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Sunday, September 26, 2010

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The Social Security Board (SSB) empowers the Investment Committee (IC) to direct the Social Security Board “to give general or specific directions from time to time on the investment of moneys in the Fund which are surplus to the current needs”. Adopted from: Chapter 44 of the Laws of Belize Section 49 and Subsection (6) Many Belizeans were expecting some big news from the Prime Minster on Independence Day about the sale of BTL, and while he announced plans, the news never came. Perhaps it didn’t because he could not announce that Social Security would be picking up the tab. That announcement had to be delayed because the investment committee was not quite ready to make a decision on the investment in BTL. On Monday, September 20, 2010, the Investment Committee of the SSB met at their Belize City Office to again consider an investment of BZ

Issue No. 4712

$50m in BTL. A previous meeting had been held where the non-government members refused to take a vote as there was not enough information for them to make a qualified decision. At this second meeting an actual vote took place. According to reliable sources, both the Private Sector Representative and the Unions Representative voted ag ainst the investment. The two g over nment representatives however voted in favour


of the investment. This produced an equality of votes causing the Chairman of the Investment Committee, Mr Nestor Vasquez who is also Chairman of the BTL Board, to use his casting vote to ensure that the decision to advise the SSB to invest past. This decision of the Investment Committee should reach the Social Security Board anytime soon where they will make the final decision. It is now known that the reason

the non-g overnment representatives of the IC voted against the investment was because they had not yet seen the BTL Prospectus which would allow them to have infor mation to make a more knowledgeable decision. It was also their concern to get assurances from the Government as to the insulation of the “New BTL” from all the court action against it and the Government of Belize (GOB). What is a crying shame is that the Bar row’s UDP Administration with all the players in place, Net Vasquez and Lois Young in control of both BTL and SSB, were ready to push the sale down the throats of the Union and Private Sector representatives. These people are now asking “where is the accountability and transparency promised by this government?” Shouldn’t Mr Vasquez, for ethical reasons, recuse himself (Continued on pg. 3)


As we g o to Press, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is on full alert, schools have been told to suspend classes and the weekend will be spent in final preparations for Matthew, which is currently a tropical storm that is expected to strengthen. The system developed off the coast of Nicaragua on Wednesday and by 3:00pm Thursday the hurricane hunters clocked it with wind gusts

of up to 40 to 45 miles per hour. Matthew is the 15th tropical system and the 13th named storm of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season. As is mandated when the storm crosses the 80 deg ree longitude meridian the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) expects to declare Preliminary Phase I. This occur red at Friday morning. Local forecasters (Continued on pg. 3)

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Is NEMO Ready for Mathew?


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

COLA Writes PM Barrow

It is what it is Belizeans are still wondering how the two leaders of Belize’s largest political organizations could have such radically disparate view of the same nation as expressed in the speeches by Leader of the Opposition John Briceno and Prime Minister Dean Barrow. For the Prime Minister Belize is a nation that’s measured by the numbers given to him by the technocrats and bean counters a t t h e S t a t i s t i c a l I n s t i t u t e o f B e l i z e, a n d by h i s c o t e r i e o f bureaucrats, cronies, well-to do friends and relatives. Indeed for some of the latter, these are the best of times. For the Leader of the Opposition Belize is a nation that’s measured by the hardship and sacrifice he has seen daily as he travels the length and breadth of Belize, from the hill top villages at the end of muddy unmaintained roads hidden in the rainforests of south western Toledo, to the abandoned stores of the Corozal Freezone. Whose view of Belize is real? Is it that of the man who sits almost ever y day with people who are clinging hard to a fading hope of a job, a scholarship, a break? Whose reality is blood on the streets, fear in your hear ts, and the unquenchable hurt of being marginalized in your own countr y? Whose reality is that others’ lives are now a just statistic, an arithmetical measurement of some many pounds, and so many dollars? Who sits with the women behind paper-thin walls that offer scant protection to the elements of nature, and none to the elemental nature of man? W ho is protected from the people by a security unit of ar med men with hard eyes and heavy weapons, and factotums and secretaries with imperious airs and palpable attitudes of entitlements? Are you shackled by an economic recession whose untrammeled effect is being felt in in ever y settlement, village, town and city in our Jewel? Did you or someone you know lose their job? Is it not tr ue that too many of our children are out of school and our youth have little hope? Are there rampant crime and violence, hatred and fear, stalking our beloved land, causing us to live as prisoners in our own homes? Isn’t it that ever y day there is news of more tragedy - 97 Belizeans have been murdered already this year, with the g rim certainty of yet more to come? Aren’t we being killed in our homes, killed in the streets; aren’t mothers, fathers, and families weeping over the bodies of loved ones while our prisons overflow? Have there even been so many failed investig ations and prosecutions or so little justice for Belizean families? Have there ever been a time when so many Belizeans been so poor? Throughout the health system, things seem to be coming undone, babies dying due to a lack of doctors in hospitals, children dying from dengue, doctors and nurses threatening to g o on strike, the deliver y of NHI ser vices being reduced instead of enhanced. Do you know of families sur viving on noodles, and that steak is beyond the reach of most? And as for the numbers, don’t we know by now that the first quar ter of the financial is when the economy shows g rowth, and later the numbers fall so that by the end of the year 2 percent may ver y well be minus two. What about the tourism numbers, if last year tourism fell by 12 percent and this year there is less than 12 percent, then aren’t the numbers still down? Are the citr us far mers and the association not in conflict? These are the facts and they cannot be disputed. So in the end, It is what it is, your reality is the life you live. Dean Bar row and the UDP do not live our reality. He told us so on Independence Day.

Dear Hon. Dean Barrow: This letter is in regard to the present oil sharing agreemnt between the Government of Belize and the Belize Natural Energy (BNE), which is presently responsible for extracting oil in the Spanish Lookout Area. Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) is very much concerned about the inequity in the sharing agreement since we believe that BNE has long made their investment and an equitable amount in profit. COLA beleives that our country is not benefiting from the oil as we should. We are very much aware of the contract which was awarded to BNE and are in no way asking you to dishonor that contract. However, we would like to bring your attention to the INCOME AND BUSINESS TAX( AMENDMENT ) ACT, August 29th, 2008, SECTION 125, which speaks specifically about the THRESHOLD PRICE set in section 122 and it states that the threshold price specific to section 122 which was set at US $90.00 per barrel for existing oil fields.and US $100.00 for new oil fields. It clearly states tat the threshold price shall be reviewed ANNUALLY by the Government in consultation with representatives of the petroleum industry with a view to determine whether any adjustments are needed to take into account of any material changes in the prevailing circumstances. This August 2010 will complete two years a review of the threshold price. Since your administration took office two years ago, we have not seen any evidence that there has been any annual reviewing of the threshold price and if there were such happenings these were not made public. We have been made to understand that the threshold price was set at US $90.00per barrel. COLA believes that setting the threshold price at US $90.00 was not in the best interest of our nation Belize. COLA is calling on your administration to modify the threshold price be lowered to US$40.00 per barrel. This new threshold will allow us to start benefiting more from our national heritage. We are also aware of external factors that you mentioned with regards to United States Congresssmen advising your administration not to tamper with te existing tax structure. COLA would like to remind you that we elected our leaders to to serve our people and to do what is in our best interest for the development of our nation and our human resources. History is clear to show those who have served their country and its people's best interest will always have the support of its people. However it has also shown that those who neglect to create opportunities and adhere to the people's wishes are eventually put aside by the people. We beleive that when we start making the equitable revenue from our oil, Belize can provide better access to education, better health are, better infrastructure, better housing and social assistance to those in need without waiting for a donor nation. With this, we will also seee a substantial decrease in crime, poverty and ignorance. We would also like for your administration to review the SURCHARGE system in place, which is a progressive one that will almost never reach its potential. According to the Income and Business Tax (Amendment)Act 2008, “Rate of Petroleum Surcharge Table on page 13, the Surcharge of 50% would only come in effect if the price of crude oil was to reach over US $190.00 per barrel. According to the Petroleum Surcharge Table we are presently not obtaining any revenue since the will only start at 15% after oil reaches US$105.00 per barrel. We at COLA would like your administration to adjust the Surcharge system as to match the proposed Threshold price of US$50.00 per barrel. Hence the surcharge of 50% would take effect when oil is US $50 or above.. In closing, we at COLA only want to see the Imagined Possibilities come to reality. We at COLA and the People of Belize only want to see the change Belizeans can benefit from. We look forward to your administration's revision and modification of the Threshold Price and Surcharge making it more beneficial to our country, Belize. We can work together in doing the right thing to make our nation the most progressive and developed in the region. COLA would like to thank you in advance for your understanding. Sincerely, Moses Sulph President COLA


Lucilo E. Alcoser


Lucilo E. Alcoser



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Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Conflict of Interest (Continued from pg. 1) from that meeting? When there is a blatant conflict of interest, especially of this nature, it is expected that these Board members excuse themselves form participating in the decision. However, Mr Vasquez choose to remain as Chairman of the Committee, chaired the meeting and went even further by using his casting vote to ensure that the decision was what the government was expecting. This direction by the Investment Committee should be forwarded in the very near future to the Social Security Board who should be meeting any time now to decide on the $50m investment. The big question is “will we see the Chairman of the SSB Mrs Lois Young Barrow, who happens to sit on the BTL Board and is their legal advisor, recuse

herself from that meeting and not be part of that important decision? As an attorney we believe she should be able to appreciate that, if not for legal reasons but for ethical ones, she should avoid this obvious conflict of interest. It is the fiduciary responsibility of the Board to ensure that all investments are secure and that the returns on i nve s t m e n t s m e e t t h e s t a t u t o r y requirements. It is the responsibility of the non-government members of the Board to cry foul when they are being pressured to invest the people’s monies in questionable investments. Isn’t that what the Prime Minister use to demand when he was in opposition? We call on the independent media, because we can’t call on the ACB, and other NGO organizations to call for transparency and accountability on all

transactions with the people’s monies. Let there be demand on the opening of the books at BTL and let us find out who the other buyers will be. Other questions being asked reference the BTL sale is how will the Belize Communication Workers Union fair off with the Sunshine Trust situation? Information leaking out of BTL is that the Board and Management of BTL are at head with the Union on the purchase of shares of the company. If we believe what the Prime Minister said during his Independence Day speech we would be expecting that after all is said and done with BTL… the cost of telecommunication will be cheaper in Belize. However, judging by all what he has promised but has been unable or unwilling to deliver, we at the Belize Times do not see this happening. Especially if certain arrangements will have to be made with

the new proposed major shareholders of BTL, it is widely speculated that the monopoly of VOIP will continue and no new telecommunication licences will be granted in order to guarantee profits. During the past administration, the same people who now carry an incestuous and nepotistic relationship between BTL and SSB were the harshest critics of the management of the funds of both institutions. With the help of the social partners, these people advanced the investigation of the SSB. It is interesting to note that right before our eyes this travesty is unravelling and nothing is heard from the so-called guardians of the people’s monies. Everyone is waiting to see how this BTL embroilo will end…we continue to wait for the information that is coming out hot off the desks of those who believe they have the power to weal and deal with the people’s monies.

with heavy rains in the forecast for the Stann Creek, Belize and Northern Districts. “Strike probability for Belize City is pretty high”, said one NEMO official. The weather websites all seem to be saying T.S. Matthew will make landfall on Sunday September 26th on the coast of Belize. The one thing no one can forecast at this time is the strength the storm will be packing when it makes landfall in

Belize. Belize City Emergency Management as well as NEMO in Belmopan are taking no chances. A late evening release from NEMO says that since the schools will all be closed tomorrow Friday, Public Officers who are scheduled to man the shelters need to begin making preparations. Public Officers who have g over nment vehicles are being asked to fuel up and park such vehicles at the local Police stations in preparation for emergency use.

Should the storm make landfall i n B e l i z e C i t y, t h e nu m b e r o n e concern will be protecting lives. With many Belize City residents living in low lying areas and in substandard housing, the Mayor and her team will be expected to ensure that those city residents who reside in homes that are at risk to wind and water damage be moved to safe locations. By now all Belizeans should be prepared to execute their emergency plans and to ensure the safety of their lives and their property.


say that the models are showing a strike path just below the coast of Nicaragua and into the Gulf of Honduras by Saturday. The chances for development into a Category 1 or 2 Hurricane will increase as it emerges into our Southern coastal waters which are still a very warm 86 degrees. We a t h e r c o n d i t i o n s f o r t h e entire country of Belize will begin to deteriorate by late Saturday afternoon,



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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Speech by: Hon. John Briceño Leader of the Opposition At the Official Ceremonies for the 29th Anniversary of Belize’s Independence Belmopan, Belize Tuesday, 21st September 2010 Ladies and Gentlemen Today we celebrate our 29th Anniversary as an Independent People. In the preamble of our Constitution we state that WE, THE PEOPLE, affirm that we want to live in a nation that recognizes the supremacy of God, where every Belizean is entitled to live a dignified life; where we respect the principles of social justice; and remain free only if we respect the rule of law including the independence of the judiciary. We believe fervently that the will of the people shall form the basis of government. We affirm that every man, woman and child in Belize should live in dignity. We enshrined our beliefs in the very marrow of our nation’s bones. These are noble and manifest principles. They are worth defending. They are worth fighting for. They are worth our very lives. The dream of our nation did not begin 29 years ago, it began as an idea. It was born as a whisper—a whisper which started hundreds of years ago. It was whispered in our forests, in the camps where the men of the bay took axe and saw to fell mahogany and logwood. It was whispered in the shade of ancient cities where flourishing milpas provided the sacred sustenance of corn and beans. It was whispered along the landings and banks of the Sibun, Sarstoon, Hondo and Belize rivers, by settlers looking for a place to live in peace and freedom. It was the reason that those Yurumein came to our shores and found a new home. It was spoken of in soft tones by women left behind in towns and villages nurturing the family’s needs. It was spoken of with vigour by those in our very first Assemblies, during our most pressing moments. It echoed in our coral isles and our blue lagoons, where we kept watch with the stars and where we awaited the freedom of tomorrow’s noon. That whisper grew louder as our servicemen came home to demand their rightful place after the Great War. It grew more powerful with the labour movement of the 1930s and 40’s. The whisper became a great noise after World War 2 and on into the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when George Price, Phillip Goldson, Leigh Richardson, Antonio Soberanis, Madam Liz and other Belizean patriots demanded our right to self-determination. The message was of a proud nation working for the peaceful, constructive Belizean revolution and the whisper became our nation’s battle cry for freedom. This was a bold idea, so bold that some feared that we would never be able to survive, let alone sustain ourselves. But we prevailed and today we sit proudly among the community of nations. But while we take pride in our achievement of political independence and while we honour the great work of our forbearers, we must focus on what we have made of their legacy. Independence Day is a time when Belizeans crave unity, and rightly, WANT to celebrate our nationhood. Independence Day is also the right time and it is our responsibility to address the state of our nation. Today we are shackled by an economic recession whose untrammelled effect is being felt in in every settlement, village, town and city in our Jewel. Every day, businesses are forced to fold and more Belizeans continue to lose jobs. Our very infrastructure is breaking up before our eyes. Too many of our children are out of school and our youth have little hope. Rampant crime and violence, hatred and fear, stalk our beloved land, causing us to live as prisoners in our own homes. Never before in the history of our country have we been forced to mourn so grievously and so often. Every day there is news of more tragedy. 97 Belizeans have been murdered already this year, with the grim certainty of yet more to come. We are killed in our homes, killed in the streets; mothers, fathers, families weeping over the bodies of loved ones while our prisons overflow. Never before have there been so many failed investigations and prosecutions or so little justice for Belizean families. Never before have so many Belizeans been so poor. All over the Jewel, so blessed by nature, our farmers struggle - working harder, earning less. The problems faced by almost every sector of agro-industry, sugar, citrus, banana and papaya, mount daily, and aquaculture faces disaster. In the services sector, business is increasingly precarious and in tourism the numbers continue to decline, threatening the very survival of our small hotel owners and tour operators. Throughout the health system, things seem to be coming undone, babies dying due to a lack of doctors in hospitals, children dying from dengue, doctors and nurses threatening to go on strike, the delivery of NHI services being reduced instead of enhanced. We were asked to imagine the possibilities, and this is the reality: telephone, water and light bills have NOT gone down. The cost of living continues to rise unabated. Gas prices are skyrocketing. More taxes have been levied on already burdened Belizeans. Everywhere across the Jewel, there is fear and trepidation and even despair. Many families survive on noodles, and steak is beyond the reach of most. So much of what we struggled to build is now being destroyed. We can do better than this. We ALL deserve better than this. We ARE better than this. Beliceños, veintinueve años después de haber obtenido nuestra independencia deberíamos, nosotros los beliceños, de estar orgullosos de nuestra identidad, de nuestra nación y de nuestra gente. Deberíamos de haber logrado un pueblo progresivo, creciente y viviendo con dignidad. Al contrario, hoy, no solo vivimos con la angustia de donde vendrá el pan del otro día pero ahora vivimos con la intranquilidad y la preocupación por el aumento en el crimen y los tantos asesinatos que se reportan día tras día. Nuestro pueblo ha perdido la fe y un pueblo sin esperanza es un pueblo sin futuro. Tenemos todos… la obligación de asegurar que el pueblo beliceño salga de este círculo vicioso en que se encuentra. Empecemos hoy a trabajar en este proyecto. ¡Manos a la obra Beliceños! ¡Ayer ya fue muy tarde para empezar! My friends We all yearn for freedom. We all yearn to live in a country where everyone has the opportunity to realize the dream of a good life. It is the responsibility of our government to ensure that each of us has that opportunity. Our leaders must develop and nurture plans to keep us moving forward. It is the responsibility of government to keep our citizens safe. And so on the 29th Anniversary of our Independence let us be brave like those before us were brave. Let us determine that we will not give in to fear, that we will not allow anyone to take from us, our right to live in peace; our right to live in a society where justice and liberty prevail over fear and vindictiveness. My friends I am not afraid of the future. I am not afraid of the challenges before us. I am not afraid because I believe in YOU. I believe in the strength and determination of the Belizean people. United and proud And now, more than ever, I BELIEVE in BELIZE. Long Live Belize! Que Viva Belice! Happy Independence Day Belize!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Freudian wear… Baldy and the first lady second wife attended the Independence Day festivities in Belmopan decked out in the latest matching designer apparel…a sight to behold.

And I hear they both thought they looked smashing until one of the Foreign Ser vice officers asked Kim why they were dressed all in black, since the occasion should be one of celebration and the nation’s colours were red, white and blue. Word is that the first wife second lady didn’t tur n the colours of the nation but she did tur n a stunning shade of red…LOL. But you see, the black g arb wor n by the royal couple was the latest in Freudian wear, designed by the same fellow who invented the Freudian slip. Ever ybody in Belize knows that we are in a state of mour ning for the death of the economy and the loss of life as we know it…the royal couple have pretended not to notice but we see that they do… If Da Noh Soh! Ambassador for children? Perhaps somebody could tell me…is the first wife second lady still the Ambassador for children in Belize, cause we haven’t heard her say much in the wake of the recent murders of innocent children in the city. I don’t remember her saying a word when a small boy was riddled with bullets in an act of senseless homicide. In fact, apar t from her famous ‘mi bally’ ad aired over and over and over ag ain, the first lady second wife hasn’t had much to say, has she? Just recently we were looking for her at the funeral of Eyannie Lopez, the 8 year old girl who was killed as she lay sleeping in her bed, but nope, Kim wasn’t there. Oh shoot, it just slipped me – I had forg otten that Kim was with the hubby in Miami for a quick shopping trip before heading down to Mexico to watch fireworks and drink champagne. Hmmm… either the high ranking, highly paid officer who is assigned to watch over Kim’s high-priced

The Belize Times

g over nment funded office isn’t doing her job, or the first lady second wife didn’t think the death of a child was impor tant enough to cut shor t her shopping spree and fireworks par ty…we’ve been reliably infor med that it’s the latter… If Da Noh Soh! He shyned so bright… And talking about Ambassadors who share the same last name and the same bald guy in their lives, has anybody seen my buddy Shyne… anybody? A few months ag o Shyne was made the Musical Ambassador of Belize (thanks

to Daddy Dean tr ying to make up for a lifetime of neglect), an example to all our young people countr ywide. I guess he was supposed to teach them the ins and outs of g angster rap, smoking crack and popping caps in ‘nig g az’ heads, cause that’s all his music was all about. That boy had not a clue about Belize or about music in Belize, but a tug on daddy Dean’s guilty hear tstrings had him bypassing musical g reats who have devoted decades to the promotion and preser vation of Belizean music and culture. Last we heard, say about two months ag o, was when the proud daddy told a media g athering that his much beloved son (yeah right) was hard at work writing a song about Belize…hmmm! Man stop yu fool no Dean… that guy couldn’t write a song about Belize cause he doesn’t know nothing about Belize… nothing. He could write a song about deadbeat dads who r un away from their responsibilities (oh wait, he has) and he could write a song about life in the pen and he could write a song about life on the mean streets of America, but that dude don’t know about Belize. Give the guy some shares in BTL, why don’t you, and give the title of Music Ambassador to somebody who deser ves the honour… If Da Noh Soh! Monetar y Policy 101… Baldy looked like he was

suffering from an extreme case of constipation while the Leader of the Opposition was giving his address and telling the nation just how much crap we’re in thanks to the idiots in charge. I hear that in the middle of the address baldy pulled out a pen and star ted scribbling note on his prepared speech – kinda like damn, damn, damn, I better make up some stuff now so people don’t realize that I’m a

complete dud. Hell, no wonder the bald one’s address was chock full of things which he claims his g over nment plans on doing (not what they’ve done mind you – that would have stretched even his powers of delusion too far). And get this…baldy says that he will now bring in the World Bank so that they can teach the commercial banks how to bring down interest rates for the business community…what the hell! We don’t need the World Bank to tell us what to do…it’s elementar y. Boss, you may not know this since economics isn’t your for te, but it’s the Central Bank, stupid. The PM’s bally Glen Ysaguir re is the one who should be leading the charge in designing and implementing monetar y policy. That’s what he’s there for, not for leaking confidential banking documents to the UDP media (oops, did I let that little cat out of the bag)…. If Da Noh Soh! Her tr ue calling… Our ‘beloved’ Mayor of our ‘beautiful’ Belize City has found her tr ue calling and word is that she’s contemplating a

change of career (keep your fingers crossed). Damn, but that woman is a fantastic MC/ DJ following in the footsteps


of her hubby Dalla. On Independence Day the Mayor took over the mic on the stage at Memorial Park and hyped up that crowd to a frenzy, big ging up this one and big ging up that one, throwing up g ang signs and all that. It was a thing of beauty…take my word for that. I g otta tell you that we’ll be sor r y to see her g o but if she’ll be happier with a mic in her hand than dealing with the affairs of the city, we’ll put our tears away and be strong. Hell, for damned sure we’ll be happier with her hand on a mic than her hands in our pockets…jeez! But before you g o, Mayor, would you be so kind as to tell us how much you paid your hubby to deal with the enter tainment at the Memorial Park…see, we’ve heard that he g ot $13,000 for the day’s work but we said, nah, not our Mayor who has never done a wrong thing in her life; never paid herself a cent more than she was supposed to and always looking out for Belizeans. Nope…our ‘beloved’ Mayor would never do that. Say it ain’t so, Z… If Da Noh Soh! Mayor Campos’ f loat… Things are sure heating up in the nor th as Mayor

Hilber to Campos has hit the campaign trail big time after declaring that he will be the man to unseat the dodo-bird/ electrician/minister Naco in Corozal Bay. Last week Naco was spreading the word that he has both baldy and the retard in his cor ner and they will crack the whip if anybody dares to back ‘Casino’ Campos. But the crafty Campos had his own trick up his sleeve, since he g ot baldy to promise to fix streets in the municipality which will make him look g ood. According to Campos… why would the brilliant baldy suppor t the dodo-bird over him? Makes a sick kinda sense I guess…it’s g onna be war in Corozal Bay and we’ll be there ever y step of the way… If Da Noh Soh!



The Belize Times

Party Leader receives overwhelming support for Independence Day Parade

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Independence Day Speech by Councilor Kevin Bernard Today we celebrate the 29 anniversary that marks the culmination of the nationalistc dreams of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. We pay tribute to our Belizean forefathers who agitated on the streets demanding better wages, equality and freedom. In the 1940’s George Price answered the call of the nation and joined the nationalistic movement demanding universal suffrage and Independence. To give form and substance to the nationalistic sentiments, George Price, John Smith, Philip Goldson , Leigh Richardson among others formed the people’s united party in 1950. On the night of September 20th, that familiar drum roll that we have all come to know and love started with Belizeans everywhere singing with one voice--with much spirit-- our national anthem, our land of the free by the Carib Sea. At the same time, on top flag poles all across this nation the beautiful Belizean Flag, was waving in the Belizean night sky. Each time I see the first flag raising ceremony replayed on our television, I feel a great sense of pride and honour, not only because I am a Belizean, but also because I am an Orangewalkeno. For I know that the heartbeat of the north, the sweet land of the sugarcane, that we, like other Belizeans everywhere are proud of what our nationalistic legacy. Indeed we should be thankful for what we have, for we are blessed with a beautiful land; with the historic new river which provides the life giving water to sustain our crops and keep our pastures healthy. We are thankful to all our ancestors, especially the Maya, who keep watch over us as we continue the work of building our nation and protecting our democracy. The sweet smell of our sugar cane, the bedrock upon which the north was built, reminds us each day of who we are as norteneous and of our contribution to the development of this nation. We here in the north are strong, we stand tall and stately like the cane in our fields. Our sweet love for this nation is a sign that we will always do what we must to keep Belize safe, to protect our environment, to work the land and to build lasting communities. Here in the north we know about hard work because we built this town, our villages and these communities from the sweat of our brows. This is why today I have to join with my Party Leader the Hon. John Briceño who at his speech in our Capital Belmopan spoke of all that is going wrong in our country today. I have to agree because right here in Orange Walk I am not happy when I hear of the violence and the crime that has come to our communities. It is not the Orange Walk way to be killing each other. It is not right that here in Orange Walk we have children who want to go to school but there is no place for them because our classrooms are overcrowded. Something is very wrong when people in our communities want to work but can’t find jobs, or when parents have to send children out to beg because there is nothing on the table to eat. We Orange Walkenos used to care for one another, not kill each other. We used to help each other, not turn our heads. When did we lose our sense of community? When did we lose our love for one another? When did we lose our soul? All of us want to live in a beautiful Belize and to do that each of us must play our roll. Every member of this community must be important to the betterment of Orange Walk. I started this speech telling you the stories of those who were actually here 29 years ago on that 21st. September 1981. I love the way the story began, but my friends, it is far from ended. The story continues, it continues with you and me, the next chapter will have to be told by you and me to our children and then to our grandchildren. I pray and hope that when our time comes ours will be a happy story. Of course for this to happen we must change what we are doing today. We must change the way our country is going now. Today I want to ask each of you to join me in a commitment to service and to work, not only to our selves, but for each other and for Belize. I want to ask you to do as our ancestors did and take up the axe and the hammer to cut and break down those walls that divide us a people. I want us to put an end to the anger and violence. Let us break down the ignorance that encourages hate. Let us cut out the cancer that breathes victimization. Let us rip out the bitterness that rob each other of our dignity. Hoy cuando celebramos el aniversario de nuestra independencia es cuando debemos de hacer conciencia sobre las cosas que están sucediendo en nuestras comunidades….en nuestra nación. Como pueblo tenemos que unirnos y encontrar soluciones concretas a los problemas que nos acotan. Hoy le pido a todo Orangewalkeño que, unidos contra la violencia y la corrupción, salvemos a nuestro pueblo de las garras de estos males que nos acosan. Solo unidos podremos forjar nuestro bienestar y un mejor futuro para nuestros hijos. If we can do this, when we do this, our tomorrows will be brighter, the sugar much sweeter. A country that forgets its history is bound to repeat it. A country with a memory knows how to defend its sovereignty and independence. Today we celebrate the movement that made us free and independent in 1981, the movement that gave us our national identity, but today the task is not finished. Apathy is rampant in our country. Lack of jobs, rampant crime not only confined to the streets, and poverty are eroding our freedom. It is up to our generation to defeat these new enemies of Belize. It is up to us to define the path that we will travel. Long live Orange Walk and its people Long live Belize - Que vive Belize

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Belize Times

UDP Politics as usual

100 murders… While I was tempted to start off this column with reference to the Prime Minister’s ‘magical’ remarks at the ceremonies on Independence Day, that fact is that he is just a stupid little man with the gift of gab who lies a whole hell of a lot…that hasn’t changed and certainly won’t change now. No, the reality of crime today is a much more critical topic which is affecting the lives of each and every Belizean with the exception of the Prime Minister in his little bubble. By the time you read this as early as Friday morning, we will have reached the 100 mark in respect to murders. I write this with no glow of satisfaction and no secret joy in the fact that it will be so…but it will be so, that is a fact. I also find no satisfaction in the knowledge that with fully three months to go in the year, we are set to pass the record for murders set in 2008. This is nothing to smile about. In his address the Prime Minister pontificated mightily and threw out phenomenal prose with the grace and agility unparalleled in modern day Belize, but he said very little about crime, or what will be done to address crime. He muttered something about putting more policemen and BDF on the street (remind anyone of the failed Operation Jaguar?) but precious little else. We are living in dangerous times which require drastic measures, but we are being led by a glamour puss that battles violent crime with a pink wand, pretty words and a song. No wonder the criminals are winning… Wrong speeches… The idiots and Barrowlickers over at the UDP Guardian pounce on me whenever I insult their fairy godmother, the Prime Minister who would be next in line for sainthood if they had their way. Well start reading and start pouncing, morons, cause I’m just getting started. I don’t know what medication Mr. Barrow is on, but if it can convince me that we’re living a hell of a great life in a hell of a good country with a bunch of great leaders, I want me some of that crap ASAP. If that medication can get me into the mansion on Seashore Drive with a big, juicy steak in front of me, Kim standing attentively with a glass of Moet and a babe in a French maid’s uniform rubbing my feet, gimme a damned double dose. WTF! The PM must have gotten his speeches mixed up – that’s the only explanation. See, there’s this speech he gives while travelling the cocktail circuit in foreign countries where people don’t really know what’s happening in Belize. Ah, that’s it…that’s the explanation. He gave the wrong damned speech. Wheel and come again Prime Minister, because that country you were talking about is surely not the country I live in. All pluck and no luck… I can’t seem to find me a copy of the Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech anywhere…you know the one where he said that everything is great, all the industries are growing, the economy is rebounding and it’s all thanks to his great leadership and courage. What’re those words he used again – we’re where we are today because of pluck and not luck. Okay buddy. So tell me again where you are today, cause where I am the utilities are still going up, the cost of items in the stores are still going up, businesses are still closing down, the economy is still collapsing, unemployment is still going up, tourism is still going down, crime is still going up, the percentage of children dropping out of school is more than 30% and 43% of Belizeans are below the poverty line. That’s where I am, Mr. Barrow, this little country called Belize. I’m not sure if you’re still in Miami or New Orleans or Los Angeles or any of the scores of countries you’ve visited lately. It is really heartbreaking when the Prime Minister of what is very nearly a failed state can stand up and make the most atrocious and glaringly untrue comments and everybody still claps on cue. I think you know what you can do with your pluck, Mr. Barrow!


The beloved Mayor… Already depressed and pissed off after listening to the Prime Minister’s stupidity, I was almost driven to drink (and you know I don’t need much) by the afternoon’s broadcast of festivities at the Memorial Park. So there’s the well known personality from BBN getting set to interview a beaming Zenaida Moya, and he introduces her as the beloved Mayor of Belize City. Lawd man, please no ker me over the edge. Mayor Moya is as far from beloved as the Prime Minister is from humility. Get where I’m going with this? It’s not happening. The UDP Mayor (cause she is UDP no matter what they say) has got to be the most hated politician in the history of politics in Belize. Seriously! She’s before the courts on a charge of theft, for pete’s sake. And we still don’t know where those hundreds of thousands of missing dollars from City Hall ended up…though if the Mayor invited us up to her mansion for a few drinks we could begin to speculate for sure. Mein the fact is that she has done too much crap in City Hall to ever being to get our respect, much less love. This entire City Council led by the mayor is one big joke, but like I keep saying, we keep tolerating their crap and powdering and pampering them and things will never change. You wanna hear a little more about the beloved Mayor tune in to any of the morning shows and day of the week and you’ll get an earful. She’s not beloved, jack… far from it! A storm’s a coming… Actually it’s just an area of low pressure with a high chance of developing into a tropical cyclone as I write this Wednesday afternoon. Forecasters have it moving further west over Nicaragua and Honduras before heading north which brings it squarely into our neck of the woods, so to speak. This brings to mind the south of Belize which is prone to flooding and of course, it brings to mind the bridge over the Kendal crossing, or maybe I should say the bridge which should be over the Kendal crossing but isn’t. The Prime Minister boasted about that bridge in his address on Independence Day, claiming that the move to get a bridge is well underway. How long has it been buddy…hmmm, about 825 days since the bridge was washed away in June of 2008? And the truth is that in the Prime Minister’s speech there were about 67 ‘we wills’ as opposed to just a couple ‘we haves.’ Our Prime Minister is a whiz at making a show but a dud at delivering the dough, that’s for sure. Hey, we’ll meet back here next Independence Day for another speech just like this one…wanna place a bet that the Kendal Bridge will still be in the ‘we will’ column?

A song for Mr. Barrow… A little while before the last elections, there was a song which blasted the past leader of the PUP showing footage of poverty and London Bridges and homeless people. I was thinking over this past weekend that things are so much worse than they were back then. I wonder how many songs we could come up with blasting Mr. Barrow for the abject poverty and corruption and neglect and nepotism and violent crime and failures which have characterized his administration. 43% of Belizeans are now below the poverty line, much worse than under the PUP. Crime is much worse than it was under the PUP. The economy is in much worse shape than it was under the PUP. Our education is in much worse shape than it was under the PUP. Tourism is in much worse shape than it was under the PUP. Businesses weren’t closing down hand over fist under the PUP. Unemployment was much lower under the PUP. Mr. Barrow certainly isn’t a happy camper right now, that’s for sure. Nothing seems to be going right under his leadership and he knows it – don’t let a foolish little Independence Day address fool you. This gentleman will not be going out in a blaze of glory, that’s for sure.


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh SSB where have all the Baymen gone?

Most Belizeans have grown accustomed to not taking note of the importance of their social security contributions and in turn their expected benefits from this fund. The sentiment is simply that it is another government tax that with some limited benefit to be derived from this fund over time. However, it is of utmost importance that Belizeans familiarize themselves with the purpose and functioning of the Social Security, as this Fund and how it is managed will determine the level of benefit Belizeans can expect over time. Over the past decade the Social Security Board (SSB) and its operations has come under much scrutiny to the extent that a Senate Select Committee was convened in 2004 to review investment transactions that the SSB engaged in specifically related to the securitization transaction on mortgages during the period 2000 to 2004. Securitization of investments therefore was demonized in the eyes of Belizeans, although a common investment option done all over the world that can yield positive results. However, any investment undertaking done without the benefit of full due diligence ought to be denounced. Now 6 years down the road, the SSB is faced with making a significant investment decision on purchasing shares in Belize Telemedia Ltd (BTL) and one would expect that since hindsight is 20/20 the current Investment Committee and Board of SSB would dare not repeat the folly of their predecessors; not the case, the lack of due diligence to guide SSB’s investment decision seem eminent. For the benefit of the owners of the SSB fund, this writer will provide a succinct synopsis of the efficacy of a pension fund investment in equity investment in the infrastructure sector. The purpose of a government pension fund is to hold contributions from employers and employees in a fund that is expected to grow over the long term so that the Fund can provide specific benefits to employees, including retirement benefits. The SSB is one such scheme that has the legislative cover (Social Security Act Chapter 44, Laws of Belize) to ensure that contributions are mandatory to the fund. It is further described as a defined benefit scheme, one which workers can expect a specific monthly pension at retirement based on a formula that takes account of their earnings history and years of employment. The SSB can also be classified as an unfunded pension scheme, in that the benefits to be paid out to workers are collected from current contributors and paid out to beneficiaries as needed. Such a financing structure is known as pay-asyou-go. This, in an effort to grow the

fund over the years the SSB has a critical function to investment surplus funds (current income/contributions less expected outgo/expenditures). How this investment function is executed will determine the long term availability of funds for retirement benefits due to workers in the future. Investments can be classified by asset classes. Financial analyst would define an investment in the telecommunication company such as BTL as investment in an infrastructure asset. Academic research has shown that for pension funds investing in infrastructure assets by way of shares or investment loans, there exists no established benchmark. This means that the expected rate of return from such an investment is subject to a standard to be determined by the Fund. This begs the question does the SSB has a benchmark for its expected rate of return from equity investment in similar companies; namely Belize Water Services Ltd and Belize Electricity Limited? A benchmark provides a gauge that will inform the fund managers when it is no longer feasible to hold such investments. So with probably no known benchmark how can the SSB take an investment decision on how much to invest in BTL? The risks of such an investment are significant to the long term sustainability of the Fund. These risks can further be defined as the following: a) Operational risk – how can one anticipate the type of management and whether they would operate the new BTL in an efficient manner. b) Legal and ownership risk – what will be the outcome of current litigations against BTL, the value of compensation owed to previous owners and how liabilities and debt to other entities were dealt with are all unknown factors. c) Business risk – this speaks to the level of competition in the market and how advances being made in technology would impact the financial performance of BTL in the near term future. It is an essential part of the fiduciary duty of the SSB to have a clear understanding of the specific risks associated with this infrastructure investment. This writer begs the question how can any meaningful analysis and due diligence be undertaken by SSB on BTL without the benefit of current financial statements and prospectus on BTL? The level of uncertainty associated with this looming investment by SSB is not only rank with the direct conflict of interest but also lack prudential financial management of the people’s fund. Due to lack of data by way of a recent actuarial review for 2009 on the SSB along with quarterly financial reports for the most recent period

ending in June 2010, detailed analysis on the status of the fund cannot be undertaken by this writer. This lacuna in data provision is an area that requires Government’s attention, as the people must be able to access such records on public entities like the SSB. Thus, with limited information and a mountain of uncertainty surrounding the operations and value of BTL, the people’s funds being managed by the SSB ought to be considered for far more meaningful investment options that will contribute to the long term development of Belize’s economy and her people. An investment in BTL may not be good for the people of Belize, but with the rose coloured glasses being worn by PM Barrow that interest of the people is the last thing in sight. Much reference is made of the effect the world recession has had on Belize by the GOB, the PM should therefore be

aware that the basis of that recession sprung from the lack of regulation of the financial market. The lack of due diligence on this major financial player in the country may well lead to the irreparable damages to the development of a viable and secure pension scheme. How can it be acceptable that the members of the Investment Committee could be so divergent in their views that a casting vote would be required? Does this not indicate the legal contravention of the SSB Act and its provisions for investments that pose a conflict of interest? If this is allowed to proceed without scrutiny, the current SSB Board and management would have been consigning the fund to probable serious jeopardy. Channel 5’s informal poll reveals that this investment decision is not supported by the people. Comments welcome at

In The Supreme CourT of BelIze A.D. 2010 Claim No. 382 of 2010 BETWEEN

Ornel Brooks Administrator in the Estate of Moses Brooks


AND Catherine Gill Noel Codd

1st Defendant 2nd Defendant

TO: Catherine Gill of United States Take notice that Claim: 382 of 2010 has commenced against you, Catherine Gill in the Supreme Court of Belize by Ornel Brooks of #2 Bay Street, Belize City, Belize Administrator in the Estate of Moses Brooks. This matter will be heard on Monday 13th day of September, 2010 at 9:00 O’clock in the forenoon before the Honorable Justice Legall. The Claimant’s claim is for an order for the following. 1.

A declaration that the Claimant is absolutely entitled to the fee simple in possession of Lot 118 currently in possession by the Claimant and situated at Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, Belize and formerly registered on Transfer Certificate of Title dated 23rd October, 1974 registered in Volume 9 folio 153 Land Titles Register.


An order cancelling Transfer Certificate of Title dated 19th December, 2006 and registered in Volume 14 Folio 50 of Land Titles Register in the name of the 1st defendant of said Lot 188.


Rectification of the Land register of Belize and issuing of a new Certificate of Title to show the Claimant as the registered proprietor of Lot 118 situated in Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District.


An injunction to restrain the 1st defendant whether by herself, her servants or agents or otherwise from selling, transferring, taking possession or dealing in any way with the said Lot 118 situated at Otro Benque, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, Belize.


Such further and or other relief as this honorable court deem just.



AND it has been ordered that service of the Claim on you be effected by this advertisement. AND you are required to enter an appearance within fourteen (14) days of the second publication of this NOTICE of Claim to defend the said Claim by causing an appearance to be entered for you in the Supreme Court. TAKE NOTICE that in default of your doing so, the said Claimant may proceed therein, and judgment may be given in your absence. You may appear to the said Claim by entering an appearance in person or by your attorney at the Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Belize.

Dated the 13th day of September, 2010. Oswald Twist #16 Bishop Street, Belize City, Belize Attorney-at-Law for the Claimant

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Belize Times


I s M i k e S i n g h O u t o f To u r i s m ?

The month of September is coming to an end, which mean that the tourism industry is headed into its’ slowest month of the year, October! History has shown that hotel occupancy is the lowest in the month of October and most hotels usually close for renovations. Low hotel occupancy means low tourism receipts and low tourism receipts mean that the economy of Belize str ug gles! Such is the importance of tourism to the socio-economic development of Belize. With tourism so important to Belize, it tr uly amazing that after 2 ½ years into this UDP Administration’s that the current leaders in the industry are still trying to devise the necessary strategies and policies that they hopefully will spur growth and development in a sustainable manner. Compounding the incompetence in the tourism organizations (Ministry and BTB), the on-going war that has been raging for months now between Minister Manuel Heredia and his CEO Mike Singh seems to be in the twelfth round. Insiders say that the riff has gotten so bad that Mike Singh will not return as CEO when his contract comes to an end later this year. Whether it is a case of the Minister landing the knockout punch or Mr. Singh is tired of pulling the Minister’s foot from down his throat, it is critical that this government gets its act together for the best interest of the country. Singh No Fool! Mike Singh is known to be a shrewd businessman, he and his brother the Minister, has helped with the financing of the UDP in their election bids. For this reason, it can be expected that Mike Singh will not enter into the private sector fully, but will remain with the government. There is already speculation of the creation of a new post (Investment Ambassador) or something like that is being created for this UDP crony and high roller. Imagine that, Mike Singh responsible for fiscal incentives and concessions! With Mike Swift and Roberto Harrison on their way out of Beltraide, one wonders what the relationship


at ~ POST YOUR COMMENTS ~ VOTE ON ARTICLES ~ CHECK OUT A PDF VERSION OF THE PAPER We are the most visited newspaper website in Belize

will be like between Allan Sharp the current Chair man of Beltraide and the narcissistic Singh! Sharp a for mer member of the now

defunct ACB is currently the Chair man; however his contract comes to an end later this year. It will be left to Erwin Contreras, the Minister responsible for Beltraide, to figure out whether he can live with the likes of Singh, someone who has been referred to by some of his contemporaries as nothing more than “hot air.” With both external and internal investments at an alltime low, the concern expressed by industry experts is how will this UDP government turn things around in the middle of their ter m with an entirely new str ucture and management at Beltraide? With this level of incompetence within cr ucial departments and ministries, how can the Prime Minister tell

the Belizean people that Belize is on the right path? When he was appointed CEO, Mike Singh was talked about as the savior for the tourism industry and 2 ½ years later there is nothing to show that he saved tourism. His claim to fame is a 30 million dollar project being funded by the IDB that was negotiated for by Anthony Mahler and the then Minister of Tourism, Honorable Godfrey Smith. Growing the tourism industry and the ability to attract new investments are critical to the development of Belize. However, with the type of mismanagement that I have seen at the Ministry of Tourism and at Beltraide, I see no ray of light on the horizon for our economy.


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Placencia Port: What is Mike Singh’s Role?

For months now residents on the Placencia peninsula have been raising concerns about the prospect of a cruise terminal in the area. News that Royal Caribbean, one of the major cruise lines may have purchased land in Placencia continues to spread. Along with this information is also speculation that Tourism CEO Mike Singh is in strong support of seeing this project become a reality, in spite of the fierce opposition from the residence. It may well be that the Placencia cruise port could be one of few investments this government attracts, especially when Singh assumes his new post. Yet while all the manoeuvrings and negotiations are happening, the Placencia community, which includes the village council, the Placencia BTIA, the Fishing Co-operatives and the villagers, have yet to be consulted or at least to hear from CEO Mike Singh, Director Seleni Matus or anyone else from the Government. It is bewildering to us here at this news paper why this UDP government would entertain mass tourism on such a fragile and tiny piece of land. The stresses on the environment and on the infrastructure will be too great for the area to handle. If Belize City has struggled to cope with cruise arrivals, how does this government expect to manage a mass influx of people in such a short period of time? Is the money that we expect to generate worth the risks associated with mass tourism? The people of Placencia have said no already! The Ministry of Tourism should be focusing on increasing air capacity, putting “heads in beds” and strengthening the capacity of our human

resources. The last thing we need now is for our brand to be tarnished. When the PUP was in power, a concerted decision was made to utilize the Belize District for the purposes of cruise tourism. A policy decision was made by the management of the Belize Tourism Board at that time to limit cruise tourism from other parts of the country. The reason for this decision was to limit the negative environmental and social impacts caused by the cruise sector. The benefits in this instance simply do not outweigh the negatives. One would expect that the Chairman of the Belize Tourism Board, Mr. Lindsey Garbutt who has ties to Placencia would be in opposition to such an investment in that area. I guess being a political crony is more important than the well-being of the people in Placencia. With Mike Singh’s dismal performance at the Ministry of Tourism, one would think that the Prime Minister would shy away from this smooth talking fellow. His silence on the matter could very well be one of those instances where Belizeans would say: “birds of a feather flock together.”

The PACT Foundation Announces its

2010 CALL FOR PROPOSALS The Foundation provides grants to registered management organizations of terrestrial protected areas including, non-governmental organizations and community based organizations that are involved in conservation and management for sustainable use of Belize’s natural resources and terrestrial protected areas. Only projects which fit the following three priority areas for funding will be considered: 1. 2. 3.

General park management-protection, environmental education and equipment Training Research

Some project activities that are eligible for funding include but are not limited to: a) The establishment, restoration, protection and maintenance of parks, protected areas and reserves; b) The development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural resource management, including land and ecosystem management practices; c) Training programs to increase the scientific, technical and managerial capacities of individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts; d) The restoration, protection, or sustainable use of diverse animal and plant species; or e) Research and identification of medicinal uses of tropical forest plant life to treat human diseases, illnesses, and health-related concerns.

Maximum Grant: BZ$40,000.00 for one year Past recipients may apply For application forms and more information contact PACT’s Associate DirectorGrants or email Submit complete applications and supporting documents no later than October 22nd, 2010 to: Associate Director-Grants, PACT #3 Mango Street/P.O. Box 443 Belmopan, Cayo District Re: PACT Foundation Grants

Announces its 2010 CALL FOR PROPOSALS The PACT was formally established in January 1996 with the passing of the Protected Areas Conservation Trust Act, No. 15 of 1995, creating the institution as a Statutory Board. The functions of PACT are to encourage and promote, for the benefit and enjoyment of the present and future generations of the people of Belize, the provision, protection, conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural resources of Belize. The PACT is managed by a Board of Directors that is comprised of Government agencies, non-government organizations and individual experts. The PACT is hereby inviting eligible organizations to submit proposal applications for its 2010 grant cycle. Consistent with this year’s programmatic priorities, viable projects should fall within one of the two funding options outlined below: 1. For the terrestrial protected areas network, grant funding is available to support three projects targeting the *Maya Mountain – Mountain Pine Ridge Massif. The maximum amount per grant that can be requested is BZ$100,000. A minimum of 25% co-financing is required for each project. 2. Through a partnership with the Oak Foundation, grant funding is available to support marine conservation initiatives. Funding is available to support three projects targeting the **Belize Barrier Reef System. The maximum amount per grant is BZ$100,000. A minimum of 25% co-financing is required for each project. Generally, proposals should fall within at least one of the following thematic areas: 1. Protected Areas Management and Conservation 2. Protected Areas Promotion and Development Only projects related to the conservation and management of a legally established protected area will be considered for funding. For application forms, detailed information on the funding priorities, project eligibility and eligible organizations, contact the PACT’S Associate Director – Grants or email All applications should be submitted to the relevant government agency (Forest Department or Fisheries Department) no later than October 1st, 2010 for the required letter of endorsement. Thereafter, complete applications with the letter of endorsement should be submitted in hard copy to the PACT no later than October 22nd, 2010. All project applications are subjected to the established screening procedures. *The Maya Mountain – Mountain Pine Ridge Massif includes the block of protected areas as defined in the National Protected Areas System Plan ** Belize Barrier Reef System includes the protected areas as defined in the National Protected Areas System Plan.

Complete applications should be addressed to: Associate Director - Grants Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) #3 Mango Street/P.O. Box 443 Belmopan, Cayo Re: 2010 Grant Application

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Belize Times

Boys, 15 and 17, killed by drug hunters

Wilson Perez Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Child murders seem to have taken over as the new wave of crime in this country with two more minors being the victims of a vicious double murder in the Orange Walk District. The reason behind the killings makes it even more alarming. The incident occurred on a ranch about three and a half miles out of Indian Church Village and the victims, Wilson Perez, 15, and Rudy Interiano, 17, both villagers of neighbouring San Carlos, about an hour and a half drive from the centre of town, were employed as farm hands to dig post holes. Their lives were cut short on Sunday afternoon when a group of about eight men surrounded them and Damacio Pop, 33, and began to demand that they show them where a marijuana plantation was. The victims did not know what their attackers were asking and this made the men, dressed in camouflage garb and wearing masks, to grow angry. They used their double barrel shotguns and machetes to beat and badger their victims, chopping Pop in the head and cutting off three of his fingers. This was not enough, however, because he and the youths did not have

any information to offer. Pop, who played dead after his beating, managed to trick the aggressors and he escaped death. He continues to recuperate in the Northern Regional Hospital. It is believed that the men then shot Perez and Interiano from point blank range, once each to the back of the head. A search party of police and villagers who went to the area found their bodies. The villagers describe Wilson Perez, who was the eldest child of Elsa Perez, as a lad with a conviction to help his mother raise his five younger siblings. Interiano, meanwhile, was a youth who saved his pennies for a brighter future. That future, however, was robbed from him. Both youths had reported to work at around six Sunday morning and continued the work they had started the day before, digging holes to insert posts for a fence. That was what they were doing when they came under attack by the mob who drove onto the ranch and began making their demands. Others who were on the farm managed to escape unhurt. They are now fearful that the men might come back for them. The villagers of San Carlos, particularly the men, did not take the incident lightly, and on Monday they armed themselves with guns and machetes and went in search of everyone - the victims who were found that same morning, and the attackers, who were thought to still be in the area. To their dismay, they encountered the bodies of the two youths and a badly wounded Damacio Pop, who relayed the incident to them. So far, Orange Walk police have no one detained, but say they are following some leads. Based on eyewitness accounts, the attackers were not from the area, but may be Belizeans, and it appears they were sent in search of marijuana plantations.

Police “informant� murdered in Lord's Bank

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Seventeen year old Rene Alfaro was a youth who showed much promise of a successful future and being a lawabiding citizen. But someone wanted him dead, perhaps for that very reason - Alfaro was too helpful to the Police Department and often times assisted them with information. One would have thought that this is the kind of person everyone wants in their community to ward off thieves and burglars, but in Lord's Bank, Alfaro was probably making some criminal's life miserable and so they wanted him dead. Another theory is that he had gotten into a squabble sometime ago with a few boys his age and they might have taken the opportunity to "get even". The youth's body was discovered shortly after nine on Sunday morning in a drain in front of his house. His killer or killers had taken the time to wrap his head in a shirt and place his feet in a nylon bag. His family believe he was murdered sometime Saturday night after he helped to remove a vehicle that had stalled in thick mud not far from his home. But they don't believe he was killed where he was found because they would have heard the gunshot that penetrated his head. In addition to that,

Rene Alfaro they also think that whoever killed him waited for him inside a cement building under construction beside his home. They saw three youths on the steps of the building earlier that night. They think that when they left they also took Alfaro's bicycle. Alfaro was not attending school. He worked by delivering grocery to residents in the village from the community shops. His ambition, however, was to study mechanics. Ladyville Police are still trying to make an arrest.


Murder madness in the south too

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 The murder spree was not confined to only minors this week, as a banana farm worker met his death at the hands of a machete-wielding person at the place where he stayed in south Stann Creek. The victim, William Martinez, 28, a Honduran, was discovered sometime after six on Sunday evening inside his room at Farm #4 near Independence Village, with several machete wounds to his head, neck, back, shoulder and left arm. So far, interviews with other farm workers have yielded nothing further, as they say they did not hear the attack that claimed Martinez' life. Martinez, it is reported, had had a previous misunderstanding with a fellow Honduran colleague, Jose Bonilla, 32, a man who police say has

Jose Bonilla since disappeared. Police are at a loss to pin down the reason for their falling out and have put out a bulletin hoping for Bonilla's apprehension.


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Brother kills brother in self defense

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Sibling rivalr y dates back to the days of the Old Testament when it is said that Adam and Eve's son, Cain, killed his brother, Abel. T hat was out of envy. But in present-day Belize, there was a killing last T hursday when a youth in Dang rig a tur ned on his brother, but the reason was far from that of envy. In fact, by all indications, the accused, Denzel Garcia, 19, was only defending himself and his mother when he took hold of the knife that his brother, Denver Garcia, 21, had pulled at him, and stabbed him once to the hear t. T he incident happened at the brothers' home where they lived with their mother, Carla Garcia. Garcia tearfully recounted the incident as it happened that fatefull evening around 5 o'clock. She said that Denver, who had moved to Belize City for a few months, retur ned home a chang ed man. His attitude, his temperament, his mood was all for the worse. Denver, according to his family, was an ag g ressive, unpleasant, unmannerly person. T hat evening when he ar rived at the family home, Denver had a knife in his hand and star ted to verbally and physically abuse his mother, who spent the entire time beg ging and pleading with him to stop and appealing to him to behave himself.

Denver Garcia

Sometime during the assault, he packed up all his possessions and threatened to move out. It was when he star ted to push his mother around that his little brother, Denzel, inter vened and he too appealed to him to stop. T hat was when he beg an to beat Denzel and in the process, produced the knife ag ain. T he two str ug gled, with their mother tr ying in ear nest to se parate them, but when they finally stopped, Denver was fatally wounded, with a stab wound to the left side of his chest. It was an incident that is unfor tunate for Carla Garcia because while she was witness to the whole incident, she must now come to g rips with losing two sons, one who was killed and the other who is now facing possible prison time on a charg e of manslaughter.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rodwell Williams makes slow comeback

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 On the night of Monday, June first, the Prime Minister's law partner, Rodwell Williams, was leaving their law offices at the "Y "at Albert and Regent Streets acompanied by a security guard when a gunman approached him from behind and shot him in the abdomen. If there was ever an instance when a person returned from an absolute near-death situation it was the critical days, weeks and months that followed and continue to pass. Williams, 53, returned home on Sunday after spending the better part of the past three months in intense care at the Ryder Trauma Centre and Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida, USA. There he underwent a series of surgeries after at least three in Belize City in the initial stages following the incident to save his life. Williams was flown out of the country via air ambulance with a survival rate of less than 5%. But, like elders like to say, "If dah noh yoh time, dah noh yoh time yet". Williams' surprising survival has defied death itself, since the team of doctors who worked on him before his flight abroad, told the media that Williams was bascially dead, with no pulse, no oxygen level, nothing to pronounce him still alive that night. He was Hemorrhaging blood more quickly than it was being replaced and eventually the team had to order a whopping 20 units of blood and literally labour for over a day on him

Rodwell Williams

in order to bascially keep him alive those first hours after he was shot. The bullet wound had ruptured the intestines at three main sections and an artery that leads to the heart. All had to be repaired during the procedures at the Belize Health Care Partners in Belize City with a team of about six doctors from the City's all three hospitals working roundthe-clock. The doctors say that it was Williams' keen workout and diet practices that helped him to live. Although walking about now and eating on his own, Williams must still travel back to Miami for continuous medical treetment, but doctors believe that he will recover from the ghastly attack. Since the execution attempt, police have charged two persons, Ricky Valencia, 27, and Akeem Thurton, 18, with attempted murder.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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More market woes for Citco

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 T he Belize City Council has given another promise to the vendors who occupy the side of East Collet Canal in Belize City. T his latest pledg e comes after another fier y exchang e took place in the blistering sunhot last Friday, with the vendors refusing to bend to orders from the Council's traffic wardens to pack up and leave. For the past few weeks the vendors had been refusing to comply with the orders because they say the Market Vendor Council is coming down too harshly on them, giving them much space for all the produce only a few hours on cer tain the vendors travel with, and thus, days in which to conduct their is not a solution. T he vendors decided to collectively move business. T he Council had moved the back to their original location on vendors last week to Bocotora the canal side and that was when Street, which is the street that the City Councilor responsible se parates the old market venue for markets, Kevin Singh, his from the new one, but that street market manag er and traffic is unpaved and low-lying, so officers showed up to instr uct when it rains, it is an unhealthy the vendors to move their tr ucks Leya Khaled, to Khaled Mohammad and Faten Dib nee Dib environment for vendors and with fr uits and veg etables. Markailalike. Michael Gerrard to Michael and Kimberly Ann Welch It was not a pretty sight. buyers Aside from that, Gerrard nee Aranda that location does not provide as Both sides even lost respect for Edmar Delroy to Bernhard and Justina Reimer nee Dueck Joshua James to James and Melonie Suset Gerou nee Coye Makayla Amanda to Arton Argent and Tanya Daisy Samuels nee Woodye Jia Qin to Delun and Linong Zhen Tyra Grace to Jeremy Sedacy and Cherilee Tanisha Sedacy nee Smith


Rain did stop the reggae jam in Belama Phase III for Independence Marriages

Claudio Martinez to Isabel Carolina Chi both of Santa Cruz, Orange Walk Aron Marcelo Cal of Chan Pine Ridge, Orange Walk to Daianie Alina Sanchez of San Esetvan, Orange Walk Dario Acosta to Victoria Anasely Cocom both of Nuevo San Juan, Orange Walk Oscar Remigio Sanchez to Rosanna Ramirez both of San Lazaro, Orange Walk Domingo Pop to Elisa Concepcion Pop both of San Roman, Stann Creek Nicolas Elijio to Margarita Gonzalez both of Hopkins, Stann Creek Conrado Felipe Assales of Calla Creek, Cayo to Bianca Jedamzik of Berlin, Germany Jose Francisco Dominguez to Julia Ochaeta Valle both of Benque Viejo, Cayo Marcos Mahitani of Orange Torres of Thursday, September 23,Walk 2010Town, theto Glenda area is Alicia low-lying, it Chan appears PineWhile Ridge, the Orange Walk Mayor and her that all attention has been tur ned Councilors were seen posturing away from that zone,Walk which is fast Sergio Mendez to Samantha Soraya Cordova both of Orange Town atMarlone inaugural g ain Babb becoming eyesore for anyone Ivan ceremonies Patt to DionelitoDaniela both of an Chunox, Corozal political e on to Wednesday, visiting. is Texas, deemed a Matthew mileag Kevin Green Taylor Murphy Hodge bothWofhat Austin, the residents of the well- pothole in that area is more like a USA established Belama Phase III crater in Belize City, which itself Leopoldo Suarez Lopez to and Lorna be Ethelhas Castellanos both ofinBelmopan continue to punish deteriorated basic care to Bernaldino Iran Correa Leticia bothand of Concepcion, inconvenienced by to Sophia f looded itsChan streets infrastr ucture. Corozaland drains caused by the streets T he residents say g etting last few Marcial years ofLopez neglect. through the ofcreeks that for m Adrian to Norely Eridely Moguel both San Lazaro, As Walk if they forg ot their across what should be streets Orange promise of Castillo investing over Belize a is to easier done inTerry canoes than in Orrin Omali of Ladyville, Tara Tanisha of Belize million dollars in the area, the vehicles - and that is only after a City Council, and by extension, the hard rain. Imagine what the area Jeffrey Rudolph to Lorena Michellewould Puga both Belizeif City g over nment, hasAli totlly neglected lookof like one were to Aaron Edward Gongora Jr., of Belize City to Martha Melina of Phase III, and while they sing a be caught in a hurGuerrero ricane there. song of "no money noh Caye deh", Students and working people San Pedro Town, Ambergris they continue to Parks pumpto Yvette millions have Parchue to make their Joshua Llewellyn Josephine bothtaking of Lordsoff Bank, inBelize other choice areas of the city socks and shoes and wade through and countr y under its Pover ty the dir ty water a constant habit. Randolph Alexander Spain to Chevon Dale Ortiz both of Scotland HalfAlleviation Project. Although Others use r ubber boots on the moon, Belize por tions of the streets that allow Vince FrederickOUT Martinez to Shelmadean both of Belize City CHECK OUR forMcKoy it. Louis NEW Adrien Thomas Lepoutre of France to Malley Sanchez Limon of from T he latest promise WEBSITE Councilor responsible for streets Mexico at onLeopold the nor thside, Eric Chang, Franklin Patrick de Phillips to Kay Lynn both of Woodlands, ~ POST YOUR COMMENTS is that in two weeks time... Texas, USA ~ VOTE ON ARTICLES probably, some monies will be ~ VIEW You QiangOUR Chen PHOTO to Yanna Chen both ofallocated Belize City to put a culver t, drains LyleGALLERY Gilbert August of Belize City to Dinah Romero of ForestAfter and Angelina refurbished streets. ~ CHECK OUT A PDF Home, Toledo residents have been waiting for VERSION OF THE PAPER thePadilla past five years,both we'll Wilber Antonio Heredia to Belinda Nelly Velasquez of see Pro-how We are the most visited long those two weeks will take gresso, Corozal newspaper website in Belize now. Orange Walk to Yesenia Allen Gabriel Gideon of August Pine Ridge, Yanira Manrique of San Antonio, Orange Walk Javier Chuc to Yanelie Juchim both of San Jose, Orange Walk

each other and the police were called in to monitor the situation. But they didn't have to inter vene, even after the vendors were issued a load of traaffic violation tickets. T hey say they are simply asking for more time in which to sell their produce because they now cater to a wider market of consumers with a g rowing Belize city population. But Singh and his crew didn't want to hear that, and the exchang e lasted for several minutes. After the personal verbal exchang es, the vendors demanded that Singh meet with them that same day to hear their concer ns and decide a way forward. T hey did meet, later in the after noon, at the Commercial Centre and Singh heard the requests of the


vendors. Following the meeting Singh, as if he lives in another municipality, admitted that the Council's hours do not at all mathc the times and days that the vendors have asked to conduct business. He promised to sit with his fellow Councilors ad to char t a way forward and acce ptable to both sides. His claims are that residents of East Collet Canal have been clamouring for either removal or some kind of control over the time allotted to the vendors because they g et loud in the night time. Since the problem escalated out of control a few weeks ag o, each time it has reached boiling point without any resolution in sight. Only time will tell how this predicament will fizzle out.

For Sale

By order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgage made the 3rd day of August, 2000, between JUAN LEIVA and LILLY LEIVA both of #67 Santa Familia Street, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District of the one part and Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., of the other part, and recorded at the Land Title Unit in Deeds Book Vol. 45 of 2000 at Folios 1143 – 1170, and the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. will at the expiration of three months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

SCHEDULE ALL THAT lot, piece or parcel of land situate on the Dr. W. S. George Estate, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District and being more particularly described as follows:- Starting at a concrete pillar at the North Westerly corner on a grid bearing of 117°25’48” for a distance of 22.859 meters to a concrete pillar; Thence on a grid bearing of 27°25’48” for a distance of 22.859 meters to a concrete pillar: Thence on a grid bearing of 117°25’48” for a distance of 22.859 meters to a concrete pillar; Thence on a grid bearing of 27°25’48” for a distance of 22.859 meters back to the starting point and delineated as Lot No. 150 on a plan by H.C. Fairweather, Chartered Surveyor dated 8th February, 1999 and registered at the Lands Registry in Belmopan as Entry No. 4424, Register No. 1 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon. (Property now declared under Registration Section – Orange Walk Town Block 4 Parcel 2364). DATED this 31st day of August, 2010. MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street Belize City Attorney-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family captures, beat and Brave vendors foil armed robbery, hand over Crazy Arnold on the scene officer makes arrest

Michael "Crazy" Arnold

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 23, 2010 Michael Arnold, 33, a.k.a. “Crazy”, a construction worker of Mitchell Estate, Ladyville who allegedly committed a sexual assault on a 12 year old girl then burglarized a house afterwards, was badly beaten by the residents of the house when he was caught hiding in the bathroom. Arnold was hospitalized and, he was brought to court yesterday after he was discharged from hospital. He was charged with aggravated assault when he appeared yesterday morning in Magistrate’s Court#6. He pleaded not guilty to the charge. Magistrate Dorothy Flowers offered him a bail of $2,000 and adjourned his case until November 5. Arnold was then taken to Magistrate’s Court #8 in the afternoon

and he was charged with burglary. He pleaded not guilty to the charge. Magistrate Emmerson Banner offered him a bail of $6,000 and adjourned his case until November 3. But despite the offers of bail made to him, Arnold was remanded into custody because the bail he had met for a charge of rape was revoked due to the fact that he was not appearing in court for it. Both incidents occurred within minutes of each other around 2 a.m. on Sunday, September 19 in Ladyville. The 12 year old girl reported to the police that she was asleep in her bedroom when she was awakened by the presence of a man in the room. She said the man told her not to scream otherwise he would suffocate her with her pillow. She also said the man told her he would give her a gold chain if she had sex with him. The girl said she screamed when Arnold attempted to take off her clothes and her scream awoke her mother who was in another bed in the same room. The intruder ran when the girl’s mother got up but apparently he went to another house a short distance away. A 13 year old girl who resides in the house saw the man hiding in the bathroom when she went to use the bathroom and so she screamed. Her screams awoke the other residents of the house, among them three men. The men pursued the intruder, caught him, beat him then handed him over to the police.

Disabled man was stabbed and robbed: wants charges withdrawn

Andrew Cadle

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 23, 2010 Andre Cadle, 24, a laborer of Cleghorn Street who allegedly stabbed and robbed a disabled man, Shedrock Slusher, 42, was charged with robbery and wounding when he appeared in the #8 Magistrate’s Court on Friday, September 17. Cadle pleaded not guilty to the charges. Slusher appeared in court limping and wanted to have

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the charges withdrawn. But because he did not have document to prove his identity, Magistrate Emmerson Banner could not allow him to take the witness stand and testify under oath that he did not want any court action. Cadle was offered a bail of $6,000 and his case was adjourned until October 21. B u t h e was unable to meet bail so he was remanded into custody. The incident occurred around 2 p.m. on Monday, September 13. Slusher reported to the police that he was standing in front of a residence at 111 Pinks Alley when he was approached by Cadle. He said Cadle put a knife to his throat then stabbed him in the lower left side of his back. Slusher said he fell to the g round str uck his head and lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness he discovered that several items were stolen. They included $72 in cash, his wrist watch, his sapphire stone chain with marijuana leaf shaped medal, his red lighter and one pound of tobacco leaves.

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BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 23, 2010 A n d r e w Ta l b e r t , 1 8 , a n unemployed man who lives at 79 Allemby Street, and who allegedly attempted to rob market vendor C o n c e p c i o n G u a r d a d o, 5 0 , wa s charged with four offences when he appeared in Magistrate’s Court #2 on Monday, September 20. Ta l b e r t w a s c h a r g e d w i t h attempted murder, attempted robbery, kept a prohibited firearm and kept ammunition without a gun license. No plea was taken for attempted murder and he pleaded not guilty to the other charges. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser remanded him into custody until November 5. The incident occurred on Thursday, September 1. Guardado reported to police that he was at Queen Square Market when he was approached by Talbert who took out a sawed-off 16 gauge shotgun from out of the waist of his pants. Guardado said Talbert cranked the gun and tried to point it at him and he grabbed Talbert’s hand and a struggle ensued between them. A number of other market vendors came to assist Guardado and Talbert ran out of the market with the shotgun in his hand.

Andrew Talbert

Inspector Hilberto Romero who was in the area saw Talbert running with the shotgun in his hand and a number of market vendors pursuing him. Romero joined in the chase and Talbert threw the shotgun near a Chinese shop on Cemetery Road. Romero with the assistance of another police officer apprehended Talbert. The shotgun when retrieved contained one 16 gauge cartridge. Talbert was taken into custody and charged. The police reported that Talbert admitted that he attempted to rob Guardado.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Five men remanded for an unlicensed firearm

Robert Gilharry

Tylon Tillett

Jeffrey Flowers

Charles Young Jr.

Stephen Flowers

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 23, 2010 Five men who were apprehended by the police in a cul de sac around 9 p.m. on Friday, September 17, were charged with possession unlicensed firearm and ammunition without a gun license when they appeared in the #5 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, September 20. They are Robert Gilharry, 34, Jeffrey Flowers, 28, Tylon Tillett, 30, Stephen Flowers, 22 and Charles

Young, Jr., 20. Four of the men pleaded not guilty to the charges. Flowers pleaded not guilty to the charges. Gilharry, a boat captain and musician, pleaded guilty to the charges but his guilty plea was not accepted because when the facts were read it disclosed that the police saw Jeffrey Flowers throw the firearm, a 9 millimetre pistol, over a zinc fence. So instead, magistrate Albert

Hoare entered an equivocal plea of not guilty for Gilharry. He remanded them into custody until October 20. The prosecution said that even if Gilharry’s guilty plea was accepted the charges against the others would not have been withdrawn. The police reported that they were on mobile patrol on Baymen Avenue when they saw a green Toyota Camry car heading towards Freetown Road. The police began to pursue

the car and did not catch up with it until it went into a dead end street, located off Calle Al Mar. The police said Tillett got out of the car and while approaching them, they saw the passenger front door of the car slowly open and saw Jeffrey Flowers get out of the car and throw the pistol over a zinc fence. When the pistol was retrieved it had a loaded magazine which contained 12 rounds.

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 23, 2010 Eight witnesses testified this morning in the court of Justice Ado lph Lucas wh er e 7 p e r s o n s a n d M o n e y E xch a n g e International Limited are on trial for Money Laundering of BZ$1,557,789.00 alleged to have occur red between October 9, 2007 and December 31, 2008 at

Belize City. The eight who testified are ex-Ombudsman Paul Rodriguez, Central Bank Examiner Leonard L i n a r e s, Pa t r i ck A n d r e w s, t h e manag er of Nova Scotia Bank, Channel 5 TV news anchor Marleni Cuellar, attorney Audrey Matura Sheppard, Amandala assistant Editor Adele Ramos

a n d B i s h o p P h i l l i p Wr i g h t o f the Anglican Diocese. T he seven defendants are Michael Coye and his wife M a r l e n i C oy e , t h e i r c h i l d r e n , Ju d e C oy e a n d M e l o n i e C oy e, Melonie’s husband, James Gerou, and two employees Atlee Matute and Dietrick Kingston. They are represented by attor neys Dickie

Bradley and Ar thur Saldivar. The Financial Intelligence Unit of Belize is represented by attor neys Antonette Moore, Tr i c i a P i t t s A n d e r s o n a n d Mikhail Arguelles. A jur y of 7 women and 2 men is hearing the case. Fo r t y - s i x w i t n e s s e s a r e s l a t e d to testify.

First of many witnesses testify at Coye’s money laundering trial


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Caribbean Shores under Carlos Perdomo

Are you better off today under this UDP Government?

on s g n i t i r W the

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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rod says: September 21, 2010 at 7:36 am well mr barrow i hope your satisfied two more murders to your list and still nothing is being done to bring back the hanging penalty how can you sleep at night knowing that you had a chance to do something about all these murders and you have done nothing nothing come on belizeans lets demand demand the hanging penalty we cant wait for barrow to open his eyes he is walking arount belize in a fog of stuper and denial bring back the hanging penalty bring it back now enough is enough resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn your useless. d says: September 21, 2010 at 7:24 am and the killing spree continues we are on track to hit 100 murders soon this pm and this gov need to resign resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn give the country to a real leader dont you have any shame in your game pm barrow i guess not. Concerned Citizen says: September 20, 2010 at 11:06 am We need to look at the source of the problem. Wholesale Vendors, Retail Vendors and the like belong in a market. If these people are paying why are they not in a market. It is the City Council and the governing officials who are failing in completing a proper marketplace. The MARKET NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED. With all the fines collected throughout the country where is the money going? A country needs to have proper organization for its people. These farmers work so hard to cultivate their produce almost at give away prices. Not to mention the transport they pay to come to the city. On top of that, they have been kicked out and given tickets, despite the fact that they are not allowed to freely sell their food. Other countries are suffering from food shortages due to natural disasters, recession, etc. Belize should be nurturing this industry, instead these farmers are treated like garbage – no human respect. It reminds me of the cane farmers in the north, a man was dead. Is that what they are waiting for in Belize. They should fine the criminals who are smoking their mariguana freely on the street, etc, the real criminals who are degrading Belize, NOT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FEEDING THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wilbert says: September 20, 2010 at 11:14 pm I don’t know why the city council is coming down so hard on these poor vendors. these people are trying hard to make a living for themselves, they are honest people and we need them around so we can quickly get our food stuff. by the way it is the responsibility of the city to provide these people with proper market place to sell their things. if the council can’t do their job of providing for the vendors, then others are waiting to take their places. the vendors need a good place to sell their goods not be harassed. ronzy says: September 17, 2010 at 1:25 pm You know that these criminals can kill anyone they please and get away with it, because without witnesses stepping up or forensic evidence its just another day for them and us. I might sound cruel but we know who these killers are and should let the table turn on them, lets bury them instead. Get rid of the pests or keep on living in fear and heart break when one of our own loses their life to these viscious and senseless killings. Hell, not even rats and cock roaches die as much as good Belizeans. God help them murderers if they harm or kill one of mine, they’ll be no court case. Trust me, I’m fed up!

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Jamaican banking region’s

COMMERICAL banks in Jamaica ranked the worst for lending and saving amongst Caribbean nations surveyed in a new World Bank report on access to financing. When compared with 11 regional counterparts, the Jamaica institutions had the lowest lending and saving portfolios for its population size whilst Anguilla topped the list. The report -- entitled Financial Access 2010, the State of Financial Inclusion Through the Crisis — compiled data on over 100 countries, including Caribbean nations. Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago were notably absent, but larger Hispanic neighbours were included. The report was done by the World Bank group in conjunction with Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP). The methodology to measure financial access included comparing deposits and loans with the size of the adult population; the GDP and per capita income. The World Bank data when ranked by the Business Observer found that banks operating in Jamaica were lowest in five of the six categories. * The number of loan accounts per 1,000 adults was lowest in Jamaica at 201.7. This is below Dominica at 219.4, the Dominican Republic at 245.1, Monsterrat at 246.5, St Vincent and the Grenadines at 256.8, Grenada at 355.9, St Lucia at 373.3, Antigua at 579.8, St Kitts at 663.7, and Anguilla at 790.8. * Loans as a value of GDP was also lowest in Jamaica at 19.4 per cent. This is below the Dominican Republic at 19.5 per cent , Puerto Rico at 69.2 per cent, St Vincent and the Grenadines at 75.7 per cent, Dominica at 78.7 per cent, Antigua at 95.2 per cent, Grenada at 112.7 per cent, St Lucia at 143.4 per cent, and St Kitts at 158 per cent. * Average loans as a percentage of per capita income was lowest in the Dominican Republic at 116.9 per cent, followed by Jamaica at 137 per cent, St Kitts at 224 per cent, St Vincent and the Grenadines at 395.7 per cent, Grenada at 405.2 per cent, Dominica at 440.9 per cent, and St Lucia at 524 per cent. * The number of bank deposits per 1,000 adults was lowest in Jamaica at 1150, followed by Puerto Rico at 1,300, St Vincent at 1,691, St Lucia at 2,505, Grenada at 2,556, Antigua at 2,972, Monsterrat at 3,680, St Kitts at 4,367 and Anguilla at 4,427. * Deposits as a percentage of GDP was lowest in Jamaica at 27 per cent, followed by Dominica Republic at 28 per cent, St Vincent and the Grenadines at 88 per cent, Antigua at 104.2 per cent, St Lucia at 122 per cent, Dominica at 130.2 per cent, Grenada at 135 per cent, and St Kitts at 204.2 per cent. * Deposits as a percentage of per capita income was lowest in Jamaica at 33.5 per cent, followed by Antigua at 47.9 per cent, St Lucia at 66.6 per cent, St Vincent and the Grenadines at 71.9 per cent, Grenada at 73.7 per cent, St Kitts at 77.7 per cent, and Dominica at 107.2 per cent. The World Bank report coincides with comments made by finance minister Audley Shaw last week that banks operating in Jamaica made one of the highest returns on equity worldwide up to 22 per cent. He was speaking interestingly at the World Bank's Americas Conference held at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, USA. The Business Observer sent a written query to the president of the Jamaica Bankers As-

sociation for comment, but no response came up to press time. Earlier this month, Shaw suggested that more banks, preferably international ones, should be allowed to compete in Jamaica and that this would raise standards, create more competitive products and services, and put an end to monopolistic practices. The Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) has resulted in banks returning to core lending activity as they are unable to gorge on government paper which supported profits for some 20 years. As a result, many have resorted to increasing fees and charges to make up for lost revenue. Jamaican banks' return on equity far exceeds that of some of Europe's major banks, according to an article in Caribbean Business Report. Last month, Barclays said that it expects its global retail banking operations to deliver an average return on equity in the period 2010 through 2013 of 13 per cent to 15 per cent. The UK bank also said in a statement that it is targeting its retail division to post a five per cent growth in income within a year in that period, report broadly stable net interest margins, and control costs. According to Reuter's Steve Slater, European banks' average (ROE) was 1823 per cent between 2003 and 2007, compared to 12-15 per cent in the mid 90s. Returns are expected to go back to around 10 to 15 per cent this year. The leverage that drove returns higher for a decade is now being reversed as banks take fewer risks, added to by the impact of higher capital and depressed margins in a low interest rate environment. UBS predicts European banks' ROE will average 9.4 per cent this year, 11.5 per cent in 2011 and 12.9 in 2012. CreditSights analysts say Europe's banks must get used to ROE of under 10 per cent, adding: "We are not sure if the equity market has yet to come to terms with this". However, in terms of ROE, Europe's banks lag rivals everywhere except the United States and Japan. Average ROE next year for banks will be 18.8 per cent in Asia (ex-Japan), 18 per cent in Canada, 21.8 per cent in Latin America and just eight per cent in the United States, UBS estimates. The largest banking entity operating in the English-speaking Caribbean is Scotiabank, whose parent is based in Canada. Addressing Scotiabank's AGM held in St John's, Newfoundland in April of this year, executive vice-president and chief financial officer, Luc Vanneste said: "Clearly, the global economy slowed in 2009, and we were not immune. However, we have been very successful at managing through this challenging environment. We delivered a strong return-on-equity of 16.7 per cent". Closer to home, the President and CEO of Scotia Group Jamaica, Bruce Bowen has ventured an explanation for the current situation in Jamaica. He said that with continuing loan losses, the cost of running the business, 2,200 employees, together with equipment that provides services and products, these costs need to be recovered. He added that personnel was Scotiabank's biggest cost, running at 45 per cent of non-interest expenses. Then comes premises, technology and communication. "The question confronting all banks in Jamaica is, how do you get the network infrastructure more efficient in order to reduce spreads?" said Bowen.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cuba to lay off 500,000 in 6 months, allow private jobs

Cuba announced on Monday it would lay off "at least" half a million state workers over the next six months and simultaneously allow more jobs to be created in the private sector as the socialist economy struggles to get back on its feet. The plan announced in state media confirms that President Raul Castro is following through on his pledge to shed some one million state jobs, a full fifth of the official workforce -- but in a shorter timeframe than initially anticipated. "Our state cannot and should not continue maintaining companies, productive entities and services with inflated payrolls and losses that damage our economy and result counterproductive, create bad habits and distort workers' conduct," the CTC, Cuba's official labor union, said in newspapers. Castro had announced layoffs in August, but said they would occur over the next five years. At the time, he said the government "agreed to broaden the exercise of self employment and its use as another alternative for the employment of those excess workers." The drastic and unprecedented economic changes have many Cubans worried that jobs they had long taken for granted under the Communist government will no longer be guaranteed. Others are hopeful that they will have more freedom to set prices and earn more than the average state wage of $20 a month.

The state currently controls more than 90 percent of the economy, running everything from ice cream parlors and gas stations to factories and scientific laboratories. Traditionally independent professions, such as carpenters, plumbers and shoe repairmen, are also employed by the state. State media on Monday did not give details about where private enterprise would be allowed to grow or which sectors would suffer layoffs, but did talk about which areas are still strategic. "Within the state sector, it will only be possible to fill the jobs that are indispensable in areas where historically the labor force is insufficient, like agriculture, construction, teachers, police, industrial workers and others." The announcement avoided the word "private," but said alternative forms of employment to be allowed included renting or borrowing stateowned facilities, cooperatives and self employment and that "hundreds of thousands of workers" would find jobs outside of the state sector over the next few years. Castro has launched a few, small free-market reforms since taking over from his brother Fidel Castro in 2006. In April, for example, barbershops were handed over to employees, who pay rent and tax but charge what they want. Licenses have also been granted to private taxis. For a couple of years, fallow land in the countryside has been turned over to private farmers. The more they produce, the more they earn.

Venezuela deported two narcotrafficking suspects to the United States on Monday, the state-run Agencia Venezolana de Noticias said Monday. Colombian citizen Jaime Alberto Marin and Omar Guzman Martinez of the Dominican Republic are wanted in separate drug cases in New York, said the Venezuelan news agency, commonly known as AVN. Marin, 48, was captured in the state of Nueva Esparta on September 16, it said. Marin, also known as Beto Marin, was the head of the Norte del Valle cartel in Colombia and was wanted by Interpol, the international police agency, AVN said. He also had connections with the Tijuana cartel in Mexico, it said. The U.S. District Court for eastern New York ordered his arrest in January

2007 on drug-trafficking charges, AVN said. Guzman was arrested August 25 in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, the news service said. Officials said the 38-year-old suspect was the head of an international drug-trafficking organization known as Guzman Martinez, AVN reported. The Guzman Martinez cartel smuggled more than one ton of cocaine aboard cargo containers shipped from Guayaquil, Ecuador, to a port in Staten Island, New York, the news agency said. The U.S. District Court for southern New York ordered his arrest on February 13, 2008, AVN said. Venezuela said Monday the nation's authorities have now arrested 16 toplevel suspects wanted by Interpol on drug charges.

Venezuela deports two drug suspects to U.S.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Belize Times

Belize Da Fu We What's Cooking?

Across 2. We have this for breakfast, sometimes lunch, it is filled with ground provisions, so you definitely want to sleep after eating this heavy meal. 4. This sweet treat is made of a healthy ingredient sesame seeds! 6. Made with black recado, chicken, eggs, minced meat and eaten with rice or tortillas. No need to second guess this dish! 8. Ever tried this dish made with turtle? Some say it is "nais lang wid wait rais". 9. Flat, fried corn circles, with beans, cheese and onion sauce may seem like a simple dish but these hit spot when you want a quick treat. Down 1. In days of old if you were going on a journey you would likely take these cakes with you to keep you filled. 3. Peccary anyone? 5. This dish consisting of ground green corn can either be spicy or sweet. It is prepared in either a banana or corn leaf. 7. When making this delicious soup your eyes may water more than usual... 10. Made with coconut milk, this fish dish can be enjoyed all year round but remember to eat it especially on November 19.


Kriol-Inglish Jumble - "R Words" Find and circle the words listed below‌





Color Me...

ANSWERS: 2. Boil Up 4. Wangla 6. Chimole 8. Hikiti 9. Garnaches 1. Johnny Cakes 3. Waari 5. Dukunu 7. Escabeche 10. Hudut


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A View of Our Independence

"You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom" - Malcolm X On September 21, 2010, we celebrated the 29th anniversar y that marked the culmination of the nationalistic dreams of the genuine Belizean patriots of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s that were the first to systematically raise the voice of freedom and in no uncertain terms made demands, other than bread and butter issues, that encompassed the essence of our Belizean nation. It is imperative that we pay tribute to those unsung Belizean heroes who were the first organized voice that agitated on the streets demanding better wages, equality and freedom and for the first time, representation in the Legislative Council. Many cer tified intellectuals have tried to convince us that our independence was virtually trouble free and that we did not have to shed blood for it like our sovereign neighbors. Belize is unlike our neighbors but the colonial experience of exploitation for the benefit of an imperial nation was the same. As human beings, Belizeans had the same home grown universal rejection of savage colonialism and we rebelled in our own way. The slaves ran away from mahogany camps, the emancipated woodcutter had high levels of absenteeism, the Garifuna cultivated their cultural excellence, the Maya’s remained entrenched in the deep inaccessible jungles, and the Hispanics just plainly refused to be integrated as British Subjects and

retained a strong cultural affinity to their mestizo roots, all this within the confines of British Honduras. The resistance movement of the Maya’s did indeed blanket our tropical Caribbean rainforest with blood and mournful lament as our culture was desecrated and our people decimated. Thousands of Maya’s died so that we could be what we are today. The baymen extracted our mahogany for the greater glory of England and their pockets and in the process replaced our trees with enslaved African blood. Belize became a social cauldron of ethnicities and social upheaval. The capitalist replaced the baymen as the power elites and BEC and others ran our country from boardrooms in England. Belizeans would no longer be free. Our forefathers, valiant and bold, dared to challenge Britain and her representatives and paid the price with

incarceration and hard labor. Here are a few milestones on our rocky path to independence:  The Easter Slave Uprising of 1773 was the biggest slave rebellion in Belize. It began in May on the Belize River and continued for 5 months when British gunboats and marines put an end to it.  Ju s t b e f o r e t h e r i o t s o f 1894, John Alexander Tom dared to ask Governor Alfred Moloney for a laborers representative in the Legislative Council. Many strikers were jailed or exiled.  I n 1 9 1 9 S a m u e l H a y n e s echoed the sentiment and was actively involved in the struggle organizing and controlling the 1919 ex servicemen riots. Many people involved in the struggle were jailed with hard labor.  In the 1930.s Antonio Soberanis went further and demanded democracy for Belize with intense labor

agitation. Gained many important wage increases for laborers and also time in the goals with hard labor.  In the 1940’s George Price answered the call of the nation and joined the nationalistic movement demanding universal suffrage and Independence. To give for m and substance to the nationalistic sentiments, George Price, John Smith, Philip Goldson , Leigh Richardson among others formed the people’s united party in 1950..In response the governor jailed Philip Goldson and Richardson . A country that forgets its history is bound to repeat it. A country with a memory knows how to defend its sovereignty and independence. O n t h e 2 1 s t S e p t e m b e r we celebrate the movement that made us free and independent in 1981, the movement that gave us our national identity, but the task is not finished. Apathy is rampant in our countr y. Lack of jobs, hideous crimes not only confined to the streets but also present in our bedrooms, and poverty are eroding our freedom. Our country appears to be a failed state as our education system undergoes urgent surgery not to repair the ills but to deepen them giving more power to a megalomaniac minister that understands very little about education. It is up to our generation to defeat these new enemies of Belize. It is up to us to define the path that we will travel. Our fathers dared the most powerful nation, are we fit to walk in their shoes?

Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants

Belize Water Services Limited invites applicants

STORES SUPERVISOR: Supervise stores personnel and activities of the Stores Department.

VEHICLE UNIT SUPERVISOR: Supervise vehicle unit personnel and activities of the Vehicle Unit.

to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office.




 Will

Academic/Experience requirements include the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Professional Qualification in Inventory/Stores management with two or more years experience as an Accounting Supervisor or an Associate’s Degree with four or more years experience as an Accounting Supervisor. Must have experience in inventory management. Must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to drive vehicles with manual transmission. Must be computer literate.

be responsible for compiling and maintaining the accounting information associated with the Stores Unit, liaise with all departments with regards to inventory usage and indicate re-order points

 Supervise clerks responsible for stores issues and receipts and inventory maintenance  Prepare and submit daily, weekly and monthly reports  Perform annual/monthly physical inventory counts


 Develop work policies and procedures for efficiency and effectiveness

 Pay Scale $26,200 to $53,900. Starting salary is dependent on education level and experience.

 Other duties as assigned from time to time.

to fill the following vacancy at our Belize City Head Office.

After successful completion of probationary period:  Pension Plan



 Responsible

Academic/Experience requirements include the completion of an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with three or more years experience as a Supervisor. Experience in vehicle management will be an asset. Must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to drive vehicles with manual transmission. Must be computer literate.

for compiling and maintaining the information associated with the Vehicles Unit; liaise with all departments with regards to vehicle usage, vehicle inspections and other vehicle related matters that arise.

 Manage vehicle maintenance scheduling.  Supervise clerks assigned to the Vehicle Unit.  Prepare and submit computer generated daily, weekly and monthly reports as required.  Develop work policies and procedures for efficiency and effectiveness  Other duties as assigned from time to time.


 Pay Scale $19,600 to $36,700. Starting salary is dependent on education level and experience. After successful completion of probationary period:  Pension Plan  Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Plan

 Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Plan If you are interested in progressing with us please send your application letter with your detailed curriculum vitae giving your current position by 6th October, 2010 to:

If you are interested in progressing with us please send your application letter with your detailed curriculum vitae giving your current position by 6th October, 2010 to:

Human Resources Manager Belize Water Services Limited, P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize E-mail :

Human Resources Manager Belize Water Services Limited, P.O. Box 150, Central American Boulevard, Belize City, Belize E-mail :

Note: Only qualified candidates will be acknowledged.

Note: Only qualified candidates will be acknowledged.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Belize Times


By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgagee made the 5th day of July, 1995, between JANET ROBERTS and ENRIQUE ROBERTS both of Santa Maria Street, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District, of the one part and SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. of the other part and recorded at the Land Titles Unit in Deeds Book Volume 15 of 1995 at Folios 649Foundation – 674, and the said SCOThe PACT TIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. willits at the expiration of Announces three months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto.


AllFoundation offers toprovides purchase said property must be made in The grants the to registered management organizations of terrestrial protected non-governmental organizations andmay community writing and areas full including, particulars and conditions of sale be based organizations that are involved in conservation and management for sustainobtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. able use of Belize’s natural resources and terrestrial protected areas. Only projects which fit the following three priority areas for funding will be considered: 1. 2. 3.


General park management-protection, environmental education and equipment Training Research

ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 581 Some project activities that are eligible for funding include but are not limited to: of 557.351 Square Metres situateofin Louisia)comprising The establishment, restoration, protection and maintenance parks, protected areas and reserves; ana Farm Lots Layout, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk b) The development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural District bounded andincluding described shownmanagement by Planpractices; No. resource management, land andasecosystem c) Training programs to increase the scientific, technical and managerial capacities 72 of of2003 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts; (Property nowordeclared d)thereon. The restoration, protection, sustainable useunder of diverseRegistration animal and plant species; or Section - Orange Walk Town Block 4 Parcel 3195.) e) Research and identification of medicinal uses of tropical forest plant life to treat human diseases, illnesses, and health-related concerns.

DATED this 30th day of August, 2010

Maximum Grant: BZ$40,000.00 for one year Past recipients may apply For application forms and more information contact PACT’s Associate DirectorGrants or email MUSA & BALDERAMOS

91 North Front Street,

Submit complete applications and supporting documents no later than October 22nd, 2010 to: Belize City

Attorneys-at-Law for Associate Director-Grants, PACT Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. #3 Mango Street/P.O. Box 443 Belmopan, Cayo District Re: PACT Foundation Grants

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the below companies have been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the dates indicated:

DAMEER S.A. – September 11th, 2010 ASTECA SECURITIES CORP. – September 16th,




The PACT Foundation Announces its


By ORdER thE MORtgAgEE 2010 CALLOF FOR PROPOSALS The Foundation provides grants to registered management organizations of terScotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered unrestrial protected areas including, non-governmental organizations and community der the Companies Chapter 250 ofandthe Laws offorBelize, based organizations that areAct, involved in conservation management sustainable use of Belize’s natural resources terrestrial areas. office at Revised Edition, 2000, andand having itsprotected registered

Cor.projects Albert City, will Belize, hereby Only whichand fit theBishop following Streets, three priorityBelize areas for funding be considered:

gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale 1. General park management-protection, environmental education and equipment under a Deed of Mortgagee made the 2nd Mortgagee Training ofResearch October, 2008, between MARIO NAVARETTE and ANNA NAVARETTE both of Jamaica Street, Orange Some project activities that are eligible for funding include but are not limited to: a)Walk Town, The establishment, restoration, and of maintenance of parks, Orange Walk protection District, the one part protected and areas and reserves; SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD., of the other part and b) The development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural resource andin ecosystem practices; 36 recorded at management, the Land including Titles land Unit Deedsmanagement Book Volume c) Training programs to increase the scientific, technical and managerial capacities Announces its of 2008 at Folios 367 - 398, and the said, Scotiabank (Beof individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts; 2010 CALL FOR of PROPOSALS d)lize) Ltd. The restoration, or sustainable use of diverse animal and plantthe species; will atprotection, the expiration three months from or date ofwasthe first publication of this notice sell the property formally in January 1996 with of forest the Protected Areas Cone)The PACTResearch andestablished identification of medicinal usestheofpassing tropical plant life to treat servation Trust Act, No. 15 of 1995, creating the institution as a Statutory described in the Schedule hereto. human diseases, illnesses, and health-related concerns . Board. The functions of

PACT are to encourage and promote, for the benefit and enjoyment of the present and future generations of the people of Belize, the provision, protection, conservation and enhancement of the natural Maximum Grant: for one year that is comprised of and cultural resources of Belize. The PACT isBZ$40,000.00 managed by a Board of Directors Government agencies, non-government organizationsmay and individual Past recipients apply experts.

All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing andforms fulland particulars and contact conditions sale may be For application more information PACT’sof Associate DirectorThe PACT is hereby inviting eligible organizations to submit proposal applications for its 2010 grant Grants or email obtained from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. cycle. Consistent with this year’s programmatic priorities, viable projects should fall within one of the two Submit complete applications and supporting documents no later than October funding options outlined below:

22nd, 2010 to:


The serva PAC tions and Gove

The cycle Cons fund

1. ects can b

2. cons Reef requi

Gene 1. 2.

Only cons

For a organ

All a ies D comp no la proce

*The Natio ** Be Plan.

1. For the terrestrial protected areas network, grant funding is available to support three projects targeting the *Maya Mountain – Mountain Pine Ridge Massif. The maximum amount per grant that Associate Director-Grants, PACT can be requested is BZ$100,000. A minimum of 25% co-financing is required for each project.

#3 Mango Street/P.O. Box 443

Belmopan, Cayo District 2. Through a partnership with the Oak Foundation, grant funding is available to support marine conservation initiatives. Funding is available support three projects Re: PACT to Foundation Grantstargeting the **Belize Barrier Reef System. The maximum amount per grant is BZ$100,000. A minimum of 25% co-financing is required for each project.

ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 219 comprising of 499.145 square metres situate in Dr. George Estate, Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District bounded Generally, proposals should fall within at least one of the following thematic areas: and described as shown by the Plan No. 1044 of 2007 1. Protected Areas Management and Conservation 2. Protected Areas Promotion and Development attached to Minister’s Fiat (Grant) No. 1044 of 2007, TOGETHER all buildings, standing andwill be Only projects related to thewith conservation and management oferections a legally established protected area considered for funding. being thereon. under RegistraNotice is hereby(Property given thatnow the declared below companies have been For application forms, detailed information on the funding priorities, project eligibility and eligible tion Section Orange Walk Town Block 4 Parcel dissolved and struck off the International Business 2038.)



organizations, contact the PACT’S Associate Director – Grants or email

Companies Register effect fromagency the dates indicated: All applications should be submittedwith to the relevant government (Forest Department or Fisheries Department) no later than October 1st, 2010 for the required letter of endorsement. Thereafter, complete applications with the letter of endorsement should be submitted in hard copy to the PACT no later than October 22nd, 2010. All project applications are subjected to the established screening procedures.

DATED this 31st day of August, 2010

DAMEER S.A. – September 11th, 2010 ASTECA SECURITIES CORP. – September 16th, *The Maya Mountain – Mountain Pine Ridge Massif includes the block of protected areas as defined in the

National Protected Areas System Plan 2010 MUSA &areas BALDERAMOS ** Belize Barrier Reef System includes the protected as defined in the National Protected Areas System Plan. 91 North Front Street, Complete applications should be addressed to: Belize City Associate Director - Grants Attorneys-at-Law for ARIAS, FABREGA &Areas FABREGA (BELIZE) LIMITED Protected Conservation Trust (PACT) #3 Mango Street/P.O. Box 443 Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. Belmopan, Cayo

has Co Sep


Re: 2010 Grant Application

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the company named

S.A.W. THE FUTURE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. NORFLUX INTERNATIONAL has been dissolved and struck off the International Business LTD. Companies Register with effect from the 19th day of

September, 2010. have been dissolved and struck off the International Business Companies Register with effect from the 10th day of September, 2010. Power Point Management (Belize) Limited Registered Agent ALEMAN, CORDERO, GALINDO & LEE TRUST (BELIZE) LIMITED


has Co tem



The Belize Times

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Berlan wins BNCA 20/20 cricket championship

Berlan Cricket Club - Champs Berlan of Bermudian Landing won 99-97 over Easy Does It of Lemonal to clinch the championship of the 2010 Twenty20 Cricket Competition in Bermudian Landing last Saturday, September 18. Easy Does It had won the toss and

elected to bat first. They scored 97 runs all out. Mykelt Anthony walloped 31 runs to top all scorers for Easy Does It with 31 runs, while Denvo Banner hit another 21 runs, and also took 2 wickets. In Berlan’s turn before the wickets, Percy Flowers top-scored with 20 runs

Easy Does It - Subchamps to lead Berlan to the 99 run score, with 5 wickets in hand to win the match and the championship. Berlan’s David Dawson took 4 wickets. The champion and sub-champion were presented with trophies and cash prizes immediately after the match. The

Belize National Cricket Association also extends its thanks to Leonard Russell, John Anthony, Enfield Pook, Lincoln Flowers, John Gillett and the eight teams who participated in the competition for their support to ensure the success of the competition.

Team Belize wins 3 Golds at 21st Central American track & field championships

Belize’s Kaina Martinez, Tricia Flores and Kay De Vaughan won 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze at the 21st Central American track and field championships at the Mateo Flores National Stadium in Guatemala City over the weekend. Kaina Martinez won gold when she clocked 12.55 seconds in the women’s 100 metre finals in after a qualifying time of 12.48 in the heats. She edged out Belizean Tricia Flores, who took the silver when she clocked 12.72 seconds, after a qualifying time of 12.56 in the

heats. Guatemala’s Michelle Zuniga took the bronze in 12.74 seconds. Kaina also won her 2nd gold medal in the women’s 200 metres in 25.54 seconds, while Panama’s Mardel Alvarado took the silver in 25.66 seconds and Panama’s Yelena Alvear won the bronze in 26.21seconds. Tricia Flores won a 3rd gold medal with a 5.97 metre leap in the women’s long jump, also setting a new Central American record. Costa Rica’s Cindy Carolina Sibaja leaped 5.58 metres to win the silver and Kaina Martinez hopped 5.48 meters to win the bronze.

The Belizean women, Kaina, Tricia, Kay De Vaughan and Charnelle Enriquez also won silver in the women’s 4x400 relay, clocking 4:29.26 seconds, while the Panamanian women clocked 4:01:79 to win the gold. The Belizean women also won bronze in the women’s 4 x 100m relay in 50.75 seconds, while the Costa Rican women clocked 48:48 for the gold and Panama won the silver in 49.46 seconds. Kay De Vaughan also won her 2nd silver medal by floppng over the bar at 1.60 metres in the women’s high jump. Panama’s Kashani Rios won gold

with a jump of 1.70m and El Salvador’s Maria Gabriela Carillo won the bronze by clearing the bar at 1.55m. Kay De also placed 5th in the triple jump at 11.57m, while Guatemala’s Ana Lucia Camargo leaped 12.04m for the gold. The Belizean men did not fare so well; Jaryl Mariano failed to qualify in the men’s 100m heats, and his 6.68m leap in the triple jump was a far cry from Honduras’ Kesssel Campbell’s gold medal leap of 7.28m. Chavis Lopez ran 6th in the men’s 400m and Denroy Nembhard ran 7th in the 1,500m.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Belize Times


Sacred Heart College boys win silver in CODICADER basketball

The Sacred Heart College boys basketball team from San Ignacio Town won a team silver medal when they represented Belize in the 15th CODICADER (Central American Council for Sports and Recreation) Junior scholastic games, which were held for all 7 Central American countries in Managua, Nicaragua, from September 11th – 20th. The tournament was for high school students under 18 years of age. In game 1, Belize defeated Honduras 50 – 44, with Kashief Thomas scoring 22 points. Last Sunday Belize defeated El Salvador 66 – 56, and Kashief Thomas was the game high scorer with 24 points. Their Game 3 was in effect the

championship match as the undefeated SHC boys played the only other undefeated team, the host country Nicaragua. In this game, Nicaragua had the best of Belize, defeating them 77-60, with Belize’s Kashief Thomas again scoring 20 points. Now sporting a 2- 1 record, Belize dominated Panama, 73 – 57 on Tuesday, and crushed Guatemala 58 – 50 on Wednesday, with Dijon McNabb top scoring for Belize with 14 points. Belize had already secured their silver medal with a 4 – 1 record, when they fell to Costa Rica 64 – 66 , in their last game on Thursday. At the end of the tournament, SHC boasted a 4 – 2 record, which

gave them the silver medal, along with individual medals in 3 categories. Kashief Thomas won a silver medal in the Most Points category, behind Nicaragua’s Omier Franklin, who scored 155 points in their 6 games. Dijon McNab won a bronze medal in the individual awards for the 3rd most rebound total in the entire tournament, and Sadani Harrison won a silver medal for having the second highest number of blocked shots. The Sacred Heart College will welcome home their victorious basketball boys with a huge parade and motorcade on Friday, September 24, to celebrate their achievement, commencing at SHC at 1 p.m. and then

making its way to Burns Avenue in San Ignacio Town. Gwen Lizarraga High’s Glenda Torres did Belize proud by winning 2 gold medals in the individual categories, for the Most Points scored in the tournament: 112, and for the Most Rebounds 56. It was some consolation for the Gwen Liz girls who did not win a single game. Glenda Torres scored 25 pts in their 36-56 loss to bronze medalists Costa Rica and another 25pts in their 44-56 loss to Nicaragua. Glenda scored 8 pts in their 18-96 loss to the gold medalists, Guatemala. She also scored 22 pts in their 28-66 loss to silver medalists, El Salvador, and 21pts in their 39-53 loss to Panama.

City Boys win Belize Bank Superleague football champship

The City Boys football club from the Kraal Road area of Belize City were crowned the new Belize Bank Super League football champs, after they blasted Corozal Nizhee 3-1 in a penalty shootout out to win Game 3 of the finals, which was held on neutral turf at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town on Sunday. With a $25,000 1st prize at stake, the physical level of play became high as fans observed when City Boys Deon McCauley got taken down and referee Romel Carballo tried to restore order by reprimanding Nizhee captain Antonio Castillo with a yellow card after he took down Macauley again. Deon also plays

professionally in Honduras, but he was a marked man on Sunday. Even so he got a good look at goal for City Boys when he trapped the ball on his chest, but he did not get enough oomph on the ball when he sent it at goal. Nizhee’s Darnell Mossiah had scored twice in the Game 1 and Game 2, also came in for his share of punishment from City boys’ defender Tyrone Linares, who exacted payback for past embarrassments. Corozal almost scored first again when Juan got off a left foot shot but he did not put enough power into it. Down at the other end, City boys’ Tyrone “T-bone” Muschamp got off a

powder-puff shot that posed no real challenge for Nizhee’s goalie Benito Morriera, who immediately served the ball out to Michael “Chenko” Whittaker who blasted in a cannonball shot, that unfortunately went directly to Charlie Slusher’s waiting gloves, and it was still a nil-zip ball game at the half time break. Nizhee looked to put it away early in the 2nd half when Sergio Villanueva launched a shot that Charlie Slusher only barely managed to save. It fell to City Boys’ Deon Macaulay to deliver the 1st goal from a wonderful right foot push shot to the far corner to give the City Boys a 1-zip lead. Raymond Gentle almost made it 2-0 when he picked up a pass from Jason Young in front of an empty goal, but, as in all previous opportunities he has had during the season and playoffs, he did not know what to do with it and choked. Sergio Villanueva soon made the City Boys pay the maximum penalty for sloppy defence, when he connected with a pass from Uriel Yam to send the ball into the back of the net to tie the score at 1-1 in the 67th minute of play, Nizhee had a chance to clinch the championship in regulation time when Antonio Castillo got of a shot that sailed high over the crossbar. Uriel Yam

tried again with a pass to center in the goal area, but both Sergio Villanueva and Antonio Castillo failed to connect, forcing the game into overtime, but no more goals came in the extra time, and it came down to penalties. Edwardo “El Gigante” Perez was Nizhee’s lead penalty kicker and he beat Charlie Slusher easily, but City Boys’ Haitian import Dienmercy Pierre soon equalized when Moriera dived the opposite way away from the ball. Corozal’s captain Antonio Castillo had the chance again to take the lead but again he is denied by Charlie Slusher. Deon McCauley made it look easy when he converted the 2nd penalty shot for City Boys, but Benito Moriera could not do the same when he faced his counterpart in the goal, and of course Slusher had help from the crossbar. Haitian import Godson Mitchel gave the City Boys a 3-1 score lead with his conversion and it was all over when Corozal’s 4th kicker Uriel Yam was also denied by the crossbar. The City Boys United claimed the 2010 Super League championship title, trophy, the $25,000.00 1st prize and first place individual gold medals. Nizhee took home the $10,000 2nd prize and 2nd place silver medals. Placencia Assassins won the 3rd place trophy and bronze 3rd place individual medals.


The Belize Times

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Belmopan Compre girls topple Guatemala 9-7 in CODICADER softball

The Belmopan Comprehensive girls defeated the CODICADER gold medalists, Guatemala, 9-7 in their final game of the softball competition at the XV CODICADER Central American junior scholastic games in Managua, Nicaragua on Sunday, September 19. Pitcher Ashley Lucas led the Compre girls to the win with Jahna Trapp and catcher Agnes Lucas coming home in the top of the 1st inning to lead 2-0. Debbie Morales, Maria Carmen Rivera and Sharon Castro led the Guatemalan counterattack to take over the lead 3-2 in the bottom of the 1st, but the Compre girls came right back in your face with Jahna Trapp, Agnes, Astrid Jones, Jenesse Martinez, and Sasha

Lamb coming in the bottom of the 2nd to lead 7-2. Guatemala’s usual starting pitcher Blanca Alvarez then took over from Maria Rivera on the mound, but the Compre girls ended scoring 9 runs on Guatemala’s 5 errors, while Crystal Hernandez hammered in 2 RBI’s. Guatemala had tried to recover as Maria Ramos and Ana came home in the 3rd, but Ashley Lucas shut them out in the 4th while Trapp and Agnes Lucas scored 2 runs to lead 9-5. Castro and Ana Smith came home again in the top of the 5th, but Lucas shut out the Guatemalans in the last 2 innings for the 9-7 win. The Guatemalan girls got 5 hits, but Lucas’ pitching made

them leave 7 runners on base. The Compre girls participation in the XV CODICADER Central American junior scholastic games started after a 30-hour road trip, and Game 1 was a 3-4 loss for the Compre girls to their hosts, Nicaragua, whose pitcher Mercedes Marin gave up 6 hits and struck out 4 batters. The Compre girls left 7 runners on base. Crystal Hernandez scored the 1st run, Jahna Trapp went 2 out of 3 at bat, and scored 2 runs, and also drove in an RBI. Catcher Agnes Lucas got 2 hits and an RBI. In Game 2 against El Salvador, the Compre girls looked to win when they took a 4-0 lead after Shahelli Ho came home in the 2nd inning and Agnes Lucas, pitcher Jahna Trapp and Crystal Hernandez crossed the plate in the 3rd. Salvador’s pitcher Carla Cermena, however, was able to shut them out the rest of the way even though the Compre girls got a total of 7 hits - Trapp again went 2-3 and Ashley Lucas went 2- 4. But the Compre girls made 5 errors and that cost them the lead and the game as El Salvador won 7-4. In Game 3 vs Guatemala on Friday, the Compre girls got 3 hits to lead 9-0 in the top of the 1st inning, as the Guatemalan girls made 4 errors. But pitcher Blanca Alvarez struck out 11 batters and was able to shut out the Belize girls after

that. The Compre girls also made 6 errors and the Guat girls got 15 hits to score 16 runs for the 16-9 win. In Game 4 vs Nicaragua on Saturday, Belize got 13 hits and scored 9 runs, but made 3 errors and left 9 runners on base. Nicaragua’s pitcher Mercedes Marin scored their 1st run in the 1st inning, and Mercedes Chaves and Estefany Panagua came home in the 2nd inning. Joselin Medina and Marin came home in the 3rd inning, and they went on to win 10-9, on the strength of 10 hits, even though they made 9 errors, and left 5 runners on base. In Game 5 vs El Salvador on Saturday, the Compre girls suffered their 5th loss: 6-10. Pitcher Carla Cermeno struck out 4 Belize batters, while the Salvadoran girls got 9 hits to score 10 runs on the Compre girls’ 5 errors. Cindy Rosales got two hits in four times at bat to score two runs. Inez Escobar also went 2 for 4, scoring twice and hitting an RBI. Jersey Pineda went 1 for 4 at bat, scoring 1 run and getting an RBI. Alejandra Pineda got one hit and two RBI’s. Ashley Lucas struck out 3 batters, and scored 1 run; Jahna Trapp got 2 hits and scored 1 run; Astrid Jones went 3 for 4 at bat to scored 3 more runs, while Crystal Hernandez and Jenesse Martinez each scored 1 r un. The Compre girls left 9 runners on base.

SCA girls win silver & bronze individual awards, TCC boys win 3-1 vs El Savador in CODICADER volleyball

The St Catherine Academy volleyball girls won no games, but individually two players won a silver and a bronze medal, while the NSSSA male volleyball champs, the Toledo Community College boys, won 3-1 vs El Salvador at the XV CODICADER Central American junior scholastic games in Managua, Nicaragua on Friday, September 17. SCA’s Lila Estephan won a silver medal for Best Setter, and Jacqueline Sabal of Dangriga won a bronze medal for Best Receiver. In Game 1 on Sunday, Sept 12, the silver medalists, Guatemala, won over the SCA girls in 3 straight sets 25-15, 25-13 and 25-14. In Game 2 on Monday, Sept 13, El

Salvador won over the SCA girls in 3 straight sets 25-10, 25-12 and 25-18. In Game 3 on Tuesday, Nicaragua also Salvador won over the SCA girls in 3 straight sets 25-17, 25-22 and 25-21. In Game 4 on Wednesday, the gold medalists, Costa Rica, also won over the SCA girls in 3 straight sets: 25-7, 25-13 and 25-22. In Game 5 on Thursday, the bronze medalists, Honduras also won over the SCA girls in 3 straight sets: 25-14, 2512 and 25-16. And in their 6th and final game on Friday vs Panama, the SCA girls played their best set so far before losing 27-29, the Panama girls won the 1st set 25-8, and the

3rd set 25-16. In the boys competition in Game 1 on Sunday, Sept 12, the gold medalists, Guatemala, won over the TCC boys in 3 straight sets 25-13, 25-9, and 25-10. In Game 2 on Monday, Sept 13, the TCC boys trounced El Salvador 3-1. After losing the 1st set 25-23, the TCC boys bounced back to win the next three sets 25-22, 25-15 and 25-23. Denver Lino led the offense with 23 spikes to score 25 pts, and also made 2 blocks, had 5 digs and 8 good receptions. Rasheed Arzu made 15 spikes to score 16 pts, John Lucas had 7 pts and Yserri Palacio added 6 pts, also making 2 blocks and serving 3 aces. Evir Aranda made 5 digs and served 3 aces. The TCC boys got 39 pts on the

Salvador’s errors, but gave up 48pts on errors. In Game 3 on Tuesday, Nicaragua won over the TCC boys in 3 straight sets: 25-10, 25-14 and 25-18. In Game 4 on Wednesday, the silver medalists Costa Rica won over the TCC boys in 3 straight sets: 25-13, 25-16 and 25-15. In Game 5 on Thursday, Honduras also won over the TCC boys in 3 straight sets: 25-13, 33-31, and 25-21. And In their 6th and final game on Friday, the bronze medalists, Panama, won in three sets: 25-13, 25-13 and 25-17.



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In Honour of the 15th Anniversary of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital we present 10 ways that they could improve their services to the Community 1. Separate the Emergency Rooms. A different area for Pediatric Emergencies, maybe the present physiotherapy Section , a Maternity Emergency near to this ward using the back entrance, and leave the present ER for Adult Medicine and Surgical Cases. This will stop the never ending cases of mothers waiting hours with their babies with fever and receiving no attention because the staff is dealing with 2 gunshot victims. 2. Have a core group of doctors’ work full time, specialist and GPs. This will stop unavailability of DRs who are rushing to do private practice on regular working hours. 3. Create a waiting area for the Morgue. It is already a bad situation when a family member dies, yet relatives are forced to wait for post mortem results in the sun and rain in the plain view of everyone on the streets. This waiting area will provide a more private and

comfortable area during this already difficult time. 4. Improve nurse’s salaries and benefits. It is shameful to see more than half of the nursing staff at KHMH being foreign nationals. Our Belizean nurses leave because working conditions are so much better abroad. 5. Improve district referrals of

patients. Hold the district hospitals accountable for patient care especially on weekends. It seems as though district hospitals take all weekends off and send majority of their cases to an already overburdened KHMH. 6. Fire a few prima donna doctors. They are bad for staff morale, as they operate as if they can do what they

want. Come to work when they want. Do private practice and charge patients for services within the KHMH. They obviously have protection from the administration and the Board of Directors 7. Build a new structure. KHMH needs to build a 4 or 5 floor facility that can withstand hurricane force winds. Look how many of these structures have gone up on Coney Drive. This will give KHMH much needed space and allow it to stay put in event of a hurricane. How can the National hospital shut down and staff and patients shuttled to Belmopan every time there is a hurricane threat. That is a shame. 8. Work with the community. No hospital can stay within the confines of its walls. They need to go out to the community, BFLA, Mercy Clinic, Diabetes Association to do preventative programs. 9. Improve engineering and maintenance program. Expensive equipment last only a few months because there is no proper maintenance dept and the building seems to be falling apart. 10. GET A MINISTER OF HEALTH WITH VISION

THE MAGNIFICENT MONSTER IN OUR WATERS -THE LIONFISH Earlier this mor ning the Oceanic Institute was abuzz, not about the number of tropical systems “lined up like cane tr uck” in the Atlantic, but rather about the discover y of the first Lionfish on the reef just off Pensacola Beach near in the Nor thwest or Gulf side of the Florida coast and the second one in the Gulf of Mexico. T his highly venomous saltwater predator ambushes almost all other species and are considered voracious eaters. T he threat to Belize from today's discover y is not veiled. We have found the Lionfish, in fact at least ten- lionfish specimen have been found inside our nor ther n waters- and to lear n that they are now invading the commercial and spor t fishing industr y of the wester n Florida coast and the Gulf even in the wake of the oil spill, means that our g rouper and snapper population that we rely on for food and expor t ear nings as fillet and tourism spor t fishing are under eminent threat. T he lionfish is a native of the In-

dian and Pacific oceans and has wrecked havoc on the marine life there. It has no known predators or has it been found to succumb to any diseases. Hence it s population can mushroom in no time and its voracious appetite readily decimates the local marine species. NOAA, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration continues to investig ate the origin of this predator in the waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic and thus far have only the speculation that scourg e upon us was brought on by some six lionfish that were inadver tently washed into the sea when an aquarium broke during Hur ricane Andrew's hit on South Florida in 1992. T hey are also investig ating alleg ations that aquarium owners dumped the exotic specimen into

the sea when they g ot rid of their aquariums for whatever reasons. Touching a lionfish's venomous spines can be painful and if they invade the shallower waters that inexperienced divers frequent, our dive industr y will have a lot to wor r y about. Our reef which ser ves as a habitat for many species of fish is also the perfect place for the lionfish population to take up residence. Cur rently, a reward i of fifty dollars is being offered by the Fisheries Depar tment for fisher men and dive operators who can capture the lionfish . T his for ms par t of a larg er lionfish radication initiative as Belize attempts to be proactive in eliminating the threat to our economy and environment by the ominous and insidious little destroyer T hough beautiful in its red and blue zebra striped body and impressive row of tall, venomous spines and fanlike fins that look like a lion's mane this predator can destroy our marine equilibrium and devastate our economy and food supply in record time. All indications are, we are in a face off wit a for midable opponent.

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Reflections Pluck and not luck…W.T.F.!

By: Mike Rudon Jr. I’ve been sitting here for about 20 minutes tr ying to figure out how to say what I need to say in a sufficiently respectful way – nope, can’t do it. That bally must have been smoking something potent when he stood up there on Independence Day and fed us nearly half an hour of pure, unadulterated bull. Lawd almighty! How the heavens did not open up and rain fire and brimstone I will never know. Seriously! The Prime Minister’s address was a mockery, an insult, a slap in the face of Belizeans who have been struggling to make ends meet and feed their families even as our lives crumble around us. That pompous porterhouse steak eating filthy rich fat cat stood up in front of the nation and said that he doesn’t know what we’re talking about – things are just honky-dory in the jewel. Okay I just had to get that out of the way. I listened with interest to both speeches given by the leaders of this nation – the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. I was quite frankly surprised (pleasantly) by Mr. Briceno’s kick-ass address. He laid it all out – to hell with protocol. There were no air-kisses, no backpatting, no fawning or frolicking – no we love you Mr. PM, just because you’re you and protocol says we should powder you on this day. The Leader of the Opposition told it like it is – the reality of starvation and desperation and frustration on the streets of Belize today; businesses closing down every single day; our industries in crisis; our economy collapsing; violent crime holding us hostage – no vision or plan by this administration. That’s the reality, Jack…the reality yesterday and the reality today and yup, the reality on Independence Day too. M r. B r i c e n o i n m y h u m b l e opinion sent a message which should have been sent to Mr. Barrow a long time ago – We are not your friend. We don’t like you. You are causing our people to suffer and destroying our nation and we have every intention of kicking you out of Belmopan very soon because you are the leader of an incompetent, corrupt, intellectually and integrity challenged bunch of morons. No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Barrow – now you’ve got to get your respect the old fashioned way – by earning

it – not because you think you’re cute and smart. And oh Mr. Bar row g ot that message loud and clear. His speech was punctuated by little girly jabs at the Leader of the Opposition for daring to breach protocol and tell the truth on Independence Day. But man, I’ve got to pause here and give the PM kudos for his brilliant speechwriting. He is a writer and orator second to none. Too bad that particular skill doesn’t make him a better leader or a better person, but


hell, that’s just the way it is. I found myself at times soothed, at times emotional and at yet other times trembling with patriotic fervor as Mr. Bar row bestowed his verbal glory on the gathering. Damn, that man can write, but like with so many of his other speeches I was left wondering just what country this brilliant fellow was referring to. I mean there were words like robust e c o n o m y, i n d u s t r i e s r e c o r d i n g growth, unparalleled infrastructure and I found myself asking – where, where? I wanna g o there where things are so good. But you know what - the damned Prime Minister did it ag ain. He got up yet another time and fed us a fantasy and we took it. On the radio I listened to the applause and I hoped that it was coming from either foreign dignitaries who didn’t know anything about the country or the UDP crowd which was obliged to. Because Mr. Barrow’s address was bogus! All those good things he said aren’t really happening. We can all look around and see how things are. We all know the truth. I knew that the Prime Minister

would do exactly what he did, so I wasn’t surprised or impressed – just resigned. But there is a great thing which has come out of this. The Leader of the Opposition has taken the gloves off and realized that protocol and diplomacy don’t put food on the table of our poor Belizeans. The enemy of the people can never be our friend. NEVER! This is not about political propagandizing in public and having drinks at the club together at the end of the day. The Prime Minister declared war on our people on the day he took over office, and the Opposition has now declared open season on all who hurt our people. Mr. Barrow will not rest easy in the days leading up to his departure from Belmopan.


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Strictly Personal Barrow is bogus!

by Just in case we didn’t know, and I have to admit I was not aware that this was the case, the Government’s information office sent out a press release that informed us that the Prime Minister Independence Day address was really the announcement of “New Stimulus, Sale of BTL Shares And New Measures to Improve Governance.” I always stand to be corrected. I had thought that the economy was doing well, so there is really no need for new more stimulus; that the sale of BTL shares presumed you’d be announcing who was buy what for how much and when, and that by your oft stated admission, this was already the new era of good governance, (with accountability and transparency). I am tempted to say that the Independence Day addresses by the Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of Government was a tale of two countries, two sides of the same nation, opposing views of the same reality, but it wasn’t quite that. Dean did not, despite a flurry of fancy language and a “superlative” effort, could not boast too long on the good things his administration has done. You can only defy logic and deny reality for so long. Accordingly, Dean did cite what he considered the reason for Belize’s economic doldrums, the weak US economy, as he has done several times before. You should note that after denying the very existence of a world economic downturn, and then pooh-poohing its impact on Belize’s economy, Dean got the sense when he went to the Summit of the Americas in April 2009, almost two years after the troubling signs had began to manifest, and 14 months into his reign at the nation’s reins. If Dean Barrow had not served as a Cabinet minister and Deputy Prime Minister before, I could’ve excused this lapse but come on, the truth is that his ignoring a situation the Prime Minister of Japan called a “storm unlike that which the world has seen in 100 years” has inflicted needless pain and unwarranted misery on tens of thousands of Belizeans. Elsewhere my colleagues, I am hoping, will point out in detail that Dean is boasting of PUP initiated projects and comes yet again with a pocketful of promises. He boasts of the resiliency of our economy but truth be told he had nothing to do with that – it is the Said Musa administration that strove and succeeded in diversify our economy to make it less vulnerable to the vagaries of the regional and world economy. It is because Said et al pushed full steam ahead with membership in both CARICOM and SICA why Dean can boast that we are now exporting millions of pounds of beans and corn to Jamaica and Guatemala. Dean all but admitted that we

would’ve been much further along the road to economic independence he had more than a clue as to how to get there. I take little satisfaction in seeing him return time and time again to the PUP blueprint – he need never have deviated. Because of his myopia, ignorance and penchant for political tribalism, tens of thousands of Belizeans are suffering today. Check this out – his administration couldn’t have scrounged up the measly million dollars he is spending on the food assistance program? They had to wait for some foreign “donor”? Why isn’t the alleviation of the widespread suffering a priority? Why do otherwise well-meaning people

continue to accept vague excuses like the aforementioned US economic weaknesses as justification for Barrow’s ignorance and inaction? I do not need figures or statistics, or data or “official” information from the Statistical Institute of Belize to know that tens of thousands Belizeans are living in poverty and fear. All I have to do is ask the people I meet. They have no reason to lie to me. There are some people who are doing well but they are the exception, not the rule. It is not just simply a situation where wages have been stagnant and prices have been rising – a lot of businesses have closed and employment opportunities have been lost. The money we earn from exports, even by the SIB estimates, is still below what it was a few years ago. The amount of money coming into the country from foreign investment and remittances are still below the amount we were getting several years ago.

27 And to add to it, Barrow twice raised taxes. The very man who used to cry that taxes were too high! It is disingenuous to boast of hotel revenue for April to August 2010 increasing by 8.39% over the same period last year. The comparison should be made to 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 – it is clear we were earning a lot more then. Belize has been in the throes of an urgent social and economic crisis for the past two and a half years, and Dean Barrow is part of the problem. He is weak and ineffectual. He is petty, peevish and persnickety. And he is vindictive. He is good at all those things. He is not good at consensus-building, at teamwork, at seeking solutions, and that is the problem. Barrow is just bogus.

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SAN IGNACIO / SANTA ELENA BY-PASS EIA LODGEMENT AND PUBLIC CONSULTATION NOTICE The General Public is hereby advised that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been submitted to the Department of the Environment (DOE) by the Ministry of Works for the San Ignacio / Santa Elena By-Pass. This EIA is for the proposed construction of a new high-level bridge across the Macal River, between Santa Elena and San Ignacio, Cayo District. The EIA will be reviewed by the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) before a final decision is taken by the DOE. The General Public is hereby informed that the EIA will be available for public review at the following locations: Santa Elena Library, San Ignacio Town Hall, Sacred Heart College Library, Benque Viejo Del Carmen Town Hall, and the Department of the Environment in Belmopan and at the DOE’s website: Kindly be informed that a Public Consultation for the EIA will be held on Tuesday 28th September, 2010, at 6:30 pm at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel (Bedran Hall) in San Ignacio Town. The General Public is invited to attend the Public Consultation. Comments can be submitted on or before 4th October, 2010, to the Department of Environment (DOE) at 10/12 Ambergris Avenue, Belmopan; Fax: 822-2862; Tel: 822-2542 or E-mail:


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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Normally, a Prime Minister's Independence Day speeches are things soaring with pride, patriotism and lofty sentiment. I recall once in our nation's history, not so long ago, when I was invited to provide a draft address for the then PM. I decided to be "different". I wanted to be "radical". I wrote what I thought was a "real" speech, that spoke of the anger on the streets and the wounds in the people's hearts. It was rejected, and rightly so. It is not that our citizens do not deserve real - it is a matter of occasion. On Independence Day, a PM cannot wallow in despair - he/she must rise above our common lot, no matter how sorry - and point the way beyond the gloom to the light. I now accept this. A PM must, on that day, promise the people that it IS/ WILL be better. On September 21, 2010, sitting under a hot white tent on Independence Plaza in Belmopan, I listened carefully first to the Leader of the Opposition's speech, then to PM Barrow's speech. The function of the Leader of Opposition's speech is very different -but more on that another time. A few words on optics, since presentation is as important as substance. The Leader of the Opposition wore an occasion-appropriate (outdoors in Belmopan under a stifling tent at 11 AM) nice white long sleeve guayabera. The PM in stark contrast wore a rumpled, ill fitting black shirt with white pinstripes, that seemed to have survived the previous night's flag raising ceremony and which looked funereal and out of place in the hard light of a warm morning. It was the kind of shirt we are forced to go home in, the morning after. It did him no justice at all, rendering him gaunt and grim. This PM could not resist the siren call to arms in his ear - and surrendered quite easily to the urge to respond to the Leader of the Opposition's speech. He began to serve the meat of the matter after the normal pleasantries. The PM ramped up by blaming the worldwide recession and knowledgeably spouted the current punditry about first believing that the recession was a Y, and now having to accept that it was instead a W with no telling how much longer (oh Lord) it would go on. His opening gambit was to employ the “Shaggean Defence”. For those of you few, who are a cultural pop reference desert, I will explain - "It Wasn't Me". The PM also made generous use of the platform and occasion before the assembled dignitaries, domestic and foreign, to throw various and sundry " indirectas" (snarky asides) at the Leader of the Opposition. The PM served up such scintillating bon mots such as "there is no time for business as usual or worse politics as usual" and "I don’t know where some people get their figures from", and of course the current UDP favorite - "stop cursing the darkness and help us light a candle". But even PM Barrow could not get away from the formula which is required for the occasion - he had to squeeze out the sweets. He had to make some announcements and promises. Let us parse those. Since the PM's speech is not yet available in its entirety ( I am reliably informed he made so many changes on the fly while listening to the Leader of the Opposition, that the text must be amended to reflect actual delivery), I am forced to pray in aid media reports of the PM's speech as my evidence. From Love FM News comes the following text “PM BARROW HIGHLIGHTS A NUMBER OF INITIATIVES IN THE

PIPE LINE Wed, September 22, 2010 In his Independence Day message yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow highlighted a number of infrastructural programs that are in the works. He highlighted works to be done on the Orange Walk to San Lazaro Road, Orange Walk to San Estevan to Progresso Road, roads in Belize City as well as the bridge at Kendall and work on roads in the Toledo District.” Do not start celebrating. The 25 million dollars to be spent on Orange Walk to San Lazaro Road , and OW to San Estevan Road is Phase 3 of a project obtained by the last PUP administration , and not a new project. Barrow claims that "Government has negotiated with the contractors so that the villagers will be given piece and sub contract work." If you are not a UDP, do not bother to apply - as Barrow has said on national media before, all the jobs should be held by UDPs - according to your PM, it is "their" turn. He made this abundantly clear on November 4, 2008 to Amandala, stating "I’m sorry, there will be, as it were, some collateral damage, arising from the fact that we have to try and even out things." That means, if you are PUP, you are collateral damage until 2013. Wait your damn turn. The Kendall Bridge? According to Barrow, "the multimillion dollar Kendall Bridge winning tender has now been chosen." There will be no bridge before 2012/13. Maybe. And somebody/ ies will make lots and lots of money off that. Work on roads in Belize City? According to Barrow, "the entire length of Central American Boulevard hot mixed, Faber’s Road refurbished and Neal’s Penn Road, Ben Bow Street, Amara Street and a number of others paved". Sounds good, yes, even if those streets are only in Port Loyola, Mesopotamia and Queen's Square. When? What others? Work on Toledo roads? What the PM actually said was - "Government is providing a quarter of a million dollars to the Ministry of Works for urgent remedial attention to the Toledo roads damaged by recent floods." Road costs about 2 million dollars a mile to build. What can/will Boots "fix" with $250,000.00? How will it be fixed, and how long will the "fix" last? More Love FM text - “The Prime Minister spoke on the social issues and on the Restore Belize Program. He once again appealed for national commitment to the program. Prime Minister Dean Barrow All together government will be spending around two million dollars in the rest of this fiscal year on the various aspects of the initiative. This is money not budgeted but it must be found since everything has to be done to defeat this scourge of gun violence and murder now overtaking the Belizeans way of

life." Two million dollars to spend on Restore Belize from now until March 2010? A joke. It will be spent on consultants, studies and meetings. Sell all the fancy ministerial rides, buy instead a fleet of small, fuel efficient pick-ups or SUVs and use the savings to build more centers of education, or give more scholarships to our youth and provide employment for more Belizeans. He could raise about $2-3 million more, like that. "We will find funding for on the enforcement side and additional police intake immediately after the October graduation of the current one; for a new gang suppression unit, for improved forensics " Why did you cut the budget under this head by 6 Million in the first place, PM?? Why cut, no, sorry, slash - the Police training budget like that at all? Crime was already out of control last year, with 103 homicides for 2009. Where will the money come from now? And, Mr. PM, stop "meeting with "gang " leaders". They are turning our 13-17 year olds into child "soldiers". And what of the Crooks Report. You paid for it. Use it. By the way, did you not promise us a new forensics lab last year and the year before? "and for a more muscular BDF role in securing Belize City Streets." More BDF on Belize City Streets? Sounds good? There are only about 1100 BDF. Who will guard our borders and our forest reserves, then? More muscular? What does that mean? "On the social side we are going to employ more and more young people in more and more projects of physical community rehabilitation and the creation of safe zones. This will be accompanied by a comprehensive and sustained program of interpersonal and family outreach." Sounds good, but the PM gives no details. Safe Zones really means "Pick up everybody who looks or smells ‘bad’, and put them in Piss House or in Prison" Zones. It is preventive detention by another name. It smells as rotten. Citizens will be further criminalized. Oh and apply for employment only if you are UDP. See above. And where will Human Development get the additional resources to do this outreach program? Hire more UDPs only? "The experience of others in dealing with these kind of problems teaches us one thing, everyone has to get involved and there is no time for business as usual or worse politics as usual.” MMMMMHMMMM - Do as I say.


Not as I do. Love FM text – “Prime Minister Barrow spoke of two social programs that should come on stream shortly”. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “The government’s food subsidy pilot project for Southside Belize City starts in the next two weeks. We will be working in partnership with the Salvation Army who we have contracted to administer the program to ensure both efficiency and fair play. People living on the margins will be able on a continuing basis to purchase from two distribution centers on Cemetery Road and Mahogany Street a basket of basic food items at half the price." How many families will be affected? Why only Southside Belize City - what about those on the Northside living on the margins? Are there no poor in Belmopan? No persons living on the margins in towns and villages ? None in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts? In Cayo? In Northern Belize? “A next Belize City project will very shortly be followed by the countrywide conditional cash transfer program that will especially target financial cost of living assistance to the rural poor.” When? How? How much? If Belizeans had fair access to quality free education and a decent way of earning a living, neither of these would be needed. Create the climate GOB, so private sectors can create JOBS. Love Fm Text – “Prime Minister Barrow announced that several pieces of legislation will be dealt with at this Friday’s House of Representatives meeting”. Most of those bills will serve to criminalize the citizen even more. They are harsh and repressive and open to much abuse by authorities. They will impose harsher penalties, bring back another form of preventative detention, and spy on citizens in every possible way. They will not give Belizeans an inch more justice. They will not combat crime. They only serve the agenda of the Lawyer-InChief, PM Barrow. No doubt, with his 6-8 bodyguards, he sleeps better already at night. It would sure be nice if we could recall YOU under your fancy new Recall of Elected Representatives Act. Oh wait. We can't because it was not in existence when you were elected. In fact it cannot be used until next election. Too bad. What about the BTL thing, you ask? That's a whole other article. More on that later. Meantime, my slow as hell internet is acting up - again.

It’s been days since the Kendall Bridge was washed away. How much longer must we wait for a new bridge, Mr. Prime Minister?

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On patriotism & blind stupidity…

By: Mike Rudon Jr. On Independence Day the Prime Minister was visibly upset as he listened to the address by the Leader of the Opposition. It seems that he was not comfortable listening to reality being read to him, since he prefers to reside in his own pimped-out little red bubble. It seems he got irritated that anybody would dare to invite reality into what should have been his show, governed by the niceties of protocol. In fact, Mr. Barrow made scathing reference to those who flaunted protocol during this time of patriotism to let him know that he is a dud…a missile with no propulsion system and no warhead who is doing a piss-poor job of running this country, 29 years after Independence. I say there was no better time to make the leader of the nation aware of what has become of this once pristine jewel under his watch. There was no better time to remind Mr. Barrow that nearly three decades after the fight to glorious nationhood, 43 percent of our people live below the poverty line and another 16 percent are vulnerable to poverty. There was no better time to remind the man who is at the helm that 30 percent of our children are being excluded from primary and secondary schools. There was no better time to call to the attention of the head honcho that by the time you read this we may have already recorded 100 murders in this country, three full months before the year ends. Hell, what better time could there be – it’s not like he listens anyway? The Leader of the Opposition John Briceno, who did every Belizean proud on Independence Day, said it best when he spoke about the struggle to nationhood, the bold visionaries who led the charge and what has become of that proud legacy… “Independence Day is a time when Belizeans crave unity, and rightly WANT to celebrate our nationhood. Independence Day is also the right time and it is our responsibility to address the state of our nation. Today we are shackled by an economic recession whose untrammelled effect is being felt in every settlement, village, town and city in our Jewel… Every day, businesses are forced to fold and more Belizeans continue to lose jobs. Our very infrastructure is breaking up before our eyes. Too many of our children are out of school and our youth have little hope. Rampant crime and violence, hatred and fear, stalk our beloved land, causing us to live as prisoners in our own homes. Never before in the history of our country have we been forced to mourn so grievously and so often… We were asked to imagine the possibilities, and this is the reality: telephone, water and light bills have NOT gone down. The cost of living continues to rise unabated.


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Gas prices are skyrocketing. More taxes have been levied on already burdened Belizeans. Everywhere across the Jewel, there is fear and trepidation and even despair. Many families survive on noodles, and steak is beyond the reach of most. So much of what we struggled to build is now being destroyed. We can do better than this. We ALL deserve better than this. We ARE better than this.” Mr. Barrow made an effete verbal jab at the Leader of the Opposition, directing him not to curse the darkness but to help light a candle. Boss, first of all we’re not cursing

the darkness…we’re cursing YOU for bringing the darkness on the majority of your people while you and members of your family and the rest of the UDP fat cats live in mansions powered by perpetual light. And what, you want us to help light a candle…hell, we’d like to light a blowtorch under your butt to get you out of Belmopan quick, fast and in a hurry. How dare you be asking for help now when you have used every opportunity to victimize our people and you continue to reject every constructive offer of assistance issued by the Opposition because you claim to know it all? Yeah, we know that all the cameras were turned your way and it was a fabulous photo-op and a

great sound bite, but that’s all it was – end of story. So while you attempt to hide behind a façade of patriotism, Mr. Barrow, we remind you that we are all real patriots and we hurt like all our people because of what YOU have done to our country. You would have blind stupidity from us, and would have us remain mute in the name of patriotism because your little pink bubble cannot sustain itself under the shock of life out here, but that is not to be. The time will come, Mr. Barrow, when the same patriotism you hide behind will be the rallying cry of all our people and the proclamation of your downfall. Done seh it!


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1. Work flexible hours centered on a shift system. 2. Work effectively and efficiently for one hundred percent productivity. 3. Demonstrate initiative and drive. 4. Manage the day to day operations of the factory. 5. Be a team player. 6. Direct all Shift Production personnel and determine and prepare list of personnel for each shift. 7. Ensure the maximization of the factory output of quality products. 8. Ensure that all Factory Operating Procedures are adhered to and that all associated documentations required are completed and maintained. 9. Ensure that efficiency and quality targets are being achieved. 10. Execute other relative duties that are assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements:

1. A minimum of an Associate Degree in Mechanical, Industrial Technical Engineering, Bachelor’s degree is preferable. 2. At least five years working experience at a supervisory level and in related field. 3. Have strong computer skills. 4. Have strong interpersonal and leadership skills. 5. Good written and oral communication skills. 6. Bilingual is an asset. 7. Ability to adapt to new and changing work environment. 8. Between the ages of 25-40 years. 9. Self motivated and have the ability to work independently. 10. Positive attitude and professional appearance. Salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience. Successful applicants will also be required to submit a food handler’s certificate and a police record. Please submit application with resume and two letters of references by Friday, October 8, 2010 to:

The Manager – Administration Citrus Products of Belize Ltd. P.O. Box 25 Dangriga, Stann Creek District


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The Belize Times

Issue No. 4712



The Truth Shall Make You Free

Niños, 15 y 17, asesinados por cazadores de drogas

Los asesinatos de niños parecen haber tomado el cargo de la nueva ola de delincuencia en este país con dos menores más que han sido las víctimas de un brutal asesinato doble en el distrito de Orange Walk. La razón detrás de los asesinatos hace que sea aún más alarmante. El incidente ocurrió en un rancho cerca de tres millas y media de la aldea Indian Church y las víctimas, Wilson Pérez, 15, y Rudy Interiano, de 17, ambos vecinos de San Carlos, cerca de una hora y media en coche del centro de la ciudad, se emplearon como peones para postear. Sus vidas fueron truncadas en la tarde del domingo, cuando un grupo de unos ocho hombres los rodearon y Damacio Pop, de 33 años, comenzó a exigir que se les muestran una plantación de marihuana. Las víctimas no sabían lo que estaban pidiendo sus agresores y esto hizo que los hombres, vestidos con ropas de camuflaje y con máscaras, se enfurecieran. Ellos usaron sus escopetas de doble cañón y machetes para vencer a sus víctimas heriendo a Pop en la cabeza y cortandole tres de sus dedos. Esto no fue suficiente, sin embargo, porque él y los jóvenes no tenían nin-

Policía "informante" asesinado en Lords Bank

El joven René Alfaro era un joven que prometía un futuro exitoso y era un ciudadano respetuoso de la ley. Pero alguien lo quería muerto, tal vez por esa misma razón - Alfaro era demasiado útil para el Departamento de Policía y muchas veces ayudado con información. Uno hubiera pensado que este es el tipo de persona que quiere que todo el mundo en su comunidad este protejido de los ladrones, pero en Lords Bank Alfaro probablemente le estaba haciendo la vida imposible a un criminal y por eso lo quería muerto. Otra teoría es que él se había metido en una pelea hace algún tiempo con algunos muchachos de su edad y que podrían haber aprovechado la oportunidad para "vengarse". El cuerpo del joven fue descubierto poco después de las nueve de la mañana del domingo en un desagüe frente a su casa. Su asesino o asesinos habían tomado el tiempo para envolver la cabeza con una camisa y colocar sus pies en una bolsa de nylon. Su familia cree que fue asesinado el sábado por la noche después de que él ayudó a retirar un vehículo que se había estancado en el barro espeso, no muy lejos de su casa. Pero ellos no creen que fue asesinado donde fue encontrado, ya que habrían escuchado el disparo que penetró en la cabeza. Además de eso, también creo que los que lo mataron le esperaban dentro de un edificio de cemento en construcción al lado de su casa. Se vio a tres jóvenes en las escalinatas del edificio antes de esa noche. Ellos piensan que cuando se fueron también tomaron la bicicleta de Alfaro. Alfaro no asistia a la escuela. Trabajaba por la entrega de comestibles a los residentes en el pueblo de las tiendas de la comunidad. Su ambición, sin embargo, fue el estudio de la mecánica. La Policía Ladyville todavía está tratando de hacer un arresto.

Wilson Perez guna información que ofrecer. Pop, que fingio estar muerto después de la paliza, logró engañar a los agresores y se escapó de la muerte. Continúa su recuperación en el Hospital Regional del Norte. Se cree que los hombres luego le dispara-

ron a Pérez y a Interiano a quemarropa, una vez en la parte posterior de la cabeza. Un equipo de búsqueda de la policía y los pobladores fueron a la zona donde hallaron sus cuerpos. Los aldeanos describen a Wilson Pérez, quien fue el hijo mayor de Elsa Pérez, como un muchacho con una convicción de ayudar a su madre a mantener a sus cinco hermanos menores. Interiano, por su parte, era un joven que guardaba sus ahorros para un futuro más brillante. Ese futuro, sin embargo, fue robado de él. Ambos jóvenes se habían presentado a trabajar a eso de las seis por la mañana y continuó el trabajo que habían comenzado el día anterior, cavar hoyos para inserter postes. Eso era lo que estaban haciendo cuando fueron atacados por los agresores que se introdujeron en la finca y empezaron a hacer sus demandas. Otros que estaban

en la finca lograron escapar ilesos. Ahora están temerosos de que los hombres podrían volver por ellos. Los pobladores de San Carlos, en particular los hombres, no tomaron el incidente a la ligera, y el lunes se armaron con pistolas y machetes y fueron en busca de todos - las víctimas que se encontraron esa misma mañana, y los atacantes, que se pensaba que seguian en la zona. Para su consternación, se encontraron los cuerpos de los dos jóvenes y un mal herido Pop Damacio, que relato el incidente a ellos. Hasta el momento, la policía de Orange Walk no ha detenido a nadie, pero dicen que están siguiendo algunas pistas. En base a relatos de testigos oculares, los atacantes no eran de la zona, pero puede ser que son beliceños, y parece que fueron enviados en busca de plantaciones de marihuana.



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Sunday, September 26, 2010



Por: Mike Rudon Jr. He estado sentado aquí durante unos 20 minutos tratando de encontrar la manera de decir lo que tengo que decir de una manera lo suficientemente respetuoso - No, no lo puede hacer. Eso debe haber sido, este sujeto fumo algo de hierba de primera clase cuando se levantó el Día de la Independencia y nos dio de comer casi media hora de pura basura. Sr. todopoderoso! ¿Cómo el cielo no se abrió y cayo lluvia de fuego y azufre en ese lechón santurrón, condescendiente, falso y hipócrita simplemente nunca lo sabré. En serio! El discurso del Primer Ministro fue una burla, un insulto, una bofetada en la cara de los beliceños que han estado luchando para sobrevivir y alimentar a sus familias aún cuando nuestras vidas se desmoronan a nuestro alrededor. Ese pomposo gato gordo asqueroso y rico se puso de pie en frente de la nación y dijo que él no sabe de lo que estamos hablando – que las cosas estan honky-donkey aqui en la joya. Bueno yo sólo tenía que sacar eso de mi pecho. He escuchado con interés los discursos pronunciados por los líderes de esta nación - el Primer Ministro y el líder de la oposición. Yo estaba francamente sorprendido (gratamente) por la dirección del Sr. Briceño al poner en su lugar a nuestro PM - al diablo con el protocolo. No había besos hipocritas, palmadas sin respaldo, sin servilismo o retozando - te amamos Sr. PM, sólo porque tú eres tú y el protocolo dice que en este dia te mimenos. El líder de la oposición dijo las cosas como son - la realidad del hambre y la desesperación y la frustración en las calles de Belice; el cierre de las empresas todos los días, nuestras industrias en crisis, el colapso de nuestra economía, el crimen violento que nos mantiene como rehenes – no hay visión o un plan de esta administración. Esa es la realidad, Srs. ... la realidad de ayer y la realidad de hoy y si, la realidad sobre el Día de la Independencia también. El Sr. Briceño en mi humilde opinión, envió un mensaje que debería haber sido enviado al Sr. Barrow hace mucho tiempo - No somos tus amigos. Usted está causando sufrimiento a nuestro pueblo y esta destruyendo nuestra nación y tenemos toda la intención de patearle el trasero y enviarlo muy lejos de Belmopan muy pronto, porque usted es el líder mas incompe-

tente, corrupto que hayamos conocido, todos ustedes en su administracion son un montón de imbéciles. No mas ser cordial con usted Sr. Barrow - Ahora tiene que obtener su respeto a la antigua usanza - mediante la obtención de ella - no porque crees que eres lindo e inteligente. Y seguramente el señor Barrow le calo ese mensaje del lider de la opocision porque su discurso tenia dejos de admonestacion hacia el líder de la oposición por haberse atrevido a incumplir con el protocolo y decir la verdad en el Día de la Independencia. Pero hombre! tengo que hacer una pausa y darle el credito al PM por sus discursos brillantes. Él es un escritor y orador insuperable. Lástima que esa habilidad en particular no lo convierte en un mejor líder o una persona mejor, pero caray! Me encontré a veces calmado, a veces emocional y en otras ocasiones temblando de fervor patriótico cuando el Sr. Barrow otorgado su gloria verbal en la reunión. Carajo! si que el hombre puede escribir, pero al igual que con muchos de sus otros discursos me quedé pensando sólo a qué país este hombre brillante se refería. Quiero decir que eran palabras como economía robusta, el registro de industrias de crecimiento, la infraestructura sin igual y me encontré preguntando ¿dónde, dónde? Quiero ir allí donde las cosas son tan buenas. Pero usted sabe que? - el Primer Ministro lo hizo de nuevo. Él se levantó otra vez y nos dio de comer una fantasía y lo tomamos. En la radio escuché los aplausos y yo esperaba que esos aplausos fueran de cualquiera de los dignatarios extranjeros que no sabían nada sobre el país o de la multitud UDP que fue obligado a hacerlo. Debido a que el discurso del señor Barrow era falso! Todas las cosas buenas que él dijo en realidad no estan sucediendo. Todos podemos mirar alrededor y ver cómo estan las cosas. Todos sabemos la verdad. Yo sabía que el Primer Ministro haría exactamente lo que hizo, así que no estaba sorprendido o impresionado – solo me senti resignado. Pero hay una gran cosa que ha salido de esto. El líder de la oposición ha tomado el timon en la mano y se dio cuenta que el protocolo y la diplomacia no pone comida en la mesa de nuestro beliceños pobres. El enemigo del pueblo nunca puede ser nuestro amigo. NUNCA! No se trata de propaganda política en público y las bebidas que tienen en el club, al final del día. El Primer Ministro declaró la guerra a nuestro pueblo el día en que se hizo cargo de la oficina, y la oposición ha declarado ahora la temporada abierta a todos los que lastiman a nuestro pueblo. Sr. Barrow no podra estar tranquilo en los días previos a su salida de Belmopan.

En el dia de la Independiencia de Belice, nuestro Primer Ministro se encontraba visiblemente perturbado al escuchar el discurso del Lider de la Oposicion, Parecia que no se encontraba confortable al oir la realidad de lo que esta sucediendo en nuestra nacion. Claro esta que el prefiere cerrar los ojos a la dura realidad y mantenerse en su burbujita rosa en donde el vive. Pareciera que le molesto de sobremanera que alguien se atreviera a introducer la realidad en lo deberia haber sido su show, gobernado por la cordialidad del protocol. De hecho, el Sr. Barrow hizo referencia mordaz a los que se atrevieron a ostentar el protocolo durante este tiempo de patriotismo para hacerle saber que él es un fracaso, un muñeco ... un misil sin sistema de propulsión y sin cabeza que está haciendo un trabajo pesimo en la ejecución de guiar a este país, 29 años después de la Independencia. Yo digo que no había mejor momento para hacer el líder de la nación consciente de lo que se ha convertido esta joya una vez prístina. No había mejor momento para recordarle al Sr. Barrow que casi tres décadas después de la lucha por la nacionalidad gloriosa, el 43% de nuestra población vive por debajo del umbral de pobreza y otro 16% son vulnerables a la pobreza. No había mejor momento para recordar al hombre que está a la cabeza que el 30% de nuestros niños están siendo excluidos de las escuelas primarias y secundarias. No había mejor momento para llamar la atención del mandamás de la industria que al momento de leer esto, se han registrado 100 asesinatos en este país, tres meses completos antes de que termine el año. Caray, ¿qué mejor momento pudo haber sido? - no es como que escucha de todos modos? El líder de la oposición John Briceño, quien hizo que todos los beliceños nos sintieramos orgullosos el Día de la Independencia, lo dijo mejor cuando habló de la lucha por la nacionalidad, los visionarios audaces que dirigieron la carga y en lo que se ha convertido ese orgulloso legado….. "Día de la Independencia es un momento en que los beliceños anhelan la unidad, y con razón, queremos celebrar nuestra nacionalidad. Día de la Independencia es también el momento adecuado y es nuestra responsabilidad de abordar el estado de nuestra nación. Hoy estamos encadenados por una recesión económica que se hace se hace sentir en todos los asentamientos, aldeas, pueblos y ciudades de nuestra joya ... Cada día, las empresas se ven obligadas a cerrar y más beliceños siguen perdiendo puestos de trabajo. Nuestra infraestructura se esta quebrantando ante nuestros ojos. Demasiados de nuestros niños no van a la escuela y nuestros jóvenes tienen pocas esperanzas. La delincuencia y la violencia, el odio y el miedo, acechan a nuestra querida tierra, haciéndonos vivir como prisioneros en nuestros propios hogares. Nunca antes en la historia de nuestro país hemos estado obligados a llorar tan gravemente y tan seguido ... Se nos pidió a imaginar las posibilidades, y esta es la realidad: las facturas de teléfono, agua y luz no han bajado. El costo de vida sigue aumentando sin cesar.Los precios del gas están por las nubes. Más impuestos se cobran sobre los ya sobrecargados beliceños.En todas partes a través de la Joya, hay miedo y temor y la desesperación incluso.Muchas familias sobreviven con fideos y la carne está más allá del alcance de la mayoría.Muchos de los que hemos luchado para construir está nacion estamos siendo destruido.Podemos hacer algo mejor que esto.Todos merecemos algo mejor que esto. Podriamos estar mejor que esto. " Sr. Barrow realizó una indirecta al líder de la oposición, al discurso de este, de no maldecir a la oscuridad, sino que ayudar a encender una vela. Sr., en primer lugar no estamos maldiciendo la oscuridad ... estamos maldiciendolo a usted por traer la oscuridad en la mayoría de su gente mientras que usted y los miembros de su familia y el resto de los gatos UDP viven en mansiones alimentado por la luz perpetua . Y en lo que se refiere al lo de encender una vela? Nos gustaria encenderle a usted una vela pero para que salga de Belmopan lo mas pronto possible. ¿Cómo te atreves a estar pidiendo ayuda ahora cuando se han utilizado todas las oportunidades para victimizar a nuestro pueblo y siguen rechazando todas las ofertas constructivas de asistencia expedido por la oposición, ya que dicen saber todo esto? Sí, sabemos que todas las cámaras se volvieron a tu favor y fue un gran show con un gran sonido pero eso es todo lo que fue - fin de la historia. Así, mientras se intenta ocultar detrás de una fachada de patriotismo, el Sr. Barrow, le recordamos como estamos todos los verdaderos patriotas y nos duele el sufrimiento de nuestro pueblo a causa de lo que ha hecho a nuestro país. Llegará el tiempo, Sr. Barrow, cuando el patriotismo mismo que se esconden detrás será el grito de guerra de todo nuestro pueblo y la proclamación de su caída. ASI SERA!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


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Resvalo de Ropa El Calvo y su Esposita llegaron a las festividades de Independencia en Belmopan vestidos muy elegantemente como era de esperarse. Y me imagino que pensaban que se veian regios hasta que uno de los officiales delSservicio Extranjerole pregunto a Kim porque vestian de negro, si era una celebracion

y los colores de la namdera son azul, rojo y blanco. Se rumora que la primera dama no se torno del color de la bandera, pero sis u rostro estaba rojo como un tomate. Lo que pasa es que en sus sucias conciencias esta el hecho que Belice se encuentra de luto por la muerte de nuestra economia y la perdiada de tantas vidas humanas por su mala administracion! Si No Es Asi! Embajadora de los niños? Tal vez alguien me podría decir ... es si la segunda esposa primera dama sigue siendo la embajadora de los niños en Belice, porque no hemos oído hablar mucho a raíz de los recientes asesinatos de niños inocentes en la ciudad. Yo no recuerdo que haya dicho una palabra cuando un niño pequeño fue acribillado a balazos en un acto de homicidio sin sentido. De hecho, aparte de su "mi Bally 'famoso anuncio salió al aire una y otra y otra vez, la esposa señora primera dama no ha tenido mucho que decir,? Hace muy poco que estábamos buscandola en el funeral de Eyannie López, la niña de 8 años que fue asesinado mientras dormía en su cama, pero nope, Kim no estaba allí. Oh rayos, major me callo! - se me había olvidado que Kim estaba con su marido en Miami haciendo compras rápidas antes de dirigirse a México para ver los fuegos artificiales y beber champaña. Hmmm ... ya sea el official de rangoque se asigno a cuidar de su oficina y con un sueldo excesivo no está haciendo su trabajo, o la primera dama segunda esposa no creía que la muerte de un niño era lo suficientemente importante como para cortar la juerga de

compras y fiesta de fuegos artificiales ... hemos estado plenamente convencido de que es la última ... Si No Es Asi! El brillo tan intensamente... Y hablando de Embajadores que comparten el mismo apellido y el mismo hombre calvo en su vida, nadie ha visto a mi amigo Shyne ... alguien? Hace unos meses, Shyne fue el embajador musical de Belice (gracias a papá Dean tratando de compensar toda una vida de abandono), un ejemplo para toda nuestra gente en todo el país. Supongo que se suponía iba a enseñar los entresijos del gangster rap, fumar crack y volarle los seso

a 'niggaz', porque de eso se trata su música. Ese muchacho no tenía ni idea de Belice o de la música en Belice, pero un tirón en los hilos del corazon culpable de papa Dean lo hizo pasar como uno de los que han dedicado décadas a la promoción y preservación de la música y la cultura de Belice. Lo último que supimos, por ejemplo hace unos dos meses, fue cuando el papá orgulloso le dijo a un medio de recolección de que su hijo muy querido estaba en la dificil tarea de escribir una canción sobre Belice ... hmmm! Deja ya de mentirte Dean... ese tipo no podría escribir una canción sobre Belice, porque él no sabe nada acerca de Belice ... nada. Se podría escribir una canción sobre padres incumplidores que huyen de sus responsabilidades y que podría escribir una canción sobre la vida en la carcel y que podría escribir una canción sobre la vida en las calles de Estados Unidos, pero ese tipo no sabe nada sobre Belice. Dar al hombre algunas acciones de BTL, ¿por qué no, y dar el título de Embajador de la música a alguien que no merece el honor ... Si No Es Asi!........ Política Monetaria 101 ... Baldy parecía que estaba sufriendo de un caso extremo de estreñimiento, mientras que el líder de la oposición estaba


dando su discurso y diciendole al país lo mucho que estamos en una nada gracias a los idiotas en el cargo. He oído decir que en medio del discurso el calvo sacó un lápiz y comenzó a garabatear en cuento a su discurso preparado - un poco como maldita, maldita, maldita sea, mejor hago algunas cosas ahora que la gente no se da cuenta de que soy un completo fiasco . Rayos! no es de extrañar el discurso de un calvo se lleno

de cosas que él afirma que su gobierno planea en hacer (no lo que han hecho en su mente que se han extendido hasta sus poderes de ilusión demasiado lejos). Y escuchen esto ahora el calvo ... dice que hara que el Banco Mundial pueda enseñar a los bancos comerciales de cómo reducir las tasas de interés para la comunidad empresarial ... ¿qué diablos! No necesitamos del Banco Mundial que nos diga qué hacer ... es elemental. Jefe, usted no puede saber esto ya que la economía no es su fuerte, pero es el Banco Central, estúpido. El amigazo del PM, Glen Ysaguirre es el que debe ser el principal responsable en el diseño y aplicación de la política monetaria. Eso es lo que está allí, no de la filtración de documentos confidenciales bancarios a los medios de comunicación del UDP (perdón, dejé que ese gato saliera de la bolso) .... Si No Es Asi! Su verdadera vocación ... Nuestra alcalde de la Ciudad de Belice ha encontrado su verdadera vocación y resulta que está contemplando un cambio de carrera (cruza los dedos). Maldita sea, pero esa mujer es un fantástico MC / DJ siguiendo los

pasos de su esposo Dalla. El Día de la Independencia la Alcaldesa


se hizo cargo del micrófono en el escenario en el Memorial Park y promocionado esa multitud a un frenesí, saludando a este y saludando al otro, hasta haciendo simbolos de pandillas y todo eso. Fue una cosa de belleza ... tome mi palabra. Tengo que decir que nos dolera que se vaya pero si ella va a estar más feliz con un micrófono en la mano que ocupandose de los asuntos de la ciudad, vamos a poner nuestras lágrimas de lado y ser fuertes. Caray, seguro de que será más feliz con la mano en un micrófono que con las manos en nuestros bolsillos?¡Dios! Pero antes de irse, alcalde, ¿sería tan amable de decirnos cuánto pagó a su esposo para hacer frente a la diversión en el Parque Memorial ... aver, hemos escuchado que él recibió $ 13.000 por el trabajo del día, pero yo digo, nah, no nuestro alcalde que nunca ha hecho algo malo en su vida, nunca se pagó ni un centavo más de lo que se suponía y siempre ha cuidado de los beliceños. No ... nuestra "querido" alcalde nunca haría eso. Di que no es así, Z ... Si No es Asi! La flota del Alcalde Campos... Las cosas están calientes en el norte porque el alcalde Hilberto

Campos se encuentra hacienda campaña grande después de declarar que él será el hombre para derrocar al dodo-bird/electrician/ minister Naco en la Bahía de Corozal. La semana pasada, Naco corrio la voz que tanto calvo y su retrasadito mental estan en su rincón y se hizo estallar el látigo si alguien se atreve a realizar una copia de Campos 'Casino'. Pero el astuta Campos tenía su propio truco bajo la manga, ya que hizo que el calvo le prometiera arreglar las calles en el municipio que hará que se vea bien. Según Campos ... ¿por qué el calvo brillante apoyara al dodo-ave sobre él? Tiene un sentido comun aunque un poco enfermo, me imagino ... que va a ser la guerra en la Bahía de Corozal y vamos a estar ahí en cada paso del camino ... Si No Es Asi!


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Políticas UDP, como siempre

100 ASESINATOS Aunque tuve la tentación de empezar esta columna con referencia a las declaraciones magicas de nuestro Primer Ministro en la ceremonia de Día de la Independencia, el hecho es que él es un hombre insensato que tuvo la suerte que se le diera el don de la palabra... El no ha cambiado ni lo hara nunca. No, la realidad de hoy en día de la delincuencia es un tema mucho más crítico que está afectando las vidas de todas los ciudadanos de Belice, con excepción del Primer Ministro que vive en su pequeña burbuja. En el momento de leer esto tan pronto como la semana pasada, habremos alcanzado la marca de 100 con respecto a los asesinatos. Escribo esto sin brillo de satisfacción y no hay alegría en el hecho de que así será ... pero va a ser así, eso es un hecho. También encuentro ninguna satisfacción en el conocimiento que, con tres meses para terminar el ano, estamos preparados para pasar el récord de asesinatos a comparacion del 2008. Esto no es nada gracioso. En su discurso, el Primer Ministro pontificó poderosamente y echó prosa fenomenal con la gracia y agilidad sin precedentes en Belice de hoy en día, pero dijo muy poco acerca de la delincuencia, o lo que se hará para combatir la delincuencia. Él murmuró algo acerca de poner más policías y BDF en la calle (le recuerdo de la fallida Operación Jaguar). Estamos viviendo en tiempos peligrosos que requieren medidas drásticas, pero que son guiados por un gato glamour que combate el crimen violento con una varita de color rosa, palabras bonitas y una canción. No es extraño que los delincuentes están ganando ... Los idiotas seguidores de Barrow Estos seguidores de Barrow en el UDP Guardian amenazan abalanzarse sobre mí cuando yo insulto a su hada madrina, el Primer Ministro, que sería el próximo en línea para la santidad si se salieran con la suya. Pues empiezen a leer y a abalanzarse, idiotas, porque estoy empezando. No sé qué medicamento es el que el Sr. barrow este tomando, pero si me puede convencer de que estamos viviendo una gran vida en un gran pais, con un buen puñado de grandes líderes, entonces denme un poco de ese medicamento pero ya!! Quiza ese medicamento me permite entrar en la mansión de Sea Shore Drive a la orilla del mar, con un filete grande y jugoso delante de mí, con la atención de Kim con una copa de Moet y una nena en un uniforme de sirvienta francesa frotando mis pies, entonces dame una dosis doble condenados. Que rayos! El primer ministro debe haber obtenido sus discursos mezclados - esa es la única explicación. Vea, hay una voz que le da al mismo tiempo viajando por el circuito de cóctel en países extranjeros donde la gente no sabe realmente lo que está pasando en Belice. Ah, eso es todo ... esa es la explicación. Él dio el discurso errado, hablaba de Belice Primer Ministro, porque ese país del que estaba usted hablando no es el país en que vivimos.

Hemos intentado sin suerte… ... Parece que no puedo encontrarme una copia del discurso del dia de la Independencia del Primer Ministro ... ya sabes aquel en el que dice que todo esta bien, todas las industrias están creciendo, la economía se está recuperando y todo gracias a su gran liderazgo y coraje. Cuales fueron las palabras que él utiliza de Nuevo? Ah si! - estamos donde estamos hoy, debido a que lo hemos intentado sin suerte. Bien Sr. Ministro, en el pais donde yo vivo las utilidades siguen subiendo, el costo de los artículos en las tiendas siguen subiendo, las empresas siguen cerrando, la economía se hunde aún mas, el desempleo sigue subiendo, el turismo esta decayendo, la delincuencia sigue incrementando, el porcentaje de niños que abandonan la escuela es más del 30% y 43% de los beliceños están por debajo del umbral de la pobreza. Ahí es donde estoy, señor Barrow, este pequeño país llamado Belice. No estoy seguro de si todavía está usted en Miami o Nueva Orleans o Los Angeles o en cualquiera de las puntuaciones de los países que ha visitado últimamente. Es muy doloroso cuando el Primer Ministro de lo que es casi un estado fallido puede ponerse de pie y hacer los comentarios más atroces y falsos y todo el mundo aplaude en el momento justo. Creo que sabes lo que puedes hacer con tu fallido intento Sr. Barrow!

La querida Alcalde…... Ya deprimido y enojado después de escuchar a las estupidezes del Primer Ministro, que me condujo casi a beber (y usted sabe que no necesito mucho) por la difusión de la tarde de fiesta en el Parque Memorial. Así que hay una personalidad bien conocida de BBN consigue establecer una entrevista con una radiante Zenaida Moya, y él la presenta como la querida alcalde de la ciudad de Belice. Por Dios hombre!! por favor, no me quieras llevar sobre el borde. La alcalde Moya está tan lejos de ser amada como el Primer Ministro de la humildad. Se preguntara usted a donde quiero llegar con esto, pues la alcalde UDP (porque ella es UDP no importa lo que dicen) tiene que ser el político más odiado de la historia de la política en Belice. En serio! Ella se encuentra ante los tribunales bajo la acusación de robo, por el amor de Dios. Y todavía no sé de dónde los cientos de miles de dólares que faltan desde City Hall terminó ... aunque si la alcalde nos invitara a su mansión para un par de copas podríamos comenzar a especular con seguridad. El hecho es que ella ha hecho demasiadas tonterias en el Ayuntamiento para que siquiera piense que algun dia merecera nuetro respeto. Todo este Ayuntamiento encabezado por la alcalde es una gran broma, pero como digo siempre, seguimos tolerando su basura y mimandola y de esta manera las cosas nunca cambiarán. ¿Quieres escuchar un poco más sobre la Alcalde amada solo escucha alguno de los programas matutinos de la semana y te enteraras de cuan amada es! Ella no es amada Caballero... lejos de serlo! Una tormenta se cierne sobre nosotros… En realidad es sólo un área de baja presión con una alta probabilidad de convertirse en un ciclón tropical, mientras escribo este miércoles por la tarde. Los meteorólogos dicen que su moviemiento es hacia el oeste sobre Nicaragua y Honduras antes de dirigirse al norte que lo lleva de lleno a nuestro cuello de los bosques, por así decirlo. Esto trae a la mente al sur de Belice, que es propensa a las inundaciones y por supuesto, trae a la mente el puente sobre el cruce de Kendal, o tal vez debería decir que el puente que debe estar sobre el cruce de Kendal, pero no lo es. El PM se jactó en el tema del Puente en su discurso el día de independencia, alegando que el movimiento para conseguir un puente está en marcha. ¿Cuánto tiempo ha sido amigo ... hmmm, alrededor de 825 días desde que el puente fue arrastrado en Junio de 2008? Y la verdad es que en el discurso del Primer Ministro había alrededor de 67 'que quieren hacer "en lugar de sólo una pareja que yah an logrado hacer." Nuestro primer ministro es un genio en hacer un espectáculo, pero un fracaso en la entrega de la masa, eso es seguro . Oye, nos encontraremos de nuevo aquí el próximo Día de la Independencia con otro discurso como éste ... quieres hacer una apuesta de que el puente de Kendal todavía estará en el 'queremos hacer todavia'? Una canción para el señor Barrow ... Un poco antes de las últimas elecciones, hubo una canción que criticó el líder anterior del PUP que muestra imágenes de la pobreza y puentes de Londres y las personas sin hogar. Estaba pensando en este fin de semana pasado que las cosas están mucho peor de lo que eran en aquel entonces. Me pregunto cuántas canciones se pueden llegar hacer en base de la administracion deplorable del Sr Barrow, una cancion que hable de la pobreza extrema y la corrupción y la negligencia y nepotismo y de crímenes violentos y los fracasos que han caracterizado a su administración. 43% de los beliceños están ahora por debajo del umbral de pobreza, mucho peor que en el marco del PUP. La delincuencia es mucho peor de lo que estaba bajo el PUP. La economía está mucho peor de lo que estaba bajo el PUP. Nuestra educación está mucho peor de lo que estaba bajo el PUP. El turismo es en una forma mucho peor de lo que estaba bajo el PUP. Las empresas no cerraban como lo estan hacienda ahora a manos del PUP. El desempleo fue mucho menor en virtud del PUP. El Sr. Barrow ciertamente no es un campista feliz en este momento, eso es seguro. Nada parece ir bien bajo su dirección y él lo sabe - no dejes que un tonto discurso del Día de la Independencia te engañe. Este señor no se ira en un resplandor de gloria, eso es seguro!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Births Births

Manica Ronika Maria Adelaida to Rony Antonio and Beryl Elizabeth Sarmiento nee Grant Abdallah to Rabin andThe LamaBelize Safa nee Times Slim Angela Sofia to Luis David and Angela Rosa Vargas nee Arana



ResidentialLots Lotsmeasuring measuring DelaneyDanice DanicetotoRandall RandallRoy Royand andRoseline RoselinePlett Plettnee neeDueck Dueck 66Residential Delaney 50’x75’ each, located inthe the JaydaAnniesa AnniesatotoJandey JandeyAlson Alsonand andSheray Sheray Polanco neeBarrera Gordonof Paraiso, 50’x75’ located in Jayda Polanco nee Gordon Leandro Raimundo Corozaleach, to Neftida Sobeidy Pott ZacharyMason MasontotoMartin MartinSr. Sr.and andShiela Shiela Anjelica Sanabrianee nee Vista del Mar area. These lots of Corozal Town Zachary Anjelica Sanabria Vista del Mar area. These lots Dario Osbaldo Tun to Joana Maribel Sosa both ofready Corozal Zetina Zetina are for construcarefilled, filled, ready forTown construcDonald Desmond Griffith to Kimbell Ingrid Jones both of Hattieville, Cefora Esmeralda Poot nee tion. ALl utilities are CeforaSarai SaraitotoNicholas NicholasJr. Jr.and andMagaly Magaly Esmeralda Poot nee tion. ALl utilities areavailable available Belize Manica in the area. All interested Manica Germain Valladarez of Belize City to Glendi of St. perin the Yanet area. Sinturion All interested perRonika Maria Adelaida to Rony Antonio and Beryl Elizabeth sons can contact David at Matthews Village, Cayo Ronika Maria Adelaida to Rony Antonio and Beryl Elizabeth sons can contactEstela David at Sarmiento nee Grant Juan Pedro Ortiz of San Jose Succotz,610-2213 Cayo to Susseth Perez of or 223-0555. Sarmiento nee Grant 610-2213 or 223-0555. San Ignacio, Cayo Abdallah to Rabin and Lama Safa nee Slim Abdallah to Rabin and Lama Safa nee Slim Jose Delmar Novelo to Angela Cecilia Marroquin both of San Ignacio, Angela Sofia to Luis David and Angela Rosa Vargas nee Arana Cayo Angela Sofia to Luis David and Angela Rosa Vargas nee Arana

Liquor License Liquor License Notice

Jose Gilberto Chavez of Trial Farm, Orange Walk to Blanca Lillian Najera Grande of Burrell Boom, Belize Jose Luis Menjivar of Trial Farm, Orange Walk to Nury Victorina Vasquez Leyva of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Froylan Lejon Gilharry of Corozal Town to Nalleli Lucerito Cob of Notice is hereby given that San Pedro, CorozalSobeidy Pott Leandro Raimundo Barrera of Paraiso, Corozal to Neftida Hussein Assaad is applying Carlos Alfredo Martinez to Gladys Magaly Lopez both ofgiven San Joaquin, Notice isA.hereby that of Corozal Town Leandro Raimundo Barrera of Paraiso, Corozal Corozal to Neftida Sobeidy Pott for a Malt and Cider License Dario Osbaldo Tun to Joana Maribel Sosa both of Corozal Town Hussein A.toAssaad is applyingto Evan Ivan Reynolds of Trial Farm, Orange Walk Undina Emely of Corozal Town Griffith to Kimbell Ingrid Jones both of Hattieville, be operated at “Sahara Grill”, Donald Desmond Malt Northern and CiderHighway, License to Landero of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo Dario Osbaldo Tun to Joana Maribel Sosa both of Corozal Town 3for 1/2a miles Belize Braulio Primitivo Ah of San Antonio, be Toledo to Dolores Cho of Punta operated atunder “Sahara Belize District theGrill”, Donald Desmond to Kimbell Ingrid Jones both of Hattieville, Germain ValladarezGriffith of Belize City to Glendi Yanet Sinturion of St. Gorda, Toledo 3 Cayo 1/2 miles Northern Highway, Intoxicating Liquor LicensMatthews Belize Village, Cayo Premitivo Medina of Bullet Tree Falls, to Valleny Sharlett Carillo Belize District Revised under the Juan PedroValladarez Ortiz of San Jose Succotz, Cayo toYanet Susseth Estela Perez of Santa Familia, Cayoof ing Ordinance Edition Germain of Belize City to Glendi Sinturion St. of George Anthony Bahadur of Flowers 1980. Bank, Belize toLiquor SheridaLicensSarahlee San Ignacio, Cayo Cayo Intoxicating Matthews Village, Sutherland of Rancho Dolores, Belize Jose Novelo to Angela Cecilia Marroquin both of San Ignacio, JuanDelmar Pedro Ortiz of San Jose Succotz, Cayo to Susseth Estela PereztoofMarthaing Revised Juan Franscisco Hernandez delOrdinance Carmen Vasquez bothEdition of Cayo San Ignacio, Cayo Corozal 1980. Jose Gilberto Chavez of Trial Farm, Orange Walk to Blanca Lillian NaSergio Rosario to Gabriela Alicia Santos both of San Felipe, JoseGrande DelmarofNovelo AngelaBelize Cecilia Marroquin bothMurrillo of San Ignacio, jera BurrelltoBoom, Orange Walk CayoLuis Menjivar of Trial Farm, Orange Walk to Nury Victorina Jose Jacob Klassen to Susie Braun both of Blue Creek, orange Walk Jose Gilberto TrialTown, Farm,Ambergris Orange Walk to Blanca Lillian NaVasquez LeyvaChavez of San of Pedro Caye Jerick Ronald Michael to Mackenzie Blair Wolfe both of Chattanoojera Grande Burrell Boom, Belize Froylan LejonofGilharry of Corozal Townga, toTennessee, Nalleli Lucerito USA Cob of San Corozal of Trial Farm, Orange Barron Anderson JosePedro, Luis Menjivar WalkOrland to Nury Victorinato Devra Licia Middleton both of Belize City Carlos Alfredo to Gladys Lopez both of San Joaquin, Vasquez LeyvaMartinez of San Pedro Town,Magaly Ambergris Caye Orlando Braun to Verna Reimer both of Spanish Lookout, Cayo Corozal Froylan Lejon Gilharry of Corozal Town to Nalleli Lucerito CobLorelie of Jemayel to Icenie Gonzalez both of Sarteneja, Corozal Evan Ivan Reynolds of Trial Farm, Orange WalkVerde to Undina Emely San Pedro, Corozal Johan Friessen to Helena Neufeld both of Indian Creek, Orange Walk Landero of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo Carlos Alfredo Martinez to Gladys Magaly of San Joaquin, DaleLopez Alton both Palacio to Lisa Ann Miranda both of Camalote, Cayo Braulio Primitivo Ah of San Antonio, Toledo to Dolores Cho of Punta Sebastian Sacul to Amelia Cholom both of Hicattee, Toledo CorozalToledo Gorda, Heinrich Peters to Elizabeth Elias both of Little Belize, Corozal Evan IvanMedina Reynolds of TrialTree Farm, Orange Walk to Undina Emely Premitivo of Bullet Falls, Cayo to Valleny Sharlett Gerhard Peters to Judith Carillo Penner both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Landero of BulletCayo Tree Falls, Cayo Johan Blatz to Agatha Penner both of Shipyard, Orange Walk of Santa Familia, George of Flowers Belize to Sherida BraulioAnthony PrimitivoBahadur Ah of San Antonio,Bank, Toledo to Dolores of Punta both of Shipyard, Orange Walk David Martens toCho EvaSarahlee Friesen Sutherland of Rancho Dolores, Belize Okay Olmez to Paula Jonch both of Belize City Gorda, Toledo

Marriages Marriages


Juan Franscisco Hernandez Martha Carmen Vasquez bothCarillo of Premitivo Medina of Bullet to Tree Falls,del Cayo to Valleny Sharlett Corozal of Santa Familia, Cayo Sergio Rosario Murrillo to Gabriela Alicia Santos both of San Felipe, George Anthony Bahadur of Flowers Bank, Belize to Sherida Sarahlee Orange Walk Sutherland of Rancho Dolores, Belize Jacob Klassen to Susie Braun both of Blue Creek, orangeWelch, Walk 47 Wilfred Gilbert Juan Franscisco Hernandez to MarthaBlair del Carmen Vasquez both of Jerick Ronald Michael to Mackenzie Wolfe both of ChattanooDoreen Sanker, 60 Corozal ga, Tennessee, USA Guadalupe Roaches, 61 Sergio Orland RosarioAnderson Murrillo to Gabriela Alicia SantosZuniga, both Felipe, Barron Devra Licia Middleton both of of San Belize Dorothea 64 City Orange Walk Hector Cuthbert Hoare, 52 Joseph Leopold Orlando Braun to to Susie Verna Braun Reimerboth bothofofBlue Spanish Lookout, Cayo 82 Jacob Klassen Creek, orangeLewis, Walk Angela Medose 89 Jemayel Verde Michael to Icenieto Lorelie Gonzalez both of Sarteneja, Corozal Jerick Ronald Mackenzie Blair Wolfe both ofGillett, ChattanooPatricia Beth Holden Johan Friessen to Helena Neufeld both of Indian Creek, Orange Walk ga, Tennessee, USA Dale Alton Palacio to Lisa Ann Miranda both of Camalote, Cayo Barron Orland Anderson to Devra Licia Middleton both of Belize Sebastian Sacul to Amelia Cholom both of Hicattee, Toledo City Heinrich Peters to Elizabeth Elias both of Little Belize, Corozal Orlando BrauntotoJudith Verna Penner Reimerboth bothofofShipyard, Spanish Lookout, Cayo Gerhard Peters Orange Walk Jemayel Verde to Icenie Lorelie Gonzalez both of Sarteneja, Johan Blatz to Agatha Penner both of Shipyard, Orange WalkCorozal David Friesen bothboth of Shipyard, Johan Martens Friessen to to Eva Helena Neufeld of IndianOrange Creek, Walk Orange Walk Okay Olmez to Paula Jonch both of Belize City Dale Alton Palacio to Lisa Ann Miranda both of Camalote, Cayo


Sebastian Sacul to Amelia Cholom both of Hicattee, Toledo Heinrich Peters to Elizabeth Elias both of Little Belize, Corozal Gerhard Peters to Judith Penner both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Johan Blatz to Agatha Penner both of Shipyard, Orange Walk David Martens Eva Friesen Wilfred GilberttoWelch, 47 both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Okay Olmez to Paula Doreen Sanker, 60 Jonch both of Belize City


Guadalupe Roaches, 61 Dorothea Zuniga, 64 Hector Cuthbert Hoare, 52 Joseph Leopold Lewis, 82 Angela Medose Gillett, 89 Patricia Holden Wilfred Beth Gilbert Welch, 47


Doreen Sanker, 60 Guadalupe Roaches, 61 Dorothea Zuniga, 64

in the area. All interested persons can contact David at 610-2213 or 223-0555.


Liquor License Notice Notice is hereby given that Hussein A. Assaad is applying for a Malt and Cider License to be operated at “Sahara Grill”, 3 1/2 miles Northern Highway, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

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