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Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Shelly’s Blood on Barrow’s Hands…


Issue No. 4707

A song crafted by talented artists as the latest crime-fighting initiative of Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s Operation Restore Belize will not bring 35 year old Shelly Sanchez back to life. Nor will the lively tune comfort her 12 year old daughter, her family and friends left behind to grieve. ‘I am Belize’ did not matter to the gunman who sprayed Shelly with bullets as she walked home, and it did nothing for the innocent woman who lay bleeding in the street, shot to the right elbow, right side of the body and right lower back. It is likely that Shelly Sanchez was murdered because she was a witness in an upcoming murder trial, and family members confirmed that she had been receiving threats in connection with that trial. They say that Sanchez went to report the threats to the Police and they stated that they could do nothing to help her. And as tragic as the case of this murdered mother may be, she is not the first to have been murdered to prevent testimony in a case, nor will she likely be the last. For many months, there have been reports of intimidation of witnesses, attacks and death threats to themselves and their families, attacks. The Police are surely cognizant


of this very serious problem which does much to undermine the proper administration of justice, but they have done nothing to address it, and now a mother lies dead because of their inaction and because of the inaction and negligence of a lame duck government. There are credible reports that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is reporting a conviction rate somewhere in the region of five to seven per cent. One of the reasons for this is the fact that key witnesses are recanting their statements or just not showing up in Court. If criminals are confident that they can perpetrate the most heinous of acts in broad daylight and still walk free, things are going to get worse, much worse. This is not rocket science, Mr. Barrow. It is clear what must be done. The Office of the DPP should be strengthened, should not be allowed to be manipulated politically or otherwise and should be staffed with a team of competent prosecutors who should been given all the tools necessary to secure conviction of criminals. There must be efficient and effective collaboration between (Continued on pg. 3)

Asians Close Shops in protest of young student's senseless murder

The Asian community across Belize City today closed their doors for business as they mourn the senseless murder of Helen Yu, 1 4 , t h e s t u d e n t f r o m E d wa r d P Yorke High was was shot dead last Thursday inside her family’s store on Iguana Street Extension in the C o l l e t a r e a . Yu wa s l a i d t o r e s t

today following a heart-wrenching ser vice attended by her wounded father, Ziren, 41, who was also shot in the robbery, supported by friends from the wider Asian community resident in the beleaguered city. The closure of the businesses, according to Peter Quan, Vice Chair of the Belize Chinese Association,

was also to send a blistering message to law enforcement authorities and to the criminal element that the Asian community has g otten enough of the rampant and undeter red attacks ag ainst them. Coupled with the closure, the Belize Chinese Association

is also offering a reward of between $5,000 and $10,000 for infor mation that proves successful in the apprehension, arrest and conviction of the thieves who killed Yu and injured her father. Infor mation can be forwarded through the CrimeStopper hotline or to any Police Station.



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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mike Singh vs. Belizean Tour Guides & Operators

We Are Destroying Our Future

Mondays used to be the day when the news was dominated by murders and violence; however it has now become a nightly occurrence. No longer exclusive to the start of the work week or even the first block of the nightly news, crime news has become very much like the weather, a constant in the evening newscast on radio and television. Belize has become a violent society. At the rate at which the acts of violence are occurring in Belize, the statistics now show that our nation is averaging one murder every 3 days. So far this year there have been 74 murders. If the violence continues at this pace it could be another record year. It is quite likely that by the end of 2010 the number of murders committed could reach as high as 120. What is it about our society that is causing so much rampant violence? Why is there so little regard for life among this sector of our youthful population? According to the report by Dr Kenneth Gayle, one in every three Belize City youth has had some contact with the gang world or has witnessed some form of gang violence. This is an indication that the prevalence of gang activity in our urban society is growing at an alarming pace and that the authorities may very well have lost control of the situation. Undoubtedly the main issue that is causing all the murders and the other forms of violence is rooted in the drug trade which seems to have taken over Belize. This has fuelled a new culture of fear, which comes from the barrel of a gun and prosperity which is gained though illegal activities. The experts will argue that it makes so no sense to throw our hands up in the air in despair, just as they will agree that it matters little if we lock ourselves inside our homes in fear. So where do we begin? We begin at the top with the Barrow administration; they must provide the moral leadership, demonstrating that they will aggressively fight crime and that it will be fair and always follow the rule of law. They must also ensure that there is no tampering with the judicial system and those criminals will be brought to justice. As a society, everyone must contribute to solving the problem. In New York after 9/11 they introduced a slogan which called on everyone to help to keep the city safe, that slogan was, “if you see something, say something.” Of course if this is to work, the authorities must be able to protect those who step forward, ensuring their safety. All of us must take responsibility for what is happening in Belize today and we have to be prepared to work at not only stopping the violence today, but to help to protect the next generation of at risk youth from the lure of drugs, violence, prison or death. This cannot be the only options for a poor urban youth of Belize. In Europe when violence started to get out of control, a number of cities developed a system to aid local authorities deal with the problem at the community level. City governors empowered communities to organise themselves to engage in what they called: “outcome focused prevention planning.” This is a type of programme that seeks to use tools for prevention of crimes, especially in the area of drug use and trafficking. In this exercise community leaders developed a way to measure risk, protection, delinquency and drug use outcomes reliably in at risk neighbourhoods. Using this information, community leaders put a risk level from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and use resources based on the level of risk. What leaders also did with the information was to work with local communities to provide them with the information and assist them in organizing themselves to engage in outcome focused prevention planning, they assisted in cleaning up the neighbourhoods, providing better lighting at nights, organized local events that would bring the community together and provided after school programmes in sports, education, and outdoor activities. So far Restore Belize is all talk, the time for action is long overdue and we are still in the talk show phase. If Belize is to have a future, we must all take responsibility and take action now.

It was a packed house on Tuesday at the Belize Biltmore Plaza when Belizean Tour Guides and Tour Operators gathered under their umbrella organization FECTAB (Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize) to send a message to the UDP government that they are unhappy with the way that they are running the Tourist Industry. The contention is that a Jamaican outfit name Chukka Caribbean Adventures joined as majority owner with a Belizean tour company, Bakabush Tours. Immediately Chukka was offered the contract to provide tours to Carnival Cruise Lines by the executives of Carnival Cruise Lines. Chukka/Bakabush outfit has partnered with a prominent UDP henchman and Chairman of the Transport Board Leo Batty to provide all the transportation for the guest of Carnival. This immediately boxed out every other red blooded Belizean that had their little bus that use to be rented when the local operators had the Carnival contract. This marginalization of Belizeans in an industry they created and lived off for over fifteen years seem to have the full support of the Ministry of Tourism. In a television interview on Friday CEO in the Ministry of Tourism Michael Singh stated that Belizeans were operating below standards which is why they have allowed a foreign company to operate in Belize. He went further to state that he believes this is a private matter and that government should not interfere in private businesses, yet on August 24, 2009 Dean Barrow government did a hostile takeover of BTL, a privately owned business. What Michael Singh is saying is traitorous, because he is a public servant being paid by Belizean taxpayers and should be seeking to ensure that Belizeans benefit from the tourist industry but instead he is bad mouthing these hard working Belizeans that have made major investments in Belize. Unlike Chukka whose policy is to lease so when they leave a destination after the abuse the natural resources they have no baggage The PR person for Chukka, Guy Martin claims that Chukka is paying all its taxes. Well that is easy to prove, just provide a copy of the contract between Chukka and Carnival to the media so all can calculate the payment rate. But we should not hold our breath for that. The other issue of contention by FECTAB members is that Chukka found a way to usurp the law and gain access to the cave using it without paying due to a technicality that was overlooked by the government. It has been almost two years that the government has been aware of the situation and has delayed correcting this anomaly. As a result all other Belizean tour operator that access the Cave Branch site has to pay a park fee while Chukka does not pay. Belize is losing millions of dollars as a result of this UDP government collusion or incompetence. This was a government that tricked the Belizean people in February 2008 to believe that they got their back, well look whose back Mike Singh has and surely it is not the Belizean tour operator nor tour guides. Presently the government is stifling the economy with inactivity and nepotism and jobs are drying up. The cry of the Belizean tour personnel is that they are losing their jobs. Presently the government is standing in the way of almost 5,000 jobs being created on the Southside of Belize City, all that is needed is for them to give support for the construction of Belize Cruise Terminal which will enable all the ships to dock. Even Marc Melville, co-managing director of Chukka Tours agreed in his August 7th, 2009 interview that Belize will benefit tremendously if it allowed for the building of a cruise terminal. We believe the Belizean’s livelihood must be protected and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that it provides all the opportunities for Belizeans. Do you hear Michael Singh and Manuel Heredia?

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Will the Prime Minister please tell the nation when he will meet with the Belizean people here at home in a Town Hall meeting to discuss all the pressing issues we NEED to talk to him about. Will the Minister of Finance please tell us WHEN he will remove the dollar tax placed on gasoline and other fuels as he promised over a year ago in the 2009 budget>


When will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance disclose to the public the true figure spent on purchase of vehicles and the annual fuel bill for members of Cabinet since he declared we were in a recession.


Will the Minister of Health please tell the residents of Corozal and Orange Walk what measures will he take to address the infestation of rodents, ants and other pests at the Northern Regional Hospital.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Belize Times


Shelly’s Blood on Barrow’s Hands…

the Police Department and the Office of the DPP, from investigation to detention to prosecution – ever y ste p of the way. No more petty squabbles between the two entities, no more botched and barely adequate investigation, no more lost case files, no more unprepared prosecution, no more criminals walking down the steps smiling to kill again. Witnesses to crimes must be assured that they

and their families will be afforded every protection possible and they must be given that protection. Shelly Sanchez was not given that protection. When she approached the Police with the threats she had been given, she was told that they could do nothing to help her. She is now dead, and her blood lies on the hands of those in the Police Department who ignored her plea for help and

on the hands of Mr. Barrow, who seems completely oblivious to what is happening around him. It will be a miracle if anyone who witnesses a murder after this will step forward to testify. The message sent by the criminals through Shelly Sanchez death is crystal clear. What if the investig ations into the execution style murder of her neighbor, Ivan Francis just twenty four hours later

turns out to be the elimination of a witness to Shelly's murder ? It screams murder most foul and says who runs things. The message sent back by the Police Department and by the Prime Minister is that they can do nothing. Until Mr. Barrow’s answer to crime and violence is more than a pretty song, our streets will continue to run red with blood.

Dengue cases up but still true figures thought to be much higher

Officials from the Ministry of Health called a press conference on Wednesday morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to summon the help of the public in fighting the battle with dengue. It was announced there that there has been an increase in the number of diagnosed cases, as well as three deaths for this year, The high demand for beds for dengue cases at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, coupled with the outbreak, has spawned an all out reactive approach by the Ministry of Health and related bodies. Representatives of those groups called a press conference this morning to let the public in on their roles in the fight, safety precautions, clinical treatment of dengue and an overall approach to the plague. According to the Director of Health Services, Dr. Michael Pitts, the figures that have racked up for what is considered only a third of this peak season

are so high that it has prompted health officials to take action with their awareness campaigns, refreshers with doctors

at the various clinics and hospitals and the environmental approach of spraying populated areas. Last year, there were 1,370 confirmed cases of dengue in the public health system. For this year alone Kim Bautista, Chief, Vector Control Officer in the Ministry of Health announced that there are already 807 cases of the virus. What is more frightening is that of that amount, 513 of those cases have been detected in the Belize District. The only other district to be significantly affected, Cayo, has recorded 210 cases. These figures are to to last week Friday. While these figures are a cause for concern, truth is they still do not reflect the true picture of dengue cases in Belize because many -as much as thirty percent of patients - take their tests at private medical institutions and the statistics coming from those private labs do not reach the Ministry of Health fast enough. In fact, it is believed that many

never reach the Ministry. Of equal concern for health officials is the fact that whenever there is an outbreak, a few of the cases will end up fatal because the symptoms portrayed by dengue hemorrhagic can be confused with other acute illnesses or conditions. Fighting dengue, however is an allinclusive battle. The effort has to come from everyone, even the residents. Cleaning up yards of old tires, coconut shells, and bottles and using mosquito sprays help eliminate the problem. Even discarding of hot fat in drains can help as the cooking oil creates a layer on the water's surface that the mosquito larvae cannot penetrate in order to breathe. Health officials will team up with residents on Saturday for an all-day cleanup campaign in Belize City, with much of the emphasis on the south side from which the majority of the cases have originated.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

PUBLIC AUCTION SALES: PROPERTIES Los Lagos, Belize District & Belmopan, Cayo District

BY ORDER of the Mortgagees, Messrs. Heritage Bank Limited, Licensed Auctioneer Kevin A. Castillo will sell the following properties ON SITE on Monday the 30th August 2010 at the following times:


AT NO. 261 Los Lagos, Belize District at 11:00 am:


Last week Friday 35-year-old Shelmadene Sanchez was gunned down on her way home. Shelmadene did not belong to a g ang, she sold no dr ugs nor was she known to be involved in any illeg al activity. It is believed that Shelmadene was killed because she witnessed a murder last year. Sadly Shelmadene has become another tragic statistic to the ever-increasing murders in Belize. So far this year there have been 74 murders. T his is not a record for us to be proud off. At this rate, by the end of the year, we can end up with as many as 120 murders. T his would be an all time record high. Unfor tunately our g over nment is either unable or overwhelmed by the crime e pidemic that’s destroying Belize. At best their response has been anemic. For instance the Prime Minister introduced Operation Restore Belize with much fanfare claiming that this was their comprehensive approach toward fighting and defeating crime. So far all we have seen or heard of Operation Restore Belize is a bureaucratic laden plan. Belizeans have found out that there are four layer g roups that will be managing this operation. People who have no experience in fighting crime are managing a “Secre tariat” that is located outside and away from where most of the crimes are being committed. T here is the issue of the lack of money. We cannot send our police officers to war ag ainst well-ar med g angs with three bul lets. We also cannot have the Minister of Police publicly ridicule his officers yet expect them to be a highly motivated de par tment ready to fight the criminals in the streets. And we cer tainly can not expect the Police De par tment to look professional with a meag er salar y and two sets of unifor m and a pair of shoes per year, as is cur rently the case. T he Prime Minister’s other quick fix on crime is his legisla tive ag enda. Over the past two years and six months the g over nment has amended several laws with stiffer penalties including the possession of unlicensed guns and bullets in their attempt to g et the guns off the streets. Ag ain, this has not worked. Why? T he resources to g o after the illeg al guns are just not there. Once more the Prime Minister will amend the Firear ms Act with an even more far-reaching inter pretation and stiffer penal ties. Even members of the Bar Association are already raising serious concer ns about this issue. Will it work? In this amendment the Prime Minister is proposing to widen the inter pretation of persons that can be charg ed with possession of an unlicensed firear m and ammunition to include the work place. To fur ther complicate matters bail from the Magistrate’s cour t will not be an option. So an accused could spend three to four weeks in jail before the Supreme Cour t can hear the case for bail! As one lawyer explained, this will cause undue hardship to many innocent people who will have to spend time in jail. As to the hardened criminals it will be a few weeks off the streets for them because they know they will be g ranted bail. Cur rently Belizeans are tired of all this talk about the fight ag ainst crime. We know what the problems are and what needs to be done. Belizeans want action! T hey want to see a concer ted effor t including making the necessar y resources available to wag e an effective and efficient war ag ainst crime. Of course we all need to do our par t. We need to stop glamorizing dr ug lords and g ang leaders. We need to be on the lookout for our neighbors and org anize Neighborhood Watch Zones. We also need to g o back to our traditional Belizean values of looking out for one another. We owe this much to Shelmadene Sanchez and the many who have lost their lives to the senseless violence in our streets.

ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot 261 in the subdivision known as LOS LAGOS situate near Mile 13, Northern Highway, Ladyville in the Belize District of Belize as surveyed by Kenneth A. Gillett Licensed Surveyor and recorded at the Office of the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys Belmopan at Register 16 Entry 4460 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon. (Being concrete bungalow dwelling house [29’ X 34’] consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2bathrooms, Kitchen/Living/Dining Room & small Laundry and a two storey concrete/timber building [GF: 17’ X 26’ with 6’ wide verandah + FF: 23’ X 26’ with 6’ wide verandah] together with lot [533.630 sq. metres or 638.22 sq. yards], the freehold property of Mrs. Ann Marie Fuller, surety for Slate Company Limited)


AT PARCEL NO. 4667 Northeast Belmopan at 1:30 pm:




(Being a vacant corner lot containing 622.483 square meters or 744.50 square yards situate on a street East of the United States Embassy Housing Compound in Belmopan, Cayo District, the freehold property of Ms. Janice Savery)


TELEPHONE: 224-4473 Email:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Run for the Hills… Pack up your meager belongings, throw your womenfolk over your shoulder and run for the hills – the mosquitoes are coming, the mosquitoes are coming! Oh wait, the mosquitoes have been here for a long time, and so has dengue. Even Jules had some serious comic relief at the expense of those nincompoops at the Ministry of Health and the KHMH who’ve just now realized that there is dengue in Belize, and in outbreak proportions. Boss, we’ve

known that for months, don’t you all watch the news. Now, only now do these people realize that there is a serious problem with dengue after several deaths have been reported. I guess now the powers that be are goinbg to move into gear and deploy the sprayers and start dealing with the problem. Oh how secure that makes us feel, about 4 months after the fact. Bunch of idiots! We’ve done a little discreet digging to discover how the guys at the MoH and KHMH realized that there was dengue in Belize, and here’s what we found out. Remember the story we ran last week about the guy from Concepcion who was taken to the hospital in Corozal with dengue and they couldn’t treat him because they had no equipment? Well it appears that he is related to the Minister’s main squeeze (his wife, not the other one). So we figure his wife found out about it at the family dinner table this Sunday and promptly went home and told Naco about it. Wanting to impress or appease her, he immediately called the Ministry and directed them to check out the dengue thing and there you have it – a press conference announcing a dengue outbreak. Thanks guys… thanks for nothing, that is…If Da Noh Soh! Do we need them? As I understand it, the UDP City Council has issued a proclamation that it is the responsibility of citizens to keep the street area in front of

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their houses spic and span. Okay then. Just this morning the confused fellow and the idiot with the hundred

year old face and 20 year old hair were on WAVE’s morning show and I had the great misfortune to tune in. A couple residents called in right off the bat, one of them complaining about the garbage on the streets and the overgrown vacant lots in his area. Then a 73 year old lady called in complaining about overgrown vacant lots and garbage all over the place. This lady says she is just recovering from her second bout of dengue in recent months. So you say – CitCo to the rescue? Hell no. Joe and Fonso told the elderly lady that she would have to deal with the problem herself cause age notwithstanding, she sure did sound strong over the radio. What the hell? So CitCo doesn’t clean in front of houses, they don’t clean vacant lots, they don’t pick up garbage, they sure as hell don’t maintain parks and playgrounds and they don’t fix streets and they don’t clear drains and they don’t do social programs…so what exactly does the City Council do? I’ll give a prize to the first person with the answer to this dilemma…If Da Noh Soh!

just like the PM pushed through the managing Mayor Moya Bill, he’s planning to table an Unjust Stupidity ACT. He’s out to get you buddy, but no worries, I gat yu back…If Da Noh Soh! Hold the magic… Word out of the Office of the Prime Minister is that the bald magician has directed his CEO to seek out and confiscate all copies of recordings made at the UDP Convention recently. You know the one where he grinned from ear to ear like a loon, thrust his hands in the air like some demented sorcerer and lisped – you see, we told you the magic is still here. We are told that after the pain meds wore off, the dark reality intruded and friends told him what he had said while under the influence of induced euphoria, baldy went ballistic and all hell broke loose. I’d give all of my riches and half of my good looks for baldy to walk through certain neighbourhoods in Belize City telling residents that the situation they are living in is magical…If Da Noh Soh! Hungry Belly… The very rich Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Tourism, Mike Singh, did an interview on television last night which made me want to jump into the screen and leap up and down on his head screaming ‘hungry belly, hungry belly…’ Okay, I just had to get that out there. With that out of the way let me just say that I find Mr. Singh’s comments

Unjust Stupidity Act… A great philosopher called Forrest Gump once said – Stupid Is as Stupid Does! I can’t say for certain sure, but all indications are that he was talking about Deputy Mayor Philloughby.

last night extremely offensive and insulting to poor Belizeans who are struggling to make ends meet. The rich, privileged UDP crony smirked when he said that the small tour operators and tour guides don’t

Damn, that boy deserves an award for stupidity if anybody ever did. But yeah, grudgingly, grudgingly I’ve got to recommend him for an award for skin like a damned rhinoceros. It can’t be easy walking on the street and having people point and you and snicker. Hell, it can’t be easy being the brunt of the media’s jokes (unless he believes that Philloughby is an affectionate and complimentary moniker, that is). So yeah buddy, you got my vote for the most doggedly stupid person of the year. And looking out for you as I am, I’ll share a bit of news with you. I hear that


really have a legitimate gripe, it’s just hungry belly syndrome (excuse me while I jump up and down on his head again). Boss, you’ve got your hands in so many pies that you’ll never know what it feels to be hungry, so you can’t insult poor Belizeans like that. You sit there in you’re airconditioned office with a secretary bringing you coffee and sugar cookies while poor Belizean tour guides work countless hours in the hot sun trying to make a day’s wage. You drive your air-conditioned luxury vehicle which those poor Belize tour guides have paid for to your fancy home where you are pampered. Boss, you know nothing about hungry belly. If the bellies of those Belizean tour guides are empty, it is because of the policies of the government which has given both you and your brother cushy, high-paying jobs. Never before have things been so hard in Belize, but that’s a concept you and your brother, both making easily more than $100,000 a year could never grasp. Maybe you should think about helping these people to fill their bellies (what you’re getting paid for actually) and stop concentrating on filling your belly and your pocket… If Da Noh Soh! Just asking… I don’t mean to get ‘anyBadi’ upset, but word out of the extreme western district is that the family of a certain Pizza Hut clerk turned Ambassador has been throwing about quite a hefty amount of cash lately. In fact, a source tells us that a couple houses in Benque have been purchased, spot cash. Wow, it must pay to be an ambassador under the UDP. Sources also tell us that lately there has been a large amount of Chinese nationals seen in Benque (mind you, we’re not stating that they came by way of Cuba through a Belizean visa, wink wink) and it was soon after these Chinese nations were spotted that the fortunes of ‘someBadi’ seemed to expand exponentially. Hmmm, wasn’t there an ambassador who was recalled after a planeload of Chinese nationals arrived in Belize from Cuba without proper documents? Oh well, we’ll be sure to keep you posted just in case ‘someBadi’s’ doing something shady…If Da Noh Soh!

The PUP Corozal Bay Executive Committee is calling for interested persons that would want to contest for the PUP Standard Bearer Convention, Corozal Bay to submit their application to: The Chairman PUP Corozal Bay Executive Committee, PUP Office, Corozal Town. The deadline for submission is August 31st, 2010.


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PARTY PAGE PL Meets with Corozal Bay Executive

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Par ty Lea der alo ng wit h me mb ers of Co roz al Ba y Ex ecu tiv e off ers con dol enc es to rel ati ve of the lat e An ita Wa rre n, a PU P sta lwa rt of Co roz al Tow n.

Party Leader meets with Dangriga Executive and Strengthens Cayo West Executive

We Are The PUP

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Belize Times

UDP Politics as usual

The tourism crisis… If there is any industry in Belize which is not currently in crisis, could somebody point it out please? Seems like absolutely nothing’s going right in Belize these days! By the way, has anybody noticed that things started going down the drain in the past two years – wonder what changed since like, hmmm, 2008 thereabouts! Oh yeah, that’s right, the United Democratic Party took over and asked us to imagine the possibilities. Mr. Dean, we don’t need to imagine the possibilities any longer, we’re living the dread realities. It’s sad what’s happening in our tourism industry these days. It was sad to listen to a small tour operator last night saying that the five guides he employs will be wearing their company shirts for the last time because they have been pushed out of business. Seems like our Belizean operators and guides are being forced out of business because they can’t compete with one big time foreign player fronting as a Belizean-owned business. As things stand right now, it looks like hundreds of small Belizeans will be looking for new employment soon. The CEO of the Belize Tourism Board Mike Singh took sides with no remorse and insulted our small time tour operators and guides, telling them that they were just not up to standard. I wonder if the CEO doesn’t have his hand in the Chukka pie, cause he sure seems partial to that company. Be that as it may, methinks Mr. Barrow should think about opening his eyes very soon, as the frustration and desperation on the streets is already at fever pitch.

Barrow’s foot-in-mouth crisis… I’m finding it harder and harder to laugh at Mr. Barrow’s frequent faux-pas. I guess that’s because as one woman put it so eloquently on the news last night, she has been in the tourism business for the past 9 years and things have never been so bad, and she has children to feed. Nothing seems very funny anymore, even when Mr. Barrow makes a fool of himself. On Sunday I was listening to a live radio broadcast from Los Angeles, as the Prime Minister addressed a gathering of Belizean-Americans, something he dearly loves to do far away from the dismal realities of home. He was asked about tourism, and in his trademark brilliant style, waxed philosophical for at least 10 minutes about all that his government is doing in the tourism industry, all the incentives his administration is providing for small tour operators, all the training for the small tour guides. It was a fairy tale story which ended, as far as I could tell from the radio broadcast, in a standing ovation. Hell, it sounded so good I wanted to pull the vehicle to the side of the road and get out and cheer. But how’s about this for a cold slap of reality straight to the kisser, Mr. Barrow? While you were out there feting and weaving your gossamer threads of fancy, hundreds of poor Belizean tour guides and small tour operators are going out of business and wondering how they will provide another meal to their children. I don’t remember you mentioning that, Prime Minister. Guess you got so carried away by the adulation that you forgot that part. Complete fabrications… During that same broadcast, Mr. Barrow was asked a question about corruption in his government, and pontificated, postured, posed and paused dramatically for an awe-inspiring 20 minutes. Actually, it was a nauseating 20 minutes of saying a lot about absolutely nothing. First, Mr. Barrow took time to proclaim his own greatness, stating that while he cannot really speak about his ministers, he is as lily-


pure as the traditional vestal virgin (blatant, outrageous nepotism and tampering with the Judiciary do not count as corruption in his mind, I suppose). Then I guess realizing that as the leader of the UDP crew he had to bear some responsibility for their shenanigans, he took out his holy rod of correction and roared out in supreme piety and righteousness that if any of his crew took the path of corruption, he would be smote down and bashed about the head, so to speak. Ouch, guess if any one of that bunch was listening to the radio he must have been a wee bit uncomfortable. Like my friend Boots, for example, who still has not been able to explain that Port Loyola housing for the poor thing which never actually benefits the poor in Port Loyola. Where exactly does the money go, Boots? And then there’s Grabby Vega, who has parceled out countless pieces of land all over this country to his family members, and that’s just one of his lesser sins. And the list can go on and on. You see, Mr. Barrow can travel all over the world and blow smoke and fart rose-scented rubbish. Here in the jewel we know better. No stipend for diabetes… I would love to say that Mr. Barrow was a little ashamed when a volunteer in the Belize Diabetes Association who was visiting LA and was at the meeting stood up and told him that for two years the Association has been trying to get a small stipend from GOB, but to no avail. But nope, the man was unperturbed and his aplomb was unshakable. He committed then and there to looking into the situation and got another rousing round of applause. Three cheers for Mr. Barrow. But see, this is something very serious. Diabetes is responsible for the greatest number of deaths in Belize yearly and the numbers keep growing. The Association is staffed by volunteers who give generously of their time and resources, and they have not been able to get a stipend from GOB in two years of begging. This brings to mind my old friend the semi-literate Deputy Prime Minister, who was questioned about a 15,000 acre lucrative logging concession he gave to his good friend and campaigner Gaspar Luna. Vega claimed that Luna had just recovered from a bout with cancer, so he gave him the concession to help him out, and he did so without shame. I remember thinking, damn, isn’t there a Cancer Association which is perpetually struggling for funds? They could have done with some of the proceeds from that logging concession. But no, Luna got it all for himself because, poor thing, he was a cancer survivor. In terms of this Diabetes Association thing, all I can tell that lady volunteer is that I hope she got the PM’s commitment to look into the matter in writing, got his signature in front of witnesses and got it notarized.

Murders and a song… I’m fairly confident that the artists who contributed to the making of I Am Belize know that there is criticism not of the song, but of the initiative which led to the song in the greater scheme of things. Their talent is undeniable, but boss this is way bigger than a song. It really pisses me off that as the murder rate creeps to just about one a day, the best crime fighting initiative this government could come up with was a song. Before the song, violent crime was out of control, after the song violent crime is out of control. Mr. Barrow and his effete little Puck dance merrily around the real issues throwing glitters and confetti to cover the blood and gore running on the streets. A few days ago there was a woman on radio talking about Operation Restore Belize. She was talking about coming up on a child drawing on a wall and it being our responsibility to correct that child and get them to stop. Do these people not realize that in this day and age, we’d probably end up with a 9mm bullet lodged in our skulls for our troubles? Things are that bad. Mr. Barrow et al are putting the ball in our court, making it our responsibility to deal with crime. They need to deal with the abject poverty, the hopelessness, the desperation, the lack of accessible education, the lawlessness… GOB needs to do its job. Mr. Barrow needs to get real in a hurry.


The Belize Times

Sunday, August 22, 2010


By: Mike Rudon Jr. I don’t say it to make myself a target of eg gs being thrown by persons who believe that if you cut their veins red, white and blue blood will come pouring out to the accompaniment of the Belizean national anthem. Hey, I love my country just as much as the next person and more than a lot of them but facts is facts – a lot of us are too broke and depressed and angry and fr ustrated and hungry and confused and desperate to leap into that patriotic mode and burst into song for the September ‘celebrations.’ Boss, ain’t nobody celebrating anything right now. Things dread! Just look around. Just listen. Last night the big story on the news was the fact that small Belizean tour operators will be closing down because they have been pushed out of business by a powerful foreign based player in the tour business. Hundreds of tour guides who work hand to mouth will be going home because there will be no jobs. It broke my heart last night to hear one young Belizean entrepreneur say that his five employees are wearing his company shirt for the last time because he is closing down. Another woman said that she has been in the business 9 years and things have never been this bad. One man has been in the business 12 years, and doesn’t know how he will be able to provide for his five children. Prime Minister Dean Barrow should stand in front of these tour operators (without his security entourage), raise his hand in the air and shout with gusto – See, the magic is still there! Oh boy, I’d pay anything to see the result of that. And these are only a few of the many stories of desperation in Belize, of being unable to provide for families, of children dropping out of school, going hungry. Just listen to the airwaves. It’s gotten to the point where the hosts don’t even know how to respond to the litany of complaints and tales of despair. In Belize today, there is absolutely nothing to smile about. Nobody seems to know where to turn. Anybody who knows me knows I’m not the religious sort, but to borrow a quote from Proverbs – where there is no vision the people perish. Mr. Barrow, if he does have even an iota of vision, is hiding that bright light under a bushel while his people perish. Can he not see the reality of Belize today? It makes the headlines when big businesses fold, and they are now folding with dismal regularity. Well, for each big business that folds, there must be at least 10 or 15 small enterprises that go out of business but don’t make the headlines. Each business, big or small which folds

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means that there are people on the street without the ready means to support themselves and their families. That adds up to insane desperation, Mr. Barrow and all that comes with it. I think it’s scary that so many businesses have collapsed, so many others are teetering on the brink of insolvency, our economy is in r uin and the self-proclaimed genius at everything has had absolutely nothing to say. In fact, to hear Mr. Barrow speak, one could very easily get the impression that all is well in Belize; everybody’s just having a jolly old time. The Prime Minister spends much of his time in foreign travel and cocktails in far off locales, but I am doubtful that the words ‘economic collapse’ would ever issue from his Botox-

buttressed lips. But that’s exactly what this is, exactly where we are. Our nation is at the brink of an economic collapse. I mean, really, I must commend Love Radio for its persistent attempts to get Belizeans into the September spirit. But it’s not happening. Asking businesses to hang red, white and blue bunting on their buildings would be no imposition in nor mal times, but these aren’t nor mal times, are they? Right now businesses are trying to keep their doors open as long as they can so that employees can take home food to feed their families and keep the utilities connected – gaily waving bunting is another matter which is far down on the list of priorities. I turned on Love FM a couple

mornings ago and somebody was imploring Belizeans to stick flags on their vehicles, on their bicycles, on their homes. Then I switched over to KREM and an employee of BML was pleading for help from any quarter because his company had not been paid by the UDP CitCo so he had not been paid and his utilities had been cut off. He had five children, two of them very young, no electricity, no r unning water and no money to put food on the table. Somehow I don’t think the most pressing thing on his mind was purchasing a Belizean flag and r unning down the street with mad, patriotic fer vor. We’re too broke and depressed to be patriotic, Jack. Viva Belize. Long Live Belize.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Belize Times


No knowledge of the Basics of Investment: Is the UDP Ignorant or just plain stupid

Contrary to popular belief, economies are not backed by gold reserves locked away in a vault at Fort Knox. Maybe some in this government believe that we have large gold deposits hidden somewhere, but those of us who have some understanding how an economy operates knows that it is all about building trust and confidence. If the people in the government understood this, then they would not be leaking confidential banking information to the irresponsible buffoons over at Wave and the Guardian. The Importance of Belizean Investors Too often, we as Belizeans complain that there are too many foreigners taking over our country! However, whenever there is a Belizean who is smart-enough, brave-enough, or experienced-enough to invest in Belize, some in our society, especially within this government seem to pray that these people fail. From afar, this looks to be the position that the media organs of this present government have embraced. I guess they really do not understand the potential repercussions of their actions. Mr. Emory King used to say: “If you want to make a million dollars in Belize, you must invest ten million.� Becoming successful in business in Belize is no easy task, especially if you are competing in an industry that has foreign competition or if you are affiliated with the PUP when in opposition. The reality is that there is no such thing as cheap capital in Belize. While foreign investors have access to cheap credit, Belizean investors are saddled with huge bank payments that range from fifteen to twenty percent. Belizean investors also have to worry about fending off the sharks from the political arena. The truth is if you are a local investor, especially one affiliated with the PUP, you are as good as f_@*!d! That is just the cold, harsh reality of life and business in Belize today. For that reason, I have hope that our Party will unite sooner rather than later! But that discussion if for another time! From my perspective, local investment is as or may be more important than that of money coming from abroad. Firstly, most of the money earned in Belize from local businesses stay here and is not repatriated. Secondly, the government does not have to worry about bending over and granting all sorts of fiscal incentives. And lastly, Belizean owners tend to treat their workers with more respect and regard compared to most foreign investors. Now do not get me wrong, I am not against foreign investors, there is a place for them in our economy as well. The Roles of Banks in Our Economy Research shows that there is a direct relationship between the performance of the banking industry and that of the economy. There is enough evidence to support that whenever there are fluctuations in bank credit there are fluctuations in economic activity. There

is also evidence that underscores the fact that bank asset holdings adjust before changes in economic activity and that the banking system's security-toasset ratio strongly predicts economic growth. By analyzing the terms of bank lending over the business cycle, it has been proven that variations in lending terms are consistent with the argument that restrictions on bank credit adversely affect the economy.

Trust and confidence are the sociopsychological attributes that everyone considers to be essential to get the local economy going. How do you build them if the population does not have confidence in our government? The reality is that no confidence building can take place without political and economic leaders basing their policies on equity and sustainability. People have to see and experience fairness.

They have to see and experience social, economic and ecological sustainability rather than some short-term measures and rhetoric. I cannot express my disappointment in the Prime Minister for allowing his people to vilify hardworking Belizean investors who have had the courage to invest major money into our country. To tell you the truth, it is a damn shame!!!




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Sunday, August 22, 2010


BELIZE VALLEY PROJECT - BELIZE Earlier this RIVER week, The Belize Times was infor med that the Consultancy Services for Design and situation at Fresh Catch, the largest tilapia farConstruction m in Belize had Supervision worsened dramatically. Fresh Catch is located in La Democracia and is owned by the Mena family STATEMENTS and was put into receivership byOF CAPABILITY First Caribbean Bank in the middle Government ofThe last month. of Belize (GOB) has received a loan from the Caribbean Development Bankby(CDB) the cost of the Belize River Valley Project, and Efforts thistowards newspaper applythe a portion of theaproceeds tointends interto view receiver Craig to eligible payments under a contract to provide consultancy for design Water man from services Barbados wereand construction supervision. unsuccessful. We have however GOB will execute thethe project through Belize Water Services Limited (BWS), and learned that he left country and a Project Manager within BWS will be responsible for the day-to-day managereturned to Barbados to celebrate ment of project and activities. BWS shall be the Executing Agency for the project. Kadooment Independence Day in Barbados. We were only BWS now seeking engage consultants able toisconfir m thisto by visiting his to: (a) undertake detailed engineering survey of the routewhere for installing distribution network and mains interconFacebook page therethewere Waterman at Play necting the nine villages; (b) prepare new and review existing tank designs; and enough pictures to confir m that to Eamon undertake construction supervision of theuserection of three (3)Courtenay. tanks togetherWhen he(c)was indeed in Barbados having we miles contacted Courtenay he said installation of various diameter PVC a with jollythe good time. of approximately forty (40) “thevillages. family is considering its water mainBelize within and interconnecting the nine The procurement of The Times has been Theof the receivers have been theseto consulting services be subject the provisions loan agreement. able confir m that shall a series of to options. grossly negligent and firms there is BWS now invites at thethe submission of statement of capabilities from eligible crises occurred Far m whilst Water manin was in Barbados. We a consequence for negligence. interested undertaking this assignment. understand that the far m suffered People who party in Barbados while fish are suffering will have a Consultant blackout firms and shall the bestandby eligible for procurement if: generator did not work because to answer for their actions one there was no fuel. The gas station day.” (a) hadin the case of a supplied body corporate, or otherwise Weincorporated have confir med that the that regularly the it is legally organized in, and has its principal place of business in, an eligible country is justandordered far m with diesel had cut credit receivers have only more than 50 per cent beneficially owned by citizen(s) and/or bona fide resident(s) because the receivers refused feed for the fish. Feed is bought in eligible or by body(ies) meeting these Guatemala and requirements; it will take about toof pay thecountry(ies) outstanding bill. Thecorporate failure of the generator meant one week before it is available (b) the inwater the casewas of unincorporated firms,to thebe persons bona fide The usedaretocitizens feed orthe fish. that stagnant for residents of an eligible country; and more than six hours. We are told Department of Environment has that this has seriously affected the met with the receivers and warned (c) 5 million in all cases, thethat consultant and undertakes not to them of the major environmental nearly fish are inhas theno arrangement make any arrangements whereby any substantial part of the net profits or consequences that they other are facing. ponds. tangible benefits of the contract will accrue or paid tosince a person not meeting a citizen or with the Members of the Mena family Inbefact, bona fide to resident of an eligible country. refused comment when we the environment the situation has contacted them and directed deteriorated. The main pump on Eligible countries are CDB Member Countries.


In assessing submissions, consideration will be given to technical competence, qualifications and experience, regional experience on similar GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE TREASURY BILLS assignments, financial capability, the extent of prior commitments, and proficiency in English. ISSUE Submissions should include corporate profile, NO. 12/2010 descriptions of similar projects completed within the past five years, and curriculum vitae of key personnel. Consultants should have experience in Tenders are invited for an issue of Government of Belize Treasury Civil Engineering including but not limited to foundation and structural Bills. The amount of the issue will be $35,608,200.00. design, engineering and geotechnical survey, water supply and distribution, tender preparation and evaluation, contract preparation and negotiaThe will be issued in denominations $200, $1,000, $10,000, tion,Bills construction supervision and project of management. $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 andbe $1,000,000, will Five (5) copies of the “statement of capability” must submitted and to the be repayable at par 91 days after issue. They will be issued on Wednesday first address stated below no later than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Septem1st and will be one redeemed on Wednesday 1st second December, ber September, 15th, 2010. 2010 Simultaneously, copy should be sent to the 2010. address below. The sealed envelopes containing the submissions should include the name and address of the applicant and should be clearly Each tender must be of forCapability: $200 or a multiple of $200 and for must specify to five marked: “Statement Consulting Services Belize River decimal places the amount, whichmust is offered for eachinone hundred dollars Valley Project”. All information be submitted English. face value of the Bills sought. Following assessment of the submissions, a short list of not less than three and not more than six applicants will be provided with full terms of referApplication formstoare available at theand Treasury andproposals at the Central Bank ence and invited submit technical financial to undertake of Belize in Belize City and at the Ministry of Finance in Belmopan; and the assignment. when completed they must be forwarded in sealed envelopes addressed to: BWS reserves the right to accept or reject late applications or to cancel the TREASURY TENDER present invitation partially or inBILL its entirety. BWS will not be bound to asBANK BELIZE sign any reason CENTRAL for not short listing anyOF applicant and will not defray costs incurred by applicants in the852 preparation and submission of the proposals. P.O. BOX Applicants will be advised in dueLANE, course of the results of their application. GABOUREL BELIZE CITY 2. 1. Tenders must reach the Central Bank not later than 12:00 noon on Procurement Officer Resident Consultant Engineer Friday, 27th August, 2010. Project Services Division

Belize Water Services Limited Caribbean Development Bank #7 Central American Boulevard Successful Tuesday, 31st August, 2010 O Box 408, Wildey Belize City tenders will be notifiedPby St.pick Michael and will be expected to pay for and up Bills allotted them on Belize District BELIZE, C. A. Wednesday 1st September, 2010.BARBADOS, W. I. BB 11000 (246) 431 1600 or reject any Tel: Government (501) 222 4757ofext. 241 reservesTel: The Belize the right to accept Fax: (246) 426 7269 Fax: (501) 222 4238 and/or all tenders in whole or in part. Email: Email:


the far m broke down earlier this penalties.” OF BELIZE Last TREASURY BILLS weekGOVERNMENT and the expert mechanic week a local television who is retained to ISSUE ser vice NO. the station reported that the receivers 12/2010 pump has refused to fix it citing were working without proper the receivers refusal to pay him papers and had been stopped by areThe invited for an issuehas of Government of BelizeDepartment. Treasury inTenders advance. Belize Times the Immigration A Bills.reliably The amount the that issueas willa besource $35,608,200.00. been inforof med at Immigration infor med result of this standoff water from that the receivers had applied for the is now overflowing into theof proper papers and that their Theponds Bills will be issued in denominations $200, $1,000, $10,000, the Sibun River. Our checks at the applications are being processed. $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000, and will Department of the Environment We asked how could they be be repayable at par 91 days after issue. They will be issued on Wednesday revealed that they processed if they and already 1st September, 2010had andyet willtobevisit redeemed on Wednesday 1st December, the far m to inspect this serious broke the law, the officer replied 2010. state of affairs. We were unable “lets wait and see what happens.” to find out whether the water was When and where this will all Each or tender be for a multiple $200 and must five toxic whatmust effect it $200 wouldor have endofwe don’t know.specify But itto seems decimal places the which is offered each one hundred dollars on the residents ofamount, La Democracia that for First Caribbean Bank and face value of the Bills sought. who are downstream from the its receivers are facing serious Far m. trouble. It seems that this one will We tried to reach Glen likely be in theBank Courts. Application forms are available at the Treasury andresolved at the Central Smith the local manager of First of Belize in Belize City and at the Ministry of Finance in Belmopan; and Caribbean but we that when completed theywere must told be forwarded in sealed envelopes addressed to: he was unavailable. This situation is alar ming. It TREASURY BILL TENDER appears that none of the receivers CENTRAL have ever managed a fish BANK far m. OF BELIZE They are not from and are P.O.Belize BOX 852 not familiar withGABOUREL the local business LANE, BELIZE CITY community or practices. This has caused them to make a number must reach the Central ofTenders missteps. Speaking with Bank an not later than 12:00 noon on attorney who August, is not representing Friday, 27th 2010. any of the parties involved, she said that thetenders liability ofbethe bank by Tuesday, 31st August, 2010 Successful will notified and the receivers in a case such as andcould will ber un expected to millions pay for and this into the if pick up Bills allotted them on Wednesday 1st September, 2010. negligence is proved against them. She declined to express an opinion on the potential case as she said the right to accept or reject any The Government of Belize reserves that she did not know all the facts. and/or all tenders in whole or in part. However, when we described We are the most visited the environmental problems she newspaper website in Belize CENTRAL OF BELIZE said “That’s BANK a problem. There are serious criminal offences and




STATUTORY NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to Section 36 of the Administration of Estates Act, Chapter 197 of the Laws of Belize, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands upon or against the Estate of SIR BARRY BOWEN, late of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize District, Belize are required to send particulars in writing of their claims or demands to the Executor of the said estate, Michael Bowen, c/o Courtenay Coye LLP, Attorneys-at-Law, 15 ‘A’ Street, Belize City, and to send such particulars not later than the 5th day of November 2010, AND NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN that at the expiration of the last mentioned date, the Executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the said SIR BARRY BOWEN, deceased, amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims or demands of which particulars have been delivered and the Executor will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose claims or demands it shall not then have had notice. DATED the 5th day of August, 2010.

Denise Courtenay Courtenay Coye LLP Attorneys-at-Law

Sunday, August 22, 2010

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By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Chargee under a Charge regiss ta b bCHARLES ed i n h i s thMATUTE r o a t l a s t Fr i d ay i s tered awa i tiasn gInstrument tr i a l f o r #9036/2006 th e mu r d erbetween 14eiKiskadee n i g h District, t n er h i sBelize h o m eand i n SCOS a l va p a n , o f of th f a t h er,Street, 8 0 Belmopan, yea r o l d Cayo B e l SCOTIABANK mopan. cl iTIABANK f to n , w h o wa s b ea ten LTD. to d eaThe th said (BELIZE) (BELIZE) T h efrom f o u rthe ch adate r g edofathe r e: C a r l o s over a swill h i l lat i n gthei nexpiration M ay o f ofththree i s months LTD. yea r a t S a n ch ez ' h o m e. Pr i o r to M o n tej o, 2 0 , L u i s M ed i n a , 2 1 , first publication of this notice sell the property described in the th a t, s h e h er s el f h a d b ee n th e N a z i m C a n tu n , 1 8 a n d M a r g a r i to Schedule v i cti m o f vhereto. i o l en c e at t h e h a n d s O s o r i o, 1 9 . M ed i n a a n d C a n tu n

Possible Murder Witnesses slain in Martin's!!!

T he criminal mind has a p p a rently elevated to another l evel as women have now b e co me targ ets of gun violence, th e l a test of whom is a 33 yearo l d s ingle mother. Shelmadine S a n chez of # 5 Oleander Street i n th e Saint Mar tin de Por res a r e a was viciously gunned down a s s h e walked home from a social even i ng on Friday. Sanchez, wh o s e life has been plagued by v i olence and more recently, th r e a ts of death, was shot seven ti m es a few yards away from her h o u s e just before midnight last Fr i d ay. She had just left her two f r i e n ds sitting on a car and said s h e was heading home when they h e a r d a the shots that killed her. S a n chez' attacker re por tedly hid b e h i nd a tree and ambushed her a s s h e appr oached her house. S anchez, a single mother of a 1 2 year old girl, held onto life f o r a lmost three hours, but the b u l l et wounds that perforated h e r s tomach and damag ed both l u n g s claimed her life around 3 : 0 0 that mor ning. She had b e en receiving threatening tex t messag es and phone calls f o r s everal weeks, pur por tedly

th e m s el ves s u f f er ed ch o p o f h er b r o th er. wo u n d s i n th e b r awl th a t n i g h t. s i f to purchase S a n ch ez ' themu r d er must be made in writing and full AllA offers property Ram ez d i ed from o n athed rsaid iveway i n waparticulars s n ' t b a d enand o u gconditions h , l es s thof a n sale s i x may bei robtained h o u r s l a ter o n S a tu r d ay m o r n i n g , f r o n t o f # 2 9 Ven ez u el a S tr eet. SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. h e r n ei g h b o u r, I va n Fr a n ci s, W h i l e p o l i c e h ave b r o u g h t o n l y 5 6 , a wel d er, wa s f o u n d wi th a o n e m i n o r ch a r g e a g a i n s t th es e b u l l et h o l e th r o u g h h i s n eck a t f o u r f o r h i s k i l l i n g , th ey a r e h i s wo r k s h o p b eh i n d a C h i n es e h o p i n g th a t by th e ti m e th e ca s e g r o cer y s h o p. H i s f a m i l y wen t i s ca l l ed o n S e p t em b er 2 9 , th ey u l d h ave g a tPARCEL h er ed s u f f i ci en t to REGISTRATION ch eck o n h i m a f ter th ei r woBLOCK SECTION ca l l s to h i s cel l u l a r p h o n e wen t ev i d en ce to ch a r g e s o m eo n e BELMOPAN 20 6230 u n a n s wer ed a n d th a t wa s wh en wi th th e mu r d er. Area: th ey f o u4052 n d h iS.M. m d ea d . A f ew o f CHECK OUT OUR h i s n ei g h b o u r s a r e s p ecu l a ti n g th a t h e wa s s k i l l ed b eca u s e h e NEW WEBSITE s aw wh en S a n ch ez wa s mu r d er ed DATED this 10th day of August, 2010. at th e n i g h t b ef o r e. I t i s a l i n k ~ POST YOUR COMMENTS p o l i ce a r e yet to es ta b l i s h a s th ey MUSA & BALDERAMOS ~ VOTE ON ARTICLES s ea r ch f o r cl u es i n th e b i z a r r e ~ Street VIEW OUR PHOTO 91 North Front h o m i ci d es th a t h ave r o cked th e GALLERY S a i n t M a r ti n a r ea . Belize City ~ CHECK M ea n wh i l e, BAttorneys-at-Law el m o p a n for OUT A PDF VERSION OF THE PAPER p o l i ce h ave a r r es ted a n Scotiabank d ch a r g ed (Belize) Ltd. f o u r yo u th s i n co n n ecti o n wi th We are the most visited th e i n ci d en t th a t cl a i m ed th e l i f e newspaper website in Belize o f E f r ei n R a m i r ez , 1 9 , wh o wa s


Shelmadine Sanchez because s h e h a d wi tn es s ed th e murder o f D en n i s N em b h a r d , 35, also k n own a s " K a l a d " , wh o was kill ed n o t f a r f r o n h er h o u s e last yea r Ju n e. T h a t tr i a l wa s expected to b e ca l l ed n ex t week and Sa n ch ez wa s o n e o f th e witness es wh o wo u l d h ave b en e called. Fo r m o n th s, h owever, she had b e en tel l i n g f r i en d s th a t she wa s to o s ca r ed to tes ti f y. T he accu s ed i n th a t mu r d er trial, E m er s o n E a g h a n , 1 8 , wa s acquitted o f th e ch a r g e b u t h e was qui ck l y r ech a r g ed . San ch ez ' b r o th er, G l en f o r d ,


By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Chargee under a Charge registered as Instrument #9036/2006 between CHARLES MATUTE of 14 Kiskadee Street, Belmopan, Cayo District, Belize and SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. The said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. will at the expiration of three months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD.



FOR SALE For Sale By Order of the Mortgagee By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Ediunder the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Betion, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop lize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives noticeitsofregistered its intentionofto fice at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, exercise its power of sale as Chargee under a Charge registered as hereby gives notice of its intention to exerciseofitsNo. power Instrument #5989/1998 between ERIC MEIGHAN 17 Cor. Racoon & Seagull Streets, Belize City, Belize and SCOTIABANK of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgagee made (BELIZE) LTD. said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. DAwill at the 17th day of The December, 2005 between HECTOR the expiration of three months from the date of the first publication VID ROMERO and BLANCA ROMERO both of Yo of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. Creek Village, Orange Walk District, Belize, of the one part, and toSCOTIABANK (BELIZE) of the other All offers purchase the property must be made writing and full part and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 41 of 2005 at particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) folios 1 - 30; and the saidLTD. SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. will at the expiration of three months from the date of the firstTHE publication of this notice sell the property dePROPERTY CHARGED scribed in the Schedule hereto. REGISTRATION SECTION BLOCK PARCEL ST. MARTIN DE PORRES 45 All offers to purchase the said property must be515 made in Area: 376.341 S.Y.

writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. DATED this 10th day of August, 2010

DATED this 10th day of August, 2010. MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street Belize City Attorneys-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.


MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91parcel North Front Street ALL THAT piece or of land being Lot No. 275 Belize City comprising 1045.089 Square Metres (1249.926 Square Attorneys-at-Law for Yards) situate in YoScotiabank Creek Village, Orange Walk District, (Belize) Ltd.

bounded and described as shown by Plan No. 1142 of 2005 attached to Minister’s Fiat Grant No. 1142 of 2005 TOGETHER with buildings and erections standing and being thereon. (This property is now referred to as Parcel

Sc un liz fic her of the VI Cr par par fol LT of scr

Al wr ob


AL com Ya bo 20 TO bei 43



The Belize Times

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Police Have No leads in Carlos Quiroz murder

As we went to Press last Thursday night, a killer walked up to Carlos Quiroz, 38, at around nine that night land shot him twice in the head as he sat on a plastic chair at his home at Corner Dunn and St. Thomas Streets and chatted with a friend and neighbor. Quiroz, who lived right across from the K arl Heusner Memorial Hospital, did not live. Other persons in the immediate sur rounds of the shooting having been able to give the Police a g ood description of the lone

Carlos Quiroz

gunman but Police have not been able to apprehend anyone for the murder. This beg an a weekend of bloodshed in the old capital that continued with four other persons being gunned down by Sunday. Quiroz, who neighbors say had been targeted twice before, having been shot at as recently as two weeks ag o was repor tedly involved in a dispute with another man which allegedly occur red some time ag o on a basketball cour t.

At the time of the incident, the shooter also tur ned on Quiroz' neighbour and shot at him but the bullet only g razed his ar m. It was that neighbour who saw the gunman first as he approached and asked him what he was doing. That was when the attacker tur ned on Quiroz at close range and shot him. Considering the murderous assault on eyewitnesses that followed this weekend, this paper understands that the other person shot at in the attack has left since the countr y.

Machete and knife war claims one; leaves two injured in Salvapan

An all-out machete and knife war between two sets of youths in the nation's capital last Friday night resulted in a bloodbath that claimed the life of one and two more in the Wester n Regional Hospital. T he incident took place in the Salvapan area of Belmopan around nine that night when a g roup of about six youngsters ambushed three friends who were hanging out in front of a Chinese shop on Cemeter y Road. T hough the fight lasted less than five minutes, by the time it was over, one of the three who were attacked, Efren Ramirez, 19, had been stabbed in the throat. T he youth sur vived long enough to r un through an alley onto Venezuela Street beofre

brawl. Cantun was chopped on the face and left ear, and Medina was injured on his face and ar ms. T he deceased, Efren Ramirez, lived with his family at # 15 Chile Street, which is a stone's throw from where he was stabbed. His close friends say he was a hard-working mason Meanwhile, Belmopan police are yet to charg e two suspects in their custody for his murder.

CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE at he collapsed on the driveway at # 29. He died shor tly after. His two friends, Luis Medina,

PUBLIC NOTICE Public Utilities Commission (PUC) The Public Utilities Commission (hereinafter referred to as “the Commission�), hereby serves Notice this day, August 18, 2010, to the general public, that with the authority of the Belize Telecommunications Act, No. 16 of 2002, and the Public Utilities Commission Act, Chapter 223 of the Laws of Belize, the Commission has made amendments to the Belize Telecommunications General Order (Interconnection, Infrastructure Sharing, International Access) No. 1 of 2010, and the Belize Telecommunications Interconnection and Infrastructure Sharing Regulations Order, 2010 that were issued by the Commission on February 12, 2010. Reasons for Amendments: The Commission made the amendments to the Orders to provide for the better implementation of the objectives of the Belize Telecommunications Act and for better regulation of the Telecommunications sector in the public interest. Availability of Orders: The full texts of the Belize Telecommunications General Order (Interconnection, Infrastructure Sharing, International Access) (Amended) No. 1 of 2010, and the Belize Telecommunications Interconnection and Infrastructure Sharing Regulations Order (Amended), 2010, may be viewed at the office of the PUC, 41 Gabourel Lane, Belize City, and are available on the PUC website, Issued by the PUC onAugust 18, 2010

21, and Nazim Cantun, 18 had to be hospitalized for machete wounds they sustained in the

We are the most visited newspaper website in Belize

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Belize Times

Chavarria Remanded To Prison On Firearm And Ammo Charges

Jaime Chavarria

BELIZE CITY, Wd. Aug. 18, 2010 Jaime Chavarria, 21, who resides at 16 Marage Road, Ladyville, was charged with 4 offences, among them keeping firearm and ammunition without a gun license, when he appeared in the #6 Magistrate’s Court on Monday, August 16th,2010. Chavarria’s other charges

Visit Us Online at:

were resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Magistrate Dorothy Flowers explained to him that the court cannot offer him bail because of the nature of the offences. She remanded him into custody until October 5.The incident occurred around 9:50 a.m. on Friday, August 13. The police reported that they were on mobile patrol in Milpa Site, Ladyville, when they saw Chavarria. According to the police, Chavarria ran when they approached him to arrest him. The police said when they caught up with Chavarria he assaulted police constable Tzul. Chavarria reportedly had a Glock 9 millimetre pistol with 11 live rounds of 9 millimetre caliber ammunition in its magazine. Because Chavarria could not produce a license for the firearm, he was charged with the firearm and ammunition offences. Chavar ria was one of three persons who were charged with the murders of Dorian Michael and Keira Leslie but the charges were withdrawn from him when he agreed to testify on behalf of the Crown. Chavarria, however, did not appear at the trial to testify and a nolle prosequi was entered freeing the other two men, Edwin “Drive” Flowers and Danny Anderson, of the charges.


Security Guard Remanded To Prison For Firearm And Ammo Charges

Oscar Aguilar

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 18, 2010 Oscar Aguilar, 30, a Guatemalan native who is a security guard residing at 24 Dean Street, became an inmate of Belize Central Prison on M o n d a y, A u g u s t 1 6 , w h e n h e was remanded into custody after being charged in the #1 Magistrate’s Cour t with keeping a firear m and ammunition without a g u n l i c e n s e. A g u i l a r p l e a d e d n o t g u i l ty to th e ch a r g e s.

Chief Magistrate Margaret M cKen z i e ex p l a i n ed to h i m th a t th e co u r t ca n n o t o f f er h i m b a i l because of the nature of the offences. She remanded him into cu s to d y u n ti l O cto b er 2 9 . The incident occurred a r o u n d 4 : 3 0 a . m . o n S a t u r d a y, Au g u s t 1 4 . T h e p o l i ce r e p o r ted th a t th ey wer e o n m o b i l e p a tr o l on North Front Street when t h e y s aw A g u i l a r s t a n d i n g n e a r M a r el co wi th a g r o u p o f m en . The police said they approached Aguilar and told him that they are g oing to search him f o r f i r ea r m a n d a m mu n i ti o n . The police reported that they found a Llama brand .22 pistol with an empty mag azine in the right back pocket of Aguilar’s p a n t s. A c c o r d i n g t o t h e p o l i c e, th ey a l s o f o u n d 3 l ive r o u n d s o f .22 calibre ammunition in the r i g h tt f r o n t p o cket o f A g u i l a r ’s pants. T hey said when they asked Aguilar if he has a license for th e f i r ea r m h e to l d th em , n o, s o th ey to o k h i m i n to cu s to d y a n d ch a r g ed h i m . T he firear m and ammunition wer e l a b el ed a s ex h i b i ts.

Unavailable Case File Free Alvin Flowers And Lane Grinage Of Charges

Alvin Flowers

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 18, 2010 Alvin Flowers, 28, and Lane Grinage, 19, who were charged with burglary and handling stolen goods in


an incident in which $33,570 worth of items were reportedly stolen were freed of the charges when they were struck out yesterday in the #1Magistrate’s Court because the case file was not available. The burglary in question occurred between October 20 and October 21, 2009 at Black Orchid Lodge in Burrell Boom. Douglas Thompson, the owner of the lodge reported to the police that the items that were stolen included $22,000 worth of assorted jewelry, one HP brand laptop computer, one Canon digital camera, two Black berry cell phones, one LG Chocolate cell phone, $200 US currency and $170 Belize currency. According to the police, Flowers, a building contractor, led them to where some of the stolen items were hidden and they recovered $25,300 worth of the stolen items.

It’s been days since the Kendall Bridge was washed away. How much longer must we wait for a new bridge, Mr. Prime Minister?


The Belize Times

Twenty Year Old Mechanic Remanded To Prison On Charge Of Carnal Knowledge

Joseph Adolphus

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 18, 2010 A report to the police by a 14 year old girl that she was carnally known by a man, 20, has resulted in the arrest of Joseph Adolphus, an auto mechanic residing at 7785 Police Street.

Adolphus was arraigned on a charge of carnal knowledge when he appeared yesterday in the #6 Magistrate’s Court. Magistrate Dorothy Flowers explained to him that she will not take a plea from him because the offence is indictable. She also explained to Adolphus that the court cannot offer him any bail because of the nature of the offence. She remanded him into custody until September 30. The incident occurred around 3 p.m. on July 3rd of this year. The girl, who was 13 years and 11months at the time, reported to the police in the company of her mother that she went to Adolphus’ house at the corner of La Croix Street and Police Street and Adolphus had sex with her. The girl was examined by a doctor who certified that she was carnally known.


By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgagee made the 8th day of May, 2007, between JERMEIGHN TUN of Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District, Belize, of the one part and SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. of the other part and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 18 of 2007 at folios 799 – 824; and the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. will at the expiration of three months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD.

THE SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 210 comprising of 1013.779 square meters situate in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District as shown on Minister’s Fiat Grant No. 428 of 2004 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections thereon. (This property is now referred to as Parcel 533 – Block 4 – Carmelita Registration Section). DATED this 16th day of August, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dr. Gough And Dr. Gabourel Charged With Disorderly Conduct For Fight At Santa Elena

Dr. John Gough

Dr. Irvin Gabourel

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug.18, 2010 Santa Elena Border in Corozal. Tw o p h y s i c i a n s , D r . J o h n According to reports Dr. Gough Gough, 38 and Dr. Ir vin Gabourel, a n d D r. G a b o u r e l w e r e g o i n g 45, who were allegedly involved in to cross the border into Mexico an altercation on Tuesday, August when they met and the altercation 10, were charged with disorderly ensued . conduct when they appeared Sources said that it was yesterday in the #1 Magistrate’s because of a long standing dislike Court. a n d a r e c e n t i n c i d e n t i n w h i ch They both pleaded not guilty Dr. Gough and another man are to the charg es.Chief Magistrate charged with wounding. Margaret McKenzie offered each Dr. Gough and Dr. Gabourel of them a bail of $200, which they were to be arraigned in Corozal or met. Their case was adjourned until Orang e Walk Magistrate Cour ts. October 11when they are to appear B u t t h e m a g i s t r a t e f o r C o r o z a l Scotiabank (Belize)Court Ltd.,for a Company dulyCourt registered un-leave in Corozal Magistrate’s Magistrate’s is on sick trial. Magistrate Orange der the Companies Act, Chapterwhile 250 the of the Laws of for Belize, The incident occurred at the Walk Magistrate’s Court is on leave.



Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Charged Bishop Streets, Belize City,Robbery Belize, hereby Popeye For gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Ofunder Jerry Store Mortgagee a DeedChinese of Mortgagee made the 24th day of October 29. August, 2004, between Windell W.The McDougal Jr. of Sittee incident occurred around River, Stann Creek District Walk, Belize, the one part and11. 11:30a.m. on of Wednesday, August Xiang(Barbados) Lee, 56, the owner of Jerry First Caribbean InternationalJing Bank Limited, Store, reported to the police that she of the other part and recorded in Bookwith Volume 26 of Yu wasDeeds in the store her daughter, 2004 at folios 293 – 374; and an of Mortgage MeiAssignment Chen and her grandson, David Lee, when she was grabbed around her neck made the 19th day of April, 2005, recorded in Deeds Book from behind by a man with a defective Volume 12 of 2005 at folios 753 770, First the man left–eye. Shebetween further described as (Barbados) being of red complexion, about Caribbean International Bank Limited of the 6 feet tall and with braided hair. She said first part, Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. of the second part and the he wore a white T-shirt with black ¾ said Windell W. McDougal Jr.jeans of pants. the third part. And the She told police that the man ordered her to go behind of thetwo counter said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. will at the expiration Michael Forman and then she saw another man who months from the date of the first publication of this notice had BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 18,2010 a black handgun pointed at her. sell hereto. M i cthe h a eproperty l Fo r m a ndescribed , 2 8 , a . k .in a the Schedule Lee said the man stole $800.00

“Popeye”, one of two persons who from the cash pan, one HP brand the police believed robbed Jerry Store, computer monitor, $56 worth of All offers purchase the said property must be made in located at 3322toCentral American sneakers, $80 worth of phone cards writingwas and full particulars conditions of sale maycellbephone. Boulevard charged with robberyandand a black Sony Ericsson when he appeared in the #1 Magistrate’s The total value ofLtd. the items was $2,386. obtained from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Court on Monday, August 16. The men then reportedly rode away on Forman pleaded not guilty to bicycles. the charge. Chief magistrate Margaret Forman was detained by the police McKenzie explained to him that the later the same day. The police reported court cannot offer him bail because the that they held an identification parade offence was committed with a firearm. and Forman was positively identified. She remanded him into custody until The second suspect is still at large.


ALL THAT lot piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 33 containing 926.8 square metres situate in Sittee River Billage, Stann Creek District, Belize, and bounded and described as shown by the plan attached to Minister’s Fiat (Grant) No. 501 of 2001 TOGETHER with all buildings, erections standing and being thereon. DATED this 10th day of August, 2010

MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street, Belize City Attorneys-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street, Belize City Attorneys-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Belize Times



This is what the UDP has BTL EmpLoyEEs TrusT WEBsiTE done to our people!

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority invites applications from suitable qualified and motivated individuals for the following vacant positions:

To All Telemedia Employees


Job Summary:

All BTL employees are advised of the launch of a new website This site will keep you up to date with the latest developments related to the Trust. It covers a wide range of matters ranging from the legal aspects of the Trust through to a review of the Trust value, all backed up by a number of important trust related documents.

Responsible for the initial assessment, examination on initial encounter with unscheduled, emergency/urgent and new patients

Resuscitate patient and perform pelvic, neurological, surgical and other examinations

Coordinate patient treatment plans, order laboratory tests and radiographic examinations, such as X-rays and ultrasounds

Refer patients for specialists consultation, (such as internal medicine, general surgery or obstetrics), when necessary

Stabilize and prepare patient for admission to ward, ICU, operating theatre for emergency surgery or to labour and delivery as requested

If you have any questions on trust matters that are not covered by the website, or if you have any suggestions on what we can do to further develop the site, just go to the FAQ section of the website and we will try to post answers to your questions as soon as we are able.

Proper documentation and recording of treatment in the BHIS

28 July, 2010

Liaising with other medical staff as part of a team and non-medical staff in the hospital to ensure quality treatment

The Trust is real, it has significant value, and it is being properly and effectively managed in the interests of you the BTL employees.

Educational and other requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine/Surgery Current Registration by the Medical Council of Belize Certification in Advance Life Support


GOB Payscale 20 - $30,324 x $1,392 - $56, 772

Experience: One (1) year post-registration experience, with one or more years in a hospital setting

Special Skills: Computer literate

Barrow & the UDP have spent 15 million US$ on 1 garbage project but can't feed and educate our children. Excellent public relations skills

Able to function effectively under pressure

Completed applications accompanied by two letters of reference and a police record must be submitted to the Director Human Resources at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on or before 13th August, 2010.



The Belize Times

Sunday, August 22, 2010


by Marshall Nunez It seems as if the residents of Belize City have either adapted to, or become so completely disillusioned with the perfor mance of The Belize City Council that they have lost all confidence in Citco. Whatever the situation is with the Belize City residents, it is extremely clear that the city is in the worst condition for many years. The streets are in a massive state of disrepair, the drains are clog ged up and the grass is over grown, there are numerous over grown lots, the city is ver y dirty and worst of all the City Council continues to be divided among itself. The usually feisty, media craven Mayor seems to not only have been expelled from the UDP but apparently have also been overthrown as Mayor of the city even as she awaits the r uling of the Courts in the criminal charges brought against her by her own Party and government. Definitely a case of , “dog eat yo suppa”, when all of a sudden it appears that Phillouby now functions as the de facto t Mayor of Belize City. T Those are the fundamental issues, the real fact of the matter though, is that the city is bankr upt “maybe that’s the reason why Zenaida is absent from duty.” There have been cases where people have not been paid, but we won’t worr y about the personal things, we’ll tr y and focus on their obligation to provide the goods and ser vices to the city residents Of top priority is the maintenance of the drains and the streets, especially, since we’re currently in the rainy season. It is even more frightening now since a couple weeks ago we understand that BML had to send home over 30 employees. Since BML received no payments for almost seven weeks, despite the council agreement last year with BML to make the weekly payments to the company while they continue to service the outstanding debt. Most alar ming from this stor y is that the cabinet in a special sitting a few weeks ago made the decision that city council’s payments should be prioritize and that top priority must be given to the Belize Waste Control and whatever remains after BWC have been paid will then go to BML ; reliable reports are that not even BWC had collect-

hopping, skipping and jumping over puddles of water or walking in mud instead of concentrating on the deals you go to find at the market. Still the council continues to tr y to raise premium on the vendors at the market but refuses to upgrade the amenities and provide adequate facilities. Despite the fact that the council is bankr upt the councilors conveniently and consistently receive their exuberant allowances, while the residence of the city suffers from decaying infrastr uctures and low quality goods and ser vice. We need to state that we demand better from our city government. ed their last couple of payments. ity whenever they go to the market Remember transparency, accountTwo ver y serious things to con- place, but during these rains you ability, and good governance, that sider, one, BML is placed between have to be more concern about is what we expect NOW, no less. a rock and a hard place because if they do not receive payments they will be forced once more to terminate more employees within the next week or two and secondly, it is safe then for us to conclude that City Hall is being r un from the cabinet room. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM PROGRAM It seems like déjàvu, do you remember like last year around this Project Coordinating Unit same time as we were preparing No. 106 South Street, P.O. Box 325 for back to school that the emBelize City, Belize ployees of BML had to stage a Tel: 501-227-2687 Fax: 227-2914 protest in front of City Hall because the company was not beREQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST ing paid, therefore, the employees were not being paid and there was (CONSULTING SERVICES) desperation, as they were tr ying to prepare their kids for school. BELIZE Another area of major concern SUSTAINABLE TOURISM PROGRAM (STP) for the city residents has to be the PUBLIC SECTOR – TOURISM matter of the Queen’s Square MarREQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST CONSULTING SERVICES ket AKA The Michael Finnegan Loan No. IDB-2060/OC-BL Market. Remember the days when Project No. BL-L1003 we use to have three markets in Contract/Bid No. EOI-PS-007 Belize City? While it is not long time ago, we seem to have forgotThe Government of Belize through the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture ten what it used to be like or sim(MTCAC) has received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and ilarly the situation is that we are intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments under the project Sustainable Tourism so disillusion and so disappointed Program, to complete the feasibility studies, environmental assessment and architecwith what we have as a market totural designs for infrastructural investments at Cahal Pech, Actun Tunichil Muknal day. The Michael Finnegan Market and Xunantunich archaeological sites and develop heritage interpretation plans for or Queen’s Square Market is so imXunantunich and Cahal Pech. Investments will include both renovation and construction of visitor center, restroom and shower facilities and trail improvements, and a new portant because we were promised ferry at Xunantunich. The Institute of Archaeology (IA) has initiated much of the preparathis modern state of the art martory work for the technical studies in addition to completion of approximately 75% of the ket that would have been clean and architectural designs and blue prints based on standard architectural designs planned for provided convenience for us here adaptation at all national sites. The Heritage Interpretation Plans should identify heritage the city. Again, the projected date values and program objectives, recommending strategies, budgets, practical action plans of completion and the extended for implementation and exhibition plans by which the heritage significance of the sites can dates seem to be just promises, be presented. while we are stuck with the situation of having that poor excuse for Duration of the assignment will be a maximum of 16 weeks and scheduled to begin in a market that exists at the Pound October 2010. Yard. Patrons should be able to The MTCAC, BTB and the STP Project Co-ordinating Unit (PCU) now invites eligible enjoy comfort of the market facilconsultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants must provide information establishing that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. Consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the InterAmerican Development Bank: Policies for the Selection and Contracting of Consultants financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (current edition) and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the policies. Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 8:00am through 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Expressions of Interest must be delivered via direct mail or e-mail at the address indicated below by 12:00 noon on 27th August, 2010.

Sustainable Tourism Program Attn: Mr. Carlos Mendez, Financial Procurement Specialist 106 South Street Belize City, Belize Tel: (510) 227-3687 Fax: (501) 227-2914 E-mail:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Mexico drug violence also hitting churches, prelate says

dad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas, more than 100 pastors have reported threats, and extortion has become all too common. About 90 percent of Mexico's total population of 110 million people describe themselves as Catholic. In fact, Mexico has the second larg-

est population of Catholics in the world. But the threats are affecting evangelical churches as well. The Rev. Jose Raul Murillo, head pastor at the Faith in Jesus Christ Apostolic Church in Juarez, says pastors are falsely accused of siding with certain gangs.

"They threaten us," he said. "They accuse us of siding with La Linea [drug gang] or La Familia [rival gang]. They also tell us, 'You have to cooperate with us or we will kill you.' " Monsignor Rodriguez also says priests are forced to minister to drug traffickers. "They give the orders," he said. "They say, 'We will pick you up. We need you to minister.' And there have been cases where a priest has been unable to go to perform a baptism ritual or a first communion and his church has suffered the consequences." The families of priests are being threatened as well, Rodriguez said. The Mexican Catholic Church has adopted several measures to minimize the risks to priests caused by drug violence. For example, priests are being asked to always wear clothing that identifies them as religious people and to restrict trips to remote areas.

Havana, Cuba (CNN) -- Cuba will soon free six more jailed dissidents, according to the Catholic Church, resuming its biggest release of political prisoners in more than a decade. So far, 20 prisoners have been freed and flown to Spain as part of a deal brokered by Spain and the church last month. Another jailed dissident was taken to Miami, Florida. "This will bring to 26 the number of prisoners who have accepted the proposal to leave prison and move to

Spain," the archbishop of Havana's office said in a written statement. Cuba agreed to free 52 political prisoners by mid-November. They were arrested during a crackdown on opposition in 2003. Cuba says the prisoners were on the payroll of an enemy government, charged with trying to destabilize the country. The Catholic Church provided a list of the six men to be freed, but did not specify a release date.

Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner has written to Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, requesting that they get their act together and implement the death penalty. In the letter yesterday, Warner said he was convinced by three recent brutal murders—the dismembered bodies of a woman and her son at Forres Park dump and newly-wed Neeshad Ali—that the death penalty was urgently needed. Condemning the callousness of the criminals, he said: “They show no regard for life…They commit murder at will, knowing fully well that no one is being executed in this country. “Well, we must, as a government, wake up and deal with the criminals, according to the laws of the land,” Warner said. “I am sure I have the support of the majority of citizens, calling for the implementation of the death penalty.” Citing the 1993 Pratt and Morgan judgment of the Privy Council which stated that it would be cruel and harsh to execute anyone who had been on death row for five years, Warner noted that it had been very difficult to carry out the death penalty. Because of this, he said, 47 killers were spared the hangman. Warner added that his investigations had revealed there were 32 convicted killers on death row within the five-year

period, and two people who had lost all their appeals and awaiting the hangman. Other prisoners on death row, he said, had been there for more than five years. “I urge you, together with the Hon Minister of National Security, Brigadier John Sandy, and the Hon Minister of Justice, Herbert Volney, it is time to get out act together and enforce the death penalty,” Warner wrote. “Let us ensure that the wheels of justice turn faster, so that a traumatised and frightened society could feel that the People’s Partnership Government cares about them. “You must remember, AG, that we campaigned on crime and safety. We must keep that promise and not fall prey to the criminal elements in our society.”

Since the May 24 military attack on gangsters holed up in Tivoli Gardens, a one-time mini-republic of alleged crime overlord Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, the police and army have detained thousands under a state of emergency and, subsequently, curfews. "Putting the police and the soldiers on the streets, curfew as much as you want, lock up as much as you want and fingerprint as much as you want, it is not going to solve crime," Witter told a People's National Party (PNP) conference in the South East St Andrew constituency on Sunday. Witter, the PNP's caretaker for West Kingston, told the conference the ranks

of the unemployed and unemployable were widening, referring to the cauldron of despair as "the nest that breeds crime and violence". "We need to find employment for our youths. We need to take the crime-fighting method serious. We need to cut the politics out of it and be more serious," Witter said. Central Kingston Member of Parliament Ronald Thwaites, Witter's Comrade, on Sunday urged his party to break all links with criminals. Thwaites' 'sermon' received the thumbs up from Generation 2000 (G2K), the professional affiliate of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). In a statement Monday, G2K President

Delano Seiveright said it was high time that political leaders in both major parties become more publicly strident in seeking to separate the bedfellows of politics and crime. No more hypocrisy "The wall of hypocrisy built around the politics and crime nexus must continue to be torn down. Well-thinking politicians and civil society must, as a matter of urgency, see to its breaking down as the termination of thousands of lives and the disruption of livelihoods have had a devastating effect on our country and its people," the G2K said. G2K implored politicians to move decisively to assure Jamaica that at the

next general election, not one criminal would be co-opted in the hunt for votes. Meanwhile, Witter, who has twice lost the JLP stronghold of West Kingston to Prime Minister Bruce Golding, said the actions of the security forces to destroy the Presidential Click gang in Tivoli Gardens have given the PNP a fighting chance in the constituency. "The People's National Party sees an opportunity, for the first time, to walk without fear or favour in West Kingston and we are not going to surrender West Kingston to the JLP this time around," Witter said. Golding polled 10,295 votes for the JLP in the 2007 general election to Witter's 1,577 votes.

Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) -As one of the highest officials in the Mexican Catholic Church, Monsignor Victor Rene Rodriguez has been receiving the alarming reports from all over the nation. His priests are telling him they are being constantly threatened, extorted and abused by drug traffickers. "Sometimes threats don't materialize," Rodriguez said. "But in cases where priests haven't obeyed the drug traffickers' demands, churches have been damaged, priests attacked, and, in a few cases, even killed." Monsignor Rodriguez is the secretary general of the Mexican Conference of Bishops and the Bishop of Texcoco. He says some fellow bishops have opted for canceling early evening masses to protect parishioners from the drug violence. Rodriguez points to states like Chihuahua, the most violent in Mexico. Of the 28,000 drug-related deaths in the last four years, 40 percent have happened in this border state. In Ciu-

Cuba to free 6 more dissidents

Let’s get hangings going

CXC reports improvement in students performance


The Belize Times

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"I can assure you all that if there would be even a hint of corruption by one of my Cabinet Ministers, that Minister would be out the door in a second!"

PM Barrow to Belizean-American Assembly, Los Angeles Town hall Sunday, August 15, 2010

m s i t o p e N nep-o-tism [nep-uh-tiz-uhm] -noun

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Belize Upon winning a landslide election in 2008, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been perceived as practicing nepotism by Making his Ex-Wife Lois Young Barrow the Attorney of the Government, gave his son Anwar Barrow and his Ex-Wife Lois Barrow special seats on the board of directors in the recently nationalized Belize Telecommunications Limited, and gave his daughter Deanne Barrow a position of attorney representing the government in a number of cases. All this was done within the short 2 year period that he has been Prime Minister of Belize

Favoritism granted to relatives or close friends, without regard to their merit. Nepotism usually takes the form of employing relatives or appointing them to high office. Definition found in: The American HeritageŽ New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition Copyright Š 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Belize Times




Ignacio German Vega

9.626 Ac.

Sr. & Karen S. Vega


Isela Adela Hernandez


Indian Hill East Reg. Sec., OW


RELATION Minister Family

Miller's Bight Reg. Sec, OW

OW-671/2009 Yvette Hernandez

Miller's Bight Reg. Sec, OW


Nestor Hernandez

Mount Pleasant Reg. Sec., Cayo Nephew/Deputy Commissioner


Baroni Hernandez

Xaibe Rural Reg. Sec., Czl


Baroni Hernandez

Mount Pleasant Reg. Sec., Cayo Registrar of Lands/Nephew


Cosme Hernandez

Mount Pleasant Reg. Sec., Cayo Registrar of Lands/Nephew


Cosme Hernandez

Indian Hill East Reg. Sec., OW

Registrar of Lands/Nephew


Cosme Hernandez

2.69 ac.

San Estevan Reg. Sec., OW

Registrar of Lands/Nephew


Cosme Hernandez

7.24 ac.

San Estevan Reg. Sec., OW

Registrar of Lands/Nephew


Ignacio German Vega

Sr. & Karen S. Vega


Christopher Hendricks

Mount Pleasant Reg. Sec., Cayo Driver of the Minister

OW 514/2008

Cosme Hernandez

San Estevan Reg. Sec., OW

Registrar of Lands/Nephew



















Parcel 31

Omar Elmer Hernandez

Indian Hill East Reg. Sec., OW


OW 110/2010

Ignacio Vega

144 Ac.

Carmelita Registration


& Karen Vega

OW 108/2010

Ignacio Vega

101 Ac.

Carmelita Registration


& Karen Vega

3.19 Ac.

Wife to Cosme Hernandez

Registrar of Lands/Nephew

Indian Hill East Reg. Sec., OW Minister Family

How many more Hints does Barrow need?


The Belize Times

Magic Square Fill in the missing numbers so that the numbers in every row, down, across, and diagonally, will add up to 30.

Alphabet Challenge

Use all twenty-six letters of the alphabet to complete the following eleven words, but use each letter only once in the course of this puzzle.


1. __ a __ z 2. __ u i e __ 3. __ u __ c a 4. e __ t r __ 5. __ i o __ __ n 6. __ a __ __ f u l 7. __ r o __ __ 8. __ e __ __ a t 9. __ __ a l a 10. __ o l a __ 11. __ o r c __ p i n e

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Homophones Jumble

Find the words below by circling them in the puzzle, use the left over letters to reveal your hidden message‌






Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That...

A Skinny Riddle

What is being described in this riddle? When I am filled, I can point the way. When I am empty, Nothing moves me.

Crossing the River

Jake was standing on one side of the river, and his dog Scruffy was standing on the other side. "Come on Scruffy, come, boy!" shouted Jake. Scruffy crossed the river, ran to Jake, and got a treat for being a good dog. The amazing thing was that Scruffy didn't even get wet! How did Scruffy do that?

Answers: 1. jazz 2. quiet 3. yucca 4. extra 5.violin 6. bashful 7. grown 8. defeat 9. koala 10. molar 11. porcupine ANSWERS: (Riddle - Question 1 - A glove Question 2 - There are two possible answers: 1. The river was frozen. 2. There was a bridge over the river, and Scruffy crossed the bridge.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Belize Times



Real Man: No Powdering One of the greatest voids today is for fathers. This is hopefully not the only time we talk about the issue of fathers in this reflection column but this will be a “Bible-down”, gritty, unapologetic and finger pointing charge at our fathers! To be “good fathers” it is of utmost importance that we first understand what a “father” is. Actually, one of the best ways to examine this concept is by considering what a father is not. The biggest hindrance to being a good father is this puerile misconception, which many hold that physically impregnating a female somehow automatically makes you a father. Not so! Actually in very much the same way, many erroneously believe that upon the strike of midnight to their seventeenth birthday and the purchasing of a driver’s license, you automatically qualify to drive. Nope. Not so! This fallacy is the shameful reason we have so many disqualifiable “at risk” drivers. Some of these drivers, both the young and not so young, may have the right age, body and size, but their mind is not functioning at the required maturity level in the first place. What this means is that behind the wheels of the cars in our nation, we have drivers who are often times drunk, dangerously tired, unadvisedly sleepy, in a hurry, impatient and reckless thrill seekers. So they zip around curves at whip lash speeds they cannot control, selfishly impersonating daredevil stunts to overtake around those curves or fly up hills. In the same way turning seventeen does not automatically qualify you as mature enough to drive, likewise, being able to biological produce and surrender sperm does not qualify a male as a “father”! Fatherhood is the foundation of the family. A father’s leadership and guidance is the first pile or marker for the rest of the family structure. This privilege demands of him that he should be the first to take up responsibility. He should be the first to source or provide for the family. Plain and simple, he should get a job! He should be the first to protect, and first to commit. It must sadden the heart of Christ that many times rather than our fathers exercising their strength to protect and provide for their wives and children, they choose to abuse, disgrace and scar them. If you look closer, what qualifies a male as a “father” is because he fulfills his obligations as “the source”. The blessing to provide the seed which is first housed and nurtured by the mother is an honor. This is our only human exposure to supernaturally giving life and producing a child. This blessing of being the source extends also to providing for our wives, and even more so providing for our vulnerable children. If we have children and are not providing for them we are not truly fathering them! Are you providing for your children? Are you fathering them? It is also the father’s first responsibility to see the potential, and purpose of his child. The father is commissioned to speak out and encourage his child in discovering their identity and actualizing their destiny. This is how a father commissions his child. Abandonment is also a form of commissioning. We as parents, fathers, communicate with our omissions and absences. Our children are very quick and perceptive learners. This is why even emotional abandonment such as negativity and derogative words should be replaced and translated to encouragement, guidance and correction of that child for the road ahead. If we look at fatherhood after fully understanding the function of men, we would come to the conclusion that we have many families without any foundation present. So we have communities with no foundations. We have education with no foundations. We have Districts with no foundations. We have a country with no foundation. So sooner or later the house begins to sink and we end up with an out of control society! See, if making babies qualified a man as “father”, then this week’s reflection would be boasting of an army of the best fathers ever, but because fathering is a function of virtue, commitment, faithfulness, production and results, we can rarely pick out three good ones from every ten! The word “father” is not only limited to being biological fathers but as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary: “One who feeds and supports or exercises paternal care over another”. In Belize, we like to use the term “shall eye pickni” but I do not believe Belize has any “shall eye pickni” but rather I am confident that we have an epidemic of “shall- eye fathers”!!! So, men, let us take up our innate responsibility and become true fathers to our families: SOURCE, PROTECTOR, PROVIDER, AND GIVER OF DESTINY!!!!! Until next week, talk to your parish priest, preacher or pastor about difficulties you are experiencing in fatherhood or even how to start! See you in seven days! God bless you!!!! (We thank a brother from an Evangelical church for this week’s reflection)



The Belize Times

Sunday, August 22, 2010

FCIB, Atlantic Bank, Telemedia & Tuff E’nuff win thru to Interoffice basketball semifinals

The FCIB/Quan’s Trading Company will take on the Atlantic Bank, while Telemedia will challenge Tuff e’Nuff in the semi-finals best of three game series of the 2010 Interoffice basketball competition after advancing out of the quarterfinals at the Belize City Center on Friday, August 13. The Atlantic Bank came back from a 10 pt deficit to upset the Port of Belize 47-46 with only four seconds left on the clock, and the Ports’ 4 former semi-pro players could do nothing in the time remaining. Andrew 'Head' Staine led Atlantic Bank’s attack with a long trey in the 1st

quarter, Justin Wade followed suit with a trey, and Hector Locke added two buckets, as they led 13-11 at the end of the quarter. Port’s Jason Wade and Kent Marfield responded with a trey each, and more baskets from Wilfred “Chiqui Blue” Nicholas, Lloyd Burgess and Ian AC Augustine as the Port tied the score at 25-25 at the half time break. Jason Wade poured in 2 more treys in the 3rd quarter, when Forbes also drained in a long trey and more buckets from Burgess and Augustine saw Ports jump to a 41-31 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The bankers pulled out all the stops in money time, Staine draining in 2 treys for 12pts in the quarter, he finished with 19 pts, also grabbing 3 rebounds and stealing the ball thrice. Darwin 'Dawgy' Elijio poured in 3 treys for 9 pts, but it was Ian Ferrera’s crucial layup in the final four seconds that tied the ball game at 46-46, and he drew a foul so he was awarded a free throw. The tension was thick, the pressure intense on Ferrera; a miss would take the game into overtime, but his shot was good as the bankers went on to win 47-46. Port’s Ian 'AC' Augustine finished with 11 pts, while Jason Wade had 9pts and Burgess, Forbes and Marfield had 8pts each. In Friday’s nightcap, Telemedia 'Digicell' upset the undefeated defending champs, Belize City Council, 60-46. Telemedia led from the getgo, with Ashley Hemsley sinking a trey to score 7 pts in the first quarter, Jamal Kelly also hit a trey to add 9 pts, and Marvin “Bae” Castillo and Edward Thompson added more buckets to lead 20-9 in the first quarter. BCC’s Kenroy ‘MVP’ Usher, scored only one bucket in the 1st quarter an coach Brads Neal yanked him out of the ball game and benched him for the next two quarters when Usher couldn’t or wouldn’t play defense. Joshua Jones hit a trey to add 6pts, Vergil Miller tossed in more buckets as the BCC boys trailed 20-28 at the half. Telemedia stayed on top in the

3rd quarter with more buckets from Hemsley, Castillo, Kelly and Thompson. Otis Clother joined the party with two buckets to lead 40-33 at the end of the 3rd quarter. In money time, Hemsley hit another trey to finish with 16pts, Kelly added six points to finish with 17pts, while Castillo had 9 pts, Thompson – 6pts and Clother – 5pts, Kirk Sutherland and Narval Loredo chipped in a bucket each for the 60-46 victory. BCC’s Joshua Jones hit a final trey to finish with 16pts, while Vergil Miller had 11 pts and grabbed 13 rebounds and two steals. Tuff E’Nuff and FCIB/Quan’s Trading Co. had also qualified by easy victories last Wednesday night, August 11.Tuff e’ Nuff had eliminated the Roe Group: 69-48; with Ashton Edwards leading the attack, draining in five treys for 21 pts, and Eugene Jex added 11 pts and snagged seven rebounds. Dave Apolonio had led the Roe Group with 15 pts, and Keith Sutherland added 10 pts and grabbed 11 rebounds. FCIB/Quan’s Trading C.o had arrested the Police 64-38, led by Jacob 'Snake' Leslie who scored trey to finish with 24 pts, and Jerome 'Penny' Ellis added 13 pts. Maurice Martinez led the Police with 12 pts, while Kenard Clarke added 10 pts and grabbed 13 rebounds. The semifinals begin Wednesday, August 18 and continue on Friday, August 20, a third game if necessary will be played on Sunday, august 22.

Moen Stars & Rebels win Belize City volleyball champs

The Moen Stars are the women’s vo l l e y b a l l ch a m p i o n s, a n d t h e Rebels upset the defending champs the Scorpions to win the men’s championship of the Belize City volleyball competition organized by the Belize Volleyball Association at Belize City Center on Saturday night, August 14. The Moen Stars won their 13th senior women’s championship by upsetting the Lady Jaguars who had defeated them throughout the regular

season, in 4 sets to in finals. The Stars’ Tahera Ahmad, Shelmadine Cacho, Marika Zuniga and Sherlene Johnson spiked the Jaguars on plays set by the Hoare sisters, Precelia and Emma, who also received and helped to block at the net. Libero Vivianni Avila was the key to the Stars’ defense scooping up saves to win the 1st set: 25-16. Lady Jaguars’ Babsy Cadle, Shantell Arnold, Bobby Dee Usher and Sherylee Thurton were stung into action, spiking on plays set by Tanesha Encalada and

Tisha Solis, who received and scooped up. Libero Esther Middleton volleyed and set the ball as the jaguars took the 2nd set: 25-21. Jaguars’ Marlecia Fuller and Jasmine Anderson entered the game to clinch the 3rd set, but the Stars went to extra points to win the 3rd set: 26-24. Marion Bull and Rebecca Rath joined the Stars’ offensive to win the 4th set and the championship: 25-20. The Rebels upset the Scorpions in a grueling 5-set duel to become the

new men’s champions. Tariq “Soup” Campbell, Orel Leslie, Elton Moore and Ernie Augustine led the Rebels’ offensive, spiking attacks on plays set by Elton Anderson and Khalid Encalada. Libero Martin Gongora scooped up saves and set the ball to renew the attack as the Rebels won the first 2 sets 25-23 and 25-23. Rebels’ Kleon Coleman, Robbie Gongora and Francis Thompson joined the Rebels’ offensive, but it was the Scorpions’ Germaine Audinett, Shane Armstrong, Arvid Arnold, and Ian and Jamal Galvez who took over the offensive to win the 3rd and 4th sets: 25-21 and 25-18. Oscar Arnold, libero Raul Arnold David Vasquez and Nolan Michael joined the Scorpions attack, but the Rebels would not be denied. They went to extra points to win the 5th set 19-17 and the championship. The First Caribbean Diamonds had to go to 3 sets to win against the Team SSC in the mixed division playoffs last Thursday, taking the 1st set: 25-10. Team SSC won the 2nd set 25-21, before the Diamonds took it away in the 3rd set: 15-12. Defending champs Team 313 also advanced to the finals by taking out Kauss, in 2 sets: 25-15 and 25-17. Trophies and other individual awards in all divisions, will be presented after the championship final on Saturday

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Belize Times


SCA girls & U-15 Brown Bombers win in BDFA football finals

The SCA girls and the U-15 Brown Bombers each won Game 1 of the Belize District Football Association summer football championship finals at the M.C.C. garden last Saturday. The SCA girls bombed the Ladyville Rural Strikers: 2-0. S C A’s K u r s h a Po l l a r d , Ty r a

Moreira and Sheida Young led t h e o f f e n s i ve , s u p p o r t e d b y midfielders Symone Foreman, Christiane Rodriguez and Courtney Davan. Kursha Pollard soon impressed the scoreboard with SCA’s 1st g oal, r unning through the Ladyville defense Angela Usher, Dejeanne Noralez,

Tanisha Og aldez and Daniela Palacio to give the SCA girls a 1-zip lead before the half time break. Mertell Bailey, Janine Hendy and K ayla Sanchez led the Ladyville girls’ counterattack, supported by Rhonda and Faith Maheia, Kirsten Fuentes and Tishana Garcia, but nothing seemed to work. Their efforts were completely fr ustrated by SCA’s Diedra Gill, Inga Woods and Samari Samos who shut them down until the long whistle, In the meantime, Kursha Pollard gamboled to score a 2nd goal. SCA’s Shantie Castillo, Alexis Rosado, Kenisha Williams and Ashley Pelayo entered the ball game to retain the initiative and secure the 2-0 win. In the boys final, the U-15 Brown bombed Hattieville United 4-2. Jar ron Myvett razzle-dazzled his way past the Hattieville defense of Benjamin Hyde, Raheem Usher, Valentine Ta b l a d a a n d L e n n o x C l a r e

to blast in the 1st goal on Hattieville goalie Cleon Smith and Devaughn Zuniga outran the Hattieville defense to score the Bombers’ 2nd goal before the half time break. Hattieville’s Kelker Palacio a n d R i c h a r d Wa i g h t g o t a counterattack g oing in the 2nd half, backed up by Cleon Smith came out of goal to play midfield along wiht Aaron King, Kobe Dyer, Trevaun Rhaburn and Jeffrey Buller, S m i t h s c o r e d H a t t i e v i l l e ’s first goal by finishing a corner kick executed by Kelker Palacio, and Aaron King embar rassed the Bombers’ goalie Shamar Nunez with a 2nd goal. But Devaughn Zuniga added 2 more goals to complete his hat-trick for the 4-2 win. Game 3 of the best of three series comes up at the M.C.C. grounds on Saturday, August 22, and a Game 3, if necessary, will be played on August 29.

Millennium wins national female football champs

The Millennium girls upset the three time national champs, the Gentle Touch of Esperanza V i l l a g e, 2 - 0 i n t h e G a m e o f the national female football championship finals to win the 2010 championship at the MCC garden last Saturday. I n G a m e 1 o f t h e f i n a l s, Gentle Touch had won 2-1 at the Esperanza Village field on

2 strikes by the league’s top goal-scorer, Nataki Alvarez, and Kimberly “Brazilian” Perez. In Game 2 of the finals the Millennium defenders Sara Arzu, Shadalee Ho, Shinelle Gentle and K ara Kisling shut down Nataki Alvarez and Kim Perez’s attacks, while MVP goalie Ermine Fe r g u s o n h a n d l e d a l l o t h e e r challenges

A forwarded pass from Arzu to Margarita Aguilar set table for a play in which Aguilar crossed to Miriam Villamil at center, who out-manouvered the Gentle Touch defenders Vashne Gentle, Dina Bennett and Dianneli “Shampoo” Wade to drill goalie Eden Gentle with the 1st winning goal, and Millennium still led 1-zip at the half.

The Gentle Touch’ attempts to equalize immediately with Abby Halliday, Kim Perez and Cindy Fuentes, made no impression on Ermine Ferguson. The score was now tied at 2-2 on goal aggregate. In the 2nd half, Shadalee Ho set table for Sheryann “Baby” Tracy to race upfield, beat Cindy Fuentes and blast the ball past Eden Gentle for a 2nd goal to secure the 3-2 win on goal aggregate Ke n d r a “ Pe a ch e s ” G e n t l e and Marsha “Ninja” Stevens reinforced the Gentle Touch defense, while Indira Spain and Mallory Begley looked to regain the initiative, but they were shut out until the long whistle. In the awards ceremony which followed, the Millennium girls claimed the championship trophy and medals, while the Gentle Touch coach Kennedy Gentle accepted the 2nd place trophy and the players received their individual medals. The most goals award went to Nataki Alvarez won, while Sara Arzu was voted Best Defense and Ermine Ferguson was awarded Best Goalkeeper and Most Valuable Player.


The Belize Times

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Burrell Boom Survivors win Belize Rural women’s softball champs

The Burrell Boom Survivors won the 2010 Belize Rural women’s softball championship at the Lords Bank field on Sunday. In Game 1, the Sur vivors advanced to the championship finals when they won 14-12 over the Strikers of Double Head Cabbage. Strikers’ Stacy Smith, Merle Frost Ashanti Anderson and pitcher Sherraine Westby came home in the 1st inning, to lead 4-2, as only Marsha Wills and Judy Soberanis came home for the Survivors. T he Strikers shut out the Survivors in the 2nd inning, but the Survivors’ Soberanis Sharette

Vernon and Sherrie Mcfadzean came home in the 3rd to tie the score at 5-5 as Strikers’ Ashanti Anderson crossed the plate. The Strikers walloped out a 11-7 lead when Smith, Frost, Anderson, Malthia Garbutt, Carla Humes and Stephanie Talbert came home in the 4th inning and only Survivors’ Wills and Baptist crossed the plate. Wills, Sharette, Sherrie, Davis, Joyce Flowers, and Baptist came home in the 6th inning and take over the lead 13-11. Strikers’ Merle Frost scored in the 7th, but Arneek Baptist came home in the 7th to give Survivors the 14-12 win.

In Game 2, the Easy Does It girls eliminated the Lords Bank Sunrise girls 6-2. Katheeen Rhaburn, Audrey Castellanos and Audra Mcfadzean came home in the 2nd to lead 3-0. Sherrie Stephenson came home for sunrise in the 3rd inning, but so did Sharra and Shanna Robinson for Easy Does It, as they led 5-1. Sunrise’ Kathleen Henry came home in the 4th, but Sharra Robinson crossed the plate again in the 5th inning for the 6-2 win. In Game 3, the Easy Does it girls advanced to the finals by a 9-7 win against over the Strikers. They led 2-1 when Dian Rhaburn and Bernadine Carcamo came home in the 1st inning, while only Merle Frost crossed the plate for the Strikers. Pitcher Margaret Hendy shut out the Strikers in the next 3 innings, while the Easy Does It lead grew to 4-1 when Tricia Rhaburn came home in the 2nd inning and Audra Macfadzean came home in the 4th. The Strikers’ Stacy Smith and Frost came home in the 5th inning, but the Easy Does It extended their lead to 9-5 when Dian Rhaburn, Ana Wade, Kathleen Rhaburn, Audra Macfadzean and Tricia Rhaburn came home in the 6th inning. Only

Sherraine Westby and Josephine Flowers crossed the plate for the Strikers in the 6th. Westby and Malthia Garbutt rounded the bases in the 7th, but the Easy Does it girls won 9-7. In Game 4 the final, the Survivors swatted Easy Does It 10-6, leading 3-1 lead when Marsha Wills, Sherrie Macfadzean, and Florence Davis came home in the 1st inning, and only Kathleen Rhaburn crossed the plate for Easy Does It. S u r v ivo r s ’ A r n eek Ba p ti st extended the lead to 4-1 in the second inning, while Survivors’ pitcher Valerie Vernon shut the Easy Does It girls. Dian Rhaburn and Kathleen cut the lead when they scored in the 3rd inning. The Survivors’ lead grew to 8-6 as Judy Soberanis, Sherrie, Davis and Karina August came home in the 4th, while Easy Does It’s Kathleen Rhaburn, Audrey Castellanos and Audra Macfadzean also came home in the 4th. The Survivors allowed no more runs in the next innngs, while Wills and Soberanis scored two more runs in the 5h inning for the 10-6 championship win.

Placencia Assassins stun City Boys 2-1 in Belize Bank Superleague playoffs

Tthe Placencia Assassins stunned the City Boys 2-1 in Week 4 of the Belize Bank Super League football playoffs at the MCC grounds on Sunday, August 15. The Assassins came hunting their first win and the visitors looked to get things going when Elias Donaire centered the ball from a free kick to find Ashley Torres, whose header is just inches

outside the sticks. City Boys also looked to cement their leadership position with Tyrone Muschamp and Whitfield Pa t n e t t p a l y i n g g ive a n d g o, but Muschamp failed to finish. Whitfield Patnett then set table for Dalton “Pollo” Cayetano, who choked in his over-eagerness to score and the ball game remained a nil-zip draw at the half.

Cayetano would make up for past misdemeanors in the 2nd half when 54th minute, he connects with a right away right foot shot to a pass from Whitfield Patnett to embarrass the Placencia keeper Stephen Lopez with a 1-0 lead. Lyndon Brooks, Gary Young and Jason Westby look to get the equalizer for the visitors, but City boys’ goalie Charlie Slusher proves up to the challenge. The City Boys should have gotten a penalty when Dalton Eiley took down Tyrone Mushcamp inside the box, but the referee says play on, no harm, no foul. The City Boys’ defenders Mark Grant, Shawn Thurton, Tyrone Linares and Joseph Mohamed Ali all blundered when they allowed Ashley Torres to receive a pass from Jason Westby, and torres made them pay the maximum penalty, drilling the ball though an opening to tie up the ball game at 1-1 in the 70th minute of play. Both sides refres h ed th ei r offensive lineup in search of the game-winner with Leonard Valdez

and Keon Leslie replacing Jason Westby and Hubert Neal, and Rollin Burgess taking over from Gary Young. City Boys’ Godson Michel steps in for Diennemercy Pierre, and Michel almost regained the lead but he choked at point blank range. The shadows were getting long, and 90 regulation minutes have passed when Elias Donaire found Ashley Tor res with a forward pass and Tor res is off to the races, running the legs off the City boys’ defenders who cannot protect Slusher from Torres attack. Slusher came out to meet the play, but was beat when Torres danced the ball around him and spanked the ball to the far corner where it rebounded off the upright and inot the back of the net for the 2-1 win. Nizhee Corozal now leads the playoffs with 8 points from 2 wins and 2 draws having stopped Hattieville FC 1-0 at the Ricalde Stadium with a single strike by Darnell Mossiah in the fifty-eighth minute of play.



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Sunday, August 22, 2010



Living in Belize this past year has left the average person hard pressed to “see anything to smile 'bout”. But the studies have shown, one most recently in the European Heart Journal, that”having a smile on your face may be better for your health than you think.” Though it may seem like a tough if not impossible mission in times like these, the study has found that you will be less likely to develop heart disease if you focus on being content, happy and enthusiastic. The study followed 1,739 healthy adults and assessed each person's risk of heart disease. They also analysed symptoms of depression, hostility, anger and anxiety as well as a range of positive emotions. The analyses showed that those who were more positive had a 22 percent smaller chance of developing heart disease. Good to know, according to this study, that a few bouts of depression does not have any long term effect on heart health, yet ,it highly recommends that one grab hold of or “take authority” over stressful situations and de-stress before it grabs hold of you. HEART HEALTHY TIPS If we are to increase our ability to cope, build our capacity to lead our families and staff members

through these trying times WITHOUT KILLING OURSELVES, we need to be good to #1, “si mismo”, ones self. The first heart healthy tip is to LOVE YOURSELF;TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEELINGS AND LET GO OF ANY GUILT TRIPS or people who want to put them on you. . It's prudent to remember the airplane safety demo which says if the pressure in the cabin drops, PUT ON YOUR OXYGEN MASK FIRST -THEN help the person next to you.

Breath is Life. Use the following breathing techniques to calm your mind, drop your pulse rate and lower your blood pressure: -Exhale completely Push all the air out of your lungs for a count of five. -Inhale deeply Fill your lungs with a long deep breathe for the count of four. --Hold it. Hold that breath for a count of up to seven Exhale, for a slow count of eight,emptying your lungs completely. Your heart will feel less heavy, less

hurt and you will have oxygenated your brain and body help you cope. Have a glass of red wine – or some peanuts. Since 1936 the Japanese have known of the substance called RESVERATROL found in red wine and also in peanuts. Sixty Minutes recently carried a story on this natural supplement and its heart and overall anti-aging health benefits. Fish Oils and the Omega 3's strongly reduce triglycerides which in excess, can be detrimental to the blood vessels , the heart and the brain. Just get some fresh sea fish from out by the Barracks and enjoy a fish tea once a week. Good for your heart, your back etc. Of course there are the usual biomedical advice of controlling cholesterol,proper diet, exercising, getting enough sleep. These protocols always are good to follow. New research from the American Journal of Cardiology shows that men who have sex more than twice a week are 45 percent less likely to develop life threatening heart conditions. Researchers are now calling on doctors to screen men for sexual activity when assessing their heart . So start -or end your day with a little love. It's good for the heart.

TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL A World of Possibilities

In the time it takes to read this article, it is estimated by the World Bank Institute that two billion pieces of content would have been shared on Facebook and more and more of it is coming from the developing world like Belize. Even the venerable Holy Redeemer Parish, the mother cathedral for the Roman Catholic diocese in Belize has its Facebook page. More than ever before,for those who seek to encourage the timely creation of innovation and the spread of the development tools and solutions from the bottom up,the playing field has finally been opened up and all are coming on in an almost equitable manner. As we look at the crisis of the monsoon floods in Pakistan and compare it with the way similar natural disasters are being handled in India, Bangaladesh and Africa, we see that the Pakistan population is lag ging behind in the use of mobile phone technolog y compared to the other countries mentioned. A year ago, because of the proliferation of mobile phones , mainly utilizing text messsaging, health and agriculture field extension workers were able to pass on life saving infor mation to remote and otherwise inaccessible villages and

receive accurate and updated data from the villages as to the rate and height of the flood waters. Emergency agencies and workers were then able make evidence based decisions as to when to evacuate and even to adjust evacuation routes for villagers and their animals thus saving lives and livelihoods and mitigating the human

health and socioeconomic losses that could have occurred had there not been mobile communications. The concept of instantaneous exchange of ideas WITHOUT the intermediar y known as the development workers (Non Government Organizations) has already changed what is being called the social ecosystem of the world. When an idea or innovation emerges even from a remote underdeveloped countr y, it can become available by the social networks, through a quer y on the search engines (which can even

translate the ethnic dialects into the mainstream English, Spanish and French ) or on platfor ms where people with similar needs self organize and congregate. “The ability of ordinar y people to share, cooperate and act together is being improved dramatically by our social tools” says author Clay Shirky in his book :Here Comes Ever ybody”. Suffice to say, the Iran post election riots were brought to the world via smart phones videos, texts and Twitter; it is the new tool of populist ideas . In an oppressive and repressive environment like ours has become, we need to guard our place in this global tech revolution and push for the expansion of ITC into all geopolitical areas of the jewel. Rather than have authorities that limit and remove subscribers, we must commit to maximize the utilization of all existing infrastr ucture such as cable networks which can bundle cheap Internet to even our most remote areas. We need to see a policy that brings down duties and offer incentives for solar technolog y so that children and craft workers living outside of the electricity and telephony grid can still take their place on the technolog y platfor m. There is no telling where the next life changing innovation could come from. I'd like to think it can come from Belize.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Reflections Pink & Purple Tights…

By: Mike Rudon Jr. With all due disrespect to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the image which comes to my mind when I imagine him engaged in a war against crime is that of a little big eared, bald headed and knobby-kneed elf in pink and purple tights swatting a gold papier-mâché wand at a 3,000 pound rampaging rhinoceros. Hey, maybe this graphic image is influenced somewhat by my dislike for the ostentatious fellow, but I’m sure the point gets across anyway. Use your image or mine – the results are the same. The PM, whether in elegant Armani or punkish pink and purple, has done absolutely nothing to curb the crime situation in Belize. He has done nothing to encourage residents to feel a little bit safer in their homes. He has done nothing to put a stranglehold on criminals, nothing to positively address the serious social conditions which lead to increased violence and crime, nothing to improve criminal legislation, nothing to improve the judicial system, nothing to strengthen the DPP’s Office. Hell, to make a long story short, Mr. Barrow has done nothing good – period! Usually I’d waste a little time bashing the Minister of Police right about now, but in reality that is all it would be – a waste of time. Doug Singh was appointed a couple months ago and has followed the example set by his boss. He has done nothing, unless you count ogling police officers. He has been a joke from day one, but nobody expected anything of him anyway, and that’s just what they got. I was in a barber shop the other day and the talk is that murders have just about gone up to one a day and it’s going to get worse. Just this waeekend there were four murders, one of them a young female. And that’s only murders – every situation report sent out by the Police Department is chock full of shootings and robberies and assaults and burglaries. The sense on the street is one of hopelessness and despair and desperation. It’s hard enough to find food to put on the table – added to that our citizens have to live in constant, paralyzing fear. Nobody knows where to turn. Do you know where the Prime Minister was this weekend? He didn’t have to worry about crime and poverty and frustration and desperation and anger on Belize’s streets. Mr. Barrow was in Los Angeles, being feted in grand

style. In fact, it seems like Mr. Barrow is gone a lot of the time, attending grand balls in one country, doing the cocktail circuit in another, speaking at fancy dinners in yet another. Hell, foreign newspapers are full of pictures of Belize’s Prime Minister and his wife, both smiling fit to burst and dressed in the most elegant and costly of evening wear. They’ve both been pictured with glasses of fine champagne in hand, seated at some table or the other in some luxurious setting with some fancy

meal or the other in front of them. That’s quite a long way from the reality on our streets, Mr. Prime Minister. We haven’t seen too many pictures of you walking on miles of London Bridges or talking to people living in the most squalid of conditions right here in your city of residence. I guess your favourite Armani suit wouldn’t photograph too well in front of a broken down shack like those in which the people you promised to serve are forced to live. I listened to a live broadcast of the Prime Minister from a Town Hall in Los Angeles, where he was speaking to a gathering of Belizean-Americans. His presentation, as always, was awesome. He handled that crowd like a maestro with a world class orchestra. His reply to questions were practiced, his verbal riposte superb. The man is a master. Ain’t no two ways about it! But the thing is, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out which country he was describing. There is no way in hell he was talking about Belize – nope. Everything is just honky dory in the country Mr. Barrow was talking about. In that country things are well in hand

26 and there is no corruption to speak of. Yeah, there’s crime but hey, they’ve got that s##t under control and are going to restore Belize. Restore my A$$! Crime is out of control in Belize. It’s passed out of control. It’s worse because the Police are not given the resources to tackle the job and they have to take orders from a sissy minister who wants them to run races and do pushups with him. Our entire justice system is a joke. The DPP’s office is a joke. The biggest UDP crime fighting initiative in more than two years is a song called I Am Belize. Yup, that’s right, a song. Unless Mr. Barrow decides to spend the rest of his term touring other countries to impress them with his eloquent prose, he will get the sense of this demon he has spawned. With violent crime going up, up, up, it’s only a matter of time before it comes calling at your door, buddy – only a matter of time!

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The Belize Times

Strictly Personal Barrow is bogus!

By A Facebook comment this week reminded me that sometimes in Belize the only constant seems to be change, but the more things change the more they remain the same. I doubt that you can find it in the historical record because a lot of what was said back then in the electronic media, par ticularly on the morning talk shows, was never recorded and preserve for posterity, but I distinctly remember several prominent members of the UDP hierarchy making many statements on crime and the economy back in early 2005 and up until the February 2008 General Elections, back when they had all the answers. I remember how following the call for “civil disobedience” how there were continual calls for a general strike by businesses, and indeed we were subject to strikes and shutdowns. Although the official business representative organizations resisted the call, particularly to supposedly protest taxation increases, in an impressive display of unity, Chinese businesses all across the countr y did not open on April 14, 2005, ostensibly to protest the death Susan Yue, a 26-year-old mother and restaurant keeper who was knifed to death the previous Sunday in Orange Walk. The shutdown helped to fuel the general aura of chaos and anarchy that had been created by the call for “civil disobedience” a n d w h i c h t h e n p e r va d e d a s a consequence. We had seen shut downs before. On Febr uary 20, 2002 businesses nation-wide had pulled down the shutters to protest rising violent crime and had held an impressive rally in Belize City’s Central Park to underscore their protest. The first time the Chinese business community had shut down was back in 1997 to protest the killing of one of their members, but I think that first protest had been confined mostly to Belize City. This week the Chinese c o m mu n i t y a g a i n p r o t e s t e d t h e continued escalation of violence and criminal acts against their


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businesses and homes by staging a one day shutdown. As I write this they are marching through the streets behind the funeral cortege of 14 year old Helen Yu who was killed in Belize City last week Thursday after three armed robbers stormed into her family store on Iguana Street and shot her and her father in the commission of a robbery. I doubt that it will do much more than demonstrate their dissatisfaction. T his week a Chinese descent Belizeans was sworn in as President of the Senate, and he is candidate for

election to the National Assembly. The juxtapositioning of these two events is not mere coincidence and are a terrific example of how we “play” politics with the crime issue in Belize. Lee Mark Chang as President of the Senate will soon preside over a debate in that august chamber about the utility and efficacy of ever y increasing punishment for t h o s e c o nv i c t e d o f a l l s o r t s o f contraventions of our laws enacted to deter violent crime. Most people I have spoken to think that the real problem is our inability to enforce the present laws by detecting, apprehending and convicting those who offend. In truth the increasing penalties policy is really atypical of the Barrow administration political Band-Aid approach to the crises that keep spring up all across his

27 government. The deleterious impact of crime on our economy is unquestioned but near immeasurable. Today one sector of the business community protested. What exactly are they saying? Are they saying something that hasn’t been said before? Will they be joined by the wider business community? At the end of the day, it seems to me the Chinese business community is saying that violent crime is getting i n t h e way o f t h e m d o i n g t h e i r b u s i n e s s i n B e l i z e, a n d t h a t t h e Barrow administration, despite the ascendancy of Lee Mark, despite the increased punishments, despite Restore Belize and Doug Singh, is impotent. They are not demonstrating support – quite the opposite, they’re demonstrating their disdain. They are saying Barrow is bogus.


The Belize Times

No Light at the End of the Tunnel…

Contributed Belizeans are angry, frustrated and fed up with the UDP administration’s impotence in the matter of keeping our streets safe. Mr. Barrow shines on the podium while spouting eloquent nothings with the greatest of ease, but he and his buddy Doug are clueless and unable to make a meaningful dent in crime, or any dent for that matter. Things have gotten so bad in the city that gunshots are ringing out with the regularity of dynamite at midnight on Christmas Eve. Our citizens have trained themselves to hit the floor and lie low when these shots ring out and everyone in Belize City is just plain miserable. This UDP administration has demonstrated none of the brilliance and resolve which was promised with all apparent sincerity, many of our youths have already paid the ultimate price and the rest of us live in constant fear. Hey, that’s life in the jewel under Mr. Barrow and his crew. And as dismal as the reality is, most of us with the exception of those wearing red blinders have had to accept that things won’t get better anytime soon. We may not like it (hell, there’s no doubt about that), but we have had to become accustomed to the real risk of being assaulted, robbed, raped and murdered on the streets of the city, or even behind what should be the sanctuary of home. And since Operation Restore Belize apparently hasn’t made it past the stage of very verbose presentation by our leader, there will be little or no reprieve in the foreseeable future. That initiative has been shown for what it really is - another of Barrow’s cosmetic measures to curb crime that costs a lot of money, but fizzles after it is rolled out. Like Operation Jaguar, it is destined for the junk heap. And while our leader and minister of police have both been struck suddenly mute, most areas in the city have been overwhelmed by a wave of gang and gun violence and brazen murders that have eroded the quality of life of residents and taxed the Police Department’s efforts to maintain order. It’s plain to see – already faced with a minister who seems most interested in seeing their sweaty biceps in the gym, our men and women in uniform have lost all ground to criminals who appear to act with impunity. There is very little hope that our police officers will be given what they really need in this war on crime – things like proper training, a forensics lab and DNA testing facility, a DPP’s office which does its job and the proper resources to get the job done. Instead of addressing those glaring deficiencies in the Police Department, Mr. Singh explained in an interview that he is con-

BELIZE WATER SERVICES LIMITED BELIZE RIVER VALLEY PROJECT - BELIZE Consultancy Services for Design and Construction Supervision


vinced that we are losing the war on crime because police officers are too fat. Hell, it would be funny if people weren’t dropping like flies out here. Somehow our brilliant Police boss believes he can shame officers into action by ridiculing them. His brilliant solution to the rapidly deteriorating crime situation is the opening of a Police gym, possibly with two way mirrors in the male showers. I guess Doug feels that given this progressive anti crime measure, criminals will quake in their shoes and put down their weapons and live in peace, never to kill or shoot or rob again. What a crock! The time for talk without any accompanying action is over. Belizeans are fed up of the bloodshed, the violence and mothers keening in misery as they stand over the bloody bodies of sons and loved ones. The time has come for us to feel safe in our homes once again. We desperately need anti-crime measures that are carefully planned, not just the brainchild of a man who has made an art of providing buckets and buckets of glitter with no substance. We need real, decisive, focused action, and sure as hell Doug Singh is not the man for the job. He has offered little direction or leadership to the Police so that they can effectively manage the crime situation. In this regard, he is no better than his predecessor who was sent to plague the officers in the BDF. Just as it was supremely evident very early on that Mr. Perdomo was in over his head, so too it is clear that Doug would be better suited to a role in Carnival than to any leading role in the Police. And the worst element in this squalid mess is that there seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel. For the most part, our crime troubles are closely tied to the widespread poverty and unemployment that plague the country. Mr. Singh is as far removed from that dismal reality as Mr. Barrow, who has demonstrated that he has absolutely no understanding of the abject poverty that breeds the growing army of heartless youth. Like Mr. Barrow, Singh is serenaded into sleep by the sweetest lullabies that money can buy. For sure these gentlemen do not fall asleep to the sounds of automatic weapons which have become the soundtracks on city streets.


President CBA The Corozal Billiards Association (CBA) would like to announce the team who will represent Corozal in Belize city has emerged and that team is a new comer to the tournament and is no other than the San Narciso Braves. Also the winners for second, third and fourth places were decided. Second was Los Papis playing out of Machies, third place went to G-1Unit and fourth place to Albaniles. Third and fourth place needed to be decided by a tie breaker due to after two rounds, both teams were tied at 5-5. G-1Unit came out victorious securing third place.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the game for first place, Braves lead Los Papis 3-2 after the first round and in the second round, Braves won by a score of 5-0 clinching the tournaments coveted first place and the privilege of representing Corozal. Trophies for first and second place were handed out to the individual players while a team trophie was handed out to third and forth places individually. The CBA would like to congratulate the San Narciso Braves on their win and would especially like to thank the CBA members that helped to realize this event, the teams that participated, referees, and everyone else who in one way or another assisted.

The Government of Belize (GOB) has received a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) towards the cost of the Belize River Valley Project, and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds to eligible payments under a contract to provide consultancy services for design and construction supervision. GOB will execute the project through Belize Water Services Limited (BWS), and a Project Manager within BWS will be responsible for the day-to-day management of project activities. BWS shall be the Executing Agency for the project. BWS is now seeking to engage consultants to: (a) undertake detailed engineering survey of the route for installing the distribution network and mains interconnecting the nine villages; (b) prepare new and review existing tank designs; and (c) undertake construction supervision of the erection of three (3) tanks together with the installation of approximately forty (40) miles of various diameter PVC water main within and interconnecting the nine villages. The procurement of these consulting services shall be subject to the provisions of the loan agreement. BWS now invites the submission of statement of capabilities from eligible firms interested in undertaking this assignment.

Ten Bil

The $20 be r 1st 201

Eac dec face

App of B whe

Consultant firms shall be eligible for procurement if: (a) in the case of a body corporate, it is legally incorporated or otherwise organized in, and has its principal place of business in, an eligible country and is more than 50 per cent beneficially owned by citizen(s) and/or bona fide resident(s) of eligible country(ies) or by body(ies) corporate meeting these requirements; (b) in the case of unincorporated firms, the persons are citizens or bona fide residents of an eligible country; and (c) in all cases, the consultant has no arrangement and undertakes not to make any arrangements whereby any substantial part of the net profits or other tangible benefits of the contract will accrue or be paid to a person not a citizen or bona fide resident of an eligible country.

Ten Fri

Suc and We

The and


Eligible countries are CDB Member Countries. In assessing submissions, consideration will be given to technical competence, qualifications and experience, regional experience on similar assignments, financial capability, the extent of prior commitments, and proficiency in English. Submissions should include corporate profile, descriptions of similar projects completed within the past five years, and curriculum vitae of key personnel. Consultants should have experience in Civil Engineering including but not limited to foundation and structural design, engineering and geotechnical survey, water supply and distribution, tender preparation and evaluation, contract preparation and negotiation, construction supervision and project management. Five (5) copies of the “statement of capability” must be submitted to the first address stated below no later than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010. Simultaneously, one copy should be sent to the second address below. The sealed envelopes containing the submissions should include the name and address of the applicant and should be clearly marked: “Statement of Capability: Consulting Services for Belize River Valley Project”. All information must be submitted in English. Following assessment of the submissions, a short list of not less than three and not more than six applicants will be provided with full terms of reference and invited to submit technical and financial proposals to undertake the assignment. BWS reserves the right to accept or reject late applications or to cancel the present invitation partially or in its entirety. BWS will not be bound to assign any reason for not short listing any applicant and will not defray costs incurred by applicants in the preparation and submission of the proposals. Applicants will be advised in due course of the results of their application. 1. Resident Consultant Engineer Belize Water Services Limited #7 Central American Boulevard Belize City Belize District BELIZE, C. A.

2. Procurement Officer Project Services Division Caribbean Development Bank P O Box 408, Wildey St. Michael BARBADOS, W. I. BB 11000

Tel: (501) 222 4757 ext. 241 Fax: (501) 222 4238 Email:

Tel: (246) 431 1600 Fax: (246) 426 7269 Email:


Ch tha upo Ped sen tor At ticu IS tio sai the ticu the of


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Belize Times

Responding to the Guardian article" Cayo People Are No Fools"

Normally, I would not engage in responding to the vicious attacks on my person. Politics, over the years has taught me to respond selectively to those who choose to offend me and my family. Although it is a bitter pill to swallow, if we choose to be in politics then we must understand the rules of the game i.e. "you have to learn to take it and also learn to dish it." My character is not one that will easily resort to negative criticism because it is not my style. Being so, I have been chastised on occasions by my own party supporters and even criticized as being too tolerant. However, I prefer the road of clarification when dealing with my offenders. On Wednesday August 4, 2010, I submitted an article to the major news- dared not sign His or should I say HER papers in the country entitled "We are name but hid behind a 'Cayo Concerned' not all Cayo fools: Are We? According- fictional name. ly, only the Belize times chose to publish Firstly, it seems as if my essay hit the article. I do not judge the editors home with this "Cayo Concerned' charof the newspapers if they choose not acter because he chose to viciously attack to publish. Perhaps I sent it in too late me as a person instead of addressing the or maybe it was not something impor- real concerns I expressed in my article. tant enough to warrant the publishing Secondly, I did not coin the phrase 'Cayo in their media. So, if only one of them Fool'. Even though the writer states he published then so be it. In the article has been around as long as I have and I tried my best to show the nation and has not heard it, it is probably because specifically so, awaken the minds of my he has not spent most of his years in our fellow Cayo citizens that we cannot lay community but has had to run away to back and expect things to be done for another district for a greater part of his our district. We must approach our pol- life. Thirdly, I wish to mention to this iticians "area representatives" and make character that I did have to win a PUP our voices heard. The essence of my convention in order to be able to be the essay centered around the fact that as Standard Bearer for Cayo Northeast in theScotiabank largest district, with the twin townsa Company the last general elections (yet this charac(Belize) Ltd., duly registered being the second largest community in ter says he has been living in Cayo for as under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of the country and also having within the long as I have). Fourthly, regarding his Belize, Revised Edition, and having its registered district the nation's capital, I felt that2000, we response to the Broaster stadium saying are office being left behind in terms of infraat Cor. Albert and Bishop City, thatStreets, it can beBelize stretched into the Macal structural andhereby cultural gives development. Park is merely wishful its thinking. Belize, noticeIof River its intention to exercise specifically mentioned that we have no Let him not forget that it was my Counpower of sale as Mortgagee a Deed of Mortgagee Cultural center, no House of Culture, under cil and I that established that park and 8th day of for May, 2007, JERMEIGHN no made coveredthe stadium facility sports thatbetween it was I who personally first alerted andTUN other social activities etc.Village, etc. Then,Orange the media about a possibleBelize, allocation of of Carmelita Walk District, I went on to describe the conditions of a parcel of the park to a certain businessof the one part and SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. of our streets and drainage infrastructure man (he can check with councilor Trapp other Book Volume 18individual of andthe stressed thatpart givenand thatrecorded we naturallyin Deeds for verification). Fifth, this have one of the hilliest terrains it makes 2007 at folios 799 – 824; and the said SCOTIABANK should research the meaning of Collaboit more expensiveLTD. to construct and expiration ration and collaborative effort. Working (BELIZE) will at the of three months maintain our infrastructure. Afterwards, hand in hand with the community does from thethedate of you thisare notice sellSixth, the this I mentioned fact of thatthe we first have publication one not mean begging. described in the Schedule hereto. of property the worst pieces of highway (roarcharacter should research and will find ing Creek to Santa Elena) in the country. out that it was my Town Council who I ended my essay by voicing my opin- first approached the Governor General All offers to purchase the said property must be made in ion on the choice of the government/ (Baron Bliss trustee) for permission to writing and full particulars conditions of sale Ministry of sports in refurbishing theandutilize the old Meat marketmay for abe History Broaster Stadium which is limited in its obtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. museum for the twin towns. With regard function and expansion capacity since to the vegetable market, this character it is only about one fourth the size of should know that it was my Town Countwo other existing facilities viz. the San- cil that first made an estimate and subta Elena Football Field in Santa Elena mission to SIF for monies to construct and the Victor Galvez Stadium in San said market. The monies were approved Ignacio. but by that time we were out of office Alas! the Guardian newspaper pub- and I introduced the then Mayor to the lished an article in their August week- ofManaging Director SIF210 so that they ALL THAT piece or13 parcel land being LotofNo. end issue written by some coward who could follow up on the disbursement


By Order of the Mortgagee


comprising of 1013.779 square meters situate in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District as shown on Minister’s Fiat Grant No. 428 of 2004 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections thereon. (This property is now referred to as Parcel 533 – Block 4 – Carmelita Registration Section). DATED this 16th day of August, 2010

of the funding. Seventh, this character makes a huge mistake to mention that the Columbus park was refurbished by the UDP Town Council. It is common and public Knowledge that a Gas company played a major role in the refurbishment of the park and even a portion of the street was acquired by the company for an undisclosed fee (so let's not go there). Seventh, with regards to the blatant attack on my 2000 to 2003 adminis-

tration, let us say that 'fool di talk but da no fool di listen". Those who know me and know of my Town Council's work in those three years have passed judgment and the verdict is Good. I do apologize for erroneously naming the Minister of sports as Hon. Patrick Faber instead of Hon. John Saldivar. Also, I am not and have never been in hiding. I am a proud member of the People's United Party and stand ready to be engaged in any effort that will move my country to a higher level. Lastly, this character should have the 'cojones' to sign a letter such as the one he wrote. In addition, he should learn to look back into other articles written by himself because his style of writing and the issues he commonly addresses in his writing gives him away. Although I know who wrote the article, I will not as a matter of principle expose this fiendish character. Let's leave it at that this person has a really demeaning nickname and it is one he would not like the public to know about. Signed Orlando Habet San Ignacio


By ORdER OF thE MORtgAgEE Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgagee made the 24th day of August, 2004, between Windell W. McDougal Jr. of Sittee River, Stann Creek District Walk, Belize, of the one part and First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Limited, of the other part and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 26 of 2004 at folios 293 – 374; and an Assignment of Mortgage made the 19th day of April, 2005, recorded in Deeds Book Volume 12 of 2005 at folios 753 – 770, between First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Limited of the first part, Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. of the second part and the said Windell W. McDougal Jr. of the third part. And the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. All offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.

THE SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO ALL THAT lot piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 33 containing 926.8 square metres situate in Sittee River Billage, Stann Creek District, Belize, and bounded and described as shown by the plan attached to Minister’s Fiat (Grant) No. 501 of 2001 TOGETHER with all buildings, erections standing and being thereon. DATED this 10th day of August, 2010

MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street, Belize City Attorneys-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.


MUSA & BALDERAMOS 91 North Front Street, Belize City Attorneys-at-Law for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd.


The Belize Times

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Party Leader meets Dangriga youths

On Friday August 13th, the Party Leader, on a working visit to Dangriga, met with a group of young Belizeans from the Stann Creek area. Flanked by members of his staff, the Chairman of the Southern Caucus, the President of the BYM and other members of national executive, the Party Leader listened as the young people of Dangriga and the neighbouring communities expressed their views on the state of the country and the role of the Party in the development of Belize. During the exchange, many of the invited guests expressed their

discontent with the present UDP Government and its lack of support to the young people of Dangriga. They spoke at length about the lack of opportunity for jobs in Dangriga, especially for the many young men and women who are now completing high school and sixth form. One of the delegates even shared his situation, stating that he will have to leave Dangriga and his family to seek work in Belize City, since he has been without work since graduating from sixth form more than a year ago. The young supporters of the Party also called on the party lead-

er to focus the efforts of the Party on the future, to put forward plans which will ensure a reinvigorated focus on the development of the country, and which will guarantee greater participation by the young people who make up the majority of the population. The young people that were present at the meeting represented a cross section of great young minds, from political activists, educators, students musicians and entrepreneurs. After listening to the statements and recommendations, the Party leader thanked everyone for

speaking openly and for their love for Belize. He reminded his guests about all the work that was done by PUP to include young people in the work of governance, stating that he himself entered politics at the age of 32. He encouraged those present to join the BYM and through this organization become more active in the political work of the PUP. “We have always valued the contribution of our Belizean youth and as the leader of the PUP I will continue to respect and value the contribution of young Belizeans in the development of the nation.�, he pledged to them.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

DOMINGO 22 de AGOSTO , 2010

The Belize Times

Issue No. 4707



The Truth Shall Make You Free


Una guerra de machete y de cuchillo entre dos grupos de jóvenes en la noche de viernes en la capital de la nación dio lugar a un rio de sangre que cobro la vida de uno y dos más heridos en el hospital regional occidental. El incidente ocurrió en el área de Salvapan alrededor de las nueve esa noche en que un grupo de cerca de seis jóvenes sorprendieron a tres amigos que se encontraban delante de una tienda china en el camino del cementerio. Sin embargo la lucha duro menos de cinco minutos, tiempo suficiente para que uno de los tres amigos quienes fueron atacados, Efren Ramirez, de 19 años, fuera apuñalado en la garganta. El joven sobrevivió lo

suficiente para tambalearse a través de un callejón de la calle Venezuela sucumbiendo en la calzada en el # 29. Él murió poco después. Sus dos amigos, Luis Medina, 21, y Nazim Cantun, de 18 años respectivamente, tuvieron que ser hospitalizados por las heridas de machete que sostuvieron en la reyerta. Cantun fue agredido en la cara y el oído izquierdo, y dañaron a Medina en su cara y brazos. El occiso Efren Ramirez, vivía con su familia en la calle Chile # 15, cerca de donde fue agredido. Los amigos cercanos dicen que él era albañil y trabajador. Mientras tanto, las autoridades de Belmopán todavía deben hacer cargos a dos sospechosos que se encuentran en su custodia por su asesinato. .


El pasado Jueves un asesino se acercó a Carlos Quiroz, de 38 años, alrededor de las nueve de la noche, le disparó dos vec es en la cabeza mientras estaba sentado en una silla de plástico en su casa en la esquina Dunn y las calles de Santo Tomás con versando con un amig o y vecino. Quiroz, que vivía justo enfrente de K arl Heusner Memorial Hospital, no vivió para contralo. Otras personas en los alrededores inmediatos de los disparos le proporcionaron a la Policía una buena descripción del pisto-

lero solitario, pero la policía no ha log rado detener a nadie por el asesinato. Esto dio inicio a un fin de semana de der ramamiento de sang re en la antigua capital que continuó con otras cuatro personas asesinadas. Quiroz, que los vecinos dicen que había sido blanco dos veces antes de su asesinato, después de haber recibido un disparo en fecha tan reciente como hace dos semanas fue presuntamente involucrado en una disputa con otro hombre que supuestamente ocur riera hace algún tiempo en

una cancha de baloncesto En el momento del inciden te, el asesino también descarg o su letal ar ma en el vecino de Quiroz y le disparó pero la bala sólo le rozó el brazo. Fue el veci no que vio al pistolero primero, se le acerco y le pregunto que sucedía. Fue entonces cuando el atacante le disparo a Quiroz a cor ta distancia. Teniendo en cuenta los asaltos criminales a testig os oculares de crímenes, este periódico tiene por enten dido que la otra persona a quien se le disparo se ha ido del país.

haber por lo menos 10 o 15 pequeñas empresas que se quedan sin trabajo, pero no llegan a los titulares. Cada empresa, grande o pequeña que se dobla significa que hay gente en la calle sin los medios dispuestos a mantenerse a sí mismos y sus familias. Eso se suma a la loca desesperación Sr. Barrow, y todo lo que viene con él. Creo que es pavoroso de que las empresas se estén derrumbando, tantos otros están al borde de la insolvencia, nuestra economía está en ruinas y el genio auto-proclamado en todo lo que no ha tenido absolutamente nada que decir. De hecho, al escuchar al Sr. Barrow hablar, uno puede fácilmente tener la impresión de que todo está bien en Belice; todo el mundo está teniendo un rato alegre. El Primer Ministro pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo en viajes al extranjero y cócteles en lugares lejanos, pero dudo que las palabras "colapso económico" salgan de sus labios rellenos de Botox. Pero eso es exactamente lo que es esto, exactamente en donde estamos. Nuestra nación está al borde de un colapso económico. Quiero decir, realmente, tengo que felicitar a Love Radio por sus persistentes intentos de hacer que los Beliceños entren en el espíritu septembrino. Pero no está sucediendo. Hacer

que los negocios cuelguen papel chino en colores patrios, rojos, blanco y azul en sus edificios que, sin imposiciones en tiempos normales, lo harían, pero estos no son tiempos normales, ¿verdad? En este momento las empresas están tratando de mantener sus puertas abiertas lo mas que puedan para que sus empleados puedan llevar los alimentos a casa para alimentar a sus familias y mantener los servicios públicos relacionados - agitando banderitas con alegría es otra cosa que está muy por abajo en la lista de prioridades. Puse Love FM una mañana y alguien le pedía a los Beliceños pegar banderas en sus vehículos, en sus bicicletas y en sus casas. Luego cambié a KREM y un empleado de la BML estaba pidiendo ayuda de alguien porque su empresa no había sido pagada por el UDP CitCo. Así que el no había pagado las utilidades y sus servicios habían sido cortados. Tenía cinco hijos, dos de ellos muy jóvenes, sin electricidad, sin agua corriente y sin dinero para poner comida en la mesa. De alguna manera no creo que lo más urgente en su mente fue la compra de una bandera de Belice y correr por la calle con fervor loco, patriótico. Estamos demasiados pobres y deprimidos para ser patriotas, Jack. Viva Belice. Larga vida a Belice.


No es mi intención hacerme el blanco de fanáticos que creen que al cortarse las venas la sangre roja,azul y blanco correra con el acompañamiento del himno nacional de Belice. Hey, amo a mi país tanto como el vecino y más que muchos de ellos pero los hechos son los hechos - muchos de nosotros estamos demasiado pobres, deprimidos, enojados, frustrados, hambrientos, confusos y desesperados que el animo patriótico para echarse a cantar para las celebraciones de septiembre no está alli '.' Sres., no hay nadie celebrando nada en este momento. Las cosas están mal! Miren a su alrededor. Sólo escuchen. Ayer por la noche la gran historia en las noticias fue el hecho de que los pequeños operadores turísticos de Belice están obligados a cerrar debido a que han sido empujados fuera del negocio por un poderoso jugador extranjero con sede en el negocio turístico. Centenares de guías turísticos que trabajan y que dependen de su dinerito para sobrevivir se van a casa porque no habrá puestos de trabajo. Me rompió el corazón ayer por la noche cuando escucha un joven empresario de Belice decir que sus cinco empleados están usando la camisa de la compañía por última vez porque están cerrando. Otra mujer dijo que ella ha estado en el

negocio hace 9 años y las cosas nunca han estado tan mal. Un hombre ha estado en el negocio 12 años, y no sabe cómo va a ser capaz de mantener a sus cinco hijos. El Primer Ministro Deán Barrow debe pararse frente a estos operadores turísticos (sin su séquito de seguridad), levantar la mano en el aire y gritar con gusto - Véase, la magia sigue ahí! Oh, muchacho, pagaría cualquier cosa por ver el resultado de eso. Y estas son sólo algunas de las muchas historias de desesperación en Belice, de no ser capaces de proveer a las familias, de niños que abandonan las escuelas, pasando hambre. Basta con escuchar la radio. Ha llegado al punto en que los anfitriones ni siquiera saben cómo responder a la letanía de quejas y cuentos de desesperación. En Belice hoy, no hay absolutamente motivo para sonreír. Nadie parece saber a dónde acudir. Cualquiera que me conoce sabe que no soy el tipo religioso, pero tomando prestada una cita de Proverbios – “donde no hay visión el pueblo perece”. Sr. Barrow, si tiene aunque fuera un ápice de la visión, pues en donde lo esconde? mientras que su pueblo perece. ¿No puede ver la realidad de Belice hoy por hoy? Bueno, para cada negocio grande que se pliega, tiene que

Belize TimesEn Español No Hay Luz al Final del Túnel…….. ESTAMOS DESTRUYENDO


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Sunday, August 22, 2010




Lunes era el día en que las noticias eran dominadas por asesinatos y violencia; sin embargo ahora se ha convertido en una ocurrencia diaria. No más la exclusiva al comienzo de la semana del trabajo o aún al primer bloque cada noche de las noticias, noticias del crimen se convierte como el estado del tiempo, una constante en el noticiero de la tarde en radio y la televisión. Belice se ha convertido en una sociedad violenta. En el rating en la cual los actos de violencia están ocurriendo en Belice, la estadística ahora demuestra que en nuestra nación sucede un promedio de un asesinato cada 3 días. Solo en este año ha habido hasta ahora 74 asesinatos. Si la violencia continúa en este paso podría ser otro año record. Es absolutamente probable que para el final del 2010 el número de los asesinatos cometidos alcancen proporciones de hasta 120. ¿Qué sucede en nuestra sociedad que esté causando tanta violencia desenfrenada? ¿Por qué hay tan poco respeto para la vida entre este sector de nuestra población joven? Según el informe por Dr. Kenneth Gayle, uno en cada tres jóvenes de la ciudad de Belice ha tenido cierto contacto con el mundo de la cuadrilla o ha atestiguado una cierta forma de violencia de la cuadrilla. Ésta es una indicación que el predominio de la actividad de pandilla en nuestra sociedad urbana está creciendo a pasos alarmantes y que pudieran muy bien haber perdido las autoridades el control de la situación. El punto principal que está causando los asesinatos y las otras formas de violencia se arraiga indudablemente en el comercio de las drogas que parece haber asumido el control de Belice. Esto ha aprovisionado una nueva era del miedo, que viene del barril de un arma y de una prosperidad que sin embargo se logra atravez de actividades ilegales. Los expertos discutirán que no tiene ningún sentido alzar las manos en desesperación, de la misma forma que nos dirían que importa poco si tengamos que encerrarnos en nuestros hogares por el miedo. ¿ Po r d o n d e e m p e z a m o s ? C o m e n z a m o s d e a r r i b a c o n l a administración de Barrow; deben proporcionar la dirección moral, demostrando que lucharán agresivamente el crimen y que serán justos y seguirán siempre la regla de la ley. Deben también asegurarse de que no haya interferencia con el sistema judicial y traer a esos criminales a la justicia. Como sociedad, cada uno debe contribuir a solucionar el problema. En Nueva York después del 9/11 introdujeron un lema que invitó a cada ciudadano para ayudar a resguardar la ciudad, ese lema decía, “si usted ve algo, diga algo.” Por supuesto si esto ha de funcionar, las autoridades deben poder proteger a los que denuncian el crimen, asegurando su seguridad. Todos nosotros debe tomar la responsabilidad de lo qué está sucediendo en Belice hoy y tenemos que estar preparados para trabajar en no sólo parar la violencia hoy, pero ayudar a proteger la generación siguiente de riesgos, la juventud contra el señuelo de drogas, de la violencia, de la prisión o de la muerte. Esto no pueden ser las únicas opciones para la juventud urbana pobre de Belice. En Europa cuando la violencia comenzó a salirse de control, un número de ciudades desarrollaron un sistema para ayudar a autoridades locales a ocuparse del problema en el nivel de comunidad. Los g ober nadores de la ciudad autorizaron a comunidades a org anizarse para eng anchar a lo que llamaron: “planeamiento enfocado resultado de la prevención. ” Éste es un tipo de programa que intenta utilizar las herramientas para la prevención de crímenes, especialmente en el área del uso y del trafica de drogas. En esta ejerció los líderes de la comunidad desarrollaron una manera de medir riesgo, la protección, la delincuencia y resultados del uso de la droga en vecindades confiablemente en riesgo. Usando esta información, los líderes de la comunidad pusieron un nivel del riesgo de la vecindad a los recursos de la vecindad y del uso basados en el nivel del riesgo. Estos líderes también hicieron que las comunidades locales proveerán la información y asistirles en la organización para enganchar enfocarse en el planeamiento de la prevención, ellos asistieron en la limpieza de las vecindades, proporcionando una iluminación mejor en las noches, organizaron los acontecimientos locales que traerían a la comunidad acercarse mas y proveyeron programas escolares en deportes, la educación, y actividades al aire libre. El Restauración Belice es hasta ahora solo habladas, la época para la acción se encuentra demasiado atrasada y todavía estamos en la fase de la demostración de la charla. Si Belice quiere tener un futuro, es ahora cuando debemos responsabilizarnos y tomar acción inmediata!.

Los Beliceños están enojados, fr ustrados y har tos con la impotencia de la administración del UDP en materia de mantener nuestras calles seguras. El Sr Bar row brilla en el podio mientras que habla con elocuencia convincente con la más g rande facilidad, pero lo que si es seguro es que el Primer Ministro y Doug no tienen ni la más remota idea de cómo hacer una diferencia significativa en el crimen que ag obia a nuestra sociedad. Las cosas han estado tan mal en la ciudad que las balaceras suenan con la regularidad de la dinamita en la medianoche en víspera de Navidad. Nuestros ciudadanos se han entrenado para tirarse al piso cuando estos tiros suenan. Esta administración del UDP no ha demostrado ninguna de la brillantez y resolución que fue prometida con toda la sinceridad evidente, muchos de nuestras jóvenes han pag ado ya el último precio y el resto de nosotros vive con miedo constante. Hey, ésa es vida en la joya debajo del Sr. Bar row y su equipo. Y tan triste como es la realidad, la mayor par te hemos tenido que ace ptar que las cosas no mejoraran pronto. Hemos tenido que acostumbrar nos al riesg o verdadero de ser asaltados, robados, el ser violado y el ser asesinado en las calles de la ciudad, o aún detrás de qué debe ser el santuario del hog ar. Y puesto que la operación Restauración Belice no lo ha hecho al parecer más allá de la etapa de la presentación muy prolija por nuestro líder, habrá poco o nada de suspensión temporal de un castig o en el futuro próximo. Esa iniciativa se ha demostrado para cuáles realmente es - otras de las medidas cosméticas de Bar row de contener el crimen que cuesta mucho dinero, pero que lueg o ter mina en nada. Como Operación Jaguar, es destinado para chatar ra. Y mientras que nuestro líder y Ministro de Policía de re pente se han quedado mudos, la mayoría de las áreas en la ciudad han sido abr umadas por una onda de violencia y ar mas y de los asesinatos descarados que han erosionado la calidad de vida de residentes y han ag ravado los esfuerzos del de par tamento de policía de mantener el orden. Es claro ver - hecho frente ya con un Ministro que parece más interesado en ver bíce ps sudorosos en el g ym, nuestros hombres y mujeres en unifor me han perdido todo ter reno a los criminales que parecen actuar con impunidad. Hay poca esperanza que se les dará a nuestros oficiales de policía lo qué realmente necesitan en esta guer ra contra crimen - cosas como el

entrenamiento apropiado, un laboratorio forense y la facilidad de pr ueba de DNA, la oficina de un DPP que hace su trabajo y los recursos apropiados de hacer bien el trabajo. En vez de tratar esas deficiencias que se deslumbran en el de par tamento de policía, el Sr. Singh explico en una entrevista de que estamos perdiendo la guer ra al crimen porque los oficiales de policía están demasiado g ordos. Nuestro jefe brillante de policía cree de que de alguna manera que al ridiculizar a los oficiales los hara ponerse en acción. Su solución brillante a la situación del crimen es la aber tura de un g ym de policía, posiblemente con los espejos de dos vías en las duchas masculinas. Juraría que Doug siente que dado esta medida contra el crimen los criminales temblarán en sus zapatos y colocarán sus ar mas y vivirán en paz, para nunca mas matar y robar!¡que estupidez! La época para la charla sin ninguna acción ha ter minando! Los Beliceños están har tos de la matanza, de la violencia y de las madres sufriendo mientras que obser van los cuer pos sang rientos de hijos y seres amados. El tiempo ha venido para que nos sintamos seguro en nuestros hog ares de nuevo. Necesitamos desesperadamente las medidas que se planean cuidadosamente, no apenas una idea contra el crimen de un hombre que ha hecho un ar te de proporcionar cubos y más cubos de brillo sin sustancia. Necesitamos la acción, y seguridad verdadera, decisivos, enfocados. Doug Singh no es el hombre para el trabajo. Él ha ofrecido poca dirección a la policía de modo que puedan manejar con eficacia la situación del crimen. En este respeto, él es no mejor que su precursor que fue enviado a los oficiales en el BDF. De la misma manera que era evidente que Perdomo no esta capacitado para el trabajo así también Singh se vería mejor par ticipando en un car naval que ejerciendo como un role líder en la Policía. Y el elemento peor de este lío es que no parece haber luz en el extremo del túnel. Para la mayor par te, nuestros apuros del crimen se atan de cerca a la pobreza y al desempleo extenso que plag an el país. El Sr. Singh es tan ajeno a esa realidad triste como el Sr. Bar row, que ha demostrado que él no tiene absolutamente ninguna comprensión de la pobreza despreciable que cría a ejércitos crecientes de la juventud despiadada. Como el Sr. Bar row, Singh es serenado por los ar r ullos más dulces que el dinero puede comprar. Seguramente que estos caballeros no se ar r ullan con r uidos de metralletas para conciliar sus sueños.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Belize Times

Belize TimesEn

Huya a los ceros…… Empaque sus escasas pertenencias, tire a sus mujeres por encima del hombro, y corra para las colinas - los mosquitos vienen, los mosquitos se acercan! Oh espera, los mosquitos han estado aquí por mucho tiempo, y también el dengue. Sres. hemos sabido que hay brote de dengue en Belice, desde hace meses. Ahora, sólo ahora estas personas se dan cuenta que hay un problema grave con el dengue después de que varias muertes han sido reportadas. Supongo que ahora los responsables de tratar el problema se van a acelerar y desplegar los pulverizadores y

empezar a atender el problema. ¡Oh cuán seguros que nos hace sentir, a unos 4 meses después del hecho. Manojo de idiotas! Hemos hecho una excavación un poco discreto para descubrir cómo los individuos en el Ministerio de Salud y KHMH se dieron cuenta de que había dengue en Belice, y esto es lo que descubrimos. ¿Recuerdas la historia de la semana pasada sobre el chico de Concepción que fue llevado al hospital de Corozal con dengue y no le han podido tratar porque no tenían equipo? Bueno, parece que está relacionado con cierto Ministro (su esposa, no el otro). Así que su esposa se enteró en la mesa de la familia este domingo y rápidamente fue a su casa y le dijo a Naco todo al al respecto. Queriendo impresionarla o apaciguarla, inmediatamente llamó al Ministerio y les ordenó que echen un vistazo a lo del dengue y ahí lo tienes - una conferencia de prensa para anunciar un brote de dengue. Gracias chicos... gracias por nada, Si No Es Asi…… ¿Necesitamos de ellos? Según tengo entendido, el Ayuntamiento del UDP ha emitido

una proclamación que es la responsabilidad de los ciudadanos mantener el área de la calle en frente de sus casas limpio. Está bien entonces. Esta misma mañana

el individuo confundido y el idiota con la cara de cien años de edad y cabello de uno de veinte estaban en el programa matutino de Wave y tuve la gran desgracia de sintonizarlos. Una pareja llamó quejándose de la basura en las calles y los lotes baldíos crecidos en su área. Luego una señora de 73 años llamó a quejarse de la maleza y basura por todo el lugar. Esta señora dice que ella se esta recuperando de su segundo combate del dengue en los últimos meses. Así que usted dice - CitCo al rescate? Por supuesto que no. Joe y Fonso le dijeron a la anciana que iban a tener que lidiar con el problema a pesar de la edad, porque ella sonaba fuerte en la radio. ¿Qué demonios? Así que CitCo no limpia delante de las casas, no limpia lotes baldíos, no recoge la basura, no mantienen los parques y zonas de juegos y no aclaran los desagües y las que no hacen los programas sociales... ¿y qué hace exactamente el Ayuntamiento? Voy a dar un premio a la primera persona con la respuesta a este dilema Si No Es Asi…… Ley injusta dela estupidez ... Un gran filósofo llamado Forrest Gump dijo una vez - estúpido es el que hace estupideces! No puedo decir con certeza, pero todo indica que se refería el vicealcalde Philloughby. Maldita sea, ese chico merece un premio a la estupidez, si alguien alguna vez lo hizo. Pero sí, a regañadientes y de mala gana

tengo que recomendarlo para un premio por tener piel de un maldito rinoceronte. Diablos, no puede ser fácil ser el blanco de las bromas de


los medios (a menos que él cree que es un apodo cariñoso y gratuito, que lo es). Así que sí amigo, tienes mi voto a la persona más estúpida y obstinada del año. He oído decir que al igual que el Primer Ministro abrió paso para una nueva gestión propuesta por Moya, un proyecto de ley, planea presentar un Acta de Estupidez Injusta. Está tratando de hacerte daño amigo, pero no se preocupe, yo de nuevo le apoyo! ... Si No Es Asi…… Mantenga la magia ... Palabra de la Oficina del Primer Ministro es que el mago calvo ha dirigido a su director general para buscar y confiscar todas las copias de las grabaciones hechas en la Convención UDP recientemente. Usted sabe en donde él sonríe de oreja a oreja, como una cabra, en donde alzo las manos al aire como un mago demente y musito - usted ve, le digo que la magia aún está aquí. Se nos dice que después de que los efectos de las medicinas del dolor desaparecieron, la realidad oscura le hizo ver y sus amigos le dijeron lo que había dicho mientras estaba bajo la influencia de la euforia inducida, el calvo se puso loco y se desató el infierno. Daría toda mi riqueza y la mitad de mi buen ver, observar al calvo caminar a través de algunos barrios de la ciudad de Belice diciendo a los residentes que la situación que están viviendo es mágica... Si No Es Asi…… Hambrientos….. El muy rico delegado Ministro de Turismo, Mike Singh, hizo una entrevista en la televisión la noche anterior que me dieron ganas de saltar a la pantalla y saltar arriba y abajo en su cabeza gritando 'vientre hambriento, hambriento vientre... "Bueno, Tenía que sacar eso de mi sistema. Con eso fuera del camino déjame decirte que me parece los comentarios del Sr. Singh anoche extremadamente ofensivos e insultantes para



los Beliceños pobres que están luchando para ganarse la vida. El rico y privilegiado compinche UDP sonrió cuando dijo que los pequeños operadores turísticos y los guías turísticos en realidad no tienen una queja legítima, es sólo el síndrome del estomago vacio. Jefe, usted tiene sus manos en tantos pasteles que usted no sabe lo que se siente tener hambre, así que no puedes insultar a los Beliceños pobres así. Usted se sienta en su oficina con aire acondicionado con una secretaria trayéndole café y galletas de azúcar, mientras que los pobres guías de turismo de Belice

trabajan incontables horas bajo el sol tratando de hacer un día de salario. Usted conduce su vehículo de lujo con aire acondicionado que los pobres guías turísticos de Belice han pagado con sus contribuciones, no sabes nada del estomago vacio. Si los vientres de los guías turísticos de Belice están vacíos, es debido a las políticas del gobierno que le ha dado tanto a usted como a su hermano empleos cómodos, bien remunerados. Nunca antes han estado tan difíciles las cosas en Belice, pero eso es un concepto que usted y su hermano, ambos fácilmente ganando más de 100.000 dólares al año no podrían comprender. Tal vez deberían pensar en ayudar a estas personas para llenar sus estómagos (lo que te están pagando por ahora) y dejar de concentrarse en llenar tu estómago y tu bolsillo... Si No Es Asi……

It’s been days since the Kendall Bridge was washed away. How much longer must we wait for a new bridge, Mr. Prime Minister?


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Políticas UDP, como siempre

La crisis del turismo. ... Si hay algún sector en Belice, que no está actualmente en crisis, puede que alguien se lo recuerde por favor? Parece que nada va en dirección absolutamente nada en Belice en estos días! Por cierto, ¿alguien notó que las cosas empezaron a ir por el desagüe en los últimos dos años - se preguntan qué ha cambiado desde el hmmm, 2008 mas o menos por ahí! Ah, sí, es cierto, el UDP se hizo cargo y nos pidió que imaginemos las posibilidades. Sr. Barrow, no necesitamos imaginar las posibilidades, estamos viviendo el pavor de la realidad. Es triste lo que está pasando en nuestra industria turística en estos días. Es triste escuchar a un pequeño operador turístico anoche diciendo que los cinco guías que emplea van a ponerse sus camisas de la compañía, por última vez, ya que tienen que cerrar su negocio. Parece que nuestros operadores y guías de Belice están siendo forzados a la quiebra porque no pueden competir con uno de las compañías extranjeras ejerciendo en Belice como una Compañía local. Como están las cosas ahora, parece que cientos de pequeños Beliceños se buscaran un nuevo empleo pronto. El consejero delegado de la Junta de Turismo de Belice Mike Singh tomó partido sin ningún remordimiento e insulto a nuestros pequeños operadores turísticos y guías, diciéndoles que no estaban a la altura de las normas. Me pregunto si el presidente no tiene la mano en el pastel Chukka, porque él parece muy parcial a esta empresa. Sea como fuere, me parece que el Sr. Barrow debería pensar en abrir los ojos muy pronto, ya que la frustración y la desesperación en las calles están en su punto.

No hay crisis según Barrow… Se me hace cada vez más difícil reírme de las falsas y frecuentes declaraciones del Sr. Barrow. Supongo que es porque como una mujer lo puso tan elocuentemente en las noticias de anoche, que ha estado en el negocio del turismo durante los últimos 9 años y las cosas nunca han estado tan mal, y ella tiene hijos que alimentar. Nada parece más divertido, incluso cuando el señor Barrow se burla de sí mismo. El domingo estaba escuchando un programa de radio en vivo desde Los Angeles, ya que el Primer Ministro habló en una reunión de Beliceños -Americanos, algo que él le fascina hacer lejos de la realidad triste de casa. Se le preguntó sobre el turismo, y en su peculiar estilo brillante, encerado filosóficamente por lo menos durante 10 minutos acerca de todo lo que su gobierno está haciendo en la industria del turismo, todos los incentivos que su administración proporciona a los operadores turísticos pequeños, toda la capacitación para los pequeña guías de turismo. Era una historia de cuento de hadas que terminó, por lo que yo podría decir de la emisión de radio, en una ovación de pie. Rayos, sonaba tan bien que me dieron ganas de bajarme del vehículo y saltar de alegría. Pero ¿Qué le parece la fría realidad Sr. Barrow? Mientras estaba usted allí tejiendo su telaraña de hilos de fantasía, cientos de pobres guías turísticos de Belice y los pequeños operadores turísticos van a la quiebra y se preguntan cómo van alimentar a sus hijos. No recuerdo que usted haya mencionado eso, Sr. Primer Ministro. Creo que al dejarse llevar por la adulación se le olvidó mencionar esa parte. Mentiras Completas Durante esa emisión misma, el Sr. Barrow se le hizo una pregunta sobre la corrupción en su gobierno, y pontificaba, planteó e hizo una pausa dramática por unos impresionantes 20 minutos. En realidad, fue un nauseabundo 20 minutos de decir mucho sobre nada en absoluto. En primer lugar, el Sr. Barrow se tomó el tiempo para proclamar su propia grandeza, afirmando que si bien no se puede hablar de sus Ministros, que es tan puro como la azucena (nepotismo descarado, atroz y de manipulación con el Poder Judicial no cuentan como la corrupción en su mente, supongo). Entonces supongo que darse cuenta de que como el líder de la tripulación

UDP tuvo que asumir cierta responsabilidad por sus travesuras, sacó su vara sagrada de corrección y rugió en la piedad y la justicia suprema que si alguno de su tripulación va por el camino de la corrupción, sería derribado y golpeado en la cabeza, por así decirlo. ¡Ay, supongo que si cualquiera de ese grupo estaba escuchando la radio, debe haberse sentido un poquito incómodo. Al igual que mi amigo Boots, por ejemplo, que aún no ha sido capaz de explicar el proyecto de viviendas de Puerto Loyola para los pobres lo que en realidad nunca beneficia a los pobres de esa comunidad. ¿Dónde exactamente va el dinero, Boots? Y luego está grabby Vega, que ha repartido innumerables piezas de tierra por todo el país a los miembros de su familia, y eso es precisamente uno de sus pecados menores. Y la lista puede seguir y seguir. Usted ve, Sr. Barrow puede viajar por todo el mundo y expulsar gases perfumados pero aquí en la joya sabemos mejor. No hay estipendio para la diabetes... Me encantaría decir que el señor Barrow estaba un poco avergonzado cuando un voluntario en la Asociación de Diabetes de Belice, que estaba de visita en Los Ángeles y estuvo en la reunión se puso de pie y le dijo que durante dos años la Asociación ha estado tratando de conseguir un pequeño estipendio del Gobierno Belice, pero ha sido en vano. Pero nope, el hombre estaba perturbado y su aplomo era inquebrantable. Se comprometió allí mismo con mirar dentro de la situación y consiguió otra ronda de aplausos. Tres hurras por el Sr. Barrow. Véase, sin embargo, esto es algo muy serio. La diabetes es responsable del mayor número de muertes anuales en Belice y los números siguen creciendo. La Asociación está integrada por voluntarios que dan generosamente su tiempo y recursos, y no han sido capaces de obtener una beca de dos años en el Gobierno de Belice. Esto me recuerda a mi viejo amigo el semi-analfabeto VicePrimer Ministro, quien fue interrogado sobre una concesión de 15.000 hectáreas lucrativas registradas que le dio a su buen amigo y defensor Gaspar Luna. Vega afirmó que Luna acababa de recuperarse de un cáncer, por lo que le dio la concesión para ayudarlo, y lo hizo sin vergüenza. Recuerdo que pensé, joder, ¿no hay una Asociación de Cáncer que está constantemente luchando por los fondos? Ellos podían haber hecho algo positivo con algunas de las ganancias de esa concesión de tala. Pero no, Luna lo tiene todo para sí mismo, ya que, el pobre, era un sobreviviente del cáncer. En términos de este tema de la Asociación de Diabetes, todo lo que puedo decirle a la señora de voluntarios es que espero que ella consiguiera el compromiso del PM para investigar el asunto por escrito, puso su firma en presencia de testigos y lo consiguió ante un notario.

Asesinatos y una canción ... Estoy bastante seguro de que los artistas que contribuyeron a la realización de I Am Belice saben que no hay críticas de la canción, sino de la iniciativa que dio lugar a la canción en el gran esquema de las cosas. Su talento es innegable, pero se trata de algo mucho más importante que una canción. Realmente me molesta que a medida que la tasa de asesinatos se arrastra a casi una por día, la mejor iniciativa de lucha contra la delincuencia que este gobierno podría pensar fue en una canción. Antes de la canción, el crimen violento estaba fuera de control, después de la canción la delincuencia violenta esta peor todavía. Barrow y su baile decadente bailan alegremente alrededor de los problemas reales lanzando destellos y confeti para cubrir la sangre y destrozos que se ejecutan en las calles. Hace unos días una mujer en la radio hablaba de la Operación Restauración Belice. Ella estaba hablando de un niño que dibujaba en una pared y que es nuestra responsabilidad de corregir a ese niño y hacer que se detenga. ¿Estas personas se dan cuenta que en los tiempos que estamos viviendo, probablemente terminaríamos con una bala 9 mm insertados en nuestros cráneos por tratar de corregir a un menor? Las cosas están así de mal. Barrow y su administración están poniendo la pelota en nuestra corte, por lo que es nuestra responsabilidad hacer frente a la delincuencia. Tienen que hacer frente a la miseria, la desesperanza, la desesperación, la falta de una educación accesible, la anarquía... El Gobierno de Belice tiene que hacer su trabajo. El Sr. Barrow necesita poner sus pies en la tierra muy pronto!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


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By Order of the Mortgagee

Maya Elyse to Carlos Miguel and Isabelle Settle nee Jutras Kareli Rosalind to Karrel and Mirla Scott nee Chan Susana to Abram and Elisabeth Klassen nee Wiebe Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., Company duly registered under the Sanjana Sunil to Sumil anda Indira Moolchandani nee Padwani Companies Act, Chapter 250 Paul of theand Laws of Belize, Revised EdiMichael Anthony to Michael Sucely Guadalupe Bogaert tion,Flores 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and nee Bishop Streets,to Belize City, Belize, gives notice of its intenDestyn Daelyn Devon Alison andhereby Stephani Marina Lozano nee tion to exercise its power of sale as Chargee under a Charge regisJones tered as Instrument #9036/2006 between CHARLES MATUTE Casey Wyatt to Joseph Tye and Carly Adele Byrd nee Campbell of 14 Kiskadee Street, Belmopan, Cayo BelizeBolon and SCOIsaias Carlos Kyle to Antonio Carlos andDistrict, Lucia Marie nee TIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. The said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) Saqui LTD. willAlejandro at the expiration of three months fromSr.theand date of thede Adalberto Jr. to Adalberto Alejandro Violeta firstAngeles publication thisFlores. notice sell the property described in the los Singhofnee Schedule hereto.



For Sale By Order of the Mortgagee Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop Streets, Belize City, Belize, Bed rooms rent of (Weekhereby givesfor notice its intention to exercise its power ly). Cable, light and water of sale as Mortgagee under a Deed of Mortgagee made included. (Free). Call 623-2005 between HECTOR DAthe 17th day of December, 2205. VID ROMERO and BLANCA ROMERO both of Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk District, Belize, of the one 2part, Bedroom furnished and SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. of the other apartment located in Vista part and recorded in Deeds Book Volume 41 of 2005 at Del mar, folios 1 - Ladyville. 30; and theExcelsaid SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) lent security. Call 623LTD. will at the expiration of three months from the date 2205. of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule hereto. 2 Bedroom apartment (unfurnished in purchase Vista Delthe mar, All offers to said property must be made in Ladyville. secu- and conditions of sale may be writing andExcellent full particulars rity. Call from 623-2205. obtained the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD.


All offers to purchase the property must be made in writing and full particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained from the said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. Benjamin Perez, to Elvira Dora Chan, both of Orange Walk Town Edwin Edward Simpson of Belize City to Concepciona Rash of Bella THE PROPERTY CHARGED Vista, Toledo Jin Quan Zhen to Hui Yu Peng both of Belmopan REGISTRATION SECTION Ze Feng Zhen to Rong Zhou Li both ofBLOCK Belmopan PARCEL BELMOPAN 6230 Jose Mercede Quintero to Maria Del Pilar20 Castillanos both of LiberArea: 4052 S.M. tad, Corozal Manuel Lopez to Cruz Avalos both of San Roman, Stann Creek Gonzalo Castillo Cardenas to Alma Lydia Florez both of Sagitun DATED this 10th dayStann of August, Farm, Independence, Creek 2010. Alejandro Jervis Lambey to Judith Bermudez both of Punta Gorda, MUSA & BALDERAMOS Toledo ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 275 91 both North Street Porfilo Ko to Marina Ack ofFront medina bank, Toledo Maya Elyse to Carlos Miguel and Isabelle Settle nee 1045.089 Jutras comprising BelizeIshim City both Rogoberto Pop to Natividad of Big Falls, Toledo Well established RiceSquare Metres (1249.926 Square Kareli Rosalind to Karrel and Mirla Scott nee Chan Attorneys-at-Law for Yards) situate in Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk District, Purdencio Marvin Lambey to Leonie Susana Benguche both of Riversdale, Company to Abram and Elisabeth Klassen nee Wiebe is looking for Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. Stann Creek bounded and described shown by Plan No. 1142 of Sanjana Sunil to Sumil and Indira Moolchandani nee Padwani Rice Distributor to sellas rice Raul Elito Coc to Vilma Frances AssiMichael both of San Antonio, Toledo Anthony to Michael Paul and in Sucely Guadalupe 2005 attached Minister’s Stann CreektoBogaert and ToledoFiat Grant No. 1142 of 2005 Silvestro Cus to Carmen Juliana Chocnee both of Aguacate, Toledo Flores TOGETHER with buildings and erections standing and Districts. Serious Destyn to Devon Alison and Stephani Marina Lozanoinquiries nee Agnelo Pop to Emella Cal both of Silk Grass,Daelyn Stann Creek beingCall thereon. (This of property now referred to as Parcel only. 223-4263 660- isBed Jones Shal of Golden Stream, Ramon Chun of Belmopan, Cayo to Petrona rooms for rent (Week439 – Block 4 – Yo Creek Village Registration Casey Wyatt to Joseph Tye and Carly Adele Byrd nee Campbell Toledo 3620. ly). Cable, lightSection). and water Isaias Carlos Kyle to Antonio Carlos and Lucia Marie Bolon nee Victorino Tec to Paulina Coc both of Midway, Toledo included. (Free). Call 623Saqui Anselmo Chun of Belmopan to Ambrosia Choc both of San Roman, 2205. Adalberto Alejandro Jr. to Adalberto Alejandro Sr. and Violeta de Stann Creek DATED this 10th day of August, 2010. los Angeles Singh nee Flores. Florencio Rash to Pemelia Joanna Kib both of Blue Creek, Toledo 2 Bedroom furnished Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd., a Company duly registered under the Fidencio Cal to Rosa Maquin both of Corazon Creek, Toledo Companies Act, Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize, Revised EdiLuisa Varela of Jane Usher apartment located in Vista Ananio Cab to Olga Marina Chocs both of Corazon Creek, Toledo Del mar, Ladyville. Exceltion, 2000, and having its registered office at Cor. Albert and Bishop &of BALDERAMOS Boulevard isMUSA in need a Leo Matildo Chiac of Maya Mopan, Stann Creek to Andrea Bolon of Streets, Belize City, Belize, hereby gives notice of its intention to lent security. Call 62391 North Front Street domestic worker. Anyone Maya Centre, Stann Creek Benjamin Perez, to Elvira Dora Chan, both of Orange Walk Town exercise its power of sale as Chargee under a Charge registered as 2205. Belize Jian You Huang to Kara Raquel both of Belize please 227Edwin Edward Simpson Belize Cityinteresting to Concepciona Rash call ofCity Bella Instrument #5989/1998 betweenArthurs ERIC MEIGHAN ofCity No. 17ofCor. Victor Cesar Rodriguez to Milagros de laBelize Caridad Guerra Attorneys-at-Law for Vista, Toledo 0367 Racoon & Seagull Streets, Belize City, andRodriguez SCOTIABANK 2 Bedroom apartment (unJin Quan Zhen to Hui Yu Peng both of Belmopan both of Belize City Scotiabank (Belize) Ltd. (BELIZE) LTD. The said SCOTIABANK (BELIZE) LTD. will at furnished in Vista Del mar, Ze Feng Zhen to Rong Zhou Li both of Belmopan Lincoln Clarke to Yvonne Estella Bowen both of Belize City Maya Elyse to Carlos Miguel and Isabelle Settle nee Jutras the expiration of three months from the date of the first publication Ladyville. Excellent secuJose Mercede Quintero to Maria Oliver Reiner Nash ofproperty Essex, England tonee Anna Victoria Rattlidge of Del Pilar Castillanos both of LiberKareli Rosalind to Karrel and Mirla Scott Chan of this notice sell the described in the Schedule hereto. tad, Corozal rity. Call 623-2205. Abbot to England, Susana Abram UK and Elisabeth Klassen nee Wiebe Manuel Lopez to Cruz Avalos both of San Roman, Stann Creek Henry Alexander Sutherland to Kayla Marie Swift of Lucky Sanjana Sunil to Sumil andproperty Indira Moolchandani nee Padwani All offers to purchase the must be made inboth writing and to fullAlma Lydia Florez both of Sagitun Gonzalo Castillo Cardenas Strike, Belize Michael Anthony to MichaelofPaul Sucely Guadalupe Bogaert particulars and conditions saleand may be obtained from the said Farm, Independence, Stann Creek Alden Earl Chavez(BELIZE) to GriceldaLTD. NorinAlejandro Castillo both of Dangriga, nee Flores SCOTIABANK Jervis Lambey to Judith Bermudez both of Punta Gorda, Stann Daelyn Creek to Devon Alison and Stephani Destyn Toledo Marina Lozano nee Charles Anderson Cumber Jr. to Raquel Celine both of Coco Porfilo KoBaca to Marina Ack both of medina Toledo Jones Bedbank, rooms for rent (WeekTHE PROPERTY CHARGED Rogoberto to Natividad Ishim both of Big Falls, Toledo Well established Rice Beach, belize Casey Wyatt to Joseph Tye and Carly Adele Byrd Pop nee Campbell ly). Cable, light and water Purdencio Marvin Lambey to Leonie Benguche both of Riversdale, Antonio Candelario of Santa CayoMarie to Idalmis Bullain Company is looking for Isaias Carlos Kyle toEspat Antonio CarlosElena, and Lucia Bolon nee included. (Free). Call 623REGISTRATION SECTION BLOCK PARCEL Stann Creek Guerra of San Ignacio, Cayo Saqui Rice Distributor to sell rice Raul ElitoSr. Coc toVioleta Vilma both of San Antonio, Toledo ST.Thomas MARTIN DE PORRES 45Mendez 515 Ulf Mobius to Adelaida Lucerito both of SanFrances Pedro, Assi2205. Adalberto Alejandro Jr. to Adalberto Alejandro and de in Stann Creek and Toledo Silvestro Cus to Carmen Juliana Choc both of Aguacate, Toledo Area: 376.341 S.Y. Ambergris Caye nee Flores. los Angeles Singh Districts. Serious inquiries Agnelo Pop to Emella Cal both of Silk Grass, Stann Creek Lonnie James Richardson to Marguerite Tuinstra both of North Caro2 Bedroom furnished only. Call 223-4263 of 660Ramon Chun of Belmopan, Cayo to Petrona Shal of Golden Stream, lina, USA apartment located in Vista Toledo 3620. DATED this 10th day of August, 2010





By Order of the Mortgagee





Marriages Deaths MUSA & BALDERAMOS Emerenciana Welch, 77

Victorino Tec to Paulina Coc both of Midway, Del mar,Toledo Ladyville. ExcelAnselmo Chun of Belmopan to Ambrosia Choc both of San Roman, lent security. Call 623Stann Creek Benjamin Perez, to Elvira Dora Chan, Florencio both of Orange Walk Town Rash to Pemelia Joanna Kib2205. both of Blue Creek, Toledo Edwin Edward Simpson 91 of North Belize Front CityFidencio toStreet Concepciona RashMaquin of Bellaboth of Corazon Creek, Toledo Cal to Rosa Vista, Toledo Simeon Carlton Sylevstre, 87 City Ananio Cab to Olga Marina Chocs both Belize of Corazon apartment Creek, Toledo(un2 Bedroom Jin Quan Zhen to Hui Yu Peng both of Belmopan Elberth Watler, 94 Leo Matildo Chiac of Maya Mopan, Stann Creek to Andrea Bolon of Attorneys-at-Law for furnished in Vista Del mar, ZeShelnelsy Feng Zhen to Rong Li both (Belize) ofMaya Belmopan Centre, Swift, 6 Zhou Scotiabank Ltd. Stann Creek Ladyville. Excellent JianCastillanos You Huangboth to Kara Raquel Arthurs both of Belize City secuJose MercedeBol, Quintero of LiberMarcellina 41 to Maria Del Pilar Victor Cesar Rodriguez to Milagros de la Caridad Rodriguez Guerra tad, Corozal rity. Call 623-2205. both of Belize City Manuel Lopez to Cruz Avalos both of San Roman, Stann Creek Lincoln Clarke Gonzalo Castillo Cardenas to Alma Lydia Florez both to of Yvonne Sagitun Estella Bowen both of Belize City Oliver Reiner Nash of Essex, England to Anna Victoria Rattlidge of

Farm, Independence, Stann Creek


NEEDED Luisa Varela of Jane Usher Boulevard is in need of a domestic worker. Anyone interesting please call 2270367


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

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