whose only sins seem not to be related to the Mayor and not having chummy relations with the UDP. Letters of termination were issued out over the weekend to over two dozen employees, many who were hard at work for their day’s pay when they got the bad news. One person who wasn’t expecting it is 43 year old Bernard Richards. Richards, who is a father of 12 children, told the BELIZE TIMES that he has been employed at the City Council, under both PUP and UDP, for 23 years. He got his letter on Saturday. He started off at CitCo when his father was in charge of the gravesite many years ago, and up until Saturday he was the Assistant Caretaker of the Lord Ridge Cemetery, the second in command. Richards said he was stunned when the missive told him he was sorry to be the bearer of bad news. “I thought the young man was coming to check on a gravesite, but it was my letter of termination that he was bringing,” Richards said. The Lake Independence resident said he relied on his job to pay for a huge loan he has at a credit union, which he utilised to maintain his family. “I have my family. How will I feed them now? My son is graduating from Wesley in June. How will I pay his 6th form fees now? I owe so much, I don’t think I will be able to exist like this,” lamented Richards. He said he doesn’t know why he would be fired. He works hard and gives no trouble. He said he was elevated to the post when his supervisor told him, he needed him to take on more responsibilities. “As this Party get in, they start to fire people. This has left me trembling, I don’t know how I will do it,” he remarked. Richards said he has attempted to get an audience with Mayor Darrel Bradley, but the Mayor doesn’t want to see anyone. The Mayor has said the firing was needed at City Hall, and that he reviewed the workers files before making a decision. He has not said why his father, Joe Bradley Sr., is still employed at City Hall however, even though he said employment will be based on merit.

changes or unexpected occurrences. Perhaps a change of Government on March 7 would have called for a delayed budget, but that didn’t happen. In fact, with an impending election, Barrow could still have presented a budget as former Prime Minister presented his budget before the election date in March 2003. But there’s more behind the UDP’s misdeeds. Their inability to present a sound budget is because firstly they abused taxpayers’ monies to fund their election gimmicks and now they have to find ways of justifying those expenses in the budget, even if it means cutting down funding for important Ministries such as Human Develop-

ment and National Security. Second, Barrow recognises that unlike the honeymoon that followed 2008 elections, Belizeans have no patience for excuses and they want to see less talk and more action. Barrow’s problem is that he promised the stars and the moon, and he doesn’t know how to make it happen. A budget is important as it spells out the Government’s plan of action for the country. In this case, it’s almost a month after the elections and the Barrow Administration is yet to present its plan of action to the people of Belize. Sources say, there is a deep void of ideas and plans in the UDP and this means there will be no budget for several months, at least up to August.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Manhunt for 16 yr. old gunman Continued from page 1 Police Constable John Valerio was shot with his own service weapon in the head, when he was allegedly accosted by 17 year old Ernesto Bernardez. Bernardez, who is a resident of the Gungulung area of Belize City, was being sought by authorities after he reportedly took away another Police officer’s gun at around two on Sunday afternoon. The officer says Bernardez pointed the gun at him, but because the safety lock was on, the trigger failed. The teenager allegedly pistol whipped the officer and ran away. On Monday afternoon, PC Valerio spotted Bernardez at the Caye Caulker airstrip and sought to apprehend him. But he again wrestled away the officer’s gun and was brazen enough to aim at the cop’s left side of the head and shoot. Valerio was shot, and fortunately the bullet only caused superficial injuries. He was airlifted from Caye Caulker to Belize City where he was admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment. The alleged cop shooter has a rap sheet, having been charged as recently as last November for drug possession.

Sunday, April 8, 2012



Sun, Sea, Breeze & Hot Cross Buns! “After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow. The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men. The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Then go quickly and tell his disciples: ‘He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.’ Now I have told you.” So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell his disciples. Suddenly Jesus met them. “Greetings,” he said. They came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him. Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.” Matthew 28:1-10 (NIV) It’s Easter and that means that come Thursday afternoon the old capital will practically be empty while Belizeans travel, whether by land, sea or air, to the cayes, Placencia, Hopkins, Punta Gorda, San Ignacio and Corozal to enjoy the sandy beaches, salt water, rivers and all the activities being held to celebrate the special weekend. Easter weekend is the longest national holiday in Belize, giving families and friends an opportunity to enjoy the Jewel all over and really appreciate Belize for what it is: a gift from God who gave this land to us with the most amazing Barrier Reef, hundreds of cayes, a myriad of rivers, and a rainforest filled with exotic flora and fauna where priceless inheritances of our ancestors lie showcasing artifacts including jade and a crystal skull. Most recent, the discovery of oil in lucrative quantities, and the prospect for gold and other commercial minerals in the Maya Mountains have revealed to us how blessed we really are for being on this land, this jewel, Belize. In many areas of the country, special masses will be held on Good Friday to recite Easter’s true meaning and purpose which is the story of Christ’s sacrifice for his people. On Holy Sunday, people will remember salvation, when Christ rose from the dead and said to his disciples “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” John 11:25-26 (NIV) While certain cities and towns will mark the special days with various religious ceremonies, the real drama will unfold in Benque Viejo del Carmen, where the sacred events of crucifixion and resurrection will be played out by actors through the streets of the town. This has become tradition in the western town. And while much reverence revolves around Easter weekend, one activity that is becoming as sacred is the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic. This is the biggest single-day race in Belize where cyclists endure the scorching heat and other obstacles to complete a ride from San Ignacio to Belize. The aim of every Belizean cyclist is to come out on top, and to bring back the garland to Belizean soil, something that has not happened since Cayo’s Shane Vasquez won it some six years ago. This year, there may be some upsets and surprises. Let’s go Belize! On behalf of the People’s United Party, PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca and the BELIZE TIMES, we extend to all Belizeans a Happy and Safe Easter.



Herman Longsworth

could face

disqualification Continued from page 1 appellant David Craig, the PUP Albert Division Standard Bearer, is grounded on Section 58 of the Constitution of Belize which provides reasons for which a member of the House of Representatives can be disqualified. That section states that “no person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives who…is a party to, or a partner in a firm or a director or manager of a company which is a party to, any contract with the government for or on account of the public service”. To avoid disqualification, that candidate should have had to disclose the contract prior to his become a member of the House. Longworth failed to do disclose that he has a contract to build a “perimeter fence” at Marion Jones Sporting Complex with the Ministry of Sports, granted to him before he became the Minister of Sports. The application for permission to file the petition went before Justice Michelle Arana, who heard arguments from Senior Counsel Rt. Hon. Said Musa on behalf of Craig, and Senior Counsel Michael Young on behalf of Longsworth. After hearing both sides, and reviewing extensive documents presented by the attorneys including contract documents for the construction of the fence, photos of the unfinished fence, and affidavits for and against the respondent, Justice Arana found merit in the case presented and granted permission. One of the affidavits submitted by Longsworth’s attorney is very interesting. It is a purported certification document signed off by the sports complex architect, Anthony Thurton and Associates, claiming that the contract for the fence was completed in October 2011. Of interest is that Young, who claimed to have completed the document for the Court late Sunday, April 1st, could not show where the Government certified the contract as complete. The document lacked the signatures of the then Ministry of Works CEO Cadet Henderson who is coincidentally currently out of the country, and reportedly very upset that he was fired by the Barrow Administration. With the permission granted, the Court will now set a date for the actual hearing of the petition. Should Craig be successful, Longsworth would be disqualified and a bi-election would need to be held for the Albert Division. Tomorrow afternoon, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will rule on a similar request for permission for an election petition against UDP Area Rep Mark King. Arguments were heard from attorneys Lisa Shoman for the PUP’s Martin Galvez and Deny Barrow for King on Tuesday.

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Man shot in face by home intruder Belize City,Tuesday, April 3, 2012 He had a few run-ins with the law in the past and now he finds himself the target of an attempted murder. Michael “Palmer” Usher, 35, who has tasted prison life before discovered early Saturday morning that it is not even safe to be in the confines of his own home. At around 3:30 that morning, Usher was inside his house at 7016 Antelope Street Extension when another man, armed with a gun, entered Usher’s house and shot him in the face near the left eye. The bullet did not cause any major internal damage and by Monday morning Usher had been released from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Whether or not there was an exchange between Usher and his assailant is uncertain because neighbours,

either unaware of the shooting or intentionally uncooperative, would not speak with the media. Usher has faced charges of theft and damage to property and has been accused of robbery in the past. In 2005, he reportedly snatched a gold chain from around the neck of an elderly citizen in the King’s Park area. An unemployed, he is also said to be linked to one of the street gangs, and has had conflict in the past with personalities from those opposing groups. Then on the night of February 12, 2010, at around 10:20 Usher was shot in the upper left side and middle of his back while walking on the same Antelope Street Extension. That shooting was the result of another “beef” with a man who was later acquitted of the charge of attempted murder, but who “hangs out” in the area.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012



in UDP Politics! A memo was sent out to all Cabinet Member asking them to show up for a special Cabinet meeting on Sunday, April 1st. Guess which three Ministers showed up? Junior Ministers Castro, Herman and King, but only to find the building locked up. They became upset and after waiting for half hour they called Cabinet Secretary Perdomo, only to get his new voicemail saying: “Ah gat unu, All Fool’s day”. When Santi heard about the joke, he said to himself “dah wah good thing mi bicycle get wah flat dah mile 30”. …………………. In Cabinet meeting last week, Sedi was asked where he was going for the Easter weekend. He responded that he couldn’t go anywhere because he only gets paid a pittance as a Minister and he is broke artificially. This caused his colleagues to burst out in laughter. Perdomo then whispered that Sedi is so cheap that even his chickens follow him at home saying “cheap, cheap, cheap”. …………………. At the UDP Headquarters on the foothills of the BelChina Bridge on Saturday, they were discussing the UDP’s petition against the PUP. One person got up and said “I mi tell Lee Mark never fi mi run, and I told him not to spend his money, at least not so much..”, he was suddenly interrupted by another UDP who said, “yea…but you never teach ah good how fu do it the UDP way which is to buy all di votes”. …………………. Word from City Hall is that nasty mouth Joe Bradley


learnt that the Mayor had prepared a termination letter for him. Shaken and frightened, he walked up the steps to the Mayor’s office, almost tripping down on a pair of red stilettos, and barged into the Mayor’s office. He looked Darrel straight into the eyes, and told him…”remember, me know your dirty secrets, starting from the fact that we were once die-hard PUPs”. …………………. When news went out that the Mayor was firing at City Hall, Councillors Philloughby, Dean Samuels and Kevin Singh called an emergency meeting with Roger Espejo, Dion Leslie, and Eric Chang. When they arrived at the meeting, Philloughby, Samuels and Singh were sweating and biting their nails. Leslie asked what the purpose of the meeting was, and Philloughby said, “We hear the Mayor di fire people fi incompetence and laziness”. Espejo interrupted and said… “We noh have nothing fi worry… dat dah me we the last term…ih no apply fi this new term yet”. …………………. In other related news: After hearing the Guatemalan President suggest the decriminalization of marijuana, Sedi looked shaken up and somewhat nervous. When asked by his Guatemalan escort what was wrong, he told her he couldn’t figure out why the Guatemalan President was looking straight at him when he introduced the idea. …………………. In a last minute, desperate attempt to get back the Ministry of Works, Boots offered to build each member of Cabinet a plycem house and two houses out of Rosewood for his boss and the new Minister of Works. Montero got up and said he would take 3 Rosewood houses and the first offer of 10% in the pool table business. Vega then banged his hands on the table and said… “thanks to unuh new Minister, none a we could touch Rosewood no more”.




21 yr. old who beat 2 Murder Raps is remanded for Aggravated Burglary BELIZE CITY, Tues. April 3, 2012 By Roy Davis Percival Blancaneaux Jr., 21, a resident of 51 Taylor’s Alley who was acquitted of a double murder in Dangriga Supreme Court on August 29, 2011, has ran afoul of the law again. Blancaneaux’s charge this time was aggravated burglary. He was arraigned on the charge yesterday in #1 Magistrate’s Court. Blancaneaux pleaded not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that the offence is of a serious nature, that it has become prevalent, that the minimum penalty is 10 years, that the accused was positively identified in an identification parade, that the

Percival Blancaneaux Jr.

investigation is still ongoing and a second suspect is still at large, and that if granted bail the accused might interfere with witnesses involved in the case. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith upheld the objection and remanded Blancaneaux into custody until May 8. The aggravated burglary occurred around 4 a.m. on January 24. The complainant, Esmeralda Glastonbury, 48, a housewife who resides on Old Well Road in Ladyville, reported to the police that two persons armed with knives broke into her house while she, her husband and her son were asleep. She said the burglars tied them up then ransacked her house and stole a number of items, including her red Isuzu Rodeo and Atlas car battery.

Hard-working fisherman hustled out of Cayo land BELIZE CITY, Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 By Alton Humes A Belize City fisherman is now painfully finding out what it feels like to be ‘baited and hooked’ after a Cayo woman coldly swindled him on the purchase of what he thought was an unleased, unclaimed piece of land. Jeffrey Joseph A. Murillo, a 33-year-old fisherman from a Belize City address, has filed a criminal complaint against one Leticia Jones, of an

unknown address in Cayo District. He claims that on March 13th, after being informed by his brother Giovanni about a piece of prime land that Jones claimed she owned and wanted to sell, met with Jones and her sister (unidentified) at the Lands Department office in San Ignacio. He was then taken to an employee of the department, one Bautista, who signed and authorized the “documents” that would facilitate the “transfer” of the

Ex-Prison Officer fined for smuggling weed BELIZE CITY, Tues. April 3, 2012 By Roy Davis An ex-prison officer who attempted to smuggle 100 grams of cannabis into Belize Central Prison while he was working there, was found guilty of drug trafficking yesterday in the #1 Magistrate’s Court. He is Dean Crawford, 32. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith fined him $10,000 and ordered him to pay $3,000 forthwith. Crawford paid the $3,000 and he was released. He has until January, 2013 to pay the balance. The bust occurred around 7:15n a.m. on October 2, 2011. Crawford, dressed in his prison officer uniform, reported to work at the prison and a search was conducted on his person. When his boots were taken off two plastic bags containing cannabis were found in each boot. As a result, Crawford was arrested

Dean Crawford

and charged with drug trafficking after he was handed over to the police at Hattiveille Police Station. When Crawford testified, he said that he was set up.

land into his hands. He was then taken to see the ‘land’ in question with his brother, Jones and her sister as well as, a Mr. Tut, supposedly a Justice of the Peace, after which pictures of the land were taken and Murillo handed over BZC$10,000 of his own personal savings, as a promise that the land would be his, free and clear, including the lease, which would be mailed to him in about 2 weeks. But that time passed, and Murillo

Sunday, April 8, 2012 Among the items that were stolen were one DVD player, one computer monitor, one IBM Monitor, one Samsung touch screen cellular phone, 5 digital cameras, $385, 400 pesos, 13 DVD movies and games, one comaflauge jacket, one PS2 electronic game, one chains aw, one shampoo, one conditioner, one body wash soap and one bottle of Traveller’s Gold Rum. The items amounted to $18,024 in value. The police reported that the recovered the Isuzu Rodeo the following day, January 25 from an area in Burrell Boom. Blancaneaux a.k.a. Percival Jones, was acquitted of the murders of two Chinese, Lian Yui and Li Ping Zhen, who were shot and killed in Dangriga on November 4, 2008. The trial Judge, Justice Troadio Gonzalez ruled that the caution statement Blancaneaux gave to the police was inadmissible because it was obtained due to inducement by a police officer. As a result, Justice Gonzalez directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty. The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has lodged an appeal in Belize Courts of Appeal.

got a big hunk of nothing, which didn’t leave him feeling too good. So he did the responsible thing and went to the Lands Department’s main office in Belmopan City, where he found out he’d been conned, and that the land he desired and craved for belonged to no less than the Government, or rather the Development Finance Corporation (DFC). He was advised to go and straighten the mess out back at the Lands Department office in San Ignacio, but he struck out there. And as for Leticia Jones, she’s in the wind, and is not engaging in any further contact with the man she grievously conned. It is somewhat nebulous at this time as to who will handle the investigations: the CIB or the San Ignacio Formation, or what Jones will be charged with.

Sunday, April 8, 2012



Herman Longsworth’s $2.6m fence

This fence, which is built half-way by L&V Construction, a construction company owned by UDP Area Representative and Minister of Sports Herman Longsworth, is in the center of political controversy which could result in his disqualification. The contract given to Longsworth by the previous UDP Government’s Ministry of Sports was for the construction of a “perimeter fence”. Perimeter, by definition, means “an area surrounding”. Is this fence complete? Longsworth, who got paid $2.6m, says it is. You be the judge.

Small fish investigated for missing $70,000, big fish Zenaida walks free despite still-missing $274,667

Shirlene Sabal

Ms. Under-deposits, Zenaida Moya

Belize City, March 28, 2012 There is a major discrepancy in the manner in which the new City Council under Darrel Bradley has been dealing with alleged acts of serious corruption at City Hall. Yes, it’s only been a few days since the new UDP Council was sworn into office, and there is already news of corruption. But what should we expect after six years of the most tumultuous, embarrassing and scandal-ridden reign at City Hall? The latest bombshell is that the pay-mistress, Shirlene Sabal, swindled up to $70,000 from the Council. According to the reports, she did this by stealing fraudulent over time checks made out but never collected by employees, and by making and collecting loans on behalf of employees without their involvement. For how long this occurred, is not known. The allegations are very serious as it is tax payers’ monies that were stolen, but the UDP Mayor has been very lenient, and has refused to seek criminal charges against Sabal. Instead they have engaged in negotiations for the “repayment” of the missing money. This has led to suspicion and serious questions asked in this case. Is the UDP protecting Sabal in fear that she could indict other se-

nior officials or UDP Councilors in the scheme? How was this scheme overlooked by the UDP’s hired watchdog, former Financial Controller Partrick Tillett. Another question is also whether Bradley, who claims to be against corruption, will seek to recover the $274,667 that was never properly accounted for under former UDP Mayor Zenaida Moya’s watch. Moya’s excuse was that the monies had been “underdeposited”. She was charged for “uttering false documents” and tried in Court but the case fell apart. Where the money really went, still remains a mystery. Bradley cannot claim to be against corruption yet remain silent and unresponsive to the corruption that festered under the previous UDP Council, in which a majority of his current Council had served. Apart from Zenaida’s dubious under deposits, there were also allegations of illegal tax breaks of up to $400,000 under Leila Peyrefitte, the incestuous relationship between one of the sanitation companies and a specific “Super” Councillor, the hustling that is going on at the markets, and the wheeling and dealing with services and special interests.



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012




Sugar City blasts Millennium 4-0

Helen Flowers takes on Noemi Magana

Belize City, April 1, 2012 The Sugar City Girls won their return match 4-0 over the Millennium girls of Belize City at the M.C.C. Garden on Sunday evening to advance to the 2nd round of the Belize women’s football competition. The Millennium defenders Melony Tasher, Latanya Gamboa, Daytra Valencio, Zenda Avila and Adelma Broaster held off Sugar City girls’ offensive, and they themselves could not get by the Sugar City defenders which had the game at a stalemate for almost the entire first half. It was Sugar City’s Giselle Baeza who ended the silence, however, when she scored her 1st goal on Millennium’s goalie Ermine Ferguson in the 35th minute to lead 1-0 at

the half. In the 2nd half, Natalie Macias set table for Cianni Castaneda to attack on the left flank, and Ferguson was outplayed when Castaneda crossed the ball to Giselle Baeza on the right. Giselle’s right-away shot blasted past Ferguson for a 2-0 score. Carlicia Petillo took over from Ferguson in the Millennium goal, but the carnage continued as Karen Garcia executed a free kick to bounce the ball past Petillo for a 3rd goal for Sugar City. Millennium’s coach Phillips pulled out all the stops as he brought in four players, and they won several corner kicks but no cigar. Sugar City’s Cianni Castaneda scored a 4th goal in the 85th minute for the 4-0 win. Other game Sagitun Pumas vs. Gentle Touch - 2-2

Succotz Festival wins 2012 Bandfest

Corozal Town, March 31, 2012 The Succotz Festival Drum Corps won their 5th Bandfest, cementing their record as the winningest band so far. The Succotz Festival Drum Corps repeated as champs on Saturday March 31, 2012 by winning the Love FM Bandfest wind instrument category to take home the $6,000 1st prize, the winner’s sceptre and a $1,000 prize and trophy for Best Costume. Succotz Festival Drum Corps had won the title in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. The Corozal Community College marching band, the 2010 winners, fielded more than 100 members led by band director Omar Charley and they won the $2,500 2nd prize and a $1,000 prize and trophy for being Most Popular Band, voted by fans sending in text messages to Bandfest sponsor Belize Telemedia Ltd. The 50 members of the Western Xunan Marching band from Succotz placed 3rd in the wind instrument category in 2010, and captured 3rd place again this year. They returned with 12 wind instruments, 28 percussion instruments and 10 majorettes. The Holy Redeemer drummers beat out seven other bands to win the $1,000 1st prize in the drumline competition, including Sarteneja, Delille Academy, Stella Maris Futuristic bank, New Kids on the Block, Mahogany Heights Dreams band, Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico in their Bandfest debut, the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Dreams Marching band and the ACC Survivors. The Delille Academy Drum Corps from Dangriga, now 45 members in their 2nd appearance at Bandfest, won the $4,000 first prize in the Marching Drum Corps category. Sarteneja United Drum Crops now in their 3rd year in Bandfest, stronger than ever with 78 members, including 33 majorettes, took home the $2,000 2nd prize in the drum crops category, while the 3 times back-to back to back drum corps champs, Holy Redeemer School marching band, with 90 members led by band manager Philip Murray, and band leader Carlos Perrote, won 3rd place. Also participating in Bandfest Uprising Drum Corps of Orange Walk, the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence band, the Police Youth Cadet Corps and the Corozal Scout troop.

Orchid Blazers win U-19 softball double-header Belize City, March 31, 2011 The Orchid Blazers won the Under-19 female softball doubleheader held at the home of softball at the Roger’s Stadium on Saturday afternoon. In Game 2 the Blazers upset the defending champs, the Avengers, 18-11 with Lucas striking out 7 batters, even though the Avengers collected 9 hits off her pitching. The Blazers walloped Kaylie Macfadzean’s pitching for 8 hits and Agnes and Ashley Lucas tied the ball game 2-2 when they both came home in the 1st inning. Continued on page 12



Sunday, April 8, 2012


Police lead Premier League football

Dean Flowers scored Juventus 3rd goal

Orchid Blazers win U-19 softball double-header Continued from page 11

The Avengers extended their lead to 6-2 when catcher Carissa Clarke scored in the fourth inning. Macfadzean’s pitching collapsed in the fifth inning, as she walked seven batters and threw five wild pitches, allowing five more runs and the lead to shrink 6-5. The Avengers regained the lead 11-6 in the top of the sixth, and the game was called by mercy rule 18-11 when Agnes rounded the bases twice in the bottom of the sixth, while Jahna, Georgia Williams, Ashley, Lockwood, Roslyn Smith Devonie Reyes, substitutes Ashley Rudon and Shana Trapp scored once each. The Blazers hammered the Hurricanes 12-2 by mercy rule.

Belize City, Sunday, April 1, 2012 The Police continue as No. 1 in the 2012 Premier League of Belize football competition, leading Zone B with 22 points from 7 wins and a draw, while the Belize Defence Force leads Zone A with 17 points from 5 wins, their 5th win. The Police hand-cuffed the Belmopan Bandits 3-0 at the MCC garden last Saturday night, with Lennox “Criminal” Castillo scoring the 1st goal in the 6th minute of play. Trevor Lennon beat the Bandits’ goalie Galdamez with a header in the 53rd minute, and Lennon iced the win when he drilled home a 3rd goal in the 89th minute. The BDF had to come back from a

Other games: San Pedro Sea Dogs vs. FC Belize – 0-0 Juventus vs. World FC – 3-0 San Ignacio United vs. Hankook Verdes – 2-1 Placencia Assassins vs. Paradise Freedom Fighters – 1-1

III National Junior Karate Championship results April 2, 2012 The Belize Karate Federation held its III Annual Youth National Karate Championship on Sunday, April 1st 2012. Despite the event clashing with Palm Sunday, a total of 50 youths participated in this all day action pack, family fun filled event! The CSKC defended its National Title by walking away with 23 medals, 6 being gold, while the Martial arts Academy of Belize City moved up over the CSKC Belmopan for second place with 10 medals, 5 of which are gold. Third place went to the host and sponsor of the Championship, the KSKD Dojo of San Ignacio. The Belize National Karate Team travels to Guatemala City on April 16th in order to participate in the CenIndividual Results Female Novice Kata - 5-7yrs Ayana Reyes, KSKD Anya Harrison, CSKC Bmp Kylie Quiroz, CSKC San Ignacio Male Novice Kata - 5-7yrs Jamlech Cassanova, CSKC Bmp David Mejia, MAAB Zyvaughn Ara, CSKC-BMP Female Novice Kata - 8-10yrs Brianne Guzma, CSKC San Ignacio Therese Martinez, CSKC San Ignacio Laci Dyck, CSKC San Ignacio Male Novice Kata - 8-10 yrs Caylon Cyck, CSKC San Ignacio Jahred Phillips, MAAB Alejandro Martinez, CSKC Benque Male Intermediate Kata - 8-10 yrs Ruben Harrison, CSKC Belmopan Sayan Penados, KSKD Female Intermediate Kata - 11-14yrs Isiene Romero, CSKC San Ignacio Chenoa Gonzalez, CSKC San Ignacio Drewan Harrison, CSKC Belmopan

Ashley Lucas on the mound

1-0 deficit to sting San Felipe Barcelona 2-1 in Cayo. Jaziz Wicab drew first blood for San Felipe in the 4th minute to lead 1-0 at the half time break. In the 2nd half the San Felipe defenders goofed by giving up a penalty in the 48th minute and made them pay the maximum penalty to tie the ball game at 1-1. Irvin “Bird” Flores scored the BDF’s 2nd winning goal in the 90th minute, and the visitors had no comeback.

Male Intermediate Kata - 11-14yrs Charles Bacab, CSKC San Ignacio Vincent Hulse, CSKC San Ignacio Cesar Dyck, CSKC San Ignacio

Upcoming matches: Hankook Verdes vs. Paradise Freedom Fighters, Marshalleck Stadium, Good Thursday San Ignacio United vs. Police, Norman Broaster Stadium, Holy Saturday San Pedro Sea Dogs vs. Juventus, Ambergris Stadium, Easter Sunday San Felipe vs. World FC, San Felipe BDF vs. FC Belize, Norman Broaster Placencia Assassins vs. Belmopan Bandits

tral American and Caribbean Karate Championships. Families, friends and fans are welcome to travel with the National Team for support. Contact the Belize Karate Federation at or phone 804-2752 for information on the trip.

Male Novice Kata - 15-20yrs Rafael Quitero, KSKD Sheldon Gibson, CSKC San Ignacio Miguel Ramirez, CSKC San Ignacio

Male Novice Kumite - 12-13 yrs Christian Codd, MAAB Cesar Dyck, CSKC San Ignacio Giancarlo Martinez, CSKC Benque

Male Advanced Kumite - 7-9 yrs Sydney Wade, MAAB Maurice Savery, MAAB Jaheim Wade, MAAB

Male Intermediate Kumite - 1415yrs Joshua Flowers, Belize City Center Richard Thompson, KSKD Sheldon Gibson, CSKC San Ignacio

Female Novice Kumite - 7-9yrs Isiene Romero, CSKC San Ignacio Ayana Reyes, KSKD Therese Martinez, CSKC San Ignacio Male Intermediate Kumite - 1011 yrs Jaheed Arnold, MAAB Kael Wagner, MAAB Vincent Hulse, CSKC San Ignacio Male Intermediate Kumite - 1213yrs Denton Jones, MAAB Charles Bacab, CSKC San Ignacio

Female Advanced Kumite - 14-15 yrs Cara Pastor, CSKC San Ignacio Erika Ayala, CSKC San Ignacio Chenoa Gonzalez, CSKC San Ignacio Male Advanced Kumite - 1617yrs Male Advanced Kumite 16-17 yrs 1. Rafeal Quitero, KSKD 1. Henquief Williams, MAAB 2. Miguel Ramirez, CSKC San Ignacio 2. Jamal Avilez, CSKC, Belmopan



This Week’s Sunday, April 8, 2012


BELIZETIMES SUNDAY APRIL 8, 2012 THE BELIZE TIMES see full color at or Facebook/ Belize Times



By Tania Tanesha

One of the most appealing assets for affection is a pair of sexy lips. Who doesn’t appreciate a good smooch? Even if you’re not a huge makeup fan, chances are the simplest, most affordable and quickest way to upscale absolutely any look is by applying lip-gloss. No makeup look is complete without adding some sort of glam to the lips, so much that the practice can be traced to the 1930s, when Max Factor created a product for his models to wear on film. It’s quick and easy to apply; it’s the fastest way to add shine; they give lips a plumper appearance; highly moisturizing and some are now formulated with SPF for sunscreen protection. For pre-teens and teenagers lip-gloss use is an introduction to makeup: because they are too young for fully intense lip colors. But lipglosses also have their cons: they are temporary and you would have to reapply every so often throughout the day. Also, some are quite sticky and can be annoying at times. In this week’s article, I’ll guide you to properly apply lip-gloss and even how to create your own lip-gloss! When wearing lip-gloss you have to be mindful of your own lips. Large lips look even bigger with too much lip-gloss or gloss with glitters. I would suggest little to no lip-gloss on larger lips and would trade for a matte lip-stain, lipstick or a tinted lip-balm. Persons with smaller lips can get instant plumping results by dabbing just a small amount of lipgloss in the centre of the top and bottom lip. Lip-gloss can also be applied on top of your lip-stick color for added shine and emphasis! Note: Lip products look best on smooth lips. Exfoliate your lips every time you brush your teeth by brushing your lips for totally smooth and kissable lips. Ok here it is: The edible and simple way to make your own lip-gloss What you need: Food coloring Kool-aid (optional) Flavored essence of your choice (optional) Vaseline (or any other brand of petroleum jelly) Small container (contact lens container or any small compact container with a cover) How to make it: Put Vaseline in container and microwave for about 15-20 seconds Add food coloring and stir well. Add optional ingredients and mix together well. Allow contents to cool completely. There you have it. You’ve made your own lip-gloss. Personalize your glosses by adding edible glitter or a small amount of non-toxic body glitter for added shimmer. You can never go wrong with lip-gloss - easy to apply, incredibly affordable and the simplest form of makeup for anyone to use and enjoy and it’s an irresistible addition when putting your best face forward.

Sharima • Career Plan: Accountant • Sign: Scorpio • Favourite Food: Breading Chicken • Likes: Modeling, dancing, reading • Lives in Belize City • Fav. Quote: “Reach for the stars”

CATWALK FASHIONS What’s Hip...What’s Hot...What’s Now! Phone: 203-2936 / 620-7481 #148 Cor. Queen & North Front Streets Belize City, Belize



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012



House collapses on poor Southside family Family had sought Prime Minister’s assistance months before tragedy BELIZE CITY, Monday, April 2nd, 2012 By Alton Humes It could be said that a family’s strength and unity lays in where, how and what type of house they live in. If such an idiom is true, then it would be of little comfort to 28-yearold Keezia Gibson and her family, as the only real home they’ve ever known collapsed just over a week ago on Sunday, March 25th, 2012. While Gibson, her boyfriend and her 2 young children, both of them girls, were not present when the 2-storey wooden structure, located at #24 Neal’s Pen Road took its sudden and permanent return to the earth, it is nonetheless a tragic, untimely set of circumstances that, if you’ll forgive us the pun, hit all-too close to home. Gibson was not present when the BELIZE TIMES visited the location today, but one of her female relatives spoke to us in detail about a home that, in her mind, nurtured not only a generation, but survived and thrived even in the bowels of chaos that surrounded it. According

to the relative, the home was an inheritance passed down through the parent(s) to their 6 children, including Keezia, and had survived many natural (and some man-made) terrors, such as Hurricane Hattie in the 70s. But like many olden structures not maintained overtime, the old house lost its luster and prominence, making it ripe and full for its collapse. Gibson had sought assistance for a new home from her area representative and Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, and had spoken to his ‘go-between’, known to many in the division as ‘Sista B’. She waited for some response, but there was absolutely none. And well before the inevitable happened on March 25th, her older brother, who also lived with them, had advised Gibson to move out from the structure, and she did, leaving her kids to stay with relatives. In the meantime, Gibson is still seeking help, and is requesting assistance from the general public. If you would like to help Miss Gibson and her family, you can visit the family at #24 Neal’s Pen Road.

OW Town Council responds to allegations of Political Victimization Orange Walk Town, March 29, 2012 The Orange Walk Town Council has come under scrutiny after allegations of political victimization upon the new administration taking office. Those allegations are unsubstantiated and founded on nothing more than political mischief. This new PUP administration will hold true to its mandate of serving ALL residents of Orange Walk regardless of political affiliation. The new administration has not, and will not engage in political victimization. A very preliminary investigation has revealed that among existing staff, there have been instances of (1) double payment, where individuals are paid for performing two roles at the Council when in reality they serve only very limited function in one role; (2) instances where staff members have collected monies and those monies have not been accounted for; (3) instances in which staff members abused/neglected their duties but no action was taken by the Mayor or Administrator and (4) indications of misappropriation of public funds which will merit further investigation and which could likely result in legal action being taken. Additionally there are members of staff who have by their actions made it clear that they are extreme loyalists of the previous U.D.P. administration

and have no intention of working with this administration in any constructive capacity to better the town. Rather, it seems, they would be content to sabotage the work of the Council to discredit this administration. At the end of an evaluation period scheduled to end shortly, decisions will be made which will restore transparency, accountability and efficiency to Town Hall. Persons who have not discharged their duties with integrity, honesty and objectivity will be asked to leave. Those who have served diligently and honestly in a manner designed to benefit the residents of Orange Walk Town will be asked to stay on. Political affiliation is not an issue… character is. The Council makes no apologies for this. It is time for the political games to end, and for the work to begin. For too long residents have been denied the service which is the least they deserve. A new, efficient municipal administration will provide that service. Any attempt to label the streamlining at Town Hall as political victimization can only be political mischief, and we are confident that residents of Orange Walk Town will recognize it for what it is. We are likewise confident that residents will recognize and appreciate the change in the way things have traditionally been done. (Press release)

Gibson family home is in shambles after it collapsed last week Sunday



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012





Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Cindy Jones wins 2012 Miss Top Celebrity Pageant

March 29, 2012 Teens Belize Organization is humble to present the Official Results of the Miss Top Celebrity Pageant, verified by the Chairpersons of Teens Belize, Floridalma Fajardo & Abel Coleman; the Executive Director, Kenny Jacobs; the Teens Belize Committee & the Official Judges: The Top 5 Finalists are: Cindy Jones Miss Santa Elena Miss Top Celebrity 2012-13 Tanya Parham Miss Belizean Heritage 1st Runner-up Christine Syme Miss San Pedro 2nd Runner-up Marcia Flores Miss Belizean Haven 3rd Runner-up Brianna Lopez Miss Belize City 4th Runner-up Special Awards: Miss Photogenic – Christine Syme Miss Personality – Aidan Palacio Most Beautiful Delegate –Tanya Parham The ten candidates who participated in this year’s pageant are Marcia Flores, Aidan Palacio, Brianna Lopez, Christine Syme, Cindy Jones, Indira Williams, Vicky Canul, Tanya Parham, Stephanie Howe, & Janel Rodriguez. They brought a package of intellect, talent, beauty, grace, eloquence and national pride to this year’s pageant

Cindy Jones

which positively echoed across the world. They are “The Belizean Inspiration: Nothing More, Nothing Less.” The Official Judges are Ebony Lyall, Richard Holder, Leilah Pandy, Sherima Usher, Rashida Hoy, Samson Jacobs, William Neal and Pulcheria Teul. They all did a wonderful job. Cindy’s coronation will take place at a later date by outgoing Queen, Idolly Saldivar. All candidates will receive a prize, donated by our generous sponsors.

OW Town Council Unethical Disbursement of Contracts April 2, 2012 During a routine evaluation of staff and finances at Town Hall shortly after taking office, it was observed that fifteen (15) employees of the Town Council hired under the previous U.D.P. municipal administration had been issued new contracts just days prior to elections held on March 7, 2012. The contracts were issued for a period of 36 months. The total payable to those 15 employees over the period of the contract would amount to $591,000. The contracts are dated February 1, 2012, while inside sources have informed the Council that in fact they were signed on February 24, 2012 just days before elections. In one instance, the contract does not even carry the signature of the Mayor, just those of the employee and a witness. We find the mass awarding of contracts to employees appointed by the U.D.P. just days before elections to be unethical and a disservice to residents of Orange Walk Town. It is an attempt

to hold the present municipal administration ransom and caught in a financial and political stranglehold which would ensure that service to residents would be affected negatively. The Council takes this opportunity to reiterate its position and make it crystal clear. Regardless of political affiliation, employees who have worked efficiently and with dignity and integrity for the residents of Orange Walk Town will continue to do so. Employees who have abused their positions in any way and held back the work of the Council while enjoying the protection of political patronage will be asked to leave. The Council will not be held captive by political games designed to undermine the work that must be done. The residents of Orange Walk Town elected this municipal administration to deliver the services to which they are entitled and that is what will be done. In keeping with our commitment of transparency, we will keep residents informed every step of the way.




Mayor Kevin Bernard

Sunday, April 8, 2012

and the Orange Walk Town Council wish all Orange Walkeños and Belizeans a Happy and Safe Easter!

“Let us give thanks to the risen Lord For His glorious gift of life. Wishing You A Blessed Easter Season”

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Of this and that… Easter Scandal I am upset with my Sunday school teachers. All my life I thought God turned his back on Jesus when he was on the cross. I was sinfully wrong. Belize learned something from the repeat of the Dickie Bradley Special. That show is aired on Channel Five. It comes on the same time as Sunday school. Father Matthew was on the show. He made us know that God did no such thing. According to him, Jesus was really repeating the 22nd Psalm. I do not know how he knows that but I checked it. Read the whole thing for yourself. Jesus was either asking why he was deserted or someone forgot to write down all he said. Psalms 22 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, so far from my cries of anguish? 2 My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer, by night, but I find no rest. 3 Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One; you are the one Israel praises.4 In you our ancestors put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them. 5 To you they cried out and were saved; in you they trusted and were not put to shame. 6 But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by everyone, despised by the people. 7 All who see me mock me; they hurl insults, shaking their heads. 8 “He trusts in the LORD,” they say, “let the LORD rescue him. Let him deliver him, since he delights in him.” 9 Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast. 10From birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God. 11 Do not be far from me, for trouble is near and there is no one to help. The Kings’ Court The Civic Center is being ripped apart. It looks the same way Archies Restaurant looks just a few blocks down the Central American Boulevard. Belize has lots of talent. Belize has fifteen future NBA stars. They will be going to Ohio, USA. They are going to be scouted by the baddest basket baller in the world, Lebron James. Definitely one of them will win the scholarship to play ball from the King James Classic AAU Tournament. The only professional court was at the Civic Center. Now that court looks like the siding on a shack behind Jane Usher Boulevard. It has patches of plywood. It has dead spots. It has high and lows. It has debris and garbage beside the players’ benches. Belize had a star player injured during practice at the Civic center. That Belizean baller was practicing for the Olympic Qualifiers. That is a low down dirty shame. Lebron James Injured at Civic The building has been condemned. Yet games for the future Lebron James of Belize are still being held there. The only professional court in the country is being demolished and picked apart for scrap. The UDP have made no alternative plans. Belize has great talent. We have the future Keith Acosta, Kirk Smith, Daren Bovell, Chaka Lightburn and Inglebert Cherrington. Belize should protect their knees. The government should give their careers a chance.

We should not be waiting for Lebron James to save us. Who protects Magistrates? The Supreme Court Judges have been given body guards. It is because the Government has stolen criminal trials from the citizens. The UDP have flung the burden all on a single judge. That judge is all alone. No jury. The judge has no help in these cases. Even though he does not know Belizean culture. This is a shame. The government is chancing the judges. All the government gives them is one body guard. The body guard does not even stay at their house. This is a joke. Worse of a joke is that Magistrates do not get any protection. Every single criminal case in this country is done by a Magistrate. Even the ones done by judges have to pass through a Magistrate. The space in the Magistrate Court is small. The criminal can reach over and attack a magistrate in two steps. Not a single body guard is left to watch the Magistrate. This is foolishness. Going to Hell Belizeans are very religious. They are even more superstitious. Easter is a big religious time in Old British Honduras. There are more local superstitions than Easter eggs. Children are still told not to swim on Good Friday. The tales are healthy. During Lent the Devil is busy. Temptation and death are near. It is hot. All the rivers in Belize will be crowded. Lots of people normally “drown-did” at Easter. Yet there is not one single public service warning. Do not drink and drive People will be traveling up and down our highways. They will be drinking. Yet there is not one single “do not drink and drive” commercial on tv. This is terrible. We cannot look to the Government to keep the roads safe. They are busy firing people. Drive safe, my people. Do it for your family. Be selfish, do it for yourself. Remember, if you die while speeding and drinking, another man will work with your wife when you dead. Serious thing that. Politics Aside How bad are things in Belize when a regular bus gets jacked? The bus was filled with poor people. These are all honest people. People who cannot afford a fancy car. They can barely afford the four dollars to Pan. This is a bad state of affairs. Rene Montero is the Minister of Transport. He is from Cayo. Cayo people were getting robbed. All now, Montero still has done nothing. He has done nothing to keep innocent Belizeans safe on the bus and on the roads. Politics aside, this man was the worst Minister of Agriculture, ever. It is one thing to mess up plants. We need to take away the Ministry of Transport before this bally messes up lives. Polls We only have polls during elections. Belizeans have opinions all year round. The days of only two tv stations: Channel 5 and Channel 7, are over. The days of only Brodies or Malics are over. The days of only Megan Beans are over. The days of only Happy Cow or Gallo cheese are over. Belizeans are making decisions daily. The options are legion. There are no other polls to monitor the taste, opinions and preferences of our people.

Neri’s Restaurant The best local food comes from out of the kitchen at Neri’s Restaurant. It was featured on the famous travel channel. Karl Pickwoad and his family are the owners. They are hardworking Belizeans. The food is mouthwatering and you get “nuff”. It is the only place in Belize where tourists and locals can be sure to get some exotic meal. The kitchen bubbles some serious pots. Neri’s is the only place in Belize where you can reliably find everything from crab soup to gibnut and white rice. The menu is tall up. That must be a lot of work. The Pickwoads are big people. Nuff respect. Belize Backward Culture is priceless. It is the one thing no one else in the world can do better than Belizeans. If you want to know how healthy a country is check the liberal and performing arts. The Bliss is dead. Even the lighthouse has more appeal. Why are there no plays? Theatre is dead in Belize. The last time we had an original play was Tiki Bood. That play was done by Francis Fonseca’s sister. Senior play it was. Joey Clarke was a Jamaican. He fell in love with a Belizean queen. He tried to do a thing. Since he died the creativity died. The Rotary Club has to use old and second hand Jamaican plays. The UDP does not respect the arts or artists. The UDP has no class. Theatre is about social commentary. UDP know ‘bout gangs, they do not care about culture. Life is stranger than art. In a country built on an oral tradition and camp fire stories, there are no plays. This is inexcusable. This is a way to create jobs. It is a

21 form of tourism for overnight visitors. The government is not smart. Kurtis Gillette needs to come home. Give me a visa Shyne is a joke. Jules Vasquez clowned him. Jules took him for “pappyshow”. Shyne is a “has been”. His father gave him ambassador status and a diplomatic passport. His ambassador appointment is a national insult. We can see right through Shyne. This boy love “foreign” more than life. If he went through “the back” I would not be surprised. But he should go and stop abstract himself. Shyne pretended to talk for Belize. He said “Oak trees do not grow overnight.” Belize has mango trees. It has craboo trees. It has Mahogany trees. It has rosewood trees. We ain’t got no oak trees. Shyne should stop pretending. He has done absolutely nothing for Belize. He has done nothing for Belizean artists. Take Melonie Gillette and Tanya Carter’s name out your mouth. Shyne wants a visa like a crackhead wants a hit. The boy would sell his pa fi get it. $2 Sundays Gas is twelve dollars a gallon. Taxi is seven or eight dollars a ride. Things bad in Belize. To get around poor people use the dollar vans. Poor people find a way to survive. The dollar van costs just that. One dollar. On Sundays, it is different. How much is the dollar van on Sundays? Two Dollars. Poor people and their families who need God in this wicked world are the ones catching the bus on Sundays. It is more expensive to do the right thing.



EASTER MESSAGE – 2012 By Dr. Oliver Ottley District Superintendent Emeritus Church of the Nazarene

that the term martyr comes from a word that means to bear witness, and in ecclesiastical usage it means to bear witness unto death, hence the term martyrdom. A martyr, therefore, has come to mean one who dies for the faith.

SCRIPTURE Matthew 28:6-15 (New International Version (NIV) 6 He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.7 Then go quickly and tell his disciples: ‘He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him.’ Now I have told you.” 8 So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell his disciples. 9 Suddenly Jesus met them. “Greetings,” he said. They came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him. 10 Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.” While the women were on their way, some of the guards went into the city and reported to the chief priests everything that had happened. 12 When the chief priests had met with the elders and devised a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money, 13 telling them, “You are to say, ‘His disciples came during the night and stole him away while we were asleep.’ 14 If this report gets to the governor, we will satisfy him and keep you out of trouble.” 15 So the soldiers took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story has been widely circulated among the Jews to this very day. 11

FAITH OR FABRICATION? The Scripture above stands among the many infallible proofs of a resurrected and living Christ (cf. Acts 1:3). Other religions have accused Christians of believing a lie. The allegation is that the disciples of Jesus fabricated the story of a resurrection that never happened. Authentically, however, this Scripture is a record of who were the real fabricators. I say this not to condemn but to hopefully, lovingly, and prayerfully convince the gainsayers; for of all the efforts to concoct a cover-up of the mystery the leaders could not explain, no one has ever nor could ever produce one shred of evidence of a dead Jesus after the third day of His crucifixion. Yet there are many infallible proofs of His being seen alive, and of His interaction with His disciples and others before His Ascension. Furthermore, all of the apostles excepting John became martyrs, not to mention numberless others who died for the faith. Would they have died refusing to recant, knowing that their proclamation was a lie? It is of note

EASTER AND THE RESURRECTION We have observed yet another Easter Season, the most important festival of the Christian Church with the celebration of the Resurrection as its climax. The words after Easter appear only once in the Bible. These two words are rendered in Acts 12:4 of the Authorized King James Version. They are translated from the Greek meaning after the Passover which, of course, coincides with the time of the Resurrection of Jesus. The

meaning of the word Easter came to us through different scholars. One view is that it came from the name of a pagan goddess of spring. Another view is that it came from an early German word which means dawn, and another from a Latin word for both dawn and white; hence the tradition of Easter sun-rise services and of using white clothes at Easter observances. Be that as it may, English speaking Christians around the world have adopted the term Easter for the season commemorating the passion and death of our Lord and culminating with the celebration of His Resurrection. With regard to the name Easter, it is interesting to note that eight of the names of the months, and the names of all the regular days on our calendar, even some of our personal names, came from pagan gods and from pagan past. Even more worthy of note is that the despicable and despised Roman cross upon which Jesus was crucified became the lasting symbol of our Christian faith. “FAITH OF OUR FATHERS” Thomas was the doubter who said he would not believe unless he could see and

Sunday, April 8, 2012 touch Him. When he saw and touched the risen Christ he cried “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said, “You believe because you have seen; blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” The well-known hymn below reflects that sacrificial faith. Ponder the first and last stanzas and the refrain: Faith of our fathers, living still, In spite of dungeon, fire, and sword; Oh, how our hearts beat high with joy Whene’er we hear that glorious Word! Refrain: Faith of our fathers, holy faith! We will be true to thee till death.

Hallelujah! Christ arose! On behalf of the Church of the Nazarene in Belize. A Blessed Easter! God bless you!

Sunday, April 8, 2012



Happy Easter

Easter Crossword Solve the crossword using the list of words and the clues 1 1

basket 2

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bunny 4





chocolate 6





eggs hunt parade




Across 1. Easter eggs are often

4. 6. 8.

Find The Differences!

Connect the dots

1. These hatch out of real

Downeggs. 2. You may an These hatch outgoofonreal egg ... eggs.3. Easter Cheerful, yellow spring You may go on an flower. Easter egg ... visit you this 4. Will he Cheerful, yellow spring year? 5. We give chocolate ones flower. Easter. Will heatvisit you this 7. Show off your Easter year? bonnet at one!ones 5. We give chocolate Copyright Š - Keeping Kids Busy at Easter. 7. Show off your Easter bonnet at one!

Copyright Š - Keeping Kids Busy


Across made out of this treat! 4. Collect your eggs in this.1. Easter eggs are often 6. of Thethis season in which made out treat! Easter is celebrated. Collect your in 2. 8. Youeggs mayinwear The seasonthe in Easter whichparade. Easter is celebrated. 3. You may wear one in the Easter parade. 4.




Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012


THINK ABOUT IT EASTER Easter is about Good Friday, Holy Saturday and the so-called Easter Sunday. We won’t go into the Easter business, which at one level is about Easter bunny and Easter eggs and all that commercial jazz. Easter starts with Holy Thursday. This is when Jesus had the Last Supper with his disciples. There he told Peter that before the cock crowed that night Peter would thrice deny Him. Jesus also told his disciples “The Son of man goeth as it is written of Him; but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It had been better for that man if he had not been born.” “… Judas one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near unto Jesus to kiss him. But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?” Among Christians, Easter is critical. It represents the fulfillment of prophecies that our Messiah/Savior will come into this world and that he will be put to death and that he will rise from the dead on return to His father in heaven to prepare a way for his followers. It is one mystery that has not been solved. It is whether death is the final end of an individual or whether there is life after death. Jesus’s death and resurrection provides the answer in the eyes of Christians. In Belize before Independence of 1981, the period leading up to Easter known as 40 days of Lent was taken much more seriously than today. Many Christians made a special effort to make sacrifices as a way of remembering how Jesus went without food for forty days and forty nights and during that period of weakness still had to fight off the temptations of the devil. Large amounts of Christians back then in Belize would give up dancing or attending the movies or drinking or smoking or womanizing and other temptations of the devil. On Good Friday, no matter how hot the day no one went to the rivers or the sea to bathe or cool off as an act of sacrifice and many would attend church services which were held in the afternoon and focus specifically on the torture, pain and suffering that Jesus endure leading up to his crucifixion on the cross. On Holy Saturday, the Annual Cross Country Cycle Race was a huge event. In Belize City it represented the end of the fasting and huge crowds went out at six o’clock in the morning to see the start of the race. On Easter Sunday all the churches were filled and who can forget the loud and joyous singing to celebrate the greatest event of all – the resurrection of Jesus and the life to come. Who can forget such hymns as: “Christ The Lord Is Risen Today”, “Thine Be The Glory”, “Ride On, Ride On In Majesty”? The hymn for Good Friday church services, at least at Wesley Church and St. John’s Cathedral was “There Is a Green Hill Far Away”. Before Independence, Belize City had no television, no cable TV but there were the movies. The movie houses in Belize City were Majestic, Palace, Eden and Bel-Rio. Of these by far the most popular and the roots movie house was Palace on Albert Street right alongside Blue Bird’s, a store now

named “Mikado”. The movie houses were a special experience. The downstairs floor was called main floor. The seats were wooden seats and there were a couple rows in front of the screen which were called bench. These were wooden benches with no back rest and who was bad lucked to end up on the benches sat in the most uncomfortable positions looking almost straight up at the screen where the horses and people looked elongated and out of shape. There was an upstairs which was called balcony which consisted of reserve seats and extra reserve seats. Reserve were cushions and comfortable. Extra reserve was wooden with a cloth over the seat and the backrest. All classes and categories of Belizeans went to the movie houses. The so-called well-to-do, of course, went to the reserve seats. The middle class would go to the extra reserve. Everybody else paid fifty cents and sat in the long rows in main floor. From there you could smell the stench of urine from the toilet. We all laughed together, were frightened together, were ecstatic together and we were one people during the course of a movie. When Easter came around religious movies were popular with everyone. Ben Hur, King of Kings, Prince of Peace, Barabas, The Big Fisherman, The Robe, Demetrius and the Gladiators, The Ten Commandments and Quo Vadis. Let us take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, peaceful and enjoyable Easter weekend. Let us also wish that more Belizeans will attend church and try their best to live a more Christian life with each other. MARK AND CORDEL It’s official. The speculations can now recede. The UDP government announced it following Tuesday’s Cabinet Meeting. Mark Espat is Ambassador for Economic Affairs and Cordel Hyde is Consul-General for New York. This is a coup for the Prime Minister. But it may be pyric. It may be bad news for the UDP. And a lot of long serving UDPs are unhappy for the pass over in the handing out of political goodies. Herman Longsworth and Mark King may wish to revise their political position. There is always the possibility that Mark and Cordel can be resurrected in the Albert and Lake I constituencies as UDP standard bearers. Gaspar Vega and Patrick Faber may also wish to review their future leadership plans. Mark and Cordel are not rank and file members. The UDP are marked for political defeat. Their leader is aging, fading, and on his way out. The cabinet has no talent. The past four years of UDP government is outstanding for having achieved nothing and the manifesting a distinct lack of vision. ARTIST OR CON ARTIST? Channel 7 is doing a disservice to Jamal Barrow a.k.a. “Shyne”, a.k.a “Moses Levi”. Shyne is coming across as a weird person, as someone slightly removed from the ground, from reality. Shyne has an image problem in the eyes of us Belizeans. He is probably the first black man to come out of American prison converted not to the

religion of Islam but to Judaism. His hairstyle and clothes noh di gel. Shyne was an awesome talent. He had a great future in the rap music industry in the USA. His ten years imprisonment has broken him. Broken his voice, body and mind. He is a shell of the Shyne that shone so brightly prior to incarceration. During the Channel 7 interview, the screen was repeatedly blank and the words in quotation “grant me a visa” repeatedly shown. This was insulting and it was trivializing what Shyne was passionately trying to explain. Without being able to enter the United States and get back on track in the music industry there the road ahead is almost impossible for him. That Shyne has done nothing for music in Belize. That he has not bonded with our local artists and that he is seen to be dressing as a Jew and promoting Israel does not help his image with Belizeans. NO BUDGET The financial year for our nation ended on the 31st March and the new financial year started on the 1st April. What an All Fool’s Day. The country has no budget. For the next four months the country will have no budget. It is an incredible act of arrogance. NO OMBUDSMAN When the UDP was government 1993 – 1998 they refused to appoint an Ombudsman. The PUP appointed Paul Rodriguez as the nation’s first Ombudsman. Mr. Rodriguez is a devout Roman Catholic.

25 An avid reader. An outstanding citizen. A committed family man. A founding member of the UDP. A popular former UDP Mayor of Belize City and a genuine human being. The Ombudsman post comes under the National Assembly and the person is appointed by the House of Representatives and Senate. On becoming government in 2008 the UDP pushed Mr. Rodriguez out of his position. While they were in opposition the UDPs have conducted relentless and slimy personal attacks against Mr. Rodriguez which extended to his family. Mr. Rodriguez never once condescended to the hate and small mindedness nor did he go down to the gutter with Mr. Barrow’s attack dogs. For some months no Ombudsman has been appointed by the new UDP government. Their appointed person is gone. That person did not perform. We know of no report submitted annually to the National Assembly as required by law. We know of no successful investigation into the hundreds of complaints against abusive police officers and government ministers who freely deprived Belizeans of land, jobs and scholarships during their long reign of victimization. Police, certain public officers and ministerial abuses continues unabated. The UDP government is searching for a do nothing, uncommitted person to fill the post of Ombudsman. THE DEATH OF JESUS “And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, Father, into thy hand I commend my spirit: and having said this he gave up His spirit.”



Crooked Tree village residents demand protection Continued from page 2

lagers of Crooked Tree. Last week, we received some troublesome news report about a major home invasion and robbery with weapons in Crooked Tree, which have left the villagers with major concerns for

Former OW Town Administrator turns whistle-blower Continued from page 2 transactions with him to visit the office and assure that that their receipts were posted into the system used to maintain the registers for Property Tax, Liquor License, Trade License and sundry receivables. There after the Council opened a file for all bogus receipts given by Mr. Carl Westby. To date, this sums a total of 16,802.76 for which a summary is attached for reference. In my opinion, this figure can increase significantly if a detailed internal audit is conducted. Process will be lengthy since the public will need to participate. Controls instituted in the accounting system of the council allowed for the identification of such discrepancies. Other discrepancies found in the processes were the signing of Trade License Certificates by Mr. Benjamin Carrillo, who according to him was appointed as the Assistant Administrator. I made it abundantly clear to him that Trade License Certificates are to be signed only by the Town Administrator of the Mayor, yet occurrences exist where Certificates were issued with no proof of payment processed within the accounting system and signed by himself. Evidence exists in the access file used to maintain the Property Tax Register where the data in the database was tampered with. For example, inconsistencies with the carried forward and brought forward of balances. This was done by accessing the table that feeds the database and physically editing the carried forward balance. I Mr. Andre Moguel, Town Administrator for period May 3, 2009 to March 6, 2012 hereby demand to be relieved from any responsibility in relation to the reporting of this matter to the relevant authorities. I made a presentation of my findings and was directed not to disclose any of this information. The Mayor, Phillip de la Fente, took the responsibility to continue with the investigation and to report to the relevant authorities. I make it clear that at no time did I participate directly or indirectly in any such malpractice and will not hold myself accountable as an accomplice of such action. To date no action has been taken against Mr. Carl Westby or Benjamin Carrillo Respecftully, Andre Moguel

their safety and well being. Also, over the past six weeks there have been five additional home invasions and robberies. With this increase in serious crimes in Crooked Tree, the villagers are left with an out of control situation and a feeling of nowhere to turn. The lack of police presence has created a pathway for criminals to rain terror over the Village and get away with their horrific activities putting the life of the villagers in serious jeopardy. Mr. Prime Minister, this is unacceptable. Mr. Prime Minister, the only way to bring calm to the villagers and protect their safety will be to reinstate a permanent police officer immediately and begin to build

a new police station. In addition, Crooked Tree Village is known for its attractive Wild Life Sanctuary, which is also heavily promoted World Wide by the Belize Tourist Board. As a result, a large number of tourists visit the village annually. Any harm to any tourist can have a serious impact on the tourism industry and will drastically reduce tourism in Belize and in our village. Mr. Prime Minister, the absence of law enforcement in Crooked Tree Village is having serious adverse effects on the residents of this beautiful Village. We trust that you will consider this serious situation and react immediately on behalf of the people of Crooked Tree Village.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thank you in advance for a favorable action. We pray blessings to your family and your Administration. Respectfully Submitted by, Linda Crawford Elul Editor/Publisher Nadine Gillett Herrera President, Crooked Tree Village Reunion and the Reunion Committee Editor’s note: To support the letter, residents and friends of Crooked Tree are asked to add their names and addresses to an online petition that has been started on the blog site The petition will be delivered to the Prime Minister’s office in Belmopan.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Minister John John rumbles for garnaches

Minister John John City of Belmopan, Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 The newly-fingered Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, seems to really like his edibles, especially garnaches. It appears Minister John John is such a fan of the mestizo dish he nearly snatched a woman’s head off when she claimed he had taken, of all things, her garnaches at a small snack shop. Sounds like the kind of thing John John would do, right? Well, he hasn’t denied the report, even after the woman called into radio stations to tell her side of the story. She explained that on Thursday March 29th, she was at a snack shop in Belmopan waiting for her order of garnaches when a mob of UDP-loudmouths arrived.

Out of the mob surfaced the extra larger than life Minister who bounced right up to the snack shop. He also ordered garnaches. When one of the orders was ready, John John possibly thought he deserved special treatment over measly peasants and he went after the garnaches. Just then the woman realized it was her order that the pesky Minister was about to snatch and she chastised him to wait his turn. But his ‘crew’, emboldened by nothing more than drunken, stupid UDP bravado, decided that this woman needed to be put in check post-haste. And they did just that, engaging in a nasty verbal (and likely expletive-filled) back-and-forth with the woman that ended when the woman angrily left the area (you bet, with her garnaches). To exact their fury, one of John John’s hired bull dogs even stoned the woman. After being exposed via a filed police report by the woman, John John tried to water down the matter by telling a news station, “It is a simple misunderstanding being blown out of proportion”. Someone should advise John John that of all the UDPs, he’s the last who should use the phrase “blown out of proportion” in a sentence.


Stats that don’t lie - Check this out. In the last four years of the UDP, the Amandala has published no less than 34 editorials against the PUP, and none against the UDP. - Since the start of the UDP’s second term of office, only four weeks ago, the Amandala has already published THREE editorials against the PUP and still none against Barrow. - No less than a week after the elections, the Amandala publisher’s son-in-law got a high-paying job from Barrow, a vehicle and may have even gotten a salary advance, while his son was tabbed for a diplomatic posting. Sounds like quid pro quo. - The Amandala is aware of a compromise between the UDP camp and their nemesis, Lord Ashcroft. This compromise is with the UDP representatives in Mesopotamia and Port Loyola and includes certain PUP financiers that favor the UDP candidates over their own because of their loyalty over the past 30 years. - The Amandala knows that the UDP practices the politics of political enslavement on the South Side as expressed by his editorial titled “FIGBY” back in ‘97. They know that this enslavement is now in the form of the food pantry program and cash-transfer which is so pro-poor it actually keeps people poor instead of helping them find a way out of poverty. - Since 94, the publisher of the Amandala has allowed his personal difference between him and two persons in the PUP to overshadow the real story of the Southside. That is the kind of political manipulation carried out on them by UDP masters while poverty, crime and black youths shooting up each other in the city has become endemic. That’s the stats of the south side and stats don’t lie.



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Belize Times April 8, 2012  
Belize Times April 8, 2012  

Belize Times April 8, 2012