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Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Barrow and Williams still collecting from Ashcroft



NTUCB NO Deh with It!

On Wave’s morning show “Fus Thng Da Mawnin” this morning, the talking heads dedicating a great deal of their time to castigating Senior Counsell Godfrey Smith for a letter he wrote on behalf of his clients to the owners of Digicel. During the discussions the Prime Minister called in to add to the commentary and declared Godfrey Smith unpatriotic. On air the PM expressed his disappointment in Smith and went on to spew his venom on Senior Counsel and Senator Hon. Eamon Courtenay. Tonight Senior Counsel Courtenay fired back, calling PM Barrow a rank hypocrite for saying that anyone who works for Lord Ashcroft is unpatriotic. He then dropped the bombshell that even today the Prime Minister’s law firm Barrow and Williams continues to serve and collect from companies connected to Lord Ashcroft. Courtenay advised the Prime Minister to take a (Continued on pg. 3)

Three weeks ago, the TIMES broke the story that GOB intended to coerce the SSB Investment Committee into committing some BZD$50,000,000.000 (fifty million dollars) of the workers Pension Fund to buy BTL. We went on to show that the same players were involved as both sellers and buyers, creating a perfect storm of fiduciary fogginess and plain old conflict of interest as the Executive Chairman of BTL, the Seller, is also the Chair who cast the tie-breaking vote to force the SSB Investment Committee to approve the purchase of the BTL shares. Our disclosure of the way the SSB Investment committee vote went, that the representatives from both the Unions and the Private Sector had voted against recommending the investment, undoubtedly caused the much touted announcement of the sale of BTL shares on Independence Day to be scaled back to the anticlimactic terse statement at the end of the PM’s address. In the public’s psyche, however, it sparked a slew of public commentar y and outcries on the airwaves this week denouncing the use of workers monies to pay off a

“private” debt. The most scathing release came early this afternoon in the form of an official release from the Belize Chamber of Commerce (BCCI). As the entity representing the largest number of employers in the country who are mandated by law to pay into the Social Security fund, the membership of the BCCI is asking for “proper due diligence before public funds are invested in BTL”. The release goes on to say that: “While the BCCI agrees that based on historical performance BTL may be considered a viable investment opportunity, the future of BTL is fraught with uncertainties, which increases the risk for the fund. These concerns must be neutralized before the BCCI can vote with confidence for the purchase”. Because of the sheer magnitude of the transaction and the possibility of it becoming a failed investment, with pension fund monies tied up for years, the Chamber has asked for a fourfold disclosure of technical, legal and financial data so that it can make an informed decision on the viability (Continued on pg. 3)

Time and again the Belizean people are faced with making value judgment as to the merits of arguments for and against a particular action or lack thereof by political leaders as they embark on major initiatives. The fact of the matter is that although some may shy away from being engaged the reality is that these decisions affect citizens for good or bad. One must therefore find it in their best interest to stay abreast of the arguments. It is also keen to know who are the persons who have been charged with responsibility to speak on behalf of the people and the manner in which they have sought to inform themselves in order to be able to make the best decision for Belize. The case before the Belizean people therefore is whether $50M of the people’s pension funds are to be used to invest in the purchase of shares in Belize Telemedia Ltd (BTL) or not. This writer is certain that every right thinking Belizean would agree that the Government should have (Continued on pg. 3)

T he National Trade Unions Cong ress of Belize draws to the public’s attention to the blatant p o l i t i c a l l y m o t iva t e d c o m m e n t s attacking the integ rity of the N T U C B ’s r e p r e s e n t a t ive o n t h e Investment Committee of the Social Security Board, Sis. Lorelei Westby by hosts of WAVE Radio’s

“Fus Ting da Mawnin.” T he Prime Minister’s call during that same show exposed the political maneuverings and pressure to isolate and humiliate anyone who does not accept this investment deal initiated by government. Through this medium, the (Continued on pg. 3)

Chief Justice Conteh SAYS ‘ADIEU’

See story on Page 35

"No watch me watch yo self!"


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The SSB/BTL/GOB Imbroglio

It was apparent fairly soon after Dean Barrow was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Belize that he intended to follow a path charted in his mind and his mind alone…a path crafted by his hand leading to a destination only he would be privy to. To subdue the groundswell of protest at this borderline dictatorship course of action, it was also apparent fairly soon that the Prime Minister was prepared to utilize his superior oratorical skills and ‘magical’ sleight of tongue where possible; use the invisibility and mute features on his superman costume when glib wouldn’t get the job done and charge ahead like a mad bull when all else failed. It’s gotten him this far, though the groundswell of protest and frustration has been upgraded to near tsunami status. The latest imbroglio revealing the tangled web of nepotism linking GOB, SSB and BTL may be a horse of a totally different colour. Even as the stench of impropriety fills the air, the Prime Minster has utilized the option to become invisible and mute, but this mess shows no signs of going away easily. In August of 2009 Mr. Barrow took over Belize Telemedia Limited, ousting the previous owners and claiming that it was in the public interest. He pressed the nationalism button without shame and proclaimed himself a giant for daring to wrest control of the telecommunications entity from the hands of the ‘white dictator’ and giving it back to Belizeans. He promised Belizeans cheaper rates, immediate access to VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and the chance to own a piece of BTL. Thirteen months later, the first two promises have blown away like so much confetti in the wind and nobody really knows in what form or fashion or manifestation the third will come to pass. The crux of the current controversy is that the Prime Minister is proposing to use public funds paid into SSB by thousands of Belizeans to buy shares in BTL. Representing Mr. Barrow at BTL are his ex-wife Lois Young and his close friend Nestor ‘Net’ Vasquez. They are the legal advisor and Executive Chairman of BTL respectively. Representing Mr. Barrow at the Social Security Board are his ex-wife Lois Young and his close friend Nestor ‘Net’ Vasquez. In this entity they are the Chairman of the SSB Investment Committee and the Chairman of the Board respectively. Two weeks ago the proposal was taken before the Investment Committee of the Social Security Board where Net Vasquez and the Government representative on the Committee both voted in favour of the purchase of BTL shares. Representatives of the unions and private sector both voted against the purchase of BTL shares using public funds. Using his tie-breaker vote as Chairman of the Committee, Net Vasquez was able to push through approval but that has proven to be just the opening salvo in what promises to be a heated battle. In a startling revelation, representatives of the Union and private sector claim that they were asked to provide what amounted to carte blanche approval for the purchase of shares in BTL. Both entities claim that they were not allowed to view the prospectus of the Company or the current financials, but were given only a historical performance of the Company and an assurance by Net Vasquez that BTL would continue to show growth in the next five years. In a very clear cut and direct release issued today, the Chamber claims that ‘while the BCCI agrees that based on historical performance BTL may be considered a viable investment opportunity, the future of BTL is fraught with uncertainties, which increases the risk for the fund.’ In addition, the reality is that while the Company was a revenue-generating giant while under private control indications are that in the hands of the Prime Minister’s ex-wife, his son and his close friend, BTL has not been performing as it once did. The release continues – ‘the BCCI submits that we have not been provided with sufficient information to allow us to act with confidence in a decision to support the purchase of Fifty Million dollars ($50M) worth of BTL Shares….we are guided by the fact that we have a fiduciary responsibility to the thousands of Belizeans who are required by law to support the fund, to act responsibly and with integrity and fidelity in the management of their money.’ The release ends - Further, we do not understand the unnecessary haste which accompanies the investment decision. In essence, the SSB board is being asked to make a decision on what would be the second largest investment for the fund without adequate information on the public offering (e.g. the share price, the ownership structure), or a proper determination of the value potential of the asset. Judging from past practice, it is expected that the Prime Minister will engage option 3 and charge ahead like a mad bull, ignoring the opposition, the concerns raised by the unions and the private sector. The damage from such a move will be significant considering that Mr. Barrow has heretofore portrayed himself as a white knight mounted on his trusty steed ready to do battle to protect public funds and ensure transparency, accountability and integrity in its use. And then, of course, there is the damage which has already been done, since very obvious and pressing questions have arisen concerning the very evident intent by Mr. Barrow to remain mum on the financial aspects of the proposed deal. Barrow ran and won on a platform of openness, transparency and good governance. Nothing in this arrangement speaks to those ideas, indeed the opposite is true, proving once again that for Mr. Barrow and the UDP, it was all about the glitter and never about subtance

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mr. Barrow - You are NOT God's Gift to Belize! Dear Editor, Last week Friday I listened attentively to the meeting of the House of Re p r esen ta tives a t wh i ch sever a l i m p o r ta n t bills were being passed. I did so with the expectation that we would be allowed to listen to a healthy discussion on the issues being legislated. However, I was disappointed to hear the Prime Minister g oing on with his petty statements about the Opposition’s discussion and rebuttal on the bills being presented. It gives us, young professionals and many others out here, the impression that this honourable gentleman does not allow any one to question what he does. But as my grandmother would say “well I be a cocked-eye jumping jelly fish”. Who does this man think he is? As per his demeanour in the meetings of the House of Representatives, Mr Bar row really believes he is g od’s intellectual gift to Belize. Perhaps that is why he cannot take criticism or input from no one…he really is a strange creature in such a diverse society as Belize where a plurality of ideas is expected. With no offence “ Absit Invidia” to Belizean attor neys, and by the way I am not interested in pursuing a law deg ree, but our PM has re peatedly attacked our elected members in the Opposition in an attempt to humiliate them as being academically and or intellectually challenged. Maybe its time we remind Mr Prime Minister that there are a lot more productive and important professions to society than law and cer tainly much more noble. Perhaps we should remind him that it is the far mer that puts bread on his table, the business man that ensures he can buy his commodities, the nurse and doctor and all in the medical profession who take care of his health and will one day save his life and even the policeman who ensures he is secured from the ver y crime he is unable to control. The conceited and supercilious Prime Minister that we have has to understand that had it not been for our engineers, architects, and other applied scientists he would not be living the life he now leads. And most of all, shall I remind this “honourable g entleman” of just one more profession that he ought to respect….teaching…because if it wouldn’t have been for his teachers he would possibly be just another numbskull. Having said all of the above, I find it necessar y to reiterate to this “g rosero e insolente” that he must respect diversity in thought, skills and talent; that we live in a society where each of us depends on the skills and talents of others and that respect is cr ucial for a people to f lourish and for violence and crime to subside. Can we ask you, Mr Prime Minister, to get off your high horse and star t showing respect to others? Because it would, perhaps, be in vain to ask that you practice restrain or humility at least once in awhile. By your consistent behaviour, it is evident that humility is not one of your virtues. Sincerely, Edmund Franklin




Doreth Bevans


Roberto Peyrefitte PRINTER

Oscar Obando


Lucilo E. Alcoser


Rachel Arana

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Barrow and Williams still collecting from Ashcroft

(Continued from pg. 1) look in the mirror. He said, tell the Prime Minister “No watch me, watch yu self !” At the chambers of Senior Council Godfrey Smith, Smith was clear that his decision to write to Digicel was entirely in his professional capacity and was in no way politically motivated. Smith called on the Prime Minister to apologize to the Bar Association for the disrespect he has shown to Bar. He called on Barrow to apologize to Belizeans for destroying investor confidence caused by the actions of his government. He expressed discontent for the way the UDP government treated outgoing Chief Justice Dr. Abdulai Conteh, and called on the Prime Minister Barrow to apologize for

the way he has been handling contracts for judges of the Supreme Court. This is all a part of a growing problem for the Prime Minister, who is preparing to put Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) up for sale sometime in October. Already there is a great deal of concern over the sale of Telemedia because it is expected that as much as $50 million in shares will be bought by Social Security. This news has sparked a stir among Belizeans, including the Belize Chamber of Commerce, who in a press release issued today, signaled their serious concerns over the clear lack of due diligence in the decision by the Investment Committee to recommend to the SSB Board that they purchase shares in BTL even before seeing the

prospectus. Late this evening the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, the NTUCB, issued a release criticizing t h e U D P r a d i o s t a t i o n WAV E and its morning talking heads for comments made in reference to their representative on the Investment Committee of the Social Security Board. In their release the NTUCB called statements by the hosts of the show as: “… attacking the integrity of the NTUCB’s representative on the Investment Committee of the Social Security Board.” With respect to the Prime Minister the release said that, “The Prime Minister’s call during that same show expressed the political maneuverings and pressure to isolate

and humiliate anyone who does not accept this investment deal initiated by government.” T h e r e l e a s e we n t o n t o s ay that the NTUCB is “baff led that this government has not settled the Employees Trust issue since acquiring the shares from Ashcroft since they supported the idea when they were in opposition.” The bottom line is that having lost the confidence of investors, Dean Barrow has now lost the confidence of the business community and the workers of Belize. The people of Belize have been watching and waiting. They too have lost confidence in this UDP administration. The latest contretemps in the Judiciary, with BTL, may yet prove to be the final straw.

due to the previous owners of BTL and the outcome of the various litigations between BTL and GOB. There is also the issue of The underlying prospect that the BTL will continue to realize profits and retained earnings sufficient to fix a minimum of 45% of profits to be paid out in dividends assumes significant levels of concentration in the market. Since the liberalization of the telecommunication sector in 2000 and a formidable new entrant into the market SMART/Speednet Communications in 2005, over the years they have been able to secure an estimated 33% of the market for mobile services. This level of competition poses some levels of threat against BTL’s future performance. The lack of the prospectus and details surrounding the nature of the investment courtship of Digicel Caribbean is the prospect of some form of an accommodation agreement by the current administration that can support the level of returns being anticipated in BTL’s projected performance. Notwithstanding the lack of further details on BTL the justification being put forward in support of SSB’s pending decision is most alarming. • The SSB by all indications from its Investment Committee Chairman is

eyeing the use of funds currently held with the Central Bank, some $24M to be used to meet this $50M investment. Contrary to the Chairman’s indication, those funds are earning interest at a rate of 6% as per the last financial statements, so why and how a drastic decrease to 2.7%. This action by the Central Bank of Belize that will result in significantly less income on the funds deposit could be seen as a way of forcing the use of funds for alternative investment. Furthermore, one can also infer that the remaining funds would be sourced from SSB’s funds held in the banking sector. The question as to which bank(s) would be affected, remains unknown, but a withdrawal of $25M would definitely affect the levels of credit those affected banks would have available to offer. Despite all these unknown factors the true level of risk associated with this investment by SSB is far reaching as it goes contrary to the actuary’s recommendation on the management of the long term branch of the fund. In the Actuarial Report for 2009 that was presented in the House a month ago along with financial statements on the SSB, the recommendation clearly states “The actuarial valuation advice is to maintain the liquidity of the portfolio. New allocations in shares and mortgages are not advisable. Private sector loans

should be restricted to high quality borrowers, at rates of interest compatible with the benchmark, on a risk-adjusted return basis”. Therefore, the statement made by Nestor Vasquez “…that the SSB’s actuary had recommended that SSB needs to put more assets into longterm investments” seems inconsistent. The calculated manner in which the UDP Government through its various representatives in the SSB and BTL Boards are presenting this investment as being good for the people of Belize may be considered by any right thinking person to be is just downright reckless. For an administration that campaigned on the premise of providing accountability and transparency in Government’s undertakings it has become painfully obvious that their intent and modus operandi remains rather opaque. The People’s United Party on the occasion of celebrating its 60th birthday provides full support to the unions and the private sector in their call for the exercise of greater diligence in the execution of Governments’ representatives’ fiduciary responsibility on the SSB Board and Investment Committee. No amount of jawboning can make this obvious lack of transparency and good governance in this approach to dealing with the people’s money right.

have on BTL’s profitability; 4. A copy of the Investment Prospectus; “ As we go to press, the NTUCB has reportedly scheduled a meeting t o d i s c u s s t h e m a n n e r i n w h i ch it will deal with this matter. The issue of their shares in BTL has yet to be cleared up and the rank and

file of their collective membership is as disgruntled as the rest of us about the heavy handed manner in which the Barrow administration is handling no less than money taken out of the workers paychecks on the understanding that it will be managed with their best interests in mind. It is the proverbial “ants’ nest” - should the PM persist, this may be just the beginning.

BUT AGAINST RULERSintoAND AUTHORITIES account the level of compensation

(Continued from pg. 1) nothing to hide and to expect that both they and the Social Security Board (SSB) would perform with the greatest of transparency and statesmanship. The current incestuous investment relationship about to be undertaken between the SSB and BTL will probably go down in Belizean history as an act of unbridled arrogance if the requisite level of due diligence is not undertaken before requiring such a huge investment of the peoples monies is made. As it now stands the required standard of due diligence on this investment initiative by the SSB is lacking and as a result will undoubtedly lead to irreparable damages to the development of a viable and secure pension scheme. The Chairman of the SSB Investment Committee gave Amandala’s Adele Ramos an interview to clarify and justify the actions of the SSB as being in the best interest of the people of Belize. There are however several issues that warrant more careful review. This includes the level of due diligence the Chairman claimed was being done by the SSB investment department which showed to have lacked several key details such as what is the price at which the BTL shares will be offered to SSB. In GOB setting a share price, they must take


of the proposed investment: “1. Legal opinions from three separate attorneys on the legal options available to claimants that may directly impede the profitability of BTL and thereby negatively affect SSB’s return on Shares purchased; 2. A technical audit of the status

of the network to see where BTL is in terms of equipment lifecycle and what investments may be absolutely necessary for BTL’s viability in the short to medium term. 3. Whether there is any impending legislation which will alter the structure of the Telecommunications industry and what effect/s that decision may

(Continued from pg. 1) Prime Minister and citizens of Belize are infor med that the vote taken by Sis. Lorelei Westby was based on consensus and a mandate given to her after the issue was discussed at a General Council meeting of the NTUCB. The NTUCB maintains its position because it has not been provided with the following i n f o r mation which is critical in making an infor med decision on such a huge investment of worker’s money: 1. The Investment Prospectus 2. A n y p o s s i b l e c h a n g e t o l i b e r a t e t h e u s e o f Vo i c e O ve r I n t e r n e t P r o t o c o l ( VO I P ) t h a t would impact the profitability of Belize Telemedia Limited. 3. The impact that the litigation cur rently pursued by Ashcroft would have on this investment.

4. The fact that SSB is already exposed $10 million for the purchase of shares by Sunshine Ltd. for the BTL employees trust. In October 2010, SSB is due the first payment. Will this payment be received? T he NTUCB is also baff led that this g over nment has not settled the Employees Trust issue since acquiring the shares from Ashcroft since they supported the idea when they were in opposition. The nation should be aware that companies with worker ownership participation nor mally perfor m better. T he NTUCB would suppor t any investment opportunity which can potentially improve the viability and sustainability of the Social Security Fund but we must fulfil our fiduciary responsibility of doing proper due diligence on all investments.

NTUCB No Deh with IT!


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The PUP Supports the Unions & Private Sector

Happy 60th Anniversary

Sixty years ag o, a g roup of caring young Belizeans decide to make histor y, not for fame or glor y, but because they believed that each of us has a responsibility to the society we live in. Back in the day, their society was one where women did not have the right to vote, where few British Hondurans could own land, where the natives were not allowed to decide their own destiny and our people were divided. Out of their sincere love and concern for others, these brave soldiers star ted an association, which became an organization and later a movement. Out of that movement came a revolution. Today, 60 years later, that revolution is rolling on, it remains peaceful, it continues to be prog ressive and it is 100 percent Belizean. At 60 the People’s United Party remains the strongest political organization in Belize. As the nation’s oldest political party we continue to hold high the principles upon which our party was founded: social justice, democracy and ser vice to the people. By our actions we have shown that as a party the PUP cares. T h r o u g h o u r M a r s h a l l s a n d C o m m u n i t y S e r v i c e C o r p s, t h e traditions of the party to always be engaged in community ser vice continue. The United Women’s Group is g rowing and its work of advocacy for women in the Party and in Belize is not only gaining momentum, but also yielding results. The Belize Youth Movement (BYM) is today one of the strongest ar ms of the Par ty, engaging in activities from leadership workshops to assisting young people in communities all across Belize. At the constituency level our local leaders are working to strengthen their executives and to encourage participation in the work of the Party. Soon they will commence the important task of finding the best qualified persons to represent the Party as standard bearers. I n a f e w we e k s t h e Pa r t y a n d i t s s u p p o r t e r s w i l l g a t h e r together on the sea side (lar u beya) in beautiful Dang riga for our Special convention. At this convention the Par ty will table a number of resolutions aimed at bringing g reater focus on some of the more important national issues. Likewise, the convention will adopt important changes to our Party’s Constitution. These constitutional amendments will allow for us to further open up the party and to encourage greater participation in the decision making of the Party. It will also put in place a mechanism that will ensure that the Party always remain in contact with our partners in civil society, the unions and others involved in social work in Belize. During this 60th year the party will be organizing a number of special events to celebrate our work while at the same time plan for the future. Soon the Party will launch its wall of heroes, a special memorial honouring 600 of our g reat PUP men and women whose dedicated ser vice to the Party and the countr y will be recognized. Soon the BYM will be holding its youth in leadership conference, an event which brings together young people from all across Belize to share ideas and to learn about the histor y of the PUP. Our environmental projects, which includes clean up campaigns, planting of trees and rehabilitation of parks and playg rounds in r ural communities will for m a part of the Party’s outreach along with the many village spor ting events which will be held at different times throughout the year. We are all thankful to the Creator for the rich blessings bestowed upon our countr y. We are also thankful for the blessings g ranted to our Party. We are g rateful to the Belizean people for their suppor t of our Par ty over the past 60 years and for the privilege to be of ser vice to the nation. The People’s United Party is once again rising; the blue wave is gathering energ y and we have started our march to Belmopan. Our mission is to retur n to the work of building Belize. To all friends and supporters of the People’s United Party, happy 60th Anniversar y.

T h e P e o p l e ’s U n i t e d P a r t y c o n d e m n s t h e a t t e m p t by the UDP administration to use SSB funds to purchase shares in BTL and expresses support for the Unions and the Private Sector who have gone on record to reject the proposal. The deal, as presented by Government through representatives on the boards of the SSB and BTL, reeks of impropriety a n d l a c k s t r a n s p a r e n c y, a c c o u n t a b i l i t y a n d i n t e g r i t y. The PUP takes issue firstly with some of the people engaged in brokering the negotiation. Representing BTL in the proposed sale of the s h a r e s a r e E x e c u t i v e C h a i r m a n , N e s t o r Va s q u e z a n d L e g a l A d v i s o r L o i s Yo u n g. R e p r e s e n t i n g S S B i n t h e purchase of the shares from BTL are Chairman of t h e S S B I n v e s t m e n t C o m m i t t e e , N e s t o r Va s q u e z a n d C h a i r m a n o f t h e S S B L o i s Yo u n g. D e s p i t e t h e f i r m rejection of the plan by representatives of both the u n i o n s a n d t h e p r i va t e s e c t o r, N e s t o r Va s q u e z w a s able to cast a second vote to push the deal through. This arrangement is ludicrous and incestuous to say the least. Union and Private Sector representatives have been asked to approve the deal for the purchase of shares using SSB funds, while still being kept in the dark as to the financial viability of BTL and at what price the shares will be offered. In effect, these representatives are being asked to sign a carte blanche approval for a sale with no indication of the figures. Again, they have been offered only Va s q u e z ’s a s s u r a n c e t h a t t h e c o m p a n y w i l l g r o w o v e r t h e n e x t f i v e y e a r s . We f i n d t h i s h i g h l y i r r e g u l a r , t o say the least, and the seemingly deliberate attempts to keep the finances of the company and of the proposed deal secret raise more questions than it provides answers. To d a t e , B e l i z e a n s h a v e b e e n o f f e r e d o n l y M r. Va s q u e z ’s l a m e s u b m i s s i o n t h a t s o m e b o d y c h e c k e d with an independent law fir m to verify that there is no conflict of interest, but no facts were offered to support that claim. T h e Pe o p l e ’s U n i t e d Pa r t y r e m i n d s t h e P r i m e M i n i s t e r o f h i s c o m m i t m e n t , s t a t e d i n h i s p a r t y ’s manifesto, to include the social par tners in ever y i m p o r t a n t d e c i s i o n m a d e b y t h i s g o v e r n m e n t . To r a m this deal to completion despite its rejection by those social partners who represent the people on SSB amounts to nothing less than a betrayal by the Prime M i n i s t e r . We a l s o r e m i n d t h e P r i m e M i n i s t e r o f h i s righteous crusade against the use of public funds w i t h o u t t h e u t m o s t t r a n s p a r e n c y, a c c o u n t a b i l i t y and integrity during his campaign and during every p u b l i c a p p e a r a n c e . To p u s h t h i s d e a l t o c o m p l e t i o n despite the appearances of impropriety and secrecy attached to it is a betrayal of the people.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Singh booted from BTB… You can say what you have to say about the barefoot minister cause we all know he isn’t the brightest bulb in the tool-shed, but when it came to banging that dangling appendag e on the table and comparing size, he beat out mini-Mike with room to

spare. Word out of the white ele phant BTB is that the Vice-Minister (as he liked to call himself on his travels around the globe) has been given the boot. T hat’s right… Mike Singh was told to pack up and leave. Of course, when this columnist tried to g et the dir ty on the deal I was told that his contract was nearing expiration and they had opted not to renew it, but hey, we all know what that means don’t we? Our barefoot buddy was tired of being disrespected and insulted at ever y tur n by Singh who consistently refer red to him as the ‘island dummy’ at cocktails and that was the end of that. Of course the brothers Singh are buddy-buddy with baldy so brother Doug made a call and brother Mike received word that he was being ‘re-posted’ to a new and just vacated post at the helm of Beltraide. Late word is that in retur n for him taking his walking papers like a man, the PM has promised to appoint him an Ambassador of Investment, a position which car ries all the perk s of diplomacy including a diplomatic passpor t. Remember you read it here first… If Da Noh Soh! Independent law fir m… Lawd but dem UDP only scur vy! Imagine that on the instr uctions of the bald king, Loisy and the slimy one want to sell BTL shares to Loisy and the slimy one at SSB. Yeah I know that sounds weird and nasty but that’s just the way it is. T hen these fools want to tell us that it is not a conf lict of interest…man leave our money alone. Baldy woke up

The Belize Times

one mor ning, tripped and hit his head and decided to take over BTL. Now that he has wrecked BTL and staff morale, not to mention revenue is at an all time low, Baldy wants us to bail him out. And check this out…Baldy and Loisy and

Net want the unions and the private sector to approve the deal without having any idea how much the company is wor th or how much Bar row will charg e for the shares… WTF! I guess baldy and Loisy and Net think that people

will just do what they say because they’re cute…LOL! But g et this – the lizard says that UDP stoog e and Bar row lickey over at SSB Mar velous Merlene checked with an inde pendent law fir m and they said it wasn’t a conf lict of interest. Well hell…a source at SSB translated that for us – Mar velous Merlene called Loisy to check and Loisy told her to stop her fool and kee p out of big people business – end of stor y. Inde pendent law fir m my a$$... If Da Noh Soh! No raise this year… Methinks that the lizard is doing what he does so well… no, no, no I don’t mean make intellig ent statements cause he doesn’t do much of that even with Loisy’s constant coaching. I meant lie. T hat the slimy one does like a master! According to the president of the NTUCB, they haven’t been provided with the prospectus of the company, but only with a historical perfor mance


and Net’s assurance that the company is doing well and will f lourish in the next five years. LIE! What a crock. T he fact is that BTL is being bled dr y by a combination of extravag ant perks for the family/cronies at the helm and a total lack of vision and abysmal incompetence. Doing well, Net says…just two weeks

ag o manag ers were called in and told that the company is in dire straits and so they won’t be able to g et their raises this year. So what the hell is Net really talking about? We understand though that Anwar continues to hold weekly par ties in the BTL conference room complete with top shelf liquor and he continues to be chauffeured around by a full time driver on BTL’s payroll (not even Lord Ashcroft had a driver) and we also understand that K aren Bevans just g ot a new fancy vehicle approved. Its business as usual at the Bar row Telemedia Company… that’s for sure… If Da Noh Soh! Enquiring minds… Little Patsy has been MIA lately and enquiring minds want to know why. Well, what could I do but some discreet dig ging to find out what miniBar row has been up to besides scheming his way into the


Prime Minister’s seat. So what I found out is that…Patsy has been hard at work building up his pecs and striving mightily to g et some buns of steel (too much exposure to the Minister of Police maybe?) Yup, that’s right - Patsy has been spending hours ever y day working out at the g ym along with a buddy. Hmmmm! So enquiring minds immediately wondered about the buddy who has been taking up so much of our beloved little Minister’s mind and time. Tur ns out that there’ve been big g er thanks than Patsy’s pecs brewing in the g ym, however! Word reaching this humble columnist is that the Minister’s buddy was recently awarded a lucrative contract for the renovation of the old Venus Compound in Belize City. How lucrative, you ask? Well don’t say we told you,

but a source at the Ministr y of Education has claimed that when bids were received for the job, there was a competing bid which came in at half the amount of the bid submitted by Patsy’s buddy. T hat’s a lot of g oodwill and sweat being cultivated in the g ym. But hey, who cares if taxpayers are being f leeced to the tune of an alleg ed half million dollars? As long as Patsy g ets buns of steel we’re all happy, right.. If Da Noh Soh!

It’s been days since the Kendall Bridge was washed away. How much longer must we wait for a new bridge, Mr. Prime Minister?



The Belize Times

Happy Birthday PUP

Sunday, October 3, 2010


PUP Celebrate 60 in Cayo South

We Are The PUP

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Belize Times

UDP Politics as usual

Barrow’s bills… And no, I’m not referring to the bills that keep going into the deep, deep pockets of Lois et al. I’m talking about all the crap that Mr. Barrow is pushing through the House of Representative in the guise of being tough on crime. In particular I’m talking about the interception of communications including phone calls, text messages and emails. First of all, could somebody please tell me how exactly allowing Mr. Barrow to listen in on our calls and read our texts and emails will stop all the killing on the street? I mean I understand that Mr. Barrow is the ‘most brilliantest’ of them all and I’m just a humble writer, but I’m not understanding what impact intercepting communication will have on crime. That’s one – and two, can somebody please tell me if there is anybody who actually believes that Mr. Barrow is planning to intercept communication so he can stop crime. I mean REALLY. Just the other day the head of Special Branch was instructed to monitor all activities by members of the People’s United Party. Imagine, with crime the way it is, Mr. Barrow prefers to utilize his already strapped resources to spy on his political Opposition. Is there anybody who believes that Mr. Barrow would not stoop so low as to eavesdrop on political conversations and other conversations of ‘interest’ (like members of the Judiciary or Bar Association, for example)? Anybody? For that matter, is there anybody who thinks that Mr. Barrow is not already eavesdropping on these conversations? Seriously Mr. Barrow, nobody trusts you worth a damn, and it is with good reason. We applaud any serious move to crack down on crime, but this isn’t one of them. This move is bogus just like the man who came up with it… Rhetorical f lourishes… On the 10th of September when the Prime Minister was asked about the theme for September and what it should mean to Belizeans, he said that it ‘should mean just a kind of rhetorical flourish.’ That sounds wickedly intellectual and coming from Mr. Barrow a lot of people may have thought that it was. But a ‘rhetorical flourish’ is a fancy euphemism for ‘bullshit’ or to be a little more tactful and nice, fancy words meaning absolutely nothing. That makes me wonder why the Prime Minister would refer to the September Celebration theme as bullshit and meaningless. Did he know what he was saying? Did he go on the Internet and find out that US President Obama had used the term ‘rhetorical flourish’ and he turned around and used it without knowing what it meant? Either way, I believe that now that the truth has come out, Mr. Barrow owes the person who came up with the theme an apology. And it makes me wonder if we haven’t been bamboozled by Mr. Barrow’s endless proclamation of his own brilliance. Maybe he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. While I’d dearly love to take credit for catching Mr. Barrow’s slip of the tongue, I must give thanks to the reader who immediately noticed the alleged word-master’s gaffe and brought it to my attention. Mr. Barrow…you just got punked  The BTL/SSB incest thing… The unions and the private sector have voted ‘NO’ on using SSB funds to purchase shares in the company Mr. Barrow hijacked, BTL. That’s a significant vote of opposition and should be reason for rethinking the plan, but that’s not how things work in Belize these days. This deal will go forward despite the opposition from the unions and the private sector and despite protests from Belizeans who don’t want their money to be used to purchase shares in BTL. The whole thing stinks, not least because the same two persons who are negotiating


the sale from BTL, Net Vasquez and Lois Young, are negotiating the buy on behalf of SSB. If they were using their own money nobody would give a damn, but it is our money they’re playing with. In an interview, Net Vasquez claims that it is not a conflict of interest because an ‘independent’ law firm contracted by UDP stooge and SSB General Manager Merlene Bailey-Martinez said that it isn’t. Is it possible that the ‘independent’ law firm is that of Lois Young and Company? Hey, stranger things have happened right?. And when all is said and done, our money will be used to purchase an undisclosed amount of shares in a company with an undisclosed value, all because Mr. Barrow says this is how it should be. Industries in chaos… Little by little, incremental inch by incremental inch, Belizeans are realizing that Prime Minister Dean Barrow is as bogus as they come…he talks real purty for sure, but it’s nothing but rhetorical flourishes (LOL, had to use that one). A very well known and respected talk show host this week quoted from the Leader of the Opposition’s Independence Day speech where he stated – ‘The problems faced by almost every sector of agro-industry, sugar, citrus, banana and papaya, mount daily, and aquaculture faces disaster.’ The host almost nonchalantly claimed that the PUP leader was completely right because our industries are in chaos and everybody can see it. The thing is that in the Prime Minister’s speech immediately after the PUP leader’s address, he claimed that our industries were in good shape. In fact, Mr. Barrow scoffed at Briceno’s comments, saying that he had no idea where he was getting his statistics from. We can tell you where his statistics came from Mr. Barrow…have you ever heard about that little thing called reality? The Prime Minister can stand on the pulpit every hour on the hour and tell us that we’re living in a good country with a great leader in 24 different ways, but we see and feel the reality out here. The Prime Minister and his loved ones past and present are enjoying the best of times with no shortage of cash and perks, eating steak while the rest of us eat noodles…it used to be condensed milk and pack bread but under this UDP government even condensed milk is too expensive. 101 Murders… By my unofficial count the total number of murders already this year is 101…just two less than the record set last year and there are still three whole months before the end of 2010. The most recent happened just this morning when a 25 year old was shot in his head and left on a feeder road just past the Haulover Bridge. Could somebody tell me if the Minister of Police and Public Safety and all things Carnival is in the country, because there is absolutely nothing coming from him? He has been mute on the increasing crime but that’s not surprising – he simply has no clue what to do. The Prime Minister has put on his magician hat and is pulling rabbit after rabbit out of the hat but they disappear as fast as he pulls them out. Mr. Barrow has said that he will put more BDF on the streets but has not said how they will pay for it. He seems to have conveniently forgotten the short-lived Operation Jaguar which died simply because GOB could not maintain it. He has stated that they will build a fully equipped forensics lab, but most people remember that he made the exact same promise more than two years ago when he was in campaign mode. He has made vague references to a whole bunch of initiatives to alleviate poverty, but very few people believe that those are anything more than rhetorical flourishes. The fact of the matter is that 31 months after the Prime Minister was elected to office on the strength of many of these same promises, they are still unfulfilled and he is busily rehashing them over and over again. In 31 months, there has been no concrete plan set in place to address crime. The biggest thing to come out of any crime-fighting initiative crafted by Barrow is a song, and that sure as hell hasn’t put a dent in crime. 31 months, Mr. Barrow, and you still expect us to be imagining the possibilities.


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Belize Times



The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industr y (BCCI) takes this oppor tunity to confir m its position on the matter of the purchase of Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BTL) Shares by the Social Security Board (SSB). The BCCI is not in principle adverse to any investment opportunity which can potentially improve the viability and longevity of the Social Security fund. However, in discharging our duties as an SSB Board Member we are guided by the fact that we have a fiduciar y responsibility to the thousands of Belizeans who are required by law to suppor t the fund, to act responsibly and with integ rity and fidelity in the management of their money. In the matter of the purchase of the BTL shares, the BCCI submits that we have not been provided with sufficient infor mation to allow us to act with confidence in a decision to suppor t the purchase of Fifty Million dollars ($50M) wor th of BTL Shares. While the BCCI ag rees that based on historical perfor mance BTL may be considered a viable investment oppor tunity, the future of BTL is fraught with

uncertainties, which increases the risk for the fund. These concerns must be neutralized before the BCCI can vote with confidence for the purchase. In addition to the historical perfor mance and the projections provided to facilitate its decision making, the BCCI has asked for the following: 1. Legal opinions from three separate attorneys on the legal options available to claimants that may directly impede the profitability of BTL and thereby negatively affect SSB’s return on Shares

purchased; 2. A technical audit of the status of the network to see where BTL is in ter ms of equipment lifecycle and what investments may be absolutely necessar y for BTL’s viability in the short to medium ter m. 3. Whether there is any impending legislation which will alter the str ucture of the Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s industr y and what effect/s that decision may have on BTL’s profitability; 4. A copy of the Investment Prospectus; To date we have not been provided with most of this infor mation. Fur ther, we do not understand the unnecessar y haste which accompanies the investment decision. In essence, the SSB board is being asked to make a decision on what would be the second largest investment for the fund without adequate infor mation on the public offering (e.g. the share price, the ownership str ucture), or a proper deter mination of

the value potential of the asset. The Chamber asks the members of the board of the SSB to take the time to conduct the appropriate due diligence and risk assessment exercises necessar y to ensure utter confidence in the decision to invest such a large por tion of the people’s money. In making its decision on an investment of this magnitude, the Chamber wishes to ensure to the best extent possible that the conditions are present to parallel the results of the previous investment in the shares that SSB had purchased in BTL, which to date has been SSB’s most successful investment.



Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants

Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants

to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office.

to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office.

STORES SUPERVISOR: Supervise stores personnel and activities of the

VEHICLE UNIT SUPERVISOR: Supervise vehicle unit personnel and

Stores Department

activities of the Vehicle Unit.




• Will be responsible for compiling and maintaining the accounting information associated with the Stores Unit, liaise with all departments with regards to inventory usage and indicate re-order points • Supervise clerks responsible for stores issues and receipts and inventory maintenance • Prepare and submit daily, weekly and monthly reports • Perform annual/monthly physical inventory counts • Develop work policies and procedures for efficiency and effectiveness • Other duties as assigned from time to time.

EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE: Academic/Experience requirements include the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Professional Qualification in Inventory/Stores management with two or more years experience as an Accounting Supervisor or an Associate’s Degree with four or more years experience as an Accounting Supervisor. Must have experience in inventory management. Must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to drive vehicles with manual transmission. Must be computer literate.


• Pay Scale $26,200 to $53,900. Starting salary is dependent on education level and experience. After successful completion of probationary period: • Pension Plan • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Plan

If you are interested in progressing with us please send your application letter with your detailed curriculum vitae giving your current position by 6th October, 2010 to:

Human Resources Manager Belize Water Services Limited, P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize E-mail : Note: Only qualified candidates will be acknowledged.


• Responsible for compiling and maintaining the information associated with the Vehicles Unit; liaise with all departments with regards to vehicle usage, vehicle inspections and other vehicle related matters that arise. • Manage vehicle maintenance scheduling. • Supervise clerks assigned to the Vehicle Unit. • Prepare and submit computer generated daily, weekly and monthly reports as required. • Develop work policies and procedures for efficiency and effectiveness • Other duties as assigned from time to time.

EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE: Academic/Experience requirements include the completion of an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with three or more years experience as a Supervisor. Experience in vehicle management will be an asset. Must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to drive vehicles with manual transmission. Must be computer literate.


• Pay Scale $19,600 to $36,700. Starting salary is dependent on education level and experience. After successful completion of probationary period: • Pension Plan • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Plan

If you are interested in progressing with us please send your application letter with your detailed curriculum vitae giving your current position by 6th October, 2010 to:

Human Resources Manager Belize Water Services Limited, P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize E-mail : Note: Only qualified candidates will be acknowledged.




Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants

Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants

to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office.

to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office.


The Belize Times

STORES SUPERVISOR: Supervise stores personnel and activities of the

Sunday, October 3, 2010

VEHICLE UNIT SUPERVISOR: Supervise vehicle unit personnel and

Thank YOU… Muchas Gracias!

Stores Department


Mike Rudon Jr. perhaps its deepest low in the and EXPERIENCE: DUTIES As I write this on Wednesday, EDUCATION wake of a devastating defeat at the Academic/Experience requirements • Will 29th, be responsible comSeptember the for greatest polls in 2008…mass rejection by the completion of a had Bachelor’s piling and maintaining the accounting political party in the histor y of our include an electorate which become Degree in Accounting or Profesinformation associated with the young nation celebrates itsStores 60th disillusioned and distr ustful and sional in Inventory/Stores birthday. an impressive angr yQualification at the direction of the Party. Unit, liaiseThat with allisdepartments with management with two more years rose achievement and worthy of indicate praise, From that r uin a or new leader regards to inventory usage and experience as an Accounting Supervisor sore-order I decided to dedicate some time up like the proverbial phoenix points an Associate’s Degree withcourageous four or to the Blue Machine on this special or from the ashes, a man day a break from Barrow more enough take the helm of a years to experience as an Account• and take Supervise clerks responsible bashing do enjoy Party in utter disarexperience ray…a man Supervisor. Must have in for stores(though issues andIreceipts and in-that ing soventory much). As the Party celebrates willing to risk it all to rebuild a inventory management. Must possess a maintenance 6 decades of life, it also prepares valid partydriver’s of the people for the license and beand able to drive to move into another stage of its vehicles people.withFrom onset Must John manual the transmission. • Prepare and submit daily, existence – one we’ll call Rebirth be Briceno made a commitment to computer literate. monthly reports – weekly on theand road back to Belmopan the Belizean people that he would and leadership of the nation and unite the broken shards of the • Perform annual/monthly people after a stunning loss not so BENEFITS: People’s United Party and bring it physical inventory counts Pay Scale $26,200 to $53,900. long ago. That the Party is once •to greatness once again. Starting salary is dependent on education again poised to lead our jewel is Perhaps if the young leader • Develop work policies and a testament to its resilience, its level had and foreseen the challenges in his experience. procedures for efficiency ability to accept changeand andeffecadapt; After way successful he would have faltered, completion of proba- but tiveness an unwavering commitment to the tionary he didn’t…and he didn’t. Today, period: people and the support of many •while the perception remains that Pension Plan supporters across lengthfrom and •the Party is asDental far removed • Other dutiesthe as assigned Medical, and Vision from breadth of Belize who recognize Insurance unity as Plan it was two years ag o, the time to time. the inherent goodness and reality is that the Party is as close g reatness the People’s Unitedwithtousunity it has been. letThat If you are of interested in progressing pleaseassend yourever application Party. unity was hard fought but it exists ter It with your curriculum your current positionproved by 6th to has bydetailed no means been vitae an giving nevertheless. Briceno October, easy road. 2010 Evento:now as the Party be ever ything a leader should prepares for its National Unity be…persistent, patient, tolerant, Convention, the perception is visionar y and fir m. While being Human Resources Manager still that unity is fleeting and attacked at ever y turn by persons Belize Water Services unsecured. Like with all dynamic withinLimited, the Party, Briceno counseled P.O. there Box 150, American Boulevard, City, Belize entities, haveCentral been ups and patience andBelize peace, maintaining downs, trials E-mail and tribulations, that whatever our differences of : spectacular accomplishments opinion, we were all members of and spectacular failures. The the People’s United Party. His candidates willhead be acknowledged. past twoNote: yearsOnly havequalified been fraught cooler prevailed when hotter with tur moil as the Party reached heads demanded response and

activities of the Vehicle Unit.


retaliation. His reticence at times who refuse to work and devote all seemed indicative of indecision, their DUTIES energiesand to under mining the EDUCATION EXPERIENCE: but• in theResponsible end it for paid off. He compiling and Party and creating mischief must pulled the Party togetherassociated against gAcademic/Experience o IMMEDIATELY…all whoin-are maintaining the information requirements all with odds, under guidance, lazy and selfish and self-centered the and Vehicles Unit;his liaise with all clude the completion of an Associate’s Belizeans arewith once again looking and g reedy and power-hung r y departments regards to vehicle Degree in Mechanical or Electrical to usage, the vehicle Blue inspections Machine and to other wrest must g o IMMEDIATELY…all Engineering with three or more years thevehicle countr y from rasp of who refuse to accept that the Party related mattersthe that garise. experience as a Supervisor. Experithe bald-headed dictator and his was created to ser ve the people encenot in vehicle management be must cor•r upt and incompetent minions. and the interests of will a few Manage vehicle maintenance Must possess a valid driver’swho Just two years ag o, the UDP was gan o asset. IMMEDIATELY…all scheduling. license and be able to drive comfortable in the near certainty believe that they own vehicles some part with manual transmission. Must to be some that the PUP was a mere shadow of the PUP or are entitled • Supervise clerks assigned to computer literate. of its for mer self…now they are dividends or recognition without the Vehicle Unit. desperate and fearful because the working diligently and sincerely PUP is strong and vibrant and the to further the aims of said Party BENEFITS: • submit computer people arePrepare readyandto answer the must g oPay IMMEDIATELY! • Scale $19,600 to $36,700. and monthly callgenerated of the daily, Blue weekly Machine. So salary as the Party celebrates Starting is dependent on educa- its reports as required. In the end, if tr uth be told, 60th birthday, it is not without tion level and experience. it took more than the tireless and casualties. Even now there are Develop workof policies dog• ged persistence the and PUP those who at the last hour seek to After successful completion of probaLeader to pull thingand together. challenge the will of the people procedures forthis efficiency effectionary period: It took more than a million olive but that will not be tolerated. The tiveness • Pension Plan branches offered at ever y turn, train has left the station, powered • Medical, Dental and Vision more than attempts the tens of thousands of loyal, • Othercountless duties as assigned from by Insurance Plan to time establish to time. cohesion between tr ue blue supporters all across war ring factions. It took the will this nation. Some hard lessons you people…a are interestedwill in progressing us please send yourthe application of Ifthe forged inwithwere learnt along way butletthe ter with your detailed curriculum vitae giving your current position 6th by iron and issued in clear directive path ahead is now clear.byLed – October, stop this foolishness and pull John Briceno, the PUP will return 2010 to: yourselves together and get the to Belmopan. hell to Belmopan where you can And on this occasion, it Manager help us. The people Human g ot fedResources up is fitting that a heartfelt and Belize Water Services of the infernal internal bickering sincereLimited, thank you g o out to YOU, and P.O. told Box the PUP leader toAmerican move the people who 150, Central Boulevard, Belizehave City,made Belizeand on smartly…to hell with the rest. continue to make the People’s E-mail : At the most recent National Party United Party what it is. Thank Council meeting, the leader was you…from the bottom of our Note: qualified will be acknowledged. told to get rid ofOnly the excess bag candidates gage hearts thank you! in his Executive because there is Que Viva PUP…Long live work to be done – translation…all the PUP.


Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants to fill theWATER following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office. BELIZE SERVICES LTD.

Feasibility Study for the Design and Installation of a Landfill Collection, Control and Flaring Facility through the Clean DevelSupervise vehicle unitGas personnel and opment Mechanism in the proposed Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill in Belize Background: Construction

VEHICLE UNIT SUPERVISOR: BelizeofCity, 27, 2010: nel and activities the Belize. September activities of the Vehicle Unit.

Environmental and Social Analysis of the and Operation of a Wastewater Collection, Treatment, VEHICLE UNIT SUPERVISOR and Disposal System for the Placencia Peninsula

In 2008 the CARICOM CLIMATE CHANGE CENTER, as part of its Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Belize’s Second National Communication (SNC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Project, funded a Consultancy to conduct an “Analysis of the potential of utilizing the methane (CH4) emissions produced at the primary solid waste disposal site for electrical energy generation as a viable economic and environmentally friendly operation, from the Western Corridor (Belize and Western Districts)”. The primary solid waste disposal site referred to was the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill of the Solid Waste Management Project (SWMP) which is currently being designed and is planned to be built in 2011. During the conduct of the consultancy, challenges were encountered in regards to obtaining reliable estimates of the generation of municipal solid waste per capita in the Western Corridor as well as on the composition (percentage by weight) of municipal solid waste. A waste characterization study is currently under development and will be finalized end of October. In 2009 United Nations Development Programme met with the Solid Waste Management Authority to discuss the possibility of integrating a Landfill Gas (LFG) collection, control and flaring facility in the proposed Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill on the rationale that Belize seeks to reduce its GHG emissions to the atmosphere in the path of a low carbon and resilient development strategy. To make possible this additional investment in this project, there is a need for the revenue stream that would derive from the sale of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. This revenue stream would allow for the recovery of the investment costs of the flaring system to combust CH4 and other landfill gases from the future landfill. In the absence of the CDM and carbon credits it will not be possible to reduce GHG emissions from the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill.

ON and EXPERIENCE: DUTIES EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE: perience requirements Lodgment and Public Consultation Notice • Responsible for compiling and

mpletion of a Bachelor’s maintaining the information associated Academic/Experience requirements incounting or ProfesThe General Public is hereby Environmental Social with theadvised Vehiclesthat Unit;anliaise with all andclude the completion of an Associate’s cation in Inventory/Stores Analysis has been submitted to the Department of the Environment (DOE) departments with regards to vehicle Degree theyears Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) for the construction andin Mechanical or Electrical with two or by more usage, vehicle inspections and other operation of a wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal system for thewith three or more years Engineering an Accounting Supervisor Placencia Peninsula. The Environmental and Social Analysis will be revehicle related matters that arise. experience as a Supervisor. ExperiObjectives of the Consultancy: e’s Degree viewed with fourbyorthe National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) before The objective of this feasibility study is to assess whether the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill could generate sufence in vehicle management decision is taken by the DOE. ficient LFGwill for a be CDM project to be developed that would permit the flaring of the LFG allowing Belize to reduce 20 its perience as aanfinal AccountGHG emissions and obtain a sustainable source of revenue from the sale of Carbon Emission Reduction credits in order • Manage vehicle maintenance an asset. Must possessfora thevalid project to be financially viable. This consultancy will provide all the necessary inputs to estimate the viability of driver’s r. Must haveThe experience designing and installing a LFG collection, control and flaring facility in the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill through GeneralinPublic is hereby informed that the Environmental and Social scheduling. CDM project. license 2010, and be able to adrive vehicles Analysis will nagement. Must possess a be available for public review after the 27th September Submission: at the following locations: Seine Bight Community Library, Placencia Vil- transmission. with manual Must be may obtain the complete Request for Proposal (RFP) packages by sending an Interested consultants license and lage be able to drive Community Library, Community BWSL email to or by visiting the UNDP Belize Country Office at: • Independence SuperviseVillage clerks assigned to Library, computer literate. office in Belize of the Environment office in Belmomanual transmission. Must City andtheDepartment Vehicle Unit. United Nations Development Programme iterate. pan. Lawrence Nicolas Office Complex



Comments can be submitted or before October, 2010, to the Depart• onPrepare and12th submit computer • Pay: Scale $19,600 to $36,700. ment of Environment (DOE) at 10/12 Ambergris Avenue, Belmopan; Fax generated daily,: weekly and monthly 822-2862; Tel: 822-2542 or E-mail Starting salary is dependent on educa-

3rd Floor South Ring Road Belmopan City Cayo Telephone: 822-2688

reports as required. Scale $26,200 to $53,900. tion level and experience. Belize Water Services Ltd. – Delivering water and more… y is dependent on education Completed proposals should be submitted to the UNDP Belize Country Office by October 15, 2010 at 4:00pm • Develop workother policies erience. For more information regarding this or any BWSand Release, please contact After successful completion of probaBrown at Tel: 222-4757 Ext. 234 or procedures for efficiency and effecful completion of proba- Mr.viaHaydon UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. e-mail at tionary period: Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encourtiveness : • Pension Planaged to apply. ion Plan • Medical, Dental and Vision • Other duties as assigned from Insurance Plan ical, Dental and Vision

Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Matthew blew over like wah lee breeze!!

Tropical Depression Matthew churned up in the mid-western Caribbean and in the lower reaches of Central America where as early as Tuesday, September 21, it was starting to create a stir and get the attention of local forecasters, because of underlying currents and a trough that was projecting a path our way. And over the coming days, Matthew grew into an upstart tropical stor m, threatening most of Central America as it kept a westerly track to the Gulf of Honduras, but making landfall on Friday near the border of Nicaragua and Honduras, and then making its way west-northwest past the southern tip of Belize, before entering the mountains of Guatemala. Matthew dissipated on Sunday night before it could enter the Gulf of Mexico and regain strength, but while its presence posed no physical strength in ter ms of winds, it did dump a lot of rain as it swept across the region at 16 miles per hour, with maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. In the low-lying plains, it prompted the National Emergency Management Organisation officials to spring into action, putting together their action plans for the various communities most likely to feel the effects. But, like a dog whose bark is more har mful than its bite, there was no real cause to activate much of those plans for the stor m. In Belize City, none of the 11 hurricane shelters had to be opened. But in the hours that followed, Matthew surely offered a little food for some and recreation for others in the west. The areas that nor mally flood when there's a heavy downpour, such as the lowlying wooden bridge that connects Santa Elena to San Ignacio, and the Iguana Creek Bridge leading to Spanish Lookout, and others along that stretch, were all inundated. But, like the residents always do in times like these, they made much of the situation. Children whose parents did not send them to school or whose schools closed for the day spent all of Monday bathing and swimming, while the older citizens paid keener attention to what blessing the stor m brought their way. Some



out of the woods yet, as the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season still has a full two months and a few days before it is finally over. Even though it still has this much time, already this year has lived up to the prediction of hurricane experts that it would have been an above-active year. The advice now to everyone is to stay vigilant for the remaining two months and keep those hurricane supplies in the pantry, just in case.

went fishing and their catch proved that Matthew gave more than he took as it zipped past us.

But while Matthew’s passage through Belize is now history, Belize and the Tropics are not

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Body of man found floating near Bliss; mother insists its murder

Sherlock "Big Boy" Syfox Twenty-six year old Sherlock "Big Boy" Syfox, a Belizean who was

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deported home almost 11 months ago, was discovered sometime before six on Sunday morning floating in the sea in front of the Foreshore in Belie City. Syfox was last seen alive while drinking at Tipsy Corner Bar near the Cinderella Plaza on Saturday night. Reports are that he got embroiled in a dispute with someone who accused him of stealing a cellular phone and the contention ended up in the street where Syfox was seen running away with the occupants of a vehicle in hot pursuit of him. While the post mortem could not definitively specify how Syfox met his death, his family, particularly his mother, is convinced that he was murdered. Beryl Syfox who lives in Forth Worth, Texas, says that the way her son was found, almost nude, is not how she knew him to act. When his bloated body was retrieved, his face and upper body were swollen. His death will more likely than not join the list of several others that remain a mystery.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tourists rescued from canoe trip that almost turned deadly; hotelier charged

Three tourists from Europe almost drowned in the flood waters of the Macal River on Tuesday afternoon when the small canoe they had rented to take a tour down the river capsized, flinging them overboard and subjecting them to a fight for their lives in swift currents that they will never forget. The saga started when the three got onboard a distance from San Ignacio, but their fun soon turned to disaster when the canoe tossed over. Brian Rousseau and Stephanie Lew of France and George Pembrew from Great Britain were quickly swept away. Initially Lew and Pembrew decided to grab a hold of tree branches while Rousseau tried to retrieve the canoe, but that plan was too much to accomplish in the flooded river’s swift current. Lew and Pembrew then decided to let the currents take them where they may and they parted ways with Rousseau. They would drift for 14

miles before help would come to them. The employees of Mystic River Resort saw them struggling to survive and offered them a hand, took them in and helped them to dry off before listening to the details of their frightening experience. Tired and traumatized, the duo needed time to recoup before they were taken to San Ignacio to see if Rousseau had made it alive. He had - in fact he had already lodged a report about his missing friends and had told police that they got the canoe from Kenny Cadle, a hotelier in the town. Cadle allegedly took the tourists near Chaa Creek for them to canoe down to San Ignacio by themselves. The voyage, usually a idyllic pastime on a placid river, is dangerous when it floods because of the swollen and swift current. Today police charged Cadle with Operating without a Tour Operator's License.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Belize Times


Alleged bank robbers shot dead in Honduras

Two Belizean men, who were wanted for the deadly ar med hold-up of the Spanish Lookout branch of Scotiabank on March 30th of this year, were killed in Honduras on Tuesday. Benjamin Peters and Alexander Edwards were linked with four others to the heist, in which KBH security guard Ste phen Lopez was shot dead and over $300,000 was stolen. At first it was re por ted that both Peters and Edwards were killed in San Pedro Sula when robbers hijacked a bus in which they and another wanted fugitive, Juan Salazar, were travelling. Salazar sur vived, but the other Alexander Edwards two perished. But now several media lug g ag e. he men were found in houses are reSupreme por ting that the men of TBelIze In The CourT A.D.later 2010 were attempting to board a bus an area of a villag e called El Sitio at Aguas Calientes at the border in Copan, which is located in the Benjamin with Honduras Guatemala west of Honduras. Claim No. 382and of 2010 sometime between Sunday night Peters and Alex Edwards had and Monday mor ning when succumbed to their injuries but BETWEEN Ornel Brooks Claimant they were interce pted by police Salazar sur vived and re por tedly Administrator in the because they were alleg edly has infor med officials that they Estate ofin Mosestheir Brookswere shot by three police officers car r ying weapons

AND Another gunned down by Haulover! Catherine Gill Noel Codd

1st Defendant 2nd Defendant

TO: Catherine Gill of United States Take notice that Claim: 382 of 2010 has commenced against you, Catherine Gill in the Supreme Court of Belize by Ornel Brooks of #2 Bay Street, Belize City, Belize Administrator in the Estate of Moses Brooks. This matter will be heard on Monday 13th day of September, 2010 at 9:00 O’clock in the forenoon before the Honorable Justice Legall. The Claimant’s claim is for an order for the following. 1. 2.

A declaration that the Claimant is absolutely entitled to the fee simple in possession of Lot 118 currently in possession by the Claimant and situated at Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, Belize and formerly registered on Transfer Certificate of Title dated 23rd October, 1974 registered in Volume 9 folio 153 Land Titles Register. An order cancelling Transfer Certificate of Title dated 19th December, 2006 and registered in Volume 14 Folio 50 of Land Titles Register in the name of the 1st defendant of said Lot 188.

picked up from the same vicinity. That Rectification of the Land register of Belize and issuing of a new threat now has family members having Certificate of Title to show the Claimant as the registered proprietor of high suspicions about Walk that officer's Lot 118 situated in Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange possible involvement in his murder. District. It is not certain how Martinez got to the location where he was found. His 4. An injunction to restrain the 1st defendant whether by herself, her family says he'd normally drop off his servants or agents or otherwise from selling, transferring, girlfriend at school taking and then return possession or dealing in any way with the said Lot morning 118 situated at Otro home. This was different, Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, however. AfterBelize. staying home for the past couple days, perhaps sensing 5. Such further and or other relief as this honorable court deem venture trouble, Martinez decided out today. He never made it back. BeJohn Martinez 6. Cost Shot once in the head, Martinez The 99th murder for 2010 clung onto life for a little over an hour AND it has been thatatservice of theheClaim on you while be effected by before succumbed undergoing occurred just after nine thisordered morning advertisement. thethisBelize City limits border on a dirt treatment at the Karl Heusner road just past the Haulover Bridge at Memorial Hospital. At one point he even moved his left(14) hand Mile 5 onAND the Northern Highway. you are required to enterItan appearance within fourteen dayswhile of still lying on the roadClaim waiting for the claimed the publication life of BeJohn the second of this Martinez, NOTICE of Claim to defend the said by causambulance to arrive. But his breathing 25,inga anman who had a colourful appearance to behad entered for you in the Supreme Court. past with the law, but was never found was noticeably laborious. He had taken a road of crime from guilty of TAKE any ofNOTICE the charges against that in default of your doing so, the said Claimant may him. The latest charge, however, for his teenage years after he started to keep proceed therein, and judgment may be given in your absence. a robbery at Diamond Motel, gained undesirables as his company. Despite more weight against him when another advice from his family, Martinez never You may appearjointly to the said by entering an appearance or by to your turned back, andinitperson came back haunt youth charged withClaim Martinez attorney at the Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Belize. decided to become a witness for the him. Police are following some leads but are yet to detain anyone. prosecution. Dated the 13thhad day ofconveyed September,to2010. The area is known as Belize’s Martinez relatives that on occasions when some killing field since as many as 9 persons have been reported killed in the members of the Police Department Oswald Twist immediate vicinity or dumped there, picked him up for investigation, one of #16 Bishop Street, Belize City, Belize them in particular would threaten him and there have been several stories of Attorney-at-Law for the Claimant and tell him that his body would be attempts on the lives of several others. 3.

Neri Tor res, Isael Leiva Huezo and Hilber to Lorenzo assigned to the Ocote peque Police De par tment. T hey have been ar rested pending investig ations. Belize Police had charg ed seven persons, including a woman for the Belize bank robber y: Frank Edwards for murder, robber y and conspiracy to commit robber y; Juan Salazar for abetment to commit robber y, Michael Rodriguez for conspiracy to commit robber y, and Austin Monguia, Er vin Fer nandez, Lewis Her nandez and Isolina Perez for handling stolen g oods. Only one third of the stolen money was ever recovered. T he guard who was killed,

Ste phen Lopez, had just been assigned to duties at the bank that mor ning. He had been joyfully anticipating the bir th of his child, which was due around the same time he was killed. It was re por ted today that funeral ser vices were yesterday after noon for Alex Edwards in San Pedro Sula, Honduras by his parents who traveled to Honduras and identified his body. Alex Edwards was also under investig ation for the Febr uar y 2009 triple murder in nor ther n San Pedro Amberg ris Caye. Relatives of Benjamin Peters are re por ted to be making ar rang ements to transpor t his body to Belize for burial.

FOR SALE By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Assignment and Transfer of Mortgage made the 15th day of December, 2006, recorded in Deeds Book Vol. 46 of 2006 at Folios 327 – 354, between Development Finance Corporation (the Assignor) and Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., which said property was mortgaged by Luz Carmen Vaccaro to the said Development Finance Corporation on the 18th day of September, 2006, recorded in Deeds Book Vol. 34 of 2006 at Folios 25 – 68; and the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

SCheDule ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Block No. 321 situate in Lord’s Bank Road Layout,. Ladyville Village, Belize District and bounded as follows:-On the Northeast for 59.164 Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.90 Meter Road; On the Southeast for 47.471 Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.191 Meter Road; On the Southwest for 59.164 Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.190 Meter Road; On the Northwest for 47.471 Meters by a Daylight Cut and 12.190 Meter Road containing 2983.519 Square Meters as shown on Plan No. 2097 at the Office of the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys TOGETHER with all buildings, erections and developments standing and being thereon. DATED this 30th day of August, 2010. MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street Belize City Attorney-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prison sports coordinator caught trying Husband tries to burn to smuggle weed into prison down house with wife in it

Sergio Guerra

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 29, 2010 A man who allegedly attempted to set fire to a house in Lord’s Bank while his wife was inside, was charged with attempted arson when he appeared yesterday in Magistrate’s Court #6.

He is Sergio Guerra, 35, a truck driver residing in Orange Walk. He was also charged with aggravated assault and using threatening words. He was offered a bail of $3,000 and his case was adjourned until November 8. Rosibel Guerra, 34, reported to the police that her husband came to her house around 5:45 p.m. on September 10, and threatened to kill her. She said he also attacked her with a piece of 2x4 lumber and tried to hit her with it but he was unsuccessful. She said Guer ra left and returned around 8:15 p.m. and tried to set fire to the house. She told police that Guer ra disconnected the hose of the butane gas tank and attempted to ignite the gas with a cigarette lighter. His attempt failed, however, because she managed to close the valve of the tank, she said.

Another man charged for Jason Flores’ murder

Akeem Humes

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 29, 2010 Akeem Humes, 20, a carpenter residing at 102 East C a n a l S t r e e t , wa s ch a r g e d w i t h the murder of Jason Flores, 29,

when he appeared in Magistrate’s Cour t #1 on Monday, Se ptember 27 and remanded into custody until October 27. Flores, a resident of Neal Pe n Ro a d , wa s s h o t a n d k i l l e d around 6:20 a.m. on December 9, 2009. He was riding his bicycle on Kraal Road heading for work when he was shot in the side of his abdomen. He was taken to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he died an hour later. Ryan Alvarez was charg ed with Flores’ murder in April about 5 months after Flores was killed, and now, almost 5 months later Humes has been similarly charg ed. The police have not disclosed what evidence they have to have charged Alvarez and Humes. The motive for the killing has not been deter mined.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 29, 2010 Freddy Fuller, 38, a sports coordinator at Belize Central Prison who was caught attempting to smug gle 83.3 g rams of cannabis into the prison, was fined $10,000, y e s t e r d ay i n M a g i s t r a t e ’s C o u r t #5 after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Magistrate Albert Hoare gave him until December 23 to pay the fine, in default 3 years, but because Fuller owed a fine of $500 for a conviction of pipe possession he was taken to prison to begin serving time in default of payment of the fine. The bust occurred around 7:30 p.m. on Monday, September 27. Fuller who was sleeping at the prison’s barracks, went to the prison and while he was in the control room he was searched. The search resulted in the discovery of the cannabis in the right front pocket of his pants. Fuller became sports coordinator while he was ser ving time for robbery and other offences. Fuller said that he was not trafficking in the cannabis and that it was for his personal use. He did admit, however,

Freddy Fuller

that the cannabis trade in the prison is very lucrative.

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BY ORDER OF CHARGEE NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED a statutory body formed and registered under the Credit Union Act, Chapter 314 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, and whose registered office is situated at No. 1 Hyde’s Lane, Belize City, Belize District hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Chargee under and by virtue of Charges registered at the Land Registry between those hereinafter named and the said Holy Redeemer Credit Union Limited. HRCU will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the properties described in the Schedule below. ALL offers to purchase the said properties must be made in writing to HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED from whom full particulars and conditions of sale my be obtained.

SCHEDULE 1. ALL THAT parcel of land being Block 16, Parcel 3115/1 situate in the Caribbean Shores/Belize Registration Section, TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon, the leasehold property of EDMOND D. PERDOMO 2. ALL THAT parcel of land being Block 23, Parcel 2664/1 situate in the Santa Elena Cayo Registration Section, TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon, the leasehold property of ORTENCIO CAWICH, surety for MARIA CAWICH

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Belize Times

Girlfriend sets boyfriend apartment ablaze

Marsha Bood

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 29, 2010 Marsha Bood, 31, who is unemployed and residing at 4238 Lock’s Alley, and who allegedly set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, was

Man caught with stolen revolver and knife used to stab security guard

charged with arson when she appeared in Magistrate’s Court #2 on Monday, September 27. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser explained to her that she will not take a plea because the offence is indictable. She offered Bood bail in the amount of $4,000 which Bood met, and the case was adjourned until November 11. The incident occurred around 10:50 a.m. on August 17. Godfrey Dougal, 43, reported to the police that he had a misunderstanding with Bood at his apartment located in Bootsville and Bood set fire to his bed and mattress, valued at $500. Dougal said he managed to put out the fire before it caused any further damage. The police reported that when they arrived at the scene they saw that a window and a wall were scorched. The police also reported that they found a gallon bottle which they believed contained gasoline.


Teen escapes murder attempt: 20 year old rival charged

Sherman Rodney

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 29, 2010 Sher man Rodney, 20, who resides at #3 Central American Boulevard, was charged with the attempted murder of Rafael Usher,

18, when he appeared in Magistrate’s Court #5 on Monday, September 27. Magistrate Albert Hoare explained to him that he will not take a plea because the offence is indictable. He also explained to Rodney that the court cannot offer him bail because of the nature of the offences and he remanded Rodney into custody until October 27. The incident occurred around 11:45 p.m. on Thursday, September 23. Usher reported to the police that he was visiting a female friend at a house on Arlington Drive and he was on the verandah upstairs when Rodney approached. He said Rodney pointed a 9 millimetre pistol at him and fired several shots but they missed. Usher said he escaped by running and jumping off the verandah.

All Eyes on Diabetes

Are you diabetic? Do you know someone living with diabetes? Did you know that untreated diabetes can cause blindness? Come and be informed! The Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI), in collaboration with the Belize Diabetic Association, invites you to a public event to be held in your area Bryant Gentle Jr.

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Sept. 29, 2010 Bryant Gentle Jr., 26, a construction worker residing at the West Lake Community at Mile 8 on the Western Highway, one of two men who the police believe robbed and stabbed Triple A Security guard, Paul Valerio, 27, was charged with robbery and wounding when he appeared in the #8 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, September 27. Gentle was also charged with kept firearm and kept ammunition without a gun license. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Emmerson Banner explained to him that the court cannot offer him bail because of the nature of the offences and remanded Gentle into custody until November 8. The incident occurred 1:50 p.m. on Thursday, September 23. Valerio reported to the police that he was at work at Belize Medical Associates clinic on Regent Street when he saw two men enter the clinic. Valerio said the men headed for the receptionist area then suddenly turned and began walking towards him. He said one of the men put a knife to his throat while the other one put a knife to his side but he said he began to struggle with the men and during the struggle, he was stabbed and his .38 revolver with 5 rounds of ammunition was stolen. Police constable Reginald Diego, who was in the area, responded quickly to the report of the robbery and reported that he saw Gentle walking on Regent Street with a .38 revolver in his left hand and a knife in his right hand. The officer said he ordered Gentle to stop and put his hands up and Gentle threw the firearm and knife into a fenced lot on Regent Street. When the firearm was retrieved it was found to be the .38 revolver that was stolen from Valerio. The second suspect is still at large.

District Belmopan Corozal Town Belize City Punta Gorda Dangriga Town Orange Walk

Venue Red Cross Methodist Auditorium Lester Young Hostel Parish Hall Red Cross Red Cross

Date 21/10/2010 21/10/2010 14/10/2010 26/10/2010 28/10/2010 21/10/2010

Time 2:00 PM 1:30 AM 9:00-3:00 PM 1:00 PM 1:00 PM 8:30 AM

Note: Belize City is all day as we will be doing both Diabetic Awareness and World Sight Day 2010 together. Free Sugar and Blood Pressure tests will be conducted! So come on over and let BCVI keep an eye on your vision AND your health! For more information contact us at 227.7776!


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

on s g n i t i r W the

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Belize Times



rod says: September 25, 2010 at 8:15 am barrow you need to resign resign resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn under your leadership economy in the drain, education in the drain, tourism in the drain, exports in the drain ,imports in the drain corruption rampant , crime way way way out of control , not one good thing in this gov. you will go down as the worse gov in belizean history resign barrow get your ticket for miami hope you have made arrangements with your god obama for your green card resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

blvnjah says: September 25, 2010 at 8:33 am MR MUSA MAKES A GOOD POINT. IF THAT IS THE CASE WITH THE BILL, THAT NO REASON HAS TO BE GIVEN FOR SOMEONE TO REQUEST OR PETITION A RECAL, I BELIEVE THAT OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW CAN OF WORMS FOR ABUSE. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS GOV’T WILL BE OUT THE DOOR SHORTLY. SO THIS BILL WILL BENEFIT THEM, IN THE SENSE THAT FOLKS ARE USUALLY MAD AND UPSET AT THE FOLKS IN POWER. SO THIS GOV’T, WHO WILL SOON BE THE OPPOSITION, CAN EXPLOIT THAT NORMAL TENDANCY. Observer says: September 25, 2010 at 6:59 pm whomever is blvnjah….I agree with you…the UDP know that they will loose the next general election, and they will certainly use this mechanism when the citizens are mad……I strongly encourage and welcome this kind of initiative but it should be well analyzed. First of all, there should of course be a valid reason for removal or else political interest will influence citizens to vote in their favor with the help of monetary incentives. Secondly, to remove an elected candidate, then about 51 % of the constituents of a given area should approve it or else, the same percentage of UDP that voted against will vote for the removal of the candidate. ss says: September 27, 2010 at 1:56 pm I am neither UDP or PUP but from UDP got into power they have done nothing but seek out those who are not on their band wagon and find all kind of ways to get back at them. Some of the things that they are doing are totally illegal but because they are in power no one can contest them. This party is driven by revenge they didnt want to get in power to help the Belizean ppl but to take revenge on those who have not supported them, its obvious by the silly bills and the firing of innocent ppl when they got into office. They promised everything under the sun when they wanted to win they knew the crime and economy needed fixing but when they wanted to get rich quick they had the plan to fix things now that they money is in the bank they are still blaming the PUP the ppl voted you in PM to fix the country not point fingers. Dre says: September 30, 2010 at 9:16 am The truth hurts. Government can do as they please that includes nationalize private enterprises. Any foreign investor should be aware. There is not justice only Barrow’s justice.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Montego Bay under flood waters 12 dead in Mexican landslide

The Observer's office here is currently without electricity while sections of the city remains underwater, following heavy rains overnight. Rain is continuing to fall. The Fairfield Main road is underwater after the Barnett River overflowed its banks, leaving passengers stranded in mo-

tor vehicles. A fire brigade went to rescue some of the motorists but got trapped in the water. The communities Gutters, Granville, Pitfour are cut off from Montego Bay and their residents marooned. Sections of the Long Hill main road have been reduced to single lane traffic.

Cuba says fired workers won't be left defenseless

Cuba on Tuesday gave details of the severance packages it will offer state workers who lose their jobs in massive government layoffs slated for the next six months, reassuring a jittery public that nobody will be left defenseless amid the historic economic reboot. Many of those fired will receive an offer of alternative work, and can appeal to labor authorities if they are not happy with it. For those who cannot find new work immediately, the state will pay severance of 60 percent of their salary for up to three months, depending on their seniority, according to an article in the Communist Party newspaper Granma. "Cuba will leave no one defenseless," reads the red-letter headline above the article. The newspaper has been the preferred conduit of information on the most sweeping economic changes in Cuba since the early 1990s. No senior Cuban official, including President Raul Castro, has spoken publicly about the layoffs since they were announced on Sept. 14. It was not clear what will happen to workers after the three-month severance period is up. Many outside economists and Cuba experts have expressed doubts that the private sector will be able to absorb so many workers — one-tenth of the island's labor force — in such a short

time. When it first announced the layoffs, Cuba said it was also reforming the economy to allow for more private enterprise. Since then, the government has said it would encourage a wide-range of small businesses, allow islanders to hire employees not related to them and even give credit to new entrepreneurs. The changes have been welcomed by many, but there is also fear that they will cause upheaval in a nation where people are not accustomed to fending for themselves. Cuba's communist government employs some 84 percent of the work force, paying workers about $20 a month in return for free education and health care, and nearly free housing, transportation and basic food. President Raul Castro has said the state can no longer afford such deep subsidies. He says he wants to lay off 1 million workers in the next five years, and has complained that Cuba is the only country in the world where people expect to get paid for not working. The goal of the reforms is to both trim government payroll and spur a private sector that will increase taxes paid into state coffers. The government has said the changes are not meant to signal a break with socialism or an embrace of free-market capitalism.

Dominica PM calls for peace and tolerance

Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has appealed for peace and tolerance in the country. His call followed a spate of murders over a one-week period. Five murders during that time, seen as a record, have prompted both government and church reaction. Prime Minister Skerrit, in calling for a greater sense of tolerance, said the government needed to do more in the maintenance of law and order in the country. Dominica’s acting Police Commissioner, Cyril Carrette, has already called for harsher penalties to be imposed on convicted criminals. And one pastor who called for a resumption of hanging, said

A landslide in southern Mexico left 12 dead and 14 injured, the state-run Notimex news agency reported, citing civil protection officials. Four people were also reported missing. The landslide happened Wednesday in the town of Amatan, in the state of Chiapas. President Felipe Calderon

confirmed the 12 fatalities on his Twitter account. News of the landslide follows another similar incident in nearby Oaxaca state, where hundreds were feared trapped, but rescuers found that only 11 people were missing and none had been confirmed dead.

Piercing air horns sounded out Tuesday over the site where workers, drilling to reach 33 Chilean miners, passed the halfway point to the trapped men. The celebration broke out as the Plan B drill grinded passed 300 meters, officials said. Andre Sougarret, the government's rescue coordinator, initially said the drill hit 330 meters, but later indicated the depth was actually 303 meters. The drill is widening a 623-meter (2,040-foot) hole already drilled to the miners with a smaller diameter. The men have been surviving on supplies funneled to them from above ground through earlier bore holes, each about four inches in diameter. The initial bore hole for the Plan B drill reached them September 17, and the current operation is aimed at widening that hole enough to allow a man to be lifted out. Once a wide-enough hole is drilled to reach the miners, rescuers will begin the process of preparing the hole to lower a rescue capsule to the men and pull them out one by one. The 33 miners have been trapped since August 5. The breakthrough came after the Plan B drill dug over 100 meters in about 48 hours. "The advance has been one of the best we have had," Sougarret said. "It's due to better continuity with the drilling." The continuity, Sougarret said, was a result of the more stable rock that drillers had reached. Earlier in the week, officials had said that drilling in solid rock packed against looser material had caused drill bits to come loose. One drill bit fell about 500 meters and hit the mine's floor. None of the

trapped miners was hurt. Before the Plan B breakthrough, officials said Tuesday that the Plan A drill -- a mining drill -- had reached 508 meters and Plan C -- an oil drill -- had reached 110 meters in depth. Rescue officials said all the elements needed for the rescue of the trapped miners would be on location by the end of next week. A specially-designed rescue capsule arrived at the mine site Saturday and two more are expected to travel there soon. Sougarret said other specialized equipment, such as a field hospital, was on its way as well. The miners have been spending their days watching the news and movies on a small projector. Many are also exercising by working out with a trainer, who leads sessions over a video conference system. Officials have said the exercise helps the men pass the days and also will assist several of them in losing weight so they can more easily fit into the rescue capsule. Authorities said they still believe the rescue operation would be carried out in November. "We've always said November. I am sticking to that date because of difficulties we might encounter," Sougarret said. "I am sticking with the first days of November for the rescue date." Late Tuesday, shocks from an earthquake were felt in the vicinity of the mine. A 5.0-magnitude earthquake struck near the town of La Higuera, some 270 kilometers to the south of the mine. Sougarret said rescuers were prepared for the possibility of an earthquake and that the mine was sound. There were no immediate reports of damage from Tuesday's quake.

As many as 30 people in northwest Colombia were buried by a landslide Monday, CNN affiliate Caracol TV reported, citing rescue officials. The landslide occurred in the state of Antioquia. Between 20 and 30 people had

gotten off a public bus and were walking by the edge of the road when the landslide came, Caracol TV reported. Video from the scene showed rescuers with shovels digging into the massive landslide.

Drill passes halfway point in Chile mine rescue bid

30 could be buried by Colombian landslide

in a local radio broadcast that “you cannot stop murder in Dominica when murderers are prowling the country free.” —BBC

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Belize Times

Did you know...

Bet you didn’t know about these two special days of remembrance which start off the month of October – International Day of Older Persons (October 1) and International Day of Non-Violence (October 2). Well, International Day of Older Persons honours and celebrates older persons in our society like our grandparents and great-grandparents. It reminds us that older persons have done a lot for their country and still are in their own way. On this day why don’t you ask to go and visit with your family some older people that you love? It could be a neighbour, a church member or better yet your grandparents or great-grandparents. International Day of Non-Violence remembers a man you may not know. He was born on October 2, 1869 and his name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, but he was specially called Mahatma Gandhi. He fought against discrimination and for India’s independence from Britain. He believed the way to do this was by using the power of non-violence and non-co-operation/peaceful protest. His work touched the lives of the poor, women and those treated as untouchables/outcasts. He is respected and held dear by many persons in India and across the world. If you want to learn more about Mahatma Gandhi ask your parents to take you to the library or see if they can get the movie Gandhi.

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That…


Color Me

Unscramble Can you work with the following letters to spell a 10-letter English word? TTNENUMROA

What's the Word?

What 5-letter word can you add to the beginning or end of the words below to make a familiar word or phrase? white, dish, proof, wings, hole, salt

Numbers Boggle Try to fill in the missing numbers. The missing numbers are integers between 2 and 8. The numbers in each row add up to totals to the right. The numbers in each column add up to the totals along the bottom. The diagonal lines also add up the totals to the right. Answer: WATER white water, dishwater, waterproof, water wings, water hole, salt water - Answer: TOURNAMENT


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

In The Supreme CourT of BelIze A.D. 2010 Claim No. 382 of 2010 BETWEEN

Ornel Brooks Administrator in the Estate of Moses Brooks



Jacking God at Gun point While flipping through the weekly newspapers, we will realize as Christians that the whole purpose of the church is being undermined by our omissions. This Sunday the sermon was focused on the story of the Lazarus and Dives, or Lazarus and the rich man recorded in the gospel of Luke. We were reminded that the biggest sins of the persons that are the “haves” in our society is their omissions, by assumption then the plight of the “have-nots” is the actions that we take as well. In looking at the current news stories, we realize that the church which is the first antivirus and fire wall of moral and spiritual integrity has been down for as long as Belize has been dove tailing into the darkness of crime and immorality. Why? Few would disagree that stealing is the most indicative sin and crime. Stealing is a subject well worth our attention for several reasons. First, stealing has become a national problem of epidemic proportions. Now we see that the criminals are starting this new thing called “home invasions” and going to your house after you have said your prayers with your kids and entering your house with duck tape, knives and guns. We shake our heads and wonder how it got to this. Well it is easy to know how it got to this; Jesus was a common sense guy. In fact when he was here, he did not use Roman sophistry or Pharisee jargon or a Sadducee text to reach the people. Jesus was practical and real. In modern times Jesus would remind us that we have to do a lot more to address real issues. He would use the common sense and everyday language and sayings of our time. He would have said Church you need to be whipped, the tables in the temples overturned and the sleeping Christians reprimanded. He would have said you complain about crime and murders. But like Job was tested, God tested the church first and we were found wanting. How many times have thieves and bandits broken into your church? Or while at mass, or church your car was broken into and vandalized, long before this became the norm in Belize? Is it any wonder that they will break into a stranger‘s house after they violated and soiled the house of God???? See the old saying goes that a “thief is a murderer” and everything that has an ending, must have a beginning. Where was the beginning for all this sin and evil? Secular Belize has not been made to respect the church. So they steal, rob and jack God in Belize. I was reading a novel by Khaled Hosseini entitled “Kite Runner”. One of the characters named Baba made an interesting comment to his son, he said: “There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft... When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife's right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. There is no act more wretched than stealing, Amir." – pg 17 and 18. Now we know that there are a cadre of sins, but the point is that theft is a particularly entrenched evil. It is a must have base ingredient for sin. When I think back, the church had been robbed and abused by criminals who were crying out for attention and correction for some time now. In fact we remember when during mass a man followed another man into the sanctuary of the service at our catholic church on the Northern Highway, to finish his deadly assault. Yes! Interestingly what triggered this week’s topic is an article in the news papers where burglars broke into the Methodist church. But as I sit writing this reflection, a caller called in to our Christian morning talk show, “Rise and Shine” on Plus TV and reported that over this weekend thieves broke into Kings Park Nazarene Church in Belize City and took video equipment. So I spoke to some other brothers and sisters, I realized that one church, Central Assemblies of God, had someone go to the church-school and put chewing gums in all the locks to the doors. Another church which is literally one yard away from a police booth on Vernon Street, has been broken into so many times, there is a reluctance to report it. That church, called Zoe Ministries and Integrity Christian Radio, has had the burglar bars peeled off, walls broken with sledge hammer to get in, and roof taken off to get to God’s property. “Facey-niss” but yet at another denominational church on West Street, the fence was plastered with graffiti with fat curse words about the police and gang allegiances. Despite repeated pleas to the police no one was ever apprehended. This is for years. A brother told me that if I think that is bad, they found out at his church who had broken in and they told the police and made a report, as of today nothing has been done to that person. Pastors have had to batten down and hover in fear of the crime. Some churches invested in expensive fences and security systems while having earlier church services. Yet worse is another church where persons would break in and defecate inside the church, leaving human feces smeared in the church. Other churches reported that they have found expended condoms, marijuana butts and broken crack pipes under and behind their churches. Respect for the community and Police? How about step one respect for God????? But it is time to take the offensive on these acts. 2 Timothy 1:7 reminds us “ For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Armed with that and the righteous stance that stealing made the shortlist of ten commandments or “ultimate sins” that God says should be banished from good and wholesome living in Exodus 20:15: one of the most direct and short commandments next to thou shall not kill is thou shall not steal; let us put on the full armor of God and fight this evil!!!! Imagine if we had gone out and kept the society accountable and be relentless in our cause to stomp out this plague. The bible is better than the law. This is what it says about dealing with “jacking”: “When a person sins and acts unfaithfully against the LORD, and deceives his companion in regard to a deposit or a security entrusted to him, or through robbery, or if he has extorted from his companion, or has found what was lost and lied about it and sworn falsely, so that he sins in regard to any one of the things a man may do; then it shall be, when he sins and becomes guilty, that he shall restore what he took by robbery, or what he got by extortion, or the deposit which was entrusted to him, or the lost thing which he found, or anything about which he swore falsely; he shall make restitution for it in full, and add to it one-fifth more. He shall give it to the one to whom it belongs on the day he presents his guilt offering, and the priest shall make atonement for him before the LORD; and he shall be forgiven for any one of the things which he may have done to incur guilt” Lev. 6:1-7. Let us take the offensive church. Take pictures of all the valuables in the church. Lets us collect an offering to sponsor an organized fighting of this specific evil. Hire a private investigator, find Christian Police officers and put notices in the newspapers ( I am sure we could lobby to get for free) with the items stolen and the face of the outcast who robbed God at Gun point. This surely must be a terrible curse to break into the house of God and it must be equally sinful to sit back and do nothing as a church. Arise brothers and sisters, let us restore the fear of God to Belize. What would Jesus do……..?

Catherine Gill Noel Codd

1st Defendant 2nd Defendant

TO: Catherine Gill of United States Take notice that Claim: 382 of 2010 has commenced against you, Catherine Gill in the Supreme Court of Belize by Ornel Brooks of #2 Bay Street, Belize City, Belize Administrator in the Estate of Moses Brooks. This matter will be heard on Monday 13th day of September, 2010 at 9:00 O’clock in the forenoon before the Honorable Justice Legall. The Claimant’s claim is for an order for the following. 1.

A declaration that the Claimant is absolutely entitled to the fee simple in possession of Lot 118 currently in possession by the Claimant and situated at Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, Belize and formerly registered on Transfer Certificate of Title dated 23rd October, 1974 registered in Volume 9 folio 153 Land Titles Register.


An order cancelling Transfer Certificate of Title dated 19th December, 2006 and registered in Volume 14 Folio 50 of Land Titles Register in the name of the 1st defendant of said Lot 188.


Rectification of the Land register of Belize and issuing of a new Certificate of Title to show the Claimant as the registered proprietor of Lot 118 situated in Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District.


An injunction to restrain the 1st defendant whether by herself, her servants or agents or otherwise from selling, transferring, taking possession or dealing in any way with the said Lot 118 situated at Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, Belize.


Such further and or other relief as this honorable court deem just.



AND it has been ordered that service of the Claim on you be effected by this advertisement. AND you are required to enter an appearance within fourteen (14) days of the second publication of this NOTICE of Claim to defend the said Claim by causing an appearance to be entered for you in the Supreme Court. TAKE NOTICE that in default of your doing so, the said Claimant may proceed therein, and judgment may be given in your absence. You may appear to the said Claim by entering an appearance in person or by your attorney at the Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Belize.

Dated the 13th day of September, 2010. Oswald Twist #16 Bishop Street, Belize City, Belize Attorney-at-Law for the Claimant

Sco Co Edi and its aD 15t of 2 Co wh to t day 200 wil pub Sch

All ing fro

AL ate Dis Me eas Ro and by Squ the all the


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The Belize Times



The Belize Times

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rene Xate Montero and the Belize Marketing Development Corporation (BMDC)

This time it is with a bang! There is no stopping this Minister who it now seems does not even care what his Prime Minister thinks about him anymore. Montero as Minister of Agriculture controls BAHA (BAHA allows to be controlled) and the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation (BMDC) aka "Marketing Board." Some people call it the "Bigot Montero Devastating Corporation." We have heard frequently heard time and time again complaints from producers and importers of vegetables and fruits regarding the indiscriminate handling of importation per mits for various agricultural products. It seems as if only the close friends and cronies of Montero can be importers. Speculation out there is that he has a share in all imports. And perhaps all would be o.k. if prices were to remain the same or go down to make the cost of living cheaper. But, on the contrary, the cost to the importer goes up and consequently, the consumer pays a higher price for the products. Why have the prices of these products gone up? To start off, not allowing the regular importers to share the import volumes allows the sole importer ("Monteristas) to hike up the prices because there is no competition. Secondly, in addition to paying BAHA permit fees and custom duties, the importer now pays an additional importation fee to BMDC. The latter is illegal. There is no legislation that provides for the BMDC to collect importation fees. Thirdly, when some importers complain and emit threats, they are given permits for small volumes which cause the price on a per unit (pound) basis to increase since the transportation and distributions costs for small volumes are same as for higher volumes. One notable item that has increased in price by hundred percent is garlic. Garlic was retailed at the markets a few months ago for $1.00 per pouch of three heads of garlic. Today, garlic retails at the Saturday market for $2.00 for the same pouch with three heads of garlic. This is all because Montero has given sole importation rights to his San Antonio Chairman. Other applications for importation of the same item have been denied even though the origin posted on the importation form is the same. We wo u l d l i k e t o k n o w t h e following: 1. Where is this money paid to BMDC going, what is it used for, and who authorizes its use? 2. Is the function of the BMDC that of a State Trading Institution? If the answer is yes, are we complying with the provisions as specified in Article XVII of the GATT/WTO to which Belize is signatory? We reproduce below the first two paragraphs to the said Article XVII. 1. I n o r d e r t o e n s u r e t h e transparency of the activities of state trading enterprises, Members shall notify such enterprises to the Council for Trade in Goods, for review by the working party to be set up under paragraph 5, in accordance with the following working definition: "Governmental and nongovernmental enterprises, including marketing boards, which have been granted exclusive or special rights or privileges, including statutory or constitutional powers, in the exercise of which they influence through their

purchases or sales the level or direction of imports or exports." This notification requirement does not apply to imports of products for immediate or ultimate consumption in governmental use or in use by an enterprise as specified above and not otherwise for resale or use in the production of goods for sale.

2. Each Member shall conduct a review of its policy with regard to the submission of notifications on state trading enterprises to the Council for Trade in Goods, taking account of the provisions of this Understanding. In carrying out such a review, each Member should have regard to the need to ensure the maximum transparency possible in its notifications so as to permit a clear appreciation of the manner of operation of the enterprises notified and the effect of their operations on international trade. Isn't an extra fee and extra turnaround increasing unnecessary bureaucratic procedures that lead to higher transaction costs for the business sector? Shouldn't we instead be facilitating and encouraging the development of private sector capacity to participate more effectively in the

process of better regulation through public-private sector partnerships and improved advocacy? I n a d d i t i o n , s h o u l d ’t we b e expediting the establishment of market support institutions in the area of better regulation to ensure coordinated legal and regulatory refor ms and improvement in the deliver y of commercial justice? T he BMDC appears to be an u n n e c e s s a r y, a n i m p e d i m e n t to our producers, importers and exporters. It seems to be more an instrument to create wealth for supposedly 'clandestine operations' of the government and is held in the sole authority of the Minister of Agriculture. When will the Prime Minister put a stop to Montero? Didn’t the PM say that there would not be “the slightest whiff of corruption” under his watch?

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The Belize Times


BTTA team table tennis tournament begins

T h e B e l i z e Ta b l e Te n n i s Association "kicked-off" its 2nd Annual Team Table Tennis A s s o c i a t i o n To u r n a m e n t , sponsored by Brothers Habet, at the Belize Elementar y School a u d i t o r i u m t h i s p a s t S u n d a y, September 26, 2010, as originally planned. The "turn out" was overwhelming with all 13 teams represented for the opening ceremonies. Gracing us once again was the "violin" group of Carlos Cui, one of our top players and a member of the ACE team, also participating in the Team League, who performed the Belize National Anthem. Present also at the opening

was Mr. Tony Habet, representing the sponsors of this year’s Team League "brothers HABET". Mr. Habet welcomed the teams and also welcomed the opportunity for his company to be able to sponsor this years League. Following all the "formalities of the opening" the competition was more than ready to commence.12 teams beg an the first round of participation with both 1st and 2nd Division teams well represented to compete. With the "stage" set with 6 tables, the 12 teams beg an the morning scheduled games. By midday the morning results in the 1st Division, at Table 1 Team ACE had defeated

Rivero’s Welders 5 to 1; at Table 2 Team Bombers had defeated Suga City 5 to 4 and at Table 3 Team Racqueteers had defeated No Mercy 5 to 2 In the 2nd Division at Table 4, Team Phoenix defeated the Assassins 5 t o 0 : a t Ta b l e 5 Te a m C o b r a defeated Team "L" 5 to 3, and at Table 6 Team Garage defeated Young Stars 5 to 1. The competition continued in the afternoon with the following results: 1st Division, at Table 1 Team Bombers defeated ACE 5 to 4; at Table 2 Team Rivero’s Welders defeated No Mercy 5 to 4 and at Table 3 Team Racqueteers defeated Suga City 5 to 3. In the 2nd Division at Table

4, Team Hur ricane defeated the Assassins 5 to 1, at Table 5 Team Phoenix defeated Young Stars 5 to 1, and at Table 6 Team Garage defeated Team "L" 5 to 1. In the 1st Division, teams Bombers and Racqueteers advance with a "no losses" record, and in the 2nd Division, teams Hurricane, Phoenix, Garage, and Cobra, also advanced with a "no loss" record. All other teams recorded "losses" in this first round of competition. T he competition continues next Saturday, October 2, with the following 2nd Division games scheduled, star ting at 2:00 PM: Hurricane vs Cobra; Assassins vs Young Stars, and Phoenix vs Team "L".

Belize national football team to take on Guatemala T h e Fo o t b a l l Fe d e r a t i o n of Belize and the Football Fe d e r a t i o n o f G u a t e m a l a h ave ag reed to play an Inter national Friendly between its two Senior N a t i o n a l Te a m s o n S a t u r d a y,

O c t o b e r 9 t h , 2 0 1 0 i n Pe t e n a t 3:00 pm. T he following players have been being called up: Shane Orio, Elroy Smith, Elroy Kuylen, Dion Burg ess, Har rison Tasher,

Lisbey Castillo, Har rison Roches, Ber nard Linarez, Everal Trapp, Orlando Jimenez, Deris B e n a v i d e z , J u l i a n M a l d o n a d o, L l o y d N u n e z , C l i f t o n We s t , D a l t o n E i l e y, V i c t o r M o r a l e s,

Wo o d r o w We s t , G l e n f o r d C h i m i l i o , Ty r o n e P a n d y, I a n Gaynair, Kent Gabourel and K ahlil Velasquez Tr a i n i n g r e s u m e s o n Se ptember 28th, 2010.


The Belize Times

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Junior Cyclist Kristopher Chuc knocked down and killed while training He displayed #259 on his jersey and rode for the Cayo High Road Cycling Team. Today 17 year old Kristopher Chuc will wear that number no more. He was knocked down and killed while training on the Western Highway. He was only a youth and had just started his promising cycling career when his life was cut short. Kristopher had placed 2nd in the National Road Championships Road Race which was held on Sunday, July 4th from St. Margaret’s Village to Belize City. He had finished the 80 mile

journey in 4 hours, 13 minutes, 04 seconds He had also accompanied the Belize National Junior CyclingT eam to the Junior tour of Guatemala this year, in which Deezan Spence won Best Sprinter and Giovanni Choto won a silver medal. The Belize Cycling Association executive committee and members have all expressed their deepest sympathy to Kris’ family, his friends, the Cayo High Road Cycling Team and his fans. He will be missed. Rest in peace, Kris.

Belizean Athletes to XIX Commonwealth Games The Belizean contingent to the XIX Commonwealth Games scheduled for New Delhi, India, from October 3rd – 14th, 2010, left the c o u n t r y t o d ay. Belize will have

representation in Athletics a n d C y c l i n g. T h e c o n t i n g e n t consists of Kaina Martinez, K a y D e Va u g h n a n d K a t y Sealy (Athletics), and Brandon Cattouse, Byron Po p e , G r e g o r y L o ve l l , Ja i r o

Campos, Edg ar Arana and Shalini Zabaneh (Cycling). T h e o f f i c i a l s a r e Jo s e p h i n e F l owe r s, D e l e g a t e, Fr e d e r i ck E va n s a s C o a ch f o r A t h l e t i c s and Per r y Gibson as Deleg ate/ C o a ch f o r C y c l i n g.

The flag bearer to the Commonwealth Games is the Central American double Gold Medalist, Kaina Martinez. The Chief of Mission is M r. Pa t r i ck H e n r y.



The Belize Times

of the

Sunday, October 3, 2010


MARASMUS: the serious side of the Noodles vs Steak Debate

In August of this year, a columnist for The TIMES first brought up the increase of the threat of the debilitating form of MALNUTRITION caused by severe long term protein and caloric deficiency. In that article, we noted that in the South, it has been confirmed that this type of malnutrition is on the rise. With the poverty assessment report putting forty three per cent of the population below the poverty level even before last October's declaration of the country being in 'Recession', we have every reason to believe that MARASMUS is a threat to the very lives of our children and elderly. That the cry is “we can only (afford) to eat noodles...not steak...” would suggest that almost a half of the population, both urban and rural is at risk of this form of malnutrition. This chart gives a rough guideline to the daily calorie needs of boys and girls at different ages. Kids who are really active may need more; those who are inactive may need less. 11–14 2,220 1,845 Age Calories per day 15–18 2,755 2,110 Boys Girls Adults 2,550 1,940 1–3 1,230 1,165 Children need to be fed high caloric 4–6 1,715 1,545 meals in small servings, several times 7–10 1,970 1,740 a day because their little stomachs are

small and they cannot ingest larger portions they need to get the energy to keep up with their growth requirements, especially as they make the transition from breastfeeding to family pot, and from crawling to running around and mentally interacting with their environment. Marasmus also results from low protein intake as would be the case if children, (and adults as well), are living primarily off the starchy “Ramen” noodles in a salty soup base. Protein is the body's building block and is especially important in the early years. Sources of protein are fish, meats, peanut butter, milk and dairy products such as eggs, and even green leafy veggies like spinach and chaya. So what is Marasmus, and why should we be concerned about its increase among our young children? It

is a wasting form of malnutrition characterized by the children losing the “roundness” we lovingly call “baby fat” and become emaciated with swollen bellies, weak cries, dry skin and that look of the head being excessively bigger than spindly legs and a scrawny body. Children affected by this severe malnutrition are prone a number of other health risks such as low immunity, sores in the mouth and on the skin that take very long to heal. A baby that may have been growing normally while breastfed, if the food it is fed upon weaning is not nutritious and not enough altogether, can quickly become listless, lose its alertness, slow down in mental and physical growth and begin a slow march to serious illness and even death. If we believe that our children are this country's future, then we must ensure that families with young children get some kind of food subsidy that includes quality, high protein foods like milk and eggs and a fair quantity to meet the nutritional needs of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. How we address: the Noodles vs Steak Debate threatens our very existence.

ative agents that may require different antibiotics. • Hepatitis A - If hepatitis A is suspected, the doctor should draw blood and test for IgM antibodies for hepatitis A. It is especially important for the local health department to know if a person with this illness is a food handler or participates in a day care setting. • Parasites - Some waterborne parasites (e.g., giardia, cyclospora, and cryptosporidium) may also cause chronic diarrhea; testing by a physician can identify these diseases. Such diseases can be severe in children, elderly and pregnant women or persons undergoing treatment for cancer or HIV patients. • Leptospirosis - During widespread flooding of an area there may be a potential, but small,

risk for a disease called leptospirosis, which is caused by exposure to animal urine. It is a bacterial disease that affects both humans and animals. Symptoms may range from none to high fever, headache, chills, muscle aches, vomiting, jaundice (yellow eyes and skin), abdominal pain, diarrhea or rash. If the disease is not treated, kidney damage or liver failure may develop as well as respiratory failure or meningitis. Although most livestock are vaccinated against this disease, they may still excrete bacteria; however, urine from dogs, rodents, and other wild animals may also be infected. Humans can be infected through contact with water, food or soil containing animal urine or tissue. Swallowing floodwater or exposure to mucosal surfaces such as eyes, nose or skin may also produce illness. Person-to-person spread is rare. If infected, a person can become sick between 2 days and 4 weeks. The illness may occur in two phases: the first with symptoms described above followed by a short recovery; if a second phase develops, it is more severe. Treatment is important to prevent more serious illness and a more lengthy recovery. Risk for this disease will be greatly reduced by not swimming or wading in floodwaters. It is also helpful to wear protective clothing or footwear and gloves when possible. We know the waters will come rolling down to the sea; let us be proactive in protecting ourselves and our children as the active tropical season continues.


Twice in less than a month, Belizeans were faced with the threat of severe flooding from two tropical systems that crossed just north and south of our borders respectively. Both systems dumped inches of rainfall on our already saturated land with ever decreasing catchment wetlands. This being the regular regular rainy season and all, we expect that the worse of the flooding on our river (valley) communities lies ahead and so we would like to send out a precautionary note to advise residents along the banks of rivers that may flood, to stay out of the floodwaters as much as possible -for their health's sake. Among the illnesses that usually plague flooded communities are tetanus, hepatitis and typhoid. Fortunately, our national immunization program has minimized their impact over the years as we provided free vaccines and shots. Adults may want to get the boosters where possible as a precaution: • Tetanus - A booster for tetanus should be given to anyone sustaining an injury (particularly lacerations and puncture wounds) that has not received a vaccination within the last 10 years, 5 years for particularly major or unclean wounds. • Hepatitis A - Immune globulin is given only to those persons known to be in direct contact with a confir med case of hepatitis A. Since county and city water systems may become contaminated and power outages are widespread following severe flooding,

increased foodborne and waterborne diarrheal illnesses may occur among the population. A variety of sources, including animal and human waste, can contribute to water pollution. It is important for physicians to test for and identify agents of illnesses so that outbreaks may be prevented and controlled in a timely and effective manner. Reporting of these diseases by physicians and laboratories to local health departments is necessary so cases can be investigated to determine if there is a common source. • Diarrheal Illness - Most diarrheal illnesses have incubation periods between one and seven days. Bloody diarrhea may occur with certain infections. Testing for illness should be perfor med prior to treatment with medication because of the large number of caus-

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The Belize Times


Reflections It’s All About Trust!

By: Mike Rudon Jr. Man that dratted Bar Association, getting on Mr. Barrow’s nerves again. Imagine all those learned attorneys g anging up on that poor, sweet gentleman who is obviously only trying to do the best he can to ensure that justice is properly handed down. Imagine all those learned attorneys from both sides of the political divide launching a constitutional challenge of our gentle leader’s policy of giving Justices of Appeal limited contracts renewable on his whim. How dare they? How dare they insinuate by their actions that Mr. Barrow would ever, ever try to exert undue influence on the Judiciary? No, not our sainted leader whose integrity is sacrosanct and whose word is his bond (chuckle, chuckle)! Those bad, bad people in the Bar Association, trying to make our beloved big cheese look bad when all it would have taken is a congenial sit-down and he would have explained the whole thing. Jeez, heaven knows Mr. Barrow has always welcomed input from the Bar Association, going out of his way to encourage dialogue between that body and his Executive in every decision that affects the justice system. Heaven knows that our humble leader is always approachable, always accessible and always open minded. Ayyy, I feel sorry for Mr. Barrow…the cross that poor man must bear. For the benefit of those idiots over there at the UDP Guardian who are reading this with puzzled looks on their faces trying to figure out how to cut and paste the previous paragraph onto one of their sick masturbatory pieces on Mr. Barrow – it’s called sarcasm. I didn’t fall and hit my head this morning and suddenly believe that Mr. Barrow is a good and great man. I still think he’s a damned idiot who isn’t fit to wear the shoes of a leader and got the opportunity solely because of his golden tongue and certainly not because of any real ability. And yeah, there is this itsy bitsy little fact that we haven’t seen any real ability from his so called brilliance since he took office, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Boss, nobody trusts you anymore. Your word isn’t worth two pieces of cow dung anymore. I believe, and this is just my humble opinion, that the only thing that has saved

you from open revolt so far is that your proclivity toward dictatorship and blind arrogance and nepotism and megalomania is so blatant that people just can’t really get a grip on it. It’s like – nah, he didn’t just do something like that cause then that would mean that we have our very own little home grown local version of Mugabe. But yeah, the thing is that he did just do something like that… and there, he just did it again and again and again. Seriously! Hell, it was all grins and giggles for me when I saw the newscast in which the PM in all his pomposity stated – but it didn’t even have to go so far…the Bar Association could

have just come and talk to me and I would have cleared everything right up. Yeah right, buddy, did you stop to think that there’s a very good reason that the Bar Association decided not to go to you but instead immediately launched a constitution challenge? Your word cannot be trusted. Nobody believes you when you say that you are only tr ying to regulate the Judiciary. Nobody believes you when you say that you would never, ever even think about using your influence to interfere in the Judiciary. The long and short of it is that people don’t believe you and don’t trust you. The Bar Association is g over ned to a large extent by diplomacy and couldn’t come out and say it but that’s the clear message – WE NO TRUST YOU and in fine print…and we believe damned well that you are making moves to tamper with and influence the Judiciary so we don’t know who you think you are fooling with your posturing and pontificating. The message is there, clear as crystal. It’s a little scary that the leader of this nation can sit back and claim a knowledge and insight g reater than the combined wisdom of the Bar Association. It’s more than a little scar y that more than 100 learned attorneys with many years of experience in the administration

26 of justice can see something so wrong with one of Mr. Barrow’s policies, but that all-seeing, allknowing gentleman can claim that they are all short-sighted and off in their perception. The truth is there, says Mr. Barrow…you all only had to ask me and I would have given it to you. But the truth according to Mr. Barrow is a horse of a totally different colour. The entire country and the region watched as Mr. Barrow appointed his brother to the Court of Appeal (by the way, is your brother being put on a one year contract as well?). The entire country watched as Mr. Barrow launched an outright and seemingly personal attack on the Chief Justice of Belize, railroading him off the Bench. The entire country and the region have watched as Mr. Barrow seeks to enact legislation which would seriously under mine the provision and administration of justice in this nation. And then Mr. Barrow rises behind the pulpit and decries the escalation of crime and violence which have the nation in a stranglehold, even as he attacks the judicial and justice systems from within. The time will come when Mr. Bar row will be stopped in his tracks. A leader without the trust of his people is bound to fall. Mr. Barrow is not to be trusted. Mr. Barrow will fall.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Strictly Personal Barrow is bogus!

process of stacking the courts because he knows that he has to deal with the BTL matter and Lord Ashcroft there. ( H e y, a n d r e m e m b e r t h i s is all hypothetical speculation for pur poses of infor mation, education and enlightenment. I have to say that after watching Dean throw a hissy fit over Godfrey Smith’s letters to the Digicel people. Who knows what will happen next in that mess if By he can’t force Social Security to It both broke my heart and yet filled me with the joy of admiration to see Dr. Abdulai Osman Conteh demit office this week as Belize’s greatest Chief Ju s t i c e. A s t h e s p e a ke r s a t a special sitting of the Supreme Court all remarked, his dignity, diligence, confidence and pride was an inspiration to all of us. In characteristic fashion he did not remark on his leaving or their circumstances with a n y b i t t e r n e s s, b u t m a d e i t clear that he was proud of the edifice he had built, and that his efforts had brought back a justice system that teetered on the brink when he stepped in. I’ve been obser ving our courts from back when I knew e v e r y s i n g l e a t t o r n e y, b a c k when they could all fit into Supreme Court #1 on opening day. In those days I used to be amused to watch them in my ima gin a tio n “h uddle” like so many vultures beneath the steps of the Supreme Court, both gowns and lips a-flapping in all the hot air that any gathering of lawyers will inevitably produce. The practitioners of the legal arts have grown ten-fold since then. Much has changed but there are some things that h ave r e m a i n e d t h e s a m e a n d despite the fer vid sounding denials I for one, believe that there are still constant attempts at political interference in the administration of justice. I won’t speculate on what is widely assumed will be the short reign of Justice Samuel Awich at the helm will be like – I am not that foolhardy at this juncture. And I will say that I believe the rumors that Justice Manuel Sosa has applied for the post. I also believe that at some point he will “accept” the appointment, even in the face of widespread disapprobation by members of the Bar, as well as one jurist who whispered as much to me. I could present a postulation, a theor y of conspiracy if you will, that Dean Barrow is in the

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buy, and Digicel backs out.) He also knows that he will have to deal with myriad lawsuits over the matter of other acquisitions, such as though his chief henchman Gapi Vega has “quitared” without proper due process and for all the wrong reasons. Dr. Conteh had already made it clear what he thought of that particular piece of biznis – I think he r uled that it was unconstitutional and ordered the Government to pay restitution and/or compensation forthwith. A deluge of such cases and r ulings would no doubt quickly i m p ove r i s h t h e Tr e a s u r y a n d Dean-o can’t seem to tell Gapi

27 no.

The matter of the oneyear contracts for appellate court justices stink to high heavens if you look at it in that light, and if there’s no attempt to rectify sooner rather than later. I suppose Dean is now in full despot mode and nothing i s s a c r e d a n y m o r e. Wa i t , d i d someone just whisper to me that Brother B is next in line to be President … of the court. No play bwai! Barrow is bogus.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Empathy….Does the Revolution Need it?

Carolyn Trench-Sandiford Party Chairman Empathy…this was cited as a quality that is crucial to the future of the PUP. I pondered this, not because I could not agree more with the school of thought, but because I asked myself how this quality can once again become ingrained in the mental construct and psychic of all members of the People’s United Party. Are you wondering where is this is coming from? Last week Thursday evening, I joined several members of the PUP at Independence Hall at a discussion session which was organized as a component of the 60th birthday celebrations of our party. Personal experiences and institutional memories were nostalgically shared. As well, a myriad of national and party issues and concerns were introduced and ventilated, but per-

haps the one that captured my attention was the cry for empathy to play a more prominent role within the Party. Why, maybe because this is not quantifiable, so mind began racing. Neither is it tangible. It was the general consensus that this was not as it ought to be, and as a result, has led to an obvious disconnect between and within the membership and the leadership, and the party and the electorate. But what is empathy? Why is it important, and how can being empathetic strengthen the party’s chances of winning elections and fulfilling its purpose? Goleman 2001 in his book “the New Leaders” defines it as “Sensing others’ emotions, understanding their perspective, and taking an active interest in their concerns”. Accordingly, it differs from sympathy which is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “sharing another person’s emotions; to have compassion for”. Empathy is not about agreeing or sharing emotions. It is about understanding, thus it becomes one of several qualities that leaders ought to possess if they are to effect meaningful change. According to Goleman et al, also, “Leaders with empathy are able to attune to a wide range of emotional signals, letting them sense the felt, but unspoken, emotions in a person or group. Such leaders listen attentively and can grasp the other person’s perspective. Empathy makes a leader able to get along well with people of diverse backgrounds or from other cultures”. It also allows

them to respond to the needs of the people as they, the people see it. Hoagland Smith 2010, in comparing past and present leadership roles, argues that the old leadership role of "It's my way or the highway" might have worked when everyone shared the same values, the same ethnic origins and the same belief systems. She notes that people in the 21st century are more informed and educated, not to mention quite different than their ancestors. This was also cited by the Party Leader Hon. John Briceno in an inter view on Open Your Eyes on Wednesday September 29th, 2010, when questioned about differences and approaches in enhancing democracy in the PUP of 2010 as against 1950. In addition, Hoagland Smith points out that today’s generation experience more change in one year than their grandparents experienced in their entire lifetime. All of this change creates additional stress, and pushes them to seek other opportunities to realize their dreams. They are also less tolerant and increasingly more impatient. Undoubtedly, effective leaders must be able to relate to these changes if they want to achieve the predetermined results. Thus empathy is an intrinsic quality of effective leadership, which is necessary if lives are to be transformed and shaped positively. While the People’s United Party organizational structure provides for formal leadership vertically, at

the national, regional and constituency levels of the Party, and horizontally, the United Women Group, the Marshall’s Community Ser vice Corp, the Order of Distinguished Ser vices, the Belize Youth Movement, the Campaign, Public Relations, Policy and Reform and Legal Committees, informal leadership is encouraged in everyone. The constitution of the party provides the purpose, aims and objects and clarity to roles and responsibility for officers, units and committees. However, while empathy as a quality may not appear in the constitution, it has long being a practice of our leaders, for one cannot conceptualize or relate to social justice as a philosophy, if one does not appreciate that empathy is a quality inherent in its application. Perhaps, as we have strayed from our philosophical moorings, so has this quality fade. Clearly, in the PUP, empathy must be elevated to take its rightful place on equal footing with those other qualities which effective leadership requires at all levels, whether formal or informal, such as vision, honesty and integrity, compassion, motivation, self-confidence, decisiveness, critical and analytical thinking skills, expertise, and flexibility. For only if this occurs, will the revolution be real and relevant again, and continue….and only so will the NEW BELIZE be created, which will bring to all Belizeans a better life and a just share of the national wealth.

PUBLIC AUCTION SALE: PROPERTY North Piccini Area, Belmopan, Cayo District

BY ORDER of the Mortgagees, Messrs. Heritage Bank Limited, Licensed Auctioneer Kevin A. Castillo will sell the following property ON SITE on Tuesday the 5th October 2010 at 1:30 pm:

The PACT Foundation Announces its

Parcel No. 4667 North Piccini, Belmopan, Cayo District

2010 CALL FOR PROPOSALS The Foundation provides grants to registered management organizations of terrestrial protected areas including, non-governmental organizations and community based organizations that are involved in conservation and management for sustainable use of Belize’s natural resources and terrestrial protected areas. Only projects which fit the following three priority areas for funding will be considered: 1. 2. 3.




(Being a vacant corner lot containing 622.483 square meters or 744.50 square yards situate on a street East of the United States Embassy Housing Compound in Belmopan, Cayo District, the freehold property of Ms. Janice Savery)


General park management-protection, environmental education and equipment Training Research

Some project activities that are eligible for funding include but are not limited to: a) The establishment, restoration, protection and maintenance of parks, protected areas and reserves; b) The development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural resource management, including land and ecosystem management practices; c) Training programs to increase the scientific, technical and managerial capacities of individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts; d) The restoration, protection, or sustainable use of diverse animal and plant species; or e) Research and identification of medicinal uses of tropical forest plant life to treat human diseases, illnesses, and health-related concerns.

Maximum Grant: BZ$40,000.00 for one year Past recipients may apply For application forms and more information contact PACT’s Associate Director-Grants or email Submit complete applications and supporting documents no later than October 22nd, 2010 to:

Associate Director-Grants, PACT #3 Mango Street/P.O. Box 443 Belmopan, Cayo District Re: PACT Foundation Grants

Sunday, October 3, 2010 Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants

The Belize Times Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants


to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office.

STORES SUPERVISOR: Supervise stores personnel and activities of the “The constitution of a modern de- commencement of the Constitution

Stores Department mocracy governed by the rule of law, (Sixth Amendment) Act, as well as to must, thirdly, guarantee the indepen- any future instruments of appointSTORES SUPERVISOR dence of judicial decision-makers, an ment. Section 17 provided for a simiEXPERIENCE: expression lar amendmentand to Section 102 of the DUTIES I use to embrace all those EDUCATION Academic/Experience requirements making decisions of a judicial characConstitution. • Will be responsible for comthe meant completion of a Bachelor’s ter…” THE RULE OF LAW, Tom include That effectively, that those piling and maintaining the accounting Bingham, 2010 Judges of the Court of Appeal, with Degree in Accounting or Profesinformation associated with the Stores As Belize enters its thirtieth year and open-ended appointment documents, sional Qualification in Inventory/Stores Unit, liaise with all departments with third decade as an independent nation, management would serve at two theorPrime Minister’s with more years regards to inventory usage and indicate were-order leave points behind our turbulent twen- experience pleasure. as an Accounting Supervisor ties and enter what should be an era of or anAt the timeDegree of thewith firstfour circulation Associate’s or maturity. In our age of maturity, more of the Constitution (Sixth Amendmore years experience as an Account• Supervise clerks responsible than ever, we must what and is best ment) Bill, those included inJusSupervisor. Mustjudges have experience for stores issues anddo receipts in- and ing right for our young nation. tices of Appeal Carey and Morrison, inventory management. Must possess a ventory maintenance For those not in the know, Tom valid as well as President of the driver’s license and be ableCourt to driveof Bingham is the former Lord Chief Jus- vehicles Appeal,with Justice Mottley. Mr. Must Justice manual transmission. • Prepare and submit daily, tice of England and Wales, a former beMottley, Q.C was appointed as Appeals computer literate. weekly and monthly reports Lord of Appeal and is considered by Court President in May of 2004 and on many to be “the outstanding British the same day, the Senate ratified the ap• Perform annual/monthly judge of the past quarter century.” He BENEFITS: pointment of Mr. Justice Barrow Q.C., physical inventory counts Pay Scale $26,200 to $53,900. is, by all accounts, “a master of the ju- • as a Justice of Appeal. The appointsalarymade is dependent on education dicial art.” When a man of the ilk of Starting ments were after unanimous ap• Cornhill Develop worklisten. policiesHis andslim, level andduring experience. Lord speaks, proval the sitting of the Senate. procedures forbook, efficiency effecsuccessful urgent, elegant Theand Rule of Law, After There was no completion irregularityoftoprobathose intiveness period: is not only the current required reading tionary struments of appointment then – not Pension on the rule of law, but it will become a • while the JewelPlan was under the watch• mecum Other as assigned judges, from • ful eye Medical, andLeader Visionof the vade forduties all politicians, of Dean Dental Barrow, time tolawyers time. and students of the law. Insurance Plan jurists, Opposition. According to Tom Bingham: “The In May 2008, the Bar Association If you interested progressing withprovided us pleasethe send your application let-the right to are a fair trial is a in cardinal requireAttorney General and ment of the rule of law” and there are Prime Minister with a written position ter with your detailed curriculum vitae giving your current position by 6th key principles which October, 2010 to: apply. One is that paper which reviewed the Constitution “fairness means fairness to both sides, (Sixth Amendment) Bill and offered its not just one.” Another is that it must comments on the changes to the conHuman Manager be accepted that “fairness is a Resources con- stitution in that Bill. The Bar recomBelize Services Limited, stantly evolving concept, not Water frozen in mended that sections 16 and 17 not be any P.O. moment time.” The third is the passed as contemplated, posited Boxof150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City,and Belize principle set out above. instead that Judges of the Court of ApE-mail : The Bar Association of Belize has peal have a mandatory uniform retirefiled a constitutional challenge to sec- ment age, and to ensure independence qualified candidates will be acknowledged. tions 15Note: and 16Only of the Belize Constiof the judiciary, that they be appointed tution (Sixth Amendment) Act. This until that age. means the Bar is challenging those That recommendation was not only sections of that Act which deal with ignored, but when the Belize Constituchanges made to section 101 and 102 tion (Sixth Amendment) Act entered of the Belize Constitution. into force, those Judges of the Court According to the Bar the changes of Appeal with open-ended contracts made are “unconstitutional attempts to were, lo and behold, officially saddled amend the Belize Constitution for the with contracts that would expire within reason that sections 15 and 16 of the a year. Those appointments were leBelize City, Belize. September 27, 2010: Act contravene the Belize Constitution gally ambushed. Sandbagged. Hornare contrary to the Rule of Law, violate swoggled. Henceforth, by Barrovian the Separation of Powers Doctrine and law, they would be valid only until April Environmental and Social Analysis of the Construction are contrary to the Basic Structure of 1, 2011. No joke. Operation ofwords! a Wastewater Collection, Treatment, theand Constitution”. Strong Why But what of the two other members has theand institution, that one wag comof the Court of Appeal of Belize? Mr. Disposal System for the Placencia Peninsula pared to George Gabb’s masterpiece Justice of Appeal Manuel Sosa was apthe “Sleeping Giant”, taken this most pointed in 1999, and his instrument of unprecedented step? reflects the mandatory reLodgment and Public appointment Consultation Notice The answer lies in the heady 100 tirement age for Supreme Court Judges days of post electoral sweet repose at that time – age 62. Mr. Justice of when Prime Minister Barrow decided Appeal Denys Barrow on the other Thethe General Public is hereby advised that an Environmental Socialand his that crowning glory of his political hand, was appointed and in 2009, Analysis has been be submitted to theact Department of the honeymoon would an omnibus instrument of Environment appointment (DOE) states that amending Belize’s constitution. Among (BWSL) he shallfor serve until he is 75. by the Belize Water Services Limited the construction andWhat a the centerpieces of his magnificent time difference ten years andfor 2 differoperation of a wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal system the legal architecture were such gems as ent administrations made. Placencia Peninsula. The Environmental and Social Analysis will be reterm limits, recall of representatives, Since the Instruments of Appointviewed by the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) before an expanded senate, and yes, also pre- ment of Justices of Appeal Mottley a final decision is taken by the DOE. ventative detention and deprivation of and Morrison do not specify any pe-


to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office.

VEHICLE UNIT SUPERVISOR: Supervise vehicle unit personnel and

security of of tenure. The Unit. legal challenge Minister, will be a decent contract for activities the Vehicle mounted by the Bar, takes the position a Justice of Appeal? One year? Three that since the 12th April 2010, Justices years? An instrument of appointment VEHICLE UNIT SUPERVISOR Mottley and Morrison have sat as jus- until age 62? One until age 75? tices of appeal without the security of EDUCATION It behooves and one with great power to DUTIES EXPERIENCE: tenure which is absolutely required by act prudently, especially when the power • Responsible for compiling and themaintaining Constitution of Belize. is one to advise upon the appointment the information associated Academic/Experience requirements inThe Bar Association’s viewwith is that Judges. The Bar Association is a with the Vehicles Unit; liaise all it of clude the completioninofthe an Associate’s is “contrary to the Rule of Law and the major stakeholder justice system departments with regards to vehicle Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Constitution for Justices Mottley and of Belize and sits on the Judicial and usage, vehicle inspections and other Engineering with Commission. three or more years Morrison to sit as judges without secu- Legal Services Namevehicle related matters that arise. experience a Supervisor. rity of tenure”. In the Affidavit sup- calling andasfightpicking Experiwith the Bar vehicle management will be unporting the claim, the Bar states that it isence notinonly unseemly, it is conduct • Manage vehicle maintenance an asset. Must possess a valid driver’s is very concerned that is that the effect becoming. be able to drive of scheduling. sections 15 and 16 of the Belize license No and modern nation canvehicles call itself a with manualthat transmission. be the Constitution (Sixth Amendment) Act democracy does notMust enshrine Supervise assigned toof Rule computer literate. “ is• to undermine theclerks independence of Law. Section One of our ConVehicle Unit. threaten the Rule stitution proclaims Belize a “sovereign thethe Court of Appeal, of Law, violate the Separation of Pow- democratic State”. For Belize, the rule BENEFITS: Prepare and ers•Doctrine, violate thesubmit basiccomputer structure of law is paramount. The independence • Pay Scale $19,600 to $36,700. daily, weekly andnot monthly of generated the Constitution and was passed of the judiciary is a hallmark the rule Starting salary is dependent onof educaas required. by reports the National Assembly for the peace of law. It must never be trampled or tion level and experience. order and good government of Belize.” trodden upon by any government. It •Prime Develop policiesclaimed, and Ministerwork Barrow must even APPEAR toof beprobatrampled After not successful completion procedures efficiency and effec-ap- or with regard toforthose open-ended trodden. tionary period: tiveness on Monday, September 27, • All right-thinking pointments, Pension Plan citizens know that 2010 to News 7 that “All we are trying the courts in Belize are, along with their • Medical, Dental and Vision duties as assigned from to •do is toOther regularize the position “. vote, their most powerful, and someInsurance Plan a phone interview that times their last, bastion against abuse Thetime PMtosaid “there is are oneinterested argumentinthat the peoplewithand If you progressing us tyranny. please send your application letwho were the subject of those 2 instruThe very preamble to our constiter with your detailed curriculum vitae giving your current position by 6th ments of appointment can then stay tution states that the people of Belize October, 2010 there for life, canto: then stay there until “recognize that men and institutions rethey are old and almost non-functional, main free only when freedom is foundthat in my view is unconstitutional.” He ed upon respect for moral and spiritual Human Resources Manager hinted that the appointments were irvalues and upon the rule of law”. PowBelize Water Services Limited, regular, and went to say, “.It is merely to erful and eloquent words. P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize regularize the situation like I said where Pray that those who sit in adjudicaE-mail the instruments are open : ended and tion of this most important constituthat in our view was unconstitutional. tional challenge be “Daniels” come to Once these things have been regularthis most critical of judgments. The Note: Only qualified candidates will be acknowledged. ized then we start a fresh and we give a very foundation of our nation’s strucdecent contract." What pray tell, Prime ture hangs in the balance.



oil property without compensation or riod of appointment, then Sections The General hereby informed that the Environmental andConstitution Social redress to the Public court. isThe possibilities 15 and 16 of the Belize Analysis available for public review the 27th September were made will legalbe reality. (Sixthafter Amendment) Act apply 2010, to those Another of his legal ornaments, set instruments held by Justices Mottley at the following locations: Seine Bight Community Library, Placencia Vilinto his Constitution (Sixth Amendand Morrison. The very same sections lage Community Library, Independence Village Community Library, BWSL ment) was this – “16.(1) of do apply, however instruofficeBill, in Belize City beauty and Department thenot Environment officetointhose BelmoSubsection (1) of section 101 of the ments held by Justices Sosa and Barpan. Constitution is hereby amended by add- row. ing the following Proviso at the end In its constitutional challenge, the Comments can be that submitted before 12th October, the Act Departthereof:-"Provided whereonnoorpeBar argues that 2010, beforetothe came ment of Environment (DOE) atof 10/12 FaxMor: riod is specified in an instrument ap- Ambergris into force,Avenue, JusticesBelmopan; Mottley and 822-2862; such Tel: 822-2542 or E-mail pointment, appointment shall be: rison enjoyed “full lifetime tenure deemed to subsist until further notice as justices of the Court of Appeal”, by the Governor-General." therefore, water their office as justices of apBelize Water Services Ltd. – Delivering and more… That Section 16 went on to say peal could only become vacant if they “(2) The amendment made by subsec- resigned, or were removed pursuant to For more information regarding this or any other BWS Release, please contact tion (1) of this section to section 101 Section 102 of the Constitution. Mr. Haydon Brown at Tel: 222-4757 Ext. 234 or of the Constitution shall apply to all It is the position of the Bar that bevia e-mail at instruments of appointment of Jus- cause of the passage of sections 15 and tices of Appeal existing at the date of 16, those judges no longer enjoy the

Feasibility Study for the Design and Installation of a Landfill Gas Collection, Control and Flaring Facility through the Clean Development Mechanism in the proposed Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill in Belize Background:

In 2008 the CARICOM CLIMATE CHANGE CENTER, as part of its Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Belize’s Second National Communication (SNC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Project, funded a Consultancy to conduct an “Analysis of the potential of utilizing the methane (CH4) emissions produced at the primary solid waste disposal site for electrical energy generation as a viable economic and environmentally friendly operation, from the Western Corridor (Belize and Western Districts)”. The primary solid waste disposal site referred to was the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill of the Solid Waste Management Project (SWMP) which is currently being designed and is planned to be built in 2011. During the conduct of the consultancy, challenges were encountered in regards to obtaining reliable estimates of the generation of municipal solid waste per capita in the Western Corridor as well as on the composition (percentage by weight) of municipal solid waste. A waste characterization study is currently under development and will be finalized end of October. In 2009 United Nations Development Programme met with the Solid Waste Management Authority to discuss the possibility of integrating a Landfill Gas (LFG) collection, control and flaring facility in the proposed Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill on the rationale that Belize seeks to reduce its GHG emissions to the atmosphere in the path of a low carbon and resilient development strategy. To make possible this additional investment in this project, there is a need for the revenue stream that would derive from the sale of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. This revenue stream would allow for the recovery of the investment costs of the flaring system to combust CH4 and other landfill gases from the future landfill. In the absence of the CDM and carbon credits it will not be possible to reduce GHG emissions from the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill.

Objectives of the Consultancy:

The objective of this feasibility study is to assess whether the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill could generate sufficient LFG for a CDM project to be developed that would permit the flaring of the LFG allowing Belize to reduce 20 its GHG emissions and obtain a sustainable source of revenue from the sale of Carbon Emission Reduction credits in order for the project to be financially viable. This consultancy will provide all the necessary inputs to estimate the viability of designing and installing a LFG collection, control and flaring facility in the Mile 24 Regional Sanitary Landfill through a CDM project.


Interested consultants may obtain the complete Request for Proposal (RFP) packages by sending an email to or by visiting the UNDP Belize Country Office at:

United Nations Development Programme Lawrence Nicolas Office Complex 3rd Floor South Ring Road Belmopan City Cayo Telephone: 822-2688 Completed proposals should be submitted to the UNDP Belize Country Office by October 15, 2010 at 4:00pm UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.


The Belize Times


Issue No. 4713


Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Baleado en Haulover!

El 99 asesinato para el 2010 ocurrió enseguida después de las nueve esta mañana en la frontera con límites de la ciudad de Belice en un camino de teraceria apenas más allá del puente de Haulover en la milla 5 en la carretera norteña. Demandó la vida de John Martinez, 25, un hombre que había tenido un pasado colorido con la ley, pero nunca se encontró culpable de cargos hechos contra él. El ultimo cargo sin embargo, fue un robo en el motel Diamond, gano más peso contra él cuando otro joven en complicidad con el decidio convertirse en un testigo para el procesamiento. Martinez había dicho a los parientes que ocasionalmente cuando algunos miembros del departamento del policía lo llevaron para la investigación, uno de ellos particularmente lo amenazaba y le dijo que su cuerpo seria encontrado tirado en la misma vecindad. Esa amenaza

ahora tiene a miembros de la familia con altas suspicacias sobre la implicación posible de ese oficial en su asesinato. No se sabe como Martinez llego a ese punto

donde lo encontraron. Su familia dice que él dejaba a su novia en la escuela y después volvería normalmente a casa. Esta mañana fue diferente, sin embargo.

Después de permanecer em casa por los últimos días quizás detectando algun peligro, Martinez decidío aventurarse hoy. Para nunca regresar.. Con un tiro en la cabeza Martinez se aferró a la vida sobre una hora antes de que él sucumbiera mientras que trataban de salvarle la vida en el Hospital Karl Heusner. Hubo un momento que él incluso movió su mano izquierda mientras que esperaba que la ambulancia llegara. Pero su respiracion era perceptiblemente laborioso. Él había tomado el camino del crimen a partir de sus años adolescentes después de que él comenzara a guardar compania indeseable. A pesar de los consejos de su familia, Martinez nunca quiso reformarse y ese fue el motive de su destino. La policía está siguiendo algunas pistas pero todavia no ha hecho algun arresto.

Cuerpo de un hombre encontrado flotando cerca del Bliss

Sherlock “Big Boy’’ de Ve i n t i s é i s a ñ o s S y f o x , u n B e liceno que fue deportado a casa casi 11 meses atras fue descubierto antes de las seis de la mañana de domingo flotando en el mar delante d e l a p l ay a e n f r e n t e d e Fo r e shore en la ciudad de Belice. Syfox fue visto con vida por última vez mientras que bebía en la barra de la esquina Tipsy cerca de la plaza de Cinderella la noche de Sábad o. L o s i n f o r m e s s o n q u e é l consiguió embrollarse en un conflicto con alguien que lo acuso de robar un teléfono portátil y la contención ter-

mino con Syfox hiyendo de unos ocupantes de un auto que lo perseguian. Mientras que el post mortem no podría especificar definitivo cómo Syfox encontro su muerte, su familia, particularmente su madre estan convencidos de que lo asesinaron. Ber yl Syfox, que vive en F o r t h Wo r t h , Te j a s , d i c e q u e la manera que su hijo fue enc o n t r a d o, d e s nu d o, n o e s é l . Cuando su cuerpo hinchado f u e r e c u p e r a d o, s u c a r a y c u erpo superior estaban hinchad o s. S u mu e r t e e n s a m b l a r á l a lista de otras que sigan siend o u n m i s t e r i o.

Hombres buscados por la ley asesinados en Honduras........

Dos Hombres que eran buscados por la policia este año fueron matados en Hond u r a s e l m a r t e s. Benjamin Peters y Alexander Edwards al cual dieron muerte a un guarda de seguridad en un crimen a mano armada en Spanish Lookout , Stephen Lopez y s o b r e $ 3 0 0 . 0 0 0 f u e r o b a d o. Mataron a Peters y a Ed wards en San Pedro Sula cuando los ladrones secuestraron un autobús en el cual ellos y o t r o f u g i t ivo d e s e a d o, Ju a n Salazar, viajaban. Salazar sobrevivió, pero los otros dos fallecieron. D e s d e e l r o b o d e l b a n c o, el policía había hecho cargos a siete personas, incluyendo u n a mu j e r. S o n : Fr a n k E d wa r d s p o r e l a s e s i n a t o, r o b o y conspiración para robar, Juan Salazar por complicidad para robar y Michael Rodriguez por el mismo carg o y Austin

en el banco esa mañana. Él alegremente había estado anticipando el nacimiento de su

Alexander Edwards

M o n g u i a , E r v i n Fe r n a n d e z , Lewis Hernandez e Isolina Perez por manejar mercancías r o b a d a s. S o l a m e n t e u n t e r c i o del dinero robado fue recup e r a d o. El guarda que fue asesinad o, S t e p h e n L o p e z , a c a b a b a de ser asignado a los deberes

n i ñ o, q u e d e b i o n a c e r a l r e d edor del mismo tiempo que lo mataron.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The Belize Times

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Era evidente bastante pronto después de que juraran a Barrow como el Primer Ministro de Belice que él se propuso seguir una trayectoria planeada en su mente y su mente solamente… una trayectoria hecha a mano por su mano que conduce a una destinación solamente al cual el es partidario. Era también evidente bastante pronto que el primer ministro fue preparado para utilizar sus habilidades oratorias superiores y elocuencia de su lengua en lo possible. El embrollo más último que revela la tela enredada del nepotismo que liga GOB, SSB y BTL puede ser un caballo de un color totalmente diverso. Así como el hedor de la impropiedad llena el aire, el PM ha utilizado la opción a volverse invisible y mudo pues este lío no da ninguna muestra de solucionarse tan facilmente. En agosto del 2009 el Sr. Barrow asumió el control Belice Telemedia limitado, expulsando a los dueños anteriores y demandando que era en el interés público. Él presionó el botón del nacionalismo sin vergüenza y se proclamó un gigante atrevido al hacerse cargo de la entidad de las telecomunicaciones con el pretexto de darselo de Nuevo a los Belicenos. Él prometió a nuestros ciudadanos tarifas más baratas, el acceso inmediato a VOIP (Internet Protocol excesivo de la voz) y la ocasión a un pedazo de BTL. Trece meses más adelante, las primeras dos promesas se han desvanecido como confetti en el viento y nadie realmente sabe en qué forma o manera o manifestación vendrá el tercero a pasar. El quid de la controversia actual es que el PM está proponiendo utilizar los fondos públicos pagados en SSB por millares de Belicenos para comprar partes en BTL. Representación del Sr. Barrow en BTL es su ex-esposa Lois Young y amigo cercano Net Vasquez. Son el presidente del asesor jurídico y del ejecutivo de BTL respectivamente. Representación del Sr. Barrow en el tablero de la Seguridad Social es su ex-esposa Lois Young y amigo Net Vasquez. En esta entidad son el presidente del comité de la inversión de SSB y el presidente del tablero respectivamente. Hace dos semanas la oferta fue tomada ante el comité de la inversión del tablero de la Seguridad Social donde Net Vasquez y el representante en el comité ambos del gobierno votaron a favor de la compra de las partes de BTL. Los representantes de las uniones y del sector privado ambas votaron contra la compra de las partes de BTL usando fondos públicos. Usando su voto del atar-triturador como presidente del comité, Net Vasquez podía empujar con la aprobación pero éso ha demostrado ser justa la descarga de la abertura en qué promete ser una batalla bastante controversial! En una revelación alarmante, los representantes de la unión y el sector privado demandan que fueron pedidos proporcionar la aprobación y dar carta blanca para la compra de partes en BTL. Ambas entidades demandan que no fueron permitidas ver el prospecto de la compañía o de los financier0es actuales, pero fueron dadas solamente un funcionamiento histórico de la compañía y un aseguramiento por Net Vasquez que BTL continuaría demostrando crecimiento en los cinco años próximos. En un lanzamiento muy neto y directo al publicó hoy, el compartimiento demanda `mientras que el BCCI conviene que eso basada en el funcionamiento histórico BTL se puede considerar una oportunidad de inversión viable, el futuro de BTL es cargada con incertidumbres, que aumenta el riesgo para el fondo.' Además, la realidad es que mientras que la compañía era un gigante de rédito y generación mientras que bajo indicaciones privadas ahora en las manos de la ex-esposa del primer ministro, su hijo y el suyo amigo BTL no se ha estado realizando como lo hizo una vez. Continua el lanzamiento – 'El BCCI sostiene que no siempre se nos ha proporcionado la información suficiente para permitirnos actuar con confianza en una decisión de apoyar la compra de cincuenta millones de dólares de partes ($ 50 M) valía de BTL…. estámos guiados por el hecho de que tenemos una responsabilidad fiduciaria de los miles de Belicenos que son requeridos por la ley para apoyar el fondo, a actuar de manera responsable y con integridad y fidelidad en la gestión de su dinero'. Finaliza el lanzamiento – “además, no entendemos la prisa innecesaria que acompaña a la decisión de inversión. En esencia, la Junta SSB se pide tomar una decisión sobre cuál sería la segunda mayor inversión para el fondo sin información suficiente sobre la oferta pública (por ejemplo, el precio de la acción, la estructura de propiedad), A juzgar por la práctica anterior, se espera que el primer ministro pueda entablar la opción 3 y cobrar por delante como un toro loco, haciendo caso omiso de la oposición, las inquietudes planteadas por los sindicatos y el sector privado. El daño causado por un movimiento de este tipo será significativo teniendo en cuenta que el Sr. Barrow se ha hasta ahora retratado a sí mismo como un caballero blanco montado sobre su corcel fiel listo para realizar la batalla para proteger los fondos públicos y garantizar la transparencia, la rendición de cuentas y la integridad en su uso. Y luego, por supuesto, está el daño que ya se ha hecho, ya han surgido preguntas muy obvias y apremiantes relativa a la intención muy evidente por el Sr. Barrow que siguen siendo inferiores a los aspectos financieros de la transacción propuesta. Barrow corrió y ganó en una plataforma de apertura, transparencia y buena gobernanza. Nada en este acuerdo habla con esas ideas, de hecho que lo contrario es cierto, lo que demuestra una vez más que para el Sr. Barrow y el UDP, era todo acerca del glamour y nada de sustancia.

Desde el Ecritorio del Lider del Partido


Hace sesenta años, un grupo de ciudadanos jovenes Belicenos decidieron hacer historia, no para la fama o la gloria, pero porque creyeron que cada uno de nosotros tiene una responsabilidad a la sociedad que vivimos. Antes la sociedad era una donde las mujeres no tenían el derecho de votar, donde pocos Hondurans británicos podrían poseer la tierra, en donde no se permitia a los naturales decidir su propio destino y nuestra gente estaba dividida. Fuera de amor y preocupación sincero por otros, estos soldados valientes comenzaron una asociación, que se convirtió en una organización y más adelante un movimiento. De ese movimiento vino una revolución. Hoy, 60 años más tarde, la revolución está rodando encendido, sigue siendo pacífico, continúa siendo progresivo y es 100 por ciento Beliceno. En 60 el PUP sigue siendo la organización política más fuerte en Belice. Como el más viejo partido político de la nación continuamos llevando a cabo los principios sobre los cuales nuestro partido fue fundado: justicia, democracia y servicios sociales a la gente. Por nuestras acciones hemos demostrado que como partido el PUP si le importa el destino de nuestra patria. A través de nuestro servicio a la comunidad, las tradiciones del partido se enganchará siempre a servicio de la comunidad continúan. El grupo de las mujeres unidas está creciendo y su trabajo de la defensa para las mujeres en el partido y en Belice no sólo está ganando ímpetu, pero también está rindiendo resultados. El movimiento de juventud de Belice (BYM) es hoy uno de los brazos más fuertes del partido, enganchando a actividades de talleres de la dirección a asistir a la gente joven en las comunidades a través de Belice. En el nivel del distrito electoral nuestros líderes locales están trabajando para consolidar sus ejecutivos y para animar la participación en el trabajo del partido. Pronto comenzarán la tarea importante de encontrar a las mejores personas cualificadas para representar el partido como portadores estándares. En algunas semanas el partido y sus partidarios recolectarán juntos en el lado del mar (Laru Beya) en Dangriga, un sitio hermoso para nuestra convención especial. En esta convención el partido tabulará un número de resoluciones dirigidas trayendo mayor enfoque en algunas de las ediciones nacionales más importantes. Asimismo, la convención adoptará cambios importantes a la constitución de nuestro partido. Estas enmiendas constitucionales permitirán para que abramos más puertas del partido y animemos la mayor participación en la toma de decisión del partido. También pondrá en lugar un mecanismo que se asegure de que siga habiendo en el partido siempre en contacto con nuestros socios en sociedad civil, las uniones y otras implicadas en trabajo social en Belice. Durante este 60.o aniversario el partido organizará un número de acontecimientos especiales para celebrar nuestro trabajo mientras que al mismo tiempo planea para el futuro. Pronto el partido lanzará su pared de héroes, un monumento especial que honra 600 de nuestros grandes hombres y mujeres del PUP con servicio dedicado al partido y al país que seran reconocidos. Pronto el BYM llevará a cabo su juventud en conferencia de la dirección, un acontecimiento que reúna a gente joven a través de Belice para compartir ideas y para aprender sobre la historia del PUP. Nuestros proyectos ambientales, que incluye campañas ascendentes de limpieza, el plantar de árboles y la rehabilitación de parques y de patios en comunidades rurales formaran parte de la meta del partido junto con eventos deportivos excederan junto con los muchos acontecimientos en las aldeas que serán llevados a cabo en diversas horas a través del año. Nos encontramos muy agradecidos a nuestro Creador por las bendiciones ricas concedidas sobre nuestro país. Tambien estamos agradecidos por las bendiciones concedidas a nuestro partido. Estamos agradecidos a la gente de Belice por su ayuda a nuestro partido sobre los últimos 60 años y para que el privilegio esté de servicio a la nación. El PUP se está levantando de nuevo; la onda azul está recolectando energía y hemos comenzado nuestro camino a Belmopan. Nuestra misión es volver al trabajo del reconstruir Belice. A todos los amigos y partidarios del Partido Unido del Pueblo, un feliz 60.o aniversario!


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Sunday, October 3, 2010



Por: Mike Rudon Jr. Sirva que la Associacion de Abogados tiene al Primer Ministro nervioso otra vez. Imagine a todos esos abogados doctos uniendose para agribillar al caballero dulce que está intentando obviamente solamente hacer lo mejor en su poder para asegurarse de que la justicia este dada correctamente. Imagine a todos esos abogados doctos de ambos lados de la franja política unirse para lanzar un desafío constitucional a nuestro líder apacible de dar justicias de los contratos limitados súplica reanudables? ¿Cómo se atreven? Cómo se atreven a insinuar que el Sr. Barrow, intento ejercitar siempre influencia indebida en la judicatura? ¡No, no nuestro santo lider cuya integridad es sacrosancta y que palabra es honesta (risa ahogada, risa ahogada)! Esa mala, mala gente en la Asociación de la Barra de Abogados, intentando hacer ver mal a nuestro querido gran queso cuando todo lo que habría tomado es un sentarse y entablar un dialogo agradable y habría explicado todo. Caray! Pero si sabemos que el Sr. Barrow siempre ha estado abierto al dialogo con la Barra de Abogados, haciendo todo lo possible para que siempre haya esa com unicacion entre su y la Barra en cada decisión que afecta el sistema de la justicia. El cielo sabe que nuestro líder humilde está siempre accessible. Ayyy, me siento apesadumbrado por el Sr. Barrow… la cruz que el pobre hombre debe llevar. En.beneficio de esos idiotas allá en el UDP Guardian que están leyendo esto con miradas desconcertadas en sus caras que intentan calcular como hacer el al corte y pegar el párrafo anterior sobre uno de sus pedazos masturbatorios enfermos en el Sr. Barrow! - Esto se llama sarcasmo, estúpidos! No me caí y no golpeé mi cabeza esta mañana y creí repentinamente que el sr. Barrow es un buen y gran hombre. Todavía pienso que él es un idiota maldecido que no cabe en los zapatos de un líder y que obtuvo la oportunidad solamente debido a su lengua de oro y ciertamente no debido a ninguna capacidad verdadera. Y sí, hay este pequeño hecho de que no hemos visto ninguna capacidad verdadera del tonto brillante desde que él tomó la oficina, así que que es mi historia y me estoy apegando a ella. Sr… nadie confia ya en ti. Su palabra no es digno de dos pedazos de excrement de vaca. Creo, y esto es justo mi opinión humilde, que la única cosa que le ha ahorrado de la rebelión abierta

hasta ahora es que su propensión hacia la dictadura y arrogancia y nepotismo y megalomania ocultos es tan evidente que la gente apenas no puede realmente crear que el sea capaz de tanta estupidez junta. Está como - nah, él no acaba de hacer eso, porque simplemente nos negamos a admitir que el sea capaz de tanta idiotez. Pero sí, la cosa es que él si acaba de hacer algo similar… y allí, él acaba de hacerla repetidas veces y otra vez. Asi que pongamos nuestros pies sobre la tierra de una vez por todas! ¡Seriamente! Sr. Barrow, se ha detenido usted a pensar que que hay una razón muy buena para que la asociación de la barra decida a no ir a usted sino que por el contrario lanzó inmediatamente un desafío de la constitución? Su palabra no es confinable Sr! Nadie le cree cuando usted dice que usted está intentando solamente regular la judicatura. Nadie le cree cuando usted dice que usted nunca ni penso siquiera en usar su influencia para interferir en la judicatura. Lo cierto es que usted es un mentiroso y no puede ser confiado. La asociación de la barra de abogados es gobernada en gran parte por la diplomacia y no podría salir y decirla pero ése es el mensaje claro - USTED ES UN MENTIROSO y en la impresión fina… sabemos muy bien que usted está haciendo movimientos para tartar de interferer y influenciar la judicatura así que no sabemos a quien usted piensa que está engañando con su postura y pontifiado. El mensaje está allí, claramente como el cristal. . Es un poco asustadizo que el líder de esta nación puede sentarse detrás y demandar un conocimiento y una penetración mayor que la sabiduría combinada de la asociación de la barra. Es más que poco asustadizo que más de 100 abogados aprendidos con mucha años experiencia en la administración de la justicia pueden ver algo tan malo con una de las polizas del Sr. Barrow. La verdad está allí, dice el Sr. Barrow… usted solamente tuvo que preguntarme y le habría dado todo.. Pero la verdad según Sr. el carretilla es un caballo de un color totalmente diverso, usted ve. El país entero y la región miro como el Sr. Barrow designó a su hermano al tribunal de apelación (a propósito, es su hermano que ha sido otorgado un contrato de un año también?). El país entero miro como el Sr. Barrow lanzó un ataque absoluto y aparentemente personal contra la principal justicia de Belice. El país entero y la región han mirado como el Sr. Barrow intenta decretar la legislación que minaría seriamente la disposición y la administración de la justicia en esta nación. Y entonces Sr. Barrow usted se levanta detrás del púlpito y denigra la escalada del crimen y violencia que tienen a la nación en un dominio, así como él ataca los sistemas judiciales y la justicia de dentro. El tiempo vendrá cuando el Sr Barrow será parado en sus pistas. Un líder sin la confianza de su gente está limitado para caerse. No se le puede confiar al Sr. Barrow, es pore so que el caera!.....

Mike Rudon Jr. Mientras escribo esto el miércoles 29 de septiembre, el partido político más g rande de la historia de nuestra nación joven celebra su 60.aniversario. Eso es un log ro impresionante y digno de alabanza, así que decidí dedicar una cierta hora a la máquina azul en este día especial y tomar un receso de Bar row ( aunque teng o que admitir que disfr uto hacienda sufrir al Sr. Cavo) Mientras que el partido celebra 6 décadas de vida, también se prepara para moverse en otra etapa de su existencia - una llamaremos renacimiento - en el camino de nuevo a Belmopan y a la dirección de la nación y la gente después de una pérdida imponente no hace mucho tiempo. Que el partido está contrapesado de nuevo para conducir nuestra joya es un testamento a su resistencia, su capacidad de aceptar el cambio y de adaptarse; una comisión constante con la gente y la ayuda de muchos partidarios a través de la longitud y de la anchura de Belice que reconocen la calidad y la g randeza inherente del Partido Unido del Pueblo. Ha sido de ninguna manera un camino fácil. Incluso ahora a como el partido se prepara para su Convención Nacional de la Unidad, la opinión sigue siendo que la unidad está efímera y sin garantía. Como con todas las entidades dinámicas, ha habido sube, bajas y tribulaciones, las realizaciones espectaculares y las faltas espectaculares. Los últimos dos años han sido cargados con agitación cuando el partido alcanzó quizás su punto bajo más profundo como consecuencia de una der rota devastadora en las encuestas en 2008… rechazamientos totales de un electorado que estaba desilusionado y desconfiado y enojado en la dirección del partido. De ésa r uina un nuevo líder se levantó como la Phoenix proverbial de las cenizas, hombre bastante valeroso para tomar al timón de un partido en desorden completo… un hombre que quería ar riesgarlo todo para reconstr uir a un par tido de la gente y para la gente. Del inicio John Briceno hizo una comisión a la gente de Belice que él uniría los cascos quebrados del Partido Unido del Pueblo y los traería a la g randeza de nuevo. Quizás si el joven lider hubiera previsto los desafíos en su camino él habría vacilado, pero él no lo hizo… Hoy, mientras que la impresion sigue que el Partido se encuentra desunido, dejeme infor marle que la realidad de la opinión es que el partido está mas unido que nunca. Que la unidad fue una lucha difícil, es cierto, pero existe sin embarg o. Briceno ha demostrado ser todo lo que un líder debe ser… persistente, paciente, tolerante, visionario y fir me. Mientras que sigue siendo atacado en cada vuelta por las personas dentro del partido, Briceno aconsejó paciencia y paz, manteniendo la cabeza fria en todo momento. Siempre mantuvo el sentido comun y el raciocinio en los momentos mas dificiles. Él saco el Partido adelante contra todas las probabilidades, y bajo su dirección, los Belicenos están mirando de nuevo a la máquina azul rescatar el país del asimiento del dictador calvo y de sus compinches cor r uptos e incompetentes. Hace apenas dos años, el UDP estaba cómodo con la cer teza cercana que el PUP era una sombra de lo que fue. Ahora se encuentran desesperados y temerosos porque el PUP esta fuerte y vibrante y la gente esta lista para contestar la llamada de la máquina azul. Al final, a decir verdad, tomó más que la persistencia incansable del líder del PUP sacar adelante al Partido. Tomó la voluntad de la gente… for jada en hier ro y publicada en direction clara – paren esta insensatez y adelante a Belmopan donde usted puede ayudar nos. La mas reciente session del Consejo Nacional del Par tido, el líder fue aconsejado desacerse del exceso de equipaje en su ejecutivo porque hay trabajo que hacer - traducción… todo el que rechaza trabajar… todos que rechacen aceptar que el partido fue creado para ser vir la gente y no los intereses de algunos deben irse INMEDIATAMENTE… todos que crean que ellos poseen una cierta parte del PUP o se dan derecho a ciertos dividendos o reconocimiento sin el trabajo diligente y sincero a debe irse INMEDIATAMENTE! Cuando el Partido celebra su 60.aniversario no ha sido una lucha facil. Incluso ahora hay los que en la búsqueda pasada desafian la voluntad de la gente y eso no será tolerado. El tren ha salido de la estación, accionada por los millares de partidarios azules leales, verdaderos todos a través de esta nación. Algunas lecciones duras fueron aprendidas a lo larg o de la trayectoria pero el camino está clara ahora. Conducido por John Briceno, el PUP volverá a Belmopan. Y en esta ocasión, esta a la orden un sincero ag radeciemiento para usted ciudadano, que ha hecho y continúa haciendo del PUP cuál es. ¡Gracias… del fondo de nuestros corazones le ag radecemos! Que viva el PUP…… Larga vida al PUP.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


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Singh fuera de BTB… Usted puede decir lo que usted tiene que decirnos sobre la causa descalza del ministro que todos conocemos que no es el bulbo más brillante. Se r umora que el elefante blanco Mike Singh de BTB o el Vice Ministro (como él gusta llamarse en sus recorridos alrededor del globo) le dieron la patadita e n e l t r a s e r o. É s o e s … ¿ Po r s u p u e s t o, c u a n d o m e d i j e r o n este columnista intento averiguar y me entere que su contrato estaba cerca de

expirer y no se la quisieron r e a n u d a r. N u e s t r o c o m p i n c h e descalzo esta cansado de que lo disrespecten e insulten en l o s c o c t e l e s ! Po r s u p u e s t o los her manos Singh son compinches con el Calvo así que el her mano Doug hizo una llamada y el her mano Mike recibio noticias que se le dara un puesto Nuevo y d i g n o d e e l e n B e l t r a i d e. La última palabra es ésa a cambio de que se porte como todo un hombrecito y s e v a y a c o n d i g n i d a d . E l P. M . ha prometido designarlo embajador de la inversión, una posición cuál lleva todas las gratificaciónes de la diplomacia incluyendo u n p a s a p o r t e d i p l o m á t i c o. ¡ Re c u e r d e q u e u s t e d l o l e y ó aquí primero… Si No Es Asi! ¡Consejería jurídica independiente… S r. p e r o e s o s U D P s o n la scoria de la fase de la tierra! Imagínese que a las i n s t r u c c i o n e s d e l r e y c a l v o, Loisy y el fangoso desean vender las par tes de BTL a L o i s y y e l f a n g o s o e n S S B. S i , se que eso suena extraño y repugnante pero eso es justo l a m a n e r a q u e e s. E n t o n c e s estos tontos desean decirnos que no es un conflicto de interéses… dejen a nuestro dinero en paz!. El Calvo

despertó una mañana, disparó y golpeó su cabeza y decidío asumir el control de BTL. Ahora que él ha arruinado BTL y la moral del personal, sin mencionar e l r é d i t o, e l C a l v o q u i s i e r a que lo afianzáramos ahora! ¡Y escuche esto… El calvo y Loisy y Net quisieran

que las uniones y el sector privado aprobaran el re par to sin tener ninguna idea cuánto la compañía vale o cuánto Bar row cobrara por las par tes… Que Rayos!! ¡ P u e d o j u r a r q u e e l C a l v o, Loisy y Net piensan que la

gente se esta chupando los d e d o s … L O L l i n d o s ! Pe r o escuche esto - el lag ar to dice que el stooge del UDP y el lickey de Bar row o sea SSB maravillosa Merlene checaron con una consejería jurídica independiente y dijeron que no era un c o n f l i c t o d e i n t e r é s e s. C a r a y ! bien… una fuente en SSB tradujo eso para nosotros - Merlene llamo a Loisy a comprobar y Loisy le dijo que pare de meter sus narices donde no la llaman! - final de la historia. ¡Consejería jurídica independiente mi a$$… Si No Es Asi! Ningún aumento este año… Yo c r e o q u e e l l a g a r t o esté haciendo lo que él


s a b e h a c e r t a n b i e n … n o, n o, n o h a b l o d e n i n g u n a declaracion elocuente o i n t e l i g e n t e. Hablo de sus m e n t i r a s. ¡ Q u e e l f a n g o s o tiene gusto de un amo! Según e l p r e s i d e n t e d e l N T U C B, no se han proporcionado del prospecto de la compañía, sino solamente un funcionamiento histórico y el aseguramiento de Net que la

compañía está haciendo bien y prosperará en los cinco a ñ o s p r ó x i m o s. ¡ M E N T I R A ! Qué tonteria! El hecho es que BTL está siendo sangrado por una combinación de las g ratificaciones extravag antes


para la familia/los cronies en el timón y una carencia total de la visión y de la incompetencia abismal. Haciendo bien, Net dice … llamaron y la infor macion interna es que la compania esta en problemas calamitosos y por eso es que no se les dara incremento de salarios al personal e s t e a ñ o. ¿ A s i q u e d e q u e rayos esta hablamdo Net? Entendemos sin embargo que Anwar continúa llevando a cabo partidos semanales en la sala de conferencias de BTL completos con el licor superior del estante y él continúa siendochoferiado por un conductor a tiempo completo en la nómina de pago de BTL y también entendemos que Karen Bevans acaba de conseguir un vehículo de lujo nuevo a p r o b a d o. ¡ S u n e g o c i o c o m o de costumbre en la Bar row Te l e m e d i a C o m p a n y … e s o si es un hecho!… Si Noh Es Asi!!


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Políticas UDP, como siempre

Las Facturas de Barrow…. Y no, no me estoy refiriendo a las cuentas que él guarda en los bolsillos profundos de Lois. Estoy hablando de todo la basura que el Sr. Barrow está empujando a través de la cámara de representantes con pretexto de ser resistente al crimen. Particularmente estoy hablando de la interceptación de comunicaciones incluyendo llamadas telefónicas, mensajes de texto y email. Primero que todo, podria alguien decirme cómo exactamente permitiendo al Sr. Barrow escuchar nuestras llamadas y leer nuestros textos y email parará toda la matanza en la calle? entiendo que el Sr. Barrow es el `más brilliante’ de todos y yo soy apenas un humilde escritor, pero no estoy entendiendo como enterceptando la comunicación hara impacto en el crimen. Ése es uno - y dos, puede alguien satisfacer mi curiosidad y decirme si hay alguien que cree realmente a la estratejia del Sr. Barrow para detener el crimen? Apenas el otro día el jefe del “ Special Branch” fue mandado supervisar todas las actividades de los miembros del Partido Unido del Pueblo. Imagínese, a como esta el crimen el Sr. Barrow prefiere utilizar los recursos ya atados con correa para espiar a su oposición política. Hay cualquiera que cree que el Sr. Barrow no se inclinaría tan bajo en cuanto a escuchar detras de las puertas en conversaciones políticas y otras conversaciones del interés de `' (como los miembros de la judicatura o barra de abogados, por ejemplo)? ¿Cualquiera? Quien nos garantiza que no ha empezado hacerlo ya? Seriamente Sr. Barrow, nadie le confía y con buena razón. Aplaudimos cualquier movimiento serio para combatir el crimen, pero éste no es uno de ellos. Este movimiento es tan falso como el hombre que lo invento….. Rhetorica Prospera?...... El 10 de Septiembre cuando preguntaron al Primer Ministro acerca del tema para septiembre y qué debe significar a Belicenos, él dijo que `debe significar que apenas prospera una clase de retórica.' Éso suena intelectual y viniendo del Sr Barrow muchos quiza pensaron que era. Pero un `retórico prospera' es un eufemismo de lujo para decir “ tonteria o babosada” o para ultilizar palabras poco más discretas y más agradables, de lujo que no significan absolutamente nada. Eso me causo gracia porqué el Primer Ministro se refirio al tema de la celebración de septiembre como una tonteria y sin sentido. ¿Él sabía lo que decía? ¿Quiza fue al Internet y descubrio que el presidente Obama de los E.E.U.U. había utilizado el `termino “retórico prospera' y él dio vuelta alrededor y lo utilizó sin saber lo que significaba? De cualquier manera, ahora que sabemos la verdad el Sr. Barrow debe una disculpa a la persona que creo el tema de las celebraciones septembrinas. Y me pregunto si no estaremos equivocados todos pensando que el PM es en realidad brillante? Debo agradecer al lector que se dio cuenta del desliz de la lengua del Sr. Barrow y lo trajo a mi atencion. Sr. Barrow… le agarramos!  La cosa del incesto de BTL/SSB… Las uniones y el sector privado ha votado un rotundo NO en usar fondos de SSB para comprar las partes en la compañía que el Sr Barrow secuestro o sea BTL. Ése es un voto significativo de la oposición y debe ser razón de repensar el plan, pero eso no es cómo las cosas trabajan en Belice actualmente. Este reparto irá adelante a pesar de la oposición de las uniones y del sector privado y a pesar de las protestas de

Belicenos que no quisieran que su dinero fuera utilizado para comprar las partes en BTL. La cosa entera apesta porque las mismas dos personas que están negociando la venta de BTL, NetoVasquez y Lois Young, están negociando la compra a nombre de SSB. Si utilizaran su propio dinero nadie daría una pepino pero es nuestro dinero con el que están jugando. En una entrevista, Net Vasquez demanda que no es un conflicto de interés ¿Cuánto usted desea apostar que la Firma Independiente es Lois Young y Company? Hey, cosas más extrañas han sucedido. Y cuando todo es dicho y hecho, nuestro dinero será utilizado para comprar una cantidad sin revelar de partes en una compañía con un valor sin revelar, todo porque el Sr. Barrow dice que es asi cómo debe ser.

Las industrias en caos… Poco por poco, pulgada incremental por pulgada incremental, los Belicenos están realizando que el PM Barrow es tan falso como vienen… él habla bonito pero es pura babosada! Un anfitrión muy bien conocido y respetado esta semana cotizó del líder del discurso del día de independencia de la oposición donde él indicó - `los problemas del sector de agroindustria, azúcar, fruta cítrica, plátano y papaya estan enfrentando tiempos dificiles.” El anfitrión declaro con tristeza que el líder del PUP tenía totalmente razón porque nuestras industrias están en caos y todos pueden verlo. La cosa está en el discurso del PM inmediatamente después de la dirección del líder del PUP, donde el declaro que nuestras industrias estaban en buena forma. De hecho, El Sr. Barrow se mofo de los comentarios de Briceno, decir que él no tenía ninguna idea de donde él conseguía su estadística. Podemos decirle donde su estadística vino Sr. Barrow?… le hemos hablado de esa pequeña cosa llamada realidad? El PM puede estar parado en el púlpito cada hora en la hora y decirnos que estamos viviendo en un buen país con un gran líder de 24 diversas maneras, pero vemos y sentimos la realidad aqui fuera. El Primer Ministro y están gozando de lo mejor de épocas sin la escasez de efectivo y de gratificaciones, comiendo el filete mientras que el resto de nosotros come tallarines… antes era leche condensada y pan de paquete pero debajo de este gobierno del UDP incluso hasta eso es demasiado costoso. 101 asesinatos… Mi cuenta no official es que el número total de asesinatos este año son ya 101… apenas dos menos que el sistema de registro del año pasado y allí sigue siendo tres meses enteros antes de finales del 2010. El más reciente sucedido apenas esta mañana cuando un joven de 25 años fue ejecutado con un tiro en la cabeza y encontrado en una carretera que se desvia despues del puente de Haulover. ¿Podría alguien decirme si el ministro de policía y seguridad pública ha hecho algo al respect? porque no hay absolutamente nada que viene de él? Él ha estado mudo mientras el crimen va en aumento pero ése no está sorprendiendo él no tiene simplemente ninguna pista qué ahacer. El PM se ha puesto su sombrero de mago y está tirando de conejo tras conejo a ver cual le funciona. El Sr. Barrow ha dicho que él pondrá más BDF en las calles pero no ha dicho cómo él pagará por éllo. Él se parece haber olvidado convenientemente de la operacion Jaguar de breve duración simplemente porque el GOB no pudo mantenerlo. Él ha indicado que construirá un laboratorio forense totalmente equipado, pero la mayoría de la gente recuerda que él hizo la misma promesa hace más de dos años cuando él estaba en modo de la campaña. Él ha hecho referencias vagas a un manojo entero de iniciativas para aliviar pobreza, pero mucho screen que son solo habladas vanas del Primer Ministro. El hecho es que 31 meses después de que eligieron al Primer Ministro, todas sus promesas han sido incumplidas. En 31 meses, no ha habido plan concreto fijado en lugar para tratar el crimen. La cosa más grande para combater el crimen que ha hecho Barrow es una canción, y ésa seguramente no combatira el crimen! 31 meses, Sr. Barrow y usted todavía espera que imaginemos las posibilidades.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Belize Times


Araysia Denae and Jecoliah Doshay to Gordon Robert and Erna Plett nee Dueck Josh Bryon Matthew to John Bryon Henry and Adela Bowman nee Milian Derick Alexander to Elmer Isaias and Maria Anna Umaña nee Alas Ramon Alberto Jr. to Ramon Alberto Se. and Nelda Montes nee Licona Tylor Nigel to Alfredo and Elena Teul nee Cus Launa Lachelle to David and Stephanie Faye Friesen nee Reimer David Thomas Jr. to David Thomas Sr. and Natalie Nicole Wade nee Cadle James Kenneth to James McGregor and Kennisha Victoria Stewart nee Garbutt Nicole to Genbo and Xue Xiang Liu nee Tan Deany Clarine to Delroy Leon and Ebony Herrera nee Flowers Tristen Tyler to Christopher and Ursula Nicole Gillett nee Martinez Ariyanna Antonette to Kebin Samuel and Francine Gongora nee Roca Sylvia Jada Marie to Elroy Glenroy and Candy Stanton Perdomo nee Arnold Brenda Elizabeth to Daniel Isaias Martinez and Evelyn Elizabeth Martinez nee Ardon Morgan Xavier to Cody Aaron and Pamela Lee Sedacy nee Knox Santiago Jose to Luis Enrique and Brenda Marin Mejia nee Brenes Tyra Tamica to Alonzo and Cynthia Terry nee Duran


Christopher Joseph McGann of Belmopan, Cayo to Leni Naila Ysaguirre of Belize City Darcy Rolf Linne to Theresa Michelle Devlin both of Colorado, USA Daniel Retana to Natasha Melanie Bautista both of San Jose Succotz, Cayo Johnny Edison Bush to Lydia Estela Herrarte both of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo Ramon Alberto Benitez to Cenaida Esperanza Vasquez both of Carmelita, Orange Walk Jimmy Obed Leslie to Nolberta Caliz both of Benque Viejo del Carmen,Cayo Phillip Errol Guizar to Zuleica Ninethe Ramirez Portillo both Caye Caulker, Belize David Darrel Smith to Indira Snoia Berry both of Belize City Jing Feng Lee to Chun Kuan Zhu both of Belize City Scott Walter Williams to Elida Emerita Ventura both of San Ignacio, Cayo Matthew Steven Corcoran to Alyssa Natalie Remington both of USA Nathaniel Cedric Scholler to Hannah Bastiani both of United Kingdom Henry Alwin James to Victoria Luciana Denise Chaneb both of Rockville, Belize Josue Florencioa Tzib of San Antonio, Cayo to Elsie Carlita Pech of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo Santiago Sanchez of Boom Creek, Toledo to Josefina Arana of Moho River, Toledo Mario Cesar Gonzalez of Libertad, Corozal to Mercedes Angelica Witzil of San Narciso, Corozal Humberto Tomas Mendez of Nuevo San Juan, Orange Walk to Yadire Yasmin Cawich of San Victor, Corozal Martin McNicoll to Julie Morrissette both of Dubai, United Arab Emirates Modesto Eugenio Che of Cristo Rey, Corozal to Juanita Analli Chulim of Ranchito, Corozal Richard Wayne Vellos to veronica Soledad Diaz Paz both of Orange Walk Town Ronald Richard Baird to Magdalena Carmen Paz both of Dangriga, Stann Creek Mark Alan Pfeffer to Anne Camille Telsdort both of Texas, USA Robert Edward Charles Isaac to Kristen Marie Kreymann both of California, USA


Dorothy Mae Bradley, 82 Elston Nathaniel Peters Marl Anthony Lara, 49 Leroy David Martinez, 31 Herve Joseph Cormier, 75 Godfrey Hugdonald Tillett, 54 Todora Ba, 59


Prayer To The Holy Spirit

Liquor LicenseJustice Chief Notice Conteh Says Notice is hereby given that ‘ADIEU’ Paradise Enterprise Limited,

A t a n e afor r l ya aRestaurant fternoon is applying Press briefing in the room that Liquor be operhad been License his augusttoChambers for the past decade and where ated at “Mayan Secrets”, hTerminal e h a d h a n#4, d e dTourist d o w n Village, some landmark judgments, the Fort Street, Belize City Dr. unhonourable Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh held a briefing der the Intoxicating Liquor for the local Ordinance press corps Revised . He Licensing confir med that he would be l eEdition av i n g h1980. is post and Belize immediately. “I refuse to be dr ummed out of office, it would be undignified…” was his opening salvo as he spoke briefly and with his usual eloquence about his departure on his 65th birthday without the option to wrap up his caseload of ten or eleven cases. “These things happen” he said of the regrettable situation of the outstanding judgements for which he had hoped for some “forbearance from the other side”. He trumpeted the plight of the litigants and attorneys who had spent time and money to bring those cases before him and who would now have to go through the process again. He said he had always hoped th a t th e judicia r y wo uld n o t b e turned into a “political football” which he likened to scoring in our own goal and thus losing a game we

O Holy spirit, you who are the fountainhead of all knowledge, who illuminate the pathway which enables me to reach my goal. You who share your divine gift permitting me to forgive and forget past insults and injustices, and who are always at my side within reaching distance. I desire in this short supplication to thank you for all that you have done for me, and to assure you once more that I never want to be separated from you under any circumstances, no matter what the incentive. I want to be with you, I along with my loved ones, cradled in your unending love. Thank you for your never failing kindness towards me and those I call my own. (Prayer to be offered for three consecutive days; faith in the Holy Spirit will cause him to respond to your request no matter how difficult the problem might be.)

never should played. Publish prayerhave as soon as reShortly thereafter quest has been granted.he went down to inspect a Guard of Honour for the last time, host the Bar and staff of the judiciary in his Courtroom for a special sitting. Then, with the accolades of his colleagues still ringing in his ear, he brought down his gavel and dismissed the Court, closing the curtain on his time in Belize. Case closed.



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Sunday, October 3, 2010

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