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Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Murder Nation


Tonight’s radio and television evening newscasts were dominated by stories of murder, murder, murder, and other crime and violence. Although Belizeans have become accustomed to hearing about shootings, stabbings and vicious attacks in the City, tonight the news broadcasts will go down in history as one of the most violent. In the north in Carmelita, Orange Walk police are still trying to piece together why three family members on a farm just outside this small and usually quiet village were murdered. The family were the caretakers and lived on a family farm just outside of Orange Walk Town and when police arrived, they

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encountered the first victim, Carmita Rivas, in the kitchen after which they found the bodies of Rivas' son, fourteen year old Carlos Wagner and the farm’s co-caretaker Pantaleon Navarro, in a corn field owned by Hilton Codd Jr. All had been shot. As the nation tried to recover from the shock of what took place in Carmelita, the news broke of yet another murder, this time out west in Ontario Village, Cayo. A young man who reportedly went to a home to try, on behalf of some friends, to establish peace between the two groups ended up being shot and killed around 11:00 on Tuesday night during a birthday party.

Frustration Grows Over Missing Children & Spawns Arson

Benjamin Rash

Onelia Rash

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Jesse Jones, 22 was, trying to get the two groups to relinquish their troubled past when someone from inside the house he was visiting shot him dead. This created a night of total chaos when Jones' friends became irate at what had happened and armed themselves with machetes and sticks and rained on the occupants of the house, setting two buildings on fire. It is an incident that, like in the other districts, has left police in Belmopan trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together. In Belize City a police officer on mobile patrol was shot when they approached two men on a bicycle, one of whom who opened fire on the officers.

The police officer is listed as in a critical but stable condition after undergoing surgery to remove a slug from his chest cavity. This latest killing season started last Tuesday night with the brutal street slaying of 17 year old Jodrick Thompson on the mean streets of Belize City. On Thursday night a couple’s volatile relationship crashed to an end all their mutual relatives had too long anticipated when she stabbed him to death. Two days later educator Carlos Espat was found bludgeoned to death on Saturday morning in his apartment. Just two days later a senior citizen (Continued on pg. 3)

Last week after allegations of negligence had been made against the Northern Regional Hospital (NRH) regarding the death of yet another baby the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, gave an interview to CTV3 of Orange Walk. During this interview the CTV3 reporter asked the Minister about the many concerns that were recently expressed publicly about the services given at the NRH. To this the Minister of Health responded “I know but let me tell you something I don’t know if he is taping I do not care. The biggest problem I have in Orange Walk is that I have doctors that are working privately

and are working in our hospital….” When the reporter further probed and asked the Minister how he would deal with the problem of the doctors he replied “well I am dealing with that right now I am already sending applications for help in Mexico, Taiwan and El Salvador to bring in doctors because I am fed up of this thing.” The Belize Times went out to investigate the matter in Orange Walk Town and met with some of the doctors that work at the NRH to get their response to the Minister’s comments on CTV3. The responses given by the (Continued on pg. 3)


Former PUP Secretary General Carlos Espat Found Dead

T h e m em b er s a n d supporters of the Peoples U n i t e d Pa r t y, a s w e l l as many past students and friends expressed shock and grief when it was learned that Carlos Espat, 47, was discovered dead inside his apartment atop the third floor of his Albert Street Residence in Belize City. T he educator and former Secretary General of the PUP was found by brothers, Alber t Area Representative and De p uty Pa r ty Lea der, Hon. Mark Espat his other brother, Philip. A post mortem examination on Monday confir med that Espat (Continued on pg. 3)

Party Leader John Briceño with Queen of the Bay Audralee Enriquez

Happy St. George's Caye Day


The Belize Times

September Celebrations 2010 -- A Time of Hope and Uncertainty

Many years ag o Calypsonian Lord Laro captured the mood of Belizeans in the month of September in song when he said the 10th of September is “Belizean Bacchanal.” He wrote a special song about September Celebrations in Belize. T his song was bor n out of a PUP road march back in the late 70s when Lord Laro was playing through one of those famous Belizean rain stor ms we call a squall. As the rains pelted the instr uments the band leader took the decision to cut the power on the electronic instr uments, leaving only the dr ums and some light percussion, but Lord Laro refused to stop singing and kept shouting to the crowd: “rain can’t stop the reg g ae jam.” As the crowd repeated this antiphon, the dr ummer picked up a beat and soon throngs of Belizean revellers were dancing in the pouring rain and shouting “rain can’t stop this reg g ae jam.” It was in this moment as Belizeans danced through the rain in celebration that Laro found the inspiration for his famous, “rain can’t stop the reg g ae jam,” a song that Belizeans young and old love and enjoy, especially during the September Celebrations. Yes, the 10th of September was our National Day and a time when we danced in the streets, when Belizean came out to celebrate. Before our Independence the 10th of September was also a time when political par ties showed their muscle and spectators enjoyed the pleasure and excitement of two parades, with the discussions that followed focusing on which of the two political par ties drew the larg er crowd. For the UDP parade the anticipation was always near the end of the march. After the Queen of the Bay float and the other floats in the parade came Lord Rhabur n on the back of a f latbed tr uck along with Calypso Rose doing her famous remake of the 10th Day of September song. Even today Belizeans continue to dance in the streets behind the band on the f latbed tr uck on September 10th, jamming to Calypso Rose’s remake of the 10th Day of September. For the PUP, the for mal parade was always led by Mr. Price with his beloved Marshalls sur rounding him; the Marshalls who were famous for dressing up in their blue and white with creative designs marched proudly with our Leader, Lindy Rog ers, Ray Lightbur n, and other Belize City politicians at the front of the parade. In back the revellers danced behind the big bands, the big gest crowds always dancing behind whichever guest ar tist and band was playing. The 10th was a day when we had two parades and the challenge for the Police and the traffic officers was always to ensure that the two would never meet. T his was repeated all across Belize until September 1981, our Independence, when it was finally ag reed that there should be one parade on September 10th and one celebration of our National Day. Independence was indeed the catalyst that united the nation and chang ed the way we celebrate the 10th. Back when this event occur red it was a time of hope and of uncer tainty - hope that Belize would attain its independence, uncer tainty about whether the British would finally relinquish possession. For those of us in the PUP, the tr ue birth of our nation was a dream that star ted in 1950 and one whose time had come. Today as Belizeans begin the celebrations we find ourselves in a similar position, one of uncer tainty and of hope. T here is uncer tainty about the future of our countr y, which is shackled by a crime e pidemic which seems unsolvable; uncer tainty in an economy in disar ray and a g over nment that seems unable to solve the challeng es of the day. T he hope comes in a People’s United Par ty that is poised to once ag ain rise and offer the nation a real alter native…a PUP under the leadership of John Briceño sharing a vision of a nation where ever y Belizean can live and work free from fear and where oppor tunity abounds. Happy 10th of September to all Belizeans ever ywhere!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a BIG Mistake! Se ptember 7, 2010 Dear Editor, It may seem futile to write about the most impor tant issue facing our nation today. Ever yday I listen to callers on the radio and people on the streets about how Belizeans are loosing faith and how they feel a sense of hopelessness on the crime situation in our countr y. It is painful to look at our evening news because we know that some murder or the other will be re por ted. Ver y rarely we have our news re por t on positive issues as it is so crowded with the murders, cour t news and other crime news. Seems as though there is no light at the end of this ver y dark tunnel we now live in. T he Gover nment seems so impotent on this issue and has tr ied a ll kin ds o f tr icks in th e tr a de in a ttemp t to a ddr ess it. From Operation Jaguar to Restore Belize to all kinds of reallocation of their human resources….nothing has worked. W hat has become evident is that the Gover nment of Belize has ran out of options and Belizeans will have to star t fending for themselves or star t taking justice into their own hands. As a matter of course, many would tell you they believe this has already star ted. It is time that Belizeans realize what a big mistake we did when we voted for a bunch of incompetents to g over n us. They are not capable of g over ning; these UDP’s have no clue of how to deal with any issue much less will they be able to deal with such a hug e challeng e before us. Sincerely, Julie Rancharan

Questions to Ministers

1 2 3

1. Will the Minister of Works tell Belizeans what is his Ministry doing to address the terrible conditions of the roads? 2. Will the Prime Minister tell us when will he respond to the latest Central Statistical Offices (CSO) report which only confirms what we experience everyday…that the prices of goods and services are skyrocketing? 3. Will the Minster of Natural Resources tell us how much did the UDP pay for the land recently acquired by his Party on Youth for the Future Drive?


Lucilo E. Alcoser


Lucilo E. Alcoser



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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Murder Nation (Continued from pg. 1)

The Belize Times


violent weeks in the annals of Belize’s history but the bad news is that there is no end in sight. There has been no indication from the Government of Belize or the Barrow administration that anything more or much will be done to bring an end to this living nightmare. In a week when Belizeans would prefer to hear news of queens and carnival, the merriment that normally

comes with the September celebrations is being dampened by the nonstop violence that has now gripped the nation. One is left wonder what the rest of September will bring since the festivities have not quite gotten under way. Will there be another grenade attack this year? Or will the violent elements of our country dampen our spirits during this celebratory time.

Former PUP Secretary General Carlos Espat Found Dead

who possessed "excellent relations with his peers and other teachers". Fo l l o w i n g a f u n e r a l s e r v i c e o n Tu e s d ay a f t e r n o o n a t t h e H o l y Redeemer Cathedral, the late Carlos Espat was interred at the Homeland Memorial Cemetery.

Frustration Grows Over Missing Children & Spawns Arson

Mr. Elston Peters, 74, succumbed to the massive injury of a single shot to the back of his head he had received the evening before less than 100 feet from where Jordick Thompson had suffered the same fate. The bottom line is that seven lives

(Continued from pg. 1) was murdered because he died from broncho aspiration caused by trauma to the chest and head. Espat's was knocked unconscious, causing fluid

After more than two weeks of searching and no clues as to the whereabouts of two missing siblings, Benjamin Rash, 11, and Oneila, 9, frustration escalated into chaos over the past weekend when an ang r y armed mob of Maya from San Marcos, the village where the children lived, stormed onto a private property and destroyed two homes by fire, killed the crocodiles in a sanctuary and damaged a vehicle. The villagers had reputedly received information from a “psychic” that the children were either being held captive at the house or were used as

lost to violence in seven days. You can add two suicides and an unidentified man who apparently drowned while trying to cross the Mopan River to the body count. There are also two children still missing since they were last seen on August 30th, and several shootings and armed robberies to add to the roll of incidents of violence. This has been one of the most

from his stomach to enter his lungs, choking him to death. While police have upgraded the circumstances of the death to murder, they are still clueless in putting their hands on

food for the crocodiles there. The houses and sanctuary which they destroyed belonged to Vince and Cherie Chenot-Rose, who owned and operated American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES), on the outskirts of Punta Gorda Town. Rose says that because the villagers opted to listen to superstition, his investment of about $1 million went up in smoke. Now he has vowed that he will sue whomever he deems is responsible for the loss. Police have since arrested and charged Delfina Alvarez, 42, with

pretending to be a fortune teller. She pleaded not guilty and is out on bail of $1, 500. No one has been charged, however, for torching the Rose's property. Police had initially detained about 100 of the villagers following the fire, but nothing has resulted from that investigation thus far. The children left home early on Monday, August 30 and caught a bus enroute to Hopeville, where their uncle, Domingo Rash, met them. He said that they all boarded the Cox Bus from San Antonio together and went together to as far as Cattle Landing Village

where they all got off. Domingo said he watched as they continued on to sell the limes and craboo that they had with them. Later that morning Domingo Rash said he saw his niece and nephew again - Benjamin leading the way, he said. That was the last time he saw them. Pressured by the villagers to do something and not wait by for a report of the children's sightings, Punta Gorda police organised an extensive search over the weekend, but to no avail. They have also put the particulars of the children over the internet, sent it off to Interpol, and to the different formations across the country.

was pointed out that this had brought about the increase in neonatal mortality (deaths of newborns) and of lately the mishandling of the dengue outbreak. After the medical professionals explained to us the challenges they face on a daily basis at the NRH, which they claimed is severely under resourced, they chose to comment on the attack on them by the Minister of Health. A couple of the professionals have informed us that they will be taking the issue to the Belize Medical and Dental Association (BMDA) and the Belize Medical Union (BMU) for further discussion and further action. These professionals expressed their disgust with the threat thrown out by the Minister and were deeply offended by his remarks. One of the older doctors

said that perhaps it was time to propose to the BMDA to name the Minister of Health , Pablo Marin, a persona non grata to the profession as was proposed once of a past Minister. The Minister has offended the health professionals to the extent that they are firm in their decision to get the support of their colleagues both in the private and public sector to name the Minister as acting against the Medical Profession. To the doctors in the North, the Minister of Health and the Ministry in general has always chosen to blame the doctors for whatever happens at the hospitals. They reminded us of the recent problem at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where the doctors were blamed and victimized for the inefficiencies and bad services of that entity. They concluded by saying that bringing medical professionals

from any other countr y will not solve the systemic deficiencies of the public health system. These systemic problems, they claim, would have to be addressed in order for the public and private health sector to develop meeting the needs of the Belizean population. It is now left to be seen what will be done by the BMDA and the BMU when the Belizean doctors are replaced by the ones brought in from Mexico, El Salvador and or Taiwan as expressed by the Minister of Health. To the Minister, replacing these insensitive money making Belizean doctors, as he regards these honourable professionals, is the easiest thing to do! This will make for an interesting story when we hear from the professional associations representing this profession that in every country governments recognize is a force to reckon with.


various doctors interviewed varied as some were completely taken aback by the Minister’s bold comments, others were just plain sarcastic about the entire issue. Most of the health professionals however, agreed that the NRH lacks management and that the services at the NRH, as in most hospitals around the country, are deficient due to the lack of resources in general and more specifically lacking of human resources. This, they concluded, was a matter that was constantly brought to the attention of the Ministry of Health but had for years continue to fall on deaf ears. They also brought to the fore the problem of absence of direction and leadership in the Ministry of Health. It

any tangible motive of the homicide. Although he had given up teaching in the classroom, Espat remained a mentor to many students and is remembered as a leader


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In these tough times our hope wavers, our deter mination thereon. falters and our fears grow. Yet we cannot allow our strength to fade or despair to replace our optimism, for the idea that brought our day nation is one 2010. that is built on faith in God, DATEDforth this 30th of August, the deter mination prevail even 2010. against the worst odds and the DATED this 30thtoday of August, fortitude of a people who believe in the promise of prosperity. Our courage comes from the knowledge that together we will MUSA BALDERAMOS right the ship, overcome the & odds and move forward. MUSA & BALDERAMOS And so, as we celebrate theFront 212thStreet Anniversar y of the Battle 91 North 91 North Front Street of St. George’s CayeBelize on Friday City and enjoy the Carnival on Saturday, let us be proudBelize of who Citywe are as Attorney-at-Law forBelizeans. 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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh no they didn’t! This is it…the last straw. The camel’s back done broke into pieces. There’s no way in hell I’m gonna sit back and take this last malicious attack from the UDP idiots over at the Guardian.

It’s gone too far and this time they crossed the line. When they called me a fat drunk I took it with a smile. When they called me a useless, worthless, ignorant, dimwitted, stupid, misguided, disrespectful fool I took that too, with a smile most of the time. When they said I wasn’t fit to shine Dean Barrow’s shoes and should be publicly flogged for daring to question his divinity it hurt but I took it without a whimper. But damn it this is just too much. In last week’s issue of the Guardian those dratted UDPs dug deep into their barrel of malicious insults and demeaning slurs and hammered me. They now claim that I’m BALDING. Can you imagine that? No man should have to take that kind of attack… LMAO! But seriously guys, this is just too funny. I’m scared to look at the paper this week…you guys might raise the pressure up a notch and claim that I’m balding and going grey…hahahaha! Thanks for the love guys and gays at the Guardian. You make me smile :)... If Da Noh Soh! Persona non grata… According to a source from Orange Walk, when Minister of Health Pablo Marin was informed that doctors plan to convene a special session of the Belize Medical and Dental Association to declare him persona non grata, he sighed humbly and said – another

The Belize Times

‘award’ all over Corozal and that’s when somebody took him to one side and gently explained what persona non grata means. What happened is that last week the idiot minister went on a local television station and stated that he is tired of doctors in Orange Walk and has already sent for new doctors in Mexico, Taiwan and El Salvador to replace them. Ouch! But hey, the idiot’s only taking a page from the book written by his boss the dictator – when things go wrong blame everybody else. It doesn’t matter that there are not even basic medicines in the Corozal Hospital or Northern Regional Hospital – blame the doctors. It’s an insult stupid, not an award… If Da Noh Soh! To Chetumal with love… Maybe Pablo should stop hassling doctors in Orange Walk and should check in with his nephew Nelson at the Corozal Hospital. Oh wait, can’t check in with Nelson there cause he lives over in Chetumal with one of his buddies :) Yup that’s right… Pablo made his nephew the Chief

of Staff at the Corozal Hospital, bypassing doctors with decades of experience, when the boy hadn’t even finished his studies and didn’t even have a license to practice. But yeah Naco, why don’t you blame the doctors for your nephew living in Chetumal with his special friend when he should be dealing with the affairs at the Corozal Hospital, like making sure basic medicines are available to Belizeans. Hell, he’s blaming the doctors in OW because he put his cousin in charge there because she had a hospitality management (not hospital management) degree so why are we surprised. If Da Noh Soh!

FOR SALE By Order of the Mortgagee

Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Chronic stupidity… Justoffice the at other day Pablo Edition, 2000, and having its registered Cor. Albert got pissed off when a bunch and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of of people approached him at the its intention to exercise its power of saleinasCorozal. Mortgagee beach See,under Pablo was a Deed of Assignment and Transfer of Mortgage made the busy painting white lime on all coconut trees Book to keep 15th day of December, 2006, recorded in Deeds Vol.away 46 the ants and one onlooker innocently of 2006 at Folios 327 – 354, between Development Finance mentioned that he should be Corporation (the Assignor) and painting Scotiabank Ltd., white(Belize) lime on the bed feet at the Northern Regional Hospital. which said property was mortgaged by Luz Carmen Vaccaro hit the roof the guy had award? That’s a true story! Finance LOL! Naco to the said Development Corporation on but the 18th Hear the stupid fellow started a point. Just the other day reports day of September, recordedcame in Deeds Book Vol.who 34 was of being out that a man boasting about this2006, prestigious 2006 at Folios 25 – 68; and the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first


he has been ushered gently into that goodnight by the Prime Minister with little ado…trust me when I say you won’t be seeing much of him after this…If Da Noh Soh!

treated at the hospital was being swarmed by ants…true story… If Da Noh Soh! Where’s Crispin… You know…after all the predictions in this column that have come true we should think about changing the name from If Da Noh Soh to Dah Soh Fi Sure. For months and months we’ve been telling you that the appointment of Crispin Jeffries on a contract basis was a play to set the stage for the appointment of a former UDP Minister’s son as Commissioner of Police. Then we watched as Aragon Jr. was rescued

from obscurity and pampered and powdered through the ranks until he is now the man in charge of the Eastern Division and an Assistant Commissioner….quite a meteoric rise for a man who has the political connections but not enough training or experience in the field. This week’s press conference led by Aragon Jr. was his debut into the mainstream media after an aborted attempt to make him shine with Operation Jaguar. As for Crispin…well it seems

An obscure CitCo notice… Hell, I’m convinced that this UDP crew is trying to kill poor Belizeans instead of help them… Lawd have mercy! An obscure little notice was at the back of the UDP guardian informs vendors at the temporary Pound Yard Market of the conditions they must meet before they can relocate to and acquire a stall at the new Michael Finnegan Market. First of all, vendors must pay up all outstanding amounts by the beginning of next week and provide receipts to prove that they have paid. Then they have to apply for a

trade license from CitCo. Then they have to take care of the installation of their own electricity and water. Then they have to pay CitCo for the disposal of garbage. Then they have to pay first and last month’s rent and in just a little note way at the end, they are informed that the rent has been ‘reassessed’ – translated to common language that means increased! Boss these are human beings we are dealing with, not animals. How in hell does the UDP expect poor vendors who even now cannot make ends meet to pay so much money just to move back into a market from which they were moved? Lawd, I know the Council bruk, but maybe they can go dig in the Mayor’s accounts and see what they can get back instead of punishing poor people. You can take this to the bank – when this thing becomes common knowledge, CitCo is gonna have a riot on their hands. People just can’t take any more of this…If Da Noh Soh!

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the company named

“CHURCHSTONE INTERNATIONAL LTD.” has been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the 27th day of August, 2010.

The Belize Bank Limited


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Man clings to life after being shot by pawn shop security guard

A single shot rang out at about 8:40am on Monday morning at the business establishment called Fair Brothers Pawn Shop at the corner of Central American Boulevard and its busy intersection with Mahogany Street. Police say that when they went to the KHMH a few minutes later they

found Edwin Henry, a woodcarver from Caye Caulker Village, suffering from a single gunshot wound to the left side of the face. Their initial investigation revealed that at 8:30am, Henry was at the Pawn Shop awaiting an interview with the manager of the pawn shop Gilroy Hemmans, when he got into a

misunderstanding with Steve Logan, the business’s armed security guard. The dispute was settled when Logan allegedly drew his company issued licensed 9mm Luger pistol S and fired a single shot which hit Edwin Henry in the face. Henry is in a critical condition at KHMH, and, according to his family, is

on life support as he cannot breathe on his own. There was a preliminary report that Logan thought Henry had a knife in his pants waist but his family denies that he was armed. Police have since detained Steve Logan, 26, Guard pending charges.

A little after 7:00pm on lat night, Police say they acted on Information received of a robbery in progress and visited Safe Way Drugs Store located at the corner Ebony Street and Central American Boulevard where Daniuska Larios, sales clerk reported that about ten minutes earlier, whilst she, and

fellow employees, pharmacists Leon Banks and Shadyah EL-Amin, were attending to customers, two men one of fair complexion, dressed in black T-Shirt and jeans and with his face partially obscured by a black rag, and armed with a silver hand gun, while the other of dark complexion, dressed in a white T-Shirt, and

dark three quarter pants, wearing a ski mask over his face, entered the business place and ordered everyone to lay on the floor including the two unarmed security guards on duty. The man without the firearm then proceeded to the cash register and took an undisclosed amount of cash. Two customers in the

drugstore at the time were also searched and relieved of their personal documents. Both assailants then fled the scene reportedly on a bicycle they had wrested away from a young female customer. The police were called immediately and a mobile patrol that was in the area responded.

Safeway Drugstore robbed by armed men

Man shot, two houses burned, two sought by police

Josimar Chavarria Last night around 11:10pm Belmopan police responded to a report in Ontario Village based on information received of a shooting incident. Upon arrival officers found Jesse John Jones, 22,a resident of the village with gun shots wound to his abdomen and his right hand. He was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan, where he succumbed to his injuries. Police say that their investigations have revealed that Jesse John Jones had had a previous misunderstanding with another man in the village earlier that evening, and had gone to Leroy Richard’s residence to make peace with an individual that was a guest there, but was shot in the process. He was accompanied by Kioainny Gillet, another resident of Ontario. of the said village. After the shooting incident all occupants of the residence of Leroy Richards left the residence. After Jessy John Jones

Leroy Richards was pronounced dead Belmopan Police received information of two house fires within Ontario Village, one being the residence of Leroy Richards where the incident had previously occurred being a cement structure Zinc roofing measuring 18x20 ft. The other being the residence of Jessimar Chaverria. Both buildings were completely destroyed by fire. At 5:10am Belmopan police intercepted Lionel Sampson, 24yrs, of # 137 Pelican Street, Belize City, Cecil Sadikee Castillo, 25yrs, of # 73 Iguana Street and Kimberly Ohson, 27yrs, of # 44 Dolphin Street, Belize City on a commercial bus in Camalote Village heading towards Belmopan. One .25 Black Beretta pistol along with 4 rounds of ammunition and one expended shell was retrieved from Kimberly Ohson at the Belmopan Police Station. Police are seeking Leroy Richards and Jessimar Chaverria in connection with this incident.

Notice to all Chairpersons of the People’s United Party

Notice to all Members of the People’s United Party

The National Party Council of the People’s United Party has called for a Special Convention on 17th October 2010 in the Stann Creek District. All Chairpersons of the 31 PUP Constituencies must send in the names of their caucus delegates and convention delegates to the Party Chairman in care of the PUP Secretariat by 14th September 2010

The National Party Council of the People’s United Party has called for a Special Convention on 17th October 2010 in the Stann Creek District. Any member of the PUP who is in good standing can enter their name into nomination for a position on the executive of the Party. Those seeking nomination should send their names to the Party Chairman in care of the PUP Secretariat by 13th September 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Belize Times

UDP Politics as usual

Hot zones… I can’t be the only one who feels a little duped by the Police Department at their latest press conference. I mean wow, the Police have finally identified the hot zone, a so-called triangle from which most of the ‘lead’ is originating. Seriously, they only had to ask just about anybody on the street and they would have known. This is no news to anybody and the fact that it is only now that the Police Department has identified one of the trouble areas in the city is certainly no reason for the community to feel a renewed surge of confidence. Hey, we know that the job isn’t easy, but you guys need to stop taking us all for fools. I think I speak for most Belizeans when I say that we’d prefer that you guys get out there and get the work done rather than throwing out a little glamour shot/photo op press conference anytime the natives are getting restless, so to speak. Hell, do you need to know the location of all the houses where dope is sold? You need the names of the major players in the drug trade? Just stop somebody on the street and ask. We could tell you that too. There’s this little thing called intelligence which should be a major part of the work of any Police Department…I’ve got to say we haven’t seen too much evidence of it here.

Political policing… Apparently Mr. Barrow is a little thickheaded when it comes to understanding that politics and policing just do not mix. One would have thought that after the prolonged disaster with Carlos Perdomo he would have learned. Because of politics he left Perdomo in charge far longer than he should have and Belizeans are now paying the price for that decision. Then there was the man whose only claim to fame was dancing in Carnival Doug Singh, another political decision which has resulted in just what everybody knew it would – nothing. Now comes the announcement that the son of former UDP Minister Elodio Aragon has been pushed up to the top spot at the Eastern Division Branch in the city. As far back as when the UDP were still celebrating in the streets in 2008, we knew that a political promise had been made that Elodio Aragon Jr. would become the Commissioner of Police. Since then every move that has been made by Mr. Barrow, including the ‘temporary’ appointment of Crispin Jeffries as Commissioner, has been done to facilitate Aragon Jr. Even in the best of times, political wrangling and manipulation will have a detrimental effect on the Police Department of any country. Now that we are experiencing the worst of times, we cannot afford to have Mr. Barrow playing games with the security of our citizens who live in a constant state of terror.

FOR SALE By Order of the Mortgagee

Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a company duly registered under the Youths with guns… Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, At the same Police pressRevised conference set Edition, 2000, and having its office what at Cor. up registered to tell that nation weAlbert already knew, and Bishop Streets, Belize Senior City, Belize, hereby gives notice of Superintendent Russell Blackett, its intention to exercise its who power of sale as Mortgagee under is now the Deputy OC of the Eastern mentioned that youths a Deed of Assignment and Division, Transfer of Mortgage made the between the recorded ages of 10 – 14 are the Vol. core 46 of the 15th day of December, 2006, in Deeds Book problems on the streets. He mentioned of 2006 at Folios 327 – 354, between Development Finance thatand youths dropping(Belize) out of Ltd., school are Corporation (the Assignor) Scotiabank making an already bad situation which said property was mortgaged by Luz Carmen Vaccaromuch worse. We knew that, on buddy. We might to the said Development Finance Corporation the 18th not have known the exact percentage of day of September, 2006, recorded in Deeds Book Vol. 34 of youths of68; school, which Dr. Herbert Gayle 2006dropping at Foliosout 25 – and the saidanthropologist Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. claims is over 30%, but we knew it was a problem and we knew it will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first was getting worse. That’s why we have a problem when the Prime Minister publication of this notice sell the property described in the keeps patting the Minister of Education on the back for doing such an Schedule hereto.

exemplary job. That’s why we get upset when the Prime Minister tells the nation that he is perfectly satisfied with Minister Faber’s performance as offers to purchase property must made inbe writtheAll head of education in the thissaid country and that hebe could not doing a ing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained better job. We all know that’s bogus. That’s just the Prime Minister playing from the Scotiabank Ltd.with the Police. The truth is politics withsaid education just as(Belize) he has done that Minister Faber has dedicated much of his time to firing single mother and the elderly and school wardens who supported the PUP. He admits it openly. In fact he boasted about it in the House of Representatives. But did he even stop just a second to think that these people have children ALL piece or parcel land because being Block No. 321caregivers? situwho willTHAT now have to drop out ofofschool he fired their Lord’s Roadwhat’s Layout,. Ladyville Village, Belize If ate we in don’t get Bank real about happening in our nation, nothing will District and bounded as follows:-On the Northeast for 59.164 ever change.


Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.90 Meter Road; On the SouthAnbyunreal situation… east for 47.471 Meters a Daylight Cut and 12.191 Meter The situation in PG seems unrealby and out of control. Road; On the Southwest forcompletely 59.164 Meters a Daylight Cut We and 12.190 Meter Road; On the Northwest for 47.471 Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.190 Meter Road containing 2983.519 Square Meters as shown on Plan No. 2097 at the Office of


know that two young children have been missing for a little over a week. We know that about a hundred villagers from their home of San Marcos accused an American living in PG and operating a crocodile sanctuary of having something to do with their disappearance. We know that they approached the Police with their suspicions and they claim they were ignored. We know that a bunch of armed villagers then descended on the man’s home when he was in San Pedro and set it on fire. We know that after the act Police detained the villagers responsible for burning the home and then released them without charges. Hey, sure as hell there are different sides to every story but one thing is for damned certain – the Police Department slipped up big time in this whole mess. The villagers seem to feel that they were ignored by Police while pointing the finger at this American gentleman, so they burned his home. My friend Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood who has been placed in the unenviable role of Police Press Officer, claimed that the Police could do nothing to stop the villagers from burning the home and that seems ludicrous. There are a lot of questions – what evidence do the villagers have against this gentleman? Has a thorough investigation been done on this American to clear him? Why haven’t the villagers been charged with arson? Like I said, it’s unreal and nobody in authority seems to have a clue. So we’ve got an investor losing what he claimed was about a million dollars worth of property, more than a hundred angry villagers who won’t back down, and two missing children whose chances of returning home safe dwindle with each passing day…unreal! Stupid speeches… On September 10th the Prime Minister of this nation will stand up before a group of invited dignitaries, guests and a cheering squad of diehard UDP supporters and he will paint a glowing picture of our nation. He will blame any economic glitches on a worldwide thing and just like he has for the past months, he will claim that all indications are that we are coming out of the crisis. He will pontificate and posture, he will throw out words never before heard and spout quotes from various philosophers who are long dead and have never visited our shores. He probably won’t go so far as to claim that the magic is still here, though he’s been known to do stranger things. But the bottom line is that the Prime Minister will not be talking about our Belize when he waxes poetic. Our Belize is a cesspool of crime and corruption and economic stagnation/reversal and rising costs and desperation and anger and frustration. But the Prime Minister can’t say that because all these things are happening under his watch. He can’t talk about the tourism Notice is hereby given company named crisis and businesses closing that downthe and employees being sent home and people killing themselves because their lives are crashing down around them as the economy dies. He can’t talk about children having to beg on the streets instead of being in school because if they don’t beg they don’t eat. There are many realities Mr. Barrow won’t be able to bring up during his speech, but the people are feeling and the people know. This morning on KREM’s morning show Mose referred to it as suffocation and that is exactly what it is. Our people are suffocating because this Government is has been dissolved and struck off the International Busiincompetent and negligent and corrupt and many of them are filling their ness Companies with Our effect fromare the 27th daybecause of own pockets while theRegister people starve. people suffocating August, 2010. Dean Barrow is focused on taking care of his own family members and ensuring that their economies are robust. Our people are suffocating even as Lois and Anwar Deanne bank their millions and drink Moet. The Belize Bankand Limited You won’t hear any of this in the Prime Minister’s speech on September 10th…but the people know.



NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the company named

“FREESIA HOLDINGS S.A.” has been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the 1st day of September, 2010.



The Belize Times

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Belize Times


L e t ’s G e t T h e E c o n o m y M o v i n g

I am really sick and tired of hearing about the Restore Belize project which is just a political ploy being employed by the government to create and illusion that they are serious about fighting crime, increasing educational opportunities and improving the quality of life for all. Instead of wasting money on bogus music videos – no disrespect to Tanya Carter and her musical colleagues, and “umpteen” committee meetings, what the government should be doing is restoring the economy, which would then make a lot of things better in our country. Reduce GST Now! Many economists favor the reduction or elimination of certain taxes, especially the ones that are regressive since they pose a greater burden on the poor. Studies have shown that a cut in taxes has historically led to an increase in consumer spending. If people pay lower taxes they have more money in their pockets to spend and spending is what helps to drive an economy. With that said, I strongly urge the government to review their tax policy, if they have one, and make the necessary reductions so that people can begin to spend some more! Access to Capital I am a strong advocate for an economy built and spurred on by the growth and development of the private sector, especially small and medium enterprises. The problem that small and medium enterprises continue to face is the inability to access affordable capital for start-up or expansion purposes. Simply put, the cost of capital is very high for this segment of our economy to compete effectively and efficiently. What government needs to do is to come up with a creative way whereby Belizeans can access cheap capital, especially if they are in the productive sector. Give Land to University Graduates I have always been an advocate for empowering our young people because they play a critical role in the development of our country! However, odds of success against a young person trying to make a name for him/herself seem to be stacked against them. The unemployment rate for young people is well over 30 percent, they have no assets and most of them have no capital to start a business. My recommendation to government would be to give all university graduates a free piece of


at ~ POST YOUR COMMENTS ~ VOTE ON ARTICLES ~ CHECK OUT A PDF VERSION OF THE PAPER We are the most visited newspaper website in Belize

land so that they can start off their life with something. The land can be used as collateral for building a home and starting a small business. It would also provide the necessary collateral so many of our young people do not have at the moment, and which is required to access capital. With about 800 people graduating from universities annually, it is well within the ability of the government to take on such an initiative. Encourage Immigration of Wealthier, Educated Individuals If government policy encouraged more skilled, educated and entrepreneurial immigrants to come to the Belize, these people would just as likely inject some new money into the economy. They

almost certainly would buy homes, open bank accounts, and pay taxes -- just the kind of stimulus the Belize economy could use. In fact, the Belize Tourism Board manages the Retired Person(s) Incentives Act which is a good place to start. Government should open the program up some more and provide additional incentives for these people to choose Belize as a second home. Subsidize Small Far mers The government should subsidize farmers who grow organic fruit and vegetables, raise free-range chicken and produce grass-fed beef. There's increasing demand for organic produce and meats and more farms mean more jobs and healthier diets. Huge,

automated farms require fewer workers and use more chemicals, producing crops that contribute to ill health, obesity, and diabetes. Farmers who commit to engaging in agricultural practices that protect the future of our national agricultural resources should get our tax dollars. We need Ideas The fair on many people in Belize is that this government just does not have the brainpower to implement the necessary programs that could help stimulate the economy. If our people do not have the confidence in investing during these rough times, then it is likely that these economic hard times will continue to be felt for some time to come. God bless us all!!!


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The Story: The key to this saga is the Belizean workers. In the case of the Social Security Board (SSB) they are the custodians of the Social Security funds; the people or contributors are the owners of the FUND. In relation to the Government of Belize (GOB) the people are the taxpayers or just pawns in a high stakes game. The story is told of an Englishman who built an empire, with the help of some cleaver Belizean attorneys and political patronage. They served the Englishman well, on boards they sat. At court they defended him and for that they were richly rewarded. Then they came to power with the finances of the Englishman and then they thought they will gobble up some of the kingdom that they helped to create and defend. We will tell the people that they will get lower phone prices and the new owners will be the people of Belize. They said they will put it out so Belizeans can own it. So they acquired their chunk of the Englishman’s castle. The pretext being that litigation will cease. This is the opinion of Anansi’s friends who are themselves attorneys. The paradox of this saga is that the game is being played out with Belizean taxpayers monies and indication is further that they want to use substantial portion of workers monies from the Social Security Fund. All the ducks are lined up in a row and Anansi feels that he now has the leverage on the Englishman. Game is set and matched. Anansi and his friends are laughing as they sell this feat of genus as a thing of national pride on our Independence Day. But the question is if you are bold on BTL so why so impotent on oil? While Rome burns Anansi schemes and the agents established to safeguard the people’s interest… they sleep. The Facts: We will recall that The Belize Telemedia Ltd (BTL) was nationalized via a legislative decree in late August 2009, when most felt that Government took this high-handed approach to address the various litigations it was facing from BTL. Upon its nationalization the Barrow administration installed a new Board which saw the appointment of Nestor Vasquez as chairman along with Lois Young-Barrow and Anwar Barrow as directors, among others. Now a bit over a year after the nationalization Belizeans can expect to see BTL shares being made available by way of public offering through a prospectus. So as Belizeans look to celebrate our independence, the Prime Minister has indicated that he will make his announcement and the prospectus available on Independence Day. In light of these developments and his stated position “that there cannot be majority foreign ownership of BTL” the question that remains is which Belizeans will become the new owners of BTL. This columnist will take a critical view of this proposed investment offering and the deeper implications for the Belizean taxpayer and contributor to the Social Security

Board. The first key issue is the financial position and performance of BTL, these details ought to be provided in the prospectus when it becomes available, however a preliminary review is provided now based on last years’ performance. As at March 31, 2009 BTL total assets and liability were valued at $311.5M. Net income was $19.9M compared to $27.5M in 2008. Notably are the operating expenses for 2009 which saw a whopping 28% increase from 2008. It begs the question, why the significant increase? Earnings per share on the other hand took a nose dive to $0.41 from $0.62 in 2008 this was a 34% drop. Owners of BTL, GOB benefited from dividend declared and paid to the tune of $70.4M in 2009. This was done by calling in $25M in long term notes that were held at Belize Bank Ltd, these securities were earning BTL interest at 10% with maturity in 2013. How has Government as majority owner accounted for receipt of dividends from this entity? BTL long term debts stood at $39.4M. From the quick review of BTL’s financial position it is obvious that the company performed positively over the past year since it was nationalized, the issue however is how this wealth will be transferred to Belizeans and which Belizeans stand to benefit. Word on the ground is that the people’s money held by the Social Security Board is expected to be one of the key investors in BTL. This makes for a rather interesting transaction if it materializes. There are several issues at hand, the first and foremost is the obvious conflict of interest that exists with conducting a financial transaction of this nature between SSB and BTL. Look at the players: Here are the key agents of BTL and SSB who are one and the same. How can this be explained that the sellers would also be the buyers? How can the UDP Government, that was elected on a premise of transparency, accountability and the avoidance of conflict of interest expect that the Belizean people, who are the owners of SSB funds, will believe that such a transaction will be to their best interest,? The SSB Act is clear on the fiduciary responsibility placed on the Investment Committee and the Board of Directors in making investments for the fund. “The Board and the Committee shall maintain the highest level of transparency and accountability and they shall take into consideration the social and economic utility of the investment, which shall be subsidiary to the primary objective of safety and profitability”. The safety of the SSB fund is determined by the risk profile of the investments being done. Belizeans are urged to acquaint themselves with the SSB Act and the SSB Audited Financial Reports that was laid before the House last month . The following figures are extracted from this Report. SSB total assets were $377.6M. That was the value of

the people’s money in this pension fund. SSB has 26.92% shares BEL or $61.2M with other shares or equity investment at $6.1M. The SSB Act clearly provides certain restrictions on investments, which speaks to investments which raise major risk of conflict of interest; no single investment shall exceed 20% of the total amount of the reserves, which would be $73M since the reserves were $366M in December 2009. If Belizeans are to own at least 51% of BTL then some $159M would need to be invested. The SSB Act limits the level of investment in any one entity. But what is more bothersome is the financial risk associated with equity investment, as it posses the highest risk when compared to other investments. As is noted in the 2009 reports BEL recorded a $10.8M loss in 2008 due to the PUC’s decision on the annual review proceeding and this resulted in SSB not receiving any dividends on this investment, but instead foregone was $6.8M that could have been realized. In other words, that $ 6.8M could have been used to pay workers more Social Security benefits. Another issue to consider is, if SSB will be made to invest in BTL where will the funds come from? It will be from its short term investment, or liquid assets. These are cash at the banks and term deposits held at the various commercial banks. This portion of SSB portfolio was $121M in 2009. Extracting a large portion of these funds may result in serious capital flight from some of the commercial banks where these funds have been used to provide consumer loans to Belizeans. As this writer has tried to elucidate readers, it is obvious that there are many issues of conflict and also prudential management that must be considered if the people’s money will be invested in BTL. The SSB Act does not require public consultations on investment decisions, but public notice is the closest it can come. The people of Belize must also demand that the Unions’ representatives and the Private Sector (Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Belize Buniess Bureau) representatives insist that due diligence is carried out. The SSB’s CEO Merlene

Martinez, who sat on the DFC’s Commission of Inquiry, should know that any appearance of conflict should be avoided. Remember Mr. Ariel Mitchell from the Association of Concerned Belizean (ACB), well he is also a Board member of the SSB and his firm was the consulting firm who designed and supervised the construction of the PG SSB office. Remember the decision to subcontract with a Guatemalan firm instead of a Belizean Firm? Another fundamental issue with the offering of BTL is how Belizeans will be able to access these shares. In a previous issue of this column, this writer made the point that with respect to the nationalized BTL, the Office of the Contractor General should so outline an insider-trading policy that would ensure that no individuals or firms within which persons of the current management or Board of Directors have any interest, would be allowed to purchase shares whenever they are made publicly available. It can be anticipated that if such a policy is not forthcoming, there would be no basis on which to challenge any questionable purchase or acquisition of shares in that company. This acquisition of BTL by the Barrow administration may prove to be the easiest way in which wealth can be transferred or made available to choice Belizeans and in so doing places some citizens at a greater advantage over others. The entire process of the nationalization of BTL and now its pending public offering, speaks to the dilemma of development and the fact that the integrity of the institutional framework in any country rests significantly on the integrity of the persons who are part of that system and processes put in place, and when not adhered to gives rise to principal agent problems. The conflict of interest is so blatantly evident that it is difficult to distinguish the principals from the agents and in that quagmire of persons failing miserably in executing their duties in the best interest of the people of Belize, the true beneficiaries stand to lose. Gwyneth Sydney Nah Comments welcome at

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Belize Times

The Social Security Board’s State of the Union

Like other organizations, some employees of the Social Security Board (SSB) form, and are a part of, a labor union, the Christian Workers Union. SSB’s union however, has over the past years proven to be contradictory to the core attributes of industrial unionism. In order to be effective a union should help the majority of its members by aiming to be redistributive. It’s well known that where workers are allowed to unionize, it leads to better wages, better working conditions, improved benefits and so on, which is redistributive and also helps turn working people into more of a political force. And it should be this way, instead of being atomized and separated; the working class should function together in principle. This is not the case at SSB. Today, more than ever before, SSB’s so called union, which as previously mentioned forms a small part of the Christian Workers Union, can be classified as Orwellian in nature, both in principle and practice. SSB’s union is Orwellian due to the leadership’s prevalent totalitarian attitude. As a matter of fact, it can even be argued that the union’s leaders have contributed to make the working environment at SSB become a system where the low-end working class merely does the work, and the union leaders take sides with management so as to enjoy the benefits of all the hard work. Furthermore, the rest of the working population ought to be deprived of any form of opinion because, let’s face it, opinion just causes trouble. Let’s examine the above statements, after all, they are bold accusations and do condemn to a large degree. When calling the union Orwellian and totalitarian in nature, reference must be made to Animal Farm. This classic piece of literature exposed a state ruled by attitudes and policies of control by propaganda, misinformation, denial of truth, manipulation of past events, tyranny, and conditions destructive to a free society. All these characteristics are present within the union and represent the totalitarian mindset of SSB’s union leadership. To continue along the lines of Animal Farm, the chief union leader personifies the pig Napoleon of the story in every aspect. Hence, I shall now refer to this individual as Napoleon Reyes. When negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with the staff, SSB’s board members negotiate on behalf of the organization and the union negotiates on behalf of the employees. Each party should have the interests of those whom they represent at heart. Napoleon Reyes shares common ground with one of SSB’s board members, her spouse. With this in mind, an apparent conflict of interest arises. Two opposing sides literally lie in bed together. Like Napoleon the pig, Napoleon Reyes is a tyrant and also possesses the remarkable skill of not being all that gifted with words. Is the word tyrant the proper term? I think so. After all, Napoleon Reyes is the chief union leader who acts in an unaccountable manner towards the rest of the union members and transmits her powers from above to the people down below. Orders are transmitted down below and inserted inside the union system. The system itself is tyrannical. This shouldn’t be. Power should be in the hands of the members. In George Orwell’s masterpiece, Napoleon the pig always got his way, the same goes for Napoleon Reyes. A promotion was granted, skepticism remains on whether or not it was for merit; a transfer was granted upon request, only the good lord knows why especially when other staff members have begged management for transfers and they’ve been denied time and time

again. When confronted, Comrade Napoleon Reyes becomes defensive and immediately spews propaganda designed to excuse her many faults. For example, this dreadful compilation of words was expressed to union members last year for querying minor matters: “Do you believe that negotiations for this Agreement will be an easy battle? Do you all want to take my place or X’s place in discussion or negotiations. I for one would be more than happy to give you that opportunity since you all feel that we don’t have the best interest of our members at heart.” This argument was used to dispute any and all the concerns of the members which had arisen at the time. This argument holds no weight whatsoever and attempts to distract so as to avoid the questions being asked. The tactic achieved its objective, a year later the leader remains in position and exercises control. But what other faults is Napoleon Reyes guilty of ? The union’s leadership is also guilty of failing to bring closure to a collective bargaining agreement which expired over a month ago. This collective agreement binds SSB’s employees to various policies and a benefits package. The sad and somewhat comical side to this story is that the last agreement which was signed by the union was signed in 2007 and was for the effective period 2004 through 2007. It remains in effect and the agreement currently being negotiated on should be for the period 2007 through July 2010. The negotiation process started as soon as the last one ended, back in 2007. I’m no historian but I’m positive that International Laws have been negotiated upon at a more rapid pace than this never-ending saga. But the faults don’t end there. The last time the staff received an adjustment to their salary was in July 2007. The cost of living has sky rocketed in Belize during the past three years yet SSB’s working class continue to struggle through life with the same wages. To add insult to injury, the staff does not enjoy an incremental system which enables salaries to increase on a periodical basis. So exactly how the staff has managed to cope with the recent global economic downturn is unfathomable. The fact that many SSB personnel were overdue their uniforms for a bit over a year should be embarrassing to both the leaders who negotiate on behalf of the staff and the administration of the organization. Blame however, is not being passed at this moment on the organization’s board. When administration of the Board changed, a clear mandate to cut costs was expressed, so the neglect can be understood but is not justified. When staff turned to the union leaders to request some form of compensation for the time the uniform had been forfeited, the request was met with an unwelcoming attitude. Why upset management, right? In addition to this, staff members earning higher levels of education no longer see any real benefit from this personal achievement, whilst under the employ of SSB. Upon earning a higher level of education, the staff member receives no monetary compensation, no promotion is offered, and the accomplishment appears to be useless at the organization. All this and more remain unresolved under the vigilant watch of Napoleon Reyes. Yet that little piggy definitely has the best interest of the working class at heart; right. And this little piggy, like the majority of employees, has none; no better wages, no better benefits, no better working conditions, and surely had no uniform until about a month back. Deputy Chief union leader Squealer Bowman is also a part of the system, Napoleon Reyes’ right hand porker and

minister of propaganda. Like with all other propaganda, the distortion and denial of truth, is characteristic of the few messages which the minister disseminates. Of late, negotiation meetings have been undertaken yet the distribution of information has not been forthcoming from the minister. Recently, the union members openly and unanimously signed a petition requesting a response on certain areas of concern. To date, a satisfactory response has not been given to the union members. Moreover, the hallways of the SSB compound echo with the resonating whispers that some union representatives should be off and away for study leave as the new academic year approaches. This practice was said to have been terminated yet the rumors exist and the criteria on exactly how members qualify for such a benefit remains unknown. If the rumors are found to be true, this can only mean that Squealer Bowman has clearly been withholding information from the union members. It is also hoped that the same minister of propaganda isn’t one of the union representatives scheduled to go on leave. Careful Squealer Bowman, you’re beginning to walk on your hind legs. Apparently, negotiations on behalf of the staff are taking place without the majority having any input whatsoever. Very little, in fact just a handful, know the contents (for example, the fact that management has proposed to cut vacation days for staff or that a new appraisal system has been suggested) of the proposed new collective bargaining agreement. This makes it clear that the leadership of the union is openly aligned with the interests and policies that aren’t favorable for the majority of staff. Similar to the pigs on Animal Farm,


many union leaders and representatives of past and present appear to have received the best rations. For those whose memory doesn’t serve them right, a gentle reminder on how past and present leaders have utilized the system to attain certain advantages is in order. Past union leaders have received leaves for study, transfers, promotions, and ultimately left the collective union body in order to fulfill other more significant roles within the organization. Fellow union members, it is no longer possible to distinguish the pigs from the humans; the pigs now walk upright, carry whips, have the other animals (us) under their dictatorship, and are living like aristocrats. We, as contributing members, must recognize that we are the problem (because we’ve allowed the system to function the way it has) but, we are also the solution. The way forward should be anarchy, and not the anarchy which our general culture associates with disruption, bombs, chaos, or violence; but the kind of anarchy which identifies structures of authority and challenges them. It is imperative to ask for justification and if this can’t be provided, to recognize that the system is illegitimate and must be dismantled. In conclusion, it is only through popular struggle, and until the current union system (and not the union) is dissolved, that true distributive gains will be achieved. For the union to survive and in order to avoid the problems we encounter today, it is pivotal for the decisions to be transferred to the hands of the population, meaning the majority of the employees. Let’s change this system to which we are subjected to and in which we all too often serve as unwilling or unwitting instruments.


The Belize Times

74 year old man latest victim of gun violence

Elston Peters Seventy-four year old Elston Peters had just left from visiting with his sons on George Street and was walking home when a bullet struck him in the neck as he neared the corner of Glynn and West Streets just before 6 last evening. It proved to be a fatal shot CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE at ~ POST YOUR COMMENTS ~ VOTE ON ARTICLES ~ VIEW OUR PHOTO GALLERY ~ CHECK OUT A PDF VERSION OF THE PAPER We are the most visited newspaper website in Belize

because the elderly man, who had kept a close relationship with his children and grandchildren, succumbed before 10 on Monday morning in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The doctors there had said that he had a less-than-one-percent chance of surviving the bullet wound and had diagnosed that he would probably not survive through the night. While they have not yet solved the murder, police say that they are now giving a high priority to the George Street area for patrols and high-alert monitoring. So far they have no clues as to whether the bullet was intended for Peters or someone else, but one quick run through the area, and one will notice the heavy presence of armed police and BDF elements. The patrols extend to the Berkeley Street area, another zone known for its high activity in crime and violence. Over the past few weeks, the area, notorious for being home to one of Belize City's deadliest street gangs, has seen an escalation in gun warfare. Coupled with that, the fear that the spate of killings has put on innocent bystanders and eyewitnesses has brought on a new need for residents in these areas to relocate as swiftly as they can. Such was the case today when one of Peters' relatives packed up and said goodbye to George Street and its surroundings.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Volatile relationship ends in death

Since last Friday Leshawn Lino has had a different kind of birthday experience, going from lockdown, to courthouse, to now an uncertain future, facing a charge of manslaughter. Lino, it is reported, used a knife to inflict a stab wound to her daughter's father, Shamir "Metro" Henry, 23. The incident occurred in front of Lino's house on Cahal Pech Street in the Lord's Bank. It was the last of reportedly many domestic battles to which people, including the police, were called to break up. Henry, neighbours say, had gone to visit Lino that evening, but because he had assaulted her on previous occasions, he was not allowed to enter her family's home. She, on the other hand, would go outside to meet him. That was exactly what happened that night when Henry showed up at the address to see Lino, it did not end in a birthday hug and kiss for the young mother. Instead, she saw the need to pull a knife she had tucked in her clothing and allegedly stabbed Henry to ward off his fists. The injury penetrated his windpipe and Henry died at the scene. When police were called to the scene, it was more than they had expected to find since they were accustomed to being called out only to intervene in an assault in progress. Not this time. This time, the father of the couple’s 14 month old child lay dead on the ground. His mother, Rose Henry, said she was aware that the couple had a troubled history together and on several occasions, had advised Lino to leave her son because of the level

Shamir "Metro" Henry of abuse he dealt to her. Nonetheless, the young woman would, either out of love for him or sympathy for their child, request the police to release him. Only a couple hours before things had escalated out of control that night, Rose Henry said the couple appeared to be on good terms with each other. They had gone to her sister's place to get her hair and nails done since her twenty fourth birthday was the following day. What happened between that time and when the fight broke out is still unclear, but Rose Henry has publicly stated that she would not want to see Leshawn Lino jailed. Henry said she empathized with Lino, who, aside from the 14 month old daughter with her son, also had two other young children. For the time being, Lino is out on bail. Both deceased and accused are the children of two sergeants of police.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Belize Times

Pre-schooler knocked down and killed in front of brother and father

The grief-stricken father of four year old Elisha Gilharry is struggling to cope with reality after his beloved little girl was knocked down and killed right before his eyes last Friday near Cundy's Barber Shop where he worked across from the former Craig Lumber Yard on North Front Street. The little girl had just been singing the nursery rhyme "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which she learned that same day at Central Christian Pre-School which she attended on Freetown Road. She, her seven year old brother, Joseph Gilharry, Jr., and their father, Joseph, Sr., were leaving his workplace and were walking out of the yard when the little girl sped up before them and walked onto the street behind a parked pickup truck. But that was when the driver of another vehicle coming down North Front Street passed by and knocked her

Elisha Gilharry

down and ran across her skull. The little girl didn't even make it to the Emergency Room alive. She was pronounced dead on arrival at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Caye Caulker Businesswoman Births Buckles; Commits Suicide Leya Khaled, to Khaled Mohammad and Faten Dib nee Dib

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Sanchez of San Esetvan, Orange Walk Dario Acosta to Victoria Anasely Cocom both of Nuevo San Juan, Orange Walk Oscar Remigio Sanchez to Rosanna Ramirez both of San Lazaro, Orange Walk Domingo Pop to Elisa Concepcion Pop both of San Roman, Stann Creek Nicolas Elijio to Margarita Gonzalez both of Hopkins, Stann Creek Conrado Felipe Assales of Calla Creek, Cayo to Bianca Jedamzik of Berlin, Germany Jose Francisco Dominguez to Julia Ochaeta Valle both of Benque Viejo, Cayo Marcos Mahitani of Orange Walk Town, to Glenda Alicia Torres of Chan Pine Ridge, Orange Walk Sergio Mendez to Samantha Soraya Cordova both of Orange Walk Town Marlone Ivan Patt to Dioneli Daniela Babb both of Chunox, Corozal Matthew Kevin Green to Taylor Murphy Hodge both of Austin, Texas, USA Leopoldo Suarez Lopez to Lorna Ethel Castellanos both of Belmopan Bernaldino Iran Correa to Sophia Leticia Chan both of Concepcion, Corozal Adrian Marcial Lopez to Norely Eridely Moguel both of San Lazaro, Orange Walk Orrin Omali Castillo of Ladyville, Belize to Tara Tanisha Terry of Belize City Jeffrey Rudolph Ali to Lorena Michelle Puga both of Belize City Aaron Edward Gongora Jr., of Belize City to Martha Melina Guerrero of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Joshua Llewellyn Parks to Yvette Josephine Parchue both of Lords Bank, Belize Randolph Alexander Spain to Chevon Dale Ortiz both of Scotland Halfmoon, Belize Vince Frederick Martinez to Shelmadean McKoy both of Belize City Louis Adrien Thomas Lepoutre of France to Malley Sanchez Limon of Mexico Franklin Patrick de Phillips to Kay Lynn Leopold both of Woodlands, Texas, USA You Qiang Chen to Yanna Chen both of Belize City Lyle Gilbert August of Belize City to Dinah Angelina Romero of Forest Home, Toledo Wilber Antonio Heredia to Belinda Nelly Padilla Velasquez both of Progresso, Corozal Allen Gabriel Gideon of August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk to Yesenia Yanira Manrique of San Antonio, Orange Walk Javier Chuc to Yanelie Juchim both of San Jose, Orange Walk

Little Elisha was a happy little girl since she started school only the day before on Thursday. Her father explained that he could not get her registered in time to let her start classes on Wednesday when school reopened. She cried to go to school, he recollects, and he got her registered on Thursday and sent her to school. Her brother, Joseph, protected his little sister fiercely, and was still visibly traumatized by the unfortunate incident which he witnessed. He, a Standard Two student at the same school, will undergo a series of counseling sessions with teachers there to help him recover from the horrific experience. Up to tonight, police had not yet arrested and charged the driver of the Land Cruiser, Lyle Harris, 32, who said he never realized that he had run over the little girl. His vehicle dragged her


several feet from where she was knocked down and Elisha's father alleges that the driver was not paying attention to the road in front of him because his attention was drawn to something in front of him in the vehicle. Joseph Gilharry, Sr., said he had to chase down the vehicle to alert Harris that he had just run over the little girl. Gilharry says while he is upset that he has lost his little girl unnecessarily, nothing can bring her back, so he only asks Harris to give the little girl a decent funeral, which will be either on Wednesday or Thursday. The Belize Times had reported a similar incident in the same vicinity in the 1990's when a little girl who lived in that area was run over in similar fashion and killed. The combination of parked vehicles on narrow, busy streets and impetuousness of the very young has proven deadly time and time again.

For Sale

By order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgage made the 3rd day of August, 2000, between JUAN LEIVA and LILLY LEIVA both of #67 Santa Familia Street, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District of the one part and Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., of the other part, and recorded at the Land Title Unit in Deeds Book Vol. 45 of 2000 at Folios 1143 – 1170, and the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. will at the expiration of three months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

SCHEDULE ALL THAT lot, piece or parcel of land situate on the Dr. W. S. George Estate, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District and being more particularly described as follows:- Starting at a concrete pillar at the North Westerly corner on a grid bearing of 117°25’48” for a distance of 22.859 meters to a concrete pillar; Thence on a grid bearing of 27°25’48” for a distance of 22.859 meters to a concrete pillar: Thence on a grid bearing of 117°25’48” for a distance of 22.859 meters to a concrete pillar; Thence on a grid bearing of 27°25’48” for a distance of 22.859 meters back to the starting point and delineated as Lot No. 150 on a plan by H.C. Fairweather, Chartered Surveyor dated 8th February, 1999 and registered at the Lands Registry in Belmopan as Entry No. 4424, Register No. 1 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon. (Property now declared under Registration Section – Orange Walk Town Block 4 Parcel 2364). DATED this 31st day of August, 2010. MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street Belize City Attorney-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.


The Belize Times

Neighborhood youths charged with burglary

Roger Rivero

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Sept. 7, 2010 Two persons, Roger Rivero Jr., 23, and Andre Coleman, 19, who allegedly stole several items from a gold Nissan Pathfinder, were charged with theft when they appeared yesterday in the #2 Magistrate’s Court. Rivero and Coleman pleaded not guilty to the charges. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered them a bail of $2,000and adjourned their case until October 29. The complainant, Georgia Ve r n o n , 3 7 , a s a l e s a g e n t f o r Continental Airlines, who resides at 5963 Campus Avenue, reported to the police that on Tuesday, August 17 she secured her house and left her

Andre Coleman

two vehicles parked on the street in front of her house then she went to the United States. She said when she returned home on Monday, August 23, she discovered that one of her vehicles, a gold Nissan Pathfinder, was broken into and several items were stolen. The items included 2 rims, 2 tires, 4 wheel nuts, 2 valve stems, a set of tools, one jumper cable, an indicator light and wheel weights. The total value of the items was $1,953.42, she said. The police investigated and on Saturday, September 4, they detained Rivero and Coleman and charged them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ex Police Constable Charged With Theft

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Sept. 7, 2010 Adriel Caliz, 30, an ex-police constable; residing at 17 Lord’s Bank Road who allegedly misappropriated $1,238 which belonged to Belize Waste Control Limited, his former place of employment, was charged with theft when he appeared yesterday ion the #8 Magistrate’s Court. Caliz pleaded not guilty to the charge. Magistrate Emmerson Banner offered him a bail of $4,000 which he met, and adjourned his case until October 28. T he theft occur red between Au g u s t 3 a n d S e p t e m b e r 3 . O n Friday, September 3 at around 2:35 p.m. Diana Ste phenson, 38, the office manag er of Belize Waste Control Limited, located at mile 2 ½ on the Western Highway, reported to the police that Caliz, who was in charge of garbage collection, did not turn in $1,238 which he collected between August 3 and September 3. Stephenson said she last saw Caliz on August 2 when he deposited $2,117. She said she made several attempts to contact him but it was all to no avail. Caliz was detained by t h e p o l i c e a n d a s e a r ch wa s conducted at his residence. Police reported that Caliz handed over to them a receipt book for Belize Waste

Adriel Caliz

Control Limited which showed that he collected $766 between August 4 and August 25. The police also reported that Stephenson gave them a receipt book which showed that Caliz collected $472. A s a r esult, Caliz was charged with theft.


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Belize Times

Eighteen Year Old Pleads Guilty To Burglary, Fined $2,500.

Justin Faber

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Sept. 7, 2010 Justin Faber, 18, who was caught early yesterday morning in the bedroom of a house in Sandhill, pleaded guilty to burglary when he appeared today in the #8 Magistrate’s Court. Because it was Faber’s first

conviction, Magistrate Emmerson Banner spared him a custodial sentence and fined him $2,500. He ordered Faber to pay $500 forthwith and the balance by October 31. If Faber defaults on payment he will serve 2 ½ years. The complainant Odessa Reneau, reported to the police that she awoke around 2:30 a.m. yesterday and saw Faber searching her purse. Faber fled the scene and Reneau called the police. The police went to the house of Sean Faber, Justin’s uncle where Justin resides, which is located at Mile 28 1/2 on the Northern Highway, Biscayne Village. The police upon their arrival asked Sean Faber’s permission to search the house and he agreed. When the police searched Justin’s bedroom they found a pair of speakers for a Samsung cell phone and a black Razor cell phone hidden under the mattress of his bed. Reneau identified the items as her property.


By ORdER OF thE MORtgAgEE Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgagee made the 2nd day of October, 2008, between MARIO NAVARETTE and ANNA NAVARETTE both of Jamaica Street, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, of the one part and SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD., of the other part and recorded at the Land Titles Unit in Deeds Book Volume 36 of 2008 at Folios 367 - 398, and the said, Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. will at the expiration of three months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

SCHEDULE ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 219 comprising of 499.145 square metres situate in Dr. George Estate, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District bounded and described as shown by the Plan No. 1044 of 2007 attached to Minister’s Fiat (Grant) No. 1044 of 2007, TOGETHER with all buildings, erections standing and being thereon. (Property now declared under Registration Section - Orange Walk Town Block 4 Parcel 2038.) DATED this 31st day of August, 2010 MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street, Belize City Attorneys-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.


Complainant Refuses To Tesfity - Leroy Gomez Attempted Rape And Robbery Charges Dismissed

Leroy Gomez

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Sept. 7, 2010 Two charges, attempted rape and robbery, against convicted rapist, Leroy Gomez, 24, were dismissed today in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas. Justice Lucas dismissed the charges and discharged Gomez after the complainant, a 28 year old housewife, testified that she cannot remember what happened. Gomez, however, was not freed

because he is serving an 18 year sentence for rape, robbery and aggravated assault. He was convicted of those offences on August 9. The incident for which the charges were dismissed occurred around 3 a.m. on August 30, 2008. T h e complainant reported to the police that she was riding her bicycle when she reached the corner of LaCroix Street and Police Street she was accosted by a man who came up behind her on a bicycle. She said the man who was behind her put a knife to her throat and pulled down her underwear and tried to penetrate her but because she refused to spread her legs. She said the man then stole $5 from her and she ran and he began to pursue her. She said she was saved by a man who was driving a car. She said the man came to her assistance and her assailant ran into a yard. Senior Crown Counsel Yahhanhseh Cave represented the prosecution.

23 Year Old Remanded To prison For Alleged Armed Robbery

Shelton Moguel

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Sept. 7, 2010 Shelton Moguel, Jr., 23, one of two men who the police believe robbed Chinese businessman Wei Dong Lai, 31, was charg ed with robber y and wounding when he appeared yesterday in Magistrate’s Court #8. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Emmerson Banner explained to him that the cour t cannot offer him bail because the offences were committed with a firearm. He remanded Moguel into


custody until November 1. The incident occurred around 12:50 a.m. on Friday, September 3. Lai, who resides at 8224 mahogany Street Extension, reported to the police that when he arrived home he got out of his car and opened the gate, then he drove his car in. Lai said when he got out his car to close the gate and he was approached by two men riding on one bicycle. Lai said one of the men pointed a chrome 9 millimetre pistol at him and told him not to move. Lai said he did as he was told and the men stole $640, his Motorola cell phone, his pack of Benson and Hedg es cig arettes and his white lighter. The gunman then asked him for his gun and when he did not produce one the gunman pistol whipped him on the left side of his head and caused a wound, said Lai. Po l i c e d e t a i n e d M o g u e l t h e f o l l o w i n g d a y. T h e p o l i c e report that Moguel was positively identified as one of the robbers in an identification parade. The second suspect is still at large.

It’s been days since the Kendall Bridge was washed away. How much longer must we wait for a new bridge, Mr. Prime Minister?


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Belize Times

Belize Carnival & the September Celebrations

The annual carnival is schedule for September 7th, it is the day after the commemoration of St. George’s Cay day, which means, that they will be a parade on the 10th and parade on the 11th. I am not one of those avid supporters of the carnival, for various reasons and I will get to that a little later. But since it is schedule already and quite a number of young people have been preparing for it, it is not my intention to dampened that spirit, but after this year I belief that there are serious thing that need to be consider. Maybe, the carnival committee for Belize does not realize what carnival really is, hence, the reason why the carnival seems to want to piggyback on the September celebrations. In Belize, the carnival can generate its own excitement, create its own industry, and be a mega attraction for tourist. I have looked at other popular carnivals including the New Orleans Mardi Gras, the Trinidad & Tobago carnival, the Carnival of Brazil, which all have a religious conviction and culminates just around Ash Wednesday. While Barbados & St. Lucia refers to their carnival as crop over and marks the celebration of a successful sugar crop season. Brazil The Carnival of Brazil, is an annual festival held forty days before Easter. On certain days of Lent, Roman Catholics and some other Christians traditionally abstained from the consumption of meat and poultry, hence the term "carnival," from carnelevare, "to remove meat." Carnival celebrations are believed to have roots in the pagan festival of Saturnalia, which, adapted to Christianity, became a farewell to bad things in a season of religious discipline to practice repentance and prepare for Christ's death and resurrection. The country stops completely for almost a week and festivities are intense, day and night, mainly in coastal cities. Trinidad & Tobago The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is celebrated two days before Ash Wednesday. It is the most significant event on the islands' cultural and tourism calendar, with numerous cultural events running in the lead up to the street parade on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. New Orleans Mardi Gras Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday in English) in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a Carnival celebration well-known throughout the world. The New Orleans Carnival season, with roots in preparing for the start of the Christian season of Lent, starts after Twelfth Night, on Epiphany (January 6). It is a season of parades, balls (some of them



masquerade balls), and king cake parties. It has traditionally been part of the winter social season; at one time "coming out" parties for young women at débutante balls were timed for this season. Celebrations are concentrated for about two weeks before and through Fat Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday Barbados

Crop-Over, as the name states, is the end of the harvest, a celebration that now goes for five weeks. This National festival dates back to the 1800's. The decline of the sugar industry saw the death of the festival. After a thirty-year hiatus, the determination of the people to continue the celebrations, saw the resurrection of a bigger and more modern party, with the


inclusion of the steelband, calypso. St. Lucia Historically, The St Lucian Carnival fell on the days before the Catholic holiday of Ash Wednesday, a last lap of revelry before the sombre Lenten season. There are several theories about carnival’s origins and some reach back to the festivals of Bacchanal in Italy, but the Caribbean has come to stamp the celebration with its distinct impression. The celebration of St Lucia Carnival has been moved to July, a decision that was influenced by the lobby of various tourism interests who saw the festival as a potential draw for visitors during what has traditionally been a slow period for the industry. Just a historical perspective about carnival around us, and something for our carnival committee to emulate and recognize that this event would better sur vive during the high tourist season. So as I stated earlier the purpose of this is not to dampened the carnival spirits but to recommend something for us to consider.


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 12, 2010

One rescue operation temporarily Families mourn as death toll climbs in Guatemala landslides halted at Chilean mine

Officials say about 40 people were buried in two landslides here. Four of them were Carlos Coti's family members. "They left behind 20 orphans, because each one had four, five or six children they left behind," he said. The first landslide knocked a number of vehicles and a bus off the road. When nearby residents rushed to the scene to help, a second mudslide crashed down on the same spot, the nation's disaster agency said. Constant rains have forced rescue crews to stop and restart their searches for the missing, as anxious family members look on. Disaster officials report that torrential rains and landslides have left at least 44 dead, 56 injured and 16 missing. On Monday, President Alvaro Colom declared three days of national mourning. "The firefighters and rescue teams are working with the government's equipment so that we can come out of this human tragedy," Colom said as he visited one landslide site. Around 11,500 residents have been evacuated and 9,000 have taken

refuge in shelters, the nation's disaster agency said. More than 43,000 people are at risk from the punishing rain, said to be the strongest in 60 years. Over the weekend, authorities closed parts of the Inter-American Highway after rains washed out sections of the road and caused at least two accidents. Thousands of homes, in addition to infrastructure and fields of crops, also were damaged by the heavy rains. The torrential downpours come several months after more than 150 people died when Tropical Storm Agatha hit Guatemala in May. Destruction from that storm was widespread throughout the nation, with mudslides destroying homes and buildings and burying some victims. At least nine rivers had dramatically higher levels and 13 bridges collapsed, Guatemala's emergency services agency said. The May downpours created a sinkhole the size of a street intersection in northern Guatemala City. Residents told CNN that a three-story building and a house fell into the hole.

Mexican officials: Gunmen behind massacre of 72 have been killed

Six of the suspected gunmen responsible for the killings of 72 migrants in Mexico have been identified, Mexican authorities said Monday, the state-run Notimex news agency reported. However, all of the suspects are dead, said Alejandro Poire, the spokesman for Mexico's president on security issues. Three were killed in a confrontation with the Mexican navy after the bodies were discovered, and three others were found dead inside a vehicle on the side of a highway, Poire said The dead suspects were identified by the survivors of last month's massacre at a ranch near the town of San Fernando in the northeastern state of

Tamaulipas. Three people are believed to have survived the mass killings, although only one -- an Ecuadorean man -- has spoken publicly. Mexican authorities have withheld details about survivors, citing safety concerns. A seventh suspect was arrested and is being held by authorities while they investigate possible charges against him, Poire said. Of the 72 migrants who were killed, 27 had been identified and their bodies returned to their home countries in Honduras and El Salvador, he said. The official said the preliminary investigation shows that the Zetas drug cartel was responsible for the killings.

Rescue officials reported Monday they had to temporarily stop one of two drilling operations to reach 33 men trapped for more than a month inside a Chilean mine. That effort, known as Plan B, had to stop at a depth of 85 feet (26 meters) because of unspecified problems with a cable, officials said. Drilling should resume within hours, the officials said Monday morning. Plan B aims to drill at a roughly 80 degree angle into an area of mine shaft used as a mechanical workshop. That distance, engineers estimate, is around 2,030 feet (620 meters). The drill for Plan B, which is normally used to bore water holes, is untried technology in a mine rescue. The drill arrived Friday and rescuers hope it could reach the miners in as little as two months. The first effort, called Plan A, involves using a drill placed directly above the shelter where the miners have found refuge. Engineers say the drill would need to reach a distance of about 2,300 feet (700 meters). They have estimated this plan would take between three to four months to complete. That drill had reached a depth of around 295 feet (90 meters) Monday. Officials also announced a Plan C on Sunday -- using an oil drill. Although that option could turn out to be the fastest, officials said, it will not be ready until mid- to late September. The drill needs to be transported first from Iquique, a city in northern Chile, and then installed. All three plans can proceed simultaneously as they approach the

mine from different directions. "We need to have as many options as possible because, as we drill, we encounter problems and we need to have backups," said Laurence Golborne, the Chilean mining minister. The 33 miners have been stuck inside the Chilean mine since August 5. They were found alive in a shelter about 2,300 feet (700 meters) underground nearly three weeks after a cave-in. In a separate matter Monday, Minerals Ministry spokesman Nicolas Noman said the families of miners will be allowed to send whatever mail they want. A "resolution had been reached," he said, over complaints from families that some letters weren't being sent down a delivery shaft because they might upset the miners. Maria Segovia complained to CNN on Monday that some mail she sent did not get to her brother, Dario Segovia. "It hasn't reached my brother yet," she said. "I delivered a letter to him from our brother William. I sent it Thursday. But so far it hasn't arrived, and my brother is worried. It bothers me because the letters are to make them feel better. Its not right if they don't deliver them." Asked why the letters had not been sent, she said, "I think they they don't think the letters are very important. But what the don't realize is the letters make them happy, make them feel like their families are supporting them. "We've asked for an explanation, but the explanations aren't very good. They say we have to let other things be sent, but the letters are tiny. They fit anywhere."

A compressor exploded Tuesday morning inside a government-owned oil refinery in northeastern Mexico, forcing the evacuation of the facility's workers, the state-run Notimex news

agency reported. There were no immediate official reports of injuries or deaths, but local media were reporting up to seven dead and several others injured. The refinery is located in the municipality of Cadereyta, in Nuevo Leon state. Inaugurated in March 1979, the facility is about 22 miles (36 kilometers) east of Monterrey, the state capital. The plant is owned and operated by PEMEX, the Mexican government's oil monopoly. No further information was immediately available.

Explosion reported at oil refinery in northeast Mexico

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The Belize Times


In Memoriam Carlos Salvador Espat

September 27th, 1962 - September 4th, 2010

Thank you for your service to our Party and the Nation.

Rest in Peace

In Honour of the Life of Nurse Dorothy Bradley Adopted and revised from the August 2009 edition of the Belize Times “Nation Builders” By: Elizabeth Pridgeon

This column often features ‘nation builders’ in the broadest sense of the word, referring to people who make positive contributions to the nation of Belize. However, the more precise definition of a nation builder is someone who contributes to the construction of a newly-independent nation, and who assists with the creation of a widely adopted national identity. Nurse Dorothy Bradley, of Burrell Boom village, surpasses the requirement of a nation builder in whichever sense you look at it: she was pivotal in the drive for independence and the smooth transition from colony to independent state, she has always sought methods of including her people as Belizeans, as opposed to excluding them along distinctions of colour, religion or political preference, and perhaps most importantly she has served our nation as a midwife, rural nurse, woman’s advocate and community activist for more than half a century. At 15 she returned to Burrell Boom and immediately found a need among her fellow villagers for a career to assist women in childbirth, which in those days confined new mother’s to bed for the first nine days of motherhood. It didn’t take long to everyone in the village to seek Dorothy’s assistance and care, and she spent several years volunteering her services in this capacity. This fostered a proactive instinct in Dorothy which matured in the aftermath hurricane Janet which struck the Belize River Valley in 1955, and isolated numerous communities in the area. It was around this time that she met George Price and begun her work with the PUP. Working in Burrell Boom as a

care giver, Dorothy’s potential as a midwife was recognized, and she was given the opportunity to study nursing at the Belize Hospital. In 1957 Dorothy begun her studies to become a midwife. After graduation Dorothy returned to Burrell Boom as a midwife, but quickly realized that the villagers required a holistic medical service provider, and she later returned to qualify as a Rural Health Nurse. Once fully qualified, there wasn’t a district in Belize that didn’t crave Nurse Bradley’s presence and assistance. She accepted multiple postings, from her local area to Benque, Seine Bight, Corozal, Mango Creek, Maskall, and just about every other remote area in the country. Nurse Bradley never complained about her conditions, even though in retrospect she is amazed at some of the feats she accomplished: from surviving nights drifting in sea in broken boats, to bicycling at 3 am down deserted paths from a birth to her house, to living in less-than

adequate quarters far from her friends and family. She remembers one time feeling hopeless, despair in the Valley of Peace, where both the accommodation and her clinic were inadequate clayfloored palapas, and as she decided to leave the village, she heard a voice from above instructing her, “don’t leave my people”. And with this Guidance from God, she chose to stay and continue helping those most needy people in her vicinity. Dorothy has had her fair share of ups and downs, including marrying a man who never really valued her intrinsic qualities, and her recent diagnosis of intestinal cancer. But her strength is awe-inspiring, for even in adverse times, she is grateful to the Lord for all that he has bestowed in her throughout her life. She seems completely unaware of the extent of her remarkable qualities and perseverance to serve her country: even after retiring from the medical health service in 1994, she went on to deliver more than 500 babies in a make shift clinic in her home in Burrell Boom, and even those patients who were unable to afford the care were never turned away. She has given everything in her grasp to the betterment of others. Two mothers who were unable to care for their children left babies in the capable care of Dorothy, who adopted and cared for the boys throughout their childhood, alongside her own biological son,

Juan. She focused on teaching school children the importance of responsible citizenship during her free time; she also dedicated time to campaigning for a better, healthier country for all citizens under the PUP, she agreed as a Justice of the Peace and is recognized as a Lay minister for the sick and needy in critical times. Throughout her years of service, Dorothy remained humble and honest, just two of her marvelous qualities for which she has been recognized on multiple occasions. Her walls are adorned with certificates and awards, including a Certificate of Services from the Refugee Department, recognition as a Belizean patriot from Governor General, Sir Colville Young, being named as the First Honorary Commissioner for the Millennium Development Goals in Belize, and multiple certificates of service recognition from various parties and places. When Love FM broadcast a feature of Nurse Dorothy during Women’s Week earlier this year, it sparked reactions from the nation which – without exception – all had something positive to say about this exemplary woman. Dorothy Bradley is an inspiration. She has made a direct difference to thousands – perhaps even tens of thousands – of people’s lives here in Belize. And she believes that all she has achieved, and all she has given, is first and foremost the result of her respect and devotion to God, a mantra that has remained with her from her days in Elementary School to the day she was called by her God. The People’s United Party is grateful for the life of Nurse Dorothy Bradley, may she rest in peace.


The Belize Times

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SPECIAL EDITION Happy Birthday, Belize! Hello everyone! Are you having fun?! It is our 29th birthday so I know you are! Well we have one lucky winner from our short story contest her name is Jahzmine Ramirez! I’m really sorry all the stories we got couldn’t win but keep an eye out for our next competition. We have to say thanks to the Image Factory Bookstore for the wonderful gift for Jahzmine! I hope you enjoy Jahzmine’s story just as much as I did… My best experience for the tenth or twenty first day of September is one I will never forget. My mom had just come home from the hospital. She was laughing an talking with us. She said she had a surprise for us. We did not think that it was anything like we would get for Christmas. We were happy she was home and better. She told us to go get ready. When we came out of the bathroom, she put three brand new clothes on the bed for me and my two little brother. The shirt was white and it had Belize flag on the front. We did not know how we would get to Memorial Park. My mom smile at the same time my dad come in the house in his uniform. My dad is a BDF and he goes to bush for his job, sometimes he is goes for two weeks straight. He got time off because he helped save a farmer. The farmer had come cross the river from Guatemala and almost drowned. My dad tell us about his story and he went to bathe. Then he come out with the same shirt. So all of us have on the same shirt. He carry us out and he bought us everything we wanted. He bought ice. He buy us cotton candy. He bought soft drinks and barbeque. The people in the parade were hype up. They were smiling and waving, and there was a man on a high bike that was red, white and blue. I saw our neighbor along with the other girls from Queen of the Bay. We got sweet and rulers off the float and my father help to fight to get us the things that the lady off the truck was throwing in the crowd. My dad gave us a game if we could sing the anthem the fastest we get five dollars. People look at us funny but we had fun when we were waiting for the parade to pass again. Because I am the oldest I got to be in charge of the camera and I take a lot of pictures. I still have them on the computer. When by the time we ready to go home we told my mom about it and showed her the pictures on the camera. She was happy. The pictures made her laugh and laugh. But I think she was happy because we each bring her something from out of town. I bring her a boil corn with mayonnaise, ketchup and cheese cause that is her favorite. I will never forget that tenth. I tell my youngest brother about it all the time but he is too small to remember it. By Jahzmine Bianca Ramirez, 11yrs old

Belize Da Fu We: Looking Back in our History…

Riddle Me this Riddle Me That…

Can you guess which of our former leaders made this statement? “Our development and our growth shall not be by paths that would deprive us of the ownership and control of our assets and resources. We shall not attempt to enhance and increase our treasures by ways that would make us in the end second class citizens or servants to new masters.”


6. This well-known female political leader worked to improve housing and education in Belize.


1. He formed the organisation called Labour and Unemployed Association (LUA)which fought for jobs and better wages for Belizeans in the early 1930s. 2. He is known for giving up his own freedom and fighting to help Belizean slaves gain their freedom. 3. This brave slave and another brave slave Sharper led the slave revolt of 1820. 4. This hardworking nurse and Nurse Vivian Seay from the group the Black Cross Nurses are well-known for dedicating their lives to community service. 5. He was an important leader in the 1919 riot by Belizean troops who had returned home from World I protesting the unequal and racist treatment they received while fighting for the British. The words of his song "Land of the God's" became our national anthem.

ANSWERS: History of Belize - 6. Gwendolyn Lizarraga, 1. Antonio Soberanis, 2. Charles Freeman, 3. Will, 4. Cleopatra White, 5. Samuel Haynes Riddle - Rt. Hon. George C. Price Last Week's Belize Da Fu We 1. Burnaby's Code 3. Monday 4. Village 5. Eight 6. Cottage 2. Cayo Casina

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The Belize Times



by: Godwin B. Sutherland Sr. changes in social consciousness and In recent years the world’s people community institutions. have been looking to alternative processes It is not to suggest that such a and strategies that can in some ways model will be the panacea for quelling reclaim common ground from which the impending social unraveling taking reconciliation can occur after society stops place in our country. However, honestly functioning, as we know it. One such speaking with a view to understanding and strategy being used over the last three enhancing our social and economic justice decade is the Truth and Reconciliation is better than killing each other. If we dare concept. The concept, has been employed to look around at neighboring countries, extensively in Africa and Latin America, we see no evidence of cessations of and has developed into an effective violence but serious escalation. The time global strategy for dealing with war to take a comprehensive look at ourselves crimes and other human rights abuses. is now. The time to reaffirm our Belizean Restorative justice is the approach used. identity is now and the time to prepare The popularity of the approach is in the for the future with truth, justice and fact that it differs from the customary reconciliation is now. adversarial and retributive justice. Yes I I am aware that several countries that know! I hear you saying loudly, we want have undergone this process recognize that our pound of flesh. true reconciliation, cannot be based on It seems to this writer that over impunity. It requires justice, not amnesties time the customary adversarial and and it means seeing truth commission retributive justice has not always reports as a starting point, not a point produce the convictions required. This of closure. In Belize, we need not wait conclusion is borne out in several reports until our society’s unraveling become so and statements, including that of the totally as to lead to complete disregard for Ombudsman. We can attempt to convict our institutions and what they represent. a few and if we were to utilize probability We need not wait until our society begins given current levels of conviction rates, believing that our leaders are not always a guess could easily be hazard as to the acting from a position of nationalism probable outcome. So we agitate, we hope, or until the intensification of gang led we look to new leaders and all the while violence so change our way of life that we the social upheavals engulf us. There can look to them for the guarantees that ought be no doubt that the quality of leadership to be provided by our institutions. is important as is the pool of advisors they I was startled by the somewhat surround themselves with. When leaders unconstitutional comment made by TRUTH, ANDMinister RECONCILIATION loseBELIZEAN their wayNATIONALISM: and the confidence of JUSTICE the the of Police, the honorable citizenry, atonement is rightly expected Douglas Singh, on the Police show of making way for a process of healing. August 31, 2010. He appeared to say Truth often among other things that “I would ask the In recentand yearsreconciliation the world’s peopleishave beensought looking to alternative processes and strategies that then can in the somecoming ways reclaim common ground from which reconciliation can occur after and together. criminals to please allow us to have a safe society stops functioning, as we know it. One such strategy being used over the last three Truth and reconciliation is a process September celebration…” Well I think decade is the Truth and Reconciliation concept. The concept, has been employed extensively in that seeks healand relations thatglobal statement was indeed Africa and Latin to America, has developedbetween into an effective strategy for dealing with loaded. It may opposing by uncovering all pertinent an isacknowledgment of the grim reality war crimes sides and other human rights abuses. Restorative be justice the approach used. The popularitydistinguishing of the approach is truth in the fact that it lies, differs from facts, from forthe lawcustomary abidingadversarial citizens.andFor the sake of retributive justice. Yes I know! I hear you saying loudly, we want our pound of flesh. and allowing for acknowledgement, the enormous responsibility placed on his appropriate mourning, shoulders with justice respect to law and order, It seems to this public writer that over time theforgiveness customary adversarial and retributive has not and in most cases isI borne will out hesitate on the alwayshealing. produce the Although convictions required. This conclusion in severalfrom reportselaborating and statements, including that of are the Ombudsman. We can to convict a few if weawere truth commissions sponsored byattempt implication of and such statement, except to utilize probability given current levels of conviction rates, a guess could easily be hazard as to governments, the focus often is on giving to wish all a safe September celebration the probable outcome. So we agitate, we hope, we look to new leaders and all the while the victims, witnesses andThere even and to say thatis important it is still social upheavals engulf us. canperpetrators be no doubt thatathe quality of leadership as important for chance toofpublicly tell their stories without us leaders to hold to the belief that is the pool advisors they surround themselves with. When loseconfidently their way and the confidence of the citizenry, atonement is rightly expected making way for a process healing. fear of prosecution. our security forcesofwill prevail. But does Truth and reconciliation is often sought and then the coming together. The first such truth commission the statement not reinforce that the time was in Uganda in that 1974. The to search a national Truth formed and reconciliation is a process seeks to heal relations betweenfor opposing sides by renewal based South African Truth and truth is now? It uncovering all pertinent facts, Reconciliation distinguishing truth on from lies, and and reconciliation allowing for acknowledgement, mourning, forgiveness and be healing. in most Commission is appropriate however public the Commission may that Although we could look to the truth cases truth commissions are sponsored by governments, the focus often is on giving victims, most well known. More than thirty and reconciliation process as a unifying witnesses and even perpetrators a chance to publicly tell their stories without fear of nations, which include Peru, Ghana, East way that could strengthen our Belizean prosecution. Timor and Sierra Leone, have utilized the nationalism and ensure that the real issues The first such truth commission formedthe in Uganda The South African Truth and truth commission modelwas during past in 1974. of development and enhanced quality of Reconciliation Commission is however the Commission most well known. More than thirty three decades. The table below shows life of every Belizean, especially the most nations, which include Peru, Ghana, East Timor and Sierra Leone, have utilized the truth examples of countries that are among vulnerable can be secured by progressive commission model during the past three decades. The table below shows examples of countries thatused are among those that used the process. those that the process. actions of patriotic leaders. The month Country Commission Name of September Argentina Comision Nacional sobre la Desparicion de Personas (1983) is our time Bolivia Comision Nacionalde Investigacion de Desaparecidos (1982) where we wear Chile Comision Nacional de Verdad y Reconciliacion (1990) or nationalistic Guatemala Commission for Historical Clarification (1997) pride the most Panama Truth Commission ( 2001) visibly, yet we Paraguay Comision de Verdad y Justicia (2003) are reminded El Salvador Comision de la Verdad para El Salvador (1992) The United States of America The Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the horrific (2004) crimes of The Greensboro Truth and the past year and the struggles of more Reconciliation Commission may be a good than half of our population living in case study for Belize. The Commission poverty. The social unraveling has led was established as an independent body many to write such as Bobby Lopez of seven highly respected individuals in the August 29, 2010 edition of the appointed through a democratic and Amandala newspaper that it is “A time for community-wide nomination and prayer and a time to fly your flag at half selection process. It draws on similar mast.” In search for TRUTH, Henry G. efforts from around the world, the Gordon in treating with the recall of an Commission’ mission was to examine elected Representative wrote “Belizeans, "the context, causes, sequence and if we continue refusing to wisely amend consequence of the events of November the institutional structures of our 3, 1979" for the purpose of healing government, as described in the Belize transformation for the community. Constitution, then the laudable principles, The specific goals of the Commission beliefs and needs, so clearly articulated in were: healing and reconciliation of the the Preamble of the Constitution as the community, clarifying the confusion and bedrock of good governance in Belize will reconciling the fragmentation caused continue to be no more than a mirage.” I suppose my quest in writing is due by these events and their aftermath, acknowledging and recognizing people's to my belief that a key to staving off or feelings and helping to facilitate positive arresting the social unraveling in Belize

has to do with embracing concepts drawn from world’s example and examining the merits of application to Belize’s challenges. One such concept is the use of retrospective justice as a means of examining our past and present in order to forge a more caring and nationalistic tomorrow. Few can deny that we have been witnessing, before our very eyes, the disintegration of our security of life, freedom and many of our inalienable rights. Amidst the frustration, such works as the Gayle’s report point to the problem and also indicates that it is not too late for positive interventions to yield benefits. Operation Jaguar, Restore Belize and the strengthening of our laws are all kinds of responds to the new Belizean reality but these are not national in nature, they are political and Government devised strategies, what is still needed is a national coming together to ensure sustainability. So where am I going with this you may be thinking. Is it not clear from all we have been reading, hearing, witnessing that the search should be for a mechanism to provide healing for a nation that has gone skeptical about the institutions, society and leaders? The

church may not be immune from this vacuum in Christian leadership. Belizean nationalism must be defined by truth, justice and reconciliation and we must be willing to continue thinking outside the box in order to secure a brighter future for our jewel. There is much cause for hope as we celebrate at 29. We have witnessed alongside the egregious killings in our street, a people exhibiting great inner strength in times of disaster, in times of sickness and in death, strength to hold on to the dream of a better Belize. Strength and caring are truly great hallmarks of our Belizean heritage but these qualities need to be buttressed by truth, justice and reconciliation across the nation and in the diaspora. God bless our Belize and efforts as we work towards what defines our Belizean nationalism and as we endeavor to create a more perfect nation. I am Belize the image but I am also Belize the enduring ideas including truth, justice and reconciliation. The premise of this discourse is not meant to in anyway suggest that due process should not be visited upon individuals who have broken the law or lose the confident of the people.


By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgagee made the 5th day of July, 1995, between JANET ROBERTS and ENRIQUE ROBERTS both of Santa Maria Street, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, of the one part and SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. of the other part and recorded at the Land Titles Unit in Deeds Book Volume 15 of 1995 at Folios 649 – 674, and the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. will at the expiration of three months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD.

Sc de Re Co giv as da an W SC rec of liz da de

Al wr ob

SCHEDULE ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 581 comprising of 557.351 Square Metres situate in Louisiana Farm Lots Layout, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District bounded and described as shown by Plan No. 72 of 2003 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections thereon. (Property now declared under Registration Section - Orange Walk Town Block 4 Parcel 3195.)

AL co Es an att TO be tio

DATED this 30th day of August, 2010

DA MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street, Belize City Attorneys-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.


The Belize Times

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Giovanni Choto wins 2010 Lionman Triathlon

The 2006 Lionman champ Giovanni Choto came back to reclaim his title as the 2010 Lionman champion in the annual triathlon held by the Belize Triathlon Association in the sea and along the Sandlighter’s Promenade in Belize City this Sunday morning. Belizeans won almost all the top positions, which had been dominated by the Guatemalans from Peten for the past three years. Veteran Dr Ramon Figueroa, who has been competing every year in the Lionman triathlon since it began in 2000, was the first out of the water on the swimming leg of the race. Giovanni came out of the water some 8 minutes behind, but his skill on the bicycle helped him make up time in the 24 kilometre cycling stage of the race. Notwithstanding that he suffered a puncture and had to get help from race officials to change his wheel, and

then had to do a second repair when the spindle broke, Giovanni was able to catch up to Dr Figueroa before the end of the ride, and was first off his bike to change into running shoes for the 10 kilometre running part of the race. This was Figueroa’s forte, but Giovanni hung on to his lead in run to clock in at the 2:36:06 mark and win the $500 1st prize in the elite division, the champion’s trophy, a gift basket from San Cas and a gift certificate from BakaBush Tours. Dr Figueroa was only a minute behind clocking 2:37:05 to win the $300 2nd prize, a trophy and a gift package from SMART Speednet. He also won the $150 1st prize and a trophy in the Master’s division. Jay Essam of the British Forces Belize was clocked at 2:39:00 and won the $150 3rd place prize, a trophy, a gift basket

from San Cas and a gift certificate from Croc Land. Giovanni’s big brother and fellow cyclist Jose Choto had placed 2nd and crossed the finish line together with Giovanni in 2006; he clocked 2:40:15 to take 4th place. Another veteran, Alison Trapp of BATSUB, clocked 2:48:50 to take 5th place and win the $100 2nd prize in the Masters’ division. Three time Lionman champ, Kenroy “Smoke” Gladden, clocked 2:50:06 to take 6th place, while the Coast Guard’s Linden Rojas clocked 2:53:20 to finish 7th, David Pollard finished 8th in 2:56:00, and Stuart Frost was 9th in 2:56:30. Anthony Leslie clocked 3:02:02 to place 10th overall, also winning the $150 1st prize in the Junior division and another $100 prize as the youngest in the race. Ex-Lionman champ Glen Jones was clocked at 3:03:08 and placed 11th overall but also won the $75 3rd prize in the

Masters’ division. Rigoberto Rivas, (3:03:41) finished 12th; John Smith (3:03:51) finished 13th overall and 4th among the Masters; Elmer Rivas, (3:17:24) was 14th and Wilhelm Bailey (3:44:31) finished 15th overall and 5th among the Masters. Kaya Cattouse completed the course in 3:56:08 to finish 16th overall but also won the $500 1st prize as the only female in the race. Former female champ Shalini Zabaneh did not participate this year. Enrique Cut (4:11:22) was 17th, while Luis Ramirez clocked 4:15:15 to finish 18th overall, win the $100 2nd place prize in the Junior division and was awarded the “Heart of a Lion” award. Douglas Aspinal (4:29:37) finished 19th, and Dr David Hoy clocked in at 4:29:37 to round out the top 20, and place 6th among the Masters. The 7th masters’ triathlete Roy Gillett, was at 63 years, the oldest in the race and clocked in at 5 hours to finish 21st. He won a trophy, a $100 prize as the oldest and a gift basket from San Cas.

Spectrum Designs wins 2010 Annual Corporate Relay Triathlon Team Spectrum Designs trio of athletes finished the course in 2:38:25 to win the annual corporate relay triathlon held by the Belize Triathlon Association conjunction with the Lionman triathlon today. Diane Gillett swam the 2 laps in the sea, Alexander Graniel rode the 24km cycling stage and Louis Haulze ran the 10 km to win the $300 1st prize, a trophy, a gift basket from San Cas, and gift certificates from Body 2000 and from Baka-Bush Tours. Team Coast Guard which fielded Jaimala Requena in the swim, junior cyclist Joel Borland on the bike and veteran long marathon runner Marco Castellanos doing the 10km actually finished 1st in 2:38:15, ahead of Spectrum Designs, but had a 20 second penalty added to their time because Joel Borland crossed the finish line on his bike

before he dismounted, a rule infraction, so they had to be content with the $200 2nd prize and a trophy. Team Ragga, Kaya Cattouse in the swim, elite cyclist Brandon Cattouse on the bike and junior cyclist Ron Mckenzie on the run clocked 2:50:19 to win the $100 3rd prize and a trophy. Te a m E m b a s s y O n e Sherania Thummalapally in the swim, Aaron White on the ride

and Paul Tractenburg on the run were 4th; Team Peanut Butter of Peace Corps’ - Kaitlyn Jonsen in the swim, Cyrus Mira on the ride and Cali Zimmerman on the run finished 5th; and Team San Cas of Leroy Cassasola in the swim, Giovanni “Froggy” Leslie on the bike and Janina Moreno on the run finished 6th. Team Bad Arthur of Jane Salazar in the swim, Jason Badillo on the ride and Albert Garcia in the run finished 7th.

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The Belize Times


Corozal Nizhee stops City Boys 1-0

Nizhee Corozal shut out No.1 seeded City Boys 1-0 in Game 1 of the Belize Bank Super League football championship finals at the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal on Sunday. It was a stunner for some fans since City Boys had blanked Nizhee 1-zip when they last met at the MCC Garden and had held Nizhee to a scoreless draw at the Ricalde Stadium during the playoffs. T h e C i t y B oy s s e e m e d t o be knackered perhaps from September Celebrations partying as they came out flat, and the Nizhee offensive had no trouble keeping the ball in the visitors’ half of the field. Darnell Mossiah

and Michael “Chenko” Whittaker led the Nizhee offensive with the help of Christian Pena and Russell Casanova on the wings and midfielders by Alberto Yam and Uriel Yam. The City boys’ defenders Tyrone L i n a r e s, M a r k G r a n t , S h aw n Thurton and Godson Michel, had their work cut out to contain the Nizhee attacks and gave up several corner kicks, which put the pressure on MVP goalie Charlie Slusher to grab or punch the ball clear. But the Nizhee strikers refused to give up and their persistence paid off in the 39th minutes when Uriel Yam forwarded a pass to Darnell Mossiah who got away from Mark

Grant to blast the ball past Charlie Slusher for what would prove to be the winning goal. The Nizhee squad led 1-0 at the half time break after which the Nizhee technical director introduced Eduardo “Gigante” Perez, Sergio Villanueva and Arieni Swazo into the ball game in hope of getting another goal with the intention of sealing the win. Their pressure presented two g olden oppor tunities but Michael Whittaker missed twice even though he had escaped the defenders and had an open look at goal. C ity Boys’ Da lto n “ Po l l o ” C a y e t a n o, R a y m o n d “ K i l l a ” Gentle, Jason Young and Whitfield Patnett sought to equalize but Nizhee g oalie Benito Moreira and defenders Antonio Castillo, Kenny Canul, Randy Casanova and Andrew Allen pushed them back to the half way line to keep the play in the visitors’ side of the field for most of the 2nd half C i t y b oy s ’ H a i t i a n i m p o r t Diennemercy Pierre, alongside Raymond Gentle and Cayetano all set table for Tyrone “T-Bone” Muschamp, but Muschamp missed all 3 shots at g oal. With time running out, the City boys’ coach introduced Jack Dawson into the

ball game to relieve Whitfield Pa t n e t t a n d H a i t i a n i m p o r t Johnson Semexant for Jason Young, but the City boys’ attacks fizzled against a bristling Nizhee defense that shut them out until the long whistle. Game2 comes up at the MCC Grounds on Sunday, September 12, when it will be do or die or City boys. The Corozal squad will be looking for a big win to take home the $25,000 1st prize and the championship trophy. City boys are hoping that they will not have to settle for the $10,000 2nd prize.

Tuff E’Nuff wins Interoffice basketball champs

The Tuff E’Nuff relegated Atlantic Bank to bridesmaid status for the second consecutive year with a 46-42 win in Game 3 of the finals to win the 2010 Smart Speednet Belize City Interoffice Basketball Championship at the Belize City Center tonight. An exhibition game preceded

the championship final, in which Digicell Balling for Life senior champs UB Black Jaguars won 52-44 against the interoffice 3rd place winners, Telemedia 'Digicell'. UB’s Stephen 'Muerte' Williams scored 14 pts and grabbed 10 rebounds and blocked a shot whilst teammates Leroy Louriano added

11 pts, grabbed 2 rebounds and handed out an assist. D i g i c e l l ’s A s h l e y H e m s l e y scored 10 pts and snag g ed 3 rebounds and dished out 2 assists, and Jamaal Kelly added 9 pts and grabbed 2 rebounds and blocked a shot, and handed out an assist. In the championship final, playoff MVP Ashton Edwards scored 18 pts for Tuff e’Nuff and grabbed 4 rebounds. Eugene “Jay” Jex scored 9 pts and grabbed 7 rebounds and a steal while handing out one assist for the victory. Atlantic Bank’s Andrew “Head” Staine scored 16 pts and stole the ball once, while Leon “Bigs” Williams added 8 pts and grabbed 15 rebounds, blocked 2 shots and stole the ball once, and also handing off an assist. In the trophy ceremony which followed the final game, Jacob “Snake” Leslie of First Caribbean - Quan's Trading Co. won the Most Valuable player award for the Regular Season, and also won the Top-scorer award. The Best Rebounder award went to Dwayne Davis of Youth for the Future, and

the Most Assists award went to Marlon Middleton of Alamilla's Furniture - Cellular Plus. Bernard Felix of Guardian – Housing won the Most Steals award, while Jamaal Kelly of Telemedia 'Digicell' was voted Defensive Player of the tournament. Rico Black of Tuff e Nuff won the Coach of the Year award, and Ashton Edwards of Tuff e Nuff won the Most Valuable player award for the playoffs.


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Team Police wins 2010 Interoffice softball marathon

Team Police won the two-day softball marathon to kick off the 2010 Belize City Interoffice Softball Tour nament at “T he Home of Softball”, the Rogers Stadium in Belize City over the weekend. In Game 1 on Saturday afternoon, the Belize City Council beat St John’s College alumni 8-5. In Game 2 Digicell outscored British Caribbean Bank 9-8. In Game 3, the Police crushed Nestle’s Crunch Barber Shop 17-4.

Jody Ingram, Dorian Jones, Jeremy McCullough and Brent Hamilton each hit home runs, while Ingram, Nicole Arnold and Jones scored two r uns each, and Hamilton and McCullough scored three runs each. Relief pitcher Leonora Morales also scored a run. In Game 4 Ministry of Education won 8-5 over BEL Powersockets. In Game 5, the British Caribbean Bank recovered from their first loss to swat the SJC alumni 9-0 In Game 6, the BEL

Powersockets also recovered from their first loss to chew up Nestle’s Cr unch Barber Shop 17-2 on Saturday. In Game 7 Digicell trounced the defending champions Belize City Council 10-5, handing them their first loss. In Game 8, the nightcap on Saturday, the Police had handed the Ministry of Education their 1st defeat when Ingram, Nicole Arnold, Jones, McCullough, and Randy Sanchez came home in the 1st inning, and the MOE could only muster three runs by Mushae Macdonald, Jamela Bradley and Joseph Domingo in their half of the opening stanza. Jones and McCullough would again cross the plate in the 2nd inning, but MOE would tie the game when Macdonald, Bradley, Yvonne Davis and C l a u d e t te Williams came home. But McCullough and Hamilton would hit home runs in the 3rd inning and only Bradley would score for MOE as Police eked out the 1-run victory. In Game 9, the first game on Sunday morning MOE got their mojo back and eliminated British Caribbean Bank 8-7.

In Game 10, BCC eliminated the BEL Powersockets 12-10. In Game 11, the Police handed Digicell their 1st loss 14-13. In Game 12 the Ministry of Education advanced to the semifinals cour tesy of a 12-4 v i c t o r y ove r t h e B e l i z e C i t y Council. In Game 13, Digicell returned to the finals by eliminating MOE 6-2. Under the lights in Game 14, the police team secured a 11-7 win against Telemedia Digicell. The Police led 4-3 when Jody Ingram, Nicole Arnold, Dorian Jones and Brent Hamilton came home in the top of the first inning, while only Digicell’s Otis Clother, Lupito Acosta and pitcher Francis Usher came home in the bottom of the 1st. The police lead grew to 9-6 when Ingram, Jones, Jeremy Mucullough, Hamilton and Erwin Augustus came home in the top of the 2nd inning while only Digicell’s Clother, Kimani Williams and Emily Audinette came home in the bottom of the 2nd. Jones scored another run in the top of the 3rd and only Digicell’s Shanti Roches came home in the 3rd.

Surprise cricket champs host Florida cricketers

Surprise Cricket Club The national cricket champions, the Surprise Cricket Club of Lemonal p l ayed a friendly match with a v i siting cricket team from Florida, USA, whom the Belize National Cricket Association hosted in Ber mudian Landing over the weekend. T h e U. S. c r i c k e t e r s w h o are also physicians, also

conducted a successful health clinic i n B er mu d i a n L a n d i n g o n S a t u r d a y, S e p t e m b e r 4 , 2010. The team of nine doctors attended to 170 patients from the Belize River Valley d u r i n g th e cl i n i c. The National Cricket C h a m p i o n , S u r p r i s e C r i cke t Club won the match. T he v i s i t i n g t e a m , o f w h i ch t h e

Florida Cricket Team, USA United States Ambassador was a player, batted first and the visitors were able to amass 43 runs in their innings. Eashwar Nyshadham to p s co r ed wi th 1 1 r u n s. S u r p r i s e b a t t e d 4 9 r u n s, with 10 wickets to spare, in their innings to win the m a tch . H er b er t B a n n er to p scored with 21 runs and

E d wa r d B u l l to o k 3 wi ckets f o r S u r p r i s e. The Belize National Cricket Association would like to t h a n k D r. Jay a n t h R a o, D r. Pe t e r A l l e n a n d t h e U n i t e d States Ambassador Vinai Thummalapally for their help in org anizing the health cl i n i c a n d cr i cket m a tch .



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of the

Sunday, September 12, 2010



drinks on sale by the street side vendors. Sometimes a few people end up sick. This happens not just because of the food, but a combination of the food, the dust, heat and the overall atmosphere. For many Belizean/Americans, the annual September trip home includes eating; the temptation to indulge in some tasty treat that they do not normally consume can have a negative effect. While our staff at the Belize Times are happy to see some economic activity during the celebrations, we also want to help all Belizeans and visitors to enjoy the great foods that will be on sale at the many events, but we also want everyone to be safe and avoid getting sick. Food contamination, which is often caused by foods that are undercooked or not properly stored at the event at which it is being sold to the public, can carry bacteria resulting in nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea. These contaminants can take as long as 72 hours before they make you sick but if you listen to your body, you will be aware of the bloating, griping and even a slight fever creeping up on you.

One of the biggest sellers by street side vendors and loved by Belizeans is the variety of fruits like papayas, golden plumbs, water melon, and other fresh fruits. If these fruits are out in the sun too long, or fresh fruit juices that are not kept cold, you can get sick. As with anything, check before you eat. Your eyes and nose are your first line

of defense when eating on the street; if it looks funny or smells funny- don’t eat it! Otherwise, enjoy and take note of the pointers listed below. Savor safely! !Buen provecho, salud! What to look out for • Find out when the food was prepared. If prepared food stands at room temperature for more than 2 hours, it

may not be safe to eat. • Make sure your vendor is handling your food properly. • Make sure your vendor is keeping cold food cold and hot food hot. • For vendors, make sure that hot foods like rice and beans are kept hot at 140°F or higher. • If you are buying cooked food to take home, reheat when you get it home to at least 165°F. • Refrigerate or freeze perishables, produce, prepared food, and leftovers within 2 hours. • If you are hosting the September party, never defrost food on the kitchen counter. Use the refrigerator, cold running water, or the microwave oven. This September hundreds of vendors will spread out across Belize selling everything from boil corn to snow cone with milk. The children will especially go for the sweet stuff, while visitors will be encouraged to try something Belizean. In most cases the product will be good and it will be tasty, so enjoy yourself, drink a lot of liquids and follow our tips and you will have a great experience that will delight your pallet. Cheers.

of the end of summer entering a new class, even a new school for high school and post secondary freshmen, they can find some new peer pressures coming on them this season. If they are driving for the first time, that new responsibility has its own levels of stress. The increase in personal freedoms brings an equal increase in responsibilities and an increase in social activities such as dating, partying, recreational travel (watching carnival in another city/town) . All these must be balanced with the first half of the semester workload. Take a look at the stress scale for non adults below and see why the next generation is running on overdrive. What to do? SLOW DOWN... iwth the financial and other pressures already weighing on our shoulders (see stress quotient) of all age groups, celebrate sensibly, with restraint in all areas. “Fun no have to bring Bu(r)n”. Chillax. Let the celebration begin... To measure stress according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, the number of "Life Change Units" that apply to events in the past year of an individual's life are added and the final score will give a rough estimate of how stress affects health.

Change in financial state 38 Death of a close friend 37 Change to different line of work 36 Change in frequency of arguments 35 Major mortgage 32 Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30 Change in responsibilities at work 29 Child leaving home 29 Trouble with in-laws 29 Outstanding personal achievement 28 Spouse starts or stops work 26 Begin or end school 26 Change in living conditions 25 Revision of personal habits 24 Trouble with boss 23 Change in working hours or conditions 20 Change in residence 19 Change in recreation 19 Change in social activities 18 Minor mortgage or loan 17 Change in sleeping habits 16 Change in number of family reunions 15 Change in eating habits 15 Vacation 13 Christmas 12 Minor violation of law 11 Score of 300+: At risk of illness. Score of 150-299+: Risk of illness is moderate (reduced by 30% from the above risk). Score 150-: Only have a slight risk of illness. Pre-Teens, Teenagers & Non-adults A modified scale has also been developed for non-adults. Similar to the adult scale, stress points for life events in the past year are added and compared to the rough estimate of how stress affects health. Life Event 1 Life Change Units2 Getting married 95 Unwed pregnancy 100 Death of parent 100 Being a Junior in high school 92 Acquiring a visible deformity 80 Divorce of parents 90 Fathering an unwed pregnancy 70

Jail sentence of parent for over 1 year 70 Marital separation of parents 69 Death of a brother or sister 68 Change in acceptance by peers 67 Pregnancy of unwed sister 64 Discovery of being an adopted child 63 Marriage of parent to stepparent 63 Death of a close friend 63 Having a visible congenital deformity 62 Failure of a grade in school 56 Not making an extracurricular activity 55 Hospitalization of a parent 55 Jail sentence of parent for over 30 days 53 Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend 53 Beginning to date 51 Suspension from school 50 Becoming involved with drugs or alcohol 50 Birth of a brother or sister 50 Increase in arguments between parents 47 Loss of job by parent 46 Outstanding personal achievement 46 Change in parent's financial status 45 Accepted at college of choice 43 Being a senior in high school 42 Hospitalization of a sibling 41 Increased absence of parent from home 38 Brother or sister leaving home 37 Addition of third adult to family 34 Becoming a full fledged member of a church 31 Decrease in arguments between parents 27 Decrease in arguments with parents 26 Mother or father beginning work 26 Score of 300+: At risk of illness. Score of 150-299+: Risk of illness is moderate. (reduced by || 30% from the above risk) Score 150-: Slight risk of illness.


We tend to overuse the term “stress” and as a result, do not address the seriousness of prolonged, sustained exposure to the lifestyle and life experiences that can damage our psyche and harm our bodies – stress. The better way to define stress to think of it as an overbearing weight upon our bodies and minds. If one puts too much weight in any one area of a structure, such as a bridge, it causes unequal wear and can result in damage to that area and eventually to the entire structure over time. Same thing happens to us; we will get “sick” physically and otherwise if we allow too much stress in our daily lives. The holidays this entire month may seem like a much needed break and therefore a time to “free up” from the stresses of daily life in Belize. Truth is, holiday seasons are some of the most stress filled times on a person's calendar. Firstly, it comes on the heals of the bank breaking back-to-school season which finds parents and students going into overdrive, especially since this year the costs are higher and the funds are less readily available. Throw in the constant state of threat that we live under with crime being at an all time high and the fact that the effects of high stress circumstances takes one to three months to manifest and you have some people on the verge of stress overload. Then comes the visiting relatives from the USA and the districts who come in to hang for the Tenth and Twenty-first . According to the “Stress Scale” listed below, just the reunion is an addition of 18 units of stress. Changes in social activities, like going out more, drinking more and otherwise socializing with these relatives can add stress quotients of 13-19 units. Yes, there literally is a price to pay for having fun with the family. For young persons, the September celebrations coming on the heels

Life event 2

Life change units2

Death of a spouse 100 Divorce 73 Marital separation 65 Imprisonment 63 Death of a close family member 63 Personal injury or illness 53 Marriage 50 Dismissal from work 47 Marital reconciliation 45 Retirement 45 Change in health of family member 44 Pregnancy 40 Sexual difficulties 39 Gain a new family member 39 Business readjustment 39

Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Reflections A loss & a lesson…

By: Mike Rudon Jr. On Saturday, the nation and people of Belize suffered a terrible loss when Nurse Dorothy Bradley passed away quietly in her home in Burrell Boom after a prolonged illness. She died the way she lived, with little fanfare or hype. After a lifetime of serving the people of Belize, she was ready to go home to her Heavenly Father and she did so with dignity in the company of family and friends. By the time you read this, she will have been laid to rest in the village where she spent most of her life and where she was well loved. I had the privilege of visiting Miss Dorothy a couple weeks ago, just on a sudden whim. I had known for many months that she was fighting a life-threatening illness and thanks to the Boom grapevine on which my parents occupy several branches, I knew that she had been getting prog ressively weaker and wasn’t expected to last too much longer. She didn’t recognize me as I spoke to her for a few brief moments, but her resting place in the home told me the story of her life. On the wall behind her bed were pictures of the Father and faith she served all her life. Beside those pictures, in a place of honour was a large poster of PUP Party Leader John Briceno. Miss Dorothy dedicated her life to serving her God, her people and country and her Party, the People’s United Party. Her selfless contributions should never be forgotten. When I heard about the passing of Miss Dorothy this weekend I couldn’t help but think about her long years of service to her political Party, her last days in Burrell Boom and the current antics being played out in the PUP she loved and served so well. This quiet woman who believed in work and not useless words loved and believed in the PUP. She had ever y confidence that this g reat Party was the chosen ser vant of all Belizeans, the chosen builders of this nation, the leaders of the movement which would see our jewel to prog ressive g rowth and development. There was never a moment she was swayed from this path, never a time her love for the Blue could be doubted. When she was able she was present at every Party function in every corner of

the country, offering her humble but invaluable input sometimes and her unflinching support always. When she was no longer physically able to attend these events she always took the time to call in on Love FM to ask the Lord’s blessings for the leadership of the PUP…always. If she couldn’t be there, she trusted her God to guide the Party in the right direction. Even in the last days of her life Miss Dorothy never turned from her Party.

This gentle woman’s passing is a great loss – of that there can be no doubt. But there is also a lesson to be learned if the leadership of the PUP chooses to listen. T he Party has become to some extent a political circus – one in which it doesn’t pay to be the girl in a sequined bikini tied to a wheel cause the blindfolded knife-thrower IS aiming for your hear t. The PUP h a s b e c o m e a Pa r t y o f g a m e s a n d m o r e g a m e s, m e a s u r e s a n d counter-measures, one-upmanship and under mining strategies, petty e g o s, p e r s o n a l a g e n d a s, s t u p i d g ripes and personality conf licts. Somewhere along the way some people in the Executive and those throwing boulders from the shadows forgot that this isn’t about them. They forgot about people like Miss Dorothy and so many others here a n d g o n e w h o l ove d t h i s Pa r t y beyond all else and believed in this Party, forsaking all others. All those many people like Miss Dorothy didn’t know anything about political betrayal and backstabbing and the other games that people play. They wouldn’t have cared much for all the

26 closed-door meetings and back-door dealings because that should not be the nature of the great political Party which is the PUP. There is some indication that some form of unity is within reach, b u t e ve n n ow I h ave n o d o u b t that there are still those playing the most serious of games within t h e P U P. I t i s a p i t y t h a t M i s s Dorothy did not live to see her Party return to Belmopan, but perhaps it is a blessing that being ill these l a s t m a n y m o n t h s, s h e wa s n o t privy to the twisted machinations and manipulations of those who seem deter mined to under mine the leadership of the Party even if it means the destruction of the Party. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Nurse Dorothy Bradley ser ved George Price, then Said Musa and now John Briceno. For her there was no other way. She loved the Party and supported the Leader of the Party. There are those who would do well to take a page from the book of this humble, God-fearing woman who lived for service and for the PUP. She will be missed.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Strictly Personal Barrow is bogus!

by It was over a year ago that the Barrow administration sought to assure us that it was their moral duty to takeover Belize Telemedia L i m i t e d a n d t h a t i t wo u l d n o t become a millstone around the necks of the nation. Back then I had hoped that at worst it would only be Dean Oliver Barrow’s personal albatross. L i k e C o l e r i d g e ’s a n c i e n t mariner Dean Oliver was then only too eag er to tell the tale of his harrowing journey as a member of the crew of the Belize Holdings under the captaincy of his lordship, Baron Ashcroft, of Chichester in the County of West Sussex. On September 21st, the 29th anniversary of our hard won i n d e p e n d e n c e D e a n O l ive r w i l l present his takeover and sale to himself of our largest and most lucrative private company as yet another heroic chapter in the Battle with one of St. George’s men. He

will no doubt rift that it is fitting that as we celebrate our hard-fought, hard earned political independence from Britain, he has furthered our economic independence from the said same Brits by expropriating BTL from another dratted Brit. From where I sit it seems to me that Baron Ashcroft, of Chichester in the County of West Sussex, has q u i e t l y d ow n s i z e d a n d d ive s t e d much of his investment in Belize, and left the field that is Belize, at least for now. Only he knows if this is a tactical retreat, perhaps spurred on by the fear that Barrow, the legislative prestidigitator, may make more than a US$22.5 million mor tg ag e debenture loan by the Belize Bank to BTL disappear. (Remember this? “Government in its acquisition, in the order made by the Minister acquired that mortgage debenture which in effect means that g over nment is subrogated to the rights of the bank. Government steps in the shoes of the bank, government in fact then inhabits the space of the creditor. The mortgage debenture is thus in government’s favour and the loan to Telemedia that it secures is a loan that is now owed by Telemedia to government. Government has not assumed BTL’s debt. “T hat would mean that g overnment has stepped into the shoes of BTL, it is the complete opposite. Government has stepped into the shoes of the bank. So rather than government now owing

the loan in the place of Telemedia, government is the person to whom the loan is owed in the place of Belize Bank Turks and Cacios.” – Dean Barrow, November 25, 2009.) Fo r B a r o n A s h c r o f t , o f Chichester in the County of West Sussex, he may have had as much (if not more) as a billion invested in Belize. Now for some people “invested” is just another word for “at risk” so I can understand why he may have decided to decrease his exposure as they say, especially after the passage of another piece of legislation called the Supreme Court Judicature Amendment Bill. I suspect that on the 21st Barrow will announce what he has decided is the value of the shares, and by extension BTL, and that the Government of Belize, Social Security Board and possibly one or two other entities will buy what they deem is 60% of same. He will helpfully explain, for example, that BTL is worth say $250 million, and that SSB, which has $140 million in the banks, and $60 million in BEL, is investing $75 million or buying 25%, and the Government of Belize and local investors will make up the other 26%. (There are still a small percentage of shares that remained with small Belizean shareholders after the takeover.) As I understand it two foreign entities are being lobbied to buy 5% ($12.5 million) each. Barrow won’t be deterred by the fact that this reality is a far cry from the promise that BTL would be swiftly sold to foreign investors who were lined up and waiting in the wings to buy it. He believes that his actions still enjoys the majority support of the electorate, and that Baron Ashcroft, of Chichester in

27 the County of West Sussex, is in hasty retreat. On 21st Bar row will be announcing the first of what will turn out to be the largest transfer of the Belizean people’s money to Baron Ashcroft, of Chichester in the County of West Sussex. In one fell stroke back on August 24th, Dean Barrow increased our indebtness by hundreds of millions of dollars. The full tab that we will pay at this point is incalculable. In a time when foreign investment coming to Belize has shr unk by more than half, and is continuing to shrink, one has to wonder what is the compound effect of the “capital f light” of hundreds of millions of dollars by Baron Ashcroft, of Chichester in the County of West Sussex? Sure it has the positive effect for him that his money is “safer” elsewhere, but it also helps to keep Belize fir mly in the grip of its economic downturn. All the noises about recovery aside, the everyday reality is that we have fallen and can’t seem to get up. How much of that you think is helped along by the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars that had been invested in Belize? Barrow has won a few battles but Belize is losing this war. God help us all. God save us all. Oh shrieve him, oh shrieve him, holy man! Barrow is bogus.

Send your letters to the editor to:

A vacancy exists for the post of Graphic Designer in the Corporate Communications Department of Belize Electricity Limited. Duties:

Design and create graphics, publications and other multimedia productions for internal and external purposes to professional standards with minimal supervision, accuracy and under unconditional confidentiality, among other responsibilities.

Qualifications: Must possess:

• An Associate Degree in Marketing or Business Administration or equivalent education • A minimum of two (2) years working experience in Marketing or related field • Certification as a Graphic Artist or extensive experience in design, layout and copy of print advertising and superior skills in the use of graphic design, computer applications as well as the periphery equipment that supports the production process • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Studio MX 2004 with Flash Pro, Corel Draw Graphics Suite 12, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and e-mail applications and other basic computer skills • A strong command of the English Language; a good writing background will be an asset

Requirements: Have a creative flair and be willing to work extended hours

Be a team player who is assertive with good interpersonal skills and takes initiative Be multitask oriented

Salary: In accordance with the Company’s grade structure Submit completed application form, résumé and two (2) recent letters of reference to: Manager, Human Resources, Belize Electricity Limited, 2½ Miles Northern Highway, Belize City, Belize, no later than Friday, September 24, 2010.


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Patria o Muerte… Homeland or Death!

by: Carolyn Trench-Sandiford Party Chairman In a farewell letter to Fidel Castro which was published 1 April, 1965, the Argentine revolutionary Ernesto “El Che” Guevara wrote ¡ Hasta la victoria siempre, Patria o Muerte! Translated, this means Always toward Victory, Homeland or Death! El Che felt that he had fulfilled his duty to the Cuban revolution and people. Equipped with the faith that the people had taught him, he felt inspired and motivated to move on and take his modest efforts of assistance elsewhere. In parting, he reminded the Cuban people, “that in a revolution one triumphs or dies, if it is a real one.” As I read his letter, my mind turned to what the thoughts of the Rt. Hon. George Price could have possibly been at the time when he made that fateful decision in 1996, to step aside as the driver of the Belizean revolution, and, when he announced his decision to the Central Executive of the Party. It could not have been easy. Human and political feelings in conflict… the

converging of individual pragmatism, of letting go, of the future of the party, the people, the country, the revolution… I can only surmise that it was probably the most difficult decision he had to make in his life. Yet according to Greene and Galvez in “George Price, Father of the Nation Belize” at pg 83, “… of his own volition and after prayerful reflection, he felt the time had come to step aside, for as he often stated, ‘the party is bigger than anyone of us’. He had been carrying the weight of leadership for forty years, and now he felt confident that the Party could successfully carry on with a new leader to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing times.” The rest is history, as the Rt. Hon. Said Musa became the fourth leader of the Belizean revolution, and also had to make a similar decision in 2008. The Hon. John Briceno succeeded him. Greene and Galvez at page 84 further stated that when asked as to how he would want to be remembered, the Rt. Hon. George Price modestly replied, “As a part of the People’s United Party, as being one of the founders of Independence, and someone who worked for the betterment of Belize and the people, someone who loved the people and wanted to obtain for them a better life.” As I compare the lives of the Rt. Hon George Price and “El Che”, it is evident that there are notable differences in approaches to the concept of a revolution, perhaps as a consequence of the time and the prevailing geopolitical and socio-economic forces and realities. However, there exist a simple common-

ality and a cause - justice for the people. Both were convinced that radical transformation and change was needed to redress the injustices that had traditionally and historically been and continued to be heaped upon the people. They were about unmasking the artificial façade of democracy which suppressed the will and voice of the people, and about empowering people so they could live in dignity, be afforded basic human rights and be able to unleash their full potential as citizens of a nation and the world. But people cannot be divorced from country, and undoubtedly the Rt. Hon. George Price was about building a New Belize for the people of Belize, so they can live a revolution that is peaceful, constructive, new, progressive and Belizean. The People’s United Party was and is the vehicle to transport and forward the Belizean revolution. History records that the Rt. Hon. George Price and the Belizean people where not afraid of doing what was necessary to bring about change, even if that meant challenging the status quo of colonial rule and British imperialism, where our people were nothing more than subjects of the Queen. They knew that it was not going to be an overnight feat or without sacrifices, for it was a journey to a better life. They were prepared to die for their cause. Over the past two and a half years, I have served my Party as Chairman to the best of my ability, despite the many challenges I faced internally and externally, as one of many voices of the people and one in an opposition party. However, what has always kept

me focused is what is imprinted in my mind, the purpose of our party and the vision mapped by the architects of the revolution in our constitution, which is a representation of the aspirations of a people, our people, the Belizean people. For me, it has always been about a cause, and having the strength and conviction to not lose sight of it, for it revolves around my people and my country. Yes, there have been times when I have had to draw from my inner self to go on, and become concerned about those who are about positioning, self service and profiling, and who forget the motto of the Party - to serve the people. As a Party, and a country, we are at a critical juncture in our history. We move into a national convention later this year and the leaders who emerge will be charged with guiding and directing the party for the next two years, and possibly into the next municipal and general elections. I am hopeful that the cry of all will always be about victory for the cause…. our people and country…. social and economic justice… national unity… sovereignty… liberation… deliverance… but perhaps most important, that it will be patria or muerte… homeland or death… for as “El Che” has said, in a revolution one triumphs or dies, if it is a real one.” It is my fundamental belief that only if the Party makes the revolution real and relevant again, will it continue…. and only so will the NEW BELIZE be created, which will bring to all Belizeans a better life and a just share of the national wealth.

SepTeMBer 12Th City Boys United VS

Nihzee Corozal

Super League

TournamenT Championship


At 4:00 p.m. at the M.C.C. Grounds in Belize City

SepTeMBer 19Th Game 3 If Necessary Time and Location To Be Determined

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Belize Times


September Celebrations? Bah, Humbug…!

By: Mike Rudon Jr. If old Ebenezer were still around today and living in this UDP-tainted charcoal caricature of the once shining and colorful jewel, he would be hollering Bah Hambug! at the top of his lungs. There is absolutely nothing to smile about today, nothing to celebrate, nothing to jump up and down in the streets and be happy about. Call me what you want and say what you will, but it is damned ridiculous to ignore what is happening in our nation just because Dean Barrow says we should jump up and down to a song which has done absolutely nothing to benefit anybody or alleviate any suffering or put food on anyone’s table or save one youth from being gunned down. I listen to those people saying that we should celebrate because that is what we do in September and nothing else matters right about now. Well so sorry, but far too many of us don’t even know what we’re going to give our children to eat tonight and tomorrow and the day after that. You know what…you go out there and jump up with Dean Barrow and all the other UDP fat cats who are feathering their beds while we starve. Maybe he’ll invite you all to his house to eat steak and drink champagne when the parade is over…NOT! I think that we as a people are being far too stupid for far too long now. I listen to the talk shows every morning and they are chock full of complaints about every single thing under the sun, or I should say every single thing under the UDP. And you know what, nothing ever happens. We go to Dean Barrow’s convention and we listen to him say nonsense like – It is clear that the magic is still here – and we wave our flags and jump up and down and shout till we’re hoarse. Then we go home to complain because we’re broke and things are getting worse and the future just isn’t so bright anymore and our children go to bed hungry because there’s no food. This morning somebody called about the deplorable bus situation – hell, there’s at least one call about the bus situation every single day. It is bad, very bad but you know what? Melvin Hulse doesn’t travel by bus so he doesn’t care. Every now and then he appears on Love FM and pretends like all is fine and dandy and we buy it for the next little while like grinning idiots, even when we know that things are messed up and commuters are being abused everyday because of the incompetence of the UDP. Official statistics show that the cost of living is up again. Fuel has gone up, diesel has gone up, butane has gone up, rent, water, fuel and power have gone up, clothing, footwear, medical care and personal care have all gone up. We didn’t need the Consumer Price Index to tell us that. We know that everything has gone up even while our salaries remain the same and unemployment is on the increase and businesses all over the country are closing down. But

PUP Think Tanking Sessions Every Thursday, Independence Hall at 7:30pm

we shrug our shoulders and take it because Dean Barrow says that the magic is still here. In just the past few days there have been three murders, six robberies, a death threat and six shootings. In one of the shootings a 16 year old minor and a nine year old girl were hit by bullets. Word is that there was a massive shootout near Dean Street and the lives of residents were at serious risk. The Police call a press conference every now and then where they tell us absolutely nothing and give us absolutely no hope. But we sit down and accept the Prime Minister’s word that his personal friend Doug Singh is the man for the job even though we know better. But the Prime Minister says the magic is still here, right? On the 10th of September when

he stands behind the podium the Prime Minister will take us for fools with his pretty words which mean nothing, and we will sit there and clap politely. Perhaps Mayor Zenaida Moya will give a speech after which we’ll clap politely again, but she won’t tell us where we can find the hundreds of thousands of dollars which have been pilfered under her watch. But we’ll sit there and be okay with that because the Prime Minister says that the magic is still here. The median of the Northern Highway is overgrown and filled with rubbish all the way into the city, yet just a stone’s throw away the bunting and streamers are gaily flying in front of Atlantic Bank. We are being told that we should celebrate but I believe that we are being taken for fools because there is nothing to

celebrate. You can sit there and say that I’m too angry and this isn’t the time for that. I’ll turn around and say that maybe we as a people haven’t been angry enough and there is no better time to be angry than today when our nation is – Divided, Desperate and Bruk…Moving Backwards… This is Belize Under the UDP!


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BELIZE WATER SERVICES LTD. PUBLIC NOTICE Belize City, Belize. September 6, 2010: BWS submits second request for modification of Licensed Service Areas On 16 August 2010, consequent to BWS’ request dated 13 June 2008 and PUC’s acknowledgement dated 24 July 2008, Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) submitted a request for modification of its licensed service areas to the national regulator, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for their review. This submission is in accordance with the sections 15 and 19 of the Water Industry Act. The request is based on the requirements of projects funded by the Government of Belize. Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) is hereby requesting modifications to the company’s Licensed Service Areas as specified below: Proposed Modifications Corozal District 1. To Add: “Chan Chen Village” 2. To Remove: “Progresso Village” 3. 4.

Belize District To Add: To Add:

“Caye Caulker Village” “Hattieville Village”


Toledo District To Add:

“Eldridge Village and Forest Home Village”

Justification: 1. The Government of Belize entered into an agreement with Belize Water Services Limited in 2006, whereby GOB financed an expansion project for BWS to provide potable water to Chan Chen village. This project was completed in 2007. 2. Belize Water Services Limited is not the supplier of services to this area (Progresso Village). 3. The Government of Belize entered into an agreement with Belize Water Services Limited in 2008, whereby GOB partly financed a project for BWS to provide potable water to this village. This project was completed in May 2010. 4. Hattieville is one of the services areas which had been transferred to BWS in 2001 upon BWS being vested with the assets of the Water and Sewerage Authority; it was an apparent oversight that Hattieville Village was not listed in the service areas in the license issued to BWS. 5. In 2007, the pro-tem Water Board of the joint Eldridge/Forest Home water system, with the support of the Government of Belize, entered into an agreement with BWS, for BWS to manage and operate the existing water system, which had been experiencing water supply and financial problems.

Belize Water Services Ltd. – Delivering water and more… For more information regarding this or any other BWS Release, please contact Mr. Haydon Brown at Tel: 222-4757 Ext. 234 or via e-mail at


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The Belize Times

Issue No. 4710



The Truth Shall Make You Free


El lunes habíamos divulgado i n v e s t i g a n d o sobre la muerte de un bebé en el el caso. Marín hospital regional norteño. Los pa- también reconodres del bebe Yohani Montejo y cio que hay alg o Slusher nor mando, creen que la seriamente mal tragedia habría podido ser pre- en el hospital venida si habrian recibido sola- regional nor temente la atención médica adecua- ño, y él ha deda. La madre nos dijo que cuando cidido contratar ella llegó el hospital, en vez de ser mesdicos extratado, las enfer meras se encon- tranjeros porque traban en un receso. Para el mo- los beliceños no mento en que las enfer meras lle- son confiables. Scotiabank (Belize) company duly registered under the g aran, sobre una mediaLtd., hora amás El Hon. Pablo adelante, el Act, bebé Chapter habia nacido Marín, Companies 250 of the Laws ministro of Belize, Revised pero no habia pediatra disponible. de Salud diceatloCor. Albert Edition, 2000, and having its registered office Cuando llegó el pediatra, el bebé siguiente: “estaand Bishop Belize City, hereby gives ofalg o, mos conscientes quenotice sucedió jadeaba pues Streets, le faltaba el air y Belize, un bebé. under Ahora tenpoco despues tofallecio. its intention exerciseDespués its power la of muerte sale as de Mortgagee del infor me de noticias, varias emos gente investigando el caso. a Deed of andcontra Transfer of Periodista Mortgage made the cuando ¿ Para personas hanAssignment salido hablar December, 2006, recorded in Deeds Vol. 46 conpodemos tener Book una respuesta el15th nivelday de ofprofesionalismo y de creta en las investigaciones? cuidado adecuado proporcionaof 2006 at Folios 327 – 354, between Development Finance Hon. Pablo Marín, Ministro dos por el hospital. Confir mamos Corporation (thedeAssignor) and de Scotiabank Ltd., tiene sabria decirle, Salud: No(Belize) hoy con el ministro salud, Hon. que preguntarle al ministePablo Marín el ministerio está usted which saidque property was mortgaged by Luz Carmen Vaccaro

FOR SALE By Order of the Mortgagee

dor para traer doctores porque rio de salud”. P e r i o d i s t a : esta situacion me tiene harto. La Esta usted con- gente viene y dicen que necesitan sciente que ésta operaciones. Entonces ellos dino es la primera cen que no pueden hacerlos en el preocupación que hospital y que vayan a sus clinicas la gente tiene con privadas”. Esta última aleg ación la neglirespecto a lo que acontece en el gencia trae al hospital bajo escr uhospital regional tinio adicional. Solamente hace mes, la muer te súbita de Lar r y Norteno. Notice is hereby given that the un company named Hon. Pablo Williams de 71 años acciono una Marín: “Si el esta investig ación por los funcionag rabando, me rios del Ministerio de Salud. Un tiene sin cuidado, examen post mor tem concluyó pero el problema que Williams murió del envenmás g rande que enamiento de la sang re, pero hay teng o y que es muy preocupante, las indicaciones que mientras que es que algunos medicos que traba- en el hospital, Williams recibio jan en el Hospital tambien ejercen tratamiento médico mediocre. suhas oficio en dissolved clinicas privadas” Unathealeg ación, procesando been and struck off International Busi- un Periodista ¿Como tratara ust- nivel muy serio de negligencia, es Register with effect from the day edness este Companies caso? que incluso las 27th hor mig as of comiHon. Pablo Marín: He eneron sus dedos del pie, mientras August, 2010. viado applicaciones por ayuda que las enfer meras rechazaban en México, Taiwán y El Salva- atenderlo.




to the said Development Finance Corporation on the 18th day of September, 2006, recorded in Deeds Book Vol. 34 of 2006 at Folios 25 – 68; and the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. Si el viejo Ebenezer viviera en esta agitamos nuestras banderas y saltamos will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first caricature de carbon de lo que es nues- y gritamos hasta que estemos roncos. of this notice the property in the ropublication Gobierno UDP ún por hoysell y que Luego nosdescribed vamos a casa a quejarnos viven en este carbón de leña de la UDP porque estamos pobres y las cosas esSchedule hereto. estaría gritando “ Tonterias! Con toda tán empeorando y el futuro ya no es la fuerza de sus pulmones. No hay ab- tan brillante y nuestros hijos se acuesAll offersnada to purchase beporque made no in hay writsolutamente de motivesthe parasaid son-property tan conmust hambre comida. inghoy, andnada fullque particulars and conditions of sale alguien may bellamo obtained reír celebrar, nada para Esta mañana por la situsaltar y abajo en las calles(Belize) y ser ación fromarriba the said Scotiabank Ltd.deplorable de autobúses – caray, feliz. Llámeme lo que quiere y di lo que hay al menos una llamada acerca de la quieras, pero es ridículo ignorar lo que situación de autobús todos los días. Es está sucediendo en nuestro país sólo malo, muy malo, pero ¿sabes qué? Melporque Dean Barrow dice que debería- vin Hulse no viaja en autobús por lo mos celebrar al ritmo de una canción que no le importa. De vez en cuando que no ha hechopiece absolutamente aparece Love FM fingesituque todo ALL THAT or parcelnada of land beingenBlock No.y321 para beneficiar a nadie ni a aliviar el su- está bien y dandy y lo compramos deate in Lord’s Layout,. Ladyvillecomo Village, frimiento o ponerBank comidaRoad en la mesa de jandonos idiotasBelize sonriendo, inbounded as follows:-On the Northeast forque 59.164 lasDistrict personas,and ni salvar a un joven de ser cluso cuando sabemos las cosas esabatido a tiros. Escucho a las personas tán en mal estado y los pasajeros están Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.90 Meter Road; On the Southdiciendo que debemos celebrar porque siendo abusados todos los días a causa east for 47.471 Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.191 Meter eso es lo que hacemos en septiembre y de la incompetencia del UDP. Road; the Southwest forPues 59.164 Meters by a Daylight nada másOn importa ahora mismo. Las estadísticas oficialesCut muestran loand siento, pero muchos de nosotros ni que el costo de vida ha incrementado, 12.190 Meter Road; On the Northwest for 47.471 Meters siquiera sabemos loCut queand vamos a darleMeter El combustible ha subido, el diesel ha by a Daylight 12.190 Road containing 2983.519 a nuestros hijos a comer esta noche y subido, el butano ha subido, alquiler, Squarey elMeters as shown Plan No. at the Office of han subimañana día después de eso.on Usted agua,2097 combustibles y energía theque Commissioner of yLands and Surveys sabe ... vaya a celebrar saltar con do, ropa,TOGETHER calzado, atenciónwith médica y el Dean Barrow y todos los otros gatos cuidado personal han subido de precio. all buildings, erections and developments standing and being gordos que son UDP y que se encuen- No necesitamos el Índice de Precios al thereon. tran durmiendo en almohadas hechas Consumidor para decirnos eso. Sabede plumajes mientras nosotros nos mos que todo ha subido incluso mienmorimos de hambre. Tal vez te invite a tras nuestros salarios siguen siendo los suDATED casa a comer mismos y el desempleo va en aumento thiscarne 30thy beber day ofchampán August, 2010. cuando el desfile termine ... NO LO y las empresas en todo el país están CREO! cerrando. Sin embargo, nos encogemos Creo que hemos sido demasiados de hombros y influenciados por Dean ingeneous siendo duranteMUSA demasiado Barrow que dice que la magia todavía & BALDERAMOS tiempo ya. Puedo escuchar las charlas está aquí. 91 North Front Sólo Street por la mañana y están llenos de queen los últimos días ha habido Belize City jas acerca de cada cosa bajo el sol, o tres asesinatos, seis robos, una amendebería decir cada cosa bajo el UDP. aza de for muerte y disparos seis. En uno Attorney-at-Law ¿Y sabes qué, nunca pasa nada. Vamos de los tiroteos Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. un menor de 16 años y a la convención de Dean Barrow, y lo una niña de nueve años de edad, fueron escuchamos decir un disparate - Es evi- alcanzados por las balas. Se dice que dente que la magia todavía está aquí - y hubo un tiroteo cerca de la calle Dean



The Belize Bank Limited

masiva y las vidas de los residentes se do en la alcaldia. Pero nos sentaremos encontraban en grave riesgo. La Policía allí y estaremos bien con esto porque el llama a una conferencia de prensa de Primer Ministro dice que la magia tovez en cuando cuando y nos dicen ab- davía está aquí. solutamente y nosgiven dan ninguna La mediana de la autopista del Notice isnada hereby that the company named esperanza. Sin embargo, nos sentamos Norte se ha hipertrofiado y esta lleno y aceptamos la palabra del Primer Min- de basura hasta el final en la ciudad, istro de que su amigo personal Doug serpentinas están volando alegremente Singh es el hombre para el trabajo a delante de Atlantic Bank. Se nos está pesar de que sabemos mejor. Pero el diciendo que debemos celebrar, pero Primer Ministro dice que la magia to- creo que se nos está tomando por tondavía está aquí, ¿verdad? tos porque no hay nada que celebrar. has been dissolved and struck off the International El 10 de septiembre, cuando él este Usted puede sentarseBusiallí y decir nessdelCompanies Register with effect from 1st day detrás podio el Primer Ministro nos que estoy muy the enfadado y esteofno es el tomara por tontos con sus palabras momento para eso. Voy a dar la vuelta y September, 2010. bonitas que no significan nada, y nos decir que tal vez nosotros, como puebsentaremos allí y aplaudiremos edu- lo no hemos sido lo suficientemente cadamente. Tal vez el alcalde Zenaida enojados y no hay mejor momento ARIAS, FABREGA & FABREGA (BELIZE) Moya pronunciará un discurso después para estar enojado que hoy en día en de LIMITED lo cual vamos a aplaudir cortés- que nuestra nación esta - Divididos, mente de nuevo, pero no nos dicen Desesperada y Pobre ... Moviendose donde podemos encontrar los cientos hacia atrás ... Se trata de Belice Bajo el de miles de dólares que se han saquea- UDP!



NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the company named

“FORUM INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD.” has been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the 2nd day of September, 2010.

The Belize Bank Limited



The Belize Times

Belize TimesEn


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Celebraciones Septembrinas del 2010 Un tiempo de esperanza e incertidumbre

Hace muchos años el Rey del Calypso el Sr. Lord Laro captó el ánimo de los beliceños en el mes de septiembre en una canción cuando dijo que el 10 de septiembre es "bacanal en Belice." Escribió una canción especial sobre las celebraciones de septiembre en Belice. Esta canción nació de una marcha por PUP en los años 70 cuando el Señor finales Laro estaba cantando en una de esas tor mentas de lluvia famosas de Belice que llamamos un vendaval. A como la lluvia g olpeaba los instr umentos de Laro, el tomo la decisión de reducir el poder de los instrumentos electrónicos, dejando sólo los tambores y alguna percusión ligera, pero Lord Laro se negó a dejar de cantar y no dejaba de g ritar a la multitud: "la lluvia no puede detener la mer melada de reg g ae. "Mientras la multitud repetia esta antífona, el baterista cogió un ritmo y pronto la multitud de juerguistas bailaban bajo la lluvia y g ritaban" la lluvia no puede detener esta mer melada de reg g ae. " Fue en este momento cuando los beliceños bailaban bajo la lluvia en la celebración que Laro encontró la inspiración para su famosa cancion ", Rain can’t stop the reg gae jam ( por sus siglas en Ingles “ una canción que los Beliceños jovenes y viejos disfr utan sobre todo durante las celebraciones del mes de Septiembre. Sí, el 10 de septiembre fue nuestro Día Nacional y el momento en que bailaban en las calles, cuando Belice salia a celebrar. Antes de nuestra independencia el 10 de septiembre fue también un momento en que los partidos políticos mostraron su fuerza y los espectadores disfr utaban el placer y la emoción de dos desfiles, con los debates que siguian se centraba en cuál de los dos par tidos políticos atraia a la multitud más g rande. Para el desfile UDP la anticipación fue siempre cerca del final de la marcha. Después de la reina de la car roza de la Bahía y el desfilar de las demas flotas llegaba el Señor Rhabur n en la par te trasera de un camión junto con Calypso Rose haciendo su remake de la famosa canción 10 de septiembre. Incluso beliceños hoy siguen bailando en las calles detrás de la banda en el camión el 10 de septiembre, al son de Calypso Rose y su version de la cancion 10 de septiembre. Para el PUP, el desfile for mal era encabezado siempre por el señor Price con su amado Marshalls que le rodeaban; los Marshall que eran famosos por vestirse con su color azul y blanco con diseños creativos marchaban con orgullo con nuestro líder, Lindy Rogers, Ray Lightburn, y otros políticos de la ciudad de Belice en el frente del desfile. En la par te trasera los juerguistas bailaban detrás de las g randes bandas, la mayor multitud siempre estaba bailando detrás de lo que era ar tistas invitados y la banda que se estaba tocando. El 10 de Septiembre fue un día en que había dos desfiles y el reto para la Policía y los oficiales de tránsito fue siempre la de asegurar que los dos nunca se encontraran. Esto se repitió en todo Belice hasta Septiembre del 1981, nuestra independencia, cuando se acordó finalmente que debería haber un desfile del 10 de septiembre y una celebración de nuestro Día Nacional dedicadoal dia de nuestra Independencia. Esta fue el catalizador que unió a la nación y cambió la for ma en que celebramos el 10 º. A n t e s, c u a n d o e s t o o c u r r i a e r a u n a é p o c a d e e s p e r a n z a y d e incertidumbre - la esperanza de que Belice alcanzaría su independencia, la incertidumbre acerca de si los británicos finalmente renunciaran a la posesión. Para aquellos de nosotros en el PUP, el verdadero nacimiento de nuestra nación fue un sueño que comenzó en 1950 y cuya hora había lleg ado. Hoy, en Belice comienzan las celebraciones en que nos encontramos en una situación similar, una de incer tidumbre y de esperanza. Hay incer tidumbre sobre el futuro de nuestro país, que está atado por una epidemia de delincuencia que parece ir resoluble, la incer tidumbre de una economía en desorden y un gobierno que parece incapaz de resolver los desafíos del día. La esperanza viene con el PUP que está a punto de levantarse de nuevo y ofrecer a la nación una alter nativa real ... un PUP bajo la dirección de John Briceño compartiendo una visión de una nación donde todos los Beliceños puedan vivir y trabajar sin temor y donde la oportunidad abunda. Feliz 10 de Septiembre a todos los Beliceños por todas par tes!


Por: Mike Rudon Jr. El sábado, la nación y al pueblo de Belice sufrió una pérdida terrible cuando la enfermera Dorothy Bradley falleció tranquilamente en su casa de Burrell Boom después de una prolongada enfermedad. Ella murió como vivió, con poca fanfarria o bombo. Después de una vida de servir al pueblo de Belice, estaba dispuesta a ir a casa de su Padre Celestial y lo hizo con dignidad, en compañía de familiares y amigos. En el momento de leer esto, se Habra ido a su descanso eterno en el pueblo donde pasaba la mayor parte de su vida y donde fue muy querida. Tuve el privilegio de visitar a la Señorita Dorothy hace un par de semanas, solo debido a un capricho repentino. Sabia desde hacía muchos meses que estaba luchando contra una enfermedad potencialmente mortal y gracias al auge de la vid en el que mis padres ocupan varias ramas, yo sabía que ella estaba cada vez más débil y no se esperaba que viviera mucho tiempo más. Ella no me reconoció, mientras hablaba con ella por unos breves instantes, pero su lugar de descanso en la casa me contó la historia de su vida. En la pared detrás de su cama había fotos del Padre y la fe a la que sirvió toda su vida. Al lado de esas imágenes, en un lugar de honor habia un gran cartel del lider del PUP John Briceño. Miss Dorothy dedico su vida a servir a su Dios, su pueblo, el país y su partido, People's United Party. Sus aportaciones desinteresadas nunca debe ser olvidadas. Cuando me enteré del fallecimiento de la señorita Dorothy este fin de semana no pude dejar de pensar en sus largos años de servicio a su partido político, sus últimos días en Burrell Boom y las payasadas actuales que se escuchan en el PUP que ella tanto amó y sirvió. Esta mujer tranquila que creía en el trabajo y no en las palabras inútiles, amaba y creía en el PUP. Tenía plena confianza en que este gran partido fue el siervo escogido de todos los beliceños, los constructores elegidos de esta nación, los líderes del movimiento que verían a nuestra joya para el crecimiento y desarrollo progresivo. Nunca hubo un momento en que se dejó influir por este camino, nunca un momento en su amor por el azul podría ser puesto en duda. Cuando pudo ella estaba presente en todas las funciones del Partido en todos los rincones del país, ofreciendo su

aportación humilde, pero a veces muy valiosa y su apoyo incondicional siempre. Cuando ella ya no estaba en condiciones físicas de asistir a estos eventos siempre se tomaba el tiempo para llamar a Love FM para pedir las bendiciones del Señor por el liderazgo del PUP ... siempre. Si no podía estar ahí, confíaba en su Dios para guiar al Partido en la dirección correcta. Incluso en los últimos días de su vida la Señorita Dorothy nunca se apartó de su Partido. Esta mujer tierna es una gran pérdida - de eso no debe que haber ninguna duda. Pero también hay una lección que debemos aprender si la dirección del PUP opta por escuchar. El Partido se ha convertido, hasta cierto punto un circo político - una en la que no vale la pena ser la chica en un bikini de lentejuelas atada a una rueda esperando el golpe del cuchillo con los ojos vendados porque quiza el lanzador tiene como objetivo atinarle al corazón. El PUP se ha convertido en un Partido de juegos y más juegos, medidas y contramedidas, la sobrepuja y estrategias de socavar, de egos insignificantes, agendas personales, quejas estúpidas y conflictos de personalidad. Por el camino algunas personas en el Ejecutivo y las rocas tirando de las sombras se olvidaron que se no se trata de ellos. Se olvidaron de la gente como la señorita Dorothy y tantos otros que se han ido y que amaban a este partido más allá de todo lo demás y creian en este partido, renunciando a todos los demás. Todas esas muchas personas como la señorita Dorothy que no sabía nada de la traición política y puñaladas por la espalda y los otros juegos que la gente juega. No le habría importado mucho de todas las reuniones a puertas cerradas y el trato por la puerta trasera debido a que no debe ser la naturaleza de la gran fiesta política que es el PUP. Hay algunos indicios de que alguna forma de unidad está al alcance, pero incluso ahora no tengo ninguna duda de que aún existen las personas que tengan el más grave de juegos dentro del PUP. Es una lástima que la señorita Dorothy no vivió para ver su regreso a Belmopan, pero tal vez es una bendición que estuvo enferma todos estos meses, asi no fue testigo y no estaba al tanto de las maquinaciones y manipulaciones retorcidos de los que parecen decididos a socavar los dirección del Partido, incluso si eso significa la destrucción del partido. Todos ustedes deberían estar avergonzados de sí mismos. La Enfermera Dorothy Bradley sirvió a George Price, a continuación, Said Musa, y ahora John Briceño. Para ella no había otra manera. Le encantaba el Partido y el apoyo al líder del Partido. Hay quienes harían bien en tomar una página del libro de esta mujer humilde, temerosa de Dios que vivió para el servicio y para el PUP. La vamos a extrañar

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The Belize Times

Belize TimesEn

¡Oh no, no lo dijeron!..... Esto es ... el colmo. El vaso se rompió pedazos . No hay forma en el infierno que voy a sentarme y tomar este último ataque malintencionado de esos idiotas UDP a través del Guardian. Se han ido demasiado lejos y esta vez cruzaron la línea. Cuando me llamaron un borracho gordo Yo lo tome con una sonrisa. Cuando me llamaron un inútil, ignorante, tonto, falto de respeto tambien lo

tome con una sonrisa la mayor parte del tiempo. Cuando me dijeron que no estaba en condiciones de lustrar los zapatos de Dean Barrow y debo ser azotado en público por haberme atrevido a cuestionar su divinidad lo tomé sin un gemido. Pero maldita sea esto es demasiado. En la edición de la semana pasada The Guardian o sea los UDPS malditos cavaron profundamente en su barril de insultos y calumnias maliciosas degradantes y han golpeado a mí ego! Ahora dicen que yo soy calvo. ¿Puedes imaginar eso? Nadie debería tener que tomar ese tipo de humillacion ... Pero en serio chicos, esto es demasiado divertido. Tengo miedo de mirar en el periódico de esta semana ... ustedes podrían aumentar la presión a un nivel superior y dicer que yo soy calvo y canoso ... hahahaha! Gracias por el amor de los chicos y los gays en el Guardian. Me hacen sonreir! S no es asi…. Persona non grata ... Según una fuente de Orange Walk, cuando el ministro de Salud Pablo Marin se informó que los médicos planean convocar a un período extraordinario de sesiones de la Medicina y la Asociación Dental de Belice para declararlo persona non grata, suspiró y dijo humildemente - otro premio? Esa es una historia verdadera! LOL! Escucha el becario estúpido comenzó haciendo alarde de este prestigioso premio en todo Corozal y eso es cuando alguien lo llevó a un lado y suavemente le explicó lo que no significa persona non grata. Lo que pasa es que la semana pasada el ministro idiota fue a una


estación de televisión local y dijo Crónica estupidez ... que está cansado de los médicos en Apenas el otro día Pablo se Orange Walk y ha enviado ya a traer molestó cuando un grupo de a nuevos médicos en México, Taiwán personas se acercó a él en la playa en Corozal. Véase, Pablo estaba ocupado poniendo cal blanca en todos los árboles de coco para mantener alejadas a las hormigas y quien lo contemplaba mencionó que él deberia pintar con cal las camas en el Hospital Regional del Norte. Naco se enojo machismo y casi le da el patatus! Pero tenemos

y El Salvador para reemplazarlos. ¡Ay! Pero bueno, el idiota, imitando a su jefe el dictador el dictador - cuando las cosas van mal culpa a todos los demás. No importa que ni siquiera hay medicamentos básicos en el Hospital de Corozal o Hospital Regional Norte - culpar que admitir que el tipo tenia razon. a los médicos. Es un insulto, no un En base a los informes del otro día premio, Baboso! ... SiNo Es Asi! salió que un hombre estaba siendo tratado en el hospital y sus pies Para Chetumal con amor ... pululaban con hormigas ... historia Quizás Pablo debe dejar de real ... Si No es asi! ostigar a los médicos en Orange Walk y debe registrarse con su ¿Dónde está Crispin ... sobrino Nelson en el Hospital de Usted sabe ... después de Corozal. Oh espera, no puede contar todas las predicciones en esta con Nelson no porque él vive otra columna que se han hecho realidad vez en Chetumal, con un amigo Yup deberíamos pensar en cambiar el así es ... Pablo le dio el cargo de nombre de Si No Es Asi a Seguro Jefe de Empleados en el Hospital de Que Es asi….. Durante meses y Corozal, por encima de los doctores meses que hemos estado diciendo con décadas de experiencia, cuando que el nombramiento de Jeffries el niño ni siquiera había terminado Crispín por contrato era una obra sus estudios y ni siquiera tenia una para preparar el escenario para el licencia para ejercer. Pero sí Naco, nombramiento del hijo de un ex ¿por qué no culpar a los médicos ministro UDP como Comisionado de Policia. Luego vimos como Aragón Jr. fue rescatado de la

por el hecho de que su sobrino vive en Chetumal tambien con su amigo especial?en lugar de estar ocupandose de los en el Hospital de Corozal como asegurarse de medicamentos básicos esten disponibles para los beliceños. Pero caray, culpa a los médicos en OW por haber puesto a su sobrino en ese cargo que no puede desempenar. ¿por qué nos sorprende. Si No es asi!

oscuridad, mimado para convertirlo ahora el hombre a cargo de la División Oriental y un auxiliar del Comisario .... absolutamente un meteórico ascenso para un hombre que tiene las conexiones políticas, pero no suficiente entrenamiento o experiencia en el campo. Una conferencia de prensa en esta


semana dirigida por los Aragon Jr. fue su debut en los medios de comunicación después de un intento abortado de hacerle brillar con la Operación Jaguar. En cuanto a Crispin ... bueno parece que ha sido conducido con cuidado y hecho de lado muy sutilmente por el Primer Ministro sin mas ni mas ... confía en mí cuando digo que no van a ver mucho de él después de esto ... Si No es asi…… Un aviso obscure de CitCo ... Demonios, estoy convencido de que este equipo UDP está tratando de matar a los Beliceños pobres en lugar de ayudarles, Sr. ... ten piedad! Un aviso un tanto obscura en la parte posterior del Guardian informa a vendedores en el mercado temporal Pound Yard de los requisitos que deben cumplir antes de que puedan trasladarse a y adquirir un puesto en el nuevo Mercado Michael

Finnegan. En primer lugar, los vendedores deben pagar todas las deudas pendientes por el inicio de la próxima semana y los recibos para demostrar que han pagado. Luego tienen que solicitar una licencia de comercio de CitCo. Después, tienen que hacerse cargo de la instalación de su propia electricidad y agua. Después, tienen que pagar CitCo para la eliminación de basura. Después, tienen que pagar el primer y último mes de alquiler y en tan sólo una forma pequeña nota al final, se les informa que el alquiler ha sido "reevaluada" - traducido al lenguaje común que significa un aumento! Caray! se trata de seres humanos que estamos tratando, no animales. ¿Cómo diablos espera el UDP que los vendedores pobres, que incluso ahora no les alcanza para pagar tanto dinero sólo para regresar a un mercado del que se tuvieron que mover? Sr! sé que el Consejo no tiene plata, pero a lo mejor pueden ir excavar en las cuentas de la Alcaldía y ver lo que puede volver en lugar de castigar a la gente pobre. Usted puede tomar esto como quiera - cuando esto se convierta en conocimiento común, CitCo va a tener un motín en sus manos. La gente no puede tomar más de este tipo de abusos!... Si Noh Es Asi!!


The Belize Times


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Políticas UDP, como siempre

Zona Caliente ... No puedo ser el único que se siente un poco engañado por el Departamento de Policía en su última conferencia de prensa. Quiero decir wow, la policía ha identificado finalmente la zona caliente, un llamado triángulo de donde la mayoria de plomo es originario. En serio, sólo tenía que preguntarle a todo mundo en la calle y porque todos sabian. Esto no es noticia para nadie y el hecho de que es sólo ahora que el Departamento de Policía ha identificado una de las áreas problemáticas en la ciudad es, sin duda ninguna razón para que la comunidad pueda percibir un aumento de confianza renovada. Hey, sabemos que el trabajo no es fácil, pero ustedes necesitan dejar de tomar a todos por tontos. Creo que hablo en nombre de la mayoría de los beliceños cuando digo que nos gustaría que ustedes salieran y hicieran su trabajo en lugar de tratar de apantallar con un poco de glamour en una conferencia de prensa en cualquier momento que ustedes ven que los ciudadanos se ponen cada vez mas inquietos, por así decirlo. ¿Necesita saber la ubicación de todas las casas donde se vende droga? Usted necesita los nombres de los jugadores principales en el tráfico de drogas? Solo para a alguien en la calle y pregunte. Podríamos decir que también. Hay una pequeña cosa llamada la inteligencia que debe ser una parte importante del trabajo de cualquier departamento de policía ... Tengo que decir que no hemos visto evidencia demasiado de que lo ultilizen muy a menudo;;;;;. Políticas de Policía ... Al parecer el Sr. Barrow es un poco obtuso cuando se trata de comprender que la política y la policía simplemente no se mezclan. Uno hubiera pensado que después del desastre prolongado con Carlos Perdomo se habrían enterado. Debido a la política que dejó Perdomo a cargo mucho más tiempo de lo debido y beliceños que ahora están pagando el precio de esa decisión. Luego estaba el hombre que sólo es reconocido por el baile de Carnaval Doug Singh, otra decisión política que ha dado como resultado justo lo que todos sabían que sería - nada. Ahora viene el anuncio de que el hijo del ex ministro UDP Elodio Aragón ha sido empujado hasta el primer lugar en la sucursal de la División Este de la ciudad. Ya en la UDP, cuando aún estaban celebrando en las calles en 2008, supimos que una promesa política que se había hecho a Elodio Aragón Jr. se convirtió en el Comisionado de Policía. Desde entonces, cada movimiento que se ha hecho por el Sr. Barrow, incluido el "temporal" nombramiento de Crispin Jeffries como Comisario, se ha hecho para facilitar Aragón Jr. Incluso en el mejor de los casos, las disputas políticas y la manipulación tendrá un efecto perjudicial sobre el Departamento de Policía de cualquier país. Ahora que estamos viviendo los peores momentos, no podemos darnos el lujo de tener al Sr. Barrow jugando con la seguridad de nuestros ciudadanos que viven en un constante estado de terror. Jóvenes con armas de fuego ... En la misma conferencia de prensa de Policía se encargaron de decirle a la nación lo que ya sabíamos, el comisario jefe Russell Blackett, quien es ahora el OC Adjunto de la División Oriental, mencionó que los jóvenes entre las edades de 10 a 14 son el núcleo de los problemas de las calles. Mencionó que los jóvenes abandonan las escuelas ya mala en una situacion mucho peor. Eso ya lo sabemos Amigo. Puede que no sabiamos el porcentaje exacto de jóvenes que abandonan la escuela, que el antropólogo Dr. Herbert Gayle nos dice es más del 30%, pero sabíamos que era un problema y sabíamos que era cada vez peor. Por eso tenemos un problema cuando el Primer Ministro sigue acariciándole la espalda al Ministro de Educación por haber hecho un trabajo ejemplar. Es por eso que nos enojamos cuando el Primer Ministro le dice a la nación que está perfectamente satisfecho con el rendimiento de Faber como el jefe de la educación en este país y que no podía estar haciendo un mejor trabajo.

Todos sabemos que es falso. Ese es el Primer Ministro jugando a la política con la educación tal como lo ha hecho con la Policía. La verdad es que el ministro Faber ha dedicado gran parte de su tiempo a despedir a madres solteras y personas mayores y guardias de seguridad de las escuelas que apoyan al PUP. Él lo admite abiertamente. De hecho, él se jactaba de ello en la Cámara de Representantes. Pero no se detuvo un segundo para pensar que estas personas tienen hijos que ahora tendrán que abandonar las escuela porque despidieron a sus cuidadores? Si no somos realistas sobre lo que está sucediendo en nuestrso país, nada cambiará.

Una situación irreal ... La situación en PG parece completamente irreal y fuera de control. Sabemos que dos niños de corta edad han estado desaparecidos por poco más de una semana. Sabemos que alrededor de un centenar de habitantess de San Marcos acusó a un estadounidense que vive en PG y se dedica a la explotación de un santuario de cocodrilos de tener algo que ver con su desaparición. Sabemos que se acercaron a la Policía con sus sospechas y que dicen que fueron ignoradas. Sabemos que un grupo de aldeanos armados descendió sobre la casa del hombre cuando se encontraba en San Pedro y le prendieron fuego. Sabemos que después la Policía detuvieron a los aldeanos responsables por la quema de la casa y luego fueron puestos en libertad sin cargos. Pero Rayos! no son diferentes caras de la misma historia, pero una cosa es cierta - el Departamento de Policía se equivocó en grande en todo este lío. Los aldeanos parecen sentir que fueron ignorados por la policía mientras señalaba con el dedo a este señor de América, por lo que quemó su casa. Mi amigo el sargento. Yearwood Fitzroy que ha sido colocado en el papel poco envidiable a cargo de la Oficina de Prensa Policial, afirmó que la Policía no pudo hacer nada para detener a los aldeanos por la quema de la casa y eso parece ridículo. Hay un montón de preguntas - ¿qué pruebas tienen contra este caballero los aldeanos? Se ha llevado a fondo una investigación con respecto a este americano? ¿Por qué los habitantes del pueblo no fueron acusados de incendio? Como he dicho, es irreal y nadie con autoridad parece tener una pista. Así que tenemos un inversor perdiendo lo que él dice ser alrededor de un millón de dólares en propiedad, más de un centenar de aldeanos enfadados que no darán marcha atrás, y dos niños desaparecidos, cuyas probabilidades de volver a casa seguro disminuyen con cada día que pasa ... irreal ! Discurso estupido…….. El 10 de septiembre el primer ministro de esta nación se levantará ante un grupo de dignatarios invitados, huéspedes y un pelotón que anima de partidarios y pintará un cuadro que brilla intensamente de nuestra nación. Él culpará cualquier interferencia económica en una cosa mundial y él demandará que todas las indicaciones son que estamos saliendo de la crisis. Él pontificate y postura, lanzará palabras sofisticadas de varios filósofos , probablemente no mencione en cuanto a demandar que la magia todavía está aquí, aunque sabemos que el ha hecho cosas más extrañas. Nuestra Belice es un pozo negro del crimen y corrupción y estancamiento económico/revocación y los precios crecientes y desesperación y cólera y frustración. Pero el primer ministro no dice eso porque todas estas cosas están sucediendo debajo de su administracion. Él no hablara de la crisis del turismo y los negocios que estan cerrando y los empleados que son enviados a casa y de la gente que se suicida porque sus vidas se están estrellando alrededor de ellos mientras que muere la economía. Él no hablara de los niños que tienen que pedir en las calles en vez de estar en la escuela porque si no mendigan no comen. Pero aunque el no mencione todo esto la gente sabe. Esta mañana en el show KREM, Mose le refirió como asfixia y eso es exactamente lo que es. Nuestra gente se está sofocando porque este gobierno es incompetente y negligente y corrupto y muchos de ellos están llenando sus propios bolsillos mientras que la gente muere de hambre. Nuestra gente se está sofocando porque Barrow se centra en tomar el cuidado de sus propios miembros de familia y asegurarse de que sus economías son robustas. Nuestra gente se está sofocando mientras Lois y Anwar y Deanne depositan sus millones y beben Moet. No escucharemos todo esto en el discurso del Primer Ministro el 10 de Septiembre pero la gente sabe y estan conscientes……

David Percival Jr to David Percival Sr and Claudette Dalilia Joseph nee Gregorio Andrew Alexander to Francisco Aloysius and Ruth Maribel Matute Sunday, September 12, 2010 The Belize Times 35 nee Argueta Ajay Rahjon to Dwayne Rodwell and Brendalyn Marilyn Staine nee Jacobs Kiley to Hermaine Kevin Dwayne Andre Michael Jr. to Andre Michael Sr. andMaria Roselin En- and Gloria Maria Young nee Gonzalez riquez MorrisJr. to Andre Michael Sr. and Roselin Hermaine EnAndrenee Michael AndrePercival MichaelJr Jr.totoDavid AndrePercival MichaelSrMaanya Sr. Andre and Michael Roselin Hermaine Jr. to Andre EnMichael Sr. and Roselin Hermaine isnee hereby givenEnthat the company named to Kishore Kumar and SarikaNotice Lalwani Tolani David and Claudette Dalilia Joseph riquez nee Morris riquez nee Morris riquez nee Morris nee Gregorio Daniel Adalid to Adalid and Miriam Heredia Villanueva nee Pinelo David Jr Sr and Claudette Dalilia Joseph Andrew Alexander toDavid Francisco Aloysius and Ruth to Maribel Matute David Percival Percival Jr to to David Percival Sr David and Claudette Percival Jr Dalilia tounder David Joseph Percival Sr and Aylin Esther Oscar and Yurai Delgado neeClaudette Llanos Dalilia Joseph Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., aPercival company duly registered the nee Argueta nee Gregorio nee Gregorio nee Gregorio Ayianni Lizette to Alfonso Ian and Alma Lidia Magana nee Sanchez Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Ajay Rahjon to Dwayne Rodwell and Brendalyn Marilyn Staine nee Andrew2000, Alexander to Francisco Francisco Aloysius Andrew and Alexander Ruth Maribel to Francisco Matute Ruthnee Maribel Lexie Brooke to Roger and LeidyAloysius Cruzita and Castillo PerazaMatute Andrew Alexander to Aloysius and Ruth Maribel Matute Edition, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert Jacobs nee Argueta nee Argueta Arthur Edward to Fred and Ariana Ford nee Alfaro and Belize City, herebyYoung givesnee notice of neeBishop ArguetaStreets, Kiley Dwayne andBelize, Gloria Maria GonzaAjay Maria RahjontotoKevin Dwayne Rodwell and Ajay Brendalyn Rahjon Marilyn totoDwayne Staine Rodwell nee and and Lavonn Brendalyn Marilyn nee Kaiden Jahryl Darren Andrew Herbert nee Staine Martinez itslez intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under Ajay Rahjon to Dwayne Rodwell and Brendalyn Marilyn Staine nee Jacobs Jacobs Pedra to Curl Hughdonald Hustece and Cristine Rosealie Monica Kishore Kumar Sarikaof Lalwani nee Tolani a Maanya Deed oftoAssignment and and Transfer Mortgage the Jacobs Kiley Maria to Kevin Dwayne and Gloria Kiley Maria Maria Young tomade Kevin nee Dwayne Gonza- and Gloria Maria dissolved Young nee GonzaGordon nee Castillo has been and struck off the International BusiDaniel Adalid to Adalid and Miriam Heredia Villanueva nee Pinelo 15th day of December, 2006, recorded in Deeds Book Vol. 46 lez lez Atiah Alissa to Gilroy Gilbert and Dianne Catalina Banner nee PasKiley Maria to Kevin Dwayne and Gloria Maria Young nee GonzaAylin Esther to Oscar and Yurai Delgado nee Llanos ness Companies Register with effect from the 27th day of Maanya to Kishore Kumar and Sarika Maanya Lalwani to nee Kishore Tolani Kumar and Sarika Lalwani nee Tolani ofAyianni 2006 at Folios 327 – 354, between Development Finance cual Lizette to Alfonso Ian and Alma Lidia Magana nee Sanchez lez August, 2010. Daniel Adalid(the Adalid andLeidy Miriam Heredia Daniel Adalid Villanueva Adalid nee Pinelo and Miriam Heredia Villanueva neeDawson Pinelo Katelyn Moriah to Kevin Emmanuel and Mildred Elizabeth Corporation Assignor) andCruzita Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., Lexie Brooke totoRoger and Castillo neetoPeraza Maanya to Kishore Kumar and Sarika Lalwani nee Tolani Aylin Esther to Oscar and Yurai Delgado Aylin nee Esther Llanos to Oscar and Yurai Delgado nee Llanos nee Rivero Arthursaid Edward to Fred Ariana Ford which property wasand mortgaged bynee LuzAlfaro Carmen Vaccaro Daniel Adalid to Adalid and Miriam Heredia Villanueva nee Pinelo Ayianni Lizette to Alfonso Ian and Alma Ayianni Lidia Lizette Magana nee Alfonso Sanchez and Alma Lidianee Magana nee Sanchez Nathan Jordan Emil andIan Kimberly Pinelo Aldana Kaiden Jahryl to Darren Andrew and Lavonn Herbert nee Martinez to the said Development Finance Corporation onto the 18th The Belize Bank Limited Monica Pedra Curl Hughdonald Hustece and Cristine Rosealie Lexie Brooke to Roger and Leidy Cruzita Lexie Castillo Brooke nee to Roger Peraza and Leidy Cruzita Castillo nee Peraza Aylin Esther to Oscar and Yurai Delgado nee Llanos day of September, 2006, recorded inArthur Deeds Book Vol. 34 of Gordon Castillo Arthur nee Edward to Fred and Ariana Ford nee Alfaro Edward to Fred and Ariana Ford nee Alfaro Ayianni Lizette to Alfonso Ian and Alma Lidia Magana neenee Sanchez 2006 atAlissa Folios 68;Gilbert and the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. Atiah to25 Gilroy and Dianne Catalina Banner PasKaiden Jahryl to – Darren Andrew and Kaiden Lavonn Jahryl Herbert tonee Darren Martinez Andrew and Lavonn Herbert nee Martinez Lexie Brooke to Roger and Leidy Cruzita Castillo nee Peraza cual will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first Sergei Renatovich Doulatov to Natasia Zibrat both of Toronto, Canada Monica Pedra to Curl Hughdonald Hustece Monica and Pedra Cristine to Curl Rosealie Hughdonald Hustece and Cristine Rosealie Katelyn Moriah to Kevin Emmanuel and Mildred Elizabeth Dawson Arthur Edward to Fred and Ariana Ford nee Alfaro publication of this notice sell the property described in the Chueh Cheng to Nan Liu both of Belmopan Gordon nee Castillo Gordon nee Castillo nee Rivero Vitalino Cojon Salazar to Elsa Salazar bothBanner of Belize Atiah Alissa to Gilroy Gilbert and Dianne Catalina Alissa toBanner Gilroy nee Gilbert Pas-Judit and Jolon Dianne Catalina neeCity PasSchedule hereto.toto Darren Kaiden Jordan Jahryl Andrew and Atiah Lavonn Herbert nee Martinez Nathan Emil and Kimberly Pinelo nee Aldana Jared Lamich Orozco of Belize City to Becky Josephine Ramirez of cual cual Notice is hereby given that the company named Monica Pedra to Curl Hughdonald Hustece andBelize Cristine Rosealie Ladyville, Katelyn Moriah to Kevin Emmanuel and Katelyn Mildred Moriah Elizabeth to Kevin Dawson Emmanuel and Mildred Elizabeth Dawson All offersnee to purchase the said property must be made intowritGordon Castillo Axel Wilfredi Alvarez Angelica Maria Pech both of Santa Martha, nee Rivero nee Rivero ing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained Orange Walk Atiah Alissa to Gilroy and Dianne Catalina Banner nee Pas-Kimberly Pinelo nee Aldana Nathan Jordan toDoulatov EmilGilbert andtoKimberly Nathan Pinelo nee Jordan to Emil and Sergei Renatovich Natasia Zibrat both ofAldana Toronto, Canada from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. Jorge David Moralez to Lucerito Esther Lance both of Santa Martha, Chueh cual Cheng to Nan Liu both of Belmopan Orange Walk Vitalino Cojon Salazar to Elsa Judit Jolon Salazar both of Belize City Katelyn Moriah to Kevin Emmanuel Carlos and Mildred MartinElizabeth Correa to Dawson Nalleli Estella Gutierrez both of Corozal Town Jared Lamich Orozco of Belize City to Becky Josephine Ramirez of Walter Hass Rodriguez to Vaneli Hernandez both Martha, has been and struck off the International Businee Rivero Ladyville, Belize Doulatov to Natasia Sergei Sergei Renatovich Zibrat Renatovich both of Toronto, Doulatov Canada to Natasia Zibrat bothofdissolved ofSanta Toronto, Canada Walk Axel Wilfredi Alvarez to Angelica MariaOrange Pech both Santa ness Companies Register with effectLiquor from the License 1st day of Nathan Jordan to Emil and Pinelo neeofAldana Chueh Cheng to Nan Liu bothKimberly of Belmopan Chueh Cheng to NanMartha, Liu both of Belmopan Norberto Patt toSalazar neria Areli Copo both of Chunox, Corozal Orange Walk Vitalino Cojon Salazar to Elsa Judit Jolon Vitalino Salazar Cojon both of Belize to City Elsa Judit Jolon Salazar both of Belize City Notices September, 2010. ALL piece ortoparcel ofEsther land being 321 situJorgeTHAT David Moralez Lucerito Lance Block both of No. Santa Martha, Williams Juanita Yasuri Rodriguez both of Belmopan Jared Lamich Orozco of Belize City to Mark Jared BeckyAnthony Lamich Josephine Orozco Ramirez of to Belize of City to Becky Josephine Ramirez of ate in Lord’s Village, Belize Orange Walk Bank Road Layout,. Ladyville Jose Mauricio Vasquez to Lizet Elena Solis both of San Narciso, CoroLadyville, Belize Ladyville, Belize Notice is hereby given that Betty Carlos Martin Correa toasNalleli Estella Gutierrez both of for Corozal Town zal District and bounded follows:-On the Northeast 59.164 Axel Wilfredi Alvarez to Angelica Maria Axel Pech Wilfredi both of Alvarez Santa Martha, to Angelica Maria Pech both of Santa Martha, ARIAS, FABREGA & FABREGA (BELIZE) Petillo is applying for a Shop Walter Hass Rodriguez to Vaneli Hernandez both of Santa Martha, Shane Elton Lanza to Marcelina Nikki Valencia both of Carmelita, Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.90 Meter Road; On the SouthOrange Walk Orange Walk Sergei Renatovich Doulatov to Natasia Orange Zibrat both of Toronto, Canada Liquor License Orange Walk Liquor License to be operated LIMITED Walk east for 47.471 Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.191 Meter Jorge David Moralez to Lucerito Esther Jorge Lance David both Moralez of Santa to Martha, Lucerito Esther Lance both of Santa Martha, Norberto Patt to neria Areli Copo both of Chunox, Corozal at “Eazy Bone Shop”, #9075 La Chueh Cheng to Nan Liu both of Belmopan Elvis Castellanos to Gladys Veronica Vasquez bothNotices of Benque Viejo Orange Walk Orange Walk Mark Anthony Williams to for Juanita Yasuri Rodriguez both of Belmopan Road; On the Southwest 59.164 Meters by a Daylight Cut Croix Boluevard, St. Martin de Del Carmen, Cayo Vitalino CojonVasquez Salazartoto to Lizet Elsa Judit Jolon Salazar both ofCorozal Belize City Carlos Martin Correa Estella Carlos Gutierrez Martin Correa of to Nalleli TownEstella Gutierrez both of Corozal Town Jose Mauricio Elena Solis both ofboth San Narciso, Coroand 12.190 Meter Road;Nalleli On the Northwest for 47.471 Meters Porres Area, Belize City under Notice is herebyboth given that Betty Wellington Carrero Marie Henderson of Belize Jared Orozco oftoBelize to Kent Becky Josephine Ramirez ofBarbara zal WalterLamich Hass Rodriguez VaneliCity Hernandez Walter both Hass of Rodriguez Santa Martha, totoVaneli Hernandez both of Santa Martha, the Intoxicating Liquor LicensPetillo is applying for a Shop byShane a Daylight Cut and 12.190 Meter Road containing 2983.519 City Elton Lanza to Marcelina Nikki Valencia both of Carmelita, Liquor License Liquor License Orange Walk Orange Walk Ladyville, Belize Liquor License to be operated ing Ordinance Revised Edition Renne Kacey Reyes to Miriam Elizabeth Perez both of Burrell Boom, Square Meters as shown on Plan No. 2097 at the Office of Orange Walk Norberto Patt to neria Areli Copo both of Norberto Chunox, Patt Corozal toSanta neriaMartha, Areli Copo both of Chunox, Corozal Axel Wilfredi Alvarez to Angelica Maria Pech both at “Eazy Bone Shop”, #9075 La Notices Notices 1980. Belize Elvis Castellanos to of Gladys Vasquez both ofofboth Benque Viejo the Commissioner Lands and Surveys TOGETHER with Mark Anthony Williams to Veronica Juanita Yasuri Mark Rodriguez Anthony Williams of Belmopan to Juanita Yasuri Rodriguez bothSt. of Martin Belmopan Croix Boluevard, de Jason Frank Reams to Kelly AnnElena Walsh bothboth of San Antonio, Texas, Orange WalkCayo Carmen, Jose Mauricio Vasquez toand Lizet Elena Solis Jose both Mauricio of San Vasquez Narciso, to CoroLizet Solis of San Narciso, CoroallDel buildings, erections developments standing and being Porres Area, Belize City under Kent Wellington Carrero to Barbara Marie Henderson both of Belize Notice is hereby given that Bettythe Notice USA is hereby given that Betty Notice is hereby given that company named Jorge David Moralez to Lucerito Esther Lance both of Santa Martha, zal zal thereon. the Intoxicating Liquor LicensCity Johan Klassen ofCarmelita, Indian Creek, Orange Walk to Maria Peters Petillo is applying forofa ShipShop Petillo Estela is applying for is a Shop Mirna Portillo applying Shane Kacey Elton to Marcelina Nikki Valencia Shane Elton bothLanza of to Marcelina Nikki Valencia both of Carmelita, Orange WalkLanza ing Ordinance Revised Edition Renne Reyes to Miriam Elizabethyard, Perez both of Burrell Boom, Orange Walk Liquor License to be operated Liquor License to be operated for a Publican Special Liquor OrangeMartin Walk Correa to Nalleli Estella Orange Walk 1980. Belize Carlos Gutierrez bothtoofDelia Corozal Town Roy Orellano Popper both of Camalote, Cayo at “Eazy Bone Shop”, #9075 La at “EazytoBone Shop”, #9075 La License be operated at “The Elvis Frank Castellanos totoGladys Veronica Vasquez Elvis Castellanos both of Benque to Gladys ViejoVeronica Vasquez both of Benque Viejo Jason Reams Kelly Ann Walsh both both of San Antonio, Texas, Ronald Norman Curling of Placencia, Stann Creek to Rose Maria HarWalter Hass Rodriguez to Vaneli Hernandez of Santa Martha, Croix Boluevard, St. Martin de Croix Boluevard, St. #190 Martin de Element Nightclub”, NewDATED this 30th Del Carmen, Cayo day of August, 2010. Del Carmen, Cayo USA Notice is hereby given that ris of Inglewood, California, USA Porres Area, Belize City under Porres Area, Belize City under town Barracks, Belize City under Orange Walk Kent Wellington CarreroCreek, to Barbara Marie KentHenderson Wellington both Carrero ofofBelize to Barbara Marie both ofisBelize Johan Klassen of Indian Orange Walk to Maria Peters ShipMirnaHenderson Estela Portillo applying Antonio Sho to Serah Lisa Choco boththe of Maya Mopan, Liquor Stann Creek Intoxicating Licensthe Intoxicating Liquor LicensCity City yard, Orange Walk Norberto Patt to neria Areli Copo both of Chunox, Corozal for a Publican Special Liquor Peter Michael Iwaskiewych of Corozal Town to Helen Carolina Martiing Ordinance Revised Edition ing Ordinance Revised Edition Roy Orellano to Delia Popper both of Camalote, Cayo RenneAnthony Kacey Reyes toMUSA Miriam Elizabeth Renne Perez Kacey both of Reyes Burrell Miriam Boom, Elizabeth Pereztoboth of Burrell at Boom, License be operated “The Mark Williams to Juanita Yasuri Rodriguez both oftoBelmopan & BALDERAMOS nez of Trial farm, Orange Walk Ronald Creek to Rose Maria Har1980. Nightclub”, #190 New1980. 1980-. Belize Norman Curling of Placencia, Stann Belize Element been dissolved and struck off the International Busi91toNorth Front Street Jose Vasquez Lizet Elena Solis both ofSho San Coro-Toledo ofNarciso, San tohas Consepciona Makin Texas, of Indian ris of Mauricio Inglewood, California, Jason Frank Reams to Kelly USA Ann WalshSSantiago Jason both of Frank San Reams Antonio, to Miguel, Texas, Kelly Ann Walsh both of San Antonio, town Barracks, Belize City under Notice is hereby given that Betty Creek, ness Companies Register with effect the given 2nd day Belize Cityboth of Antonio Choco MayaToledo Mopan, Stann Creek zal the Intoxicating LicensUSA Sho to Serah Lisa USA Notice is herebyLiquor given that Notice from is hereby thatof Justo Kib to SHiela Nigely Guzman both of San Ignacio, Cayo Petillo is applying for a Shop Peter Michael Iwaskiewych of Corozal Town to Helen Carolina Martiforto September, 2010. ing Ordinance Revised Johan Klassen of Indian Creek, Orange Johan Walk Klassen Maria Indian of Creek, Ship- Orange Walk to MariaPortillo Peters of ShipMirna Estela isEdition applying Mirna Estela Portillo is applying Shane Elton Lanza to Attorney-at-Law Marcelina Nikki Valencia both ofofPeters Carmelita, nez of Trial farm, Orange Walk Enoch Emmerson Landero to Diomie Devorie Humes both of Santa Liquor License to be operated 1980-. yard, Orange Walk Scotiabank (Belize) yard, Orange Ltd. Walk for a Publican Special Liquor for a Publican Special Liquor Orange Walk SSantiago Sho of San Miguel, Toledo toFamilia, Consepciona Makin of Indian cayo Roy Orellano to Delia Popper both of Camalote, Roy Orellano Cayoto Delia Popper both of at Camalote, Cayo License toBone be operated at “The “Eazy Shop”, #9075 La License to be operated at “The Creek, Toledo Elvis Castellanos to Gladys Veronica Vasquez both of Rose Benque Viejo Luciano canul to Magnolia Gongora both of Sarteneja, Corozal The Belize Bank Limited Ronald Norman Curling of Placencia, Stann Ronald Creek Norman to Curling Maria of HarPlacencia, Stann Creek to Rose Maria HarElement Nightclub”, #190 NewJusto Kib to SHiela Nigely Guzman both of SanWinston Ignacio,Miranda Cayo to Rhonda Denise CroixYorke Boluevard, Martin de Element Nightclub”, #190 NewPatrick both ofSt. Hattieville, Del Carmen, Cayo ris of Inglewood, California, USA ris of Inglewood, California, USA town Barracks, Belize City under town Barracks, Belize City under Enoch Emmerson Landero to Diomie Devorie Humes both of Santa Belize Area, Belize CityCreek under Antonio Sho to Serah LisatoChoco Antonio of Maya Sho Mopan, toboth Serah Stann Creek Choco bothPorres of Intoxicating Maya Mopan, Stann Kent Wellington Carrero Barbaraboth Marie Henderson ofLisa Belize Familia, cayo the Liquor Licensthe Intoxicating Liquor LicensPeter Michael Iwaskiewych of Corozal Peter Town Michael to Helen Iwaskiewych Carolina Martiof Corozal Town to Helen Carolina Martithe Intoxicating Liquor LicensLuciano canul to Magnolia Gongora both of Sarteneja, Corozal City ing Ordinance Revised Edition ing Ordinance Revised Edition NOTICE OF VOLUNTARY WINDING UP CHRISOFT LIMITED nez of Trial farm, OrangetoWalk nez of Trialboth farm, Walk Patrick Winston Miranda Rhonda Denise Yorke of Orange Hattieville, 1980-. 1980-. ing Ordinance Revised Edition Company”) Renne Kacey Reyes to Miriam ElizabethConsepciona Perez both ofofBurrell Boom, Belize SSantiago Sho of San Miguel, Toledo toSSantiago Sho Makin San Miguel, of IndianToledo to Consepciona Makin of (“the Indian MAYA CORPORATION LIMITED 1980. Belize Creek, Toledo Creek, Toledo Martha Smith, 84 Guzman Rashean Nicole 18 Justo Kib to Reams SHiela to Nigely both Justo of San Kib Ignacio, to SHiela Cayo Nigely both of SanPertau, Ignacio, Cayo Jason Frank KellyGuzman Ann Walsh both of Agatha San Antonio, Texas, Pursuant to Section 102(4) of the International Business Companies Notice is hereby given that Wilfred Belisle, 62 Ivan Leopold Francis, 56 Enoch Emmerson Landero to Diomie Devorie Enoch Emmerson Humes both Landero of Santa to Diomie Devorie Humes both of Santa Act, Chapter 270 of Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, notice USA Notice is hereby giventhe that Pursuant to the Companies Act 250 Morgan Luke Mayen, 35 Sara Benavidez, 43 Familia, cayo Familia, cayo is hereby given that CHRISOFT LIMITED: Johan Klassen ofSmith, IndianCORPORATION Creek, Orange Walk to Pertau, Maria Peters of ShipMirna Estela Portillo LIMITED Martha 84 Rashean Nicole 18 LucianoAgatha canul toMAYA Magnolia Gongora both Luciano of Sarteneja, canul toCorozal Magnolia Gongora both of Sarteneja, Corozalis applying Has on the 26th day of August 2010 for Voluntary Winding Wilfred Belisle, 62 Ivan applied Leopold Francis, yard, Orange Walk for a Publican Special Liquor Patrick Winston Miranda to Rhonda Denise Patrick Yorke Winston both56 of Miranda Hattieville, toUp Rhonda Denise of Hattieville, I. Yorke is inboth dissolution Morgan Luke Mayen, 35 Sara Benavidez, 43 of the said Company. Belize Belize Roy Orellano to Delia Popper both of Camalote, Cayo License to be operated at “The on the 6th day of September, 2010; II. commenced dissolution Ronald Norman Curling of Placencia, to Rose Maria HarElementand Nightclub”, #190 NewAny interested parties areStann askedCreek to contact ris of Inglewood, California, USA III. Barracks, GEORGIOS whose address is town BelizePAPACHRISTOFOROU City under Secretary Antonio Sho to Serah Lisa Choco both of Maya Mopan, Stann Creek situated at Petoussis Bros Bld., 3rd floor, 18 Evagora Papachristothe Intoxicating Liquor LicensBoard of Directors forou St.Pertau, Limassol, is the Liquidator of the Company. Peter Michael Iwaskiewych Town to Agatha Helen Carolina Marti-Rashean Martha Agatha Smith, 84 of Corozal RasheanMartha Nicole Pertau, Smith, 18 84 Nicole 18 Cyprus ing Ordinance Revised Edition P.O. Box 438 Wilfred Belisle, Ivan Leopold Wilfred Francis, Belisle,56 62 Ivan Leopold Francis, 56 nez of Trial farm,62Orange Walk Gordon House 1980-. Morgan Luke Mayen, 35 Sara Benavidez, Morgan Luke 43 Mayen, 35 Sara Benavidez, 43 CITITRUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED SSantiago Sho of San Miguel, Toledo to Consepciona Makin of Indian One Coney Drive Registered Agent Belize City Creek, Toledo

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Justo Kib to SHiela Nigely Guzman both of San Ignacio, Cayo Enoch Emmerson Landero to Diomie Devorie Humes both of Santa


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