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Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Gapi Family Land Grab SUNDAY AUGUST 15, 2010

In last Friday's sitting of the H o u s e o f R e p r e s e n t a t i v e s, t h e Deputy Prime Minister and Lands Minister of Natural Resources Gapi

Issue No. 4706

Ve g a wa s c o n s p i c u o u s l y a b s e n t from the sitting even though the mainevnt of the sitting was the tabling of the Auditor General's

Re por t on the distribution of National lands in the final months of the PUP administration. Stann Creek West's Melvin Hulse emerged

BTB “Singhs” to the tune of the Jamaicans

John Byles(L) and Marc Melville(R), Co-Managing Directors, Chukka Caribbean Adventures.


A copy of a letter obtained by The Belize Times this week reveals that the Barrow administration continues to be unmindful of yet another serious fracture in nation’s stakeholder tourism business, and warns of stormy seas ahead for the cruise tourism industry. On July 1 the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize (FECTAB) wrote Ms. Selini Matus, the Director of the Belize Tourism Board, (copied to both the Minister and CEO, Minister of Tourism) to warn of yet another disturbing development. The letter was a follow up to a May 10th meeting between Ms. Matus, BTB Board Chairman Lindsay Garbutt and FECTAB executive committee members which discussed the state of the tourist industry and in particular the state of Cruise Tourism in Belize. (Continued on pg. 3)

as the “Acting Lands Minister” and was supposed to be the pit bull for the UDP's “expose” but it all fizzled (Continued on pg. 3)

Richard Michael Nicholson, Belizean Radio Broadcaster and Journalist, Dies at 48



The Belize Times

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Small Growers Dissatisfied with CGA 1 0 t h Au g u s t , 2 0 1 0

Where is the Minister of Health?

For weeks now we have been reading and hearing about the increase in the number of cases of Belizeans suffering from dengue fever. In fact just last week another Belizean died as a result of hemorrhagic dengue. In the streets the stories of our people’s experiences dealing with the public health system, besides being sad, are shameful and plainly simply embarrassing. They talk of their family members who can’t get a bed in the hospital because it is overcrowded, or the opposite, of where people are being dismissed from hospital not completely recovered. Many of these people are being told they need the space for someone waiting for a bed. And then there is the case of the Northern Regional Hospital where simple pain killers and other medication that is used to treat people with dengue are unavailable and when available is being rationed. And in the midst of all this, it appears that no one in the Ministry of Health knows the extent of situation with respect to dengue. Worse, no one seems to know what is being done in the area of prevention. This is not a good situation, for Belizeans to protect themselves; information has to be readily available and accessible. For example, it is important to know the number of Belizeans who have been and are currently diagnosed with dengue fever. This information is even more important in those areas where the reported cases are most prevalent, like the Belize and Cayo districts, which happens to be the two most populated districts in the country. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is the carrier of the disease - once the mosquito bites an infected person, it carries the disease to the next person it bites. These mosquitoes are known to travel a radius of about 3 miles. For this reason the number of infected persons in a particular area is of great importance. This kind of information is not only important to people in the area, but also for the health officials in the Vector Control Unit who must effectively deploy their resources including insecticides, the machines and the trucks used for spraying. While a few dated commercials have been running on television and radio, the extent of the public campaign must go beyond water in tires and open containers. The Ministry of Health was allocated $322,000 to be spent on epidemiology and another $1.8 million to be spent in the office of the Director of Health Services along with an additional $866,000 for vector control. What are these monies being used for? To better protect communities from being affected by dengue there are things that we can be do without a heavy financial cost. For example, it has been proven effective that just before the start of a rainy season communities should conduct a "Clean up Campaign." This can be done with the assistance of the private sector and with the local city, town and village councils. On the scientific side, it is important for the people in the department of public health to know how the effect of the chemicals that are using to kill the Aedes aegypti mosquito. They also need to see how these chemicals are affecting humans as well as the effects on the food supply. Whether the Minister of Health wants to accept it or not, there is a dengue epidemic in Belize. His silence on these critical health issues has become a pattern, one that can cost Belizeans their lives. How much more evidence does the Prime Minister need to prove that his health minister’s incompetence is a detriment to the Belizean people?

The Editor The Belize Times Newspaper 3 Queen Street Belize City D e a r S i r, A t t h e r e c e n t C i t r u s G r owe r s A s s o c i a t i o n ( C G A ) G e n e r a l meeting, the auditor painted a terrible picture of CGA finances that seemed rife with mismanagement and misuse o f f u n d s. O n e c l a s s i c e x a m p l e i s t h e r e vo l v i n g f u n d t h a t t h a t h a s b e e n m a d e ava i l a b l e t o s m a l l g r owe r s a t a p r e f e r e n t i a l i n t e r e s t r a t e o f 5 % a n n u a l l y. T h i s f u n d w a s d e v e l o p e d o v e r m a n y y e a r s m a i n l y by c o n t r i b u t i o n s f r o m t h e l a r g e r a n d m e d i u m s i z e d g r owe r s w h o a g r e e d t h a t i t wa s t o b e u t i l i z e d s o l e l y by s m a l l g r owe r s. A c c o r d i n g t o t h e a u d i t o r, a b o u t $ 8 0 0 , 0 0 0 o f t h i s r e vo l v i n g f u n d h a s n ow b e e n u s e d u p, p r e s u m a b l y ove r t h e p a s t y e a r, t o c ove r t h e o p e r a t i n g e x p e n s e s o f t h e C G A . A s a r e s u l t , s m a l l g r owe r s a r e n ow b e i n g t o l d t h a t t h e r e i s n o m o n e y ava i l a b l e f o r t h e m t o c ove r t h e b a s i c n e c e s s i t i e s t h e y n e e d f o r i n p u t s f o r t h e i r f a r m s. We s e e p l e n t y o f o f f i c e s t a f f w i t h b i g s a l a r i e s a n d f a n c y ve h i c l e s b u t n o e q u i p m e n t t o h e l p s m a l l g r owe r s. We wa n t o u r 5 % m o n e y. W h e r e i s i t ? T h e C o m m i t t e e o f M a n a g e m e n t mu s t a n s we r t o t h i s n ow. According to the audit report, it also seems that the CGA i s h e av i l y i n d e b t a n d i t i s n o t c l e a r w h a t i s t h e s t a t e o f t h e o t h e r l o a n f a c i l i t i e s s u ch a s t h e E u r o p e a n d e ve l o p m e n t B a n k ( EI B ) L o a n o r t h e S o c i a l S e c u r i t y l o a n f u n d s s i n c e s m a l l far mers cannot get any concrete infor mation from the CGA. We u n d e r s t a n d t h a t m a y b e t h e y h a v e e v e n u s e d S o c i a l S e c u r i t y m o n e y t o c ove r s o m e o f t h e i r o p e r a t i n g e x p e n s e s. H ow w i l l t h i s b e r e p a i d w h e n c a l l e d u p o n t o d o s o ? A r e we g oing to be held responsible if this is so or will the Committee b e l i a b l e. Sincerely Higinio Chiac Mario Sho C l e m e n t e Tu s h Daniel Bolon Antonio Bolon Emelindo Saqui

Questions to Ministers


2 3 4

Will the Minister of Health please tell us why the government labs are still not able to do the dengue tests when patients arrive at the regional health facilities ,forcing families to have to seek and pay for private labs to do the test and losing time that can cost the dengue patient his life? Will the Minister of the Public service explain how the office of the DPP can dismiss applications of qualified Belizeans to serve in the offices of the DPP in favor of the hiring of her Trinidadian compatriots . What of the constitutional check and balance role of the Public Services Commission in the hiring of Public Officers. Will the Minister of Finance give us an update on the timetable to remove the fuel surcharge and the fact that the GST increase should have brought in some 25 million . Does GOB still need the fuel tax and why? Will the Minister of The Public service please say why trained and knowledgeable career public officers were removed from the substantive posts of Deputy Commissioner and Registrar of Lands , and could he describe the process in which two nephews of he Lands minister , neitther of them public officers were brought in and awarded these positions.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Belize Times

Gapi Family Land Grab


because even “Flippin”” was afraid that the Hon John Briceno had the goods on the real shennanigans in the Lands Department regarding the unprecedented land grab orchestrated by the absent minister and his two nephews who hold the key positions of Deputy Lands Commissioner and (Deputy) Registrar of Lands. Without so much as a squeak

from the PSU or a scowl from the Public Ser vice Commission, Messers Baroni Hernandez and Nestor Hernandez first cousins a n d n e p h e w s o f M i n i s t e r Ve g a received r oya l decr ees fr o m Tio Gapi and summarily took over the land distribution process at the ministry. Since their ascension to these strategic posts, they have set

about securing the family's future as major land owners for hears to come. Nepotism aside, evidence has surfaced of the ver y charges that the UDP tried to raise in tabling report and more damning corrupt practices: extreme under valuing of crown lands; granting of numerous parcels in a short period of time to nephews, nieces, children and

siblings of Minister Vega himself as well as UDP party officials such as Secretary General Bailey. It is a sordid tale that reeks of hypocrisy as lands in Mount Pleasant in Belmopan, Burdon Canal Nature Reser ve in Belize City and several areas in Orange Walk are gifted as listed below by the Vega patriarch to his family.

At that meeting the group had agreed that the prolonged world economic recession had “infected the majority of the passengers that are coming on shore because they have limited spending power. Coupled with the recession, which is a global phenomenon, is a regional problem as the local Belize shore excursion business is being infiltrated by foreign interests.” FETCAB had pointed out that: “Since the middle of 2009 the Carnival Cruise lines has solicited the Chukka Caribbean Adventures group of Jamaica to provide all its shore excursions in Belize without allowing Belizean operators to bid for the contract. This Chukka group is presently operating in Belize under the tour name Bakabush Tours. A registry check will show that the Chukka Group owns 2/3 of the Bakabush operations. Chukka Caribbean Adventures are owned and operated by the Melville family of Jamaica. “Back in 2009 an interview was posted on the internet which quoted comments made by both Marc Melville and John Byles of the Chukka outfit, in which they stated that it was Carnival that approached them to provide shore excursion services for Carnival passengers in Belize. “This begs the question why would Carnival Cruise Lines seek to undermine local tour operators for the benefit of foreigners, with all the potential for aggravation?”

But if that is not bad enough, FETCAB alleges, and our research indicate that the allegation is one hundred percent accurate, that not only is all current “Carnival Cruise Lines shore excursions to all our heritage sites are being run by the Chukka outfit” but that their cave tubing operation is being run from Jaguar Paw, mile 38 on the Western Highway and THEY ARE NOT PAYING THE REQUIRED FEES TO THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CULTURE AND HISTORY (NICH)! FETCAB further asserts that “on all the Carnival excursions bottled water, soft drinks, chips, biscuits, t-shirts, etc. are sold on board the buses by the Chukka tour guides. These guides are the ones that have notified the local operators of such practices because they believe it is wrong. This practice serves to crowd out all the small vendors at the sites such as Altun Ha, Lamanai, Xunantunich, etc. The small vendors are considered the backbone of an economy; if that sector of the market diminishes so does the overall economy. These are sacred areas that should be left for the small Belizeans (as has been done in the past by Belizeans Tour Operators).” FETCAB says that their “biggest concern is that the Chukka group is being paid via foreign bank accounts and all the monies made from the sale of the tours through Belize are being kept in the United States or Jamaican banks. As a result the Belizean economy does not get

the benefit of using those funds within Belize's banking system to enhance the Belizean economy.” This should be the Barrow administration’s biggest concern too because it means that they are also not collecting in the other areas such as GST, duties, transfer fees, et cetera. At a time when the Belizean economy is struggling on all fronts, that alone should be enough for the Barrow administration to sit up and pay notice. While FETCAB notes that these foreign entities are earning money using Belize's natural and human resources, the Chukka Group does not own any properties or loans in Belize, and so they have no exposure and no stake in Belize. It also means that none of the US dollars earned are coming into Belize. Currently Belize is experiencing one of the slowest tourism “slow” season ever. Carnival Cruise Lines is currently the only line coming to Belize during this time and FETCAB is reporting that “tour guides salaries have been drastically slashed and they are allegedly threatened daily that soon Jamaican guides will be imported to take over the jobs of Belizean guides. The report received is that the Chukka group is planning under the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) agreement that foreign tour guides must to be allowed to be work in Belize. The reason is that these guides can be paid almost 60 percent less than Belizean guides because

the competition in Jamaica is fierce. What will happen if hundreds of Belizean tour guides are jobless by early 2011?” The speculation is that the money Belizean guides earn will soon be slashed to less than $50 per day. And if that is not bad enough, there is also word from other sources that Carnival and Chukka will team up with another regional company that franchises the same predator practices called "Margaritaville” – who will engage in the tourist souvenir provision business. FETCAB warns the BTB, and the Government of Belize: “It is our belief that the local tour operators and tour guides will no longer sit idly by and watch our industry disaffected by people who are not contributing to the expansion of the Belizean economy. Note that this is a volatile situation because Belizeans are losing their bread and butter and will not be able to sustain this external attack anymore as their patience is running thin.” While few if any would dare argue as to the competence of the minister responsible for tourism to understand and deal with these issues, the same cannot be said about his CEO who is widely regarded as one of the administration’s brighter bulbs. Why no reaction or action from Mike Singh? Why hasn’t he briefed the Prime Minister and the Cabinet on this situation? Will it take another secret contract revelation before something is done?

BTB “Singhs” to the tune of the Jamaicans


His Excellency David K. Wu, Ambassador of the Re public of Ta i w a n t o B e l i z e, t o d a y p a i d a c o u r t e s y c a l l o n t h e H o n . Jo h n Briceno, Leader of the Opposition at his Belize City office. The two men met to discuss matters of mutual interest to their countries such as Taiwan's continued support for the training in and transfer of vital technological in n ovation to Belize, assistance

in agriculture and scholarships to Belizeans to study in Taiwan. Party Leader Briceno, for his part, expressed gratitude on behalf of the Opposition and the people of Belize to the government and people of Taiwan for their commitment to contribute to the development of Belize , especially in the area of agriculture and agro processing being carried out at ICDF funded research facility in Central farm.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Executive Search

Bittersweet Times in the Sugar Industry

T here has been a peaceful revolution taking place in the sug ar industr y. For the first time in histor y there is an open revolt ag ainst the directors of Belize Cane Far mers Association. At the 25 July 2011 g eneral meeting the cane far mers passed a resolution that: a) Expressed no confidence in their directors b) Suspended all allowances, stipends and other monthly allocations to the directors c) Relieved all duties including the use of monies in relation to Fair trade (Fair trade is an inter national institution that is making available over $13 million for the cane far mers) and d) elected an oversight committee to continue the Fair trade functions. Many may ask why all the fuss? Unfor tunately, the sug ar in dustr y is g oing thought its toughest time in histor y and there is a g rowing fr ustration among the far mers that no one seems to be listening to their plight. First there is the issue of the receiving and milling of sug ar cane at the Belize Sug ar Industr y (BSI) factor y in Orang e Walk. T his year BSI commissioned the Belcog en co-g eneration plant, a much needed investment for the sur vival of the sug ar industr y. Belcog en bur ns the bag asse (the waste from the sug ar cane) to g enerate electricity for use at the sug ar factor y and sells the elec tricity to Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). Unfor tunately the coordination between Belcog en and BSI created many problems and breakdowns that the deliver y of cane has been moving at a snail’s pace. Many far mers complained that the queue to deliver cane was so long and slow that it took them as much as five days to deliver a load of sug ar cane. T hese slow deliveries have had a devastating effect on the economy in the Nor th. T he cane cutters and drivers have been taking home an averag e of $100.00 per week. With slow deliveries, many far mers have been unable to fill their cane quotas. T his di rectly affects their family and their ability to pay bank loans. T hese slow deliveries of cane have extended the crop into the month of August, something unheard of in the industr y. Last week’s sug ar industr y re por t, showed that 1,032,000 tons of sug ar cane has been delivered and BSI has milled 82,800 tons of sug ar. T his is an averag e of 12.24 tons of sug ar cane to produce one ton of sug ar. Last year’s sug ar crop ended in late June and BSI milled 917,400 tons of sug ar cane to produce 92,400 tons of sug ar, at an averag e of 9.93 tons of sug ar cane to produce one ton of sug ar. Why is BSI using more cane to produce a ton of sug ar? T here are several reasons but two impor tant ones are the delays caused by the long queues as well as the extension of the sug ar crop. T he crop usually ends in late June or early July because most of the cane has been delivered. Once the rainy season begins it become highly unprofitable to deliver and mill sug ar cane. T his was proven as early as last week, when cane far mers were advised that BSI was milling 36 tons of cane to produce one ton of sug ar. Belizeans may be wondering what’s this all about? It is about money. It was announced that the second payment for far mers would be approximately $7.00 per ton of cane. Last year it was $22.00. At the end of this crop approximately 200,000 tons of cane will remain in the fields costing the industr y about $ 8 million. T he increase of two more tons to produce a ton of sug ar will cost the industr y another $6 million. T hese are all losses that the industr y, especially our over five thousand far mers cannot afford to loose. What can be done? T here are no easy answers but cer tain ac tions must be taken. 1) Greater and timely inter vention of Gov er nment through the SICB must be taken, 2) With the cour t r uling ag ainst the association, the act must be revised to allow better and strong er manag ement of the industr y and 3) Gover nment must set aside some of the EU funds for the far mers to access cheaper financing to rehabilitate and expand their fields. Unless drastic actions are taken, sug ar will continue to be bit tersweet for the far mers of the Nor th and that revolution my not continue to be peaceful.

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) is seeking two talented professionals to join its senior management team in the capacity of: (A) Senior Assistant Registrar Human Resources and (B) Information Systems Manager. Both positions will be based at CXC’s Headquarters in Barbados and will report to the Director, Corporate Services, CXC. A. CORE DUTIES – SEnIOR ASSISTAnT REgISTRAR, HUmAn RESOURCES: The successful candidate will be required to: • Develop Human Resources policies and programs for the Council in the areas of: organisational planning, organisational development, induction and training, employee relations, compensation, benefits, safety and health, and employee services • Originate Human Resources practices and objectives that will provide a balanced program throughout the Council • Coordinate implementation of the above mentioned points through Human Resources staff line management and hands on employee education programmes • Support, advise and assist the Registrar and the senior management team on Human Resources issues QUALIFICATIOnS & OTHER REQUIREmEnTS: The successful applicant must have: • 7 – 10 years experience as a seasoned HR professional gained through increasingly responsible management positions within Human Resources • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Human Resources. Specialised training in organisational planning, compensation, and proactive labour relations • Post graduate degree or equivalent in Human Resources and/or Certification from a recognised professional HR body (SPHR/ MCIPD) B. CORE DUTIES — InFORmATIOn SySTEmS mAnAgER: The successful candidate will be required to: • Provide proactive technology solutions that meet the core needs of the Council and its stakeholders • Provide technical advice to the Council on information technology issues • Manage the Council’s data processing operations • Provide technical assistance to institutions and member countries on an ongoing basis • Develop and exploit strategic supplier relationships • Direct development and execution of an enterprise-wide disaster recovery and business continuity plan QUALIFICATIOnS & OTHER REQUIREmEnTS The successful applicant must have: • A first degree in Computer Science or related discipline from a recognised university • Recognised post-graduate qualification in Information Technology or related discipline • At least 5 years experience in a Management or Senior Supervisory role • Knowledge of RDBMS, Object-Oriented Methodologies and Structured Analysis and Design techniques • Project Management skills • Must have the ability to translate technology speak into tangible returns to the Council and its users REQUIRED EXPERIEnCE & COmPETEnCIES FOR BOTH ROLES: • Demonstrable track record of successful delivery of organisational transformation and change management on a number of high profile, strategic change projects or programmes • Strategic outlook and capable of conceptual thinking and decisive decision making • Strong bias for action and capable of translating the strategic agenda into actionable, qualitative plans; conveys a sense of urgency and drive to closure • Comfortable performing multifaceted projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities • Service oriented, yet able when necessary to be assertive/ persuasive with internal and external customers • Superior interpersonal abilities. Ability to get along with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, flexible • Must be respectful of confidentiality required for the role and treat all issues in a manner that promotes the integrity of the Human Resources and Information Services functions and CXC at large • Ability to quickly establish credibility with team and others. A decisive individual who is able to flex to recognise and support the organisation's preferences and priorities • Participative management style—advocate of team concept • Experience working with an education body will be an asset REmUnERATIOn & BEnEFITS: CXC is a performance driven organisation and offers a competitive and attractive remuneration and benefits package and opportunities for further training and career experience. Further information about CXC can be obtained from the website: InTERESTED? Interested applicants should email their Resumes to: DEADLInE: Resumes along with a cover letter should be addressed to: The Registrar Caribbean Examinations Council and should be received via email ONLY on or before 13 September 2010. Only applicants who have been short-listed will be contacted. Thank you for your interest.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dengue disaster… If residents of Corozal were concerned about the comfort of the Minister Naco’s bottom, they can rest easy in their beds, cause buddy’s bottom is fine as pie in the leather heated seats of his luxury SUV. But if the minister’s posterior is not a priority and any particular resident is faced with a problem like say, dengue, then that’s a horse of a whole different colour and its time

to be afraid, very afraid. Word reaching this columnist is that a young man from Concepcion was admitted to the Corozal Hospital with hemorrhagic dengue. You would have though that with the outbreak of dengue medical personnel would have been able to deal with the problem, no worries. But nope, that’s not how it went. See, when the staff finally got their act (and the blood) together for the transfusion at around midnight, they realized – oops, we’re all out of transfusion connection sets. So they turn to the mother of this sick son and say, well, ma’am, maybe you could head over to Chetumal and buy a set so we can give your son the blood he needs. Can you imagine? Anyway, to make a long story short, the mother picked up her son and took him to Chetumal, where people actually seem to know what they’re doing… If Da Noh Soh! Bleeding BTL dry… If you’re a Barrow, one of the chosen royals, there is nothing but good news to report from the Barrow Telemedia Company. The first wife second lady is sitting pretty on the Board of Directors and her biggest worries are remembering which particular hat she’s wearing at any given time and counting the bucks shoveled at her by her exhubby’s largesse. Mini-Mugabe’s daughter is also doing just fine, raking in the dough from her new post as legal advisor to BTL

The Belize Times

three days a week. The royal son is living the high life, pulling in the big bucks from the company thanks to daddy Dean. Hell, he even has his own driver, paid by taxpayers of course. So if you’re a

Barrow, things couldn’t be better. But if you’re in the other segment of the population not associated in some way with Dean Barrow’s loins, things aren’t looking so good. Word is that the financials show continued losses and the big picture is grim. Son Anwar has appointed a committee which has to approve payments over $5000 and is looking at cutting costs all over the place. Hell, if they want to cut costs I can suggest three Barrows who should get the ax immediately. Talk about saving big bucks… If Da Noh Soh! Rumble in the North… The man who was called a contrabandista in the House of Representatives may not be the brightest bulb in the shed. And yes, he may need a copy of Basic English for Dummies just to appear coherent, but he’s no slouch when it comes to making big moves to get his own way. Word is that my intellectchallenged buddy is taking the


spot. Of course, he is also fully aware that Dean Oliver has a soft spot for Pats and would like to give him the chance to be UDP leader. So Gapi is making sure he puts his people in position in the north. He knows that sure as hell Gabriel Martinez and Nemencio don’t have his back, so he’s putting his consuegro Raul Rosado to run things in Corozal Southeast. Word is that things are getting heated, so I suggest you keep a close eye on this one… If Da Noh Soh! Firing Spree… One of the main reasons for all the contention within the UDP up north is that Rosado, who is the CEO of the Corozal Free Zone is firing a lot of UDPs from other constituencies who are working as security or with the Free Zone Management Agency. He is replacing them with UDPs from

Corozal Southeast to strengthen his own standing. A source tells us that both Nemencio Acosta and Gabriel Martinez have vowed that they will not take this sitting down and both of them have asked for a meeting with the Prime Minister to voice their concerns. Since Gapi isn’t exactly on Dean O’s favourite five contacts, it’ll be interesting to see if the PM clips

Gapi’s wings. Gapi, for his part, has been telling anyone who cares to listen that after the showing in Orange Walk last week, the PM better just leave him alone to do what he will… If Da Noh Soh! Gabriel’s worries… But while the drunken minister from up north complains about the high-handed behavior of the man they call the UDP mafia in Orange Walk, he has his own worries which are being discreetly fueled by Gapi. A little bird revealed that the Chairman

of Escuela Secundaria has political aspirations and has met with Gapi to solicit his assistance for a run against Martinez at the next Convention. Meanwhile, he has ensured that only residents of Corozal Southwest are given the opportunity to apply for teaching positions at the school, even though others are more qualified. This has gotten the attention of big-name UDPs in Corozal Town who have met with Minister Naco to request that he crack the whip on Chairman Andrei Marin. That’s all well and good, but Naco is so grateful that he escaped his well deserved fate during the reshuffle/expansion that there’s no way in hell he’s gonna be making any waves anytime soon… If Da Noh Soh!

Positions Available - General Managers/Owners Representatives Seeking a responsible, mature couple to act as General Managers and Owners Representatives for established resort. Both persons must possess University Degrees in a business related field and have previous management experience in the hospitality industry. Both should be able to live and work cooperatively in an isolated environment and have the social skills and life experiences needed for them to interact well with a wide variety of guests and staff. One or both must have fly fishing experience and know the intricacies of operating a fly fishing resort. One or both must be a familiar with all aspects of running a safe and efficient scuba diving operation.

threat by the new UDP Chairman very seriously. The thing is that it will be a miracle if my bald buddy makes it through this term, and for sure he won’t be running again, so my friend up north has his eye on the top

One or both must have significant accounting expertise and experience as well as the experience and expertise necessary to operate a busy office including payroll, guest accounts and accounts payable. One of both should have some background and experience with diesel generators, outboard engines, boats, building and air-conditioning. One or both should have significant boating experience indicating the capability of obtaining a license to operate a boat to 40 feet in length.

Please mail resumes to P.O. Box 1676 in Belize City.

Ch tha up pe sen tor At pa TI


PARTY PAGE OW Central Executive Strengthens

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ne w me mb ers of O W Ce ntr al Ex ecu tiv e Co mm itte e bei ng swo rn in by Pre sid ent of the OD S Mr. Bel iza rio Ca rba llo and Ag . Sec ret ary Ge ner al Bo bby Ca dle Party Leader Hon. John Brice単o addressing members of the O W Central Executive Committee and invited guests

Soc iali zin g foll ow ing me etin g of O W Cen tra l Exe cut ive Co mm itte e

e O W Cen tra l Exe cut ive Co mm itte

Cayo Central Strengthens Executive

We Are The PUP

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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UDP Politics as usual Dueling Doctors…

Apparently the health system in Belize is in such spectacular shape that now our doctors can take the time to engage in extra-curricular activities like some ungentlemanly fisticuffs at our border. Then again, my good friend Dr. Gough is no stranger to this type of activity, with the notable difference that he is probably more accustomed to being the puncher and not the punchee, so to speak. Word is that his clock got cleaned but good, and I can only imagine that a certain young Mr. Zelaya must have felt some sort of satisfaction at the news. According to reports the carousing cardiologist got punched in the face so hard that he blacked out for a while. Quite apart from the fact that the situation must be a source of personal and professional embarrassment for the doctors, it points to a disturbing trend of violence exhibited by Dr. Gough, who quite frankly should have faced some form of disciplinary sanction when he was accused of beating up a teenage boy to the point where the minor had to be hospitalized. His connections back then got him off relatively scot-free with some convenient help from a very senior member of the Police top brass. That’s a story for another time, but it can only be hoped that Gough’s connection at the very top of the Belize Medical Association will not protect him this time. Gough has provided ample evidence to show that he is an embarrassment to the profession, political connection notwithstanding. The Minister of Police… So whatever happened to Operation Restore Belize and the dynamic new Minister of Police who was anointed by our Prime Minister and praised to no end as a crime-fighting force to reckon with? Perhaps Mr. Barrow has not cared to look at the statistics, but violent crime is still on the rise, the gang situation is still completely out of control and armed robberies and jackings have increased until nobody in the city is safe anymore. Of course, while the PM hailed his boy as a godsend, nobody expected miracles, but we expected something, anything. What we got was a Minister of Police whose first act in office was to insult and alienate senior Police Officers. We got a Minister of Police whose answer to crime included a gym, sweating policemen, a running race and pushups. While a child was gunned down in cold blood, his body riddled with bullets, our Minister of Police was challenging Police officers to a race of stamina and endurance. We have come no closer to a solution or plan to rid our streets of criminals. The Minister of Police is now mute, our Prime Minister has gone under ground and we’re all still hostage to the criminals who have taken over our streets. Back to school woes… According to a report by anthropologist Dr. Herbert Gayle, at least 30 percent of school age children are currently excluded from attending both primary and secondary schools. This is a serious statistic which points to a startling inadequacy in our education system. While most would agree that the buck stops with the man at the top, in this case education minister Patrick Faber, the Prime Minister has been eloquent in his praises of the young man, calling his performance in the ministry exemplary despite glaring evidence to the contrary. With that said, school opens across the country in the


next couple of weeks, and the reality is that many of our school age children will not be able to go to school because their parents or guardians simply cannot afford it. The Minister of Education was in the spotlight lately when his quest to enhance his political career in the UDP proved successful. But he has not been in the spotlight or on the forefront in the situation which is affecting so many of our caregivers right now, the worry about how they will scrape together enough money to send their children to school this coming school year. For far too many Belizeans, 43% of who are below the poverty line, it is hard enough to put food on the table. When the priorities are weighed – food vs. schooling – the latter will no doubt be discarded. Very few people outside of the UDP circle care that Patrick Faber was recently elected Chairman of the UDP. We would all be much more impressed if Mr. Faber would find some way to make schools accessible to all Belizeans across the spectrum; if he could find some way to ensure that financial assistance is available for all those students who want and deserve a quality education, but have no money. Education in Belize has moved out of the realm of a basic right, and is now somewhat of a luxury for many of us. Perhaps Mr. Faber could spend a little less time on his personal political ambitions and a little more time in caring about the children he swore an oath to serve as Minister of Education.

The Minister of Defence… Just a little over two months ago, the Prime Minister performed a feat of political wheeling and dealing with his Cabinet expansion couched as a reshuffle. When all was said and done, Belizean taxpayers had been burdened further with salaries and perks for a new UDP Minister and for a new Attorney-General, all in the name of better getting the job done. Well there’s no need to get deeper into that farce because we all know how that has turned out, but now attention must be drawn to our brand spanking new Minister of Defence Carlos Perdomo, whose longtime political connections/family financing capacity saved his bacon. Mr. Perdomo has done absolutely the same thing in the Ministry of Defence that he did in the Police ministry – NOTHING, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. While Perdomo continues to operate in mute and inactive mode, the BDF is facing a serious morale problem exacerbated by the ridiculous and short-lived Operation Jaguar. Our men and women in military uniform have been faced with budget cuts even as much more is being demanded from them. The situation with the BDF officers in Benque is a manifestation of frustration and a lack of guidance. The man at the helm who should be providing the guidance spends far too much time at his family-owned establishment at the highway. God forbid that our BDF officers become embroiled in a situation which results in a serious loss of life. We would not wish it so, but the combination of frustration, low morale and lack of guidance is a volatile mix. Petty Patrick…

The villagers of Burrell Boom are struggling to build a little Catholic school to serve the increasing population of children in the village. Under the former administration, funds had been provided for construction to commence, but the project did not survive the pettiness of the UDP and their Minister of Education. It was disheartening at Mass on Sunday for villagers to hear that this UDP administration has provided no funds for the construction to continue and so it would not be ready in time for the coming school year. According to reports, Minister Faber has been lobbied for assistance on different occasions, but has stated with all arrogance that he does not support the school project, so he will not allocate any funds – end of story. Minister Faber takes every photo opportunity to stand on the podium and tell students that they should reach for the stars and not let anything hold them back. Perhaps he should think about that little school in Burrell Boom the next time he gives one of those speeches.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Richard Michael Nicholson, Belizean Radio Broadcaster and Journalist, Dies at 48

Mike Nicholson, a nationally known broadcaster whose career began at Radio Belize in its glor y days and ended at Positive Vibes Radio, died on Sunday in Belize City. He was 48. From 1980 until a few years ag o, Mike Nic was one of those special voices on the radio. In the 1990’s during the peak of his broadcast career, he was associated with FM 2000’s (now VIBES Radio) mor ning show then called “The Breakfast Show.” Prior to that, he spent many years on the staff at Radio Belize and then the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize (BCB). Among the longest-ser ving in the broadcast business in Belize, Mike was known for his many inter views with some of the big gest names in Belize. His knowledge of cur rent events and his always controlled style of asking questions made many of the people he inter viewed feel so comfor table, they were always willing to give Mike an inter view. On his ver y popular mor ning show he would routinely speak to regular folk, asking them to talk about their lives, always making them feel as if their contribution was impor tant to the better ment of the community. When it was needed he would politely raise a criticism or question the decision of a public official for something that was not in the best interest of the nation. His style was always polite, never confrontational and always respectful. His gentle nature was never a sign of cowardice or fear, in fact during the riots of 1981, when protesters stor med the Alber t Cattouse Building on Regent Street, where Radio Belize’s studios and office were located, it was Mike Nicholson who locked himself in the studios continuing to broadcast and making sure that the station remained on air. Mike Nicholson loved his Church and found g reat comfor t in attending early mor ning mass. As a journalist he was the first to volunteer to cover major religious events like the visit of the Pope or the ordination of a Bishop. Richard Michael was known to his friends and associates as Mike Nic. He g rew up in Orange Walk town and later

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moved to Belize City where he attended h i g h school. He graduated from Belize J u n i o r Secondary School #1 and later from the B e l i z e Technical College. M r . Mike Nicholson worked as a broadcaster at Radio Belize and

then later at BCB. He also worked at FM 2000 and ser ved as a protocol officer in the Ministr y of Foreign Affairs. M ike’s N i c ’ s mar riage to Bernadette Thurton, ended in d i vo r c e. He is sur vived by his mother Nor ma Smith two children

Andrea and Andre; sisters, Sandra Leslie, Lisa Nicholson, Nadia Latchman, Linda Neal, Juanita Nicholson and Melinda Rowland; brothers Earl Smith, Anthony Sutherland, Frank Rowland, Keith Nicholson, George Nicholson and John Nicholson. Richard Michael Nicholson was often heard refer ring to those who were deceased that they were called to “higher ser vice.” Always a g ood-natured optimist, Mike would invariably end his radio mor ning show with his signature statement “Have a happy hear t.”

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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The Doha Round of negotiations, which started in 2001, aims to help poor countries prosper through multilateral deals. The talks have been suspended several times due to the divergent views among developed and developing nations on key issues. Though the World Trade Organisation (WTO) member states have set a timetable for concluding the talks for before the end of this year, Director General, Pascal Lamy, during a recent visit to China, commented that if the WTO members fail to reach a consensus on finishing the talks by the end of 2011, the reputation of the WTO will be tarnished. This comment was an obvious hint that the talks will most likely not be concluded by the end of this year as planned, and that unfortunately Lamy was also not assuring whether this issue would be solved in another year. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Doha Round and it is felt by many that member nations should actively grasp these opportunities and strive for breakthroughs on top of the existing proposals. Agricultural subsidies and trade barriers related to industrial goods and services are still the main issues of contention between developed and developing economies at the Doha Round. It is also felt that the real block for the Doha talks is that some developed nations are against the achievements made in the past negotiations and are now making demands and concessions from developing nations. These actions have been dubbed by developing sates as nothing but trade protectionism, the fact that developed nations continue to not cut tariffs on agricultural and industrial products and refuse to open more of their service sectors. The third meeting of the WTO General Council was held July 29-30 in Geneva, Switzerland, and most of these issues came up for discussion. This third 2010 meeting of the General Council discussed the new ingredients in the process that can break the impasse. Agricultural subsidies and trade barriers related to industrial goods and services remain key sticking points in 2010, and carbon tariffs on imports loom as a new arena for disputes. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) says two-thirds of its members are ready to conclude the stalled Doha Round of trade talks. They comprise mostly smaller countries that are now pushing larger economies to take the negotiations to the next stage. As a small, open and developing economy, Belize is expected, along with its sister Caribbean states, to link and negotiate in partnership with the likes of India and other larger developing nations. It is important for our country to be prepared and to participate in a meaningful way in the discussions and at the negotiating table in CARICOM. However, this term of UDP Government has seen

the Foreign Trade Unit within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs being disbanded and we hear nothing about our negotiating teams being prepared for the time when we will need to sit down with our partners in the Caribbean to strategize and negotiate. Gone are the glory days when our Ministry of Foreign Affairs was ready to lead the Caribbean team at the negotiating table. Belize’s entire strategy for increasing Trade and Investment

has been sidestepped by this UDP Government. Judging from the news coming out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, it is becoming more apparent that Belize’s presence in trade negotiations have fallen back in time and that our Trade Ambassador no favours the cocktail circuit more so than the efforts to represent the interest of the nation at the negotiating table. Given the dismal economic

performance of all our exports, it is imperative that our government invest our tax dollars in promoting our goods and services. We need to promote our country to increase the tourism dollar and we need to maintain and augment our traditional exports by finding new markets. And after the bad publicity gained by this UDP Government with foreign investors we need to build confidence in the international arena.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is the Central Bank & its Governor Doing? Moral Hazard, Systemic Risk, Central Banking and Prudential Supervision

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman described moral hazard as: "...any situation in which one person makes the decision about how much risk to take, while someone else bears the cost if things go badly.” In other words, where a person is faced with interests competing with his own personal interest, a conflict of interest, he will tend to do what benefits him the most if he has an incentive to do so notwithstanding the moral implications of his actions. Banks are prone to engage in moral hazard behavior. Typically, a bank makes its money from lending. In order to lend, it must have funds to lend. A bank gets its funds primarily through deposits from the public and capital (in the form of cash) from its shareholders. In a basic model of a bank, Deposits + Capital = Loans + Reserves. Given that loans generally earn a higher rate of return than reserves, some reserves earning as little as 0% when held with the Central Bank, reserves tend to zero except as otherwise required by statute while loans tend to 100% of deposit and capital net of statutory reserves. This is borne out in the June 2010 quarterly financial statements published by the Central Bank as follows:

yielding returns from gambling. Thus increased competition tends to promote gambling in the banking sector. Some form of prudential regulation is then necessary to protect the interests of depositors vis-à-vis banks’ managers and shareholders and to induce banks to invest prudently. This has been referred to as microprudential policy, a primary tool for which is the mandating of minimum capital requirements. A minimum capital requirement sufficient to disincentivize gambling and instead to promote investment in a prudent loan in equilibrium combined with effective monitoring of banks by a central regulator has been shown to form an effective basis for microprudential regulation of banks. A second identified purpose necessitating prudential regulation of banks is macro-prudential policy, that is, the fostering of financial stability and the protection of the banking system as a whole from systemic risk. Systemic risk is the risk that the failure of a large institution whether by way of a bank run or otherwise might spread to the rest of the banking system. In Belize, all of our domestic banks are large, the smallest being Heritage Bank representing

and in particular, to ensure financial stability, the Central Bank is also a lender of last resort to banks. It can control interest rates, control credit and vary the amount of liquid asset reserves a bank must hold including the amount of cash reserves it must hold with the Central Bank. Recent events call into question whether the Central Bank has been effectively discharging its duties as a prudential regulator or whether it has become derelict in its duties and is instead recklessly fanning the flames of systemic risk and moral hazard in the banking system. In a claim before the Supreme Court, the Belize Bank and its parent company BCB Holdings has brought proceedings against the Central Bank to restrain enforcement of a directive by the Central Bank requiring the Belize Bank to de-recognize its $20million Venezuelan claim against the Government as a receivable or asset on its balance sheet and restate its financial statements accordingly. This necessarily meant a one-time extraordinary expense of not less than $20million against the net income of the Bank. In opposing the application on behalf of the Central Bank, the Governor of the Central

In most banks, whether in Belize or elsewhere, deposits comprise the super-majority of the funds a bank has to lend. In lending funds comprised mostly of deposits, most of the funds at risk on a loan are not the shareholders’ own funds (capital) but instead are the depositors’ money. In Belize, using the June 2010 quarterly financial statements, capital represents 19% of total deposits in the banking system, with Heritage having the lowest ratio at 7% and Scotiabank having the highest at almost 26%; Atlantic Bank, Belize Bank and First Caribbean Bank each having ratios of 11%, 21% and 20% respectively. In other words, for every $1.00 raised in deposits from the public, the entire banking system raises only 19 cents from its shareholders. It is this type of disproportionality that gives rise to one form of moral hazard in banking. Banks can either invest in a prudent loan yielding high expected returns or gamble on a risky loan that can yield high private returns for the bank if the gamble pays off, but imposes costs on depositors if the gamble fails, especially as the ratio of capital to deposits approaches zero. That is, the lower the ratio of capital to deposits, the higher is the propensity to gamble for resurrection. Furthermore, if markets are sufficiently competitive, the bank earns relatively little from prudent investment but the bank can always capture short term high

7% in market share of deposits and the largest being Belize Bank representing 38%. Although financial stability may be recognized as a public good, the total willingness of individual banks to pay for financial stability is less than the social value of this financial stability. It is in the interest of each individual bank to free-ride on the willingness of others to pay for financial stability. Macroprudential regulation therefore becomes necessary for maintaining the public good of financial stability. The Central Bank of Belize is tasked with effecting both these regulatory policies. Under the Central Bank of Belize Act, “within the context of the economic policy of the Government, the Bank shall be guided in all of its actions by the objectives of fostering monetary stability, especially as regards stability of the exchange rate, and promoting credit and exchange conditions conducive to the growth of the economy of Belize.” Under the Banks & Financial Institutions Act, the Central Bank is also vested with broad powers to examine, audit and otherwise regulate banks including powers to issue orders and directives and seize management and control of a bank with a view to restricting, prohibiting, remedying, or correcting courses of actions taken by banks which may be detrimental to the interest of their depositors. At the same time, to support the achievement of these objectives,

Bank, Glenford Ysaguirre, swore to an affidavit in which he seeks to justify the issuance of the directive. In essence, the Central Bank’s action seems to be a valid exercise of microprudential regulation. He then continues further however to address other matters not materially connected to the directive or to the application. He continues on to speak of the Bank’s ratio of nonperforming loans and to speculate about the stability of the Bank. This is particularly alarming given the non-performing loan ratios of other

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banks with substantially less capital than the Belize Bank, whether on an absolute basis or on a percentage basis. In light of such numbers, one is left to naturally speculate – does that mean that such other banks are even more unstable? What happened to the Central Bank’s role as a macroprudential regulator? While the status of a bank’s non-performing loans must be evaluated very closely, having regard to the financial stability of not only a bank but to the financial stability of an entire banking system, a regulator must choose his words very carefully so as not to scare the public into an unwarranted contagious confidence panic. Knowing that financial analysts, investors, politicians and others hinge on every word that they may say and that financial markets may rally or may plunge depending on what they say, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the U.S.A.’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, and his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, are always very careful in their choice of language. With fractional reserve banking, loss of confidence by the public can quickly lead to a systemic banking crisis. With recent reports in the media about the financial details of individual borrowers, there is also growing concern of leakage of confidential information and reports coming directly from the Central Bank and/or banks which it regulates. It is not clear whether such illegal leakages are intended or unintended but, in any event, what is the Central Bank doing to stop any such leakages and to bring the persons responsible to account for such illegal actions? How do these leakages foster financial stability? While the Central Bank may be seeking to uphold its duties as a micro-prudential regulator to protect the interests of depositors in issuing its directives, for the sake of all of us, it is of paramount importance that the Central Bank seeks to ensure the financial stability of our banking system, avoid systemic risk and absolutely refrain from taking actions inconsistent with such role as a macro-prudential regulator.

Travis Zetina is applying for a Malt and Cider License to be operated at “Fantaztic Times Belize”, #4 Fort Street, Belize City under the Intoxicating Liquor LicensLuisa Varela of Jane Usher ing Ordinance Revised EdiBoulevard is in need of tion 1980. a domestic worker. Any Notice is hereby given that interesting please call 227- Veronique Stile is applying for a Beer Liquor License 0357. to be operated at #83 Edwin Park Street, Lord’s Bank Village, Belize District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Notice is hereby given that Edition 1980.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Parents and teachers reject closure of Excelsior High; Ministry bends

Proposals that were being put forth for Excelsior High School several months ago had to be discarded when the masses of parents and teachers of students there flatly rejected the Ministry of Education's plans to downsize, which meant closing down the school. The Minister's plan was to shut down Excelsior and convert the compound into a vocational technical institute for out-of-school youths. But it meant that the 130 plus students at Excelsior had to find space at another of the southside's already over-crowded high schools. Ministry's cost cutting intentions didn't work because none of he stakeholders supported the closure. So instead of closing down the school, they had to find ways of not only keeping its doors open, but now to provide the classes it had proposed to those youths on the streets. The biggest challenge for the Ministry came on Monday evening when at a meeting at the school parents of the students rejected its plans to close down the school. The irate parents posed questions like why the Ministry postponed the planned meeting from the week before and then

not adequately notifying them of the new date of the consultation. Some queried why the rush to close down a school that had been in existence for decades when the better option, in their view, was to improve the educational services available at the institution. Still others asked what will happen to their children's registration that had already been collected at other school where they had been accepted. Others complained that the late notice has them in a predicament

for not getting accepted elsewhere and now having to scramble to cough up funds to register their youths at the school just two weeks before classes are set to start. The final decision as laid out by Ministry of Education personnel is a compromise that GOB will try to put into effect whereby they will try to not only keep Excelsior’s doors open, but will provide the classes it had proposed to those youths on the streets. To accommodate the new influx of

students less than a month before classes were supposed to be opened, it will mean that the institution will have to delay classes for a week until the end of August, when it should be ready to cater to the over 250 students who will fill its classrooms. The students will attend classes in a shift system; one set as Excelsior students in the first part of the day and the other attending the evening session under the vocational training segment. The Ministry's Chief Executive Officer, David Leacock says the high school will offer five core subjects, those being English, math, science, social science and Spanish, accompanied by basic skills training. The more advance skills classes will be available in the afternoon session. Whatever the Ministry's longterm intention is for the school known as Excelsior is yet to be seen, since its obvious plans to shut up shop did not wash this time around. One thing for certain is that with a growing population and southside community, and with more families barely able to meet the school fees of other more expensive schools, Excelsior High School is an institution that is very needed for the foreseeable future.

BELIZE WATER SERVICES LIMITED BELIZE RIVER VALLEY PROJECT - BELIZE Consultancy Services for Design and Construction Supervision

STATEMENTS OF CAPABILITY The Government of Belize (GOB) has received a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) towards the cost of the Belize River Valley Project, and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds to eligible payments under a contract to provide consultancy services for design and construction supervision. GOB will execute the project through Belize Water Services Limited (BWS), and a Project Manager within BWS will be responsible for the day-to-day management of project activities. BWS shall be the Executing Agency for the project. BWS is now seeking to engage consultants to: (a) undertake detailed engineering survey of the route for installing the distribution network and mains interconnecting the nine villages; (b) prepare new and review existing tank designs; and (c) undertake construction supervision of the erection of three (3) tanks together with the installation of approximately forty (40) miles of various diameter PVC water main within and interconnecting the nine villages. The procurement of these consulting services shall be subject to the provisions of the loan agreement. BWS now invites the submission of statement of capabilities from eligible firms interested in undertaking this assignment.

Consultant firms shall be eligible for procurement if: (a) in the case of a body corporate, it is legally incorporated or otherwise organized in, and has its principal place of business in, an eligible country and is more than 50 per cent beneficially owned by citizen(s) and/or bona fide resident(s) of eligible country(ies) or by body(ies) corporate meeting these requirements; (b) in the case of unincorporated firms, the persons are citizens or bona fide residents of an eligible country; and (c)

in all cases, the consultant has no arrangement and undertakes not to

Leon Torres, 27 year old of #39 Tigris Street, Belize City has been missing as of Friday, 6th August, 2010. Description: Dark complexion, 5’6” in height, weighs 145 lbs, medium built. He was last seen wearing long black Dickies pants, long sleeved red checkered shirt and a white tennis shoe. Anyone seeing of have any information regarding his whereabouts of Leon Torres can call the nearest Police Station.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two former BDF doctors slug it out near Border

They are known for their vast contributions as Specialists doctors in the field of medicine and in previous years, for being members of the Belize Defence Force. But Doctors John Gough and Ervin Gabourel did not make the news this week for anything virtuous. In fact, they were locked up by Corozal Police and later charged with disorderly conduct following a fist brawl between them - of all places, at the Northern border! The incident occurred around 4 pm on Tuesday afternoon in front of the Northern Border Management building where money changers wait for customers to do business. Both doctors were heading across to Chetumal when they crossed each others path. Words were exchanged then these “officers and gentlemen� chose to bring it on in an all-out slug fest.

Dr. Ervin Gabourel

Gabourel, a well respected gastroenterologist by profession, and Gough, a leading cardiologist, exchanged blows for several minutes

before security personnel were summoned to pull them apart from each other. Both have been charged and both are also blaming each other

for starting the brawl. Gabourel claims that it was Gough who told him that one of these days he will beat him up and approached him with clenched fists, while Gough's account is that Gabourel attacked him after he had changed money and was walking back to his car where his family was waiting. Gough's face is still visibly bruised from the fight, while Gabourel's shirt was torn. The two men have some bad blood- or as the streets would an old beef- that goes back several years when both were in the BDF together. Gabourel was the Commanding Officer when Gough was found guilty of desertion of duty and was locked up at the BDF camp for 21 days. Gough was also charged in March of this year after he allegedly beat up a teenage boy who had gone to visit his daughter at home. That case is still pending.

two back-up systems were working perfectly and those were what he had to rely on to make a safe landing, albeit

nerve-wracking for him, his crew and the passengers, who were thus advised how to prepare for a crash-landing. According to Brian Dominguez, an Air Safety Inspector at the PGIA, there were appropriate mechanical repair personnel at the airport. Said one passenger: "It was scary when the stewardess announced that the pilot was having a problem and they wanted us to know what we were supposed to do. She was very nice and she said to look at where you brace yourself and you bend down and when the pilot says that, do it right away. It was very scary." Because there wasn't an accident, the problem was rectified once the plane landed safely and aviaiton officials said the incident would not need to be investigated..

Dr. John Gough

Delta Lands Safely At PGIA After Main Hydraulics Fail

Since the Philip Goldson International Airport opened in the 90's, it hadn't had any aviation disasters involving larger,international carriers. Thankfully, due to the infrastructure and international safety protocols put in place over the past decade, tragedy was yet again averted this week. It happened at around 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning when a Delta Canadair Regional Jet 900 flying from Atlanta to Belize experienced mechanical failure and its passengers were instructed to crouch over just in case the airplane crash landed. The pilot had already announced the initial approach and was just about to prepare for final descent when he discovered that there was a problem. The main hydraulic system was not functioning.

Of the three such devices on the aircraft, that is the one that operates everything on the plane. The other

NINTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Belize Water Services Limited will hold its Ninth Annual General Meeting at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Friday 27th August, 2010 commencing at 7:00pm sharp. An AGM pack has been mailed to all Shareholders. Shareholders who cannot attend may, if they wish, appoint a Proxy by completing the Appointment of Proxy Form from the AGM pack. Shareholders may also submit the enclosed Response and Question Forms. The deadline for the receipt of these forms is 5:00pm on Monday 23rd August 2010. If you have not yet received your AGM Pack, kindly call 222-4757 ext. 233 or stop by our BWS office at # 7 Central American Blvd to get a copy. Shareholders are urged to attend and to be on time. For registration purposes please bring along your Shareholder Identification Card. If you need a new Shareholder Identification Card, please contact us at the number above before August 20, 2010.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Belize Times

Guatemalans acquitted of gun and ammunition charges

Juan Manzenero

BELIZE CITY, Wed., August 11, 2010 Tw o G u a t e m a l a n s, J u a n Manzanero, 35 and a 17 year old boy, both of them auto mechanics of Peten, Guatemala, who were charged with keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license, were acquitted of the charges yesterday in Magistrate’s

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Court #7. The incident occurred on June 19, 2009, at Miles 31 on the Western Highway. Manzanero was the driver of a vehicle in which the boy was a passenger. They were travelling on the Western Highway returning to Peten when they were stopped at a police road block. A search of their vehicle resulted in the discovery of a 9 mm pistol and 40 rounds of ammunition in a black plastic bag under an armrest between two front seats. Manzanero testified that he did not know that the pistol, his licensed firearm, was in the vehicle when he left Peten on June 18 for Belize to buy auto parts. He said that while he was in prison remanded on the charges his brother visited him and told him that he had borrowed the vehicle the day before and left the firearm in it. Magistrate Ed Usher believed that Manzanero was telling the truth because Manzanero appeared in court on every adjourned date during a period of over a year, and he never failed to sign in week at Benque Viejo Police Station which was part of the condition of his bail. There was no evidence that the 17 year old knew about the firearm and ammunition. Manzanero and the boy were represented by attorney Dickie Bradley.


Babysitter allegedly stole employer’s ring and bracelet

Randine Flowers

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 11, 2010 R a n d i n e F l o w e r s, 2 0 , a babysitter of St. T homas Street who allegedly stole jewelr y from h e r e m p l oy e r wa s ch a r g e d w i t h theft when she appeared yesterday Magistrate’s Court #2. Flowers pleaded not guilty

to the charg e. She was released on bail in the amount of $5,000 and her case was adjourned until September 28. The incident occurred between May and June 2010. Ruth Jamarillo reported to the police that her 14 karat gold and diamond ring and her 14 karat gold and diamond bracelet were stolen from her bedroom. She said the ring is worth $500.00 and the bracelet $3,000. She told police that when she confronted Flowers her babysitter admitted that it was she who stole the jewelry. The police investigated the report and their investigation led them to JL’s Quick Loan on Douglas Jones Street where they recovered the jewelry and receipts in Flowers’ name.

Man remanded to prison for twice threatening his wife

Robert Mejia

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 11, 2010 Robert Mejia, 30, a mason of Hattieville who allegedly pointed a firear m at his ex-common law w i f e, M i s s e l i n a U s h e r, 2 3 , wa s charged with three offences when he appeared Chief Magistrate Margaret McKenzie-Gabb’s court on Monday, August 9. M e j i a wa s ch a r g e d w i t h a g g r a va t e d a s s a u l t , a g g r a va t e d


burglary and using threatening words. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Chief Magistrate explained to him that the cour t cannot offer him bail because of the nature of the offences and remanded him into custody until October 6. T h e a g g r ava t e d b u r g l a r y and threatening words occurred on Wednesday, August 4. Usher, who resides on Ysaguirre Boulevard in Hattieville, reported to the police that while she was at home Mejia entered her house as a trespasser and put a knife to her throat. She said Mejia threatened that he would kill her if she has another man, then he left. The aggravated assault occurred on Saturday, August 7. Usher told police that Mejia came to her house and pointed a firearm at her through the louvres of her window but he did not fire any shots. The police investigated the reports and as a result detained Mejia and charged him. Mejia also has a charge of burglary for which trial is pending in Magistrate’s Court #6.

It’s been days since the Kendall Bridge was washed away. How much longer must we wait for a new bridge, Mr. Prime Minister?


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Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment/ Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries/ UNDP- Belize

VACANCY Project Manager Duty Station:

NPAPSP Secretariat- Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment

Project Reference:

“ Strengthening National Capacities for the Operationalization, Consolidation, and Sustainability o Belize’s Protected Areas System”

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Duration of Employment: 3 Years


The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has established a Secretariat to coordinate implementation of all projects supporting the implementation of the approved National Protected Areas Policy and Systems Plan. The project tiled, “Strengthening National Capacities for the Operationalization, Consolidation, and Sustainability of Belize’s Protected Areas System”, is one such initiative and proposes to effectively develop legal, financial, and institutional capacities to ensure sustainability of the existing NPAS. The NPAPSP Secretariat is spearheaded by a Program Director housed within the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. The Project is jointly executed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The Project Manager (PM) will be a full time employee of the project and will operate under the general supervision of the Project Execution Group/Project Board (PEG/PB) and the technical supervision of the NPAPSP Secretariat’s Programme Director.

Specific tasks and responsibilities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Organize and conduct the inception workshop in the first three months of the project effectiveness; Develop Annual Work Plans, Monitoring and Evaluation plans in close consultation with MNRE-NPAPSP Secretariat/ MAF/ UNDP to ensure that specified tasks are undertaken in an organized and planned manner; Work to develop stage plans and design effective work packages to facilitate the effective execution of project deliverables; Build effective working relationships with members of the PEG/PB, and the NPAPSP Secretariat and other protected areas stakeholders to ensure that project activities proceed on schedule within each partner Ministry and non-governmental organization; Maintain close contacts with national protected areas partners including the NPAPSP Secretariat and the NPAC to ensure communication, coordination and consistency with the National Framework of Support Projects, avoiding national duplication of efforts. Oversee implementation and timely achievement of all project deliverables (Utilize the expertise of the NPAPSP Secretariat and PEG/PB members to support this work as well); Oversee day-to-day project implementation and management of project activities and effectively delegate responsibility for specific activities; Organize, oversee and support contractors and consultants input (prepare ToR in collaboration with NPAPSP Secretariat, MNRE/MAF and UNDP colleagues and ascertain the quality of the project’s outputs). Prepare and submit quarterly reports to the NPAPSP Secretariat Program Director and then the PEG/PB (End of Stage reports, updating issue/ risk logs, highlight reports, exception reports) of relevant project progress and issues to the PEG/PB, informing UNDP’s reporting process to the Global Environment Facility; Prepare and submit quarterly financial budgets and reports to the PEG/PB for approval before submission to the to UNDP; Conduct and support the annual Tripartite Review (TPR)* meeting, which is the highest policy-level meeting of the parties directly involved in the implementation of a project. Participate in all necessary project evaluations and review missions.

Qualifications / Requirements: • • • • • • • • • •

Minimum of a Bachelor Degree in fields related to natural resource management, natural resources economics, environmental science (experience in business administration is an asset); At least five years of practical experience as a project manager (knowledge of Prince2 approach to project management desirable); Experience in budgeting/ payments or general project finance or accounting Working experiences with international organizations and familiarity with the goals and procedures of UNDP and the GEF Working knowledge of the National Protected Areas Policy and Systems Plan document; Excellent inter-personal communication skills; Proven ability to manage human resources within a project context and to follow the rules of consultative and adaptive management; Fluency in written and spoken English is indispensable; good Spanish skills in speaking and writing are highly desirable; Ability and willingness to undertake extensive local travel; Sound computer skills in word processing, spread sheets and internet applications

Applications can be submitted electronically to , or delivered hard copy to

UNDP Belize Lawrence Nicholas Office Complex 3rd Floor South Ring Road, Belmopan P.O. Box 53 Attention: Environmental Programme Analyst. Application Deadline: Submissions must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on the 27th August 2010.

For further information or to request a copy of the approved project document, contact the Environmental Programme Analyst at the above listed email or at phone number 822-2688. Applications will be considered only if accompanied by an updated CV, letter of interest and 2 recent professional references. UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.

Leroy Gomez

Christelle Wilson scored a big win for justice when she convinced a jur y of nine that Gomez was guilty of the dastardly cr i m e o f r a p e. Mi s s. W i l s o n wh o recently became a Crown Counsel h a s g o n e u p a g a i n s t ex p er i en ce d defense attorney including Hubert Elrington, Simeon Sampson, Anthony Sylvestre, Linsber th W i l l i s a n d A r t h u r S a l d i va r h a s b e en h o l d i n g h er own . On Monday of this week, after addressing the jury and em p h a s i z i n g th e s tr o n g ev i d en ce of her case Miss Wilson had the satisfaction along with the 23 year old victim of seeing justice prevail The convicted r a p i s t co m m i tted h i s cr i m e i n a b o l d f a s h i o n u s i n g a k n i f e. O n that fateful night he accosted onfronted two young women, then putting his arms around b o t h t h e i r n e ck s h e t h r e a t e n e d and frightened them as he forced them to enter an abandoned a r e a . T h er e h e r o b b ed th em a n d o r d er ed th e 2 3 yea r o l d to ta ke o f f h e r cl o t h es a n d p r o c ee d ed t o r a p e h e r. T h e 2 0 y e a r o l d companion ran from the scene to g e t h el p. M o n d a y, j u s t i c e c a u g h t u p with the criminal. As he left cour t h e t o l d C r ow n C o u n s e l W i l s o n – “ Yo u a r e s m i l i n g n ow b u t yo u better watch your back” ( He may have meant watch your front g iven th e c r i m e th a t h e wa s j u s t co nv i cted f o r ). M i s s W i l s o n h a s i n d i ca ted th a t s h e i s co n s i d er i n g p r es s i n g ch a r g e. I t i s u n d e r s to o d t h a t G o m e z i s f a ci n g 2 o th er a l l eg a ti o n s o f separate rape incidents which will co m e u p f o r tr i a l i n th e S u p r em e C o u r t . G o m e z f a c e s u p wa r d s o f ten yea r s i m p r i s o n m e n t b eca u s e he used a weapon to commit t h e r a p e. Ju s t i c e H e r b e r t L o r d r ef er r ed to by cr i m i n a l s a s Ju d g e D r e a d i s e x p e c t e d t o s h ow n o l en i en cy to th e co nv i cted r a p i s t.

Visit Us Online at:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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This is what the UDP has BTL EmpLoyEEs TrusT WEBsiTE done to our people!

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority invites applications from suitable qualified and motivated individuals for the following vacant positions:

To All Telemedia Employees


Job Summary:

All BTL employees are advised of the launch of a new website This site will keep you up to date with the latest developments related to the Trust. It covers a wide range of matters ranging from the legal aspects of the Trust through to a review of the Trust value, all backed up by a number of important trust related documents.

Responsible for the initial assessment, examination on initial encounter with unscheduled, emergency/urgent and new patients

Resuscitate patient and perform pelvic, neurological, surgical and other examinations

Coordinate patient treatment plans, order laboratory tests and radiographic examinations, such as X-rays and ultrasounds

Refer patients for specialists consultation, (such as internal medicine, general surgery or obstetrics), when necessary

Stabilize and prepare patient for admission to ward, ICU, operating theatre for emergency surgery or to labour and delivery as requested

If you have any questions on trust matters that are not covered by the website, or if you have any suggestions on what we can do to further develop the site, just go to the FAQ section of the website and we will try to post answers to your questions as soon as we are able.

Proper documentation and recording of treatment in the BHIS

28 July, 2010

Liaising with other medical staff as part of a team and non-medical staff in the hospital to ensure quality treatment

The Trust is real, it has significant value, and it is being properly and effectively managed in the interests of you the BTL employees.

Educational and other requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine/Surgery Current Registration by the Medical Council of Belize Certification in Advance Life Support


GOB Payscale 20 - $30,324 x $1,392 - $56, 772

Experience: One (1) year post-registration experience, with one or more years in a hospital setting

Special Skills: Computer literate

Barrow & the UDP have spent 15 million US$ on 1 garbage project but can't feed and educate our children. Excellent public relations skills

Able to function effectively under pressure

Completed applications accompanied by two letters of reference and a police record must be submitted to the Director Human Resources at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on or before 13th August, 2010.



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Sunday, August 15, 2010

on s g n i t i r W the

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Tek Belize Bak says: Friday, August 6, 2010, 16:19 Hey, Barrow, the economy is all fine and dandy, eh? You should leave Belize, you have done enough and made enough money; just leave, you and your whole gang of thieves. fatima says: Friday, August 6, 2010, 9:41 It saddens me to see how everyday Belizean are falling into financial despair. Look at the sad apparent suicide of the young Belizean entrepreneur last night. But lets face it when we have a Prime Minister and wife that flaunt their wealth in the manner they do leaving young impressionable Belizeans believing wealth equates to happiness what do you expect! Example the so called first lady Kim Barrow posing in Miami beach flaunting a $40,000US Hermes bag while meeting with young Belizean Americans women. Not to mention the fact that Barrow earned his millions of dollars from representing Ascroft…who has exploited the Belizean people in all ways imaginable. Dean and Kim aren’t thinking about Belize but instead only looking to promote themselves on theinternational social circuit. Sad ..very sad for Belize and its people! rod says: August 10, 2010 at 1:07 pm make i tell uno again with this gov. economy in the drain,tourism in the drain,education in the drain,exports in the drain, imports in the drain, gasoline up , crime way wayyyyyyyyyyy out of control corruption out of control no make this pm fool unu by throwing the ministers to the wolves remember fu kill one snake you cant cut off the tail it will grow back you have to cut off the head.

Kay says: August 10, 2010 at 1:15 pm The Deputy PM or our area rep is not doing a thing for the greater masses. If you call giving permission to flunkies to bring in contraband thru the Santa Elena border in Corozal after normal working hours. He only benefit to those who’s kissing is @ ss. ss says: August 10, 2010 at 1:27 pm Pls the PM is always trying to introduce things that he fully well knows wont be carried out. If that is the case start replacing all of them because from they were voted in we haven’t seen their faces at our houses asking what they can do to help us as they were before when they wanted our votes. Wasn’t this the same man that introduced operation jaguar that lasted what whole of 2 weeks just because his good friend got shot!!! What happened to the hundreds that died because of gun violence on the streets and I am yet to see the PM address the Belizean people about that, I would like for this to be true but knowin this government they tell the people what they want to hear and that’s it! I personally would like to start with the PM and work my way down. d says: August 7, 2010 at 8:18 am after hundreds of deaths this pm finally comes out and admits that crime is out of control now he is trying to show like he is doing something about crime guess he finally opened his eyes to the reality that even he may be the next victim of crime since he has no control of the crime situation in belize and all he does is ignore the situation education in the drain,economy in the drain ,tourism in the drain,corruption rampant,need i say more.

Posts are from, Belize Times Press Facebook Account, John Briceño Facebook Account,


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Presidents of Colombia, Venezuela to meet in effort to end dispute

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and newly elected Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will meet Tuesday for talks aimed at ending a diplomatic dispute between the nations. The two heads of state will meet in Santa Marta, Colombia, to discuss how to repair ruptured relations. Chavez broke off diplomatic ties with Colombia last month over accusations that Venezuela is harboring Marxist guerrillas who want to overthrow the Colombian government. Venezuela denies allegations that it is sheltering rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (also known as FARC) and National Liberation Army (ELN). It was at least the third time in three years that relations between Venezuela and Colombia have been strained. Chavez froze relations last year when Colombia signed a military agreement with the United States and in 2008 when Colombia conducted a raid against leftist guerrillas into Ecuadorian territory. Santos was sworn in Saturday, vowing to unify his country around the goals of prosperity for all and of thwarting

the nation's leftist rebels. In an early test of Santos' diplomatic skills, his inauguration was attended by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro. Maduro held talks with his Colombian counterpart, Maria Angela Holguin, on Sunday and said he wanted to deliver a positive message from Chavez. "We would like to deliver -- that's what President Hugo Chavez specifically

indicated -- a message of love and solidarity to all of the people of Colombia; a message for the future and for hope," Maduro said. "We would like to reach out with our loving hand, of friendship and of fraternity to all of the people of Colombia." Chavez also said on Saturday that he wanted to meet with Santos. "I invited Santos to go to Caracas,"

Chavez said. "If he can't come, I'll go to Bogota." "But I am telling you," Chavez said at another point in the speech, "the first disrespect to Venezuela, the first false accusation, and everything will be over." Santos was elected president of Colombia in June with the highest vote total in his country's history, garnering more than 9 million ballots -- roughly 70 percent of the electorate. He ran as a conservative promising to improve Colombia's security. During Santos' tenure as defense minister under former President Alvaro Uribe, the Colombian army scored important victories against Colombian guerrillas, including the liberation of a former presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourt. Chavez has said that under Uribe's eight-year presidency, Colombia has isolated itself and become "aggressive and violent." Tensions between the South American neighbors have affected cross-border trade, which was worth a record $7.3 billion in 2008 but has fallen since then, according to the Venezuela-Colombia Integration Chamber.

THE Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said it booted 149 cops from its ranks between January and July this year in what it admitted was an aggressive and ongoing campaign to rid the police force of cops who continued to operate unprofessionally. Head of the Anti-Corruption Branch, Assistant Commissioner Justin Felice yesterday said the number of cops dismissed in the first seven months of the year was close to the number given marching orders for the entire 2009. A police news release yesterday said that 34 of the dismissals were effected last month. According to the news release, between January and July, 105 cops were not permitted to re-enlist, 26 were retired in the public interest, and 18 were cashiered as a result of corruption. Another 21 cops have been charged with breaches of the Corruption Prevention Act and are now before the courts. One gazetted officer, four sergeants and one special sergeant were listed among 36 cops arrested for corruption breaches. Also arrested were three corporals, 19 constables, one special corporal, six special constables, and one district constable. Assistant Commissioner Felice said that in addition to corruption, some of the cops were dismissed for unprofes-

sional behaviour. He said that removing rouge policemen and women from the constabulary was always a difficult task. However, one method being used to achieve this goal was rigorous review of the services of members when they come up for re-enlistment every five years. He said those cops found to be involved in corrupt activities or whose actions or attitude were not in keeping with what the JCF required would not get their contracts renewed. Felice also warned that the drive would be intensified in coming months. "We are going to be working hard over the next three months and year to rid the force of anybody who is not up to the standards required," said Felice. He also warned that part of the drive going forward was to also target civilians who attempted to corrupt policemen and women. That point was highlighted in yesterday's news release which reported that since the start of the year 10 civilians have been charged for corrupting members of the JCF. The release also said that a total of 55 personts (36 police and 19 civilians) have been arrested since the start of this year for corruption breaches. Of the 55, males numbered 50. Last year, former head of the St Catherine North Police, Superintendent Harry 'Bungles' Daley, became the most senior Jamaican police officer to be found guilty of a crime. Daley, accused of collecting protection money, was found guilty of the corruption charges that were levelled against him. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison. However, he is on bail pending the hearing of an appeal.

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP) — Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro yesterday addressed the communist country's National Assembly for the first time since ceding power four years ago, appearing energetic in his trademark olive green military uniform. Top leaders, including President Raul Castro and Cuban legislators, cheered and cried "Viva Fidel!" as the father of the revolution entered the chamber in an event broadcast live on state television and radio. Standing at the podium for the first time since handing over the reins to his brother in 2006, Fidel Castro warned of the perils of nuclear war and a dramatic shake-up of world order should atomic weapons be unleashed. But he was conspicuously silent on Cuba's economic troubles, and made no mention of human rights on the island, including the recent release of a number of opposition activists. His remarks lasted little more than 10 minutes — short by the standards of Castro, who once delivered a speech to the United Nations lasting more than four hours. The former president, who turns 84 on August 13, had earlier called for the special meeting, which comes one week after the first of two annual National Assembly sessions. He talked about his fear that the United States and Israel are about to launch a nuclear attack on Iran. Castro said it would be up to US President Barack Obama to issue the order to carry out such a strike, but that, if he realised the consequences of such an action, "he would not take it". "We are making a contribution to that persuasive effort," said Castro. He stressed that should nuclear war be unleashed, "the existing world order would not survive and would immediately collapse". Castro has turned his attention

recently to the Middle East in a series of articles that he has been publishing intermittently in state media since he stepped down as president. After a long period of seclusion, he has slowly begun appearing in public again, and was last seen at a ceremony marking a key event in the Cuban revolution on July 26, his seventh public appearance in three weeks. Wearing his military shirt, Castro was seen in television images at the ceremony and later speaking with people, including religious leaders and members of the US-based group Pastors for Peace. Though no longer president, Fidel Castro still holds on to the powerful position of first secretary of the Communist Party and remains a member of Cuba's legislature. His remarks yesterday made no mention of Cuba's battered economy or human rights on the island. But Cuban legislators spoke of their joy at seeing "comrade" Fidel addressing the assembly, with lawmaker Eduardo Borges saying he was "very proud" of Fidel Castro's return "now that the world is caught between war and peace". Some Cubans said it was startling to see images of the ageing leader back in front of the assembly. "It was surreal to see Fidel Castro reappearing to tell us about the Iranian crisis and not the one in Cuba," a young Cuban artist told AFP on condition of anonymity. On August 1, Raul Castro expanded opportunities for self-employment ahead of looming Government plans to slash as many as one million jobs -- 20 per cent of communist Cuba's workforce -- from state payrolls. The economy, 95 per cent of which is currently in state hands, does not have the ability to absorb such vast numbers of jobless people. Raul Castro's move aims to try to reduce the socioeconomic fallout, but an uphill battle is expected.

149 cops booted Castro addresses National Assembly

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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“International Youth Year”

August 12, 2010 celebrated the start of “Internation-

al Youth Year” (August 2010-2011).This year celebrates


Hidden Message...

Find the words below by circling them in the puzzle, use the left over letters to reveal your hidden message…

“Our Year, Our Voice”. Oftentimes, we feel that we don’t have a “say” but this is not true. Our voices are the voices of the future of our country and tools for change in the present. Do you see things happening around you that you feel need to be changed? Do you have ideas for volunteer programmes to make a difference in the lives of the elderly, orphans or poorer persons? Ask yourself what are you doing to make a difference? We can live our lives looking out for only ourselves and our family but don’t you feel we are called to do so much more… Use this year to give back in your own way by writing to the newspapers about matters concerning youths, forming clubs in school to do volunteer work or be a big brother or sister to another child.

“Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it…” (Mahatma Gandhi)




__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That, Brain Teaser…

Q. Mary is twice as old as her brother and half as old as her father. In 22 years,

her brother will be half as old as his father. How old is Mary now?

Make a Change… Unscramble the tiles to reveal a message.

ANSWERS: (Hidden Message - I HAVE A VOICE) - (Riddle - Mary is now 22 years old) (Word Scramble - You must be the change you wish to see in the world)


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

NOTICE OF RFT For Supply Contracts for Videoconferencing and Audio/Visual Equipment for the Caribbean Court of Justice 197-167 (9 ACP RCA 14) – CCJ ICT INT 1 of 2010

The Heart of Stealing

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) intends to award supply contracts

A large percentage of crimes committed take the form of stealing. Whenever we get a good deal, we refer to it as a “steal”, simply meaning we got more than we paid for. To steal is to take someone else’s property without their consent, permission or adequate agreed upon compensation. There are many reasons why people steal. These include coveting or a strong desire for something that is not ours. It may also be because a person is trying to overcome a misfortune for example, nutritional hunger. This does not discount the fact that a few people steal just for the fun of it - adrenaline rush!! Interestingly enough, regardless of ones religious inclination or belief system, the most common thing world-wide, is intolerance to stealing. A country is destroyed by stealing but is built up by diligence, sacrifice and a parental attitude! A couple years ago, I saw a movie and the story line was historically staged circa four hundred years after Christ. Its title is “The City of Troy”. In this era, if your city had a great wall surrounding it, to others it was deemed invincible. That was your biggest defense. Troy had this reputation. It happened that a young man went from the city of Troy to another country and stole the wife of its Ruler, bringing her back to Troy. Not good. Well as you would imagine, the remainder of the movie was about the downfall of an entire nation. The destruction of “Troy” based on this single act of stealing one man’s wife. Many lives were lost and the city was completely destroyed! See stealing takes a curse with it where ever it goes whether one is aware of it or not. If you receive a stolen item and keep it in your home or on your person, beware as you may be holding onto something that attracts curses and mishaps! Not to mention it being a crime. To highlight this truth and ground this week’s reflection in scripture, let us look at Joshua 6 &7. Everyone loves and enjoys the story. We even made a song for children “Round the walls of Jericho”, but uh oh!! The people obeyed God’s instruction up to the point where they began to see the gold and the spoils (Joshua 7:1). One man, referred to as “Achan” took some spoils and hid them among his belongings in his home. As the scripture records that act of Achan caused Joshua to lose a war and caused the death of some of his soldiers (Joshua 7:5)! God’s response to the whole thing is reflected in verse eleven near the end of the chapter. We read: “hey your nation have taken of the accursed things and have even “stolen”! Get rid of the stolen stuff and do no more business with a thief !! Because of this I have personally come to the conclusion that I prefer doing without, than to retain something on my person or in my home that has been stolen. This is so even if I got it free, whilst it had previously been “hot”, meaning stolen, or even for a “Steal” as we say for a bargain price! So I say to you, think twice before you buy something you know is stolen simply because it is “cheap”! It may cost you more than you think. Before I continue let me shed some light on another aspect of this issue. A major excuse used to condone stealing is impoverishment! This impoverishment is a reality of not having what I need to survive. It extends to not having what I want to survive! For this reason, some persons above the poverty line will still steal because they want to live at an even higher level! Stealing therefore is not limited to the poor, but rather it is limited to those who just simply want to survive and also to those who inspired by greed, envy and laziness want to upgrade their lifestyles without diligence and sacrifice, and biblical ethics! In case you are asking, most countries’ method of dealing with thieves is not as cost effective as God’s one! He recommends if you catch someone stealing let that person repay what was stolen 7 times Proverbs 6:31! Wow!!! Wouldn’t most countries be different if this was practiced? Before I go I must comment on an email sent to me showing pictures of the penalty on a eight year old. He is from one of these nations where stealing is worst than murder. Looking at what was done to him is traumatizing. The fear on his face is too gruesome to mention in this article. As a matter of balance we must remember that although God is intolerant of stealing and has even written against it in the commandments, He does say if a man steals to save his life by feeding his hunger do not despise him Proverbs 6:30! Let us refrain from stealing and be a people of Vision, Diligence, Commitment and Production!!!! Until next week God Bless!!!

Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago with financial assistance from the 2007

for videoconferencing and audio/visual equipment in Antigua, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent, European Development Fund (EDF) programme of the European Communities. The Request for Tender (RFT) is available from: The Caribbean Court of Justice 134 Henry Street Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago or at

The deadline for submission of tenders is Friday 17 September 2010 at 3:00pm (Trinidad & Tobago time). All questions and/or clarifications with regard to this tender must be submitted by Friday 27 August 2010 by 3.00pm (Trinidad & Tobago time) to All questions and/or clarifications will be answered and published on CCJ’s website: by Friday 3 September 2010 by 3.00pm (Trinidad & Tobago time).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Belize Times

c i g a M e h t s Where i Mr. Barrow?

- Unemployment is UP - Crime is UP - Economy is DOWN - Belizeans are Poorer - NO Kendall Bridge - Stores are closing - Streets are broken - Corruption is High

All Glitter, NO Substance!



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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ladyville Rural strikers, Hattieville United & Brown Bombers U-15 & U-19 win in BDFA football playoffs Hattieville United U-15 and the Brown Bombers U-15 both qualified t o t h e B e l i z e D i s t r i c t Fo o t b a l l Association summer football finals, along with the Brown Bombers U-19, while the Ladyville Rural Strikers upset the SCA girls 2-0 in the playoffs at the M.C.C. grounds on Saturday, August 7. In game 1, the Ladyville Rural Strikers scored a surprise upset of the competition and got some payback for several losses to the SCA girls by posting their first win, 2-0 against the SCA girl. Kristen Fuentes scored the 1st winning goal, and Mertell Bailey put the game on ice with a 2nd goal before the final whistle

In Game 2, Hattieville United secured their ber th in the U-15 finals by a 3-0 win over Ladyville Rural Strikers on three strikes by Noel Thompson, Richard Waight and Aaron King to lead 3-zip at the half time break. The Ladyville counterattacks made no impression on the Hattieville midfield: Kobe D y e r, Tr e va u n R h a b u r n a n d Stephen Coleman, and the tenacious Hattieville defense of Cleon Smith, Benjamin Hyde, Raheem Usher, Armando Herrera and Jeffrey Buller shut out the Ladyville boys the entire game. In Game 3, the Brown Bombers also secured their berth in the U-15

finals by a 2-0 win against the 4th ranked seed, Survivors by two strikes by their star forward, Devaughn Zuniga to lead 2-zip before the half time break. This so demoralized the Sur vivors that they forfeited the 2nd half, conceding the win to the Bombers. In Game 2, the senior Brown Bombers squad also secured their berth in the U-19 finals by a 9-0 win against the BWEL Flames, with 2 goals each from strikers Avian “Chi-chis” Crawford, Clinton “Pin” Jorgenson, Kendice “Suba” Williams and Raheem Jones. Andres Makin added a 9th goal for a 0-to lead 9-zip at the half time break.

The Flames counterattacks could not get through the titanium steel defense of the Bombers, led by Michael Perrera, Jason Thurton and Ernest Flores. With a 9-0 deficit against them, the Flames threw in the towel and forfeited the 2nd half, conceding the win to the Bombers. The Brown Bombers U-19 will meet Tropical FC of San Pedro in the finals, of which Game 1 will be played out at la isla bonita on Sunday, while the SCA girls will challenge the Ladyville Rural Strikers, in the girls’ finals at the M.C.C. on Saturday, August 14, and Brown Bombers and Hattieville United will clash in the U-15 finals.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Belize Times


Nizhee Corozal & City Boys still lead Belize Bank Superleague playoffs The City Boys have been goldbricking on goal-less draws in their last 2 outings to remain in lead of the Belize Bank Super League football playoffs with 5 pts, while Nizhee Corozal also has 5pts after they snatched a 1-1 draw out of the jaws of defeat when they visited Hattieville United at the MCC garden on Sunday. Placencia Assassins garnered many players from 2- time national champions Tex Mar Boys, and indeed they led the league in the regular competition; but now they have fallen on hard times. After 2 losses in the playoffs, they picked up their first point by a nil-zip draw with the City Boys in the quagmire of a soggy, mud puddle at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village on Saturday night. Hungry for a win, Assassins’ Arnold Torres beat City boys’ defender Shawn Thurton to unleash a right foot shot at goal that wide of the sticks. . City Boys’ goalie Charlie Slusher got another break when Lyndon Brooks’ left foot shot also missed the target.

Assassins’ Rollin Burgess was the next to test Charlie Slusher, and whoever says Charlie doesn’t have good night vision, should have checked him out on Saturday night, as he flew like a jack-in-thebox all over his goal to shut out the Assassins’ every try. City Boys’ Raymond “Killa” Gentle tried to get some in off a free kick to break his squad out of the doldrums but Placencia defense said no way, Jose. Semipro rookie Dalton Cayetano also tried, but his powderpuff shot lacked the oomph to beat Assassins’ goalie Stephen Lopez. Jack Dawson also got his break to do damage, but he let Lopez off the hook. Assassins’ g oleador Ashley Torres tried to recapture some of his regular season glory, but his left foot shot just was not working. Ashley tried to link up with baby brother Arnold Torres, but Arnold’s high sailed over Charlie’s head and the crossbar. Arnold Torres go another break on a pass from Mervin Leslie, and this time his header was wide of the sticks. Jason Young looked to bget the

City boys on the scoreboard, but Stephen Lopez was taking care of business. Not even a last minute try by Mervin Leslie impressed Charlie Slusher who posted another shut out at the final whistle. In Belize City, Nizhee Corozal found themselves loo0kign down the barrel of a 1-0 defeat when Albert Arnold, Jarret Davis and Leon “Lem” Jones got it together to score first for Hattieville FC in the 34th minute of play. Davis brought the ball into striking distance on the right flank, but was immediately double teamed by the Nizhee defense, so he crossed the ball to Jones on the left who blasted off a shot that Nizhee goalkeeper Benito Moreira only managed to deflect to the feet Albert Arnold, who could not believe his good fortune as his right away shot into the back of the net gave Hattieville a 1-0 lead. In the 2nd half, Hattieville’s midfielders Floyd Jones, Jason Robinson and Paul Smith pressed their advantaqge in hopes of a 2nd goal, but the Nizhee defenders Antonio Castillo, Kenny Canul, Andrew Allen and Areine Swazo

were determined to hold it down and give their offensive lien a chance to equalize. The Nizhee midfielders Uriel and Danny Yam, Christian Pena and Eduardo “Gigante” Perez set table for their strikers Michael “Chenko” Whittaker and Darnell Mossiah, but these two were marked men, whom the Hattieville defenders John Smith, Roy Smith, Ralph Spain and Kent Usher had under heavy manners. Raymond Marin and Hugh Dyer refreshed the Hattieville lineup, and Nizhee also brought in ‘fresh horses’, in the persons of Randy Casanova, Alberto Yam and Julio Tun. It was getting late when the pressure of the Nizhee attacks finally g ot the the Hattieville defenders to goof into giving up a penalty and Antonio Castillo’s conversion in the 86th minute equalized the score at 1-1 before the long whistle. Week 4 of the playoffs will see the same adversaries meet in return matches with the this week’s visitors hosting the rematch.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scorpions & Rebels win thru BVA men’s volleyball finals T h e d e f e n d i n g ch a m p i o n s Scorpions and the upstart Rebels won thought to the championship finals when the Belize Volleyball Association held playoffs for the men’s 1st division of Belize City volleyball competition at Belize City Center on Tuesday night. The formula was simple: Win o r g o h o m e. T h e d e f e n d i n g champions Scorpions were in full force and playoff form, firing on all cylinders. The defending subchampions, Mirab gave it their all with Eros Dawson, Gillian Smith E r n e s t B r o a s t e r, a n d A l b e r t Humes smashing home kills on balls set by Kevin and Francis Thompson. But the Scorpions’ Oscar and Raul Ar nold and D av i d Va s q u e z we r e p l ay i n g incredible defense, scooping up saves while Germaine Audinett, Shane Armstrong, Jamal Galvez

and Nolan Michael blocked and spiked at the net to win in 3 consecutive sets: 25-23, 25-21, 25-21. In the second semi-final, Rebels the upset over the No.2 seeded BNE Jaguars in a thrilling 5 set match that features seesaw sets with no team being able to establish large leads or momentum. In the end, Rebels proved to be more hungry for the win and won, 25-23, 20-25, 25-21, 21-25, 15-12. Mirab and BNE Jaguars were relegated to the bleachers to lick their wounds and dream about next year while the Scorpions and Rebels moved on. The male division 1 finals will be played at 8 pm Saturday at the Belize City Center. Last Saturday night was the final regular season night

of the BVA Open 2010 with playoff spots and positions to be determined. In the female Division 1, Summit Dolphins played well in the first set ag ainst Moen Stars but ended up losing in 3 consecutive sets, 25-17, 25-4, 25-13. These same two teams will meet in the semifinal on T hursday night. T he winner takes on Lady Jaguars for the championships on Saturday night. In the Mixed Division, the Police played hard and tough almost knocking First Caribbean out of first place and earning the 4th place in the playoffs. First Caribbean pulled it out in the deciding set: 25-11, 14-25, 15-13. Ever y match in the male division had a consequence of rank placement. In the first male

match, Mirab & Rebels once again needed 5 sets to determine the winner. In the end, Rebels pulled it out, 25-20, 25-16, 2125, 24-26, 15-10. The Rebels ended the regular season as the No. 3 ranked seed and Mirab was the No. 4 ranked team going into playoffs. In the nightcap, the Scorpions took on the young BNE Jaguars to try and hold on the 1st place. Scorpions won the match 3 sets to 1, 24-26, 25-17, 25-18, 25-22 to finish the regular season in first place. BNE Jaguars were ranked 2nd. On Thursday, in the Mixed division semifinals, the First Caribbean Diamonds take on Team SSC, while Team 313 will challenge Kauss. The winners of the semifinals play in the finals on Saturday.



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Sunday, August 15, 2010


of the The Papaya Health Miracle

Fruit of the gods? Can't be, this is just a simple fruit we have all eaten and one which we depend on for a boost to our foreign exchange earnings. Yes, the PAPAYA is another of the super foods that world scientists are discovering may hold the key to keeping us healthy by fighting the damaging effects of free radicals, deemed to be a major underlying cause of premature aging, male sexual dysfunction and even some types of cancers. Research coming out of South Africa and the USA has shed light on the positive effects of the active ingredient in unripe papayas called “papain” as well as on the consumption of the ripe fruit in the anti-aging and preventative medicine specialties. It seems that the enzyme “papain” is present even in the leaves of the papaya tree and has the tenderizing effect on foods wrapped and cooked in it. So the practice of some of our indigenous people in covering the

“cochinito pibil” with crushed up papaya leaves is well grounded in science. Of course the “oja de tamal” also has a some papain in it hence the tamales and “boyos” of our youth, before aluminum foil, was always tender, melt in your mouth corn and falloff-the bone meat All because of this naturally occurring tendering enzyme in papaya and other leaves used as cooking wrappers!

Since 2007 the Annual Taiwan Innovation Expo has been coming to Belize, showcasing the latest in cutting edge technology for industry, commercial applications and ICT . Last year the show was moved to the Princess Hotel in the Freezone but it had to be canceled because of the Swine Flu outbreak that hit Mexico late last August. Belize has facilitated the access to the industrial southern zone of Mexico by way of the Corozal Free Zone and this year, the bulk of the companies on the trade show circuit have opted to pass on the five day Belize based expo and have gone straight to the Guadelajara show that opens there later this week. There were less than ten participants at the Princess Freezone Expo : textile and clothing manu-

In addition, the papain has been used successfully as a digestive aid for older folks and for those with chronic gastric distress resulting from side effects of cancer treatments. The health benefits of the ripe fruit also has taken the researchers by surprise. It is in the league of super antioxidants that help the body rid itself of free radicals, those pesky “stray way” oxygen molecules that get released by stress, environmental pollutants and plain old passage of time. The free radicals can cause cholesterol in the blood to be oxidized or hardened causing plaque to build up in the arteries leading to life threatening strokes and heart attacks. Eating fresh papayas gets some good antioxidants into one's system that can help to prevent the cholesterol from turning into plaque thereby staving off the chain reaction of blockage that leads to serious cardiovascular problems. Talking of cholesterol, fiber scrubs it out of the system and papaya has a relatively high content of soluble fiber that will bind with cho-

lesterol during the digestive process and remove it from the body. The soluble, antioxidant and fiber rich papaya super food, researchers believe has a positive effect of sustaining colon health in an era where we eat on the run and eat too much processed foods thereby increasing the occurrence of colon and other gastro-intestinal cancers. And to add to its impressive repertoire, papayas contain argentine, a precursor of nitric acid. The discovery of the role of nitric acid in boosting circulation was so important that the researchers who made the discovery were awarded the 1998 Noble Prize in medicine. Papayas , high arginine content converts readily to nitric oxide which we know relaxes blood vessels and increases circulation in general specifically in the groin region resulting in papayas being touted as a natural male performance enhancer if not a direct treatment for some forms of erectile disfunction. Of course arginine from papayas will in any event improve circulation which will in turn maintain normal blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. So go ahead, grab a second piece of papaya, it’s good for you.

facturer; sporting goods, diving gear; bicycles;food processing equipment and water purification systems were represented therein. These companies expressed their disappointment in the fall of the Corozal Free zone which they came here expecting to find still a viable natural market for the textiles, costume jewelry and gift items that it had been back in October of 2007 when the show first premiered in the Corozal Free Zone . INNOVATION This was a Taiwan Innovation Expo nonetheless and the technologically advanced nation brought

at least one very interesting innovation, which was on display at the Skybees Technology Company booth. There we met Dr. C. J. Hsu, the inventor of what is called a SEAT -surge energy absorb and transfer system device. This highly tested device protects

homes or industries from the ravages and costly delays and replacement of appliances and equipment that go up in smoke when there is an AC surge, particularly from lightening strikes. It provides protection by suppressing LFS (lightening Flash Surge), SIC (switching Inrush Current) and EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse using the combined surge energy absorb and transfer system and the surge energy counteract technology in this new, relatively simple, easy to install device. The inventor is hopeful that Belize and Mexico with our history of thunderstorms because of long rainy and hurricane seasons will embrace this technology and save ourselves loss of production time and loss of expensive stereo and other household appliances, server and computer equipment.

tween the highway and the Belize City Port . Krooman lagoon in its natural state protected the highway, the cemetery and developments on either side from flooding in heavy rains because it was a natural catchment basin. With a third of the lagoon filled in, the possibility of the settlements behind the Lord Ridge and road going under water in the event of heavy rainfall is very likely. The losses to commerce and damage to infrastructure could be costly. The risk for dengue and

other vector and water borne diseases to blossom among the almost indigent population inhabiting the surrounds of the Krooman area would add the human catastrophe to the environmental disaster . This week we learnt of the issuing of acres of lands around the Burton Canal Nature reserve. Natural Resources Minister Gappi Vega approved a large number of land parcels for some of his family members for development in the area. The environmental impact on the filling and development this other section of the Western highway could further risk the delicate balance in that part of the City. Development which fills in the wetlands in this area will, like Krooman, reduce the water catchment area. One thing is for sure, water has to go somewhere and if not into a natural (or manmade) catchment, it will inundate the surrounds. A similar situation is likely to develop

in the areas in and around the Crooked Tree Wildlife sanctuary and Blackburn areas. The wetlands are an invaluable natural resource that protects the surrounds and maintains the equanimity of the watersheds. The precarious balance of the ecosystems that preserve wildlife, birds and fauna also protects the roadways and villages from flooding. Belizeans watched in horror as the City of New Orleans, in the US went under water after hurricane Kathrina. Scientists have proven that one of the reasons this occurred was because of the destruction of the wetlands near the Mississippi River in Louisiana. Wetlands that now will cost US taxpayers billions of dollars to replace. with all the ecological checks and balances that could ensure the well-being of the environment. The rains will be the test of our irresponsible management of these wetlands. Let's hope we are prepared to mitigate the damages we will have caused..

Interesting New Gadgets at the ANNUAL TAIWAN INNOVATION EXPO 2010


We are on the edge of the September rainy season and nearing the peak of the 2010 tropical Atlantic Hurricane season which can only mean one thing: the rains are coming . Even as we speak, the activity has already picked up off the coast of Africa and tropical systems are emerging at the rate of one a week. Earlier on forecasters predicted a more active than normal hurricane season or that we have had copious amounts of rain. Since June there has been a lot of rain already this season, add a couple of tropical waves, or a tropical storm or even a hurricane and Belize City and both major highways could see some serious flooding. What could make the situation worse however, is some of the actions that have been taken in the past few years with respect to the filling up of our wetlands. Specifically, the impact of the filling up the Krooman lagoon will be felt for the first time on the western highway and on the south side of Belize City be-

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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The Story of Excelsior High School: Far From Over

A couple weeks ag o, The Belize Times carried an article about the government’s impending demise of Excelsior High School. Obviously, the banner on the front page of that issue of The Belize Times certainly had a significant impact. The article made reference to many people who were affiliated in a close and intimate way with Excelsior High. The purpose of creating that was to send a resounding message to the government and the Ministry of Education that Excelsior High School, as the only second chance educational institution, has its role to play in this Belizean society. Excelsior accepts students who have been expelled from other schools and who have done poorly in national exams and would not have had an opportunity to attain a secondary education. The people who have completed Excelsior are proud of their accomplishment. The students who attend Excelsior are patriotic to their school and the

parents are comfortable with the care, attention and the education that their children receive. The ministry held its follow up meeting with the parents on Monday, 9 August 2010. At that meeting there was no justification by the Ministry of Education to close down Excelsior except that the school’s enrollment is at 137 when the capacity should be 250. This is important to note because there are thousands of Belizean youth who are out of school. Isn’t it then the responsibility of the government and in particular, the Ministry of Education to ensure that as much of the nation’s young people be enroll in schools? How difficult it is to find 120 students to bring Excelsior student population to where it should be? The government’s response to this is to close down the school instead of increasing enrolment, shame. So what happened at the meeting? The parents came out in full

force at the meeting on Monday and the recent save Excelsior campaign attracted the local media who were also there in full force. When the high level delegation from the Ministry of Education arrived, (the delegation was led by CEO David Leacock and included Chief Education Officer Chris Aird, Deputy Chief Carol Bob and Allan Genitty, Sister Caritas Lawrence and Dr. Gillett) and saw the presence of the media, they quickly realized that this issue was not just something of importance to the local community, but was not a part of the national discussion. As a result, the meeting began with the CEO announcing that there is a compromise in their decision after consideration based on what the parents had said and will be willing to modify the curriculum that existed. He explained that the curriculum will be streamlined and restructured to cover core academic course that include, Math, English, Integrated



EIA LODGEMENT AND PUBLIC CONSULTATION NOTICE The General Public is hereby advised that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been submitted to the Department of the Environment (DOE) by the Ministry of Works for the Southern Highway Upgrade Project. This project is to upgrade 22 miles of road from Mile 14 on the Southern Highway to Jalacte Village, Toledo District.

The General Public is hereby informed that the EIA will be available for public review at the following locations: George Price Center, Ministry of Works, and Department of the Environment in Belmopan and at the DOE’s website:

Kindly be informed that a Public Consultation for the EIA will be held on Monday 23rd August, 2010 in the evening at 6:30 pm at George Price Center, Belmopan, Cayo District

The General Public is invited to attend the Public Consultation.

Comments can be submitted on or before 25th August, 2010, to the Department of Environment (DOE) at 10/12 Ambergris Avenue, Belmopan; Fax: 822-2862; Tel: 822-2542 or E-mail:


Science, Spanish, and I.T. and will make it equivalent to the Caribbean Council Secondary Education. This will be for the first two years and after completion, the students will branch off into a vocational, technical, life skills program. The compromise therefore is a hybrid of what they wanted and the more traditional programme, which is what parents wanted. Now I welcome the idea that education should be relevant which means there must be build into the programme a comprehensive study and a plan. In the case of the ethos of Excelsior High School the question remains: where will the students who start at the base of the education pyramid go if not to Excelsior? Will there be a higher level for them to aspire, or to even attain a degree in the relevant type of education? Now I don’t know if the technocrats at the Ministry of Education don’t know, but technical, vocational education cost more than the general education. Therefore, these same students who are from the bottom of the economic ladder and who will bear the burden of the increased cost? Will these students be asked to pay more for their education? During Monday’s meeting, Deputy Chief Education Carol Babb, clearly disrespected the parents when she stated that students who successfully complete Excelsior couldn’t find jobs. That really irritated the parents and the meeting became contentious. Of course Ms Babb’s statement was in and of itself an incitement of the Government and her minister, for when graduates are not able to find employment either because of the competency of the education or the availability of it is the Government and the system that comes into question. On the Ministry of Education if it is because of the competency or the Ministry of Economic Development if jobs are unavailable. If nothing else it brings into question the whole issue of relevance in education. There can be no equity in closed down the only second chance school that exist in Belize City, when a school like Excelsior fails, these young people looking for a second chance are the ones being punished and by none other than the system. In this case the parents and students of Excelsior can celebrate a small victory in keeping the school open. We’ll continue to fight to get another hundred or so students to enroll, hopefully by the end of the month, and we won’t stop fighting until Excelsior is back to what it was meant to be. One person who should help and who we are calling upon to fight to keep Excelsior open is the Hon. Michael Hutchinson, area Representative for the Belize Rural Central Division. He is a member of the graduating class of 1983 of Excelsior High School and as an alumni we are appealing to him to do all possible to keep Excelsior the way it should be. “Thank yo Hutchy!”

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available under the Ter rorist and Money Laundering Act - after all, we’ve now seen how at least one of those accusations can be used, and against whom. It was also Westby who revealed the law’s provenance – Jamaica and “other regional legislations”. But GOB, in the search for “more comprehensive legislation” was not satisfied by ‘just’ patterning a new law off an ‘old’ 2002 Jamaican Interception of Communications Act. In fact, expert help had already been called in. The PUC acquired, in Januar y of 2009, a “clumsy looking white Toyota Prado wor th an estimated million dollars. Israeli sur veilby: Lisa M. Shoman lance exper ts, according to News "If you are asking me gener- 5, had been in Belize since 2008, ally who is likely to be the subject and stayed into 2009. To date, no of such an order I would say just one really knows what that dome as generally criminals and the on top of that vehicle really does. criminal classes." Prime Minis- It is clear now that tools were beter Dean Barrow – August 6, 2010 ing gathered for the toolbox. If at first you don’t succeed, Fast Forward, now, to August re-compost and re-cycle it again 6th, 2010, and fully ar med and – a manifesto for a brave new finally ready, the Prime Minister, “g reen world”. himself, presented the IntercepIt is not the first time that tion of Communications Act for the Prime Minister has tried with First Reading in the House. Not this. On Januar y 21, 2009, 20 the brand new Attor ney Generlong months ag o, while touting al, not the newly-minted Police his “5 million dollar city renewal Minister, but the P.M. personally, prog ram to offer jobs to gang- shouldered the heavyweight Bill affiliated youth”, Bar row stated on his own. “I have had my own advice on It is impor tant, clearly – but this matter and I believe based why should you care? After all, on that advice that we can begin YOU are not a ter rorist. You do telephone intercepts under the not launder money – except by accur rent state of the law. The only cident on washRepresentatives day when you forPositions Available - General Managers/Owners drawback is that I am not sure get to tur n out your jeans pocket. about evidence gathered, You are not even Representatives a “general”for(or Seekingthe a responsible, mature couple to actthe as General Managers and Owners material gathered, can help us to common) criminal. So? field and established resort. Both persons must possess University Degrees in a business related perhaps prevent crimes, I don’t First off, this Bill is cutting have previous management experience in the hospitality industry. know if you need to put some edge – it targets all for ms of should be able to live work cooperatively in an isolated environment have the socialunofBoth that evidence inand court under communication crand ypted and skills andrent life experiences to interact well with a wide variety ofexper guests tise and staff. the cur law weneeded can for dothem that. encypted (Israeli pays There might be a need then to off) and comprises under section both mustnew have fly fishing and know the intricacies of operating a fly fishing “speech, music, sounds, doOnea orwhole Bill toexperience provide 2 (1) resort. for that. But I am deter mined visual images or data of any given all that’s happening that we description” . Why is spying on One or both must be a familiar with all aspects of running a safe and efficient scuba diving operashould, either under the cur rent your music crime fighting critition. law or under a new law, use this cal or impor tant for National Security? And what data? tool ofbothtelecommunications in-expertise One or must have significant accounting and experience as well as theother experience and tercept assist our intelligence Your private health infor mation? expertise to necessary to operate a busy office including payroll, guest accounts and accounts payable. gathering.” (emphasis added) Your Astrological Sun Sign? Your One of bothwits should have have some background and experience Many long enjoyed DNA?with diesel generators, outboard engines, boats, building and air-conditioning. the inherent oxymoronic qualities Unlike in Jamaica, an “authat reside in the phrase “intel- thorized Officer in Belize is not One or both should have significant boating experience indicating the capability of obtaining a ligence gathering”, but in tr uth, confined to the ComPol or to oflicense to operate a boat to 40 feet in length. when wielded by the state, we all ficers in charge of inter nal secumail resumes to P.O. Box 1676 in Belize City. laugh at thosePlease words with more rity or the National Firear m and than a tinge of fear, and lots of Dr ug Intelligence Centre, Chief “cole seed”. Tek bad ting mek of Staff or head of Militar y Injoke. We Cr uffy excel at that. telligence. In Belize, this also inOn Januar y 22, 2009, Chan- cludes “a person authorized in nel 5 News refer red to it as “Big writing to act on behalf of the Brother “planning to tap your Commissioner of Police” , unDelitex Trading Limited der section 2(1) (b). phone line, invoking George We’re still only on page one. Orwell’s toe-curling novel,(“the 1984.Company”) The resulting backlash led to Stick with me. The definition of Intercepsome heavy-footed tiptoeing Notice is hereby given that Delitex Trading Limited, a company around the issue of wiretap- tion Device includes Magic Jacks under thecommuBelize IBCand ActSkype (Chapter commenced and270), includes your face ping,incorporated phone intercepts, page and your LimeWire nications sur veillance,dissolution electronicon Book July 23, 2010 and Bit Tor rent connection. Yes. monitoring or whatever YOU And Under Section 3, any person choose to call it. Mr. less JorgeaCastillo of 2236than Albert who Hoy Street, City, Belize is “withBelize intent” intercepts No heavyweight liquidator of theWestby, company,onandcommunication any claims against in the thecompany course of the the ComPol, Gerald its transmission, commits March 12,should 2009, betried to relieve forwarded to the liquidator by 30 days from an offears on a Channel 5 News inter- fence . No word on what happens view by “expounding” oncommencement. how if there is an “oopsie”. “A judge in chambers will have the “new option “ was g oing to to make an order. The DPP as I be Summit used “without violating peoCorporate Services Limited ple’s right to privacy”. Perhaps said will have to make the appliRegistered Agent unwittingly, Westby made matters cation for such an order and will worse by attempting to assure have to satisfy the judge that the us that the “option” was already order is absolutely required in the


circumstances and absolutely justified” P.M Bar row Absolutely? Sounds safe? Not quite. Section 6 (1) says that an interception direction shall be issued if a Judge is satisfied that there are “reasonable g rounds to believe” that it is necessar y to obtain the infor mation sought under the interception direction in the interests ( inter alia) of “public morality, public health or public order” and that the infor mation cannot be successfully g otten otherwise, urgent and in the “best interest of the administration of justice.” Lots of scope for mischief, political and otherwise, there. An interception direction can also be obtained in respect of a multitude of offences including the serious felonies, and also things like Tax Evasion, Subversion (which is practically a teenage religion), as well as the all purpose offence of “Threatening and intimidation”. Yes they can, spy on you, if you “bad taak” a politician or look too buff next to wah wing y officer. Jamaica’s law allowed for a maximum period of 90 days. Belize’s proposed Bill g oes for double, and section 8 (5) allows for six months , but, can be renewed, at any time before it expires. We introduce an “entr y warrant” under Section 9(1). They


can enter your home and bug it so tight, you won’t even be able to make a mobile call without feedback or watch a clear cable feed anymore – check section 9(5)(b). Your ver y own hi-fi wi-fi castle. And if you are taken to Cour t, under the ter ms of section 21 , you are not entitled to ask any questions of the DPP or “any authorized officer” or anybody else (including the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus) as to the ver y issuance of an “interception direction”, “war rant” or order , whether it has already happened or “is going to occur” . If that does not boil you, you have no blood. You are supposed to sleep well after this? This is only the first look. I promise more, and deeper. This Bill is one YOU better understand and well. It is weighty. It is heavy. It is rife with the aroma of imagination of the possibilities for abuse and misuse. Take it lightly at your own peril. Me? I’m in my kitchen singing one of my favorite UB40 songs.


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NOTICE BELIZE CITY Estate of SIR BARRY BOWEN, deceased STATUTORY NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to Section 36 of the Administration of Estates Act, Chapter 197 of the Laws of Belize, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands upon or against the Estate of SIR BARRY BOWEN,m late of San pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, belize District, belize are required to send particulars in writing of their claims or demands to the Executor of the said estate, Michael Bowen, c/o Courtenay Coye LLP, Attorneys-at-Law, 15 ‘A’ Street, Belize City, and to send such particulars not later than the 5th day of November 2010, AND NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN that at the expiration of the last mentioned date, the Executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the said Sir Barry Bowen, deceased, amonmgst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims or demands of which particulars have been delivered and the Executor will not be laible for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose claims or demands it shall not then have had notice. DATED the 5th day of August, 2010.

Denise Courtenay Courtenay Coye LLP Attorneys-at-Law


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To Our Parliamentarians…….……

By Carolyn Trench-Sandiford Party Chairman RECESS! Our Parliament is on RECESS! I find this simply remarkable. In fact, make that UNBELIEVABLE! As a child going to St. Ignatius Primary School, I remember recess was that time between 10:10 to 10:30 am, and 2:10 to 2:30 pm, Mondays to Fridays, that we were given a short break from our lessons. But this was welcomed and necessary for both teachers and students to rejuvenate, so upon returning to class, they could focus. We would buy our ideals and whatever else was on sale, and play games. The teachers could often be seen congregating together, talking to particular students in need of discipline or counseling, or preparing for the after recess sessions. In addition, they spend an inordinate amount of time prior to classes preparing work plans and lessons according to curriculums previously developed and approved. As well, the socio-economic realities of modern day Belize demands much more of a teacher, as they are not only educators, but disciplinarians, counselors, parent, friend, babysitter and so much more. The other well-deserved breaks school administrators, teachers and students were allotted are at Christmas, Easter and Summer, for one month, two weeks and two months respectively, and even then, they have school work to do. I ask myself, what is it that the members of Parliament will be doing while on recess, and how often are they on recess? In doing my research, I discovered that our Parliament meets approximately six to seven days per year, at an average of seven hours duration for an approximate total of 48 hours per year, and is being paid approximately $1000.00 per hour. In comparison, the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, from which our Parliament is patterned, had 240 sitting days, totaling 1,933 hours, in one year, and members earn approximately $134.00 an hour. As a rule, they meet from Mondays to Thursday, starting at 2:30 pm, and on Fridays at 9:30 pm, and the average duration is eight and a half hours for the former, and five and a half for the latter. The Parliament is adjourned for three weeks at Christmas, one week at Easter, for the month of August and most of September. It appears to me that our Parliament seems to be overpaid and forever on an extended vacation, and even when they meet, it often gives the impression of a “brawl” room where grandstanding, profiling, self pontification, crucifying, vilifying, judging and executing is the norm, rather than the exception. At times it appears to be an all out war. Is this how it should be? Is this why our country is in the state it is? Edmund Burke in 1774 stated and I quote “Parliament is not a congress of

ambassadors from different hostile interests; which interest each must maintain, as an agent and advocate, against the other agents or advocates; Parliament is a deliberative assembly of one nation with one interest, that of the whole, where not local purposes, not local prejudices ought to guide, but the general good, resulting from the general reason of the whole.” In referring to the functions of parliament, Hilaire Barnett [Constitutional and Administrative Law 1997 at page 344] argues that parliament is not there to govern. That is for the executive. Parliament exists to represent the views and opinions of the people and to influence, constrain and demand justification for the actions of government and give them legitimacy. In quoting Stuart Mills 1861 to fortify her argument, Barnett states that parliament is the sounding board of the nation, an arena in which not only the general opinion of the nation, but that of every section of it can produce itself in full light and challenge discussion. It is also there to censure the executive [government] if found condemnable, and if the men who abuse their trust, or fulfill it in a man-

ner which conflicts with the deliberative sense of the nation, to expel them from office, and either expressly or virtually appoint their successors. At the most recent sitting of Parliament of Belize on Friday, August 6th 2010, the Auditor General’s Report of the Ministry of Natural Resources for the period September 2007 to February 2008 was the main ingredient. Could you imagine that? This is despite the fact that several other bills were tabled. Furthermore, this is at a time when studies commissioned, for example the Country Poverty Assessment, are highlighting troubling indicators of a country in crisis, with 143276 persons or 43% of the population poor. That is, they cannot find $5.36 a day to survive, and an additional 46648 persons or 14% of the population being vulnerable to becoming poor, for a total of 189924 persons or 53% of the population at risk. And when Dr. Herbert Gayle is pointing out that 11374 or 16.3% and 19710 or 59.3% of our primary and secondary school age children are being excluded from accessing education, and with 4% tertiary enrollment, Belize is at the bottom of the ladder in

comparison with other Caribbean and Central American countries, and the Ministry of Education is aware of it. I can go on and on, and the picture will become grimmer and grimmer, but the point is, there are so many pressing issues to discuss. I strongly suggest that the PUP members of Parliament demand that the Prime Minister call for it to return from its recess and start doing the job for which it was elected and is being paid handsomely to do, and engage in emergency sessions to discuss and deliberate on this unacceptable and sordid state of affairs of our country, such that policy positions can be generated to provide solutions to break the “inevitability express” that is carrying us into economic oblivion and societal disintegration. As a Party we owe it to our founding fathers and mothers and the nation to be radical in our thinking, and begin the reform of how our Parliament ought to function, for only so can the revolution continue….and only so will we be able to create a NEW BELIZE, which will bring to all Belizeans a better life and a just share of the national wealth……

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Belize Times

Strictly Personal Barrow is bogus!

by I did not know Dean Barrow would make an appearance on LOVE TV’s Belize Watch show this week, and so I have no idea how he was received or what was said for the vast majority of the show. By the time I tuned in host Rene Villanueva Sr., was announcing that they were taking their last call and would be wrapping up. The two men appeared in convivial good spirits, and Barrow expressed his wish that Belizeans would be more patriotic and united. I felt disgusted at both men. In Rene’s case I suppose I should be used to his sycophantic behavior when it comes to ruling politicians, and I acknowledge that it has served him well. I am also not sure that it is a bad thing that he is almost always apathetic politically, and only appears partisan as a matter of convenience. He also owns, operates and manages Belize’s largest electronic media, however, and I personally would like it if he showed that even philosophically at least, he understood that we are a nation in peril. Dean Barrow is a disgrace. I can hardly contain my disgust whenever I see or hear him speaking these days. Yes, I am angry. Dean Barrow is a master hypocrite and hypocrisy angers and disgusts me. On the show Barrow continued making excuses for his administration’s ineptness and corruption by again claiming the previous administration was worse. While in my partisan view that is hardly the case, the simple fact is that Belize is worst off since he took office, and the prognosis is that it will keep getting worse. And the unarguable fact is that after two and a half years, and millions of dollars paid to his ex-wife Lois Young-Barrow, he has still has yet to have successfully prosecuted anyone for anything done under the authority of the previous administration. If you think about it you must agree Lois has been like a highly paid special prosecutor. Barrow can argue till the cows come home that he is engaged in an “unrelenting fight against crime” but the reality is that the results of all that relentless crime fighting so far has only been more crime. If Barrow won’t start with corruption in high places and fairly and squarely look the monster that is trafficking in all its forms in its eyes then all he is doing is wasting our precious time and money. The insidious effect and deleterious impact of trafficking is the root cause of nearly all that ails Belize’s socially, economically and politically. At first I used to be bemused at Barrow’s invidiousness but now it is just irritating and frustrating. Time’s

a-wasting and people are dying while Barrow plays his games. Barrow and his cohorts tabled an Auditor General’s report of an audit of the Lands Department at last week’s House meeting in yet another effort to prove their allegations of massive corruption in the former administration. The report of an audit of some of the transactions done there between September 2007 and February 2008, purportedly took over a year to complete, and though the Auditor General signed off on it in May 2009, it is only now being tabled for public consumption. The decision to delay its publication by over a year until now is of course a matter of strategic timing. The timing of Barrow’s appearance on Belize Watch is therefore not coincidental. I would guess that the majority of the electorate believes that because

Barrow is a rich man, he does not need to be corrupt, and ergo is probably not corrupt. This is why his hypocrisy is so sickening. In the end it is just senseless. The Flippin’ Minister Hulse tabled the report and highlighted the fact that in late 2007 former Caribbean Shores Area Representative Joe Coye’s daughter paid some $10,000 to purchase a lot that had been leased to her 1999. The Lands Department had valued the lot for twice that much and the then Minister of Lands Florencio Marin gave her a discount. Hulse made it sound like hankypanky because the audit questioned the transaction, as they did the majority of the transactions where the minister discounted the valuation. Nobody told the auditors, and it would seemed they did not bother to ask, that the Cabinet of the previous administration had authorized a 50% discount for all transactions during that period since they were determined to give as many Belizeans as possible a piece of land. You can argue the moral “rightness or wrongness” of that decision, but you can’t argue its legitimacy. And for those of

29 us with long memories and a knowledge of our political history, well, we remember the 1993-98 UDP administration’s LOP (Land Ownership Program) that sold lots in that same area of Belize City for $300.00, almost exclusively to their relatives, cronies and supporters. Barrow the hypocrite does not have a conscience it seems. I am sorry I missed the opportunity to ask him on the air live, how much he paid for his seaside piece of the Jewel just last year. It is bigger than Miss Coye’s piece, but I am willing to bet he paid a lot less. In fact I know he paid a lot less. Lois is “paying” herself tens of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars by taking Joe Coye and Florencio Marin to court because she says they conspired to defraud the government of revenue when they sold swamp lots, without any road access, streets, drains, utilities or other amenities, to Belizeans in 2007 for $4,000.00 each. The real fraud is Dean Barrow paying the Government of Belize some $7,000 last year for that third of an acre of filled, beachfront property on which his mansion rests. Barrow is bogus.


The Belize Times



D The Era of “Good” Governance E

By anthony sylvestre The Prime Minister was on Love TV “Belize Watch” the other night. He was asked how would he like to be remembered as Prime Minister? As presiding over an “era of good governance,” he answered. The Prime Minister was clearly making fun of us again, taking us for a ride, yet again, insulting our intelligence yet again. You may not remember, but back in April, 2008, just after being elected to government, the Prime Minister introduced into the House of Representatives, the Sixth (Constitution) Amendment Bill. The Sixth (Constitution) Amendment Bill, he said at the time, “are splendid proposals … fantastic proposals by way of enshrining the refor m agenda and I think all of us that are members of Cabinet, all of us that are members of this party, all of us that are members of the Government of Belize, can feel extremely pleased with the fact that we are delivering so early on this fundamental commitment to the people of Belize.” Included in the raft of constitutional changes was the expanded Senate which would have provided for a relinquishing of control of the Senate from the r uling party in government to the Opposition and non-governmental organizations representatives. This, as the Prime Minister said back in April, 2008 when introducing the Sixth (Constitution) Amendment Bill, was to enshrine the refor m agenda. It was a manifesto promise. And indeed having an oversight body like the Senate being out of the control of the r uling government was a “fantastic” idea. But it will not come to pass. As the Prime Minister told Jules Vasquez last Friday in an inter view given after the House Meeting, “It ain’t gonna happen!” and “I am not going to do it!” “[It’s] a manifesto promise I gladly break,” the Prime Minister went on to say. Now watching the Prime Minister on Friday last and then on Tuesday night on “Belize Watch”, I had to pinch myself. Was I like in the Twilight Zone or what? How can a Prime Minister so ar-

rogantly and glibly break a central plank of his campaign promise, yet, he wants to be remembered as presiding over an era of good governance? Particularly since the newly constituted Senate was to be a refor m mechanism that fosters good governance. As has been his MO (modus operandi) for the past 2 ½ years, the Prime Minister tried to blame his outright reneging on this very important manifesto promise on the PUP. I say “try” deliberately because he did not/cannot succeed on this one. The PUP fought against “all the refor m measures,” he said. That is r ubbish! The Prime Minister keeps doing this, and sadly, the PUP has not set the record straight when he throws these things out there. He did the same thing back on 24th March, 2010 after the Privy Council had given its decision in the so-called “Referendum Case”. “The PUP fought these amendments tooth and nail, we had to go to the Privy Council, they would be a beneficiary of the provisions in the amendment that would cede control of the Senate to the PUP and the social partners. We had to wait so long to be able to bring into force any of the provisions in the law. I am saying, I don’t think anyone can begr udge me the feeling that let them wait as long as the Cabinet thinks appropriate.” But the Prime Minister is untr uthful when he says this. There was no PUP challenge to the Sixth (Constitution) Amendment Bill. Four citizens took the Government to court because Barrow’s Sixth Constitutional Amendment had in its first draft wide and sweeping changes which would have affected all citizens of Belize fundamental rights: these included the preventative detention proposal where citizens could be locked up without having the right to bail. At the time there was a law in place under the Referendum Act which required the Prime Minister to hold a referendum before any changes to the fundamental rights of a Belizean citizen could be tampered with. That was why the four citizens, Alberto Vellos, Darrel Carter, Yasin Shoman and Dorla Dawson, went to court to ask the court to make the Prime Minister do what he was mandated to do under the law - that is, hold a referendum. Indeed, even the Privy Council, which Barrow back on March 24th, 2010 said vindicated him, made this point: “… in commencing proceedings, the respondents [the four citizens] were acting out of public spirit, being concerned at the proposed restrictions of fundamental rights of citizens of Belize.”

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And, by the way, the Privy Council only r uled the way it did “having regard to the complex series of events that [took] place since the respondents [four citizens] applied for judicial review.” The Privy Council was clear, that it was only as a consequence of these complex series of events after the case first went to the Supreme Court that “the Prime Minister is no longer under any obligation to request a Writ of Referendum.” As is evident, the Prime Minister, contrary to what he has been saying all along, was under an obligation to hold a referendum, bottom line. Had it not been for those inter vening series of complex events, the Privy Council would have r uled against the Government. And those inter vening series of complex events included the Government going back to the National Assembly and making some other amendments to the Sixth (Constitution) Amendment Bill although the matter was before the courts. The Prime Minister, as an eminent attorney, knows that lawmakers should not touch an issue when it is before the courts. But he and his UDP government went ahead and did that anyway. It is for all those reasons naturally that the Privy Council did not award the government “costs.” Costs is what is usually awarded to a party which wins its case. So, although the Prime Minister says the government won its case and was vindicated by the Privy Council

that is not accurate. And so now, for the Prime Minister to use this as the excuse why he will not bring the expanded Senate into law is deceit in its highest for m. The Prime Minister knows too well that at its mid-ter m mark, his Government has nothing to show except a ballooning deficit, onerous taxes, a further degenerating society, countless home owners losing their homes, countless workers becoming unemployed, countless business going under, crime engulfing the country, hope nearly nonexistent. Thus, the Prime Minister is more worried about his and the UDP’s political future than the good governance that he likes to talk about and that is the reason that the expanded Senate will not, under his watch, become law. He knows that as life has become “haada” for just about everyone, people are not thinking or acting squarely along political lines. He knows that the members of the Senate, particularly, the Civil Society representative, will shed their political ideolog y and vote for what is best for the country right now. Bottom line, the UDP is not good for Belize right now and this sure ain’t no era of good governance.


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July 28, 2010

LOST OR DESTROYED DEBENTURE/SHARE CERTIFICATE Notice is hereby given of the loss of the following Debenture and Share Certificates: NAME


Larry Addington Caye Chapel Ventures, Ltd.

0035/0036/0037/0038/0039 008



Perseverance Lodge #2147 Carol Vernon Harris

1171 2028

It is proposed to cancel the above Debenture/Share Certificates and to issue replacement certificates for same after the expiration of twenty-one (21) days from the appearance of this notice. Any of the above mentioned certificates is therefore required to be returned to: Securities Officer Finance Department Belize Electricity Limited 2 ½ Miles Northern Highway Belize City, Belize

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DOMINGO 15 de AGOSTO , 2010

The Belize Times

Issue No. 4706



The Truth Shall Make You Free


En el momento cuando las llegadas turísticas son abismalmente bajas y el producto de turismo de Belice se encuentra al borde de la extinción debido a los recientes consejos de viajes contra Belice, el departamento de arqueología y la NICH ha puesto un instrumento legislativo (Nº 40 de 2010) que será el doble de la tarifa de entrada a todos los sitios arqueológicos de la cuadrícula de turismo. Las tarifas de entrada para Altún Ha en el distrito de Belice, Barton Creek, Cahal Pech, Xunantunich y El Pilar Cabo Occidental, así como Lamani y Cerros en el norte y Lubaantún y Nimli Punit en el sur, se elevarán a 20 dólares por cabeza. Las cuevas populares en Actun Tunichil Muknal verá sin duda un descenso de los visitantes con las tarifas de entrada planteadas a $ 50 dólares por

visitante. Los operadores turísticos que venden el paquete de Caracol están preocu-

pados de que la duplicación de la tarifa de entrada a una friolera de $ 30 será precio de este ya caro "aventura gira" fuera

de la gama del consiente presupuesto de cruceros turísticos. Este paquete en particular debe ser hecho en un margen de ganancia bajo o cancelado por completo ya que el precio en el que se comercializó la temporada pasada no puede cubrir los aumentos de gastos causados por el alto costo del combustible, la necesidad de incrementar la seguridad y el uso y desgaste sin precedentes en los vehículos de gira porque las primeras lluvias y mantenimiento deficiente ha impactado negativamente la maniobrabilidad en la carretera de Caracol. El sitio señorial y históricamente significativo puede convertirse pronto en otra víctima cubierta de la vid sobre la fiscalidad de la industria. El aumento de precio entra en vigor a partir del 1 de Noviembre de 2010, justo al inicio de una temporada baja de turismo del 2010.

lemas mecánicos y sus pasajeros fueron instruidos para agacharse por si habria un aterrizaje forzoso. El piloto ya había anunciado el planteamiento inicial y estaba a punto de prepararse para el descenso final cu-

ando descubrió que había un problema. El sistema hidráulico principal no estaba funcionando. De los tres dispositivos en la aeronave, que es el que funciona todo en el avión. Los otros dos sistemas de back-up estaban trabajando a la perfección y se trataba de lo que tenía que basarse para hacer un aterrizaje seguro, aunque una situacion tensa para él, su tripulación y los pasajeros, que fueron informados por tanto, cómo prepararse para un aterrizaje forzoso Según Brian Domínguez, un Inspector de Seguridad Aérea en la PGIA,

había personal competente en reparación mecánica en el aeropuerto. Como dijo un pasajero: "Me dio mucho miedo cuando la azafata anunció que el piloto tenía un problema y ellos querían saber lo que debíamos hacer. Ella fue muy amable y nos aconsejo que postura tomar y cuando el piloto dice que hacer, hacerlo de inmediato. Fue muy aterrador. " Debido a que no paso a mayores, el problema se corrigió una vez que el avión aterrizó de manera segura y funcionarios de aviacion dijeron que el incidente no tendría que ser investigado.


Desde que el aeropuerto internacional Philip Goldson abrió sus puertas en la década de los 90, no había tenido ninguna participación en los desastres de grandes transportistas internacionales. Afortunadamente, debido a la infraestructura y los protocolos internacionales de seguridad establecidas en la última década, la tragedia fue evitada una vez más esta semana. Ocurrió alrededor de las 11 de la mañana del Martes, cuando un vuelo del Delta Canadair Regional Jet 900 de Atlanta a Belice experimentaba prob-

32 The

Belize TimesEn


The Belize Times

Sunday, August 15, 2010

BELIZE WATER SERVICES LIMITED BELIZE RIVER VALLEY PROJECT - BELIZE Consultancy Services for Design and Construction Supervision


Desde el Ecritorio del Lider del Partido

Los Tiempos agridulces en la Industria de Azúcar

Ha visto una revolucion pacifica tomando lugar en la Industria Azucarera. Por primer vez en la historia hay una afrenta abierta contra los directores de la Associacion de Caneros Agricultores de Belice. El 25 de Julio del 2011 en una reunion general los agricultores de caña aprobó una resolución que: a) Expresa ninguna confianza en sus directores b) Suspende todos los subsidios, estipendios y otras asignaciones mensuales a los directores c) Relevo de todos los deberes incluido el uso de dinero en relación con el comercio justo (Fairtrade es una institución internacional que pone a disposición más de 13 millones de dólares para los agricultores de caña) d) Eligió un Comité de supervisión para continuar las funciones de comercio justo. ¿Muchos pueden preguntarse por qué tanto alboroto? Por desgracia, la industria del azúcar se encuentra atravesando el tiempo más difícil en la historia y hay una creciente frustración entre los agricultores que nadie parece estar escuchando. En primer lugar está la cuestión de la recepción y la molienda de caña de azúcar en la fábrica de la industria de azúcar de Belice (BSI) en Orange Walk. Este año BSI encargó a la planta de cogeneración de Belcogen, una muy necesaria inversión para la supervivencia de la industria azucarera. Belcogen quema el bagazo (los residuos procedentes de la caña de azúcar) para generar electricidad para su uso en la fábrica de azúcar y vende la electricidad a Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). Por desgracia la coordinación entre Belcogen y BSI ha creado muchos problemas y averías que ha ido avanzando la entrega de caña a pasos de un caracol. Muchos agricultores se quejaron de que la cola para entregar la caña era tan larga y lento que les llevó tanto como cinco días para entregar una carga de caña de azúcar. Estas entregas lentas han tenido un efecto devastador sobre la economía en el norte. Los cortadores de caña y los controladores han estado colectando un promedio de $ 100.00 por semana. Con entregas lentas, muchos agricultores no han podido llenar sus cuotas de caña. Esto afecta directamente a su familia y su capacidad para pagar préstamos bancarios. Estas entregas lentas de caña han extendido el cultivo en el mes de Agosto, algo inaudito en la industria. Informe de la industria de azúcar de la semana pasada, mostró que 1,032,000 toneladas de caña de azúcar ha sido entregado y BSI ha molido 82,800 toneladas de azúcar. Se trata de un promedio de 12.24 toneladas de caña de azúcar para producir una tonelada de azúcar. El año pasado del cultivo de azúcar terminó a finales de junio y BSI molido 917,400 toneladas de caña de azúcar para producir 92,400 toneladas de azúcar, a un promedio de 9,93 toneladas de caña de azúcar para producir una tonelada de azúcar. ¿Por qué BSI esta usando más caña para producir una tonelada de azúcar? Hay varias razones pero dos importantes son las demoras causadas por las largas colas, así como la extensión de los cultivos de azúcar. El cultivo por lo general termina en finales de Junio o principios de Julio debido a que la mayoría de la caña ha sido entregado. Una vez que comienza la temporada de lluvias se convierte en muy poco rentables ofrecer y moler la caña de azúcar. Esto fue probado tan pronto como la semana pasada, cuando los agricultores de caña fueron informados que BSI nesecitaba 36 toneladas de caña para producir una tonelada de azúcar. Belice puede que se pregunte ¿de que se trata todo esto? Se trata de dinero. Se anunció que el segundo pago a los agricultores sería aproximadamente de $ 7.00 por tonelada de caña. El año pasado fue de $ 22,00. Al final de este cultivo aproximadamente 200.000 toneladas de caña permanecerán en los campos que cuesta alrededor de 8 millones de dólares de la industria. El aumento de dos toneladas más para producir una tonelada de azúcar le costará a la industria 6 millones de dólares. Estas son todas las pérdidas que la industria, especialmente nuestros más de cinco mil agricultores no se pueden permitir perder. ¿Qué puede hacerse? No existen respuestas fáciles, pero deben tomarse ciertas acciones. 1) Debe tomarse oportuna y una mayor intervención del Gobierno a través de la SICB, 2) con el fallo del Tribunal contra la asociación, el acto debe revisarse para permitir un mejor y más fuerte gestión de la industria y el Gobierno 3) debe reservar algunos de los fondos de la UE para que los agricultores tengan mas acceso a financiación para rehabilitación y ampliación de sus campos. A menos que se tomen acciones drásticas, el azúcar seguirá siendo agridulce para los agricultores del Norte y esa revolución no seguirá siendo pacífica.

The Government of Belize (GOB) has received a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) towards the cost of the Belize River Valley Project, and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds to eligible payments under a contract to provide consultancy services for design and construction supervision. GOB will execute the project through Belize Water Services Limited (BWS), and a Project Manager within BWS will be responsible for the day-to-day management of project activities. BWS shall be the Executing Agency for the project. BWS is now seeking to engage consultants to: (a) undertake detailed engineering survey of the route for installing the distribution network and mains interconnecting the nine villages; (b) prepare new and review existing tank designs; and (c) undertake construction supervision of the erection of three (3) tanks together with the installation of approximately forty (40) miles of various diameter PVC water main within and interconnecting the nine villages. The procurement of these consulting services shall be subject to the provisions of the loan agreement. BWS now invites the submission of statement of capabilities from eligible firms interested in undertaking this assignment.

Consultant firms shall be eligible for procurement if: (a) in the case of a body corporate, it is legally incorporated or otherwise organized in, and has its principal place of business in, an eligible country and is more than 50 per cent beneficially owned by citizen(s) and/or bona fide resident(s) of eligible country(ies) or by body(ies) corporate meeting these requirements; (b) in the case of unincorporated firms, the persons are citizens or bona fide residents of an eligible country; and (c) in all cases, the consultant has no arrangement and undertakes not to make any arrangements whereby any substantial part of the net profits or other tangible benefits of the contract will accrue or be paid to a person not a citizen or bona fide resident of an eligible country.

Eligible countries are CDB Member Countries. In assessing submissions, consideration will be given to technical competence, qualifications and experience, regional experience on similar assignments, financial capability, the extent of prior commitments, and proficiency in English. Submissions should include corporate profile, descriptions of similar projects completed within the past five years, and curriculum vitae of key personnel. Consultants should have experience in Civil Engineering including but not limited to foundation and structural design, engineering and geotechnical survey, water supply and distribution, tender preparation and evaluation, contract preparation and negotiation, construction supervision and project management. Five (5) copies of the “statement of capability” must be submitted to the first address stated below no later than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010. Simultaneously, one copy should be sent to the second address below. The sealed envelopes containing the submissions should include the name and address of the applicant and should be clearly marked: “Statement of Capability: Consulting Services for Belize River Valley Project”. All information must be submitted in English. Following assessment of the submissions, a short list of not less than three and not more than six applicants will be provided with full terms of reference and invited to submit technical and financial proposals to undertake the assignment. BWS reserves the right to accept or reject late applications or to cancel the present invitation partially or in its entirety. BWS will not be bound to assign any reason for not short listing any applicant and will not defray costs incurred by applicants in the preparation and submission of the proposals. Applicants will be advised in due course of the results of their application. 1.

2. Resident Consultant Engineer Belize Water Services Limited #7 Central American Boulevard Belize City Belize District BELIZE, C. A. Tel: (501) 222 4757 ext. 241 Fax: (501) 222 4238 Email:

Procurement Officer Project Services Division Caribbean Development Bank P O Box 408, Wildey St. Michael BARBADOS, W. I. BB 11000

Tel: (246) 431 1600 Fax: (246) 426 7269 Email:

Leo has

Des 145

He slee An wh Sta

Sunday, August 15, 2010


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Desastre de Dengue…. Si los residentes de Corozal estaban preocupados por la comodidad de la parte inferior del Naco Ministro, pueden dormir con tranquilidad en sus camas, la parte inferior de nuestro amigo está bien comodo sentado en los asientos de cuero de su SUV de lujo. Pero si la parte posterior del Ministro no es

una prioridad y cualquier residente particular se enfrenta a un problema como decir, dengue, entonces si que es un mundo de diferencia y un color completamente diferente y un tiempo para tener miedo, mucho miedo. Informacion que le llego a los oidos de este columnista es que un hombre joven de Concepción fue admitido en el hospital de Corozal con dengue hemorrágico. Sin embargo usted pensaria que a esta alturas que con el brote de dengue el personal médico habría sido capaz de tratar con el problema, pues preocupese!. Porque mire lo que paso.Vera, cuando el personal finalmente logro obtener la sangre para la transfusión alrededor de la medianoche, se dieron cuenta – oops, que no tienen el equipo adecuado para la transfusión. Por lo que recurren a la madre de este hijo enfermo y le dicen, bueno, ma'am, tal vez podría usted ir a Chetumal y comprar un equipo de transfusion, para que le podemos dar a su hijo la sangre que necesita. ¿Te imaginas? De todos modos, para hacer una larga historia corta, la madre recogido a su hijo y lo llevó a Chetumal, donde la gente parece realmente saber lo que están haciendo…Si No Es Asi! Sangrando a BTL … Si eres un Barrow, uno de la realeza elegido, no hay nada más que buenas noticias al informe de la sociedad de Telemedia de Barrow. La primera dama y segunda esposa se encuentra bastante comoda en el Consejo de administración y sus mayores preocupaciones son recordar qué sombrero particular ella estára llevando puesto en un momento dado y contando los billetes dados generosamente a ella por generosidad de su ex-maridito. Hija de mini-Mugabe también está haciendo muy bien, barriendo en la masa de su nuevo puesto como

asesora legal de BTL de tres días a la semana. El hijo real se encuentra viviendo la vida de los ricos y poderosos tirando los billetes grandes de la compañía gracias a daddy Dean.Rayos, inclusive tiene su propio chofer, pagado por los contribuyentes, por supuesto. Así que si eres un Barrow, las cosas no podían ser mejores. Pero si usted está en el otro segmento de la población no asociado de alguna manera a los lomos de Dean Barrow, las cosas no están tan buenas. Se rumora que los Estados financieros demuestran[pérdidas continuas y el panorama es sombrío. Hijo Anwar ha nombrado a un Comité que tiene que aprobar los pagos de más de $ 5000 y está

mirando de recortar los gastos en el lugar. Carajo!, si quieren reducir costos puedo sugiero tres Barrows que deben obtener el hacha inmediatamente. Hablando acerca de cómo ahorrar grandes billetes… Si No Es Asi! Truenos en el Norte?.... El hombre que fue llamado un contrabandista en la cámara de representantes puede no ser la bombilla más brillante en el cobertizo. Y sí, puede que necesite una copia del inglés básico para Dummies sólo para parecer coherente, pero no lo crean tan analfabeto cuando se trata de hacer lo que le conviene. Me informan


a final de este término, y seguro que él no funcionara otra vez, por lo que mi amigo del norte tiene su ojo en el tope. Por supuesto, también es plenamente consciente de que Dean Oliver tiene un punto blando para Pats y le gustaría darle la oportunidad de ser líder UDP. Gapi sabe que Gabriel Martínez y Nemencio no lo apoyaran por lo que él está poniendo a su consuegro Raul Rosado para ejecutar las cosas en el sudeste de Corozal. Resulta que las cosas se están poniendo calientes, por lo que les sugiero que esten atentos con este uno…Si No Es Asi

parte, anda contando a todo que quiera escucharle que después de la exhibición de la semana pasada en Orange Walk, el Primer Ministro mas le vale dejarlo hacer lo que el quiera!…Si No es Asi! ……… Las Preocupaciones de Gabriel….… Pero mientras que el Ministro borrachin del Norte se queja sobre el comportamiento despótica del hombre que llaman la mafia UDP en Orange Walk, él tiene sus propias preocupaciones que están

Disparando disparates… Una de las principales razones para todos la contención dentro de la UDP hacia el norte es que Rosado, quien es el Director General de la zona libre de Corozal está despidiendo a varios UDPs de otros grupos interesados que trabajan como seguridad o con la

siendo discretamente impulsados por Gapi. Una pequeña ave reveló que el Presidente de la Escuela Secundaria tiene aspiraciones políticas y se ha reunido con Gapi para solicitar su ayuda para una Positions Available - General Managers/Owners Representatives ejecución contra Martínez en la próxima Convención. Mientras Seeking a responsible, mature couple to act as General Managers and Owners Representatives for tanto, él ha established resort. Both persons must possess University Degrees in aasegurado business relatedque field sólo and los residentes have previous management experience in the hospitality industry. de Corozal Southwest se dan la oportunidad de aplicar Both should be able to live and work cooperatively in an isolated environment and have the social para la enseñanza de posiciones skills and life experiences needed for them to interact well with a wide variety of guests and staff. Agencia de administración de la en la escuela, a pesar de que otros One or both must haveestá fly fishing experience and know the intricacies operating a fly fishing están más ofcalificados. Esto ha zona libre. Él los reemplazando resort.UDPs desde el sudeste de conseguido la atención de UDPs de con renombre Corozal Town, que se Corozal fortalecer propiaof running One or bothpara must be a familiar withsuall aspects a safe anden efficient scuba diving operasituacion politica. Una fuente han reunido con el Ministro Naco tion. nos dice que Nemencio Acosta y para solicitar que él le imponga el One or both must have significant accounting expertise and experience as well as the experience and Gabriel Martínez han prometido latigo al Presidente Andrei Marin. expertise necessary to operate a busy office including payroll, guest accounts and accounts payable. que no toman esta sesión a la lijera Que está muy bien, pero el Ministro both should have background andelexperience outboard Nacowith estadiesel tangenerators, agradecido queengines, escapó y One hanofsolicitado unasome reunión con boats, building and air-conditioning. Primer Ministro para expresar sus a su destino bien merecido durante la indicating remodelación y ofexpansión del preocupaciones. Puesto Gapi One or both should have significantque boating experience the capability obtaining a nolicense es toexactamente el feet favorito operate a boat to 40 in length. de gabinete que no hay forma que hara mail resumes P.O. ningun Box 1676tipo in Belize City. demovimientos en este Dean O, sería Please interesante ver sito le corta las alas a Gapi. Gapi, por su momento …Si No es asi….!

NOTICE Delitex Trading Limited (“the Company”)

que mi amigo desafiado por el intelecto está tomando muy en serio la amenaza por el nuevo Presidente de UDP. La cosa es que será un milagro si mi compadre Calvo llega


Notice is hereby given that Delitex Trading Limited, a company incorporated under the Belize IBC Act (Chapter 270), commenced dissolution on July 23, 2010 And Mr. Jorge Castillo of 2236 Albert Hoy Street, Belize City, Belize is the liquidator of the company, and any claims against the company should be forwarded to the liquidator by 30 days from commencement.

Summit Corporate Services Limited Registered Agent

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Políticas UDP, como siempre Medicos Dolientes…..

Al parecer el sistema de salud en Belice se encuentra en ten espectacular forma que ahora nuestros médicos pueden tomarse el tiempo para participar en actividades extracur riculares como algunos plietesitos indecorosas en nuestra frontera. A continuación, una vez más, mi buen amigo el Dr. Gough no es ajeno a este tipo de actividad, con la notable diferencia que él esta probablemente más acostumbrado a ser la perforadora y no el perforado, por así decirlo. Sólo puedo imaginar que un cierto joven Zelaya Jr. debe haber sentido a algún tipo de satisfacción por la noticia. De acuerdo con informes, el cardiólogo obtuvo puñetazos en la cara tan Fuertes que lo dejo censurado por un tiempo. Aparte del hecho de que la situación debe ser una fuente de vergüenza personal y profesional de los médicos, apunta a una preocupante tendencia de violencia exhibida por el Dr. Gough, que francamente debería haber obtenido algún tipo de sanción disciplinaria cuando fue acusado de golpear a un muchacho adolescente hasta el punto donde el menor tuvo que ser hospitalizado. Sus conexiones en ese entonces y con alguna ayuda conveniente de un miembro muy destacado de la parte superior de policía le permitieron salirse con la suya. Esa es una historia para otro momento, pero sólo espero que la conexión de Gough en la parte superior de la Asociación Médica de Belice no lo protegerá esta vez. Gough ha proporcionado suficiente evidencia para demostrar que es una vergüenza para la profesión,a pesar de su conexion politica. El Ministro de Policia… ¿Por lo tanto que ha ocurrido con la Operacion Restauracion Belice y el dinámico nuevo Ministro de policía que fue ungido por nuestro Primer Ministro y elogiado como una fuerza de lucha contra el crimen? Quizás el Sr. Barrow no ha atendido a mirar las estadísticas, pero el crimen violento aún está en el lugar, la situación de las pandillas está todavía completamente fuera de control y robos a mano armadas han aumentado hasta que nadie en la ciudad ya se siente seguro. Por supuesto, mientras que el Primer Ministro aclama a su muchacho como un regalo del cielo, nadie espera milagros, pero esperabamos algo, cualquier cosa. Lo que conseguimos fue un Ministro de la policía, cuyo primer acto en el cargo fue a insultar y alienar a altos funcionarios de la policía. Llegamos a un Ministro de policía cuya respuesta al crimen incluye un gimnasio, sudorosos policías, una carrera de ejecución y pushups. Mientras que un niño fue baleado a sangre fría, su cuerpo acribillado por las balas, nuestro Ministro de policía no hizo mas que desafiiar a oficiales de la policía a una carrera de resistencia. No hemos llegadoa una solución o un plan para deshacerse de nuestras calles de criminales. El Ministro de policía ahora se volvio mudo, Nuestro Primer Ministro ha enterrado su cabeza bajo tierra como un avestruz y estamos todos rehenes aún a los criminales que han tomado nuestras calles. El Dolor de Cabeza de Volver a Clases…… De acuerdo con un informe por el antropólogo Dr. Herbert Gayle, al menos el 30 por ciento de niños en edad escolar están excluidos actualmente que asisten a escuelas primarias y secundarias. Se trata de una estadística grave que apunta a una insuficiencia alarmante en nuestro sistema de educación. Mientras que la mayoría estaría de acuerdo que la pelota se detiene con el hombre en la parte superior, en este caso el Ministro Patrick Faber, el Primer Ministro ha sido

elocuente en sus alabanzas al joven Ministro de Educacion, llamando a su actuación en el Ministerio ejemplar a pesar de pruebas flagrantes en sentido contrario. Con esto dicho, las escuelas abre en todo el país el próximo par de semanas, y la realidad es que muchos de nuestros niños en edad escolar no serán capaces de ir a la escuela porque sus padres o tutores simplemente no pueden pagarla. El Ministro de educación fue el centro de atención últimamente en su búsqueda para mejorar su carrera política en el UDP. Pero él no ha sido el centro de atención o a la vanguardia en la situación que afecta a tantos de nuestros ciudadanos ahora mismo, la preocupación acerca de cómo ellos juntaran suficiente dinero para enviar a sus hijos a la escuela el próximo año escolar. Para Belice son demasiados, 43% de los que están por debajo de la línea de pobreza, es difícil de poner comida sobre la mesa. Cuando se pesan las prioridades – alimentos frente a la escuela – este último sin duda se descartará. Muy pocas personas fuera de la atención del círculo UDP les interesa que Patrick Faber fuera recientemente elegido a Presidente del UDP. Todos estaríamos mucho más impresionados si el Sr. Faber encontrara alguna manera de hacer las escuelas accesibles a todos los beliceños en todo el espectro; si se puede encontrar alguna forma para garantizar que la asistencia financiera está disponible para todos aquellos estudiantes que desean y merecen una educación de calidad, pero no tienen dinero. La Educación en Belice se ha movido fuera del ámbito de un derecho fundamental y es ahora un lujo para muchos de nosotros. Tal vez el Sr. Faber podría gastar un poco menos tiempo sobre sus ambiciones políticas personales y un poco más de tiempo en el cuidado acerca de los niños y niñas que juramento servir en su ejercicio como Ministro de Educación.

El Ministro de Defensa… Sólo un poco más de dos meses, el Primer Ministro realizo una hazaña de tejemanejes políticos y hizo frente a su expansión de gabinete redactada como una remodelación. Cuando todo estaba dicho y los contribuyentes hechos, beliceños habían sido abrumados aún más con los salarios y las ventajas para un nuevo Ministro de UDP y para un nuevo Fiscal General, todo en nombre de hacer major el trabajo.Todos sabemos el resultado, pero ahora debe prestarse atención a nuestro nuevo Ministro de Defensa Carlos Perdomo. El Sr. Perdomo ha hecho absolutamente lo mismo en el Ministerio de Defensa que hizo en el Ministerio de Policía – nada, ZERO, NADA, ya. Mientras Perdomo continua operarando en modo silencio y inactivo, el BDF enfrenta a un problema grave de moral exacerbado por el ridiculo Operacion Jaguar de corta duración. Nuestros hombres y mujeres en uniforme militar han sido enfrentadas con recortes en el presupuesto al mismo tiempo que se les exije mucho. La situación con los oficiales de BDF en Benque es una manifestación de la frustración y la falta de orientación. El hombre en el timón, que debe proporcionar la orientación pasa demasiado tiempo en su establecimiento con su familia en la carretera. Dios no lo permita que nuestros oficiales de BDF se vean envueltos en una situación que resulte en una pérdida grave de la vida. No deseamos eso claro esta, pero la combinación de la frustración, la baja moral y la falta de orientación es una mezcla volátil. Patrick… mezquino Los aldeanos de Burrell Boom se esfuerzan por construir una pequeña escuela católica para servir a la creciente población de niños en la aldea. Bajo la administración anterior, habían proporcionado fondos para que la construcción comenzara, pero el proyecto no sobrevivió a la mezquindad del UDP y su Ministro de Educación. Fue desalentador en misa el domingo para los aldeanos escuchar que esta administración del UDP no ha proporcionado fondos para que la construcción continue y por lo tanto no estaría listo a tiempo para el próximo año escolar. Según informes, el Ministro Faber ha sido presionado para asistencia en diferentes ocasiones, pero ha declarado con arrogancia a todos que no apoyara el proyecto de la escuela, por lo que él no asignará ningun tipo de fondos – fin de la historia. Ministro Faber aprovecha cada oportunidad para ponerse de pie en el podio y dicirle a los alumnos que deben alcanzar las estrellas y no dejar que nada les detenga. Quizás él debe pensar un poco en esa escuelita en Burrell Boom la próxima vez que se le ocurra dar uno de esos discursos.

Summit Corporate Services Limited Registered Agent Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Births Ava Molly to Blaine Andre and Melissa Dueck nee Rempel Tyler Ethan to Earl Lincoln and Jasmine Arthurs nee Middleton Kylie Adelee to Albert Luis and Camisha Kristine Holliday nee Itza Ava Molly to Blaine Andre and Melissa Dueck nee Rempel Mercy Jahashly to Lincoln Honorioand andJasmine Vedelia Arthurs Rubicelinee CocMidnee Tyler Ethan to Earl Teck dleton Aminie Teresita Franscisca to Amin Edgar and Arasely Kylie Adelee to Albert Luis and Camisha Kristine Holliday Rufina Vasquez nee Zetina nee Itza


Mercy Jahashly to Honorio and Vedelia Rubiceli Coc nee Teck Aminie Teresita Franscisca to Amin Edgar and Arasely Rufina Vasquez nee Zetina


Waalingford Nathaniel Garnett to Viola Tomasa Augustine both of Belize City Macario Riquia Ortiz to Vanessa Yonela Mendez both of San lazaro, Orange Walk Johan Banman to Aganetha harder both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Waalingford Nathaniel Garnett to Viola Tomasa Augustine of Bernhard Reimer to Anna Schmitt both of Shipyard, Orangeboth Walk Belize CityCholum to Petrona Choj Butz both of Big Falls, Toledo Lawrence Macario Riquia Ortiz to Vanessa Yonela Mendez both of San laAaron Theodore Herbert Christopher to Conchita Melissa Moreno zaro, Orange Walk Cayo both of San Ignacio, Johan Banman to Aganetha both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Juan pastor Amaya to Martaharder Carolina Garcia both of Belmopan Bernhard Reimer to Anna Schmitt both of Shipyard, Santos Eulalio Hernandez to Yesenia Nacira MoralesOrange both of Walk Bella Lawrence Cholum to Petrona Choj Butz both of Big Falls, Toledo Vista, Toledo Aaron Herbert Christopher to Conchita Melissa Victor Theodore Rolando Orellano to Reina Angelica Madero both ofMoreno Belboth of San Ignacio, Cayo mopan Juan to Marta Carolina GarciaVasquez both of both Belmopan Jasonpastor FerlynAmaya Chavarria to Marina Christina of BelSantos Eulalio Hernandez to Yesenia Nacira Morales both of Bella mopan Vista, CarlosToledo Tesecum to Paulina Canchan both of Belmopan Victor Rolando Orellano Reina Angelica both of BelJose Victor Perez to Cila to Sorto Guzman bothMadero of Belmopan mopan Marvin Alexander Paredes to Ferminia Tiul both of Belmopan Jason Chavarria MarinaBeatriz Christina Vasquez of AntoBelMarioFerlyn Lamberto Sho to to Monica Gabriel both both of San mopan nio, Toledo Carlos Tesecum to Paulina Canchan both of Belmopan Michael Allen Snyder to Natasha Lynn Miller both of Birginia, Jose Victor Perez to Cila Sorto Guzman both of Belmopan USA Marvin Paredes to Ferminia Tiul both ofboth Belmopan TimothyAlexander Scott Hughes to Kalpana Kodali Murthy of MaryMario Lamberto Sho to Monica Beatriz Gabriel both of San Antoland, USA nio, ToledoCaliz to Juliana Che both of Belmopan Felixiano Michael AllentoSnyder Natasha Lynn bothVista, of Birginia, Aldito Mena Maria to Isabel Tuyub bothMiller of Buena Corozal USA Saul de Jesus Rodriguez to Marleni Sacreno both of Douglas, Timothy Scott Hughes to Kalpana Kodali Murthy both of MaryOrange Walk land, USA Andres de Jesus Miranda to Silvia Pavon both of Buena Vista, Felixiano Caliz to Juliana Che both of Belmopan Corozal Aldito Mena to Maria Isabel Tuyub both of Buena Vista, Corozal Miguel Requena of Esperanza, Cayo to Rodai Yanel Leiva of Saul de Jesus Rodriguez to Marleni Sacreno both of Douglas, Santa Elena, Cayo Orange Walk Pablo Donicio Saravia to Greyvis Marleny Padilla Medina both of Andres de Jesus Miranda to Silvia Pavon both of Buena Vista, Buena Vista, Corozal Corozal Vladimir Romero to Rahina Cal both of Belmopan Miguel Requena of Esperanza, Cayo to Rodai Yanel Leiva of Yong Ming He to Sing Si Su both of Belize City Santa Elena, Cayo Michael David McCauley to Andrea Leigh Neild both of Chicago, Pablo Donicio Saravia to Greyvis Marleny Padilla Medina both of Illinois, USA Buena Vista, Corozal Ivan Landero to Mayelli Bul both of San Ignacio, Cayo Vladimir Romero to Rahina Cal both of Belmopan Ricardo Polanco to Bertha Julia Chavez both of San ignacio, Cayo Yong Ming He to Sing Si Su both of Belize City Ervin Edwardo Pol to Ninfa Rosalia Casasola both of Mahogany Michael David McCauley to Andrea Leigh Neild both of Chicago, heights, Belize Illinois, USA Ivan Landero to Mayelli Bul both of San Ignacio, Cayo Ricardo Polanco to Bertha Julia Chavez both of San ignacio, Cayo Ervin Edwardo Pol to Ninfa Rosalia Casasola both of Mahogany heights, Belize Florencia Rivero, 92 Philip Anthony Barrera, 34 Charles Coote, 86 Eunice Eudora Moses, 91 Ardette Jameal Belgrave, 23 Florencia Rivero, 92 LouiseAnthony Mabel Smith, 72 34 Philip Barrera, Maria Martinez, Charles Coote, 8643




Belize Port Authority

NEEDED Address: #120 Corner North Front Street &


Luisa Varela of Jane Usher Pickstock Belize City, Boulevard is in need ofBelize a do- Central America mestic worker. Any interesting please call 227-0357.

NEEDED Phone: (501) 223-0716 Fax: (501) 223-0710

Luisa Varela of Jane Usher Liquor License Chart # is522 “Belize Boulevard in need of aCity do- and Approaches” mestic worker. Any interesting Notice please call 227-0357. Details: On the 18th August, 2010 work will commence Notice is hereby given that in the Haulover Creek east of the Swing Bridge and diTravis Zetina is applying for a Liquor rectly frontLicense of thetoFourth Street Tourism Village. Work Malt andin Cider License be will include construction operated atNotice “Fantaztic Times of an addition to terminal two (2) docking and the replacement of floating Aids Belize”, #4 Fortfacility Street, Belize Notice is hereby given that City under the Intoxicating to Navigation with permanent marks within the channel Travis Zetina is applying for a Liquor Licensing Ordinance of the creek. Aids to Navigation will follow the IALA Malt andEdition Cider 1980. License to be Revised region B regulation. operated at “Fantaztic Times Belize”,is #4 Fort given Street,that Belize Notice hereby Duration of work is twoformonths from commencement City under the Intoxicating Veronique Stile is applying and all vessels transiting Licensing Ordinance aLiquor Beer Liquor License to be the area should do so with exRevised 1980. operated at #83 Edwin Park Zone will be strictly enforced. treme Edition caution. No Wake Street, Lord’s Bank Village, NoticeDistrict is hereby giventhe that Belize under IntoxThe Belize Port Authority regrets any Veronique StileLicensing is applying for icating Liquor Ordiinconvenience caused. a BeerRevised Liquor Edition License to be nance 1980. operated at #83 Edwin Park Street, Lord’s Bank Village, BYDistrict ORDER: PORTS Belize under the Intox- COMMISSIONER icating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.

The People’s United Party and the Fort George Committee wishes to extendUnited sympanthy The People’s Partyto of Committee the and thethe Fortfamily George Late Miss. Ivy Almira Burgess wishes to extend sympanthy to the family of the Late Miss. Ivy Almira Burgess



Eunice Eudora Moses, 91 Ardette Jameal Belgrave, 23 Louise Mabel Smith, 72 Maria Martinez, 43

May God strengthen them through this time of bereavement. May God strengthen them through this time of bereavement.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

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